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The Paystreak Oct 23, 1897

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BOOK il.
Meeting ol Citisens Decide to Start
operatiou )miM-_ilnte-kfcj.
Another na-rUnf of cltlten* wa*
l��� !.l Wttlnosrlsy evening *n ih*' city
hall to cirttslder tire matters.
t liarles D. Hunter was elnaa-n
chairuiati, snd on taking ****' ehalr
n^^untl a kirk ajrainat the tardy
actkin in the matter of building a
tire luall. A iwfaat was rt-erivtvl
frttm Thtsnas Brown, acting as
ut*a>urt*r of *hr tr*otnt*Utie<r to colli*et
itm.lv staUnif Utat ahout 4*111 waa in
aight, ami -afVeral   p*t��3��i#le vet to see.
M  I. (ihinmrtt and K  M. Saudi
Umi*. of tlte wasiinitttt.*. aaid they
WQttki  clone tip the matter of eollec-
tion* at <!���********.
I'll-. t|tinr*Uait wa* asked how much
it��ti Ja***n i-eeedvod from tin* leetare
hv Profe**** Cwnper <m t >,-*.,����.r *nh,
half ����f diet ur-.-c-t~tnU.tf which were
to g*. to the rami. Xo om* oreai*nt
was aMe to give Uie information.
Tii��ma* Hrtisrn was t*4ected seer*'
urv tiT?sv*��rer of tlw flrr d*��|**rt
ist-nt- Charles b. iiuu-r. William
������.wlrow and J.M. llarrb were *A**e*-
rtl a l.miding eouitmtu*. to build
iht Hn' hall. A olao wa* almwn by
(i.tif Xeil RajnnniA, pN**nmU*ig a
handsoms front ����f I*, fret. twotfeM-k**
high, uo Reeh asentte, adjoining the
Ham* hhtCaV, with 20 ftvi depth and
a i..��rrr 52. \m*% higti In Ute rear,   He
���itravalinf. ' Uta
tee was s*t*twjr_w*d to pnrehsae sa
much Itosanstbe i-tatds on hand,
-tVr potUng wm the tail, wonld war
The ftre dsnartmom arnfww giv
toe b gntai  hall   TftsakagivUg
rvtnjitgftjr  the  *j��niT*,sw*^hnvitv
father ��ippliea.
Accident at Reco Nine.
\Vi*tltit��adav morning, shout 10
�������� clock, as Hugh Mcl***od wa�� work
ing in Xo.t tunnel at thc Kir*-mlm-.
Jtlartit 50 tWt Irofti the fsee, a eave*
i�� ���-Kurt-ad which eompletely buried
him. The relief partv, on getting
aaav the rock, fonml ulm doubled
with his head .mtween hia feet,
it* U'ft arm was broken juat above
thi* o'lhiiw and the bom* p^arudrd.
lb waa also bruised about Um oodv
snd ankles were badly t*praioed.
lis waa brought down on s stretcher
snd i* at Ute Palace hotel. Tin* Injuries sre painful but not danger-
'*.���������. (Inly the fact of hia Mug *
very powerful man saved hi* life.
To Build a Trail to ths Idsho.
V project Is on fo.it to build a trail
jroru tlie Wonderful mine t<�� the
Malm group. The east i* ostimated
���i tils). An easy grade can I** hail,
snd it would he Ute mean*, of draw
��n��t* the trade of the Urge number of
��en employed on the Ulkbo **''���*',u
wit to Hamlon.
<���-    ii  m ��i ���     i alii i .m*.
the Nam Water Sustem.
Two car loads of pipe wen* -received this week and are being put
in for thc additional water system
H��e water will be taken from below
thosincaii pAjmm t-*-mc��ntrator, snd
the piiMa ft^iftnded Ute (till length of
wtcan Star street*   Kite lire plug*
will be put in from which any part
of Keco avenue can he resched from
the rear. A plug will alV, be put in
on Uk* K. tt 8. tracks, below the
church. With sufficient hose it will
then la- \*mibie to tight anv lire
that may Mtns, Sandon will "then
have the last lire protection of anv
town on the continent.
Shsreholders Asked for Authority
to Mske s Loss.
The Stock holders of the Noble Five
Ofinsolidsted Mining A Milling company this week reeslved notiee that
at the 11111111*1 meeting of the company, held in Spokane on Otr-ntber 6, it
waa ibvideil that in view of the fact
that the mine need* funds for the
further development that debenture
bimia la- Ustuod to Uie amount of
|15i),0CU. A portion of thb money
Uh* Kootetiay stockhottlera are tii-
farmed, wiil he re-:|uir��*d to liquidate
Se  tire-ant iui|.'JiU*tlnt**t*. and wiUi
e  ltalance it in believed Uist sunl-
Cient  development  can  be dime to
Sttl  the e.jmpany on a sound  snd
ivklend im��> Lug ossis.
V. J. 11 "I matt. tAvretary of the
enmpany. afWr iit*tit*Ving them of
Ute above action, saya in hi*, circular letter, it is the opinion of those
who ha vi* made s ptftvsonsl and thorough examination that the property
Mimaied Ultfeiastvat !**����, HtHmling owned bv* Oh* coanpsny euatalns
���    _.._.__.. ..   9am*��M hsnttts of tnimwal, only need
ing tne jadlciotis ex|**enditure of
tnottey tt�� mske it a sneeess, and
while tht* results of the past year
have not been sll thst were anticipated* yet it is la-lieved that at the
end of another vear the conditions
will be entirely different and antis-
fsctorv t*�� the" stockholder,.. In ac-
cttrtlaint* with tint resolution pawed
st the tstt-ckhtihlers' meeting, an extraordinary meeting of the -uoek-
holtler* will la* held at the compa-
nv't* ottn si t'-lv. B. Oj on Satur-
dsv. tVtoher 3U. at 12 o'clock iioon."
The buainea*. which i* tticome before this extraonliiiary meeting of
the ibareholders at Ctaly on October
Kl la anniaunced as follows:
First To vou* main an amendment to the bv laws of wid company
u. la- known ��* "Article Vlil,' em
powering the company at any general or Iptolll meeting called for
that pttriKtae toatUhorize the Imr-
rowing ol'monev. executing pnmiU-
norv note*, tlelanttire lanida, and
anv other evidenee of Indebtedness
��h the oWigation of the company,
ami to pledge the property ol the
ctsnimnv bv mortgage Of by any
Oftnr form tif aeeurity to pay b��r the
monev liorrowed.
Sivoml To v��*e upon a motion
authorising the dim-tor* ��f this
ooWny �� rjorroft fl.io.itti. and to
i^m' defeature l-mds, or other evi-
dence of iuilehtcdiie**. *s the obligation of the company theretor, and to
,,l���lge the projarty of the company
bv ntortgage or otherwise, as securi
ty for Un* latyment of the money
borrowed.       ___>__-__--.
Vancouver. He has an invitation
from thc Mt. Pleasant church there
to preach. Mr. Menzies leaves Sandon with the best wishes of a host of
friends for his success. The Presbyterian (*ongregation here will shortly be supplied with a pastor. Services will hereafter be held In Virginia hall, which Mr. Harris has offered to the congregation, with heat
and light, free.
Rec. Meniies Goes to Vsncouoer.
Kev. T. Meniies. who has lieen the
iWiVterlnn mlntoter-in bam ton for
ilx months, left last Wednesday Ibr
A Trail Blazer cigar will lighten your cares
in an Infinite decree.
The ledge in tbe Last Chance has widened
out to five feet of clean ore.
Sice pleasant room* at the Palace hotel,
either for offi*e* or lolgiag.
P. Barn* a Go. are erecting e cold storage
ju.t belowCraarforl't blacksmith shop.
J. P. Frame return* I from avi.lt to the
fruit fair last weak, an<l reports a great show
and a big time.
Maginnis Bro*. arefuruUhin* their building
opposite the Koetvttay hotel, preparutor*,-to
openinjt a hotal shortly.
A new letge wa* opened ap on the Ocean,
below the P.yne and adjoining tbe Reciproo
tty. last week, which looks promising.
The Goo (enough have made a strike in So.
* tunnel. Thi* mine is now bringing down a
car of high grade ore for shipment next week.
llo not forget tha dance at Virginia haU on
Thursday evening. October at. This dance is
given by A. A. McVichie. and everyone is as-
sored of a good time.
Char's** B- McOloskcy returned aais.awek
tnpA a mouth'* vacat'on spent ia Victoria.
f_|*eys Ute Klondike rash is now reversed,
large nututrer* coating back, bat none going
A.A. 8*hl of Kaslo, who until lately has had
aa la tare *t in the faroishr* basinese of II J.
ttobert-r-.il 4 Co. ef **andoa. has retired from
ihe same. The baalBHS is now owned esclu-
aively by Mr Bobertsan.
*���. P. M-.-Eachr.ui. manager for Cant. Moore,
came ep from Spokane Thursday, to look after
their interests here. Oapt. Moore has Ireeu
given control by the court of the stock of
goods at the store at the Idaho concentrator.
U. W. tlrlnt met t. the Jeweller, has purchased
tl-steak of VV Ha Her. who has left for his
heme In Pncatello. Idaho. Mr.OrimmeU has
ewplare.1 B S. Wilson, an etperienced watch-
maker and jeweller, to have charge of the
bench work.	
Silcer Quotations for the Week.
Monday, Oct. 18,     -     - 58|
Tuesday. Oct. Ill, -      -      581
Wedneadav, Oct. 20,
Thursday, (let. 21,       -      *      ti
1-rUiav. Oct. 22,      -      -      -   5J1
Lead has n'liiained throughout the
week st I3.7.V	
Celebrate Gatj Fstckes Dsy.
The Sandon lodge of Orangemen
are  making preparations to celebrate (iuv Kawkes day and the (run-
Kwder  plot,  Noveml��er5,  with a
Pleasant Dsnce st Spencer's Hall.
Tho social hop given last evening
at Spencer's hall was well attended
and wsa a verv pleasant affair. Mr.
Spencer intends giving these dances
wecklv on Friday.	
A Large Psrta Visit Ssndon and Are
Faoorsbltj Impressed.
