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Omineca Miner Dec 1, 1917

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 Advertisers Secure Results by using Miner columns*      Subscribers Secure the Reliable News of the Northern Interior*
Conservatives Liberals and Others L0r(J  LaRSdOWXie WllteS Pacifist  Letter Major  "S*" " D"��rated by
Support Cur Coming King George With
���Italians Are Now Taking Offensive; D-s-a
  News of the distinction earned
London:     In   a letter  which  were 25,844   killed   and   94,445 ���Hungarian foreign minister Czer-j hy jyiaj01. Cyri! B. North will be
caused a sensation  in   England
i Special to The Miner)
Prince Rupert, November 28:���
An   enthusiastic  meeting of all
classes endorsing Col. "(ly" Peck, i T      , i        j i     i      :,u ,u���
J ' Lord Lansdowne pleads with the
D.S.O.. as independent candidate'      . .       ,   .     .
TT , : Allies to revise Un lr aims.      He
supporting   the    Union   govern-1
,.    .,, ���        ,    ,���        '     is afraid that the prolongation of' contro.
ment at the coming election was,'. ' h ,    lowing his  profession of mining
tho' the war will lead to the  ruin  of cabinet includes the   Bolsheviki.  decision  may confirm America s
lhl engineer.    Enlisting as a private
fears that Peace  envoys from   Russia will disinclination to declare  war on jn t_he Canadian Engineers, "Cy"
wounded. nin has sent a reply to  the  Bob'heard with pleasure by his many
The government of Lenine has sheviki proposals regarding an friends in this district.     At the
fallen,   and  the. Socialists   now armistice,   with   a   satisfactory outbreak of the war Major North
was a resident of Hazelton,   fol-
Russia.     The  coalition basis to open negotiations.   This
held   in   Prince  Rupert   on
19th.    Men of all political creeds' the civilized world
peace may come too'late to be a
blessing. The Morning Post says
he could.not have chosen a more
innopportune time to launch such
were present,   with   wives   and
relations  of  men   at  the front,
Liberals, Conservatives, Independents and   many   others,   their;
presence  emphasizing  the   fact
that,   with  the exception of the han aPPeal<
i .
Laurier  Liberals,   Peck   and the!    Landsdowne s  letter is repud-
Union government has  the sup- hated by Bonar Law, who  refers
P��i'l of all. | to it as a disaster.      "There can
W. P. Lynch was elected chair
man   and,   on   taking  the chbir,
be  uo discussion of the freed
Peace  envoys from   Russia will
meet  Ihe'Germans on Sunday to Austria.
discuss armistice.
Berlin;  The war situation wasj
I by natural skill and progressive-
ness which made him  invaluable
as   a  member of  lb"   Hazelton
There  is  no news   from   the' reviewed  yesterday   before   thei hockey  and baseball teams, won
western front. reichstag by  Hertling the new|ni8 way. UP to �� lieutenancy,then
Rome: Italian aviators today'imperial chancellor. He asks
report heavy movements of troops' the people to hold out, declaring
behind the Austro-German lines, the country ready to enter peace
It is believed the enemy, depair- negotiations  with  Russia.     He
a captaincy and finally was promoted to major. Some time ago
he earned the further distinction
of the Military Cross for rallying
some disorganized British platoons  and,   with  ids own men of
ing of success in forcing a breach; says  that   U boat   warfare   has'the First Tunneling Co., leading
said that, after serious  thought,
he  considered it his duty to sup-|marines are al lal'K'('1
port Col.  Peck   and   Union   Kov., war under secretary.
ernmeiil,   much   as be regretted      All along the front in Palestine
having to pari with Sir Wilfrid's' fl,J|n northwest Of Jerusalem   to
the   Mediterranean   coast   the
imi\aaicnmiMni; ifrmijnum wmuim
of the seas  while  German  sub- in  the Italian lines, is preparing reached its intended aim, and is
them    forward   to    the    at'nek.
His  latest  honor  is   reported
says the to move men for blows elsewhere, proud and thankful that the army from London, where he" was re-
���|Intense artillery activity all over has been successful nearly all thdjcently invested by King  George
..     nf*        ��� r  t I .��� \��� o , !,<,�� fn iiuin  ka personally at Buckingham Palace
the   Italian   front   is   reported,   time.    As a warning to Italy; he * J *'
Willi   the   D.S.O.     No   lurther
party,   of  which   he had been a
momlu>.' f'v vo irianv vears
G. W. Morrow read the following wire from Col. Peck, accept
ing nomination as an independent j positions,
candidate supporting, the Union British casualties in November
government in Skeena district:
"Please announce publicly I will
support Union government, conscription of men and resources
for prosecution of war. Old
parties have no strings on me.
Just now employed on matters
of overwhelming importance and
must rely on my friends and
record to elect ine."
The Italians have regained  con- intimates  that the enemy would | details are availuble.
fidence in   themselves and have do  well  to  listen to reason and i
uwumi.il me vmensive aiong  the ' humanity,
but have not affected the_British ! Piave line. Paris:     National   guardsmen
Amsterdam:    The central em- 'from every state in the U.S. have     One of   the   most   successful
pire is ready for peace.    Austro- arrived in France
tSpaclal to The Minor)
Prince Rupert, Nov. 30:-Ernest. Price, railway mail clerk,
died this morning at his father's
home at Massett, Q.C.I.
