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Omineca Miner Jun 1, 1918

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 17   '
Advertisers Secure Results by using Miner columns.     Subscribers Secure the Reliable News of the Northern Interior,
Items of Personal Interest From
Hazelton and Surrounding
A. Aaron, of Edmonton,
among the week's visitors.
Rev.   Dean  Sargent   left last
Saturday for a visit to Regina.
P. W. Wallace, of the W. H.
Malkin Co., was a visitor this
Jno. Newick and E. A. Goddard returned from Vancouver
on Saturday.
Mrs. Fraser, of Port Essington,
is visiting her cousin, Miss Hazel
Women of France are Doing This:   What are YOU Doing?
Words are not powerful enough
to do even scanty justice to the
most heroic figure in the modern
world and of ages past���the women of France. Of the healthy
i men wholare not engaged in the
military service in France, practically all are engaged either in
transportation or the manufacture of munitions, leaving the
agriculture absolutely to the women. Not only this, but they
have stepped into the place of
work animals; you can go into
any section of France today arrd
see women of magnificent, noble
womanhood hitched to the plow
and cultivating the soil. All of the agriculture rests upon their shoulders. The home, always an
extremely efficient home, maintains a few old men, the wounded and the tubercular. Uncomplaining,
with high devotion, with an attitude that amounts almost to religious exaltation, the woman of France
bears the burden.
Rev. John Field, who is now
at Courtenay, V.I., is reported
much improved in health.
The Union Bank now opens at
9:30 a.m. and closes at 2:30 p.m.
and 12 noon on Saturdays.
Cyril Elkington, of the H. B.
Co.'s staff, left on Tuesday for
Telegraph Creek, to which point
he has been transferred.
Sam. Cooling, one of the first
Hazelton men to enlist, has returned to Hazelton, after receiving his honorable discharge.
Col. Peck Writes to Constituents-
Would Like to Visit the
District Soon
Rev. W. S. A. Larter will conduct both morning and evening
services in St. Peter's church tomorrow and every alternate Sunday.
James MacKay went up to
Telkwa on Monday, and with
George McBean drove down the
big Ruddy & MacKay truck on
It is reported that Allan Johnson, who left here some months
ago and afterwards joined the
Flying Corps, is dead in Toronto,
of pneumonia.
Holders of Victory Loan interim certificates are reminded to
turn them into the bank at once,
where they will be exchanged for
the actual bonds.
As the result of the recent tag
day conducted for the Prisoners
of War Fund by the children of
the local public school, the sum
of $23 was turned over to the
Soldiers' Aid
The following subscriptions to
the funds of the Soldiers' Aid are
Monthly contributions     $   3.00
Employees Rocher de
Boule Copper   Co. .   . $55.00
George Hauk $15.00
S. G. Robinson   .   .   .   . $ 2.00
(Sppflal  In The Miner)
Work is starting up in good
shape at the Telkwa coal mines.
Several tunnels are being timbered up. The camp site and the
bunker site have been cleared,
and the buildings are being rushed to a speedy completion.
Miss F. Short returned to her
duties at the Rupert Hospital last
week, after spending two weeks'
vacation at her home.
Gus. Timmermeister is learning
to be a roadhog. Good luck, Eddie.
W. Carr dropped into town this
week, prior to doing some assessment work on his claims.
Another two cars of hay were
shipped this week by Broughton
& McNeil.
W. Croteau has been very busy
these last few days, arranging
for the Farmers' Convention,
which is to be held at Telkwa on
June 14.
A. G. Sturgeon, a prominenc
South Bulkley merchant, was a
business visitor in town this
The roads of the district are
now getting into fine shape, and
Telkwa is becoming quite a holiday resort. Last Sunday being
a particularly fine day,our Smithers friends visited us in large
numbers. During the afternoon
eight or nine Fords drove into
J. MacKay and G. McBean
arrived in town during the week,
and took away the Packard truck
belonging to Ruddy & MacKay.
of Hazelton.
Jack McNeil expects to be
making a trip into the Chilcotin
district this week, to see what
the prospects are for buying a
carload of cattle.
Numerous Subscriptions Send Total
Rapidly Upward To Ninety
The "hundred-dollar" mark for
the James May Memorial Fund
is now in sight,-recent contributions having brought the total up
to $90. This week The Miner
recived the sum of $5 from John
G. Grant, ex-mayor of Wrangell,
Alaska, who was a very old friend
of Jim May. Among other contributions was one from Win.
