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Omineca Miner Jun 22, 1918

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Advertisers Secure Results by using Miner columns.     Subscribers Secure the Reliable News of the Northern Interior.
News of Town and Round About
Local News and Personal Movements in Hazelton
Mrs. Wm. Hogan  went down
to Prince Rupert on Thursday.
P. H. Sheehan came in from
his ranch in the Kispiox Valley
during the week.
Miss Margaret Wattie left on
Thursday for Alberni, where she
will visit relatives.
Miss Dorcas McDougall returned to her home in Hazelton from
Smithers on Sunday.
Dr. H. C. Wrinch paid a professional visit to Skeena Crossing
on Wednesday, returning on the
evening train.
Rev. W. S. A. Larter returned
to Smithers on Monday after conducting services in St. Peter's
Church on Sunday last.
W. McNish came up from Vancouver on Wednesday on business
in connection with the provincial
workmen's  compensation board.
Cooper Wrinch, son of Dr. and
Mrs. H. C. Wrinch, returned on
Wednesday from Vancouver,
where he has been attending
high school.
D. B. Morkill returned to the
Hazelton View mine on Wednesday. He was accompanied by
Mrs. Morkill, who will spend
several days there.
Mrs. W. Wattie returned on
Saturday from a visit to Vancouver.
Jumps Up in Past Week and Now
Witnin One Dollar of
Miss A. M. Colwill, of the Hospital nurses' train staff, left on
Tuesday for Prince Rupert.
Constable Kelly, of the provincial police force here, paid a visit
to Smithers during the week.
Miss J. Tallander, of the Hospital staff, returned on Monday
from a vacation visit to Prince
C. W. Mitchell came up from
Hole-in-the-Wall on Saturday to
join the staff at the local office of
the Yukon Telegraphs.
Sam. Cooling, who recently
left for Vancouver to deliver a
crazed Indian to the authorities,
returned to Hazelton on Monday.
Mrs. Davidson, of Pasadena,
Cal., came up on Saturday to join
her sister, Mrs. E. J. Evans.
Both left on Tuesday for Lome
J. R. Tannock, of the government office staff, was ordered to
report for service on Monday and
left on Thursday for the south.
His position has been filled by
the appointment of F. B. Chettleburgh.
Early this morning Deputy
Registrar Grant opened the public schoolhouse for the purpose of
conducting the registration of
the residents of Hazelton. During
the week close to two hundred
individuals have taken advantage
of the privilege of registering before the actual day set apart for
it to Deputy Grant and Assistant
Deputy Donohoe, thus lightening
considerably the labors of the
officials today. Should there be
any danger of congestion ���t the
hall today the deputy registrar
will have the assistance of a very
capable staff of helpers.including
Mrs. W. W. Anderson, Miss
M. Wentzel, and E. A. Donohoe.
R. E. Loring, who is registering the Indians, has been very
busy, although at first the natives
were rather slow in coming forward. Dr. Wrinch, deputy registrar for Hazelton Hospital, has
completed his utprk.
G. J. Davie, of Edmonton,
was a business visitor this week
in Hazelton.
Train Changes
The summer schedule of the
G. T. P. will become effective tomorrow, on and after which date
the following schedule will be
Westbound- -Arrive at South
Hazelton 8:40a.m. Sunday, Tuesday, Friday.
Eastbound- Arrive at South
Hazelton 7:10 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
It will thus he seen that the
westbound trains will arrive forty minutes earlier than formerly
and the train will run Friday instead of Thursday, and while the
times of the eastbound remain
the same, a Friday train will replace the Saturday one.
New Hail Schedule
Consequent upon the changes
in the train service, the following
new mail schedule will go into
effect at Hazelton postoffice from
5 p.m. today:
Eastbound���Mail closes 5 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Westbound���Mail closes 5 p.m.
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
All registered mail must be in
half an hour previous to the time
designated for the closing of ordinary mail.
