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Omineca Miner Jul 18, 1914

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 i. II.
I.    ''    '
VOL. Ill, NO. 46
Member Believes Line From
G. T. P. to Northern Territory is Assured
Railway communication between Northern British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska will
inevitably follow the completion
of the Canadian Northern Pacific and the operation of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railways, in the
opinion of Dr. Alfred Thompson,
M. P. for the Yukon, who is on
his way back to the north after
attending the session of the
Dominion house.
"The next great railway to be
constructed in Canada," he predicts, "will be from a point on
the Grand Trunk Pacific in British Columbia through the northern part of the province and the
Yukon to connect with a system
which is to be built by the United
States government in Alaska.
This will open up a vast territory
in Northern British Columbia
and Southern Yukon, and give
railway communication from Sydney, C. B., to the boundary line
of the Yukon on the 141st meridian west, making it possible to
take a train in Vancouver and
ride to the shores of BehringSea,
This will make an empire tributary to the cities of British Columbia, and I have no doubt that
the greatest amount of this trade
will come to Vancouver.
"This is not a visionary project," Dr. Thompson added.
"Hon. Franklin K. Lane, secretary of state at Washington, has
signified his willingness to construct a branch of the Alaskan
system to the Yukon boundary,
and Sir Richard McBride, is, I
understand, very willing to have
government co-operate with the
Federal government in building
the British Columbia section.
When the time is ripe I believe
that I can get the Dominion government to build the Yukon section. So that the big railway
project is not a remote possibility
by any means."
Discussing the great agricultural possibilities of the Yukon,
Dr. Thompson referred to the
fact that the Province of Vologda, in European Russia, which
was in the same latitude, supported a population of 1,600,000
by agricultural production.
The gold production in the
Yukon this year was estimated
by the member at $6,000,000.
The opinion was expressed that
the plans of the United States to
spend $35,000,000 in building
1000 miles of railway in Alaska
would no doubt give a big impetus to trade in the Yukon
Territory as well.
R. S. Sargent has purchased
the entire stock of Chettleburgh
& Sinclair, at Hazelton, South
Hazelton and Telkwa. Included
are a gasoline engine, farm machinery, wagons, sleighs, buggies, harness, saddles, etc., in
great variety.
A. McNeil arrived from Fort
Fraser yesterday.
Placed Blame on
Officer of Storstad
Quebec, July 13:���The collier
Storstad is held to blame for the
Empress of Ireland disaster, in
the findings of the wreck com-
mision. The commission holds
that the disaster was due to the
Stor-stad's change of course ordered by the third officer, without instructions from the first
officer, who was in charge of the
collier at the time. The Empress
was sunk in the St. Lawrence
River on May 29 with a loss of
more than 1000 lives.
Taking up the question of
blame the report said:
"We think that Captain Kendall would have better advised if
he had given the Storstad a wider berth and had navigated his
ship so as to have passed the
Storstad at a greater distance
on -his beam than he originally
intended. We do not think, however, that his stopping, which
was done for greater caution, can
be said to have, been an unsea-
manlike act, nor do we consider
his failure to give a wider berth
as a contributory cause of the
Dealing with the porting of
the Storstad's helm, the report
says the commission is unable to
accept the view that it was done
to counteract the effect of a
current and as an act of prudent
"We are of the opinion," the
report proceeds, "that Chief Officer Tuftens of the Storstad was
negligent in omitting to call the
captain when the fog was coming
"We can come to no other conclusion than that Tuftens was
wrongand negligentin altering his
course in the fog, as he undoubtedly did, and that he was wrong
and negligent in keeping the
navigation of the vessel in his
own hands, and in failing to call
the captain when he saw the fog
coming on."
Arrangements are being made
for holding the annual general
picnic of Hazelton district in the
recreation park at the Hospital
on Friday, July 24. Definite announcement ofthe program will
be made within a day or two.
A large attendance is expected, and those in charge are confident that the success of last
year's picnic will be repeated.
Everyone in the two towns and
neighborhood is requested to
make no engagement that will
conflict with this event.
Local and District News Notes
Dr.  Maclean was down from
Smithers on Monday.
L.  P.  Pearson  was up
Lome Creek on Saturday.
L. W. Sheahan. of Prince Ru
pert, is a visitor in Hazelton.
J. C. K. Sealy left on Thursday
for a business trip to Rupert.
J. A. McDonald, of the road
staff, came down from Smithers
on Sunday.
W. A. Gardiner, of Terrace,
was among the week's visitors
in Hazelton.
A son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Bob Starick at Gitwangak
the other day.
A son was horn to Mr. and Mrs.
F. B. Chettleburgh of Telkwa on
Saturday, July 11.
B. R. Jones and M. R. Jamieson, of Skeena Crossing, were in
town on Wednesday.
The rains of the last week have
interfered with haying operations
throughout the district.
R. E. Allen, district forester,
has gone to Burns and Fraser
lakes, on official business.
James Latham returned yesterday from a trip to the Bulkley
Valley, on forestry business.
Theodor Salomo has taken possession of his new blacksmith
shop in the west end of town.
A daughter was born to Mr.
and Mrs. S. H. Crum at the Hazelton Hospital on Monday, July
Dave Miller, who was injured
in a runaway accident several
weeks ago, is recovering at the
Foreman J. A. McDonald started yesterday with a crew of men,
to complete the Nine-mile road
to the Silver Cup.
Born���At Hazelton Hospital,
on Wednesday, July 15, a son to
the wife of Lee Jackman, of the
Skeena Laundry.
Roy Clothier arrived from Rupert on Monday to join his brother George in the operation of
the Silver Cup mine on Nine-
Hotel at Skeena Crossing
A handsome hotel, which will
be known as Copper Tavern, has
been built at Skeena Crossing.
It will be conducted by M. R.
Jamieson, formerly of Atlin and
Stewart, who is well known as a
capable hotel man. Mr. Jamie-
has given notice of his application
for a license for the new house,
Mrs. Darling and children left
Thursday for Granby Bay, where
they will reside in future, Mr.
