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The Paystreak Jan 29, 1898

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Array I
') '      f*,.
����, ��'���
Probable Receipts from Licenses
The Tax on Realty.
A rough estimate of the revenues
wliich will be obtainable by thc city
for the year 1*18, from trade and
liquor licenses, etc., exclusive of
realty is as follows:
Rebate from the government
on taxes collected
Collectable before July,
Collectable after Julv
Total 17,500
This is based on tbe present rates
paid to the government, but which
the council have power to charge to
mi it themselves.
It is learned that the govern ment
has wired Assessor Keen at Kaslo to
strike Handon off his list. This
leaves the real property of Sandon
untaxed, and wilt give the city an
opportunity of making its own as*
neamnnt. This should be taken advantage of, and the burden of tax
Mtion placet! entirely, or as nearly
so as tlte law will permit, upon the
lis re land values, exclusive of any
improvements. At no place anywhere Is this more inijierativc than
in Sandon. where there is no insurance ind the man doing business has
to take all the risk. The practice
of building on leased ground, which
is so common here, is another reason
in favor of this method. Here the
leMMee takes all risk of being burned
and of failure in business, and the
land owner takes no risk at all.
Where the land owner has built his
own improvement* he would be bene-
tited in the mine manner as the man
who has built or Is doing business on
leased land. He would play more
than even, and is consequently interested in having this plan adopted.
The matter is one of right and just-
ticc, and no question of personal interest or delicacy bas any place In
it. *
Silver has been quoted for several
days at fttif.
Ore shipments from Sandon this
week 830 tons.
J. II. Harris has received some
new Ore hose and two nozzle? of tlw
the latest pattern.
The ore fsoomlng.out of the Payne
faster than the men at the mouth of
the tunnel can get away with it.
The C. P. R. has not yet commenced handling Payne ore, but expect
to commence soon.
Uow much will the K. A S. take
to keep their freight train on the
Reco avenue eroding all the time.
It reminds one so of Chicago.
The resignation of constable Tom
CalHn has been accepted by thc gov
ernment, and took effect Thursday
evening. A police officer has not
yet lieen appointed. The government at the same time also stopped
their allowance to the night watchman.
Tbe Ruth is increasing Its shipments right atoag. This week it
shipped 180 tone of high grade
galena. The Ruth promises to rival
the Payne soon in its shipments.
A strike was reported made some
time ago in the Cumberland. Three
feet of ore have been drifted on for
150 feet.
Mrs. Cliffe has gone east for a visit.
Alderman Hunter bears his honors
an apolagy next day, as he considered the joke too good.
D. 8. Wanbridge has returned
from Vancouver. He has been appointed resident attorney for the
A dance is announced for St
eutine's day in Virginia hall.
Tlie best value in Miners' Gloves
at the Post Office Store.
Ira Black moves out next Tuesday and J- HI. Harris takes possession of Black's hotel. Mr. Harris has
not yet given out what name he will
give the hotel or who will be manager.
The Foresters' dance, last evening
in Virginia hall was largely attended and a verv enjoyable event.
The I. O. V. have established themselves as splendidly sociable people.
Arother hockey contest between
the North Side and South side is on
at the rink for Tnesday night
The case a woman who was married two men, each of whom had
two wives, was unfolded at Kingston
Bartlett Bros, write that they left
Vancouver last week with 35 head of
stuck and Hi tons to go over the pass
to Lake Bennett.
Arrangements for the concert for
the benefit of the Catholic church,
two weeks from to-night, are progressing favorably, and it promises
to lie an artistic and financial success.
A Special Consignment from San
Francisco of 31 dozen pairs of Gloves
including California Buckskin,
Asliestos, Horsehide, Australian
Goatskin. Genuine Sealskin, Fire-
Sroof Horse-hide, at the Post O.lice
Nothing definite is known on thc
outside regarding the Noble rive.
George McDonald has returned to
Vancouver. He denies that the
Dunsmuirs had bought the mine
When here, however, he took up a
number of claims against the mine,
getting them at a discount. This
makes it certain that someone is
putting up money, with some object
in view, but what this Is can only he
Rev. A. M. Sanford will preach at
the Methodist church to-morrow at
11 a. m. and 7:15 p. m. Subject for
the morning: "The Lords Supper,**
and for evening: "The Survival ot
the Fittest." At the conclusion of the
morning service the sacrement of the
Loid's Supper will be administered.
Presbyterian services will be held
in Virginia hall to-morrow, morning
and evening, at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. A. Cleland, pastor.
Ed Montgomery is longing to be in Wonderful Group Mining Company,
the rush to Klondike. Tbe Epworth ^^ ^ 8peod
Miss 8. Lloyd states her intention | Monday evening considering the
of iroing to Klondike. life and works of Longfellow.   Bs-
Ira Black is making preparations (says, readings, recitations, etc, and
to leave for the north as soon as be also selections ef music will be given,
turns over his hotel. Tbe general public invited..
Mrs. C.  B   McCluskey left this
morning Ibr a six weeks visit in Vic-        SANDON ORB SHIPMENTS,
toria. The shipments of ore from Sandon
J. Brown is back from hobnobbing! from August 1,1897, to January 27,
with the lords and sir knights of]1898' *��<^*e, were as follows-
eastern Canada.
- Slocan Star,
The mayor is contemplating the Payne,
advisability  of   appointing   J. H. Idaho Mines,
Hawke as chief of police. ���*e Five*
Larry Doolan is said to make a American Boy,
fine figure in a  blue uniform and , Slocan Boy,
helmet, and is a fine dacent man.      j Wonderful,
C. J. Smith enjoys a hocky match! Majestic,
more than anything else, except pos- Freddie Lee.
iblv writing checks for a Reco divi- Mt. Adams, ���
-tend Last Chance,
* _. . _. .    .       Goodenough,
^fTommy Brown is one of thc be* Cananisn Group?
liked men in Sandon.   His frien Is Sovereign,
hope to hear of his making another Trade Dollar,
Reco o��i c* Ihe Dor-dia. 8S��S_,
E. M. SandUands ia known as Her
Majesty's Poo Bah.   The confidence     Total,       :
of the crown in Mr. Ssndilands is unlimited.
18,9011 tons
Ore shipments for the week from
January 21 to  January 27, inclusive, were as follows:. I'ayne 450,
Ruth  180, Reco 40, Last Chance 80,
20, Slocan  Star 40-
City Clerk Sewell was in  Kaslo
Wednesday getting pointers on the!Queen  Bess
manner of conducting the affairs of;K.&S.     (	
a city.   He came back loaded. A Lay Off at the Star.
The friends of C. K. Hammond About 60 men wete laid off at the
were aurprised the other day by a! Slocan Star this week, arid tbe mill
report that he had been seen to has been closed temporraily. There
smile. The report, however, has not fe plenty of ore in sight, but it bas
been verified. , j been deemed advisable to open it up
George Kydd has accepted the po-j in more advantageous shape, in order
sition of manager of the branch of j that it may be gotten out more
the Merchants Bank of Halifax at; cheaply and in larger quantities.
Nakon. He will remain liquidator I Mast of the men laid off took the first
of the Noble Five. train out tor the ooast, headirg fbr
M. L. Grimmett returned last j Klondike,
night from the curling boospeil at I It is reported that experts have
Calgary. He says they had a royal j examined the mine and made a retime. When he left the series was; port yesterday to their company,
not finished, but Sandon had the dis! A sale would mean an extensive
tinction of having beaten the crack jplan of development in the near
team and had a chance for the! future. The mine was never look-
trophy. ! in�� more favorable than it is at thc
There is no better recanteur in P*���*"*tin^	
tbe province than Curley Robinson,
Another Ice Csrnieel.
and he is never lacking an audience. ���    -^ ^ag^** ot the rink an
Officer Lloyd is now the only man nounoes that there wilt ba another
in authority, but seems able to keep j hmcy drees oaruiyal oq next Satur-
the shooters quiet. day, February 5th.   The band from
An attempted hold up on Ihe K. A \ New Denver will ba engaged, and
S. tracks Monday night was frustra- j all who missed the laat great event
ted by a rapid flight up the churchI will have another opportunity of a
The victim refused to receive | lifetime. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., JANUARY 29, 1898.
A Large Number Of Masquers
and a Crotcd of Onlookers.
The masqued carnival last Saturday evening was a grand success.
The attendance of skaters and onlookers was larger than anticipated,
and the general verdict was that
the scene presented by the number
and variety of costumes was very
fine, The New Denver band did
their best to please, and added much
to the evening's enjoyment. There
were many striking character representations among both the ladies
and gentlemen. Of the ladies we
give a partial list:
Miss Percival wore a gown which
consisted entirely of Paystheaks,
and was voted the most graceful
skater among the ladies.
Miss Cliffe was charming in a
white gown trimmed with roses, as
Miss Crandall wore a red and
black costume, with a big red hat
Miss McCrae wore a bridal gown
and veil to correspond.
Miss Crawford was radiant in a
Scotch plaid.
Miss McArthur's costume of black
with golden stars was very effective.
Miss Bade was saintly as a nun.
Miss Connelly as the pirate's maid
wore a becoming gown of red.
Miss Skinner made an irrcsistable
Bo Peep.
MissMcDougal wore a bewitching
milk maid's gown.
Robinson Crusoe Hood was by fsr
the most stunning looking girl on
the ice.
Mrs. Cooley.Mrs. Phypers and Mrs.
Sharp as the three little girls in
blue, with gingham aprons and
sun bonnets, were delightfully comical.
Mrs. Olson was dressed in a becoming toboggan suit.
Howard Cameron as "Whoa Bill,'*
was well impersonated.
The wish is generally expressed
that the management give another
carnival at an early date.
The Whitewater Sold.
Negotiations for the sale of the
Whitewater mine, pending for several months, were reported closed
last week. The purchasers are the
London aud British Columbia Gold
Fields Company. Ltd,, the deal being
closed by J. Roderick Robertson,
representing thst strong English
company. The Whitewater group
was examined several months aro
w by S. S. Fowler, engineer for the
company, and about three weeks
ago by J. D. Kendall; consulting
engineer for the corporation. Favorable reports were sent by both
gentlemen and an option given to
the London and British Columbia
Gold Fields Company, Ltd till the
8rd inst. This was taken up by a
recent cash payment on account in
Kaslo. The deal is virtually a cash
transaction, as deferred payments
came in quick succession. The
Whitewater group of four claims Is
located two miles from Whitewater
station on the Kaslo and Slocan
railway.    The controlling interest
, of two-thirds was acquired several
years ago by J. C. Eaton, of Spokane, and W. E. Price, of Oakland,
Cal. Tbe remaining third was owned by W. E. Mann, of Spokane,
Major J. L. Montgomery, of New
York, and J. L. Retallack, of Kaslo.
