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Omineca Miner Mar 8, 1913

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 {��� ;
VOL. II, NO. 27
New Lists Now Being Prepared���Applications for Registration Must Be In Before April 7 ��� Officials Who
May Register Voters���New Regulations.
The voters lists of the province
have been cancelled and new
lists are being prepared. Applications for registration must
be filed before April 7 with the
registrar of voters, ln this district the necessary declarations
may be made before any justice
of the peace, notary public, commissioner for taking affidavits,
provincial constable, government
agent, assessor, mining recorder,
deputy mining recorder, postmaster or Indian agent. Every
voter, no matter how long his
name has been on the list, is required to register anew. The
court of revision will be held on
May 19. All foreigners must
produce their naturalization papers when applying for registration.
The chief reason for the re-
registration is the fact that a
large proportion of voters are
registered as living at different
addresses than those at which
they are now located. In view
of the necessity for redistribution in the near future, it is necessary that voters should be reg
istered for their present addresses. It is also necessary for
the proper working of the new
jurors' act..
Readers of the Miner should
lose no time in applying for registration.
Noted Physician Invited
(Special  tei The Miner)
Victoria, Mar. 7:���The provincial government has invited Dr.
Friedrich Friedman, the German
bacteriologist whose tuberculosis
treatment has attracted worldwide attention, to come from
New York to Tranquille, to demonstrate there his new discovery.
Pauline Johnson Dead
Vancouver, Mar. 7:���Miss E.
Pauline Johnson, the Canadian
Indian poetess, died here today
after a long illness, from cancer.
The Duke of Connaught, when
last in Vancouver, visited Miss
Johnson. Her Indian name was
Tekahionwake, and she was the
daughter of a chief of the Six
Nations Indians. Her mother
was Emily Howells, an Englishwoman from Bristol,
Wrangel, Mar. 8:��� Skookum
Jim, of Klondike fame, reports
the discovery of gold on Silver
creek, averaging 50 cents to the
pan. The strike was made in
British Columbia, about eightv-
five miles from Telegraph Creek.
Jim prospected on the headwaters of the Pelly river and
worked south toward Dease Lake
but struck nothing until reaching the south slope. The strike
was made about December 25.
. Jim and his partner, Me Donald, lost their camp outfit by being burned out about January 5,
Jim came out via Atlin, McDonald remaining inside and reports about 1500 claims staked L>y
Tahltan Indians and white trappers and telegraph linemen.
Jim says the ground is much
easier worked than the Dawson
placer claims.
Ladies Take The Trail
The first ladies to travel with
dog teams to the Groundhog district will be Mrs. F. A. Jackson
and Miss Carter, who leave for
the northern coalfield today with
Mr. Jackson, who is taking a
crew in to build camps for the
Groundhog Basin Anthracite
Syndicate. This concern will do
considerable development work
on a large group of claims. Mr.
Jackson will also supervise the
work on the Laidlaw & Jackson
properties, and expects to meet
Mr. Laidlaw here in June. Frank
says extensive work will be undertaken in various parts of the
big coalfield this season. Many
toboggan loads of supplies have
already gone in.
Rome, Mar. 2:���According to
official information received today the Balkan states will insist
upon the following conditions for
the conclusion of peace, even
through the mediation of the
First -The contracting parties
pledge themselves to the immediate and simultaneous cessation of
hostilities after the signing of
the treaty of peace.
Second - Contemporaneously
Turkey must surrender to the
allies Adrianople, Scutari and
Third The Bulgar-Turkish
frontier shall extend from Rodos-
to to Midia, the exact line to be
established by a military commission, composed of Bulgarians
and Turks.
Fourth The peninsula of Gallipoli to be ceded to the Allies.
Fifth���All the Aegean islands
occupied at present by the Greeks
to be ceded to the Allies,
Sixth���Prisoners of war and
hostages to be exchanged with
the briefest delay,
Seventh���Turkey to pay the
Allies three hundred million dollars war indemnity, deducting
from it, however, that portion of
the Ottoman debt borne by the
Turkish European provinces.
Eighth���A special representative of the sultan to be permitted
in the Balkan territory for religious purposes, having under his
jurisprudence all mosques, pious
funds and church properties.
Ninth���All treaties, conventions and agreements existing
between the Allies and Turkey
before the commencment of the
war to be re-established,
Hazelton Bridge Guaranteed
Advices have been received stating that the high level bridge
across the Bulkley river, connecting Hazelton and the surrounding
district with the railway station at South Hazelton, will be constructed at an early date. Efforts are being made to have the
government undertake this necessary work; but the building of
the bridge is guaranteed by the Grand Trunk Pacific. As the
only feasible means of connecting the permanent road system of
the district with the railway, the bridge is a prime necessity, and
the news that its immediate construction has been decided upon
will be gratefully received by the permanent residents of the
Officials of the railway company have selected a site (or
the big hotel which the railway company proposes to build at
South Hazelton, and plans for this enterprise are expected to be
announced shortly.
Opposition Still Trying To Force General Election, Although Government Has Majority of Thirty -- House
of Commons In Continuous Session.
First Democractic President To Be Inaugurated In Twenty
Years Takes Oath of Office ��� Personnel of Cabinet���
Bryan Made Secretary of State.
Washington, March 4: ��� For
the first time in twenty years,
a Democratic president was today the central figure in the inauguration ceremonies. The
customary formalities were observed, and Woodrow Wilson is
now president of the United
States. The lofty tone of the
president's inaugural address is
generally taken as an indication
that the new administration will
be sanely progressive. Thousands of suffragettes marched to
the White House grounds. Their
appearance resulted in considerable disturbance.
London, Mar. 6:��� The British
press comments most favorably on President Wilson's inaugural address.
Washington, Mar. 3:���The final
selection of the cabinet was made
today.   Following is the draft:
Secretary of state���W.J.Bryan.
Secretary of the treasury���W.
G. McAdoo, of New York.
Secretary of war���Harrison of
New Jersey.
of Tennessee.
"Postmaster-General --A.S. Burleson of Texas.
Secretary of the navy���Jose-
phus Daniels of North Carolina.
Secretary of the interior���Lane
of California.
Secretary of agriculture���Houston of Texas.
Secretary of commerce���Red-
field of New York.
Secretary of labor���Wilson of
Preparing Ore Exhibit
Mining men of the district are
requested to submit ore samples
of suitable size, with information as to location, depth, and
contents, to the board of trade,
for inclusion in the exhibit which
will be displayed at the Imperial
Institute in London.
Off to Manson Creek
Dr. B. F. Stanwood and W. B.
Steele left yesterday for their
claims in the Manson camp. Dr.
