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The Paystreak Dec 18, 1897

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a m ��� ml-nnA*am i
Information Wantad aa to Boundaries aod .Member of Aldermen
��'- ***     Pautrad
The matter of incorporation and
Uh- tjj-accr* to Im tatoetod, is the
principal sntyect of dlscttioion    It
it going to take more time, however.
ki pt tlie details seUktl at Vk-loria
than waa at ��m anticipated.    Mr
Urmimett r-icdrnl two eotumuiiica
Ike-** thia week, one asking for Un*
Mmlary tines of tin- looorportuon
ir-..! the i��tber that llm number of st
d�����rum deslf-ad br decide*! upon and
i r��'Anted lo tba government    Tit*
fm information dtnirorl has been
(��i*.u*hl(  but   tlie   mtr*m*l matter
will i rtjutre a public imvtlng to de
riil- ami should be atteud-M to at
I. H Atberloaarcma to have been
�����'.". .1  on  as tbi  tirst mayor, al
ttwingh otltt-r names meiitiotis-d are
I**���>:*��� totattj C. Cliff* and Jack
Bsrtfett Bro*. Laaoa for Klondike
Tbe throe Uatthu Brothers, Mike
\A sari AtytamH-id*4 Madr laat car of
*���>. .luais and ootSt to Vancouver
M tiiav aad Mt tbriaselvosyestsr
day V. O. Orafton went with them.
f*i J*artJe# stated tbry would pro
rmi -ImrtliSkajeway with port of
Uw* annuals, to work un a oontract
U J S. A 1.1-it .1 iheCPK f.rr
twrMog staff from Sksgway toLa&ke
**- *--*-- ta fbr a supply awre. lo I-
n��i v to get down tint river early in
U-.jf-.nif. They expert lo be on
���***- itontmXU lo daya from tbe .1 *u
A tearing Sandon.    A* ���**��>��   ��* the
K-  *     opens tbey will start pack
'OS U*m Telegraph crvek to Tealin
I****-  a distance of IS? mile*
l.i-.where In this hwue we ptibliah
Hsrtbtt Bros, farewtll card t. the
*>A people of Hantlun    It will ta*
nightly, and the next meeting will
be held at the rmitleiici] of Mr*. Fallows Thursday, December 3*|*.
Proice to Death.
China** w<K*dt:ht��p|s*m st South
Fork la** evening found Al Ashton
lying i�� lbs wow, with the upper
part of tb.- body nnd arms frosen
stiff He was taken ti shelter but
dud in a ibOfl tim<.    Ashton  was n
earpeater, bad lived in thi, region
three, years, and tended bar in Cody
Uat MttUnsi. Hr WSS 2J years old
and bi. j*rents live at Lindsay, Ont.
His home bas lately been at White
wau*i The body wss taken In
Kaalo. The limn had been drink big
Jittt M tran in in Lowell, Ma*v
Saturday, llec-eiulwr 18-Silver 56,
bad iX*%)
Wm. Glynn and his bride an* in
New Orleans.
A bargain can lie had in cigar* bv
tailing to ibt% T, Sand -n
Tbe Whiu* wafer paid another div*.
idtttai ot %��><*)JO this week ���
lin. railroad httr*e building1 at
Net*.*! wdJ carry 15ears.
Then? will be a Nil at the Nakusp
fl >����, in Naketpeu Xma-i ere.
.���Mini. OUM r *ii ha* taken a than
month*, bane of the Dnfeftdab at
J. Hrown wint��a*4 Frklay morn-
ing to ma*** a visit in Montreal and
Trail llia*cr cigar* an* worth 6800
9 thoumnd on the Klondike. In
Sandon the price is much lower and
ike quality just a* goud.
A mill vt ill in al! probability be
erwted tt the Enterprise on Ten
Mile, trbrn Iae ore containing sine
can he handled losdvanuge.
Jskeq by Utem la tbedevelo|��neitt of'
^>d .t��     We \AntX* the in-MiliilH'itt �����(
8��od.>��*s  buslntnas  men In wWtlnjr
Barti, tt   Bros,  all  soceito iu their
���** Centum.
The Slocan i* very hsalthy �����
mIomI tbat tbey modestly rrfyain *j,,t,��r At one time ItH wask them
h*A9 mentkminf the prominent part j WJI��� onjv one patient in the h.*-j>ital
at New Denver.
Next  w.-ek   fat   turkeys   w;ll to-
uk. n Jn eschanxe f->r sobisrlptlooi
at iblaaSatsi This oihrifoal| g***A
tor mi daya.
Then*  an*   n<��   turkeys or Trail
lllaxerri|T"i> "' I>J��w*,n ritv 'h<'
i^jj.ie ipsodiutl their Xmas holiday*
there are saUtled to tin* >yni|wthy
of the human race
The Klondike bubble will bwa)
In another six month**, ami then the
world will ni Koowmy a** it **����
be n-en st the prm-nt iiionieni.   The
Udiaa* Aid 8odab�� fOtmad
At s meeting of the ladies of the
�����yterlaa fhurch.   held   at the
J**** of Mrs. Mcrdillan Tliurs-
**v U*t, a Isadlas' Aid Smsaty was
JJ��l*io4,tj bt known as tba La*
*���' *W Suelatyof the PreabyierUn
^th of aandua, ami the following
J**11* weruebossnj Preshlettt. Mrs.
?******* vios.prosld��nt, Mrs. McMil-
*��; st-e^nd vk��.pn*sl��tent. Mrs. 11
J- Hhorps   sea-reW   Mrs.   W.  I
TMIiamt; traasttror. Mrs. A. Craw-
^   Tha sookty  will meotfort
wild exriuineiit over
the few rich
placer claim* in the north n�� hd
lbs Bkeua and other parti of Brtttm
Olumbia as nolhlnf ******
vide.1 tbe thousands of fortune hum
ters are projierly informed of the
the great riches of this province.
For a nice after-dinner cigar try a
nice Bocky or Manual Garcia at
mgbtoa'i cigar store.
The Hockey match last Saturday
night between the Rambler and
Reco teams was won by the former,
in a lively and interesting game,
which was watched by a largecrowd.
The snow never drifts in Sandort,
owing bt the sbsence of wind. It is
hard to say how the coming municipal campaign will effect it.
Zero thruNt it-* frosty presence
upon bs this week, and received a
hearty welcome from those wbo hate
i Xmas emerald in hue with a fat
eenietery attachment.
Professors Lairler and Heslop
open a winter series of -rjixjial dances
at Bpeaeer's ball this evening.
C I). D.uinmond, wh �� has been in
fCamlOpps two or throe months, has
returned and i* agaiu with the Bank
�����f British Cbluiubia.
Kootenay should take a lesion
fr* in tlie coast cities ami advertise
Us titst)tirces far and wide, in order
tt attract * me of tlie Klondike
crowd befbre they gvt bn>ke or frtMt-
.-n to death chasing after the yellow
metal in the far north.
Hem T.iompson is a candidate for
tin* mayoralty of Rowland, and will
pmitably be idected, altluugh his
s\ stein is soaresly brainified enough
for the position.
(Iiristma** goods just arrived at S.
A Mighton's cigar sure. The finest
iutpirutl bi-amls of cigars direct
from Cub i. cigaretkis from Constantinople; Knglish, Canadian and
American .m<uing and chewing to-
lwtx*o��; mtvrst'haum and bri:ir pipes,
toliaeeo pouohet, |>>cket b^xiks, wallets, canl*. poker chips, etc.
Frank Fletcher, pe iple d > say,
would like to be mayor of Nelson. If
���hi> should come t��pass, no hat in
K.-oicitay would tit him.
Wold is received that A. I). Williams was in Victoria a short time
Bjgfi with twenty women whom he
dad brought out from the east, to
kike into the northern gold fields.
Pete Aniiance is tending bar at
Bkafwav, and will join Williams in
running tbs hurdy gurdy show
Williams writes lhat he will pay ail
his tleltts in a short time.
The Slocsa Star received a car of
maehinerv this week, from Peter-
bordUgb, Ont., consisting of a set of
rolls Wxli, frame rolls and shells,
two Cullom jigs, elevator buckets,
and a number of smaller pieces,
which will be addwi to the machm*
,.rv in the concentrator, largely tn-
crtasing its capacity.
The Little People Entertain Their
Friends in Prettn Exerciaaa.
The first examination of the school
year took place yesterday afternoon
at the school house, with many of
the parents of the pupils and friends
of the school in attendance. The
programme was varied hy recitations
and songs, which were taken part
in by nearly all the pupils, and was
as follows:
Recitation���Nell Mclntyre.