The purchasing corporation acquires
the Interest of Eaton and Price. Mr.
Eaton has given personal attention
to development of tbe claim for four
years.   Themmci8nowonapa>1iig|TL0  finnrlonnillTh
Wis and dividends have been dc    | \\Q   UOUQUNUUH.ll,
dared regularly for several months. *****
For some time past the property has
been shipping in tbe neighborhood
of 200 tons per week, the shipments
steadily increasing each month, the
ore averaging $70 a ton. The purchasing corporation will undoubtedly continue vigorous development of
the property.       	
The Cltu'a Reoenuea.
Tlie Mining Review, in dlscussine
the city's revenues, advocates petitioning the legislature to grant power
to municipalities to tax merchandise,
personal property and professional
men, and not require the "poor land
owner," fbr whom our agricultural
contemporary appears to have unusual
regard, to bear tbe burden. It is
not probable that the council will
act on this advice, or if they did, is
it likely that the provincial government would take a move which
would mean a step backward of
twenty years. It is a matter of
pride with all economic thinkers
that British Columbia has recognized, although it may be in only a
limited degree, the injustice of taxing industry and enterprise, while
an abundant supply of revenue is
obtainable from land'values, wealth
unquestionably made by the community ss a whole and not by the
individual owner. It is plainly to
be seen that professional and business men pay a tax when thev
pay rent to the landlord, and to assess their stocks of merchandise or
their calling is requiring them to
pay a doable tax.
That the council will evolve a
method in due course ot time of rais
ing funds is without question, and in
the meantime wi!) gladly r.celve
and consider sensible suggestions
frnm anv source.
SANDON, 11. 0.
Amarku-n Plan,tSSnparday.
Karopean Vton. �����*.'��* pet Amy.
Strictly Strut el*.*-.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
OODY, B. 0.
The First Claaa
Hotel of Cody.
Mrs. E. H. Widdecoiiib, of New
Denver, was in Sandon a couple of
davs this week.
Do not say there are no go A
gloves in town. See those st the
Post Office 8tore.
The new citv government is finding the need of a treasury with
something in it the most important
matter hefore them an.1 one that
will have to be attended to before
anything else can be done.
W. W. Benard, "Oklahoma Bill.'*
is reported to have been converted
and studying for tbe ministry.
A very enjoyable time was spent
by thc Sandon Whist Club at the
residence of Mrs. James Williamson
on last Monday night. Mrs. F. J.
Donaldson carried off tirst honors.
Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. F.
J. Donaldson, Miss Klsie Matlock.
Miss Mary Macdonald, Mrs, P. A.
Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Benard,
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Williams, J. R.
Brewster, Dr. W. E. Gomm, Charles
Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. J. Williamson,
J. Richmond Dean. A eolation was
served at midnight and playing was
resumed until 1:30, when everyone
went home happy.
Notice is hereby jriven that tho
partnership lately existing between
K. King and Erf Thompson, in the
Exchange hotel, Sandon B. C, has
been this day dissolved by mutual
consent. R. Kino,
Ebi Thompson.
Sandon, B. C, Dec. 30, 1797.
f-Utr*.:   *t.t��tp*r itoy
Sinn Ml Hata* by Um W*mb
SANDON. B. ���.
H'-A'lqitJirtei-a for Miner-..
Wall .took*.! bar to etmnmetUn
Fir.t rl��<. ftroomniolatinn.    llujtnl 1.* th*
���Uv ��r ��?��*_,.
Proprietor aad Manager.
Ktr.t rU-rjln ototy patttcaUt   >'�����:. fur
man tmj
M. L. GRinriETT
L L B.
Notary Pablic,
A strictly flmt-elaae hotel in
all Ita appeinttaente.
Utery Stable with goad Saddi..
aad Pack Horace la connect Jon
Victoria House
How (-rom*.!*!- *-Mt�� th* Ir*.! lurnUh. '. i
in tt># <IUirv��      All   aeeommodmti-  .  to**
damn. Inrltralitm  eteettt*   lt_*l*jt. bath  i.-cr.*
��t��t jjll ^ ******
Modern Iraprooemertt*
A men. ��**M, n*d.t*nma hot*!, ���**!*������- I      *
m \ en n*    Camt *t. Unt to tha* depot.
W. J. HALL, Popr
Iiilr.r��r.rnii.| Sorv.v. HurfW*. ao<l As-rial
Cioil and Mining Engineer,
Pro Vinci* l I_,ii<! Stir ���/-.-or
Kaalo, B. C.
Mli.-raMUini. Hiirv���r-*l ami R��*L��rt��.| I'
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
H-lVs rwevlv-,1 _ oon.Urnm.nl ol tb*
ll����>a��t alyln. Ill
FALL and
UdW Piirnl.hliiB.  Vine Silk Ho.lary, tBB
i&ZhT *y��'y*Mn* **>**���***���* &�����;
Mlltiimry ��KMtit*l In tl... fii,��.t atrli*. of tt*
l-raa.iiiiiliinff i, wmoIaUvanil it|��lo��|j,t��
Wrt ar* liuuil.1 to Ifftil in al ylfta, j_,,,l .11 ^.,rV
���ntniate.1 to as will f**.lv, our S.��
Mrs. 0. H. DOUOHTY,
Oppo.iU llryan llouaa, Ri.ro A*a., Ha niton
The Elite,
I. haw r*re***r*d tm do all kiivta ���������"
And You WIU
Smoke No
at wovu sooaa.
She din in the door at sanset.
Aad twos bar dim did eye*
Up toward du* shadowy billslde,
Aod Uten towardtho ���venlnjr skies.
"Thegr an lota," the says, aiidllstens,
W 1th tier knitting on her knee ; ���*
"It * Oom tn th* rllldren's cotnlii��;
Whara caa tte daiila��s bi-r
8he hears ��� aoaod oa ths hUl road-
"Ah, they're ben at last!" she cries;
Aod tha Ujbl ot a motb-rfe welcome
, Shlasa la her faded ey*s.
������ Tost ta tamo sjmo * long Um*. children;
WiLT. the b-rr-_j1he- my dVarsf
8hsMys,M*iatbenHi about her,
i radlaat face appean.
She toon the merrr toten
ones thst ate dsad.
Of the dear c       	
Aa 4m -SnUrhteas out the Uncles
On each thinning little hnad���
The ehattetiiur. ehfldlsk t,mtm,
That seam to her to hold
A music sweater then any
Tbto slda ihe stent* <d gold
She Ustaaa to eager stories
Of what they saw and heard-
0* a oast In the blackberr v bushes.
And a fit-hteoed toother Idrd j
Mow Johnnie fall, and his berries
Were lost la weeds aad mm.
Aad Mary was trald and dreaded
Tbe brook Ihey bad to cross.
So. while tba nt-rht to f-Wbiir
She da with tt* eblldr'a then,
rar-prttlntthv .vears tb-t vaotohad,
Awd the stiver In her hslr.
Tbe lore that will last f r r��r
Rriinr. back hrr ttemt ojw* dead.
A no Hi* Matt 4 the l��n*ly mother
With Ut dreams is crinfurt*-.!
En* lost* ��h<* wll I eu to that country,
wb<*iv ber I n*4 ones watch .ind watt
Wot ber aud I think of the me, tin*
Than at On* Jasper g, ie.
She will leel tiielr weleomluff ktriam,
A ott hear her bosb. ml ��������/.
���Tin* knur. Ion* i_,r*_iia*s ormr���
-    We an* aU at n ma* Ueday'."
--Kmrene Kinirsford.
aaorirATioN** amk.vubo.
fhaasjera la  the  Lawa 'iarernlitg Ploewr
Win lag la the toahon.
Tin*  Government   at   ott-twa   haa
<le-ri<led to amend the rf**ul��tious governing (Mater mining- tu  Hie Yukon
The follow jttjf summary   co-rer* the
Kvery miner and empl tyer of a miner
will require to bike out a miner'** certificate the fee for which will tie tlO. In
case of a company il will be tXmj or lltJO.
according- to the amount of the capital
A miner's Ik-ensc will confer the right
to the miner to fish, hunt and cut the
timber iiecewuiry for mining
Provision will lie made for obtaining
miners' certificates at a number of citie*.
mill towns, such ty* Montreal, Ottawa.
Toronto. Winni|>eg. Calgary, Vancouv
er ami Victoria, ���
The a-enernl nine ofmittimr claims will
be 25o fi'i-l. and discoverer's claim-. 5(*0
Kvery alternate ten claim* nhall be
reserved by the government of Canada
Kuhaqticou-. mining Iraoea will be
issued in five mile sections with a fee of
?!������*> \*er annum ami the usual royalty.
,   The fee for recording and renewing
mining claim*, will he $15
Any number of miner-, not let* than
Ave, more than It*) mile*- from the ofthe
of a mining recorder, may appoint a
recorder, who will record claim!* and
within three uinntlui transfer the record
and foe* to the nearest mining recorder
A royalty of lo per cent, on the gold
mined -.It-til be levied and collected by
the government officers appointed f< r
tlte jiiiriMiKc, but provision la made f< r
exemption nn the annual product of any
mining claim up to ti."*.**.ho that claims
that dn not produce more than ti.frK) -i
year will not lu* liable for royalty. Provisions are made to prevent speculation
In claims bv throwing a claim open t->
entry which has not been worked a eer-
���tain number of day-., unless reasonable
came is shown, aiid by providing tint it
record shall not be 1*��Ued for more
than one c.'aiinto anv miner in the same
locality. t
Vast and undeveloped coal deposits
will be thrown open to the world when
the Crow's Nest Pass railroad, now constructing, is completed. The new line
connects the transcontinental system,
crossing the great plains of the Canadian
Northwest with the valley that lies between the Rocky Mountains oa the east
and the Selkirk* on the west. According to Dr. Selwyn, former director of
the Geological Survey of Canada, the
western fields contain 41,992,0011 tons of
coal per square mile, and the area, with
coal deposits explored up to the present, consists of about 150 square miles.
