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The Pacific Canadian Mar 16, 1917

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Array c v,
ri.-t.  B.'J
Weekly News Digest and Journal of  Observation and Comment.
Vol. 2
NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C, FRIDAY, March 16, 1917.
Number 2
Issue of $150,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st March, 1937
Payable at par at Ottawa, Halifax, St John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Victoria, and at the Agency of
the Bank of Montreal, New York City.
According to the report of the Minister of Finance,
presented to the Legislature, last week, British Columbia has liabilities over assets amounting to $14,782,-
616.65. The net revenue for last year was $6,201,-
693.60. The principal source of revenue was timber
royalties and licenses, which totalled $1,477,378,26,
which was some $250,000 less than the previous year,
A large source of revenue was from the real property
tax, which yielded $492,813.
Other large sources of revenue were the wild land
tax of $534,000 in round numbers; the income tax,
$329,287; personal property tax, $278,535; per capita
grant from Dominion, $313,984; annual payment by
Dominion for lands conveyed and special grant under
B. N. A. Act, $100,000 each; timber leases, $126,429;
interest, $159,680. Few revenue sources yielded as
heavily last year as in the five previous years. The
comparative statement went back to 1902 3. From
1909, when the boom was fairly on, the revenue
climbed steadily, from $8,874,000 in round numbers
to $12,510,000 in 1912-13, when it struck the down
grade, in 1913-14 being reduced to $10,479,000 and in
1914-15 to $7,871,375.
While revenue, as has been shown, steadily soared
in boom times, the
lateGovernmentsaw     ������iS@lg|@|J81��J
to it (there wasnoth-     [gj
ing slowabout them)     gj
that expenditure did     [��J
not lag behind.   In     |gj
1909 the civil gov-     g��J
eminent   salaries     (gj
were $389,700, and     (gj
the past year's re-     {gj
port shows they had
grown to $1,555,562,
which was some $40, -
000 less than the previous year, the record maker.
While the total revenue for the past
fiscal year was but
little more than $6, -
200,000, the expenditure for the same
year was $10,422,-
206, which bears out
in every way the allegations against the
late Government to
the effect that it was
spending two dollars
fpr every one which
it took in. This fact
accounts, moreover,
for the bare treasury
which faced the new
Government, a condition of things generally speaking, as
has been announced,
which will compel
the new Government
to increase taxation.
The report shows
an excessive amount
of expenditure concealed under "Miscellaneous," no less
than $2,000,892. The
expenditure column
includes, in addition,
such large items as
the following: Public debt, $1,421,064;
civil gov't, salaries,
$1,5&5,562; administration of justice,
$62,600; legislation.
$96,877; public institutions, maint'ance,
$403,239; hospitals
and charities, $355, -
400; administration
of justice, other than
education. $1, 325,-
308; transport, #38,-
850; revenue service, $18,555; works
and buildings, $383,-
571; road, streets,
bridges & wharves,
We make no apology for giving the place of honor
this week to the official announcement of the new
Dominion of Canada War Loan for $150,000,000, at
5%, issued at 96. Full particulars and instructions
for those desiring to subscribe will be found in the
prospectus below. Subscriptions, it will be noticed.
will close on or before the 23rd of March instant.
It ought to be a point of honor with every Canadian who is fortunate enough to have the wherewithal
to invest any spare funds he may have in this loan.
Besides the investment and security being gilt-edged,
there is the final clinching argument of the opportunity which the loan issue affords to perform a needed
patriotic service bv helping to provide "the sinews of
war" to enable Canada to do her part in carrying to a
victorious conclusion, now fairly in sight, the great
struggle in behalf of humanity and civilization which
the Empire, with her allies, is waging.
Especially ought those who cannot participate in
the actual fighting eagerly avail themselves of this
opportunity to "make their dollars fight." And, if it
requires some sacrifice, so much more merit in the act.
For the honor of Canada and the Empire, the response
to this Canadian War Loan issue should be like that to
the recent five billion "Victory Loan" in Great Britain
���a prompt and huge over-subscription.
The welcome, though not unexpected, news was
received on Sunday that Bagdad, redolent of Oriental
romance���and other things���hoary with historical
associations of the ancient world, latterly dreamed of
centre of a Teutonic Asiatic Empire, had fallen to the
victorious British forces under General Maude, after
one of the most untiring, brilliant and romantic campaigns of the whole war, following upon the initial
staggering reverses sustained nearly a year ago by the
no less gallant but inadequate expedition under Gen.
