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Omineca Miner Apr 11, 1914

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 ]r���<* 'Lmm^m
VOL. Ill, NO. 32
Wife of Vancouver Man Brutally Slain by Servant She
Censured���Body Burned
Vancouver, April 6:���The mystery of the disappearance of Mrs.
Charles Millard, wife of the C.
P. R. ticket agent, was solved by
the finding of her charred bones
and the confession of Kong, the
Chinese servant.
The chief feature of the story
was that at breakfast on Wednes1
day morning his mistress had
found fault with him. He struck
her with a chair. He says he
later took her body to- the basement, where he cut it up and
put it in the furnace, piece by
piece. He is said to have admitted that he hid the clothing
in order to convince Mr. Millard
that his wife had gone out in the
This morning the skull and
several large bones of legs and
arms were found in the bottom
of the flue under the drawing-
room grate. The boy is said to
have explained that when these
bones refused to burn to dust he
took them to the room above and
put them_down the flue-shute below the fireplace, where they
were found.
Inspector Jackson discovered,
secreted behind the chimney in
the basement, the rings and
watch stolen from Mrs. Millard
two weeks ago. At that time
Kong had blamed a man who
had been begging at the" house.
The greatest indignation has
been excited throughout the city.
Many employers of Chinese have
discharged the Orientals. Kong,
who had been employed by the
Millards for several years, is a
leader among the young Chinese
of Vancouver.
Predicts Big Business
That the G. T. P. will carry a
large number of tourists bound
to San Francisco for the Panama
exposition next year is the opinion of W. P. Hinton, -assistant
passenger traffic manager of the
road, who passed through on
Saturday, on his way to the temporary linking-up. With G. A.
McNicholl, commissioner of colonization and industries, Mr.
Hinton has just returned from an
extended tour of Canada and the
States, including California
points. He anticipates a great influx of visitors and investors in
the near future, having found
that this district is attracting a
great deal of attention on the
outside. Other officials in the
party were Albert Davidson, general agent; T. C. Chalmers,
agent at Prince Rupert; W. H.
Tobey, F. T. Lucas, and J. B. F.
Following the   promotion   of
Chief Constable  Owen,  of   the
provincial   police,   from   Prince
Rupert to the assistant inspector- j
ship of the force, it is understood
that Chief Gammon of Hazelton
is to be transferred to Prince
Rupert, his place at Hazelton
being ial<en by Chief Minty, of
Ferni'', I
Finance Minister
Reports a Surplus
Ottawa, April 6:���A surplus of
six and a half millions was announced by Hon. W. T. White,
finance minister, in delivering
the budget speech this afternoon.
He estimated the revenue for the
year at $163,000,000, or about five
millions less than than the previous year, the falling off being
in customs. Capital and special
outlays for the year, including
the sum of nineteen millions for
the C. N. R. and other railway
subsidies, Mr. White said, would
total fifty-seven millions, leaving
a debit balance of twenty and a
half millions from which, reducing a million and a half invested
in sinking fund, the increase in
the debt would be nineteen millions. The revenues for the
year had been sufficient to meet
all current and capital expenditure, including outlays upon railways, canals, harbor and public
buildings, and the debt had only
been increased by reason of the
unusual and abnormal expenditures upon railway subsidies.
C. M. Summers will go into
Omineca with a good outfit as
soon as the trail is fit to pack
over, which it is expected will be
early in May. He will prospect
the new holdings of his company.
Victoria, April 6:���Attorney-
General Bowser has been apprised by the Minister of Justice
that the sentence of death of J.
Mulvihill, who was to have been
executed, Tias been commuted to
life imprisonment. Mulvihill was
sentenced at the last assizes on
a charge of murder. The Court of
Appeals upheld the sentence. An
appeal was then taken to the
Supreme Court of Canada, the
application for a re-hearing being
refused. A full inquiry led to
the commutation of the sentence.
In Sensational Fight With Seven Bandits, Citizens of New
Hazelton Kill Two and Wound Others���Six Dead or
Captured of Band of Russian Robbers
London Fur Prices
C. V. Smith, the Hazelton fur
buyer, announces that at Lamp-
son's March sale in London,
prices of all furs except silver
and cross fox were lower than
a year ago, the percentage of
decrease being as follows:
Muskrat32��, mink 40, marten
40, otter 30, fisher 30, lynx 40,
beaver 25, bear 25, wolf 10, wolverine 40, ermine 40.
Silver fox were 25 per cent
higher and cross fox 20 per cent.
The Indians who took G. W.
Otterson's party in a few weeks
ago to Slate Creek, have returned, bringing the news that all
the piping for the big elevator
plant that the Kildare Co. will
operate this summer has been
landed safely on the creek.
Bert Long has shipped his new
Cadillac car up from Prince
Rupert, where he spent the winter, and is expected to arrive on
tonight's train, to put the car into commission as soon as the
roads are in shape, Bert spent
last summer in Hazelton, and his
many friends will be glad to see
him back. He is a fast football
forward and will be welcomed on
the local line-up,
After an exciting battle, in
which many shots were fifed, a
gang of bandits which had robbed the Union Bank was effectually broken up by citizens of New
Hazelton on Tuesday morning,
two of the robbers being killed
outright and four wounded and
captured, only one, so far as
known, escaping.
The holdup men, who were not
masked, entered the bank at
10:15 a. m. and, pointing their
guns at Bishop, the teller, and
Fenton, the ledger-keeper, demanded the money from the safe.
Albert Gasfin, the postmaster,
was in the act of depositing the
postoffice funds, and the robbers
took the currency, amounting to
$35, from the deposit, leaving
the cheques and money orders.
The treasury compartment of
the safe, containing about $20,-
000, had not been opened, the
key being carried by Manager E.
B. Tatchell, and all the cash the
bandits could obtain was about
$1,100 of the teller's funds.
This they secured, after which
they began firing their guns in
the endeavor to force the teller
to open the cash compartment.
Mr. latchell, coming to the bank,
was warned off at the muzzle1 of
a rifle, and ran to give the alarm.
Immediately armed citizens rushed to the bank, and before thehold-
up men emerged they were covered
by many guns. On the appearance
of the robbers a battle ensued, in
which two of the criminals were
killed, and within a few minutes
the survivors were compelled to
retreat towards the woods. Three
wounded robbers and an un-
wounded man, believed to have
been one of the gang, were captured. The only member of
the gang to get away was the
one who carried the booty.
Manager Newick, of the drugstore, one of the first on the
scene, telephoned to the Hospital
and the Hazelton police station.
Drs. Wrinch and Stone rushed to
the scene and attended to the
wounded.      Shortly   afterwards
Chief Constable Gammon arrriv-
ed, and Government Agent Hoskins rode over post haste from
Hazelton. An organized search
for the escaped bandit was at
once begun, but up to today he
has eluded capture, although the
police are hot on the trail and
are confident he will soon be in
custody. Chief Owen, of Prince
Rupert, is assisting in the search.
