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The Pacific Canadian Sep 7, 1916

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Weekly News Digest and Journal of  Observation and Comment.
Vol. I.
Number 27
Replying evasively to the charge preferred by
Alex. I. Fisher, Liberal candidate for Fernie, during
the Premier's recent tour of the Kootenays, that Bowserism was responsible for the failure of the Dominion
Trust Company, with all its attendant dire consequences to thousands of confiding depositors and investors, Premier Bowser is reported by his press
bureau to have said: "If I was responsible for that,
when I introduced legislation allowing the company to
receive deposits, I was in excellent company, for every
Liberal Attorney-General in Canada did the same
How characteristically Bowserian is this reply. A
whining attempt to justify an offense which he cannot
deny, by trying to put it on somebody else as well,
coupled with a dishonest attempt to convey the im
pression by implication that the passing of Provincial
legislation allowing the Dominion Trust Company to
receive deposits constituted the sole offense charged
'against the Government of which Premier Bowser was
Attorney-General, whereas it was only one of the lesser
links in a great connected chain of wrong-doing in this
deplorable matter, so far as the Government of British Columbia is concerned���a chain binding this Government, of which Attorney-General Bowser is now
also Premier, irrevocably to its doom, if there were no
other count in the terrible indictment against it.
Dealing first with the paltry excuse behind which
Premier Bowser tried to take refuge from the consequences of his own admitted misconduct, if he were
cornered, he would probably confess that the statement about "every Liberal Attorney-General in Canada" was another of his "jocular" bluffs. It is proverbially difficult to "prove a negative," and we are
not in a position to assert that no Liberal Attorney-
General in Canada passed legislation affecting the Dominion Trust similar to that which Attorney-General
Bowser admits having introduced and passed. From
our recollection, we think it possible that the two
Western Canadian Provinces nearest British Columbia,
which had Liberal Governments, and also the Province of Manitoba, whiclv was under a Conservative
Government, may have passed such legislation, before
the Dominiun Trust sought and obtained a Federal
charter. One thing is certain, however, that, after
Dominion incorporation had been obtained by the Dominion Trust, without the power to accept deposits,
Attorney-General Bowser undertook, in the legislation
which he introduced and had passed, to give the Dominion Trust the right to accept deposits in this Province���the home and chief scene of operations of the.
concern- when that right had been denied by the
Dominion Parliament.
But that was only the beginning of an unparalleled
course of malingering in this scandalous Dominion
Trust matter by Attorney-General Bowser, who
throughout was also senior partner of the firm of
Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge, solicitors for the Dominion Trust! When, under threat of Federal disallowance, the McBride-Bowser Government had subsequently to introduce legislation cancelling the power
to accept deposits, wrongly granted to the Dominion
Trust, the cancelling legislation was evidently purposely introduced in such an obscure way, under such
a title, that it was not observed by the public (there
was practically no Opposition in the House), and the
Dominion Trust, of course, kept on accepting deposits
after the power to do so had been covertly cancelled.
Furthermore, the firm of Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge,
as solicitors for the Dominion Trust, drew up a form
of agreement, which was inserted loosely in depositors' pass books without their knowledge, the purport
of which agreement was to relieve the Dominion Trust
of the penalties of the law for receiving deposits illegally !
But even that was not all. In 1911, the McBride-
Bowser Government, of which Mr. Bowser was Attorney-General then as now, introduced and passed the
Trust Companies' Inspection Act, and appointed a well
paid inspector under the Act, who never, so far as the
public is aware, fulfilled any of the functions of the
office���made any inspection or report on the standing
and operations of trust companies ir the Province, two
of which, at least, failed, as is known, with disastrous
consequences to thousands. And all this time, the
Dominion Trust (Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge confidential legal advisers, with offices in the same building)
ostentatiously paraded in its advertisements, evidently
the better to trap investors and depositors, that it was
under inspection by the Provincial Government!
When Inspector Runnalls finally did  give Attorney-
The Vancouver World would probably describe itself as in the "independent" class���in reality it is a
"neutral," neither one thing nor the other. In a recent issue, it paved the way for its declaration of neutrality in the present general election contest in British Columbia by putting forward a fictitious plea for
guidance by a troubled elector, in these words : "I
cannot decide between the political parties; one side
describes itself snow-white and says the other is jet-
black. One politician says another is a liar; and the
party of the second part says the party of the first
part is ditto.    Whom am I to believe ?"
If that supposititious troubled elector, who apparently realizes that he ought to exercise the franchise,
but can't make up his mind as to how and for whom
he ought to vote, expected any help from that "great
fireside journal" and "moulder of public opinion," the
Vancouver World, he was doomed to bitter disappointment. The World can't make up its own mind. In
view of the humiliating confession it makes, it evidently has no mind to make up. Hear it, to its make-
believe correspondent: ' 'We sympathize heartily with,
our correspondent. We know the feeling so well. But
it is doubtful if we have more than sympathy to offer."
The remainder of the World's remarks on the subject is not worth noticing-���just a weak, floundering
effort to justify its spineless, nerveless, brainless attitude toward the greatest duty that a public journal
has to discharge--to give some definite enlightenment
and guidance to the electorate, called upon to exercise
its sovereignty in the one appointed way, in the one
rarely recurring opportunity, in the government of the
country. And all the World has to say,, when asked
for such enlightenment and guidance (even if it's cor-*
respondent is a fictitious one, the honestly uncertain
and inquiring attitude of mind doubtless exists) is:
' 'It is doubtful if we have more than sympathy to
offer" !
