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Omineca Miner Oct 16, 1915

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X i
VOL. V, NO. 7
"Cap" McLeod is spending a
few days here looking after his
mining interests on Rocher de
Pete Slavin and Pete McKay
came in from Houston yesterday.
George Kerr, of Endako, was
in town on Monday, on his way
to Prince Rupert.
R. H. Cairns, inspector of Indian schools, is making a trip
through the district.
Bucharest: The military critic
of the Universal, in an article
today, expresses the belief that
the British and French troops
landed at Saloniki will not go to
the aid of the Servians at Nish,
which is 250 miles from their
W.H.Pierce gave a lecture with base, but will make a direct at-
lantern slides in St. Andrew's tack on Sofia from the Servian
Hall on Thursday evening.
Arthur L. Ford, government
engineer on the G.T.P., was in
town on Tuesday.
F. T. Child and George Hauk
came in from Manson on Thursday and report a good season in
the Omineca.
Alex Chisholm, of Smithers,
was renewing old acquaintances
in town this week.
Jack Goold, of Smithers, spent
the early part of the week in
Several hunting parties who
were out over the holiday report
good bags of grouse.
Sam. Heslip, of Prince Rupert,
is in town for a few days.
frontier, thus cutting Bulgaria in
two and stopping the Austro-
German advance by one of the
principal roads to Constantinople.
The writer adds that Anglo-
French forces must be strong and
that Italy must co-operate with
Paris: Italy will send 150,000
men to the Balkans, according to
information received by the Ex
celsior, from what that paper
says is a reliable source. The
Italian government maintains the
strictest secrecy as to where the
troops will be landed, says the
Excelsior's informant, but the
Italianintervention will take place
at a point where it will have a
decisive effect on the whole Balkan campaign.
Ottawa : The camp of the
artillery brigade of the Second
Canadian Division at Otterpool,
Kent, England,  was shelled by
Battalion, C.F.A. The list gives
the names of seven men of the
Fifth brigade killed by bombs
and shells.
Petrograd: During an offensive
movement in the railway district
west of Tarnopol (East Galicia)
the enemy was taken on the
flank and thrown back toward
the Stripa river, with very heavy
losses. On the night of the 13th
the enemy made a fourth attack
for that day, charging with the
German Zeppelins on the evening I bayonet upon the Russian troops
of Wednesday, October 13, it is
indicated in last night's casualty
list, which records a number of
men killed in the Fifth Artillery
Brigade   and   o."ie in  the 29th
in the region of the village of
Laivoronka, on the Stripa. The
enemy was repulsed by a strong
counter-attack and retreated in
complete disorder.
A general meeting of the local
branch of the Canadian Patriotic
Fund was held in St. Andrew's
Hall on Wednesday evening, with
S. H. Hoskins in the chair and
Wm. Grant as secretary. The
financial statement to date was
read and ways and means for the
continuation of the collection of
funds to carry on the work were
discussed. The following were
appointed to act on the executive
committee for the coming year:
R.E.Allen, W.Ware, J. E. Kirby,
C.V.Smith, J.Naylor, H.H.Little
and S.H. Hoskins. The statement
as presented to the meeting is as
Hazelton District . . $ 1183.00
Ladies of Hazelton . . . 600.00
Ladies of New Hazelton 112.45
Bulkley Valley (Telkwa) 1000.00
Smithers Committee . . 328.75
Bank Interest . . . . 25.76
Remitted to Headq'rs $ 3249.96
Balance in Bank    .   . $   268.25
J. E. Breckon, M.E., will leave
on Monday for Vancouver, where
he will spend the winter.
At the postponed fire meeting
held Tuesday evening, H.H.Phillips was elected secretary and
R. G. Moseley and P. H. Sheehan
captains of the chemical companies.
A. W. McMurray, of Prince
George, who is interested in mining in this district, is leaving for
the east today.
During September, sixty-three
carloads of ore were shipped from
the Rocher de Boule mine to the
Granby smelter. Additional
equipment in the form of 175
horse-power gasoline engine is
about to be installed at the mine.
the colors. Four of the officers,
including one who won honors in
the war against Turkey, are in
Geneva. They say they are unwilling to fight against Russia
and Servia.
Roumania Delays
Paris:     Premier Pratiano, of
Roumania, has given the Italian
Under German Officers
Rome: Bulgaria is entirely in
the hands of German officers,
according to the Giornale DTt-
alia's Bucharest correspondent.
