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The Paystreak Jan 22, 1898

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Full Text

Dlatrlet Medal for Curling Champ*
ship Remaine Here.
This thing of winning every time
anything that is to tie played for is
getting monotonous to Sandonites.
If it keeps ap much longer Sandon
will Ignore these little towns around
in West Kootenay and look to Toronto or Montreal for, competitors.
Yesterday the eurling match for
the district medal was played In two
games with rinks from Kaslo, and
won by Sandon. Quite a delegation
of ladies and gentlemen came from
Kaslo with their club, News ofthe
game in the afternoon was anxiously
Inquired for by people on the streets
and the glad smile was seen everywhere when the final result was
learned. The afternoon score was
Sandon 16, Kaslo 13, and the evening score Sandon 14, Kaslo 14. As
Ssndon is three points ahead in the
two games, the distrfct medal will
r main  here.    Following are the
rinks i
Afternoon Game
down. Neither Mr. Kydd nor Mr.
McDonald would give oat anything
fbrtroMication. *T
' The belief is current that S** loan
has been made in Victoria, which
will enable all the debts to be paid
off and the mine started up. Mr.
Kydd goes to Nelson for a lew days.
It is understood that, numapoas of
tbe claims against the aslae have
been paid off by someone, being dis-
ounted 10 per cent.
Dominion Engineer Roq Returned
From an Inspection Trip.
Kaslo, Jan. 17, Doraintoe Btigin-
eer Joseph Roy has returned Worn
an inspection of the Lardo-Duncan
river with a view to ascertaining tlie
best method of expending the gov-
arnment appropriation of 13000 still
on band. He met with the citisens
and members of tbe lardo- Duncan
Improvment Association on his return and announced thst he would
J. O. Main
J. Moffatt
K. Macdonald
A. K. Hall -16
C. D. Blackwood haa left to reside
iu the east.
A ball masque at Spender's ball is
announced for February 14th.
A daughter waa born to Mr. and
Mrs. Antoine Beltner of tbe Cody
laundry- Thursday night.
H. H. Pitts has ntov&t his family
from Three Forks, and io living
above the store.
J. M. Harris is in Nelson and
Spokane for a few days.
J. K. Clark reports things looking
well at both the Ajax and Palmeta.
Work is progessing at each with a
full force of men.
Tbe Slooan Star has struck a large
body of ore between tbe No. 2 and
No. 3 tunnels.
John Keen, mining -recorder, was
In town from Kaslo yesterday.
The Payne is building an office and
bonk house at the K. A 8. sidetrack.
The Laat Chance has the whole
be back within a month with a party face of the drift in No. 3 level in
J. A. Whittier
A. Fletcher
J. Ray
J. Waugh -13
Evening Game.
Eastman M. L. Grimmett
S. Benaie W. ii. Wilson
J.Kay X. L. Kemilard
D. W. Moore-14    W. Hood   14.
After the evening's game a banquet was tendered the visitors at the
Balmoral hotel. It was 2 o'clock in
the morning when it broke up- Notwithstanding this, the curlers were
on the ice bv 8 o'clock this morning
for a friendly game. Messrs. Hood,
Hall, Moffat and Grimmett goto
Calgary to play in the tankard.
Canada Prom Ocean to Ocean.
J. Law lor Woods,  president and
general manager of the Dominion
Publishing Company, Toronto, is in
the city in the interest of a mammoth
publication which he Is getting out,
"Canada, from Ocean to Ocean,"
designed to be a complete and concise epitome of the resources and
advantages of each province in the
Dominion, profusely illustrated.
"Soapy" Woods, as he is known ail
over the country, bears letters from
Premier Laurier, Premier Turner
and other officers of both governments. The Dominion government
proposes buying several thousand
copies and giving them free circulation.        	
Noble Pice Rumors.
Rumors of all kinds regarding the
Noble-Five mine are in circulation.
The return of George Kydd, official
liquidator, and George McDonald to
Sandon from the Coast on Thursday
revived the hones, of the unpaid
workmen, who nave been wafting
about the town since the mine closed
of men to begin work on removing
the snags and sweepers and other
obstacles to navigation in tbe lower
Duncan river. He alto intimated
tbat he would in his report to the
Dominion government ask fbr a
liberal appropriation to continue the
work. The ibeeting voted to request him to ask for $2000.
In this connection Captain C. H.
Cameron of the steamer Idaho, that
ply* on Duncan lake between thc
upper and lower Duncan rivers, is
here seeking to organise a stock
company to construct a light draught
stsamboat to piv regularly between
Kaslo and the headwaters of thc
upper Duncan river. He bas very
good prospects of success and the
boat if llkelv tobe built soon.
The shipments of ore
from Sandon
from August 1, l&i?
January 20,
1898, inclusive, were ai
Slocan Star,
2,630   tons
8,140! '
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
Amorican Boy,
Slocan Bov,
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
List Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Queen Bess,
Total,       :       ; 16,769* tons
Ore shipments for the week from
Januarv 14 to January 20, inclusive, were as follows: Ruth lfiO,
Reco 40, Last Chance 60, Queen Bess
15-K. A 8.   Slocan Star 40-O.P.R.
dean shipping ore.
H. H. Knox, the New Denver
Jeweler, was in town a couple of
days this week..
Does tbe present copious distribution of tne beautiful have any
ameliorating effect on the virulent
attack of Klondioetis from which
this district is suffering ?
The mayor snd council took the
oath of office before Magistrate Lilly
last Thursday evening.
A grand ball and supper in honor
of Bobby Burns' birthday will be
given at Spencer's hall, Tuesday
evening, January 25th. Macdonald
Bros, are getting it up.
Mrs. M. Randall gees to Spokane
Tuesdav, and in about ten days,
with Mrs. Terrill, will take a stock
of goods to Skaguay and open a
dress-making and millinery store.
A number of Sandon people attended a dance at Weaver's hotel,
Three Forks, Thursday evening.
An enjoyable time i* ropjrtei.
A strike is reported this week on
the Dayton group, a little west of
town. 'A big body of concentrating
iralena has been entered. J. (J.
Steele, the manager, Is away, but is
expected hack shortly.
A hockey match will be played on
Monday evening between the Juveniles of Sandon and Hunter's
team, the Whites.
There are live names spoken of
for city clerk: J. H. Hawke, Frank
Sewell, C. Cliffe. Dick Silverwood,
end E. M. Sandi lands. The council
at an infomal meeting, about concluded that the work would not
warranfpaying a large salary.
The Ladies AiJ Society will meet
at Mrs. Rev. Cleland's at 2 p. m. on
Thursday next.
The following is a price list of the
work that the society will do;
Kitchen aprons, 25c. for making
and from 45c to 55c. ready made;
fancy aprons from 50c. to f100 for
making; pinafores, from 25to50c.
for making; laundry bags, from
50c to $1.00, furnished; comforters,
$3.50 and upwards, -famished; darn-
Jno* eonks. stoek-BM or mHt^if & to
wmmmtmnm   *e-^-wt------|' mm*mm^w*m^mwa*w*M*0*0**w .    mn*m*    .m*mmmwmm*-*m*mrmmmmw0   ������^     ,* v
10c per pair; mending dewe reason-
ably; ladies' colored onder skirts,
50c. and upward; ehiiree's dresses,
35c. and upward; table napkins,
hand hemmed, 60 to 75c. per aoeen;
roller or dish towels, 3 for IOC; pillow slips, 5c each; knitted wristlets, 35c, furnished; sleeve protectors, (sateen) 50c, furnished; pocket
pincushins, fancy, 10c Orders for
other articles too numerous to mention wltt be taken. Cooks and waitresses aprons made to order very
Regular services in tbe Methodist
church to-morrow at 11 a. m. and
7:15 p. m. The subject for morning
sermon will be: "The right expression of right feeling," and for
the evening: "Tests of true manhood."   Rev. A. M Sanford, pastor.