Darling having secured a position
in the smelter town.
Troutfishing in the Skeena and
Bulkley rivers is engaging the
attention of many townspeople in
their leisure hours, and some
good catches have been made.
Charlie George, a Babine Indian, tried to obtain cash for a
cheque which had been raised
from one dollar lo one hundred.
and it is expected that it will be Manager Little of the Union
open for the accommodation of Bank procured the arrest of the
the public in the course of a few;culprit, who was remanded for
weeks. ' eight days.
Frank Watson, who was en
route to Groundhog with a party,
was compelled to return from
Third Cabin, owing to an injury
to his foot. He arrived on Sunday. 	
Road Superintendent Carr went
to Pacific on the ministers' special
train on Saturday, to discuss road
matters with Hon. Messrs. Bowser and Ross and Mr. Manson.
Al. Johnson, of Second Cabin,
who has been in the Hospital for
several weeks, under treatment
for rheumatism, is now convalescent, and expects to return to
his station in about a week.
Ed. Simpson and his trail crew
returned on Tuesday from the
Groundhog trail, which is now in
excellent condition. Mr. Simpson has gone to the Bulkley Valley, to attend to his mining interests.
A small crew is engaged in
building towers for the cable
ferry which is to cross the Skeena
at Hazelton. For the present, a
canoe will be used, but soon it is
hoped a large scow can be placed
in commission. The work is in
charge of Road Superintendent
- The annual school meeting was
held on Saturday evening, in the
schoolhouse, and the following
trustees were elected: R. E. Allen, three years; Wm. Grant,
two years; W. W. Anderson, one
year. H. H. Little was chosen
Dr. Stanwood, the well-known
mining man, arrived on Wednesday from the Omineca river district, where he has a number of
mining interests. He speaks
well of the placer developments
of the season. On one of his
quartz groups he uncovered some
very rich silver-lead ore. He
left a crew at work on the claims.
Harry Hamblin, formerly of
the Prince Rupert city police
force, has been appointed Dominion constable for this district, in
succession to Sam Calkins, who
recently secured a transfer to
another branch of the federal
service. Constable Hamblin arrived from Rupert on Monday,
to take up his residence here.
Ottawa, July 13:���Lord Mersey, the head of the commission
on the enquiry into the Empress
disaster, is in Ottawa. His report in its entirety will be presented to the government and
thereafter the government will
consider what action it may take
as a result of the findings.
No opinion could be obtained
last night in government circles
as to what the imputation of
blame by the commission will result in. The guilty parties may
be brought up for manslaughter.
The government will consider
the report carefully before making up its mind as to what action
will be taken.
Police Capture Man
Charged With Shooting
On Wednesday evening railway
officials reported to Chief Constable Minty that Sam Morris, a
negro, had shot R. McDonald,
section foreman at Topley, fifty
miles east of Smithers, and that
the criminal, heavily armed, was
making his way westward. The
chief immediately instructed
Constables Fairbairn, Kelly and
Russell, who are stationed along
the line, to proceed to the scene,
at the same time sending special
men to Smithers and other points
to guard the railway and roads.
On Thursday Constables Fairbairn and Russell found that
Morris had left the line at Barrett's siding. They traced him
to Barrett's ranch, where they
arrested him. Yesterday the
prisoner was brought to Hazelton
by Constables Lavery and Hamblin.
It appears that McDonald had
some words with Morris, whe
was one of the section gang.
The latter procured a revolver
and fired a number of shots,
seriously wounding McDonald.
The victim was taken to Prince
Rupert Hospital, where a bullet
was extracted from his chest. He
is not thought to be in serious
danger, unless complications develop,
Morris appeared before Magistrate Hoskins this morning and
was remanded for a week.
Huerta's Executions
Saltillo, Mexico, July 13:--Two
hundred and thirty persons were
reported executed in Mexico City
by Huerta, according to news
from the South received here by
One hundred and seventy of
these were said to have been
put to death in the Federal penitentiary and sixty executed in
the prison of Santiago Tlaltela-
loo. Most of the victims, it is
said, were officials.
The Tigers leave this evening
for Smithers, to play two games
with the ball team of the Valley
town. Smithers was defeated
in both games played at New
Hazelton this week, but will
probably put up a good argument
for the last two games of the
series. Hazelton has one of the
best teams in its history, and the
boys are. confident of winning.
The line-up will be as follows:
G. G. Rock c; E. Pike p; J. A.
Macdonald lb; R. J. Rock 2b;
R. C. Sinclair 3b; Doc Rock ss;
E. Lipp lf; W. J. Lynch cf; J.
O'Shea rf; Bert Long, utility.
House of Lords Makes Important Amendment to Bill
For Irish Home Rule
Dictator Will Resign
Vera Cruz, July 13:���The report that Huerta intends to resign is confirmed by Roberto
Esteve Ruiz, sub-secretary of
foreign affairs, on his arrival in
Mexico City.
It has not been decided when
he will take this step, but that he
has decided to do this is certain.
He will probably await the action
of the mediators before anything
is done.
London. July 13:���The House of
Lords, in committee on the bill
to amend the Government of Ireland Bill, made large changes in
the measure, eliminating the
time limit arid providing that exclusion shall apply to Ulster as a
province. A concession was
made by the Marquis of Crewe,
the government leader, on an
amendment moved by Viscount
Middleton on the sub-section,
which sub-section provides that
the power of the King in the ex-
eluded area shall be exercised by
a secretary of state instead of
the lord lieutenant, in order to
avoid any possibility of influence
from Dublin.
The amendment moved by
Lord Lansdowne, providing for
the exclusion of Ulster from Home
Rule without limit, was adopted
by 138 to 39.
London, July 14:���Premier Asquith has announced in the house
of commons that the Irish
amending bill will be dealt with
before the commons adjourn.
The new session will begin in
the early part of the winter, but
Premier Asquith has offered no
information as to the probable
duration of the present session,
but many people say it will end
sometime in August.
The recognition of danger is
inherent in the existence of two
armed volunteer bodies and has
imbued Irishmen since they realize their added responsibility.
