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The Paystreak Jan 23, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY January 23,1897.
��Vlthout a Mishap the Mill  and Tram
way mre Now Running et Almost Full Capacity.
The Noble  Fi\e  1'tnirr ii trail If I-
ruoning at sltuosl Ita full capacity,
mid not a -111 n i < ��� accident baa occur*
nd -inee the maeiiiio'i v was  m-1 in
motion ��� few day* sgo. This
vj.tak*- exceeding!} well for tlte
ability of Tom Mitchell, who hah
had th��- r<>nti..fi of bunding ami
equipping the null Mr Mitchell
ia too well known thronxboul the
northw****t for ani particular men*
tttin, .i^ i" i.is ability a~ i c nicen-
tralor iiiaii. t" Ih*at all iiecesaarti
He liaa omit or lias had the super-
ttiti ndence ofthe equipment ..f the
four coiioeni i ii lira now running in
i  . Slocan     The j.' s I-n  sitnpltet*
t\ of hi" *-.**" ��� ts-sn   �����!   < ot e- ntrat
i- porha)M its c itei** si n c mints
dation \ |*< i - 'o a oiug through
the mill, no mailer bow ignorai ���
nf 00110611 ration metl*od��i In* mai
he, can under inteiligeul guidance,
��������� made lo umlei sta ud the main
principles under which theaepers*
lion nf the ore 'Von.  i ttaj quarts is
The bucket K noway. iethefir*i
|��f it*    k i   il    til   Ii ���   <>r  't.'d   in   the
Blot an and In iu  perfect riiiiuiiig
condition. Tin' calile which i^
ahiiiit ���on- ,jim1 i.it.'.half inib- long
i- . ijui|i|'i'.l with ���*���" hncketa each
'.! which h"i>ls about 500 pounds
nl rire, The tramwai is rnu <>n
tlegravit) syat�� hi. i h ��� weight of
i ie full bucketn moving  down ui
Wards    tin*    mill.    furui*hiii��*    l :���������
[tower for hauling the empty on i
���i|i tit'- oi.- hotiees it the mi <���
When a bucket arrives .it tin- mill
n i* released from the cable. t��i
which n ia attached bv a pair of
jaw-, ind there it remains,
���i short timeawailii ^ ;!:������ arrival of
tin* next one, when it i- once
more started on its rounds,    Ind
I hit** hour after  Imnr   it runs,   one
''ticket famishing the (tower for
elevating an! dumping the other,
t perfeel marvel nf simplicity nut]
1 ngenuil \
riie concent rator is lit by <l- <���
flicit\ and tic Noble Five people
nave Ihe honor of being the first
to have an electric plant in run*
tiing .��� mdithm in the Slocan Ii is
a Brsl claas dynamo,though small,
ami is more than capable nf supply*
ing the mill uitli light. Nothing
has iici-n overlooked ill the anulp*
ment of this mill an I it    l&tnds lo
da\ one nt' iin' tmmpletosi nnd best
mills, of its clans, In the entire
Being one uf the oldest mines in
the Blocan, and being largely a
concentrating proposition, an enormous amount of this class of ore
has heen mined and thrown over
the   dumps.       These   dumps   will
now be sorted over and sent to the
mill for treatment, and aa a  fair
sampling of the dumps givea as
ia) i oi about   100 ounces tc  the
ton. an idea can be had us to t lii-
valiie of tin* eonceutiat. s. Beeides
tiii��� very little ore has been stoped
out. I In- hulk of the Work   dune on
i he property being la the course
of development, and as this (level
optneul com.'M* of some eight tun*
iiels. driven i,, ,; vein   <f   fourteen
feel in width, all of Which will
be connected by winzes and -motes
with the lower tunnel, through
which all the on-in tin* future will
pass, an idea Crt ��� Im- had as to the.
quantity of ore   already   in    sight
and only waiting the commence*
men I of stoping operations, to
pro** e I .-yon I a doubt,   that   it   i-
one of the Slociu's very t>ig<o--t
shipping prop .^iiions.
The Rabbit Paw.
The ��li iwing in tlie tuuuei on
the ita 'im Paw at presentI idicates
very strongly that the lead is at
no great distance. .1. VI Harris
sv.i- up it the claim this w ek an l
from th- face of the tunnel took a
quantify of the rock watch hi* had
esMcl      The result of   til-'   a^-Ti
sh��iwed eleven ounces of silver to
the i ">. As i conseijui-nce the
jirii'i  ofthe stock of 'he Company
owning the Rabbit Paw baa I" su
������������I. firm Over 15.000 shares oi
stock were, sold test��� week at ten
cent**. The company's prospects
sere never so  bright  a�� at  pre*
-en',   i- th" fio't thai ore  has   been
rl is almost conclusive that the
lead A*i 11 'c ��truck shortly. The
sec >nd (00 feet of tunnel is being
pushed she id v iv rapidly,
Large  Sale of Stock
The Cameron ian, on Lemon
creek, is improving daily as the
work of developmeul in being pro*
oeeded a it'i The st< ck iu this
proposition i- Belling al 1-A
ueuts ���! h are, aud at thai price
a block ot 20.000 shares was dis
poaed of on Wednesday last. This
property, it will be rem* inhered,
was stocked recently for $SJ*0,000,
with the shares al the par value
of $1.00,   The splendid asaaya and
well.known value of Ihe property
bus caused i .!��� mand for this stock
iml no trouble wss fou nl to di<.
pose of large quantities of I reit*nry
Mock -it tne unu*ually ioo!< ,..)(l. ,,(
1 _ | cents per share.
The s ipphire snd Ilero mine,
which w.i- recentl.i bonded to a
T.i'oma Co., is looking Letter than
ever. A ive-'iit assaji on samples
taken from this mine gave returns
of 1 in to i io ounces silver nnd 82
per  il. lead This is the highest percentage >>i lead ever obtained in the Slocan,
Of High Grade Croppings Picked up
on the Streets of our Susy Town.
If,   Biracbel-Coheu  will   spend
several days in Sandon.
F. <; 1'auqiiier. I'r.��v. Constable,
was in town on Monday last.
Dr. <;. P. Young, of Winnipeg,
has arrived in   Sandon.     ll>-   purposes settling down   to   the   practice of medience in this  town.
The Monitor is shipping ftlioot
ten ton:, of high grade ore per day.
Last year this rich little property
netted its owner, Geo. Petty,about
\V. W. Warner expects to be in
Sandon, next Monday. When he
arrives lie will take active measures to have work re-commenced
on th   Ajax.
E ti Schmidt, manager of the
Phoenix, ia in Sandon. Mr.
Scliuudt is a litt le under the weather ai pre>.-nt Inn it is hoped that he
will soon h ��� around again.
A. Helm r.   book-keeper at   the
Slocan Stir mine I  ft  today,   on   a
trip to the Springs, where he   will
recuperate after  his late experi
enee with an attack   of  ��� ryeipelaa.
The PliOeuix. On the North
Fork .��(' Carpenter creek, is looking very well, as is als ithe I lorde
I a. a properly situated about one
and one-half miles further up tin-
|)f    I"   I'. Witter   can   be   found
ai McQueen & Gore'* Drug stoic.
T. B. Godfrey, formerly of Van
oouver, is iu S&udou. He is con
n cted with II. Byer*' hardware
busiuess in Kaslo and is here for a
fr-w days during the iiidiapoaition
of one nf the clerks in the Sandon
The Slocan Ster people arc hnild-
inj* an extension of 1.900 feel to
their flume    This will carrj them
to Carf tenter Creek where an abund
nice of water for the  running of
iheir mill can he obtained.
Dave King, of the Kaslo Kooteuaian, was in town on Thursday
last It was rumored thai he bad
r'liui" to collect rent from squatters
on his ranch, bnl the truth of th.-
rumor cannot he ascertained.
.1 Madigan is now running two
stages per day from Three Forks
���<i Cody. Thin is most ,.. . veiuent
and will be duly appreciated l��y
veryh >dy. as a decid d improve*
ment on the old order of I hinge.
