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The Paystreak May 1, 1897

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Array THE
mil ,<.s ol  Till-: PKOPLE.
tiiristef Local Items Gleaned
in the I'iihI Week.
Harry Williams, proprietor of tin* j
i.iin-i a r<>M*.   House, aiul Mi*-*- Elsie
KnuiUen were married  VVednesdaj
��� ��> \i> >  I   A   Proeunler. of Kaslo.
Tin I' n STKK vk tenders it- congral
illations, and wrisbes the newly wed
ded couple a happ**  snd prosperous
jourm*** through lift*.
Th* Antonie, located in the ��ur
prist* basin, i- owe of fin- most promising mint's in tin- .Vest Kootenay.
h prod nre* i \.*r\ high grade of
����r*'. ih*- firsl t< ii airs ghing returns
of 21'* ounces of silver and l."�� per
***n* I* ad.   Th** lead i- said t i '*��� one
[ofthe i��*-t in ih*- Slocan.   The clear
We   nm-   from   eight   ! i   *-iyh1*,*'ii
j inch*-and   i-   a   -t.-*'l   galena and
graj c 'i'i**!'
.1. M D mnetiy Is rejiorted to have
made a �����'.. ��l strike on hi- claim on
tin* Payne elaim, shove their ore
house a fen da) - ag ���. Tin- ciaim la
the *-*i-<��nd "it*' iV"iu tin- Sandon
townsite, and is situated about a half
a mite from the city.   Th*- showing
i- <.|il\ ;* -ni'lao*   otte,   hul  prospects
well, ami  ihf disc tverers an- very
i.   ll   l%>\ington, "i Tacoma,  Is
. uIton hu*lnca*.
II    |v  (*la���.   "t   K|iokane,   was
iimng ih*- Thursds) arrh al-.
K. M. Simpson, <>r San KrsneJsco,
ai- in   Samion   Wcdncsila)   npon
��� ii*-���
i'in* engine and t��*��i.-* for ihe new
wt r\ arrived ihi- week, and has
U-. it j .itt in |>naitioil,
Tin* ��,Mi*t-n < .*tT��i* House in hclng
u_*hl\ renovated tie- *����i k  and
i - in - n mneh neater appearance
mi rbrmerh
Miui. I Kinnou i- En Slocan I  I
* .v.-. k  ** it* r��* li*- ..-��� ur t ��� ile
i . .ir load "I liwr, which hi* -hij.jH'*!
iii lit{���* pi U <
Wanted   One man ami two girls
i r laumin   work.   So < \\* i It net
i ed     \i>|-I** at   !�����<- nt ih��- Kan
��� i-u i.itiii��lr\ . r�� ir .'I   -j- nr. i  - hall.
V|r an<l Mr-. Chat !*���- \Vilx��n hav** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
bm   ihai.k-  for  .*  tk-iickms JttMta!>*  "v""  their Iimi.    Mr. Dm
���   ������!  **.-!.li!i- cake which was|ne��> I* waking a tdiaA on the ��.HmtW
hrmight  or ..ur r*anctnm Thursday /* the claim, just shove th.- K. A 8.
iii.t|-|]|-ry_ r* .nl   i��  t <A\ . and   t*��-j..>rl-  a  *_r*��-*��� I
....    i,    i    *   ii    ..   i  i        .1    showing alread v.    A foot, and a naif
Hi.  Hank"!   Mont res    ha-<--?al>     ,      , ,        , ,        .   ���  ,      ���       ., ,
,    , ... .     of galena  and t-a- n -na!**- i> said to
e.1 an agencv at M��>can t itv.   <.',    ���     ; .,
i    ii   i ii  t i '*���" m -itrltt.
I. Hofnuan,a well known Knokane
i**4ate man. ..ill aci a** the nets ., . ,
H > ni en In I.
\..i*lf |'i\i iia- matte an mlier
���lion in ihi-ir  t����rev ��*f  miners,
\V*��lu. m! i\   evening  iu  the present*,' .*�� a   few  invited  fHeilds, Mr.
i.ut shout  <��-uniu.   ltav.ng|^r|tt|M  W|,      ^assayer,aid
r-n      f.-int-.lMI ll\      dl-Uli ���.-.I        !.<-'     ...       ,,,.,. ...
,���.,,!,,{ Mi-- i.uiu M. rrame, srere united in
i i�� ( uttrHI n ,.�����-">'���...���.' *-h* o..,i Hiat.-iiiii.ti, ai :Si. groom's residence
��** <����.. rtvrui'ur*' dealer*, has just r*
"! Ir-'Uf a 1'.ii-!i). -- trip       v
��� i   uii. i*  ii.  pun !..(-��.I ���> new
rl inii line .1 furniture
-.   iv lli m/ ���-   latt    I  I" i -ii' ���.
red iii San! >n la-t SuiaUj      He
sereptx* I  ���<   r������-'��� * ,1*'  ���"  '���������**
��� ���   nml will preach his Hr*. -< r-
III -li   S'iikI i\    o\< ii ii1.'  a*   >|-���uei'l' -
h ill
John W, f i�� n�� -. -' well known
mining exja��n ofi/��ml<m, regist��*r��Ml
iith** (iotstenongii thi* week.   He
- here i-n hupts'ta'.il i��u*in< ���    ���'
.V. VoUUg, a Salt 1-a'v   Hi        - OUin,
ni** -1-.-_ **A< -, | a- tlie -mi   place.
P. :i  Wall- and \*ii.-.' i -i-'K'n.-.
*vi r**    in    Sand >n     Tu* rsla** ^v
Walls intends eiuraging 'ii  huslnesB
nn*��t ih** Ktr-i'* nav I ��w H- ami
was tor ih��* purp ���-* ol .������ ��kin*_r I">"
:i -uiiaiil*- location thai he . Islusl
ililn t*it\.
\ tin*' I. ii\ ..I ore wa�� t\\>< iyt*red
i-t  Uitk <���!) tli**t.i-t   - ah* > I    k*tOt��'
liaj  l.ak**. alH.iit   a   unh'  aiul H hall
- .nth. a-' .i 'h** hi tt.- Bell, Keporl
ii.-i- it thai n -i\ fool ledge h*>s 'H{X<
iliMCoverud al n depth ��t four feet,
i-a\iuir i;; ...uu*-. I'-ilv. i and :*)!i���*r..    Kaoli   member   is  an artist
in thai cttv. Tii** ct*n*moii> wa
!��11iwrned ii\ Kev.O. A. Procffhler,
of Ka-lv Alter the words whicl
mail*- the happy <��� tuplehnsband and
\* '��� had iN**-n -ai<I ami c aurratula*
tlons had l*��.ii < \'*'i��d��tl. tne COW*
j.aii\ repaired i * the dining r.��..iii
�� In r*  a -uui|'tu*>u- Inticll   wa-   }>r��'-
|.i...j for them and amklst mneh
gaiety, ih. merr) ����� ��mpen> part M,k
tin r. if. \ inuiiin-r ol beautiful
i��r��--t-nv- were given the couple by
their iViiiitl- assembled and after
a iim** -jhh' in -.**-:al comverse, the
*- >ni|ian\ tli-j t-i'-��->l t ��� their respective In.nn - Mr. .tii'l Mr-. Witt? ��n
bt*gln lift* with tliebesl wislies of a
lioal of rri*ii.i- \'l>' unite in wishing
them a long lift* of conjugial lilisa
| and prosperitA-, ami not u-a>t among
theirs i-  I'm   i'\\-i MKAK.
< nliiinliin Comic 0|�� ��ra <��).
Thi*- tir-t class compan> Rrrlved
yesterday, nnd  gave   sii.i Pasli
l.-i-t lllght at S|h ui',|- - t I|h ra House
i.>      a       large       and .'H'l'iivia-
llve audience, ll i- h> far tlie hesj
i*tiiii|.an\   \*hi*!i   ha-  ever   played
per cent lead t*. the t >n.
\ new company. witu John   \.
Tiiieh a- j.rt--nh*ni. (In-. (ilasS a-
\ Ice president, and .1. I.. Drnmheller
necretary, ha- la*t*n organiEeil to
work the Rnap mineral flalm, l"*;1'
��� tl near Hear Lake on the Ka-!<>A
Hlocan railws*,. li a<\|*iins the
l.ii*-k\ .1 im, a wt*ll known propiTty,
and ha-a large ledge of galeiis run
iiiiif,- the whoh' length of the claim.
aiul   the   *'iiiii'*li,iit- ar>* extremely
The company wiUpla** ''Mascotte'1
tonight, ami a -|H*i*ial train will run
from Koseberrj and IntermtHliate
|inint- t.t accommodate those who
wish to attend, returning from Sandon al midnight. We expect i
crowded house, in view of the high
f\*'��*llt'ni'f of tin* conijutuy. T'��-
niulit- will ot- the last perfiirniance.
otiti I allow- Celebrate.
Sot in the hi-t try of Sandon has
there heen a more largely attended Hocial function than the i>all
s-TiN.-ii .it gpencera opera bouse last
M.��ntla\ evening in honor '>t tin-
"Hfh anniversary of Odd fellowship
in North America, The attendance
at tin- ball is evidence of the interest
iH-inir manifested in this new, but
rapid!** growing lodge <���!' brotherly
love, While yet scarcely two months
old. it has a membership of W ofthe
most substantial citiaens of Sandon
ami at the rat*' oflts present increase
it will n����t Im* long before it will be
among, if not the foremost lodge in
tin* Province, The order is one
whose aim- and objects ar<* too well
known to require an extended introduction, which would he superfluous
at ihi- time. Not ..uh in point of
attendance did the bail far surpass
any previous efibrt ��>t'a likt- nature
in our little <-ity' but it- triumph socially bas ye. to be equalled. Bv
s;:in tin* hall was tilh-d with wril
dressed ladies ami gentlemen and
from the tir-t note Of the music
whose soft and enchanting harmony
seemed to Inoculate within every
heart s spark of the hri^rht effulgence
increate which jriv*-.- an inspiration
sweet as the fabled songof tsrafeel,
unril 'in* last Bound died away in the
ear IS" dawn of morning the dancers
-��-*metl t'i Ilo.it in heansnly harmony
with i^. stopping only now and then
I engage in - ��*'ial Intercourse, which
was one <��f the predominating
features of th<- ball. Nothing transpired t ��� mar the gavety and general
^r . hJ fellowship so a lunula nth in evi
nence in the fiirhty couples present.
Tin- committees In charge all worked
earnestly and with a detenuination
which knows no such thing as fail,
and th** resultsof their effortsare
Inch tht\ *'-in look u|t..ii tliera with
pritle. Then comes tlie supper at
Hotel Samion. which is acknowledged to I**- the chef tl" leuvre >��t" the
glittering success which attended
tin- (.flair from start to tinish, and
nm one of th*- many oommendary
Words spoken in praise of Mr. Cunning's abilitv 11 tempt the Inner
man but was hilly deserved. Taken
all in all. the affair wasone not -'*on
to I*** forgot! tn by tlio-i' who were so
fortunate as to be am mg those present.
