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The Paystreak Apr 3, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY, April 3,1897.
A Silver Proparty   thst   Looks   Down
Upon  Sandon
lor SOOte   lime   past   there   ban
been considerable interest shown
in the Vrgo. particularly among
mining men of experience. When
one stopH to consider, it in not
strange thai so much interest is
manifest. The fact that it in located in ihe Sloean. und iu tht* slate
belt, that it is huh direct   Iim-   l>e-
tween inch producers a* tin- Slocan star, the Kuth and tin* great
dividend payers nn Reco moou*
t.tin   and   in   tlie  Minic  nre  /.om*
Thi*. sluing array of facts is a ooo*
vincur to most people, but it is not
.Ul    The question >>f trnnaporta*
!'..ii i*�� a leading one lo   most min*
ing companies, but it cuts practi
< ally no figure iu this instance as
the K. and 8. railroad crosses tlie)
laim within a few hundred fe��*t of
iIn* main tunnel. A miuaturi*
I ram way. at best, is all that would
iw* required t" place tbe ore  upon
��� in- earn.
pOSed all the way dowu. It is not
regular as to width, often swelling
out to considerable thickness, owing to the soft slate  foundation in
which it lies.
The lower tunnel has bees
driven in about 305 feet. After
running in thirty test   the ledge
��SS tapped, this eras then drifted
on for the remaining 175feet. It is
high grade ore   varying  in   width
from a trace to eighteen inches.
The usual width i- from six to
eighteen inches aud the face of
thin drift opens into the old shaft
before mentioned,     We mav hi*
excused for OalllOg the passage
from the face ol the lower drift or
tunnel to the surface a shaft. It
was tirst a shaft, then a ariose aud
would probably now be called an
u p raise.
At the present time it i-. ijuiie
difficult to get into the face of the
lower tunnel, owing to   the   water
having been darned up by some
obstruction at the tunnels mouth
where it was frozen solid. This
will be all   thawed   out   in   a   few
Iii.- Argo and Bell claims have <***������   Prow ten aaanys (extreme
recently been  iuoon��o.-Hied.   TheirHn' ,,,,,n- [*keu m "*��"���� ��� oni.
.j.oiate   name    t*.      The     Alftt **"    **fWP��)   bM��n    across    the
M.ms of Saiidon."      Tin*   ���v,,.ers  ,,'<jK"   "'��'  blowing   results   were
laveeltown   oMiM-I.-ntMe   wisdom j"'"-'--"'',:   I he lowest  assay   w.-m
,.-ii   iii.orporat.nir.'    rusteefl    oft9* *****   *-   **,,vtr   *'*�����   7��  P*
pursuing tne Orthodox   method   ... '^"M^d.     Figuring  your  silver
,-anl incorporating  al   froill |'��.'���-'! <vnts and your   lead   at  $
me to live million dollars,  thev!(V,,u- ***��� !**����������  Market price.
have  adopted   s   more   sensible >ou b*_�� ���  U:,,u" nf im���* P**r
method .*\it\   incorporated   /or  the
reaaooableanm of$lQ0,O00\|withtue
par faille of shares   at   ten   oeUtf
I 'his is | step in   the   right   direi*.
i   mi. an i   we  hope   to  sec   many
4her new companies pnrining the
-line policjf,
Ihe mine ha*, a  fair   amount   of
development work done on it    On
the upper Workings' a shaft ha*>
* en sunk to the depth of forty
feet. Tbe ledge as exposed here
-hows an average width of ..bout
f'.iir feet between well defined
Walls. Tbe Width of the paystreak
lor a distance ol seventeen   feet   is
from eighteen i��> thirty inches in
width.    The ore here IS largely in
the form of cub mates lying near
the surface aud being  highly 0X0
ii/ed. but it also baa some spletidid
-howing* of clean galena. ������ t Ihe
depth of seventeen feet ��� drift has
been run for the distance of thirty
feel This drift disclose-, ore
throughout its entire length aud
-hows the ledge to have   a   strike,
or trend  northeast  by southeast.
There is frotn six to   eight    inches
of ore in the face of this drift. The
letlge matter ou'side of the   rceog
hised paystreak often runs as high
as   Jifiy ounces   in silver, but thin
i*. by no   leans regular.    The gau-
igue matter is considerably   mixed
tup.     The face of this drift   shows
Isoine .piart/.ite heavily impregnated   with iron.    Continuing  down
the shaft from this drift ore is c\-
toe.   The highest aseay went  UMI
ounces in silver and "0 per cent,
Take your lowest ssssy as a
guide for all practical purposes
and you will Hud that there is
quite a margin left after paying
Working    expenses. After     C I.ih
[{round is opened   up  it  can by
broken and put aboard cars for
about 92.75 per ton. The cost of
development will be very light as
drifts and tunnels can he driven
in this kind of ground at from ���"?.*>
to *?7 per foot.
Then* is little doubt as to the
permanency of this ledge, the
country rock being soft slate,
mineral i- bound to live in it and
go down to unknown depths.
There ate many thousands of dob
Isrs in sight, hut we will not even
anpro.xiinate its ' value as we are
siuiplv gathering news and not
promoting mining companies.
Mr. <;. \\. Gritnmett has an uu
USOSlly line assortment ol jewelry
on hand and his store has every
appearance of at first class city establishment.
The Reco'a net earning for
March will amount to J.l.'OXX).
The nianiigenicnt announce that
Ihey will pay a 160,000 dividend
iu  April.
The new job plant of Tin: Pay.
ITRKAI wili be in position of next
week.       It is   the   finest   in    the
Buildings are going up right and
left in Sandon at present. The
activity shown in undoubtly due
to the recent decision of Judge
Forin, wliich practically settles
the townsite question. Judge
Forin in rendering his decision
said: "That while a claim owner
and the Crown might have a dispute as to surface rights no third
patty had any right to come on
suoh ground ami that, ifnecessary.
the claim owner could eject any
one he saw fit.
.1. M. Harris has started to erect
a business block that for size and
finish will far surpass anything in
Sandon. It will be a three story
building, having a frontage ol
ninety feet on Reco Avenue, with
a depth of forty feet. All the
plans have not been completed but
we are able to state that the first
corner room on the ground Hoor
will be occupied by a bank and
the remaining rooms on the same
Boor will be occupied by stores.
Tne second floor will be used
strictly for offices, while the third
floor will be converted into a large
ball to be used on certain grand
occasions where a great amount of
room is required. The block will
occupy the ground formerly OCOU.
pied by Nick I'alorcia and Ueo. B.
Kuowles. The building will be
completed within six weeks?.
A church is to be built in San
don to cost ��2,000. It will be
built by subscription. ��600 of the
money has already heen raised. J.
M. Harris h;is donated the ground.
It lies between the Keco trail and
the K. and S. right of way. The
dimensions are 34x61 feet. Tn ap
pearanee the building will resemble the modern church building
with lofty spire and slanting roof.
\V;nit of space forbids usgoing into
farther detail at present.
A. I>. Williams and P. Anna nee
are erecting a huge business block
on the ground adjoining lirini-
inett's new building. It will be a
two story building and will have
,-t frontage of i!0 feet on Keco Ave
In design it will resemble the
Harris' block, having a hallway iu
the 000tor. The lower floor will
be occupied by -tores while the
upper story will be converted into
office rooms.
The buildings that are being
erected by Messrs. Ross, I.evinsoii
iv. Kleinberg are well under wav
The fust. whi'*h will he a two story
hotel building is ready for the roof
and will be completed   in  a   week
or more.   The second which  will
also be a two story building will
not be completed before a mouth.
The neat little building that is
being erected for Harvey Bragg,
adjoining the Grimniett building.
will probably be completed within
the month.
There are a great number of
smaller buildings, aud dwelling
houses, that are under course of
construction in different parts of
the city. We will not try to
enumerate them for they are too
numerous to mention. Verily, a
building boom has struck  Sandon.
The Payne is still keeping up its
wonderful record as a producer.
Sixty-six cars, containing 1,100
tons of ore. were shipped during
tne month of March. The upper
tunuel is in 700 feet aud the lower
tunnel about 460 feet. They are
being driven ahead at the rate of
twenty feet a week.     After    raw-
��� a
hiding ceases development will be
pushed ahead with increased
vigor. The wagou road will be
improved so that the mines production will not be materially
affected by the transportation
Work on the Keco tramway will
be commenced as soon as the
weather will permit. The mill
will be located in the outskirts of
the city.
On Tuesday the second payment
of $3,000 was made on the Daisy.
Victoria and Vancouver parties
are the owners. The payment
was made through the promoters
and agents. Messrs. Leigh ton *��*
Williams. The Paisy is a promising property, being au extension
ofthe Monitor.
N<>. sat,
���*0> mi-anils a.t," 1'akt iv.. .*, so amknd-
inu Acts.
'Slocan Maiden Mining snd   Milling
Company"   Foreign .
Registered th.* JHth .lay of February, 1**7
I HEREBY CERTIFY that| I have tola day
registered tin- '-siooati Maiden Mining ami
Muling Company" !Foreiicn>. under the
"CotnpSlllee AeC" ftul IV.. "lt��*v'l*-tratioii oi'
Foreign Oompsnlaa '. ami amendim; Acts.
Then ad office of the Company is altoated
at the City ot Tacoma, In the State of Waslt-
inuton, r. s a.
Th- object* for which tho pmn**snj is ee-
tabliahed nre:���
To acquire, hold, buy,aell, lease, work, ami
operate mines and mineral claims in the
I nlted state-- of America.ami In the Province
.>t Hrltlsh Columliiu; to luty, sell, mill, smelt,
imil. stamp, and OOOCeuU*Ste minerals of every
kind and deacrtpUon, In the United states 01
Vmertca. and in the Province Of Brltlah Col-
nml.ia; lo ac.iulre. huy. sell, and lease water-
power water-sites, and water-rlulits, in the
I'lllt.-.t Slates of America, and In the Province
of llrlii-.li ('..liiml.la: to procure, hold, buy,
sell, oonatruct, operate and maintain electric,
atSSBtt, snd STSlSC pOWSf plants, for  the  pur-
poae of furnlahlng power snd Unlit for all ami
���very kind of pnrpoae ami ohjsst. in the
United Slat, sot America, and in the Province
of Uriti>h Colombia,
The capital su��ok oftbcssld Company la one
million nvi hundred thousand dollar*., divided into on.- million tlve liiin.lrcil IhOWBSnd
shares ofthe fiir value of one dollar each,
Given under my bsnd snd seal of office at
Victoria. Province of Brltlah Columbia, thi*
-.���nth dav of February, ci��t.
i.. s i s. Y. WoorroN,
Reglatrar of Joint Stock Uompsntea,
April :trd, ItST.
