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Omineca Miner Jan 22, 1916

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VOL. V, NO. 21
In the course of his tour through
the northern portion of the province, Hon. C. E. Tisdall, the new
provincial minister of works, is
paying his first official visit to
Hazelton, and is accompanied
by Hon. Wm. Manson, member
for this district. They arrived on
today's train. It is to be expected
that the minister will take pains
to acquaint himself at first hand
with the requirements of the district, and those who know his
character and ability will be
confident that much good will
result from his visit.
Locally, the question of the
Bulkley bridge looms larger
than any other matter to be taken
up with the ministers, but the
people of Hazelton have no doubt
of the favorable outcome of their
application for a permanent
structure, as Hon. Mr. Manson is
already thoroughly familiar with
the situation and convinced of
the necessity of the work, while
the minister of works, as a prac- i HAZELTON PEOPLE
tical business man, can easily
satisfy himself as to the need of
a bridge; and the engineer's reports demonstrate its practicability.   	
Working Another Group
A crew of men left this week
for the Chicago group, just south
of the town, to begin development work under the direction of
H.D.Cameron, representative of
the Edmonton people who recently acquired the property.
Petrograd: Grand Duke Nich-1 defending Scutari, King Nicholas
olas, with [large forces and a and the Montenegrin army are
great number of big guns, is withdrawing into the interior of
approaching the Turkish fortress i Albania, to await events. The
of Erzerum, for the invasion of \ command has been entrusted to
Asia Minor. His victories in the j General Martinovitch, who head-
Caucasus have restored Nicholas led the army in its revolt against
to popular favor. j the  King's attempt  to arrange
The Turks are reinforcing their! peace with Austria.
army in the Caucasus by bringing j    Before retiring, the  Montene-
troops  from   Mesopotamia,    re- i grins   defeated   two    Austrian
lieving the pressure on General j army corps, but were compelled
Aylmer's command. j to   retreat   by   the arrival of
In   their   retreat   before   the , enemy reinfotcements,
Russians, the Turks abandoned a
large number of guns and much
Paris:   Abandoning  the hope|dra
Amsterdam:    The  Italian cabinet  has  resigned,   Signer Lu-
Izatti  succeeding Premier Salan-
closely censored and  details are
London: A British submarine
operating in the upper Adriatic
brought down an Austrian hydroaeroplane and sunk a torpedo
boat which came to the rescue,
capturing both crews.
New York: The Norwegian
steamer Synga, which left yesterday with a cargo of munitions
for Russia, returned today, with
a fire in her No.l hold. Fireboats
have the blaze under control and
the vessel will resume her voyage
to Vladivostok tonight, after an
Reports  from   Rome are'investigation of the fire.
The two defeats administered
to Prince Rupert hockey team
a week ago have not daunted the
coast players, who are coming to
Hazelton for a return series next
week. The first game will be
played on Monday evening, at
8:30, with others on Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings at 8.
Hazelton is cheerfully bearing
its part in the war for world-
liberty. No call for men or money has gone unheeded, and our
town has fairly earned an enviable
reputation for contributions of
soldiers and cash.
Up to the present time we have
sent more than fifty men with
various corps,  and  the list   of LOCAL AND DISTRICT
being given by-the people of
Hazelton, a Red Cross branch
with 75 members being active;
an energetic Soldiers' Aid committee has undertaken the work
of supplying comforts to our boys
in the trenches, while the ladies
of the W.A., who have done
splendid work during the war,
are helping the Patriutic Fund.
And Hazelton will keep it  up.
Patriotic Concert In View
Preliminary steps are being taken to hold a concert in aid of the
Patriotic Fund on the evening of
St. Patrick's Day, March 17.
London: The Daily Mail says
the new Foraker monoplane has
a speed of 180 miles an hour.
London: The military compulsion bill passed the house of commons at midnight amid interest
and excitement.
El Paso: It is reported that
Villa's revolutionary army has
been decisively defeated by Car-
ranza's forces, and that Villa
himself has been captured.
soldiers from Hazelton and vicinity is being constantly added to.
Over ten per cent of onr population and approximately half our
men of military age are members
of Canada's overseas forces.
Although this is by no means a
wealthy community, the local
contributions to the Patriotic
Fund are most generous, the
large total of $3000 having been
forwarded, in addition to some
$1500 from other points in the
district. It is worthy of note
that Hazelton has not yet called
upon the fund for a dollar, practically all our soldiers being
single men.
While the Patriotic Fund has
received most attention, other
war funds have not been neglected,the people of the town having
given $1000 for a machine gun
and $850 to Red Cross funds,
while the sums contributed to
Belgian relief and the tobacco
funds make the total of Hazel-
ton's cash contributions considerably over $5000. It may also be
mentioned that local subscriptions
to the Canadian war loan totalled
Service,  as well as money, is
Owing to the crowding of rink
events this week, the big carnival has been postponed for a
week, and will take place on
Feb. 4.
Last night's dance was a success, notwithstanding the unfavorable weather. The athletic
association treasury benefits to
the amount of $15.
Government Agent Hoskins has
forwarded another $1000 draft to
the headquarters of the Canadian
Patriotic   Fund.     This   amount
NEWS PARAGRAPH'S covers the subscriptions received
  I in Hazelton during the  last  few
D.V.Joinville returned to Burns months.