The Battle of Boyne was commemorated yesterday with tremendous enthusiasm which was
more noticable by the absence of
disorder than on past occasions.
Following the custom, a great
procession marched to Belfast
and Drumbeg, where Sir Edward
Carson made the now familiar
speech of defying the government to either totally exclude
Ulster from home rule or cc me to
Larne, Ireland, July 13:���"If
it is not to be peace with honor,
it must be war with honor," said
Sir Edward Carson, the Ulster
Unionist leader, in addressing
the Central Antrim volunteers
here.   "There is no alternative."
Sir Edward said the Ulsterites
were not aggressive, but they had
told the government that they
would never submit to being turned out of the Imperial Parliament,
and by that decision they would
stand. They would win or go
down together, but there would
be no drawing back. As to the
immediate future, the Ulster
leader could see no evidence of
Stuart J. Martin, provincial assayer, has reopened his laboratory at the corner of Field and
Wrinch streets.
J. E. Dyer, of Prince Rupert,
was a visitor in Hazelton on
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES:   Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year, Foreign, Three Dollars a year,
ADVERTISING  RATES:    Display,  $2.60 per Inch per month;   Beading
cent, per line l'or each ii
Notices, 20
Gazette rates.
.rtion.   Legal notices inserted at ii. C.
Vol. III.
Saturday, July IX, 1914.
No. 46.
While making steady progress in mining development, Oniineca
division is just about holding i'-s own in the prospecting branch of
the mining industry, ln this respect it is more favored than the
other mining districts of the province, there being a general complaint of a tailing off in prospecting activity. Whatever may be
the cause of this condition, it is of serious consequence to the future
of mining and to the prosperity of the province, and consideration [
ofthe situation by the provincial government may well be demanded by the people of the mining districts.
The Miner has previously suggested an extension of thi' activities of the field staff of tin- mines department, and lhe government
has already taken action which will lend to improve the service
given hy the provincial mineralogist and his assistants, but we believe the administration must further extend its system of examination and reporting before the department reaches the point
where it will be of the greatest benefit to the mining industry.
The exploration of the mineral districts of the province and the
of lands, These maps form part
of a series of ten covering approximately 100,000 square miles
of land, and will prove of great
assistance to intending pre-emptors. They show the land surveyed to date in the sections covered, the tracts available for
pre-emption being shown in pink,
while those taken up are indicated in white. The surveyed areas
shown in pink and the unsur-
veyed land shown in the same
color can be preempted at the
ollice of the Government Agent
of the land-recording division in | ���
which it is situated,    It is neceif-' J
The Favorite    O A D C FNT <1
Shopping place  JAIVUJLII1 J
We Lead-
Others Follow
sary to stake the unsurveytd
lands and describe it according to
metes and bounds in the application. The surveyed parts can be
applied for without staking, be-1
ing described in the application :
by their number.
Maps have already been issued
in this series showing the lands
for pre-emption in the Fort
George and Tete Jaune districts.
It was in these districts that 80,000
acres were opened to pre-emption
last month, and over three quar-
remains open.
development of our mining claims must be encouraged in every i ^er_ Qe ^_ jan(j
way possible and much can be done by the government without
great expense to the provincial treasury. A suggestion made by
the Chalcopyrite is worthy of serious consideration. Our Skeena
Crossing contemporary advocates the establishment of a government assay ollice, at which prospectors may have their samples
tested free of charge, each free miner's certificate carrying a number of assay coupons. A provincial assay office in Prince Rupert,
to which the prospectors of Northern British Columbia might send
their samples for analysis without charge, or on payment of nominal fees, would be a step in the right direction, and wou|d infallibly
benelit the mining industry. We trust the proposal will receive
(From The Chalcopyrite)
train, and are now looking over
the Rocher de Boule district.
They will be in this section for
some time.
H.   Neville Wright,   formerly
manager of the Hazelton branch
of the Bank of  Vancouver,   now j    Peterson and   Ek have struck
of Vancouver, writes that he has|2 ft. 7 in. of high  grade ore in
bonded the Amargosa group,   of their  tunnel  on   the  Red   Rose
which he is sole owner.     We are group.
not yet fully informed as  to  the
details of the  transaction,   but
H. H. Finley is ahout to begin
the erection of a club  house  for
hope to be able to give them  in the accommodation of the miners
of Juniper creek.
our next issue.
The Amargosa is regarded as
one of the best undeveloped prop- j The new saw mil1 ('f Ul(! Mon"
erties in the district, and thel tana Continental Development
people who  have  taken  it over I Co. is now steadily  turning out
are   to   be   congratulated   upon
picking a probable winner.
lumber, with Wm. Thompson  as
foreman in charge.
Manager Williams is  making     '" P- Peterson, of Lome creek,
surveys and profile  drawings of came UP on   Monday's train and
No.  3 auxiliary  tramway  down will prospect the Rocher de Boule
the   side   Of   Rocher  de   Boule mountains this summer,
mountain,   to  connect  with the
aerial tramway which   will  convey the ore to Carnaby.
The work on No. 2 auxiliary
tramway, which will connect the
portal of the tunnel with No. SJ The Fi(J(1|er mountain groupi
auxiliary tramway, will be start-1on peepee hj|li Fi(i(,|er Creeki
ed in about ten days. Twenty-1 and om)ed by Lew KnauSB, has
five or thirty men will be em- ,���.,.��� tak(.n 0V)1, by Up(. John
ployed for its construction. I,vin��-- Harry Howson and  Mar-
Manager Williams is also giv- tjn   W(.k.h      The u,,.ms of fche
ing a contract for the logs  from ||(>a| hftV_ |)|)t yet b(!(,n made pub.
lc, but we understand a substan-
Bert Smith came down from
Hazelton last week, and studded
the open fireplace of the Copper
Tavern with chalcopyrite ore.
which he will cut the hundred
thousand feet of lumber to be
used in the erection of ollice
buildings, bunk houses, club
house, and other structures necessary for the convenience and
comfort of of the large force of
men to be employed.
The telephone line from the
mine to Carnaby will be completed in about thirty days.
