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The Paystreak Jan 1, 1898

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.:���....  ..,-��,��..   .... . ..^~wt.,��n.-nw**.- '��������-���������-*..,-
may*'**** .NUpjwaWii ii l aaia-,^.   . .**.��� -.
���-.   ��� -��� ii M , i i i _ ��������� .... ���   .. ....-���
Dan Dunn ia aerhmsly III ut New
Parson Brown haa returned fr.su
tlie coast.
Tin* Payne tram will U- ��-..iu|*l.t*i|
in a few days.
Ad. Hellmers left Thurmtav f*t*r tt
week In Spokane.     ���>
It is reported that the Queen Be**
has nine feet of ekau tav in the t*��n-
lin* 1*11 In aid t*f the *vhu*\ Wed
i..--lay night wax will patronised,
and iietuxl betw����en etJUand #70.
K.U.inl McLeod met with a laid
rut al the Payne that will lay him
up for a few day a at the hospital.
The Byron K. Whin* (-.aitpaiiy
(Slocan Star) have changed their
registered office fr.su Nelaon to Sandon.
The irallant officers of thcateaim r
Kiaitenay gave a pleasant dam*.- on
Urard atiip Thursday evening at Ar
row head.
llcCallum A Thoui|w��n have open-
led a butcher sliop in Ute aioreroom
upposile lllaek"a hoiol,  lately oceii
ipu*.l by Golden llnat.
The south skit* of Rwoavemn(the
fiiH-rehants) waul to n^tta. m %h
IA*U< {tin? bunki-rs and miner*) on the
Ikv this afternoon la a korke*. match.
Tlie new officers la the K. of P.
lixljje will bs laatalled nest Wednc*
May night by Deputy Grand Chan
M-<��* W. I. Williams.
The supper of the Pat -fan's club
;��n New Denver last night waa aim
jj>ly out of sight, and all the member*
pre heavier today than ever befbre.
All delinquent eubacriher* are cut
>ff with this Issue, ss life h too ah
nreviated aod print paper too valu-
ible to be wasted In such a common
Mining   properties tributary to
N'tean Lake are exanmeiKUng to ship.
'he Silver Nuggett sent 10 tons to
M-lson thia week, the Fidelity a ear
f��d to Kaslo, while the Vancouver
tipped 100 tons in  bulk   to the
slier at Everett.
Dr. J. P. Pabey, who haa been
inducting a drug store at .Nakusp
Mr several months, left for tho8tatca
o Wednesday. He was shy in a
*w planes, but nothing to murmer
The C, P. R. expreas train had a
fight aooideat at Throe Porks on
Wednesday   evening.    An    open
'itch caused the engine to go off
fe track in front of the depot.   The
jail* and passengers were trans-
rrod by stage to Sandon, and traf-
went on as usual thc next morn-
*g, b freight engine having pulled
the big locomotive into position in a
feor minut***.
The miners on thc Yukon are out
of Trail Blazer cigars, and unless
ting trains ran get through with
them, there is no hope of thc smoke
from thia great cigar perfuming the
air of tin- romantic north until next
Tin*. Levi has postponed the
raffle fur a violin and a guitar, that
was slated to come off tonight at
Black's, for one week. They arc
remarkably fine Instruments, and
Aiow that Ur. Levi, who made them,
is a master iu the art.
Sundati Sereieee.
.   Presbyterian    Church.   Services
will be held in Virginia hail on Sunday at 11 a.m. aud 7:30 pan.   Rev.
.1. A. Cleland, preacher.
Methodist  Church. -Hev.   A. M
Sanford, pastor.   Service tomorrow
at 11 a.m. and 7.15 p.m.   Song ser
vk-e   iu   the  evening,   agisted  by
the choir.
right royally, and the Handon club
cannot express themselves well
enough to thank their hosts for the
reception accorded them.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August i to December 80, inclusive, 1897, were as fof lows:
Sandon Route to Klondike
il. D. MrM;u-tin ia strongly advocating the Sandon route to Klondike.
Mr. MeM.irtln, win} has I
tiie rout-' a* far *p' '*fhj$��a ForkK
mys there is a good -Sagoo road all
Utat di��t.incc. With the expenditure
ofa few thousand dollars the trail
from Three Porks ti Xew Denver
can be made passable. Responsible
parties say* that the distance from
New Denver to Nakusp can be easily
made with a little help. Here b tats
will hav** to he built unless they can
la* secured, and the trip to Arrowhead math* hy water. From there
t.�� Aeherofl there is good traveling,
and from Ashcroft to Klondike there
is nothing to do but walk.
Sandon Hockey Club Champions.
The Hrst hockev match of the sea-
sun for the championship of thc
province was played In Nelson on
Xmas day, Mween Nelson and Sandon, tlie latter winning with a score
ot ."> lo i*. Although the rink was
badly lighted ami the be was rough
both teams put up tt good game.
The tirst six goals were seored within twelve minutes, hut alter that the
backs worked harder, our boys playing better in the last half than the
home team.
Sandon'* train was composed of
(ii-ierson (captain), Henderson, McVichie. Cameron, Blackwood, R. R.
Hammond and Hurehell; J. McKlnnon, spare man. Those who distlii-
guished themselves particularly
were: for Ssndon, Blackwood and
Henderson; for Nelson, Nunn and
Duncan. After the game was over
Nelson entertained the visiting team
Borene Honorably Acquitted.
The  case   of    Charles   Borene,
charged with' manslaughter, came
on for hearing this week at Kaslo,
and resulted In the prisoner being
honorably acquitted.    Tin; crown
called a large number of witnesses,
chief of whom were KUIighan and
the physician  who made the post
mortem examination.   At tbe close
of the case for tbe crown, M. L.
Grimmett of Sandon clearly and
forcibly addressed  the cmrt, contending that the erowa had failed to*
make out a ease or Ax upon Borene
any responsibility for the death of
Ashton, and that Ashton *s death was
caused  by exposure.   The magistrate concurred in this contention,
and discharged the prisoner.    He
took occasion to say that apparently
this matt Killighan ***** prepared to
swear to a great length.   Bm*uc
is not called upon to put in any
defease, and it Will be pleating t >
his friends to ktuw that be haibeen
lf** ��*Jr n�� feMv exonerated ofthe very grave
crime with which be was so unjustly
charged.   It  trill be  rvtnenihered
that Killighan  was the  man who
started to walk to Kaslo with Ashton the night he was frozen to death,
and from the evidence It appears he
deserted Ashton and left him to his
Slocan Star,         '
2,510   tons
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Boy,
��   45
*   o
��� 42
' o
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Queen Bess,*
16,1091 tons
Santa Claim Viaite Rao. Cleland.
On Xmas night when Rev. Mr.
Cleland and Mrs. Cleland returned
to their house from dining out, they
discovered that some persons had
been in the house during the day
and had left evident tokens of their
having .been there. Every room
gave forth substantial evidence of
thc visitations of people who certainly could not be said to cherish unkind feelings toward thc new minister and hia wife. Not only did each
room In the house proclaim to Mr.
and .Mrs. Cleland that, although
comparative strangers and lar from,
home, they had already made
friends In Sandon, but even the
woodshed,*Wed to the roof, warmly
joined in dm chorus. Suffice it to
say that Mr. and Mrs. Cleland *s tirst
Xmas in Sandon was a very happy
m .. m^.      ���      i      ... ���.
Notice Is hereby given that the
partnership lat-sty existing between
R. King and Erf Thompson, lu the
Exchange hotoi, Sandon B. C, has
been this day .dissolved by mutual
consent. R. Kino,    ��� \
EBI THOU!**)**/.''
Sandon, B. B�� Dec. 30, 471*7.
Ore shipments for the week from
December 34 to December 30, inclusive, were as follows: Payne 400,
Ruth 140, Reco 20, Last Chance 60,
- K. A S. Slocan Star 160 Queen
ifcasJO-C. P. R.
Silcer Quotations for the Weak.
Monday, Dee.33V fl -      *��'
Ttter-div, Dec. 2��, 56C _
Wednesday, Dec. _U>, ��      56 5-8
Thurday, Dec. 30, -    57 14
Friday, Dec 31, -      57 3-J
Lead has remained stationary at
Our Curling Cleb.
The contest for the local championship among our curlers is growing in interest steadily. Five rinks
arc playing, with the record to date
as follows:
Dec. 21-Hail 10, Grimmett 4.
Dec 22-Hood 19, Wilson 9.
Dec 23 -Grimmett 12; Main 11.