K. of P. Lodge to ba Instituted.
At a meeting lw-!<I at Crawfcwd's
hall Tuesday evening it was decided
in organiae a K. of P. 1 ��� m I j_r��. in Sandon. to he known as Sandon Lodge
No. K. of P. The meeting waa
called to order and <*. K. Quintal
elect**d temporary chairman and R.
K. sharp teniporary secretary and
treasurer. The pn'tition with -7
names attached aasing for a charier was read and Ims Im'i'u forward.
ed t" tiie grand lodge for action,
The following committee was appointed to complete the organisation:
K. Waits, W. I. William-and D, 11.
Mi'Mariin. A motion to purchase
new if^alia wa- carried, as was
also ii motion to Invite th*' New
Denver lodge to assist in the organisation.     Th*'   initiation   tee   was
placed at -"-la for thos** joining by
application, and IB for those joining
bv eanl. 1' is expected that tiie
charter will be her*' within two
weeks, when the lodge will l��e regularly Instituted. It will probably
organise with a membership of hot
less than forty, as a large number
have si*r;niji*(l their intention <������'
Teoiiin Cinb Organized.
A liunilter of Sandon's society
people met at If, L. Grimmett's law
rffiee Sunday evening and organized
i tennis eluh. for the purpose of m-
gaging in this popular sport during
the coming summer. It is the in
tention of the club t�� hold a tournament here later on, and games will
it.- played with neighboring towns
which have organisations or contemplate effecting one. They hav** s<-
sured  a splendid  court*   it   being
lioiit- Other than the top of the skat-
injr rink, which will lie enclosed
with wire nt'ttinj*; and made as comfortable a- possible. The officers
elected areas follows: SI. L. <M'hn
mett, president; Mrs. Hays, tir-t
viee-presith'iH: Dr. G. P. \oung,
second vice president; and E. M.
Samlilaml-. secretajry and treasurer.
The masiaging committee i- composed of th.* following named gen-
tienten: ('. D. Hunter, II. M. Mar
tin. W. .1. Williams ami A. E. Hall.
A Lhv Tim?.
tir was caused in
samion early Tuesday morning hy
several persons breaking into and
attempting 11 f<a*cibly evict tbe
tenants ofthe small building opposite
Black's Hotel, Tbe ownership of
the property has been in dispute for
some time and a great deal of bitter
feeling has been engeiideredaaa result. It is flainird bv Pitts Bros.
ami a!s.. by those now in possession,
which was the cause of th*' attempt
by Mr. Pitts'agents to tak*' i**ossfs-
sion. It looked for a short time as
though there would i*** serious trouble, but quiet was soon restored by one
of tin- Inmates catling up the police
and causingthe arrest of the six men.
They were all taken to the police
headquarters and released on bail
until iit\t Monday when they will
have a hearing. An ineffectual at-
teinpt was also made by the Bame
parties t > tear down tiie building but
had not made much headway before
tlu-y were arrested. The trouble is
uniortunate as those involved are
mostly business men of Sandon and
this affair will not conduce t<> their
Quite, o Compliment.
Ira W. Black received a telegram
this week from Charles Wilson, of
St. Catherines, Ont., a brother *��f
the late John E. Wilson, who died
recently at this place, stating that
the body of his brother had arrived
and wa- in perfect condition. He
took the occasion to highly compliment J. 1>. Cuttrell on the efficient
manner in which he embalmed the
body, and seemed greatly surprised
that this difficult work could be performed so efficiently In this part of
th*' country. HERE AND THERE.
Miss Wilson has just received a
new stock of spring millinery.
Dr. Goii.ni returned to Sandon
tins week from a trip to the Hot
('has. Eaton, who has been  visit
ing Broker Wallbridge, left Tuesday for Alaska.
J. M. Fitzpatriek is here for the
purpose of directing operations on
the Maggie on Payne mountain.
J. W. Hawke, manager of Pitts
Bros.'gents' furnishing store, is at
SUverton this week upon business.
Scott McDonald, ntanager and
on*' of th*' owners of the Payne group
of mines, has purchased a residence
in Spokane.
Ira W. Black has Ixvn beautifying
his bar bv the addition of a number
of colored lights. Mr. Black is nothing if not up-to-date.
W. Bailer, the jeweller, who has
I'fcn located teniporariiy in Bartlett
Bros.' oftie*'. has removed to the
room next, door to tbe Goodenough.
I). Calm, special representative
for th*' Ktpiitahie*Lite of NYw York.
has been in Sandon several ilays on
business connected with his company.
Mr. M&Pherson, who was quite
painfully Injured by falling down a
chute at the Payne mine last week, is
rapidly recovering, ami is now able
to leave his room.
II. S. Sheward. mining engineer
for .1. H. Clark of Sandon and Ihrss-
hnid. left for PlaeerviUe, Oat., this
week to take charge of the Grand
Victory mine at that place.
A. i>\ Larsen returned Sunday
from Slocan City, ami reports everything booming at that place. The
building boom, he Bays, is greatly
interfered with by tin- scarcity tif
building matt-rial.
The Beddard English Comedy
Company have arranged dates
whereby they will play in Sandon
on thr evenings Of May !.">. Hand
15. The company is -said to Im*
-iin*��n��_r the Itost on the road.
1 have just opened a clothing ami
gents1 furnishing store in Sandon
and have a complete line of cloth-
lug, hats. caps, shoes, etc. ami my
prices are reasonable. NVxt <I��m>i- to
.1. M. Harris'office.       .1. Lcrcov.
It i> time to commence looking
alter the sanitary conditions of your
premises, Quite a number have already done this and tin* o;,hA work
should he continued. Nothing adds
more to a city.- popularity than clean
A. A. Battefson, a. well known
newspaper man of Washington, was
in Sandon a few days this week for
a pleasure trip and to "si/a- up" the
country generally. Lik��* all the
rest, he is loud in praise of the laisi-
n**s- like air of our little city, and
predicts fbr ita bright future and
in* is tight.
Work on the Cordelia still continue-, ami the property is looking
more and more promising as work
progresses. The lead in No. 8 tun*
tie! is widening out and showing
some excellent ore. and work will
soon be commenced on the large* lead.
As soon as the the trails are cleared
they will commence [tacking out the
There will l>e a mining convention
held at Rat Portage, under the auspices of the Kat Portage Mining Exchange, on June ���'>, 1 and ">, next.
ami it is expected that such an attendance will be secured that will
make the convention the largest and
most important gathering of the
kind ever held in the country.
Dr. I'ohl. ��ho has l��een representing the Slocan Hospital of New
Denver, has resigned, and h'rt 8an*
don last Monday for Portland,where
he will locate for the practice of his
profession. The doctor has many
mends here, who will wish him the
greatest success in his new home,
l>r. P. II. Powers has succeeded him
iii the management of the hospital
at Sandon.
Whilst the fields most fkvored by
prospectors this season will be rwt
Steele, Duncan, Reservation, Oar*
doner, etc., into which regular bat*
talions of explorer- are all ready to
start operations, it is conceded that
th** Slocan will receive the largest
amount <>f steadv development,
Pour Mile, Eight Mile, Ten Mile.
Twelve Mile. Springer ami Lemon
creeks, all of which contain valuable properties that have passed the
prospect stage, aiul are in the hands
of moneyed people who will spare
no expense in proving what they are
really worth.
The K. A S. railroad people have1
been meeting aith all descriptions of
experiences during tbe j��ast season,
int* the climax was reached when
last Saturday morning an infernal
machine, warranted to kill, was di.--
covered under the corner of tiie depot by workmen who were engaged
in cleaning the depot yard-. "Lin-
seed" Alexander, stage manager for
the aspiring Roscius, could not have
supplied   a   (utter   prologue   t*  the
railroad drama which has been enacted on thi- rather unfortunate
road for some month-, ami the ; v
citemenl that attended the discover*;
Would have dolie   ample jit-tir
nigger   campniecting   in   the
throes of a   religious delirium
was only Ia-t  week thai the
wa- entered and rifled, and If
experiences, which s****m te Ih* piling
upon them like Pelion on Ossa, eon
tinue. it would be difficult tohassartl
a guess as to th** finale.
Dr. Power has removed his office
tO the 'H'illllnett block.
Kilililin _*   .',ot "4.
The hillsides around Sandon an
being decked with numerous resi
deuces, and more t<> follow.
There i- not a vacant business
building iu the city, and those lu
con empiation are spoken for a- simmi
as wurk Is commenced on them.
Bragg Bros, two story building,
adjoining Grimmett's jewel rt stort
la nearly completed, il. .j. Broddi
will occupj both Boors, the lower
one for hi- store ami the tlptter floor
for a residence.
Lumber is on the ground for
Messrs. Davids and Holtnan'a two
story building on Reco Ave. The
plans for the building were furnished by Architect C. ('. Mclhi.-.
ami are well gotten Up.
As soon as J. M. Harris' bnfidiiig
on Keco avenue, for which excavx
tion is now being made, Iscompletetl
he will commence the erection of an
other and still larger building nn
the site of the skating rink. Thin
building will In* 70 hy LJOfeel ami
at least two stories high.
DR. 6. P. Y0UN6
M   0. C   M.
K..!iti.'rl> "ftl*** Wll.t��lf*l  i.Viieml   KOSpltSl
Office over Palace Saloon, Uoom 8
Samion.   B.  C
kaslo -        -      a c
Will best H'.i.i Balmnral. In -.��<��""
in*.-,- ii in..ntu.
Room. No. 22    BLACK'S HOTEL
sanoon  a c
Watchmakers and Jewellers
\\;l!.l>.-.    UtOCfel   HH*I       I.M.Ir,        I'lllH...
Saw lag    III!.. Iim.    -
W     II VII AM.   Mgl
Stationery. f
ir      Confectionery,
Cigars ao*l Ttilt.ieco.
F.   J.   Donaldson
. ���
_* Sundries. Pipes    l.nr
Cigar    nd Stat   ��� ��� -
o     o     Imported Pt"ft\im*��, a Spscatfty,
L L. B.
Notary Public,
SANOON.        - . |  c
Nii.tlMii -.nl,-. ..f nil   k ,���|, ,-,.,,,,,,.,, .,
in Uu- iimmi aiitiafi,, i.,, ,   rttantx-T
...  It* .l��..llllllll    Itllt..,   M ���
< ��|.|M��-.jt.  Hotel S;tni|t.n. Niinliin, |t I
j  J. Godfrey.        W  J   Bo.v��._r i i n
f. L, Chrotto. L LB
Bowser, Godfrey k \m
i: aki.isti:i.s.
���:-:��� N0TAR11 -    lV.
?andon  B   C
��� ftcou.ir, 6   C.
