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The Paystreak Dec 12, 1896

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SAM AND CODY Derate 12,1896.
A Description of the Nobis Fivs.
of the Bigaest Things in
the Country
Holding its own through all the
lluctuatious of flni silver market
and maintaining its place as
second to none among the great
silver mines of the Slocan, is the
Noble Five mine. Discovered in
U| when tbe Slocan was known
hut locally, this proposition has
paid richly the industry of its
owners. Although the bulk of
the work done has been iu the
course of development, still, some
���J .000 tons of ore has been sent to
the smelter which netted the com-
piny, roughly speaking. 1180,000.
The first shipment of ore. which
was sent out by way of Kaslo cost
them $VI5 per ton for transportation and treatment so thai some
idea of the value of the ore can be
gathered when, with all these disadvantages, the property still
gave good returns.
During the past summer, with
a force of only six men, $0,700
���vnrili uLore was taken out iu six
week's time.
The greater part of the ore already mined has he��*ll taken  from
No.  4  and  No.  ���*>  levels.    No.  4
level i�� in about 4i.*> feet and is in
ope for the entire distance, and on
chipping off pieces from the  sides
of the tunnel, the galena is seen
glistening,   in   the   light   of   the
candle, from  the  fracture.    Near
the entrance t.�� this level   a  short
crosscut was driven and  when the
walls   were  reached   it   gave  the
lead a width of some 14 feet, with
ore showing for every inch  of the
distance   across.       The  men   are
busily   engaged   now    (hiving   a
raise to connect with N>��. 3  level,
tins level, which is'in  *ome  :t7i>
feet, is also in ore.  and   in   it, like
the   level     below,    the    ore   has
been taken  out  for  about   :���   feet
only   4he   width   of   the   tunnel.
The work of sinking  to  meet the
raise Croat,   No*   4   is  progressing
rapidly and   in   a   very   few days
the conned ion will be made, wheu
j'ommunication   will   be complete
fwtween this level and No. <��.    No.
<> level, which is in about 3Q0 feet
is connected by three winzes   with
the workings above, and when No.
7 and S tunnels are in  a sufficient
distance the work  of completing
the   connection    by   raising ami
sinking will be  commence 1.    No.
7 and No. S levels have only been
started in the but two months ami
are in ftO ami ill feet"WrH***wly.
In No. 7 tunuel evidences of the
lead are already  showing up but
they do not expect to strike  it  in
place short of 40 feet more.   No.
X will have to be driven for about
50 feet more before the  vein   will
be encountered, and it is through
this tunnel, which is at the head
of the tramway line, that the ore
mined in the upper levels, will be
taken. This tunnel, which is
about 5A by 74 on the clear, is a
model piece of workmanship, and
when completed it, will be one of
the finest timbered tunnels in the
country. It is expected that in
the next two months all the upper
workings will be connected by
chutes with this tunuel. The
most of the ore taken out is being
piled on the dumps and when the
tramway and concentrator is completed, which will be about the
middle of next mouth, it will he
sent to the mill for treatment.
When No. 8 tunuel reaches the
lead this vein will have been
proved to a depth of l,i)00 feet
from tbe surface. This level when
it reaches the center of the hill,
a distance of 2300 feet, and which
will place it directly beneath the
upper workings, its extremity will
be 2..*��'K) feet beneath   the  surface.
Vp to the present time no stop-
ing has been done if the ore
taken out iu driving the different
winzes be excepted, ami it is the
intention  of the  owners  to  d>, a
lion for the men are, at present, a
little cramped but it is the Intention ol the owners to build larger
and more commodious quarters at
an early date.
That the Noble Five  is a  very
big thing indeed, no one who  has
ever seen it,   will   deny.    Heretofore so very little had  been   written   about   this  proposition  thatj|
the facts and figures given  in the*,'
above description   will  come as a?
revelation to the  majority of tbe
people both here and elsewhere, of
at least one thing' we can   be eer
tain and   that   is that  the   Noble
Five is one of the most  extensively developed   propositions   in   the
Slocan country today.
Curling Clubs
Already 140 sacks of ore are
ready for shipment at the Ajax.
Wood choppers are wanted at
Slocan Star mine. Apply to Rruce
Crawford & McMillan have
moved into their new quarters in
the building erected by J. M. Harris.
J. K. Cameron & Co., the Koot-
tlfiPge amonnt of fnrthvi   dertrhtp   ��**ay.-Uib��*. upturning out souie
ment before  the*-  commence  any  ���*���*������� tieent fits in  ordered cloth
extensive stoping operations. To
give an estimate of the uimmnt of
ore now in sight, anyway near the
thing, it would be impossible, but
it will be pretty safe to say that
it will amount away up iu the
millions. The ore which has been
and is being mined is a mixture of
cbau an 1 concentrating ore the
latter predominating in point of
quantity. Tne assays ou the clean
ore averages 200 ounces in silver
to the ton and from 60 to 70 per
cent, lead and that of the concentrates 100 ounces' to the ton.
At the entrance of No. 8 level
Urn -aoik of |reeling the oie bins,
and landing for the buckets is being rapidly pushed along. The
work here has assumed enormous
proportions, cribwork 100 feet
long by (JO feet high had to be
constructed in order to get a foundation for the ore bins and station
and it is now almost completed.
The towers on which the wires
used for the passage of the buckets
will rest are all up and the work
of putting the cable in place will
commence in the course of a few
days, by the time this work is
completed, the orehouses at the
mine and the coucentralor at the
foot of the hill will be finished,
then all that will he necessary is
to load up the buckets, start them
goinp and one more mill will be
turning tut its rich products u*
add to the wealth of the country
aud the fame of the silvery Slocan.
Some fifty men obtain employment on this property the majority of whom arc employed in the
mine.    The Bleeping accomnioda-
D. J. Mcl.ichlan has just received a consignment of sashes
and doors which he will dispose of
reasonable rates.
Bob Stenson, the popular clerk
at Byer's hardware store, left on
Friday last for a visit to his home
iu Peterborough, Out.
Jim Williamson has been busily
engaged decorating the windows
of the Postojllice Store with Xmas
cards and toys, aud the appearance
cf the window does him much
Through the efforts of Rand vt
Wa'l^ridge the terms to sqqatters
on tile Kaslo ��& slocan Railway
laud have been made satisfactory
to all and payments are rapidly
coining in.
Information is reguested concerning the whereabouts of John
Moate who left Sandon on Nov.