Consider the cowardly and di^ionest superficiality
of such a reply, of such an attitude on ' the part of a
public journal, presumably informed on matters of
contemporary and recent political history, which throw
an interpretative and resolving light upon the inevitably clashing controversies and discordant cries of a
general election campoign. If one had just dropped
down from Mars, or otherwise were possessed of such
a blank, treacherous, or imbecile mind that he was
unable to retain or co-ordinate related facts of the past
constituting record or history, he might be excused for
standing helpless, slack-lipped and impotent, as the
World confesses itself to be, in the din of the campaign, with no clue to unravel harmony out of apparent discord and nothing to offer similarly weak-minded
and afflicted ones but a pale and vacuous "sympathy."
That any ordinarily intelligent elector, let alone a
professed "moulder of public opinion," should really
be possessed of the utter blankness of mind that the
World affects, in any general election contest, at this
stage of the game, and especially a contest of such
vital interest and importance to the people of the -
Province as the one now on, is simply unbelievable,
and argues either insincerity or imbecility. If the
World is really in the state of mind it pretends to be,
it ought to hire a wayside seat somewhere, with an old
tin can and a decrepit pup, beneath the legend "Pity
the blind !" And go to the polls behind a leading
string and depute the pup to make "his X mark."
General Bowser a strong hint, so late as Aug. 4, 1914,
that there was something seriously wrong with the
Dominion Trust, it was allowed to continue in its nefarious business of deceiving and robbing the public
for nearly three months afterwards, when exposure
and the 'jrash came simultaneously with the sudden
and tragic death of its manager.
Criminal negligence and the studied absence of all
control in regard to the operations of incorporated
companies, as a matter of deliberate Government
policy���which, as Mr. Whiteside has shown, has been
the policy of the McBride-Bowser Government, with a
long list of infamous abuses and wrongs to its discredit���is bad enough; but, when we have, as in this
Dominion Trust matter and others, proved connivance
and active co-operation by the Government, amounting
to a criminal conspiracy to deceive and defraud the
public -words fail to adequately characterize the offense or depict the punishment due. Political opprobrium and oblivion is at once the least and the most
that the people can award and the Great Assize of
the People now sits !
"It looks like Tom Gifford," exclaimed the Columbian, in large type, the other night. The local Bowser
organ must have had a bad advance dream of itself
as head of the Bowser Government stretcher bearers
searching the political battlefied with a lantern after
the smoke shall have cleared away on the night of
September 14th, just one week hence.
Talking about "plugging," ete., read the record on
another page of the only party in British Columbia���
the real old Bowser machine���that has an old and well
established record for that sort of thing, and then
form your own conclusions as to whether the same
party should not be given the benefit of any shadow
of doubt that may remain as to whether it did not engineer the latest enterprise of the sort.
It is a favorite parrot repetition of Government
speakers and papers, big.and little, in this campaign,
that the Liberal party of British Columbia has no constructive platform or policy, though the Bowser Government, in sight of all, is desperately clinging to
four stolen planks from the Liberal platform as its
hoped for salvation from the rising deluge of public
disapproval. On another page will be found an outline
of the constructive platform based upon principles
which the Provincial Liberal party has advocated for
It is claimed that a freshly laid egg placed in a
bucketful of water will sink to the bottom; one day
old will sink nearly to the bottom; two days old about
half way up; three days old will float not quite at the
top; four days old just touch the top; five days and
six days rise a little above the top, rising a little higher as it daily grows older. With such a cheap and
convenient test���available to anyone who can buy the
eggs���we might almost have dispensed with the great
work of the last session incubated by Lieut. MacKenzie, to wit, the Egg Marking Act.
Thus, as the autocracy ol Germany made the fatal
mistake of thinking that Great Britain would follow'
the path of least resistance, has the autocratic machine
of B. C. made the same mistake with regard to our
country districts.���Armstrong Advertiser. This in
reply to the insulting suggestion of a writer in the
Bowser press that the rural voter, on account of appropriations, road work, etc., would think twice before daring to vote against the machine. A terrible
surprise is coming to the Bowser Government from the
country districts, no less than from the city constituencies, on Thursday next.
If Premier Bowser were an entirely free agent
(that is, not controlled by corporate and other interests
inimical to the public interests), asked Mr. Donnelly,
one of the Liberal candidates in Vancouver, last week,
Would he have over-paid Foley, Welsh & Stewart $7,-
000,000���in violation of law ? Would he have loaned
them another $6,000,000 without an investigation ?
Would he have allowed the promoters of the P. G. E.
to purloin the $25,000,000 capital stock, the proceeds
of which should have gone into the road ? Would he
have sent Fred. W. Welsh to England ? Can we believe he would have done any of these things if he
were the free agent a Premier should be ?
Imagine if you can, says the Armstrong Advertiser,
the state of mind of the leaders of the party who inspired the following, an extract from a long inspired
article in the Vancouver Province of an August issue:
"Country districts are different from city ridings in
that the country electors will hesitate longer than city
voters in casting a ballot against the Government.
The mere fact that public works ��� appropriations mean
a good deal to the country districts in itself deters
many electors who might otherwise reject the Government candidate. No country district is enthusiastic
about being lined up in the Opposition camp." The
Armstrong Advertiser quite properly and spiritedly
resents this veiled combined intimidation and insult of
the rural voter, put forward with an evident purpose
through the Government press, and warns the "machine party" that it has another guess coming if it is
counting on servility, cowardice, or unintelligence on
the part of the mart in the country. "In all their recent extensive travels through B. C," says the Advertiser, "the machine party have been most pitiably
blind to the fact that the farmer and country dweller
of the present day is just as much a business man and
thinker as are any of the dwellers in our cities. Well
able to see clearly the issues at stake, and, if need be.
put party, self, and all other considerations aside, as
his sons and brothers are doing in their grand fight for
the good of our fair country." Page2
New Westaunflter, B.O,Sept. 7, 1916
Published every Friday from the Offices, 761 Carnarvon Street,
New Westminster, B. C, by flu- Pacific Canadian Printing
& Publishing Co-, Ltd.