"Ernie" Price was well-known
Local News Pars.
Mrs. Fakeley returned to Mean
skinisht on Tuesday.
R. H. Machin arrived on Tuesday to join the Union Bank staff,
Mr. and Mr. Geo.   Barrett,  of
Houston, came down on Sum
morning's train.
C.   T.   Saunders,   of  Victoria,
Mr. Morrow slated in addition ; >n Hazelton,  havi
dances of  its  kind ever held in
I Hazelton took place last evening
HAZELTON GIVING WELL '" Assembly Hall in aid of the
TO CANADA'S LOAN Red C,,,'ss'    Ihu feature ot the
affair was the  large  number of
Besides giving the  large, p'-o   varied costumes displayed by the.
portion  of  her men for military  gay masquers, considerable labor
service, Hazelton is giving freely   having   evidently been expended
,   * |of   her   wealth   to   support   the  i�� Producing such   excellent   dis-
Dominion in the fight for liberty
and democracy.     Up to the time
guises as were shown. A three-
piece orchestra composed ot'M>'s,
Walsh, of Terrace,   Miss  Bowie
that Col.   Peck,  when   elected, master here for si vera
would  sit  in  the  house at the prior  to  taking  the  westbound j
next session, arrangements having been made for all soldier
members now at the front to return for the next session, and
that the colonel would then take
the opportunity to visit the district.
Organization was then proceeded with. E. P. Doyle was appointed campaign manager, with
G. J. Frizzell as his assistant.
The executive committee consists
of W. 0. Fulton, of Patmore &
Fulton, chairman; S. M. Newton,
G. J. Frizzell, G. W. Morrow,
E. F. Doyle, G. H. Monroe, F.
S. Wright, R. S. Wright, A. W.
Edge and Rev. W. W. Wright.
Committee rooms were arranged
for together with a program of
meetings and speakers, both local
and outside men.
Col. Peck's nomination paper
was signed by over <400 voters
resident of all parts of the riding
and representing all political
been  post-j arrived  this  week   to join-the of going to press available tig- and Dr. McKie rendered delight-
���   years I Staff of the Hudson's Bay store ures show that $25,550 has been ful   music   and    were    heartily
here. subscribed  locally   to  Canada's cheered at the conclusion of the
E. L. Seiden traveling district "Victory" Loan.    This total has festivities by the assembly.    A
Imronl   fnr   Hih  fJi'nnt  \v,.ur I if., i               i            m       i      -i bevy of   Red  ( ross nurses   was
27  years of age, and is survived ''KLMl   lo'   t'18  ^nt "est Life been  made  by   66   subscribers, '    ,b|     f      ,h                     .
Assurance   Co.,   ol    Vancouver, .,,i,(���i, ,.,���, ,   i   ;,,   a  ,,.���   ,i, , le8Pon810��    U)l    uu    verj    good
has spent two weeks in this vie- "   ^ U"'  "        \  "  J "'   "' :""'   very acceptable supper that
reports   very   ".-��i            population ol the town, and was served  at 11.     A   number
railway mail run.      I
27  years of age,
by his widow and child.
was only
Fire Inspection
An inspection of all buildings
and residences will be made on
Thutsday next by Town Fire
Wardens R. J. Ro��k and H. B.
Campbell and Fire Chief Sargent, who will make-sure as far
as possible that all stoves and
stovepipes are in fit condition to
stand the strain of winter, to
lessen the constant menace of
disastrous fires.
Appeals ExtendeJ
The time for lodging appeals
under the Military Service act
has been extended from three to
ten days, and the time for appeals from all decisions of tribunals given prior* to Dec. 1 is
extended until the 10th, according to instructions received by
the local tribunal yesterday.
inily   and
Harry James Missing        , I loans is $62,050
The  name of Harry James, of
Hazelton,   has  appeared  in  the
casualty lists as missing.    Harry
about $81 per capita.   Hazelton's of New Hazelton people were in
total for the four Canadian war attendance despite bad roads.   A
neat sum  will   be  added to the
Fire Brigade Out
A small lire, which might have
treasury of the Red Cross from
the evening's receipts. Following are the prize-winners: Ladies'
,    , ,   . ,    'Costume, Miss Cunningham, lst;
,,    I,     , had ser ous consequences but for ui     i .,   o  r r   j-     n
was among the Hazelton coiitin- ' Mrs. Leverett,  2nd;   Ladies  Ec-
gent of the lst Pioneers, but wasithe PromPtne88 of tn* citizens centric,   Miss Wattie; Children's
recently transferred to the  16th '""'Police, was discovered about | Costume, Jessie  McKay,   Helen
Battalion.      He  was married in
England some months ago.
last  eVening  on  ,the  loofi Grant; Men's costume,  Dalby B.
of the building occupied   by  the; Morkill,
Union Ban
The two chemical
ley 2;
1; "Rube" R. G. Mose-
Men's  Eccentric,   R. J.
Rock, W.   Burken,  "Snowball".
