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Omineca Miner Oct 9, 1915

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VOL. V, NO. 6
Mr. and Mrs. Reid left Tuesday
for a trip to Babine.
Chief Constable Minty returned from Vancouver on Thursday.
Mrs. J. Carmichael, of Prince
Rupert, is visiting Mrs. J.McKay.
Constable Fairbairn, of Aider-
mere, is in town on police business.
Miss Margaret Allen returned
from Prince Rupert on Monday's
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Harris are
home after an extended trip to
the south.
A. D. McKay and Shel. Robinson returned on Thursday from
Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Saunders
returned from a short trip to the
coast on Saturday.
Mr. G. B. Gerau arrived Monday, to look over some mining
properties in the district.
II. M. Mathews is making a
trip through the Bulkley Valley
and Francois Lake district.
Mrs. Newick is home, after
spending several weeks in the
southern part of the province.
R. S. Sargent, S. J. Martin and
A. R. Macdonald were elected
town fire-wardens for the coming
Rev. W. S. A. Larter arrived
on Monday to join Mrs. Larter,
who is spending a few days in
A. H. Tomlinson, provincial
agriculturalist, with headquarters
at Prince Rupert, made a trip
through the district this week
There have been several entertainments this week, given in
honor of Miss E. Sullivan, of
Prince Rupert, who is a guest of
Mrs. R. S. Sargent.
Several Hazelton men who left
for Vancouver to join the Pioneers' Battalion were unable to
get under the age limit, which is
being strictly adhered to.
Petrograd: Stubborn righting
at Dvinsk^ the repulse of many
enemy attacks, prolonged engagements over the front and
the sinking of a German transport in the Baltic Si-a by a British
submarine are the prominent
statements made in the official
communication issued last night
by the general staff.
With the aid of an armored
train, the Russians succeeded in
an attack on positions of the
enemy west of Mochanitz ami
Stavm, north of Klevan. In the
engagements Ihey made 1800
prisoners, with a number of officers still  unknown and machine
They also took by assault the
village of Zemikovtze, on the
Stripa., southwest of Tarnopol.
In au attack on the height east
of Boutchatch they captured ten
officers and over 300 men.
"In the Baltic," the statement
says, "A British submarine destroyed a German transport by
gun fire off the German coast."
Paris (official): "After an
intense bombardment with shells
of various calibers, the Germans
attempted a very violent attack
against Loos and its northern
and southern approaches. They
were repnlsed with heavy losses.
"In Champagne we have made
and in the Vosges at Braunkopf
and on the approaches to Soder-
London, Oct. 9:���The Bulgarian consul Angloff has telegraphed to Premier Radoslavoff, of
Bulgaria, the following: "If the
reported alliance of Bulgaria
with our eternal enemies and
persecutors against our liberators
is true, I protest and tender my
resignation  as consul-general."
guns.    In the region of Zchemin new progress to the   south   of
between Dubno and Lutsk, they
also captured 1500 prisoners and
5 machine guns and one searchlight, with 19 officers. On the
left bank of the Ikwa they captured, aftera hand-to-hand fight,
the village of Saponow, northeast of Kremenetz, making 3
officers and 256 men prisoners,
capturing three mortars and re-
Tahure. We ha.s gained a foot
hold In the fortified works of Le
Trapeze and carried several
trencher and two blockhouses on
the enemy's second line of defense. We took over two hundred prisoners, a bomb-thrower
and some machine guns.
"Artillery actions have taken
place on   both sides  In western
London: The advance guard
of the Austro-Germans who
crossed the Danube river into
Belgrade has been partly destroy-
Shuts Out Laborers
Ottawa, Oct. 9:���In view of
the labor conditions in British
Columbia, an order-in-council has
been  passed decreeing that no
ed and partly captured and those; artisan or laborer will be admitted
who entered Servian territory,
across the Save, have met with
enormous losses, according to an
official despatch received today
by the Servian legation from
Athens: The French troops
which landed at Saloniki are now
in Servia, forming a base at Giev-
gali, near the Greek frontier.
The Allies will all be on Servian
soil Tuesday. Bulgaria has made
a strong protest against Greece
permitting the landing, saving
that friendly relations between
Bulgaria and Greece are threatened. Bulgarian cavalry is reported at Kusendil, preparing to
raid the Saluniki-Nish railroad,
to prevent the Allies from reach
pulsing enemy counter attacks. 'Argonne, in the Le Pretre  wood ring the Servian front.