Notice i- hereby riven that si the sxplrs-
lion Of one month mMn  the   tirst   piihll.-Htlon
hereof, the undersigned will applv to the
Stlpendlsrv Ifsglatrsle, for the dlHtri.t ol
West Kootenay, for a license toaell Honors hy
retail at hi* hotel, 'formerly the Norquity
House* iu the town of Three Forks.
April Bro, i*''". . J. 8, Rnou, HERE  ANO THERE.
P*C*��3   UP   OH   THE   STW.EETS   OS" OAM
Wm. H BraooV'ti. ef Bran lou.
sres in tosrn Sunday.
Tbe Crown Point mine is reported to Is? looking ~ell
R. ('unninz ba> added s*��!ue new
. ffiee furniture to the Hotel Sin.
Tlie lirimtneTt building ha* just
been painted -*n*-l pres-eni? a head**
rs -tue app*esraoce.
There are seven buildings :nder
course of construction on our
priocipsi street. Been AjremMR.
Cbas, Locus-mi has returne I 10
Sandon after several ni>��ntbs sojourn in Spokane.
t}. C Shaw, an enterprising coin-
mercial man. of Victoria, was in
tbe city this meek. He reprrr-ents
tiie W Srauford Clothing Co
There was a soiree at Speucer's
Kail At the conclusion of the
Albina performance *��n Monday
night. It ��as a ver*. pleasant
Tbe SI-K-an Stars Co. will move
into their uew quartets in the
t.uildiug formerly occupied bj the
BL C. restaurant the early p.trt uf
tlie coming we*-k-
Tht* sawmill at Cody i-*  turning
out fn��m fifteen to eighteen  thou
ssiiud feet of  lumber daily.    The
demand for  lumber is constantly
on the increase.
S. K. Green left oa Monday fi��r
Spokane where he will meet his
familv who have recently arrived
from the Kast. Mr. Grres will
be gone several weeks.
L. (i. Henders.u wa�� in Sandon
thi-week compiling data for the
British Columbia Gnssttn ami Directory. We wish him every sue-
sees iu hi-undertaking.
The electric light plant is now
running  sfcont   three hour*.  *-ach
night. They are putting iu un.re
lights eaeb day. and expect t.> hn*f��
plenty of water for generating
OOiposCt   within   two weeks.
Mr*. H. R. and the Misses Hammond with Mr-.and Miss Stewart,
were visiting iu Sandon lesemJ
days this week. They wen* on
their way to Siocan City where
they will remain this -lmmer.
F. VY. Warren, of O.-hawa. Out .
i- here visiting 1. ('. Ilays and
tiiniiv. Mr. Warren Is favur.iblv
impressed with Sandoii and viein-
ity and contemplates o|s*ning a
stationery and notion   -tore   here.
Kd. Montgomery ami <i. II
Platts are building dwelling on the
side hill above the K. and S. railroad track. Several young men
are also erecting a small building
on the Argo ground to be occupied
by themselves as a dwelling.
The Noble Five Concent!ator.
at Cody,is turning outfrom twelve
to fifteen tons ol concentrates a
day. the reason for the small output is due to the scarcity of water.
It will probably be the 15th of
May before the concentrator will
he running to its full capacity.
Bit-herd Sbes. of tbe  Rambler
ba* returned to the  Slocan      He
was a spectator at the Carson C;iy
mill,   but   unlike   man)   Curbed
men he did mat ba.ee to walk back
He arrived with coin.
Bet. Bent!is ���rill  snM sen
at Spencer's hall 8ends*f rvrnii |
at the u-sual hour. 7 Jfl p. m 1 -
pulpit sas occupied lact Sunday
evening by Rev J. V. Robiaa
There wa* ��� very fair  sttendai.ee
J. W.-vd. the baker, has iiis eew
bake vens completed and is ready
to supply the trade with ever>
thing in his line. He *��H else
carry a st<��ck .��f groestMS in eoi*-
ne*rtim with his bakery ie the
near future.
The N-.ble Rve tramway is m
safe, and w>.rk*.s*�� perfectly, thwt a
party of la>ii*-s recently smde the
trip, to and from tiie mine An
aerial spin Ot this kind i*. indeed a
tn-at. The tramway al MM point
is 4.'��o feet high.
I>. J. Robertson, ��*f the firm ��I
Roberts.��n ^V Co.. furniture deal
ers. has just returne<i from ti��e
east. ile was married while
awa\ and his bride SOCOMBaei***!
him to Sandon. Thk PatpTOJUK
extends hearty congratulation-
W. L. o'Connell. owner end
manager. of tiie Dmrnlommoe
(Hoop, was in Saudou Wsdntednj
He reports- everything looking **-li
on his pr..pert). He lias Jive <r
six tons of 100 ounce ore on the
dump. The penfrortjf is shunt one
mile from Cody.
Nick I'aloreia has complied with
the orders of the court, and ha- re.
sioted to a building doers th*-
street.opposite the Hot.-I Kooten;i>
Geo. B Knowles, tlte jeweler.
�� ho occupied an enjoining build
ing has also moved out. but ha*,
not decided yet which section nf
the city he will locate in.
W. Heller, the   jeweler, has   es
tablished   tenpofaTV   (ji;art��*r-    at
Harriett  Bro*..     The  building  be
formally occupied   has   been  torn
down to make room for a  new and
larger building.    The   new   build
ing   will   be   erected   by   Harv.-\
Bragg,   blacksmith   at   the   Roth
It will   t>e  a   two  story   building
with an eighteen foot frontage.
(told has heen nsshtd from the
bars of the Saskatchewan river for
a number <>f year*, but the annual
output was never large    never si
eeenlng 150,000. At present, however experienced partiet. think
that by the u��h* ofimeroeed meth
ods a large saving of gold can be
made Magnetic iron, in the form
of black sand, is supposed to con
tain the gold.
Keep an eye on these column-
for tbe next lew w.-.k* We m
tend to make Thk ParSYnS���K one
ofthe botes! thing* in thejotirna
listie world. When our new*.)
sheet is enlarged, there will be no
room In Sandon for the dubs and
cheap newspaper grafter* that
drift in from the outside, attracted
by glittering tale*, (,f our wealth
and prosperity.
DR.   G.   P    YOUNG.
m  O. C m
f, ��� v> hoalrssj ��
Ian*sal   !l����',dl��i
Oswes   -er Pebee8nloon, Ho-
Bsnmtf,  B  C
kaslo e c
v\       raaS HaSal HainKKT.!   m waaiam
uaarv a maMitb
<igar-�� snd   Psbnee >
Thr���� Porks        o*o        Si*��sno-��
I        - ii# t;.
OwbUn, lr��t��rt*J.
Oftiee:   -BoOttS.   Nos.  I at;d 4
Chfton   House
a c
IpicstB-trls, Mipipe,   Brokers.   *\m
\K��r.t. S*.r
Th�� P*o����<a ConssoSstas Moi-n-j Co
'    :ii.'.-l     l..t��*��     ' i
Dry    3* t    Mining    sntf    M,    ���*-���    Co
Sellkuk   Mi��iUg  Sod Mlilii.p;   OS
i  n ���>-.! i mm -
It-a-ut | Maw* . Haaiai,
����.Mm.\.   r. ���
Fine Watch Repairing.
W ..*. hnNiken   and   ,l.-w. lefa
Vot     ��� -   '    �� v.   .    ���      ...
Si ��lna   ax."
W. II oAJLi k. aw��l >union
Isaac   Berkman.
s  ethst iMla aS ��u K    ..   ��������� m   ���
UH   MaSI    aa��tt��U.l.*��    MHiMrt
a*   Ha....*'.,,     Cat. ��     .1
Hsrns Block. Ssndon, B.C.
". - -..
>.vmhi\, I;  i
Amertcna plan. **:t.;��o per *l.��%,
I'urope-.ui pan. *-.'tNijM.t Aa\
Strictlv tip*'.cl.i--
Mrs. M. A. SMITH. Prop
a- - -   jj 	
UM w-A
J   J. Cof����**ST. W   J    8o��i��.   _a
F. JL Chrstts, LIS
Bora, Hi k Ginsl
B \i:i.i>Ti-ii>.
M��T\HII>   \
50*00"   B    C
��� ncOu.tr, B   C.
First   Bank Estsbl>shed   tn the
M i WM Gfllilfd.
%,,.,,,;   �� .   . Mars ���������� ���
MaaaOW.co.  ,*1"'  -���   ' " *
��   ���-i'san**..
In   lifltaS   ��� ���
- \ * ai      W ���
N .     .   �����.�� Ka����.:-a'-f�� ^l1 5 "������
k  V-��l '��    ai. I    a�� \M��<\
���***.������   is**--
a n*i�� t-a, -      . ,-��� ��� -.   .
Ajr'ii-l CortwsoonSt-'ta
.  v \ v i' \    i �� -a- ��    Naa��t*i
W*T' -'   .        ; iwsaiaa.
HhdI ���   W*i Hrt-na at lana-l* a
\.-.~   m**\m        H       X ;T��       *    *     -
i *n. ,   �� ,4 ��� naasHNaw    .��-
^ .wi.      SV. '    %    ������ I   mmrnO aa
ia��i'��. >'i *r I *v����- * nm Sr*�� laSaiS
rcaa; T'..   I*\��a*��*' ^.-���.'������l *...������'�����'..�����  ���'-,    *.   "~
T*o��    C * .'Satsc"    ���a'at"******'     Ha*��*
,1   all! \. tl \    VM* XWM   /*   \l   VN
V        .'   r,      ,   .  .   , ||,l*��l'l   I     1    I ���'     -
tocsi Miaagt'.
Son So*. B'-a-.t''
....    ,�� j
, u.
Pmmt Uo Cos'ts
Raaor����   Fund,
t 336 333
J an>       '
���ii"t     ��     i
Court O*   0'*acto-��
J   II   !'������ ���
mi. Karta*r.|   .(   I.     a    K-     '       I
\ i|.��a��   ll   i K Ki'*oia
t,��^��     t mm ��� ���*��� ��      .ar.*TT*    ���'
mm      toy    v  * ���   ��� I
HroA��MTi -
H    -at , a > a . . '     ' '  "
BrancSoa  m Canada
.   ti .
a, ita,
S  ii   knai
��� rv ���       **   I     H -   *���> *    *>   -     -    '
���>a��i\rf   RaawSafvl   *�����., K >���
ll   ���
��B��-t.  m ��sa Un.tsS S��a'��**
Haa^iailTa       II       S��t
Sal    ..,-      !*aa    �� N. �����    ��   ���> a
\\     !�����*-.��� ail    J    (      S
.1   -����ua��M.w *��< rv. <      H    VI    I     **>    v
I      1'.      *���    ��� . '   ' ���a.