Lake on Thursday. The weather man
Enthusiasm   and   unanimity
marked   the   first   meeting   of
Hazelton branch of the Canadian
Red  Cross, held in St. Andrew's
Hall on Tuesday evening.     Following the  report of the enrolment committee, which presented the names of one life member,
68   active   members,    and   six
associate members,  the branch
proceeded to complete organization by electing the necessary
officers and committee, with the
result that the following thoroughly   representative   body  of
ladies and^gentlemen was chosen
to direct the affairs of the branch:
Chairman,   Dr. H. C. Wrinch.
Vice-Chairman, S. H. Hoskins.
Honorary Secretary, Mrs.Reid.
Honorary Treasurer, H. H. Little
Committee: Mrs. Wrinch, Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs. Cline, Miss Ho-
gan,  Rev. J. Field,  Rev. W. M.
Scott, Gilbert Burrington.
In recognition of her splendid
service to the Red Cross and
other laudable causes, Mrs.Field,
president of Hazelton W.A., was
unanimously elected honorary
chairman. A similar honor was
conferred on Mrs. Hogan.
The committee waa requested
to prepare a plan of work, for
presentation to the members next
Thursday evening.to which time
the meeting was adjourned.
Membership fees paid in totalled $156, so that the society
begins its work under auspicious
conditions financially, as well as
in all other respects.
Thos.L.Elliott, of Copper City, i
is here to buy furs,
Dr. Maclean was down from
Smithers on Monday.
Measles patients are all doing
well. No new cases have developed.
Mrs. Thompson, of Smithers,
was a visitor in Hazelton on
P. B. Carr, of Smithers, was
in town for a couple of days
during the week.
If interested in any of our
boys at the front, see R.E.Allen,
secretary of the Soldiers' Aid.
Dr. Badgero, the dentist, arrived from the coast on Monday,
and will remain here for a fortnight.
G. W. Smith came in" from
Ingenica next week. He is trap-
ing this winter and reports success so far.
It is reported a deal has Jbeen
made for the sale of the Cordillera group, a property near Usk,
on which ore carrying high values is found. Darby & Wells
are the owners.
is favoring
the district with a first-class
sample of eastern winter weather. For the last two days we
have had low temperatures and
high winds, a most unusual condition for these parts.
Henry Hornbeck, a rancher in
the Tete Jaune Cache district,
was found near his cabin,seriously irozen and in a demented condition. A police officer brought
him to Hazelton Hospital, where
he received attention. His actions were so violent, however,
that it was found necessary to
commit him as a lunatic. Yesterday he was sent to the hospital connected with New Westminster asylnm. He will probably
lose both hands and feet.
Special Service Tomorrow
To avoid the omission of services in the Methodist Church
tomorrow, Rev. C. E. Mitchell,
Presbyterian minister at New
Hazelton, has volunteered to
preach in the afternoon, and a
special service will be held in St.
Andrew's Hall at 2:30 p.m. Rev.
W. M. Scott is expected to be
about again in the course of a few
Ottawa, Jan. 17:���The Board
of Railway Commissioners has
refused an application of the
G.T.P. for an order to authorize
the discontinuance of a station
agent at New Hazelton. The
company must continue to maintain the agent at this point for
the present, the Board declares.
The desire of the company is
to do all the business for the
district at Hazelton, and while
admitting that business has dropped, and will continue to drop,
at New Hazelton, the chief
commissioner says the time has
not yet come when the company
would be justified in removing
its agent.
The sewing meeting in aid of
the Patriotic Fund will be held
at the Mission House ot 3 p.m.
on Thursday Jan. 28. It is hoped
that all the ladies of the town
will unite in trying to help this
fund, which is so much in need
at the present time. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1916
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
bornite is to be seen in the hang 'the supervision of most of the
ing wall, and the chalcopyrite: railway lines in China, India and
shows from four to six feet on South Africa,   all  of which are
the foot wall. The quartz assays
$67 per ton and the bornite
$314.93, the latter as follows:
Copper,58.4 per cent; silver,83.3;
SUBSCRIPTION RATES:   Canada anil British Possessions. Two Dollars a   gold, .06.
year: Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING RATES: Display, $2.50 per inch per month: Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each insertion. Legal notices inserted at B. C.
Gazette rates.
Saturday, January 22, 1916.
No. 21
The claim is about nine miles
from the the Skeena River, in a
location which is well timbered
and free from slides. A ferry
will soon be running across the
Skeena and also a wagon road
from Pacific up Legate Creek.
These improvements  will
valuable markets for Douglas fir.