G. T. Waring, operator at the
Echo Lake cabin, tenth cabin
north of Hazelton, left for his
post on Tuesday. He was accompanied as far as First Cabin
by W. W. Perry.
The adjourned meeting of the
Hazelton Fire Association, called
for Oct. 5, was postponed till
next Tuesday, at 8 p. m., in St.
Andrew's Hall. It is desirable
that all should make an effort to
be present.
Will Recall Minister
Petugrad: The semi-official
news agency says the Ru-sian
minister has been ordered to
leave Sofia unless within fventy-
four hours the Bulgarian government openly breaks with Austria
and Germany and sends away
the Austrian and German officers
now in Bulgaria.
The following note has been
sent to the Bulgarian premier:
"The presence of German and
Austrian officers at the ministry
of war and on the staff of the
army, the concentration of troops
in the zone bordering Servia and
the extensive financial support
accepted from our enemies by
the Sofia cabinet no longer leave
any doubt as to the object of the
military preparation of Bulgaria."
Aeroplanes Active
Paris: The repulse of German
attempts to retake lost trenches
between Souchez and the woods
of Givenchy and north of Mesnil
are reported in an official statement today. Aeroplanes have
bombarded the station,  railroad
bridges and military buildings at
To Attack Servia
Bucharest : 250.000 Austro-
German troops, with two thousand guns, mostly withdrawn
from the eastern front, have a~-
rived on the Servian frontier and
preparations for an attack are
being hurried forward under the
direct supervision of Von Mackensen, who has established his
headquarters at Versecz.
Troops Arrive at Saloniki
London: Athens and Pireus
are declared to be in a state of
siege. French troops have landed at Saloniki to assist Greece
and Servia. Turkish forts on the
Bulgarian frontier have been dismantled, releasing 40,000 Turks.
The total Bulgarian army in operation is 250,000.
London: An Athens despatch
says the Austro-German attack
on Servia will begin on Oct. 6,
according to a Vienna report.
London: The Russian Black
Sea fleet has left Odessa under
sealed orders, and is expected to
attack the Bulgarian port of
Bulgaria has issued a denial
that German officers are in control of her army or that Germany
is supplying the funds.
All cotton factories in Austria
have been closed down and the
stock on hand turned over to the
military auihorities. 100,000 have
been thrown out of work in
Bohemia alone.
to this province between Oct.
1915 and March 31, 1916.
Thanksgiving Dance
A pound dance will be held in
the schoolhouse on the evening
of Oct. 11. Special music has
been arranged for and the ladies
are taking charge of the refreshments. Admission will be $1 for
single gentlemen, while those
fortunate enough to be accompanied by ladies will be assessed
1 cent a pound to the extent of
the weight of the lady. The
proceeds will be devoted to the
current expenses of the school.
Canadian Patriotic Fund
A mmeting of the Hazelton
branch of the Canadian Patriotic
Fund will be held in St. Andrew's
Hall (by kind permission of Rev.
W. M. Scott) on Wednesday Oct.
13th, for the purpose of electing
persons to act on the committee
in place of those who have removed from the district and also
for the purpose of discussing
ways and means of obtaining
fresh contributions to the fund.
Everyone is requested to attend.
More Countries Enter
London: Russia is expected
to declare war on Bulgaria today,
bringing the thirteenth European
power inco the great conflict.
The Russian ultimatum to Bulgaria expired yesterday. Bulgaria
will either ignore it or answer
it with invasion, it is believed
The Russian minister has made
preparation to leave Sofia with
his staff.
Greece's entry on the side of
the Allies is expected as a matter
of course, though the Greek war
declaration may he delayed for
several days. Mobilization of the
Greek armies has not commenced
and there is no need for great
haste at Athens. Berlin advices
(CantlniiPtl on fage Four)
W. A.
The fortnightly working party
will be held at the Mission House
in aid of Red Cross work, on
Thursday, Oct. 14, at 3 p. m.
This is open to all ladies of the
Red Cross Tea
On Friday, Oct. 15, Mrs. Hoskins and Mrs. Burrington will
serve tea, to help the Red Cross,
at Mrs. Burrington's residence,
from 3 to 6 p.m. 25 cents will
be charged for each person. A
welcome is extended to all, including gentlemen.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. M. Scott will preach
a special Thanksgiving sermon
tomorrow evening.
Special music will be furnished.
All are cordially invited.
