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Omineca Miner Jun 8, 1918

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 Advertisers Secure Results by using Miner columns.     Subscribers Secure the Reliable News of the Northern Interior,
rPt*f*Pt ^^flflflnpnnp
Items From the Bulkley Valley
What is Happening In Smithers and Telkwa
(Special to The Miner)
The Hotel Bulkley has been
reopened and is doing a flourishing business.
Miss Florence Davis, formerly
of Winnipeg, arrived in Smithers
last Wednesday to take a position
in the drugstore.
G. V. Dibley has rented the
McKay house and expects his
family to arrive on Thursday.
W. J. Carr was a visitor in
town on Thursday.
W. Doodson motored to Hazelton last Saturday and returned
on Sunday.
E. Hann has accepted a position with the forestry branch.
R. J. McDonell and Mrs. F. G.
Heal and daughter were visitors
from Telkwa on Wenesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reid, Mrs.
Sharpe and Miss Underhilf have
taken the Jennings cottage at
Lake Kathlyn for the month.
Mrs. Sam. Johnson and Mrs.
Foley, of Evelyn, were visitors
in town on Wednesday.
P. B. Carr left on last Thursday's train for the coast, where
he will report for service overseas.
W. Armstrong,   Mrs.   Brodie,
(Special to The Miner)
The bridge at Goat Creek is
now complete, and after a few
days' more work on the road,
everything will be in readiness
for the Telkwa coalfields to start
F. A. Burgess spent a few days
in town this week as the representative of Waghorn, Wynn &
Co.. of Vancouver.
Mrs. T. Jefferson returned to
town this week, after spending
the winter in the south.
Lieut. Anderson was in town
during the past few days on business for the military authorities.
Brab. Hoops and Mrs. Mitchell
all of Telkwa, were in town on
John Goold has resigned his
position with R. S. Sargent and
left on Wednesday's train for
Miss Jean Grant and Miss Dorcas McDougall returned from
Hazelton on Monday evening.
John Kelly, of Hazelton, spent
a  few  days in town during the
Mrs. Clarke, of North Bulkley,
spent Tuesday in Smithers.
This week a number of further
subscriptions for the James May
Memorial Fund were received.
For the benefit of those who do
not know the purpose of the
fund, it may be said that, at the
instance of requests from the
friends and acquaintances of
James Jasper May, pioneer of
pioneers in the Cariboo and Omineca, who died at Hazelton last
December,The Miner will receive
subscriptions, limited to one dollar, for the purpose of erecting a
suitable headstone to mark the
last resting place of the departed
veteran, which today is a mere
mound of earth, undistinguished
among other such mounds.
We cannot emphasize too deeply the duty we owe to Jim May.
He spent the best years of his
life, from those of early manhood until advancing age compelled him to quit the trail, in
blazing! the way for civilization.
We must preserve the memory
of his achievements.   Therefore,
Raised Nice Amount
As the result of the tag day
held on Thursday, condected by
the local branch of the Red Cross
Society, the sum of $44.50 was
realized for the funds of the
branch. The collectors were:
Mrs. Anderson, Miss Cunningham, Miss Goddard, Mrs. Hogan,
Mrs. Morkill, Mrs. Sealy, Miss
These tag days, which are considered by the executive of the
branch to be the most effective
means of enabling everyone to
contribute, will be held on the
2nd of each month, and when it
falls on a Sunday or holiday the
next day will be observed as tag
A number of citizens could be
seen this afternoon gazing intently at the eclipse of the sun by
the moon.
send in your donation today. All
contributions will be acknow-
in our columns.
Amounts of one dollar from
each of the following are acknowledged: Wm. Ware (Telegraph
Creek), C. V. Smith, Stewart
Norrie (Prince Rupert).
Committees Appointed to Arrange
For July I���Much Enthusiasm Shown
A meeting of the Red Cross
was held in St. Andrew's Hall on
Monday, when the following
were elected as chairmen of the
various committes to take charge
of the arrangements for the annual picnic in Hospital Park on
July 1:
Collection Committee���Mrs. W.
W. Anderson.
Sports and Sideshows Committee���R. J. Rock.
Grounds Committee���Jas. Latham.
Decorations Committee���J. F.
Refreshment Booths Committee���Mrs. J. C. K. Sealy; Mrs.
Lunch Committee���Mrs. H. C.
The sports committee has already commenced active work,
and has drawn up a comprehensive program of foot and novelty
races, and Indian horse races will
be featured. Baseball games
will be played, and arrangements
will be made for the grand dance
to be held in the evening. Cash
prizes will be awarded in all contests.