Stanwood was the first mining
man to call attention to the
quartz possibilities of the well
known placer district, and he has
acquired a number of excellent
silver-lead and dry silver prospects. These he will develop as
far as possible during the season.
Mr. Steele also owns mineral
claims, while both have valuable
placer ground.
More Manson Men
General Manager Fraser, of
the Royal Standard Investment
Company, a Vancouver concern
with large placer holdings in the
Omineca river district, is expected to reach Hazelton on tonight's
train with a crew of fourteen
miners, and will proceed at once
to the company's property to begin the season's work.
Kaiser Going Up
Berlin, Mar. 7:���Elaborate pre
parations are being made for the
Kaiser's first ascent in a dirig
ible balloon tomorrow.
Caused His Son's Death
(Special to The Miner)
Vancouver, Mar. 6:��� Stanley
Crowley, aged fourteen, dropped
dead yesterday at Collingwood,
near Vancouver, from a kick administered by his father in a dispute following the lad's failure to
attend school. The father. Thorn-
is Crowley, is fifty years of age,
with nine children, the youngest
born yesterday. Crowley fainted
twice while giving evidence at
the inquest today. The coroner's
jury found that there was no
criminal intent and returned a
verdict of death by misadventure.
The father was liberated.
Dynamite Kills Many
Baltimore. Mar. 7:-While 350
tons of dynamite was being
transferred from a barge to a
steamer, an explosion occurred
in which fifty were killed and
hundreds injured. Many of the
injured will die.
German Naval Disaster
Berlin, Mar. 6:���During night
maneuvers of the German fleet
in the North Sea on Tuesday
night, the cruiser Yorck collided
with a torpedo destroyer, sinking
the latter with a loss of life officially estimated at seventy-one.
Greek Victory Reported
Athens, Mar. 6:���It is officially
reported that Janina, the great
western fortress of the Turks,
has surrendered to the Greek
forces, with thirty-two thousand
I prisoners of war.
Ottawa, Mar. 6.-With the object of forcing a general election
on the naval proposals, the Liberals continue their obstructive
tactics in opposition to the dreadnought measure. The house has
now been in continuous session
for sixty hours, and there is still
no end of the blockade in sight.
For the first time in the history
of the Canadian parliament, no
attempt is being made to debate
the question at issue. The war-
between government and opposition, which presents many unprecedented features, is likely to
continue until midnight on Saturday, when the house will adjourn automatically. The contest is likely to be renewed on
Monday. The second reading of
the naval measure was carried
with a government majority of
thirty. The opposition is now
making its big fight in committee of the house.
that the Liberals have spoken
over two million words. The
silting has now lasted over one
hundred hours, the daily cost to
the public being ten thousand
dollars. No relief is yet visible.
(Many Liberals have spoken as
often as five times each and at
great length. H. B. Ames appeared with a nightcap and an
air pillow.
It is rumored here that Canadian Steel and allied interests
[are behind the Liberal tactics,
and if the latter are successful
in forcing an election they will
receive financial aid.
Ottawa, Mar. 7:   Members of
the Hansard staff are  breaking
down under the strain of the con- j
tinuous session.   It is estimated I officer,
Constable Killed
(Special ti' The Miner)
Nanaimo, Mar. 5: -Provincial
Constable Westway was murdered at Union Bay yesterday. He
I was engaged in searching for
'William Adams, alias Martin,
: who is wanted by the police on
j criminal charges. A companion
of Adams who is knowii as "Flying Dutchman " is under arrest,
charged with the slaving of the
Investigating the ore possibiL
ities of this district, in the interests of the Granby company,
E. E. Campbell is spending a
few days here. Already he is
favorably impresssd with our
ores. Yesterday he visited the
Harris Mine3, of which he thinks
highly, and today he went to the
Silver Standard; It is the purpose of the Granby company to
add a lead stack to its 2000-ton
copper smelter at Granby bay, as
soon as a daily production of 100
tons of silvor-lead ore is assured.
The mines of this district are expected to yield the necessary tonnage In a comparatively short
Britannia Mines' Record
(Special in Tha Ulnar)
Vancouver, Mar. (!: At the
annual meeting of the Britannia j
Mines today, it was announced i
that extensive improvements and
additions to the plant would be
made immediately. The president, Ex-Governor Dewdney,
said the progress of development
had been such that the property
can now be classed as one of the
great copper mines of the continent. There will be two thousand
men on the pay-roll within two
years. Over $1,000,000 was expended on developments and improvements last year. Ore is
now being treated by the new
English oil concentration process
with which most wonderful results have been obtained since
its installation. The directors
will adhere to the policy of non-
recognition of the miners' union.
The company is controlled by
New York capitalists.
(Special ti' The Ulnar)
Vancouver. Mar. 7: ��� Three
sessions have been held here by
the labor commission, which has
heard a good deal of evidence.
One witness, a construction laborer who had worked in railway
camps for thirty years, said he
knew of at least one foreman
who admitted getting a rakeotf-
from the employment agencies
of half the fees, frequently discharging men to increase the
Mood of fees. The witness wrote
a number of names for the commission.
Representatives of labor organizations urged the improvement of camp conditions and
working hours. Payment in
cash, instead of by cheek, was
asked for.
Women witnesses gave evidence concerning the long hours
and small pay received by women
employees of stores. They urged
that store employees should have
a half-holiday weekly.
Tells of Groundhog Coal
(Special  to The Miner)
Nanaimo, Mar. G:���An interesting paper on the coal measures
or the great Groundhog district
was read before the western
branch of the Canadian Mining
Institute, by George W. Evans, a
Seattle expert, who has spent
several months in an examination of the big Skeena river coalfield. The meeting, which opened on Tuesday, is the fourteenth
annual gathering. A large number of British Columbia mining
men are in attendance- THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1913
The Omimieca Mimeir
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
Macdonald & Rauk, Publishers and Proprietors.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING RATES: Display, SLfiO per inch per month; Reading
Notices, l"i cents per line for first insertion, 1(1 cents per line for each subsequent
insertion.        Legal notices inserted at B. C. Gazette rates.
Vol. II.
Saturday, March 8.  1913.
No. 27.
The Churches
Sumluy Services: Morning at 11 o'clock: Sunday
School  at  2.16   p.m.:   Native  service, 8.30 p.m.;
EJvetling Service. 7::KI p.m.
Rev. J. Field.
Se-vices   held   every Sunday evening: In   the
Church rooms at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. D. R. McLean.
The Omineca Miner has the largest bona fide circulation of any newspaper in the .   ,    a.I'l, V .    '   I)trl
.        , , ��� . . ,   _ ,     ,. | the lollowing desc:
Northern Interior of British Columbia.
