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Nelson Weekly Miner Aug 11, 1899

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Weekly Edition  No. 468.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, August ii,  1899.
Tenth Year.
By a Few Bule  On'y  Thoa 1 Who Read
English Can Work Un ei-ground
in Coal Miner-
Victoria, Aug. 10. -The Offleinl Gn-
zelto today contains the announcement
of the issuance of a writ for the ro-
tnru of a iin'ii.ln'1- to represent the con-
Btitnenoy of Now Westminster vaoated
by tho appointment of Hon. Alex.
Henderson, (4. 0., to tho position of
Attorney •tiiii.i'rnl, the writ heing
retDTiinblH before August Slat, Henry
A. Rurnett will be returning ofHoer.
Mr. tleiuleisun's 11ppnint.11:flit; in uImi
Jon.    D    Lsdni-r.   nf   Knnilnops,   in
made Gcvernineiil Au^rir. nss.-Hsi r and
oil .tot   nnd i-   'H'- A-s ijwwoni   Act,
collector im-i-r Ihe Hut mm- Am hi
Niclou unit Registrar of the Count)
Oonrt of Vale, holdall nt Nicola Luke,
vice .Tnhii Clnpperton   resigned.
Alex. Forin of Nelsou, a member nf
tbe Board of Licensing Commissioners
for tbat city,
John 8. Olnte, Jr., and W. F. Me.
Neil of Roatland,merubera of tbe Board
ot Liocnsing Conimieaioneri nnd 00111-
mtaaioners of police of tbat elty.
Angus Molnnea, of New Denver,
registrar of the Oonrt of Kooteuay,
bolrien at New Denver.
The following companies are incorporated 1
Gannon Ball Gold Minna, Limited,
Ot Roaaland, oapital $1,500,000; Oali.
fnrniu Wine Co, Ltd., of Nelson, oapital, 150,0(10; Viotoria Gold nnd Copper Mining On, Ltd, of Eugl<th Point,
oapital, ||1,400,000; Arlington Mines
Ltd, of Slocan Oity,oapital, $1,000,000]
Gulon 1 Farm Mining Go, Ltd. of
Vancouver, onpiHl, 1100.000; Knote-
nay Land Exploration Go., Ltd , nf
Rossliind, capital. 950,000
The'following Extra-Provlivolt'l com
panics 11-e licauaed:
Excelsior Gold Minea, of British Colnmbia, head office, London, Euiiland,
oapital, $200,000, local office at Kaslo ;
J. J, Fieatot, attorney.
G Scott, Galloway. A H Black nnd J
H MnFnrlane, of Greenwood npply
for 'the •ineoTpemition of -.Greenwood
Lodge Wo *8, AF-&FM.
T1111 tallowing new Special rule I as
"-been 4-ron'Wcd ninlcr the provisions of
the coal Mbies HeBiilntion Act;      ,
" No miner who hat been employed IihiO'O thp Dili rliiA of
August, th9H, shall be employed
ou work tinder ground unless he is
able to satisfy tbe inapeotor that he can
read and understand tbe meaning of
the special rules as printed in the Bug-
HhIi language."
I- This morning J. H. Todd, ono of
Victoria's pioneer basilicas men, passed away after » long life of commercial
activity and enterprise. Mr. Todd had
been ailing with cnucer in. the stomach although until a few months ago
there seemod to be no diminution in
his energy and industry. He giadu-
nlly became worse, death coming
early this morning. J H. Todd was
born in Hruntfivrd, Ontario, so only-
two years ago, coming to this country
in 1803 be remained heie lei some
time prior to joining the rush for Our-
nboo then in the gold lever. Mr
Todd interested himself iu Hnrkervilio
until 1873 when he returned to Viotoria,embarking iu the wholesale business.
