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The Pacific Canadian Sep 21, 1916

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Weekly News Digest and Journal of  Observation and Comment.
Vol. I.
Number 29
The long looked for, oft deferred, day of reckoning
for the Bowser Government, successor and sole heir to
the double-headed combination which preceded it,
came on Thursday last, September 14, 1916���henceforth a red letter and epochal date in the history of
British Columbia. The'result, while fully expected
bv everyone not blinded by interest or predilection,
left nothing to be imagined or desired in the way of
thoroughness and completeness. It was a clean sweep
-a landslide���an avalanche a great irresistible spontaneous uprising and revolt of the people���a political
and moral revolution���to overturn and radically reform a condition and state of things in the government and administration of the country that had become intolerable.
It is true the ground had been well prepared and
the seed sown. But not often does such a harvest follow such a plowing and sowing. The conditions, however, were all favorable to carry deep conviction to
the minds and hearts of the people and produce decision and action. The reasons, in kind and essence, if
not in degree, were just as strong four, seven, years
ago as they were when the verdict was rendered,
Thursday. The Government���the McBride-Bowser
Government���forfeited the confidence of the country
in 1909, when it disclosed its real character by embarking upon its reckless railway guaranteeing policy, and
alienated then the support of leading Conservatives in
and out of the Government, which led to the reorganization and distinct deterioration of the Cabinet.
Since, with a perfect political abandon, it had been
filling up the measure of its iniquity. But, with
Machivelian slyness, the Government had seduced the
people into becoming partners with it in the delirium
of reckless joy-riding. While the fever was on, no
sober, punitive and reformatory judgment was possible. But the fever ran its course, the people came
to themselves, and have thrown out those who deceived, despoiled, and sought to unman and enslave
The significance of Thursday's result is far more
than that of the ordinary overturn which sometimes
occurs in a general election. The nearest parallel is
that supplied in the annihilation, about a year ago, of
the corrupt Roblin Government of Manitoba, which
had held power just about as long as the McBride-
Bowser Government now has, and had pursued an almost identical course, having had the misfortune to get
caught in a little coarser work which brought the
members of the Government personally under the
Criminal Code. For all round political turpitude, however, the regime culminating in the Bowser Government could not be beaten ���except in the exemplary
and never-to-be-forgotten way that it has been beaten
at the polls, by a spontaneous, simultaneous revolt of
all the best elements of the Province, irrespective of
party, against it. This revolt, as any one not wilfully
blind must have seen, began with full force in the by-
elections of this spring, and has had the astounding
result of hurling from office a party which had forty
out of forty-two members of the last House as elected
behind it, and seating firmly in power, with a following of about forty, of a party���the Liberal party of
British Columbia���which had not a single representative in the Legislature as returned by the people in
While a determination to be rid of the Government
was doubtless the ruling motive behind this tremendous result, the verdict of the people may fairly be interpreted in a sense as a tribute to the proved and
recognized integrity, sincerity, and ability of Mr.
Brewster, the Liberal leader, and his lieutenants, and
the generally superior stamp of men that, by a perfectly natural selective process, he attracted to his
standard as Liberal candidates throughout the Province. This expression of confidence from the best
men of all parties, the Liberal party will not forget,
and, in forming and carrying on the first Liberal Government of British Columbia, thev will, we are persuaded, remember, that, even in the peculiarly difficult circumstances of succeeding to such a political
legacy as they do, great things are expected of them,
and endeavor not to disappoint that expectation.
They say the Sun rises earlier and sets later in
Vancouver, since the 14th.
Congratulations to Parker Williams, who won on
his merits, with Liberal support, in Newcastle.
The Government's return is certain.���Last clinical
bulletin by Dr. Bowser before collapse of patient.
The democracy of B. C. splendidly vindicated itself,
on the 14th, in the eyes of Canada and the Empire.
Should the soldiers' vote put two or three more in
Opposition, they will be welcome���to the cold shades,
where they'll have to practice the Spartan virutes and
their power for mischief will be gone.
The emphatic endorsement by the electorate of the
prohibition and woman suffrage referendums, added
to the great political overturn, marks the opening of a
new era, politically and morally, in British Columbia,
the significance and importance of which it is almost
startling to contemplate and hardly possible to exaggerate. Though the soldiers' vote���amounting to
about 15,000, it has been estimated, up to and including the 14th inst. -has not yet been counted, and for
the referendums the vote will continue to be taken up
to the end of the year, there is no expectation or likelihood that the verdict of the brave men at the front
will differ materially on the whole from that so signally recorded at home���which means that the exemplary defeat of the Government, will stand, barring
possibly a few changes in the representation of individual constituencies, and that, similarly, the endorsement of prohibition and woman suffrage will be
confirmed, peihaps emphasized.
Prohibition���the abolishing of the bars and all public places for the sale and consumption of intoxicating
beverages���comes into effect on the 1st of July next.
