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Omineca Herald Dec 19, 1908

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 P.-,-. -.:.���: I,-.*-
Vol. I.
No. 24.
Los Angeles, December 17���The Pap-
ke Kelly fight was declared a draw at
the end of the twenty-fifth round, that
being the scheduled length of the go.
At the close both men were fighting
fast and honors were about even.
New York, December 18��� Tom Longboat, the Canadian Indian, defeated
Dorando Pietri, the Italian, in the
Marathon race at Madison Square Garden. Dorando collapsed during the
twenty-sixth mile, when he was leading
by a yard and the goal was in sight.
This leaves Longboat the master cf
all Marathon runners, as Hayes, the
American who won in London last summer, was recently beaten in New York
by Dorando.
San Francisco, December 17���The
body of the late chief of police Biggey
was found floating in the bay,
Wilhelmstadt, December 18���The
Dutch fleet.now blockading Venezuelan
ports, has seized a Venezuelan coast
guard ship and the gunboat Mays.
President Castro of Venezuela is now
in Germany.
San Francisco, December 17���Made
desperate because his fiancee, Mrs.
Campbell, of Seattle, threatened to
leave him, Fred V. Vansicklen bf Victoria, shot her in the back. The woman
not disabled by the bullet, knocked him
down with a chair, beat him wife her
lists, and held him until the police arrived.    Mrs. Campbell will recover.
St. Pierre, December 17���Fe'ven
members of the crew of sj French warship started for shore in a launch when
a snow storm came up unexpectedly.
The launch has not been seen since.
Montreal, December 17--Fire caused
a loss of $50,000 to Henry Birks and
Sons. Wm. Notman ahd Sbn.<t also lost
heavily, about $20,000.
Winnipeg, December 16���T. Foley,
the contractor, has finished the work of
grading the Grand Trunk Pacific 120
miles west of Edmonton, as far as
Pembina river.
Vienna, December 17���Thirteen are
dead and as many entombed as a result
bf nrr explosion in a coal mint*.
Ogden, Utah, December 18���It is believed that $2-100, which was sent
through the mail wrapped in a newspaper, was part of the loot of the East-
side bank at Poitlan.'l and was sent by
one of the robbers addressed to hiflfaelf,
Charles Price of Ojr-'ten, Bearing the
Same name, received the package and
the second Charles Price called later.
When the postmaster started to explain
the man rushed out of the building and
Va>couver, DecemWr 18���The three
convicted murderers, Pertella, Jenkins,
and Lee Chung, were hanged this morning at New Westminster. Lee Chung
broke down and confessed his guilt.
St. John, Nfld., December 17���The
worst blizzard in many years is raging.
A number of fishing boats wore blown
ashore. No loss of life is yet reported
but is feared that a number of vessels
may have been blown to sea and lost.
Early next summer an Antarctic exploration expedition will set
out from St. Elmo, France. The
expedition will be under Dr.
Jean Charcot, the famous French
explorer who is now busily making his preparations.
Discussing his plans, Dr. Charcot said; We hope to be able, to
on our journey in July, and our
intention is to be absent for a
period of two years. In view of
contingencies, however we shall
have with us sufficient provisions
to last three years. Our expedition is bent on scientific work.
Of course, we shall try to get
as near to the pole as possible,
but if We fail we .shall do everything possible to acquire knowledge of the region.
An important part of our equipment will be motor sleds, which
are being generously built by the
Marquis do Dion. With these we
shall make experiments in the
Alps during this winter. Of
course, the geographical success
of our expedition will depend
upon the ice conditions and upon
what we shall find, but Grahame
and Alexander lands are very
rich for scientific research.
The ship foi- the expedition is
being built at St. Malo, and in
her designs we have been greatly
helped by the advice of Dr.
Bruce, the late commander of
the Scottish expedition. The ship
will be specially strong in view
of the ice pressure, and will be of
barquentine rig, with compound
engines of 550 horse power. She
is to be 135 feet in length, with a
beam of 30 feet and will Carry
230 tons of coal and 100 tons of
provisions, sufficient to-' last for
three years.
The crew will consist of 22
men, ten of whom were members
of my last expedition. The scientific staff, in addition to myself,
will number three naval officers,
two zoologists, one geologist, and
one scientist for magnetic and
photographic work.
With regard to the funds of
the expedition, the French chambers have already voted Soo.ooo
franc***, while another sum of
equal amount will also be voted
by parliament. Private subscriptions have already yielded G5,ooo
francs. The academy of sciences
has prepared our scientific program, and the Commission of
Missions of the Ministry of Public Instruction has drawn up a
very favorable report on the subject of our proposed expedition.
The marine department is giving the necessary coal and a very
valuable collection of scientific
instruments, while the Oceano-
grap'hical Institute of Paris,
founded by the Prince of Monaco,
is also helping me.
Ottawa, December 18���Ralph Smith*
member for NanSimo, who has been in
conference with Premier Laurier, has
left for th? west. Without question
the ministerial representation for British Columbea has been definitely Settled.
f-TeYtfd Job Printing Is the beat.
The reopening of the great St.
Clair tunnel connecting the United States and Canada, recently,
was marked by the attendance of
leading railroad officials, electrical experts, municipal and government officers. Since the tunnel was closed the Grand Trunk
railroad has electrified the service
between Port Huron and Sarnia,
and the re-opening marks the
completion of the largest electrical contract ever carried out in
America. The change in the system was caused by the number
of casualties that occurred in the
The Mission day school will
close for the Christmas holidays
on Tuesday next. All friends are
cordially invited to be present at
2 p.m.
Gus Rosenthal and George
Beirnes, who have been for the
past two weeks on a trip into the
Bulkley Valley, returned to Hazelton Tuesday.
F.'G. Heal and so Chas. arrived
in town Friday, re timing to the
Bulkley Valley this afternoon.
Joe Bergcgne anil Emery Bar-
ger of Bulkley Valley were visitors to Hazelton this week.
K. Silverthorne, general merchant, of Pleasant Valley, was in
Hazelton after a load of goods
and started on his return today.
L. Mulvany, manager of the
New Telkwa Hotel at Telkwa,
is in Hazelton for a few days.
The recent snow, although not
enough for good sledding, has
started the winter freighting and
a number of residents and business men of the Bulkley Valley
are engaged in hauling goods.
William Carr took a sleigh load
of goods to Bulkley Valley for F.
i,. Charleson this week.
The incoming mail arrived in
Hazelton Wednesday evening.
The next mail down the river
will leave December 26.
Jack McDowal came in from
Babine Tuesday and will leave
shortly for his ranch in the Bulk-
ley Valley.
Chas. Newettpf Bulkley Valley
transancted business in Hazelton
A. A. McMillan of Pleasant
Valley paid a visit to Hazelton
this week.   ���
Arthur Hankin is still confined
to his room with rheumatism.
Mrs. Wm. Croteau, of Bulkley
Valley is a visitor in town.
There are some eighteen Indians of the Kitwangar reservation in Hazelton awaiting trial
on a cnarge of making liquor and
using it.
It is learned as the paper goes
to press, that the Indians all
plead guilty arid were fined
$27,50 each, with the alternative
of a month in jail.
Successful Sale and Entertainment.
The entertain;'lent and sale of
work held by the Woman's Auxiliary last evening in the Mission
School room was a pronounced
success in every way. All of the
goods   which ,the women   have
been engaged in making for
nearly two months past found a
ready sale and worn bought entirely up. Mrs. Field and Mrs.
Loring, in charge of the booth
where these goods were displayed, were sold out early in the
The candy booth, ih charge of
Mrs. Wrathal! and Mrs. DeVoin,
was entirely cleaned out. The
tea and cake department, under
Mrs. Sealy. Mrs. Coyle. Miss Loring and Miss Mcintosh, did a
thriving business as long as supplies held out. Miss Bone and
Miss Mohr conducted the ice
cream stand, over which a very
fetching sign was displayed, and
disposed of their refreshments as
fast as the people could be accomodated.
