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The Paystreak Jan 30, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY Jaooary 30,189?.
A   Sme'ter Co.  toTaKe  Hold of   and
Develop   thia Property-
Yesterday tlte Argo and Bell
partially cbanged bands and are
likely to become the property of ���
gioeltei compauy iu the near
future. The first payment area
made yesterday '��, Lsigbtou ��v
William*, nnd the mine closes fot a
i<w days pending the constimatiou
of the deal.
Tola mine i* so well known in
Sandon thai it requires hut little
description. Tni* nine lasl year
ii.n a mere prospect, today a mine
in every *en*��e tit the terfii.     There
are two claims belonging to the
property, the Argo and Belt. The
,\rgo lien on tbe side bill and takes
in part <>t i he Sandon towiisile, ed*
joining JOo M Hani* ground .ui
me side and the Lemon addition
to Sand ui on the other       I he   K.
f.teiiig the   postofl.ee  and  only  a
few hundred feet frOD] Keen avenue.
The reaidental part nf the town ia
now almost on the Argo, and uo
doubt before very long we will set;
a number of line buildings on
thll property. This property
should lie extremely valuable in
I itself, if from n���� other point of
view, than that of a townsite.
The Carnival
The first carnival ever given in
tin- Slocau v\;i- held in the rink
list night and pretty fairly attended considering the shortness oi
the notice given. Toe funny pre-
dominated amoug tiie costumes
worn by the skaters, and although
* niie   Verv   prettv   oneS   were   no-
��� t ���
ticed, r-r111 a was abundantly evi*
dent, that neititer time Dor cue
war expended in tin- get-no of tbe
maskers. In fact, such was not
expected* the object of this cariti
,v s railway runs through part oflval being chiefly to find out  bow
.'ami and within  i few feel "hit would be attended in case anoth-
s present Sforkings.     rhe  Beltler one on a  fi rs t*cla��s scale were
-  inertly back of tlie  Argo and! arranged for.    And new as every
-��lo sted tiiat :i ha* the lead for I thing has turned out  so aatisfact-
th   d it* lull length.    Toe owners lory a carnival will he given in u,,
have had the extreme  {good  lock  u<*ar future, thai .vill eclipse any*
h* have   o��i       ��� ;   lieting   et��k��aie-MM*��  **m*l yw4***Vta����rjp*r4��� ��^*H?r*  HrfiHn
lilts ground, and  in  consequence!the kootenav
have a perfect title.
Messra. Sudro and Mel>.iia!d.
part owners ufthla property, after
working diligently   for   the  last
nine monti ��� have ihoWtl the pTOD*
erty lo be what it i* and richly deserve the fruits of their labor The
development work consists of tun*
u��*la driven en toto r��r a distance
of '_*.'��'�� feel, iU . a shaft from the
eroppings to the lower tonne). On
i is surface * magnificent laaiy i��f
ore Is shown :.p which   vill aver.
tgl   two feet  In w Ecls.ll       No.   I  tun-
ted, which ia driven iora distance
��� if forty feet, has ore for tlte entire
distance from ihe mouth ��f the
tunnel t.i tts fac**. N" 2 tunnel.
which was started below No, i. is
iiou mi aboul 17.'�� feet, and has a
line showing;of ore which increasea
in width as the tunnel goes in A
win so has been sunk between No
i and No, _ tunnels and is In ore
for nearly nil the way.
Thus il ia seen tiiat the work*
iuga are almost wholly In ore and
that of a very !. t^h grade     \n ex*
animation WHS made   recently   t"i'
the purchasers and by actual ineae*
u reman ts together with sampler*
from tiie ha,} in different plact �� ii
was estimate*!, and that conserva*
lively, that there is now standing,
an I blocked "ut aboul 120,000
worth of clean ore. This should be
a veritaote bonauxa, a*, tha cost d
mining is small compared with
��� U her mines, and the coal of shipping the ore from mine to railway
will be only a few cents per t��� <n.
r ������ present workings1 arc directly
The   Sank of d   C
1 ������ B ii'.k of B. I' w ill move in
Ul i - ! new quarters iu Harris's
b)i>ck -mi Monday next and by the
wav these quarters, although small,
are tie- neatest and m<>s( complete
iu tlie Kootenay. No pains have
been spued to make them attractive alike to customers and eni-
ployees and great credit is due the
hank people fur their enterprise
and g"..d taste,    The bank apart-
ment is divided into two rooms by
a lo* partition, the first lobe used
exclusively by tbe manager and
the lasi fur the general business of
the bank.  As both Messrs. Myttoo
and Wilsou are   well    known   and
p 'pular iii Sandon it will he nn<
ueoeasary to say thai they will
heartily welcome a call from their
��M patrons al their  new t]uartere.
Mirers Umon   Formed
Tims. ('berry, president <>f the
Roasland Winer's I'linti. and local
organiser for British Columbia, on
Saturday evening last organized a
union at Bilverton,    Some  twenty
charter members were enrolled
and tha following officers elected:
President, Chas, M( Nichols; Vice-
President, Samuel Thomas; Fiuan*
cial Treasurer, I M. M. Beneduea*
Recording Secretary, Peter Grattt.
The new union expect to have a
membership of 75 or 100 members
before the vw\ of the month.
A Shipment of Ore to be Made From
Thia Mine in a Few   Days.
Situated on the North Fork of
Carpenter creel: and about rive
miles from Three Forks, is the
Cordelia, a claim that is doing its
share towards drawing particular
attention, in mining circles, to that
section ofthe Slocan. This prop-
erty was incorporated a few
months ago under the name ofthe
Dry Bell Mining & Milling Co..
and a few men set to work to develop it. Up till about a month
Ago their work consisted mostly in
uncovering the lead in different
place- but even in the process of
this work a large quantity of ore
was obtained and a trial shipment
of 6,000 pounds was sent to the
smelter, the returns from which
wen- most gratifying, giving 280
ounces in silver aud 82.80 in gold
to the ton.
The lead at the time   the   above
shij ment was made was about two
feel wide carrying a  paystreak   of
from three to four inches  of wv\
high grade oie.   A few weeks ago
w.u'k wax commenced in the lower
{timrretiltid  after drifting to  the
right for ah ��ut   fifteen   feet,   two
feet of ore was struck, the assays on
which gave 800  ounces  silver,   $7
gold, 3  per cent,  copper   aud  35
p**r  cent.   lead.      Since  then   the
work has been   vigorously  pushed
along ami  already about ten   tons
of ore are lying   in   the  orehouse
awaiting shipment)    Tne   rawhid-
en will   conn ence  next week to
run the ore down to   the   railroad
aud as soon as a sufficient quantity
of ore has been taken out a carload
shipment will  be  made.    Already
several carloads of ore   is in sight
and ten men are employed   taking
it out si that it will   be  no  great
time before another shipment will
lie made.
Another tunnel has been com
nienced about 100 feet below the
one from which the great bulk of
ore has been taken, and other steps
for the rapid development of this
tine iiitle property are being taken
ami it will be pretty safe to say
that long before the rawhiding
season has closed the Cordelia will
have taken its place among the
shippers of the Slocan.
A large amount of the stock of
this company has been placed at
I'J A cents and it is extremely probable, as the work of development
proceeds and the mine continues
to increase in value that the stock
will make a considerable jump in
value. One thing is tolerably certain, aud that is, that this property possesses both the quantity nnd
quality of ore necessary to placing
it very high up ou the list of our
shipping properties.
A. W. Steele, ot Mullen, ia in
Pete Mcl'liee. of Kaslo. is in
C. I). Kami has returned from
his extended visit to Vancouver.
.Mr and Mis. Win. Taylor spent
a lew days in Sandon this week.
Wiu. Harris, of Spokane, is
visiting his brother, J. M. Harris,
of this city.
Sid Norman, of Spokane, was in
Sandon for a few days. He left
for some of the lake points on
Wednesday last.
N Jerry lias sold a half interest
iu his lodging house, and has gone
out to do some work on his claims
situated in tiie Wild Horse district.
Ciias. Kashdall. who has been
out attending the funeral of his
brother, passed through Sandon on
his return to New Denver yester-
Albert Allan, one of Spokane's
most prominent lawyers spent a
tew days in Sandon this week. Mr.
Allan is a EBOsI genial gentleman
and a tirst-class story teller, and
he Will be greatly missed by tiie
many/yends he has mad** during
his sojourn in Sandon.