Woman suffrage becomes law on March 1st the same
year, 1917, which means, in all probability, that the
new electorate which has been created���an addition
say of a third to the present voters' lists���will exercise the franchise for the first time in the next Dominion general tlection, which is not likely to be held before March 1st and is unlikely to be deferred a great
while after that date, dependent somewhat, of course,
on war developments. As the Provincial by-elections
that must follow the acceptance of office by new Ministers will probably be over within two months, the
first opportunity for women electors to vote on Provincial issues will not occur until the next general election, in the ordinary course of events, four or five
years hence.
The very enactment and ratification of these great
political and social reforms, however, the knowledge
that they will in due course come into effect, coupled
with the political revolution that has occurred at the
same time���which throws out a corrupt and reactionary Administration and places solidly in power a party
pledged, not only to a thorough house-cleaning, but to
a constructive programme of far-reaching, radical
measures���cannot but exercise immediately and continuously a profound effect upon the course of events
and destiny of the Province. One immediate effect
will be the restoring of confidence and the attracting
of the very best elements to this Province. Other
benefits will follow, and the ordinary, industrious,
productive, enterprising citizen will share in all, rather
than the mere speculator and exploiter, who was the
particular pet and beneficiary of the regime that has
been ended and will now only be given time to pack up
and quit.
The only criticism to be made about the new Legislature���which will contain not more than half a dozen
probably of the forty-two who sat in the last House,
though four old parliamentary hands, Brewster, Oliver, Ralph Smith, and Parker Williams, with M. A
Macdonald, will leaven the new material- is that,
from the party poin t of view, it is too one-sided.
Forty odd Liberals against seven' odd Conservatives,
while not so bad as the last Legislature, with its forty
Conservatives to two Socialists, is admittedly slightly
over-balanced, and a ma'tter for regret,even to the
victorious party, as has already been expressed by Premier-elect Brewster, with reference to Mr. Bowser
A strong Opposition, strong numerically and in the
timbre and calibre of its individual components, is as
much a necessity for the working out of the best
results, under our British system of responsible government, as a strong Government. The deplorable
effects of the lack of such a salutary corrective and
balance wheel have just been strikingly exemplified
in the decline and tragic, almost spectacular, fall of
the late too strong Provincial Administration. That
Administration, under its double-headed leadership,
deliberately planned and worked, and used the whole
force of its tremendous patronage machine, to bring
about the very condition of things which wrought its
ruin. Constituencies like Alberni and Delta, returning strong Oppositionists like Brewster and Oliver,
who would have been the salvation of the Government if allowed to remain in the House, were laid
siege to by a systematic campaign of threats and
promises, intimidation and bribes, until these constituencies, in sheer self-defence, capitulated, came
under the Government whip, and returned Government supporters. Both former Premier McBride and
Mr. Bowser, it will be within the recollection of all,
in the last general election campaign, that of 1912,
Something happened!
And it happened good and hard.
The machine was smashed���into smithereens.
There's not enough left to make a decent funeral.
The "dead past" has been buried���forget it!
British Columbia's nightmare is over.
The day of machine government is ended.
Bowser and booze went together.
Who got "plugged?���in the neck.
'Twas the People vs. Bowser���and the People won.
The cabinet of ciphers is cancelled.
British Columbia's on the water wagon.
We've taken the women into partnership.
Being leap year, the ladies said "Wilt thou?" and
the men gallantly "wilted."
At the polls next election: "After you, my dear
Which side won in Westminster? Why, Whiteside,
of course.
The Royal City did right royally, and is right in the
swim���and on the map.
Dewdney redeemed itself. Hurrah for "Honest
John !"   'Twas coming to him.
The "oysters" are on Mr. Bowser. Take 'em on
the half shell!���half price.
Lost���machine made majority of 440 in Delta.
MacKenzie sitting on doorstep waiting for soldiers'
Price Ellison can now attend to those cows.
' 'Oh, Shaw !   No more Sunday over-time for me,
at $30 per."
The ' 'solid six" were welded into one harmonious
The Hon. "Doc" McGuire was "painlessly extracted."   Well, extracted anyway.
It's rumored that "Soapy" Welsh will shortly be
Seattle is now the "power behind   the  thrown."
Brewster won out in Victoria and in his old Alberni
seat, where he had been "machined" out before.
Esquimalt has plunked young Pooley, bulldozer of
workingmen, firmly down to cool his heels and head
outside the Legislature's door.
That fine old Tory landmark and bulwark of Bowserism in the Legislature, Sneaker Eberts, was uprooted in the storm of Thursday last.
Lucas will have lots of time to study up "The
Crisis" and step off those 93 million acres of arable
Well, Macken had his wish in Chilliwack. He went
down with Bowser.
You can't fool any of the people all the time. At
least it's so in B. C.
Bravo, British Columbia! You wrung the Tammany tiger cub's neck right well.
Bowser's "plugging" campaign is answered, Macdonald heads the poll in Vancouver. Bowser party
wiped out in B. C.
'Twas thoughtful of the men to do some rough
house-cleaning themselves when asking the women in.