Dec. 24-Hood 9, Hall a
Dec 25 -Main 12, Wilson 9.
Dec. 27 -Hood 11, Grimmett 6.
Dec 30-Wilson 9, Grimmett 6.
Summary��� Won. Lost. To play.
Grimmet, 13 0
Main, 1 1 2
Hood, 3 0 1
Wilson, 1 2 1
Hall,      -        1 1        -2
A full meeting of the club is called
for thb (New Tear's) afternoon at
the rink, to arrange foe outside
matches.  '
A Nam Year's Adjuration
The following kindly adjuration,
from Robert Louis Stevenson, is applicable at the beginning of the New
Year: "To be honest, to be kind,
to earn a little and to spend a little
less: to make upon the whole a family happier by his presence: to renounce, when that shall be necessary, and not he embittered: to keep a'
few friends, but these without capit
ulation���above all, on the same grim
conditions, to keep friends with himself���here is a task for all that a
man has of fortitude and delicacy." 2
Tha Holidays and���After.
Christmas has onoe more come���
and gone, leaving us better or worse,
richer or poorer as the case may be,
many of us with pleasant recollections and substantial souvenirs of the
festive season, quite a number of us
with somewhat hazy recollections,
"as of a dream," also empty pockets, the contents of which have disappeared in lieu of souvenirs of another kind, e. g., "big heads," containing a large and well developed
headache, a flne assortment of black
eyes, also other abraisons and ana*!
tomical displacements���but this kind
of souvenir Is somewhat embarrassing and not exactly pleasing to the
recipient, bnt shows a fine spirit on
the part of the donor, who has evidently studied his scripture and endeavors to demonstrate practically
the maxim ''that "it is more blessed
to give than to receive."
Still, tbe season of good will passed over Sandon, on the whole, very
quietly, from a police court of view,
it being very gratifying to observe
that there was not a single case of
"drunk and disorderly. Whilst the
"peace on earth" part of it was not
exactly overwhelming, the display
of good will certainly made up for
it. For two days it waa one incessant round of hand-shakings, good
wishes and4'come and have another"
Tbe influx of visitors from the
outlying villages snd mines was not
nearly so great as in former years,
owing probably in a large measure
to the wave of "Klondike stake"
passing over this district at present,
*lso partly to the lack of attractions
such as a miner loves. Still we are
thankful for small mercies, and on'
the whole the Xmas season was not
any duller than was to be expected.
There was a marked absence of
Xmas decorations in the various
stores, such as contribute so largely
to the appearance of festivity in
eastern and older towns, but there
was certainly no 'kick coming" as
to the display of seasonable goods,
each business house trying to outdo
the othdr in ita array of suitable
presents, eatable, drinkable, wearable and thinkable. Probably the
West is outgrowing those old time
childish sentiments of Santa Clap-
more is tbe pity.
A grand ball tn Spencer's hall on
Xmas eve, which was largely attended, and the Union Sunday
School Christmas tree, were amongst
tbe foremost of the Xmas entertainments. At the Christmas tree, held
In the Methokist church, a large
crowd waa present, every available
seat was occupied, and more also. A
large and varied programme was
greatly enjoyed by the audieuee, especially the performances of the
children, of which the programme
largely consisted. Mesdames Sanford and. Williams and several others
of the ladies are to be congratulated
on the efficiency attained by the
children! showing that mneh time
and patience mast have been ex
pended on their training. Tbe sing
ing of the little brother and sister
McMartin, and the excellent rendering of a recitation by ML* Emily
Jones, was especially noticeable.
The work of the grand union choir,
under the directorship of W. W.
Fallows was the artistic feature ot
the evening, and showed that there
is musical talent in Sandon which is
capable of rendering the best things
of the masters. It is to be hoped that
we may have a whole evening with
thia organisation befi>rc long.
As the programme drew to a close
signs of excitement appeared in
the ranks of the children, which
reached a climax of unrestrained
crys of delight and shouts of we!-,
come as Santa Clans appeared in the
doorway, and making his way to the
platform proceeded to distribute the
gifts from the heavily loaded Christmas tree. Not only did the children
participate in his generosity, but
many of tbe older people, including
one or two young men, one being a
small doll in a state of nature, and
the other a "feeding bottle" ofthe
most approved pattern, accompanied
by the text, "Freely hast thou
given, freely take."
Our hockey team went to Nelson,
and as usual they didn't do a thpig"
but win- 5 goals to 4. Besides a
good gaine, they all complain of
having a great time, and have nothing but praises for the hospitality of
the Nelson ttoys. A game will be
played here with Nelson in a couple
of weeks.
The probabilities are that the Cordelia -stock company will be reorganized shortl).
The Methodist choir has received
one doxen new anthem books snd
elected M. L. Grimmett for leader.
Christmas eve Mrs. Oscar White
entertained a number of the Slocan
Star officials and others, with the
little people, at a Christmas tree,
and ipusic and games after. The
children were loaded down with
presents, and It was difficult to tell
who had tbe best time, the little
folks or the big folks. The grown
folks present were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar White, Mr. and Mrs. Byron
Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sharp,
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Ca vena ugh, Ad.
Helmers, Charles Culver and Thos.
Sharp. It was a "howling" success
with all those kids.
Wc have just received a large
shipment.of dried fruits from,San
Francisco. Call in and get our
prices.   Hunter Bros.
Hen's carpet slippers, men's ties,
men's silk hats, men's gloves. We
carry all, the latest novelties. Hunter
American Plaa, <SJO por Say.
Boropean Plaa, *f.00 par day.
Strictly first claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop
The Flrat Claaa
Hotel af Cody.
tun per dey.
Special Betes by the Weak.
Heedqaarter* for Miners.
Well stonked her la rnanra-itioa.
First olaee aeeoatnoSatiaas.   ItaeH by tbe
Say or weak.
l l a
Notary Public,
SANOON,      ��� s. c.
���CALL AT���
where you will fiad a full line <��'
White & Cavanaugh
CODY. B. 0.
Mannfaeturers of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Kettmates famished Io Coot tm,-torn
and Builders
Orders left at Byers* Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention.
f*aat atom to every partlaaler,    *e�� i\ lar*
ateied    Boat llsjuors
Mmi. KA-ralUaoaa.
rioeet  romlaaasi  Win if
la taa
..,        _ tarn
Uo Vflooa, Lkioora aa* Ckmam
*1ljr.   Beat Imported MM l***Hnee-
iWf      ���-        	
Hotel Wellington
Strictly First Class.
Special AtuaUott Paid to Transients
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
A strictly flrat-elaaa Hotel to
all Ita appototmente.
Livery Stable frith -food Saddle
and Park Horses to eo-nnectle-n.
Victoria House
KASLO, B. 0.
Sow , r.i��r>Ut> with the beet faratahed roooaf
Ih ih- .li.trial AU eoceiineSettees Slot
i Ins*, iaxiiadtna* eleelrie lifht, both iiiai
end alj
Modern Improootnonts.
A nice, quiet, resMenre hotel, eitaated oo A
m venue.   Coo vj-nieat to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Popt*.
* Tho Elite,
I. now pr*>|Mred to da oil kiade of
Weep Oot of Vnkoo.
Soaria, Man.-���tetters have been received here direct from Dawson City,
N. W. T., from Klondike gold seekers
from this district. They present s picture so different from thst usually
given thst they sre well worth wide attention.
One writer says: "I hardly know what
to my to you about this country. There
is not the least doubt but thst it Is a
great country,.and practically not opened, jet. There may bs a groat many
more rich strikes, but what strikes there
hsvs been amongst the few aod not the
multitude. 1 hsvs this day come in
for ths purpose of recording a claim of
���50D fast I staked on Meadow creek in the
Indian-River district. There are three
districta-Klondike, Stewart and Indian
���and one can only record one claim in
each district. There may bs a fortune
in the claim 1 have just recorded, and
there may not be a cent. 1 knew for
certain that there Is gold���aod course at
that���on the creek, because I found St. 1
was not sble to go down sny lower than
three feet on sooonntof the frost. The
course gold wss found four claims above
mine. I panned 90 cents in s claim
down ereek, ao from what I have seen
and from the surroundings, I think 1
have bright prospeqts. I had to hustle
to get it. Wednesday night laat the boys
���sere all in Dawson, and 1 was lying
alone in bed trying to steep, when two
fellows met outside my tent and began
i-jn v.iaation. One oi them was iuntrint-
ed where to go, and camped in the cabin
ii��*u to tue. 1 dkln't sI*.h*j. mu��h that
uiidit, was up nest morning at 4, cooked
Mime food, and was hv 2.A0p. in. twenty-
tw-o miles, carrying fully thirty pound*
on my heck. I was pretty well t*qge*l
out. as 1 did not stop to gel any food on
t Jim, way. 1. got the seventh claim, and
next morning before I came away she
waa staked as high ss sixteen. I under-
aland she is staked right u,�� to tlte top
hv now-taboot three miles', or thirty
Hays aliothef letter: "Some of us had
chances to sell our claims at, not 91,000,-
000 or so, hut 43,000. That don't \*%y tbr
our time, ansr sre refneed. Maybe we
were wring. Home Itave an interest in
other claims somewhere or other. Of
course, it is like s lottery���you may
airike it and you may not."