Townshend. Thus gloriously have British prowess and
prestige been vindicated and re-established throughout
the impressionable East, and German prestige correspondingly diminished and illusory hopes blasted.
Taking heart of grace on a sick-bed, where he was
prostrated by that common leveller of president, potentate and proletariat���a bad cold���President Wilson
decided, after he had taken counsel with his advisers
learned in the law, that he had the power, with or
without the consent of the ("filibustered" Senate, to
authorize the arming of U. S. merchantmen as a
means of defense against German submarine ruthless-
ness. and he forthwith issued his mandate accordingly,
about the week end.
American merchant
ships will, therefore,
be armed with the
least possible delay
and will be instructed to fire at and sink
German submarines
on sight. How long
thereafter before U.
S. and Germany will
be at it hammer and
tongs, will be for
Germany, perhaps,
to say.
The ty!|NlSTT i of Finance offers herewith, on behalf
of the Government, the above-named Bonds for Subscription at 96, payable as follows;���
10 per cent on application;
30      �� 16th April, 1917;
30      �� 15th May, 1917;
26      �� 15th June, 1917.
The total allotment of bonds of this issue will be limited
to one hundred and fifty million dollars, exclusive of
the amount (if any) paid for by the surrender of bonds
as the equivalent of cash under the terms of the War
Loan prospectus of 22nd November, 1915.
The instalments may be paid in full on the 16th day of
April, 1917, or on any instalment due date thereafter, under
discount at the rate of four per cent per annum. All
payments are to be mnde to a chartered bank for the
credit of the Minister of Finance. Failure to pay any
instalment when due will render previous payments liable
to forfeiture and the allotment to cancellation.
Subscriptions, accompanied by a deposit qf ten per
cent of the amount subscribed, must be forwarded through
the medium of a chartered bank. Any branch in Canada
of any chartered bank will receive subscriptions and issue
provisional receipts.
This loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament
of Canada, and both principal and interest will be a
charge upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
forms of application may be obtained from any branch
in Canada of any chartered bank and at the office of any
Assistant Receiver General in Canada.
Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of dollars.
In case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be
applied towards payment of the amount due on the
April instalment.
Scrip certificates, non-negotiable or payable, to bearer
in accordance with the choice of the applicant for
registered or bearer bonds, will be issued, after allotment,
in exchange for the provisional receipts,
When the scrip certificates have been paid in full and
payment endorsed thereon by the bank receiving the
money, they may be exchanged for bonds, when prepared,
with coupons attached, payable to bearer ar registered
us to principal, or for fully registered bonds, when
prepared, Without coupons, in accordance with tlie
Delivery of scrip certificates and of bonds will be made
through the chartered banks.
The issue will be exempt from taxes���including any
income tax���imposed in pursuance of legislation enacted
by the Parliament of Canada.
The bonds with coupons will be issued in denominations
of $100, $500, $1,000. Fully registered bonds without
coupons will be issued in denominations of $1,000, $5,000
or any authorized multiple of $5,000.
The bonds will be paid at maturity at par at the office
of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at
Ottawa, or at the office of the Assistant Receiver General
at Halifax, St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary or Victoria, or at* the Agency
of the Bank of Montreal, New York City.
The interest on the fully registered bonds will be paid
by cheque, which will be remitted by post. Interest
on bonds with coupons will be paid on surrender of coupons.
Both cheques and coupons, at tbe option of the holder,
will he payable free of exchangs at any branch in Canada
of any chartered bank, or at the Agency of the Bank
of Montreal, New York City.
Subject to the payment of twenty-five cents for each
new bond issued, holders of fully registered bonds without
coupons will have the right to convert into bonds of the
denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds
with coupons will have the right to convert into fully
registered bonds of authorized denominations without
coupons at any time on application to the Minister of
The books of the loan will be kept at the Department
of Finance, Ottawa.
Application will be made in due course for the listing
of the issue on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.
Recognized bond and stock brokers having offices and
carrying on business ip Canada will be allowed a commis-
sionUf three-eighths of one per cent on allotments made
in respeot of applications bearing their stamp, provided,
however, that no commission will be allowed in respect
of the amount of any allotment paid for by the surrender
of bonds issued under the War Loan prospectus of 22nd
November, 1915, or in respect of the amount of any
allotment paid for by surrender of five per cent debenture
stock maturing 1st October, 1919. No commission will
be allowed in respect of applications on forms which
have not been printed by the King's Printer.
Dki'AHtment or I'inanci,. Ottawa, March 19th, 1917.
