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The Pacific Canadian May 19, 1894

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WAV 2 3 |B0_^J*
Vol. I.
No. 36
MER _ I ANT'S HOTEL, comer ol MoNeely
aim Columbia Streets. Best Wines
and Cigars kept constantly on hand. .IAS.
CASH. Proprietor.	
ROOM. Oysters fresh dally. All game
in season. Open day nnd night. Meals at
all Injurs, First-class cusine. No Chinamen.
HAItKY HUGHES, Proprietor.
GROTTO HOTEL. This House has been
thoroughlv renovated und refurnished,
and the proprietor solicits a Bliarool publio
patronage MEALS, 85 cents.
B, R. SMALL. Proprietor.
White eooks
opposite io the Perry Landing,
lag but eln
phone LOB..
I reel.
tcost of liquors'inul olgars.  Tele-
P. i).  Box BO.   HOG AN  HUOS..
ElcKOI't' HOUSE, oprnor Front and
Buirblo -iieeis. New Westminster. First
,.]������ bond mid lodglnff. best wines, "mors
,iml oiaar. supplied ui ihe bar, 111 It fc
BWANBON, Proprietors,
OCCIDENTAL HOTEL, corner Oolumbla
ami Begbie Btreets, New Westminster,
11. C. Rates for Uoiu-rl and Lodging: Pet
day, $1,110; per week, 16.60. The best of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars dispensed at tne bar.
J, C. GRAY, Proprietor,
Edinburgh,   May   17. ��� There  wero !
slight shocks of earthquake near Dumfries to-day.
Paris. May 10.���M. Comtc, director for
the Credit General de Paris was arrested
to-day for fraud.
Port Townsend, Wn.,MnylO.���Behrlng
Sea patrol fleet received sailing orders tonight. Sails at daylight In tbe morning.
Odessa. May 10.���Kara and many other
towns In the Caucus region of Asiatic
Russia, were shaken by severe, earthquakes yesterday.
Paris, May Hi.���A commission has boen
namod to inquire into the mental condition of Emile Henri, who was sentenced
to death for throwing a bomb In the
cafe of the Hotel Terminus. Henri's
counsel pleaded insanity at the trial, but
Henri repudiated the plea.
London.   May 10,���New Zealand   will
oppose the   (iernuin plan of giving Great | application is mude by
ontrol of Tonga In return for h
, Given   at the  Request of
Secretary Carlisle by the
Welsh Disestablishment
to the Back Ground.
DEPOT HOTEL, Columbia Street, tvew
Westminster. The host Jl.OUii day house
In Canada. The rooms are superior, mid the
Hotel is well adapted to the needs ot families,
to whom special rales are given. Board to
tho week at reduced rates. P. O. RILODEAU,
New Westminster, This Is the popular
Hotel ol the cltv. Airy and well furnished
rooms. Cusine department carefully supervised, and the dining 'tables supplied with
all the luxuries or the season. Banquets
spread to order. Lute suppers pr
short notlco.    Choico Wines, Elan
vided ut
Wfhes, Liquors and
Cigars'tn" the sample room.   A. VACHON,
Pure Bred Berkshire
The undersigned, breeder of Pure Bred
Berkshire Swine, bus always on hand pigs ol
all ages, whicli will be sold at reasonable
prices.   Applv to
Olnvcrdale. B.C.
Corner of Colmnbia & MeKenzie Sts.,
CAPITAL, all paid up, $12,000,000
REST,   -    -    ���   6,000,000
A Savings Bank
Has boon  opened   in   connection
this Branch.
Merest Alloied at
At present three and one-half yer rml.
Britain control of Tonga in return for her
yielding Samoa to Germany;   R. J. Bed-
don, Now Zealand's premier, said today
that the question would undoubtedly bo
an important topic of discussion at the
Ottawa conference.
Brussels May 18.���Tho attest of tho
German Anarchist Mueller who has confessed that ho placod tho bomb in tho
hallway of the residence of Dr Ransom
in Liege, on the night of May 3rd, is be-
lolved to furnish a cluo to tho international dynamito plot. It is alleged that a
self styled Baron Sternberg is acting in
concert with the London and Paris anarchists and that it was ho who directed
the recent explosions in Leige. The
police arc following up tho clue.
Santa Barbara Cab, May 17.���As an
outgoing train from hero was Hearing
the town of Summcrland, Mrs. A.
Ilugun, of this city, threw herself on the
truck as thn train rounded a curve and
was so badly crushed and mangled that
she did not regain consciousness up to
her death two hours lator. Tho unfortunate woman has boon in poor health
for some time, which resulted in softening id the brain. She bas attempted
suicide two or three times, but has boon
prevented by careful watching.
Vienna, May 16.���The striking miners
In the Ostrutt district, havo withdrawn
their demand for an oight hour day and
have pledged themselves to accept a 25
per cent, incroasoof wages instead of the
40 per cent. Increase, originally required
by them. They still insist, however,
upon the reinstatement of the agitators
who were discharged by the mine owners
before the strike began. The mine
owners, while willing to haggle over the
first two questions, decline absolutely to
talk of taking back the discharged men.
Negotiations for a compromise continue.
Vacavillo, Cal., May 17.���Last night
an organized army of industrials
marched from Winter's Valley route
forcing open Japanese and Chinese
houses, appropriating desirable contents
and compelling occupants to accompany
the mob. Vacavillo officers organized
possos, intercepted tho army near Vacavillo and combolled the release of the
Mongolians, arrested 81 industrials
charged with rioting: found guilty and
being unable to procure bail wero conveyed to the countv jail at Fairfield
ponding tho action of the superior court.
Port Townsend, May 17 ���A party of
United States government engineers
sent out to make the inspection of the
proposed sites of fortifications on tlie
Pacific coast arrived this evening on
private boat and spout tho day
Shorthorn Bulls for Sale.
FOB 8ALE, two thoroughbred Shorthorn
Yearling Bulls,   Registered pedigree.  For
particulars apply '"
ll. 1). BENSON, Ladners, B.O,
Victoria May Sid, 1894.
NOTIOB Is hereby givon tbat the annual examination uf candidates for
certificates of qualification to teach In
the Public Schools or tho Provlnci
bo bold us follows, commencing
no-day. July ���lib. at 0 a.m.:���
Victoria���In South Turk School Build-1 Richmond
Vancouver���In High School Building.
Kamloops���In Public School Building.
Much applicant must forward a notice,
thirty days before the examination, stating the class and grade ot certificate,
for which be will lie a candidate, the optional Subject* selected, Und III   will
tho above namod placos be will attend
Every notice of Intention to bit an applicant must lie accompan'
factory testimonial
Candidates aro notified  thai   all  tbo
above requirements must be fulfilled before their applications cun be llled.
All cundldnles for First Class, tirade A,
Certificates, including Graduates, must
attend in Victoria to tako tbe subjects
prescribed for July Mth and 16th instants, and to undergo required oral exam-
s. I). POPE,
Snprintendant of Education.
of moral
ch  Uf
Willi -ill Is-
over the sites in this immediate vicinity.
All were favorably impressed with tliis
locality and it is almost an assured fact
that the first work on coast defences will
be made here for protection to the inland
sou. The Behrlng Sea fleet sailed this
morning tiurl.li where tbey will spend the
Beason   protecting  the  seal   rookeries.
The fleet includes the Mobicuu. flagship;
Yorktown. Alert, Adams, Albatross und
Corwin nnd will be joined at Sitka by
the Petrol and Concord.
St. Paul, Minn., May HI.���Half a million dollars will scarcely cover the damage done by the great storm of yesterday
and last night in Minnesota and Western
Wisconsin. The downpour of rain was
the greatest ovor known in this soctlon
of tbo North West and tn many place
wns us destructive us a waterspout
death list, BO fur. includes live, one
being killed by lightning near Anoka,
Minnesota, and another near New
Wisconsin. A woman und
child were drowned in Bllgalleo liiver.
near Spring Valley, Wis. Railway j
traffic is in n state of paralysis because
or tbe bridges nnd washouts on tracks,
Tbe Wisconsin Central track from pound
Stanley, wis., to Chippewa Palls, a distance of 85 miles bas been washed out.
Not a piece Of track half a mile in
length was left. Chippcwu City 10166
heavily. The Chippewa Ulver is ten feel
above low water murk. All duius were
swept away.
Loud  May 17.��� The (,iu i, accompanied bv the Prince of Wales und
the Duke of Cambridge, Journeyed to
Aldorshot this aftornoon to witness the
annual review of tbe troops on   Lafans
PlaiP,    They were received with   appropriate ceremony by tt nils Sir Reavers
II. Bullock. Sir Henry Evolyn Wood und
Washington, D.C., May 16.���Attorney-
General Olney has rendered an opinion
at tho request of Secretary Carlisle upon
the question whether Chinese merchants
lawfully in tlie United states when  the
statute of November, 1808,  took effect
are within the provisions   Of   the   third
paragraph of Bection - uf that  statute,
which provides as follows t   "Whero an
Chinaman   for
entrance into the United States on the
ground that he was form���'ly engaged in
business In this country, as a merchant,
he shall establish by the testimony of
two creditable witnesses other than
Chinese the fact that he conducted such
business as bo bofore defined for at least
one year boforo his departure from tho
United States and that during such year
he had not engaged in tho performance
of any manual labor except such as was
necessary in the conduct of his business
as such merchant and in default of such
proof shall bo refused landing." Tho
Attorney-General says that to interpret
the language of the statute literally
would bo to mako Congress establish a
now class of Chinese persons admissible,
to the United States to wink at persons
who might not be merchants at time of
thoir application and might even bo
laborers but who had boon merchants in
the United States at some former period.
But the presumption applicable to ovory
statute continues to prevail in the caso
of that or November li, 1891, namely that
it lays down a rule of conduct for the
future but makes no change iu the rights
already acquired or conditions already
established. He concludes from those
promises ''that this third paragraph of
section 2 of tho act of November 3, 1893,
Is to bo regarded as wholly perspective
in its operation and as applying exclusively to ..Chinese merchants who
came into the United states for the first
time, since November 3, 1898, and having
carried on business here afterwards
leave the country and sock to return.
Merchants already hero, when tho
statu to took effect, may leave the
country aud return as if the act of
November 3, 1893, had not beon passed."
Tariff Schedules.
Washington, D.C., May Hi.���Tho progress mado on tho Tariff Bill in the
Senate to-day was not so satisfactory as
that made yesterday, but owing largely
to the fact that several hours time was
consumed on the delivery of a speech by
Mr. Uallinger (Hop.), New Hampshire,
whicli he described as "accurate historical analysis of American legislation
on tho subject since the day when tho
Pilgrims put their feet on Plymouth
Rock." llo had only got to tho Polk
election in 1844, when he yielded the
floor with the purpose of continuing the
subject hereafter. Mr. Dubois (Rep.),
Idaho, followed in a short speech In
which be expressed his preference to
have the bill passod promptly rather
than the tariff question loft undecided,
and decided that the highest and most
looking i stable prosperity would coino only when
entries.   Tho Modocs won In 10:10.  Tho
professional quarter-mile dash straight
away was won by  Gaudaur   in   1:14%,
Peterson next, the other entries scatter-1
ing.   Money was lost pretty  heavily on j
S^^d^A-ta^MThe Government Relegates
were staking him for that position, but
he still backed heavily for the big final
race Friday.
Another Orders.
Washington, D.C., May- 10.���In view
of Attorney-General Olney's opinion on
the landing or Chinese merchants rendered this morning Assistant Secretary
Hamlin this   afternoon   telegraphed   lo
the collector of customs  at   San   Faun-       ,      ,      ,,      ,,     ,..,,,
Cisco us follows :   "Deportment   advised I    I-ondoii, May 10.-l)uvul Lloyd-George,
that forty Chinese merchants are nowon [Welsh Nationalist M.P. for  the  Cnrnar-
vessel at your   port  and  thirty-six   can ; von District, addressed u  large  meeting
establish, their character as merchants LtBanK01., Wa!es, this evening  on  th
nnd former residents here who departed ,.
prior to November 3 lust with Intention [. Parliamentary situation.
of returning.   Make careful   ex am In a-1
tion and if satisfied of identity as above
you may permit landing���they to remain
In your custody until Morrow's decision
is passed upon by court of appeals on
Monday next next. Before landing reunite from steamship company written
stipulation for payment of expenses
during detention of Chinese by you and
also for their return to China if decision
of Morrow is sustained."
protection was united with bi-nietalisni
Tbe result of to-day's action was the
disposal of fourteen Items In the chemical schedule, leaving those ratos in the
bill: tin flax seed or linseed and poppy
seed oil, 80 cents per gallon; on fusel oil,
In per cent, ud valorem: on hemp seed
oil and rape seed oil, 10 cents per gallon!
[on olive oil lit fur salad purposes, 3.1
cents per gallon; on peppermint oil, :.'5
per cent, ad valorem; on   seal   herring
! whale and other lish oil, :.'."> per cent, ad
valorem; on aqueous extract of  opium
! for medicinal uses, und on tinctures of
opium, us laudunum, 80  per  cent,  ad
] vatorom; on opium prepared fur smoking.
ISO per pound, crude opium being struck
out of tbe dutiable list to be placed  on
the ii list; on sulphato of   butyl  or
i'i1(, iniryt.es manufactured, 83 per ton; on
Berlin or oilier blues, 6 cents per pound;
on sulphates of barytos nnd limo, 25 per
cent, uil valorem; on bone black and
lump black, 80 per cent, ad /alorom; on
chroma yellow and othor chromium
colors 3 cents per puiind on the load contained in them; on ochero, sienna und
umber  ground   iu  oil,   i kj   conts   per
i\ resolution proposing a: Investigation
Into newspaper statements a toattompts
to bribe Senators, ilunton of Virginia,
and Kyle of .loutli Dakota, und us to Ilie
contribution of bull a million dollars to
tin- Democratic campaign fund at tbo
last presidential election by sugar trusl
was oilorcd and went over until tomorrow. Tbe Senate adjourned al
ii:ir> p.m.
International Itei/olla.
Work Hushed.
Vallejo, Cal., May 10.���Sail makers
have quite finished on tho Thetis. Marion
expected any day. Should have boon
sooner. Rudder of Monitor Monterey is
boing removed and will have an extension
made to it. Some time ago au extension
of wool was made with view of increasing steering facilities. It proved successful and extension will now bo made
of metal. One of the bost posted engineers in yard says talk of faulty plates
in Monterey is all buncombe. At the
timo she was being hurried in construction for trial trips, two plates not considered at tho timo quite up to the high
standard required by tho Government
wore fastened to expedite matters. The
Government knows just where they aro
and can replace them any time. Nothing
is being dono at present in tho way of
examining any of hor plates. Her bottom
is being painted.
Tho Bureau of Yards and   Docks has
required of Chief  Engineer Maxson an
estimate of the amount necessary to invest for inner sections of granite in stone
dock,   Mure   Island,   on   each   sido   of
caisson.    This  change   has   boon   suggested by naval engineers who have, boon
studying since building of now Improvements   in   docking   at   different    navy
yards.   Change   is   imperatively necessary for reason that it has   beon  found
from investigation that it would be impossible to dock at this yard one of our
lino of battleships because of her beam.
Order came to yard during visit of Sec-
rotary Herbert.   He at once asked for
plan of required change and expressed
opinion that it should bo made.
Emerald Smuiitllcrs.
San   Francisco,   Cal.,   May    10���The
trial ol the Emerald smugglers In tho
U. S. District Court is rapidly drawing
to   a   close.    Louis  Grconwald,  one of
men   charged  with conspiring with the
other defendants to smuggle opium and
Chinese into this port,  was   recalled   to
tho   stand   today   and   eross-oxamindu.