The coal area is in. the southern part
of the country known aa East Kootenay. The whole Kootenay district is
beyond the North-West Territories, extending some 300 miles north of the
international boundary. East Kootenav alone is ahout two-thirds the size
of the kingdom of Greece. Now that a
railroad is being pushed through this
terra incognita, a period of great development is anticipated.
The coal fields are 60 miles southeast
of Fort Steele and in proximity to
Crow's Nest Pass. It is not unlikely
that in the near future a network of
American railways, like these in West
Kootenay, tapping the minini? region
for the benefit o tbe Great Northern
and Northern Pacific, will traverse tbe
eastern section. The discovery of the
deposits occurred during the early
eighties, but it was not until 1887 that
the country was thoroughly prospected
for coal. Then the fields, covering an
area of 150 square miles, were discovered
The first de|*o*>its are not far from the
west end of < row'-. Nest Pass, and eon-
*.i*t of 2U'��eams of coal, one above
another, clearly visible along the mountain rid-rca and stretching up to the
summits Fourteen of these seams are
catiuel coal Thice of the seams are
respectively 16, 20 and SO feet wide
Another great series of seams is that in
the Klk River Valley, where they extend for nearly 40 miles. One (-ream,
from 90 to HO feet thick, is 1,500 feet up
the mountain, across the face of a
broken sandstone cliff. Higher is another seam, erect and 80 feet wide Ten
other broad seams are in close succession The iiniitfnt.itv of the deposit*,
can scarcely be realised. Of coking
coal their is an abundance. Some authorities pronounce the upper seams
bituminuotis and the lower anthracite,
but this is contradicted by other expert*.
The Dominion government has reserved 5 i.ooo acres, and 200,000 acres of
ttic coal area are controlled by an a*.��*o-
ciation of Canadian capitalists and the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
and for manv other purposes they can
be employed even younger. It takes
well on to a century for the struggling
trees iu a dense wood to hare any
marketable value
While good timber is becoming gradually scarcer on account of our annual
forest fires, rising from the conditions
already stated, the demand Is Increasing, and, what is more remarkable,
Europe is already calling on America
for a supply of lumber. American oak,
especially, la in great demand in the
Old World, while our black walnut is
closely following in its wake. Our
lighter woods, also���such as the tulip
tree and poplar���are coming into great
demand, there for paekiug-hoxes and
cases where light weight is a great object. Those who areluterested in forestry in our country should take up the
matter of encouragement of forest
planting. It will soon be a greater
question than forest preservation.
Perry Patetic���All these great men is
just a bit nutty some wav.
Wayworn Watson��� What set vou
thinkin1 of that t
"Old Gladstone. Look how he goes
around choppin' wood when he don't
have to'
Looking not very far into the future,
it seems that the planting of American
forests will become a productive industry, says Median's Monthly. Preservation of old forests, with their masses of
dry underbrush and fire-inviting collections of dry lea ves, may be advisable
for some reasons. These immense
masses of firewood undoubtedly tend to
collect snow, which, bv its gradual
melting, furnishesa supply to the water
reservoirs benesth the surface of the
Sround. Snow thaws less quickly under
ie shade of trees than iu the bright
sunlight Less water, therefore, runs
to supply Hoods and freshets than when
the suow is made to pass away gradually. But this question does not affect
the solid timber interests.
In old forest*, where there is a struggle for life among tho trees by the
reason of their growing so thickly together, the result is the necessity of
waiting manv vears before f e (rest
will reach a size to make them desirable
for timber pur|tos��s. Where trees have
room to grow, and are properly cared
lor. most kinds of American trees will
furnish useful timber in 90 or So years. (
Has tSteam HeaV
Klectric Light and
every convenience for
the comfort of guests.
The house is	
ln every respect
and has few equals in
the mountains ofthe
West.   The rate3 are
$2*> g $400
a day
Its Central Location
and proximity to all
railroad depots make
it the headquarters
a^d Commercial
during their visits to
the silver metropolis
ot Canada.
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully dee-
orated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Ca
A full line of'
always in Stock
The Paystreak.
Is l*��uiecl every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of the xrenu-jit White Metal camp on earth.
SubwripMoii     - ...     #**.W a year
Strictly tn advance.
Addrerw: Thk I'aystrkak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.  B.   C,   JAN.  29,   1896
The joint military expedition for
the relief of hungry gold banters at
Dawson, arranged by Hon. Clifford
Sifton on tbe part of Canada, and Secretary Gage for the United States, is
at best a foolhardy undertaking. It
is proposed to transport 300; 000 pounds
of provisions, which, if all goes well
and none of the perils of mountain
travel are met with, will require
1500 pack animals and 500 men.
Such an expedition is almost certain
to meet with great peril. It would
be difficult for such ao army of men
and horses to travel over snow-covered mountains without causing dis-
lodgment of the snow, and the result
of a slide would be disastrous. However good tbe route selected may be,
the expedition is certain to be the
cause of great loss of life.
Should the party get through ssfe-
ly, which is extremely doubtful, the
men will have to be furnished with
return transportation. Feed will
have to be furnished fbr them tor
probably 60 days. At a ration of
four and one halt pounds per day to
the man, the drivers will eat 135,003
pounds of grub, or nearly half of the
supplies provided. What the animals
will do for food or how many will survive the trip is a quandary.
The latest advices from Dawson
show there is now absolutely no need
ofthe expedition. The miners can
worry along until the opening of
navigation, when thousands of tons of
supplies will reachvDawt_on. What
galls the Victoria and Vancouver
people is that all the goods, which
are coming from, the states, will be
admitted free ol duty and are tn be
distributed free to the miners, meaning a corresponding displacement of
Canadian products without any
equivalent therefore. British Col
umbisns look upon the whole project
as a Yankee trick designed to cripple
Canadian trade with the new gold-
fields, and to foster the Impression
that the Klondike is in Alaska Mr.
Sifton's concession Is in striking contrast to the action of the American
government, which in. 1870 refused
permission to tbe Chicora. with the
Red River expedition under Lord
Wolsley, to pass throagh the Soo
Canal, necessitating the portaging of
men and supplies on the Ontario side
of the river.
* i i
The work of incorporating provincial companies under the guise of
mining concern)-, goes   merrily on.
They are all covered by much the
same stereotyped form of charter
under which they msy run any kind
of enterprise from a railroad to a
pawnshop. It is doubtful whether
the statute book of any other British
oolony would permit the incorporation of such a comprehensive "Jack
of all-trades" gang of concerns under
the masquerading, title of mining
companies. An incorporated company should be strictly limited to one
defined pursuit, and the neglect o
this wholesome rule will surely yield
a plentiful crop of trouUe in tbe near
future. One of the first acts of the
coming session of the Legislature
should be to pass legislation to meet
this evil, based upon British law.
Bl'tlLB   BONO.
The splendor fall* ou email*- walla
And mowy wnmmtt* old In sbwt:
The Ions lUtht nhakea arrow tbe lakca,
And th*,* wild cataract jWim in gtot*.
Blow, bog**, blow, art ttw wild ��rao*M lying.
Ob bark I ob bear I bow thia and clear.
Aod thinner,-ta-jw, tmrthet giAn* I
Ob *we*t and far. from cliff and tear
Tha hum* of BlSand talndy Idowlog *
Blow, let u. hear the (Mrple sbm* ntdy log:
Blow, buttle.- aaaww.-nlioaa. djr ln��,dytn��.dyln��
O love, they die In yon rich sky,
Tbey on bill or tteld or titer:
Our tvtvmw roll tti*m ��oal to mad.
And trow forever aad forvrar.
Blow, Uitfte. blow, art tbe wild etdtma By too,
Andanawer, e-rhuen, auawer.dyiuc tty tug.(lying
Mr. Claude Sachs, editorof the Mining
Investor, of Cotodor, writing recently
to the Mining Journal, of London,
Eng , says, in regard to promotions of
worthless American mine undertaking*
in London: "It mav be that dishonest
Americans procured* and sold worthiest*
properties, but dishonest British promoters must have been in collusion.
Experience has taught me that the
average British promoter will have
nothing to do with a good mining property that can be purchased at a fair
price. He wants worthless territory at
the lowest figure, so that the per cent-
age of profit may be enormous.
This is quite as true of British Columbia promotions made in London by men
of the same unscrupulous type says tbe
Mining critic. Owners of "fair properties here know to their cost thai wild
cat propositions far more easily find
favor with large numbers of London
promoters than do legitimate opportunities. And hardlv any meeting of a
recently formed British Columbia gold
mining company is now held in Ixindon
at which monstrous exaggerations of
fact are not made by a certain class of
expert, backed by a certain class of
promoter. Deliberate quadruplication
of values and possibilities is with such
regarded as moderation, yet many a
British investor drinks in'every word
and believes it absolutely accurate In
fact it is pot saving too much to assert
that British Columbia promotions made
and attempted in London are only in a
minority of cases planned on fair busi-
nesH lines, allowing at one and the
same time due profit to intermediaries
nnd fair scope for investors. A grab
game goes on most of the time.
I have always thought that the
bicycle as a social leveler was far
superior to the ballot-box. There isn't
half the equality between men ofthe
same vote that there is between men
who ride the same wheel ?
The other day M. Perier, the former
French President, found himself far
from home, near a little wavside inn.
Being; very hungry, he asked for food
The landlady regretted that she had
ouly eggs in the bouse. "Surely,' said
the ex-President, "you pan give me a
steak." "No," she answered, "not
without walking half a mile " M Perier
grasped the situation, mounted his
wheel and rode off. He bonght the
steak and brought it ba:k, and she
(���(Miked it lor him. The whole thing reminds me of King Alfred and the cakes,
and though the landlady was completely
overcome when she found out who her
guest was. I do not believe it would
have made any difference if she had
known all the time. Perhaps in that
case she wouldhaveborrowed his wheel
and ridden it herself!
The Bible says the streets of heaven
are paved with gold.
Then why don't people struggle to
Set there as they do to got to the K Ion-
If you are-
Call at the
Infinite mi< would not enable voo to
sweep away a mist, but hy ascending a
little you may look over it altogether.
So it is with 'our moral improvements;
we wrestle firercely with a vicious habit
which could have no hold upon us if we
ascended into a higher moral atmosphere.   Climb a little higher.
Adolphus Dudiugton (pleadingly*���
Don't lie cruel and hard-hearted, colonel Give me your daughter's haml, and
I promise shr shall never be separated
from her familv   ���
Col Bluntly���That's precsely why I
object to the marriage
Hotel Ivanhoe.
