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The Paystreak May 29, 1897

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Array '��� ��� '���-." ���
SANDON AND CODY, Hay 29,1897.
,,l   Happening*  *ro��ud and
About Handon.
Il���. slocan Transfer company got
2i) jwrking nmh*s ��n Saturday.
li,,-,*.- school truata-t-owill la* voted
,,�� the uchool Inaise Monday.
uh- 7. -it BOOR.
tei-lei (isles has added three
^hath tubs  to hi* touaorlal par-
T��n src tight* are Ining put in,
liitli will receive the hle***uug* of
.-ry "ii��-.
j\ |tit*.tof*iUv has l***��*n opened at
Idiuignn  *e.itU  Sam litizWgli aa
Tin IbitadStioa I* finished ��*i tha
firglnia bk-ok/iMid the vault will I*-
hntuctrceu next week.
Wanted A man and wife want to
Ik*- charge nf a miner*" boarding
mm-,   Addrete*. K. 1).. Payatifak.
Samt.-n pc����ple expect to talk with
I..-;., is'fnr** long, and tin- Iim* will
ln.l*ali|y alao la* eotliM*Ctt*��| with
fi- h iu. and Kiaasland.
Ira W. Black haa llued up hia Ml
\.-*\ room in handsome atyh\ ami it
iill he opened ..might with **mte ��*f
lie hrst j*layer�� in Samion.
Ih-v Mr. Menoisa, the lVvsby-
��� rian minister, i* h**ldiuir regular
tanday Kcrvicea in tit** ���a.vlK**l houac
li 11 a. re.   Ileal** pn-ache** i��iiihhp>
rw i-vt-ning at  TwO in spencer V
�����'���>��� wish 10 imprea* up-in ymi the
li*t that tin* PatanuuH i�� BOW prt**
u.r,-,i to do job print in*: a** well ami
*���   n-a*M��uanle  aa  anylnely,   any-
drt-re, and we solicit your ordtT*.*
The Balmoral It*��t��*l waa slightly
;ttaco*auno*ltd Friday by th** water
in the creek waahing out |lt.* foun*
���irtti'u of tl.* chimney, d��%*r>*vlng
th** n*a-f,iliitr*aa of the culinary de*
The iwt*a.iatll league of Spokane,
Kitwdand and Kaalo are trying to
IM tlu- Sandon team inU�� tin- league
��������� Mil ��>nt the date* left by tlie re-
'ir. imnt ,.f th,. Wi*.*, team.' If this
>*��� ii'��i ucc<*mpli*hcd it may la* arranged Ibr the Sandon team to play
Kaslo antl have team*. GOtoa to
tht-Nclson Tribune. The Kuth i*. a
au*ady sliip|aT and the Sunset and
Whitewater are Mending clown now.
A car of very high grade stuff was
shipped from the Sunset Saturday.
The l)i*uuti*t-k, near Bear l*ske,
atljoining the Nonpareil. Miner Boy
and l**oiidoii group, made a promising strike Thursday. This is on
im-w workings commenced this
a|M*ing as <i<-��**t.ment work. The
lead cutting the formation is four
feet wide, and can la- traced on the
surface for 600 feet. Tlie paystreak
ia white quartz carrying grav eop-
per ami carbonau**! John f-'.indal
and EX M. Hongsrd are the owner*.
K. K, 8tarkt*y ha<* been iu Sandon looking over tin* Mascot property for a few day*. He ways that
the lead is very 'much similar to
that found on the l.uili when it
waa Hr*t opened up. The or** is
rich hut not in large quantities,
ami it i�� probably only a question
Of how far they will have to tunnel to find pav. lie knows the
ground thoroughly, ami there is no
doubt but that they are on the
Slocan Star letlge,
Sandon Should Take More Interest In the Work.
Pitts Brothers case, which came out
of the attempt of H. H. Pitts, E.
Stubbs, F. Oolden, W. Gilbert, D.
C. Fletcher, E. L. tanning, J. Dean,
whenever   it  caii   la*   ar*
The rn-ul between Sandon ami
Tlwec Forks waa waahed out laat
*e**k ami made entirely tai|ta**ahle.
I I'i*. road should ,{& taken tait ol Uie
-'*���' *�� aud latllt IB a permanent man
!-��*r <oi the aide of the hill, and kept
![.' ������'"���air at all timea of the year.
I In* loaa ui the country at large on
" unt of ImmI roads k one of the
'""vu-at taxe* that ha***** to hi*
Mining Notes.
FAght men went to work on the
Argo Thurstlav. A ear uf ore will
���*���' *hlpp��d to Kaslo tbe first of next
The Reco has SK) men work ing and
J-ul commence packing ore next
���Unlay. Eight or ten carload* are
'���'���* waiting shipment.
'Hie KamiIo smelter is handling
���wo or three eAvo of ore a dav. *nv*
A etsapanv of Knglish capitalist*.
were iiispecjuog propwiiea around
Cody Friday.
The Slocan Star is utilizing their
flume for ahlnping lumber from
Codv to the mill.
A*. W. McMillan, from  Xew York
i iiv, has bought IV-ngard A IVick
art* place at MciJuigan.
Eleven inches "��f CO*an galena was
found in the Charlt-ston. adjoining
the Niasalay. CO Cody creek.
It Is re_*torted that the Irtmd on the
Konparell, near Bear Lake, aaabeen
takt n up.   The bond wa-** held by
an Engllsli company and was for
���tS-V*-I'll. M. B-mgard i-** tunneling on
the lead on the Wisconsin ami surviving th��- claim. More men will
be pat u> work ss soon a*, accommodations are made.
Codv people arc wondering why
Uu- postal authorities don't use the
train service, and save a dav on
Kaslo and southern mails. And also
hats the C. P. ... mail tat Cody
made up dii**vi. Ittstead of going
tltrough the Siunloii potBoAas.
A petition was circulated in t^lv
ibis week, ami ilgnad by all parties
Intenotad, asking the gold cpnunls-
Kioners to come u�� Cody and Inveaii-
craU' the matter of changing the g����v
rriuueiit road to run on the north
Ate of the cr * cast of the bridge,
Siiisiint' *nt Murphy has re-
siirm-il tb tM Noble Five mill and
will have charge of the construction
ofthc.laek**-.n mine* concentrator.
K Mr. Gordon of Kaslo has la-en
made sii|>erititeiident of the Noble
Bongard * ivickart forinerlN of
Mct'Suigan. have  purchased  8.  t
umly^ lH>��el at O-dv   and luivc
returnishe.1 ����;> l^lwf, Z
ihi'tiuirhout The house will la-
caltT Nohle Five hotel, tfeasra,
Iksurar * JVUKart are among the
SSWn hotel men in Kootenay.
The monthly meeting of the fire
department occurs next Tuesday
There should lie a large attendance,
as the demand is imperative that
steps should be taken immediately to
bring the department up to a much
I tetter standard than now prevails.
The lack of interest displayed ��� by
our people in a matter of such vital
importance is a subject of dally comment. There seems to be a feeling
that it is a matter of chance anyway, and that it is aa well to leave
it to Providence and hope for a favorable outcome. Whereas, with
very little effort by each of our citizen's, the department could be made
so efficient that there would be no
danger except under unusual circumstances. As every one known,
the whole danger of fire is at the beginning, and quick action then is
worth everything. This is only acquired by' practice and drill, and
Chief Hwitzer has had a hard time
in getting the members out even for
that. The chief is a thorough fireman, and if given the proper support will make the fire brigade equal
to any emergency.
There are 15 memla-rs ami the apparatus t*atststs of a can ami -800
feel of hose, two ladders, hooks
axes, etc. It will be necessary to
secure ground and build a tower for
drying the hose before the cold
weather, as the ground now occu-
pk-d by the hose shed is loaned by
Mr. Harris^	
to gain )a**i>esin>qn of the shack oppo
site Black's hotel, and held by
Milne, .Tames A. Collins and T* Er-
win, have been dismissed with costs
on plaintiffs. The cases in which
the above plaintiffs appeared as defendants was also dismissed with the
above. The matter has been referred to an arbitration board of
J. II. Ball ofthe Whitewater sawmill will have a hearing this afternoon on the charge of dumping sawdust in the creek.
The Diamond Jubilee.
There is a feeling of universal satisfaction that there is to be a celebration in Sandon on Jubilee Day,
June 22, and it is assured of the support of the entire community. Outside towns sav thev will be all here.
Extent   and   Richness  of This
tireat District.
What mav la- called the Sandon
Mils a well defined aaaa, extending fix��m-8i|verton on Wacaa lake to
WhitewaW creek, on a straight line
running through Sandon about 15
miles long, and from three to five
miles wide, running from southwest
to northeast. The formation is lime
ami slate, with occasional intrusion
of porphyry dykes. The mineral is
mostly galena with some carbonatos.
Outside this belt, on either side, the
formation ami ore is of a distinctly
different character.
In this belt are situated the rich
silver deposits which have made Slocan famous, and silver mining as
attractive as the gold placers of the
paat. What the output of mineral
tnthe future will l*e is only a matter
of speculation, but that it will be the
greatest for the same amount of territory in thc world's history Is believed bv many who are competent
to judge. Already from one end to
the other are fuliy developed mines
that are paying princely mvidends
to their owners, and but a very
small part of the claims located have
been developed, although the indications warrant the belief that they
are just as good as any that arc now
shipping regularly.	
Police Court Xews.
The cases which have been pending for some weeks, known as the
The snow on the mountains is
disappearing at a rapid rate, and
with each additional warm day the
prospector goes a little higher * and
will soon reach the top of the range.
���J       *
Phil Hk-kev ha* r**tnrn��d (nun Spokane.
t>. R. Rosre. ot ttcn-ot* Cft*r. wtll l*e h* town
Col. W.I.. n��vt��t of Denver. Col,, is at fbe
C. Cliff and family, from Brantlon. Uaniti.I.h.
have arrlve.1 in Samlod.
Pick Butler cam* in from Ten Mil*, aivi in
vi-.it ins Samion a few .lays,
Mr*. Ira W. Black has gone to spend the
summer in Aurora. Iowa.
peter Porter, a well known mining man 1>h>
been her* for several days.
Neil Adair and Phil Abrahams, two well
known men of Seattle, were here this week on
J. B. Rastinj-., superintendent of the War
Eagle, hat* l*een stopping at the Ooodenttngh
for several days. ���
W. H. Mont**ne, M. P., of Ottawa, Sad 1. T.
Carroll and I. MacQnlllaa of Vancouver, nre m
party in Samion.
Dr. Brnner has returned from Trout take,
where lie haa bean putting ia a few days looking over the lonatry.
J. C. Hay* left today to look after a claim
lying pertly In tb* townsite of Burton City.
on Lower Arrow lake.
Phit S. Kellman. of Oiyvapi*. Wash. war. st
the Hotel Sandon thia week, and will Its in
the count**--- some time.
Mrs. M. E. Dougherty with t-**o children ha*.
Joined her haaSa-tnl ia Spok-pa*. Mr. anS Ufa.
Dougherty will wall* oa <**egeiel kltt
O. D. M.Manln won to White Urouae ami
Montezninn dlstfiets thia week to leek after
claims and do some further prospecting.
A telegram waa received at hia oil** Friday
from J. M. Harris tn New York, saying that he
was starting for hia bom* at Verona MBls,Va.
A. W. McCune and sou of Salt Lake City.
Charles *i- Griffin ot Spoken*, Geeege Hughes
and F. J. Finaean*, rod* ap to tak* a teak at.
th* B*at min* Friday.
a A- Mighton ��o*s to Slooan Ctty Monday
for two or three days, to took after tbe com.
pletion of his three story building, tb* Betel
Oxford.on Mala street.
T. P. Durham, of V!c-t**ia. father of Mrs. U.
D. M<-Martin, ha* been visiting Handon for a
week, and leavea today for home, actna-apa*
nied by Mr**. McMfutla and her two children,
who will ajtentl th* summer there.
V11".1  ' '
" 'T\l 7' ' .    -1
w tit*
. f-||*|
_ fi��M
-i rl's
Enterprise Group on Ten Mile
Creek Sold for $.100,000.