Major Baron von der Goltz, son
of the German field-marshal, who i government to understand that
is military attache at Sofia, I Roumanian operations on the side
quarrelled with Premier Rados-1 of the Entente may be considered
lavoff, according to the corres-(certain, says a special despatch
pondent, because M. Radoslavoff f'-om Rome. The Roumanian
asked that Germany be the first
to attack Servia, while Von der
Goltz decided to have Bulgaria
start the offensive.
The correspondent adds  that
one point advanced one thousand
yards. Heavy bombardments
continue at La Scarpe, Souain
and in Champagne. The French
batteries are replying effectively.
||     WEDNESDAY, OCT. 13
several Bulgarian regiments have
government, however, will choose
its own time for taking the field
against the Austro-Germans.
Eastern Actions
Petrograd:   The Russians have
pierced the Austro-German lines
mutinied and left their quarters on the Stripa river, taking over
singing   the    Russian   national 12000 men,  60 officers, four guns
Mrs. Hugh A. Harris will be
at home to her friends on Tuesday, Oct. 19, in the afternoon
and evening at her residence in
New Hazelton.
The school dance which was
held on Monday evening was a
splendid success, both financially
and socially, and the trustees
wish to thank all who assisted to
that end, the work of the ladies
who looked after the decorating
and refreshments being especially
German Attack Failed
London: Further information
shows that the German attack
on the British front, south of La
Bassee canal on Oct. 8, was made
in great strength. Main German
efforts were directed against the
chalk pit north of Hill 70 and
and between Hulloch and Hohen-
zollern redoubt. In the chalk
pit attack, the enemy assembled
behind some woods which lie
from 300 to 500 yards off the
British trenches. Between the
woods and our line the attack was
stopped by a combined machine
gun, rifle and artillery fire, not a
man getting to within forty yards
of the trenches.
Refuse to Fight
Geneva: About twenty Bulgarian army officers, who are in
Switzerland, have refused to join
and ten rapid-firers.
Nish: Our troops have repulsed the efforts of the enemy to
cross the Danube and captured a
number of mortars and machine
guns. On the Drina front several
detachments crossed, but were
unable to advance. The Kaiser
has arrived on the Servian front.
London : Bulgarian troops
attacked Vlasina, Servia, last
night.   They were repulsed.
Paris: 150,000 Austro-German
troops which crossed the Save and
Danube were repulsed by Servian
artillery. The enemy gained a
slight foothold at Belgrade.
7,500 Germans Killed
Paris (official): German counter attacks near Loos today were
repulsed, with a loss to the enemy of 7,500 dead. The French
have retained their hold and at
Strike at Silver Standard
On Monday a majority of the
miners employed at the Silver
Standard went on strike, in protest against a reduction of fifty
cents a day in their wages.
Bulgaria Now In
London (official): "His Majesty's Government announces
that the Bulgarian minister has
been handed his passports and
diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Great Britain have
been broken off."
London : Bulgaria officially
declared war on Servia today.
Bulgaria has an army of 300,000.
The Bulgarians were repulsed in
an invasion 24 hours before their
declaration of war.
A Submarine Base
Athens: The British agent
has unearthed a submarine base
in the Gulf of Napulia, southeast
Greece, from which, it is believed
here, submarines, which recently
sank Allied transports, received
their supplies. The discovery
was reported to Greek authorities
and the base, with large quantities of petroleum and supplies,
was seized.
Japan To Send Troops?
Tokio: Bulgaria's participation
in the war and advices received
from London that British opinion
in some quarters at least, favors
the despatch of Japanese troops
to the Balkans have suddenly reopened the question in Tokio of
what Japan's course will be. A
strong impression is held here
that the return from Paris of
(Continued on Page Four)
Wear a Tag on Thursday
A nation-wide appeal for financial aid has been made by the
British Red Cross, in view of
the great demands upon their
resources, and on Thursday next
TagDay will be observed throughout Canada. A committee of
Hazelton ladies has volunteered
to make collections here on that
Children's Red Cross Day
On Saturday. Oct. 23, at the
home of Mrs. Anderson, from 3
to 6 p.m., Mrs. Anderson and
Mrs. Kirby will serve ice cream
and cake to all children who wish
to help the Red Crass. Ten cents
will be charged for the refreshments. Tiny baskets of homemade candy also will be sold for
five cents extra. Adults who
care to come are welcome.
Telegrapher Was Lost
"Farthest North" in an automobile was achieved yesterday,
when James MacKay drove his
car to First Cabin wiih constables
Mead and Cline, who went to
search for a new employee of the
telegraph service, who had wandered from the trail and was
several days overdue. The missing man was found yesterday in
a state of exhaustion. He will
be all right in a day or two.