PITXtintAtaD 0 DAf. Praiaa.
, ��� Mnntdrnttarern Ol
Syphon* (linger Al*,
Barsapttrilla, Ktc, Bte.
SSu-dcwx, IO,
Patronise home industry
when vou want the beat
At this season of the year, one natn.ally desires
a change in the ordinary line of Table Good*, ami
those who appreciate Nice Good* and Dainties, will
be more than pleased by calling at II GKIGKRH'II
where, in addition to the mammoth stock of reg dar
standard goods, will be seen the following line of
FANCY EDIBLES���the fine*! anJ 1 irge*t variety
ever seen in Handon, and proving to the rest of tin*
world that the people ot this town ntogt have the lies!
of everything regardleas of expense:
ff^B!S^^-5s_>. -sygsszz v
KuanUn Caviar*
Hamlmrjr K*| In J��H��
Anchovy I'aM*
Hhrim-r Wmate
Vatee At Wont Vim*
Wat* d* Wok**, 0-jSt Tout.
t'" iad Mr-ata at -It -itwi.
Wmnry Hl����>- Vdot 'iirJrn
California   A*i*nr��*oi*  extern tin* -Air, 1  Yr*t,.>.\n,.-r\.-j.-a.mj.
mt*U CtauilWH-,
Salad t'ir����.|n(r
lttH-a(.|i|<�� <"lWar
Elam Qif��m��
Umlrtrr**��r t \ie.*e
Fn.tn.IKe oV Kr��|i.r*'��.rt I 'lire**.
Vteme qV Ikl<< (lu****
MarLan-ii'n Im-atrlal ttwwa* tall
Wttoeb t'r-jmrrd Muatanl
**o*<il��)i<*tt*.~  *ety ��ne
Plum I*m,1 tint   pum*b' nam*
fun* itoau-t K-H-a*
rmney Tu?k*��tt Pig*   l^b.iM
W ili.lit* 4U��I 4l��Mr.,Mi��
Hott)   1\k**,*-~m*meltlBtte
Man* **, Walnut*. I"!**. mnd tM****M0
Arwl mas, j. <th* r ait* thing- |�� ��_..!
o-n tbr tar-art
c  HS^S?
H. GIEGERICH, sandon,
Neil MAmQXAt.it.
MACDONALD BR08��� Proprietors,
Kites f 1.60 to f2��) |ier day	
Headquarters Ibr Mining Speculate and Capitalists.
Reco Ave.*
-Ilaabath of Hogyar*���__ ^
\\ KWt, WB m* WH! K^Sul *Mj "^
Atod to a wild awl t-urbaiuta a*-*,
. time which gttn to hlatVjr'a paaa
i UUnid-red but, and tclla u* nam-ht
txcetA ol battlaa flereety foiurhl;
' rapine, and of murder dire;
. deadly feuds, of awurd aad Sre;
r hata and cruafty on throoa;
r women's ww*, of strua* ���taan'a f-roai-i.
��� sSSS m w*w S**)S^P SWw j      SSS^W Mama n**o*w**r
Vn SUod with tmAn charity.
1 that, tbooffb ircdded to a lord
huriiah mien, aba bom bar board
._ b day would taka mourn acrapa of food
a ileal with than Into tba waod,
bid bar acrvantt quickly fetch
"���irh irmv'lliiK artt and *Urrliijr wretch
f ho herded there, ao aba auuld at***
I MtMtiiliifr on which Ihey yet iniaht live;
1 nd they, bowed down lj> cruel chain'*,
Pur-gut ia��r aorrewa aad tbalr fjabta;
far ��i jlblnff ptoamtw mad* Ufa arem
' borMrom and a happy dream.
Ida aaajerert him. and oft ha awore
hirly rond thai newr aa*re
jiahl ah��dt-ftac* bar priaotly Una
ly carina; for Mrh wretch-ad awln*--
tot au hia tort* he crar ,-altt*d���
lllnd. aTuirlua atait by Mm enthralled,
ma day, waea atridlua ap tha path
Mob to the foeat M. In wrath
Ith att who dared l-i th wan bit will,
.����� anw ber comlna down tbe hill.
I.*r births Sited with wl*.i��*i_��- food
hwattoopoar h��nr-*m*aji-�� warring Ir-TO-^;
iltd *w.jre tbal now tlerv* -routohment
/pun ber gentle Lhead It-i-'d vent,
! naw bim and trrew *kk and faint,
! called unto her 'wtrun mint.
I to! a mlmcla wm wrouafat l
���j ctrmnmn thintr* which ahc had brtmaht
i*ere all fj-aMfortned. and In the Mad
' luavm of c**ar*e baked whe<.t.'H brejut
-r*�� eh.ro* Ueioee hit wond'riiiK eyea,
it glmr<d oat with a wild ��un��*lac,
IurJl<*ra <>l r *���**., nil and whit",
Ylih wirndroiia leant. ill* light,
.nl rlirlrtarich In ttnidrr hue,
1ml dlaw rttd-atodded ��r th the d.*w
i* Hjfhi. aa fr-fftk* aa tn Ir
l* g^nemoter lain f��oniu_i airt
Iii. I* Ihr letrend ; unit t ��� nu*
liaaha l**m*na-.   t t-an ***
,w .'en the meainat *urt ie.- Irriiig-*
rir,< mwtwttwt and tha por*** lliunr*:
ft*' heon thai teekt ttw ,4lt**r*' *���***,
��� (ear which for the nvr >ra*-r fit**,
��� hand alaraya uutMieuli il to go e
phi lo the ptkinaai im.a tii t uVS
i'IiI wiirh ��� niirailetrf bi ��-n
Irrtr all htttttte waa dnt*. hinI rf-rotn.
l-uitft It �������� i***. emch l.iirr- tri |
i, .mi will lo hiKher ,ri.nie - u.rlift;
1 ml t-vrr* klndJy act of r.iira
It -��-mi fit awiet and lrtjti-.it S��wrr..
The Alenhulle t> -In.Ua-
and ting, and the tongue gets loose. The
world calls that excitement evidence of
stimulus, but, instead of accepting that
verdict, analyse it, and it is exactly parallel with every other anuthetic. The
patient goes through exactly tbe same
stages from chloroform. But where ia
the surgeon wbo supposes that stimulates his patient? It is only the transition from the first beginning of diminished eonsctousness.
Next he begins to lose his sense of
propriety, and talk as he would not talk
were he free from that influence. That
aame influence causes him to say that it
protects him from cold. How long the
tbe belief has prevailed that if you are
going out into the cold you cannot stand
it without having something to warm
you. And people would testify before a
court of justice that it did warm them!
How many thousands of our profession
have been giving it, Mid are giving it today, when feet are cold, to help warm
the patient; and yet the clinical thermometer tells you accurately, step by
step, that from thirty minutes after it is
taken, on to tbe end of its influence, the
temperature is diminished���the body is
getting cold. Tbe patient would testify
the contrary. Why? Simply for the
reason that the anaesthetic effect diminishes the oonsciousneee of whatever is
cold or not; but he finds out the fact
next morning. Had his sensibility remained he would have known when he
was getting cold, and he would adopt the
proper precautions. Look again when
July comes, and the sun is pouring down
ana tbe laborer, stripped almost to the
-kin, is delving or working, dripping
with praspiration. Watch him as he
���_oes in front of that saloon; von will see
him go in and take exactly the sane*
>ane-age i*s he look last January to keep
off Die col'. You meet bim at the doo
and ask him why be Sftends his money
for such a purpose. From hia very
an|K*��*t you judgf that his family is poor
and is, tie* nap*, in want of the neceesar
I* Ihrrl*. M. D   <*h��, tiro,
although I was taught, like all others,
�� alcohol as a tonic when patient*
sick, to hasten tlieir recovery and
Moot* their strength, yet  it did not
* me vary hng to find out that here
there one was already a teetotaler,
would not lake wine long nor any
nl of ab-holii* drink unless prescribed,
as castor   oil���dose by dose���but
ti, when he got beyond the necessity
laving it as medicine, took no mora.
|iu.t wai* the i*ompartnon? My pati-
who refused, or did not take
ihol.itot strong more quickly and had
tendency to relapse than those who
Itinued its use. Here was the flrat
|r in progress, and oonsequently I
soon to cease the recommending of
lerely to hasten recovery of strength.
s a tonic, I found it of no value,
tile the pntient* took it, for tiie first
days or nights, generally not more
a week, the anaathctic effect dint-
ihed their feeling of weakness: but
lies the great delusion. One of
curiosities to my mind in regard to
Jhol is the delusion it has upon the
rid. The good old Book did not aay
rain, nor at random, that wine is a
sker, aud that Strung drink ia raging,
that whosoever is deceived thereby
lot wise! When a little alcohol ts
in, just such as should lie considered
lie, what does it do? Just like ether
pilorofortu.or any other anaesthetic���
nils the cerebral hemispheres, and so
)ves for the time being the cjnncious-
of aches and paint*, and weariness,
leaves the individual at ease. A
further and it iliuiiuiHhut* these
itions still more ami the body begin-*
el light, and hardly conscious of its
weight. In this stage there fre-
itly comet, the ilis|>osition to dance
He will reply: "Oh!
not stand this heat without something to
protc.*t me from it"���exactly reversing
tin* case. It warmed him in January,
now it keeps him cool���the same delusion. It protects him from the beat.
The sun's rays permeate him as freely
with alcohol in his blood as it would
without it, but he does not realise it;
ami hence hundreds, year after year,
jremist in this practice till perhaps a
sunstroke arrests them and sudden
de tth follows. Leave their brains clear
ami tree from the anaesthetic effect of
alcohol, and they will know when to get
on the shady side.
Just the same with our good ladies���
for there are various veins in their delusion���in nursing; they suppose that
nursing pulls upon their strength, and
thins their blood, and that they must
drink wine or beer everv day, and two
or three times a day, to keep up their
strength. Now, 1 have watched that as
carefully, to use an expression, as a cat
watches a mouse, and what is the result?