24th by way of the C. I'. R. The
bov in question is 17 years of age,
tall, and very slight, with blue
eyes and dark hair. Information
which will lead to the discovery
of his wherenbouts will be welcomed. Kindly address this
To Whom it May Concern:
That I. (Jus Smith, am not responsible for the debts that
may have been contracted
by Frank Miller, who had charge
ofi'h IWyau Cafe during my re
cent illness, and furthermore that
the said Frank Miller has no
authority to collect any of the bills
due the above Cafe.
Dated this tilth day of December, 1896.
Last evening a number -of the
citizens of Sandon met in J. M.
Harris's office; for the purpose oi
forming a curling club. After a
little pi^Bminary talk M. L.Grini-
uietf'|p|f'voted to the chair, with
' A$T>T��alIows as secretary.    Mr.
rimmctt in a few words stated
object of the meeting and
ed for a motion to decide by
What name the club should be
Known in the future and. how
much the initial fee should amount
to. It was moved and carried that
a curling club be formed and
known as the Sandon Curling
Club with an initial fee of $10.00.
[t was moved and carried that a
president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and three of a
committee be formed to look after
the management of the club's
affairs, and the following gentlemen were nominated and elected:
President, M. L. Grimmett; Vice-
President. E. R. Athertun: Secretary and Treasurer, W. W. Fallows; Committee. Win. Hood, H.
M. Martin and Hugh Mann.
It was moved and carried that
this club affiliate with the Manitoba Braifeli, IV? fcf^^te*w*****^����^*
and I. Pitblado. o/ Winnipeg,
being ci.osen to look after the
clubs interests at the executive
council of the Manitoba Northwest Association.
Staked a Rsnch.
(Tp, up. the hill, higher, higher,
went the Kooteuaian on Friday
last, with about a yard of ax-
hand le sticking out from underneath his coat, it was at first
thought that the paystreak ot
the Kooteuaian had pinched out
and its editor had taken the contract of chopping wood, but that
theory was found to be erroneous
and after much fruitiest speculation,
the most reasonable solution of tiro
question was at length arrived at.
The Kooteuaian had taken up a
ranch and intended to set a man
to work in the spring blasting
holes for to sow potatoes in with
which to feed the Irish
contingent on the editorial staff ot
his great weekly. A few of the
Kaslo citizens might he planted
thet'3 also, this would tend to keep
the air in circulation iu aud about
Sandon. Then if you yearn for a
lot from which you can obtain a
magnificent view of the backyards
and housetops of Sandon, why
"you pays your money and takes
your choice/'
R. H. Trueman, the well kuowu
photographer tyts arrived iu Sandon. He purposes remaining ht&
for about 10 days aud has erected
a temporary structure near the
Sandon Chop House, where he
will attend to the wants of customers in the photographic line.
Issued simultaneously every Saturday st
i-iimlonanii Cody, In the heart of the Slocan
I lie greatest white metal camp on earth.
IT "*"������"'""   W^Hf'Ssstmamssss^^sm
Transient advertising 25 cents a Hue first
- insertion, and 10 cents a line for each subse-
<iuent Insertion.
Subscription,   three   dollar
a   year   In
Thk Paystkeak       .Ino. .1. Langstakk.
Sandon, B. C. Kditor and Mgr
The Hon. A. G  Blsir, M   P., and Col.
���    Domville, M- P., arrived in Sandon
-The Crow's Nasi Psss R'y-
A large number of our citizens
met in Spencer's hall on Tuesday
evening last to greet the Hon. A.
(t. Blair, M. P., minister of railways: aud Colonel Domville, Mr
P., who are making a tour of inspection through Southern Koot
en ay. It is very cheering to ti'/te
the interest the Dominion Gov
eminent is taking in the mineral
development of IJ. C. and the fact
that one of the Cabinet Ministers
has honored the Slocan with his
presence in order personally to
inspect our resources aud note
the requirements I hat are necessary to the further development of
the mining industry in our country leads us to believe that our
fKMMKSy pressing -wants will receive
ample attention at an  early  date.
The Hon. gentleman in company
with Colonel Domville and some
of our prominent citizens paid a
visit of inspection to the Slocan
Star and Ruth mines, and it is
safe to shv that the sight of the
mineral riches of these two great
properties will do more to fuither
legislation to our hem-fit than
thousands of arguments no matter
how self-evident and convincing
they were. We stated that we
had immense mineral wealth and
we clinched the assertion by show-
ing it to thehi and when an assertion is backed up by proof it cannot fail to have its effect. It is a
great pity he could not have seen
more of our great producers but
we can rest assured that the
quality of the samples he has seen
will not detract from the importance of this great silver camp.
The following is a reproduction
of the address which our citizens
presented to the visiting gentlemen:
The   Hon.  A.  (i.  Blair.   M.   P.,
Minister   of   Railways    and
Canals   and     Lieutenant -Colonel I) nuvillc. M. P.
^     The   umlersigived   ou   behalf  of
the citizens of the town of Sandon
and vicinity take groat pleasure in
extending  to you   a  hearty   we!,
come to the center of the  famous
Slocan   mining   district   of West
The town of Sandon^tTQT^s a
striking example of the rapidity
with which the towns of West
Kootenay have sprung into existence and obtained positions of
great importance. Scarcely h year
ago the site now occupied by our
thriving town was a wilderness.
Today the town has a population
of over 1.500 and the same is
rapidly increasing. The cause of
this wonderful growl!: is the close
proximity to the town of some of
the richest silver mines in America, several of which we hope you
may find it convenient to visit.
At the present time there are
within a radius of three miles of
Sandon not less than forty mines
from which ore is being shipped,
aud the number is being steadily
augnienteo". It is safe to say that
in mr country in the world is
there such a large number of producing mines within a similar
area. While a large number of
mines are being operated at a
profit under the present condition of transportation, the number
otsuch mines would be largely increased were the transportation
facilitiesso improved thatsnielters
could be successfully operated in
the vicinity of the mines. This is
now almost impossible owing to
tlie present cost of coal and Coke,
We are of the opinion thet the
construction of a railway through
the Crow's Nest Pass would provide us with the fuel and transportation facilities of which-we are
so much in need.
But profiting by experience we
would urge that should the (iov-
crnmciit aid in the construction of
such a railway, effective control
should be maintained hy the Government over all rates aud no
monopoly of any kind should he
given or made possible.
We are of the opinion that it
would be in the best interests ol
the Province of B. C. as a whole
that mining machinery should be
admitted free of duty.
We are pleased to note the interest which the Government of
Canada is now taking in this pro
viuce and in it* mining industry*
as evidenced by your presence in'
our midst today. We desire to
express our deep and loyal attachment to the Dominion of Canada
and to the British Empire of
which it forms such an important
part: and wejoiu with the citizens
of our sister towns in praying
that Her Majesty the Queen may
long live to reign over us.