On Tuesday evening Coroner
Hoskins opened an inquest on the
two dead men, adjourning the
inquiry until next Tuesday after
the jury had viewed the bodies.
Two of the wounded are in the
Hospital, one with both arms
badly lacerated by rifle bullets
and the other with a severe
wound in the hip. Another, less
seriously wounded, was given
attention al the Hospital and then
taken to the Hazelton lock-up,
where another, unhurt save for
a laceration caused by running
into a snag, is also in custody
In addition to the four Russians
under arrest, the police hold, on
suspicion, a Finlander named
Gustason, whose cabin appears
to have been made a rendezvous
for the bandits.
The police believe the robbers'
weapons were purchased in Vancouver, from which city two of
the men are known to have come,
The others are said to have come
from Prince Rupert. The bandits had filed their rifle bullets, to
render them more deadly, in the
same manner as had been done
by the men who held up the
Abbotsford bank a few weeks
ago. The men were well dressed,
wearing overalls above their ordinary clothing. The police expect to have all those in custody
completely identified within a
a day or two.
Constable Lavery, who is stationed at New Hazelton, had
been on duty nearly all the previous night, and was in bed when
the alarm was given. He reached the scene of battle as soon as
possible and took part in the pursuit.
Local and District News Notes
L. H. McLean and C. Kelly
were in from Telkwa on Thursday.
George Skok, Bob Roberts and
Saul Johnson, of Fort Frasei, are
in town.
Albert Wilson and Frank Dri-
efke came down from Smithers
on Tuesday.
Leslie Laing, of Babine, has
received a commission as justice
of the peace.
Shel Robinson went up to
Smithers on Wednesday, en
route to Francois Lake.
J. T. Bates, who has been out
from the Umineca river country
for a couple of months, has returned to his claims.
A number of poolroom licenses
in this district have been cancelled recently. Reasons for the
action have not been made public.
The baseball grounds will be
put in condition without delay,
and it is expected that regular
practice will begin next week.
The team  which won  the Mc-
Clary cup last season will again,
with a few changes, wear the
Hazelton uniforms.
Graham Rock, one of the
speediest players on the Tiger
line-up, is expected to return this
evening from the coast, where he
spent the winter.
George McKenzie, who returned on Thursday from Burns lake,
has acquired several silver-black
foxes, with which he proposes to
start a fox farm.
H. Perks, mining engineer, of
Vancouver, is expected to arrive
next week, with a party of men
to go into the Omineca where he
will spend the summer.
Bob McDonald arrived from
Groundhog on Saturday. He met
a band of Sicanni Indians, on
their way to Fort St. James with
a number of fine fox pelts.
Wm. Oag, formerly operator
on the government telegraph
line north of Hazelton, returned
to the district this week, after
spending two years on the outside. He will remain here for
the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Sealy
Return From England
J. C. K. Sealy and Mrs. Sealy,
who was Miss Una Light, of Hazelton, returned on Wednesday
from their four-months' honeymoon in England and Wales.
They are receiving congratulations and good wishes from their
many friends in Hazelton, where
they will in future reside. They
were accompanied by Mr. Sealy's
sister, Miss M. E. Sealy, and by
Mr. and Mrs. Preece, Frank Barrett and John Price, all of whom
will make their homes in the
district. Mr. and Mrs. Preeci
have gone to the Sealy ranch,
near Smithers.
Liberals Hold Meeting
A Liberal meeting was held in
Assembly hall on Tuesday evening, Frank McKinnon, of New
Hazelton, was in the chair, and
the speakers were T. D. Pattullo.
ex-mayor of Prince Rupert, H.
C. Brewster, the party leader,
and "Honest John" Oliver. The
attendance was not large, and
the meeting was devoid of enthusiasm.
F. A. Brewer, who returned
the other day from a trip to the
Groundhog district, found the
trail in very good condition. He
says Tom Garner has trapped 14
foxes, 14 wolverene and 30 marten.
Ottawa, April, 6:���The financial statement for the Dominion
fiscal year ending March 31,1914,
was issued on Saturday by the
finance department. The total
revenue for the year was $160,-
488,538, as compared with $165,-
528,137 for last year, a decrease
of five millions.
The expenditure on capital ac
count was $51,233,134 as compared with $28,758,456. The increase in capital expenditure on
public works was about nine
millions, but railway subsidies
jumped from a little, under five
millions in 1912-13 to nineteen
millions in 1913-14.
Despite the financial stringency
and business depression the
showing for the year is regarded
as exceedingly creditable.
The total expenditure on consolidated and capital account was
some one hundred and fifty-three
millions, leaving a balance on the
right side of the ledger of seven
million dollars.
The decrease in the revenue Is
entirely due to falling off in customs duties, which droppeH $112,-
533,528 in 1912-13 to $103,858,432
for the year which has just!
Excise revenue showed a slight ���
ncrease. The postal revenue
{Increased nearly a million dollars,
while there was also an increase
in the railways and canals and
public works departments of half
a million dollars. Miscellaneous
reven ue showed an increase of
two million dollars.
The national debt on March 31 i
stood at $314,019,288 as compared
with $297,588,095 on March 31,
1913, The increase is seventeen
and a half millions. This is
twenty-five million dollars less
than when the Borden government took office in 1911, when
| the net debt stood at $340,000,000.
mra line
Special Carrying Large Party
After Temporary Linking
The first through train from
Winnipeg to Prince Rupert passed
Hazelton on Wednesday, carry-
ins: a large party of railway officials and others.
The temporary linking-up of
the steel near Fort Fraser was
accomplished earlier than generally expected, thanks to the efforts of the track-laying officials.
On Tuesday the last mile of track
was laid, the pioneers of the two
divisions competing for the honor
of being first to the point of connection. It is reported that the
tracklayers from the east won
the race after an exciting contest. Moving pictures of the
competition were taken. A large
party of railway officials had
ccme from Winnipeg by special
train, and on completion of the
track they came through.
Morley Donaldson, vice-president and general manager of the
railway, headed the party, which
also included C. W. Cave, assistant general manager, A. B.
Smith, manager of G. T. P. telegraphs, H. A. Drury, engineer
of the board of railway commissioners, and a number of other
officials and press represen tati ves.
Amoving picture operator and
a number of press photographers were with the party.
Asquith's Majority Reduced
London, April 7:���By a majority of 80 the amendment to reject
the home rule bill was defeated
without a division, and the bill
for the third time was given its
second reading. The announcement of the figures evoked louder cheers from the opposition
than from the ministerialists,
the opposition interpreting it as
gratifying proof of the dwindling of the government majority.
The diminution was accounted
for to some extent by the abstention from voting of the O'Brien-
ites. The speeches were generally of a more conciliatory tone
than those at the earlier passage.