The success which has attended the previous picnics, bids fair
to be eclipsed this year, if the
enthusiasm being displayed locally is any criterion. Each year's
picnic has surpassed the previous
ones,both socially and financially,
and this year's, taking due regard to precedent.should surpass
anything of the kind ever held
in this district. The arrangements will all be made by capable
hands, ensuring the even flow of
the proceedings. A record attendance is confidently anticipated, if the weather man will do
his "bit" and smile benignly
upon us.
Among the improvements made
this year which should aid in the
running of the foot races is a new
100-yard track, which has been
prepared in the park.
Yesterday's Baseball
At New York- R   H   E
St. Louis    .... 12   10   0
New York   .... 6   14   5
At Brooklyn���
Pittsburg    .... 0     31
Brooklyn    .... 1     50
At Philadelphia-
Chicago   3   12   1
Philadelphia    ... 0    31
At Detroit-
Washington    ... 362
Detroit  2     8   1
At Cleveland-
Boston      1     3   1
Cleveland    .... 0     53
At St. Louis-
New York   .... 5     60
St. Louis    .... 2    90
News of Town and Round About
Local News and Personal Movements in Hazelton
Mrs. W. Wattie left on Thursday for Vancouver.
Ken. Irwin, of Prince George,
came in on Wednesday.
M.  J. Young, of Truax Creek,     W.  Shaw,  of Prince George,
Sask., came in on Tuesday. visited Hazelton this week.
Lieut. Anderson,  of Victoria,
was among the week's visitors.
Stewart Norrie, fisheries inspector, was in Hazelton during
the week.
W. R. Flumerfelt, of Victoria,
is spending a few days in town.
Miss Tallander, of the Hospital
staff, is spending a vacation in
Prince Rupert.
Rev. W. S. A. Larter, Mrs.
Larter and daughter, returned to
Smithers on Monday evening.
The residence of Louis Mero,
near Glen Vowell, was totally
destroyed by fire early in the
Mrs. Fraser, who has been visiting her cousin,Miss Hazel Cunningham, returned to her home
in Port Essing-ton on Tuesday.
Miss Dorcas McDougall came
down from Smithers on Thursday
to visit her parents. She returned on Saturday, accompanied by
her sister, Florence, who returned to Hazelton on Sunday.
Dr. Wrinch went down to Lome
Creek on Sunday last, returning
on Monday.
Rev. R. C. Scott is expected to
return from Vancouver on this
evening's train.
Miss Winnifred Soal left on
Wednesday for North Bulkley,
where she will spend her vacation.
A veiy enjoyable impromptu
dance was held by a good crowd
of young people in the school-
house last evening.
Mrs. Hogan has practically recovered from the effects of the
injuries she sustained in the cutter spill several months ago.
J. D. Galloway, resident engineer of the provincial department of mines for this district,
returned on Tuesday from Victoria, where he spent the winter.
At   the meeting of  Hazelton
Red Cross Society, the following
financial statement was presented by Treasurer Little:
Brought forward   .   .     $288.27
Memberships    .    .   $2.00
Local  Donations   .     5.75
Proc'ds Empire Day
at Pacific  .   .   .   18.50
Tag day Collection
for Pr's. of War
by schoolchldn.  .    24.50
Employees Rocher
Boule Copper
Company   .   .   .   83.50
Donation by schoolchildren for Pris.
of War Fund .   .     4.86
Sale Membship Pin       .25 139.36
To Headquarters .   .   .   175.00
Balance on hand . $252.63
The sum of $60 was set aside
for the purchase of wool and a
further $140 was sent to headquarters, by the decision of the
meeting, which was held in St.
Andrew's Hall on Monday evening last.
Conservation of Wheat
Must be Continued
Says the Food
Ottawa, June 8:���Conservation
of wheat and the substitution of
other cereals on this continent so
as to supply great amounts to
countries overseas which are dependent upon us must be continued at least until the 1919 crop
situation is known. Such is the
effect of an announcement by H.
15. Thomson, chairman of the
Canada Food Board. He said:
"Although the world wheat crop
situation at the present time is
more promising than that of a
year ago, still considerable time
will elapse before crops are harvested. Even if the greatest expectations are realized, the fact
remains that the world wheat
resources are exhausted.
Methodist Church
Tomorrow, June 9,  Rev.   R.
C. Scott will preach at 7:30 p. m.
on   the  subject :   "Conference
All are cordially invited.
What may be regarded as one
of the prettiest sights locally is
the crab apple tree in the kitchen
garden of the mission house.
