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Omineca Miner Jan 1, 1916

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VOL. V, NO. 18
The soldiers aid and employ-
ant committee appointed at last
eek's public meeting has already
'egun its work, and it is expected its activities will be of benefit
to our bpys in khaki.     Although
the primary object of the com-
mittee.as a branch of the provincial   soldiers' employment commission, is to assist in finding
employment for returned soldiers,
the local organization intends to
go further.
At the organization meeting on
Monday evening, when A.R.Mac-
donald was elected chairman and
R. E. Allen secretary-treasurer,
it was resolved that a register of
all soldiers and sailors from this
district should be compiled, with
the object of keeping in touch
with the men and seeing that
they are supplied with tobacco,
reading matter and such other
comforts as can be furnished.
This work, which has hitherto
been left to individual effort, can
be carried on in a much more
satisfactory manner through the
committee, which intends, for
one thing, to supply each of our
men at the front with the kind
of tobacco he prefers.
Names and hospital addresses
of wounded soldiers from this
district will be furnished to the
local Red Cross society, with
which the committee hopes to
While funds will be required
for the committee's work, it is
expected that voluntary monthly
contributions sufficient for the
purpose will be forthcoming from
citizens who appreciate the action
of so many of our best young
men in offering themselves to
their country, and the committee
hopes its requirements will be
met without in any way militating
against the Patriotic Fund or the
Red Cross.
Contributions will be received
by the treasurer and all amounts
of one dollar and over will be
acknowledged in The Miner.
Representative men in other
parts of the Skeena and Kispiox
Valleys have been invited to.act
as associate members of the
committee. The executive consists of the officers named and
Messrs. S. H. Hoskins, A.E. Player,
Wm. Ware and J. Naylor.
F.J.Smyth, formerly of Hazelton,is now publishing the Princeton Star. His many friends here
will be interested to know that
Fred has just been married.
The hockey team was to go to
Rupert for a game today, but
owing to unfavorable weahterthe
trip has been postponed. The
coast players are willing to come
to Hazelton for a game.
Petrograd: The German and
Russian official bulletins regarding the operations south of the
Pripet river laconically state that
the battles are proceeding. The
importance of the engagements
seems to be considered by the!
Russian military critics as great.!
London (official): "Yesterdayj
sixteen of our aeroplanes bom-
barded the Comines station, and
hit the station, lines and sheds in
the vicinity. Ten of our aero-!
planes attacked heavily the aero-
drome and did considerable damage. In both cases all machines
returned safely.
"During the day there were
twelve encounters with hostile
aeroplanes. One of our machines
engaged four of the enemy, one
of which is believed to have been
brought down. Another was
damaged and all four were driven
off.     One of our aeroplanes was
brought down as a  result of a
combat with two machines."
Washington: It is announced
that, as a result of the second
Ancona note, Austria has finally
agreed to the demands of the
United States, and will pay indemnity for the American lives
lost. The commander of the
submarine which torpedoed the
steamer will be punished.
Paris (official): "In Artois,our
artillery exploded a munitions
depot to the southwest of Beau-
rains. Between the Avre and
the Oise our trench guns were
active, energetically bombarding
enemy works and destroying a
munitions depot in the sector of
"In the Vosges. the cannonade
was very active uuriiig the day,
especially in the regions of Hart-
manns-Weilerknpf, Metzeral and
the Linge.     One of our shells
caused, in the wood north of
Muhlbach, in the valley of the
Fecht, five successive and powerful explosions. In the region of
Rehefelsen, a German attack
with grenades was easily repulsed."
London: Wrecked in harbor
by an internal explosion, the
cruiser Natal is the most severe
loss the navy has experienced
since May. The vessel was built
in 1897. She carried a crew of
704, of .whom 400 were saved.
Paris: Durazzo has been occupied by the Italians.
'Enemy consuls at Saloniki, with
their staffs and families, have
been placed on a French warship
by order of General Sarrai'.
Austro-German troops are retiring from the Saloniki sector.in
view of the Russian advance on
The ladies of Hazelton W. A.
are to be congratulated on the
success of their campaign for
the Red Cross. By a series of
teas, a concert, and their annual
sale of work, supplemented by
subscriptions, they have gathered a substantial sum for the good
work. The gross total is now
$686.80, from which expenses
amounting to $29.50 are to be
The proceeds of the concert
amounted to $120.00, while the
sale of work brought $153.00.
Following is statement of the
receipts from other sources:
Red Cross Teas
Mrs. Sargent. $13; Mrs. Sealy.
$12.70; Mrs. Hoskins and Mrs.
Burrington, $14.00; Mrs. Kirby
and Mrs. Anderson, $17.00; Mrs.
Anderson and Mrs. Kirby,$16.00;
Mrs. MacKay, $32.50; Mrs. Mc-
Cready and Mrs. McDougall,
$36.50; Mrs. Grant and the Misses Grant, $30.30; Mrs. Wrinch
and the Hospital Staff. $30.25;
Mrs. C. V. Smith, $15.00.
Raffles For Red Cross
Mrs. Cox, Christmas Cake,
$20,00; Miss Sealy, Tea Cloth,
$25.00; Mr. Short. Mackinaw
Coat, 10.25; Mrs. Reid, Doll, 10.50;
Mr. Corrington, Field Glasses,
W. A. Members
Miss Soal, $8.00;   Mrs.  Short,
1.00; Mrs. Phillips, 2.00; Miss.W.