The U. S. Attorney questioned him closely on his transactions  and  associations
with Wichinan, another of the smugglers.
In   response   to   a  question Greenwald
said that in 1800 he sailed from Victoria,
to   Honolulu   on   a  vessel, tho name of
which lie could not remember.   " Was
not that vessel the Halcyon," asked the
U.  S.   Attorney.    Attorney Knight for
tlie  defence,   objected.    "We   are   not
trying   the   Halcyon   smuggling  ring,"
said Knight, " and 1 object  to having it
brought into  the caso"   Judge Morrow
overruled the  objection, but advised the
I'. S. Attorney to stick  to  the   caso   in
question.   The  witness  said  that the
vessel was not the Halcyon, but he
could not recollect the. name. He said
lie, stayed in Honolulu only a few weeks
and then cume lo this city on the summer Mouowni. " Did you not go to Hong
Kong, from Honolulu, before coming to
this city, on the same vessel that you
went, from Victoria to Honolulu?" asked
tlie Attorney for the government, and
tbe  witness  replied   In   tho  negative.
Although the government Attorney endeavored bv sever il questions tq got tho
witness to admit Bome connection with
the linlcyuii. Greenwaldparrled his interrogations like an Old bund on the witness stand.
The Exposition Court.
Sun Francisco, Cal., May 10.���Carpen-
tors began work this morning on tho
four arches whicli stand ut. the corners
of the Grand CoutI of tho Exposition,
and which are to bo covered witli pampas, cypress, nnd fipwers on the ocoaslon
ul tho great floral festival on Siiturflay.
in  addition   to theso four archos, there
will  be  a  beautiful  arch of flowers im-
incdiuieiy iu front of the administration
building. It S expected that fully a
million roses and othor Dowers  will   be
I tar-
evening   on
The time has |
come, he said, when the Welsh members j
of Parliament are unable to give thoir
unswerving support to the Government. I
The Welsh Disestablishment   Bill  was a I
miserable measure which no loyal Welsh-
man could accept as anyway satisfactory,
in fact, no Government dependent on the
Welsh vote would have dared to introduce it if tho Welsh party showed an
united and determined front. The
Government had not dealt fairly with
the bill ovon such as it was. Much had
boen said about giving it priority to
other bills and the Ministry had promised
to hasten Its passage. Nevertheless it
had to ho relegated to the tenth place
on the Ministerial programme. The
Welsh must no longer march tamely at
the Government's command. Thoy must
tako a leaf from tho book of tho Irish,
and observe strict independence instead
of an unprofitable and discreditable
servility. Mr. Lloyd-George's most violent lunges at tho Ministry wero received
With loud cheering. The other speakers
of the evening were the Welsh members
of Parliament, Frank Edwards, David
Thomas and John Herbert Lewis. All
spoko as did Mr. Lloyd-Georgo of tbe
Ministry and the attitude of tho Welsh
members to them. Tho meeting passed
resolutions expressing confidence in tho
Welsh members,
In the. House.
Washington, D. C, May 16. ���Ton
pages of the agricultural appropriation
bill disposed of in committee of tho
whole was the net result of nearly fivo
hours session of the House to-day. Tbo
feature of the proceedings was an attack
upon the monthly crop bulletins issued
by the department of agriculture by
Representlve Matish, of Illinois. lie
denounced tlioiu as a fraud upon thirty
millions of people of tho United States
and said that thoy were issued only in
the interests of speculators in farm products, llo supplemented his speech
with a motion to strike out the appropriation for the gathering of the information contained In these reports and
their publication, but whicli failed of
adoption. A largo part of tho afternoon
was devoted to a discussion of tbo distribution of seeds by the department of
agriculture and, after a vigorous light
by Pickler of South Dakota, Kay of New
York, and Wilson of Washington, an
increase of (530,000 was made in tho appropriation for this purpose ovor the
amount recommended by tho committee
in tho bill. A bill was passed validating
affidavits in land entry cases made
bofore. United States commissioners in
tho territories instead of bofore commissioners of tbe United States circuit
courts as required by tho act of May
86, 1890.
The Conference.
Cleveland, Ohio, May 10.���The Conference Committee of operatives and
miners mot this afternoon and discussed
the situation. In answer to the proposition of the operators for a scale of
On cents for Pennsylvania and 58 for
Ohio, president .lohn McBride presented
the proposition of tho minors which was
the scale of last year, 79 cents for Pcnn
sylvania and all other sections to be, adjusted on that basis. This should make
the Ohio rate 70 cents. The conferos
fi'nm tlie uperu tors were not authorized
to accept this proposition and the miners
refused to bear the other rate. After
sovoral hours of fruitless discussion tho
committee adjourned to meet again tomorrow morning before the joint convention shall assemble.
Terms of Compromise,
London.   May   Hi.���The   Daily    News
correspondent in Paris says that she is
ublo to give authoritatively the exact
terms uf the compromise between M.
Eiffel and the Judicial liquidator of the
Panama Canal Co. The terms wliich she
states are in must respects similar to
thnso already reported. "If a new company be formed," she says, "M. Eiffel
will tako 2400,000 worth of shares, lie
will surrender the Panama bills  now  In
Ills possession receiving lottery benefits |
tion on the part of this Governmont.   So
far as lie was  personally concerned, Mr
Morgan said ho would like to seo it done
under conditions.    He wanted the rights
[ of American citizens there protected and
j beforo such   withdrawal   was made   he
said tbat, lie for   one,should   insist that
the pago pago coaling station should bo
given to the United States permanently
instead of the temporary right his Govern-
! ment now holds.    As a   matter  of fact,
Mr   Morgan thinks we   should havo the
whole   Island, and  that in view of   the
probable  completion of tho Nicaraguan
: Canal,  under no   circumstances  should
| our interest in that harbor be  permitted
j to abate,
Dispute it  Contest.
New Vork. May 16���Particulars of an
| interesting race among ships and a dis-
j puted wager on it. have just boon  recoi-
I veil in this city.   A Maine ship-master is
I the principal, and the wager Is 8500.  On
| Nov. 88 the three big sailing ships Belle
; of Hath, Polseidon, and lrby sailed togo-
I thor from Astoria,  Ogn.,  on the 14,000
1 mile voyage to Groat Britain.  The Belie
Of Bath, the only American ship of tho |
I throe, Is   a   wooded   vessol of 1347 tons,
and commanded by dipt. Charles Curtis.
I Tha Polseidon and lrby aro both British I
[ships, the  former  1708 tons and hailing I
from  Glasgow,   the   latter a Liverpool"!
| craft of 1430  tons.   The Yankeo, alth-l
ough slightly the smallest of tho three!
was known to be a  smart  sailor.   The I
Bollo  of Bath was bound for Cork, the!
Poiseidon for Livorpool, and the lrby fori
Fleetwood,   Eng.    Beforo   sailing  from!
Oregon   Capt.   Curtis   mado awagorofl
S500,   with   each   of tho captains of the I
other ships, that ho would arrive at his I
destination   lirst.      ills  ship   however!
arrived at  Cork on April 19. while thai
Poiseidon   had    reached   Liverpool   on!
April   17,  safely  winning her captain's!
prize.   The   lrby   sailed   up Fleetwoodl
harbor  on   the   day   the Bello of Bathl
reached Cork, and that is how tho dis-f
puto aroso.   The terms of the bot wore!
not as to which should arrive first, butT
as  to   which   would make tho quickest]
passage.    Capt.   Rookes,  of  tho  IrbyJ
said   that, as ho had to go so much furj
titer the Channel than Capt. Curtis, and
arrived at Fleetwood just us soon as the!
Hello of Bath arrived at Cork, he madq
tho quickest passage, and  is justly entll
tied  to  the monoy.   Capt. Curtis holds]
that   as   the   ships   arrived In port tho]
sumo day, the race was a draw and thil
wager should be declared off.    Tho   del
cislon will probably bo loft  to   tho   wit
ncssos of the wager in Oregon.   Taking
tho voyages of ull these ships they  prefc
sent ono ot the most remarkable instanl
cos of close sailing on record.
Trial of Comnionieealcrs.
Leavenworth,    Kans.,   May   10���Thi
preliminary examination   of  Gen. Jobs
Sherman Sandois and his comniouwoaf
army, was resumed this morning beforj
IS S. Commissioner Wagnor. and to thi
surprise of everybody Colonel Wators foT
the defence, stated that he would nq
introduce   any   further  testimony,
the conclusion of  the   arguments Con!
mlssloner Wagner took tho ease nude
advisement, and during the afternoon I
delivered his decision,  holding Sandei]
and his men to tho June term of tho 1
S. District court,   and   lixed  the bail t
8300 for General Sanders,   and $200 fd
each of his  followers.    Mr. E. S. Blaei]
man.   chairman   of the hoard of Polld
Commissioners went on General Sander!
bail bond, and tho populist lawyers wil
conducted Sanders' defence, are scourinj
tho  city   for  surities.   It is said thi
should any of the men bo incarcerate
habeas   corpus   proceedings   will bo
once instituted boforo Judge Foster |
The  Samoan  Problem.
Loudon. May 16.���Tho Ciovcrnme!
has received Intimation from tho Unit)
States Ambassador Bayard that
United States Government desires to I
code from the Berlin agreement in |
gard to Samoa, provided that all
rights of citizens of the United States!
Samoa are safely guarded. Tho A|
traltan representative in London sc
time ugo Informed tho homo governml
of the intention of its Government:!
persist in their request for a tormlnatl
of the present arrangomont in Satul
The reply of of the Imperial Governiu|
was that an attempt to reconsider
Berlin act was already iu progress.
London. May 10.���Tho Austral!
Government agents in London have nf
lied the Borne Government that
Colonies will insist tbat the trlparl
agreement us to Samoa bo ended]
damaging to tbe Colonial interests!
development of cable and stoamshipj!
between there and America. Tho III
Government In acknowledging tliis [
test has informed the Agenlstbut pre|
ations are making to reconsider tlie
llu act. How fur lite views nf Ihol
onles will be   met by  Great   Britan!
perilling   with   Gormany   will   del
used in the forthcoming Festival,
lllises have been  received   for   fully
that amount.    Mure than   100,000
are already on the way from Santa
Austin.  Tex..   May   Hi.���Fully   ti,out)! barn, fully packed mid will  arrive
people witnessed tbe second  day   of   tin    ' ,.,...:.,.
groat international regatta to-day.   Tin
principal interest of V.:i
111 exchange.   Ef the company shall not largloy, It is said, upon the results o!
be formed  lie will  pay   the   liquidator  Ottawa conference.   Opinions   are
��800,000 and surrender the bills  ou   the '���exchanging between London and Be|
siltue terms." ,,,���., tu��� ,,,)���!,.���,
Madrid May  II).���lu the Curies   II
the policy of the Government In rof
to the hostilities of the Ulllians ut. mJ
wtis severely critlzed by a number n|
I putlos,   in tho course of tho debate]
ALL placer claims and leaseholds in
Vancouver Island and adjacent
islands legally hold may be laid over
from tho 15th day of November, 1893,
until tho 1st day of June, 1894.
Gold Commissioner.
Victoria, B. C. 0th December, 1893.
Sir   Francis   Wallace    Gronfel.      Tin
weather was superb and the evolutions dash, though the programme opened
of the troops perfect. Twelve thousand with one of the hottest-contested doubli
troops under the command of Ills Royal
Highness the Duke of Connaiight,
inarched past tho reviewing stand. The
horse artillery came   lirst   and   in   tbo
in time to be placed m position fur Saturday. Fifty thousand roses will bo
contributed  by  tbe  town of Niles, as
centered in the quai'tor-niile professional | many more Will be sent  from  Berkeley,
mil the  flower  grower  growers of Ala-
afternuuii  was
order named followed the cavalry, mltltia
and marines. Afterwards the infantry
brigades inarched In column, the
mounted troops trotted and the cavalry
galloped past the reviewing stand. The
lines were thon formed and the troops
advanced in front of Her Majesty in
roviow order and gavo tho royal salute.
The Queen presented tho Queen's cup to
Warwick regiment, the winners of the
intcr-roglmont shooting match of 1893
scull races ever rowed on anv course for
3 miles with a turn. The entries were
Gaudaur and Durnan, against Teenier
and llosner. The second crow rowed so
strong and so well that tho old timo
Gaudaur and his partner worn completely done, for when thoy landed at the
safety line. Teenier and llosner now
say thoy will challenge, their competitors
for another race. Gaudaur and Durnan
won by i boat length only, time 17.50, a
record breaker. In the senior four
oared mile and a half race, tho Modocs
of St. Lnuls and tho Louisiana Boat
Club, of New Orleans,   wero  the  only
meda und Oakland will see that nothing
is lacking on their part,
Election of Officers,
Oakland, Cal., May 10���The prohibition convention, aftor receiving the reports of the committees, and nominating
permanent officers, adjourned until tomorrow, when the election of officers
will take place.
Washington, D. C, May 10.���Tho
Senate has confirmed the nomination of
Nicholas A. Covarrubias, for United
Statos Marshal for the Southern District
of California.
.1  lonfessloll.
New York, May Hi.���Katie  Kuppu.   a
young woman who was shot on  Sunday
last near Jersey City by one Bernhardt
Allellberger, died to-night.   Allenberger
,'." ! who was arrested at Ullca, N.Y., made a I Premier Cunovus del Castillo   inontl|
confession to-duy.   Ho said be and tho I the possibility of an attompton the
girl left Uonio, N.Y.,  together with the  of England to seize'rangier with till
intention of inunying.    lie changed bis joct nf controlling absolutely the pa:
mind however on account of their differ-1 of vessels   through   the  straits of
out religious, she being  a Catholic   and i ralliir should such an attempt bo  nj
he a Protestant. After reaching Jersey
City they wont for a stroll in the outskirts and be deliberately shot hor. lie
said she had given liim considerable
sums of money at different times.
An Opinion,
Washington.D. C. May 16, Aftor Senator Morgan, Chairman of the Foreign
Relations Committoo of the Senate, had
read the dispatch from London, to the
effect that Ambassador Bayard had intimated to tbo British Government tho desire of tho United States to withdraw
from the Tripartato Samoan agreement,
he said that ho hud hoard of such Inton-
bo declared oil Europe would  prole!
such a manner us  would  proclpltatl
mosl   disastrous naval war over k|
to humanity.    No one  nation ovor
the key to Gibraltar.
Made Friends.
Toledo. Ohio. May Hi���The Sn|
section of tho Randall army arrived
this morning in box cars on the I
Shore road. Tho men saved a |
from being wrecked near Goschen,
the other night, and say thoy have|
friends with the railroad by so
Tbey were provided with quarters 1
old stock yards across the river. KEW    WESTHIKU'-EB,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   MAY lg, 1894
is published every Satciidav. by
Corner  Front and  MeKenzie Streets,
(Directly iu rear of Bunk of Montreal.)
and seek a position that will  place  blm , tliis city that thoy in   common
wit.lt till!