The Miner was in receipt this
week of several further subscriptions to the James May Memorial
Fund, which has now reached the
total of ninety-nine dollars. The
$100-mark will undoubtedly be
passed next week. The following have sent in their donations
to the fund: Henry Bretzins, Joe
Benson (Stewart. B.C.), Angus
McLean ( S.uithers ). Howard
Guest (Babine Lake). Subscriptions are coming in at a good
rate and this is very encouraging
to the organizers of the fund,
who are extremely gratified at
the support accorded it. All who
knew Jim May, we feel sure,will
send in their contributions, if
they have not already done so,
and as subscriptions are limited
to one dollar, in view of the continual demand for funds for patriotic purposes, further support
to the fund which has as its object the erection of a memorial
over the grave of the popular
old-timer, is hoped for. Send in
your donation today, remember,
die more money obtained, the
handsomer stone will be erected.
Kispiox Valley
Happenings in and about
tub Coming Center of
(Bptel&l ti> 'rim Ulnar)
Miss Victoria Mcintosh, who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Fred Janze, for some time past,
has returned to her home in Hazelton.
Mr. A. P. McKenzie, who has
been telegraph operator at First
Cabin for the last two years, has
accepted a position with the Yukon Telegraph service at Hazelton. He is succeeded by H. L.
Garrity, of Kitsumkalum.
T. G. Johnson, of Cherry Point
Farm, was a business visitor in
the Valley this week.
The canoe belonging to Capt.
Jack, the Indian recently drowned in the Kispiox river, has been
found, but the body has not yet
been located.
Jas. Hevenor was up from Hazelton on Sunday.
The stump-puller recently purchased by Albert II. Wilson is
doing great work on his ranch.
Crops are looking good in the
Items From the Bulkley Valley
What is Happening In Smithers and Telkwa
iMii��triy*v"**JJ'"*J"""***"J1*""" ���"'""" iiinniiijf'
(Special to The Miner)
Dr. J. P. McKie and Miss Kil-
patrick motored to Telkwa on
H. H. Doodson motored to Hazelton on Saturday, returning on
Sunday evening.
Miss Dunlop, of the G. T. P.
staff, returned on Wednesday after spending two weeks visiting
in Vancouver.
Dave Bird, Jack Laing and R.
M. McDonald, of Evelyn, spent
the week-end in Smithers.
The section foremen of the
G.T.P. Railway held their regular monthly business meeting in
Smithers last Sunday.
Rev. W. S. A. Larter returned
from Hazelton on Monday,bringing with him a driving horse
which he purchased from S. H.
Mr. and Airs. F. G. Heal and
daughter and Mrs. R. Burns, of
Telkwa, were visitors in Smithers on Sunday.
Dr. L. B. Badgero returned to
Smithers on Wednesday after a
ten-day fishing trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Eby, Miss Jean
Grant and T. H. McMartin spent
the week-end at Houston.
Miss Dorcas McDougall left
for her home at Hazelton on Sunday.
Mrs. Sam Long and son, of
Francois Lake, spent a few days
in town during the week.
Jack Aldrich came down from
his ranch last  Monday  on   buai-
(Special to The Miner)
Mrs. G. McDonnell and children left for Vancouver on Thursday's train.
Dr. Badgero and Tom Heslip
returned this week from their
holiday trip into the hills. They
report good fishing and lots of
The government road gang has
started work on the Goat Creek
road leading to the Telkwa coalfields, and will soon have things
in shape for hauling coal.
The old landmark, or rather
watermark, known as McDonnell's pier, which has been standing in the river opposite the drug
store, left for parts unknown on
Tuesday afternoon, owing to the
great volume of water which has
been coming down the river during the past few days. After
withstanding the tremendous ice
jam of the past winter.it seemed
as if this pier was as immovable
as a rock, but the old-timers
state that they have never known
the water to rise as high as at
the present time.
ness, returning with Jack Ashman on Wednesday.
Constable Kelly, of Hazelton,
was in town on business during
this week,
L. Beverly Warner paid a business visit to Telkwa on Tuesday
W. J. Carr drove in from the
ranch on Wednesday.
