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Omineca Miner Feb 9, 1918

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 ! j'  ( i 5    I    ;   <7y
Advertisers Secure Results by using Miner columns*     Subscribers Secure the Reliable News of the Northern Interior*
Items of Personal Interest From
Hazelton and Surrounding
Geo. Soudack,   the  fur-buyer,
is in town.
Don't forget the "Hard Times"
dance on Thursday.
A. R, Macdonald left on Tuesday for Prince Rupert.
J. S. Hicks has returned  from
his Bear river properties.
Frank   Allen   returned   from
Prince Rupert on Wednesday.
Mrs. W. G. Norrie and children
were in town during  the  week.
George McBean and Martin
Cain left last iveek for Fort
J. L. Christie, of Stewart &
Mobley, Prinee Rupert, was in
town this week.
Cyril Elkington, of Victoria,
has joined the slarT of the Hudson's Bay Company.
We have it���What? Dave Purvis's sauerkraut. Sold at Sargent's, 3 lbs., for 25 cents.
R. G. Moseley returned from
Prince Rupert this week. Mrs.
Moseley has gone to Seattle.
J. A. Stringer, travelling au-
ditor of the International Harvester Co., was a visitor for a
day or two.
George Imlay,formerly a member of the staff of R. S. Sargent,
Ltd., is now a sailor on the U. S.
S. South Dakota.
Ice is now being hauled from
Hospital Lake. Owing to the
exceptionally mild winter, the
ice is not very thick.
If you like sauerkraut, don't
overlook the opportunity to try
some of Dave Purvisls, sold at
Sargent's, 3 lbs. for 25 cents.
J. B. Rowley, Fred Hagen and
Charlie Fredrickson are in from
the Eureka property, on the Babine trail, where they have been
The final payment on the Golden Wonder group of copper
claims at Carnaby was made this
week by J. B. Tyrell and M. W.
Sutherland to Harris Bros, and
I). J. Comeau.
J. C. ("Doc") Rock, who joined the American Flying Corps
after leaving here some months
ago, was sent to Texas, was sent
back to Vancouver, Wash., to
get out airplane spruce, and is
now in the disbursement branch
of his unit at Portland, Ore.
At the regular monthly meeting of the Hazelton Bunnell of
the Canadian Red Cro�� Society
held on Wednesday evening in
Assembly Hall, the following report, was submitted by Treasurer
Balance brought forward  $225.97
Memberships    .    . $2G.OO
Cash Donations:
Employees Rocher
de Boule Copper
Coin pan y   .    .
Monthly   .    .    .
Sale of Socks    .
Sale of Cakes
(Mrs. Newi    i   .
To Headquarters  .
.   .    170.00
Sub. Menace
Over Inside
Six Months?
London. Feb. 9: Admiral
Jellicoe has stated that the
German submarines are being
sunk faster than they can be
built, and gives his assurances that by August 1 there
will be no U-boats in the
seas, disposing of the submarine menace.
The further sum of $85 was
ordered to be remitted to headquarters.
The following have become
new members or have made their
Miss G. Davis      Mrs. M. Hogan
Miss E. Martin     Miss E. J. Soal
Miss W. G. Soal
Rev. J. and Mrs, Field
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Naylor
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hoskins
G. T. Crow W. G. Hamblin
On Tuesday evening next, in
St. Andrew's Hall, the subject
of the debate will be "That a
Democratic Form of Government
is the Best for Every Country."
The speakers in the affirmative
will be R. S. Sargent and E. A.
Goddard, and for the negative
Wm. Grant and J. F. Maguire.
When these leaders have finished
any me ..beis of the audience
so disposed will be given an opportunity to speak. Two votes
will then be taken, one on the
merits of the speeches and the
other on the form of government
most favored by those present.
Before the debate there will be
a few entertaining miscellaneous
items, including a vocal solo by
Miss Davis, a musical selection
by Miss Margaret Wattie, and
grnmaphone records of Clara
Butt, Alma Gluck and Evans
The chair will be taken by W.
VV. Anderson at. 8:30 and the
usual collection will be made.
Afternoon Tea
The ladies of the W. A. will
hold an afternoon tea on March
17th, St. Patrick's day. for the
benefit of the Soldiers' Aid, in
St. Andrew,s Hall.
Many Americans
Drown When Sub.
Torpedoes Vessel
Washington, Feb. 9: - A brief
message from London over Ad
miral Sims' name, early today
said the Tuscania, which was
torpedoed on Wednesday,remained afloat for two hours after being hit. It is not known whether
American or British destroyers
convoyed her. The loss of life
among the American troops on
board is now estimated at 101.
The submarine which attacked
the Trscania was chased by a
destroyer after a second torpedo
from the U-boat had missed its
mark. The claim is made that
the submarine was "done in" by
bombs exploded by tho destroyer
ouer her.