John Redmond held out the
olive branch to Ulster, but insisted that it was impossible to
agree to permanent exclusion of
Ulster, or abandon the principle
of an Irish nation.
London, April 6:- - It is generally recognized that Sir Edward
Grey's speech in the house of
commons has lifted the Irish
question to a higher and calmer
plane. It was a firm but conciliatory plan to resume negotiations
on a basis of establishing a federal system within six years.
There is little doubt the opposition
would adopt the plan if the time
limit is withdrawn.
Harris Bros, have offered the
Prince Rupert board of trade
enough silver from the American
Boy mine to make the punch
bo'vl which it is proposed to present to E. J. Chamberlin, pres-
dent of the G. T. P., on the formal opening of the railway. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 1914
. .   I- -���jit.-   I ���-���--���* ���aaagsgwglaigsya
Published every Saturday .at Hazelton,> the"Center 6f thej
Great Omineca District of British Columbia."
having the letter registered.
This change will be put into
I effect shortly."
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
Federal Losses at Torreon
Chihuahua,  April   6: ��� When
General Villa took Torreon, he
SUBSCRIPTION RATES:   Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year. j took only thirty prisoners alive
ADVERTISING RATES:    Display. $1.50 per inch per month;   Reading; and unwounded, according to in-
Notlces, lfi cents per line l'or each insertion.    Legal notices inserted at B. C.   folrrriatioil   received   here today.
��������� j Whether this means that many
No. 32. i were executed, or that General
= , Velasco, the crippled but valiant
The  bank   robbery and  resulting  battle at  New Hazelton on ; pedera) commander, succeeded in
Tuesday provided the greatest sensation  this  district has ever ex- e8caping with  practically all of
pirienced.     For the second  time  within six months the bank at j hjg ar       mt dead or disabled,
that place was rohbed, bul the bandits, on this occasion, made thei^d not be iearnefj,    However,
Gazette rates.
Vol. III.
Saturday, April 11. 1914.
mistake of attempting the deed in broad daylight, with the result
that they foil ml themselves pitted against a band of determined
citizens, who opposed armed force to the lawless actions of the
criminals. There was no time for organization as the law would
require, and the men who faced the bandits were justified in their
action. That nearly all the men implicated were killed or captured
without even the wounding of any of the citizens is as remarkable,
it is known that he made the
first few miles of his escape on
troop trains, which he abandoned
when he came to the first place
where the rails had been removed.
This circumstance is conveyed in
brief reports that he escaped with
in  the  circumstance!?, as it is satisfactory  to the average citizen, j tne remnant 0f his army intact.
It is to be expected that the breaking up of this gang will have the
effect of deterring others from attempts at similar exploits, which
have been all too common recently in various parts of the West.
Improper Land Staking
T,he practice of parties desir-
ro is of obtaining large tracts of
government land who evade the
clause which limits one section
to one purchaser, by the expedi-
e icy of putting the applications
through under powers of attor-
n \v from persons willing to allow
tiieir names to be be used, has
been condemned by Mr. Justice
Macdonald, of the supreme court,
in an action at Victoria last week.
His lordship stigmatised the
method as a fraud upon the Land
Act and refused to assist Mr.
Robert W. Clark to recover from
George M. Swan a sum of money
paid for staking land, where the
applications had been made in
the names of outsiders. Clark
had alleged that lands in the
Naas Valley which Swan had
staked for him, and which Clark
subsequently sold to Hume Cio-
nyn, of London, Ont, were misrepresented by Swan.
Mr. J. R. Green appeared for
the plaintiff and Mr. A. D. Mac-
farlane for the defendant. Mr.
Macfarlane raised as a defence
that the powers of attorney used
were illegal.
In his judgment, Mr. Justice
Macdonald says: "Defendant
seeks to escape liability on the
ground that the whole transaction in which the parties were engaged was contrary to public
policy as being an evasion of the
Land Act, and thus illegal. It is
quite apparent that the persons
whose names were used by the
defendant in staking the land
were not really intending purchasers from the government;
they were simply utilized for the
purpose of enabling the plaintiff
to secure a number of sections
of land contrary lo the provisions
of the act, which provides that
only one section can be purchased
at. one time. This practice of
using names for staking has been
too prevalent in this province
and was recently considered by
the supreme court of Canada in
the case of Brownlee vs. Mcintosh, lhe facts are similar to
those disclosed in this action, and
Duff, J., in referring to them,
"It is perfectly obvious that the
scheme entered upon and successfully carried out by Mcintosh
and Burnham through the agency of the plaintiff was a fraud
upon the Land Act."
Further on Mr. .lustice Macdonald quotes from Mr. Justice
Duff's decision as follows:
A dispatch from an Italian army
officer with the rebel   artillery
would he an agreement which  it.    "Dead  horses and  dead men
would be the duty of Ihe courtsI are piled high in the streets and I
to  refuse  to  enforce as soon as j plazas, and lhe ruins of the city
the character of it should become are spread with dead.     It is im- j
apparent.''' possible to estimate the number j
In  concluding   His   Lordship!of Federal losses, but superficial
holds that no right of action can j inspection of public places would
spring out of an illegal contract., indicate that not less than 2000'
              bodies are scattered about.''
The Timber Royalty 	
Professor  E. B.   Fernow,   the ]    Elbow length white silk gloves
prominent authority on forestry, at Sargent's,
writing in  the  last issue of the
"Forestry   Quarterly"   on    thej
Timber Royalty   Bill, says   lhat!
with its enactment the Province j
of British Columbia  takes  the
lead in modern and efficient timber land administration.
Professor   Fernow   said:   "A
important and   very sane | SEALED^NDERS,^^. ^^
royalties   for  will be received by the Hon. the Minis-
,    ,    ter of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday,   the 8th day  of April, 1914,
for the erection  and completion  of a
Kitsumgallum School
very   important    i    c-.-v   sane  ���������  -i-D . TENDERS,., superscribed
readjustment    ot   i
timber licenses has been embod-1 nesday, the 8th day of April, 1914,
..... ���.,, , .. ,-, ... i ,-,��� for the erection and completion oft
led in the   bill by the British Lo-  iaTge one-room school at Kitsumgallum
Inmrtin   Minister   nf   F and*    the   in tlle Skeena Electoral District.
lumoia minister or  lianas,   tne,   p]ang   specificutj011S|  contract, ami
Hon     William    R.    IvOSS.        The , forms of tender may be seen on and af-
I ter the 17th day  of  Murch,   1914,   at
Minister of Lands, who was re-1 the office  of  Mr.  ,1.   H.  McMullin.
...     ,       ., .   ,,. i J Government    Agent,   Prince   Rupert;
sponsible  for   the  establishment. Mr s   H. Hoskins, Government Agent,
nvn upars no-n nf an efficient for-! Hazelton;   Mr.   W. J. Goodwin, Secre-
twoyeaisagooi an emcieni ior   tary to S(>hoo, goard, KltaumgaUum,
est service, has boldly taken hold   B.  C;  or  the Department  of  Public
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
of the situation and solved the: b. C.