D. K. C. Brown and Dave Brun-
ton of Aspen, Col., were in Sandon
Tuesday, and left for Ten Mile creek
to close' the deal on the Enterprise
mine. These gentlemen are associated with David M. Hvmaii of As-
���am, and recently liought the Enterprise group froni John A. Finch for
��300,0U0. They are satisfied that
they have a big thing. The following is a description of the working
so tar:
The ledge, though small, has been
traced through the two claims and
strikes northeast and southwest between granite walls. The ore is galena with much zinc blende in a
quartz ganguc, and is generally
found on the footwall. Four tunnels
have been driven on the ledge, leaving the ore on the side, The lowest,
i*di) feet, opens a chute averaging
seven inches and continuous for 4CU
feet. The second tunnel, 170 feet
higher, is in 50J feet with ore for 300
feet, where an upraise to the surface
follows over eight inches of ore for
���SO feet. At 330 feet a fault was
struck, but the ledge has heeii picked
up beyond it and carries ore fbr 150
feet further, eight to eighteen inches
wide, which is being Moped. Tht*
third tunnel, 25 feet higher, is 310
feet long, and follow* six to twelve
inches of ore for 2tX) feet. The fourth
tunnel, 403 feet, is UO feet higher and
is in six to fourteen inches of solid
ore. These tunnels have thus traced
a continuous ore chute for 1000 feet
along the ledge. Shipment* have
returned from 153.7 to 179.5 ounces
silver and 18 to 30 per cent, lead,
nnd now average 250 ton* a month.
Shipments to tlate awn-gate 26 carloads, averaging *n,W to ���2000 a
car net.
Thc 22d of June has been made a
Dominion holiday by proclamation
as Diamond Jubilee Day.
A number of properties are being
located along the line of the K. A S.
road between Whitewater and
The C. P. K. arc considering the
matter of putting on a Sunday excursion train to Slocan lake, if the
j-arronage is sufficient to warrant it.
The education office at Victoria
has created the Sandon school district, embracing al! the territory
within a radius of two miles of the
school bouse.
The Le Koi mine at Kossland has
declared another dividend of 425.000,
making a total of $UX),0OX). This
gives them a good lead iu dividends
paid in Kootenay.
Dr. Gomm and W. I). Thompson
���ire sinking 20 feet on the shaft of
the Annie, Mct.ulgan ereek, There
is no ore in sight, but the ledge is a
l*old one and promises well. -
The litigation over the Monitor
mine at Three Forks has been settled by the plaintiff in the suit gaining his contention, and the mine will
he started working immediately.
Mr. M-uir has taken temporary
charge of the Corinth as superintendent. Mr. Murphy, late in
charge, has gone away. A permanent superintendent is on the road.
All fre*; miners certificates, held
by joint stock companies, expire on
June 30 next, and must bo renewed
More that time.   A certificate can
betaken out but for one vear, and
expire each year on June oO. A re*
bate is allowed for amounts already
Thc Edison Vltaseope was exhibited in Samion for the first time last
Tuesday. As an exhibition of the
progres* of science and invention it
was truly wonderful. A g��*al house
was present.
A man named l.osa, from Kaslo,
was wounded in the arm 00 Wednea-
dav while getting or!' ofthe train at
Deliver. The gun he wa* carrying
accidentally discharged, and it was
lucky no one else was hurt.       ���*���
It is rumored that one of tha prominent hotel nun of Sandon has become a Baptist, having been immersed three times in the placid
waters of Slocan lake, In attempting to imitate the tight-rope walking
at Slocan City on the 21th. on a log
across the creek. After getting a
balance pole on the third attempt he
got across.
Notice la published of a met ting of
the sbareltoMenof the Slocan Tramway company and of thc Alamo
Mining camanv at Three Forks,
June it, and also the Slocan Milling
company at New Denver, June 21.
for tbe purpose of considering the
expediency of selling such portion of
the assets of the companies as may
lie agreed upon. This is to ratify
the sale of the Alamo mine. The
same ttranpany that bought the Alamo have also bought the Elgin and
Ivanhoe claims, adjoining.
A stranger appeared in Sandon
last week, and soon made a reputation among the black jack games a*
a plunger. After cleaning out several game**, and la-coming a terror to
the dealers, he was quietly notified
by the authorities that there were
two trains out of Sandon on the next
day, and if lie was seen after the
last one had gone he would be run
in as a tin horn. This did not appear to frighten him, however, and
shortly after it waa learned that he
was one of the wealthy men of Toronto out for sport.
Expedition to tbe Pole.
The Swedish government will send
out a luilloon expedition toward the
North pole about July 1st, and the
Provincial government has n*quest��
ed that, should an opportunity present itself, the explorers be given all
the help possible. If the balloon
be seen only and no communication
be had with the exploring partv, it
is requested that the following par
ticuiars may be noted and communicated either to a local new*pa*aT or
to some learned hotly, namely: the
day and the hour iii which the ha|.
loon was seen, the direction of the
Ijalloon ami the direction of tin-
Should any accident befall the explorers and should they arrive in
any locality* having lost the balloon,
the inhabitant* are asked to give
them all possible assistance.
Any one knowing th* wherealt��ut��of Thorn-
as Daniels, a niincr.who U inter* at <*4 in th**jlv,.
nanaa grtrap en SI. Mile rreek, Ob {fleets
lftk��. will ptaatM i.i*..rmThomas Hen<ler***>n nt
Boaeberty. B. C, by wire as soon a* p*>��*il.ie.
and I will fray expen***.       g. L. 0..i.i,h��:iji.
Three Forks, B. C, May 35.1**7.
When In Kaslo don't forget that
you can get a first class meal at the
Royal Cafe.
For all kindsof laundry work go
(to the Sandon 'Laundry. Special
j rates to hotels j��nd restaurants.
DR. 6. P. YOUNG,
M. O. C  M ,
f*'iiriiii*rl> i>ribea*lnnl|*f-f t'riterat Hoa-dlal
Office over Palate Saloon. Room 8.
Sanbox, B. C.
a. c
Will In- al Hotel lUlinoi**!. In .Hantbai.
trtM-e a itti'Mtli.
Watchmakers and Jewellers
Watt-lie*, Caa-ka and   Aewelty,   llante* Mini
*-**r>����i*-t maHihit***-
W. Hti.i.KR, Mgr.
Stationery, ,_*
Cigars aud Tobarro*
Fe J.   Donaldson
Hit. Jnaft ttere'����H .�� Lmrg.. Arn^.  .**>**,*, ..��
Drug Sundries, Pipes,  Imported
Cigars and Stationery.
o    0    Imported Perfumes a Spetaltv.
����� *-. e
mougri j
i-mmkix. B. C.
j  American plan. **.{;.������ p��.r tM(Vt t
j  European plan. $2.tm pet day   |
Strictly firat v\nmM
|     Mra.M, A. SMITH, Prop.    j
eV ���*���* a** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���**********************************
r 9999909990*990**0000*00^
, Miss E. Wilson i
Hn. 1*1.f rw*'|-.*��l st.
Klf-tfltil Lint* nl
Pretty and New Styles Belts   J
Ladle*' OutiliMtiir. MllUnrrv rtn.l Womj
wnmnt���   9mmW^^m\*n
S. B. HENDEE *{cjj
IstYWUltffU,Ninipf Broken,H^
A**s-tits t*.(
TBsPl%aa*alaCaas��Udate��Mi-*. ��
Umiteat  t.i*uZ")ni��*b,
Dry   Wttn  Minlnrj   moo  Mmi__ ���
Uw��f* WaMlli>..���,*ZiuH *
^Wrk   Mining ami   Mjuj,,   .
I.llllltrat   Utabtia*-, "
I't-.KI & l,       ..
KAMH.v.  n, , mM-
J- J. Ooafray.        W J   Bews��. 11 _
a. L. Carat.*, uu?     L|
Bowser, Godflny & ci
'**"* KOTARIK8, ft,
oooon B. C
ancewear. 6 C.
,M*l*alS|       lj*t*a.Thlw|..t;.,;.
I ***������ ttmjy st  i|.'jVf.��-i.
A*AtAtnM~l<rm*rm      Tl.rw*   ��'.��?*.   >   .
*��Vl>*ra    Uaeeartnty ��| 4 ,*VI*��rk
llatj- jti*t i*fnelvad a lar*,-'
c��>n*lgniia'iit ����f tin-1ery ������**"
cla*e�� *��f Hilvft   Pl.-ii*
ia47   R06ER BROS
Kiiivtx Kttrk-*. .**������������ **��ii**. rt*
ahicli arc fuih  aarr*tii��***l
Subscribe for the Paystreak.
Silvrr Ptalad Klal��*r*
<"li��*a|a��r Him** in *&>
flirklc. Sjai-ial rM��� I
lltJU'la. rSlC.    .     .
Ki'iiti'inlaTtlM* |��hi*��
G. VV. Grimmett
Jeweller and Optician
McClary's Famous
Metal Workers.
Reee Aeaaue.
....-���... *\ ������,-:-. ZZ-'t ������'&;'&
**���      _^_B
.W.J.S..C--;.- -::.;.'...;"'. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
\\ rittf-n tor tltr KiigfiM-eHiitf ai.��l Minna* J.turn.I
by Frank I. Naaui*.
Tltr irrtiteialoua llilerrra wklch BlliikiaiWiv. I.,'-
in. tit In ttW aVaran dlatrlet of llrtrlsti f..lunil*la
lias netted baa -.pile ov<rdi_4fe***.<<l all other
iiilneral tall* la tbat (aw lor*. Tbe Ml*-*-_������
. .Hinify Ike oa eUkmt akfc* of tbe trrrat wl*l��i.liijf.
,4 tbe (adaml'la Klvcr, known a�� tbe Arrow
l.ak*r��. Unrludlaatb* Kmrbia*/ l*ake ttlatrtttuti
tlie east and ronalaf In-law tbe Antra l-rtken t.
ill.* liitrrnaUuBal laaiodar*/ Uae. ll f-rm*-ri*-s an
area uf about Uo tnttea ant and wi_*t _n*| iai
iiilkre a<��tb sad ���rJMh. ,
iiettlonrlrally Ibe rorlt* eonalet of alalea. lime-
MxnrssiNl sands*, to*** I a Ibe valleys, a bile tie*
iixMiuUln* are |trlncl|��alljr srsnlte aad nrls.
Tbe strallfwd rvrks st* much urttkrn sn*l fulded;
ahile fjuth uf Ibe MralMed na-ka ami tb* grsdltes
..it* rut by amaeeaen greriuieare ��jr traj. (Kkea.
..n-araphk-all*', Ibe mountain* of tbto aretiVai sre
I ni tbe soutbera r.tetialu,* of Uw Ontd name <t*i
iltc �����<el and tb* Selkirk <�� Ihe east. Tleruab
i.Urrr eotd la found tu mottm rilent In tbe eaatern
< ..liiintr*. Hleer valley, tbe (real r*4d and silver
.1. |* talis, I bus far f*un*l.��N> In tbe Selkirk aud In
IIm* i..*1 range.
Ii.*'.srre.u IrrM He id, a t.����rn al Ibe U'l'a-r tad
of Arrow l_U.��>. ao.1 the t'anadlan I'arUb* rail-
r> *.l. v-ry tew mlolair rlalm* bav** Iteen located
Tbere seem* to he no jf>*��l rr*a>an ��b> tbi* irr *ui.*l
.!i.*_M IV l*an**i��, aa Ibe *r"+<i. al ttforiure at
tht* i*tr% tot lb.- f-i-lklrtu ditT* i < lu no marked
i< **��-<-i, U*au that >���!   Ot.* najatlrv la-l***     |[   haa
ibm Hanlutl l,y ben* he* ���r terra**-***,*.f which nil
hr,/r.v,-U ,._rrv ��.u�� goM, wlill.- a thin stratum
tWrira �� eenla (a .1 _ yard.    |t Z ������, ,,,.     n���w.
a an-fuafiw '<*���"** um.inane aaat tianei
j-reek. aevtral anrlf-*rotu sul|ihlde elslms liavt-
ewn ktc-ateil up thi* i n*k, but little or no w..rk
uas l-et'iitltait:on Ui*-m,ff'tAiiilv u*.t
dfternilii.* tlthi-r ttjr site or
brtiTiii|ss nr.
l<.4ts>Jt tieen tittle e.i>f *t trvd lti.*n����l!a(��-l>
I. Mli <j4 tht* rauailU** I'arift' r.lir>*.l. .4. Ihe
ii-mb I����r1t.af ibe lllr*eill;<t*'aet lll.rr.���.v.-nillargr
���.i*.r l.����l * Ulni* h��v. beta ��� ���-,. ii*<1 ami no* haa
.. ������ ii 2**t��W_to sn K��t**tt***i ruaii'iaity antl I. now
>-.n .. .-*��*utt> ��bt|i}4oa t-r.1-!.�� **h'k h I- a. .id to
��� <r. fioni fit ia li* .nm.. in alltrrr i..i|M> ion.
