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The Paystreak Sep 4, 1897

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Array 1
,m    umi *..... "ii..;.
ILL.*,11   II   I.   i '*
-i...'�� ���i
Cook at the Selkirk Mine Arrested for flttrder.
��iii��.*asi��wii*^!*��*" nm
Through a crack   Roper  *aw  htm
coming  and *bot  bun  dead.   He
ruHluil out with bin -.rooking revolver, And al tbe deputy, intoning him.
but killing the  horse, and t**capod.|
lrV_r> a a.*., n i*_ai' nf **lTlI ittftt war**I
advantage of condition* and getting I
hold of new propositions. The pros-1
pects for fall business are splendid '
hut killing the  horse, and escaped. I      SANDON ORE SHIPMENTS.
For a week a oome of 200 men were! 	
tajarehinff for him without success, j   The shipments of ore from Sandon
Taken Back Do Ba Tried lor the
Willful Hurdar ol a Shar-
iM la 1802.
J. Taylor was aireetetl Thursday
;,t tin*  Stlkirk  mine, and will U
token to Arkansas to be tried for a
warder t^immitted in %S**1i.   About
tt meek ago there arrived in Handon
�� tall, keen featored man* wearing
.��it.ng top coat and slouch hat, who
wrmed very   wiltiuff,."   !**<*�����   to
a tint .-tlR^iaSOpae had to *��y, but
nlM-ii ��|tH*titmed hlm*elf wa* dtmtb
m **n o\ titer.   This was Hht-rin*L. C.
Smith ��.f Aikan*** county, Ark..
who ba* been on the track of the
iiittnlirer for several months.and
with bim  wa* his deputy. R>  N.
smith, who has kept very quiet. h A
warrant   atldraawd   to   Ccmsuble
\| untatn caliie Ik the matt at the
Msn- time, and tha* beer* waiUisg the
..tnetalih> *t*f����rnfW*tn Kamloops to
U'wnratf.   Thuiaaj^yl^fiterfrwMoon-
i.tiit  and CaMla  startttl  up to get
I'teir man, itfltw being wiUoned by
siitriirSmith totake nochwne.***ami
ii.11.. giv&Jfcfe'tmn tfMtie u* inak<' a
move. ;tahl ____o|M_______*t> Ittost tit***-
1-rate ititiilll ���.TMr. B" *>���'*��"�����'���
n tut The ul*,BF imTP* 1 Smith,
l-resident of w*r SelPrk company,
.ruing down the trail and indtutil
him t*i return, telling bim that they
want'i! tottee the pr����*.*rtv a* well
���*> to lind out if tlte men bad all paid
HI tax.
Mr. Smith went   back   and at the
iMink house  Introtluced   the ofneer*
1*1 tbe man.   When  Taylor was in-
msltieed Officer Mowntain took hb
hand ami d'-niandcd if he had paid
hi* rotul tax.   Before the astonished
man  could  reply   the  officer had
urablawt the other   arm and Officer
lallin bad  put  tht* ahackle* on bis
wrists, and he  was toW thev had a
warrant for hia arrest.   For a mo-
i����nt the man trembled all over and
turned   white, but  soon   nrovered
liiitwelf.   He  told   the officer* they
were  mistaken   In   the  man.   but
mads no objection to going  with
-turn.   He was  ltfought down to
���NttitUm and  then  taken to Three
forkn for the night.   Friday be was
"tartud to Nelwm to be taken before
'"'ige  Me Adam, where paper* are
waiting to take  him across thc line
''*A u�� the state where be is charged
with one of the most causeless mur-
ofrn in that state** annal*.
In June, im* Sheriff A. Ok Byh'r
��>f Baxter countv. Ark., w of the
��������rtliern counties, with a deputy
w�� re given a warrant for one Jo******
��> Roper, The man wa* ltwated in
" *hantv and Bylor got off hi* horse
����d start**! for the Route, taken po
���*���*������.�� and anticipating no trouble.
snd the bunt ha* lieen kept up ever
ninee. No trace was found til|,a
short time ago. when it was learned
that he was somewhere in British
Jim Hardy got into some trouble
in TennesNtn* several years ago, and
went into Arkau��as, where he took
the name of .U*me D. Koper. Bud
Hardy, a brother, got a letter from
J. Taylor, in Sandon, about some
claim?*. This letter got into the
hand* of the officer* of the law, and
a detective was immediately put on
the trail. Taylor, Roper and Hardy wen* found to lie one man. He
hits been cooking at the Selkirk for
three month*, and has la-en known
at the mine as a man of violent tem-
ia*r and not to be croat-ed, but has
had no trouble. He took the matter
coolly while chained to the wall at
the jail, and when thc handcuff*
were l-eing put on to transfer to
Three Fonts be remarked that he
would not ctfcape if he bad s chance,
ss he was confident of proving hb
innoc.net*. Sheriff Smith I* confident, however, tbat he has the right
man, a* he knew him l%foretke
criinr ��� was commitu*!. He will VSe|
gtmi-ded very closely till landed
aafelv In Arkaffss*.
for the first four weeks in August,
1897, were as follows: ^���l*1111***11111111111*1���
Slocan Star,
Noble Five.
American Boy,
Slocan Bov,
Total,       .      .      .  3,527   tons
The ere shipments  from Sandon
from August %1 to Sept. 2, inclusive,
were a* follow*:
Ruth,      -      -      -
Noble Five,
Slocan Star,    -
Slocan Boy,
-   15
727  tons
The Police Court Has Not Felt the
i '{instable Tallin lias not lieen worried by any falling off in business
the past week.   In fact it has been
the busiest week  in the bbtory of
the Sandon police court.
On Monday the case against John
(table, acting a* agent for J. M.
Harris, for tearing down a rdiack,
wa* dbinitated. a* tbe pnisecution
failed to make out a case.
< aiitatn Wolley. provincial sanitary inspector, got out with his drag
net and made a large haul among
the property owner* for allowing
their premise* to remain in an unsanitary condition. A tine of 15 and
cost* wit* iniirosetl on most of them.
Some appealed their cases. They
feel agrieved, a* they eon*��idered
that their premises were all right-
Two or three day* were taken up
with ibeau cum**. Captain Wollev
left instruction* to continue oo with
the matter until all premises  are
Ib-sUlen these there were taveral
"drunk and disorderly." the assault
Tueedav, and the trip to the Selkirk Thursday ft* the man wanted
in Arkan*****.	
Confidence Restored.
The panicky feeling which has
prevailed here fur two weeks is
about over, and confidence b increasing with each day
More mine*
creasing wim �����. -   -. t,lkiiur ,���>
MippHe* than befbl t.   >eww
The Sapphire shipped a ear of ore this week
The Hlocan Star ha- paid **��i^w in <Uvi
<lciid* to date.
Witt Hickey ha* Htarted work an tW *Vnda-
���a, ****** tae IvautW
Tbe Last Chance started t��> pack ore down
forrdiipaneiit laat Wednesday.
Mr. Wat**, fonnarlv of the Wellington, haa
.lartwd work on hi. claims, not far south of
Dan Bonirard a��ut four men over into Jack,
son basin t*. work on tbe Crown Point, owned
by Vanconver pnrtiei..
Tbe Lone Star ami Blu* Grouse, owncl by
Uoatrea! parties, ��ituat����I near the Slot-an
Star, Save atarted work.
Tn�� Monitor at Three Pork* is ��tarling work
again after being closed aome time by a di*-
pole among tbe owner*.
Bartlett Bra*, are parkins ore from the
Preddl* Las, Last Chance. AJax, American
Boy and Slocan Boy, and commence next
waek on tlie Ooodenoticb.
Tb* Lock*.- Jim Gold Mining company of
Sandon have placed an order with tbe Jeneke*
Machine company of Sberbrooke. through
thnir Ro.��lau.l branch, for tbe Iron work for
a three rail tramway. s
A. U. Melvin of Vancouver will locate in
Mr*. K. Pickeiaen. from Seattle, ba* Joine.1
ber bu��band in Sandon.
lw: BrotiM' of the Slocan Hospital at Xew
Henver wa* In Sandon Friday.
J. K. Molnni*. proprietor of the Standard at
Regiita. X. W. T.. vpenl a few day* in Sandon.
Mr*. Matthew Guthrie and Mrs. T. Xorguay
want to the hot *priugL* yeaterday for a weak.
Jack McOuigan, Mis* Mt-Guig��n. Mr. and
Mr*. R. M. Sherman went to Spokane on
8. Prou*e and wife, W. S. Ferguson and C C.
Peigiuon, of Priuce Edward's Island, ware in
Sandon Friday.
A. Taylor. po*.tina*ter of Kilinonton, who
came aero** the plain* ou tha hurricaue deck
of a caytwe lHyear. ago. spent Friday in San
Mr*. 8. Campbell, wif*. of tbe K. & S. railway
agent, ba* arrived. Mr. and Mr*. Camp-jell
have taken up their re-ddence n*>ur t��i*> Mettto-
di*t church on the hill.
1        a. .iLip-ra
The New Rooma of the Sandon
Club a Source of Delight
The Sandon Club had an informal
opening in their new rooms last Saturday evening.   Every one present
expressed pleasure at the handsome
appearance and completeness of detail which the   quarters present.
Every comfort which good teste
could suggest, or money  buy, has
been supplied.   The entire upper
floor of the Harris block is occupied.
A large billiard room with two elegant tables is in the east end.   Adjoining is a card room off of a general lounging room.   Off this is the
entrance room,  with membership
books, bulletin, etc., and steward's
room and lavaratory.   Next are two
large reading rooms, with the best
papers and magazines of the English
speaking world.   From one of these
rooms is the writing room, a quiet
little  place with desks, stationery,
etc., and another room which can be
used for any purpoae desired, which
is left unfurnished, adjoins.
Lazybacks, rockers and sofas
abound. The walls are artistic and
covered with numerous pictures.
The carpets are heavy and rich in
design, and the club prides itself on
having the finest club rooms in Kootenav.   The club now hasamem-
ThcFbl_k*_*s are So* IfcBodaW,
president; Henry F. Myron, vice-
president; E. IH. Sendilands, sccre-
ter\*-treasurer; genoral committee-
C. t). Hunter, R. W. Thomas, M. L.
Grimmett,   John Dalv, George H.
Kydd, D. S. Wallbridge, E. M. San-
dilands; trustees���George H. Kydd,
Henry F. Mytton, M. L. Grimmett.
Day 'and  night stewards are employed.   The rules and by-laws art;,
good, and with the management to
be expected from the high standing
of the officers in charge, the club
promises to be the source of great
hem-lit and pleasure to its members
and guests.
Ko word bas been received from the government regarding incorporation.
The minstrels an coming. Monday night a
rehearsal Is to be bald at Spencer"* ball.
The K. ��fc S. *old through ticket* thia weak to
Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Denver and San
Clearing tbe right-of-way for the Reco tram
commenced tbi* week. The bids ranged front
The Giant Powder company arebuUdinga
magazine on the Cody road, abont half way
between Sandon and Cody.
Lawrence A McKensie have bought the Reco
lauudry, aud nave established an uptown
offiee fbr receiving and delivering good, at
Gale'* barber shop, next to Crawford a McMillan's.      	
Quotations for the Week.
Saturday, August 28, ��� - 52
Monday, August 30, - 521-8
Tuesday, August 31, - ��� 51J
Wednesdav, Sept. 1, - - 511
Thursday, Sept. 2, - - 51 g
Friday, Sept. 3, - - - 52
On Monday, August 30, lead made
a raise of 25c a hundred to 13.85, and
has remained Arm at that figure.
Great Western Assuming the Proportions of a Great Mine.
Last Mav the Two Friend* Mining company, limited, received a
great deal of adverse comment from
the newspapers on account of throwing up their bond on the Two
Friemis mine on Springer creek.
The company are now in a lair way
to more than recover any loss from
that mine in the one they are now
working, tbe Great Western, near
the Washington in McGulgan basin.
This i>roperty was bought from
George Alexander this spring on the
recommendation of George Turner,
who started work the first of June
to open it up.
The mine has shown up since in a
way that has made every one connected with it feel happy. Shipping
ore was struck soon after commencing operations, and the mine started
shipping the first week in July and
has been shipping every week since.
The ore yields 65 per cent, lead and
UO to 130 ounces in silver from the
The work bas been done principally on No. 2 tunnel, which Is in
260 feet. Tbe showing here has not
been excelled by any similar amount
of work in any mine around Sandon. Ore was found from the mouth
of the tunnel, and about 90 feet in
an upraise has been made into a
body of clean ore from ten inches to
two feet wide, trom which seven ear
loads have beeu taken in bat a small
raise from the level of the tunnel.
Thb pay chute has been {trospeeted
for 180 feet in the tunnel and is seen
to continue sll the way. On the
ledge is also about two ft_ct of concentrating, which bas aot been tested as to extent, and haa not been
taken out except in the tunnel.
A parallel vein has been topped
about 35 feet to the north, separsted
from the main lead by a porphyry
dike, which shows from 12 to 18
inches of ore, {tartly clean and partly concentrating. This is all being
run through the Washington concentrator. Four or five hundred
tons of concetitrating ore is on the
dump awaiting an opportunity for
treatment. Wt two tannels below
No. 2, which are in ISO and 260 feet,
have both just cotne into ore, although 75 feet is yet to be run before coming to the ore body above.
The ore here is steel galena.
Fred Nelson is the foreman, and
Imilding* are now being pot up for
the ��tccomn*odation ofa large force
of men, including cook and bunk
lionse* and offices for superintendent.
On tbe whole the mine promises to
be one of the great producer* of the
Slocan. It ia encouraging tr *"*ve a
new mine opening np, at thia tt. *e
especially, with the prospects ot the
'Jreat Western for adding great
wealth to the district.
Assaulted aad Robbed.
Lillian Myers wss the victim of a
brutal assault Wednesday mornlng
by Jack MeCaithy, who' afterward
robbed her of a diamond ring she
wss wearing aod got away toward
Three Forks. Mc&rthy had been
employed to do a smalt job of carpentering, and after finishing it bad
demanded more than the stipulsted
payment. When refuswd, he demanded ber watch, which she would
not give np. He then beat ber with
his fist on the face and head tn a
shucking manner, and made her pull
off s diamond ringwhieh tasnatehed
and decamped. Officers are after
him and he will probably pay dearly for hi* ring.	
' Robert Ward of the Victoria Arm
of Robert Ward tt Co., commission
merchants, is in Sandon. ���
Ore was found in the new tunnel
on the Ssndon townsite - Loudoun
claim) this week in the carbonate
and galena float.
Mrs. Charles E. Callahan, wife of
a fellow-suffering editor of the Sidney (Neb.) Telegram, was in Sandon one day this week.
T. B. May of Vancouver is attending to the business of the Bank of
British Columbia in the sbeeneeof
H. F. Mytton, who is sway on a vacation at the coast cities.
Postmaster Atherton has received
b number of full sets of jubilee
stamps from the government, ran
ning from one-half cent to fl, to satisfy the demands of philologists.
J. J. Browne, a well known Spokane man, with hb family and Miss
Carrie Maber and Miss Helen Hooker were in Sandon s dsy this week
on a aaght-seeing trip of Kootenay.
Mrs. H. Giegerich of Ainsworth.
with her two children, spent a couple of dsy* in Sandon this week.
The flowers brought from Mrs. Gle-
gerich's garden sre tbe prt-ttfest
things seen in Sandon Ibr many a
Mrs. J. R. Burton has returned
from Kamloops, where she haa heen
attending at tbe death bed of her
uncle, Bartlett Newman, one of the
old pioneers of British Columbia.
He wss a resident of Kamloops 35
W. T. Byrnes and J. F. Donald
son have taken a six months' working bond on a group near Sprooles,
and have started to find what there
is in it. Tbe gi*oupfc tiie Carbonate
No. 2, Cleaiwater, Senate and Congress, owned bv Charles Hanna and
Ed Kgbert, and high assays have
been obtained from good t-edg--**.
R. W. Thomas gave a little tea
ar last Friday afternoon in the
on club rooms so aa to show the
new quarters to a few of his lady
friends. The ladies now want to
join the club. Tbe party were Mr*
and Mrs. C. D. Rand, Mr. and Mrs*
B. C. Ribtet, Mr. and Mr*. C. J.
Smith. Mia* McGulgan. Miss Kelle-
her, Messrs. Hughes, Griffith, Bowser, Kidd and Dr. Powers.
Tbe Chieftain Group.
The Chieftain group, four miles
above Mineral Citv on Csriboo
creek, owned by W.' G. Clark, Pat
Maglimfs ...Ml J. Brown, haa 75 feet
of tunnel. One assay, got thb week
from tne breast of the tunnel, gave
936 gold and 177 ounces silver; another gave 135 gold snd 366 ounces
silver. *Work will be continued
it along. Mr. Clark, who b sop-
tending the work, has been resting in Sandon thb week, but has returned to thc mine. An assay front
thb mine last June went 81261
ounces silver and 1ft 1-10 per cent,
copper, with no trace of gold, from
a streak of bromide of silver.
Town Iota and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thompsoh, Mitchkix A Co.
Tbe Sandon Laundry for first
class work. In the rear of Spencer's
hall. Clothing mended and buttons
sewn oo carefully.