Allows More Sugar
The following forms the body
of a letter received this week by
the provincial police here from
the British Columbia committee
of the Canada Food Baord:
"(re Order No. 30)
"In connection with the regulations under the above-mentioned order specifying the amount of sugar which may be
held by householders, we are
now informed by the Food Board
that householders will be permitted to have sufficient for their
requirements, including preserving, and further that wholesale
and retail dealers will carry
stocks sufficient for their requirements, including the necessary
increased demand from consumers for canning and preserving"."
A Day of Prayer
Premier Oliver was in receipt
of information from Ottawa this
week to the effect that a proclamation nas been issued declaring
Sunday, June 30, has been set
apart as a day of public humiliation and prayer throughout the
$2     The Miner, $2 a year.     $2
Methodist Church
Tomorrow, June 23,  Rev.   R.
C. Scott will preach at 7:30 p. m.
on the subject: "All Things Work
Together  for Good to Those that
Love God."
The quartette will sing.
All are cordially invited.
Rosenthal & DeVoin, of the
Riverside Dairy, Smithers, have
secured the contract to supply
milk and cream to the dining
cars of the G.T.P. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1918
The Omineca Miner
Published every Saturday at
Hazelton, the Center of the
Great   Omineca  District of
British  Columbia,
By R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
$1.60 per inch per month; Reading
Notices, 15 cents per line for each
insertion. Legal notices inserted at
B. C. Gazette rates.
Saturday, June 22, 1918.
An announcement of special interest to mining men throughout
British Columbia is that the smelter at Ladysmith will re-open in
the very near future. The intimation is that it is to be blown
in some time next month. Since
its rehabilitation there has been
a change in the personnel of its
officials. Alterations were made
at considerable cost before the
plant was started up recently,
after having been closed down
for a considerable period.
same revested in United States by Act
of Congress dated June 9, 1916. Two
million, three hundred thousand Acres
to be opened for Homesteads and sale.
Agricultural and Timber Lands. Conservative estimate Forty njlljon feet of
commercial lumber. Containing some
of best land left in United States.
Large Map showing land by sections
and Description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, etc. Postpaid One
Dollar. Grant Lands Locating Co.,
Box 610, Portland, Oregon.
How long can the man-power
of Germany last? This is the
question which is consuming a
good deal of attention from our
military experts. In view of
Germany's terrific losses in her
recent drives and in those mad
rushes previous to the campaigns
of this year, it is contended that
Germany's supply of fighting
men must be alarmingly deplet
ed. This would appear to be
further substantiated by the reports received from different
theaters. Last week it was
reported from Russia that Germany intends to transfer all her
troops from Russia to the western front. London announced
that several Teuton divisions had
been taken from the Flanders
front to the scene of the offensive operations on the Noyon-
Rheims front, leaving the inference that the German reserve
forces were insufficient. On
Sunday the Austrians commenced
their diive on the Italian front,
from whence it is reported that
no German troops are engaged.
Are these straws indicating the
direction of the wind?
We Heartily Agree
In other days of newspaper
work, in towns of the older sections of the country, paper readers took a more personal interest
in the home town sheet than they
appear to here in the west. At
least their interest, if it exists,
does not manifest itself in the
same way. In the old time,John
Smith was sure to have a letter
to the editor on current topics
every once in a while. Mrs. John
Smith never forgot to have the
visit of a friend from another
community duly chronicled. Bill
Jones was proud to have mention
made of the repainting of his big
red barn. Then there was the
old crack about Ira Brown buying
a buggy and the usual addition
of "Watch out girls", or "Ira
must mean business" or something of that sort. It is a pity
that the neighborhood residents
nowadays do not make a point of
getting into closer sympathy with
their paper. A warm-hearted,
lively town means a paper radiating cheer and neighborly encouragement. If everyone took
the resolve, "Now I must telephone the paper about that item,"
the weekly journal would be ten
times as interesting and helpful.
The readers should remember
that speaking broadly the paper
is theirs, for their making or
their unmaking.
���Penticton Herald.