, , , ..   , ,      ,     ii       ��� Intending tenderers can, for the sum
problem  of equitable dealing in 0f tm dollaw (810), obtain one copy of
a mnst nrnetir-nhle manner i plans and  specification  by applying to
a most practicaDie manner. , the uride!.sjgned   This sum wjh be re_
"It gives   Stability to the lum-! funded when theplansand specifications
are returned in good order,
ber    business   for    forty   years;    Each proposal must be accompanied
. ���     ,. ,     , i byan accepted bank cheque or certificate
Without    fear   of    disturbances,   of ,|ep���sjt on a chartered bank of Can-
and. while we   miss provisions S&^JSg^__..W^JSi
Grocery Department
Fresh goods  arriving every week
Supreme Quality
Table Fruits
Fresh Fruits
A fine line,
prices    on
Smokes.    Buy
a box.
Hay    Oats    Flour
A few pretty sets
Call and see
Black Cashmere Sox
Three Pairs       ���       $1.00 ��
Spring will soon
be here!
Anticipating our I
Spring and Summer
And Styles now in
customers wants we j
have received a large
assortment of piece
goods including:
! Fit and Workman-
Zephyrs    j
Prints      i
Shirting, Out- {
ing Flannel j
Cretonnes   j
White Goods J
Pants, Gloves, Shirts
Boots & Shoes���we
have them suitable
for your line of work
ship Guaranteed
Rifles and Shotguns
of leading makes
"We have the Guns
and the Powder, too."
Harness parts
Fixings, etc.
Building and
Shelf Hardware
Big Ben Clocks
For Sale
General Merchant
for improved  forestry practice, 1 to 10per cent, of tender, which���haUb*
forfeited if the party tendering decline j
at  least the financial side of   the ; to enter into contract when called upon |
,    ....       to do bo, or if he   fuil   to  complete the
Government    interest   IS   better  work  contracted for.    The cheques or
.. i ������   ������..���   ���r   n,.A   ,.i,.,,,,r,,u   tr.. certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
taken  care of, and changes to temlerer8 win be rJturned t0 them upon
introduce forestry  methods are, the execution ot'the contract
!    Tenders will not be considered unless !
foreshadowed. | made out on the forms supplied, signed |
.,,.,, ,    ,, .     ,     . ,   ..       r> ii.! ,    with thc actual signature of the tender-'
With   this   legislation British ler> and enclosed in the envelopes fur-
Columbia takes the lead in Cana-1 nisThhecd-,owest or any tender not neceg.
da in modern and efficient timher wnly accepted.
of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan
Room 11,Postoffice Bldg.,Prince Rupert
and Hazelton, B.C.
Watch Repairing
O. A. RAGSTAD,    Smithers
land administration, which, by
passing into the hands of a forest
service, promises a final forest
management for the future."
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., March 11, 1913.
A. Chisholm
General  Hardware
Builders'   Material
Miners'  Supplies i
Hazelton and  Smithers j
Money By Mail
Ottawa, April 0: ��� "
going to modify the regulations- __^__
recently passed prohibiting the
transmission of coin or bank
notes in unregistered letters, so
that people will be able to send
through the ordinary mail
amounts not exceeding a dollar,"
said Dr. Coulter, Deputy Post-
rraster-General, today.
"The regulation in question
has caused considerable adverse
comment on the part of several
of the leading townspeople in
Canada. All I can say is that
the order was passed recently,
and notice of it appeared in the
Canada Gazette. We have, however, decided to change the regulation somewhat, giving any
person the privilege of sending
Hazelton Land District.    District of
Take notice that I, Charles A. Loney,
of Prince  Rupert,   B.   C,  occupation
We   are | engineer, intends to apply for  permission to pun base the following described
chains west of south-cast corner of Lot
8.18, Cassiar District, thence west 20
chains, Bouth 40 chains, east 20 chains,
north 40 cliains, to point of commencement, containing 80 acres more or Icsb.
Duted, March 11, 1914.
M-37 Charles Arthur Loney.
Sewing Machine
329 2nd Ave.,  Prince Rupert
Machines sold on easy
monthly payments
Harold Mm ���>��� R Graham
B.C. Land Surveyor!
and Civil  Engineers
Loodon Buildint      ....       Vancounar
Hrili.lt Columbia
On Sale
at the
W. F. BREWER, Proprietor
New Hazelton
B. C.
Choicest of Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Largest and most modern Hotel
in the Northern Interior. Modern
K. J.  MclioNKU.   -    PROPRIWrOR
f ill">nH'i��*M'i��-)'-i"M"l"."t"��"i"*1 ���)'*M"fr*r">" ���
Through Service to South |
ifS S&4 SfiLfflB[j Poolroom Outfit \ -EverythinginCanvas"
Provincial Assay*r and Cliemul
Assayer (or 26 years with Vivian 4 Sons, Swansea
Charges Moderate Correspondence Solicited
Three Good Tables
Cigar Stock,   Fixtures, j
" 'Any agreement entered into
f6r the purpose of carrying out any sum not exceeding one dol-
of this fraud upon the Land Act lar in the ordinary mail without
Miner Print Shop
Price Reasonable: Apply to '���
Trains leave Hnzelton at 10.18 a.m. on Tuesdays Tliurs- _
days, and Sundays, connecting at I'rince Kupert with 3
'i    modern Steamships PrinceRupert, PrinceGeorge, Prince John and I'rince fl
5    Albert, leaving Prince Rupert on Mondays and Fridays at 9 a.m., anil S
8    Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. for VANCOUVER, VICTORIA and  SEATTLE 3
O    Special Summer Excursions East in connection with Grand Trunk System Double Track Route 5
j    Kor full information, reservations,   etc.,   apply   to  locul   Agent  or  to L
|             ALBERT DAVIDSON, General Agent, PRINCE RUPERT, B.C.
Agency for all Atlantic Steamthlp Lines
��� I Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Prince Revert, B.C
for nn> period from one month upward at I) par
month In advance. This rate Includes office con*
uiltatlons and medicines, as well as all costs while
In the hospital. TlckeU obtainable In Hazelton
at the I'oet Offlee or the I>nJ* Store; in Aldermere
from Mr. T. J. Thorp; In Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or by mall from tbr Mvdlcal Buperlntandent at the
11 ���ftM"Mt*t�� it< ����� rf ���*��� >f 0 ttttf ��t"fr'M'��tf*M*��M">' O
; Skeena Laundry i
| Lee Jackman  Prop.
i ��� ~_  ,
' Our Work is flood and our Rates  ���
Reasonable !!
  ��� i
;    Suits Cleaned and Pressed
i i  !
\ \ Call and Ben us.        Next door to  [ '
' Telegraph office.