Misses Livingston. Aylwin and
Bstabroofcs and Messrs. Aylwin.
Knox and Henderson, of New
Denver,arrived in -sandon today.
The cause of their visit being the
attractions of the rinkandthe very
laudable desire, ofthe young people, to experience a little of the
metropolitan life of our bustling
A meeting of the members of the
Independent Order of Oddfellows
met in Crawford's Hall, Sandon,
on Friday evening, Jan. 29th. Bro.
Douglas, Chairman. Application
was signed for a lodge of the order
in Sandon to be called Silver City.
Parties wishing to make applications for membership can do so !>�����
handing their names to the committee Aith full reference. (��eo. H.
C. Hoi den, F. C. Sewell, W. Fur-
nival, {%. F. Hopkins and II.
The first game of curling ever
played in the Sloc.��n was played
iu the rink here on Wednesday
evening. The game was witnessed
by a large number of interested
spectators, many of whom had never
seen curling before. The ice was
good and a fairly good game was
plaved. Following are the names
ofthe players and the score:
J. M. Harris, (i. H. Winter,
A. K. Hall, U. McDonald,
It. Wilson. W. W. Fallows,
M. I* (-trimniett, H. Maun.
Skip    14. Skip ���S. ��� Ill
Issued almattaneonal** ever*. Maturda*. ;it
Sa udon and Cody, in the heart of th Slocan
the greatest whin- ineta! camp on earth.
Transient advertising S3 oents a line fii^i
insertion, ami 10 cents a line tor eachsubse*
tjiifiit Insertion,
Subscription,   three   dollar      ;i   year   m
Add i ess
lio. PavsTaBAS       Jxo .i.i.^'.-iio.
Sandon. K. c. Kdltorand afgr
Tin: War Fagle at I.ossland has
been sold. Now what will our
friends of that ��.��� i t \ de for a sensation?
A IVni.ir meeting should be
called and a resolution passed ami
forwarded to the Goveruniei.it assuring  them   of our  loyaltv  and
patience under  extreme   provocation.
Thk iuHux of people into  the
Slocan dining the last month has
been something astonishing, as
each day passes, it adds to the
list of new arrivals. Sandon is the
objective point for tie most of
these new* comers and notwithstanding the increased hotel accommodations sleeping room- are
by no means easily obtained. The
coming season, we predict. ���Will1 be
one of unexampled activity in
mining circles in the Slocan and
as Sandon is in the heart of this
great mining district, next season
will see it tin- biggest and area til-
iest town in the Kootenav.
Thr establishment of a mining
association in the Slocan is one of
the most iinuoifant need- of this
great mining section. It would
do more to discourage wildcitting
and promote legitimate mining
operations than anything elae.
From the association could be obtained authentic information eon-
cerniug the mines ami prospects of
the country, and their reports
wonld have a great influence in
advertising the resource* of the
country, and bring them prominently to tiie attention of the in*
vestlng public, if we do not take
these step- to make tiii- section
the scene of bona tide mining
operations, now while we have a
chance, the spurious stock jobber
will be insinuating himself into
our midst and bring the name of
the Slocan into disrepute by his
shady transactions.    We do not
think that it is the main object of
this section to compromise its
futute in order to enrich the stock
gambler, and the sooner we take
steps to prevent him from commencing his hurtful operations the
better it will be for every one COD*
cemed. and iu no better way can
this be prevented than by the formation of a mining association.
Bank of 8   N   A   in Ka��lo
The bank of British North Anier*
ice, on Monday. Jan. 25th, opened
a bank at Kaslo, B. (J., under the
management of H. (i. Manjnis.
from Sandon. George Kydd. late*
!y accountant at ihe Vancouver
branch succeed* Mr. Marquis as
manager at Sand.-n. Mr. Kydd
ha* been in the serviceof the hank
for over fifteen years now. 111 ���->
experience having been gained in
New York. Toronto, \ ancouver,
etc. This hank is a welcome addi*
tiou to the financial and commercial interests of the Slocan district
and under the management of the
above named gentlemen it is hop
ed that they will   meet with   such
success as to warrant  their pstab*
Itshing other branches in the van
otis mining districts of the Province
in the uear future.
For Sale-
One pool table with cue-, ivory
bat's, etc. (by Balke, Oollondei A:
Co., ('hicago .    Impure of
W. J. Si i.i.y,
Certificate of Improvements
O&Ufbrnta mineral eatlm.
Situate in tbe shu-uu mining division <>( Wi ��t
Kootenay district, abool thr** miles mat
<>cii).-toara 1,1 Niv, Denver,
Take notice thai I. v*��.   Kara*   . artlna ���>-
agent MrJantes veir1n<>. free mln��*i**a pert HI
run- N<i. Ti.iTU: Alfred -1.  Hurn*. free  miner's
eertlfleate No. 7 :.:*��*: JFa*ne*   \  MrDonald free
mlner*a eerUfloate NT��, SllmV. met   Byron C
Van fiooten Dreemldeescertiflrnts K<'��. ���
Intend, sixty days from tne   inn   hereof, i.,
apply to the tuinln** recorder for �� eertl
of Im provemeata, fur  fin- |>nri*��*> ,ii ..��� ���
ins* a eroarn grant of the above elatm.
And further taks notice tbal arttoti, midet
auctionS7. must becommenced befbn ihe I*.
���hum nre of such certificate <>f Improvement*
Imt^l tin. the iltii day ofJauoan. : V.
Ian. SOth. lvc. \. a V \t;\*. Kl i.
Slocan Bakery!!
(Opposite Clifton Mouse, I
Carries a Ku11 Line of	
Confectionery, Biscuits, Brail, Pies,
Cases, Weiei-cata wk
to Order, Etc.
Patronage   Solicited.
SUNN & tO.
Are being earned by dealers purchasing their
Grain and Feed
- From the
First   Bank Established   in trie
Sal of British Colli.
Incorporated bj Raj nl 4 h irti i '�����-
Capttal  * Ith powvi tn Inrn ��-' ''' *���'
Hem i ������ - - I -'���"<���
Heao Office. ��� i ������ ���������     I Kiwrt, l*oi l����n.
In British Coluni
\ . tot im   \ kiiroui ii.    \ n   u. -���       i '��� -
Nana taw     Kainloon*      Nl l.-<'N
K ISI#0  and  - ���. M��>v
iHloraii  I 'i��o ,. i
in ih. I mi. i stale*
San Pram b��**o an I   \'<<< I i
Agents and Correspondents.
i \\\i'V    Canadian Bank ol Osmnsww,
Merchants'   Hunk  ol ��� ana la,   rtn     M<
Bank, Imperial Hank nr Canada and Ba
Num.    Hcolla        IN     I'MIH'    - I \ I I -
canadlan Bankof ta^mmeivr   \*j'-i.' v     Hen
\ ��� >?k���   Bank of n ���.., acotta, < hiragn   |ii>
London and San Franchwo Hank  Md     i>
ma; I'd. Paget AniuiI n ���   H . ik   -
The   Kxchana*   Sal  m il    Bank,   *>)���>��*>��.(�����
tl -l i; \i.l v  \ShM-U/,l  Vl.lSH    Itunk
.���f   tustmlasM     HoN'ul I I I      lft*hnf.*1 ��  ���
Local  Manager,
Sandon Branch
J  J. Godfrey. W  J   Bowser. LL8
F. L   Christie. L L B
st'l.K !TOR��
S'ndon   B    C
Vancouver, B
I  ��| ill ;��),. ���!  'li   vm
|neorpurat**d b    l*i>>*   l,*hartei m i><
Paid Up  Capital.      fa.866.666
Reserve   Fund. I 338.333
I ..!ii!'"i < <iti..        i at*   I��**im    i ���������>
Htieet   t   ���
Court of   Oirectera
j. ii Urndti   lolm Jan****(*aS    ' ��� ���    i   ' !
,    i;     ,i.i.I  ll  '.n ii. Ih-nn   U   Karrai  I a
Arthur llnan    II   I  M  K      ' ��� '    '    ���   ���>
I    i  . || >���    i .,��.>-- k    ...������..   |i    vv
Smr. tarj    V   i <   W \ i i .->
Ifsadi ������'' rli ���' "'   S
II    STUCK**.**1 r    sn*\..��>!
i.. usaa   M inagii Hi*!*-. i��.f,
Branchea  in Canada
!,..���>.fun. H'Xi.M.if l   I'arlft, HaiHilltM    I
��� . k iiiasiata MSM*-. il. w
N    |t     lilY��nl..||.  VV I tiulj* .     M . I
S    I!     Ii .    I . I      N    -       \ .. lot    .      V   .
i..n\i r, u       - .   i i   Kaslo Ii  '
Agents  In  the United Statea.