Excavation on the new B, It.
Jones Qp. Ltd. Btore building,has
begun. They expect to have il
completed by Sept lst, and will
make it the finest general Store
building in the northern interior
of B. C.	
George Fryer and II. A. Wilson, mining men of San Francisco,   came in on Wednesday's
The new maps cover the areas m.
adjoining that embraced in pre-; m
vious ones. The whole series' ���
are drawn to connect with each] ft
other. | ft
The Nechaco shows the terri-1 ���
tory westward of the Fort George |
district, extending to the Hazel-
Having taken over the stock formerly owned by Chettleburgh &
Sinclair, we are able to quote you good prices on
Harness, Harness Parts, Saddles
Democrats and Buggies
If you preserve fruit for home use, call and
see us for your jars - at $1 per dozen
Best Granulated Sugar at lowest prices.
We have also contracted for fruit to be here on time
ton  division  and  embraces   the
great interior   lake   basin,   and
the  Nechaco,  Endako and other! ft
New Stock of Floor Oil Cloths, Linoleums
Doors, Screen Doors and Sash
fertile valleys. The North
Thompson sheets shows the land
adjoining the new C. N. P. railway, and extends northward
from the railway belt to the territory embraced in the maps previously published. It includes
the Canem lake, Bride lake and
Bonaparte districts of eastern |
Lillooet, and the Clearwater,
Barriere and Adams lake districts, other areas in which settlement is taking place. The
Chilcoten sheet covers the northern Lillooet and southern Cariboo
plateaux and valleys. Another
map, the Quesnel sheet, is being
completed, which will cover the
territory between that embraced
in the Chilcoten and North
Thompson sheets.
The series of pre-emptors'
maps, together with the series of
pamphlets published by the department of lands, describing in
detail the topographic and other
features of the Fort George,
Fort Fraser, Skeena, Cariboo and
EcflCG    JilVi-1*    lillhl     r&GOPulUff  (M-    X4*4tH*^H1H*TVT*TT*4*4*4'T*TH1T*4*H*'��,*r*T,,r*r*-
visions, will prove of great value
to intending settlers.
of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan
Room 11,PostofficeBl-gi,Prince Ruperl
and Huzelton, H.C.
Haloid Pric- J. R. <".rah.li.
B.C. Land Surveyors
and Civil   Engineers
London Building      ....       Vnncouver
British Columbia
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Kn|rjnei;rB
Dominion uiul Briti.sh Columbia
Land Surveyors
Office, at Victo.ia, Nelson, Fort Ceorge
and New Hazelton.
B, C. AFFLECK, Mgr.   New Hazelton.
Large tract of good valley
farming land just thrown open
for free settlement in Oregon.
Over 200,000 acres in all. Good
climate, rich soil, and does not
require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain, fruit, and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and
a plat of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send
$3.40 to John Keefe, Oregon
City, Oregon. Three years a
U. S. surveyor and timberman.
An opportunity to get a good
fertile free homestead near town
and market. 62
Arcliil-Cl-' and Enuine-r.' Supplies
Kodak., Limn' I ������_! Sy.t.-ni.
Reminulon Typewriters, Office Furniture
Prince Rupert, B. C.
X l|sit'.|l.llllll|ll|lltl ltt.|4l(4lll.t��4lllllltlll l)ll|ll|ltltllll|l ill H
Assay Office and Mining Office
Arts and Cull-. Building, 578 Seymour Str.rt
lial cash payment has been made
for a starter. All who have seen
this property think well of it,
and it would seem that the people who have taken it over have
picked a winner.
I). J. Williams, manager of
ihe Monlana Continental Development Co., left on Sunday's
train for Aberdeen, Wash.,
where he was summoned by wire
lo the bedside of his mother,
who is very ill. '*kWf^/^tx:
New Pre-emptor*' Map* Department of Agriculture
Three new pre-emptors' maps, Live Stock Branch
covering the Nechaco, Chilcoten Livestock, Field Crops and gen-
and North Thompson districts, eral Agricultural Information,
have just been issued by the sur- H E vVALKERTb S a
Veys branch   of   the   department   Provin_i_l Agriculturist       Telkwi, B.C.
l'l"\ill, i.il  A .-..ivi'l  illi I lirini'.l
Assayer (or 26 years with Vivian it Sons, Swansea
Charges Moderate     ::    Correspondence Solicited
Watch Repairing
O. A. RAGSTAD,    Smithers
Order* may br Ml al Noel & Km.'5, HjkIIuii
 Under New Management	
H*t/el ton's
Finest Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos, Choice
Confectionery,   Fruits,   Ice Cream,   Soft Drinks
Through Service to South |
Trains leave Skeena Crossing 10:45 a. m.,Tuesday,Thur_- _=
days, and Sundays, connecting at Prince Rupert with I
_\    modern Steamships I'rince Kupert, Prince (ieorge, Prince John and Prince I
=     Allien, leaving Prince Kupert on Mondays and Fridays at !) a.m.,  and 5
O    Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. for VANCOUVI'fU, VICTORIA  and   SEATTLE 3
O    Special Summer Excursions __st In connection with Grand Trunk System Double Track Route O
S    Eor full information, reservations,  etc.,   apply  to  local  Agent or  to =
|              ALBERT DAVIDSON, General Agent, PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. ��
���                                                       Agency for all Atlantic Steamship Lines __\
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
Sewing Machine
329 2nd Ave.,  Prince Rupert
Machines sold on easy
monthly payments
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metiopolitan Building
p.w up cpiui ii.boo.ooo. VANCOUVER, B. C.
"Everything in Canvas"
Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Prince Rupert. B.C.
| fur  any   period from one month upward ut fl par
rn<iniii in ink ���     Tln'i mi*'iik hull ���< uflH-e  con*
.ulutton* and merilclnea, M well aa all coata while
; In the hospital. Ticketa obtainable in Hateltnp
; nt the l'nut Office or the Druit Htore; in Aldermere
from Mr. T. J. Thoru; In Telkwa from Or. Wallare;
or by mall from tha Medical Superintendent at tha
j Skeena Laundry
Lea laekinan  Prop.