���JaSfW K<M.'.*
A *%. MAttoo
In Anti Quantity
Antkraclte. Canmore. N. W.
BtactxsiMitk  or Stove Coal.
Cody Aoenue, Sandon*
ie Leader
Emporium of Fashions
H*��* rnoitrnd o ��w����_fnn.r���t ,4 it.*
latent -tvttr*. In
Dr. J. V. Edwards. N.D.. CM.
flradnattt Qnaan's t'nttotdty. Kiti��*t��*n *t��.l
Get* sod Geld Ores Melted. Re*
need end Botvjjht
*Tm sJk Sen l TVS*     Sookaas* vt j
SrrSS^m   mew   m ar* %aaw nwmrnw.
KattVn In konky girw* that tha t*_*_**_"****J}
kasataataa* asUttaa ha* ���*���**�� taa aaa****-%taa**l
����� Minis**btmmkmwwtnmtkUdoj taw**'*-***'-"
Mr atataai mainmt. Wan, C. 9*0* will pay alt
Isntttiniaa anal t*r��ltn��*r. all **r*aoata,
��� Dated at Sandon. *a*ra*t
mt*A mot'
5T w.T%!*ni.L.
Cas*Mftsnto sa i
Sstnat* In tn* Ssaran Mtolas Mt-Uoa *d WV.I
Kootnna- dirrtrtVt,   WWra lormtwd     H*ot
���an at Sandon.
    notlra  that I. OV***t*#* AUtan4��r. ft-**
salraas*a emtttArmtn  Hn rtjpsn, a* ar******,! ttw H
W Faratar, .fata aaM*a**a <nr***iaVraSa Jfw JOjTa.
H. W. PeVar, ten rralM*** em* tweak* Ho 1*.-
' 'X % Me Va*f, tm alaar** ���f-rrr-tlSrattr
mty ��**��* trom  thadnt*
It. Vny�� taw. Waa-rsf** ���**a*rtia*wsl*v
J*��. Tt_t*V Intnad, atntt* dav* tram tht data
tsarsuf, ta annir ta Un gold ewtmmemtonar tor
o t***-rtt**>at* c/laaarmvasaaat*. I..r taa potpum
��rf oMaialitf a-L-owa mat rf ^
And fartha* taka n*-**---*. that a<t��t>ra����tatia*
mnat ha aaat ta tarn a****** i-wwrnlaaLWiLtanr ������*
action *srtnr*asaiia* baton tha taaaaiv-a .4 mmb
cafttSsata ot imnottommU
Datad thi* mb day at Aa^.i. t*t<       	
ct. Ai.r.XA\i*r.R
Ural* of Sr-st naMiVatlaa. An*, n, l*v*
n*ntxtt*am*m ma ��
aura - av mixkuai, clam.
M-itaaU In taa Btrmon Mmtm} Wt-Uan af Waat
Kotftaaay   rlljjtrtrt      Wkon   Im-aiad ~ta-
t*#ar*n tlw Oalaaa an* Maad K   wlnvral
-lain*,* on Santa Wi*o snanntaln
Toko aattaa ths* I, A. S. faro-all, aa>nt for
taa Last Cnanea Mlntns aatt MilUita ramfra*
ny (forasfni. frsa atla��V* rarttSrat*. Sa. otAU.
Inland!, tdtiy day* tram On dot* b**re*4. to an*.
Kto tbn ailaiac tmmttdot tn ot^HiBeotoot
mnt*o\*mU.t*wtk*pwrpot*'4 ��Kf��lntn�� a
atmtni Sssurt of Haa annva rl.slat
Antl lartaar teas na^jca iltai a* it*t��, aadet
sactlon mt, ntnsi n# ttom mejavar! tiaf��tta tko laat*.
an*a�� af say* <i*a**��laVat�� of trarfrj-j*trataitt*
1**4*1 tal*. MS nay of Aoly. WW
Imu of arst iwtrUentiea, Attty to, um.
Csrtlfieais sf tmarovsitasnis-
ttttnata In tha itloean Mlnlaa ISrtalon of Wast
W*rJJf��    lr-rrat��4   On
aan ii ������������������
Taka_*��*��*1***Akot l.Am* W. Umhy.tr*** mlnata
notipmto Ito MASS, Intaa4 alsty day* from
Hw data iMtraof la a poly la tha ntlnlnn twttord.
or for a o��rtln**aU of iatpr��**'n*.ni. lor th*
MtLiiwat of obUinina a croat, grmnt ot tha
ahora elaim. And fnrthanr taka aath-othat
ff**r|iM sutrtar aantlon �� rstnst ba Mmr*wr*<ra|
hafora tha ta*oa*����*�� of *nrh j*artln*>at�� nf Im.
Isatad this SRh day of inly, A. f��. I**T.
��_.      ._ ...**$ r. L1AMTItrostar,;.
Isata of Sr*t pnMiaation, Aolt tl. 1S*T.
Cr*aapLfhr*__n tha Jnt.ti**. >��). i^.^^
W**wtmm,tn*tmitt, v��� r*111  �����*] Bi^"_
fiMSat ^Wjiiaw��
ttadtaa* Farnlahla*.. F��i.�� s��i. H..,h-��� |
dararaar. aad s*vrMrythin* In tl*. iit.. _i fnm
niUtWry asaantad la tit* tti.*-.t *i,u��tt*.
t����a***naairag a **��*��*��� tati, sad atHtMlsl*
Wa nialiaani-talaad in *iti��. ..,.i .u ��ltfi
fSts*_aiad a�� aa will neai*�� on* M-v;., Mm>
Mrs. O. H. DOiOHTY.
Ilwaa* *#>����� t.*  *���(,+ ,,.
R. Strathern & Co
Wstcamakers aid
W, Halmui* Mgr.
law** aftrt Jewfr,.
and *Wr��imf _WB*t*wa|
Notary Public*
on. a. a. ���aasHAu.
Wm utat M**a>t natnatra!. tn mwtam,
one* o rwwitb
Inataau. IWs saktrs. Mix)
Taa PtMsata Csaasii*s*ws m ����tai C*
Umltad   UaMIIti
Ory   Seft Mint**  ���*���  ******* c*
MwHrS l.iaNliit 't>tr.l-*ii*
Selkirk   Mining ami    Milling O*
Umttad IJaWlttt
itnom* Hu.*.����^
sakimik. a. r
Oertttleats ef l��ee��*��rt'*��ffU
l*tatMAI MWWtAI.< I-\-9
(trtnata tn tha l��ta*aa Hlnlita I����� ";'���;�� ^
gotrttmov dkdrtr*    Wttaf lj- ���" . J^,,,.
Xtarrraas.aboae "I*** ���**<* "������-���*����� ���"
tto tha lawn of I ����dy. , ua
S^-1**^:1 4oAnV."v...* �� ^
���fllJEa**, inland. *l��ty day. tram *����� ����������� .#r,il;
taapidy to th* mlnlnf n*ar*u   Mr*      %,
rwn^nnnw**nantn fat tto p��n��*
minitnnVrane**  meant ot Or*-  �� �����'���     aB��w
And  lartaar taka  aoH** th��   *^���,,(..
���a^htnR.Mrurt W____??r:M^ .r'h^����.
���mm* 0tnmke***tiAeol* at later*"**
twtatl tht* ��*t daj ��l Aalt. l**r y rWw.i,
tmtr* af grat P-,Mt-att.��n, Jnlv '���' **j
Merchant*  Advertise in ��w
Paystreak Because It M* TIIE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B.C., SEPTEMBER 4, 1897.
auk ts ****** *>*  *���***
,     ..rraltlrat ��*����������W mt **��� C* F*
^'S'-r-l���- ***** ���*****!*��.
(,Mnll���Hi..r,- Troup was in command
/,;;;,��,,,n,r Slocan on Friday, snd a*
beat into Bo*ebery be
��� house ��sg. This w** in
Yii-t'-Preatdant Shaughiiea-v
he rim
InWed �����"
^,Z C V H^and hi* party, who came
' '��� lhl. a((a.rMso train from Sandon
I  the vi^praiident was Oeneral
^,n��.rn��Sti;erl��tendent M*n��b';
lWl Mr   lk-aaley,   ���uperlntendent of
,hi* div i*��'���� oi the road. ���*
toSliaaghnetoy looked over and ad-
miltdtbe new **teai��rr. Spok*>nf Mm
Ltd -rrowth ol the country ��inee he
,,, through her* ***** year* ago. but In
_-�����! *., the comjianj**projett* In tin*
^nliva.id there wa* nothing new to
_>, fbe Slocan cxom\n% r*nd would
b.rtw.h lor biwlnes* by tktoher lflth,
pmhahl'v Mori", *������i ���** cwnjiairy re
Bd Bpon it to ����rry moat ol the bn*inea*
4Brm|f .*,,. ����n^ thatmiwbadt^..
h�� tht- Vrrti* lake*. There was no
firthernea-saOl he would like mask
���J*, tm-r.. ih-* paaple ot tbi* ttwajon
. , ,,l. ** be hail ..utWt. inrer ll >,l
ti,,, n��* put la * gtiodhuinored w��y sa
'(ownimpsay ws* only awaiting nr
to begin witii, ��ur lead prurdut-tint should
bsve such protection m to tie able to
supply the Canadian market. That is
tbe vital point, to my mind. We have
a Canadian market for lead, and yet a
very large tier centage ol our lead ia im-
trortcd ; while our lead going into tbe
United State* haa tu \my a outy of 1 %
cent* per pound. 1 feel very sure tb*t
the prt'-M'tit government will be willing
Ui give attention to this matter, ktause
the members of it are deeply interested
in  tbe development of this part of tlie
eountry. I
" I iim ice that some of our present
smeltera are putting in lend stacks. On
tlie American side tlte smelter men have
been needing our wet ore* for timing,
ami have therefore treated them for next
to nothing. How thin mav Im* in tbe
future I cannot say, but undoubtedly we
shall soon see more smelter* and retine-
rie* on thia aide, and, let us hope, * mint
also."- Tlie hedge	
HILVr.lt   IN   LOS DOS.
tCorrtna   rr-rara Sams   l*t��  tha   Whole
riaanclal Mltaatlon.
motto-metal ic theory aa " tuiachevioun *'
and " I'topian." It ia not amaxing that
when by consent of other nations, we
are to have gold here, if we rigidly demonetize gold in India, making India
still the free silver 'sink "���is it not
amazing that Mr. Goschen, who has
brought us all to recognise tbe shoals
we are running on, should now be apparently unnerved and vacillating ��� determined to discover imaginary difficulties and to invent dangers?
Bimetalistn   at  1  to  15J_!   Tbat is
rupee exchanges at ten to the sovereign;
the tael and the yen and all the exchanges  with  800,000,000   of   Asiatics
deprived of the present gold premium
of 100 per cent.    This seems too good to
Ire true.   Commercially it means s new
heaven and a new earth; a far better
world tomorrow for all the white races.
It ia better not to anticipate sucb hless-
in_r as near at hand; but I do feel, after
a period of despondency, that perhaps
the very last chapters' -of this strange
historv'of financial   anarchy,  which J
dates back to 1873, are even now being*
"\Vh".. dont vou bring tbe road tnt;>
W. ,..utd not get down Ibe guh h ;
ibrcrsde would b��t*w great Our only
,��_,* would be to make a spur from
lU-i-erv here, and 1 doubt If that
raid be any great advantage As to
a���v further rsllrosdlng sround the
Uk, there is no pt*t*��eot nt-*cea*.ly tor
,i ..( i-onrtM* tbe opening of ihe asm
pling work* at Ko*��bery will stimulate
mining devefcianrol. ** mine owner*
��HN then b* ahle to get an immediate
nturn for their ores, which ���������*[������*!
thine Hut this b��*t *��> be salient
for ihe increased \*w*��n.**s for* time,
-nl then we ran put on more boat**. AH
ihe* towns around the lake can ht-
iwiu-T served by host* than by a rail
rssi .
Asked a*, to tbe recent survey* made
h\ ihe company In the neJgfa.mrh<��*d
n! bVar lAe.Mr Sli��ugbiie*��y ��ttd
���Vie are looking into ii; that is at
We ,.rtt|��>*e to rsaeh all the n.ine* lit
this .thrill aa ost^*to�� may ���***���������� to
n-ijttire "
ll��� con vernation naturally ran en to
thf Innght* on ore*, in regard to a hieh
Mr. Shaughnfltwy ***** two evening*
Mor. made .i *i*cech *o full of Promise
for ItWUnd* low* grade ore* thai be
was most enihnalrtAtleally ^applauded
H.< aia.kf inetdontally "I Hie at-hemc
nf tit*. Vivian*, of 8**ai.*e*.to treat
Iritish (olumhia orea at their hup'
-..irks there, and aald that aeveral larp-
���hippers had lieen emjuiring what rates
Ih* coin pa nv would give to the coa*t
II..a  this acbeuie will  work,    he
"iitiuutHi. "i am of court*** unable to
<i\     Jtut I M*e no n*a*��*��Hi why   *��,���
*l.<>ulil not have our own smeller* and
r.liu.ri.*. in a abort  time;  ye*, and
mint our own nilver.   What xcttse is
there in  our  lining   American   sihet
m..iivv ?   We get no Canadian coin* at
��!. hi British Columbia!   How much
���ilver the government  eonld u*o in
malting t-urrem-v I do not know, but to
mint her own silver would tindoitliiedly
k*vs a lii'tieficinl effect upon the *ilver
mining Industry,    | ��t*e 00 reason why
*e should nm mint at lea*t t*VOiai,Oiio
��' silv.-r ciirrenev, legal tender up to a
"iHHitieii amount. **v ���s;*
," Would vou advocate withdrawing
�����������>��' sinah bill* now Issued by the
" Mo*i certainly. In view ��f our
l'Wsent and proaimctive *ilver produe*
"'m that would be a distinct advantage
""'I would materially assist the country I
Mvalopment. We must all co-o|*��rate
mi this.
"We nu,*u��lso coKiporate on flnding a
new market for .mr lend prtabictiott and.
Moreton Frewen has sent a very inter-
eating letter to Judge (totalwin of Halt
lake, upon the -nil.ject of bimetalism and
the advancement which the American
,-otntiu**ioiter* have made and. are making with the Bnmpt*Sn la^wers. When
the coititntiMtioner* start***} upon their
mtsaion, Krewcn did not attach much
im|tortam*e to their mission. For this
r-eanon tbe tone ol his letter is tbe more
*tgniAcant   He says:
Vou see, our (teopie h��ve never b*d
any practteal resj-eet lor your financial
methods ; itwleed, why stionld Uiey ?
Thtis ihe movement of a great nation :
tb0 bimetalistn of Bryan, tbe bimetalt*m
A Mckinley had quite failed to impress
US     llUt  tbi* ijUlle   u
���aa* ..... ���.��� ...^  unexpected movement toward tree coinage in France
haa come aa * boll from tbe blue.
French Ananee has always appeared
to tw a boll-** silmirsMe. Tiiat thrifty
a,naer.ativi�� France should adopt the
attitude that the two great republic*
-ouhl safely u go it alone.' if our Indian
mints reotreimi. and if lterlin would
agree to take a little silver annuallv, ami
*vll none���it is banlly |to*f*ible to* over
rale tbe moral effect of such a development as ihia. It is not America, then,
that is dragging forward an unwilling
France ; it is rather France that is al-out
to lrt*c*Mtte tbe Urgi-t of tbe gold pt*e** I
When WoK-ott rcturne��i from France
last February and declared that Matins,
tbe French prime minister, was in a
likely mood, he said very little more,
ami Uie thing seemetl torn* wholly im
prtdtattle. But here is Baron Cotitvel,
Ute Frt.ncb amha*.ador. colUUu-aUng
with your men at every Stop, mid Meline
'levlitrvd to a friend Uie other day, "li
a<��� tbe government* are put out beesus*
of our support of silver, we shall noi be
out long."
You can then imagine Ihe surprise oi
our people at the attitude of the French
mititstrv. Bryan, we were told, was a
low fallow; be was* ''ienud^*torn*--a
"tlfty-cent dolltir" man ; nut here is a
French government working ipiietly for
I forty-t.ve-.vnt dollar, for a ratio of 1
to \h**i ami our press, in dumb surprise,
has not yet found any adjectives.
It is strange that the member of this*
cabinet from whom the least was hoped,
Sir Michael Beach, tlie chancellor of the
t'xcltequer, isappaontly tbe nun-it anxious
of all to help thing!* forward to a speedy
settlement*, while on the other hatiil that
metnU'r whose speeches in the jmst have
done the mt��*t to arose public opinion
bfifS, t0 tl.e i-reiit dangers impendinx*. is
todav making all the trouble within the
cabinet. 1:refer to ttotH-Jien, who was
tlie chancellor of the exchequer in l^inl
Salisbury's former government. It wius
this same Mr. (loacben who, when repiv-
stMiting thisgoverntnetit at the monetary
conference in l'aris in 1S7S, said:
"The general effect which WOOWbe
made on every band to get ritl of the
white metal might ova-don the greatest
disorders in the economic world and j>ro-
duoe a crisis more disastrous that any
within tbe memory of men "
It was be also who descrilvd the isolit
Pays His R>*p��*rt* to N��w Denrar and
Oo** His Wny.