A Cosily Oversight wagons and apparatus  were on
Nick Povich,  an  alien  of en- 'the scene quickly and thefire was
emy nationality, was brought up s(,on subdued,
on   Monday  before   Stipendiary Annual Sale
Magistrate  Hoskins for neglecting and failing to  report  while
under   parole,  contrary   to   thei"'*" ""'"��""'   """   FT I    Mail from   Ki��piox   is   beinR
. ., ,   . ��� r inlay,   Dec.   14,   in   Assembly j bronirht across   the   Skeena   nt
order-m-couneil   regulations   ofit, ���   .   .. .. .���    ,    .., '".? l a   osr     ,    ^Keena   at
c.    ���   nn  .mx  ��� ,.      Hall,  half the proceeds of which  Kispiox,   and   Fred.   Janze,   the
Sept. 20.4916, in respect to alien w���, be ���,���,��� Lo lhe Soldiers'l contractor, is using his horses
enemies. He was sentenced to Aid. A good time is promised to from the Indian village to the
six months'imprisonment. all who attend. ' Kispiox postoffice.
The fortnightly working party
I of   the W.A.   will  be  held on
I Thursday   next,   Dec.   3,   at the
The tenth annual  W.A sale j Mission House,
and social  will   take   place  on THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1917
The Omineca Miner
Published every Saturday at
Hazelton. the Center of the
Great   Omineca  District  or
British  COLUMBIA,
By R. S, Sargent, Ltd.
and Hritish Possessions. Two Dollars a
year: Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
$!2.5II per inch per month; Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each
insertion. Legal notices inserted at
B. C.  (iazette rates.
Saturday,   December 1, 1917.
The time is drawing nigh when
we must decide how we are going to cast our vote in the political struggle which is forced on
Ihe public in these days of
stress. We regret very deeply
that an election has been found
unavoidable; in fact we feel that
it is a crime at this critical junc-
tuie. Bui, since it must be, we
must decide what v,e are going
to do, ai '1 w 1 y. There seems to
be ( nly one Ihii g lo do, and
that is for every sane elector to
put aside self and selfish aspira-
tions.'and cast his vote Union
government, which means a vigorous prosecution of the war,
immediate steps taken to fill up
the gaps of the firing line in
France, tie proper control of all
excess profits, the abolition of
the patronage evil and the establishment of a firm national
The Union government will set
the feet of Canada on the path
nal ional honor and national greatness, the opponents of Union
government would conduct her
to national degeneration and national disgrace.
Arc We to Desert Our Men?
Those   platform   orators   who
persistently assert that there are
sufficient reinforcements in England  for the Canadian units at
Can't All Be Wrong
When old-time local Liberals
such as Messrs. D. G. Stewart,
George Frizzell, W. P. Lynch,
Thos. Arneil and others join the
many independents to secure the
election of Col. Peck, D.S.O.,
they   but follow the lead of such
Prices Cut in Half
Shoeing from $2 up-Shop Work
50 cents per hour
stalwart Liberals as Premier [same revested in United States by Act
Brewster   of   British   Columbia, ! of Congress dated June 9, 1916.     Two
| million, three hundred thousand  Acres
Premier   Murray of Nova Scotia,   t0 be opened for Homesteads and sale.
Premier Sifton of Alberta,   and | Agricultural and Timber Lands,    Conservative estimate Forty Billion feet of
commercial lumber.     Containing some
Messrs. Carvell, Fielding, Row-
ell, Guthrie, Pardee, Graham,
Calder, Crerar, Di
thousands of lesser lights who
are endorsing the coalition government at Ottawa, backed up
as they are by every Liberal
newspaper of importance from
the Pacific to the Atlantic. They
can't all be wrong, surely.���PR.
of best land left in United States.
Clat'k and I 'jarS�� Map showing land by sections
and Description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, etc. Postpaid One
Dollar. Grant Lands Locating Co.,
Box (510, Portland, Oregon.
It is to Laugh
The press of Canada has'.been
bought over, alleges one of our
anti-conscriptionistorators. What
company of billionaires has managed   to   acquire   the    Victoria
Certificate of Improvements
and SKEENA MINERAL CLAIMS, situate in the Omineca Mining Division
of Cassiar District.
Where located:���On the west slope of
Rocher de Houle Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that Dalby B Morkill, of Hazelton, B.C., acting as agent
for H. S. Lavery (Can. Exped. Force)
and Andrew Fairbairn, of Telkwa, B.C.,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 2862C,
intend sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
times, the Vancouver Sun,   the the above claims.
Calgary    Albertan,    the    Regina!    And further take notice that action
- i under  section  ��5, must be commenced
Leader, the Winnipeg Free Press, j before the issuance of such  Certificate
of Improvements,
the Ottawa Citizen, the  Toronto |    Dated this :>4th day of September !
Globe,   the Toronto  Star;   the A'u ,1,1V-      M:'     "������'"���>��� "��� H'.rkiii
Brantford Expositor, the Hamil
ton Times, the Montreal Herald,
the Omineca Herald, the Halifax
Echo ami the St. John Telegraph
-all of them Liberal newspapers
supporting union government?
Who Would the Kaiser Vote For?
Hartley Dewart, prospective-
leader of the opposition in Ontario, is authority for the statement that immense posters in
the city of Toronto are asking
the question, "Who would the
kaiser vote for?" This he angrily describes as "insulting".
Perhaps it is, but why does Mr.
