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The Paystreak Jun 5, 1897

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SANDON USB GODT, Jnie 5,1^7.
���<������      '--] ��� -��� ������
The slogan for tbe Celebration
of tbe INamond Jubilee.
A largely attended meeting waa
l..l<lat Wack's hotel laat night and
I'.ininiHt^-at* appointed ami the work
started for thc blggcai day la Koote-
nay's at Sandon, June 22, Diamond
.JtiViilec I my. Six huntlred dollars
have Ijeea rallied for prises in tho
.|irttivtiteoiit<**ta, which will Include
, v-*rvthlng in the way of starts
The following committees have
i��***n it|*n.*fnted to take charge of the
arrangements, and it la intended
tr**iu now u�� the 22d to make the
.liibUcc Day in Sandon the matter
.���( groata* Importance in the Slocan:
Ira W. Wara. pnmiAtmt: C t�� Hauler, raw-
r-itary and tiwaa*arer Ms*******. Comi*. Asv
.t_ore. Hill aatt *Mm��bortn. rntnnmttwon
,.���_*��**.. Waasri. A. IX Wliimnte. trumt-
amtU ttaatrartacin aad Btsssll. tmmmttta* on
..��_���**.. .U*rr*t��r��. fully, Vmbt and lit���ill, ad vet-
i atug. Masata. Jte Arthar aad Uljr. tmau|r*nr-
uuott. Mrjasja. i.rlmnattt. Athettou. Hmlth.
tMoattaads, MeU-t-n. Wilson. mmpMttm, Dr.
V.wing. W. fl. McMillan, ffv-eptlr.*. encomli
i-a. Meaara. Csiaaliar. Bo*. McHomM. Kli
lit.MO|aw*n, Milton Martin, -nrmnlttee oa
The geiitkmen cm the several
o-^mhtre*. are aaked to meet at
Klack's hotel ��m Monday evening at
* j*. m. to farther arrange baaiiivsa
The nsual **uave and kindly U>
i*--iti...i**#- the citi*et*ti�� t_f Santttai is
��iug rapidly spoiled. It Is adviaa
Hi- fur * any one talking bowim-***.
hcrr u�� t\o it In tin* ft*ren-Min, aa after
dinner they nre very *u>t to find the
It-ft-dmee ineii in a strangely uii**-cia-
hle Ittiinor. Thia it. not caused by
thi> hill of fart', aa Sandon I* tlie (teat
titl city in the province, hut i* the
��� -flirt of several las-th*** trips ut the
laj-j-toflfal fur mail that ia known to
have arrived, hut which cannot W
got. The reataw of thi* I* that the
|NMtofttce ftapartmeot cannot under*
stand that Sandon ha**   |*i.**-a*d Uie
. **tago of a itrt'-apectora' camp antl ia
���loing a I m*iiu-**���*���> of acveral millions
i year, and growing faster than a
i-'liiii'iaua {irtfinitai. before election.
'���n-' man ia doing what alumni have
three to Ao* 0��e day this week 45
��� (���gistercd letter*, were iveeived and.
"i course, had to he prota*rlv re*
��� ''i|��ii*.l and entered on the laa��ks he-
fort* the other mail could la* handled.
and that tiay it waa o o'chrk l**fore
ihr delivery* window wa�� owned,
Although Uie mails get in before 12.
iWmaaicr Athert.ni haa atatetl the
cam? to tin* di'partii'ciit. hut with no
���flirt, ami it ts aiiggesUtl that each
hutdnem man In Sandon should write
���nice a work to Hfwitt Il��wi**'k. M.
I'.. Ottawa, until ramie action is
A Itleh -strike.
On Thni'twlav workiiim, while excavating a trench to lav water pipes
In struck a ledge four foot from the
���.urfacc and a few yards from the
"Id shaft of the Currie on the Galena
Karm, near Silverton. C. W. Calls-
han reports that the letige it over
100 (eat wide and that the ore from
jt runs over 200 ounees in silver,
i lie strike has caused much excitement on Slocan lake.
The Xew Church.
The contract for Imilding the new
Methodist church has been awarded
to Messrs. T. J. Taylor tt Sons, and
work will be proceeded with at once.
The church will be built on the hill
Just below the school house, these
lota having been presented to the
church by Messrs. Harris A Sproat,
proprietors of the townsite. The
site or the building will be 30x4*,
and In addition there will be a chancel, 10x13, for the use of the choir.
At the west end there will be erected
a tower of considerable height, to
that the church will present a good
appearance to those entering the
town on either railroad. Seating
aceommodation will lie provided tor
a congregation of 225, and the
ehnreti will be so constructed that
additional room may easily be i
cared. Money for the erection I.
the church has been quite libsra*efy
sulisci-ibtxl* members of various denominations having taken a gener
ous and practical interest, la tiie
work, frirae t&CO are vet tobe provided for, bat the committee In
charge of the bailding operatioas
are confident that this amount will
readily be given by those wbo have
not as yet been .solicited for hoJn.
The ehnrch is to lie completed by
the 1st of Augjist, and when done
will be a valuable acquisition to the
public buildings of tbe town.    ** *
. it hr-ajsi-ar-a-t that P. Ana   tll'm* haa Keen
��Mj>tlnt*��l a dlteetatar of the CP.&
Th* araato far Heta**'** road from Trail to
R.ih��*n t*r* Sntshe.1, aad the tails are being
laid, Tmiaa will he tan over th* road in
t bitty da****.
The Shots or the Hotel We!Ungual at Three
Pttrfca ajrtll he opeuad to the publle oa Tuesday. JotieK.
lfort<*�� Brtak have opened op a new jreuernl
���wrehandtHT store al KllvetUtn. Janies Hot-
um eonteat fmni Hprtun Hill. *<i. H. and W. s.
Ilnrtott haa hsen iu Hrllish Onlumbta .ight
Three sehool trustees will be voted for at the
ra-hool Itouse Mondajrat noon. Anyone, man
or wooaan, wbo haa fcreen a rraident here six
months, can vole, aliens aa well as others. }>ro*
vtdina tSey are freebol lers. Only British
���uhjevta ean liold the ofAr*. hut women ar*
elt*lMe. It Is sagfasted th-o one or more
women b ��� rhosen.
An t tiraJr Division.
The Slocan has bean split in two
and a new mining division created.
The new division is called the Slocan Citv inining division and takes
in thc tight and Ten Mile creek section. This has called a loud protest
bv thc people of New Denver and
Silverton, who look upon the matter
aa an injustice to them, and claim
that the government haa Urn joblied
by a lot of real estate boomsters at
Slocan City.
Tlte Argo Mine a Shipper.
A force i�� now working dav and
night on the Argo, driving the lower
tunnel, sinking on the ore chute and
and stoping ore. A tine body of ore
is now making in the breast ot the
lower tunnel, widening out to 20
inches. The manager lias sent up
AU0 ore sacks antl regular shipments
are to lie made. About 50 tons is
now on the dump ready to lie sacked.
This Great Establishment After
Trade In Thia Thriving District.
Mr. N. A. Burritt, president of the
Kootenay Brewing, Malting A Distilling company, limi-ted* of Trail,
B. C, was in Sandon this week, and
bas established a branch here tosup-
ply tbe trade of Slocan and Kootenay lake districts. The company
will base cold storage for lager
beer and warehouse for wines,
liquors, carbonated drinks and cigars, and will carry on hand at all
times a complete stock of the best
goods. This is the largest brewery
and bottling establishment ia British Columbia, the bailding at Trail
being, next to the Trail smelter, the
htvrgest in Kootenay, the plant costing 9100,000. and baring a capacitv
of 100 barrels of lager beer pep day.
Everything about the plant is of
modern type and is not excelled by
any of tbe big eastern concerns.
They manufacture their own ice
and can ship it in any quantity.
-There is also in connection a bonded
warehouse, both for foreign and native liquors. \u ��� nsiiiaiMWdiliiiii
of the product of their biawuy, Mr.
Burritt states that they now anmlv
HO pep cent, of toe bear used ia aoas-
lead and 100 per cent, in Trail.
Some of the prominent eaVsalB of
the C. P. K. and the pi nl lints of
Ave New York batiks bold the stock
of tlie Ofannany, which is evidence
of th*-wntfdence eastern capitalists
have in the district, and also of the
ability of Mr. Burritt to run a great
establishment like this successfully.
Storehouses have been established in
Slocan C5tv, Nelson and Quartz
Creek. Mr. Ben King will have
charge of the Sandon and Kootenay
lake business, and after meeting
these two gentlemen even the most
weary of life are satisfied to live on
in tlie hope of meeting them again.
Presbytery Meeting at Kaalo.
Rev. T. Mensiea attended, a meet-,
ing of tlte Presbytery" of ftis'district
at Kaslo Wednesday, June 2. It
was an extra (pro re'nata) session to
accommodate this part of the district. Rev. T. (ilassford of Trail
was elected moderator, and tho
others in attendance were, Rev. Mc-
I_eod of Spallunisheen, Rev. A. G.
Wilson, Vernon, J. Paton, Grand
Forks, and Elder H. Dawes, Nelson.
The licensure of James Nairn of
Kaslo and Thomas Mcnzics of Sandon was concluded in the afternoon,
and in the evening they were ordained before a large congregation.