Anglican ChBrch.���Rev. C. F.
Yates will preach to-morrow evening at 7.30 o'clock in Spencer's ball.
Quite a large coo***regat-on haa been
formed, aaa those inrtrumenUl In
organising the church are very
ranch encouraged.
Presbvterian Church���Rev. J. A.
Cleland* will preach morning and
evening in Virginia hall. The service in the evening will be specially
to the Independent Order of Foresters.
Police Court
Several cases in the small debts
court were disposed of during the
Three cases of drank and disorderly fill come ap on Monday.
A Communication.
To "The Paystreak.
Tbe Prank Oolden jaat gone from as bad ona
or two who ha claimed owed him. It did not
matter what thoee parties had doae for him or
what eontre aecoant they had. Ualeaa fixed
dates, etc., were laid down and contract p*.
pera. they coold aot be acknowledged. Ona
of thee* waa claimed to bo (SO or thereabouts,
and the only man known of In town who waa
teaa enough to start and earn by hard work
this feU end winter ee-oagh to pay of a largo
aa-JoMUaiar*, Ins���rod dsoalaplag hie claims
close to the town. Also this gentleman whose
name wan dragged in tho gutter, aflrma it
was his first titao in court to his own account,
and hia conduct since ho came to Sandon
bears this ont. This shameful Judgment was
said to be handed over to another young man.
a friend of the young man, for fa-rom received,
and when the gentleman this Judgment was
pushed on celled on hia lawyer he was informed that he would have to sae this young man
and settle with him, owing to the fact that he
was sole owner. So on the following a.m., before the young man in question had awoke
from his slumbers Ma door wm knocked at
and he was called by his so-called debtor to
appear as soon as possible and accept payment. In lew than one hour he err! redat the
store he waa commanded to, and when tha
bUl was commented on he thought it wae an
an extortion, and eaid to the men preaent he
would settle It at #lfl.fl0 rebate. Again the
gentleman whom the, tadament was against
was oo his feet and told Mm to lay down hia
papers and take hia money. He then in presence of tbe gentlemen onlookers wrote a receipt for tlte tto as payment in full and took it
to attach it to tbe judgment, but^ did not to*
... _ 9itm ^
at the
i yet with Judgment or as
stoat.  The money was left for hi
store,* but he banned to meet tha at ore keeper
in the street and told him hs would not come
for the money. 1
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���mi <% iHVflKVf 4 0�� 'N0CMV8 'MriHXSAVd 9IHX TIIE PAYSTKEAK. SANDUM, B.C., JANUARY 22, 1898.
INING   RB(s5dRD��.
Tbe following ia a complete list of the
lining transactions recorded daring the
reek in the several mining divisions of
Hlocan.   Those of New Denve * were
follows :������
Jas -i-Bmplnp. four Mile, J B Barrett.
Jas 11���Bow kotilaao-rr.
.   A a* lft���La* Chaarxs Blisaafd, Sliver Curd,
I'LBtle Widow rntetlen, M<mo Kraciloo. Plato.
caariricATS or intL-nonutxatu.
Jas ll-SnowSake
Jas n-~-si*.wc^.su-jwciiier,(^Nt-aocJt
Jan 10-An-oU Fraction, Mountain Nymph,
MuurjUtoChM. \eavk. M AruoWU.HrfH.rt-
| man, Jan A
Jam 11 <*twnstoek. SUver Cup, Silver Chief.
Gmer .4 AWtrwey, Tba Coamatock Mines (BC)
���1 u> U II H Alox-nder.Nov l",
Bute IVur Fraction.l*iin*r*jn HdH-IrvinsjtaTbe
CumattM k Mlnrs, (B C; Lid. Set* SI. IS,
Isabel Fraction, Henry BaU-lrvtn-Lf to nm.
Grand Sued. DanM MrLeod to Chaa W Omen-
lae, Dt-cM, UAUn.
jAXM-BoMdalei, flower |. Mav I. Tulip f
Violet Fr_*rt*on |. Mat�� wbraV Int. KabI- }. Ore
Alma Sot u Ckarlott Heoderaonto 0 Ksjjrsjfur*.
Vac 10. p.
Jas IT���St Lautencw '. Chaa fmtrb loJasD
Byao, Jan If.
AiaswoaTR oivisiOM.
Dm *��   A urban. A Ni-la.iithijr: Silver Kin*
| aame; HdktrtL. A B Manl ma Id.
Jam *A%~'*m\ B T Martin.
Aao J���Jmule
4a* a���Jumtrn, iloKwIal.*. laaurier.
J ax U�����*ltplay, H��an��*at*ke.
|AS M~**ogmmott Bo i, Mim tar X-i t.
Ja| M*0 D aad Triamp i. H hart Rtdlu-A to
B 4 Stenaon.
Iila 1 L A Lemon tu 8 A 1 ��rak.*.
X is t,S A Itrakr to L A Uan *n.
Uli A Wttmw. A W liter u, UAL in m and S
Dr. we,
tUymu {; B MrDfoald t > J-rbn I. HrRae.
A A* lO-Mnlo Iter*. H r|o.  .Suln*.   X.trmao  t
I.,man Duffaiid Umtiem Hvd<��i
Wutae tblward |. T C \V.-ll-*�� to K R Chlpmen
aad Anhur Oo .V-i^iuh
Motit* ����� X*�� f 1. am* in aa*.
Jaa IS ~Aeh**t *d *, Aohn  Sen u> frank
Ilrvan ', Tbu�� Rondrtl t ��� mum..
J a a It��� Xew C*mm   . Chaa G J��rh-u*oti to Chan
The death of Caleb II. Jfohnaton,
superintendent of Ute great Silver Gey-
ser mine, which occured in l��enver rerun ily, may stop lor a time, and perhaps
permanently, Uie moat remarkable min
ing enterprise In the world. Upon Mr-
Johnston's theory alone���that one mile
deep in the earth where hia minim*
; ahaft haa already penetrate*! nearly half
I way, an enormous mass of ailver would
lie found-capitalists have spent over
I two million dollar** with no return**.
Tlie true atory of Uie Silver tievser
mine ia so wonderful aa to tax credulity.
Seventeen yearn ago twit hunters wan
deringamong the foot-hill* of the tni|_lity
Sanicre tie Criato range, in the souUieru
i part of Colorado, sat down to rent.   One
[of them, kicking the toe of hia hoot aim-
��� teaaly into the earth, brought out a amall
[fragment of rock. *
A few daya later the finder made hia
|way to Silver Cliff and hatl the piece of
frock aaaayed.   It waa pronounced horn
* lilver, almoat nlttolulely pure metal. He
[hurried lawk to tlte itpot and ataked out
claim.   From   the very  roota of the
[rasa where he began to dig he brought
the surface quantities of ailver ore o'
te same purity aa he I ind lirat found. It
ras veritably a clitf of silver, aud ao he
11le<i the mine the Silver t lltf.   I le and
thore who followed him took out $200,-
worth of ore;  then, suddenly, the
sket dwindled to a narrow vein and
Inally disappeared.
Seven years later a mining engineer
rith long California and lditJio exjmri-
bnoe was in Colorado and heard the tale
of tbe lost lead. He had heard oufay
wonderful stories of lost mines and leads
in the course of hie life, but this excited
his curiosity. He rode off alone one day
to Investigate it.
