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The Pacific Canadian Apr 14, 1894

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Array &3ft
Vol. I.
No. 31
VI EKcn ANT'S HOTEL, corner of MoNeely
JW    and Columbia Streets.     Best  Wines
and Cigars kept constantly on hand
CASH, Proprietor.
ROOM. Oysters fresh dally, All fame
in season. Open day and night. ' Meals at
nil hours. iMt-st-elllss eusine. No Chinamen.
HAUBY HUGHES, Proprietor.
OK0TT0 HOTEL. Tliis House, lius been
thoroughly renovated nnd refurnished,
and the proprietor soliolts a share of publio
patronage, meals. 25oents, Wlilteoooks.
G. It. SMALL. Proprietor.
One Dollar per Year.
The subscription price of this paper is
SI per annum. The Pacific Canadian
is tho only $1 paper published in Britisli
Columbia, and is certainly tho best
paper published for the money in any
of the western Provinces of Canada. A
newspaper is an educator, and no
family should be without one. The
Canadian is designed for a family paper,
and is always free of objectionable
matter. Every home should have it.
Only $1  per year.
IN tho long list of divorces granted at
San Francisco the following is taken:
.Maggie Scoullar was the lirst applicant,
and ber complaint was that her husband
had shamefully mistreated her and used
knives and razors very recklessly In
order to drivo her from homo and rid
himself of her presence. All of these
knife plays bud occurred in April last.
Judge Humes granted a decree and gave
Mrs. ScouRcr the, custody of her two
little girls. The husband, Georgo F.
Scoullar, made no defence and was in default. Their marriage bad occurred iu
December, 1887, at New Westminster,
I    opposite in llu* F       '
Ing iiui ohotoosl ui' llqi
phone  188.,   I*. 0. BOX
Front stre
. iy Landing, Nol li
rs and olgars,   Tele-
111.    IHIGA.N  HUGS.,
EIOKOEF HGI'SE.    oorner    Pron
Bogblo streets, Now Westminster
i'Iiiss lm ini mill Lodging. Best wines. Ui|ii
and olgars supplied at the bar. IH't'l
SWANSGN, Proprietors,
Is your nam. on Ihe   voters'   li
| not, see that it is put on.
The City band are
celebration on May I;
__ I     I'm.in: OPFtOBB   Mil.run   arrested  a
! crazy Chinaman yesterday morning at
the back of tbe Boyal City  Mills.   The
Chinaman was wandering around sonic
,r of the shacks In that locality ami brandishing a dangerous looking knife, but
j was  soon    brought   to   time   when   the
rranging for a big ' officer laid hands on hiin.
It is reported tbat Mr. .1. Hunter will
contest Comox.
Dr. Lefevre, of Vancouvor, is mentioned as a candidate for Dowdney.
Tho Opposl cinists aro talking of running Mr. Gi   . for Delta.
Coquitlam Oppositionists meet to-dny
to elect delegates to the Dewdney riding
Ninety bills were introduced into the
local Legislature during the session,
sixty-four of which were passed.
Capt. Tatlow, the Government candidate for Vancouver is reported to bo
certain of election.
II. will be three months yet before the
elections will take plane.    Tills will give
political aspirants ample opportunity to
do all tl spouting" required.
Those desirous nf having their names
delta council. -.    The band of thieves operating along
  ; tho Fraser river are   becoming bolder
Conncil met. Present tbe Reeve and every day, and the time seems to have
full board. arrived to make a determined effort ta
Tho minutes of last meeting were ; effect their capture. A few nights ago
adopted ns read. the   granary   of   II.   Vasey,   NicomcB
The communication from D. Gilchrist, .Slough was broken open and a ton
throwing up his contract for building and a half of seed oats stolen. Thoy
the extension to the Oliver road was re- could only have been removed by boat,
ceived and Bled, The following night  tbe  warehouse  at
The communication from Mr, J. E. Mount Lehman steamboat landing was
Ross, C.E., was received and his plan for robbed of a quantity of goods -left there
the eenuierv acre lot was accepted. bv  tho  steamer  tho   previous  day.    A
The potition   from  .Mr.   A.   Anderson   similar robbery is reported  from  Sumas
and othors was received  and  the ditch j Landing,
asked for was ordered to be dug.  _
The follow ing bills were ordered paid:
PACirip Canadian, 85.05! .1. B. Boss.
$30; VV. Aslibury, 884, to bo paid out of
the Dyking Sohomo funds: Commercial
Printing Co., SOi A. McBlano, 830; Mrs.
Clausen. $4tJ, Milllgan, sio.'.'.v, Grant it
Kerr, $150.50; McNeely, 880.05.
The lender of ,1. Milligan  for  digging
and lleghle
B, O.    Rates tor
day. (1.00; por weel
Liquors and Olgu.o ���
.1. C. GRAN', 1'iopiict
 I'lVK car loads of shingles  were  ship-
,. corner Columbia,  ped to the east from here last week.
New Westminster.      ..,     ,,.,      ,, .      ,  .,
ami  Lodging! Per!    TUB City  aldermen   refused  the  City
I'be besl of Wines, j Hall to the fishermen   to  hold  a   public
ear. | ,������nting.
111 >T El
.fill.  ^^^^^^^
lispensed at the
DEPOT HOTEL, Columbia Street, New
Westminster, The best SI.(XI a day house
in Canada. The rooms are superior, and the
Hotel is woll adapted lo the needs of families.
to whom special rates are given. Board by
tin; week at reduced rates. 1*. O. BILODEAlt.
rpHE HOLBKOOK HOOSE, Front Streot.
X New Westminster. This is tlie popular
Hotel of the city. Airy and well furnished
rooms. Cusine department carefully supervised, and tlie dining tables .supplied with
all the luxuries or tlie .season. Ilitnipiots
spread to order. Late suppers provided at.
short notice. Choice Wines, Liquors and
Cigars In the sample room. ~"
One hundred and thirty-five Chinamen
were hired bv the Drysdale and Wadliam
canneries at Blaine last week.
Seeding is not progressing very favorably at Cloverdale owing to the wet
Mn. T. Knight, of Chilliwack, was in
the city this week. He reports business
as moving nicely ut that place.
C. T. Mii.i.aiid's tobacco store
bia street, was entered on  Sunday night
and robbed of about $50 worth of  goods.
Pure Bred Berkshire
 ,. gs of
Tlie undersigned, breeder  of
Berkshire Swino, has always on hand pigs of
all ages, which  will be sold nt
prices.   Applvto
Cloverdale, B.C.
Mainland Truck and Dray
Drayiug & Teamifttf Promptly
Attended to.
Agents for T. Hembrough & Co.'s Brick,
Tile and Pottery Works.
Orders received for Gilley ,t Rogers'Coal.
Miss Flobbnoe Di'nmohi:and Mr. Geo.
Kerr were married by tlie Bev. G. B.
Greig at Ihe residence of the bride's
father on Tuesday evening. There were
some seventy guests present and a very
enjoyable evening was spent. The young
collide wero the recipients of many valuable presents.
Commandant Booth, accompanied by
Brigadier Holland, will visit Now  West
minster to-day,  when the new
officer for B.C., adjutant and Mrs. Archi-
I bald   will  he introduced.     Meeting   to
commence at 8 o'clock.    A collection will
be taken at the door.
I    Mn. Alexander Gray, who has been
j spending tbe last six months in the east.
Coltiin-1 returned on Thursday Inst, looking much
Importer and Manufacturer of
Harness, Saddles, Etc.
547 Front St., New Westminster.
Tun tirni of Woolliains & McCulloch
has been dissolved. Mr. McCulloch
will carry on thn business alono iu tbo
Tramps are very numerous along the
border and since the shooting of Moggridge they are receiving a cool reception.
During the past ten days the Fraser
River hatchery have turned loose nearly
four million salmon fry, all being in good
Tut: Central Hotel block changed
hands on Thursday last. A Vancouver
man is reported to be tho purchaser, and
the price paid was 86,500.
Mn. .1. .1. McDonald, of Tinehead.
was in the city this week, lie reports
tho wet weather as the cause of tlie
farmers being lutein getting their spring
crop in.
MR.  II.   II.   Lknnii:   bad   Mr.   A. E. I
Campbell   arrested   lor   selling  a piano j
which he had sold to bim some two years
ago, but had not yet been paid for.   The i
case is to be tried next weok.
A small laud slide occurred at the
Pleasure grounds and rolled across Front
street on to the C.   I'.   R.   track.     The i
irtb was cleared away in time to allow
the train to leave on time.
A CONCERT will be given at Port Haney i
in aid of tho Roman Catholic church, on i
Wednesday evening next. The steamor <
courser bas been chartered and will leave |
Westminster wharf at 0 p.m.
IlAiiitY Diimixv on Thursday last was!
before the Police Magistrate under the
Drunkards' Act. He was found guilty,
and notices have been posted in .the
saloons prohibiting bim from obtaining
any more liquor.
Union ineetiiigs.of the Y.P.S.C.E. and
Epworth League were held lu the Presbyterian Church, Cloverdale, this week
and also in the M. E. Church. The
meetings will be held ou Thursday of
each week until May 3rd..
Tiikiik was 5.73 Inches of rain fell
between Friday and ll o'clock on Tuesday night. Of this amount three inches
fell between 0 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Monday, which is equal to the heaviest rainfall recorded iu Westminster.
Mn. J. P. Alexander intends moving
out on his ranch this coming week. Mr.
Alexander took In the Fair at San Francisco during the winter and is taken very
much with what he saw of
improved in appearance. It is reported
that be was "spliced" while east, but he
denies the char.
on ihe voters' lists for ^^^^^^^^^^^
Wostmlnstor should call lit tbe Court
House to-day and givo their inline to Mr.
The House has been  prorogued  after
j sitting within one week of three months,
! and now wo   wonder   what   excuse the
, Oppositionists will  give  to  tbe  electors
for their continued opposition  to ovory
l piece of legislation that was  brought in
by the Government no matter bow bene-
distrlct i Metal it might bo to tbe poople.
The World says: The friends of Messrs.
.1. W, Campion and .1. E. W. McFurlane,
of the B. C. Iron Works, who so kindly
volunteered support and urged those
gentlemen to become candidates for
the city's representation, regret that the
gentlemen named, in consequence of their
Other duties, are unable to comply with
the requests.
Mr. Lewis Casey, of Victoria,   and one
the City of New|ditch on Cemetery road was accepted al   '
SI.DO a rod, and ho was also awarded the
contract for putting a fence around the
cemotery lot at 832.B0.
The assessment roll for 1801  was   returned to the Council.
A committee of the Trades and Labor
delegates Interviewed Sir John Thompson on Tuesday lust, and in reply to their
numorOUS requests received the following reply: "There is no doubt but Chinese
oth socially and in every oilier way.
were a menace to the best interest, of tbe
Dominion. The problem was a difficult
one to deal with. The Government
would once more endeavor to grapple
with tho subject,    lie was glad to say
The sum of 81,000 was appropriated to  Hint the immigration of Chinese was do-
each ward for present purposes. creasing.     He  promised   to appoint aa
Coun. Guichon was empowered to let a   inspector for gear and  tackle and also
half a mile*on the
Tilt: lire brigade was called out yester- \ ��* ^SH���^!^^??-0*^^^!?���
day morning, the occasion being a little
blaze In the Trescott Fish Co.'s ollice.
The lire was extinguished before much
damage was done.
Hoard of Horticulture.
The Board of Horticulture  met in the
Board of Trade rooms on  Tuesday  last.
There were present Messrs. .1. R. Anderson and A. Ohlsen, Victoria; Theo.Trage, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Salt Spring Island: Thos.  Cunningham. I any scheme or movement to
\i;w Westminster; E, Hutcherson, Lad-, candidate to oppose Hunter
nor'sLanding, and  li.   M.   Palmer, Inspector of the Board.
The rules regulating the work of the
Board were adjusted and adopted.
Considerable discussion arose In reference to matters arising in the Inspector's reports and as to tho work which
should devolve upon him. His work iu
the past has lain more largely among tbe
Islands where the fruitjpesls  are  worse
than elsewhere, but he is  now to devote 	
a large measure of attention to Mainland I presentation for this riding.'
Interests, working upwards towards the
Interior. The vast extent of territory
of necessity makes il slow work for the
Inspector to get over all that has to be
done, lie lias found great willingness
in the past on the part of the people to
aid the Board in their work of pest extermination. Of course there are some
who cannot be got to see exactly as is
desired, against whom It may be necessary to adopt more forcible measures,
for which the Board has very ample
powers conferred on them by the lato
Act. Tbey are very reluctant to use
these powers except under extreme
or British Paeilic railway, is endeavoring
to organise a party to bring out a local
candidate in Comox. The object was to
defeat Mr. Hunter because he would not
support thoir scheme. He intimated
that he was backed by the Government.
The editor of the weekly News promptly
wired to the lion. Tbeo. Davie and received the following reply: "liavo no
knowledge of any such organization; and
bring out a
 l lu uo way
countenanced by the Government."
A meeting of the Oppositionists was
held at Langley on the Uth, when
Messrs. John Maxwell, Jas. Grey and
.1. M. Johnstone were chosen as delegates
to tbo convention. The following resolution was also passod: "That this
meeting recommend to their delegates
the desirability of bringing the name of
Mr. C. B. Sword before the convention,
with a view to hi= nomination  as tbe rc-
conlract for plankin      ^^^^^^^^^^
(1  B. main road.