J no I. (iiPis foreman of the
Ihex mine was killed by a soon
slide, on Thursda; last, No trace
of bin I. >dy has as yel la-en found.
Hitd little hope is entertained of
its recovery until the snow ilinap*
I"u rn it ure. houae*lnrtiishingi bed*
ding, etc.,  al   low  prices,  at  the
Auction Tent, J, Green A (jo . auc
tioneer. auction   sale on  the   Sl^tli
[). J. Kobertson & Co., formerly
of Kegina. have started a furniture
store in Sandon. His stock is
most complete and can he inspected by visiting his place of business,
over the Hank of B. ft. A. Turn to
Ids ad in another page of this edi*
F. S. Davis, of this city, is in
luck, last year be located the Saratoga claim in the Colville reservation, and recently he received a
letter stating that the property
was turning out to be one of the
richest iu that section. Assays on
samples from the property giving
returns of about $75 gold and 85
per ceut. copper.
A vigorous war is being waged,
on tiie hobos and toughs who are
becoming an unmitigated nuisance
in Sandon. by our policemen. It
is high time too, for il Sandon intends to keep Up her reputation
for law and order, she will have to
eject this class of fellows who are
without exception inveterate opponent* of such a condition of
a Hairs.
The entertainment given by
Voorhees & Davis in Spencer's
hall on Thursday last was poorly
���itteiuie.i. It certain 1) was too had
as the gentlemen in question are
first-rate perforuiere, and deserved
belter treatment al the hands of
the    Sand   ii     people.      However.
tiny contemplate giving a repetition ol their entertainment on
Saturday next, when Saildonites
will have an opportunity of r.-.
deeming themselves.
A Good Troupe-
The entertainment given by the.
Edison Bioscope Co., in Spencer's
Hall last evening, was by long
odds the best yet presented before
a Sandon audience Unfortunate
ly the electric light plant is not in
runuiug order and so the bioscopic
part of the entertainment had in
be postponed until later. How-
ever, the show, without the ;>i<��
scope, was a strong one and tie
who did not enjoy himself last
night must have l��een hard to
[dense indeed. The company gives
another performance tonight an I
no one should miss the opportunity
ofseei g them for tics are tii>t-
class entertainers.
The Wakafield.
Some very fine cube galena was
struck iu one of the tunnels of the
Wakefield recently, This property is on Four Mil.- creek about
live miles from Silv��rio i ami is
likely to turn out a v��-r| valuable
property, A shipment of ore will
be made   from   it   in   a   ftw   O.iy*
time and it is expected that the
ore will eive returns of over#100
to the ton. THE   PAYSTREAK.
(.HOW I 11
We are in the habit ot referring to
iluiost any period of the past a* the
i'age of superstition," unmindful ofthe
|act that there is hardly a superstition
the jtast which does not retain a
it hold in this day of enlightenment
nd advanced civilization. It is only
pa little over a year ago that a woman
pas burned to death in Ireland by
her husband and neighbors on the
Charge ot ''possessing an evil eye.
In our country there are plenty of
people who believe in witchcratt as
Implicitly at* did our Puritan ancestors
In New Kmrland. They can l��e found
ill our own community. Thousands
��f 1 Topic believe in ghosts���unea��v
ipirtts of the departed, returned to
Visit the gliini'ses ot the moon or
pith some more dire intent To en-
itinerate toe li��t of superstitions which
many intelligent people still chug to,
would be too great an undertaking.
Betid in witches i�� still anlversei,
tlnit is to say, it is not confined to any
Olie nation, but obtains to a greater
Or less extent iu all countries It
Plains to such an extent in Italy that
votu Catholics, when asking a
���s*inir of 1 'ope i*io Nino��� who was
lieved   Ui   have   the jetfatnrs, or
Her ofthe evil   ev�� were wont to
int. two lingers at him as a piotec-
30 against the |>ai al jiitlatore in
igland, |tarticular)y iu Sotueise:
Ad Devonahinei the pea���nirj are to
this day lielievers in the "'evil eye.
In the malign influence ot which all
kind- of sickness, U��th in man and
bca-t ate constantly ascribed.
"H*r was overlooked, her was:
and I knows verv well who dimVI it,
lis comtnon axplanatioii ot maladies
Sk> more obscure than stomach-ache.
In Somerset, it a farmer's cattle gc'
alck he goes iu secret U> the "white
witch"���that is the old witchrinder
to ascertain who has 'Viverlooked" his
thine** and lo learn the U-st antidote.
Quit*,' recently the report was made
ot a wealthy farmer in Devonshire
���rhcae cattle wane dying of anthrax,
fwho applied to a white witch for a
fcniedy against the nentUenoe, and
lis a consequence   he  loat the whole
The beiieftba! Wltohes who  "overlook " lioth man and  beast can iraiis
Jbrm themselves into  hares is a com-
aion belief in the west of England. In
atoanv ofthe great kitchen chimm-vs
4f the old farm houses a shee, s heart
Ota pigs heart has (yen fount! Mm k
full ol pins as a reprisal again
Bitches; and the occasional c incidence of some harm detailing tl i
Bapeotad witch oonttrms the genan 1
ptdief. Pig* hearts stuck full Of pins
pre used fur malignant as well ;s
protective purptsi's, it being believed
that the pricking of a pigs heart will
get on the heart ot the person aimed
at. Again, when an "overlooked'
pig dies, it is sometimes customary to
put the heart, full of pins and thorns
Up the chimney, in the belief that as
the pig's heart dried and withered, so
Would the heart of the jieetileot person
���Who had "evil eyed"  the  pig.    This
nperstitiou, though in a different
form, is familiar in the symisiihetic
magic oi Kosetti's "Sister Helen and
the waxen imags of her false lover.
Among the wilder sections of Pciinsvl
vania. Tennessee and other middle
and southern states, as well as among
fclie fishermen of the Delaware aud
Maryland peninsulas, many instances
of firm Indict iu the "evil eye "are
Said to exist.
The precautions against witchcraft
are like the forms of witchcraft; very
numerous. Spitting is a very common form ot protection against the
"evil eye." Theocritus is almost
literally translated by the rustic who
says: if you meet anybody with a
north eye spit three times"--only one
ot the instances, however, ot the existence to-day of tbe superstitions of
Paganism, but one which still lingers
in the unseemly French habit of insult
by spitting in the face. Among objects
in common use whose origin In popular su|ierstition has been generally
forgotten, are the half moons on
torses1 ha mess, which were snee re
garded as potent amulets against
"evil eye," the horseshoe nailed over
the doors of houses, and the coral
baubles on which infants cut their
teeth, of which the shape keens the
remembrance of tbe old classic fascin-
um because the image of it was hung
around the necks of children as a
guard against witchcraft,
Although the belief in the "evil eye"
may not grow, it will probably none
the le��& exist in more or less pronounced forms, until that millennial day
when a high state of civilization
shall be general in what are now the
least favored jiarts of the earth. Tlte
hope of weeding it ail out at onve is
as vain as that of-the sudden over
throw of the various fanatic taiths ot
Those faiths-fanatic faiths���which,
wedded fast
To some false doctrine���hugs them to
the last-"
Important     Mhir I^mm!     I'urx liufcr*
The Engineering and Mining
Journal of New York is authority for
the statement that: "the recent purchase ofthe control of the Helena A
Frisco pro|��rty in Idaho, for the Kx-
ploration Company ot I/union, is
reported to be only a beginning, and
negotiations are now pending tor the
control of several othei mines in the
same district. The intention ofthe
buyer, tl is said, is to secure all tbe
ini|��.rtaut silver lead mines in the
(our d'Aiene region and to consolidate   their   management   as   tar as
Items of this purport are of almost
daily occurrence in reliable journals,
showing immense purchases of silver
lead mining properties by  wealthy
l>ondon    companies    where    these
metals are found in liberal quantities.