Our Work in Qood and our Uate_
Suits Cleaned and Pressed
11  Call and see un.        Next door to
Telegraph office.
fjili.lt tin tn It iii iltiliiltilotoLiliilnfailiilitlj -.'���*'.a..Ltli'S'J   I
\M f-wr ������-! I"*"���"���- ���    i *f"T~^~m'?    I "T""I"T* 1**1"*F *?*% I :THE OMINECA.MINER. SATURDAY, JULY 18. 1914
...,-,. _...^.....,.���,.,_��.���[lTi,l1.| <r* t^mm.
On September 18 and 19,1914
Tne World's Doings in Brief
Newa Notea from Many Sources
!   =
For the information of intending exhibitors, the following
list of classes, etc,, is published.
Division 1���Horses
Class A���Stallions: 1, Draught;
2, Other than Draught, 3 prizes.
Class   B��� Brood    Mares:   1,
Draught Mares; 2, General Purpose Mares; 3, Light Mares.
Class C���Teams: 1. Draught
Team; 2, General Purpose Team,
(settlers only,   and free-for-all)
3, Driving Team   (settlers only
and free-for-all).
Class D-Colts: 1, Two-year-
old  Colt; 2,   One-year-old Colt;
3. Sucking Colt.
Division 2���Cattle
Class A���Bulls: 1, Shorthorn
Bull; 2, Holstein Bull.
Class B���Cows: 1, Milk Cow;
2, Cow and Calf.
Class C���1, Two-year-old Heifer; 2,   Two-year-old   Steer;  3,
Yearling; 4, Fat Steer or Heifer.
Division 3   Sheep
1, Ram; 2, Ewe; 3, Ewe and
Division 4���Hogs
1, Boar; 2, Brood Sow; 3, Sow
with Litter not less than 3.
Division 5���Goats
1, Billy Goat; 2, Nannie Goat.
Division 6-Poultry
Class A���Chickens: 1, Orpingtons, Buff; 2, Orpingtons, White;
8, Plymouth Rocks, Barred; 4,
Plymouth Rocks, White; 5, Rhode
Island Reds, S. C.; Rhode Island
Reds, R. C; 7, Minorcas, Buff;
8, Minorcas, Black; 9, Leghorns,
White; 10, Leghorns, Brown; 11,
Any breed, Rooster and 2 Hens;
12, Any breed, Hen; 13, Chickens, 1914 hatch, any general utility breed.
Class B-Turkeys: 1, Male, any
variety; 2, Female, any variety.
Division 7--Dairy Produce
Class A-Butter, 2-lb. roll.
Class B -Cream, 1 quart.
Class C���Eggs, 1 dozen, hens'.
Class D���Bread: 1, One Loaf,
white; 2, One Loaf, brown; 3, 1
doz. Biscuits, baking powder.
Class E-Fruit: 1, Best Collection of Local Fruit; 2, Best Collection of Local Jam.
Class F���Cakes: 1, Fruit Cake;
2, Sponge Cake; 3, Layer Cake;
4, One doz. Cookies.
Class G-Pickles: 1, Best Collection home made; 2, Best Collection of above, Div. 7.
Division 8   Vegetables
Class A���Potatoes:   1,   Early
Rose, half bushel; 2, Early Ohio,
half bushel; 3,   Ashcroft,   hair J
bushel; 4,   Any   other   variety,]
half bushel.
Class B���Turnips: 1, Swede,
half bushel; 2, White, half bushel.
Class C -Mangels: Any variety,
half bushel.
ClaBS D--Carrots: 1, Stock,
half bushel; 2, Table, half bushel.
Class E���Parsnips: Any variety, half bushel.
Class F-Beets: l', Field, half
bushel; 2, Table, Long or Turnip
Root, half bushel.
Class G Onions: 1, Red, 20
lbs.; 2, White, 20 lbs.
Class H��� Cabbage: 1, Early
Cabbage, 3 heads; 2, Late Cabbage, 3 heads; 3, Pickling Cabbage, 3 heads.
Class I���Cauliflower: Any variety, 3 heads.
Class J���Tomatoes: Any variety, 2 lbs.
Class K���Celery: Any variety,
6 heads.
Class L���Lettuce: 1, Head Lettuce, 3 heads; 2, Leaf Lettuce, 3
heads; 3, Dwarf Lettuce, 3 heads.
Class M���Cucumber: Any variety, half dozen; Best Collection of-
above, Div. 8.
Division 9���Grain and Grasses
(All sheaves must girth not
less than 18 inches)
Class A���Wheat: Any variety,
1 sheaf.
Class B���Oats: 1, White Oats,
1 sheaf; 2, Black Oats, 1 sheaf.
.Class C���Barley: 1, Beardless
Barley, 1 sheaf; 2, Bearded Barley, 1 sheaf; 3, Bald Barley, 1
Class D���Field Peas: Any variety, half bushel.
Class E���Timothy: Any variety, 1 sheaf.
Class F���Clover: 1, Red Clo*
ver, 1 sheaf; 2, White Clover, 1
sheaf; 3, Alsike Clover, 1 sheaf.
Class G���Alfalfa: Any variety,
1 sheaf.
Class H-Wild Grasses: 1, Vetches, 1 sheaf; 2, Peavine, 1 sheaf,
3, Rye-grass, 1 sheaf; 4, Red-top,
1 sheaf.
Division 10- Flowers
1, Best Collection House Plants;
2, Best Collection Garden Plants;
3, Best Bouquet Garden Flowers;
4, Best Bouquet Wild Flowers.
Division 10 -Ladies' Work
1, Sofa Pillow, hand worked; 2,
Tea Cloth, hand worked; 3, Pillow Slips, hand woiked; 4, Jabot
hand worked; 5, Best G Buttonholes, hand worked, on lawn.
Division 12���Photography
1, Best Landscape; 2, Best Portrait; 3, Best 3 Photographs of
Live Stock.
Ladies' saddle competition,
horse to count 50 per cent, paces
and manners 50 per cent.
