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The Paystreak Jun 12, 1897

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I tic
' 3K!
SAM kM CODY, June 12, M.
Work It.'li.ir Puabed and Plana
lUtiMided far tt��e IMnmond
.labile* l>��y.
I'n j*iin��.i'��in�� foi* the celebration
lU Jan. ��. <��f tht- Diamond Jubilee
���,,-,. advancing rapidly. Tlte com-
iiiiitht**! nre --training every nerve to
(make ll'*' day one to ls��* r��.*m��*iiiU*rt��<l.
LiHleach additional day adds some
,,*.** feature. Tlie C. I*. K. will
make ��������� excursion rate of ll.'tt)
imiiuiI trip from Slocan City, and
|,ro|M.rnoual rati*** from intennedi*
r. -Mini*.. The bl# laait will have
v * au t ii v in the morning, connect-
ing with the regular train at \Umy
u-rry. Effort* art* beiiitf made t-��
m , ur*' the eavalry Itantl from 8po-
kaiie, om df the *bt**t ��tr*faiii_uiti��.inH|th.|>ri4t...f 0aa4aa
,n the northwest.
An  entliUMasilc   iinit'tiitjjf uf the
��� ���u��ii��Uu*ca wie* h����Ul last evenini*: in
ilie parlor of Black's hotel and re*
-��trted '.-'.-trr.****. It waa decided to
I .iv.- an oration and open air eon*
�����* rt by the Itttnd. The music antl
-tivertialtig e"tinntitu*t*H made en-
- luraghog ��*ejM��r��a. Tin* prtijfraiiinic
.'������tniiiittet* will have the full pro
gramme ready fur another mei'thi**;
.- the  *ame  place  next Tuesday
< veiling. Five hundred dollar* haa
l*i*n net aside for a drillinjf niateli,
Ut-a'hall and Intr*** race*. The
uu.-*uhiit etaawii*-*** have made
��lie Mlowing llatof prljr-m for the
��� *i<��l'��nlan *|a��rta:
First  ***-*>V*��d
I'/i-nt-     I'r if*.
I ��� ������ Ha.-*. in yard...	
* PI
.' Man. Rave*       	
Ori-a.v 1'ljt             ...      ......
I'i and tda
*M. *. litre. .<y*td*-.
1         ��
Tl**.* U'ltavt Race. I.��jmed*.
a        t
I'....**-"U.r. Ita*.   .Vi IV p��*k
ii yard**     .   .      *
��� m*.liW.T
v..i.lln(! Broad lam*.
?*         t
tt inning Br��..t lamp ..         ���  .
**' ��i..lm. Three lamp.
N           t
I*         a
log -4 \V_r.Sandon v*,  World
hr**..; iv.r
v   .. '.t_rr..w Ha**.   ..
5.       t
Iji^m.mc Match... ...... ,
Silk   W\m��
Sua l*��nv.rl��at��lim to r.l*l.rate Dominion
l*ay, lulv j.
rtit. i.ran I Central Hnhatat N.w m>nv.r i*
��� t"<r*-l nt. .waiting th. action at the ga*2*foci
Ths Hotel BartU-tt will Im (.|*vr* f*��r l>u��ii.e��*
in shout a meek, with 11 A McDonald i��r.*prl
**���>���** Uu.er prop*..**, to ral*. ��Sj*o tn the
IN**! i*. TUrtf Fork*.  Th. covernm.*.' will
a-ld  *i..iltirr   mJOBA
n**. union i.-mv.*r mooiiua* nl lit* sobool
'"���a- niurvUy-v��ni.._,��i-Uf_.>ly slt.u t. I
* -*>.. I Inter.* I. being .In.wii
l*hs wlfs of Or W 8 R..per. imni br-psabai ������:
 ��-Mti����a .li-wa-t.. in th. veterinary lin- f��*t
'hs pfoviaaa, .||,-| |��� Victoria Is.I week
1km M||.i���| kwukn .Uctlt.it laat Mi.ndsv
'"''*'������"l-*��. t��*�� m-.�� *how��d np. l.ut did
''"tliavstli. .��nraa*>  t����  v��.t.  ihtdrt*��iiv��--
��� i..ii��,
'������ '���  AH Haiifurtl of th. M��tl��o*li.l .lmr.li
ill hold M-rvic*�� tomorrow numilna at 11
' ''''��<'���* in ap-MOM*! and at MOp. m in t'raw-
1 "H-.haJI.
**��. ��vi,��., ���f u,. p|*��|ty����rian ��ttm>*h will h.
'"'���I In tin. .Hmol hmira* at 11 a. in. and at
iwiicsr'. outiro hatxm at IJti \t in. B.V.T
M*iuli.,, mt,,t��r.
Ths .ilv-r str*.u uf taan.lon U a literal r��ot.
��� *��� rv i,,a<| of Mi<K.n.n Htasr taiUna*. uow bstng
'M.H.irt��radliM|w,rrviU),H ^^x qnanlltjof
r*" h''M*. ��n Ronr*. of ooaHnaotlon si ��i*��-
��an City. w��r�� hlown .lown T����**lay. Hamelln
a I-��v.lltt, tb. owner* of one. will rvhalld, but
J*��rry"* lum*. will not.
J.dmE. Whll����tou w��, rti��Pt my ��,,,! co%u
la��t Monday fur aa*ault.
Johnstons a Halm*, ar. pattin* in a grnt-ml
���totr-tr. of hanlwar.. hwMUM hin*i.iiiiv���.. tte .
tipptxdt*. llw Wilt. Hoaa. h��t��l.
Tlit* l.ii.int.a iu.n uf Saiiloii wtll t��u*ler a
ha��.u,iM*t t<�� Hon K. W. r't-.-rt.. ��ttoru��yc��n��r.
al for th- IV.Miir... np��m his vUlt h.reabout
tb. jf ah in.i.
Tb�� V I" ll. Is ruunina their pa.��itjr<>-r train
(rum Nakusp to Haiid<����� aud return on Hun-
day     Tbwy hav. r,U. * ha need th. time for
-���?.*.iugNttudoii to s p. m.
A K .H**.,kinia, in tb. Van<-onvi>r World,
taajr�� tha* IftsHi t��S*>Siy probability that tht*
Ka.'.. A KJMrtan railway will hull*! into SMver-
t.*�� alooa Four Mil. Crack;
l"i��d*i Mayor Bis- k and Sirvwt *^p.riut��mt*
cnt Mikt- Bartlatt Brno av.nu. UiMcoinina
ll Uaiias.at'-d tbat tbe
name. I*. * lisi;_t-1 to Oalsaa lH.nl.vard.
Toe Wellington H.tt.l at Tht**�� Forks was
<>pt-n��d by J. H ll��->l*.r on Tut-aday .ventnaby
a tall. A larg. number of *_Mwton peophi
were in atLndanc and thoroughly t-nj*.y.*��l
ttitftn trj.lv**.
It I* rnmitf��l that Jwbuny Moor., of tbe
tvanbo. H..I.1, wa* itaarrttrtt in Spokane abuut
thrv. *���������**. a��<., hat hi. wall known modaaty
km i.rrvrnt*.l him t***tting hi* fri��nd�� know-
inn it.
l_%di.*, ��igh  inti more.    ft. A, Broddy  haa
t#pi<its I mo lor- rreaiu parlor, and i* rer-taiving
the lamon. Ha��*��>w��hm1 1-atry k-. rrenm trt.m
ripM-an.. \w>..Mh < wnf**��-ti.>i..ry a��a.giv.
to our s��.< girl ffsaa th. ba*it manuf.'-tureir ia
tanasvtisv. .   ft
Mi*, donnn.lt* Marrar-k. a notad *ing.r of
-Van Franctaoa, with a ttat claVs* conipauy will
giv. a div-M-aift-j-d rnt.rtainm._t lu Samd.m in
abont two wt*rk*. S*vrral San l.ut people
wbo ar. a* qn*lnt**-t with the lady and her
��� -oinpany *i��ak of ihem with unb.mii.it-i
Chlaf li'i.atabl. lUmiltovi takw. pride iu tlie
fart that hi. daughter E.tella Maud Hamilton.ti year, old. who l�� atleu'linc tb��t*niv��r-
���ily ..I Maniioloi at Winnipeg, ha. erarris I oil
tlte bight**! honor* and w*.n the tir*t uri*** for
*t-h*dar.hlp In tb. univendty .Xaminatlon.
Tlit�� itrite waa aid
Wm K O.vi.1. -author ol ��� -**h<��rt Bule Arith-
utetic and Accouuiant's Referee" and inven*
tar uf tht* prrpeii.nl < tS.n l��r. U in San.lou.
and iaat night explaine.1 lo ��n oatdoor su-
dtenre -omc w*.n*lerful thing* in nritlun* ti. .
whi.*h MH*i.ie.t like nm��i>. but wbkb he say-t
��*an ba le*rn*����l by any*��*tf. Mr. David's horn.'
i*t*t No vl'auii.ria alreet, 1'hiUdt-lphla.
S*..w thwt the t*Tttws Neat !*��**�� railrtiad hit.
nrc**t*��**tjl i* co. eminent aubaidy, aud 0 an r��-
���ureal Is t, there Lit feeiiiu* uf mtisfSCtloa
throughout Koutanay. Sandon people an* all
tntar-aat.il in<i��r<*. tlv! .in I aev.rai individusl*
direafiv. Oau M.iiu. of Montreal, who ).<t>
Iteeii awarde i the eontraet with William Mo
KfiiOe, furbniMiug the ...nl. i. a brother of
**aiidy Mnitii. ol ***��u<lon. aad the latter will
doubtlav. <b�� eonaidorable ol the work
Arthur Ni.hoU, Iroiu Burlington. N S,haa
I., ui.al here.
W A M l.*'lUnd an.l John ll \V.iU tare new
nrriVMlaln.ni Aa|��en,t'.>l
Kitther Kmnmelin of V��n.**iuv.-r wa-. her.
-and .aid ma#* on Tue-iay.
I .1 lUfferty of tin* Kuth miue h**> returne i
from two ��*r tfire. week, iu r��|.oliiiiir
J..hn \ llubhard and hi* sOB K Iwhi. frot*.
ttrtm!'��I'n*��.'��*.'. hn.r I'.um* to Sandon.
Mr. I'rtra.r. tfpre_*n��titg P. VV. BHl. a Co ,
wbotwacU*. jt.wflei>,T*irout*., ia in Sandon.
Kntuk lktir.1 <>f H***.lsnl tpskt two or three
diiy. in Samion thi. week looKtng after nun-
iui interoata.
A 0. Boland ol Bia**k HilU.S. P.. fa vUiting
iu Stuil-n. He i. So w.'U pleasud with the
country thnt In* think.of locating b.rv.