Dewart assume that the insult is
levelled at him or his friends?
And what does he  think  is   the
* ATION for  the   issue  of  a  fresh
Certificate   of   Title   for   Lot   32,
Block 3,   Town  of  Telkwa,   (Map
Satisfactory evidence having been
furnished as to the loss of the Cdrtifi-
cate of Title to the above lands, notice
is hereby g-ven that it is my intention
to issue after the expiration  of  thirty .
days nftu.- tn. it. ..i ��uuii......i~.. ... .2 i
fresh Certificate of Title to  the  above
lots   ill   the name of Pete Saari, which j
Certificate  of  Title   is dated 8th Sep-1
tember,  1914, and Is numbered .6529-1.
Land Registry Oflice, Prince Rupert,
B.C., 20th November, 1917.
14-18 District Registrar.
correct answer? Who would the
front might attempt���seeing that U ne Kaiser vole for, anyway?
they are ingenious at. misrepre- And if, by evil chance, there
sentation���to  explain   why  Sir!should happen to be any partizans
Arthur Currie sent this ca'-le to
"If support is   now   withheld,
OR EVEN DELAYED, it means thai
��� additional   burdens   will  have to
be   borne   by   the   men   already
of the kaiser1 on the voters' lists
of this country, for whom would
their ballots be cast?   Sun.
Certificate of Improvements
,l,j..   lhe deeminL.lv imoossible       RIGHT RIM  and CENTER  FRAC-
cloing  tne seemingly lmpossiuie.  TIONAL MINERAL CLAIMS, situated
The   fight   must go 011 until final  '�� Omineca mining division of RangaJB,
j CoasUiistnctjIocatedon Dehentureereek,
and complete victory is attained, Babine range, about 24 miles east of
��� ,, �� ,,     .    ...  a   ..Moricetown.
From the agony ot the battlefield j   TAKB N0T1CE thut Du|by B, Mor.
goes  forth   the  prayer that our MH. of Hazelton, B.C.,.acting as agent
��� for Debenture Creek Mine?, Ltd.,
homeland does not desert  us   in ��� Special   Free  Miner's Certificate No.
_ 15226, intend sixty days from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice'that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this first day of August, A.D.
1917. Dalby B. Morkill
the  hour of our need and of our
approaching triumph." ���World
Postage Rates on Soldiers' Parcels
The following are the rates at
which paicels for soldiers may
be sent overseas. Directions for
addressing will be found on the
next page:
United Kingdom, 12c lb. (limit
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion, British Columbia,
and Alberta Land Surveyors
of weight 11 lbs);  France, 3 lbs 0fflceg at victoria, Nelson, Fort George
Synopsis 01 Coal Hininr; Regulation!
COAL mining rightsof the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion
of the Province of Hritish Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,56(1 acres will
be leaded to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by suctions, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of Sf>, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
cutput of the mine at the rate of live
ot'nts per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
and under, 24c, over '6 lbs and
not more than 7Jbs., 3^c. Mediterranean and Saloniki (limit of
weight 7 lbs) 1 lb., 32c; 2 lbs.,
40c; 3 lbs., 48c; 4 lbs., 74c; 5 lbs.,
82c; 6 lbs., 90c; 7 lbs., 98c.
and New Hazelton
F. P. IIurden, New Hazelton
One Dollar per day and upwards
I 25c. auto service to and from all trains and boats
If you can't fight you can at least
stand behind the man
who fights for you.
The Canadian Patriotic Fund
Which  assists  the  wives and families of Canada's gallant
soldiers, requires millions of dollars to keep the soldiers'
home fires burning.
District Treasurer: Stephen H. Hoskins, Government Agent
Hazelton Committee:
J.   E.   Kirby,   R.   E.   Allen,   J.  K.  Frost,   J.  R.  Barker,
and J. G. Powell.     Monthly Subscriptions are Solicited
Commercial Printing at
The Canadian Red Cross
The  Hazelton   Branch  requests  the support of all in its
efforts to asdst in the noble work of this great humanitatian
Honorary Presidents:  Mrs. (Rev.) John Field; Mrs. (Rev.)
VV. Hogan
Chairman:   Dr. H. C. Wrinch
Vice-Presidents: J. F. Maguire, Mrs. Chappell, Wm. Grant
Honorary Secretary:  Miss W. Soal
Honorary Treasurer: H. H. Little, Manager Union Bank
Executive Committee:
Mesdames Wattie, Wrinch, Sealy, and Glassey; Rev. John
Field, W. Wattie, John Newick
Large or Small Contributions will be Gratefully Received
Endeavors lo supply soldiers from Hazelton district with
such comforts and necessities as cannot be readily obtained
at lhe front, and will assist them to re-establish themselves
in civil life when they return. The Committee is acling in
co - operation   with   the   Provincial   Returned   Soldiers'
Commission and the Military Hospitals Commission
Contributions to the Soldiers' Aid Tobacco Fund are Welcome
Chairman: A. R. Macdonald
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: J. K. Frost,
H. H. Little, R. E. Allen, F. B. Chettleburgh
H. B. Campbell, H. F. Glassey, G. W. McKay.
Some can fight, some can work or pay,
What the World
Is Doing and Saying
Snappy Briefs from all Quarters
Lawlessness is increasing in
Bread cards will be issued in
There is a serious shortage of
fuel in Detroit.