A careful evamination of the abandoned Silver Cliff mine showed Mr. Johnson's practised eye that it bad been an
almost round pocket, surrounded fey
volcanic mud. He camped. Uiere thiee
weeks, for a theory that bad been taking
shape in his mind.   He did not use
of wbst he saw waa
vein finally pinched
man who talked
discharged.   This
out, but not until $200,000 worth of silver
had been taken from it.
About eighteen months ago the long
contest with fortune seemed once more
to have been won. It was thought they
had reached the wall that dammed up
the great mass of silver they sought.
But no. Behind the wall the drills
ground their way through a mast of
conglomerate rock, and the untold riches
giant powder or* dynamite or spend a were still far away.
penny in arriving at bis conclusions. He |   The shaft is 2300 feet deep now and
reasoned that from geologic conditions I has cost $2,300,000.   This amount in
the Silver Cliff pocket came from a distance; that it was hurled from the earth
through the air, described a long Arc tb
eludes tbe $200,000 taken out of the feed
er, so that the Boston capitalists are,
up to date, $2,100,000 on tne wrong side
Subject to-chan<re -without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
beat* S 00 A.M.
"AM **
'���   9 M. **
'*   ��ftl ������
*��� 100S "
'* 10 18 -
���* 10 SS **
Arr. lOiio
South Fork
t><dy /unction
Arrive. �� SO P.M
"      3 IA "
���     lie "
*����� o
*       1 41 '
1 �� **
1 1*
the south, settled in the waim cosy, vol- J of the ledger,
came mud, where it lay buried until Ute No one believed in Johnson's theory
washing of the storms, snd at last the at first except those who put up the
hunter's boot, had uncovered it. With '��� money. But now it has many followers,
tape line and transit he measured the j His capitalists have put their fortunes to
pocket, found its inclination, and calcu-j the teet and will either win or lose it all;
(ated the arc that the ore-body had de- ��� tor it they fail the great hole will not be
scribed in its flight through the air. worth a cent. Possibly another engineer
Mr. Johnston wasa man of tremendous' can be found who will have as unflagging
will-power. When he bad completed faith in the enterprise as Mr. Johnson
bis calculations and proved on paper' has had, but it is doubtful. There is no
that his theory was correct he went to ��� question that work and anxiety was the
Boston, where he laid tbe result of hisj cause of Mr. Johnson's death?
tabors before James W. Cartwright, a 	
capitalist of Uiat city.   To him he said:  their   own   pkoplk to  blank.
"We may have to go a mile into the	
ground  before  we  ^hthejnorth of
thts volcano, bnt when   we do we W^ill ,__*_._.        v. .   .___
find the walls coated with pure silver.' companies that have been perpetrated
We may have to spend millions, and we j on the British public, shows that these
may fail ultimately, but I doubt it. If' have, iu nine cases out of ten, been
we succt-ed it will be the richest mine ^.^ th       h by tJMf
Sandon Leave 1 OS
Tra-Hr Miirr.
For chr-an radrrsd and steamship ticket* to
anil frnm all froiuts, aitydy to
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
Atlantic MMr Lues.
Ute world has ever seen���worth countless million*.. The chances are that we
shall win."
A companv waa organised with Mr.
Cartwright and J. II. Norman, another
Biteton capitalist, at tiie head. It was a
clone corporation of wealthy men. John-
rum was sent back to -Colorado with
$2110,000 backing to prospect for the volcano. In the mountain he cut a tunnel
Sll feet wide antl eight feet high through
the broken, splintered, crumbling rook.
He mejsnred Uie din of every seam that
he encountered. When the tunnel was
200 feet into tbe hill they found a bit of
silver as big as a hasel nut.   It was ex
own people,
not by the claim owners. If British in- i
vestors spend their own money in-
developing* a claim to a mine of value j
tbey are entitled to profits for the risk
they take, but for the g-ood of the district and of themselves every obstacle
should be put in the way of the company promoter of whom there are a*, un-
scruiiuloua a lot iu London as anywhere
else in the world Their frauds should
not be aided and abetted by giving
them for a nominal consideration the
handling of mining property upon such
terms that thev may fleece the public
without expending: more than the cost
From Monti-eat
California, Allan Line 	
Parisian. **          ���~���
Carthaginian  .       ������         ___,
Labrad .r.Dominion Line  __���
Vancouver. **  �����-
Prum J*?**- York
Uinliiia.Cuiiani Line ������
Btruria *'  , 	
Oatnpanijv    "  ��� 	
Ma'entir-, White Star Line 	
Teutonic ���*        ���.
St. Petit. American Line        -
St.Luni-, '* . ������.
State of Nebraska, Allan SUte Line 	
Southwark. Red Star Line ������-
N-oniland. "          ..
Cabin-45, 5 ��,-�����, 70 S3 and upwards.
Iiitetinediste 30 and upwards.
Steenute tf��M mid upwartl*.
PasKiit?era Ticketed thnawb to aU pnims In
Oteat Britain -or Ireland, and at Specially low
rate*, to ail part* of tbe Eunta-an Cr ntinent.
Prepaid Pass-jres arrauma from all points.
Apidr to A. C. McAKTHUR, C.1\B. Agent
: Saird.ru. or
General Agent,
C P. R. tMBi-cs. WinniDea
a. Uv the same sort of ore aa came from nf incorporation and a little advertts-
the "Silver Cliff pocket.   He laid off all   ing.���Bosslsnder.        	
the men at once and departed for Boston,      ...... _ ,
where he laid the bit of ore before Ute a Judge Jette is recemng congratula
.*omi��ny and said: *>**��*]** hls *PP?jnt",entKt<> the Lieu*
'Mi-ntlem^n, Uiat prows I was right."  tenant-Oovernship of Quebec.	
: h * bit of metal was worth then perhaps j ���-.--    -r���������
a dollar, and the work had ��oet more)
Utan $150,000.   ' '- V- '���
"Wecan go ahead and hunt for the;
mine now," conUnoed Mr. Johnson. He ���
told the Silver Geyser Mining and Mill- j
ing Company, as the corporation waa
called, where he would start the sha(t, \
if they would put  up the money.   He,
estimated that he wonld And indications ;
of ore at 1500 to 1700 feet, and Ute great j
mother.iode itaeli at 4500 to S000 feet.
He could not tell them, not until he was j
at least 2000 feet into the bowels of the
mountain, Jutt he might have to sink his
shaft two miles.
It was nine vears* ago that the entities
began to puff and the drills to hist* in
the Silver Geyser mine. Down, down
went the aliaft! twuutifully Umbered all
the wav, and the two great steel cages
plied liack and forth day and night,
carrying Uieir loada of rock which tJiey
vomited out at the mine's mouth- But
not a particle of silver ore.
Kxj-erts who have seen tbe mine de*
dare that the work is absolutely perfect.
For the first live hundred feet down so
perfect is Uie shaft that Uie great steel
cages drop wiUiout touching the sleeves
at the sides. At every hundred feet two
levels have lieen run, exploring for ore.
There are nearly six miles in all of these
underground levels aiul drifts.
Three years ago it looked as though
the game was won. An ore-body wss
tapped which Wemed to be a great feeder of some subterranean lake of silver.
More men were put to work on this,
while the shaft went sinking ever downward. They followed this silver brook,
as it miglit be termed, in all its twist-
int-s, down and down for more thani S
thousand feet. Sometimes the ore would
tie poor and   sometimes rich, but  the
X. Rays���A well-dressed, sensible-
looking woman strolled into Roosevelt
hospital not longr ago, aud asked if they
hatl any X rtxys. "I've read a lot about
them," she said, before the astonished
attendant could reply, "and how much
g-ood they are, so I just thought I'd like
to try them. I haven't been very well
for some time now, and I've tried most
evervthiiiff else. Can you let me have
a bottle ofX?"