They can be accepted, we believe, aa
good    illustrations  ot    the   evident
change of sentiment in the financial
world as ��� egwrds silver as a standard
money metal.    That silver will  be
recognized the world over as a standard money metal   equal   with gold
there is no doubt, and these regular,
extensive purci a e   of silver proper
ties by omnpaniea of Ixindoners who
are the acknowledged financiers o
the world and best able to judge the
the financial  pulse of   the   nations,
indicate   clearly   that   the day of bimetallism, international or otherwise
is not far distant.
Is the Pioneer  House of the City.
C. D. Rand.
D. 8. Wallbridge.
Mining: and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Mines bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all R C. mines.
Official brokers for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co., St.   Keverne Mining Co,
Pnieiiix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends Mine Co.'s stocks.
Ooxxi >6Ln.la>B Stoo-x.ecl and Promoted.
 Dealers  in
subvin mm
��� ��>
��,�������.��,**��* DEALERS   OT** ���*��� A *���*�������* *
News. Stationery, Confectionery, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, flay, Grain
 Flou r.	
Groceries, Etc.
Office :   SLOCAN TRANSFER CO., Saddle and Pack Horses to all
1'oints in tbe Mountains.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sarjdor|, H.C.
-: Dealers in :-
New Goods constantly arriving.
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter's
Shop in the rear of
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in that line promptly attend to.
TtiDrmiit,  ��� SAM,EC
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries. Notions and Toilet
I P����*futrips and  Imported Cigars s
O. O. MiOlRjAL-IT ' Soecialty. ���
lamed rimattaacoafdj everj BaJardaj   ��1
saii'iou mill Cody, la the brail *���' on 8k* rut
tin s:m:>!<->i *��"hlteiu*?ta'caupoacarta.
Traashrnl ad*aerttrdn*i 25 eaata a Ha* Him
insertion ami K) cents ��� tlae lor raeb sul**a>
qtMal law ni'��ii.
*- ��. > ���< i:| l * l        ll HI
ti \ ai < ���.
:u       u     J'tar    in
I       ��� i -v-
Tai ParrrrasAR       ,i\o j. i.am.-i m.
SmihIoti. K. ��'. KiiHon.ii M��;r
WHA1 i n lieular pari tif the
Province reaps the henefil of the
revenue *lerivej from the mining
interests of the Slocan we would
like t���� know? Ti"i> question i�� nol
asked tniiieh fronicurtwdly. We
have sn object in vi*-w. it we
could only ascertain for certain
wheif this iuoiie\ i> 1 ��*-i11jz spent,
we mijilit scheme some way of in-
gratiating onraeives into the good
graces of t).o>��- lucky mortals and
induce tbcm to give n* s (dune
ter. It might influence t!>- Gov
ernment to our l>< nefil Who can
Tin: 1'iili which will lw given w.
Monday next f,v tlte Firemen
Bboold be Isrgeiy attende��l by 11*�����
eitisens. Aside from the pecuuiarj
benefits which will be derived fi*��m
it by the boys ati<i used for th< com*
m��m good, i! will sbttw the Brigade that tt��*j have the Suppori
of tbe community and encourage
them in their laudable endeavor*
towartl- placing Sandon in s safer
position a*> regards tire. In cases
fire oreaks out w* will have t<>
look to them fai the safety of oar
property, and self-interest ifnoth
ing else should prompt us to help
tbe boys iu making th<' Fire da*
paitinent one that can be relied on.
Tea appeal which the Rev.
Love made Sunday labt for the
erection of a church, i�� in a good
cause, and should he treated with
due consideration bi tbe people of
Sandon. It is too often the caae,
nowadays, that churches are made
the points from which preachers
advance beautiful an.l theoretical
arguments for the redemption of
humanity, ami it is not to he
wandered at that men sometimes
irct sick of them a-jd yearn for
something more practical, still
we cannot deny that the influence
they exert, and it i.*�� oll'times very
great, has always an upward tendency, and anything that has a
tendency to lead us from a lower
to higher plane, must be good for
the community both socially and
morally. Besides the life of ���
preacher in the Kootenay Is by no
means a picnic, it is no fun to
have to hold forth to  a Congregn-
ttuu win-re the ventilation is of th*
poorest <��r again lo stand an exhort
your au��linMe. in   ���    plane   Sthere
your eloquent B fre* ses solid as fasl
as it issue** front your  month.    A
good ehnn " WOttld make   all thei*e
things imji tssihle ���*- well as add
ing very much to the appears "
ofthe t<>�� u    Oilier towns ot  not
half tt"'   lognificnnce of  '<a:l ������'������
have gtaid churc i   buildings,  th*-
why can ii til \\��- have une too     \\ ���
are certainly ink" so al might) g ��� ���,;
but that    we could be improved.
Only   nf  hue  have   peoph'
general   been awakening    Mi   ?m
fact titat   titer*4 is   monry   tu ��������
made iu the silver  mines  ol  the
Slocan.     Heretofore  their  attentions  have   b***u  engrwaed   with
the gold propositions   >i Rusilaud
Anything  in gold   stock   lab   ���
k*Rossland" was certain to be g
bled up, and  the   result    a a* l
the gold da/y.o-ti te I lei I ��� ���    ���     t '<
ftbs<ilutele pic to the crafty   si i ���*���
manipulator.     Bttl eve i   tilt I
limit Ui the gallibilit} ol   lb*  tyro
Stock   speenlator,     and     a-    the
mouths lolled bj and no dividends
liove in *- i jz 111. he began to eutei
tain  grave  suspicions  a*   to  tlie
wealtl    producing    prop-rue-  off
these   wonderful    ���'���������.m >/1*.   and
gradually by I tgrs - h ��� iwake< t -
th��* fact   that    he   is   �����    rucket
���a��� plain.   ��� ordinary,-~"*cutt.iuou
���everyday suckei
Now. we do not wish l��i b ��� u i*
derstood, as decrying tie- rslu>*of
our gold mines, it would Ite foolish
to do so But we do saj thai for
ever) good legitimate mine there
aie two that will not bear too close
scrutiny. It is tits history of
every mining camp ��T any import
auce. it has bee i It msIamIV, and it
we do not look oui it will he ours
Hitherto we have   been   prett)
free ot stock gamblers,  bnl  now
that the great profits to be gained
in silver mining, are becominil
better known, are may expect to
get our share of these gentry, Im
possible stock propositions will be
floated, and suckers netted Tlie
sucker will get tbe rainbow-hued
delusion and tha gambler the hard
cash, I), what a*e will we can not,
entirely binder these oonfience
game*, but we ean advance a gotal
piece of radvice. Avoid those pro.
poaitioas "thai may turn out all
right ' lor tbe chance are heavily iu
favor of tie* manipulator. Stick to
good legitimate proapects with ore
in sight, and avoid the leomingiv
feasible proposition of a "splendid
iron-capping." with a big ansay in
the prospective, for you will get
left in nine out of every ten cases
First    Bank Established   <n the
of Mi
I net*
IfetiH*]    u.lt. !"�����< ' '���' ��������� K  '-      "
��� -
He��a Office    ��� ^
1. 11 .
I n Ki
\,    ,   , K ,i.i...|..       SKI *���!���>
KAHU)    ii   -\M��S
-   ���
- 111 1 ���    i     ���    !'     '   i
Agent* and Correaponderta
1.01m''     ' -       i   mil* .^ -i  iv|ii *     ��� *.  t ��� i.. -.-'
| S .