LceSee   Bsn��>a*��
Ua.ia ,.( r ��� <  .��., I *i   ��  M. �����-
Forotgn   Sojsnta
I ��� IWnk  .4   I i.   tn*
ValLnwl    lUi.k   ..f   SrtSta
hnattrltrK,     1 r.-im��.1    I'n.oii' I**
Uivl.    t J.I       atwl    l*rni>.Ik-.     N��''
1.14.. an<1 l.nm.-tt*-��   Au��tra
Vu.trt.ilA, I.I.I     N,�����  /.vi**..!   '
vaaSrallra,   I 14     tn.ti��.  t*W**aa
M. rv-anlli.   Ilarnk .,|   I..-Iia    IM
l.t.1       V*. .-��!    In.li..    I .^.Mil-a.
M��"����r..    MomaaM,   atnasaw -'
��� !��� .Ill l.jt.HlUHla,
GEORGE  HYOO.   Ma->aa��'
Sanson.   8   C THK   PAYSTKEAK.
In the Rush
and Mines.
VAxr.*rvKi:, March 27. -Vancouver
i*. tt have a smelter nod it is to be
built by a company that means business u.xl an* not echemioff fbr a cash
bonus- II. Lynious, <^. U, Toronu��,
representing tlie Uotlhtchlld    syndi
$1' | or ton, iimt to Pueblo $18.25.
rrom Rossland to the same points the
rate* are $14 and $15.25respectively.
B. C. Campbell-Johnston, manager
of the landholder   group,   on Ten
Mile, under date of the   loth  inst
Wl-ltsa as follow* to the head -flice of
the company hernial u-g to re| >rt
[imtrress since my last. On the 14th
im* the crosscut tunnel on the Bondholder was iu 2��u teet with a Unit 86
feet yet to go. A larero body ot water
has come in from the laee the last
few days, a good indication of the
fsvxiuuty ot the vein. Progress too
has l>een more rapid.   In the drift to
ale of London, Kng., arrived iii thc'the north, liSfeet from the mouth,
City tin* week and lost no time in wc are m *,J u't't* l-argc bun .'lies of
geiting things into shape. Yesterday '����Ver��l inches aero* of clean ore are
iftemoone special meeting of the �������������)wing today. The ledge, how
tityCo'incil was held nnd a resolution ***** "hroken. but I am hopeful of
.-iflcrwnrd* passed graining the privi-1{*���'���"�� **_fl ���� report a strike of ore
leges asked by the syndicate. The ���'n ,H'fore ,on* though I cannot be
latter  in   bound  by  mi agreement iurt'o()l-   ' ('ou1'* not I"11  "���en on
by an ngirem
which is somewhat tliUfly : Tiiat the
works -hall be Conimenc��*d within
tune mouths a.ier the llgnhlg of the
eontrsct The smelter shall Is* motl
.-in in every psnicular and QsJ)ah|e
">t :nating .r/�� tons of ore every
l'i i.ours.    A refinery
ail ores shall be added,
ofthe plant, or 860 tons capacity, n
lo be working within a year 2. Tha*
the total ciet of the works slmll not
����e less than $0 i.003 3. That the
l.itvssiiry means shall la* taken to
control the obnoxious gases arising
at the Piee*Lsg crosscut as I told you
In mv la-.t Allot In r snow-slide buried
the Bondholder tunnel but we SIS on
the top again.
The Vancouver Sugar Refinery Oo.
will open a large wholesale supply
tor treating :depot at Xakusp. sending a man in.nn
\t least halt  here to take eliM'ge next month.
The Full Court at Victoria has jus'
handed  down  its   decision   in  the
Wells vs. Potty case, affecting tfto
ownership ol the  Monitor group of
claims, near Three Pbrks.    The case
.hinged on the meaning ot   the ex
rrom he Racks.   4. 1 bat w> Asiatics nr-Mriou  used   bv    Petty    towards
bhs   be employed    5. .hat the city \ve|to-the   Utter   having told the
shsll grant the company free taxes fornM,r whcro U) |ook f���ra fedge-'If
I water the latter not to exceed  i t]wi anvUlintr ytH1 w\\\ be in un ���.������
���   .ligations a day.      he  batlding Chief Justice  Dartes remarks have
; i!..-   stuelt.-r I,.-  ln-u ���nr..i|SIwia, im|ort ;im,  t|)i, ,.xcorj)t xvi||
be interesting: "A Dumber of wi;.
nesees were called at the trial on
lioth sides to give their opinions as
miners or experts as to the meaning
or nn a sure of the expression, 'vou
in on it.' Some of these wit-
ncsse- thought the expression could
onlv he satisfied with an equal  part
��� ��� tbe eoittpsny, and in a short time
work will be commenced. This
meant ��� great deal for Vancouver,
and property value* will stiffen ac-
i"nlingiy.     What lew houses  are
��� uipty will soon till up and a building  w\\\ t.
��� om will ri*��ult     Then* is already a
'.. iii.uid t ��r nitaierii dwellings, ami
th ugh there are
i��-'klences in
demand is in excess of the supply.
The Terminal City  will  Is* the V*st
town on the ooast.
D. <i. Macdonald. manager of the
I "urrie gnaiiv on the Galena Farm,
J (id a living visit Ui Vancouver this
week. "Ma." ieport.il a satisfactory
condition of affairs on Ma property, of
which he predicted great things, lie
put iu a geod wont for the whole
Slooan City realty has taken an
upward move during the past few
dsya and tho indications are that
there will be a hotel or store to every
family In the place.
A million dollar company has bntfi
["���'gani/.ed in RoKsiafid to acipiirc the
Maple |^.��f elsim. In the Slocan.
il rank Watson, who is Interestiil in
(the Fisher Maiden and Arlington is
P't the head of tlw* seismic
Tl:e Itlake, a promising north fork
and owned  principally in
is to change hand-* at a
liguin well np in the thousands.
T T Tipping. T. L. Jeflfct, W. K.
��ighton, 1). C. McDonald and A. IV
W imams are the trustees Uw u new
Sandon    ooninanv,    known  as  the
.okaneeOreei Mining and Milling
A>.   Thc capital is $25O0C0 in 25
nt shares.
A nsw tariff on ores has recently
Jen issued l.y the Northern l'aciflc
mil road and connecting lines.   On
ores, copper matte and ooncen*
ates. iu minimum carload lots of
���Uk i|M>uudsthe rate from Sandon
hd Intermedlats points to Denver is
0. 1>. HAND. D. 8. WALLBRIDfiE
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries* Public and Conveyancers,
.Minei- bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all R C. mines.
Official brokers for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co.,  St.   Keverne Mining Co
I'liumix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends Mine Co.'s stocks.
Com >an es StooJted a-ixd Promoted.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry Oocds, Cent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presideti;over by MISS SMITH.
property, ant
{New Denver,
a so-re of ui.alern j nerehiiv others again considered that
curse    f .���rs.-ti.-n ti-H the expression would lie covered by
S smaller interest, but all agreed
that the words pointed to an interest
to Bome extent in the mine. I think.
however, that ipiite independently of
the opinion nf witnesses the Court is
hound to pines a construction on the
WUfde. It is not as if the expression
were of technical Significance or a
term of art In that case, of course,
the evidence ofex|*erts would Iv requisite. It is clear, and it is admitted
on all sidss that to 'be in on it' means
an interest ot some measure or an
other, and it seems to me that the
well-known maxim 'equality is
equity' supplies that measure, when,
a*, in this case, there is no evidence
showing that less than an equal
share was Mipulatcd tor or intended."
Mining stocks this week show decided Improvement all round, more
particularly Lillooet, AlU-ini and
Fairview properties, increased in
values and sales being reported. Sev-
icrai Utrdeau iohemes have heen
successfully Heated lately and addit
ional Blocan enterprises. Harristm
and PlU hike properties arc in favor
able demand. ESnquinoa irom the east
and foreign countries are showing up
strong, and the SlOCStl will have
many piuvhasei-s in thc spring.
Attrr CorMo'a KomiI.
It ia nngmt Hwi i>��>' C. P. !��'��� bai i )*t.>* I �����"
mUoqob Om N.'ltv.u A Wi BSepard atsl Spokana
WA\mhMortherntmltwst I3rstwn��   The t***M
���iiIiIi..Im* ���;...hi..i��i l il* puruha eoiiisii """>���
nm.l woiihliriv. Hi. (' I' R. ill.'. x.hi-i\. <;'.'���>����� ;i
at aJltraiiaiortatloii lines In Koolenav uutu m
N.U.II .iii.I  HMMlll!a10ll I��:kI l*��   l.olll   to   l
with Ihe Ureal Northern al B inner* Frrty
ROSSLAND    -    -    -    ���
Civii & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public,
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
UfA nuiiili r uf woll l< f al��l mineral claim*- for *aK*
The terminus ofthe Slocan
River Railway, the business centre for Springer
and Lemon creek mines,
which are already shipping
ore. lx)ts in this the most
promising and beautiroJly
situated town in West
3ROS   Sloc.inCitv, Rossland,
Shops at Sandon, Nolsm,
Ainsworth and Quaita Creek.
Butcher Co.
Pianna, Ontssa, sii.ft Munc,
Mu.ic.'ilSupplies Sewlag M...-Ii1im
ami Si>p|.r.-*
i*f Mull. rrka*J ivch*. | tmAw\ aNeSUbs.
.nn '('I
One 80-HoTSB Power Semi I'ortuble
Bnnine and Boiler, suitable for saw
mill. Second-hand, in First-Class
Shape, l'riee, F.O. It. Rosebory or
Sandon, $1000.
Apply for lull particulars to
Slooan Cltv. RC
Office : Blacks Hotel,
lS>i\l<,r�� in
X. wa. Stationery,
('<��nf��*cli..in*rv, UuttiT. Efnrs,
('h.*��*a<*. Mux. iinihi. Flour.
Saddle ami Pseh PUnrst
I., nil 1'olnta
iii tin* M.mntatni THK   IVVYSTUtVK.
I* i-wbmI-t-vtST- Saiurck* tra "��.:,:�� -t> a ihe Ira-art
ot tl**- ~-aie*4 \\"ta�� Meted cams .aa earth.
S*rt**rrija> ��i
aSLWia \<ar
sm��tl. inatl.
addrv*.: Thl Parr���-Sak. -ja��*>ti. B.f
SANDON. B.C..   APRIL 1 l��7.