Sandon was visited , last Saturday
by an aggregation of capital from
Eastern Canada. The party included Sir Charles Tupper of Ottawa,
Sir William C. Van Horn of Montreal, P. Ashworth of London, Eng.,
J. H. Susman, R. B. Angus, E.
Clouston and James Ross of Montreal, Z. A. Hamilton and W. B.
Lippman of Winnipeg. The party
represent millions, and were favorably impressed with what they
learned of the mineral wealth of Slocan.
Sir William Van Home, president
of the C.P.R., said his company
was fully alive to the future possibilities of this section, and would
spare no expense in giving shipping
facilities to every part of Slocan. He
would not confine himself to any
definite project, but said it was Uie
company's intention to have a line
from Robson to the Fraser river,
through Rossland aud the Boundary
country, as soon as possible. He had
no intention of buying the Kaslo A
Slocan railway, but needed improvements would be built at Sancton as
soon ss matters in dispute could be
Aii i nfttspil
Sir Charles Tuppes is interested in*
several properties in Uie* ja^iocsUtvlMtv,
is giving most of his attention to his
Rowland mines, te 'wW^^ilB^
great hopes.   The ��-jj*fei*naWWnst
giving much attention topo-fitfcs.
e* is not a wealthy man, but is determined to be in that class before
leaving British Columbia.
R. B. Angus. E. Clouston and
James Ross can each swing as mneh
capital as is necessary for any enterprise, being among the wealthiest
men in Canada. Tney were given
some figures of Sandon's mines that
surprised them* and it is safe to say
that their influence will be favorable for inducing capital to these
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August I to October 21, inclusive, 1897, were as follows:
Slocan Star,
.    1,550   tons
.      . .2,380
.    3,540.
Idsho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Boy,
. i   ���   *>      aa
'.**���{      ***%
-      -        12
Freddie Lee.
.       .         16
Mt. Adams,
-      -          9ft
Silcer snd Lead Prices.
The fluctuation in the price of silver Is still
remarkable for so staple an article. The ten.
.tency now, however, is staadily npw*rd The
l���_l trust seem, to have again got their
lutehe* on the lead market and will try and.
8,8881 tons
Ore shipments for the week from
October 15 to 21 inclusive were as follows: Pavne283, Ruth 165, Slocan
Star 75, I*foble Five 15ft, Pirate 1}*-
K.AS.   Reco 50, AJax 15-C. P. R.
We are In the lead with the |_
.., ,, _*,,,��� ta, corv business.   Come in and get our
!_:tr^v*r.^ ���*��*��>���*��*���
British Cotamhia Lets to Tktt Effect Holds Good.
Vkjtobia, B. C, Oct. 19.���A spe-
cisl to the Times lYom Ottawa says:
In the supreme court today an appeal against the constitutionality of
the Chinese underground exclusion
act of British Columbia was thrown
out. The court held thst it bas no
jurisdiction. This decision sustains
the net. The endeavor to quash the
set wss made by parties who desire
to replace white miners with Chinamen. Tbey were opposed by the
miners' union, the provincial government and other mining companies.     ' :	
Who Km* Fred Rioette?
The following letter has heen received by John Buckley, proprietor
It snows a
-   T
of the Clifton house,
mother's longing for her boy, and
should remind many sons of the psin
and worry they cause at home by
neglecting to write. Its pathos is
intense. Any one who Is able to aid
this mother will do so at once:
Sand Lake, October 6.
Dear Sir: You will see I have
taken the opportunity to write you
once more ana hope it will not bother yon, but! want to know if yon
know what has become of Fred Ri-
vette. Please let me know and
oblige his mother. It worries me so
I can't sleep at nights. It is seven
months since I last heard from him.
He wrote the 8th of March snd he
was then In Kaslo, B. C, and he
told me not to worry and he wonld
write once every two months. I answered it and nave not heard from
him since. I have written to the
postmaster and to Adams Bros., and
received letters from them both, saying that Fred had been there some,
time ago, but could not And ont
where tie wss now.
I tell my husband that I know be
is dead, for if he was not he would
write to me, as he knows bow I worry for him. So, tf yon know where
he Is, or know any one in your town
that does, please let me know, snd
please see tbe postmaster of your
town and see if he has any mall
there. My folks think he has gone
to Klondike, bnt if he hss he never
will live to get there, and I don't
think he would start alone without
he had friends to go with from Ssndon or Kaslo. Please let me know
if we can get mail from Klondike.
They say here we can't, only once
in six months. How far Is it from
British Columbia.
Please let me know something
about him, if yon know anything;
if he is dead or anything else tbat
may have happened to him. If any
one from your town knows what has
become of him I would be pleased to
hear from them, for Fred is missed
in our home, and the longer he is
gone tne worse I feel I miss him.
The 4th of tfcis month was his birthday; be wss 25 years old.
I wiil close, and hope to bear from
ou, and many thanks forthctrou-
le I make yon, from
Mas. Joe Rivette,
Kent 00. Sand Lake, Mich.
Box 2.
P. B.���Now, If yon know bow to
find him, please do snd oblige Mrs.
Rivette, snd we will pay yon for
your trouble. I hope to hear from
yon. I think I will, for I see by his
letter he knew more people in Ban.
don than he did in Kaslo. I wrote
to my bnHher in Aberdeen, Wasb.,
to see if he knew where Fred was,
and he wrote to Kaslo, buteaild not
hear from him. How far ii Sandon
from Aberdeen, Wash? If yen ever
go there call on my brother; his
nameisCharUe Delta*, and if you
ever come to Michigan call on us.
', , i ii, i    ii .i i ���   -���- ���-! inirfiitT-
A boot iitcorpocsuon.
Manv inquiries are being made
about the matter of inooniorsUng
Ssndon. M. L. Grimmett, who Is
acting for the committee, recently
explained how tbe question stands.
He said all the papers were now in,
and the matter rests, with the gov
ernmsnt. There will probably be
no action taken before the tirst of
the year. If the city was incorpor
atetl now and officers elected, they
could only hold ontee till the end of
this year, and then a new set of oul-
oers would have to be elected. The
expense of two elections so close together would not be advisable, and
the government will probably so
consider it.
Report on the temeroalaa.
J. R. Cavnrasron with G. D. Turner,
the well known mining engineer and
manager of the Wakefield mine oo
Four Mile, returned from Lemon
creek this Week, where they went to
look over the Cameronian group.
They report the outlook very bright.
One hundred tons of ore are now on
the dump, and 500 tons blocked out
in the tunnel. A rawhide trail Is
finished from the mine to Slocan
City, snd as soon as snoweomes
shipping will commence. The Iron
is being laid on the railroad to Nelson, ind a rste of tlS.65 for freight
ana treatment at the Hall mines
smelter hss been made.
New York
Brewing Co.
Dreycr A Hotfanekr,
W* arc new twptytytag all
S*s****a  immrwaWm aVassj**ew WeWaa  w*wSmt4ytf*mmy.  gm^mwytW*
Oar h*e* la atoolototy pon ae4 e^nal to any
Was* made ta Ctassda. We aa* nethiac Seal
���____-. It a mil Jm���
eaeesewwa, taesw *m**temmmwm
Tko mnwm*y la eooapteee 1st eseey awl ell wtta
all ta* latetrt t*mpr-avsm**te.
Emporium of Fashions
neve rsrosveo a nnaatpamsitt of t_��
lataaS alalaa ta
w*a*^^pew-p w^^^ **m*n mg0)
t-etUaa* farataStstat*. ftaa **ii. Hw-iert
fmrwmmtjamd o*mryil*at*m la its* taw mi b
s\t\t***A*ty evevntwd la the Saeat ��i, u, .f tu
*V-___..*r__fftr *...*.-.-.
We aseaiaal ta tot* ta el tie* aa4 all . rt
���aliaetetl la a* anil t********e oar *mmeim\ ��H*t��
Mrs. o. M. ooooirr N
���era Ave . ***.,t.-.ti
tsta Charts
ef Esterer
Wfoee yon buy your winter Mackinaw see our ���'Csrso Brand." We
guarantee these goods and have the
���ole sgency for them.   Hunter Bros.
Notiee Is hereby given that we are
the owners of the Hotel Bartlett
building, but are not reewntalble for
any debts contracted In tne management of the hotel.
 BaBTLtvTT Bnos.
Town lots and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thomp/iox, MrrcHKu. A Co.
Johnstone A Haines have Just received a carload of Gurney stoves.
iiraoMiswura,  *
Gold sad Gold Oies Melted. Re-
aaed sad Bssarht.
P.aSssi-NH*     SfMhsne, Wsstv
ef lmpe**nveWas>aSlaa*rs
���-tttLvxa mux^{^J"**-**' mxm
StW^tot^Wlsya ^fe^^^f**")
tdad** tavata
TWsM ���wStlBf
#09VssW"jWt<eV     e**f*U>. sWS ���4%s_k, %
take aattlee Usai I, t>. aV I
[>. tttntam.pm m_taer*e
pany. Ilsattad Isebtllty.
Jr*e*-Jiaffi aral tot
Paaiaawtr. free sains***. t*ea*****V*-ate **o. an*
Haa fnst rarel-t-ad a eiinsstnmant ot
Ladies mm Carwfsnt wsslss Mittsss
IMUpanslhla toooanfort aa4 neet appearaiH-e
at this
Ladies' and Children's
Wool Undertoesr.
iateeat sltta Amy* (tea ttodot* aeeearf. ta on
plytottomlntoj m sards r ftte a saevtsWate-f
taaiatwiaaawita lot ttopai
rtAaZtmJM*A\*t la'to *natto> that arll-on ********
saetleaW tea** to rammeneed before the ton-
nee* Anrnk .ortttoata ef irs*^--w*��.**iew**
Itlssstatlsn ef
aa*leaUaax*r*-r*i*ea thai tto ts.--tarrJ.to
heretofore evtaifaa totween tto aa4atT_|_-a*e*i
ea asaaral ateveliawt.. aod -lalna *****'aaa�� la
nanrltm hi- thl* avto dlatetvd to mm*
ta^aTTa"*ltua>e alt oblafn*i^.*of\to *M
fine aa4 relies*! ell art-avals
Dated at Sendee, Oeteto* 1. HS*
Silks for Blovvises.