Brady, who some years ago borrowed a pick from Jim May and
broke it, Jim refusing payment
for it. He has now given a dollar to the fund in lieu of the pick.
Jim Cummings, another subscriber, wintered in the Quesntl
district with Jim May the last
winter the deceased pioneer was
in that country, in '62.
Amounts of one dollar from
each of the following are acknowledged: Wm. Brady, Wm. Brady
(broken pick); D. L. Purvis; A.
M. Ruddy, Skeena Crossing; Ed.
Simpson, Telkwa; J. S. Hicks;
Rev. W. S. Larter; Carl Jepson,
Ninth Cabin;J. A. Hodder,Eighth
Cabin; J. J. Dore, Fifth Cabin;
Hugh McKay, Fifth Cabin; Roy
McDonell; Wm. Sweeney; Frank
Johnson, Barrett Lake; Bill Watson, Barrett Lake; H. F. Glassey,
Quesnel; Mrs. H. F. Glassey,
Quesnel, Jim Cummings, Quesnel; Dr. H. C. Wrinch; Robert
Lieut. R. P. Ponder, R.N.V.R.,
is now in command of H. M.
Drifter "Guide On" in the Dover
Pte. Sydney Ardagh, of Kit-
wangah, is reported to be suffering from concussion of the
brain, sustained at the front.
At the last meeting of  Hazelton  Red  Cross Society, the following balance sheet  was  presented:
Brought forward     .   .    $287.22
Memberships   .    .   $29.00
Employees Rocher
Boule Copper
Company .    .    117.50
Employees  Hazelton View   .    .     10.00
Social May 3.    .    .   20.75
Local 34.55
Proceeds Banquet .    20.25
Sale of Work by Kispiox Sewing Class   5.00
Postage, etc         5.00
Rent         6.00
To Headquarters  ,    .   .    225.00
Balance on hand   .   $288.27
The sum of $60 was set aside
for the purchase of wool and a
furl her $175 was sent to headquarters.
New and renewal members:���
Miss Wentzel, Arthur Wrinch,
Harry Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. D.
J. Williams, H. Welch, Mr. and
Mrs. Glassey, Mr. ami Mrs. R.
Tornlinson, Ethel, Eilleen and
Roberta Tornlinson, G.W. McKay,
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. MacKay.
It was decided to hold the annual picnic on July 1, and committees are being organized to
arrange for a more successful
day than ever.
It was also decided that a tag
day shall be held on the 2nd of
each month, and when it falls on
a Sunday or holiday the next day
will be observed.
The knitting machine is being
repaired and wiil be in working
order in a few days, when it is
hoped to supply a greater number of socks than ever.
The making of trench candles,
compose of newspapers and paraffin wax, has been commenced,
and as soon as supply of paraffin
arrives this will become a regulai
work of the members.
In the Field. 20 | 4 | 18.
To My Supporter in Skeena Electoral District:
I regret that the duties in which
I am engaged have caused a delay in my writing to thank you
for supporting me in the late
I flatter myself to think that
few candidates have had a more
loyal, disinterested and patriotic
support than I have.
I have been elected as an lnde-
pendant and soldiers' candidate,
absolutely untrammelled by the
interests of any party or section.
Nobody has any strings on me.
It is true that I have agreed to
support the Union government
as far as its war policies are concerned.
Perhaps I have better chances
than you have in Canada of judging the great gravity of the situation in this war. As later events
have proved, things had come to
such a pass that we had to throw
every available man and all available resources into the war, or
we would be forced to pe partners in an ignominious peace,
leaving the greatest and most
unscrupulous tyranny the world
has ever known triumphant and
dominating the affairs of the
Although I have never believed
in conscription as a regular policy
still the Empire and our Allies
were in such straits that many of
us had to throw overboard our
old ideals and support some decis-
policy for prosecuting the war.
In this view I was in common
with a vastly overwhelming majority of the Canadian soldiers, as
their votes showed, and the reason that the Canadian soldiers so
strongly supported the Government was because the Government offered some definite policy,
while the Laurier policy was
shifting and uncertain. In other
words, not because they were
such keen supporters of Sir Robert Borden, but because he offered them something, whilst they
had no faith in Sir Wilfrid Laurier getting on with the war.