Soal, 1.00; Mrs. Stanton, 1.00;
Mrs. Hogan, .50; Mrs. Goddard,
2.00,   Mrs.   Field,   15.00;   Mrs.
j Sealy, 5.50.
Other Contributions
Isnac   Dens,   $1.00;     Sunday
j School children, 1.00; Collected
by Mrs. Kirby and Miss Soal,
62.60; Mrs. Saunders, 5.00; Hugh
! McKay, 5,00; W.J.Sweeney,2.8().
The Christmas tree entertainment on Thursday evening reflected the greatest credit on the
children and those responsible
for the many excellent features
of the program. Assembly Hall
was filled by parents and friends
of the young folks, all of whom
enjoyed to the utmost the entertainment provided. Lack of
space prevents extended notice
of the various numbers.
Farmers Meet On Eighth
We are informed by H.A. Beck,
secretary of the Bulkley Valley
agriculturists, that the first announcement regarding the coming
re-organization meeting anddance
was erroneous. The meeting will
be held at Aldermere next Saturday afternoon, Jan. 8, and the
farmers' dance will take place in
the evening. This meeting is of
great importance to all interested
in the progress of the Bulkley
Valley, and there should be a
record attendance.
Organization of a Red Cross
society, which has been in contemplation for some time, being
postponed in order to avoid any
interference with the work undertaken by the VV. A., is now
to be proceeded with. A meeting for the formation of the
society will be held in St. Andrew's Hall on Friday evening
next, Jan. 7. at 8 o'clock sharp.
All who wish to assist in this
noble and patriotic work are
requested to attend.
The ladies of the W. A. have
completed their remarkably successful campaign for Red Cross
funds,and it is necessary,in view
of the large number of soldiers
from this district now at the
front,that a general organization
chartered by the central Red
Cross should actively engage in
the work that has proved so
necessary. Canadian Red Cross
activities in all the fields of warfare have been most successful,
and have been accorded the highest praise by military authorities.
Hazelton will do its share in
helping the good work.
James Cronin, the prominent
mining operator, who is developing a promising property in the
Babine range.told the Vancouver
papers that the Hazelton district
would prove one of the greatest
ore camps of the province.
School opens at 9:30 Monday
Frank Conway, of Smithers,
was in town on Monday.
Dune. Lamont came up from
Gitwangak on Thursday.
F. M. O'Brien was up from
Skeena Crossing on Monday.
Mrs. Scrimgeour, of Prince
Rupert, is visiting Mrs. Roy
James Brown, who has been
prospecting in the Pacific district,
was in town this week.
Local Indians are preparing
for an elaborate potlatch, which
will be held on Monday.
Wm.Ellison and Edward Lewis,
well-known Ootsa Lake men, were
among the week's visitors.
Frank Van Gorder, who is in
charge of the Indian school at
Vanarsdol, is a holiday visitor
Mr. and Mrs.Chas.A.McClane,
of Vancouver.are here this week,
preparing for a trip to the In-
genica district.
The holder of ticket No. 218 is
the winner of the dinner set in
the Hudson's Bay Company's
holiday drawing.
J.D.Eddie, a well-known Bulk-
ley Valley man, who was a private in the 10th Battalion, has
been killed in action.
Bert Schooling underwent an
operation last week at Prince
Rupert, to qualify him for enlistment in the 102nd Battalion.
D. P. Wardop, who is now
located at Burns Lake, came in
Monday and left on Wednesday
for a visit to Rocher de Boule.
Hugh Taylor has been appointed operator at the Fort Fraser
station of the government telegraphs. He left for his post on
To Patrons of the Hospital
Preparations are being made
for the annual meeting of the
patrons of Hazelton Hospital,
which will be held on the fourth
Thursday of this month. Financial conditions prevailing during
the year have borne hard upon
this splendid idstitution; but its
efficiency has been maintained
at the highest standard, with results of the most gratifying
character. As funds are very
necessary for the coming year,
our readers are reminded that
subscribers of cash and purches-
ers of hospital tickets to the
amount of $5 or more are ranked
as patrons, all who remit before
the date of the annual meeting
being entitled to vote for a rep-
resentativeon the advisory board.
The Hospital management confidently expects a continuance of
the generous support it has always received from the people of
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING RATES: Display, $2.50 per inch per month; Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each insertion. Legal notices inserted at B. C.
Gazette rates.
Vol. V.
Saturday, January 1, 1916.
No. 18
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��� ���
The Favorite    CADpFNTQ
Shopping place  JAI\U����111  O
We Lead���
Others Follow
Hazelton has promptly responded to the call of the provincial
commission for the aid of returned soldiers, and has organized to
further the aim of the central body���the great national duty of
providing for the future of the men who are fighting for Canada
and the Empire. While the local committee will endeavor to assure
the comfort of the men on active service, its main object.of course,
will be to assist returning soldiers to re-establish themselves in
civil life.
The care of the soldier who has returned to Canada, mutilated
or weakened as a result of active service, is the prime duty of
Canadians. For some months the Canadian Patriotic Fund has
been endeavoring to ensure that the men already back from Europe
should suffer no want. This work has been voluntarily undertaken
by local committees of the Fund, although in most instances their
time is fully occupied with the task of making provision for the
families of soldiers.