Tlte good mottier takes her heer or her
little a-iue every morning and each mealtime to keep up her strength while she
is nursing, and sometimes they add, to
make milk for the pabv; but my experience and close observation for yean-
is that the mother suffers exactly the
same delusion as the laboring man to
whom 1 have just referred. True, she
(eels weak, she gets tired easily, and
with the little anaesthetic effect of alcohol, she does not realise tlie sense of
werineas in her muscles, and she says:
"It i.i tbe only thing that keeps me up,
and enables me to get about"; but every
one of them, within four to six weeks
of its use, who compare their conditions
with what they were wh*��n they began,
know that that tbe last state is worse
t tan the Arst. The alcohol has been a
positive injury to her. Its presence in
the blood diminishes the alteorptton of
oxygen in tiie air-cells of the lungs, aa
was long since proved. It lessens the
exhalation of the waste carbonic acid,
is itself a further anaesthetic, and in the
course of a few weeks the beer comes to
supplant the appetite for food, and you
And her trying to live ujton it instead of
upon digestible food material, of which
she could   make   Idood  and flesh, and
affected a hundred times more injurious-1
ly than if she had not taken a drop.   I
mention these pointa simply as an illustration.
Step by step the progress of science
has nullified every theory on which the
physician administers alcohol.
Oa Forty-Xlae aad Wlld-Horae Ciwaka.
Mr. John Dorsey, President of the
Bright Prospects Company, which is
operating the Northern Light group ou
Forty-Nine Creek, says the shaft is down
��5 feet, and four assays returned $36, |H0,
|84 and |99.30, chiefly in gold. It is the
intention to sink the shaft to the 100-foot
level as soon as possible.
Mr. J. A. Harrington of the Referendum group on Forty Nine Creek, states
that the ten-stamp mill for that property
is now nearly all on tbe ground, and is
beibg erected as rapidly i.s possible, A
force of men will be put to work at once
taking out ore. The mine is looking
very well, and improves with every foot
Five men have been set to work on the
Summit mine on Wild Horse Creek and
will drive a tunnel to intercept and
drain the shaft in which the strike that
so astonished mining circles was made.
As already reported, Mr. John Turner of;
Nelson has purchased a one-quarter interest in the claim and the owners are
now Messrs. John Lindblade, John Bergman, C. W. Anderson and J. A. Turner.
An offer of $15,000 for a one-half interest
was refused last week. The ore in the
shaft mentioned, according to all reports,
is rich enough to pay the owners to
crush it and pan it. They intend to
open the mine and put it on tiie shipping list next spring.
An ironmonger received a case of
hardware the other day; and on comparing- it with his invoice found every-
thin*.- all right except a hammer, which
was missing.
"Och! don't be troubled about that,"
said hia Irish porter, "sure and faith
the man took it out to open the case
wid it."
Ethel���Oh, dear, me! I don't know
what to think! Algy asked m<* laat
night if I wouldn't like to have something around the house that I could
love, and that would love me.
Edith-Well ?
Ethel���Well,I don't know whether he
means himself or whether be is thinking
o. buying me a dog.
Little Lord Charles���Oh, I'm going to
he an omnibus conductor when I grow
Fair American���But your brother's
going to be a duke, isn't he?
Little Lord Charles���Ah, yes; hut
that's about all he's fit for, vou know.
Boo Pacific Line.
c urr
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping-Cars
on all trains, Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everv Monday from Revel-
stoke, i
Steamer leaves  Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection a* Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East snd West.
Before yon travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates.   It will save yon money.   Applv to nearest railwav agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR,' Agent, Sandon.
H.M.McGREGOR, T. P. A.. Nelson, B.C
R J. 00YLE,
Dist.   Passenger  Agent,  Vancouver
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carry the largest stock of Mens Furnishings in the Slocan.
Everything from the finest dandy apparel to tbe working
.     SHOES,    SHIRTS.     NECKWEAR,    GLOVES,    ETC.
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
1?. SWJBJ&S, ,
Dealer it] MEATS
������: AT :
*^a car load oi TURKEYS, CHICKENS, GEESE &
DUC    S wi'l be rpcelved
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded curing tlie
week in the several mining divisions of
tbe Slocan. Those of New Denve * were
ss follows :���
Jam l6~WhiiilpaK.
JAS SO-Slocan Bnlle.
Jan tt���Keystone, Evening Star.
-nUNSFTCKS.      *
Jam lS~Bsdger State, Daisey, John B Cook to
Chaa Lundburg, Power of Attorney, March 90.
Badger State, John K Cook to Ueo Alexander,
Jan M.
Victoria b A D Williams lo Geo Wood. ***.
Jam 18-Roulette Groan, John Vallance to M
W Bruner, agreement to transfer 1/5 interest lu
contract to purchase, May M.  ....
Boalette oroap, M W Brnner to E G Schmidt,
all Interest, July ts.
Boalette, Mountain Lilly. Lucky Move, Rebound. John Vallauce to Rot-ktte Mining *
Milling Co, Jan 11.
Baby SUver, W J Tretheway. Manager Ruby
Silver Mine, to C D McKenxle. fti per cent, of ore
on dump. Jau It. *AV)
Independent Fraction b Frank J Golden to Wm
Wilson, Jan 18.
Jak SO-Fldelity, Frank L Byron to Benjauiine
Kneebone, lease daring contract work, **8 Dec.
Royal Star J, AS Brludie tor C H Brindle to
BenfKneebMie, Nov t.
Boyal Star l/tu, Beuj Kiieebone to B C Cren.
Jan 10.
Jam 21-Elvlra l/*, P M Walton, adm estate of
Wm Walton, to DO McMartin, Jan ID, sua).
Elvira 1, same to T P Durham, Jan .��, *4i).
Victoria, Oeo W Wood to same, Jau 19, elf**).
Jennie Joues Fraction J, .D McCallum to A L
Roberts and A B Flugland. Jan 19.
. Same }, A L Roberts and A R Flngland to Chas
E Hope, Jan JO.
W H R, A R Ftngland to same, same.
Jam ts- Kickers, Argo. Christie Fractions, A
D WiUtams to Wm K Letghtou, Seta 6.
The Kickers. Argo Fraction, Christie Fractional. Wm K Ldghtou to The Argo Mltm. Oct tl
Power of Attorney .Felix Hughes to Wm Thom-
|tnson, Jan 4.
Jam 14���Kokoino.
Jam IS���St Lawrence, Northumberland.
Jam 19���Mountain Con.
Jam W���Capstone Fraction |, X W Tressier to
H A Wright
Same, same to Joseph Franz.
Buomer 1/5, R A Wright to P V Rlsdon, N W
TrcMler, J Fraz aud o N Risdon.
Jam lT-Whlte SUre, W F Traves.
Jam U���Louise Fnutl hi, E C Travea.
Jam _o-Jenny, Alf Brile.
Three month** permit t ��� hunt fur mlreral to W
E Maun on Elsie Fraction and Alpha Fraction,
adjoining Whitewater.
Jam 17���Lorne.
Jam 18���R>bbin. Bon'ta.Oood Luck.
Jam *1���Tecuinsie, Pontiac, IVcupine.
Jam 1?-CanadlanChief \. Chas Behrman, EC
Ward and * rank Purlin to W J Adam..
Jam is-Jennie No 5, Lakeview and Ainsworth.
FL Fitch to CftAltmcu.
JAM 19-Comstock 1, E A McNaughton to J A
Eric I, W Walton to J A Ryan,
Florence L b F Pyman to Alfred Hill.
Hidden Secret and Legal Tender, C A Sawyer
tu Crawfo"d Creek Mining Co.
Notice of supreme court of discontinuance of
action in Black Fox, Daisy and California.
Surprise Fraction and Cumberland 1, J P Miller
to J O Johnson.
Surprise Fraction |. J Chrtstensen to J P Miller.
Cumberland *. same to same.
Jam **~Patr*rUy {*,. Geo C Mara.) to W A HUI
Charlotte, W S Tliomtaon to J E Oris aud Robt
Antelope, Jamea Mcl'ball to D McPhaU.
Ke-urgam, Lydla A Demrageu. A tho). Island
Boy. Silver Six, Stiver Plume, Yankee kid. R
RoLetis to Walter Stead.
Mrs. Petterhawse*��� 1 am fold that you
Allow your husband to carry a latch
Mrs. Greymari���Yes, hut it does not
fit the door. I just let him carry it to
humor him. He likes to show it to his
friends and make them think he is independent.
Her mother asked little Dot to go
into the next room and see if the clock
was running. Dot came running back,
"Why, no, mamma, de clock ain't run-
nin*. it's den standin' still and waggiu'
its tail." ^
Klk River.���There is considerable
activity in building and business iuaui
tested at two points between the Crow's
Nest Lake and Elk River���vis.: at pull
Head Prairie���six miles from the lake,
and at Coal Creek. A new town has
been started at the prairie called Wil-
BOttville���after four stalwart brothers
named Wilson, none of whom measure
less than 6 feet 2 inches in height and
who have a contract in the vicinity.
About Bull Head prairie the work now
under wav includes the boring of I,-200
feet of tunnel iu hard rock aud the eou*
struct ion of a loop nine miles long.
Bull Head prairie is the new met-ca of
the grand aggregation of boot leggcrs
���flv by nights" and construction
"rollers'' who have made tbe Crow's
Neat Lake one of the liveliest spots on
earth. The transmigration of these
houIs to British Columbia means that
the Province is about to enjoy lhat distinction and we will hail with solemn
awe the rise and progress of Wilson-
ville. Already on the eve of the hegira
it has been baptised with blood which
wiil give it an initial standing never
dreamt of bv the toughest of the lake
Extensive sidings, switches and yards
aro being built on Bull H^ul prairie,
Imticaiing a purj�� >sc on tlie part of the
Railway Company directing Elk River
Operatmns from that point
At Coal Creek is the scene of the most
a live operations along the whole line.
A wa^ >n road is being pushed to the
mine** lieing opened up by Supt. Fernie
Be .iden the grading on the main line,
work of construction bas begun on the
branch railway to tap the mines seven
miles up the creek. A brut 70 log buildings now dot the low Hat which a month
ago was nothing but a cedar swamp
and forest Many hands are busy
clearing away brush and making the
site habitable for a large number ol
people. Naturally after Bull Head
prairie comes Coal Creek. The Coal
Company which owns the land at the
erf*ek ���. mouth will soon have the same
surveyed The most extensive deposits
of coal yet discovered lie on Morrisey
Creek, lo miles to the south west, and
here also is a large even flat <*uite suitable for a townsite called Ridgeway's
"ranch'' owned by the railway corn-
pan r. The coal town of course wtll be
at the coke-ovens and t hese will be built
at the liehcst of the Hallway Co. The
���'burning" question of the denizen* of
Coal Creek now is, where will the ovens
be built? Coal Creek or Ridgeway's
ranch Ridgeway's ranch is a timber-
leas flat at the mouth of Morrisey Creek
1<) miles from the Elk River .rousing.