; 1 N H i'iK.      "*J��
tr<rKM.l*. AXON"KW��MLAN'|t
nt    Ui.!r.ii��..*       H"\i��|  III
Local   Mtnigtr,
Sandon 8'anch
J   J. Godfray.        W  J   Bawacr. LIB
F   L   Crtnaoa,  LIB
, .���,   ... i ta tsi
Si     u ��� ���       Sara
Paid Uo Capital.      fa.866.666
M.u'.*   Fund. 1336.333
-.   i*��j-..     i ii
��������������>.'*   ��
Court of  Oo*��ctora
id! i ��*. i t��a��f*ai
H    . .   v   .      HmM i ,     K      I        ' ���., r    I
. I i '-\
\      I .      W    , |
��� ->    .    .   - M
11    -1  �� ��� �� < *. '    ����������*.,.
i ���      i    Mai*******11
Brancha*  *n Canada
I    |      ���     | 1  . ;
K      , - tl >l  ���'  ' "���   ���      ',
\     |. ' S)' t* - ��     Vf��tl
\        (U      .    \  -
I   ....    t. -������������!���      H I
Aganta ��n taa Unttad Stat����
s , k        **.��� ���   V
w. I a -    * ��� ���
>t        M   M
\. H. ,t rw
London   Bankara
fo*t��8*"   Afjanta
:     ���
5  (   ! I ���
; . .        ,     \
M    C    M*RQU>5.    Acl��n��    Manaa*"
Sanoon.   B    Q
Bowser, Ginr & Christie, or. g. p. you^g.
KaKRISI i i:>.
h'|,n I n��l;*>
n����! \i;n
Sandon   B    C
V��ncou��e��, B   C.
M    O.  0    M.
Former! v ��tC I  - Wia   j  | * ������
A,. ii  ���   la).
i ��fl   ���     v , [  (',, .,.. h < lot ��    M
Kamws    I    I
\\ K   \IU.   UEAtMjl  \iill.i:**  FOB Till
urniture ���- Business
- **T-*.
\   i'.ig  >io��k on   ||.,n.!   witifdi   we   iarffl  !-     \        t��-  W\  ra   \
l<ii  Days, m  Out   ^^��   Ktore m    I.'    i  Ktreel.
Coni|*Hsf*d   of t\,i    l-oli.iv,h ���-:
Com Mirrors, Piaii Glass. Cartaia Poles, Wuloi Slate. ReTriiierator*.
CORNICE TRIMMINGS. Rooti Moulding ��ni P.clurs
Frames. Bo:h Made Up to Order or in Stock. Oh Pamtmas. Ei
1). ��J. Rol>cri s< ui iSi( /< )������
Furniture Dealers and   llndertske
The following extracts arc taken
from au article entitled "The, JlAr
peetive Resumption of Mining Activity,"' written by David T. Day for the
'Engineering Magazine,' New York.
"The quantity and value of the
mineral products of the Cnited States
torm a good barometer ot industrial
prosperity. Mineral industries are
more directly affected by commercial
changes than almost any others
since the crude products of the mine
serve as a starting-jioint for most,
manutacturing enterprises. Any industrial expansion must be anticipated by a corresjioudingly increased
supply ot the crude minerals necessarily involved.
"One well recognized condition
necessary for mining prosperity is to
find a market tor the continually
growing supply. Full activity for the
enormous mining plants of the country
means great prosperity. But, after
several years of declining industrial
activity, a glance over the field shows
a great aggregate of capital invested
in idle mines and their accessories.
That this is a serious, ever, critical,
condition for the capital Involved
will be appreciated by considering
the rapidity with which an idle mining plaintdepfecfatesT Mining machinery is rendered worthless more
rapidly than that of a well protected
factory. Frequently the niine��water
is so acid as to quickly corrode metal
to a worthless condition, and In the
deeper mines the encroachments ot
water alone frequently amounts to
more than the mineral is worth, and
then a shut down means abandonment.
"No G*reater contrast can be drawn
between the effects ot prasperons con
ditions upon two rliflerent mineral
industries than is to be seen in Uncases of the building stone and Hie
precious metal industries. The tonne r
is entirely dependent upon a market
which comes with the increased
building in a season o| even moderate
prosperity, while gold and silver, on
the contrary, always have an a lam
dant inirket, no matter how great
the product! Still, even tnese are
dependent open the | re valance of
prosperous industries to induce tin-
investment ot capital iu producing
them, and our gold and" silver mines
have telt the recent season of dull
times as greatly as any other line of
mining work. The prospector goes
ahead in all seasons, unreaaonabh
seeking dejiositB whether he can sell
them or not, so that the present condition is one. of countless undeveloped
deposits ot gold and silver, ot greater
or leas Lmportanoe, waiting for the
necessary capital before a produetcan
lie reajized.	
"Beside the well recognized* increase in mining activity iu the Kwcky
Mountain region, tlte op|tortunity tor
profitable investment- in gold-mining
in the Piedmont region of the South
must lead to greater development. U ia
in this field that much prosperity must
result from the use ot new reduction
methods tor refractory ores. There is
no doubt that the expectations from
the great cyanide, propesj and recent
advances in chlorination have been
altogether too sanguine. N evert he-
less, the possibilitv of treating low-
grade ores, practically tailings, by
one or another ot these devices ia
leading to more business-like methods
11 this entire field.    That the  result
means a marked InoreafSj in the gvlii
product in 18:>7 is undoubted.
'Newly discovered fieldsof unusual
richness, anil old fields, now made
valuable by great reduction in costs
Ot mining and milling ores bj the introduction ot new and improved processes, are in a pbsitidn to add to the
-"There it* ��o particular branch of
the mining industry  which has not
felt the   quickening   effects  of these
economies,   but the  precious metals
have been especially benefitted.    We
do not. refer  to  the record breaking
figures at which   low   grade  quartz
has Wen mined at a profit, but rather
to the large ttodiesot low grade ore,
as well as old waste damps, which it
has become i-ossihle to work profitably
by the cyanide process which  puts
the low grade deposits in the attitude
Of a newly discovered store of wealth.
Thus at Cripple ('reek   very little ore
is shipjx'd which carries less than |2S
a ton in teliurideof gold, although in
most localities ��7 ore wuuld l>e shipped, and still poster- ore lnitrh* psy
excuses.    Already there  are  large
dumps at most of the Cripple ('reek
mines which exceed  ��7  in gold, and
these must surelv be  used  at future
local cyanide mills.
Among the new gold fields of the
United states, that at Gunnison, Colorado, and those iu the Black Hills
seem of unusual promise. Again, the
reaction from the South African ev
citement i* sinking much capital Into
British Columbia,notably Trail Creek
There is no question bat that this
camp will show a great increase next
I*   S   ANi'l'K.WS.
Maraa Cttjr, lie
s>lr .iL'i-ut fur tha Caaadtaa  Kin- taaeraaei
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry Goods, Cent's Furnishing.
Opposite  The  Uilum   House   is
pivaided over by 11188 SMITH
MININC   l'lv'Ol'F.KTY    BOUGHT,    S<>Ll>
w % jm$ mm.
.).   M.   WINTER, l*r..|..
-B. CJ.
FlrtitMi;iss Accommodation
For Tourists and
yfy\    Mining Men
Cody  is in the  h��art of the SI.-ran. and v<m  tanst go thai**, Lfyou Icown
ItM that great countrv.
lU'.Ai.KUS   IN
Mil4i.il Sii|��)ili,-., SewinK M��ctii**r**
f'.' Mill iTrrl��*T* r<*. U# |rT,��m|.t aawiSlirtf
M"K1M.   \V ,,��||
We lead in Fitvt-Class work.
.'{ tine Bath Rooms in connection.
Sea Salt lkilhs without extra charge
J. 8, EEEDER. Prop.
(M/^V \tyfVc)
HoteS Kootenay
Switzer & Mculuskey,
���General   l��erolxa.nd.ise *
KASLO       and       CODY.
s.iii*. tiurn  I,,  tlil*   ppraj ,-��n
..iitAin   TKOVUMMOMW   o*l
fi.'it .i in,!. (,r ii,. aajaaji Laaa
ili-ir,. i fi.r
AcMnta* nil <*nl**i*i i��.
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
McQueen 4 ��ore ha*
jum   ��*|M*ui*(I   iu   th,-   |Lit ri*
luiiltlinw wiih a lull Inn- of
TOILET Airrici.Ks.