Everything saleable was disposed of before the evening Was
over. C. F. Morison made a decided hit as auctioneer when the
rooster donated by E. H. Hicks
Beach was put up for sale. Under
his spirited calls for bids the price
was quickly run up to $30.50, at
which price it Was sold to B. M.
Rogers. A sack of Scotch short
bread was also auctioned and
went to J. Burgogne of Bulkley
wherever they wanted it; but evidently
forgot about the numerous prospectors
who are depending on the building of
this bridge, who  are tired of a  primi-
The proceeds for the evening tive, unsafe and ill-attended ferry, and
amounted to $187.00,
The following program was
very agreeably rendered during
the evening:
Organ Solo Mrs. Sealy
Vocal Solo  Mr. Valieau
Recitation Mr. Mclnne.;
Vocal Solo Mr. Sharp
Organ Solo Mrs. Valieau
Vocal Solo Miss Morison
Recitation Mr. Mclnnes
Vocal Solo Miss Soal
Vocal Solo Mi's. Valieau
Chorus:���Mrs. Valieau, Miss Morison,
Miss Soal, Messrs. Valieau and Sharp.
"God Save the King," the assemblage.
In addition to the people of
Hazelton there were present:
Mrs. Wm. Croteau, of Bulkley
Valley, and Messrs. F. G. Heal,
E. Barger, J. Burgogne, C.
Newett and others of the valley
who were in town.
Card of Thanks.
The ladies of the Hazelton
Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary
beg to offer their thanks to the
ladies and gentlemen who by
their gifts and services so generously contributed towards the. entertainment and stalls in 'the
Mission School room on Friday
evening, which was both profitable and full of pleasure.
Sites Discussed in Open Meeting ia
Bulkley Valiey.
A public meeting was held at the
New Telkwa Hotel on the evening of
Tuesday the eighth, and was attended
by some eighty odd residents of the
Balkley Valley. The object of the
meeting was to prove the desire of the
majority of the settlers to have a bridge
across the Bulkley River, above the
mouth of the Telkwa, built on the site
originally chosen by Mr. J. H. Gray,
who had ridden in, at his great inconvenience, on purpose to throw whal
lij-'ht he could on the subject. The chairman's duties were ably performed by
Mr. C. J. Hastings. Mr. E. Hoops
kindly acted as secretary.
In a very concise speech Mr. Gray
pointed out that he had carefully measured the river at three different points,
and from this measurement and an examination of the river bottom, had selected the site immediately above the
mouth of the Telkwa, giving it the
preference on account of the span being
shorter (100 feet), the bridge being in
the safest place from drift during high
water, and both piers being placed or
the solid bed rock. Added to this, taio
Mr. Gray, the fact that y^u have the
material on the ground and everything
ready to continue work, I should certainly consider the selected site the
more desirable one. In answer to Mr.
Stevenson's inquiry whether this material would not build a bridge three hundred feet further upstream, Mr. Gray
said: "It mijjht build half a bridge at
that site, but the plans would not dc
even for that half," and then went on
to give the measurements of the upper
span, and quoted the mien span as
measuring one hundred and fifty feet.
Rev. Mr. Stevenson said that this
material could be used to build half the
bnidge and a further appropriation
sought from the government: but could
not believe that it would be necessary
to procure new plans and specifications;
nor '-vould it icca3ion any delay.
Mr. Mark Carr then pointed out that
though half a loaf was better than no
bread, half a bridge was litte better
than none; and dwelt on the difficulty
of swinging a span across the river at
high water,
Mr. Stevenson then arose ahd made a
motion that any speaker might only occupy the floor for a limited time; and
then proceeded to make irrelevant statements for so long that he occupied the
rest of the time in apologising for, and
taking back most of them. However,
b". pointed >>ut that as Broughton & McNeil were the pioneers in the valley,
they wore entitled  to have the  bridge
! whose only desire is a bridge,
handy to the ferry, at once.
In a brief but effectual speech Mr.P.R.
White brought many weighty arguments before the meeting as to whether
the bridge should be built on the selected site or not. He also showed that
Mr. Stevenson had already acquired
a reputation for being of a flexible disposition, as he had at first
opposed the Copper River trail
and then,when it had become an assured
tiling, had turned and favored it. But
he (Mr. White) would like to know
of what use the Copper Trail would be
with no bridge at the Telkwa end of it,
and he felt assured that if the present
bridge idea was abandoned, our chances
for having a bridge for another year,
at least, were very slim.
Mr. Mar!: Can' t-gain went on to ex**
plain that there was no question of
friends or party, but having his bridge
gang on the ground and everything
ready to proceed with construction,
he regretted very much that this dispute over its location should have occurred; and, if there were any grounds
for it, that if had nr)t occurred earlier
as he was confident that if this bridge
was not built at once there would be no
bridge next summer and the unfortunate prospector, down from his claims,
would again have to starve himself and
his horse while awaiting the pleasure of
the whilom ferryman.
After several lively sallies, which
began to asurr.e the aspect of war between the rival townsites, Aldermere
and Telkwa, Mr. J. Thompson wisely
made a motion that a ballot be taken
whether the settlers of the valley wanted the bridge built on the selected site
or not. The ballot to be marked "Yes"
or "No." The motion was carried
unanimously and return? of the vote
showed the majorijy to be in favor of
the immediate building of the bridge
on the selected site.
There is no doubt that the majority
would have been much larger had it not
been for the fact that, though the meeting was fairly representative, there
were present a number of comparative
strangers, desirable ones too as wage-
earners are not so plentiful here, but
men who had absolutely no interest in
the country, and could not be brought
to understand that the stopping of work
at this time would mean the indefinite
delay of the bridge. Added to this a
natural soreness that they had not been
able to secure work on the bridge when
it was under way, it being absolutely
impossible to hire them ali, it was only
natural they should like to see a more
expensive bridge built, hoping that the
changes thus brought about would furnish them with employment.
It is hoped by the greater part of the
ranchers and all of the miners in the
country that by the time this article
goe3 to print the bridge tvill be going
merrily, o^ the old plans, in the old
place, wi.n the old gang, composed of
nen who have spent from four to twelve
years in this country; and if they do
happen to be sti angers to some of ua
it is only because th"ir time mostly has
been Bpent far from the beaten track;
hunting for the minerals they have
proved to exist. It is on the mines that
��� he future of our country most depends
08 the farming lands must lean to a
considerable extent on the rapid development of our mines for that profitable
market which is the essential.
The scientists are finding out
many things about ancient nations, some of which may be true
and some not. Inference is often
advanced as fact. Guesses grow
into possibilities, and possibilities
into improbabilities, and probabilities into certainty. Dr. G** M.,
Kyle tells a story which illustiates?
one method of argument. An
Assyrilologist boasted to an
Egyptologist that "the Assyrians
understood electric telegraphy
because we have found wire in
Assyria." "Oh," said theother,
"We have not found a scrap of
wire in Egypt, therefore we
know the Egyptians understood^
wireless telegraphy." ��� Home"
in &
Printed   every   Saturday at   Hazelton,
British Columbia.
DeVoin & Coyle     -      Publishers.
Strictly First lass in every
respect. Headpuarters for
the Omineca, Ingenica,
Kispiox and Bulkley Valley.
Reliable information on the
Northern Interior of British
olumbia. Good sample
Thos. Olson, Proprietor.
Walter Boms, Manager.
Subscriptions to points In Canada and other
British'possessions will be received on the following terms:
One year        - - -        *"Ii.on
Six months       - 1.75
Euroj,can and other foreigm countries, 51.00 per
year extra.