Victor Dolmage, who was in
charge of a geological survey
party in Hazelton district last
summer, is now assistant to
Charles Camsell, head of the
new branch of the Dominion Geological Survey which will operate
in B.C. Eight or nine parties
will be placed in the field this
summer. Among these will be
one headed by Dr. McKay, a
physiography expert, who will
examine the Cariboo placer fields
and map out the channels of the
old water courses in which the
gold occurs.
Certificate of Improvements
the Omineca Mining Division of Cassiar
Where located:���On Rocher de Boule
TAKE NOTICE that Dalby B Morkill, B. C. Land Surveyor, of Hazelton,
B. C, acting as agent for James Dean,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 7931C,
and James Gilmore, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1095C, intends, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of March, A. D.
1918.      30-38 Dalby B. Morkill
James G* Powell
Provincial Assayer.    Analytical
New Hazelton, B.C.
tf'~ j_!
*��rfS__X   a*
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the
Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until Noon, on
Friday, the 19th July, 1918, for the
conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on
a proposed Contract for four years,
fortnightly each way, between
from the lst October next.
Printed notices containing further
information as toconditions of proposed
Contract may be seen and blank forms
of Tender may be obtained at the Post
Offices of Hazelton, Kispiox and New
Hazelton,and at the office of the undersigned.
P. 0. Inspector.
Post OFFICE inspector's OFFICE,
Victoria, B. C, 31st May, 1918.
Certificate of Improvements
uata in the Omineca Mining Division of
Cansiar District.
Wh��re located:���On the southwestern
shore of Babine Lake, and near Silver
TAKE NOTICE that I, F. P. Burden,
acting as agent for M. J. Kolb, Free
Miller's Certificate No. 7862C, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the MiningRecorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining aCrownGrantof the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of December, A.
D. 1917. 16-25
1 ATION for the issue of a fresh
Certificpte   of  Title   for   Lot  32,
Block 3,  Town of Telkwa,   (Map
Satisfactory evidence having been
furnished as to the loss of the Certificate of Title to the above lands, notice
is hereby given that it is my intention
to issue after the expiration of thirty
days after the first publication hereof a
fresh Certificate of Title to the above
lots in the name of Pete Saari, which
Certificate of Title is dated 8th September,   1914,   and is numbered 6529-1.
Land Registry Oflice, Prince Rupert,
B.C., 20th November, 1917.
14-18 District Registrar.
If you can't fight you can at least
stand behind the man
who fights for you.
cr:;.?*. WM
Synopsis Of Coal Mining Regulations
f^OKL mining rightsof the Dominion,
*-��� in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion
of the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term ot twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the trnct applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of five
oents per ton.
Tho person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Commercsa! Printing at
The Canadian Patriotic Fund
Which assists the wives and families of Canada's gallant
soldiers, requires millions of dollars to keep the soldiers'
home fires burning.
District Treasurer: Stephen H. Hoskins, Government Agent
Hazelton Committee:
J.   E.  Kirby,  R.  E.  Allen,  J. K. Frost,   J. R. Barker,
and J. G. Powell.    Monthly Subscriptions are Solicited
The Canadian Red Cross
The Hazelton  Branch requests the support of all in its
efforts to assist in the noble work of this great humanitarian
Honorary Presidents: Mrs. (Rev.) John Field; Mrs. (Rev.)
W. Hogan
Chairman:   Dr. H. C. Wrinch
Vice-Presidents: J. F. Maguire, Mrs. Chappell, Wm. Grant
Honorary Secretary: Miss W. Soal
Honorary Treasurer: H. H. Little, Manager Union Bank
Executive Committee:
Mesdames Wattie, Wrinch, Sealy, and Glassey; Rev. John
Field, W. Wattie, John Newick
Large or Small Contributions will be Gratefully Received
Endeavors to supply soldiers from Hazelton district with
such comforts and necessities as cannot be readily obtained
at the front, and will assist them to re-establish themselves
in civil life when they return. The Committee is acting in
co - operation   with   the   Provincial   Returned   Soldiers'
Commission and the Military Hospitals Commission
Contributions to the Soldiers' Aid Tobacco Fund are Welcome
Chairman: A. R. Macdonald
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Wm. Grant
H. H. Little, R. E. Allen. F. B. Chettleburgh
H. B. Campbell, H. F. Glassey, G. W. McKay.
H. Welch, J. K. Frost, S. Cline, W. Wattie
Some can fight, some an work or pay,
What the World
Is Doing and Saying
Snappy Briefs from all Quarters
Steamers sailing between Seattle, Victoria,
Vancouver, Ocean Falls, Swanson Bay,
Prince Rupert, Anyox, Ketchikan, Wrangell,
Juneau, Skagway.