London, Feb. 9: -Revised figures indicate that the loss of life
on tne Tuscania was probably in
excess of yesterday's estimate of
As the list of Americans on
board was lost when the vessel
went do'Mi, it will be impossible
to ascertain the names of those
lost until the list of survivors has
been cabled to America.
Washington, Feb. 9: ��� Arab
forces under the Sheik of Mecca
have completely defeated the
Turkish forces operating southeast of the Dead Sea, acsording
to official despatches received to-
Methodist Church
Rev. R. C. Scott will preach at
7:20 torn morrow evening on the
Subject! "The Law of Revelation."
��� The Bible Study group will
meet every Thursday evening in
St. Andrew's Hall, and will discuss "The Message of Jesus to
Our Modern Life," the widely-
circulated work of Shailer Mathews, president of Chicago University.
All are cordially invited.
(From Our Special Correspondent)
R. Raigh left on Tuesday's
train for Victoria, where he will
report for military service.
The   pillow  donated   by  Mrs.
.1. Porteous to the Red Cross was
I won by Mrs.  S.   A.   Eby.     The
I amount realized from the sale of
chances was $56.75.
Thos. Jefferson was a business
visitor in Smithers on Wednesday.
Chas. Doolittle and family,
! formerly of Terrace, have taken
lhe Perry residence.
' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Grei-
der, of Terrace, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Eby.
R.  L. Brown and Roy Hobart,
��� of Prince Rupert, were  business
I visitors in town during the week.
Miss Dorcas McDougall return-
led from Hazelton on Saturday.
The ladies of the Red Cross
i met at the home of  Mrs.   Lynch
��� last week to do their sewing.
Miss F]ileen Wilcocks gave an
{elaborate tea to her little friends
| last Saturday.
Chas. Chapman is busy loading
: a car of hay for Terrace.
O. A. Reigle, of Telkwa,   was
la  business   visitor   in  town on
Mrs. J. Porteous entertained a
j few of her friends at tea on Friday of last week.
Tom  Heslip  spent a few days
; in Telkwa during the week.    He
was relieved here by Jas. Adams.
Ernie Morin, Jack Carr Pal.
McPhee, Dan. Moore and John
Maney were among the  farmers
; who   visited   town   during   the
' week.
Lee Jaekman returned from
Hazelton on Monday evening.
Dr. McKie visited the sick at
Telkwa on Monday.
Geo. H. Ballard was a business
visitor in town on Wedndseay.
Alex. S. Millar went to Prince
Rupert on Tuesday, to spend a
few days.
Thos: T. Dunlop and C. L.
Dimmock left on Monday night's
train for the Francois Lake country.
A Sleigh Ride
A sleighride to the Silver Standard mine has been arranged for
next Saturday  afternoon.     The
sleighs   have   been   offered   by
G.  M.   Beimel,  and  will leave
early in the afternoon and return
before dark.     The small charge
| which will be made,will be given
! to the Red Cross.
Number of Local Soldiers Acknowledge Christmas
The Hazelton Soldier's Aid &
Employment Committee is in receipt of a number of letters and
cards from the boys at the front
and training camps. All of them
thank the Committe* and ladies
of Hazelton for the parcels and
cards they received at Christmas
and which they enjoyed greatly.
Acknowledgments have been received from the following:
Sydney Ardagh
George A. McKay . Returned
H. C. Kinghorn . 58th Battery
Hubert G. Wrinch . C.A.M.C.
S. Cooling  .    .    Medical Service
J. Matthews   ....	
Lieut. K. B. Fortser . R.F.C.
E. J. Blackman . 17th Lancers
D. L. McGibbon . . 102nd Batt.
H. W. Sharpe . . 102nd Batt.
Erik Johnson .... Scotland
C. A. Ellaby Can. Train'g Schl.
Lieut. T. W. Brewer   16th Batt.
C. K. Mcintosh . . 102nd Batt.
Peter Enoch . Railway Troops
H. M. Mathews . 58th Battery
A. E. Phillips ....	
As the result of the campaign
to raise $275 for the Hospita1
sterilizer, the half-way mark has
already been practically reached,
$128.85 having been received to
date, acquired as follows:
Miss J. K. Tallander. . $ 15.00
Miss A. M. Colwill . } . 5.00
Miss W. G. Soal . . . .5.00
Mrs. S. F. Shelford . . . C.50
Dr. J. P. McKie   .... 10.00
S. II. Hoskins 5.00
Debate (per J. F. Maguire)   15.55
D. Hagerdon 2.00
Proceeds from drive to New
Hazelton dance per Ruddy
& MacKay 36.00
Proceeds from New Hazelton dance per Mrs.Graham
and Mrs. Boyle.   .    .    .9.60
Collection taken at Lecture
by Canon Gould per J. F,
Maguire 19.20
Hard Times Dance
At the meeting of the Red
Cross branch this week it was
decided to hold a "Hard Times"
dance on Thursday next, Feb.