Advertising rates���$1.SO  per   inch  per month;
reading notices '.'>c per line first insertion, lite per
line each Bubsequentinserti6n.
Notices for Crown Grants      -      -      -      57.00
"   Purchase of Land    -      -      -    7.00
"   Licence to Prospect for Cm   -    G.00
Branch Olfices:
Telkwa,  bulkley Valley���Fred, Heal, Jr���
Port ESSINOTOM, B.C.���A. .1. MATHfiSOM, MANAGE!**..
The traveling public will
find the beat accommodations at this hotel at
reasonable rates. The
choicest brands of liquors
and ciga s always on
J. c.
K. Sealy,  Prop. A
This splendid new hotel lately
opened at Kitsumkalum, situated on the Skeena River
and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway about eighty miles east
of Prince Rupert, offers every
accommodation to the traveling public at reasonable rates.
Choice brands of liquors and
cigars always on hand. Well
Stocked store in connection.
Do You
want a
Are you looking for
an Investment ?
Lands io the Sunny
Don't make the same mistakes
twice, but buy on the G.T.P. now.
Settlers located, lands inspected
and staked, Papers for Preemption, Lease, Purchase, Declaration of Intention, &c, drawn
Notary Public.        TELKWA.
HJ.i...iTi.i,��� i.i. "TiT in        "i
Laurier will finish his work.
The Conservative   idea  was to
have him finish it a few weeks
ago, but the  people  said they
would give him five more years
to clean up in.   Clean up is a
good word.    Sir Wilfrid will do
well to roll  it over in his mind
and prepaid.   Some newspapers
have heen saying': ''The hundred-
million-dollar   man   for   ours."
Well, we've got him.   it is now,
as we take it, up to the hundred-
million-dollar man to achieve another kind of reputation���& reputation for thrift and economy.
A man is not great simply because   he is expensive,  though
vulgar persons often reason that
way.   There is a better fame to
be won than that of being a high-
roller.    It speaks a sort of newness in our national life, a sort of
nouveau-riche purse   proudness
that we should be so keen  on
squandering.   At all events, it is
no sign of gentility.    It shows
rather   that  one is not to the
manor born.    It is the ostentation
I of a young country, and may be
noticed also in the United States.
The fact of the matter is that
this Canada of  ours  has  been
spending money like a drunken
sailor.   Its best friends, including
j Sir Richard Cartwright, say so,
although they are  too polite to
put it that way.   The national
transcontinental railway will cost
$250,000,000.   The Hudson's Bay
railway���if it ever comes to anything���will cost millions more.
These enterprises should be looked into with a view of finding
out the leaks.   It may even be
advisable to stop and think whether it is wise to build the Hudson's
Bay railway at all.   The United
States with twelve times as many
people as Canada, spends only six
times as much money every year.
Man for man, the Canadian spends
on his national business two dollars and a half to the American's
one.   The   game  of  borrowing
from John Bull we play with the
greatest hilarity.    Our future we
mortgage with   delightful  irresponsibility.    Once upon a time
it was the United States that had
the name of taking long chances,
and Canadians were supposed to
be good old sober-sided six-percenters.   Now Canada can teach
them   all   something    in    high
. finance.    It may not be time for
i a change, but it certainly is time
ito begin   saving our change.���
| collier's Weekly.
"If the human race was evolved from monkeys, it at least has
the satisfaction of knowing that
its ancestors were intelligent,"
said the thoughtful thinker.
"How's that?" queried the
dense party.
"They were educated in the
highest branched," explained the
thoughtful thinker.
Men Record Thrilling Adventure in
Pacific Waters.
Attacked by a gigantic whale
which smashed their boat to
pieces by a mighty sweep of its
tail, Second Mate John Thomas,
Boat Steerer Joe Sever and four
seamen of the whaling barque
John and Winthrop, which arrived at San Francisco after a ten
months' cruise in the South Seas
and along the coast of Japan,
nearly lost their lives in the
blood-tinged waters.
They were far from the barque
when the whale, maddened with
pain, turned upon thern, and they
surely would hav-* perished had
they not clung to pieces of wreckage until picked up by a rescue
party, which had witnessed the
movements of the enraged whale
from the barque.
The whale had been harpooned
by Sever and with the harpoon
imbedded in his head and the
rope paying out like lightning,
was headed for the open sea.
For nearly half a mile the whale
boat tore along through the water
as if propelled by steam. Far
ahead the whale was spurting
spirals of blood-colored water into
the air. The line was now let
out slower and at last brought
taut, while the whale, apparently
realizing his ultimate defeat,
turned about and headed directly
for the boat.
Before the men could grasp
their oars ahd put about the leviathan was uptfn them and in an
instant they found themselves in
the water with pieces of their
boat floating ahout them. The
movements of the animal had
kicked up the water into foaming
billows and it was with great
difficulty that they could ket*'p
their heads above the surface.
No sooner had the whale demolished the boat than he dived
deeply into the sea, leaving a
blood-red trail behind. As best
they could the whalers clung to
oars and portions of the wrecked
craft. They were in the water
for nearly an hour before a rescue party from the barque reached them. Their predicament had
been seen by the man in the
crow's nest, who is always on
duty with a glass to watch for
such mishaps.
chains, south 80 chains, west 20 chains more or
less to the river, thence up the river to point of
commencement. EDWARD FISH.
November 0, 1908. (112
Take notice that I, Alexander Roderick Mac-
donald, rancher, of Francis Lake, B.C., intend to
apply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post marked
"A.R.M.'s n.w. corner," planted on the south
shore of Francis Lake, 25 miles east of the head of
said lake, at the n.e. corner of Lot 337, thence
south 20 chains, east 20 chains, north 20 chains,
west 20 chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less.
November 20, 1908. d!2
Take notice that I, Thomas T. Aitken, farmer,
of Bulkley Valley, inlend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described lands: Commencing ata post planted at the n.e. corner of lot
Iil8, range V., Coast District, and being the n.w.
corner, thence south 80 chains, east 40 chains,
north -10 chains to south boundary of Lot 2087,
thence west along said boundary to s.w. corner,
thence north along west boundary of said Lot 2087
to n.w, corner, thenee west to point of commencement. THOMAS TKLFER AITKEN.
November 23, 1908. dl2
Tuke notice that I, John J. HefTernan, salesman,
of Walkerton, Ont., intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post planted on the KiUeugla trail
about 800 feet from Deep Creek crossing, thence
south 40 chains, east 20 chains, north 40 chains,
west 20 chains to point of commencement, containing eighty acres more oi* less.
December 5, 190S. J. A. Blume. agent.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply for
a renewal of my Retail Liquet Licence on the premises known as the Glacier House, in the Bulkley
Valley, S.C., from the 1st day of January, 1909.
November 27th, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apt>ly for
a renewal of my Retail Liquor Licence on the
premises known as the Hotel Hazelton, in Hazelton, B.C., from the 1st !ia?' of January, 1909.
November 21, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply for
a renewal of my Retail Liquor Licence on the
premises known as the Omineca Hotel, in Hazelton, B.C., from the 1st day of January, 1909.
November 21, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply for
a renewal of my Retail Liquor Licence on the
premises known as the New Telkwa Hotel, at
Telkwa. B.C., from the 1st day of January, 1909.
November 21, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply for
a Retail Liquor Licence on the premises known as
the New Glacier House, at the Bulkley Valley,
in Township 2a, R. V., from the 1st day of January, 1909.
November 21, 1908.
District of Coast.