The Miner is two dollars a year THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1915
������"' am; ���yrtr:-���     i i in mi i   ���1     n    im in
Tlbe Omiimaca Maimer
published every saturday at hazelton, the center of the
Great Omineca District of British Columbia.
* *
m ���
^      The Favorite    QAP/^FNTPQ     We Lead-      5
A. R. Macdonald, Publisher and Proprietor.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Canada and British Possessions, Two Dollars a
year; Foreign, Three Dollars a year.
ADVERTISING RATES: Display, $2.50 per inch per month; Reading
Notices, 20 cents per line for each insertion. Legal notices inserted at B. C.
Gazette rates.
Vol. V.
Saturday, October 16, 1915.
No. 7
The Royal Commission inquiring into war contracts has finished
its special investigation into the purchase of the two submarines,
and, judging by the evidence given, those who have tried to make
party capital out of tales of graft in connection with the purchase
have read the evidence with considerable disquietitude, It is as
well to be quite frank regarding these accusations. They were
made against Sir Richard McBride, whether as leader of the
Conservative party in British Columbia or personally makes not
the slightest difference. The Liberal party evidently considered
it wise to press those charges and retained a lawyer apparently in
order to see that Sir Charles Davidson, as head of the commission,
did his duty. Sir Charles considered that the commission's counsel
was quite capable of performing the functions for which he was
engaged without any assistance from the Liberal party, and said so.
While the evidence of the Electric Boat Co., of New York, has
yet to be taken, tnere is nothing in that already given which can
give any ground for the accusations which have been made. That
the circumstances under which the boats were purchased were such
as to make rapid action imperative is obvious. There is every
justification in bringing such evidence forward because the insinuations were based on the difference in price paid by the Dominion
government and that which was to have been paid by the Chilean
government. ********
It was almost entirely owing to Sir Richard's influence and
determination that the boats were purchased in time. But to the
Hon. Martin Burrell, Messrs. Logan, Barnard and others must go a
great deal of credit for the way they handled the situation at a
very critical time. The commission, under the able chairmanship
of Sir Charles Davidson, has not wasted its time or public m )ney in
coming to the coast. Certain accusations had been made and no
doubt, while they were made in good faith, they were pressed with
a good deal of party bias. It was only just that they should be
submitted to the fullest inquiry. The public is now betteracquainted
with the excellent manner in which the whole of these inquiries is
being conducted.���Province.
A. H. Tomlinson, provincial
horticulturist at Prince Rupert,
gives the following directions for
the pitting of roots or potatoes:
"Where no root-cellar is available the roots can be stored successfully in the open, especially
in districts having long winters
with steady cold weather. The
main problem is to provide for
enough covering for the pit so as
to prevent freezing. On the
other hand the cover should not
be made too heavy, as detrimental heat may be caused.
Essential for the successful
storing of roots is to select dry,
well-drained ground for the pit,
to cover the pit properly, to regulate the covering according to
climatic changes during the
storing period and to provide for
necessary ventilation. A slight
elevation or a hillside, where
water will not accumulate, will
prove the best location for a pit.
The building of the pit may then
be varied, according to local requirements. Whether the pit be
started from the surface or a
trench be dug is immaterial. If
the pit is started in a trench it is
however,  to provide
good drainage, so as to prevent
any water from staying in the
A convenient sized pit should
be made five or six feet wide,
with the roots piled up three feet
or so above ground level. If they
are piled higher it will be difficult
to regulate the temperature, especially in the spring.
When the potatoes or roots are
stacked, they should be covered
with a layer of straw (brush will
do) and later in the season, when
the cold weather sets in, a layer
of earth should be added to the
straw. In order to provide for
ventilation, however, the straw
on top of the stack should be left
uncovered in spots about four
feet apart, or the pit should be
provided special air shafts. The
thickness of the covering layer of
straw and earth will depend on
the severeness of the winter.
For colder parts a twelve to
eighteen inches thick layer of
straw, covered with a layer of
earth six to nine inches deep is
recommended for the coldest part
of the winter. In the spring the
layer of earth should be removed
and, generally speaking, the
thickness of covers modified,
according to the temperature.
The Favorite
Shopping place
We Lead���
Others Follow
Every garment is tailored by skilled craftsmen
with the most painstaking care. Every
operation is personally supervised, from cutting
to completion, resulting in garments that will fit
Broken Lots of
Men's   Underwear   at   Special   Prices
It's time to look over your stoves and chimneys.