The Hudson's Bay Co. have a
potato on exhibit which weighs
4 lbs. 5 ozs. This "spud" was
grown in W.H.Sharpe's garden, THE OMINECA MINER. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1915
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year: Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING RATES: Display, $2.60 per inch per month; Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each insertion. Legal notices inserted at B. C.
Gazette rates.
Vol. V.
Saturday, October 9, 1915.
No. 6
An aggressive campaign for the due protection of the coastwise
shipping of Canada has been inaugurated by Alex. G. Baillie, of
Port Hastings, C. B. In the literature which he is circulating he
directs special attentiou to the fact that Norwegian shipping is very
greatly in evidence in this trade, and he advocates government aid
towards the construction of a Canadian mercantile marine. While
he deals almost wholly with the coastwise business, his observations
have a general bearing. He has lately drawn attention to some
very remarkable facts. Not very long ago Canada stood fourth
among the shipowning countries in the world; now she stands
eleventh. A few years ago Nova Scotia, with a population of
400,000, owned 558,000 tons of shipping; now Canada, with 8.000,000
people, only owns 896,000 tons. Once the Union Jack flying over
Canadian-owned ships was to be seen in every port of "the Seven
Seas"; now a Canadian-owned ship is a rarity. Mr. Baillie calls
for a bonus of $20.00 a ton on steel ships built in Canada and $4.00
on wooden ships. He cites the following resolution passed in May,
1914, by the Shipmasters' Association, No. 1, of Halifax:
"Believing that the time has come when Canadians should take
a stand as a maritime nation to be restored to their once former
proud position of fourth in shipping among the nations of the
world, that this can best be accomplished by the Government of
Canada granting a bonus, or subsidy, to steel shipbuilding of at
least ten dollars per ton, so that on the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards of Canada she can rebuild a new Canadian mercantile marine,
The natural place for steel shipbuilding is with open ice-free ports
all the year round, but the same bonus or subsidy should apply to
places elsewhere in Canada where there are open ports part of the
We suppose it will be difficult to secure action by Parliament in
this very important matter until the end of the war is in sight, but
the question is one that calls loudly for consideration. A suggestion
is made in one of the papers sent us by Mr. Baillie that a Royal
Commission should be appointed to investigate the matter in all Its
bearings, and this would be as wise a plan as could be adopted at
the present time. The establishment of a Canadian mercantile
marine that will be proportionate to the foreign trade of the country
would be an achievement of the greatest value.
"Fight or Pay"
Vancouver, Sept. 30:���Another
campaign for funds for the Cana-
daian Patriotic Fund must be
conducted in this province and in
the rest of Canada, said Sir Herbert B. Ames, M.P., honorary
secretary of the organization,
this morning to the local branch.
An appeal to the country for
more money to support the dependents of men at the front is
absolutely necessary. The funds
of the organization are rapidly
being depleted by the numbers
enlisting for active service, and
those at home must assist.
Sir Herbert carries with him
numerous posters appealing for
help in the straight-from-the-
shoulder style. "Fight or Pay"
is the command on some of them.
"He who stays at home must pay
to help those who go" reads another. "Belgium paid for slavery. You must pay for freedom,"
"British Freedom or Prussian
Militarism," "Give your money
to the cause, others have given
their lives," such are the commands on others.	
The Miner is two dollars a year.
The Submarine Campaign
The Providence Journal states
some interesting information a-
bout the German submarines. It
says that sixty-seven of these
vessels have been sunk since May
5, and that this is 80 per cent of
the total submarine fleet of Ger
many. The capacity of the
enemy's shipyards is said to be
only three vessels a month, and
great difficulty is experienced in
getting sailors to man even this
limited number of vessels. The
Journal says the chief reason for
German readiness to modify its
under-water campaign at the
demand of the United States was
its inability to carry it on through
lack of vessels.
It is beginning to look as if the
manner in which the British Admiralty dealt with this campaign
must be regarded as one of the
greatest triumphs in its history.
News paper readers cannot have
failed to observe that at no time
since the under-water warfare
was declared against merchantmen has the Admiralty evinced
any apprehension as to its ability
to cope with it successfully.
The Favorite    CARpENT^     We Lead-
Shopping place  d-fUUlLim �� Others Follow
Every garment is tailored by skilled craftsmen
with the most painstaking care. Every
operation is personally supervised, from cutting
to completion, resulting in garments that will fit
Broken Lots of
Men's   Underwear   at   Special   Prices
It's time to look over your stoves and chimneys.