Five thousand visiinrs are expected
to be here for tin Rocie'lits reunion on
the 18th. tho promised excursion-
being: Vanoouver, 1000, Seattle nnd
Taoorna 2000, Nanaiiuo 800, New Westminster 500, Wellington 800. foil ah
geles, Port, Tnwuseiid and Whlttron
also are arranging excursions and fhevi
will nfan be mnnv visito'-s tr«ih> t -•
towns apd distriots immediately surrounding Victoria.
A   North   West  Mounted    Policeman
Found in a  Dying Condition.
-'■jLethbridge, Aug. 10.—Last night
W*frne persons en route to Corristnn
jtfrund Constable Flower of tne Mounted Police iu a dying condition nt tho
side of the trail. Two bullet wounds
were disooytred in his liond, from
which he bled profusely, dyiug a few
minutes after being found. The cor*
oner is making nn investigation.
On the Island  of Montserrat   Seventy-
fonr Teathi Aie Reported
Alrea1. -
commissioner   of  lands and works  np   SHIPPING ALSO SUFFERS
to noon on Monday,   August   1st,   fnr ' buj.1, j.xivvr -o..uuv uu* j. *j«w
the purchase of the   E  % of 8. W.   Jtf
and W. >4 of 8. F.   14   of   section   2H.
tnwnsite 40,   Osovoob division of Yale
district, containing 160   acres, more or
Notice ia given that a sale of Ion
in the townsite of Lake Bennett nt
publio auction will be held at Like
Bennett ou August 15, 1849.
The Lieutenant-Governor has rescinded the order in council, dated
June 8 last, deputing the Hon. Provincial Secretary to execute marriage
licemes or money warrants dming ihe
absence of tbe governor trom the seat
of Government
Notice ia given that on tbe recommendation of the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
and nnder the proviaiona nf chapter 1(1-1
R. S , the Lieutenant-Governor of
Hiritiah Columbia with the advice of
the executive council orders that the
•oils to be levied nnd tnaen 'by tbe
Tiiitieh Colnmhia-Vnkon Railway
Oompany for passengers and goods
trnnsponed upon the railway or in the
stPnmhoats of the said comp my and
« Inch tolls are established hv by-law
No. 2 pasted nt a meeting of tbe direr-
tors held at Victoria Oil July 18 189H,
an- hereby approved.
Strongly  /dvisej  /gains'. Ievertii^ to
the Sflvir M.idard, anl 0 mes
Ont for Qolil-
Loudon, ' Aug   10—Tbe ^Governor of
tbe l.eewuid Islands,Sir Francis Flem
ing, confirms ihe   dispatch   from   St
Aiioman to the   Associated   Press   an
nounoing the devastation caused by^tbe
iiurrioane at the Island ot  Montserrat,
nnd says 74 deaths are already known.
He adds that 21 persons were killed at
tbe   Island    of  Nevis.      Tbe   hurricane was   not so   severe   at   Aritigna.
Oue death is reported there
persons havo been rendered
but 11.nny
Winnipeg's Big Hank Robbery at Last
Winnipeg, Aug. 10.—The Molsone
Bank robbery mystery which 1 ansed
such I sensation here last Fall hna
been cleared np and the supposed rob-
her Is pow behind the bars. The man
0: arged with the crime is John W.
An leraon employed aa junior clerk in
the Bank at tbe tin e of tbe robber/
and 1'ittnrly ns accountant with the
McClnry MjUinfnitnting Comp my.
Hia arrest was affected through 11 de,
teclive who ca no Lore at the ifiatnuo
of 1 ho Bank. The detective engaged
us a clerk in a lending dry goods store
and obtained board ut tbe same lndg.
Ing house with Anderson. They became bosom friends aud Anderson finally (nuflded to bis friend that he was
tu possession of a Siim ot money. In-
vest illation followed and Anderson
was arrested today. It ii mide.ii-tood
that tho entire amount ot the stolen
money waa recovered having Iwen
hidden by Anderson in a valise aud
buried near tho river-hunk. Tbe hank
officials positively letnse to giro any
information to the publio as regards
the aiiionn* of money recovered
The robbery occurred between September 281b aud October 4th of Inst
year during the absence of Manager
Phoepoe on a brief holiday. Tbe sum
of $02,000 wns taken from the bank
vaults |43,000 of which was noil negoti
able. Every effort was made hy the
police and bank authorities to discover
the whereabouts of the mono/ and to
effect the arrest of the (.uilly party.
