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The Paystreak Apr 17, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY, April 1?, 1897.
l>ol.....s OF Till; PBOPLB.
a Oriel �����! i.��m*hI items Qleaned
in tlie Peal Week.
Jaa. Clark, of New  Denver, v*.i-
. i. Wednesday.
\ townsite  ha-   Urn   stak��**l   on
i-.ighi Mil.- creek,
\ Knight*, of Pythias Lodge Is t.
u- Installed In Sandon.
C, Hansen, of Leadvllle, Colo.,
u rivi-ii in Sandon Tuesday.
Win. Leek, of Toronto, i-. iu the
SioCUfl looking i"i ������ null -it��-.
Mfaa WHaon bas Just received s
m.h -at^'k of ".printr millinery.
J X MelMiald and H. '.ilii-*. ot
Montana, ttigistered ai Blacks hotel
I'.-tr Sehonberg will give a dance
.��< in- new ball in Brandon, on thc
',Mi. i���in.' Birthday
v danea waa given .*i the Grand
i.*utrnl l|.*t.*l iu Xew Denver,
Thursday evening
I' i- reported that nn Rngllsh
ityndksate will build a smelter at
- ime point ��<u Slocan laki
i��� Cmndall, ol tforthport, ha-
l*urenaaed the IH t ��� i restaurant and
i�� n *.v in charge   I thi -*i!u��-
Rati Abrh'l. -I N'ax&p, haa -tak
ii i iwmtfie  a'  ih*   junction of
mail and Kour Mile ereeka
Over twj hundred and fifty nan
ut  travelers have registered at
- i.-ur leading lunula La Sand m
��incc last Monday.
Manv l.truur-an*, tmlttg Inl * the
** can looking ror ranching land.
M-r-t of them a III be Mirpi iaed al the
kind of i.i ml tbey will Sntl.
fin* portage on the !��� "��� - mailed
(I'.ui gandon was elevated t' live
.tu- thia week owing t' tin' local
.(her having i nn out ��.i threes.
h - tne people Without inonej or
muieed altuations do not ket��p away
ii ..tu th.' 8I�� an they will wish thai
the) had never beard the name.
Ralph lloi.hn ni I R ih-t Jalland,
��� I   Kdm -nt .ii.   were in  Sand n thi-
w.rk looking for a business loca
���\ hi.   The)  "in probab.)   ' ���>- '-���
in the gfr>Cer\   hll*iu***v��.
\ i'-i��rda\   ��a-  i lood    I i da\    H
legal holiday. The hanks were
cloaod during tin- da\. m honor
thereof. Tiny will alao be closed on
tin* i'.Mh   Barter Afondaj
\niit*' a number of young men
were summoned to appear befbre
tii.* Beak laat evening upon a charge
of vagrancy hut particulars could
not !��*��� learned lor thi** lauue.
\ number of the local athelelea oi
"i Sandon .in,i Kaalo are planning
to organise a baseball league. A
meeting was held at Kaalo thia week
io consider tin- matter but the result
ofthe meeting has not been learned.
Tenderfeet will do well to remember that money does not g-row ,,n
th.- Im-hr.s in tin* Blocan, ami that
they ar. not particularly welcome
unleaathey bring plenty of caafa with
Mr-. HowardtiihlM.n and Miss
Gibbon, of Port Ifoody, are visiting
in Sandon 'hi- week, tin* guests of
Mr- .1 0. Hayes. Mr-. Howard is
tin* mother "four moulder of young
Rev, Wm. Hrattir will preach his
farewell sermon in Sandon on Sunday evening. It will also be a
��|xvial Raster service. Mr. Beat tie
will be stationed at Blocan City in
tin* future.
Printers will do Well to stay away
fr.nu tin* Blocan unh-ss they hring
plenty of money. There bs no work
fbr any more than are now employed, and thr new prints will tind the
walking extremely hard.
The Frank Readies: Theatrical
('.��. who were to have appeared here
next w.tk, had tbe misfortune to
lose their entire wardrobe in the Are
at thr Arcadia at Spokane this week
ami wllle >usr.|urnilv not play   here
for a iiu.�� at (oast.
J. !.��vkov. of Trail. Iia- leasod a
n iu tin* Hani- building, adjoin
The Moat Important Tram-mctiotiH
and Sfowa of the Week.
Tin* regnjar shipments from the
Kuth continue, although Bleighing
is at present Ix-in^ accomplished
with much ilitticnlty.
Tin* Star will soou Im- oj>erating
their concentrator by water poweri
in fact they ar** now driving part
of their force from thr same.
The k***i star mineral claims on
Ka-io creek, near tin* Black Belt
mine, has been purchased by West
minister parties. Consideration
Oecar C. White, superintendent
of the Star, ia erecting a neat little
dwelling near tin* concentrator and
will move his family hare during the
A rich strike is reported to have
been made on the Crown Point min**.
w.��rk has been temporarily suspended on  ;h*' property on account of
Work is progressing favorably on
tin* Cordelia.    Sine.-thr  tapping of
the lodge in the tunnel. No. ft drifting ha- heefl thr order of the day.
Two shifts an* employed.
Manager Bruce White, ofthe Slo-
Ing ti,,* bank and haa opened a ��,**r-r;in SUn. ]rf, Tu^)1;iV oll a 1>usinrss
csntile establishment therein.    II**
will dral in gents furnishings.   Imnit-
��nd shoes.    S, Stooke, of Trail, will
have charge of th** business,
Excavation work on J, M. Harris'
large three story building has been
commenced and a- soon as thr plans
nave i"**'u completed, work on the
building proper will in- started.
The erection of a number of other
large buildings besides those already
mentioned in Thb Pavstbead are
reported to be under consideration.
Ce.. I.. Ilowr, of Seattle, ami s.
Jones, <>f Viet .ria. both hotel men
iii their respective cities, were in
Sandon tiii- week with H virw to en*
gaging in business ai this place.
Thev were both loud In their praise
of the business lit-.*- air that surround- our little city and it i- not
uuiikrh that they will return later
ami make this their home.
Thr Renard IfcKeniie entertain*
ui. nt billed for Sandon Thursday
and Kridav evening did not mater-
ali/.e owingto a -n iw blockade on
the main line of the C. P. IC which
made    their    coming     impossible*
Although their date- must of
necessit. becancelled, their engage*
innit will not be, assurance being
given that thev will appear here not
lain- than the latter part of next
week and probably B "'"��� >'��� >)nv
notiee will Ik* given of ihe exact-
dates, when positively known.
and pleasure trip to Hontreal  and
will also visit New York City.
Boatoe and other large American
riti**** before returning. HeexjH*cts
to Ih* absent abont six w***'ks.
P, s. Davis bas Bent a mining outfit to the Silver Wave No. .">. on
Wilson creek, and work will be
c unnienced on that properly next
Monday. II*' will personally superintend the work until .Inly, when he
will go to the Lardeau to work the
Oorin ami other properties near
Trout Like.
Five slides oooured at the Ajax
mine this week which demolished
thr blacksmith shop at the mine.
Work on this property is being rapidly prosecuted. They have a shipment of or*' ready for transportation
hut iln' snow has become so soft that
they cannot transfer the ore to the
ears. Minh difficulty is being experienced in getting supplies to the
mint' at present.
Th.* I'ayne Min*' will ship about
,'U.li his <*f ore next Week, tin- last
shipment to be made for a couple of
months. During this interval development work will be pushed with
vigor and other Improvementa made
which will conduce to their transportation facilities. The net shipments made from this min*' from
December until the present date is
4,068 t 'lis.
Work on the Gracie is progressing
rapidly it is said. The tunnel is
now iu to tin* depth of 126 feet, The
ledge will be tapped at a depth of
250 feet, and with the six men BOW
employed at the mine it will not be
many moons ere this depth is reached.
Sandon* Hew Clinreli.
Brief mention was mad*.' a few
weeks ago anent the tine new church
to be erectad in Sandon during the
summer but the plans not being
completed at the time, nothing of its
appointments and architectural de-
Bigna could be said. The plans for
the building are now complete and
we herewith print a brief description of the new edifice which is to
adorn our city. The main building
is 34x64 feet with a seating capacity
of 22o. and in addition to this a gallery with a Beating capacity of
seventy-live people will Ik- built.
Adjoining the main room is a choir
room, 6x10 feet to 1*�� used for Special
purposes. A larj*v basement to Ik*
used f.��r a store-room is another feature. The exterior of the building
will Ik* plain Sut neat. A large tower
twenty-five feet high will add to the
general attractive appearances of
the building ami the many extra
finishing touches necessary to add
t > the attractiveness of the Church
will not he over looked. Alt .gather
the very eonmiendahle display of
enterprise shown by th.-s*' who have
the work in charge reflects credit
up in tiinn and the beneficial results
which will accrue t �� Sand >n is not
11 Ih* measured by woxda. Six hundred and fifty dollars have already
Urn subscribed and the balance
necessary to Ik' obtained before
work can be commenced wfll be secured within a short time.
Sunday Milling.
Thr Bondholder is about th*' only
Slocan property that di*'s not work
Sundays. On that property the
Superintendent states the men are
well pleased with the day off, Be
also says that the men work better
ami seem to enjoy life better than
when they pounded the drill without missing a shift.
The Alamo Hooded.
The Alamo group, and the tramway and concentrator of the Slocan
Hilling Company *';��s ��Hv" bonded
to east.ru American capitalists for
1140,000.' An air plant of 20 drills
will be put in and a 1,500 foot tunnel commenced aa soon as possible.
With machines it is expected that
seven feet of tunnel will be driven
every dav. HERE AND THERE.
Those that cant see. read G. W.
Grimtuetls ad. It will interest yon.
L>r. Power haa removed his
office to the Grimmett Block.
Regular services were held at
Spencer's hall last Sunday even*
Superior job printing done at
this office���and the prices are all
Louis Bar*, a Spokane mining
man. was among Sandoa's busim---*
visiton* this week.
If you want to buy cigars cheaper than at whole-ale prices call on
G. EL Matthews. News Depot, Three
The new brewery building near
Cudjr i- rapidly assuming definite
proportions and will soon be ready
for oa-cupaney.
The Reco Hotel is being painted
and otherwise improved this week
Isaproveaaentsgalore are tbe *>r��l*-r
ofthe day iu Sandon just now.
A s��>cia! dance wa* given al
Black's hall last Monday evening
which was fairly well attended. A
go<>d time is reported to have been
S. Warren, of Spokane, arrived
in Sandon Monday. Mr. Warrrn
is a well known Btittfng "'an and
will probably become interested in
British Columbia.
The Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring C'o.'s business is steadily on
the increase���and all because their
reputation for turning out superior
work is rapidly spreading.
The owners of the Ar*j-o mines
*>f Sandon expect to commence
work on their property at an early
date. A ton of ore from the Ditne
was shipped to the coast last week
- for exhibition.
R. H. Truetnan. the Vancouver
photographer is in Sandon. He
will remain here until April 25th.
and will be prepared to do all
kinds of work in his line. Tent
opposite Tilts Bros, atom
The Electric Light and Water
Co. are improving Sandon creek
in order to give the current a
more direct course to the power
house. The improvements consists of cribbing and removing tiie
large rocks from the creek bed.
The Spokesman Review prints a
story to the effect that James
Breeu and associates will erect a
smelter at Northport. It is a
proposition independent of other
smelters which never smelted at
that point. Mr. Breeu was form
erly connected with the Trail
Leighton & Williams this   week
sold the  Husth-r.  an extension   of
the Mountain Chief, to coast par
tie- tor ^4.<'�����,.
W. B. Honeyman. of Portland
who is erecting a machine shop at
Kaslo. was in Sandon Wednesday
npon business.
A David, ihe tailor, this week
commence*! preparations for the
���*r*-ctton ofa new 23*88 two story
building on his lot adjoining th��-
Rren Hotel. The old building has
been moved to the lot adjoining
thai Sandon re>taurant where he
will continue tn do business until
his new building is completed
He not only intends having a new
ouilding but lias taken unto him
self a partner, in the person of A.
Gohh u. late of San Francisco. The
new firm will add a stork of gents
furnishing goods to their tailoring
It is a notieable fad that when
any information is desired about a
town or country where the in-
-piirer is not acquainted, the first
thing thought of is to send ami *_>-t
the local newspaper. Kvervliody
knows that this is a fact. We do
not know ofa better way. If you
want to do busine..- in a Strang**
town, the local newspaper is
sought for. It is a reliable index
to the business capacity of moat
any town. The local paper helps
every iudustry: it is always work,
ing for the beat interest.- of home.
If you are interested in your home
town,even if your local newspaper
is not a* big a- some of the big
Eastern sheets, is not the home
pa[,.er worthy of your patronage?
The regular spring invoice of
"Nohle Five"' snowslidec made
their appearance last Sunday ami
their coming was not as a thief in
the silent darkless���they came
with a venganoe that would have
sent anyone lingering in their wake
to that bourne where all face-
stand so widel* ajar, had their
avoirdupois been in its neighborhood. There were five in all and
the amount of snow precipitated
to the ravine when- their onward
course was checked, is sufficient
evidence to convince one they did
not belong to the infant das*. The
large slide mad*, its appearance
Wednesday afternoon ami those
who have seen it declare it to be
one of the largest Heen at this
point for years. It struck the rail-
road bridge pillows forcing them
seveial inches out of their ja��si-
tion. This is the last slide ex-
pected from this quarter a fact
wliich mine having business in its
neighborhood will have cause to
DR. 6. P. Y0UM6
M   D. C   M.
Wamm ������ ottm Wkntinm, '���' K*w*a��i
OSes   ��� ���������" Palai-eSalwm, Mo, :.
S\M��oV    1>     '
B   C
VV        - al H'.t'i IUiui.>r��.   Hi S**'M*<*t��
oli. -
Room. No. 22    BLACK'S HOTEL
SANOON     B   C
Stationery, f
t?     Confectionery,
(U'ltr*. nut! T*��l��arc����.
TA��EE FORKS    a��d    SiLvFRTON
F.  J.   Donaldson
Hn. iomt ll>-- I LfttC* '     '
Drug Sundries. Pipes.   Imp, rt*. :<j
Cigars and Stationery.
o     o     impoite. Pr-*.'-:-. .i $)
Notary Public,
SANDON, - - B   C
taction Satan �����*��� ail K oa* ��*m**Mete4
111      till'    III.'"!       -  ���'     -f  |:���   ���
C| i:��i.��.ij,�� .    I; .-..   �����
Opposite Hotel Kamlon, Hanrlan, H i
<>!iir,    in rear of Crawford �� H\. <*u
-inith Sli.j..
Watchmakers and Jewelers
WalchCK,  I'l.trlt* nml    .!<�����. h>.    I'uin.m  .mil
Hi w log mactttm **
W  ll m.i.kh. Ifjjr. ttntidoti
J  J. Gcdtroy.        W  J   Bowser. L L 8
F   L. Chrtti*. L L B
Bowser, GoUj k telle,
9andon  B   C
��� ncouvor, 8   C.
First    Bank Established  m the
Bank of Britisli Colnte.
lMcr*r|)uniiMl Sj Km at Ctmttot ���-
aytHl *.���������< i��>��*-' ��� ��� nmj       '
Haad OWlet. '���' i'*��,**HI mttmt, i,
t ag ;��i��.l
in ttrtttai
\ wUfrim..     Van \ �����    W < .
>��     ��� K . . if*. \ I l,*v >\
K V*-t "   ..'..;   ��VN f*'\
i�� lit* VmttM MaMS
"an I rur*. im-.     ����v��1    I'
Agartiind Corr��,DO-*3��-.,
I   \\ V!    \      <   .
���.��e.i��    tv*i.- ��� ��<**, Th*    M
ir...U ���
\<>v*     Ml I V       I   Mill'     ttf\
itmt\k.4 Vomtmtr* i '.rr*
*-.   ..     a    .   ot *��������..��  Mrotaa   ' h   -.
��� Oon WrmtM mm u.   k  Ll
nu, r.a*  t''.**-* *%i        I S* ml  IV".    x    -
tiff      > '   "���.;���-_.     N��l k ma',       Iia IVI        *���    ���
vi -.ti: v   ; \ \m. m vv ti \l *m*
���   \mtnmtmm     HoKot.l l.t      l* ���
Local   M��n��a��r.
Sandor. B*a*-*c*.
Katel It* I SHk
\noAtnmntn\ b   ii.*..**.' *t��r*
Paid Uo  Cooitai.
Rt����r.f   Fund.
1 338.333
I j.r,.l..-. ' >f**t<>
-A lawwtit*   LaVMS   ���
~|-v.-        I .
Court o��   Oiroctora
J. 14.
mr. Ilk-Hard  il  ����� in   M*��f?   it   !��"'
i     .-.      II     I    1!    K- I      I
��� ���np  .'
���*- \     ..     Wl    . !   t   t��
Hi   .1 Offlra   111 I'l��U��.ta-���*���    J��....'*l��l      M
It    an.l �� o
...... i      atfUMfM
Branerit*  in Canada
l. fa       Haiti
(..I..   \  ���.   Rranrtoti  w vf
������-,.    S    V.     II ���    11 x     N    �����       {
���   i;.---.   |. - .    .       k .���
I!     .
Aganta  la th* Unitad Statea
*\.���*. . ..     > ���     '- .   i..   .
NB|..,t,��|   Ihtrih       \. ��  V..rh       ..' VV .
.*   Lawma and   i .   Ui>t*h
UN NafMrftn*-*. *>!������...    tt   m   |
j. it   Mnttnaa
London   Bankara
I I ���    Hunk ..; ^ ��,��;,,,,.) ��n.| \|. �������-
vt   o
Fo'e-Qn  Aganta
|.��v.r|-��.!.  tu.-,),   ,,f    | .,, ,,...