14, for the benefit of the funds
of the society, Prizes will be
given for the best costumes and
good music and refreshments
will combine lo make the affair
one of the best of its kind ever
held in Hazelton.
The ladies of the W.A. will
meet at the Mission house at 3
p.m. on Thnrsday.Feb. 14. THE OMINECA MINER. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9,  1918
The Omineca Miner
1 ::;::.;:::,:< ::i::: y.:: ���;. ���;��� ;������ iiTnQiitXWxft'tt'r. >: :������'
\t     TELKWA      T
1 ,���. , .    ���       ,,,,.,     .��� ��  Get your letterheads printed at
Published every Saturday at 1 titbits from the Bridge town |i . ���
"Printing of Merit"
<��� J'        .iui;:rii:~i��
Hazelton, the Center of the
Great   Omineca  District of
British Columbia,
By R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Roy Hobart, of the Giant Pow-1
der  Co.,   and   11.   L.   Brown, of
Wood, Vallance & Leggatt, were!   OREGON & CALIFORNIA  RAIL-
:'       '       ' ���        a|business   visitors   in   town   this | ROAD CO. GRANT LANDS,   Title to
ami Hritish   Possessions, Two Dolhu'S a
year; Foreign. Three Dollars :i year.
$1.50 per inch per month; Reading
Notices,   15   cents   per   line lor each
mine revested in United States by Act
i nf Congress dated June 0, 1916.     Two
i million, three hundred thousand   Acres
Mrs.   R,    M.    Burns   and   her  to be opened for Homesteads and sale. I
Legal notices inserted at   ]jt(|e c)a���Rhter, Jean, are visiting-iAgricultural and Timber Lands.     Con-;
B. .C Gazette rates. ' servative estimate Forty Billion feet of
in New Hazelton for a few days    commercial lumber.     Containing some
  ! of   best   land   left  in   United   States.
is   confined   to Large Map showinB land  by  sections
land  Description  of soil, climate, rain-
his bed, suffering from an attack   r.,11,   elevations,   etc.    Postpaid  One
I lobar.     Grant  Lands  Locating Co.,
Saturday, February,  9. 1918.
We have at Hazelton an institution which has been a boon to
many of us in time of sickness.
This institution, the Hazelton
Hospital, in the past year, was '
barely able to keep  its  expendi
Frank Dockril
3 bed, sull'erin
of rheumatic fever.
W. Croteau has also  been  under the weather for the past few
Box 610, Portland, Oregon.
Certificate of Improvements
you can't fight you can at least
stand behind the man
who fights for you.
The boys of Telkwa are having uate in  Ule  omineca Mining Division
,   a nickel-plated shovel  made for of Cassiar District .
matter of fact many much-need-L,            .,                   , . .   ,, Where located:���On the west slope of
Tommy   Carpenter,   which   tliey Rocher de Boule Mountain,
ed repairs and adjustments were TAKE NOTICE that Dalby B Mor-
Wlll present to him on   Feb.   II. idll, of Hazelton, B.C., acting as agent I
at the Rocher de Boule mine. im\i{- s- '-"very (Can. Expect.  Force)
and Andrew Fairbairn, ol ielkwa, B.C., j
  Free   Miner's  Certificate  No.   286^C,
Hartley McCrea has moved his inte��(l      �� "^ f-r0"! the-dRt
compelled to be postponed in
order to keep the Hospital oven
financially. Only by the most
strict economy was the institution able to keep on! of serious
debt. This should not be the
case. Economy is well Lo a certain degree, but there is such a
thing as too much economy,
which lias a deleterious effect on
progress���similar to the case of
an over-trained athlete.
It is for the reason that a hos-j
to  appiy  to  the Mining Recorder  fi .���
family up to Topley, where he isl"  Certiflcate of Improvements, for the
purpose oi obtaining a Crown Grant oi
working on a tie contract. the above claims.
  !    And further take notice that action, ]
under section  ,v5, must be commenced |
We understand that the Cronin  before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
The Canadian Patriotic Fund
Which  assists   the  wives and families of Canada's gallant
soldiers, requires millions of dollars  to  keep  the  soldiers'
home (ires burning.
Districl Treasurer: Stephen II. Hoskins, Government Agent
Hazelton Committee:
J.   E.   Kirby,   11.   B.   Allen,   .1.  K.   Frost,   J.   R.   Barker,
and J. G. Powell.    Monthly Subscriptions are Solicited
ine has  been  sold   to  a New
Dated this ::4ih  day  of  September.