It was finally deoided that tbe robbery
must have boen commuted by Borne
linn intimate with the working of the
vanlts and n deteolire was engaged to
slay with tbe case until tbe robber was
discovered. His labors were com pit t-
ed with the arrest of Anderson as slated ahove. After the robbery Manager
Phoopoa was removed to auother
agency of the bank and was succeeded
here by Manager Kohl of tho Erock-
ville agency. Citizens were confident
that Manager Phoepoe was innocent.
and made loud protets against his removal The arrest of Anderson completely vindicates all tho other officials.
Audersoii, tire young man under arrest, ia al>ou' 211 years of age, and nf
good family. He came to Winnipeg
from Hastings, Ontario. The discov
ery of the money was made by following Anderson to tbe point where be
had concealed the money. After his
departure, a party of men dug down
several feet and a valise with the
money was found. It ia reported
night that Anderson bas confessed.
The previous issue ot the British Co
luinbin Official Gazette contains the
following announcements:
The following companies have been
incorporated: The British Columbia
Assay and Chemical Supply Company, capital 135,000, headquarters at
Vanoouver; Cilff Gold & Copper Mining company, Ltd., capital $1,000,OOF,
headquarters at Rossland; the Leo
(-British Columbia) Mining Company,
Ltd., uou-porsonal liability, capital
$1,250,000, headquarters at Rosslaud ;
Silver Crown Mining Company, Ltd ,
capital $125,000. henriqunrteis a*-Knsln;
Siskiyou Oopper Company, Ltd., 11011-
porsnual liability, capital, $1,250,000
headquarters at Rossland ; the Knights
of Pythias and Fraternal Order of
Eagles,Ltd.,capital. $10,0(0, hoariqnar-
terB nt RoBalanfl ; the Rossland-Ymir
Gold Mining & Milling Company,
Ltd , non-personal liab'tilty, capital
$500,000, headquarters at Rossland.
Tenders will I 'eteceived by the chief
Captain Dreyfus   is  Showing Signs of
Physical   Distress.
Rennes, Ernnoe, Aug. 10. — Maitre
Demange, the principal counsel of
Captain Drefyus, in an interview with
a representative of the Associated Prosa
after today session, expressed himself
as very well contended with the way
in whiob matters are proceeding and
judging from bis manner, one may say
that the defennurs of the accused
have not yet 1111c anything -ery surprising or alarmiiiK for him in the
secret dossier. Naturally Maitre De-
gange declined to give any particulars
respecting the contents of the dossier
but he declared he nnd his cnlleagne,
Maitre Labori, were sntisfled of the
concietitiouB desire of the members of
the oonrt to thrush tho whole matter
put and have foil light turned on tbe
accusations against their client. This
will take Boma time and the end of
the month will be reached before judgment can be given,
Meanwhile the strain is telling on
Dreyfns.who is showing evident physical dist ess.
Washington, Aug. 1—The Secretary
of War received the iollowinn report
from General Davis, commanding in
Porto Ricn, on the cyclone last Tuesday : Hurricane of extreme violence
passed over Portu Rico yeaisnlay. Tho
principal military loss at Sun Juan
was one trmpoinry company barrack,
wholly destroyed, some quartermaster
property damaged, No personal injury is yet reported bnt all wires are
down. There is no ioj ry to shipping
here. Cable reports from Ponce any all
the shipping is unborn. The customs
boost* are badly damaged and goods
stored therein. Messengers from two
interior points tell ot lnrraoka being
unroofed aud personal and publio
property damaged. The lotsos by the
inhabitants is veiy great and extreme
suffering mnst ie«i:|t There are many
fumilies who are entirely homeli s>.
yort De Frauoe, Island of llarliu-
iijne, Aug 10 —The authorities of I lie
islands of Gnadnlonpe are still without
news from the interior owing to the in-
.torrnptioii of lileginph cniiiuiniiicri-
tion as a result of the recent hurricane
bos other advices which have, reached
Point a Pitrie say ihe cufTeenud coenn
crops bave been M3nrly totally destroyed. . At Point n'l'itrie seven parson:.