The tree is literally a smother of
luxuriant and fragrant blossom. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JUNE 8,  1918
r*r��r_t-   '
The Omineca Miner
Published every Saturday at
Hazelton, the Center of the
Another Lost Hope
Beilin's faith in the U-boat is
broken.    The great offensive is a
tribute from the  enemy,   scaled
samn revested in United Klnt.es by Aet
of Congress dated June 9, I9I(>.     Two
1 I million, three hundred thousand  Acres
estends and sale.
best,  to the success of the Allied ' se"rvative estimate Forty Rillion feetof
commercial lumber.     Containing some
fleets   in   combatting the subma-of   best   land  left in  United  States.
I   . . ,,     ,.   , , Large Map showing  land   by   sections
|nne. A year ago Berlin s strategy Lnd Description of soil, climate, rain-
SURSCRIPTION RATES:     Canada waa  based on the firm conviction M"1';   elevations,   etc      Postpaid   One
and British   Possessions, Two Dollars a Dollar.     Grant  Lands  Locating  Co., I
year; Foreign. Three Dollars a year.    | that  if   the Allied   armies were Box 610, Portland, Oregon
..If u t-Un \.\n���A nP Utci K...,,.nai n.irl I to be opened for Home;
Great   Omineca   District   of with the blood ol his bravest and | Agri(;Xral and Timber Lands.
British Columbia,
By R. S. Sargent, Lid.
11.60 per  inch   per  mo������;   SS held, the undersea  boats  would
Notices,   15   cents   per  line tor each starve  England,  isolate the Un-
insertion.        Legal notices inserted at
K. C. Gazette rates. ited States and win the war. That
Saturday, June 8, 1918.
belief has gone, like the previous
hope that the Zeppelin could terrorize the Allied peoples into submission. If it had not vanished,
uncounted thousands of German
I soldiers would not be slaughtered
Come  three  coiners  of   the work!  in
And we shall shock them; nought shall
make us rue,
If England to itsself do rest but true.   , jn  a  useless  drive  against foes
Shakes. , Relieved otherwise doomed to en-, Free   Miner's Certificate No.   7931C]
Uw-mikl tm! finm�� <ic n Qtn'mnQoj j  ���.,       ..-1  .       i.',. and James Gilmore, Free Miner's Cer-
wouio nor come as a out piise  forced surrender���ILx. .-.-   .    m     ,,.,-r. ���       i     ��� .    1
i imuu Dum-ciuci,    !_//>. i tihcate  No.  1096C, intends, sixty days,
to Allied statesmen  should   Ger- from the date hereof, to apply to the1
Certificate of Improvements
contact, sunshine, summit,
reno, valley view, granite,
quartzite, dominion fraction MINERAL CLAIMS, situate in
the Omineca Mining Division of Cassiar
Where located:���On Rocher de Boule;
TAKE NOTICE that Dalby B Morkill, ii. C. Land Surveyor, of Hazelton,
B. C, acting as agent for James Dean.
The  general  assembly  of the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
many   make  another attempt to i , ,,.       .   . Improvements,   for   the   purpose   of
Presbyterian Church is now pro- obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie above
obtain a peace favorable to  her-��� m.djng a(. gJ.  Andrew.B church,: claims. ,
her self-Styled   London   Ont And further take notice that  action,)
i under  section  fco, must be commenced '
,' before the issuance of such  Certificate
Wm.  Grants agency received of Improvements.
a cheek last week in   full   settle-1    Dated this 18th day of March, A. D.
,   ...       ,,, ���   ,,.     a J1918.       30-38 Dalby li. Morkill
ment of Miss  Wrights  fire at . 	
self based upon
"victories" on the field. Therefore, it cannot be too greatly impressed  upon  the people of the
Allied nations to keep their minds gkeena crossing.     Are you in-
opposed  to any peace that would 'stired? I
favor Germany in any way.     It
is vitally necessary for the Allied
peoples to turn their backs on
any attempt of Germany to hold
out the olive branch.
But there is the inevitable and
ever-active element of the pro-
German and ultra-pacifist among
us. whose machinations are more
to be feared than any open peace
offer. The h aders of the Allies
know that Germany can never
win victory on the Held; they ai
James G% Powell
Provincial Assayer.    Analytical
New Hazelton, B.C.