The ladies can dust the parlor ornaments, anyhow,
Who said'the sunshine of prosperity was "breaking
brightly" over B. C? Well, we guess it has. Something broke anyhow, and the sunshine will now have
a chance.
appealed to the electors, from every public platform in
the Province, to wipe out the then very small Liberal
Opposition in the House. The request was granted,
with the result that four years afterward the conditions have been almost reversed.
Not the Liberal party, therefore, but the so-called
Conservative party of British Columbia, with its inordinate lust for absolute power, and the unbridled and
unscrupulous use it made of that power, is responsible
for the violent swing of the pendulum to the other
side, which Liberals regret as much as any one else.
A splendid lot of earnest, able, and principled men���
not a drone or a rubber-stamp among them���have been
elected, however, and the Province and the Liberal
party will do their best to stagger along without much
of an Opposition for awhile. In the meantime, Conservatives have a patriotic duty to perform���to reorganize and reform their party in the Province, select
and cultivate their very best men in the constituencies, and, with the new and enlarged electorate that
the Province will shortly have, a strengthened Opposition is not beyond hope or expectation. In fact,
proportional representation, which the new Legislature w\\l introduce and enact, will insure it. Page 2
New Westminster, B.C., Sept. 21, 1916
Published every Friday from the Offices, 761 Carnarvon Street,
New Westminster, B. C, by the Pacific Canadian Printing
& Publishing Co-, I/td.
Editor and Manager
Subscription Prices;���$1.00 per annum [in advance];   50c.   for six
months; 25c. for three months; 10c. per month;   5c. per copy.
Advertising rates on   application
The people voted twice for woman suffrage and
won on both counts���for Liberals and referendum.
It is well that the people vise up in their might
once in a while, and remind the politicians that they
(the people) are King.
For Premier of B. C.: Move to amend by strikirg
out all the letters after B���(owser) and adding (rew-
ster.)   Carried almost unanimously.
The Lower Mainland made it unanimous, Vancouver Island only missed by one, and the rest of the
Province did almost as well.
Every Minister was sent to the junk pile, and of all
Bowser's subservient majority of forty odd in the last
Legislature only two or three lonely stragglers survive.
Two other ministers, of a different denomination-
Boulton and Morden, who followed after strange gods
���were also junked with Jonah. So far, they haven't
come up yet.
If they had followed the lead of the parsons who
sponsored "The Crisis in B. C," which dealt such
shrewd and telling blows against political wickedness
in high places, the whale wouldn't have got 'em.
The electors of British Columbia were
more than fair to Mr. Bowser. They
were just.
The Columbian says "Premier Bowser
and his Ministry go into opposition with
great honor." Ephriam is joined to his
idols���broken idols.   Let him alone.
Among other eulogistic post-mortem
remarks about Premier Bowser, the Province says "he left nothing to be desired." Well, nothing that wasn't
nailed down.
Mayor Stewart, of Victoria, has joined
Flumerfelt, and Lome Campbell, too,
now knows, with Tisdall, etal., that the
public stomach won't stand a political
omelette made by mixing good eggs with
It was a cold day for third candidates
in this election���not one coming anywhere near the goal. Two Socialists
supported by the Liberals, and one Independent Conservative who had the
Conservative support, being the only
As illustrating the News-Advertiser's
total lack of humor, it seriously perpetrates the following: "A change of Administration in this Province will not
give the Province more honest and capable Government, but it will give a more
helpful Opposition."
"If Mr. Brewster shall break the Canadian public record by bringing it (patronage) to an end, he will have our best
wishes in that," piously sighs the News-
Advertiser, and then adds: "Until he
does accomplish this revolution, * * *
he will do well if he uses patronage no
farther and no worse than his predecessors." The N.-A.'s standard is pretty
The Vancouver World has discovered
that there was a Provincial general election of considerable importance on
Thursday last, and that the people had
very decided views thereon, while the
World sat neutral on the fence. The
excuse now is it was so busy over prohibition it hadn't time or space to say a
word about such a tremendously vital
matter to the people's interests, especially in the present circumstances of the
Province, as the election of a new Legislature .
The News-Advertiser hopes that the
new Liberal Government of British Columbia will make the policy of the defeated Conservative Government its
own, as "Liberals have often done in
such cases," it coolly adds. The N-A is
no doubt sincere, but it will be cruelly
disappointed, except in so far as the
new Liberal Government will, with
necessary amendments, properly carry
out the four or five important measures
appropriated from the Liberal policy by
the Bowser Government as a sort of
peace-offering after the by-elections.
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Sir George Foster, Minister of Trade and Commerce in the Borden Government, struck Prince
Rupert, on public business, two days after our big
election, and, in the course of what is described as a
brilliant speech, on Canadian, Imperial, and world
issues, found time, in his own words, "as an old pub-
;..:���.;.. ��:��x-:-:"X>':-x,<^';-;-x->����^x-><Hi ��������������������������'��������<
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lie man," to paternally counsel the successful candi-
^jn^^ool'tot^^dmito.th^^^- Subscribe for The Pacific Can-
sibihties in  helping to govern a Province like British VM.