The British troops
are now guarding
a front exactly twice
as long in France as
that held by them a
year ago, and exactly the same number
of German divisions
face the British on
the western front as
oppose the soldiers
of France, is the
way the correspondent of a Paris paper
with the British army describes the situation to his journal.
The "contemptible
little army," which
bore the brunt, with
the gallant Belgians
and Frenchmen, of
the first terrible onset of the unspent
German war machine, and stemmed its
ruthless advance, is
now a great host of
two and a half mil-
lionsat least, stretch-
in g half across
France, and, with
their gallant comrades - in - arms, this
splendid Empire host
shall shortly hurl
the broken Hun a-
cross the Rhine.
Without going into particulars, which
space will not permit, evidence accumulates to show the
German unrestricted submarine campaign has been a
dismal failure. They
are not getting the
ships���there's been
a phenomenal falling
off since the first big
spurt, last month���
and the ships���and
the British traps-
are getting them! Page 2
New Westminster, B.C., March 16,   1917
Published everv Friday 'from tlie Offices, 761 Carnarvon Street,
New Westminster, B. C.,vbythe PACIFIC Canadian TrintinG
& Publishing Co-, Wd.
Editor and Manager
Subscription Prices;���$1.00 per annum [in advance];   50c.   for six
montlis; 25c. for three months; 10c. per mouth;   5c. per copy.
Advertising rates on   application
While the debate on the "address in reply" has
held the centre of the stage, so to speak, as usual, in
the first two weeks or so of the session of the Provincial Legislature, now on, and has demonstrated
incidentally that the Fourteenth Legislature is much
richer than its predecessor in debating talent of a
high order, it has not exclusively "monopolized the
floor." On the contrary, a very interesting side-show
has been "pulled off" concurrently, ihe leading figures
in which have been Hon. John Oliver, in his capacity
as Minister of Railways, and Ex-Premier and Attorney-
General Bowser, with Mr. G. G. McGeer, the young
Liberal member for Richmond, putting on a good
minor part.
The centre of interest and action, in the first instance, was "An Amendment to the Railway Act"
introduced, in the first clays of the session, by the
Minister of Railways, the substance of which is to
repeal section 282 of the Railway Act, which provides
that information furnished the Minister of Railways
by a railway company is" privileged both in court and
as to the Legislature. It is proposed by the amendment to eliminatee this clause so that such information can be brought down in the House. The
amendment also proposes to give the Minister of Railways authority to inspect and to a certain degree
regulate railways, such as collierv lines which are on
private property, and do not come under the Railway Act.
As chief engineer in the late railway controlled
Government, and with an especially soft spo.t in his
heart for the two particular pets, proteges and beneficiaries of the late Government, in the railway line,
the C. N. R. and the P. G. E., Mr. Bowser naturally
scented danger of a curtailment of privileges of the
poor railways and rushed to their defence against the
ruthless new Minister of Railways and his sinister
proposed amendments to the Railway Act. The bill
was being railroaded through, he complained (probably he had never heard of the process before). It
was to put the railways at the whim of the Minister
of Railways, Hon. Mr. Oliver, who was a most dangerous man. It was an attempt on the part of the
Minister of Railways to take unto himself powers
which belonged to the Legislature. The Government,
he said, had no right to introduce legislation which
was to make a Roosevelt out of Hon Mr, Oliver and
give him a big stick with which to club capital. And
so forth.
Mr. G. G. McGeer, who moved the adjournment of
tbe debate on the subject, on the 7th, resumed the
discussion the following day, alluding to the marked
bitterness of the ex-Premier's attack upon Hon. John
Oliver, and said that Mr. Bowser's wrong interpretation of the proposed amendments might explain to a
large degree the extraordinary muddle of British Columbia laws of to-day. While the former Premier had
contended the bill was to give the Minister of Railways a club over the various lines, the young member
from Richmond read the correspondence passing between the Provincial Engineer, the Minister of Railways, and the Attorney-General's Department, showing conclusively such was not the case, but rather the
object was to bring under jurisdiction of the Department logging and mining lines not alieady under the
Dominion Railway or other Acts, for the safeguarding
of life and limb of workmen. As to Mr. Bowser's likening of Hon. Mr. Oliver to Roosevelt, the Richmond
member said there was this similarity, that both men
were enemies of corrupt corporations.