Sandon. B. C. Dec. Sth, 'DO.
E, R. Athkkton,
M \i Grimmrrr,
C. I)  Rami,
Wm.  HlNTEH,
K. II. San in lands.
Iu answer the Hon. gentleman
said that the evidences of activity
and progress in mining throughout the sections he had visiter!
had filled him with surprise. No
man would dare   to  predict   what
ure of pur future prosperity aud
advancement. The progress that
has been made in the development
of our mineral resources in the
last few years has been marvelous,
and with the government fully
alive to the importance of that
branch of industry our progress
along the lines of individual
affluence and national importance
would be sure and rapid. He
said it was hard to believe that iu
the immediate neighborhood of
Sandon forty mines were sending
their product to the smelter, but
if such were the case, aud he had
no reason to doubt it, this section
of the Slocan, could be placed,
without exaggeration, at the very
head of the great mining camps of
the world.
After speaking at some  length
on our mining and commercial
prosperity he arrived at the
leading questio.i of the evening,
aud one that is of the first importance to all whose interests are
bound up in the mineral development of the Kootenay the building or the
CROW's  NKST  I'ASS railway.
In reference to this question he
said the government was fully
alive to the importance of this
branch of railway as a factor iu
the future development of tlte
Province ami bis presence here
was \\\w solely to the fact, that he
w��. d to see and judge for himself to what extent the mineral
wealth of the Kootenay had been
exploited. That the value of the
mining interests ami the importance of the Crow's Nest Pass railway as a factor in their develop
ment had not been exaggerated he
was uow convinced, and we could
rely on the government taking
immediate steps either to construct the. branch themselves or
give the assistance necessary to
enable a private Company to hriYijj
the work to a successful termination, dust how or by whom the
road would be built, he could not
say, but iu answer to the question
whether the government woiil 1,
iu case the work of construction
was turned over to a private corporation, exercise a supervision
over the freight tariff in order to
orevent the imposing of exorbitant freight rates, which would
tend to neutralise the good effects
which would result from the building of the railway, he said that it
was bis opinion, and he thought,
the opinion of the other members
of the government, that if the
government advanced the money
for the construction  of the  road,
interests of tbe public which they
represented, exercise such coutrol
over the imposition of the freight
tariff, as to preclude the possibility of the company, operating the
road, from killing the industry
which the construction of the
road was meant to foster, by imposing freight rates that are an
utter impossibility.
In conclusion the Hon. gentleman said that it was not we alone
that are interested in the develop-
ment of the Province but the provinces east of the Rockies also,
from the fact that it is from thence
that the machinery and supplies
necessary in the mining aud milling of the various ores, will be obtained and it is to their interests
to see that the trade intercourse
between we of the west and they
of the east is not diverted from its
natural course by the greediness
and grab-all policy of a corporation, whose loyalty ends when the
national purse strings are drawn
Stationery, ��-
Cigars, Tobacco.
iff Fruits, Etc.
All the Leaflina Newspapers for Sale.
CODY,    B. C.
���"��� ...,.-.    .......     ...     r...  .....      .......
limit could be placed to the  nieas-1 they should  own   it,  and   in   the
Incorporate! I>y  Koyal Charter.
Pald-Up 'Capital.     $4,866,666.
Rsssrvs  Fund, 1.338,333.
Loudon office   .t Clements' Lane, Lombard
St.. K. c.
Court of Olrsetors.
3, Beadle, John JsmM Cater, Qaspard i'ur-
rnr. Richard   H.(tlvi),  11 * ��� n r v   It    Karnir. i'.il.
Arthur Hoar* if. J. u. Kendall, .1. J, King*
r��i(i. Frederick Luoboclc, Oeorge w. Whitman .
I uauisUny, a. q, walms,
Head Office is nansns.Hf James at., Montreal
ll. Stocks as. ; K. Btasobb,
Oeneral  Maunder. Inspector,
Branches  In Canada.
London, Brentford. I'mi-. Hamilton, Town,
to. Kingston. Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, so
.luiin. .V. II.: Brandon, Winnipeg. Man.; rred-
ertcton, N. B.; Halifax, N.*.: Victoria, Van
couver, Rosslaod, Sandon, B. C
Agents In the. United States.
Bpntcanei Traders National Bank, Mew
York. (S3 WallStrest) w. Lawson and J. C.
welsh San Francisco, (li'i Bansome Streeti
ll. m. ,i. McMichsel and.I. u. Ambrose,
London  Bankers.
Tin'   Hank or Kiiglnud anil Mi-shin. Wlyn .* Co.
Foreign Agents.
Liverpool. Hank of Liverpool.    Australia
t'ulon Hank or Australia. New /calami,
Colon Hank of Australia, Bank Of New /<n
land. India. China, and Japan, Chartered
Mercantile Hank of India London and Chins,
Agra Hank, Ltd. Went Indies, Colonial Hank.
Parts, Marcuard, Krauts A Co. Lyons, < Iredll
H. !0. MARQUIS,  Acting   Msnsger
Ssndon,  B. C.
SSS*slMsB3fJfJsll ipaajMs*
ajassssssi ISSai
('Iruuniveiitliig the Uw.
It is provided by the laws of Me**
tana that the secretary ot state shall
charge for receiving and tiling each
eerti.'^ate of incorporation, the sum of
60 eenic on each thousand dollars
ot the capital stock of the company.
This had a very chilly effect on the
promoters of million dollar companies,
torthe reason that fit would tike a
|6(X) bill to pay the incorporation fee
ot a company with a capital stock ot
one million dollars. Hut the promoter
found a way to defeat the intent and
spirit of the law, and it may be interesting to note the mode of procedure.
To begin with, he would organize a
company with a capital stock of say
three thousand dollars, a id in this
ease the fee to be paid the secretary
ot state would be fci.50. A few days
following the board ot directors of the
company is called together, and by
resolution the capital stock is increased to one .million.. A certificate to
this effect is filed in tbe office of the
secretary of state, for which a fee ol
$10 is paid, and henceforth the capital stock of the company is increased
to oue million dollars. The expense
to the incorporators isSll.oJ iiisteady
ot 9500 as contemplated by the stat
ue. The law has become a dead
letter, and will no doubt be repealed
and the old one charging a fee of $15,
fur tiling the papers of any incorporation be put into effect once again.
-Dealer in-
Mining Imtk* of   Out a to.