Mtttmo la toteby aleea_tl��at a t tto eiairatlon
of one moats from thaJtni ---abli^tlon here-
dierr -st*ai#tr*tstafor tto sUeti
, tot o Ueease to aA\Jk
by retell at
i. situate on
atnaaeVm,B.C.,shl*MtJb day of 0*.
aar*. a. Banoi^H.
l*e%���*������������������������������a ������t ta
VsttmlSW W* **
Kssn* AXU t-mtBSlaAYKn MIXmtAL
rtOaate In tto Meraa Mlalac tSt bdao *d Waat
KeeaesmysUaeesea. Wtoee loeatarl  in Cody
.., Willi*w> A. Baaer. aea-
eaoat roe I<aey A. Stow, fre* raleer's
to Mo.SSssVt. latensl. slslt- daysfraea
to tote at, to applv to tbe mtalnc r*o-
for a rerttSrata af Improviwteata for
r-airwo-a ot obialnlna Crown arants of
ive etalma.
Aatt farther tak* not Ira tbat aatlon. aaaov
���oetlon ST, meat to romontmad boton the la*
saaeos of sorb renin, ate ot Intproraotants
Dated this let day of Oct., UVT
flat* of Aral pabUeatioa, Oet. *. law.
Tato ootka tbat I,
tat as eaoat roe tn
*��_l>,*e_iw^S^rS^^we_Li   e_Pw   II
MMOTHY MimaAI. tXAftt.
Sitaato la tbn Sloeon MtalMlMvbloa of West
Sootjsstae_ UUtrlct.    Where  laeeted - Hear
aeate* that I. A. S.
Irate No. TMUft, iitl.
���Ntoaotkw that I. A S SaUton. free aautaVs
ty day*
s MlttU
oartinnata Of tmproesmenta
ots-alSeate No. **tss__. Intend, alaty dey* fram
tto data bereof, to apply to tto MtaW tto
Dated tbb IStb day of Oatotor, UOI.
-_....        ....   *a* "AfwnN.
Hate of Arst pablleetton, Ort. ia, law
Notary Public,
SANOON.       m gbC.
WIH to at Unt*M natss*-a*al. tn nattd*.**
i  HMHltav
irttrmsiK ajfni arnxwii star
Miaet*��lrhsl*n*.elt(*e��e la tto �����-**��> ttt-at*-*
dtelisiain af Waat ieaawaav dtstrivi vt her*
bsaotod On tto North Wmeh *t Vmrt***.t*t
-r^oeh end absaiSteaa< one bell ifciia- '-*��*���
tato nwthrw that I. Chart** ttaore
fc*Tti_ti iMN-hat-rhJTea^^^ra:
no ajts. eao t oarea. stessw. irrx
Si* s��
tr .* ��r ���
tm*man No. m**aa. Intend, slaty *�����.
Sate torsof.toapptr to tto mia��*-��**
tto for a tatttSeote Of haprt>*a(s.��t.<�� '�������
of eotatntna a ti-rwwn eraat .4 *k*
'tab* ��Mr*see ltola.ii-   ' ��� *"
���ortionSI. *a*M�� to *omntsers.t b*u*-    - ���
"T-T2d^h^t.x^al^, ,_K^*'n"
I*wmmm*****9 VsJiSW 9Mm M9m�� UtW mmmnpn   , Ssajri
ritat pnMtaiattoa. Sspt. *. taw
CsriHIsete stisstweweiwewt*
���*.��� aale tn itolSarstn Mlalnalati��i...
.'tootenajr dlstrtrt    Wtora !.��.*'���>���
town of Sannan.
Tato nattee that I.ftsjstrjtj* A!*t*i *������
I Vtr-.l
mtWa ^ee-Uaenle Mo T*i��n, a. ���**' i
W.Jrot*at*ar, ftee miner** eeetllskei* X
S0. and l> K. MeVny. fr**
~    " t da._
��� aer*IS>ai�� v
miner1, rami*- ���"
ijra frt����  ih'tsu
tt*t lit* p.iri-'*��
SO. and 0 K. ItteVay
No, 14ma. latend. .Ittr
torawt. to apple to tto tw. .
* rertlS**!* or tmtsiuirmant ,
ofolrtoinlasa**m*r*aaraniortto*>' <��� ���;*****
Ait4fanl��tHrUtonottV>*.iaai *dt*��-���   ���*    ;
mnat to seal to the tntd *Mnmis��lttner ��n*t
nrtloa commenead tofote tto l*.��an. ��� .t o**-**
rsftlSepte nf Impaoeamani*
Iintod tbi*latbdnvaf Anatut, I*""
tntts of firs* pttMleatioe. hag ti. *��'���
��� Aa ...
OeHtweste ef l*m��*-#e-��*eme"ta
mtaalalattoMoroa Mlnlaaditl.l..n ;' ��'�����
gtw-Atwmmt  dt*Ar**t      Wtora  l��rr*>'     >;-
PltotopqTtbereture ttetwaeatart*''''''"'
roar Vila r^eeaZand oa tltfra.'
RkVaotlaa that _. i^rTttrb. ���:'*"* ,���
T tn tto Hon. l**tar MrUfett ��� f���*"',���',^.
pMvementa, for tto tmrpose of on*
aomntrtire.1 M��*"       '*
f Im-
erown nrnnt of tto I
Aiidfntttof law
���aWlKHI   sPf,   RIIMl    !������     VIMIMt.r
���tMae* of *a����**rttnr<ato of imi*
Wt. I*''
SabaeHhe for the Pay
mAm00*00M '���'���;[$��� ���
nmw uasvnn ITKHS.
Ed. Shannon went nn ea Tuesday to
couiiut'ttce work oa the Nit-paw*
Donald FoiTttster Is hutt-din* a reaid*
,.���..��� -tt tbe shore a*. Blffelow bay.
Thi* new school houae waa oe-mpied
an Titi-aday. There are over ��i name*
on tli<- roll.
I- W Ralntsin, C. E, of Sandon,
weal the early part of the week in
V* I leaver.
An-.ua MeQattv-ray la building a neat
rt-ai't.ti-^ontheeortser of Sixth Ave.
ami I nion hlreet|
11,.* filot Bee tsSiefter is al-out irmly
do start operatloa*. The mill will to
attrtetl neat week.
A good **r.ke of high grade dry ore
it r. |**��rted on the Chatham, on the
North Korh of larpr-utrr
A |��afty of sis hss beea omtiiied in
loan to go to the tUoodtae in the
*!*"'.*���*. hy tray of Kdnt.muui
..  \V lirtmniott, of t-sandtwi, .r-rrti|��tt-.l
tto j-ttipit ia the NeiiS.-''un church suit
.1st in tin? ehestM-eof Hev. I'oerell.
A t P It man ia auitviriiv (or tht
nun.tr lhat lleinse will ��lWtk nut on
*i.. j.iujj cars betw**��ti Trail and llob-
There are now upward* of &f��i lartif-e
"ii tiir> eh-rtrk light ��y*tent. and new
��\tvt are b*Ang etntujc al the rate of **
a day.
A j-r*4 o0h��i* tot��*p��-��uJ.l��*.i��'��l attJ^�����
iU'v, .m Hot Spt**lee>.   An .���x.j.r.-*.* and
is. kH idTiee ha* already \*e**n .aal.lish
f*4 there.
I'aJtna AsMjViftMin hsa tht* lumber on
thr .���TOttiid lor a Urge lee hatim* a hieh
to mji titnct In the near future The
IrttiJdtitif trill he Utho a��th lwforrt
A iarjfe holler and hoisting work* m
'��� ��; |*ol An the 4rlui|rtuit mine. It
will be ta working order inaide �����/ a
week aad will be the llr-t Meant hoiat
on l^nit>��t're**k.
A *-*r����npef ptmnr-rtire on tht' big lead
bt, v. srvrtral tattee (rom   Arrow Lake,
sad ttmnisfto to 104* IM Kpnnjr*. Iia-
b��*eo   rMtntted for  $**,***}.    Abool   I
claim* are staked tm thl* lead
The wagon road to Three Pottta era*
"j*. iird bat Satardnt ami aevt-ral team*.
I��av�� made the trip over it    It I* rlaim
ed thr t-tntd la dattj-rrmi*l>   uarm*   in
1*1*,-*���**, but tsthere t**< it is all rtjfht
The tfeamer llnnter brousrht over the
C.P.K, |dle driver from ll^a-eher-. ou
Ttifaday. After doing some wont on
tho Ni'w Denver wharf p(l����* a ill ��*>���
driven fur the Fidelity pier
N IHngmsn ha*made many im|*rove-
Rtttnta on the old hoepiul buiidin*. on
With *dr*a*t. the atructure toiiijf lathed
sod itlaatered thmughout lie will
omip> it a* a tajardiii_T houae.
I s-veUj|im��tit ewk being put on ths
Mary Itiirhrun and Hwal ."rive, ailuated
rkms t., the lake alt-ore ��**l**een Nt"*
j*1 i��\��*r and (iooabery, ha* laSows uj�� Ihe
Wan* herrt(it*orr it|a.tir.l, tn arveral 000
Work on the car-ferrv slip at Ssst
bery   will  be  t*oa*|d-j**��.l   thia  wool
>'<Mlding of the ferrv I* well advanced
And the craft wlh> be readv to g** lot*'
'���������nmlaaiott aa aoott aa the KWnn River
" ��d i*eom|det-4*d,
Extensive Improvement* have la-en
******* in the log cabin in Uie rear ol the
����eord offioe, that lo used aa a jail. No*
���jotta have heen ont In with |a*e|��-hole*
jo "t* doors, sad other c*mvenmm*ea lor
y*e comfort ami ssfe-ket'tiitiit of tin*
. ',������ firay's candle and  anr. well
K*i<>wn In Kootenav for their omiihm
ion with lleinae's rsllroatl ayatein.have
'*'*'���'  making mysterloua triua l<��r n
;��'"K jmat,   It la suppowtl that tln��\ are
,,,��'' leniiette mine ou Wllaon creek
haa lieen clt^ed for the winter. About
425 feet of work has been done on the
Wage, and couatderable concentrating
ore put on tbe dump. Work will be
rammed early in the spring. Ed.