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully decorated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always in Stock
J.  R. & D. CAMERON. i
THK l'AV?>li^Aiv,'S.--NiX^, ii < - ^ANfA-KY &. ������)��*.
The Paystreak.
l�� itmed every S-vuirday io Sandon, in tbe bran
ot Ott gtwaU-rt White Metal camp on earth.
Sub-Jei-Urdoe     - ...     *.��> a year
Strictly la adrsnec
Addr****: Th�� PArfrraKAK. SmiAmi, B.C.
SANDON.  B.   C,   JAN.  22,    1898
The cry of prosperity is wide
spread in these days, bat many persons carry in their minds a mistaken
idea ot its meaning. To the specula
tor in stocks it means a rise in tbe
particular thing he fancies, although
it may have only a speculative value
which would render a higher quotation injurious to public prosperity.
To many tboassnds of working-men
there comes prosperity, according to
their conception, when their wages
rise, no matter whether other wages
rise in harmony or the general cost cf
living increases more than the earn
ings. The high wages paid to miners
on the Yakon is mainly due to the
cost of living. There the necessaries
of life cost about twenty times as
much as they do where miners wages
sre $3.50 a day, and consequent*- $20
��� day is scant remuneration. There
is a great army of farmers to whom
prosperity means tbe accidently con
cnrrenceof good crops and exceptionally high prices, and they do not
stop to think that it means the reverse
of prosperity to those who have t*>
bny, and also tbat a general prosperity can onlv be based upon fair
returns for regular and constant in
In general the tendency is to take
quite too narrow and indiviloa!
views of the conditions which are
called prosperous. Prosperity is not
real if it is not general, (ht Ins by one
set of men at the expense of another
do not improve the condition of the
country in the least. If the higher
wages, rendered necessary by the
exceptional cost of food and the advanced prices of necessaries, take
from part of the people in order to
give to another, there is not a step
taken toward general prosperity. In
mining the road to prosperity lies
- through honest methods in which the
investing public can have confidence,
and judged by this standard it would
appear that the over-reaching selfishness of some of oar pablic men is not
calculated to encourage pablic faith
in provincial raining methods.
Rascality in high places threatens
to seriously injure our mining industry. The scandalous insinuations of
political wire palling and corruption
asserted by more than one of the recently floated Klondike tondon promotions is not well calculated to
attract British capital. The British
public arc not likely to be allured
into investing their money in a
colony whose prominent pablic men
assert that they have a special "pull"!
with government departments. Sach
statements are a libel on Canada and
should be resented by public denouncement by the head of the government il not by public proseeutiou
fbr libeling the government.
We referred recently to the re
marks of the chairman of the Klou
dike, Yakon and Stewart Pioneers
Co., of London, wbo spoke ot Col.
Domville of tbe Dominion Parliament
wbo is a director of the company, as
a member of Parliament with a
"pull." We nave also. tbe assertion
of Sir Charles Topper that his com
pany was promised the active support
of both governments, Dominion and
Provincial. Unfortunately for ourselves we know bat too well bow
strong is tbe pall of this pot-banting
politician, bat it is not nice to be so
advertised abroad. There is a great
deal that we know of the power of
what the "pair has effected, but
there is much more of tlte same sort
that is concealed. We know that
over twenty-five square miles ot the
richest placer ground in Cariboo ia,
thanks to political "pull,* in the
hands of exploiting corporations, from
which the practical miner is excluded. If the pretension of these
influential wire-pullers are worth
anything, there will not be much of
the Yukon or Klondike left to the
honest prospecting miner.
ME   IS   AXD   UK   IS.I'T.
Either the president of the United
States is a natural born man without
a mind of own, or his political friends
are naturally making htm one. He
has been busy since his inauguration
trying to get bimetallism by inter
national agreement He asked Congress to vote $109,000 to defray the
expenses of s commissi m which he
appointed and sent to Kngland on the
sole errand uf getting that country to
agree to a bimetallic coinage law.
England wouldn't do it, and hi-
effort waa a $100,000 failure.
Betore his bimetallic cotumission
had reached borne McKinley** secre
tary of the treasury submitted tocon-
grass a bill, the sole purpose of which
was, to use the secretary's own
words "to commit the country more
thorooghly to the gold atandara'
Again on December _*8th a meeting
of 500 representative Indiana repab-
licanssras held in Indianapolis. It
was addressed by United Slates Sen
ator Fairbanks of that state who announced that he bore a personal
message direct trom the president
He said:
"The republican party, with Mc
Kinley as our leader, intends to keep
faith, to preserve the gold standard
unimpaired to the American people.
I saw the president but a few day*
before coming here. I asked him ii
he bad any message for the republic
ans of Indiana. He commissioned
me to say to you: 1 am going to keep
the bond. I am going to vindicate
the sound money plank in the St.
Louis platform.*"
These later statements would In
dicate trial ihe president had changed
his views, snd was no longer a bi
uietallist���eltber by international
agreement or Independently. Bat, tt
we are to believe still later reports,
be is yet an 'Irttornationar depend
eoey. Senator Chaijdler of .New
Hampshire, an ardent IniernaUonal
bimetallism wss in conference last
Monday with the jtresident Upon
emerging from tbe White honse be
said : The president stands firmly in
favor of international bimetallism, aa
promised by tbe St Louis platform."
Senator Chandler added his opinio
that 'the president is as *arnesMy in
favor of bimetallism, tlte ass of Mb
metals ss standard money." as the
senator himself.
And all tlte while Secretary Gage
is pushing work on h** currency
reform bill, "to commit the countrv
more thoroughly to the gold stand-
ml."* Trulv President McKmiev 1*
having a mtsikey and parrot time ol
A W��r-��4*j>r-*��t Rrtia.
When Paddy heard an Engli*h gen*
Oeman tpeaktng ot the ftne erho al the
lake A Killartiey, which rrp*��ai�� to**
-.ond forty times, he very promptly #b*
- i ait h. that* nothing at ail to the
���i ho in toy father m garden In th**
County of (fiaJway If v n eaj to it,
���\ow <{������ yon d<r. Paddy lUake?' It
��� ill answer. "Pretty wrll," I thank yoo.
The recent order of the Piiwiinaater
(ienrral reducm*? the }��-Maroon letter*.
to Britain and the Rrttfek -Mont.* to
tore** void* hum been eaacelad, ami tl*
Ad rate of five c**��u ba<* b**eo r^aum-M
Cuaii Fad Btiirr
Hoo Pkciik Line. '
* Quickest
���wl Cheapest
Room to St Paul, Chkag-v
IVtrvit Toronto, Montreal!
New York, Boston. Phila
delpbia. and all Kacem
Inexflelled Sleeping��� are
on all train*. Tcxirbt < An,
to St. Paol daily; lW.on
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel*
.Steamer leaves  BCakosp
daily except Honda v. mak*
inffdcnetfm-it-mk-na- Revel,
stoke with trains for a 11 j��; rsti
K��*t and West
Before voo travel get inf>rm��ik��
from I'I* tt agents ba to times uri
rates.   It will save voo nonet    A;.
1*4v to nearest railwav agent  r to
A. C tfeAKTHTK.* Agent. \ttA*x
E J. oorua
Diat.   Passentrer   Agent,   VannaTrr
XI-see-^-At-'ftt. tbi** J* ont u *  mm
idt* mho ha* cmlbA t **��**-
the * Id  I,*��hli*d��-��-*i.