N  lt< Boob "t MrnilaJM   i
l.ruinli..      |r*t..n.t    |'n,i liu-ti*;    |l��na      '
;*"'',.    I'l      nml   tiritr����.����.-ai.   Natif*
l.lrl.. ati.t iintni'ii. a   Attalraita  I'al
Auatmiia, t.t.i    Nrw /.Hiimi.t. t
N.i-ii.   ..    I i.t     In.tu,  i tuna,    -���
Mi rrantl . iu.i.u ..f |(,,u.,   tit     \
l.t.i     \^.-��i   latftm, <)>i..iii��i    H.e.w     i
Mraar*.   Marauarti,   Kmtaw. H * :.     '
��� r. .Ill |.>...,ii��i��
GEORGE   KYDO.   Manacj-*'
Sandon,  B   C THE   PAYSTREAK.
\ttlMtMNI.    II.<
Liita Rotarawlng Polota About ihr Jirw
MIiiIiik (am|i.
Seventeen tulles north of Trail,
j.C., and eight miles south of Robson.
it. nti the east bank of theColumbia
Ivor, Is situated the new town of
V,t,i|,a,    The   wood   and logging
industries togetbeg irttn the mining
). rations near by uuikt! il it lively
[Ulctown.    It consist* now of a I tout
0 houses, nearly all of   which have
. .11 hnilt within the last six month*.
The history ofthe plac*. dales from
Auiru t,   1896,   when Hiram I_sndis,
irmerly ol Chcwelah. Wash., located
, re anil erected a ho*w nml other
uiidingr far *t*hpv"*f*t*.mi laudation of
iiimII un*ii��t hen*, who wereeujfni*;* A
m catting wood for the Trai- smelter.
11.v afterward named the place
Waterloo  Landing.' since   which
in,- the Tatat*. have made regular
.���.���]*. for peMengere ami freight. The
rincipal bnaineas li*��use of th*' town
-. that of James I. Unimex, Ibrmcriv
: Victoria,   BC    fie carries a full
lineof ffrooHrssa boot** aud iboth pit*
laos  furnishing goods ana miner*.
ippiies.    Mr.   Flunnex  i*�� a I mi }*.*-t
Tiie British Colombia Smelting and
Refining Comi*attv pi Trail have a
mtnMary hen* in charge fir R
!:���-. which cat lie* a full line of
i) j lies* f'-r their wood chopping and
aging outfits
Tha loading bote] |s th** Waterloo.
HJohneon proprietor. He located
ir last September and is doing a
.���l boslnem"
wm j Maya ft\nn El ma, Wash .
I t-. n ftr*t c\n*�� restaurant, aud
McMann, also from the M-timl
mry, hail a neat Wtttr rsaiaunwt.
t l*<*k*iader Is propiMnr ofthe
otambla hotel He U en-ctinjr a
outmodloQa wbatsntlal hotel Ixiild
ng. near Ml punwnt location, which
pill I*.* readv tor occupancy in h few
weeks I) lioop i�� also erecting a
|l Ul building on Main sin****, wbleh
fc    be completed bv May tirst
I'. Kelly,  fot'tnerlv   of FJhnshnrg,
rVwh., oondoen a rowhoai  ferrv
.row ih*.- Columbia river here.
Ih rring  X   McCrea   have a   well
�� jini'tH-d   livery  stable,   and   l>. C
fihielui rum* a jwiek train tor the Horn
Jl'aync syndicate, who arc operating
j'iir Kiin and Apache mining trn��U|*s.
Harvey RdbblusASnn have a well
MUipju-d assay oflW and an* also
Hiding brokers.
'n in ah   MfSilMl mhk*..
nome \erv good looking ore trom
the Iowa* levels oi ihe Jumbo is
i��ing taken "tit.
The Kootenay mine is maintaining
������-* ap|a aranec.   The showing in the
tunnel is very reinarkahle.
Daring the next thirty ��la>alhe
[lessa man has to travel Rroand the
pnountalne   the  better tor himself.
I'.ven stien mneh used wagon roads
[as those ol Um JuihImi, Monte Crlsto
and Evening Star are blocked with
SOow which in now melting.
i Thr Kvcning Star is looming up
pgaln on tin. horiiioii,' which will be
���comfortable news to shandx-lder*
Iwho bought into that company at 27
pnd 80 cents. The Evening Star is
fr-nc ot the few pro|*ertie* with a great
Inpuiatioii whf��c stock has gone nil
lo smash.
The Oommander has four feet oi
solid ore, it is reported from London
that the sale is likely to be consummated to the Ounnls-Neme syndicate.
All sales pending on the English market an* in a very precarious condition. If war breaks out it Will rem,
der the flotation o| companies exceedingly difficult, if not iinprhsible.
The option oo the Jumbo is not
likely to be taken, neither is that on
the Gertrude.
A great deal of Interest is being
taken in Trail Creek both iu Chicago
and St. Loull and these two centres
are likely to become actively  inter
eated In the development of this dis
triet liefore long.
.Same very ttm* ore ha*, been found
on ihe Bast S:. I/>uis.
Work will sbortlv be resumed on
the R B. Lee.
Sales on the Boasbtnd stock exchange have bean lighL But there
has been no hammering of stocks.
Eastern investors oannot <*> belter
than follow Russia nd favorite*.
There is no v a great showing ol
go����l grade ore on the Dundee, in the
Wild Horse creek camp.
The 1.rand Prize has win its suit
against the Buffalo. Judge Mv.C.11
held that the clause in the  IH.Io act,
which provided that the reoord of
assessment work should Imr previous
defect of titU on gftttBd hel*l in good
faith, '^iplinl in eases where the
jumping u*..k place after the pt-vsage
ol the act.
||OW   T->   MK ATK   A   MI>F.
The inining laws of British C<��lum
hia are   designed V> affonl   utmost
promotion t*> minatVtand slaoto affonl
every encouragement to prospectors
m open op an��I locate mineral pro
petti��*s. But in vmw of this protce
tion, tlie laws re*piire certain things
to In* done, and they must be done
exactly. The prosector who has
(bund "mineral in place must mark
his claim by two legal jn��sts. each
lour Inches square and not less than
fbnr teet ahnve the ground. They
must be numbered l and 2.
A legal rust marked "Discovery
Post ��� must also U* placed 00 the lode
where it was discovered.
On No I po>t must Iv written:
11 Initial Post. 2) The name ofthe
claim. 'I Name of I��mtor. Q|)|)aM
of location. (5) Approximate bearing
of No. 2 poet. (6 Length and breadth
uf claim, i" number t>t lect to thc
left ot location line.
(hi No. 2 p��st:   (t) Name ol claim
(2 Nam*' of locator,   (a)Bate of location,
Th*' line Iront No. t to '-' moat be
distinctly marked by biasing trees
OT plaining pist-.
Lecatlons madeon Sunday or public
holidays are not Ibr that reason In*
i*r.tv tiH'iui   Laftalatnra
Vhtoku, April it    In the Legia
latere ttniay c*��l. Baker Introduced e
bill to amend the Public School Act,
I89i, and Premier Turner a bill to
emend the Dairy AaswlatloosAote.
Mr. Ilclmckcns motion to t>cfition
the Dominion (Jovernment for allowance tit the potluch was amended hy
Mr. Bword *o as mask for a committee
of enquiry Into the matter, and thus
penon ,. ���
H.linckcus motion  in favor ot me
establishment ot a mint ens warmly
SUppOJrted l>v Premier Tnriiei' and
The Yukon Mining and Transporta-
MOO (Jo. bill was read a third time ;
and the British Columbia-Yukon Bail-
way bill anil Tramway Incorporation
bill were read a second time. Thc
House adjourned at, 4:40 p.m.
Al.ni.HI A   BEEF.
Mr. Pat Burns, tlie meat kintr of
West Kootenay, has just 8|ient about
six days in Alberta during which
time be bought over five thousand
head ot cattle from ranchers. Buying
cattle In this way does not involve
much Immediate outlay. The cattle
owner simply enters into a little con
tract with Mr. Burns to deliver so
many head at such and such a price,
any time between now and next
winter. A dollar or s�� is paid over to
seal the bargain. The prices at
which Mr. Burns has bought are, $40
tor good steers, $27 tor dry cows,
$82.60 for spa ved cows, and $20 tor
Mr. Burns is now killing about
seven hundred head of cattle a month,
six hundred hogs and fifteen hundred
sheep. For hogs he is paying tour
aud a half cents a pound live weight
and has bought practically all there
are in Northern Alberta. He pays
out monthly for meat over $50,000.
What he takes iu is of course his own
secret, but it is well known in Kootenay that his immense business,
which is practically a monopoly, is
pa\ ing ha.ulsome profits and is about
as good as good a proposition as any
gold *>r silver mine in the country.
A MatIihmion With a IHffrrraner.
Teacher���Teddy, define and spell
" ploughed. ' and give example.
Teddy--rt 1 o-u-e-d,cultivated. My
Sister has a ploughed voice.
'And the villain still pursued her.'"
Probably no play of recent vears has
contained a line which has been more
widely quoted than this expression
trom Milton Nobles* old play of "The
Phoenix." The past generation ot
theatre-goers well retuembsr the acting and the plays of Milton and Dolly
Nobles, but the advance of years and
newer, more sensational dramas,
have diverted attention from these
old time tavorities. Now they are
making a venture into vaudeville, in
a little sketch written by Mr. Nobles
especially for this purpoae.*���The
Peterson Magazine.
Theodore Hook, while dining nt a
friend's house met his publisher, who
appeared to have taken as much wine
as was good for him, "l see you
have emptied your wine-eelhr into
my book seller," remarked the wit.���
Mass* y's Magazine.
II. V. Min*** In Lontl'in
The Smuggler Gold Mine and Milling Company tt British Columbia has
opened an office al ���**���"��� Holboro Via
dust, K.C.
The British Columbia QoW Trust.
Limited, was registered on the 10th
of March, with a capital ot ��2,000 in
IT shares, to acquire and devclope
mines in British Columbia and elsewhere.
laatest mail advices from London
state that Vancouver and British Columbia Exploration shares are \
TnluM'o for Export.
To'-aoro was tirst grown for export
in this f.-tmtry In P"P��.
Ottawa, April 12.���Finance Minister Fielding to-day suited that the
Budget will be delivered on Thursday the 22nd. inst., when the new-
tariff will be announced.
In the House to night Mr. Davin
made a rather unsuccessful attack on
the policy ofthe Government In abolishing the cattle quarantine. He
showed how it would operate against
the interests of the ranchmen in the
Sir Richard Cartwright confimed
the statement that a provisional contra _t had been signed with Peterson,
Tail & Co.. for the fast Atlantic service. Now a proposal has been made
by another company and Sir Richard
stated in reply to Sir Adolphe Caron,
that certain letters had been received
by the Government in regard to a
fast line between Milford Haven in
Wales and a port on the Straits of
Canso. The statute under which
they arc working would not permit
It is expected that Hon. Wilfred
Iiaurier and Madame Laurier will
leave for England about the middle
of June, and it is said that Miss Bate,
daughter of Mr. EL N. Bate, will ac
Company Madame Laurier as her
guest. Madame laurier will, on her
return, occupy her new home and
some ot her most intimate friends are
talking about furnishing a room for
her as a token ot their affection for
the wife of the Premier.
James Fisher, M. P. P., Manitoba,
will, in all probability be selected to
represent the Manitoba Government
on the Hudson Bav expedition. Mr.
Hugh Sutherland may also go in the
interest ofthe Hudson Bav Railway,
of which he is president.
The exports to the U. S. from the
consular district of  Ottawa  tor  the
quarter ending March 31st, 1897, Mai
$666,920, including $407,161 lor lum
It is said that the arrangement
with the C. P. R, in connection with
the Crow's Nest line is almost complete, and it is likely that the subsidy will be JtVlOO a tuile*, while the
company* will make concessions regarding rates.
Messrs. I). J. Munn and John Hen
dry are here in the interest of the
Kaslo and Slocan railway.
Mr. Karl having been communicat
ed with from Victoria in connection
with the smallpox brought to quarantine there by the China barque
Alice EL \jcq, is interviewing the
Marine Department to secure needed
facilities tor handling the matter.
Acting upon an invitation received
in February, and since the subject of
correspondence, the Government will
send a representative detachment of
Canadian solcMers for the Jubilee ecle
bration, irrespective of those who ma y
be sent through private enterprise.
Lieutenant-Governor Qhaptann has
obtained leave of absence and Chief
Justice Laooate will administer the
Government ot Quebec.
A working man was being united .
to the lady of his choice at a certain
church in a southern part of the me-
tropolis, and juit before the moment
ofthe productton ot the ring arrived,
the officiating clergyman leaned over
towards the bride and whispered,
"Please take oft' your glove." To his
intense dismay the bridegroom re
tented the action, and cried, 'Men'.
Mister, no whispering to my gal."
When in  Vancouver ejbnp at the
I Manor House. t THE   1WYSTKEVK.
_*-*.--.-*�����. .
I he Newapaper   ia the Only   lo��lispen-
Mll.lt'     MfltlUMI
Tbe beginning of regular business
advertising started wite tbe publication of the newspai*er, and all the
methods of advertising before the introduction of the newspaper must
have been of the crudest form, and
limited to written wonls and vocal
Commercially speaking, the first
advertising appeared in the newspaper, and the newspaper at the
start rightly constituted itself the
original medium of advertising:.
The newspaper is a natural and
necessary article ot publicity.
The object of advertising is to let
people know that there is something
for sale and to state where that something can be found.
The newspaper reaches the buying district.
It cannot reach any other territory.
Its circulation must be confined to
those who can read, and to those who
are sufficiently intelligent to keep
track of the motion of the world.
Tbe magazine offers a most effective method of advertising and ranks
with the newspaper in general publicity, but the local newspaper was. is
and always will be the only indispensable advertising medium for
local advertisers.
The local advertiser depends upon
the local paper tor his trade, and the
best advertising medium is that
which reaches the trade; and if the
newspaper be halt decent it cannot
help reaching the trade.
The newspaper reaches the home,
forces its way into the inner chamber
and there quietly and persistently
does the work of anvertising.    ���*
Many other ineediums of publicity
are worth trying, but the newspaper
because it is a newspaper, and because it must be read, presents a
method of advertising at once thc
foundation ot all good advertising.
The newspaper is a natural ndver
Using medium.
Tha advertisment in a newspaper
must be read, if it is large enough,
well written and well set
The reader of a newspaper cannot
read his paper without involtarily
reading a part of the advertisraents.
The argument  in  favor of uews
paper advertising has never been defeated in the forum uf business.
The fact that W per cent, of all
successful local merchants are extensive local advertisers adds the
proof of practice to the proof of theory
that the newspaper is the one neces
sarv medium ot local advertising,
and must stand at the head until
���something gets ahead of it.
The successess of the local world
are "in the newspaper") the failures
are "never in it.
Itrltlah Columbia* Won Itti.
Speaking of the bright pfoopoBM
before this country P. A. yVKarrell
in a letter to the Vancouver World
enthusiastically remarks:
A glance at the map of British
Columbia will show what an immense
area is enclosed in the fork of the
Columbia and Kootenay rivers. This
area is larger than a New Kngland
state; a province itself. It includes
the Lardeau. the Slogan, the Ainsworth, the Fort Steele  and other dis
tricts. Put in this extensive region
are found the richest and meat won
derful lead and silver mines ever yet
discovered. The North Star and St.
Eugene, in the Fort Steele district are
phenomenally rich galena iniueMiud
will yield untold millions to reward
enterprise, capital and labor. The
Crows Nest Pass railroad will run
through the St. Eugene ground, and
when that railroad is In operation the
North Star and St Eugene will be
the great producing mines of Canada.
Thc Slocan Star, the Reco, the Ruth,
the Noble Five, thc Washington and
half a dozen bouanza galena mines
of this district are enriching even at
the present stages of development,
their fortunate owners. These Kootenay galena mines have had their
vicissitudes. T hey were first discovered by Colorado mining men
seven years ago. and their development began a year or two later.
Spokane and Idaho mining men were
mainly interested, but before they
could test the value ot these newly
discovered mines the maelstrom of
the panic ot \Kl caiue and engulfed in
bankruptcy and ruin the most enter
prisisg men of Spokane and Idaho.
Some men there were like Byron
White of tne Slocan Star, who kept
right along; but to all outward seem
ing mining developments in the
Slocan collapsed like a house ot
canls. Rut it only transferred its
sphere of action. In the area confined between the Pend d Oreille and
the Kootenay silver, gold and copper
ores were being worked, and in ifeM
the Silver King mini's at Nelson were
transferred to an English company.
In this particular district including
the north fork of the Salmon, Bear
creek and Cottonwood creek there
are being oi*-ned up claim*) ol fabu
lous promise.
A Slick Hky IMIui.
Most clergymen, being sure of heaven, want the earth, says "The
Saunterer" in Town Topics. Hut 1
have seldom seen a more audacious
grab for it than that in the fi.l lowing
advertisement clipped from one of
my daily contemporaries J
A nreacber, handsome, Southerner,
Presbyterian, wants to devote his life
to missions, home or foreign; wants
a wife, good-looking, consecrated,
Here is a shrewd combination of
religion, the luiitot the flesh, and the
worship ot Mammon. The happy
woman that wits this prize preacher
must be wealthy, so as to enable him
to carry on his missionary bnslneai
comfortably ; she must be OOnaecrat
ed, 80 as to submit to him, her
spiritual head, in the management of
her property, and she most be goi I
looking, r-ao as to satisfy his carnal
desires. What is she to ge* in return
for her consecrated beauty and
wealth p The preacher baits his hook
with a practiced hand. lie it a
preacher, and therefore has a certain
position, winning ways and the ability
toj charm the birds from the trees,
He is handsome, and knows it. Ibis a Southerner, which implies the
tire and passion of love, lie is will-
ing to pursue his mission at hone or
abroad, according to the wishes or
the amount of monev ofthe consecrated wife, and this suggests social
prestige here or romantic adventure!
across thc seas. What wealthy woman could refuse to consecrate herself
to such a medley of world I v and
celestial charms? Even Miss'llelen
Goulds stern resolution to remain .1
bachelor girl might be shaken by this
would not
(tat it's true
We carry a full  line -1 Qsi utrj
Tabic CitSirAWiiie,   Toilet Su
Crockery ware, LampChhua
Wall   Paper,    Window Shadts,
Carpet Square* and Rags
Also the large-it  ami  Wat!.