Columbia.    They should," he added, "spend many an opIioY-i _fVio ne\mincr   nonnv    +r�� Aw
hour in prayerful meditation." dUlcUl- UltS LUIIHIlg   jJdptJI ��� 10-Udy
Issue of $100,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st October, 1931.
The Minister of Finance offers herewith, on behalf of
the Government, the above named Bonds for subscription
at 97-5, payable us follows:���
10 per cent on application;
30     " "   10th October, 1916;
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The total allotment of bonds of this issue will be limited
to one hund��ed million dollars exclusive of the amount
(if any) paid for by 1,he surrender of bond* as the equivalent of cash under the terms of the War Loan prospectus
of 22nd November, 1915.
The instalments may be paid in full on the 16th day
of October, 1916, or on any instalment, due date thereafter,
under discount at the rate of four per cent por annum.
All payments are to be made to a chartered bank for the
credit of the Minister of Finance. Failure to pay any
instalment when due will render previous payments liable
to forfeiture and the allotment to cancellation.
Subscriptions, accompanied by a deposit) of ten per cent
of the amount subscribed, must be forwarded through
the medium of a chartered bank. Any branch in Canada
of any chartered bank will receive subscriptions and issue
provisional receipts.
This loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of
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Forms of application may be obtained from any branch
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Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of dollars.
In ease of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be
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When the scrip certificates have been paid in full and
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Delivery of scrip certificates and of bonds will be made
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The interest on the fully registered bonds will be paid
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The books of the loan will be kept at the Department
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in respect of applications on forms which have not been
printed by the King's Printer.
Subscription Lists will close on or before 23rd September, J9H,
Department of Finance, Ottawa, September 12th, 1916.
IfflfllMltllln \\5
New Westminster, B.C.. Sept. 21, 1916
Page I
The 72nd Seaforth Cadets, of Vancouver, realized $168 by their tag day in
this city, last week.
Mr. J. Ii. Kennedy, who was too ill
to vote last week, has nearly recovered,
his many friends will be glad to learn.
Sir George Foster, now at the Coast,
will be invited by the Board of Trade to
address a public meeting here, some date
next week.
The sockeye fishing season  has
extended from Sept. 30 lill Oct. 31.
ginning Oct. 1, the weekly close  season
will extend to 6  o'clock   Monday morning.
The B.C.E.R. Co , on Monday, forwarded to the city a cheque for $100,
which was the penalty imposed by the
Council for the tapping of the fire service main by the tenants of the company,
the Vulcan Iron Works.
When you buy merchandise for your
home, you patronize the merchant who
reduces cost and gives careful service.
Buy your insurance on the same principle and place it in one of the best
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Alfred W. McLeod,   the Insurance Man.
To make arrangements for raising
funds in aid of the British Red Cross Society on "Our Day," October 19, Mayor
Gray has called a public meeting to be
held in the City Hall next Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The various patriotic
organizations and interested citizens are
invited to attend.
The City Solicitor has advised the
Council, after a conference with the City
Engineer, that Henry Bucholz has no
ciaim against the city as a result of the
accident to him when riding a motor
cycle ci the crossing of Columbia and
Front streets. The city maintains that
the crossing was in good condition.
Major Doherty, Major Proctor, aud
Major Monro, three doctors who have
had considerable experience with the
army medical organization, will speak in
St. Patrick's Hall this (Thursday) evening. There will be a collection at the
door for the funds of the Voluntary Aid
of the St. John Ambulance Association.
Major Proctor and Major Monro will
give illuminating accounts of life at
A verdict of accidental death was returned by the coroner's jury empanelled
Premier-Elect Brewster Sends a Characteristically Sincere and Splendid
Message to People of B. O. on Election Day.
Premier-elect Harlan Carey Brewster,
who was returned at the head of the poll
both in Victoria and Alberni, and who
has about forty out of the fortv-seven
members of the new Legislature behind
been him, issued the following message, wliich
' has the true Brewster ring, to the people of British Columbia ou .September 14,
the day of the election:
' 'After thirteen years we have arrived
at the time when the people of Britisli
Columbia have seen fit by an overwelm-
ing majority to put out of power an Administration that has been to the detriment of the Province. To-day, Sept. 14,
as I have predicted, will be looked back
to as the day of emancipation for the
Province. For the splendid victory
which has been won this night for good
Government, we have to thank the electors of all political faiths who have given
their support so largely to the forces
whicli are working for the betterment
of conditions for every man, woman and
child in this greatest of Provinces of the
Dominion. We thank the men of the
fine old Conservative party, whose policies in Federal affairs we oppose, but with
whom we are one in matters affecting
the business of our Province.
"From Sir Hibbert Tupper down
through the members of that party they
have shown a loyalty to the principles of
good government which all tlie people of
the community must recognize.