_____>   ___%__ ...   ___t   _____________________   _________     |       L THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY. APRIL 11. 1914
Omineca Land District.   District of
Claim No. 1.
Take notice that B.   R.  Jones,   Merchant    of   Skeena   Crossing,   British
Columbia, intends to apply_for permis-
giot* to proapect roV"cbararicT'p8tf'61eurir|'
bn the'lollowing described lands:    "
Commencing at a post planted about
3 miles west of the south west corner
of Lot 3396, Cassiar, and marked B. R.
.1., N. W. corner, thencesouth 80chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chnins to point
of commencement, and containing (i-ln
acres more or less.
January 6th, 1914. B. R. Jones.
Eric Wickner, Agent.
Omineca Land District.  District of
Claim No. 2.
Take notice that B. R. Jones, Merchant, of Skeena Crossing, British
Columbia, intends to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following describeel lands:
Commencing at a post plunted about
3 miles west from the south west corner of Lot 3396 Cassiar, and marked B.
R. J., N. E. corner, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or less.
January 6th, 1914. B. R. Jones.
Eric Wickner, Agent.
Omineca Land District.  District of
Claim No. 3.
Take notice that B. R. Jones, Merchant, of Skeena Crossing, British
Columbia, intends to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted  about
3 miles west from the south  west  corner of Lot 3'!96 Caaaiar, and marked B. j
R. J., S. E.   corner,   tlience   north  80J
chains, thence west  80  chains,   thenee
soutii 80 chuins, thence east  80  chains
to point of commencement, and contuining 640 acres more or less.
January 6th, 1914. B. R. Jones.
Eric Wickner, Agent.
Omineca Land District.  District of
Claim No. 4.
Take notice that B. R. Jones, Merchant, of Skeena Crossing, British
Columbia, intends to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about
3 mileB west from the aouth west corner of Lot 3396 Cassiar, and marked B.
R. J., S. W. corner, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acreB more or less.
January 6th, 1914. B. R. Jones.
Eric Wickner, Agent.
Omineca Land District.  District of
Claim No. 5.
Take notice that B. R. Jones, Merchant, of Skeena Crossing, British
Columbia, intenda to apply for permission to proapect for coal and petroleum
on the followingdescribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
3 miles west and 1 mile north from the
aouth weBt corner of Lot 8396 Cassiar,
and marked B.R.J., S.E. corner, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
January Gth, 1914. B. R. Jones.
Eric Wickner, Agent
Omineca Land District.  District of
Coast, Range V.
Take notice that John Jaynes, of
Duncans, British Columbia, occupation
clerk, intends to appl.v for permission _to purchase the following describedlantla: ���'���'������ "'-""'
Corhmencing at a post planted at the
south-west corner of Lot 349, Coaat
District. Range 5, and being the northwest corner of the land applied for,
thence south 40 chains, thence east 20
chains, thence soutii 20 chains, thence
eaat 20 chaina, thence north 40 chain8,
tlience west 20 chains, thenee north 20
chains, thence west 20 ehains to point of
commencement. John Jaynes.
Nov. 28, 1913. Mlfi-23
Hazelton Land District.    District of
Coaat, Range 5.
Take notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, B. c, occupation miner,
intendB to apply for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted two
and a half miles east and one mile
south from the mouth of Kitnayakwa
river, thence south 80 chains, east HO
chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
to point of commencement.
Dec. 16, 1913. John Laurenson.
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
.Prince Rupert clairns a.j?pp ,.&-
tion of 6,005.	
The Russian army is to be increased to 1,700,000 men.
Vancouver horse show will be
opened on April 27, by Premier
An explosion of gas in a church
at Carlisle, Iowa, killed one man
and caused a panic.
Hazelton Land District.     District of
Coast, Range 5.
Take notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, B. c, miner, intends to
apply for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum over the the following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted two
and a half miles east and one mile soutii
from the mouth of Kitnayakwa river,
tnence south 80 chainB, west 80 chains,
north 80 chuins, eusl SO chains, to point
of commencement.
Iiec. 15th, 1913 John Laurenson
Hazelton Land District.      District of
Coast, Range 5
Tuke notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, B. C, miner, intends to
apply fora license to prospect  for coal
and petroleum over  the   following des I
cribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted two;
and a half  miles  eust from the mouth
of  Kitnayakwa  river, thence  west 801
chains, south 80 chp:ns, east 80 chains, I
north 80 chains, t(   p   nt of commence
Dec. 15th, 1913. John Laurenson
Frederick Weyerhauser, the
wealthiest lumberman in the
world, is dead at Pasadena,  Cal.
Experiments are being tried
in wireless telephony between
moving trains and wireless stations.
Premier Asquith declares there
is no possibility of an appeal to
the people on the Home Rule
Co-operative stores, managed
by members of the university,
will be opened at Oxford, England, next year.
Alex. Jordan and Thomas Edwards, old time miners, were
killed by a blast at the Jewel
mine, Greenwood.
The wife of Dr. Harbert was
killed at Stockton, Cal., by a
Japanese servant, who afterwards
committed suicide.
Los Angeles,' on ^Saturday, but
were driven away*by a volley of
shots before they could wreck
the vault.
���'A Frenchman has invented a
written universal language. He
gives every word in the French
language a number, the same
number being given to the corresponding word in every other
An enormous crowd gathered
in Hyde Park, London, on Saturday to protest against any coercion of Ulster. Twenty-two processions gathered in the park,
and addresses were delivered
from fourteen platforms.
I ��
j Hudson's Bay Company 1
Of Best Quality at Popular Prices
��   A full Assort-
_   ment of
always kept in   I
stock   ��
The Austrian government has
relaxed the regulations against
emigration from Galicia, owing
to the prevalence of unemployment and the danger of great
distress amongst the working
Two Belfast suffragettes, ar-
St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States,
was swept by a half-million-dollar fire which destroyed relics
and records dating back to the
days of Spanish rule, in the sixteenth century.
A sensational report in St.
Petersburg states that Russia
contemplates the partition of
Austria between Germany and
Express, General Drayage and Freighting
LIVERY and STAGES awned E,sraM^fft5
night.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton.
Coal and Wood delivered promptly.
Consign  your shipments in  Our     Rm-lrlv   J_.   MarlC ~V
Care  for Storage or Delivery.     IVUCiay   Ot   IVlttCIVay
Address all communications to Hazelton.
Hazelton Land District.     Districtof
Coast, Runge 5
Take notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, b. c, miner, intends to \ rested for complicity in incendi- [Russia and the return ot Alsace
apply for a license to prospect for coal
apply   lui   tt iieeu&e   lu   uiuauc* jui  tuai - . _     _
and petroleum over the following des-1 ary outrages, were found to nave
cribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted two
and a half miles east of the mouth of
the Kitnayakwa river, thence east 80
chains, south 8u chains, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Dec. 15th, lui:!. John Laurenson.
explosives in their possession.