Cold weather is sure to come.     See our Cook
Stoves, Heaters, Stovepipes, Etc.
Fresh  Fruits   in   season:   Apples,   Bananas,
Oranges, Lemons, etc., now on hand.
fist R. S. SARGENT, LTD. Hri!on
Treating Potato Scab
For seed,  select tubers which
are free from scab, and disinfect,
them  by soaking them,   before
they are cut, for two hours in a \
solution made by adding one-half:
pint of commercial formalin in 15
gallons of water,     Disinfect all j
bags,   baskets, implements, etc.,
which have been used in handling
scabby potatoes.
Another treatment is to use
the following:
Corrosive Sublimate      1 oz.
Water 8 gals.
Soak the potatoes in the above <
solution   for  one   and   one-half
hours, after which, spread them
out in the sun to dry before they
are cut for seed.
Handle in wooden vessels. The
solution and treated potatoes are
Highly Poisonous.
Treating the potatoes may be
done in the fall or spring, preferably spring.
The chairman of the Cape Town
Chamber of Commerce, In an address to that body, said that 80 per
cent of South Africa's exports
consisted of gold, diamonds, and
articles of luxury.
Lowest rates Prince Rupert to all Eastern Points via steamer
to Vancouver and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Meals and berth included on steamer
S.S. "PrinceM Alice" or "Princeu   Sophia"  leaves Prince Rupert every
SATURDAY at 6 p. m.     S. S. "Prince.i Maquinna" leaves
Prince Rupert every Sunday at 6 p.m.
J. G. McNab,  Cor. 3rd Ave. and 4th St.,   Prince Rupert, B. C.
The Omineca Miner is two dollars a year anywhere in Canada.
The Miner is two dollars a year.
Bulkley Valley Farm
Lands For Sale
These Lands are close to the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, which is now running trains through the
Bulkley Valley. There is a ready local market for all produce. Land prices are reasonable. Terms are easy.
Write for full particulars to
Suite 622 Metropolitan Building
Pa�� up c.pit.i ��i.soo,ooo. VANCOUVER, B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company, whose address is Winnipeg, Man., will apply for
a license to take and use 120 acre  feet
Eer annum of water out of Mosquito
ake, also known as Bigelow Lake.
The water will be diverted from the
Lake at a point about 1,000 feet south
of the N.W. corner of the S.W. \ Lot
4266, T.4, R.5, Coast District, and will
be used for Railway purposes. This
notice was posted on the ground on the
16th day of July, 1915. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant
thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914,"
will be filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Hazelton, B.C. Objections
to the application may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. B.C., within thirty
days after the first appearance of this
notice in a local newspaper. The date
of the first publication of this notice is
August 28, 1915.
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co.,
52-3 By H.H.Hansard, Agent.
The World's Doings in Brief
News Notes from Many Sources
Mount Vesuvius is again in
R. G. Brett, of Banff, is to be
Alberta's new lieutenant-governor.
A severe earthquake was registered at Ottawa last Sunday
Sir Charles Cheers Wakefield
has been elected Lord Mayor of
j Hudson's Bay Company j
Hazelton Land District.        District of
Take notice that Charles F. Law, of
Vancouver, occupation broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at post planted on the
north shore of Tacla Lake, one mile
east of Driftwood River, thence 80
chains west, 40 chains north, 80 chains
east, 40 chains south to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more
or less.
July 24, 1915. Charles P. Law.
Hazelton Land District.        District of
Take notice that Frank Wooliver,
of Vancouver, occupation prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Tacla Lake, one
mile east of Driftwood River, thence
south 80 chains, east 40 chains, north
80 chains, west 40 chains, to point of
commencement, containing 320 acres
more or less.
July 24, 1915. Frank Wooliver,
The Miner is two dollars a vear.
President Wilson hasannounced
his intention of voting for woman
Dr. Bernardino Machado has
been sworn in as President of
Over two thousand took part
in a prohibition parade at Vancouver last week.
urging access to the United
States markets for low grade
The   large   Roman   Catholic
church at Lachine,  a suburb of
Montreal was destroyed by fire
last week, at a loss estimated at ��
$250,000.        _  j|
President,   Wesbrook,   of   the |
University of B.   C,   has been =
presented  with  the   degree   of
Doctor of Laws hy the University
of Alberta.
1    Dealers in Groceries, Hardware, Boots, Shoes, Etc.   |
I   LIQUOR:  Mail orders promptly at- J
tended to.    Let us send  I
you a trial assorted order |
of six bottles. 1
| Special for Putting up Jellies:
One dozen tumblers for 50 cents.