"To that vast body of   the   silent and
independent vote we give our  appreciation of what they have done for our common Province.    The  women  of   British
Columbia have shown themselves worthy
of the vote which the Liberal   party will   ',
see that they get.    We intend   to. fulfill   ���
our promises aiid we know   that  behind -'
us are the people of the Province in   an   !
overwhelming   proportion.       I    believe
that, in spite of the fact that a consider-  J
able vote has been  cast   to-day   for   the  i
Bowser candidates,   we   shall   give   this   '
Province such a clean  and efficient   and
progressive Administration that we shall
secure their support at the   next   appeal
to the people."
After thanking the newspaper support-
1 X
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by Coroner Dr. R. E. Walker to enquire  ers and commenting on   the  vindication
into the circumstances leading to the
death of John Bruckstrom, a Swedish
employee of King's Lumber Mill in
Surrey, on Saturday evening. Bruckstrom was accidentally shot by Mr. Paul
E. Murphy, superintendent of the Tim-
berland Lumber Co. at Craig's station,
when the men were out hunting deer,
being mistaken for a bear in the gathering darkness.
The city has been divided into districts
for collection purposes, next Saturday,
for "Junk Day," under the auspices of
the Voluntary Aid of the St. John Ambulance Association. Collection carts
from the Board of Works and Health
Departments will gather the donations,
which will be collected by boys under
the direction of men of the 104th Regiment. Gilley Bros., Belyea & Co , and
the B. C. Transport
large auto trucks to
borough, Edmonds, Sapperton, and East
Burnabv. The proceeds of the day will
be donated to the Prisonersof War Fund.
of Mr. M. A. Macdonald,   Mr. Brewster
"It is no sinecure that we are about to
succeed to. It will require strenuous
work and unremitting attention to the
affairs of the Province to pull it out of
the hole into which it has been plunged
by the misgovernment of years, and in
that work we need the aid and loyal
backing of every citizen. I am satisfied
that there is not a man or woman in
Britisli Columbia to-day who does not
desire its moral and material advancement Many of them have not seen eye
to eye with us, but I am convinced that
the Liberal Government which is soon
to step into power iu this Province will
be so imbued with a spirit of honesty and
will be so efficient that there is not one
of either sex, and both will be our con-
Co. have donated stituents when we appeal to the people
assist   in   Queens-   next, but will have no hesitation   in   re-
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To Have and to Hold.
The ratepayers of New Westminster,
yesterday, only a small minority voting,
settled two of the most important questions affecting the future of the city and
the surrounding district that have come
before the city electorate for decision in
a long time���namely: The permanent
location of the City Market and the
question of the leasing or retention for
public  purposes  of the improved water
frontage and wharf at the foot of Tenth  =r
street. .        .      British and Serbian forces having   made
It was unfortunate that certain exig- important advances against the Bulgar-
encies compelled the putting of these ia]ls on the Macedonian front,
important questions before the city rate- A temporary reverse was suffered dur-
payers, right on the heels of an engross- i]1R the week by the Roumanians at the
ing general election and on such made- lmnds of the Germanic allies, but this is
quate   notice  before  voting.    Ihe City   ]o0ked upon as  a mere side-show which
taming us in power.
"I pledge my every exertion to the
best interests of the people. I can pledge
them, too, that every man whom I ask to
join my Cabinet will be animated by the
same ambition. The Liberal Government will give the people the good government they so much want. I believe
that in what we do we will have the "people solidly with us."
"Many of the Liberal party will regret
that the Prime Minister met defeat in
Vancouver, as we are all anxious that
there should be in the House a strong
Opposition to assist the Government
with its legislation."
Continued from   Page Four
Total for Oliver, 791; for Manson, 649.
Dewdney, with a number of smaller
polling places to hear from, gave 745
votes for prohibition and 562 against,
and a good majority, yet incomplete, for
woman suffrage.
The Provincial Result.
Fathers, however, were doubtless actuated in that and in the view which most
of them took in the necessarily limited
discussions of the questions, by the most
sincere and patriotic motives. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that the
ratepayers who voted acted in the best
interests of the city and district for all
time, if not the immediate present, in de.
ciding as they did���by 475 to 378 in favor
of the Tenth street site for the market,
and by 372 to 312 to retain the remainder
of the Tenth street site for public purposes also.
It will be matter for regret if an industry should be lost to the city by the
determination of the ratepayers to retain the Tenth street site, but there is
such a thing as paving too high a price.
Oity to Invest in War Loan.
The Royal City, which was one of the
few cities in British Columbia whose
finances were in such shape that they
were able to take a substantial amount
of the hist war loan is going to take another $100,000 worth. Mayor Gray told
the Council, Monday, that this amount
was available, and recommended that
$100,000 from the sinking funds of the
city be invested in the war loan, subject
to the approval of the Finance Committee and Mr. Brymner, who is trustee for
some of the sinking fund. Aid. Eastman moved a resolution to that effect,
remaiking that it was a safe am} good
investment, and, if the Council had more
available, it would be serving a patriotic
purpose by so investing it. The resolution was unanimously approved.
Progress of the War.