Coun. Arthur was empowered to let, a
contract for planking half a mile on the
Chlloktlu Slough road.
Coun. McClosky was empowered to expend $260 on the continuation of the
.McDonald road: also to leta contract for
planking 18 chains on thcCrescentlsland
road. 1	
Conn. Goudy was em powered to expend . enough measles has broken
8300 iu widening the ditch on tbo Goudy ! thom this year, whether
The Hank By-law. 1804, passod its lirst
and second readings.
Mr, .1. ii. Elliot was instructed to build
the new ollice for the municipality on the
TheCounc.il then adjourned till Saturday, 15th ilist., at 3 p.m.
Ladners, 7th April, 1804.
ippoint a statutory holiday to bo known!
us Labor Day."
Magnus Begg, Indian agent at the
Blackfoot reserve, mentions an injurious superstition which exists among bis
redskin wards. Tbey believe that the
smiill-pox breaks out among tbem every
25th year, and is preceded by an outbreak of measles tbe 24th your. Next
year the small-pox is duo, and sure
out among
[the worse
plague turns up on schedule time in 1805
or not.
Tho St. Hyaciuthe Bunk at Farnham,
Quebec, was robbed on Tuesday night,
April 10th, of 811,000. A hole wan
driven iu the safe and tlie door blown oil
with dynamite.
Meeetlu'g at Richmond.
A number met ut the Town Hull, Richmond, on April 0th, to discuss the case
of McLean Bros, against the Municipality of Richmond. The ground was
all gone over again, and tho payment of
this just debt was called legalized robbery. A motion was passed desiring tbe
Council to take no further action in tbe
m Sitter.
Five delegates were then appointed to
the Independent convention to be held
for the election of a candidate to run iu
Dewdney. Burnaby only appointed
threo delegates, so miles:
A drug store at Nelson was burglarised
last week. The thief cut a hole in the
back door, pulled the bolt and managed
to get oil with $50 the  contents   of  the
The Mutsqui Municipality has offered
to supplement a bonus which may be
given by the local Legislature to a medical practitioner who will tako up his
residence between Matsqui and Langley
Municipalities. ���Mission, News.
A prospector bonded a claim noar the
Golden Eagle a few days back to an
American syndicate for 05,000. The representative of this syndicate, now in
Victoria, has secured several properties
already. Mr. Going thinks that there
will be plenty doing lit China creek a few
weeks from now.
^^^^^^^^^       ^^^ Burnaby  ap-
Ald asked for the Creamery. j point more delegates, Richmond will run
Mr. Alex. Phillip, on behalf of the i the convention, and as they are pledged
local Creamery Co., made the following I to support Mr, Thos. Kiddj he Is pretty
request to the Council: " ; certain to be the man.    Mr.   Kidd,   in a I
1. We would suggest that the Council , speech, made a few remarks about poll-
offer a. bonus or premium of sny S500 ; tlcal immorality, and  then  candidly ad
mitted that he   hud   taken   very   little
interest in politics and that  there  were
! many better able to lill tbe position than
[ he was.
The meeting was very tame, notwithstanding the exertions of a fow of the
leaders to try and get the people on-
per annum for each 500 lbs. of daily production   of   butter   from   one   factory
within Ihe City limits���reckoning on Hie
average over the  year���this offer to bo
continued for sa> three year.-. A similar
suggestion has been  made  to   the  Pro-
; vincial Government through Mr. Ander-
i son, tho Agricultural Statistical!.   When 	
j I state that though the output may be j I^H~	
very large in summer, the  yearly  aver-1 VANCOUVER,
age will greatly be reduced by the winter i
months, It Will be seen  that  the  bonus!     The people are  agitating   for   a   free
I cannot amount to a very large sum. postal delivery.   The petition   which is
2. We wish   the Council  to  give  the | in circulation has now  3500 signatures,
Legislative Electorate and
tion Act, 1894.
New Westminster
Electoral District.
NOTICE Is hereby given   that
sons claming to be registered  i
ill  per-
under the provisions of the above Act, in
order to have their names inserted lu the
Register of Voters for the New Wostmlnstor City Electoral District, must apply forthwith to the Collector of Voters
at bis ollice in the Court House, New
Westminster, where forms of application
may be Idled up,
British subjects of the full ago of
twenty-one years, having resided lu the
Province of British Columbia for twelve
months and in the said Electoral District
for two mouths Immediately previous
lo the date of application, and not being
disqualified by any law in force lu this
Province, are qualified to bo   registered.
Forms of application may be had at
the ollice of tlie Collector, Court House,
New Westminster.
New Westminster, April 2, iso4.
Wm. B. Townsend,
Collector of Voters.
Tim old counterfeit bill fakir has
been sending around circulars to parties
in these parts with glowing accounts of
bow to make a fortune. Wo would advise nil readers of tho Canadian who
may happen to get one to destroy it at
So far Governor Moresby has been
unable to locate the attempted murderers of Mr. Moggridge.  He suys be thinks
that  the outrage  was committed   by
tramps, but iis yet be has been unable
to locate them, lie bus by no moans
given up the search.
Wm McKay and an Indian called
Jimmy, from Steveston, Wore on Tuesday
brought before the Magistrate and lined
for trafficking in whiskey. McKay us
seller and Jimmy as buyer. McKay was
fined 850 and costs or three months in
jail nnd Jimmy was lined 85 and costs or
one month in jail.
Mns, C. Murphy, mother of Mrs. p.
Ililodeiiu and Mrs. .1. .Macnainiira. died
at the residence of Mr.   P.  Bllodoai	
Wednesday hist. The deceased was 71
years of age. and a native of Limerick,
Ireland. The funeral took place on Friday morning and tbe body was Interred
in the Roman Catholic cemetery at Sapperton,
Mr. McPiikiison departed this week
from the regular custom of displaying a
druggist's window and instead had It
lixed up into a kennel with nine pure
bred Irish setter pups. It is needless to
say that the window attracted a large
number of spectators. The pups aro tbe
property of Mr. Rooso, manager of the
Guichon hotel, and three or four hours
after their being placed iu the window
be had sold four of tbem.
Company two pleasure ground lots, say
Southern [ numbers ��� and���, with the water lots
iu front for wharfage, on the same con-
ditions that the Potter, Milling und
Storage Companies have got their lots,
3,  We would suggest  that   tbey  offer
free supply of water and exemption from
rates for say a period of 10 years.
THE MARKET.    ���
Things were  quieter   ou   the  market
! yesterday  than   usual,   there   being no
beef offered except by the   butchers anil
only a few bogs.    The supply   of  potu-
I toes was large, and tlie market weakened slightly on the poorer grades,  while
choice seed   went   four   or   five dollars
| above what we are  quoting.     Rhubarb
I was   quite   plentiful   and   brought  the
price down lo I  to  ii  cents   per   hunch.
Butler was firm at 00 cents retail.   Eggs
weakened slightly, and although   a   few
dozen sold nl 25 cents,   the  ruling   price
was from 20 to 22 cents. Veal was scarce
and holds Steady.    The following urn the
! quotations:
Chickens and bens. 80 per doz.
Butter, 55 to 00 cents per roll.     Eggs,
20 to 22 cents per doz.
Pork, whole, 8>; to il cents; cuts, 10 to
; 12 cents.
Beef,    foreqiiiirters.    ST;     hiudqiiar-
; tors, 88.50; cuts, 8 to 12% cents.
Veal, live, liji cents; dressed 0 cents.
Mutton, <M4 cents by the carcase: cuts,
j 10 to 12.', cents.
Hay, Sll to813 per ton,
Oats, 885 to 830 per ton.     Wheat, 825
to 880.
Potatoes, 818 to $20 per ton. Turnips,
Sll; mangolds, 97; white carrots, Sll; red
carrots, 810 to Sll; boots, l'A conts per
lb.; parsnips, l.J cents por pound; onions,
none; rhubarb, 4 to 0 cents..
Cabbage and apples are practically off
the market for the season.
During the year 1808 the deposits in
the local branch of the Post Ollilco Savings Bank amounted to $33,400, Tho
stamp sales for tbe same period totalled
.52(1,102; the money orders Issued wero
for 1175,050, on wliich the commission
was SI.850, while $185,750 worth of
money orders were paid. For the samo
year 22.2110 registered letters were mailed, 30,040 were delivered and 0.0110 passed
through. The number of letters mailed during enumeration week Is also in
excess of that of other cities of about
the same size.
The refusal of Father Eiiiniueleii lo
marry a man   and   woman   because the
groom was not a Catholic   has caused a
ripple of excitement.    The   parties   had
everything arranged,  the  llconca hud
An attempted burglary in Victoria at
the residence of Dr. Mclvecbiiie. About
midnight, Ibe doctor being away visiting
some sick patients, two men tried to force,
open the drawing room window and thus
obtain au entrance to the houso. Mrs.
MoKeohnle was aroused, and arming
herself with a revolver came down stairs
to investigate. The burglars beard her
coming and bolted. Mrs. McKecbnio
opened the drawing room window und
[ lired two shots to effectually scare off
I the intruders.
The house of Capt.' Smith, Vancouver
road, Burnaby, was burned down at an
early hour Oil Wednesday lust. Tho building and contents were a total loss, the
damage being estimated atS2,000, partly
covered by insurance.
Win. Walter, of Wellington, was hold
up on Saturday night by two men near
Lthut place. One of them grabbed bold
I of the horse's bridle and commanded bim
to halt. lie asked them if tbey wanted
any meat, as it was all be could give
them, und one of tbem said to the other,
"It Is only a butcher." and then let bim
go, running off In the direction of Departure Bav- It was 80 dark lie could
not recognize them.
News has reached Nanaimo from Tex-
uda Island that the skeleton of the late
Hugh Kirke bus been recovered. Kirkc
was an old prospector, and for years bad
been located on Texada Island, lu thn
hitter part of lust year he was lost, and
though several search parties were out
looking lor hiin, no sign of his whereabouts were found uiilll a few days ago,
when another prospector, Fowler, stumbled across his bones about a quarter of
a mile from bis former  home,     A  gun
with the barrels  discharged, wa
by the side of the skeleton. The renin ins j eountrii
were taken to Nanainio for Interment.     ; away llu
The c.p.K. station at Vancouver was
broken Into and S70 worth of opium
In ken.
Hugh Lynn was placed
Some weeks ago a woman representing
herself as Amy McArthur, an escaped
nun from Boston, arrived at Drayton,
(int. Three weeks ago sbo disappeared
taking with her several articles ,beloti'g-
Ing to her landlady. The woman was
finally traced to Goderlch, where she
was arrested, charged with theft and
brought back. She Is evidently of unsound mind, and tbo principle object It
committing hor is, if possible, to lind her
The Rod river is reportod to be rapidly
rising, hut there are no fears of a repetition of the Hood of tho last and previous seasons.
Tho shipping men of Montreal ^expert'
to see a very large export trade in horses
this season. Already a contract for
buying 4.000 has been given by the
Glasgow Tramway Company, whoso representatives are now up West. The;
have so far bought about half that number, and are shipping them mostly bj
way of Portland.
Ottawa. April 11.���Thero was a lively
fist light between prominent politician*
In the rotunda of the Russell houso last
night. Representative Joseph Martin of
Winnipeg stated in the Dominion lloufce*.
of Parliament on Monday night that the
Hudson Bay railway would have beeu
built long ago if It had been In reputable
bands. Martin was reading a letter in ���
the hotel last night when Hugh Sutherland, president of the roud, an ex-member of parliament, walked up to Martin
and shouted, "You're a liar and a coward," and thou dealt him a blow iu ' thn '
chest. Martin clinched with him. Friends
of both rushed in and for a time it looked as H' there would be a general scrimmage, us mixed up in the fray were several members of parliament,who appeared'
to be dividing on political lines, but na
further damage was done, and Martin
was again in liis seat In parliament last
Hote the Tail
been procured and preparations made for I week for the murder of Green and  Tuy-
llie break fust. ^���    ���"
lor at Savary Island in October last.   Ill
Indian wife, .lennle llokoto, gave strong:
tesliinonv for the Crown.
Three carloads of shovels, picks, crowbars   and   Wheelbarrows  have   been  received  from   England for work on the,
Esqulmalt   fortifications.     They    came
over the C.P.R. from Halifax, and
A gentleman oi' this city, who for obvious reasons docs not wish to have his
name mentioned, had a queer experience
the other day. lie was iu Victoria a
few months ago, and when coming away
left bis valise iu a clothes closet attached
lo Hie room ill which he stayed, lie
went back to get ll the other day. They
gave bim a pass key, and told him to go
up for It himsolf, us be could lind it more
easily   than   any   ono   else.      lie went,
: up    and    on    picking   up    tbe    valise
1 found it to be strangely  heavy.    Thinking a joke had been  put up on  blm he
carried it downstairs and   opened   it on
the bar counter, and to every one's  surprise found that it   contained   the well-1 ii.wlnie plonty of horso sense sho struct
dovlopod body of an  Infant apparently  her  bind  feet  against the wall on ono
recently bom.    I be Victoria  polico  are  8ldo ,lml ,���,,. fro|)ti f(���,t agaln8t ,,������ opp0.
Investigating the matter. ! site side and there clung with  her  head
I just abovo the water, until  help came.
^^^^^^^^^ n,ll affect Trade.