York company, which expects m; A.D. mi7.      4-12     Dalby B. Morkill
commence operations as soon  as NOTICE
the weather permits. Jn the MATTER OP AN APPLIC
ATION for the issue of a fresh
Cer.tificpte of Title for Lot 32,'
Block 3,  Town of Telkwa,   (Map
Our Share to be Perpetuated
pita!, like an  athlete,   must  not     The story of Canada's glorious;   817)
be trained down too fine, that we H8 ,n U,e WBr' Bt  Ypr6S  Bnd ! hSffig?t Set
nee   having   been j
oss of the  Cdriiii
Isewhere which already has been ! rat? of Title to the above lands, notice  I
18  hereby g'ven that 11 is my intuition   a
ask our readers to give generous!"   ������"���'"   ��� ���"  ;l "��"w"  is hereby g'ven that it is my
.,     ���    ,-,   ,- i ���  i    told in print, is now to be told ill  to issue after the expiration  of thirty
support   to  the institution winch     ,     . .        , .  ,       days after the first publiciU-ion hereof a
glowing colors by   some   of   the  fresh Certificate uf Title to  the  above
lots   in  the name of I'ete Saari, which
, ,���  ,-f   ���;, i:., .,,;..i,nrl n.-iiufc ���f i h.   'ots   '"  the name of I'ete Saan, which
i        i    ii   , .i    ii      -i  i  most oslm shed artists ol tne   ,. ,..,-,.,,���    ,��� .r),   ;. ,i <   i co ������ ,
and needy, that the Hospital certificate oi   fitie is dated bth bep-
,     . , ,.. , ;. ,..:��� .,��� ,.,.���,, | day, British and Canadian. tember,   1914,  and is numbered 6520-1.
,.    ,       , . ,. ,,    ��� Land Registry Office, Prince Rupert,
Under the auspices ol the Can-, Bc_ mh ;,ovc|,!o,. m-
is ever ready to minister  to  tin
in.,y be able to maintain iis high
standard of efficiency, without
being obstructed by the handicap!
of lack of funds for necessary j
improvements which in themselves would facilitate efficiency
and aid in true economy.
Give   freely  to the  Hospital,
for we give  the assurance  thai
adian war records office,  a war
District Registrar,
j memorial fund has been inaugu
i cited,   with   Lord Rothermere as
chairman and Lord Beaveibrook
as a member of the committee.
The fund now amounts to aboul   .
/   OAL mining rights oi the Dominion,
$75,000,   the  whole  of  it being ^   In  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan  and
....... ��� , ,      .    _     .   .     . ,     Alberta,   the   Yukon    Territory,   the
,-,,,..,     .    raised, by the Dominion in Canada   Northwest Territories and in a portion
y dollar donated to its funds . ���,. , collumbia,
ip mn^t wiselv exnended                                                                      ucay be leased for a term ot twenty-om
be most wisely exptnaeu.       ject of wllich is to ten the        1(,y,ars at  m I rental of |i a,
'..���- i   ������'       ���    ��� \ >"
Synopsis Of CojI Hinlag Regulations
If the Bolsheviki or any other
Socialistic body wishes to witness
a true manifestation of its theories it should come to Hazelton
when Lhe Indians are' holding
one of their sporadic potlatches.
The custom appears to be for the
ject ol winch is to tell the people yeu��� ">, "" ;l":" ���' ����>��" '"  *' an
icre.     Nol   more than 2,580 acres will
of Canada, down to the minutes;   be Ii used to one applicant.
,..,,.        .     i ,      , Application for a lease ntusl be made
detail, what their share has been   i., the api . :ani in ; erson to the A    i I
or  Sui  Agenl ol   thi district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
in    urveyed territory the land iihih:
HI INF RAT,  A'T be described by sections, or legal sub-
���'���      ���      '   ��� livisionsi    aections, ind in unsurveyod
territory tho tract applied for ahull be
���;ia';i i out by the applicant himself,
in this war.
Certificate of Improvements
1  .��� ii application must be m compani-
QUEKNA MINERAL CLAIM, sllu- ed ui a fee of ?E, whiah will be refu.._
uate in the Omineca Mining Division of .-. il tho rights applied for are not
Cassiar District, available, but not otherwise,    A royal-
Where located:���On the southwestern Uy shall be paid on the merchantable
wealthiest of the natives to spend shore of Babine Lake, and near Silver output of  the mine at tne rate of live
'Island. Incuts per ton
all thei. money in order  to  pro-,    T^E N0T1CE that I, F. P. Burden
vide  their  poorer  brethren   the acting as agent for M. J.  Kolb,  Free
Miner's Certificate  No. 7362C, intend
good  things ol life, Indian style, ! sixty days from the date hereof, to ap
Hie person operating Ihe mine shall
furnish the Agenl with sworn returns
accounting IV.r the full quantity of merchantable    coal   mined   and   pay   tin
effectually "breaking" themselves for some time to come,
but achieving  consequent  glory
cate of Improvements for   the purpose1
of obtaining a Crown Grantof the above
And further take notice   that action,
i .    ' under section  85,   must be commenced
and respect m  the  measure in  bef0M tha issuance of such Certificate.