Take notice that I, Charles Gordon Harvey, of
Bulkley Valley, farmer and prospector, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:���Commencing at a post planter!
at the south-east corner of Lot 1153, Bishop
Dontemvin's purchase, is about one h.**.If mile
east of the Haquolget Indian Reserve, and is
about four milea in an easterly direction from
Hazelton, B. C Tne post Ii*"-*. about one half mile
eastofT.C. Taylor's north-west corner post of
Lot recently surveyed as No, 8>2, thence40 chains
east, 20 chainB north, forty chains west, twenty
chains south' to the p'ace of commencement, containing eighty acres, more or less. The land
applied for has recently been surveyed by F.D.
Rice as Lot eight hundred and eighty three,
November 16, ions.       VV. J, Larkworthy, Agent.
Take notice thai Mury L. Larkworthy. of
Stratford, Ont., married woman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following* described land, situated about eighteen miles from
Hazelton, on the Bulkley wagon roud:���Commencing at a post planted at the south east corner, 13
chains north of Ed, l.e Blond pre-emption, southwest corner, thence forty chains, north forty
chains west, forty eliains south, forty c',ains east
to the place of commencement.
November 18, 1908. C. G. Harvey, agt.
Notice is hereby ���.���iven that we intend to r.ppty
for a renews) of our detail Liquor Licence on the
premises known as the Telqua Hotel, in Aider-
mere, B.C., from the 1st day of January, 1909,
November 21, 1903.
Take notice that I intend to apply for a Retail
Liquor Licence for the premises known as the
Ingineca Hotel in Hazelton, B.C., from the 1st
day of January, 1909.
November 21, 1908. DAVID W. PRATT.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Wholesale Liquor Licence on the
premises known as the Hudson's Bay Co.'a Store,
at Hazelton, B.C., from the 1st day of January,
1909. JOHN C. BOYD,
Agent for the Hudson's Bay Company.
November 21, 1908.
I have several splendid sections
of land for sale, in the Bulkley
Valley, and Francis and Ootsa
Lake country.
Land> Located, Cruised,
Bought and Sold.
If you wish to get in on the
ground floor along the Grand
Trunk Pacific write to
Aldermere, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that all pack
train rigging, riding saddlea, etc.,
branded with the Circle C is the property of C. Barrett & Co., and anyone
having same in his possession or offering it for sale will be prosecuted.
Hazelton, B.C.
*C'rV*5"s"ll The Hazelton
���y^-i-M" Hospital i s-
sues tickets for any period from one
month upward .at $1 per month in advance, This rate includes office consultations and medicines, as well as all
costs while in the hospital. Tickets obtainable in Hazelton from E. C. Stephenson and E. H. Hicks Beach; in Aider-
mere, from Rev, F. L. Stephenson, or
at the Hospital from the Medical Superintendent.
Capital (paid up) $3,900,000.
Reserve $4,890,000,
Head Oiiicc: monlreal, Que.
Pays particular attention to the accounts of out-'
of-town customers. The Saving's Rank Department offers great advantages to everyone, Wc
issue drafts and money orders payable in all parts
of the world.
S. A. Morley - Manager.
General Outfitting
A fuli fine of General Mer=
chandisc, CotapMsipg Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Boots find Slices, Small
Wares, &c, always on Itand.
Agent for Farm Implements.
cmsBuran*.,~TTTV'T'"Tr"rHi**'' i'n* -tiwiuim
General Merchandise
A full line of   everything   the
rancher, prospector and
miner may need.
First Quality.        HAZELTON,; Ij,C.
, B.C.
Hazcltbn, B.C.
PRICE t'AID FOR   .    .
V ���
General Merchant
Complete line of merchandise always on hand. Prospectors, Miners, Ranchers
and others supplied at
reasonable rates.
The Pioneer Firm of Hazelton.
Taka notice that I, Edward Fish, lineman, cf
MeanaklnlBhtj P..C, Inntond to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands!
Commencing at a post planted at the mouth of
Flint creek, on tne east side of the Skeena river,
anr.ut!) miles abova Lome Creek, thence east 20
Barber Shop
Dunlevy Building, Haieltbn.
, Clothes Pressing and Cleaning
in connection.
Herald Job Printing is the best.
*f*��n��iftiM.*mynnM*f""inpft.f��� iiiinfni ������ *���������������� mmiinrammiwBrMiiriniTwiniMmiiijmiiiiiirtwmnnBMMB
All the heWS from the great Northern Interior of British
' Columbia is printed every week in
All kinds of job printing. Subscription, $3 per year.
We carry a full stock of���
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Notions, &c, &c;
Highest Price Paid for Furs
i    Limited.
I carry a complete line of
Groceries, Dry Goods and
Clothing; Hardware,
Stoves, &b. Furs bought
and sold ���
Chas. Martini
������VW**��� �����* KEOnSXilK fa* -J��� WMaMMM Jt-a-B
The M
We are particularly well stocked with Groceries of all kinds���ALL NEW AND CHOICE.   This season we are rjtaking a specialty
of Fruits.   Our stock of Evaporated Fruits includes : -
RAISINS (both cooking and table clusters), and CURRANTS.
All 1908 pack and at reasonable prices.
We have  a complete line of Canned Fruits, and also have
about forty boxes of FRESH APPLES left.
We are also well supplied   with  Flour,   Sugar,  and  other
Staple Groceries.
Also a fine line of Cigars and Cigarettes.
Dress Goods, Ladies* Collars, Belts.
Confectionary, Perfumery, Toys, Etc.
May 28, 1845* Quebec-Over
100 houses burnt and 20 lives
lost; property loss, $1,000,000.
June 28, 1845, Quebee-l*200
houses burnt and 40 lives lost;
property loss, $1,500,000.
April 7, 1849, Toronto-City
Hall, St. James Cathedral, and a
number of buildings destroyed;
property loss, $500,000.   ���
June 25, 1850, Montreal-100
houses burned; property loss,
July 8, 1852, Montreal-Nearly
1,200 houses burned and 15,000
people rendered homeless; property loss, ��5,000,000.
October IG, I960, 'Quebec -?���,-
500 houses, 17 convents destroyed, and 18,000 people rendered
homeless; loss, $3,000,000.
May 30. 1870, Quebec -700
dwellings destroyed and 5,000
people rendered homeless; loss,
June 18, 1876, St. Johns, Que.
Business section of city destroyed;
loss, $2,500,000.
September 3, 1870, St. Hya-
cinthe, Que. ���80 stores, three
banks and 500 other buildings destroyed; loss, $1,250,000.
June 20, 1877, St. John, N.B.
The entire business section of the
city, extending over an area of
600 acres, destroyed; loss, #13,-
August 1, 1879, Hamilton.
Several large warehouses on John
and King streets, destroyed;
loss, $500,000.
June 8, 1881, Quebec. 800
houses burned and over 1,200
families rendered homeless; loss,
January 6, 1885, Toronto. The
Globe newspaper and other large
buildings destroyed ;loss,$7oo,ooo.
January 10, 1895, Toronto.
Simpson's buildings; loss, $6oo,-
October 17, 1897, Windsor, N.
S. The greater portion of the
town destroyed, including a large
number of dwellings; loss
September 11,1898, New Westminster, B.C. The business section of city entirely destroyed;
property loss, $2, ooo,ooo.
December 20, 1898, Montreal.
Wholesale warehouses of Green-
shields and Mclntyre on Victoria
Square, former entirely destroyed, lattr-r badly damaged; besides
other adjoining buildings; loss,
April 26, 1900, Ottawa-Hull.
Fire broke out in Hull, destroying
two-thirds of the town; jumped
across the river to Ottawa, destroying most of the property In
the Chaudiere lumber district;
l,ooo houses were burned, besides mills and factories and many
million feet of lumber. Seven
lives were lost and 15,00*0,000
rendered homeless j property loss,
January 23, 1900, Montreal.