UememUr the place,
McQueen & ooee,
 Dealer in	
T IS  OHt|>  t    of   Ortu
The total amount of ore shipped
from the Slocan country up to Dec.
is, 18%, accord ing to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York,
was 28,666 tons, verified stf^24��,962,
while the .shipment'* trout Trail cieek
to thy saui* date amounted to *1,150,
nil. Thefte figure*, are as rellal>le a*
ran be procured and tend to show in
what section of ft. C her mineral
wealth Ilea. The Blocan will ever be
the greatest prodiininc ��� ootntry,
although it has not been t>ooincd as
other sections have.
aml-ltl IMM.   < ANAWA.
The question of immigrarioti and
extending Canadian trade in foreign
countries are absorbing more ot
tin attention of tlio��c concerned tor
th��- popularity ol tl^e*Government H,,d
the prnfrreaaof the country, than any
MlqaSWir ol the Interior Sifton has
very definite kteaa with restart] to
Immigration, and ii i- said that his
policy will largely u* that ot selecting
(iropei i ersons t��v the personal canvass
.; i.i** agents, that these selected im
migrants may (onnd settlements; and
hv their prosperity attract people In
large numbers
In addition to this the Dominion
Government authorities mii'lit verj
well petlritu tne sathorities in Down
������ g street; asking thnx *hr nntne tA
Canada be always associated with
t! at ot i.reat Britain 'it the embassies
consulates and British agencies
thioii^houtihc world Ar present we
are much handtCSpped by l��t*ing on
known a* a natl����n atid almost Rl
distil nee nnmentioiied as a geograph
leal or political entity it no the
eigne and U tt- r heads ai all British
roreign agencies the name of Canada
appeared, we should seem to amount
tnsotnething more than we do now.
As it i\ we are   ������> Often regarded as
a tro/en atom: an uniinpOftan! colony
oi mi Empire,
Her sisjssty Ii Btjrlwd Queen ot
i.ieat lhitaiu and Inland and I'm
I t��-s,s 4 India is fsafta papers Wh\
should not Canada be mentioned i
The people of this country hlnk thev
hirve a right to .a nonatam repetition
oi the name of then- Dominion in
everything that is done In Great
Hi i tun.
The United State*  has  U-��-n  nnu*
vellously   wceesslhl    In   attracting
emigration and building up trade,
hecsust everywture on Hatm wltcre
there has been s chance to display
tin ir hag "i" obtrude a ntetni*esque
igfi or emplt')  an agent, <li.- adver
tisiuenl has b��*on obtained   Both wade
and am.gtwi.taaw directed ipseonp
ir\ l>\ the same or simil ��i mean-.   A:
P . sent wa a <��� directing ..either w
�� .ii..ma in s proper manner, and it Is
to he   heaped  that  Canada  will use
every possible Influence, not only b>
theiiinet emiaovment of the neoea
-ar\ agentk, bni bv Inducing Ureal
Britain to  i perate on  the  lines
English  Sunday   Bchool Teacher
(solemnly)   And   now,   Wbert   Id
ward, vou mav relate the terrioie
fate ofthe predigal son alter lea vim:
hla father's louse and squandering
his p.'.iiimouv in riotous living.
albert F/iward tin mi awed ahlsp
, n   'F.e   it   'ee 'ad to goto Ham
el ICM han' ^et inrrried. ina'ain.
Stmt*   Who  Went o. Wild Horae In '04
Ar�� still Tbera.
In.the year 1864 about 3,OCX) men
were in Kootenay, attracted thither
by the rich gold discoveries on Wild
Hoi's* creek Many of those who
came in remained only a short time,
the majority going to the mining
etUUpS of Montana, which were theu
much talked about, eepeciaily Mac-
lelhtn gulch, whicli turned out to I*
one of the paying gulch** in that
The following old timers still re
main and are identified with the
district. Among them we may
mention l>avi<l Griffith, who came in
via Walla Walla in the spring ot tSM
and Who still lives on Wild Horse.
creek and who has large Interests
both in placer and quartz mining.
Robert c.'iVjie, who *ii~o came by the
same route, and who left Kootenay
in the 7<is m go jo tjjt. Cassiarex-
ritenient. hut a tier trying his luck In
California, Montana and Arizona, is
content to remain lure, "oelieving as
lie does thai tln> section has a great
future. Patrick Quirck, another old
timer who came here in  1864 and
who left for the OaSBSlr country,
return d Ui remain, having satisfied
hltmelf, after following manvoftlie
^ohi excitements, thai there is no
place like Kootenay, concluded to
take up a tatin and play tlie role ot
an honest granger.   He now owns a
t*��*d faun ealletl the 'Daisy.      I'eler
i^ > it-.    Dotber  old-timer  who  ha*
i�� n,aiu.tl in the country  ever since
lie came in. and wnd some veal's ago
gave up mining and turned his attention  to tanning, now  owns a  good
fnine on Cherry Creek, where he is
prospering.   Crjfonel George Dougherty, ivbo is still with us, came here
iu 1864.   He afterward*, tried Dakota
Montana, Arizona and California, hut
came    Iwtck    to  his   ok)   stamping
> round. Wild Horse,   where  he  has
*ouie  first class   properties that  are
being developed, and  thev  all prospect well     The colonel  has abiding
faith In the country.   Our 8 M.. Mr.
Hiillips, who was in  charge of the
Hudson Bay Oos extensive, business^
came here   in   186*\    Artvr leavinir
their service he settled at Tobacco
Plains,  wh.re   he   has  s   beautiful
home.   Pioneering in the 9G*s waaia t
cooflned to the men only, but man)
la��lies accompanied   their husbands
into what   was  then   known   as thy
wilderness,   of but  of  eivillxaiion
Among those who came in with tie
early  prnapector*] was  Mrs. Griffith,
who'-t.il lues on Wild ELorse,  hale
and hen*.v.   and   who  has always a
kind wi.nl for the   "old-timers." who
who bear testimony to her kindness
ot heart and generous hospitality.
l��o vou really wear outsets through
necessity? she asked.   Oh,  no,  the
Other girl replied, simply 'isa matter
ul form.
l'riscilla My dear, your, dress is*>o
short that I'm lialfafraid thev can see
your ankles. Prunella- And it's sui
long that I'm naif afraid thev can't.
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS, Proprietor
r ir. Il.i-tiiii; & i .unlili', st��
h!���,.. itj r* i��.>     Vancouver.B.C.
All MkI.iii liii|.i>i\euieiits.
Hiwlal .Ki-iiiiiniial.-iil'ii fur aUiitim  M'ii.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Is* fituat.tl (in the hank.* of the beautiful Slocan I>ake, and truest* eau sit upon
tlie talroiiy and j*jtaa upon On; j.Tandei't scenery in America without extra tha rj*e
The tire escape system f* excellent. The rooms are airy and decorated with the
latest rexiilt* of the wall i��i��r art. The exterior of the hotel is [tainted in Sottas
that harmonize. **1th tire idealistic scenery. The I'iniiiK BoofD is always jiro-
vidHlwitli f<xxl that is tasty, digestible anil satisfying to Um inner economy of
man. T\*% Bar fa r<-i��lcUi wiUt the most modern, as well as ancient brand* of
nerve producer*.
Qoldboga, Silver Denux-rat*. (.'auadian Ca|iitalL*ts, PirapaetOfS, Miners.
Teiiderfect, Teo Mile Millionaires and Ewrfana of every shade In politics, re-
lijrioii or wealth are welcome at this house.
make for the Newmarket when jrpo n-ach the Slocan metroi*>lls and do not for-
mm the landlord'* name ;   it Is
Henry Stege.
R08SLAND    -    -    -    -
Civil iV Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
SB \ iiimiUr of well located aataarat claim* for sale
Choice Creamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs & Cream Cheese,
Sweet Gherkins,
Pickled Figs & Walnuts,
Soar Kraut, "vilt Fi*h In kits, ur miythiiii: JTOB may want in the
waj of tabic deHtarlm at
��- l'r\ ..oi Nii.l.iiiert Flakes and QnafcfT I'umakeJ^lour.
ajrO,.,i-.i.-livenslpromptly loaa*/ paxtof to*fa.  ii
H. GIB&ERIGtt Sandon.
The Clifton House,
Ha* ample acc;mini-idatiou* for ��� aS*|M nuinU'r of people. Tlie n*inis are laiT��*f
aodalry, and the DtniB**. RfOUl Ls pxuvlded with overytliiiij; in the market.