«*r» injured Mgri nt Moult the d,a,njW
rwfetr was c< nsid ruble and several
persons were killed und wounded; at
Porto Loa4«'*-iyjiral perirurs^-w.^ro killed and it tiuir.rjer itijnroil Tne'Vvllageo
of Gnppou ui.it Liimcuiin hire been
entiiely destroyed and light honied of
Mutos and Folsoltbu liUVd benii overturned The lonnif St. Louis de
Marie Culnntu bus uirTereri considerably. The hurricane passed over Porto
Plata aud appear* to have ravaged tho
north of the Dominican Republic. All
ooramnni'-ation between Porto Plata
and the interior, nut includiug San
Domingo, is interrupted and it is impossible toobtuin n correct account of
the damaged done, although it it
thought to be great. The railroad from
Pot to Plata to Sun Domingo ia no
longer working. Eventually the Iiurrioane swept over Capo Haytein, with
less violence
New Wcstmiuster By-Election to Take
Place on   Augus*. Hist.
Viotoria, Aug. 10. —(Special)—The
hy-eleotioti iu New Westminster will
take place ou the Hist August. The
writ was issue 1 todny. The Government Ttns afraid to give tho Opposition
ou opporinnity of perfecting arrange-'
meuts for opposing Alex. Henderson,
whose in mi uiariiy would make hi in
an easy viciim, and springs the election iin mediately.
3ir Wilfrid Laurie'
Writes   About the
New York, Aug. 10.—Wall Street is
beginning to lay wagers ou Ihe outcome of the intomnatioal yaoht raceB.
The odds at present are 10 to 8 in
favor of the Columbia and one $2,000
■bet at those tiguros waa made down
town yesterday.
Melbourne, Aug. 10 —The Assembly
of Victoria today adopted a resolution
pledging the Colony to the joint Pa-
cifio Cable soheme.
Chicago, Aug, 10—.In a personal letter
to H. H. Kolaaat, of Chicago Times-
Herald, Sir Wilfrid Lauri-r, the Can
adian Premier, dtuies tho truih of the
interview recently given out by P. W.
Fitzpatrick of tbe Treasury Department Washington, in which Mr. Fitz-
pntrick asnerted that Premier Laurier
bad stated in bim that he could not accept the invitation to the Chicago autumn f jstival, believing tho biiuio with
strained relations between two countries, might result, in some unpltnsant
incident during his visit. In hia letter Premier Laurier says: "You are
at liberty to say that I have paid 110 attention to an uitarivew published recently iu 11 Washington paper iu whioh
the reporter purports to give the publio words uot spoken to him by me.
Life is too short for busy men to take
notice of this kind of In ur-i y evidence. If I had any cov.municntiou to
make to the public, I wonld prefer to
make it ill my own words. It seems
to me that I need hardly add that tho
invitation of the Chicago authorities
will reoeive from me tho most courteous consideration. "
A meeting of the committee on in
vitntions will be bold Friday at which
Chairman Truax, who has been in
Wt ehington where he went to extend a
formal invitation to attend the festival
to President MoKinley, will be present
and t'.io Canadian Premier will tben be
cordially invited to attend the festival This will be the first invitation extended to Premier Laurier as the members of the  committee   deny that Mr.
1 Fitzoatrick  had  authority    to  invite
tbe Premier   or that he is in  any way
I connected with the festival.