*****? you, *Ar. and I hope you *
*�� ten bo the la-*t tncumhreiMv M
I*. lb    Pti m e   11 ma* ..f the fill
K.  Ct XMN*.
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carr-r the largestst**k A Mens Furnishing*. In tlw Skcan.
Kvervthing from **,,** finest dandy *\*\*%r* J to the working
clothes of the Miner        WINTKR  CT.OTHI.Vi J.   OVEN
COATS.   rNDF.UWF.AK.    Ri'llltKR   UOOW,    HATH
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Va
a*}* BUR-MS,
Dealer ir* MEATS
 : AT:
D'JC   S will be received Dec. I5th.
SANDON. 8L()CAN  ,m ������H
tty llacra-HMi Shown la ISS7 Over tm*
Pravlnna ����**-.
The   production   of   gold  increase*!
tvily in 1897 in nearly all purts of tlte
rorld. Over 90 per cent, of tlie total
y is contributed by seven geograph-
divisions, the United Htatea, Trans-
Aostralia, Russia, British India,
tnada aod Mexico, and of these every
>ne showed an increase over the previous
tr, and in most cases a large increase.
Ths reault is a gold production larger
-.an ever before recorded, and twice
tat of only ten years ago. it it itnpossi-
|ble to attribute tbe great gain in pro-
tduction in 1897 to any special cause.
[Tbeie was, it is true, tbe new discovert*
in British America (Uie Klondike) which
attracted world-wide attention and excited a popular interest reminiscent oi
1JM9, but It is estimated that tbe actual
production of the new diggings haa not
esceeded 12,000,000, and this is only a
small part of the world's increase last
year. Tbe latter is, in tbe opinion ot
the Engineering and Mining Journal,
due to tne continuation of tlie conditions
favorable to gold production which have
been operative during the lost five or six
years, namely, the cheapening of production by 'improvementa in mining
methods and metallurgical practice, the
diversion of attention from stiver mount*
to gold mining since the general loss of
profit in the former, and the growing
tendetn-y of capital to seek inveetment it*
gold mining as an industry wliich aime-i
at tlie pro* fuel ion of a metal tiiat. nom
in.illy at least, is not sutijeet to market
A tabular statement of the value of
tin- production of tin* world over that of
lSiai is aa follows:
Countries. 1998.       1897.
N   th Am.-tivv,
1 Mti.il st aue  M **mjko tm MM*
���   inula  ;.**l��_l��      i-.t.��,.��i.
M. tiro               . A. thJtO       rm i l.<t*r-
t ��� ntml A .ii. riran >mi ��. turn 111 ^ *e
SMUtll  Am.-rtr*
ArirentiiK-  Keuirttir  H*��,*l& 10MJ
ll��li��la  *i*KtU *V'��
Hi-mU  tA*>,*vn tj*)*.t**<
Chit,-           .     . in**,*a�� 70v*e
CUriM,                3.i'i*,*><> tAm*.oo
K.-uiKlrrr        UMs ��!����-
i.ut-na (BitWi  *,'.'**>**.! tJ**AJ*.?.
(������lUna ll��I.ll*h             ... fnAJew. MlJ-IK
OuUll-   Proiirli   . tllj>tmt      1 ***��.�� I i
hM....        U JM* ItOfM*
I'nunur  ui.'��m Hon*
V,m��u.U  MltflUJ ***��*,*)
AuMri.i-Huuin.rv     ..,., IKUi* \,*Ot 4*.
Krai.ce        .   . 2**r**��t -SSSS)
(���������nnitii)   . l.t-Vtaii l.<U**i
IiUjr  lot 1*9 uts.tv*
Nrnr*jr  . IOJSA ir.jyx,
1'ita.U  M."��*.���*���"'�� S__>��Vi��-
Sweden...  art.:**-, tul.****.
Tiirke.                     *.<*** **.*<
I   ill.-*! KlMtfil  III  UT.1M        lr*7.1*?.'.
A *l I
riiiu- ...   rt.'OMo rt.-tti.in
Is.lij., tn.��i.aii     VKH.r��o ..uom
JnlMtl.  !,Vl 7Yl       MAI!*'
Korem                     ... tto.loi     ttnint
M * in v   IV nfiiaiiia  SUXlfti       WIS
T.-ii.ih.-lI  Ils'-M*! !AAlt.**t
Otlu r V !i��*'n.*<  t, ��*7,'����        �� tt;*t
Aii.irnlnr.lii  lf,.l,tCCl flo.-.l ���,-*!
Ii�� 'I  i��  Ar<*li*|Tl*i|f.. !-a.fIt        1��V**
the Bismarck group besides the Montezuma's output, will make a fine showing for the South Fork.
Chas. W. McAnn was last week elected mayor by acclamation. Aldermen
were chosen as follows: John D. Moore,
Fred E. Archer, A. W. Goodenough,
Geo. Whiteside* and I). W. Moors. *
���n**,i.'i.,*��i 3ii,SH!.-*a
The work of imorovJn^-the nnvijrable
properties of the I >uiu mi river will com
inence next month.
A dividend of **U*k> was |>aid the
owners of the Whitewater la*t week
making 1181,000 to date.
While playing card* at the Union
Club last Thursday Jamea Wallace died
suddenly trom heart disease.
A Seattle paper states that F.. E. Coy
wan robbed and deserted by his com*
panlons while coming front Dawson 1'tty
to the coast
Last week tlte Montiwstuna mill and
tramway were ptarted u|> The mill to
nn 80-ton mill and the Manager expect**
to begin shipping eouventrates.
Kawhidlng is about in begin   front
the I iibson and Silver Hell.   The form
er will send down eonsidi-niMe ore and
the latter litis nearly 75 tona to come
down.   This with about :��*> tons from
George Woods, of Nelson, died Isst
week in Spokane.
Captain Fitsstubbsis ill in tbe Jubilee
Hospital, Victoria.
"Shady** Oiegerich, of Sandon, is
visiting his old home In Pennyslvauia.
Robert Liddell, of Victoria, is chief
jailer in the uew* county prison at Nelson.
Thomas Blench and Lydia Jane An
derson, of Slocan City, were married
last week.
Several branches of the Molsons
Bank are to lie established in the west,
some In Kootenay.
Captain Gore, late of the cremated
steamer Nakusp ha? been appointed
port captain of C.P.R's Kootenay fleet.
Captain Troup having been transferred
(6 coast service. Captain Gore is one
of the best tnett that ever held s wheel
and his friends are pleased at his promotion. 	
RoN-aland'ti N��w OSt����ra*
There was no contest in the municipal
election held at Rowland last week.
Mayor Scott and the candidates for A-
���lermen on his ticket withdrew at the
1 mt moment, allowing the election of II
Wuilace, msvor and Ross Thompson
J. A. Barrett.'John 8.1 lute, J. Edgar
A. *���**. Goodeve and C. O. Lalonde, alder
N~l��<m*��   Council   Por   'SS.
John Houston, mavor, by net-lama
tion.   with  Messrs.  Teetxel,   Madden
IliJIier, (iilker, Walley and Malonens
I����nl*l  Wt>bfJt��r'a Conrtablp.