Rev. J. Paton preached on the "Fatherhood of It'oti." Rev. lllassford
addressed the ministers and Rev.
Wilson the people.
The ladies of tlie church provided
an ordination dinner at the manse
at 5:30 o'clock, with the members of
the presbytery, board of management, Alderman Buchanan and
others present. Rev. Menzies, replying to thc toast ������Sandon," said
the people of the surrounding towns
"were all compelled to look up to
Sandon," and no one dissented.
Rev. (.. A. Wilson, who has been
missionary at Vernon, has accepted
a call to a pastorate there.
Ba*. Chaa. Lodner, of Rossland, spent
Thursday afternoon and evening la town.
Mrr_. WlUiaiaSealrbsand Din. H. H. Pitts,
of Thrae Porks, Imraforat east for the ��m>
mar. They wUl visit relatives ia Kseanaba,
Mich., and will go as far as Montreal.
I. W. Wentworth, th* well known Spokane
merchant waa in Sandon Wednesday. He
haa been lookinc over two claims in Alns-
wrttth* tha Albion and No. 4.
Mi*. L Crawford leaves today to spend tha
sninmerwith berpet-tf>l�� inCampbeUton,N*ew
���. B. Norton, secretary aad tiaarmrer of the
Oakland boa Work*, waa in Sandon this
week, in tht interest of th* TothUl water
wheel, which claim* to ha aa improvesnent on
AlMKaifht, John Flaaa, WmBoarqain,
JcduiCoUar.Aspsn, Colo., aien, have eons* to
Mt��.B.i.Pi>MjaftThar��layforan extand-
ed trip inteading to visit Grand Porkas-B. <".,
and from there to tha soathern and eastern
atraaaa, aad Barope, speading sooMtUhe in
A. W. MoOane, of Salt Lake Ctty, is at the
Boht. McDonald haa ratnrned from a trip
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stone, of Dakota, who hav*
been stopping in Sandon, wm shortly leave
for the fart Steele eonntry.
Miaaag Metea*
- ."������'���'ie "
Ba**fJt��tBMa.Ba.v* a eontract to pack ate
tewafmm the old Mehlp ftv* nun to the
tramway aad a siarjgpr smoaat from th*
AWtHTiOmStt -aWya
Taa Pi-eddle Lm hav* eta men working, and
���japplimai* heiag parihed mt to do develop-
ment work. i-
The Ivanbee hav* startj-f ijiMilson*. It is
owned by the Minnesota Wear Company.
Phil Hickey. -jr-perlatendeat.
Soperint*n<leiit Leslie HiU ha* pa* twenty
men to work on th* Va****����mr aear Sflverton
the Trail smelter have finished th* reCnery.
and all the matte will hereafter be mined at
the smelter.
It is not of tarn that locations cover the
amount of groaad between their No. 1 and
No. t posts aa allotted by the act, namely
1,500 feet, hnt th* Evening mot and Keystone, oa North Fork, proved an exception
A survey was mad* for tha Slocan Oatrihoo
*H|-.-.i**f A Developing Co., which showed the
Evening Star to be ��^00 feet in length, thos
the company -secured a valuable fraction,
which covers near all the workings on the
Evening Star. .
After the lacrosse contest Monday
the two teams met at the Park hotel and arranged fbr a return game
at Sandon on the occasion of the
jubilee celebration, June 22.���Slocan
City Pioneer.
Come to Miss Wilson's if yon want beautiful
electric light shades or pswtty paper flowers
for decorations.	
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
|1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
if k.
ill -i
\f '*?
f {���������> .~&-
'[������ 1
��� i
I'   .- 1
s ���. li
Shipping a Car a Week With
Handsome Net Profit.
The "galena hydraulic," as the
Wonderful group is called, is working a Ml force in the ditches and
gulches and getting out tots of ore.
It is one of the most interesting sights around Sandon to
take the mile and a half walk up the
splendid trail to the Wonderful and
watch the working by hydraulics.
The water is turned on from two
tiuines and allowed to run 24 hours,
with several men with picks loosening the gravel and allowing it to be
carried off. Then the water is
turned into another channel, and
the solid galena chunks are gathered
and taken to the ore house, sacked
and shipped. Fifty thousand dollars worth of ore has already been
shipped from these washings.
E. J. Field, the general manager,
was the originator of the. hydraulic
system, and the returns have well
justified the experiment. Mr. Held
has also got a novel way of packing
the ore down to the railroad. The
horse trail has been widened to allow ofa narrow pair of wheels, and
from the axle of these front wheels
two 12-foot poles run back to a pair
of eight-inch iron wheels, which
keep the poles off the ground and
also serve as a brake. With one
horse a ton of ore is easily carried.
The mine is shipping a car of ore
a week, and the following interesting table has been obtained of the
general manager, showing the expense attached and returns from a
car load. The ore yields 129 ounces
of silver and 72 per* cent, lead to the
ton, and the net profit is a handsome
Ounce-, .diver per ton         US
Multiplied by price of silver W
Value in -ailrer per ton *   n.4t>
Five per cent, taken off at sampler....      SK
Value *���   ��.JS
Lead It pot cent, give* pounds per too.        14*��
At market price in United State*   ...    iS.lt
Vslne-perton..... *  tt.Ot
Ten percent, off at sampler       it*
Imty three-quarte-i* cent per ounce.
���**�� 13
11 *i
Value lead ,. .�����   ��.t_j
Vslue silver     ISM
Value per ton * K.V.5S
Freight and treatment per ton       tt.tn
Net a  an an
Tons car load    M
Total net value per car *l**n.*>
ounces and the carbonates higher.
Several ton* are already sacked.
The fedge is four feet wide between
slate hanging wall and porphyry
foot wall. Blue talc, "galena fat,
a companion of galena, Is prominent
on the surface.
A trail ha*** been buUt this spring,
connecting with the Hinckly trail
and passing the Lone Bachelor, on
which Mr. Pettv has just started
work. Thc Palmeta is owned by
Ontario people, with E. R. C. Clark-
son trustee till company is organised.
T. H. Finnegan is superintendent
and is working two shifts. A parallel vein, 100 feet to the west, has
been explored slightly with favorable indications.
Mining Notes.
The Ruth is shipping two cars of
high grade concentrates a day.
J. Brown, manager for P. Burns
in .Samion, has three men working
on the Inverness at Three Forks.
Tbe Kootenay, the new big boat
of the C. P. R."on the Arrow lakes
and Columbia river, is now running
regularly, and with the Nakusp the
service is dailv each wav.
on. a. p. voiine, js. B. HENDEE &co.
M- O, C   M,
Fot*nierlyuftlieWlt��nt|a*g tleaeral Hi***p,lal
Office over Palace Saloon. Knom S*
Sandon.  B. ���.
a c
Will tar* at Hat��*�� Balro-wal. In Sattdmi.
on*-*** a imtnt.'i.
IttttlawU, M.QiQg Broktn, i\m
Agents Mr
Taa Pasaeta Cesmeiieafee Mi*.** c_
IJmlted   l.taMiit>. ^
���S C*
Orp  avert Mtalaf aa*  ��.'
Umltad Uabtlit> Hn-A\ i
Selkirk  Mining ami   Milling r���
limited l.lai.im*
Hntn * mi|. H<llr,
sanimj.v a. v
The engineer of the
mine at Silverton. Geo
I). B.
Turner, has just returned from Kng
land with his bride, and is building
a handsome  residence overUtoking
a        a * a *^
the lake.
The sale is reported of four prospects, the Toronto, Auditorium.
Minneapolis and St. Paul, adjoining
the Payne group, by D. M. Bongara
and others to Capt/C. H. Thompson
Watchmakers and Jewellers
Watcher*. Clocks and   Aemetry.   Wnnam anal
Searing trarbiiM-**,
of Spokane and
ment work will
others.    Develop-
be commenced at
A Promising Mine Not Par Prom
A representative of this paper visited the Palmeta with Mr. J. K.
Clark, the manager, this week. The
mine is about two and one-half miles
from Sandon on tbe south side of
Carpenter ereek, and is directly opposite and about the same height as
the Payne mine. Adjoining tbe Palmeta to the south and over the ridge
is the Queen Bess, and across the
gulch from the Queen Bess is tbe
Idaho-Alamo. Several short tunnels
have been run this spring exploring
the vein and pay ore has been found
in them all. The main tunnel is
now being put hi, SO feet lower than
the last cut, and t ill reach the ledge
in a few days, whui, from the indications in the upper tunnels, there
will be shipping ore in quantities.
Tie ore is galena and carbonates.
Tbe galena running from 125 to ISO
Three Perks Sport*.
K. II. Stubbsof Three Forks owns
a dog, ''Buck." of whose fighting
ualities be was very proud.    Pat
annon also owns a dog, "Bob,"
that is well known in Three Forks.
Buck weighs 80 pounds, is voting
and powerful. Bob is a 90-pound
dog without a tooth in his head and
nine years old. The dogs met the
other day, and the light was ''pulled
off" with most of the people of the
town acting as referees, timekeepers
and abettors. Tbe one round continued half an hour and the big one
had the other used up, but still
game, when as a last effort Bob
made a snap and Buck left tin* ring.