Tbe effocts of tbe now tariff on general
I trade has been the chief topic of business
! circles this week, says the Toronto Globe
I of the 31st ult.    It was at first thought
that It would make changes in the prico
of goods in many lines to tho consumer,
which a closer study shows  will   not  be*
so effected.    Iu sugars, for instance, tin*
i raising of tbe Dutch standard   will  only
| make a difference to the consumer where '
there is a scarcity of low-gradeCunadias
sugars in our own   markets;   then   raw
sugars will likely be imported as formerly,   although    the    importations    will
be as large us I hey were some years ago.
The change In the   tea   duties   will no!
make any difference In the prices, but. il
the Importations from  thiol' growth   and  lend   to   luku'
trade now  done  |n   t(,,ls  ,vll,jt
English   bouses.     There   bus   been   no
change In   prunes,   raisins   or currants
; which will result iu lowering  Hie   prices
trial   this i��'f 'hose similes, of which   there   issued
a la,rge consumption iu this country, Ik
bog products the changes will make m,
material difference to the consumer here.
It will be entirely a matter of markel
Duotuatlon so far as this market is concerned, nut the trade here will, by ths
change in the duties, lose the British
Columbia market, whicli, during the
year, they have  managed lo get   pretty
l'"".1"1 j will biennis
transferred to Macaulay Point this weel.
Tlie whcelliaiT.iws are of oak.   and  like
the tools, are heavily made.
Thursday noon, nt, the Bay, MePhee
& Moore's delivery wagon mare broke
through thecovorlng of the well near the
store. The well was a largo one and contained about 35 feet of water. Fortunately the mare went down feet foremost.
There are four young men at present i A rope was thrown about her and liftoen
In the hospital at Nanalmo who have had I mon "good and true" finally succeeded In
thoir legs amputated. They aro all | pulling her out but little the worse for
young men. her involuntary bath.���Courtnay News..
, | well lu hand. The duty is now lower
than the freight, charges from this market to the Paeilic coast, so that tho
United States packer will, in future.
secure the trade or the Paeilic coast
customers. Some of the hog packers
have been pietty liai'd hit this season.
The loss of the western market is a matter of no small Importance to them. But
iu addition to this tho course of the market for tlie raw material has been against
them the past season. The season opened
with dressed hogs at 88.10 and it close*
With hogs at S5.50. Iu leather the
changes are such as, according  to   loca?
dealers, will mako little or no change ix
Canadian prices. The slight change in
the duty on coal oil barrels has not resulted In lower prices for that article .NEW    WESTMINSTEE,   BRITISH   COLIJMJ3IA,   APEIL, 14,1894
is published every Satuiipay. by
Corner Front and MeKenzie Streets,
(Directly in rear of Bunk of Montreal.)
Subscription. $1.00 per annum, in advance
Tiiansient Aovkutismknts���Tell cents per
line, for each insertion. All transient
advertisements to be measured as solid
nonpariel���12 lines to the inch.
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type: Special rates, made known on application.
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or by yearly contract. S1-.00.
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space. $1.(10 for three insertions.
rtEAiiiNO Notices���20 cents per line, each insertion, unless otherwise contracted for
Births, Marriages and Deaths���60 cents.
New Westminster, B.C.
and alder, seems well adapted to the
habits of the pheasant, and if the people
will only see to it that the provisions of
tbe law are rigorously administered, it
will be but a short time, till the birds
will be plentiful, and will rapidly extend
through tbe settlement to Langley and
thence on to Sumas and Chilliwack.
Synopsis of Proceedings.
��he   pacific   (��amtMan��
The Irani ie endeavors of   the   several
oppositions to make political capital during the late session   of   Ihe   Legislature
would be amusing if il was  not   for the
Importance of the  public   interests  concerned.    Tho gentlemen of the Mainland
Opposition,    especially,     fairly    spread
themselves at this sesion to make record
with which to appeal to  the  people  for
reelection.    If mere factiousness is commendable in a Legislative representative
then certainly Messrs.   Cotton,  Brown
and company aro deserving   of   all the
honor that can be heaped upom them by
their constituents, for never did  a body
of representative men display  less concern for the welfaro of tbe country and
moro for tho Interest of more party.    In
a puny endeavor to embarrass tho Government the Mainland discontents did
not even hesitate to repudiate their own
expressed sentiments in  regard  to   representation, and speak and vote against
one of the fairest measures of redistribution ever submitted to this or any other
Legislature in  the   Dominion.     Hut it
was upon the Nakusp & Slocan  railway
bill that the great effort of  the  session
was put forth to make Opposition capital.
Nothing was too small or contemptible
to be advanced.    A great feature of the
debate from the Opposition  benches was
cowardly  inuendo.      It   was   suggested
that perhaps  Ministers had   acted corruptly in tho construction of this road,
and papers were asked. _ On  the return
of papers, it was surmised tbat  possibly
Ministers had not been quite honest and
more papers' were asked for.    On these
returns being presented to tho House, it
was broadly hinted that  possibly   there
had been  somo crookedness,  and  more
papers were called for.    And   so   forth.
Never in tho history of tbe Provinces of
the Dominion did an Opposition descend
to such mean ant. contemptible tactics.
The papers returned to tbo Houso were
complete in every detail, and more than
-covored   all   tho    information    sought.
Many of tho documents contained sworn
statements.   Not a   tittle  of   evidence
cpuM be adduced to show that the Gov-
ernment  had acted otherwiso that in
the bost interest of the Province, and it
made manifest tbat a largo saving  bad
beon effected for   the  Province.    The
miserable inuondoes wero quashed to the
satisfaction of all  honorable men,  and
the Government came out of tbo debate
with increased credit.     But the noble
���Opposition   continuo   to   require   more
papers, and evidently   hae  determined
to continue  iu  need of  further   documents for the balance   of.  tbo year���a
cheap way of   making  cheap political
capital.    Without a shadow of  evidence
to   base an   accusation   upon,   Messrs.
Brown and company persisted to the last
in suggesting  baseless   suspicions,   iu a
manner   that,   between   man   an  man,
would be held  in  contempt  any  where
the world over.     It is not to be believed
that the electors will  approve  this sort
of Opposition  method,  and Mr.  Davie
and bis colleagues will  surely benefit by
the   disreputable    attack    made   upon
Dr. Bernardo, who has been engaged
for some years iu the laudable work of
endeavoring to reclaim the outcast boys
of England and bring tbem up to lives
of respectability and usefulness, is, we
are told, somewhat indignant because
the people of Canada object to having
this country made the machine for tbe
training and purification of tbe lads.
Tbe Dominion Inspector of Penitentiaries has found ground to oiler caution in
regard to the Immigration of these outcast children, and lately a Manitoba
grand jury also brought the matter up in
a way not quite satisfactory to Dr. Bor-
nardo. That gentleman returns upon
the beads of Ihe ('unaili,.n people,with a
presumed report professing to show
thai Ihe neglected waifs of tlie English
vicious classes are nol only desirable iin-
Tiiursday, April 5.
The Speaker took the chair at 2 p.m.
The petition of R. T. Williams respecting the bookinding work required bv tbe
government was received.
Hon. Mr. Beaven moved: "That tbe
House do resolve itself into a committee
of the whole for the purpose of considering the petition of Kobort T. Williams
with reference to the binding of the
statutes, journals and sessional papers
of tbe assembly, and other, work of a
similar character required by the Province; and that copies of all tenders and
contracts for such work, received or
executed during tlie last eight yoars, bo
placed before the House and referred to
such committee."
lion. Col. Baker said then hon. gentleman had thought proper to spring this
mine at the very BUS of tlie session apparently with the idea that there would
be no opportunity for explanation, lie
read the following letter from tbeQuoen'8
I Printer on ibis subject:
"Victoria, 3rd April, 1894,
"Tie lion, the Provincial Secretary.
"Sill.���Willi reference to  the   petition
or Mr. I!. 'I'.  Williams,   respecting   ihe
: binding of the stalulcs. etc.,   I beg lo re-
bill to amend the game act (Mr. Martin), |    The Hon. Edgar Dewdney, Lleutenaiit-
witli Mr. Rogers in the chair. j Governor, attended and in lier Majesty's
Bill reported complete   with   amend- ��� name gave assent to the following bills:
monts. To amend tbe Supremo court act.
The report from the committee uf the i    To further amend the legal professions
whole on the municipal   act   was  again   act.
taken   Into   consideration,   the   several!    To further amend the British Columbia
amendments standing on the notice paper j railway act.
being proposed in their order. To authorize tbe issue of a crown grant
Mr. Grant moved bis amendment  pro- ;of certain lands in the district of Koote-
vidiug for the appointment of a board of j nay, being the site of the town of Threo
commissioners to manage the sinking
funds and authorizing the investment of
such funds in real estate.
Dr. Milne, Hon. Mr. Turner, Hon. Mr. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Beaven and Hon. Mr. Davie all spoke ; the corporation of the township of Chi
strungly against the amendment, which I wack.
Forks,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Respecting the Victoria  electric  railway and lighting company, limited.
Relating to certain  public   works on
migrants but from a moral point of view   I""'1 as follows:
a vory long way better than the average !    "Erora and after the date of confedera-
���,,,,       ,n      i, ,       ,, tion, and up to and Including the year
children ol ( anadian   parents.     It  may , ^ M|,  wl���|ums  m   ,lH   ,h���  g0/eru.
be as well to suy right here that it would lIm,nt binding,   when,  for   some reason
be mighty difficult to make the ordinary \ unknown to me, he refused   to  do any j 8P��n��1)a' '��*n only
was put and negatived, ^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Grant moved to insert the following as a new clause: "When the corporation of any municipality shall have a
sum of money on hand which has been
borrowed for a special purpose by tho
authority of a loan by-luw, and when the
council deems it undesirable to expend
for such purposes the money borrowed,
il shall be lawful for the council to placo
before the ratepayers a by-law providing
for the expending of such sum of money
for some oilier uurposc; said'by-luw shall
be subject to the provisions of the municipal act, 1802, and amendments as to
tho   passage   of   by-laws   for    creating
debts."   The mover Instanced the ore-
inalorv loan by-law passed a Tew years
ago as an Instance such as referred lo iu
his resolution.
lion. Mr. Beaven thought this would bo
a dangerous principle to establish; if necessary to deal with the crematory loan,
which while not expended as Intended is
bearing Interest at a rate slightly higher
I ban paid for It, be thought it would be
better to puss an act
To amend the Companies act 1800, and
amending acts.
To aid tho construction of a railway
and highway traffic bridge across the
Fraser river at tbo city of New Westminster.
To amend tho land act.
To amend the jurors act and amending
Mr. Grant, resuming the debate on tbe
motion for committee of supply, referred
to the lust item In the estimates to be
voted, 85,000 for Indemnity to Sheriff
McMillan in connection with the   Atwoll
King seizure.    He thought the Govern-1         .... j
ment ought also to bave take,   into con-   m"M ��.�� ' ����� "Ho  committee  In   accord
mother   party   to   the suit, ' u""MVI,h ,h"s"  ",s,n"'1 s   '"""  u"
the other day by Mr. Hrown, respecting
Mr. Fltzstubbs, the government agent in
West Kootenay. Ho then said that no
charges had been made against that
officer, but he ba'd since ascertained that
there were some charges, in the hands
of tbe Chief Commissioner, wliich bad
not been brought to his (Mr. Davie's)
attention. The correspondence and all
papers connected with it had been ordered to be printed and would be laid before
the House.
Hon. Mr. Vernon said, also in explanation, that the charges had been sent to
his department, but bud not come to his
notice at the time tho question was
asked When ho ascertained the fact ho
ordered that the papers be printed,
and these be now presented to the
Mr. Grant moved to re-commit tbe bill
to amend the Municipal Act, for tbe purpose of considering a motion for striking
out tbe clause relating to Sunday closing.
Tlie motion was carried on division. Mr.
Grant then moved other resolutions, in
accordance with the notices on the order
paper, authorizing the consideration of
the other amendments there mentioned.
These were adopted; and the Speaker
ruled, alter discussion,  that  the   House
sidcrati ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Joshua Davlcs,  who   had   been    put  In |
very great, expense   in   maintaining   Ills I
rights against the action of the sheriff in
this case.
The House went  inio  committee of
supply, Mr. Martin in Ihe chair.
Mr. Grant continued his advocacy of
Mr.liavies' claim for compensation,when j
the item of 85,000 indemnity to Sheriff!
Canadian believe that tho average of
morality In England at all approaches
the average in Canada, and when Dr.
Bernardo undertakes to say that the
human product of tho London slums is a
higher animal than the human product
of a rural country like Canada, ho puts
himself in direct contradiction to all the
teachings of statistics and moral science.
It is not long ago since tho Pall Mall Gazette mado an exposure of practices In
vogue in England, not in the city slums,
but among tho educated and wealthy,
that brought the blush of shame to
Anglo-Saxon people all around the
globe, and made men almost lose hope in
thoir kind. Wickedness, unfortunately,
abounds everywhere, and the millenlum
is yet afl'iir off, but thoro is no man acquainted with tbe ruling conditions in
Europe and in Canada who will not bear
evidence that the Canadian standard of
morality is higher than any other section
of the Aryan race. No country is free of
crime, much less one that from its first
settlement has been made a refuge for
the bold and vicious of other lands.
Peoples, like men, are only good comparatively.