���*(.ikatM    i ���     s I ���
N,ill ���*....    li.ti*.        S.   ��   \ .'H. A   ,        i
tt     la��- I. I      V\ . >!,       ��V'< I
l-'l  MHI - fl    M   I. V4t M    ���
r   | abnaa
London   Bankers
i      luuk.��Km a ��� ���
Foreign   Agents
l      i j. ��� ���    Haul   ���*   i    ��� ��� j- -        -���
% ll    linttS
i   Vm* cm is I   Hank <���" In
!.    ! f'l      *��imI   lansoetM       N ���
l.ta    . , j        ,   .  i        i Hani
\ N  ���    .:     /-  .a,Mil   I.   1     if..,    |Uli.
\        ��� . I <*>|aaTl
M. i r- Haiti lii.iiaa    l.f t|     |   ft
i.<a     VV.-.;   hi s       i I . I ���
vf. .-���       Mat     > ���'.    k   .  ���- i'  '
i .
GEORGE   KYDD.   Mmigtr
 Sandon.   B   C.
M   D, C   m .
KiTtiitr'   ������ t      tYinniiM*g (leiiti
II  soitsL
Ofuce ��� v.t PalaceHaltM.u, w an ::.
> v m i. \.   I;   r
UK AKI    ill,\|.,.i tfiTKKS  VOU 1HI
urniture - Business J
A    Big   StOCk Oil   Hand   which   wi-   will   be    \      ���   Ut   Shos    t  tU
Ten   !>;.���,v   iii   in,,    \,.u   >,,���,.   (>f,   |;.    .   *..,,.,.,
Comprised   of the   Pollowinjft
Ctiiiuoo Wm Plain Glass. Curtain Poles. Window state. Mmm
CORNICE I RIMMINGS. Room Moulding and Picture
Frames, Both Made Up to Order or ,n Stock, Oil Pa.nt.nqs. Etc
South Edmonton, Alta.
"Rolled Oats it Specialty,'
Write or Wire for Prices.
J)..J. Robertson cS^c O.,
Furniture Drains and   I udertaaers.
The Infaaay   of Wealth
The morn I leprosy which tbe pos-
session of immense wealth germinates
in the individual is exemplified by
recent disclosures in the city of New
York. Tbe sons of millionaires oi
that latter day production of Sodom
and Gomorrah have grown so blase
in ordinary vice that they now cm-
ploy agents to secure young girls
whose icverty drives them to such
extremes tiiat they  consent to dance
in an entirely nude condition before
tlie lecherous scions of the American
nobility in tlieir jrivate club*. The
exposure of this particular phase of
the depravity of the ulcerated and
morally caiKsarous thing called society
was brought about by an affidavit
made by a poor girl whose father
l>ecanie aware of the proposition
made and who insisted on exposing
the bestial orgies of the voung whelps
ofthe Four Hundred. rUit the power
of wealth is so gnat that nothing has
come of the ex|*osure, the press of
New York remaining silent or throw*
ing discredit 00 all uttemi*ts to probe
the Waslly matter to the bottom.
Aral yet in the face of such examples as this there are those who
wonder that iIhc spirit of revolution is
in the minds of the millions whose
iinre*|uiu*d toil is the source of the
in ill tons ires fortune which is used to
degrade, damn and destroy the
daughters of tlte |��oor.
The llubonlc   Plague.
The fact that two cases of bubonic
plague have developed in Ixmdon is a
reminder that the Kastern epidemics
too frequently girdle the earth in
running tlieir course, as did lagripi>e.
which was first beard from in Kussia.
We are exposed on two sides io invasion by the Imbonie plague, which
is the "Mack death" which in 1666
killed K-UU) Englishmen.
In all violent outbursts of bttbook
plague rats seem to be first seized,
and their death in great numbers
always proceeded by a few days
correspond ing ravages among human
ladings The swarming rats, dying
by thousand*, were the first warning
tlie Chinese had tint the epidemic
was ui*>n them. Prom China the
disease got to Konnosa ami the
Malay peninsuU. The Ja|>ancac,
with their modern learning, kept the
deadly invadercomjvaratively at l��a>;
luit tiie disease ere}* into India and
spread with frightful rapadity. In
India, as in China, the advent of the
plague was heralded by an epidemic
among rats.
The feature of the disease is the
suddenness of attack. The first symptom is usually a Chill. Then follows
acute nervousness, with fever that
lenOI the temperature to from 1U> to
Id? decrees. Headache, thirst and
intense |win in the uj��|*��r part ot the
abdomen follow. Stinky presplratloTj
exudes irom the pores and then follow
the glandular swellings from which
the disease takes its name. These
OOCUT in the groin or neck or under
the armpits The more of them there
are   tbe   less  dangerous the attack.
Dark trots appear on the victim just
before dissolution.
An eminent.fajvanesebacteriologist
who studied in EaVOpO Under Koch
has discovered the microlte ot "black
death," ami his discovery was confirmed by IVnfesM.r Qsrafn, formerly
attached to the Pasteur Labratory, in
I aris. The bacillus is short, thick,
easy of culture, and when inoculated
on guinea pigs, kills them in twenty-
four hours.
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS, Proprietor
Cor. Hastllli* ft ( ainl.l.-, St*.
B*��fi����Ba:    Vancouver,B.C.
All M'rfllTII Illl|il'iiVrllM-lll*.
S|��ilsl srcoiiuiioiUU'iii fur Mlnlinr Men.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
C. D. Rand.
D. 8. Wallbridge.
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Mines bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all B. C. mines.
Official brokers for Wondcrtul Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co., St.   Keverne Mining Co.,
Phoenix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends Mine Co.'s stocks.
Oom >a.nies Stocked and Promoted.
-Dealers  in
KI1 /.(.FH.U.I) *��� DAY. Props.
���  Maiiiifatur.r�� of all	
Bypbons, Ginger Ale.
Sarsniiarilla, Ktc, Etc.
Sandon, B.C.
Patronize home Industry
when you want the l>est
"""" DEALERS   IN*
News. Stationery, Confectionery, Butter. Eggs, Cheese. Hay, Grain
Groceries, Ktc.
Office :   SLOCAN TRANSFER  CO., Saddle and Pack Horses to all
Points in tbe Mountains.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sar|dor|, K.C.
-: Dealers in
New  Goods constantly arriving.
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter's
Shop in the rear of
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in that line promptly attend to.
Tbe Druist,  ��� SANDON, B.C
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries, Notions and Toilet
IV'fumes and  Imported Cigars a
Soecialtv. The Last Answer.
Dying eyes, what do you sec ?���
1 sec the love that holcleth me ;
The look that, lighting, learns to bless
The little daily tenderness;
Smiles without words j the sweet sure
Is the Pioneer  House of the City
Which says in silence, I am thine,
Returning lbecmet nt the door ;���
Alas, for those which run do more !
Ah me, for lips that whispered "Hear!
Earth is all heaven,tor thou art here,"
I see a figure like a stone ;
The house where one sits on alone.
0 Godi have pity ! for I Bee
The desolated needing me.
Dying eyes, what do yon sec ?-*-
1 sic the love that taketh me,
Load in the breakers, soft in song.
Ever the summons calleth strong.
1 see upon an unknown strand
The signal ot a distant Hand.
The leaf is out. tlie bud is out.
Floods ot May colors float about,
The   pulse   leaps  high, the  heart is
\ oung,
The sweetest chimes arc yet mining,
My bravest deeds are yet unsung.
My bravest deeds I ever did :
And. struggling with the coffin lid,
Hopes, dreams and joys, and  happy
Start,   throbbing, to   live   down  the
Almighty'. Listen! [am dost,
Vet spirit am I: so I trust
Let come what may. of lite or death. ;
I trust Thee with my sinking breath. |
I trust Thee though I sec Thee not
In heaven or earth, or any spot
1 trust Thee till I shall know why
There'b one to live and one to die.
I trust Thee till Thyself shall prove
Thee Lord of lite, and death and love.
���Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward.