The Diesel oil engine, which is
working well in water craft in
Europe, will be thoroughly tested
in locomotives by the Prussian
Anyone who wishes to gain an idea of the expenses which the
Red Cross has to meet, should consult the financial report of any
A  first chris  modern  hospital  requires   elaborate   scientific
apparatus of all kinds.     In all its appointments it needs the best
that money can buy or else its work is a failure.   The fact that the
new General  Hospital  in  Toronto,   with  accomodation for a few
thousand patients, cost in the neighborhood of $2,500,000 will give
some idea of the task of the Canadian Red Cross, which has to Omineca   district   promises
provide for tens of thousands of patients. duplicate the Slocan as a silver-1 such fifteen'per cent  in,' upon  and
_    , , .,, ,       | ,.     .       .   ,, .     i ! towards the construction of its railway,
Perhaps a large part of the general public is ol   the  impression|)earj producer; while it has also!and the completion and putting into
that Red Cross work is only hurried relief  work,   requiring in   the encouraging  prospects as fa
way of equipment, only  a few  yards  of  bandages,   a parcel  ol
splints,   a  few  stretchers,   bearers and motor ambulances.     The
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to the  Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British Co-
lumbiant its nextSession on behalf of The
Naas& Skeena Rivers Railway Company,
a Company incorporated by the Legislat-
rike ! 've Assembly of the Province of British
'       I Columbia, by Chapter 69 of the Statutes
this territory more accessible fori of British Columbia, 1911,  for an Act
i to be entitled   "Ihe  Naas  & Skeena
prospecting and development.        Rivers Railway Act, 1911, Amendment
  ; Act, 1916", extending the periods  pre-
scribed   by Section 79  of the Railway
Mining in Omineca Act, within which The Naas & Skeena
Rivers Railway  Company should bona
It is generally recognized, says fide commence the construction of its
���       . , i    , ' railway, procure the bona fide payment
the   Vancouver   Province,    thatj up j��� cash of not less than fifteen per
HiarmVr   nrnmisps   tof ceAt of the authorized share capital of
'���'���"''ll    I1'"1'11       l0 the Company,  mid the expenditure of
operation of the   said   Company's  rail-
encouraging prospects as tar as | wav. anil forsnch further and incidental
gold  and  copper  prospects   are P����",M ��"V be "^sary
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 24th day
concerned.   The Rocher de Boule of November, 1915.
equipment of first aid is. it is'true, not elaborate, but it should lie | min��� at Hazelton has been  ship-1 BARNARD," IhmsXErSl��lN & TAIf
remembered that conveying the wounded from the firing line  is pjng 3000 tons of copper a month W-19
only the beginning of Red Cross activity. to the Granby  Company's smel-r
Solicitors for the Applicant.
The wounded soldier has to be nursed back to health. His
injuries are such as to need the utmost possible perfection of
surgery. The Red Cross cannot provide proper medical attention . ,
except with all the apparatus of a perfectly appointed hospital. You
cannot cure wounded soldiers any more cheaply than any other
class of men. False medical economy means thousands of avoidable
In the rear of the colossal armies now locked in terrible combat
thousands of hospitals are needed, each with a perfect equipment.
The expense of this is enormous, but it is certain, above all things, I
that the wounded soldier has a prior claim Upon every form of
ter at Anyox.
This ore carries between 9 per
Hid  10 per cent copper, 1J
j ez. siver and .05 oz. gold per ton,
! so that it has an average \ alue, I
on rpeent copper pries, of about
$42 per  ton.     Cosl   of  mining,
transportation and smelting runs
about $10 per ton, so  that  gross
profit is from $25 to $30 per ton,
or close upon $'!0f)0 a day during
the period  in   which  shipments
national or individual wealth.
The Red Cross must be supported and maintained in   Ult'|have been ;nn"
greatest possible state of efficiency.    Let everyone who is dispose I
to make a low estimate of its financial needs, make some enquiries
as to the cost of running one hospital, and then multiply time sum
by 10,000 or more.
He will then have a striking arithmetical proof of the gigantic
financial burden of the Red Cross Society.
B.C. Fir Stands High Test.
Victoria, Dec, 27:- Douglas lir
and red cedar railway ties were
recently forwarded by the fores',
branch lo the Great Eastern
Railway company of England,
Who selected sleepers from their
Canada's Record da's history.     Canadian expor
Those who revel in new Cam- in  October  were $84,000,000, Ofjstoctt which they obtained from
dian records should feel in high!$24,000,000  more   than   in   anyLne Baltic   and tested them all
fettle, says the Monetary {Times,
of Toronto. In the past few
weeks some notable figures have
been recorded. The first internal
war loan war loan of $50,000,000
was over-subscribed by $54,000,-
The savings bank depositary the trend of event
previous month on record.     The under sinii|at. conditions,
trade  balance is constantly im-     The results of these tests'show
proving in our favor. j beyond a  do���bt t|,(j  superiority
While these figures  are  satis-J0f   British   Columbia    Douglas
factory, we must remember thatlfir for railroad lies.
many of the records  are  caused      It was found that   under  com-
in October, at $710,000,-
000, were the highest on record,. The wheat crop of the
Western provinces is estimated
by the government at 304,000,000
bushels, as against the previous
high record of 200,000,000bushels.
Canadian Pacific Railway net
earnings in Oct. were nearly
$1,000,000 greater than for any
one month previously. November bank clearings of $909,000,-
000 were better than those for
any other November, or indeed
for any other month on record.
Winnipeg's bank clearings of
$246,000,555 in November are
$32,000,000 higher than Winnipeg's previous high record. The
national revenue during November, showed an increase of $7,-
000,000 over that of November
last year, and was the largest
revenue for any month in Cana-
s due to the pression Douglas lir will statvi
war. Great Britain's daily war 5,695 pounds per square inch as
bill is $25,000,000. We need, against Baltic limber of 3,950
therefore to make some pretty j pounds per square inch; while
substantial records to help cany
the Empire's financial burden.