Carrying on the war will cost
the U.S. $12,000,000,000 in 1918.
The strike of streetcarmen in
San Francisco has been abandoned.
There are 186 branches of
chartered banks in British-Columbia.
Baron Rothermere has accepted
the post of air minister in the
Briiish cabinet.
Dr. Leander Jamieson, leader
of the famous Transvaal raid, is
dead in London.
A plan for the pooling of all
American railroad equipment has
been suggested.
America and   Britain   will fix |
the price of silver at less than 86! %
cents per ounce. j��
Samuel Gompers has been  re-IT
elected president of the American , ��
federation of labor. ���
E ��0UR El
| ��1 1 ���
i u? r
LuLWaJ   Wti
$ 25.OO   fo��   $21.50
BO CO      " -43.OO
10Q.00      " 80.00
for full particulars apply at any bank
or any Money order post office
I        J"N.  9.   I9I7
F"iMAisioe   Department
1 Hudson's Bay Company j
Phone 3L
J The Hudson's Bay Management \
| Wishes to announce that                                 g
| Their new store is now open for Business          1
3 And extends an invitation to the Public of                  g
i Hazelton and District                                     ��
i% to call and inspect their large and well-assorted stock of       jj
II v.
| Goods Right                                                   Prices Right   |
| Special Attention given  to all   Phone and  M-il  Orders    ii
1 m**+***iH***********il]***********,*B) ifc***************-^
-ft ������ ... i i      .��� ������ ��� ��� ... -��� .....���.,������,._
" I Lowest rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer    f
'I to Vancouver, and Canadian Pacific Railway
^bg   ? Meals and Berth ir.cludtd on Steamer.
S. S. "Princess Mny" leaves l'rince Rupert every SUNDAY at6p.m
RAILWAY  and STEAMSHIP LINES. % |    8��"AlJ8ve sailings are subject to change or cancellation without notice.      ;
Steamers sailing between Skagway, Juneau, I *    J- '��� Pefen, Goner .1 Agent, 3rd Ave. & 4th St., Prince Rupert, B.C.   J
Wrangell, Ketchikan, Anyox, Prince Rupert, i W ��������������������������� ��������**���'���� i.��������ip����������ni����|ini4i.ti��t|ini��ni����^.��n.^, W
Swanson    Bay,   Ocean   Falls,  Vancouver, I ���                      ���-
Victoria, Suattlc.
General Currie,
commander,   has been decorated||
with the French war cross.
wri^-m:^*. Kaarv.=ir
i * ^^ i f                                                                            :i'
I* Leave Prince Rupert for Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle midnight Thurs- J   I  'Uvmsvcc-       Cor\t>Y~,\      lVivirro     inA     Vroi^l-Vinrr'
twrnnadinr,  I day and 8 a.m. Monday (.Thursday boat calls at Ocean Falls, Mondny t   |  E.XDr6SSt    UClierai      Uldycdgc    3i;0     ITeiiiiHIlg
tne  l,anaaian || ,,���;���,��� Sw.msnn K.iyj'.     For Anyox, midnight Wednesday, Saturday. Ill  ! '���H 2 2
angell,  Juneau,  SIlagway October 3rd, 17th, Ills',     f   I T T\JCPV inri   CTAftl)^    We are prepared to supply private
th, December 12th,  mtli.     For Queen  Charlotte     .1   g LilLM   rtliU  O A fi.VJLrO    lln,|  public  conveyances 'day  and
For Ketehkan.  Wrangell,  Juneau, Skagway October 8rd, 17th, 81st, t
November Mlh. 2��th, December 12th,  iiBtii.     For Queen  Charlotte !l   ��� i/hlum   ih.u  ^ah-vj*..^    anfJ   ,
Wands October  Kith, 21th,   November 7th, 2: st, De- ember 5th, 19th, |   B n-lttM.     Our stages meet  all trains al South Hazelton or New Hazelton.
A    number of "fakers" posing  5     Arrive  Prince   Rupert from South 10:30 a.m.  Wednesday and  Satur- |
Best Dry Birch, $6.50 a cord
as    British   officers   are   beingi? duy-
rwiinrled up in American cities.    1$ Passengar trains leave Ra?elt��n Bastbound at 7:<0 p.m.  Monday, |
11 Wednesdav, Sf.tmd y.    Westbound 9:20 A.M. Sunday, Tuesday* Thurs- *|||���                                             ,,         ��� >,       i,   ,         o     >f       fT
mi                              c                     r    h <!���,���          ..j | rjonsigTi  your shipments in  Our     l-fursflV    At     i'!op}�� ov
rhe percentage of. women vot- * day                                                  - Il Care for Storage or Delivery.    IvUtiUY   CZ  tridtFLdy
���    ,.      ���,      .. ������,        ,    ,-     ,1     * For further hformation apply to any Grand Trunk Pacific Agent.or to j. 11                              .         .,    ,
ers in the city ot loron.to for the|| j���� McNlch.ill,A8.t.Gen.Khtnnd Pa��mg�� Ay.-rit.Prii.es Rupert, B.C.    |; I **'���"- <����< """""-"
fnu:d   to j ��
f|Ve"tiiell."'"'''innsi   vmi"
Vienna is Ihrealened with a
shortage  of  gniin,   bread   and
other foods,  owing  to  transportation difficulties.