Another view also was the
great name Canadian troops had
won in the field. No one who
knows them will deny that the
Canadians are the finest troops
in Europe. They have an unrivalled record for bravery in
action, and steadiness, discipline
and fortitude in ordinary trench
warfare.     No young country of
(Continued on l'agc Four) THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1918
The Omineca Miner
Published every Saturday at
Hazelton, the Center ok the
a tin box or glass container fitted
j with a lid either SOLDERED on or
'screwed  on, and the tin or glass
container enclosed in  a  case of
same'revested in United States l>y Act
of Congress dated June 9, 1!I10. Two
million, three hundred thousand   Acres
i noiTinrutorl   pnrrlhnnivl linpd  veil h ' to  De opened for Homesteads and sale.
Great   Omineca   District  of ,Cdl'"gated caicinoaia nneti wun Agricul^ra, ant, Timb(,r Lands    Con.
British   COLUMBIA, sufficient cotton   or spongy  ma- servative estimate Forty illiorr feet oi
I commercial lumber.     Containing some
By R. S. Sargent, Ltd. ferial to absorb the butter in case 0f best land left in United states.
.. ,     I       ���, , u;u._   Large Map showing  land   bv  sections
it  melts or  leaks   out.      When and Oescriptioti of soil, climate, rain-
SUBSCRIPTION RATES:    Canada ! lhe9e materials are packed prop-iffl1!;   elevations,   etc     Postpaid  One
nd Hritish   Possessions, two Dollars a; Dollar.     Grant  Lands  Locating Co.,
erly, it should be SO Stated on the! Box 610, Portland, Oregon.
declaration.    For example, if the
year; Foreign. Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING   KATES:      Display,
$1.60   per   inch   per   month;    Reading
Notices,  is cents per line for each | Darcei contains butter in soldered
insertron.        Legal notices inserted at,
H. C Gazette rates. tins,  the declaration  should  be
marked "Butter in soldered tin,"
Saturday, June 1, 1918.
Though it may be a little too
soon to discuss after-the-war
conditions, there are many indications today as to what will
come  after hostilities are ended.
Legislation is being enacted
by the various governing bodies!
of the world in these stern days
that cannot fail to have its effect
when the plough has once again
superseded the sword. The food
regulations and restrict ions in
force today all over the world,
even if they are abolished at the
end of the great conflict, will
have instilled such lessons in the
Certificate of Improvements
the Omineca Mining Division of Cassiar
Where located:���On Rocher de Boule
TAKE  NOTICE that   Dalby B Mor
More than one pound of sugar
is prohibited to private persons
and to soldiers at private addresses in the United Kingdom.
The  amount of sugar enclosed ^C,S^r,7ffito0,
should  be stated on the declara-! g- c-> .a.<;llnK "L* _��* f"r J"mi!S��**Z>
Free   Miners  Certificate   No.    7'J31C,
tion. and James Gilmore, Free Miner's Cer-
- ,      tilicate  No.   1095C, intends, sixty days  j
It   is  advisable  that Hour  be from the date hereof, to apply to the'
i    j ���        ������(,���    _-��i.      ui-..���������.  Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of
.packed m a cotton sack.   Strong Impro^ementg|   for  tha  purposa  of
packing paper should be used for obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
' '    ' ! claims.
If you can't fight you can at least
stand behind the man
who fights for you.
the  cover on   the outside,   and;    Anil iuhIut take  that  artinn,
of tin  boxes should  be {J|
,.   , ���      i i     ,i i    i ��� I under  section  85, must be commenced
corners ot  tin   boxes should   be before the issuance of such Certificate
And This!
On another page will lie found
a  notice  from  the  military au-
of Improvements.
Dated  this 18th day of March, A. D.
1918.       30-38 Dalby B. Morkill
thorities  calling upon all British
subjects born on or since October
minds of the people that economy j 13,   1897,  who have attained the !    Satisfactory  evidence  having  been
��� ���_ , i furnished as to the loss of  the  Cdrtifi-
1 ATION for  the   issue  of  a  fresl
Certificate of Title for Lot 32,
Block 3, Town of Telkwa, (Map
and thrift will continue, by many
from force of habit and by many
more who see the advantages of
abstaining from waste.
Liquor has received its quietus
in a large number of countries,
age   of 19 years and who are un- ��� cate of Title to the above lands, notice
���   j ���, ���.,     ...is  hereby given that it is my intention
married or are widowers without .,, igsue &t*r lhe expiration of thirty
children, to report by June 1.
Those affected in this province
must report to the Registrar
under the  Milit ry Service Act,
the spread of prohibition having-Vancouver,   and severe penalties
been hastened by the war. This
cannot but benefit those whom it
On this North American continent everybody is now forced
to work���the ''slacker" is eliminated. The effect of this will
not be lost. Many people who
previously did not. have to labor
for their living are now compelled to do their share of work.