Ynm a elaim near thi. ��� ���*.*��� t*. lot altipjed *"
Inn* fcg a Han Fran-i*. ��> aiUI.   tlw- lewd paid  the
��� rtiMariJt mid mill e�������**������*������. (raving th.- illi.ni
���rotH. Thia I* one ...thr.. ��l_un* that havr
l> mi. ���..j.Ji.Ui.-.l    Thr --ut-h A wj-u*! and Ittlo the
... <! lie   Of   Srj4rlJ��Ur _    h,<(   (I <�� li    J* *.{��.! *��
H.rv w.*rklna*tlil luribet ��Mh- f.il !>ut ih.
..id. ����� Iniui tlrv.ee lh*in tail 1* l.-r. tnurh mm* me-
���Aiimtitabrat. t-nau K.t-tWi*k-*<<ui the ���'aua-tl-nit
Y��cior Iht-rv la a ar****** trail 14t".����ni* u|i tlie
�� -utnt-U f-t-aiintN Tttt* trail ha* b***eti o**eacd
(���< ten year* and I. the unit InM 10 thr lib* lb mi
f aartry *i*j|>:it,t-a sr> <��.i. n uk��-n *u< th. i\4uio-
U* in l��*el. by rr��d.Hl��r* and taiih i.oahi* **e.
Uiil Uu. I.   |.!��. liraOl.*   ���tilt In the vat It    ��.<fli._
and ih. (All, -jptiire and after iba* InalM-ta caw*****!
by Uie BMr4tb*jr soow. The mUneor |-r --.-.i*
wm. I��r ��t*j- inral aewic the t'olitml*la and lu tbr
llia tta'O.I are a* lolktw*:
A imntt It ntlhf from Reiaiatctkr. tn hmtan
l*l��a, i-ari. j**��si<i<.-t.** areeaf iced in cb-it-k-tiuiir
�� Inrtf **van   ��Jf ��*alr*t��   ���*..! ������� rll.      Tbe   VrHUt a.
r ,***u**i to be fuMit Be. f .*�� I.* i*. tee. in *at*1Ui snd
I.* liave s an ak �����! ta-lnl irsleiia ab>aii thr*. fu*4
U*Uk I he r. msltMhr <4 tbe *rin l�� ...rcri.tra-
liaaO**S> The aat.oa.s refiorted i-.tarrt from
i<*b> a> oaaeeso< a��i����r.aml tr*! in the u.U.d
|.tr.lea(r>mt4i-*ll ��� if* 4.1 tarr t. n ThU i.f*��n*-* t
>. W*led In tbe t��ufal IU* *** and la the only
,raj*.t m��rted<��n the ��-*��t *-'���- .4 the rtver
!�����*��.���* Mtattfa rre��-k. e>milm al*...- tl. v.4��t4*r
Aluraf tbe (rati wbb*h Mk>**s un lb* ��s*t h��nk
.4 ll*. i.*lnml4a. the aret mlniua t*t ��ji> kind J* a
��anaU bardbta<*at al*.a_l Lair rnuVa fnai Re.t*l-
*4>A*.   Tba* ba*  btarn   ooeke.!  nrlnrlirally   hy
��� tiirtsawa and froia them no deSnlt-- Inf. <t��t*iim
i. to be (���it*a*d Pi��m lb* lart tbal tbe Ur Is
.*nl* ��>ekrd totcnalUenlly ll la lo l��e Inferre*!
:hal b taunt xtty rtrb l'annln��a h* ibe writer
.ifiwett a artturt deal of ��n* fM r^mtbtednia
Kravrl stratum about two teet lo hair fertlhlek.
��ifl .trhllitf fnua 10 U�� *��eeot* a yard.. It may
<��* r*>n__rkrdln t*e���Ina tbal ibtt claim or birb
0 t'h'*l of o\mm* at mrh ptam rnkmt the river.
1 Iter** bar* are oat la a |a��tO.M> in make bydrau-
lokiaa |��e*n*4t-. lybar at liver level at bbrh
waier. at*d IbHr mM r.wteut* snd rtlent do n**t
�� arrmnl tb* use of drawifrr*.
Tw*utA*��f Ita �� abure Hr ..la. A. IsCsrnt**
'"r***k. ��or at k-asi tea year* there have tteru
���Mittjeni* imen wbo bunt ��vald In Udrjrk rrevk-te
In ibe atreami wbo bav* earned a llvlrnr hy
nadilaa abatttw bars, sad.tn low water, hulltllnf
���..in.- lUioa, thus (Munially turnlnff tbe aln-am.
.-���nil rret.veniiff tbe ^.Ul-lana/liie -mavrl ani|a<d'
irut-a the bared ttnani bed. Tb.- m*Vl l�� ntsrae.
-I an* .jimIiij . l-rti.j-li)*  from ��a u> *1 ���*.*��* an
��� <n.��-.*. sntl l* bt-ateti Int.* ��hs|���(.-** ma**.-*. *Ik*m-
Ixa that tt ha��lfnvek<d for a r.maitk>rshV dlsunre.
Kmy rt**. .tl w��l*-r toko* out ihe crwl-wlnj*.
.lain* and idulees. but with r-t-tirrinjr low water
titrat* an. (ml In aaaln and Ihe asine p.wnd
���.itrkeil ��*ver. This aht.wa thai ��<>4<l l*au!l nin-
���*lng lo tlie atrrain. There ar** U'urbe* or terrai-e*
rtftlnj- fnsn&ot** Itaifeet ahovt* tin-levvl **i tin-
���*lrf*m. Uil  i ..i.niK.I   a*  thev   are lu a   u.*rr..w
��� auoa ihey an- m*t exlrnalvr cttotkfb to warrsn"
i.'" I'Mllliij. Iii .4 a hvilr-iullr |>lanl.iH>rarf thev
n*li riiouirlii.i|*v "for haini wurk Xuinerowa
tunnels hav* ls*tn driven In Ih.***- U-n<iie* In
'"l��r l���� atrike v.-ln rttck, whlrh Iwut Ireeii doM In
tnaaj IntrUiirea, Iwit Ihe vie Id <*l a����l��l ���>���� �����"��
ls-ea aaBelent iowarrantVr.ti-ti.lM w**rk The
��'.rk l.aa In- ti .|,.u. ciulr-h 1��) ������r.ejeel'.i-'. many
"l Uo* tiittit.-t* having lagea driven ��5 ".**.*i ��iyear*
���K*��. The t*rav.i Inan fraa* naiU" ��l**wn ����rri��-a
" -Id.   In the autumn tt l��*J a brv*- l-fcx-k of
��� Iwl.ii* wrr. rwakt-tl *<ul and ��*>ld U> -��arHt*�� In
"*-aUlr,  Uat.nf  i.Hir*,  when  <**>aiulm*tl by au
��� Mi.-lii.tr. Hh'v w.|.* (tlnml .ii..| iU�� iintlt f.Mlhv-
���lr-ullrkliin   '
r'lv- mile* alatve the nu*ulli *>f t'arnea eroak
It..iii wl>. rt* ltMiij.it.-t, Int.. the (..iinnl'U. a l.*i-**'
��!'tu *��f  mtii.'ral was dlart.vend In   l**��f*    Kitftit
��� laiuia hnvi, la-Mi l.M-4te4|i.ii till* vrin niMldovelop-
JiHtu work was Ir-miii In m**. A tuunel ha*
'.yu tlrhi-iMii ,.v.r .'*��� li-.t.ih. vein at this irolul
i.Iuk Miami lu feet wtd��*. TIh��iv l�� n** lire *rf."l��l lu
ii.|..,i,, tvbh-li *-< <ii .lata * *f Iron jiyriiea, an*.*ntt .��l
J'yritos. * hah tt*.vrltt, k��I> ii�� and **th��i sul|ihkl<-��
��� lie aetay value uf tlie ore a* It eminii 1mm the
inmwltoatolotaia ttai.
���welv*  inlka shove  t'arnea  ereek I*   BOJtTI
���J'-eb.   tm tlte ion of aiiMHiuUlu ioiiill.'*t-.i.t
i   *������������.r**'>��'-*�� amitlH'r */i..uit..l t-Ulmali**.. been
V   l   .*������"���' '*l.urart��fr of tlie ore and it* r*tvt��.v
viUUs In iln. aaiuo ns tbe Vi*ln on t'.irneS eit*ek.
*.\e mil,., from this miiih l��..\rul��' **r*i*k
"������l*U*<. mi., thft.tliimlib  rlv**r    Thb ereek I*
t'llOUKll Ul
���    ...       ,,,_-. - the value of the ur.ie-
le-t-a. UkhwIi hhr*iTh..|a* nr* entertained of them.
Hftween Itowiibert-e-k ami (kthl Stream. _ iiu-
tane*. of it mil, a. u*. Work oi anv linirortAin-e has
l��<*rn chm*- Krveral liora In tin* t *4uinl._i hav.
���teen vt.rked hy whll*- men, notahly Seven MIL*
oar, ami many more have lewn worked by (lilna-
men Antund ti Id Htr-am anil lu iributarrM.
bowevrr. Ih.* tnmm Iniereet haa hvii t*eatot*��d.
I��.��kl t. a* first illarovend here In aboatiabto
lew. In MtA.two mlnlujr c��.tn|*iiU-a...r. mon*
|e<'i*eriyt**|jr*aklii|r. two i4rtnt*ralil|tsof |imaiaetorn,
|rut in ritensivf wlror ilaina about one mile Iron*
Uu- mouth of (iold Ktrt-am. A itood many ounce*
<���*eeani irokl of line mullty hail tm-vl .u'alv Uen
Uaken fnan tbe erevlees In tb<-Ittd of the str.rain
durliitf I*.�� wster sml it was hrlk-vid that hy
turnlua tlu-stream If only irartlally. r*o**1 r.-*ulia
would be obtained The wIiik .lama whieh were
tail In m*t at. ut kViii. Ihji only about ��� *��. were
t*ejr**v��Tr��l n> f .li.,ivlmr aeaaon, tbe U-tlnx-k. a
���vbll* dolomite, la-inK found to he worn almost
p*erf��*rtly atn-.*>th. wlih no a-ravel and <sily now
and then a etairw nuwt of K..I.I Tho irrav*-! in
ibe lariM-brs'tn eltlier aide of tie-*tr**am earrt***
-old In t-..ii��k|.ral W* tju-uiltv. but cannot lie hy-
<lr*ullt-lu*tl. In the northeastern an��*��e bettrsan
the r<ttiitiil*ts ���adOoM Stream It an *-xien*lvt-
lirnab at yravel whlrh It) now being tested. C*>n-
akleral.te (fold it* toaml, the jrrsvel earrvhifraa
hb-b *�� ts renin a yard. 11,. j.riiirij*��l rilflh-ulty
la laek of w��t.T under head.
Four miha above the mouth of Cold Stream a
trtlMjior... i'4inp creek. rl.,w* In. l.jn.i.l* r*l.|.
iT'M In* ia.ii found on this at ream and within
ti��- i-a.1 Imo yi-sraa.-t.ral aUemirtt have heen
KtU'le l��y f.nej**-ri..ra lo atuk a .haft lo ledrock
nnd tiiuii.-l under tb*- atr-eam t..l��-��ln��*k Th .uirh
tbe .rat. I from the aurrace d.wu shows _-4*llt
waa not the lulentlt-n tobvdraulie the atream.
!>in ouly to work it a* drift or IM-Klrock dUnrinyt.