Great Britain's average daily
war expenditures during the past
three months were ��6,848,000.
Belgians youths of 19 resident
in Canada have been ordered to
report for service.
A severe and protracted earthquake shock was felt in the West
Indies on Sunday.
Provost Marshal General Crow-
der says three million Americans
will be under arms by August 1.
From January, 1915, to the
end of May, 1918, 407 vessels
sunk by Germans in British waters have been salvaged, and this
rate is being accelerated by the
employment of improved methods, says the admiralty.
Settlers' implements have been
placed on the free list.
The long-projected and much-
discussed tunnel under the English Channel between England
and France will be constructed
after the war.
Men from 49 to 51 will shortly
be called up in Britain for military service.
Norwegian merchant seamen
to the number of 970 have been
killed as the result of U-boat attacks or of mines since the beginning of the war and 89 ships
have been sunk.
Leave Prince Rupert:   For Swanson Bay,  Ocean =
r< Falls, Vancou   r, Victoria, Seattle, midnight every Thursday. 5
M For Swanson Bay and Vancouver, 9 a.m. every Wednesday. s
��� For Anyox 12:00 midnight every Wednesday. S
E For Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Skagway, Noon Saturday, April 6th, S
j�� 20th, May 4th, and weekly thereafter. 5
=5 For Massett, Port Clements, Naden Harbor, P.M. every Saturday. =
M For Skidegate, Aliford Bay, Queen  Charlotte,   Sandspit,  Cumshewa, g
= Pacofi,  Atli Inlet, Lockeport, Jedway, Ikeda, P. M. every Wednesday, =
= Arrive Prince Rupert from the South 10;30 a.m. every Wednesday. =
= and 9 a.m. every Saturday. ��
= Passenger trains leave  Hazelton   Eastbound at 7:10  p. M.  Monday, =
S Wednesday, Saturday.    Westbound 9:20 A.M. Sunday, Tuesday, Thurs- y
s day. =
= For further information apply to any Grand Trunk Pacific Agent.or to =
�� G. A. McNicholl.Asst. Gen. Freight and Passenger Agent,Prince Rupert, B.C. =
The Omineca Miner
The best medium for Home and Out-of-Town
Advertisers*      We carry the News*
Job Printing of the Highest Quality.
Premier Hughes of Australia
and Hon. Joseph Cook, Australian minister of war, have arrived
in London.
A new Liberty Loan, for at
least $6,000,000,000 will be floated in the U.S., probably in October.
All railroad cars in the U.S.
will be pooled, the government
having abolished the usual rates
charged by railroads for their
cars used by other companies.
Addressing Soldiers' Mail
In order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
ensure prompt delivery, it is requested that all mail be addressed as follows:
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, Battery or Company.
(e) Battalion, Regiment (or
other unit), Staff appointment or Department.
(f) Canadian Contingent.
(g) British Expeditionary
(h) Army Post Office, London
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Cook Stoves and Heaters
Farming Machinery
Ogilvie. Government Standard
"War Flour"
"Do Your Bit���Plant a Garden"
Come and examine our large assortment of Seeds
 We Carry	
^tMMsUsMtim\MJMMMJJmm\4^^ '���"inainiMr,
$2     The Miner $2 a year.     $2
by every rrale person who is not on active service in any of His Majesty's Naval or Military
Forces, or in the Naval or Military Forces of any of His Majesty's Allies, and who apparently
may be, or is reasonably suspected to be, within the description of CSass One under the
Military Service Act, 1917, who for any reason may have claimed that he is not within Class
One under the Act.