While the show was speeded up and intensified, the
centre of interest and of action was slightly shifted
in the House on the 9th inst. - the subject still being
railway���when the Minister of Railways, pursuant to
notice, moved for the appointment of a special committee, consisting of Mr. J. W. deB. Farris, chairman,
and Messrs. Hall, Hanes, Anderson, Yorkston, Ross,
Pooley, and Shatford, to investigate all matters relating to the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern
Railway. If Mr. Bowser's references to the Minister
of Railways, two days before, wert acrimonious and vitriolic, betraying the somewhat antipathetic personal
relations subsisting between the two doughty champions, he certainly got a "Roland for his Oliver" when
"Honest John" unlimbered his great guns and swung
into action, in his speech in support of his motion for
the appointment of the special committee of investigation into P. G. E. construction, etc.
The report of the official auditors, after giving the
P. G. E. Company every consideration, said Hon. Mr.
Oliver, found that the company was paid $5,704,000
more than it was entitled to, and the Minister of Rail-
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���X";'��:"V;����X'��X"X-W'��;-:���� QWrfr>WrWrWr4r1r**+4r4 'id*****0,
ways proceeded to formulate the following damnatory
charges: The capital stock of the company, $25,000,-
000, had all heen issued in a manner contrary to law,
and, he believed, with the knowledge of W. J. Bowser,
former Premier. When the $250,000 personal bond of
Foley, Welch and Stewart lapsed, it was not renewed,
due to the neglect of then Attorney-General Bowser.
The Minister of Railways was in possession of affidavits alleging falsification of the classifications of work
done. The company participated in the profits of the
contractor, P. Welch, who was a member of the company. The contract was let to P. Welch without
competition and at prices beyond reason. Circumstances pointed to criminal collusion of all concerned in
the P. G. E. More than $20,000,000, the whole proceeds of the bonds, had been paid out in defiance of
the law, and many of the certificates of approval bore
the signature of W. J. Bowser.' The Government
Engineer estimated it would require to complete the
line, over and above what had already been paid, some
In the course of his speech, which is described as
a most impassioned one, Hon. Mr, Oliver charged former Premier Bowser with general responsibility, with
falsehood, with misrepresentation before the people,
and with knifing his late leader, Sir Richard McBride,
thereby mounting to the position of leadership and
the Premiership by disreputable methods. "The old
Government deliberately deceived the people" in regard to the P. G. E.. charged Mr. Oliver, quoting in
substantiation from the Government press of the day
reports of the public utterances on the subject by both
former Premier Bowser ana Sir Richard McBride.
"The leader of the Opposition." said Hon. Mr. Oliver,
with emphasis, "has been guilty of the greatest political crime in the history of Canada in the manner in
which they deceived the people of this Province."
At the conclusion of Hon. Mr. Oliver's address,
Capt. W. H- Hayward, Cowichan, offered an amendment to the effect that the inquiry should be by a
Supreme  Court  Judge and two engineers of na ional
PHONES   15 and 16
Dealers   m
A     Grush'd Roclc, Sand and   Gravel,   Lime,   Ce-
X ment, Plaster, Drain Tile. Etc.
V     Forge, House and Steam Coal.    Agricultural Lime
4    .
? 902 Columbia Street
| New Westminster, B. C.
reputation. In reply, the Minister of Railways urged
the speedy adoption of his motion, saying expedition
was most important; for. under the agreement, there
still was some five millions of the people's money
which would have to be paid out under the teims of
the contract of the company with the contractor, a
member of the company, which terms, as had been
shown, were wasteful and unreasonable,
Mr. W. J, Bowser, in speaking to the subject in the
House, on Tuesday afternoon last, took up the cue
advanced by Capt. Hayward the previous Friday, and
urged the appointment of a Royal Commission, instead of what, as leairer of the Opposition, he was
privileged to term "a partisan tommittee." He virtuously declined entering the lists with the Minister
of Railways in "any competition in the use of Billingsgate" (oh, dear, no!), and promised that he would
state his case fully when the inquiry took place. In
the meantime, he asked that the public would not
allow itself to be misled "bv the venomous attacks
of Mr. Oliver."
The motion for the appointment of a special committee was carried on division, Wednesday afternoon,
after both Premier Brewster and Attorney-General
Macdonald had spoken in favor and urged urgency.
Mr. J. S. Cowper and Dr. Mcintosh, two Vancouver
Liberal members, voted with the Oppqsition.
New Westminster, B. C.
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New Westminster, B.C.,  March 16, 1917
1'mj.p  I
LOCAL AND  GENERAL.     DEBATE ON ADDRESS.    t *�����������**���*������**������������*���������������������? jm*��**>����*��<m**><w��^^
The   Boy   Scouts    Organization    will
open   an   office in Room 23, Hart Block,
. through the courtesy of Mr. F, J. Hart.