Tn George M. Swan, or to any person or persons
in whom you may have transferred your Interests,
lake notice that I, the undi reigned co-owner with
yui in the Cumberland. Russell and Sundown
(Kussell Group) Mineral Claims, situated in Run-
ti���:��� Basin, in the Haxelton Mining Division of Om-
Inoca District, Province of Hritish Columbia, have
done the required amount of work on tho above-
mentioned claims for the year 1914 in order to
hold l iu- same under section 21 of the Mineral Act
and if within 9(1 days of the publication of this
notice you fail or refuse to Contribute $168.60,your
portion of such expenditure, together with the
Costs of this advertisement, your interest in the
paid mineral claims will become the properly of
tho undersigned under Se< tion -1 of tile Mineral
Act Amendment Act of 1000.
J.N. CARR, Co-Owner.
Daledat Smithers. II. C, this.'illth day of Ot toller, 1B1B. 9-21
Of every description
for everybody
at   the
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
Land Surveyors
Offices at Victoria, Nelson, Fort George
and New Hazelton.
B. C. Affleck, Mgr.   New Hazelton.
"Ytff fTWfYTYt*V^YYTI f>f"ftVTYffTTflrT )f
Dr. BADGERO will  be located in
Hazelton, beginning Jan. 17, 1916.
Lowest rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and berth included on steamer
S.S. "Princess Mnquinna" leaves Prince Rupert every SUNDAY, at 6 p.m.
S.S. "Princese    May"   leaves   Prince    Rupert   Dec.    17th;
Jan. 2nd, 14th & 28th at 7 p.m.
J.I.Peters, GeneralAKent,8rdAve. & 4th St., Prince Rupert,B.C.
Claims at Pacific
red cedar made a very creditable
showing of 3,407 pounds per
square inch.
Tests in tension were even more
Pacific advices say Whitmore I favocable for Douglas lir. It
& Orr have just had assays from j would take 18,450pounds.or over
their Frisco claim, .which was j5j tons, to pull apart a stick of
located last July, and the result Douglas fir having,a. eros,s section
shows prospects of another high : 0f one square inch; whereas just
grade property on Legate Creek, j half that weight would suffice to
The Frisco is situated about hall' | pu|l apart Baltic timber, and only
a mile from the group the/bond- 3,300 pounds  were  required  to
ed to Price & Aitken last fall.
The ore from this group assayed
up to 40 per cent'copper and
showed total values of almost
$300 per ton. The Frisco shows
outcroppings of chalcopyrite and
bornite in a lime formation running the full length of the claim.
In places twelve inches of clean
separate cedar.
These tests were carried out hy
the Great Eastern Railway, and
the results which they found will
be of immense value to the reputation of Douglas fir amongst
Euglish engineers. The import
ance of this is increased by the
fact that English engineers have
The Omineca Miner is two dollars a year anywhere in Canada.
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
p.ia up c.p.t.1 si.soo.ooo. VANCOUVER, B. C.
.._-... ������~^-.^mammmmmimgl THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1916
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
The floods in Holland caused
fifty doaths.
The G.T.P. will build a summer
hotel at Jasper.
Germany will prohibit investment in foreign securities.
Port Arthur had a fire which
destroyed a $150,000 block.
Last year was a record period
for Ontario dairy products.
Dominion-wide prohibition is a
live issue in the Ottawa house.
Boston capitalists will establish
an explosives plant near Toronto.
Owing to abnormal freight
rates, coal costs $40 a ton in
Aerial officers say Germany is
planning a monster air raid on
G/eat Britain.
There is a serious epidemic of
measles in Regina. Over 300
eases are reported.
Lord Chelmsford has been
appointed viceroy of India, succeeding Lord Hardinge.
The Manitoba government is
taking measures to abolish bi-
lingualism in its schools.
The Grand canal overflowed its
banks in King's County, Ireland,
causing ��600,000 damage.
A new $200,000 plant for fish
handling and cold storage is
projected in Prince Rupert.
Butte companies have voluntarily given an increase of 25
cents a day to 25,000 miners.
Typhus, originating in Mexico
City, has spread to the north,and
a case is reported in El Paso.
The cabinet of Luxemburg has
resigned, in protest against dictation by the Grand Duchess.
Snow, high winds and low
temperatures prevailed throughout the East during the week.
Four men were killed and ten
injured by an explosion on the
U.S. submarine E-2 at New York.
At Melbourne, Australia, a
motorcycle record of 930 miles in
24 hours was made by Edwin
It is reported that the Dominion government will require all
Canadian copper to be refined in
Central British Columbia is to
have a special battalion, the
172nd, with headquarters a t
Four Colorado anarchists are
on trial for the murder of Major
Lester at Walsenburg during a
coal strike.
General Huerta, former provisional president of Mexico, is
dead at El Paso, Texas, of sclerosis of the liver.
A wireless despatch from Rome
says the Queen of Greece was
summoned to the bedside of her
brother, the Kaiser.
Carranza   is   sending   troops
against Villa bandits who murdered seventeen. American passengers on a railway train.
Authorities on fishing say a
close season for halibut is necessary to prevent the depletion of
the North Pacific banks.
Papers seized at Falmouth
show that Von Papen, the recalled   attache  of the   German
and were planning the crime to
obtain the family fortune of a
million dollars. Detectives dis-
| covered the conspiracy by means
of a dictagraph hidden in a garage used by the brothers.