McCaul. manager, returned to Spokane
this week.
< Hit:rton  no��oao.
Vor aao.OoO.  Seeaa   Maaths,   Work log
��� he Wrttperif t'tiotlaaoasly.
Magtmii*. (lark and Brown at Sandon. iMitidetl tbe Chief ton on Cariboo
m*ek. laat Saturday to Pat Burn* and
Win Mat*Ken-tie, of Toronto, for 150,
<��*i. No (tayment waa made, the bond
calling fur coutiaiutua work in development. Monday ('lark and Maginni*
left with two men to make preparation.-,
for working thia winter. Neither Burn*
nr MarKeuxie havr wen the property,
but r��*lierl on the reputation of the owner* (or knowlwlge. of it* value!
Verv high value* were got lattt gpriug
(mm tne ledge A tnnnel 8S feet long
is m��w in. which jrivi** a depth of about
81 feet. It i* probable a lower tunnel
a il) Ih* run to get greater depth, and il
thi* rati In** the U-dgp the bond will be
11ken up
KKf.tttlll**i<.   KAaT   KOOTKSIAV.
may buv �� gold brick occasionally or
��ign a blank cheque and lose his farm,
but, as a rule, he can take care of himself just as well as the next one, and
generally a little better, if I knew a*
much as some farmers I would not
be In this business, and vou can gamble
on that.
"Why, gay, do you know what happened to me the last time 1 was down
inthe country? I got pinched, that's
what I done. 'I got mv satchel out in
front of the hotel in a fittle town about
���*) miles from here and began to do a
few tricks to draw a crowd.
After I'd made an egg disappear and
pulled a few knots open for them, 1
says: 'Now, gentlemen, I'm goin' to
ihow you a trick that nobody else on
earth has ever attempted.   You see
Dealers in
c 'llertfoandise
Tom Untgan returned last week from
a trip to Kaat K.attenay, where be had a
i*��od op-tortunity of inveatigating the
"��������entry'* rrmrurt****. t^waking of thi-
.iiatrkt totween tntlden and Fort Steele
he say* lhat there are a number of very
floe Lproaiavt* but verv little work ha*
tasen done tm the Sptllomathene river
bo saw pome very fine pt*o��)*��cta of gold-
copper ore, aa*ayu_g very high. The
t tuvemm-'nt i* now building a road up
the river (nan the Columbia, and it ia
rtreble mtusiderable de.elorttuent will
under way thia winter. 1 *p to date
it ha* been impoitcilrle to intereet capita)
in thin diatriet.
Tin* lown*it��' of Rosahsry has been
aold to an Kuglidi syndicate, aud A.M.
Itt.j.ttif haa lieen appointed general
:n��iiai_fr aa well aa ageut. Improve-
ntciita arc to lie pna-eedtad with mimed-
lately. A large nn-reation ground will
Im- laid out on tin* lake front which will
lie much appreciated by Denver and
���vaiul.ii |te*opb>. Kojiebery from its position i*> laiiiud In beeofbe an Itaporiant
Slocan kOWtL
rntaro honoku.
Amos Thorn|exm aaettciateil with K.
Hreuiner. J. Tatt and Angu* MottinnU,
ha* bondetl tlte Kriaoo claim. adjtiinittK
the Fidelity f<om Measr*. Williamson.
Holts and Byron. With careful exam'n
ation il ia hoped to ttnd the Fidelity
haljp* rtittini* dear across the claim. The
present owners started work on Monday
witli hmr men. Cabin* will be built and
mime very careful pro*peotits| done.
THK   CAUrtlKNIA    TO    MARK   A
Frank Fortin. the Wliitcwater |*ackei.
baa taken a contract to briS| down tbe
,tre taken out St the California during
tJ,�� ttaat tmnimer. Ten borae* are to be
put on tin* trail anil a shipment made
thi* week.
irth bas ever attempted. Y
y hat here? Well, well imagine for
,.te time bein* that it's a flower pot
tint of this hat I'm goin' to make a bush
grow up, and when I've done that I'll
make every leaf on ft turn into a 85
'What? Did I do it? Of course I
did! But, sav, do vou know what come
of it? Blamed if they didn't arrest
me and fine me 815 for raisin' bills,
which the Justice of the Peace said was
'contrary to the stetoots made and provided.*
"Well, I sort of had a hankerin* to
know whether tiny done it in gocd
faith or just because they thought I
was easy pick in ,and what do vou think
* found out? Why, the people of that
town hadn't paid any taxes for eight
years. Thevd actually been runnin*
things by pluckin' just such innocent
udlowa as me.
"Now, gentlemen, there's a 81 bill
in one of these little packages. Who
will give me 10 cents noa* for the first
-�� - e ~"*r~r w
Is t}ae Pioneer House of the City
Room 17, Black's Hotel.
Vour money back
H. Giegcrich,
^^^^B^^^^^^^^H      GENERAL MERCHANDISE,
if you don't like Schillings    groceries* provisions,
Best baking -.unvJer.
Agents for
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon!
A Wtlt VeV-.tr Who Was
���Daaa*' ����y ta*
We are headquarters
for Ore Sacks; ���
see us if you need any.
Neil Macdonald
hlul, sccordlng to the uej 0.^*0
ihe Innocence of tin
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
rh.cs tLM to 92.50 per dsy.	
Headquarters tbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Ave., - - Sandon' BC THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON. R f\s <s*T.��BKII '��, ��**?
��� -���������������
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded curing the
week ut the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve ��� were
ss follows:���
Oct i v-Ontario, Tayn Ml, J L Ryan; Foltoo.
taiiu-, diaa French.
Oct i��-M��rnrHt��. Wltan, Jaa Smbba; Bonanza King rrwtlou, NoUe Klve Ml. Ivan E
WarS? MeMeFlve WnrtAm.matm, aanw; Maw*
EPiacUoe.aanie, Oeo B MtDoiiitld: KiRivllle
FracUou, ruHoe, F C Baker, World* Fair, asine,
Oct IS-Bee Bn, Goat Mt, laattella Irvin.
Oct 19-Laat Link. New Denver, W S Taylor,
Rotael TbOLnpeon, J D Tett.
OCT IS-Lee**! Tender. Uttlted.
Oct 14-Oolumlrtu Na��,Cattioa&te King.
Ocr 15-Cwe-eueti*, Twill-Hit, Grand View,
Climax. Go-pher.
Oct lS-Wlaton, Noble Five, Bouanaa Klnc,
WorkTa Fair. Knoxtilfc. Maud B. Lake Mew Ko
19, AUmeda, Alpha.
caanricATK oa laeaovKaaifTa.
Oct 15--Emplrp No S, Bryan No 4.
Oct l-V-Fatry Qneen J.W* Swan to F W
.Same, aame to M Watson.
Wa<4ilnga*n Grsctlon 1, E H Thoinltn-toii to
Tlw WaiSngtun Mining Go, Oct T.
Dump FrarOon. M J Sweeney to Native SUver
Annie C l, W H Brandon to C Kloe****cr, SeK. *
CiK |, same to (suae, same.
* k r 14���Friat-o. M-***etw��et to sell, F L Byron
DjukM MaeMlllan, L F Holta and A s William,
son to Amoa Tbooipsoa, Oet 14, tt*jm.
OCT lS-Terre Frartton, Chas Martin.
Oct 7-Verklerk 7/ia, John McLeud to K A
Kite ', W J Elliott to A W Stobba.
Same, A W Stable to John W SniUer.
OcrS���Bawhide J,EBDunloptoJaekecn Bad
Charming Widow }, Jattoon Ba_a*4_f ta Henry
Beichart     -     .
Rawhida}, aaaaa to J O Drearer.
Oct IS-Ijoat Ledg-*. Frank B Townseod:
SUo-Unl, Henry PUlkab: Ltd Ax. mam:
Wandering Goal. Henry NSetigaie: Ella May,
' Oct 14-S��anley,8 Weeaa.
Ocr LS-SmxS Hopes Fraetlonal. Aag Schoeler
Mo 9   Iron Ceown, Lo-me
Thors Mae4oaald.   Clara,
falt*t. Smmx
Oct 14���Beveaee.
OCT 14 -TtrUlght, TwOlgBt No f.
Oct ll-SalkU, P J LUaer to Aag B Meyer.
S��.|, L P PateVeon to J W Caldwell      7
Silver BeU Fnettrm, W Hanaoe and K L Bar-
net toO 0 Laieeee, rlf*��t.
Ocr U-Bbck Fox, Daisy aedCaUf.>rnU, J D
Porter to Henry Croft, mjxo.
OcTIS^MableCl, D A Bolton to Chaa Gray
I) A Kendall, SfiS.
W-t.BS?' **** -S?6.*1 9��** b r Townseod
and H Plttkahn to W J Adams, hn.
Handy and Arguay IM, H S Dnprey to W J
MornincBIrd 1. J Smith to F Manuel.
HiddenTreeeare {., A Maanel to J Smith.
MorolngBaU |, Jaa Jralth to F Claim.
Hidden Treaisn**. same to nam*
Four Grown. Motile Fraaar to W J H Holmes.
. l.*7*.��!fi'l-��*ii***\*md.RutB*'���*""���boa**'******-
Itald Mr D maid et al to Leila Burke.
Same |, Norman MacLeod to Lout* E Booker
WIU Va* Change fast* Um OoM eta-**,
erd Nor Ra.*agnlsa Silver.
Ijodon, Oct. 1H ���The British cabinet
this morning held its first snntial meet
ing st ths foreign office. Premier
Ssllsbnry preaidetl, snd all the ministers except Lord James, chancellor
duchy of Lancsster; Viscount Cross,
lord privy seal, snd Mr. Walter Long,
president of the board of agriculture,
were Ih attendance. The i meeting
lasted tiro hours.
It Is underatood :the question of reopening the Indian mints for tbe free
eoinsge of silver was not decided, but
the matter was discussed and will shortly form the subject of farther communication between the chancellor of the
exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks Beach,
and the United States monetary cout-
iiiiseiou. It is believed the Britiah government has reached a decision not to
enter into the international monetary
conference. Further meetings with the
American commissioners will be held
simnly because they have been previously arranged, as cabled last week.