In regard to the progress of construction the situation is about this. The
work has been all allotted and the
contractors have all been encamped ou
their portions for about three months,
besides clearing the right of way almost
nothing is accomplished so far* It bas
taken all their time rustling for food
for man and beast. Although tbe
weather has been remarkably favorable
for railway building, but little advantage being taken of the propitious circumstances Some of the contractors
are absolutely idle and if you ask what
they are waiting for the invariable reply is ����Haney.' No attempt is being-
made at the foundations of tho great
bridges on Elk and the Kootenay
rivers. The steel is laid as far as the
south fork of the Old Man River where
it will rest until spring, the entire gang
of 150 men having been iaid off, and
work In that line is discontinued until
April. 8o the time (Christmas) when
Mr. Haney s locomotive was to toot at
Crows Nest Lake having elapsed, it it
necessary to postpone indefinitely thc
toot���let us hope not long ���Fort Steele
Killed   at   Victoria.
Charles Gallagher, who, during two
sessions of the Provincial legislature,
was one ofthe most prominent members
of that body, was run over by a train
on the Victoria & Sidney Railway M. n-
day evening mil In-ttAJttl-f kille-j
The Iron Mountain group of ten
claims near Christina Utke has been
outioucd to Messrs. llobl*, Jeffrey *
Co. for SotM**) bv Mr I) C Beach, the
owner. A member of the Arm has gone
to London to float the property.
Negotiations are going on'for the
purchase of the Christina property at
Christina Uke, 15 miles from liraud
Forks. The Christina is owned by
Messrs. Robinson and Baker, who have
done over m feet of work on the property.
Word has been received by Mr. Hem-
enwav, manager at the Did Ironside*
mine* in Greenwood camp, thai the
Companv owning the Knob Hill, the
adjoining claim, will at once install a
large compressor plant and other machinery, and without delay put on a
large force of men and thoroughly de
velop the property.
A force of miners, nearly all Montana
men, went out to the B.C. mine in Summit camp, last week The work of
sitikiug the main shaft on this claim
sill be actively proceeded with to open
up the big ore vein further. It I* reported that an offer, by English cap!
talis**, of HOUlOOO for this property
I has been refused by Mr Harrison, lb-
Joseph Jefferson's weak point is hi*
forgetftilne** of names, and thst failing
haa cost him a good many emharra**
ment*. In this relation these ston.-*-
are told :   He had been introduced to
General Grant at a time when tbat dis
tiuguished soldier  was the lion of the
social world, and the popular actor was
much impressed wilt the ���*.������-����� .���nalify 0*%
the hero    A  few   hour*  later, as" h
went up in his hotel elevator a rugged
looking man, with a military hearing
bowed pleasantly to him and made an
observation regarding the apeed of tb��>
elevator, when Jen***r*on said:
"I beg pardon Your face If very
familiar jmt I cannot recall your name
"Grant," was the lacnic. but perfect
ly courteous reply.
' "I got oil at ihe wrong floor." said
Jefferson, "for fear I would ask him
next if he had been in the war *
Mr. Jefferson has lieen known to fur*
get his own name. He tells us how, In
one of the cities where he played a few
years ago he called at the po*4 onVc
and inquired at the general delivery :
"Anv mail for inc.''
���What name'
"Name.' CfoodtMNSgracious! I don't
know. Lot me think. Why, I'm to
play Rip Van Winkle in this town tonight."
"Jeffsrsnnr suggested the clerk
"Ves   Jefferson, certainly   Thanks
Twenty-five sacks of choice ore have
been carried away  from the   Begin*
mines on Springer Creek bv a snow
Start from VANCOUVER
1.   VANCOUVER is the best outfit
ting mint on the Coast; goods
eonsiderably cheaper than in the
United States.
*��� 5M?.,Lv^,-ttew,^l^rt^*^ri.
.    ?,..!*_*!? **>*.'*** 1'Mrlrt
I.   VANtllt'VKR 1. ihr. f,r,nlnna ��f lh#C.P.
lUUwny, whom strainer, will ,i,rt from
Vancouver thin .print**.
*'   00l'VER'b��"n4  ****"*** *** ���*)    VAN-
ft.   Dlrwrt tfSSfMN to Yukon twrt. have now
S   VANtm-'.KR   U tii.   on x ranadlan imrt
7   5fM?v��ik*ie,fln ����"�����'�����'  Outfit ht TAN-
l2tV ,"' ""* " ���** ***** OSstasL
���   '.,      ,               W. OOUFRKY.
Pwddenl Board ..I Tr��.lr  V ������,,,.-. ���,fl
1,1 THOS. ��. MrlS.tr-.
PHtlVlHCtor HHITtHHC!    Ml.,
VU*TORlA.bjr tb*arm**<4thml.,.< *h* t*.__
KliMnkM ��f Otwsl RrttalH . ��� i4__
yi^.-uTllrS^W at ttw rattt, \     t.'tf
To It-nt fSRhfal ��tt* Mrwataria ele.** 1 _, ��-���,
lb* tetgtnhtAtt*   ASWN-rlH*'   Ot  >>..   I'r,,..*
at HHA* OSa-SNn at ��ar<*lt�� >4\it*J2
oaaarnai. *****]
A O *>W->Va,lM***rSt*f AlSsn��f <wl,.r,|
'HKRKA*. W* and******* mud ������*.*.��*,
.J    warnmatajf tw 11�� amn Dar t*.^*.<,*
I'r.nrtr-Lrw ,d Brh**h OtaSNllaa, md ..��� tu��� .*,.
m.tttra la Oar UnWtstiws*
SOW KXOW TR, Mmi ftw *ll* ,. ,.��-, M
riawrlihralliraa. aad taataf l��t" <f��..��i -�������� - %
emm aad t**m*a**k*t*e* at that k*. lust m*.\   w *
kmtm (bMSttt fit. Nr *t*i wSt�� *h>  *A,      ��� ,
EtaraHv* CorMMW ot tb* Prtr-rlivr.. .,< |kx,
i'.4aaal4a.latwf��*--r��Kati��*!��a#. and '����� thr- m
mtamJtcSa ny*ma,aam*m)*htdtm. tbii   ��ivn
day.Um Tmath Aay ot tto owmth .4 V-u-.-.m*
���r-w ttmaasMS ******* MmjIiwiI sad ��
yoo ��hhS Va la *Mt nUl Ijn-rMtia-v ���< j,.-,
11 wi>l at iim mkf^Bmtloe*. al is,' �� ������*,, 4t.
uwU. rt��RTHK ll��l��A'l'��'H t*W Hi -*m*t
1, treat. do. *****. aad em^imto ut** ��� 1. * ;-,���
���aii* a  m On* tm**M*n!tmn wt Ov  1
ttrtUM OiSaaiSIS, kg that'*mm>mi.
���*W l*t**iu*T* amy, try Oa* Imtawt <* ��� .,*��� �����,
I* Ttwrti*.-.-! *'a��a*a��r, W* 1. .   ..+
tu*r**i*ot Urit n b* k* ot**u :��*. i c
tl<#(.l**Mt i**t*mt oi Uh    mt.A h
t-ef w *t�� 1IB lid:     Vl'i'-ttur.    i'   .){�����.��
��� ml*   Ttt*��S��#    tt     M* t%*��/r��.     I  ��*-���:,>,
tU'ttftna .4 ��1wr n*t4 V    - ( a-fr
C to 4*    m >*0* Vt*.   .   V
�����-> I*, i****** t****   �����< it   h <1.      1lV��
imar .nil, jL,-*rt4 iaH U��4        ���*.**.
vt tht ht��.��lr*#l mad ml���e4, *��������������� i
mUtt tl*** near *d that ItViar*
It* t*>4ttn<*u<4
  If *ylr��. .���    ***v**tM
H��il*ject to cli��ttj;��* wRli*��iit i**\*et
{'rains run on l*nicittoi**uu.*.tr*\ Tut
��-��,, am a M.
- ���* r. -
*���   s ** ���-
"   �� *t -
tons *
- IS IS "
-loss ��
ter   in h.
*���**��*�� Wtwk
a t*w*tt*
tkmt I��v����
A,tv��. I Ot
utiirr. iRvixo,
: e
MHtaMwa 1 ��
Vett JWtt-*. "      * it
HmmIw Ivrtf** �� *
Trtdtnr M.ott
ow5 k. ooiTi.vxn
War ehewtf tmitt mtd And rK-LMiwH*..,  ****'���'
tud fr mm, _|| pnl*t*, n\.pl* Ot
i\ CAMPBFIjL Agent Sa.**
Altai laismp l��
r, **,w<*#
* mli itwia. Allan Un* ~
pL.ri.k��n. **
l^irrwd *.troa,tnion Una	
V^,.r-.���jv*r, ������ "
p.     \ .
Vmrtn lammtti Un*     	
('jjinuattla,     ���*
Mn���ile. Whlf��t4��a-LrHr-	
Tr.it^nb*        "* 	
*.! Wwwb Amarlean l.imr .
*t  l^,nb,
OaU at NatrrarrAa. Allan Stair Lu.���
Su��th��arh. Ital (War l.ln*
**. tarrrlUnrl.
<iM��  4\,*At. *��A** mtand M|.��.��S��
|i>irrrntrd|j>W Ml aad Sf*ant*
Hlrr rajrr* *BM and nnwanH
aoman TtekM*d ihr��n-���� t<* ������[.m?\
Otoal BrTtaln ��r IrrUorl  an<i at  **\******}
ratm to aB n*rt�� ,d tbe Kar<w-aii < '��� ���'��� ������**?!;
Ittfafat ParMM** ��ira*��wJ tr-������'
o A  V. MtAMVin H      ���'****
ortUtUB -*tHT
v |��. R **m   ��� v,_
AgHy to
Sai-rdaHi, nr
*e-w>w-w���**~*** m
Ih the Pioneer  House "' ,,",
preprlssl THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., JANUARY 29, 1898.
is Told In a Letter from Klondike.
The following is the sub-tance of
letter   wliich   was  received last
louday   from    Frank   McCall,   of
Maine,* Wash.   The letter is dated
Mixtv Mile Post, N.  VV.,T., Nov.
wi, mi.