First    Bank Established  m the
Bank of Brilisti Cotai.
nuttal   *ith  !������-.' I-. In    ��� ������ i. -j
Hrwm * ��� ti-
Ht��o 0��te��    ���'"-���''>��������'i *���'���-     i
t  ._ti,i..i
fl.   Mfttt.ll   fntu (.��*.'*
v iii..(!.i      \��iH.iiiif(.     Set*    ��* ���-
XatiatftNi     K��ri*i.��.|-       Mi���''*.
k \nlAi and h%m��*\
*��!.-���:      I-    ���' ' .1  I
|.. !���.. t i,ti.-,| StKtflfr
*.��** I rti,i-!��-.,   .,,..1    IVrtl.     ���
Agantaand Corr-raoond-nt.
i   *\\l*\      (*ftll*<ltfttt   tU>.v
Mrrrha.nl*    Hut.*   >>i * femada,   Vht     M
Ibtrili    I ...|.'(al tt.nk   *��f   *'��*���� I. .1
\...��    ^.Htm |\      I  Mill1     �� l * . * -
lUtnh <���(  * '.utavt-t..     *. *��f
l-.ri.     n,..��-t��   at \.<\m   ttettUo   >'���
lAOOAnn JUmI S>MI WtOStFwmr*e Hrjutfc   l'!      I
rita,   Tit* I'ujjr* **.rtm<l **.��*:������'.  .   ��� *"
Tii.      F.rl.-titff    \��I*im��.I      Sank      ��t* ��
UTIItlt   t\|'MH/l\l   \M
I \ ���..��-_ .����! .. ||.lVt.|     III
Local  Manag.'.
Sandon B'-'o:*'
BANK    Of
Paid Uo Caottat.
Raaar-o  Fund.
l 338.333
< Mli,
In iv-ir ni Crawford'n Black
Hinitli Slii.|.
|..ikIoii *��(��,,      %   U-imt.l.    |jiii,      l ���
����l r.. t     ��     *
Court of   Olractor.
i tt mwjfa  Inlin lawprait
n.r  llirlm-.!   >|   *.., ii,   H.ar*    ��-    '
\'0,.,t Hntrt   It   I It  K.ti'irtn   I    '
t' i,-l     t-'-v.lrri.     |,i(l,l��wi,      i,.-,.��,���    I       *'
M .
Om rv|��r,     \   *t   tt in   -
n.->..ii*m.. i>, * .ti.i.i.t ->i uu,..--   v!
II    -iikl.i, t    I . �����    ���
��� in>fr..|!    .|>tlii__'i f
Branchat   in Cartadn
I .m,Imi. |lrit<��tt..r<l. I'ttrl"   M �����������
I"   Kllijt.t.".   ttlliiMit     MmiiIoiiI. >*
I..l.i.. N   II    llrai..|..i,   tt titiil|-n ''��       *.'
��� rtrton, \   ll    II..nr...    N   -     \ '
...lit i-r.  I(.a.|:,��.|    ������-,.>.)..li    K '-'"    I
II     I
Aganls in tha United St*'*"
-|.._h...      i >l.| Nrttt'Oinl   IU<it    *
National  limit      \.�� Vorti ' '
tt    U,..��.��� ���i,,|    |   i     tt, i.i,      -
i.'i h in-otn. -.i r.-a *.  ll   Ml  *>i* N!
���I    II    \int.r,..,,
London   Banhar.
Tin   lUnk ..l r-ii.Ihii.I m��.l mtnot*  ������<'
Foroiqn  AganU
|u.-rj��M.|. IU.nk  <tf   l.l\,-t|��">i
Ni.tt-.tiiti   ni,i,h .,r M<*.ttir��ii.i. i im
t-t.i.iiln-a      ! i 1     |'t,,\lt..l..t    '������
land,  i.i.i . umi  i.n.ii.-i....  Sitti...-'
��.l*l..ini.l l.nt.i. li,-��.  Aii.tntiu. I '  ''     ' A..*
A'l-lrHli.i. I.I.I     N, h /...iltiti'l   '
Aii.tntllu.   I.I.I.    Iii.it,,,  ri.ii..,     "    '      .;   ,.
Mi ri.tiiil,. Itttiik .,1 |ti<lit*   M'l     N
U��l      tt,*.l   hi.li.-a,  i rtliinlnl    ���'-
M.-.ara.    .Mm. iiiml,    Kntti��. *' '
ll" -lit   l.\*>llll    Sa
GEORGE   KYOO.   Man��ge*
Sandon,   B   C THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Krauclr. SalttU suliu*. sh_*l >w*k lilrt'.
It we could rub Aladdin's l��ui|��  eaeii
\inl at POT palm attentive gatui tint I
Tii grant ow every whim and wteh
\, ..' intilil We litre tlie golden   g***��-
I., lay
A pitCiuilM egg tbat  we   migbt  Jfccep
alway* 43
\i,il hail we wishing   maiHl** itHiad
US tiVitllHl,
im Fortonatusi rare wallet lined,
Vnd Youths elixir to avert decay.  -
flieii. life,   |*ereliance,   might  sweel
an*l pleasant be.
,\   iknowjf Such magic migbt *!*���
light us iiiueli.
Vei we, jterliaj-r*,   migbt yearn   lor
Homething more
We would llm! qualms and deem our*
���M-lvi-ii unfree,
nd life obnoxious to tbe light and
Aiul llroaiO and  doubt,   dejected    ��S
in ��,i i.atim. PaMMfifi iio>.
Than was --ussed during the late
-.--   11 Of Ibe legislature "f Idaho a
Mil which i�� significant of soma com-
sens'* in jrofasestaion of tbe jierson
���Aim Iranuil  It,   because  be or she,
when   providing  in  tbe bill tor tbe
filiation * of protiuition   practi
ulv  adinitteil  tb**   iui**o*��ibility  *��f
-tippresstou   or   **ruhiliition     and
I tved the way for facing the problem
;  -nit'thing approaching a *.tatcs
man-like manner    'Hie lull  text ol
��� Kill, introduced by Representative
Section I.   City ctiuneil*. boards of
rman and Uianls of tra*��e��3t- t��f
1 and towns and villager tn tbi**
ht*ret''f.'t*' iiu**u"i��>i *ated nnder
- .1! *>r general b�� wt* or hereafter
rporitod are hereby vest*-*I with
��� '..iit.ruy aim! potter 10 tvgulat** *>r to
��� iiv** and   prohibit   prostitution
witb.ll tbe  limit* <���* their **,���*��� jioctiv.
-, town*, and villages; and art
also hereby HUihoru-ed and ���iu^**" ��
���I to psss such onfiAaneea, by !.i**v
rules,   and   regulations  a>   may   l*o
1 ������ oessary t** effect *��4icU regulation.
roppran nor prohlMisd wJSila ih#i
respective* cities. towns and villages
Section 2     All  acts and  parts o|
ac.s in conflict witit thi*.a*t>Ar��- hen-
by repealad.
S'ctK-n 8,   \. heiva*.. 111 coney there,*
for exiM**. this net  shall  Iv in torce
Tn uu ami after it- |*ns**age or appro
To many the pat-ogt of a bill ot
this character hi something Inexpressibly -.hoe king. These are mostly of
tha   namliy   pmuhy.   goody  goody,
-u'-eriioiui sort oi pMreons who, ostrich
like, cover their beads from night of
'lit-uH'ial uhetr* of the I tody politic.
Of I'tiurr**- Khen i* s porttoa of the
bill that will suit those who still lie
lii've, even after more than a bun
dred years of failure in this country.
that pliftit-utiou can \>9 mtVri'+AeA
ami prohibited" by net of legislature.
Tie portion of Uie bill which relates
to 1 hi- "regulation" ofthe social evil
is to them tin* objectionable part.
That the state should recognize
prostitution liai always been ai*bor-
rent to the average cltlgen. lUit it
tt.uld s��*eni more sensible and honest
t��> lace the problem of prostitution
and if it cannot ls> strpittased and
probUnted then regulate it.
I'rustitiition is no more a normal
moral condition ot woiuaidvlnd than
leprosy or cancer are normal physical
conditions Of tha h 11 ma n- race, and he
wlio maintains that women are prostitutes from choice Is a foul libeler of
the mother Who bore him. Go into
tbe sweatshops and awful dens in the
large cities where women girls,
ami children, sew garments tether
for 12 and 14 hours daily at a wage
of fixan 20 to Hi cents j>Y dav. Read
tlte statistics tarnished bv the com
mfsajomr of lsW each year which
tell of th** miseries ot the two-dollar-
a week factory ojeiatives, of the
tenement boose life within whose
noisome purlieu* moral death stalks
as a i**"-tii*nc*' read ot those terrible
conditions and it your heart is not
dead and damned in your breast ihe
tears will come to your eyes and you
will not wonder that there are so
many poor prostitute*, but rather that
there are so few.
1'overty is the prolific parent of
prostitution antl crime and be win
expects to legislate either away is ot
the sort who believe ��� cancer may Ik*
cured bv biding it with a patch of
linen. Whib the blood ofthe human
ImIv remains impore there is no
poulticing or patching that will effect
a cure of a cancer and while the
Wood of our social system U* noisoned
and" imparl* the pros* It ut ion ulcer will
spr��*ad despite the desire of the goody
goodies antl the Mammon serving
church |o bide it away under the
patch and ������ouUii.-e of legislative \n>
hibition. lYiistititution is here to
stay a* long a* thr protect ini.juitous
***��� rOOmk and stA'ial con<-itionsr*'inain
with OS l'n��stitution is one of the
distinguishing trail*- marks and  the
pnetitnte the rij*** fruit *>n the tree of
r.rihth century Christian (?) civilization. As long as it is inherent in the
system under wliich we live it is
folly to attempt to exterminate it bv
f.tatutcry (Baotmeat Tlierefcre it
ttitild seem the -.art of wisdom to
regulate it, as in r ranee, tor instance;
eontine the t��oor unfortunate victims
of diabolical c;>nditions to certain
limits of a town; Impose restrictions
tthich will tend toward iniuiini/.int:
the flagrant Haunting ot the wretched
I ahillment.s of tbe institution in the
eyfvs of tbe young ami sarroun 1 it
with such quarantine safeguards as
expediency and coinmon sens*.' may
""Uggi'st. In a measure this is done
even now. for in all American cities
it is notorious that tho prostitute class
paymootbly "tines" which are col
[acted by the police and are to all
intent- and purposes licenses. The
iinuiornlitv ami eorru*>tion insep'tia
hi*' with this cowardly manner of
dealing with this class is apparent.
It is 111 ore humane, more honorable
far the nnHi-rli-altty to take eognlz
sn*.*e of tbe '.roMitufea* an ins*.'psr
able part of this barbarism we call
civilization and ileal w4tfc her from
that standpoint than to make the
stupid pretense that she has no existence simpiv because the towreoog
nlaee her only ns a criminal.
iKin't overlook Wilsons Hotel when
you are in Slocan City. t
When in   Vancouver stop al the
Man<��r Hottw*. '	
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00
Reserved tund   :   '-.    \\ 000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :     859,698.40
Sir Donald A. Smith, C.C.M.G. President.