As much attention is being given
to mining matters in Ontario, the
following concise synoposis ot the
mining laws ot that province will 1*
of interest, to our mining readers:
Any person may explore Crown
Lands (or minerals. Mining land*
may be taken up as surveyed locations or staked claims. Locations
range from 40 to 320 seres. Claims
range from 10 to 12 acres on vein or
lode. 1/"cations may be acquired in
fee or under leasehold. Price ot lo
cations north of French river, 12 to
t.'l per acre, and south ot it. $2 to
il..r��U, according to distance from
railway. Kent of locations first year
10c. 10 #1 per BCre, and subsequent
years 15c. to aoc. peracn. Kent (f
claiUM 51 per acre each year. Claims
must be worked continuously Koy-
altv not charged until seven years
froin date ot patent or lease, nor (as
provided in s. 4 (3) of the Mines' Act,
18H2j, until 15 ye.��rs in the case of an
original discovery of ore or mineral
on claim entitled* to takeout a second
cairn. Crown Lands sold under provisions of mining laws in force prior
t. the 4th of May, 1H����2, Amendment
Act, 1894, inav be had on application
to Archilmld JJlue, director of  bureau
of mines,
Thins*  Have   rhnngeil.
"Wore you ever bothered by horse
thieves out here ?" inquired the tour
"\Vell, yes," said the native of
Oklahoma.' "there used to be a good
nuoiv hanging around here, but I
haven't seen one for a year."���Truth.
Ethel - So your ladies' whist club
hue disbanded?
Penelope Yes. You see, afterthe
third or fourth trick, we couldn't remember what were trUmps.
Ethel- Why didn't you leave the
t ump card on the table, then?
Venclope���We tiled  that,   but after
the third or fourth trick, we couldn't
remember who it   belonged to,���
H. 0. I10LDEN,
2 carloads ot Alymer Canned Fruits
and Vegetables.
The largest and most complete stock of Groceries and
Mining Supplies in the Kootenay.   Call and get prices.
McQueen & Gore have
just opened in the Harris
building with a fall line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter's
Shop in the rear of
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
itLthat line promptly attend to.
One of the oldest and best known
hotels In lhe City.
The only  Bowling   Alley  in  the
Mountains is attached to this
������(i||||- SAflDOH, B.C. Ill-
is one of the Best Appointed Hotels in the Slocan.
Large and Airy Rooms
First-Class Dining Room
Sample Rooms for ommereial IVIeii
-    Proprietor,
KOOTENAY Mercantile
Tailoring Co,
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings and
$ Dress Making.
Y     Mines Bought, Sold or Bonded
-��� **gg
UrTatf mm
J.   M.   WINTER, Prop.
First-Class Accommodation
For Tourists and
Mining Men ^
Codv is in the heart of the Slocan, and you must go there if vou  woi k
see that great country.
*aat HHLaaBBBaaaaVI
Kecorded  at  Nuw,Denver,   the   Assetwuieuts
TmUafera and Locatiuua:
Bryan���Four Mile. P I* Carey
('upturn C���Sunn;
llulku--Union, E D Miller
Lucy A Fraction��� F A Wood
TurrLt���G&t Mtn, 1)  Mathortou
1'iial.: Fruition -Car|a;iiter. T .1 Lemtrum
Nov :k��
Jo&uy Loiik'   I W llliick
Kvh! -0 It Hut tier
Fourth of July-I W lliuck
Florida Fraction���K H Toinlinson H|
Doc *
Dayum���B 8 Kinney
OtUtwa-J A Fin.li
Dau t
Ouity���Cumberland Minion C<>
Thutln ftimr
Nov   30
Sheriff Kohlii*on t.. MrMillun & Hamilton���All
A O >V;l��>n'n interna In Alturui Octbu: tfBU
1' Bates ki II lMhiiiK-All iu Hell Fruition, Auk
I'J Hirky rv;ort��aii option on Silver Hell and
HunUer, in.uie Nov I'i
K A ('uiuei on t., J Ohlaeii���i In Invernews Nov
11:   iuj
H Kwhi loJ If KM'in-Allin EtlH'l Fraetlou,
N iv a; ��to
li M < uviutrtoii to J A Fineh- All in Knterpriae
Fi.ution. Nnv *4; af��i
It Batuef to A I ��u h. and A ll UcKi n/.le���.> II in
C iiiiul.Nov.io; ��1
IXv 1
II titBfe, H Clev.r, W  K Rlehmond to A M��k
am! A H M.tekeiui.' ���Bond Oil | 111   (H'eau   Ifrollp.
NOV i*:   .17..'iUi
Ju* McOoiiill to I" WfUh -Agreement a- Alice
Fraction, Jeuuie Fraction, N.iokanc, Latsl Chuiiee
>.. i. Nov 2
H �� eii-n to J \ MeDo ��ll- All in taut Chance
N ��� t and s\*>. an.'. Not i\; *i
i. >i|'m.'Ii.i A M< U.nell���All in Alice Fraction. Dec i; "i
Q o F<��*�� to J   A   M.)l>��mell��� Agreement on
Bu kunc (ironp.
Or 1
O I) Mri'tienon to A R Johnson -All in White
lto-i-. Nov  ai;    1
a McMillan to A R ,li��lui��noii-All   In Blatk
Be*, Nov lit   i
.1 t Butler C C afcNU'M to W W Dlnes-B.nd
ull M< iiuUlu scein-i-j and Cuba, Nov i:i; .aA.uuo
���\ t lluKiiau to A l> V\ illi.ui<uiiil 1M' MelKm-
al h-AgfMMoe.it on liuttk- Axe, Oet si
F La Uaat��lo o M SoBeUe���| iu F L C; Nov H>;
s^9* We have just opened
*��fefe-        a full line of
r ���
You ean get good3 packed to
any point from there.
jp. SUEMS*
Dealer ir| Mil
Green p
Bros., j
Robert Macdonald Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
R LaiiyllltoJ A Stewart   k in Oonaunt. Oet 5
R Lain/ill to J  Mr K*��kdl- j In ConaUni. Hept
M; ��iui
J V Miller to J Skallenuid..   In In Sandon, Nov
M S Tucker et nl to I* J 11U key -Option oil
Stiver Ik'II mid Mutter. I��h- 1
A J Murpliv, J i.nihMM'.t to Uclvor Caigpbell���
1 iu ( ��� nuUiaod Miauuuuiili. Nov *7,   i,u>j.(ki
Cody, B. C.
Don't Forget
to come and see us when in
,���iieed of supplies tor
vour mine
Mens Furnishings
for yourself.
Rites 91.50 to 92.50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
mm jluditit tap*?*
A Hruaonuhle Kxnlauiiitloit.
BttflUo Time".
Munsluin llowse--1 have only just
discovered why the kSalvation Army
Duople ��ie n CHieless alwut lmrtuuuy
in their mimical utfoits.