plytotheMiningRecorderforaCertili-  l?i',u lv  ,h"'��<>��-    H   Lhe coalmining
which they depleted their bank
accounts. One of the local leaders, Chief Spaugh (Johnny Pat-
sey), alone spent $700 in one
week, and oiher bidders for
popularity among their native
clansmen expended in like proportion. Thus the rich become
poor and the poor are enabled to
jiggle some coins in theii pockets
for a while at least. The essence
of true Socialism!
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of December, A.
D. 1917. 16-25
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion, Briiish Columbia,
and Alberta Land Surveyors
Offices at Victoria, Nelson, Fort George
and New Hazelton.
F. P. BurtDEN, New Hazelton
One Dollar per day and upwards
25c. auto service lo and from all trains and boats
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
'lhe lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be per-
mitled to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
for full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Commercial Printing aft
THE Mmm '':>~     S
The Canadian Red Cross
The Hazelton   Branch  requests the support of all in its
efforts lo assist in the noble work of I his great hunjanitai ian
Honorary Presidents:  Mrs. (Rev.) John Field; .Mrs. (Rev.)
W. Hogan
Chairman:   Or. II. C. Wrinch
Vice-Presidents: .1. F. Maguire, Mrs. Chappell, Wm. Grant
Honorary Secretary:  Miss VV, Soul
Honorary Treasurer: II. 11. Little, Manager Union Bunk
Executive Committee:
Mesdumes Wattie, Wflinch, Sealy, ancl Glassey; Rev. John
h'ield, VV. Wattie, John Newick
Large or Small Contributions will be Gratefully Received
I! ii   II L L
Endeavors to supply soldiers from Hazelton district will
such comfort ; nnd necessities as cannot be readily obtained
al the front, and will assist them to re-eslnblish themselves
in civil life when lliuy return. The Committee is acting in
co - operation   with   the   Provincial   Returned   Soldiers'
Commission and Lhe Military Hospitals -Commission
Con tt'ibu lions lo the Soldiers' Aid Tobacco Fund are Welcome
Chairman: A. R. Macdonald
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Win. Grant
II. II. Little, It. E. Allen, p. B. Chettleburgh
II. B. Campbell, II. F. Glassey, G. W. McKay.
11. Welch, J. K. Frost, S. Cline, W. Watlie
Some can fight, some can work or pay,
;,-!��� ���s.siismitmsiim
What the World'
Ih Doing and Saying
Snappy Briefs from all Quarters
A mutiny among Greek troops j
at Damia, northwest of Athens, |
was quelled.
British casualties for the past
week were 6,354, the lowest for
many months.
Two thousand coal miners are
on strike at Drumheller, Sank.
Earthquake shocks were regis-,
tered at Revelstoke on  Monday.
There  are 300.000,000 bushels;
of wheat in Australia waiting to
be shipped to the Allies.
John L". Sullivan,   the   famous;
pugilist, died at Abingdon,Mass.,
on Saturday.
Apolitical party representing!,
Labor has been organized in B.C.  !
Toronto will stop all store-window illumination as a conservation measure.
Arthur Charles de Rothschild,
of the famous British banking
linn, died in London  last  week.
make iomt mums
jp< ���        -���-��(
I i   ?II I
at the:  front.
E ��� ->' i
IHflBfi'Jii^ &  , j   M   ,. ;: v.."i
$ 25.00   for   $2l,50
eo OO 43.00
100.00    "       ee oo
h  kNlANOK     DffP^ATMBNT
;.j..[���!.,i..|.4.^..|,.|.,j..!..;,.j..!,.|..i.,!.,;.,; .!..i.,>...,j..(,,]..i.,j.,!.,;,j.,i���f.^.,;,.;,.;..���..���.,;..���.... ��� : ... .... O
Steamers   sailing; between   Seattle, Victoria,
f '
An order-in-council lias been
passed suspending Ihe operation
of certain manufacturing plants
in Ontario and Qui bee on Feb.