While the "civilian" electors
been "doing their bit" at home
arms of the Allies, including our
Canadian boys, have been steadiH
ing back the linns aud their auxiliaries
on all fronts, not excepting the Balkan
theatre of the war, which has become
increasingly active of  late, the  French,
stacles, meanwhile protecting its occupants and raining a stream of projectiles
on all sides.
A Canadian officer who was wounded
in the battle of September 1.5 describes
in this vivid and picturesque language
the fearsome monster that contributed
materially to the Britisli success on that
occasion: "You should see it lumbering
along. It fairly scared Fritz to death.
Picture what it's like to see this great
thing coming at you in the dark. It
climbs right over trench parapets with
the ease of a limousine going to Buck-
inghani Palace, then it stops short just
over the trenches, and stands there in
the darkness with flashes coming out all
over it. Then it rolls on and rears as it
goes like a giant porcupine on fire, ft
chases Huns like a mad buffalo after redskins."
The construction of the monster, generally and in every detail, was kept a
profound secret, and many are already at
the front, with many more to follow.
(Ine enthusiast ventures the suggestion
that 3,000 would end the war in a
month. They will "help some," anyway.
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Some of the more interesting Provincial results, outside of the cities and
this district, are the defeat of R. II.
Pooley, by A. W. McCurdy, Liberal, in
Esquimalt; the defeat of Speaker Eberts
in Saanich by a big majority by the
will be speedily reversed when the ad- Liberal candidate, F. A.Pauline; Par-
vancing Russian masses have joined the ker Williams' election in Newcastle by a
Roumanians. good majority over Dr. Dier, Conserva-
What is described as the most dramatic live; Hon. E. E. Miller's turn down in
and picturesque battle of the British Grand Forks (where our own member-
army in France was fought on Septem- elect, David Whiteside, took a hand m
ber 15, participated in by Canadians, the fight) by J. E. Thompson, Liberal;
New /.ealanders, English, .Scotch, Irish, Hon. Thos. Taylor's trouncing, in
Newfoundlanders, and Americans, and Revelstoke, by Dr. W. H. Sutherland,
last, but not least, by the wonderful new the Liberal candidate; Price Ellison's
armored cars called "tanks," a British emphatic retirement in North Okanagan,
engineer's device, which carried panic including the city of Vernon, by Dr. K.
anil consternation into and over the McDonald; the walloping of the by-elec-
enemy's trenches, anywhere, everywhere tion Minister, Hon. Lome A. Campbell,
that it took a notion to go, and turned by Mayor W. D. Willson, Liberal, in
the tide of battle for an important British Rossland; the junking of another
victory on this the first appearance of "Hon.," Win. Manson, by T. D. Patullo,
this formidable engine of war���which is Liberal, in Skeena, including the city of
a moving arsenal, resembling a prehis- Prince Rupert; the unmistakable set
toric monster cased in armor, that makes down of J. P. Shaw (the 130 per diem
its way with ease oyer the roughest including Sundays man) by F. W. An-
ground, going through or  over   all   ob-   derson, Liberal, in   Kamloops;    the   re-
New    Wellington,
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and SlacR
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jection of Alex. Lucas, in Yale, in favor
of Mayor Joseph Walters, of Meritt,
Liberal; and the return by a handsome
majority of Dr. J. II. King, Liberal,
over T. Caven, Bowser Conservative, in
With two or three seats yet in doubt,
the following is the standing, by parties, for the Province, alphabetically arranged by constituencies:
Alberni, H. C. Brewster.
Atlin, Frank Mobley.
Cariboo, J. H. Yorston.
Chilliwack, E. D. Barrow.
Columbia, John Buchan.
Comox, Hugh Stewart.
Cranbrook,  Dr. J. H, King.
Delta, A. D. Paterson.
Dewdney, John Oliver.
Esquimalt, A. W. McCurdy.
Fernie, Alex. I. Fisher.
Greenwood, Dr. C. D. McLean.
Grand Forks, J. E. Thompson.
Islands, M. B. Tuck Son.
Kamloops, I1'. W. Anderson.
Nanaimo, Win. .'-loan.
North Okanagan,   Dr.  K. McDonald.
Newcastle, Parker Williams, Independent.
New Westminster, Daviil Whiteside.
Omineca, A. M. Manson.
Revelstoke, Dr. W. II.  Sutherland.
Rossland, Mayor W. D. Willson.
Richmond, O. G. McGeer.
Saanich, F. A. Pauline.
Skeena, T. D. Patullo.
North Vancouver, Mayor Haines.
South Vancouver, J. W. Weart.
Trail, Michael Sullivan.
Vancouver, M. A. Macdonald, Ralph
Smith, J. W. DeB. Farris, Dr. J. W. Mcintosh, J. S. Cowper, P. Donnelly.
Victoria, H. C. Brewster, Geo. Bell,
John Hart, H. C. Hall.
Yale, Mayor Joseph Walters.
Cowichan, Capt. W. H. Hayward, Independent Conservative.
Nelson,   Dr. W. O. Rose.
South Okanagan, Mayor Jones.
Similkaineen, L. W. Shatford.