There is a prowitiK demand for direct mail connection between
this district and Fraser Lake and southern points. In the last two
or three years, and especially since the beginning of work on the
third construction section of the Grand Trunk Pacific, there has
been a large increase in traffic along the line of the railway ; but
the postal facilities have not kept pace with developments. Mails
to and from points south and east of Burns Lake must still be car-
Hazelton Land District   Districtof
Coast, Range 5.
Take notice that Donald A. McNeill
of Kitselas, saw mill manager, intenda
lermission to purchase
escribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of lot 1433, thence
20 chainssouth, 20 chains east, 20 chains
north, 20 chains west back to point of
commencement and containing 40acres.
Jan. 10, 1SU3. Donald A. McNeill.
Hazelton Land District District of
Take notice that Eric Boje of Hazelton, laborer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands.
i , ,��� i,  ��� i, i- 1*1        ,���,       ,., ��� i    Commencing at a post planted on the
ned by way of Prince Rupert, Vancouver and Ashcroft. This is ajnorth uank 0, skeena river, 20 chains
condition that should not be allowed to continue. The cost of a; jfiff "Lence^a^o'chZs"north^O
mail -t rvice between Burns Lake and Fraser Lake would not be chains, west 20 chains, south'20 chains
to point of commencement,   containing
40 acres more or less. Eric Boje,
Dec. Hi, 1912. W. L. Affleck, Agf
excessive, and this section is the only gap in the line. We recommend the proposal as one worthy of consideration by the public
bodies of the Omineca dislrict. If the necessity for this service is
brought to the attention of the postal authorities, there is little
doubt the desired improvement will be ordered without delay.
Distrit t of
Hazelton Land District.
('oast, Range 5,
Take notice that Joseph Hamblet  of
Ketchikan, Alaska, free miner, intenda
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of lot 4482,   thence 60
chains west,   thence 10 chains more or
. less south  to   bank  of Skeena   river,
nion voters, requiring the  registration   anew  of all  residents of thence 70 chains more or less northeast-
_.,.,���,      1.       i_ re   j .. rni , . .       erly   following  bank of river  back  to
British Columbia who are qualified as voters.     The usual  revision ���, point of commencement, containing 40
As an effective means of revising the voters' lists of the  province, the government has cancelled all lists of provincial and Domi
will be held in May and all who are entitled to vote should see that | ^SmTS^iS. 'eSS'     J��Heph Ham',le.Jj
their applications are in the hands of the registrar of voters  before April 7.
Want Groundhog Coal
It is reported that representatives of leading Pennsylvania
coal operators are negotiating
with Vancouver owners of
Groundhog coal lands, with the
intention of of acquiring an area
sufficiently large to justify the
building and operation of a railway, to be owned by the same
the principal holders of claims in I vote it
construction and in the mines,
has all been caused by labor
agitators," sharply returned Mr.
Bowser. So long as I am head
of this department of justice I
will see law and order maintained. If fifty thousand dollars is
not enough I will ask for a hundred thousand, and with the
exception of the two members of
Vancouver men are | Socialistic party the house will
The house thundered applause.
the great Skeena coalfield, and
although Hazelton is the operat-1
ive headquarters of the  various!
concerns   ho I d i n g   Groundhog
Postpone Royalty Increase
Victoria, Mar. 3: ��� The an-
lands, a majority of the deals announcement has been made by
fecting the coal claims are con- Hon. W. R. Ross that the govern-
summated in the Terminal City.  ' ment   would   make   futher   en-
To Advance Mining
T h e  Vancouver Chamber 0 f
quiries into the timber question
before increasing the royalty on
coast timber from fifty cents to
held over.
will  therefore  be
Mines, an institution which bids I do]la,. a thousandfeet anfJ on
fair to be of great value to the I mountain timber fmm fifty centg
mining industry of the province, to seVenty-five cents a thousand.
is conducting an aggressive cam-, The proposed amendment to the
paign for a larger membership. ^ jn whjch these changeg ^
Every mining man in British
Columbia should join this organization. A suggestion of its
methods is to be found in the
program for the meeting held on
Monday evening last, when an
interesting discussion followed
the reading of the following
By John Cunlifl'e: "Conditions
proved by development work in
the principal operated coalfields
of British Columbia, contrasted
with earlier geological and other
estimates; some lessons to be deduced therefrom."
By Percy Williams, E.M.:"The
financing of prospective mining
The secretary of the Chamber,
whose address is 437 Hastings
St.W.,Vancouver, will be glad to
enroll as members any readers of
The Miner who wish-to take part
in the good work of building up
the mineral industry of British
Columbia on a sound basis.
Will Uphold Law
Victoria, Mar. 3: ��� One of the
liveliest discussions in the budget
debate followed the objection
made by the opposition to the
payment of special constables
employed during the I. W. W.
and sjmilar labor difficulties.
"The trouble, both on railway
What London Thinks
They say in the London clubs
that in Germany there is a general belief that war with France
is almost inevitable. It is expected in the spring. Austria
and Russia have both mobilised
against each other, and in Germany large masses of troops
have been concentrated at strategic points along the frontier.
Wagons, materials for bridges,
and foodstuffs have been quietly
collected. If peace is preserved
it will be well nigh a miracle.
The real reason for the postponement of Mr. Lloyd-George's
land campaign is the critical
character of the international
situation. The government
knows that the storm may burst
any moment, and they are not
eager to start a crusade which
might be suddenly swamped by
a great European war. It is significant that in Canada the gravity of the crisis is better understood than in England. Mr.
Borden knows the facts. ���London Opinion.
District of
OminecaLand District.
Take notice that John Meagher of
Skeena Crossing, rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing ata post planted about
���I J miles easterly from the mouth of the
Kitsequcla river and 1 mile north of the
north bank of the said river and about
(i0 chains easterly from the southeast
corner of Chas. Kirkwood's purchase
claim, thence south 40 chains, west
40 chains north 40 chains, east 40
chains, to point of commencement,
containing 160 acres more or less.
Dec. 23, 1912.       27      John Meagher.
Fresh   Ranch
In Stock
New Zealand
on hand.
Hazelton Land District. District of
Coast Range 5
Take notice that Alonzo Hamblet of
Everett, Wash., marine engineer, intends to apply for permission t<j purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 833, theme
east 20 chains, north 20 chains, west 20
chains, soutli 20 ehains back to point
of commencement, containing 40 acres.
Dec. 12, 1912.     27      Alonzo Hamblet.
Omineca Land District.   District of
Take notice that B. R. Jones of
Skeena Crossing, merchant, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
4J miles up the Kitsequcla river and in
an easterly direction and about 1 mile
nortli from the north bank of said
river and at the southeast corner of
Charles Kirkwood's purchase claim,
thence north 80 chains, east 40 chains,
south 80 chains, west 40 chains, to
point of commencement, containing 320
acres more or less. B. R. Jones.