Says a UiinY: "With reference to coming out here, if anyone asks you what 1
advise, just tell litem if thev have good
prospects, are earoiug a good living, and
have a good steady situation, I ssy stay
where tbey are. Next Hummer this
country will be overdone. There is not
the slightest doubt that there will be an
awful mob come in. Ami what are they
coming for? People thought they could
come in here and just slip onto a claim
worth thousand*. They forget that
there have been five thousand jieopli*
here long hefore they ever thought of
coming. They may so prospecting, hut
that costs money.   A man can't proa-
Ct here on 9100 A man can't nave
i than 91000 ahead of him. I understand there is an awful boom about this
country on the outside now. 1 under-
aland th-M A000 -j-eoitU' left Seattle alone
for here. They will he aorry for it before winter Is over. 1 can assure you.
There ia certainly going to be a famine.
Fifty, dollars S day is \*aA for a team
working with a wagon in Dawson Citv.
One lad with a mole carried HA0 pound*
up to the diggings, and realised 9*0 for
hia two day's work. He received 26
oenta per pound for packing some of it
llfteen miles, and 'tt cents per pound for
packing some of it twenty-three miles,
Thev are doing that every day here.
Feed is very expensive, but good pasture
antl good hay can be had. Hyde, an old
Winnipeger, sold a team of ponies for
Otljty here two weeks ago, and a hettor
team sold for 91000.
Hwooetjr la Sweden.
In Sweden the people are so honest
that no one is afraid of having valuables stolen.  So they leave then) shout
��� ��;,0��       ���	
anywhere; and even the public tramways have such childlike confidence in
the probity of the public that they dispense with conductors and leave the
passengers to put their fares in a box.
The publication of these interesting
bets will probably give a great impulse
to emigration to Sweden. Klondike
may be sll very well, bnt for picking
np sn easy competence, when other
people are not looking, Sweden is almost better.
���IS   WIT   SAVED   BIM.
A strict rale promulgated by every
successive commandant at the navy
yard prohibits smokin/ on Mare Island,
under the most stringent penalties.
Admiral Miller, sauntering one recent
afternoon through a distant part of the
island, came upon an Irish laborer
digging a trench and smoking a short
black pipe. He was puffing away
serenely, unconscious of regulations
and with evident enjoyment. The admiral, who was in undress uniform,
'Don't you know, sir, that smoking to
absolutely prohibited in the navy
yard The said
The Irshman looked up, and with a
kindly smile answered:
"Indade, that's thrue, bnt here am I
ajl be meself, wid not a sowl to say a
wurrd to, and I thought I'd take a puff
or two to relave the silence."
"The regulations are explicit-sir," rebuked tbe admiral, "and the silence
does not exeunt* you. What's your
name, air ?"
" Au' wlio may you be, anyway ?" asked the Irishman
"I'm Admiral Miller, sir."
"Ah, 'tis the new admiral ye are. Tis
tbe fat job roe have, admiral. Be careful to kape it. Me name's Pat McGin-
"Report at mv office this afternoon
without fail, McOinuis.nsaid Miller,who
could hardly keep from laughing. At
five ni clock poor Patrick, who had made
up hii ieiad there would be thedevil to
jiay, tramped over to* headquarters
and the orderly ushered him into the
dreaded presence of the admiral, who
"Sit down, Pat "
Pat sat down. Miller touched a bell
The orderly appeared.
"Bring in a bottle of champagne and
two glasses," he said.
Not a word was spoken until the wine
arrived.   The  admiral filled the two
f-leases and pushed one over toward the
"Pat," he ssid, "give me the pipe.
Youll not need it again."
The mvstified laborer obeyed.
"Now.* aald the admiral, "drink
hoartv, Pat; for youll keep your job as
Ion? as 111 keep mine."
Nor ia this the first situation saved by
Irish wit.
An Ac
isnodetlef  Clothier.
I suppose a great many people hsve
wondered whether one-legged men
bought shoes by the pair, observes a
writer in the Atlanta Journal.
This remind** me of an enterprise of
an Atlanta clothing man who, it is said,
has never heen known to acknowledge
that he didn't have anything a possible
customer might aak for. One day a customer entered the store and aaked if he
had any trousers made especially for one-
legged men. "Certainly," replied the
merchant. "What kind do you want?"
"Dram , ants." Hurrying into the rear
oi uo* store, the enterprising merchant
���matched up a pair of trousers and snipped off the right leg with a pair of
shears. Hastily turning under the
.Hlges he presented them to the customer.
"That's the kind I want. What's the
"Fifteen dollars."
"Well give me a pair with the left leg
A month later the merchant was pronounced convalescent and on the high
road to recovery.
The cue of the msn, Albert Aston,
who was found badly frozen at .South
Fork a week ago,��.nd died shortly afterward, has developed into s case for the
courts by the verdict of the coroner's
jury. This verdict wss to the effect
that Ashton came to his death by exposure, aggravated by assault at the
hands of Charles Borene, proprietor of
the Victoria hotel at Whitewater.
The evidence before the coroner's
jury went to show that Ashton was owing the hotel for board, and that just
before leaving there had been a rough
and tumble fight between him and the
proprietor, which had been carried out
Into tbe snow. Ashton alter tbe row
started off with a companion to walk to
Kaslo. A'post mortem examination did
not reveal any sign of internal injury.
Borene's bail waa fixed at $12,000, and
the preliminary trial will be heard this
A Yorkshire farmer was invited to
the funeral of a neighbor's wife.   He
had attended the other two. and therefore declined the invitation. Being
pressed by his own wife to give the
reason he said :t "Well, it makes a chap
awkward, always accepting civilities
and never has nowt sooart o own to aak
them back to."
Start from VANCOUVER
1. VANCOUVER ii the best outfitting point on the Coast; goods
considerably cheaper than in the
United Statea
t. VAAOUUVKU U tbe nearest imrt of depart-
on to the Yukon District.
3. VANCOUVER!* the term i no. ef tho OP.
Railway, whose steamers will start from
Vancouver this aprhxg.
*��� 4^l--5fi!ill,-boBBd -rtoaariew call at  VANCOUVER,
5.   Direct -teaaaer* to Yakon ports have now
romntenoerl to run horn VANCOUVER.
��   VANOODVKB ie the only Oeaadlaa port
where passengers transfer direct froaa train
to strainer.
7.  KLONDIKE tain Canada. OatSt ia VAH-
COOVKR and save SO par ttm*. COetome
Prwident Board of Trade, Vaacoovot. B. a
Is the Pioneer House of the City
.JiS.S J ss*
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand 4 WaUbiidge,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Sole  Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully dee*,
orated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always in Stock
i >t- ��� <
Is lamed every Saturday in Sandou, to the heart
of tlie (greatest White "Metal camp on earth.
Subscription .,  -. -     -     ���*-..<<> a ya-ur
Strictly in advauce.
Address: Thk Pavstiusak , Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.    B.   C,   JAN.   1.   1898
Of Klondike promoters and Canadian statesmen getting* mixed in the
general gambling scramble, we have
another prominent decoy-duck, this
time in the Dominion Parliament
The following Trom the London Economist of Dec 4th is part ot the chair-
msn's speech at a meeting.of the
Klondike, Yukon and Stewart Pioneers Oo. s
"Yon will have gathered from what
I have said that we have opened up
avenues for future business in Canada, and that the prospects of our
company's success are good. I should
have mentioned that when there I
had the pleasure cf meeting more
than one ofthe Cabinet ministers of
tl)e Dominion Parliament, and 1 have
their assurance tbat they will do
everything in their power to promote
and facilitate the company's operations. This yon may not look upon
as of mneh consequence, but I can
assure you that it is of the greatest
importance, fbr politics in Canada
and politics in this country are very
different, and those of you who hsve
had the opportunity of studying this
matter from personal observation will
endorse my views readily. Colonel
Domville, our managing director on
the other side, is member for * King's
County, has been a prominent politician all his life, and being a loyal
and devoted supporter of the present
Cabinet, we are more than favorably
situated to avail ourselves of the influence bis position commands.