Metiaages received from theAtnerican
commission say they have -received no
information with regard to the action
taken at the cabinet council today, but
they hear thst s statement will be
issued next week to the effect that the
government will make no suggestions
to the Bank of England as to anv alteration of its present reserve. The government can not in any cent do more
than make a recommendation to the
hank, so the statement that the cabinet
had decided that the bank should maintain a full gold standard is incorrect.
sKsiornnAi. srATaatKtr.
Tlie press association sends out the
following semi-official statement to
"Tbe cabinet considered the-nihject
in pursuance of tbe |��le*lges given In
their name by Mr. A. J. Balfour, first
lord of the treasury, and Sir Michael
Hicks-Beaeh, chancellor of the exchequer, in the house of commons, when thi*
resolution favoring co-operation lu
securing a stable monetary par exchange between gold and 'silver waa
passed Tbe chancellor of the excheou ���
er and his colleagues still maintain the
position then taken, that the govern
meat can not alter the gold stamlartl in
the United Kingdom. But they have
in the interval consulted the'Indian
government with regard to the opening
of the Indian mints, snd a reply haa
been received which it is underattMKl la
strongly -adverse to the pt-opoaal. Owing lo the difficulties raised in India
and the opposition in other quarter*,
tbe cabinet felt thst they are unable to
give an immediate understanding in
regard to tbe Indian mints, In the?
are apparently not itidfcpoaed to enter
into further negotiations, and it is expected that aa the outcome of todav's
ct.hinet council the United State* com
misaiouers will shortly have another
interview with Sir Michael Hicka-lteach
and that diplomatic communication*
will he eontinoed with the foreign powers more immediately concerned in tbe
rehabilitation of -diver."*
������Against this the city nf Lsneaahire
weighs with its millions of workers; alt
weu disciplined,  raising  a   **rnssde!
agaiust what they termed the *t��tlbhne*ts j
ofthe London bankers, who asrotned!
to dictate to the government upon what'
is really an imperinl   question, and!
which they claim anal! be setth-d to sett
their Interest*.*'
Bavlew    ����f  tS*   Qaa-tlaa.
Loxiatx. Oct. 17.���The Sunday Times,
in a review of the bimetallic agreement
sayg: 'it is sn open secret that when
England waa asked to Join the bimetallic agreement the government replied
thst public opinion did not favor anv
alteration of the basis of England's currency, but having an overwhelming
interest in seeing a monetary peace
establish**! in the world.it would fie
glad to assist in the good work, and
basing its action on the resolution unanimously panned by the house of commons offers, which sll the liberal
membera of the government of Mr.
Gladstone offered before now regarding
silver In the bank reserve and the
opening of the India mints on certain
conditions. On this promise Mr. Wolcott
set to work. His chances of aurceas
seemed almost hopeless, bnt he succeeded in obtaining tho promise of
France and the United States to cooperate by opening their mini* to ailver. In both respects the unexpected
happened. The city revolted, tltankt*
to the letter published at the time, and
egged by artful newspaper comments,
an outcry was raised which rt-aulted,
first, in a meeting of the clearing houae
hankers, snd next, in s petition to i
the chancellor of tho exchequer. In!
spite of sll this uproar, we do not think
the protest has much Inffnenee. It has
clearly bore ths influence of elate ideas '
thst the government, whose duty It is
to safeguard the interest* of the whole,
was not duly Impresaed.
ftoo Pnciflc Line.
Rome to St. Phul. Chicago,
lvtn.it TonmU', Montreal,
Xew York, Ktstasn. I��hils-
del|rhia. and all Kss'cm
Unexeelled Sleeping Gms
on all trains, Ttourist Cars
to St. Paul daily, Boston
every ThursditV, Toronto
everv Monday ft-on* Kevel
Steamer leave*  Kakusp
daily exec** \l twlav. mak-
fngcl<s>easnn<%thana' Revel*
suike with train* for all pidnts
Last snd West.
Befbre von travel get infi��rniatU*n
n*omC.P.tl. agents as to times snd
rates.   It will save -ran money.   Aft*
ply to nearest rsllway agent or to
A. C. MeARTIIl'ti. Agent, Sandon.
H M.McGRWiOIt,T.P.**V..Xelson��B.C
B. J. OWL*
Dist.   Para* ri4Ter  Agent, Vanecsiver
dwtlcrs in
Butler. KjrgH,
(nitMwc. Apples,
Poultry antl
Cured Meatv
tla* taraest ***����}��r-it   '���*�����-
pLtaista  fta WrnW**** Cmmmd*      tit
��a**a>J*l**�� at*}-* y*ttt��i n-tw,
Ote*M*mmym*     WwU *<*���*��� irtVtJ
at "aebasa, tt, C    Wot **���������� *���������
** r.-J. sUraaati
Umo**mWot%etmm tU*t��bA'tt
m*w* t^t*motmt^*m*tmmj
,. ajmn '������ a_a��_ae*8aa��
saw .?**-. L>tetigijiw.<**w��<>Lt��Mii-*. Oinm-gniiMMmAmM
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining snd Stock llnikem,
Sole Affcntts for Bale of Treasury Stock.
������������*'���"���":��� ******
' m<iy~^&ZSZT��.
Hottd, In New Denvir, hss leen enlsi-pil
and all the rooms -jfiutered. New c<ri.t.
and new furniture throogbout make t.V home
a msrvel of emnfhrt nnd elegsnce. Willi
28 rooms, and its beautiful situ it.on tttnklat ihe
flnest scenery In America, this I otel Is ���� "
\*w*t\ in all Kootenay.
|il s-rnafi ivni��!
���    ������,.:������  t!  ..... ......
:������:��������� y
tf. ���*%*,
V farmer living irtear Presmtt. tint.,
i,*,*trts that be naa disotivert-.! heaw
....f.J-liesring quarts on hb farm.
Word has heen rseeive.1 of ihe death
..(K**m. Xeal How. the veteran temper*
.,>..> >* tosder, at hi* home in Portland,
A steam drill for taking out the ore
;,.i. been put In St the iron mine* a few
utile* tiofth of Kinmount, in North Vk>
toria County.
While wai*1--**f s-*fess  tbe  Welland
railway track at St. CSsttWnnea, Mr*
-.rah llennett, an elderly la.tr,  waa
unark try s U��in and Inatantlv killed.
YrmA. Oops, late of Stasoos, Oat, a
memlierof the firm of Or*** A Young,
alio Jdnad one ofthe earliest espedi
ttiMi* to the Klondike, haa la-en droa it-
* it-urge Mctattry, Juatkv of the Pear*
and t*t^mmi*st*k*��*tt**r In the Huch Court on
tlie Muneey Itassrie. near Iximton. haa
s ��4t��t***aretl sod no tra.-** of him ran W
U ,*���**��-**���* of dreadful \***oe** by ths
; ������airii.r flrwe are com ing in tleily from
Sl*miloh|. Many Uvea bate l**��:-n tott
and (learns of cattle bane perished in the
l.ieuM3��|. tlojiahK*am|rl*lJ, rreytetrar
oi Helton Country, tint., died awldenlv
���..-.* week white vtai'in* bis brother in
Iowa, the dsct**st*>��i wse a $m��*rijin*>ut
m inn tor of the Maa.tttir-orit'er.
Tbe aniPMrrment A Mr, 11. IV (MM*.
-���'lentous ehtttiiial lawyer of Caua-la,
w.i Mm* lily ltamaat, ttaojjtltter of the
��iia��er of tin Canada Uie Comj*any,
h vtotiton, haa been antiouoced.
Manv alto a fear short montha ap"
**art��*��f for tlie Yukon, with jt.yiul antic-
il��at*ottsof ir*a|tin|* a rK h harveat in the
E'J'I tWttka are new  taraing their fa��*e��
���tnrwsfd asidt>*alf an��l wiaer men
THEPATj?TB��A&f8jiKbO>i, i.e., (^(Wh,^ W/ \> ' /
,..!,! .'...l.l       a-. .    ... I "- '>* .   *    f         .    **'���_ ��� ' -^
Tlie oottrt StrMi����Tat4ters ol Muntreal,
a in. struck lass we**k lor hifheraMltfis*,
... Jwen notilb-.l that uni.*t lh*> com
��i.-Li>t*tf work wiUon twen��>-f.��er hours
���heir i-sntn.i,* will he thrown o-*hi tt.
I-out Cm*   r^omville. M I'   for Kui**'*
N it., i*an ronte to Varotrnvtr t.got it.
rtalloSss*j bis espedlti-oe to tbe i*tku��*i
���. t lie atrf ing     I le is a.~*��*utn;m��ht*l by A.
salialtnry Jttats** and <*. M.rrtiaier. of
I *.!.tb*4t, Kng.
���I JaWd in g*M waa the ������n*dt*cU.m last
��r-,k Irom the twiMPtanip  null at the
�����v* mltw. at Mine Centre. Titt*- is at
the rate of *M\ tnt ton. **\ I ��*��� * <* ol eon
��� tttratee. At Indian ha*. dl4a��vewd a
rich, Idaek aand contatnttifr tpM at Mint
��� �� utre.
Thei-amiseVot tbe Canadian Ituitl.
Hailway for the laat week tn l"Wptambe
��Jit-n eompsied wiUi tbe corree|*>mlin>f
)**r .si last ytmt, show an mrrt-aae c!
trv',.��W, which got** to prove that thr**
t" a tireat imitrovement in htt��im**-
" r..n|(h,Mit Um* lYnvince.
<ieo H. l_awieniv,a welikn..wtv ma*
�� >��n of (tttedph. committetsl suietde b\
-)....ting himeelf on Oct. Snd. Il��* l��*;
l*een aiihjetU lately to tb* ol dea*{*oritl
���'���<v. <min_*tobaviiiir ""'* wlthagtent
i'i��ny reversea re��***ntly, and Una t* prol'
*'<*> tl��e r-aaaoti for hM action.
