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Omineca Miner Mar 13, 1915

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VOL. IV, NO. 28
McBride   Government   Decides
To Go to the Country-
Ellison Resigns
Victoria, Mar. 11:��� On the
conclusion of the session, the
legislative assembly dissolved,
and it was decided to hold a general election on April 10, nominating day to be April 3. It
developed, however, that this
would not allow sufficient time
for the preparation of the lists of
voters for the new districts, and
Premier McBride today announced that the election would
be deferred for that reason. The
date has not been made known.
As a consequence of the criticism directed at his action in
buying cattle from the government's colony farm at prices considerably lower than those paid
for the animals a year earlier,
Hon. Price Ellison has resigned
the portfolio of finance and agriculture. It is reported that Wm.
Manson will take his place. In
the meantime, the attorney-general is acting minister.
The government will probably
ask the country to endorse a loan
of $7,000,000 for the completion
of the P. G. E.
The entertainment to be given
under the auspices of the Athletic Association on St. Patrick's
Day promises to be a greater
Buccess than any hitherto attempted in the district. A splendid program has been arranged,
including a one-act farce entitled
"Aunty," which is described as
a scream. One of the most interesting features of the evening
will be the appearance of Hazelton orchestra, enlarged for this
occasion to nine pieces, which
will assist at the concert and
dance that will follow.
Groundhog Prospects Good
There appears a probability
that something will be done this
summer towards the development
of the Groundhog Mountain field,
says the Province. Engineers
who went in there last summer
were favorably impressed with
the coal occurrences and estimate
that this field if opened up, can
supply the Coast cities and adjacent territory with anthracite
coal of as good quality as tnat
which has made Pennsylvania
one of the richest coal states. A
local anthracite supply would
command an immense marktt
for domestic heating, and the
opening up of the field should
create a market for double the
present coal output of the province.
At the annual general meeting
of the Hazelton Hall Association,
held last Monday evening, J. E.
Kirby, R. S. Sargent and R. J.
Rock were elected trustees and
members of the executive committee. H. H. Little was reelected secretary-treasurer.
London, March 13:-The Allied
fleet will enter the Sea of Marmora in a fortnight, if the land
forces maintain their advance.
The Anglo-French battleships
are now bombarding the last
nine forts protecting the passage.
Seventy mine sweepers are at
work. The bridge from Chanak
Kalessi to Gallipoli, used for the
transportation of supplies and
ammunition, has been destroyed
by gunfire. The forts at Smyrna
are being bombarded. The inhabitants have fled to the interior. Turkish marksmanship has
improved, owing to the accession
of German gunners, but their
ammunition is deteriorating.
Many of their shells fail to explode.
Reuter's Petrograd correspondent sends a semi-official communication issued in the Russian
capital, which says that the bombardment of Ossowetz has weakened somewhat, the Germans
sparing their shells.    "The Ger
man offensive on our positions at
Przasnysz is being conducted
rather feebly. Their artillery
has developed a violent fire, but
the infantry p-efers to entrench
1,500 paces from our lines. German operations are characterized
by extreme prudence. To the
east of Plock, near the village of
Cikanowo, our fire, directed
against an enemy battery, exploded a great quantity of ammunition.
''The admiralty!announces the
loss of the auxiliary cruiser Bay-
ano, engaged in patrol duty. On
Thursday wreckage and bodies
were found, circumstances pointing to the Bayano having been
sunk by an enemy torpedo.
Eight officers and eighteen men
were rescued, but it is feared
the remainder of the crew was
Paris (official):���In the east
of Lombaertzde (Belgium) we
have taken a Ger.ian fort about
100 metres in front of our line of
Popular Merchant  Favored   as
Candidate for  District  by
Hazelton Conservatives
trenches. Three kilometres east
of Armentieres, nine miles north
of Lille, British troops have occupied the village of Epinette.
In a section of Neuve Chapelle
progress of the British army has
been followed up. After repulsing two strong counter attacks
this army took possession of that
part of the German line which
is situated between the hamlet of
Pietre and a hill of the same
name and captured about 400
prisoners, including five officers.