At the Clinton Assizes,
dinger  was found guilty of the.=
murder of Burton Smith, and was SaiimillllllBIIIIIIIIIIIIWlllllll niiiiliillllicoiiiifiiiiiiiicojiiiiiiiiiiiiailiilliiiiliaiiiliiiiiiiico
sentehced to be hanged at Ram-,-
loops on Dec. 23.
Manfacturers of shingles in
the Northwest are to conduct a
vigorous advertising campaign,
with a view to recuperating  the
Emperor Francis Joseph   has
now   recovered  from his recent!shingle industry.
serious illness. !
  The winter parcel post rates to
A giant electrical machine for j the Yukon will bo  the  same  as
dispelling fogs is being Vested at were effective durinR  the sum.
Express, General Drayage and Freighting
We are prepared to supply private
and  public  conveyances   day  and
Our stages meet all trains at South Hazelton or New Hazelton.
Consign  your shipments in  Our
Care  for  Storage  or  Delivery.
Address iill communications to Hazelton.
Ruddy & MacKay
San Francisco.
Attendance at the Panama-
Pacific Exposition has passed the
fourteen million mark.
Two thousand coalminers
were on strike at Newport, Wales,
have returned to work.
mer,   the   usual   extra    charge
being eliminated.
The steamer Mariposa, bound
from Seattle to Alaska, is ashore
vvno J at Bella Bella.   The Mariposa has
79 passengers ami a larg^ cargo
of freight aboard.
R. S. Lake, of Grenfell, Sask.,
has been appointed lieutenant-
governor for Saskatchewan.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
^*OAL mining rights'of the Dominion,
>-�� in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion
of the ! Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of five
cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of mer
chantable   coal   mined and
royalty  thereon.     If the coal minin
withdrawn   his
governor of the
Goethals   has
resignation   as
Panama Canal
rights are not being operated,   sue!
returns  should   be  furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
Burface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate of $10.0C an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of the
Department of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
To George Fryer and H. A. Wilson, or to any
person or persons to whom you or either of you
may have transferred your interests. Take notice
that I, the undersigned co-owner with you in the
North Star No. 1 and North Star No. 2 Mineral
ClaimB, situated on Skeena mountain, in the
Hazelton Mining Division of Omineca District,
Province of British Columbia, have done the
required amount of work on the above mentioned
claims for the year ending August 22, 1916, In
order to hold the Bame under section 24 of the
Mineral Act, and if within 90 days of the publication of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute
$136.67, your portion of such expenditure, together
with the costs of this advertisement, your interests
in the said mineral claims will become the property
of the undersigned, under section 28 of the
Mineral Act. 52-12
Dated at Skeena Crossing, B.C.. this 28th day
of August, 1915. M.R.Jamteson, Co-owner,
Heavy snowstorms swept over
Lake Superior last week, over an
inch having fallen at Calumet,
The government elevator which
is being erected in Vancouver,
will be completed by lhe first of
the year.
The Vancouver Board of Trade
is endeavoring to have a Canadian I
customs office opened at the port
of New York.
Over half a million dollars in
gold was included in the estate
left by Isaak Kohn, a San Francisco financier.
The C. P. R. liner Monteagle,
which arrived from the Orient
this week, brought 350 Chinese
from Hong Kong.
Thirteen carloads of prunes
have been shipped to the prairies
this season from a 9J - acre
orchard near Grand Forks.
One hundred school - children
went on strike at Ottawa because
two teachers were not re-engaged
by the school commissioners.
Ten and one half per cent of
Canada's population is fo-eign
born, according to a special report issued by the census department.
The Manitoba Growers Ass'n.
is appealing to Premier Borden,
The C. P. R. steamer Empress!
| of Japan will resume her  Pacific
service next month, after having.
j been in the service of the admir-l
jalty for over a year.
Rails have now  been  laid on'
the P. G. E. tr a point 145 miles
from tidewater, and it is expected that Clinton will be reached
by the first of November.
All commercial and amateur
wireless stations in the United
States are to be organized by the
navy department for use by the
navy in case of emergency.
Three Trains Weekly
To Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, St. Paul,
Chicago,   Eastern Canada & U.S., Monday, Thursday
Saturday 6:08 p.m.
HRFF RftATC WFFKI V To Vancouver' Victoria, Seattle,
IlEiLi DlMliO llLEIVLi I San Francisco San Diego Exposition
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10:00 a. m. from Prince Rupert
Full particulars cheerfully furnished by Local Agent or
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will he made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Hazelton Hotel,
situate at Hazelton, in the Province of
British Columbia. 11
Dated this 9th day of October, 1915.