One-third of the city of Bergen,
a Norwegian seaport of 90,000
inhabitants, is in ashes and thou-
I Hudson's Bay Company J
Sensational Charges =
Ottawa, Jan. 19: -Dr. Pugsley/S
former minister of public works, =
charges that members of the j|
shell 'committee, which placed g
orders for $300,000,000 for Great ��
Britain, gave contracts to I heir |
own firms at extravagant  rates, [3
subletting the business, making
immense profits. A member of the
Canadian parliament acted as
middleman in farming out the
orders, it is charged. One manu
facturer was offered aeon
he agreed to pay one-an
per cent commission to a man in
close touch with Genera! Bertram,
chairman of the committee, is
another charge.
embassy at Washington, paid for
various dynamite outrages, including the blowing up of the
C.P.R. bridge at St.Croix, Maine.'
Ah improvement in the defence j sanfJs 0f its inhabitants are home- (j
of London against aerial attacks j iess. The loss exceeds $15,000,-!^
is marked by the repulse oflfJOO. Two lives were lost. The|
twelve raids in December. i ji,.e WRS the worst in the history i =
A freight train ran   into a ca-|of Norway. |
boosefullofsnow-shovellersin the
C.P.P. yards at Brandon, killing
seventeen of the workmen.
Ratepayers of Sorel, Que.,
voted in favor of prohibition, but
it will not take effect until the
courts decide on its legality.
Fire which broke out in Ques-
nel on Saturday destroyed many
business buildings, the. total loss
being estimated at $250,000.
The Lucky Jim has contracted
for the sale of 1000 tons of zinc
ore and concentrates at a price
increase of three dollars a ton.
Floyd Smith, an American
aviator, made a hydroplane flight
with a passenger to % height of
12,362 feet, establishing a record
for hydros.
Fire destroyed a block of business buildings in Brandon on
Tuesday. Four persons were
burned to death and a number
were injured.
In the annual "bowl fight" between freshmen and sophomores
at Pennsylvania university, one
student was killed and several
were injured.
Government reports on ice conditions in Hudson Bay indicate
that navigation of the bay and
strait is impracticable during the
greater part of the year.
A gasoline explosion on G.T.P.
train No. 1, near Edson. last
Saturday night, caused a lire
which destroyed all ordinary
mail and part of the registered
Mrs. Pankhurst, who reached
New York on Saturday, was detained by the immigration authorities, who ordered her exclusion. She has appealed to Washington.
The total dividends declared by
'British Columbia mining companies in 1915 were $2,236,839,
against $1,700,304 for 1914.
Dividends for 1916 are expected
to reach $3,000,000.
Dominion Trust assets, valued
at over $5,000,000 in 1913, were
worth only $500,000 when the
corporation went into liquidation,
according to experts who testified
in court on Monday.
The Ford peace party has disbanded at the Hague. The trip
cost $375,000. A permanent
board,including W.J.Bryan, Jane
Addams and Henry Ford, will be
formed to negotiate with the
pacifists of the belligerent nations.
A mining engineer has been
sent by the Dominion government to report on molybdenum
deposits in B.C. The metal is in
demand for use in the manufacture of big guns, and ore carrying as little as one per cent is of
Irving and Herbert Updike,
brothers, have been arrested in
Chicago for conspiracy to murder
their father, mother and sister.
The two had been disinherited,
Dry-Goods,   Boots &  Shoes,  Groceries,   Hardware
Brandy,   xxx Hennessy,        per bottle,    -   -   -   - $2.10
' "        xxx Marion              "     "         .75
^Champagne, Mumm's Extra Dry, per pint bottle,    - 2.00
Claret,       per bottle,         -       -       -       -   .60 and .50
Gin.       Finsbury,       Gordon Dry,       per  bottle,   - .85
Du Kuyper       -                         "       "       . 2.00
PorfdWine,          per  bottle,       -       -        1.00 and .50
Sherry,          Bodega   and   Blue Label,   per  bottle, .'i5
Whisky,       Scotch,       -       -1.75,    1,50,    1.35   and 1.25
Rye, 1.25 and .75
Rum,       per gallon,       8.00          per bottle, -       - 1.50
LIQUEURS:   Absinthe, Benedictine, Curacao, Cherry
Brandy,   Cherry Whisky,   Creme de Menthe,   Pousse Cafe,
Russian Kummel, and French Vermouth.
Express, General Drayage and Freighting
i tract if II I IV&RY nnA STAfiFV Wc are PrePare(1 to supply private
II    it if V^illl   UnU OlH.UL.iJ  anti  ,)Ublic  conveyances   day  and
(1-a half   ;, nigiit.      Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton.
In the Supreme Court of British
In the matter of the Administration
Act and in the matter of the Estate
of William McAvoy, deceased, intestate.
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
His Honour Judge Young, dated
the 12th day of January, 19.6, I was
appointed Administrator of the Estate
of William McAvoy,deceased,intestate,
who died on or about the 20th day of
August, 1909.
All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby requested to
forward the same, properly verified, to
me before the 2nd day of February,
1916, and all persons indebted to
the said estate are required to pay the
amounts of their indebtedness to me
Dated at Hazelton this 17th day of
January, 1916.
21-2 Official Administrator.
Consign  your shipments in  Our
Care   for  Storage  or   Delivery.
Address ull communications to Hazelton.