Subscription. $1.00 per annum, in advance
Tiiansiknt Advkutifments���Ten cents pel-
line, for each insertion. All transient
advertisements to be measured as solid
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Aeadino Notices���20cents per line,each insertion, unless otherwise contracted for
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New WestminstkiiAB-.C.
in the halls of legislation, where be will
bo more able and to a bettor advantage
servo this city and the Interests of its
people? atwoll as that of tho entire
Province oT British Columbia than in
any position that he has hitherto occupied, [lis personal character, as woll
as his exemplary lifo, pre-eminently fits
him for the position to which ho is
Mr. Curtis is not only all that could be
desired in his life and conduct,  but  Is
peculiarly qualified by previous training
for the moro elevated and broader field
of legislation.   While his duties in  this
wider sphere will extend   all   over tho
Province, yet his own constituency will
be his immediate charge.     Having filled
several positions of trust beforo to the
satisfaction of   thoso   that  confided   in
him, and having interested   himself In
every move and step  that tbo cltv has
r^' j made   in ��the  last   fow   years,    ho   is
��ItC    3��flCtfiC    (JClWtaMtUt. I abundantly acquainted with  the needs
���  , of the community In its relation  to the
cannot very well remain  in  power vory i
balance of tho people of Canada,'supply I long-   The Government is liable  to bo;
tho funds whereby postmasters are being      Tho present contest is  that of  sound   i��� the opposition at any   moment.    The
paid"   Is it  just  that  we   should   pay ' business principles, good  judgment  and   tender string that holds   the   party  to-
twclve months' wages  for  less  than six   common sense against that of fads  and   B,,tlier is practically invisible and   liable !
months'  work?     What  would   soon  be   whims.      The   Opposition    is    entirely   to bo broken at any moment.     It   is tho ;
the  condition   of   things   iu   our   civil  devoid of any piatrorm or polit-y.    Tliey   Wonder of all people that lt has not been
service if all the officers of tho Govern- j bave ono whim on  the Island,   in   Na-  torn up root  and   branch   before   now.,
ment were permitted the same  latitude  halmo and elsewhere,  another  in  Van-  The Liberal party is   consumed   by the!
as our former representative during the couver, New Westminster and the rural  extreme views of a large number of its |
last four years?   Ask yourselves if tho j districts.   The oppositionists in Nanaimo | members.   Men  who are actually con
Dominion   Government o has   not
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  The following   report  of   the   Royal
dealt ��� want tho  Government   to   plunge   the ( servativo in their own  personal  affairs, ' Commissian appointed  to   inquire   Into
exceedingly lenient and liberal with him
in allowing him to terminate his four
years In the House. Let us ask our
postmaster how much he paid his clerks,
who did all tho work whilo he added
another U000 to his exchequer at Victoria by looking wise and attempting to
defame the reputation of the Province
at homo and abroad. Nothing could be
more damaging to the reputation of our
Province and Government, if universally
Province in debt of $3,000,000 by the j from somo imaginary causes leading j certain matters concerning the Nakusp
purchase of a railroad that does not pay j them to believe that they suffer in the | & Slocan Railway is published for gen-
oxpenses at the   present   time   to  tho j uu|ty of their particular localities with | oral information.   By Command.
private company that own and operate \ the Imperial Government through the
it, while those on tho Mainland denounce I Imperial Parliament, have permitted
the Governmont .becauso thoy daro to ! themselves to bo persuaded that a grea-
assunie the ihtcrcst.and bonds of roads ! ter benefit would result to thom if they
that aro practically guaranteed to bo j Were soparated. As far as separation
operated without involving the people in j means the division of. the work thore
ono cent of indebtedness. The opposi. j might be some oxcuso for tbo belief and
tionists havo no higher motive than   to | a certain degree of plausibility  in  their
A.  Campbell Reddie,
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
To the Honorable Edgar Dewdney, Lien-
tenanl-Uoveriior of the Province of British
Columbia ^^^1
With this issue  a   change   goes   Into
effect in the management of the Pacific
��� Canadian-. Tho undersigned, who have
conducted the journal 'rom Its inception,
huve disposed of thoir interest und good
will in the business, which will hereafter
be conducted by Mr. A. II. llowells, late
publisher of the Mission City News, a
gent teniau of large journalistic experience. Bofore taking leave of our
readers, we wish to return our very
sincere thanks for the favor and patronage so heartily accorded to our publication throughout Westminster District.
We also feel that wo should express our
approcition of the courtesy of the daily
Press of the Province in extending to
our weekly issue tho privilege of ox-
change. The now management have
arranged for the publication of a morning paper, a venture that we contemplated a short time ago, and the result
will be a more newsy weekly issue, and
as our subscribers will regularly receive
the paper as heretofore, they will no
doubt bo benefitted by the change. Mr.
Howells is already well and favorably
known north of the river, and wo hero
take the liberty of recommending him
to our friends In southern section, especially in the Riding of Delta. We hope a
cordial patronage will be extended to
Readers, we bid you good-bye. Possibly the connection may some time be
resumed in another field.
Yours sincerely,
Galbhaitii * Robinson".
New Westminster, May 10, '91.
government of the Province and perfectly competent to see that Its requirements are attended to. llo Is a man of
good judgment, sound sense and of much
more thun ordinary ability.   He will not
spread himself all over ccreatlou as did
nur former representative and endeavor
to appeal to tho lower instincts of mankind at the expense of reason, Intelligence and tho sense of the people, who
elected bim. Mr. Curtis, we trust, will
have sufficient honor and dignity about
him, if elected, to represent his constituents and not  himself,   and before ho
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ We,  the   undersigned  Commissioners
known, than the fact that we permitted j securo control of the reins of government I argument, but if it implies any advance- j appointed by the Commission of tho 20th
a postmaster of an important post oflice j by any moans. Any moans to them , ment beyond that it, would eventually day 0f April, 1894, to inquire into cor-
to draw his full salary for twelve months justify the end in view. The thinking J prove to bo the greatest disaster politi- tain matters therein mentioned, conns a postmaster for'six months work and : people of every community are alive, to ; cally and socially that could ever occur > coming the Nakusp _ Slocan   Railway
an additional sum of S000, with mileage
and free, passes as a politician for tho
other six months. The. universal permission of such a rotten condition of
things as that would swamp any Governmont.
their hypncrlsy and are well armed to
moot tiio issue. This is pre-eminently
the ease in the city of Now Westminster.
to them.    Unity is strength to-day as of | Company have the honor
whole reduces that force and   decreases
Tlie past bas been more than   abundant I its capabilities.    The   tendency   of   the
to them.   Thoy are already surfeited by | ago is lo enlarge and to extend tho forces
,^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^__^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^__       t0 report that
Any division or deduction of   the I tne manner in which that  inquiry  has
boon   make,   and   the   evidenco
Now that our former representative
bus refused us the, opportunity to bulbil
upon his actions we have to do il upon
such tactics. They are determined to be
represented in the futuro by a man that
is in accord with their privnte and  com-
of civilisation und countries. The larger
the country the better il is for tlie people. The rights of the people are better
protected In tbe larger countries than
the smaller ones.    Thero are liberties in
undertakes any radical step that may | The faot tMt he wa9 at ubortyi ln a fre
nlcrcial Interests  and  sentiments.   The
recent attempt to cater to tho^votes of
his substitute. jThe former preferred tbe ItD0 unthinking class of the electors, who I Great Britain to-day that nre   not  en-
loaves and fishes rather than tho master, | aro   lcd to boliovo that   the  world is joyed in any other country perhaps upon
and of courso liko all such pooplo should- j turning to tho left instead of tho right,   the face of the earth, with  the  possible
ers the   blame   upon   innocent   parties. |ll,ls   become   unsatisfactory    and   con-! exception of the great   republic   to  tho
compromise the electors .of this city,
ascertain their feeling upon the matter.
lie is not the man that will deceive himself into believing tbat he represents his
people when he really represents his
own individual whims andidlosyncracios.
* * ���
Tho   people  of   this   city   may   rest
assured that tho nominee   of   the   independent supporters of the present Government will consult their interests and
not his own personal  agrandisement as
a semi-leader of a small faction  of the
members  of   the House.    The   former
representative of this city was  elected i
as an Independent, supporter of tho Gov-1
eminent, and  instead of   remaining as |
such ho became Its bitterest antagonist,
and that without previous consultation
with tlie people that placed  him   thore.
How long would representative Govern-]
ment remain,in existence in the world if
leach   member  of   parliament   pursued!
i such a course and follow his own whims
: and fads instead of the higher souse and !
: convictions nf his constituents? Heathen-
! ism  would  bo  infinitely   preferable  to!
such a pandemonium.
country, to choose his own course, is a
sufficient evidence to any thinking .man
that ho alone is responsible for his
choice. When the present political
excitement is over and tho peoplo reflect and '''s party
over tho situation candidly and thoughtfully, the man that choose self rather
than country and his fellow men will
stand in tho final estimation of bis kind
in the same unenviable attitude as the
multitudes that abandoned him that fed
temptlble in their judgment. A change
is to be mado shortly, and that by the
triumphant election of Mr. D. S. Curtis
a fow months hence. All lovers of
sensible government will  voto  for   him
Tho people of this city should
piove of such conduct by their  votes at
the poll next election day.   They should
rally to tho support of  Mr.   Curtis and
make bis olection a certainty.
Organization among the Government
supporters is progressing rapidly. This
will give practically the lirstopporlunity
to many in this Province to learn the
advantage and power of a compact and
thorough organization.
The recent reception to the Premier,
Mr. Davio, by the Young People's"
Political Association at this citv last
Tuesday ovening must havo been gratifying to the honorable gentleman,
ii-.- I Nearly two hundred young men greeted
' his presence in the committee rooms by
a demonstration and enthusiasm that
could not bo surpassed in any city of
equal size in tho Province. His able and
sensible, address was applauded throughout, and the impression of liis logic and
Incontrovertible statements regarding
the affairs of the Province and tho conduct of his Government in the past will
south of us, and even then only in proportion as it copies that of the English
race and civilization. England, while I
conscious of hor strength on sea and !
land cannot afford to be disintegrated
and separated only so far as the division
adds strength to her. It is gratifying to
learn that Lord Roscbcry realizes the
true position of the Empire and Is Inclined to strengthen rather than diminish its force, though his party may not
follow his loud.
Ono of the articles In the creed of tlie
oppposition organs is never to report
correctly and truthfully a eancus.con-
vention, or meeting of tho supporters of
the government. In thoir zeal to defeat
the present government by book or
crook, they have repudiated one of the
most, Important commandments in the
decalogue,   viz,   "Thau  shalt  not  He."
be lasting.    He demonstrated himself lo 1 People who in ordinary life and business
The Westminster News makes its i
first appearance in this city to-day.
Hereafter it will appear every morning
in the week excepting Monday and
thereby giving a day of rest to those
employed upon it ovory Sunday. The
character and purpose of the paper will
be better disclosed to its readers by its
perusal than In any other form. Any
attempt, in a single issue, to express with
precision tho comprehensive policy of
the News might be the means of mis-
loading some that are susceptible to
such a course and  perhaps inclined in I
Tho former member may claim that he
represented the electors of this city.
How docs ho know?- Did lie over consult
thom? Did he ever give them a fair
opportunity to be heard upon the
subject? Has he given thom an opportunity to decide tho question at the
coming election? No. What has he
done? Retired from politics at an age
that many people outer It. What is
purported to bo the causo of It? The
Premier, Mr. Davie, and other members
of the Ministry are accused of having
used privately and surreptitiously certain influence with the Dominion Government to force him to accept one of two
such a direction, which would be remote | alternatlve8. Whloh of the two positions
from the intention of the publisher to Vm he ohoM? That of a ^ w|)0
de.    Hence we  leave  the  contents  and   be,jpved Ulal ,||g cmmtry ^ ,n ^ Qf
successive issues of the  paper  to speak
for themselves,   lt may be mentioned,
him, or that of a mercenary?    Which is
the loftiest   position,   the   most  manly,
howevor, at present that the Nbws will LotJ8,8tent and patriotic to  one who be
nover be found  wanting in doing all in  lleved hla country  in  peril?   The soft
its power to enhance the welfare of this '   os,lio��� ���, po8traa9ter  of  tuls dty ,,t
city and to spread its fame  abroad %  W,0oo a yoar, or that of a legislator de-1
publishing to the. world the Inexhaustible | fending the rights and liberties of the
j be a sonsible leader and a person in
whose hands the reins of government
may woll remain.
*      #      #
lie is level headed, uninfluenced by
the fads of the time, energetic aud
determined to administer the affairs of
state upon sound business principles.
He does uot appeal to the emotional and
momentary impulse of the hour, but to
tho reason and intelligence of the people.
Ho has the courage of his convictions,
indomitable pluck and 'determination,
whicli the poople admire,,und respect.
liis Government will be sustained in this
This is a campaign of ideas against
that of boomerang, bombast and pro-
sumption. The one Is actuated by a
dignified, exulted and comprehensive
discussion of the issues that enter the
present contest while tho other yells
fraud, corruption and collusion In men
who have tho confidence nf the intelligent, portion of every community, for the
purpose of lending astray the unwary
and easily influenced part of our population. It is needless to state that such j city and throughout the entire province,
method of conducting tho fight will havo j by   an   overwhelming    majority.     His
agricultural resources of the, fertile lands
of tho Fraser Valley tributary to it.
people that ho so   dearly   loves   In   the i
^^_^^^_^^^_^^^^^_^^^_^^_      halls of legislation?     There  are  people
* i in this city who conscientiously  believe
In the  ponding campaign the News that there Is truth in this affair, while I
will heartily support the candidature of   tl|()S��� Umt ponatrttte   beneath   the sur-
Mr. D. B. Curtis, of this  city, for the  face of things see nothing but hypocrisy
parliamentary seat to be filled by the, ,��� Itg most aItle0US torm hl   u.    with
electors ���f this community, In the  In- g^oob'g, year  from the Dominion Gov-1
torest of the present Government, In the ,,,.���������.���,, Woo ��� year with mileage from I
noxt legislature.    His tbe conscientious | tll0 Provincial Government and  a freo|
belief of a largo number of the people
of tills city that their real sentiments
and convictions have been misrepresented
111 the parliament that  bus Just  closed.
Tlie accuracy of  this  opinion will  be
tested at the polls within a few mouths
at tlie farthest. It will bo then proved
as to whether this conviction is woll
founded In fuel or liOt, Therefore the
supporters of the prosont Govornmont
huve chosen us their standard bearer
In the ensuing contest a gentleman woll
known to the entire electorate of the
city, and who bus on moro' than ono
Occasion    represented  the   suiue   pi
whoso suffrages bo now scoks, In
capacity of alderman und mayor,
The porsonal character of Mr. Curtis
Is above reproach, und boyoud tho
shadow of doubt. His curly manhood
and entire active and business career
has been spent and even evolved and
developed lu tliis locality. lb
yet reached Ihe prime of life.
an ugo when his services cun lie most
valuable to the people of this city in the
Provincial I'arlioinent. He bus already
expended years of active, patriotic and
loyal service in every enterprise towards
tho advancement of tho City  of  Now
Westminster.     He is now called upon to
enlarge tho scope of  his active career
puss or. Boa and land, ono can afford
to spread himself over considerable
territory.    Ills stated   that  one cannot
afford to leave  o   posltl f 84,000 a
year for that of $600 or else his family
must starve, Aro we to believe that
our former representative Is incapable
to compote In tbo contest of life and
make a living liko tho rest of us without
a Governmont position, it seems to us
that a man with nnv dogr if manhood
aud independence in him would Infinitely
prefer to be u free independent representative ol the pooplo and tako his
chance like tbo rest for liis living than
to occupy a dependent inactive   position
at tbo will of a master. Having takon
the course thut our formor representative did lu the last legislature), bo would
have shown much greater magnanimity
by abandoning tho post ollice than that
of tho poople by his hypocritical plea of
poverty,  when   till   know   that   lie   is in
has not much  mere  comfortable
Ii<- is at tli;,ii nlno-tontbs of tho Inhabitants of
tills Provlnco, The people of this city
deserved at the hand of our formor representative an opportunity to pronoui/co
their verdict upon his courso and actions
in the House at tho polls lu the coming
only temporary success, even among tho
ignorant. Such a sandy foundation will
not support the structure of public confidence, and when the comer stone gives
way tho building crumbles to the ground
and is totally destroyed. That wo seo
signs of the foundation of the Opposition
movement giving way is evidenced by
last Tuesday evening's meotlng in tho
committee rooms. The campaign of intelligent discussion now inaugurated by
Mr. Davie and his followers is milking
rapid headway Into the enemy's camp
and before it closes at tho ballot box a
couple of months bonce the Opposition
will vanish liko mist before sunshine.