Working altogether with one object
m view we hope at our next annual
meeting to be able to lay before you
���-���.satisfactory statement, not on'y of
anticipations but of actual realizations of. profits from our enterprise.
To see ourselves as the British public are invited to consider us in this
connection,; is certainly not flattering.
Here we have the name of a prominent Canadian statesman paraded as
trading on his position ostensibly for
gain, and in order that tbe people
may be convinced of the fact, so improbable in the Old Country, they are
told that "politics in Canada and
roljtiQ- in this country are very
different." So it appears. We would
like to know what Sir Wilfred Laurier will have to say to such a damaging statement as this insinuation of
corruption, and also, whether there
are any special tidbits of the Klon
dike reserves for such "devoted supporters" as Colonel Domville ?
Judging from the magazines, col-
ledge professors are much worried
over "the future of the race, "from
which it would appear that these
gentlemen are borrowing a lot of
trouble.   It is the race's present, not
its future, that need- to be looked
after. If our literary theorists would
delve into the-root of economic principles, snd tell us how it is possible to
get in touch with social conditions
which would place men in a position
of economic .freedom and independence, they might discover tbe sub
lime iact.t^at tbe race could be left
.tf> ta^e care of its own future.
The gold forces of the world, snd
particularly those of the United States
represented at Washington, are feel
lug the effects of the opposition in t,o
small degree, Slowly but surely the
thinking minds of sll lands are
grasping the importance of the roon
ey question and are devoting their
time and labors to a right solution of
the problem. It is readily seen thst
it would be most disastrous to the
world should the single gold standard
experiment be fastened on the nations, and the words of warning sown
months snd months ago are to-day
being  considered.
Some days ago the Federation of
Labor passed resolutions condemning
the Gage bill as follows:
"���Resolved, Thst we declare ourselves most positively opposed to the
Gage financial bill, recently Intro
duced in Congress by the Secretary'of
the Treasury. It is a measure that,
if adopted as Isw, will onlv the more
firmly rivet the gold standard on the
people ot tbe country and perpetuate
its disastrous effects tn every fbrtn.
"Resolved, Tbat we pronounce the
Gage bill an undisguised effort to
retire our greenback currency ami
all government paper monev, with a
view to the substitution of national
bank notes in their stead, snd thus
fasten the national bank system for
many years upon the American people**
Mr. GageTin^kes public reply to
these resolutions, in which, he would
be decidedly tunny were it not for
the touching manner in which he refers to his life labor for and with his
fellow man. He admits that he may
be in error, but denies that he had
anv evil intentions in* framing the
bill. In conclusion Mr. Gage makes
this well sounding but insincere pro
fession: "If you or anyone on your
behalf will snow that the views I
entertain and advocate are other than
saiutsry to tbe great economic body
of which we are all independent
members, I will abandon them without -hesitation."
If be were sincere he would not
have to look far for proof thst the
system he proposes to fasten upon t**e
this country is most undesirable and
filled with evil for the masses.
He can, take the statistical compile
tions ofthe greet statisticians of the
generation, and find that flora the
first the effort to f >rca the world to a
monometallic geld basis has resnlted
In disaster. In this connection the
eminent political economist Prances
A,. Walker, author ot many works
having air international repetition,
could enlighten  iimi.   Mr.  Walker
in a recent work says:
"Universal monometallism Is the
new and untried thing. . bimetallism
is the old a>d wej (approved monetary system of mankind. We know
what bimetallism is and what it will
do. The method of its operation, the
nature of its effects, are well known
andean tic studied hfatoricallv and
statistically upon a wide scale; No
one knows what universal mono
metallism would be, or what it would
do. Such a thing never existed.
During the past 20 years the world
has made rapid progress In that direction; but the et'd is still tar
distant. Monometallism is only halt
born. The 23 years during which It
has been trying to make Hs way into
the light have been years of unparalleled commercial disaster and disturbance, and at the end ot that period
leading gold monometallists like Sir
RobertGiffen.declare that the system
cannot possibly be extended to'India
and the further Ksst; or. like Soet-
beerand Lexis of Germany, declare
that It lias already gone too far in
Europe, and that a portion of the
ground must be retraced.**
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
wm mm u
riTZOERAUO a DAT. Pratja.
-"-~M*uis-4-*tan*tw of sO���
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
3araapirtlia, Ktc, Etc
^^^^MSW'p^'**-"-p*PSp��^|   mntw* *Am**o
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when you want the best
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where, in addition to the mammoth stock of regular
standard goods, will be seen the following line of
FANCY EDIBLES���the finest and largest variety
ever seen in Sandon, and proving to the rest of the
world that the people of this town must have the best
of everything regardless of expense:
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Anchovy i'aatu
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Vutee d* Watmw 4 rmn
I'��M  F*. *.i-_* Tr_*V
Waaey Mar l��.,tw Oyster*
California AsirarjHn-r-wjUra aaa -dual Ftsnrc-A��*f1r_n ����-..*
Salad Oresaliur ���
Bo-iirall Chutney
PliH'aj.j.l** iIt**.-**
K'lam VAteam
Ltmln-nrrr CU*******
Fm*ri4ir<* dr* Hsiurfrrrt Vhetwe
Vrnne de Brl��* Ch-a��w
Lar��*ii*s lni|wrlal Hit-Mr.- (all tlum)
b l'r-->*r.*<l Mustard
SmhMi Otivtas   very Sim*
Plata l*i��l Unrr --������41'tj-h mora
WmttOM Cluster BtAdim
r'mtmy Turkish Wtgn   lft. ���_..,��*,
Walnat* and Almond*
Waney Vtekln-a r j** lal Kit-*
Haa** aa. Walnut*, riir* and Oli< rklns.
i****?,a.?,' '***" nk******** *o ******
de*t tit* heart
H. GIEGERICH, sandon.
Kkii. M*u'iw>n*i.i>.
MACDONALD  DR08., Proprietor.
Kite* |i.SO to $2.50 per day ,
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., . ��� saildon, B.C THE PAYSTREAK, SANDO-j, B. C, JANUARY 1, lt*xt.
MBir ksxnvun ITEMS.
The Ethel, near Trout lake has been
sold to an Engliah company for 175,000.
The Near Deliver school will open
next Monday with E. Strickland aa
Smelters at Rosebery, Nakusp and
Kaalo lu the near future are prophesied
by the wiseacres.
Several concentrators are in ttw proa
pective on F'*nr Mile and in the neigh-
hood of Silverton.
Palma Angrignon gave the ladies of
New Denver a sleigh ride to Silverton
on Sunday. Over *m ladies enjoyed tbe
trip without a man to talk to except the
After next Saturday most of the cheap
companies, in B C. will be wiped out, as
most of them will not nay the fees re-
��� quired by law.   This ts a blessing to
legitimate mining.
There are 700 miners *knd men employed in 9H mines and i>ro.*.|*<'-*.ts that are
being worked aiouttd ltowuan-J. About
double that number are working in the
.Slocan this winter.
Twenty men are employed on tbe
Vancouver, Four Mile, and a like force
ia put to work on the Th^mpaou thia
w��H��k. The Vancouver will ship '***'*��
ton ��� of ore a week hereafter.
Kugioeer Perry will take charge of
crni-at ruction of * the projaaMai C.J'K.
br.imh into ttoaalaml. lit* will be relieved of the fini-liing* work uu the
SJra-nu crossing road i arly iu January.
There is a great amount ot work mat*
\*.A out for tlte coming summer bv thi*.
great railroad eomjtsny
Mr. Meldrum, et Wm Mcldrum &
i'i*., will leave in a few tittya for Calgary, where he la called Jty the head of
I lie concern in anti<-t|wttioii of the great
Klondike trade in lite -.prinir The
branch store here waa hmurht'hyMe-
1-tichlan A McKay, who a iii continm*
the buaineas.
The Hnth No. 2 Mining ( o*, I.l��J.. Ia*t
week ptm-hsaerj of A. B Kailton, Spokane, Wash, the mineral claim
Dorothy, .diu-itcd about -2,500 feet west
of the' Until mine and mi joining the
Kadjrer State. The property **'��** l��M-ai-
eil in it*m by 1). C. (lark. * Five thousand wai: the price -mill.