The new board of Trade building
and a number of wholesale nouses
destroyed; loss, $2,5oo,ooo.
Qctouer 19, 1901, Sydney, C.B.
Over sixty buildings destroyed;
loss, $5oo,ooo.
May 10, 1903, Ottawa. Over
300 houses and many million feet
of lumber destroyed; loss, $5oo,-
May 20. 1903, St. Hyacinthe,
Que. Over 4oo houses, a boot
and shoe factory and a number
of stores (30 blocks in all) destroyed; loss, $5oo,ooo.
April 19,1904, Toronto. Wholesale warenouse district destroyed,
extending from Wellington street
to Front street; loss, $13,ooo,ooo.
June 22, 1908, Three Rivers,
Que, Conflagration in business
and older residential section; loss,
August 1-3,19o8, Fernie, B.C.,
and surrounding district for an
area extending thirty miles in
length by two to ten in width.
$4,-1 Town of Fernie practically wiped
out and serious damage done to
other towns and to lumbering,
railroad and mining industries;
loss, $4,ooo,ooo.
The Oldest Treaty.
The oldest text of a real treaty
now in existence is that of the
convention between RamesesII.,
king of Egypt, and the Prince of
Kheta, which embraces the articles of a permanent offensive
and defensive' alliance, with
clauses providing for the extradition of emigrants, deserters,
criminals and skilled workmen.
This treaty was drawn up in the
fourteenth cUntury B.C. and is
the earliest record that we have
of any international transaction.
The incumbent of an old church
in Wales asked a party of Americans to visit his parochial school.
After a recitation he invited them
to question the scholars and one
of the party accepted the invitation. "Little boy," said hn to
the rosy-faced lad, "can you tell
me who George Washington
was?" "Iss, surr," was the
smiling reply. " 'E was a 'Meri-
cange'ral." "Quite right. And
can you tell me what George
Washington was remarkable
for?" "Iss, surr. 'E was remarkable 'cos 'e was a 'Merican
an' told the trewth." The rest
was silence.��� cassell's Journal.
"Johnnie, I will give you a
quarter if you can get me a lock
of your sister's hair."
"Gimme four bits and I'll git
you de whole bunch. I know
where she haitpp. it nights."
Carries a Complete Line of
At Right Prices.
fi  i^ ^
Telkwa, BMMey Valley.
Successok B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.
C. Barrett & Co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Dealers- Large Warehouses.
Packers and Forwarders
Regular service to Bulkley and Telkwa Mines. Every facility for
transporting large shipments to and .from the Interior, Forwarding
mining and other machinery a apecia ty. Three hundred pack animals
in commission. Information cheerfully furnished. Address conHi'gn-
ments for Hazelton or Interior points in care of
Advertise to Ik Herald.
Superior job printing done at
Tho Herald of Ike, Hazelton.        I THE OMINECA HERALD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1908.
A Court :>** Re lutan and Appeal under tho pro-
flslons of the Assessment -Vet, 1903, in respect ol
the Assessment [tolls tor the year I0r*9, wrill be hi Id
In the Government t.'fli'.*'.', Hazelton, un Moi *'���:.
the 21st day of December, 1908, at the hour tti
o'clock in the forenoon.
Judseofthi C   irl ���    ". nandApptal,
Hazelton, 19th :: *. bei   1908.
poll I; of commencement, containing 6*10 acres
Oaohey 22, LOOS. Reslnald Leake Gale, agt.
": ' e notice that I. C. V. Smith, storekeeper, of
| llau.Hon, intend to apply fcr permission to pur-
tV.c Collowinj?; described land:   Commencing
i .* post planted al   the south-east corner of lot
j,.'-". thence oast Curly chains,   thence  north 40
eliains, thence  wert, 40  chains, thence south 10
chains topoint of commencement.
��� November 2, *'.*���.-'. N. Mclnnes, ajrt.
"ConTSNTION" 'STANDAnD" and "'*i v *���** :*i:"
Fraction Group of Mineral Claims, situate in the
Omineca Mining Division of Omineca D! trict
Winn.* located ��� IsVnr Howson Basin.
Take notice that I Reginald T..r:i!*.e G.ilc, Trr:*
Miner's Certflcate No. MD-SSii, agent forE. H.
Bchepstcr, Free Miner's Certificate No, 21034b,
Colin Campbell, Free Miner's Certificate No. 15474D
and II. McDonald, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
1S470B, intend, sixty days from tho date lirreif, to
apply tothoMtnlng Recorderfcra Certificate oi
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining :���
Crown Grant of the Above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, muit be commenced before the Issuance
of surh Certificate ni* tmprovemnets.
Dated this 21th day of September, 1008.
Rkoinai.d Leake Calk. oe ,*>
Take notice thnt 1, Hani Pederaon, contractor.
of  t-tenttle,  intend   to   apply  for   permission to
������ I ;��� the following described lands: Commencing at ;i post planted about fi miles inn
southerly direction from lot " :. the said post
marked "s.e, 11 rncr," thence west lOchains, norlh
SO chains, east !fl chnins, south SO chains to pnint
��/ beginning, containing320 acres mi re or less.
A-uguat S3, 19P8. Robert Si arrow, agt.
Take notice that I. Edward Brady, lawyer, of
I Seattle, 'lend toapi I:.* for permission to purchase
thefollowlng described hinds: Commencing at a
poet planted about 1 miles south of lot 321, said
post marked "n.w. corner," thence south so
chains, cast SO chains, north SO chains, west GO
chains to place of beginning, containing 1140 acres
more or less. EDWARD BRADY.
August 21, 1008. Robert Sparrow, agt.
District of Coast,
Notice ts hereby given that .T) days afler date I,
W. Quann, Intend to apply for r. license ti - .
pect for coal and petroleum on the followin described lancta: Commencing at a post planted at
the s.w. corner of roction 7, township 4, range 5,
marked "W.Q.'s s.e. comer." thence west 80
chains, norlh S*> chnins, east tl chains, south 80
chains to point of commencement.
November in. 1908. S. Cline, agt.
Take notice that I. Irving Cole, intend  to ar   I;
fora license to prospect for coal and pet- leun:
the following described  hind:   Commencing   ���
post planted 1 mile west of b.w. cornerof section
I, township!. rnnitc .'���.. marked "I.G.'s n.e. con
thence west SO chn'ti'.  south SO cValns. cast ' '
chains, north 80 chains topointof commencemei  .
November 10, 1P0S. S. Cline, iwt
Take notice thnt I, John Irving, Intend lo ai .'���
for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described land: Con * encing al i1
post planted at the :-*.*,v. corneri f ectinn 31, tov< n-
nhip 4, range 6, n*.ikii! "J.I.'a s.e con er," thei ' e
���*est so chains, north 80 chains, .������������ 6(1 chains,
louth SO chains to point of commencement,
November 10. 1008. S. Cline. ar.t.
Take notice that I, A. Deacon, Intend toapply
for a license to prospect for coal and i ctroleumi n
the following described lands: ('*���' mencing at a
pout planted at the s.w. comer of '<"*li'**.i 7. town-
ihlp 4, range 5, marked "A.H.'sn.w, comer."
thence west so chains, south so chains,  east * '
chain*, north so chnlni1 ipotntof imencemei <���
A. t't* ',C(iN.
Nov. 10, lrjris. S. Cline agt.
Take notice that I. T. Parish, Intend to apply fii
a license to pr *cpect f',r ��� ��� nl ���:.*) : ��*.* 0* ,** I
following described land! . Con m in Ins al n poet
planteil I mile west of s.w. ci rncr of section f*.
township 4, range6, marked "T.I.'.'s s.e. comer,"
thenee north SO chains, west B0 chains, south 80
chains, east SO chains to point of commencement.
Nov. 10, 19ns. S. Cline. agt.