The author of "Historic Homes iu
Washington" has added an interesting
incident to the story of Daniel Webster*
cotirt-ahip. While he was yet a yonng
lawyer, he met in Portsmouth, N. H.,
Miss Grace Fletcher, and before long
became �� frequent visitor at her fathers
house. < tne evening he had been assisting her in untying skeins of silk,
when he suddenly stopped, and, look
iug into her face, very earnestly, he
said : "Grace, we have, been engaged
in untying knots Shall we not see if
we can tie a knot which will not untie
fu* a lifetime?" He took a niece of
tape from her work basket antl partly
tied a knot of peculiar style: then,
stimewhnt baslifully, he passed it to her
to finish With heiifhtened color nnd
trembling lagers Miss Fletcher completed the knot Such was the proposal
and such the ratification of their engagement Many years subsequently,
after the great statesman's deiith, a
little box was found in his private desk,
upon which was written in his own band
"pre* ions documents " When this was
opened there were disclosed the early
inters of his courtship and the piece of
tapo.   The knot had never been untied.
Moody ��>n  Sunday   Labor.
���'There are one or two principles
which apply directly to the frequent
difficulties wliich meet the Christian
young man." writes Dwlght L. Moody,
���in Sunday labor. There is a certain
amount of work that must l��e done on
Sundav, both for the needs and health
of a community But in necessary
work it should be dispatched as quickly
as possible, and  not  be used
excuse for unnecessary work.
���'When the Lord ordained a day of
rest it was for mans best interests,
physically, mentally and spiritually,
and any man who barters tne day of
rest to gratify the selfish interests of
another is always the loser. Man needs
for the welfare of- his soul; as well as
his body, at least one* day in seven to
devote to its special needs. I know,
from personal experfenee,.tltat no man
can work seven day* in the week, not
even in religious work, and do the best
work he is capable of, either for God or
man. And 1 have no right to take
from my neighbor what I prise myself."
awDRKK's aaiai-ooN siohtkd.
for an!*fy��uare-
Call at the
Htockholm, Jan. 13.���Prof. Nordensk-
jold, the Artie explorer, informed the
Swedish academy of sciences that the
foreign office has received intelligence
that several persons worthy of credence
saw Prof. Andree's balloon cativ in
August in British Columbia, seven miles
north of Quesnelle lake,in the district of
Cariboo. Tbe professor regards the news
as being of sufficient importance to call
for closer investigation.
The Ontario Government has passed
a bill for the garnishment of the salaries
of civil servants.
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Um NR-ffi'-fflL
%  Ifan-f-tam-* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale.
Sarsapirilla, Etc., Eta
Seuacior-, B. O.
Patronize home industry
1 when you want the best
At this season of the year, one naturally desires
a change in the ordinary line of Table Goods, and
those who appreciate Nice Goods and Dainties, will
be more than pleased by calling at H. GEIGERICH
where, in addition to the mammoth stock of regular
standard goods, will be seen the following line of
FANCY EDIBLES���the finest and largest variety
ever seen in Sandon, and proving to the rest of the
world that the people ot this town must have the best
of everything regardless of expense:
RiMBlAn Caviars
Hainlrury Eel Id JaUy
Anchovy Paste '
Shrimp Parte
Catifoniiii  Aiparafn**���extra tiite-donl
Sil-d t>re*.lii|c
Ueiiltall Chutney
llnea-jiile C1mh*m
Kiasn ClK-a-**
UiiilM��n***T Ch-.**-
Kr>riit.i(-v di! Koquefort Clior?*e
Crenw de Brk Che**ne
MHfl.Lir.ii V Iniiii-rUl Cbwae (all tlam)
k*ivnch Pi-pa-rvd Mustard
Puree de Poiea Craa
Pate d- Pufes GrasTruffe
Poted Meats of all kind*
Clam Chowder
Fancy Blue Point Oyatera
Fruueo-American Son|��
Clam HL.ullijii
Suanlsti Olives���very fine
pimn l*ud<iinir -I'liiicta sauee
Faiiey Cluster RuLiins
Fancy Turkish Figs-lS. boxes
Walnuts and Almonds
Fancy Pickles���a a-wcial line
Manir -es. Walnuts, F!��s and Gherkins,
And many other nice thiiijrs to plad-
den the heart.
H. GIEGERICH, sandon.
Uobf.rt Macdonald
Neil Macdonai_d.
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietors.
Rates #1.50 to #2.50 jier day.	
IleadtinAiters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON. I* C 4ANUA��t'�����, &*.
- ����� ��___m���__. '    '   '***'
When a youngster grows up, folks seem doubtful,
And lote won't believe when I tell them
That I'm '-Uttle BpeeebM''- tally ,f tywu.
But lam all the same, and I travelled
A mighty long tUttaiK-e to claim
A shake o' the hand of the author
Who first introduced me to fame.
I wanted to make a short visit
Aud chat for a minute or two.
For I thought to pay my respects tu him
Was nothiu' beyond Sis due.
And I hadn't a doubt ol my welcome
For one who had held a pen
So simple and unaasumtn' and close
To the heart o' his fellow men.
And I pictured a pretty cottatre -,
The kind that the poets like.
And a garden patch and a windin' lane.
To remind htm o' dear oW Pike.
And I thought that his eyes would sparkle
As he gave me a grip and told
How much he preferred plain country friends
To society, proud and cold.
Say, straueer. perhaps you've felt It,
That sudden and awful Wow
When the girl that you've worked and saved for
Jus' laughs as she answers, 'No.'' '
When all the hopes of a lifetime
In a moment are swept away.
If yon have, you can get some notion
Of the way that I feel today.
Whar do you think I found him *
In tbe cosy cot ?  Not much I
Twas a great big house tp a nei_:hborhood
As you have to nay cash to touch,
And I gathered some Information
'As mode me partic'lar blue:
He don t put no mortgages on hlahlace
Like the folks out at the Pike aH do.
But the thing that stock in mv lw-**rj*i
Like a knife with a painful \brob.
Waa to bear he'd forgot himself so fur
As to tie to a government Job.
And bis dudes will call him to mingle
With royalty's wealth and tone-
That man that spoke them emphatic words
About "ka-Unv around the throne."
Excuse me fur weepin' a little,
This ain t any case fur glee;
I reeon' as bow no orphan, sir,
Feels worser bereaved than me.
I'm a-ffotn' to change my manners
And my methods o' speech a* hliint;
It's time But this here '-little Breeches"
Had a crease Ironed down the front
���Philander Johnson.
A   Man   to   Avoid.
Tlie venireman bad answered satisfactorily all the questions propounded
to him, and both of the attorneys were
on the point of accepting him as a juror
when the judge, who had been looking
at him, said .*
"Mr. Swiggje, 1 think I have beard
of you. Are you not a frequent borrower of books?*
"Yes, sir."
"In reading: a borrowed book are you
not in the habit of writing comments on
the mat gins and -specially of underscoring with lead pencil marks- the sentences that please you?"       ��
"Why, your honor, I-t���"Mfj.
"You are on oath, remember.   Are
given to that habit r
v   "lam."
"Wedo-n-'l want hitn, your honor!"
exclaimed the attorney, simultaneously.
"Neither do I," said the judge, motioning him away..
Cheap Paper.
It is a strange fact that while paper is
being used for dozens of purpose-* formerly monopolised by wood, or even a
harder material, such as car wheels,
boxes, barrels, tubs, pails, etc.( wood is
rapidly driving other ingredients to the
wall in the manufacture of nearly all
cheaper grades of paper. Unfortunately wood-pulp paper is often used for
more important purposes, ami only a
few years will elapse before documents
and books of value printed upon it, will
become so discolored and decayed as to
be worthless.
As illustrating the excellence ofthe
paper, which is made, from unused linen
scraps, upon which Bank of England
notes are printed, it is stated that when
one of these notes is twisted into a rope
it will Sustain a weight of H59 pounds.
Young   People'*  MU^ton.
"Young people have a definite mission as young  people."  writes? Mrs.