Lieut.-General W. R. Marshall
will succeed lhe late General
Maude as British commander-in-
chief in Mesopotamia.
General Sir Herbert Plumer,
formally in command of a Canadian corps at the IVont, will lead
i.lie British forces on lhe Italian
Considerable ii citation is shown I
by newspapers' over the publication of Russian slate secret documents by the Maximalists, who
are accused of collecting those
which are most likely they think
to embarrass I he Allies and supply
Germany with arguments.
*i ���    ...I    ' il    .nil..!. I.iImI   I. I ili.J Q ,
I.- ii  imgpjjpr
She must have Food
PHI i c
Addressing Soldiers' Mail
In order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
ensure prompt delivery, it is requested that all mail be addressed as follows:
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, Battery or Company.
(e) Battalion, Regiment (or
other unit), Staff appointment or Department.
(f) Canadian Contingent.
(g) British Expeditionary
(h) Army Post Office, London
Unnecessary mention of higher
formations, such as brigades,
divisions, is strictly forbidden,
and causes delay.
for her Armies in the Field���for her Workers in the Factory���in
the Munition plant   in the Shipyard -in the Mine.
Do You Know��� You Can���
that the rapidly rising price of food stuffs help  thwart   Germany's   desperate   sub
menus that the World's reserve supply is marine thrust on the high seas,
getting small ?
Do You Know  You Can���
that a  world-wide  famine  can  only  be do this by helping to make every bit of
averted by increasing this supply ? land in Canada  produce���the  very  last
pound of food stuffs of which it is capable.
Do You Know��� and Remember .-
that a " food famine " would be a worse that no man can say that he has fully done
disaster to the Empire and her Allies than his part���who having land���be it garden
*'    '    ''* patch, or farm, or ranch���fails to make it
produce food to its utmost capacity.
reverses in the Field ?
India and Argentina are more than twice the distance away and
Australia more than four times.
2625 MILES
Canada to Britain      -
��    ,,      �� . _   .      . 6000 MILES
India & Argentina to Britain    -    sssarnKmrnaaamm
Australia to Britain i
11500 Mn l t:
FAtHF;;  m
"No matter what difficulties may
face us, the supreme duty of every
man on the land is to use every thought
and every energy in the direction of
producing more���and still more."
Martin Burrell ���Minister of Agriculture.
The Department invites every one desiring
information on any subject relative to Farm
and Garden, to write������
The Italians  are  not  only   win
ning decisively, but in the past
48 hours have assumed the offensive. Their great guns have
poured a steady, almost ceaseless, rain of shells on the German
and Austrian  lines,  and  so far
London: Fierce German counter-attacks have been made in
the neighorhood of Bourlon wood.
The British line was forced to
withdraw slightly, but was later
re-established and high ground
held. Hard lighting continued
in the battle of Cambrai on Saturday,   with the British pushing
determinedly northward on thei retrograa: 1 lie bolsheviki is
Fontaine-Queant line, west of j planning to return to Germany
Cambrai. the million  prisoners  that  have
The site of ancient   Mizpah, been captured during the  three
five thousand yards wsst of the years of war.
Jerusalem-Mabules road, has been -    Pa| is.    Tlu, h,im;i,lt ,.ec0rd of
stormed by the British. Ipreheh   aviators,   including the
I Lafayette esquadrille, for the ten
i months ending in October, shows
that   tfhey   have   destroyed   120
German airplanes over the French
tween  the Brenla and Piave the
Italians   are   successfully   withstanding massed enemy attacks.
Paris: The Allied conference
will be called upon to decide
whether the Allies shall establish
a single military dictator or create
a military oligarchy to fight the
their has been no diminution in I German military aristocracy. The
their attacks. reoresentativesofdemocracy here
A  flat denial  that   the Pope today for the Allied conference
intends to issue n new peace note
was made today.
Petrograd:     The Bolt
are single in mind as lo the
unification of the Allied efforts,
but their ideas are divergent.
On the right bank of the Meuse
the French gained the  first  and
London: On the Bourlon-Fon-
taine-Notre Dame line the British
and Germans continue their desperate struggle, the British trying lo advance eastward toward
Cambrai and the Germans attempting lo hold them up with
strong counter-attacks. Positions
along this line have repeatedly
changed hands in furious fight
ing, and German efforts to gain
the dominating elevation of Bourlon wood have failed. Elsewhere
Petrograd: Lenine has issued
threats to repudiate Russia's
debts, believing he has a plan to
make the Allies accept his suggestions. The United States is
creditor to Russia to the extent
of $160,000,000.
hy '
Lord Cecil, minister of thei
blockade, speaks of the proclamation issued by Lenine ami his
followers in Russia urging an
immediate armistice. "If it represents tin.' real opinion of the
Russian people, which I do not
believe  it  does,   il   would   be a
on   the   western   front  there  is
strong artillery activity.