Tlie famous Tsrto-tlreuit'r lil*el **uit��
���*iid��l and Mr. IJrenier haa been fount
wniivof the charge of libel agati'**. J
*-****���} Tarte.   The lallei  Issccunltnsb
J��>i����ltiitovarhis sut-.'-'ae. slUtough tl.-
'���asettS aays:   "It Ima been �� <l��n'��'
iHMttchi victory for Uie Miniate* -���( l*��i*t..
vv*��rka. and tieentergea (nun the famoto
iruil with hia  reputation constdsrami
Jamea lie vine, one of the meiiiU<n������'
""'^la-tllUon to tlie Klondike, wbh-h
"di lliimilton some weeks a��rt��. I�� ts n
turiMHl home and otmflrtns the scemtni
:>it t.iv j.t|i,!*.*h,-;l ttf the drownlns ol
y�� niK*l'atiarsun. After the loss of then
'''"" ***b> Ute party deeided to |aistpotie
'���"'ti trip until a|,nnu{o*,MMi''U,'Ue* ""*"fi
JO tlte gold flelda.    The re8t of ^ part
ftiJl n-mHin m Ute North-Went Utia winter.
Tlie Ontario Government has decided
utat it ��au do nothing tiuring the exiHt-
etice ofthe |,rm*nt licenceu to compel
tm A-aeftasn botdsnof timher limits to
have ths }*ine rut by then, mannfaetur-
etl o\ this fonntrv. Lumliennen have
*gre***i h�� eanvaae everv member o( tlie
(tatarm Government so as to have this
rsgulauon included in Uie new liitenaea,
whicJi will tm ifwued aliont April BOth,
1��S*H. * *
The atatamer Likeaide. ol Toronto,
dashed into Uie four gates at Lock No. I
on the Wetland Canal, canning mneh
damage and inronvenienoe to shippers,
temei owner* and alao iiM*e*attoting Uie
doMtig down ofssversl factories in which
hvndrsua of m**n are empluvetl. Tlie
lakeside wa* held by Uie IkimtnioitGov-
rrntoent until kind* were given for Uie
damn _-���-���>.
A great mn waa made on the citv and
district Savings** liank in Montreal, one
ilay this week. The crowd ol depositors
who fkteked to the (tank waa an grrat
tbat the Mayer oC the city was called
upon to idiltSSS them andtoaasurethem
of the ftrenglh and safety pf this old
lasnetal luslllnlkm So rsMoii for Uiie
.-emarkahle run can la* found.
Four men living near Morriahitrg,
tint . ��..trt,-l on a fitdiingex|iedition on
Oct. Tils, taking with thsts a quantity of
dynannt.- Two of ths men, Jim SmyUi
aitd Torn Ko����*ell, were in ihe boat with
thedvnamtte, when Smyth aa:identally
��lrt��|*(-5 a light and altmet inatautiy a
ternhl��* e��jdo**ii��ij foUoweil. knowing
������mytli to stoma. Fcwwadl was picked m*
l��y the -tljer men alive but dreadfully
W. II ronton, the teller in the Dominion JUrik, S��pant^ha*UH��nari-eft��*d
and charged witJi the robbery of fc^,"**.'
from the bank, l'onton'a arrest has
cesaUHj a very unpleasant MOSBtiiln, and
no om* Udievea that he is guilty or con-
necte.1 in any way witii the Affair, as lie
has alwava l-ome* an excellent charncter
���liSffSTSI be has been lo-ntcd. Hi?
mother lives in iletlcvsll.' at.o is welt
Fire broke ont in the broom factory ol
ihe Centrav Prison, Toronto. ><n ��vt. 4th.
while the prisoners were at work Their
.-fi��-a of fire. fire, were soon carried out-
ode and the alarm was sounded, but
hefors the nre imgadenrriv.-.! Ihe (tames
had tnatle an awful hes-lway and spread
Id the twins fii'torv. The priaonsn de-
WrVf mneh vrAttm* Jor tlte orderly way W
whit-h thev etmducte.1 UMSlM'fSS. 1 he
oUl less will proliably smottut to��*6sy
BlMttj: To;-Ae people
FITZGERALD A DAT. Pro'pS. * ,    JA# lj^Akwg��^y
''aa,  ';.
' ;Jl^aii'ft^2.^_" ���'
:   '       %S
.v jraV.W'-!
s    '-a$*
;;M; '.|g
 Manufaturera of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsapirilla, Vac., Etc.
Sandon, B.C.
Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
At *
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Many Itat^, racelaett' *mAa\9VS
from  ibjr Optical   Dkiparrtinant,��
Why not Yoo'":*
<���   -A%
l/nvtt S 00 A.If
.   Ksslo          Arrive, 8 50 P.M
"   S $8    '*
South Fork      "      S15    "
**   ����    "
Sitrotile's          *      * 15    "
**   S M     *���
Whhtwstar            SCO    "
'��� 10 OS    **
Bearl-nie        '      1 4t    ������
" 10 18    **
Mrtiiiitrui      ���     i as   �����
" 10 98    M
DjdvJuiutlon ���'     1 IS    **
trr. 10 *0   "
Sandoo           Lastve 1 00    "
Ua** 11.03 s.nrt.
Sm'loa      Anivi* 1t..V��a.n..
**   a��5 **
Cody            ���*     HJW  **
Tralflt Mitjrr.
Toe who have triad eommon
Spectacles In train, end satTer-
ed from eye strain, ceasing
Kervons Headeebe, Ktc.
It will pay yon to coma ttt
8 Alt DON nnd have yowr eyes
properly tested and Sited with
suitable glasses.
Tbls is the only remedy when
your trouble arises from Defective Eyesight, and should
be attended to nt once. I have
one or the beat trial cases made
andean give yon the beet service.
Eyes tested Free.
Jeweler and Optician, Sandon, B.C.
Doctor���Madam, your husband has
Wtle-Oh, doctor, I'm delighted! I
thought it was nervous prostration, and
that's so common, you know.
I carry the stock���the largest in the Slocan-
Kootenay, in show rDoms covering
3,000 feet of floor space.
It is rt*,>ortt*<l 1>V IhiiM' who have
JSSlta ths IritxiviT ibe r-wtil (rn'ii Slooan
C ly to the r1iia.liin that t\u> will bs
tin* best Sites ul r.ulr.taiJ in thr miniiig
r ���_���! m ot HrivJi OolumHia, because of it's
uniformly Ic-wl rt��a*l ImhI nml fa>y. ii
_*r����li "^^^****************************ea^^^H
UlUlE 8131
Kr in MeiiMS'
>'BU>nit*. AH*���� Urns ,Vt. I
-���nn.inlt.  _
(\,rtaaein*aa .___,.__.*' tvt v
l^red r l* ���inlnioit Line. 	
t/aMOttver, Kr ,,, \ ��� w*w\
r,.ilri*.fin��*nt UM ,  '. .
Klrtirl* .     ������
,{y>y:\v,r, ***.*-" ��� ������;
S'-Knf Ainerkau lis ���_____:
llSJfW^fc^'1 r.MMti
<4utittiwark. K* I Star I.il* ���  ��� ��� _���	
s,";'::::;:'ll. ... mv*^*****-
HM i*"-'   - ,   ,   n)   ,��,\Mm hi
raasMtp** 1 '���'������',;  ,.��...'t sia-.i.iiiy iom
**���* ,trlV,l",.*'rMli       .��     ��nV,*iUi*-��*.
23fjnSuauAAi,asaat,K.wi *���*,
or to X\ Il.t.lVM   sTiTT.
Qtmt I *���-"'"'��� .
v p |< I'ffl*'-. "'.>�����<>*''������
-Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
ottom Price
One lumdred dozen of chaii*s to select from
direct from the factories at prices low as the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical upholsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Ledge office,
Sixth Street. . New Denver.
Fri'ittht paid on good* to Sandon. Slocan City and all Lake points.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always in Stock
The Paystreak.
In toued every Saturday in Sandon, In Ute heart
of the ._*i*eatwt White Metal camp oe earth.
Sutecriptlon     - ...     f_.otiayear
StrleBy tn advance.
Address Taa Pa*rt-ntKAK, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON, B.  C,   OCT. 23,  1897.
Hers Is a chance for energetic,
money-making Canadians. Just at
this time when so many sdventnroos
men are leafing Canada for the
Klondike, willing to rlsh their lives
in a country of iceben*rs, desolation
and darkness, fbr tha sake of a band-
ful of gold dust, the cry comes from
the southern seas, where grow
citrus and tropical fruits of all kinds,
oranges, bananas, oocoanots, etc., snd
where life would be spent in comparative ease and luxury, in the shsde
ofthe overepresding pslm tree, fbr
men of brain and enterprise logo
there and pat their minds and skill
to work In developing that country's
wonderftil resources. The results,
it is promised, wonld be very remunerative.
The British Honduras Mercury of
Sept 23, makes the following pies:
" British Honduras sends greeting
to her brethren and fellow subjects
in Canada. Csnsdiana British Hon
dureans want to shake hands with
you. Let us finl oat whether we
cannot be of matual use to earth other.
We have tots of mahogany, logwood
ai.d other useful hard tropical woods
Wears overburdened with tropical
fruits of all kinds, oranges, citrus
fruits, bananas, plantains, cocoa,
cocoanuts, etc
���We import per year $80,000 worth
rfbeef aod pork; $76,231 worth of
flour; $6,000 worth of potatoes etc.:
$84,000 worth of sawn lamber, ana
innumerable other articles tbat Canada can supply.
"Oar wants are increasing rapidly
in many respects. We have a perennial summer, a climate well tutted
to Eoiofjeans, not so hot in any part
ot the year as tt Is sometimes *n the
north. We want some of your mental
tonics. Please come and see what
we sre worth. Some of as wbo know
Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific can assure you of a profitable
welcome. Now, we with fbr enterprising and money-making Canadians. If some of your breezy*
northern ozone can be driven Into
our mental faculties without using a
tomahawk we would be very glad.'
tion the St. James' Gsaette exposes
Uncle Ssrn's little gsrae.   It says:
There will be a feeling of relief
that Great Britain, in behalf of Can-
ads, has finally declined to wslk into
the trap which was being arranged
at Washington. America has never
paid the damages for ths illeged
aeiiures of Canadian sealers, and has
exhausted every diplomatic artifice
to evade the award, finally demanding a fresh conference, The Marquis
of Salisbury consented, whereupon
America calmly proposed that Russia
and Japan should have seats at the
conference with the obvious intention
of outvoting Englsnd and upsetting
by a side wind tbe Psris award.**
The Globe, commenting on the
same question, does not wsste sny
words in condemning the policy of
the United States, and at the tame
time speaks very highly of Csnada.