Songr- Alice Moffatt.
Recitation���Caasie McDonald.
Recitation-Willie Karr.
I Primary���Review in arithmetic.
Recitation���L. Roy Haines.
Recitation���Volnev McMinis.
First Reader���"Tfie Bee"���Second
Song-'-Buzz, Buzs."
Recitation���Wiunifred McDoogall.
Recitation���Guy Baxter.
Song-"Swing, Cradle, Swing,"
Emily Jones, Goldie Warner, May
Lyons, Mina Taylor, Jessie Despsin,
and chorus of eight.
Recitation���Tom Brown. ��
I Primer���Reading. *
Recitation-Stella Lilly. *
J)ialougue-Walter Clifle, Emily
Jones, Goldis Warner.
Recitation���Frank McMinnon.
Recitation���Ruby McArthur.
Recitation���Madalene Fisher.
Recitation���Newton Stirritt.
Recitation���Sam Nichol Is.
Recitation���Harold Knowles.
Recitation���Mvrtle Karr.
Geography of British Columbia,
Second class.
Recitation, Violet Jones.
Recitation, Mabel Karr.
Recitation, Willie Barber.
Recitation, Walter Watson.
Recitation, Ada McDougall.
Recitation, Emily Jones.
Recitation, Gold'ie Warner.
Physiology, Review of digestive
organs, Fourth and Fifth dasses.
After the exercises Mr. Lilly, Mr.
Sanford, Mr. Smith and Mr. Cliffs
made short speeches, and then fob
lowed the distribution of gifts from
the pretty Christmas tree, which had
been arranged by the teacher and
pupils, and on which all were remembered. Miss M. D. Skinner was
showed ability of a high order as a
teacher, and was the recipient of
much well deserved praise on the
splendid manner in which the little
people conducted themselves.
The school will have a two weeks
Church Notices.
Presbyteriaa church, services will
be Ipdd on Sunday in Virginia hall,
at II in thc morning aad 7:90 in the
evening. Preacher at both services.
Rev. J. A. Cieland, licentiate of the
Presbytery of Montreal.
Methodist church, Rev. A. M. Sanford, pastor. Preaching in the
morning at 11 and in the evening at
7:15, followed by a song service.
*:���" THE PAYSTREAK, SANDfc!*. * <\ WTKIIBKK Id, l*W.
It is estimated that the mil of
snow in Sandon this season Is 826
per cent greater that in Brandon.
Harris A Caruthers of Vancouver
have purchased the Bartlett Hotel,
at a price said to be 15,000. Steve
Wallbridgv is managing it
George Kydd has been appointed
permanent liquidator of the Noble
Five Consolidated Mining A Milling
Company, and has taken charge.
A meeting of the shareholders of
the Blue Bird Mining Company is
called for January 12, at Kaslo, to
sell the property.
It is considered certain that Rud-
yard Kipling had reference to Sandon when then he wrote "Our Lady
of tbe Snows."
It is reported that the great Bunker Hill and Sullivan mine at Wardner, Idaho, has been obliged to raise
the wages to the standard demanded by the union, not being able to
get competent men outside of that
Attention is called to the advertisement in another column of H.
Giegerich. It will be surprising to
many to learn that such a variety of
the lint st delicacies which are usually only obtainable in the larger
cities, can be had here in this mining camp. We are assured that
there is a large demand fir them by
epicures of Slocan.
F. H. Shepherd is taking out ore
for shipment from the Alpha, oa
Cody creek. Six inches of solid galena is being followed in a shaft.
The ore assays 212 ounces silver and
70 per cent lead.
A petition is lieing circulated in
Sandon and largely signed, address-
to tlie provincial legislature, requesting that incorporated towns be given
power to regulate transient traders
and peddlers. Thb is a matter that
receives the support of all legitimate
business men, and should have the
prompt attention of our law makers.
Information ia received from the
postofflce department that commencing on the 1st of January the postage of letters originating in Canada
addressed to the United Kingdom
and all other parts of tbe British
empire, which Is now Ave cents per
naif ounce, will be reduced to three
cents per ounce, the ssme ss domestic and United States rate.
Thanks and Well Wishes.
To the public of Sandon snd vicinity: Before leaving Sandon for a
new Held of labor, we take th js op.
portuntty of thanking tbe friends
and patrons with whom we have had
business relations during the past
Ave years.
These years have witnessed a marvelous change in the Slocan eountry,
the most striking example of which
is the upbuilding and development
ofthe city which has been our head
quarters. Sandon is no lunger a
straggliug group of miners* cabins.
With its active snd enterprising people, Its well equipped water Works
and electric lights, and more than
all, its world famous group of bonanza mines, the city stands today as
Ihe very best type of modern progress and enterprise to be found within the province.
While the rush of travel to Alaska
has opened up for us a promising
business enterprise, necessitating our
removal to the scene of activity, we
wish ta reiterate our faith In the future of Sandon, and to join with our
farewell a hearty expression of good
will to those we leave behind.
Hoping that Sandon will enjoy a
happy and prosperous New Year,
we remain, sincerely your*,
Bartlctt Brother*.
The Goodenough,
Aomtiemxn �������, e*AA�� puff _Ntjr,
K��n>M��>t run. -tartp-tt day.
(ttrktljr Srtst tion.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, P*op
BONGARD * P1ECKART. PteprietofS.
The First Claaa
Hotel of Cody.
Snow Slide at Moll* Gibson.
A letter ha** been received from
Robert Maguire, who Is well known
in Sandon, having been with Bartlett Bros, last summer; saying thit
he was caught in a sn iw -tilde at the
Molly Gibson test Saturday evening.
With two other men he was out dde
the tent when they heard the slide
coming. Tbey made a d ����h for the
tent, but he was the only oue that got
under it. The ��tu*w smashed thy
tent and covered him to a depth of
ten feet, with thc estiva* packed^ ta
close tbat he could not in -v.- * Iia ml
for some time, lie li n t llv saeeeeded
in getting a knife out of lib pocket
and cut the tout and got out. One
of the other men had **otne rllt* broken, but otherwise no one wa* hurt.
What is nicer f*��r n '."hrhr-tma*
present than a nrvtty dress pattern?
We have them in the verv lr.te-4 oat*
terns and the price* a re right. It
ter Bros.
QAIDOK L0D-4W Bo. 9% MotW. *�����.����,*.��
���*** Wadutrtdav eventmg mtaaelmkinVrm**
taafn hull. VUlKi.jr kulr-M.-r^llrallr l..*i*-t
U* mttmad W. W. WAblA *W*. V V
W  1 WIU.I VM* K.R.*
Attention, ftS*
Prafniotor aaa manager.
Ba***:    tit*pet-tot
t*ypmiml r
a*.*. t��jr tit* Wcwtr,..
Wltnt rtastalit ���awry pat**** tm* ���stst-rfc*
mtakod   tmrmt l**tnmt.
WAUMF MTLL ��� ��� ���
Mn* K .m OasWMi.
Wumtmmn   i*4_n
rntmt>*r**rNt  tirtntns in  o-,<-
tamt llMt^rflrai l��j,4  la.iiL.-_
t****a, laqHut�� _n<4 Vtgan
BA\l>ON\ B. C.
H,��� t,l��S|t. r. ft��r Uhl��t*��
W��H etmrka I bar to (ooomttoo
fit.' oh%w* amimtto^idatMatm.   tkmtd Kjr ttw
day wt week
IA. L. GRinriETT
Notary Public.
SANOON,        -        *        B C
ratx at
Hotel Wellington
StnctlT Fttrsi CUwts
Special Attsaiion P����J to Tr*t��*ftts
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEOER. Prop.
*li*��r* yoo vrUl A��4 a toM lima ot
Leave Hondon for nil Const and
Hound point* dolly nt 7:45
Ar. Vaneonvor 1.1:00 next day
-itj.JO aame dny
82:00        ������
33:JM>.        ���*
Ininj��t<ll:,t.. I'tiiuicrtiun
points, no .Ma
moat, srr '
l��r thU lint.
9% #0W  NM  *\*M  *\m\***\\mmmTm\  AM   rwif -aMIIptt
mn*\r*a\ w    SO
lost os seed.
i      ���
A strletly flmt-ela*�� hotel In
all IU ananlntnienta.
Uvery Htnble with food Huddle
nnd Porn Homes In eonnection.