Indies,   dents'  ami   Chlkmaa'i
a *���     ���        %       ���! Boost   antl  Shoe*  ever   brought
|  Witt IT'   IT into the SW'.m       ��Mr at.rk
1111111%    II      am   n   a*a dudes   the   latent    nov-dtie*.
IrJL&AAalU.  It   ���   ���   ��� NcgHgp Shirts, Keokwwr, Ba*
jbhps Menaand Boy*Clothing. Macint.*h.*. Cmta-lla*. m%t
Dealer in MICATS
���: AT
saniun. ROSSLAND. NKL80N,   KA8L0,   PILOT.BAI   iKD
KollKKT   M V L'SUJi
Ksai. M.' *��� N'
m\WM WlmWnWm
MACDONALD   BROS., ftsjw lotos*.
Rfftee It.M to |2.6ii per day. ���
lb adijuarte- for Mining Specula**! and CapltAlirt*.
Reco Ave., - - Sainton. B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sj up ion, ��J."' ���
: Dealers in :���
OKNTS-   ITRMSHINtiS   AND   ROOTS  A   Sllol *���
New  Qnotto mnstrtiilly nrri. mg.
Kiir >|a-Bii nml Aiiti-ri.mi II.i.
Ili-n'|.|imri_r* f'.r MIiiIiik HtU
��� W,re�� Bub
t'af.'iiml WJnTttAn WtrM nil 'iltflit
HI ASK WATSnN   |'r..|.ri.t..r.
U the Pioneer  llou��e nf ll"
Propria** u
Anmy tout wmmUmt intum*..
Inexperienced pru-*|>cctorsand mine
owners sometimes make serious mis
lakes Concerning MO actual market
value of their ore, and these mistake*
occasionally lead to ihr development
i property from which they are'
never able to extract a pound of ship
i.ing ore.   There la a vast difference
iietween the assay value and the pro
duct value of ore, an every ore pro
dncef    well     knows,     but     which
.. ,t-.ional owner* of pro*j��eci��Mlo not
eemtoknow.    One dav recently a
man wa- complaining bitterly because
a Bulpmenl he had made fatted to pay
l-atinent ehargea. lliough the assay
value of th*' ore Kge much ftbo-ve the
cost, ^and   he  ha*l expended  much
labor and cash in developing the pro
petty.    Hy way of Illustration we
will take an ore that aasays, any, ten
unoes ol ��ilver..m |*�� r cent, lead and
t ha.| an ounce of gold MMT t*>u :    tin*
,.���- would l>e worth yti.&X the lead
*].> and tin- Kr��'d fiOlSSi a total assay
va in.- of $.'U. 93.   Ernpposwthe coat oi
mining was f.'J, freight ?���**. and treat*
I $r.��, a tOtiU of ffl :   thi**   is  _?I<��
w the .i*a**iy value of the ore, antl
aogeaa it may seem, them are
ipectoa and others interested in
mining who �����< old Insist thai th*' ore
.ui be mined at a proflt    But the
��� iur*. would figure tin* value out
!i thai way ; Silver, five pet cent, off
��� in treatment leaving $6.27'
i i   lOperOMt off fbr l** in treat
��� ana $JJ2ft deducted fur freight
irges ri>'iu imelter to market-, ton v<
j v 7".; gold $19 |<r ..iince. inak
_��� the vjtitj.* i.f ih��* gold ID BO; total
| i .   f Use ore $8150    Deduct $11
jf'Maiiiing,freight ami treatimnt, as
pbote, and are find that the producer
h     I have  but $1.50 left,  a  very
[     ter margin.    Of course those are
r    - well known to all who have si
h*eriencc In selling <��*�����**.   hut  other
j-   .- are often misled by assay fig
arcs.   Ifining Observer,
*'r.>lll***_a��      (.4.1.-11.1
Thc Slocan is apjanmly not the
nly galena li-aringngion in Canada
: i-astern Ontario se��m_ t<. nave
1 in** ot this ore.   aid.   V  c, xwpll
''ito:   "At   last   we are to have a
cement made In the mining of one,
' i- sat, of our valuable galena Iocs
n-. I It fur to tho will-known gal
������ veins in Bedford Townships Conn*
J 11 I'mnteiiac, six mile*, fnnn Bed
1 nl   station   on   tin'   Kingston  and
tnbroke Railway Thi-. i�� a proper.
���wind by a   man   in   New   York
''!.*, and has l>e��n iille for a number
|l years.    An old shaft on thi*. |>n��p
Irty 60 iVet  d��*�� p oontalna a rain
at ly nine feet wide, with several
r smaller veins on the property.
know of a  party ol Toronto man
f*<"  arc   making arrangements to
|av<* a report made on  thi> properly
7iih a view of pu|cliasing it    if all
' >ati_faet/.ry  they   will commence
lining as soon ns the miow is gone.
ready silo e��n bo made ot this ore
it runs high In lead with abont six
iiictN nf silvoi' to the ton.   If this
P'l-f rty is purchased and worked it
"���' tfo s long way towards directing
fne of the vast   amount of capital
p" is Binding its way to the weal to
Ir eastern section of* Ontario."
h hat suem vagaries in mine*, but
���i-'h; no doubt, arc explainabb' by
Unary mechanical laws, are some
pillar I ties of several minc�� in t\io
Lake of the   Woods  country.   The'
Sultana,  for Instance,  widens and
eontractsoverand overspreading Into
a convex body of ore and narrowing
a little between these bolgnalike ox ;
pansbna,    The increase of tlie width
ol the veins which is a general char
acterlstlcof tbe region and of the region trioutary to it has not yet been
satisfactorily accounted for.
It is told by a Baptist narson, lam
ous in Virginia, that he once vi*itcd
a plantation where the colored servant who met him at ihe gate asked
him which Imrii be would have his
borae put in. Have you two barns?
asked th*: doctor. Ves, Bab, replied
tbe servant j dar's de die barn, and
Mas'r Wales has Jest built a new one.
Where do vou usually put the horses
of clergymen  who conic to see  your
master/ Well, sab. if day's Met ho-
diet or Baptist, wegen'-sily puts em
in de tile barn, but if dey'.-* Tisuiiials
we puts 'cm In de new one.   Well,
Hub, >'ou (n,�� l,u* mv hone in the new
barn ; I'm a Baptist, but my horse i>
an Kpi��*opalian.
ll wa* befbre in Irish trial justice :
The evidence was all in. and the
plaintiff's attorney had made a long,
eloquent, and logical argument.
Then the defendant's attorney took
the floor. "What yoodoing 1" Baked
the justice,   as the   lawyer   began.
"iioing to preeeui our ride ot the
case.' "1 don't want to hear both
side* argued. It has a tindiney [o
confuse the COOK." Si the drfendant's
lawyer sat down.
(leneral   Horace  RcHTter,   Who  has
ju-t been appointed minister t<>
Kran.e. tells a story of a passenger
who was steering a sliip. The oap
talq fold him to steer for a certain
star and keep tne help steady, and
went down-flairs to est a little Bleep-.
He bad been snoozing comfortably for
a QPUple of UQQfBi when his new
helmsman came down t.�� his bunk
and sroke him up. saying: "Cap;
taint give me another star to Bteer
bv : I have pMBOd that one."
Slocan   j*
Bakery j
opp Clifton House.
Bread. Pies,
Pair AG WtJJinir cakes
VaAvo. made lo order.
0. D. Hand. D. tf. WkiUwteK
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Min*-? bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all B. C. mines.
Official brokers for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co.,  St.   Keverne Mining Co
Phujiiix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends If ine Co.'sstocks.
Oorrx >a.*a es  Stocked and Promoted.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Ia -ituat.d on Uh- Imnlc. if tin-beautiful slmnn I���ik<\ and t*ve*tm+Oti oftkpoO
ll).- lialc.nv and i*tie<* iiimi Uu; uraml.-^t an ii��.tv in Ai��u-rii*a ��itliouti'Xtracharjrr*
Tli>- lire."V-aja- ay-^tt-iii i�� .xc.Il.'iit. Tin- rooflM an* airy and d.voratcd with the
).it��-.| n-i.-lt-1 Ot tl*.* walli��ra-r art. Tin* raterlof of tin? Imti'l i< i^iluti-rl in color*
that hariiioitizf. with the idcali'tii- ��-t?n.ry. Th��- Dinliii'll *-.tn i* always pnv
*. i<Jcl with f.aal that i** tasty, dlgtarflflifci and mtkdybn to the inner wonoiny of
inrwi. Tin-Rir i-r.-;il.-t.* with tin- m >-t ni.l.rn. aa well aa aiii-u-nt farandt ot
ih-rv.* |ir..hirrr*.
tioldbiur.. Silvtr iVuiKrat-s ('aiiiidlan OtfiMMB, l'ru<|.-ctr.r., Minir*,
T> ii.l.'rf.*. t, T.ii Mil. Milli'iiair.*.-! and I'll^riiiis of every -had.* in |n.litii<. n>-
llfrlou or wpfilth arr- W-hoOM al thi< bo_M>.
uuik- f r tin N.wmark*!t wh.-n you r.-.ich tin*, Slm-,\n im*tr .j��.li< and do not f.r
_->-t ih.* I landlord'* nanir* *.   it i-
Henry Stege.
D. C. Macnartin
The finest establishment of the kind in the Kootenay. Thoroughly
lighted by electricity. Bath* unexcelled: hot and cold water at all hoars.
An Attendant is constantly :it your service. Your shoes can hd polished
while you wait by an experienced bootblack. The only place in town
where vou can get ai thine. Special attention given to Ladies' and Chi I
ilren> Hair Ores-dug. ^^kle entrance to Ladies* baths.
i" . - i
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry (hols, Cent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
preside*! over by MISS SMITH.
Palroaa/*** Mollcltv I
If von nre
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
The terminus ofthe Slooan
Uiver Railway, the business centre for Sjiringer
and Lemon creek mines,
which arc already shipping
ore. lx)ts in this the most
promising and beautifully
situated town in West
RROS   Slocan Citv, l.ossland,
^i IN/W., Toronto.
U mmtA every Saturday in Sandon, in tht hear
of the jrr-'!ite��4 White Metal eampon earth.
suUnii'ti.iii bAOOmynt
Strictlv in :iilv.nm.
A.tilr.-ss: Thk I'aysvkkak. Sandon. B.C.
SANDON, B.C., APRIL 17, 1897.
LIKE   A   CIRC 18.
TuEGreat Ibex Company of Slocan,
as it is called, do business something
like a circus.   They have a property
away up in the snow in the Ainsworth
mining division of "West Kootenay,
in which they are anxious the public
should become financially interested.
With a cunning that is high grade
they start out to take advantage of
the name Slocan made famous by a
different class of men than are usually
found selling beautiful stock certificates.   With a loud parade and  a
great  display of printers ink they
jump into the  arena at Winnipeg
with James Laut as financial agent,
and  the  shekels come pouring in.
Then the show shifts to Toronto, the
great home of the stock fool, and in
order to tickle an appetite already
waning from an overdose of Rossland
stocks a huge chunk of galena is put
on exhibition and the Toronto public
gape at it in wonder, while the stock
grafter smiles and tells them "There's
millions  in  it."    Some  believe  it,
especially after reading in one of the
lying dailies of that city that one of
the owners of the Ibex had an offer
of $00,000 for an eighth interest.
Creat Scott! What suckers these
mortals be.
Then on to Montreal and the Creat
Ibex show will get in its gratt on the
French Canuck, while all Kootenay
We hope that the Ibex will come
out alright, as the cleverness displayed by the company in advertising
is worthy of some reward.
In the purchase of inining shares
there are two things to Ik-considered :
Are they promoters' shares, or are
they treasury shares ? And no one
should purchase a single share of
stock unless this distinction is clearly
made and as clearly understood.
Promoters' shares is that proportion
of the total number of shares taken
by the promoters or men who organize and float the company, and whatever money these shares sell tor goes
into the pockets of the promoters,after
paying for the mine. There is no
obligation attending the sale of promoters' shares, by which any portion
of thc money received shall be expended in the development or the increase of the value of the mine, and
in a new mining proposition, or company, those buying shares and exacting their money to be devoted
to opening or improving the original
property, should  carefully comprehend this distinction.
Treaen-   shares arc those remain
ing after tne promoters' shares have
been taken out, and hs an average
the treasury shares are about one
fourth the entire number of shares is
sued.   These shares are sold for the
express purpose  of developing  the
mine,  purchasing   machinery,   and
generally to increase the value of the
property, and with tie ultimate ob
ject of putting the mine in shape to
ship ore, pay expenses, and eventually pay dividends.
In view ot the fact that most com
panies  make   a  pool   or   contract,
whereby none ofthe promoters' shares
shall be offered on the market for a
specified time treasury shares sell at
a higher price, and do not fluctuate,
being controlled   by   the  company.
But when some prompter,  ignoring
the pool, throws a large block of stock
on the market, the price of ill the
shares  fall,   ftot   because   they are
worth any less, but because there is
no demand at the moment tor such a
quantity of those shares.
If this distinction between promo
ters' shares and treasury shares lie
understood the buyer knows just
what he is purchasing and his interests would be still better served did
he insist that all treasury shares be
so stamped across the face, and also
made preferred in the matter of dividends until a certain percentage has
been paid to tbe holders of treasury
shares. This is evidently but just,
because the buyer ol treasury shares
is in reality putting his money up to
open the mine, and his is the greater
risk, hence he should at least receive
the first profits.
It is a common expression here that
such an one came into the camp on a
"shoe string" and is now worth $K)0, -
000. It does not mean that a man
walked into camp on a shoe or any
other kind of a string; nor does it
indicate he came in at the other end
ofa string. It simply means a man
came into this camp some months ago
with a capital so small, compared
with what he now has, that his
original capital bore the same ratio
to his present capital that a shoe string
does to a pair of shoes.
When such men came here they
stretched their shoestrings straight
and taut, and they used their shoe
string as a straightedge to try their
work, and naturally they succeeded.
There are many examples of such
men who amid to day sell their holdings and retire rich men.
There is another class, however,
who came in on a shoestring, but
their string was so crooked they have
only a piece of the original left, and
that is fast going too. They tie their
string in so manv hard knots, by
their tortuous ways, that it is hard to !
find either end of the original string j
In purchasing shares in a develop
ment company, the buyer knows his
money will l>o used far ihe purchase
and development of new claims, and
buys with that understanding. This
form of investment offers excellent
chances for profit if the manager! be
men of standing and integrity These
companies use the shareholders' money to make money, ami the promo
ters make mailing until the mines
they purchase become paying mines.
A oiRKKsrosi'KST writing to "In
dustrial Canada" from British Colum
bia says i
It's mines,mines,mines! It's monev,
money, money ! Its a shaft here,  an
incline there, a tunnel, a crosscut, a
drift,    sloping,    drilling,    hoisting,
pumping,  sorting,   hauling,  concern
.rating shipping, sampling.smelting.
A well defined vein between cyanite
and porphyry,  galena carrying nil
ver, pyritie quart* with free g"ld.
hematite, blende, magnatite, chaleo
cite, stibnite, malachite,   caswelerite,
end all other ites ami  bites till  you
can't rest.   One cant meet a  man ���
and 1 doubt if a woman or child    l��ut
has small samples of ore in hispa-ket
and a half ton  more at hume.   from
one or a group of claims in which hi
is interested or owns; to go into any
store, butcher shop, lawyers or imrnr
ance   office,   laundry  or any other
place, even a church,   nnd  Ml   find
some kind of mineralised rock  lying
about,   would  \*c a sure sign   that
that place was cither haunted or h>*>
When a man puts his money la*
mine now, he not only knows be u
buying a mine, but he knows *,,��.
about how much ore is iu sight ;VA,\
about what it I* worth per ton. H,.
therefore lakes not so great I risk in
reality. M many merchants du, who
credit goods a thousand mil**** from
their homes. When the n-ttir, |
from a |��aying mine are Ofimpired
with the Investment the risk bicoinai
of no moment, ami tome min"* ar. -,,
productive that they pay dividend**,
as regularly aa bank stocks or m��
first claw* security.
In any   well   managed   mine tin-
risk is out of all proportion to the re
turn*, lor where it may cmt 9_ty001
to develop a mine  mo that it j��ayi **x
pen***** and  finally dividend*, tat r<
turns  frequently    run   M   high  m
ilHUJLlJ in a single  year    Th.r.* t.
no  oilier   legitimate    hnsinc***  th..?.
pays such profit*.
Wni you have bought mining
share*at ten or twenty cents a *!i.in*.
whose |*ar value i* fl ��0 do KM U k
f> r dividend* in ��ix months. It my
he a vear. Off even two years br.fi.rr-
vou get ary return II dividend*
could be pant h*n_**tlv in ��tx m '. -
yon could n���� Hoy fUOOdatrilM
twenty cent*
It has been a common saving f-r
years that mining is a "gamble.1
and that no man know* how amine
will turn out. In a degree this is true
Hut not wholly so There was a time
when certain surface indications
were aecej*ed ns positive evidence of
the value of the ore lieneath them,
and sales Wife bn*v*\ upon such in
dicat'on**. ; but science has .��.?�� p| �������!
in, antl ore supi***ed to be wortldea*
has assumed a new value Consequently old surface Indications arc
not considered infallible gulden by
thi prospector of this day, and are
sometimes entirely Ignored bv the
mining expert.
"Cold is where you find it," has I*
��Hue a modern prospector's axiom,
not without gu*��l reason, for valuable
mines are now being worked whiel
have lioon tamped over for month*.
by supposedly well DOKtid mining
men, ami carefully turned down in
the juist by ixpilti.
Mimvo ���h*m**, well bMgtt ir. r>
iiabl* comjtfu.i*"*, arc alunM certain
Ito **rinir large return* Mtmae
share* Uvughtlna "wildcat"cmi-arv
are likely to nuke rtcell.-nt Will
<Mf^V \^rVe>
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & Mcbluskey.