Colonel James Baker, the Provincial
Minister of Mine* and of Education,
made a trip around the lake on Friday.
and expt*essed to Tlte Ledge his great
surprise at the rapid growth of Uie Slocan country, and the continual demands
made it made upon the government for
educational facilities.
"I have just come from Roe*land," he
said, "which was but a small place early
last year and now has 700 children to be
provided for. Tbe difficulty there is to
get sites for tbe sclioolhousee, and I am
hoping that Mr. Corbin will be good
enough to help us out of it.
"Then at Trail the increase of the
number of children was very large, and
in fact we have to enlarge schools and
build new ones in every direction.
"My trip through here is necessarily
hurried, as I have to get hack to Victoria
as soon as possible. But you will have
Premier . Turner and Attorney-General
Eberta with you in a short time���I
should aay in about a fortnight.''
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
Thelarge*t handlers ofU��e*e
goods tn Western Canada.    All
warehouses under perfect system
of cold *-torn��e.   Full stuck carried
at Nelson, B. C.   For prices write
or wire
MsnapTnf Nelson Branch Parson's r*roduce Company
When the company now operating?
the Idaho group were thinking of purchasing it they sent Kendall, aii expert,
to examine it and report amount of ore
in sight. Kendall stated that there was
AMjuVO worth in sight at the ldsvo. In
order to show bow easily it is for even
an expert to be mistaken Thk I.ehok
ha* learned that the Idaho has during
the past month shipped 330 tons of ore
averaging 18' ounces iu silver aud SO
per eeut .lead and has plenty left. On
Saturday a strike was made in the No.
2 tunnel, which if it holds out to the No,
I level will product* 1800,000 worth of
oris to say nothing about the balance of
the mine.*
Anacortes, wliich was a dead boom
town until a year ago, when the establishment of several canneries resuscitated it, had a short panic recently when
nearly all the cannery hands quit at
once lor the Klondike. *  Wages went up
with a jump.	
"Canada and its Metals" was the title
of a lecture by Prof. Robert*-Austen, C.
J... K.R.S.. of the Royal College of
Science, London. Kng. "Refering to the
nickel deposits of 1 auada he said that
t'lolVtmiuioti could aid iu maintian ng the
sMipa'inacv of the Kmpire by sending
nickel to Britain to lie used in the buiUb
ing of war ships.
A largely attended mooting of the
Lumbermen of Ontario was .held in
Toronto this week. They want restrictions on the exporting ot logs? in answer
to the Dingley Bill. The Dominion Government will be requested to amend the
IHne limber Regulations so that all pine
tithber cut under license in Ontario shall
1h> nuvnufiietured in Canada.
*����� ORE OARS.
I Dealers in
If you are���
Call at thc
Pror��a*or nickmnrt*'* Atlinlratlttti nr tha
Beauty or Sltrt-an Lake.
Professor Allen S. Bickmore and Mrs.
Bickmore spent several days in New
Denver last week, and a photographer
who accompanied them made a number
of excellent pic ur. * of tho surrounding
scenery. Mr. Bickmore i* one of the
professors of the celebrated Museum of
Natural History of New York, antl
when the* people of the metropolis
swarm out of the summer heat ttt the
seashore and the mountains, the professor uses his vacation to gather fresh
material for hi*, winter lectures at the
museum. His special subjects are topography and scenery, illustrated by
views, and in search ol material he has
travelled extensively. Of recent vears
he bas endeavored to make his classes
thoroughly acquainted with the scenery
and topography of their own country,
and this year he crossed the boundary
to determine if the scenery of the Kootenay bikes was all it was cracked up
to be.
Going down on the steamer Slocan on
Friday the professor expressed his admiration of the scenery of Slocan lake [
in the highest terms, aud said that when
he lectured upon it next winter, with
tbe views taken, it would undoubtedly
lead to moch tourist travel in this direction. 'He particularly admired, he said,
the topography of this part, the peculiar
configuration of the mountain peaks
and their beauty of outline, especially
when profiled or silhouetted against the
sky of early evening. In the mirrorlike
surface of the lake, it* depth and clearness ; in the shadow of tne mountains
on it* marge cast for a mile or more
across, every detail of outline and color
of cliff and foliage so distinct I v reproduced���in all this he found tbe true
delight of the artist and the connoisseur.
The scenery of this end of the lake,
he said, reminded him somewhat of one
of the Scottish lakes, but perhaps more
particularly of some of tbe more famous
fiords of Norway. He had come through
the Arrow lakes, the Kootenay lake and
other waters, but the scenery of this
one, in his opinion, siirpassetl them all
for its combined grandeur and tovliness.
The professor said on leaving' for
Bonner* Ferry that he was disappointed
not to have been able to spare time to
visit the glacier, and to spend a few
more days on the lake and its surrounding mountains. Hut lecture on the
Slocan would be mainly devoted to tbe
scenery and typography, the mineral
development being treated more Incidentally.���The Ledge.
Another Forward  Step Taken   by   the
British Colombia Iran Works Co.
Ltl.,   of Vancouver.
From tbe Vancouver World.
The inining resources of this Pro
vinceare being rapidly developed.
New claims are being located every
dsy, and for their development good
and cheap machinery is required.
The p-rogreasive management ot the
British Columbia Iron Works Company, limited, ol this city, have realized the necessity of expanding their
business, so as to meet the increased
demand certain to arise for new and
improved mining machinery, snd tor
that purpose have added a mining
department to their already extensive
plant, and placed the same under the
management of Mr. J. 0. Norbora,
an exMrienced mechanical engineer,
who lor many year* has been engaged in the manufacture of all
classes ot mining machinery In San
Francisco. Mr. Norbom is a thoroughly educated, theoretical and
practical engineer, and has for the
fast 12 years devoted his special attention to the requirements of the
! mines.     JIu Iras traveled through all
the mining districts of the United
States of America, and also those of
the Republic of Mexico.    Thi* year
be has given bis attention   to thi*
Province and the bright outlook for.
the  future in  the  mining region*
throughout tbe coast, as well aa those
in Kootenav and other interior di*
trict*. bas convinced him of the fact
that there is no country looking more
promising at the present day.   Mr.
Norbom has beenonsuHing mechanical engineer for several years for
some ofthe largest mining companies
in California and will continue the
same business here  He lias designed
and erected some of tbe finest plants
in  tbat state,   and  ia  thoroughly
posted on reduction plants, both for
gold and silver ^res, air coiupressing
machinery,   hydraulic   machinery,
hoisting aud pumping plants* etc.
He is also the inventor and patentee
of one of the latest improved ore concentrators.     He has designed   and
manufactured   water  wheel*   of  a
highly effective type. He is aim well
up in steam engineering and power
plants generally,  having designed
the 1,000 liorse power triple expan
sion engine for tbe San Francisco A
San Mateo Electrical railway In San
Francisco. On hi* two trip* to British
Columbia last  spring  Mr.  Norbom
placed mining machinery and made
contracts to the extent of some $60,-
000 including the plant of the Tin
Horn mine at Fairview, all of which
came trom  San   Francisco.     With
their present plant and the mak'ng
of a few alterations and addition* the
British Colombia Iron Works Company can manufacture all of thi*class
ot machinery.   This will mean that
a great deaf of money that now goes
to a foreign country and elsewhere
will be ket* in  tiie Province.   The
miner wilf not only get as good an
article and for less money,  but will
not labor under the disadvantage of
having to send so far for repairs and
supplies.  It will stimulate the manufacturing industry of Vancouver, and
give employment to many more mechanics.   IVcigrrfssive people like the
managers of the  llritlsh Columbia
Iron Works Company are what our
Province should be proud of.   With
everyone desiring to see our citv con
tinue in ita prosperity, The World
wishes them every success tn their
endeavor to develope the latest re
sources ot our young, but rich and
promising eountry.
Tha Oraed Forks  Mlaet*
Little MlxeS   Ahoat It.
to baa
The last issue of the Grand Forks
Miner had an editorial under tlie
head of u Disappointed," which hint*
that the Eureka boom has busted up
and that the condition ot 1-osiness in
Grand Forks is nothing to be proud
of.   The editorial says:
"Recent arrivals from Eureka report that some of the Grand Fork*
citizen* wbo pulled up stakes and
went to that place to engage in business, are not meeting with the success that they anticipated. In fact
tbey fiod that the nickles and dimes
are not rolling in there with anv
more rapidity than they did in the
forks, and almost every line of business is greatly overdone."
Tlie editor is one of those pious men
who adhere to the exhortation of
Holy Writ not to let their right hand
know what their left hand does. This
i�� what hi* left hand wrote in the
news columns of the same issue:
"There are about 100 men employed on tbe Eureka properties and
in addition to these quite a natnher
are developing their own properties.
Practically everv tattlne** and pro
ftfSRlon  i* represented, and sll the
merchants appear to be doing a good
business.   Buildings continue going
up, and many of them are of a *ub
statitlal order tbal speak* of * deter
urination on the part of their owner*
lo winter."
tUatarfcattl-   Reaalt*   Obtalae*   at   the
Noble  rive Mill. Osj**tf_
Thomas Mitchell baa been mmliietitig
I number of teat* st the Xolde Five mill,
Cody, upon lt<*s��l*nd or**, with tht
rwult tiiat be twite***** tbat b* ba* *
thoroughly pntetieal and ecotuimical solution of the problem of OtMtoititrating
the*** ot**-**. Eleven teat* were made pn
\a* Roi, five on Josie and a number on
War Kagle, Oiffe and Center Htar ore*.
These teat* *bow *ome remarkable
rt-sulw. In one insui.ee a mhietkin of
tat to 1 wa* made, on l* Rof ore, j-iving
a ��>nwntraus��*arTyiii|** 90 tnxocro of gold,
or MOO ia*r* ton, with an ��ppn��*ima'e
lo** of only thiwtvtentli* of mm per cent,
t hi the Josie ore, which t* now being
tested, Mr. Mitchell figure* that be can
make an average re loeticm of fr to 1.
Should the** test* prove aatiafaetory tn
tlte company it will adopt thi* ��y*tetn of
Lord Kelvin, tb* eminent e4#e*irk*Vut,
has been staying at Niagara Fall*, antl
in an intervisw with a reporter paid
nttnieroo* eomplimenU to th* Niagara
Falla Power Comjauiy, In *lopttrtg *
unit of 5,000 for the development of
Niagara power. Prevtott* to this the
Urgeot turbine gave hot 1^00 borra**
power. He thin a* that Uie t-ataract will
disappear eventually.
WILHU.J   THK   ,.t*KA*.
^tCte^iT *
Bb* *.��* fur men (11.1111*1! th. ��.,,>'
.tii'trritilarr .l,..ii.
Ihu mem'at *U *he mm' It. 1. *,���,
To dh C-tt*.l_tit ���*,,-.
"If WUMt Uarfer will., * ��������,
I alii nut be gt-td -a.- .,*.���.*'
tkm WIl'rM aattwr.tlv.Aru.lhr>
l.tft.w'tjtyairall.rl i���.     w
'***.' ���H* *. ***** ta#l����, Viai in A   ���. A tret
WotOtm tins Uk. Li ������***
"To I, mdrtm nn de Amy l>, ������,���
1 -*a wewitbm. I will ���*.��<*
AMI rAaw y,m *r**_.t It Mi. ��.*-���>
CaasaSan ftvittillvLtitLi.   -
Sa WSIHl saltrai srr ���*��� tl_ _ ,
A-i'Usr-B Vlrbata trtri.
An'we.u tdtemw him o,��� ��*�� w_,
Jam tvi.Hull a..wi
Aa' wen he krar-4 ss ni.io.iir,
UrmtM) l��w hv r- tm *
She tab"�� aw.trd let* hv* '���-�����.'
And alt UUn on ttVn.i
Aa1 a* at*/.4*4 ***** attlVI .*, him.
Aa' pan da atml* ���** m
m^S**W.*Im *���"******** KubtUt.
itw WttfrtS l.ta v��<
A*lm *l��aVrWsl tmprrtml rata*
%% hkh I hr.** SHJW Im tVa
fnjnt*m*nm.**mA**4 *������ a,Uv.
rttslwatftu-Atr, 44
tarn WUfixlhis*4*���*���*���� h�� =.i
An" hark 00 wo jk* d *���*
A a' trow as arsis t*tm**hm him.
Aa' **aatt aa* bora* Oom* u. er
X't'l day S *m a okwtom <t��-t��t.
Al halt (*������/ t��-*l��# a*rt wh.
To*** Sir Wltfrhl rht* 1a stti*
Aa' la rhrtpraa th- ****��*��''
U*rd* Srjlshf. B ******* VtUmvYe-rt,
Aa'iaanuaatsla **. >t��
Wet* w'at t*m ��aU "pal la sT d*o
War Wtt'ritl oa* 4r t***��
**mi. *t*tlmlafrtmwft.etr*p' 0* tfar-i,
H<*l*rjjjf. rial at ***** dit.
I*. tmr*��l>'Oi a**a la taa-tatrrrv.
Was WlWrtr-t laMirV.
-~J��aa IW-^aav *��*>�����*-����� la <*�����*. raw Pi****
It i* rowonretl (hat Uw* PntviBeial
eta-tarn* will be held this (_H t'aiwfi-
tlste* will bs calletl ujaai u, fitA**
tbemaelvea to ftupftort Isntprranee 1**^**
Rtsertl. w ash.
Itemtatfs <tf tht* It aatan.1 Ht.rHi Ktraattr*
sad Itattrd of Tr*dr.
Vmtde Atmtt***-- -* ttaaa i**��s."
a_.aal.-4t sad Seal,
I tattftt'S iltrtr aad ������.���! .
H**dtont MrSeM.
sad t ��<:��*��������>��� ���*>**>���
��""",,N MINES
"t*T / K solkit eoiTespt*rndenoe with parties hsvinj?
YAI meritorioua mlnlnjr properties for ssle, antl
V\i\ hog to say that we have eonnectlon* in the
principal cities of Canada, VuglmtvS. and the United
Bute*, snd are in dally receipt of Inquirle* lor
developed mines snd promising istjspects.
In active mining operstloo* and reduction of ore*,
and a knowledge of the different mining dbtrlcw of
B.C. enables us to fhrnish reliable and comi^teni
Information pertaining to mines and mining instu*r��.
lieferences given. '���*?*���������'",.'
jtr.ws bkhk auo ���hkw**,
r*pt*in 1 itwtubb* hss been gssetted
a* waoleu of the provincial Jsil St Nelson .
The C. P. R- tiaale receipt* for the
wvek ending Aug. Slst were 1905,0X10,
mpmiKt Hotl.QtJO for the same week hut
The Asbcroft Water Company ha*
untie formal application for psruitwion
ut supply  the town ot  Ashcroft with
Ute Ktn|*ton New* pttblialiea a report that tiie Hon. wm. Hsrty, the
MiniKter of l*ubUc Works, ts about to
retire Irom the Ontario Cabinet.
Kobert K.tU'rtaon. of Oompton, Que.,
)��_* been appointed HupeHinendeiit of
ti,. I At*'rimcatal Farm In Nova Sc-otta
in pta*t* of Mr. Porn star, dhmiiaaed.
kr Iv.tiabl Hmlth, tb* Canadian High
Cotuttiiatittfier, who Waa railed to the
peerage .itintig the Jubilee fsstivitte*,
},����� l--.li tttflrially gaaetted a* Baron
Strtih'-ona and Mount Royal.
The New Weatmtnater (Ja* Company is
u> be otlkially "wouud up," in aceool
Mice attii the provision* of thi* cla*a of
l^ifUtion, and aoptkation will at once
���*��� ��.;tde to the courts for the appoint-
tut-nt of a reeolver.
A. S, iUtatk hM been natned a* return-
in** officer for the first electtoo to fill tbe
ottiowi of Mayor sod Coum-illor* of tlie
city oi ��.r.-rowood,iu the place of Robert
Woral who to unal4e to set, Mr. Wood
��ilt la? a caiwltdat* for Mayor.
Vi^-Preatdent **hat^iijea>iv, of tiie
�� i \K .said *t R.-*��taitd laat week . "It
has '.tii definstely settled to have tbe
Csnsdian Paeifie railway eonoeet with
Kara..ti,.! in some tortm orotlier. It only
retnaittj to aettle the final detail*.'*
' Iiief�� ommimioner Martin waa made
% (us* ol by the peopde of It rand Fork*
taut weak, *nd In return be promiiwd
that inmH**bately he reaclied Victoria be
wouM m^mmanU tlte building of two
��� ���*������ \g*o in the vicinity of iirand Forks.
** ��� U'tialdSmitlt ha* tent a splendid
statue of Her Majeany to tiie Montreal
Nuj al Vi, toria Iloauital. He will doubt-
.'"*> have bis new titles ���culplured on it*
hs.*e. mi that treople may give** in after
��*���* who Vietoris wss by what she did.
A well-known woman in Toronto died
last week, and the fact that ahe had no
funeral .atimed a itosational scandal
All there wa* to It WSS that she had
��� tiled her body to the Women'a Medical
*>HtV*rt\ and it had been t*ken there
awetiy tbe night *he dtal.
Tho I nite4lSUt*wi*ymlkattebt**lln*lly
doat-tj iiogiitiations for the purchase of a
ironioo of the well-known Meliregor
farm, on the outskirts of Chatham, Ont..