White & Cavanaugh
^mamm9mm*mmw^tmmm*hmmw*n*Jnw    A***
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
. . , ,  .   mad* ��l  Junction I
May, nulek sjirvks*,, .iit-,rl. anoip-1
tew ttt tbr- iimny ��.l*��i.t��jjv, alfmtmd |
Estiiiistrjs furni.b��x| trj(*��iitr��rt��rs
mi.I Builder*
Orders left at Byers' Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention.
Victoria House
So* *.,m,4.t��. Wilts th* bwmt tatttUk"* ********
in ia* AuitAVi   au �����*sr.",,*,1,r,,,r    .
���nil nil
Modem Improvement*
A fildt.
1-tUl  rn.*JUUfr.  bot*l .��ti.*.t^ '�����* ��
CMv��ni��i��t t���� tit* d*V��*
W. J. HALL. Popr
������The Elite,
Is now i��*#t,i����t-*����l **> 'to ���'���**'''**"'
TslLOft-HAOf SUITS * SPtCIALTV fmnttan* mows, mm* u
���S!^__E^!!!!-4 tenaS-��. -ai)
SuraMhln,, new tn Knnev Win. Set. Ihr Bar DeeorMlon.
*    *    *
We have in Stock.
Tbe Largest and Finest Assortment
fw*      ffaeearlMd
',    llatvd Asa and
��� i)   CeidTtay* . .
"8uov*��ali��  **f
______ a__M__oa *
Tlie von ****** �����
i ttr-Mtaies Keek wear
<lti*ect ffoat S*��
Q-oodftever brought
to the Slocan
Consi*tin_r ��>f^>
.\!usie:il Dolls,
Sleep! iii? Dolls,
Iron Staves,
r ii Stoves*
Story Books,
FurDogrs,   ,
Flying Birds,
_ Xmas Tree
��� **" A
i f
All suits of mechanical    Toys.
Tea   Sets,   Tools,
Sf Tops. Masks.
Steam Engines,
Hot Air Motors
with Ferris wheel
Doll Furniture,
Air Guns,
Granite Sets,
Iron Trains,
Mouth Organs,
Toy Pistols,
Music Boxes,
Magic Lanterns*
American & Canadian
Candles, Etc.
Also a very select line of
Japanese Chinaware, Fancy
Baskets, Waste Baskets, Jar-
dineres, Etc.
Ladies' Fancy Satin and
Felt Fur-Top .Slippers just in
from Eoston.
���t; a---,���(,>...,,
The ^aystreak.
U issued ttoty t-hxttnday ia 1-Uodm, Ib ih�� l*a��
of the g-i-Mteat White Metal r����pon earth.
Suteertpltou     - ���      -     ���     tgnaytat
strictly Inadvunce.
Addromz Too Caihtbkak. SmiAmi. B.C.
SANDON.   B.   C,   DEC. 18.   185)7
President M'Kixley's message submitted to tbe (Jailed 8utt$s Congress
at its opening last sreek, U without
exception the weakest document that
has come from any chief executive
that nation hss had in Iste years It
is without a parallel in tbe use of
words and phrases and eloquence that
means nothing.
All the questions ot importance to
that country; all the issues that are
being weighed by that people, are
either ignored entirely or are handled
in such a weak, guarded manner as to make the meessge oue of
words without meaning. On tbe
currency question ihe President is
especially weak, [a a manner that
is painful to see in a chief executive,
he whines snout toe evil effects of tbe
single gold standard on the people
and business of his country, snd yet,
ss il be were driven to it by the gold
and monopoly syndicate that placed
him where he is. be pleads with Oon
gress to authorise hie secretary of
the treasury to continue the work
mapped out by toe power behind
Grover Cleveland and to force the
American people to a standard that
hss been universally condemned sod
that be himself admits will compel a
perpetual borrowing of gold.
To quote from the message, the
President says t
���The evil of toe present system Is
found in the great oat to the government of maintaining the parity of our
different forms ol money���that is,
keeping sit of them st par with gold.
We surely can not be longer heedless
ofthe burden thb imposes upon the
people, even under fitirly prosperoos
conditions, while the past four yesrs
have demonstrated that it is not only
sa expensive charge upon the government but a dangerous Menace to
the national credit
������We have $900,000^000 of currency,
which tbe government -by solemn
enactment nas undertaken to keep
at pat with gold. Nobrdy is obliged
to redeem in gold but thegovern-
itfcnt. The banks are not required
to redeem in gold. The government
ts obliged to keep eqnsl with gold all
Its outstanding currency snd coin ob
ligations, while its receipts are not
required to he paid in gold. They
are paid it. every kind of monev bat
gold and the only means by which
tbe government can with certainty
gat gold is by borrowing. m Itcsn get
it In no other way when it most needs
It The government without anv
fixed gold revenue, Is pledged to
maintain gold redemption. * ��� *
Tbe serious question then is. shell
we continue the policy thst hss been
pursued in the past-thst is-when
the gold reserve reaches s point of
danger, issue more bonds and supply
tho needed gold, or shall we provide
other means to prevent these recurring drains upon the gold reserve?
Itoolanher iegWatioa is had and
the policv of selling bund* is to be
continued, then congress should give
the secretary ot the treasury author-
ty to sell bonds st long or short
peri-ids bearing a lessrste ol interest
than ts now authorized by law."
It is most remarkable how such
men as Major McKinley will change
their views. As s ruler ofa nation
be proclaims to all tbe world tbat It
is a perpetual burden upon the people
to keep up the single gold folly. On
September 12, It****, when he was a
presidential candidate snd on the
stump in bis own behalf this seme
McKinley declared:
"II a gold standard deprived the
American teller of a single day's work
or his family of a single comfort or
reduced hie wages, or made life
harder tbr Mm, I would be against
it. As it does not snd ss it promotes
the general prosperity and upholds
the national credit and honor. I urn
lor it and shall steadily tavor it as
I believe It Is truly beneficial and advantageous to our country."
Again, on October 18. I8U0. tale
same McKinley. then s congressman,
made a speech in Alleghany, Pe.,
from which we quote:
"We passed s silver bill [speaking
of his terin in congress] which I think
is the best silver legislation that has
passed In the American congress It
utilises every ounce of silver lo -the
United States, and makes the tress-
ury notes issued on that basts redeemable in gold and silver, snd good In
sll public debts snd legal tender**
all purposes. When Clevelsnd went
out 71 cents was the vslue ol the
silver dollar. Alter this bill nested
the value of that same dollar advjtnc-
ed to 92 cents 1\> my mind it is the
most liberal legislation pawed on thb
monev question that has ever heen
sanctioned in congress It gives the
people more currency, and gives them
more volume of money, snd put*
silver more nearly on a par with gold
than in IS years, and the time is
coming when gold and silver will be
msrehing side by side, doiog the
business ofthe country."
Verity, this man McKinlev is s
chameleon^ Ha changes hb color in
every light
Perhaps of sll ths towns in ths Territories, British Colombia, or elsewhere
oatskleof tbe Yakon, say* the Revel-
stoke Herald, Macleod hss been the
liveliest daring the pant six months. As
the centre for the large ranches bi the
southern portion of Alberts, it hss el-
wsys enjoyed s lair amount of prosperity
snd the merchsnt* of ths town bote
done s good, solid business without
much rush or excitement, but with the
advent of tlte contractors for Uie Crow *#
Nest railway, with their armies of workmen, the business csme with such leapt
snd bounds thst men, those who had
been used to the wild careering of the
gentle bucking broncho, considered hb
movements very tame in comparison.
The offices of M. J. Haney, manager,
and hb Urge staff of assistants, engineers and draughtsmen, etc., ars situated
where the station b to be, about one antl
One-half miles out of town, snd alreody
there sre quite a number of new bonding-, all belonging to the rail wsy. Tlie
name of the vfllsfe b Haney ville. One
of the most interesting places in thb
new town b the framing shop where all
tbe bridge* ior tiie hue. at !ea��t to too
summit, are trained aud sent over the
liases their destination ready to bs pat
together. R. Balfour, wbo had charge
of brid-je contraction on the C. P. R- ss
well ss tlte V. A fc... is in cotnman*'. with
J. Weller again ss first assbtant. The
high winds and stormy weather of November have delayed bridge work (considerably and up to Saturday last the
contractors cotvsklemt Ute Chinook, uf
which they hud heard so moch about, s
While hmlnno tn every un�� has re.
*^^*V^**tei*nt to make t|,���
oM-Usaseiistaes. the hotel* have U,| ���
veritable Klondike. With such au in
flux ol population, sleeping eccooimo.
daUon wasst s jMomhitiiaii'l it wtuihant
to serve up tneaU to the crowd Ths \*ar
rooms wees crowded from otieniuK thne
In the momitig 01) Ute hour ol cU,,,
aad II was s stampede to at* ��jj0 �� ouTd
gethb money excepted  Am.