December 24, 1912. 27
Figs, Etc.
We expect in a few days a large assortment of
including Ginghams, Prints, Muslins, Scrims,
Art Muslins,  also Ladies' Underwear, Etc.
Broken lots of Men's, Ladies' and Children's
to be closed out at greatly reduced prices.
Our Grocery Department
is complete with fresh goods ��� lowest prices
consistent with good business principles.
Table Linens and Napkins
Floor Mats
General Merchant
ARGENT,       Hazelton
Omineca Land District.   District of
Take notice that James Henry Perkins of Skeena Crossing, watchman,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following   described   lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
4J miles fromthe mouth of the Kitsequcla river in an easterly direction and
about 1 mile north of the north bank
of said river, antl about 60 chains east
from the southeast corner of Chas.
Kirkwood's purchase claim, thence 80
ehains south, 40 chains east, 80 chains
north, 40 chains west to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more
or less. James Henry Perkins.
December 26, 1912. 27
The Miner is $2 a year.
Sash and Door Factory
Full stock of all kinds and sizes of Window Sash, Doors, Office Fixtures,
Interior Finishing on hand and made to order. Large stock of Lumber
and Building Materials, Tinsmitliing, Plumbing and Steamfitting.
Job and Shop Work a Specialty. Plans and Specifications.
Stephenson & Crum
is nearly gone. The Railway is rapidly approaching this District and your chances of making big
money are ���
fast. Good land is still to be had from $9 to $20
per acre.   Grasp your opportunity now.
one of those who lose th* chance of making a
"stake" by consulting me
Deputy Mining Recorder   ;   Real Estate Agent
British Columbia Life Assurance Co.
Phoenix and Liverpool, London & Globe Fire offices
Gould's Pumps and Hydraulic Machinery
Cary's Safes -:- Safe DepoBit Boxes for Rent
One-third off on all Suits and
Overcoats at Noel and Rock's.
Just Arrived.
A large assortment of fresh candy.     This includes
The Up-To-Date^ Drug Stores
L. D. Fulton, Mgr., Hnzelton and New Hazelton
along the line of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in Central British Columbia. Every mile of railroad construction
adds to the value of the land. Buy before the completion
of the railroad.
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
p.ia up c.pu.i $1,500,000. VANCOUVER, B. C.
Ingineca Hotel
McDonell & McAfee, Props.
The only family hotel in the district.      Private  dining rooms.
Night and day restaurant.      Modem conveniences.
Reasonable rates.    Good Stable in connection.
Choicest of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always on hand.
����������� ���l>).*^^i^)fcyii<i.>M^i>^N>fciii Mliiitl i nnnn ii ii inm ijiiifiaWWSmM i
m OMINECA MINER, SATUKDAY, ftUiflfl 11918.
Answers the Challenge of the New North
for the Immense
1WS#>" s
The Heart of the Northwestern Interior of British Columbia, a district larger
than the six New England states combined and much richer in Natural Resources
Permanent railway station completed
Large portion of the townsite cleared
The main streets and many others graded
Several buildings in process of construction
Many others contracted for
First class hotel to be erected immediately
License applied for
High level bridge assured
Electric light and water plant to be built
Very Few Business Lots Remaining.
Select Yours While You Have the Chance.
Plans and further particulars at office of
Agents For=
W. J. Sanders, Fiscal Agent, 64 Leigh-Spencer Bldg., Vancouver. THE OMINECA MINER. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1913
that gives Satisfaction,
and Reliable
Boots and Shoes
are Specialties at
Thorp & Hoops
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Brokers
Aldermere, B. C.
Sole District Agents for E. G. Prior & Co., Victoria,   Agricultural Machinery and Implements,   Wagons,  Etc,
Fire,   Life,   Accident and  Employer's  Liability Insurance.
We represent the best companies.
We Can Locate You On a Good Pre-emption Near the G. T. P.
If you desire information about the Bulkley Valley Write Us.
Successor to Union Transfer
and Storage Co.
Freighting Contractor
All Classes of Freight Handled with Care and Despatch
Hay and Oats for Sale.    Office at Omineca Hotel
Ready for building, delivered
in the New Town.
Before building, get prices from us for all kinds of
Interior Lumber Company
Through service to bouth via Thursday's No. 1
Gnp   p    VJoilx r"j��ir ^��' ' 'eaves South Hazelton at 9:49 a.m.
��� al ��� 1 ���  I\d.llW<*y Thursdays and Sundays.   Thursday's train
connecting at Prince Rupert with the
Palatial Twin Screw Steamer
Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
Sailing from Prince Rupert 9 a. m. FRIDAYS
Dvin/tn I/\ltn Maintains two weekly service to Port Simpson, Naas,
I nilCc JOnil   Stewart, Granby bay and Queen Charlotte Islands.
IF YOU GO EAST this winter let us arrange your routing. Choice of best
trains connecting at Chicago with the Grand Trunk Railway System���The
Double Track Route- for Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and all
Eastern pointa. Can quote cheap rates. Ninety days going limit; nine
months return. Atjent  for ail Atlantic Steamship Lines.        For full in
formation, reservations, tickets, etc., apply to
A. E. McMASTER, General Agent, PRINCE RUPERT, B. C.
If It Is To Be Printed
Have It Done By The
The World's Doings in Brief
News Note* from Many Sources
Three were killed and many
injured in four train wrecks in
Ontario on Monday.
The Duchess of Connaught has
completely recovered from her
recent severe illness.
Hundreds of people are report
ed killed and injured by a ter
rific storm in Georgia, Alabama
and Florida.
Reports of   Russian   military
activity in Mongolia cause perturbation in the Chinese and Jap
anese capitals.
An attempt was made to blow
up a train on which the King and
Tenders for Freighting Supplies for the
Yukon Telegraph Line.
The time for receiving tenders for the
freighting of supplies for the Yukon
Telegraph Line in the course of the
seasons of 1913, 1914 and 1915 is hereby
extended to Friday, April 4, 1913,
Tenders are to be sealed, endorsed
"Tender for Packing Supplies," |and
ddressed to the undersigned. Forms
of tender and specification may be ob
tained and form of contract seen on ap
plication to Mr. J. T. Phelan, Superin
tendent of Government Telegraphs,
Vancouver, K. C, Mr. Wm. Henderson, District Superintendent Govern
ment Telegraphs, Victoria, B. C., and
from the Government Telegraph Agents
at Ashcroft, B. C, Quesnelle, B. C,
Hazelton, B. C, and Telegraph Creek,
B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and place of
residence. In the case of firms, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,
equal to ten per cent (10 p. c.) of the
amount of the tender for one year's
packing, which will be for-
feited if the person tendering decline
to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work
contracted for. If the tender be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind  itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order
R. C. Desrochers
Department of Public Works
JOttawa, February 4, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the department:���36295.