Washington, Aug 10—Iu   diplomatic
quarters copies of the report just   presented to the House  of   Parliament by
the   committee    whioh    investigated
file currency oi   India   have been   received.    It is on   this report that Lord
(lenrgo Hamilton,   Secretary   of State
for India,    has   based   his   announcement within the   last   few  days, tbat
tudin would go to the Gold   Standard.
his announcement has attracted mnoh
attention in the United States and tbe
conclusions are, moreover, to some «x-
tent connected   with   tbe  negotiations
Carried on some mouths   ago by   Senator   Wolcott   aud  others   repiesenting
this   country   as to  international   bimetallism   The committee   was  made
up of the   mint   influential   statesman .
and financiers of England and the testimony before them was given by  snob
eminent   authorities   as   Lord  Roths-
eli 1 In bead of the great firm of   Rothschild, Lord Aldenham,former Governor
ot the Bank of  England, the   Earl   of
Surtlihrook     former    Governor Gen-
eta! of India, Sir Alexander   Maoknn
zie,   Lieutenant Governor of  Bengal,
Professor  Marshall  of tbe   University
cl Cambridge, and   Indeed  practically
id)of ihe students and scholars of   economic questions in Great Britain. Tbe
suasions    woio private   und   the teati-
ninny ns well as   tbe   financial   report
has boen made public.    The report sets
forth th 1 original and preseot   oondi-
lions of tbe monetary system and then
fays;   "We   ptooeed   to consider  the
quoction  whether  in tbe light of six
years ot exnorience  gained siuon   189A
it is desirable to reverse the policy in-
initiated   in   that year, and to re-open
Ihe Indian  mint, to   the   unrestricted
coinage   of  silver    In    onr    opinion
any'measures  for gratlnal   re-tp-.iiing
would  he so   fully  and   immediately
discounted aa to defeat the   precise ob-
jenta for which they are suggested.    It
is obvious that  a certain   prospect  of
the heavy fall   in   coinage   wonld   at
once drive   capital   from  India.   The
policy of opening the   mints  at   some
future  day tj   silver  standards   ou  a
(liferent fooling when urged by  those
who looked foiwr.rd to an international
agreement and consider   tbat   tbere ia
tea'&inuh!* hep* of such. an   agreement
within a limited period.   Such persons
aim   dirctlv   at a stable exchange  between Initio, and tbe  United Kingdom
and advocate delay only in order   that
a national agreement may b*   reached.
With regnr.i  to this, and tbe United
Mates having proved fruitless, no fresh
proposals so far.as  we  are aware have
been or are   being  made by any of the
Governments    oonoerned.    We     come
next to the suggestion tbat the present
sys'tim of closed mints   handicaps  India in her industrial competition with
CI entries ou a  silver   standard.    This
aspect of the que-tion  was  considered
hy Lord    Herschell'B   oommittee  who
expressed   the  opinion that  if  we assume the argument as to the  stimulus
or oheck to productions  to  be   sound,
me effect of each successive fall in exchange   must be transitory and   oould
be   countinned    until     circumstances
should have wrought invisible   adjustment.  In this opinion, we   concurred.
Evidence    bos  been    laid    before us
whioh seems   that   orioes   and   wages
have lisen in China  since  silver  has
fallen   in price  and   tbe  local  copper
cnirency has appreciated   in   tenns  of
"To reopen India mints to silver with
out a international agreement woul.l
necessarily result, according to all past
experience, in renewing tbe instability
of exchanges between India and gold
tandard couulries.
'.t is generally recognized that fluot-
nlions of exchange constitute obstacles
to trudo. The true interesiB are to
be sought in 11 stable monetary power
of exchange. " T'10 report then discussed the principle of n gold standard aud
says: " At the present time the practical alternative to silver mnnoinetal-
ism is n gold stniindnrd, that is to say
gold ns t|:e measure of value in Iudin,
either with a gold currenoy or a gold
rcseivo. Four fifths of tho foreign
trade of India is with gold standard
countries, nnd for this reason tt is de-
Birahle that Indi.; should have the
same nieusuru of value, aa these countries. The change to a gold bnBia
h a been presented to us by Professor
Marshall of Cambridge as like a movement toward bringing the railway
guage ou the side branches of the
world's railway into onlsion with the
main lines.