Gent's    saddle     competition,
horse to count 50 per cent, paces
and manners 50 per cent.
Horse Races
Half-mile���1, horses over 14.
hands; 2, horses under 14J hands.
Quarter mile -Same as above.
200 yard race, open; Turning
race, open; Slow race, open;
Squaw race, riding; Indian horse
race, bareback; Jumping competition, divided in two classes.
Field Sports
Baseball, Football, Running,
Jumping, etc.
New South Wales proposes to
do away with the death penalty.
A new union station, to cost
$3,000,000, is to be built at Toronto.
King George today inspects a
fleet of 400 British war vessels at
Sir Roberl Borden has returned
to Ottawa, after a brief vacation
spent in Halifax.
All volcanoes along the Alaskan peninsula west of Seward
are reported in eruption.
A new arbitration treaty between Great Britain and the
United States is being prepared.
Mrs. Rebecca Clark, reputed to
be the oldest British subject,
died in London last week, aged
Militant suffragettes attempted
to destroy Burns' cottage, at
Ayr, Scotland, by means of
The federal labor bureau reports that labor troubles in Canada this year are below the
Brock, an American aviator,
flew from London to Paris and
return in seven hours and three
China is about to apply to the
bankers of the five-power group
for an additional loan of $100,-
Additional parties of P. G. E.
surveyors have taken the field on
the extension from Prince George
to the Peace.
Toronto is the headquarters of
a syndicate which has been
smuggling Chinamen into the
United States.
New two dollar bills, bearing
the portraits of the Duke and
Duchess of Connaught, are being
issued at Ottawa.
Marconi expects to have wireless telephony in operation between Wales and New York before the end of the year.
sentences now before the Justice
Department, there is not a Canadian or British subject in the
| Hudson's Bay Company j
A Northwest Mounted Police
expedition is about to start for I
Far North, to bring to justice II
the Eskimo murderers of Radford
and Street, the explorers.
The Conservative government
in Manitoba has a sure majority j _
or four seats, holding 25, to 21 for i
the opposition,
elections are still to be held.
Of Best Quality at Popular Prices
A full Assortment of
LIQUORS ���h""k3___ f
Three deferred  _
As a protection against hostile =
air craft, the coasts of the British  Isles   will   be   dotted   wilh
towers,  each armed   with   two
quick-firinggunsof special design.
An Ottawa despatch says the
National Transcontinental will be
completed on October 1, and on
that date the G. T. P. will be
called upon to exercise its option
of leasing the line.
The revenue cutter Bear will
leave Nome on Monday, to rescue the sailors from the Canadian
exploring steamer Karluk, who
were marooned when their vessel was crushed in the ice.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen's revolutionary cabinet is sending a commission to America and Europe "to
lay before the world the exact
facts as to the conditions in
China" and to seek funds for
the overthrow of Yuan Shi Kai.
A world's altitude record was
established by Linnekogel, a
German airman, who ascended
21,654 feet in his monoplane.
Opportunity's Reply.
They do me wrong   who say I
come no more
When once I knock and fail to
find you in,
For every day I stand outside
your door
And  bid  you  wake, and  rise
>        and fight and win.
Wail  not for  precious  chances
passed away;
Weep not  for golden ages on
the wane.
Each night 1 burn the records of
the day;
At sunrise  every soul is born
Laugh like a boy at splendors
that have sped;
To vanished joys be blind and
deaf and dumb.
My judgments seal the dead past
with its dead,
But never bind a moment yet
to come.
���Walter Malone.
Express, General Drayage and Freighting
/ IVFRY nnA  ST A (IFR We are PrePared  t0 8uPP-y Private
LelVLjtM   Will Ol/WJL.0 an(|   ,)Ui,|jt.  conveyances   .lay  and;
night.     Our stages meet all trains at Soutii Hazelton or New Hazelton.
Coal and Wood delivered promptly.
Consign your shipments in Our
Care for Storage or Delivery.
Addrefls all communications to Hazelton.
Ruddy & MacKay
Leaves Prince Kupert for Vancouver,  Victoria and Seattle every
Summer Excursions to Eastern Points at Low Rates, Effective Jone 1st
Tickets to and from all parts of the world.     Atlantic and Pacific
Steamship Tickets
J. G. McNab,   Cor. 3rd Ave. und oth St.,   Prince Rupert, B. C.
Thorp & Hoops
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Brokers
Sole district agents for E. G. Prior & Co., Victoria, Agricultural Machinery and Implements, Wagons, Etc.
Fire,  Life,  Accident,  and Employer's Liability Insurance.
We represent the best companies.
We Can Locate You On a Good Pre-Eniption Near the G. T. P.
If you desire information about the Bulkley Valley write us.
���un������nu������ iiii���iioii������iiii��� iiO"������ mi���*��� 'ion������ iiii���-.iiii������ un������
Further information may be obtained of
H. A. BECK,    ���     -     - ALDERMERE, B. C.
Bulkley Valley Agricultural Association and
Farmers' Institute
The investigation into the coal
mine disaster at Hillcrest concluded on Saturday. Judge Carpenter is preparing his report.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the !
undersigned,   and  endorsed "Ten-
der fur Public Building, Prince Rupert, j
B. ft," will lie received   ul   this   ollice
until 4.00 P.M., on Monday, July li, 1914, |
for the construction of the Public Build* i
mi' above mentioned.
Flam, spei'iliciition nnd form of contract CWl lie seen and forms  ot tender
obtained at theofllceeof Mr, (I. B, Hull, |
Ulitrict Engineer, Prince Rupert, B.C;
Mr. William Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.; and at this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that
the abandonment Of the Season's   tenders   will   not   be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence,    ln the case of linns the nt'
Shamrock IV, Sir Thomas Lipton's challenger for the America
cup, leaves Portsmouth today for
her voyage across  the Atlantic.
A feud between the managers
of the professional lacrosse teams
in the coast cities has resulted in
schedule of games.
^J Drugs and Toilet Articles.   Kodaks,
Kodak Supplies. Printing and Developing,   fl Gram-a-phones  and  Records.