��>tl. ih�� view ef rtHtpeniog the one-time
frwiKtua mineral apnnga, allowed to fall
into detoMtode ���ntue ���freer* *go. If tbe
"���������'������>��� ran again be Hmehetl a large aant-
tarinm will tag built on the property.
Hr. A. M, IVeattie. the well-known
tow nsita agent, 1* in town. He b** juat
���**'����� rued from Seattle snd other coaat
fltira, and say* Heattle antl Victoria are
M'mdilw craay, while Vaiieouver ia con-
���HleraMy eidted, and all are acramhl-
'���>���.' to supply pniviabna and ottltlta to
Uw rtdventupera, who now number over
'*"�����' Mr. Ikattie thinks that Revel-
���toko, UolNKin snd Roaelterv will be three
*f',r> important commercial centrea lit
Ko"t��nny���Revelntoks Herald.
Residents of A��hcroft, Cariboo, are
r*i��tn*? fund*- for ane-tploratorv survey
���or a route from that towiitoTt4egraph
��.''��� 'k. at Stickeen river, a dlsttaee ot
Jg�� nub** hy land and water���a trip
,, '" 'wade by Cariboo miner* going to
mm' atwiar mlnea and by HwftonHay
trails. U ii(fiirg m tunuv tadieve, a
K-mhI all t anadlan route to the Yukon.
��iitjufi*. est apt, ntstp.
������>'run \\ hltit, of the Sloimn Star, waa
"> jrant Korha ftdtriet *��at wot* ami
1    ',l v,:,i* to aotiie properties up the
North Fork of Kettle river, owned by
W. O'Connors and others.
Tlie Poorman mine at Rosuland, which
haa been clotted Htuce the War Eagle
deal, will shortly resume operations.
.T!??. w?**>n ro*t' UP "����� north fork of
tbe Illeetllewaet to tiie Wsverley mine
is slmoMt completed. The most difficult
������art of construction waa in the first few-
mile* through the canyon.
Three well known properties on
Hardy mountain, Grand Forks, are being
surveyed preparatory to the Issue of a
crown grant. They are tbe Babe, Monte Carlo and American Eagle.
The Rossland Miner report* Another
strike in the little Giant mine on Lookout mountain. A new ledge ba* been
uncovered which Aitaays |,t) 27 in gold
witli no test* for copper or silver.
John Cobledick, a reprresentative of
English capitalists, bas bonded a group
of claims near Kamloops. These are,
111...- Bird Fraction, |>*0ti0; Josie, IIIOOO;
the Neighbor and the Champion Fraetion, ft..-**).
Tbe Vivians of Swansea, A'a lea, the
smelter men, have bought a mine near
tlie townsite of ii old ruck, for which tbey
paid |frs>,0U0 snd a one-fifth interest in
tit* property. They ��re now putting
in machinery and will build a stamp
mill tins fall.
Tlte St, Elmo mine, one of the leading
properties of Christina take, was bonded
by tbe Hon. Joseph Martin, ex-member
of parltatttetit, and Smith Curtis, barrister of RjMtjthtnd, for trsi.IS.tO. Tlie
mim* was owned hy A. I.. Hutchinson,
of the Christina lake district, and is *
high grade proposition.
Tbe output of the Witwatemrand
mine* for June was ��*.l..*._���.�� crudeo*.
gold. Thi* is tlte highest ever re.wted,
exceeding tiie production for May by
3t'_*24 oa. It is greater hy 57,889o*. than
that for June oflast year. For tiie half-
vear ending with June the production
in crude ounce* ba* not been a* low for
titree years past.
Wm. Robertson, of Montreal, who has
just returned home from a trip through
the Kootenay* with hia son. * mining
engineer, sav* of the Rossland camp
tiiat it is tisciea* tor a man with a few
thousand dollar!* to invest them in a
mine in that eountry, as tiie prelitnin-
arv exwnse* are etiormous, even in a
mine tiist eventually pavs; and whether
it pay* or not after all, it i�� quite a
chance of ��mr*e.
Here is the latest mining joke from
Fort Steele. A property there was
offered to a t*ompany In which certain
("olden people are interested. The eora-
pany'l expert visit***! the property and
after due htSftecttoo recommended its
bond. When the e<*mt>any started development work it could find nothing to
develop��, and now threatens to sue the
original holder for a refund of the cash
paid down on the ground that beaold
them * claim on which there was no
mineral in place.���4 'olden Era.
The Cariboo llvdnttdio Company,
which made a cleanup of over $75,000.
will mam be ready to make another of
about tbe same amount, and will prob*
ai.lv wash about ��*��,0t�� this aesson,
The Horaetlv HvdmnHe Company, sitter
washing for the first vear. in which It
took oui 106,000, found that there w*in
too much cement in th* groundi for suc-
oaettfalefterationt by this method,has-put
in* 10 stamp mill, which" started July
10th, and crushes l-*0 tons * day.
The float!!.-- populathm of thi* country
0__ra_ted.n th* lainlnx bualnem num-
\nt7m, according loan estitnaieKMien
ofniandbvilielhrniinioti statUtlcian to
b��9l),000soul*, They are nomadic In
their habit*. When there Is precious
metal to he found in one sectii.no the
eountn thev are there to get it .These
are he men who tlocked fr..m diffen-i.
parte of thc pacific coairt to Roasland
luring the last couple of seasons, and
manvHtytt%m are now en -w^te*?
Klondike. They never nmiain anv
length of time hi the one locality,   mm
majority of the number have comparatively little money. A few have struck
it rich and became wealthy by comparative luck.
The Craigtown camp, on the Hforth
rork of the salmon, is said to be active
just mow, with much steady development work going on. The Porto Rico,
which was bonded for 162,500 some time
ago, has contracted for a wagon road to
the Nelson A Fort Shepard railroad for
15,500. In tbe newspaper reports from
this locality the Mannamead has been
classed for some months among "other
promising properties.'' Shareholders
must be getting as tired of this as the
race horse owner whose animal is continually quoted as "also ran."
A Seattle man is quoted a* saving of
the Klondike district: 'it will he hell
in two volumes, bound in calf."
Capt. D. C. Kingman, who wa* one of
the party tbat took possession of old
Fork Yukon for the United States government, is now residing at Chattanooga, Tenn.
Captain Jack Crawford, "The Poet
Scout." ha* organized tbe Captain Jack
Crawford Alaska Prospecting and Mining Corporation and announces that he
will itorsonally lead a party of miners
into the Arctic regions.
A jvntisa* man who couldn't go to the
Kloudike stayed at home and committed
suicide, therebv serving the same pur-
fese at much less expense.���-St. Paul
Moneer Press.
The following characteristic item appears iu a recent issue of the Sitka
Ala*kan: "A. H. Solbergand Mr. Mc-
Mullan weut out to the Poverty lode
last Monday but were driven off by
niosquitoes and gnats. Although they
were not 10 minutes on tbe ground they
were a sight to behold when they returned. They looked like they bad a
bad case of measles.**
Thc London Time* gat's: Tbe development of gold mining in Klondike, of
which we nave heard so much during
the butt few days, ia only one among the
circumstances which b'&ve of late conspired to place Canada in tbe forefront
of Imperial interests.
The Western Mining World says it is
willing to send any good, reliable man to
Klondike, with the understanding that
be pays his own expenses and gives it
half of everything he finds. This liberal
offer is based on the success achieved by
a man who hired several men to gather
drift wood from the Missouri river, by
giving them half they got out.
A cable dispatch from England says:
The Klondike Company is asking prospectors, who are desirous of accompanying the pioneer expedition, to deposit
��1,000 before starting, for the purpose
of meeting ordinary expenses of the
joumev. A number of unreliable exploration amt development companies
are being started in London and at
different parts of Great Britain, the outcome of the reports about fabulous
wealth in the Klondike country.
Residents of Juneau, Alaska, are in
earnest over the proposed Yukon Mining, Trading and Transportation Com-
tianv to construct a railroad from Takau
inlet to Lake Teslin, a distance of 130
utiles. The company also contemplates
* road up the beach from Takau to
Juneau, a distance of 29 miles. The
Yukon Mining. Trading and Transportation Company is capitalized at **3,00(��,-
00:1, During' the past winter the
-ompanv has received all the necessary
.hatters front the United States, British Columbia and Dominion government*.
The Canadian government has submitted formal projrosals to the United
States government to establish communication with the Klondike region
l>v the construction ol a telegraph line
from the head of winter navigation on
thc Lvnn canal into the centre ofthe
Klondike district. The proposals have
lieen taken under advisement.
Boo Pacific Line.
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit* Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Can
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
dally except Monday, making close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East snd West.
Befbre you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates.   It will save you money.   Applv to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
H.M.MoGRBGOR, T.P. A..Nelsoo, B.C
E. J. 00YLE,
Dist.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
From Montreal
Lake Huron, Beaver Line Jane ��
Utke Superior,       '*        Aulyt
LakeWinnipeg     "            " a
LakeHuron. "            " ��
Lake Ontario. "         Aug. 4
Lake Superior,      "    "  11
From New York
Lar-caiil*. Cunard Line July S
Servia, **     "    ��
Etraria "     *' W
Campania,     _J     " W
Anrania,        w       . **
UmtirU, "    ** SI
Cabin H'.. ��&>, >�������, 70 ��S�� and upwards.
InttrntedUte *S0 and upwards.
Sr*vr_*e ��S5JOsnd upwards.
Passenreer* Ticketed thmuith to all points In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at S|*clally low
rate* to all parts of the Eun.pt.-an Continent.
Pre-ald Prumgt-s arrengad from all points.
Apply to A. C. MCARTHUR, CJP.R. Agent,
Sand-on. or *njujM  OT1TT,
Crt-neral Agent,
C. P. R. Ofleca, Winnipeg
Subject to change without notiee
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time*
Leave 8 00 A.M. Kaslo          Arrive, S SO P.M
�� 8 99 '��� South Fork     ���?     S15 ���*
"  ��J*6 " Si-route's          "     .16 "
"  9 51 " Vt httewater     *       t CO "
-10 03 *' Bear Lake        "     1 48 '
a jo ig " MeGtdgan        "     1 SS **
** 10 38 " CodvJutK'Uon "     lit **
Arr. 10 50 " Sandon         Leave 10* "
Leave ll.00a.m.      Sandon     Arrive ll.55a.ir..
Tt-afnc Mngr. __
 ManufatuFr>r�� of all���-
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsapirilla, Etc, Etc,
Sauzxclozi, S.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best G
The Paystreak.
Is tattled every Saturday in SuihIoii, in the hctrt
of tire greatest White McUl camp on earth.
SuhscrijiUcrn     - ...     #_.��)ayesr
Strictly in advance.
Address: T��K I'avcthkak. Sandon, B.C.
SANDON,    B. C SEPT. 4,   1897.
Various reasons are given for tbe
fall in the price of silver, says the
London Statist, tbe chief being tbe
absence of buyers, but we believe
the real reason to be tbe desire of
American speculators to sell a large
block which tbey had been holding
as a hedge against a (all in stocks.
Apparently speculators, seeing the
improvement in trade in the United
States, snd witnessing the rapid rise
in prices of American railway securities, were anxious to, participate In
the improvement, and consequently
sold their silver at whatever price it
would fetch, with the result that
buyers largely stood aloof, and the
price fell to its *j**esent unprecedented
figure   There are, however, signs
tbat the selling has reached its limit,
and that the accumulated stocks have
been disposed of    We msy consequently witness a sharp recovery in
in the price of silver, ss India, and
the Continent also, are merely waiting for indications that no farther fall
is likely to occur before thev again
buy freely.   Tbe fact that China still
refuses to buy, and that a consider
able quantity of yen is being shipped
to Japan, rendering tbe *a*ospect of
Japanese sales of silver not improbable, have also been factors in inducing speculators to bold on to their
stocks no longer.    When the price
touched 26J& a good many purchases
were made tor India,   but when it
was seen that sales continued to be
pressed buyers again stood aloof.
A correspc-ndent writes to tbe Engineering and Mining Journal asking
it to vigorously raise its voice against
tne numerous swindles being worked
with the aid of tbe Klondike excitement. The New York papers of Sunday contained numerous invitations
to subscribe to the stock of companies
and syndicates formed and forming
for the alleged purpose of doing
something or other in the Klondike.
Thousands and millions are promised
investors. Tbe columns of Chicago
papers contain dozens of similar advertisements. All over the Central
West and East the same thing is observable, and there is good reason to
believe the general public is pouring
in its money, in indlvidui! driblets,
that aggregate a large whole. Probably not one In a hundred of these
companies, co called, has any intention of sending anybody to Alaska.
The purpose of tbe promoters is simply
to gather a tew ttotiaands by means
of a cheap, vulgar swindle. Getting
as much money as possible, tbey wJl
The 4 atockhoMer*" in tbe concern,
actual by better faith, will fare no
better. The ground is placer ground
and rich. If a newcomer should in
the brief period of possible prospecting locate anything good, human
nature will have to change, and history is a lie ff stockholders ever get
their share. Rich placer bars always wen: and always will be an In
dividual mining proposltkin. No one
has found the source of the Alaska
gold. No one will bunt very hard
br it until tho bars are washed out
ORE   SHIPMENT*   TO   K2t(.LAX��.
Thi* following circular letter Is now
being sent to a number of British Columbia mint* owner*, by Mr. W. Pellew-
Harvey, F. C. S., of Vancouver, agent
for Messrs. Vivian A Sons, smelters, of
Swansea. Wales I
Dear Sik, -I have heen asked by my
principals. Messrs. Vivien A Sons,
smelter* of Swansea, to put them in
posta-asiuii of the value* and character
of our British Columbia ores, with a
view to their entering the held here
and competing for the purchase oi tlie
aame. Looking to our mutual bene til,
I should be glad if you would consign
to me to be forwarded to them a trial
shipment of from one to twenty tone
of vour rich argentiferous auriferous
lead ores, or argentiferous auriferous
copper ore* or matte: such shipment
should reach tne not later than tbe 25th
September next, as at the end of that
month the steamer Tekoa leaves this
port direct for Knghmd.
It 1* the intention, should sufficient
eneouraretiien lie given to thb project,
to establish a regular line of steamers
between Vancouver and Swansea ^to
erect sampling works at Vancouver,
where ore can oe sampled in tbe presence of tbe owners or their agent*, and
to nay cash for the same forthwith in
full. By this mean* very low freight
and treatment charges will be Assured.
I append two or three example* of
bid*; these, however, can probably be
placed on a better basis when, through
the medium of practical test*, the various content* of British Columbia ore*
are known and the business e-atoblished
on permanent line*.
In the absence of sampling work* at
Vancouver, and for these trial shipments, I am authorized bv Messrs. Vivian A Sons to offer the following term*:
l*t. Seventy-five per cent, of mv assay value on the receipt of ihe shipment
2nd. Balance of the value to be paid
through Vancouver on receipt ofthe
shipment at Swansea.
3rd. Freight will be advanced bv me
from Vancouver toSwauaea, iu addition
to 75 per cent, of assay value.
Either at Vancouver or Swansea the
sellers or their agent* Bro nt liberty to
check sampling snd assav.
I have no doubt that you will appreciate the advantage of tascuring the
active competition of Messrs Vivian A
Sons, of Swansea*, for the purchase of
British Columbia ores, and aaslstmeto
do so by forwarding trial shipments, I
would suggest a csr load.
A* to my financial standing, I beg to
refer you to the manager of the Batik
of Montreal, Vancouver, through whom
credits bsve been established tor me bv
Messrs. Vivian A Sons, of Swansea.    *
If you decide to co-operate with me
in thi* matter, I should be glad of an
early notification, so s* to arrange for
receipt, sampling and shipping.
(Rtett i    Y<mi_vwg����*-"y. ���
(sgd.) W. Pkixbw-Harvbv.
Example for argentiferous lead ore*:
Iter A., silver flu*., ng
to o_*. stlvtrr; 0.15
A.-With lead at title
oa. .gold ��so per or
Ara*vth,(-��p-r.r��nt. lead
^ailMj^otthatVsiK-wr/er ,^mu
Deducttrrtjrttt and���*"!���**-���    h .'*>
Vslue ol parrel 467
Bxample for argentiferous auriferous
copper ore*:
��5s^_SKa*B<" I* **-" Mv��**- ***
���ateljs*-^ -os.-lver.tu
Value st Vancouver  P*2_f_ii
Deduct !>���_*���*, ��.��>*i,.'*.^lSB
Vrdtwig pared JrVT*^
Example for argentiferous auriferou*
copper mattes*
&-��W**t*S msmt at lie, i**r*v silver *���**. twt
Ui.. tf >'��1   l"�� |r.-l" �����*-
AtmuIttsr-AS j*r .trul t*��>|rt*.r. jbW tat, diver; oA*
,.      tf.rt,' \nt lull ul tt*V' *��*.
Vali** ��l VaiiLmovtr	
I vdin-t ir. Itflit to Hw-mttom	
Value of lauTr-l.
Wtrt Um
, ,*t& ai
tit a.
������f-OLLICIX.K-HUKI*   *H*t.O.**
The editor of tlte t 'rand Fork* Miner
is a man wbo know* hia business, lie
publishes the following common twiisc
letter from a cort*e*|a>tnletit without destroying Us pictur*t*)ueoe��s:
(Kds itrand Porks niim'r'-~lr***r Sir:
I Notice tbat the miner Voice* the *enti-
ments of Victoria colliiiest and a few
other l**per* like the S|*.>k**attiavj_ Re-
(iive captal * show ?