U     \     ttllat/tV,
Blacks Hot<d.
Agent for
SANDON,   B.C.       ^'��rev at Ainsworth. Ka-lo and Sin.l't.. \
H^or-��l  at   -!���*   Omm.   IU-   A-'aMiwtif
, :,<(,r. .iii��i iMotkmti
I IU   ITII.����
.\ilii    II .! 1/..11I1.I |��i��-.i|/.   fri.in **l.i>*liifht into a
mlnr aiuiiK* Ox-  Vtttt, l.ut  nut arrt*. tin* rotiiitry
.-. m-L-   ... .1...   . ..... ..��� ~ . -aa-a
The Hotel
We have
\junUw,   OS.    &. '#9
ft    <     A
if. t u V1 11 I * <x f    (/ 1   (l <  A   / 11
ii ..in......  ��� m.'.. ">.."i'.' .*���"
f<    J</t
/  Cr
___ __���
\ and FUSE,
full line of
 nter Bros.
tt Railway.
icific Line.
,tk    ai.nl.      IVlr ' lil-J. Jn.
1�� ...|�� r��
li v Id \��a��bi u* M f m*m**M   H l�� Haddk*
I W MMM t.. V f Mr Naught | Wrdlfr
h      m     At**r1l a 'I
IT ft tmOTO IU P " ���Mithr-fUiMl *.i��d TH-*"
IM    1 ���������,.�����.    * I'll*. feill.ttm
. * -a. wart awl  Jih. Mr* <**-kUI   l��>  W   I.
taall   Tlw * ..��i*4*ni. Ion M,t!
. II ItlUHMMMlfin < \\hr*Arr I John
���;ti��ir I I..ni- !����.���> and ��-*on��; Al**"" '���
��� 11
1 flOtam mwiii Hr *_���_������ '���_*_
* v tmiar   ***** Opam ������*�� thr  In**.:   Marrh
I   V|   -Mn<IIU-��fc> t> r W t.<al��~l   nrAU <**r*k>��
iii. iufeto* Man it U.VM,
* ���  *��lt.-r U> J II ValVMWa    | >rr*nltr; April >'.
*i-nl *
*. P Lrmtai t<> \ i�� MvQtatl   l nnm 1.1 Jan
. in
I ..ikr Swr.-ia.-rt.. J   .<*�����      I ��'*~l��f |   flWl
\ �� K...I. IIff.* to J I ��*.*���*' \ m\ UW; April *.
KoMftC lUum to M M IVrl   TV 0< W^n KarV*
uxl High t.rail.     Man hia. .1
Vrthur Millknl.. MH lint* 11    lb.  liivrfl*r��e.
Vpril \.|ll*i'
I', l.r MrN'l. Ih4 h. Ot - M H..IMU    1   Waraha
��� l.i.. llw si  al
 J \\ W ti.TlwSl.rran l-ali-'M *   D OB
Ih. r'.-rrx No 1; M*.rvh *��. ��>
\ s k���1 *.. j.4in *i MeKaj   I Be*** MgM .
Vprtll. t\
Rwtri A riimn.1 U. DoMM MrPIo r*��m 1
'1 "iinir it. ��� 1 ; Auk 1. *'
ViiititaMcWilllam* tt. l> l�� Mil'li.r-..n   Th.*
al urlll.1 Kmrtloli; Si-|il (at, fl
N K Krnnkllii I.. Win Olvnn | mmtfl* WtrntM* I
Mar.h U..;
Mli liacl Mr ���.ii.ln-t.a l�� A J llayw.a.l | l.lnnH
null ..ik.ai;   Minlii U"1
W I lUni.ak to J.*.*|.h ll.-akin \ WtM*. Mar. h
II, tl
Hun,. |�� J mm K.til.r..��k�� \ K.*l��x | Mnn-li It,
N.II HfLtoa to I'ali-k'k W.<lah I S|a*��iw ami
l.i.l 1'h.iHT No i umi to -la** A MrlkMi. II I ��nw.
a-a * a... ...�� .a ...��   ut    a..-a a.   s  |W|M,
\ L.I ll ".   .1
Ion l..I M
. ��� KiMialf to A11101. MHUimU   I Oraut
I... 111; Jul*, in, ft
Wmm  TW al.tn|.t dbtoratton >>f ,* \��\n- may in-
mpnmowon mtmiwkm.
KlvMirr Win   aiiv inln.-raliai.l  rWVfcn   In   tin-
ntrk of grrat Itfrtk.
FW>at   Up****! ijt ir_u.|. ti.,i portion .>f UHikW1*-.
al nm or .(turti. aii mhit or liMlir.��tiii_- niiw
|*Vair- Tlvr -tr*t�� uiaJ.rlvli��K a iiiIihthI U*lt.
r��.��t Wall - Faor .4 th." r����*k l*low a win.
Hanra-lnc Wall~Thr wall of nek al-jvc  th<- v.lii
ll.-a.Iin.    s��vtl..n of a   tun ih 1  rut  nlwa.l  of  tin
n mli 1 : uu ml
l.rv.-l    II.iri����iUl iwavifc.-r in a v.*lu    mm*)   1111111
bt-ri.1 for Ihr a.-rvkr.-.    A ilrtft.
l.i.r ^uurt*   fjliaill HIIJJH mliHT.il.
(/���ration- A mining lialin.
Mill Kun    A Ui*. >( * iliir of a imanlliy of or* -an
aaaay oa a larp a, .0,
*>*-��*���Min. ml of an* kiml-.f aufli.-k-nt -ratal ami
miantity to la* prof.tal.ly Mtaed.
ihrKlmi4'-A larw an.l vory ri. li nuaa of uiln>T-tl
tn a rata,
OaiW-miilitiitf*-   Wh. 1, a   \tIii  .Iiiw. lliroiii-h thr
<��irfar*r.   �� nifr* ..tit
. Kit |>��t    I'lolurt "f llw iiiim*.
I*ay* Str-ak-Thin lajrr .4 a vein  ���..lil.li  i-arrh-u
llw jray on-.
IMurh   NarrowliiK of �� \rin ���hni'i- |.inrh.-il <MM
���MM .��'lii haa iiarmwcl (III  ihr  wolm nuvt
ami no ON 1* foiimt.
Pitch   Si, Up.
I'Lcr -An arcinniilailoii of min.-ral In th.1 !..l of
a ait-ram. or whrir a ��tr**aiii o   \**ly of �� atrr,
at.". t  oa il rain. Ii.vr waatM.I �� il ilown.
PortM    A rfc-h ami larp* N*ly of on' In a vrln.
|*r.��|��. i It.4.   'HobdM  lo��***.*rtain  If  thrn* in*
any >rr l.'ii.fitli th- anrfai-.'.
riirataVlllH    l^aikliiar     for    i��a>   i>rr;   **oiitln*'
i-oiintrv f.��r <>rr luotcartowa
I'roaiaHl What at.ia'ar* lnun In.lli .��ll .11. M to
ihr >alu.' .-iml .|iiallly of on* thai m.-iy Im*
Raal  iitit��-n.i>|JiiK..f n train %bon tn Mrtecc
ami ��liiill.it 11. a ni-f at **a.
li.aif-TlH' alrntiini o\rrln*.iil In a tiunirl or  .Irlft
Saltlnir   Ptorlnf In a mmnn ftotot tontgot <***���<
or min. 1.1I to k'lvr a tlilltloli. N.illi.* for -*.*lllii*f
Sram   A myototlalMfal.
shall - A   ptrpMdforiftf  oia-niin.*   from tin* anr
Shlfl   Hour, of a ilay'�� work   Irom ��� to 10 ntNMt.
Sh.a**   To l.n*ak rak l>> ajtpkMlvatt Ot m allot.
Slou..   An liirlln..   Iii.mIt .Iojm*    nn* noi n*iu*h
Mg mwtmtAk
su��i��*   From *4i'l#  .nttlm.   Int..   ;>  fain   liki* n
arrl.-a of ��t>|*.
Sirlk.    To nml on* or mlnrrul In a ininr.
 Manufatun*!-. of all	
Syphons, (linger Al**.
BanapariUi, Eta., Vac.
Sandon, B.C
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
Dealers in
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
liiilli; Jill-, J.l, at Sirlk.*    I o mil or.-    	
John AlVai-Mk to tl*.* WOCM QUMB M k M CV   Tn-ml    l��lm t\O0 Ofj y. In.
Tii.* S'lnliih.ir.*. 1'rl.kll.'  Ilormt ami Snow Mini.'. \ Tiui���e|    A M5��*rJgP?^iwndl��llW Open-
l'MS,*h.,.lK.,*,,���J���|l,v,|   .WlWJInnAprt ...-..��.�����.mllm. *.hi.��. i��'-'
I, ��1 t
April 11
I T Kotr*. to Miir.n.  S   Mi IKiWrll    1 tt Hlltci I
I*'. In;, .jir.i
iom\m Adam Otto ti thr Dominion Minn  \
\:i..111,1 nml  Ml.-_r ttali; Murrli fit. tl ��h��
rr. Irom .11 im   awniiaa   r-.-
liiir ami nn Ini'tlnr. whl.li 1. Miwrntl thfl two.
Vein--a mineraldrpoalt rtlttn-t �� rfvlr* or tin
Wall  Tin* ton of :\ taaarc.
Win/..-   Small iiiiil.iirii.uml -I'.'M milk FrOTOM
U|.|a*l Irv.l
^-*Af^mnm^ Butcher Co.
Shops al  Sandon,   X.-lsin,   Kaslo,
s �� ��   a . . __ r\ 1.
. Paul, Chicago,
ronto, Montreal,
New Vork, Boston, Philadelphia,   and  all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on ail trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel
Steamer  leaves   Xakusp
every Sunday, Wednesday,
and r riday  morning, mak
ing close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates. It will save you money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
Dist.   Passengrer  Agent,  Vancouver
Atlantic Steamship Lines.
From Halifax.
nuMaj   illtan I iln' April m
lloafuUnn    "   i*
Srot.maii    Dominion I.in.	
l.alirailor   IT
From St. J. lin
Lata tap-rior- nearer Ltae	
Uik.- 1 mtan ���  April It
From New York.
Ma>**tli-   Wliiu-Star l.inr VprilT
wXl'A"'":Hk-'il*.iiii .i.Miopm.n. nm AinsxVorih and QnartiOrenk
nhlrli oivl. irl'iL* l��k��i
l*nri!v--Aiii-'ii*';*n Line   .
s��. l'aiil "   ���
St.I^uls " 	
Unil>ria-*'niiaril Line	
St.tU* of N'.*hrn*ki*��� Allan ntate l.lno	
t'ahln * l">. WA H��>. 70 MO ami npwanl-..
lntrriiuillnto ��*> ami upward*.
SMeffage KJfi.art anil upwards.
PMMMOn  Tii k. 1.1I  tliMtiifh t<> all paint!  Q
Oixitt Hrlt.tln or Iivlaml, nml at  RpePttll*/  Ion
ralr*. to all part, of tin* F.uru|N*an I'ontln.ni!
I'rr|��ii.l E*Mn��t*l nrrauK.il from all potato
Apply lo A   t'. Mi AHTHTK, C.I'.R.  Agent,
San.1.1 1, or
li. nriiil Al-.hi.
i'  P. R   1 >*!!..��. Wlimiit'v mmmt*-.--
I                  .11   MtrotaM compiT   and development of ne�� chums, ^ ^ on,y
Tn-rTiAVCTDEAir H***  !         ���                               Urn With M understanding.      I      J" j       but he
THE PAY MKfcAlV*  hend this distinction.         1'.u> __ �����*- -**��������".������������   ouvuu.
When �� row put* hi* money in r
knows lu* k
knows just
I�� lamed every Saturday In Sainton,
of the (rr.*ate��t White Metal eatnp
Bohacrlptlon     - ���
strictly In advance,
1 ""    ��
Address Thk Paystrkak. Sam
 ��� ran r I 1
LIKE   A   ClttC IS.
TiiEGreat Ibex Company
as it is called, do business
like a circus.   They have
away up in the snow in the
.-��,, _-.-._ Ottt to like ar
the name Stoean made h
found selling beautiful s
cates. With a loud par
great display of printer
jump into the arena at
with James Laut as fina
and the shekels come
Then the show shifts to j
great home of the stock i~*r, auu m wuai nc ��*> putv...��,...���   ....
order to tickle an appetite already ests would be still better served did
waning iroui an overdose of Rossland he insist that all treasury shares be
-.<,�� ^^������*���^^^a���a������mi
stocks a hnge chunk of galena is put
on exhibition and the Toronto public
gape at it in wonder, while the stock
grafter smiles and tells them 'There's
millions in it." Some believe it,
especially after reading in one of the
lying dailies of that city that one ot
the owners of the Ibex had an offer
ot $00,000 for an eighth interest.
Ureat Scott!   What suckers these
mortals be.
Then on fo Montreal and thc Great
Ibsx show will get in its gralt on the
French Canuck,  while al! Kootenay
We hope that the Il>ex will come
out alright, as the cleverness displayed by the company in advertising
is worthy of some reward.
so stamped across the face, and also
made preferred in the matter of* dividends until a certain percentage has
been paid to the holders of treasury
shares. This is evidently but just,
because the buyer ot treasury shares
is in reality putting his money up to
open the mine, and his is the greater
risk, hence he should at least receive
the first profits.
place, even a cnurcu,  mm ,.��.-.	
some kind of mineralise.! rock lying
about, would be ��� ��ure !��ign that
that place Wil either haunt*-*! or hoo
Iu the purchase of mining shares
there are two things to be considered :
Are they promoters' shares, or are
they treasury shares V And no one
should purchase a single share of
stock unless this distinction ia clearly
made nnd as clearly understood.
Promoters' shares is that proportion
of the total number of shares taken
by the promoters or men who organ
ize and float the company, and whatever money these shares sell tor goes
into the pockets ofthe promoters, after
paying for the  mine.   There   is no
i.hligation attending the sale of promoters' shares, by which any portion
of the money received  shall be ex
ponded in the development or thc in
crease of the value of the mine, and
in a new mining proposition, or eom-
���   ��� ���i  -.���
It is a common expression here that
such an one came, into the camp on a
"shoe string" and is now worth $100,-
000.   It does not mean that a man
walked into camp on a shoe or any
other kind ot a string;   nor does it
indicate he came in at the other end
of a string.   It simply means a man
came into this camp some months ago
with a capital so small, compared
with  what  he  now   has,   that his
original capital bore the same ratio
to his present capital that a shoe string
does to a pair of shoes.
When such men came here they
stretched their ahoestrings straight
and taut, and they used their shoe
string as a straightedge to try their
work, and naturally they succeeded.
There are many examples of such
men who could to-day sell their holdings and retire rich men.
There is another class, however,
who came in on a shoestring, but
their string was so crooked they have
only a piece of the original left, and
that is fast going too. They tie their
string in so many hard knots, by
their tortuous wavs, that it is hard to
find either end fit1 the original string '
It has been a common haying fur
years  that   mining  ts  a "gamble,'
and that no man knows how a mine
will turn out In a degree this is true
But not wholly so    There was a time
yrbio   certain   Mrtaee   IndleitaOOl
were accepted as positive evidence of
the value of the ore  Wneath them,
and sales *ere based  BOO0 such  in
dicat'ons ;   but science  has stepj-ed
in, antl ore mppOMd to be worthless
has assumed a  new   value     OpON-*
qnently old surface indications arc
DOt considered  infnllible  gulden bv
thi proepeelOf Of this   day,  and  are
sometimes entirely Ignored bv the
inining expert.
"Gold is where you find it," haa 1*
come a modern pros|*eetor's axiom,
not without giKil reason, for valuable
mines are DOW being worked whicl
have l��een tramped over fur month*
by supposedly Will pofttid inining
men, and carefully turned down in
the jmst by exjierts.
iwrovi ovtna 	
UnrfM shares, well Uaignt in n
iu.bl* Mpirfm-K are almmt certain
io Win* Innf rerun.*. Mining
mkmnm bought in* "wildcat" c.dr.i*nv
are Hkt-ly I" make rieell.-nl Will
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McOluskey.
I .|{ V Hiu/n
Offlce :
Blacks Hotel.
, those buying shares and ex
Dieting thelf money to bo devoted
to opening or improving the original
In purchasing shares In a develop
ment company, the buyer knows his
money will lie used far the purchase
Agent for
SANDON,  B.C.      fl*���* M Ainsworth. Ki��tn and Bnwlon. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
K.r.'i.l'.l  **   ?,',!W  Da_W.   ��������*   A tatlfalHSHIS
rrall4rraaad t/tesHon��i
Snovtaka ���D���a-lt rn-��-k, <��.*.. HaMaMMaV
MrKlPPQQ FiSMllW  fHwrlth* W 0 McKlu
t prill
|.,���|.    I..111-11. KmlSHmjfin
laan-    sl.rran lakr i>|.j. Kltftit MIL*, li V Mr
V .ilk-tit
\)*il 1"
\V,.t��.a��i    Ixnv'ii, Harvey I. Ktfr
sur fiaiifcai faWMW i'��ui Haaei
\,*w..al   Sanw
I ul Kim*   l>'iii"*��. K ��' Write
lj.nl 1*.
\aHr��lla- iMMMCi l��ti��il B*M Kalrluin
i toiU-tt   turn-, Kdt* ��r��l Jai*-****-jr����r
Kila��h   t"an*lW,pr*''****" r,***1*,','m
I prill
I'll,    UavMMulhrrl-ml
RotW Cik-utU and *'r*-i*i-   I* R Rata*-* _n.il'
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VUrtli   0 '. < allahan
Hs.hUixl   J ������in Nrl'ktHflilr  \�� Mir I�� Uu. ��   J
.  i..i..i..l r ��im! !��� A Van l*.*.<
\\   _. rwt.l -<����*<��� r'alrl.iln
\v��k- f*. M Ft ���*��pUn   Frank * ulvrt
i iuUw.ia-IH.Ui Bntnorr
J. Dill-   Ljll    ttMal At��d."tTatJr�� r�� al
.nuna N'o 2    I'aul  ImV-rami
v,.iuU!.4    Tlm�� KllpatrVk
iu ii Wntmnm]  it* ��>< Hat***
lllliaiiir    Ja# Smith
i i it.l ���< Julr   Th����a On-arif l'rv_t����
SumtojtjFwnmtA J<��i>   ami Otvj   Ka��V-
li.r �� i lihr
Hi .stwratun.-   W<n Callahan
I .in...!-1    .1* A Urrrr
"vi .twl mi    W A t *m*4_ll
��nil klna*     .1 -n. Mrkar
la    li.   *ii,nl.     IVtr I I|M�� Jm
II * M Nauntil I.. X F MrNaiifrht 11 I * Haddte
K-i: HorIt, ��'.