9, 10 and 11, in order to conserve
fuel. i
Vancouver, Ocean Falls, Swanson Hay,
Prinze Rupert, Anyi.x, Ketchikan, VYrattgei],
Juneau, Skagway,
Leave Prince Rupert: f
For Swanson  Bay,   Ocean  Palls,   Vancouver Victoria, Seattle", t2:00 ���'
midnight every Thursday. !E
For Anyox |2:00 mi 'ni^lil. every Wednesday,
For Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Skagway, P.M. Wednesday January v
nth, 23rd; Feb  6th, 20lh; March nth, 20th, I
For Massett, Por  Cemonts, P. v.-Wednesday Jan. 2nd, lothSOth; Feb. *
13th. 27th; March 13th, 27th f
For Ikeda,Jedway, Lockaport, Atli Inlet Paeon.Skide^ate.Qieon Char- I
*     Intte, Sandspit, r.M. Wedn. Jan. 7th, 2ist; F.-b. 4th, 18th, March 4,18, I
��     Arrive Prince Rupert from tho South 10;30 a,m. every Wednesday. 7
.;.     Passenger trains leave   Hazelton   Easthou d  al   7: 0   p.m.   Monday, !t
f     Wednesday, Suturd-y.    Wesibound i):l iA.��i   Sund yfTuesday, Thurs- i
->     For further information apply to any Grand I runk Pacific Agent.or to
f     ii. A. McNicholl, Absi. dm. Prelnhi .... Pi ibc  a   in Prince Kupert, fi.d.
6-i.+-i- - ������:-.;..i..;..!-+.!*.!'.i.4.-i..i��i��i"M'-C-li-.- ���.   ��� I <:��� ������..���;������,������:-,.���;.-:������...;���;������;-; ���!"!--i:"'- '������;--."..,.c
Agent For Hazelton
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Carload due to arrive in February
Express, General  Drayage and  Freighting!
 . . ���. ������������_^_���������_________ il
ate !
TVF1?Y ir-fi ^TA(tF^ We are prepared to supply privati
���I _,IV_.A_ ���IiU J_-iVI_._} and public conveyances day an,
i\ niidit.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton
Best Dry Birch, $6.00 a cord
���' Consign  your shipments in  Our     f?i^rSffv    fir    IV! nfi\CQ'vl
I fare   for   Storage  or   Delivery.      IV U11 Ik J*     OC   lTi-lLJ
���,   .'. Idrcsa all ciimmiinlcatlona to Hanelton,
_ '     '.. 9
Capt. Lamedoc and Pilot McKay, of the steamer Mont Plane,
which caused the l!a!il';ix rlisas-
ter, have been arrested, it being
found by the commission investigating the catiFes of the catastrophe that the pilol and captain
of the vessel violated the rules
of the road.
Premier  Radoslavoff of   Hul
guria, will look  after Bulgaria's
interests   at  the  Brest-Litovsk
Sir I'.   E.   Smith,   the   British
attorney-general,  who is touring
the United Slates nnd Canada,
is expected to visit Vancouver
Addressing Soldiers' Mail
lu order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
ensure prompt delivery, it is requested that all mail be addressed as follows:
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, Battery or Company.
(e) Battalion, Regiment (or
other unit), Staff appointment or Department,
(0 Canadian Contingent,
(g)  British Expeditionary
(h). Army Post Office, London
Unnecessary mention of higher
formations,    such   as   brigades,
divisions,  is strictly  forbidden, j
and causes delay.
S__S_5~ "" ~^5__-5_____-_B__B_HS
ft ����� |UB 'i
She must have Food-
for her Armies in the Field    for her Workers in the Factory���in
the Munition plant   in the Shipyard���in the Mine.
Do You Know���
that the rapidly rising price of food stuffs
means that the World's reserve supply is
getting small ?
Do You Know���
that a world-wide famine can only be
averted by increasing this supply ?
Do You Know���
that a "food famine" would be a worse
disaster to the Empire and her Allies than
reverses in the Field ?
You Can���
help thwart Germany's desperate submarine thrust on the high seas.
You Can���
do this by helping to make every bit it
land in Canada produce���the very last
pound of food stuffs of which it is capable.
that no man can say thai he has fully d*m*
his part -who having land���be it garden
patch, or farm, or ranch���fails to male* k
produce food to its utmost capacity.
India and Argentina arc more than twice the distance away and
Australia more than four times.
26.15 Miles
Canada to Britain _______
6000 MILE3
India & Argentina to Britain    -     ___?sm^j__*_i____
11500 miles;
Australia to Britain i
"No matter what difficulties may
face us, the supreme duty of every
man on the land is to use every thought
and every energy in the direction of
producing more���and still more."
Martin Burrell ���Minister of Agriculture.