"A further, and certainly not a less
important, consideration for a oountry
like India ia that au established gold
standard is the simplest and most
effeotive means of attracting capital."
In conclusion tbe report says; "For
these reasons we onuolnde that steps
should he taken to avoid all possibility
of donbt aa to the determination not ro
revert to a silver standard hut to proceed with measures for the effeotive
establishment of a gold standard."
ostensibly against the interests of the
New York Central. Mr. Shaghnessy
declined to discuss tho_rumor further.
In railroad circles here not much
credence is attachod to tho story. It
is poiuted out that the Canadian Pa-
oiflo and New York Central are" in
rather close relations. Dr. Seward
Webb's pet road, the St. Lawrence
and Adirondack, which forms 11 division of the New York Central, enters
Montreal over the Canadian Pacific
tracks, and the Canadian Pacific, the
Now York Central nnd the Michigan
Central jointly own the Toronto,
Hnmilton and Bntfnlo Rniway, which
gives the Canadian Pacific entrance
to BofTuln, nnd coDneotiou with the
New York Central Bystom. Thero is
n close traffic arrangement already in
existence between the Bnsion ami
Maine mid ihe Canadian Pacific and
the New York, New Haven and Hurt-
lo:d is inclule.i in this through the
Roston and Maiuo For the past two
years *he Canadian Pacifiu lias been
engaged in building up Ibo winter
port business nt St. Johns, N. li. A
gvent deal of money has been spent in
iho construction of wharves and th :
erection of elevators nnd there ia no
indicntijn tbat the Canadian Pacific
is ahont to relinquish its efforts iu ill's
direction, especially ns it now has nc-
jcpsb to Boston nnd Portland over the
Bos.on and Maine and in view of its
friendly relatioua with the New York
Conlral would piobn'ily continun to
possesa them even if thnt read was til-
sorted by the New Yoik Central interests.
The Colored American  Adds the Mile
to His List ot Victories.
Montreal, Que., Aug. 10.—Auother
beautiful day and a orowd ,; of five
thonsand;people greeted the second dny
of the world's ojole meet. Tbe racing
wus of n better order, the management
giving puce makers in semi-finals. Cn
account of the time occunie 1 in disponing of the 100 kilotnet-e rnoe the five
miles amateur handicap was postponed nntil tomorrow when it will be
rnn off as part of an extra day's racing. There were two world's oham
p'.onsbips on record,, the 100 kilometre race and mile professional. The
former race was n gift for the Chicago
rider, John A. Neison, who bad no
difficulty in winning, heating Een
Goodson, the Australian, hy nearly
fnui miles and Bidden, of Winnipeg,
the only other finisher, by seven miles.
Cherry, the English champion, who
won at Vienna lust year, was scratched haviiig injnred bis Iejf"by ' rnnniut
against the fence in the amateur championship yesterday. He was expected
to-g£v» Nelson the run for first place.
Nelson had much the beat of the
paoe with a steam motor,a triplot and
a tandem and he evid unly hud had
the most experience in following pace.
Goodson'a pace were a triplet aud a
tnrdem nnd was uot ns good as that of
Nelson, while Ridde'l practically had
no pace at all. Two ether men started
bnt dropped ont before man? miles bad
been covered. It was easily seen that
records were going to fall when Nelson
rode tbe first four miles in 9:81 nnd he
kept on riding off miles at two minute gait until he bad tbe previous
amateur record in tho distance. Major Taylor, had but little difficulty iu
adding the mile professional championship to bis laurels, but it wus a
race all tbe way through. All the pre-
limiunry heats had good finishes, except that won by tbe Major who easily
rode his field down.
The most inteiestitig wero the third
in which Nat Butler cleverly disposed
of C. R. McCarty. who won the half
mile eveut yesterday, and the fourth
in which Angus McLeod, the fastest of
the Canadians, disposed of Howler of
Chicago iu a rattling finish.
President    Sbnughnessy    Gives    the
Usual Denial to a Railway Rumor.