I   s. Alias   Labor law
W vsHixoTnx���The     immigration
hill has been agreed  ttpon by all the |
members ofthe senate and the house,
except. Mr. Bartboldi, chairman of the
house committee in charge of the sub
ject.   The most important provisions
ofthe measure are as follows:
"It shall hereafter he unlawful for
anv male alien, who has not in good
faith made a declaration before the
proper court to record his intention of
becoming' a citizen of the United
States, or tocome regularlVor habitually into the United States by land or
water fur the purpose of engaging in
any mechanical trade or manual
labor for wages or salary, returning
from time to time to a foreign OOttn*
"It shall lie unlawful lor any   person, partnership, w company, or cor
poration to knowingly  employ any
alien coming Into the u. S., violating
the foregoing provisions, but the provisions on this account shall not apply
to sailors, dock hands, or other em
ployes  of  vessels   or   railroad train
hands, such as conductors, engineers,
brakemen, firemen or baggagemen
whose duties  require  them   to pass
over the frontier to reach tne terminal
of their runs, or to boatmen or guide a
on the lakes and riven on the north
em border ofthe united States.
"Any violation of the provisions oi
this act by any alien or citizen shall
bj a misdemeanor, punishable by a
fine not exceeding |o00oT by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one
year, or by both such fine and imprisonment; in the discretion ofthe
[he Thistle
Due of ti;e oldest and best known
hotels iii the City,
The only Howling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to ibis
The Newmarket,
New Denver. ILC.
[srrftttatfld "ii Hi- iiuiiv..f ttehstattfal aaxwa Uka, and fwsurati ��u input*
tbebalcon) and fa* iuboo laagnuas �� rcvaarj i�� .���Nm.->v.�� wltii..��ii<:\u��> t
Tin itni*-. ��i��-*> ii ii. u.a.. ili-iii   ti. t -1..* st- ilrj stal I...-.I..I with tka
l,t. i r. rahaoftac waUisipri Itt   Ikaiaxlcrl a si o�� i> Sat a* mmtni in ��
th.il nana ��l��iwlth tl������ 0ra iftattiar��ean    Ttai DtalmrBaom It alwayn i* ���
H.I..I m uii i ..in.i . il. ���!��. .tiir>��ui.i ���  I        a��thi   teasta      ��y ��-f
mm.   Tta�� Bar bn��pM    atta tar saat i ... m.ii ,*,. m*rU-nt hr����.
II. I l ���'  |'|. >lui i
i. !,ii..,.���.. siiM-r Dm Dai      .    < .. > : ���-���   Pro   ��� M     n
I'.-imI. if., i. T, i. Ml* M taad I' ���'��� I t**sTJ  *���**  la p
llgluu ia asaaa am aas  ataatttasaai ���
m.ik. ( t iii.- x. iMM,.rk.i rata*** jfoaa wall   Mraaii r**a*trs***aariaraldassiaaT
., ^ii. naaa |  ll S
Henry Steyce.
The Clifton House,
II . ��� I ��� *��.�� ��*
and ally, *i*l ti.    I Haunt t. fajwaM *��m. ..
���   !; .   . ��� o  i
(mdio   aim   roiwc
Contracts taken for raw
biding <��r packing ore from
and packing supplies tontines
Saddle horses for hire
John Buckley, Prop.
of fine Potatoes, and now have tbe only
l' ���' itoea In t ��n not atfecu d by i
We lit\o ad i Tnrnlpj   R <������- I h
and ' sbbage
Daiins ttw
>\ i  n 111\ nl
l(    V. MIl.I.'iV
Office : Blacks Hot*!,
SANDON.   i;"'iv��-d tbni ����������� I
II. Gleererich. Sandon.
S:��res ��t A ins worth, Kaslo,
Sill.-   rill   I'.    I  .    thi       |.:i|�� i    ,
obtain   tmiiMI.ix.viX s   ...
���   i  'nl in i;> at thr -.1 can I. k
il   ti    ��� |  i
\il\iv. a HEAL ESTATE !.!;<>\n:
RQSSLAfMD    -    -    -    -
Aiiiifi ��� - .ill 'ini i   lo
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
Civil cV Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
/ ������   V niiiiil" i i.f ��r!l I . il. I ui'it, i il , ,.,(,
GrSt four Fusli Hfsil
Ki.OM   rin:
M Kootenay Bui* Co.
-i\NlM)N,  lit
R. S. v\|LS0N.
Ri relifoke,
I'li'idnii and N' w i><Mivi i
'    ��� iii ilwraaaaasaaaaaai
a-aaaSSs PROVINCE    01   BRITISH ((H.r.MlilA
Miui.i r uf M Im ., Hon Cot James Baker
ITi.vhti ial Mini niii>j--i.t. \\ . A. * 'iitlilv
1'nlillr A**a>tr, II. i iinniiliiii I.
I aOVUH 1*1. r.i.AMI.NMKM   AOLM'lt I.
AlU-tnl; Tboa, Fl.trli.r, ilbtrnl
i  .ui**.; .1 licmron, Ilitrk'TXIII-
i''"liir; .hum * I'lirt.-i1. I'.O. l.iU.tin
<    Allium; 11.0. \Vi:lllnirii. 1'uin-aii
i otnoxj \\   It. Anderson,Cornea
Ki-ri Simpson ; .1 I'lewin
Kuii|.��.|..; i; C.Tunstsll,KsmloqM
K'��.t'!i,n I.i-t: i  I , \iuiiti'iiur  Donald
K'ni. i.i'v W*a"  S'orihcru portion;  J. O. Qra>
liftm. I.'. \ > lit.ike
Kontftisy   \\.-t. s..mil. rn   |..iM.n;   \.  Kit/-
.'   iitta   S
I.ill... i ; 1   H ���i.��.('!h,|.iii.
n insthki ; m iir..y. Sanalmo,
N. n S\. .tin.i - -i    li Ki lis iu, Ki W W i
til I
Kk*c4a; JohaOapprrtwt, M...i.i Laki
i ��k.iii.i��..iii; !    Sin- Vernon
on. m>. ll.���-. l\ in. si' |.ii.-ii*. ui uueanolli I -irk*
, ..I. . VV. Podd, Yale
SintUra  l:��< ORIH K
I'l   1 I.I' 1.
<���; tin.
S      >i<" ���  at. lit 'V
N.i na into
\, ..  \\. Mtulasti i   11. Kotapu   S
M  \\ ��� "iiiiiii.li r
i   n K - f na\   i Slim i   	
.  Dons Id
1   ��    Lang.
i. t. idii
\\ |nd I'm- n
i    M  Rrtwanl*
Fori Stwlr
M. I'hiilli*
Tobari o I'lain*
\\  ���( Knoima*   -i l��. Oraliaai
Ri \.
��� lorry stiahenafc *
1. ���
\ >|.i'.st
\  �� l> river
���Mm Km ti
j ifi;,.i,.f.ti
.  NM*..n
.1   K ti knl.
i .    Wjfc-o
K\k. rt'l
W   il   Vkluf-
ft ml l.ik--
11!..-ill. trad
U   i           >rr.:.
i  ui!,..   \\ m.   ?   ��.��� .ii                 i>u. .iii��ll.' K.-rk*
J, ilownan
��t:��rk. n III-
u   i*.m
I  ���
I. N.iii*
.  .Vernon
���    v  It t*aml>h
.    in i\.����
u   Hrkljrun
Mii|�� iv
ll  n . .�� i
Ursnlti  i i. ��� k
i. i    I una .'i
K i:nl��|i*
-.     '      V   rt.air
Mil -���;
1     -   11
��,�����         1         i . ���: ��           M'   ���  '
i r>.k��nnlm***a
1 �����   l'..i >f
l_.k. t .u
\          . Th *  Ii'.1
\ m sia   w
\ .
....j (. . i v��i-- i.m as
i     '���'!..   ! \\     v.   i,   ���      \ ,, ���
,iu rnl . it. *�� 1 !���'��� I- r, AlU-i
.'..��,   1.1.,  ii �� ,. n  Uu lit* i.i
i    -. ,: bi.irli      i tm . f      ���   l..��k. i m r
UU.*. i i>.   ii      Kn-.U-ri.-kM     - I'M
Vatisl        kl. Hr*y,N
U.K. | l   i     \   .1- ���     ���    \ I
\\ ��~t H ��� l- ������ S   ! II  MU        SVtson
i       iv     .        :���.������;     J.I* i.rsiiim   !.     i
N       : ���  ���        i \ .  i   ��� .-
\       in.-ii'i.i, i   TtiBMsM.Ksnik.it)*
MIMM,     Mil I B.