In Champagne, on Thursday
evening, we carried in front of
our right- northeast of Mesnil���
several of the enemy's trenches
and took a number of prisoners,
including officers. On Friday we
made some slight progress in the
the same region. Farther west,
parallel with the Tahure road-
northeast of Souain���we have
occupied several German trenches. At Reich Ackerkopf we repulsed night attacks and advanced two hundred metres (about
600 feet).
At a well-attended general
meeting of the Hazelton Conservative Association, held on
Tuesday evening, R. S. Sargent,
the popular general merchant,
was unanimously endorsed as the
Conservative candidate for Omineca district in the approaching
provincial election.
Mr. Sargent, although he has
barely reached middle age, is
one of the oldest residents of the
district, and is known and respected by all. His company,
R. S. Sargent. Ltd., operates
general stores in Hazelton, Smithers and Telkwa. He has always
displayed a keen interest in the
development of Omineca district,
and it would be hard to find a
! better man for our member.
The date of the   nominating
j convention,   at  which   Mr   Sargent's name will be brought for-
| ward, has not yet been fixed.
Petrograd, March 8 (official
communication):���Our offensive,
movement continues on the left
bank of the Niemen River and in
the district northwest of Grodno.
Our troops drove the Germans
back behind the front of Sopotz-
kin-Lypskov, and then pushed on
vigorously. In a similar manner
in the Mlawa district our attacks
were crowned with success. We
took about five hundred prisoners, including seven officers and
also three machine guns. On
the left bank of the Vistula, in
the region of Pilica, fighting is
assuming the character of a
great battle. In the Carpathians, between the Ondawa und
San rivers, Austrian attacks continue, Southwest of Lutowiskov
the enemy tried to cross to the
right bank of the San, but in a
counter-attack, Saturday night,
the Austrian units, which had
succeeded in crossing the river,
were annihilated.
Paris, March 7 (official communication):���To the north of
Arras at Notre Dame de Lorette,
Germans attempted a counterattack, which did not succeed.
Subsequently they delivered three
counter-attacks, which also failed.
In Champagne, to the north of
Prethes, the Allies have gained
a footing in a very strongly fort-
tified wood and captured prisoners to the north of the same village. "We repulsed a counter
attack on a ridge to the northeast of Le Mesnil. Ground was
gained and we carried another
trench to the north of Beause-
jour. In Vosges, we made progress on the flanks of Reich Ackerkopf and took prisoners at
Hartmans-Weilerkopk. Here we
repulsed five counter- attacks.
Despite vigorous and well-
planned attacks, Germans were
repulsed for the fourth time before a blockhouse in the Le
Pretre wood."
London: Russia has still another battle on her hands. While she
is declared tu be pressing her offensive in north Poland and east
Galicia and holding up Austrians
in the Carpathians, Germans
have launched an attack in the
region of the Pilica River, to the
south of Warsaw, where a big
battle is developing.
Interesting X-ray photographs
taken with the new apparatus at
Hazelton Hospital, are on view
at the Up-to-Date drugstore.
Dr. Badgero, the dentist, is in
town for a week.
London, March 9:���On behalf
of the Russian naval general
staff, the official press bureau tonight made the following statement. "On Sunday, our fleet
bombarded Kutguidiak, Kozlon
and Kilimill (ports on the Black
Sea) destroying all structures
and plants for the shipment of
coal. The bombardment was
followed by a terrific explosion
and fire. Four batteries were
silenced and eight steamers were
destroyed. Our casualties were
three men wounded."
London:���The Admiralty announces that the British collier
Bengrove was sunk on Sunday,
probably by a torpedo, off Ilfra-
combe, which lies ten miles northwest of Barnstaple, County Devon, England.
Amsterdam:���The Telegraaf's
Tirlemont, Belgium, correspondent in a despatch confirms the
report of the destruction there,
last Thursday, of Zeppelin airship L-8, which was forced to
make a hurried descent owing to
a derangement of its motor. The
correspondent says that the airship collided with some trees and |
smashed its cars and that seventeen members of its crew of
forty-one men were killed.
London:���The Admiralty has
issued the following statement:
"Wing Commander Longmore
reports that an air attack on
Ostend was carried out yesterday afternoon by six aeroplanes
of the naval wing. Of these,
two had to return owing to the
freezing of the patrol. The remainder reached Ostend and
dropped bombs on the submarine
repair base and four bombs on I
the Kursaal, headquarters of the
military.     All the machines and j
S. J. Martin left on  Thursday
for a visit to Prince Rupert.