Editor and Manager
Subseription Prices;���$1.00 per annum [in advance];   50c.   for six
months; 25c. for three months; 10c. per month;   5c. per copy.
Advertising rates on   application
Although The Pacific Canadian will issue again before Election Day, oh the eve of that day, it will not
be amiss in this number to give some information for
electors as to how, where, when, and for whom to vote
on Thursday next, September 14th, General Election
, Day.
Voting is by ballot, of course, and the hours during
which the poll will be open all over the Province are
from eight o'clock in the morning until seven o'clock
in the evening. Polling Day is by the Election Act
declared to be a public holiday, and every registered
elector Who is an employee mus' be allowed by his employer at least four consecutive hours within the time
for polling, on that day.
Prohibition is also the order on Election Day, "during the whole of the day up to the clo-ing of the poll,"
on a "penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars and
costs," for "selling, giving or providing" "at any
hotel, tavern, shop, or other place," of "spirituous or
fermented liquors or strong drinks."
In New Westminster City there is just one polling
place, the old Court House, entrance from Carnarvon
street, which is being fixed up by Returning Officer
MacKenzie with the  necessary number  of booths,
didate who accepts nomination and stands in this election as a Government candidate, by that act accepts
responsibility for all the record of the Government and
is on trial with it, and this is especially so in the case
of the candidates for this city, Delta, and Dewdney,
Mr. Thos. Gifford, Lieut. F. J. MacKenzie, and Mr.
W. J. Manson, whose franchises as members of the
Legislature have been absolutely controlled by the
present and late Government for years.
As opponents of these gentlemen���full partners in
all the black record of the McBride-Bowser and Bowser Governments for years���we have three Liberal candidates���Messrs. David Whiteside, A. D. Patterson,
and John Oliver much more than the peers, in every
particular of personal qualification and fitness, than the
Bowser candidates mentioned, and every elector, we
submit, who is sincerely desirous of voting in the best
interests of his constituency and the Province will
have no hesitation in marking his ballot (of which the
following is only a general resemblance, the space for
the X being a circle) thus :
City of New Westminster
Liberal Candidate for New Westminster
: ���   .  '���
alphabetically arranged and marked.
In the neighboring riding of Delta, Edmund T,
Wade, R. R. No. 1, Cloverdale, Returning Officer, there
are thirty-five polling divisions throughout the riding.
Dewdney riding, which is also contiguous to this city,
J. A. Catherwood, Mission City, Returning Officer,
has, we are informed, twenty-live polling divisions.
Full information regarding these should be posted
throughout the riding.-;, and the same with regard to
Chilliwack, Richmond, and South Vancouver-Burnaby
ridings, and elsewhere.
All the preliminaries settled, the question of prime
importance for the elector is : For whom to vote ?
Other things being anywhere nearly equal, this is not
and should not be a personal question, but rather an
inquiry that goes behind the candidate to what he represents, what he stands for. The Government of
British Columbia (formerly the McBride-Bowser, now
known as the Bowser, Government) is. in the strict
sense of the term, on trial, on the defense, for its life,
and on the dark record of thirteen years of power by
which to judge it. That is really the issue, from
which the electors should not for a moment allow
themselves to be diverted���desperately as the effort is
being made to divert them by the raising of all sorts
of side, secondary, and relatively insignificant issues.
But you can only get at the Government through
the candidates it has put forward���who avowedly
wear the Government livery and tell you even more by
their records than by their words that they will give
that (loverr.ment the same blind and slavish support
in the future that they have in the past,   Every can-
Riding of Delta
Mackenzie, f. j.
Riding of Dewdney
As E. D. Barrow, J. W. Weart, and G. G- McGeer
are the Liberal candidates for Chilliwack, South Vam
couver, and Richmond, they too, as well as the Liber?
al candidates generally throughout the Province, will
have the potent X placed opposite their names in the
ballot by every elector in their respective ridings who
rightly prefers to entrust Mr. Brewster and his col.
leagues with the Government of the country than to
risk another term of Bowser misrule.
Owing to space being so nearly filled before the
Bowser meeting, last night, we can only just notice
it here. Passing over the other speakers altogether,
Premier Bowser's speech was more significant for its
eloquent silences than for its utterances: Not a word
about the Dominion Trust crime; the P. G, E. $7,000,r
000 illegal hand out; the prostitution of Attorpey.-
General's office by acting as solicitor as well for all
the great greedy corporations getting everything they
ask from the Government; not a word about the co)--
ossal deficits and the reckless piling up of the costs of
Government. On the other hand, the most unworthy
and shallow misrepresentation of the Liberal leader
and party, and in relation to their platform, and of
Mr, Macdonald in regard to the "plugging," which it
would take a column or two to properly expose. It is
an impertinence to the public taking up so much time
discussing this mere side issue at the best, when
compared with thirteen years of every political crime
in the calendar, including ''plugging," by the Bowser-
party; but electors now owe it to themselves to hear
the other side, on Saturday and Wednesday evenings
next, at the Opera House.
Mr. Joseph Martin, in one of his interviews with
the Canadian press on his return from England, recently, ��av(-' this interesting and true to life side-light
on Sir Sam Hughes' notorious self-advertising proclivity: "Just before I left, Sir Sam arrived in England, and, though many of the men stationed at Bramshott camp were on their last leave, and were spending that leave in London, they were immediately called
back to camp for a ceremonial inspection, I nevep
heard such grumbling and kicking, The men were
nearly riotous, and any that I spoke to very bitter,
feeling that this was nothing else but a big scheme for
publicity for Sam." Sir Sam's deserved bad odor
among the soldiers (he has been nearly mobbed at
soldiers' camps in Canada) is not going to get votes
for Bowser; but then "Soapy" Welsh can fix 'em.