Many of them will be grateful
for Urn change.
Army life and discipline has
re-established the lives of a vast
number of men who, in pre-war| ;
days were regarded doubtfully
by those who knew them. After
the war these men will come
back fellow-beings to be proud
of.      Some  of  them will not re-
are provided for lack of punctual
compliance with this order.
James G+ Powell
Provincial Assayer.    Analytical
New Hazelton, B.C.
rty I
days after the first publication hereof a
fresh Certificate of Title to the above
lots in the name of Pete Saari, which
Certificate of Title is dated 8th September, 1914, and is numbered 6529-1.
Land Registry Oflice, Prince Kupert,
B.C., 20th November, 1917.
14-18 District Registrar.
Telkwa Apartments
Synopsis Of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining rightsof the Dominion,
in  Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and
Alberta,   the    Yukon    Territory,   the
Northwest Territoiics and in a portion
of the  Province of   British   Columbia,
I may be leased for a term ol twenty-one
| years  at  an   annual   rental   of  $1   an
I acre.     Not  more than 2,51>U acres will
A   white   girl   as   be leased to one applicant.
waitress in  dining   room
$40 per month and hoard.
And let us not forget the won-1
dera wrought by the great spirit of sacrifice extant in the world
today. That "it is a greater
blessing to give than to receive"
has not been belter exemplified
than in the vast sacrifices that
have been made. After the conclusion of hostilities surely this
beautiful spirit will continue to
move us humans here below, and
the spirit of dog-eat-dog be allow
ed to die through disuse.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be nceonipiini-
i ed by a fee of $5, which will be ref'und-
j ed if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
cutput of   the mine at the  rate of live
oents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agenl   with sworn returns
accounting fnr the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty  thereon.     If  the   coalmining
8  p.m.,   to make arrange-  i   ri��'"3 Br? n��} !"''"�� operated,  such
)   returns  should   be   furnished  at least
once a year.
I      The lease will include the coal mining
tees tor the annual Barbecue  j  rights only, hut the lessee may be per-
I  I RlTtted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be  considered  nee-
mine at
A Public Meeting of the
People of the District will
be held in the Telkwa Town
Hall on Friday, June 7th, at
ments and aqpoint Commit-
next  Labor Day.     The at- i
i  tendance and support of all     |���B8��y, toj #5 ,K��1'kinK of the
r' ]   the rate of $10.00 an acre.
is requested.
Read This!
In connection with the sending
of packages of flour, sugar or
butter to the United Kingdom,
persons intending to despatch
such are reminded that postmasters have been instructed not
to accept parcels containing butter unless the butter is packed in
Certificate of Improvements
uate in the Omineca Mining Division of
Cassiar District.
Where located:���On the southwestern
shore of Babine Lake, and near Silver
TAKE NOTICE that I, F. P. Burden,
acting as agent for M. J. Kolb, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 7862C, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Miningltecorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of December, A.
D. 1917. 16-25
For full information application
should lie made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
The Canadian Patriotic Fund
Which  assists  the  wives and families of Canada's gallant
soldiers, requires millions of dollars to  Keep  the soldiers'
home fires burning.
District Treasurer: Stephen H. Hoskins, Government Agent
Hazelton Committee:
J.   E.   Kirby,   R.   E.   Allen,  J.  K.  Frost,   J.  R.  Barker,
and J. G. Powell.     Monthly Subscriptions are Solicited
The Canadian Red Cross
The  Hazelton   Branch  requests the support of all in its
efforts to assist in the noble work of this great humanitarian
Honorary Presidents:  Mrs. (Rev.) John Field; Mrs. (Rev.)
W. Hogan
Chairman:   Dr. H. C. Wrinch
Vice-Presidents:  J. F. Maguire, Mrs. Chappell, Wm. Grant
Honorary Secretary:  Miss W. Soal
Honorary Treasurer: H. H. Little, Manager Union Bank
Executive Committee:
Mesdames Wattie, Wrinch, Sealy, and Glassey; Rev. John
Field, W. Wattie, John Newick
Large or Small Contributions will be Gratefully Received
Endeavors to supply soldiers from Hazelton district wit!
such comforts and necessities as cannot be readily obtained
at the front, and will assist them to re-establish themselves
in civil life when they return. The Committee is acting in
co - operation   with   the   Provincial    Returned   Soldiers'
Commission and the Military Hospitals Commission
Contributions to theSoldiers' Aid Tobacco Fund are Welcome
Chairman: A. R. Macdonald
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Wm. Grant
H. H. Little, R. E. Allen, F. B. Chettleburgh
11. B. Campbell, H. F. Glassey, G. W. McKay.
H. Welch, J. K. Frost, S. Cline, W. Wattie
Some can fight, some can work or pay,
%��� IF
What the World
Is Doing and Saying
Snappy Briefs from all Quarters
So great is the man power
shortage in Germany I hat convict battalions are now being
raised there.