These are all Kodak days, if you only
thought so. Hurudall die Kodak Man
shows you how. Don't be afraid to
ask him. tc
Hon. Geo. P. Graham and Mr. E.
M. Macdonald, K. C. leading lieutenants of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, arrived in
Vancouver, to-day.
Hon. John Oliver has advised the
Delta Board of Trade that he can not
see his way clear to appoint a produce
inspector for Ladner.
Tfi'e Rev. W. Govier, rector of All
Saints' Church, Ladner, has resigned
bis post to go overseas as chaplain with
the Inland Water Transportation Service.
William Montgomery, 236 Columbia
St. East, is returning from overseas service, according to information reaching
the secretary of the Returned Soldiers'
Employment Committee.
Among those from this city who left
from Vancouver, this week, in the overseas draft of the Army Service Corps
were Sergt. Quilty and Pte. Collister,
son of Mr. W. S. Collister.
Mr. Jack Eraser, formerly of The
Pacific Canadian staff, and well known
in this city, where he has manv friends,
is in town, having taken a run over from
Australia by the last steamer.
Mannering & MacKenzie, plumbers,
beaters, and sheet metal workers, have
removed to new and commodious quarters, 55 Sixth st. (Matt Knight's old
stand), where they will be glad to see
you.    Telephone, 922. tc
Under the auspices of the Admiral
Arbuthnot Chapter of the Daughters of
the Empire, a recital will be given in
the New Westminster Opera House, on
the evening of April 25 by Miss Jenny
Taggart and the Wesrern Triple Choir of
It is understood that Mr. William
Manson, chairman of the Agricultural
Credits Commission, which has been
making loans to fanners, or refusing
them, as the case may be, is to resign,
and that Mr. Maxwell Smith, of Der
oche. will be appointed in his stead.
You don't have to upset a lamp, get
short-circuited in your electric wires, or
develop a defective flue, to start a destructive fire. A mouse nibbling at a
match head or spontaneous combustion
will do it. There is one sure precaution.
See W. B Blane, The Man Who Insures,
206-207 Westminster Trust Bldg.
The sacred concert at the Opera
House, on Sunday afternoon, resulted in
S64.25 being raised by collection for the
King's Daughters to aid in furnishing
beds in the military wing of the Royal
Columbian Hospital for care of returned
soldiers. The building was filled and an
excellent programme was given.
Regret will be general throughout
Canada at the news of the death of the
Duchess of Connaught, which occurred,
as a result ot a severe attack of bronchial pneumonia, on Wednesday last,
in London. Sincere and universal sympathy with our late Governor-General
and the Princess Patricia will also be
felt and expressed in all parts of the
Senator Hewitt Bostock was in the
city yesterday, coming over from Vancouver with Mr. Chas. McDonland, Liberal candidate for the South Vancouver
Federal District. The Senator met the
local Liberal F^xeputive and o^her representative Liberals iu the Liberal Club
rooms, and gave an informal but spirited
''general preparedness" ta|k, which was
r|iuc'h appreciated by those present.
���'Never mind me, boys; get me on
the way back," were the last words of
,a native son of the Royal City, Pte. C,
Elmer Warwick, as he fell mortally
wounded as the result of a shell explosion, while participating in a gallant
Canadian raid on the German trenches,
on the Somme, last month. He was
sent back at once with a N. C. O., who
also had six captured Germans in charge,
bnt only lived a short time.
The City Council, Monday evening,
decided unanimously to invest $100,000
of the city's sinking funds in the third
Dominion war loan now being floated.
This will make a total of approximately
a quarter of a million of dollars which
the city of New Westminster will have
invested in this way, including $100,000
in the first war loan. Application for a
similar amount was made in the second
loan, but only $47,500 was allotted.
The City Council, in committee, on
Wednesday, declined to endorse the application of the Pacific Northwest Tourist Associatiation for a Provincial Government grant of $22,500 for a joint
publicity scheme for Washington and
Oregon to attract tourists to the Pacific
Cpast. The applicatioi. of Mr. B. 8.
Kennedy for the city to take space in
the Vancouver publication to be entitled
''British Columbia," at $100 per page,
was again considered, but final action
was deferred.