"The largest meeting ever held in Lytton," is the
description by the Province nvews pprresppndent of a
recent political meeting held at that pjace, addressed
by Mr, Joseph Walters, Liberal candidate fpr Yalp
riding, and Mr. Ralph Smith, one of the Liberal candidates for Vancouver. A typical incident of this campaign occurred at this meeting, wliich is thus described
Anderson (St Lusby
634 Columbia St.
Royal City Pork Butchers
737 Columbia St. 309 Sixth St.
We make a specialty of Cooked Meats,     Our
Properly Cooked Hams, Veal L,oaf, Etc.,
are in great demand.
Phone 219
;����� PHONES  ]5 and \6 *
$  Dealers in	
Crushed Rock, Sand and Gravel,   Lime,  ee<-   ;
m^nt, Plaster, Drain Tfle, Etc,
Forge, House and Steam Coal.   Agricultural Lime
902 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B. C. y
by the Province correspondent: ' 'Rev. Mr. Dawson,
of the Anglican church, who was one of the delegates
to the Conservative convention, presided, and explained that he had turned over in his political a|legiance as
a protest against the manipulations of Mr. Alexander
Lucas at the convention, and the unsatisfactory inter?
yiew with the Government over the irrigation svstem.
for the district. Rev. Dr. Dawson urged, the audience
to follow suit and oppose the Government as a protest
aganist tyrannous methods,"
The discovery by the Canadian Arctic expedition,
headed by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, of a great field of
native copper in the vicinity of Copper Mine River, in
the neighborhood of Prince Albert Island, will prove
of great value to the business world, says Dr. Chester
A. Reeds, of the American Museum of Natural His^
tory. Dr. Reeds believes also that it will affprd scientists an opportunity for displaying their ingenuity in,
finding an outlet from a region that is still unopened!
in a commercial sense. The work of the party, which
arrived in Nprpe, Alaska, about the middle of last
month, is expected to prove valuable in determining
the direction of winds and the movement of tides in
the Polar region. Dr. Reeds said this work might go
a long way to prove or disprove the theory that an
unknown continent exists in the great unexplored region north of Alaska and west and north-west of
Bowser's "getting it coming and going," as Brew- #
ster woujd say. Cpl. T. O. Townley, one of the inde:
pendent Conservatives in Vancouver, paid his compli;
ments to ,fthe machine," at a recent meeting, The
outstanding reason for his seeking election, he said,
was a protest against machine politics and Order-in-
Council Government, and added: "Under the
fostering protection of Bowserism the Conservative machine had become a political cancer and the time to apply the surgeon's knife
was now. The whole country was honeycombed
with paid servants of the Government nominally to
fulfill certain duties but in reality to act as Bowser
spies and heelers. Patronage controlled eyery dpjlay
of public expenditure and a huge fund had beep amassed to corrupt the electorate. Party politics had gone
mad. The first and pressing fate was tp smash the
machine and send men to Victoria who could not be
controlled by the party whip," ion
New Westminster, B.C.. Sept. 7, 1916
Page I
Boost for Brewster and beat Bowser
on September 14th, Thursday next.
During August a total of fifty-one cases
were dealt with in the city Police Court,
of which over one-third were charges of
"Mr. C. J. Smith, son of the late ex-
Ald. J. Carter Smith, has joined the
motor boat patrol service and is now undergoing preliminary training in Vancouver for overseas service.
A number of Japanese fishermen were
fined $10 and costs each in the District
Court, on Saturday, by Magistrate Clute
for fishing with nets longer than allowed by the law. Their gear was confiscated.
The Conservative Association of Matsqui, at a recent meeting, decided unanimously to support Harrow, the Brewster
candidate, instead of Macken, the Bowser nominee. This it au absolute fact,
remarkable as it may appear.
The fire brigade was called, Tuesday
afternoon, to tbe premises of the Sun
Kum Wo Company in Chinatown. The
roof was completely destroyed as well as
an upper storey, which appeared to be
filled mostly with junk, while water
damaged the stock in the store.
When you buy merchandise for your
home, you patronize the merchant who
reduces cost and gives careful service.
Buy your insurance on the same principle and place it in one of the best
companies available at a reduced rate.
Alfred W. McLeod, the Insurance Man.,,
Mrs. Frances .*xtell, for two years a
member of the Washington State Legislature, will speak at  the  women's  suff-
Two Great Liberal Meetings In Opera
House���Saturday, Sept. 9, and Wednesday, Sept. 18���Other Meetings.
This is a busy week in the political
arena, and the first half of next week
will be like unto it���culminating on
Klection Day, Thursday, Sept. 14.
The great meeting of this week < Bowser's, like his Government, is now a
back number) will be staged in the
Opera House, Saturday evening next,
Sept. 9, at 8 o'clock, when H. C. Brewster, the Liberal leader, and M. A. Macdonald, the Bowser machine smasher, together with David Whiteside, the Liberal standard bearer for New Westminster,
will be heard from the same platform���a
programme that ought to give every one
his money's worth.
Ou Wednesday evening next, Sept.
13, election eve, the Liberals will again
hold the boards at the Opera House,
when Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, the
great independent Conservative, will tell
what he thinks and knows about the
Bowser Government. No one should
miss it. Mr. Whiteside will also have a
final opportunity before polling day, at
this meeting, to address the electors.
Not a few district electors, it is known,
will take advantage of the opportunity
afforded by these meetings to hear these
leading speakers on the Liberal side. Although arrangements had not been completed when the 1'acific Canadian was
printed, it is expected that the important question of Woman Suffrage will be
dealt with by one of the well known woman orators at one or both meetings.
Boxes and front seats will be reserved at
both meetings for ladies   and   their   es-
rage meeting in QueeiVs Avenue Metho-  corts.    As   the   Opera   House   will   be
dist Church, next Monday evening. This
evening Mrs. Agnes Wiggin and Mr. W.