Employees of the B.C. Electric
will shortly demand further wage
Neatly one hundred veterans
returned from the front to B.C.
on Monday.
Ui.Vi1: R   VI ..\l ly       T^
Costa Rica has declared war
on the central powers.
Prince Arthur of Connaught
has gone to Japan on a mission
from   the   British   government.
Since the beginning of the war
close to 10,000 employees of Canadian   banks   have   joined    thei
colors.     Over 5,000 women have
taken their places.
Two farmers near Piince Albert, Sask., have been fined for
hoarding dour and sugar.
Ten ste"! vessels, totalling 63,-
486 tons were completed in the
U.S. during the week May 18 25.
There were eighteen launchings
that week of a total tonnage of
In 1914 there were (11,058 automobiles in Canada. It is estimated that 1918 registrations
will number 285.000.
The wages of Prince Rupert.
city police have been raised.
Snowfalls are reported in Saskatchewan.
The U.S. congress will appro-,
priate $2 000,0110 for vocational]
training of disabled soldiers.
the Wheel
RY it just once! Ask your friend to let you "pilot" his
car on an open stretch. You'll like it, and will be surprised how easily the Ford is handled and driven.
If you have never felt the thrill of driving your own car,
there is something good in store for you. It is vastly
different from just riding���being a passenger. And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young boys, girls, women and even grandfathers���thousands of them���are driving Ford cars and enjoying it. A
Ford stops and starts in traffic wirh exceptional ease and
smoothness, while on country roads and hills its strength and
power show lo advantage.
Roy a Ford and you will want to be behind "the wheel"
Runabout - $575
Touring - - $595
Coupe - - $770
Sedan - - - $970
Chassis - - $535
One-tonTruck $750
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies
Cook Stoves and Heaters
Farming- Machinery
Ogilvie _ Government Standard 1
 "War Flour" |
"Do Your Bit���Plant a Garden"
Come and examine our large assortment of Seeds 1
 We Carry ��� ]
;; M*Jt,tJ.iJJtJJ*A*V*MtsUJJJ,UJisU^                                                                                                              UAMJU���* ��������***�����**<-��� W
R* S. Sargent, Ltd., Dealers, Hazelton
he Omineca Miner
The best medium for Home and Oat-of-Town
Advertisers,       We carry the News*
Job Printing of the Highest Quality.
Steamers   Balling between   Seattle, Victoria, S
Vancouver,    Ocean   Falls,     Swanson     Lay, =
Prince Rupert, Anyox,  Ketchikan, Wrangell, 3
Juneau, Skagway,       ��� E
_                             Leave Prince Rupert:   For Swanson  Bay,  Ocean g
S     Falls. VancOU   r, Victoria, Seattle, midnight every Thursday. 71
2 For Swanson Bay and Vancouver, 9 a.m. every Wednesday. S
= For Anyox 12:00 midnight every Wednesday. ��
= For Ketchiknn, Wrangell, Juneau, Skagway, Noon Saturday,April 6th, S
1=    20th, May 4th, and weekly thereafter.
~     For Massett, Port Clements, Naden Harbor, r.M. every Saturday. 5
a    For Skidegate, Aliford Hay, Queen Charlotte,  Sandspit,  Cumshewa, �����
s    Pacoli,   Atli Inlet, Lockeporf, Jedway, Ikeda, p. M. every Wednesday, =
=    Arrive Prince Kupert from the South 10;30 a.m. every Wednesday. 2
3 and (1 a.m. every Saturday. k
=��� Passenger trains leave Hazelton Eastbound at 7:10 p.m. Monday, 5
~ Wednesday, Saturd y. Westbound 9:20 a.m. Sunday, Tuesday, Thurs- ���
s day. 3
= For further information apply to any Grand Trunk Pacific Agent.or to p
=     G. A. McNicholl,A����t Qen. Prelaht and Ptaaengor Aswnt,Prince ltupert, B.C. ��
the lfaiikg hotel in NORTHERN 11. c. Qreen Bros., Burden & Co.