I    A   Berlin report savs the Brit-
second enemy defences on a front js|, are shelling Cambrai.
of two  miles.     German pffortsj    Rome:    Hindenburg's invasion
were checked by French artillery,  of Italy has been definitely halt
Washington:     Wilson wi
|      Dr. Badgero, Smiihers       |
6-i-.;-;-;-;-;. ;������:������;-.i-i..i-.|..,..;-;..;..,..;..i..i..;.-i..;.6
Hazelton Hospital
lines, and 397 over  the  German
Washington:     The Bolsheviki
direct breach of treaty obligations | Proposal for an armistice and  a
and Russia's alliance. Such an
action, if approved and ratified
by i be Russian iiation, �� ould put
them virtu illy outside the pale
of civilized Europe," he declared
Petrograd: The Caucasus has
declared its separation from Russia and lias formed a parliament
of forty deputies, with members
of the socialist parlies, including
one of the Bolsheviki.
Copenhagen: Forma! nego'.ia-
tions for armistice have opened
opened on lhe eastern front between the Germans and Russians
and  today's despatches declare
universal peace is officially befon
President Wi's in
will not accept,iii
reply to the n\
answer mieht b-
d may not even
ertures,   as  an
c instruct! as a
recognition of the. d-j facto government. Bolsheviki coot ol is
rapidly spreading in the army
and navy of Russia.
London:      Lloyd George urges
renewed   effort,   and   tells  ship
builders the Germans cannot escape   providing Britain   retains
her s a supremacy.
A   new  political  movemenl is
evident in Germany, which is
unnaturally  quiet over the Rus-
fraternizing   between   Russians j
and the Austro-Germans Is prac- sian collapse and tho Italian .<���-
tically  complete along the whole parses,  and is apparently planning to   recite   her   peace  aims.
Russian front.
Trotsky declared that England
was only fighting for what she
could get out nf the war. France
was looking for a chance to quit
will.out loss of dignity and some
show of victory. America is in
the war because her capitalists
put her there, and Scheidemann
said he would force peace by
declaring open opposition to the
German government.
The Cologne Zeitung says the
Pope will soon send a new peace
note to all belligerents, The
note will enler more fully 'ban
the former one in suggestions
and conditio: s, which as far as
France is concerned, will be influenced by Information which
the Pope received fiom French
cardinals who recently visited
Stockholm:   All goods for Russia have been stopped,
for any nerioil from one month upward at $1 per
m-'nlli in advance. Thin rale includes oflice consultations and medicines, as well as all coatB while
'n lhe hospital, Tickets obtainable in Hazelton
at the Post Oliice or the Orujj Store; in Aldermere
: from Mr. T..I. Thorp; in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
, t " i      m '" -*-'J   " or hy mail from the Medical Superintendent nt the
, ed and the I euton troops are now no��ni>��i
noj digging in for the   winter along!
| ask for a declaration of  war on i the   Tnjjjiamento   river,   Italian!
I Austria or Germany's other allies civilians, without distinction  as!
!at the outset of congress. t0 age or sex,   being forced to
. , J work  on  entrenchments  by thei
Heavily rein forced, masses of; Austro-Germans.     It is learned j.
1 Austro Germans estimated at 20 f,-om German prisoners that Him i issued- payable everywhere
divisions  are   vainly   trying  to denbura- is the guiding genius of 	
break the Italian line,  and   have11"'   Austro-German   drive   into
���    a      i (-     ;i,i   1  .���l. I Italy.      Having   lailed  to sweep
suffered terrible losses. ,,     ,,     ,.        , .     ,    .K
over  Ihe   Venetian   plains   he is
SI, establishing another Hindenburg
line on lhe Tagliamento river.
The Italian government will not
. hesitate lo energetically and fully
London:     Meager  reports  of investigate  the  Italian   disaster
the   progress   of   the   drive  on and fix the  responsibility   there-
Camhrai   indicate   clearly   thatl'01'- .,,     .
o      ���. t  . ���.  ....    .;,;,, .i   .,     From  Albania enemv attacks
Byng S fores   are  aiming   id   >\<   .*,, ,, ,,   ,       c
��� . I at the confluence ot  the Susiea
great  encircling movement wilh i an(i Voyusa rivers yesterday were
a wide wedge driven  into the repulsed with heavy losses.
Cambrai front.    !!yng apparent-J    Paris:   Artillery actions occur-
ly is working his wav behind the rerf nnrth of tho Aisne aml '" 'be
ri������mo. ii.  , ,,���  .-. i ,c fl,���i.   region of Sapignuel,  in Cham-
be man ines on  ins  hut llanK. KT   ,,     . x     ... . ,.
,,.   , . .       pagne.     North  of  Carndlef the
It   he succeeds   m   penetrating enemy, after a violent bombard-
deeply in That  direction   be  will: ment, undertook a raid of great
force the  retirement of the Ger-, strength,
mans on ;i wide I'tont. .        The great Allied council of vyar
I met yesterday at Paris, there being  54  sta'eMiicn flnd
ao'i naval experts in at
Canadian Express
Money Orders
J. F. Maguire
Financial and Commercial
hotii'M   tJ
Itf.li....    I,
the   last   241
which will be refused. Mean-
While, her people are informed
the war will be carried into 1918.
as the rulers evidently feel they
can bold ihe support of the cen-|that il is reported I
tral people,
ive, have smashed j ��������� j* rj i<�� r
���st and second lines. o-M.**nv*-M.+-M.*****+**��-*^o | tverytning ror
mil lines, j X
>sses  on ' t
ing tin? often si v
the German fii
indict ng Iremendous lo
the invader-.    So appalling have 11
been the  casualties suffered   by I
the  enemy   in   fruitless   attacks I i
lay   he   ba
���  ..iililnru
James G* Powell
Provincial Assayer.     Analytical
. Chemist.