W nda_MMra*ala X I*  MrNamrbt  i w��ti*r
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H.*jrrt sharj. t�� I����vWi  **.iihrrtaml   nnd TV*
M ..-.* ... i.    ,1'. II.. t'O ll ���!���������
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lirli     I l*r t ..��,a4*l>:.   N �����   I ���. *��
��� H hknonnhm and li C WmIm t. Mm
I   riiair   i UJOh   l*��t��j   ami   OeMare* A 1*11  "
*.   .<���
i ii Halm aajrrt* Ota **_i"M*** *IM* P ���*
Mmr    tttao  u|4|.��<  <m thr   Iivt���� ;   Marrh
I   at   Hui.lllaiMl.. t. F W I.-.S*.!   *****.�� "Uk*
K  Uu; M.r.li 1  .��'������
V I   mil. r to J II Wotnnm    | irr��ii��t��>. A rail ��
I tag
*l-ril a
* I' 1* in lu \ to A l�� Mi*.iiil*    I Jliinic 1.; Jan
i .uWr mnokwt t.> 4 A ��� �����.>    �����"��� .ml-.* . Oet I
V ��   t-drWfh It J K llr.-!*     J  \l I.W*; A jail *.
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. Hiirht.rarli- : Minh 1��. ��l
Vrthw Mulivi. t.. John Hr*..*-ii   Th. liitrrnraa;
\|.ii utuut
I't.r MrNl.li.4 t.. Or , M h.iH.11.*   I   Waraha
'in-. I>w M  al
i.r., j \v.rail i u.Thr mmnm l^k<* At A i�� *'.>
H�� K.'tTi No*. Mm. I. #'.��1
* *> l-iW-l I . MM 0  MrKav    �� But, Mfc-hl |
M'Mi %, ai
i��in a  i iiama u.  u.u..i.i  M> i*h>nm   \
'  mitf It' ai |   \iiw 7, VI
lUM Mi-Wllllama Ui 1* ��> MtlMi.r-.il! Th.
M iirill.i Krai tl.ni; S.jrf #1  fl
N K Franklin In Win OH nn \ Kaifl.' K.-ath. r ;
M.r.li n   .|
Mli ha.-l Mi-ttHtrraa lu A J Havana.I ' l.iiux-*
.ml* .-.km.;   M.nli 2   I"*".'
W I linn.������. k t.. J.- i.|. Il.��kiii \ Kill- Marrh
U, tl
-.im.* t.. J.iiin   r'.��t il.r,..k��   \ F.-ll\ | M-irrh It,
N'.ll UttitM t.. I'atrirk Wi'lah I S*a>kan-> anil
l��*i .'liaii*'.* N.. * nnd t.. .laa A Mrikm. II I miiii*;
Vl.rllf,  ��1
Uantril M. Knul** to AMNM MrOlnnla I Hranl
���' "ii. lul\ i��� .)
''���lin A IVai-.K-k |0 tin* Nl.a*nn g*NH*n M It M l\>
Hi. s.*mll.h.il,.. I'lUklh- H..tii.*l��inl Simwr Hlnl;;
M 'ivll 17. a I
e m s<*h ratal i" tn n ml \ Win Jinn A|.r��
..11 ,
^ |n 11 li
.,���''���'   _���> lu Miinna s  MiIK.h.-II   Witt HH*t>;
r��u ii. ..a..
Jiaapi Adam Otto I. tin- l>..mlnl..ii Mlnr. |
NanmaftM Ml ���_��� ,.i,; Mun-h flt, *|UI
Adit--Hortooatol |ra��M|r.* CroatUa*/Bgtt into a
mini-ai��HiK tii.- nrfn, laa not arroaa the raoatrt
roe-k tu tin- vrin.
A|��-x   Th** r-Ufv ul a vrlii *li*K-��t to tlir a.rfa*i ������
H.*<1    A rufaiii ��jf mliiiTal MMBf atratlhr<l rook.
Iliaat Ul*. a  ahu*    Kxplualun    ,4 (iynniniti- *.r
��4hrr -a.w.l. r�� In �� hute tlrllk-d iu U�� t<vk.
Itllnd drill A boriMNitAl pBaaain* lutvlnK hut nm
iUtraaom Idrk ll'.ki.ik.n fn.m a vi*iu Inn ��tlll
In tlw tnlnr
liki- .*lt- l*.i-..|h|.~ .| inlnrral r\|��-��nn- nf a
llrvaat    Wm* <4 Oallrrv or liraiilni*.
t"a��fr    An rlrvator m   wlikli  inlnrr. am-nul nr
MNM In a inltH-
t'ajr   Tli< r ��"k i��i\>r!iu.'a laalv .* vi-ln of un*.
CailHJH-BnaadlaB >4 i��na*r Med muk <v
lliuu- a|,uti- An lii.lliir, tlinU-n-il ur |.l,ink*-*l
tiiiisn-1 tlinKitrli wlilrhun (all. h\ jrravlty to
(Intnl. <>r i.-hlf-k*.
r.mlart v.-ln A vrin lyinir U*iw.t*n tw���� atniU*
uf (UMdmllar ('.riii.-d'i-.r,.
��*.Hintrv R*atk Thr- r.a-k ..' th.l cunntry thmu��rh
Wkm h t'ir vrin mn��.
t'rura* *".-.!r����*   An liitrrarTtinii v.-ln.
t'roaa (tit H-rirjiiiUl |��va#n.- rut -.rr<*< tin
country nark to a ��<ln
i'rti*��   HradliiK    A   drift   cmn.-c-iltiir tranimaya
fur vrnilUtiun.
I����y Shift    Mint*-* who w.^k In day tlim*.    U-ir>-,
inlm* r<wtiiMmlv i*tii|4uy thnt* ahida ur  art.
ot   mrn. nek wurkltnr ih.Hir*. on and aivti.n
Ia_,| yuarU   VnaiUjrarrylnir M inlnrrnl
Ivj.^it -Irrt-iruUr laali.-aof ur.-   n��K vrlna.
!���!}���- \n.*l. fn^n thr ImtUkhi. mraanr.-ii hy tin*
��*��-.���). ��t It ii.- In thr plain- uf a a:r_l-i uf r>M*k.
lirin���Any MiaBRNaad Ihuriauiilal lut^aatr.*.
IMvlntr facaVOatag drift*, adlta or Irvrla-dlff
>m (rxrtii ainkliiir. *��hlrh ��).|41.*�� <ailv lu a
iHitniia I'll. ..( i.i.*, vrnrrall. lo** irrad. . t.tk<*u
lr.4n a mlnr,
l>yk��-- A ti^rairr nll.il �� Ith ipMMtai matter.
K\|*.it.iti.<n Tlw W'-tkin-. ni a tiihir.or lti\.-��ll
tt-atv xi�� tnailr f..r that )rtirp(>***.
Fa~   That  |*art *��f th*1   na-k mi v. hlrlt work t��
l�� 111ar d>mr.
WnM   TlM -tatTpt rtl^k<rati..n nf ;a vrin- may Iw
Hp *��r d..�� n tt aklrwtar.
KlaMirr Vrin    aiiv mlnrrallard   * n-�� Im   In   thr
r.K-k >.f Rival .)��� j.th
Float ��� Hr>-krn or tr*u.��|a^ird iwrrtkni. >��f UHikter*
*4 r.��-k <-r >,ii.irtj ��*arrvlint or Indl* aUntr min
flwa   TtW a*rata undrrlyltnr a tnlmral Ml.
Wai*. Wall - Fare Of thr r\a-k la>l..w a vrin.
ilatik-lm.' Wall   Th��' v. all i>f rork alw)vr th<- v.-ln
M.-adlna- s*rtl**�� ot a Inntirl cut ahrail uf thr
main Ullinrl
l.rvrl H���4-if.ailal |����a��ar- in �� v.-ln mli.. nuni
ta-narl for thr arrvU-r.    Adrift.
I.lvr yuarti -yuarti i-arryln** mlivcral.
ixratkn������- A minini: claim.
MU1 Kun ��. t��-a >f vatiw* of a unantlty of ..rv -an
aaaa> on a lartn* a. al.
Orr-���Mln-ralof any klint <<f auffl. Imt ���.aim' ami
qiiantltv to l�� protttaMy iiilncl
. >t, Mk�� ��� -A lar��r and IW) rii li ma* <4 ininrral
lu a vrin.
*aul��-mt��|antr��-"Wln'ii a  n-In  ��h>��. thr��>u.h lh��>
Hirlaor     *'r<^<�� mit
��� Hitj.nt    Piolnrt <>f tin- mine
l*av Stt����k-Thin la)��*r <4 a vein  whit li * arri.-ti
lh# i*a.T ore.
IMnrh    Narrowlint of a vrin -hrnr,-  ptorbcd ..lit
tnran. vrlii haa narrowed till iln* w.ill�� in.*.*t
and n>�� <*r l�� found.
Ptlrh    Srr IM\*
llac-r    An a<viininlait..n of min.ral In th.  I.-.1 of
a Mrram.or wlwn a mkMxmO" bOU of ��at*'r.
or roi I .mid ratna havr ��a.a|��.*��l �� ll down.
I'.wkrl   A rkh ami larjrr i��wl)' ttmh In a vrin.
Pnaaart Roto���HoM drai joaaaartato if there ha
any <np t��'u��-ath th>* aurfar**..
Pni-htfllftf -UaaktaM   tor   i��>  on-; naatfag
...untrv for >-rr in.ii.ail.Mi..
1'i���ia*. t    What *|>|a*ar��  ln.m  IndliAtlmia  a. lo
tl*..  \alii.    and   .|iialUv   of   <>rv   that ina> lw
Rr-f   l Hih-mi'i'iui' ol  a   vrin  nl.or   iIh-  .tiif.ic-
an.l .Inillat a. a r.-rf at **n.
Ihad-Tlw atralum ..x.-rlwad In a tnnn.l Of drift
Saltlnir   riarliiK In ^ min.* nr ptoror (m'.'lini <>n ���
,.r mlnnnl to |ifi a lirtltioti. * aloe for BNUOf
Srani    A lav it of inin.r.,1.
shatt - v  porpeadlcalar opentttta1 from Om .nr
Shift   Hour. ufa.U.v'-. work -from 11" M \vntO,
Sh.��.i   To l.n*��k rrk b] ropkalr��l| <>r I ahot.
Sl..|��*    An Inilliu .   Inakte dope    >n<' nut naih
Inc Mli-fari*
Una fnm itoja ��dttoe Into r ><'in lik.*.**
$otkm of ntpi,
Strlk.*   To tiu*t on* or mliund In > mlm'
Trend    Wm lion of ;i vrin.
Tunnol A h..rl��...nlal fpMOm Into k mltW ; illfT
"afnnn dull wl.UhUa |.ri��-u.ll.'oli>rntan
Intr. and an In.llnr. wl.li h la Uhvivn tin- t>��o.
Vein- A min.raldapaall BH*.�� '> ***** "r n>
an re.
Wall   The fare of a tteMirt*.
Win*.*   Small ��m.l. ii-nnuid dn��fl '"">* '���' '��������� n"
WorK ''Anv andoiW-nd rtcvetot-mr-nl fr- m1
nhlidi owfrlrrlnti lakwt.
The Hotel
Is one ot the beat places
in Samion to obtain. . . .
Beverages that are Delicious
in taste and Stimulating
in their qualities	
D *alen in
X.w*. Stationery,
i' nifretiniiery. Batter, Bgga,
I'ti.-e*.-. Hav.Grain. Flour.
Offlr. ���:
Saddle and l'aek Hone
to all i'ointa
in tlie M >uiiUtn��.
Fll /.I.F.RAI.U * DAY. Propa.
 Manufaturer. of all	
S\"phor.s, (linger Ale.
Sarsap-irilla, Ktc., Vac.
Saj-don, B.O
Patroniie home ln^uaii*y
when vou want the lx*st
IValors in
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
-WCSt ! ^
Butcher Co.
Sho|��s at  Sandon,   N**lsin,   Kaslo,
Ainsworth and <vni!titz Greek.
wc a e Just
A large invoice of
the Kitchen.
We also carry a full line of
:""' Furnishings.
Sandon and ltossland.
Hunter Bros.
CaiHiai Pact Railway.
Soo Pacific Line.
Tl e Quickest
"""' Cheapest
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trtios. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
every Sunday, Wednesday,
and Friday "morning, making close connection at Revel ���
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates. It will save you money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A, 0, McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
Dist.   Passenger   Agent,   Vancouver
M.M.McGREGOR, T. P. A.. Nelson, B.C
Atlantic Steams! lies.
Ffoin H;ilif;i\.
1'arii.l.in - Xllan Lin.*  April lu
Moti-.tiliiiu     '���   it
s��i n-mm 11   Dominion Line	
Laftlmdor "     ���*   it
From St. J. Im
I����k��' Superior - Ifc-awr l.in.* 	
Lake iintnri.. "  April 11
Kimiii N'iw Yv��rk.
Ma>*tii*   WliiU'Star l.iui'    April;
Germanic      *���   it
BrlitanU* ���'      *���   si
l*��rta���Anifrlniii l.iue     "     ;
St. l*aul "      *���   ii
SI. I^Mila "      ������   si
Uuitirla-I'uiiarii I.ln*- ���
I^aroanla "      *��   i��t
Ktrtirlit *'      ������   14
Statt* of N'.liniskn���Allitii suit* L_M  k<\
Cabin *. f>. *V��. **n. Tn tun ami tipwnnU.
Int.'iiii.*tlh.i.' acsti ami upwards.
Shvrujr*' is!5..'i0 and upvvnrtl...
Paatwnfjren Tii-ki-u^l tliruutli t.�� all paints in
(Jivut Bntalu or livlaiul, ami at   S|aH*lally  luw
nuiv�� tu all |Mirt.*�� uf tht. Kuix.p.mi Continent.
l**v|>aiii Paaafai aitVlvad fix.m all polatB*
Apply to A. *'. Mi AHTHIK, C.l'.H. A��**..t.
Suiiilo i, nr
(Ji'ii.'i'al Airi'tit.
*    1'  R   nfti..*. Winn||f_-
9T"  mT~% v       *��      ""Jr*     ~~~~~~~���������������������������������������������������������������������������������______________________  	
IvwiviwtwVW 0* 0w>!f0*0*'00~9\
I J J    f
~k *m%   ww -���** *
After Six Months of Continuous < struck
Upon the Sandon Paystreak I have sneceeded to striking a job
plant that a.ssays away op in the hundreds.   ^ ^  It hope in
sight last week  ami  when  tlie  prints siw  it tiny wept
wirh joy.    V^ *fc As font after font ot	
New and Artistic
V    **
i*    -
Th.- strike i>
the best ����f tin
kind made iii the
mountain**. .....
The material now in
i*. snficienl to ^apply the
hii*.in**ss    |**ople    uf   tht"
SSocas metropuli** with ....
From the present indication* it isea*.yt<>
believe tliar Im-(.��h* many moons .u��- de-ceaaed
an enormous chute of cylinder pram will be
tapped, and at least oneofthem brought into action.
More stoping (ground i> f��> be pn \ i.h*.! for The Paystreak   an��l tunnels run in different directkinstu tap
what appears to me to be paying propositions,    The public
nre cordially invited tocaij ai the present tvorkingsand have
their stationary run through  the mill  before the beauty fade**
from the type faces, now very much in evidence at Sandon*s
mine of typographical productions.
������il , at
Al.ANKA'M     I'HOIIK'l'.
It   Mluail   In   '(Hi   Nrnrl)    ���*,.000.00<>.
Half   from   ilunrix.
Juneau it* unique in many respects.
it-* inhabitant*, having no power to
li rin a niiinloipal OOfpOflfttlOn have
voluntarily 00���lbined to do work o\
.1 public utility. So well hav** tii* y
.!..nc tint, that the city has planked
-in <*t.�� with lx>ard skit walks, a hook
tiui ladder tire company ami two
horn eoinpaniea, an electric light
|l;*tuwith 1100 incandescent lii'hi.**,
waterworks with street hydrant*, a
telephone uyrtem with titty witmcril*
en extending to th** ueighltoring
mines, two night watchmen, l*>ides
a public litmtry ami rending room,
six churche**, five *ctiool��, n well
equipped hospital, iwo public Italic
:m<t two theater*.