HOTEL PRINCE RUPERT       ���   . P,v" E��?lIn��5"   ,.
nonunion, l.iitish ( ohimbta,
ei'ROPEAnplan and Alherta Land Surveyors
n    r, n j       > 1 1 Offices at Victoria, Nelson. Fort George
One Dollar p�� day and uprnnb ?n(i ^ jiaz,.Um,.
25c. aulo service lo and from all trains ar.l boats | F, P. BURDEN, New Hazellon
Seventy-eight Spanish merchant vessels have hern sunk by
German submarines since the
war commenced.
A number of returned B. C.
veterans are assisting in the Red
Cress campaign at Seattle.
Addressing Soldiers' Mail
In order lo facilitate the hand-
line: of mail at the front and  to,
ensure prompt delivery, it is  re-
quested that all mail be address-1
ed as follows:
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, Battery or Com-
(e) Battalion, Regiment (or
other unit), Stall' appointment or Department.
(f) Canadian Contingent.
(g) British Expeditionary
(h) Army Post Office, London
u IS
Shemust have Food���
for her Armies in the Field-for her Workers in the Factory���in
the Munition plant���in the Shipyard ���in the Mine.
j�����RE'3 dagger m sight-but wo can help
Do You Know���
that the rapidly rising price of food stuffs
means that the World's reserve supply is
getting small ?
Do You Know���
that a world-wide famine can only be
averted by increasing this supply ?
Do You Know���
that a " food famine " would be a worse
disaster to the Empire and her Allies than
reverses in the Field ?
You Can���
help   thwart   Germany's   desperate
marine thrust on the high seat.
You Can���
do this by helping to make every bit of
land in Canada produce���the very lent
pound of food stuffs of which it is capable.
that no man can scy that he has fully don*
his part���who having land���be it garden
patch, or farm, or ranch���fails to make it
produce food to its utmost capacity.
India and Argentina are more than twice the distance away and
Australia more than four times.
262S Miles
Canada to Britain       -
6000 Miles
India & Argentina to Britain
Australia to Britain i
11500 miles
B_4NS &. PEAS,
"No matter what difficulties may
face us, the supreme duty of every
man on the land is to use every thought
and every energy in the direction of
producing more���and still more."
Martin Burrell���Minister of Agriculture.
The Department invites every one desiring
information on any subject relative to Farm
and Garden, to write���
; S c      ___ w Ja m
T>UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that,   by The report must be addressed to the Registrar or
the effect of the regulations of the Gover-    DePuty Registrar under the Military Service Act of the
Registration District in which he resides (see below) and
shall be sent by registered post, for which no Canada
postage is required.
Young men so reporting will not be placed on active
nor General of Canada in Council of the 20th
of April,  1918, and the Proclamation of 4th
May,   1913,   recently   published,   every   male
British subject resident in Canada, born on or 3ervice tiU furthef notice<   They muitf however> notify
Since   the    13th   of   October,    1897,    Who   has the appropriate Registrar or Deputy Registrar of any
attained or shall attain the age of 19 years and change of residence or address.
who is unmarried or a widower without children On receipt of the report an identification card will be
must,   (unless he is within one of the classes of forwarded by the Registrar which will protect the bearer
persons mentioned in the schedule of Excep- from arfest.
t:Ons  to  the  Military   Service  Act)   report  as Punctual compliance with these requirements is of
hereinafter directed on or before the lst day of _rcat importance to those affected.   Failure to report
June,   1918,  or  within ten days after  his  19th within the time limited will expose the delinquent to severe
uj.u.i,j   ���   .  u*  i, j   .,      .    in        ,      , penalties   and   will   in   addition   render   him   liable   to
birthday, whichever date shal  be the latter. .        ,. f    .,���,.���      c    .
Immediate apprehension ior Military Service.
Such report must be in writing and must give his ISSUED EY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE,
name in full, the date of his birth and his place of resi- MILITARY SERVICE BRANCH, this 15th day of May,
dence and also his usual post office address. 1918.
I \ \J i HjW   The men required to report should address their reports as follows:
ONTAFUO���To the Deputy Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, London, if thev reside in the
County of Lsstx, Kent, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex,
Oxford, Waterloo, Wellington, Perth, Huron, or
To the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Toronto, if they reside in the County of
Lincoln, Welland, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant,
Went worth, Halton, Peel, York, Ontario, Grey,
DufTerin, Simcoe, or in the Districts of Muskoka,
P u ry Sound, Alroma and Nipissing north of the
MaUav.a and French rivers (including the Townships of Ferris ond Eonfield.)