Hon. C. A. Dm mmoxd, Vice 1'resident,
1'IS.Cloi stox, General Manager,
A. Macxidkr, Chief Inspector & Supt. of Branches.
A. B. Hlchaxax, Insjiector of Branch retonis.
W. S. Clouston,  Assistant Inspector.
James Aikd, Secretai^'.
Hianehes in all parts ot Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United suites.
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted
Ev.-ntt. Wa��li.
.*fc' l'|.j. r Brook St.. i.>>n.t>.ii.
M.'tiit.-n' of th*. K(i>449ii<t Stuck Exctianc*'
.inii lVeinl of Trail**.
Cftbta Addrc** " Hknmsox."
Mod ink- and X.*al.
Ctoogli'a ii*w ami old),
lkiiford MrXelll.
find A BCCodai**^1^
-mnmnm~ Butcher Co.
Bbops at SaixhM), N��ls'ii. Kaslo,
Ainsworth and Qnart* Oreek
T -g- IV, solicit correspondence with parties having:
\ \ meritorious mining: proj>enies tor sale, and
Ai-li^ beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities ot Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising: prospects
In active mining; operations and reduction ot ore*,
and a knowledge of the different mining: districts ot
B.C. enables ns to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining: matters.
KeferenceB g:ivcn.
would not
think it...
But it's true.
We carry a ftill line ot Bar and
Table (ilassware, Toilet Seta.
Crttckeryware, Limp Chimneys,
Wall Paper, Window Shades.
Carpet Squares and Rug's.
Also the largest and best line of
Ladies', Gents' and Children's
Boots and Shoes ever brought
into the Slocan. Our stock includes the latest novelties in
Neglige Shirts, Neckwear, Hats.
C��i|ts, Men's and Boy's Clothing, Macintoshes, Umbrellas, etc.
Itecot-ded at  Sew Denver,   tlw   jVsr*totwit*i
Tni.n��.ft*rs iusd L/x-aUoii-:
April Sti
Ore_-on Cltv���8 C Boswt'H
Ponland���Oeo V Ixiiik*
Silver Leaf���Eri Thoin|��soii
Lottery���W L Carrithers
Altooiia and Dayton Xo a���A B Railt. it
Silversmith and" Windsor���Bvron N White (' >
White Horse���W A Campliell
I'.-uitie-Frederlek and Samuel BSteele
Aj.ril _���
l_tke View No fr-Chas Cra-il
Kvriiintr Star and Keystone���J a* l> Ryan
N'anev Lee���Duncan S Forties
St. harle-t��� Wm Sodrow et a I
t'it* -WmSudrow
Aivo Fraction and Belt -Win Sudrwir
Aitril SI
Victoria -G D MeMartin
Xest E��r-G H Wricht
Tripjile Lead���Wm H Hamilton
Variett���A Fenrnson and X Moni*>n et al
Thirrtof July-the Louden Hill DA M < *.
April *
Flora-L M Chapp*-!!
spike���J C Wemart
Aogtkt��� H C Thomlinson
Wej��tmotit and Cougar���F E Grlftitlt
Soutlieni Bell���B Straii(��*way
California and Clipper���Jas A MeDmakl et al
United Empire���Geo .Vi'llamaon et al
Vlnces*��� FK StTolin
April 3"
iron Band���Slocan Lake. J C Titipim*
LIHie White���Slocan ri*-er. F S AiMlrvws
Mationey���Lejson. H L Fife
I**alatkl���Lemon. Fred J Smith
Trcut���Lemon. Isaac Ljnj*h****d anil IVn-r  M .*���
April _1
Northern  Siot-ao ���Slocan   Lake. F Gfan*/illp
and John P Altcbtvwt
April SI
Reward���Carpenter. Thos Henderson
Noble Owl���New Denver. S L Qmtbeto
Teenmseh���Carpenter, A Taylor and J Rvan
Buniside��� Four Mile, A H Itt-eimwr
RJdp - way���Same
Jennie L'Fraction���Sandon. F G Malcolm
Pond���Lemon, Chas G Johnson
Horsboe���Lemon, Chaa Bortrum
Madre De Oro���Springer. R C Graham
Keep C<jol���Springer. Wm Slavin
Atnil W
i Wml .n���Sandon. John Gordon
DonnelU-andCrawft'Td Frartlonal-J M Donnelly
Treadwell-Galena Farm. Richard C Treadwell
Mont��-ii*-**r*>-Sandon, Alex Mel'ltadeu
Sno-nshoe��� Lemon, Joseph Beat
April 34
Ht-wsesl*oe��� Carpenter, Wm Stulih-
EnelL-i-Carpenter, H H Flits
A mil***;
Paystreak���li Mile. Sydney C\*oj*>r
Larenzo���Sloean lake,C A Youni:
North Fork���Carpenter, D Sloan
Tumbler-Three Forks, W T Hancock
May Pole���New Denver. Jennie Knapp
Metripote���Carpenter, same
Heather Fraetion���Sprlntrer. Ed Dunn
Melton���Springer, Tom Corporelli
t'.t���Lemon_DE Rafnae
Clinton���Three Forks. Hiurh Niven
Manor-Lemon, C H Chapman
April 27
Stiuuvside Fraction���8prtn_rer. Harvey Fife
Kitty Wheal-Slocan lake. W V Kradshaw and
Louis Hickman
Blanrlie-Cody, Dan W Sin*hlr and F H Sb<r>
Caacade-Fcur Mile, C H Wheeler
Vueen City���New Denver. Carter H Brtndle
t.ood Friday Fractional and Crescent���Sloeaii
lake, W H Bart let t
Krahe Fractional��� Howson, Chas S Raslidall
April i��i
D W M.iore to MM Perl- J U* Vejras; Jau IS,
I* M Hayes to John Clark-'. General Sheridan:
March 1, wVin
John Clark to M R W Ratlilami.*��� the Geueml
slieridau; April 1*'.. *l
J C Butler to J H A Chapman��� \ Joint Hye,
Granite Flat and Summit U; April u*. Twin
W C McKlnnon, Hindi Itrady, J H Bartlettand
N F McNauirtit to A G Ft-nruson-the Preacott.
Fraction Nos 1 and 2 antl Four Mile Fraetion;
April lit.a.Wjo
Ira W Black to A T R Blackwood���J Fourth of
July Kb a Dee ti, *1
< W Harrington ami John * unnim.' to G A
Farlnl-the Get There Ell. Aceld-ntal. Rene. V
and M and F L (': April Hi, |l_.um
P A McDoukuM tOC W OuaUfsoii���1 .i Cable :
April 1'i.HtJ.
< 'ha. L Hoffui.iii to John A Finch 1 Cuitus :
Ai.ril IS.JSSO
J T Foley to Wm W FaHows-l/.l. ftttffM April
17. *1
Neil McMillan and  tUbtti McLennan to Pat
rick Burns and John   Brown���Tin* R��*<l Jacket;
March 4. ���n<Mi
John Burden to Nicolas McKinu--' Ashcr��ft;
April 1.1.��
P A McDoitirald lo C Win (.iistifson���1/��Cable;
April IU1 t>l
Josephine L Pollard to Michael McAndrews-
The Linnet aud Gl|raey QjtnM. Sept *;, *>1
D D Enyeart to Jas McKlnnon and C H Lorn
son���to each .J Suborban Fiaetioinil: Sept 1*1^5
0 H L-icusou to E M Sandllands���option on lire
Viuna: April 13,tl
C H Loeuson and J McKlnnon to E M Handl-
I.wIm--option oil the Aurora \o 2 and Siiburliau
Fraction; April 13,��
J H Corey and Tho* Hliea lo  A   W   Writ-lit
The Piilmila: Jan #��. *1
A W Wrl(rfiltoEt,iir'*.iiCI,irk-Mi ftie Palm
lis; March lit. ��i.ik��
Clias McDonald ami .Mm OuntOtU to Q *
Farini, tlie Bachelor ami Bachelor Fraction;
April ll,$UJtt .      __ _ ���
Lewis H Norther to ttae Yankee B-iy M 4 M * ���
the Yankee Bo** and stanler; A|tril 1*. *!��*'
Marcus Geo Pfelppato R B I'mmeti. the Star
mount: April 1.11 .      .
F J O'Riellv to B ll Punnett. the *,*Jora*l..
Beetle; Apr 11*10, fl ��� ��� ,
W I. Vinson to Solomon < ohen. } Tallahas**!*:
H L Arnold to Ernest Mev.r J��. ntur>: April
April ii
1) cameron to Frank .1.mm -The S utlv.ni
Bell; Aicil 15. Mm
IS Held to cM ti*thin*'   | G.-thinj.*; Not   I"
: SILVKKTON���Tho Silver Town of Slocan Lake
L W HolMMM to Paul  Hauek   |   CM   M-iite;
April SB^ ��*"'
April is
Ja* A Guetv to S L OokUMTg ami T Heii��l**r*.n
-1 Pavmast* r; April 11. r��l
P M' Haves and S tt'.i* to The Erie M if M
Co���The Minneapoli. and Erie. April IS, ��1.
C M itethhiic to A T R ISackM.od   J Gftliiii<-.
April ��. ��1
Nellie   Delamy    to   J.aV'.li    C    llarri.   The
Amazon and Tvfo. March ��. ��MO
DI Hanctjck'to Ira W Black   1 Felix, March
W    11   Adams   to    Erin-*!   I��.-.'a��limutt   Tlte
Glt��U*. April I.'., *.'.
April 23
J M Winter to E*l Lin.l      Black R*��-k. A|*il 1.
Michael  L:iii.lrl_-au  t<> A J  Murphy���]  Good
Hotre, April fl. fl.mw
P Huskeuby to Win Th.'-nilinson- -'.  Msmmon.
April 12. fit to
Francisco de Mich. I>* mXotwmO  Morri*Ki ���-;
Variett. June 13, '*.*',. ��1
F D Mieh.1. to AleiaiuK-r Fi-ruii��>n ���J Varietu
June 13, al
M L Griininett an.)  E  V M�� Hale to the Montezuma Gold Minim* < >��� -Tlte Msi*it**t, April m, >!
I  P MellaW to  Robert   Unuflll   1 ���;  Sunset,
April _*. tn
April o:
Jiaha WMliaui*. t * G.o A Faa*.   Tlv Smlthvill.,
Aurll is.��l
Michael I_nulrlt*aji to J.nnle Kui|-p   ; t..<I
Hope. April ii. fl
David Sloan   Ut Jas D Ryau   !.  North  Fork.
April SS. fl
Wm tbomlin-a.n t. R  B KctT���I  Maitimon.
April tt. fJB
John Donovan to E M Teet* r   The Eajrle Mlii.
March ro. rUS.
Maelver, Maclver. Campbell to ("has Wilson
Tlie B Fraetion. April IS ?l
B M Waltou to The Sto**��u V"*en M *fc M ('<> ~
Th** Tontine Marrh S3, ain.nnn.