* -������ xt.rf:s^M\m^.wmMWBammmmmmmimmm
Ruddy & MacKay
G.T.P.S.S. Service to VANCOUVER, VIC-i
TORIA   and   SEATTLE.      S. S.   PRINCE'
GEORGE leaves Prince Rupert on Saturdays
at 9 a.m.   S.S. PRINCE JOHN leaves Prince
Rupert on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.
Passenger Trains leave Hazelton on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:48
a.m., lor Prince Rupert, connecting with above steamers.
Eastbound Passenger trains leave Hazeltonat6:08p.m. on Mondays
and Thursdays for Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Mixed Train leaving Hazelton Eastbound on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.,
and Westbound on Thursday at 4:4Sa.m., also carries passenger coach
and baggage car.
For full information, reservations on train or steamship, etc,
apply to unv G.T.P. Agent or to Albert Davidson, General Agent,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
COAL mining rightsof the Dominion,
in   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and
j Alberta,   the    Yukon    Territory,   the
! Northwest Territories and in a portion
  I of the   Province of   British   Columbia,
Tenders for Freighting of  Supplies   for
the Yukon Telegraph Line. , ^       ^   morfl than %m acres will
SEALED TENDERS uddrc ssed to the I be leased to one applicant,
undersigned and endorsed "Tender ! Application for a lease must be made
for Packing Supplies," will be received \ by the applicant in person to the Agent
until 4 P.M., on Tuesday, March 7,1918, oi' Sub-Agent of the district in which
for the packing of material and supplies ' the rights applied for are situated.
for points aleng the Yukon telegraph ; In surveyed territory the land must
line between Hazelton and Atlin, in the] be described by sections, or legal subdivisions rf sections, and In unsurveyed
Assay Office and Mining Office
Arts and Crafts Building;, 578 Seymour Sired
The Estate of J. O'Sullivan
Provincial Assaycrs'and Chemists
Established 1897 by the late J. O'Sullivan,   F. C. S., 26 years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
for liny   period from one monlh upward ftt ft per
. . ,   , . month in mlviinre.   This rate Includes nlilce  con-
may be leased for a term of twenty-one  1u|tation��� ,ind medicines, as well r�� nil eost�� while
years   at   an   annual   rental  of  $1   an I in the hospital.  Tickets obtainable In Hmelton
  "    lit the Post Office or the Drilir Store; in Aldermere
from Mr. Ti .1. Thorp; in Telkwn from Dr. Wallace;
or hy mud from the Medical Superintendent nt tbe
course  of  the seasons  1916,   1917 and
Forms of tender ami specification may
be obtained from Mr. J. T. I'helan,
Superintendent of Government Telegraphs, Vancouver, B. C., Mr. Win.
Henderson, District Superintendent of
Government Telegraphs, Victoria, B.C.,
and from the Government Telegraph
Agents at Ashcroft, B. C., Quesnel, B. C.,
Hazelton, B.C., and Telegraph Creek,
Persons tendering are notiliod that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed witn their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence. In the case of firms, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,
equal to ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be
forfeited jf the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fail to complete
the work contracted for. If the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 23, 1916.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department. ���89807.
territory the tract applied for shall be
Staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of five
cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B. ���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
One of the new  portable row
boat motors is provided with a
pump which can be used to empty water  from   boats   and   for
several other purposes.
Commercial Printing at
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statutes, that all assessed taxes and income and school tux,
assessed and levied under the "Taxation
4ct" and "Public Schools Act" are
due and payable on the 3rd of January, 1916. All taxes collectable for
the Omineca Assessment District are
due and payable at my oflice, situated
in the Provincial Government Building,
in the Town of Hazelton, B. C.
This notice, i n terms o f law, i s
equivalent to a personal demand by me
upon all persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Hazelton, B. C,
December 29th, 1916.
Assessor and Collector
18-21 for the
Omineca Assessment District. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1916
^ Enemy Massing Troops
|| Paris: The Saloniki corres-
.J) pondent of the Giornale D'ltalia
| says a despatch to the Temps
from Milan declares that information reaching the headquarters
of the Entente Allies at Saloniki
is that hostile forces numbering
about 320,000 are distributed between Monastir and the extreme
right wing of the Entente armies,
that 250,000 appear to be massed
for attack against the Entente's
left wing and center and; that on
the right are 18,000 Turks, 30,000
Bulgarians and 12,000 Germans.
Allies Land Men
Aylmer Defeats Turks
London:     The Turkish  forces
occupying positions on both banks
of the river Tigris,25 miles south
of Kut-el-Amara,in Mesopotamia,
are  retreating,  according  to an
announcement made today by the
official press bureau.     The  war
office adds that after hard fighting the Turks began to withdraw
on Jan. 13-14, and that they  are
being closely pressed by  British
troops under command  of Gen.
Aylmer.     The Turks in retreat
along  the Tigris are those who
have been holding back the British  column   proceeding   up   the
river to the relief of the  British
at   Kut-el-Amara.     The   relief
expedition is now within six miles
of Kut-el-Amara.
Arabs Fled From British
Cairo (British official  report):
"A column from Matruh dispersed  on  Thursday  400 Arabs who
had been located forty miles from
Matruh.     The Arabs showed no
resistance and tied on the approach of our force.     More than
one hundred camels and  all  the
sheep, goats and tents belonging
to the Arabs were captured, in
addition to two prisoners.   There
were no British casualties."