The "Up-To-Date" Drug Stores
In Schleswig-Holstein, the two] tuaj signature, the nature of the_ occu
Danish   provinces   annexed
Germany,    Danes    and   Danish
sympathizers are being expelled
by German police.
I potion, and place of residence of  euch
by member of tne firm mutt be given.
Each lender must be accompanied by
an   acicpted   cheque   on  a chartered
��� Nil���llO'l-
L. D. I nl Mur.
��� Mil ���IIO" ���llll-
New Hazelton
 ������ nOn������ mi���
Germany is urging the banks
of the country to keep ten per
cent of their deposits and other
assets on hand in actual money,
for use in case of war.
The degree to which foreigners
are responsible for capital crirw s
in the Dominion is indicated by
the fact that of  eleven   death
bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,
equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be
forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when culled upon tn do so, or fail tu complete
the work contracted fur. If the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind  itself
to accept tin- lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa. June fi, i914.
Omineca I.and District.   Dislrict of
Take notice that Harold A. Robinson,
of Vancouver, B, C, intends to appl.v
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following described
Commencing ut a post plnnted about
9 miles east and 6 miles south of the
southeast corner of Lot 21114, Cussiar,
thence south 80 chains, enst 80 chains.
north 80 chuins, west 80 chains, to point
of commencement, 640 acres, claim 86,
March 1(1, 1914.      Harold A. Robinson.
Ominecu l.und District,
District of
Take notice that HaroldA. Robinson,
of Vancouver, B, C, intends to upph
for a license to prospect for cnal fend
petroleum over the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted   nboul
9 miles  east  and 7 miles  south of the
southeast corner of  Lot .194, Cassiar,
thence south 80 chains, eust 80 chains,
Newspapers will not be paid for this  north 80 chains, west 80 chains, to point
advertisement if they insert it without] of commencement, 640 acres, claim 37
authority from the Department.   62588 MBrch 10, 1914,
Harold A. Robinson.
Omineca Land District.    Districtof
Take notice (hat HaroldA. Kobinson,
of Vuncouver, B, C., intends to upply
for a license to prosiiect for coal und
petioleum over the following descrihed
CommencinK at a post planted about
9 miles east and 7 miles south of the
southeast corner of Lot 2191, Cassiar,
thence south 80 chains, west 80 chuins,
nortli 80 chains, east 80 chains, lo
lioint of commencement, and containing
040 acres, claim 88.
March 10, 1914.      Harold A. Robinson.
Oniineca Lantl District.   District of
Take notice thai HaroldA. Robinson,
of Vnncouver, R. C, intends to apply
for a license to nrospect for coal and
petroleum over tlie following described
Commencing nt u pnst planted about
8 niiles eust and 7 miles south of the
Boutheast corner of l-ot 2194, Cassiar,
thence south 80 chnins, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chains, topoint
of commencement, 640 acres, known
as claim 89.
March 10, 1914.     Harold A. Robinson. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY. JULY 18. 1914
Of Smithers
j Dental work of every des- 1
j cription. Careful attention i
guaranteed. j
Hi "~
Phone 800 P.O. Box 1886
Special Attention todut of Town Clients
Suite (inc. FaosaAL Block,
H. C.
F. G. T. Lucas E, A. I.iicuh
Biirristers and  Solicitor}*
Rogers Building
Cur. Granville nnil Pender
Telephone Seymour ..1)8 V..nr.Hiv-*r, li. C.
Mines  and  Mining
Good Properties for sale      Cnsh or on
Bond.        Development and
Assessment Work.
Carr Brothers
Eight Yeurs In This District.
Hasvl,   it. c.
.1. Nation
J. A. LeKoy
Hotel Winters
Ahbott and Water Streets
European Plan $1.00 to $2.50
Kooms with Baths.     Mot and Cold
Water.      S.eiinl  Heated.
[   Motor Huh Meets   All Hoats und
I Trains.
On the last day of a trip across
Central British Columbia,   Hon.
W. J. Bowser and  Hon.   W.   R.
Ross passed through Hazelton on
Will   lie  in   Hazelton   from  j  Saturday.    The attorney-general
June lti until further notice.   |Ln(j  tne  minister of lands had
I  left  Edmonton  on  the   Sunday
evening previous, and spent the
entire week crossing the province.
Their object  was  to   meet  the
people and to inquire into the individual   needs   of   various districts.     Holding a meeting   on
Monday night in the  new  divisional  town   of   McBride,    they
came   on   Tuesday,   at  noon, to
Prince George, and until late on
Wednesday night were entertained by the citizens of that  place,
and of the adjoining  townsites
of South Fort George and  Central Fort George.   The particular
question taken up by  the ministers was the request for incorporation, which first came last winter from South Fort George. Mr.
Bowser assured a meeting in that
townsite that what he wished to
see,   and   what the government
j j would assist, was a new  city  to
I | embrace the three Georges,   and
he suggested that,  the  name be
compromised to "George."    Accompanying   the   party   across
British Columbia was H. H. Hansard,   general solicitor   for  the
Grand Trunk Pacific.    Mr. Bowser and Mr.   Hansard  discussed
the whole question with  a joint
citizens'  committee,  and,   as   a
result, special legislation will be
submitted at the next session of
the legislature to render incorporation of the new town effective.     First  election   in  George
will probably therefore occur in
March.     In  the  meantime the
government  will  send  in   engi
neers and other ofiicials to ad
vise with the citizens regarding
necessary improvements.
Coming west, meetings were
held at Vanderhoof, Fort Fraser
and Smithers.
It was nearly 6 o'clock on Saturday evening when the party
reached Prince Rupert, where a
very successful meeting was held
in the evening.
The outstanding feature of the
trip was the promise of both
ministers to urge the government
to inaugurate a policy of opening
new trails and roads for actual
settlers. Through Skeena constituency the visitors were introduced by Wm. Manson, M. P. P.,
who met the party at Fort George.
Mr. Manson and Mr. Bowser
were frequently in consultation
regarding the particular improvements needed.