To the Deputy  Registrar  under  the  Military
To thr Deputy Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Quebec, if they reside in the County of
Wolfe, Richmond, Compton, Beauce, Bellechasse,
Bonaventure, Dorchester, Gasp6, Kamouraska, Levis,
L'Islet, Champbin, Charlevoix, Chicoulimi, Montmorency, Quebec, Portneuf, Saguenay, Lotbiniere,
Montmagny, Matanc, Megantlc, Rimouski and
To the Deputy Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917. Hull, if they reside in the County of
Timiskaming, Pontiac, Ottawa and La_���!c.
NOVA SCOTIA���To the Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, Halifax, if they icside in the
Province of Nova Scotia.
Service Act,  1917, Kingston, if they reside in the   Nr��W   BRUNSWICK To
County of Durham, Northumberland, Victoria,
Peterborough, Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox,
Add intern, FronUnac, Halliburton, Carleton, Dun-
das, Glengarry, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont, Gren-
ville, Lanark, Leeds, Prescott, or the District of
Nipissing south of Mattawq river (exclusive of the
Towns'..ips of Ferris and Bonfield.)
To the Registrar under the Military Service Act,
1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the Districts of
Kcnora, Rainy *���ver, or Thunder Bay.
i -r.y.".' EC Tj the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Montreal, if they reside in the County of
Jacques Carrier, Hochelaga, Laval, Vaudrcuil,
Soulanges, Napierville, Beauharnois, Chateauguay,
Huntington, Laprairie, Argenteuil, Terrebonne, Two
Mountains, Montcalm, L'Assomptioni Joliette, Ber-
t'lier, Maskinonge, St. Maurice, Three Rivers, St.
Johns, Iberville, Missisquoi, Bromc, Shefford, Rou-
viUe, ChamLly, Vercheres, St. Hyacinthe, Bagot,
, Drummond, Richelieu, Yamaska, Nicolet, Artha-
baska, Shcrbrooke, and Stam.tead.
the    Registrar    under    the
Military Service Act, 1917, St. John, if they reside in
the Province of New Brunswick.
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND���To the Registrar under
the Military Service Act, lr;l7, Charlottetown, if they
reside in the Province of Prince Edward Island.
BRITISH  COLUMBIA���To  the   Registrar  under  the
Military Service Act, 1917, Vancouver, if they reside
in the Province of British Columbia.
SASKATCHEWAN    To the Registrar under the Military
Service  Act,   1917,  Regina,   if they  reside  in  the
Frovince of Saskatchewan.
ALBERTA���Io the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Calgary, if they reside in the Province of
MANITOBA���To   the   Registrar   under   the   Military
Service Art.  1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the
Province of Manitoba.
YUKON-To the Registrar under Lhe Military Service
Act,   1917,   Dawson,   if they reside  in  the   Yukon
Kispiox Valley
Happenings in and about
thb Coming Center of
Gust Lindburg has returned to
the  Valley  after an absence of
nearly three years.
* * *
* * *
John Love made a business
trip through the Valley last
���X * *
* * X
James Hevenor went down to
Hazelton on Sunday.
* * *
* # *
Seeding over, the ranchers are
now busy burning;. Considerable  land  is   being  cleared this
year in Kispiox.
* # *
* * *
The Kispiox river is Hearing
its high-water mark, as the result of the warm weather during
the last week.
* * *
* * *
Tons of produce are awaiting
shipment as soon as the bridge
across the Skeena is completed.
Get your letterheads printed at
"Printing of Merit"
$2     The Miner $U a year.
Hazelton Hospital T���8
for any period from one month upward at tl p��r
month in advance. This rate include! oflice oon-
lultations and medicines, as well aa all coiti while
In the hospital. Tickets obtainable In Haieltoa
at the I'u..t Ofl'icw or the Drujr Store; In Aldermere
from Mr. T. J. Thorp; in Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or by mail from the Medical Superintendent at the
Now   Open  Under  New  Management
Omineca Hotel
Remodelled, Refurnished, Redecorated
Every provision for the comfort
of Ladies and Gentlemen
Writing and Smokiuf Lounge With Lirje Optn
Large Sample Room Well Llghled
'K *|*tlH"*l.��ii*l.tl��r|lrl.f|t'JH.^trM.fl.tM..|.tl.'|.ttiTlif|* H
Large Assortment of
M .|.-N++.M..|"i..;.-MM'-l"i"l'.;"M��M"I''M->l-H
Up-to-Date  Drug Seres
Hazelton     -       -       -        . C.
| Express, General  Drayage and  Freighting!