Thoy have nothing to stand upon save
arrogance and presumption, and when
theso expire, as they evidently will by
limitation, iu the light uf reason and unprejudiced thought, the Opposition
forces will scatter to tlie winds and their
place will know them no more.
The News is pleased to record that
the largo proportion of those representing the commercial and industrial
interests of tills present prosperous and
prospective city view these things from
the proper standpoint. They have nol
permitted themselves to be carried away
by the unroasonlng reason and tactics of
the absurd opponents ot   tiie   present
Ooveri nt. but have remained steadfast to I heir own convictions concluded
from their own personal Investigation.
Ideas rule in tl ml. Men of understanding will think twice, yea thrice
boforo tbey take a leap Into tho dark.
Tbo growth und development of government
meeting In this city last Tuesday evening
will not fail to bo a source of strength to
Mr. Davie himsolf as woll as that of
encouragement to his supporters iu this
The Government of   the   Province Is
making a commendable effort to secure
the control of  the   fisheries   regulation
within   its   territory.     They    aro  now
under the control of the Dominion  Government with the 'presumption that they
have the exclusive right to that control.
The   various   Provinces,   however,   are
endeavoring to prove their claim to this |
power.    Mr. Davio assured his  audience
last  Tuesday   evening   that,   no   stone
would be left  unturned   to  present  the
claims of British Columbia In this mat-
j tor.   Tliis question is very Important to
j the people of this city and especial in-
i torest is taken   In   the   mattor   by   the
Premier.   The case is already submitted
I to the Supreme Court   of   Canada,   and t
Mr. Davie assured tlie people  here  that
the contention of the Province would be
ably defended.
transactions toll the truth, apparently
have no compunction of conscience whatever in distributing broad-cast falsehoods and misrepresentations In political matters, that they know to bo so.
They have one code of ethics in the former instance and another In the latter.
They must evidently believe that those
who can toll ihe hardest, longest, and
largest number of lies are the most successful. To seo those who parade thoir
reform ideas and cry corruption and
fraud against all who may not happen to
think the same ait they do, and pursue
the course prescribed by them, is the
most amusing feature of tho wholo
thing. It is difficult to perceive, save by
shallow-minded peoplo, nnd political
tricksters, what disadvantage there is in
giving a truthful report of any mooting.
If the present contest Is to be conducted
upon the basis of intelligent discussion,
which basis alone is worthy of a thinking creature, there should be nothing
gained by tbo concealment of the
truth. Few will deny but that th-.! truth
will prevail in the end. What advantage thon there is in attempting to conceal it in any mysterious manner, when
all efforts of the kind are futile? Were
tho News the only paper In the District, we see no reason that would prevent us from giving a hearing to the
other side, though we might differ from
thom, and particularly so when they
constituted a portion ol our parish, and j
looking to us to be justly and equitably
dealt with.  Unless one's causo Is worthy I
The political   at Unisphere   of   the   Imperial I'arliaiiu'iit is   I'll led   with   Illinois
and uncertainties.    Tin
the  Liberal   party   in   Great
is   similar   to   thut   of    a
of     other     countries.       The
that    compose   the    party
present lime are   inure   vnried    ^^^^
is  slowly   nnd   imperceptibly   like | years past.     It  is   true   that   these con
of tho light of day, it is
ed   forthwith.    That
is      not      gold;       that      whicli       is
rof.l    alone    remains.    Tito   opposition
make, and the evidence taken
therein, will appear by the record of tho
proceedings of the Commission, wliich
we have the honor to submit herewith.
lt will be seen from the notes of evidence, that though full notice was given
uf tho timo and placo of sitting, and
also, in our opinion, a sufficient Intimation that the reasonable expenses of witnesses would be recouped to them
through the Commissioners, no one has
thought lit to appear In support Of tho
Tho only person from whom we have
received any assistance in this dlretlon
has boon tho Hon. Robert Beavon,
M.P.P., who, though not responsible for
making the obarges brought forward
some facts upon which be suggested the
absentee accusers might have relied,
Those wore : First, irregularity iu
acting upon the statute of 1893 before it
had actually boon brought Into force,
which could only bo dono by an Order-in-
But this seems though an irregularity,
to be quitu inadequate to support the
charge of corruption against the Minister
The Statues of 1893 was brought into operation by anOrder-ln-Council almost immediately afterwards. The whole transaction lias been confirmed and ratified
by the Statues of 1804 and the irregularity, so far from demonstrating that the
Minster was then the agent of the Company, points distinctly in ' the opposite
direction, since it would have been the
lirst caro and duty of such an agent to
seo that everything was in order.
And secondly; Mr. Heaven pointed out
tbat in tlie opinion of many persons tlie
undertaking which the Statute of 1804
imposed upon the Government, in Ilou of
that under the Statute of the tormer yoar,
was so manifestly disadvantageous, that
it was to be inferred that it could only
have boon introduce! and supported,
through corrupt motives; though it must
be added that ho did not make such a
It does not follow of course, that a
bad bargain must be a corrupt bargain.
An honest Minister, with no motive or
desire except to serve his Province,
might make a mistake. We do not wish
to suggest for a moment that any such
mistake has occurred in the matter into
which we have been enquiring. On the
contrary wo think that under the evidence adduced, and tho arguments addressed to us, only one conclusion Is
open to us, and that is that the arrangement for the construction of tho Nakusp
& Slocan railway, which was ratified by
tho act of 1894. is more advantageous to
the Province than the arrangement contemplated by the Act of 1893, and wu
have had no difficulty in arriving at this
conclusion. But however that may bo,
on the issues more directly submitted to
us by the Commission, thoro is we think
no room for doubt, and we find as follows, that is to suy :
Firstly: That tlie Honorable tho Pre-
bottor abandon" j mler of the  Province,   in   advising the
which     glitters \ guarantees mentioned in  thn said Commission, did not work for tho Company,
but worked for the Province;
organs seem to bo apprehensive' Secondly: Tbat tho statment made by
that tlin public might know tho facts iu ti,e Honorable Member for Nanainio Dis-
tho ease. A causo not worthy of an Uriel, In his place lu tbo Legislative
honest discussion and fair representation I Assembly, that It appeared that the
better bo dropped, li may be difficult Honorable thojioader of tbo Govornmont
for the Opposiiion witli   their  congloin-  had boon working for the Company and
oration of Ideas to formulate any logical
course  and  assume   any   definite   plan
difficulties of I during tho campaign. They want tho
at the
than   in
not for tiio I'rovlnco. Is not true;
Thirdly; That no corrupt motives of
any kind existed with or Influenced
Your Honor's .Ministers in the advice
tendered by tbein to Your Honour III
relation to the Nakusp and Slocan Rail-
that of man. lis evolution bus been
marvellous In tho past, and no other
change Is consistent with its history
and the experience of tbo race, from that
dltlons  existed    under   tho  Gladstone
leadership, but in deference to Ids age,
abilityi personal power and  magnetism
tho factional  fooling   prevailing   iu the
I of a gradual and conservative body to l-party was, temporarily held in abeyance.
i that   of   discontents ' und    extremists. ; With his  removal   from   tho   Held   and
Anarchy is not conducive  to  good gov-   another chosen to occupy his   placo, tho
 eminent neither is socialism beneficial discontent tbat existed for years found
save in part.   The development of gov-j its way to tho front.   The Liberal party
eminent will assimilate all that is essential of it without any radical course.
The old way is the best and tho safest
course is the most advisable.
Aid. Keary bus withdrawn hisreslgna-
*       #      * | Hon and  will   retain   his   seat   on   tho
Has It ever occurred to the  pooplo of j Board.
as its stands to-day Is split up so much
and to such a radical extent that scarcely two of the members hold the samo
opinion as to what should be the policy
of the Government. It Is needless to
say that such an ineoordlnato quantity
of discordant   and   incohesivo eloinonts
offices and it Is Immaterial to them wliich
way tbey get thom.   it is  much   easier
perhaps to conceal the truth thun to expose thoir fallacies to  the   public.    We .,
cannot but bid them good speed, but for ; W,,J *-(,l"l'aiiN,
tho sake of tho Province we wish   that     Fourthly; That no ono of Your Hon-
they will not suci I.    Those that light , 0nr's Ministers has had,   or has,  any interest, directly or indirectly, in
(a) The   Nakusp   & Slocan   Railway
for positions tire a  dangerous  class  of!
people.      Though they might be respotl- \
siblo at some time they do not claim responsibility on  sncli   occasions.   Those
that a re Interested   111 responsible,   gov-]
eminent  will   not   desire   irresponsible
parties to   control   It,    The   man   that!
proclaims the equality of mankind   audi
and that an equal division of all  tho    ^^^^^^^^ ^���^^������^^���i���
fruits of toil should be divided between j of tho said Companies, eithor In furnish-
the industrious and indolent alike is an j ing materials or supplies, or in any way
Company ; or
(b) In   Mm Construction  Company by
which such railway is being built ; or
(8) In  any contract by or with either
an extremely dangerous character. Tin
moment an opportunity is presented he
becomes a tyrant. A compendium of
the ideas of tho Opposition party iu this
I'rovlnco would result lu such a condition. May Jupiter deliver the people
from such an experience and calamity
as to liavo those peoplo to assume the
reins of government.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
Dated the 18th day of May,  A.  I).,
Commissioners. asi
The Premier of the Province
Addressing the Young
Men's Association.
The Premier's Able Address Received with
Approbation���The Youna Men in Polities an Essential and Important Factor���The Fallacies of the Opposition
Shown up to Ihe Liuht of Day-^The Cry
of Fraud and Collusion without Defence Before the Royal Commission���
The Opposition without a Policy or
Cohesion���Their Platform Adapted to
ilie Locality and the Sentiments of the
People According to Their Numerous
Ideas���An Ovation to the Premier and
So large a number, attended the meeting ol the Young Men's Political Asoscia-
lion on tho occasion of Premier Davie's
visit last night that even standing room
was not available before tbo close of the
evening. Aid. Keary, president of tho
association, took the chair, and among
thoso. present were noticed tlie familiar
faces of Mayor Hoy, Andrew and .las.
Loamy, ex-Mayor Townsend, .Ins. Cunningham, .1. W. McColl. A. B. Henderson,
Robt. Jardino, W- II. Edmonds, 1.. A.
Lewis, 1). Mctllllivary of Sumas, A.
Smilhcr, A. S. Black, L. 1'. Eckstein, W.
II. Pinlayson, G. 0. Dockrlll' IS S.
Scoular and many others, in addition to
the young men of the association, the
roll of which now contains the names of
over 240 persons. A request to have all
newspaper men in the audience take
seats at tho table was acceded to. Mr.
Curtis, Ills Worship the Mayor and
Chairman Wilson of the Central Corn-
toe wero invited to the front, after
which Aid. Keary explained the objects of the meeting In a happy, manner
and then callod upon Hon. Theo. Davie
to adress the audience and let tho young
men hear his ideas and opinions regarding tho political situation,
The Premier on rising; was given a
rousing reception. lie thanked tho
audience for the unmistakoable exhibition of good will, and said: I think tho
last time I had the honor of addressing
you in tliis hall 1 referred to the contrast
between now and a year ago, and although then I felt fairly confident that
bv tbe introduction of good measures
there would be brought a solid phalanx
to the ranks of the stable Government
in this Province, yet oven in my most
sanguine moments I did not think I
would be surrounded bv such strength
as I am now. (Cheers.) In Westminster, Mr. Curtis, your late mayor, has
conic forward; in Vancouver the mayor
is a candidate, together witli two other
prominent citizens, and in the ridings
tbe Govern ment candidates will give a
good account of themselves. When 1
see there is a determination on the part
of tho electors to frown down chicancory
and a desire to uphold the true interests
of liritish Columbia, I am gratified
beyond measure. We lind that in different placos there are organizations for
tbo support of the Government that are
growing and gaining strength day by
dav. and it is useless on the part of our
opponents to try and belittle them. In
the Opposition newspapers, which havo
soon lit ti* adopt a policy of untruth,
some of the strongest organizations are
referred to in tones of contempt, Mv
object to-night is to address the young
men of this placo. It is a hopeful sign
of the times to see those bright, honest
follows taking their places in politics,
for the day is past when only septuagenarians have a right to take part in
such matters. That day is ovor and you
will lind In all parts of the world that
voung men are coming to the front.
This was particularly drawn to my attention on a recent visit to New York,
when I was surprised to find that most
of the business of that city was curried
on by men not yet 4o years of age. In
saying that the lime is over when only
old men can occupy responsible positions,
I am not saying aiiything to the detriment of thoso whose experience is always
valuable, but tho young mind is active
and more capable of taking charge of
things where memory and energy tire
required, and where the best faculties
of tho brain can ba brought into requisition. When we get older we havo to
feed upon what we have learned in our
younger days. Youth is tlie time when
the best results ol our whole life cart be
obtained. The young, therefore, should
always be encouraged to take a foremost
position in public affairs, It is difficult
to say upon which side of the divide between young and old I would be counted.
1 feel young yet and able to meet any
obstacle that may come along. (Cheers.)
Although I am on the shady side of 40,
and''not so young us I used to be," I
cannot help thinking tbat our opponents
have made a mistake iu not bringing
tlie young men Into the ranks us well us
by trying to belittle them. Iu the Columbian I notice where they have boon
sneering al you and the young men of
New Westminster,    Nuw, while in tbe
article referred to they lire disregarding
truth, they arc also disregarding common sense atid showing a Want  of   tact.
An organization like this is entitled to
the greatoBt respect, as it is composed of
the rending and thinking men of the
place���for young men nre essentially
readers aud their spare time is spent lu
reading both sldos of a case.   Ami It is
rending men thai the successful party in
this campaign will have to secure.