K. Walisak, nili.'u.i* englnerr .;��;> ��m'����**.
nmnaV't ? the t����t-trio Tlold Fields \UliM
it ii.I ii..\ilo|.iuent tonirany. lonitel. i- iu
I�� Bwrn��. the beat a.lverti-.ed man in KOOta.
nay, wa. here this week and l.ft for K.���Und-
Mr Bum.. ha* the eontrtml t,n supplying the
meat�� reipilre*! in the eon.nm tion
frow'* Neat 1'na* r����lrt��a*l
Tbey Talk Very   Favorably of
Thia Diatrict.
One of the best known men in the
mining world is J. B. Grant of Denver, Col., president of the Grant
-inciter and ex-governor of the state,
who ia in Sandon with three other
well known mining and smelting
men, E. W. Nash of Omaha and
Wm. Braden, E. B. Braden and E.
J. Matthews, of Helena. Governor
Grant is a pleasant, unassuming
man of middle age and very conservative in what he says for publication. He has been interested in
the Slocan country three vears, having l>een connected witfc John A.
Finch in the Enterprise and with
Wra. Braden and E. J. Matthews in
the Lucky Jim. He is also interested in the Humboldt. The gentlemen will be in Sandon several
Last evening the governor and
partv were in the parlors of the
Goodenough talking on general matters. He declined to let tlie public
into any of the secrets of smelting,
but said that tbe Blocan country was
interesting mining men in*Colorado
considerably, specially are the
wet, or lead, ores, in demand by
MiMlters, and command fluxing
4-i'iicea, which is considerably more
than that of dry ores. Silver is now
ouoted at about 60 cents, and he
does not anticipate that it will go
any lower, but will probably rise
with the revival of business in the
states. One reason of the decline of
silver ia the failure of crops and the
famine fat India, and the consequent
stopping of the demand from that
country. It is not likely that the
United' States government will do
anything toward restoring the price
of silver for some time at least.
Mr. Grant said there would be a
number of concentrators built in this
district this summer, but whether
the Lucky Jim would build one he
did not * know. Eventually there
will be smelters, but how soon will
depend on circumstances. Mining
is like any other business and is governed by business principles. Although only mlnea with high grade
ore that could stand long distance
shipment have been worked, there
are proliably a number of others
here that would be worked when the
charges were reduced. The party
haa been in Nelson and Kaalo and
will go from here to Rossland.
<jf th.
A Pleasant Wedding.
E. K. Athcrton, the genial ami
-Mipular postmaster and general
merchant of Sandon was married at
Nelson, on Wednesday, June 1*, to
the beautiful and accomplished Miss
Bessie Irvine, The bride has been
one of the reigning belles of Nelson
since her arrival Inst summer from
St. John, N. B. She is is a sister to
Fred Irvine, of the tirm of Fred Irvine A Co., dry goods merchants of
The happy couple immediately
left for an extended honeymoon trip
to the coast cities by way of Spokane. They will he at home to their
friends in Sandon in about three
weeks, when they will take np their
residence in rooms above Mr. Athcrton's store^	
Mining Notes.
The Goodenough min. hav. their whole
fore, working on a long tunnel to strike the
lead at a good depth, and expect to reach it in
6tl day*.
Charles O. Griffith, Scott McDonald and
others are working several men on the Freddie Lee putting in new timber and cleaning
ont the tunnels.
A six-inch vein of galena has been struck On
the St. Keverne. adjoining the Payne group,
in the crosscut at a depth of k*W feet. Sid Nov*
man and J. D, Farreli are among the cvrnent.
The Neoma, on Carpenter creek above Cody,
has started development work with seven
men. The property V-tdongs to Hon. Montague, minister of education, Ottawa, Hon. Hag-
gart. inini-rter of marine and fisheries, and Dr.
Carroll of Vancouver.
The Arlington, on Springer creek, made a
strike of two and a half feet in tho tunnel last
week. The ��urface showing on this claim was
the lipest ever found in the Slocan, bat
pinched out on development. It is now hoped
that a good body ha*, been found.
The Reco is shipping four cars a weak, running avt ounce-* silver and 65 per cent. lead.
The work done is only development and the
mine wm not be worked UU the tram is built,
for which survey hi now being made. The
tram wiU be arael, and wiU cro... the Noble
Five abont midway.
The following order in council haa bean promulgated by the government at Victavtia: It
shall W lawful during the current season for
the gold comum-aoneT** throughout Uie province to grant snch apirtlcathT-aa'foi*sm extension of time in which ta complete ccawraunent
work as, in th*ir dLtcretion, thectreamstanctM
of each ease warrant.
Charged With Forgery at Kaalo.
On Wednesday John at. McPhee of Kaalo
was arrested, charged with forgery. In the
preliminary examination before Justice*.
Chipuian and Green it was brought ont that
on Augnitt 14 of last year McPhee and his partner. Alexander Cummings, had re-docated a
lead man'<i claim, Uie Yosemite, in the Eure-
ka group on the Blue ridge, which was at tbe
tune in the hands of the official administrator, and for this reason Recorder Keen refused
to place tbe relocation on record. Evidence
wa* brought forward by the prosecution to
show that McPhee, to be avenged on Recorder
Keen, had circulated a peUtion praying the
government to remove him, and to this petition he. McPhee, had forged signatures of sev.
end well known business men, among them
Dan Bongard, J.C. Eaton, D. MoPhail and
others. After hearing the evidence brought
forward tbe magistrates committed the prisoner for trial.
Considerable surprise was felt here at McPhee* s arrest, aa he has been in this district
since '91 and has previout'y find a good character.
Roltert Hamilton, western agent of the
Hamilton Manufacturing company of Peter-
boro, known more generally through hi* successful connection with the Golden Cache
company, U spending o few days in Kaslo.
The Mall Service.
Boats run daily on.the Columbia river, yet
the mail only comes down from Revel stoke
three times a week. This makes many Kootenay people kick abont the slow Canadian
Government at Ottawa. This is wrong. They
have no right to ~mak. a fuss. Men who oom��
into a new coma*,-<y like this should be prepared to give the eastern Canadian Government
a chance to wak. up. ttwill wake np, pro!.-
ahly in ten .vears, and then realise the Injustice that has been done us in the far west. In
the meantime, indignant and wrathy readers,
do not kick at the postal authorities. Send
your mail out via Spokane and do no. believe
anything you hear abont Canada's western
mail service being slower than On first coming of dividend, from some of Rossland**
1 J'V. ;**
w i
One of the Great Properties of
the Slocan District.
The Ruth, although one of the
oldest and best paying mines in the
Sandon belt, is one of the least talked
about. This is because the company is a close corporation and have
no interest in advertising to the outside world what the mine is doing.
A more gentlemanly set of men,
however, than the operators of the
mine, from the superintendent down
could not be found in the whole dominion, and every opportunity was
afforded a newspaper man to see
and learn what the great property
is doing and will do In the future.
There are 91 men employed, including inside and outside workmen,
and a trip through the mine found
them working in pairs in every part,
but all getting out ore that would
make a bonanza king's heart glad.
Tbe mine is developed by three
tunnels, and another is now going
in under contract, 150 feet below
No. 3. Off of these tunnels, every
few feet, are crosscuts, muprises,
.hafts and winzes, but no stoping
has been done, till it seems impossible to go in any direction without
finding mineral, the ledge appearing
to have been twisted and turned in
every conceivable manner. Tlie
work now going on is to find new
l-odies, and as soon as the management is satisfied that a good body
has been found the men are put to
work at some other point. Consequently great blocks of sparkling
galena are waiting, untouched, until facilities are got for handling it.
The main tunnel is 1000 feet long
and mineral is seen above, below
and on each side the full length.
The breast of the tunnel is in a Hue
body, and the other tunnels show np
the same way. To estimate the
value in sight is out of the question,
but that it is immense and will take
vears to mine is certain.
Thirty-five tons a day is being
shipped, mostly high grade carbon
atea, as it is preferable to ship the
carbonates instead of tbe galena. A
sawmill is on the wav here and will
be put up at the middle tunnel. As
soon as tne lumber can be got out a
tramway will be built and another
bunk bouse put np to double the
force of men. A concentrator will
be built some time in the future and
tbe concentrating ore is now being
piled on the dump.
The mine was bought last summer, and meet of the work haa been
beyond the point then reached and
has proven ft an immensely profitable Investment to the owner, H. M.
Foster of England. The work is being carried on under the superin-
tendeney of H. B. Alexander with
Dan McDonald, mine foreman.
Local News.
When in Kaalo go to the ttoval
Tommy McCune, known aa ''Scot-
ty." has been in a very precarious
condition at the Ivanhoe hotel fbr
three weeks.
John W. BwiUer of the Kootenay
hotel Is building a cottage on Cody
avenue in anticipation of the arrival of his wife and two children.
The first annual meeting ot the
stockholders of the Selkirk Mining
and Milling company, limited liability, wilt be held at tbe office of the
company at tendon on tbe 24th Inst.,
at the boor ot 12 o'clock noon, for
the purpose of electing a board of
The undersigned wishes to announce to the Public
that he has opened up business In f
With the Largeet Stock In the Kootenay country
1 of   .
5 Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, Window
i Shades and House Furnishings	
Of all descriptions. If yon are wanting anything
in the above lines give me a trial order and you
will be convinced that yon will nave money by
doing so.
���      J�� J. SEHL
directors for the ensuing vear and
transacting any other business that
may be brought before the meeting.
The body of J. (J. c.illis, the unfortunate miner who got caught in
the Ibex snow slide laat January,
was recovered on Friday, June 4.
The remains were brought to Whitewater and taken in charge by a
brother of the det-eased. who left
with the body on Monday last for
Port Arthur.
DR. 8. P. YOURS.
M- D-. C- M,
Formerly of the Winnipeg t'eneml Hospital
Office over Palace Haloon. Itooni 3.
*  Saxdok* B. V.
KASLO. - - B.C
Will lie at Hotel Balivrrral. ia Handon.
aaeeo moatb.
F. J.  Donaldson
Has Amt IUe.ir.tl a Lars* Assort m.nt of
Drug Sundries, Pipes, Imported
Cigars and Stationery.
o   o    Impertsd Pe***fomat t Specialty.
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Hav. rot-elv*d o eoa.l_min.nt of the
^U latest style* in
UompMimtog the Jnbilc, Yak, Cftlrora,
FariUn.Newport,'Varsity, and numer.
one other**.
La-lies' jtiuolahliias. Tlno Silk Hoslary, t'n-
tlarwear, and ��v.r*rt hina in th. lin. of fancy
illinary es.cut.rl In tb. rlnert stylos of th.