Lyman Abbott, "They are not to be no
absorbed, even in preparing for their
future .work, as to forget" that they are
to be the jov-givers of the home and of
the coramuhitv. Just as truly as the
beauty of the butterfly's wings and the
colors of the flowers are to gladden the
eve, and the song ofthe bird is to stir
the heart, so voting men and maidens,
in the beauty and strength of their
clear, happy voices, are to refresh the
spirits of the careworn. Young people
have a distinct mission, not onlv to be
happv themselves, but to make all
around them happier, and lirst and
principally* in their homes."
Webster's Last Words Baited.
Some years ago an eastern farmer in
trying to repeat Webster's dyiug words
"I still live," gave an amusing rendering of the spirit, if not tho exact lettrr
of the phrase. A gentleman had remarked to ihim, "Life is very uncertain." "Oh, yes," replied the farmer,
"that's true, 'every wotd of it; and by-
theway. Captain, that makes tne think
of what one of your big Massachusetts
men said when he died a spell ago "
"Who is it?" inquired the Captain.
"Well, I don't jist call bis name now.
but at any rate, he was a big politician*
er, and lived near Boston somewhere.
My newsjiaper said that when he died
the Boston folks nut bis image in their
windows and haa a funeral for a whole
day "
"Perhaps it was Webster," suggested
the Captain
"Yes, that's his name! Webster.
General Webster. Strange I couldn't
think on it afore. But he got off a good
thing just before he died. He rix up in
bed and says he, "1 ain't dead yet."
Scarvy   Prevalent   at   Dawsoa.
Owing to the scarcity of fruit and
E icicle* and living ou bare necessities,
undreds of men are suffering' from
scurvy and the honpital at Dawson is
Filled with patients. Several doctors
are in attendance among whom is Dr.
Chambers, a pioneer of Circle citv.--
Alaska Searchlight.
Beggar (standing outside a picture
gallery to stranger about to enter with
a lighted cigar)���I say, mister, there's
r.o smoking allowed inside vender: but.
if youll give me two pence, I dm*
mind keeping your cigar alight till vou
come out again.
A minster who used to preach in
Somerville had a little boy.. A few davs
before his father left the citv to goto
his new parish one of his' neighbors
said to the little bov : "So vour lather's
going to work in New Bedford, is be?"
The little boy looked up wonder in <**
"Oh, no, only preach," he wild.
"It is queer,"_aid Mrs. Bloocher,"that
a man can take enough interest in his
wife's letters to open them, but not
enough to mail them."
George Jaglets, where ever have you
been? *
Jus" been downtown, ra' dear, readln'
bull tins.
What's the matter with your eves?
Theyre.aH bloodshot '        *
Shtraiaed, m' dear, tryln' to read
bull tins, in both win'ows at otice���sos
I could get home soo-soqner���see ?
All silent people can seem conventionally elegant. A groom married A
rich lady, tie dreaded the ridicule of
the guost* whom his new rank assembl-
ed at his table. An Oxford clereyman
gave him this piece of advice. "Wear
a black coat and hold vour tongue'"
The groom took the bint, and was
always considered one of the most
gentlemanly fellows In the country.
It was just after spring cleaning. She
iT^Kre^l,�� l\* *T�� jhrilling'VoU-e:
When the jwtcklng begins In earnest,
it seems as though there could be no
soot on the eartlfs surface unshaken "
He roused himself from a somnolent
irhoever he is 1 wonder who he ��nar-
iinir -Why; you great stupid, ��id
.he. "it's Nansen  writing about the
attitude in an easy chair. ''J���" ���*��
that. Maria? He's been through it,
whoever he is    1 wonder who hetnar-
ice> _	
Lord HelpiwiLuimonh-Wbaldoyou
intend doing foh a living,deah boy t
Lord De Liverus-I mast go into
business, and I have decided to go to an
American town and grow np with it
Lord Helpus-What town do you purpose going to? _  ,���_..     ������_
lAtrd  Be Liverus-Noo   Yawk,  of
A m*Mml\1s\
VISa__al^^,^)^_^_of " W***
atnsnrjin ��* urea*   nntmin ����ij   inu^.
Ql-Uta. b��*t4d��r at Uk* Puith k.   4.   _/'*
To Onr ralfhfSI tha Mi-attars rirrin .. ��.,.
r,LM!f***JrL7X     fist
*eW mmt*m***em mme**tw^
I.   VANCOUVER is the best outfit
ting pint on the Oiast; gtw-dt
considerably cheaper than in the
United States
*    V AM** itVKR i. tbr* Pe*r**t-patt ,4d*,**tt~
ure to Oi* Y��k*A�� Iu.'t_r��
.1    VANt.lt VKR i. it*   Minmtt. al tb*C W
Ruitwa-f   whom* n'emrtter* *-!!( *tmrt Itwot
Vmnettutt* (his -praM*
4.   All   nwrih Iroaiid  tUmtnrt* riall af   VAX-
3.    Dinarl mttmmtt*   t��*>   YllkoO   f-rrl�� hat* testW
roro**��f��r��. I 1.1 ton from VA5W"**h,'VI ti
6 V A NOIL* VKR U tb* ��*��1>' iwoa-lius port
* le it j*��ar>B����r. ��rj^*��fr��r rtinar < Ituix: omhi
7 Kl.oN'HIKKjaUi '���n-.ti Ootfti to ��� \N
(tit \ KR *i��4 sav* >* p**f t*m I-*..****
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!**���*������.l*M Ruarl olTra*,. \'mmao*n, It V
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A.O.SMttM. l^-jratf Albftowyiiw,,*,...
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jv.t��'lr�� la Um Listdiiar*
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O-hswalS-i. la kot**'y mm*=*A*i, amd t*�� iiww y*,*.
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y,m man Vo ta Osv a��M Iji-rtM-ior   �� e_rj,^
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o.ti*en.m\mn.omd rtmrtod* ot*a* -i* ** H**
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tar, ���<*��� thr ,*���*�� *4 i*��t U t,l ���
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H* tl.��)tLft��-.*lart
lY.mrtarl ���' *-�� ->*t*n
Of ESegVAt, UK*ful Funiilun*.
Twenty itytoi of pivtty btuliv*
r^OC K<BlTSln Cane�� k^ Work an���,
u7 �� Uiihohftmrf in french
Silk grocatdle, Plush and Da mask: ornament* U*\
any Drawing Ki*��m- a     gp ^    ��� ^
at $3*50
Haml*tun* ami aoodptobte pres-
entoin Ladies9 Qeoretartott, Bwik
ihelvei, Fancy Pollihed Tableau!
IIjOO each*
I have too much stf*k for the times,
and am reducing prices to etmt, of
Jreigbt and   h-imfliug       Amither
lares car has Just arrived heme
and is iKiw unloading at Denver     "
Stock too heavy;
Prices to Zero.
Fifty dozen Al chain at m cent*
* ��fty patterng of mik and other
mingH for Hale by tho yard
TJMlKRTAKl.Vd PARLOUS, tM n**totgntog
hy a profMr-r of ihe art.  (^ktia in Oak, Wail-
2 ^:Ti,,.':,", Ho,H M',u,, *** *****
tot*, doll,, h.���,llM. trl�����mi-ss. Wh J,*.!,, u, ,*���
��-��     W5t1J_!!f_' Chitm*�� Kmhalinlas
coveniwtth trim
D. M.
Thirty yean' practlctii
Upholsterer. ,
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Z 1
"Slocan is the greatest
trict in the  world and
Ad. Hellmers ts Reported bq the
Tacoma Leder.
silver dis-
the mines
there of which so little is heard are
some of the best -properties in Canada," said Ad. Hellmers, of Sandon,
B. C, at the Tacoma last night'
"English investors have put two
million dollars into the district within the past two months and all the
mines are working full crews. Tbe
number of dividend payers Is large.