(Cheers.) There is a broad distinction
between tbe parties that nre now seeking tlie popular vote, and the dividing
line between thom may bn said to be
tho same as divides a thoughtful reading
people and an Impulsive poople, There
is no such thing as cohesion on their
side. Government support Is a question
of the support of principles. Once it
Govornment goes away from the principles wliich it lias been carrying out. of
honesty and uprightness, then you should
desert it. It is principles, not men, thut
you are to support. (Applause.) We
find that there is no such thing as cohesion of principles, at least, in the Opposition ranks, in the country they have,
one platform they dare not show in tho
city; and in the city tliey have another
which It would never do to show In the
country. Over at Nanalmo thoy have
a platform that I have no fear you over
saw in the Columbian.   They bave what
they call a reform or workinginan's platform In  Nanaimo  and  got  up   by   tbo
miners' trades union, etc., and tbey have
brought ont  men  in  opposition  to  tbe
principles of tbo Government in support
of this plat torm.   Over there the  island
railway has a great deal to do  with  tbe
thing.     To  build  it���a  railroad   of   70
miles���besides a large land grant there
was given a big sum  of  money   by   the
Dominion Government.    Somo are  trying to make capital out of this   road,
forgetting that it was   the   vory   party
that is now trying to get into powor that
gave away the land and formulated the
first arrangement in regard to tho rail
way.   Mr. Beaven was then a
of tho party.   The Smitho  administration thon came into power, and to it the
Only redeeming feature of tho wholo arrangement is due.   There is not a groat
quantity of good  land  along  the  road,
but had it not been for the Smitho Government what there is would not ye.thave
been open for settlement. However, that
road'ls going behind to-day, and tho Columbian has never told you that the  Opposition platform in Nanaimo calls for
Its purchase by   the   Governmont,   although it would cost fully 88,000,000, and
whon purchased  would   nol  be  able  to
pay its way.   That is tbe platform thoy t
arc running over there.     In  Vancouver;
they have a Nationalist platform, vastly
different to that in Nanaimo.    The  lirst I
clause In   this  platform   is   Unit   thero|
should be no prolit out of labor except to
the  workingnutn,   which   means   there
would be no encouragement to use capi-'
tnl if the capital were not to havo any
profit,    Consequently when you say that
no ono must make money out of labor
except the laborer himself you make it;
Impossible to develop the country.   The j
second clause culls for representation by
population, and hence the clause has only
to be read to the outlying districts���that
justly    deserve    representation-to   bo;
scouted.    Tho Columbian ingeniously got j
over this difficulty  by   repudiating   tho
Nationalist platform recently,  but here i
is a clipping from itsissueof March '.'8th, ]
which shows that It, with the rest of the
Opposition, had adopted   the plank.    It'
paid to do so in the city   and so it was ]
adopted.    Hut thoy had to deny il when j
it got to the country districts.    There is
no trouble at all therefore in defeating I
the Opposition with words out   of  their!
own mouths.    (Cheers.)    I suppose they |
have a different platform of  their own |
id this city also.   Thev have one in Vic-1
toria.    And so, what   with   tho various i
aggregations it  is  a   pretty   discordant
party.    No doubt they huve au  idea of
having a coalition of platforms make one
grand whole. The Government has principles whicli call for protection  to capital and labor alike���work for the  work-
Ingman and.good wages and to render tu
capital what is  its  due.    (Cheers.)    All
the meetings I have attended  have been
successful   Iii   overy   respect    notwithstanding the statements to the contrary
appearing In the Opposition  papers.    It
is their plan to make the. people  believe
Unit there is jost a little  coterie of vou
who are in favor of the Government, and
that you had bettter go over to the other
side and be among   tho   winners.    The
fact of the matter is thoy are whistling
to keep their courage  up.     (Loud 'applause.)    Thoy know that the common
sense of the country is supporting   us
and they hope  to  frighten   the   peoplo
from voting for the  principles of   good
government by assuring them  that   tho
present Administration is not going  In
again.      Yes,   there   is   nothing   more
absurd than the policy  which   onr   opponents are disclosing   to   capture   the
Workingmen.   Now  many of the latter
do think, despite the evident   belief   of
our opponents to tho contrary, and they
see that it is just this kind of thing that
is causing hard times all over tho world.
Hard times are not caused by   want  of
money but by want of confidence on  the j
part uf those who have money.     It   Is ;
the   samo   in   Britain,   in   the United I
Slates, all ovor, in   fact.     What   with I
the  silver   problem,   and    other    pro-1
posed reform questions,   and  Coxeyism
being fostered in Washington, the capi-1
tulist thinks communism is coining and j
holds on  to   his   bunk   book   to  avert J
threatened disaster.    You will find  that
if liritish Columbia returns the  present
Government to power capital will grow
more confident: there will bo good times
once more (cheers), for pooplo will thou
see that this is a place where the  rights
of men are respected,  no   matter  what
there class or calling Is.     (Hoar,  hear.)
The present credit of British Columbia Is
second to none, notwithstanding the unpatriotic efforts of tho Opposition to traduce it and destroy  it abroad.   In the
Royal Commission on the  mutter  of tbe
Nakusp & Slocan railway Mr. Van Home
corroborated every statement 1  made  in
tbe Legislative Assembly, and swore upon oath tbat tbe change, from tho original
statutes was made at liis suggestion and
he showed that It had saved the country
hundreds of dollars.    It was, he  said, a
change from un Impracticable to u practical scheme and the most advantageous
to the country.     Read  the  proceedings
of the Royal Commission and  then your
minds will be  satisfied.     Head  the proceedings, but do not lake it for grunted
that what   yuu   see   in   the Opposition
papers is true.   Their only stock In trade
is pulling the wool over  people's  oyes.
Mr. Heaven was the  only  one  at   the
Commission  of    tbe  Opposition   party
and ho did not ask a witness a solitary
question,     but     simply     repeated     the
old stock arguments whicli have boen
explained time and ��� time again, lie
said he wtis not a lawyer nnd did
nut know how to cross-examine a witness. I never said that the Government
"would not pay a dollar" towards the ox-
peuses of tbo Commission.     There   have
been Royal Commissions before and tho
cost has always been paid by tho Government, lt is absurd to say thut I suid
anything of the sort. Mr. Beaven's Government bud a Royal Commission und
paid the expenses of it. lie knew that
as well as anyone. Can yuu Imagine a
mure flimsy excuse thun to say that 810
was not provided to pay Korsler's expenses us a proposed witness on tho
other side. Had the Governmont refused to do Unit there would have been
a case against them right there. The
people of tlie country to a man would
have rightfully condemned the Government. Do you think tlie Opposition
would not huve taken advantage of such
on\!^nmcnrar;o^knowv Excitement in Congress Over
Supposed Bribing of Senators.
licenses at
the Dominloi
There is a great deal of dissatisfaction
with the way in which the matter is
administered, and it is only just that,
the Province should take full control of
the Dominion, The case lias been carried to the supreme court of Canada, and
the question us to whether tbe fisheries
are the property of tlie Province or tho
Dominion will thoro be settled, and you
may rest assured the Province will be
well represented in the matter. (Cheers.)
On the conclusion of Mr. Davie's address ho was greeted with resounding
applause. Chairman Keary thanked
bim on behalf of the  Young   Men's  As-
Washington,   May    17���Tho    recent
newspaper publications as to the alleged
! attempt to .bribe  tlie  senators   to   vote
against   the   tariff   bill,   and as to the
j sugar provisions in that bill having beon
inserted in consideration of a gift of half
i a million dollars to the democratic cam-
i paign fund, were brought up in the sen-
| ato to-day,  and occupied  Its attention
,,,,_ .    .throughout    thn'   morning   hour.      Mr
b    j sociation for Ins able exposition of affairs  Hunter (don.. Va.) ono of the two sen
meinour \ an(J f|.om what (>e ha(, sUteA during the
evening that it was plain that
, ators whoso votes it was sought to buy,
���! expressed    the hope   that  the   matter
Government  for   the   people,   and   the   wonld beinvestigated and probed to its
young men would be proud to do   what deoths; and  Mr.   Harris,   (dem. Tenn)
they could to return him to power. Ho
then called upon Mr. Curtis to address
tho meeting, saying that ho had worked
hand in hand with hint  in  tho council,
joinedin tbo liko request on behalf of
the other senator interested. Mr. Kyle,
(pop. S. D.) is absent from Washington
ou business.    Senator Haiisbrough, (rep.
and while ho was mayor,   and   bad   al- j N_ ]->.) prosontcd a letter from the repu-
ways found him doing everything for the j tnd bribery agent, C. W. Butte, also inviting the speediest kind   of  investigation, and denouncing the whole story as
benefit of the city.
Mr. Curtis ou rising was greeted with
an ovation. He said: It is too lato to
attempt to make a speech to-night. I
havo a few words to say to you iu regard to Mr. Davie's remarks. If I had
enunciated my platform to hiin before
he got up to speak to-night I would suy
tbat he had made use of it In his remarks before you. The inuny-slded policy of the Opposition Is Impracticable.
They are laying before yuu Ideas to
catch your vote and in a measure to
humbug you. We huve been humbugged
long enough. (ApdlauseO it is time to
get down to business and think.    Here
a falsehood and slander. Mr, Hale,
(rep. Mo.) expressed his belief that the
stories were gotten up for the purposo of
calling away attention from other points
connected with the Tariff bill, and on
the principle of tho "stop thief'cry.
The resolution was finally agreed to
without a division, considerably widened
ill Its scope from the one us originally
offered by Lodge, (rep. .Mass.) on Tuesday, it provides for a committee of five
senators to Investigate the charges : To
inquire whether any contributions have
been   made by  the  stigtii'  trust to  nny
Timber,   Lumber,   Shingles,   Lath,   Pickets, Doors.
Windows,  Frames,  Mouldings,   House Finish,.
Mantels,   School     Seats  and  Desks,
Frnit  and  Salmon Boxes,
Sec,     Sec,     Sec
Importers   of  Plate,   Sheet,   and Fancy Glass
Lumber   accurately   Sawn,
Orders   Promptly   Filled.
wo are struggling with adversity.    For political party for campaign  or election
tho past four years we have been grasp- purpose, or to secure or defeat leglsla-
The Toronto
Ing at shadows whilo tho substance bus
boon wasted under our feet. They try
to give us catchy platforms, something
that will take, but after all what can labor do without capital and what can
capital do without labor? Let us tench
the laboring man that the capitalist is
not his enemy. Unless we quit this agitation, unless wo stop this nonsense, our
property will not be worth ten cents in
tiie next four years. My aim if elected
will be to found the policy of this country upon broad and righteous principles.
(Cheers.) Iu a fow days wo expect to
have a daily paper in the city that will
present the other aspect of the question
to tlie community. Then you will have
an opportunity of seeing both sides, but
1 hope it will be permanent. The Columbian has not represented the commercial interests of New Westminster.
(Hear. hear.( 1 am going to represent
you in the Legislative Assembly if you
say "Go, Curtis." (Cheersloud and long
tion, and to whether any senator lias
been speculating in sugar or sugar
stocks during the pending of the Tariff
bill. The committeo was stibseqently
announced as Senators llray, (dem. Del.)
Lindsay, (dem. Ky.) Lodge, (rep. Mass.)
Davis, (dem. Minn.) and Allen, (pop.
Nob.). Although tho tarilT bill was
taken up at noon, as usual, it was till
after -1 p. in., that any progress was
made. The intervening time having
boon occupied by Mr. (lallinger, (N. II.)
in the delivery of the second division of
his speech, and Mr. Higgles, (rep Del.)
In remarks favoring an increase of duty
on ochre, sienna, and umber earths.
There were fifteen itenib. disposed of,
from item 43 to item 57 inclusive, and
"medicinal preparations" were reached
when the bill was laid aside. At, the
utual hour for adjournment the republican side of the senate was startled by a
motion made by Mr, Harris, (dem.
Tenn.) that instead of adjourning till 11
i. in., tomorrow, thut  tbo Somite lake a
When Mr. Curtis bud finished a vote of   ,.,',,.(,;; ���,|U| that'-hour, the  object  being
thanks ably proposed by .1. T. Wilson
and seconded by .I. W. McColl. was tendered to Premier Davie with unanimity
and the young men Immediately afterward raised the roof, so to speak, with
the familiar linos of For He's a .lolly
(lood Fellow. Three cheers were then
given him and throe for Mr, Curtis���"Our
Dave" as they call bim���accompanied
by tbe usual tigers, and the mooting adjourned.
Selected at Dewdney.
Dr. ,1. M. Lsfevre, of  Vancouver, was
nominated last. Monday at Mission City
! to contest the riding in the interests of
I the government supporters.   There were
several candidates In  the field but the
' doctor carried the day by a slight major;
! ity, on the third ballot.   Tho convention
was composed of twenty-eight delegates,
| two of whom woro represented by  prox-
| ios.  On account of a certain irregularity
I ono wns rejected.   The convention was
��� largely   attended   by    spectators,   and
j great interest and excitement was displayed in tho proceedings and  Until  result.      The  delegates   will   now   rally
around   their   chosen    candidate,   and
elect   him   by   their   votes    when   the
proper time arrives.
Political Association.
The Young People's Political Association are getting down to business. At
tho closo of the meeting Tuesday evening the young people remained to make
more perfect their organization. Thoy
fully understand the requirements of
the time and are equally determined to
seo the organization constantly perfected. Tho various local committees
were enlarged for each ward and unless
the seniors take care tlie kids will force
themselves to the front. Of courso the
longer beads are delighted to perceive
this exertion aud energy displayed by
the yoiincor element of the city and are
desirous to bid them good speed. They
realize that one of their own class is the
candidate and thut they really fill the
position of assistants to tho junior membership of the city. They arc in tho
rae i to win, and win tliey must and win
they will.
The Army in Camp.
Modeslo, Cal, May 17���At eleven
o'clock the unity paraded the main
streets. Mrs. Smith, Lieiit-llonerul of
Un- army, was on tho verandah of the
hotel, as the amy passed. She wus
given three, hearty cheers. No action
lias yet been taken to move the army.
to keep the tariff bill  perpetually before
thesenate, to the exclusion of the morning business, and of til) other business.
j Tlie motion was resisted on the republican  side  and   was  met with a resort to
' filibustering, the republicans  declining
j to vote, and leaving the  senate  without
a quorum.
Washington. D. C. May 18���The lili-
i blistering lasted until half past ten when
a truce wus agreed upon and the motion
for a recess withdrawn. Notice was
given of a resolution for daily meetings
of Senate at 10 am and then at 10. 25 the
senate adjourned.
Delta Municipality.
A By-law to authorize the borrowing from
tho Hunk of Montreal at Now Westminster, a sum ut'money not to exceed four
thousand eight hundred (14,800) dollars
to meet tho current expenditure of the
Oormmition of Delta, before the Revenue
of the year IR<��_ becomes payable.
WHEREAS   It   is   requisite   to   provide
funds for the payment of tlie Current
Expenditure as aforesaid.
Be It therefore enacted by the Municipal
Council of tlie Corporation of Delta pursuant to the provisions of tho Municipal
Act of 1803 and its amendments.
That the Reeve, Clerk and Finance Committee be empowered to sitfii a promissory
note orrnotes, and to aillx tlie Corporate seal
thereto. In favor of tlie Bank of Montreal at
New Westminster for the principal sum of
four thousand elffht hundred (W.800) dollars
with interest not to e.\cec.< seven (7; per cent
per annum, the said principal and interest
shall he payable on or before tlie 81st. day
of Decerni or A. D. IH04,
This By-law may he cited for all purposes
as the Bank By-law 1804.
Passed tlie Municipal Council on the ISth
April. 1804. Reconsidered and finally passed
on the 14th May, 1804.
O.F.GUEEN. Reeve.
Clerk Municipal Council.
The above is a true copy of n by-law passed
by Hie Municipal Council oil the Corporation
ui' Delta; on tbe tit It May, 1801, and all persons
are hereby required to take notice that any
ono desirous of applying tu have such by-law,
or any purl thereof, quashed, must make his
application for thut purpose to ihe Supreme
Court within one month next aftor tho pun-
llciuiun of tliis bv-luw In tho Britisli Coram-
bladazotto, or lie will he too late to bo heard
in Unit hi'hult.
('. !���'. QKEBN,
clerk Municipal Council.
In the Supreme Court of Britisli Columbia,
In   r
���   Estate
of    ./U//.V   It".   PICK.I HI).
PURSUANT   In  un  order  mude   herein bv
���*���    llh Honor VV.Norman Bole. Local.ludiro,
the nth day nf May 1804, nut lee is hereby
futlillslle Tall.-.