It anything were lacking to demonstrate tbe unneighlx-riines-* and distinctly selfish attitude of thc Lnit^d
States, as regards Canada, it certainly has heen provided by the proposed
Dingley tariff. It was expected that
the Republic would return to MeKin
leyisra. in spite of any overtures
which Canada might make kr reciprocity, hut even those who have had
the least faith in the friendship of tbe
Gatifted States conki have hardly
looked for the threat contained in tlie
timber clause.
In this clause it is pn j��*sed to enact that Canadian lumber sl~ll be not
only heavily taxed, but that, if the
D:��minion {Ots an expor. duty on any
article, tbe tariff against this country
shall be increased twenty five per
cent. Of coarse Canada is not named
but one reading it, no matter how
Iittlt acquainted with tariff matters
tbey may be, can ignore the fact
tiiat it is specially intended as a
threat to this country.
Wc cannot deny our neighbors the
right to legislate for the nisei ve��, no
matter bow foolishly they do it. but,
after they have fixed their own tariff
tn ��rait the���selves, it is an insult to
Canada to proceed to tell us that we
must fix our tariff to suit them, or
they will make it hot for us. This
i> practically what they mean, and
if we do not resent it, we are not
deserving of any better treatment.
However, this DBase of tbe new
bill may not }*** Goagreas. but
whether it does or not we should put
an export duty on logs, pulp wood,
and such raw material as our neighbors srs now taking across the line to
bs manufactured in their country. It
they do not get our timber, or if they
pines a prohibit-ry duty upon it they
will be unable to export lumber or
the manufactures q| that article in
competition with Canada, and it will
give us an opportunity to build up an
export trade of our own instead of
letting our products drift through
Yankee channels, tha- leaving the
name of Canada unknown in foreign
c jutriee. No matter how they try
to hammer as, the result will be the
same as during the existence ot the
MeKinley bffi: it will teach us self
n-liance, and fore* us to took tor
customers elsewhere.
The Dingley bill as it sumds is exactly what Canada needs, for no Canadian Government can jossibly fail
lo resent it and act accordingly. If
the whole disj nte ends   in di**crimin
ation in favor of Great Britain, and
tbe closing up of much of our trade
with the United States.aH the better.
The hardship would he only ItajfOT-
an- and the benefits lasting.
The man whc> takes as l*n*ines*>
partner a person of whom he knows
nothing is recklessly imprudci L But
his imprudence does not approach
that of parents who give tlieir
daughters into the keeping of Strang
ers who come to their hearth*- with
tl*eir j-ast a sealed book.
a  aann I HA*U K.
Bkitish Coumbia lias within its
borders lands sufficing in valne to
pay two or three times over ferevery
mile of railway the province will ever
Surely it would not be wrong fl*r
the Dominion Parliament to nego-
tiate tor the transfer of these lands to
the Dominion, or far the use of these
lands by tbe province to build rail
ways, which could forever remain a?
a means ot service to tbe people, not
as a means of tyranny over the pan
Advocates ot a clear understanding
upon the railway question N-tween
the Dominion Parliament and British
Columbia are not raiders ot the  Fed
eral Treasury.   Tbe Dominion  I*ar
liament could offer British Columbia
the benefits of older Canada�� bitter
and expensive experience of pro vid
ieg railways fcr private coi-pt-ratiot.--
at the Country's exy��ense.   The D-
minion Parliament could say to the
British Columbia legislature   "yes
can have the Dominions credit if you
let the Dominion have your land,an*J
together we will use the lands ot the
province to  pay   ft*  the   railway*,
wh ic h t he province needs.    You w i! I
give no more land than you would
give to private companies.   The ad
vantage to the province will be that
its land will pay tlw coat of its rai:
way:> and the advantage to the  Do*
minion will  l��e that by  lending ii-
credit on the **eurily ot these latxi>
the Kimiuion  will  have to give nc
subsidies, and thos British Columbia
will get its railways without adding
a dollar to the National del*.
There might be dftieuli.es in :!.-
working out ot this Isueficent design.
but governments arc created for th*
purpose of oononering dmcnitue ir,
the interests of the country.
Wilfred Uiurier is contront.il h\ ���
unkjue opportunity to seeure for
British Columbia and the whole ctiu-
trv tne profits ot past experience. Be
is dealing in a country which hm
developed in advance ofthe railway
He is dealing with enormously valu
able tracts ot coal fields. If hV deals
wisely ami strongly with this gnat
opportunity he could let the people of
British Columbia understand that the
people of eastern Canada arc willing
to help themselves. There is bo
question ot adding to the national
debtorefinereaaing the taxation of
CAilPBELL, N��21York Tailor
\n/ rot** Ta.i   ins E�� taSMakaa * a ��
���a cs-c.'Pra .hut-      **aa
5i?S^T Sandon.
Kam loops
TO order
Ahaaala����*% ���*����"��**-* Httiaaf aaa %*mtt~m*Jkt g a/tawata
C*f*t*f   0**rwlmimc*m**<tm. HARRIS   BLOCK.
**���**��  a I'tar aaHa*{i
S.S a   aailk
EH IU Mackerel, Lake Snearkv White Kv>K I_bodoc Herring, -     -
In Barrels, PailSa Kits or by
the Single Fish.
OnULll  IMinU I      eawyday      tsoodsdsllssisd pwetJi
H. Giegerich, .Sandon.
Giant J' w.krand i-Vwiw-n'* : and!.-..
  >:<<rt*at ilannwtn. Kasia Saai
Ontario.    He can ��ffer t* �� altrrnat
ives to tbe  British Columbia I^eg��
hiture.    If it choose* tn use its land*
for its own benefit, the i>nttinlan will
aseia*   it   to   build   raiiwsvi  on the
security of thoc latwK   If the Itrsiish
Columbia legislature eh*ajse��. to j-re
sent its lands to enaitSf pwtflkfl in
Toronto or anywhere else tltea let
tbe peo{>le of British Coiaoibia biame
their own  LagMninfS and their xc
aoapOeai   in    tlie   ehartrrja-.ldling
business it tbey do ���*.*. *n] slltne
railways th* y w^nt Tlie Usuinion
in this ca*' will fiavc ra*<b* Itritish
ColumbU a fair 'ff.-r, and if itritish
Columbia ennom the wrong roadtaa
people will is- in no pi>ition u. blame
their fellow-countrymen in Kjutern
We have
( k h sri-oie socwi faitric b oaantrnnt
���*d on lines which ten I t*. the Milling
���< eaca and every anneal taongnt ft
that thought happen^ t> had in tie
litWknl manner towanl anugunij<
lag the desires and d.vmmsnds ot tbe
rich. From ,le*u* Christ to John
Brown thc man who has dared to
voice the honest thought there was
in him ha* been M*o*4nre.t. reviled.
anthemat*sed,hnng -*r bani-he-l : ami
aimoM slwsys the very one* whom
th* great hearts which have blest
thi- world fought to raise np have
been the worst revilers uf the Christ*
and lirowns who down the centuries
Kired th��*ir bosoms Ibr UifzUt
A large tnvf.ice of
MLNflKS SHuVi ���.-
CAi% umi Ft SE,
itniaihao si i:' if>
#rsi i.UAN'ITKU' \V.Y   '
the Kile ben
Wa also carr> a full line of
m Funiishings.
Ssndon arsl iv.��r*4sf.|
Hunter Bros.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey.
Proprietors. T1IJK   PAYSTKEAK.
Ml MM.   It K< OH 1>N.
lt��.**Jiil  at   Newr   lauv.r.   ft**   .a-aM---n,. >��(���>
Tran *****r. tint] I/"ration. :
I ���* ATI*��***��.
Marrh Ma
Martin    BIsSSS lake  ���*��� ��i McKay mill.Martin
March ��.
rmwU Fraction   ton Miu-. J 0 Miuar
Allcr V   Ca****aaa*f tSMS ��� H alunr.w ami V I
Mvli ��,
In41 iVii..-it -T.ii Mllr i lm�� Tank.
I, M -Alriaml��THarrlar-��
Marrh M.
1'rl.fa-awl A-***i<    J It laii.rr.ii
SunaliiiM*   N.a,��Mf��j.iS��*spoS. Viklta.-. Vmrwlay
Krafts*!.   *��iii,alilrv    Fr��rJl..n    ami  Mine    Sim
r&itM MlnlHfc'i".,
Marrli ttf.
ItatuVl   J M DMSStt**
OsH Hill N>-1   ll. trtiiakl so -,i...'������.. :.
Man** *>..
Hll��rrt^a<l Vol   0 M W'��*.*l. v
W-��l�������*����-��� Atitni* I' M< fVxiakl
Marrh ��.
l;nirr|��rtia.- ami Hl��ran yiK�� n   Mm . Kln.b
i  ��rn.iil..i>    0 '.' Mann
Marrh 31.
i    ...j.i.lnun N.. 1. t .itiuiHlruu. ant] PVwMf    W"
I I,   ll>!ll.-art> r{ al
nam ��**���
Man h St.
S W M<'Nautfhl In Frank K -.'Mm \ K8o
KrartkHi : Marrh 1'. al
I. W lt��l��eti��.- to Wm Ilarri* Wtotn Krar
OBI.  Mrh W a|
Frank K Bksks *inl Win Marria i.. Wm Tl��*n
Hit**-*, asxt.x4.1l.*!'>n 1 lUaw-ti I aars Su*an
1. and Stt^an V all.��( >uun M ; akw ��'��..'���������.ipflrw
.�� I each Wr.!**.- PrSrOoa ami ktk��Frarti>>ti ami
| nath *��uprti��.r ami Klk-: M. h >���'���. ���**����
.i.tw (4i t.at* i. Chasl Sa4snm \ Bs��nas
OfSSa . Mrh Uk fatS
*.���;,-:..'. aaSSa�����'���*��� !������ H H F!.-ol��.i - ; Mil   Mrh
t   .1
samr    tOasUa ASSS1   Mrh *J��. ��1
Mar. h M
MIM Mr-liUl tS) J*�� Ik.wra   1 BaS Tlm����*r      Mrh
I', ii
J *n n M-*ty*��l I-' Hmo W mac**   ;  Mar>
M<< .   Mrh m\ *'���������
Frank Hana.ii Is I'-t.r A M. I*..n*ak4 j 8*M
ITM   Krarlt.*-!  ami   i   li"k\ Mountain; Mar. h %
(sjrs*f ��sttf*sa to H I. OoMbsrv   (Korwaj ���.