Omineca Land District.   Districtof
Take notice that Adolf Berner of
Prince Rupert, B. C, 'clerk, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner and about j of a mile
southwest of the southwest corner of
lot 833, Cassiar District, thence west 80
chains, north 40 chains, east 80 chains,
south 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or leas.
Dec. 16, 1912. Adolf Berner.
28 D. Clacher, agent.
Hazelton Land District.       District of
Take notice that Mary Ellen Wolfe,
of Vancouver, B.C., occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the
north bank of the Skeena River about
twenty chains west of the southwest
corner of Lot 2391, thence West 20
chains to the south boundary of the
Right of Way of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, thence Easterly along the
said Right of Way 20 chains to the
westerly boundary of Eric Boje'B application to purchase, thence South 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less.
Dec. 16, 1912 Mary Ellen Wolfe.
25 W. L. Affleck, Ag't.
Miner Advertisements Bring Results
Cassiar Land District.    District of
Take notice that John Smith,
of Telkwa, B. C, occupation farmer,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described landB:
Commencing at a post planted at the
South West corner and being at the
South East corner of Lot 1240, Range 5
Cassiar District, thence North eighty
chains, thence East 3.61 chains, thence
South eighty chains, thence West 3.61
chains to point of commencement, Containing 20 acres more or less.
Dec. 6, 1912. 24 John Smith
Queen of Italy were travelling to
Naples last Sunday.
Omineca Land District.   District of
Take notice that Donald Clacher of
Kitsumkalum, B.C., occupation farmer,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of lot 833, thence
40 cliains west, 20 chains south, 40
chains east, 20 chains north, to point
of commencement, Containing 80 acrea
more or less. Donald Clacher.
February 12, 1918. 36
The new German military rbill
involves the expenditure of $250,-
000.000 on fortifications and
maintenance of the army.
About fifty persons are supposed to have perished in a fire
which destroyed the Dewey Hotel at Omaha, Nebraska,
Fifteen military police have
been killed and twenty-eight injured in a fight with head hunters in the Naga district, Assam.
Conservatives'carried both bye-
elections for the Yukon council,
electing Messrs McLennan and
Pearse. The^ c ojn t e|s t was a
hot one.
After four and a half months,
the bodies of eighteen miners
killed in the disaster at the Mount
Lyall coal mine in Tasmania
have been recovered, making the
death roll forty-five.
Ex-Mayor A. J. Morley was
elected mayor of Victoria in the
election following the unseating
of Ex-Mayor Beckwith. Mor-
ley's majority was 110.
Two hundred million pesos is
the amount which the new government of Mexico will endeavor
to raise by means of bonds, for
the pacification and rehabilitation of the republic.
After a prolonged trial, eighteen of the Paris motor car bandits have been convicted. Four
were sentenced to death. The
gang is said to have committed
twenty-two murders.
Explorer Stefansson will leave
Esquimalt in May, aboard the
whaler Karluck, purchased by
the Canadian government, which
will defray all expenses of the
expedition, to the unexplored
regions in Northwestern Canada.
The United States Senate passed the $180,000,000 annual pension bill in the record time of 25
minutes and with less than 15
minutes' debate. It is the largest amount of any annual pension
measure in the history of the
The investigating committee of
the house has brought in its report, the substance of which is
that the money trust in the United States is really dangerous
owing to the concentration of
money in New York.
A gold dredge owned by the
Yukon Gold company, a Guggenheim corporation operating on
Bonanza creek, was blown up
by unknown persons with dynamite stolen from the company,
which offers $5,000 reward for
the conviction of the dynamiters.
Eight long-buried jars, containing jewels and gold coins,
were unearthed by laborers at
Haslemere, Surrey. One jar
contained documents stating that
over fifty jars had been buried,
and the villagers are now engaged in a strenuous hunt for
C. P. R. Steamer "Princess
Beatrice " sails for Vancouver at
p. m. on March 2, 16 and 30, or
every alternate Sunday. Through
connection made on these days
with trains from Hazelton.
Sealed tenders, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at
Ottawa until Noon, on Friday, the 14th
March 1913, for the conveyance of His
Majesty's Mails, on a proposed contract
for two years, as required between
from the Postmaster General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed
Contract may be seen and blank forms
of Tender may be obtained at the Post
Offices of Hazelton and New Hazelton
and at the office of the Post Office
Inspector, Victoria, B. C.
E. H. Fletcher,
Post Office Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office,
31st January 1913.
NOTICE is hereby given  that on the
25th day of February next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the transfer of the
licence for the Bale of liquor by retail
in and upon the premises known as the
Hazelton Hotel,  situate at  Hazelton,
British Columbia, from Charles Gordon
Harvey to Edward Courtenay Stephenson, of Hazejton, British Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of January, 1913.
Charles Gordon Harvey
Holder of Licence.
Edward Courtenay Stephenson
25 Applicant for Transfer.
Hazelton Land District. District of
Coast, Range V.
Take notice that J. D. Wells of Kitselas, miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
northeast corner of L. 1435, marked "J.
D.W.'s N.W. cor." thence south 20
chains, east 20 chains, north 20 chains,
west 20 chains to point of commencement and containing 40 acres,
Jan, 23,1913. 31 J. D. Wells.
Omineca Land District,  District of
Coast, Range V.
Take notice that Robert J. Cooney of
Victoria, B, C, axeman, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
left bank of Skeena river on south
boundary of Gerald Bate Aldous' application to purchase and about 15 chains
east of the S.E. corner of L. 917, Coast
Range 5, thence east 60 chains, south
80 chains, west 60 chains moie or less to
Skeena river, thence northerly following
Skeena river to pointof commencement
and containing 480 acres more or less.
Oct. 22, 1912. Robert J. Cooney.
Cassiar Land District.
District of Cassiar.
Take notice that Alfred E. Falconer,
of Hazelton, miner, intends to apply for
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
1 mile north and 2 miles east of the
northwest corner of R. K. Lindsay's
coal claim No. 1, thence 80 chains
south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north,
80 chains west to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
less, known as claim No. 8.
Sept. 15, 1912.     Alfred E. Falconer.
Cassiar Land DiBtrict.
District ofCassiar.
Take notice that Alfred F. Falconer,
of Hazelton,   miner,  intends  to apply
for a license to prospect for  coal and
fletroleum over the following described
Commencing at a post planted about
1 mile south and 2 miles eaat of the
northwest corner of R. K. Lindsay's
coal claim No. 1; thence 80 chains
north, 80 chains east, 80 chains south,
80 chains west to point of commencement, known as claim No. 9.