When old captal not have a show in
tbi* or any other country. Whet i*
capital doing hear in about itrand Porta
and tlie whole llomlary country. It to
using it* influence to retard tbe country,
an.l pretend* it want* a railroad. Yet
at same time it tell* Mr. Railroad to
keep out till Mr. Capital can gobble up
the t*mt prospect* at it* whim or pl**sv
shore and work in * half liearted wsy a
handful of men on property it a**quir-t**|
on starvation prinetple* and*for a tnfful
Yes, titte taptal a Show and let Mr.
pru*|wctor go to J��*ri��-o alter taring half
a dotxen miner* llt***wnt*�� and m-ord ing
fee* ami dotie on all be est* to quean*
tast ami then bowl tiive captal * tttow
on a <r*e**a**out gams.
If captal will work ��),*��� jt h*. ���
bob! nf in thtt COUiilr) ii.....*,Miru,Vtirii
amount to Something morr o__n_Tt
nerbueketSUtion. U,*na,J,n*
Mr. captal send* any amount of *,
trowieroy tegsius Eye gl***��� lm\ hv��l
SG_Hit^Tt",*,*.,,,,mm!t *��3
tteitliHl tftem, llttt not one .i��m n-ut Z
Sight or In front of then, Titer b,���
esivery claim by hear-aav sad m��,f��
everything s horaeback ami iltfarcarZ
ttWSista of two lN-ataw rtatn,*, ��,4*
In Beer money sod sw.imi p*.r rem u
Bra** and gall and iO.isii ,���., mi, J
hightoned ccdledgv Bred Jutjn *���(, ,
sniff ol eon.vrilrmt.-al tapioca \\.
know it all.
tM�� ytw give capul a Show _,���| _,, k
mr. I'nrair**, u*r into new ti. 1,1* .,f ,.���.(���������.
nets with average illfate.) j���,._ ,,hv
Mr. captal a Show dam bin !,.* _* Irjisa
to hog th* gsute all way* \ ,*��*., u*
���deserve* nothing.
A prtraptt t..r
J  W. ('mm*.
LA-raVWT   rUOW   *K 41. A WAV.
Andrew Tank* write* frow sk��g��.
wsy that hi* partner Jam.�� \f.Ji-,juJ.i
will push on the Klomtike. but tlut hr*
will stay behind until the cpriag   lie
���late* that it ia slntoat tu��t-"*..l.|��* u,
reach the dhrginga this fab. and *att
that life at Skagaway i* tb�� r^verw'af
Big fir* in Hamilton at the lUrndt.*
A Toronto Sewer Pipe Works. The im
will be shout f*i��,Ol����, wba h is fully cot-
ered by itvmt%i*tm.
& CO.,
tlrnrrtrirw and Mining Buppllea.    , . .
Agenta   for   Ctlant
Sandon, B.C.
Kufifctrr M coosrAi4>
Nfeti. MAi-r-oN-'i-''
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates fl.SO to 12.50 per dny.	
Heatkiuarters ftir Mining Bpeculatoia and Capltwlbda.
Reco Ave., ��� - Sandon. B.C Uf   THE   SLOCAWt
Boav.-Ia New Denver, on Aug. 28,
the wife of E. Shannon of a daughter.
HoKS.-ln Trail, on Aug. *ith, the wife
of Captain Robert Sandemon, a
Sixteen men sre working st the
Thompson group. Four Burleigh drill*
arc to be put in st this property Immediately.
School wss OMined Momlsv after
*e\ ersl weeks' holidav*. Mr. Fosteri*
the new teacher, and he is much en-
toaraged by the pro*pects for a good
Menus. Mark* and Vsn Houtcn were
iu Sew Denver thi* week on bu��ine*s
,11 ...miettion with the California. If
(.roiiii arrangement* now pending are
sati��factorily t*om|tlt*ted work will be
romneneeii In a few days and continue
all winter.
A ri**.<pt*on wa* given Tut***day eve
nitig in toe MHhodiat church, bv tbe
l^��lie* Aid. to Mr*. Powell, wife of the
Rev. Powell. A vocal and iitatrutncutal
prtrgram wa* *renderr*d and refreali-
��tetit*served, to the enjoyment ofa
large gsthering.
Ell Carpenter and Peter MrXirboi
left on Tnc*dAV for lCilmonton, on thrir
way to the Klondike ( ariM-til. r iii*
covered the flr*t claim in the Slocan.
.tn.l if he And* any thins half a* rieb a*
t!o* Payne In tbe* northern country he
will be fortunate.
A young lady of New Denver, out
l-uttttii*; after dark,rwturht a w ild goose
She wa* advhM*d to feed ll on corn meal
heforv killing: it, In order to take away
it* rank, wild goo*4*y flavor. She did so.
and the fattened bird was lo la* *pitted
bug Stimtav Sstttrtlay Jim stile*tame
l.t' from Silverton and claimed It a* one
oi his tame ftiark.
The (lank of Montreal is to have new
ami more commodious ipurter*. The
ertrtvpr lot higher up on the same sfcle of
Sixth Avenue ha* been cleared and A.
Wallacr l***gSA r-*mirrtrurtitHt work yea-
tenlay. Tbe Imilding i* to be 22* feet by
SO feet, two sUirie* with Ave burge roonis
on the *e<-t��tiil story, over the latnk. It
M.-beromplcted ami resily for ocen-
j-attcy hy I let. 1.
L*i*t Saturday 13 inches of -solid tm
li-tia weer* struck in the No I tunnel of
the Fidelity at a depth of .V* feet from
thr- top showing. Several ****%*�� show
stt average of l.i. ounce* in stiver and
"jfrcent lead. An incline wins* i-*
being sunk in order to follow to a depth
of SO feet. A trial abipment of ��*�� ion*
��� ill lie made In a few da vs. J. 0. McKay, formerly of the Neepawa. ha*
l**en appointed foreman.
ftratttlon's Hotel will open on Wedne*-
day. Tliis building wo*i!d tie s credit Ui
any town, ami with the popular manager
-ad tii* staff will mi doubt lie a financial
K. Mrmsby ba* nearly complet��**l his
handttotne  rWideiiee  near  the   Union
A A, ('roplay and Uo*t* Thorburn left
Issi Mouds* for Nelson, Uie former to
nil it iMtsiiion with tlie Canadian Drug
, Tliv KQvsftOU New* Co. i* now tsvttpv
m�� lis nos itremises in tlte Bragg block.
I. ��. Powell, boot and mIioc maker, is
'wiii'ving its Ute sund.
A mil siiet) watiditig pr.*T*sion and
chlvsrl ass indulged in bv tbe juvenile
^ivertonisii* ow Monday. Tlte charae-
w of bride was filled by Mis* leata-lla
J atricolo, and the blushing grown with
"'����� dicer nml cane wa* Master Donald.
I ne Hue new hotel of Grant and McKea
. ,,,i*r��y eomitlsUttl; it will be sn twits-
**M to the town.
,���'!'*�� Ik.wea ha* uken clmrge of the
\tTi, ,"lU *����������� ��*������ ��t Uie Victoria,
not 7,ro""*'ll ��nd Mis* Purtvll hsving
n �����.���*. from btisines* in Silverton.
Kasui, Sept. 1, 'v>7.~Kate A. Kellihes.
stemigrapber, who has lieen spending a
few days in tlie Klocan, returned Saturday.
Miss Ei, Hamilton, stenographer, has
bung ber shingle in Uie Ht. Pancra* Inn.
A. K. Rand, of New Westminster,
arrived in Kaslo on Saturday.
0*0, E. .Suckling, of Slocan City, who
came to Kaslo last week in a tather poor
state of health, is much improved and
intends going home again in a few days.
Tliough the present more encouraging
tone of the silver market may change
their calculations, it is said that it is not
the intention of the Omaha Grant Co. to
open Uie Pilot Bay smelter till the
markets show more encouragement. No
stay of proceetling* has vet been made
in Uie repairing of tbe plant and Thos.
Mitchell, on the concentrator, has sixteen men biury, while tlie master
mechanic ha* quite a force repairing and
refitting Uie engines and machinery of
tlie smelter. The lead stack was also
found to require considerable re'tairing,
and altogether it will |>roltal>ly be a
matter of'*0 day* la-Ion* the institution
will be ready to turn a wheel, although
the concentrator repair* will be completed much before tiiat.
Tbe Montexuma wagon road is to be
fomplfietl la-fore the end of tlie week,
and a Urge force of men and teams will
I** employed, and Uie concentrator and
tramway rushed to completion. Tbe
concentrator timber is now at the siding
at South Fork ami tlie grading of the site
is complete so that construction will be
rapid.' Tbe owners of tlie Black Fox
claim will commence tiie const ruction of
a wagon truad from the Montexuma concentrator to their properly, a distance of
three aod a quarter miles, a* soon as the
present contract is completed. Tbe road
will then be six miles long, toward which
the government bas given a grant of
$.**) a mile, *1.0OO in all. With tfc
ortnpletion of thi* road act*e��* will be had
to a number of very promising prospect*
anil amloubtedly a Urge Amount of development will la? done on tbe South
Fork this fall and winter.
Dave King is in trouble again with
bis contemiiorarit**. In Saturday'*
number of the Kooteuaian tbe Victoria
Colonist is severely abused for pwbliah*
tng *n article regarding Waiter ('.
Nichol in which it is to be inferred by
the reading public that Walter C. wa*
discliargtHl because he was io<�� ultra-
loval to Miit Mr Kuifror his admirer*.
This allegation Mr. King indignantly
denies editorially ami im ideutly strikes
some most terrible blows at the I olonist.
Ihe Colonist, according to the Kooteuaian* statements, is a hiiistoring fraud,
a sheet careless of truth and meddlesome st all tim**** in others business.
��re-.idi* which it is run by* vandal who
deal* tn lovaltv by the thousand ems.
But the Kootenaian* insinuation that f
Walter iC. Nichol i* a penny-a-liner
and incompetent to run a backwoods
rag sounds a little cheap to one
acquainted with the facts. Mr. Nichol
(now editor of The Province) is a newspaper man of abilitv and has handled
schwors paste and pencil in offices
where Mr. King could not hold cases.-
The Kootenaian waa stocked not long
ago and An editor was a necessity then
to fill out the bluff. The editor's salary
has now become a necessity and the
editor had to go. Dave King ha* had
a heap of trouble with editor*. One of
them had to go last Spring because he
would not count himself responsible for
the publication of a most sburrilous
Utter in the editorial column while he
held the chair.
Twe Thoughtless Young Fallows Make
a Sunday Sanitation.        _.
Much indignation wa* expressed on
Sunday afternoon at the antics of two
young men who scared the whole community, including the visitors from
Sandon. They put on bathing suits and
with the help of life preservers and a
canoe started to swim across the lake.
When more than half way over the
canoe was upset, and one of them scrambled on to its keel, yelled loudly for
helt) and fell back into the water.
The antics of the young fellows was
such that all beholder* bad to believe
they were drowning. A rush was made
for the boats and a frenzied rowing
race took place to the scene of the supposed disaster. What made tbe excitement the more intense was the belief
that one of the two drowning people
was a woman.
The first boat up helped the young*
fellows into their canoe and returned
to tell the excited crowd that ita feelings
had been outraged as tbe drowning was
simulated and a cruel and foolish hoax.
There were many angry expressions
and threats to punish the perpetrators,
but no fitting punishment being suggested it was fervently hoped that
what happened to the shepherd boy in
/Esop'8 fable would be the fate ofthe
sorry joker*.���The Ledge.
Enormous quantities of munition* of
war are being stored away in the several
armouries, magaxines and store* of Quebec. Almost every other steamship
from England brings new stores. The
Mother Country appears to be taking the
"Lady of the Snows" closer under her
wing*.       _.	
The opaque smoke at present in the
Slocan does not come from the Trail
Blazer cigar.
To the People
of Kootenay.
Many hat/a r-eeel-ed BENEFIT
from my OpUaal  Dafawtr-ac-nl,
Why not You ?
You who tutTe tried cos
Spectacles In train, aad suffered from eye attain, causlng
Nervous Headache, Etc.
It will pay you to come to
SANDON aad have your eyes
properly tested aad Stted with
suitable glasses.
This la the only remedy when
your trouble arises from Defective Eyesight, and should
be attended to at once. I hare
one ofthe heat trial cases anade
and can _-ire you the beat aer-
Eyes tested Free.
Jeweler and Optician. Sandon, B.C.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full libe of
always in Stock
Bfdtviai,   Malting &
Distilling C9.,
The Largest and Most
Complete Brewery in
British Columbia.
Largest and best nelected stock of Wines, Liquors and Cigars in
Hritir.h Columbia.
l.nrtre-it nn.t best equipped Bottling Estal.lkhment in British
Columbia for Carbonated drinks.
Atreitt* for the celebrated Lord Nelson Cigars.
We have established a brttrteh hnn*e in Suiubm with Cold
St i.nitre for Liitrer Beer, and are prepared to compete in quality and
prii-e ugain*t alt comers. All our Carbonated Drinks and Lag.r
Beer are manufactured from distilled water and guaranteed
chemically pure. Parties in, or who contemplate going into, any
of these Iim** will ttave money and time by dealing with us. 1'ntfl
our e>rahlit*bmenti* ready forhusine** in Sandon
We can ftirnish on ^ftbove lines from our plant in Trail in 48 hours.
.      jn s,,,,,!,,!, unit the Kootenay district. For the present address atl orders and inquiries to us at
The Kootenay Brewing, Malting & Distilling Co.. Ltd
Prom "Zlon-s Watch Tower
Last October.
Hour   Cat -da.    Outside   ar   Her   Whit*
Mete', la Deeply     ��lcrested lu
Tho FalSlnnaut.
What we have to say upon the gold
and silver question, the money question, will lie seen to be lifted altogether
out of the realm of politics, ami a**4 designed to make one solitary vote for
cither party ���believing that God has
decreed the overthrow of present insti
tutions in the very calamities in which
the exercise of their own worldly window and selfishness shall involve them
However, inthe finattcial developments
of recent years we see the beginning _l
a marked fulfillment of prophecy whie".t
must not be overlooked or passed by
unnoticed. Wc refer to theiprophecy of
the Apostel Jarae*. (5,1-8)���
(rotonow, re rich n n. w��ep and howl for
your miseries which aluticome uoon yoo. Tour
ritbes are Citrrupttd. *n.' ,-nw* garovnt* ar>-
m rth-eaten. Vourgttid ted silver 1* rani. *�����-���*���
and the i-ost of them shall '.v a. w.irfem *g. .. %
yoo, and shall eat your th-ah v�� it tetw St. V*
have heaped tnnaure tn_vther for the last Amy*-.
Hitherto we have conte** *ed onrsel ves
with a general application of this prophecy-to our day ami tK tpproaching
trouble, which* will f i' with special
severity upon the rid 1 It*> particulars
of the fourth ver.se of this prophecy
reads: "Beuold t*iat hire, wlieh vou
fraudulently wit'.aeld from those laborers who harve-.iat your fields, cries out;
and the lone, crtes of tbe reapers have
entered the ears of the Lord of annie*.
Here special rtferenoe is made to a
very large class of the toiling popn...-
tion of the worM, the food producers;
and to some ���great fraud practiced
against these specially.
But is this reprimand spoken again*:
the farm owners? Does it signify that
they have been deiraadmg their farm
hands of their wages? or do the words
apply to another class wh��*, are defrauding the farmiug imputation in g tncral
out of their legitimate earnings'/ l^et us
For centuries tne farmers have beer,
properly consid-.'od the conservative
element of sot tv. Ilare cautious than
the laboring, uvjchanical and clerical
classes, they i*v****o more slowly, and
thus have tide _ overman/ apolitical
crisis, in Europ' ��. wi 11 as tbe United
States. Aceuht.' -oil vo inodera-v toil
snd moderate remuneration, fa ���erf-
have been very ���.ane.rally therepre��,. .-
tati ves of justice .ind contentment, at.u
have been so i*e*,**ard'*d. But a change
has come, or is .<>ir*ifjg, over the affairs
and attitude o farmeri throughout
Christendom. Although t��tey hsve
profited somewhat b^llw me^utntcsl
inventions of car day, they find themselves retrograding, finam-follv, ��i|r*ei.
ally during the past tour years.