J ll Fairrll l . Kr.nk t*W * ��� �� iSafta M��r. li
Marrh ti
Dnana H f-o-* m Hagh o MrMiiUn  |
Naiirr l^r ; V..�� ���' fl
l.M Walt.tn |. J*n M Dssscfl] | Oall; Junr
IVfrr UnmWAm *���> J.-**-|.h I'..*.!.. U hit." *���� an
Ml1 h St. RH
Same   I ti Sunahlue S�� 4 ; Mrh .'��� f I M
Ja�� A Hinrart lo II   P ��'*n.< r >n   Thr  l.lhrral
Roll Mrh J. tl
W |>art�� |.. It HtralnftYwa-.     |   Southern   H- li
'ii'i Jj. ��l->
rssaShaa to Tlw Rbieftlaj * Blari OoS Min
SaffOo   llw Mln.klr. | srnl I   ���! ������'
Mine   ihr lUa. k I .Jl: .**r|��l '��� H
w f Mrilirk.r p i',.rt.i Horan Ti.tik- J.s
II Mt Arthur to Tit.* Illnrklv awl lllark e.Jl Min-
linfi". Inlrr.-al Iii Ihr Hln.kl. >J ...t HI.. k I'.li ;
S. |>t rt, UM
Marrh p;
I F T..ni. .',  SStaMH  MaI.I. Patt)   Mini:
lk'<  If, l��fti. ��l
Fj I tran I Shannon  l a ��.   II   U astlttj    I Wltral
la af .   F< I. ID, |>|
X F Mr N mt hi to WlMrKlim "ii . ��s4 (���' Mneh
Mi.uh  ��� 4 rwamtt IrSStltosMrh H fl
i.KNK.KAI.   Mil.MMi    *0TM*\
F. hruar-,  ��...., luiay innnlh l.i iln- posl  mlm*��
aloiiK ihr eosal <4 Vsneoavaf |.l.��n.l. ihr i��4*��l
*4il|iuii-n|a betsg ;L'.,1*' tiUW.
Th,< ataiii|��-<h> In Ihr Yukon haa ran*.-.) a liv.l>
inai kri 1.4- tl<>��r*. A tP>*<l <l'*f* U*l�� I* *>'"rlh m.i.
'M> ihr N uk 11 titan a U-aro QfnSrws hi ih��' stair*
A  I'.minion .harirr  (a aunKh- '���* ��� tolstSS
<"i|��.r��ii...i kii.-wn aa ih, Conanlldatml CarllM*..
Hyilraullr Mlnliia* I ..in|��nv Th.v will liax-
���4��ak In thr am.nut of %.*i.taai.iaa 1 in S'.alian a. Th*'
.'lilrt |��lait- nf hiialiirrM will ln�� In T.��nmlo.
A W. Wrlshl a.ul J. K. Clark. In r.iiui.vU��n
Willi anin..   ra.|rrii   |.-..|.|. ,   \\.\\.   imrrhawil  iln
{_ So. which nil>*lna thr wrllkn.-wn Our�� 11
l����a Ii la loestaq <m Ihr raal ��l<'|a* r*f slinan
Mminlaln. mir mil, raal from UM Twin Lake
liafln. Tin* \rlii .uu trapa vrrv alnniirlv fur a ill"
��ani*r of HODfscl nml thosi n whilh of fsmi four
tons mi,
In Ihr Oosl Hill illairlrt ar   kinnl.*.|t., Ihrn'
ljirr.nl mtlilty, lurlvr |.i..|.. ul, - ImIii*- iiii.I.i
iliunniirh i|rvrli.|iinriil with two ��hlfta rarli.
wlillr thr  UHHinl-ilua rnr  full  ,,r |.|-...|m*�� |..r��,    A
I swal ninny nongtht tin- r-hitnarliiK- ItninU and a
*><��*����� ��llM/Ullr}||^r^.f^.���^l)-^aJo ��ra�� tuailr recently to
a >aiir..nv. r -..vnUlrat*, ih,- iiroofnUfntian-'fc-rr.-.l
iH'hnf alx clalma In th.; Sue* i��ir<! nrroni..
Artoriloo t.. Um Kanaimo Fr.-.- Prars Hm
inlu.a ..11 r,-ia��la Manil ar��. brlna onmi up, and
_*��. Ssasricaiicapitalh beeomins later-
nateU. Thai Journal a,iv��:Tln-eltv of Xunaim..
sjnitoaaettaofarasl Van Anda" recently al
lh..utrh a��i��- |.*.k 10 nun h away. The ore inVrea*
at In n. Im.** aj thr work fkralopa.
'���r.at brttotaa la lainii takni iii Aiuaworth
...inn ami pr.-fa rtk-a whirl) hav. 1, sen ] > Itiar idle
f..r x m an m.w baton Opesad up. Ihr aah-g
.imf l.mila mad. there have la-.ii num. r..u.��. The
Mile 1'uini for > n.u.i. Chsriaatown for *-ii.i*��i
Star for ��Vi*i. Krao for ff/i.'�����'. ha..- all hern
taTnSad Is ihe last two weaki Jeff Latvia, Helas
ami StVSTSl 0OMT \aluah|e properttoj have la-< 11
Ineorfavstad racastty.
Hi.- loiiiimlnim trr..ii|, thr--*- mi!.-, up thc
���*Mith fork <��f Ten Mile ��� laini'il.-v.fcfwd hv
11 untie* ltr.�� Th. had. In Uk- jfrauif*. la tlirw*
fnt won, and Is addition to a *mall r..iitinu<HM
���o i.i. .4 rirh .'iiartz. i��K'kiW of rich <>rv hSVC
l..-��ti found In th<- l/tve.' matter. Aaaavg from
��� aid ore fSA in fcn\d. Ut rainr - in ai v��-r From
decompaat-d px-lt.* fctaln rJd and m7 oonccala
���10. r Iln |.r..|artv I. behtt OpTSMd up hv a
tiimii I and OpPCj rotOS tht lead.
I    I*  H   BtJILOfltO.
TTa- Canadian I'arfftV'a j4aii��nfe..iiwrti. tion Ux
Ilia-raaniliiir ���uiutlier .irr not wholly <-(.|iliii,^l to
llw-W.^ieni jiart of r.niada. f��.r la-fun' lllhl asilll
mer Ihr* will h.-iv. (-..nipl.lrd their ah<*n line oh
:1�� a nth ��Wr of t| ,��� OttaWS, SSBO 4 1 mil.- yet |t*f
mainliiK to l��-d.rtie.   Thl�� ��ill triv.- a line to the
OSpttal V*. mil. . lotaS*, and wlirn Ihe ��ix nrw rnj
irtn^e now la-itur Imilt ��r\- eofnpMiil, the run wil'
bj mnl. from tin . oaaaaanfal p> tlie|a.ii:. ai tap
ilal fu a Illtl. ..x r tw. hour.     It ia s^id  that   the
r.��ad lu umatlm n III enter ottawn o\er !h>   CSS
ada Atlautir trarfej. >i|itlni> that road torn*, ilmv
mikr from tin CWJ .
W III Make ft Fire Umlt.
Tltr RShfll A Fort Sh��-pj����rd railway riSSfpHJ
Iim <ln-|ik*d t��. ..-11 I.K* ..ii tw-.. btoeSS urir th. ��.i
ti-.n at K.tfMlaml OO*} upon i-.>udJti>.ii !h:il brlch
���1 atoo. l.iililliMfa l< jail UJ'M. Uw in Th. Iljt.11
Hon I* to uuh<* a Ire limit M *>n*��y.-t Um atSttSS
tailblina**. and to help make a |,i(.f-..-a< unt-t
Thn-r it. t, l�� ar.' alrradr potsg np OS the railway
.>���! l'-i i. near ib��- atath u
would not
think it...
J{ut it's truo.
We carry a full line oi Bar and
Table Glassware, Toilet Sets,
Crockeryware, Lamp Chimneys,
Wall Paper, Window Shades,
Carpet Squares and Rugs
Also the largest and best line of
Indies, Gents' and Children's
lfoots and Shoes ever brought
into the Slocan. Our stock includes the latc-st noveltiss in
Xegligc Shirts, Neckwear, Hats,
Caps, Men's and Boy's Clothing, Macintoshes, Umbrellas, etc.
Dealer iq MEATS
���: AT :
Thk Globes Ottawa correspondent
says: In diseusaiug the question of
the Crow's N>st Pass railway with a
member of the Cabin��'t this morning
your correspondent was told not to l��e
surprisedif lbs Government left the
matter severely alone. "Why, he
���sked, 'Should"we concern ourselves
abont a road tor thc Kootenay mining
district? In all Southern HritishCol
umbia the total i-opulation does not
exeecil 2.V01, and ot those only
about 8000 are Canadians. Win",
then, should we sj-end money to prvv
vide American capitalists and Am
crican minei*s with a railwav ? There
would l�� much more to be &aid in
favor cf the exoenditura of money tor
a railway in the Rainy River gold
district in Ontario, where the mines
arc Chiefly owned bv Canadians."
Nril Macdonald
MACDONALD   BROS.. Proprietors.
Kites |tS0 to fc?.;*) |��er day.-
ParMaa   tttu i-!n<-
\ I  ��� ���, w" ��� ��� 11 .: 1
Nr-otanan   li.HniiiJ.ni Line..
Lain SsMftor   Basvsjf Lisa
Ijtkr. nitani.
From ll.illf.i\
April 1"
.   ������   21
*   11
From si. .ioiin
.".'." Ai.rllli
Kn'in New York.
 M*ri! :
  ...    ������   11
Malft.il*    WlilteSlar tin**.
UarwcStr     ������ "<
I'arl-i- American Line	
S|  1'iUil 	
a. Las*       "   ,        	
t'nil.rlii   1'iiiisril Lino	
Larva n Ij> 	
Ktnirla , .    	
Slate of IfllaaaaS    Allan Mflt. Line ...
eai.in h>. MS s����. 7.��#**.��ami apwsnto,
lnt.nn.-dii.le MO nnd upward*.
Stn*ra~ |S5 Wand apwarrw
nwaaiiiiri Tl.-kei.il tSiwwo to nil polsil In I
Un*nt Britain is Inland, and nt   S|.*el'tlly Im
xoJmt i.��ail|iari..>f Uu* IhiropesnCostlnenl,
I'lviaiid Psaaagsi MTasfsd frow ;<n polnta,
Apply to   V  C. M< IRTHI I*   C.P.B.  Air.ni.
S..,.d..n. ... WH.I.IAM   ST ITT.
Oi-neiiil Airent,
C   I'   IJ   OfTI. .->    \\ llllll|a\;;
Headquarters for Mining SpeenlatOEB and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., -  Sandon, BsC
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Saiidoii, U.C.
 : Dealers tn .	
New Goods constantly arriving.
Is the Pioneer House of the City,
K.  OrNNIXt;,
Proprietor. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Schools and Jail*.
Victoria, B. C March 28.���Premier
Turner presented estimates of income
and expenditures of the province to
the assembly yesterday afternoon.