Kohlspring���And why is it?
Munsliuii ttowte���Tuey ^es the
uU-n iVolii the heathen who seek to
drive away evil spirits l��y creating
s lanire and hideous noises.*
Beveral begg&ra  in  1'era own n
larfre amount ot pixipurty.   One we .1-
known  man  has  houses   worth tell
thousand I has, and yet is to be seen
hogging in filthy rags.    A poor gov-
fiiH5KS,   wIh�� was   very   charitable,
Used to trive him a piastre twice a
week.    One day  she  totaled a lira
(}>oui)d), and thought the must have
given it to the  befKAf by  mistake,
lie had gone home lor the day. so she
followed him to his house on the Tax-
ime.     He received  her graciously,
looking like a pasha at least in his
inagnitleant rot��es.    "I never like to
lose a good client," he said, and ttcnt
t'oi his hag of takings; "if there's  a
lira   here   we   shall   tind it."   Sure
unougi, the lira was there.    "Take
it," he continued, and the poor girl,
full vt thanks,   was hurrying away
win n the heggar stopped her.  "Wait
a ii o.nent; VOU haven't given me the
������  . .     ��� �����!�� ���   ���   .
Suhscriiie for The Pa?streak,
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGlnskey,
J.   C.   HAYES   Mngr.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in-
i f
Sfovss, Tinware, Graniteware anil Coppeifare.
-All kinds of Mining Work a Speciality.
jkiis* k $k
Dealers  in-
���& T0BAC0Q8
A good hMl to rent for Dances, etc.
Danolttg school every Friday and
Saturday by Prof. Lawlbr.
Get your Fresh Heat
it Mi
Brandon and  New Denver �����p
Crown' Neat  Paas
The Chicago Record of December
1 contains tbe following special dis
patch from Minneapolis:
A. 6. Blair of Ottawa, Canadian
minister ot railways and canals, pa?
sed through this citv yesterday on
his way to British Columbia, where
he will make a thorough investigation
of the proposed new railway lines
tapping the rich yold fields and coal
mountains of southern British Columbia. Mr. Blair was accompanied by
L II. Da vies, minister ot fisheries
and marine, and by Colonel James
Domville, M. P , of St. Johns. The
two last named are on the way to attend the sitting of the Behrihg sea
commission now in progress at Van
Mr. Blair while here unfolded some
of the details of the proposed railway
scheme,which promises to revolutionize the smelting industry of the west,
as well as to open the new gold tikis
to railway couiiuuuictiiion with the
outside world. The railway is to be
built by private parties, but a large
subsidy is expected from the Canadian government, and the fate ot the
enterprise depends upon Mr. Blair's
report In outlining the plans Mr.
Blair said:
"The proposition is to construe: a
line of railway from Lethbridge
through the province of Alberta to
the east ot the Rocky Mountain?.
Lethbridge is connected with the
Canadian Pacific railway by a
branch. The road from Lethbridge
to McLeod will pass through the
famous Crows' Nest Pass, one of the
most desirable passes to be found in
the Rockies north of the boundary.
From McLeod.it will proceed to Nelson and Rowland in the heart of the
rich mining and coal regions. The
line will be about 300 miles long.
"A number of branches will lie
built, running into the various mining
enterprises. A further extension of
the trunk line will also follow in the
near future, as there are plans tor
connecting with Revelstoke, a point
in northern British Columbia on the
Canadian Pacific road, by means of
the waterways. The undertaking
involves the expenditure of about
Mr. Bla'r e peaks enthusiastically
of the opening of the vast coal fields
ot the Columbia region. The construction ot the line, he says, means a
revolution in the great smelting
works of the western states, which
now obtain1 coal from New South
Wales at a cost of something like
114 a ton. The new railroad would
put the big smelters of Butte, Spokane
and other western cities in direct connection with 250.0J0 acres of the
richest coal lands in the world, and
cannot fail to produce a remarkable
change in all mining operations in
the west, developing fields rich in ore
which have lain idle on account of
the high price of coal
The construct ion ot the line through
Crows' Nest pass will save about 50
miles. It will also do away with
steep grades and enable the Canadian
Pacific to climb to the summit of the
Rocky mountains through the lowest
ptss yet discovered. Its elevation is
less than 5000 teet. The Iqwest pass
hitherto known in the northwest is
the Mapais jwsh, used by the Oreat
Northern line. Crows' Nest jwss was
not discovered until later, and it has
been the intention ot the Canadian
Pacific, ever since the dtscovery.ulti
inateiy to use it. The pass lies close
to the International  boundary line.
The proposed railway will pass near
the famous coal juountain,, a vast
mass of the nenjst bituminous awL!
coking coal. This great deposit of :
coal has been the talk of hunters and
trappers tor twenty-five veins, but
owing to the lack' of ran way communications tiot much attention has
been paid to it.
It is also reported that this section
ot British Columbia is rich in petroleum fields, aud that the Standard
Oil company has already had agents
in the territory making extensive inquiries concerning them.
Hill & Co.,
Chemists and Assavers,
We lead in First-Class work.
3 fine Bi.th Rooms in Connection.
Sea Salt Baths without extra charge.
J. S, REEDER, Prop.
���tf.L 6RIM��ErT,LvLB
Is the Pioneer House of the Cit\
PaH am Forwarders
Contracts taken for raw
biding or packing ore from
and packing supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
The Dlipt,   - SANDON, B.C
Drugs,  Stationery,  Druggist
Sundries,     Notions     and
Perfumes  and   Imported Cigars a
t ll
_:: as
. . �� ������M)KALKKW   njiM��.,**'
w m        *   *   ��� ��.       .
News, Stationery, Confectionery,  Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Hay, Grain
Groceries, Ktc.
Office:    SLOCAN
TRANSFER CO.. Saddle and
Points  in the Mountains.
Pack Horses to all
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Dealers in
New  (ioods eontantlv arriving.
The Newmarket
New Denver.
S situated on the banks of the beautiful Sloean Ij��ke, and the guests can
sit upon the balcony and gaze Ufio.i the grandest scenery in America
J    without any extra charge.
Goidbugs, Silver Democrats,Canadian
j Capitalist* Prosector*. Miners,
Tenderfeet, Ten Mile Millionaires
and Pilgrim* of every shade in
Politics, Religion or Wealth are
welcome at this House.
The fire-escai/e system is excellent.
The rooms are airy and decorat
ed with the latest results of tin
wall piper artist. The exterio
of the hotel is fainted in color
that harmonize with the idealists
Bar is replete with the most modern, as welt as nneient
brand* of nerve producers.