Hugh Taylor returned on Thursday from a flying visit to Smithers.
R. S. Sargent was a passenger
for Bulkley Valley points on
James Latham and G. Burring-
ton drove down to Skeena Crossing on Wednesday.
C. W. B. Jones, of Babine
hatchery, was a nong the week's
arrivals in Hazelton.
Preparations for the resumption
of mining on the Rocherde Boule
are progressing rapidly.
G. Rosenthal, of Smithers, is
here for a few days. He reports
that stock in the Bulkley Valley
has wintered well.
pilots returned. It is probable
that considerable damage was
done. No submarines were seen
in the basin. The attack was
carried out in a iresh northwesterly wind.
i    London:���The British Admiralty today made public the fol-
! lowing statement concerning operations    of    the   allied   fleets
| against the Dardanelles: "Opera-
j tions against the Dardanelles are
progressing    in    fine   weather.
j Vice-Admiral   Sackville   Garden
reports that on    March   6 the
battleship Queen Elizabeth, supported by the battleships Agam-
(Continued on l'age Four)
J. M. MacCormick. manager
of the Cunningham store, returned on Wednesday from a
business visit to Port Essington.
Judge Young held court on
Thursday, to try Gustave Hall,
committed by a Smithers justice
of peace on a charge of housebreaking. The case was dismissed. The judge will return to
Prince Rupert tomorrow.
A jury has acquitted Harry
Thaw and four others who were
charged with conspiracy in connection with Thaw's escape from
Matteawan asylum. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1915
���M������ -
The Omisieca Miner
Published every Saturday at Hazelton, the Center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
SUBSCRIPTION KATES:   Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING   HATES:     Display,   %���>.50 per inch per month;   Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each insertion.   Legal notices inserted at B. C.
Gazette rates.
The Favorite
Shopping place
We Lead���
Others Follow
Vol. IV.
Saturday, March 13, 1915.
No. 28
The agriculturists of British Columbia, and particularly hoset
of the newer districts, are to he congratulated on the successful
outcome of the agitation fin-governmental aid to farmers. The
agricultural aid bill, which has passed the legislature, gives effect
to the recommendations of the agricultural commission, so far as
they deal with loans to farmers. This action, which The Miner
has-long advocated, will greatly encourage the development of the
province, and will undoubtedly hasten the settlement of this and
other new districts.
Provision is made for the constitution of an agricultural
commission for I he administration of loans for agricultural purposes.
This board Khali consist of a superintendent, who shall, ex-oflieio,
be director, ami four other directors,
A h'rst bond issue of $15,01)0,000 for loan purposes has been
provided for.
Lands on which loans may be made are described as follows:
land held by indefeasible title; land held by record or pre-emption;
land held by certificate of purchase on the deferred payment
system under the land act, or land held as homestead pre-emption,
or purchased homestead under any act of the Parliament of Canada;
provided always I hat no loan shall be made upon the security of
unsurveyed land or in case where a prior loan existed.
Loans will be made for the specific purposes of clearing of
land, erection of farm buildings, the purchase of stock, discharging
of liabilities incurred for the improvement and development of land
and for any purpose which in the opinion of the commission will
increase the productiveness of the land.
No loan shall be granted for a sum of less than $250 or for a
greater amount than $10,000 to any one borrower, other than any
association, and loans are to be advanced by instalments. The
rate of interest shall be determined from time to time, and the
basis for fixing the rate shall as nearly as practicable be the
adoption of a rate which shall exceed by not more than one per
cent per annum the rate actually paid by the commission.
Loans are to be of three classes, short dated loans of 3 to 10
years,   long dated loans of 20 to 36J years and single season loans.
The purposes for which loans may be made are thus described:
(a) The acquiring of land for agricultural purposes and the
satisfaction of encumbrances on land used for such purposes.
(bj The clearing of land, draining, dyking, water storage and
irrigation works;
(c) The erection of farm buildings;
(d) The purchase of live and dead stock, machinery and fertilizers;
(e) Discharging liabilities incurred for the improvement and
development of land used for agricultural purposes and any purpose
calculated to increase land productiveness;
(f) And any purpose which in the opinion of the commission
will increase the productiveness of the land in respect of which the
loan is proposed:
(g) Carrying out the objects of any association, subject to
approval by Order-in-Council.