DODeekerto Alk-e Tr.n.-rv   The  Waf.rl....
Dec 3fi. ?1
Altera Trenerv to Wm Thuriturn ami  F \ H
Mountain   1 �� Waterloo. April ��>. fl,t*��t
April f,
J RadclltTe to David Sutherland   Th>- SUver
Bell. April 21, H
lohn   A   Klnman  to  Chas  L  HotTman���t'-SI
Sultana. April M, ��w'��U
Tlie tenninus of the Sloesn
Kiver Railway, the business centre fur Springer
and Lamon creek mines,
which are already shipping
ore. Lots in this the most
promising and beautifully
situated town in West
BnOS.i8,ocanCiiy' Kcwsland,
' Toronto.
Euro'tcaii ami Amerli-au I'lan.
Il��*a<li|iiiirt.-r. for Mining Men
111 W.rse Burs.
rafeiiml Elevator service all night..
FRANK WATstin. I'mprietor,
j SUverton
i   Townsite
On tlie line of tin* (M*.H. sti'aini'ix
The fiitun* OommerciaJ Centre of
Slocan bike. SurroiiAttod 1>\
Uoportant shipping inini'�� -the
Celebrated (Jal��na Farm, tin-
Fisher Maiden STOQpii ete. Alto
by many reeeiitly Unified valnabie
pro|H4rtie.H the Thompstin, the
Presenti, Wakefield.   Alpha,   Reed
Robertson and  Stewart   ffroope.
- ���
Vi ���
i.s destined tn be a great  City
Ilest water and drainage faetlitie-**.
For magnifieent  views,   jK-rfei't
climate. SUverton  ha***  an Ideal
jxisitioii.     Secure   ehuiee   of l*��is
before adxanee  in price.    Terms
easy.   Prices, $75 op.   Clear title
-retristered   plan.       Map*    and
particulars nj>on   applirat ion to
E. M Sandilands,
Satttkin Agrut t-nr **S*-rt**�� it T��*��iitjl*
C. D. Kami.
I). 8. \V.\i.LHi.n,,r
SANDON, B..      9
Pays s|x*eial attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
Mining- and Stock Broken*,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
SaAJsrooisr, b. o. *
Mini?? houghl and noM. Senrks for uli* In all li C mint-.
Official l��r����ki'r�� for Woti.ltrtul l m>u*�� Miiiiiijr Co
Knou-nay affenu tor Bondholder Mining Cb.. St.   Krvorn** Minini: '
I'lMi-nix Consi��lklale<l Mining Oa and T**vt* KritiMl* Mini*(W**u<rk->.
Oom mXtxmm gtook.��d and  Promofd	
D. C. MacHarti n
Tlit* finest esul'littlinifiit ot tin- kind  in trnkKootoWmJ.   TbciWOfhly
lighted bff electrieitv.     li-athtj. IU)��xe��llc<l' Ikk antl told water at all li - -���������**-
An atti'iitlanl. w constantly <it yt-nr sjivioe.     Votir sIkk-j, OM  ����������� POJWKd
wJiile you wait l*y an eipeiitOOed   I* nit Nark.     Tln> only  plart?  in  t<>��"
where yon can /?����� a shine.   Bpectal itteoHon glrea to Udlee antl < Jhil
dreneHelr l)rt'K<uig.      iwjwe Mmthce to I_a��iii>t. itfitin*
���Agent for���
SANOON, BaC.      Stores nt AllMWDrtb, KanloanU Sonilnii \   Fresh   Utile   Mound   *lr��r   The
TbetVl a frtadi little mound near the willow.
U h.n- al rvwilliK* I wander ami weep,
1 h. i. �� * d*ar vacant ��|��*t *��n my plll<i*��,
WbetO a awe.-! little la*-.- it**"! to slevi*.
1 -||. r>* wotm irrvttr l��ha* ��*>'***. hut llwv sluiiiU-r
In alien.*.- I�� ii.itlh lit.* .lark in ul.l
\inl lit** llttlt* pt-t laml. ol <>ur iiniiila*r
IU. jr.*ti��* to th** l|MrVt*fl|** I..I.I
(In I .::> mi when In ���l��-��p I l��"hok| U*r,
\V ilk a Irtut�� �������� fr. ah antl dlvtne.
*,*, Ii.ji soi-lnra.- to my Im-hi I .uMU l��*-r.
VikI f.-t-l h��r loft lip. ti|a.n inliw *
\\ li. ii m iotkn Ih'**** i***ntl< eye. idlatfli
I |i-,i mt rlsloti U l>.at In tnv t*-��r.
*4i���i bew*adr*r*a, tmTmptoroi i tmm
to * v.**- Ir����i tltr splrll's twtjrtit ��|-lirir*��. i
Then * i *4l��*iir- In narl.tr and mmnkn,
i in n*'�� a nmno lu neey toon ;
I' I kuow  !��*> lit.* Fatlwi that tlaliiKtl h.-r
\.'. . \rr\ thing'* Uirij.ii.il with gtOOBI
Hat 1II M t*��- a crtnl.trttM**. mosirti.T.
Nor K'tij-rr Itrvasl *.��er my pain.
For I kn����w *��*Vi��- On aiifcrt. bar- btfflM her,
Viii] ���J_ I ��li.ttl ...  hrr ��.jf_lli
their ifiuiH, armor plate**, etc.
It would not W amiss to remind the
proepeotive visitors to tlie Scandinavian lair that the most attractive
r<��ute across Sweden to Stockholm is
vin thcGotn eanal. A greater variety
ol land and water scope, a creator
diversity of hike, river, falls and
oceeJBj woodland, hill ami meadows
is p.*olmhly not to -be found in this
workil in a similar diitniuo. Castle,
and wlna there nre .witliout numbers
and also factories and tilled Holds for
the more proctjeal t'liiriat**.
On Slay %\ loOcholce ImsinesAand
residence Iota In the townsite ot Slo-
can City will be sold by auction, on
tbe ground, to the highest Udder.
The lots are near the lake, w*iart and
railway station. Tiie streets are
gTided ami the timber cleared away.
This is an excellent opjortunity to
secure chokv (rrojierty. A. M. Beat.
tie, auctioneer.
Hobble the day after Christmas)���
Paint, is it really true that shecps
and goats have four stomachs? 1'a-
|*a -Yet*, invson. -Robbie���Gracious
me!    And no they all ache at  once ?
HoU l�� il llw! Wild m MBM totfM ��lul* every
nlldt' n..�� ' Il u*-<I to la* that we f tuldn't nt
him herv met n ttiutitlt. -i tit tn* marri��-*l last tall
Ami * (tied dow ii * - Itvtrctll Wtn I****-sa
���alMM.    IK   hWKDIA
Mining ranks tlitrtl in import-mc*.
suxmc the itiduiitiie��otSwe<leii.beiniT
exceeded only by agriculture ami
ih* lumber Interests It has the good
tniuitie, like other branch.** ot indus
try In Swedes, to increase in a re
iiiitrkable degree during the last
thirty years. Halt a million tons of
���ron ore wen* brought to the Mitlaee
every  year In Sweden only  thirty
vearsafOt but now the production is
:*ur times m much, or two million*
ot tons. The manufacture ni pig iron
I nl not then quite relcbed BbtODO
tons I year, l*ut Iim. now amounted to
'������Uajij tons. The development o(
Keel manufacture however has been
;i great deal more rapid. * In |8ivf��
<i)!y a Unit 7.UW tons ot ste-el were
l<r ���lured, ami now ihe pn��laction is
IT lOOOteoe.
it Is not to be wondered then tnat
Hieing will receive much attention
il the great Scandinavian fair which
k to be held at Stockholm this sum
< r. Not only will all the products
ofthe mine iu their natural stale ami
manufactured foint W exhibited to
������'hantage but a miniature mine hits
been blasted and tunneled in the
mountain skle in the rear of the mining building in order to give a more
grnpliic reprenentation of the work
under grotintt. In the industrial hall
or main building will contain entiles*
rxhlbta ��4 the manufactured pro
liesides these exhibits several of tlte
large   Swedish    iron    works   have
-Jtlendid pavHloM of their own. This
h the case with the Stora Kopjtar
bergi iu rgiags Aktieblog, the great*
**��t industrial enterprise in Sweden,
founded f>30 yean* ago. The company
is l.roprieUir of the Kalu mine, tne
"ltles.1 CQVDttt mine in the world still
in use, and it is annually extorting
more than jmaikx) HtamlanlH ot amber.
The Sanduikeii Iron Works will
exhibit in their pavilion splendid
*i*eoiniensof their world-famed r-leel.
among which a steel pate, as thin as
I'.'i'icr, and one kilometre in length, I
may U- w��en. The Hdoie iron I
Works, formerly the taropeitV ofthe
hue Alfred Nolicl, ami the ftlMpong
Wdrks, will also exhibit siH'cimeiis ot
Tlw ii. li<-*4 inlw-ral at-etl nt
��� f th<   wnnderlul  K*��*t'*rtay
Has over 50
I iniV
a sirM-ialty of netttcrkm*
llli'illl.' �� .rtll|h1ll].-*  |..i
Wet ore claims
from $1,000 up .
Sllverton. B.C.
We have
A largo tavoieeof
MlNKIifi' ftHOVElA
snd (JRANlTKAVARf:   of
the Kitchen.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Is -touted on tlw lianksof tht* U-antlfnl Hlor.in Lake, antl trnests can sit upon
lire ntoony and khz.- ti|-.ii tlie i/miMit-st scenery in America without extra fharire
Th*.* tin* ."vaiie system is excellent. The rooms are airy and decorated with the
hu*��t re-Milt** of tin* wall |��[s*r art. The exterior of tin: hotel Is painted In colors
that harmonic- with tlie kleallatic scenery. Thc Dining* Room is nlways pro-
vitl.il with f.a.l that Is ta.ty, dh*��stible and snti��fyln>r to the Inner economy of
man. Tin* Bar Ls replete with the most modern, as well as ancient brands of
nerve pr.sliieers. ���
o..lillniif-. Kllver Democrab*. Canadian Capitalists, rrosiKH'tora, Miners.
Tentlerfcet, Ten Mile Millioualn-a and PQgtktm of every shade In polltk*s. re-
Hgton or wealth are welcome at this house
inike for tin* Newmarket wlien you reach tlie Klocan in.tr..|a.iis and do not for
**et the Uindlord's name :  It l��
Henry Siege.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry Goods, Gents Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
Dealer ir| MEATS
���: AT
Rtittr.RT ICacookald
Neil Mact*>xam>
mmm�� MtWmmmB
HACLX)NALf>   UROS.. Proprietors.
We .il-ttcai'iv a lull line irl
Rhus ICM ut $2.'i0 per day.
Ht*t*t^*iy#T* Ibr Mining Bpeenfetors snd Oupltalfeta
Reco Ave.,
Sandon, B.C
'l Furnisiiings.