L-'-T-' '���'-'���
- :    "' "���',': _E_i ~:
1 ATION for  the  issue  of a  fresh
Certificate   of  Title   for   Lot   32,
Block y,   Town  of Telkwa,   (Map
Satisfactory   evidence   having   been
I furnished as to the loss of the Cdrtifi-iii
I cate of Title to the above lands, notice   1
'is  hereby gven that it is my intention   J
to issue after the expiration of thirty
days after the lirst publication hereof a
fresh Certificate of Title to  the  above
lots   in   the name of Pete Saaii, which
Certificate of Title is dated 8th Sep-11
tember,   1914,  and is numbered 6629-1.
Land Registry Oflice, Prince Rupert,
B.C., 20th November, 1917.
14-18 District Registrar.
EALED TENDERS, addressed to the
tnuister  General,   will   be   re-
. i./edat Ottawa  until  Noon,  on
fully   insure   that   the   greatest Friday,  the 19th July,  1918,  for the
lies   among    o u r    own ' conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on
B a  proposdd  Contract; for four years,
They do not fear German : fortnightly each way, between
,      .',., i   , HAZELTON AND KISPIOX
ils  ol   military  prowess,   but L      the lst 0ctober next
-.   . ..
Synopsis Of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining rightsof the Dominion,   t\
in   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and ' 6
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the'
Northwest Territoties and in a portion
realize the possible menace to our Printed notices containing further 0f tne Province of British Columbia
vielnrv   hv    the   insidious   nroua-' j1?1'"���1"1'0" 88 to conditions ot proposed | may be leased for a term ol twenty-one !
'   ������- | Contract may be seen and blank forms  vears at an  annual  rental of $1  an I
ganda fostered   L>y   the German
of Tender may be obtained at the   Pi
-I acre.     Not   more than 2,5(10 acres will
| Offices  of  Hazelton, Kispiox and New  ue |ease(] to 0Me applicant.
government and circulated by its Hazelton.and at the oflice of the under-     Application for a lease must be made
signed. ,,,,,���.     ,,., i by the applicant in person to the Agent
BRentS, E.  II. FLETCHER, i m.  Sub-Agent of  the district in which
Time is on the side of the Allies, and Germany knows it,
Every day that passes sees Allied
strength gro������: and Germany's
power weaken. Her military
offensives and peace campaigns
virtually admit that she is striv
Post Office inspector's Office,
P. O. Inspector. I the righ_��app]Fed for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
VlCTouiA, B. C, Slst May, I'JIH.        j be described by b ���ctions, or  legal sub-
4243mo46  divisions of sectio i ���. and in unsurveyed
I territory the tract applied for shall bei
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied b.v a fee of $6, which will he refund- ]
ed if the rights  applied   for are   not
available, but not otherwise.    A royal- i
ty shall   be  paiil  on the inerohantabl
Certificate of Improvements
QUEENA MINERAL CLAIM, situ-I ""I"'1 of  the mine at the rate of live
ln��   tn   mnl/a   lb,.   Iu.mI   nf o har]  uate In the Omineca Mining Division of \0B5,\* Per ton' ,,       .      ,   ,,
ing to  make  tne  nest or a oaa cassiar District ^ The person operating the mine shall
job,   before her last chance goes     Where located
j shore Of Babine La
1 Island.
i furnish the Agenl   with sworn returns
On the southwestern accounting for the full Quantity of mer-
antl  nenr bUverIcliantable    coal   mined   and 'pay   the
royalty   thereon.
If   the   coal mining
Geimuu  militarism  and  Huh-j    FAKE NOTICE that I, F. P. Burden, rights are not being operated,  such
,,      .               ,   ,            ,    ,    acting as agent for M. J.  Kolb.   Free returns should   be furnished at least
enzollernism   must   be crushed.   Miner's Certificate No. 78620, intend, once a year.
n���ni   ii,.,.   .,,-,.   h'nmhlafl   fo rho s',xt? ty'SlPV 'li6 dat? hereof, to an- The lease will Include the coal mining, ,
Lntil   lhey  die  Iminljled  to tlie , ,,,v tu thl, MlnlngRecorder for a Certifi- rights only, but the lessee may be per ; I
Host   neace canliot be considered  cate of Improvements for the purpose mitted to purchase whatever available '*
cv"810ereu of obtaining a Crown Grantof the above surface rlglits may be considered nee
. claim. essary  for the working of the mine at
���             I   And further take notice that action, the rate of $10.00 an acre.
be  fnnnd   U1"'|,|'t'ei','"n  K'r''   must be commenced For    full    information    application
before the issuance of  such Certificate should be made to the Secretary of the
of Improvements. | Department  of the   Interior, Ottawa,
Dated this 20 th day of December, A. ��r  t?.an?  AKent or  Sub-Agent  of
I)   11117                                               I,, or. Dominion Lands.