Season is at hand and we find several odds and ends
in Winter Goods, including Gloves, Hosiery, Toques,
etc., which we are willing to sell at special discounts.
We aim to anticipate the wants of our customers and are receiving goods accordingly
On last heated Car we received a large shipment
of   Oranges,   Grapefruit,    Bananas,   Onions,   Etc.
Merchant R- S- SARGENT, LTD.
cause they do not merit German
"Germany must and will stand
alone. The Germans are the
salt of the earth; they
will fulfil their destiny, which is
to rule the world and to control
other nations for the benefit of
our preparations for an-
war,   never   to   spare  an
German Modesty
The great engineer and railroad expert, Professor von Ley-
den, of the University of Berlin,
predicts that, socially at any
rate,   the   Germans   will   never i for any honest German till  the
effort until the last semblance of
English  power is destroyed, and
there will  be no rest nor repose
make peace with their foes.
Wiiting in the Frankfurter Zie-
tung he says:
"No self-respecting German
will ever consent to remain in a
room of which an Englishman is
the occupant. If the German
can not' eject the Englishman he
will himself leave therorm. We
can not be expected to breathe
the same polluted air as our
deadliest foes, who fell upon us
from the rear and in the dark.
There can \v no compromise on
that point. We have to swear a
national vendetta against the
English  never to rest, never to
the British Empire has been
swept into the oblivion of past
history.    .    .    .
"Finally, there are the neutral
nations. Most of them side in
sympathy with the English, Russians and French. Most of them
entertain hostile feelings against
Germany. We do not need them.
They are not necessary to our
happiness nor to our more material interests. Let us ban them
from our houses and our tables.
Let us make them feel that we
despise them. They must understand that they are condemned
to be left out in the cold just be-
The end of the war in Europe
will witness the greatest boom
era in copper that the world has
ever seen. The work of reconstruction in devastated Europe
will consume great tonnages of
the metal. The now - arrested
normal development and halted
progress in neutral countries and
in those sections of Europe not
immediately devastated by war
will add to the demand for
Finish every day and be done
with it. You have done what
you could. Some blunders and
absurdities, no doubt, crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day; begin it
well and serenely and with too
high a spirit to be cumbered with
your old nonsense. This day is
all that is good and fair. It is
too dear with its hopes and aspirations to waste a moment
upon the yesterday.���Emerson.
G.T.P. Steamers Prince George and Prince John,for
Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
. -1.. i .j. ,.i.
Steamer "Prince George" leaves Prince Rupert at 9
a.m. every Friday. Steamer "Prince John" leaves
Prince Rupert, 7 p. m. Sunday, Mar. 14, 28, and
April 11 and 25 Reservations and through
tickets may be obtained from any G. T. P. Agent or from Train Agent.
C   T P   Rnilwnv     Westbound train leaves Hazelton at 11,07 a,m.
Vj. 1. r. I\aiiway���Thursdays and Sundays, connecting with above
steamers for the south.
Eastbound   train   leaves Hazelton  at  5,41 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays, for Edmonton, Winnipeg, etc, connecting with trains for St. Paul,
Chicago, etc.        ���    ���       For Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo, etc., me the
GRAND     TRUNK     SYSTEM,     the     DOUULE   -   TRACK     ROUTE
For full information regarding the above services, also thiough tickets,
reservations, etc, apply to Local Agent, or to
 Agency for all Atlantic Stcamahip Linea
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
Paid up C.pll.1 $l.SOO.OOO. VANCOUVER, B. C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
COAL mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion
of the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term ol twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,5(10 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory thejand must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant'himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of five
cents per ton.
The person Operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coalmining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be per
mitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for II,e working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made t��> the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion 1.anils.
Deputy Minister ol the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
Roumania is providing a war
loan of $40,000,000.
Ministerial crises are reported
in Bulgaria and Greece.
Earl  Cadogan,   formerly viceroy of Ireland, is dead in London.
The  foreign  diplomatic corps
has decided to leave Mexico City.
The war tax on wines and
liquors is now being enforced
throughout the province.
Explorer Stefanssen, lost in
the Arctic regions, has been
practically given up for dead.