New  York.   May   1T-I'eler   Jackson
Hi-rived   in  this  city   this morning, to
spend three weeks with friends  and for-j ....
mor associates,   He is bore for rest and
will   await   tic   arrival  of   "Parson!' | Armstroi
liavies, ins manager! who Is now on the
i way. Beforo doing anything furthor
regarding  tho   match   with Corbet, he
| will consult Duvies. "So fur as I am
concerned," said Peter, "there is nothing tu bo dune to bring about the match,
but wait tho pleasure of Corbott. My
money as you are aware is already up,
and I am waiting for him to cover It, I
don't like delny however, und cannot
understand why Corbett should   hesitate
! iii making final arrangements for the
Los Angolos, Cal., May  17���Local  Interest  Is  attached to the recent earth-
not  qualte in Greece.   Col.  lilacon   Duncan,
given (hut.nil eieiiit
are hereby dlroulod in
properly  vorlflod, in it
Wostmlnstor,   It. c.  by
letter, within une in,mil
lloatli I' this notice,
forever Imrreil.
Bolloltors for the Administratrix,
V a Block, Columbia Street
New West nil lister. II. 0.
first publication, May 10, 1804,
Ks tilt
send thoir claims,
wwu.v  .V;   Bold,  New
prepaid   registered
from ihe iirst pnti-
ur the sllllie muy lu
For Sale.
One   two year  old Hull,   grade   between
Poll Aligns und Durham,    for partioulars,
A. ,1. IblltllON,
Port lulls.
a thing, as that'.'    The.   people   arc
such fools as to Imagine tho Opposition I of this oLty, having made simultaneous
would not soo through that. (Hear, predictions with those of Prof. Ftilbe. of
hear.)      In   reference   to   tho  Canada Berlin.   A   letter   from   the   American
Western mattor tho Premier stated that
the Government was not going to commit
the country to any ruinous expenditure
either for that road or any othor raihviy
Scheme. The lisherles question is also a
matter of groat Interest   to   you.   The
legation at Berlin, corroborates tbo statements.
Cattle market,
Chicago,    May   17.���Cattle     receipts
17,000.   Market weak.
' A mooting of the Stockholders of the New
Westminster Otis Company, Limited, will be
held ut the works of tne Company, New
> Westminster, on Mnnduy the ttlst, duy'of Muy
i 1804, at 10,80 a, m��� for the purposo of considering the annual report of tho Trustees, in-
crciislnir tlie 1,'upltul stock of the Company
to ilSi.ooo.. tho duct inn of officers and generally transacting such othor business us muy
legally be transacted ut such meeting.
Dated this IHh duy ol' April, ISII4.
Shoe Store
We have much pleasure in tendering our second holiday-
greeting and wishing you all the compliments of the season-
Our stock is large, of the best goods, and prices are all im
favor of the buyer. We believe in keeping the money moving, small profits and qnick returns, and as times are hard and!
money scarce, we will help you out by cutting the profit to the
bone. The trade may squeal, as they have, but it is our customers we wish to please, and we are bound to do that with
Good Goods and Low Prices.    Call and see us.
who  are  giving  special  bargains, so  that every person may
have a new pair of shoes for May-day.
Opposite Tramway Office,   603 Columbia Street.
One of the Best and Largest Stocks of
D. S. CURTIS & Co.,     -      Druggists,
New   Westminster.
WE L__.__.ID
30 lbs. tlriinnluted   Sugar $1.00.
SI lbs. Yellow Sugar 81.00.
1.1 lbs. Knlsins SI.on.
18 lbs. Currants 51,00,
,"1 lb. lioxes Uncolorcd Japan Ten SI.IK).
r, lb. lioxes ExtraChoice Black Tea $1.50,
Shorts (Oregon) 81. in per Sack.
Bran (Oregon) DO cents per Sack.
100 lb Sacks Wheat (No. 1)81.60 per Stick.
Remember the Address;
Opposite C. P: R. Station, Columbia St.,
mo lb, Sacks Qran'l. Sugar 84.00 por sack.
II Tins Green Peas81.00.
II Tins Corn Si.00.
10 Tins Tomatoes 81.00.
1 lb. Tin No. 1 Baking Powder
HO lb. Sacks Rolled Oats |3.40 per
4!> lb. Sacks Rolled Oats 81.85 per
30H lb. Sacks Boiled Outs 81.00 pel
7 lb. Sacks Rolled Outs 35 cts. per s
1 cents.
er sack.
��� sack. BfcST    C0P4
Steamer Connection Desired.
A public meeting was held at Hall's
Prarie'on Wednesday evening May Oth
to consider what action (if any) should be
taken by the ratepayers of Ward 5 of the
Municipality of Surrey to encourage and
support tho proposed Steamer connection
between Victoria, Vancouver and W.liite.
Rock Surrey.
A requsition had been circulated in the
ward, and signed by some eight or ten
ratepavcrs requesting Coun. Johnson to
convei.c a public meeting for the above
purpose. Coun. Johnson accordingly arranged for tbe meeting to be held in the
schoolhouso on the above date, tlie time
gieven for the meeting being 8 oclock. by
that time between no and 40 persons had
assembled. They waited very patiently
until 8.30 and then us neither Coun. Johnson nor anyone else appeard with the
key to open the scboo,house, Mr. Moggridge called thoso present to order, and
said us it was getting dark and no prospects of obtaining admittance to the
scboolhoiise. Hit were the wish of the
company to adjourn to the Belle Meade
farmhouse and hold the meeting there all
would be welcome to do so.
The question being submitted was carried ununiiously. and all walked across
to the farmhouse.
Mr. Moggridge wns elected ehaiuinan,
with Mr. Cole us vice chairman.
Mr Moggridge explained the objod nt
the meeting in a very forcible manner,
and showing tbe urgent necessity fur an
outlet to the Market of tbe Province, for
tho settlement in iin- southwestern portion of the Mainland, lie belolvod that
some of the gentlemen present bud been
in correspondence with parties, who were
favorably disposed to putting ou ti steamer connection as outlined above.
He would request II. T. Thrift to state
hisviewson the matter. Mr Thrlftspoke
at some lcnth on the Importance, to not
only ward 5 Surrey, but, to a greater or
lesscxtent the whole corporation would
bo benefited, together with the strip of
country known as the two & half mile
belt and the southern portion of Langley.
for wliich Whito Rock was the natural
outlet or shipping place. He had, had considerable correspondence with a number of parties in regard to this connection and meetings bad been held in several places with the object of ascertaining tho views of the people in the matter and present and prospective amount
of traffic that would be available. The result had been verv gratifying, in all
places the people were anxious to improve their opportunities for reaching
the markets of the Province and assist
to their utmost in the development of
their settlement. In making enquiries
he found that there was not ono-
twontiet.h part of the available agricultural land occupied und brought under
cultivation, this state of affairs being
iarglcy due to the fact that settlers had
no encouregement, to clear np and improve their lands, as if large quantities
of produce were raised the people could
not get to ;i market through utter in���
acccsability. That if we secured this
connection it would be. the means of
bringing in a desirable class of settlers,
the pioneers would be enabled to dispose
of their surplus lands, nnd instead of the
settlers struggling tilling in an bund to
mouths style our country would be developed and the peoplo contented and
Mr. D. R. McElinon addressed the
meeting at some length showing the accessibility of White Rock for a shipping
point from nearly all partsof Surrey and
the two&half mile belt, lie was very
much In favor of theproject, Mr. Shields
A. Bamford. A. Cameron W. MeMenemy
Jit/.iier, A. .1. Annand, li. Kirby and
others addressed the meeting iu the same
Resolutions were passed supporting
the project and thanking Messrs Thrift
&McElmon for tlioir endeavors on behalf
oi tlie settlers to secure the desired Steamer connection. A committee composed of
Messrs Kirby, Annand and Thrift were
appointed to draft a petition to the Government requesting tbem to open a road
on the section lino cither one or two
miles North of boundtry to enable the
settlers in the two_half mile, belt to
reach the wharf at White Roek, also a
resolution requesting the Surrey Council to repair and improve the Campbell
River road west from the Hall's Prairie
road to the wharf at White Rock. The,
meeting was brought to a close by a vote
of thanks to the Chairman.
"Legislative Electorates and Electa Act, 1894."
Westminster  Electoral
Names transferred (i) to , the Delta
Siding of the Westminster Electoral
District, and (2) to the Dewdney
Riding of the Westminster Electoral
District, tinder the requirements of the
hefore named Act:���
Forster, William; Flower, John; Fenton.
Alex.: lSilton, Adam; Fletcher, John V.;
Figg, George; Fagan, James S.; Findlay,
Greenham, Thomas; Gray, James; Guichon, Laurent; Goldsmith, Arthur
Fuller; Green,   George;  Gunn,  Donald:
I'icholf. Mi'ler, Arthur Noble; Marsh,
James; Morrow, CharlesIIugh; Mordeau,
Robert: Moore, Joseph A.; Montgomery,
John; Moffat, Robert: Monahan, Hugh;
Mntbcson, Peter: Miller, William; Mar-
tiniek, Guiscppe; Matthew, James:
Matneson, Donald:  Morrow, Charles II.:
William, Brett Richard, Baker August
Francis, Baulicux Arthur, Baker Edward
Plenty, Bridie Victor, Brett William E.,
iain Curtis,  Scripture Thomas
am, j son, Smith George Alexander,  Shr1
l Franklin,     Spring    Albert,     Spi
Sabistnn John, Scott James,   Stifl
I Joseph,   Smith Gideon Edward,
.. ....... ,,    , .,   . I Gustav, Stevenson.  Alexander, San.
Hrown   William,    Barker    Christopher,   Wil"
Graham, William Charles: Green, Arthur  Matthew, Alfred II.   P.;   Mowat,  Alex-
C. F.; Grant, Duncan B.: Gilford, Robert
A.; Galbraith, Julius IS; Gilchrist. Duncan; Gairns, George; Grace. William;
Green, Caleb C; Gaffnoy, Patrick: Gil
Christ, Malcolm Robert; Gorrum, George:
aiulcr;!Morriso 11, Wil Hani; Milburn,.! times;
Mason, George Otikdcu; Mason, James
Swindell; Mitchell, Frederick; Marsh,
Frederick W.J Martin, Edmund Richard;
Milk'joure, Frank;  Moggridge,   William
Goddard, George: Green, Charles Freder- Jervisi Monahan, Robert.
ick; Gray,   Robert;  Graw,   Anst.;  Gil-1    Norris, Robert; Nelson, Johnson Kaul-
mm^o   OF  1>EI-TA.
international llenalta.
Austin, Texas. May 17,���When lime
was called this afternoon for the great
3-mile opening race of the third day of
the International regatta nn enormous
crowd wus in attendance. The lirst nice
was the final 3-mtlo bents professional
single scull for purse amounting to$2,100
first money being ��1.000. Entries:
.1. c. Gaudaur ol' Ontario, 11 Peterson nf
San Francisco, IS Durnan of Toronto,
John Teenier of st. Louis, George
Hosroer of Boston and Ed. Rogers of
Saratoga, Tbe race was terrific.
Gaudaur and Potorson both hustling for
first place though Durnan pushed them
hard for honors ou tho first dash out of
the iio\. Gaudaur turned tin- even mile
and a half and started back down tho
course like mad. Gaudaur led --lightly
on the down courso though Peterson
pushed hint bard. Gaudaur Bhol over
tbe homo line into safety only four feel
In the load of the silent oarsman from
the Pacific slope, making the race in
10.oi1, thereby breaking his record of
i'.i.oi; of lust year whioh broke tho
world's record, Peterson made tho rm,
In 19.03 'i which broke tho run of Gaudaur of lust year and Gaudaur acknowledged that ho wus nevor pushed so bard
on 11 fare ill bis   life   11-   be   wit-    tO-day,
Tho senior four,oarod race for 1 S miles
with turn wit- won   by   Modoc  rowing
Club of St. Louis in 10.34, over the
Western rowing elnb nf St. 1 .mils und
the Louisiana bout club of New Orleans.
The professional half-mile dash with
turn wus won by Ed. Rogers iii 4.03Ji,
Tlie Modoc rowing club won tbe senior
double distance 1 !i miles also making a
turn ill 10.10%. The great race of the
Week promises to be the challenge four-
oared race tor 81,000 which is booked for
Saturday between a crew [licked by
Gaudaur and another by Peterson.
Gaudaur boasted that be conld pick his
crew and beat, any team in the world
and Peterson promptly took him up
which resulted in tho race announced
for Saturday.
Anderson, Alexander N.| Armstrong,
John; Arthur, William Thomas; Annand,
Alexander Joseph; Alexander, George;
Archibald, Thomas; Adsett, Thomas S.;
Anderson, William; Alder, Henry; Al-
bcrtson, Christian; Anderson, Alexander;
Asbury, William; Asbury, William, sr.;
Anderson, Brick; Arthur, John; Arthur,
David; Alexander, Robert; Adams, Goo.;
Appel, Anton; Atklnlon, J. B.; Alexander, William; Alder, Henry, jr.; Anderson, John; Arthur, John B.; Asbury,
Samuel; Axford, Arscott C.
Balne, Edwin; Barber, Charles E.;
Brown, Christopher; Brown, James Williamson; Bawmcs, Charles; Bothwell,
William; Benoist, A. A.; Beaton, Neil;
Bigger, James Oliver; Beaton, Archie;
Bourgoync, Fred.; Beavis, William; Beaton, John; Burgess, Enoch; Black,
Thomas; Benson, Henry Doane; Boake,
Benjamin; Boothroyd, George; Brown,
Archibald M.; Brown, William;Bamford,
Alb u-t; Barber, Alfred li.; Bigger, Thomas; Bossle, Joseph: Bothwell, Thomas
A.; liovd, George _.; Benoist. A. S.;
Hennet, Thomas; Benton, Roderick; Beaton, Kenneth; Byram, Arastus Hamilton; Brown, James; Barclay, William
M.; I test, William James, sr.; Browne,
Edward Sluaue; Byron), George; Burr,
Joseph Benjamin; Bun', William Henry,
st.: Brown, David VV.; Bell, William:
Burr. John .1.: Bruskey, George; Booth,
William: Brockie, Archibald; Biggar,
David Ronnie; Braden, Robert Alexander;
Bovill, Arthur John; Boothroyd, George
Arthur, Blair, George Irvine; Breen,
John .1.; Brown. James Lockie; Brudoik,
Ole John Nilson; Brown, David Williamson, jr.; Boxall, John; Brown, Peter
Stanley; Bose, Henry; Bent, Omar;
Browne, Huns Sloane: Buckley. James;
Bath, John 11.: Borden, William Perry;
Barrett, Walter; Broe, John _.; Blair,
Samuel; Bnrbriek, Duncan C; Buio,
Duncan; Best, William J,, Jr.; Beaton,
AlexanderX.; Boyes.John; Boyes.Francis
Dickson: Bath, Josinh: Beaton, Alexander; Biggar, John William; Brown,
Robert; Bothwell, James; Boothroyd,
James Forrest; Bovill, Wheatley; Boyes,
Thomas Wiglitman; Bauingartner, Samuel Charles. Brown, Peter Sinclair; Ber-
trand, Charles; Bussaiiich, Marco; Bosc,
Lewis; Bryant, Lowis; Buckingham,
William Elijah; Broe, Larse, _.; Borg-
strom, Janne; Babies, John Harry: Balfour, Robert; Broe, Andrew G.; Buckley.