Highest market prices paid for
Raw Furs
Men's Furnishings
and, in the event of non-compliance with notices served on them,
to institute proceedings against
The department is determined
to use every legitimate oft'ort to
have the provisions of the act
strictly enforced, and we look
for the whole-hearted co-operation of the farmers themselves
in this most important matter.
1 would also draw your atten
tion to a statement, which has
been drawn up in the department, with regard to the noxious
weeds which are listed in the
act. Methods of destruction are
outlined, and copies will be furnished to those desiring them.
Wm. E. Scott.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Victoria, B. C, July 6, 1914.
Clothes That
Hold Their
Prince Rupert, July 13:���Chief
Gammon returned yesterday from
Port Essington, where he had
been investigating the robbery
of $1000 from Cunningham's
store. The thieves carried off
an iron strong box containing the
money, after opening the safe
and finding the money was not.
in it. The strong box was locked
with a padlock, which was filed
An Indian named Campbell
was arrested, and it is he who is
alleged to have worked the combination. The money was found
cached away. Campbell was up
for a preliminary hearing on Saturday before Magistrate W. R,
Large in Essington and was
committed for trial.
On Saturday another Indian
named Green was arrested as an
accomplice. He will get his
hearing probably today,
Campbell was brought over to
Rupert jail.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Postmaster General, will be received ut Ottawa until Noon, on Friday,
the 24th day of July, 1914, for the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for four years, once
per week each way, between Hazelton
and Kispiox, from the lst day of October next.
Printed notices containing further
information as to the conditions of the
proposed Contract may be seen and blank
forms of Tender may be obtained at the
Post Offices of Hazelton, Kispiox and
New Hazelton, and at the office of the
undersigned. ��
Post Office Inspector's Office, Victoria, Ii. C, 15th May, 1914.
E. H. Fletcher,
40-2-4 Post Office Inspector.
The Miner is two dollars a year
to any address in Canada; to
United States, three dollars.
Hobberlin Clothes are always tailored right. They
always hold their shape.
No part is stinted. We can '
please the most particular
dresser with Hobberlin garments. Drop in and have a
look   at   the   new    spring
____________* ____=_*
Hazelton, B. C.
Miner Print Shop
William H. Holland
Largestocks of seasonable
goods at right prices
General   Merchandise
Agent for
Glen Vowell Sawmill
Good Dry Lumber always
on hand
Editor Miner: ��� I would be
obliged if you would kindly afford me space, to call the attention of farmers and land owners
generally in your district, to the
necessity for waging a vigorous
campaign against noxious weeds,
which are becoming so prevalent
in many of our best farming districts throughout the province.
All provincial constables and
forest guards have been again
appointed as agents for this department towards the enforcement of the provisions of the
Noxious Weeds Act. In addition,
noxious weed inspectors have
been appointed in different districts of the province, whose
duties will be to carefully go over
their districts, see that farmers
and land-owners are taking the
) ijhIhI'iIhIi.I' ilnlnli iliiliilriliilnlittTTlTTlt iliiliilnlnliil'O
Provincial Assayer
HAZELTON        -       B. C.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned und endorsed "Tender
for New Public Building, at Courtenay,
B.C.," will be received at this office
until 4 p.m., on Wednesday, August 5,
1914, for the work mentioned.
Plans, specification and form of contract can been seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of Mr. William
Henderson, resident architect, Victoria,
B. C, at the Post Office, Courtenay, B.
C, und ut this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be oonsidered unless
inude on thc printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence. In the case of firms, the
uctuul signature, the nature of the occupation und place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
un accepted cheque on u chartered
bunk, payable to tlie order of the Hon-''
durable the Minister of Public Works, I
equal to tell per cent. (10 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be
forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when
culled upon to do so, or fail to complete
the work contracted for. If the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender,
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 3, 1814.
Newspaper! will not be paid for this
advertisement If they lniert It without
authority from the Department,   """"'*
The Miner is two dollars a year.
That the moft up-
to-date and fully
equipped Printing
office in the Northern Interior���The
is at your service in
the production of
business stationery,
window cards, powers, dodgers, etc.,
wedding announcements, visiting cards
and all the better
grades of commer-
. cial printing.
Omineca Miner
Liquor Act, 1910
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
15th duy of August next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the grant of a
license for the sale of liquor by retail
in and upon the premises known as Copper Tavern, situate at Skeena Crossing,
upon the lands described as the Nortl -
west twenty acres of District Lot 2MK7,
Cussiar District, Province of British
Dated this 15th day of July, 1914.
Melbourne Robert Jamieson
4B-50 Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that
thirty days from date the following described packhorses and
equipment will be sold by public
aution at Hazelton, for wintering
charges and expenses, unless
same are paid  before that date:
Buckskin gelding, branded H S
on left shoulder fl on right hip,
said to belong to the Copper River Coal Co.
Brown gelding, branded A on
right hip, said to belong'to the
B. C. Anthracite Co.
Dated 11th July, 1914.
The following horses, ieft at
Nels Green's ranch, Kispiox, by
F. A. Jackson, will be sold by
public auction at Hazelton on
July 25, 1914, under the provisions of Chap. 29, R. S. B. C,
for wintering charges and expenses, unless same are paid before that date.
Brown gelding, branded J on
left shoulder.
Buckskin gelding, branded circle A on left hip and S on right
Bay mare, branded F on left
necessary steps to destroy the!shoulder. NELS GREEN,
weeds growing on their lands,      Dated June 24, 1914.
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
Established 1870
From our stock of new goods to hand we mention
A Shipment of Congoleum, at 62Jc.
Patterns new and attractive
Jap Matting, new patterns.    Carpet Squares
and Rugs.   Burlap in Green, Red and Brown
Shipment of Boys' Straw and Felt Hats.    Shipment
of Boots and Shoes for Children, light and heavy wear
Smardon Ladies' Riding Boots
Newest in Ladies' Slippers
Shipment of Tooke Shirts,    nattiest patterns
Peabody's Overalls, Gloves and Shirts
Camping Outfits, Aluminum, very neat and compact


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