There is a chance to send a letter
jiutHide in the iiioriiing, m will write
few lines.    We are prcwjiectiiig on
creek near here; have not (-.truck
instiling yet, but live in hopes.   We
in* getting a touch of old weather
list now and today it was *-* below
fro.   It is pretty nippy going and
niiiiig along  tfie  river on the Ice.
am as   well  as can Is* and think
this  kind  of  life  agrees with me
'lines are awfully dull in Dawson.
*e hear from there daily through
irosftectors.    There    has   been  a
ttrikc at Dawson between the miner***
md mine owners.   The miner**; want
fl.JiOper hour and the owners are
llisposcd to jiey but $1.   Work is
tti*|MMidcd at present.    We heard tt>-
ttgiit that a  rich strike had been
natle below here In .American tcrri-
ory.    If this proves true   we will
'robnhly move to it.   The laws here
Uf not calculated to nerve a man
ip to go {irospecttng.   You are only
illowwl to take 2UC) feet, on any new
frts-k, and half of that revert-* to the
rovernment.   Then you have to pav
per wntajje of what vou secure t<i
[lie goveritiiient gold com ut is*iione.r.
if your claim is* a good one he Ita*
rover to conttacate it for any fancied
'ftevattc*!'. such as  holding back a
trt ofthe find, not worthing steadily
U* any other of a  score   of alleged
mass,   8*i if anything like a g.Ksl
hing is discovered on the American
tide  there  will   be a   rush Its* it.
tbout a dozen people nass here per
tlay ��m their way to salt water.   To-
jilay two women passed hereon their
va*v ont on a wager for m reward of
2GD0 said to have been offered by a
��an Kraneiseo  paper   for  the first
rhite women  to go from Dawson
jj��ver tlte Ice.   They  vr<jj*e  literally
���v**ml with furs.   Thc impression
prevail*, here that this tying it* over-
lb me.   There is no show to get any
0*l claims at all, some think, while
���thers claim there are still plenty of
food ones, but the cold climate pre-
cents winking them to any advan-
tgc.   In addition you have to pay
Ihe gold commissioner 25 cents per
n for all wood that yon cut.
The Dominion  government does
not told out much encouragement to
he prospector.   A royalty for tim-
tex is also exacted. _*fo person would
hink of living here were it not fbr
he gold.   Then- Is not a doubt but
hen* is plenty of the yellow metal
ere, bnt the difficulty is to strike
he paystreak.   The gold   runs  in
arrow  streaks or  ribbons  in the
alleys and old river beds, and in a
.reat   many    instances  men   have
truck their prospect holes and drift-
to within a few feet of it and jfiven
ip In despair.   Others strike it and
nake a fortune, but among all the
Housands rushing  in   here only a
cry few strike it rich ; a few more
lake  good   wages,   while  a great
majority go broke on the proposition.
Prom Damon City.
Bv thc steamer City of Seattle arriving from Skagway on Friday
ihree members of the Klondike miners' deputation came from the north,
"'hey are going to Ottawa to solicit
Mnendments in the mining regula-
ions.     These   gentlemen,   Maxim
indervillc, specially representing
the French-Canadian element among
the miners; Dr. A. E. Wills, who
may be described as the English-
Canadian spokesman, and R. J.
Livcrnash, the champion of the
American or alien interests in the
country, disembarked at Victoria.
"Speaking1 for m'vaelf only," Mr.
Livcrnash said, "t do not care to
discti**-* the changed regulations at
present, in tht; first place liecause 1
do not think it would lie either dignified or profier to make our representations through the medium of
the press. I may say this much,
however, that I am personally much
gratified to note the tendency of the
government, as indicated in these
most recent regulation*., to give in
the Klondike a liberal administration of affairs. And I have no doubt
that when the facts are better understood the government of Canada will^
see it-s way to be yet more liberal to*
the northern miners." The other
mem her* of the deputation expressed
i themselves to much thc same effect.
Mr. Livernash estimates thc gold
output of the country next vear at
Frank Slav in. the ex pugulist, was
another passenger. He made the
trip to the coast by dog-train in 30
days. He had six dogs and made no
effort to hreai. the record. Speaking
ofthe discovery of what is termed the
mother hide of the Klondike, Slavii.
said: "If it is the mother lode I am
nndonbt the disc iverer. O.i August
27th last I started out -propec-ting for
a quartz claim, and struck a very
rich ledge which seemed interminable in length and very wide. Free
gold sltowed everywhere In the
specimens I got I did not remain
out long, however, but returned to
the placers, and not until November
did l prosecute  mv  search for gold
?uartz. On December 91 made what
term the big discovery. I traced
the ledge for six miles and found
that it eroased the hea 1 of Gold Rot
torn. Sulphur. Hunker and Bonanza
creeks. If traced further It would
probably strike Ophir and oross Indian river sbout 15 miles from the
Klondike. Do I think it is the mother
lode? Well, I cant say whether ii
Is the mother lode or the lather lode,
but I know It is the richest quartz I
have ever seen. My party located
six claims, 1500 feet each ih length,
and we are going to work them as
soon as we return. Twill shortly
leave here lor Pittsburg, where I will
purchase a diamond drill and other
machinery for developing the mines."
It is estimated by those best qualified to judge, that counting dust,
monev and paper together, not more
than $150,000 constitutes the fortune
brought by the strainer, abont one-
third of this being in dust
Neto Board Holds Two Meetings and
fists Down to Bueineae.
The first meeting of thc council of
the city of Sandon took place last
Saturday in the school house at 12
o'clock noon. The ftill board was
present, consisting of Mayor Atherton ind Aldermen Crawford. Broddv, Mighton, Hunter, Cunning and
Switzer. Certificates from the
mavor and aldermen, signed by W.
H. Lilly, J. P.. that they had made
declarations of office, Were received
and filled.
Applications for the city clerkship
were received from .1. II. Hawke,
Frank C. Sewell, C. Cliffe and R.
Silverwood. The first ballot resulted in four for  Sewell  and two for
Hawke and Mr. Sewell was declared
it was moved and seconded by
Aldermen Crswford and Broddy
that W. H Lilly be recommended to
the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council
as police magistrate at a salary of
f2w9 a vear, which was carried.
ii. if. Pitts as license commissioner
and E. M. Sandilands as police commission were also recommended to
the Lieuten��ut-Oovernor-in-Council.
The mayor and clerk were instructed to secure a seal for the corporation.
A full Itoard was present at the
meeting Monday evening in Virginia
i The clerk read a communication
from M. L. (irimmett, applying for
position as city solicitor. Aldermen
Switzer moved that Mr. Grimmett
be retained at a salary of 1503 per
annum, but afterwards withdrew
the motion, and the communication
was laid over for one week. The
clerk was instructed to notify F. L.
Christie that applications would be
received   for  the  position  of city
J. Lawlor Woods then addressed
the council on his plan of illustrating
the camp in his publication, "Canada
from Ocean to Ocean." The matter
was leit to a committee, consisting of
the Mayor and Aldermen Broddy
ami Hunter, who decided against
Mr: Woids.
The matter of securing a citv
council chamber and office was leh
to a committee, consisting of "his honor the mayor. Alderman Switzer and
Broddy, with instructions to report
at the next meeting.
As there are no funds available at
present, the council found it difficult
to transact some business which was
brought up, but Alderman Cunning
moved that the clerk be instructed to
''secure the title" for a set ot books
and the necessary stationary. The
clerk was also instructed to form a
rough estimate of the probable revenue of the city for the year 1*898.
The meeting* then adjourned till
8 p.m. January 31, in Virginia Hall.
California Ohms, every pairwar-
ranted, at the Post 0.tiee "Store, ,
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still in the lead for
tine starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
QARDOa fcODGE Sm.tn.tLmt W. Meets ataxy
-*** Wednesday evening at S o'clock in Craw
ford*, hall. Vl��ltin��knkhU cordially invited
to attend. rW. W. FALLOWS, CO.
W. I. WILLIAMS, K. B. 8.
Csrttflcata af Improvamanta.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.    Where located���In the
Beat Baain.
Tlake notice thst I, A. S. Farwell, agent for
Alfred W. McCone, No. 81,7-ff; Francis J. Finn-
cane, Xo. TSMtl. and Peter Larsen, No. S4fi**A.
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a eertlfleate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notiee that action under
section 37, must be commenced before tlw
i-triuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 7th day of January, MBS.
Date of first publication. Jan. 15, ISM.
Cartifieata of Improvamanta
Situate in the Slocan Mining Diviaion of West
Kootenay dintriet.   Where located:   On Noble Five Mountain.
-Take notice that I, Arthur S. Farwell, agent
for Edwin H. Tomlinson, free miner's certificate No? SJettA, and Wilbur A. Hendry-, free
miner's certificate No. ��J&)m, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining* recorder for certificates of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of
the alrove claim*.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 12th day of November, IStfl.
Date of first publication, Nov. *��, 180*7.
Notice 1. hereby given that application will
l��e made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia at its next see*
sion for an Act to incorporate the Mountain
Tramway and Electric Company, with power
to construct, acquire and operate ropeways
and tramways for transportation of freight
from points on or near the Nakusp a Slocan
Railway and branches thereof to mines and
mineral claims in the McOnigan Camp and
Whitewater Basin and elsewhere in the district through which said railway and branches
pas? or will pass, and from points on the Columbia ft Kootenay Railway, Crows Nest line.
constructed or to be constructed, and branches
thereof, in the mining districts of West and
East Kootenay, to mines'and mineral claims
tn the diatricte through which said railways
and branches respectively pass or will pass;
and to construct, acquire and operate works
and plant to generate and supply heat, light
and electricity in tha said districts and elsewhere in the Province, and to dispose of such
heat, light and electricity; and to acquire
and hold all kinds of real and personal property, together with the power to expropriate
lands and all other powers and privileges that
may be necessary, incidental or advantageous
to the full exercise of the powers hereinbefore
Dated thia 14th day of December, 1*��7.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Application will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British Columbia
ut it- next session for an act to incorporate a
company, with power to construct, equip,
operate and maintain a standard or narrow
gauge railway from some point nt or near Argenta to some point at or near Dawson, via
Duncan, all in the West Kootenay Division,
by the mo.t feasible route, with power to construct, operate and maintain branch lines and
all necessary bridges and roads, and with
power to build, equip, operate and maintain
telegraph and telephone lines in connection
with the said railway branches, and to generate electricity for the supply of light, heat
and power, and with power to expropriate
lands for the purposes of the company, and to
acquire lands, courses and privileges, or other
aids from any government, municipal corporation or other person or bodies, and to levy
and collect tolls from all parties using and all
freight passing over any of such roads or railways built by* the company, and with power
to make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamboat or other companies, for
all other necessary or incidental rights, powers, privileges in that behalf.