Each soldier is interviewed at Quebec by a representative of
the Fund and a confidential report sent by the latter to the patriotic
committee of the town to which the soldier is going. This serves
the two-fold purpose of protecting the Fund against the greedy and
unscrupulous and of giving the local committee information that is
helpful in finding employment for the deserving. Not every man
who returns to Canada wearing His Majesty's uniform is included
in the latter category, but the great majority have done their duty
in the fullest degree. To the latter it has been the privilege of the
Fund to present a small badge bearing the words "For Service at
the Front." The men who are wearing these badges are the
worthiest citizens that we can acknowledge. Like charity, that
badge should be allowed to cover a multitude of sins.
The work that the Canadian Patriotic Fund can do for
returned soldiers, however, is limited by Act of Parliament, and it
has been specifically enacted that no assistance can be given by the
Fund to "any person who is in receipt of a gratuity, pension or
allowance paid by His Majesty or by any foreign government in
consequence of incapacity or death occurring aforesaid." Partly
on this account and largely because the pensions and gratuities
paid to incapacitated men are oft-times admittedly inadequate, it
has been necessary to establish a Hospitals Commission and
Disablement Fund. The officials of the latter.in their report to the
Federal Government, recommended, among other measures, that
provincial commissions be formed for the purpose of supplementing
these pensions either by monetary grants or by free training in
various trades. There is every prospect that in Canada at least
the traditional tragedy of the returned soldier will have no place.
A t this season of the year we beg to call your
** attention to the large and varied stock we
are carrying to meet your requirements, and in
particular to the following lines:
Table Linen and Napkins - - - Handkerchiefs, linen & silk
Gloves, in Wool, Kid, and Fur-lined
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Sweaters and Coats
A few Smoking Jackets at special prices - - Toques & Caps
Ties, Suspenders and Sox
Pipes, Cigar Cases, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos
Big Ben Clocks - - Ingersoll Watches, for pocket and wrist.
Flash Lights
Your New Years' Dinner will require many things we have���i. e.
Oranges, Apples, Bananas, Grapes
Jap Oranges,        Cluster Raisins,
Olives, Etc., Etc.
Wishing You All
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
Merchants R- S. SARGENT, LTD.
Invalided Soldiers
The following is the procedure
with refjard to invalid returned
soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force:
On arrival at Quebec they are
taken to the discharge depot,
where each man is examined by
a medical board, which decides
whether he requires any further
medical or surgical treatment,
whether his disability will be improved by a stay in a convalescent home, sanatorium or other
institution, and whether he appears to have a claim for pension.
Those who are not likely to be
benefitted by treatment in a convalescent home but are shown to
have a claim for pension are discharged and provided with transportation to their homes. In
addition, they are given one
month's pay in accordance with
their rank ($1.10 and upwards),
together with one month's subsistence allowance at 75 cents a
day, and any accrued pay. Pro-
videded that, except in special
cases, only $10 will be given to
any man at Quebec and the balance will be sent to him by
cheque by the officer commanding
the discharge depot, to the care
of the A. D. M. S. of the division
or district to which the man proceeds; to be delivered to him on
registering his address in person
or by letter. Subsequent pay
and allowances will be issued
monthly from headquarters at
Ottawa, until the claim has been
disposed of, when discharge from
the service will be carried out.
Those requiring treatment are
sent either to a military hospital
or to a convalescent home, or
some other institution, as the
medical board may decide, and
will there undergo such treatment as may be prescribed, until
it is decided by the medical
authorities that the disability
does not call for further treat-
ment,or that it is of a permanent
nature. Such men will receive
pay,   and  separation allowance
In the Supreme Court of British
In  the matter  of  the Administration
Act and in the matter of the Estate of Frank Willimaki,  alius Frank
Hill, deceased, intestate:
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
His     Honour   Judge    Young,   dated
the 15th day of December, 1915, I was
appointed Administrutoi of the Estate
of Frank Willimaki,   alias   Frank Hill,
deceased, intestate.
All persons having claims against
the said Estate are hereby requested
to forward the same, properly verified,
tome, before the 3rd day of Junuary,
191li, and all persons indebted to
the said Estate are required to pay
the amounts of their indebtedness to
me forthwith.
Dated 20th December, 1915.
Official Administrator.
17-8 Hazelton, B. C.
Lowest rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and berth included on steamer
S.S. "Princeu Maquinna" leavei Prince Rupert every SUNDAY, at 6 p.m.
S.S. "Princesi   May"   leavei   Prince   Rupert   Dec.    17th;
Jan. 2nd, 14th & 28th at 7 p.m.
J.I.Peters, General Agent, 3rd Ave. & 4th St., Prince Rupert,Ii.C.
The Omineca Miner is two dollars a year anywhere in Canada.
will be continued until their claim
for pension has been dealt with,
when discharge from the service
will be carried out. Subsistence
allowance is not, of course, paid
to men in hospitals, conv alescent
homes or other institutions.
Those who do not req uire treatment and are not shown to have
a claim for pension, are provided
by the officer commanding the
discharge depot with transport to
their homes and with any outstanding pay due to them and
their discharge is carried out
All soldiers entitled to an honorable discharge are permitted to
retain their uniforms.
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
Paid up Capital tl.SOO.OOO. VANCOUVER, B. C.
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
Germany will issue ten-pfennig
coins of iron.
Spain will hold general elections in March.