Martin will speak at St. Aiden's Church,
People from the district south of the
river who may wish to attend the big
Liberal meeting in the Opera House,
Saturday night, will be interested to
note that a B. C. Rlectric train leaves
the New Westminster station five minutes after midnight Saturday, going as
far as Jardine, which will give every one
en route a chance to get home right after
the meeting.
Evidently crazed with drink, an Indian tried to throw himself into the
Fraser, here, Monday, and was only
saved from self-destruction by Constable
Armstrong, who subdued the man after
a hard struggle. The Indian was chasing a white man when the officer interfered, and the Indian then turned to the
river. An effort is being made to ascertain where he secured his liquor.
Though Friday is the usual day of
publication, The Pacific Canadian is issued this week on Thursday and will be
published next week on Wednesday, the
duy before Election Day. This change
is made so that its several thousand
readers in City and District���covering
four constituencies and part of another���
will have the advantage of two issues before Election Day, instead of one.
Mr. F. C. Wade, K. C, editor of the
Sun. has entered action against the
News-Advcatiser, its proprietor, editor,
etc., for libel, claiming ��10,000 damages.
Mr. Wade is uot a candidate or in any
way personallv connected with the election, but the News-Advertiser has been
industriously libelling him, following
the lead of Premier Bowser himself, in
the hope of making Bowser appear iess
crowded on both occasions, those wishing
to insure getting seats should come early.
Besides these star events, there will be
a Liberal rally in the Liberal Club
Rooms, Westminster Trust Building,
this (Thursday) evening, Sept. 7, to be
addressed by Mr. Whiteside and others,
and a public meeting under Liberal auspices in St. Barnabas' Hall, West End,
tomorrow (Friday) evening, the 8th
inst., at which Mr. Whiteside will speak.
Mr. Ralph Smith, one of the Liberal
candidates for Vancouver, will speak at
one at least of these meetings.
There will be a rousing Liberal meeting at Chil'iwack, in the interest of Mr.
E. D. Barrow, Liberal candidate, on
Monday evening, the 11th inst., at
which both Mr. Brewster and Mr. Macdonald will speak, besides the candidate.
Tuesday evening, Sept. 12, the Victoria
Theatre, Mission City, will be the scene
of the star meeting in Dewdney Riding,
which will be addressed by H. C. Brew-
sier, Liberal leader, M. A. Macdonald,
and John Oliver, the Liberal candidate
for the riding.
Infantile Paralysis at Kamloops.
Kamloops reports a case of the dreaded
infantile paralysis, the doctors being
agreed that the death of the five-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Ross, on
Sunday last, was caused by that disease.
The case is a very peculiar one, and the
attending physicians are at a loss to
know how the lad acquired the infection.
The little fellow, who is s grandson of
Mr. Mitchell, manager in Kamloops for
E. G. Prior & Co., came to town on Friday from a farm where the family bad
been holidaying. Saturday morning he
staggered when walking across the
kitchen floor, and within a few minutes
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ he was unable to  stand.    The  paralysis
City schools reopened Monday for the progressed until in a few  hours   all   he
commencement   of   the   autumn   term, could do   was weakly shake   his   head.
with a large attendance  at   both   public Then  unconsciousness  supervened, and
and High   schools.     Beginners'   classet on Sunday he died.
for children six years   of  age,   or   who Rigid  quarantine of   the   household,
will be six years old by the end  of Sep- which included a young couple on  their
tember were opened in the various pub.
lie schools. Vacation was this year extended one week on account of the prevalence of measles and whooping cough
among the children.
The results of another conference between the Harbor Committee and the
Vulcan Ironworks have been laid before
the Council in committee and the rental
for the lease of a portion of the new
market has been agreed upon. The
Vulcan Ironworks are pressing for a
definite decision by Sept. 20, Mr, J. R.
Duncan having intimated that the plant
will be removed to Vancouver unless
satisfactory tenim are arranged by them.
f. O, Tuwnley, one of the two independent Conservative candidates in Vancouver, has withdrawn from the contest.
In a published statement, he says his
only object is to beat the Bowser machine, and he has concluded, after hearing Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper and discussing the situation with Mr. Geo. H.
Cowan, ex-M. P., and other prominent
anti-Bowser Conservatives of Vancouver,
that the best way to beat Bowser is to
back Brewster.
honeymoon, was carried out. Schools
will remain closed, and any assembly of
children in any public place is positively
forbidden, while every feasible preventive measure has been taken by the civic
authorities to limit the outbreak.
^""^   I is //vf7
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Two Rousing Meetings.
Mr. David Whiteside held a very successful meeting in the Strand Hotel,
Queensboro, Lulu Island, Tuesday
night. The attendance was good and
the meeting evidently heartily in sympathy with the Liberal candidate, whose
vigorous and pointed address was listen-
ek to with the utmost attention. Mr. U.
Mercer, proprietor o{ the Star Shipyards,
acted as chairman, and addresses were
also delivered by A. Ilardmau, in favor
of the woman suffrage referendum, and
Mr. L. B. Lusby, Liberal campaign manager, in the interest of the Liberal candidate and the cause generally. At the
conclusion, Mr. A. Sprice, postmaster
and storekeeper of Queensboro, moved
u vote of thanks to the speakers, which
was Warmly endorsed by the audience.
The lame evening (Tuesday last), Mr.
John Oliver, Liberal candidate for Dewdney, had one of the most enthusiastic
meetings of his campaign at Milliard-
ville, near Fraser Mills. The whole
town turned out, and cheered to the
echo the forcible and inspiring addresses
of Mr. Oliver aud of Mr. Donald Dow-
nic, Vancouver, the latter of whom spoke
in French. Mailliardvile���and there is
a good big vote there���will go practically
solid for the Liberal Candidate on general
principles. Besides, the intelligent electors of that precinct do not forget that the
Government disfranchised then* wholesale by a trick, a little over four years
ago. They have the vote now, and will
put it where it will do (he most good.