Move Montenegrin Capital
Berlin (by wireless to Sayville):
The Montenegrin government has
arrived  at Scutari, according to
advices from Vienna received by
the Overseas News Agency. The
foreign   consulates,   which   had
taken  up   quarters   at   Scutari,
have been moved to Alessio, an
Albanian coast town 20 miles
further south.
Advance In Caucasus
Constantinople: A new general offensive along the front of
almost oho hundred miles has
been undertaken in the Caucasus
by reinforced Russians,according
to an official statement issued
today  by the Turkish war oflice.
Civil War In Cnina German Report Discredited
San Francisco: Sixty thousand London: It is stated at the
revolutionary troops have defeat- foreign office that no new,-has
ed the forces of Yuan Shi Kai, been received confirming th
head of the Chinese government, i statements from German sources
in an action which took place in j of new developments in Greece,
the province of Sze Chuen, ac-1 and that the reports are believed
means  for transport  to  the in
Russians Make Progress
Petrograd (official): "Contrary
to the enemy's assertions, the
Russian offensive is developing
favorably in Persia and in the
Caucasus. The Russians captured
strong Turkish positions with
relatively small losses, taking
from the enemy 12 guns, huge
quantities of munitions and numerous prisoners. Some of the
Turkish regiments were annihilated."
Germans Leave Lutsk
Kiev: Lutsk, the important
fortress of Volhynia. one of the
is reported. During a flank at-j
tack, the Russians withdrew, i
unperceived, with the result that
two German flanking columns
came into collision and inflicted
heavy losses on each other before
the mistake was discovered. The
Russians attacked in the confusion and expelled the Germans.
From Dvinsk to Central Persia
four great Russian armies are
fighting, on the Dvina, in Bessarabia, the Causasus and Persia.
London: The Times prints on
its front page Lincoln's blockade
proclamation, and calls on the
cabinet to proclaim a similar
blockade against Germany.
There are signs of the tighten-
London: Reports received this I trian2le of fortifications there, is
morning from German sources' beinP evacuated by the Germans, | ing of the blockade. Ships are
state that the Allies have landed according to information obtained j unloading cargoes of American
forces at Piraeus, besides those from Prisonei'S here. Four thou-j beef consigned to Stockholm.
embarked at Phaleron. The Sal- sand Prisoners recently arrived j pHrfs. The rupture in Austro-
oniki correspondent of ihe Daily I llc're from the southwestern front. J Montenegrin negotiations is due
Mail says the Allies are  continu j Destroyed Two Zeps to humiliating terms.     Austria
ing to land troops at Orfano,   50     Amsterdam:     A   Maastricht! demanded that the Montenegrin
newspaper reports that the gun i troops lay down all arms and the
fire of the French has destroyed \ populace surrender all weapons,
two Zeppelins north of Rheims. ; All men of military age were to
The aircraft   are   said  to have be interned and Austria  was to
miles to the northwest of Saloniki.
Montengro Says, No
Zurich,Switzerland: The Lausanne Gazette states that King
Nicholas of Montenegro has
rejected formal peace proposals
by Emperor William, and made
through Prince von Buelnw, the
former imperial chancellor.
Sarrail In Control
London: General Sarrail,commander of the French fores at
Saloniki, is said by Renter's
correspondent at that point to
have taken over supreme command of the Allies' troops,bringing the British expedition under
his control. General Sarrail is
senior officer of General McMa-
hon, the British commander.
Bulgars Leave Albania
Athens: It is reported I hat the
withdrawal of the Bulgars from
Albania is due lo dissension', Bulgaria and Turkey desiring to open
separate peace negotiations.
NOTICE  is  hereby given  that, a
Court of  Revision  anil Appeal, under
the provisions  of the "Taxation   Act"
and   the   "Public   Schools   Act",   respecting  the   assessment   rolls  of the
Omineca  Assessment  District  for the
Year  1916, will   be held in the Government Office.   Hazelton,  B   0., on Friday,   the  21st day of Januar . 1916, at
the hour of 11 o'clock in the "irenoon.
Dated at Hazelton, B. C ,
December 20th, 1915
Judge of the
Court of Revision and Appeal.
Notice under Section 36
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register Charles Victor Smith,of Hazelton, B. C., as the owner
in F'ee-simple,under two Tax Sale Deeds
from the Assessor of the Omineca
Assessment District, to Charles
Victor Smith, bearing date the 3rd
day of November, A.D. 1915, in pursuance of a Tax Sale held by said
Assessor on or about the 11th day of
October, 1913. of all and singular cer-
d ant!
. ( .lain  parcels  or tracts of land and pre-
allen within the  German   lines,  search the country.    Montenegro mises situate, lying, and being in the
1 was to surrender all towns, cities
1 and transportation means.
j) London: The Bulgarian port
!of Dedeagatch is in ruins, owing
i to bombardment by the Allied
; fleet on Tuesday,
cording to a cablegram received
here today from Shanghai by
'long King Chong, president of
the Chinese Republic Association.
to be unfounded.
Constantine Fears Trouble
Milan: Fearing assassination,
King Constantine of Greece has
doubled his bodyguard, refusing
to appear at public functions.
Entente emissaries are reported
to be stirring up a revolution.
Nicholas Refuses Terms
London: The French embassy
announces that all peace negotiations between Montenegro and
Austria have been broken off.