Dreitsm.klnir a spexilalty and notodaU.
We arc bound to load in atyUs, and all work
���ntmnted to as wm nrr.lv. oar special atten-
tkm      Mr*. O. H. DOUQHTV.
Opftoait. Bryan Hons., ItVo Ave., Handon
McClary'8 Famous
���vawwa.sas'I WeWtakraw
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill
Special Attention to tbe
Manufacture of Seeh, Doors.
Blinds, Moulding* Piniah-
Ing Mstsrlala. Etc.
Estimates furnished for
Buildings, Concentrators,
Sandon Agent.
��� a
naisatviif lav ��� Ei_
Maa. KATia Baeaaa.
and   LuniMin ^_
^ttor* im , itMj7*v
Strtcilv Pirat CUaa
Special Attfatron P., i
11.50 to |2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER. Prop.
Central Hotel
% *��.*. Hu*mmp With .V. R*-�� - ���     %�����*>
tn��*4atlt..n* Wn*t VAmm* in At5 ��*.)���**.
Best Furnished Room*
asm Finest Bartaihaut,
��*,t**��t��.i<-n Wrawt itremt alii, .,.'.        . *���
of HiMatvtu** Ut.
fi win nun.!
Watchmakers and Jewellers
Watches, dock* and   Jewelry. I'lrnwr. and
Svwtotf machlnta*,
W. Hallkb, Mffr.
Hashoic. B. V j
American |tJan, #3..r*.�� per Hit. ;
Kuropeau |��lati, $2*** \*r oaf J
Strictly fimt-t-U-**-
LMm. M. A. SMITH, Prop   \
Weh.ew Jsat r.r.Utt-1-arvrr ���   ���
at pretty ���
Al*.�� it.wltn.of a
l--ll-*.,��>��ldUltu(.aHllnrr. ���.    ��� ���    '  I
W. h.t. .leu re, eiveal ihe It *' "' %
an.wt.it* of Blu ������**.. ��ii*I mil ���"" I
s llt.IT| In in m f.w dav. Iji.IU- �����*' "" S
9 Hted I*.rom.and ar/.a*><>>* "' ,,,,r ���
��<j*HI|��**ll THE   eVYSTKEYK.
in ca.cn 11-ai.kkks.
(;km, Idaho.���The Hritiah Explora-
tion company jmrcliased 61 percent.
of tin -stock of the Helena and Frisco
silver mine hem laat January, since
wliich time the mine hat produced
Ik-thing. Instead, 1225,OCX) has been
_��!-a-iit in <lcvelot��racnta. It will now
Ik operated on a tar more extensive
acale. It was the desire ol tlte new
owners tt) throw la sight ore enough
to nm the mill for Ave years, and to
keep the  work  in  that condition.
The work was commenced in J.inu-
,1 rv, since which time over 100 men
lave l-een employed, ami the man
tiger said last night that the mine
would be ready tooperate abont July,
li will then be developed down to the
-1 ��� itrut larcl. the levels being 1500
feet apart The mill has a capacity
��� ���: -**> toot a day. A new hoist ta
U ins l'ul ���'���* capable of going 2.300
Mt and Ikiitit'iig <*Xl tons at that
.1<I'I*. The engine will be net in a
station underground, 1,200 leet from
the boilers at the end ofthe tunnel
���** here the station Is cut. The station
} n*|4r for the engine is S5 feet higli,
:'.;. feet wide and ��0 feet long, antl is
all umbered with Pregott Hr, ItixlH.
Tin- new machinery and the over
hauling <��fthe mill, the building of it
urge vnnner room, thc cutting ol the
._- station lor the boist, the engine
and the different levels will ccat when
K.uly u�� start, $52f*OU0 *lhe mine
w ill then be mn ateadlly at Aill capac
Tlte Tiger IWman Consolidated
Mining company made a strike in its
mine at Burke last week that means
millions for the CVeur d'Alene*, being
no ifss tlntn eight feet of shipping ami
ilx feet uf concentrating ore on the
1,20 J-ft ot level. One qiicstion which
capital always asks before investing
in a mine is if thc ledges in thc district j*o down,'and now the Ca-ur d"
Alcnes can say that the large.** ore
hndy in the district Is found at the
bottom ol the deepest hole. Twelve
hundred leet is pretty well down and
llw next deepen hole tells the same
tile. The Standard tunnel cuts the
had 800 feet below tho surface ami
the ore chute shows up here wider,
longer and richer than '.n thc upper
work*, 600 feet above.
Tho anow U now nearly off from
Sansct  Teak  and  preparations are
'ling made lor active work there
Hugh    McKadden  has leased   the
Colwyn for fourteen months and has
contracted his ore to the North west
mi Sampling and Milling company,
lie has a short piece of road to build
toconnect with the lVmland Mining
(" 'mpany'i road.   He expects to com
plele ii .early next weelt and commence shit-ping immediately as there
nre Beverel carloads on the tliimpnm'
ilif mint is ready to commenee stop
The Sunset Development company
has a two years' lease on the Ula and
1 iv me, two claims on thc Sunset
''���ad* elaimsownedby W. A.Clarke,
���he Htute millionaire, ami considered
1 he biggest thing tn the Omur d'
Alenes. The Ula and Trv Me both
show ore on the surface and shipments
��'*��� expected in about sixty days.
��� Here is nearly two miles ol road to
V,!r u? rei**4-h the property.
llw rathcr t^ie, the Switch Rack
and a fraction lying between have all
passed Into the control ol the same
writes and work will begin on them
'"���mediately. They show up some
x,,'.v lino chloride ore-something
u'y rare In this district.
Senator Heltfelt has purchased a
founh interest in three claims at Italian, lying between the Morning and
Hunter, the other three-fourths being
owned by local men. Work haa be
gun on this property and will be
pushed night and day until the lead
Is cut. The tunnel," when finished,
will bs about 1,000 leet long, 166 of
which is already bond.
If vou are���
Call at tlie   ���      a
Hotel Ivanhoe.
The Hotel
Is one ot the best places
In Sandon to obtain. . . .
Beverages that are Delicious
in taste and Stimulating
in their qualities	
C.J. MAT] JOCK, Prop.
��>V^ \tyt*Sc)
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey,
^Dealers in
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (al! paid Qp) $12,000,000.00
Reserved tund   *.   :    6,000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :    859,698.40
Sir Donald A. Smith, G.C.M.O. President.
Hon. (J. A. Drum mono, Vice President,
K.*S.Clouston, General Manager,
A. Macnider, Chief Inspector & Supt of Branches.
A. B. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch return?.
W. S. Clouston, Assistant Inspector.
James Aird, Secretary.
Branches in all parts ot Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
l* .iliiiW 011 Uu* bank., of thc beautiful "Slot-an l���ik**. snd *Tucf4s ran sit upon
Mm> lKihi>ny and gaze upon Uie _Tun.'<-<t <*<*��iiery tn America without extra charge
Tlie fire eacs\te system U excellent. The rooms are airy and decorated with |the
l.tt****t re-Hilt-i of the wall [��ao>*r art. The exterior of tbe hotel is painted In color*}
that harmonize with the iiteali.ttc scenery. The Dining Room is always pn>
vMed with food that i- tatty, digestible and satisfy iug to tlie inner economy of
man. Tlte Bar is replete wiUi the most modem, as well a.�� ancient brand.** of
nerve |*rodueer*.
ti.Ull.inr*. Silver Democrat*, Caii.i.liau Capl���ili-*L��, l*r*w|*ector��, Miners,
Tcmk-rfeet, Ten Mile Millionaire and Pilgrim.-*, of every shade in politics, re-
llgliui or wealth are wt-U-omcat thi* bom*.
make for tlie Newmarket when y��m reach tlie Slocan metropolis and do not for-
pet the l_in*llord". name*;  it Is
Henry Stege.
i I I
Everett. Wssh.
��* l"ppr*r ltn>*k St.. London,
M��-ml**>ra of the Roa*lsn*i Si,.*k Exchmye
ami IkVtard of Trade.
H. C. COVE*.
Cable Addtv*����� "Bksxisox.**
Morel nt* and Neal,
Cloujdi's (new and old),
Bedford McNeill.
and A B C Ctodea-**sj�� ���*��*_.'���
"T* IV solicit correspondence with parties having
\ K j meritorious mining properties for sale, and
\la.i\ beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States, and arc in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction of ores,
and a knowledge ofthe different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
Inferences given. THE   PAYSTKEAK,
Ia issued every Saturday In Sandon, In theheart
of the greatt��st White Metal camp on earth.
Ntrletlv tn advance.
*...��> a vear
A��'*lritv>: Thk 1'avrtrkak, Sandon, U.l\
SANDON. B. C, JUNE 12, 1897.
The English House of Lords has
recently considered and given judgment,   in a case that may  affect
Canadian companies more   nearly
than many of us are inclined to imagine.   It concerned  the  issue  of
shares at a discount   The Railway
Times Tables' Publishing Company
became hard up for funds, and  it
issued shares to the stock-holders in
thc company at a discount, tbat plan
having been followed apparently as
an inducement to the stockholders to
take   them  up.   Then,   it was  a
question as to the liability of the
stockholders to pay them up in full.
It .has been previously held in thc
case of the Ooregum Gold   Mining
Company, that the holders of shares
issued at a discount, were liable to
lie called upon to pay op in full, if
necessary,   for the  purpose of discharging the debts ofthe company
due to outside creditors,  and the
costs ot liquidation: but tbe House of
Loids has carried the matter a step
further by deciding, by a majority
of five to one, that the holders ot discount shares must also be called upon
to pay up in full, even after the debts
and costs have been satisfied, so tbat
the rights and obligations of thc con
tributaries inter se may be adjusted.
The decision, ot coarse, settles the
question once for all, and (bough it Is
extremely  bard  upon shareholders
who,, as In the company in question,
have risked  their capital  in   tbe
forlorn hope of rescuing an unsuccessful venture, and giving it a chance
to retrieve its fortunes, the law being
what it is, there is no alternative but
to obey it. 	
Business both in Canada and the
United States has, tor a long time,
been like a huge locomotive, standing with its driving rod on the
centre. Political uncertainties have
hce.i the main cause of the lack of
sufficient business steam to move thc
machinery. Now that this difficulty
has disappeared, there should be an
industrial revival or. both sides of the
line. This is a young and sturdy
country and can stand a good deal,
even a policy on the part of thc
United States of nonintercourse will
not kill us nor drive us into annexation. We do not wish to injure the
United States, bat should they persist
in their present trade policy towards
Canada, it may prove to be a boom-1
ferential Tariff is now played, and
our clever Yankee neighbors may
wake up one tine day and find that
it is but the lead for tho Imperial
Federation Customs Union card, that
will compel them either to raise less
bread stuffs or consume more in their
own country of what they do raise-
owing to inability to sell it in British
They are cutting thc lead on the
Fissure on the east end at a depth of
about 200 teet. Tlie tunnel is in
about sixty feet and in good ore.