Taft says he is not a candidate
for the presidency.
British losses in the Dardanelles
campaign to date are 112,000.
Prohibitionists are preparing
for a Dominion-wide campaign,
One fourth of the Indians of
Canada are in British   Columbia.
An El Paso despatch says Villa
is a fugitive in northern Mexico.
Jamaica is sending a second
contingent of 1000 men to the
Roosevelt is expected to be a
presidential candidate, on the
Progressive ticket.
Figures just compiled show-
that 8000 murders occurred in
the U.S. last year.
Philadelphia has an  epidemic,]
of grippe, which has proved fatal
in a number of cases.
Fifteen hundred people are icebound at Anchorage, the new
railroad port in Alaska.
Brand Whitlock sailed on Wed-
desday to resume work as American minister in Belgium.
Joffre is weeding out all French
officers who fail lo maintain the
highest standards of efficiency.
Russian hospitals have dealt
with 100,000 enemy wounded, in
addition to their own  casualties.
The Empress of Japan,released
from duty as a cruiser, is again
in the C.P.R. transpacific service.
Sarah Bernhardt, the noted
actress, is suffering with a bone
disease, believed to be incurable.
Montreal proposes to abolish
its board of control and extend
the aldermanic term to four years.
Russia is negotiating for a
$00,000,000 loan in the United
States, through Stockholm bankers.
Canada will have 300,000 men
under arms before the war is
over. One thousand are enlisting
Scandinavian countries last
week experienced the greatest
cold ever recorded there in December,
A Cairo report says the main
Arab force operating near Mat-
eruh has been dispersed by British troops.
Malta advices say the Japanese
liner Yasaka Maru was torpedoed
without warning. One American
citir-.en was lost.
A Berlin despatch says the
Kir.g of Italy was wounded by
an Austrian grenade and is in a
mi'itary hospital.
A. B. Grace, who started the
Port Steele Prospector in 1896,
printing it on a mimeograph, is
dead at Cranbrook.
The British government has
re formed the Imperial general
staff, with General Sir William
Robertson at its head.
Hon. W. J. Bowser went to
Kamloops on Wednesday, for a
^vo-weeks' rest. His health has
fot been good for some time.
\ The  schooner  Sausalito   was
(jlriven ashore and wrecked on
for this purpose. Mr. Thomson
thinks that such commissions
would serve to re-establish the
old  activity in  mines and other
Waddah Island, near Cape  Flat-1 of the natural  resources of the
tery.   Those on board were  gal-' province.
lantly  rescued  by  the  crew  of     Mr.   Thomson  urges   the   ap-
the Neah Bar life station. ! pointment of exper(s to commis-
Great herds of cariboo are  re-Lions for the purpose ofstimulat-
ported in the Yukon.     One herd  ]w [u[erei,t in the ,,Teat   natural||
on   C liiornia creek   was   three ,                        ��
.,     ,           , .   ,..       .,      .,     resources among Canadians   as s
miles  long and hall a mile wide.
well as in foreign financial circles. I j;
Of the ��160,000,000  annually   .      ,        ,        ' . .   - ���   2
-j.      ,.               ��� .,  .     ,,    i A   plan   tor   the provincial   or 3
spent -for  liquor  in Britain, the^ 1 =
Bishop of London believes ��60, -federal governments to provide |
000,000 can be saved for the war'capital for this purpose, backing ��
fund. up   their   faith   by   the   actual ��
Fire destroyed 200,000 feet of investment of money, might well
lumber in  the  dry   kiln  of the J be considered, Mr.Thomson said.
Emerson Hardware Co. at   Port- j    There is too much of  the  raw
land on Monday.    The  loss  was
Frank Stone, charged with
forgery and the theft of $18,000
from the Washington state accident fund,  has been arrested in! doubt about the
j Hudson's Bay Company |
1                                   HAZELTON, B. C. |
=    Dry-Goods,   Boots &  Shoes,  Groceries,   Hardware |
g =���^- S
1                                LIQUOR I
1    Brandy,   xxx Hennessy,        per bottle,    -   -   -   -   $2.10 |
��          "         XXX Marion                "      "               .75 g
Champagne, Mumm's Extra Dry, per pint bottle,    -     2.00 =
Claret,       per bottle,         ...       -   .60 and       .50 |
Gin,       Finsbury,       Gordon Dry,       per bottle,   -      .85 ��
Du Kuyper             -     '-        "                    2.00 ��
Port Wine,           per  bottle,       -       -         1.00 and       .50 |
Sherry,           Bodega   and   Blue Label,   per  bottle,      .75 ��
Whisky,       Scotch,       -       -1.75,    1,50,    1.35   and     1.25 ��
Rye, 1.25  and       .75 |
Rum,       per gallon,       8.00          per bottle, -       -     1.50 |
resources bein
the country in comparison  with
the importation of  finished  products, he added.      There  is  no
xistence   of
Portland. ! tremendous tonnages of all kinds
In the allotment of Canada'sPf commercial ores now awaiting
war loan,   the banks received 801development in the province.
per cent of their  subscription*.
All   other   subscribers   received
,. ii _,. ,       , London,   Dec.   2V:
hill allotments.
issue   of   "Debrett's  Peerage,"
S    LIQUEURS:   Absinthe, Benedictine, Curacao, Cherry    O
��    Brandy,   Cherry Whisky,   Creme de Menthe,   Pousse Cafe,    ��
shipped  but  ofl Russian Kummel, and French Vermouth.