James; Barry. Lurry; Barnes, Edwin
John: Best, William, J.; Burtbolmo,
Currie, Douglas B.; Carmichael Alexander IS; Chantrcll, Henry Denis; Cox,
Marcus; Cameron, Neil: Carmichael,
Dongal; Cromarty, James; Carrol, Bartholomew; Campbell, Allan: Cann,George
Whitfield; Carter, George Chi pin an;
Coughlan, Henry: Collishaw, William:
Cardinal, Charles; Cammidge, Edwin;
Cameron. John: Cameron, Peter Camp-
bell; Curtis, William Edwin: Clausen, I McDonald,Jol,n
Charlos Nicolat; Calhoun, Edgar Wet-'
more; Cawker, Samuel; Cawker. John;
Carter,'James; Cameron,  William: Car-, Willi.,llK   Mclsaac.    Nell;   McCloskoy,
man,    Simeon;      utnmings,    Rodorick; G Mclnnos, John; Mclnnos, Rode'i-
i nrter,Goorgo;< edcrborg Gustaf Adolph; - |o,    Mot,,arraldi  Nell   Anglls.   Mclta0
Cunningham, John; Chaplin, Suther P.; Jn0i   AlBxandor.   McDonald,   Malcolm;
Cazkick,   Andrew:   ( bouttor,   George; McTvol. John Doiial(J. Milium, Jamoa
Campbell,  George; Colo, Joseph; Card, jicLellau, Aloxtind
Silas; Crulman, Warren; Carrie, Thomas;   a. McKwan   Wall
Suther I
Joseph; Card,
: Carrie, Thomas;
Cross, Gavin; Cromarty, David; Coughlan,
Nathaniel; Campbell, John C; Calhoun,
John Colbourn; Cottel, William Trowyn;
Culbort, Thomas; Cameron, Alexander;
i obban, William; Camoron, Charles C;
Calhoun. Emerson James; Campbell,
Archd. II.: Cawker, Samuol, Jr.; Carncross, Charles Arthur; Craig, Daniel;
Campbell, Archibald; Cbidell, Ernest
Raymond; Carmichael, Dougdld; Camp-
boll,  Alex.:   Cave,   Edward
beck; Norris, Levi; Nelson. Jus. Hy
llavelock; Nilsson, Nils; Nelson. William
Needham, Harry: Nelson, Matthew A.;
Nelson, Martin; Norris, Leonard: Nelson,
J David Horatio; Nilson, Ole John; Nelson,
Nils: Nelson, James A.; Norman, Ben.
O'Brien, Edward; Oakes, Robert;
1 Oliver, John; Owen, Herbert Bernard;
Houston, James; Ilicks, Henry A.;! Oliver, Warren; Olson, Frank; Olson,
Bands, Henry: Ileafcy, Patrick James; j.lohn; O'Brien, Joseph: Ormlstoii, George
lliitt. James: Holding, Alexander; Hob-1 B.; Olson, Swan; O'Brien, James,
bins, Samuel; Haines, Charles IS: Hon- Pi I'mitcr, Thomas; Pngc.Zcans Dutiicl;
derson, William John; Hauck, Gustav; Parr, Edward; Paris, Jno. Davie; Pat-
Hossack, James; Hodder, John J/; Hamil- tersbn, Jno. A.; Parker, A. M.; Powell,
George, Eli; Peterson, Swan; Preston,
William: Patterson, Thomas R.; Pen-an.
John; Pavesich, Samuel, Plckard, Elisba;
Pybus, William: Punch, Jamos; Plckard,
Thomas \V.; Parks, Joseph; Peek, James
jr.; Plaxton, .lames: Pike, William E.;
Poppy, David William; Packard, Charles
Spencer; Porter, George; Pope, John.
Quibble, John.
Robertson, Thomas; Rawlison, George:
Robinson, W. .1.: Routloy, John  Man-
1 ning;    Richardson,    Charles;    Riddoll,
; Robert W.;   Rollings,   William  Cooper:
i Richardson, David;  Richardson,  Alexr.
Rtdloy, John:   Roagh, W. M.:   Koblnson,
Robert;   Boss,  Lawloy;  Bawlinsou, Wil-
i Ham Henry: Robertson, Jno. .1.;  Robci't-
1 son, Duncan; Richardson, Arthur; Bead,
I Adam;  Richardson,   Alexander:  Ridley,
James; Robertson, Duncan, jr.; Robertson, David Murray;  Richmond,  Albert
Andrew;   Reid,    David;    Roan,    John;
Ramagc, William;  Routlcy, John Manning; Routloy, William; Routlcy, Gordon;
Rich, Harry Nelson.
TShannon, Samuel; Sutherby, Jno,
Ringrose; Btender, C. II.; Stewart, John;
Smith, John; Stone, W. 11.; Stein, John
William; Shortreed, Duncan; Smith,
James; Sherlock, Joseph; Synoss, Robert
Wesley; Stanley, Charles; Sutherland,
David; Starr, J. II.; Shortreed, John;
Steele, Alfred Thomas; Suhr, Martin;
Smith, Sydney; Shortreed, Thomas;
Strangeland, Mathias J.; Simpson,
Jonathan; Stevens, Samuel T.; Skinner,
William Booth; Spinning, Chester:
Stevens, Joel; Sullivan, Daniel; Sears,
Joseph; Shortreed, James; Smith, John
IL; Simpson, George; Shannon, Joseph;
Shannon, Thomas; Stewart, Donald:
Simpson, John; Shortreed,Robert: Spiers,
James; Siddall, William 11.; Sargeon,
Smith, John; Soudel, Gustav: Spiers,
Allan Wllmot; Swcusou, Paul; Stevenson, Stewart; Sinclair, Duncan: Story,
James Wesley; Skea, John; Savage, William; Shortreed, Finlav; Shortreed,
Robt., sr.; Selek, Michel; Sbtvw, Herbert;
Sattertbwaite, Isaac; Smith, William
Thomas: Shearer, John A.: Smith,
James T.; Simpson, George; Steel,
Alfred Thomas; Seely, Thomas; Sutherland, Kenneth; Simpson, R. ,1.; Smeeton,
Wm. 1'.: Smith. Magnus; Sherman,
Thompson; Swanson, .lobann Peter;
Smith, Angus; Stark, William; Sherman,
George T,i Shirley, Patrick; Stainton.
John F.
Tasker. William; Towle, Wilson;
Towle, David Upton ; Thrift,
Henry Thomas: Thonibiirn, Robert:
Todd, Thomas; Taylor, Da Rape Alfred:
Tyre, John; Taylor, John; Towle, Reed
M.; Thompson, Edward; Travel's, James
George; Trigg, George; Thrift, Henry
J. R.; Taylor, James; Titmiis. Samuel;
Towle, George H.: Tbirkill, Tom;
Thomson, Alexander S.; Tamberllno,
Joseph; Thomson, Peter; Towle, Stanley C; Titiniis, Herbert; Trim, Harry;
Thornton, William; Thurston, Charles:
Thrift, llonry; Tait, Alexander.
Underwood, Georgo Ewart.
Vannetta, William Henry; Vaughan,
James Arthur; Vreatt, James; Vicevich,
Thomas; Vreatt, Alex. ���
Williams, Alexander; Wcstermark,
Oscar; Williams, John; Williams. Alfred
W.: Wright, Robert; Wade, Samuel;
Williams, Frederick-; Williams, Thomas;
Whipple, Thomas; Ward, John; Wade,
John: Wllkie, Otway John James; Woodward. William; Waddell, John Lemuel;
Watson. William; Wiltshire, Ernest
Miles; Wynn. Thomas George; Watson,
Joseph; Worrell, Frank; Wllkie, Henry,
sr.; Walker. James L.: Wilson, John:
White, Francis; Wolbourn, George A.:
Wilson, Jno, A.; Wilson. J. A. IS:
Woods. Isaac IS; Walmsloy, PaienC;
Watson, Thomas; Wade, Samuel John;
Williams, Frederick; Walker, George;
Wright, Smith; Wilson, James: Wllkie,
I OctavlUSB. N'.; Worrell, Thomas: Wilson.
James:   Wulsun,   Robinson:   Wade,   Ed-
i niiind Thomas; Walworth, Jason Lewis:
Walker, Samuel R.; Walworth, Albert.
Bartaini Watson, George A.: Ward,
Albert; Watkins.   Benjamin   IS:   Woods.
Christ, Alexander; George, John: Gillis,
John Murdoch; Goudy, William; Gilchrist, John; Goddard. Richard, Green.
Jacob; Gray, James; Graham, William;
Goosti'cy.Jumes; Gray, Robert, jr.; Gray.
Frank; Griffith, Robert: Gordon, Alexander John; Gossell, Julius; Goudy,
ton, Asa: Hopkins, Nicholas Richard;
llolden, Richard Henry; Hutcherson,
Ernest; Harris, James: Hutcherson,
Harry; Herring, Tillman Wlllard;
llinchlill'e, Stephen; Hardy, John Edmunds: Hicks, Ezra llealey: llinze,
Alfred:   lloneytiian.    John:     Hnokwiiy,
Thomas:    Hickey,    Patrick;    Harvlo,
Robert; llnr ', Henry;  HolT.  Silas  V.;
Holmes, John; Hathway, James; Hume,
Thomas; Holmes, William; Hayllar,
Sidney llnyllui". Harding, Christopher
Goater; Henderson, Peter: Harvlo, John:
Unities, James Edward; Huston, Ninian;
Honeyman, James; Honeyman, Robert
Anderson; Hickey. Petor; Hicks, Harry;
Howse, John George; lloll', Willie, S.;
Hopkins, L.: Hill, Robert Brown: lline.
William Frederick, Hicks. William 11.:
Harris, Frederick Walter; Houlihan,
Patrick Joseph;Hendry,William; Haines.
John; Haines, Basil: Harrington, Elmer;
Honeyman, Thomas Anderson; Hawkins,
Albert Howard; Haines, William Henry;
Hicks, Simeon; Ilounsomc, James. ��,-
Innes, William; Isaacson, Christian.
Jenkins, William; Johnston, James;
Johnson, William; Juzlncr, Joseph:
Johnson, Daniel; Johnston, Alexander;
Johnson, Andres; Jamleson, John: Johnson, Jno. August: Jardlne, William
Douglas; Jordan, John, Jr.; Johnston,
Joseph, Jolly, John; Johnston, Isaac S ;
Jordan, John; Jordan, Joseph; Johnston,
James M.; Jackman. Philip; Jackman,
Philip, jr.; Jones, William Chilton: Jon-
kins, James; Johnson, Joseph; Jones,
George Bell; Johnson. Fioderick; Jack,
Charles; Johnson, William.
KellSj Henry; Kirkland, Frank; Keery,
John; Kennedy, Nell; Kinlcy, George;
Kirkland, William: Klavaues, Anton;
Kirby, Murdock William; Kirkland,
John; Kittson,  Robert  Edward; Kyle
j George Bruce; Killey, John: Knox, John;
i Kirkland, Herbert John: Kerr, Thomas
' Weir: Keii'stead, Samuel Arthur David.
Ladner,    William    Henry:   Larmon,
Nathaniel; Leahy, Francis M.; Lawrence,
Gilbert:  Lasseter,  George,   sr.;  Livingstone. William;   Lewis.   Jason   S.:   Lee.
! John; Lorenson, Anton Curl: Latta, John;
1 Lailner, Thomas Ellis, jr.; Ludlow Rieh-
ard: Loney, Edward: Lucas. LoeUsley;
Leary. William; Leaf. James: Lelimunn,
I Joseph: Livingstone, John; Leary, William    John;  Ladner.   Edward   Booth;
1 Lochead, James;   Livingstone,   Edward:
j Ladner, P. E.; Law. Mansfield G.;  Lins-
! ter,   Peter;  Lamb.   David;   Livingstone,
j Frank: Loftus. David: Leary, Alfred
Reed: Lansing. Gni-rit J.:  Leaf, Henry;
: Ladner, Thomas Ellis; Latimer. John;
; Levis. John; Lawrence, William; Lasseter, George, jr.; Livingstone, Robert;
Lasseter, Thomas.
McKee, James: Mclnnes, James; MeKenzie, John; McKee, William; McKee,
John: McKee, Robert: McKee. Robert;
McKee, John, jr.; McLean, Donald 11.;
Mclver, Kenneth; McBride, William;
McKee, David Alexander; McCalliim,
Joseph W.; McLean), Jacob; McLellan,
John ll.; Mclnnes, Charles; McRae, Far-
quhar; Mcliines, John II.; MeKenzie,
Hugh Henry; McDonald, J. D. B; McDonald, Joseph A.; McMenciny, Robert;
McCallum, Charles W.; McDonald, John
J.; McRae. Donald: Mclnnes, Roderick,
jr.; McBride, William Leonard; McCas-
kcll, Roderick; McRae. John; McNoeley,
Thomas; McKay, Robert; McCulloch,
W. George; McDowell,,lames; MacMilbin,
Ranald; McKay. Angus; McLeod, Alexander; McKay, Kenneth, jr.; McLennan,
David; McCi'imnion, Archil. IS: McWhinnie, Arthur A.; McCormlck, Harry.
McDonagb,  William;  McColm,  Charles;
I Mclver, Murdoch; McAdam, Edward;
McClughau,  Samuol;  McKay,   Gilbert;
: McKay,    Cornelius;    Mcintosh,    John;
McLellan,   John:    MeKenzie,    Duncan;
MeKenzie, John C. S.;
McKay, Kenneth; McCann, Robt. Jno.
iosoph;   McNeill,   Angus:   .MeMenemy,
Bartin George 11., Bain Thomas W
Barr Andrew, Baldock John, Baillic
Alexander, Barriugtoii William Gordon,
Blake William Winlicld, Brlsson John,
Bell William, Barton Lipman, Black
George, Brown George Howard, Hornier
Joseph, Bcrgevin Oliver, Burkitt John,
Boynlon Robert E^, Bush Arthur
Callaghan Daniel, Cook James Gilbert,
Callaghan John, Cote Joseph, Curtis
George, Coto Octavo, Codd Arthur,
Clarke, Ritggles Church, Chartres Edward,   Caron   Theophlle   Joseph,     Cox
Marcus. Cade John B., Caddotlc Samuel, j Smith Join
Ashton Wilmott," Sylvester Ni'
Smith John, Stokes Robert _., Stir
Kcnderson Edgar, Scott John
Shennaii John, Smeadley W,
Smith Richard, Solloway T f
Stevens Robert H., Stickiiey C\
Skinner Johnson Albert, Solwi
Richard, Strong John, Stoney
Wynne. Stamforth Francis
Whitraore, Smith Georgo L.,
William Henry, Svenciski A.
Shepard Edgar,     Saponare   Prang 1
Curlier Louis, Currie Richard, Cyr Zoc
Corueltier Peter Mary O., Champagne
Frank, Charters David, Clarke Jno. W.,
Cunningham Robert Sanford, Cossette
Albert, Cardinal Felix, Constandlne
Donato, Campbell CdoV., Christian
Martin, Carter Christopher B., Calvert
Harry Lupton,   Cameron Norman, Cook
Edward  A      Calder    Peter,    Chester 1 Thompson' Guy   Robert  Maxwel.
humus, Clarke George B.,  I atherwood   - |I1Benzo, Tlngley James Anders-.