The   Austrian   conditions   were J
Greece on Verge of War
London: Greepe today stands
at the parting of the ways, and
her entry into the war on the
side of the Teutonic alliance
seems a certainty. The early
occupation of Athens by Entente
forces is expected. It ia eatim-1 unacceptable. King Nicholas
ated that the Allies have 400,000 \ K��'ie to Italy-
troops in Greece. They have i A Strange Report
formed a band of steel on three Rome The charge that Monle-
sides of the kingdom, while the'negro agreed with Austria, even
fourth side is held by the power- j before theoutbreakof war, to cede
fill Austro-German - Bulgarian i Mount Lovcen, and that the deforces. The Entente is fully ! fense of the mountain was only
prepared to deal with the situa-j sufficient to lull the suspicions of
tion. . the Entente Allies, is made by a
Must Show Her Hand         , correspondent of the. Idea Na-
Berlin (via wireless):    BritainIzionale.
and  Franc* have  presented  an      "Italy  recently  sant an enor-
I Tread ihe Footpath I
of Peace
This Is the path of him who wears
B. C,
���mi ���    .m...
ultimatum to Greece, requiring
her to deliver their passports to
the ministers of the central powers in forty-eight hours,   failing
mous quantity of provisions to
revictual the Montenegrin and
Servian armies, but the provisions
were left rotting on the quays at
Weather Stays Advance
London: The British forces:
advancing to the relief of the!
besieged garrison at Kut-el-Am-1
ara have been unable to make I
further progress because of the
"atrocious" weather, the secretary of state for India, Hon.A J. I
Chamberlain, announced in the .    .,, , ~.     rr"   ,
, ,. .   , r     . 11 will be at   lhe   Hazelton
house ol commons today.      Last
despatches said  the Turks had until May 10
been  driven   bad;   to within six If you have any Raw Furs to dis-
miles of Kut-el-Amura's   outer pose of, give me a call
Defeat of Turks
Petrograd: The Turkish forces
in the Caucasus have been routed
on a 66-mile front in the Lake
Torlum region and driven into
retreat toward Erzerum, the
official communication from the
Russian general headquarters
announced last night. Several
Turkish units were almost annihilated. The repulse of a
German attempt to land on
the hank of the river Dvina be-
low Friedricstadt is also reported.
S. A. Troops in Egypt
Pretoria. (South Africa): The
first of the South African brigades to be sent to Egypt has
arrived at its destination, it was
officially announced today.
On the Western Front
Paris (official): "In the night
of Jan. 18-11). two German aeroplanes having; dropped four bombs
on Nancy, one of our air squadrons immediately took the air
and bombarded the railway stations at Metz and Arnaville.
Twenty-two shells were dropped
on the buildings, which suffered
some damage."
Airmen Retaliate
Paris (official): Between the
Oise and the Aisne our batteries
shattered the German trenches
in the region of Moulin-Sous-
Toutvent. In the Champagne
and in the Woevre our artillery
has been active at various points
along the enemy front. In the
Vosges, near Metzeral, an enemy
battery was badly damaged by
the fire of our cannon."
j To be BAFE   from   appendicitis
T take Adlor-i-ka.
i One spoon!ill of this  thorough
J bowel  cleanser   removes   almost
J, any  CASE of sour stomach, gas
1 or constipation.
I Yuu will be astonished at the
J amount  of  old   foul   matter the
j FIRST spoonful will draw off.
I Up-to-Date Drug Stores
| HAZELTON            ::                     B. C.
District of Cassiar, in the Province of
Hritish Colnmbia, more particulate
known and described as:���
An undivided one quarter interest in
and to Lot One hundred and forty-seven
(147), Group one (1), and part (sixty-
six (6G) acres) of the South East quarter of Lot Fourteen hundred and
eighty-one (1481), Range five (5),Coast
You and those claiming through or
under you, and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by descent
whose title is not registered under the
provisions of the "Land Registry Act"
are required to contest the claim of
the tax purchaser within forty-five
days of the service of this notice upon
you. Otherwise you and each of you
will be for ever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or in respect of the said land, and I shall register the said Charles Victor Smith as
owner in fee.
Your attention is called to Section 30
of the "Land Registry Act" and
amendments, and especially to the following extract therefrom which relates
to the above notice:
"And in default of a caveat or
certificate of lis pendens being
filed before the registration as
owner of the persons entitled under
such tax sale, all persons so served
with notice, or served with notice
under subsection ((>) of section IBS
of the "Municipal Clauses Act,
190(1," or section 293 of the "Municipal Act," or section 139 of the "Assessment Act, 1903," oi section 253
of the "Taxation Act," in cases in
which notice under this Act is dispensed with as hereinafter provided,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
interest in the land by virtue of any
unregistered instrument, and all persons claiming any interest in the land
by descent whose title is not registered under the provisions of this
Act, shall be for ever estopped and
debarred from setting up any claim
to or in respect of the land so sold
for taxes."
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
at the City of Prince Rupert, Province
of Hritish' Columbia, this 22nd day of
December, A.D. 1916.
District Registrar.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Carvis, Oregon.
17-H1 Vancouver, B.C.
which  the Allies will  take the I San Giovanni di Medua, Albania,
necessary measures. | although there were plenty of
Petrograd:   Heavy fighting on
the northern front at Jacobstadt
R. Cunningham & Son, Limited
Established 1870
fori l'..v,iiii:ttni and Hazelton, B.C.


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