Blood Will Tell
London,   Dec. '27:���The   new
I the official annual record of Brit-
The Allies intend  to  examine
all mail parcels passing  between
the United States and neutral I-'3" titles, strikingly illustrates
countries, and will seize goods how the aristocracy has suffered
intended for Germany. through the war.    A roll of honor
The crew of the Spanish cruris- of some eight htlndred names is
er Alfonso, who had pooled theirLjyen of those killed in battle or
chances, won first prize in tho who have died'-'of'wounds, filling
government   Christmas   lottery, ,     , ui
a    oi v ��� i   at oori ooo twelve nages. IM
and will divide $1,200,000.
a-Ta'^nuaam ..trAvMtxn*.v^\-*i��w;r.*TS*wwMW
Express, Genera! Drayage and Freighting
LIVERf and STAGES & ���arcr" t0 ���** privat-;!
public  conveyances   day  and
Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton. ;|
Consign  your shipments!^ Our     R0(Jdy   &   MacKayf
Care  i'or Storage or  Delivery.
Aii ;-i::   nil i-(,liii;i'll;ic:i',i>.li.s  Lo llili.'llmi.
twelve pages.
The  list contains the names of
one member of the royal   family,
sixteen baronets, six
Vancouver Liberals have chosen
M. A. Macdonald as their can. Ii
date to oppose Hon. C. E, Tisdalll81*  peer8<
in the by-election,  which  is ex- knights, seven members  of   the
pected about the end of January,  House  of Commons.  164  com-
The general pr isperity of Can- nanions of various orde-s,   ftfly-
ada is reflected in the bank state- four  sons of. peers,   eighty-two
ments for the m mth,showing an sons of baronets and eighty-four
increase in depositsof $45.000,000, Lons of kniKnt8i
the largestincrease ever reported.     ���. .
Changes in succession to more
The greatest copper sale in his- ,,,.,��� ()tR, ,]nm||.ei| tjtleg thug ,m.,
tory was consummated last. week.. ,
i       .-inn nnn n/,n ' been caused,
when  200,000,000  pounds   were
sold. The British government
took 134,400,000 pounds at twenty cents.
G.T.P.S.S. Service to VANCOUVER, VIC
GEORGE leaves Prince Rupert on Saturdays
at 9 a.m. S.S. PRINCE JOHN leaves Prince
Rupert on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.
Passenger Trains leave Hazelton on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:48
a.m., for Prince Rupert, connecting with above steamers
Eastbound Passenger trains leave Hazelton at,6:08p.m. on Mondays
and Thursdays for Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Mixed Train leaving Hazelton Eastbound on Saturday at p.m., and
Westbound on Thursday at a.m., also carries passenger coach and
baggage car.
For full information, reservations on train or steamship, etc,
apply to any G.T.P. Agent or to Albert Davidson, General Agent,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
:.'--�����mc^r-aar.rjn siCTir'imM'S^ISJi^'-'''-7���!-^
: Assay Office and Mining Ofiice
| Ails .ind Crafts Building, 578 Seymour Street
��������cB0M*r     The Estate of j  O'Sullivan
of   Coal Mining Regu-' Provincial Ajsayers and Chemists
Established 1897 by the late J. O'Sullivan,   F. C. S., 26 years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
������  ���    -;_':������::��� M��
Timber Production
The   provincial   limner statement for lhe month of November
( ''OAL mining rightsof the Rom
^���'   in  Manitoba,   Saskatchewan
'OAL mining rightsof the Dominion,
ii   and
Alberta,   the    Yukon    Territory,   the
llrULLIUN nUaniALTroK^Ts
Northwest Territories and in a portion   f,,. nny  period from one month upward at si per
of the   Province of   British   Columbia,   month In udvance.   This rate lnclados office con-
.       i i .,,.,,, t.n l ,���!.��� .1 Pnv -i t, i ri7i t\t tivent I'-imi'   viltatlons and medicines, as well as all costs while
AniimX matelv a b      On   Mild    a   .-I,.-,��.������  fl,-,l   II,,. I,,|.,l .-,.���,I . nf unu>      1,y 90'easeC1 '��   *   , ,,      ,    '., In thai nil  !    Tickets obtainable In   Uaiolwn
nu|in>.\im<iui.\   a uiui        "i��   ��   SHOWS mat tne. total SCaie Ot Saw   yenrs   ;,t   an   annual   rental   oi   $1   an I Bt u,e post Office or the Drua-Store; In Aldermere
"-'-'-"  '-     A :-      . ,.        , i ,    i   acre      Not   more than 2,560 acres will   FromMr. T..1. Thorp: in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace!
lOg'S    lor   the province amounted   he leased to one applicant. 1��  I'miall from the Medical Huoerlntendent atthe
,     , to 47,436,313, ft., B.M.,   ill addi-     Application for a lease must be made| ���
nine'   ot    the   war,    have    been' by the applicant in person to the Agent     _ D n      ,       _   _
,.,. ..i,.���,.i,   i i���- .k,, ii���ii,.,i c;,.,r. u tion to 21)1,577 lineal feel ot piles or Sub-Agent of the district in which    Ureen Bros.. Burden & Co.
re-ab.ioibeii bj the United bi.ites '   ,     ^ r[shta applied for are situated. Civil Engineers
markets :l"1' poles and ILbpfc cords ol ties, :    |��� surveyed territory the land must        nonunion and Bntish Columbia
jjuhingle Bolts *n$W*   ��*" be describe^ by sections, or   legal suh- Land Surveyors
half dollars in   American securities, held in Europe at the begin-
Rocco Ferrante, recently ac-
quitted on the charge of murdering Engineer Magoon at Vedder
Mountain, has confessed to the
murder of Nick Cocael, a compatriot, at Coghlan, 11. C. The
victim was found with his head
cut off.