Take notice that I. John Qy.irn. intend toapiI"
for a license to prospect for coal and'pelroleum oi
the following described lands: Commencing al n
post planted .1-4 of a mile west of s.v.. ctimer of
���setlon SI, township 4, rini;e ,'.. marked "J.Q.'i
n.w. enrner," thenee south SO chnins. east 80
chains, north 80chains, west 80 chaina to *��;* I
commenci ment. Jul!:-' QUANN.
November 10, 190S. S. Cline ��-.--
Take notice ths.i I. Gepwi Parker,Intet I to*)
plv for a license to prospect foi   oal  * ',   trole
bn thefoUowIni   Ii��� *.     Commi at
a post, plnr.tr 13-4-r-f a ��� '    ' ���  **. ecrnei
section 31, town-hip 4.   r*n ��� ���-    , ;n    i&  "G.l
n.e. corner, theneo south SO chair)**, west 81 f,.
north 80 chains, cast 80 chains ic poinl of coi -
sienccment. GEORGE PARKER,
November in, ions. 8, Cline, ��������*���'.
District of Const.
take notice that 1, Fred Pemberton, real estate
agent of Victoria, B.C., Intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described land:
Comraencingat a post planted nt the s.w. corner
20 chains east of n.w. corner of Thomas Harris'
pre-emption, thenee north -10 chains, e.ist 80
chains, south -to chnins, west SO chaina to pi In! of
commencement, aontalng ,t20 acres more or lens,
October if. ltv*.        Reginald Leake Gale, ��gt.
Take notice that 1, William Porne'l Respari!
Pemberton. engineer, of Victoria, intend toapply
for permission to purchase the following describi d
land: Commencing at a posl planted nt the s.e.
comer, 20 chains coal of the n.w. comer of Thomas
Harris' pre-emption, thence iiorili :o , ���*���! ii* *. **
ro chains, south GO chains, cast 60 111 Ins, north <
chains, east 20 chains so point of commencement,
containing 4 to acres more or less.
Wii.i.iam 1'arni:i.i. RBSPAftD PrMCtrtTo:;.
October is. 1908.        Reginald Leaks Gait, a.*.t.
Take notice  that   I, Robert  R,m' in   Jeffreys,
farmer, of Cnwiclinn, Victoria, Intend to appl     i
permission  to purcbaiS tie fc.llr.wlni    '
land:   Commencing at o  post ill i,i
e-amer. on thi north short r*f Francis lake, about
16 miles east of lot 214, tl.n.rr u ill*. 80 chains,
���iiitt K chains, semth 80 chaina east 80 chains to
Take notVn that I, Lemuel Robinson Byrne,
lawyer, of Seattle, intend toapply for permission
to purchase the following described lands: Corn-
men*. Iwr ata post planted at the north end of a
small lake about 5 miles s.e. of the west end of
Chaslatta lake, post marked "s.e. corner," thence
*" t 80 chains, north ��0 chains, east SO chnins,
-Hi 40 chnins to point of commencement, containin:.- 320 acres, more or less.
August SO, 190?. Robert Sparrow, agt.
ike notice that. I, Walter Samuel Camp, driig-
of Seattle, intend to apply for permission to
���Wise the   following described   hinds:   Com-
citigat a post planted about f*. miles s..e. from
3.O. corner of lot 821, said post marked "n.w.
cr," thence south 40 chains, eest 40 chnins,
'��� 40 dialns, west. 40 chains to point of com-
cement, containing H'.O acres, mere or less.
ist 22. 190S. Robert Sparrow, agt.
Take notice thai I, Hurry Merton Frost, tailor.
ofS ittle, Intends to appl; for permission topur-
, ha ** the fi Rowing described lands: Commencing
.it .t post planted about S miles from the s.e. corner
f 1 '' 821, said pi ' marked "n.w. corner," thence
east SO chains, south ,-o chains, west ��0 chains,
��� "rtli SO chains, containing t!40 acres, mere or less.
A' go t 27, 1*08. Robert Sparrow, agt.
Tabe notice thst I, Blalsdale M. Rovers, road
superintendent, of Hazelton, intend to apply for
, > r: ���.  i.-:   ui purchase the following described
 '���.   Commencini: at a pout planted 1  L-l miles
ititheaatof :'c s.o. corner of tbe Morricotown
Re ������ rvc No,  :;,   Bulkley   Valley, thence
��� th   t" chains, cast 10 chains, norlh 40 chains,
west 40chains topointof commencement.
Octobet 2*1.1908. nil
Take notice thai I. Herbert C. Hankln, miner,
of tlaxclton, B.C., Intend to apply for permission
. ��� purchase the following described lands:���Com-
* *u *i i Bt planted ni the south-east cor-
ner, about 1 1-2 miles south of Mosquito Flats,
marked "H. C. Hankln's south-east comer post,"
thence 20 chains north, following tbe brink of tbe
Bulkley river, thence west 20 chnins, south 20
chains, east 20 chains to point of beginning.
October 80, 1808. nov7
Take notice that I. Joseph Coyle, publisher, of
llaselt n B.C., intend to apply for permission to
, urr] [isethcfollowtngdcBcrlbcd lnnd:*-Commonc-
Imjnt :i posl planted at the south-east corner of
William Brynn's purchase, and marked "J. C.'s
s.w. corner," tlience north to chains, cast 20
cl is, south 40 i hains, west '-'*' chains to point of
b ���    nlng, containing 80 acres, more or loss.
Date i October 18, IMS. .1. A. Blume, agt.
District >f Cassiar
I ol - thai I. Joseph v dwaln,pilll ma ,. I
M ansktiilsht, Intend to apply for perm! :
purchase tbe following described lands: Commi i'. :iur at a post planted on tbe lift bank of tin
31 eena river, about two miles south of the vlllagi
oi Meanskinisht, adjoining I*'.. Fish's pre-emption,
marked "J.M.'s k.k. corner," thence east 40
r* nin i, norlh 10 chnins to bonk of river, thence by
..si bank t'l point of commencement, containing
80 acres moro or less, JOSEPH MAI.WAIN.
October BI, loo*-,   Thomas Richard Tomlinson, nut.
Take notice thai Nellie Blomstrown, of Donver,
Colorado, U.S.A., milliner, intends to apply for
pennies! a to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing ntapost planted 40 chains
west of [veynton's south-west comer post, being
lot 44, tl.er.ee v est 20 chains, north 20 chains, east
20 cholns, south 20 eliains, to point of conimcr.ee-
Octobers, lfos. per James Lindsay, Agent.
chnins, cast ,',0 chains, more cr less, to bank of
river, thence north 00 chains, more or less, to the
point of commencement, containing :li;0 acres,
moreor less. THOMAS! IRWIN.
Dated October 5, 1908.      Joseph A. Miller, asrenL.
District of Const.
Take notice 'ihat Walter M. Ross, of Grand
f-V'rks. time-hepprr, !nt�� rids to apply for p-frmi.*"*--
rion lo purchar c the following described landa:
Ct.?n?Ti.en<;intr at a post planted at tho nnnth-ra^t
���?t rn-rr. being: the south-west corner of Lot 1168,
on the north bank of Bulkley river, in Pleasant
Valley, thence north 40 chnins, v-rst ?0 nluiins,
wuth -10 chains, east SO chains to place of beginning and containing: 320 acres, more or less,
Sept. 14, ipos. Walter M. Ross.
Take notice that [. Y< fa ?! tl' ^.-.n.nc, of Hazelton, marrieJ woman, inti .1 t" apply f ���! rrrr:ti--
slon to purchase tho foil wins'described lands:
Cornmrncii^* at a post [ilantctl Fttthe south-east
corner of Taylor's   purchase,   thenee   south 40
-chains, east -SO chains, north 40 chains, and  west
^0 chains to point of commencement.