Tb* a-^4! in. *����� for handllm; th.- water were crude
otiickaand* wt-re enioottt.-r.tl and the abaft wa*
lltell *t..ti.(l..i...l
EljrtH ml1^* up Cold Stn*am. another tributary
���aream; MO oil turn cnek.ha* In tbe nut pi*o-
ilm-ed a r*reat amount of |4acer rtTold. Katenalve
w r It* were nUnm-d and annit* hydraulic |4*te waa
l*rouirht on th** uvund wht-u tmuMeover tne
<lh tai-'ii <4 the outnut of Um- mine a-rufre. and the
j*roj*erty Ihaa lawn Mle ev*-r since, awalUnjrthe
���eli-o of Itlte txruru. Thr*��e miles alajve ihi*
elaim la another ��hj which |��c*mi��.-nt *tT*ruihave
Ireen made '���> n*arh U.lntrk. Tbe erTirt waa *uc-
.***���'til In the autumn ���>! taa'.. but very little n Id
was fouiMi Tbe trrsvrl above, over BO leet t.d.k.
I* ret*>rt>*tj n*Ie very rb-b. Xu*ar**ta have l*.n
fountt ��.*th frotn *.'. t>. I.. t-*if\'li.-i *��i'h n.ti. I.
(Ine ir* 4*1.
Tho* mlbt* a'��'ve Mo'uII.kikIi en**'- French
creek c*��ive�� In. This I* Ihe most faun -im atrvam
in Ibe Itbr Itend. Il la n |*rn-d to have |>r. di-HV,)
mad r�� th*'valor of from tli*n.��ra t,> #l.����i..��.
There I* no way of verify intr Uiese re|��*rt* uxlay.
Nil tlie trace* of former occufatlon snd w.trk art-
everv where ��� xiarit. l/tinf tunnel* an* driven
int.. the l-enrhe*. *hal*t* sunk, nml ruin* of score*
ef In*cabin* and mining toot* mark **.**��-��of
-rUrrtne activhv about aiveanratri. Therlchnc**
ot the jrravi-l lelteaailr lead* one |.�� !��� lltve that
there were bats of jrresl rl*-hnea* when the plate
was (Irw .11.. ..\. red. Within the i*a 10 rear*
there have In-en at least at*, different claim*
worked prtnel-ially aa bar or crtek dlrnduir*-
One c <mi*any ha* Mink a ���Jmit SO fet-t ilet-p to l*ed
mck and ba* run estrnaive tunnel* urnh-r tlie l*t*d
of the tinim The g-old lartalucd I* c ��ar*e, j��rolt-
ahly 10* of tl Ulna um*��retj* worth from tl t��ifal,
lb'-nt-h only two of the Utter value have MM
fontid The r**malnd< r "I '!*��� ci.l otturs lu 5
t..v.. ;o nuevv:* Several ot Xh.-*e i-Lilm* have
been rctvntJv tviiiaol'dati'd and an eit. nalv** hydraulic plant 1* to lie pot In hi the *--riiiK of
Aim el direct I v r>M��'**it��' llw mouth of Cold
Stream an**tltt*r atirtfentuj* cn**k em;.tl>-. Into the
CHimlU Thl�� atrt-am. Smith cn-.-k, waa
worktxl. on Ihe aurface oo!v lu the "early day*,'
tarn m WAV and MM very rich Iran* were found,
i-alteiiv two cttnitanl*** **f miner* have made
attempt* toainksnaita to bedrock, bat without
mcermi. An American company ha* now Mken
|.��K*.-a*it.ii and wtll thorouKhly pr *��|��-*'t It with
the view of iHittim; In a hwlmulii- i4*nt. Iu the
up|>er ansle b.-twivn the I'.-luinl.t* river and
Smiih ervrk. another Austlcan renaaay has the
distinction <>f puttlnaln tin- flrvt hydraiilit* plant
In the Hi. Iteml. Tht* jnaut w.v-�� In ojxratl m in
The I iit* ft-a-i *N-.ii*try ha., htn known t�� U>
aurifenst* fi*r the l**t .1't.-.n* *.r mm. The
*ts uuirv w-a* |.rc:tv thonmidily traversed by pro*-
pertori In tt**- ��-arlv ��l*v��. bat, with tin- exception
ofthe find*on French cnvk.no dtst-lntni >ven*
fonmt that iH-iild b* w..rk..l .tt a posit with acces*
���to iliffl.utt and *up,.!tVs a* htrfli. Kven now prai-
tlcallv the only pr*��*|**ctlnalhai h���� N-n done
ha�� la'.-n on *tri*.*ini. I'liiptvlua Into tin* T'llumhla
river. *��>*1 for only n I*��������' inll*** from thetr moiitlis.
Atwln iima|s*clluir hsa been -onllneil aliiH-et ex-
rln.lv.lv to aurlfervHi* irravel*. IliUe or no attention lreli.fr l�� 11 U�� bi'ue In minimi U��.' jtiavol*
.,* ih>- ��iie_m��. ii.i .'in. of in.ee on wlik-li placer*
are l**h*K wWMd; but on other* a* well, there I*
foond among the Idaek *aud* �� liberal ��i.rtnklinK
olinleiia. tVainIdcriiiK ls>w a��tt and fihiWe this
I* it rareau a�� l�� h must have a pretty evteiidve
narec In order to *how as alHiiidant y ���� t does.
In the lower Mild*. the "hlue jfravel of Uie tall*
forulan*. then'I* al**�� found much pynte.chal-
ranyrtt* nnd oilier nulfditd***. The.**' nr** withtsit
ev-..i.iUm.*o far a* the arlter"��ei's>nent*e mre*,
soiiferoua. Whether Us*e��>snrlfei mi* aud srm'Ht-
Ifemu* aulphldes come fiom sitonslve and worlla
aide vein* or fnan *ivi.ill *trln-*vr* noons csayet
side to a*v for cerlain. With (tie ihos-, x.eption-*
iiu*��i,.l on Game* creek, Downle. and onet ����i
iV.td'* i��neh.no auli'lilde d-*po*lbi have bna
heated. Near Smith envk *.'v.r..l liretrular vein*
i.i hydro-mica date hare been found t >.-an*v ���**..<!
in th* It Iron wlpbloVa but no larde "..ikal.te
\cln* hate I***'!! found. , _��__,.
1��� ...,*��� Inrtance,however.the t-*w^jw
been *klllfnll.v traced ni.tl.e rtreain ta Itt *-��������*
.iii.hi !,,_-- iitiiiit*.)'"" '������'���"'- l",���,,'���,, "" mOttn.
The future Commercial Centre of
81ocan Lake district. Biicked
by important payrolls of The
Galena Farm, Wakefield, Fisher-
maiden, Thompson, Prescott and
other mines.
Lots now on sale.   Terms easv.
Prices $75 up.   Maps on application.   Now is the time to buy.
E- M. SandilandSs
Sandon Agent Silverton Townsite.
C. D. Rand.
D. S. Wallbridge
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Mine? Ijouffltt and gold. Stocks for sale in all B. C. mines.
Official brokers for Wondertnl Group Minini? Ox
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co., St.   Keverne Mining Co
iMio-iiix Consolidated Milling* Oo. and Two iYlends Mine Co. s stocks.
Ooi^psurxlea Stoojceci euaci ���Pi*o**-noteiKL	
We have just received
A Large Invoice
We also cany a full line of
Groceries ? Furnishings
HUNTER BROS., Sandon and Rossland.	
���Agent for���
SAN DON    B.C.      Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon
PRMttettM wi** '������������ruii ��t Hi*1 in-iitl. of MoCul-
lottan ���.*��>< k. tJold wwi fonnil in flaltfiied. Iiam-
in,*r��**l K*iil;��. Hleber up Uh�� -.tn-am th��-i�� chai--
��i*t.*riatl**!�� began U> ��ii��H|i|>*-ar. th��> pold had moiv
iiimrt/niiil v.ln iiiattor atUt-h��l to It ami at Ihe
ln*ail*'f tlH'stivain tlH*it-.'t*l waa found aa If Jit*!
|.*#*m'(l from'.������ matrix.hi many -.'����*�� liavlni*
a*ft slat** *llll adhtTPhiir. A little hlplwr m>.in
what i�� known a., tin nnd Ifo+r baaln, the inotlter
loAei were* found. These ledges arte veins of
iiuartz ruiinlne throujth the aift hvdnwii ca slate
��-hieh forms the coimirv roek. Tlie nM vrnm
fiw In Uie quart* .inilla also fn** In the alate of
thf < -ontiut walls as well as tn the included m.ws-
M of slate In the v. iu. Snl|.lii,U*s of Iron occur in
varvhiK ia'rct'iita*jr**.. all carrviua ffold. Some
veins aiv found eonsl.tlne of almost *��lld Iron
i.viits. S.veiMl e*>m*mni.*s have <tak<*��l the *�������
tion | ivtiv th.irouichlv ami   :m*  now  d.'velopiiii*
the protiiiccta. As French, McCullou-ro and
Camp crocks rise In nearly thc same motint'Uii, it
seems in >re than prohalde that this Is thc source
of their gold.
Owing to the difficulties of minini*; access to
Uie mountains, but little thorou>rh i>rus|>e*:*Uii*< has
b**en done, sam<> for placer gold. Then, too, the
suett'ssful tleveloimieiit of mines iu the lower
country has attracted the attention of more pros-
l>ectors. In the mountains of tho Big Rend snows
come early and remain late, thus practlcallv Iim
itiug the season to at the must three moiiths",.hilv.
Atoriist and Septenibcr. In sjilte of those iliaw-
backa, It is the writer's opinion that a thorouj.li
search of this section will meet with irreat success. Once a liu'ife mineral ladl Is develoivii, the
���iovernment is very |>r**iii|>t and liberal in al*ilu>r
mliiin�� enterprises hv *>|N*nlua auil nialntaiiiiiiK
��r*Hv��l trails.
! : I; \
ti ���]._',
Is issued every Saturday in Sandon, in tin-heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     .....     f_.no a year
Strictly in advance.
Address: Thk Paystrkak,Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C, MAY 29, 1897.
Crowds Going to the Lake ofthe Wood*
iia *ar*-**i
Rat Portage, Ont.���Navigation is
now open on all the inland lakes in
Western Ontario, especially the Lake
of the Woods, and an increased activity in mining matters is looked Tor.
For nearly six Weeks the trails have
been heavy and the ice dangerous tor
travel, especially for teams and
freight. As a result much develop,
ment work has been temporarily suspended and mine owners and seekers
alter properties  have   not been so
much in evidence. Miners for development work are in demand. Each
outgoing boat takes all tbe passengers it can cairy and freight that has
been in warehouses and in docks tor
many weeks. Each train also brings
in carloads of freight and machinery
and all classes are watching and hoping for the advent of numerous capitalists and investors.
Local mining men are jubilant over
the repeal ofthe law imposing a tariff
of33. per cent, on all mining machinery. This not only admits all
mining machinery free of duty but all
materials used in its manufacture.
Canadian machinery is admittedly inferior to American and tbe manufacturers on this side ofthe line will have
to meet competition in price and quality or retire from the field. As a result, a great roar is going up and
great efforts are being made to induce
parliament to rescind that action.
The best mining men and engineers
mi Canada have fought for the repeal
of that duty for years and will use
every influence now to see that it
stays repealed. This will be a boon
to American manufactures and for
mining development here.
Mining brokers report things quiet
just now. The season has hardly
opened and they expect a greater
activity later. A gooa many inquiries are being received, however.
The latest reports from London are
that the interest is greatly on the increase there. Six or seven very
strong English syndicates are in here
already and more are coming. The
company represented by Col. Engle-
due lost heavily in South Africa and
he says that every dollar lost there
will lie regained in Ontario.
The most important and significant
deal of late is the purchase of a one-
eighth interest in La Mascotte mine
by Sir Roderick Cameron of R W.
Cameron & Co., New York, for $11,-
000. He also purchased seven other
valuable properties and is expected
to increase his holdings from time to
time. Only a very few months ago,
Sir Roderick was offered the entire La
Mascotte property tor $10,000, but he
declined It The property was discovered last August by Geo. Girard,
a prospector, for the Corondo Mining
company. Later it was sold to the
Oolcleugh Mining company, lo dav
a shaft is down tliirtv five feet with a
90 loot tunnel. The property embraces 45 acres and ii 50 miles from
Rat Portage oa Whitefish bay. The
ore is a sugar quartz and free gold is
visible to the naked eye in large
quantities. Assays have run ail the
way trom $2150 to $2,200 a ton.