Dated at Victoria this 7th day of January,
A. D. 18JS. 	
Notick is hereby given that Gideon T. Johnstone and Peter P. Haines, heretofore doiusr
business as Johnstone A Haines, Tinsmith*,
of Sandon, B. C. have by deed dated the 18th
day of January, ltm\ assigned all their personal estate and effects which may be seised and
sold under execution, and all their real estate
to E. M. Sandilands, of Sandon, B. C, financial agent, in trust for the benefit of their
creditors. The said deed was executed by the
said Gideon T. Johnstone and Peter P. Haines
and the said E. M. Sandilands on the 13th day
of January, Itm.
A meeting of the creditors of tbe said Johnstone a Halnee will be held at the effiee at the
aaid KM. Sandilands on Saturday the ��nd day
of January, IS*, at the hour of four o'clock
p.m.: all persona having claims against the
eaid Johaafco*** A Haines are requiredto tor-
ward particulars of the same, duly verified, to
the said E. M. Sandilands, not later than the
ISth day of February, Itm, after which date
the said E. M. Sandilands, will proceed to distribute the aaid estate having regard to those
claims only of which he shall then nave
Merchants Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pays. 8
Aggregation   of Home Talent an
East) Mark for Rossland.
About the yellowest attempt at
athletics that was ever perpetrated
on an unsuspecting public was the
bluff put up by the Sandon hockey
team on Thursday evening. Quite a
crowd of trusting expectants vv-re
on hand to see a game. The puck
was faced off and the gang set to.
The scene that followed would make
a toot-ball wrestler green witii envy.
Shinny, off-sides, flukes and fumbles
followed each other in rapid succession. One or two ot the Rossland
players had evidently seen the game
played and understood the theory ot
the'thing, they made the points or
the game might have still been in
progress. Alter the contention had
been in progress for about twenty
minutes, O'Brine, playing point for
Rossland, made a goal. When this
was fully explained to the Sjtndon
players the game proceeded and the
Silver City Appolos wrestled and
floundered* through till half-time,
when the flunkeys came forward and
led the heroes to their cornel's to be
rubbed down and prepared for the
next spasm. But as to the next
spasm���we will draw the veil of
charity. Suffice it to say that Ross-
sand made all the points they wanted and then waited calmly for the
call of time. Score: Rossland, 4:
Sandon, 0 -0-0-0.
Here is the way the teams lined
up; those acquainted can judjre for
Rossland Sandon.
McBride       1 ( Griers.>n
Becker \   For-   J Henderson
Chester [ wards.') (iinnely
Townsend    J ;. Baxter"
O'Brine Point    Hammond
Cleveland Cover Point McVichie
McCreary Goal    Birchall
Dr. Young, referee.
Burns' Birthday Celebration.
The ball given by Macdonald Bros.
Tuesday eveniug was a very fitting
commemoration ot the great Scotch
Bard's natal day. Knowing the kind
o* hospitality the genial proprietors ol
the Balmoral dispense, everyone who
could under any circumstance be
present were in attenance. Quite a
large number Jroin outside points
come in, New Denver aud Three
Forks sending the largest coterie*}.
The dancing commenced quite earlv
and the capacious ball room of Spencer's hill was soon crowded to the
doors, over one hundred couples
being on the floor at one time. Harmony was dispensed by .tie Spencer
orchestra in their usual fitting style.
The programme included a number
of Scotch dances. Prof. Kenneth
Beaton favored the com* winy with a
Highland Fling, ana ''Mrs. Kay and
the Professor followed this with a
sword dance, which elicited great
admiration from tt._, assemblage.
John McDonald, Charles D. McDonald and Murdock McLennan also
displayed theirterpsichoreanabilities
in a masterly manner in the High
land Fling, and in turn were follow
ed by Prof. Beaton, Mrs. Kay, John
McDonald and Miss McMillan in a
Highland jig. A Scotch reel, in
which everyone joined, was gone
throagh with great merriment and
vim, . Prols. Dewar and Boeton discoursed national symphony with the
Sapper was spread in the dining
room ofthe Balmoral and Macdonald
Bros., in their inimitable good style,
presided and took pains to assure
themselves that nothing was lacking
to make complete the enjoyment of
the occasion. The dancing continued
"till the wee sma' hours," and when
the assemblage dls{iersed at break ot
dav it was with many expression ot
satisfaction and delight.
A dance was given at tho Great
Western mine Wednesday night,
which was well attended by the
people of that vicinity, and much
enjoyed. It showed that there is
plenty of litt in McGuigan basin.
The Ladies Aid Society invite all
lone men who have no one to mend
their apparel to leave them with
tncin. Articles can be left at Thos.
Brown & Co's and Craw lord A McMillan's, and will be promptly at
tended to.
The next meeting ot the L&diea
Aid Society will be at Mrs. McMillan's
on  Thursday  afternoon   next at 2
Shippers and Dioidend Payers of
This Famous District
Below is a list of the shipj��ers and
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
nm isas.
(.neon H*��.��.
Ainr>rJLnil H��iV.
eimm'. ��*r- Qtoavp,
Lut-ky Inn,
Firrli.-r KftMeo,
Great W<-.���..,*,.
Bine Bird,
B*_bjs Silver.
Loudon ilnnijr.
R*a*l HU'lTi'M-lrrrfoot, OultMift Farm.
Howard Frneriou,        Mo-atonuM,
���Hltat llemt.
Chii [���'��,��,
Riiil Fov,
Silver Ball,
l.iu*k.v Hoy.
il. H, Ayilar>l.
Trn le Dolli��r.
Mt. Arltt-j*,
Motuitnin Chief,
(loo l.-noiijit).
Two Friend*.
I'h i !ii\.
Hfllljf H<i'ne*.
H �����.-liK..x.
CliuriI lI.ui.
Cor I.-tin,
N'-Kiii U\ .
t.inn titT! Group,
Soldi* Win*
im.sn pAfiotm.
Won lerfrtl.
BlfllKS Htar.
Hlorran Buy.
I.n.i C'hnnce.
EUtmbk iCnrihoo.
A. K. U.*.
Frv.Mir. l.-e.
Antolne. ,
Jackson Oroap.
Wellinir'on (Jroup.
On, ly OrLiui
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Sandon, B.C.
8. A. MI8HT0M
A Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos,
Pipes nnd Smokers' Sundries
In Stock.
Headquarters (or Playing Cards and
Poker Chips.
_M__ttjiuijt__t_��_��_�� i:^v^:��^^^-^!_r^^ ^5^^5^5^^#-->*'-^
N addition to the Fancy Edibles enumerated in a former advertisement,
we have added to our lance a**sortroent ol Standard (roods a fresh ��M*��.
Sweet, Plain and Mixed, in 1, It snd 10 gal. (Mils, and in Taney bottle* fuf
immediate table use.
^AIIPR   KRAUT   ����� new Uit- we'll siind-ev In *�� |fml. Ic4>kh an.l .tn
CIQU    T^tie Boneless Codfish: Mackerel in 25 |l>. kits, \ and , l.l.|.
rion, Labrador Herrinjr, In | bble.i Salmon Miles, In Sft lb. kit*;
and other lines of Fish In paekftfst,
DUflDADHTrr.   EDTI1T   (,Hr ,rtl** c*r h**** wrteetwl ma
DV/VrUlVAlDU   ri\UlI,  *m*ktA for  ti*,  growth ol   %
The tlnest line of this class of gotate ever MteH in Sandon.
HAMS AND BACON, I'^ZVlt'" &****"**
Just reeeiyetl, a ear loed of POTATOKB, from the noted Bpallnimluvn
Valley, and other Vegetables, free from frost,
Our rejrnlar stock Of flDAPI?D!PQ   *** fr*'**** *nd clean in original
Ut\UViC.i\II_0, jKHcki-gw.   [WooWMi��k
We are ngenU for the c.-|.<tirnted GOODWIN I'ANDLKR. ill U and It;
OB. UMf    Full weijfht nnd windier.
Also sole t\g**m for the GIANT TOWDKK CO., and in the huge vaaji
both lirpnjnsly f����r Bt have *evcral ear* of their iioW*d Nw. I and 2 powdif
i and 11 Inch.   Their No. 2 is considered njual to the No. I of any
Fl'SK. doable and trij>|��le uj��e, by the US f��xt or case.   1'KIMlNf.
CAW, by the lux (H��>> or caj��e (10 M).
We inviu* the iniblic jretierally to an iiea^-etloii of our l��rj."   I
<Ktf besemetit and -idj 'tniutr llre-j��n��>f cellar and otlter wartHton-    A\
pt well Blled and in an orderly and *>} **truiatie manner.
Hn Gll_.fiERICH9
���tort* at
����>��f��}|Cl|t3|tX ��^$*^**��^^ *^*^H!H:H;H;:
Saw i. ih�����'tii.r t���� loot     W* emtty lh<-
liinir.l at<r.k of \,t Tight
Queen Heating Stones,
Box Stoocs,
Cooking Stores,
Ranges, Etc.
t-amp m��� i ArkM*t Itevsi ��it*��'W* te .��r*i t
Hamilton Byers,
White & Cavanaugh
CODY, II. 0,
Mrtniifnilnrfrs. ot
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
lUtiiimtf. fnrnl��ti����i *m\maMm*4ana
Nti'l llull<l< r-
Ordern u-rt at Byers' Hardware
m. o.
Wilt I* h( th* Hr?t��rt Hat*-.-.   ���
BMJj m tmmrttlt
l.eav��> Hiindou f��r all Con*t ����^|
Hound pointa daily nt 7:��"��
Ar. Vancouver 1.1:00 next **>**
Seattle       ITlltA
Nelson        22t:iO aam��'',,,,
Trull -_t_t:00
HoMiiland    2.t:.'IO
. wi...   ..   i        .      -***��*   iiaruware  ��*"*"'�����-<> -I. h%*. �����i,,k *r,rti	
i store win receive prompt attention. Jlv'iV -ar *��***' **** ����iw��-<"'      '
tmm��(U��t�� riMiiit- (inn   mrjrli-
iM.ini., ������ 4���|.,v< iimi k *��.r\i. *���  -'l


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