In regard to Dr. Bernardo's scheme of
presumed phllanthrophy, it is a well
known fact that the primary objection
to Canada being made a dumping ground
for English waifs was not that tho
wretched boys wero predisposed to criminality, but that their blood was
tainted with hereditary disease, that
must necessarily in duo course communicate itself to the ordinary population,
and that at best it would take generations to get free of. Canada objected to
being contaminated witb the diseased
blood of tho London slums. Lately it
appears that experience of the boys has
demonstrated a tendency to crime, and
tho voice of warning has been raised
accordingly. Dr. Bernardo must now
clearly understand that Canada does not
want his juvenile outcasts, and it is to be
presumed that this immigration will
cease, tbe more so as tho boys are, according to the doctor's showing, of such
angelic character that they might suffer
by association with ordinary Canadians,
whilo at the same time their influence
should be of signal servico in tho regeneration of the people of the old countries.
Perhaps Dr. Bernardo is prosecuting
this work .from pure benevolence; possibly he is following it up us a means of
livelihood. We do not know. But there
are many thousands of instances where
men have made up tbe appearance of
lambs while under the woolly covering
were all the qualities of tho wolf. If is
quite certain that the Doctor's method
of handling the criminal statistics of tbe
Dominion demonstrate that he has the
disposition to bite.
further government work. The hind
ing was then given to Mr. Miinroo Miller, the only other bookbinder then in
"Somo year or two later tenders wero
called for the work, when tbe tender of
Mr. Miller was accepted as being tho
lowest, and the work has beon done by
him up to the prosent date at a costof at
least 50 per cent, less than the prices
formerly paid to Mr. Williams.
"With reference to Mr. Williams'��� remark that the work is not done in accordance with the statute, I havo to
report tbat owing to the statutes and
journals of late y.Lirs being more bulky
than formerly it was deemed desirable
by the late. Hon. Mr. Robson that this
class of work should be moro substantially bound than before.
"I may state that tbe work done by
Mr. Miller is quite equal to that formerly
done bv Mr. Williams.
"1 have the honor to be, sir, your
obedient servant,
"Queen's Printer."
Mr. Semlin spoke in supportof tbe motion for a committee.
Hon. Mr. Turner said ho had a statement on his desk just as much entitled
to be accepted as authorative as is that
of Mr. Williams, and which was directly
contrary in effect. This stated, for instance, that in place of Mr. Williams
paying, as he claimed, the highest wages,
and working bis employes the shortest
hours, he had for yoars paid much lower
wages than those of other establishments
and had worked his employes longer
hours. ���
Mr. Brown said the point is that tlie
House some time ago ordered that tbe
work should be done by tender and this
order has not been obeyed.
Hon. Mr. Davie said tbe hon. gentlemen opposite are very much astray if tbey
think that tenders for this class of work
aro not called for, though of course
every time a few books aro to be bound
tenders are not obtained. It appeared
that after Mr, Williams had dono the
work for years he suddenly refused to
bind any more books for the Government
���for what reason bo (Mr. Davie) could
not say, but ho was told it was becaus'e
some work had been given to another
establishment. Tbe governmont then
looked about for somo ono else to do the
work, and found that Mr. Miller was
willing to take it up. While this discussion had been going on ho had taken the
trouble to add up the pages and he found
that while Mr. Williams had tendered at
$3.05 for binding 6-14 pages, Mr. Miller is
now paid 83,50 for binding 8,175 pages,
the quality of the work being practically
tbe same. The Houso may rely upon it
that tho government exercise proper
supervision over this work and the prices
paid for it. He would not contend for
one moment, however, that it would bo
Inadvisable or useless to call for tenders
and indeed be thought that the proper
course to take, and be bad no doubt that
to set the question at rest tenders would
be called for this year. There could be
no question of political advantage as had
been suggested by the leader of the Opposition, for as a matter of fact both the
gentlemen Immediately concerned iu this
matter of binding aro supporters of the
government, and it wasonlya few weeks
ago thut Mr. Williams���a friend of bis
since boyhood and a man of his word���
met him on the street, and warmly  con-
doallng with that McMillan was reached in committee. He
 ��� estimated that In goods and  costs, with
The motion was adopted on division.       Interest, Mr. Davlcs had lost 88.(100 over
Mr. Grant moved to repeal section 47  and above what he bad recovered through
of the municipal act amendment  net, j the court.
1803, which permits Interest at the  ruto i     Mr. Booth pointed out that  tho  cases
of 7 per cent, per annum to be charged j 0f the two men worn entirely different,
upon overdue taxes        	
Motion agreed to.
Hon. Mr. Davio moved to Insert tho
following section: "Tbo Lieutenant-Governor In Council may, when granting
letters patent of incorporation to a district municipality, vary tho boundaries
of tho district as mentioned in tho potition, for the purpose of making the same
regular and in conformity with the
boundaries of neighboring municipalities,
or so that no small piece of land may bo
excluded from any municipality, or otherwise, as may be considered expedient."
Tho movor explained that a groat deal of
trouble bus been experienced In tbo past
for want of such a clause us this giving
power to correct irregularities which
very likely have occurred through the
merest oversight, but cannot be corrected by the peoplo interested as they havo
not tbe right to vary their petition.
Motion agreed to.
Report, adopted with amendments.
Mr. Rogers moved tbe adoption of the
report from committee on tbe bill to
amend the cuttle act.
Motion agreed to; bill read a third time
and passed.
The House went Into committee on the
bill (Mr. Rogers') to amend the licenses
act, Mr. Smith In the chair.
Bill reportod complete with amendments.
Tho reports   from   committeo on tbo
tho sheriff having been made to suffer
becauso of no fault of bis own, but
simply through carrying out, as ho was
bound to do, an order of tho court
whicli it turned out was not a proper
Hon. Mr. Beaven also held that tbe
two positions aro not of the samo naturo
at all. Ho favored tbe vote, but did not
by any means endorse tho contentions of
Mr. Grant.
Committeo roso and reported tbo resolutions. Report adopted, and resolutions agreed to.
Tbo House wont into committee of
ways and means, and adopted certiain
resolutions for tbe raising of supply.
Report adopted.
Tbo supply bill was introduced and
read a first time.
The House again went into committee
on tbo bill respecting the Horsefly hydraulic mining company, Mr. Sword in
the chair.
Tbo amendment prohibiting tho employment of Cltineso or Japanese was
Bill reported complete with several
amendments, and road a third time and
Tho House went Into committee on the
bill respecting tho Cariboo hydraulic
mining company, Mr. Semlin iu tho
Discussion again arose on the  subject
drainage, dyking and irrigation bill, and I of the prohibition of Chinese labor, Don.
the county courts acts amendment bill. Mr. Beavon having moved a clauso
were adopted and the bills wero read a I similar to that whicli had boon  inserted
third time und passed   ^^^^^^^^^
The public school net was read a third
time and passed.
lion. Mr. Davie said bo wished to call
attention to au omission or error in the
affidavit of Engineer Duchosnay in tbo
papers last brought down relating to the
Nakusp & Slocan railway. In paragraph
5, thero should appear after tho word
"materials" tho words "for which the
work is only charged at construction
rates." He had had tbat page reprinted
with tho correction made.
The report from committee on tho
official scalers bill was adopted; and
the bill was read a third timo and
The report from committee on thoCon-
solidated railway and light company's
bill was adopted, and the bill read a third
time and passod.
Tho House adjourned at 12.15 p.m.
Friday, April 0.
Tbo Speaker took the chair at 2 p.m.
Hon. Mr. Beavon presented another
petition from R. T. Williams, respecting
the provincial bookbinding, and declaring   that   several   statements  mado on
in the other bill.
Tbe amendment was adoptod.
Bill reported   completo   with
Bon. Mr. Davie introduced a bill intituled "An act to amend tbe coal mines
regulation act;" also a bill intituled "An
act to amend the Proviucial Royal Jubileo
Act, 1890."
Bills read a first time.
Tbo Houso went into committeo on the
Nakusp & Slocan railway bill, Mr. Grant
in the chair.
The bill was reported complete without amendments.
Tho Hall Minos CompanvBill was read
a third timo and passod.
The House adjourned at 11.50 p.m.
Saturday, April 7.
Spoaker took tho chair at 7.30 p.m.
Tho supply bill was read a second time
and considered in committee, Mr. Martin
in tbo chair. Bill reported, read a third
time and passed.
Hon. Mr. Davio roso to move tho
second roading of the coal mines regulation bill.
Mr. Hrown asked that this be allowod
the previous day were not trua Ho j to stand ovor,"as" the mombors "from Nanalmo, moro especially interested, wero
absent, having to leave town to keep an
The request was agreed to.
Hon. Mr. Davio moved the second
reading ot the bill respecting the Provincial Royal Jubilee hospital, which he
said bad been put into bis bands by the
management of that Institution.
The bill was read a second timo,  and
considered in committee, Dr
asked an investigation by a committee of
the whole of the House.
Tho Speaker remarked tbat he did not
know what the House is coining to when
anyone presents a petition so grossly roiled ing upon some of its members. Ho
called attention lo the rule of the House
against reclvlng petitions containing Im-
pertlnonl and Improper matter, but said
lie, would not rule it out himself, leaving
tlie mutter to the House.
Hon. Mr. Turner said that there is no
doubt that the sliitcnieuts he had made,
iin.l which are now contradicted  by Mr.
next silting.
Hon. Mr. Davie moved resolutions
authorizing the reconsideration in the
committee of tho clause relating to
coroners' inquests: and also consider
the Insertion of a new section respecting
the reclaiming or draining of lowlands.
Molion agreed to.
Hon. Mr. Davie moved, on consideration of tbe report on the licenses act
amendment bill (Mr. Rogers'), -to insert
a clause providing that the assent of tho
stipendiary magistrate for the district
must be obtained prior to the granting
of a liquor license, othor than In tho
municipalities having control over theso
matters. Ho oxplainod that this provision had already been adopted In a bill
passed early In the session, and in ordor
that thoro might not be two bills dealing
with the same subject be wished to have
this provision incorporated in Mr.Rogors'
bill, and then the assent of the. Crown
might be withheld from tho other ono.
Motion agreed to, and bill read a third
timo and passed.
Mr. Sword (in the absence of Mr.
Kitchen) asked: 1. Is it tbo intention of
tho government to do anything in regard
to tho Chilliwack railroad? 2. On what
ground did tho executive fail to carry
ont the legislation of lust session regarding tho Chilliwack railroad?
Hon. M.. Davie replied to tho first
question, yes; and to tho second, tbat it
carries an assumption with which ho
cannot agree.
At 10:40 tbe Douse adjourned.
Monday, April l).
Tbo Speaker took the chair at 2 p.m.
Hon. Mr. Davie said that as a matter
of privilege, before the order for a third
reading of the Nakusp & Slocan railway
bill was called, he wished to offer a motion arising out of some remarks mado
during the discussion of this bill in committee of the whole. On that, occasion
the hon. member for Nanaimo district
made certain statements which have
been, ho (Mr. Davio) thought, fairly
accurately reported in tho Times of
Saturday, as follows:
"If tbe members of the government
wero not interested in tho scheme some
of their friends were. Thero must havo
been some reason for tho withdrawal of
the lowest tender. Tho statement of the
Attorney-General printed in the Colonist
showed that there was something wrong
and made it appear that tho Attornoy-
Gonera! was a member of tho company.
Tho Attorney-General had been working
for tho company, not for tho Province.
It was not in tbe power of tho Attorney-
General to push a company aside as he
had dono in this caso. He bolleved the
schemo was not 'straight.' "
Ho (Mr. Davio) would liko the hon.
member to say whether or not the report
just read is correct.
Mr. Foster���Not exactly.
Hon. Mr. Davie���Well, it is correct in
effect, is it not?
Mr. Foster���No; it does not exactly
mean what I said. I cortainly did say,
though, tbat I thought everything was
not straight about the matter.'
Hon. Mr. Davie said he thought tho
roport read was in substance what Mr.
Fostor had said. That was bis recolloc-
tion of it, and bo noticed the same thing,
In effect, in the Colonist. Ho had made
his quotation from the organ of tho Opposition, because ho thought its roport
at least would not be disputed.
Mr. Foster���I will suy over again what
1 stated the other night. I said that tho
way the Attorney-General wus conducting the matter, and the lack of precaution on tbo part of the government,were
sufficient to justify any member in
believing that tlie affair was not straight.
Hon. Mr. Davie���In view of  the statements made in committee, and in view of
Watt in the i what has been said just now by the lion,
member. 1 move that the standing orders
gratuhited him on the prospects of tho | Williams, woro strictly correct, and could
The Crisis in Newfoundland.
Till-: success  of   tbe   Introduction   of
. John's,Nfld., April 11. ���Tho Minis-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .   resigned   to-day.     In   the   Assembly
English pheasants on Vancouver Island j Colonial Secretary  Bond  made  a  state-
was so marked that there has long been j ment lu behalf of the Govornmont,     He
stated that In view of Hie   position   laid
a strong desire aHiong many Mainland
Communities to have the splendid birds
introduced on this side the Gulf also.
A few years ago some birds were set
loose on Lulu Island and legislation
passed to protect them for a time. Un-
fortunalely the desirable end lu view,
nor the luw, was not always respected
by rambling put-hunters, but notwithstanding there are Indications  that  the
down by Mr. Justice Winter In   the  Hay
de Verde decision, which hud just been
read lo the House by the Speaker, declaring thut the expenditures passed by
Ihe House and assented to by the Quoon
and applied under Hie authority of the
Goveriior-Iu-Coiincll, were Illegal and
unseating    members    participating    In
these alleged illegal  expenditures, the
Government felt bound to advise the
Governor to allow an appeal to the olec-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   toruto  to   decide   this   very   Important
purpose aimed at Is being accomplished, ' crisis.    The Governor, he said,  declined
and the settled districts south of the
Fraser bid fair to be soon stocked with
the fairest game birds known to sportsmen. Last week, at Clover Valley, Mr.