Slocan, Win. Hunter.
Lillooet, J. B. Bryson, Lib.; A. McDonald, Con.
Kaslo, John Keen, Lib.; R. J. Long,
Fort George, John Mclnnes, Soc;
Hon. VV   R. Ress, Con.
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New Westminster, B.C., Sept. 21, 1916
Bowser Government Wiped Out in B.
O.���Soldiers' Vote Can't Save���Prohibition and Woman Suffrage Endorsed.
As the general election was held a
week ago to-day, it will not be news
that a great political landslide, as predicted, occurred on September 14th,
which put the Bowser Government safely
out of business by such an oveewhelming
majority of the regular, or, as the Government papers are fond of terming it,
the civilian vote, that any possibility of
a "come-back" through the soldiers'
vote is admittedly out of the question.
All the indications from privately received reports point, in fact, to the probability that that vote will, at the best for
the Government, not do more than split
If any feature of the election may be
said to be remarkable, when the Government partv carried only five or six-
seats out of the total of forty-seven, it
Is that all nine Ministers, as well as Mr.
Speaker Eberts, have, by the  latest   re-
ness judgment.
Short addresses, similar in tone, were
also made bv Mr. John Oliver (who did
not know at the time whether he had
been returned for Dewduev or not), by
Mr. A. D. Patterson, of Delta, Campaign
Manager Lusby, and others.
Coast Cities Solid.
Next to the local and district results,
the greatest interest was manifested in
the returns from Vancouver, Victoria,
and Nanaimo. It was soon known that
Wm. Sloan, Liberal, had beaten A. E.
I'lania, Conservative, iu Nanainio, by a
nearly two to one vote. Then came the
word that Victoria, with Mr. Brewster
heading the poll, had elected the full
Liberal ticket of four and that Vancouver had wiped out the "solid six" and
put six Liberals in its place, with the
much maligned Macdonald at the head
and Premier Bowser over a thousand
down the*line leading the defeated Conservative tieket, -with the independents
of various denominations a poor third.
The (ull returns for Victoria (first four
elected) are ns follows: Brewster, 4168;
Bell, 3M0; Hart, 3210; Hall, 2S64; Stewart, Bowser Finance Minister, 2277;
Hayward,  21(12.   Ta.it,   2H77;   Dilworth,
.1077; against, 474.
The total vote cast in Dewdney by
polling divisions is as follows, the first
figure in each case being for Oliver, Liberal candidate, and the second for Man-
son, Conservative: Nicomen Island, 19,
15; Mission City, 134, 103; Silverdale,
14, 5; Steelhead, 2, 9; Port Moody, 78,
49; Dewdney, 22, 13; loco, 52, 23; Stave
Falls, 16, 5; Lake Buntzen, 2, 5; Hatzic,
18, 24; Burquitlam, 17, 22; Port Coquitlam, 82, 133; Albion, 9, 7; Hatzic Prairie,
12, 9; Pitt Meadows, 21, 17; Haney, 51,
45; Whonnock, 21, 18; Ruskin, 16, IS;
Maillardville, 100, 30; Hammond, 57,
45; Harrison Mills, 4, 2; Pitt Lake, 6, 5;
Upper Pitt, 0, 12; Webster's Comer, 4,
9;    Sunnyside,   4,   9;    Yenedon,   9,  10.
Concluded on Page Three
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Member-Elect for New Westminster
turns, been defeated, and every city and
town in the Province with the exception
of Nelson returned Liberals or other op-
pondents of the Government, of whom
there were two, nominally Socialists,
who received the Liberal support. The
majorities against the Government, especially in the cities, were also very
The referendums, prohibition and woman suffrage, fared very \ much better
than the Government, being endorsed,
in fact, by very pronounced majorities
throughout the Province as a whole,
majorities that are being added to as belated returns come in and which will be
further augmented, according to all accounts, bv a large soldiers' vote, the
polling of which will not be finished till
Dec. 31st.
Whiteside Wins.
Polling day in New Westminster was
a busy and strenuous one, as the culmination of a well fought and clean campaign on both sides, and a record vote
was piled up. notwithstanding the absence of several hundred soldiers, whose
vote was taken elsewhere���chiefly at
Vernon, other Canadian camps and in
the Old Country, as well as a small soldiers' poll in this city. The civilian vote
totalled 1975, as compared with only 1389
in 1912, and 1660, the previous record,
in 1909. David Whiteside, the Liberal
candidate, received 1130 voles, against
817 for Thos. Gifford, thus beating the
old time invincible by 313 majority,
There were 28 spoiled ballots, making
up the total.
The prohibition referendum in New
Westminster received 198(1 votes, of
which 1083 were cast for and 844 against,
making a majority of 239, with 53spoiled
ballots. Woman suffrage was even more
popular, receiving 1178 votes to 739
against, making a majority of 439, which
with 53 spoiled ballots, made up a total
of 1972.
As soon as the returns were announced, shortly after 8 o'clock, Mr. Gifford
extended his congratulations to Mr.