Attendance at the San Francisco fair during the first two
weeks totalled over a million.
An official report says forty
lives were lost in the blowing up
of the  Mexican  gunboat Prog-
We   Are  Introducing
American Silk
American Cashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
They have stood the test. Give
real foot comfort. No seams to
rip. Never become loose or baggy, The shape is knit in���not
pressed in.
GUARANTEED for fineness,
style, superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Will wear li months without
holes, or new ones free.
to every one sending us $1.00 in
currency or postal nute, to cover
advertising and shipping charges,
we will send post-paid, with
written guarantee, backed by a
five million dollar company, cither
3 Fairs cf cur 75c value
American Silk Hosiery,
or      4 Fair:; ol c.:r 50c value
American Cashmere Hosiery
or      4 Pairs ol our 50c value
American Cotton-LlBle Hosiery,
or      6 Palri ol Children's Hosiery
Give the color, size, and   wether Ladies' or  dent's  hosiery   is
DON'T DELAY   Offerexplres
when a dealer in your locality   is
I'.o. Box 244
Money orders payable to prisoners of war are issued free of
commissions by Canadian post-
Ex-Mayor Taylor, of Vancouver, has brought a libel suit
against Joe Martin, claiming
China has agreed to a renewal
for 99 years of the Japanese
lease of the ports of Dalny and
Port Arthur.
A revolution is in progress in
Portugal. General Barreto has
been proclaimed president of
Northern Portugal.
Two hundred men are being
given employment in preliminary
work on the old Songhees reserve, Victoria.
There are three candidates for
the Vancouver mayoralty. L. D.
Taylor is opposed by Aid. Hep'-
burn and W. T. White way.
The steamer La Touraine, carrying munitions of war for the
Allies, was reported afire at sea.
A German plot is suspected.
The Miner is two dollars a year,
The extra commission on
money orders for the United
Kingdom has been removed, the
rale of exchange having become
Repeating Shotguns
The Stevetjs Hammerless
costs no more than some hammer guns.
It hao the celebrated
providing salety against
" hang-lires."
Easy Take-Down
12 or 20 Gauge
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.
P. 0. Itnx sooa
Chloopeo Falle, Mass.
H. R. McMillan, chief forester
of the province, is to go Australia as a trade commissioner.
He will endeavor to secure the
lumber trade of that country for
British Columbia. Australia will
be asked to allow a preference
duty of $1 a thousand.
A number of handsome presents, including a silver tea service from the members of the
provincial parliament, were received by C. L. Gullin, sergeant-
at-arms of the house, on the occasion of his marriage. Charlie
is well known in this district.
Although the field crops of
Canada in 1914 were considerably
less than in 1913, their value was
much larger owing to the en
hancement of prices caused by
the war. The value in 1913 was
$522,771,500, but last year it was
$638,580,300 a difference of nearly
The Anaconda Copper Co has
sold $16,000,000 of notes. With
the proceeds it will purchase the
United Metals Selling Co, and
control of the Amalgamated Co.
Addressing of Mail
In order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
insure prompt delivery, it is requested that all mail be addressed as follows:���
(a) Rank.
(b) Name.
(c) Regimental Number.
(d) Company, Squadron, Battery or other unit.
(e) Battalion.
(f) Brigade.
(g) First (or Second) Canadian Contingent.
(h) British Expeditionary
Army Post Office,
London, England.
�� We have some nice Auction Bridge Sets, |
2                 Score Pads and Cards. 2
I Also something very natty in the way of |
I Bridge Prizes.    ::    ::    See our Window |
3 =
u aa
i |
| Hudson's Bay Company j
|                                 HAZELTON, B. C. |
Rancher Missing
New Westminster, March 8: -
George Lewis, a rancher in the
Ootsa Lake country for many
years, has disappeared and the
provincial police have been asked
to investigate. After living for
nine years in the upper country,
Lewis came down to New Westminster last autumn to look for
employment. He walked to this
city with a friend, H. G. Horr.
The two separated on the outskirts of the town, Horr going
on after securing Lewis' promise
to visit him at an early date.
Since that time none of his
friends have seen or heard of
Lewis. He had some money in
his possession at the time.