This applies, not merely to one section, hut In /eneral to all parts *t
so-called Chriiteudom. What is tlte
trouble? The answer given is: Over-
prodnction has caused a decline in
'price so great i ���".t the business is unprofitable : an' m.'.ny who are handicapped with del ts, ilnferest, etc., hsve
lost, or are in danger of losing, their
(arms, etc. But why do not farmers
abandon crops th*t arc not profitable iu
favor of other en. j* f.tr which there is a
Keater demand ? The answer is, they
ve done this, especially for the past
three .years, with the remit that all
crops are depressed in price; and since
debts must If possible be met, the unprofitable crops are Increased In the
vain hope of a good year ofg<>od price**'
which would make tip past deficicnee*
and clear off debts
But is it true that there if an overproduction Y Are large stocks of grain and
cotton being stored away ami tally,
representing such tin overplus'*" No;
the amounts carried over are so moderate as to cause apprehension of a famine
if the crop should be short one season
in the rutted States or India or Russia
It has been just so for years���plenty
generally, but contjiaratively little to
���arry over to the next year. Why,
'hen, is it that overproduction is claimed, and blamed for the great decline in
prices ? May there not be some other
influence at work ?
tion of silver are shared also bv the
farmers of Canada and Europe They.
lo-��, have to meet the stiver prices of
India and Russia, while -laying their
help, their taxes, their Interest, etc., on
s gold Imsis of double 1 value. t 'on-
teaoedtly, as all who fir* acquainted
with foreign affairs know, the farmers
of Bnrope and Canada have l��*e.jn groan-
ing aloud and nrtryiiig their rulers to
pro v it le some relief. Various in i *asure*
of relief have been diax-ussetl, but nothing satisfactory has lieen found; and
competition receives the whole blame
Pew except the shrewd hanker* see the
real situation; snd It is to their interest
to hide truth, snd, so far ss po*aible, to
prevent lite trick played upon the people from beinf disravered by the poo
this ixfi.1 Kxt*K or sii.v��n. j ���� mM\t*w conditions changed
Yes: it is becoming more and more; But hf|W ������,�� ,t lhjlt m measure
manifestthat there is another_ Influence: _*e_t*i,.*cl to work such havoc to the In-
at work besides that of supply and de |w<Mt, of thp ^ ,pU, ���hottW income th��.
itnnd,and that tt has been affecting ,air ���f ,*verv civifised land?
prices for some years with a steadily |t wm rarefnllv planned andgrad**-
downward tendency For instance, the Lp- hrt hl to |h��; ^^ ^ Wet***ns
I .'tct-Mention in 1H7S was 11 mnta per;Ut>;vt Britn,n ,t wn|qiM, among the
ptinnd. Since then t! has tfsadilv de- Mt-om4 ln tnMt her a^lturaTlnter-
chn^toTcents in I8��t. The price oi | ^ ^ ��� ^h|njr wmp*red to her
wheat in the same period (with some! eommorrjal interests In prnporthin to
diictuattons in years of fort-igti slmrtage ^ p���|Hltalloll &�� i* tho rVhest nation
and famine) has suadilv dec nod from of ^      Acror.|}ll^  u* m standard
!i_*1i���^rKbn^, 5 W��� *f�� �����* ���^������Jlif1 J w*iivk-~a%fsUlMsll'si IM��^__^oet*a%rv s��f HCjsUss.
\m. ihese two iUnns 1 wheat and cot- lto*_,hv wwillh ��, thl, United Kln^lmn
tmtj institute the chief items of the ofUrtvtt Britain and Ireland in .*��1 was
1 ""�����ttLSutt8 *XV��?*'< oow-queutly tt:,,7i,vO��.rtK�� Much of thl* is invest,
such heavy d.reltnes in1 vslut-s itiean s s ^ ,��� mw**tw^nr**t and sht,*ping : bnt
S'-TiJS* ���_ta_!T*?UhK_lVM,a Vink,rU SsUr*T; I !��������* ��f small territory, a* ^inrod
as a whole people; hut Ui the farmer it'   tTr^ -.���s" or        _�� a . *..
means worse���to htm it mean- the his*
of all profit and scarcely a living for
his family- and help.
But It wilt be noticed that other farm
products have uot suffered so great a
a decline, and the difference may afford
a clue to the reason of the decline jj
dttt^rZISrtln^ftS?.t��ri^.b 1 Er tlttlUW^
���mrltAgfi^ wealthier, has nearlv double
which have more than held their own the ^mlntim ^ bhu.^ m,\ ������ im��
with the I'nited States, proporthiiiately
less is req��iire*l for home railroads, etc ,
and proportionately more of it *e*iks
fvestment    altroad���wlt**^ profits
show tlietnselvea. combined with safety.
Hence (ireat Britain is unique al** in
i that it i* a creditor nation, whilst most
-of the nations are Iwirrowerf    Thus.
down to   1891
tobacco, beef.
suffered a decline ot one hundred per
cent, during that iieriod (vix.. wheat
and cotton) thus: The former were not
affected by the decline of the value of
silver during the period named and the
latter were affected by it, and fell and
rose in price��� Itarring minor fluctuations incident to supply and demand.
But how could tne price of silver
affect the two principal staples of our
land and not affect the others? We an
swer: Because our wheat and cotton
are sold in competition with the wheat
and cotton of silver standard countrii**.
while the other products named en-
couuter no such competition, or one so
insignificant as to be easily overcome.
Indian wheat to-day Wings about
���1.20 per bushel (silver) as against II10
(silver) in 1878; and if the United States
and Europe had not (from 1872 to 1878*
taken from silver the monetary standing U has enjoyed from the earliest
dawn of history,* our I!nited State** and
Canadian wheat would all along have
brought the same or better prices, U injc
of superior quality. The difficulty with
the United States Farmers' receipt*
t'ofi. ;i;-��ir wheal is that this nation is
<! >.��g business on a gold basii*- and so
tha fl m to fl.ao pr bushel (the atnsdv
fu.ctj of wheat, tne world's st-title food,
n sih'er, thc world's monev***.   when
.-ont .*. ted into gold, fell gradually with
the j     f ol silver; and the It*' Mr depreciated because of legislate , action
by the principal government** of the
world.   The same  influence,  affected
cotton; it is still worth teu  cents a
tonno in silver in India, and would
m* bringing more in thc United States
f gold and silver were again on a party: because onr cotton is of superior
Thr Lte misfortunes of the United
States farmer through the domonetisa-
(v.i, corn, rye, oats, j m,,n3le ���tr����rh of country, mines, rail
pork) and those which j ^^^ ^   ���,���< h,^ u m borrower.
The study of British financiers 'titan
whom, there are none fhrewderr lias
nam rail v been along selfish lines
Thev studied and advocated, not what
would benefit the work! as a whole, bnt
what wonld tienefit their little corner of
it; and not either the interests of their
little islands, but spetnallv, if net
whollv. th *ir own in^wsta a* floanciera
���money lenders. But in all this, be it
rememlserred. they did no different ftrom
what many others wohM hsve ilone if
thev had poa**4*����*ed ths vantage ground
of money to lend and brains to guide
them in' loaning It to their own beat
**'I vantage.
that pixAsaAt. tmmBAm.
British financiers, as we have seen,
hail long tried to part gold and silver
by reftisW to recognixe silver at home
and in the cohmiea of Canada and Australia ; but this did not avail; silver being a tttandard inthe vast majority of
the nations of tho world, was nt-ore in
demand than gold at the in to 1 ratio,
and rontinued so until 1874, nearlv a
year after the conspiracy to ruin it had
accomplished Ita work by seenrittf Isws
Frohibiting its coinage in Holland, the
"nited States and Germany ��-in Holland
in 187*2. inQermanv In 187M87S, and In
the United States February 1'2,1878.
Bnt so potent is Uie influence ofthe
United States in the world's finance*
that all efforts to degrade stiver without
her aid must have failed; for she is at
once the greatest luxury purchaser and
the greatest staples seller among the
nations. Hence It Is not surprising to
learn that���
In 1*71. raltrer hrhta* desiaiui llsni in CI 11*many,
Kitifland and HoH..nd, a eapBal ot tlOUb S ( & *>.
ttkts ws* ntoA, and KmerHSe-fd tr-ts sent to this
i'ounl/y with this toad as ansol fbr f rrr-Urn bOhd
hohler* to ttmmt this aame nhjart.
The official records of Congress under
date April 0,1872, say ���
Ernt*��l B*td\ ot I.tndrjn a dtatlti(rrd*tirti wrhrr
sihI IruNhtrdst, ha* tdren jrivat altenUtin lo ih��.
*ulijeet of mint and odnaii**-. Afltrr hating es-
amlned the Am draft of ttrfi 1*411 (for the deteotwi-
tl/atl<m of ��!lvrrj. hi* made r/srlous ��.i,��itn>
��u��ft-?.tktn*. which Uw eummitttta adotrhd and
.-iiifrslU-d In the hill.
The sliver demonetization bill, when
Iwifore Congress, was skillfully haiidl-
���Slltr*r motley was ths only money idandard of
the Jealth nation Oold wastltJ*��irmt*adasrrrf*r
chaiidUti-sa israrhtus storrr-*>~and iuetaal**d tn
price at. ordlnaty. All valuas were imnr.ttr.td l>y
sllvw stairfUrd.a* they still art* aic'-nt In Rnrooe
"Mora than ona-half the ptsopl* of the world
still ei*4*otrnl��9 sllrar as their standard; and whsrt!
It has torn d<rm*Mi**tl��>d. the people, ihe niasstn,
Cther awake to the slttratlon. an eryluff out lo
ve It ri'iiMjneUwd.
ed, and its real object ami intended
���fftirt were notappreei��i,*iJ (;; t-.-nij,
b* many Congrossmen, win. im,. m j���'
clared since. Senator Beck, m �� *,HMTh
before the Senate January j., [H7h
said: "It (the bill dciminetuitij- ��itv,.r'
never was undt-rsttnal by either H ,��,,..
of Coiigixtss. I any that with full know.
|ettg.> ot tarts. Hio new*pa|��t'r r.'|a.rt,.r
���and they are the most vigtimit men I
ever saw In obtaining inform-tinn .
dittciivered that it had been done '
Ths prcasitt extreme depre��kiott of
���ilver. and ot sll comtmiditit * m,j,i ������ ���
silver basis, came very gnuhmlir f,r
two rtmsous. (1) tt nssfuimi tm,'. _n,i
manipulation to depress silver, a com
modify still In great dem.-in.J hi inore
than one-half the world's potmUtiota
fljj Silver mine owners ami nthen
directly lnte**t**��ted,to*fether with -dates.
men   who ffirressw   the cotntiik' ,-vil,
iirt**��sed totdr argumenu so forriMv in
tingrrean that etpedlenu wen- resorteii
to by the Unites) Slates Government.
such aa the Ke*avei**>*iMtem act..(i-;*..
fnd the Sliver Pnirhasinjf a.i ���i w����
But esntdlents were found iinpractk*
aWe   Silver must either !>*< s tn
with full, equal  power  wnu -ita*
legal tentler. or tme it tntiM W...����%��*!
erial a  merchantable tmamodiiy like
dlamflrnds. wheat, etc and be tttib/eri t.,
flitcttiattains acvnirdittg to sujipli   and ,
demand; and when iu initt thr l��*t of
these ��*|rt*dk*iit* was repealed, silver at
once drnmt-fal to one half the j ��* . of
gold, and all the evils of lUdcttmm-oira.
tion were felt to their full In !*���*i. *\
c��pt as the winsequeni |��mir mav **>
far-r***at htngr.progre^ve and r**Mltirin*r
WAAiu rtrrtm to rtna'ttt: ��
A it*I now, after what may ���j>j��*ar a
lengthy account <if this gr��*at (rami Hut
not ttw* tongthy,wel��Mieve,t*�� pr*.t.-Uutt
it has been a systtmtatit- Cnnsfiirat 1 lo
defraud tbe ponfrle in the iot.r.-a of
���Shylock*), ����route to the c n.;*
'We need not particular*-*.' threvtd.
etkre*  which prove that  our  day <*t
aanaltti aciuniillation Is here u*ra|''i.Ai
ly iless rtbed    Many *rve�� of th.* ruh
and great of this world are disttitrtly
the apprttach of MtcUliam ami tiltunate
Iv of anarchy, which, by overthr"* Iii*:
the prtwent social stmcture. will ��r.*�� k
the fortune* which const*i* of Jsitel*.
n*oitgta|(t-*n, etc., and from fmr lead 1-
tlie discarding of rich spftare). swl m
the ****��rTt*>tirig of wealth    All win-are
awake can see Umm thiturs hasieninjr
toward tta, and they are n-.w prohahlv
less  than   fifteen years distant    Al-
though wr* have rrt*lt***ret:l fre.ju.niiv t..
this prophecy during the pn*t twenty
three vanr*. we have until now felt a��me-
whst perple*ted t*> know a hat mi_rlitt
���luesthin would turn the lanre masmty
of ronservativea into a minor il v. is*r
milling >lhe soiial order to fall before
anarchy as the Scriptures clearly imli
rate; but now all is clear as we ��itniw*
in the affairs of our dav the |>lnm (ul
filtment of this verv etjdieit propli*'-,v
The fanning element. Mtherto the bnl-
wark of wrcirdv, its guarantee airim-*.
anarchy, is suddenly arousing ami rr>
ing ont   that It is being  rofttH"! i��>
legislalivt* enactments; ami it i�� l>'
paring to assert Its rights
Ttllt TtlSn OT t*lTlJ*H4.SIA'
ft may be well here t��* remiml onr
readers *>galn that we are not ev|H^ nng
Immediate anarchv.   We expect M'��in��
of buairtese revival on iire��*eitt au-l -fj
HM��re  depressed   level*,    iitier��|<r**^'
with more and more frequent |Mt��n k*
spasms, labor troubles and ex|*eoi',,,t'���
until filially, prolmbjy kslween ���"���**".?.
1812, Um wealthv and eomfotiahle win
represent about one per cent  him '������'���
discontenU*d,  hopelessly   |s��*'r   '^,M>,���
ninety-nine per emit, of the popiiwt"''
of '���Chriattrndom;'*  and j then.   �� ��il
������Shylock'- alts upon the safety vain ���
the great and awful esploslou mat w
expecteil.   The Interim of tine- ">'��>���
)ot*k��* will spend In heaping togi'in��r
titlll greater treasures than he im" l"'
ra-ssea,  and In operating  hi** l"M.
fraudulent financial system or lt**��"l��
alenu,   while  he hears, unmovi-i '*
either Justice or pity, louder ami ������*
louder the cries of the eppresst^l v"'""
of his gret'*i| in every nstlon n
n* following ias ^Jttt I Jt of the
minim. traoiact*rous iswi-ded dunog tlw
521 fn the several mlnjnf dlv^ons of
t,���, slocan.   Tbose of New Denver were
u follows :���
Allll'SI    ��� ��
Ktrin. Kr-niaS*
ssb s***.??*^.^
k, untsh L ttara-M
%.d   ���_.
,_,_,V Wlttl*
ah, rJ n**4
Au!.'", ******
.... **Vw i*wt*i*-*f?0 ifissainwasTF
^J IIUlW^, tr-mr itatran star
LMtr*   J.rlll.
W il M
. MirarjaWin. Wttsna. M
Wj-JtW  tlWlMtl"   i
\V'i>|'iiiV; Mssrot. IWly, L H ajrUtstt, W H Me
L,-*,i tivd K W nllkr. JybOar, E%ht MUt* J.aSt.
M u j.i.tr sod T A tWydoa.
I'l, i* Hlata rtaeUVat. Nt-ar   Mantton. II K
M. i. ��Hi; liuaiswatn rrtjrtkat, nsar **"**��� Urn
at t; HarHs.   ^^k^^^m^************m*A9m
At u ��- Jittwa*��. Vuot Mil*,** a* I tar sad Frank
���ulr-y; Htlvtw titnta, W llaat   l, II |..t**ht-
���..; It. **Amry ItVtt. saws*. A l'��tltt**tt: t.*ar4,�� I
,M iktilc. tltmt M Jilteh and CD M<Or*
i ...-lit iMtt*. UW  at   naa~ta.iuv.uaa.....
*.*-, l*t<.t1n**r,(!lir|Ma*t��r Bid* T��-.tV*r *twl Jam.*
!��� H��*A
Hull P^-a-tvmlaa *r**_**tr*M, Oiwsl We*A*rt.
mink-. l��ntm S Vatey ont Ton W IJm*,-; **)iv.i
j r ,-���:.. it*. Saudtmeorrk, W II Ifa-a.tdM.
a j*Sl*->��kt |*r*�� U-.it. Tor��*n
break.)    .
, Waaa, C_maiSathn1^^^^^^
Omogo tta t, H��nrW  Ko l
as ������ .-���   l*a*-l
t.  *a*tt K*Ha,
ti o fr	
Ai il fl   'Ttaai-** j. Lot V****, La* VegM So t
\ i.t i* Oakland, ttrttssfell, J.*****- Kn.rtt.ni
ll(*trr*uka. Mllicra
Ai i. m   ItUIra,Qrermhoni, A K�� Ia*j*4*   Peter
l.r. life.* Nasi.
ti.. .-���  sKs-rvhurtirr, IflM. Wttttam Ryan to!
���*--.l n. J. Aan-stiMntlry to Kda-la tVattstv
rfcL-.aer,_C tTMiiipsvt to42 A HotUnd
tto ft Xtmtm Star, AUsnta ll~*t*t-t lt.ll
AirrVaat Kna-ttv-tt. Arthur atntlVa aad iNutttl
oa... v* tl<***thrr fctri. _ttnltt�� a Mltlta* c��.
no r.   TwUiattt. J. At��t Mel*a>r�� tu Frt-I 1
Tatlicrhl. \. Abt*   Mrl'li**'  to John   Motf-st
v . . Itutham. I. R A llh-ks to Wm lllefc*
Otrmi ?._>**-*���*���, W 0 IVW* t���� Wttr* Kalva Co.
Milt 4X   riTV   UlVISIOJt.