Sam. Shannon, Jr., while plowing, was
delighted witb a sight of a magnificent
cock pheasant, which ran down the
furrow ahead of his team. Clover
Valley is some twelve or fifteen miles
from where the brooding birds uorc
turned loose, and this may  be  taken us
to consent to the proposal to dissolve
the House and havo a new election held,
so the Ministers resigned their offices.
Lexington, Ky., April 10.���C. E. Mooro,
tbo prohibition infidel editor of the lllue
Grass Blade, has been Indicted for blasphemy, and Is now in the Fayette county
jail. His Indictment Is tbo first of its
kind in tbe history of the state,   and  is
govornment party, saying that if there
is one man iu Victoria whososupportcun
be depended upon that man Is himself.
It would be noticed thut it was just before the elections In 1880 that the Opposition last brought up Ibis subject,
lint il was then referred to a committoo
with the result tbat no foundation for a
charge against the Government could be
found, but on the present occasion tbey
had taken the precaution Ot bringing Ihe
matter np so lute that It could nol possibly be Investigated in committoo,
Aftor further discussion .Mr.  Hunter
said he had no doubt (but lion. Mr.
Heaven bad acted coiieleiitlously   lu  tbe
matter, for he no doubt supposed tbat iu
advootlng Mr. William's' cause be was
giving a baud to a political supporter.
Now, however, that it bad been shown
that Mr. Williams is on  the  other  aid
be proved were there time for Ull ilivesti
gation. lie expressed surprise that any
member should have endorsed a petition
of this outrageous character.
Ilou. Mr. Beavon contended that It is
not a remarkable thing to charge Hint
statements made in this House are untrue, us he bud frequently beard such
accusations made across the House.
lion. Col. Baker said that from the
wording of the petition he rather expected that II was written by Mr. Heaven
himself, which he no doubt  Intends   to
us as an electioneering documont,
Mr. Semlin pressed
lion. B
Hon. Mr. Davie said as  thorn  seemed
io i onsiderabie conflict of statement,
Hill reported complete without amend- j be suspended in order that I   may
monts, und read a I bird time and passed, j the following resolution
Mr. Turner presented
lion. Mr. Turner presented a message
from His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
transmitting a bill Intituled "An act to
assess, levy and collect taxes on the property of railway companies."
Message considered in  committee, Mr.
Booth in the chair; and bill reported to
the House und read a first time.
Hon. Mr. Davie iu moving the second
reading explained thai the reason of the
Introduction of this bill Is the recent
decision of the Supreme Court of British
Columbia, that undor the aot as at pro-
sent at least the chief railroad iu the
Province cannot be assessed at all. Into
for an investlgu- the principle Of this deBlslon he did not
propose lo enter, nor would  he  remark
Whereas, acting under the advice of
the executive council, His Honor the
Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to
give a Provincial guarantee of interest
in favor of tho Nakusp & Slocan railway
company;and whereas it has been stated
by tlie hon. member for Nanalmo district
in ills place In tbe Houso of Assembly,
in reference to the said guarantee, that
it appeared that the honorable the leader
of the Government was a member of the
company, and had been working for tbo
company and not for the  Province,"	
Mr. Foster���No, sir!
Hon. Mr. Davio (continuing the resolution) "and it bus also been Insinuated lu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the said  House  of   Assembly   by  other
upon It further than to suy that It Is not] honorable mombers, although not dlrect-
ry far reaching, and might bo made to I ]y charged, that  tho mombers of tho
i'ffif--it,u?L'.t?_���!!,tr_*���  Mat'.t,':!'..!'��1.1.1 j ap'ii'ly not only'to the assessment of rail- j exeouttve oounoti were actuated"by
select, committee for Inquiry
there will be time to report
he suggested that Mr.   Boavon should | jjton will probably not Hike
He thought
us proroga-
place tintl
musing a good deal of excitement.
withdraw the resolution,   (Laughter.)
Hon. Mr. Beaven said he hud never
asked Mr. Williams what sldo of politics
be Is on, and did not know whether he is
a supporter or au opponent of tho Government.
The resolution was lost on division of
0 to I".
Hon. Mr. Davie presented a return
showing tlni proceedings In court in the
suit of Atwoll, King & Co,, in respect of
idltor Moore learned yesterday that the
^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^_���^_^_ grand jury bad brought In two truo bills
au indication of the spread of the desir-: against him, ono for blasphemy and tho
able birds.   Clover Valley, with Its con-!f,tlll!r fo1'   nuisance,   ho   callod   at   the
sheriff's office and gave himself up, refusing to givo bonds. He was sent to
jail, from where bo intends to publish bis
siderable extent of meadow land and
grain fields, hemmed in by undulating
hills, clothed with cherry,  birch, spruce
When [ which a vote is askod, In the supplementary estimates, to indemnify the sheriff
of Victoria.
Hon. Mr. Davie presented  a copy of a
report of tbe executive council approved
by liis Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
on tlie 18th  of   January   regarding  tbe
preservation of order In the North.
The House went into committee on the
Tuesday. I f therefore the leader of the
Opposition would move for the appointment of u select committee, be would
support the motion.
After further discussion, Mr. Hunter
spoke against receiving the petition.
The question beldg put to tho House
the petition was rejected.
Hon. Mr. Davie then moved a select
committee to Inquire Into and report
upon the matter in controversy, to con-
sit of Messrs. Booth, Smith. Martin.
Sword and Semlin.
Motion agreed to.
Dr. Wntt presented a petition from IJiG
grand lodge of the Independent Order of
Good Templars against the petition to
allow saloons to bo opon during certain
hours on Sundays.
Recoived and ordered to be printed.
ways, but of property of every kind. The j nipt motives in advising Ills Honor the
'��� -*���'-*- ���-* ������- Lieutenant-Governor to give a guarantee
of Interest in favor of tho said Nakusp
& Slocan railway company; therefore be
it resolved, that an hunihlo address bo
presented to His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor, praying him to appoint a
royal commission to enquire whether the
Honorablo the Premier was a membor of
the said company, whether in advising
the said guarantee he worked for the
company and not for the Province, and
whether corrupt motives of any kind
existed witb or Influenced His Honor's
ministers in the advico tendered by them
to Ills Honor the Lieutenant-Governor in
relation to the Nakusp & Slocan railway
lion. Mr. Davio added that after tho
voto on the motion for tho suspension of
the rules and orders ho would havo something to say with respect to tho resolution which ho proposed to offer.
bill proposes "a plan to obviate not only
Mie difficulty arising out of tbe decision
mentioned, but that always felt in assessing railway properties; and tho proposition now Is that the railways shall bo
assessed tbo uniform sum of S3,000 per
mile. This Is the principle which
governs In a great many states. He did
not favor taxing railroads very heavily,
for tbey are required in tho Province
and ought to be encouraged; but be
thought the taxation provided for In this
bill will be considered equitable.
Bill rend n second time.
The House went Into committee on the
creditors'trust deeds bill, Mr. Croft in
tbe chair.
Bill reported complete with amendments,
lion. Mr. Davie said bo wished to make
an explanation In connection with tho
reply ho made to a question put to him ��3>\
Mr. Kitchen objected that the resolution ought to be beforo tho Houso In
print, which uot being the caso bo objected to the suspension of the standing
Mr. Foster���It ought to be printed!
There Is ono statement anyway thore
that I never made!
Mr. Kitchen���Until it is printed I will
Mr. Brown���It will bo time enough to
suspend tbo orders whon wo seo this
Hon. Mr. Davie said he was surprised
that any member should offer such  an
objection.   Tbo resolution would be immediately printed, and would be  on the.
members'   desks   beforo   he   moved   its
adoption.   If Mr. Foster cjalmed to have
been mlsreported In the  organ of the
Opposition, he would have nn opportunity
to make  the  desired   correction.      The I
position he took was simply   this, that I
tbo purity of the  members of  the   Go-1
vernnient of the Province,  whatever Its i
politics, is of  the   highest   importance,
���and  he  and   his   colleagues   could   not
allow any such charge against it to stand
untuquired Into.   It has always been the
practice to move the  suspension  of the
standing orders iu such  cases,   and   the j
same thing as now   proposed   had   been
done iu 1874,   when   some question  was
raised  against  the  then   leader  of the
Government,   He hoped the hon gentlemen opposite would not  persist   In  their
Mr. Kitchon said be certainly  would
object until the resolution was printed,
lt, would not, be doing justice to Mr.
Foster to do otherwise.
lion. Mr. Davie thereupon sent tho
resolution to the Queen's printer, with
the request to have It Immediately
A very long disciisssiou here ensued on
the lion. Mr. Davie's motion for the
Royal Commission, tbo Opposition trying
in every way to squeeze themselves out
of it. The discussion occupied the balance of afternoon and evening, and when
voted upon was carried by a large majority.
Tuesday, April 10.
Tbe Speaker took tho chair at 2 p.m.
Mr. Semlin inquired if it Is the intention of the Government to establish a
polling place at St. Elmo.
Hon. Mr. Vernon replied that the Government intend to ask the advice of their
agents In the several localities in the
mattor of tbo many now polling placos
that must be established. If tho hon.
member is prepared to recommend any
particular point in bis locality, it would
be well for him to do so, and such a recommendation would receive duo consideration.
Hon. Mr. Turner moved the second
reading of the bill respecting the Nakusp
& Slocan railway.
Mr. Sword again asked for the letter
from Mr. Moulin referred to yesterday.
Hon. Mr. Davie said he now had this
letter, and as requested would present it
to tho House, together with an affidavit
from Mr. McGillivruy. the contractor,
as to the cost of rails delivered on the
The bill was read a third time and
passed on the following division:
Ayes���Messrs. Adams, Anderson.Baker,
Booth, Cotton, Croft, Davie, Fletcher,
Hunter. Hall, Horno, MeKenzie, Rogers,
Smith. Turner, Vernon, Watt���17.
Noes���Messrs. Beaven, Brown, Keith,
Kitchen, Milne, Semlin, Sword���7.
The House again went into committee
on the assessment act amendment bill,
Mr. MeKenzie in the chair.
Bill reportod complete with amendments.
lion. Col. Baker presented a message
from His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, transmitting Bill No. 59, "An act to
amend tho mineral act," with a recommendation to strike out section 8.
The message was considered In committee, Mr. Croft in the chair.
Bill reported to House, read three times
and passed.
The Houso went into committeo on the
bill to amend tho railway aid act, Mr.
Grant In the chair.
After a long discussion, tlie bill was
reported complete with amendments.
Hon. Mr. Turner said ho had boen requested by tho sealers of Victoria to propose a resolution in the House, and In
order to do so he would have to move the
suspension of the standing orders. The
resolution to which ho referred was as
"Whereas by a convention between
the United States and Great Britain,
dated 18th April, 1802, it. was, amongst
other things, provided: 'That if tbe result of the arbitration be to affirm the
right of British sealers to take seals in
Behrlng sea within tbe bounds claimed
by the United States under its purchase
from Russia, then compensation shull be
made by tho United States to Great Britain (for the use of her subjects) for
abstaining from the exercise of that
right during the pendency of the arbitration, upon the basis of such a regulated and limited catch or catches us,
in the opinion of the arbitrators, might
have been taken without an undue
diminution of the seal herds, such
amount to be promptly paid': and whereas the result of the arbitration wus to
affirm such legal rights us pertaining to
British subjects: und whereas no such
compensation has been awarded: Be It
resolved, that this House ventures to express the hope that the Royal assent
will not lie given to the bill   now   before
the Imperial Parliament for giving legal
effect lo tbe Hehring sea arbitration,
unless the following claims be previously
acknowledged and placed In course for
settlement   by   ihe   govel iiment  of   the
United States, namely: i. That British
Columbia sealers be compensated in respect to vessels which have been seized.
2. That British Columbia sealers be compensated for illegal exclusion from Behrlng Sea during Ihe years 1891, 1802 and
18011; and that a copy of this resolution
be telegraphed at once to tho Secretary
of State   for   Canada,   with  a   request
that be telegraph it to the Imperial government."
Motion agreed to.
Wednesday, April ll.
The fourth and last session of tho
sixth Legislature was prorogued this
The Clerk, Thornton Fell, rend the list
of bills to be assented to���which were
exclusive of course of the twelve to which
His Honor had already signified assent,
on the occasion of bis two special visits
to the House during the session.
His Honor Hie Lieutenant-Governor
then read the speech from the Throne.
lion. Col. Baker, provincial secretary,
announced His Honor's will and pleasure
that the Leglslatuie should stand prorogued until again summoned for the
despatch of business.
Tho proceedings thus terminated, the
Lietenant-Governor and his staff passed
out, and as His Honor drovo off In state
tbo guard aguin gave the complimentary
general salute, thon returning via Birdcage walk and Belleville and Monzies
streets to the drill hall.
The Family Dentist as Needful to First-
class lieultli as the- Family Physician���
The Guins lleqniro Caro as Well as
tho Teeth.
Fine teeth add so much to the beauty
of the face that too much caro cannot be
iie.-t iwed upon them.