The sealing steamer Newfoundland was lost in a storm off the
Newfoundland coast. Seventy-
seven of the crew lost their lives.
In the first quarter  of 1914
Omineca Land District.   Distiict of
Claim No. 6.
Takenotice that B. R. Jones, Merchant, of Skeena Crossing, British
Columbia, intends to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plunted about
3 miles west and 1 mile north from the
south west corner of Lot 33% Cassiar,
and marked B. R. J., S. W. corner,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains thence south 80 chains, thenee
west 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres more or
January 6th, 1!U4. B.  R. Jones.
Kric\Wickner, Agent.
Omineca Land District.   Districtof
Coast, Range V.
Take notice that Charles Hicks Beach
of Hazelton, B.C., occupation clerk,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a postplanted ut the
northwest corner of Lot 349, Range V,
Coast District, and being the northeast
cor. of land applied for, thence west 20
chains, south 40 chains, east 20 chaina,
north 40 chains to point of commencement and containing 80 acres more or
less. Charles Hicks Beach.
Oct. 11, 1913. Dan McDougall, agt.
Omineca Land District.  Districtof
Take notice that Jumes Bell, of
Glasgow, Scotland, occupation telegraph operator, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing ut a post plunted al the
northwest enrner of Lot 2391 Cussiar,
thence 20 ehains west, 20 chuins south,
thence following Skeenu Kiver to the
southwest  corner of  Lot 2391 Cussiar,
thence nortli to pointof commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Nov. 10, 1913.       14-22        James Bell.
Hazelton Land District,     District of
Coast, Range 5
Take notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, B. c, miner, intends to j British capital to the   amount   OI
apply for a license to prospect for coal   ���,._ ���-_ ,^nA .  _��� i������������j      p���no
und petroleum over the following des-! ��108.605,000 was loaned.   Cana-
cribed lunds: | da borrowed nearly ��25,000,000.
Commencing at a post planted  two j ua """""*-" '        J '
and a half  miles east  from the mouth j 	
of the Kitnayakwa river, thence north       fne new fisheries Cruiser Mal-
80  chains,   east  80   chains,  south   80
chains, west 80 cliains,  to point of aspina captured a Seattle motor
ne^.Tn'"^^^" ' John Laurenson. j sloop which was poaching within
the three-mile limit, near Prince
The premier of Japan is finding
difficulty in forming a cabinet to
replace that which resigned as a
consequence of the naval graft
Thirteen convicts in Folsom
prison, California, attempted to
escape   on   Saturday.     Guards
Lorraine to France on condition
of non-interference.
Huzelton Land District.     District of   ���
Coast, Range 5.
Take notice that John Laurenson, of
Prince Rupert, B. C., miner, intends to j
apply for a license to prospect for coal
ant) petroleum over  the  following des-
cribed iands:
Commencing at a post planted two
and B half miles east from the mouth
of the Kitnayakwa river, thence north
80 chains, west 80 chains, soutli 80
chains, east 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Dec. 15, 1913. John Laurenson.
District of
Huzelton Land District.
Coast, Range ...
Take notice that John Laurenson, of   killed four and   fatally   WOUnded
Prince Rupert, B. ('., miner, intends tc?' nnnther
apply for a license to nrospect for coal
und petroleum over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted two
and a half miles east und one mile north
from the mouth of the Kitnayakwa
river, thence  north  8(1 chains, west 80
chains, soutii so chains, east so chains,! across the Mississippi  river  at
to point of commencement. i        .       .
Iiec. IB, 1913. John Laurenson. I Memphis.
Many Miner* Idle
Chicago, Apr. 6:���Nearly 50,-
000 Ohio bituminous coal miners
have been forced into indefinite
idleness and thirty-eight thousand Pensylvania miners may be
thrown out of employment soon
because of the failure of the recent Chicago conference between
the operators and officials of the
United Mine Workers of America
j to reach a new wage agreement
to take the place of the one which
has expired.
Pending negotiations fora new
agreement thousands of coai
miners in Indiana, Illinois, and
Iowa will continue at work.
Most of the mines in the Ohio
district suspended operations last
night, an addition to orders issued by the operators. The operators in the Central Pensylvania
district have announced that unless the old agreement is renewed immediately all of the mines
in that district will be closed
and work suspended indefinitely.
Nine workmen were killed and
; many injured in an explosion of
jgas in a caisson  for a bridge
Huzelton Land District.      Distiict of
Coaat, Range 6.
Tuke notice thut John Laurenson, of
Prime Rupert, H. ��'., miner, intends to
apply for a license to pruspect for coul
and petroleum over the following descrilied landa.
Commencing at a post planted  two
and a liulf miles Bait and one mile north
from the mouth of the Kitnuyakwa
river, tlience north 80 chains, easl SO
chuins, BOUth 80 chuins, Weit80 ehnins.
to point of commencement.
Dec. 15. 1913. John Laurenson.
Frederick A. Gould, convicted
in London of espionage, supposedly in the interests of Germany,
was sentenced to six years imprisonment,
N. W. White, of Nova Scotia,
has been appointed chairman of
the Indian commission, which  is
to deal with the
British Columbia Indians.
Stikine Land District.  District of
Take notice that Thomas Beales, of
Wisbech, England, commission agent,
intends to apply for a licenBe to prospect for coal and petroleum over the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted about
311 miles north and 11 mileB west from
the northwest corner of Lot 992,
cassiar, Hazelton Land Dislrict,
thence 80 chains south, 80 chainB
wesl, 80 chains north, 80 chains east,
to point of commencement, containing liin ucres, known asclaim 42.
D-c. 10. 1913. Thomas Beales.
District of
Leaves Prince Rupert for Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle every
Summer Excursions to Eastern Points at Low Rates, Effective June 1st
Low Rates to Norwegian Sangerbund, Chicago, May 19th and 20th
To Norway Celebration, Norway, April 2Uth, 25th and 30th
Tickets to all parts of the world.   Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Tickets
J. G. McNab,   Cor. 3rd Ave. and 6th St.,   Prince Rupert, B. C.
Thorp & Hoops
Real Estate. Financial and Insurance Brokers
Sole district agents for E. G. Prior & Ca, Victoria, Agricultural Machinery and Implements, wagons. Etc.
Fire,  Life, Accident,  and Employer's Liability Insurance.
We represent the best companies.
We Can Locate You On a Good Pre-Emption Near the G. T. P.
If you desire information about the Bulkley Valley write us.
mi     aa     ���     aoa     m     ap������a���aQa     ,ih������mi������im���
In   tho matter   of  the Administration
Act and in the matter of the Estate of Kd. Kelly, otherwise known '
as Deliver Ed. Kelly, deceased, in-
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
His  Honor Judge  Young, dated 2(ith
February,   1914, I was  appointed Ad-
ministrato!   of  the Estate of  the said
Ed. Kelly.    All parties having claims
against the said   Estate are hereby re-
quested to forward the same,  properly
verified, to me before the  21st day of
Man h,  1914, and all  parties  Indebted
to   the   said  Estate   are  rehired  to;
pay  the amount of their  indebtedness
to me forthwith.