The ore is silver and lead, though in
the lake district some gold is found.
The Lemon and Ten Mile creeks in
the Slooan lake district are coming
up well. Tbey are showing high
grade diver anil go-Id ore bodies.
"The miners in Sandon and the
surrounding district will have the
gold erase and fully half of them
will go to Alaska in the spring.
There are 2900 men in the mines, all
receiving good wages and it can
safely be said that 1200 of these will
go north. The men in our mine���
the Slocan Star, have not been cashing their checks for months. They
have been carrying them around in
their pockets lest the money in their
possession should be spent* and they
would not have money to go to
"One man in particular���he is a
spendthrift-���came to me a few
months ago and asked me to turn
his checks over to a friend who would
hold them for him. He wanted me
to refuse to give him money on any
Sretext and on Christmas eve the
rst opportunity came. I would not
five him a cent and a few days after
e came to me and thanked me. He
bas a good stake saved. Theexodus
from Sandon will surely result in
the increase of wages. We will not
be able to get men into the district
in any other way.
"But the mines in the Slocan district are rich and there are no better
properties anywhere. The Slocan
Star has Just increased the capacity
of its mill and the eighty men laid
off while the improvements have
been made have returned to work.
We have a vein forty feet thick in
places. Our mine is one of the bard-
ess to work in the whole district.
We have to use a large amount of
powder and the tunnels*-must all be
supported by wooden timbers.
These are hard to get as the timber
has been cut off for a distance of
three miles.
"One of the easiest mines to work
is the great Payne, half of which
was recently purchased by Mr. Mc-
Cane, of Salt Lake City. He paid
but 180,000 for his share, and now
development work on the mine has
proven it to be as great a property
as the Le Roi at Rossland. A vein
of solid ore from one to three and a
half-leet thick has been uncovered,
and all the ore runs about 200 ounces
of silver and 75 per cent. lead.
They need no powder to mine nor
timbers to support the tunnels. They
are taking out 60 tons of ore a day,
-and I have been told that the mine
has declared a dividend of 1100,000
a month. In a recent cross-cut tunnel another vein of solid ore was
"The Reco���Spanish for rich-is
owned by John Harris, a Mr. Kelly
and General Wharton. When I
first went to Spokane Wharton was
called captain. That was before he
was interested in any mine. A short
time after he got his Interest in tbe
Reco and they called him'colonel.
Now that he is a rich man it is gen-1 book in any home or office, not only
eral. A friend of mine saw the returns tVom a shipment of three cars
of ore from this mine and the net
receipts were $12,800.
���The Goedenough is workinjron
the same bed of ore and Is making-
many shipments ami paying hand-
"The Uttle Ruth, a half a mile
from the Star, was worked for live
years without any returns. Ahout
fifteen months ago Lord Sudley of
London, one of the owner.. eame out
and two-thirds of the mine was
bonded at the ratio of 125,000.
Three months later the hand-holders
threw it up, and it was bonded at
the ratio of 1250,000. A short time
ago half of the mine was sold for
"The Whitewater, on the ereek of
the same name, was purchased six
vears ago for 12500. To-day it is
worth $1,500,000.
"A half interest in the Last Chance
has been sold for $125,000. It has a
four-foot bodv of solid tire running
200 ounces of silver and 75 per cent,
Mr. Hellmers is on hb first vacation for three years. He will go to
Catalina island in Lower California.
Gone But Not Forgotten.
The bland and childlike smile of
Frank Golden will be seen no more
in our streets. Prank had a friend
buy a ticket and check hb hagga-fir
to kaslo on Tuesday, and to avoid
being overwhelmed by friendly farewells at the station, boarded the
train as it was palling out. He in
said to have had $1500 in his pocket,
and was owing everyone he could.
Some folks thought he was green
but. have changed their opinion and
now think it was thc other man. Up
to the time of the Williams and
Anna nee episode Frank had conducted himself properly, but tbat
seemed to inspire him with ambition
for like fame, and the plea of "not
of age," which released young
Williams, gave Frank the cue for
future action. Henceforth, Frank
as creditor and debtor were two
different persons. He bought goods,
got signers on his notes, borrowed
money, and when asked for payment, smilingly replied: "I am not
of age." If this did not satisfy the,
creditor it satisfied Frank, and no
amount of malediction could ruffle^
his serene and even temper or worry
his conscience..
ss*�� book of reference but as a source
of pleasure.
The mayor and council have received an Invitation from Speaker
Higgins to be present at the opening
of the provincial parliament at Victoria, February 10th.
The Payne got to work again
Tuesday, having repaired the engine
running the ore crusher. Th��*ore
hou-M* on tbe C.P.R. is finished, and
also tbe side track into it. Jim
Uartlett hag a contract for hauling
15 tons a day over the sleigh road
f^om the tram to the C.P.R.       t
The hocky match Tuesday night
between the North Side and South
Side was played to win from start
to finish. Although the South Side
lost, the play toward the finish
showed them to be equal if not
superior to their opponents, and at
the supper that followed the game
there was no question about it
Miss Macdonald reports so many
tickehi sold for the concert on Feb.
12 that a second edition will be
necessary to supply the demand.
The Death of Mrs. Locatt
Mrs. Ellen Lovatt, wife of George
Lovatt, died Tuesday, Jan. 18, at
3 p. m. The funeral was held on
Thursday morning at 7 o'clock, Rev.
J. A. Cleland officiating. The body
was taken to New Denver for burial,
being accompanied by a large number of citizens. The Orangemen
turned out in a body and the pail
bearers were Messrs. Atherton, Lily,
Cunning, Brown, Ardery and Mc*
Millan. Mrs. Lovatt came to Sandon last fall. The bereaved family
have the sympathy of the entire
The Brltlah Columbia Year Book.
We are In receipt of "The Year
Book of British Columbia," by R,
E. Gosnell, provincial librarian, Victoria, His a 500 page book, well
printed and bound, profusely illustrated with well-cxcuted cuts of
noted people and scenes of the province, and cyclopedic in Its information.   It win  be a valuable
And Other Investments.
Saw Is th* tIim to tjwr.    Wt cam t h,
lat*ff*��t -toeh ot Alt Tight
Queen Heating Stores,
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stooea,
Ranges, Bte.
Carat* mod Aybloy Btotm mad* t��� _*��*,
Hamilton Byers,
Every Representation  Guaranteed.. wtt*c* WHifrt
M.S. CAT AS At on
s. a. mum-on
A Full Mae ef Cigars, Tobacco-,
Pines and Smokers' Saadri'*
In -Week.
Headquarters for Pitying Card, and
Poker Chips.
Attention, W"
Leave Sandon
Sound pointa
Ar. Vancouver
for all Coast and
dally at 1:4ft
l.'I.OO next day
17:��ft        ������
22:.*I0 same day
22:00        ����
2.'l:.IO        ������
White & Cavanaugh
M*uaf��<>ttu*t-�� at
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
tCt����-.�������� tmntAwbmd to r^mirtrr <_>.
Orders Wt at Byers' Mardwan-
J*tori�� will receive prompt aiirntlt-n.
on. a. s. ���arumall
WUl bt at tlw Rotol Unlaw*!
fmtnarflaU ���onniNstloa  mad* at  i_ii.t',.r.
RTfiiliAtom r ���^���"������se-qop-la-
And Ton Will
Smoke No


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