Men wbo have mined from Mexico
to Bi itish Columbia say that the Silver
Cup is a world beater, and it is doubtful if any mine on the continent can
make any equal showing when grade
and quantity arc considered,
Gibbsand \��itliams have completed the assessment work on the St
Elmo. At the point where they cut
the lead the ore body is 80 feet wide.
All the St. Elmo needs to make it a
great mine is more work.
Ben Kamey has made a great strike
on Fish Creek, four claims all showing ore of good grade six to eight feel
Gus Olson with eighi men left yesterday to build two miles of trail up
Canyon Creek to the claims located
there last year. A contract for 150
feet of tunnel has been let on one ol
the claim. Tbe ore is high grade
gala ia.
Dan Kean and crew are repairing
the road to Thomson'** Landing, some
thing that was needed, as there is an
immense amount ot freight coming
in, more than the freighters can
F. McCarty, of the Revelstoke Meat
Market, was in town this week looking up a location and decided on
Trout Lake as the most central distributing point, and he will build a
large market, corals and slaughter
house here.
Work on the sawmill is progressing
rapidly. The foundation is in and tlie
greater part of the machinery is on
tbe ground. If nothing happens it
will be running inside of ten davs,
and a long felt want, will be filled.
a Weeds, N. Swinton, A. McKen
zie, H. Stewart and II. McPhemonarc
all clearing lots and  preparing to
build on Kellie street.
J. Hickman is erecting a commodious hotel on Vancouver street. It wilt
be first-class In every respect.
Abrahamson Bros, will increase the
capacity of their mamnr-th establishment.
II. King will build an addition to
his store, 18x20, two stories. He will
carry a complete stock of miners'
A steamboat is  to be placed
Trout Lake this summer.
average samples amounting to 100
lbs. of very rich looking ore to be
shipped to Toronto tor assay.
A wide lead has just been struck on
the Honolulu, nearly all ot It being
shipping ore. Assays from $52 to $UO
per ton in silver and gold.
Mr. Bennct, ofthe R. J. Bealey Co,
Ltd., of Trail, passed through on a
business trip to Mineral City. He to
well pleased with the claims there
and is oi the opinion that this will la-
one of the best mining camps in the
A large hotel will bo opened at
Mineral City shortly.
Many pn��pectot*i an- now coming
in from all quarters.
Many outsiders htUftVt that it Is
necessary to bring supplies with them.
Such la iii H the case as all provisions,
tools, etc., can be purchased here at
reasonable figures. -Kevolstoke Mail.
or-drr In tha Yukon   I'  a.
Th*- H A.t i�� infill ar 111 ib-M-tat. h a r����n|*any _��*
.;il\.:ttr> t<>IV  )'<**.<���*>   ifuhl  tn.n***..    An  >������**(���[������*-?
with ��� *;������ mtk   f <��������"-awl. will ire tn *-..mm**rid with
������-.tr-wtliu-M  -. wrr-a      U ,*tVI * that, s  l'ult*��t
St .!.-* .- r-��-JtiS*4trtti r will tar-   a'>|attrttt-J   snd   *4-
ti >t��t*d at Cirri** City. Thr s-rn-ur. .4 th** Inter-
tor will *i<*��4i'l aaurv**n i.. ���_:*.* th* mint*.*
claim* and thr *����� r. ur> of it><* iiv_._r, *a |U d-*~
t *'.l au officer ot the tn'rrn.l rrvratw ankv.
Www ttutmem'. TUta* H waimI. *�����>. j.^
Th.- Sortlitir town hut k_.l m *.. ��?_,_���
And r��i�� around u* haa a -4u.V.�� ,-_��      ���
That warns thr wail ��ia��* u. **_��������*_ .
1-t.iiits to the tpmve, where aii mutt t.m2:^\
A utl thr
earth rail** In* Mir
��*���*���'* *��������.��� i**^.
I�� HTUI tkMtt.
Them*"- mt -out rate* a'er th��i taw-ii-JIt* J?
Ami tevb It l�� h>mr Am 'iwrt ��i_ln,      ^*
��� to
Itut what I* tnir* 4tatti*r u* me!
Wo  kiM-ar u<4  IW��t  hIvik,   tn
mhere we a*
YH sa ira*aatjrt*l w.*W *> _|j tla.li .**
Th.* aulrll la t��s r��rr Irll* **.���.
My ***a*hr* lauaht hrr rb��M tthiW _i hr* i^
(Mt tmm*oy nor* Uw a a a* lUt v*,
O ��w; ^
Hlu. uu��M mr truth, snd thia r. \'.ti
'Vint* U th��" d*wtt ,4 Ut.- aud ih��.i *-_���':i
And Km* hi hut thr *kwn 0} Uf. ir ,,*,
(r'ur aw. and sll men    I mm <um j
I* sn rlrtnat temje-. that In o* gt �� m
Aud. ��t>rirtjr��itjr fruui thr aaii. naalu. ��� ,*__,,.
A fev.aw h**jw-a h-j**r* tee *-,*--������ in rknr,
A mveot way*. irar-hta* n��-m! t.
11**1 we Uo IO> tot li*r tarjrtarttl ttv grtt*
thtr  wAyM a  MMtMy:-#.��a��*    mthiv** <&��,���
Ttw HuHirttay Itvvtrw ��_��*t:<.< *t��.i t_- -.-���*��
K��t��j*i Mark Twain hlr��d ta- \r%t, gtsSAnt ,>u.��t
him fc.thr |��*,r:,,-.,ttd�� II* was lamiiUr r**��.,
witk Af-hfe. jte OaoUfht, to trod-r*t��r>.: __rj
ih-vstaKat w|. <*; ���rfwrt en* T�� hU txm*mmn&-%
hrhajitdO iw ttmbt w* r*tjf��|-**vhr* . ��-..*?
that <ilr_f >f fk*> oukbrn tUferett     M i*��- flri.
mid* hr twt ��� frtrMul, fc> ��� h��*�� tV
ha ,!_-*����������;,t    it was vrry m*��!
it.   *". h\ . Ihr rtfs-jtnal. .- S.
frwlid     I*****.*-* ridSji't.'. ���
tt'kj   **aU ttVajkt   hair
mew.   Thnr-. ��*4���� 'rI! ��� w��� ktt'lM
at cair-v ia, . dm\ *t*-mk A rah**
tt��*��a*   i*,.*-��
rt.-tj*    T *�����;.*
a    Our��   w_t
Ir l*^i*t u4
We are showing a fall line o. Neglige Shirts in
late*t --attent*. Sj ring Neckwear, Hats aiul
Stott.     STHAlSh Oreratli and jrom|*ni In ail
Azes always in stock.
See imr sju^ciaUiej. in
AU�� the fam itis Lnglish "K" !irjrot*v
We have just rseeivod
A Large Invoice
WARE and QRANITEWAREof the kitcher
We alsti carry a ftill line i*f
Groceries ** Furnishings
HUNTER BROS.. Sandon and Riimlancl.
Utmn, Pryor & Ilaten left on Monday to do aawasment work on their
claims on Snow creek.
Messrs. Daly* McKlnnon are doing
crnng one and recoil on their own I assessraent on the Monte Carlo,
heads. Canada has more than one Two ��hitt�� are at work on the pro-
good card up her sleeve. The Reel* Kl?,Ie?of,t,,e Can��,on Cre,ek mnin��
proclty canl may not lie able to take l^,^^^^^ ^
tlie trick, but there are others.    Pre   Muirhead,  manager,  bmagBt down
���Agent for���
SANDON, B.C.      Sttreunt Ainsworth, Ka��lonnd H.*n<lon.
Ml MM;   KKt'ORDH.
���'���-.���..ril'-d st  New Deuvrr.   thr>   A.��-��.*ti.iiu
1'r.tn ���*.��������'. si*d l/a*atlou��:
J llllt' 1
Tallin-It--W II K��*r��ro*>ii
siioviltaiik���J OReul
M -.iiiin..th No *��-���*��� Hf-ory Covitiirtoii
t.rltijVy���Frank |*n��v.*l snd II A V* MIlUu
H..I- Krarthm   A Rush
skukum   WO tlolr
Vir-torfc*   Msrtln I ���Mi-it
|c,��llMgl*n*��-ti -Jc*fr.|ih |.sw
Miltoh -W Llaltansii
Huu.li��WiN<��*.-W It lllllyar
H.^rtrnlta   H T Wsthrr ��*t al
V. J-T ****crniait
Freddie I**-* Krarthm   W S Guru***'
JlllM- I
M*-uik-rk-*-Clau Woo*
Baltic   Hrrrnaw Ckvet
*iititj.ll~ KHKIntiey
Sllrf.rtrtit No Jf sad rldtn-nitald.*!!    A   A  Webb
Wa I  wrl    A Nalill
Mar   HC Voter
1mm 1
lie*.   ��   A It Flitithind
<V*K.ti I r.trt��<rll    Ixial kltlh t-.i
V* rhai   Kl.'*-��^Kv I. Mrtmwr*.Al*'��.*iK|rrS|'r.*t
��� ( itl
J .11 ���   4
I nude lhain Ti-wrtjV***--- JnoH-ewait
r��t��u.4 <>r*i U Itavis
Ikat.r   A II Itninurr
Juiw 5.
unsli.a ���������Jfedd <****a��f
Stltrt * Hill   J A Siutth rt si
M.tvisr.    J A Smith
Ktirrka No * ami Miner; J lull   U<��i�� -.   iV t.i.��-
Shu*ai'.   I* J. It* rue
Jtin*- *
rtc-msra    ty-tt WWrV
.VA l.Thn. *.u����l����*-w and (Mjntt   S  W
tkmtkn    A R J***!*.***"
- ���*.-*���!.>jr*R Krarthtw--W I llatiotek
J-nnei C   A A 0*ddW-fJ
It-drr Stair   J It I".*.* H mt
TO    Th*** Ji<httS>ni
!'.*_ ��-t eA ofky Mate I*. IkmhuI. II m.Uhi l.t'.l*
li A M��i*r�� rt al
I*** Thtvt-T U.aK*iai
i. ��� .*��.*  rhss W Cat s'.sti
H-l.W! Cis-IUji M k II i ��
I wo '..r. *'wr*   J V I'm. ���*���*..-
June S
*.l 4��*   Krm-st l*r Lwhronth
i-.ihrt Rm.fe.n~ 11 f Ratal __
l-n.ls.-aw K r art* mil * t. R*��* **�� t r   ****r
Hh hit*****,*} ���Om (l����tdrrhstti
*Mui.l-i��n   T A C**iltn*
l'il'-\V R Wlusttwt
lUian-a  r J Oram rial
>*i**aiM***-~Alt**f1 M*"hi*��>
MM ttldXf.