Work has commenced at Keewatin
at the old Dick A Banning  water
power for the erection ot a 50-stanip
reduction works.   The Ottawa Gold
Milling and Reduction Works company is back of the enterprise and it
is expected to be ready tor operation
the first of next August.   George E.
Foster, late dominion finance minister,
is one of the promoters.   This is to be
a custom mill and the company will
at once construct barges and tugs with
which to collect and convey ore from
mines to works ai.d to carry supplies
back to the mines on the barges.   It
is estimated that ore can be carried
tor 50c to 60c a ton.   A number of
mining companies already have taken
stock in tbe enterprise.    With ihe
completion of the locks, at Fort Frances
which is hoped for, ore could also Ih*
brought from the Seine river mines.
Mine owners without capital for rapid
development and stamp mill machinery claim that now they will be able
to secure enough bullion as they develop to more than pay all expenses.
The members of the mining exchange are exciting Herculean efforts
to make the mining convention set for
June 2. 3 and 4 a great success. Numerous responses are being received
and a large attendance is expected.
Papers will be read and discussed.
Samples ot ore from all the mines exhibited, ore crushed and panned before the eym ot all and free excor
sions given to some of the most rich
and interesting properties in this district. All principal railroad lines have
offered a rate or one fare for the round
trip, tickets good forgone month with
stopover priviliges.     A  round-trip
rate from Duluth to Fort Frances via
Port Arthur and Rat Portage, including berths and meals on Lake 8u*>cr-
ior and Lake of the Woods honts- has
been fixed at $30.
New  Town.
The newest tov-fn in Koottnay is
Craigtown, formerly knows ss Craig's
camp. It is situated on the North
Fork of Salmon river, about six miles
from the Nelson A Fort Bheppard
railway. The town is in the centre
ofa rich mineral district and promi^s
to become a place of considerable Importance. An hotel and several busl
ness houses are now being erected
At present thc settlement lacks
roadways and trails, but a petition
with over 400 signatures has been tor-
warded to the government at Victoria
asking tbe construciiun of a govern
ment wagon road from the railway
track to a distance of nine miles ui>
the North Fork. *
This summer manv mineral claims
in the vicinity ot Craigtown will be
extensively develoj-ed.   Several pro
perties   were   worked  continuous! v
during tho winter.
float River.
Prospecting has already oommeneed at thc headquarters of Goat river
at the southern end of Kootenav lake
Several  parties are exploring  the
hills an_�� are keeping well  up with
tne snow line.   One rich strike is re
ported  to  have  been  made about I
seven miles east of Kootenay river
The discovery is a well defined vein'
containing four foot of solid galena
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey,
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel lvanhoe.
Dealers in
K ASM) and CODY.	
I ��** ��l�� *-����� la
Sow*. **l.li��.H��.f��,
I    li|f.la.ri<li , Hull, t-   Km..
I'toem*, IImy\ Or��i�� *��� . <*.-
GRoettRifts. F*Tc
*i*4��JW -��-l t*mrk Uow
Id* all l*i*4ate
tn tire M auni.tna
Sot* i-aclile Line.
j Tbe
The Hotel
Is one ot the beat place*
in Samion to obtain.. . .
Beverages that are Delicious
in taste and Stimulating
in their qualities	
 -      C. J. MATLOCK, Prop
"""""  '"���*     ���*�����"**"*���*��" ������*���**��*���. ���  *wr*fa-ia��ta--iiiiiiiiiai* ���������--,
-^i^toi-^'Biitchcr Co.
Hhops at Handon,  Nolsin,   Kaslo,
Ainsworth and Quarts Creek.
Knr..|��mii a�����! Aiiwrkan !���_,,,
H..i.|.ni_rt,.r(, tor Mlii'iip M.n
WMI " ^vtmm But
('..IV uu.I Kkv.Uir Mvh- all right.,
KIUNK WtTHiiN. IV.,,,rM-,r.
Ituute to Ut Ilrtui Chicago
Detroit* Turontci, Montreal,
New York* fkaton. IVilr.
tUlphta.   and   all  ftt**eni
Unexcelled Bleeping Cars
on aU train*. Tbnri-4 Car*
to St. I*Viul dally; I-o**on
every Thuniday; Torunto
everv Monday man He vol
Steamer  leave**   Kakuap
everv Holiday, Wedoetalav,
and Friday  nwmlnif. tuak
in* ekataetwnenUon at Ret --1
stoke with train* for all |wii.->
Kant and Weal.
Befbre yon travel get Infbriiiaii--n
from C.P.R. agente a* tollmen ��t*-l
rat*-**. It will aive yon money Ap
ply to neareal railway agent or to
A. C McARTHIiR, Agent* Sand.*.
Dint.   I'aatenircr  Agent,   Vancouver
M M.Met*R��.OR, T.l\ A..Nelson.H C
iftHk Steamsliip Lines.
fnm turn*.
I'art-nan    All*... I.iiw V'"'"
Mitt* lUn m
H, '4aMtr.lt     IVHItlllrMlt   Uw
Ul"**'r rr,��� m joto
1-t.lu* HKirtrrt*^    HVft.irl.il*. ....
Ukf * riiUrta,               ��           ........ U,n  '
rrnai *���..*������    -
M-.jM.ti.    Wl.ti, -*.(���r I.I.h M'"'
O'TfiMnIt            " I;
HrtttaaU'             " '.   -j
I'nri*- AiiM-rirmi I .la*  .'.
Mt.l'.al             "                                  .. 1
Ml. t^Hiln           ������                              Jl
I'mlt-tiA   miunt UtM  .  ������
Urrrtnln          "             ...            *"
Klr.irt*            ������ !
HUtt* <rl Ni IrrrMlw ~Altf.ll HUt��* MM
��� -aWn ft-*.. tiVi, mt, M ***ri unit U|*w��nl"
IntfniuiiUtJi ***, ami u|>**ar.l*
HtflPiaite ttt.Ao and U|iwftni-
l^omitmer* TUbeUd tlir-H-ah (a all **;�������'**
Ortat itrluin or Tretaial. an*T��t hon-i*"* ���,"'
rru��*�� lu a I) ia.ru nf tlw Kun.j- an I '.mtlm f*'
IV|��W l-afaaifte *rr*n��tA trom -II Hn''
A|.|tly to A. C. M< AHTtll'K. CVM ''*",,
Hiinil ii,, ,��-.,    , ,_,_
(It.|.<*ml Af"1       t
>V. I'll   <��m >���*��� \\ lm��al*��
tmAAmnjm. i-eijii.ji^aawii.'Jiii-i'.ir-wi���' x*jjjiM-'^^...'"MJ^jr--i-
iia.i ,.;i THE   PAYSTREAK.
Hiv.*.'.-! al X-w  ikuivcr.   lite   Aareaawieiitt
Iranairraand Locations.      *.
May SO _,
H..i��- No ��~Bo��*frt t"<x��t*r
I N.il...u*le~ J 9 matiiuttjn
W I. > < ** ��'Bia*h- *��am��
r.'.li.mlrU Xo t-Bobt OUvar
* Ur.*ii<-**   Alamo Mining Co
I M.*> N-A DCopUn
M VIH- Mar -A l�� UeUt
1...ruing Star Xo I -K C Oraham mil John
i ali.lonla - A R Gar-apl-ell
..rtJu.rr   DO MH'ratg *t al
"iYattoe Otlef, Pa/ Boek. Q K   B 8 Oraliaai;
lvlla Frartkai ~nmm tmmebmmu*
li.oi.in So I��� Wat Oltwun
May I*
H-riuli  aaadoa. W a Tlaan-jaiin
���* y^^s^^^^P^A *^t<-'
Ir.** M��.f*a���Muartait**i*| Joae McCieewnta
-ii*.r < Ur-Italian .Jaw Hemtr>rr*-*ii
* Blr
Mau.1 ***-*->*uae K _
II ami h ~*aa��, O II tteckhnjr
u ii-iil|a*#   Wilson. Prank Hill
tt'hll- BltYhXo 1-l^tearn, Man Xkvl, ��***���<*��*-
Nk-<4. Malt.���Im tmme*\>n. HwaaB Xk-4
U hi**- Hirr h So I   am*
tt hiJf llln-H Xo a  atuitr
lina. Tremmre N'<> 1-aantr. Dan Xk.il. (mW
V. k 4'. M ijrrM-nw, l�� J M. IV��t_*.W .ml Ruaaril
\.    '
Ksntf Trt-aiwr*. Xo 3 -tain*
ru t��  ��*.r�����_our, W K llowc
l tab���earn*. Henrv Dtlle>
l/ftt*>4. lio*Mn.ut_-aii lulwar-l Adam*
Mark Hawk- I^mam. Duncan I..i,.1*av  and 1
k M
Mat go
-Mllor Ittn    l^ttvui. ilrnr* Brown
I nana   U-nv.*-, K A "*�� ll**'*.
**i}��*W~-**atti*\ Mn.rj Itmarn ami K A Wltaun
'.-umtm   ��am<*. H-ataI��*nt->*-
*.��>i����^-- aaav*. E o Ma<l-irn
I X I.  J A W.4ey
s -ii.-!o;��*   *ia��*>. K M T����**tVr
1   ,-rtwa una.
Trtiif.il**>���tome, W H Ai��<lr**w��
Mllar WhUr Minr. K ftantKH. J i.iMt. ai.��l J 1.
\\ hilt*
ANre IVlkri.e P IVnvrr and Prank An-trr-
11. ���, v*-n
Mar.    mi
li. .00 \iau*at Oee__l <��� Madden
i uunjr I*t��nlniV)0   WII..1. I'at -.h-raii
Malt lia-**��   Nc-tno, <������*.> Ixmg
- ,itin.tvttli*- aatur. Dan Mt U����l
I'L tin*.I JuMW-*   Hand"**. Wm Walm-Jry
May fl
vn��l..wn Frartk-nal l-r-wi Dan IU��I. n I'
<*!.!< Kitcnrdoa-ltt-ar Ukr.C W t.*_��ia***n
KalW*   Uit> Mkran Utke. i-ewyAt A lk*an
! iaiiliV   tramr. Win Hti-corg**-
lian   Wlter* U.HMrKa.
I I'tlitccas  tone
If.-** h.-ra-   Shrran. Samuel H<*a*.-T
Hlijf. Rye tfelhV-tf MO*. Unit 1'rarr.tn AU*
ItUrk M Hraaa*
i-tt- taala.   aaav
< 'H**-a'*imU''-a*Waa tak**. Anew Mc*A IIHama
1 '>*l>k��ttl*raai;aai-l4rjaMr_,TlMarii��ii Makmr.
1 rank shaUa aadiao Jar -. I*
<* >>tirhrati>r-eaaK. a*ai I. Oim*-UiwI awl J
(-..ainlaar-^lalrata Worm. W B IVMan
Jack- l_mue7MBi- MflUn
MUouurk Prarrlon   aktran. Jno Kl^linni
���W.n��v����. -tmaa-
UuW jijp. i^m. MQw IMba
***i**>r IM  MeOulaan, Wai Kkt|*ath
><��� yal Plye - Uotelf-rv, W A Lauabllii
, >< w > **rk~ |_armrn. I^atdim Hutntiokll   l-awr
l   ..Kltrrda 1*1 IWr MrCwaa
*A ���tfrf-til-Rt/ana, Wm tloaat. Howanl Ouf-t.
>' A llratkraaw
Mttvrar tlrU Prartlon   Stein*-*. Win O���WW
'''"���'!*��   lanreataa fhaa Aiid-r��>ii
llr-*i("han*-*-_i<ir,M.ij Manllrdrk
M*. ir,
Tlar Hr.a-.Fg��r MIW/ A II Bivtnnrr
������ranh Kntrilooal -Soblt* PUt. m*aintaln.llrnry
I ���il-.Klmn
*����*Tlran Dollar   Wlla.ni. Hum*.JIVarha .njra.