LIVERY and STAGES a^bSEKSW_S_f_l?,_51
night.     Our statics meet  all trains at South HazeltonorNewHazelton.fi
Best Dry Birch, $6.00 a cord
Consign your shipments i
Care for Storage or De)
Auuruai nil cornmunications to Haxelton
IZ ��� Ruddy & MacKay
(Continued trora Page One)
the same population lias ever
produced a fighting force of such
high spirit, indomitable courage
and striking power. The name
of Canadian valor is on everyone's tongue.
This great name, alas,has been
gained at ureal cost and is sanctified by the sacrifice of the bust
blood of Canada.
If reinforcements had not, been
forthcoming, our divisions would
have dwindled away and our
lighting power have been hopelessly impaired. The voluntary
system had become exhausted
and Canaia was faced with the
choice of keeping up her wonderful record or letting our army be
depleted to such an extent that
that army could not live up to the
great name that her soldiers had
made for her on the battefields
of Europe. What does any soldier say a soldier's choice would
be insuch an emergency?
These were the influences that
induced me to support the Union
Notwithstanding, however, that
[mean to support  the Govern-1 FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO
ment's war policies,! hold myself INVESTIGATE GROUNDHOG
free to criticize any ad ion of the
,, .   -f ,  ,, ��� ,   ���.        i    According to a statement by
Government,   if I  think  it   my i
j ,    .    , Premier Horden,  to represent*-
duty to do so. ' H
I fives of K.C. constituencies, it is
J    Lowes   rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer    |
if to Vancouver, and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and Berth included on Steamer.
f     S S. "Sophia" sails from l'rince Kupert May 3rd, 14th, 2-ith, June4th,      T
%     15th, 29th.    S.S. "Princess Alice" sails for Vancouver June 2, July li.
I     S.S. "May" sails  for Vancouver May 5, 12.19, 2(5, June 2, 9,16, 23, 30.
���!���     D'<ry  Above sailings are subject to change or cancellation without notice
%    VV. C. Orchard General Agent, 3rd Ave. & 4th St., Prince Rupert    |
9.;..;..i..;.+.; ,;..;..,..j4.[..��..|..|..i. ;-^.^.H--l*-t--f--H'+'+H'-J-^K"l-H--H..)"t-.|.-t--:--;--;--s-.[--;"t--h-;.-i-.t. ���
I he situation at t he moment is, |
as y.ni know,one of extreme peril
and we are engaged In a life and
death Btruggle in the greatest and
1 think, most decisive battle of
the war. I therefore believe my
duty is here, but when the situation permits, I mean to return
and sit in parliament and visit
my constituency.
I want to say to all the electors
of Skeeea, that whether they
supported me or not. I am their
representative, and as such, it. is
my duty to serve them in any
way I can, and I want them to
feel that I will always be prepared to forward their interests to
the best of my ability. I have
lived in the north a long time and
love the country and its people,
and my dearest and most ardent
hope is that I shall be able to live
up to the great honor that has
been bestowed on me in being
elected as their representative.
Lieut-Colonel,  Commanding the
16th Canadian Scottish.
the intention of the government
to investigate the Groundhog
coal region, which is situated
north of Hazelton.
According to a report from the
south, a son of General von Ar-
nin, who has been taking a prominent part in the fighting on the I
western front, was quite heavily
interested in lands in Northern
B.C., especially along the route
of the railway.
There are 1,490 publications of
all kinds now being issued in
Canada, as against 1,381 in 1917.
This number is made up of 135
dailies, 5 tri-weeklies, 41 semi-
weeklies, 1018 weeklies, 8 biweeklies, 32 semi-monthlies, 228
monthlies, 1 bi-monthly, 20 quarterlies, and 2 miscellaneous, according to McKim's Newspaper
Directory for 1918, which has
just been issued.
25 Miles
To Hazelton    -|
36 to 68 per
cent more
20 to 25 miles to a gallon of
gasoline is a frequent occurrence with the Ford car. One
man (name on request) reports
an average of 33 miles per gallon for 20,000 miles. Surely
this is a record that few, if
any other makes of cars, ever
It demonstrates the economy
of owning and driving a Ford.
You can  average 1000 miles
more travel on Ford-size tires.
The saving on oil and repairs is proportionately large.    The
name   "Ford"  stands for lowest cost and greatest service.
Ford Motor Car Co,
of Canada, Ltd.
R. S. Sargent, Ltd.
THE UNIVERSAL CAR hazelton, b.c.     .     uui dMi���
One gallon of gasoline
has done it


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