The recent epidemic of housebreaking in Vancouver is attributed to Chinese criminals. Detectives arrested seventeen Chinamen in a house in which an
immense quantity of goods stolen
from various stores on Sunday
was found.
posts, etc.
Ten   thousam
Hritish Columbia plant  life an
included In the provincial   collection at Vancouver.
i dl\ isions of seclions, anil in unsurveyed
T" territory the tract applied for shall he Offices at Victoria, Nelson, Fort Oeorge
specimens    Of | staked ont by the applicant himself, and New Hazelton
ed if tho rights applied for are not
avail, ble, but not otherwise, A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at tlie rate of live
cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and "pay the
royalty   thereon.     If  the   coal mining
To Encourage Mining
In  a   discussion    of   general
Commercial Printing at
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statutes, that all assessed taxes and income and school tax,
assessed ami levied under the "Taxation
Act" and "Public Schools Act" are
mining conditions, Mr. John A. I due and payable on the 3rd of Jan-
.���, .   . ( ,     ,       I uary, 191(i.     All  taxes  collectable for
lhomson, a milling man who has | the 6mineca Assessment   District   are
due  and payable at my office, situated
been operatingin British Columbia
for several years,said to the Vancouver Province that perhaps the
most feasible scheme for interesting Canadians more extensively
in the mineral wealth of this
province would be the appointment of government commissions |
in the Provincial Government Building',
In the Town of Hazelton, B. C.
This notice, i n terms o f law, i s
equivalent to a personal demand by me
upon all persons liable for taxes,
Dated at Hazelton, B. C.,i
December 29th, 1916.
Assessor and Collector
18-21 for the
Omineca Assessment District.
rights are net being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion bands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B. ���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to the  Legislative
The Indian population of Canada is increasing, except in New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, where decreases are
Assembly of the Province of British Columbia at ilsnexlSessionon behalf of The
Naas& Skeena Rivers Railway Company,
a Company incorporated by the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, by Chapter (ill of the Statutes
of British Columbia, lull, for an Act
to be entitled "The Naas & Skeena
Rivers Railway Act, 1911, Amendment.
Act, 191(5", extending the periods prescribed by Section 79 of the Railway
Act, within which The Naas & Skeena
Rivers Railway Company should bona
fide commence the construction of its
railway, procure the bona fide payment
up in cash of not less than fifteen per
cent of the authorized share capital of
the Company, and the expenditure of
such fifteen per cent In. upon and
towards the construction of its railway,
and the completion and putting into
operation of the said Company's railway; and for such further and incidental
powers as may be necessary.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 24th day
of November, 1915.
14-19 Solicitors for the Applicant. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1916
||        MONDAY, dEC. 27
German Attack Defeated
Paris: There has been very
severe fighting between Ypres
and Armentieres, where the offensive for which the Germans
have been preparing for weeks
was launched. Large quantities
of asphyxiating gases were used
in preparation for the attempt to,
break the British line. The Germans lost eight thousand officers
and men, without gaining any
ground, the British line remaining
Greece Bars Invasion
London: An Athens despatch
says King Constantine has informed Germany that Bulgarian
and Turkish troops cannot cross
the Greek frontier. It now appears improbable that the Allies
at Saloniki will be attacked, as
the Germans will not make the
attempt without the aid of the
Turks and Bulgars.
Italy has been approached by
the Greek government,with are-
quest for information regarding
the landing of Italian forces at
Avlona, Albania.
London : The Montenegrin
army has assumed the offensive
in Sanjak, and in a fierce engagement forced the Austrians to retreat with a loss of 1500.
Paris: The Persian cabinet,
which has been the tool of the
Teutonic interests, has been dismissed. Its fall is regarded as an
important gain for the Allies.
Kaiser's Illness
London : Alarming reports
concerning the Kaiser's illness
are in circulation, according to
today's despatches, The condition
of his throat is said to he serious.
Petrograd: In several engagements at points on the eastern
front, our troops succeeded in
dislodging the Germans from
their positions.
Athens : Great damage to
enemy shipping in the Sea of
Marmora is being caused by
British submarines, a number of
which have just entered the Sea.
outskirts of Schoor and Woumen.
The enemy   infantry, who   had
; collected in  the  trenches,   were
!dispersed by our fire.' "
Hun Plotters Failed
Quebec:   It is now known that
j Paul Koenig, who is under arrest
in New York as a principal in the
I German plot to blow up the Wei
| land canal, accompanied the man
j who represented himself as a son
lOfMeunier,  of chocolate  fame.
I This pair, in  June,   1914, visited
Valcartier, the docks and ammunition  testing grounds,  making
sketches.   They tried to purchase;
high ground at Ste. Lucie, for a,
cement factory.     A  vessel  en-|
gaged in fortifying a line between
Gievgeli and Doiran.