'       '���                                           18Z6 W.W.CORY,      ���
If you can't fight you can at least
stand behind the man
who fights for you.
The Canadian Patriotic Fund
Which assists the wives and families of Canada's gallant
soldiers, requires millions of dollars to  Keep  the soldiers'
home fires burning.
District Treasurer: Stephen H. Hoskins, Government Agent
Hazelton Committee:
J.   E.   Kirby,   ft   E.   Allen,  J.  K.  Frost,   J.  R.  Barker,
and J. G. Powell.     Monthly Subscriptions are Solicited
by the Allies.
On another page wi
a notice  from  the military Service authorities respecting documents  which musb be carried by
male Hritish subjects in Canada _g___ll____2__;S___!
not in military or naval service
of Britain or her Allies.who may
reasonably be suspected of being
within Glass One under the military Service Act. Different
clauses are given, under which
certificates should be obtained by
those affected showing their claim
against being in Class One, and
include those of age, marriage,
nationality, active service.clergy,
exemption, or not being within
the class.
Commercial Printing at
The Canadian Red Cross
The  Hazelton  Branch  requests  the support of all in its
efforts to assist in the noble work of this great humanitarian
Honorary Presidents:  Mrs. (Rev.) John Field; Mrs. (Rev.)
VV. Hogan
Chairman:   Dr. H. C. Wrinch
Vice-Presidents: J. F. Maguire, Mrs. Chappell, Wm. Grant
Honorary Secretary:  Miss W. Soal
Honorary Treasurer: II. H. Little, Manager Union Bank
Executive Committee:
Mesdames Wattie, Wrinch, Sealy, and Glassey; Rev. John
Field, W. Wattie, John Newick
Large or Small Contributions will be Gratefully Received
Endeavors to supply soldiers from Hazelton district with
such comforts and necessities as cannot be readily obtained
at the front, and will assist them to re-establish themselves
in civil life when they return. The Committee is acting in
co - operation   with   the   Provincial   Returned   Soldiers'
Commission and the Military Hospitals Commission
Contributions to the Soldiers' Aid Tobacco Fund are Welcome
Chairman: A. R. Macdonald
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Wm. Grant
H. II. Little, R, E. Allen, F. li. Chettleburgh
H. B. Campbell, H. F. Glassey, G. W. McKay.
11. Welch, J. K. Frost, S. Cline, W. Wattie
Some can fight, some can work or pay,
What the World
Is Doing and Saying
Snappy Briefs from all Quarters
The eight branches of theOka-
nagan United Fruit Growers did
a total business last year of over
a million dollars.
A British destroyer brought
down a zeppelin in the North Sea
on Saturday.
Steamers  sailing between   Seattle, Victoria, =
Vancouver,    Ocean   Falls,     Swanson     Hay, 5
Prince Rupert, Anyox, Ketchikan, Wrangell, =
Juneau, Skagway. HH
_                                Leave Prince Rupert:   For Swanson Bay,   Ocean =
n     Falls, Vancou   r, Victoria, Seattle, midnight every Thursday. ??
H     For Swanson Bay and.Vancouver, 9 a.m. every Wednesday. &
5     For Anyox 12:00 midnight every Wednesday. S
5     For Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Skagway, Noon Saturday, April 6th, =
S     20th, May 4th, ancl weekly thereafter. 5
=     For Massctt, Port. Clements, Naden Harbor, P.M. every Saturday. S
hi     For Skidegate, Aliford Bay, Queen Charlotte,   Sandspit,  Gumshewa, |j|
=     Pacofi,   Atli Inlet, Lockeport, Jedway, Ikeda, P. M. every Wednesday, =
s    Arrive Prince Rupert from the South 10;30 A.M. every Wednesday. =
=     and 9 a.m. every Saturday. =
pj     Passenger trains   leave   Hazelton   Eastbound at  7:10   P. M.   Monday, S
5     Wednesday, Saturday.    Westbound 9:20 A.M. Sunday, Tuesday, Thurs- =
S     day. ��
��     For further information apply to any Grand Trunk Pacific Agent.or to =
��      G. A. McNicholl.AsBt. Gen. FreiKhtand Passenger AKent,PrinCe Rupert, B.C. ��
A Polish legion recruited in
the U.S. and South America and
numbering 42,000 is now on the
western front.