Express. General Drayage and Freighting
I IVFRY nnfi  VTA CFV We are PreP-���-'1 t0 supply private
LdlYLilM   UllU JI/1ULJ  am|  public  conveyances   day  and
night.     Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton ur New Hazelton.
Best Dry Birch $7 a Cord.
Consign  your shipments in  Our
j Care   for  Storage  or   Delivery.
Address all communication! to Huzolton.
Ruddy & MacKay
S.S. "Princess Maquinna" leaves Prince Rupert every SUNDAY at 8 p.m.
Connecting with G. T. P. train arriving at 6.30 p.m. Sunday
Tickets to and from all parts of the world.     Atlantic and Pacific
Steamship Tickets
J. G. McNab,   Cor. 3rd Ave. and 4th St.,   Prince Rupert, B. C.
Jn������ mi������.1111���.1111���iiOn������iiii-^nO""^���1111���nO�����1111���iiii���
Thorp & Hoops
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Brokers
Sole district agents for E. G. Prior & Co., Victoria, Agricultural Machinery and Implements, Wagons, Etc.
Fire,   Life,  Accident,   and Employer's Liability Insurance.
We represent the best companies.
We Can Locate You On a Good Pre-Emption Near the G. T. P.
If you desire information about the Bulkley Valley write us.
Qn       mi       nn       mi up  "n On  	
TENDERS will he received by the
District Forester, Hazelton, not later
than noon nn the 18th day of March,
1916, for the purchase of i7.r),(l()() feet
of timber, situated in the vicinity of
Lome Creek, Range 5, Coast District.
One year will he allowed for the removal of the timber.
Further particulars can be obtained
from the District Forester, Hazelton,
R C.
Hazelton Land District. District of
Take notice that Thomas Moore, of
Kitwangah, occupation rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at post planted at the
northeast corner of Lot 3504 Cassiar,
thence 20 chains east, 20 chains south,
20 chains west, 20 chains north to point
of commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
Feb. 3, 1915. Thomas Moore.
Hazelton Land District. District of
Take notice that John A. Lindsay,
of Prince Rupert, transfer man, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner of Lot 2391,
thence south 40 chains, west 20 chains,
north 40 chains, east 20 chains, to
point of commencement, containing 80
acres more or less. 25-33
John A. Lindsay, Applicant.
A. H. Maclsaac, Agent.
Feb. 13, 1915.
"Everything in Canvas"
Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Princt Raptrl. B.C.
Assay Office and Mining Office
Arts and Cults Building, 578 Seymour Street
The Estate of J.  O'Sullivan
Provincial Assayers and Clumisls
Established  18!I7 by the late J. O'Sullivan,   E. C. S., 20 years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
Mines  and Mining HAZELT0N HOSPITAL
Good Properties for sale ��� Cash  or on
Bond.       Development and
Assessment  Work.
Carr Brothers
Eight Years In This District.
Hnaeltnn.  II. O.
The Miner is two dollars a year.
for any period from one month upwanl at SI par
month In advance. This rata Inoludea oilhe con*
I uiltatinnH nnii nwdictnee, iih wall BJ all routs white
In tin- hospital. Ticket! obtainable in Hnzalloti
al the Peat Office or th*. Drm: Store; in Aldermen
from Mr. T. J. Thorp: in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace]
or by mail from too Mttlit-al Superintendent at the
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
Land Surveyors
Offices at Victo. ia, Nelson, Fort C.eorge
and New Hazelton.
B. C. Affleck, Mgr.   New Ha��elton.
Watch Repairing
O. A. RAGSTAD,    Smithers
Orders may be left al Noel & Rock's. Hazelton
1 Smithera, B.C. 1
Phone 300 P.O. Box 1635
Special Attention to Out of Town Clients
Harold Price
J. R. Graham
B.C. Land Surveyor*
and Civil  Engineers
London Building      ....       Vancouver
You are going to hay
a Suit this Spring
Why not order
it now ?
The HOBBERLIN spring and
summer samples are here, and
the styles, as well as the
materials, are particularly well
COLORS-Dreadnaught Grey,
Belgium Blue, Fancy Mix-
lures and Checks, etc.
$20.00 to $40.00
(Continued from Vane One)
emnon and Ocean, began an attack on the forts of Hamidieh,
Tabia and Hemidish, which were
marked on admiralty maps as
forts U and V, by indirect fire
across Callipoli peninsula, firing
at 21,000 yards.