They donl know much in Chicago
nlawn Vancouver and Hritit.lt Columbia
In reporting theevitlenee in the assault
case of F Jacob Erb, "the W year-old
foot-pad." the Chicatro p*.|ri-rs make the
hoy say: *i worked on de Pacific
coas' mo-ailv ;��� wuh on de Euinrasa of
'Japah for treeyear* aa cabin poy and
Hrin* She run fnnn Seattle to 'FYiaro
and den acrttat de orean to China.*'
At the annual meeting of the Sunday
School Monday nigbt the. old ofheen-
were eli*cted and teachers chosen. The
repot t ofthe secretary-treasurer, show-
tat moat encnuraginfr gains during the
year. The average attendance was 'AH;
more than 930 aaa collected and ex-
! tended for literature in connection with
he school, aud there was iu the trras
urv ���c-nucthing over $|H.
The present rush to the Klondike
gild tielda revives interest in tin? diggings in jihe Shettuga Valley, whose
reputed wealth caused manv adventurers to plunge into the little-known
regions of Manchuria. A German
llusalan paper, the Tageblntt, Riga,
relates how these gold fields were discovered, and why the world suddenly
failed to hear any more about them
The Ituasiiin ('overnment, we sre told,
tlid not like the establishment of n
"republic" which attracted Russian
digger. We take tiie following from
n��tr contemporary *- account :���
"In IHHH  n Uiis-iau nrnnpeetor discovered gold In the Sheltnga VflUey in
Northern Manchuria.   He told an engineer named Lebodkin of his discovery, and the latter started with a party
of workmen to exploit the rich mines
He was, however, au intemperate man,
and died of alcoholism.   The men, left
to themselves, began to work the mines
ou their own account.   The news of the
wealth of Sheltuga soon was told In the
countries watered by the Amur and in
Transbaikalia, and thousands of men
started for the new Eldorado.   Among
them were adventurers from all part*
of tbe world���Americans,   Germans,
Frenchmen,    Englishmen*���altogether
some 12,000 men gathered there in 1805,
among them about 500 Chinese. Drunkenness, immorality, robbery, and murder reigned supreme     At last   the
diggers got tired of anarchy, and elected an energetic, honest, hot very strict
man aa their head, forming a little
republic for the purpo-te.   The gold-
bearing country was divided Into five
districts; for each the newly elected
dictator appointed a chief.   HJs laws
were'extreme!v draconic.   Then; was
pui-ished by  500 blows with a cat-o'-
niue-taiis studded with  nails���hence
the culprit always died under the lash.
Men  caught  importing lewd women
r* ceived 400 blows with a cane.   Two
huudred blows were administered for
disturbing the camp at night, 100 blows
for drunkenness.    Thirty men  were
hanged at the dictator's orders on thc
tirst dsy of his term, and for two weeks
the cat'o'-niite-tails never rested. After
that the camp was as orderly as a Sunday
school picnic.   Alt those who felt that a
t-ommunity srbere order is maintained
did not suit them left for pastures new.
and there  was  every   hope  that tlie
little republic would prosper.   But the
Ittituiiau Government did  not like it..
The Kusaian tvorkmen ran away from
the (iovvrumeut miue-i.and tbe Government did uot receive its usual amount
<d precious metals.   Russia, therefore,
induced the i hinese Government  to
break up the republic, which had been
established without the knowledge and
consent of the mandarins.   A force of
8.0A) boraem.m and I 000 infantry, with
two guns, was tent to the Sheltuga
Valley.   The diggers would not leave,
a tattle took place, and the adventurers
were killed almost to a man.   Only 27
escaped.   Five hundrtd Chinese were
left to garrison the place, and the Sheltuga gold is now dug hy the almond-
eyed subjects of .the 'Son of Heaven*
Morraalnr*  r*r Hia nrwga,
A gentleman who bas been engaged
iu freighting in the interior of Alaska
for a number of years with dog teams,
informs the Nanaiino Review that it is
absolutely necessary to have moccasins
for the feet of the canines to protect
them from the snow and ice. The gentleman referred to is pre-niring to run a
freighting outfit through to Fort Melt inney in a short time, and besides
moccasins for the feet of his dogs, he
has large fur robes for them to sleep in.
The gentleman treats his canine friends
and servants as if they were human
beings, and tliey show their appreciation of such treatment.
Major Manly SuihI tor OIO-J.OOO.
A suit has been commenced against
Mr. John A. Manly, Mayor of Grand
Forks, to recover S100.000 damages aud
a one-sixteenth interest in tbe Volcanic and Wolverine mines, situated
m the North Fork of Kettle River, and
���ihout 1*2 miles from Grand Forks. The
wlaintiff in the. case is Mr. R. A. Brown,
the locator of the Volcanic and Wolverine mineral claims The writ
alleges that almut a vear ago, Mr.
Manlv introduced to Mr. Brown two
sen, named Neils Larson and Edward
Blewett. claiming thst they were men
of verv large capital and experienced
in mining affairs. He shortly afterwards introduced to Mr Brown Messrs.
W. Shops and H. W. Treat. The plaintiff subsequently entered into n con'rati
with these four men to organize the
.Olive Mining Company, with a capital
stock of 120,000,000. the i mr men introduced by Mayor Manly were to
receive stock in the Company (presumably 12,000,000 each) provided they
performed certain development work,
and erected reduction worka. Manly
ia sup'tosed to have received a one-
sixteenth interest in tbe Company for
introducing the Eastern millionaires
A vear has elapsed since the contract
referred to waa made, but Mr. Manly's
friends have failed to carry out their
part of tbe bargain, and Mr. Manly is
now sued for damages, arising, so it is
alleged, out of misrepresentation.
A Ctemajr View.
New York���Klondike was mentioned
by the Rev. Egerton R. Young, of To-
rottto, a noted missionary to tbe Indians, in a talk at a meeting of Baptist
ministers. He has travelled for weeks
in tbe depth of winter, sleeping out of
doors, with be thermometer often at 50
degrees below zero. He said: "If any
of your friends hare the Klondike fever,
try to cure them of it. Three-fourths of
the men up there now must perish before next July. Dogs are all right, but
they cannot save these men.' The
journey would take 40 days, and four
dogs can haul 600 pounds. But each
dog .oust have 10 pounds of food a day
Iu only 10 days, therefore the dogs
would eat 100 pounds, and the driver
would eat the rest."
Poatal Notes for Caaads.
Hon. Mr. Mnlock, Postmaster-General, has decided to adopt the postal note
system in vogue in the United Kingdom . The system will come into operation on July 1st, 1898. Paper notes,
will be printed in thin linen paper of
tbe following denominations: Twenty,
twenty-five, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty,
seventy, eighty, and ninety cents; oue
dollar,one dollar and a haif, four and
five dollars. The coat of purchasing
them wiil be one cent each up to forty
cents, two cents between that figure
and 92 50, and three cents each for all
above that. The postal notes will replace the post office money orders for
tbe transmission of all small sums
through the post. The postal notes will
be a great convenience aud will do
away with the payment of small accounts in postage stamps. No identification will be necessary to pay postal
notes, presentation being all that is
necessary to secure payment.
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples-
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
The Ittrjtes* handlers of these
go-.nta in Western Csnada.    All
waj-ehuas**** under perfect system
of cold storage.   Full stuck carried
at-Kelsou. O. C.    For prices write
or wire
Manager uf Nebon Branch Par
sou's l*n*duee Company
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carry the largest stock of Mens Furnishings in the Slocan.
Everything from tbe finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of tbe Miner. WINTER CLOTHING, OVER-
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
Dealer ir| MEATS
 : AT :
***a car load ot TURKEYS, CHICKENS, GEESE &
DUC "S *������* tm received Dec. 16th,
The following is s complete list of the
mining tmnssctions recorded durtag the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocsn. Those of New Den-re* were
as follows :���
Dnct��-Gautl�� Annie, Century Fraetion, Rail-
anoe, Eta-fear Fraction.
Dacfl���TiunaFracttork,Auror4No>, Aurora
Fraction, Boatock No jfc
cnrtpicATt or iMpaovaatara.
���"*Dae 17���Yuma Fraction, Aurora Mot Aurora
Fraction. 8atairban Fraetion, Wyomlug, Yuma,
Night Hawk Fraction.
Dae tt-Tlnton. Magwte aad Nellie, all Interest
of Anthony D lleOinfy takau in execution hy
OoWeo Cup |, Archie A McDonald to A TT B
i Same. Harold 8rjta��toaaine,OrtS0.
Emily Edith Fraetkn, Iron Clad. Erurleand
a��teFracfJoo-ft laeaeh, and Emily Edith I.