Another payment is due tbe iTtb of
i thb month ea the Alpine.
 i"'...JL.      "	
At this season of the year, one naturally desires
a change in the ordinary line of Table Goods and
thoMc who appreciate Nice Goods and Dainties, will
be more than pleased by (-ailing at H. GEIGERH'H
where, in addition to the mammoth stock of regular
standard goods, will be seen the following line of
FANCf EDIBM&-4he finest and largest variety
ever seen in Sandon, and proving to the rent or tht*
world that the people ot this to.vn munt have the beat
of everything regardless of expeiua:j
It-**-** ac t.dm Vino
I*��*l*4* IM** tttnTtnt*
Wtwtad Meat* ol ��R ktont*
Vtam VmwmAet
Warn* Mat* IVtat fh*t*n
*too% wn*w**Ammt*r*a**-mm*       *%
iitam WraaiHs.
SinMsslk CWttrek -awry Baa
Wtow* t">m*htlam-paaeh mm*
Wamy *A*OM*t Bmtmmw
Wamey Tmtkbdt Wtgm- ���������*>*��� h AM
V. stnMtS *Mt   stuMiHts
W*my t*irk��**--0 *mm*e>mt Be**
Ms-Mf*.***. W��1mMbV I'lir'if.irslflrVa-k.r.*
Aad tommy ******n ok-* tar**** u* gtod-
Atm twnltawi.
Oat bai
Hamtwr-f WM ta Attty
A-srhrivv Wmmte
Hhtltmy Patau
Votitt*tobt   Aat*wTmgw* ettra Aa*
tt*\tmd t)twn*dt*g
���*�����*�����* Cknwey
rtss*_inis cw-
Kdan (Mrntm
Luwl*e**ger i'_��s***��
Wtttta *gf A* %m%mntwtt CSsVssl
* t*on a* utic cwsaw
Mar.uatra'* kSBSltsI ��**>������***���"��� *S
H. GIEGERICH, sandon.
lloHRtrr Ms-nxmu)
Nsti. Mt'-r*��^i
HACDONALD  BRO&. Proprietors.
Hates $1.50 to t&��0 per day.	
Headquarter* Sir Mining Specalatm and ('s|rftalbts.
Reco Ave., ��� - Sandon, IM1
\m\mm\ml*\^mmmS^ .      ���
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carry the largest stock ot Men's Kurnbhlng* in the Hit-can
Kverything from the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of tlie Miner.       WINTKK Cl/ITHINCi,  OVKK
8HORH,    8IHRTS.     NHCKWKAK,    GLOVKH,    fTR^
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and 8ee Vs. THR PAYSTREAK. SASnox. B.C
hb drat
DBCEMBEK 18, iae*
joilif* lailly* et Saadna, held
flpirt *f> New Ueeeef yesterday.
i.ittti Hirach catna trout N.;--.ii on
T_r*.ia\ to surref  See vlaim* nt-ar
>,>w I tender.
It i* rf ported that the owner* of the
Esterpnse will hold their ore until tin*
prjc* al *deer gets to 10 rents,
Semrlt ���***'*** leet of solid ore ran be
tort, tn ihe No. a taaael of the vneen
{v-..   Thb property has a bright f ot u re
HJIri-sH'l ot tt
Ttw choir st the Methodist rlmrrli has
hecti .lu-rtaenledhy Ihesiklilirtn oil Sim
iitr��trum��ats sad the maalral pan*..!
,y w*rt*em air arwtediugl> itnprm i*d
Work haa hecst atopped on tlu- Kv
than-*- snd the areaerty th-mam op. ihr
nmipaiov operetta? It  Hal win* that
tVi- * ��a* aa ��� Bfosfssrt of sua I, in/ ti a
A I Mark*, ef Kelson, >�� In New
jv -r !���*��� the w*trpa��pe. if p.-��il��i.. of
lA'iinog J stats* 1UH**wh* int-er*****! in ttn-
i_lii��f������ If ���aofatedUl thi* valuable
Mwprriy will be worked Oe-adB y
Adam has hssa taken by Wm loAa
ban m ilia  Soprome  imtrt.  adiwratiiji
!!l'    *m A  Mostse   l��    f*��*4*/*n   lo Ibr
Ut*r-*��!f1sl--asC*twt4ede. t*��*i? Vta*
lay* *A i**k**f FtWBtlOn.   tot mh'tt-h  the
Jatftr* s* applying If** S t "row r ftaot
|i Vf��"Ka��*.��ae of the r4tttK*����r rati* ��.
���***������. A rt��� * (s heck ta Kavs ScotM
ih-   <* <at**t with hi* lamil. a��r*l ��..
* a ��etl��<_ui��-**4  h*.-}*.!--**.      Mac i*
tm*- A tto* tmtm rtfttodiitt.-r* la the pro
*,,d i*dr*at��rr*<��ll. fatpnlariwHh the
.. *t��4 train went."
*, .Miit-atct has haew let bt k% K  K��- *>
-   Ten  Mils tosisMft*, to u��e Rntrr
s t mt \bm t.tMNpany to tbr i*aalti*-* t>
.�� I���������, .* A .jfettortntJilv trttm lie- mitt* to
�����-��� m*,.att. denns the wiate* ���*-**���***����
tw *-���>* will t*ot be *l��tp$wsl mud *|��*tnt_
at-m tt atll Ire sent **��t it* Ir-tili. **���**
���**���* h ��*eea will hs "twtwl et tbr Tn.
UiaV i.twlinf ia Wbt.ii to state the otre
Sit.* nn*f ���****���
IX   IM��r<t*r**r has An A*��t i�� leave
-turn and lotalr  hi*  Umxiry   al
Th, uitat arrival tn Sttaertoa Ha��
>yi* *,.A at   Ihi *m**��'**-  *~i   *d.***. Kowr
ft** ...unff ladt  harHy toitwed t^ittjsr
tm Ute tret Ihr !We* -sra-vw.
Ttw* dan-re give* in ihe Selkirk la��i
I'trtrtaj e\t*nitxgmooii*^M^ .ojovrd b*
tiV��sr-Vbo rook advatitaft- A lor ev
tetwh^l *MMt��tHiits      tt  I* hr��|��r��| thai
��he fnitat aod startal pr��p*ir*"r* ** *'*''
Srlkiri ��,H0��L|i many tn��*rr d*nrr* tn
*m|�� ��� rt.,i,
\ mecsbtg ia rearartl* to tltr p*M��|tosrd
\*oa* Ite** Waa h��W lor-wla'. i-*.rnii��-.
to ibr rhtirth, Kdiirtr �� sweron In ��h��*
ihtmr TbenteHIng *a�� wellallrndrd
**A <i<!j<tiig- he the etrrllteil ibi��i��e��
****j*h. ii, (be Various r*��tntn��ll*ne* Ihr
*i*ir pmtni��e* to !������' o ifr.*��t sarceas
TV .iiUiiboMognf tbr git"** w ill br hrld
**o \ma* ntffhi In M. Klnnoa'* It-aH
All *rr ,-r.rdiallv l*i*rit��*��*l t���� W present,
����hI -in,   ��� Jm> wish  !�� prr*rni   iHeir
IrinvU w Uh preerttt* * ill  Sod Ihr <rw
���I tlwir di*pna*tt
wimni ii.imiipaiilliinTi ii     \"\"~
OS   TMK   (��OW��   %*��**   ut9**
tho Vtai-teoii itaaHU* prffltsth'* i--*
���"Ooifc inlei*estingdiw*t*rt|ilioii A Irarh
**so*it on tbr t'row * N,.*|  hwellall
***       Aw engine b *H��iate.l al th**
**-** A a train, and ptwhr* the ettr* In
,J*">* of it,   At  the from end ����1 the
***}**  i*  a  traik lat,-r       lliH  to *��
���"'""try flat ear    Rsnnintf ittong >�����*
r,f��t! hsmt side la a sort of a innitflt.'��
*"����lt arr r..|Ji*r-      Tbb ln����ui*lt row
[*rt�� with a bntg trollev  -inn. e*m*tt��l
**)* out S..100 ��ji feet of store it�� tr-fll
jtthe var, and  built with an Inrllne
o**kr.i the tfmttnd    ThU inwitfh e\
l**U Ihr riiUrr Irlttftlt  A the  ru<***
carrii-il   Ihroogh
"" ' *H���|_-ll1llr*"4' aud th* *****
*****   tto*   neaiest car*,  art-
,r . - - thi��   trough   u�� tha
lr.iJii-Mtnn.-n  thr r����l of which tl"*
sredritviml u, men ��ho iilacr tJ  t,.