TJOTICE is hereby given thnt, under the provisions of nn Order i t Council
(P.C. 1013), of the 23th April, 1918, upon and after the lst day cf Juno,
1918, every male person who is not on active service in any of His Majesty's
Naval or Military Forces, or in the Naval cr Military Forces of His Majesty's
Allies, and who apparently may be, or is reasonably suspected to be, within
lhe description of Class One under the Military Service Act, 1917, by whom
or on whose behalf, it is at any time affirmed, claimed or alleged that he is not,
whether by reason of atf", status, nationality, exception, or otherwise, within
Class One under the Military Service Act, 1917, ns defined for the time being
or that, although within tho paid Class, he is exempted from or not liable to
military service) shall have with him upon his person at all times or in or
upon any building or premises where he at any time is,
If it be claimed thnl he is not within Ihe class by reason of age, an official
certificate of the dole of his birth, or a certificate of his age signed by two
reputable citisens residing in the community in which he lives and having
knowledge of the fact; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the CIhss by reason of marriage, a
certificate, either official or signed by two reputable citizens residing in the
community in which he lives and having knowledge of the facts, certifying to
his marriage and that his wife is living; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the Class by reason of his nationality,
a certificate of his nationality signed by a Consul or Vice-Consul of the foreign
Slate or Country to which he claims his allegiance is due; or a passport issued
by the Government of that Country establishing his nationality; or
If it be claimed that he is excepted as a member of any of His Majesty's
Forces or es having since the 4th August, 1914, served in the Military or
Naval Forces of Great Britain < r her Allies in any theatre of actual war and has
been honourably discharged therefrom, official documents or an official cerlifi-
cale evidencing the fact; or
If it, bo claimed that he is excepted as a member of the clergy, or of any
recognized order of an exclusively religious character, or is a minister of a
religious denomination existing in Canada on 20th August, 1917, or as being n
member of any other society or body, a certificate of the fact signed by an
office-holder competent so to certify under the regulations of the church, order
or denomination, society or body, to which he belongs; or
If it be claimed that he is exempted from or not liable to military service
by reason of any exemption granted or claimed or application pending under the
Military Service Act, 1917, or the regulations thereunder, his exemption
papers, or a certificate of the Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the district
to which he belongs  evidencing  the  fact; or
If it be claimed that he is not within the Class, or that he is exempted, not
liable or excepted upon any other ground, a certificate of two reputable citizens
residing in the community where he lives having knowledge of the faet upon
which the claim Is founded and certifying thereto;
If upon or after the 1st day of June, 1918, any such male person be found
without tho requisite evidence or certificate upon his person or in or ujion the
building or premises in which he is, he shall thereupon be presumed to be a
person at the time liable for military service and to be a deserter or defaulter
without leave;
And he shall also bo liable upon summary conviction to a fine not exceeding
5f>0 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month, or to both such
fine and imprisonment; and moreover, any such person may forthwith be
taken into military custody and may bo there detained and required to perform military duty in the Canadian Expeditionary Force so long as his services
shall be required, unless or until the fact be established to the satisfaction of
competent authority that he is not liable for military duty.
The use, signing or giving of any such certificate as hereinbefore mentioned shall, if the certificate be in any material respect false or misleading to tho
knowledge of the person using, signing, or giving the same, be an offence,
punishable, upon summary conviction, by a penalty not exceeding five hundred
dollars, and by imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months and not
less than one month.
Ottawa, May 22, 1918. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JUNE 22. 1918
Ont Dollar per day and upwards
25c. auto service to and from all trains and boats
Green Bros., Burden & Co. \
Civil Engineers
Dominion, British Columbia,
and Alberta Land Surveyors
OITices at Victoria, Nelson, Fort George
and New Hazelton.
P. P. Burden, New Hazelton
PARIS, June 22: - The
Austrian's losses in their
offensive on the Italian front
exceed 120,000. according
to a report from Rome.