Cold weather is sure to come.     See our Cook
Stoves, Heaters, Stovepipes, Etc.
Fresh  Fruits   in   season:   Apples,   Bananas,
Oranges, Lemons, etc., now on hand.
��3i R. S. SARGENT, LTD. "ft"
The $500,000,000 Credit
It is hardly fair to say, as some
do, that the governments of the
United Kingdom and France have
borrowed $500,000,000 in the
United States. What they have
done is to arrange a credit for
that amount. In principal the
transaction is in no way different
from a case where a man, who
may wish to use a sum of money,
goes to a bank and arranges to
draw checks against it. The
bank may let him have it on an
open account or he may have to
put up something as a security.
The United Kingdom and France
can pay in gold for everything
they may want to buy in the
United States, but the shipment
of gold is a clumsy way of transacting business and so steps were
taken to arrange a line of credit.
The deal is a very good one for
both parties. It will be a good
thing for the United States because practically every dollar of
the money will be used to pay for
something produced in that country; it will be a good thing for
the Allies because it will obviate
gold shipment and the consequent
disturbance of the financial market.
Lowest rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and berth included on steamer
SS" "^Ti'mr^v" ��I "Prince"  Sophi."   leave. Prince Rupert every
SATURDAY ���Itp.m.     S. S. "Princeu Maquinna" learn
Prince Rupert every Sunday at 6 p.m.
vv J. <;. McNab,  Cor. 3rd Ave, and 4th St.,   Prince Rupert, EC.,,
The Omineca Miner is two dollars a year anywhere in Canada.
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
p.u ���P cpiui ��i.soo.ooo. VANCOUVER, B. C. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1915
TAKE NOTICE that the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company, whose address is Winnipeg, Man., will apply for
a license to take and use 120 acre feet
per annum of water out of Mosquito
Lake, also known as Bigelow Lake.
The water will be diverted from the
Lake at a point about 1,000 feet south
of the N.W. corner of the S.W. i Lot
4266, T.4, R.6, Coast District, and will
be used for Railway purposes. This
notice was posted on the ground on the
16th day of July, 1915. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant
thereto and to the "Water Act. 1914,"
will be filed in the dffice of the Water
Recorder at Hazelton, B.C. Objections
to the application may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. B.C., within thirty
days after the first appearance of this
notice in a local newspaper. The date
of the first publication of this notice is
August 28, 1915.
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co.,
52-3 By H.H. Hansard, Agent.
District of
Hazelton Land District.
Take notice that Charles F. Law, of
Vancouver, occupation broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at post planted on the
north shore of Tacla Lake, one mile
east of Driftwood River, thence 80
chains west, 40 chains north, 80 chains
oast, 40 chains south to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more
or less.
July 24, 1915. Charles F. Law.
Hazelton Land District.        District of
Take notice that Frank Wooliver,
of Vancouver, occupation prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Tacla Lake, one
mile east of Driftwood River, thence
south 80 chains, east 40 chains, north
80 chains, west 40 chains, to point of
commencement, containing 320 acres
more or less.
July 24, 1915.   . Frank Wooliver,
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
Sixteen thousand machinists
are on strike in Schenectady,
N. Y.
Seattle will have a team in the
Pacific Coast Hockey League this
The $500,000,000 Anglo-French
loan has been over-subscribed in
New York.
Tne Prince Rupert drydock has
been finally tested before opening
for business.
George Edwards, the well-
known theatrical manager and
produc r, is dead.
A quarter of a million pamphlets are to bf printed in Vancouver to be used in the coming
prohibition campaign i n this
Indignation is being expressed
in Winnipeg over the fact that
500 soldiers, with their officers,
marched to a brewery and were
treated to beer.
Saskatchewan farmers won
both first and second prizes for
the best bushel of wheat shown
at the Dry Farming Congress
held at Denver.
j Hudson's Bay Company |
s   Dealers in Groceries, Hardware, Boots, Shoes, Etc.   ��
Sir Thomas Skinner has resign-
In a shooting affray in a Hindu ed from the Hudson's Bay Co.
temple at Abbotsford, one Hindu
was severely wounded.
Dr. Cook, of North Pole fame,
has been arrested in India charged
with being a German spy.
Becoming effective on October
llf*an o.der prohibiting treating
in London will be in force.
A company has been formed to
manufacture by-products of kelp
at Sydney, Vancouver Island.