The light was declared Bob's on a
foul, and Stubbs is hunting another
Big Bill Garvey, who owns the
White Elephant claim on the west
fork of the North Fork of Carpenter,
and George Smith had a three-round
contest at Three Forks Monday
night, which waa won by Garvey. *
"Rolled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire for Prices.
Agent���A. B. (.bay, Nelson. B. 0.
For the finest washing in lace curtains aiid blan eta go tb the Sandon
Laundry where you can get the best
work In the Slocan.
When In Kaalo
go to the Boral
J. J. OetMrey
W* *J   SOWMr. Ill
L. Chrstla. L L ���
Km, im ft nt
-:*: NOTARI.-X At
ma**ee*t a. c.
Veaeewssr. 8.
W. Hti.i.KK. Mgr.
Stationery, *f
Cigars aad Tobarro.
THftKf, rOftftS aatJ   tlLVtWTON
F* J.  Donaldson
Ha�� .1 ����t R*jr*>i.*t a Lang* A��*��*n.ti-_i ,4
Drug Sundries, Pipes, Imported
Ggatrs and Sutioncry
s    s    Imported Pgrfestci t Sptc.*ltj
Hasix.?*, B.
American plan. $3.50 per day.
European plsn, *t_?.00 per day.
Strictly first class.
Mre*M. A. SMITH, Prop
When in Kaslo don't forget that
you can get a first class meal at the
Royal Cafe.
For all kinds of laundry work go
to the Sandon Laundry. Special
rates to hotels and restaurants.
j Miss E. Wilson
I Has ituat raralrait ma
KUrgaat I.ln* uf
I   Pretty aad New Styles Belts
I  L*tll^'fmtattla��.MUIln*rvsn.lPaiu*-/  2
eeaa S
atOe��tea    l*a��^Thr*# r��rtt�� ��lStVt-tnr*'
J--���*.**��� ��*Ir at. Itaf'-**tnr*t.
t\9kt*tm9mm"-'A***t*-*m    Thee*  ��<**��..  at ;
oV***���   iMtm<**mt * at 4 tfemveA.
McCIanj'8 Famous
**** FURXAt'KK
������tal Vlmrkor*.
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill
Special Attention to thr
Manufacture of Sesh. Door*
Blinds. Mouldinfls. F\n\tb-
ing Materiala. Etc.
Eatlmatee iumishfd fer
Buildings, Concentrators
Handen As*ent.
Subscribe for the Paystresk- m
On*   Aswaamants
at Stm Denver.
K5.BJ La*jma*0asi
ilJirht   A S B**a*l    .
���� M�� Sir boi et al    ���.
__H I�� McMllUn f*ad H MOfr-rtnwi
H_**��r -ATkn H N��*t**naj ft al.
No*  J**hii l***JP*-*y��___l
W-whirl! and Klstia
, II lUrn-rrwiSU-r
tr-J A Davis
ji-tls  H U JtriiusUai n al
>>n Star ami lAteky Boy-*-Bank of British
'"'* Fraction. 0 O. OM Ota-*, Fairfax.
r.(art, 1. W Krartlwi  Old tjlorv Min
lu So ?
John Huvh.-s
(..rat   Jolin I. St**)
t- K. 4.1 M.-rh*iraita
-ritran   AUiamlrr I#**ng*1 si
.Mm   o*i*4 J.-fwusua
. Kiini'loii   Jas Mtarsn et ��l
,n a   Aufi**4 Knild
"i*..*   \\ m Price
[..n Krsrtbmsl aad Argrnla-P A  II. una
ml Wm C NN
4�� raj-l antl Maadt - **�����Masr
ii  .III TTamtpaun
iv.*.   J_* WUSaamja
.   Ed M��*t.i*��*t��r
|ir*ul.v-A I* laratfc-a
lirjut,   K l^einlen
fnitlii. f   J*�� Vrum
!* .r   lirnaantVver
'.. MaralMil
m I ><��� a attd sUwrtta,
t*.-    W H  R,*.
rh  i K 11.1.1 ma
i-h   J Kisu sad A Tail*
-Carter H iMndir
Mr Stroll
��.**i  *��'������ l-Vsne*��r_rer   i.���*.**�����
Mining sad MilUng t-.*nits��v
UamlaVr sad Cants... <*.��,��* ���Ik'sUd
*****     __________________
xt *.;!���*..' Mtntna <><atpan��
f4S.fi  1 HWlllUm*
nikan-F K Q
*�� ind *   4uini>ia Xo V -J T llrai* ***���*���
.*���< .rtoaa.
J **4 Hkwan   WUam, | C*as*rl**
-man. Pal Ttora*v ��
Iward-Pirp Mils. J t T1aaa|��aa
'���^M-Umrm. NI.PS
et Vr*t-tfcm-T*_r*s fnm, Anmm Mar*
WOa.*,. A C Canntagaaar.
am*, A II Hlnsniasaar.
i-Ttan-a   Mia*. Wm H Trwm*.
slnraa   lalae Wfa M TnIis,
Kasjstw     ^^^^^^^^
t A- Evaat. rr-wefc. Jus Partla
-aiks-^wrMi.o la-aatat.
HUkUT""'"*""*"*' Wm tmorkt. I A Pmry
~N��w l*Vavtr.    Albert Owaaa,   John
'���wrt-Wllaw A K fnn. V Stars..
. rt.aaa..,. iHvt4 Ilatrtmrl
���t-ye  .Nairaa. A K Scott
  A K Sfttat    	
-- **>nv ivteaaatrrat
l***-jHrrKl-anm.p K McfMMM
IHI -'
"*"*a*>. Dunrsa Mrl*l��t*i**r*ri
n    Mia., It.sa.ld MXKsta. Mr-
i..ui^*"V-_ J*1*'-** ����Wtr��*ma
BiSeHaSS^        l>,,l���,,*1  ���*w,B,,**ld'
K-'-L^m'1*ii!,,'**M *A*\e9mU
,,w"- -Wml Slocaa Uk.. Oram Th��r*
sait��h       ""lirt*n��OaHammaatl. A A
i.. _"*��**��� v��'��i   I-in.-, ir
White Pall taipnittr, J MstuUck
Skr Urk-ama, John Ksul>r.��r4��
B*a**loi!j*rs���*U,t4,siKl WUlUm -Wilmai, narth.*-
SlaV K Prartloaal -Psyi.e Hill, Wm Km
laSudMoa Wtmrtmtvth-muti: Alht-rt Kstr
lUrdthlr^ W flaai. s tt Ht-nti*.
Mui-haciW <'*i-pr...ter, Mtrh-i* I Kirlln
Anubsi  4 Mile, J S H-*-.**!
Ooglasr--4 Mils, Utvlrl I> li.sd
rkoUe B- -aruae, J A Ta*aniat��ii
Vn Dee - us me. Ita vkl C II*��xi
bVsrtaS,*   *aiiar^"lin O ItVunain
Mart-tr   I>rnM��iif A Walkry
M-rra-*ani��. W D Mr-Gregw
Sa*a*c* mnw*. I) M Ytraing
M-44-vm - amntt-, Pratt J Smith
Sir Ki*-*irtirk  C-rnrnter, Krsnk J.��l��.��ii
14ttlalira-****���. ft Mtrsuwrtiray
Drum 1/iUiin.MKl Link- Htocan rlvt?r. Wm
Hit or Mlat <4<rW, 1����m Tliomas
Ho**m Ht-*ajr-.~ncar PlstVr Maklrn, D llidt��|i. I)
tmy, H R Watson
tltsck Ktajr -aaint*
i'srl��4nrt--�� ��idv. H tlCaawrrin
Umy L--lnMliV,Prrd Lusw. (.���� A llnjwn
May M
it.a�� aad Ilrnglat i lluostm, Itavld Murj*hy
Vh-tur -*'*n��>iit>r. Jas Mamhall
lirai.-1-tisl.Jia Psnn.CH K-abdall
WcraSr-ld���asmr, A K PaUgHikr
1-arsg.at-a Mlk. Jos V Haller. 1
t*raawiyta**-'<**^^ Thos
"'ry Vwwit-^-anwritw, ivtir Mul-
l-srar-a--# MUV. Jos 0 Hallrr. W B Yuung
t>**��a>ar*^**naati!r  Thos Rsam. Jolin B
Campbdl Jt-aatami.b-.fi
MM  fillft-rt-jn. IIV McXsiart
r��t-rtr��rkfr-*airH-. P H Usnkrtlr
Pairtuvfn Krscll^uJ   ��aOK. S P Mc.Vauj.-lil
Mo�� l*srtrl PrartlV*nal   SJocan Iwikr-. II P Mc-
ll.-t^rJ.*--Stlvr*rtoo. P H lUrtlt-tt
l-atiflr - Sai.fl...   W Kudrow
Tain tardir* Krarikmal   u K, Pjtra M Mcrki-r
Olsdys < arji nUT. W II Maxwdl
Mrrrt Mat*- I-rtrttw, John T Be_mfeK*mr-
l*liH*l*rk  S*��*a, Jubn Wai-huw-k
Gram] Army PT-artlankt-Mlth-r. P H Stall
Alli**~i*an-*��ii��?r. S C Jsrkson. K Moonfv
Kmtwrtum Prarttisul- Ps vm- Mt,   1* J Bkkt*y
H.**m- Htawaji, W Ouliar
Sjdnry   l4*n*��o. Loot*! Rorkmsn
H H Kn *t to J W MUlsrd-I Slog Ten. Jan 10,
Jno MrMullan, BlrhsrS W Thomr*a.. J.ex*.h
Praia, snd Jia-viah Dean to I> Mstn** Italy���all
In B W T. ManV-tVi
David Mslhnaim to R Strirklaml-' queen Prac-
tarm. Msy m, SI
Atei Hsrvisoa tu Wm Bkwch- -*J H��***n*aa and
ninkm.Msrth ill
Kd Its ma S�� H*��irv Ha-rHir-' Mammoth. April
It, II
Jss Ctsrfc t.-jfhas M Wood w.iih-1 Trilby N'o 4,
May ��. tlto
A I> RHd tu llfi.rv M��-Ksv ���' Xt-llle Ma. k,May
May ft
Wm Haalcr t.> Wm C MrKlunon- I Orr*en Leaf
Marrns O t*idm* fre Baymond B Paara-tt- Thr
lStadw,��at IVt. Msy i *l
AlrrurtitdTlHt. an.) ArrhiUl.l li MrK**..M> to
J SO Knu** all lutcrsatln Ua* Alntnr (-Sroup
April U, tl
B H Knoa to Cam S WM*. -Tl�� Atlas. Msy IS.