Tne deciduous or temporary teeth are
twenty in number. The central incisors
uro cut between tho fifth and seventh
months; the lateral incisors between the
seventh and tenth months; anterior molars make their appearance between the
nge of twelve and fourteen months; tbo
e, e teeth between fourteen and twenty
months, ami ihe posterior between eigh-
: un nnd thirty six months. Collective
ly these are called the milk teeth. Thore
uuvorwuBa period in tbo history of
: in lical or surgiottl dentistry when so
much attention was given to the tempo
rnry or milk teethes at present, Nol
uly are the teeth of toddlers and children filled, bnt tiny are struiglilened,
leaned  and, when needed, loosened lo
im iiitate the perfection of the second
leoth. The woll born child of two years
hat bis cup, brush aud littlo vial of
tooth powder.
The permanent teeth number thirty-
two, The iirst molars appear between
Ihe Oges of five nnd seven years; the
central incisors between six and eight,
i lie lateral incisors from seven to nine,
iirst bicuspids, nine to ten; second
bicuspids, ten to eleven; canines, eleven
lo thirteen; second molars, twelve to
fourteen, and the third molars or wisdom teeth between tho seventeenth and
twenty first year. The teeth of the
lower jaw are cut, as r rule, two or
three months before those in the upper
The family dentist is rapidly becoming
ns popular nnd indispensable in well
conducted households as the family phy-
sh iun. It costs comparatively little to
huve each member make one visit a
mouth to a surgeon who examines the
mouth and puts it in a healthy condi-
'ion. Not only uro the teeth cleaned,
i.ut the gums tiro treated and a tainted
breath corrected. These consultations
pi v in the long run, for, aside from a
Having of expense in the prevention of
decay ur disease, much needless pain is
-.- veii the patient.
There nre a few rules for the care of
the teeth and gums thatall skilled practitioners indorse.
Avoid extreme temperatures. Even
Hie strongest dentine may bo injured
with very hot or cold foods. Breathe
through the nose or else cover the mouth
iu very cold weather.
Cleanse the mouth night and morning
with a soft brush and tepid water.
Brush from the gums towards the cutting edges. The common practice of
brushiug crosswise does the teeth little
good and the guins much harm, making
them sore and, if the brush is stiff,
causing them to recede. Partioles of
food get between the teeth and muBt be
removed by local attention.
Rinse the month nfter eating. Use a
quill if necessary, but passing waxed silk
between the teeth is a surer way to free
them from deposits.
A teaspoonful of listerine in one-half
n glass of cool water is an excolleut
disinfectant. Used as a gargle three
times a day, it will cure sore or loose
All scented soaps and fancy dentifrices
are to be avoided. The alkali in the
1 oup is injurious to the gums, and, un-
������*ffl�� the formula of the dentifrice is
I .wil, it is worthy of suspicion. Powdered charcoal is us mischievous as the
pins so many people ignorantly use. No
matter how finely It is powdered, there
is ahvays just one particle to lie feared
that may cut tho gums or scratch the
enamel. Thero is nothing better than
precipitated chalk. It is cleansing, absolutely harmless, very inexpensive,
.-.t-A, flavored with wintergreen, mint or
orris, it is a refreshing and agreeable
tooth powder.   It is not advisable to use
ven this more than three times a week.
liii! guins nre sensitive, and frequent or
������un'. bru . ingis not desirable. Mouth-
rinsing and the uso of dental silk should
to.low every meal or repast.
AH liquid im dicines and acid drinks
should be taken from a medicine spoon,
a tnbe or straV.'.and the mouth rinsed
\, il -\ :i weak solution of soda or listerine.
People who u.so their teeth to crack
nuts, draw corks, cut twine, etc., arc to
bo pitied.
I, a plate is worn it should be cleansed
nfter each meal and left out at night.���
���New York World.
Some of Its Treasures and How tliey nre
Tho treasures of tho Vatican are beyond all price of calculation, and but
tew favored mortals outside of the
church have ever been permitted to view
the inner sacristy, where the accumulations of centuries are hoarded.
There are four rooms specially decorated, in which aro deposited scores of
miters, ornamented with precious stones;
chalices in gold and silver; capes and
garments for the highest church officials
and only donned upon special state occasions. Many of tho robes are embroidered in gold with the arms of various Popes emblazoned upon them. In the
cabinets wero onco stored hundreds of
precious objects, but when Pius VI. was
forced to pay a part of the 200,000,01)0
francs imposed by Napoleon I.. the prelate hud recourse to the chalices and
golden vessels, which were melted down
and placed side by side with numerous
gems of the Vatican treasury in order to
satisfy the demands of the rapacious
conqueror. When the French army occupied Homo in 1TII8, tbo treasury was
sucked, and many paintings and raro
statuary carried off. The tapestries, or
ara/.zi, ns the Romans coll them, because
[ they were made at Arras, bung in one of
the inner alcoves of the Vatican. The
cartoons for tbem were made by Raphael
iii 1616, and represent various events in
the life for the Savior. Somo of these
tapestries were carried off in 1708 and
sold to a trader at Genoa, who burned
j one of them for the sake of the gold and
J silver threads used iu the bright lights
1 representing suushino. The speculation
' proving unprofitable, tho trader, 1808,
disposed of the remainder to Pius VII.,
who restored them to their original
Under glass coses ore many beautiful
swords, which the Popes are wont to bestow upon those who win distinction
fighting for the church. Hero, also, are
seen tho "golden roses," given by tho
head of the church to ladies of royal
blood who have distinguished themselves in the cause. They aro made by
a family living in the neighborhood,
who have had a monopoly of the manufacture over 300 years. Tho roseB are
exquisitely wrought, inlaid with diamonds and rubies, representing a value
of over $5,000.
Among the tiaras is ono presented by
the Queen���Isabella of Spain. It contains 20,000 brilliants. Another valuable one was presented by Napoleon I.
to Pius VII. There have been several
robberies from this Sistine treasury,
and every precaution is now taken to
guard against theft The most costly
objects are kept in the Pope's private
apartments, and are never exhibited to
the most favored guest or visitor.
Corner of Columbia & MeKenzie Sts.,
CAPITAL, all paid up, $12,000,000
REST,    -    -    -    6,000,000
The  Byes.
Tbo keenness of the sailor's organs of
sight is almost proverbial, This effect bus two causes. The cold sail spray
dashing into ihe seaman's eyes strengthens uikI burdens tbem. Also, the mariner's practice of constantly piercing tbo
atmosphere to see something, often absolutely indiscernible, greally trains
Ihe   organ    in   clever    uciiteness.      A
thought   iH   Immediately   suggested.
... .id it not be beneficial to tench Ihe
ihildren to test their ability to a lis-
I unt objects! The hands of the court-
'louse clock, an incoming vessel, a faintly appearing train, the rapidly fading
tonus of birds in flight, and many other
��� lijeclsthut tho little ones would be
eager to notice if so directed, would aid
to expand ami perfect the various delicate and minutely beautiful ports whicli
compose the eye.
Infants are frequently born with eyes
so weak that they "water" upon exposure to wind or light, even when   jndic-
���iiisly advanced to these. This weakness may be cured by frequent bathing
with water of the snltness and tempera-
i are of tears, or, ns in my experience bus
I ecu of more value, dashing cold water
over the eyes each time beforo being
taken out. and never bathing the baby's
line, especially about the oyes with
warm water. Cold tea is also recoin-
meod*d, and may do tho work for some
and foil in other cases.
Kugene Tompkins is contemplating a big
Shakespearean revival for next season at.
Hie Uoatou theater.   "Henry V." is spoken
Educating tho Senses of Children.
From threo or four till nine or ton the
children ore set down to learn to read
and write. Nine out of ton oro mentally
dulled during this process; some of
them ore intellectually paralyzed for
any future bright mentality. It has not
occurred to our legislators that these
years should be devoted to the development of innate powers of seeing, heur-
iug, feeling, and even smelling. The
senses are the avenues through which
the outer world must reach the inner;
ond if neglected ot this period are blocked, if not forever closed. Fow children
ore taught to use their Henscs as well as
they should. Not one of onr senses but
in civilization is losing more or lesB of
power in valuable directions. Tho
Australian wild boys are able, on all
fours, to track marauders by scent, as
dogs, everywhere. But the nose is not
our only neglected sense organ. Humboldt tells us that while on the Andes a
portion of his party was detailed to follow another spur of the mountains.
The time had come when they should be
in sight. He had long watched for
them, but could not discover ony sign
thot they were within the range of vision. Expressing his anxiety to his Indian guides, they replied "Why, there
they ore; and havo been." Humboldt
could yet see nothing; but pointing a
powerful field glass in the direction indicated by the Indians, he could see his
friends as mere specks moving.
Fooling tho Egyptian .Mosquito.
It appears that tho Khedive is not the
only Egyptian who   deceives himself.
According to Cannon  Scott   Holland,
the mosquitoes of tho country do tho
somo.     The reverend  gentleman  lectured to the members of the Working-
men's Collego in Great Ormond street
on Saturday ovening on his recent visit-
to the land of the Sphinx and the Pyramids, and explained the only manner of
I obtaining a restful night there.   "The
only  way  to obtain sleep." ho said, "is
i to search carefully your curtained bed,
and patiently flatten witb the solo of
I your slipper every mosquito  you   can
find ; then close tho curtains as quickly
1 as possible.
"All the other mosquitoes in tho room
at once conclude thut you have gone to
| bod, and devote tbe rest of tbo night to
; getting inside the curtuiiiH nnd  nibbling
i ot what tbey believe to lie the body of
on intruding foreigner, while you your-
1 self calmly enjoy quiet and undisturbed
-ropose on the sofa on the other side of
��� the room.    The mosquitoes do  not find
; out thoir mistake until next morning."
A Now Invention.
A new explosive cartridge, invented by
Dr. Oohse, formerly with the Messrs.
Krupp, is a sealed glass tube or ball
containing acidulated water into which
two platinum wires urn led. For use 0
current of electricity is sent through the
wires, decomposing the water into hydrogen and oxygen. Upon tho ignition
of the mixed gases an explosive ftfrco of
5800 atmospheres per square inch is developed.
To Vrovent Fire Popping.
Many persons employ open wood fires,
for tho pleasure they afford, and for tho
ventilation of the rooms, Somo kinds of
wood pop the burning coals ou the carpets and produce much annoyance. To
prevent this popping, turn tho convex
(or bark) side of the stick to tho open
room, and much of it will be prevented.
Try the experiment on such wood as you
happen to have.
Raymmi Moore, the tenor, will star in
February In an Irish comedy called "Love's
Young Dream."
Koster & Bial talk of sending out on the
road next season a company to be known
as Koster & Bial's vaudevilles.
Henry Irving has been invited by President Soth Low to lecture on "Tho Drama"
before the students of Columbia college.
A Savings  Bank
lias   been   opened   in   connection   with
this Branch.
Interest Allowed at Current Bates.
Al present Ihrcr ami one-half per cent.
Estray Horses.
Strayed into tbo premises of the undersigned in tbo month of December
last, one gray gelding and ono bay mare.
The owner is hereby required to call and
prove property, pay expanses and tako
the animals away.
Clovordalo, Surrey.
Clovordalo, March 0, 1894.
Mcdonald bros.
Best Hungarian Flour, $1.10 per sack.
Host Oregon Flour, $1.10 por sack.
Best Ceylon Tea, .'in cents per lb.
Granulated Sugar, uo lbs., $1.
Yellow Sugar, 21 lbs., $1.
Currants, 15 lbs., SI.   Raisins, 15 lbs. SI
Japan Rice, 18 lbs. Si.   Beans, 4c. por lb
Tomatoes, 10 tins, SI.
Corn, Peas, and Boons, 11 tins, SI.
American Coal Oil, $1.00.
Corn Starch, 10 conts por lb.
Bird Seed, 10 cents per lb.
Milk, 15 cents per tin.
Sago, li cts. per lb.    Tapioca, 0 cts. per lb
Pickles, 20 cents per bottle.
Worcestershire Sauce, 20 cts. per bottle.
Blue Point Oysters, 20 cents per tin.
Column's Mustard. 25 cents per tin.
Pearline, o lbs., $1.
Fresh tiround Coffee, 25 cents per lb.
Prunes, 12 lbs., $1.
Ev. Apricots, (i lbs., $1.
Balance of Crockery aud Glassware at
a sacrifice.
All othor goods at equally low prices.
*2T Cash must accompany all orders.
720 Columbia street,
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Water,
Etc., Etc,
Factory in rear oi" City Brewery.
Cunningham St., New Westminster, B.C.
After Feb, 1st,
will be found iu the Store next to Ti'iun-
way ollice, lately occupied by
Davidson   Bros.
Best   and   Largest
Stock in Town.
Timber,   Lumber,   Shingles,   Lath,   Pickets,  Doors,
Windows,  Frames,  Mouldings,  House Finish,
Mantels,   School    Seats  and Desks,
Fruit   and  Salmon  Boxes,
&c,    &c,     &c.
Importers   of  Plate,   Sheet,   and Fancy Glass
i.iiiiiiiii-  accurately Sawn,
Orders   Promptly   filled.
The Toronto
Shoe Store*
We have much pleasure in tendering our second holiday
greeting and wishing you all the compliments of the season.
Our stock is large, of the best goods, and prices are all in
favor of the buyer. We believe in keeping the money moving, small profits and qnick returns, and as times are hard and
money scarce, we will help you out by cutting the profit to the
bone. The trade may squeal, as they have, but it is our customers we wish to please, and we are bound to do that with
Good Goods and Low Prices.    Call and see us.