The-Dining Boom Is alwa\ s provided
with food that is tasty, digestible
and satisfving to the inner
e-jonomv of man
8tranger make for the  Newmarkft
when you reach the Slocan Me
tropolis and do not forget the
Landlord'* name.    It is
Henry Stege
Pays special attention to
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on Hand.
FITXtiKMAl.n * I��AV. Proa*.
 Mamifutiin-r* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsai��rilla, Ktc., Ktc
Sandon, BO.
Patronize home industry
when von want the best
Dendwood  Mi*Is,
Dead wood, S. D.,���The three reduction plants at Dead wood are now
treating over five hundred tons -of
silicious ore daily, ot an average
value of twenty dollars and upward,
making the monthly product l&OV
000. The output ot these mills now
exceeds that of the Homestake and
associate plants at Lead, and with
their enlarged capacity it is safe to
place the year's output of the Hills at
at least *9,0C0,00J. At the D. & D.
smelter there is now n loss to the ton
of ore of less than fifteen cents' worth
of metal. The Golden Reward plant
is the largest chlorination works in
the United States, and this year added machinery that is absolutely new
to the reduction of gold. A year ago
the three plants had a combined capacity of less than two hundred and
fifty tons daily. All are making ar
rangements for again" doubling their
capacity the comiiii! season, with ore
ir sight to require full running.
The Garden City chlorination
mill has started up, putting new life
in the camp and ores from the Penob
scot, are being treated to lull capac
ity. Many properties have begun
development work. The Kildonan
chloriiitiou mill is now treating 120
tons a day from the Horseshoe group,
averaging verv high in gold.
The Homestake companv has de
clared another dividend of 131,50),
making eleven for the year, and
six million one hundred thousand
dollars to date.
A cave has been discovered in the
Dacy at Ragged Top that contains
several seams and an exposed chute
ot high grade ore, running as high
as 1300 per ton. For several da\>
the miners had been losing drills
and supposed their was a crevice,
till one night the men broke through
into a cave nine feet wide, sixteen
feet high, sitxty feet long, and spai ���
gied with minera', sparkling and
glittering in the lignt like diamonds.
The camp is shipping weekly 100
tons of ore averaging sixty dollars.
Earnest May has bought from Ira
Rouse for $10,000 cash a quarter interest iu twenty claims in Ragged
Top, it being the largest deal ever
made in this new camp. Work is to
1h3 carried on at once to test the
The-Kicking Horse group in Black*
tail divide has struck four ore chutes
that run from twenty to one hundred
and fourteen dollars, and the mine
looks like a bonanza.
Lead���An eastern investor who has
been in the Black Hills tor months
has secured bonds on about two million dollar's worth of proiierties near
to and in this city, when he proposes to form into one great company to
be worked at immense mills to be
erected here. Something like eighteen months ago much excifment was
caused by the discovery here of wins
ot mineral running as high as #UO,
000 in gold, but very narrow and
surrounded by low grade rock In
such a way that the small miner wou d
be throwing away all the low grade
rock to get the richer, and would not
make any 'money. This has resulted
in idleness. It wasuccn that if thev
could be consolidated and mills erected to care for the low grade, the
owners might be millionaires. This
is the present plan. There seems no
reason to doubt that under the flat
formation of rich ore there exists the
vertical, so successfully worked by
the Homestake.
Rapid City���The state school of
mines t.as reached the point where it
must have more room or quit. It has
never been as successful as this year,
and its classes are crowded 'with
students many of them Women,- who
are studying assaying, with a
view to making it their profession.
There are now one-third more students than any previous year, and applications fbr space are comiiur in,
showing the deep interest taken in
mining operations, The school has
bought the old ten -tout Bally smelter
at Galena and will use it in connection with practical work.
Custer-Bonds have been taken on
the rich projierttes near Custer at a
verv large figure and are likely to
be closed. Their contact ledges carry
gold, silver, copper, iron and some
lead, and have been worked enough
u> show st.ong ledges and richly
Galena���Work has begun on the
100 stamp mill for the Union Hill
company and it is to lie runding in
midsummer. It will increase the
production of the Hills by over six
hundred thousand dollars annually.
The com) any has leased the Florence
mine here and is opening it.
The   Golden  Cache.
This mine which is causing such
widespread notice in all parts ot the
province, and especially at the coast,
is situated a 1 tout ten miles from the
town of Lilljoet on Cayoosh creek.
The ledge is on a side of a precipice
aud is traceable for 2500 to 3)00 feet,
diowing a width of from 12 to 24 feet,
and underlying a slate formation
carrying gold. The ledge is situated
3000 feet above the level of the sea
aud about 1500 feet a hove Cayoosh
creek. The ore shows gold all over
the ledge, and asatvs running a.l the
way from *300 to fc35,OU0 to the ton
have been made. The property-was
p irehased last spring from Joe Cope
land and a couple ot other parties for
the sum of $25,000cash by McKinnon,
DeBeck & 6., who form -d n c mipany
of Vancouver |��eople. Work has ocen
going on ever since this company secured the property and have now a
tnnnel in about ��*0 feet. Men were
working the past month cutting a
trail to the mine, but had to desist on
iccouut oi the heavy fall of snow. It
was expected ��o liave machinery in
this fall and work the mine to its
fullest extent, although a number of
of me i are employed at present doing
The discovery of the Golden Cache
is one of the richest vet made in
British ColuM.b a. Shares are seI.i g
from tl 80 to j 2.05, and pretty haul
to net, par value being tl. The incorporation is for $50), UX).
"I intend to preach a sermon upon
foot ball next Sahbath," said the tall
caller in the white choker; "and I
shall be pleased to furnish vou the
manuscript if you have any wish to
use it. I know a number ot your
readers would Ik; glad to see it in
���'All right,'slid the busy editor;
"you will have to get it here early,
though. Our sporting page is the
first  to close."--Cincinnati Knquirer.
-r" r , ���
An Intrepid   Man,
"What makes you think GriniHly a
corageous man?"
���'Why, he doesn't even   quail lie-
ore a sleeping car porter."
U   'JL\
->* . <m\
' Hi~PjBA)i'*
We are showing a nice line of
���pjf*" Including ���������
Glove and Handkerchief Cases.
Collar & Cuff Boxes.   Mirrors.
Photo Frames.   Sleds.   Toys.
Picture Books. Christmas and New
Tear Cards.    Fancy Glassware.
Fruit Dishes.   Japanese Goods.
Fur Capes, Etc.
NOTE: The stock though select is not
large and an earlv cili should be made before
the assortment is too much broken.
Don't overlook
mm mmm mmm>
Chisholm & Walmsley.