British Columbia evaporators
are buying potatoes heavily this
year, and are said to be making
contracts with growers for next
year's crop,
R. A. Baker, of Vancouver; F.
Mobley, M. L. A. for Atlin, and
Mr. Kermode, of Victoria, have
been appointed members of the
new provincial game conservation board.
Conditions of Saskatchewan's
crops are reported to be the best
in five years.
The Omineca Miner
The best medium for Home and Out-of-Town
Advertisers*      We carry the News*
Job Printing of the Highest Quality.
it Trtfrirr^fiftfryrirrrw��TY*��Yrrvmrtvvvt���rr*mtrrvrvwr*trrrrn*��
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Cook Stoves and Heaters
Farming Machinery
Ogilvie. Government Standard
"War Flour"
"Do Your Bit-Plant a Garden"
Come and examine our large assortment of Seeds
 We Carry	
The soft fruit crop in the Oka-
nagan promists to be greater
this year than ever before.
Fire destroyed the J. Mosser
tanning plant near Wilkesbarre,
Pa., the damage being estimated
at $3,000,000.
A munition plant explosion at
Bausen, France, did much damage and resulted in numerous
Two Canadian aviators flew
from Deseronto to Montreal, a
distance of 200 miles, in two
hours, establishing �� new Canadian record.
One hundred tons of sugar were
destroyed by water leaking into
the hold of the steamer Oat land,
during its voyage from Montreal
to Fort William. ���
Lord Newton and Gen. Belfield
have been appointed as British
deleg&tes to The Hague, in connection with the exchange of
prisoners of war.
Addressing Soldiers' Mail
In order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
ensure prompt delivery, it is requested that all mail be addressed as follows:
(a) Regimental Number.
-(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, Battery or Company.
(e) Battalion, Regiment (or
other unit), Staff appointment or Department.
(f) Canadian Contingent.
(g) British Expeditionary
(h) Army Post Office, London
a   _$
by every mal^person who is not on active service in any of His Majesty's Naval ci Military
Forces, or in the Naval or Military Forces of any of His Majesty's Allies, and who apparently
may be, or is reasonably suspected to be, within the description of CSciSS On�� under the
Military Service Act, 1917, who for any reason may have claimed that he is not within Ciasi;
�����_ under the Act.
JJOTICE is hereby given that, under the provisions of an Order in Council
(I'.C. 1013), of lhe ��0lh April, 19IS, upon and after the lst day of June,
1918, every male person who is not on active service in any of His Majesty's
Naval or Military Forces, or in (he Naval or Military Forces of Hie Majesty's
Allies, and who apparently may be, or is reasonably suspected to bo, within
the description of Class One under the Military Service Act, 1017, by whom
or on whoso behalf, it is at any I imo affirmed, claimed or alleged thatfho is not,
whether by reason of ace, status, nationality, exception, or otherwise, within
Class One under the Military Service Act, 1017, as defined for the time being
or that, although within the Said Class, he is exempted from or not liable to
military service; shall have with him upon his person at all times or in or
upon any building or premises where he at any time is,
If it be claimed that he is not. within the class by reason of age, an official
certificate of Ihe date of his birth, or a certificate of his age signed by two
reputable citizens residing in the community in which ho lives and having
knowledge of the fact; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the Class by reason of marriage, a
certificate, either official or signed by two reputable citizens residing in the
community iu which he lives and having knowledge of the facts, certifying to
his marriage and that his wife is living; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the Class by reason of his nationality,
a certificate of Ids nationality signed by a Consul or Vice-Consul of the foreign
State or Country to whicli lie claims his allcgianoe is due; or a passport issued
by the Government of that Country establishing his nationality; or
If it he claimed that he is excepted as a member of any of His Majesty's
Forces or as having since the 4th August, 1914, served in the Military or
Naval Forces of Croat Britain or her Allies in any thealre of actual war and has
been honourably discharged therefrom, official documents or an official certificate evidencing the fact; or
If it be claimed that, he is excepted as a member of the clergy, or of any
recognized order of an exclusively religious character, or is a minister of a
religious denomination existing in Canada on 29th August, 1917, or as being a
member of any other society or body, n certificate of the fact signed by an
office-holder competent so to certify under ihe regulations of the church, order
or denomination, society or body, to which he belongs; or
If it, be claimed that he is exempted from or not liable to military service
by reason of any exemption granted or claimed or application pending under the
.Military Service Act, 1017, or the regulations then under, his exemption
papers, or a certificate of tlie Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the district
lo which he belongs evidencing  the fact; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the Class, or that he is exempted, not
liable or excepted Upon any other ground, a certificate of two reputable citizens
residing in Ihe community where he lives having knowledge of the fact Upon
which the claim is founded and certifying thereto)
If upon or after lhe 1st day of June, 1918, any such male person be found
without (he requisite evidence or certificate upon his person or in or upon the
building or premises in which he is, he shall thereupon be presumed to be a
person at. the'time liable for military service and to be a deserter or defaulter
without leave;
And he shall also be liable upon summary conviction to a fine not, exceeding
$"i0 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month, or to both such
fine and imprisonment; and moreover, any such person may forthwith be
taken into military custody and may be there detained and required to perform military duty in Ihe Canadian Expeditionary Force so long as his services
shall be required, unless or unlil the fact be established to the satisfaction of
competent authority that, he is not liable for military duty.