The Miner is two dollars a vear.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
r^OAL mining rights of the Dominion,
V in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion
of the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application for a'lease must be made
.._ Ag(
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
by th.
ie applicant in person to the Agent
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of five
cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with Bworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
rhantable coal mined and pay the
loyalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year,
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.0C an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
A Vancouver mill has received
orders for two shiploads of railway ties for immediate shipment
to Europe.
It is expected that the expenditure of the Canadian Patriotic
Fund for 1916 will be more than
The Cily of Nelson will erect a
drinking fountain as a memorial
to John Houston, the pioneer
Mrs. Isabella Jackson, who is
said to have been tjie first white
woman in San Francisco, is dead
at Los Angeles.
The Blue Funnel line have
purchased the seven ships of the
Indra Line at a reported figure
of nearly $4,000,000.
It is stated that a war loan of
one hundred million dollars will
be floated in Canada at the beginning of the new year.
The inauguration of a through
service on the Canadian Northern
Pacific Railway has been postponed until November 1.
committee. R.M.Kildersley was
elected governor and Charles Sale
Sir Wilfred Laurier has returned to his home from the hospital
where he has been confined for
three weeks as the result of a
facial operation.
For the first time in its history
China is building steamships for
other countries, a Norwegian firm
having ordered three ships for
delivery next year.
Mail orders promptly attended to. Let us send
you a trial assorted order
of six bottles.
i Special for Putting up Jellies:
| One dozen tumblers for 50 cents.       ��
Express, General Drayage and Freighting
IIVFRY nnA WAGF$ We are ?rePared to supply private
L.I Kl_.il I UIIU iJJ/lUXrtJ and public conveyances day and
night.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton.
Consign your shipments in  Our
Care for Storage or Delivery.
Address all communications to Hazelton.
Ruddy & MacKay
To George Fryer anil H. A. Wilson, or to any
person or persons to whom you or either of you
may have transferred your interests. Take notice
that I, the undersigned co-owner with you in the
North Star No. 1 and North Star No. 2 Mineral
Claims, situated on Skeena mountain, in the
Hazelton Mining Division of Omineca District,
Province of British Columbia, have done the
required amount of work on the above mentioned
claims for the year ending; August 22, 1915, In
order to hold tho same under section 24 of the
Mineral Act, and If within 90 days of the publication of this notice you fall or refuse to contribute
.136.67, your portion of such expenditure, tog-ether
with the costs of this advertisement, your interests
in the said mineral claims will become the property
of the undersigned, under section 28 of the
Mineral Act. (2-12
Dated at Skeena Crossing-, B.C., this 28th day
of August, 1915. M.R.Jamleson, Co-owner,
Quartz specimens with gold in
nuggets wires and strings have
been brought into Vancouver
from the Lillooet district.
Three hundred persons dead
and a property loss of $12,000,000
is reported as a result of the
recent hurricane in Louisiana.
The Presbyterian Synod of
Toronto and Kingston haveaskrd
the Ontario government to submit
a referendum to the people on
the liquor question.
Further slides on the Panama
canal will delay the opening of
the waterway beyond the date
set when a recent fall of earth
occurred, to November 1.
A herd of Guernsey and Hol-
stein dairy cattle valued at $25,-
000 will be destroyed at Chicago,
owing to an outbreak of foot and
mouth disease among them.
James Hogan, of San Francisco,
has been introducing a substitute
for human blood in England.
Surgeons are adopting it there
instead of resorting to human
William Waldorf Astor, who is
a naturalized Englishman, will
have to pay $1,250,000 income
tax, under the new law. Other
wealthy men in Britain will hare
heavy assessments to pay.
Three Trains Weekly
To Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, St. Paul,
hicago, Eastern Canada & U.S., Monday, Thursday
Saturday 6:08 p.m.
TUPEF RflATQ WFFKI Y To Vancouver- Victoria, Seattle,
1 ni\LL DUA1J ��� EJjIVJL I San Francisco San Diego Exposition
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10:00 a. m. from Prince Rupert
Full particulars cheerfully furnished by Local Agent or
The engagement is announced
of President Wilson to Mrs. Norman Gait, the wedding to take
place the first week in December.
Representations are being made
from India urging the extension
of Lord Hardinge's term of office
as governor until the end of the
By wireless telephone the human voice has been successfully
transmitted from Washington to
California, a distance of 2,500
The United States government
has opened tenders for the building of sixteen submarines which
were authorized by the last con-
; gress.