2oth Novemher, IflOF. V.'^ta Holt Drank.
"28 J'er J. R. C. Deane, n/?cnt.
Take notice thai 1, Archibald N. Paterson, clerk,
r.f Cf)pp*fr City, intend to apply for permission to
purchase1 the following described land: Com-
inencinK��� at a poBt planted at the s.w. corner of
Cltai'les E. Ihir^es:;' purchase near Cnpjjer City,
1 hence earl alonp slid Charles E. Rurjresn' southerly boundary 20 chainp, thence south 20 chains,
west 20 chains, north 20 chains to poinl of commencement, containing 40 acres mnreor less.
August 6, 1908. se^C
District of Coast.
Tab* notice that Janet Rankine Jeffrey, of cenv-
ichan Valley, Vancouver bland, occupation spinster, intends to apply for permlselon to purchase tbe
following described land: commencing at a post
planted at the south-west corner of n. Wilhfclm's
��eript land marked "J.K.J., north-west corner."
thence, e.-ist 40 chains, soutli 40 chams; weat 40
chains, north 40 chains to point of commencement.
containing ICO acres, mere or less. Post planted
on lahe shore, east end, 1" yards frsm high water
marl;, and approximately half a mile from Nllhl
rlvci'i Janlt ilANKlNE Jr.!*n:i v.
August 1, 100S.      ttoberi Rankine JefTrry, agent.
Tako notice that Chris Goodman, of Sooke, occupation carpenter, intends toapply for permission
to purchase the following described lands:���
Commencing at a post planted at the south-vest.
corner of Lot 8-33, about on6 mile. '.** >n'! of the
;l ir-wil-ghet Indian Resen'e,.".-.;! markeil* "C.O.-
S.W. corner post'', thence easl 80 chains, south
80 eliains, west SO chains, north 80 chains to poinl
of commencement, ''10 acres, more or less  ���now
known as 1,. V00. CtlRIS GOODMAN.
16th September, 1��0S. per Hugh A. Harris.
" 3 agent.
T.nIce notice that Hector E. Palmerton, of Seattle.
Wash., U.S.A., merchant, Intends toapply for
permission to purchase the following described
lands:���Commencing at a pori planted about 81
'.bains south of the south-cant corner of Section '���'.
Township 14, Range 5. Neehaco Valley: theneo
nortli fO chains, thence west f'O chnins., tnerce
south SO chains, thence east SO chains to the po! it
of commencment, and containing-S40 acres, more
or less, and btinir Section 3'! Township 'J, Kance 4.
Aujiust 4, IOCS. Hector E. Palmbrtom.
��ct 10 James A. Hlckey, agent.
Take notice (bat Alec
K. C, gentleman, intend!
to purchase tbe following
Commencin;': at a post
of the south-east corner
ship 14, Ranged Nechaci
chains, west 80 chains
chaina to point of coinn
I', 10acres, moreor less, a
shin ti, Range 4, Neehaco
Amrust 4, 1908.
Bethune, of Vancouver,
to apply f'.1!- permission
- described lands:-*
planted 10 chains south
of Section three, Town-
i Valley: thence south SO
north 80 chains, east 80
���iccment, and containing
I being Section 27, Town-
Alec Bethune,
an.rs A. Hlckey, nitent
Take notice that Alice Retliune, of Vancouver,
Tl. C��� spinster, intends to apply fur permlcslon t.
purchase the following described lands:��� C .ir
mencing at a post planted about '.'. miles in a
southerly direction from the south-east cornerof
Section8, Township 14, Range6, thence north SO
chains, west80 chains, b*outli80 chains, e.*x3l SO
chains to point cf commencement, and coi ' '���'.*'
(MOacres, moreor less, and boine Section Z2, Township 0 Rjinge t.
August 3, 1908. Alice Brthune.
.Tnmf* A. Hlckc", :���.  cnt.
Tube notice that Kate Bethune, of Vnni vm,
B. C��� married woman, intends tnnprly for ner-
mission ti punthascthe '��� tlowlng described lands:
Commencing at a pool planted obuut 8 miles inn
southerly ditcctlon from tho south-east cornerof
Section 8, Township 14, Rangofi, Neehaco Valley,
thence south80chains, wesl to chains, ncrthSO
chains, cast 80 chains to the polut of comi encc.
ment, andScontolntng C40 acres, mere or less, ami
lieiner Section 15, Township '.\ Ibmire 1.
Dated August 8,1G08, Rate Bethune,
lOoet James A. Hlckey, Agent.
Take notice that I, Joseph A. Miller, of Knslo,
B. C��� carpenter, intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing atapost planted on the southside
of the Skeona river, about 1-2 mile south of Fiddler ereelc marked ",T neph A. Miller's north-west
corner," thence BOUth 40 chnins, east 80 chains,
.   th 40 chains, mors or less, to the bank of the
������, tlience west t'l chnins, more or less, to the
p.int of commencement, Containing 810 acres,
mors or less,
JoilPH A. Miller.
"intrd October ft, 190S, oct24
Take notlbo thnt Kate Bethune, of Vancouver,
P.. C, school teacher, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands!���
Conimeticinir at n post planted about:', J-2 miles In
a southerly direction from the south-east corner
of Section 3, Town ship 11, Range 6, Neehaco Valley: thence north 80 chains, east 80 chains, south
80 chains, west 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less,
and beiniT the north half of Section 14-and the
south hulf of Section 23, Township 9, ItiniKC 4,
Neehaco Valley. Katk BETHUNE.
Muted August 8, 1903.     James A. Hlckey, agent.
Tal S notice that Thorn*-.-.   Irwin, of Niinaimc,
B. O.i painter, Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the followti :.-described land: Conimcne-
i posl planted on thi west, bunk of the
. '   sna river about 11-4 n !c�� south of the mouth
m�� creei; markod '"ihom.-u- Irwin's norlli-
���ast  corner."   tlience went  m rhains, south  60
District of Cassiar.
Take notice Hint I, Eli II. Pish, of Bcllingham,
Wash,, U. S. A��� cook, intend toapply forpermls-
si in to purchase the f. Mowing described lands:
Commencing at n m st planted ut the north-east
corner nnd about four miles distant, nr.d
north-westerly from Moansklnettht, oh the east
side of the Skeenn p.ivsr, thence south 80 chains,
tlier.ee west 80chains to A.S.Gray's pro-emnjtton,
tbence 20 ehali ���: to the Sketiin River, thence' f 1-
lov.-inif thclSkeena River to the commencing post.
Eli ii. Ftsii.
oct 17 pw Edward Kish, aaent.
District of Coast.
Tako notice that I, Miiton Green, of
Victoria, merchant, intend to apply for
permissioi) to purchase the following
aescribed lands: Commencing at apoBt
planted at the n.e. corner, joining the
G. T. P. coal lands on the south, and on
the west bank of Telkwa, thence 80
chains west, 80 chains south, SO chains
east, 80 chains north to point of com-
mencement, containing 640 acres more or
less. Milton Green.
Sept. 9, 1908. Thos. L. Carr, agt.
Take notice Ihat George Nelson McBain of Vancouver, merchant, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands: Commencing
ata post planted at the s.e. corner, 2
;'!:!s-: Boutn from the G. T. P. coal lands
and joining Milton Green on the south,
thenee SO chains west, 80 chains north.
80 chairs east, 80 chains south to point
of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
George Nelson McBain.
Sept. 9, 190S. Thos. L, Carr, agt.
Tako notice thatl, Perry Ward of
Vancouver, cleric, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the n. e. corner, 2 miles
southerly from the G. T. P. coal lands
and joinine,* Geo. Nelson McBain on the
south, thence west 80 chains, south 80
chains, east SO chains, north 80 chains
to point of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Perry Warp.