Patrick Daln to Maty E Bammelweyer,
neat to sell for|t,BOO. Nov A
SUver Standard, oiant, Emny Edith, W H B,
Jas Bowes to Mary E Baaunehneyar, -greemeat
to sail aU later** for *r.V��_!tov S.
Dorthy, A B Ralrtou to The Ruth Not Mlalog
Co. Dn*.*>ftw.
Ao Jo, Alice Trenery to Wm Hunter, Dee IS.
Dae 17-Jaitny Long 1. Mary McKay to A T B
Scoda, Wm WUeox to Wm Ctoush.
Due SI���Emnrese Fraction |, Alma Klrkwood
to B J Klrkwood.
Due tt-8ondowa Fraction 1*8, Herbert Banting and Wm 8eott to Wm While.
Dsc lS-Murray Creak, A MeC Banting; Bad
Brick, same.
Dkc tl-B* D, L Field; Ionic, Chaa M FWd.
DBC Sl-Lother, J Henry.
ciwf ipicA-nt or ntraovmiRfm.
Dsc SO-Colorado.
Dec sO-Skrcan Chief No 10. Kootenay Queen
notice of lien br Bert Paaraou.
Montezuma Fraction. Monteaama No i. Vera
Cms No t, Buena VesU No 1. M McMicfen. L L
Patrick, EC Hughes^Boche to Kaalo Montem
ma Mining-andI MUHiigCo.
Alton and Lucky S.LL Patrick to same.
Dae tl���Imperial Cheese, Oscar Lara to H Cuthbert
Water Ball, A H Jarnagtn to same.
Hidden -Treasure and Eaater, argeeuteot be
^orooto%v|.Ci*4intlilao aad R F all, W A
Merkley to ChaaM Field.
Dk Sl-Caraon |, W H Carrm to Thos Wall.
Carson b same to Carl Nelson.
DacSS-High Bluff jps, Walter Ctoagh to H
W Chapman.
Tony SIM, same to same.
Awful ss the conditions were st the
time of the psnic of 1893 snd still sre
ss a result of thst panic there can be no
doubt that had the workers not been
so well organised? as they were there
wonld have been no limit (to the depth
to which wages would have fallen. As
s result the consuming power of the
works would have been so much further reduced sa to render the economic
and industrial depression still more
acute and the demoralisation and mis
ery of the workers so much more marked that by comparison their present
conditions would represent a veritable
Cirsdise. In s word, the unions of
bor during the past four years have
stood tm rock to cheek s wholesale reduction in wsjtos, with all its concomitant misery. Further, the labor movement has served to shorten to duration
of panics themselves as well as to enable the workers to maintain thecou-
seionsness of power and the hope that
full justice will be secured to them in
the not distant future. Finally the
movement bas been the one great preventive of much more serious conflict*.,
if not of a revolution.
Tho miners' strike Affords a study for
us al). Tn the coal industry, as in most
others, ''machinery to introduced faster
than new employments are founded "
Before the panic of 1893 the miners
were comparatively poorly organised.
Reduction after reduction was the order
of the day. Machine mining had been
freely introduced, without the slightest
attention being paid to the new conditions nnder which the miners were required to work. Of course no observer
���certain! v no intelligent union member���entertains the thought of opposing
the introduction and full development
of machinery, bnt union la-or Insists
that if, through the genius of man, the
{iroductiou of the necessaries and even
he luxuries of life be made easier the
E"ucers of these���the workers���If
do not become the beneficiaries,
! certainly not be made to suffer
thereby. Union labor insists further
that if new machinery be introduced
the worker shall enjoy at least part of
the fruits. It also insists that the burdens of the worker be lightened by a
reduction in his daily hours of labor
and that he receive as a reward for his
labor a living wage���a wage which, in
tbe dawn of a higher manhood and a
nobler civilisation, will afford him an
opportunity to keep pace with the ever
increasing responsibilities devolving
upon bim ss s husband, a ether, a man
and a citisen.
As above stated, the condition of the
miners'organisation in 1802 was such
that the men were unable to insist upon
a fair consideration of their interests
Tbe old abuses ofthe "company -stores,"
where the workmen were compelled to
deal, were reintroduced and extended,
thus compelling them to pay, in most
instances, an excess of 25 to 50 per cent,
for every necessary of life. The hovels
in which they dwelt, the well from
which they drank, the church at whose
alter they knelt, were all owned or controlled by the companies; the workers
were truly their bondmen and their
There is s limit of poverty and tnisery
among tbe workers in civilised society,
and, rather than sink below It, they
prefer to incur the dangers of open revolt. Though they delore tbe disturbance ;it occasions, it i** tbe .courage,
hardihood and temporary self sacrifice
which this course involves that often
Cvent a relapse of society into bar-
ism and the people from being thrust
into actual shivery. It was this state of
feeling that provoked the miners'strike
of this year. Samuel Gompers in Forum
for September.
The Sweat Young Thing,
The woman who fears a mouse, snd
every daughter of Mother Eve is supposed to, met with sssd fste in s Scovill
avenue grocery not long ago, says tbe
Cleveland Plaindealer. She ia a young
woman of corpulent dimensions, and
when the mouse darted across the floor
anything like violent exercise wss ss far
from her mind ss Ssturn from Mars.
But when she caught sight of tbe little
whiskered terror she let forth s shriek
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
Subject to change without notiee
Trains ran on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave S 00 A.M
"  8 38 **
'���   IIS ������
*   9 61 **
*. io OS ��
M 10 IS "
" 10 38 "
Arr. io ao   "
Leave 1140 a.m.
"    11.16  "
aM ****���/*���***���
SorouJa** ���'     *16 ������
Whitewater    ��'     too ������
bsarLake       ������     l 4* ������
MrOnSraii       ���      1U M
Cody Junction "     1 is M
Handon Leave 1 00 "
000Y LIMB.
Sandon     Arrive ll.Wan-
Cody ������    mo ��
Traflc Mngr.
For cheap railroad and steamship ttcketo to
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,       Agent, Sandon.
that jarred down the stow pipe. Then,
catching up her draperies in both bauds,
she leaped onto s soap box, thence with
ths nimbleness of a mountain goat she
sprang to the bead of a half-filled molasses barrel. But, alas for her too solid
flesh! The bead of tbe barrel save way,
and the maiden with a blood-curdling
yell, plunged feet first into the clammy
They got her out finally, and then	
But a veil must be drawn on Uie subsequent proceedings.
  ���        ������
A Kansas City man whose name is
Ananias bears a very good reputation
for truthfulness.
Atlantic Stop) Luis.
Fn.au Montreal
California, Allan Line ******-
ParlaUn. *  ������
Oartliaainian "        ������
Lahrad wr .Dominion Line ,���������.
Vancouver, u  ������.
WnmMtm Tnk
l'm'***t��,Canard Una ,....������
Rtrorla "  	
Campania,    "	
Ua *��st ii*. White Star Lina ������
feutonki        " .....................      ���
���tt. Paul, American Line ������- ���-
-4. Loiiia. ������ ......... ....    ' ������"
Ma t* at NViraska, Allan State Una ������
Southwark. Red Star Line ������
N-jor-llan-l. **  ......_-_.
Cable ��.->. 6n,-SO.tO SOaadapwanls.
Intermediate -*Oaadup��*afds.
Star-rasa ..**.�� and apwana*.
Paas-nfers HrJietrd throa��h tu all i��"4aia la
Greet Britain or Inland, and al M|��riaUy Uw
rue* to all parts of ths Ear roma Cnitun-ut.
Prepsld Peasants amuiM torn all want.*.
A|.*.ly to TO. McARTIIt'R, C.l'.K. Amad
Sandon. or
Oeaaral Agwnt,
C. P. K. tmew*. *Ai tna tt
Mai Pad Hrr
Hoo Pacific Line.
rhe Quickest
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Ours
on all trains, Tourist Cars
to 8t. Paul dally; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everv Monday fraa Revel-
Steamer lea-res Nakusp
dally except Monday, making close connection a* Kevel-
stoke with trains fbr all points
East and West.
Before vou travel get Information
fhmi C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates.   It will save you money.   Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
& j. com;
Dfst.  Psssenger Agent, Vancouver
V TICK IM HKHKHV CHVRM iK-,1 | will not
.1   h.*ttwttrtrntdo ttw aay oVtaa #.��,ura.t.,1 U
t^Mimtett m with Iln Vane ajvrrr Nna��r, Haml ..