I hmr sa Mcl*h*-r��*i t*> Henry I'oil In*- I Eur
flu. Msy SI. tl
Ok* IM-Jvaon to II H Pitta--1 BsttW. Msy ���**;
Martin Knight U, Mrs Kmllv Adsm* I itruns-
MJ iVIkrtra to Bat* M��-rVram } Mlhon.
July ��. ISii
John A WhllllVr. ft al. totlr Atvo Mlnea of
Sandttn -thf Argo PrsclKai snd Ih-li. May ****, >l
Wm Stubl* to A K Illllmsn | St iJism*.
Msy IS. fl
J. '.allnjjrtirr U> 4��a W sl.art.Hi I White Strsn.
Aug \ |1
I. liallsglMrr to Atrtandrr I/��mr-| White Swan.
Msv to. |l
jMW'sriwrtttn hi Airunv Rod M AD Co���J
White Swan. April!��. It
RCrwr to W 1, OXVmn.ll -The Roi-er. Msy I,
R M* Fsddeu to D MeRinn-ai l,v. Klotvtit?e.
Msy 77. fl
HA ilta.rer lo A K IVitt���j Pickup. Msy It,
EUs l��rx.�� n to J T Snlllvsn   i Plekup, Msy 13.
A R lVltf lo J T Sullivan ~| iPlekup. Msy M.
W A tf ***a
IMS Caoptr and Joha Hatpin io AW WoVht
-4 Bed Pot aad | tVatral Prsetkin. May *v ��,
DA Vsn Horn.etal.to 1 A Yena-the Caledonia. I-illy li, Jennie and Producer. April il,
' 1*nca MakM-io to t*hss H Stul.l*-The Cliapleau
PrsetK.il, May ����.t>l** ��� c    .���       __
Dan 1) MolHmatd to Geo H S��ekilng-The
D K MelXaiald t.�� Ben II Suckling The Black
Diamond, May It, 11
May H l_
liias J Harla to Ctias H Th<*nr��*-o~The Audl-
lorlum.Msv H>. ,1 "
Pnuik M tKItrieii lo same   The Toronto. May
hMBonganl to same-The MteMpatm, M'��y
���rank Hatev tosam��^-Th��< St Paul No 4. May
Oeo W* t'o'ilen to A D t'oplen-J TtMOatM Uatl
I>t I, fa
Hernmn Clever to Geo C Wharton���J Lost
Bear, May r*, 11
Hurt 1'taraoii awl Abe L^gttt to A N Aagrig-
aon���i Rig Dally, May flTtt
John O Todd tomUtf-4 Cedar, MtyS.��S&
CIhu IXHurlit-rty to Patrick Bunu)-i Hlnheba-
ha and Evening, April 17JM0)
Hugh Mann and Caa* Diioxherty to mni***-all
intert-M lu the Jennie, April H), M ___.
Altx iWaild.II to ftftrftsel Klriln-The HMrJen
Traature Seta fl, fl
Mk-haeJ KlrUn to Geo Alexander-The Hidden
Ti-eaatire, May If. II '*_J
Nathan S tucker to Phillip J Hickey���- The
Sandow snd Lone Star. Feb Id. 11
J'rarph Port In to Looh L��mont~{ Evans A,
May XT, HO
IxcoarotATKD si- Bovai. Chakt>:b is lino
Paid-up Capital a4.H60.S66
HeservePand    1.3SS.333
Loxpox *Ofpicb���3 CiementB Lane, Lombard
St., E. a
John James cut
(iaatard Farrvr
Henrv B. Fairer
Richard 11. Gl> n
E. A. Hoar*
H. A. B. Kendall
J. J. Khirtford
Geo. D. Whatman
G. Wall's.
Halifax N, S.
Boiataad. B.C.
Sandon, BC.
Victoria, B.C-
IlftuunrrirB tx Canada���St James St.,
Hritnux, General Manager
J. Elmslt, iMinctor.
London Kingston
Brantford Ottawa
Part* Montreal
Hamilton Ouebee   ,_^^^^___________
Toronto St J **hn, N. H. Vancoav��r, B.C,
Pred.-iieUwi.XB. Wuinl-*ei*.Man. Brandon, Man.
Kaalo, BC.Trail,BC
New York -M WjJI Street-W. Lawson A A. C.
Sau FV_jM>iar-*(>--lf4 Sruisora SL-H. M. I. Mc-
Mlehael and J. B. Ambr*ose.
IiiMMl*ai llankrw-The Bank of England Messrs
Glyn A Co.
Foreign Agenta-Liverpool���Bank of Llvw
wol. Scratland���National Bank of Scotland
Limited, and branclies. Irelaad���Provincial
Bank-of In-laiul. Ltd., and Irranches. Xatlona
Bank, Ltd., and brauehm. Australia���Union
Bank of Australia. Ltd. New Zealand��� Union
Bank ot Australia, Ltd. India. China aad Jaia-i
-Mercantile Bank of India Ltd. Agra Bank
Ltd. West Indies-Colonial Bank. Paris
M.-sers. Marraant, Kraamet tie.   Lyoaa-Credit
Sandon, BC
The terminus of tbe Slocan
River Railway, the business centre for Springer
and Lemon creek mines,
which are already shipping
ore. Lota in this the most
promising and beaatifally
situated town in West
BROSsaS-ocanC-ty. Rowland,
^*~ ' Toronto.
First Bank Established in tbe Slocan
Bai of Briil Colli.
lnc*orporated by Royal Charter IS****.
��"ai-iul with power to Incn-aae) ��.Stio.ni'o
Basanr*      a-����__i
HeadOflk**i Ol LaiilttmlStret't. Lmdon.Eng.
In llriikh(\*lnmWa:-Vleto-Tia.Vancou.-er.New
K ASU) and SANDON, t,SlocaiiT)i��tri��-t>.
in the I'nlted States:���San Franclseo and Portland. 	
Agenta and Correspondents i
CANADA --Canadian Bank of Comnwee
Merrhantif Bank of Canada, the Motions Bank
Imperial Bank of Canada aad Bank of Nova
Seotla. UNITED STATES --Canadian Bank
of Conimerre (Agency), New York; Bank of
Nova Scotia, Chicago. The London and San
Nranclseo liank. Ltd.. Taeonia. The Puget
Sound National Bank. Seattle. The Exchange
National Bank. Spokane, AUSTRALIA AND
NEW ZEALAND :-Bank of Australasia.
H* iNOLULU s   Bishop A Oo,
HBZ*71tY in. ITYT1--?��!*!,
LiOOSkl j-Cajrvtrgtjgor.
SauAdon a*r*a**x*iOl-i.
-_^fc���*- butcher Co.
Shops at Sandon, Nelson, Kaslo,
Ainswoith nnd Qunrtz Creek.
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
The Hotel
Is one ot the best places
in Sandon to obtain,.. .
Beverages tiiat are Delicious
in taste and Stimtdatinj?
in their qualities	
C. J. MATLOCK. Prop.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey,
Proprietors. THE   PA��STBKAK.
I., issued every Saturday in Sandon, In theheart
of the greatest White Metal camp 0* earth.
Strli-Uv in advance.
tt.ofi** y.<ar
Aiklr***-: Thk Payrtkkak. Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C, JUNE 5, 181*7.
The fsct brought out in the report
ol the operations at ths Trcadwell
mine in Alaska that gold ores in
great quantities can be worked at a
profit which do not carry more than
$1.99 to the ton, is suggesting of other
interesting facts in regard to gold
mining. It may be, as held by some
of our political reformers, that gold
in a more advanced condition ol
society will be considered the monev
of the barbarian; but tbat time is
evidently too distant to be taken into
practical account in present-day
speculations. The demand for gold
is greater than ever, as population
is greater and business interests are
more extensive than ever before;
and the demand will increase with
the increase and extension of these.