King Constantine has assured
General Castelnau, chief of the
French general staff, that "the
Greek army would never fight
against the Allies." This declaration has created a sensation
in official circles.
Austro-Bulgarian Squabble
Naples:     A sanguinary  fight
between   Austrians and Bulgarians at Uskub is reported.     One
| Austrian and two Bulgarian offi-
[cers were killed and a nurcrberon
'each side were wounded.
|    The  11th   Bulgarian   infantry
mutinied atGumulgrida, Bulgaria.
Russian Activity
London:  The Russian fleet has
gaged by them was seized by the
naval  authorities  when  on   the sunk two German  ships  and  a
point of sailing j submarine off the Bulgarian coast.
Italian Successes
Rome (official communication):
"In the Guidicaria Valley our
artillery opened fire yesterday
on the positions in the neighborhood of Cologne, on which enemy-
sunk by gunfire and the other
striking a mine. Both were
built in 1913. The remainder of
the Austrian fleet dispersed, being pursued in the direction of
their base by our ships.
London: A Montenegrin brig,
armed with cannon,sunk an Austrian submarine off San Giovanni
di Medua.
London: Maritime insurance
rates, via the Suez canal, have
been tripled. This is believed to
indicate the imminence of an attempt on Egypt by a German-
Turkish expedition. Merchant
vessels are now taking the South
African route.
In the Supreme Court op British
In the matter of the Administration
Act and in the matter of the Estate
of John Barrett, deceased, intestate.
��� , .   ,      TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
Russian   troops   have occupied   H is   Honour    Judge    Young,   dated
; the important town  of Kashan, .the 2.0th dajr-of December, 1915, I was
, , . tii appointed Administrator of the   Estate
!and are now  marching  On   Isha-, ol John Barrett, deceased, intestate
,   , i     i , ,, jlhan, Asia Minor. All  persons   having  claims  against
batter.es had been reported,  and Germany are said . ?e sak! !2tatfe *re hereb>! re<Juested t0
Austria anu u< rmany die  sain ; forward the same, properly verified, to
i , j I to  have   reached   an   agreement  me   before   the   3rd day   of January,
several   heavy    explosions and | laiewd all   persons   indebted   to
tll!     "'���'���������   ""    ���"'' ���ll'1"11   '�� ro -j the said estate are required to pay the
: amounts  of  their   indebtedness to me
i forthwith,
l       |     Dated 24th December,
Nine German and Austrian
submarines have been sunk or
;destroyed in the  Mediterranean.
outbursts of flame,
"The activity of small detachments of our troops in the valleys
of the Cameras ad Maggio Torrent lead to successful encounters
with the enemy in which we took
some prisoners.
"On the Carso, the enemy
attempted during the night to
attack our positions on Monte
Busi, but was promptly stopped
by our troops.''
Too Late, Says Venizelos
London: Called upon by King
Constantine to form a n-'W cabinet for Greece, Veniz"los has
refused. Now that Servia is
crushed, he says, it is too late to
apply his policy.
the  partition  of Po-
Japanese Aroused
Tokio: Intense feeling
j been aroused by the sinking of a
Japanese steamer in the Mediterranean, Japan has sent a. number of warships on a secret mis-
I sion.
Official Administrator.
Hazelton, B. C.
Big Guns Busy
Paris (official): "In Belgium,
a fire carried out against the
enemy positions between the
great dune and the sea gave good
results. Parapets were destroyed
in several places and a blockhouse
on the first German line was
blown up.
"In Artois, last evening, we
exploded a mine to the northwest
of Hill 140. The enemy was
prevented from occupying the
"Between the Somme and the
Oise our artillery dispersed the
enemy to the northeast of Chilly,
between Somme and Rheims.
Our batteries damaged German
fortified works to the north of
"In the Vosges, to the north
of the Linge, our artillery succeeded in destroying a battery
casemate and machine gun shelters. iVe successfully bombarded
enemy trenches at Schratzman-
"The Belgian official statement
reads: 'A violent artillery action
has occurred along the Belgian j withdrawal of the Bulgar troops
front. We effectively shelled i four miles from the Greek fron-
various German batteries in the' tier.     They are now busily en-
Will "Fetch" Slackers       ���
London: The government has
decided to introduce a bill providing for a modified form of
conscription. All single men of
military age will be required to
present themselves for enlistment
before the married volunteers
are called up for service.
Conspirators Indicted
New York: As a result of the
federal investigation, eight men,
including Frank Buchanan and
Robert Fowler, ex-congressmen,
F. S. Monnett, former attorney-
general of Ohio. David Lamar,
known as the "Wolf of Wall
Street ", all members of lhe
Labor national peace council, with
Franz von Rinlelen, now a prisoner in England, were indicted by
the grand jury on conspiracy
charges. The books of the outfit
showed that Lamar acted as paymaster of a fund of $30,000,000
supplied by the German government. Strikes were fomented,
and it was planned, among other
things, to involve the United
States in war with Mexico.
On the Western Front
Paris: A great artillery engagement is in progress along the
entire front in the Vosges.
Berne: The complete failure
of recent German attempts in
Flanders have demonstrated that
the British line is impregnable.