C. D. Hand.
I). 8, Wallbridge
Mining Brokers,  Notaries Public and
Mini* bought and sold. Htocks for sale In all H. C. mines.
Official brokers lor Wonderful Group Mining Co.
umuni ��iw* Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co. stocks
Companies promoted.
Bin i  ��� <m
?��������� i .���   ���  ��� ���
, N A.S- Railway Up to Data-
It is the intention of the C. P.
K. to improve the service on the
N. & 8. branch by running two
trains. One of these will be for
purely freight service and will do
all way work thus permitting the
passenger train to make schedule
time, except when delayed awaiting boat connection, etc. It is
also the company's intention to
improve the passenger accommodation by the addition of two new
passenger coaches, and a new locomotive, something of the same
class a* 401, is also expeeted to
arrive in the course of a few days.
Improvement* at the Star.
The boiler for the air compressor in No, ."�� tunnel at the Slocan
Star was moved up to the boiler
house on Thursday last and in a
wry short time now the plant will
he in full ojKTatiou The Hume
has been completed and the water
turned on and now the mill is
turning out 30 tons of clean ore
per day A new lunik house is
Iteing erected the better to accom-
modate the large force of men employed at the mine.
Notice is hereby given that I,
the undettdgned, will in thirty
days from date, apply to the Stip-
endary Magistrate of West KooN
*'Uh\ for a license to sell liquor at
retail at icy hotel at Sandon.
Ira. W. Black.
S.omJoh. Dec. L'nd. lWtt.
Notice is hereby given that the
nndeoigned will at the expiration
��� ���I'thirty days apply to the Stipen-
darv Magistrateof Wist Kooteuay
district for a liceus,* to sell liquor
at retail at his hotel situate I in
Three  Forks.
Jamis McKlr.kNAN.
Sandon. Nov. iJSrd, lMfii.
Certificate of Improvomenta.
Look Out asix'oi.ijmmub Mineral Claims.
Situate iu the Slocan Mining Division of West
'Kootenay olatrict, adjoining tbe Wonderful mineral claim L. 4H1 O. 1.  on Carpenter Creek and about one ana a one-third
in I lea wsatof the town of Sandon.
Take notke that I, A. H.. Farwell, agent for
tbe Wonderful 11 roup Mining Company, Free
Miner's C-ertifleate No.  M,'.m,  intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements,    for    the    purpose   of    obtaining a
Crown grant ol the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 28tb day ol November, 1*06.
Dec. 5th, 'Ml. A. M. Kakwki.i..
Hltuale In the Slocan Mining Division of West
KiKitenav District, Fast of and Joining
the World's Fair claim.
Take notice that I. T. J. Lendrum, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 02,071, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improve-
ment*. for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section ;!7, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this :id day of October, 1*W.
Oct. .ilst. 'Ml T. J. Lkm>ki.'M.
Pacific Mineral Cijjim.
Situate   in the   Slocan Mining   Division of
West Ko< lenay District, on Payne Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washington.
Take notice that 1, A. M. Karwell, agent for
Frederick Steele. Free Miner's Certificate No.
H5.5WI, and Samuel   B.   Steele, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 7:i,iMii, inf .>nd, sixty days from
the da>te hereof to apply to the   Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, undei
section Ti. must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 2Mth day of November, lWti.
Pec. 6th. 'w a.m. FanwEi.i..
Impoitea and Domestic dears
f Tobaccos, Cpettes aoil Pipes,
- Pla jlnir Cards and Foker Chips.
RE60 STREET    ���   SAND0M.B.G.
Near the K. Sz S. depot
Notice i* hereby given that w��
ilu* undersigned, ihiny day* from
time, will apply to the Stlpendsrj
Magistrate of West Kootenay for
a license to retail lit|iiorn at San
doit. Wm. RoBINBON.
(has. .1. Hastings.
Sandon, Nov. i��7th. I*!���<��.
To Whom it May Conckbn:
That. 1. F. I'.UNeil. J> C. Clark,
F. K. Starkly and J. V. K-Hler.
have disposed of their   interests in
the Ruth   Mining  Oo/s various
claim*, hereby give notice thai
they are not resjDontible for any
and all account* and indebted nc**
contracted after thin day, by the
said Km ii mine or Hnth Mining
Co. of Sandon. B, C.
Dated tJiin 1st <lay of Nov.. 1896.
Notice Is hereby given that application will
Is-made to the legislative Assembly of the
Province of Hrltlsh Coliimhla at Its next aea-
iilon for an net enabling Hie Noble Five Consolidated Mlnlou and Milling Company (Foreign) toiippii'iiHiile (Ive-huudri'd (.'flu) Inches
ol the water*oftWv Creek. Iu the.slocan Milling Division West Kootenay District, to erect
tiumes Sir the purpose ol operating a conceit
tmtnr. eleotrio light plant, power drills, and
all other purposes usual, ncccsaniy or Incldeii-
t.il to the mining or milling of ores, lor the
purpose of expropriating lands for such pur-
Nolll.K   FlVK    CoN>ol.|IIATK.I��    MlNIXIJ   AMI
Mit.i.ino Co. (Foreign.)
Drsi'AiK."   "Ruth",   "Kern Fraction'
'��� Hoi>R" M I .V K K A I. CUUU.
Situated iii the slocan Vining Division ol
West Kootenay District, adjoining the town
ofSandon on the s. W.
Take notice thai we. .1 Y. Kesler. free miner's license, Tfl.-iLl. F. K. star key. free miner's
license, 7t,2tt. W. H. McVuy. free miner's
license, HI.5W. D. K. McVa>y, free miner's
license. 74.245, I). <". Clarke, tree miner's
license, til,571. and F. 1*. O'Neill free miner's
license, tt..042, Intend sixty days after date to
ai'plv to the Mining Recorder for h certificate
of improvement* for the puruuae ��tf-w4.ininlrqr
a Crown grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section .Y7, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated at Sandon this Kth duv oftMober.
Khiikaim  Fk action Mineral  Claim,
Situate  In   the   slocan   Mining   Division  of
Weal  Kootenay   District on   the   North
Slope   of the    South   Fork    of Carpenter Creek.   North    of and    Joining   the
Texas mineral claim.
Take notice, that, I, John  M. Harris, No.
���Vi.nl7 for myself, mid tu agent for F. T. Kelly,
No. 54,1*5; S. ft|. Wharton. No. *��,.<*��, and G.
C. Wharton.   No. K5,:t5��, Intend, sixty  da.va
from tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section :47. must be commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate of improvement*.
Dated this eighteenth day of Nuvember.
Nov. 21. JOHN M. HAKK1K.