\i.. h ivatawna. fraak ����|llS_jiu0*^
I*..,,*., ���rrahaat, Ash. Ika*��ld J:*rll*��_';l
H.��d,. Il*tt>tttla tTaithir***. ItVatctWKtttd, A T V k k
At.. tS   H at, John fta-ntst) srd Th.* staWMh.
ti.. SS  **��,,rta��tVra.*km II A Mirk*.    ttrt��*
I.,. J*. Ktrat-drd*.   Jstata. A W MlM��raadl ��t��.
���V*. Jiirr**,    Tlrrar lalwa. *r*mt\JC9ttW ti
W Ml* W lacs. Walts* t*airar*��**! sad l�� A Mm*.
WniHvntt: J.aie.EC Kurtrh.- M<��int&'o Clilcf,
Ijuom* U*l#   Mouniain IWlti. Jam.-* Itwr*.
Aj;.i. ��-Baho, A.Atu Walum; ll��-k'li��r, II
IIMIhit.NattH.lni, Fritz Pol-ten* KhyiarkFrw-
Uon. Juttn Mi-Vuillaii; Linnet. 0 llom: Araua.
JjAn Ktiaw; W.-ilinirhtti. l> E Huraior, Ulrhie.T
W J.sw*; kkmdlkc Knotlo,,, Tk Crtrft; ILotky
Sr<4 L.i.,1 IhtiaVx A D Kvans.
, Arl��l_i*HK��TS.
Atom Sll vi r BeU snd (ioMen BpU, P D
Krlt kt.ii; Hants Narla. Jwhn Howani: IHainoiiil
and Kinr-rsld. J H Sliniavsi. llntad Vkw. CW
Htnrxl*; After flap. Hatnl J NVttlnir; Vaneoaver
and Nr-tttw, W A Hau r.
At��. ��   llk.s Peak, Kik-k ******
At o. ta- Laura N attd War Eaak*.
An. n Hiirl, Alas, Toronto, A��|*'n.Bosu*i.
<>iU��i. Lodlntftoii.M-intlTvuder,Hkldtntas.*rrt.
At�� ��* 0��ukj>. Rrafsn Bell**. Hore Thin**,
Htstt-r NolkVt*. 1.111*/  Fulk-r and Rachael Uurdun.
At�� M~ Cnsartnit.
At o rt   Alt*, f HIT. Ko|thla. Hrwirk**-*.
Alt. r* II III aid.* I.**t tlwotf, Gsit. Orr-v
*���>���;>���.., ran It**, idttue I'Msm <rtd Ont-rio No. 7,
HO'UnU, l*riiini<Mi��<'*ltli. Itrjol.!!-, Sulun.
���a'aithrrni*rua*.rald.-.S|.>tlrii Hora*. Elk Horn
A to. tt   Fttjrlda Ft art Ion }. J.-a* j.li �� Peter*
Uf V�� III Nrati.ai*.
llllo'**. tV II Moti-jr-mirr*/ to P E Ftdwr.
ttanttrr Fr*<tl<.n. >. Jtrltn NrOarvsy to D P
Stl-.rtii.fk. n<��'
K*t> 1., Nr* A A Ni-Kinnoit tu Nr* Frank
Kb .'*. JttttoV. LWta Dan, and Eastt-r. A A Nr
KhitwxitoF I. Filch
Ai ��i g��-l*rttiLr��a*. iuu*.*.,- tl .ri. H LSawyer
U.F J tsTntssaV, %\<**h
N.Juwk 1 '��� si!��,rtip |, SUv.r Qtieen ), Get*
r**. I  T to K. l��t ftt"..^.
IlaaafSSand st llwrlwi Harry OscerloDL
SntiUt.Ow S��.tih .i.<! I* J Byron,   tji*).
ACS "���l-Kathl.fn.Fian..-.-*. Ruth. AtVaander.
i'ltr�� H,n. MeArthur. *���:>, C H Phlllljaur J ll
Mi AtO.or Jtii..- 24
K��tlirr**>tt. Atrtaod. r. And. -rm��n. 4\ II N Con-
a-s��* fr. J it NrArthor, Jun*- W.
N..,..t��ita.��.��.. I�� l�� Frfcscr to A B NcArthor.
*tu��  tt.
!*t...a HaU. C��r��a-alt. Fnta-r. 14, F A Hall l..
J It MYArthur. AntrrM
Qs*raiir��i,. I li, I* I* Frsst-r. Harry Glbhonsto
JllNvAriltut. tu-a-.*:
Ato Ss-lrry Ore '. J.a.j4t RttMtHtT toCha*
Ihtttr-rlitj-frat.  *u*.- :'.
Psiirfrrrs.   t.   Chat   II. th* riiitft��n   to   J,***?���.it
p .M A. Jcnitlr l> Ellis t�� W E Elll*.
c..ogrem I '.v am! K II B.k.r. \, J I> Kill* ky
\\ K Ettat t.. N*ttrtr* ���A Ittttk.* Aim IS        ._, _
tvauma* and E !��tttkrr. J N lrT.tole to W F.
Kilt* fHlo^ot-hm. tit *4 ��ll rtslitt. *\ IV
(:.*iMiiuia*>. |   H J N��*Sr-m>n to J W Ilske*-.
Ana tt. us*. ._../.._
M.stiior. \.BA Ma#t*;ratn to J W (**kj**. An*
If. | Sk	
MAHINO    GOLD    OtT    OV    SII.V��-ff.
It Is raaalhl* that   It  Can   lt>   Don* by
t h-tnlral Prttratt*.
advanced. Yet anyone may be pardoned for a credulity as to the non-
csty of his intentions and the results
being as he claims. There is no im
|in_aibilitv or scientific improbability
about such a discovery as he claims
to have made. Chemistry has in
recent years determined that several
metals classed theretofore as elementary were in fact compounds. The
methods of chemical analysis are
constantly broadening. Emmons'
standing, reputation, character and
previous scientific attainments are all
to be taken into consideration.
It wonld be a remarkable instance
ofthe irony, of fate if while thousands
of men are preparing to risk their
lives, and certainly placing themselves in a position to encounter extraordinary hardships in the quest for
gold in tbe severe climate of interior
Alaska, a modern chemist, in a
laboratory within gunshot of New
York city, should hit upon a process
by which the inferior and discredited
metal silver cool I be placed at once
upon an absslute parity with gold..
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock*
A...SV K.-rway. W tfana, J * f**?''**''-
t.��>��-f snd Vattt-f.Mtnr-. W Al**����l, *A ** terwim,
llrfcn B. E F t*Wts* Ortrwaav, ��a*M J*****-***'*
N. u. ram.; t.attt*k.l. John A ktauwa, Hor��a��
*.��! Ni��t�� frtoto. -atatyi aU/**wrf. Anthtait
a .mrrt l.xa ���������--, John N> *-**v*W *tH I ��
<!i. l--j*t-��r, J.*u atVtkrttak*; llald Ear**
I'.mlottTA^anl. FotfatYkaiw. ''��An.l.rr.*.
a i*M   J li (*aarwrta>* Wrntwonb. ttnam^UB,
i* ...It. HtaittttMd   i tlCaiWertrtl. Hrltrrtrtlr.S
l> l,..��terk-t-, Tlarff, Kdward Mtlaai: Sb*inr*> k
|r��i.H S4.i��*rrt*,Kl; Stltrt'*'  ItVtl.   rwmr; tahrtk..
I. til* Wiraatna
At.. tl t ihrau. John Wallmi Uw-ky H"!;. ��*���
J N-tkatt; Whhr-Star. r��t**r. Star Frj.rtl.'ttr.l. A
���.rami Key Kr.rtt.ai W A lAmer, PhllH*. K
H.v.r.. l..4��iut. I) F S*tot*r**k; K.^*tt��. J J*
���Urthr; t>r*n. i.t�� tllwanson. K .Vr-*w. A H
Hatitr. H��n*r. W II thMtnartMttl hl��k*|.a.
J- sw*,hm', rt Wees**. J H li*rdk: Ideal. Jh*;
*-...a.i.: t'hltairo.Jtrhnlamtd'ell; tkwton. I*hll
, At t. ��   III . Jm A l*��o��h.t.. rwrlt.rrn. Gtw��
I "Im. .1:  Wrttfrsi, f U tUoor*; Titnl er Iia*. >*
"1-dr.iaidtoll-vsn.. Wai �� **V*.MV\*'
H.mrttil Rivhat*taTaini Tatttano-k. *A H I ��''���'
*��i��*l; s��r..|.arit Wm FletehrT. Atf* J��*l.i
I.h k-afr-adatl Saat. Fred l.ttr*. It.: VM.n* ��.
)" llnultr*; KH.r��M.KV.��tll*tx? > I alnnnt
��' **' .i..|.l*II; iUamsrtfc V F S*>\<��; **�����'��� ��'���*"���
"���"'" a.... \V UMt*aa*. _-     ,
An. M. Ntilij-tnah H F Atthio; A^aad
**'!���'i iihtr. m a >a*-MH._. lV*llv, J* "*J"'���������
V"���������'���  ���*��� V W i��t\��it%   tiavld.  H  H .j'""'"'"
J'*- -rwa-a  FinrUiai. F K IVrrt; ���*���****.���'
"���'-'il-.n *nd Iron Mask. Nr* **twnb.��tuh.
ki'i.-ilk.*. || w t Polkdt; Vwkon. G K Msrtin.
J.���-.�� ''"��� Prartloti.i MHwt*. OitV*aau,**w AlW":
sni.it*,.. W P Htratlariti Vhtorts. Mr* A tarn. >
\<*l. J..��m Nlltrr, V��lcan. C W l��.tw��.n;
Bftelirr. Jithn Nlller, I X h. Henrv K<Sr��*
*|iasS Allen;
,,���������; r.*. n-nttsjij   jtMtatrr.ua.*.i'jh}1 M ",*',tl
���"1*hj*   Edwsrtt dat..*m  OniwaWnt, A Vt
���Ml. JlM-^.-fH (Jitaitn; Kkmdlke and Hull*
III Mill
tra-ir>l||sw.���rMrr��aiws. JW
urt.. H la <h-��*V;   Aha. tt
Tii.* Randall; AMsrislnnt J��
The placers of the Klondike are
not in the same clatw, as a money-
making vinijiosition,  with gold discoveries which l*rof. Kmraons alleges
that he has made in  his lalx.ratories
t>n Stau-n Island, saystne8eattle P. I
Mr. Giutnons is a man of high scientific attainments, gta��d character an<t
is a succet4sfiil inventor.   Yet he seri-
ously ssserts and offers the pnaJuct
ol his laUiratary as the proof of his
assertion, that lie can transmute silver In the form of ordinary Mexican
dollars or ingots Into gold* ami contends that he has been ahle in his
experiments to discover that neither
gold nor silver are, as chemist*, have
heretofore classed them,  simple elements, but that each is a compound.
Kiunion* says that by subjecting silver to a pressure of BOO tons to the
square  inch, at an extremely low
tenpenitttre, and by* the u$eof another procpji which he keej��s secret,
it becomes transmuted into gold    rp
to a certain point in the process mi
"gold" had a tendency to revert to
silver,    lie eull-. the prudoel result-
ing lYoni his prooesk argentauiuni, off
silver p>ld, hut the issayeis ol the
mint Accept sll he semis ihemasgold,
and are frankly Incredulous ;ts to his
claims that it has been obtained in
the manner which he states.
The natural tendency, when such
stories arc exploited, is to class them
as Takes; to believe that the entire
alleged process is simply the cover
for Jufglerv or legerdemain ; that,
ronghlv sjH*aking, he puts into the
machine thc gold, and substitutes It
fit* the silver. This is thc natural
attitude to be assumed when all such
claims as that of Prof.  Kmmons are
Hunter Br��s*��
Headquarters for
tyroceries, Hardware
Furnishings, Miner's
Wecarry Everything
Sandon and Rossland.
Or anything in the line of
MENB WEAR call on
9   IL-^il   **-*_***���   VV   1A1A    **-*_S^3k    N^r vj_/ 9
Men's Outfitters, Keco Avenue, Sandon. B G.
Dealer ir| MEAT
-iv ���:.-:.    : .���.���.������.���.���;:,..���..-. ��� 10
A gas well haa lieen struck near North
Copper has been found in the Northern part of Peterborough County.
Several Toronto young men have given
up their positions and left for the Klondike.
There ire eight cases of Smallpox under treatment at the Civic Hospital,
The Ontario crop of wheat is excellent,
and the total yield will, most likely, be
the greatest ever produced in Canada.
The Pelee .Island grape crop will be
very large this year, hut Uie peach crop
will be a failure for the first time in
twenty years.
The honey crop in Western Ontario is
below the average, while in Eastern Ontario it is a total failure, the worst for
seventeen years.
The Gover.ior-General and Iatdy Aber-
d��*en are in Toronto attending the meeting of the British Association for the
Advancement of ISeience.
The G. T. R. Station Agent at Mount
Forest, lost two of his children through
eating canned salmon, and another child
is scnously ill from tbe same cause.
A fanner named Wm. J. Murphy, an
inmate of the Chatham General Hospital, threw himself from an open window,
and died two hours later from injuries
A shocking fatality took place near
Oakville thia week, by which an elderly
farmer and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Colton, were killed by a train striking
tlieir rig.
Powder boose st Pt. O)lborne struck
by lightning and the contents ignited,
causing an explosion, which was feh in
Buffalo and in every town in Erie
County.   No lives lost.
The new Government telegraph line to
the Klondike will probably be constract-
ed through Canadian territory. The
length of it will be lt50O miles, snd it
wilfcost about 1225,000.
The Jubilee Mming and Development
Company will send their first squad of
men to Ute Yukon this week. They will
join the Mounted Police on ths 28th inst.
and make tbe trip with them.
Arrangements sre being made by
Toronto citizens for an excursion to Sudbury to show the members ofthe British
Science Association Uie mines and some
of the valuable ore deposits of that region.
Rev. Father Labelle of Ayliner, Que.,
?reached a sermon recently, denouncing
t-eemaeonry and warning his flock not
to participate in a Masonic funeral, as it
was s public outrage to their Holy
Petrolia oil wells are still producing
lots of oil, and as the season advances
the petroleum trade will assume even a
greater degree of activity and the refineries will be taxed to their utmost
A young man named Verny Howard,
living near BrockviOe, Ont., wssacci-
dently shot in Uie back by his companion, who stumbled, thus causing his gun
to be dischwfed. There is but little
hops of his rrseovery.
No nsed to go ss far as Uie Klondike
for gold, ss Ute Hastings mining region
msy, as an alluvial gold field, prove aa
rich as the minesof tiie Yukon. Samples
of gojd nuggets have been shown, some
of which were over half an inch long and
as large around ss s lead-pencil.
Toronto is entertaining tlie members
of tbe British Association for the Advancement of Science. This is tbeir 07th
annual gathering. Toronto may now
claim to have greater brain power within
ita limits than any  other city in the
world, in pr>>'��or*.ion to its population.
Great excitement prevails in Gait and
tbe surroundingcouutry over Uie murder
of Mrs. Anthony Orr. This is Ute first
crime of such a nature that has ever
been perpetrated in Ute township of
North Dumfries. A hired boy named
James Allison has heen charged with Uie
Manitoba Crap Hullrtla.
The government crop bulletin just
issued at Winnipeg, gives the following figures for the province:
Wheat���l,29tt882 seres; average
vield per sere, 16.49 bushels; total,
21,284,274 bushels
Oats���4f8.141 acres; average per
acre, 26.73 bustels; total, 12,517,112
Bsrlev���153.21**6 acres: average
per acre' 23 8: total, 3,'M 1,768.
Max   'fcR'T'H. bushel*.
Rve--5.VUH7 bushel*.
Peas -38,287 btishek
The average yield of native gi*as*tes
is |.6 urns per acre, and of cultivated,
1.4 tons per acre, or three tenths of a
tun per acre less than last year.
There arc no dteease* among the
livestock. Wheat Is doing well;
4,000 hands are n**qtiimi to take off
the crop and over this mint la* r are on
the way from Ontario. Eighty eight
tNMsan.', seven hundred and ninety
acres have been broken and .��.������� ��*���)
summer fallowed.
Robert Itoberison. of Com plan. Que.,
has been appointetl Superintendent of
the Experimental Farm in Nova Scotia
in place of Mr. Fom ster, dismissed.
The foUowlng remarkable <..��������.������.���._.
tion wss rt*esiv��d at Ottawa the other
dav *
8> Jol*,,�� Au* n< WW.
Deputy Minster of
Marine and Fialieriea.
IVar Sir.���Etieksatd pleat* And the
sum of |30. Some years ago 1 h���.l work
from the Depnrttueut, ami stnc* that
time felt that I did not do It hotatstl*; n
I should, and would you kindly ���.���!_'.-,* it
in tlte Treaaury.
*��� They have moved out choir to thi
other end of the church."
"What* that for.**'
"Our minister in delicate, and he *aid
he couldn't stand to have twelve girn
fanning hi* bald "spot all at enoa
Tlie multitude will have ci-ramthat will
burn when they have tbe Trail lUruter.
Hotel, In New Denver,  has l***u enlarge*!
and all the itmcns ptttavtered.       New carj��>u
and new funiitorc thn-Ufehoui make t!re htawc
a marvel of ctwtiort and elegance.       With
28 nxMiia, and its -beautiful situation amidst the
finest scenery in America,  this liotel Is uu. ir
passed in all Kootenay.