Send on and Rossi a ml.
Hunter Bros.
��mt*,i i* IL������_���__^_^_ 	
U the Pioneer House of Ihe C-ity. JMR$rj&   HRNKSHINGS   AND   HOOTS   A   SHOES.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Saipdoq, B.C.
Dealers in :-
New .GtHxU5 xjonstantly arriving. TIIE   PAYSTKEAK.
I* issued every Satunlsy in Smidou. in the heart
of the greatest White Metal ramp on ��-arth.
stri* tly in advance.
<:.i��i.i sear
AddntK Thk I'.vysthkak. Sandi-u. lit .
SANDON. B. C,  MAY l, l8*��7.
Here is a view of the alien labor
laws in the United States which has
not probably occurred to many ol us.
The paragraph is taken from Dunns
Commercial Review:
The rigid enforceme.it ot the alien
labor laws in the United States may
not prove an unmixed evil for Canada.
It will, in a measure, pnt a stop to
the large emigration that has steadily
flowed for years past to that country
from this, and which was largely
composed of the best and hardiest ol
our young men. They will be compelled to stay at home now and devote
al I their energies to the building up
of their own country, and in this connection il will be the duty of those
who are wealthy and able to do all
in their power to lend a helping hand.
There has been a lack of patriotic
feeling in Canada in the past, and it
is high time that we awoke to a realization of the greatness, magnitude
and richness of the land that is our
heritage. It ought to be our greatest
aim and endeavor to retain the
splendid manhood we have for the
upbuilding of a great nation. Never
in the history of Canada has the
trend of events pointed so strongly to
the harmonious coming together of the
different nationalities that our population is composed of, showing that
spirit of patriotism is beginning
ssert itself, that we can show the
orld we can take care of ourselves
both politically and commercially.
It is the people who Inhabit a country
that make it, thus it behooves us to
keep our young men at home, and to
do it effectually they must be encouraged and helped by every legitimate
means possible to earn a living and
make their homes in tlieir own country. 	
It is idle to suppose that Canada,
situated as it is alongside of thc Quit*
ed States of America, can individually
become prosjierous while "tint great
country ii plunged into the de|>ths of
despair unless we start in this Dominion to do business for ourselves, and
to stop the foolish and destructive
policy ot living on the fringe of what
we have supposed to be tlieir prosperity.
They will not be prosperous again
lor twenty-five yean; now is our time
to make a strike. We can do it if we
try, but unfortunately our rulers have
always felt that any large effort on
our part was more or less ridiculous.
markets and population and prosperity. It Is our turn. We should be
able to do almost anything now, for
this ia the land ot grain and gold and
good fortune to those who apply them
selves to the tasks which the rigorous
northern climate sets for them. We
may burn considerable coal in the
winter, but we have opportunities of
extraordinary gain in the summer.
We have been held back by the Idee
that we are located in the frozen
zone, but the tide is turning so surely
and swiftly that neither frosts nor
anything else can prevent tlie people
from flocking into our fields and
mines it we conduct business properly.
Ordinarily it would be hard to
conceive why men should go into the
territory of the Yukon river, yet if
tliey make from one to two thousand
dollars a day, as one of our explorers
claims they can make, climate will
make no difference, and the people
will go in thousands tosee where gold
glistens on the kinks of the streims.
This is taking the most extreme
type of oar opportunities aa an advertisement, which Is being put before
the world. We have climate nnd op
iH.it unities for wealth combined which
are as attractive as those offered by
any nation in thc world.
If we have a great deal of snow we
have no snakes: vermin and pestilent
things trouble us le-�� than they trouble southern nations; cheap living.
cheafi clothing, cheap fuel, oppcrtuni-
ties to gain the highest places iu our
Government, are all offered to the
world's populace who need a home.
Surely we ought to lie able to attract
millions while those who have been
drawing the great throngs are praeti
caliy unable to place them. Our
policy ot waiting until every other
part of the world was full mav have
been foolish ; it at least was not ag
gressive. Now that we occupy the
favorite position because the public
lands of our neighbors are filled, we
ought to do great things. And so we
shall, If proper enterprise is evinced
iii showing the emigrant how he can
better himself by locating in a land
where living is cheap ami opportunities for growing grain and for mining
gold ami getting great results in
silver, or becoming rich as a fisher
man or a farmer, are all within the
reach even ofthe verv jioor.
The Hotel
It is not so.   The greatest possible __.*
effort should be made by those who'TIN & SHEET IRON
control our business affairs  to find   WORKER
Is one ot the best places
in Sandon to :��l��tain. . . .
Beverages that are Delicious
in taste and Stimulating
in their tjualities	
C. I  MATLOCK, Prop.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer A McUluskey,
FIT/1. KIIAM* A DAY. Pr-op*.
 M.uiuf *iur. r�� .4 ill ���
Kinib- ol   CAl'HuNATF.l*   I'KtNK*
Syphons, Ginger Aie.
Sansap-irilla, Ktc., Ktc.
Sancton, B. O.
Patronize Koine ihdusrvv
when vim want the best
Slocan   jr
Bakery \
opp. Clifton Boose.
Bread, Pies,
flairoe Wedding;ekes
vai.es. ma.e |��� ortcr
Urnlers in
|a tl   ��� ��� ti��
v. n*. nmtmnt%,
��   ��i<t-rtV*t>'r.    Ililttrr   Kkk-
t"h.v*r, Hay, Grata  Wkou
e.hoc Win vs. ../re.
naJim.' *u.i r��*��. ii.***.
In Uw M lentalM
gOO !'.trifle Line.
I'.itronnr.. s..|j(.it.*��l
If y on' a re���
Call at the
Hotel Ivanlioe.
I*.m'��* Pi St Paul, (.'h;.'.**_.��
Ifetroit Toronto, Montreal.
New York.  Itoaion.   I'inla
ietphta,  ami all Restore
Vnexradled Sleeping' Car-
,n a'I .rilii*. Tour**** * "into S�� Pitul dally; Beaton
everv Thnrstb.v: Toronto
evert Mondav from Kevel
Siva me r   leaves    NakU��P
��v.*r\ Sunday. Wednesday*
ami Friday morning, mak
\m filosn tonnoorton nf Bevel
atoke with train* for all p.��itil��
Fast and West.
Befbre vou travel get Information
fp'iii C I'.U   agent*, an to time* and
rates.   It will *&w vou money    A}1
ply to nearnst railway agent or to
A.<    MeAl.THn.. Agent. Sandon.
<-FjI> M�� I, BfiOWH,
I>wt.   hiHsentfrr   Agent,   Vancouver
Wrom iuik.v
1'arlalan     ,1'si, l.lrt*-
A|*rtl >'���
\|   ...- .Iii. ii
-*���   -'iimii    1 >>.million Lin*
-   11
Ki-.m N  J'Jtt.
I__k�� H��i'ar|.,r    Bum |,|r����-
I.i-.  . Hilar, .                   **
Ai.itl It
Kr-nii Nt** \at*
*la>-��ti.    Willi,.HUr LlM,
1.. in* ml.                  "
���     It
���*   ��l
1'r.rl.    Atii.-ilmii |jM.
Nl, I'aul
Ht.  1.   .i|��                M
ft   11
Liiil'Ma   < muni Uu.
1. 11 >   :> Illl
��� ���    in
Etfurlu             ���>
���     li
Still.*.4 \. I.rn..krt     VlluiNlM.
Uu*                  i
J il.in . i., .., >. ��~j. ,*i ..*, ���|���j ui.t�� .u.I ���
Iiit*iiii,**l|��ti. ��� *��� >. ��� | n,,M.,r.U
Htt^.r_K,. nAM rin.l ii|.|.A,il.
Puss-nt*.,. T1t**MHl UiMiitrh t*. *H i��'l��" ���"
Or.ni Itriirtln ..r lrH*iMl. _ml ,i H|a-**UII)- l����**
rni.-. to nil |,���ria ..f id,  Kur<i|*. nn l .nillii.nl
l'r.-|ir*l.l Pmmxon nrraiitrr.1 (min nil j***4t*t*
Ai.i.ly |o A C. M* AKTIIIH. IV U. ..���f"'
N.uiil ui, *>r
Wll.l.l Ol    HIM I
(.. n.-rnl Ajnitt.
���. I* u ttrti ������  ^* litt.il KAM.o.
,, ,- ..��� 5?-���.*tt - '\j-4-riem i titr ;i
,jing Imnhii srhkh surpnese*' any
thing in i'** history, and not even in
tii,. !.��'in dayspreeedhigthoeoltnjpee
,,i   'j w;i- iluif an frretH activUy.
|!ii-iii. *-���*  hluCks and r*'-*iili-im-�� ;nv
pting n|t..ii all -itl***. and the mand
twnnd liamiior i* everywhere
. nnUnoonst) In ���*. Idciice.
I> c. McUranr  i** cinistrncting
I'.h W    Ali\Jiinl*r   .in ..tile**, mt the
,  ruerof Sixth and  Kraal -iift-tr..
wi;. hi*, itijiliiig   e��.|nplili��ni.    Thi*
, K i- I i In  .seiij.i.il  l.\  tin-   Hank
i*i liritbh North Atmiiea nnd i*\
\|i   Mt \ainlir for office**,
liiiiimlialiK - pja-u* thi** block i-
\!. Th.ni Bros. i*.\..-t.-i\ Mom build.
���j  t -1*. occupied l��\ iImiii in th* it
t.*;i..i Ing nualneae.   It b bring InUied
ltd  pUMtcred. will have large win
!!..��-.  .intl   a   liandt.uii- Nppt*ai*lUlCC
.  ;-r.illv.    I'.liiml thi*-! .j*   build
mt: "ii sixth sir.i*t Doncnn McPhatl
it* l.uilding �� v**ry   i.ivm and emu
i-i��aIile  looking   uw��*lling   h����tt*-��.
uliti'h   In*   �� X'*.vt-   t..     * :u}>\   in ;t
���4t<**1 ttin��*.
\ larg*- three -*t.tr\ iildiUon !����� *h��-
k .**!*. Hotel i* uIng pushed ahead
Mi all j��*fa.*.iiiit- rapidity.    Thit-,
ttii.-n ��*ompl��'t'*��l, will make the al-
r��a.i\ i-ummodiou-*. Kaalo one ot tin*
���-'. hotels in tin* Interior t,f BritishI
' oluuiMa.
I ��� �����������. Mauillev i* litiiltling a new
reatannuil ����n tne wmtt ttkie t.i Front
Mftt*et, nml i*i-i*.��  iii-a uresent loca-
���   ii. .. hi��-h will l��   frji.lv   fbr  tnetl
j..utey in a *.ltort tint*
Mr  Millmgt.'i; hn* almost comple-
nil-a nandsoint1 ia*... itory building
���villi a l��riek from.   The pUaterlng
mil liui-iiing will be done in a few
���i.iv* and with gla/ing lit**  Ixiildiug
a-ili in* ready for it- tenant* wbo In-
i����l o. open an h**tel.
h. C, McWregor b exaavatfng far
��� Hone !"iini|.*iti,.n of a large 1 m���i
>- block which be Is about toeeeet.