The estimated receipts are placed at
$1,573, Oft*, and the expenditures at
��566,766. Under the education rote
West Kootenay gets an increase of
$��\t00, as compared with last year.
Among the public works, provisions
are made for schools in Kossland,
Trail, Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, New
Denver and other mining towns.
Appropriations are also made tor
lock ups at Grand Forks, Trail, Slocan, Greenwood City and south-eastern Koolensy. He puts down the
estimate for" miner's certificates at
$110.OCA against $45,000; mineral
taxes, $90,000, against $75,0000, and
general mining receipts at $100,0110,
against $*30,000.
The legislature bad another go at
thc water clauses bill yesterday. It
reached clause lo4 before progress
was reported.
The Lardeau railway bills were
further advanced.
Next week it is the intention ot the
government to confide to the house
the general railway policy, which
the opposition has been clamoring
for. AN ith the estimates, the budget
speech, and the railway bill, night
sittings will become and will begin
Monday. The anti-Chinese nun are
Colville, Wash., March 26.���Will
iam Hibbits, a well known mining
man, who lias been identified with
the deYelopment of the mineral re-
soruces of Stevens county and adja
cent camps for the past 12 years,
died yesterday at San Francisco, the
result ot an attack of la grippe. The
intelligence was received hereto-day
by a talegram to K. Fl Lee, a prominent merchant ot this city, with whom
Mr. Hibbits was interested in a number of business enterprises. The deceased was about 40 years of age,
had accumulated a considerable fortune, but leaves no family. It is not
known where his relatives live.
1 h- Lily B.
At the bottom of the tunuel in tin-
Lily B. and ac a depth ot xft teet, an
ore chute 70 feet long has been
struck. It averages^', inches in width
and essays from a 40-pund sample,
gave ISO ounces in silver and $2 in
gold. The tunnel is still being
driven east, and is now 75 feet trom
the big ore chute. A cross-cut tunnel
to tap the lead 100 feet further down
will be commenced next week.
The Klib  tit the London Mining C'r*/e
I. in.Ion  tlie irn-at financial center ��.f the w./rkl.
f..r-..in.-v.-ara p��*t Iia- had one of the  wild, t
.-ind in hi inirvaaotitnK of istslsg rrasea that haa
ever vi-ited that corioinly imllil.le conatltoency.
nml il lia.ar.ff. red i��n.*h Hn exceptltmoby profit-ililc
.-ec-iaion foi tin   atm-wd and . ..n^ k ���ncla-a* pit-
irv.t.-r thitt all kiisl*> at jmoJiIi*. Id li nnd low, I*
came i*roiB..tr-'**i<s",t��aSera" of minini* . oinfa.n
lea.   ho "Tf.it. iiid<-��1. was the U-in|*t.*iiK>ii to la*
come rici by mnpty galSarliaj in the raonttj <>f
foota that a (treat number >.f ��� 'rmnootif reapec-
tafate" and "uoraaaivatlTe*'   individuala    noth
fiii.iucd lie n  ��� of tlM-ir name. In ��l..ul,ifiil and
���ainviinie*    iii    actually    dNioinfa  enteniriiwa.
While the IxaMin  wa�� on and all  won frrowin-'
richer iliiy by day by the **ini|��li* |iror*i-fta of mark
nl* the nuotatloiia of inlninj.' moekt ever*/thing
wa- lovely and ntiii tat loss and morality of MM
ne*. waya, <-*H*e��*lallv thoa-that I��... I  brooSjfS for
limea. were iiiii|iie��tioii.-d.   \..w for nearly i feat
there ha* br*ss oo ebb ts tlw ti.ie of >be tawdos
iniuin - enure, and the a. .-ami ..f.-uiul io U* l.Uer-
��il wi. i wr-.x-k*. both in��-3l and hiiamlal. The
. Ul. a| the ti.lv ha* by BO a*-an* or��****d v.t; in
deed it has ami a loos **"*? *> f��H. *0 t.ul Uh
wreck* ex)a# .1 ��.�� view laad-W a����- few In r.
asrssaafsisd wlih what will tra f>*oi��d a
later on.
It niafassso ctslrtssrastto a��*e or jan-i-het t��.
f.-mella hard aud NUer .inn* for many ..f tb*
���ellliiseotlv   l>-.pet.-t.llr|f"   citllcli*   of   Ulc    ��"*������
i��orKvc��Bi.-r. So far haa tV diatllfV*io*v |>nic.-**
ia>**ni-w>-d and S) familiar ev>o tiom are ttx
wrcka.fr. i.utati-as 0i*4 ihr lo-iriubb. ��|>mt��.f
*���*-*% ton*. iLiSa-Janal kna*..*r> an.l <llah..n.-��v
XT** aMWmwi in - el-S in rvrrv case wtia-r.* a a��,l<l.ii
OI h, aw Set line haa taken jJ��c In any niinin*-
*t.-ck Vn-ja-nily so mptaaaa will aUurt .lla.v.
th.-univ.rMl *kei4k i*in. aud tlx* fawsiiilt ti.il��
th. willing torn**- th- venal �� ��r**jaia-ra. and
even tlt.*��aiictii��i*!ii.Ki��^'Uierii who ci��**ii tln-ir
eves' t.. d'KJbtfsl i>ra��ti��-ef *I��B. lilliiiaj th*-tr
pocki is withtti* i.r-je.��*d��.wSl snwtarii a*rai!>��.
the' eitllnentlv re*" *��rta We * t(Mul��*r* \lrv-vlv >ti<
��ews*.*aieni arv osaradac Uieir a******aS**aSM ma Aaaa,
and aaota �� toou*.. The rrilW-i-uia will In many
i-a-w* U v.i*t. th ��u:b btlastd, t-*it In aueh tnn.-
fritkL.ui ia sol fSacerslsg and thc laaoccsl
nttH[ arkbtSe iruiltv. We wen k* tag l i aay th.
'���uattJT iai��"**>-:it."' I,'��; ;�� rhai-a *h iiM we invest!
*��**�� w-e mijrht And the nunila-r-*. diiniubh a* dkl
th-i-H of the rirfite,.u* men in S-dBSB when Ia4
la-tian toe.Hint them.
More Railroad Hulldinc
Ii l�� ��akl that V. Am:   Hfdssi wtS eUcrad tss
(' .Juiiii.ia and Waaatra railway x�� far w.-at aa
r*emiet"n ln.th<- Okan-aran c.i*intry and th>ne.-.
i.r���tul-ly to tide water. It Mursr*sna that thr
M.mtiiia Ore rmiliaalna eoaaasa*/. which t��
nraetieally owntii l��y Mr. nctaar* aiMi kii l-r<la r
aa.* fii.-il hi tin* e.aitlt�� auditor'* ofti >��� at Hut',.
��� Mass. a ni-rnraift* f.ir ttJtiifUi <>n all it*
ameltinif and mtnin-c inten*��t�� in ttut iHatrhl
The miaigafe wa. aatJiubed a; a m.-.-tinK >4 the
aosaan** lael.1 at it* S'--w ToriioSk*e MarrhS
The XeJMoa Mir��'r claim* . n ir.��at amlvaity thai
Mr. H.-in*.- int-ml* aalM the m.nev raim.l l��y
the m.-rtirajr>- f->r the l'.ntk-t.n e\t-n��i..n and
that work erf <-on��rne:L:i fr..m K .lr��>n waataaid
will e.nnnvrtii e a* * ion a* w.-atli. r fa rmtt**^ id th-
final aarrera are mad-.
 Manufaturei-. of all	
Sypbocs, (linger Als,
r*jai*sai*arill.% Ktc., Ktc
Sandon. BC-
Patronize home Indastrv
when yon want the ls-st
Pays special attention to all
kinds of* watch renairing.
Litrj^e stuck of
always on hand
Dsalsrs in
McQueen & Gore havt
just opehod in the Ha iris
Dbmnng with a full lino of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
Bank of Montreal.
Caiai*l(all \<\\o a? IllwOa ���   ' CD
Rooe.redtftnd   :   :    ��-,00a<   ��'����
liiilivMliM   -uhaS :    :     H.V.I. WH.40
Sot I-.wi.li A. Smith, Q.CM.0  I'iv-V.i..
HOV.0. A   l)Kl MMuMi. Vie    I'lVsM**   >t,
&&CL0OST0V, l.ei e..��l Vlnn.i��:��t.
A. MuMi'iii. CiK������ "ln-|a-c"or.V S��ts. nfl'd-anelira
a B. Hi i n.%* v\ lospeeiQr of tkaoali rem ,
W. S t'u*�����.T*'S,   Ammmtrnft Tftlplths.
.1 t��i��> Atsii. Bctraiary
Branches ia all i<trt*�� ot (.'an-nis, NVwf- uiiLtod, Ofeftt DliatUn,
the United BtatnL
New Denver Branch.
A i;eiM*ntl J��.!ikui^ Ui*.it)<-*s. trifi-
New Denver, B.C.
t. SbMlai OS ll��e Unk.< .at ttarl. *ttf>'S *���>.���� |j��ke. ��Wrt jarM.* raw Sa ���'
UartaUi-.>ti> and ffair uja* Ih. gnmir'tm-rvrr* lt�� Attarr-kr-a ��ttS-��B.r alra rtwr^
Thr arv*^i-#j���� ��t<*V*iii ts (\ ��-Ur-��l TTw r �������. ��r^ as, . ��ml dw��^atartt "*),SS ��t��
l.ite-4 re-Hilt, of Uar �� all }a|-rT art fSa I ItMrl * 4 Ou h n\ ''* J*U��*ral h�� r,*#��
tttat h.*.rn��>nUr "'���th tt��* almalK.r ar*--��r�� T*v I -.-.,\<������. * M >�� i. al*��a> �� -
v lal-.l n ith faal tU*! t�� US��. <!!;���������� i!��ii- ital aatiW. l-��a* V * !f�� law* I -ar-na. -.an** at
nun Tl>e Kir l�� ri; I m B itJ�� *.la- 0V*t m. ��Vm *. �� .-41.��. a-ariatat mrnmmm -at
JMTSa l*< aliKY-r*
I, l��lla��*r*. Sil.,-r U-m. rat-. I'liu tli'i r*}4tal!-t* IVrt. | t��. V'lMf.
T.iaVrf.-rt T-*n Ml��- Vt tii* ti i trr. **l lllart��� S< OOnj OmrnW U* >.*! ��� ->
liiTVai M w.Tnllh an* *.t����w- at thi. IB*******
tn-ik. f * th.- ftiWmnnt whrti *��a nvh ttat ���S>i>"a�� ��M����fraSajJmm] ,*.. mO f>*
irrl Uk I in.ll *.| . mw :   1% I.
Henr>- SteRe.