Tii*; following extract gives tbe output of gold during the past year:
Th*- output ofthe min* t of Ahtska
ii diftieult o* estimation.   The t%$M
iu-m>o1 the mining territory,  the ��-\
uvmely migratory chnracteri-tie ot
; - papulation iiikI tl/' entire  absence
! repbftl and statistic* from a great
pin of the miialler cam}*" render it a
very difikult matt**!- to arrive, at a
rttti-ment approximating oorrectnen
exenpi by cimtul study and watch
Jul attention   to �� very detail.   The
iillowing eUtttlite  i* I relieved to be
M noirtj o<>rr*vt a** i ����� ��^s 11 de :
Kowe.'l MiningCc'Ciitamp*. Siai.tM
iVi i����r a Bay ( '<��., 40 _tamp8 IL'.*'.' ���' I
Aiai.kaTreadwell.l'ki Kainni 800.000
Multi Mil twin. iBGttainpi   150,000
\h..*ka-C<*>ttitilcrvial. U.rd.tiup*'���<���� 000
.Vila K*giev bOtumpi aho'o
oerOonQu-, iQaiatnpi       56,000
Jmeau Co.. |0 tiamj**. 8*5,0 ' I
Julia Co,, 10 **m\\* 20,000
Atoka \Vill<>ughby.lU stamp*. 1 ."���.��� '*��
orevu.Noruit *��iud. U)>��Uiinp�� 15,000
Tntil outjKitui' ��|uarlz B_inc*$2,355 000
I .nun bav pho'er mini**. l.\*M>
I tot inlet plurer nun**** 175,0*JQ
Hireta cn*t��k. lukon 1,300,000
Other Yukon districts .  ****'.**���
xvernl small creek- 2d\00Q
Tbtal outirut JM|67(XO00
"This i* in increase   ��ver 1895 of
11,670,000    At the hum the Dumber
��*i new discoveries   wliich  pfotntw
will bnyiboen great.   Tpeee will in-
inure ur   less- t>n*ductive during tbe
next year, nnd a corres|��>nding in
crease it* as.su nt I      l'wti new mills of
toil stamps each  have   bMll  erected
and sixty live stani{��s hav.*  U>en id
did to mill* already o|*er.iting,bring
inj; the num'M��r ��-l (tamps now drop
ping in  Alaska  U> 5(0.    U  ll l��v.ile
likrly that during the coining ���**'������'���
hut 800 stamps will  no added, ot
Which 'J.**il will bo put ni*'M lie
Heady Bullion projaitv bv the Tread-
Will oompnny.
AiiM-rtrnii   Knt< i |>rl-a��< ami   t uiimtlun
The Banker. Merchant nn��l   Manu
faet.ircr, i journal published in Chi
cago, iu its issue ot March iMth makes
boms interesting remarks in writing
ol mining result*, and  posHibilitiei* in
British Columbia.
Speaking ol the Bosnia ud camp our
contemporary ��JWi! ���'Spokane men
an- u> thi from in Kottiittd. They
have cleaned up thousands and are
apparently down for millions Amer
loan capital can gti in there on equal
it'nns    Rvery dollar ol dividend fill
riches this country, and we can large,
ly hold the trade ol that section for
supplies and machinery. Mr. Corbin,
a Spokane capitalist,  has built the
lint railway into the mines, miking
Spokane tbe gateway,and tbe North
crn 1'aeilie Railway tbi great high
���vay u> Botelaod.   American cii|)iUil
is welcomed and lOOgbt after.'
Hee.igniziiig the above taeU ami
peinibilitiea the Banker, Merobant
and Mamilaeturer has went sjM-eial
(Mrretpondenti to Canada.
lilt, uf .\<l\��>rtLinn  I li(mKiit.
I'rinl.r �� ink.
Ooornge and persistence'ire the
eanlinal idvertlilng rirtnes. An .������ i
v^rtiser'lacking these,ami possessing
skill, versatility ami taste, lias little
cliancr ol TOCCeiB. On the other
hsiul, an advertiser who |i.-*ess*s
th****' two characteristic! in abun-1
ance i*. likely to suc-ced* in'spite of
minor di-tieieuci.-s.
Adverti-ing is not amxactscienc*-.
It will never be an exact science. It
is an art. lik*- literature, or painting,
or music. Kxact science allows no
personal trqnatton, and is subject to
nnd ind last rules, whiltjin ,����rt the
personal note is everything. Advertising will never Ih- (subject to bird
and fast rules, Ibr tbe belt advertiser
will always be be who projects the
most individuality into his"work, ami
at the siim* time U-st understand shis
lei low men���a laeulty that cannot be
reduced to rule> or element! accord
ing to the requirements ot an exact
Kvery advt-ni>er mu>i puirhase
his own exjieriencc. Another man's
ixpirionoe is 9t <>n value to any-
inc but hiinsell. S> many tii verse
JKOtOfi enter into all ad vert is
Ing tbi* only ones own common
Sens*' api-lied to the case in bind can
Ik* ot anv help It is a good thing to
know the exjviiencei ami opinions of
Other advertisers, but it is an excess
of lolly to follow a man's methods, no
bitter how Bocoenfti] it has been in
bis case, ffltdoeeno. appeal to one's
own reaiOO and judgment
li \. Syhraiiilt. *���! ^pringdalo. siys
the Denver Mining World stys that
an enterprise of considerable magnitude is now lM'ing caaried on there,
engineered by Cincinnati partiei. It
is tee ciinstructi-'ii of a tunnel thitmgh
the large monntein lying between
Springdale on James Creek and K'ow-
ena ..n Left Hand ereek. The tunnel
is n'>w in almost MO teet and is being
pttsbed as last as thive >hilts a day
can push it. The entire length will
Ire a mile nnd a halt. A Dumber of
mod ntlnes are expected to he cut by
this tunnel.
A tanioiis astronomer, whose know-
letlg*' oi arithmetieal tacts was a
tlivadAil engine of conversation, once
diverted hiinsell by asking the com
pnny if tbey were aware ot the inline])-** distance they were from
heaven. It was, be Informed them,
so many millions of diameters ol the
system, and would take many thou-
saiuls of years to traverse. "I don't
kivw ihe distance nor the time," ex
claimed^ Scotchman who was present
"that it would tak*' you to get to
heaven, but I know this,  that it will
net take yon a millionth part ol the
time '.o go to the other place.
\ remarkable temperance sermon
was that delivered by s priest in
Ireland which (oonoluded with tins
convincing statement to his Hock:
"What makes ye shoot at yer land
.,1s?   The drink!    Aye, and what
,���iss them?   The drink .-"
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00
Reserved tund : : ii,00O,(J0f).0O
Undivided profits :    :     HrADiiS.iO
Sin l)oN\mi A. Smith, (i.C.M.C. President.
Hon. <;. A. 1)hlmmoxd, Vice l'resident,
HS.Ci/)isTox, (jeneral Manager,
A. Macnidkk, Chief Inspector & Supt. of Branches.
A. ii. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch returns.
\V. S. Ci/)Uston,  Assistant Inspector.
James Aikd, Secretary.
lhanehes in all parts ot Canada, Newfoundland, Creat Britain, and
the United States
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted.
h. c. covca.
Ev. ntt. Wa..h.
a.-. I'i^.t Braak St.. Uaotjkra,
.Vi.-iiiU'ra ��f th<* Romand Block Exrhange
aad lfc��rii..f Tniil*-. "������
I'alifc* Addn.-v��� * Bkxsi-miX."
MoniiiK and N**al,
Clotutlta .iii'w and old).
Hi'ilforil McNeill.
and A BC Codfa^
y.     IV solicit correspondence with parties having
\ X /   merimrious mining properties for sale, and
j/\/^   K*g to sjiy that we have connections in the
principal cities ol Canada,   England and the United
States,   and are in daily receipt of impuiries tor
developed mines and promising proipeetft,
Iii active mining operations and reduction ol ores,
and a knowledge of the different mining districts oi
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
New York Tailor.
sJ.Tvs*__tT Sandon,
ir CM"
Kam loops
Abaolutelv per let fittinn'and �� ell -made garments guaranteed.
ClolhlnK. Overalla In c.nie.tl��.n. HARRIS   BLOCK, bet. Banks B.N.A   and B.C.
Oent'a l:urnl��hlni*s,
After Six Months of Continuous (struck
******** ^t ****************************** **********
Upon the Sandon Paystreak I have succeeded in striking a job
plant that 'assays away up in the hundreds.   \�� ^ It hove in
sight last week and  when the  prints saw  ir they wept
with joy.   V^ ^ As font after fun, ot	
New and Artistic
L v***
was uneovered it \\ as difficult to restrain the day shift from becom-
ing sycopanorious and rushing down the crowded ��
streets of Sandon to
proclaim the glad
m ���
Tlit* Strike i*.
the beat t��f th,
kind made in the
The material non in
i*. **iillitit*nl t*�� supply th*'
fiiisini***s   people   of  ii>r
Blocan metropolis with   ...
��� A  ���
Any kindof
From the present indications il bieaavtn
believe that before many moon!-) an* deceased
;iii rntniiiinis ohute of cylinder pirmcin >��iil be
tapped, and at least oneofthetu brought into action
More sloping ground i> tn ]*��� pn vided fot* The Pay-
streaky and tunnels run in different directions tu tap
what appears to me to !������� paying proportions.    The public
are cordially invited tocaU ai the present workings and have
their stationery nm through  the mill ��x*fore Ihe l��eauty fades
from the type laces, now  very much  iu  evidence  at Sandon s
mine of typographical productions,
ai.anka'm   FHomer.
It   Mlnail   In    <HI   Nearly    **>,m>0.000,
il.ilf   from   (,iiiiiu.
.luiieau Li nnk|uc in many rcttpeclft.
lu* inhabitant*, having no power M
t<.nn s municipal cor|mnition have
voluntarily combined to do work ol
it public utility. S> well have tiny
.i,.iie this that the city   hats planked
streets with beard shlcwalks, a hook
nod ladder lire company and two
hose ootnpinlei an electric light
plant With 1100 incandcacent liijhts,
waterworks with street hydrants, a
telephone system with titty Kuhacrih
era extending to tin* neighU.iint;
iiniiex two night watchmen, la.**>ide*
a public library and reading room,
m\ rlmrehe**, live SOheoli a well
equipped htjcpital, two jmblie halls
;tl).I two theater*.
The lollowing extract gives the out
I tit t>f gold during the pa*t y*tr:
The output ofthe tallica of Alaska
i- .lifliriilt t��l estimation.   The vast
ii.s-.ol the mining territory,  the ex
'1'inely migratory characteristic <*t
iu population and tl/1 entire alisencc
of reports and etatistic* fnnn a great
part ofthe smaller camps render it a
very difficult matter to arriv*- at a
-tat* intent approximating OotTectoCM
. \cej< l.y  eanlul study  and watch
ml atU'iition   to every detail.    The
t Slowing ifftitnaU*  ia  Udicvcd to la;
M nearly correct as |"��tsiblc*:
K..we!l lliningCo,H.fi stamps $|.'&MM
lieiner a Bav <'��>., *tOatamp*   1_,.\'����>
Alsska.Treadwell.2MQ stamps 800,000
Alaska-Mexican, ISC ���.lamp**   450,000
VUttkA���Cmmcrvial. lOftampsfiOO 000
iiaid Kaglo, U) sumps 200,000
i Cboer ti dd I**, 10 stamp*        35,000
���Juneau Co.. (OlMunps .IT*,**1,
-luiia Co,. 10 neaps ntxu'jo
\iaska Willoughhy. 10 auunj* !.*��.' '������
'.'.��-eu.NorU'ti standilOmtiiops 15,000
Tnti] output of .piatt/ min*'.*. ?-,.'h'C�� 0O.)
I.una hav placer mine*
1 *>ok inlet placer mines
Birch creek. Yukon
other Yukon districts
!*k-veral small crcck>
Totil output ;l,t.7u,uO
"This to iii increase   >ver 1896 of
fi.��'To,ouo.   ,\t the same the number
t new discoveries   which   promise
Will have been great.    These will U*
mote or !��*��* productive during tee
next year, nn*( a corres*-Hiding increase ia assured.    Two new mills of
ten stamj** <��aeh  have  l*een erected
aiul sixty live -.tamps have Wen ad
ded to mills already opinting, bringing tbe nuinU'i' ot stsJnps now drop
ping in  Alaska t*�� 580.   It is 'lu��lc
likely that during the cmning sum
DtiT   800 suuni*   will   U   added, ot
which  2P0 will  l**>  pin  upon  the
Reedy Ba I lion prop** rty by the Tread
well eoui|iany.
Aliirrl'un    Kllt.-l |��rl" ini.l   * mwullun
The Banker. Merchant and Mnnu
faet.irer, a journal published in Chicago, in its issue oi March 21th makes
some interesting remarks in writing
ol mining results and possibilities in
British Columbia.
Shaking ol Ihe Rescind camp our
eontcmnornry says i "Swkane ineii
are to the iront in Rossland. They
have cleaned dp 'thousands and are
apparently down for millions. Au.iT
ie.in capital ciit) go in there mi equal
terms    Every dollar ni dividend en
richer ilib country, and we can large
ly hold the trade ot that section for
supplies and machinery. Mr. Corbin,
a Spokane capitalist, has built, tbe
tint railway into th_ mines, making
Spokane the gun-way, and the North
em Pacific Railway" the great high
way to Bossland.   American capital
is welcomed and sought alter.'
Recognizing tin* above bets ind
peMbiilttes, the Banker, Hero-hint
ami Manilla.���turer haa sent Special
correi*|.indents to Canada.
lllla of    \.l\< illalllK  Tllotlgllt.
Printer a I ik.
Coursge snd persistence'are tbe
cardinal advertising virtues. An ;���:!
vsrtisei^lacking these, end possessing
skill, versatility and taste, lias little
chance ol success, tin the other
hand, an advertiser who |ov-esse>
these iwo characteristic* in abund-
ane*' i- likely to succeed' in 'spite of
minor deficiencies.
Advertising is not an exact science.
It will never lw an exact science. It
is an art, like literature, or painting,
"r music. Kxact science, allows DO
personal Miuation, and is subject to
lunxl snd nuM roiea whUe|in t��ait the
psrsonil note is averythli^. Adver-
tisiiur will never be |SU-bject to hanl
and last rules, tor tbi best advertiser
will always be h*' who projects the
most itwlividualitv into his'wt^rk. and
at the Sitae time last understandshis
Icll.iw men���a taculty that cannot bs
reduced to rules or elements eeoord*
ing to the r*i|Uircmenta ot nn exact
BVery adveiiis*-r mu>t purcha>e
his own exi*crienee. Another man's
exja?rience it* of 00 value to anyone but himself. 8o many diverse
ISOtOtS    enter    into    all    advert i*.
ing tbi* only one's own common
ROSS applied to the ca>e in hand can
lie ot any help It is i good thing to
know the exjieiiences and opinions of
Cither advertisers, bo* it is an excess
of folly to follow a man's methods, no
matter how successful it has been in
ptocsse, If it does not appeal to one's
own reason and judgment.
J, V, Sybrandt. *>t Springdile, says
the Denver Mining World, siys that
an enterprise of considerable magnitude is now Iving cnaried on there,
engineered by t incinnati parties. It
is the UJIISUllllliisnCl tunnel through
the large mountain lying between
Springdale ����n .James creek and Kow-
ena on Lett Hind creek. The tunnel
is now in alim*st 100 feet ami is being
pushed as last as three shilts a day
can push it. The entire length will
l��e a mile and a halt. A number of
good mines are expected to Ih* cut by
this tunnel.
A lainous astronomer, whose knowledge ol arthtnetical tacts was a
dreadful engine sfeoeversition, once
diverted hlmiill by asking the com
pany if they were aware oi the immense distance thev were trom
heaven. It was, he Informed them,
so many millions of diameters ot the
System, and would take many thou
sands of veai-s to traverse, "I don't
know the distance nor the time." ex-
*laiined'ta Scotchman w ho was present
"that it WOttld take you to get to
heaven, but l know this, that it will
not take you a millionth part ot the
time to go to the other place.'
A remarkable temperance sermon
was that delivered by :v priest in
Ireland which (concluded with this
convincing statement to his Hock :
"What makes ye shoot at yer land
lords? The drink! Aye. and what
makes ve ini-*s them?   The drink V"
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up'�� $12,000,010.00
Reserved tund : : Cif000,000.00
Undivided profits :   j     &rW,i'-i��3.40
Sik Donald A. Smith, (i.C.M.C. President.
Hon. <;. A. Dklmmond, Vice President,
K_S.Ci/iust<��n, General Manager,
A. M.vcjnidkk, Chief Insjx-ctor & Sunt, of Branches.
A. B. Hliiianax, Inspector of Branch returns.
W. S. Ci/)Uston',  Assistant Inspector.
James Ami), Secretary.
Blanches in all parts ot Canada, Newfound I and, fJrcat Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted.
K-..r.-tt. WMb.
'!������ Upper Hr*x>k St.. I.cmm1<.ii.
M.*iiil��*n�� *���( Uu I"j.".'**ihI st..k EtriiaBgC
.ind Board of Ttaae. *"~~"mmmm^n
Caha- Addrcas "BSaanaoa.'1
M. i.-inir aiul Nml,
GouKh'a ii.w and old).
Bwtford MrXVill.
nml ABC CodnHO
"T* / E solicit correspondence w ith parties having
\\ meritorious inining properties for sale, and
ilii l^g to say that we have connections in the
principal cities ol Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries lor
developed mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction ot ores,
and a knowledge ot' the different mining districts ot
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
f AriPBELL, New York Tailor.
^fc^       I arce��t Tailoring l.tahll.hmfnt
In the Pro.lnce  n
���gStS? Sandon,
and up
Abaolutclv perfect lining'and well-made garments guaranteed.        dent's Purniahing-*,
Clothng. Overall* In ccnie.tU.n. HARRIS   BLOCK, bet. Banks B.N. A. and B.C. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Like many other inining camps
now known, chiefly for their quartz
leads, Trout lake mining division
was tirst brought into notice through
its placer gold. On the main riverjof
the camp,the Lardeau, signs still exist which show that it was worked
many years ago, but it was totally
abandoned till the period oi general
activity brought ahout by the C.l'.K.
construction in 1986-86. Then the attention of a few plucky prosectors
was turned to it and from that till last
year, has been worked intermittently, with, on the whole, average results.
The country generally is overlain
by great bands of stratified rock,
singnlarly regular in strike and dip.
These rocks are chiefiv chloritic
schists and massive limestone. The
strike is northwesterly and the prin-
ipal veins conform with the banding
of the rock so strongly that groups of
a score of claims in a line are located.
This is particularly true of the
limestone and schist contact on the
divide between the I*ardeau and
Duncan rivers. On the west shore of
the lake and at its foot the formation
is granite and slate.
The gold found in the Lardeau
river is slightly "rusty," not sufficient
however, to interfere with amalgamation. The whole bed of the river
and its benches contain coarse and
tine gold, and alluvial deposits occur
all along the main river and its
branches, offering in some places oj>-
jiortunity of hydraulicirg.