John  A.. Clarke  Horace C,   Combes     Vasey    Henry,     Vorehere
William, Carr John, Chartres William,   Albert Evelyn,   Van  Frank,  Ve,
Caron   Simon,   Crclghton   James,    Carr| Anthony
Wells Joshua Wlllard,  Wcbbr
Ti'cmbath John, 'Pays .Joseph, rl
blay Emery, Trommer;Richard, Thf
son Seibert A., Tretheway Williail
Thompson John, Traficant Guis
Tilllo Wm. IL, Tretheway JosJ
Thompson Livingstone, Treul
Joseph, Tromnicr Louis, Thenf
Alexander, Ty tier Frederick John
C, Wilso.   lames John,   Wize  Wi.|
Willout    Richard,    Wilcock   IS
G     czar Frank,   Cyr J Wl)lte Herbert .Williams B ryan Arl
Alfred,  cyr Joseph  Stanislas,  Winchester. DanielWilliam,WattWil|
Webster Robert,     Wilson Tom,
John   R.,    Webster   James   N.,
William,     Wilson   Edwin John,
John Wilson,   Wiles   Charles II..
James, Winedcbank Horl, Wright
1 N., Watt James Innes, Wharton
Yeo' Jamos,  Yeomans Qeorp
1 mans  Thomas  Irvln,    Yeomans
Yeomans Abie.
Distributing Cof
McKonzie,DuncanISamuel;  Wilder.   Millard   I'.;   Woods,
r:  McMillan,  John; | Johnston;    West.    Henry,   jr.:  Wilson,
McColm,   Charles;    McBride.    Ernest; Jacob L.;Work, AlexanderM.;Williams,
McBride. Ilnnford:   McLeod.   John: Mc-   Joseph;   Wales.   George   Henry:   White.
Ivor, Murdoch; McKay, Hugh; McDonald,
Donald D.: McLeod, James; MeClure,
Donald; McDonald Norman; McCliiskoy,
Robert J.: McCallara,  VVilllam Albert;
McBlano, Alex.; McLellan, John; McCas-
1 kill, Donald: MoLnrty. Peter;   McAdam,
1.lames, Jr.; McBride, Joseph;  McDowell,
,     ' '"""-l Joint A.: Medio. Robert IS C; McDonald.
Cromarty,  An-liie W.; McCallan,  Jno.: Molntyre,
Samuol;  Cosullch,   Antonio; Collishaw, Wesley;   MeMahon,   Robert:    McCroa,
i Wellington; MeDonald, William, McCau-
ley, Georgo; McAdam, James, sr.: Mc-
Fredertoh   Edward;   Wlls    Thomas;
Willsoit, Robert:  Watson, losepli:   Warner, Gnsitiv Alfred; Watson, JohnR.;  Danle
Wynn.    Thomas;    Wodden,    William I Morln
Thomas; Wblto.Georgo; Wright,William;
Cannot Keep Unlet.
Bluefiolds, Nicaragua, May 12, via
New Orleans, May 17 (per s.s. Goo. W.
Soaley).���Much has happened here within the. past twenty-four hours and the
community is consequently much excited.
Robort; Culbort, Jonathan Wesley; Carncross, Edwin; Cliiirehlund, John: CroZior.
Robort; Cliibis, James;   Cross,  Robort;
I Campbell, John.
Davis, Henry; Dafoo, Gordon Palmer;
Davison, Artemas: Douglas, John: Davidson. Hugh: DodgBOn. Lewis: Du 11110,
Michael; Davoy, William Joseph; Dixon.
Thomas; Drlnkwator, Joseph; Drum-
1 mond, James M.; Deans, Albert: Dun-
l bain, George W.; Doyle, James J.; Doane,
1 David:    Dowdlng,    Charles;    Deamer,
Thomas; Dull'. James;  Deainer, Thomas;
i Devereaitx.   Jonah;    Donclly,   William:
Doollttlo, Wellington;   Dowdlng, George
James; Dodds,  Robert;   Dennis,  George:
Davis, Logan W.
Emptage,   William;   Eriksson,    Ivan;
Elliott. John B,; Edge,   Hamilton; Ellis.
William R.;  Elkines, James; _spaland,
I Hans A.; Emptage,  William,  jr.;  Ellis,
John; Eyton, Beresford Charles.
| Falkncr, James: ���Fallowfleld, Thos,
j Atkinson; Foster, Thomas: Figg,William,
| Finlayson, Donald; Farrell, Richard;
j Falcont, Matteo; Foster, Frank; Ftirncll,
: Arthur;  Falconer,   Henry   E.;  Farrell,
James M.; Friend, Thomas; Ford, llonry
John;    Fraser,    Andrew;    Fallowficld,
Robert Atkinson; Ferguson,  Adoluhus;
I Fleming,Walter Scott; Foreman, William;
Williams, Charles ll.
bams, William.
Yeomans, Charles;
Yeomans,   Richard
While. John: Wad-
in, Ebenezcr:
n; Yeomans,
Adam, William; McDonald, Jno.i MoVey,
David; McCallum, William Albert.
Moore,   Benjamin   P.;   Morrison   Ken-i
netb;   Murcbtson,   Alexander;   Murray, \
Paul; Murray, William; Matthoson,
Robert; Morrison, Hector: Matthews,
y.iicbni-ias; Morrison, William; Milton,
Albort; Morton, John Terry; Murphy, J
Alexander; Munn, Malcolm;   Moiniglian,
Martin; Munn,'Angus;  Melrose,  Jauios;
Montgomery, John; Morrison, Alexander;;
Morrison,  Joseph: Montgomery, John:
Mitchell,  Nathaniel;   Maxwell,   John;
Murray, John; Maokio, Jamos;  Medd,
I William; Matheson,   Edward;   Morrison,
Joseph  Jason:   Murchison,   John   E.;l
Murchison,    Alex.-,    Martin,     Elijah:
Murphy,   James   Campbell;   MuiTord,
William .1.;  Mull'oi'd,  Joseph:  Miill'ord,
i Abraham F.: Morrow, Samuel: Milburn,
; Robert: Monahan, Simeon; Mavis,   Alex-
j under;   MuiTord.   Tlioinas;   Morley,   S.:
| Murphy, Archibald; Mullord, .Inn.Illcks:
Matheson, Murdock; Moore. William R.;
Morgan, William; Morven, Charles; Mil-
burn, Robert; Milburn, Leonard; Martln-
ollch, Vleares; Milllngtoii, Arthur WAV.;
Murchison,   Samuel:    Mollison, Frank;
Morgan, William; Mason, John William
kiihm��� OF DEWDNEY.
Anderson Albert Gray, Abercromblo
Hugh, Albert Henry. Ausell William
Henry, Armstroug Wm. II.. Angus
Robert, Airtb Robort, Alderson George.
Asbdown     Vunc.     Anderson     Andrew.
Ashton    Richard   Lawrence,    Agassiz
Lewis    Arthur,   Armstrong   Thomas,
Anderson John, Atkins Edmund Arthur.
inichae] Neil, Clark Fred, Carter Norton,
Carter Edwy C,  Cloary Mi.cb-.iel,  Clay
Joseph A., Cliomnt Xavier, Clarey Peter.
Clarke  Robert G.,   Czar  Frank
Conner George Brown. Christian Jacob,
Carter Foster, Cusack ,lose[)h, Christie
Charles, M. S., Caron Joseph, Campbell
John A., Collins Patrick Joseph.
Deroche Joseph, Docksteador Daniel,
Dockl'lll .losepli, Dion Albert, Dunn
Alexander, DesRochers Arsiue, Duncan
John, Docksteader John, Donatelll
Guisoppo, Davies Edwin, Distoslo
Antonio, Duncan James Gall, Davidson
Joseph, Dale Joseph G. A., Docksteader
Archibald, Docksteader Adam George,
Dickson Robert J., Des Rochers E., Dell
Ephriain, Des Cotoau M., Doig William,
Donatelll James, Delator Louis, Drummond Charles, Duncan Alexander,
Dcrdiugor Emilc, DesBrisay Merrill.
Edge Samuel, Edwards Henry, Elson
William, Eliusly George, Esplen Robert
John, Ems John, Edge Samuel jr.,
Edwards Patrick, Eguilbcy B., Emery
John Edward, Esplen Adam.
Ferguson Hector, Fox James, Ferguson
Ronald, Feiinoll John, Fosset Hugh,
Fennel) James, Flint Jesse, Fountain
Joseph, Ferguson Archibald, Ferguson
Angus, Ferguson Jamos Duncan, Far-
ringtou Stanley, Furness J uo., Fawcott
Donald 11., Farwell Alfred Abr'ara M. D.,
Fountain Victor.
Garner Robert Craig, Gardner Charles,
Gourlay James, Guinctte Frank, Garner
William Henry, Gillian Robert, Gourlay
John, Galbraith David, Grcycll Edward,
Gibbat'd George, Gourlay Thomas,
Gillis John I)., Gasse Oscar, Cough
Frank, Graham Robert Thomas, Garner
James lt.
Hammond John, Hindi John, Hampton William. Hudon Regis Jr., Helmer
Charles Abnci, Harris Frank N., lludgiii
Charles, Hoy Alexander, Hogg William,
Hull Stewart, Hughes Frederick Wallace. Harris Wellington, llaney Thomas,
Hudon John, Henry George W., lludon
11. sr., Hunter John 1!., Hoy John, Hoy
Alexander jr., Hunt John, limit Georgo
[ J., Hole llonry George Sclby.
Irving Adam, Irving James, Isaac
William James, luncs Robert J., Irvine
Robert Ddnstan, Isaac William, Isaac
John 11., Iiinos Henry, Innes Alexander,
Innes Robert.
Johnson Ninian Clark, .laggei's Mon-
son, Jaggers John, Jameson William,
Judd Henry, Johnson William, Jones
Edward Theodore, Jones Giuvanno,
Johnson Andes Gustaf, Joynt Samuel,
Johns John, Johnston John jr., Josne
Frangesco, Johnson John, Joynt George
Kemp Thomas, Kimberloy David,
Kinchaiit John Charlton. Kendrick
Robert, Knight William. Kipp James,
Kelly Robert Brenton, Kelly Thomas,
Kirkman Frederick William, Kendall
Isaac Nf.wton.
Laity John llonry, Lux Georgo,
Lenevllle Napoleon, Laity Thomas,
Laferrlere J. B., Lazenby Frederick
Temple, Lcssard Alphonso, Lancuville
Del phis, Lumly Samuel, Leggett Win. T.,
Lacroix Joseph, Lacroix Gabriel, Lagaco
Ainable. Lockwood William llonry,
Lazenby Arthur Langton, Law Robert,
Leiluc Baptiste, Lumly Mark, Lee
llilniar, Lewis Theodore Carl.
McDonald Jamos Albert, Mclvor
John, McLean Donald, McLennan
Duncan, Mclnnes John A., McEwen
William. McDonald William. McKennoy
John, MeCounel John, McKainoy Robert,
Granville, McDonald Alexander, McLean
Joint, McDonald Samuel, McDonald
Alex., McCormlck Donald, McKenna
William Frazer. McConnel John, McGregor Archibald. McTaggartGeorge A..
McAdic .lolni, McColl Angus, McGarvoy
T. J., McCuskor Andrew, McLean John, |
McEnteo Francis, McMillan William
David. McEwon John, MoArthur
Mayo Joseph, Murray John Jr.,
Martin Joseph, Murray John, Magar
llazen. Magar George. Macrae Dunoan,
Motrin John, Manzcr John Oscar,
Manzer Amos Cora,,'Marshall Thomos,
Marquette Jno. Benjamin, Munroe
Moreno Elzoar, Mouldey George,
Mphonse, Magar John, Morrison
Malcolm, Miirgali'iiyd William, Mygblou
Joseph, Murray 1',, Morrison Angus.
Martin Origen, Magar R. D., Martin
Frederick Jus.. Miller Henry I... Martin I
Theophlle, Munro George, Maehaneny
David, Morln IS, Metiten Win., Miller
Henry Gilbert, Morrison John, Malcolm
fjjloxlinder George. Magar Fonwick,
Magar James, Martin Charlos William.
Nelson William, Ney Andrew, NewtOll
George, Newton Williuni G., Noon Allen, ���
Nicholson      John     llnlilune,     Norman1
Oliver Node, Owen John.
Parent,  Felix,   Pretontaine Alphonso,
Peterson     Charles,       Preston     Charles
Henry,   Pnrkor Ebenczer Tlioinas,   Popo
Edmund,     Patterson     Alwln,     Parker
Thomas   S,,     Philips Frederic   Marsh,
Legislative Electorates & ElectioD ��J
���VTOTICE is hereby given th-
_A    sons claiming to bo rog j
voters undor the provisions of
act, in ordor to have their nan
ed in the register of voters for
Electoral   District,   must  app.
with to the Collector of   Voters
ollico iu tho post office Hazclmei'j
Municipality, where forms of ui|
may bo filled up.
British subiccts  of   the   fu1'
twenty-ono yours, having resl
Province of British Columdia f
months, and in tho said Elect
trtct for two months immedln
vious to tho date of application,
being disqualified by anv law ii,,
this Province aro qualified to ^
Forms of application may b'
at tbe ollico of the underslgnc
Where the correct address ci
deuce is not given on the votej
iu the applications for enroll'
prior to tho 'J 1st March last. ,
requested to send to tho colli
ten order to change tho same
at the ollice of the collectoi
the necessary change made,
sirablo to have tho revised 1,
rcct as possible.
Collector i
Hazelmere, 1st May, 1804.
$500  REWi
; Anderson Christian. Alldrcd William 11., I Patoti Thomas, Plckon Joseph, Purity
i Amnion August, Alexander John, Ander-' Reuben, Piedimonfo Leonardo, Parker
\ sou Peter, Anderson Thomas. i Isaac. R.,     Pigeon Pit,     Proud  George,
Baker John,  Baker Peter,  Boyd John | I'arris Edward.
'.lames, Butchard Norval.   Bowyer Fran-      Robertson Robert, Ritchie James, Ross
1 els,  Beggam Archie C,  Boucher   Mulso, j Robert Williamson, Rooko Robert Thotn-
! Bluckstock    George,     Hickett    Henry | as,Reed Francis, Rouleau George, Ritchie
| Robert,    Blimey John, Brcaley  Henry, ��� William,    Ritchie   Alexander,     Ritchie
I Brown   John   Rcittcr,    Baker    Lanzo, t Samuel, Ross 11., Rogers William Thoin-
' Balllio    Archibald,     Balllle     Williuni, 1 as.     Rooko   Robert,     Read    Thomas,
llruneu.it Frank, Brown WilliainWoriuley,   Rlchai'ds  James   E.,   Randolph   Frank
Bodlngfoii G. F., Brown Fred A.,Bowyer Hlngeston,   Robertson Samuel,   Ritchie
Win.   Parker,     Baillic    John.     Brooke I John,     Ross   Malcolm   _,,     Robertson
Reginald C, Bales Henry Pennington, James, Richmond Valentine, Ritchie J.
Best Jamos, Bluckstock Robort, Bosom-jn,, Ritchie A. W., Ritchie John. Reid
worth Tlioinas, Blake Robert, Brett | Charles A., Rogers Georgo Henry,
Robert Henry, Beckett Wlllard Earl, Ritchie Robort, Roberts Richard,
Bond   Edwin   John,     Beckett    Ernest  Richcy Samuel jr., Russell 1'erley.
WHEREAS on the nig)
March last. Mr. W.J
of the Belle Mead Fruit Farn
minster District, was shot a:
wounded and robbed of a
chain and other articles and
two or moro masked persons
The Province of British Ct
by offers a reward of 8500.01
formation as will lead to tl ,
sion aud conviction of the i j
In ease the olfender be br<
Ice through  Information f ,
aud tending to inculpate tl,
as   an    accomplice,    such
will bo  reconiendod to tho ,
the Executive.
F. i.iirssn
Superintendent, of Pro'
Victoria, B.C., May 5th, IS'.i
J. HEN.1
Mineral Water,!
Etc., Etc.
Factory In rear of Cl��'
Cunningham St., NevWe:


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