As a mere matter of business, it is
time that a firm check was put upon
the policy ot the United States In dealing with this country. There is no
cause to adopt tbe theory thst the
Marquis ot Sslisbury slmoef regretfully refuses to participate. In the
interettsof Csnada it It well to let
the United Sutes understand thst no
settlement of the question will satisfy
Britain which sacrifices a Jot or a
tlth ot the just and euuitabie fights of
the loyal Dominion ��� f Canada.
1874 when silver five franc pieces antl
E>id tweatv franc pieces did not cireu*
to together in France, and when both
gold and silver were not coined at the
French mints. It makes little difiewnee
whether one metal or the other or both
be in circulation if the fiuctiistlotw In
valne can be kept within narrow limits
Between 1887 snd 1878 the jjreld value
of 8714 grains of pore sliver never
avt-raired more than 11 OW or leas than
���I.oni. The range of fluctuation wss
less than live cents on the dollar In
thirty-six vear*. Between 187*1 snd
1896 the gold vslue of the asms amount
of silver varied between tt. 1 cents snd
���1004. There was greater fluctuation
In a week than there had tt-een with
open mints In seventy years Thst
ought to answer the queattoa whether
the policy of open mints proved a sue
eetm or not, sa eomfMured with the one
thst hss followed It.
If you are-*
Call at the
Thirst ,
Hotel Ivanhoc.
Keyset"-* Here, I thoujriit vou *aA
them new trou-aers wouUlnt shrink ? |
got caurht In the rain going k.v s, to
I the hotel, an' now look st em
Itiaaca���'M.*in frimt. ven 1 ioM vo��
A���My wife says she saw the light*Idem uonaera don't shrink. I meant d*y
all burning in yonr houae aa she came
home trom the hall st three o clock In
the morning. She thought It s tittle
It-A little strange?  It waa a little
doot shrink jjie-nisSneatlv Dei \,��
ttsade of a cbrtuically pri'i-ar**.' (abrir.
*o dat ven it negino to rain ywdoo,
hat to tarn tie pottt��ma np Veo fair
vedder t*eta ia, dey wilt t��<n(*tb.'ti oat
ataSatataat   Stsawtaa;
Fstalt ta>a* an* Batfc
*kto   assvtsvtlae
A; mcmometalllet paper ot the east
ridifules the remark of a blmetsjlllst
contemporary thst bimetallic coinage is
not an untried experiment, hut wss an
approved success through the greater
part of the lite of the bosineas  world,
snd exclaims:
How was it **an approved stwcecsF
Did it ever for one month maintain the
parity of the metals f Did It ever during forty years of its existence give us
concurrent circulation of gold and silver? If so, when? Did this magical
ratio ever do either of these things in
anv other eountry? If oo, where?
On the very same page the gold bus
contemporary prints a table thst ought
to enable it to answer its own quest ions.
The figures show the relative production of silver snd gold. For the present
century the outputs a�� given were .*
Hunter Bros.,
Heuftyttarteni for
Groc^rie-ri, Hani wart*
Furiui-.liin��*, Miner's
We carry Everything
Sainton aod Hfssilnoil.
sALisauav bbfvsbd to oo ih.
��� j.
Tub Marquis ot Salbbury refuses
to go atnintt Uncle Sam's game.
Grest Britain will not take part in
the Behring Sea conference with
Russia and Japan. As a result the
American press cannot find words to
express the bitterness felt towards the
Marquis. It Is claimed he has broken
faith with the powers, in tbst when
America demanded a fresh conference
after tbe Pisrls award of damages for
tbe seizures of Canadian sealers, Mr.
1901-10 6,716327
1811-20 9,079,618
1821410 4,670,444
1881-40 6,822,918
1811-80 17.0U6.0IH
18fib��0 f*4T482,ft.��
1811-70 61,098318
187196 14^,689376
If this table had
287,469,22* 69to 1
178365.666 48 tot
148,070.0tO 82tol
191,768,676 J*! to I
250,908.422 12 to I
687,920.m 4tol
829,*17,77fl Otol
2,518,984,119 17 to 1
been supplemented
by another exhibiting the market value
of the metals. It. would hsve shown
that while In the first seventy years of
the century the production fluctuated
to enormously thst in one decade only
four ounces of silver were ptoduiv-d to
one of gold, and In another the disparity wss fifty to one, the sversge annual
market ratios ranged for almost the
whole time in the neighborhood of 15i_
to 1, snd never varied more then from
15414 to 1 to 16.26 to 1. It would slso
have shown thst while the production
from 1870 to 1896 approached more
nearly to the mint proportions than
ever before in the century, the vslue of
silver fluctuated between 16.67 snd 82.66
''Concurrent circulation" ia not the
Salisbury verbsily agreed to it.    In \%*t oTa, stuxessful monetary policy al-
commenting on this phase oftbeqoee* 'S.^far^
Thos. Brown & Co.,
8AND0N, B. C.
Csrry the largeat stock ot Mens furnishings in the Shsssn
Everything from the finest dandy spparel to the working
clothetof the Miner.       WINTER CI/ITIIING,  OVER
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Ua
Dealer iry iMEATS
 : AT:
���UH Mssaaaas*
Till; 1'AYSTi.EAK, SANDON, b. C, OCTOBER 23, 1897.
���ssairaai.i ��� eaaaaiaiShsaisiiais,!,      , .__ immm,   _,  _ rM
r��� ��a ^*" *sSww. 09 99 watty   0m *ss**sVwwSjawaVaV
Able to Beopon   the Indian
^^J  Mints 9%, Praaent.
UiM*,s, Oct, 20. ^t4t)twA^ Seltsbury
a-.r-iglit -i.t to Amhasssdor Hay the
pj.plv t.f the iiritiah government to
ii��� j,r.|s*tals of the American bum-
bitlic -j--��*lsl comm^ston, ht-aded hy
rimnu-r Wt*tajfr tr dlplonuitkaUv
w,.r,!-tl note. Hi* Wdahtp says th**
tft.v.rniitititof Great Britain is not
Ibjr t.. rttipen the Indian mints at
atwrnt. lie regi-ets tbe Inability to
M,-,.[. wt the propdhrfs of the Aiii.r
M-.r.. uittitt-stioners. ureal Britain
b.t- a- great an tatswi***. as the United statre ami rVunee tn iwcuririg a
$1.1 j>lt par rxcluMtgefitrgiikl ainl *il-
nr a��'l ��** etttaipNl use of silver.
In il-vsa. circumstanc.*at etjntiuu--*
k��rd ***ali��bttrv. the Itritixh jr**verti-
ment dta** nr**W St* desirability Of
an iiit.-rnati.kBal jbditft#ry ctniUr
.;.-.��� lilt will tie ak*as>*<l tu t**m*4d**r
���nv other j*a***tkal t*4_ggti*atliii*s from
Uie I'nited Statta**,
brt Salialainr awl-ata-il witlt the
���.*.* a *���.*���**��>* of the statttttcnt of Sir
J u ��� -.ti.nnt, head of the rtti-ttKi.il
tj.*}<irttiu-nt of India, which wa* un-
OVr dt^utsa-aaji at tbe. meeting of tin*
raMtiit **��.iuncil last Hatunlay, am)
which ukre strerng grtmnils sgsinat
the pnitigof the India minta I
S nator Wt-leott Is not in I>��nd��*n I
ihi* t-vt-nlng.
\:.r..:��tB.adt*r Amltvw Whit** came
from iwrllu laat *%timlay. He ha*.
��vtri<it*d pulrliclty. bat Itad several
rtrttft-rttHii* witlt St*nstV*r Wolcott,
In th<" i^iuree of an interview with
it cr*rna|MtJJVast of tht* .Vaaaciati-al
I'M-**. Mr. White said that (.irais*
By* act tan as t���� l��ttu**alll*.m will d��*^
\*tA ujtuti England.
Gold ta Omiasca.
Vi.Ttmu,   B.C..  Oct.*Ji��    NVw*
h��* J��t n **m*4v��**J from Omineca. in
th*-, .rtlti*m part of this prrjvince,
<*f tin-   tlim*<Wr*ry of a new and   rich
et*t**k, ami  the   reittaine of Walker
*'*A  llathway atvl  Jim   ..������Wns.n.,
wli��. weutthitremam* nine vear*ago
awl hwi their live*.   An expedition
*a*. *.nt  lit  handed by an Indian,
���ho iiail  heen  then* several yt**u*s
hi-fiirv, l��ut  the   M-tf-nd dav owl tin*
latu-r   It mt hia bMiings.    However.
H��irh  t.rant, who  was  really the
ln��d ..f the party, with what information h��< could gather from the Indian,  msnitged,  alter a very hard
���rip. to And the claims.   He found
"hi- n mains and signs of Hath way V
and HoNnann's umrti*
They jirnn-avtitl the gmund and
ftaind |if*aa|teeta atimcietitlv rich .<��
induce them to wtakv utT claims for
all t.i.��a< interest^!, fain*,.!**** of the
if.ltl iirought back are ttw purest
���wn in British OoiwmbU. uraut
antl hia partner Intend to ���*|wnd the
wlnu-r on the new creek.
'���i.nit t-Mtimates that he can makr
from ��;H to $t* \*er ��|ay ruckiitg.
��hi*n the news of th.* discovery
sprtrsd, word was sent to all thc
���.ri*|*vt,irt itt tjam dlatrlet that could
he r.-achmL ami an old-tlnH* ru?��li en-
THT-t -m jottm, jm         :ji.-i-r
Tin* Velvet mine, SirCharh* Ross'
l,rul**rty at Roatland, ship|ail in
���"*���** of t��re to Trail last wevk.