A thr   Kf,   <h* *��� US^
SkSf 4,rmk;,v,n,r ,Mr* ���xhwding it*
he trottt ,.��� ���, ,lu.,lM���t fto4 g, tfc
be rali�� are rarrird. ��hrn rath rail
��* uken hold of hy six luen and placed
wgealtiea on the tie*. It in at���nct��
**��dlrj| ��n tn the rail alrradv ,n plarr,
ihr frnuu-r bar. ��*( the rail* at thr |
proper gUAft*. and the rail*, are thru 1
��*.ih��l u, U,r tU*o The enjfttierr then
geu the dgjnal, whm the train siores
up onr rati lrngth. and the twine thing
!*��� rv[*>*Ut'' ll ******** *\*M in an im-redi-
i ie _hnri spses sf ttee. and when one
retneinlrer* that wiuietbintr like ween
mile* of track wrre laid in one dav on
the main line of thr Canadian Pacific
lUiivav. ..tie can imagine how cx-ieii
th������'���*��� trsrknien hrrroioe. (tan-j* of men
follow u|. tlie train, levelling un the
Hark and ptittinjBr in Ihe reinaiitinjr
Itsilt* and spik-.-.. etc ""
Utttmlliy   t��   Cutula.
t"-A"tA.i* i$ sll rti*ht morally a* well a*
m ever) other ����y Her jWSfll are
rOMtitr.1 ��uh havin-? a large amount of
lf.*jil aetrn*. iVincip-.) t,raot sf Kinipftton
X *.-t,-'���*>.v. -mv* the anhnety of ber J��eo-
j4r* t�� u!.i%er*alty admitted. The rea*ou
M tl��e beaJthtr reSt^iout nentiment of thc
p>*t4r. whwn t*eiijs��rnl* to etrenr sane ai��-
\**A. wtlJi rvfranl Hi tlie ailnutleii evil-
��i Jroi.---' <�������� *.:, i'htn*. treatttift, and
t����e n*s' �����*. mllr ol m ine or aptrit*. But
?��-ttri Ir-wJ ao-i lodging are nr>-eanry tor
tW tniM'., aiel more refineil BSTOSS
meo!* lo  ��iS.
fioo Pacific Line.
rhc Quickest
""' Cheapest
Kout<j to Sl Paul, Chicago,
Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston. Philadelphia, and all Essrern
L'nexcrlted Sleeping Cars
on aU trtins. Tourist Oire
to St. Pitol daily; Boston
every Tbenday; Tftronto
everv Mwday from Hevel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection a Revel
stoke with trains for all points
Kast and West.
Before yon travel get information
frtMiiC.P.U. agents as to times and
rates.   It will nave you money.   Applv to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHLTK; Agent, Sandon.
H.M.MdiRBGOR, T. PA. Nelson, B.C
ft J. COYLE,
Hist.   Passenger  Agent,  Vancouver
The Department *d Miittia at (Kltwa
ar** i*or4rii'rni^ a ����Jwrae for e��t*hlt*h-
��� tt-* at* annnl toreein Ihr kootenay and
jitisli C dutiiJiia dbtrid KerrnitV will
. hoaeti {r��tn llo- rltflerenl town*, iu
t i - K ��*4eiw.
AtlaiUc Steaisbii lies.
Wt .m M.sitirs
isllVnu   AlVm t.t��>* ���***
l*��r:.i* J ~~~'
��''����ih��*��*��t*n ..      "~~~"
t,%-.rr.,,t i l���'.nor -.�� Us* 	
|��� . | ,.�� - .in.ntt IJtt*
l*��nn*|!il*. ���������
ti. -*��k  Whit*star lAn*.
7. iUmb*       " 	
*.-   I'snt. AwMtrt^in Lift*	
*H0t* *4 V'-rs^s AUani����'.'r*i.��n*
��_.��iasi��i*  RrHMl'lM
\.��..r.tts'.. 1 *.*�����**������i
VOloa   f-   *-���*��.?'�������'and ��.��������>"I
I. tlDiMsit ��� tie   *** S��l_ n.��r*s*.|.
<***  ft***    ft atsur? ��|.-��---.ts
t'^ss����r������*.  It A**-4  *hr iiL.ti
tifswl lUiUtU   * Itv4��t**l
__ .11 .urea rf **J0 B_
t tr**ni
Wrmn S. w Y-rl
U. sli ���toil.', tn
��ll.l at   ����avlsllj   fctW
���..<** B* ����� ��***** ** *U ***" 1**" '' ''.""___i
.fmii|t<r*J te^ii all **<*���*#.
S. tKTIlt K fi'ls*"1
I'o.ril |'��ss��_**_iO
\���  (��   t-
... i^*n��| Af-i*.
,    |>  |j   . -#<-����   -iVi.-.tt'.*
Train* nttt
u**.e ���*<*��� *
><    St.
���>   ** M
11. .a
��� lo H
��� in ��
,���   |S �����.   "
j,rTtvr   S A' I'M
* 3 tf *"
* I ll "
t r "
*    -. a   ���
J JS "
1 I'.1 "
K*4"      .
v_M>th !���.���*������
li. a. U-r
ssF*".-.'* - -
l.aI. "*
f^rvjSSrar It ��� ��� >   ""
-    tt r
i,i*   *        ._. ^.ti,,..,,Mi,
fmi  fh,.m,i tdlt.*** -��.!���<   "��>
s  CAMPBO.U      *****
s.��� ,., l.lt.'l>.l.*ll'
Is Uie Pioneer House of the Cit\
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
Tlielartiest handlers of these
tro hI�� iu Werti'ni Canada.    All
w;ir. \t ������_���.*�� under perfect si/steoi
of i.'utd ntoniKe.   Fall sfan-k carried
at Nelson. B. 0.    Par |jricefl write
or wire
t*. J). RUSH-KILL:
Minagerof NeUon Br-tu-h Par-
���*>n's Produce Company
Madame Marcella Semhrirh.thegreat
Poliah singer, made her first appearance
hefore a Tomiito audiem-e traS week,
ami saeceetted in trianing a first place
in the estimation nf tlie musical world
of lhat rilv Her hushaud act* as her
il   bt* r s; ousilttc tor any rlebts contrarted tn
-������ninecH ii with the Vancmver House, Sandon.
N*w Denver, B.C. Nov. SO. VoA.
"I he*: yoor pardon," ssng ont the
convict, as the governor passed hb
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully decorated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neees-
to talk alx>ut Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining snd Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
���a* THE PAYSTRKAK, SAXUO.N, B. C. Ptt'KMBKB IH, l*��7.
i    .v-ji..',.^Jt..'
The following is a eoniplete list of thc
mining transactions reeorrietl euring Ute
week tn ths seversl mining divisions of
ths Slocan. Those of New Denve
as follows:���
Geo M Parte
Dec S-Fri-too BcUr, Gary-mta**.
MdAE Scott.
D��c U-Edn* Kate, TrUartary t*nok,
Dttr tt���Dwwdtj
caanricA-R or lafworurssi*.
I*_:**-��n*at F^tttero.
Dae���e-VkAy Vgtdma, Aomamk rrmna to JM
Mania, Kotr-a, etas. -___.��,__.
Btsck Horsr j. B A GuBeroct to WaBn W Bm.
ton KotrS.
jLtliee Wttght to Itttatt RobLoa" 5?^ 4.'
Dae n-Benw-to j, 8wmae�� j. CSaa VM***-. m
dmUitm\Q<mMlBoptbVon**ntkml, AtmtrrwA
MMtxaky to An OUSooly. Kot 1.
-feme,Am.Qtlh.xAy 11 Alt-rt Setwr. Dw_.
Dim; tt-Bm b Amgm L MeUmt, a, Iktttd
Wmirteorn, Due IS, t-UA
Dae M-Littte Bta. Sir Wt*m*ttek, Juan* H,
AlNeM-jr.tiaeui Aa*-**, jjLuw*T<rf _u._-��tj,Pr��n_
JoImu* ��ad Gtxw Umber to Jotm Brown, lax U.
tbey keep fifteen tlaea in haml, So that
thee can essil-rgive one dollar awl s half
s day. If voo know of anybody conitnx
uat let Ui��in know that they may come
over for ��4 17s. ��d., hut that great can;
will be taken that they do not get sway
from here, as it will cost shout 115 in
railway hues. I hsve seen any number
of Welshmen Iters, but they are leaving
ss fast as they come, only to starve on
the prairie.''