The Retail Merchants' Association, of
this city, are holding a public meeting
of all the merchants of the city in the
City Hall, this (Friday) evening, to dif-
cuss the half holiday question for retail
stores. Representatives of every line of
business will be asked to express their
views on the question, and an effort will
be made to have the local merchants
united on some course of action. Delegates will he appointed to go to Victoria
witb a Vancouver delegation, and lay
their views before the Government.
Russia for the Russians.
The Russian Duma and army haye
sprung another sensation on tlie world
by bringing about a blopdless revolution
that )ias overturned the Government
ami forced the abdication of the Czar,
who will be succeeded by his son, with
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch,
younger brother- of the Czar, as regent,
The revolution means that pro-Gcrtnan
influences in the Russian court apd
bureaucracy have had their day and
it will be ''Russia for the Russians"
after t]tis,
(Concluded from Fourth Page.)
not yet leader of the Conservative party
iu liritish Columbia. As to the challenge
to bring on the by-elections, the Premier asked quizically if there had nol
been quite enough election for a little
while at least. Mr. Bowser's forces had
been beaten all along the line, yet now
we had the former Premier announcing
himself as the buffer between the people
and the Government.
Referring to the Shipping Act, under
which the late Government had undertaken to subsidize ships for a year after
tbe war, Premier Brewster said Mr.
Bowser had taken great credit to himself
in the matter. He (the Premier) did
not believe Mr. Bowser had read the
act, and he went on to show the position of this Province in the matter. The
Premier intimated the act would be
given some attention hefore the session
was over, and said he did not feel it was
fair to tax everybody for the industry.
As Mr. Bowser had laid extra emphasis upon the Liberal promises to do
away with political patronage, Premier
Brewster had something to say on this
subject. The Civil Service Hill, he remarked, was on the way to the printers,
and he believed it would be one of the
best measures, adapted to conserve both
the morals and finances of the Province.
For ten years there had been nothing
but Conservatives iu the employ of the
Province, and now, when there were
some Liberals selected, Mr. Bowser was
lurking much ado about it and was accusing the new Government of patronage.
The Premier said he would hold Mr.
Bowser to his promise to support amendments to the Elections Act, to make
impossible manipulations of the ballots.
In reply to Mr. Bowser's crv that the
Government should not increase taxation at this'tiin;, but should go to the
money markets for assistance, and meet
the obligations in better times, Premier
Brewster said it would be unbusinesslike and what no business mau would
think of doing in his own business.
Already, in the estimates for this year,
they would have to arrange to meet
some $400,000 in interest charges.
Citv  Market.
Another ideal market day to-day
brought out a good attendance of both
buyers and sellers, with a ptetty good
supply in all lines of produce to make
bargaining worth while for both. Meats
showed up well, with no particular
change, except in veal, choice, which
rose a point, to 20c. Poultry ruled about
the same, and eggs held at 35c retail,with
28 to 30c wholesale. Butter remained at
50c. Potatoes showed signs of unbending a little, being quoted at $40 to $50
per ton and $2.40 to $2.75 per sack. Turnips brought $1.25 per sack, onions 7 to
8c per lb. wholesale, and carrots $1 to
$1.25 per sack. Apples, which were in
good supply, sold at $1 to $1.50 per box.
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Westminster, B. C. When you require
plumbing, heating, sheet metal work or
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Ferry, Fraser River, at Agassiz.
IN accordance with chapter 85, R. S.
B. C. 1911, "Ferries Act," the Government of British Columbia invite
applications for a charter for a free ferry
to ply across the Fraser River at Agassiz.
Applications, endorsed "Tender for
Ferry, Fraser River, at Agassiz," will be
received by the Honourable the Minister
of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of
Monday, 26th dav of March, 1917.
The limits of the ferry shall extend for
a distance of two miles above and two
miles below said point.
The charter will cover a period expiring on 31st March, 1918.
The ferry shall cross passengers and
freight whenever signalled Sand required
between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8'p in.
Applicants shall give a description of
the vessel it is proposed to use and the
method of operation. The vessel must
conform in all respects to the requirements of the "Canada Shipping Act"
and amending Act.
To the successful applicant the Government of British Columbia will pay, at
the expiration of every three months of
satisfactory service, the sum of eight
hundred and seventy-five dollars ($875).
The Government of British Columbia
reserves the right to reject any or all applications submitted.
Deputy Minister and Public
Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works.
Victoria, B.C., 8th March, 1917.    2t
I'lllt    MtlTOK    <!A-t    SKKV|U|..
SEALEP TENDERS for Motor Service, as required by the Provincial
Police, New Westminster, for the vear
ending March 31st, 1918, will be received by the undersigned up to 12 noon,
on Tuesday, March 20th, 1917-
Particulars of service and forms of
Tender may be obtained at the Provincial Police Office, Court House, New
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Senior Constable.