Hazelton, B. C.
C.l,.I.J..I..l..i..!..'  J-    ..-! !������<��� a
Just Arrived     j
1 i
I *
1 Choice S l< ction of Garden +
���r        and Flower Seeds at
j The Up-To-Date J
Drug Store
{Hazelton Laundry}
1   OPPOSITE II'    '       ON  HOTEL   *
i       i-        ��� l
-:��� Pron      a   ��� i     in
|  L. SING LEE  : :   Prop.  |
++H..|..;..|..|..|..t.n..,..,..i..,..i..,--i..;--.  r-. I'V++
Hazelton Coffee
Oppoaite Police Office
$4.00   MEAL   TICKET
FOR $3.50
Commercial Printing at
The Barrels  V^y~^
and Lugs of J^A ^
Double and Single Barrel
SHOTGUNS      a   "ff+WH
jfir Ofic piece.  Winlc of
specially selected Heel   Jy   ~ STRONGEST   where
other puns are     jp*tk%t%1,    Compare
STEVENS with guns    /f nt any where near the
price and note.    Jfiff ourQUUITY tliroucliout.
Our Shotgun
Catalog shown the
famous line of Stevens Repeaters��� Doubles���Sin*
tiles, If you cannot obtlln STEVENS from your
alitor���lit us linow, ami we will ship direct, cx-
prcii jhrtiiatj, ujwn receipt of Catalog f'ncCa,
P. O. Ban 5085,
London, March 10:���During
the early hours of Tuesday morning', German submarines made
their presence known at three
widely separated points on the
British coast, and it is officially
stated that, without giving'warning to their crews, sank three
British merchant steamers. The
steamer Tangistan, which was
torpedoed off Scarborough, in the
North Sea, thirty-seven men of
her crew of thirty-eight are missing. Only one man was picked
up by a passing ship. The attack was made half an hour after
midnight, At. six o'clock in the
morning another submarine sank
the steamer Blackwood off' Hastings, in the English Channel,
while a third submarine sank the
steamer Princess Victoria off
Liverpool, at a quarter past 9
London:���The   Daily    Telegraph's Paris correspondent says
he learns that Dr. von Bethmann-1 very  violently
llollweg, German Imperial Chan- 42-centimetre
Newport News, Va.:���The
German auxiliary cruiser Eitel
Frederich arrived here for coal,
supplies and repairs, having on
board 326 French and Russian
prisoners. The vessel was paint-
led white on one side and black
j on the other. It is reported that
| she was chased in by a British
cruiser and may intern here.
London: ��� A strong Italian
fleet has left for the Dardanelles,
and it is believed here that the
necessity of having a voice in the
sharing of the spoils will result
in the immediate entrance of
Italy into the war.
eel lor, will make a statement
the   Reichstag   today,    setting
forth the terms on   which  Germany is willing to make peace.
A   Petrograd    communication
says: "On  the  whole front between Niemen  and  the Vistula
lighting yesterday was of an ex-
j tremely     desperate    character.
| Our cavalry  captured part of a
supply column which was falling
back  on  the  village   of   Seiny.
In  the region of Augustowo  a
battle   has   begun,   two   versts
I (about a  mile and a half) from
! the station  of Augustowo.    The
artillery of Ossowetz is success-
I fully engaging the enemy's siege
batteries.   To the south of Khor-
jele, the enemy is bringing great
forces   into  the   fighting   line.
Germans who took the offensive
south of Drobin  were repulsed
London, Mar. 11:���A Copenhagen despatch to the Daily
Mail says it is reported in German naval circles that eleven
submarines have been lost by
Oermany since Feb. 18. The
loss of four has been officially
admitted, while seven others
have been missing for nearly
three weeks.
The admiralty, in a statement
issued today, announces the sinking of the German submarine
Paris   (Official):���In   Belgium
the town of Nieuport has been
bombarded  with
guns.     Between
discuss whether or not it would
be better to abandon the submarine warfare.
Paris:���The essential purpose
of operations begun by using the
Champagne region on Feb. 16,
says an official statement, was
to attract to this point of the
front the greatest possible number of German forces and to impose upon them the greatest
consumption of war munitions
and thus prevent transportation
by the enemy of troops to Russia.