FKAVK  L��i  MSru
Xew Oaarrr, B.C.. Sat 9*. md
Of Elegant,   Useful   Fumifiire
Twenty gtyles of pretty Laclie*'
S in Cane, Reed Work and
,.��� ��� Upholstered in French
Silk Brocatelle, Plush and [Mraask: ornament* for
any Drawing Room��� a     j*a ***m    *m aTk
at 5>3o��Q
Handsome and acceptable presents in Ladies* Secretaries, Bookshelves, Fancy Poltehed Tables at
$1.00 each.
I have too much slock for the times,
and am reducing prices to or-et of
freight and handling      Another
large car has Just arrived for me     '
and Is now unloading at Denver
Stock too heavy;
Prices to Zero.
Fifty dozen At chairs at 60 cents
Fifty patterns of silk and other
mings tor sale by the yard
byaia-ofeaa-roftlMart. Caakclt in Oak, Wall-
nut , Roaawood and Solid Maul C*o��n malar-
lata; doth, handlaa, nimminsa. Wh-ilaaala to tha
tosdo. Asant for Owen's Chicago Rmhalmlns
��a��d.        D.M. CROWLEY. Undartaaar.
Near tlte Ledge office, New Denver.
covers with trim-
Da    M.
Upholsterer. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON; B.C., JANUARY 1, 1898.
Clu ioiiiiiiM Dinner at the Patjnc.
John Duly of the Payne management assisted by K. A. ftood,eigter*
timed a few frit-mis to a most delightful and -sumptuous dium-r, the
a flair taking place* at tho officers'
new cosy residence, "*4cottvili��'," at
tlu* lower eud of the tramway.
The dining room, from which a
grand view of the canyon ami great
mountain [M-sks can he had, was
prettily decorated witlt vines and
holly.   The table I'airlv creaketl
a m
not groaned with all the "dellea*
ciea ofthe season," tlte chef having
arranged a menu of faultless tasu*
ami perflation, to which thc following gentlemen sat down: Messrs.
liodson, Oiegericlt, Daly. \Vo��*l.
He I), sin Id, Dr. Young, Foes ami J,
K. Wood. There was a constant
flow of sparkling wit and humor,
not forgetting the tbne-honored
toasti to "The Queen," The Presi-
dcttt," "OurSwwtbearts," and the
health, wealth and Irappines* of our
gtmial hosts, the climax Is-ing
reaehed when the chef wai kill
proudly in with an dt&leabkmed
Knglish plum pudding, sent from
Victoria for the occasion b> Bigger-
staff Wilson. The evening was
pleasantly pa*wed with sjiigs, ii*ei-
lotions and spceehes, windiitg np
with "Auld \*��.ng Syne* and "(Mi,
l.*r .John i*�� a Jolly Good Fellow,"
the canyon slopes ami ttimintsihi
crest** echoing the hearty refrain.
Not the Right Ticket
"Where   Is  the   lady's   ticket?'
asked tlie conductor, who had taken
Mr. ParkaskVs dekrt and punched It.*
"Oh, she don't need a ticket, conductor," replied Mr. Parkisic.
���Why doesn't she?"
"lb-cause slie is my wife. We
were married this morning."
"That has nothing to do with it.
She can't travel without a ticket,
uuleas somebody pays her fare in
"Put, conductor, I've always
heard that a man and his wife are
one. That is what the parson said
when he married us, and if we were
one then we art* one now, on the
train or anywhere else." m
The conductor was not particularly busy on that run, as passenger?
were not numerous, so he dicitlcd to
argue the question out with Mr.
Perkasie, instead of resorting to extreme measures, demanding fare
and putting the delinquent off the
train in the event of refusal to pay.
So he said:
* "Your contentions that a man and
his wile are one Is right, hut you
didn't tell tho ticket seller that you
wanted a ticket for both of you to
to travel, did you?"
"Of course not."
"Well, that is* where you made
your mistake, ami so you will
have to pay tho lady's Aire this
time. You bought a single ticket,
when  you should have asked the
ntjent for sv married'ticket,   Thrw
dollars, pleaj&e.V
The money was banded over.
Reflections of a Bachelor.
Tlie only real fool on earth isithc
jealous fool.
The thermometer of marriage is
the doctor's bill.
Xo girl can sob her heart out and
chow, peanut britUe at tiie same time
with any suc-cess.
* The more self-pojttsessed and dig-
iiiiicd a woman actrttie easier a big-
eyed tally can make her go all to
Awornhn Uginsto show her age
as tyti&n if* she gets the idea that she
dues-i-ft Sleep near so well in a strange
Xo girl in the world ever looked
lovely wIicji she was sitting alongside the steam radiator to dry her
hair, with a Huffy lowel under it..
The Samion Hand Latmdry is doing the finest starch work in Kootenay.    Hear Spencer's hall.
All Things Come to Her Who Waits.
M I**. Glhsdn You k now how upish
Mrs. Oldhotise has always beeu with
me, and so condescending whenever
she has had to speak to me?
Mr. (iibsou (drily j I nave heard
you speak ����f it.
Mrs. i,iJ,<on Well, I met her ill
town today, and I had the pleasure
of telling her that her skirt Was
hanging an inch Mow her dress.
Tbe Fork -What makfc you look
so hollow and lung-faced?
The Bpoofl -Oh, I suppose iu because I'm always in the soup.
Shippers and Dieidend Payers of
This Famous District
Below is a list of the shippers antl
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
aatt teas.
Emporium of Fashions
Have (received a consignment of the
latest style., in
FALL and
Ladle** Furnishing.,, Pine Silk Hosiery. In
derwear, and everything in the lin* of Fancy
Dry Oijo'Js.
llinery executed in the finest styles of tbe
Dressmaking a specialty aad up-t*��dat��.
We ar* bound to lead in style., and all work
entrusted to us will receive oar special attention.
Opposite Bryan Honse, Reco Ave., Sandon
i^ueen Be..*.
American Boy,
Chamler. Group,
Lucky Jim.
Itend anil Treiiderfoot
Howard Fraction,
SUvi-r Bear.
(Wd Wax*
���-.liver lk.ll.
Lucky Boy,
O.K. Ayliard,
Trade Dollar,
Mt. Adams,
Fisher Maiden,
Great Western,
A tax,
Bine Bird,
Ruby Silver,
Loudon Group,
Galena Farm,
Molly llt.giic..,
B:��.k Fox.
(Canadian Group,
Noble Five.
lriVil>KM> l-AYKRa.
Mountain Chief,
Two Friends,
Slooan Star,
Hlocan Boy,
Freddie Lee,
���lack-ion Group,
Wclling'on Group.
Grady Group,
Attention, ffing
L^ave Sandon for all Coast and
Sound points daily at 7:45
Ar. Vancouver 13:00 next day
- Itesslaud
2*2:.iO saiuaday
Inline 1 ia tt* connection   made  nt   function
lelay. quick n
........ ���_���* .i**" *** ***-
liv tht. line
point., no delay, quick service, superb equipment, ore lew oi the many advantage., offered
UndvigrOund Surveys.        Surface and Aerial
Tram way *.
Cioil and Mining Engineer,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Knslo, It. G.
Mineral 05aim_ Surveyed and Reported Upon
Cartifieata of improvements.
Situate in thc Slocan Miu in* Division of Wet
Koo-enav  Id.tiick.    Where   located���Near
r.*��k���� i:of i��*e that I. A. B Raiiton, free miner'r>
certificate No 7 A&, intend, ��ixt,v day* from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
eonier OTaeeriiticate of improvementa. tot
the purpoae of obtaining a crown grant of Ute
above otwim. And further take not ire that
action nnder section SI. must Ire commenced
before the issuance of anch certificate of improvements.
Dated thi. ttth day of October, It*.*:.
Bute of arst publication, Oct. M, 1*'7.
Certificate of Improvement*���
Situate in the Blocan Mining IMvi-dnn of Wwt
Kootenav district.   Where located:  On N.r-
ble Five Mountain.
Take notice that I, Arthur & Farwell, agent
for Edwin H.Tomlinson. free miner's certificate No. H..H4.'*.,and Wilbur A. Hendryx, free
miuer's certifleate No. '.*,tA.*A. intend, sixty
day-tt from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for eertifloate.. of improvements,
tor the purport of obtaining oaaavn grants of
the above claims.
Aud further take notice that action under
section 9T must be commenced liefore the isau-
anee of such ceKifleate of improvements.
Dated thia Mth day of November, 1H0T.
Date of llrst pnldi. ation. Nov. -to, l��i7.