June t
Klark tl.��rs>*   Sratoii. A W Bryan
HenrVIt-    Nemo. I��  A   M��-I��....il and Amoh
I...*_*���   �� Viiiv. J.*at*|��h llrtKanatd ��**d Outlaid
Mi Ixnnaii
lllfih W*|rr   H Huv W D l1dlNi����
l/.w YiaV.Uoi    1/m.X!   A H llsMu-t*. >n
vr.m��.|r   Shi-an, K W Ham
L��*k Jsek. HiimiiMt- l^'imsi.1*1*1*1 ��-iMl�� |{..l.*u-
Arvntlitr-  Heatcm OtH-t Johnston
\�� *-** r*.**a - iA'titittiJ W Rrlliy
KM   ��ut��. II O Attrhlson
**.i*..iii.*t*tih- Krat tt.mal   l����dv. J 1' Plait*
la n l
SI l.twrvnv.    * ��r*-i>l. r. 4.-hi* K.tst.-r
ll*n_i r   I.. num. J*�� Wtmr
l'..|*Mar    I la .'tut. W R I leu*, of
'.  kl IhtM    Kvaits. W It I'tVllwilU
���vlnl   samr
��� UH Kt|��,- ami Hrant   *am<\ H It * Vn*.nl.
'' K No t i--r-.i-il.mal   O K J* J M**rk.-r
I r.xiikllii   Ctriwiitrr. Ana TrrW* k
T**r.>ntn!loy~'W'taii. II   Man^ttkl  anl  J   T
ll.rt.y   -Min.' li 11 Miirhsrd
l/.ii* I_-Urt>- si wan (Hv. John I* l><
tj'.-. it <>( Sit*-It*   Sin lin*.r. mh��"
W S.'.i* Bark   Wlla.ni' R II Mtmr..-
lamilniin   s��.r��ii Iskr.Tht**ollv.r
I '1 uu.in >ii.|    ��_*>*., Halla-tl OH* ��� I
II tlfsray-M Mil.-. R ���llt<^*rml.���k
M..iintsin \>w  and   N**rth   MoimUlii
l."i.'.n,Jii.. It MllVr
Al.iis Ha��I   S-irlnirr-r. K J Smlili
��� Kill** ���>*... tl..*irtt   sitriiitfrr. Wm taldwrll
lii\��-ni.**.- Lmmm, Juo R Jtllll.<r
\\ J lli>.)ii   tatiiriilrr, |>*4.*rt��'R.'tev
Mr**. Kl.w.r   Ui Mil*. J �� ll*��m>f..nl
_,N .ui* si.M   lata,-.,, 4 Mil. and lu lillr-. Ml. ��w. I
AUlmrna   Wllam. Klhii N'sull
J ml KriiitH  4-jiriM.iitrr. Jas A R�� IV.iiaI.I
i-'k.U T..|i(|i*r ���- Kvaiis biiiiran Uml-wy
���".���ni .ii
���liino I
'lurk   Sttrinmf,J a *d��r.ui
���..rtl.*   v\ ..at Kkwnii Ink*-. Ilnrrv Alk'ii
"���'Vnl Vrthtir  <V��r(i.tit.r. .1 (1 ll.*lllii��
M.rtlrt and t'lilrkniuii h��iih.��. N.-rmui
,..-   I!
It .v
I'��>'���>��* ml. K*|wnr\| K.;iii.i*ii*l  .1   R
fa__"-*_*i*��   -**1�� Mllo. Hsruhl I* t*hrl*th'
Momilnln I\,,,   m|j,��l���l���K   x.jrtli  Star.   L*W*��*
���hllir* ,'i
Ml*l��l|*.sj.x _,���) |/lko V|,.w   ijMil-.KSt'unit'r ��n.
Nrlll** limni   si��.rflii. (.:|,aa i��atr|n
Kuudilue-saiiw. J<�� Collett
tomnrltmnktoia-head siocu. Inkr. R tiUl*-tu-
Lik* \ tew iutl (haxl Thing, bb��h it f,|..i.K-
w��t Slot-ail lake. AI Wilds        v *
l#.*adrr  saint*. Raljh Wllils
tjuuiilajiua Krai-tknial-rour Mil.-. A II limn-
**J-tv Krartkm   Sprlii��-.r. NVil M< Mlll.ni
111ir KMtnmm -4 Mil**. P Oaiy
Rohtn Frai'tlttn-asiiii-. M fl W Ratbhorne
��llv.*r Rill   Tody, Jno MiN.-ll
Silver Ti-�� .arja-utvr, Jno F.tst*-��-
��� ���rlMky   twnii;, Win MrNlvrri
Younit Aim-rk-aii- l>**!i��..n. N Vu*   vltcb
M.ui.uiti Kymnh-U-iuoti. MA.- ..1*1
WhtoRurwat_il,ta_d*.-N K I* 4mir.i   -ml
(��������. Hood. Hlot-an t_k��
.\!l*rt   .( Mil- Harry iMviitsiid     m F rr
Ouslwnaiid Inni Mssk-L-.-iiH>ii. M J Mi-Don-
nrll snd I'st Nolan
St in a   sam*-, Kmil Oii��ti*ra:ni
Yonk<in-��amr, F S Andrt-ws
ll*'iii<��taki-  tvtiii.*. sidiit-y Voont
Canadian II ty-witr. Sidnry (Vaija .* _i.*| B M,*-
Jniit- 7
llunkrr Hill   I'l Milt*. W IV F./ai. r
Frt-rja-rt-l Mil**. Wm Vak-iitint-
IvJlvis and 1'n-u���auiir. H t'lrvrr
Tlinhrr lake -samr. Win VslRiilhit*
Imnmt  Qmmo. lakf,Th��a M Rat*
t^skr v*tsw- R'im hery. Duncan D M. ,���..!..-.In
(ilad*4��ttr    \Vtl��,H. Win St'-hnlxkf
Ikliih   a.lj tVdlfonda. I) I�� M< 1'h. nton
t.*rriV II Slliertou, J_��Go***M and ti A Ooa��-
VkhtA Frartion Ut F�� ho ami Lu** Ti��*-r, W
C IM jt-man
LlttiV Irirk Wilmm, Jtwrjih ***ron�� ai.d Al��*rt
i.-Jik-n N'uttvt'tt ens-t Sl��.-aii laki*. thmcaii Mt-
l*h*rr����i* T II hi.ri.aii a-**l IM) Mt-Kav
t.urky MJ,    NY-do, saine
Jtst.r I
R<.����t 1 Kirk*-.h/.l*t*. John Tn.linjf -Tl*. ��� r. \,
Hint. May at. >M
Alex H��rrt...n lo Tqr l.'��- V.-_r��. Miuiig s
Ihtrrr.t in thr 1��* \**���_*��. April ������'
Samr to Thr I. H MininsrC***���Tbr L H.A|.r��! U
M M IVrl t<> laoa \eom* Mininit Co-Int* n-.
in thr t^>* Ve��a*. At-ril 16,*1
Ham* ta Ihr I. II Mininjt IV�����Intei-wat in thr
L 11, April Iti. rl
F*> Andrt-**. to J.��*r*Ji liii.i.a and John K.
Whil*���To rarh | Triumph. Msy tt. tl
t'aulNikolai to Rkbsr.1 llorttrbrr���' Wintrr
Hraort.Maf l.V *-.*.������
Briil V RUlon to W A Van T.SM1 TN For-
r.t Kir* Ai.nl i*.  .��.�����
John A Finch to \V II Kohrrt*on���J Rtdtrrt*
...ri. March rt, ll
Wm H RottrrtMin t*> A II Brrmner��� | Ro-
��>crt*.������). Jtinr 1. taJOII
W i,;i'..t!.-r UM John A Kinman t<�� i'.a*
HnlTniaii 'or othrr��--Aart*rment lo Sri!    . i x
andra and Iwllhr. May m\ rtsn
Jnnr S
I'M Hays h9 I' K Han.monl The S..ppi._r*>
and Ofin Jan 11. rl'Mim
Junr S
Hush 11 Fh-tfhrr to VV S I'rrwrry All intrr-
<��.�� in it.-i.il. Anut��. M.-*y il. MI
J -tah Flricbrr and Archir Fin. hat to -jmi
-1W in IVaMr. May-**, -t'.
Wm Ryan lo nam**   1�� ltVa��i>>. May 14.   :���
Mii.i.-.r It..* ���!��� i.* r to.niiif - J li.-iiil.   Annie.
OttoTornfrldt to Wm R Will-J Oiin. May
Frank A W��dl. to 0.>o rrttjr All intci-v"! in
Hnallrr Fraction. May SO
I. J OrOfi* to Chaa A Srhoolr) - All int.-r ��t in
IHIm. - Nor. April(4 n
DA Van l��..ru to 1) A Mcltonrll \ N*.i.��ia
and I Mountain t'hiri N'o.i. Junr S. *S*.V��
OO I., wi. i;,-. M***.U.lt.-. Jo^phTraf.. **nl��
to Frank Flrtchcr Itah'iia Mouiitsin. Mai\*h
J  M M  Brii.-lum  10 OtW  H   Sncklinn-Thr
liur��r��hor. June A. > 1
Jnnr I
j a Fin. b to D J Wslt  J mnntnm  nmw
D J W.-ir to A H llrrmi ��������� J Rohrrt..��. *.*ne
JnnsS ,, .
Jowpli Hran to Tin*. Mayuc IHily--All ' ***
rat inR WT. K.t. ^.M.*.r..
Josaph rrana to sam**- All inirrr.t in ���; ft
T. Fsb ii. iia ����� ,... __
John McMillan and Ui.lmrl W Tliomp.* ��� t��
-sm^-lntrra.t in ll W T. Web IT. IHtti
II li Ail.-lii.on to Joarpb TmricanU*- . hid.
J r Rrlliy tot*amt?-k Ws.i Btm. May a*.��l
W J Klliott to thr SI.M-rtii Hold nnd N ' M
Mii.inufo   J Madiir. M��) **l.-l
���'*int> 7 _, ... _     ,
II A Miller to R V Ri. Ion and N \\  1*�� 'lr*r���
\ Itootncranjt. Jan 1\. !*���. U _
W Findlsy to A 11 Johnston   Tl*.* (v.i* I.****.