���urajra ROOOW U��v Coumtcreial Traveler*.
John Buckley, Prop.
M your Fresh Meat
���FROM   THB-
West nv Bdaff Co.
saxhon. a<:
Brandon and  New  Denver THE   PAYSTREAK.
Recorded at New Denver.
Transfers and Locations:
tbe   Asaaamenta
January 12:
New Koh-i-noor, Carpenter creek: C K Black-
January 15:
Alameda. New Denver; Albert Boring-.
January 13:
Pirate���Thoa J Llndermati.
Eva Fraction���Same.
Day Dawn and Pacific���A S Farwell.
January 14:
Richmond���H A Roes.
January 15:
Teller���John Stewart.
January 11:
John McNeil to S K Green���J 8tormouut; Jan ��.
Januarv \t:
Sam'f L tioldhurgr to Thos Henderson���\ Gold-
bursr, l>ec Si; SI.
Thoa Henderson to Hamilton Douglas -\ Henderson , Dec 31; *L
Thos Daniels to Hamilton Douglas Thos Hen
demon and S L GoldlHirR���to each l-S William
John, Jan 1; al.
Tho.�� Henderson to Hamilton Doturla* and S L
Goldburv���to each \ Lydla, Dec 31; ��1.
Hamilton Ikuurlas to Thos Henderson aud S L
Goldhun*���to each J Douglas, Dec ��r, fL
Januarv IS:
Jackson Radcliff to James Williamson���\
Great Britain. Jan K; fl.
Alexander Dick and Archlliald B McKenticto
James D Sword���*> Comal. Dec 11; ��1.
Antonio Rallo to Howard Weat-Ferrv No J.
Nov 7; mo.
Howard West to Geo J Wonder���Ferrv No 2,
Jan 13; t*uu
E M Sandllands to The Purcell Miniuir corporation. Ltd���1 Purcell. Nov 4: *1.
John G Dickson and Geo S Waterloo to The
Purcell Minim.' corporation���1-5 and l-4o Purcell,
Nov lo, SL
Chester Glass to The Purcell Mining corpora
tkui���f Pared 1, Nov j?; uj
John J Kiiiifsmill to The Purcell Mining corporation���1-40 Purcell, Dec 19.
Ed Erp Brockliausen to Johanna Erp Brock-
hausen-4 Sunrise No 4 and 1 Climax. Nov 1ft ��i.
W H MtVay and D E McVay to Geo Alex
ander���1 Desjialr, Wyoming. Rutli, Kuth Fraction and Hope. Jan S.
January 14:
ChasTavlorto Alexander Flemimr���Atlanta.
Dec 17; wf5C.
Januarv 15:
Geo C Clarke to Duncan McMillan���MS Bonnie
Doon. l>ec 24; |fl(jn.
Geo C Clarke to Duncan McMillan���M�� Bonnie
Doon, Dec 25; ��loo.
Robert McTat-Kart to D A Van Doran���I Iron
Mountain. Jan 14; *i.Vi.
C W Aylwln to D A Van Doran���I Iron Moun-
Uin.Dec 15; **��.
John R Gatta to D A Van Djran���} Mountain
Chief No S and Samla. Sep! 23; ul.Wo.
Chas Neuhaus to Alexander McPhaden��� I
Great Britain. Nov 2'.: *I.
H E MpCanrill to Wm Thomllnson���1 Pioneer.
January W:
Frank Nelson to P A '"arlirulsh-i Franklin
Fraction, Nov 17; ��.
A J Ha v ward to M H McCord���, interest in a
bond on Irene. Jan 9: MOO.
A G Feixttson to Harrev Hadden���\ interest
in a bond on Dalhousie and Whvcocomairli, Jan
10; SL
Gao F Hayward to Hujrh Dobenv���1-*> Northern Bell, Dec 16; tt.
J Frank L Qeler to Henry S crotty���1 Quappeile,
John Thomas and James Grev to v. E Dim bar.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
 Manufatun-r* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Sandon. B.C.
While taking stock we found a few linen including
Overalls, Jumpers, Shoes, Rubbers,
Gloves, Etc., which we will now
Close Out at Reduced Prices to make*
room for new goods now on the road
A few pair of soiled White Blankets at *WL DtflOOOnt.
.    Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
���catardlti. Ana ll tavii-w.
i J H Purdv-1 Bi
Peter Llndi|ulst to D D MePlM
E P Dunn to .
Barrie. Jan 8; IL
person ��� I .Sunshine
No 4; SL
M c: Monahan to P  M   Haves���1-�� Sapphire,
Dec 19; SL
John Rejoin to P M Hayes���1 Sapphire ami
Gem, Dec 19; SI Jul.
0 w Harrington to P M Haves���I Gem,Dec IS,
John L Retallack to 0 W Harrlnfrton, \ Sap-
phlre, Jan 7.
Ernest E Evans to Albert Behne���VMS Wild
Goose No t. Jan ��; in trust.
J W Troup to  Eva   Boss-1   American   Bov.
Jan 1; SL
Eva Boss to Thos McGuuran���I American Bov.
Jan 3; SL
When in   Vancouver stop at the
Manor House. t
Packers and Forwanlers
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore trom
and packing supplies to mines
a Mf
Tk Thiitte
One of the oldest and host known
hotels in the City.
The only Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to Ihfa
Saddle horses for hire  CLAIR & THOMPSON.
Dealer ii] XIKATS
 : AT:
RoliKKT afaCDoifaLO
Nun. afsenawauB
MACDONALD   IMo.s. Proprtetoi*
Kates fe.50 to |M0 i*r (lay.
Hem\>|raarsatl f'��r Mining Si-ectilator* and < ai-iWiltjits.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon,  II.C
mm #trfwtrc Complex*
J.   C.   HAYGs*   Mngr.
Mannfactnrer* of and Dealers in	
SlOFfis, It are, Graoiteware and Copperwara.
 All kind* <>f Mining Work a BfafOallltf
For Rossland
Ap,bu,   je. Hills,
Heal Eatnli- mut Mining Broker
Hi   -Irtll.l      II   I
Agent for QM Montreal �� vim I Irate Iota, <>f thr
rfainaj tmrrafsi of ftniSaiat   Partial tatm
|\R   A. MH.l.nV.
Olllce : Blacks Hotal,
Mrs. Stauller, who has for some
lime   past   he��-ii    visiting   in New
IL-nver, returneil oq  Wednesday
last to tba Hub.
Bsds, mattresses, pillows, the
cheapest anil best made in Sandon
it the Factory, Crowley & <;<��., n.-xt
tu Have's tin simp
Mrs David Matliesun, .,1 New
Denver, paid Saodon a brief visit
��� ���ii Wednesday laat,
i'lie H 0, Rustaurant, in San
��4t.u, lias beouifie one nf tba moat
famous oafes nf tha silvery Blocan.
Mr*��. .1 C. Bulaoder, of N.w
Denver, passed through Bandon <m
her way t<�� Bpokans "ii Wednea
day  last      Mr.   Bulander aceom-
naflied ln-r d�� far a* Kaslo.
Tin* n.-sf edition of Tbomlin*
aoti'a map <��f the Slues ii t����r aala al
this tiolee
atlas lohnaon, <>f N��w I i��-uv. r.
I.-ft for Spokaneon Tbttraday  last.
A itpeciai bttrgain in Oreeuland
seal fur capes at lbs Postoffioe
<*-*����. Aylard, manager <>l Ihe
Knterprisa mine uu Tun Mil**',
pssaeil tbrongb Sandon on iii�� wa)
to Spokane <>n Thnrada)   ).��**t.