Importers    of   Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Window
Glass,    Lime,    Cement,
Leather   and   Rubber
Belting,      Crockery,
Lamps and   Glassware.
Furniture : anil : Ditetabni.
Tki.ui'Uosi: 170, Corner of
P.O. box 58. Annas X MeKenzie sis.
Tbe above steamer makes regular trips
between Westminster and Langloy, taking Parson's Channel ami thus calling
regularly at llombrough's brick yard,
Port Kclls and all otbor intermediate
points. Parties anxious to reach Cloverdale and other points in Surrey, and who
miss the train, will often  lind this boat
Leaves Westminster every day at 3 p. m.
except Saturday, when she loaves at
3 p. m.
Leaves Langley every day at 0 a. m. except Fridays, when sho   leaves at 8
a. m. for Westminster market.
Extra trip on Saturdays, leaving Langloy at 5 p. in.
No trips on Sundays.
ColiMa Street New Westminster.
The Latest nnd Choicest Patterns In Scotch
and English Tweeds, Etc.. for fall and winter
Gift Prices!
,'S'A      W
Any   Style  of  Jewelry
made to order.
*3' Wo make a specialty of repairing
Chronographs, Repeaters, and all fine
and complicated watches.
Orders by mail solicited.
New Westminster
COOKING,     *      Q
jj HEATING        o    t>
4 m        \ 3
Z ���CALL  AT���
& HOY'S, 3
i H
Dupont Block. Columbia Kt. .
ALL placer claims and leaseholds In
Vancouver Island and adjacent,
islands legally held may be laid over
from 111" ITith day of November, 1808,
until the 1st day of Juno, 1894.
Gold Commissioner.
victoria, li. c. ���>th December, lsnn.
"Fire Insurance Policy Act, 1893."
NOTICE is  hereby   givon   that  ills
Honor   the   Lieiitenant'Governor
in Council lias named the
1st DAY OK APRIL,  1894,
In lieu  of the 1st day of January, 1894",
as the date upon   which "An Act to secure  Uniform Conditions In  Policies of
Fire Insurance," shall come into forco.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Ollice,
::uth Decombor, 18113. NEW   WESTTSrT.\TSTV.n    BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   APRIL, 14 1894.
Watch Tour Cup of Ten for Great Is lt��
Prophetic Value.
If you have two spoons in your cup it
is a sign that you will figure prominently at a wedding before the year is
If cream or milk is put in your cup
before the sugar it will cross your love.
A tea stalk floating on top of tho tea
is called a stranger, says a writer in tho
Baltimore Herald. When this happens
to unmarried women they should stir
the tea briskly and then place the spoon
in the centre of the cup, holding it quite
If the stranger in its gyrations is attracted to the spoon he will come that
evening ; should it, however, cling to
the sides he will not come at all.
We. may observe that it really depends
on the state of the atmosphere as to
whether the stalk goes to the middle or
It is a sign of fair weather if the clusters of air bubbles, which usually rise
after the sugar has been put in. collect
themselves and remain in the centre of
the cup. If, on the contrary, they
straggle to the sides, it is a sign that it
will certainly rain in a few hours.
This cluster of bubbles is also called a
kiss, and portends that the owner will
thus be saluted during the courso of the
A cluster of tea-leaves with a few
stragglers at tbo front at. the bottom of
the cup signifies a hoarse urn funeral,
while the couple of leaves utthe lml
torn, if close together, signify a wedding.
If tho tea grounds take the form  of a
woman on the side of the,oup, it signifies a rival in love; if it looks Ilka a
bird, it means news from a distant
friend; if it looks like a book, it refers
to a well known acquaintance who is at
collego; if it looks like a tree, it inea'.s
soon taking a journey into the country ;
if two stalks come together, it means
that you uro to meet a man; if it looks
like a snake, it is an enemy.
If it is n dog you will meet or hear
from a friend; if it looks like a houso
or a shed, it means that when you are
married you will keep houso for your
self and not board; if it. looks like a
spire, it means that you will be married
in church; if it looks like a duck or a
swan, it means that you will cross the
ocean; if it looks like a bridge, it is an
understood sign that your marriage
will be happy and your life lorig and
If it looks liko a man fishing with a
rod, it points to a preacher who may
either officiate at your marriage or become your husband; if it looks like a
man with many spots lying before hiin.
it means tbat your husband will bo rich,
and may be a Danker! if a broken bridge
turns np on one side of the cup, it means
that your marriage will be unhappy.
If there are undulations on the other
side of the cup, some faint and some
heavier, it means a checkered lite or a
career of struggle, sometimes light and
sometimes severe.
Tin- Yonr of Greatest Growth.
In boys is the seventeenth ; in girls
the fourteenth. While girls reach full
height in their fifteenth year they
acquire full weight ut tlin oqeof twenty.
Boys'are stronger thun girl.-; frotn birth
tn tin- eleventh yoar ; then girls be< a
superior pliystcallv lo the seventeenth
year, when tiie tables are again turned
mil remain so. From November to
April, children grow very Hula and
gain no weight ; from April to .Inly,
thOJ gain in height but lone in weight,
ana from duly in November tliey iu
crease greatly iu weight but not in
I. iilric I.lull,.n.
The lovelv littl" village of Llangollen,
in North Wales, is famous as tbe  place
where for ��� i years dwell the " K ntric
Ladies."   M my u iaiv told of them.
One of th ir ecne itrl iiies was thai
v,:., :; v r , .��� wnl ictl abroad th ���.���>��� wore
mon's in i al i.    w lien tliey died
tbey wi i i to i'.-;  side by side in the
old Llari;   .. n churcl yard.
An Application for  Hunts*
To nv''' boots waterproof and keep
them n- 'Hano mix tboroivhry one
pound ��� ! ow, n halV pound of beeswax, urn1 Inrter r>.!iiid of r. -in. two
ounces of it's foot oil and two ounces
of glycerine. Apply it warm to tho
"What lends a pecnJiar Interest to tbe latest International marriage is the fact that
the young American woman in the cast
who has become the Countess of Essex is
not rich. Her inoome is said to be only
M.DOO a year. It is safe to Infer, therefore
tbat she was wooed and won for berbeauty
and loveli' s. She possesses these In profusion. ��� applliCM to tbo fair!���lio-ioii
IotereNtiiiK Nail Tents.
Elaborate experiments made under
the direction of the United States Ordnance Department to test the holding
powei of cut and wire nails respectively
show a decided superiority for the former both iu spruce and pine wood, says
the New York Sun. Thus in spruce
stock nine series of tests, comprising
nine sizes of common nails, longest li
inches, shortest 18. the cut nails showed
an average superiority of 47.51 per cent.;
in the same wood six series of tests,
comprising six sizes of light common
nails, the longest 0 inches and the shortest 1^, the cut nails showed an average
superiority of 47.40 per cent.; in IS series
of tests, comprising 18 sizes of finishing
nails, longest 4 inches and shortest li, a
superiority of 72.22 per cent average
wus exhibited by the cut nails; in another, six series of tests, comprising six
sizes of box nails, longest 4 inches and
shortest 1}, the cut nails showed an
average superiority of Oll.H-S per cent.;
in four series of,tests, comprising four
sizes of floor nails, longest 4 inches and
shortest 2, an average superiority of
80. Oli per cent, was shown by the cut
nails. In the 40 series of tests, comprising 40 sizes of nails, longest (1 inches nnd
shortest 1J, the cut nails showed an
average superiority of 00.50.
Lime Water.
To mnke lime water put abont a pound
of unslacked lime in a largo bowl, pour
over this three quarts of boiling water,
let it stand for ten minutes, then stir
well wiib a stick. Place tho bowl in a
cool pin- o lor eight, or ten hours; at the
end of lli.it I line pour oil Ilie clear water,
letting the sediment r-nini-i in the bottom of the bowl. Loi tie the clear water
nnd keep in a convenient plane. A table-
spoonful of this may be added to a glass
of milk to be given to a patient with an
acid stomach,
lu case of burns cover the burned
paras witb a cloth wet in lime-water.
Keep the cloth wet by pouring on a
littlo of the water as often as the cloth
dries.���New York World.
Thwy Devour Cookroaehes, Young Mice
and Other Vermin Tho Moanwhlle
ProTo ThemielTOl Tory Troubleiome to
Humanity,   Albeit They Furnish TJ> a
Grand Object Lealou.
The visible insect world is not only a
world of wonder, but the instinct akin
to reason, displayed by the little living
creatures that swarm about us is indeed
marvelous, and none more so than the
different varieties of the ant family. A
writer thus describes the trained and
systematic ravages of a marauding army
of ants in Africa.
Silently, deadly, and irresistibly move
these battalions out of the forest, down,
into, across, and up the ditch, through
the lioina (wood stockade), across tho
square, and into every nook and cranny
conceivable they swarmed. The first
notice (they generally came at night)
would bo a loud yell from some of the
men "Lookout! Siafnl" There would
be no more sleep that night. After ex
perience gained, says the Nineteenth
Century, we found it the best plan to
clear out of our bouses, rush into the
square and build rings of lire arouud us.
To put on one's clothes was to gel bitten
by dozens nil over one's body, unless
tbey had been first  thoroughly  smoked
over a lire.     Every now nnd then yells
and curses told bow a lazy one bad got
night iu his bunk. The walls of tbe
nuts,, the roofs, and floors, were simply
iino aeething mass of struggling ants.
Tbey were nfter tbo [cockroaches, mice
and insects that had taken up their abode
in Ihe roofs. Now and then, squeaks
of young mico told their story. As fast
as tbo ants found their load, generally
a cockroach, thoy would mako off down
the hill in a long line. Luckily they
never touched our granaries; they seemed to prefer animal food. Toward morn
ing there would be only a few lost ones.
aimlessly tearing about, apparently looking for tho main body which had just
decamped. Usually these raids on us
wore made after a rain storm: many of
thom came into the fort already staggering under loads; these appeared to wander about until tho others were ready.
Next day not a cockroach could be
found in the place, so that tho ants
did us a service in ridding us of these
pasts. The rats had decamped also, and
did not return for some days. We have
seen outside the forts armies of red ants
two and a half days long, i.e.. they
would take two and a half days passing
a given spot. During the day the march
would be incessant, overy one inarching
at his very best; toward night they
would huddle in a seething mass, and i I
disturbed, scatter in all directions. The
width of tho stream of ants would be
about two inches generally. On the
Hanks of this were the soldiers, fully
twice the length of tho workers. On
our approach these big chaps would run
out and up our legs like lightning.
No birds, but of one sort, seemed to
trouble them; these were little fellows
about as big as sparrows.
.,-.' A Lost People.
A lady whoso home is in the south of
France writes of a visit she made recently to an island on the coast of Brittany. Thoso of yon who have rend the
story of King Arthur and his knights
will remember that they started out
ovor the sea iu pursuit of the dragon.
In this���the Morbihau Sea���is a little
island which can be reached from the
mainland only when the water is smooth.
The sole inhabitant is a Breton shepherd, who lives in a little hut and spends
his lime in caring for his sheep. The
part}' landed and were met by the kind-
faced old man, who led tbem over the
grassy slope where his flock was feed
ing, and showed thein the way around
a hill, on the east side of which they
found the entrance to a tunnel.
This extended some distance, nnd i's
floor, sides and roof were made of immense flat pieces of stone, covered with
hieroglyphs and figures "looking somewhat like wreaths, and again like coiled
serpents." At tho end of this tunnel
was a hall, also floyred, roofed and
walled with the same curious stones,
ami in the centro was an altar and n
stone upon whicli it is thought that hu
man sacrifices have been offered. The
strangest part of all is that no stones or
rocks like those used in this tunnel can
be found on the island, and at no place
nearer than 100 miles inland. Who
brought them? How did they come?
There is no record left���at least none
has been found���to tell who these people
were, or any tiling about them.
Tbey must have lived many centuries
ago, but have vanished entirely, yet their
work is as perfect apparently as when
lirs; built.
II is thought that they may have been
Druids, who. came hero when they left
Great Britain; others, again, think
that tbey were worshippers of the serpent god called Iloa. lint it is conjee
ture. All we know is that the stones
are here, strangely carved, skillfully put
togellier, but oi their builders there is
no trace. ���(ioldtbwaito's Geographical
A iUiirvi!i,.uif Time Itaaoritar.
One of the most wonderful machines
In those days of miraculous meohanlsm
is the chronoscope. It took form under
the ..kiilful bunds of \\Tienlstone, the
mathematician, who needed an lustra-
nn ui to measure smaller intervals of
titliu than Ins  clock or   watch could in
dicnt* Many Improvement!) have teen
ma le in the chronoscope slime Wheal
stone patented it in 1840, and now the
machine   is   employed   to   measure  till!
flight of projectiles from a gun. Bo accurate is it that it will detect and record
a difference of time amounting to a mill-
i. mn pari of a second and, electricity
being used in recording I lie passaga of a
projectile, it is possible Co determine
to a very small fraation the rate of speed
with wnicli a shot Hies from a gun.���
London Standard.
Some Simple Methods   of Warfare   With
Thenu Insects.