The use, signing or giving of any such certificate as hereinbefore mentioned shall, if the Certificate be in any material respect false or misleading to the
knowledge of the person using, signing, or giving the same, be an offence,
punishable, upon summary conviction, by a penalty not exceeding five hundred
dollars, and by imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months and not
less than one month,
Ottawa, May 22, 1913.
4 y* WVy-
���nam.  w, ii��H;
���   ' r<l. -'.*> ��
f\\ ��aff S ^^��5b^^^s_^b__sbBI
Both the man and the woman Ifood flurht by saving flour. The;home cooking. In view of the
in the above picture are helping photograph, which was secured considerable stocks of potatoes
in the fight against Germany. The: through the Briiish ministry of in nearly all pans of Canada, the
soldier is on leave from the front food, shows how she is putting housewives of this country can
with German trophies, while the potatoes through a "ricer" and serve also by substituting potat-
woman  is doing her part in the| adding  them  to the dough for |oes in part for flour.
Narrow Escape from
Death at Hands
of Sub*
Hazelton Soldier Has aitripisover,but be,ievo me weiTEN WAYS 0F helping
gave a great sigh of relief when
we set our feet once more on
solid earth.     Well   the seventh
day started, an exceptionally fine
day, a dead calm. . . Every-
l?o be among soldiers being|b��dy basking in the sun on deck;
convoyed to England and having nobody thinkingaboutFritz,when
a narrow escape from a German UP he popped right between us
submarine; is graphically des- a"d the boat ahead. He shot, but
cribed by Pte. W. Leverett, of missed us both. Talk about a
Hazelton, who relates his exper- noise, what with guns pounding
iences and sensations in a letter an<* sirel'a blowing! Everybody
to his brother, Arthur, which we was looking goggle-eyed at each
quote in part: other, expecting us  to  blow   up
"...    We did not go ac- anv minute, when oneof our own
ross alone; lots of troopships and
freighters, the most I have ever
seen together at one time, all
crowding together for protection;
all well-armed,with gunners from
the navy to operate them.     No-
guns fired and the ship swerved,
knocking us all down. Well, we
thought we sure were hit when
somebody shouted: "Stand by the
boats!" It didn't, take us long
to get to them, and there we were,
thing unusual happened the first Ia11 lined up.   .   .   It was some
relief to find out, we had not been
hit, so we just stood by and
watched the destroyers chasing
the subs, just like terriers after
a rat.
"The other part of the convoy
also had an exciting time with  a
pari of the trip.    .    .   The fun
started on the seventh day out. 1
say fun, as is seems fun now the
Hazelton Hospital *?'����
for iiny  porlot) from ont month upward at II p��i
hi nth In ailvaiirc.   Thl�� rate include! office con*
tullattoni utnl modtelnei, ai well a* nil coati whlli
in the hoipltal.   Tkkuis oLmli.aWu  in   Uaitllon        ,       , ,, ���
atffi��Vo��qffletopthepruffSt��reMnAld��were  SUO,    but   (Jl<J    not   get SnOt afc ES     n     I _RV_ a clefltl   nlato
from Mr.T. J.ThorpjIll Telkwurn.-m Tjr. Wallace; ��      iJr��v^  _ Licnu    [u.iiv.
et 15
of a
ehind the Wheel
and Drive
RY it just once! Ask your friend to let you "pilot" his
car on an open stretch. You'll like it, and will be surprised how easily the Ford is handled and driven.
It you have never felt the thrill of driving your own car,
there is something good in store for you. It is vastly
different from just riding���being a passenger. And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young hoys, girls, women and even grandfathers���thousands of them���are driving Ford cars and enjoying it. A
Ford stops and starts in traliic with exceptional ease and
smoothness, while on country roads and hills its strength and
power show to advantage.