.. ���K***'tJ****l��\Aii-j**��tilllM.��Wrrr, tlajrulr
M.-rra. Mho- - Wllaai. I* 11 Htrtrart
f <air Krl**!!!*.  Mint*
J U��r Krartlttn- Uan-fl. W I�� M.-tJr.w..r
1 rrti��|��  Fnwtlonal-nwir   Cudj,    llarvt-v  J
���\anwuiwraaiHlry.W W Waraer
lluTi,,^ WllaiMi.t^H Kl.tiar.l-.-t
��*'ll*/   1-onrMltV. EdMahtMi
i��M*f   -ainv
l.i.anlo   Mtnr> |,_| Htrw��.rl
N "Hi Star -IjeiiiiM., Frank finr
"O-Knu    Mm*'
Miiy 17
John Snlllv,,, ���,���i j w nnrk- to Hllv-r Hill
"'  ��ln�� t.,   Um Ht,v,ir ||,|| V��� 3 #,
titiV^i*11 SfV������ K W HLhinond- 1 Artlo.
Anarilo. '���.in.., Atlantlo. tlifat IM.i.le,
��""."'"*>; ���'*-*����� and I aoaana .lon.tad Nowry.
*������*# '���!. aft I
Fr.-!'li* W,_,"���� ���" tl���� t'nrlnth Ml..-*   th* B
I1W.-1 Ar" '*'" Weanor J Randall ami A
|.W',J.,H*r--.�� Monitor Not.  April l!��. M*.*.
^'I'lrt.lWrvI.**" *"  ^ Uy*''    *  ���>���'4��>''',���������-"*���
****** 1|{
���55}^MarS.ft? M,���N,,,,������h, TCa-Ie m.1
W K Um l.moii.l to liu.w,|i Ormaby -j Beeeaa
Ji.u.t, Mr*) ih, a *
M Mt*Xirol I41 M Li (Irhamott -1/31 Hll��o, May
Ml Clam-ant. lo W K Wii.aU.H.1 an*l P .1
H,J,n*'.'. to *������*������ t Wket, April ��.. *i
Pred ��{l'ii..--*Il to MU-haol J S��wmH/U
Hllvar Kt>ll No ��, May ���!. *lii
kli t��rpfint.r to A ft Whitmor* and  H B
Lyall   ll.e >i����nl.h. April to, tn
. c.^'.*/*w-��. *.�����>. ..proat. AaioaThomp��i.n
to M II hi.*.�����   AtUa Xo S. Mny 1��, tl
JotM-Iili Wriaht to Rdward Marcar - 1 t-Ugle.
May 19, tl
R��b#rt Wiltiftm. to W 8 Hr*wey-1 Iai-. Muy
tl��l*<a*t Willhma to Mme-HOantle Annie 1
Ela*h��r. lUllanc* and Olaagow. May 1.1. -*1
l��t��t*.r Chl_ho!m to W 8 Drawry -nil lnt��rcat
In ih�� 0*ntla Annie, May It. ��1
P 8 Mi.li>-*.. to O A Lova-l.i*t8llto. May 17,
W K BiVhmond to Rojw.I1 Ormahy-J Newry.
p'll illrtU.it to H C Whacliir and C H Aher*
*-rambia--fC��wrad<> Fraction, and to X P M*--
Xaturfat 1 (Va. avd*. Fraction, May IT, fit
PH Krnnr-ly to W K flow.*-. Shamrock.
May a, ��� *>���
Walter Brown to Alt-art During-1 Alphn.
May��. ��*.
AJbert Dttrlna to J W Krtt* the AlphH X.. .
th* Alamada and 1-r.k* Vi.�� No It, May s><.
A D Woodcock to Wm Kerr   ' Ra-��ti.a. Man h
W H Mat well to Lor. nto Alexander   Ijliol.i
Pinch. Ur*y Kacle Xo 4 aud Corker. May HI
Oeo Aylarti to Alex fiproat - 1 rt Variett, May
Nathaniel K Franklin to W H Doolittle-
the lYmft. April 1. fl
May ft
Same to aame-the Wlti.tler. April 1. tl
Pre.1 JKinyth t.�� Rol.t W Oitmiit-th* Con-
o.r.1. Mail7.��
It..ht Oliver to Walter L Brog* \ IVdamhia
So 7, May l!��, 9003
turn* ("hitmbera to W P In. k.<��n the Dayll��ht
���nd Hoo��lo, May &. ��l
R V Riaaln. t*. N W Pe*��l*r-l*J Three
Otu.rdaii.cii. W A 1>. and lliptter Xo 3. Jan Ih,
l..*cph Prant to B. V Riadon J Maud I. Jan
II A Wright 5*. aaine-1 Tlir**e Onard��.men,
Jan IS tl
11 V Ri*don to Joaenh Prane \ Clipper No .1.
Jan I5,*l
II A Wright to earae-tj Three (luard��men.
B V Hit-ton to H A Wright-J Clipper No 5,
Jan i.'..��l
Joacph Fratia to M��n��e   . Maud I. Jan IA. tl
Burl IVaraon and AIm> I^ggett to Prank Lo
Qaeto J Rig Dai*). Blue Kye Nelly aikI Rinck
Bird. May Ttt
A Pierce to W J Kllk��tt~ ' Lncky Jack aad
IVnheigh. Iter 1.',. *l
Tin*. Kiliott t��* W J Elliott- ) Evening Star
W J KUioti to the Slocan Gold an<1 Silver
Mining Co -the Madge, thc DM... l.ibl.y. I.ncky
Jack. the Rveuiug Star, Skylight. lH-nl-igb and
Ruby Mar. May 71. M��m��
Swan Johnaton to Otto Trufel.lt *} tMin.
Sept lo. ft
liarver L Fife to Harvey O Altch-aon���' Ma
Hone*. May 10. fl
J Tt'oopar to ��ame~-| Ontario, Mar 1*. ft
D R McLennan to DA Van Dorn J Mountain
Chief No S an.l Sarnin. May i:��. OTS
J S Parker to H B Alexander-all interest In
BiglVlar, May.Vtl
The terminus of the Slocan
River Railway, the business centre for Springer
and Lemon creek mines,
which are already shipping
ore. I*ots in this thc most
promising and beautifully
situated town in West
RROS   Slocan City, Rossland,
*���*���*** ' *^*w**f*) Tni-nnto.
Is the Ptonter House of the C'ily.
tmo^tmom *M-*e
Bank of-Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00
Reserved fund   :   :     6,000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :     859,098.40
Sir Donald A. Smith, G.C.M.G. President.
Hon. (>. A. Drummond, Vice President,
KS.CL0U8T0X, General Manager,
A. Macnider, Chief Inspector & Sunt of Branches.
A. B. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch returns.
W. S. Clouston, Assistant Inspector.
James Aird, Secretary.
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
A general banking* business transacted
The Newmarket
Mew Denver, B.C.
UrituatedoiithclMinloiOi' UiebeaiiUful Slocan Lake, and a*n����t��raa sit upon
The nt-et***f4*��y.*j*'rn U excellent. The rooms are airy and tleroralcd with Uie
UtearewlU of the wall paper art. The exterior of the hotel is painted in cjIot-j
that harmontae with the Idealistic seeaery. The Dining Room is always provided with food that Is tasty. t**tgeeJbie and aatWyhig to tlie inner economy of
man. The Bar b rri*Vte with the tnost modern, as well as ancient brands of
nerve pr-oducera.
Goldb-ijra, Sliver IjemoenUs, Canadian Capitail***. 1'roapectors, Miners.
Ttnttlerfcet, Tea Mile Millionaires and nigrum of every shade In {roUtics. re*
liirktn or wealth are wekooie at this hou-c
make for the Newmarket when you r-each the Slocan inetnttpoUs and do not forget thc landlord's name; it ts
Henry Siege.
jno. covea.
h. c. covca.
Everett, Wash.
��.t I'Ma-r Brook St.. Ixmdon,
Mcini-ers of the H.^i.iixt Stuck Kucha litre
ami Board ot Trade.	
Cable Add**ess-"Bkskihok."
Moreing and Neal,
Clough's (new and old),
Bedford McNeill.
and A B C Codes-tV
"T* /E solicit correspondence with parties having
\T/ meritorious mining properties for sale, and
jjlL beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction of ores,
and a knowledge of the different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
w* THE  1��.\ i STREAK.
(By our own Co-Tt***pemleiil.j
Twoclalma-the Dou\ Varden and Plyni'Uth
lltrtk-werestaluxl but weekadjolnini* thc Pre*
|R***t.��i. aud are now added to the groun.l. making
seven claims in all. Four of then, tht* l*n*p**ctor.
Little Flo, Victoria and Handy, are under bond
to J. C. Tanner, of Spokane, Uie tirst payment of
kVihi for each claim being due on Uie -fihid Inst.
The lexlges which traverse these claim* are Immense, one being iu feet wide and tlie other M
feet The usual iron cap covers the big ledge,
but tlie smaller one carries 7 per cent copper, rt
iu gold and t ounce*, silver at surface.
The Rossland Stock Exchange has been cl.rsed.
The malcontents were headed by C. O'Brien Madia . who was one of a committee of three, which
went to Spokane to ask the Spokanites to close
their exchange in accordance with a telegram
sent bv the president and bm rctary of the Spo
kanc Exchange to the effect that if tlie Russland
brokers would discontinue their exchange *.!��>
kaue would do likewise. But when Mr Redd In
and his companions reached Spokane the members of that exchange refused to stand by their
offer. So the followers of Mr. Reddin in the
ItVtssland exchange have been nicely fooled.
However, the minority section of the late exchange, of whom Ernest Kennedy and F. w.
Bull arc the chief exponents, have decided to in
a in* urate another exchange, aud to permit the
a.lmlsxi >n of the general public.
The lx�� Rol smelter agitation is verv much to
the front here now. and many prominent men. as
well as two of the newspapers, are   threatening
the advocacy of an export duty on ore, should
tht! company decided on building tlieir mil Iter at
N.irtlii��rt. "Some of the American miiie-owncrs
laugh at this, and ask where Britl-di Columbia
would sell her matte, if the United States did not
buy ii.   To this question may be added anotiier���
where does the I niteil States sell tbe matte she
l>ruiin-es'/   England buys nearly all that is ex-
airti-d  from the  American continent, and we
Iia ve no need to fear a ices of our market If the
I'nited States refuses to take our *>u��i>ut.   We
ran send our matte and bullion where they send
theirs, and get a better price than they ever did
or ever will pay.   It Is nigh time that the American mine-owner lu Kootenay had extract***, from
his anatomy some of the hi!aiming gall reganlli g
die  imineiist favor c<wferred upon us by  the
American government tu permitting our ores to
* ra*** the boundary at all. and the tx-nd*-*cai*4*'n
of tho** said gentlemen in coming here to extract
precious metals from Canadian soil.   Rom��tand is
s miewhat tired of building up Americau towns.
S)<>kane has Ixen built up hy Kootenay minerals,
and now those Americans who have real estat**-
interest** in Norrhport think they have a cinch en
Red Mountain ore and intend to work it for the
tteuetit of theniselves.
But the Dominion Government I* not a-.JV.-p.
Laurier. In a telegram to Mayor Scott, says-
' The parties inb-mling to karate a mtelter on the
stuth side of*the inten.attural U-uoduy line
would lie wise in taking no botOy acttai.' Thia
proltaMv- means that an expurt dot * warid la* the
result |of such >n kewre. We MkauM make tt
known, once for JaD. tha: Caaada ��* et.utieil u>
the benefits accruing from her rich nitaenrj deposits, and that she intend, to sveutv thov fcaa
tits i-i s|jite of any threats *4 rvuhati.*. thai may
emanate from dittgruntled ���Attetmmtm trom acrraa
tlie line.
Hart's opera hour*.*, now named tbe R-<*-.'_ ud
opera house, which has been leased*lor five rent*
hv a ayndk-ate, open.* on Mondar nbrht "with
Mi*. Lillian H-tWanl and Iter stock <-otn**inv in
the farce ei.mcdv -Tit ft* Tat.*
On The  MeaaUa.
Duluth, Minn.���Theie is a little
more activity tn iron ore mining circles. The Norman mine, commencing Monday, will ship 400 tons daily,
and will put on a night crew Wednesday or Thursday night. At the
I-aval mine a steam shovel has been
put to work loading stock pile; they
expect tn increase shipments daily.
At the Auburn, another Minnesota
Iron company property, light shipments are going forward daily, with
a promised increase in shipments in a
Tew days. The Cincinnati, atBiwabik
is a light shipper; the Hale and Roberts also expect to comnenec shipping
in a short time.