���-^'atwiiir-SaiaiaaeiwiaTi pi.u ������ ���..-*���*��. m****m
'lave you seen thorn* new dress
l*uerna at Hunter Bros.? They sre
dtmllesl *   ������
For Sate.
ajvoiit ��� ia��>e*��r aaia>i*ted��anr*miialt.t.tLr
���a^T,  iTS*****�����?��������� ***�� ���***����rf S*�� VraiuU"
,.!. .   '"J"* ���*������'���*��� Ihwasraa..thratras. eonrvrt
-o��m��   Ker nartleuian aw_lv to
T. W. f*lltm��l*lt, VWtirta
To Meet the Increased; Trade Due to Our Re- IV ******* *n*m**~n.A*
cent Cut in Prices and Good Work the P THE *
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House Goodenough
WILL REMOVE Durinii? the Coming Week to H Sajidoh  B C. t
Better and More Commodious Quarters on I j ' \
ttAtA  nr.*twtr. uunaa me Coming Week to
Hetter and More Commodloua Quarters on   i^^^^
BLACK ST., Bet Blach's and C.P.R. Station
. ��
Our Work Is the Best. Our Delivery Prompt.
 I                           Our Prices Reasonable.
Give us n trial and we will satisfy you.
Finest Cuisine in Kootenay
Proprietor aad Manager.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
Enropeau plan, $2.00 per day.
Strictly firsWjlass.
Mrs.M. A. SMITH, Prop.    *
tff f ttvtf <*t
F-ey ����� tf *f  W  <9 W *9 mm
First Class In Every Particular.
Newly Furnished.
Mas. Kara Barges.
American aad European plan.
Finest Furnished Rooma In the
City. Beet Imported and Domestic W Intra, Ltqnors and Cigars.
Hotel Wellington
Beat Liquors.
80NGARD m PIECKART, Proprietors.
And You Will
Smoke No
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
t~t ttt per day..    ,  ���,___ . _���
Special Rate*hy the Week.
yoU A.U.K BY
Slooan Mows Co.
Wbt.lesal* *ttJ R**-*1'-
McClanj's Famous
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
Motal Workoro.
����..'l ;*>.'.
A strictly first-class hotel in
all its appointments.
Livery Stable with good (Saddle
and Paek Horses in connection.
Victoria House
Now complete with th. best furnished rooms
In th. district. All accommodations first
class, includinc electric light, bath rooms
end all
Modern Implements.
A nice, quiet, residence hotel, situated on A
avenue.   Convenient te th. depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop. 8
No Hope of That Country Taking
loorsble Action.
>**> Oct.18.^Tha afternoon
papers 'echo the opinions of the
morning newspapers in eongratulat-
ing the government upon finally disposing of the hinetfttlic scare and
expressing regret that it should
"ever even hsve seemed to receive
support in high quarters.''
I Hugh Smith, rovenidr of the Bank
of England, ssid today to the Associated Press representative: "The
bank is a privste company without
Any government control and is not
responsible to the government, ex
ceprt in the terms of its charter. The
government cannot issue any order
relative to thc bank's reserve. At
the same ttme tiie government is the
bank's boat customer, and the court
of Pernors being composed of Is w-
sbiding citizens, whenever the government makes a request we do our
best to comply. Tne government
must be presumed to know what is
best for the country.
"Tiie press has been filled with
misstatements. , The government
wss asking if the bank was willing
to renew its ofler made at the Paris
mooetary conference in 1881 regarding its reserve. I replied in the
same tenor ss the memorandum
which tbe banks told the conference,
though more guardedly. That is
all that happened. The statement
that the bank has been cooneUing
with the American eommla*ioners &
Kre rubbish. - Excepting what I
ve read in the papers, I hsve
-never beard of these gentlemen.''
The United States monetary com-
missioners have received no official
Information of the action taken bv
the British cabinet Saturday. Private advices, however, convince
them that the cabinet hss dealt a
death blow to their mission.
It is expected thst the commissioners wilt shortly be informed that her
majesty's government regrets being
unable to secede to their proposals,
but is willing to listen to any .other
plan that may suggest. Both parties to the conference know that no
other tpractfeal scheme can be advanced.
The commissioners believe their
failure means that no farther effort
for bimetallism will be made for
many years to come. They attrlb
ute their failure to the opfmsf tion of
the bankers- and of the London
limes. Until these forces were
aroused all signs pointed to tbe cooperation ofthe British government.
"    i -I .I-    ��� ii I.
Peculiar Wcddiag Ciraaoatj.
A Yery iesaari��ible case of absent-
mlndedness is reported from a western inining eamp, mys an exchange,
the maj-tafcte of the town being the
i- The Judge,
g lav a study
tP'^I���  ;_ ^^*r*0jiJ***
who had
for some
_L i ���_> a ��� ���* n ��*��
fi^ stjoet-w**'
Hie jud
Stammered in an articulate manner,
fumbled in his side pocket snd drew
forth a marriage license, which he
meekly handed to his honor. The
latter looked it over mid IV the
moment seemed to arouse to a
realisation of "where he was ���&.
After a few minor interrogations as
to his age, etc., he proceeded as foi-
**8ir, do you ta*e ��Js young woman to be vour lawful wife, to hav*
and to hold, with all the ��|>purte-
nances thereto belonging, together
with sll dips, angles, spurs, rights,
privileges and franchises thereto incident?*'
The young man, though evidently
greatly surprised, faltered an affirmative answer, whereupon his honor
turned to the blushinjr fslr one and
inquired in a mechanical, stotracted
manner, "young lady, do you take
this man as your lawful husband,
together with all the right, title, Interest appendant and appurtsnant
therewith usually had and enjoyed
In the prenuses, and every part and
parcel thereof, so help yon God?"
Keceiving a faltering **yes shr,** the
judge declared the transaction folly
and legally consummated snd binding oo sll partiea. He then swore
them to a statement that this was
their own "free and voluntary act
and deed for the purposes therein
mentioned," fined them 15 and ordered the constable to set the prisoners free.
      II  .        H     l I ��      I.
Miners' Licssses Caa beOWslaed in
B. M. Bandilands
thnd by Kecorder Bproat to issue
miners' iseeiisss. Consequently It
will not be necessary hereafter to go
to New Denver to secure a millers
_Ct__a___fia_^_______l _D^__al______aa______l sB__e___J____________t
naooernt   nauveisi   itaooew
We are headfluarters~-tnen*s, boys',
children's and ladies'. For fall aod
winter wear.   Hunter Bros.
Shippers and Diridead Peters of
m amBBP    _Ta>B'sassT*aP*tWs_P    mm*mm\m*nm mws**mm
Below is a list of the shippers snd
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
.       ����*i
code and ordered the couple totoUi
.an^WaaVaaatW aWnavasS   npss'l^p^pa*   m*****tm*m*0 a**   amw00tn*w aa, 0m*w^90 O
mtam unaa ^B��|Si>*a_sj^p_^w^Bawauaa*��a^'aa   m*mt0koi^0j0*mnm*9 m 9*4**%* SsSs^r**
filed n n
tice of your Intentions nnd done' any
sssuswncnt work uaon yonr claim
during the psst twelvemonths?"
At this Jttncterc the young lady
Unshed learlet, while the groom
Smart-tea Boy,
ommkna Oaeep,
I vet-hoe.
Platter Mataaa.
*a_rf*ts*_l��  ^TtM*|#9||4
Lucky ^tm,
xnoti oAd veaslsffoot.
Hearara STaeMea.
Silver Beae,
Itabjr SUver.
toaSoa Qtoop,
Oeteaa Tona,
Umdly Bttwhea,
SUver Ball,
Laekjr Bojr,
O. M. A-rttard,
MvitMoro ranna.
Moaatetn Chief
Mottle Flee.
Weeea Bey.
Laat Cfcaaee,
*r*ro SMead*.
ft. & Lee,
Jeeluon Oteap,
WeUlnattva Oroap.
O tody "roup.
�������������� saannnnnhasasiiii   liu.pr^^,
���ft# ���    msjl-saslwelf    a*W��as^sjj_^B-*n_l    *%m    mm*f*mw^mmmm*g\jMt*tt}*9mt%9   a**l>>lt^>*B**j*team    ^ffj
-Ta oar tiaaaf 1WOT* AKliSnOWa We have Watikt
laitei-r fee eaats. aaved taa s_stef*aa.t aad aa�� aide t* ait*
m^^-mmta ___*_hae ____w_at_m__ a* aa^___B   ____S*>   _kuSk
Opposite Dlnen a nnss*!, Hnssdan, lis C.
loooe notices.
J. G. Melvin
The sree��*B��s*je*-a
al0jrW0Jfm0J9m %m\w*t\t  *���**���
**o e*. awasai    -_eea^-*a
Vomtamtn. eea* wt
Aad l��
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
tm At*t* aiarav
The Elltef
la ��to all kioA* at
And Other investments.
Every Kejj*tt<sentotlon Gnarantfed.
"WWe**S��"_P*""_tlBB}^    ^ff/M   *0P
Stationery, +t
MofcMiits Advertise In tlw
Paystreak Becauee It Pnya,
���*sat*ektWtlssstt��srejr     W*rarr-tlW
*s4 ****JJftjsjsM saitWaa ������
*9ueefl Heating Store*.
Box Stoweft,
Cooking Stooes,
Ranges Etc
r*_,_k_, __,_____[ SBawB__^____>
*li,"tsHPpl UpW 9gtftrmmtam*r*0i
Hamilton Byers,
0. P. nOORE
Wmni Nteaet. aeer **e*st**v��r tmttMag.
l"s*si *mn wfotkat iwsoaaM* fete*. J*****'*1
attoallaa aad entVS twtmra* ea asm*an*n*
by*%mm*aw*,  Wrlt*e tee svealel pair**
fnitsifieaad ttatr*��eye       0***i** ���** A'ri*',
Cioll and Mining Engineer,
Jhrervtoelat I**ad **�����*������>��"
ttnale. B.0*
Mtaeral Ctalat* t*art*vad aad tUp****-*' i-p
���AJktJL AT���
Aa _____w___i   SB^ua
*m)  ���S^'aPaW     wWttttWty
sf ttards sad ****������*
t     t


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