Dec. a-Mtm���d Mhnte !,A E��twa��w��Slo
late s-Matiava b W B Bmadoe to C V Date.
UtttkBa_un��MlC<_Mh��l_. IMTrtto. A
K Itetor. Wa BnuKti to BrttJah CaawdiaaOoM
Moaht aaat OMm WaAgtuWm Braotk, Heary
Smith su. A M Brae-Jan to man.
ISKS-at-Mr, C B ���*A**nmao to T B 1MWI
AissaosiTH onriaios.
j*  It
At-Mondt; MltL%-tt, A UWB*mrn-, n-fartotoe
��ra��ir aaSGraa** In^rPs.ssssK-r  W B
Dae *-^ont*tt Onwoel A Mmkmt, Wotathory,
DSC 1-BoUm. WIU Stria.
Skylark rraettua aad Ltott-et KraHfctt.
Dsc S-Eva Jane, MolSe Man*.
Ones metr BM. M-grtt-tk. BAM l*ra*Hkm,
Bhw^OrmCroira. CCopntkag, B MeDotj-
'^l4a�����J.,JH_,, ******* -��n:rv��rka_i. a*
J A MDuuM, ttmtm for txmpmy to be fiwmvi.
Ampy I, Ltot-anea to W iMtla.
Pr-wtfattun*]-,!. LWotkoma n Mkknt
ibWnAWootttoA Ma**iryx.*9).
time ^ttbnottk. aSS, Stiver Wm b LP W*A*r-
Key Praedoa. C C B-martt to
Co Va
Ctwm'm   Moot.
Loadon Use.��.���There Is eonaidersble
feeling is different parts of Wsles ss s
result of titt receipt ofs large number of
letters fmm smignmts to Canada, toning grievous stories of their experiences,
some of them going so far ss to my thst
they wonld be justified in cursing the
dsy wbsa they were induced to emigrate
to the Domintsn.
Most of the tetten eome from nsvvies
or rsilrord laborer*. Ons of the lstest
letters received in Csnliff from s miner
who .migrated from that city and is now
working oa ths (Vow's Neat I'ssa railroad, has created a setisstion, ea^ecially
ss ssversl psrtise sre in process of formation with the view of emigrating to
the Dominion nest spring. Ihe letter
is s lengthy one. but ita pritiripal plaint
Is ss follows; ,
*��We sre nssrly JOO miles sway from
any town. We hsve hsd to find ear own
lilankets, backets, brushes and light,
snd everything costs five times ss much
ss vou hsve to psy st home. We hsve to
wslk fourteen miles to post thb letter,
snd get paid only ones s month, then
The militia department st Ottaws is
considering a scheme for the organisation of a rifle roroa as a part of the
active militia in Southern British (*ol-
umbis. At present, if sny trouble
oceured in sny of the mining camps of
Kootenay, no* force Is available to aid
the dvifauthorities in maintaining law
snd order. As it is a mountainous
countrv a special uniform will he pre
vided/ Thl* will consist of a felt bat,
jacket, cartridge belt, breechea and
gaiters Thev will be armed with Lae-
Enfleld rifles.' The corps will be re
eratted frnm among: Bntiah subject** at
Ssndon, New Denver, Nelson. Ho��sland
and other points. The New Denver
brass band will sooty for the sppoiut-
ment aa/wrimeatsiJ hand. As It is the
oldeet and most eflkieu' minicial organisation in the mountains there is no
reaann why it shonld not receive the
app lintmeut.
Csjaek ������ Wkll* Torn  Urn** Mm Chom**.
The voters' Itsta are now being made
ap. Every British suhjeet-mate, twenty,
one years of sgs snd of one -rear's residence ia the Province is entitled to s
vote.   If that mean* you snd you sre
not oo tbe list yon sre not true to your
country's interests. Tliere sre blank
forma enough at tbe Leone office to
mske evety eUgiMe in New Denver s
voter. Cease ia aad sign your muse.
The editor of this journal will do the
Oet s move on for the Item will be
Tare the rascals out.
Ttva T���
Five carpentera will he pat to work in
tbe next few days oa a hunk toast snd
other buildings to be erected st the Vancouver, the valuable Four Mile property.
As soon ss completed a large force of
minora will be put to work and the mine
will ship large quantities of ore thia
If yoo are���
Cell at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
sudoi Borneo.
prrsoBBaiaO a uat.
~���Mant-f_Otr>--rs ot
Syphons, Ginger Ala,
3areapaHIla, Etc, Rtc.
Patronize home induatrv
when you want -the best
or Elegant, Uaeftil Furniture,
Twenty ���tykai of |irotty Lariitw'
in Cane, Reed Work and
Upholstered in French
Silk Brocatelle, Pluah and itaraaak: ornamema for
Handaome and acceptable praa-
ent�� in readies' Hecretariea. I*�� ��k-
ahelvea, Fancy PoHihed Tables at
$1.0(1 each.
I hsire tm mneh stock Ibr the time**
snd ant ft-doelng* isieee tu *>*�� �����/
Ireiffht and   handllttg       Antahar
Isrga ear has just arr.v d forttta
and le now anlosdlng et Denver
Stock too heavy;
Prices to Zero.
Fifty dozen Al chain at ��0 ceiila each.
Fifty patterna of aiik anil other coven* with ti im
ming�� tor sale by the yanl
D. Ma Crowley,
Thirty years* practical Upholsterer
Near the I_nec<4Hea, New Denver.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A foil line ��f
always ta Stock
ammo proi'krty bouiiht. 8ot.n
AHD  rirnCKI-ll.
J. R. it D. CAMERON.
_?��� AtWt*R*M&*
Dealer iq MEATS
 : AT:
i^Amri^tdnt TURKEY8, OHIOKEN8, QEB8E &
DUO<8 *��������� t* received Dee. Iftth.
8AKIKIN: HIXK'AN   CITV 3a��;A# J*jais.
Shippers ***** ^}^iji Fatjara
Thla Nsaaaa Mafcrict
iu*:*-w is a fl*i��r tha skippers antl
ai%Hl��-����l paylaf mines of the Hlocan
dit.tr ict;
_^^___%^W^.C.| I.KLKMBKR 18, 1897.
Omnnt* IA *-*���*
t   pspsrwaisss.
vi^wM* iw eawePaw*
Atv-*t**m ja*r.
tmem^ktlALmA    *
_nu#. *
!_, *_*.!�� a*.
Has Cfrit
aas.li Umi ar.
la I.. law.
MMsSaa 4Snml>��-
a**, ...i fs*4aafaas, -Balsaa fa-m.
|.��SJ>l| ivaattan.
IU,., ******,
���wHHm|p lw*Ba|^flpa.t
Heal Hss.
|g[     |
J%��*V-****.                           ���
*-��� 'BMakfiay.
isai. Suf.
|N  K*:***d.
___�� ���Bat __!_S_a____k     _l   A SS**_____^g
g.��.<��ua il-W.
In-- �����;-s.si'*4���
"^fA" 0mmmmum\mmlmttmkk
BtmoA a��aa.
____^__��*_a_a _^___li
S ��..>��� t�� g*sa����
-bmss^v wis^s^s ^se-^ws
%*. . Tina,
|_k_. a__,lhA____t, JTWe ___ka__k____,
������aaBaeee"''!- aaa ae ��*��*.
t-t. <!��**��.
t�� *. jt*tn*>1��.
flssStts 1****.
*}���* ****.
km r>m*.nC-w*.
Aat*Ama ftr-aup.
Weti****. aasMMK
moimmt*t*ett*i*mt**jom **���������������*��� w��**-asK_��- ��� '-��������> *
At ihe Stanley amain* **wlw�� at
Ba* ,** HaalM eUurcb. a ia*rf��k* *jiiai *
���wdu* ami tlmsa fast-rasa-m* a*v as
****.�������: hi the ninak** natklnir a -scry
e��vti*��f ehnir.   Alter tin- tafwaw a I
avur mrr+wtw la tw*��t with da ar ao��l
��-rttn*iri*a_al   aintriiar.   wl��kh   hi
wry .-ti^enslifa-.    The ns-aab-riAi^
���rf lla- chralr mk 4Bs.JWfe*e��r.    R��*��*ll |
Wi Ui. Ji U ��iriians*u�� t_*����rx V
C tArtoett. ||r. CWt-er. �����*���**< Ur,
OtK. Mr* Mtat*-R a^a-at*.*, *tr#
twAg-ii. mihrn IftaM  Oi��*.   altos;
flr*   Vntery, aqpuileti J. A **rif
Hit. *k*�� i. a Olfrsdartaisi.