Tbe umi ��� t -��� .J'M-.iVrri***, 08 K����L..nre
(>eek i.<l t��. th* forniatssi r��f t��>e
anadian Mining, Milling & SmeltingCo.. Lid
wl'ieh   hst  Liken  OTST   ll |    fnJlowint:
��. <.ir��* claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Clara G.
Full Sized
CAPITAL 9l',hi),ii '   -,,l����Mii)Sl!AHh>^
lOr^OOOtbarrssXiUvesxsissnt now In iressun-
now ����n   *,|ie   ujftrk4.i
selling at 7icents
I III-* HlOCk i�� 'a-lUtnl   tO   SO   Ul,     mm   >.... .
��W_ ,ms u,,*n on the KitlTivciinuH
vouth,.t,heen>1i1.in}:, or,  the  H.��,, ,��� -,,' J ^'..
I lit original trWAtn Um ih�� ctimiaiiiv nml rtock'l*
���eflmt on its own mertti
m ig8E?H.T*u ����-�����. "i arawM mn* MINING    NOTES.
nn* [dftho hais declared Mother
monthly divideod or $20,000, luak
nijv", a sum up t��> date <if $152,000,
T. M. Gibson has bopded tin*
Slocan Boy.   A  pomp and  boiat
,vill be put in immediately.
The Last Chanos mini* li only
working a -mall force <��f men, dus
i.i tin* fan ��� ���"*��� o la Impoaaiblt to
_.t   in  luppliea.    Bsrtlett  Bros.
,\i* tin* transportation ����f a large
uu.unit of supplies, but the frail*
lisvs been ho blocked by slides
iti.it it will Im* Impossible to gel in
hefors the firsl ol May.
Ilii' Ant'iiiie i*> ikiw   *>hip|.'injr  a
car load <>f ore per ireek.
Alexander llsmfield.tlit* mining
expert, baa sons to Vletoris to
consult   with   l*t**   principal,   M
i i. 'ii. "f Tranavsa] fame.
There has heen a good -*trik��-
made on the Jennie Pracfion    Re-
ji.ir?   bas   it      that     there   i-   four
inches of clean or* in tin. face *��t
the drift. Thii claim i�� located in
i;.-i Basin,jast below the Kumb.
i.i and employee a force <��f six
The Hidden Frame, lylug vritlr
in -nn*. fourth mile of Ssudon, Isre*
j. irted mid.
Two men an* arorking far K, II,
SsmUhuidi ou tlie I'nrcell.    Thi*
���ii j��iiiift tin* (ioodenough  and
I.*.*, people know, outside of thia
nmetliata \ ieiniiy, that as  have
Sandon, the Rnest  toosoriai at*
lahlishmeat   in   the    northwest
I        itMlili��hmeiit   r**f��*rr��'ti   to   is
���.���.mil sod operated  by a
h MeMartin.   The building Itsell
-   intqne in design  ami  ihuwa a
*-.*t*_   oontfasl    with   it*.   Mir-
tiding*.      I hs   front   of    the
laiilding Is painted  a   dead   bisi li
with gold trimmings.    The  Inter
��� >i tin* shop Is taste) j decorated
\ four chair dresser of antkjne oak,
niitsiiiing nine mirrors ami im*a--
iring twenty fact in length, covets
.-t the entire side of the *hop.
All the furniture Is antique oak
I!.-- *.t!il<*��. ami dresser .!!�����  marble
' ipped      Iln-  fin nit nre   ami   furnishings of   tin- shop  bsrmonise
perfectly,     \  necessary   sdjuucl
ui establishment  <��f this  kind
I*- a Hue bath,     Thia  they bs.e,
lin*    brsth    room   contains   three
ibs, the)  sre steel  clad, copper
ined   sod   uiekel    plated.     The
I irnsce an.I water pipe* >* ��rk per.
fectly ami Riicil ail n.*>t it ill lou   de
*.< i *, i's libei al patronage.
ani Pipes,
- Playing; Cards and Poker Chips.
I  -r- j~t _��� j~_j-t. *r-b ��� ���f :��������
Lr*U ..!*>�����.i.. r's Arcade. Victoria..    .'���
Il-A>   Opened   It
\nd N iii liu\.   id M.��k
Children's Hose. Corset Waists,   .
E Stamped Gtoodg and  a  Full D
Line of Embroidery Si'k**.
bul!***. Outfitting a Specialty.
|he Arg^ ��mm of %m&m
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, - $100,000.00.
l.OOO.iHjo Shares par value of ten cents. The above Company
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims.
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few minntea walk from the town.    Limited   number  of shares   for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
L<M��rl"|toiTj&; YVilliairjs
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Morn.ng    l*sve�� Three Puriust& o'clock
: .   .. - .,*(> al  u <���'< lock.
Afternoon     Leaves     Tlmr   Fork,    al    I
>.'i lock.   I ��i,m-�� . *vl�� at | o'clock.
P.. ��.. HMHAII7JN
���H-Sbtiii Parlcrs aid Mitm*-
Tbettneet establishment ofthe kind In*tbe Kootenay.  Thoroughly lighted by
��� li*. -ti nil v.     Itatht* unexcelled, tint ami colli water at all hours,.    An attendant is.
constantly at >iiur aw i In.   Youraboea can !*��� polished while you wait by sn expert, need bootblack.  Th** only place in town where you can g>*t a shine.
Special attention given to Ladles and i'hildr��n-  Hair  DuasllH
Og side >ntnine.* to ladies baths.
For Sale
One pool tahle With cues,   ivory
balls, etc (by Balke,  Col louder A*
(Jo., Chicago j,    Inquire of
W. J. Sully,
TOM I'A NIKS   A"T."  1'AKT   IV
isu Aits.
A N I>    A M K \ I >-
isteied th. Jiitli da. of Februarv, lSIC.
Notice i-> hereby given tbat I
will not be responsible for any
di-bt? eontrscted by the Clifton
Elonss t'.iU-.
John !>i CKLKY.
1 HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day
registered tbe "Pierre Development Company**  (Foreign),  under the  "t'oinpttni.���
Aet." Part IV.. '-Registration of Foreign Own-
(���allies." and aiii.-ndliig Acts.
The hei>d ottli','ofthe said Conipsnj is situated at the City of Spoksae, In the *state of
W:i%hington. IS. A.
The objeets for which the Oompsnj la e��*
tali-in-,1 are:-
Toacpiire. lio'd.  buy. sell, lesuse,  develop,
work and Operate mines ami mineral claim--.
<>r anv Interest therein. In the United state-.
.���e is    liereOY    giveili        ;'     I.   ��.r -Vnuri-a. and In  the  Province of| British
, *     m I l olmiibia:   t>>   buy. sell,   mill,    smelt,    mat.
I the    nnder>i,o.ied,    wi,I   m    thirtv ' stamp, snd coneenUate  minerals of oxoty
i   .     (.      . il.      I.... ka.     i" ,, .a.. *\ ' kind and description in the Doited States ot
......_._.. -   .  _ .. w   t,:i>" tl""1 "H3 ,,:,t*  beref.1 Spply to j America, and tn tbe Province of BrittabOol-
i <
r ��
�� 4
�� *
I ��
�� ��
�� ��
t. ��
l l
�� .
��� .
the Stipendiary Magistrate of West S5_��* u>*f*��nJJ_ bu-v- r11- a,ul _!��� ,WiU.Vr"
1 ������ "��, : power,   water-sites,  and  water-riirhts in  tin-
Kootenay     for    ;i     license    to   sell    united States of America, and in the Province
Slocan Bakery
. Ip (a.s.l,   I || ft on  llourx
I Al I ie
1-iiii   Line ol
Confeclioierj, Biscmls. Brai Pies.
Cate, Weddiiii-cakes made
to (Wer, Etc.
t.l.i'v'.'    St.licit.  I.
' a.     ��   u-    .
Tin & Sheet Iron W^er.
liquor at  retail at   my
Fkank t\ ShWKI.I.
Sandon. Mareh 6th, 1**'.��7.
Bj man an.) wiic. to conduct a  boarding
house Ibr s mining company.   Msnlaa oooS
and Uik.ir l>v tmit.���sober and reliable.    The
ia.t> has baa twen'j jrean >.t experience" in
hotel work.        Vt.lrvss,
V\ M.  W. BlIH IN'.M >.-i IK.
Ntndos, H. i'.
Notice is in ii i.\ gives that at th
of one in..ii i ii from the first publication heiv-
oi. iln- mulersiciicd ��ill appl] I" tin- Htlpen-
tltarj Msgtsttste, For th> Dlstrld ol west
Kootensj. tot a llcnae to si ll llanor bj rets!!
.ii Hi. Hotel known sa the "Waldorf sitnstc
>.ii l >.i Jl. Hi.M-k J, Sandon, Finn Addition.
Dated al Sandon, It. C, ibis third day of
April. \. I'.. K"T.       sinned.;
Aerll trd, '"T. M \i . oi.m I'. Wii.i.i \\|s.
or British Columbia; to procure, hold, buy.
sell, construct, operate and maintain electric,
steam, and water-power plants, for the pur-
jais,- of larnlsblOg power and light for all and
every kind of purpese and objei*l. in the
I'nlted states of America, and in the Pnivinc
of British r.iiunihia'tosuhscrHiefor. buy, own.
and hold, or riveivc a> sin-urity. capita! stock
iu this or other COrpOTSUOtta and for the
'i.iMsiictiou of such othi-r iiusini-ss eofmate
with tin* objects hereinU^tore apectfled, Or
growing out of, or incidental thereto
The capital st.n'k nf the -sniit OMnpsny is
one hundred thousand dollars divided into
one hundred thousand ahsreaoftbe imr value
of one dollar each.
Given un.l.r my hand and s��*al of office, ui
N'icioi-ia. Provlooe of British rolumbia. this
Mth dn.\ ot K.-liruarv, ls.i'7
i. s s. Y. W00TTON,
Regiatssr of Joint st<n*k Oompsntea,
xpiration   April 3rd, i*si7.
Certificate of Improvements.
. alifoiuiH  mineral claim.
Situate in Ihe Bloosn miniiij; division of \V. si
Kootenay district, aboul three mllea essl
nf the town ol New Denver.
Take notice that I. A.s.   Karwell, acting a��
agent for .lames   Marino,   fn*c  miner's certlt)
Call  :it  the
mb So. 71.170; Mfred J, Murks. (>.*.��� miner's
Notice certificate N<>. :���;,'��>. .lam. * A. McDonald fire.
eliner's .���. rtiileate No. ��T,!i.-;7, and lt\ ron l'.