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice is hereby given that, on the
fir.it (lay of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Omineca Hotel,
situated at Hazelton, in the Province
of Hritish Columbia. 11
Dated this 9th day of October, 1915.
JOHN C. K. SEALY, Applicant.
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice  is  hereby given that, on the
A  party of six explorers who tot day of_ December rfext, application
will bo made to the Superintendent of
left to explore and chart Crocker I Provincial Police for renewal of the
.       ,   , , ,    ..       ,.    ,    hotel license  to sell liquor hv retail in
Land, have returned to New 1 ork  the hotel known as the Hotel Bulkley,
situated at Smithers, in th" Province OI
British Columbia. 11
Dated this 16th day of October, 1915.
JOHN N. OARR, Applicant.
Hazelton Coffee
Opposite Police Office
No other place
can surpass us
Fresh Bread Every Day
Fire broke out on the C. P. R.
liner Empress of Britain while
lying at the dock at Liverpool,
but  was   extinguished    without
serious damage being done.
Assay Office and Mining Office
Arts and Crafts Building, 57S Seymour Street
The Estate of J. O'Sullivan
Prcvinci.il Assaycrs and Chemists
Established  1897 by the late J. O'Sullivan,   P. C. S.,' 2(! years  with
Vivian & Sons, Swansea.
after two years in the north, and
report that Crocker Land is a
Sixty-three inhabitants of La
Colorado, a mining town in the
Hermosilla Senora district, were
massacred by Yaqui Indians,
according to reports from Douglas, Ariz.
Charlotte Cushman, at one time
America's foremost tragedienne,
has been chosen as the first member of the theatrical profession
to be admitted to New York
University's Hall of Fame.
There will be no games for the
Minto Cup, emblematic of the
lacrosse championship of the
Dominion, this year, the Nationals, eastern champions, declining
to make the trip to the coast.
i<r any period from >>ne month upward nt 11 per
month in advance. This rate includes oflice con-
uiltations and medicines, ns well as all costs while
In thohoipttnl. Tickets ohtainable in Hitolton
Bt the Pout Office or the Drug Store; in Aldermere
from Mr. T J. Thorp; In Telkwa from Dr. Wallace;
or hy mail from tin. Medical Superintendent at the
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia
Land Surveyors
Liquor License Application
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
license for the sale of liquors by whole-��� Offices at Victo.ia, Nelson, Fort George
sale in and upon the premises known as '. and New Hazelton.
the  Hudson's  Bay  Company's  store, i B. C. Affleck. Mgr.   New Hazelton.
-utuate at  Hazelton,   B.C., upon the; , __
lands described as lots 6 and 7, Hazel-; g,^..^..^..^.......^..^.^..^..^...^..^^
ton townsite. 11; l
Dated this 9th day of October, 1915. , i
WILLIAM WARE, Manager,   6
The latest list of the kind shows
more than 7,000 vessels equipped
with wireless, more than 1,000
land stations throughout the
world and about 2,000 licensed
amateur stations in the United
Smithert, B.C.
Watch Repairing
O. A. RAGSTAD,    Smithers
Orders may be led at Noel & Rock's. HizclUn. THE OMINECA MINER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1915
l\, |^y**'riH^L7^**''^iT^rrrTfflWnWhifl��f1f^^
(Continued from Page One)
Baron Kikujiro Ishai, the recently appointed minister of foreign
affairs and previously ambassador
to France, is likely to be followed
by a full reconsideration of the
international situation, with a!
special reference to Japan's policy
for the preservation of her own
permanent interests.
Another factor is arousing discussion on this subject, that is
the arrival of Pnges Leroux, the
editor of the Paris Matin, who,
although without official mission,
comes, it is understood, with
introductions from and with the
approbation of M. Delcasse, the
French foreign minister, to discuss military questions with
prominent Japanese, with a view
to determine whether the latest
developments justify a change in
Japan's decision not to send an
army to aid her allies and the
likelihood of despatching troops
to the Balkans.
London Optimistic
London Reports from all the
theaters of war are optimistic.
The Austro-German invaders in
Servia are meeting with stubborn
resistance. Important Russian
successes in Galicia have been
confirmed. Ivanoff broke through
the German front on the Stripa,
taking 2000 prisoners and many
guns, forcing the enemy back
thirty miles in three days. The
French are resuming the offensive
in Champagne and a great fight
is now in progress.