New Hazelton, B.C.
Assay Office and  Mining; Office
Arts and Crafts Building-. 578 Seymour Str,ci
The estate of J O'Sullivan
Provincial Ajssayers and Chemists
Established 18U7 hy the late J. O'Sr
livan,   F. C. S., 2fi years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
I arg,e Assortment of
Christmas Cards
Winter Wear
; i.m��um ...********.*
London:     New    German    attacks to drive   the  Briiish   from
their positions in Bourlon wood
and  the high ground dominating
lhe Cambrai region have   failed.
Rj ng's men haverepulsedanol her
lenemy  counter  attack   in   ihe
j northeast   corner of the  wood.
Severe fighting around Moeuvres,
westof Bourlon wood,ami in the
outskirts of Fontaine Notre Dame
immediately east of the wood,
ancl towards Cambrai is reported.
German  artillery is active in the
Ypres and Verdun  regions.      In
8 , Flanders the British positions al
i Paschendaele are being bombard-
g ed heavily by the enemy.
��� i
L,:lave your order for
Private Greeting
Warmest and most dur-
a b I e clothing and
underclothing, BooUetc
withdrawn  seven   eripplei
sions, nearly 105,000 men.
Petrograd:     If is announced
officially at Smolny Institute I bat it ^^^^^^
representatives of Ensign  Kry-jl^^,^,,..,,^.,,^^^.,.^^^^.^^' S+***,|.^+++.^+H.+.e+****+^'��i
lenko, Bolsheviki commander-in-1 =
Up-to-Date   Drug S'.ores
lluy.elion b. ('.
The famous Hippress rubbers |
Hii/rlloii,    II,   ('.
London:   British  troops have !    Information has been received
���ed   the  high   ground   0fhe.''e that a number of German
staff officers have an'ivei
acting in an
lo Lenine.
chief, have crossed lo the German
side and entered jiro negotiations
with the German military authorities. The Gorman government has named Dec. 2 as Ihe
date when it will be prepared to
ho'il a conference with I be Russian representatives with a view
to  entering in
an armistice,
We want, ,
5^^ furs, PelU and Wco
M.flT ���
Pair Trcnlmi'iil ami v
Write us for
ompt ic -iui-ji-
���rloo List.
the Mcmullen hide & pub co.
���   -lit .Alrviiiult'r snvt'i. >      Vonootivor. B. C
Amsterdam:      Vorwaerls    re- ���
ports numerous peace deinonstra-  t; rr��rT.?v��**��..w.��f^-.��vr.v����fWT*.wrr..tYTw
tions  in   Berlin   on Sunday, and
negotiations lor %?*
Russia and are
especially in the north part of
ol* the city, where they assumed
considerable proportions.
A great socialist demonstration | j
at Buda Pesth on Sunday was in   \
in I favor of armistice ami peace.
a<l |    New   York:     T.   B.   Holder,
counsellor to the British  ambas-
captured   the  high   grounx
Bourlon wojd and now dominati
the region about Cambrai.    This
success  came after two days of vlsf),,y capacity
the most vicidus fighting, and its     Russia's gold and grain are  in jsador,  says the Allies destroyed
importance is indicated  by the good, hands, as General Kaledine, 139 U-boats in fifteen days.
fact that  German   traffic south- Hetman of the United Cossacks I    T      ,
east   from   Cambrai    has   been'controls all   regions  which  pro-1,  ,,0"    ,;   Contact has been es-
heavy, the probability being that 1 duce crops.    Bolsheviki rule is a i \��. *?""" lh,    {l^hevlkl
the civil population is  being  re- ghastly   failure,   and   as   their!    ...?'* "" ?,lSS!a and thf U'rm\*n
moved.     In   the  past six  days > troops have no bread, the soldiers j '"^ fUthorIt,f8. Bnd "Wtta-
Byngbas  captured over 11,000 j are almost  ready   to  rush   into11'0;"   uJ\&Tn^ u'""
prisoners,  100 machine guns and civil war.      Beyond the present I    .# f8     ,        . ?      "i"      'eS'
much war material.      Many  air' chaos  the ml forces of the Em-j v JV' r" ���,nal f�� ���ke P��aCl>
machines have   been   destroyed, j pire are working to restore order, i * 7''"-* i--      "i  ^1'
1 ent state of mind,     said   Lord
Rome:     The crucial battle on
the eleven-mile gap between the
Rome:     French   and    British
soldiers have reached the fighting
Brenta and Piave rivers is now 1 zone north of the Venetian plains
swinging in Italy's favor. The! to aid the Italians against the
fighting is indescribably  bitter, [invading Austro-Germans.     Be-
Cecil, who states the spirit of the
Kaiser's government is the same
as three years ago. The speaker
asserted that nothing in history'
can  equal  the Briiish blockade.
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Cook Stoves and Heaters
Fresh Shipments of
Winter Apples
Our Grocery Department
was never better Stocked
1 f


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