John (julbranson has secured a
contract to strip 25,000 yards at the
Ohio mine, ana will commence work
W. C. Merritt & Co. have secured a
contract for strippini* about 500,000
yards for the new Sparta mire. It
will be done with steam shovels.
Winston Brothers have loaded their
entire outfit and will remove to
Spooner, Wis, where tbey have
secured a railroad contract. Although
there if considerable work started up
there are a large number of laborers
unable to get work on the range.
Men are coming here daily to look for
employment only to be disappointed.
General-Manager Colo of tne Commodore mine on the Mesa ha, says
that arrangements will  be made to
operate the mine, antl it was for thc
purpose of making pre����arations to
that end that Mr,Cole came to Duluth.
The Mahoning mine is shipping
trom eighty to ninety cars per day.
When in  Vancouver stop at the
Manor House. t
1st onr.'jum* in R����VAi. Cmamtm is l-**��
Paid-up Capital *l*!_*4!M��_a
Riwrve I-una        |.3J��.JJ*J
Loxno**- JOrrtcK����� Clement.   L*nt\  Umibard
Mt., K. C.
J. H. RruUe
John James ��. _t* r
Gaapard Fanvr
Heurv R- Fairer
Richard II tilvu
StA-n-tary-A. 0
K. A. Hoare
M. J. It, Kt-iMUll
J  J   Kinir.l "tl
Iteo. D. Whatman
W .1!K
HKAnOVI It J  t> CaSAtiA    St   J��Ka**St.,   ��
H. SnaiaiAS. ��� (ienerai Managrr
J. Eurlt, Im'.-i.-r.
tendon Kliir*i��'.i H-rifa* TV. H.
Rrantford Ottawa R-rmUiid. II.C.
Pari* Montreal sand.*n. BC
Hamilton yu.Lv \ Ictorta. RC
T.Mmnto St J*jlin. X II. Vainri��u*-er, It C,
Frederict-m. X.B. Winnljtnr.Man. ttraj.��l**n, Man
Ka*U IIC. Trail. It C
Sew York���VI Wall Strt��t-W. Law-am k J. C.
San Fr*ncts**>> -Ml Sana-*m SC-II. M   I   M��
Michael and J. R. Amt.r>-**
Loudon lia.-.k. r>   Tt*.- lUnk of Eni-taml Meov*
Fiirelirn Aevii%-LlvrTj>r-*l-l*.uik *��f Llrrr
nail Sc4land���National liank oi ���*�����* *Un.t
LlinlU-tl. and bt*hiichea. Inland -Pr*vlttrlal
Hank ���>! Ireland, Ltd . and hcanrlae. Nattnaa
Bank. Ltd.. aud Urancht-**. Aufttralla I'nlou
Rank of Australia. Ltd. New /.< *Li.<l Cril-m
Rank of Auatrslia, Ltd. India Cldna and J *; a ���
���MsTcantlle Rank of lutlia. L'd. Avrra 'Una,
Ltd. West liiiii.*-I'oioni,! Rank. I'arla
M.-Mir*. Marcuard  Kr*,_���*�����*! * W.   L.on��-i ndlt
OBOMC KYDIi, Manatr-i
*.4lll|..��l    111
First Rank Established in the Slocan
Wl i Wm\ Colli.
��     !:."-rj��ar-fc*.i hy Rv��yal Charier MM.
Capital  with power t*> in* r ...
Rt-Ja-rve.       .
ll-f-td Oaiee i ��I L fUil.vT-l suv.-**, 1, .ml .n. Y.im.
In BrhWi t'oiainbia :���- VJctinia, S'an<*. tivff N't**
W...��!iiiiii*M. r Saiiairn . K.nn! �����;.. \
KAsLiiand SANDuS.iSlocan Outt
In th.- 1'iili.iiSiajta:   San Franc inc. and lV*t
Affent* and Co*rrrapnrMlvnt> i
CANADA :-Canadlan Rank **f I..1111.1 *rce
Mt-n-haiiu' Hank of Canada. (Ik- M��l**n* Itank
Iiu|��rlal Hank of Canada and Rank of Nova
Sella. UNITED STATES--Canadian liank
of (Vmimerc** jAwncy), New V.trk; lUnk ��,f
N.��va Sc.��tU. Chicajf*. Thi. l>md��.ii and Sari
Sranebu-o Hank. Ltd.. Tacoma. Tin* hint
S.ain.1 National Rank. SVattV. Tlu* K-ichauirf
National Hank. Si-okai* . AUSTRALIA AXl)
NEW ZEALAND: Rank *,f Aii��ir.��!*ta|_
HONOLULU:    Hlahop ft Va,, Wmmm
Z-OOCkl Manager.
Sandori Branoh,
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
ItollEHT MacimiXAI.11
always in Stock
J.  R* tV I). CAMERON.
Neil Mai i��>nau>
Kntes $1.50 u> fl.V) \*?r tlay.
 Manufaturer. of all	
Syplions, Oing-er Air*,
flarfiapnrillA, Ktc, Etc. !
Savncion, BO.
Patronize home industry j
when you want the host Sandon.
lltatUjo.'irtt't**. f��*r Miiiinir S|aH*ttlattt*��r�� atal C.*��t|'*itAli*t**
Reco Ave.., - - Sandon, K*C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
S(ii*doi), H.Cv.
*: Drali'fi In :���
QEKTB*   FIRNISHINC.S   AND   IIOOT8  .1*   81101-?
N.-wt   (mhmIh iiniatatitl)' arriving.
VA11 Braa-ira..
���   111 Wa cam* a full line nt liar ��r*i
JE VrU TaMa thaaewaiv,   IbOd >'*^
Crta*k*rv��*are* \a\b,\> Chm^otrt,
Wall l*a|��cr, Wiwl-w srwlm
CarfeH S|iian*f and Kuj****
Alao the Kinrctt and i*o�� lin**0
-    #       ^ Itatllea',   Gmta' antl   rhiMitn*
ihltllf    1 at" B(,n*1    Mn*1   Hh0W"   CVer    [mM*U
li    II Into the Slocan.    Our ��*��*k
|,llim\   H   ��   #  # citalf-a  the  latent   ntivrltka ,n
SegWge Shlrta. Ncckmir. U��^
Cny*, Menm and Ij^*'�� Clothing, M��cintot��h��*a, rinhrellaa, �����!���*
would not
Dealer ii* MKA'l
>       *-
���**  . AT :
HI.OCAN   tffl
mmm^mMifmi^*'pm*^.^t,; , LATKST FKOM KAKM>,
From ��Mir o*ru C����rr**��|a*iHtt;ni.
Tlii* _.4th of May celebration waa
ii -treat  success   in   every   reaiiMct.
I in-1 xeurslou ����ii the International
lironjjrht a larp* crowd from Kelson
and the K. A S. hroujfht in t��uiu- a
number from Sandon.   The opening
.-vi-nt of the |ir<w_rr��Hinie. tin- yacht
race, waa a failure, aa  tht*   Kaalo
In wit, K'-otcitalan. la-came disabled,
and her crew had to pile hi*r laines
��� ui the Uacil without completing the
���-mitcst,     The   Cahilonian    balnea
lii-niilfht out a larure nutulier of con*
Uwtanfa, and tin* atreet** were crowd-
itj with ***tet*tat4��r��*.   Th** Una lui*a--
liall matcn of the  league rtrffii attracted    a    larjje    audi**nei*,    who
watchiai the game with inu-nae in
t��-n**t.   The |*lav in j,'. on the whole,
wa*>  poor,   antl   it   waa a   U-tUin-r
.Mnn* from th��-*tart, Ka*��|o making
17  hit*   while  8j-.katir   made  21.
Itoth Jeam* i��lay**d  ra"rjr.*d dm hu/
tfii'plliie ami  the store at-aal 15 to
Hi for Spokam-.   The lacrtiaW match
with   NVlson  wa.** an exeitiuj*; one,
and -'HH' gtotti individual playiitj_-
was brought out. th-'tttrh nm much
���-������m hi nation  work   war* done    Nil*
���-in g0% three p-al- and  Kaalo two.
In thi* ilrillinj. eoafogt only out> team
ii��t**ar**d, Mason  and  raeMOfi, the
\V(iite.valer team.    Tln-v had rather
liartl luck with tlu-ir steel, Inrt-aklog
nine drill*., hut put tlowu ��H\ IneheA
in tin'  !.*�� minute*..   Ttmday's hall
itatfie hr*����i|rht out much better play*
iiijf.   The KMiiinda wen* In  better
���-onditktft, and the ***��.uv atood 1210
1 in favor of Spokane.   Tin* nor*"
ran** could hardly la* called a sue*
���ii***, ai* taily thr*** hortasi ap|n*are.l
i" onnipi'lw
llnncnu   Mt-I'hnil   |g moving  ini��
Iti* new reaah-nci*.
Kel*��ni A Ni*l**on have ojreded in
tlieir new hotel on Front *.tr**et.
t.��-i*r*_-e Mauielly i* now ***cu*<v-
\ng hi** new hlra*k a** a r-*��tauraiit
nm ice cream |*niior.
ii. O. HiU'hauau hat) *4iipi��*d to
Nelarm the larfc** crib raft of lumber
lately built at the sawmill.
A. K. Barrett,a prominent minim*
man from tiie Soaml. is looking up
iMvi-atmenta in ihi** district.
Hruce White came down t���� hav*- a
look al Tue*��la> -Uili game.
Thj- .-ampler i* now handling
ihreu-or four ear*, of ore a dav. moat*
iv from the Whitewater, Sun**et and
liiith mine*.
The water in Kootenay lake is
-till rinlujr, and ii�� now up arotiml
i lie K. Jt S. depot, n��res.*��itatiiijr tb��*
lanttfoa* of |at.*��aeu'_-er*. fi'oin Baudot*
on the hill where the track Cl'OIWCJ
\venue A.
It i* r��'|H��rkHl that. Charlie Ureal),
who played with Ka**l���� during the
<ir**t traiiie, will goto Sandon. tJreen
lean Al ball player, and would be
��� great aeipiiiliiim to the Sandon
team. He differed with the Kaslo
manaireiuent <>n a {mint of Una nee.
lii-otp' UoXIgtXt NeW |��ellt.�� li'.HIIi
down on Friday and stayed over to
���at* On* d'lehratiun.
Mr**. Tinell and Mr**. Kettle Dry
den of Cody eametiown on Saturday
to see the celebration.
Charlie IMda of Sandon wa*. one
ot the judjfe* at the drilling contest.
Very little monev changed hand**
on the lull game,
Hugh Mann eante uy��r lV*��m San*
don'mt Monday.
Samion hhotihl **ein! a Da in tlowu
tojrlve Kaalo a whirl on their own
grooflds.   They lurve the mau tiai
bo put up an intoreat^rig game.
Henry Croft of Victoria was in
town Monday.
.1. A. Wood came in from Slocan
City on Tueaday 'strain.
I*. J. Hickey came over from
Three Forks on Tuesday.
Hall's new hotel on Avenue A is
bclnjjr rushed forward as rapidly as
'���oNaible. It is to he called the Victoria.
Work ou Linuard's hotel has not
. et twiuiciieed. The Pilot ��a>*lnlll
la cloned on account of bigb watfc-r,
ami lumber is not forthcoming.
E. R. Atherton was over from Sandon on Tuesdav.
Align** McOillvray was in town
from New Denver on Wednesday.
fJ. O. Huchauan returned from the
east Wiilnes<lay evening.
The tug Ilalys is being repaired
pi'-jiaratorv to comuieiicing on her
new route on Howser lake.
Aifr/Haet tit Siadon
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
1,0(10,000 Shares par value of ten cent*?. The above Company
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
L^iglritor,; &\\Zllliarris
Mining Brokers and Operators.
The Wonderful shipped a car of
ore last week and another this week.
The ore goes to Tacoma.
The Coin Mining A Milling Company, Ajax mine, struck eight inches
of clean shipping ore laat week.
A new townsite is la*ing formed
on Ten Mile en*ek, near the .Enterprise group, by .!. Lukov of Trail
ami .1. Fleiscliinan,.Vancouver. The
name of the town is not yet settled
Mrs. J, H. Gordon of Victoria,
whdse husband perislied in the Point
l-'JIiii- bridge disaster a year ago,
has got a judgment for 110.000
against the city of Victoria. The
electric railway company was held
hlaiiieieas hv the jury.