British Submarines Busy
Copenhagen: British submar
ines in the Baltic are causing the
German mercantile fleet great
loss. The German steamer Walter Leonhardt, was submarined
yesterday, making the sixth vessel destroyed in two days. All
shipping service in the Baltic is
and explosive bombs were dropped. The material damage done
was small. A few fires resulted
but they were quickly put out by
the fire brigades.
"At present it is only possible
to say no public buildings were
damaged and that casualties so
far reported number two women
and six men killed and about
34 injured. With the exception
of one soldier killed, all were
British Submarine Successes
Stockholm: Seventeen German
ore steamers in the Baltic are
missing, They are believed to
have been sunk by British submarines.
London: A British submarine
yesterday torpedoed the Hamburg-American liner Comda, off
the North Frisian Islands. The
crew of thirty-three was saved.
British submarines are active in
Heligoland Bay.
In the Balkans
Paris: Private advices are to
the effect that a Bulgarian division was almost annihilated in a artillery
fierce battle near Kraguyevatz,
Servia, says a despatch to the
Havas Agency from   Bucharest.
Paris: Martial law has been
proclaimt.d in Saloniki and Prince
Nicholas, brother of King Constantine, has been appointed as
military governor of the Interior
zone. General Sarrall, commander-in-chief of the French  forces.
A Secret Treaty?
London: It is openly asserted
in Berlin that a secret treaty
exists between Greece, Bulgaria
and Germany, says the Morning
Post's Berne correspondent.
Balkan Operations
London: Martial law has been
declared throughout Greek Macedonia, says the Times' Saloniki
London: A Sofia despatch to
Reuter's says: "It is announced
here officially that Bulgaria will
protest to the legations of the
neutral states against the violation of Bulgarian territory by
Servian troops."
Rome: The Allies have started
operations against Bulgaria. A
force of 100,000 Allied troops has
been landed at Saloniki and
others are on the way. Greece
has placed all railways at the
disposal of the Allies. Simultaneously, the Russians are attacking Varna and Burgas. A
report from Nish states that the
Bulgarian a'tack on Kraguyevatz
ended with the massacre of the
Bulgarian  troops by the Servian
Guilty of Murder
After an hour's deliberation, a
jury at the  assizes at   Clinton
found  Mrs.    Elizabeth   Coward
guilty on the charge of murdering
her husband, James Coward, on
the family's  pre-emption    near
Fort St. James, on Sept.   6  last.
has arrived at SaLmiki. j She was sentenced to be hanged
London :     A  Heavy  artillery! at Kamloops on Dec. 23, the same
engagement is now under way in, day on  which Albert L. dinger
Artois.     The French artillery is j will   face   the   gallows for  the
tearing the  German salients to murder of his partner,  Burton
pieces, preparatory to making an gmithi    at   a   camp neftr ForJ.
Russians Still Gaining
Petrograd : The war office
estimates that upward of three
Austrian divisions were disorganized as the result of a striking
victory for the Russian forces in
Eastern Galicia, where the Muscovites pierced the enemy's defenses on the Stripa river, at
the same time storming on the
strongest points of the Austro
German right flank. Tactical
strategy and political victory
characterizes this success and it
will compel General von Linsin-
gen to re group his forces on the
whole front, which will affect
operations in the whole southeastern district.
Greece Defends Her Borders
London: A Rome despatch to
the Daily Chronicle says:
"To avoid the possibility of
conflict the Greek troops were
recently withdrawn from the
proximity to the Bulgarian border. Taking advantage of the
retirement, bands of Bulgarians
are now reported raiding northern Greece, in the direction of
Lhe Vardar river, at a point adjoining Servian territory. A
force has been sent in pursuit
of these marauders.''
Another Zeppelin Raid
London: The following official
statement has been given out by
the Home office:
"Zeppelin airships yesterday
evening made a raid over a portion of London, where incendiary | kans.
The Western Front
London (official): "Yesterday
afternoon, after a bombardment,
we attacked the enemy's trenches
under cover of a cloud of smoke
and gas, from a point about six
hundred yards southwest of Hulloch to the Hohenzollern redoubt.
We gained about one thousand
yards of trenches just south and
west of Hulloch, but were unable
to maintain our positions there,
owing to the enemy's shell fire.
"Southeast of Steli we captured and held enemy trenches
behind the Vermelles - Hulloch
road and the southwestern edge
of the quarries, both inclusive.
We captured the main trench of
the Hohenzollern redoubt, but
the enemy is still in two trenches
connecting the redoubt and the
"With regard to the statement
made in a German communication
of Oct. 14, that we attacked over
almost the whole front between
Ypres and Loos, no attacks were
made whatever, other than those
described in our early message."