Sept. 15, 1912.     Alfred E. Falconer.
CASSIAR land district,  district of
Take notice that Alfred E. Falconer,
of Hazelton, miner, intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following described
lands :-
Commencing at a post planted about
1 mile north and 2 miles east of the
northwest corner of R. K. Lindsay's
coal claim No. 1; thence 80 chains north,
80 chains west, 80 chains south, 80
chains east to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more o r lean,
known as claim No. 5.
Sept. 15, 1912.     Alfred E. Falconer.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
.  Ciyil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
Land Surveyors
Offices at Victoria, Nelson, Fort George
and Hazelton.
B. C. Affleck, Mgr. Hazelton Office.
If You Want To Be
In the famous Francois Lake
Farming District
Come  and  see us, li miles west
of North Francois Lake P. O.
J. W. Henkle & C. D. Haven
Eight Years In the DiBtrict.
��i ����� n^ laaaaa i^h^i. a��.Q
XII���llll������ UIKaaaaaallttaaaaaa. all������llll���i���Uflj
THE best and cheapest woven
* and barb wire fencing in the
west���Lawn Fencing���Pipe Iron
Driveway or Barnyard Gates���
durable and inexpensive.
Orders  filled  or information
cheerfully given.
Glen Meadow Ranch
Hazelton, B. C.
and REGAL Cigars
For Sale at all Stores
Made from the best Imported tobaccos,
seasoned 4 and 13 years. Union made, and
a Prince Rupert industry.
in���un���nit���an       nn       m      up
Garde & Kennaugh
Suite l, Federal Block, 3rd Avenue.
Surveying, Estimates, Plans,  Reports
and Blue Prints, Expert Drafting.
Designing of Power and Mining Plants.
P. O. Box 70.   Prince Rupert, B. C.
J. A. LeRoy
J. Nation
:ion   (
Hotel Winters |
Cor.   Abbott and Water Streets
European Plan $1.00 to $2.60 1
Rooms with Baths.   Hot and Cold j
Water.    Steam Heated. j
Motor Bus Meets All Boats and (
Trains. 1
Commercial Printing���The Miner
Print Shop, Hazelton.
Provincial Elections Act
NOTICE in hereby given that the List of Voters for the Skeena
Electorial DiBtrict has been cancelled, and that applications to be placed
on the Voters' List will be received at my office at the Government
Buildings, Prince Rupert, B. C, where printed formB of affidavit to be
used in support of an application to vote will be supplied.
The list, of persons claiming to vote will be suspended from and
after the 7th day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be held on
the 19th day of May 1913, and notice of objections to the insertion of any
name on the register of voters must be given to me thirty clear dayB
before the holding of the Court of Revision.
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1913.
Registrar of VoterB for the Skeena Electoral Diatrict. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY..MARCH 8, 1913
S��thseale GALENA CLUB""��
Important Measure Regulating Killing of Game���Chief
Provisions of New Act
of every jescription
Galvanized Iron Air Pipes and Other Mining Work A Specialty
Promptness and Satisfaction Guaranteed
KX McLauchlin & Co,, Hazelton
One of the most important
legislative enactments of the
recent legislature had to do with
the game laws of the province.
This measure provides, among
other things, that it shall be unlawful for any resident of the
province to hunt animals or birds
or to carry firearms of any description, or airguns, or any de-
OlMMil I mi"
iwrmrrrrml I
Hudson's Bay Company
Dry Goods
P=of best qnalityaisgi
A full assortment of
always in stock
Hudson's Bay Company
TEMPORARY PREMISES:   Charleson's Building, opp. our old store
|ntlll.llllH.lllili.ilHll..a.i..i,i1ai...i.,i....,,.,���......i .lin.iiii...li...a.iiA..imiiimmuiini.ifl1(|y||.i|aflMn_yfla|f^^||y|[  (
For Over
for durability
hard service
light running
Sole Agents
Personal Supervision HAZELTON, B. C.
Easy Terms
vice for the purpose of capturing
any animal or bird, without first
taking out a licence. In addition
to taking out a license, each
hunter will be required to wear a
badge showing the number of his
license. These licenses will not
be transferable, Any breach of
the act involves cancellation of a
hunter's license. Licenses will
not be issued to boys under sixteen except upon the written request of parents or guardians,
who shall undertake that such
boys, when carrying firearms,
will always be under their supervision or that of some responsible
license holder.
There are three classes of license provided for: an ordinary
license to carry firearms and
hunt birds and deer (other than
moose, wapiti and cariboo), costing $2.50; a general license to
hunt game birds and animals,
$5.00 ; a special license to carry
firearms and trap. $10.00.
Holders of a general or special
license must, within fourteen
days of the date of expiration,
return the license to the provincial game warden with a sworn
statement of the number of each
species of big game or animals
trapped. Prospectors having
free miners' certificates may obtain ordinary licenses during the
open season while actually engaged in prospecting; so may
farmers and their sons hunting
on the land on which they permanently reside. Any firearm
found in the possession of a person not having a license may be
seized and confiscated.
It is provided that no person
shall act as a hunter's guide
without having taken out a license. Every guide so licensed
must require every person whom
he serves as guide to produce for
inspection that person's firearms
license, and failure to do so constitutes a breach of the act. All
licensed guides shall, within
fourteen days of the expiration
of their license, furnish the provincial game warden with a
statement showing the number
of persons whom they have served, the number of days they
were engaged in hunting, and
the number of different species
of big game killed.
Any resident of the province
who wishes to obtain a permit to
export any animal or bird shall
make written application to the
game warden, enclosing the sum
of one dollar, this being the fee
for such permit.
Any person found between one
hour after sunset and one hour
before sunrise with a headlight
of any description and firearms
in his possession commits a
breach of this act, and shall be
liable to be arrested without warrant by any game warden or
police officer.
The privilege heretofore accorded storekeepers of keeping
game for sale for a period of five
days after the expiration of the
close season for such game, is
withdrawn, as is also the privilege heretofore accorded the private owners of game killed during the open season of keeping
such game for a period of ten
days after the expiration of the
open season.
It is provided it shall be unlawful for any person to run deer
at any time with dogs, or allow
dogs to run after deer. The old
act allowed hunting of deer with
dogs by permission of the game
warden. The hunting of birds
with dogs between April 15 and
August 1, both inclusive, is prohibited.
Various   penalties  of   severe
character are provided for any
and all infractions of the act.
Any fines imposed under the act
must be paid forthwith, and, in
default of payment, the offender
shall be liable to imprisonment,
with or without hard labor, for a
period not exceeding six months,
unless otherwise provided in the
act. The old act provided for
imprisonment not to exceed thirty days.