Tin- Mi-ivur.Utah, mine paid 1225,
i 0 I dividend! in 1)5.
There an coal mines opened in
every county in Wyoming  except
���   ���
In  Wyoming during   18U6 there
wen- 878 :���'l mining locations made;
There were prnduced in the United
Suites, in 18W, TT.*i 0 lonsofairiO,
Tee Novenber Booth African rold
< it porta aggregated in value|3,487,*
Tlie ' '"fl <f  Qn< - n   Mining ���'-���m
pany of Btsbee,   Arizona,   emj i"\^
in :ii iv 800 men.
There   were  shipped   from  Nova
Sootla mint-*  in   l^1'' abottl   11,,.<' 0
i 'ti" of gj i sum.
The Oregon Legi8latui*e will cstab
llaii .i Bcliool it Mum - In the eastern
I .-nt ui;! ,��� State.
The S|*.'k.'��nf Review estinmtoa the
yield ol tbe (!ta*ur d'Alei <���, Idaho,
mines for 18*H5 at |AOJQ,00Q
The lill) icason iu mining i- n<'t
quite over. A ledge SM I feel wide
baa !>i * n discovert >i In Idaho thai
will assay from 18 t" 17.
TllO yield of !.r"M in Australia and
New Zealand for 1896 i-< estimated al
ii slight incrraso overthnt of 18HA
wbi h wne $42,7.13,821.
The yield of gold in the Kami.
s.ititli Africa, for llftlfi was 1,860871
line ounces, against 1,8118,650 lor 18 15
n ^aiit t��f l! 121 ounces
r ,������ -. J., "I
Lae output oi quicksilver in tlte
United States In l��Jo\ ail from California, was 22,012 Basks, a decrease
from that ot 1895 ot 966 iiasks.
The reports and estimates would
indicate thai the world's output of
gold for IBilG was about t^20,000,000
against about 1201,000,000 for 18'J'��.
Oil lias been discovered near St.
David in Ooohtse cottnty, Arizona,
bat it has not been demonstrated
whether it i- in paying quantities or
The bulk of the Dickie of tlie world
Cam6 from Canada last year. Matte
and ores amounting to 3,697,000
pounds were imported Into the United
The Vulture mine In Arizona hai
been placed on the London market ��t
tne rate of $1,000,< 00,througha com
uany   formed   with  that amount of
Several veins of coal have been
lis overed in Rouge river valley In
��� iregon and the work dune, it is
claimed, shows that they may become
->f c<ni.>id' r.il 1 ' value.
It is estimated by the mint authorities that the gold yield Of Nevada
lor 1896 waa 12; 155,000, against ll,*
552,200 for 1892, and of silver 782,000
ounces, against 956,200 ounces for
. V'.'.
A ihree-quartera interest In the
Jaledonla mine of * ripple Creek has
. s* Id m Lotalon lor ��� .'<7�� ,<�����I and
M-vi rat otner pn perttea controlled by
ihe same people are under negotiation.
A syndicate c mposed of standard
CHI Company people BOtne time ago
obtained options on properties in the
Deepcreeic district Utah, and after
uaviug dune some development work
ure aboul to taK��- them up.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
IA Suit?
\\,- ,n ��h " Ina Ihr iim-t lin* ol rant
.,! .ir.ii.i ( r tin n "i> in Tweeds,
.-. Hi vl L*.Si  it< -.i l<
The Host
Elegant Patterns j
In   l'v.ii-1 iim.-- yol i ibiMiti 'I in  0 ���
.    null y,    tlVcTil    I i   .ir-. I    t> k -.
Ill   mil lin. I'.
R  s   WILSON,
M< nli.-int Tuil. t
ll. \. !����� .'Wi, Ni ^> 1 '��� "v''' sad Braiidoo.
\v���� leid In First Class work.
;; tine Hath Rooms in connection.
Sea Salt Baths without extra charge
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
Dry Qoods, (jent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House  is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
MM TIM'S iff ft.
J.   M.   WINTER; Prop.
B. O.
First-Class Accommodation
F����r Tourists and
Mining Men	
Cody  is in the heart of the Slocan, and you must fro thtre ifyoukown
see that great country.
1 General   [Merchandised
KASLO       and       CODY.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey,
^A^^    1 i in..-, i it'iran-. Sin'. I Mu*U'.
Mu: iriiisuinili��>*, s ��iiiir Machines
sod Supi Ilea.
t9 M:iit i rrtwrs wcwh's i rompl atteaUan.
S|--IK im:, \v v-ii.
McQueen & Gore havt
just opened in the Harris
building with a lull Hue of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
���Dealer in*
SANDON. i ft
Recorded at New Denver, th.' Araaaanaata
Transfer* and 1/kmUou- :
January *.">:
\l.iio|��>liti��n��� Carpeotar Creak; N.il Oettttas.
Januarv 19:
Win k I*'urtii"ii to A R John*tnii-i Victoria
ss Cameron to John H Hauke-l Danm Jan 10
Frank BaxtOQ and John Brlnen to Frank Condi*
-Hl.uk ll. �����* No ���; Jan 12
.lame* I<affrrtv to J A McDonald and*Kdwsid
Cronvn���1 LrsjaJ Tender, in trust:.Ian 15, *l.
(m-o SoKelli- to Hurt Person���1SO V and If, Gal
Tliere Kli; Reno. Accidentally & F L ��'; Oet jo. rfl.
llenrv She-ran to ('has Hoffman | Meteor and
0.aw.i; Jan 14.     .mm
Archie (hishohu to Edwin CuminiiiK*- I R<s-k
land; IS-�� al. SI
A 1> Mciiimv to A H Dockstader-MaKKie.
Nellie D, and i TWOSt Jan Li. SVD00.
Same to Same���Cody Star; Jan M. si.im)
Same to Same���J Ti|��l��.|i: Jan M, *o.��'
A H 1�� vkstader to BtSgantaS Wil*n>�������| Tl|>
toji. tlie Cody Star, MaKKiVand Nellie L>; Jan IS, fl
January SO:
Kranei-vo De Miehota to rharle�� Hoffman���}
Vaiictt; Jan in. ��:~."i
I) D MePherson to J \V Blaek-1 ���'. White Swan
and Sunshine No 4; Jan IS. fctO\i
- Alfred W  Metune. Scott HeOooal and Win L
RogetoJ M Dunn���La<iv Jane and Darby. SSDl
i;, ti
John H Werelv to D A VanDorn���\ ("Lira Moor;
J iu 2u >l
Same tochas W Avlwin��� \ Clara  Moor; Jan in
l> -V MrDuiiakl to 1) A Vail IXrn-J cakiloiila;
Jan in, $1
Dan Mclaeod to D A Van IV>ni and John Me
Clement*-- To each i I'rodueer, ��1
Frank Anderson to J J Raffertv��� l*t\orwav
Trea*. l �� Homesuke No 4, J fort Rill. 1-rt Silver
Kiiiar, l-o Dolly Varden; Anr iS, Si
I* J Hickey and Wm S lirewerv to D R Irvine,
Silver Hell and hustkr, Nov 13. ��lii,uo
January il:
Walter c Archer t��. R H Kerr- Ma" Mountain
View; Jan IS, iiiv
Januarv tt:
A H Bremner to R c < ani| l*'llJohnston -TIm-
lAcliaiip-,   Victoria. Skocum and   Silver   I'late;
optJoa for Mfsaja; Jan tt. {81400
David Matheson to W W Dine**���| Tiirri*: J in
t. ��1
Sila.* H crow to A 1) co-den-! l*hilad��-l|>hia:
Jan I, *1
Frank P\ man BO I) McLnrliL-tn-i Better Still;
Jan SI. tl "
January S3:
GeoF Gund to The Danlanelle* Minim.- and
Milling co., Ltd-3-l'i Itordanelles: Dai 31.
Lake I) Waiford to Same���13 M Dardanelk-*.
Dee 3-j
taake I) Waiford aud Ahraliam I. Dnveii|iort to
Same���13 1��'> Diamond CTOSI k < ikanoiran, Jan 2, *1
Uke D Waiford to Sun.��� Danlaii.-IU* No *.