The most destructive of the household
pests is the, moth, and the principal requisite for protection against it is
promptness and care. The bost way to
protect garments from the ravages of
this busy creature is to wran them in
newspapers, being very careful to leave
not oven tbe slightest crack by which a
miller may find its way in. This should
be done as early in the' season as the garments can be spared, and they should be
well beaten and brushed before wrapping, in order to dislodge any eggs that
may have been already deposited on
them. If tliey are put fiway late, it is
safer to open them sometime during
Jnly. Tho worm will then be hatched,
if any eggs had chanced to be left in the
garments, and can be seen and
killed before it does any damage.
Ceder chests are of no more use in
keeping out moths than any other tight
box. Gum camphor is sometimes put
among woolen garments, and tobacco
is also used ; bnt though tlieso may
have some effect in keeping the miller
away, tbey are not always safeguards,
and the surest way is the simplest, that
of wrapping the garments so that nothing can gain an entrance. To keep
them out of carpets, sprinkle the floor
with turpentine or benzine before laying
the carpet, and with a small, Hat paint
j brash apply freely under the surbase
and in all cracks. Benzine poured over
furniture and carpets where moths are
| will   kill   them,    Great care should be
! taken not to use the benzine near a flame
of any kind and there should be no
llanie or lire in tbo room until the fumes
have passed away.
The Stoke-holdi of Ocean llacers.
Well, ill these days of great mechanical improvement, stoke holds are losing
their terrors. Tbey are getting to be
quite comfortable. Great strides have
been made in the last twenty years in
increasing the speed of ships, and it isn't
too much to say that some of it comes
through better and stronger boilers.
Twenty years ago the boilers of the fast
est ships sustained only 70 pounds of
steam-pressure to tho square inch, 1ml
now they sustain with ease 165 pounds.
This means more than double the steam
than formerly, and much faster twisting
of the screws. It also means moro coal
and more stoking, but not near so much
in proportion to the gain in steam. This
is because furnaces have also been improved, but tho work of feeding their
angry throats is hard enough; so bard,
indeed, that, steamship owners have
found that it pays to look after the colli
fort of the stokers as \ ell as others ot
the crew, and hence stoko-holds are beginning to be ventilated and to be more
comfortable as working-places. The
temperature of stokeholds is still above
100 when brisk work is going on, but
vei;'. iletors keep pouring fresh cool air
into the place, and the stokers almost
never sulfur from exhaustion in new
The stoker works only eight hours a
day. and this is divided into two
"watches" of four hours each. That is,
he works four hours, then has eight
hours' rest, and then works four hours,
and doesn't think his lot is such a. ba-i
! one after all. To be sure, on merch.int
i men ho has to be bounded all the time
to do bis work properly, and lie expects
| it, for ho has a chronic objection n,rain c,
working without being driven to it. and
oftener than not doesn't think it wor.ii
while to wash his face in bis eight, hour.,'
interval of rest. He probably wouldn't
thank you for yonr sympathy if vou
tried to tell him that his life is hard.���
Harper's Young People.
True I'l-ieniUlilp.
Friendship originates in harmony of
sentiments, accompanied by kindly feeling. It cannot spring up iu a nigut fur
tlie harmony cannot'oe proved to exist
except after long intercourse. It iri'0'.v-i
uncoils Cloudy; ih"re is no purpose in it.
One does not Sot out. to establish friend
ships and calculate in advance on the
advantages to be derived therefrom, for,
as Cicero remarks, "In friendship wb
Hnd nothing false or insincere,; eyery-
Ihingis str light-forward aud springs
from tlie heart." No author has written
on this subject with more appreciative
insight, than Cicero, nnd here are two
more of his observations;
"Everyone loves himself not that
he may exact from himself some
reward of his affections, but that.
for his own sake, every one is
dear to himself. And nnlos-i this
same principle be transferred to friend
j ship, a true friend will nevor bo found;
| for such an one is, as it were, a second
self * * * It is an old principle of
genuine and real friendship that friends
j should always have the same wSluv,
nor is there any surer bond of friendship
than an agreement in and community
of designs and wishes." To complete
the picture of true friendship one may
quote from George lCburs. that "friendship is indeed genuine when two friends
without speaking a word to each other
can, iiovei'tliulosK, find happiness in
being together;" and this from George
Eliot: "It is hard to believe, long to
gel her, that anything is 'worth while'
unless there is some eye to kindle in
common with our own, some brief word
uttered now and then to imply that what
is infinitely precious to us is precious
alike to another mind."
Since palmistry became a social am use
ment people have reaso.n to be careful o
the insi'le of their u.inUs, writtei ov.
with tnis line and with that., lest they i.e
seized npon and be read to t\\ -ir m
the survey of tbe lines there pin"....;.
them np with conceit of tiiem^ehes, <v
putting them to open sham, in the f- <���
oi foil:. "I would not trust out of :���:....'
the best friend I bad in the world," s.:id..
recently, an enthusiastic prophet of the
art. "if 1 found tlie itae of Lv i n did no;
join the line of life before leaving the
band!" And if she were justified in he:
statement, what complications aud perplexities might ensue to the iniiierenw oi
tbe art! Tho next thing in tlie advance
of the matter might be that no lover
would propose to the damsel who nail
filled his eye and touched his heart,
until he had looked at her wrist,
and certified to himself the absence of
the bracelet of command thore, lest he
should see before him the fate of Dame
lV.rtlet's mate. Perhaps, too. tho young
lady's father would find it necessary to
compare the right band of her lover with
bis left when he bad stammered his.
wishes into the paternal car, and thun
disoovei what traits be had developed in
his right band by scanning the original
lines in bis left one, want good 1 - -���::-
cies bail increased, if any, and \vh.: evil
ones bad been suppressed in liis gro -:��� S.
and if, in short, ie S id dosi le ir iit:i
and would make a good* husband. .: o
mother-in-law-to-be may also think Ii;
lo i-;;.l   11 li   i lie line  of   life   of   tllS   I   '0
posed bride of ber son, and see i:1 ;��� ;���
i rossed by tiio mark of serious ii in
lor othor wise., in. order to judge il   it
'best for lier son  to encumber  li
with a sickly wife; or she may even lou,
j for tbe stars that signify the un ���.-���������
marriages this young woniau  is to con
tract, that she may  thus forecast Ik.'
sou's chances of long living.
Just Received.
A splendid stock of Boots and Shoes, including ladies' slippers
Oxford Ties, and the celebrated English K. boot, all of which
will be sold at the lowest possible prices.
Misses' Oxford Tie,
Men's Lace Shoes,
__P Don't fail to give us a call, as we can do better for you
than any one in the city.
Opposite Tramway Office,   603 Columbia Street.
One of the Best and Largest Stocks of
Virtues c,i oil.
Many housekeepers know how hare,
door-latches often work, and sometime 1
even "with impetuous recoil arid jarring
sound." A drop or two of sweet oi i on tiio
tip of the forefinger touched to the face
of the latch will immediately ami e_ec.tr
ually  cure it.    lt is a good pi'sc ice to
pass around once a week to all tli ��� uuors
and pil the latches.    Ono drop will completely oil half a dozen.��� Jenness Miller
Magazine. ______
A photographic camera has been specially devised for registering the ai.--
tances of lightning Hashes. 'Ilia E.i-ie
lio.iiiiig tiie piate is inclined at a eo..siJ-
er.,..,,- a:, ;:,.- to tlie axis of tiie lens.
Co,ise_au..uy, there will only b. ore
point where the flash comes iiitb focus,
anu from the uosiiion of this point npon
the plate it is po_6lble to determine tho
distance of tho lightning flash.
D. S. CURTIS & Co.,     -     Druggists.
New   Westminster.
A company that insures against the
loss of keys has been started in Winnipeg. Each customer will bo given a
tag to put on his key-ring with the
words "Return to the Keys Insurance
Company and receive reward." If an
insurer loses bis keys and they are not
restored within a reasonable time a complete new set will be. supplied by the
Tiik local reporter of the Vancouver
11 'orld must have great faith, when be
"takes in" all that strollers say, judging
from the following: "On Cordova street
] the other day," said a stroller, "I saw
two young men walking together and
talking earnestly; one of them was smoking. The smoker was the more earnest
of the two. Pretty soon be looked at his
cigar, which was about two-thirds
smoked up, and lighted a fresh one.
Instantly be went on talking. 'I'oohl'
be began, and in bis animation, instead
of throwing bis discarded cigar into, the
street, he tossed it in the air. Itw as
caught as it came down by a trump, who
was walking behind him, and who. betraying no surprise whatever, went right
on smoking it as though it had been bis
20 lbs. Granulated  Sugar SI.00.
21 lbs. Yellow Sugar $1.00.
ir> lbs. Raisins 81.00.
15 lbs. Currants $1.00.
5 lb. Boxes Uncolored Japan Tea SI.00.
5 lb. Boxes Extra Choico Black TeaS1.50.
Shorts (Oregon) SI.in per Sack.
Bran (Oregon) DO cents per Sack.
100 lb Sacks Wheat (Xo. 1) SI.50 per sack.
100 lb. Sacksdran'l. Sugar .S4.U0 per sack.
11 Tins (Ireen Pens SI.00.
11 Tins Corn SI.00.
10 Tins Tomatoes SI.00.
1 lb. Tin Xo. 1 Baking Powder 25 cents.
DO lb. Sacks liolled Oats $3.40 lier sack.
���15 lb. Sacks Rolled Oats SI.85 per sack.
2'.i;.V lb. Sacks Rolled Outs SI.00 per sack.
7 lb. Sacks Rolled Oats 115 cts. per sac'U.|
I Shorthorn Bulls for Sale.
FOB SALS, two thoroughbred Shorthorn
Yearling Hulls.    Registered   pedigree.   For
particulars apply to
II. D. IIENSON. Ladners. 11. CI.
The thoroughbred Olydesdale Stallion;
'���PitiNOK CiiAiti-ii:." registered No. nu, will
nntUe the season of ism nt. Ladriei's, Surrey,
and Langley, commencing on Monday, Oth
Anvil. 1894,
TERMS���To insure, $1."., payable on  1st of
Muri'h, or whon  mare is known lo bfi in t'oal.
II. D. henson. Proprietor
Remember the Address;
Opposite C. P: R. Station, Columbia St.,
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hereby gives ibai. the Court of
Revision of Hie Assessment Itnll el'Hie
Municipality of surrey, tor ihe year ism.
will be hold Iii the Town Hull, Surroy Centre,
on Saturday, April ���isih, is��4.
cieri, Municipal 0 lunall,
Pear nnd Grape.
The fioekol amongpeara and the Dpla
ware among grapes are especially liable
to lie injured by overhoaring, Not only
i:. tlie fruit made smaller, but it is liable
tu become diseased by mildew nn the
grupe and scab on both leaf and frail of
liic pear, These diseases are mainly
due ti) weakness due to overbearing.
The smaller the fruit, the greater proportion "I' its liulh is Ihe seed, which is
always most exhaustive of vitality.
Thorough thinning of theso varii tics
will insure the healthfuluess of vine or
tne and a larger, well developed fruit.
Tbe .-icokel pear when small is one of tin;
j vm in quality as when fully developed it ia one of the best.
An IiittariNt.liiif Letter*
A curiously addressed  letter passed
through the post office ut Madrid recently. Thoaildro.-'SWasaporfi'i'trobiiH, Atthn
! left band side was tne Hgurfl of a lady.
This made it clear to wbicb sex the  iiiih
I tn whom tin- letter wus addressed be
longed. Over the lady's head was a ris
lug mui, which was interpreted as in
(Heating that ber name was Aurora.
fur tier surname there was a mil with
a castle al its foot, or, iu Spanish, "Mon-
tea y Castillo." For the town there was
the pluh of a city drawn, in which the
Aliiiinbra appeared, Of course that
ineant (iranada, especially as u pomegranate was drawn beside tlie plan of
the city. The address was completed by
a number (n one of the streets of the
plan,   Tin-postal authorities took three
. days to study this curiosity, and then
delivered it in triumph lo "Senorlta
Aurora Monies y Castillo, Azncayas No.
20 Granada."   80 proud were the postal
; authorities of this feat that tbey had the
envelope photographed and printed in
the Mil'1 rid papersas proof of the acumen
i.r the deportment, All the foreigners
in Madrid woro very much amused by
tho affair.	
Give it n  Trial.
Have an easy, cushioned rocking-chair
���not Bome uncomfortable old cull���and
if yon have never tried resting yourself
by simply sitting down and elevating
j the feet so as to relievo the strain upon
tne back, do so and prove its wonderful
Hop Lee Lin Kee.
709 Columbia stvvrt.
I'.  0, lto.r S j
I'Mi*s 1 -I'lass woi'L in boat siylf.   Washing mnl
]rmihi_   nl' nil Minis, the   inn-1   porToOl   unil
uhouposl Iii thi't'iiy.    Hop Loo 1.iii Koodoos
his bimlnoM hlmtolf, and docs It rlfflit.
Kite to Contractors.
Sealed 'renders, properly endorsed, |
will be received by the Honourable tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
1 up to noon on Monday, 30th lust, for tbe
erection of a Court House. atCliilliwack.
Plans and specifications can be seen
and forms for lender obtained at the
ollice of W. Mellaril, Cliilllwack, at tho
Government Oflice. New Westminster,
and at tbe offioe  of tbe undersigned.
The lowest or any tender  not  necees-
1 sarilv accepted.
VV. S. (J010,
Deputy ('iiiuinlssiiner of
Lands and Works.
I Lands ami Works Department,
Victoria, H. ('���. lot li April, 18!M.
Orders   by   Mail   Receive
Prompt Attention.


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