Mayor Thompson, of Chicago,
has passed a drastic Sunday
closing by-law, which affects over
seven thousand saloons and cafes.
Chicago will be dry on Sunday
for the first time in forty years.
Two masked men held up a
B. & O. train near Wheeliing, Va.
and obtained many registered
packages, including ninety pack
ages of unsigned bank notes.
The value of the currency stolen
amounted to $500,000. The robbers were prevented from taking
a consignment of gold valued at
$2,000,000, owing to its weight.
Letter* From the Front
Letters have been received in
Hazelton this week from "Spot"
Middleton, who has completely
recovered from his wounds, and
is about to leave for the front
again, and from Lome Fulton,
who, along with Hubert Wrinch
and others of the second contingent, has since left for the firing
line. All the local boys are in
good shape.
Red Crosi Meeting
At a largely attended meeting
held Wednesday evening to consider the matter of organizing a
local branch of the Canadian Red
Cross Society, it was decided to
defer action in organizing the
same until the end of the year.
It was the feeling of the meeting
that organization at the present
time might interfere with the
work of the Women's Auxiliary
of St. Peter's Church, which has
arranged a series of Red Cross
teas, concerts, etc.. to extend
over the balance of the year.
Those who attended the meeting
received a great deal of information regarding the immense need
of materials of the character
required by the Red Cross Society
in the carrying out of its work,
and the practical and complete
way in which the society's work
is organized and being carried
forward. Emphasis was given
to the paramount c'aim of the
society for support at the hands
of every loyal British subject.
Hazelton Coffee
Opposite Police Office
No other place
can surpass us
Fresh Bread Every Day
Assay Office and Mining Office
Arts and Crafts Building. 57* Seymour Street
The Estate of J. O'Sullivan
Provincial Asuyers and Chemists
Established  1897 by the late J. O'Sullivan,   F. C. S., 26 years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
A Danish scientist has designed an electro-chemical apparatus
for storing up the energy of sunlight and transmitting it in the
form of electric energy.
A claw hammer provided with
a claw that can be moved along
the handle to increase its usefulness has been patented by a California inventor.
for any period from one month upward at $1 per
month In advance. This rnt<- Includes office consultations and medicines, as well as all costs while
In the hospital. Tickets obtainable In Hazelton
at the Post Office or the Drujr Store; In Aldermere
from Mr. T. J. Thorp; In Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or by mall from the Medical Superintendent at the
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
Land Surveyors
Offices at Victo.ia, Nelson, Fort George
and New Hazelton.
B. C. Affleck, Mgr.   New Hazelton.
Smithera, B.C.
Watch Repairing
O. A. RAGSTAD,   Smithers
Orders may be left at Nod k Rock's, Hazelton. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1915
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today  claim  that Roumania will farther south, as well as on  the
remain neutral, but there was no upper Piemen,   in the neighbor-
confirmation from Bucharest.        hood  of  Deliatitchi,   there have
Dardanelles Bombarded been  continual skirmishes  with
Athens:   A Mytelene despatch the enemy> who is endeavoring,
says   a   British   light   squadron (unsuccessfully,   to advance in an
yesterday bombarded the Turkish easter'y direction.
fort of  Fenki,  one of the Dar-1 Premier Resigns
danelles defenses.     Long range     Paris:     An  Athens despatch
guns mounted on lighters shelled
the Narrows and the fronts on
the Asiatic side.
German Prisoners Talk
Petrograd: Reports from the
commanding officers show that
German prisoners, despite warnings from their chiefs and threats
of punishment, are giving information more frequently of the
exhaustion of their troops and
the decreasing popularity of the
war in Germany. This statement
appears in the Russian official
communication today. The advices show that heavy fighting
has taken place near Dvinsk,
where Germans captured a few
trenches but were in turn driven
out at the point of the bayonet.
Some small captures by the Russians of men and guns have taken
place. In the Black Sea they
took a motor schooner in face of
a violent fire from land batteries.
A Collective Ultimatum
Paris: The Quadruple Entente
will send a collective ultimatum
to Bulgaria today.
Russia's ultimatum to Bulgaria
is welcomed here as a means of
clearing the situation in the Balkans.
The Entente powers will send
600,000 men to prevent Servia
from being crushed between the
Austrians and Bulgarians, a result
which would allow the Teuton
army to cut through and reach
Paris: A heavy bombardment
is taking place in the Artois
region and heavy artillery exchanges are reported in the
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 6     ||
The Western Front
Paris (official): "A bombardment of a violent nature occurred
on all sides to the north of La
Scarpe and to the east of Arras.