The oh nlteita serv��*d at tha B, C
Restauam .i!l * 1 i��- young and an*
lbs reverse of th* formation around
Horace Dagan. lats of Rossland,
isoflUiatingas steward Lit Black's
Hotel. Mr. Oagail has turned a
reputation fbr himwlfna a firat*
nlaaa oati r i and all lovers of
good things will wsloonia  hii ap*
p*'itranee in Sandon.
I��r. Wtiter's temporary r4Rt*e al
McQueen A Qora*a lim^ Btore<
Joo, Bitters, -i well known Un��
horn, who sppersred b**fora this
beak "i. Muuda) ia>i. ubarge*!
with atealiua a aum ol iimmi**   fr����ni
a BWedfl   named   Benj   'Vnk. while
playing a gains ����f free*M i��ut.  was
convicted and aeut**noed  i"   Kntn
loops iail f����r a period of !h�� ��!.*> --
with hard labor.
I). S, McLachlan baa \u>\ rs��
ueived a onnsigiiinenl *��f aaHlies
ami doon which h<- will lalaptsaa -i
at reasonable rates.
Doctora Galore
I ha'ttil -  tt> I i^llt   "f  ui*
I liirtoit t" I'-ft Of n*
M. I>  > ill front of us.
Suftve and smiling.
Soon wc shall rsad oui doom
Sniiii ihers will be nn room
For miners and prospectors
All will be doctors,
Diaaotutton of Partnershlq
The partusrsliiu between Kobt,
IfoTaggarl A Hans Sttadseu n;t>
been diasolvetl this day by mutual
consent. Madcen A Londy paj
all accounts and oollecl all monies
due the late linn.
RottT. Mi Taooart
Han* M \dsi.n.
Sandon. Dee. -.".id. '9(1.
If your hablta are bad un<l you need them
t<> mend,
Reform Hint drink the choice "Thistle Blend?'
if from censure you're  free, and revered
lire  bj   all
Btlck close by the uThlstle,r* tor fear l<st  vou
[fjrour look should go hard, and with earn
you do bristle,
Take  onmfbrt   serene,   with  a 'Iron of the
IriIj.hu- fortune should amile and vou reach
UM toji liotrh,
Regale ail   vour   Irlends,   with tlie   wonderful
To aii iif<i*s conditions, a charm it lends.
I'liui   choicest of srhlsktca, most famous ol
Enough of its merits vou have beard vou
will think.
H-  -in.   Mm remember them all when vou
Notice is hereby given that application will
Ik-made to the legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Colombia at lta next sea-
sion for an act enabling the Noble Five Consolidated Mining and Milling Company (Foreign* to appropriate five-hundred i/jOO) lnohea
ol the waters of Codv Creek, In the Slocan mln-
Iiik Division West kootenay District, to erect
Humes for the purpose 61 operating a coiicen
trator. etectrlc light plant, power drills, and
all other porpoaea usual, necessary or incidental to the mining or milling of ores, for the
purpose of expropriating lands for such  pur-
Nolii.K   FlVS   Co��ol.lliATKl>    MlNIN<;   VM>
Mili.inw Co. (Foreign.)
Jan   Mat "���"
Certificate of Improvamenta.
i.. r..<  s., j.. u., . i>.
Office:-   Rooms.  No*. 1 and 4.
Clifton House,
SANOON. - - 8   C
Morning    I *-a v** Three ForkaatSo'ekMHi
I/������H^��* roajf al llo*eJoak.
Afternoon     Laarai     Tbr��-��   Fork*   at    I
.><���!.�� k.    I>*��ve*(ywl\ .,'. i ������'. ;.��.'.,
The  Goodenough
,  \   .  ..  - ���:    . \
The Finest. Largest and
most Elegant
Furnished Rooms
In the Kiitir��> Northwest,
$2 per Da;. No Bar in Connection.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
\\     COAL
Wild Qooae mineral claim.
Mituate in the Slocan mining division of West
Kootenay di-triet, on  Notile Five mountain.
Tak'-notice thai I. A.S.   Farwell, acting as
agent for toe Soldi-  Five. Consolidated   Mining   ami   Milling  Oo.,    foreign], free miner's
certlrtcaie No.77.5711, intend, sixty days from
the date hen-of,   to apply to the Mining  Recorder Tor a certificate of   lmprovcinenis. for
the purpose of attaining a Crown grant  of
the frbore i-lattn.
And further take notice that  action,  under
section ;c, must beootnioanoed befknretbeiant-
aiict- of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated lliis ihe lith dav of Januarv. lsfl7.
Jan. pith. lw<7. A.S.   FAKWKLL.
Phoenix Mineral Claim,
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division ot West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths-
miles up North Fork ol Carpenter Creek.
Take notice that, I.John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 74,113, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tin-
above claim.
And further take notice, that action under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements).
Dated this 1st dav of January. 18H7.
Jan. 9th,'ST. John FtF.i.niMi.
Pirate mineral claim.
Situate in Ihe >l<x,aii mining division of West
Kootenay   district, about one-quarter of
one mile northeast ofthe town ofOody.
Take notice that I, A. s.  Karwell. aciina as
agent  for Tbomaa Marks, free miner's certificate No. "<i.'��H. intend, sixty days from  the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining  i in-order
for a certificate of improvements, for the pur-
i��.��e, f obtaining a Crosra grautof the above
And further take notice thai nation, under
section ST, must be commenced i*fore the is-
suiMiee <>f such oertlflcate of Improvement*
Ih.tetl t :is vtii day of January, l*'7.
Jan. lKth. l*iC. A.  s. FARWKi.L.
Starlight   No. 1 mineral  claim.
Siiuiii. in Uu- Slocan mining division of West
Kootenay district north of.and Joining the
Ij��m i*hanee mineral claim.
Take notice thai  I. A.s   ParareU, acting as
agent forth.- Last chance Mining and Milling
<<���., free miner'* certificate  No. 78SOI, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof! to apply to
thexlnlng Recorder fir a certificate nf Inv
proramenta, ton tiie | nrpoae of obtaining a
crown grant ofthe above otalm.
And further fjake notice that  action,  under
section "ff, moat be commenced befhn tin- w-
siianee ofsocb c-rtiticate <d Improvements.
Dated this 7th dav tif Januarv. IsJC.
Jan. lath. I>!'7. A.s. FAR* ELL,
Lone Star and Blue Grouse Mineral Claims.
situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, throa-toorthsof a mile
s4>uth  ol   Sandon,  west of Slocan star
Take notice that, 1. John Kielding.aa agent
for .lame* D. Sword.  Free Miners Certificate
No. 7iv"��V>,  intend,  *i\t\   days  from  the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor
certificate* of Improvement* for the purpose
of obtaining Crown grants of the above clalma.
And further take notice, tiiat action undi-r
section i7. Mineral Vet UM, must u> oom-
menced before the teuaoceof said oertlfloates
of nnproveiiii nts.
Dated fin* 7th dav ol Januarv. IMC
Ian"tli   ''���>:. JOHN FIELDING.
(WIS fl
and J
H and [j
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
sno\v*torni Mineral Claim,
situate in the Slocan Mining Di\ Ision of West
Kootenay ihstrict. adjoining the slocan
Ito on Payne mountain
Take notice thai. I. A. S. Farwell, acting as
agent tor Edward Mahon, Free Miner's Certificate No. ."i I.SKI I. intend, -ivty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of Improvements, for tlie pur-
poae of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And furtIn r take notice thai   action,   under
section 87, must bec*��mmeucedbea>retbe issu-
aia-e of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this lull dav ol October, I8W,
.Ian. nth 'ii7. \.s   FARWELL,
D.O    I'UVN   FBACTlOJt   MlNKKXI.   Ci.    IM,
Situate in Uiealooan Mining Division of Weal
Kootenay District, in the KeGotgan
Take notice that. I. A. S Farwell, acting as
agent for Michael c. Monaghan, Free If ner's
Certltlcate No.71,411, intend, si.\t> davsfrom
the data hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a oertlflcate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
above claim
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the Is
suance nf such certificate of Improvements.