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New Westminster. B.C., March 16,  191?
Capt. Hayward, on Leave from Front,
Addresses the House.���Pooley, Ross,
and Bowser Speak for Late Government.���Other Interesting Speeches. ���
Premier Brewster "Comes Back."
The debate on the address in reply to
the speech from the throne, carried over
from   last   week,  held  the  boards  the
greater  part of this week in the Provincial   Legislature.    The  limits of   space
make it  possible to touch on only a few
of the more important contributions.
Following Mr. F. W. Anderson, liberal member for Kamloops, ou Tuesday
of last week, Mr. II. Pooley, of Esquimalt, was the first speaker on the Opposition side, and courageously essayed the
large order of defending the late Government, even in its railway policy and
An interesting contribution on Wednesday, the 7th inst., was that of Capt.
W. H. Hayward, of Cowichan, independent Conservative, on leave of absence
from the front. He confined himself
chiefly to the war, and expressed confidence in its early and successful conclusion. Referring incidentally to the
alleged fraudulent practices in the taking
of the soldiers votes on prohibition, he
declared that the late Government should
not have foisted the referendum upon
the people, but should have dealt with
the question in the Legislature.
Mr. losepli Walters, Liberal member
for Yale, who followed Capt. Hayward,
referring to aid for returned soldiers,
said he did not think the Government
need fear any sudden rush of returned
soldiers to the land. Men would go
back to their old occupations and into
settled communities as fast as they could
be assimilated. Coming from a mining
district, he dealt with the injurious
effect of the importation of fuel oil, for
which evil he directly charged Sir Richard McBride with responsibility for, he
having urged railways to adopt oil for
fuel. The result had been a great increase in the importation of oil and a
falling off in the productiou of coal,
which was one of the greatest natural resources of this Province. Mr. Walters
���advocated the use ot pulverized coal to
offset fuel oil. Something should be
done by the Government to encourage
chemical research. He summed up the
whole operation of the Department of
Mines for the last thirteen vears as just
an excuse for Sir Richard McBride to
draw an extra $6,000 a year.
Dr. Rose, Conservative member for
Nelson, closed the debate for the day,
Among the suggestions made by Dr.
Rose was that there should be a provincial home for aged and destitute prospectors who had done so much to develop
B. C.
Mr. F. A. Pauline, of Saanich, Liberal,
in continuing the debate on Thursday of
last week, referred to the high price of
coal as a considerable factor in the increased cost of living. Twenty years
ago, he said, the price had been $5.50 a
ton. The Government had first put on
a royalty of ten cents per ton, and the
result to the public was a rise of 50
cents. Later the royalty was increased
to 50 cents, and the corresponding increase to the public was one dollar a ton,
and the price had beeu up ever since.
In this connection, he wondered what
bad come out of the inquiry into the
coal situation conducted some time ago
by W. E. Burns and a staff of clerks as
a Commission. The cost had been $10,-
180.62, but he said he had failed to find
any report as to this inquiry and was
not aware of any result obtained.
Mr. W. R. Ross, Prince George, former Minister of Lands, who was the
��urxt speaker, defended the late Government, which he said had conducted the
affairs of the Province honestly and to
the best of its business ability. He
trusted the new Government would do
the same, but even so it would not meet
with everybody's approval. He said the
new Government should get down to
business and not spend time revamping
old campaign subjects. He expressed
the hope that the Brewster Government would give colonization some
early attention.
In continuing the debate Friday afternoon, March 9th, Chas. F. Nelson, Liberal member for Slocan, spoke on the
Government side, and Mr. L. W. Shatford, Similkameen, voiced sentiments
iu favor of the late Government's development policies.
Mr. Bowser Talks.
lu a speech admitted to have been a
masterpiece of sarcasm and inuendo,
and delivered in his best form, ex-Premier Bowser occupied the greater part of
Monday's session, dividing his effort
between a defense of his late Administration and a criticism of the new Gov
eminent and of the legislative proposals
outlined in the speech from the throne.
As to the tpeech, the former Premier
was exceedingly sarcastic, apparently
being displeased with its length, whicli
was about three times that of former
speeches, and alluding in particular to
what he evidently felt was its shortcoming! in not making reference to the
writ against the old Government whicli
Mr. Brewster issued immediately after
the dissolution of the last Legislature,
the plugging episode in Vancouver, prohibition, and further inquiries of alleged
Conservative corruption.