The (ireat Northern, one of the
earliest locations, is now one of the
leading mines. It is situated, with
eight others, on the Great Northern
lead on Bald mountain. It was bonded with the Hillside to the present
owners in 180"), and work has been
steadily pursued to the present time
when, it is reported, it has been sold
at a big future to an English syndicate. Itwss opened by a crosscut
which hit the lead at 80 leet and disclosed a four foot vein. Tunnels and
drifts have been driven and run for
about I'rOO feet on the lead, which h
about 40 feet wide. About 400 tons
of ore are on tbe dump and some is
now being forwarded to the smelter.
The ore on this claim carries a great
percentage of grey copper, in cases
about 20 per cent. The average assay, however, is 150 ounces silver, 10
per cent, copper and from $2 to $15 in
gold. This is a wonderful property,
and if a railroad were in would lie a
large producer.
The Breed view, under bond to the
Hornc-Payne Co., is another develop
ed property on the (ireat Northern
lodge. A camp has lxvn erected, a
shatt sunk abont 120 feet on the ore
and a tunnel driven for depth alout
120 feet. The ore is ol splendid quality and very similar to that of the
tireat Northern. Considerable ore is
already on the damp, which will average about or over $100 to the ton.
The ore body is of great width snd it
is a very valuable property.
On the Phillipsburg, Old Sonoma
and True Fissure, (merited by the
same company, a lair amount of
work has been done and is to be continued this year. Thc Old Sonoma
lias a crosscut in six feet, tapping the
ledge', and the average of tne ore is
145 ounces silver, li per cent, copper
and $5 in gold per ton. The True
Fissure has hud mneh surface work
done, the ore outcropping on the sur
lace 50 or 60 feet across. This has
been stripped and about 50U tons put
on the dump. Other claims on this
lead are the Silver Queen and Banff
upon which ordinary opening work
has been done, everything going to
prove thc wealth ofthe lead.
The Silver Cup has the  distinction
of being the first shipper of the camp.
It is situated on   the south fork of the
birdcall, upon a strong lead about :��<>
teet wide with a vein of clean   ore
about two leet thick.  The ore is vei y
rich, the average assay trom the hist
shipment  mad*'   last   winter   Ix'ing
about 4*00 ounces of silver, 10 per cent
copper  and  $20 gold per ten.    The
average value oi shipments so far is
about $250 per ton.    A shift has been
extended to 90 teet this year ind a
400 toot tunnel, to  tap the ore  body
at a depth below the shaft liottom of
100 feet is now being run.     It is now
almost in ledge matter, ami may   hit
the ore body any dav.    This proper
fcy is certainly one of the first rank,
and is operated by Dunn A Farnll.ot
Vancouver.      It Is Crown granted.
The Free  Coinage,   owned   by   the
same people,  adjoining the Cup,   is
QOinen somewhat and gives indica
tions ot being a good property.
Other promising properties Bpon
this group and upon which develop
ment has been done are the Morning
Star and Brewster ..v. McAuley which
go very high in geld. A trail was
built last tall to tli's group from the
valley ofthe south fork. Abont ten
claims are located on this lead and
several others, aliout tivc, are located
back of it.���Rcvelstoke Mail.
l'apa (reading;���The natural ht,
who had slipped trom the iA^u ofthe
precipice, gathered a momentum as
he fell.
Mamma���Mercy! Kept right on
picking Howei*s even when he knew
he was going io be killed!
In Russia, teachers are not too wed
paid. At a fcholast c meeting some
one proposed the. toast: ''Long live
our school teachers.' "What on?"
asked a cadaverous J<>oking s|>��'ciinen,
rising in his seat.
Excited     Frenchman-/is     king-
widge of yours ees one  grinds	
what you call it���meex-up!
Placid American -What's the mutter now ?
E. F.-Allons! I shall tell you
You see one man; he have plenty
money and tine clothes. You sav in
your iangwidge ;   "lie got /.*��� rocks."
ft'A. -Well?
K. F.���Aand you see
wiz no money and in z��
vou sav he Is "rocky."
Ibr h. loiitUU* MuKK't"!
Tis the voice ot  the scientist, hear
him explain *,
"IXm't get up too soon, it  is had  for
the brain;
The mind it unhinge*/ he ruthlessly
siid ;
"It you rise in the morning 100 soon
from vonr bed."
'Uo early  u>  UA  snd   hi early  to
And so you'll Im- healthy and wealthy
ami wis**;"
But   how   ab'iit   those   agricultural
Who do all the year round  whit the
proverb oonunnndi?
I pissed by i.is garden quite eiriv
one mom,
And saw  him  Uprooting the thi-tle
and thorn;
His liml*s were rheumatic, his energy
llml as tor his tr.xi-eiv nod shirt.lh��-y
were rags.
[ spoke to the   yokel, .till   hoping to
That rising so early was good fur his
mind ;
He doddered driveled, ilii! it was
The worthy bucolic wm three pern
Slid I ir my hiif] :     lb-re's a le****>n
for me.
That man is a picture ofa hit I mitf' t
lie ;
Then thanks to the science for teach
iny* k clearly,
It's quite a delusion  to tret up too
-Ball UmllOaasttt
in tin* auriferous psture of Uie country
and thinks that it will be RjQHQ t|l!U
the long valley U-twcun the Owen
Stanley range ami the math , ,,t
OOSSt range wil 1 yvt Return rich
\ lildi.
A track will, he thinks, be cut ui.
that valley to a point near she head
of the Manilas re river, lait until thai
is done hi would not ad viae nnv pn*
peoior from the southern colonies, or
Mnn the north either, to hi tempted
Into an endeavor to reach the Hens
nl the lind. It Is |��i��*thle to make
the mouth ot the river iu mi of the
numerous h<at* which ply between
the islands nml the maiu'and. Hut
that is 4d or 50 iniU**�� m,iu the s(,.-<
where gold wa* discovered U i��� n,
the heart ofa mangrove ��wanq*. sod
the chances **4 a southern or northern
f hita.ii* escaping the fever are vi r\
small K.ven ahouhl Ih* happen in Int..
fortunate in that rc*q*ecl,   it would U*
���eemary to keep up tbesjappHeaemi
this is both difficult and ixpenslve
New tiuiiica will yet, Mr h.hh.  |.,,
no doubt)  bs one of the gold prodoc
ing ares- <-f Austratajua.    lk.tt thi!
time is not yet,   and   he  thinks  toil
the climate I* ��uch as to render it hn
���.araiiv.- that the country should U*
tir��t oponed up by prospectors from
Northern Queansliial who an* um
certain extent inured to the olUttiU
UlrM    H��|.tilit*l<>r>    Halwrnv
M.W    1.1 I NBA   i.oili
The    i'rr.l.....    Metal     I.lea    In    PSVSS
i.Mfleii    Smmi.i|>.    U hrr..    Ilaalli
a poor
A fanner, having m verv large
mouth, got into a quarrel nnoc with a
"Cheap-Jack" in a country town,says
an English exchange, the vendor,
angry at some personal remarks,
looked at the I'ariuer steadily fbr a
few minutes and then remarked:
"Weel, I have seen Barmouth, and
Yarmouth and Portsmouth, but there
is nane o' them could hold hold n
candle to your mouth for bigness.'
There were 258s records of mining
claims in Trail Creek division in
1896, There were 2660 bills of sale
anc bonds. There were 12U cert Ideates of work. There were 4300 Free
Miner's certificates Issued. There
are IfiOOtnineni working 17' t himv
New Oolnea is having a gold min
i11i-T boon at the KBi  time  that the
revival come*, to British Columbia   It
seems that the lm^** Island to the
north ot Queensland is attracting
ptospnetors despite the recent nia****
crc on the Mamharc river, and the
fact that the Im*si, gold in found near a
swamp which spread*, fever.
A resident of of British New Crimen
iitofd F- I . LobUj has supplied Atis
tmliati newsjiapers with a few   later
esting notes about the new g..id Held.
Mr. Lobll has had a   Very   |oog |-,���I
dence In British New Guinea, and he
hil prospected on most of the ndjac
nil islands as well. He ia then-Ion*
in a |a>sition tos|��eak witli some authority on Ihi subject of the |iM��ibh>
future of th.js*.1 places a*. g.,ld pTOLIM
BTS, Uurgiquantities ot gold have
already la-en taken from  the small
mining troupe and idveotaaousper
tlea of prtktpietors ere every day
pushing farther into the heart ot New
Ouinea.     Tne most recent discovery
reported is thai si tne Msaibars riv
or, a stream   which   enters   the sea
same eight miles only trom the bOUO
dary of Herman New (iulnea.     Here
it is said, alxrnt 940 oncers  was oh
talned alter only a few day!' wash-
ing, as parties never remain longer
in this region than is absolutely  nc-
cessnry, Mr. [_nhh has s strong in-iirf
Tin* j.-puS.*ti--*n of Canada, a* estl
mat**.! by  l!i��  IV)��irtitu nt �����.   Agriculture,   for   the   fwi��t tlscal year, i*
.MiM-Vt     It   (!��*��*��   not   fallow that
these in the ieooniii figurea bm
tbey irs oonildered to ���*�� anprear
Initely correct   TbiiMlMiiM pops
latim in I*.��l wa�� IMBlW ind ths
eensusshowed Um ..cmai |.),ain*n
u> be 1,833,239. Thee**ilui'��i**��th.*r."
ton* came within 10(000of the OtrUAt
letting into couaklernlion the hiatal
o! popul.Hi.in that  ought to fullow the
mining detetopaen^ -t .* oomMnrijil
that it is |K*t ka,   much C> CXpSC. thil
when V.e crnan*. i-* taken f*��ur \*.**r*.
henc��- the country will contain at
!ct*i Hvr and-a-halt muli.ti** Ths
SetlMilM tiiat are niaale tonu year t-.
year an l��a��.<l on tl��c lmmigrati.ni
return** and the avar.-iire birt'i ��ikI
The lira-,*** ..f l*���n.r��
Tbi biaveat   lsittle    that   ever   WSS
���Hiiaii i tcii you srhan and when?
<hi the inajraot the wurld   v.u'll  titA
it not;
Twas might hv   ihe   mothers of
Nay, not with cannon or battle shot,
With iword or noNer \*'n \
Nay.   Jtiot   with   ehaptent   **"i I   W
Fmm the unsitlt nf wonderful mii
iVit   ilitp in   H   Willed Up   w.Miiaii-
heart -
01 Woman that Wotdrl n<��t v. i'l
But bravely, silently, h��re lier|*nii
I>��! there h ihe battlefield.
No luanthalliiig   ti**��ip,   no   MfoUSC
No Iraiim-r to gleam an��l Wive !
But oh. the-... tsutlei! Ihi)  lea m
fi-Mii babyhood to Ihe grave I
.hmquiii Miller
iHivio,   Mid   Filith,   what  m*ke��
grandma talk so much?
Hull, replied Ihi boy, cnnl v it**
shVsgm idouble chin. Itrltlah Celnmbla Mini's.
i i^ great consideration which
Uritisb Columbia is receiving from
;   udon capital, is preientecfby VV.
I',!..n liar.ey   F. C.   S.   who   has
i-i returned trom a trip  to  Eng��
an.I   and th** provinces.     "You
would   be  surprised."   **.*i*l   Mr.
Harvey, to iV'^jnoouverWorlduur"
respondent, "at the feci that Brit.
,-h Columbia and h*-r mining proe.
I>eetu ire so Will hoiiwii  in Great
-.mi.   '1 it"*"- \nbo .u>��� Interested
mining matters ar.* eecttfdiogly
vidl posteil is regards this  Prov>
:,. r iu cotnparis.ni to  three   yean
when I then visited Bngletid.
\ lut   which   was   v.-ry   appan Ul
thai our mining capabilities
- ich thai they have lorvjed at
' -ut it>it    And    mav    be     U vnr..l.l\
* m*
.;,ij. ,t.il With   other   lotoillg   s.M*
.- uf ti��<-   world.    And,  while
nan** itttorested lu  mining would
..liked   to   liavi*  kepi   a   loin!
i in   Mli  bank" ground  a  Utile
._.-t.   in order  to   more   r.iilv
, /.* un their other inveetmei u
!. it ish C ilontbii lias asserted h.*r
self  aud    will    tak.-   a   fbreutuMt
t ,     The   greater   majority of
��� mining eiperts who have look*
iutu th��k poAsihilities  bAvtj rv*
jiorted   rers   favorably  t*��   their
incipals in England, and tb'- re*
rtuli will be that this ysstr will see
an) nior<* * \p.*ii'-in'��*d men l����"k
i into "ur  ptSMibilitiev.     Com*
* ���! with other mtoing  regions,
t is gi snted Ihil   British  Colum
i |���,,.,,,., many nature! advau*
.. - m��t tn be obtained iu   -South
.        *    and      \ti��'i.,iiii;      SUGjR    a**
nl nigh ways <ifcatdinteree  by
���.  !,:.���:.  ^->..l  hod   nbundem
i   and Wat* i .p> W����r   .���, <>��l  uu
r>!\    1..1 _,*  ��� ��������� lien  of   >>re.   all
dei the British :��� *g.  with  min��
_: lartH ��iiuii ar��i*admitted to be
initabl** and fur, *tmi  woleh   ar<
i Id op as ui ��.I-N l��i Utiter   iiuliitij_
tl nits in which to*- lirttisii pub-
has mi- h a deep  interest      Tic*
j. >rts ui Mr. Carl\l��*. Provincial
M.���.��� r.*i .git-i. have b��en received
alth the nimost .if fcvor and from
them mneh iuthentle 4nformaiio��i
t- t.��-.*n circulated, as tlte facts
*llt! figures  are   taken   as   having
iiVuial  endorsatioiu     Bui   while
man) of the brokers have favors
M*. ideas regarding tbi** Province,
they would rather go furth.r let .
the matter b) sending oui  r.-pn-
-.-til.i'iv   - !.. !....k tot** the 1Md    ��� -
fore advising clients, Tio-y must
;.*ke c*ignitaucv of thia new Held,
only i*�� '*" 'fashionable,' as
llrillsh ��lolumbis is enquired iboul
���ool Diiprisingly srell-ttiioM n.
Died of Heart KMaeaae,
John 0 \Vil*--o...t Tor >uto,wbo
had been shipping  .���   Bandoit   t"
aaveral day-, ilivd  iuddenly  la*4'
Sunday evening al   BlackSi hotel.
He had been m  poor  health  f����r
some tino- past  hut  nothing of ��
serious  uature   was   anticipated
until a short time before his death,
lie was ii. thi hotel oHb'c aboul
nine o'clock In Ihi evening when
Im   suddenly  Ijcfjam*  w >rae   ��nd
waiting until Sunday afternoon no
Word had been received from her
and bis remains were shipped to
his brothers home at St. uatberi*
.���us. Out.    The deceased was well*
to-do. about forty years of age
and possessed ofa jovial turn that
mad** him many friends  here   who
v\i r<* pained to learn of bis untime*
Iv demise.
4 *<
He Was   Right.
The remark ��*-���.*���> mads this week
bi ��� Victoria business  man,  arhe
was    vitftting    Sand.-ii.    that      W���
ought by all means It*.**, a bras*
bend here. He was imminent))
correct iu his aseortioii. The
rapidity with which Sandou is
(urging to ths front necessitates
tl)��- organisation of these essential
attributes In s city's progress
1 . I** i- plenty uf good material
here for an organisation of tins
kind an.) it beliooves us all t<i giv*-
tii*- Buhjeot our immediate Mten-
ta��� ��i��.    Let os agitate it.
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, - $100,000.00.
, ,000,000 Shares par value of ten cents. The above Company
i. formed to acquire and work the AKGO and BELT Mineral Cla.in-,
adjoining Ibe Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspec ion, only
a U lniimtes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
-ale it t('ii rents.
Apply at once to
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Certificate of Improvement*.
Noli.-.- la hereby given that at tin* expiration
ofone month front tbe first publication bereof,
th<- undersigned will apply to tli��- stipendiary
Magistrate, f.-r tin- District of wen K..��it-
enay for a lloense t<* i Ul tl<|ttoni by retail ai
tin* wiut" Hoarse Hotel,In ibe town oi sandon
Deled this-ah .lay of March, !*���".
Edward Ross.
CSrlboo Mineral Claim
sitimo in tbe rlloean Mining Division of W'.-t
Kootenay District, In th*- Herd Basin.
Dake notice tbal I, A. ti. Farwell. agent for
the Rambler end Cariboo Consolidated Qold
audtttlver intiiic t <>, (Fort ma . Free Miner*!
Certificate So. '.'..-'.i'. intend,sixty daya from
the dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate ol Improvements, f<>r
ll**- purpose of o��.o*lniii_ a irotvn _rant otthi*  	
^jKdfortber take notion thai action, onder "Ow.wim a, r M-aktIV., am- amkm.
nectlon tt. must be commenced before th.* i-- '	
-nun.-, of finch eertlRcaie of improvements.       .. ���. p\_���_i _.--��_,����      r-�������^n_'
Hated thin ISth day of Febroar>, 1��K. Pierre      Development      Company
-  FaawttU, it,n!,��ie,ed the:^0�� *a- "f February. 1**C,
N->. r,:i.
of v foreign Company,
INilt*-** Court  Notts,
Leu Smith, drank tod  riieorder-
ly���t'uo'd 5-'' iud ...sts
Birtlle Hiugltee, diaorderlj  oon*
duet*���$l0 aad costs.
A  r S<*.tt. ��lruiik end dliorder*
Ijf    *��1���� and tauete.
I   JohntuiR, disorderly conduct
ami ��!��� -i .< .n*_ pr>��p'-rty not   lite own
<'JO and **..-t-
fittiv w iMt*r.worKs im**.** ���*�����*����������   ���r-���'���w 1 ���- ���     ,,
U.nl.v _,v.i...n.-.- tlmt it wlUattheexpi^taon , l*-^"^ ,:lV
U.-_IS'*-H*.t till   ...in vi,,.   ������   .