Dated ibis jsth day of" December, istat.
Jan. Slid, '97. A.S   F \hwki.i.,
Noble     Five.    Knoxville,     Bonanza     King,
World's Fair and Maud E Mineral Claims.
Situate lit the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Noble Five Mountain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that, I. John Fielding, a.s agent
for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining "and
Millinu Company, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 77.579, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for
cert'- *at��*s of Improvements for the purpose of
a!ita.   ;ng Crown grants of the above claims.
Am. further take notice, that action under
section 37, must l>ecommenced before the is-
s-'ar.o   ���feuch certificates of improvements.
Cat*    'his uh day of Januarv. 1K97.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Carpenter Creek,
about two miles easterly from the town of
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, agent
for John McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No.
td.s.rj. nnd Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. t<0.:*7:> intend, sixty days from tlie
date hereof, to apnlv to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the pur-
l��>scof obtaining a Crown grunt of the aU>ve
And further lake notice that action, under
section 87, must i>e commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated fbis 12th day of November, IsPtJ.
Jan. Snd. W. A. S. Fakwki.i..
Vik, k>- Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Weal
Kootenay   District, Oil carpenter   creek,
mar the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. I. A. S. Farwell. agent for
Frederick J. Donaldson, Free Miner's ivrtifl-
cale No. ���'i.W.; John W Switzer. Free
Miner's Certificate No. lljSSK Charles B Me-
Clusk.'v, Free Miner's Certificate No til.nto,
and William H. Todd, Free Miner's Certificate No 6!.80S, intend, sixty days from the
date hereot. to apply to the Mining Kecordei
for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Cniwu grant of the above
And further take notice tiiat action under
section ���". must la- commenced before the issuance oi such certitleat  of Improvements.
Dated th:* nth dav of November, i**-����>.
Jan tod, "7. A s. FARWELL.
l'ActKic Minkkai. iiaiM.
Situate   in  tiie   Sloenu   Mining    Division  of
Weal Kootenay District, on Payne  Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washing
Take notice that I. A. S.   t-arwell.  agent for
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's Certificate  No.
tiS.ijKi.  and  Samuel    It.   Steele. Free  Miner'*
Oertlflcate No. 7SJM8, int ml, sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to tbe   Mining  Recorder tor a certificate of Improvements. Ibr
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tin
above claim.
And further take notice that action, uadei
section 87. must be commenced before the I*
suance of such certiflc ite of improvements.
Dated thla 98th day of November. luStt.
D.H-. .Mil. '\*i. A. "s. FaKWKl.l..
Fi'iiKAiM   FHACTIOS   Mineral   claim.
Situate   in   the   SI<H*j4ii   Mining   Division   ot
West    Kootenay   District   on   the   North
sIoih-   of  the    South   Fork   of Carpet -
ter  Creak,   North   of ami   Joining   tin-
Texas mineral claim.
Take notice, that,  i, John   M.   Harris. No.
.Vi.!��17 for myself, and a* agent for F.  F   Kelly,
No. M.!*-">; s. M.  ** barton.   No. ���>.">,8a% and  ����
0. Wharton.   No, SS.83S, Inteud, si\t>   das*
from the date hereof, to apply to the dmiiii:
Kecorder for a certificate oil  improvement*
for the purpose of obtaining a < frown grant ui
the iiImiv e claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tin
issuance it such certificate oi improvement*..
Dated tbi* eighteenth dav Ol November.
Nov   21*!, <��;. luHN M. BARKIS.
situate iii tliesim-an Minin- Divlslonof Weal
KiHitetiav      istrict, adjoining tlie Wonder
ful mineraleltlm L. tsi <,. i, on Carpenter Cnt k and about one  and a oneihird
ml lea west ofthe town of sandon.
Take notice that I, A. s.  Karwell, agent   tor
ihe Wonderful Group Mining Company, Free
Miner'* Certtfleate No. ISUaS, intend' sixty
davs from the date hereof, to applv to the
.Mining Kecorder for a certificate ol improve,
incuts,     tor    the    purpose   of     obtaining   a
Crown graut ol the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must he commenced before the is*
sunnee of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this38th dav ol November, K��;.
Dee,6th,  !��i. A.s. Farwell. TARIFF ON   LEAD.
Congressional Committee Considering Revision of Present Schedule
W. H. Alexander, ofthe Omaha-
Grant Smelting Company appeared last week before the Congress*
ional   eoinniittee   on    ways    and
means, at Washington and made a
strong plea for tlie reduction of
the present l\ 8. tariff on lead
ores. He claimed the importation
of lead ore was necessary for smelt-
ino-. whereas, under an erroneous
interpretation of the present law.
rates as high as live and five and a
half cents per pound are now
paid. He asked for duties of one
and one-quarter cents on lead bill-
Hon and one and three eights on
pig lead.
A representative of the St.
Joseph Lead Company, of Missouri, iirgrd the committee to
maintain a high protective tariff
Another Bond.
The claims Tiptop. Maggie. Nellie J), and a one-third interest in
the Codv Star have been sold by
A. I). McGinty to Victoria parties for $7,000. Ten percent, cash
and the balance in six months
This group of claims is situated
near Cody. There is a tine showing of about six inches oi galena
on the surface. Assays of which
give 300 ounces silver and ii? per
cent. lead. The proper!, is a very
valuable one and tbe work of df
veloptneut will he prosecuted with
vim as soon as spring opens.
Black Hills.
W. K. Lelghton
A. O.   Williams
Playiflff Cards and Poker CiHps
(In Hear of Balmoral Hotel.)
in Connection.
Sea   Salt    Hath-    Without    Kxtra
The tunnel 00 the Black Iliils i>
now in about sixty   feet   and   will
tap the lead in about forty feet
more. Two leads, not shown on
surface, were tapped in the tunnel,
the assays of which went very
high. After the main lead is tapped these new leads will he open-
ed up.
we. I). K McVay and VV. Ii. Me.
Vay, from and after this d tt-, will
nut he responsible for any and all
accounts that may lie contracted
for by the Kuth Mines <t Ituth
Mining Co.. of Sandon . |��. C.
January 2nd. I*!i7.
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
Slocan mining Sr����ck* bought  and sold.   W�� have none*/ to develop good legitimate prospect* for an Interest, m will  boj them
��� nt for cash.
Houses  fur Sale er t" Lei   Iu  c<>d\   and Sandon
McMartin & Currie
(god-tj (^roolj
iviiy K-iLNj? of mwsm
1 *>!(*..  Etc.
:   .��� -
Sl)Hl on  cV C< >.
Have i><��� w a Pull Line ������>{
tarVALL AND i;\a.mim: Moona*
B   C
i ui
Spring-bed   and   mat tress  com
plete for $7,   pillows 60   cents, ai
Furniture   Factory,  next   Haye'a
tin shop.
11. I'. Christie lias oeen appointed Constable to assist Policeman
Lloyd in Sandon,
The man with the blue shirt and
a capital of four hits is just as Wei-
Come at the B.C. Restaurant, in
Sandon, as awhite-shirted millionaire from New Denver,
Mr. Athey, of Virginia, is in
Sandon. lie will make his home
in this city for some time to come
Win. Hunter has returned from
a trip to Silverton and the Lake
Steamer leaves \aku.-p evert Sun
dav. Wednesday and   Friday
morning, making close eonnec
tion at Bevelstoke with trains
for all points East or West.
Before you travel L'��-t information
from C. I'. R, Age; in an t<>
innes and rates. It will save
you monev.   Apply tonearesi
Railway Agent or to
A    C.   Mt.AKTIfl It.   Agent,
District Passenger Agent,
I- one ���>! the besl plat m In
Sandon to obtain
Beverages """������. Delicious
IN     I  \*l I      \ \ |]
Call  al   the
Hotel Ivanlwe.


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