Noli.-, ish. 1.1.> given ihai at Ihe expiration Van Hoiiteu free mtder*a certlflcste N'.">. Ul.MK,
otonc month n*oin the first uubllcrat ion hereof, im,.,,,) ��iXtv davs froro the date hereof, t..
Ih. undersigned u iii ai>pi\ lo thestlpeiidlnn ���,,,,!v tothe'mining eaeorder tot a ccrtlflcaie
Maclsimte, Rir tin IMatricI >>! ����l i\.'.i orlmprovenisnta, Ibr the purpose ot obtain-
ens) Ibra license lo �� n llouora b> retail al lug m crown grsat of the sbove clslm.
th. White 11..us. lloiel.lntlH'townotasnilon      And further take notice that action, under
Paled this 'Mh .lay Of March. 1��7, secthn, gy, must ia eoliimeneed before   the   is-
t-.nwo;ii i;..ss.      suance of such certificate ot Improvements
Dated this the Uth day of Januarv. lsjc.
Inn.   .Mh  '-"7.
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Notice is hereb\ given  that BlxtJ days after 1'arib.Mi Mineral I'laiin
date 1 will apply tu theHonorabli  the Chief Situate In the 81 ocsn Mining Division of Wesl
t ominissioiier of l jui.i and Works ibr pcrmls- Kooteimy District. In the Beat Basin.
sion to I'liichase one hundred and sixty URI Tak. notice that I, A. s. Farwell. agent   for
ol land, -iimitc iu the district  of Wesl  Koot- the Ksmblersnd Csrlboo Oonaol(dated Hold
i'ihij . st the junction of the Wesl branch >>t [aiidHilver    iningCo. I Foreign). Free Miner's
the North Fork ol CarpenterCreek, sboul Ave Certtflcate No. 10,997, Intend, sixty days from
miles from lbs town of Three Forks,   rum- the date hereof, lo apply to the Mining Ke-
inencing at initial post marked s R post and eorder for s certificate ot Improrsmenta, Ibr
running   thence  West   lortx    chains,  theuce Ih.* purpose >>f obtaining a Crown grant of the
North foitv chains, thence Fast forty chains, above claim,
thence South tortj chains to  place >>i begin* ind further take notice that action, under
mill section  .T. must he commenced  before   the   Is-
Dstcd ut  Three  Forks   tin-  tilth  day ol nuance of such certlflcste of Improvements.
March, l*W7. Dated tins i-Jth day ol February, i����*7.
John Poms. Feb. aoth. *97,                        l. s. FAiavK.it.. Tne Indians of Csnssa.
According to the report of the
Superintendent cf Indian Affairs,
for the year ending June 30, lv-*>.
there are aifosrether in this Dominion a total population of 100,097
Indians. Of these this Province
has 85jft*f8 Ontario comes next
with IT.oVJ-i: the Northwest Ter
ritories have  lt.H79;  Quelier   has
lOyfiM; Manitoba. 0.444: Eeatera
Rupert's l<and. ttftV*% the Yukon.
L'.tJOO: Nova Scotia. '-'.1 ���.��"���: the
Ixmer Mackenzie district. 3,058;
t��reat Slave I.ake district, i.'.���!."��.
New Brunswick. 1.5SS.I; A tha bases
district. 1,331; Lesser Slave Lake
district. 1,91*1; Labrador. 1.000;
Arctic coast ; Esquimaux . 1.1*00:
Peace River district. Sl*3: Las tern
Athabasca district. 881; Nelson
and Churchill River district, 85*
Ipper Mackenzine district. 4*i��>:
Riviere Anx Leerds district. 377:
Prince Edward Island. 808. The
percentage of the Indian-, under
the various religious denoarfaa*
tions varies in the different Provinces. Thus in Ontario. Manitoba, tlie Northwest xsrritoriea au��l
several ofthe districts referred to
above the majority are Protestaat
while in Quebec. Nova Scotia.
New Prunswiek. Prince Edward
Eafcsad, British Columbia and the
larger number of the district-, the
greater number are Catholics, a
fact that i** uo doubt direct!*
traceable to the early conoectioe
with the Jesuit Fathers Of the
grand total of 10�� ��.0�� * * Indians in
Canada. 28.*fB8 are seawewledged
and claimed a- being Protestant.
42,-4-54 acknowledge*! and claimed
as being Catholic: lo.**l*i a<linitte.i
as l>eitig pagan, whilst the religion
of 12.963 ia unknown. These latter live chiefly in British Columbia and Um Northwest Territories
The intemperate use of alcoholic
liijuors appears In la- on I be de-
clin* Much improvement is
1  <wn iu industrial pursuits
Hunting a Church.
We were accosted the other day
bj a tine. portlj looking gentle*
man. h Ie. was OVldeotljf a strunger
He   Mid     he    Wrt-   I.Kikiiig   f����r a
thaiea sad remarked,that through
all his wandering*-   his   heart   hail
never   elian^e*!      He iliil   not    be
licve   ju    that    ancient    doctrine,
"When you   arc   in   Home   .{o   hs
��� BoiSflM do " For the Isn* tit of
������trangers who   reaaais   iu   Sandon
Bff Sunday we will >*ay. that di-
viae services will be held evci\
Sunday evening in Bpeeeer'n ball
at 7:i" p. in. We an pleased to
import tin** information. especi-
ally lo tho��� who ��Ju��w a di-jx.^i
ii,.ii to Im- g.aiai chriatiaa men ami
\v .men. Qoeetinas of this kiiul
are so much easier answered than
the Usual one we hear. "How can
I do in. neighbor in the shortest
possible time."
Am! oil,, r havtSUlwtiU.     Kv.-ry  lt��-|��r��-*-iitji-
lion nraanualaaat
*��:u.-S��n,  it. ��� .
X-, ���������   WW    ������r�����" ��;�����r��.����. \\m\W  �����-������-������������ ^
.-3*3* .. 2��*CH5M3 4J** 43 **tTW -
You can Buy SLOCAN   STOCKS  Cheaper in Spokane than ��n
Any Other Market.   If you wish to  Buy Communicste with Us
We are slso Prepared to Place  Propert.es of Real Ment st any
Members Spokane  snd Rossiand Stock Exchanges
���r v aaaai  i.  >*
wju. i
 j/      ��r     Taar   aarSarta.-ir
1 Iimv.-j-jart <lwaa**S m **��' - - (���- -j ��
��� ww nt th.* Htw-^t **l,>r���� in
th** K��*i*'-im> wtw-rv <-��n i��-
K.MItnl   n   l-*rx��-   an.l   I SnttJ*
*4\ Bptrialtlaa at.- ���
1     W��tr*i   K^iBt'.flii-'.     "H.I ~
t;��, lion Oiutnatitr.-.!.
1   Optic*,     llav .>!���<���     f  lt��**
Bnl   Trial   i"!!**-.   n-u��<lr   ar>4
.-an aTtvc  *u,-li   ,��������r*.;<�����,    >���
��� i-muiIH    f.win.1   on!>     It:
larger ciii.-��
Jeweie' and Oo"c>sn
McMartin & Currie
mA wno
vj (^?cq"4
e yoy jump of um si j;
Etc.-, Etc.
The New Vintagfc
I Hr   \ y i:>   1*1X1    . ISTa
&. H. iV
��� Vraraf ' I       II
Canadian Pacific    extra dri
The Quietest ami Ceeapeat Route
Toronto.      PHILADELPHIA
Ami all   Rasters   Pointe.
UnexeeHed Sleepiog ('ar?. oa aii
Traias.   Tourist Car- to St. Paul
hail}.   Bostow,   every   Thursdajt;
Roronto.     ever)     M ������m!a\      from
Tm elstoke.
Bteawcf leases Nskus|i eveet Sun
ihiv. MTedaeedaj aad   FwMmy
inorniag, BMkiag elaec eoaeee*
tion at R��-v��-Ntoke with trsin-
for al! point- K.i-t or West
N,,-�� n.MuntlolliUn-artf .... .��-,  *r,^^��n*..f ;���� > - -     ���
.fin* Srytaawav. wlUw^U >***t**at taaa*y. aarafctaajt w a pwilrn wi
a.ml. II ��i '    ���   ��� ��a��*^| V��.    -   ' .    11 -..    .'..I
\.-r.,rillni- asfWSaas M*asr ataStaSlaa U��a  imta^uiii.--, ���*  *.    It    M-..��.��������  ji>
\*t\ rSaaiatfaaXM ton* l��������u��r^ i*i t.�� l<��.-      ���-    4^.  t��wa   aamfsaaaal    " ~*
.-��������-��   MM-MPr   llian   11 al    <��'   *'����� rOOtrr S��aa>4   aSawrh | .     ,   , .      ���
��� ���> ��� r ;��il ��>��h**r��.
Ill ' l��^?iil��-iai .ai������i. ��i�� -��f  T'-.f   i'.   - ���>, !���      1�� .
I. f.-r-. . Hi.   |��ir*��l anS Hwaia �� !��.i>��-.w < hani|������!M
Rwyrat WarsasSa S��a�� Iw s*swW��t **�� ntmmr* <���  ll    Mums... a ...   a* pac ���������
VI.J--.I i . Ui.   t(u., li ,^ I'lijl.ii.l   Mi. Il.'> .    >l   �� m ~m   .U   Vk ��k-��     II  -    *l
'.^niian WJOOOWOm   ll'.- \la-��->.-. Um   k  i.��<.*  IN-  IS   .  a   -   t�� - *^.��-    *h��  K
il.. ���* ...-.t \ ih.   Klaaj <aT Ik'niwatk    II i. ...>-��i i   ���       k    tf at ** m �����iaVw natal ?t��al��a
I *it 1 icr cS: I yciser,
ii ���   "   . .
aril.   ��,.   .  ���
Member u^dkaas Bloek K\< baogt
Before jou travel z*-t ioA��re.atii��ti
from C. I* R. Agei i- :i- to
time-, ami rale*. It will tare
yon monev Apply to marts!
Railway Agent <-r to
A.   C.    McASTHUR,    Aoent
Ili-atriet l*a*>HMijjer Agent.
Rftom. No 22    BlACKS HDTt.
SAMOO*    ���  C
Ate U*inj;e��riie.l hy ilesl-
er- pureuasiag their
Grain and Feed
- !>.������ th. Beverages ,,",������. Delicious
BMiai k Im llg Co.
wh E^.n,.n. m*.     Stimulating
Roll.il Ojtta a >p*eemlt\ *a^^ O
'���Vriteor Wire for I'ri.e- Nil IR i^|M.ITII -
Afeol   A   li .Uaai, 5elsos  p..,   c   *   MATL0CK.        -       *��>
I- BWf of  th.   Iira.1  pls< ���
Samion to ohlsni
is   i \-t��   ssn


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