Every trader in furs is required
to make a return to the game
warden not later than August 1
in each year, stating the number
and variety of pelts bought by
him in this province during the
twelvemonth preceding. Failure
to make such return involves a
penalty up to $100, and, in default, to imprisonment not exceeding three months, and if the
offender be a corporation it shall
be liable to a fine not exceeding
Persons interfering with* the
game wardens or constables in
the discharge of duties under the
act shall be liable to fines not exceeding $100 or to imprisonment
up to two months.
Smithers and Smithereens
It is reported, on what appears
to be good authority, that the
railway divisional point for the
Bulkley Valley will be located
eight miles west of Telkwa, the
townsite to be known as Smithers. A group of Valley men was
discussing the proposed town the
other day, when Frank Charle-'
son, who owns a piece of land
adjoining the townsite, was
asked what he intended to do
with his property. "Well," replied the Telkwa man, "I think
I'll cut it up into small pieces
and call it Smithereens."
Commercial Printing���The Miner
Print Shop.
cassiar I.aml District���District <>r Cassiar.
take NOTICE ihal Roberl Kenneth
I.iiul.say, or Vancouver, B. c. occupailon
broker, Intends to apply rnr a licenae i"
prospeel rnr coal ami petroieum over Hie
following described lands:
Commencing al a pusi planted aboul two
miles   west   of   Klappan   River   and   al I
rourteen miles nortli anil Ave miles weal
or ihe norlhwesi corner or coal License
80119, Cassiar. thence su ehains soulh. so
ehains easl. so ehains noiili. 80 chains
west io point of commencement, contain
ing oto acrea more or leas, known a*
claim No. 7n.
Daleil Dee.   15,  19IS.
Cassiar I.aml District���District or Cassiar
TAKE NOTICE lhat Roberl Kenneth
Lindsay, or Vancouver, B. c, occupailon
hroker. Intends to apply ror a license lo
prospect ror coal ami petroleum over the
rollowlng described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ahout two
miles   west   or   Klappan   River   and   aboul
rourteen  miles  north  and  live  inllrs  wesl
r  the  northwest  eorner or  Coal  License
HH09.   Cassiar,    thenee     Sll    chnins     nnrlh.     WI
ehains   wesl.   SU   ehains  soulh.   SO   chaina
east to poini or commencement, contain
Ing   610   acres   more   or   less,   known   as
east to point or commencement, contain-
Claim  No. 77.
nated  Dee.  15,  101S.
take NOTICE lhat Roberl Kenneth
Lindsay, or Vancouver, h. c. occupailon
hroker. Intends lo appl.v for a llrense I"
prospeel ror eoal and petroieum over lhe
rollowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul iwn
miles west or Klappan Rlvor and ahout
rourteen miles norih ami live tulles woll
>r the northwesl corner or Coal License
8009, Cassiar, Ihence 80 chains north, sn
chains   easl,   so   chains   soulh.   80   chaina
west io poim or commencement, contain
ing   040   aeres   mure   or   less,   known   as
Claim .N'o. 78.
Dated  Deo.   15,   19 I J.
Cartage and
Express Service
Care and Despatch
Wood for Sale
Office at
W, W. Wrathail's
New Hazelton Hotel
Open for Business
All Furnishings New
Rooms $1.00       Beds 50c
Geo. C. Hartley, Proprietor
New Hazelton j
Union S.S. Company of
of B. C, Ltd.
The Reliable Steamer
Arrives at Prince Rupert
from Vancouver on every
TUESDAY morning and sails
for Vancouver every WEDNESDAY at 2 p.m.
The "Camosun" has the
largest and most comfortable
rooms of any steamer on this
J. H. ROGERS, Agent, Prince Rupert
Passenger and
Express Service
Leaves Hazelton Mondays and
Thursdays at 7:30 a. m.
Leaves   Aldermere Tuesdays
and Fridays at 7:30 a. m.
Hudson's Bay Company
Huclton, B. C
and Cutter
For Hire
for any period from one month upward nt $1 per i
month in advance. This rate includes office con- |
sultations and medicines, as well :-������ all cos(b while
in the hospital. Tickets obtainable in Hazel tor
from E. C. Stephenson and Fred Field; in Alder
mere, from Rev. F. L. Stephenson, or at the Hos
pit til from the Medical Superintendent
Stephenson & Crum
Undertakers and
Funeral Directors
Special attention to Shipping Cases
Hazelton, B. C.
At PANTORIUM, Hazelton
|| Skeena Laundry
Lm Ling, Prop,
Our Work is Qood and our Rates
Baths In Connection
Call ancl hcc us.       Nvxl door to
Telegraph office.
"Everything in Canvas"
Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
A. Chisholm
General   Hardware II
Builders'   Material i
Miners'  Supplies
Hazelton, B. C.
Rough and Dressed     (
By Carload or in Smaller Lots
F.O.B. Andimaul
Prices On Application
Local and Personal
Latest Jewelry Novelties in   Gold
..:i(J . igh grade watches.
3. A. RAGSTAD,   Hazelton
Barristers ami Solicitors
Rooms 71-71 Exchange Building
il- HastingsSt., W.
Telephone Seymour r,i��s Vancouver, H. C
�����!��� ���!������!-���
��   McRAE BROS., LTD    ]
j.        Architects' nnd Engineers' Supplies
.j, Kodak?, Loose L��*��f Systems
* Remington Typewriters, Oifict; Furniture
I Prince Rupert, B. C.
Mines and Mining
Gooil Properties for sale ��� Cash or on
Bond,       Development and
Assessment Work.
Carr Brothers
Six Years ln This District.
Iln/.i-liiiii.  II. C.
Be Careful in J
Shoe Buying j
| Carelessness is a Fault.   One /
} who is careless in shoe buying j
j always pays dearly for it. The i
j more thought you give to the J
3 requirements of your feet, the j
j more you will appreciate the )
j high qualities found in 1
Nod & Rock
Sole Agents
Hazelton.  B.  0.
C. E. Bailey, of Chicken Lake,
was here on Wednesday.
W. J. McAfee returned from
Vancouver on Wednesday,
E. E. Campbell, of Phoenix, is
registered at the Ingineca.
C. C. Van Arsdol and daughter
were in Hazelton on Monday.
Dr. Wrinch and family are sojourning at Ocean Park, Cal.
J. R. Robinson, of Terrace,
was a visitor here on Thursday.
L. L. DeVoin returned to his
Chicken Lake ranch on Thursday.
G. T. Carpenter returned from
the coast on Wednesday's train.
J. W. Henkel, of Francois Lake
came in on Tuesday, for supplies.
Peter Neilson returned on Saturday from a visit to coast cities.
A. C. Aldous has nearly recovered from his recent operation.
G. H. Brown, of Victoria, is
visiting his brother-in-law, E. C.