The Department invites every one desiring
information on any subject relative to Farm
and Garden, to write���
'! ���;
__m I
Speaks Well Before Good Attendance!MA������
On His Thirteen Years Among Turks
Instead of the usual debate on I tion of Turkey brought looks of
Tuesday evening, those who at-! anger and surprise to the faces
tended at St. Andrew's Hall were' of the audience,
treated to a delightful address by j The speaker gave many humor-
Rev. Canon Gould, of the C.M.S., jous instances of the ignorance
who spoke at length on his thir- and crudity of the natives, a
teen years of life in Turkey.
vein of humor running  through
The speaker, who has lived in practically his whole address,
many places in  the land of thei    He concluded  his   talk  hy   a
Turk and who has travelled very ! thorough condemnationof Turkey
extensively,recited instance after and her allies in the war and was
instance of the terrible cruelty of \ roundly applauded when he refer-1 Thos. Cook & Son,  Montreal,   in
the   "Unspeakable"   Turk,   of red to the the victorious raising iconnection   with   authority   re-
where malcontents were spirited | of the Union Jack over Jerusalem
Ottawa, Feb. 8: Up to the
present it has been permissable
to send letters to persons in enemy countries or countries held
by the enemy, subject to censorship through the medium of an
intermediary in a neutral country. Au arrangement has now
been made whereby such correspondence can be forwarded
through the medium  of  Messrs.
away, of where prisoners were
incarcerated in gloomy dungeons
and murdered secretly, and of
where British divers working for
a British engineering linn before
the war in  the  Bosphorous  re
ceived from the British govern-
after 13 centuries of Turkish oc- j ment.
cupation of that city. The  letters  to  be   forwarded
Before the address J.   J.   Mc- must relate only to private news
Innes gave one of his popular [and must not contain any refer-
The sum of $19.20 was collect-
fused  to  go on the floor of that led for the sterilizer fund  of  the
waterway because it was literally Hazelton Hospital,
carpeted with sacks of the bones     Dr. Wrinch acted ably aschair-
of thousands of the enemy's of j man.
the cruel Sultan Abdul Hamid.    |    A number of New Hazelton I be left open in  accordance with
The maltreatment of the Ar- townspeople  drove over for the; tne   censorship   regulations   of
menians  and  the misrule of the expected debate, but were pleas- enemy   countries.     This   should
different elements of the popula- ed at the oratory of Canon Gould
ence to military or naval movements, to political or economic
conditions or the like. The letter should be enclosed in an envelope legibly addressed to its
ultimate destination,   and  musl
A Brilliant Career
A despatch from London to
the Canadian press announces
the awarding to Joseph Burr
Tyrrell, of Toronto, of the Mur-
chison Medal by the Geological
Mr. Tyrrell, who is associated
with M. W. Sutherland in the
Golden Wonder group at Carna-
by, near Hazelton, is one of Canada's foremost geologists, explorers and mining engineers.
In 1912 he was appointed by the
Ontario government to head the
exploring party to locate the
five-mile railway strip throughout the wilds of Keewatin to
Hudson Bay. Before that he
and his brotheer, J. W. Tyrrell,
had done much exploratory work
for the Geological Survey of Can
ada. His journeys include a survey of the Rockies; of Alberta
between the Bow and North
Saskatchewan Rivers; five years
exploration in northwest Mani
toba as far north as Lake Athabasca; a trip across the Barrel:
Lands, during which he discovered the Dabaunt River and lake,
one of the greatest, waterways in
Canada. In 1898 he left the
Geological Survey and has practiced privately his profession in
the Yukon and Toronto. During
his adventurous career his escapes
from death have been innumerable.
The Murchison Medal of the
Geological Society was founded
in memory of Sir Robert Impey
Murchison, a famous Hritish geo
logist, who died in 1871.
25 Miles
,;hi1 To Hazelton
36 to 68 per
cent more
then be placed in anorher envelope addressed to Thos. Cook _
Son, 5C0 St. Catherine St., Montreal, together with a slip bearing, legibly written, the name
\ j of the sender and also a posta'
note for 25 cents to cover the
charges to a neutral country and
from there to the enemy country.
The arrangements necessary to
ensure the transmission to th<
writers of any reply from tho
correspondents in enemy couun-
tiies wili be made by Messrs.
Thos. Cook & Son.
This does not affect correspondence addressed to prisoners of
war, which is lo be forwarded in
accordance with the prisoners of
war regulations.
Full particulars may be obtained by writing to Thos. Cook &
Son, 5,!0 St. Catherine St,, W.,
Montreal, enclosing stamped and
addressed envelop.-' for reply.
The womenhood of the world
in the aggregate has never been
ablei- mentally or as powerful as
it is today. With the accumulated practical art of centuries,
the skill of the world's women-
hood is ready for use. What will
women do for a world in jeopardy?
jasks the Toronto Dai'y Star.
Canadian women must think
out their own methods of service. No one can direct them
with the ability with which they
can direct themselves. No food
controller can make or carry out
their plans. Every woman carries a weight of responsibility.