II CUvr-r to Wm Vatanilne Tin* rartiM
Jun*. I ......
HA Millorto Jo-tcph Frnnr   \ IIo.mii. m ng,
W R Win.tcnd toTTios llonk.r \ l'il.-t Mar
lataod to ��Uy by it, and all effort* **lUb��
mudf to win the ctiampionship of the Kootenay. They aUn intend totrive aMerienofopen
air < onierta during the w-iimui.
Npw  llw liver's  Iln ml
Tin* Me in I- Animal meetinitnf the New lM*nv..r
lland took pliice h> tlieir band roon on sun-
���Jay, arth May Tlie minute*! of pre. ioiia meet-
iiiit wen* read and adopted. A vote of ths itti
wa* tendered to the ..ihcer-. for their *.��*r.. ��..
dnrlint tbe pa��t term, and by univniniou*. vote
reelected for nnotber term.
*. K. Famiwler. I'realdaht : Joe MlUwaid,
Leader: Howard *VVas^8so.*TlWUrsr' h\e��*n*
tUVConimiU.'.' John Aylwin. \\ P IvSIH.
and Howard VVswl. ....
A new nniform (tap WM order*' I for lul.il. e
oelshrntlon al.o  nm-'n   ponehr	
Tbe   boy*
Tlie ltayal Five Is tlie name ol a
claim recently staked by T. M. Rae
and liii partner. It is abont three
miles trom New Denver, on the lake
shore, and about 200 vards below the
��� ailiourt track. The ledge is two feet
wide and assays show $18 in gold
and 107 ounces"In Hilver.
Over 17.500 was taken in at the
Xe* Denver record office during the
month of May.	
I'nl.l-up Capital  a4.N60.606
Rrarrie Foiitl     1.33N.333
LriMMix .Ort-u-K���S CkTinent*  l_ine.   I. in!*anl
94��, E. C.
J. II. Rrotlle ri. A. Iloare
John Jamea U.h*r h. ,1. B. Kendall)
fitjgjonl Farrer J. J. Kinir-dord
Henrv R. Farrer Frederic Lubbock
Rk-lnrd II. Olvn Geo. D. Wbatinaii
Seeretarv-A. i,. Wsllb.
IO.'ADOvfick ix Casapa���St James St.,
II. SriKi.MAS. ���        Gen. ral Manairer
J.   '��� ��**LV, In��j��etor.
I,-n.ii.u K'n��*44>n HalifaJi X, S.
Hrantfonl ''U:-��*tft Ros.t_.nd. B.C.
PsH* Motitrt-al Sandon, B C.
H.-.i .ii..n Onetjee Victoria. B.C.
Ttoonto ��- John, N.B. Vancouver, B.C.
FnO* lieutn. X.B. Winulitetf.Man. Brandon, Man.
Kaslo, BC.Trail, BC
New York -Ut Wall DtWWt  W*. Lawson I J. C.
-<aii Fr_i -taeiv-UM a��if��Mii St.-R. St. I. Mc*
Michael a no J. R. An.br.or.
I,'.nd...n Banker*���Tin- Bank *>f Emriaud Me:��.**r��
Glvn k Oo
F-n iim A-p-nts-F i'-erpool���Bank of Liver
pool. Scotland-X-ttonal Bank of Scotland
Limit.-*!, and l��ranchi>��. Ireland���Provincial
Bank of Inland. * Ul.. snd branches. Nation a
Hank. Ltd., and ranch*-*!. AustraUa���-Union
lUnk of Australia. Lid. New Zealand-Union
Bank of Australia. Ltd. lu.Ua. Chins and Jaj* i
���MetcatitUe Bank of India, Ltd. Agra Bank
Ltd. West lndles-Coroniil Bank. Paris
Mesan. Marruard, Krauv et Cle.   Lyons���Credit
G EORG E K Y DD. Msnavei
First Bank Established in the Slocan
M of Bill Colli
IniMriKirated by Royal Charter WHK.
Cai��llal (with pttwer to Inm-ase) *._,ii*i.(M>
Hen.* Offlrij t ��*i�� ljonihndStnvt, Luuloii. Enp.
Ji ilriilab Coltnbia :���Victoria, Vsncouver.New
W* (Uiuin: o< r Xa^almo,Kaml*>o|a..XELSOX,
KASLO hit* SAXIKIS, Slocan District).
In tbe United Su, *sr-S;�� tTandmO and IV.rt-
A-**ciits and Corix-ponilentsi
0ANADA :-Uaiiadian Bank of Comm.irce
M n-han'a' Bank of Canttda. lie Molsons Bank
lutocrla. itaik of Cunada "I Bank of Nova
Scotia. ,' XlTr.D STATE.-*. ��� unadisu Ibuik
i*t Coininerc* .Airenevi. Xew York; Bank of
Nova Scotia, Cbi.-a/**"*. The tx>ti��tou and San
Xrambci Bank. Ltd., Tai-otna. The lnijrtu
( .Hind Xationul Hank. Seattle. Tlu- F..\chantrc
NatUaul Bank. Siiokaiie. AUSTRALIA AXT)
NEW ZEALAND:-Bank of Australasia.
ROKOLDLUi   BI��hoji * Co.
IJooa.1 Manager.
��3a.irxcioii Branoh.
Is the Pioneer House of the City
Soo Pacific Line.
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Borton, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily, Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everv Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates. It will save you money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR* Agent, Sandon.
Dist.  Pussenger Agent, Vancouver
H. M.McGREGOR, T.P. A.. Nelson, B.C
ail uk
From Montreal
Lake Huron. Beaver lino Jnneai
Lake Superior.       "          July!
Lake Winnipeg       '            "  tl
LakeHnron. "            M -��
Lake Ontario. "         Ang^l
Lake Superior,       ���*    "   11
Fran New York.
Larcania. Cunard Line July ���
Servia. "     "    ��
F.truria "     "  1,,
Campania,     "     "1;
Anranis. ���'     "  *4
Umbrla. "     " :\
Cabin *4'*. UKk ���*�����, 701�� and upward**.
IiiU��nnedi��te ��30 snd apwards.
Steerage 4*15.50 and upwards.
Paflsenyrrs Ticketed throuarh to all points in
Great Britain or Irelsnd, and at S|a?*cially low
rates to all parts of the EuropeaD Continent.
Prepaid PsiKragea arranged i*rom att points.
Apply to A. C. McARTHCR, C.P.R. Agent,
Sandon, or
General Agent,
C. P. R. CMBcea, Winnipeg
Dolers ta
News, Stationery,
Confecthmery, Butter, Eggs,
i "leeae, Hay, Grain, Flour,
OfBce: .
ddlc and Pack Horse
to all Points
.   In the Mountain*. i���
 Manufaturers of all���-.
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsniiarilla, Etc, Etc
Sandon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Tower, Minn.--Still the rush to the
Rainy lake and Ontario gold fields
continues and the management of the
various steamers on this route are
nightly besieged by gold seekers, im
plo-ring   them    to   abandon   .heir
schedules and make extra trips and
earlier starts.   This morning's boats
were  loaded  with passengers   and
freight is now a secr.idary consideration as every available space on the
steamers is taken by passengers and
baggage.   A party consisting of ex-
SheriffW. W. Butchart, E. Falconer,
J. Campbell and 1\ McCoy, of Duluth,
and E. Randolph, half owner ot the
Randolph prospect,  were passengers
this morning.   Butchart is president
ot the A. D. Two Gold Mining company, on which development will bo
vigorously   prosecuted   during the
summer.   This property shows five
large veins, all with visible gold free
and assays run high.   A stamp mill
is in construction at Duluth which
will be in operation next month.   As
soon as  the   party   arrive  twenty
miners will be  put  to work.   The
owners have refused a cash offer ot
$40,000 for this property and are confident tbat they have a very valuable
property.   Mes_rs. Randolph and McCoy go to take personal supervisun of
their working properties.   A noticeable feature ot recent migration is the
women and children who are accom
panying their husbands to thc numerous inining camps.
Considerable excitement prevails
here over the alleged discovery of
gold not far from this city. A Frenchman for the past year in the employ
ofthe Tower logging railway, last
evening came in from a prospecting
tour bringing with him several large
samples of quartz and quite a good-
sized nugget The gold is very
prominent in the quartz, at.d he
claims the find was made within a
very few miles of Tower. C. C
Oppel and George Schummehl were
tortunate enough to get control ot the
samples of ore and Mr. Schummell at
once started for Duluth to nave an
assay made. The finder has no
means to properly develop with and
it is more than probable that he will
finally confide in and accent the financial assistance ot Messrs, Oppel and
Schumraegl, and when the location
becomes known there will be a rush
for adjoining properties. Many evi.
donees of gold have been previously
tound in his immediate vicinity, but
never any showing so well.
Sam Heller, of the Heller Liquor
company, of Duluth, came from the
north last evening and reports the
discovery hy himself and others of
mica on the shores of .Lake Le Croix.
It was noticed by out croppings on
ttic Iwtnk. Work of minor developments was at once commenced and
after two blasts were shot a ffne de
posit was disclosed. Mr. Heller says
the deposit is of great extent and that
specimens taken after blasting
measured nearly a foot square, and
while retaining its clearness the
quality was a decided improvement
over the outcroppings and that the
deposit warrants extensive operations,
which will be made.
When the Sheriff went over from
���Golden Hill to Lucky Valley alter
Jim Sanders,  who was wanted for
shouting Daii Williams in a quarrel
over a game of anil*-, lit* didn't even
take a gun along. He found his
man in a saloon and asked him to
step up antl have a drink. Jim complied, but kept a hand on his gun.
when thev had drunk they sat down,
and thc 'Sheriff told three or tour
funny stories. By and by the puzzled
Jim broke out with : ���
"See vcre, .Ita?, did you come over
after me?"
"Well, I thought you might want
to jog along back with mo," wai the
"Not much! I'll never be taken
���Then that settles it. U*ss ht-v another drink."
They drink again, and the official
told a very funny story about a tei ���
derfbot's experience in (Jolden CUy.
Jim laughed as loudly as the others,
but psesently grew serious and said :
"Say, Joe, ye can't Like me -dive!"
"Wall, we w,nt worry about that,
Jim,"' was the only reply. "IjC.'s hev
another nip and then a game of
The. game lasted until the Sheriff
had lost about $20. Then he ordered
drinks and saifg a song. When the
song was finished he said to Santas j
'���Jim heven't I made things pleasant fur you to day ?"
���'You hev, Joe* aud no mistake.'*
"Treated vou like a gentleman,
heven't I ?"
"Youcertainly hev."
"That's ray way of doin' things.