But the same inscrutable providence
that seems to have designed gold for
monetary use is increasing the supply accordingly. Last month's Consular Report publishes some interest*
ing facts on the subject:
"From a very remote period the
Iberian peninsula has been celebrated
for its mineral wealth. The Phoenicians and, later on the Carthageiiians.
worked the gold and silver mines of
Spain. Hannibal extracted daily
Carthagena a quantity of those metals
equivalent to 6000 pesetas ($1156).
The most renowned of ancient historians mention the riches ot Iberia in
precious metals, and relate that in
the time ot Justinian, gold was found
in the fields worked by tbe plow.
Pliny the younger says that in his
time 2000 pounds of gold were extracted annually from Galicia, Astur-
ias and Portugal. Tbe immense
quantities of this metal drawn trom
Spain restored and replenished
Rome's public treasury. Cato, on
his reftTrn Trom governing Spain,
handed over 18 tons of silver and
nearly 2000 kilograms of gold.
After'tbe fall of the Roman empire,
the mining indastry received no
great impulse from the Moors, and,
finally, the discovery of the new
world was tbe deathblow to the
miners' industry in Spain. In fact,
with the object of favoring tbe American an industiy which was for them
a source of great riches, the kings of
Spain prohibited the working of
mines in the Peninsula. Today,
however, owing to the persistent
efforts of a few prospecting Englishmen and to the progress being made
every year in processes for tlie extraction of refhictory ores, it Is probable that, in a short time, some of tbe
old Roman mines will be worked on
a large scale. The gold is found In
the northwestern part of Galicia,
between the elate and granite formations Tbe ore is an iron pvrite containing a little arsenic.   The lodes
"On the banks of the river Sil,
there are remains of important 'placer
workings,' probably Roman, and
even today a compensative quantity
of gold is washed from tbe deposits in
the banks of the river by the local
peasant women, who stand in the
shallow places and wash the stun
they have collected in 'bateas' (wooden bowls), in the working ol which
they are adepts. The general con
ditions ot mining in this district are
exceptionally good. Timber, labor,
etc., is plentiful and cheap. Large
quantities ot pine props are shipped
annually to Cardiff for the coal mines.
The cost ot labor per day is as follows:
Miners, carpenters, etc., 2.50 pesetas
(48 cents); blacksmiths, 3.50 pesetas
(67 cents); laborers, 1.50 pesetas (28
cents). The country is well watered
and hydraulic power can be obtained
actually on or near to almost all the
mines. The only drawback is the
cost of coal in cases where steam
power would be required and for calcining when chlorination is the only
way of extraction."
Cincinnati Enquirer: She���What
is the difference between a trust and
a ring?
He���Miss���dear Mabel, if you truly
trust me, I will get the ring tomorrow morning.
Tit-Bits: A young student lately
presented himself for examination.
and ignominious!v failed. To his
family, anxious to hear of his success,
he telegraphed thus:   ��� 'Examinations
?'lend id;    professors     enthusiastic,
hey wish for a second examination
in October.n
Cleveland Leader: ��� Mrs. Duckley
is very much afraid of germs."
"Always boils the water, even that
which she uses for washing her face
and hands."
"But I noticed today when she --aid
her car fare that she had been carrying her nickel in her mouth.''
Tammany Times: Does that young
man who is calling on your sister
really love her?" asked Gusdc Smith.
"Love her?*" replied Johnny; "why
when he was bidding her goodbve
on the porch last night f turned
Towser loose. The dog bit a big
chunk out of his leg and he never
noticed itontii he got home. I/.ve
her!   Well, I should smile."
Got Him a Box.
Did you give that man money?
was asked of a citizen who had just
parted with a mnn who walked
a limp.
Yes���a nailer.
He's a chronic beat.
Well, perhaps.
But you should  discourage
Yes, I know; but when a man
comes up to you and calls vou colonel
and says be was right behind vou
when you charged that battery at
Antietam, how can you go back on
But you were not at Antietam.
You were not a colonel.
You didn't even enlist in the
war. MM
run generally with the formation,
north and south, they are well defined
��nd   average about 14 inches in)   No, and do you suppose I'm going
thickness.   Assays have been given I to own it up for the sake ot saving a
op to 4 ounces of  gold per ton  and {quarter? Not much! I've got a half
more,  but the average is 6 to lCijaollar for the first man that calls
pennyweights to the ton. f general.
CI L V CK 1 UiN       * 5UKAN LAKE
t future Commercial Centre
of the Rich Slocan.
I Jacket I by payroll* of���-Tbe Galena
Farm ���Wakefield -Finherinaitlen ��� lVscoti-
���Stewart���Vancouver and Buffalo Mine*.
Lot.-* *7f> up.     Kaay term*.     Cleai -title:
Registered plan.
E. ft. Sandilands,
Agent Silverton Townsite* Sandon* B.C.
We are showing a fall line ol Neglige Shirts in
latest patterns* Spring Neckwear, Hats ami
Shoe* BTBADV Overalls snd Jumper* in all
sizes always in stock.
See our speeiaHies in
Also ttto famous KnglUh *'K" Ik***.
ck(x:kkhywar>; wallpapk;..
We have just received
A Large Invoice
WARE and GRANITEWARE of the kit.-hen.
We also carry a full line of
Groceries"4 Furnishings
HUNTER BROS*. Samion and Rossland.	
���Agent fbr���
SANDON, B.C.      gtofM st Alnswiirth, Kaslo and Samta^
Harlem Life:   Caller   i*tl*<'��,itor
"Madge  has more courage than
any girl I know."
"How does she slow It?"
"She sticks the stamp on the en
wlope before she writes the -tddress,*'
Office Boy   Naw: he's nick.      ^
Caller~T wonder if or, he**"
poem I sent him? ��� -a,
Office Hov-I told verne*-****
didn't I?    * THE   PAYSTKEAK.
At this time, when new mines are
being developed, and new mining
companies are being formed. It be*
Ikwvcs tbe piospeetivo investor to
move slowly and cautiously before
placing his money in mining stocks.
It has been the history of mining in
all countries, thai with the legitimate
compsntes doing business with the
public, there have always been Institutions of a take nature, organized
solely for tlie purpose of preying
ti--on the people. A claim that happens to be located in tne neighbor*
liood of a paying mine, although
���rcrhaps worthless itself, forms sufficient basis for a million dolhr stock
company, and the issuance of thou*
sinds of dollars worth ot treasury
-.tuck. This stock will then be sold
at prices tbat renders* the accumulation of a fund large enough to develop
the mine a practical impossibility.
I'm that does not bother the protect*
or*. It has cost little to iiicorporate,
and what thev can raise by tbe sale
of such stock Is pore gain. And it is
such companies that t-rove to be a
u-altive detriment to legitimate min
ing enterr-rises. The inining dtatriets
of tha Northwest lave suffered bv
the deprt-dations of these oily tongued
���**-. unon-K for the man who is taken
in is always active In decrying mines
ami mining stock, of all kinds,
creating to some extent a feeling of
��� li-trust snd apprehension.
Referring to this phase of the min
ing industry, the Seattle Post Intelli-
genear ^wisely comments ss follows:
The wholesale incorporation ot
million dollar companies has been
made the subject ot moch criticism,
ami there is certainly danger of its
being overdone. There is this to be
^id in favor of the practice: That a
prospector cannot show his faith in
ids claim more practically than by
accepting Mock tn payment fbr it;
also, that corporations affords nam*
bam of small Investors an opportunity
to aceropltsh by co-operation what
they would be powerless to perform
"ingly. The aggregation of small
amounts of capital, tionesUy and
skillfully managed, may develop a
PSVtag mine, and frequently has
done to.
On the other hand, there is too
great a tendency to place treasury
"lock on the market at prices so low
that tbey cannot realiite enough
money to develop and equip a mine.
When the tuna is exhausted, the
company may find Itiell the unhappy
l��Mrx*ssor of sn unproductive hole In
tho ground. Only the expenditure
of more money can make it produc
live, and the only ready means of
M curing such funds is to'induce the
holders of stock to place a certain
proportion of their holdings in the
treasury. All must consent, in order
t�� accomplish this end, and a single
obstinate person may block progress
by his refusal.
If the company Istocarrv l�� projects to a successful issue, all the
common stock should be pooled until
��11 the treasury stock is sold, or until
Uie mine Is on a paving basis, as
���nay happen befbre the treasury
Mock ia exhausted. It should be
provided at the inception that, in case
of necessity, the holders of common
��tock shall contribute a further
amount of stock to the treasury, In
order to enable tho company to do
velop a paying mine. Tne purchas
��ra of treasury stock will then bo
������asurcd of receiving value for their
monev, if it is possible to make the
pi-ospect into a mine, and the promoters will be compelled to look to the
development of a mine for tbe reward
of their labors, and not to speculation
in their stock, or to a "rakeofTon
the Ueasui v stock.
Wh*rt. tti��* < tilt ken Originated.
Jones had Invited a triend to dinner and asked him to carve the
chicken that was placed before him.
The guest set to work with a good
wiil, but af��er a deal of muscular exercise was compelled to acknowledge
himself beaten.