To Aid in Balkans
Udine, Italy: It is generally
believed here that participation
by Italy in the Allied movement
to assist Servia is being arranged
with the Entente powers, but
further consultations between the
war and finance ministers will be
necessary. Public opinion in
Italy inclines to the belief that it
will be impossible for the nation
to remain indifferent to the settlement of the conflict in the Bal-
Licence Applications
Applications for the renewal of
hotel licences should be sent in
to the Chief Constable's office at
an early date, to allow for inspection of premises. Also poolroom owners should send the
required licence fee to the superintendent of provincial police at
The Canadian Military Gazette
gives a new estimate of the number of foreign-born in the United
States. The Gazette concludes
the numerical strength of the
Allies at present living in the
United States is 8.891,000, made
up of 2,943,000 British, 1,400,000
Canadians, 150,000 French, 2,-
375,000 Russians, and 2,023,000
Italians. On the other hand,
the enemy are made up of
2,625,000 Germans, 122,000 Turks
and 1,850,000 Austrians, or a
majority for the Allies of 4,294,-
The English language is spoken
by more than  120,000,000 per
A seedless tomato of large size
has been bred by an amateur
horticulturist in California.
European factories that make
artificial butter with cocoanut oil
asabaseturnout about 16,000,000
pounds weekly.
At the present rate of consumption, Great Britain's mines are
estimated to hold enough coal to
last about 175 years.
Of every description
for  everybody
at   the
Methodist Church
The service at the Methodist
Church tomorrow evening will
take the form of a Song Service,
including singing by a male quartet, a mixed quartet and solos.
Rev. W. M. Scott will preach a
ten-minute sermon to children.
All are cordially invited.
In the Matter of an Assignment
for the Benefit of Creditors
Generally, in re. Joseph L.
Coyle, Publisher, of Smithers,
British Columbia, Insolvent.
the said Insolvent, residing and doing
business as aforesaid, has made an
assignment of his estate to me for the
benefit of his creditors generally, under
the Creditors' Trust Deed Act, revised
statutes, B. C, 1911 and Amending
Acts. Said assignment is datea the
28th day of September, 1915.
The creditors are notified to meet at
the office of C H. Smith, Barrister,
Main street, Smithers, on Tuesday, the
12th day of October, 1915, at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, for the purpose of
receiving a statement of the insolvent's
affairs, for the appointrrent of inspectors and the giving of directions with
reference to the disposal of the estate.
Every person claiming to be entitled
to rank thereon must furnish me as
such assignee with particulars of his
claim, proved by affidavit or declaration,
and such vouchers as the nature of the
case admits of within thirty days from
the date hereof, after which date I will
proceed to distribute the assets of said
estate, having regard to these claims
only of which I shall then have received
Louis L. DeVoin, Farmer,
Smithers, B.C.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1915.
Red Cross Tea
Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Anderson
will serve the next weekly Red
Cross tea at the home of Mrs.
Kirby, on Wednesday, Oct. 20,
from 3 to 6 p.m., at the usual
charge of 25 cents. Both ladies
and gentlemen are invited.
Telegraph Changes
L. T. Kenney, of the telegraph
service, has been transferred
from Fourth Cabin to Eighth
Cabin. He arrived this morning
and will leave in a few days for
his new post. E. W. Murray has
been transferred from Second to
Fourth, his place being taken by
F. R. Law.
Liquor Act���Section 41
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Nichol Hotel,
situated at Pacific, in the Province
of British Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1916.
10 JENS ANDERSON, Applicant.
I Tread the Footpath
j of Peace
iThis is the path of him who wears
ii I���.*-! ��
Hazelton, B. C.
Large Assortment of
Highest Grade Ever Manufactured
Try our Noted Ice Cream
and Soda Drinks
$ Up-to-Date Drug Stores
������ .tijiiiti tiiiliiljiliilulhliilt iliilnlnliilnlMlnlntiilHlMlHliP
"Everything in Canvas"
Prince Rupert Tent and Awning Co.
Prince Rarert. B.C.
I     This Weeh We Are Showing
p+���mmm THE NEW
Dr. Jaeger goods to hand.
Women's, Children's and Men's Underwear,   Nightdresses,   Sweaters,   Sweater
Coats, Hose, Spencers.    Men's Caps the
Come and look the lines over,
they are sure to please.
j R. Cm
I     Established 1870
Cunningham & Son, Limited 1
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.     I


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