Certificate of improvement*
Situate in the Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay district.    Where   located���Six
mile-i np North Fork Carpenter ereek.
Take notice that I, William A. Bauer, acting a�� agent for free miner*ri certificate No. I,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the mining recorder lot a certificate
OMmprovement-, for the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant of the above claim*.
And further take notice that action, under
section At, must be commenced before the issuance of such certifleate of improvementa.
Dated this -tfth day nt November. MOT.
First publication, Nov.��, MOT.
Certifloate of Improvementa.
Situate in the Slooan Mining division of West
Kootenay district.    Where located���Goat
Canoa ereek, a tributary of Cariboo creek.
Take notice that 1, William A. Bauer, act-
lap as agent for tbe Columbia A Cariboo Gold
Mining Company, free miner's certificate No.
(fcttA, intend, sixty days from tha date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that actfcm, under
section 97. must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvementa.
Dated this Sftth day of November, MOT.
First publication, Nov. 27, lH.il.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate iu the'Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dutrict.    Where located:    Two
miles uu South fork of Carpenter creek from
Take notice that I. William A. Bauer, agent
for Dominion Mine-, limited, tree miners certificate No. 6.i**oa. inteud, sixty days, from
the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commis-
��toi:er for a certificate of improvements, for-
tbe pnrpor* of obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim*.
And further take notice, that action under
aection .17 iun.-.t be commenced before the issuance of such certificate A improvements.
Dated this arrth dav of Noseinber, ifW.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate ii*. the Ainsworth Mining Division of
West Kootenay Idntriet.    Wheie located:
in Whitewater Basin.
Take notice that 1, William A Bauer, acting
as agent for John MacQniilan, feee miner's
certificate No. -O.TaoA. intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the
above claims.
Aud further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this -5th day of November, MOT.
Notice ia hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia at its next session for an Act to incorporate the Mountain
Tramway and Electric Company, with power
to construct, acquire and operate ropeways
and tramways for transportation of freight
from points on or near the Nakusp t Slocan
Railway aud branches thereof to mines and
mineral claims in the McGuigan Camp and
Whitewater Basin and elsewhere in the district through which said railway and branches
pa*, or will pass, and from point- on the Columbia & Kootenay Railway, Crows Nest line,
con .tructed or to be constructed, and branches
thereof, in the mining districts of West and
East Kootenay, to mine., and mineral claims
in the districts through which said railways
and branches respectively pass or will pass;
and to construct, acquire and operate work>
aud plant to generate and supply heat, light
and electricity in the said districts and elsewhere in the Province, and to dispose of such
heat, light and electricity; and to acquire
and hold all kinds of raal and personal prop,
erty. together with the power to expropriate
lands and all other power* and privUejres that
may be necessary, incidental or advantageous
to the full exercise of the powers hereinbefore
Dated thi*. 14th day of December, MOT.
Solicitors for Applicants
GANDOV LODOE Mo. ��%, K. of P. Meets every
t-* Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in Craw
ford's hall. Visiting knights cordially invited
to attend. W. W. FALLOWS, C C.
m* * m *m**o*nmm**o noma .*,*������*,-. -��r-
After we recover from Ihe recreation which is iin inevitable result
of keeping holiday, and after the
subsidence of tbat certain amount of
activity and eicitement which always accompanies the advent of a
New Year, the chief topic of thought
and conversation which will or ought
to occupy the minds of all intelligent
citizens is the subject of incorporation. The time for discussion as to
the advisability or otherwise of this
step has gone by, still it would be
well to review one or two facts in
this connection.
What substantial benefits or pecuniary assistance have we received'
from the provincial government in
return for the large amount of
money paid in taxes by Sandon and
tbe districts tribtary to it? A question easily answered, and one which
will not require the services of any
great mathematical genius to solve.
Here is a small statement worth considering:
It has been estimated tbat at least
96,500 is collected annually for miners' licenses; $4,500 annually in poll
taxes; 15,000 in hotel licenses; a one
per cent tax on ajnelter returns, re-
alteing probably 125,000 or 930,000:
also the receipts for traders' licenses,
lines, etci> making a total, roughly
speaking, of (50,000. collected annually by the government from Sandon and its outlying mines and villages, tributary to it. This is placing the strtn total at a very low figure. And in return what do we get?
A public*aehool for which no rent
has been paid, with tbe princely stipend of 910 a month for teacher's
salary, and a generous allowance of
940 per year for running expenses,
i. e.t to purchase fuel, pay caretaker
and buy all the little necessaries
which are indispensable to the proper management of a public school.
Hence we have the spectacle of the
already over-worked teacher having
to resort to the aid of a public ball
in order to raise funds to carry on in
a proper manner an institution for
which we have paid ten times oror
in taxes. We are also supplied
with one policeman at a salary of
975 per month, and a night watchman at 930 per month (the town adding 950). This year about 9600
was spent on a nuisance ground, and
912 monthly paid for rent ofa combination, court house, cooler and
caboose. All this totals about 92,060
for annual running expenses paid
by the government, with sn additional I5U) tbfe year for a nuisance
ground, aggregating altogether
92,550*~a princely return for the
980,000 paid tn taxes. Thb is one
fairly good reason why we should
desire to manage our own affairs.
Another reason Is the discrimina-
ation which has apparently been exercised against the town of Sandon
in so very many ways.   Of course,
we may be charitable and suppose
that those "who set in high places"
are not aware of this discrimination,
and that it is only the malice of
spiteful understrappers, bat still it
is the business of our legislative
guardiaus to make themselves aware
of these methods resorted to by their
officers. The government was asked
for financial assistance to the fire
department, but silent contemptt
was tbe only result. Three thousand
dollars of private subscription has
been spent in the purchase of apparatus and erection of a building for
fire purposes, to say nothing of the
targe sums expended by tlie Sandon
Water and Light Company putting
in tbe hydrants, etc. But not one
red dent of government money was
ever forthcoming to assist us. Nelson, Kaslo and every other place of
importance which asked for assistance got it. This is another rea-un
for desiring tj spend our own money
and there are many others, sj well
known and understood that particular mention is not necessary.
Tbe question tj bt* stu lied as soon
as the letters patent are received
(that is if they ever emerge from thc
labyrinth of red tape in which tbey
soem to have become entangled at
headquarters) is this, of whom shall
the first council consist? Thi. i* a
question of vital importance. It is
not a personal matter. It is n >t
whether this, that or the other candidate is a "good fellow,'/, "one of
the boys," etc., but whether he is a
good, practical, honest, business-like
man, who will plainly state his
views and stick t.i them t > a finish.
A right start means everything, and
since for the first council there is an
immense amount of uphill work to
be done, a great deal of misconstruction of motives to be borne, and
heaps of abuse tolerated, a man must
possess a cool head and firm hand in
order to fill the bill. There are such
men in our midst, so let us be sure
to choose the right ones. Uf course,
one of the first movements will be to
call a public meeting, when each
and every aspirant to civic honors
will have a fall opportunity given
bim to state bis platform and answer
Economic expenditure will certainly be of paramount Importance, bnt
must be exercised in conjunction
with a judicious use of public .-loacy
for public purposes.
... ���    sas-a   ii. �����_���������_.    ��___p
For Sale.���The furniture of a
four-room honse, complete for house-
keeping, or will sell by the piece.
Inquire at Johnston A Hainm Hardware store.
Adams-What makes yon think
the girl lovos yon?
Sanders-She has begun belittling
all the other girls I know.
For Rent.-Cottage on Sunnyslde.
Furnished or unfurnished. Apply
to B. 8. Wilson, Grimmett's siore.
And Other Investments.
Every Represetrtiilou Guaranteed.
���. c
On thc best and most toipj#ft
of all Christm.il Gift*, audi *u
are found In a W| cfcst Jeweflery
Watches, Breast Pfna,
Rings, Scarf Pfe*
Chains, Necklet*
Bracelets, Staae,
Cuff Links, Mlveewara*
Caff Battens, Ban Bent,
Ktc., Bte*
Optical Ooodn af beat quality.
Specs,   Byeglasses
Glauses, Bte.
The Reliabie Jeweller
ind Optician,
tinW U tb* tin* to Int.   Wr ratty the
laraasl ��!�����.*k ,4 Air TtwM
Queen Heating Stooea,
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stooea,
Ranges, Etc.
(amp an.! Hyljhtjr Sto-faa mad* la ar-Jar.
Hamilton Byers,
- Krnrr.
Will ba at tba Haul Balmoral
one*- a month.
Snbserlbe far the Paystreak.
And You WUl
Smoke No


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