Dated 3rd day of March, 1914.
m27-8 Official Administrator.
It is unlikely thut the report of
; the parliamentary committee on
federal redistribution will be presented to the house of commons
until the end of the month.
tThu I 'v.- that colors ANY KINDj
of Cloth Perlectly, with tho
Nn Chine* of MliUfcra.   Cl**n and fllmpU.
Aak your Dr
���tor Pnlrr, {Und for Hun
Hi- Ji.lM.e��>n-Fu.l,��i.l��<m<.i.. I im)i��,l, M-mitM.  .
The annual statement of the
British Columbia Packers' association for 1913 shows total profits of $4.9.568, as compared with
$421,352 shown in the previous
Four  bandits   blew   nut  the
, front of a bank at Glendora, near
Stikine Land District,
Take  notice that Thomas Beales, of
Wisbech, England, commission  agent,
olnlma  nf   thp I intends  to apply for'a license to pros-
'pect  for coal  and petroleum over the
following described lands:
Commencing at a poBt planted about
'���'.ii miles north and 11 uiiIcb west from
the northwest corner (if I.ot 992, cassiar,
Hazelton Land Idstrict, thence
north 80 chains, east 80 chains,
south 80 chains, west 80 chains, to
point of commencement, containing
640 acres, known as claim 4,1.
Dec. 10, 1918. Tjiomas Bealee.
Stikine Land District.  District of
Take notice that Thomas Beales, of
Wisbech, England, commission agent,
intends to apply for a license to prosnect for coal and petroleum over the
following described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about
36 miles north and 11 miles west from
the northwest corner of Lot 992,
cassiar, Hazelton Land District,
thence 80 chainB north, 80 chainB
west, 80 chains south, 80 chains
east, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, known as claim 44.
uec. 10, 1913. Thomas lieales.
-T^HESE LANDS are located close to the main line of
\J the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which is being
constructed through the heart of the Bulkley Valley, one
of the best farming districts in British Columbia.
Steel is now laid through Telkwa, and trains will soon be running
from Prince Rupert to this point. There are good rouds to all parts
of the Bulkley Valley from Telkwa.
The Bulkley Valley is an ideal dairying and mixed farming district,
with a market for all kinds of farm produce.
We own all the land we offer for sale, and can give a guaranteed title.
Our landB were all very carefully selected several years ago by experts in the land business. We sell in tracts of liin acres or more.
Our prices are reaBonsonale and terms are easy. Write for full information to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
p^d ��p c.p...i $i.��oo,ooo. VANCOUVER, B. C.
-HH-���* ����0"������ II"������ *'U-
^ Drugs and Toilet Articles.   Kodaks,
Kodak Supplies. Printing and Developing,   fl Gram-a-phones  and  Records.
The "Up-To-Date" Drug Stores
I. D. Fulton, Mgr.
-mi���-no�������� mi-
New Hazelton
������ ��� - 1 ��� ���- .'_"'"   ���������--������������    Tuinta-eitu
BMMMBB BBS nflT,-J*"'","*r��Tri��iiriniifiiemtiT>iBm��
1 |
��� Of Smithers
j May lie consulted at the 1
I Northern Hotel, New Ha- i
J zelton, until furl her notice. )
�� ir
Smithers Notes
(From Thursday'i Review)
R.  L.  Gale was down   from
Telkwa yesterday.
Jack   McNeil   returned   from
Prince Rupert on Saturday.
Phone 30(1 P.O. Box 1035
Special Attention to Out of Town Clients
Surra i ink. Prdbrai. D1.0OK,
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
l.und Surveyors
Offices atVicto.ia, Nelson, Fort rjeorge
and New Huzelton.
B.  C. AFFLECK,  Mgr.    New  Huzelton.
F, <i. T. l.ucaa E. A. huvm
Barristers und Solicitors
Merrick Harvey has returned
from a brief visit to Hazelton.
Wm. Reed, of Telkwa, returned from the coast the other day.
Hubert Wrinch, of Hazelton,
is spending a few days in Smithers.
W. I1. Lynch came up lrom
Prince Rupert on Saturday evening. 	
The Ladies' Aid entertained a
goodly crowd at afternoon tea on
RoKera Building
Cor. Granville ami Pender
Telephone Seymour 598 Vancouver, H.C.
{    McRAE BROS., LTD.   }
j. Architects' and Engineers' Supplies
j. Kodaks, Luose Leaf Systems
4.    Reminuton Typewriters, Office Furniture
W. M. McAtiley was over from
Glentanna for a couple of days
this week.
H. C. Tibbals, who spent several days in town, has returned
to the coast.
J Prince. Rupert, B. C. |
R. A. Grant, manager for P.
Burns & Co., came up from Hazelton yesterday.
with him a bride. The happy
couple are the recipients of many
good wishes.
Mrs. F. D. Eason, who recently underwent an operation at
Hazelton Hospital, will return
home in a few days, having made
a rapid recovery.
W. J. Driver, of George Driver & Son, the prominent ranchers, returned yesterday from a
prolonged visit to Seattle. Mr.
Driver, senior, is rather seriously ill in the coast city.
Mrs. Orchard, who has been ill
for some weeks, has returned
from Hazelton Hospital. Her
health is almost completely restored, but she will leave in a few
days for a prolonged stay in California.
In the Supreme Court op British
In the matter  of the Administration
Act and in the matter of the Estate of Ed. Kelly, otherwise known
as Denver Ed. Kelly, deceased, intestate,
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
His Honor Judge Young, dated 26th
February,   1914, I was  appointed Administrate,  of the Estate of the said
lid. Kelly.   All parties having claims
against the said  Estate are hereby requested to forward the same, properly
verified, to me before the  21st day of
March,  1914, and all  parties indebted
to   the   said   Estate   are  required  to
pay  the amount of their indebtedness
to me forthwith.
Dated 3rd day of March, 1914.
ni27-S Official Administrator.
Mines and Mining
Good Properties for sale ��� Cash or on
Bond.        Development and
Assessment  Work.
Carr Brothers
Eight Years In This District.
Iln/.llc.n.   II.  0.
Mrs. George McKilligan arrived from the coast last evening,
to join her husband.
J. A. LeRoy
J.  Nation
Hotel Winters
Cor.    Abbott and Wuter Streets
European Plan $1.(1(1 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.   Hot und Cold
Water.    Steam Heated.
Motor Hus Meets  All Routs and
C. E. Bailey, inspector of preemptions, is back from a visit to
district headquarters.
G. C. Killam, the architect, is
temporarily established in offices
over Adams' drug store.