There was trench fighting with
grenades and bombs near Lihons
and Anechy.
"In Champagne the enemy
continued, with the aid of asphyxiating shells, a bombardment
of the rear of our new front to
the south of Navarin farm and
in the environs of Souain. Our
artillery responded energetically
against the German trenches.
'The artillery action was almost continuous in the Argonne,
in the sector of Houyette to Les
Eparges, in the forest of Apre-
mont, and in Lorraine near Mon-
cel, Arracourt and Ancernviller.
"On the evening of Oct. 4, the
enemy attempted a sudden stroke
against our posts to the east of
Orbey, in the Vosges, but was
completely repulsed."
Russians Holding Enemy
Petrograd  (official):     "There
have been several engagements
on the Riga front.     North of
Birshallen our troops occupied a
portion of the German trenche-s.
The fighting continues along the
lines of lakes   Demmen,   Dres-,
wiaty, Medzoil and Vichnev.
"In the region of Smorgon and | factory.
says : "Premier Venizelos of
Greece has resigned, the King
having informed him that he is
unable to support the policy of
his ministry, which proposed to
strike a quick blow in aid of their
Servian ally. Premier Venizelos
defied his opponents to follow a
different course to that which he
Athens: The French troops
landing from transports at Saloniki, Greece, consist of seventy
thousand  men.
London: No information has
reached the Bulgarian legation in
London of the reported presentation of an ultimatum by Bulgaria
to Servia.
Aeroplanes in Balkans
Nish: Seven aeroplanes flew
over Kraguyevatz yesterday and
dropped thirty bombs. Sharpshooters of the Prince Regent's
Guard hit one of the craft, which
fell directly in front of the palace. As it fell the fuel tank exploded and the machine and both
its occupants burned. The two
passengers were German officers.
Nish: News of the landing of
Saloniki has created intense enthusiasm here and has dissipated
fear of Germany on the frontier.
Germany Lacks Copper
London:   The German ministry
the Matter of an Assignment
for the Benefit of Creditors
Generally, in re. Joseph L.
Coyle, Publisher, of Smithers,
British Columbia, Insolvent.
the said Insolvent, residing and doing
business as aforesaid, has made an
assignment of his estate to me for the
benefit of his creditors generally, under
the Creditors' Trust Deed Act, revised
statutes, B. C, 1911 and Amending
Acts. Said assignment is dated the
28th day of September, 1915.
The creditors are notified to meet at
the office of C H. Smith, Barristel',
Main street, Smithers, on Tuesday 'ne
12th day of October, 1915, at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, for the purpose of
receiving a statement of the insolvent's
affairs, for the appointrrent of inspec-
anrl RviKali trrinns nt|to^9 and the giving of directions with
and    l.ii,isli    Hoops    -it, reference to the disposal of the estate.
Every person claiming to be entitled
to rank thereon must furnish me as
such assignee with particulars of his
claim, proved by affidavit or declaration,
and such vouchers as the nature of the
case admits of within thirty days from
the date hereof, after which date I will
proceed to distribute the assets of said
estate, having regard  to  these  claims
railroad in order to guard the
line from any attempt at damage
or seizure.
Roumania Active
London: A Reuter despatch
announces that Roumania i s
hurriedly despatching troops in
the direction of the Bulgarian
frontier and taking extraordinary
military measures. Bulgarian
artillery is now in charge of German gunners.
Petrograd: The foreign office
had received no reply from Bulgaria at noon.
Louis L. DeVoin, Farmer,
Smithers, B.C.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1915.
announces that owing to scarcity
They will pro-, of eopper in G,.rrnany a|i statueS, ! ���[V.��f which l sha" then have reived
ceed along the  Guevghell-Uskupl worksof arti   chandeliers,   etc.;
will be taken by the government.
London: Intense interest is
shown in the Balkan situation,
through the possibility of revolutions in Bulgaria and Greece. The
populace of both countries favor
the Allies. In the event of a
revolution in Greece, the Allied
camp at Saloniki will become the
rallying point lor Venizelos' followers.