Jan i. ti
Geof* Guild to Same���3 IC Diamond rn*.. ami
OkaaoaaBa Dee si, *i
<��eo C Clarke to Jame* Howes���1 K.,n< ln��n: Jan
li, tt.'. i
WntTavlorto D A Van Dom-i IJhhv R; Jan
21. *1
Edwin H Tonilin*oii to Last chance M * II ci>���
Blizzard. Little Widow Fraction. Star LtjfM No 3
Bad Star Lijrtit Fraction, Jan li.irl
Wilbur /i Hendry to Same���Silver (old and
1 *) Blue Jay. Deo tt.��.0
William Hibbit*. BnK*- ( raddock and I S MilVr
toDR Irvine���Silver Hell and lluatl.r, Nov 14,
(.' F Denver to Jo*i-|,ti lMbtmm-4 Amazon. Jan
i:��. *l
Joseph ly.-l.au to John WriKht-i .Amazon.
Jan in. |l
Frank I'ymanto Charles Bielsoa���1 Iktl.-rStill.
Jan 21, ��1
Januarv 2.V.
Jolm'T Kellv to Albert Bonos�����T.llor. Jan tt.*l
John B Witaon to W  c Sivyir��� WiU-n, Nov
Wm P Robluoon to Ira  W Black   carlnmato,
Jan i!<. *���;���!
(Iilnrse In  Toronto.
Toronto, ucconling to the Su-ir,
pnblished in that city, is h.tving a
wste ofthe Chinese trouble. The Star
The alarm which has been aroused
among civilized laundry men and
their employes in Toronto, "as related
on tbe flrat page of to -day's Star, is
not groundless.
The laundrymen have seen their
nusiness slipping away. The employes have found work growing
very scarce The Star knows of one
place where scores of employes have
been dismissed from lack of work.
The cause of this has been the
quick and quiet influx of Chinese,
who, having been driven from Montreal, have gathered in Toronto,opened
little hand laundries, arc living more
cheaply than decent white people
can live, dozens in one small house.
The evil, which has been so pro
nouueed in British Columbia, has
been brought right home to Toronto
people, It mav shock a number of
the champions of the Chinese rate,
who have hitherto denounced the exclusion taxation of the almond eyed
cheap laborers, but this city eannot
afford to allow any more people to be
thrown out of work, and must devise
some means ot keeping the Chinamen
We wish no ill to Toronto, but \\c
would like to see not only her laundrymen but many others of her
population get such a squeeze from
Chinese cheap labor as would enable
them to realize the condition to which
affaire have Wen brought on this
coast There would lie a sudden tie-
crease of the blatant babbling a'out
the hsrmf ulness of exclusion acts
THE illl.l-S   IN   '<����.
Ektliimtc* I'ut  *!��T'  I* rod net ton nt
S12.UOO   Several t;oo*l   Kinds
Dead wood, S.D.��� The most r liable
advices and estimates for the Black
Hills for the year just passed are that
its mineral production was not less
than ���9,50X000, (>f this gold was
$8,240,1*JO, silver and copper, as by
products, the remainder. It is par*
fectly safe to estimate the production
of this year at H2.000.000, and the
projects under way tor additional
smelting and milling capacity, to be
ready sometime in 189$ will give a
capacity for the following year of not
less than 115,000,000. These figures
are regarded as conservative, and
make no account of projects under
consideration bat not assured.
In the Flora trroup. Ragged Top-
several hundred |*minds Of ore have
been taken out and sacked, valued at
#1,100 to the ton. The find was made
at a depth ot fifty five feet, antl in
the same character, of (fane rook as
all tha RagaTed Top ores. The Rag
ffedTop(iold Mining company has
received smelter returns trmn its first
shipment, amounting to ��71 to the
ton. The Nancy Hanks and MaudS.
have been sold to Mclaachlan and
Hyman, and shallow open cuts have
given assays of from P.* to ?20. A
man sinking for a |*ost for a building
close to a boarding-house, found a
fissure vein, and it is lieing opened.
At the Ellenburg fraction, recent
assays show $*" to the ton. At the
new town of Balmoral, the third started at the camp, lots that sold a few
weeks ago for ffiO are now going
rapidly at 1100. Kverything is now
on the boom order, buildings are
going up on all sides; boarding
shanties, hastily put up with a few
boards, are jammed ; and the pro
ducing mines are Increasing their
output. It is now estimated that
aliout 100 tons of ore are going out
weekly, valued at from I4.00C to **,-
500.   .
A Vary fine atopcof oie has lieen
unearthed at the Golden Slipper, at
Hill City, from which ore valued at
$466 to the ton is being taken. If the
chute runs up as may lie reasonably
expected, it will Ik? worth not less
than 110,000.
The Keystone mine, at Keystone, is
likely to Ik; sold iu a few days to liar-
tics who will develop it more rapidly
than ever.
Machinery has lK;en received at
Qalena for the remodeling ol Hie mill
there to an eighty stamp and other
very extensive improvements for the
tJnion Hill company are begun.
Since the discovery that gold existed in the lime rock formations, the
(Jold Tan and Ixmg Valley coiiqianies,
that have been able to do nothing
but the assessment work required by
law for the i��nst many years,   have
sunk inu> the diMcarded rock and
found, in one case, rock of a value of
��10, and in another of from 140 to
J700. These com pa n ies were nppoi.
ed to Ik* wildcat, aud it eras oof
thought they "arould ever amount to
anything. The lime rock was n.��t
regarded as a possible medium for
rich ores.
WhiV taking stock we found a few lines blading
Overalls, Jumpers, Shoes, Bobbers,
Gloves, Etc., which we will now
Close Out at Reduced Prices to make
room for new goods now on the road
A few pair of Baited White Blaoketa at 85    Discoont
Dealer ii) M KATS
 : AT
Sl.liC.W    CITY
Koaarr Mm poxaLn
NUi. Mv t. \\i
MACDONAU)   BR08h Proprietom
Batai IL450 to H50 per dav
Headqaaiten fcr Mining BpeciiMtoraaad CaptsalltSi
Koco Ave.. - - Sandon.  B.C
J.  G   ll.WKs  Mngr.
'Isnntscinreri of nod Dealers in	
Sloves. Tinware, Mm id Mm.
All kinds nf Mining Wotk a HjKiMai-iv
IE .0 STREET, .      -SANDON BC A Grand Success
The ball i;ivt��ti in Sncnct'i'.s Hull
on M outlay laat l��y the Lfireuit-n
wii." one of the best and most successful ever given in tIn* Slocan.
Over fifty couples danced  to the
excellent iiill��ir tnrnished   by   the
Siiidou orchestra, and lis who did
mil enjoy liiin-fll on that occasion
ha." mil,  hiniM'ir D��   hl.tuie.        The
h.iH was got leu up for the purpose
of ohiHi .Hi.*   nioncy   to   a.��sist   \t\
buy ins soOie very Dec*ssa��ry ^p-
paraius fur lit- .extinguishing purposes, and the people >>f Randoe
have shown by  lbs  way  they re��
SDOndfd to the appeal ui  the boys,
that the) lire deeply interested In
the success ofthe work which the
Kile iK'pHitniciil liS'.e ju I -and, sinl
which is, t" place the Sun! >n Fire
Briksde on the m<>*t efficient !>**���.���>.
iKNssible   under   existing circi oi��
stftl s.
The B   (      Ke-tanrant,   iti   ftfttt
don, has become one nf the most
i.iinun   cafes of the silvery tilocan,
The <��� 'iur.��ct for 'triv ittg i<*> feel
.���I   tiiur.e:     tn��l   th**   enaCtioi)   of   a
blacksmHli shop .ind  ore-house "t��
the St.  Kev. rue has l'��-��'H  '.-I to VV.
I re K. Bos The contract for an
sdditional I0U fast will b* let on
the completion of the lirct.
Dr. F. P. Witter ran bt found
at RicQui''ii \ <o ,�����'����� Drug Store
Tlie Ruth i* tusking daily ���*���!��ip-
nieuth ..f off}. About ���"��.�� no D obtain employment on thi* property
The u> w Mlitlon of Thorn) I o-
son's ins11 is f����r hale at this office.
\|r��. C K<iit. of Katalo, -pent a
few days In Sandon tin** week.
Tlie n��,in with the blue shift and
a capital of four bit* iavjual s�� s*el-
imiiic at the 1$. C. Restsurant, in
Sandop. ������* swhitoshirted million*
aire fimn  \, u I>en\*'t .
About 7���"�� men ate now employed on the  Kee...