"Where In the name of leather did
you get the bird?"-
"Idon't know," replied tbe host,
"unless it should prove to be the off
spring of some bard boiled eggs."
KIT7.C.F.HAU) a DAT. Prop-.
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00
Reserved fund   :   :    6,000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :     859,698.40
Sin Donald A. Smith, G.C.M.G. President.
Hon. O. A. Drummond, Vice President,
F_S.Clotjstox, General Manager,
A. Macnider, Chief Inspector &Supt of Branches.
A. B. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch returns.
W. S. Clouston, Assistant Inspector.
James Aird, Secretary.
Branches la all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain,'and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
 Maaiilstanrrs ol all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Saraaparilla, Etc,, Etc
SUtncton, B. O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best-
IV-sL-M In
Noam. Stall" -wry,
C��aifr***tl*H*cry, Buti*r. Kin-*.
I'lw-r*.. Hay.{train. Fkair,
GRoe&Ri&s. fcvrc.
Saddle atwt l'sck II **-��>*
to all l-otnts
In Ihe Mount-tin*
Allelic Steisft lies.
From Halifax
l*arl*4an-AlUn Urn* Ar*rll l��i
M<HlKt>IUll "          "   **
SttttMnan- Dominion Ll����*	
Ul��r-*d*>r '���        *   17
From St. John
it\me 8n|��*rt<*r: Beaver Line	
Lak** * "titan ��� "  Aprlllt
mot New \ork.
MaJsatlr~Whlti> Star UM April 1
Otenasiilc _      *   _���}
Britunk-      _   ��"
l*��ris--Am*i*iir-aii l.lii*'	
St, l*uul "   u
SI. Uaito "     "   ��1
I'tnhrta-Cunard Lltw	
La-ranla "      ,'  JO
Ktviirts "   tt
State *���� Nebraska- Allsn suit* Line     "   IT
Cabin HV 130. ���*����. II ***> owl ftyntmmX
liitt*nia*.ll��tf ��**��� snd upwards.
Stcrajr** ****> .V. antl upwards.
l*assen-*��r*- Ticketed throutrh t�� sll patan In
Ureal Britain or Ireland, *n��l at   Speclslly low
rater, to sll parts of the Knrop.an Continent.
Prepaid Paawircs .rmmn**! from sll tmmbx
Apply tn A. 0. M. ARTHUR. C.P.R. Af-vnL
*���**" WILLIAM   STITT,
General A|*vnt.
V. F, R. iMBces. Winnipeg
Is the Pioneer House of the City
S ie*
Is dtualed on the banks of the beautiful "Slocan Lake, and guests can aU upon
The areeacapesy-*t*>rai�� excellent. The room, are siry snd decorstcd wtth|the
latest result* of Uie wall paper art The exterior of the hotel Is painted In color-*
that bsnirtoiilze vrtUi the ide*dL*rtlc scenery. The Dining Room to always pro-
vlded aith f*��d that Is ta��4y. digesUble and satisfying to the Inwer economy of
man. The Bar to replete, with the most modern, as well ss ancient brandsof
nerve rroducen.
GoldlruK-s SUver Democrats, Canadian CapiUlMs, Prctspecton*, Miner*,
Tenderfwt, Ten Mile Millionaires and PHgrtms of every shade in poUtlcs.Ye-
ligtoc or wealth sre w****eotne at tht. Ihhisp.
nuke for the Newmarket when yon reach the Slocan nieuropolto and do not for-
K**t the !-uidlord's nam****  It l.
Henry Siege.
Everett. Wash.
3s�� Upper Brook St.. London,
Memtiers ot tlie Roadand Stock Eichsnye
nml Bonrd of Trade. -*���-���*aamr
Cable A*-k1res9->'BBaawoM.''
CJough's (new and old),
Hwlford McNVUU
and A B C Codes **_*. *���%.*>
T* / E solicit correspondence with parties having
\\l meritorious mining* properties for sale, and
ji-Ut beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising prospects,
In active mining operations and redaction of ores,
and a knowledge of the different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
j ���i
i i
Silver mining in the Port Arthur
district may be soon again actively
prosecuted as it was some years ago.
Fortunes were at one time made out
ofthe Silver Inlet, and other silver
properties, but the fall in the price
of the white metal caused them to be
abandoned. Silver is up again,
however, and, o'd idle mines are
being taken over by new companies
with a view to their renewed development.
An Iowa syndicate known as the
Argentite Mining company has now
purchased from the Shuniah Weaehu
Mines company the East End Silver
Mountain mine. No stock will be
sold, as it is the intention to work
this property on a small scale at first,
Increasing facilities as expenditure
may be warranted.
The East End Silver Mountain
property is one of tbe largest mining
properties in Algoma. It consists of
1300 acres and is blessed with all tbe
natural advantages to be desired.
Inside the area of this property and
situated not more than 2000 feet from
the mine, are the Dunias and Lizzard
lakes. Tbey are at least 150 feet
above the level of the mine, and will
give an excellent supply of water to
run a stamp mill The mine is only
1| miles from the P. A. D. A W.
track, so that supplies cin be brought
in at a low cost.
The amount of work that has been
done on this property is variously
estimated, and it is impossible to" examine the underground workings as
they are now entirely filled with
water. There are known to be two
tunnels* one 1800 feet and one 600
feet long; bar shafts down respectively 830, 125, 120 and 75 feet; also
drifts, crosscuts, stopings and other
work, which must have cost at least
$250,000. There are also thousands
of tons of ore on tbe dumps, and from
s-jecimens brought to town they will
give a renumerative return for the
work of milling.
has arranged tor the importatioii ot
forty pack animals. During tbe open
season they will be used for carrying
provisions Into the district and on return trips* will be loaded with high
grade ore, Ttya train will be ke**
on the trail constantly until snow flies
The White Grouse mountain ore is
princii-ally a high grade copper ore,
carrying both gold and silver. All
tbe principal claims are on one ledge
which is located for nearly seven
miles* although there are many other
Eromising ledges and the country is
lirly streaked with quaitz ledges
and stringers.
The Copper King Mining company,
which is largely comj-iosed of Montana
mining men, owns fourteen claims in
the district, principal among which
are the Copper King Storm King snd
Gold King. This company has made
extensive preparations for working
their claims during the winter, and
will do considerable development
work on two or three of their principal properties.
The Corner la Grain
There is hardly a doubt that before
the end ofthe year the White Grouse
district will be known as one ot tbe
richest mineral centers in British
Columbia. White Grouse mountain
is about seventeen miles southeast of
Pilot Bay and in the heart ofa
mountainous country that extends
from Kootenay lake to the valley of
the Upper Kootenay river. The
district is reached by a trail built
eastward from Granite creek last
year, bat because of its distance from
the lake its development has been
greatly retarded by lack of adequate
transportation facilities. However,
much prospecting bas been done there
and a number of high grade and
strongly defined copper and silver
veins nave been discovered. Some
of tne claims have been opened np
with such satisfactory results that the
owners, some half dozen in number,
have spent tbe entire winter there
without once returning to civilization.
Owing to the altitude of the district
the snow remains on the ground
until late in June, but preparations
are already being made this year to
pack in supplies on an extensive
scale. W. R. Raniedel), tbe representative of a  Montana syndicate,
Wife���I see our neighbor, Bonds is
down again.
IIas!wind���What is  it this time?
Wheat I snp}>u*).
Wife���No, I think from his appearance it was rye that has floored him
now. And 1 don't want you to dabble
with it any more, either.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
Soo Pacific Line.
Tb* Quickest
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Bciston. Phila
delphia.  and  all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
.Steamer leaves   Nakusp
every Sunday, Wednesday,
and Friday  morning, rnak
Ing close connection at Revel
stoke with trains for kll points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates. It will save yon money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTIIUR, Agent, Sandon.
Dist.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
M.M.McGREGOR, T. P. A.. Nelson, B.C
O. D* Rand. I>* 8, YVallbiuuoe
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public       and        Conveyanrer��,
Mines bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all 11 C untie*
Official brokers for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agenta for Bondholder Mining Co.* 8t*   Keverne Mining G>
PlwBiiix Consolidated Mining Oa and Two KrictsU Mine Ox s Hooks.
Dealers in
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A foil line of
always In Stock
.      ___.._____
Robert Macdo*au>
Nat. M*iia>.v��i i.
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietor*
Rates 11.60 to 12.50 per day.	
lleadquartere for Mining S-**cnla*s% and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.V
Thos. Brown &Co.f
^ai)doi> B.C.
���toilers In
New Goodl constantly arriving.
Dealer in MEATS
���: AT
iila Journal.
aitaws-r, a Is
AiiW - Y\ h**n s msn tails tor snds wstr-r ami
scroinpsiii.*. hlsonkr with ��� wink, sir   Hsri���
proUa tft-fcy*"*1 '*"* M ���**���������whm * ,w���,,,*
n*4 i*>
^ Murphy -X.w *������   si
���<*M|rtitjt.*~at. i-aul !*���*��*
,.Mi��iHtp|,i*tfi ,,aa,s, ' ui ���ami'.'.a- KASLO NEWS.