W. D. Harris, of North Francois Lake, came in for supplies
during the week.
E. C. Stephenson is in town
again, after a vacation spent in
the provincial capital.
G. W. McKay, of the local telegraph Btaff, has returned from
a vacation trip to the coast.
Dr. H. F. Sproule, who is stationed at Barrett's, was in Hazelton during the week.
H. B. Rochester and W. J.
O'Neil were passengers for Rupert on Sunday's train.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris and
the boys have removed to the
Charleson residence opposite the
S. N. Long left for his Francois Lake ranch yesterday, taking a large outfit of machinery
and supplies.
Charles Reid, W. H. Sharpe
and W. F. Brewer returned on
Wednesday from a visit to the
Rocher de Boule mine.
A. Gutstein, of Prince Rupert,
who was formerly in business
here, spent a couple of days in
the district during the week.
E. M. Hoops was in from Aldermere during the week, arranging for the forwarding of a
large consignment of machinery
for Thorp & Hoops.
The contract for carrying mail
between Manson and Hazelton
has been renewer' for four years.
Luke Fowler, the Indian carrier,
will be retained on the route.
��� ��mjs^B?. Lai*
, Read and Consider
that spring with its bright
sunny days will soon be here.
What about that CAMERA
you have been thinking of
getting. WE HAVE IT.
All styles, sizes and low
prices.       FOLDING POCKET
Postcard Ensign
from $19.00 to the
$65.00 Beauty
with high speed lens
and shutter.
Don't overlook the fact that we can furnish you with
anything in the Stationery Line from
Pen nibs to Looseleaf Ledgers.
Victor -Victrolas
We are local agents for the
world famous Victor-Victiola
Talking Machines. (Hornless)
$20, $32.50 $52 and $65
the above in Oak or Mahogany
and at the price you pay in
received every week
Stationery, Photo Supplies, Developing and Printing and Enlarging
All the latest Periodicals and Newspapers Always in Stock
Max Herman, the Prince Rupert cigar manufacturer, was in
Hazelton on Tuesday.
Mrs. R. O. Miller returned on
Wednesday from a visit to relatives in Nanaimo, and will leave
in a few days for Telkwa, to join
Mr. Miller, who is publisher of
the Tribune.
J. C. K. Sealy went down river
on Thursday's train. After attending the annual meeting of
the Inlander company at Prince
Rupert, he will visit Vancouver
and Victoria.
The bachelors of Hazelton are
planning a dance for Wednesday
evening, March 26. If proposed
arrangements can be carried out,
the affair will rank as the best
social event of the year.
In an exciting hockey match
last Sunday, the Miners defeated
the Town by 6-2. The ice was
soft, preventing speedy work,
but the spectators were well satisfied with the exhibition.
James Latham, who has been
spending the winter in the southern part of the province, returned on Wednesday. He intends to leave in a few days for
a trip to Groundhog.
A. E. Falconer, who returned
from Vancouver on Saturday, is
preparing to go into the Groundhog field, in which he has large
interests with Hunter Corner,
who will accompany him.
Rev. W. J. H. Petter will
shortly leave for Terrace, to relieve Rev. T. J. Marsh for a
couple of months. The latter
has been ordered by his physicians to take a complete rest.
Francis R. Jessup, well known
here as a member of the G. T. P.
engineering staff, is now engaged in land surveying for the
provincial government at Massett, Queen Charlotte Islands,
Alex. Thomson, a Francois
Lake rancher, was unfortunate
enough to lose a fine team of
horses by drowning in the lake.
The animals broke through the
ice and went under before they
could be rescued.
The sawmill for the Burns
Lake Trading Co. will arrive at
South Hazeilon on Tuesday, and
will be immediately forwarded
to the Lake and installed. R.|H.
Gerow, one of the owners, says
the mill will be turning out lumber in a very few weeks.
The Miner has received from
Secretary Bullock-Webster a copy
of the by-laws of the Northern
B. C. Agricultural and Industrial
Association, which has been
formed to hold an annual exhibition in Prince Rupert. This
year's fair will be held in September.
Recent warm weather has
practically done away with sleighing in the vicinity of Hazelton,
and local teamsters are beginning to use wagons. J. H. Snod-
grass started for Francois Lake
with a sleighload of supplies but
was compelled to stop at 18-Mile.
He will take his load through in
a wagon.
Government Agent Allison and
G. H. Graham, manager of the
Hudson's Bay Co., left on Thursday for a visit to the Bulkley
Valley. Mr. Allison goes on official business, it being understood that he will investigate the
status of some of the residents
of Telkwa who are occupying
buildings on debatable ground.
Improving Steamer Service
(Special to The Miner)
Vancouver, Mar. 7: ��� After
March 19, the C. P. R. steamer
Princess Mary will make the
weekly run to Prince Rupert, relieving the Princess Beatrice.
This change will double the present service.
P. G. E. Bonds
London, Mar. 7: ��� Arrangements are in progress for the
issue, at ninety, of five million
dollars par value 41 per cent.
P. G. E. debentures, guaranteed
by British Columbia. The bonds
are redeemable in 1942.
��� ���������������BiHBBnaMB BBS1 ������!��������� ������������������������MHBIBBISJM
A shipment of SMARDON, the ladies' favorite shoe, is here
For wet and muddy weather the high top riding and walking
boot so popular last season will meet with favor, at $6.75.
A very pretty watered silk pump, at   -    -    -    $4.50
A neat patent pump, at   -    -   -    -   -   -   -    $4.00
and a two strap kid slipper, at $3.50 are sure winners.
The MAJOR, a new shape, is a very attractive
boot, broad toe blucher. We have this shape in both
Russet and Patent Calf, price $6.50.
The FRAT shows the extreme low toe and is a
neat shape.
Eleven Distinctive Shapes To Choose From.
Don't delay in getting
in your order for your
Spring and Summer Suit.
The Art Tailoring Co.
show such smart and attractive patterns���they are
sure to please you. For
style and fit
The Art
are in a class by themselves.
Our spring shipments of Dry Goods and
smallwears are arriving weekly and this
department can take care of your wants.
When you are ready for your spring brightening-up
remember our Paint, Varnish and Brush Dept.
We carry a complete stock of Paints, Stains, Oils and Varnishes.
For inside use. It is excellent for all high grade interior finishing and general varnishing around the
house.    Here are some of its chief merits:
// can be rubbed. It is very transparent and can be
used on the most delicately grained woods. It works
easily and flows out evenly and well. It does not stratih
or mar readily.     It contains no sediment or waste.
Excello is a thoroughly reliable varnish for
inside use.    It always gives satisfaction.
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
Established 1870
Hazelton, B. C.


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