A special bargain in 'Jreanland
seal far cspes at the Poetoffice
\\'in. Bsattioi of tiie lice >. span!
a fan tlays in the Hub tiffs week
The *��� edition of Tliouiliii-
son*s nap ��f the Sloesn tor sale at
1 hiii office
T��l   M II   'M   II    MO   I o\i  I      \     fnSt
we, |>. 1: McVaj and VV. LI. v-.
S a\. from sud after this <lf te, vcill
not he responsible for any and all
accounts thai may ha contracted
for by th. Kuth Mines or Kiith
Mining ( ���, of Sandon, b. C.
Jattaai y 2ud, 1 v,,7.
Dissc ution  ol  Partner*, no
The partnership between Robt.
McTaggari \ Hans Madsan has
been dissolved this day by mutual
consent. Mad��en -& l.undy pay
all accounts and collect all monies
due the lute linn.
Robt. M< T.GOAH r.
Hans Madmen.
Sandon. Dee. 23rd, '116.
li.Miur hahlteanj iMid iiml you need them
t<>   Ull'llll)
Reform una .irlnk tli.-.t,.,w Thlslla Hlen*V."
If (nun censure you're   free, nnd  revered
��r��- i.v all
.sink close i.\ the "Thlslla," tor tear leal   vou
ll v.mr lu.'k should go Intra, una with  care*
jrtai do brtsUe,
Take ...uifort   serene,   with a drop of the
ii dams fortune should smile itn>! you reach
the to|.notch,
Kegaleail your friends, with the aonderfnl
To all lla>'a conditions, a charm it lends,
I hat   rholrval ol  whiskies, most famous of
Knougb ot K�� merits rou have heard vou
will think,
ll.- sun   rou remember them ail when vou
I.. B.C  -.. I.. K. < . P.
Office:    Rooms,  Nos, 1 and 4.
Clifton House,
SANOON, - - e c
I.. ��v. - ��� > -..
laSafea rhrea fork- al - .���'.���!��� h-Ii.
ti   ii o'clock.
Afternoon    leaves     Thr,**   Fork*   al   i
rlora     i ��*a*. �����i ��*l > at i o'clo, *
The Goodenough
The Finest. Largest and
most Elegant
Furnished Rooms
In the Kntire Northwest.
$2 per Day. No Bar ia Conuection.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
;; iron.
1 8TKEL,
M it IP I
:: caps
M unci
I! au.l
Notice l-cliereliy given that sppRcatton will
bemadetothe U't-lslatlve Aswinhly of the
ProTlnce of Uritisb Columbia at Its next ses-
xlon for an aet eiiuhlliiK the Noble  Five Con-
soii.iaieii Mining ami Millliiu Company (For
eigii) to appropriate flve-hutnlrvil oVOOj Inches
ofthe waters of odvt.'reek. In the Sloean mtn-
Utti lUvlslon West 'Kuotenay District, to erect
aomea for the purpose ot uperatlng a ftoneen
trator,electric light plant, power drills, and
all other purporaa usual, naoaaasry or Incidental to tbe mining or muling of ores, for tbe
purpose Of expropriating land* for such  pur-
S'oMI.K   KlVK    CoS-ol,ll>ATKI'     MlNINO   AKD
M n.i.iN'i o. i Poreigjn. i
Jan   -'l��t.'!-
Ptooania atlaaral Claim.
Situate In the Slocaa Mining Division o| West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
miles up North Kor': ot Carpenter Creek.
Take notice that, I, John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 7I.I1H, intend, sixty days from
t he date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate ot improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
ahove claim.
And further take notice, that action under
section .17, must he commenced iiefore the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thin ist day of January. 1*4)7.
Jan. nth. '1J7. John FrK.i.tiiN.i.
Certificate of Improvements.
Wild <j(��o��e  mineral  claim.
situate in the siocan mining dtristou of West
Kootenay district, on   Noble Five mountain.
Take notice that I. X.S.   Farwell. acting as
agent for the Noble Five, Consolidated   Mining   and   Milling Co.,    foreign,, (n-*. iniinr'-,
certificate No.7��A7f, intend, sixty day* from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining He-
corder for a certificate Of   Improvement*. f..r
the purpose of ahtafnlng a Crown grant or
the a< uve claim.
And flintier hike notice that action,  under
vi'U.'ii xi. mu*t be commenced beUwetlielssu.
auc Of such certificate of improvement*.
Dated this tbe Hth dav of Januarv. 1*H7.
Jan. l��th, l��c. ' A. s.  FAKA BLL.
I'irate mine ".iI claim.
Situate in the slocan mining dh laion of West
K.Hitenay   district, aboul one-quarter of
one mile northeast of the town of Cody.
T;.k. notice that I. A.s. Karwell. acting :i>
agent for Thomas Marks, free miner's certificate No. 76.221, Intend, ��:xty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder
for a certificate of improvement*, for the pur-
(��.s,.. i'obtlUulng a Crown grant of the above
Aim further take notice thai action, und.r
KctioQ **/, tnust be comtnenced u fonp the to-
suance of such certificate of Improecuasts.
t isited t  is ..nu day of January, law.
Jan. Ii.th. ls!C. A.  S. PAR WELL.
Starlight  No. ������> min.-nil claim,
sitrate iu the tilocan mining division of Weal
Kootenay di-trict north oCand joining the
Last Chance mineral claim.
Take notice that 1. A. **. Farwell, an-tiDgaa
agent forth. l^.si cljitfMv Mining and Milling
io.. fr.e miner'* cerUticate No, TStSl. inteiui.
���fxt) days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Kt-eorder fir a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
rrou n grant of the above chdm.
Anrt further tale notice that action, under
Ma-iion p, must Spv*amm**sesd before the to-
Miaii.v nf such certificate ol Improvements.
latfed tins :ui .lav of January. HOT.
Jan. iwn. 1*8*7. A.s. FAH.v BLL.
Lnoe Star and Blue Omuae Mineral claims
situate In the s.1<wi,n Mining Division of West
Kootenav District, thn^-hairtli* of a mile
south    oi    >andon.   west   of  Slocan  Mar
lake notice that. l.John Fti'lding. us agent
for James 1). Sword, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 7a.V��. Intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder tor
cert Meat*** of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown irrentsnf the abovectaiius.
And further take notice, that action under
Section C, Mineral \ci IWtt, must '����� eoni-
iii.'ii.s,-,! before Ihe Issuance ol v>,i(| eertlftcates
of Improvemi nts.
Dit.-.i this Ttii dav oi January, issc.
Jan. 9th. W. JullN KIFl.DlNii.
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Snowstorm Miuenil Claim,
situiitc in the slocan Mining Di\ IshiU of West
Kootenai District, adjoining the Slocan
Box on I'axuc mountain
lake notice that. I. A. S, Farwell, acting as
agent for Fdward Million. Free Miner's Certiti-
rate No. .VJJNI, intend, slxt) days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder
(bra certitlcate ot impnnementa, for the pur-
i��>sc ot obtaining a crown grant ig the above
Ami fhrther take notice that  action,  under
section :IT, must !*��� eominellee.l Ii. lore I he ls>u-
unce of such certldcate ol Improvements.
Dated tin* nth da*, ol i k-tol
Jan. Sth   OT.
'. Is!*i.
i>��> I'uiv Psaction Minkkai Claim,
si i uu te in the slooan kilning Division of Weal
Kootenav    liisfrict.    In   the   MoUulaan
Take notice that. I, A. S Parwell, acting aa
agent for Michael C Monaghan. Fn*' Miner's
Certificate No. 71,111, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to tlie'Mining Kecorder for a certificate of Improvements, tor
the purno*** of obtaining s crown grunt or the
ahove claim
And further take notice that actlun, uii.1t r
section 87, must lie commenced Iiefore the ts
suance ot such certificate ol Improvements.
Dated thlsiSth day of De.cmher, Isstii.
Jan.2nd,OT. A.s Fai;wki.i.,
Noble     Five.    Knoxvllle.     Konan/.a    King.
World's Fair and Maud E Mineral Claims.
Sitoata fa tbe siocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Nohle Five Mountain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that. l.John Fielding, as agent
forthe Nohle Plve Consolidated Mining and
Milling Company, Pree Miner's Certificate
No. 77/)7tt. intend, sixty days from the date
hereofa to apply to the Mining Kecorder for
oert'*V*atc* of improvements for the purpose of
otifa, -'.ng Crown grants of the above claims.
Anu further take notice, that action under
section ^7, must be'oommenced before the ts-
suanci if such certificates of Improvements.
rata*, this nh day of Januarv. l.srT.