Now I want you to treat me like a
gentleman. Go back to (Jolden City
with me."
"But I'shot Dan Williams over
"And they want to hang me.*'
'Of course thev do, but that'* nuth
in' to me. I didn't make the laws. I
was sent out arter you, and I want to
take you back, i could hev tweaked
In and got the drop on ye, but I know
ed 'twould hurt yer pride. Heven'f
I bin tender with ye, Jim?"
"You hev, Joe, but I don't want to
be hung."
"I'pose now but see how nice I've
used ye. Would anv other Shet itT
hev done it T
"No, I reckon not."
"Of course not And if you are
hung, wont I boss the job and nuke
it as easy as possible? Just come
right along to obleege me, Jim."
"\�� ould it be a great favor to vou T
"It would, and it would show ate
that you was a gentleman, to boot.
I'm a gentleman myself, and I kin
appreciate a gentleman.*'
"Wall, Joe, said Jim. after a moments thought, "1 did say I wouldn't
go, and I did think I didn't want to
be hung, but to obleege you and to
show these critters that I know whit
good manners is, I'll go along with ye.
And ten days later Mr. Sanders attended a necktie social, and was left
behind when the others started for
home.���Arizona Kicker.
What She Wanted
She entered the drug store in a
most dignified way, and looked very
impressive. The clerks made a rush
to attend so important a customer.
A chair was given her, and she
settled down comfortably. Ixx-king
round she smiled sweetly on the
nearest joungman���"May I see your
directory, please?" she said.
Ha-They have a saying nowtbnt ��|| the World's
To he aun> it is. And Its a seorelter, fat whlrh
lux al the rata of in *r- thin 1... ���it.-. ,���, , i(lr ..
n.-tr*!t Fr.-el-nM
c. D. Hand. D. ft Wallbkibos
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notarie& Public        and        Conveyancers,
Mine*- U.uglit and sold. Stock* for sale in nil ll (J mines,
Official brokers for Wotidertul (.'roup Mining C*o
Kootenav agents t<>r IVmdholder Mining Oa, 8t-   Kevarne  Mining i
Pboonix Obnaul hinted Mining Oo. and Two Friend* MlncCa W*U
____*____ Qtooja-act imct  *PrornotaKi.	
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
���re.aanf-taj-atsi* m*0mt**<e*em*wmmm*met,uriTTli wi"-n-mr iiiit->tirtnl*a-taliMtii*iiiiia,iM*. nr... i.iii^.b^m^i^u^^ , ,
A full line of
always in Stock
J. Iia & D. CAMERON.
Ki'tlKKT Mo-HsiN4t.il
NOS,  M.rf*jVt,!U
wmm mmmmm-
MACDONALD   BBQS*. Proprkrtw*
Kite* 11.150 to t?2.:*> j-er day.	
I lend, j ua He it* for Mining Simulator* and ... ��iiital.*t*.
Reco Ave.,
Handon, R.l1
Thos. Brown & Co.,
aiidoii,, B.C.
Dealers In :���
Ni-w Qooda eoBtttftUy Arriving.
Eksater ir- Mb:ATS
: AT
���S.WIx \.    Kossi.AM). NKLkon,   KASI.O.   HI.OT   HAV   \M'
Tha Keason Witt/.
I like Surtday school letter than
any other school, said Willie.
"I am -.leased to hear that little
man." Haiti the minister, "now will
you tell me why?''
"Yes, sir. It only comes w-ee a
Young Miss Wllgus~-Whero nit*
you going, pepa?
Kev. Mr. Wtlgua-To thc temper
ance meeting. We are going to ���"
augurato a movement to save tho
young men cf the country.
Young Miss Wilgus-f ry ami ���*���������'������
a real nice one fbr me, will you. i-tfl*-
Kr*n�� our own t**Hiar��*rs*iaasatv
ThK, HoUj ni��t.*an .���*��� be tuta**g*d Ank ok
I ,���n,ivsly l��|rt**Wf4.
K -, Kl.har am. AaA. Onhe*. ot 9*. Aral.
ui'���,i. sr. in Ktwt�� .e*hU��a for mtntmoou.
y w I'aniwlBttfc ���**��*" ���**tfi**en. Is ��e*upy*
������' an -***�� ���***"** N Tt*��**,����y * J**-***'*
..V  ...
i ^,1T��yii*.m.-*fTu*m.<en ft Mlilin-ftoa. Is
��� m,.ii a r..tmga buttt oa Woorxk street tteio��
K, runt A Mot-dock ItneKansto ha* Um ��-��n-
n,r Ks��lo lavctttar* tsum ts toting In condl-
��������� f.,r Ow mourn ot aV-*-��lan*l on tbe tttvt.
ytttit, a niimbar ol Ksnlo p**mto will catabrate
il,�� jubilee 01 Roattlaw*!.
��. party ot C P. JJL rtair.'eyors. under II- 0.
��� rWW. with p-rovUkrus for two monthe, on
_,,rkii.�� sroand tbe ��kw*4 of Kootenaj Inks
��� i,.| abont the l******- river.
I J Srltl. l��r��a*rtjf ot Nanaimt*. ha*, lM*ed
.���.. ur* M**Ornger building, on Front street,
.���.! |. patting In tho tAtmnt mUmk ot toxoA.
. ��r-. emtyteu ont onokory It* the Kootauuy.
Kttmt many rtatajm the nnuchliiery tor On
K ..to .learn iooMry baa arrival and la Wing
..U<~#*1 In position by It 0. Dewy. laart.ni>**
4 ��-*��lt. lbs Institution wUl ba noAy 10 *lo
..t.insssoodwttl establish naanriV* a* Han-
.t..ii. S��"# I*r��v#r, Xaknan. etc
A Fatal AccMaat Uf Soul* Fork.
j.*tin I1-*n��a*. A pttnmmttor mko Mt here lira
v* - k�� ar�� ta r*tnpwy With two .*th**r��, Wai*
L.w- and K-JlW-y. HMt Witt, nn tvrttiViil .hi Hat-
...lay ahlcb own him hto lift-*. Along with
i.i. itaitarni h* wue camped en ttturg.* ��t*wk.
a tiranchor th�� HoOtb Pork ot Kaalo cm*k.
..I..ni tfrnt wllmnbov* UwMlverMrll. t��**tirr
���n..��na��tb�� t-UMMtu ��lnlfu* nasi with Wni*
imet wm working ulna* tan era** ubout o
.��tlr> and a hall Arena mmp.  In goring uft tbe
reek Waltnre nn4 Wbnvo took itpfmslt* sides
M>>.-.tn-ai_^aa Walt******** cous*d<**i-��*d lb* aide
ihrjr had town Uu.Hltig on too tlaitg-*-t��tos.
ivrt*-, howeter.' kept on bin way, but in
r*Ming ��� gaily Wheteu ���1*4* had ran. slipped
��nd fr-ll to Or* bmtoiu. Wottac* wu�� ihs
��iter* he could tar* bint nt too Urn* ot hto sail.
b��_i cm corning nronnd n tnra snw him lying
.>. t th*> ftmt ot tb* sttdn. and hurrying m bis a��-
*..uitt** fowad btn> uorooarWioa with his
t.--��a -*��*ry badty ent. Altnr t��nds��rlng what
*i<l Itr ruaM WnllnaW Ml tot thalrcamp to
gei tttr h-rlpof Ksils-y OAttt mum* i4br*rs who
mere prrtapwtlag In lb* *smr it*lghbti**bu.td.
mii rrtnrntiag In abont two hours nnd a hall
' .n<lthat th* InjiMd mnn wn�� not iborr
tt sras rtrntiy trUntt thai V%*te* had to-
aatn��d -onarhimnirss nnd bad inovtrdnwny
���mm tt* ssaa wtwtn bnt nm. Aabta��rtlbrts
i*iii*4 hav* taam ncctsasurlly  b��*hlr* tt was
��� tHHiKtit to And bins in tb* lmm��-dtoil�� vlcto*
tty. bnt though tb* amrrh tiwittutod taattd
' hre* days It rrrmlfd nothing of tits wbrrtn*
-Hita. Mis t-nrtnrra IWl r��*rUli��. bowcvtr.
' list h*i-*mild not bav* tinvnMI tor fiurn lha
|iat-��* taUr* b* Ml. aad on Wtdnasdny Wai*
.a.**' mn** down lo Kaalo to ivpor. to Mt*
Hiitlinrttlsn h*fv, Kattay nnd others ��ootlnu*
��n�� Om* atan-b.
Inhn l*1��nw la vrallhoown around Nrw tarn
*et and Tbrvw IrOrka.  Hn w ��� n nnllvvoT
H ..tt*a and prrvkws tn hU eontlng to Knot***
nay *ptm nvr y��ar* oa ib* coast-  l-ftstnum*
���iwr lu- imoftirtod nn Umon andaprtnger
"���k.an.l wnrkfd In tb* ���uto**|M-t*ar last win*
"���'. ThntiKhof_Aamlnt**4>dta{inMOtMi It. was
v,ry >>nM nnd rnw-nnd.bnt wasirvnUy ad
"nrt-,1 ��,y thr tew frWn-t. b* bad road* In tins
O^a^Hasaww^^WiSjMSMS.M.iMS.a.r.waaa-i. ���a
When In Kaalo don't forgtH that
> on can get a Arst c4aas meal at the
Koyal CalV,
���witt-u-a, llibt Inkin, Mini
>>������ ���hnnnla Oaaaattftataw Mlalat Cn.
UiulUd  laiaMllty,
Dry  ftait Mlalaa aatJ   Mllllna  Co
'���United Liability (Cordnlla.)
**>Hrk Mining and   Milling  Co.
Umllnd lalabllliy.
Hi>m ** niarh's HnM.
SANDON,  U.  t*
Bretoing, Malting &
Distilling Co. Limited.
J-1. a**-***!..       WJ  SowMf.LtS
t. I_ Chr*U*. LLB.
.:���:���> -   NOTARIES, &c.
Sandon m> C. _
Vaneouvnr, ���. C.
And beat nelecuil stock of Wines, Liquort*
and Cigars in British Colombia.
And test equipped Bottling Establishment
in British Columbia for Carbonated Drinks.
Agents for the celebrated I*ord Nelson
We Haoe Established a Branch House
In Sandon
With CVild Storage for laager Beer, and are prepared
to tHrtiipctf' in quality and price against all comers.
All our Carttonau-d iSrinks and Lager Beer are niaitii*
facttireti from distilled water and guaranteed chemically pure.