Trapped and Burned to Death.
Philip John Thrussel, of South Westminster, employed as engineer in the
boiler room of the Iowa Lumber Co. at
Sapperton, was burned to death \\\ the
fuel bin of the plant, on Sunday afternoon. He had gone into the fuel bin to
shp.vel (ncl, and is believed to have been
trapped there by the smoke and fire,
'fhe charred remains were washed out of
the burning sawdust by water from the
hose of the Fire Department.
The fire started about 1:45 ou Sunday,
and by the time the brigade arrived the
boiler room and fuel bin were a mass of
flames.    Almost at  once   Thrussel  was ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
missed, but efforts to   rescue   him were	
frustrated by the intense heat aud smoke. ���*|
The boiler room is connected with the Premier Bowser might have given'a
fuel bin by a ladder and a hole in tl\e Jew particulars, while lie was about it,
floor. It is believed the unfortunate about that "carpet" scandal against his
man had gone into the fuel \\\\\ \o shovel Government, which he impudently and
sawdust to make i,t V\U1 more freely, foolishly referred to, last night, as a
While h|e. \/M \\ivw the tire started, and plank in the Brewster platform, Nail
he yyns paught in a deatii trap. in the Bowser coffin would bit it off bet-
" i\t an inquest held Mondav by Coroner ter. $1,700 to a jjood Government sup-
Dr. Walker, the jury returned a verdict porter in Victoria, Spencer, for the use
of death due to suffocation and burning,   of some nice carpeting for a few days for
They added a rider that in their opinion
it was dangerous for the fuel bin to be
connected with the furnace by direct
led. Thrussel was 36 years of age,
biugle, and a native of Unglaud.
,i royal reception, though much more
than the carpet bought outright was
worth, is a small thing, of course, beside the big Bowser steals and deals, but
it illustrates admirably.
Short Session Last Thursday on
count of Monday Being
Labor Day.
On account of the regular Council
meeting night falling on Labor Day this
week, tlie City Fathers foregathered instead on Thursday afternoon last, when
they held a short meeting, at which not
a great deal of business was done.
Formal application was received from
Mr. Henry Schaake, for a lease of a portion of the Tenth street waterfront site,
for fitting up a modern machine, pattern
and boiler shop, to cost $20,000, with
plant $50,000 additional; to employ
about 100 hands, mostly skilled. The
application was referred to the Harbor
At a session af the Harbor Committee
later in the afternoon, a tentative plan
showing a location for the Vulcan Ironworks' proposed plant was submitted
and discussed.
A communication was read in open
Council from the Board of Investigation
under the Water Rights Act pointing out
that the city of New Westminster had
never filed a statement of its claims to
water rights on Coquitlam Lake.
As the city has been in enjoyment of
these rights for probably twenty-five
years, it surprised some of the Aldermen
that there should be any necessity of
submitting a statement of claim. It
was decided to refer the matter to the
Water and Finance Committees to report.
The Shops Regulation By-law-
was passed and will come up for
sideration at the next meeting.
measure is practically the same
last one, with the exception that
empts such goods as fruit, confectionery,
ice cream and soft drinks, and photographic supplies from the closing hour
Aid. Eastman recommended the permanent appointment of S. P. Grant, who
is at present employed as lineman on
The Council reduced the price of city
maps, hitherto $1 and 50 cents respectively, to 50 and 25 cents.
On the recommendation of the Finance
Committee, it Was left to the committee
and Treasurer to make final arrangements for holding the tax sale on September 18.
The Finance Committee was authorized
lo meet, Wednesday afternoon, in the
office of the District Registrar of Title;,
to see what can be done in the way of
straightening out errors in Ihe city's
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The Treasurer was authorized to accept the Brunette Sawmill Company's
cheque for arrears of water lots rental at
the old rate, and au adjustment will be
madi on a new lease.
Xo. I
as the
it ex-
Keep the Sheet Clean.
Klectors of British Columbia, you have
a new and clean sheet to write upon on
Thursday next, 14th. Don't allow anything old or dirty upon it. Give the
country a fresh start: With a new, not
a patched up, Government; a new treatment of the liquor evil, prohibition, as
far as it goes���you can get more later, if
vou want to; and a new electorate,
through woman suffrage. Vou can vote
twice for woman suffrage���by voting for
the Liberal party, who will give it anyway, and for the referendum on general
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The biggest air raid yet, thirteen Zeppelins taking part, was attempted against
London Sunday last. Only three got
near the outskirts; one was bagged by
an aeroplane and brought down iu flames,
a total loss with crew, and the others
driven off, doing slight damage.
Hear Brewster, Macdonald, and Whiteside, Saturday night, and Sir Charles
Tupper, Wednesday night, both meetings at the Opera House, and Bowser
will look 1 ke ten cents.
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We write Fire Insurance in sound,
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Room 1, Hart Block Page 4
New Westminster, B.C., Sept. 7, 1916
Outline of Principles and Constructive
Policy of the Provincial Liberal
Party of British Columbia.
With a fatuity that is phenomenal,
though quite in keeping with the erratic
and irresponsible course pursued generally in their campaign, the Bowser Government speakers and papers have developed the vicious and senseless habit
of flying right in the face of the well
known facts of the case by asserting
that the Libeaals have no constructive
polio���nothing but destructive criticism
of the Government- when it is notorious
that the Government owes to the Liberal
platform the very planks (Workmen's
Compensation, Agricultural Credits, Restoration of Alienated Lands unpaid for,
and Referendum on Prohibition) by
means-of which, with the aid of its
"pluirging" conspiracy, it hopes to make
the people forget it's long, worse than
misspent past and give it a renewed lease
uf power.