Jan. lit.. V7. JtillN FIKLIUNU.
OrbkKborm   Minkkai. Claim.
Situate tn the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  District, on Carpenter creek,
ahout two miles easterly from  the town of
TsiKe notice that I. A. s. Farwell. agent
for John McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No.
M.Sw, and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. ftXSTS intend, sixty days from tiie
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Kecorder
for a certificate of Improvementai tor the pur-
ix^a-of obtaialng a Crown gn��nt ofthe above
Ann further take notice that action, under
section *T7, must be commenced befbee the issuance ofsuch certificate of Improvements.
Dated this l'th day of November, l>?*i
Jan. Jnd. OT. A. S. Fakwki.i..
Situate in the slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  District, on Carpenter   creek.
near the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. I. A. S. FarwelL agent for
Frederick J. Donaldson, Fre.' Miner's   .vrtiri-
cate   No.     taj.iicio.;  John    W   Switzer.     Free
Miner's Certificate No. i>l.M��>; Charles B. Mc-
Closkey, Free Miner's Certificate  No   B|,M5,
and William  H   Todd,  Free .Miners Certifi-
cate'No   51.800,  intend, sixty  days from the
date bereo:, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate ol improvements, for the pur-
pose ofobti. ihtng a I'rown grant of the above
Aim further take notice that action under
section tt, must in- eommenced before the t��-
suanee of Mich eertificat   Of Improvements.
listed tin* nth ,iav of November, lsy-i.
Jan. 2nd. '��:. A s. FARWELL
Picinc  Minkkai. Ci^iim.
Situate   In the   Slocan Mining   Division of
West Kootenay District, on Payhe  Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washing
Take notice that 1, A. S. Harwell, agent for
Frederick Steele. Flee Miner's Certificate   No.
S..SM, nnd Samuel K. Steele, Free Miner's
Certlflci ta No. 7:;.!��tn. nit mt. sixty days from
the date uereof to apply to tne Mining Kecorder for a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Jiown gram ot the
above Halm,
And farther take notice that action, uiidi i
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thia Stth day of November, l*s*>.
D.v. Atb,  :*/'. A. S. F.iKWhl.t..
EaPHBatS   i-KverioN   Mineral   elsiin.
Situate   tn   the   slocan   Mining   Division   ol
West    Kootenay   District   on   the   North
sloi*'   of  the     South    Fork    of  Carpenter   Creek.    North    of and    joining   tne
Texas mineral claim.
Take notice, ilu.t.  1. John  M.  Harris.   No.
���Vi.yiT tor invsadt. and as agent for F,  l\ Kells.
No.'.i,|s.>;-s. M.   whartou.   No. til,Mr*), and   U
C. Wbarton.   No. tftUHS, intend,  sixtv   days
from the date hereof, to apply  to  the  Mining
Kecorder tor  a   cert itlcate of  Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol
the ghovv claim.
Aud further take notice thai action, under
section    C,   must    !*��� commenced   before  the
issuanc. of such certificate ot Improvement*.
Dated this   eighteenth day ��.t  November,
Nov ..'1st, '..;. JOHN M. HARRIS
LnOk Ot  I    VM>Col 1 Mills M IN KH M   CLAIMS.
situate Iu theSI.H-un Mining DlVtstonof  West
Koet.na.v i 1stric-t, adjoining the Wonder-
fui mineral claim l.. M1Q, I. on carpenter treek and about one ami a one-third
miles west ofthe town ofSHtidnnr,
l'ake notice that I. A. S.   Karwell, agent   tor
the Wonderful (jroup Mining Company, Free
Miner's Certificate  Ni,.  fltUKs),  intend'  slxt*,
days from  the date   hereof, to afiplv  to the
Mining Kecorder tor a cert itlcate of Improve
iiiclils,     lor    the    purpose   of     obtaining   .i
Crown grant  ot the aU.ve claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 17, n.net oecommenced before the is.
suance oi sin h oertlflcate of Improvements.
Dated this iMb dav ot November, 1890.
Dec..Mb. IS& A.8. Fakwki.i..
mmmmBamm ;���'
1  '!    " U
I   1    .*
!- -|
- r"
s 1
I   i .
ft   I    -,,
Oil Fialda o< Eaat Kootenay
Oue of the various resources of
East Kootenay waiting for  devel*
opment id the petroleum   found i*i
the Flathead valley, iu the  south,
eastern   portion   of   this   district.
This is  a  section   of the  country
but little known, and is  separated
t'roui the remainder of  the district
I'Y   a   high   rant:**   ��l   mountaius.
The natural outlet of the valley is
down   the   Flathead    River   into
Montana, and ttie nearest railroad
is   the   Great   Northern.      Some
years ago attention   was  called to
this section through the  finding of
crude oil iu the possession ot some
Stony Indians who annually hunt*
���*d in this valley,  and   they   v*.erc
induced   to   show    some    miners
where they obtained tbe oil, which
they   (the Indians)  were    in   the
habit of using as a   medicine  for
complaints of ��ll kinds.    The surface indications are good, and two
different qualities of ��>il have been
obtained.    On Kishneeiia Creek, a
short distance north of the   international  boundary   line,   a   black
oil   similar   to  the  Pennsylvania
and  Ohio oil   is  fonud.     But on
Sage creek some eight miles north,
there is found an oil that is nearly
pute of a light yellow color, which
will burn in a lamp as it  comes
from the ground.    Close hy  there
is natural gas escaping  from  the
bedrock  which   burns   freely   on
ignition.    Some of this oil, sent to
the Geological Museum at Ottawa,
caused     considerable   excitement
and comment and was pronounced
a fraud on account  of its  purity.
I>r. Selwyu,   head  of  the  department, made a special   trip  to  the
valley and was  surprised   t.��   find
the oil genuine, and also  that thin
��� >il was found in the Cambrian
formation which was something
unknown as oil hitherto  discover-
��� d hasbeeu iu Trenton Limestone.
Directly due east of Sage creek,
and on the eastern slope of the
Rocky Mountains in Alberta Territory, there are plenty of surface
indications of crude oil. And the
inding of these indications over
such a large area, aud in the same
'ormation would go to show thai
there is a large oil held awaiting
capital to develop it and we may
expect that in the near future the
oil fields of East Kootenay will be
known all over the world.
A.   O.     Wtll.Sr,,,
t Tobaccos. Ciprettes aud Pipes,
- Playing Cards and Mer Clips.
Auction sale of furniture at
Crowley & Co.'s. iu cousequeuce
of removal to New Denver, on
Thursday evening next at 7 p. m.
Klegaut bed-lounges will be offer*
ed together with general household furniture. Next to Hayes* tin
Slinn A Co. have bought the
business of 0. A. Madill and in*
tend carrying a full stock of con*
fectionery and biscuits.
Tbe chickens served at the B. C.
Restauant all die young and are
the reverse of the formation around
Dr. Witter'fl temporary office at
McQueen A Gore's Drug Store.
; In Rear of Balmoral Hotel )
First-Class Wort Guaranteed.
in Connection.
Sea   Salt    Baths    Without    Extra
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
Steamer leaves Nakusp every Sun
day.  Wednesday and   Friday
morning, making clout* cnnuec
tion at Kevelstoke with train*
for all points Kast or West.
Before you travel get  Information
ffom C. P. K. Averts as to
times antl rates. It will save
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or to]
A.   C.   Mt.YUTIin..   Agent,
District Passenger Agent,
Blocs IniogStiiciw laugghi  nnd sold.   IV* bate �����������������> ��..��!.������
velopgood  ley...mate  jmstbeet* fnr an  int*i.*t   oi mm  '��>.,  tl	
,,ut f"t- oasi��.	
1I..ii*i* for Sale ��r In Let  ��'��� C �����)  ������",| s.n.d ��u.
McMartin & Currie
(gody (groo'H
EVaYXLW if ILiiMiii
Ktc, Etc.
- ������ - ���
SI jjE.lt on iSc ( U >.
If;t\ e   I" ��    i   lull   I.lot-   ��.f
SjrCAIsf. AM" INVMIM   (,��Mih**  *Ht
B. C
i id
I- nne "f thr in *t | I... ��������. i..
S.tio'oii to ������l'lit:i.
Beverages"",,, Delicious
IN     I \*l I     |\O
Call   Jit   the
Hotel Ivanhoe,
"I II Kl IC i/l AI.ITll -


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