Food Situation
in Fatherland
Grows Worse
Get your letterheads printed at
"Printing of Merit"
London, June 22:���Tlie food
situation in Germany is becoming
worse. There is great discontent
there owing to the reduction in
the bread ration, according to a
Dutchman interviewed by the
correspondent of the Times at
The Hague. The Dutchman had
HaZeltOll HOSpital   ^^Jjust returned  from  working in
the Krupp plant at Essen, which
he had left because he could not
stand the food conditions. The
German people, he added, feared
to grumble openly lest they should
be sent to the front.
for any period from one month upward at $1 pw
month in advance. This rate includes oilico con-
^citations and medicines, as well as all costs while
in (he-hospital. Tickets obtainable in Hazelton
at the Post Oflice or the Drill.' Store; in Aldermere
from Mr. T. .1. Thorp; in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or hy mail from the Medical Superintendent ut the
Now   Open  Under  New  Management
Omineca Hotel
Remodelled, Refurnished, Redecorated
Every provision for the comfort
of Ladies and Gentlemen
Writing and Smoking Lounge With Larjc  Open
Large Sample Room Well Lighted
Assortment of Veterin- |
ary Supplies- |
Equine Cough Syrup 3
Liniment, Antiseptic, ^
Healing Salve, Blister *
Compound, Colic Relief. *
Minor Raids
Mark Western
Front Fighting
London, June 22:���The British
official communication issued this
evening says: "In last night's
raids north of the Carpe Scottish
troops penetrated German trenches, inflicting heavy casualties on
the enemy garrison and capturing
a number of prisoners.
Up-to-Date Drug Stores
Hazelton     -       -       -        . ('.
I�� l"l"l'.|"h'l'.!'+'[��l"h'I'-:��Wi.:"["l��!��!..|..t��;"i>:
The Austrian  cabinet  has resigned.
Prince   Arthur of Connaught
[has arrived in Japan, on a diplomatic mission from the British
j government.
Italians Turn
Tables Brilliantly on Foe
London, June 22:- The Italians
have gained a big victory atNer-
vesa, on the west bank of Ihe
Piave, and are fighting to complete their success,it was learned
from an authoritative source today. The Italians have hurled
the Austrians back at this point,
re-entering Nervesa. They are
now battling to push on to the
river, thus splitting the enemy
forces again and beginning the
first phase of a flanking movement northwestward, to cut off
the Austrians on the Montello.
An Italian force has already divided the enemy forces a few miles
to the southward.
The Austrian drive has practically collapsed, and their initial
gains are slowly crumbling away.
The swelling of the Piave with
the resultant loss of twelve of
their bridges was a serious hardship for the enemy forces operating on the south side of the river
and the Italians took full advantage of their unexpected good
fortune. General Diaz' troops
have divided to attack the armies
of Archduke Joseph and General
VVurm, and are bringing great
pleasure in the hope of recovering all the ground on the right
bank. Cape Silo is now in Italian
hands, while the enemy's total
Rains in the marshes have been
reduced to one-third.
-ti-Aaffi? ���rv^--l- r a lfs   ~~    Service y~^^
Complete Service to Ford
Owners Everywhere
COURTEOUS attention to your needs wherever you may
travel is something you appreciate, and being a Ford
owner you can get it.   Youare always "among friends."
There are more than 700 Ford Dealer Service Stations
throughout Canada. ' These are always within easy reach of
Ford owners���for gasoline, oil, tires, repairs, accessories,
expert advice or motor adjustments.
The cost of Ford Service is as remarkably low as the cost
of the car itself. Nineteen of the most called for parts cost
only $5.40. Just compare this with the cost of spare parts
i'cr" other cars and you will realize the advantage of owning
a Ford.
-  $575
Touring  -
- $595
-  $770
Sedan   - -
-  $970
Chassis   -
-  $535
One-tonTruck $750
R. S, Sargent, Ltd., Dealers, Hazelton
Express, General  Drayage and  Freighting I
I IVFRY  2T\<\   STAFFS    Wc are Plt'l,iui ll  l<> S"PPly private f
_l��_iVl   ���HU  ___AJ_.J   and  p���|llie  conveyances   ,\ay mu| |
night.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton. I
Best Dry Birch, $6.00 a cord
British Columbia Directory
Compiled and Printed In British Columbia���endorsed  by  ll. C. Government, Boards of Trade, Manufacturers Association and Other bodies
of official data, covering affricnlture, Lands, Timber,
Mining, Fishirig, Shipbuilding and Public Works, pro-
pared by the various Department*. This section will
cover fully the development in British Columbia.