��� IV- Kind ��0a vtam*." ��ai��* ���*��*
tantiaJ caller�� affofua of any ohl
���IVy sssv If thrv atrehieketts.'
ami Uw-   rdl-ka-,      bat  if tiary are
>4r* tipsy .Id
**-**"<** tha arllatie attack nf fanr*.
r��*U and sawraairs at K.J lk-n-
M. un carpet sUf^vra. turn* *****
���w��'�� *ilk hala, ���en's g!h*vvm W��
carry all the tateatnoveltka- ilunu r
art,* **
mai. n.��i immtrnm**********"--*-''���-''*
k*��*r A (iallet'a >>snrb |t*wl*insea
���*'*l ��4lrt waters at tkaashhtoo a. the
We have Jest iwerf*ml a Urffe
�����!!}��!��, m .4 ^f^i fruita IWaa San
Irsrteisjcu. (*^|| Ut aial ��rt "��!"
&****���*.   Hauler ttrtw.
w Wf-mwrnmrnmamgrnwrnttM-       *******  **��� *,* ���
��a**w*>'^*SIWSW*^afc��W.WIrCTstl iatLSWlS-11-LtL'* ''.'���-���
Bona PWf�� Cash Sale
'���*�� ���*** -tfaaS ajTssatst aa sv********** ***** '"'
**"*��*��**ujm -fa* a_ n_. ��m,i Ww��m ��.**��� �����������
*��k.�� ��itU-MtM|iMi-��ti��sal arOela at
**��� **�������� fwa ***mo**\ *my at ��*�� ata����iss*�� sals
*���**���*�� t��*mmt aatea ��ia��S ��*����� ������ �������� ���*'
**"" "*4isiuuaeataaMtltJ>aaa> mbM*. ��-**!��*."'
,"*u' ****t aaha, has*. fcaa��~ a*4 -A.-**.
��**����,��, -infarwHHiLiig inniiti.iT** ********ty
**** *Ummn*4*a% mmt% mmtmmm mo mtkl sail <*"
***** totwra mtmk inatns. sasaeBas* ot rami
a a anuymui. p u ***���-*
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Hs,* r*.-*.|vr.l ��� '-<in*icnini-r.t ul tb*>
IsU-.t atyli*.. iu
laaUas1 Vj-raUUaajt. Kim. Silk H>..i��rv. I'n
derwemr. su.l . \, rvthin. in thr* 1 ii>���- of Fsiicy
l-rv I'.*. 1>.
VI ii in . -r. exr^-iitr-l in th'' tineat -t-, I. �� of thl*
It-ias-auMist * itailaltj >.n.i u|r-t..-i��t��>.
Wr nre t ����tm.l f��. I����<1 ii. >tvli*.. ��nJ all work
^ht!...:�����( i<> n�� al'.l r.-.m. ..ur ��|w.*ial stten-
NirA. 0. H. DOUOHTY,
Opaa it. Ifrj-iL M����o-v. lU-r-o Ave . Sandon
WiU Usai itM Hofcjjl ltalin��rr.l
UlX't'S li'Ml.til
I u.l.-r**"..,.!' t Suirwjr*.
S.irf:��<��  ttutl Arriai
Cioil and Mining Engineer,
I'mriL.-uii LaaSSaraajrw.
Ka<lo, 11. G.
StiwrsI Cbtlta. -��i.r�� ��vr?J an.l Ileiwrt*.! 1'imjm
Cartifieata A Improvementa-
t' till' UlsKKVL fl.AlMS
Situate iu tii.* Staeen Mii.inc lKviaiunof We A
K."..'eiisv dl triit \Vh��rr Jora-tMl: On No-
Mr Witt Jl.iuntrti...
T*kr ....Hr.- that I. Arthur S Ksrwell. uj-frnt
<>r K Iwiii ii TnniliiiM.ii, tiv* inin-ar's cvrtifi-
st�� N<> ������-'U.'-.aad Wilbur A Baadtys, tree
nsin.-r* fa.'ti'intf Xo .'._*��>���.. intr-ivi. *i\ty
lav. fr.ni. thr* t.i'.* iH*n-<>f. loap|tlv t.i the min-
tog mma*m*dn tat i < rtiti-nw>. <>i iaipro*.<*tuontr..
ii-r th. \. .x\*. i ��! olitaiiiine crown (trout* ol
tn.' aaatn Malau
At-, i (urth. r taka in.ti.f that s. tion under
..-tn.n a mu��t   .* .���.���lU'iirrtK-edbeiore tlw ia^u-
,aoaal *aghca*rtlSt*at����M Itaatavaiaaat...
I����t*.l thi* .rtli <lav ��( Xovemijrr. itiir.
I'ate of tir-t \, ii ii.ation. Nov. Al. IK-..
Cartineate of Improvementa.
CLAIMS.   ���
Situate in the Slocan Minirtff Division ot Wast
Kcrotenajr district. Where located���On Cody
Take notice that I, William A. Bauer, act-
in* as agent for Lucy A. Shaw, free miner's
certlScate No. DSOSa, intend, sixty day* from
the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate ol improvements for
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of
above claims.
And further take notiee that action, under
section 17, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate ol improvementa.
Dated this 1st day of Oct., ISW.
Date of first publication, Odt. t, 1WI.
Certificate ef Improvamenta
Situate in the SJocan Mining division af West
Kootenay district.    Where   located-Six
miles up North Fork Carpenter creek.
Take notice that I, William A. Bauer, actinic as agent for free miner's certificate No. I,
intend, sixty days from the date bereof, to
apply to the mining recorder for a certificate
of improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
aection 17. must be commenced before the is-
.uauce of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thi. -Mb day of November, ISW
First publication, Nov. 17, iSW.        Wma
Certificate of Improvamanta.
Situate in the Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay district.    Where located���Goat
Canon creek, a tributary of Cariboo creek.
lake notice that I. William A. Bauer, act*
ing a�� acent for the Columbia A Cariboo Oold
Milan- Company, free miner's certificate No.
SatA, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section SI. must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thia 23th day or November, 1S-7.
First publication, Nov. il, IM.
Certifleate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division af W��.t
Kootenay District. Where located: Two
milen up South fork of Carpenter creek from
Take notice that 1. William A Bauer, agent
for Dominion Mines, Iim ite i, free miner's certificate No. 6%lftU. intend, sixty days, from
I the date hereof, to apply to the Oold Commi*-
, sioner for a certificate of improvements, fer
tha purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tha
ahove claims.
And further take notice, that action under
section 37 rnn.t lie commence! before the i.ao-
ance of such certificate of improvements,
Datod this 25th day of November. iat��.
And You Will
Smoke No
Cartifieata of Improvamanta.
���fitaata in tbr* s:.��sn Mining Division of We..t
K.M.teiiMv  Hatrirt      Where  lo.-at��.l-Near
Saalaa, Ite
taka notiee thst I. A. H lisilton. free miner'*.
���T'ttirste No tJAta, intend, sixty .lav. from
tin* .lute hereof, to ���i|>|t>y to the Mining Re-
<>..I��t lar a <ertiii.-��te of improvementa. for
the imrrro^. of obtaining a crown grant of the
at>o*>r> claim. And further lake notice that
srti.rn under aecti.m M, inu.t l<e commenced
btHswe th.* laaiisnceof ��urh certiticato of iin-
i>r..*.*iiu'ii; .
lUte.1 thi. r.Mh day of October, lt*-*7.
iHtt.- of tir.t imblication, (Vt ��., ia��7.
Certifleate af Improvements.
situate ir. the Ainsworth Miniug DivUiou of
Wet Kootenay District.    Where located:
in Whitewater Basin.
Take notice that I 'William A Bauer, act ing
as agent for John MacQuillan, feea miner's
certificate No. ��i,7'��Vv, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tha
above claims.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of ...oh certificate of improvementa.
Dated thi. *5th day of November. l**7.
Certifleate of Improvements.
-,U.X KK HK..1. aAN j)A'HrSTI.KR ' MINKR.
fr.���.. miner * certm.-ate noavu ��"** ***** *
-?5 felSftSWVVM- under
Vr ,if" , u.t UCommenced baton the issu-
���eeMonn S^-_ia__taal improvemenU.
P'ir��l ilul��IUstion.Oi*t-''^^^M^^^_1____.___
Subscribe for the Paystreak.