Preparing for Action
Paris: A battle of decisive
character is imminent on the
Anglo-French front. Artillery
fire has been breaking over thij
trenches on both sides for 48
hours without interruption. The
Germans are massing reserves to
meet the expected attacks and to
launch counter offensives. The
greatest activity is reported from
La Bassee, south of Arras. The
Germans have been shelling the
British positions for many hours,
evidently in preparation for an
infantry attack. Along the
Champagne front lhe Teutons
have emerged from their trenches
at several points, planning bomb
raids on the French works.
French Capture Tahure
Paris: French infantry, after
a heavy bombardment by the
artillery today, captured by assault the village of Tahum and
reached the summit of the hill of
the same name, which constituted a supporting point in the
second German line, according to
the official statement issued by
the French war office.
"We likewise made progress in
the environs of the Nar 'in farm
and the number of prisoners
taken exceeds 1,000," says the
New Kind of Gas
Paris: A new kind of gas is
now being used by the Germans
on the Champagne frontier which
has for a base prussic acid. Men
recovering from its effects are
seized with convulsions like epilepsy.
Ambassadors Leave Bulgaria
Sofia: The British, Russian,
French, Italian and Servian ministers have asked for their passports, Bulgaria's answer to the
Russian ultimatum being unsatis-
Japan vs. China
Pekin: The Associated Press
j has been officially informed that
Japan has notified China thai,
unless Japan's demands regarding jurisdiction over the Koreans
residing in Chentao, in the Kirin
region .,1' Manchuria, are accepted
Japan will pursue her own course
in supporting her claim by force,
if necessary.
French Official Statement
Paris (official): "A violent
bombardment on both sides has
occurred in the environs of Nieuport and in the sector of Steen-
Strnate. Artillery action continues on all sides in Artois. We
made slight progress to thesouth
of Thelus, near the load from
Arras to Lille.
"A sudden attack attempted
by tin.' enemy on one of our advance positions mar Popincourt
was completely stopped. On the
Aisne our batteries caused by
their severe fire, two violent
explosions In the enemy's lines in
the region of Juvincotirt and set
lire to the station of Guigincourt.
There were violent counter-attacks by the Germans in other
sectors, but all were repulsed with
heavy losses to the enemy."
Gains in Dardanelles
London: During the past four
weeks of fighting in the Dardanelles the British have gained
more than three hundred yards
all along the center of the Sulva
Bay front, a distance of four
miles, according to an official
statement issued last night.
Russian Cruisers Active
Amsterdam: The Cologne Gazette reports two Russian cruisers
actively bombarding the Bulgarian port of Varna.
Roumania Will Mobilize
Geneva: Information reached
here by way of Munich yesterday
from a source which is regarded
as reliable, that Roumania will
issue a decree for general mobilization within the next 12 hours.
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice is herebv given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Hazelton Hotel,
situate at Hazelton, in the Province of
British Columbia. n
Dated this 9th day of October, 1915.
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of Decern',er next, application
will be mad�� to the Superintendent of
Piovnifial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Omineca Hotel,
situated at Hazelton, in the Province
of Hritish Columbia. 11
Dated this 9th day of October, 1915.
JOHN C. K. SEALY, Applicant.
Liquor License Application
Notice  is   hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
license for the sale of liquors hy wholesale in and upofl the premises known as
the   Hudson's  Bay  Company's   store,
-ituate  at  Hazelton,   B. C, upon the
lands described as lots 6 and 7, Hazelton townsite. i]
Dated this <Uh day of October, 1915
It is reported that the regiment
of Pioneers recently formed will
be turned into a crack infantry
regiment, as the physical standard of the men who have joined
lV oxcopfionally high. A great
number of applications for transfers from other regiments to the
Pioneers have been made.
See the display of Ladies' and
Men's sweater coats���at Sargent's.
Of every description
for everybody
at   the
Tread the Footpath I
of Peace
This is the path of him who wears
���Mil ,Hi-
fi.  C.
I       Large Assortment of
�� Patterson's 3
f  Highest Grade Ever Manufactured
|   Try our Noted Ice Cream
��� and Soda Drinks
t Up-to-Date Drug Stores +
J  HAZELTON       ::        NEW HAZELTON |
"Everything in Canvas"
Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Prince Rupert. B.C
This Week We Are Showing    1
THE NEW *~smmm.*4
Dr. Jaeger goods to hand.
Women's, Children's and. Men's Underwear,   Nightdresses,  Sweaters,   Sweater
Coats, Hose, Spencers.    Men's Caps the
Come and look the lines over,
they are sure to please.
f I Cm
I     Established 1870
Cunningham & Son, Limited
Port Essington and Hajelton, B.C.


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