Knit* our owo l*��w naapouiknit,
Hn. l.si'sn'*. mill is what down on aw*oun��
..( bigb water.
Work h*�� !�����-���* ��:������**�����**-�������**�����* '��** **e Linuard
,-���nir*cu h_v�� b**n let and th. watar main
I, ������w it-ins l*W '��*�� Fourth a*********
Tmh��ws> S Ibu k. am twttpylug tb��*lr l>��w
W��rk l�� Wl���� ��l#laj*t��l oa to. AUtsaudi-r
block sn<< Kaslo bot.1 addition by lock af ma*
i* rial.
Tn* Kaslo ball teem an.l a -erub nlua piaya-l
.,��� Smi.la.-t la.l. Tb. **t*.ret*- w.iw ��*a��.v earn**
for tbe i��r*>l��a��l*��nal��
lirt-vn Bros will build ��� ��it.r*> itnildiag on
m%%k *tnmt at in. head of Kront areet.
n MrPhall will mova Into hi. a��w ��Utt*
otKl wok. It la hi* lnt*ntlon to add largvly
,.,ht. stock and oosry a fall Iln* of furnUh-
Mr K*i-a*a*.*a ba* r*uia>l lb*- **��������� on Hl-_ib
.*.*..! in lb. M. l*b*U block, aad I. ,'uttii.�� in
�� .*.- k of toltacro, riaar*. etc.
i I **..h! <����� N'anaimo. haa tak#tt po*����w-**l'ia
.,* .h** iuaw IHIr*��of LaiMing, and U putt tut
ii-, ��� lata* **ork ����f terniiurv, e4ro.-a.1-jr and
'���r-wu. intending to do botut faraiablnc on
a imrte -������mlm
Kaalo Playe* Good Ball.
Tb. nr��i tj-aata at good ball t*ia*.<~i la the
K>^>l��nar*'Wa��btn��t*On lrajr*M> wa�� ib** It.**-.
la��>.��-K*t��'��* ansa, of W��dn*>*.lav all.m***.*.
Tbs aroonaU bad Iwwo (..tied w��tt and with th.
. .it rait** w-e**. �� .variant eoaditioit On
��,...u��i *tf tit. floadjr aw-aran.* of tb��* day
ihr ��� r.**.l tbat vatawtwtl wa* not !arra ��ni
aatbaataatja, aUbonab Uw th* ��w������t part ootf
...let    ftdlowina L tb. ***.������� by tnnina*:
k��.*��  i 0 a * ffl ���       "'
K..��t*nd     . ....  A   �� ����� 0 �� ��
Kuiloainc tb. ��"*����1 %Any tag of Wrdtt����tav
atta.T-.t~il) TbuiadaV*- aavtnt* -ar.* vttti*liiiii�� of
a ..,r|rti_* i��_ri*/ I....II snu *��itnr��.��-i |r Ka��<
i. ,.,�����. **l ball ��bal ���titliuaia.u .|M n��i ibink
aa* in tbwat. IVKmsn **at**h*-) a gnr-at gam.
.,,.. ����. *���*.;) *ata��*rt*.l all ihr*.ugb Nothing
in ������ i.r oatSvld tatsadbtjal Ms. ground, and <*ber��
lis (Imn.-an third, |w*_\*��l hiiacll th* .tar
,���*_.-t .��! (be- team. Ravbat pit*-.***--.! tb* nln.
<niiina* lor Ro��*land aad, wilb the eneeyoUtn
*4 ���.��**��� ttr*t inning, ia whlrh -tl sarn-sd ran*
��� an. -..-*.! oS hia.. did ��*..��...r'ull*/ wta.ll As
a who}*, however. ttara_**lait.l'* team did not
toe tbs ��am��anM****** s��ka.l�� did. and talked
**n mtxth la halt Int. t*v��**" b-wlljr U*����i*a both
<��ii.��. by aa Inajbilita* t*> l**<a.*> tb** pit. bsV��
< ur ���. v.    Thc M-.tr. wa* a* follow.:
Ksaln . >    ��l    I    I    tl   11   ��   .1    !���..;��
Ko*.S��it4 o   t��   0   .1   11   o   *<   *��   0*1
WiUiain I. <viv.��.i>*ll, -rf th. twlnina lirm
-<i *%>tl�� a f**tVint����H. i* tmabiua work on
'..����� * a.nvtaat vnop. aboat a mil* at* t'My
enok frwat (*.rd,*r. Tb* ar��".|> on��i��t*��d ib��
' -.-i>i��i*��.T<M)lhtdr k. I��rum l.niaiuon and Ro*
v��r Two handntd and Sft.v teet at mm.������*>>.��
ha. \w*w dun*. A -*��*.��***--ui i* in ia fct Wiow
iht> u.i i.mnt-1. mm will *t��ik- tb. I��.brv in
���truml a w-aak, and tit**** *��w��**l lo lind *vkhI
IUrtl��tt Bn.-. -��ni an ����� ��-���***�� Tbnr-da> la
iht. Hloran B.��y to park down or* to Sandon lo
aaia, Twnny ions of **ft*-^*���� ��*** �����������*���
���lnrnt.. ____________-___-��-*���*.�����.-��
Bretoing, Malting &
Distilling Go. umitea.
1 to
I   W-~  S
And heat selected stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars in British Columbia.
Emporium of Fashions
Have rrwalvca a consignment of tha
lataat style. In
I      Hats
Comprising the Jubilee, Vale, Chieom,
Paritan, Newport,'Varsity, and numer-
oas others.
Ladies' Furnishings. Fine Silk Hosiery, Underwear, and everything in the line of fancy
Dry Goods.
Millinery executed In the Sneak styles of the
I   Dressmaking a specialty and up-t-xlate.
We ate bound to lead in style., and aU work
entrusted to us will receive our special atten-
Mrs. 0. H. DOUGHTY,
Opposite Bryan House, Heeo Ave., Sandon.
And best equipped Bottling Establishment
in British Columbia for Carbonated Drinks.
Agent* for the celebrated Lord Nelson
We Haoe Established a Branch House
In Sandon
With Cold toorAge fbr I*affer Beer, and are prepared
to compete in quality and price against all comers.
All our Carbonated IMnks and I*ager Beer are manufactured from distilled water and guaranteed chemically pure.
Parties hi or Who Contemplate Going Into Any of These
Uites Will Save floney and Time hy Dealing With Us.
& Cntil our establishment is ready for busings ?n iNindon mo %
M nut fur. J iM ibe above Iim* from our plant in Trail to 48 hoiu-a.
W 2 n V K hur will Mpwaenl us In Sandon and the Kootenay dls-
ak Mr* B- !* KU}* w*" ^TZ__-- In .t-.i*.r�� anrt innnir i-a to us at
Nelson & Lardo Steam Navigation Co.
Commencing Monday. MSh May 1SW. Steamer
Ainsworth will leave Kaalo. B. CL, every Monday and Thursday at AM a. in. far Bonner*.
Ferry. Idaho, eonncr**4iiB-f with the Great
Northern Hallway on Ttaeadaye and Fridaysu
bota u> and from 8pofcane and Be stem and
Western Points.
ateamer will return from Bonner's t*V��rry at
���MO a. m. on Wedmralaya ana Sataidaya ar*
rivlng at Itaalosame evening, so as to make
quick t**onnecttoos with Ttnfl Creek and Sto-
ean mining dtstrtets.
Thlaroqteu tbe most direct Jor tbe Fort
aiUaa a^nsws*; on   mnw��   mu -*---.----,-,   --__    ���
Steel mining camp, and make, ctaae connec-
tlona tat Bonner** Ferry with the Upper Root-
I enay river steameia.
First chun **a*��enger and JT*eigfM. atmmrno*
dattona  -
Dlaaoiuttoa of t^rteavaaia.
Notica ta hereby  *rtven  that   the
��   ealet
E. Uoon
^^mmm^ ta hereby ������ _ _^^
nerablp beretolbre existing
__ 1_ taa. Clyde E. Uoon af
__, iC
R. J. Broddv
B. Lyons, Clyde *_. _f*a--a- ���*-__-��� -. =
known as tbe -*<andou,IJ����jr_����*�� _LJ(S3IPSnJ'
U by mutual wwaenttlrteaayl��1a*��Mjmii, B. J.
Fur the
Wa I. irt'��HiM.i.
a in   ivi*iv*.'i*t ..��* ��������� ~^-"������-  ���
pntunt address all orders and inquiries to us at
The Kootenay Brewing, Malting
& Distilling Co. united.
Broddy having sold hia intefaet. The busl-
imm will be carried on by Lyons 4 Coon wbo
will nay all debts and collect all monies due
the flrm. C S. Lrona.
B. J. Bsoddv.
Hated this Mb day of May, UW.
Cartlflcatt) of I mptwnmarita.
Cordelia No. t Mineral Claim
Situate in the .Slocan Mining Division of Went
Kootenay District.   Located Ave miles from
Three Forks, up north Ibrk of Cawpenter
creek, on right bank.
lake notice that The Dry Belt Mining and
v 11 ling Co., Free Miner's Ortlocate NoTTi^K.
Intend, sixty days from the date bereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certlScate
of improvementa, lor the purpoae of obtaining
a Crown grant tor the above claim.