It. 8TBJK Prop
I carry the stock���the largest in the Btooan-
Kootenay. in ahow noma covering
8,(K)0 feet of fluor space.
���at* n**nr*n f yy
Is the Pioneer House of the City
a a _ �� _ _,.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct from the factories at prices low m the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical up
holsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Ledge office,
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Wrmtobt fjaiil on _wt.tr, to M*...Ion SWan OMj* antl all I^aa* |M>lnt.. ra*a_a*a^r***a
,-ckolCaVlW *J^l���� Cro*i*h
of Thin W*^^^^
*.������. �������.* Briti��l��Ortamt>r*Mt��|i**��lV*tl.
A j*rcat need of the Slocan conn*
tn .l  the prcat-nt is more capital.
w'ttli - xp*tienced  men engaged to
invest it properly iu claim devel.
.,,,iiifiit.   There are and have been
m lhat great silver district mines
,-a|Mthle uf paying trout thc grass
nails, but a capital of $800 to Wou,
wltitli   is  all   that tbe  working
������*iii.*r often has wherewith to ��|>*ii
up  for   shipping   his   prtuiitaitijj.
claim ttt group of claims, ia usual-
I) iilio_-ether iiisufficiotit for the
purpose*      Uvnce   the   abandon*
:i,t ut of many a very likely opportunity, often   too  obtained on a
>.,*..'Mo-d opttvto tjuickly term in
Not a few claims, left,  for   the
liiiit* Wing uu worked  from lack of
capital, are thus likely some day.
in tin- huwts.tf men stronger fin an-
��� tally, lo yield excellent return**.
������dike in ore shipment* and profit*.
Ttvi  utuclt   haa lieen built on tbe
fact   that   the SI.-can  is "a |HH>r
muir* country.*'    This it ivrt a i till i* in a sense* speaking relative-
it ami  by iroisipariaon with other
{���rn-itius metal districts of ltrittt.lt
��   lumbia, but even   there it is
v.r>   rare for a man  or group of
i< in to atari successfully on miue
��� \ tlojiutent with a working capi*
ul of $l(s1o or niider.   Yet this ia
"ttt-u   ni.trt?   than  tlie  total  sum
* herewith it Stm-nn   man   start*
��� ht-erily the work ftf claim  de%��*l
.���pineul.   To  the  tttoean alao, by
i.jMtu  of tbe "i*-H>r man n conn*
i��y" argument, have been attract-
���-t many  hundreds *if men, fresh
from Northwest, Manitoba or other
raiiehet, men capable **f suctvasful
phiw snd -padt* work among grain
or rn*.!*, bat altogether unused to
hUnting, tunnelling,  ludu follow*
���iig and other mine work.    Natur-
ally enough, many of those M��.��ui
n Ulrra fresh  from the field* have
made  failures of tlieir mine ventures, aud also not achieved any
v**ry striking suc****e**s even aa mine
Workers,   Today the best working
tuiuers in the  Hioean   hail  from
M-.utamt aud  other mining states
"f the republic���a fact which Iota
be frankly, if reluctantly, id.
.   ��� a** ___,_ | \*a*
as so many of the best miue workers of the country are backed by
but scanty capital.
Then* are still many and excellent opportunities in the 81ocan
for capital to embrace with profit,
I-*r,   ._-,,,..-..   ...       _,         _ f
despite the depreciation of silver,
though we suppotte that for a while
at lea*t gold loving British investors will continue to be somewhat
chary of investing iu a silver coun*
try, and  prefer even to take very,
very   doubtful   chances   iu   such I
thin*.*   as    Klondike  syndicates,
often, hy the  bye���more often, indeed,, than   nut���intended   to be
Mflictsted and worked by men of in-
tltifcitti.il status, but withal nnpos-
**'*,M*d of  the aierest atomic know-
litl_*e of tbe  jfrosen far northlaud
am) the proper iu��*thods of exploiting for other than protuotiug pur-
noses itsfrtmt hound hidden wealth
of placer gold.
creek will be unfit for use. The
question which the council is now
considering is whether it would be
cheaper to change the base o_ supplies than ttt put in a filter. There
is also a doubt whether filters
would separate the mineral from
the water. The health inspector
says not, but other authorities apparently as good say yes. It is
.probable that the filter will be
I tried, but the Kaslo public ruus
the risk of having to resort to the
ancieut custom of buying water by
Uie barrel again.
Sandon, B. C.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
m it ted   and these men  naturally
r-ecure the first and best openings,
where Mich are under the ctmtrol
id practical  mine owners, \otor-
I ��ta*cd or otherwise.   Iu time, no
doubt, the sturdy   men from n��>����*
mining part* of Canada and else-
whet., will gain sut-tteient expert-
������nee iu tbe Slocan ami elsewhere
���u become as aiiccessfwl workers as
the   A inert, au  silver.lead  miner*
* bo have migrated  thither,    Nut
l�� the interim the lot of the whilom
���'i*rteuliurist turned miner will not
UMtailv  be easy, whilst his nits-
���'kcM.fmethod will often  prove
�� *t ly to himself an��l others.
The SUiean Is develop!.�����* ��tead
���Iv. despite the emiti-ming mil in
"ilver, ho great are usually ��}�������
vslue of its deposit*, but this de*
velopnent will continue to bo
gradual, rather than rapid,so b��t��g
Btmm our own ConT*|WH.d>r*,i. i
Hugh Sutherland, Wiauipeg, is
h; town.
J. I). Idttle,  Silverton,  was  in
town tVedneeday.
J. li.   McCiuigau   came   down
Thursday on his way to Spokane.
K. K. Uush.a New York mining
engineer, is looking into the oouu.
try's resources.
Senator Pronse aud wife, accompanied by V. C. Ferguson and N. 8.
rerguaon, all ot Charlottetown, I*. **��� t����n>��
El., registered at the  Kaslo ou **,A���fif��"
Wednesday.    The   Senator is in- -**���*���***��
ten-led   in  the  Dardanelles and
other properties, aud  will spend
some time iu s general inspection,
(iarvey tie Mauden's uew hotel
iu   Ainsworth    was    opened   on
Wednesday  evening  b,  a dance,
which was an immsuse success.  A
large number from Nelson and Pilot Hay   were in  attendance, and
the event was a moot enjoyable affair.
Tbe lire hall erected by the city
has been completed, aud is a very
neat aud pretty little structure.
The building has ample room for
the reel, apartments foi the caretaker, a bell tower and a coiitriv*.
ance for drying the hose.
The Montezuma wagon road is
now complete and Ihe work of con*
slructiug the concentrator will be
gone ahead with as rapidly as pos
sible. Tbe timbers have all been
framed, and it only remains to put
the mill together, which will prob
ably be complete in 80 days.
Nick Jerry, a profpeotor well
known around Sandon and Kaslo,
left here via Seattle for the Klou-
dike 00 Wednesday. Jerry decided at first to go in by Edmon.
ton, but after having gone as far
as Athabasca landing turned back,
as he did not think he could make
it oefort* winter by tbal route. He
says be has been in Cassiar, ami
the winter does not scare him.
Kaslo bits now to face a new difficulty in the way of a water ipies*
tion.     With  the construction  of
Another Shipper.
Superintendent Leckie of the
Exchange group of mi ties on Dayton creek is authority for the state,
ment that tbe force of 12 men will
be doubled at once and tbe property will soon take its place on the
shipping list. Thie group was
lately sold to Sir Charles Tupper's
j London compau***^^^^^^^^���
Strictly first-class,
Mrs. MA. SMITH, Prop.
wwvw**>e* �� a"
The Sandon Laundry is now prepared to deliver short order work
within eight hours.
Cartineate of Improvamanta
Mineral claim*. *ituate In th* Slooan Minim*
dirUiofl of We*t Kootenay district. Where
located���On the North Fork of Carpenter
rreek and about five and one-half mile* from
Three Fork*.
Take notice that I. Charles Moore, acting as
agent f��r J. l>. Ryan, free miner'* certificate
Ko, 4.iJ��7n. and CHarles Newhau*. free miner'*
irrtiftcate So. f*',jtt<*. intend, sixty d��y* fromi _,.__ ���***,___-
th* date  hereof, to apply  to the mining rv-1 Strictly First t_tass.
renter for a certificate of improvement-, fori        ��� _.      . _ ���'���k*___. _i
-p**** of obtair.ing a e.ro*m <jrr*nt of t he
claim* ^^^^
Ana further take notice that u< tion. under
eeclion ST. must he commenced before the ts-
suance of tmch certificate of ihtftrovement-.
Dated thin 1*1 dav of Sept.. 1*<T.
Kir*t piii.li.Hti.il). Sept. 4.1SH7.
4     Mrs. iwi
M aa. Katr Bargeh.
American and European plan.
Finest Furnished Rooms tn the
City. Best Imported and Domestic wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Bright as a New Pin
Special Attention Paid to Transients
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
Elect ri.* Light* and all Modern Improvement*
and Convenience*.
Every room neatly Carpeted and handsomely
Everything new and of the Ij��te*t lv>ig��s.
NaartoC. I*. It. <l��-|>ot and on the main hu*i-
Saaa stisat.
a. a. Mcdonald, propr tcor.
BONGARD & PIECKART. Propr-.etors,
The Aral Clnss
Hetel of Cody.
J. S. REEDER, Prop-
A strictly first-clnss hotel in
nil its appointments.
Livery Stable with Rood Saddle
and Pack Horses in connection.
Victoria House
Vow complete with the bsst fw���*��-?t*��' won"
,��� ?\Z* atafrict.    All   aocommcrdationsiSrst
jhe gaVtitt* ^S.vtVtaj    8..U���rlb�� tor the .'..yKt��.Jc.
citv water *)��i*-*"  WI        ^********************************** ���^���************************"
rcvistMl, M the water Ol
a****.'*   rtaaa
Modern Improoements.
A uioe, quiet, residence hotel, situated on A
avenue.   Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop.
f' 12
...;��� ......
Another Fort-card Step Taken bt>the
Brltlah Columbia Iron Works Co.
From the Vancouver World.
The mining: resources of this province are being rapidly developed.
New claims are being located every
day, and for their development good
and cheap machinery is required.
The progressive management of the
British Columbia Iron Works company, limited, of Vancouver, have
realized the necessity of expanding
their business so as to meet the increased demand certain to arise for
new and improved mining machinery, and for that purpose have added a mining department to their already extensive plant, and placed
the same under the management of
Mr. J. O. Norbom, an experienced
mechanical engineer, who Tor many
years has been engaged in the manufacture of all classes of mining machinery in San Francisco. Mr. Norton, is a thoroughly educated, theoretical and practical engineer, and
has for tbe last 12 years devoted his
special attention to the reqnJrementa
of the mines. He has traveled
through all the mining districts of
the United States of America, and
also those of the republic of Mexico.
Thia year he has given his attention
to thia province, and the bright outlook for the future in the mining regions throughout the coast, as well
as those in Kootenay and other interior districts, has * convinced him
of the fact that there is no country
looking more promising at the present day.   Mr. Norbom haa been con
sulting mechanical engineer for
eral years for some of the largest
mining companies in California, and
will continue the same business here.
He has designed and ei-ected some of
the finest plants in that state, and ia
thoroughly posted on reduction
plants, both for gold and allver ores,
air compreasing machinery, hydraulic machinery, hoisting and pumping plants, etc. He ia also the inventor and patentee of one of the
latest improved ore concentrators.
He haa designed and manufactured
water wheels of a highly effective
type. He is also well up in steam
engineering and power plants generally, having designed the iw.%
horse power triple expansion engine
for the San Francisco A San Mateo
Electrical railway in San Francisco.
On hia two tripe to British Columbia
last spring Mr. Norbom placed mining machinery and made contracts
to the extent of some 160,000, including the plant of the Tin Horn mine
at Fairview, all of which came from
San Francisco.
With their present plant and the
making of a few alterations and additions the British Columbia Iron
Works company can manufacture
all of this claas of machinery. This
will mean a great deal of money
that now goes to a foreign country
and elsewhere will be kept in this
province. The miner will not only
get as good an article, and for leas
money, but wiil not labor under the
disadvantage of having to send so
far for repairs and supplies. It wilt
stimulate the manufacturing industry of Vancouver and give employment to many more mechanics.
Progreasive people, like the managers of the British Columbia Iron
Works company, are what our province should be proud of. With
everyone during to see our city
continue in its prosperity, the World
wishes them every success in their
endeavor to develop the latent re
sources of our young, but rich and
promising country.
Shippers and Dioidend Payers of
Thia Famous District.
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paving
mines ofthe hlocan
Queen Be.**.
Fi*-her Mal.'en,
Oraat Western.
American Boy.
Chamher* (.roup.
Bin* Bird.
Ruhv Silver.
Looby Aim,
London Oroup.
Read ami Tenderfoot
t la ten a Farm.
Howard Fraetion,
Silver Bear.
Moll* Hnclte..
R��xl Fox.
Black Wot.
Silver Bell.
Larky Boy.
0. H. Ayliar.1.
ititti��xtt rarrcas.
Mountain Chief,
Sloean Star.
������Wan Boy.
Last **rtts-*liT*rtr,
Nohle Five.
R. E La*.
Two Frien.L..)
Vrod.ll* ta**.
An tot it*,
Jackson Oroap,
WalUrafttm Oroop,
Oradjr Oroap
to Hot His Wife.
An article appeared in the issue of
The Patotseak on Saturday, August 28, stating that one Mrs. Bon*ne
had left her husband in Whitewater
and eloped with a drummer. Mr.
Borene most emphntScally denies
this, as he claims that this woman
who says she is Mrs. Borene, wife of
Mr. Borene of tbe Victoria hotel,
Whitewater, is an untruth, Mr.
Borene is not married, but took this
woman into his hotel for an act of
charity, and on learning that she
was a prostitute of the lowest type
compelled her to vacate tbe hotel*.
Chas. O. Bomenr.
On Cariboo Creak.
W. C. l-avwreiice baa returned
from three months' on Cariboo
creek, after making four good locations. W. G. Clark and Pat Ma*
ginuis were in tho party. The
road is coiupletvd to within half a
mile of Mineral City, and theKain
loops Mining and Improvement
company have applied for a charter for a railroad from Bnrtoti City
to their mines, about 1(1 miles.
Johnstone A Haines have just received a carload of Gurney stoves.
The 'Sandon laundry does the finest shirt work in the Blocan.
For Sale.
.fe ltn*t 9A**Attoi mmit pUylttg otgao. plays
about to pmnm of a*-orted dance mualo, ate.
Tha heat o-imn thia .id* of Hun faiielsro.
Suitable for -Jane* house*,, theatre*, eoneert
room*. For particular* auoty to ���
 T. W. FLmitER, Victoria.
qaaOOB LOMI Uo.tS.A0tr.   Meet* .v.,,
mJF**^a**m*t*M V*****   "* ��� O'clock i�� C*fS��
We Have Added m Ceotplete 8te*fc of J
tb oar Haa ot BOOTH ANU ttHOtVi   W�� hav* haaahr
lartaly fat- caab. *av��d taa dUcatutt aad ait aala to ��i*-
Wa ka va tha hw*t Has of Ladi** a* wall oa Miner* t*
iu tka utarkat.   Wa todktdt toar |attmna��e   (lit.
rail a* all are waiVoaae    Wa taka fdaaaar* ta ���*>��< _ .
too our gm*dm it vou do mot paffehaaj. at your Brmt rati
��� faal *attatted yam ��lll St a fatal** data aflat ton ��**.
our line aad prttwn.
Op|H**slte HmcIi a Hoi**!* *MiMkHt, it* C
Aeaaf Outfit For Sale
Nearlv new, every dt-tall con-
nlete. Makers, John Taylor A Co.,
San Kranciaco, Worth, *f***\*>, price,
tert) cash.   Apply to
Mining Brokers.
���sUaMNs I.O,
���'The Elite.
la saw pnpotmd ta da all khttda af
And Cither Invetttntenta.
Kvery Kepi-enentation  (tuaraiiteed.
**Mm*9**, tX C
McClart/8 Famous
avtotal WoHier**
tehara jrou will lad a full Una of
mm   *At*mAmmW    aW-aaSV    *J00    *9*aatW^uaW    _WS
1 see ******      t      t
Stationery, jw
Cltfara and Tobneeo.
������� CHEMIST
thtmtmnot. smotBtmmet te*ndota
��**** elaw* work al ���**���**��** l��l* rat'*    **v*r*"
attanilrtn aad uufc*fc niurn* aonmpte***r
Ay oapnaa.   Write tor ��a>tarta I r-rtre*
I t*l>r_-*raadB****oya       Bmttar* tti A-"*'
Cioil and Mining EnfliiW,
f^trtofdal laind f*ar***<**
lUalo. B. 0*
Ulnar*! Clalart* **urtr****-*d aad Bopwrted t no
laravaa tyoary st lln'chwit.
re\\\twV.mtnAt Jrodyat * �����*���*���
-j^laWVai     Thr.*^, >���'""   ***  '
HtitraeHbe far the Pay��*r<-,,k
���uid Hare It Sent to Your
FHenda Rlaewhere.


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