C. (X McKae has returned from a
week at Kanilooj��s. He reports
cvervliody there looking for gold.
Copper seems to be quite plentiful,
but gold is yet to be found. Very
little Ss heard aiwut Cariboo, hut
considerable of Lillooct.
A. K. Liudberg has conveyed to A.
I) Williams the two mineral claims.
Mountain <'oat antl Oakland, located
on the south side of Kaslo river
ai��..ui nine miles from the city of
Kaslo Both these claims were located during the spring of this year.
At the HfWt annual convention of
the Western Federation of Miners.
VaI lloyee was re-elcet.'d president,
and James Maher of Butte re-elected
accn-tarv-treasiirer. The headipiar-
D-rs of $te federation will I*- quartered in Hutu- for the coming year,
and the next convention will be held
in Salt Lake Ctty on the second Monday of Mav next.
a ��� *���-"'  '.'���'. r   .
*��   The Magnet Sold.
The Magnet mineral claim in ihe
Blocan .ountry has been pmvhasiHl
bv the Montezuma company. Ad*
i,.i!.i!!i>' this claim is the Bolander,
Whose pay streak eight inches wide
i*Tgood ore, it i-* said, can be plainly traced across the company's new
acquisition.    Assays of this ore show
fnnn three to five hundred ounces ot
diver and  80 per cent, lead
development  ot   the mint
prooeeued   with   Immediately
snow has left the ground.
I Ire IteeeipVa at Kaslo.
The following arc the itveipts at
the Kaslo station ofthe Kaslo �� No-
can railway during the past week,
which, owing to the bad roads, no
doubt show a decided falling off of
late:    Ruth, 90,000; Noble Five, 64,- j
445;   Washington, 33,000;   Wellington,    30,000;    Whitewater,   30,000;
Rambler, 30,000;   R. E. Lee, 25,000.
This makes a total of 302,445 pounds,  Npknn A"/  I arrln  ^foam Maui
or only a little more than 151 tons, j nie,SOn a ^f00  *Mm WaVI-
The niost of this ore goes to Pueblo; gtallOn 00.
and   Everett,   but  the   Washington ' Comiwenclng Monday. lOtbMay 1*7.8t��amt��r
and R. E. Lee send their shipments | *ln!iW'>.ri!�� *m.ieave Kajno. n. c\every Mon-
to a smelter in Montana.
The 24th at Slocan City and Kaalo
The excursions to Kaslo and Slocan City on the (Queen's birthday
were largely patronized, the C. P. K.
carrying out 220 passengers from
Sandon and the K. A S. almost as
manv. A good time was reported
from* Itoth places. The baseball
game at Slocan City was won by
Sa nt Ion with a score of 15 to 2 for
Slocan City. In footliall Xew Denver won from Silverton, and the lacrosse game between Sandon
Slocan Citv was won by the former
4>**mmmw-ww mum   *w wma   a-~*r-j) �� v  naaiv,   ���*-���-.*_�������� *C *��� %fO J-   um\ror-
day and Thnnday at tr-i�� a. m,, fbr Bonner's    ���
Ferry, Idaho, connecting with   Uw  Qreat
Northern Hail way on Tueodayi* and Fridays,
Itoth to and from Spokane and Eastern and
Weetern Points.
Hteamer will return from Bonner**. Ferry at
t-00 a. m. on W'ednesdays ana Satnrdayr* arriving at Kaslo Mime evening, so at to make
quick connection* with Trail Creek and Slo.
can mining dlstrietJi.
This route is tbe most direct lor the Fort
Kteel mining camps and makes close connections at Honner's.Ferry vtfth the Upper Kootenay river steamera.
First class passenger and freight accommo*
Olaaoiutioa of Partnarahip.
Notice is hereby   given   that    tbe   part-
nenhlp   heivwlore   ealstlna    between    C.
and : K.  Lyons. Clyde E. Coon   A  R. J. Broddv
known as the Sandon Itray and Ice Company.
; Is hy mutual consent this day dissolved, R.J.
This was the first   game Of bas-eball i Broddy having sold his tntereat.    The busl-
in which the Sandon team has
plaved, and Sandon people were
well pleased with their home talent
and especially with the battery, Do-
lan and Powell. It was estimated
that then* were !��33w*ople on the big
boat going down. The return home
was made in good order.
! ness will be carried on by Lyons A
wtll pay all debt* and collect
Mkm. K Al IK B.tKtiM*.
Mni-rican and Kun.pean plan. 1
Kinewt Kiiniished Kooius in the ,
illy lleM Imported and Oomca* j
tie Wine*, Ll*inor�� and Cigars.
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill
Special Attention to the
Manufacture of Sash .Doors.
Blinds. Mouldings, Finiah*
ing Materials. Etc.
Estimates furnished for
Buildings,    Concentrators,
���   Etc.
Sandon Agent.
Subscribe for the Paystreak.
Coon wbo
all monies doe
the rirm. C. E. Lyoks.
C. E. Oooa.
R. J. BaoDov.
Dated this Wh day of May, l*ejr*.
Certificata of Impravamanta.
Cordelia No. 2 Mineral Claim
1 situate In tbe Slocan Mining Division of Went
Kootenay District.   Located live miles from
Three Forks, up north fork of Carpenter
creek, on right bank.
Take notice tbat The Dry Ben Mining and
viliingCo., Free Miner's t>rtitJ*mle No. U.��#.
Intend, siity days from the date hereof, to
j apply to the Mlnlug Kecorder fbr a eertlfleate
I or tinpnivementa, lor the parpose of obtaining
I a Crown grant Ibr the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
set-lion tt. must be t*oron*enced before the Issuance of such eertlfleate of Improvements.
i    lVatedthisSTthdayof April, tar*.
!s. u. I1EVDKK.
Sec'y The Dry Belt Mining and Milling Co.,
Limited Liability.
i May l��U im*T.
Nottee is hereby given that at the expiratioi,
nf one month ftont tbe tirst publication hereof, the undersigned will apply to the Stipendiary Magistrate for the district of West Kootenay. for a license to sell liquors by retail at
their hotel, situate on Lot 4. Block 2. Sandon
First Addition. Sandon. B. C.
!*atcd at Sandon, B. C this 15th day of
May, A. D., 18W. M. C. WiLi.iaai*.
5 15 Pm-aa ajiwa.**ce.
Notice Is hereby given that at tbe expiration
of one month from the drat publication hereof,
the undersigned will apply to tbe Stipendiary
Magistrate, Ibr the District of West Kootenay fbr a license to sill liquors by retail at
their Hotel, situate on Lot A. Block X, In the
town ot Sandon, B. C.
Dated at Sandon, Ii. C. this 30th day of
April. -SOT.
May 1st, 1897.
Notice ts hereby given that at tbe expiration
! of one month from tbe flrst publication hereof, the iindendgned wUI apply to the Stipend I -
; ary Magistrate, for tbe District of West Koot-
' enay, Ibr a license to sell liquor by retail at
his hotel, situate on lots, sub-dlvislou H��w,
W��*st Kootenay.
Dated at Sandon, B.C.. thls_9th day of May,
lS'T William Dot.aa.
��� if-AO
������ /��� -ii
Iim.* ���*���'���'
' ������������%���&
l -
praver meetings are being
held in the school Souse Thursday
evenings at 8 o'clock.
G. W. Hughes will build a wagon
road, as soon as the snow is gone,
from the Pa*.iie mine to the Best,
alxmt four miles.
E. J. McLaughlin, president ofthe
Rossland Board of Trade, started to
work on the Bonanza group, on Six
Mile creek, last Tuesday. This
group is under bond for ��i*4O,00O.
Alfred S. Minter weal to Trout
Lake this week to work on the Hamilton group, near Trout Lake City.
A contract has been let for 125 feet
of tunneling. Mr. Minter and John
Collins have the agency in Sandon
for the townsite of Trout Lake City.
Rev. A. SI. Sanford, pastor of the
Methodist church, has arranged for
services each Sunday morning at
Spencer's hall,and alternate Sunday
eveningsat Spencer's hall and Crawford's hall. Tomorrow evening the
meeting will be at Crawford's hall
at 7:30.
Rev. T. H. Benton Teeple, pastor
jot the Christian church at Waverly,
111., has come to Sandon for a few
weeks. A large tent has been put
up near the K. A S. depot, where he
is holding services each evening and
at 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Tomorrow afternoon the subject will
be "Hunting a Man," and an admission fee of 25 cents will be taken at
the entrance.
Judge Thomas Clair, who has been
at the Halcyon hot springs for a few
weeks, has returned to Sandon. He
reports meeting many old acquaintances, among them l*eing Corn Cob
Joe, alias Corn Cob Dodger, Protestant Bob, Blue Canyon Pete, Sandon
Tin Horn, Jack the Ripjier of Slocan, Gold Dust Charlie, Coal Oil
Johnnie, Joe Beef, Frosty Corn,
Water Tank Bill, Oscar Wilde and
Kettle Belly Brown. While at the
springs the* disorderly element became so great that the judge held an
improvised court and each man was
served with a blue paper ordering
him to leave, or appear at the bar
each morning before 8 o'clock and
pay a fine.    	
Nakusp a Sub-Port.
Nakusp, on June I, will become
an out port of entry under the survey of Collector Johnstone of Nelson. All customs showing ore shipments will, therefore, be of record in
the Nelson office after that date. In
the past the record of shipments
through Nakusp and Revelstoke
have gone to New Westminster.
Under the new order of things the
ore shipments from $he entire district can be checked up weekly.
Says They Were Not to Blame.
With reference to the accident with which I
met while ont with Thomas Daniels some four
iituutu* ago to locate claims for other parties,
the owners of the Ronansa group and 8. L.
Ooldberg, I exonerate said part lea from all
blame for my misfortune. VV. Kkkk.
Fact* 3. Bmyth , -mtfjMM.
Hlocan City, May V- ISM.
"Rolled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire for Prices.
Agent���A. B. Gray, Nelson. B. C.
For the finest washing in lace curtains and blan ets go to the Sandon
Laundry where you can get the best
work in the Slocan.
When in Kaslo go to the Royal
��-. ���*--�� ->*����. ->"��������� ww we ���*���*�������
i*i��j_a*V*taOQO CT'0<i>0 XfrXm^^VLl^lti****
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheaper In Spokane than la
A|w_r^Mfrl_it.   If you with to Buy Communicate^ o^o
We are also Prepared to Place Propertiee of Raal Merit at any ^IC���
s. norm An  & Company
(Members Spokane and Rosetand Stock Exchanges!
The Leader
Emporium ol Fashions
Have re-reived ��� ��on*-i|rament ol the
latent t*tyl��** In
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Ladies' Pnrnl*hin����. Pine Silk Ho��i*-ry. t"i��-
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Oppo-.lt* Bryan ff ooae, Reco Ave., Sandon
The New Vintage
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His Ma.j**t*t> the Rim* ot taramara. Ilia m*i*-*ly the Kl**�� t-**fa��ee.l��*n aad Swrss*
Pit her & Leiser,
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n. l. QRinnETT
L La B.
Notary Public,
SANOON,       -        -        B. C.
SAX I*. ��N. H ��'
Oflice���ln rear of Crawford'* Blacksmith Shop.
Central Hotel MINING ST0CK5
vwiitiai   1 l-Utvl Ami otiit-r Iftteetmenta.
Mr>\a7 rtDnaj [afary Baytoniimlou OttaraBU-c-i
A -. ��� A __ _ J. M. HARRIS,
AT KASLO. BAmoott. a c
Are Ircingrarttptl by tlcnl
Best Furnished Rooms m pM'��*����**ntl t,,f*ir
Aa-Finest Bariataect, Qp^jp  an(J  f^
A New Hon,.- Wtth Xaa Boom* aad A..	
m��*latioit*. Pir.t (*������,*, j��� An r,,.,,,,,,, ,
Subscribe for the Paystreak.
.)ft:.o.enr,,;,,.^^, "tr,,,,, "���*������ "*?*** "***
w. j. white & CO.
���-Fitnn Ibe
lttn & Kerr li
South Edmonton, Aita


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