Greece Wont Fight Allies
Athens: Fear of a Bulgarian
invasion has been allayed by the
Big Battle in East
London: Although there is no
official intimation, the Russians
are undertaking a great offensive
in Bukowina, near the Bessarab-
ian frontier. Austrian reports
indicate that Russian troops in
large numbers have been concentrated in that sector, and that a
great battle is in progress at
A simultaneous attack by the
Russians is taking place on a!
front extending from Pruth to a
point north of the Dniester, al
d is I an re of forty miles.
Petrograd:     The  official com-1
munication says:   "In the region
of Riga, south  of Lake  Babbit, j
the Germans attempted  to ap-j
proach  our  trenches,   but  were|
repulsed by our  fire.     Some of
the Germans succeeded in getting j
near our barbed wire,   but  were1
driven back to their trenches  by
a sortie of our men.
French Take Prisoners
To George M. Swan, or to any person or persona
lo whom you may have transferred your interests,
take notice that 1, the undersigned co-owner with
you in the Cumberland. Russell and Sundown
(Russell Group) Mineral Claims, situated in Hunter BaBin, in the Hazelton Mining Division of Online' a District. Province ol' British Columbia, have
done the/required amount of work on the above-
mentioned claims fur the year 19M in order to
hold the same under section 24 of the Mineral Act
and if within Sill days of the publication of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute S153.60.your
portion ol' such expenditure, together with the
cosls of this advertisement, your interest in the
said mineral claims will become the property of
the undersigned under Set tion l of the Mineral
Ait Amendment Ai t of 1900,
J. N. CAKH, Co-Owner.
Datadat Smithers, Ii. C.,this80thday of October, 1015. y-2i
Tread the Footpath
of Peace
This is the path of him who wears
I Hazelton, B. C.
20% OFF
All   Holiday   Goods
We Wish One and All
jondon:   rhere is no change 1 a , < in
_ . if A Happy and Prosperous
affairs In I wni; vr-*rV
in   the   condition   of
Macedonia. The Austro-Germans t
are unable to spare troops  from + Up-to-Date Drug Stores
the Russian front, and anv  seri- If HAZhLT0N :: B.C.
ous  attack   must  be carried out'o******************+*****o
by the Bulgarians.
Paris:    French  troops, following up  their successes   in   the
Vosges, captured a series of Ger-1
man   works   yesterday,    taking
1668 prisoners.
Successful artillery actions on
the British and Belgian fronts
are also reported.
Paris: The Turkish island of
Castelorizo, in the ^Egean Sea,
has been occupied hy French
troops. The island is regarded
as an indispensable naval base.
Allied Win on the Sea
Paris : An Austrian naval
division, which left Cattaro yesterday with the object of bombarding Durazzo, encountered a
squadron of Allied warships,
which gave battle. The enemy
lost two destroyers,  one being
���   NOTICE
NOTICE is hereby given  that a
Court  of  Revision   and Appeal, under
the provisions  of the "Taxation   Act"
and   the   "Public   Schools   Act",   respecting the  assessment  rolls  of the
Omineca  Assessment  District  for the
vear  1916, will  be held in the Government Office,   Hazelton,  B. C, on Friday,   the 21st day of January, 1916, at
the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Hazelton, B. C,
December 20th, 1915.
Judge of the
Court of Revision and Appeal.
Notice under Section 36
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register Charles Victor Smith,of Hazelton, B. C., as the owner
in Fee-simple, under two Tax Sale Deeds
from the Assessor of the Omineca
Assessment District, to Charles
Victor Smith, bearing date the 3rd
day of November, A.D. 1915, in pursuance of a Tax Sale held by said
Assessor on or about the 11th day of
October, 1913. of all and singular certain parcels or tracts of land and premises situate, lying, and being in the
District of Cassiar, in the Province of
British Colnmbia, more particulary
known and described as:���
An undivided one quarter interest in
and to Lot One hundred and forty-seven
(147), Group one (1), and part (sixty-
six (66) acres) of the South East quarter of Lot Fourteen hundred and
eighty-one (1481), Range live (5),Coast
You and those claiming through or
under you, and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by descent
whose title is not registered "under the
provisions of the "Land Registry Act"
are required to contest the claim of
the tax purchaser within forty-five
days of the service of this notice upon
you. Otherwise you and each of you
will be for ever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or in respect of the said land, and I shall register the said Charles Victor Smith as
owner in fee.
Your attention is called to Section 36
of the "Land Registry Act" and
amendments, and especially to the following extract therefrom which relates
to the above notice:
"And in default of a caveat or
certificate of lis pendens being
filed before the registration as
owner of the persons entitled under
such tax sale, all persons so served
with notice, or served with notice
under subsection (6) of section 155
of the "Municipal Clauses Act,
1906," or section 293 of the "Municipal Act," or section 139 of the "Assessment Act, 1903," ot section 253
of the "Taxation Act," in cases in
which notice under this Act is dispensed with as hereinafter provided,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
interest in the land by virtue of any
unregistered instrument, and all persons claiming any interest in the land
by descent whose title is not registered under the provisions of this
Act, shall be for ever estopped and
debarred from setting up any claim
to or in respect of the land so sold
for taxes."
Dated nt the Land Registry Oflice,
at the City of Prince Rupert, Province
of British Columbia, this 22nd day of
December, A.D. 1915.
District Registrar.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Garvis, Oregon.
17-21 Vancouver, B.C.
We Wish All Our
]R. Cur,
I     Established 1870
Cunningham & Son, Limited i     I
Fori Essinfflon and Hazelton, B.C.


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