Here are four very clean-cut planks of
the Liberal platform, wliich have been
before the public for years, and which,
though in Opposition, and a numerically
insignificant Opposition at that, the Lil>
erfcls have compelled the Government,
after being chastised in the by-elections,
and confronted with a general election,
to adopt, and in a manner enact.
Mr. David Whiteside, member to be
for New Westminster, touched on three
other planks, in his address at Sapperton, last week���two of them at least of
first class and most vital importance, as
he abundantly showed, to wit: The
Abolishing of the Patronage System,
and Strict Control of the Capitalization
of Incorporated Companies. The third,
while more in the nature of a departmental reform���making the Auditor-
General an officer independent of the
Government���was of very considerable
importance, when contrasted with the
present farcial situation, as was shown.
Mr. John Oliver, in the course of his
speech at the same meeting, mentioned
and to some extent elaborated no less
than six other planks or features of the
Liberal platform: Sane ami Economical,
as opposed to wildly extravagant and
wasteful, Financial Administration; Promotion of Production, instead of wildcat exploitation and ''giving the speculator a chance"; Equal Suffrage to Men
and Women, regardless of the result of
the uncalled for referendum on that
question; a Clean Election Law, making
"plugging" impossible, which the Government refused to pass at the last session, when introduced by Mr. Brewster,
for significant reasons best known to
themselves; Direct Legislation, the
Referendum, and Recall, giving-the people a direct voice in legislation at any
time they might choose to exercise it;
and Proportional Representation, by
means of which every political part}'
would have representation in the Legislature exactly according to its numerical
strength, instead of the present anomalous situation which lent itself to manipulation so that a party having a decided
minority of the popular vote might control the Legislature and dictate the policy
of. the country.
There we have no less than thirteen
clearly defined and distinct lines of constructive policy enunciated and elaborated by the Liberals, based upon approved principles which they have maintained and advocated for years, in party
conventions, in political campaigns,
through the Liberal press, and on the
(loor of the House���though denied but
an insignificant representation there,
owing to the too great success with
which an unscrupulous Goyernment patronage machine manipulated the constituencies during the times of the speculative frenzy and blindness, sedulously
fostered by the Government, but now
happily ended, the scales having fallen
from the eyes of the long deceived people, who can no longer be led by the
nose by the misrepresentations and falsehoods that availed in the past.
But the important and vital features of
the Liberal policy above referred to by
no means exhaust the constructive planks
of the Liberal platform, every one of
which directly controverts and impeaches
the entire practice and record of the
present Government and its immediate
predecessor, of wliich the present Government is but the continuation. To
summarize, as space compels, a few
other leading lines: Free Homesteads
for Actual Settlers���no laud for speculators; and in connection with the land
policy, Advances to Settlers on easy
terms lo assist in clearing, dyking, irrigation, and other permanent improvements; also surveys and all necessary in-
���formatiou to be   made easily available to
the public. Effective Control by the
Government of the Railways, instead of
the reverse, lu this'eouneclion, a thorough investigation of the reckless ami
criminal misappropriation of public
moneys to certain railways as a condition
precedent to further expenditure in the
completion of necessary railway lines.
Also seeking Federal aid to partly relieve Province from fearful guarantee
burdens imposed      Further Alienation of
Timber Lands to Speculators to be stopped. Public Protection in Respect to
Price of Coal, by Government operation
of coal mines if necessary. Educational
Reform, in the direction of the extension
of practical education and eliminating
politiacl partisanship from the Education Department. Under Taxation, the
exemption of improvements on all lauds
paying taxes to the Provincial Govern
ment. Increased stringency in Immigration Laws to Excluda Orientals; Extension of Municipal Powers; Public
Ownership of Utilities; Protection of
Water Supply; and Xon-Partisan Civil
And yet we are told, by the big Government speakers and press aud all the
little echoeS, with a hardy disregard of
tlir truth that amounts to fool-hardiness,
that the Liberal party has no constructive policy thai it has nothing to offer
the electors but destructive criticism of
the Bowser Government! Verily, whom
the gods wish to destroy they first make
That Price-Iiove Correspondence, Showing Conservative Machines of Victoria and Vancouver in Reciprocal
The following correspondence between
Victor II. Love, secretary of the Vancouver Conservative Association, and W. H.
Price (the notorious "Harry Price"),
secretary of the Victoria Conservative
Association, has been published frequently since, unfortunately for the high
corresponding parties and- their political
associations, it became public property;
but Pacific Canadian readers have not
had opportunity of perusing it through
this medium, which is sufficient justification for reproducing it here.
Though the characteristic political
"work" naively revealed in this correspondence was pulled off in connection
with the last Dominion general election,
in 1911, the machinists, the machine, the
methods bear a striking and suspicious
resemblance, even to "the $10 per," to
the recent crooked election performances
in connection with the Vancouver by-
election, with which Bowserism is so inextricably linked up, notwithstanding its
hypocritical affectation of innocence and
impudent attempt to fasten the familiar
dirty work upon others.
In this connection, it is more than significant to note, apropos of that particular species of dirty political work known
as "plugging," that, well before the
recent by-elections, the party in this
Province represented by the Bowser
Government was convicted of that political crime. It was committed at Cran-
brook, iu 1909, on behalf of the McBride-
Bowser candinate, T. I). Caven, for
whom one man, Ben Teed, voted seven
times, lt was done on a larger scale at
Fernie, on behalf of "Hon." W. R.
Ross, now a fugitive trying for a seat in
Port George. The arch "plugger" there,
one Tom Whelan, "took sancutary" before a "friendly" J. P., who let him off
with a fine, when he should have been
sent to jail, and thus the ends of justice
were defeated.