When e.��ntph-le*l,    will   Itr   QUO
��� the larg*-' iii.-ak*. In (own.
(1.0, Ruclianau has th* ground
cleared and tbe excavating done for
n han-U-ni* m w realdcnct' t*�� U*
huill on tbe bench above the mill
���>     The building is to be s hand
- nn* one and with ita beauttfnl rite
������nil |Heturc*aque vleu will he one of
���hi* in.tHt dttstrable n*aWenc��i In tin-
Into tht* (ir-* *vhi-is !}if   e!i:i.--!('!f.i-ti..
eolorw fin* blue, then green will
��PI��ar. Thlst.*! U l*,;.* i,i���*l, ai
walens Black zinc blend la often
misuki n for galena. The two mav
he diatinguahed i-\ the Infallihfe
*-ii:n: tlie powder of galena is black;
thai <��t blend, brown or yellow.
Thia Means Bustneas.
In Sandon the*-, do not tolerate the
eut throai rowd>1sm thai Is bo
marked ;i feature of many mining
towns. An -.-.ii a**, a rough or holm
���trikes the town and
e'tiiiint net---, a
trhance he is in\ Ited t*. move
The result It that Bando
tn  m a quiet
sno hii-int���-Uk** town, where one
can b\t in jm-.-u-,- ami with a*, mneh
-.ii* i\ as an*i where ������!--���.
li you want t*. buy cigars h\ the
i��-\ "i i.y thc thousand, cheaper
than al wncieaele prfcea, call on G.
H Matthews, Sews Depot, Three
Harry dim-, representing ;i  l^��u
don company, arrived in   Sandon
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, - $100,000.00.
1,000,000 Bbarea par value ot ten cent-*. The above Company
in formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining tbe Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few mi notes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
sale at t��Mi emits.
Apply at once to
Leig]^'taiv& Williani-s
Mining Brokers and Operators.
i'�� .t.��:��   IK
Hlmple <��r* T.tslt.
The fallowing riimpie teste   will
w whether un* carries an) pre*
us metals.    ,V(t��*rwanl*i Baiiiples
��� the i".**.'k ithoutd be anaayod tons-
ttain th*- smounl of Nairn- per tons
liOrld    r.-wthr: rist-t if -.ulpluii. t-
ttre present;  grind   vei\   tine and
vaah in ','iin "i- -p wn! examine with
-ii-.-. yellow particles not noluble in
nitric'acid.   Tlteeolor of pure ".'"Id
- hrtghl \��-n..\\   tinged with red.
'���������Iii in.i\ bediatinguiahetl from  all
tttmr tnetals or alloys b*i the fbllon
ing simple traits; H i- \< llom. m d
I en hie not acted uptm hv nltrle. acid,
Sliver   run- 4lver In the bright
��� -t of metals,  nf tt  beautiful  white
��� oltir an.l full lustre,
' 'lllorlde .t **l|ver    It" -n-|n-ett*tl in
it pulp harshh rub ,����� hrtghl and
we* *-..j.|..i* cartridge thereon, If ;>
ehtorhie or chloride hromlde nf -il
ver, ii will whiten tin- copper,
llraiflilte w ill thus a hlten copper or
gi.hi. i.u' can bv. rubbed off,
1 'i-i" i After roasting tbe pulp,
Intimate!) mix and well knead with
n like quantity of nail and candle
grease or an\   dther fat, and easl
- Tobaccos, Cicarettes and Pipes,
* PlayiiLa Cards and Poter Chips.
5 Don't Forget
Miss Wilson
SANDON. B. ('.
N.itl,*.* U htrtt.v KivtMi that nt Ihr expiration . ^0VC*>,�� hen. '\ K'^n Jhat -5S SJy8J55^
..f...,. in.tnth fmm ihe tlrat |Hil.ll��ition her,* ��.��*t��-1 will Hj.ply to the Honorable the t hi. 1
at. (!>*'ui..i.n.iKiu*l will npplv it. the stipe,,-  tomrotwtaiwr of UrdTtd and Vi orta for j>ermts-
<li��rv   Mh_IMrate, for   itie Dt*tri.-t  of \Vest   ^__ll_^f^J?^*l__*__#l1 ^Jj���^tjtS?
Kooteimv, f����r a lleeni* to a.11 Honor hv ntatl  of land. sltuattMntJie district of *Ae*t Koot-
lilorf ��ituat*�� t-nay. at the junction of the  West branch of
the North Fork ot CarpenterOreek. about tlve
nt Hi. l|..t**l known at* the - Wa
on UM 21. BWk 2. Sandon. First Addition.
lHU,-d at Sandon. B. t'.. thi* third day of
April. A. IL. l��i.       signed.*
April :lnl. *WT. M �����!.*-*��t.J. ��'. Williams.
Certificate of Improvementa.
mile* from the town of Three Forks. Commencing at initial potd marked s E post and
running thence west lorty chains, thence
North forty chains, thence East forty chains,
thence South torty chains to place of beginning
Iiated at  Three  Forks,  this 18th  day ol
March. 1W.
John Potter.
i�� 11. if|.|iii.ii*ra f.>r
Ladles' Outfitting,
And Fancy Goods.
\\ ah It Hi - -I-.*.-.'.   It v.'1! paj ���*""
S,.u.�� i��t*e******��j ta-t*. n thai at tlieexplraUon
,.,.,,,, nionti! rn.**. iheSnM puldtoathMi ii,-r>-,��f,
ihe un,lrr��ii:i.,*it ��'H t*.i��i��i> '���' Uie Htlpendlar>
Magtaintt.*.  I"r   ib<'    PWiri.t ><l   W.-.i   K.k.i-
,.i��\ for a ll.-i'ii*-'  '" �� II  Ii lU.ir-. I-*.    n Lilt at
their Hotel,attar****on l��>i v. Sloek   '. la th**
l,.w ii ol San.t"ii. H. C
h���.��!.<I  .��t  s*tn.l'.n.  H   I'-.  Ibi*   *""'  day  ot
\prll, I***
M.*\ ;-i   lx-T.
*"..r.t,*ltn N<�� _ Mineral I'lalm
sitnale In the si.��-an Mlniiie Division of \NVst
KtMiteiiay Irtstrift.   Lomted llTtstnlfanfrom
Tli'.*��-  Forks,  up north  fork  Ol   I arpenter
ernk, on right lutnk
Take not ice thai Th**  I��ry  lie it Minln_ and
iltingt'o. Free Mln��r'-tt>rtl*li-��te Nt*.Tt.i.>.. NotU-e Is hereby given that at the expira-
Intend, slxtv .lavs trom tli<* data hereof, to tion of one month from the first publication
apnlv to Mi*''.Mining Hti-ordcr fori* ot rtttlrnte hereof, the undersigned will apply to the
..< inipro\eni. nts. for Uu* purtais. of ot.i iiniiii: stipendiary Magistrate, for the district ot
ii Crown ut.tnt f..r tb. aiMive .lalm. West Kootenay. for a license to sell licuiors by
\'id fort bet take noUea that aeilon, under retail at his hotel, irormerlv the Noniuay
-vlion T,. imiM b* ���.-itniiienced Ir* lor** the Is-   Hous.-) in the town of Three Forks.
-'Hnct' >.i aueh eertlfleate -4 Iranrnvemeota.
i  lied Uiiv STUl >li*v -if A|>ril, i*-c.
s. it. HRNDBK,
Sec**   Ihe  lirv Belt  Miuiii_ and Millinu to.
t.liiiitt.l l.Utliility.
May i-t. l**"T.
AprilHrv.. IMiT.
No. -''Tii.
-loMl-AMES   ACT."  PaKT   IV.
|X*S Aits.
AlT."   I'AKT   IV..
\M>    AHEM*.
' Slocan Maiden Mining and  Milling
Company"   Foreign'.
Kit-lsi* rod the IRta dav of February, 1MT
HEREBY CERTIFY  tbat|l  have this day
_l-lere.l   III.* "SI.Mau Maiden Mining and
llling   t'onipany '   tForeignt,   onder the
���t'oniitaiiies Act," I'art   IV., "Bt*gl->tratlon of talisheilare: ���
i s
I r*��
1 Mi
'Pierre      Development      Company"
Kt-gisieied the'JKth da. of February. IMC.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that 1 have this day
registered the "Pierre Development Company*1 {.Foreign), under the "Companies
Act." I'art IV., "Registration of Foreign Companies." and amending Acta.
The head oiht-eof the said Company Is situated at the City of Spokane, in  the" State of
Washington, I'.S. A.
The object* for which the Company l�� e*-
B Mil I.I  IT   UK**S.
Nolle* n bereoj >:>*"��� thot >*i ��i" > kplintloo
.,( ,.<���. in. .nth tnnn tin Iil��t |.ul.H.i*tl .tl hen*
..i it., nndenttgned will a|>;>i> Uithe snpendl-
���r\ M���_i-in,ie. tot Ihe Dlatrlet ��1 V**eal K.s.t-
.*ii,,n. ��..i it heeiiae I*. -II llqttot bs retail al
hi* Hotel at   MrOutgan,   near  Um
S|,M Itll   IJllllUI*.
i.  t.,l nt M*��..iit.'.n.   B.   i
tpril. v. IK. Iv*.:
\ini .'i. utn
-i K
Kitsln ,,
this .'lib  day ��l
\.   II U.I.EK.
K.iri'i^n '.*otnpanl**e**, and tmeodln** .eta.
The h ad ortlitof tbe DrmtpaO*, Is situaleil
al ih<* I'lty of Taoitna. In the State oT Wash
in_ton. V. S   A.