I HEREBY CERTIFY thai I ha~ this day
registered tbe ������Piem* Development Com
rmnjr" (Foreign), onder the  **Companle��
������������ ��� ataill. ir'.lr.ti.'.     ����������'���  _��� .'..,
i ii-   ��� -.��.. ������ - ���-
hereby give notice that it wtli at theexptrauon   panies," aim ��
of four weeksftom the first pnblieatlon h. r.-.��f i fbo head office of tbe said Company Is sitnat*
spply to tbe Lieutenant Governor In ('..until pdat Ibe Cttj ol Kpokane, in the Mat.* of
for his sanction to divert for Uie purji<>M.-s of   Washington,*U. 8   A.
���aid Company,one hundred Inchei of water Tbeoibjeets f..r which the Company Is es>
from Sai'lon Creek at the forks of sai.iir.-tk   uuisbed are:���
.oat i-i.. i Uie concentrating work-, of "The To acquire, bo'd, buy. sell. U*-.*.-*-, develop,
>��i<��-��ii star Mm.." work and operate mines and mineral claims,
tinted at Hnndon this *fth day of April, ISW. lor en] interest therein, lo the United States
T*aRSA**Dos w viiiiw.iiiKs am. LiohtCu, of .Vmertea.and in the Province <>r British
tprilMI,"f7. I. X. llAitKis, Manager.     Cnluinbta; to buy. sell, mill,    --iii.lt,   mat.
~*;mii>. ami concentrate   minerals <>f every
.   -.-..-,......,,,,, ti���. United Ktatesol
T ������   M.tiiit'.ba    minority    mav
*,.     pt lh>* achool sottb-iiu-nt as  atl
iiisi.tlni��-nt    of    justit***.     !nt    the
Hauttobe Government made that
si'ttl- nt'itt a-* inil end tinjil justice,
and n   matters little   v\ hat   nam*'
the minority may chooss t���� oil) it.
it  is   Charles A.   Fitspatrick'e
opinion that Beparats i*chon)i sre
jp��*ri<*r to Public   schools,   ami il
Mr   Fu/.patrU'k's   jndguieut   is   a>
faultv in l��*!_al matU'i'*. as it   is   in
s��'himl mall.is.   ii    is   sboot   time
Canada had a  near  bolicitoraQen*
* ral.
If it be ii u ��� thai Hon. William
Unlock told North Outarto ������Icctorn
ih.it the Quebec gang coold imt be
trusted, Sir Charlea Tupper should
b*> frank enottgh i*�� admit that ����n**
member, il least, >*i thi*. Liberal
Government knows whit he is
talking ab-iut.
-tamp. an*i  <-.m�����>u-,��-.	
____________________________^ kiitd snd (leM-rtptKin in  the  I nit.  i stui
__^B | Ain.Tb-a. niitl in the I'nivlnce of  Hrttish*'��il
NoUee is berebj Riven thai at !h��' expire    nmbla: toaeqnire. boy,sell, nnd lease water-
of one month In.m th<* tlr>t pobltcaUon   i��.\x,.r.  water-sites, and water-rbthts In tbe
���!.  the   nn.i.-rsi-_ii��si will   appt\   to the   United states of America, and in tbe Province
sti|*endlart   Mairtstrate.  for iia*   district ol  of lkiti-h Colmuiiia: t<>  procure,  hol.l. boy,
West K.-.t.-nay. for a liceose tosell liquors by   _.|i, construct, operate and maintain electric,
retail at  hi.  iM.tel, ijbrmertv to*   Xorquaj   steam, and water-power plants, tor tbe our-
l ~��. ��r himikhinr irnvriT Aiul llsjht forallai'..'
,.i K.-'I.nav. fori. Il.-.'i>��t<>-iii iiMuor-... s**,i. c  ��< .. ��� -.- ������   ���   * ���-   ----- t,      ������r.
,*   hlslHrtel,   formertv tb*   Sorquaa steam, and wah r-pow*    i ��� >'--   ��t"f,,1   ���-.���,.,
SSA nl ,,��,i ofVhree Fork"-..������,.������ g~rfffl^"%_5S tt%Su ��) "-
'      -" ''     '���mn' V-t.Tt '.I**'     -'lAu'n.-!i.a.,ai,i.!n;l'riivi!l.-
..     l.'   '_���.,.     .:���,. .i���,.-t..Mil-.*riU* lor. buy. own.
l  lilt*-.! Villi', "i  .\ ..... , .  ...���
_______________________________ I ol Itriti-l* ro!iiiiil>ia:tosul>M-ribe lor. buy.own,
...... . _^_i and h����ld, or receive as-..flinty, capital -t.H-K
Notiee is hereby ��lven that sixty dayu after |��� thh, ,,r ,���(���.- corporations an.l for the
dste I will spply to tbe Honorable the Chtei Uiu^{ri\..n of such other business cocnate
commisaiooer of land and works for petrmia- vvlUl tllt. objects hereinbefore speelfied, *>r
.ion to pttrcbase one hundred and.sixty aerw irrowlng��mt of, or incidental thereto
of land, sttoate in the district of Wesl K-a.t- rhecapltal stock of the said Company is
enay. at tbe junction *>f tbe Werd branch <>i ,������. min��ired tboosand dollar* divided into
th- North h..rk ..I *ar*.�� t.t.r tr.'.k. au.ut Bve OIW bundred thousand shares ofthe tmr value
iin��*�� fo'in il..   t,.wn ol   I hr��-��  Forka   * ..in-   of one dollar eaeb
in. ii��*tii_ at initial post marked s K ra-w-t and       ,;,v,.., un,!,r my |llinii 1Uh|  gea! of ��.tlH't'. at
niiminK  thence West   n.rtv   ehatna, tliene*    Vfofa>i1a, Province of liritish COtnmbla. thU
North forty chains, thence r-i>t fortyebalns,   ^tb day of February Iter
tlieoceHiitith forty chains to place of begin-  '   J   v f ' s\,y. WOtflPTON,
nipo K._i-irar of Joint r!4oek Oumpanies.
i>at.ii ni   riir.-."  Forks   tins 1Mb day >>t   \*��usrd 18B7
March, ls'C. ! ' .! ,
No. :tTti -111111111*1*11111*1*1***1********--
No. :!7��.
Notice is hereby given that at the expiration   ..,��,._,, ,v^s   \,T- o_��* tv     vm.  nt*
of on. itioiuh from the first publication here-     ' "vu v  ''    A'T' . l _*5LIV"   ^st   *-*���n
..-..-���...,.. IX.   .V* 17*.
iiiii.ii;   iv
Times. CipellB aid Pipes,
laiii Carte a��
..; ime hkmhh h..... ....  ...
oi. the undersigned will appb lo the Mtlpen-j
.inuv   Magistrate, for   the Distrki  ol West   ^��._,___ im-iw_,�� _at_ita_M  _,__d   __.u.��-
;v....!..1:.v.forall.vnM.tos.*llii.,noi hy  retail     Slocan Maiden Mining  and   Mm.ng
at the HJdel known as the "Waldorr^situate Company     Foreign.
���ii l.ot 21. H'n'.'k -. san.I..n. First Addition. Registered theakh .lay oi February, IK'i*
lnu..Ut Hsndon, It. i-.. iln- ihir.l ��ta\ ol   T HhRF.B*i CERTIhl   that|I  have tbi* da*.
\i.ni   \  l<   ItWi       H lined.* | reaisteretl  the -siiH-an Maiden Mining and
vpril ir.i ���->: M m.i oi'm r. Wn.i i am-.      l Milllnit Company1   [Foreign),   under the
'^Companies Act." t'art  IV.. '*Registi*atloo oi
OTnoi/Lifll kl    rVUIDITinU Foreign ''ompanles", and amending \.*t-.
olULMIULm    tAnlDI MUn. The b>ad omeeof the Company Is situated
^ at the City of Tacoma, In thc 8Uie ot Wash
Ington, I . s   a.
Th- i.i;nt- for which the Company i�� ���-
tabllsbed arc:���
To setjulre, bold, buy, sell, lease, work,
operate   mine-   atnl   mineral   claim-   i >  tht*
I mi. .I Mtates of America,and tn tlie Province
s-_______________| of i?nti-li fo sell.
HwiNt. i��. ii i..iiiini���i..ia".l by the Hon, syu    Ulili ��taoip.and concentrate minerals of ev* ry
n. \   Fi-lo r   Minister   ������!    *����rr.culiitrt<   for   kind snd dcecrlptlon, lo tbe United states ol
Canada lo a'lect so ��*s.lilut of British t *��ii la*    \mvn a. snd in the Province of British Col-
!,..-: tmidtiets, r*. s-ell .i- ipeeliiieiia rr����m the uml.ts; to scqulre, buy. sell, and tease water-.
biIihm in ii *>".<-nil -.. ti..in ..i ih* iTt.vlnee.l .H>vv,.,. wsteissltea, and water-rights, tn the
Ul- to Intimate that 1 will be plessed I*. re**elv*. Cnitetl states of America, and in the Province
trom saw mill .ui.i miii. owners such snnit>les as of BritUb Columbia; to procure, b.'l.t. buy,
tbe.N ins*'ileenisdvbsl.il foi* - nil Sw*Hten*ex M.j; ,.,,...truct. operate and maintain electric,
b'.intl ii .win. ii "i��-n-carly in Mav I tui-i n,t.-mi Bte��m, and water-power plain-, tor the pur-
in _ . \!ui.u..i- ..ill Misnratiirt* ** to lisve theirpro ,ww ,,: rumlsbiM power and light tor all and
dti.'t.t.'.iciiiiii��ei:\ not lai.rtiiin the wth but, evf>PJ ���tnd of purpose and objeet. tn the
i;.u ii. vii.i.n -h..iil.l u ill*tlnctl\ lalielled. givbig United istatea of America, and In the Province
n.inu' ..f article, rxhlbltora until*' an*l   locality   of British Columbia
wlwn i] ..nn.- ii.. a., snd If deeutetl advhabH) a *r-ne capital stock of tbe aald Conipan** 1s one
,i,  til ,i ii.-. ii|.ii..n tii.re..!. million live hundred thousand dollars, dlvld-
\- ih,' 1..H...I  H lliiilte*! l reM.-tiuiiv mw   ed into one million  live bundred thousand
pronintiM m [n ihenMtt* r l��> hiti iitllni" exhibitors,   shares ul ,iu. ,,ar vtllll(, 0f0Be .h.iiar each,
wh..-.- nmplas will U' forwsrdt-d free ol aU ex-      Given under my hand and seal Of office at
���Hn-.*. ii.'in N.in.-..ii\.i'    l he cxittutt of each and   Vtctorn*. Province of Brltlah Columbia, this
.\.i\ iinlix iiiiuii c4* company will be an advertiasa  gQthdaA of February i*"T.
in, nt I., th.>��c in.iklni' �� mwMmjmmm}!,, ������������   "'��*.**   \\.,.., i,.s
i.. -
Won. um r, V|.iil t. i-������".
^^^^^^^   S, V. Wool ION, ^^^
Keclstmr of Joint Stock Ootnpan ea
April 3rd, lsoT.
l^rf Sandon Fir.*-   Department.
Below w��* print a statement <>f the
ntvij.ts and expenditures of tin*
local fire department. It will is*
n*��lk****l that the K. '*% 8. railway ami
the Government did not contribute
anything towards th*. prevention of
lir*' in the Si.-can's landing town.
K. M. BnndUandsdeannreaa pension
i".*r the time and trouble be lias
taken in gathering in th*1 money i����r
this worthy cau-e:
BV SOB��atttPTIOS ..
I M Harris  C 100.00
E K Atherton      40
Kenter**! HoRinnoo     4U
MaeDonaM Br.*.       40
Thistle Hotel       15
Koht.  Cunning....     J')
Chiiholm * McKay      15
John Buckley      -to
Swftser&Mc  iusky     30
V Hums       10
T Brown a Co....
Moore ri Hia**!-:
Slocan News Co...
E II Sandiiand*...
Crarwford A Co....
(J M Speneer       2 >
J C Hayes      lo
Cnnun inga &Co���     K)
W K BnteherOrj   .     15
.1 Blebon       10
K A Cameron      10
F J   iMialdsdi       10
Raymond King���     SO
CM Wilson...      10
J K Cameron       10
Kami <* Wallbridge     lu
Mrs Ejgan       2 50
N Jerry       5
IMtt- Bral      20
HByen      40
Bank of BC    ...
Bank ofB N  A...
8 A liighton	
B X Whin- c... ...
M L Grimmett....
John Ifiilard	
I) A Madill	
C rates	
a II Lloyd	
W H Campbell...
E T ItcQneen       5
Alex Crawford���      .">
H Giegerich       l<-
C J Matlock      10
CPB Kail way...     t*��
You can Buy SLOCAN  STOCKS Cheaper in Spoktne than In
Any Other Market.   If you wish to  Buy Communicate with Us
We are also Preoared to  Place Properties of Real Me^t at Any
S.   NORMAN    **   COMPAN.
Members Spokane  and Rossland Stock Exchanges
;McMartin & Currie
It matters lin!** whether or n*��
Mjjr. Morv del V��l was brought t
Canada through the eflbrta *��f
(Juehee Liberals. Wltal theeona
fry really want! t<�� know is whether th.* Qnebec blahopt will be
brought to their aenaea through
the effort* of Mgr. Mery del   v*al. manufacturers OW-g ���**���
fif��% (J-rcc.
2 "41
2'* i
Sept. 16, lift���Freight 6 duty H82
Oct.2���Freight and duty., '.hi
I)**e.  30   Bv o-a-.li    Crane,
Jack & I <��  500
March 6, '87   Bvcaah Crane,
Jack & Co   115
April    7    By    cash   ('rant',
Jack A Co	
Cost of drafts	
Exchange CPB cheque ���
Balance to Fin- Department
.-���'.�� i;.
��� iT
And Other [nveatmenta.
Every Repreaentatton Gnaranteed.
B  C
h   (i_*t*. of BmonmH Anmm, Victoria.)
���ha. < i|i��rn��i a-
Ami will haw In St.**)*
Children's Hose. Corset Waists.
ie ViEiB y mm wi-mm
Etc., Etc.
The New \ ii it acre
i iii v nn i.^i \ im \-.r  or
0 Stamped   Qooda and   a   Full
Q    Line of Embroidery Silks.        ^^ _���_���_������_���_���_���_���       _-_,        _���.   _-*���-_ ��� #���
-3_B ���-!.> at ;
KXTI<\\  I)K>Y
Now aoKtlag totiit. iiu.ra.-t ta.ii.-ittr.f mm*o**mI �����.ir>��ir��ti��>��> ma uriiwal ol it* my -   -
qeaHty *mb4 dtyntm. wlthwart Mm It��� ty, wtokUn tt o pata*< wi - i -
wr..|nl.        11 a||..lll.| la   l����t,-.| U. '��  fulU  ��[.[>'f^'.��tr<l %
Aoratattag ���>����� ��at..iii ll-mw��� .i��n��iM-�� iu.  i*itia.ti��ti��Mi <��f '.   I'    afamM  t ���
I��r> rt_nn|r*_riwtfrnrn laniaar] l��t ���<> la-.>-ni����-r ��.j��*   istk, mgsrr%��'**���'. "���������>*��� ���*�����>���
run*. rnor��-   thnii   that   ���������   no    'hrr ktOJOd. ��lMnrlnr| thol  U| ��u*t   '_.ia nn
f** a *    �������� a     overall "Hits.
|al*>0|t*|      OflH      n> f\t\n Hy t-lirntVrml mnmiy��l*<*t t'mf  It i^'hii |..rrmn. it mnuirn Ihr I.*-'    m  .ml .*! �����-"
ijll *i\\\     ullvl   1 CCU    "''n,"r''���""' !"���""*' ����'i �����'**���. *ii"i.���'in* *h-iuf-nj .-
Are being**arp***l by deal
��*r8 pnrehaaing their
���From the
Braclw & Kerr ling Go.
South Edmonton, Alta.
"Boiled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire f��>r Pricee.
Agent -A. B. (Jray. Helaon. B. t'.
It..\��! Witmuil. Im..- i..t, trunlc.l I.. M...-. .,   II     MoOtlM   A   ' ���>    ****>]    "���*
'Majesty, tbe* i-u���n of KogtaiHl  Hia ll..v��i l|iji,i,... rt:.   r *s , . .    m      M��
l.trrimii iliiua nir. ��li�� Mrti-.tt  Hi.   King of ll�� Hrl.imi'i.. III. -.   -.'     t;,,   K ������_   -r   il
ilia MnJ.-.t> th.- KlriK ..fla iiinarls    II  �� ������,..��������%   | *m> K Ing of sw..-,*   .   ��;.,* *a��.fii����.
!     I yi\ her *Sc beiser,
I  American plan. ��.'{.]SO per day. I
j European plan. 12.00 per day. [
Strictly first -class.
Ninety per cent,
of  Headaches**
UH < \i >n> n\
Defective  Eyesight
A11 ��� I  . ti,   ha r> ii- lu I   l,\   ���        I' 1,
' '.ill .uu! Iia. < \ "in
Ryea Rxnmla ti.
\��. charge made i"i
Mrs. MA. SMITH. Prop.
Do N"t consnli a tioack upoctaclt1
vender hul yoor rellanle.
Jeweler and Optician
G, W. Grimmett
Invcstiponts, Mi.   5   Brokers.   v
V,-      t.  f   r
Th�� Phoann Con4<sii_i��t^��� Mtn-ig -
1   nn***     1   ii*  ii>.
Ory    Bolt   Mini-q    ���****_    M.   ���- J   Co
l.iniii.-.l 1 1       ii \   1 ..* 1.
Nlkirk    MlfUBg   -��nd     M '
I.III.  * I  lnl.lll*.
It'��>-' II.    -
��\\|M'\.       ���        I
1 a<��M
Morning    l_-w*i-. ihr.-*- I*."*.- *'
I.< in. ��  i.��f*i   .,i   || o'ctOtsk.
Afternoon    I ���-..*..��     Tin.-"   !������   -
"'< "> h.    Niii.m.��|. i|i < i.'t-l.wk


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