Whiteside. The Liberal Club rooms,
Clarkson street, where sufficient returns
had been received before 9 o'clock to indicate an emphatic Government defeat,
was naturally the scene of considerable
enthusiasm, and Mr. Whiteside, on entering, was borne shoulder high to a
table improvised as a platform, from
which he made a short Address in acknowledgment of the cheers and congratulations of the hundreds of supporters present, in which he thanked the
electors for their expression of confidence in him, and said that the victory
was due, net only to Liberal votes, but
to those of Conservatives and Laboritcs
as well, who had put their country before their partv and voted for the abolition of machine rule. He said that the
result of this election marked the passing of the day when blind political partisanship could prevail over Sound  busi-
1SS9;    Dr.    Hall,   1216;     Morley,   765;
Smith, 354; Poufard, 350.
The Vancouver figures (first six elected) are: Macdonald, 7126; Ralph Smith,
6537; Parris, 6488; Mcintosh, 6598;
Cowper, 5860; Donnelly, 5645; Bowser,
5463; Tisdall, 4942; Macgowan, 4329;
Duke, 4725; McGuire, 4656; Leek, 4298;
Trotter. 2057; Cassidy, 1987; White,
1039; Harrington, 1015; Fawcett, 392;
Appleby, 3,97.
The District Ridings.
Interest in the returns from the New
Westminster District ridings was naturally very keen, especially in Dewdney,
where that stalwart Liberal veteran John
Oliver was Liberal candidate, against W.
J. Manson ( "Dewdney Bill") and Delta,
where the contestants were A. D. Patterson, Reeve of Delta municipality, Liberal, and Lieut. F. J. MacKenzie, Conservative. It was a day or two before these
returns were all in, but, when complete,
it was found that the Liberals had made
a clean sweep of the Lower Mainland,
all the district ridings rejecting the Government candidates, as well as the cities.
John Oliver won in Dewdney by the safe
majority of 142; Reeve Patterson in Delta by the narrow margin of 7; E. I).
Barrow, Liberal in Chilliwack, by over
20(1 majority against W. L. Macken,
Conservative; G. G. McGeer, Liberal,
iu Richmond, by 262 over W. J. Baird,
Conservative; J. \V. Weart, Liberal, in
South Vancouver-Burnaby, by 259 over
Rev. W. Boulton, Conservative, and 782
over J. E. Wilton, Labor; Mayor Haines,
Liberal, in North Vancouver, by over
300 against ('.. II. Morden, Conservative,
and over 500 against Win. McN'eish, Independent. All these ridings, as well as
the cities, gave substantial majorities
for both woman suffrage and prohibition,
which was the case generally throughout
the Province, though Lillooet and possibly Cariboo were not so  favorable.
Following are the full returns,by polling divisions for Delta, the iirst figure
after each polling place being the vote
cast for A. D. Paterson, the Liberal
candidate, and the second that cast for
!���'. J. MacKenzie, the Conservative candidate: Annieville, 23, 7; Westhani
Island, 8, 20; Fernridge, 10, 18; Glen
Valley, 15, 11; Clayton, 9, 15; Lochiel,
4, 9; Barnston Island, 7, 14; Aldergrove,
17, 22; Otter, |32, 9; Patricia, 6, 10;
Beaver Mills, 9, 28; Glencoe, 28, 18;
Scott Road, 6, 5; Boundary Bay. 5, 13;
South Westminster, 51,46; Ladner, 194,
119; Springdale, 8, 24; West Langley,
12, 28; Douglas, 7, 14; Miluer, 34, 25;
Fort Langley, 43, 28; Sperling, 13, 14;
Murrayville, 37, 40; East Delta, 32, 21;
C'overdale, 69, 86; White Rock, 15, 33;
Kensington, 9, 13; Johnston Road, 10,
19; Tynehead, 16, 21; Mud Bay, 38, 17;
Hazelmere, 7, 21; Port Mann, 7, 5;
Hall's Prairie, 8, 16. Total for Patterson, 812; (or MacKenzie, 805.
Delta polled 983 votes for prohibition,
and 619  against;   for   woman   suffr !j e,
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Westminster City and the Fraser Valley, and in sympathy with
the New Progressive Provincial Administration that will shortly
be formed, with which the City and District have allied themselves, has not ceased, but only begun, with the placing by the
electors of the party behind that Government in power.
The Pacific Canadian,
If properly supported, can give the City and District such a
paper, and steps are in contemplation to that end. As important political developments may and probably will transpire before the new Government is formed and established, it is desirable, if not necessary, to maintain the present weekly publication in the interim.
The Publishers
Will, therefore, appreciate, as some small immediate aid and
evidence of support toward the materialization of their plans, if
those who have been receiving the present paper will enclose or
bring appended subscription blank, together with amount of
subscription in advance for 3, 6, or 12 months, at 25c, 50c, or
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on any publication that may succeed this.
Enclosed please find subscription
for The Pacific Canadian for	
P. O	
The Pacific Canadian Ptg. & Pub. Co., Ltd.


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