Buy a Ford and you will w<mt to be behind "the wheel"
Runabout - $575
Touring - - $595
Coupe - - $770
Sedan - - ��� $970
Chassis - ��� $535
One-tonTruck $750
F. 0. B. FORD, ONT.
1���Cut, the bread at the table as
2���Save the crumbs from the
breadboard. You will be surprised to see how many there
3 Take .". little less butter than
you think you will need. It
will probably be the right a-
4- -Eat one more potato and one
less slice of bread.
5 -Eat  one   more   spoonful  of
porridge  and  half  a slice less'
of toast.
6���If you need (?) sugar in lea ! i
or coffee take what is required
to sweeten it.      Do not leavea
teaspoon l'ul  in  the  bottom of
your cup.
7���Fat is scarce today. Do not
leave the soap lying in the
8���Do not eat more than you
need. Eat what you require,
you will feel better and do better work.
R, S- Sargent, Ltd., Dealers, Hazelton
Express, General  Drayage and  Freighting |
\ T TVFRY and  STAfrFS    We ure Prepared to supply privatej
I UV1.AI   ailU  _>irtA7_ii>    and   public   conveyances   day   andf
I night.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton. I
II - __ |
Best Dry Birch, $6,00 a cord
I Consign your shipments In Our
I (,'aro   for  Storage  or   Delivery.
C   Address Jill I'limminm'iiUiHiH  to li.uellon.
Ruddy & MacKay |
Lowes   rates l'rince Kupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver, and Canadian Pacific Railway. ���'���
Meals and Berth included on Steamer.
S.S. "Sophia" sails from l'rince Rupert May 3rd, llili, 24th, June4th, J
IFith, 29th,    S.S. "Princess Alice" sails fo>' Vancouver June 2, July 0. !|.
S.S. "May" sails   for Vancouver May B, 12. 1!), 26, June 2, 9, US, 23,'30. +
ii\j}" Above sailings are subject lo change or cancellation without notice j
W. C. Orchard General Agent, 3rd Ave. & 4th St., Prince Rupert it
3 ^.^.|4^.H.|.M.*.e'i'.|'*M''l'���'���*���'-l.'l<*++.|.'l��:'��+*'|.+.|W..;-+**+H.it..|..|<*.��.>|..l.^.'|..|. ���
g*rlm��iifromth."a��ii(!��iSapetintenii.iit��tkhi|the destroyers were too quick for
 them.     This all happened at the
Now Open Under New Management | same time, and to us seemed like
Omineca Hotel
Remodelled, Refurnished, Redecorated
Every provision for the comfort
of Ladies and Gentlemen
Writing and Smoking Lounge With Large  Open
Large Sample Room Well Lighted
1       Large Assortment of
Up-to-Date  Drug Siores
Hazelton    -      -      -     i. C.
|HJ ;..|..1.+ifi.ji.t"M..|..i..|..|..|.i|i.,.vi|..;.i|ulJ.j..ji., |��]
a pre-arranged plan. 1 dont know
how they could miss getting one
of us, as the boats were as thick
as Hies, but well guarded, I must
say. The men acted well under
the strain; no panic, just white-
faced and calm, waiting for what
did not come.
"The destroyers claim they got
one of  them,   but  we could not
tell, as there was so  much   hap-
* pening all at one time.      All I
f know is that we all got away
I'safely.     We didn't sleep much
from  there  on; lifebelts on, day
and night.     We  got one  more
scare   just   before  getting into
 , but it did not amount
to much, just a few shots at auspicious-looking objects."   .    .
10���Kat slowly. Food well masticated supplies more nourishment to the body,consequently
less food is required.
the leading hotel in northern b. c.
One Dollar per day and upwards
25c. auto service to and from all trains and boats
25 Miles
���TO To Hazelton
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion, British Columbia,
and Alberta Land Surveyors
Officei at Victoria, Nelson, Fort George
and New Hazelton.
F. P. Burden, New Hazelton
Get your letterheads printed at
"Printing of Merit"
36 to 68 per
cent more
20 to 25 miles to a gallon of
gasoline is a frequent occurrence with the Ford car. One
man (name on request) reports
an average of 33 miles per gallon for 20,000 miles. Surely
this is a record that few, if
any other makes of cars, ever
It demonstrates the economy
of owning and driving a Ford.
You can  average 1000 miles
more travel on Ford-size tires.
The saving on oil and repairs is proportionately large.   The
name   "Ford" stands for lowest coit and greatest service.
Ford Motor Car Co.
of Canada, Ltd.
FORD   -   -   -    ONTARIO
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
One gallon of gasoline
has done it


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