Eggs for Hatching
From the f< (lowing pens, ull of
which are
PartridgeWyandotteB, Rose Comb
Leghorns (White), Barred Rocks,
Buff Orpingtons, H.C. White Leghorns, White Orpingtons. Orders
booked aftei March lst.
$1.50 per Setting of Fifteen Eggt
Cedarvale Poultry   Farm
J. W. Graham       Cedarvale, B. C.
^  -^
S. Stickney, the restaurateur,
is spending a couple of days in
Prince Rupert, on business.
K. K. McLauchlin spent a
couple of days in Hazelton, on
business, returning on Saturday.
H. E. Walker, provincial agriculturist, left this morning for
Prince Rupert, on official business.
Smithers Bridge Completed
The Bulkley bridge was practically completed yesterday. A
small crew will remain for several days, to put the finishing
touches to the structure, but
foreman Pete Moore and most of
his men left today to begin work
on the bridge which is to be
built near Telkwa. The Smithers
bridge is one of the best of its
kind in the district.
Fresh 1914 garden and timothy
seeds at Sargent's.
A. R.   Brown,   who has   been
| spending a few days here, left on
Tuesday for his home at  Burns
A Heartless Joke
Chicago, April 2:���A cruel first
of April joke perpetrated by some
person unknown to the police
caused a mob of more than 500
unemployed men to congregate
in a cold rain in front of the Soo
Line freight terminal. Before
the men could be made to understand that there was no basis for
the report that the road wanted
hundreds of workers, the mob
surged against the steel gates,
breaking the locks and poured
into the yards, shouting "We
want work, Give us the jobs."
It took the police reserves nearly
an hour to clear the men out of
the yards.
Trunks,  suitcases  and   handbags at Sargent's.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Chettleburgh and Miss Williscroft returned on Saturday from a visit
to Hazelton.
Doing business at
the old stand. A
share of your patronage is solicited
Anger, the tailor, is here for a
'few days. He will soon begin
' the erection of a large store on
. his Main-street lots.
Candidates for the baseball
team are beginning to work out,
and it hoped regular practices
will be feasible before long.
Clothes That
Hold Their
Hobberlin  Clothes
ways tailored right,
always   hold   their
No part is stinted,
please the most pa
dresser with Hobber
ments.   Drop in and
look   at   the   new
We can
I in gar-
have a
are  al-
Henry & Dunlop are preparing
for the erection of a warehouse
for farm machinery near the
cornerof Main and Broadway.
F. B. Chettleburgh left this
morning with a small crew, to
extend the Northern Telephone
line east of Telkwa and Aider-
R. P. Trimble, the Rocher de
Boule mining man, returned on
yesterday's train from a trip to
South Bulkley, on mining business.
Jennings Bros., the popular
Chicken Lake men, have taken
over Broughton & McNeil's general merchandise business at
that point.
In Dominion Parliament
I Ottawa, April 6:���After nine
jdays debating on a motion to
I censure the government on the
N. T. R. report, moved by the
Hon. G. P. Graham, the house
rejected the vote by 105 to67.
Sir Wilfred Laurier declared the
report was a partisan document
and while admitting the right of
the government to name a commission declared the course pursued was unfair to the opposition, to the government, and to
the people.
Premier Borden defended the
commissioners from the attacks
of the opposition and said the
findings of the report were substantially correct.
Fresh eggs at Sargent's.
Mineral Claims Wanted
E. H. Hicks Beach has enquiries from a prospective purchaser
for partially developed mineral
claims, and wishes samples, copy
of analysis, and other data from
those having mineral claims
which they wish opened up.
Gilbert Burrington,  one of the
NOEL & KOC/1V {   best-known  young men of  the
district,   returned last   Evening
from a visit to England, bringing
Hazelton, B. C.
Fresh fruits at Sargent's.
Persons having claims against
Fred Conroy, restaurant keeper,
send particulars of claims to R.
Cunningham & Son, Ltd., Hazelton.
The Miner is two dollars a year
to any address in Canada; to
United States, three dollars.
In thk Supremk Court ok British
In  the  matter of the Administration
Act,   and in the matter of the  Estate of Ernest George Kennett,  deceased, intestate,
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of
His Honour Judge ^ Young, dated the
28th day of February, 1914, I was appointed Administrator of the estate
of the said Ernest George Kennett. All
parties having claims against the said
estate are hereby requested to forward
the same, properly verified, to me, before the 21st day of March 1914, and al)
parties indebted to the said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated 6th day of March, 1914.
Stephen H. Hoskins,
27-8 Official Administrator
Hazelton, B.C.
In the  matter of a fresh Certificate of
Title for Lot 4013, Range 5, Coast
NOTICE  is  hereby given  that it is
my  intention to issue after the expiration of one month from the first publication   hereof a fresh Certificate of Title
to the  above-mentioned  lands  in the
name of Ole Reisterer, which Certificate
of Title  is dated  the 24th  February,
1913, and numbered 3176 I.
H. F. MacLEOD,
M 30-34 District Registrar.
Land Registry Office,
Prince Rupert, B.C., March 20, 1914.
FOUND-gold ring, set with
stone. Owner may have same
on paying for this advertisement.
Apply R. S. Sargent's office.
J M" matter not generally
fmJ-% known or fully appreciated with regard to commercial printing is the fact that
Style, display (by which is
meant typographical arrangement) and type-faces are subject to change, as in the case
of clothing and-other fashions.
^ Modern printing shows a
marked tendency towards the
neat and plain in display with a
liberal use of margin, as opposed to the old-slyle methods of
coarse, overcrowded and over-
ornamental composition. Not
every printer can give you the
better class of work. It is,
therefore, to your interest to see
that your printing is done at
the mo�� fully equipped commercial printing plant in the
Northern Interior, carrying a
large and high-grade slock of
stationery, and employing workmen of experience and ability.
The Quality Mark Printshop is
" "  ~  """"~   ^ "~   ~~ " "  ~ "^ ^'   f>
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd
Established 1870
SMART STYLE captivates and is essential.  That
is why we so often call your attention to ART
CLOTHES, tailored by the Best House in Canada.    Our Spring and Summer Samples will please
you, and we measure you while you look them over.
Ladies'& Children's Jaeger Line
The announcement that we are carrying this high-
class, popular line will be welcomed by the many
friends and patrons of Jaeger Wears. Nightwear,
Underwear, Sweater Coats, Headwear, Hosiery,
Gloves, Shawls, Rugs, Shirts, Waists, etc. First
shipment arriving next month. Our spring
shipments of Dry Goods are arriving, and our stock
of Staple and Fancy Goods is very select.
Ginghams,  Draperies,   Prints,   Dress   Goods,   etc.
A fine assortment of Hats and Caps in all the latest
styles, at attractive prices. Ladies' White Corsets
at $1.50 and $2.50. Grey Flannelette Blankets,
large size $ 1.85. Men's Brown Corduroy Pants, all sizes


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