I'll,  nl.j.ei-. for which the Ootnpen** is r-s-
TOaoqaln, ho'd. buy, sell, lease, develop,
work and operate mines and mineral claims,
or any interest therein, in the I'nlted States
of America, and in the Province of British
t'olumbla; to buy. sell, mill, smelt, mat,
stamp, and concentrate minerals of every
kind and description ID the I'nlted Statesol
America, and in the Province of British Columbia; to ac*ilitre, buy. sell, and lease water-
nower. water-Niies, and water-rights in the
i'nlted suites of America, and tn the Province
ll��� -.,,,,,1..n Wui.-rwoiW*-and l.i>.ltl''""��l-n.>.v
iMrrbs _iv* .i..ti.-.ib.��iii will at tb* explmUon
,,������ "eek�� tmm Ih* Ural pwWl��tloi^e*feof
Muvh t.ithe Lletttenaol tlovernnr In Connel
, r ,1- sanction to divert foi Ihe puri��.ser. nl
Etrt t"��nu*any. one hundred Ineher. ol( water
jiJJS helm* in.- eonwotmUni "'����*�� ,,r    ,,,��'
Sl*w*aii **l**t' Mine. v,.,,i    is.r
Vot.-t *.< -o*.*.'."n thl^TU, '��������_'���'   ^'WVlvt'.V
J-Jrtj ,,,; ���!.; I. M. HAkWH. MauattW*
III.   ..I.|. el-.  I
ahllaheo ait���:
TO itentiln*. hold, bny.-.l). lease, work, and
.iivernte niln,*s and mineral claim-. l:i ihe
I liltrd *->Im|.-s of \||ie|-ii*,��,iilid In the Pro** unv
of Brtttah Columbia; to buy, -eii, mill, imelt,
mai, sUimp, and o'licentiate mlnenilsot every
kiutt and *levrl|.ltou. In th* I'niteil Slate* of   of British t'oluinl.la; to   BTOOUre,   bold, buy,
America, and in the Province ot British Col- tall, construct, operate and maintain electric,
ambla* to acquire, buy, sell, and lease water- steam, nnd water-power plants, for the par-
power wateraltes, and waU-r-rtght-a, In the pee* of turalsblng power and light for all and
United states of America, and to tne Provlne* everv kimi of piir|n.'M> and object, in tb**
of itriti-.li Columbia- to procure, bold, buy. United litotes of America, and in toe Province
Mil, oonatruet, operate and maintain electric, ot Hrltlsh Columbia; tosiil*scrtl>cfor, buy.own,
steam,and water-power plants, tor the par- and hold, or receive as security, capital sleek
pos* of furnishing power and llghi Ibr all and In this or other eorporatlons and for the
every kind of purpose and object, In the transaction of such other business cognate
Tinted Stat*- of America, uiut in in*'Province with the objects hereinbefore specified, OT
of British Columbia. growing out of. or incidental thereto
Tlie capita) stock of the said Company toone The capital nook of the said Company is
million nee hundred thousand dollars, dlvid- one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
ed Into one  million   tlv<*  hundred thousand one hundred thousand shares of the par value
sin* it*s of the par value of one dollar each, of one dollar each.
Ut van under my hand and *-��-al of office, at Given under my hand and seal of office, at
Victoria. Province of Itiillsli Columbia, this Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
-.tith day of February, wt.
[l.. h | s, Y. WoorroN.
K��*_lstrar of .Joint stock Companies.
April 8rd, WIT.
Ltith dav of Februarv, ls*>7.
[l_���"] s. Y. WOOTTON,
Uegistrar of Joint Stock Outtsanlea,
April 8rd, 1����7. TO PBOTECT MI..KK.S.
A Practical Inspectorof Met.iHi-
fcrous Min"*. to be Ap'Hiintctl.
Th��* net f.��r seearing tht* safety
and good health of workmen engaged in ami abont imt.illif*r s- mi?:. -
has l*vn sutmiitted t<�� the Provincial tegWatam Ii provid* - f<>r th*-
appointment of an inspector irhoae
duti**- will in- to generally examine
,*tn��l rv]��*��r* npon tne ntfet) of It casting machinery, appilanc- used for
extinguishing fires, the n**etbod* of
irorkiog and timbering mines, as
well .1- Tli**ir ventilation,   bow  .'tntl
v*l)*Te .til .'XJiJ.*siv��*s ,md    inHamma-
hle ��*xplt*-i*t,*-. an | . ii> are
stored ami the system ��� ; signals
���Bed. Every arise shall be open to
insj-.vn.ui   by  ilii*-  officer and he
- tail not t*- repaired 11 give aatici
as to th��* tiiii*- when >nch inspection
- ii! !����� in i it-. Tn*- in spec j .?��� most
U* a man who has had at least seven
Years of \ racrieai experienee in mining and hi-* salary >!sa!! be ��L-vr-
mined by the Ifeutemnt-gi .\��-rn->r in
c -uiici!. 1')*"!! disc .very by tin- in-
speetor tiiat anymine i> n<** being
safWy trorfced, a notice! in writing.
-��� -t*in_* ?!i<* particulars of tbe offence,
shall be issued to the owner.
Any owner, ag*eut, in.-tn.i_-.:- or
->.-.- having- charge *,r ��� i- r.-t'inir
any in*fctUifcrous mine, wlic-never
loss oflift? or serious a*-*-;*!.'?! shall
< ccur in e ��nn*r*: ��n with the work-
iiigofsneli mine, shall <_-:v��- h*.*!<������*
immediateiv, and report all facta
thereof to the minister *f mine* or
tin* inspector, and the said in-peet >r
shall investigat*-* aad ascertain th��-
e~suse** and make a report, whieh
shall U- filed in th*- office of the
minister of jfrine* tor fixture refer-
Tbe ISeatenant-g.��ver*ai*r in Council shall hav.* lit** j, .\i*-r at any time
to remove the Inspect >r for incompetency, negieet of iiu*\. or al.ii-*-
*<{' tbe privileges of hi- "lie**.
The lieutenant-govern r in council may make such rtii*- f*r the
safe working of min*-- a- may l��-
deemed ad visa hit- f >r th*- \ >\--. ��� n
of nftners* and in and hy such rules
nr recrU'-ati ma mav imp ��e fines <��r
iienaUie*. f"..r the infraction thereof,
lin* ii*. lin*- shall exceed one tbou-
nud *| Hilars* and the said rates and
i-**_-iii.r ������!!- shall have the force of
law .it'*.-- | iey hav<- bwn at|v**rti>*-t|
for four ��.-*'<m:i i i.- British Columbia ' i;t/.<"*-.
Tiirift.v to tii P Last.
An *>hi  Laneashier  miller,  n rteil
for hi-> keenness in matt������;���- lin.-iin.-ia'.
was ����uce ill a boat *r\ 'ing hi> It*--'  * i
get across the -'nam wliich drove
flu- mill. Th*' stream wa* H xmI***!.
and he was taken pasl f,t* point at
which h<- wanted t > land* while, farther "ii. misfortune >��� ill further over-
t ��.k him to the extent thai the boa!
g .? upset.   JI i ��� wij'**. realizing the
clanger he wa- in. ran fraii*icnli\
along tbe side of the stream, crying
for help in a pitiful voice* when, to
Inn* sheer amaxement, she was snd
*l*-ni\ brougtil 11 a standstill by her
hii>lianil yelling out: "If I'm drown*
ed, Polly, dunnot forget that 8our*
goneuutao shillin' a >n<.k!" At
htnia Cxmstitution.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation  fJuaranteed.
You can Buy SLOCAN   STOCKS Cheaper la Spokane than in
Any Other Market.   If you wish to  Buy Communicate with Us
We are also Prepared to Place  Properties of Real Merit at any
X( >R\I AX    cSc   ( %A )\ 11 \A X ^
Members Spokane  and Rossland Stock Exchanges
1��. If. Linnanl. who was  in   h"ti
tj* ii itm gotiatingthe naleoftbe Home-
-��� ike,   returned   borne   ';<-���    week.
Mr. Lionard was reticent regarding
hi- -ur*-**-.- wiiii*-   abroad.   Imt   in*
NthJ   thai    the    general    ��tUiat*toti
abroad i> v.ry ferorsbh*.   Men trf
money are beginning 11 take an in- manufacturers of-*-"*"-*-. -C--
r*r.-* in  Brit*��li ('<��luinb*a and
��'X}*��-i-Ts r * -*-.- a c '!- tleralih* anKH
"f ni.'iM-y c ��in���� in fr mi  ahrtad   I    -
summer.     In  England  peoftie   in
beginning �� i iBome 11 Britisl   I
umhia fortbemselve*    Por the n   4
part ihi*v ��*e men of - 'nt*- m.-.o.
LaK.f.-r- an- oot c ��iiiiii_r over from
tin* ..hi c ��nli"r\   as  * if  fa-t-   i-   I
hiyh.    In  the   eastern  \ art  of tl
dominion  the  tendency   i- not   -
much t"*i.-.-ti in -* cks .-i- f * secure
mines outright.   The small buyei
are pretty  well  la<l��-n  with  -��� ��-k.
im* ��h<- i.i*.- nit'ii "f in >n*'\   who win  ^_s_
*��� >ii*r<>' ;*n.i develop mines are i*.*\    �� ,*^]
ing more attention than ever r. tii.   I **f 9
Trail Creek cuatrict.   Tbe >;��..:   -
attracting no little attention though
tlie main interest settta in R.**slaml.
McMartin & Currie
I *>lo.. Etc.
lljf^ New Vintrtgfc
rm. ���*. n:\
M    IIMI.
B  C
Are I'einp t-ar.-c*! hv dcal-
*-r^ purchaatng iiicir
Grain and Feed
- Frt'it* Iln*
Brtian k Kerr lie Co.
South Edmonton, Alta.
'������'���'' ���   ��� ��� ��� utmttnM        : *******    ���
I   ��� .. i- rfh I a in. ii   ���
S, 11   .'��� ��� .
.r*-"**n��_ i.. ��� ,. rtnkm "i   ���   n   M
lirj *fi*ir,itw*...- ft-tw |*| i,> {��� .. ,.     |W_
" m'"H l2ra  !h"'   "   nry otherueontl
"i. ��� ,11 >>ttt.-r*
.      ; ������    '  ���-���''   '��� kr��t*M*MMl
***'*..��*. tlt^       III     -' .    .    !!,.��:   V.1,.,1.-.
' .rn,,,!. iK,��r hn *���        . ,,  |,    -,,,   ,.,,,.   ���,
a^CTAyi ass!      s    !f
I }il tier cS: L(ms(m\
"Boiled Oat* ��� Spacialtj.'1
VITrlte nr ^Vire for Prioaa
Agent    A. 11. (iKAV. Nelson. B, C
j Repairing.,
InYCStrpents.  Hinif^   Br:kers.   *
The l-hotriu Contolidatrd Mia.ng Co
Dry    Bolt    M.-.-.Q    and    M.'��.r-g    Co
ii i ''"   '���  '  '
IJwve you .i watch thai ���- gi\
Ingyoaextratrvtuirh*ami will *N"vilK   ���iniiig and    M
ii"' keep time ?   Bring h tt
ni'-     I " ill examine it
I .
" \ V |.< >\      I;
} American plan. tS.50 p**r dav.
4 ' r
i European plan. 12.00 ner ��lav. ��
4 * * ' ���" H
< f
Strictly firat-clasi
and tell vou what It will (-..-.i
to repair it Vrotn ilii- tl..'-
"H ��ill _m\i* .* a ritten guaran
tee with all work done tbal it
will !>*��� Mtisfactof*) Vt'ii run
ii-- i'I>k with \..ut- IIH.l!
���. h'.\ DE watches bj entrusl
Ing tlii'in t..
i ItuM
Mrs. M.A.SMITH, Prop.
I R   W   CrimmtAtr 1M "��� ��� C0D1
a    Ul        III      Ul lull       Mo-n.r.9     I    ���       Tlu-  K..rka-i.
i       Jeweller and Optician       AuvnrnJ:.:;;:,, ,3R&.r"


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