And further take notiee that action, under
aection tt, must be mmmenced befbre the issuance ofauch certlAcate of Improvementa.
Dated this 37th day of AnrlUMT.
Scc'y The Dry Belt Mining and Milling Co.,
Limited Liability.
May 1st. iter*.
1'rati 1.1.1 sxp.rl.iin. In .lt.velttinn.nt and
���osnsffPni.nl t.f mines ,.  _  __a.B_
A knowlstt*. ��f this and surrounding camtM
���"iiabl.-. ua Ut offer gwtNi properties to Invest.
(V*nru*it-utl*.���� report* famished on jw-oper*
tles,  ('.irrraiMjndt-nc. railtaited.
 I (Limit*..!   Liability.)
CAPITAL        - $100,000.00.
1 mm u*J0 Sharw. i��*r value of ten cent..   The above Cumpaay
���   r ���. -a   .C.��ire"��d work the ARGO and BELT Miner.! Claim.,
".'     ���E le^nut" wnaba   Mi*,-.areUaa. for In.pection.only
iCrth!&3 nm the town.    Li.oite.. number of snare, for
mmtAmm* Apply ,t 0B��� ,���
Mining Broker* and Op*r��tor��.
Notice Is hereby given thatat the explratha.
of one month ftom the Scat publication here*
. . . j _.��, _,_^J_.   ,���   ��l_��  J_t|__M_-
oi. the undersigned "will apply to the Stlpen.
li^y Maglstn.lelWthedl's^tof      "
enay, Ibr a Tlcenae to sell 1
their       *   ���      ���*
of WettKoot-
, -��.      _Mia by retail at
_____ hotel, situate on Lot 1. Block 2. Sandon
F'rsi Addition. Sandon. B. C.
Dated at Handon, B. C. thia IStb day of
May, A. D., IM. M. C. WlUJAMs.
ft lft Prraa Aaaaaca.
given thatat the expiration
1 tbeSratpubllealhm hereof,
___. _^       _tll apply to the Stipendiary
Magistrate, Sir the  Metrtet of West Moot-
______ Nattaa*
Notice Is hereby.
of one month from ..
the undersigned wUl
_ strata, Sir the  tnM*m w.  -����_.	
nay tar a lloenae to s:U Uuuorv by retail at
their Motel, situate on Lot A, Block 2, in tlie
town ol Sandon, B. C
Dated at Sandon, B. C this aoth day of
April. 1867.
(Signed)        BARTLLTT BROS.
May 1st, im.    	
Notice ta hereby glvan that attJkwexplratln*.
ofoneimmthfi*omll��Smipub*rto^^ neiw-
tif the undersigned wUl apply to the Stlpendl*
met MMis^atef tor the Dlatrict of West Koot-
?n.v, torahceni* to rtll^.ijhiis
bis hotel, situate oa tots, rmh-dlvl-aon SOD,
^tiKtSandon, B.C., thta��h day of May.
1��T WIM.1AM Doi_**��.
'���,    r':-: ��. :
i ������.
Says It Is Not True.
Sandon*, June 1,1897.
Editor Paystreak:
In your issue of last week you had
a local article in reference to myself
which I wish to set right. The article alluded to was in reference to
me asking a certain party who was
a terror to the black jack games to
take a walk. Now, sir, there is a
mistake here, and I don't know
whether the report was made public
maliciously or for fun. If for fun
I would ��� not say anything, as
I am always prepared to give and
take. However, as the matter has
been made public I wish to explain.
About two weeks ago a party of capitalists struck Sandon, and the same
day a notorious confidence man from
the coast also reached here during
tlie evening. The first mentioned
party became exhilarated, owing,
no doubt, to thc altitude of the climate, and our confidential friend
caught on to one of them and played
him, too, as I saw him get some
money from him. I paid close attention to them through the night,
all through the games referred to,and
when, towards morning, our wealthy
friend got domiciled in a certain
place where his extra cash would be
appreciated and kept in Sandon, I
went home, and the next forenoon
while on duty I saw the other chap
and told him the air of Sandon was
not good for his health. He tumbled
and accordingly left. This is the
story from start to finish, snd while
I have been "joshed" about it on
several occasions I did not think it
would he made public, and only
write this by way of explanation.
Hoping I'have* not infringed too
much on your valuable space, I am,
sir, yours truly,
Alex. G. Hamilton*,
Chief Constable Sandon District.
Mining Notes.
J. Brown has three men working
on thc Inverness on North Fork of
Ewen Morrison, western manager
for the Slocan-Cariboo Mining A Development Company, limited liability, Is in Sandon, and is surveying
tiie Evening Star and Keystone,
North Fork of Carpenter, for a'crown
grant, and will proceed with development at once.
The Charleston, just above the
Whitewater, has been working all
winter and spring, and now have
about 1100 feet of tunneling. Several cars of ore have been shipped
from the workings, netting good returns. Four tunnels are in on the
lead. The houses will he increased
this moiith and an additional force
put to work.
Charlie Ingrain has returned from
Miles City, Mont., where he has hern
for two or three weeks. He reports
everything very quiet, and had
numerous inquiries regarding the
Slocan country, and several expressed an intention of coming out
this summer.
J. G. Steele started development
work on the Democrat, Chetopa,
Opatunka, on Silver mountain, adjoining the Idaho and Alamo mines.
The ledge on the Demc rat Is traceable on the surface clear across the
claim, and has been tested by surface cuts and found well mineralized for fiOO feet. Mr. McConnell,
the Dominion mineralogist, pronounced this one of the strongest
veins in tlie Slocan country.
Subacrik; for the Paystreak.
-.*�� - -. ��j - tr .
3x^ i ^^, M i ,- ^twrnm **"�� ����"����. v v w*.'-' -'"*��-- \m\\mw ��*-���.'r *
You can Buy SLOCAN .STOCKS Choopor In. Spot-ana than In
w�� -Vny Otftot Market  If you with to Buy Communicata with Us
���%*% We are also Prepared to Place Propertiea of Real Martt at any
(Members Spokane and Rossland Stock Exchangee*
Set and Unset
la Diamonds aad Opals,
Diamonds aad Pearls.
Diamonds and Rubies.
Tlr|G New Vintage
THK VKItV PUtl. VINT**.**!* W
Brooclies.C'hrtins. Bracelets, Lockets,
Blouse Sets, Ktc., Silverware.
Come and sec and lie convinced that I hate the ia**.t
G. W. Grimmett
Jeweller and Optician
when* yon will Unit a lull lint* of
�� m mwmm m
Sm* c'liilrvr* h.lhl* mararl t* rlicttin* iint��v****-al .'ImlnslWio t*4i s**w*-*u**l ��** H* ���****���*-* ***?��**��
.-uality and <lr> *.-*��, without t��Hi>_ h��*a*y. *naaSi��* it a petteei win. In lit* in*, mom ot :_*
wont.      II *ttt*vol.t he v*M**l t*. lw rtjllt a^-*����*.al-f*f,
A<-��.r.ttn*i t>>*^i.l..m l|.Mi-r Matiaiic-* th>- tmi-tHrtatsiwi mt O. It Muiwin A o*.'* l:.t-*��
I��ry ��tiMtiiiatcn*** (mm January It i*�� I teeetntrnt 14*1, MM*. t*y*a-^**ir-t **ft>**4*�� ��-*���*.��-����� mt *.*-
r*a*n* m<>rr than that at any athet hnu>��t, ��lH��wlsjrf thai it ntalnlaii.* on iwnwwtvw *-*��
ovrrall trth-r-..
By rhentk-al analyst* of Prot. K ����w��t>�� la��r��tnir�� It ���x.ntatr*. thr bm*t s-wstu! .4 mbont
ilM'-Hor**. th. j>��rr��l ami tt.au * itrlrmmtm rhmntpmttte
H-<v_i xVitrruni. iia.r <--rn (rant**.! i>. M**a*ar* ��. ll Mumin a ���*> o* jmmoonmtomn
.M��j��*��!> . th. .-��i--n��*' Kngtan.l. lilt tioval Mv_hr*-*��>* th* I'rst**-** ��f Wai***, !��,* Makr***-
tlrriuait Kiniwrnv, Ills Jt4a>r*i> tht. Kins of th** latH^taiia. Nt* mVojmMy thr Kin�� at llmiastt
III* taajettty tltr KI114 at t*enmmtt. Hi* mo^My thr Kin. of !*w ***���*.���**. m>,1 S'..r��
iPither & L'&l&er,
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i.C. G. McRAE Central Hotel
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L L B.
Notary Public,|omc, h mir (if rrawfon|.M mvk
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Amerloan and Kumpniri plan.
Finest Kurnlshrd Rooms in (In-
tnty. Best, Imtmri��*<| ami n.im*aa.
lie Win***, Li<|iiorM mid llnnn.
Best Furnished Room-*
Ml NI NO STOCKS    *- F,nert B"r" ���"*c,"
And OthiT lnvt��*4tm<Mitiji.
Kvi-ry l.<*|��r<-��t-ntation  Qaarahtoed.
Sandon, 8. C.
HltH.|��H|���t. Knmt aln**-! with .|'i> '"''���, "r*
at Kootsaay latt.
mown ���flf1.


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