GAZETTEER, describing over 1900 cities, towns, villages,
and settlements within tlie province, showing location,
distance from larger points, how reached ami by what
linos, synopsis of local resources, population, etc.
ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY of all business and professional men, Farmers, Slock Raisers, Fruit Growers,
etc., in all towns and districts.
CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY of Manufacturers, Retailers,
Producers, Dealers and Consumers, listing all products
from the raw material to the finished article.
INCORPORATED CITIES -All gazetteer information in
Directory of the incorporated cities of the Province
will be prepared by either the City Council or the
Board of Trade, thereby official.
trade names alphabetically. If you want to know the
manufacturer or selling agent of a trade-name article,
look up this section.
continue to advertise British Columbia outside of the
Province, in order that tourists and settlers will continue to come. With this aim in view, a copy of the
directory will he placed in the leading Libraries and
Boards of Trade throughout the Canadian Prairies,
Eastern Canada, the United States and abroad. The
Directory will be used by prospective tourists and set-
lers as an official guide of the Proivnce.
The subscription price of the Directory is $10, express paid.
Address your order to
210-212 Metropolitan Bldg. Vancouver
by Italians Hold
Enemy Montello
Rome, June 22:���The statement
issued by the Italian war ollice
says: "On the Montello yesterday the pressure of the enemy
continued strongly, but everywhere he was held by our troops
who counter-attacked. The Pisa
brigade and the 2i)lh and 30th
regiments advanced wilhadinir-J
able eclat, capturing 400 prisoners and a number of machine
guns. They wrested Intact from
the enemy two of our batteries;
of medium caliber, which were
promptly put into action against
tho enemy.
Consign  your shipments  in   Our
Care  for Storage or  Delivery.
AUdrcHs all coniiumiicmiuiis tu lliuwlton.
*"*"" ~t-��i    .hriiinii fimMiwii
Ruddy & MacKay
Lowes   rales Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via stemner
to Vancouver, and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and Berth included on Steamer.
S.S. "Sophia" sails from l'rince Rupert May 3rd, 14lh, 24th. June4th,
16th, 2!lth. S.S. "Princeaa Alice" sails for Vancouver June 2, July ti!
S.S. "May" sails   for Vancouver May 5, 12. 10, 20, June 2, 8,16, 23,'30\
W Above sailings are subject to change or cancellation without notice
W. C Orchard General Agent, 3rd Ave. & 4th St., Prince Rupert
I JMJijijMJMf ��.|..|.��.|..|.H..|..H4.rfi.|.��>m..M..|..|.��>H>l"l"l''l"|.>|.^��4.����.|.��.|..|..|:.|..|.H..[.^.^. B
The exportation of gold coin,
gold bullion and line gold bars
has been prohibited from Canada, except under license from
the minister of finance. This
step has been taken, it is announced, still further to conserve the Dominion's resources
of gold.
In the early days of the war
the government, to conserve the
gold resources set aside for the
period of the war the provisions
of the Currency Act.under which
all Dominion notes are redeemed
in gold.
36 to 68 per
cent more
20 to 25 miles to a gallon of
gasoline is a frequent occurrence with the Igprd car. One
man (name on request) reports
an average of 33 miles per gallon for 20,000 miles. Surely
this is a record that few, if
any other makes of cars, ever
It demonstrates the economy
of owning and driving a Ford.
You can averagt 1000 miles
more travel on Ford-size tires.
Tlie saving on oil and repairs is proportionately large.   The
name   "Ford"  stands for lowest cost and greatest service.
'*g Ford Motor Car Co.
of Canada, Ltd.
F0RD     _____ 0NTARI��
R. S. Sargent, Ltd
THE UNIVERSAL CAR hazelton, b.c     .    l,_ Dt,i,,
One gallon of gasoline
has done it


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