No  'IK.
"OoMPAMIM At-r,"  Faht IV., ami Amknik
Ufa  AtTB.
'Slocan Queen
Mining and
have this day
Slocan   Queen  Mining and
Coni|wnv"  (Foreign),    under   flit
Heglslered the lilth day of October
registered the
Milling   Compaiiv"  (foreign),
i Companies Act." rail I V���  ''Registration of
Foreign comiaiuies." ami amending Acta.
The head ofllcc of the said Compnny Is
situated at the City ol Spokane, In the State of
Washington. ('. S  A.
The objects for which the Company Is established arc.
To acquire, hold. buy. sell, lease, work nod
operate mini's and mineral claims iu the
I lilted states of America and in the Province
of Hrltlsh Columbia; to buy, sell. mil. smelt,
mat. stamp and concent rati' minerals of any
kind anil description In Hie Putted States of
America mid In the Province of Hrltlsh Columbia to aei|ulrc. buy, sell and lease water
power, water sights urn! water rights in the
I'nltcd states of America and in the Province
of Hrltlsh Columbia; to procure, hold, buy.
sell, construct, o|*'rute and maintain electric,
steam, aud water power plants for the pur|s>*>
cs of furnishing |Miwer ami light tor all and
every kind of iitirptMe and objects, In Hit1
Culled States of America nndjlu the Province
of Hrltldi Coluinbla,
'I'hc capital st��K'k of the said Company Is
one million dollars, divided Into one million
shares of the pur value of one dollar each.
titvcii under my hand and seal of office, at
Victoria, Province of Hrltlsh Columbia, this
lllth duv ol October, INWi.
[ti, H.] S    Y    WoolTON.
No 21    Kcglstrur of Joint stock UoflflpanlM.
We are taking Fr*t-Cla$-s Mining   Properties
iu hand for
Finding all Cash, Time and Trouble and
Furnishing the stock Ready for Market
and are, willing to  take  our Pay in stoek,
Treasury Stocks Listed  Kast.     I
For further particulars apply to
L. C. DILLMAN.   Broker.
11 <fc 12 Sherwood Block,   SPOKANE.
Is one of the best places in Sao
don to obtain
That are
1 ii taste nu I
In their qualities.
First   Bunk Established in the
lncoi-poialeil by Royal Charter UtS
Capital (with power to increase)        ftjNBflQO.
Reserve - - - $lst��,tKii.
Head Office: '^ iAimitaiii Street, Loudon,
Iu Hrltlsh Columbia���
Victoria,    Vancouver,    New  WestiiilulMer
Naimimo, Kamloops anil Nelson
(Kootenay iAke).
In the Unlted States-
San Kranclsco, Portland, Seattle and Tacom.i.
Agente and Corraapondenta.
CANADA:-Canadian Hank of Commerce
Merchants'   Hank ot Canada,   the    Molaons
Hank, Imperial Hank or Canada an.I Hunk of
Nova   Scotia       IN    UNITED    MTArES:-
Cunadian Hank of Commerce (Agencv). New
York;   Hank of Nova Scotia, Chicago.    Vl's.
Australasia.   HONOLULU! -BlahnpA fjo
v,. eaeaa *
The  Entertainment
The concert giveu in Spen-
cer's Hall under tbe aus.
pices of the Presbyterian Mission of tbe Slocan, on r Tuesday
evening last, was one of tbe most
successful both financially and
with regard to the merits of tbe
participants, ever given in tbe
It was the first time that a  Sandon audience bad the pleasure of
listening to the Misses Bennett in
their   different   roles,     und    the
favorable   impression  tbey  made
on tbe minds of their hearers will
not be soon  effaced.    Miss  Helen
Mar Bennett besides  being  very
versatile has a wouderful  conception of tbe characters she  imper
sonates and her  next   appearance
in our city will be welcomed   with
genuine   pleasure.      Miss    Clara
Bennett lias a  very  sweet  voice,
but her evident  nervousness, pre-
vented her from doing full justice
to herself,  nevertheless her next
appearance    in    Sandon   will   be
warmly welcomed.    Tbe selections
of Chas.   Hammond  and   \Y.   \V.
Fallows    accompanied   by    Miss
Crawford were heartily applauded
by the audience.    On  the whole a
most enjoyable evening was spent,
having but one fault and that was
that it too soon came to an end.
The  billowing   is a  copy   of the
programme with tbe names of the
Instrumental aolo,  \V.   Fallows.
Recital. Helen Mar Bennett.
1. Mary's flight Ride.
% The Corpses1 Husband.
Vocal solo. Miss Clara Bennett.
Recital, lleleu Mar Bennett.
��>. How  the Gospel Came    to
Jim Oaks.
4. Iinph.
Vocal solo, C. Hammond
Recital, Helen Mar Benu tt.
5. Casey at the Bat.
G. The Village Dressmaker.
Vocal solo. W. Fallows
Recital, Helen Mar Bennett.
7. Selections from "Under Two
Vocal solo, Miss Clara Bennett.
Recital. Helen Mar Bennett.
. 8. Selection     from      Tramps
1��. The Baggie's Dinner Party.
A strike of three feet of solid
ore was made on the Neepawa recently. This pioperty is looking
better than ever before. A further
payment of 5 per cent, was made
on the bond a few duys ago.
The rough plastering is almost
all completed in Bob Cuiii.ingh
new hotel. Bob confidently expects to be read/ for business by
next Christmas.
Two more residences are being
built on Sunnyside. These complete the terrace, being erected by
(J. I). Scott of Vancouver.
A. David bad to part with a
slice of his tailor shop in order to
allow for an expansion of the
liquor traffic
<i. Holt, manager of the Bank of
B. (J. in Nelson, was in Sandon
for a few days this week.
If you are
W. K. Leighton
A. D. Williams
Call at the
Slocan mining Stocks bought and sold. We have money to develop good legitimate prospects for an interest, or will buy them
out for cash.
Houses  for Sale  or to  Let   in   Cody  and  Sandon.
McMartin & Currie
Hotel  lvanhoe
Ktc. Rt(\
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
Steamer leaves Nakusp every Sunday. Wednesday aud Friday
morning, making clone connection at Revelstoke with trains
for all points Fast or West.   J
Before you travel get Information
fiom 0. P. If- Agents as to
limes and rates. It will save
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or to
A.   C.   McAUTill'lt.   Agent,
District Passenger Agent,
- Humsm mmm -
Coal. Iron. Steel, and Ore Cars
St o v e b D��   <x\ T i 11 w a re
���    TIN Ai SfilT
koans Discounts    c
>    aitcl   Col lectiorjs
m k w mm


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