Mr. Bowser promised that the Opposition would not obstruct legislative proposals designed to bring about better
conditions, especially with reference lo
returned soldiers. He avoided anv reference to the forthcoming P, G. K. inquiry, which he no doubt was reserviiiv
for the debate on the Railway Bill, 'n
regard to the audit of Provincial accounts, he deplored that it was to cost
some $153 a day for an indefinite period,
aud said all the information could begot
fiom the budget speeches of tbe past,
thd public accounts, and ihe reports of
the auditor-reneral. With reference lo
the fisheries legislation which was coming up, he said the Government ought
to go slow, and he took great credit to
the late Administration for the amounts
which had accrued from fishing licences.
Money ought not to be spent on something   which   the   Federal Government
ought to look after, was his contention
Patronage,   the  Compensation Board,
general   legislation   proposed
tural credits, oost of living, Vancouver
court house site, were all touched ou by
the ex-Premier. He defended his old
Government iu its patronage and charged the Liberal Government with continuance of patronage in its appointments.
He would oppose the transfer of the
Vanconver court house site to the city
of Vancouver, for a soldiers' memorial,
to be consistent. Vancouver ought to
pay for the old site and the Government
should use the money to endow a sol-
diers' home. The proposed gift was a
sop to Vancouver on account of the
forthcoming by-eleetion, and he predicted Vancouver would not get another
Cabinet Minister, for it would not be
possible for Premier Brewster to be pried
loose from the extra $6,000 he was get-
ling for the portfolio of Minister of
Mr. Bowser expressed the fear that
the Brewster Government would interfere with trie Shipbuilding Act. He
urged the Liberal Government to "eel
out ol its narrow groove and show some
courage and confidence in the future of
the country." His idea of "getting out
of narrow grooves" was further Illustrated later, when he declared il was
"no time for increasing taxis," but that
"the Government should go lo the
money markets of the world, and the
debt could easily be met in the future."
Premier Brewster Replies.
Premier Brewster "came back" in
good style, on the resumption of the
debate the next day, Tuesday afternoon
last, demonstrating that lie has lost
nothing in force and incisiveiiess by
changing from the first Opposition to
the first Government bench. His style
was in marked contrast to the sarcastic
verbosity of former Premier Bowser,
Premier Brewster went briefly through
the various clauses of the speech and in
a general way took up the criticisms
offered by Mr. Bowser and other members of the Opposition.
After appreciative referencesto the retiring and the new Governor-General
aud an expression of regret at the death
of the late Hon. Ralph Smith, Premier Brewster announced that he did
not intend to follow through all the
muddy waters that Mr. Bowser had
stirred up, for he had something bigger
to do than waste time with petty political aspersions. After all, he said, when
the contribution of Mr. Bowser to the
debate was analysed, it was all sound
and there was nothing in it.
Referring to the audit into Provincial
affairs that was now progressing, Mr.
Brewster said he could hardly blame the
late Premier for objecting, though he
himself in similar circumstadces would
welcome snch an andit. There were
many reasons why Mr. Bowser did not
care for the audit. It was being shown
that, not only had the Province been
losing money, but errors had been made,
there was no system, and it had been
shown where hundreds of thousands ��,
dollars could be saved. A solitary instance given by the Premier showed the
value of the audit. This was with regard to the bonds in London. It was
information they could not obtain out of
the  public accounts so glibly suggested
by   Mr.   Bowser.      The   audit  showed
already an  overpayment on the London
agricuT-  property of the Provincial   Government
amounting to  $192,000 in round numb-
As to the belligerent attitude of the
leader of the Opposition generally, Mr.
Brewster said, that could be explained
in part as an effort to "make good." for ,
while leader of the Opposition in the
Provincial Legislature, Mr. Bowser was
(Concluded on Third Pags.)
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for her Armies in the Field���for her Workers in the Factory���in
the Munition plant���in the Shipyard���in the Mine,
Do You Know���
that the rapidly rising price of food stuffs
means that the World's reserve supply is
getting small ?
Do You Know	
that a world-wide famine can only be
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Australia more than four times.
Canada to Britain       _.----
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Australia to Britain \
I'tn -in-i
1 .Jjiii
".li ' Wl..     X
"No matter what difficulties may
face us, the supreme duty of every
man on the land is to use every thought
and every energy in the direction of
producing more���and still more."
Martin Burrell���Minister of Agriculture.
The Department invites every one desiring
information on any subject relative to Farm
and Garden, to write���


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