None can escape. Is I here a
single Canadian woman who is
willing to shirk her share of the
food crisis? We do not believe
such a woman exists. Wherever
you are, you are the woman who
must make good to save our Allies from starvation, and Canada
from being a vassal to Germany.
This is no idle, sensational cry.
It is as true as the fact which
you could not believe at first, the
sinking of the Lusitania.
Think out what women can do.
Do not leave this to others.
Think for yourself. Women of
the country, women of the town,
think, plan, invent. Our fight
must now be won by food saving,
substitution, production. You
only can do it best. Far better
than anyone else.     Think it out.
"Think out new ways; think
out new methods; think out new
ways of dealing with old problems. Don't always be thinking
of  getting  bqck   to  where   you
were before the war. Get a
really new world." Thatiswhal
Lloyd George says. He knows.
But this is what Canadian women
have got to do.
"Drop that piece of white
bread which you are raising to
your lips! The fate of the world
five hundred years hence is at
We must share Canadian bread
with England, Scotland, Ireland,
France, Italy, or we may be defeated, enslaved by Germany.
Think out plans today for beating your own record.
The Divine Helper of the Universe is depending on  our help.
Hazelton Hospital ����
for any purine) from opk month upward at 41 \><*.r
mnntli in advance, This rate includes oiflcc oon-
lultations and medicines, ns well ad all coatt while
(n the hospital. Tickets obtainable In Hazelton
at the Poat Office or the DrU_ Store; in Aldermer*
from Mr. T. J. Thorp; in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or by mail from the Medical Superintendent nt the
Now   Open  Under New  Management
Omineca Hotel
Remodelled, Refurnished, Redecorated
Every provision for the comfort of Ladies and Gent'emen
Writing and Smoking: Lounge Wilh Large  Open
Commodious  Sample Room Well   Lighted and
Heals of Highest Quality   White Cock
Special Sunday Dinner al 6 p.m, $1.00
James G. Powell
Provincial Assayer.     Analytical
New Hazelton, B.C.
Try Our
Ideal Cod Liver Oil
For Coughs and Colds
Up-to-Date   Drug Stores
Hazclion     -       -       -     B. (J.
Lowest ralos Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver, and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Menls and Perth ii,eluded on Steamer.
S.S. " Princess Sophia" sails from Prince Kupert Dec. 22nd:  Jan. Bill, j
19th: Feb, 2nd, 16th; March 2nd.      S.S."Princess Royal" sails from 1
Prince Rupert !�� a.m. I<ec 17, 27; Jan. 7, 17, 26, Feb. 7, IK, 28. |
IMS" Above Bailings arc subject to change or cancellation without notice *
Th? Officer Commanding,  6th jj   J, I, Peters, General Ag4|tt,8rd Ave. _ 4th St., Prince Rupert, B,C. 1
I Field   Company,   Canadian  En-, I_+.,..f.j..i..|..(..|.*.f..;..;,.|..|..|.+.!..i..|..|^
North Vancouver,  B.C ,; '
20 to 25 miles to a gallon of
gasoline is a frequent occurrence with the Ford car. One
man (name on request) reports
an average of 33 miles per gallon for 20,000 miles. Surely
this is a record that few, if
any other makes of cars, ever
It demonstrates the economy
of owning and driving a Ford.
You can average 1000 miles
more travel on Ford-size tires.
The saving on oil and repairs is proportionately large.   The
name   "Ford"  stands for lowest coat and greatest service.
-* Ford Motor Car Co,
of Canada, Ltd.
FORD   -   -   -    ONTARIO
'<a/J ��MK      R g Sar_ent> Ltd
THE UNIVERSAL CAR hazelton, b.c.     -     Lm��i A*_t
One gallon of gasoline
has done it
has received instructions  to   recruit 500  men  ol   lhe  following
Carpenters Bricklayers
Plumbers Tinsmiths
Blaeksmitha Miners
and Tinintleis
Tradesmen a ti d mechanics
[should not miss this opportunity
I to join a skilled branch of the
army. Men drafted in the first
: class (Class A) can lie taken.
i The number is limited, so early
| application is necessary.
Write or apply Recruit ing Olfiee
i Hastings and Homer Streets,
! Vancouver, B.C., or Drill Hall,
; North Vancouver, B.C.
SAY,   POP!  Call  in  and  get
some of   that   sauerkraut   that
Dave Purvis makes.     Sargent's
' sell it at 3 lbs. for 25 cents.
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Cook Stoves and Heaters
Fresh Shipments of
Winter Apples
Our Grocery Department
was never better Stocked
' f VMnl UK���*���I  ���-���"* """"J
**ii_���u uajuuuuu] ;


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