Notice ia hereby given that it is the intention of the Naku.pa Slocau Railway company to apply to th�� railway committee of tha
privy council to sanction the building and
construction of a branch line of railway from
a point about one mile east of Three Forks ta
Bear I��ake, a distance of about six miles, for
the purpo-* of giving increased facilities ta
business and of transportating the product*
of the ui iu��s4t.nd to sanction the appropriation
of the necessary lands for that purpoae under
tbe compulsory powers vested in the aaid company bv the railway ant or any other act la
Its behalf.  Signed,
Secnttary Nakusp A Slocan Railway Company
Dated at Victoria, B. C, Cot.��, lfctT.	
Notice is hereby given that at the expiration of oue month from the first publication
hereof, the undersigned will apply to the Stipendiary Magistrate for the district of West
Kootenay, for a license to aell liquors b> retail at his hotel situate in Washington Basin.
about four or live miles from MoOuigan, Wesl
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia. L. FARADAY.
Dated at Sandon, B, C. November A), 1S*7. THE PAY8TREAK. SANDON, B.C., DKUKMBKR 18, IM*.
Tha shlpataats of ore from Samion
from August 1 to December 16, inclusive, 1897, were as follows:
Slocan Star, .   2,310   tons
Rttth, .   3,366
Payne, .   6,640|
Idaho Mines, 436
Noble Five, 5I9|
Beoo, 688|
Ameiioaii Boy, 39
Blocan Bov, 45
Wonderful. 43
Ajai, .39|
Majestic, 13
Freddie Lee. 16
Mt. Adams, 15
LastCbaaee, -364
Uoodenougtt, 15
Cananlan Group. 30
Sovereign, 14
Trade Dollar, 15
Miscellaneous.    - 9|
ToUl,       .      .        14,575| tons
Ore shipments fbr the week from
December 10 to December 1��. inclusive, were aa follows: Payne 400,
Rath 130, Reco 60, Last Chance 80,
Trade Dollar 15, Wonderful IS���
K.AS.   SI tcau Star 130  C.P.R.
SitearQuotatioaa for Uw Waak.
Ssturdav. Dec. 11,      -      - 5814
Monday, Dec. 13,    -      ��� 58141
Tuesda'v, Dec. 14,        -      - 57 8-8
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 57
Thurdav. Dec. 16,      -   ~ ���
Friday, Doc. 17,       -      - 561-8
Lead has remained stationary at
Wg ftp. Folks.
All subscribers lieing in arrears
and at some distance from Ssndon
will have their names taken off tbe
list of this paper if they do not come
into our camp with the necessary
collateral, before the end of this
year. Dig ap, ye procrastinators,
and Uie angels in heaven will whoop
with joy when they know that yoo
have paid the typographical fraternity all that ts dae.
Tto California.
Blake Wilson and Pat Burns have
bonded the three-eighths interest of
Jamas Marina In the California for
$1,000. This property Is close to
New Denver and It will now.be
worked extensively as soon as spring
Tto loanhoe.
The Ivsnhoe closed this week for
the winter, it being a difficult property to work during the snow season. P. J. Hickey, the superintendent, will spend several months in
Spokane. ���
��       iii
Nefl Odonnell left Thursday morning for a visit to his home In Toronto.
The Queen Bern are rawhtding ore
dowa over the Wonderful-Idaho
trail to Sandon. Three cars a week
WiU ba shipped all winter.
��� A sleighing party was given by
M. L Grimmett last Wednesdsy
evening. Jt*. big sleigh waslosded
to tto guards, and drove to Three
Forks and back.   On the return a
visit was made to the Hotel Balmoral
where tto party was entertained by
If to Mary Macdonald, who showed
herself an excellent hostess.
The social dance ifiven. by tbe
Sandon Hockey dab Thursday
evening in Virginia hall was well attended and proved a very pleasant
Tbe ladles have organised a hockey club, but fears sre expressed that
they are waiting till summer before
getting up a game. If they knew
how anxious tto people of Sandon
are to see ttom play, there would be
no delay.
W. E. Ostrander srrived in New
Denver this week to superintend the
building of the sampler st Rotatory.
His fsmily will reside In New Den
Judge Lily tried s case ia N��*w
Denver Wednesday, lie had to
walk from the Lucerne of America
to the ailver metropolis in order to
keep a legal enga^eim-nt st 3 p. m.
The miners at on-* mine in the Slocan are said to haw 740,000amongst
them aa a Klondike stake. No wonder money is scarce In Sandon.
D. 8. Wallbridge made the sale or
tto Bartlett hotel laat week to Vancouver capitalists, which Is the largest transfer of real estate reeord��*d in
Sandon for aunt* time. Mr. Wall
bridge left Friday for Vancouver, tu
be gone three week*, and tht* t��H��-
of Band A Walibridne will be el-ah-4
till about the 10th of January, the
address of the ttnn in the meanttnu*
iajing Vancuuvor. (X D. Rand Is in
Ni.vfliii - never *t**ii l-efore iu this
distiiet or** in the German iiii|��>rw.t
���lock st D maid** mV. the dru-srgist.
The West Kootenay Butcher Co.
will receive a large rrVnalgtimetit of
poultry of all kiml* shout the IHib
ofthe otolith. Order* for same will
be received at Handon. \YI-xm. Kaslo, Quarts Crei-k and Silverton, and
promptly fllled.
Noilee U Jr^t-jAjr altrea * tat apnHipltsa will
be Made to tto* 1e*gl***.*.*e Ammhlyut tha
Wtotlorm at British Vttt-.mlU at its aatt raw
Ltioafarran Art tt, itirr.rja.i--a'-*> tlw Moaatata
Tramway and WAeetrU* ('jjanpaa^. aita pnaar
toconstraet. a**qalr�� and ���*r*,rat* ropaarajr*
aad tramways lor tran trw-atia* ot frntsht
from palate oa or aaar th S*ku*>Ar*urao
Hallway aad t.raaciwa t'n*'ewi is> a��ina�� aad
atrneralelaltns ia tl*. tf.i. -itmn tiaaap aad
Whltewatar Basin and et **what* in Uie dU-
trfct through which .aid railsta*. aa-l Lraaahaa
paaa or will paaa, aad front points oa tba Col-
aa>hia B Bootaaay Bailway. Croat* Boat llaa.
coastraetad or to tie eoaetractad, aad braaahn*
that-nef, ia the talalaa dlatriat* -f Waat aad
Kaat Bootaaay, to mlnea and mlaaral nlafcaa
In the distriete tkrauata whWth said railways
aad branch** nasmtthely pom or will pant.;
aad ta aaaatraat, aa-ialra aad operate works
aad pleat to generate and supply beat, light
and elarrtrielty in tbe said df atrittt* and alay
where ia tba ttotto ���>��, aad to dispose af aaab
beat, light aad ala-tri��ityi aad t�� aea.alia
aad bald all hinds of real aad paraaaal prop-
arty, tasatbar wftb tba poa-ar to asptwprton
laada aad ail nthar pawera aad privilaaa* that
may W aar-aaaaiy, laiidaatal or advantapeana
la tba fall ainrelaa of tha power* hafntabafarn
Data! thia Mtb day of limtambar, ia-7.
Selkilors for Appliaaat..
IHe flaest lla** af Hell-day Artletoa aver toedght ta
Banian haa Jaat h��ea raaelved, Imgertoi dlreetly t**mm
f.-nstaaj, rsaeaitlng af Tallet aad Paacy Articles, for
bath Latfles isi G**atl��*men, in Nary* Cellule**, Klsejae.
M< tal aad Plash. Pretty toavaatra af Maadsw asade ea*
aeelally far thia Holiday trade.
Abas a large aleak af Roger A Oallft'a faaaaaa Pee.
fata -a ��nd Tall t Water*, Imparted ilsul Aram Paris.
I Invite all wto tare lateadlag to make preseata ta
eallaadaeethee^geede. All af ttom nre aew# aevel aad
kaadaeme, aad are Jaat th* right thtoga Ihr Chrtstasaa
Olfta. H
nut doom To Pi-jm-4*ru-a
And Other Iiivnatrocnta,
Kvery He|*resentatkai  Ottaraat-ta*!.
teases. ��� C
Maw i, tba ������aaa to Hy
lanpMt ��t��wh ad alrVaabt
On the best and moat beautiful
of all Christmas Gifts, itich
sre found in a tirst class Jewellery
QuMfl Heating Stores.
Box Slooan
Cookiflfl Stooes.
Rdn-gtA, Etc.
tatap and %btay Slooaa amda f *****
^Hamilton Byers,
OmM Battens,
Brenat Pine,
Optleal Oaada af heat qeality.
flpeea, Byeglaaaea and Opera
Olaasea, Bte*
The Reliable Jeweller
and Optician,
TKi  A.,
Aad You Will
Smoke No


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