If any doubts remain to be cleared up
in regard to the Vancouver "plugging,"
the great preponderance of evidence and
incriminating circumstances ;before and'
since, and all the presumptive probability in the case, point unerringly to the
proved pastmasters in that sort of political work in the Province���the Bowser
Government aud party, as the culprits.
Here is the famous (infamous) Price-
Love corresponce referred to, showing
tlie Vancouver and Victoria branches of
essentially the l?owser Conservative machine in loving accord in reciprocal action. (The $10, same figure the Vancouver "pluggers" say they got, it will
be perceived, was over and above travelling expenses���straight bribery):
Victoria Conservative Club,
Victoria, October 6, 1911.
Re Dominion Election,  Sept.   11,   1911.
Victor II. Love,
Secretary Vancouver Conservative
Vancouver, B.C.
Dear Sir,���
I beg to acknowledge receipt  of  your
letter of October 4, and like yourself, regret very much that any misunderstanding should have taken place in reference
to Vancouver  voters   in   Victoria.     In
reference to the  amount  we   furnished:
53 men tickets at $3.50
TO men tickets at $2.70
22 berth money at $1.00.
The above amounts to   $334.50.     WK
SAME BEING, VIZ : $10 each, this being
$70, and some  fifteen men  are  persistently around the headquarters here  demanding same amount.
In squaring up we would like to get a
LIST OF THE MEN PAID BV YOURSELF, so that in settling up we shall
not be called upon to pay over the
amount thought necessary. A number
have mentioned that they were going to
write you demanding their expenses,
and if this has been done kindly advise
It has been most unpleasant for us, a
number of these men calling at my residence every evening when they could
not locate me at the office.
However, I trust that we will be able
to settle everything satisfactorily, and
keep the members of the party in good
With kind regards, I am.
Yours respectfully,
Vancouver Conservative Club,
57(1 Granville Street,
Vancouver, January 31, 1912.
W. II. Price,
Honorary Secretary, Victoria Conservative   Association,    Victoria, It. C,
Dear Mr. Price,
I   enclose    herewith   mv   cheque   for
$304.5(1,   being   amount   of   your   claim
against us for transportation   of   passen
I attach hereto your statement and
payment is made according to same. If
you examine your statement, you will
lind that where you have $234.50, you
added it $340.00, By adding $50.00 you
get the amount covered by the cheque.
I regret that this matter has been allowed to stand over so long, but I have
reason to hope that this settlement will
lie satisfactory to you and your associa
tion, and that the good feelings that
have always existed between the two organizations will continue.
Yours truly,
Assistant Secretary.
Kindly   return   receipt   and    oblige.
Serious Collision on P. Q. B.
Twenty holidays were injured, seven
so seriously that they had to be removed
to Harbor View Sanitarium, North Vancouver, when a head-on collision occurred at West Bay, two and a half miles
west of West Vancouver, between two
Pacific Great Eastern trains at 12.55
Monday afternoon. The accident is attributed by P. G. E. officials to a misun-
derstaeding of orders by the crew of train
No. 19, whicli crashed at full speed into
train No. 22, the engines of both trains
being badly damaged in the smash. All
the injured were passengers with the exception of the engineer of No. 19, who
sustained a sprained ankle when he with
his fireman jumped for life _ when they
saw that a collision was inevitable.
Mr. J. W. Wearf, Liberal candidate
for South Vancouver, has announced his
intention of taking action for slander
against his Bowser opponent in the riding, Rev. Mr. Boulton, who has been
canvassing for votes with the argument
that Mr. Weart "was a drunkard." A
written apology is the only thing that
will save the reverend libeller.
We invite
send to us for whatever
may require in our line,
The Model
Your   Business
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too small to receive our attention.    We   invite   you   to
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lb 25c
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Magic Baking Powder,   2 1-2
lb tins ���  50c
Mack's No Rub,  pkg 5c
Schram Tops, doz  25c
Macaroni, .3 pkgs 25c
Sewing   Machine   Oil,   large
tin    15c
Skookum   Furniture   Polish,
bottle 25c. 50c, and 75c
New  Westminster   Creamery
Butter, lb  tOc
Equal Kgg, per tin 25c
Mapleine,   sufficient  for two
gals syrup 50c
Genuine French Mustard, per
jar 30c
Butterick   Patterns
I Coat
j 8647
Illustrations of every pattern are
in the large counter books on
the pattern counter.
The Butterick Quarterly
for Fall
is also on sale at 25c per copy,
with coupon good for a a 15c
pattern. A book most necessary
for home use. Secure your copy
early. Free fashion sheets for
the current month.
Every pattern needs material.
Remember our piece goods department. We can serve you
well with goods in stock now.
Our early buying assures you
the lowest prices,
W. S. Collister & Co.
The Store  for Women's Wear
Model Grocery
Matheson & Jacobson
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East Burnaby, 2nd St.
Edmonds, Gray Block
Sapperton, Guhr Block
Phone 1001-2
Phone 598
Phone 1111L
Phone 1012
P. O. Box 933
Westminster  Iron  Works
JOHN REID,  Proprietor
General Machine Work, Engineering and
Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork
Office and  Works:
New Westminster, B. G.
James & McClughan
Auto Tires & Accessories
New Westminster, B. C.
Front and Sixth Sts,     Phone 302
Welding and Brazing
Auto and Motor Boat Supplies and Fittings
First Class Machine Work
New Westminster
Phone 275      724 Front St
Two Great Meetings
Saturday Evening Sept. 9
H. G. BREWSTER, the Liberal Leader
A. MACDONALD, the Man Who Smashed
the Machine
DAVID WHITESIDE, Local Liberal Candidate
The Opera House, Election   Eve.,    Wednesday,
September 13
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
David Whiteside
Boxes and Front Seats Reserved for Ladies and Escorts at both meetings.
District People will be present.   Come early and avoid the rush.


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