This purpose has been completely attained. Germany had in
Champagne on Feb. 16 119 battalions of infantry, 31 squadrons
of cavalry, 64 field batteries,
and 20 heavy batteries. From
Feb. 16 to March 10 they had
brought there over twenty
battalions of infantry, one regiment of field artillery and two
heavy batteries���being equal to
one army corps.
London:���"Refugees from Constantinople are constantly arriving here," says the Bucharest
correspondent to the Times.
"Many of them are families of
German  officers in  the Turkish
in I the Lys and the canal of La Bassee the British army, supported
by French heavy artillery, has
achieved an important success.
It has carried the village of
Nieuve Chapelle to the east of
the road from Estaires to La
Bassee and has progressed to the
northeast of this village in the
direction of Aubers and to the
southeast in the direction of Bois
de Rioz. It has taken a thousand
prisoners, among whom are several officers, and has captured
also some machine guns. The
German losses were very heavy.
In Champagne region the enemy on various occasions on the
night of March 910 and on the
day of the tenth counter-attacked
with great violence, but did not
gain an inch of ground. We
have  confirmed  and   broadened
army. The Turks are dismounting the guns defending Constantinople, their intention being that
in case of "defeat the Allies
should regard Constantinople as
an undefended town."
Amsterdam: ��� Germans are
alarmed by a secret report that a
huge British army is massing
near Champagne and Lorraine
London says it is intended to
keep the Germans from strengthening their forces in Poland.
Geneva:���Italy has refused to
accept Austrian territory on the
Adriatic, as the price of neutrality.	
Eighty-five Victims
Hinton, W. Va., March 8:���
Forty-seven miners were rescued
alive from the workings of the
Leyland mines, wrecked by an
explosion on Tuesday. As from
a tomb, the men, who had been
four days and four nights without food or drink, came again it -
to the light of day to be greeted
by joyous relatives and friends.
Eighty-five bodies were recovered.
The Miner is two dollars a year.
with heavy losses,
bank of the Vistula, in the Pilica
region, the action is alternatively
offensive and defensive. We
captured many prisoners and machine guns. In the Carpathians,
in the region of Baligrod, Austrians continue their offensive
notwithstanding their crushing
losses. Near the village of Stu-
dente the enemy succeeded in
capturing advanced trenches of
two of our battalions. In Uzsok
Munkacs region the enemy's
offensive was barren of results.
After a desperate battle the
enemy on Mar. 7 captured the
greater part of Hill 992, but yesterday morning our counter-attack was crowned with success
and the enemy were dislodged
from all the trenches they had
captured. To the northwest of
Klausse we took prisoners remnants of an Austrian column,
which our Hank had enveloped."
London: -The Admiralty announces the sinking of the German submarine U-20, which had
previously sunk the Blackwood.
The U-20 was rammed by the
British destroyer Ariel, but the
crew who surrendered were
saved and are being held for
trial. This submarine was built
in 1913, of the 840-ton type, and
had a radius of 2,000 miles.
On the left jour positions on the ridges which
we  seized, inflicting very heavy
losses on our assailants.    On the
heights of the Meuse our artillery
has    completely    demolished   a
number of the enemy's trenches.
Washington: -The report that
the German cruiser  Eitel Fried-
rich sunk  the American   barque
W. P. Frye will be made the subject of a searching equiry.    The
neutrality    board    recommends
that  the  Eitel  Friedrich be allowed to repair, under the supervision of American   naval  officers.        British    cruisers    are
I waiting off the Virginia Capes.
| The   government   will   demand
| compensation for the Frye and its
| cargo, as the cargo,  of wheat,
was consigned to Queenston "for
orders."     The steamer Charcas
was  also owned  by Americans
when sunk by the Eitel.
Dr. BADGERO i,o now in town
London, Mar. 12:���A despatch
to the Daily Express from the
Hague says that a secret report
sent from Cuxhaven to the admiralty at Berlin is to the effect
that twelve submarines have
failed to report at their base,
eight of the number being
among Germany's newest boats.
The naval council will meet today or tomorrow under the presidency of Emperor William,   to
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
Port Essington
EaUbllihed 1870
A Shipment of Men's Boots
Ladies' Corsets


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