Partiea in or Who Contemplate Qoing Into Any of These ^
Une* Will Save Honey and Time by Dealing With Us.     M
I'ltiil mir establishment is ready for business in Sandon we 7R
can furnish all the above lines from our plant in Trail in 48 hours. SJ
Ur. B. K. King will represent us in Sandon and the Kootenav dis- 3i
triet. For the present address all orders and inquiries to'ua at jT
T\b)c Kootenay Brewing, Malting
*k Distilling Co. umited.
The ��iflo jftlnet ot Sutioa
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
1,000,1100 Shares par value of ten cent-*. The above Company
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are G|ien for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
tale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
. Meralna *--^**��T___�� .s*v*aton��S��Wtofk
Lr-n*rcn coSy nt 11 o'clock.
.-��^f999n.-lfnyn t'tt%narotkM nt 1
tVclocl.. Len-rtnoody nt4o***-k*cfc.
MffllUG wtm*
Nelson & Lardo Steam Navigation Co.
C*om��enclng Monday. Man liny 1SW. tHennm
Alnswortb will leave kaalo. B. C-every Km>
dny nnd Thnrsday at OM a. m, tor Bonner's
Pernr. Idnho. conwc-Ong with tbeOrent
Northern Hallway on 1t_esdnys nnd Fridnys.
tata to nnd from Spotane nnd Knstera nnd
Western Points.
Rtentner will return Oon Bonner's Perry nt
4-tOa. m. on WediMadnys nnd antni*dnyn nr*
riving at Kaslo *-a*-ae t**t-*enlnf, so as tn mnke
qnlek wnoectlons with Tmll Creek nnd Blocan mining dlatrieta. _
This route is the most direct tor the Fort
t-tteel mining nrapsand makes close conner>
Oons ai Bonner's Ferry with tbe Upper Koot*
enny rivet *-��eniners.
First class passenger and freight accommodations
OtaaalntloB af Fartaaraaip.
Notice hi hereby given tbat the pnrt-
nersblp IwietofDfe eslstlng between C.
B. Lyooa, Clyde E. Ooon A B. A. Broddv
known nr* tbe tendon Dnw nnd IceOompnny.
to by mutual consent tbto dny dissolved. B. J.
Broddy having sold hta tnterent. The business will be carried on by Lyons a Coon who
will pny nil debts Mid collect nU monies due
tbe arm. C & Lvoas.
r R.J.B��ODDY.
Hated tbto ith dny of May, ttW.
Cnrtlftcata af lt*aars(i**aaaaata.
t*ordelto No. 1 Mtocrnl Ctolm
Situate In the Slocnn Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.  Located Bvn miles from
Three Forks, op north fork nf Carpenter
creek, on right bank.
Take notice that The Dry Belt Mining nnd
V tiling Co.. Frr��Mli��rtC>rttW����N��t;T4^SH,
Intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to
apply to the Mining BMorder for n eeriUlcute
of Improvementa, for the porpom of obtaining
a Crown grant tor the above olntm.
And further take notice Umt netton* under
section X7. must ta* t-onimcoced betore tbe to-
suance of aueta certlOcote of Improvementa.
Dated this VXb dny of AnrUJOT.
Sec'y The Dry Belt Mining nnd Milling Co..
Limited LtnbUlty.
May 1st. law.
Mining Broker* and Operators.
Notice ta hereby given thntnt the explrntlm.
of one month (ton tho first pnUtontlon hem*
ot. Uie undersigned will nppty to the HU pen-
diary Magistrals tor the dtoMet of West Kootenay, tor n license to sell ttquora by r-etnll nt
their hotel, situate on Lot 4. Block S. Bnndon
First Addition. Handon. B. U.
Dated nt Bnndon, B. C this 1Mb dny of
May, A. D., ISW. M. C Williams.
& 15 Parsn Annaaca.
Notice to hereby given that nttheexplmtlou
of one month from the flrat paMlentloa hereof; tbe undersigned wtll apptr to the Stipendiary Magistrate, tor the DfeMrt of WeetMoot-
enny, for a license to sell Itqnor by ratnU nt
btobotel. sltuata no lots, sub-division a��,
Wt*at Kootenay.
Dated nt Bnndon, B.C- thumb dny of Mny,
Subscribe lor tht Paystreak.
n: ?
:... nr,*   ������*.
I ���������������it    ii .ii r-.ii
F. P. O'Neill and James C. Cunningham of Spokane were ii. Sandon and paid a visit to the Kuth, of
which Mr. O'Neill was one of the locators. The gentlemen are interested in the Pinacle, near the Alpha.
The Payne mine commenced shipping last Mondav, and will lie from
now on a steady shipper of three
cars a day. The survey for the
tramway is completed and the company are considering what system
to use.
The work recently done on the
Annie, on McUuigan creek, and
owned by W. D. Thompson and
Dr. Gonim, shows that property
much improved. The ledge is
broadened out and galena has been
encountered in small quantities.
The Highland at Ainsworth, on
which extensive work has been
done, have just discovered that in
blocking out the ore in the lead they
have been throwing rock over the
dump that carries at least 17 in gold
and has assayed as high as fti4.
Dr. Goinm, P. Perew and K.Waite
left last Monday for the Lillooet district on a prospecting tour. They
will be gone between two and three
months, and expect to explore much
of the country north of Lillooet.
They are bound to fetch back something if it is nothing more than a
si wash.
The Cumberland group of five
claims, either on the Idaho ledge or
one parallel to the Idaho, and the
Yakima jjrroup of four claims, in the
next basin east of the Alamo, and
owned by the Sunshine Mining company, have been sold. Both groups
were owned by Detroit, Mich., people.
D. C. Clark, one of the locators of
the Ruth, is here and will open up
the Ophir on Eureka hill at once.
TheOphir is supposed to be on the
Kuth lead. He will also do assessment on tbe Dominion, above the
Slocan Star, and survey the Dorothy on Tributary creek for a crown
grant. Mr. Clark, with A. A. Ut-
Icy, have formed the Salmon River
Lumber company, at Salmo, B. C.
James F. Leahy of Findlay, Ohio,
representing a syndicate of 'capitalists of Ohio, and D. A. Van Dorn of
New Denver, arrived in Sandon on
Tuesday and immediately proceeded
to Cody to push development work
on the Bolander and Shoshone
claims. Mr. Leahy savs the Bolander is looking very good, and will
probably be a shipper before long.
Local Newa.
W. Bmallcy, from Collingwood,
Ont., has started a barber shop at
Cody, next to, the Noble Five hotel.
Bob Hammond, Ed Spahr and
8cott Donnelly, on a wager last
Monday loaded 19 packs of giant
powder in 16 minutes. This beats
the record.
There is talk of a horse race on
the 22d between Fleecy Buck and
Fletcher's Jimmy. The backers of
Jimmy are very anxious to have the
race take place.
The Sandon dairy is now furnishing with milk and cream Three
Forks, Cody and Nakusp, as well as
Sandon. Mr. Tattrle, the proprietor, haa moved the dairy further up
and on the other side of the creek,
and has a much better location. He
is now selling milk at 40 cents a gallon.
The fi WMI-S^W Bl
V*!_^__!_J___��_SLOC_UL JBSlWL C��*��W ." 8patof|iJ^L!9
AnxJ^har^ *��* Communleata *-**rtth Ma_
We are alto Prepared to Place Prooerttea of Real Met* at any
(Members Spokane and Roaaland Stock Exehangee ��
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Sandon, 8. C.
Tl*|C New Vintage
thk vkrv nj-K viktacik t>v
Set and Unset
la Diamond* aa* Opals,
Maasooda and Pearls,
Diamonds aad Rabies.
Brooelie!*fChains, Bracelet*, !/n*kets.
Blod** Sets. Ktc, Silverware.
Come snd nee and to convinced that I have the Is**.*,
**>�� nt-iilim .nUtl* mnrhet ������� *>IW*��tn�� tm,%*r*ml ������Imltalarm nn ooemmnt of IU < * *> ��*���**<
auallly and dryntaa. witbmit hetom ttmvy, mnklnst M n m*t9m* worn In Uw in* maw u it*
want.      II s*fH��nld b* la-t��-.l In tie fully SHr#t*tHslr>4.
A**t-*T>rdlrdi lt��i-nraorn Mr��fjr��iaU*ii.-�� tae lmw-******llnn nf ����. 11 ll��mm * > -��� ��� ��'"���
Or-. < hamosarw-rrtHii January �����* ������� liswmr-fV OM. Wrn, itfat*r_��l--d **���/�����. ra*r- nt ��,���_!
eon* more Itian thai nf an) ��*ihcr brand, mhowlmt t����a�� W r**a��tntalit* an i��..r��*��nw -w
overall olh*Mrv
Hy rbcntk-al analy*t�� of Prat, it i**r*��* lantvmua ll trnmUIn* tire k*o<*t ooemiai '4 mtettm.-
lh--t***iV��rt-. tli*�� parent and must w��*vi~.m* < ham********.
H-iyal Warranta hav** tweo grant**! lo M-**r��-*a li. II. Ma man Ima tW**!?'* ** *rt
Maj^lv.l*v*<4ut*rn<>f K����tand. Mr. lU>yml HKhn��� Uh- Vrtar* ot Wntrft. 11*. ����*������ ��**
Orrmai*. K..u--r,>r. tlfat JMa>��i�� ihe Kl��f nf th* rVU*-aftv His ��nj*aty th* K tn. <���< H-****
flu wajt���1> thr Kins** tapftmarii. Illsnsn>say ths'Kingirf ��n*��n*tmnasi *****-*
Pit her <& Leiser,
G. W. Grimmett
Jeweller and Optician
uns CIGAR Sll (,u
wlit-tv you will fln.l a fall lin'* *.f
OtfnrnHce, MpM, Kin*
*���*���***��� **��a-*.__< ��***������ SM*. omcl.   ,��� ntf ^ CrawftH^.11 Btl|ck
\\%00%4%   AVMNMf
Hinith Khoji.
NEWS DEPOT. Barrister,
Stationery, **  i     Solicitor,
Confectionery, Notary Public,
Cljrar* nnd Tobacco. Etc.
ICC FORK8 and   SILVCHTON       SANDON.       - B. C.
W�� r /.sit*  K M
Ir, *< I   <"   ��**
Daada af all lleaerlp-
tlona Drawn L'p.
PrartiVal sriparlen-i*  In -A*%��"'���>'
mans��->inant ot mina* ,, _, ���.,i~
A ImowltaUta ��f IttUalHlattta*...-'" ������*'*"._.
flisMti, l|a |o  Olffr  ��.��*xl   |*#t>|a*rli'-'""
i ...,*. l-nHr.r,. refNirta fnnil.U*-�� "" '""'*'*
tl��M.    I *.rr*aa|H.t|��lt-llt *�� tHilirtltJ. I
SANDON. ��>���


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