Sept. 9, 1908.       Thos. L. Carr, agent.
Take notice that I, Sthphen Spencer,
cannery man, of Victoria* intend toapply
for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencin*:'; ata
nost planted at the n.e. corner about ���'
miles south from the G. T. P. eoaiiv"
and joining Perry Ward on the south,
thance west 80 chains, south 80 chains,
east 80 chains, north 80 chains, to poi it
of commencement, containing 640 acre;
more or less. STEPHEN SPENCEl .
Sept. 9, 190S.       Thos. L. Carr, agent.
Take notice that I, Ernest, Temple,
merchant of Victoria, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the followin:*:
described lands: Commencin;'*- at a pout
planted at the n.e. corner ti 1-2 miles
s.w. from the south fork of the Telkwa
and o*i the north bank of the Telkwa,
thence south SO chains, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chains to poin!
of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less. ERNEST TEMPLE.
Sept. 8, 1903.        Thos. L. Carr, agent
Take notice that 1, William I. Kirk,
merchant, of Victoria, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the followin'.:
described lands: commencing at a pos!
planted at the n.w. corner 6 1-2 miles
s.w, from Ihe south fork of tin Telkwa
en the north bank, thence south 80 chains,
east 80 chairs, north SO chains, west >������'"
chains to point of commencement, containing (M0 acres more or less.
Wi 1,1,1AM J. Kiric.
Sept. 3, 190S.      Thos. L. Carr, agent.
Take notice that I, William Hill, of
Victoria, farmer, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
.*' scribed lands: commencing at a pos
planted at the n.e. corner 'I 1-2 miles
s.w. from south fork of Telkwa on th'.
north bl
id joining W. J. Kirk ot
the oast, thence 80 chains soulh, 80
chains west, 80 chains north, 80 chai:**'
east, to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
William Hill.
Sept. 3, 190S.       Thos. L. Carr, agent,
Tako notice that (; Harry Abbott, of
Victoria, engineer, intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the s.w. corner 4 1-2 mllei
s.w. from south for'* of Telkwa on th
nqrth bank joining William Hill's It i
tion on the n.e. corner, thence ei;. ht;
chains north, eighty chains east, eightj
chai -'���', south, eighty chains west to poinl
of commencement, containing 'ii' croi
more o ��� i'- s. Harry vbiiott.
Sept. ?, 1908.       Thos. i,. ( an*, agent.
Tal e iv,i ic* th.i11, John LouisGra! an
t solicitor, of Vancouver, intend
,u Duply for, permission to purchase th
following described lands: commencing
al a posi planted al the south-east corner 2 1-2 mili'S southwest, from the south
fork of Telkwa and on the north hank,
joining Harry A,bbtt's location on Ihe
i ast, thence eighty rhains north, eighty
chains west, eighty chains south, eighty
chains east to point of commencement,
containin/*; (ill) acres, more or less,
John Lotus Graham Abbott.
Sept. ", Puts.       Thos. Ij. Carr, agent.
Take notice that I, Harry Hamilton
Abbott, manufacturer's agont, of Victoria, intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest cornei*2 1-2 miles southwesl
from south fork of the Telkwa and on
the north bank ant! joining J. L, G.
Abbott's location on the east, thenee
eighty-chains north, eighty chains east,
eighty chains south, eighty chain:* west
to point of commencement, containing
640 acres, moro or less.
Sept. 3, 1908.      Thos. L. Carr, agent.
Take notice thnt I, Osborne Plunkett
of Vancouver, solicitor, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands: commencing at a
pest planted at the souteast corner 1-L
mile BOUthwest from south fork of (he
Telkwa and on the north bank, and joining 11. 11. Abbott's location on the east,
th-nce eighty chains north, eighty
chains west, eighty chains south, eighty
chains oast to point of commencement,
containing G40 acres, more or less.
Sept. 3, 1908. Osborne Plunkett.
lew Thos. L. Carr, agent.
District of Coast.
Talto notice that John Macmlllan'of Var.couf��r,
uonneryman, intend.*', to apply fcr j tir.iipi icn to
purclia.BG the following described l.'mds:
Commencing at a post planted nt the south-*ttett
comer, of Lot S21, Ranee 4, Francois Lake, Uienc*
soutli 80 chains, east SO chains, north SO chains,
west 80 chains to point, of commencement, con-
tainihg f.to acres, more or less.
Sept. lit. rm. JoffN Hachua.m.
net 10
Notice In hereby siiven to Thomas Morine ��n<
William Morine, cn-owncra in the Clara Belle and
Princess May mineral claims, situated on Tobey
mountain, Omineca mining division, British Col-
uinbin, nnd recorded nt the Haiietlon recording
���iffiee, that they have failed to contribute their
proportion of the expenditure required by Bectlon
2-1 of the Mineral Act Tor the year 11)07, to wit, th*
sum of $188.88. If nt the expiration of ninety daji
from August 8th, It,':*:, tliodatcof first publication
of this notice, they or either of them shall fail of
refuse to contribute their proportion of the expenditure above specified, together with all costn of
advertising, their respective interests in the h*-
foro-mentloncd mineral claims shall become vested
in the undersigned, who, as co-owner, has caused
the required expenditure for the year 1907 to h��
made on them. ALEX. C111SHOLM
Fostofflco address, Rossland, B.C.
Dated A nitwit **, 1 DOS. sel2
1, Thnmcs L. Carr, of Aldermere, B. C, hereby
'jive notice that Tie.i-cve RudgB, of Pert Pin-rson,
or anyone to whom he may have transferred hit
interests, hns failed :*i <*;*i tribute hi:* proportion
if one-quarter interc <t of tho expenditure required by Section 21 of tho Mineral Aet. amounting to
Lhreoyears' assessment, $307.20; on the *srmip of
four claims known as the Morning SUir, Evening
e r. Venus and Mars, situated on Star Creole, on*
sndahalf milci from UowBon Basin,
If, after the extiration of ninct; [00] days, the
ifcrcsatd George Budgo, oranyoncto whom h't
nay have trans.fern*'T his interests, fails to eon-
!ri!;i*.:c Ms proportion, together with all cost-: of
advertising, his intercuts In the above claims
. hall becon'o vested irl l-:s co-owners, pro rata, as
provided for in section 25 b of the .Mineral Aet.
Hated October 10 J!M8. Thomas L. C/U'R.
Sunday  Bervices���Morning
Rev. J. Field,
service 11 a.m. Sunday School 2-15
p. in. Native Service R-of>p.m.
* ner.*r�� i*e r^* mzziF- u
Civil Engineer
33-34 Downs Block
���Seattle, Wash..
ACMvltlflf '''���"'"��� S,LVE"'
arJd&S UXfS '""������''���'���"��� Mch BOe-
Provincial    5.',0 Richards St.,
Assayer. Vancouver, B.C.
*��' ���"��� ft4^C f^A
Keeps a Pull Stock of���
rfc** <i nil        < <*
��e-��*t>/?:���*-���������> T '-., ,-**.-��� -fvi: f> ���-\<cp
Kitselas i�� on Skrrns TJivrr,
and n Bhort dlstonco from the
mouth of Copper Uivor.
Prospectors' ?.rcl Settlers' Sucflles
Always en Hand.
Tho only hotel hot wren Ila-zol-
ton and tho Bulkley Valloy.
First class accommodation for
the traveling public at ror-ron-
ahlo rates. Choice assortment*
inont of liquors and cigars always on hand. Store in connection ;      ,
Commerclul Station jryj
Booklets, Circulars .���mil all
kiln's-, of A-'vcrllsiii-**-
Llternture, at the
HeraSd Printing Office
Hazelton, B.C.


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