Montreal, Aug. 10.—"It is absord"
said President Shaughnessy of the O.
P. R. last night, "We have all the
roads wo want.'' The denial was
made in reference to a report tbat the
C P. B, Boston and Maine and New
York, and tho New Haven and Hartford roadi had formed  11   combination
Toronto, Out., Aug. (.—At the
Grand Lodge of the Ontario I. O. O.
F., this morning tne following oftioevs
were eleoted :
Grand Master, J B McLnrg, Woodstock ; Deputy Grand Master, O L
Lewie, Chatham ; Grand Seoretury, J
B King, Toronto, re-electtd: Grand
retrresentative to rhe Sovereign Grand
Lodge. P G M, .1 H Yough.ot Thames
ford; Grand Warden, C 0 Lyman,
Brookville; Grand Auditor. Chas
Packert, Stratford, re-elected ; Director
of the Odd Fellows Hotne.W H Hoylo,
M P P,   of Oannington.
Work is Stopped and People Wornier at
the Reason   Thereof.
A letter reoeived yesterday from Ft.
Steele, speaking of the suspension of
work on the North Star Branch railroad says : The grading on this branch
was commence, last weak at Cranbrook.
The portion sooth of St. Mary's is
not interfered with by the order.
Why the work has been stopped can
only be conjectured. There are two
reasons given. One is that the North
Star and Sullivan people will not put
up for the construction of tho roadbed.
The other reason given ia that a
change nl plan has been made. It is
said the company will go 011 and build
its north and south railway to connect with the road now being con ■
strnoted from Arrownead^to Argenta
and from that point over the mountains down Toby Croek to tbe Windermere country. It is also said that the
branch from this road to the North
i Star will bu bnilt from the mouth of
Cherry creek, about six miles north
of Fort Steele. There is considerable
mystery about tbe matter and the people ot this section are watching the
outoome with cousiderable interest.
Constitution Amended to Allow' the Sot-
eminent to Call Upon Everybody
to Defend the State
Pretoria, Aug. 10.—The Volkrraad
has revised ihe (Irondwetlcnnstitntiou)
of tbe South African Republic by adding two members to the Executive
Council who composed tbe Oabinet.
The Executive is enlarged to nine
members. The propose! increase in
the representation of tbe gold fields is
also ratified.
~~~. B
London. Aug. II.—ThViPiretorin correspondent of The frijtoteWff■ "Id order to avoid interference with Transvaal 'sj internal affairs by those who
have the strongest objection to the proposed conference to the franchise bill,
the adopt inn of a tivc.years. residence
limit is probable at the prolrncten secretsession of the Volfeeraad. 1'res -
dent Ki-nger has failed to obtain tbe
consent of the members to the removal
of religious disabilities without the
consent of the burghers but tt bM enabled tbe President to publish tht MR
for coaiderntiou ueit session. »1
London, Aug. 11,— The Johandia'bnrg
oorreapondent ot the pally Telegraph
says: "In tne Vulkiraad today, Thursday, Mr. Kruger declared he waa glad
tbey bad all agreed to stand by th*
Lord as the bend ot the state. The
Raad, he continued was afraid to go
off the right path and away from tba
London, Aug. 11.— There is little
news this morning concerning Trans*
vuet affairs. From the silenoe ot dispatches regarding Mr. Chamberlain's
last speech it looks as if tbe censorship
were again active. It \a evident,
however, that amendment to the oon-
stit.n.iou empowering tbe Governrurnt
in tho event of war to call upon all
iuli.ibiranis without distinotion to aa-
s'st ill thu defence of tbe state, bas
created some amount of alarm. Tbe
German uttlu'iders, nre said to have
upplied to their consul to interere in
the mutter while the Standard and
Diggers' News, the Boer organ, pub
lishes a ttiitfineiit that _the Government has sanctioned aasniance being
given through the press thnt there is
no idea of culling npon Englishmen to
fight Englishmen or any other way of
ignoring international sentiment,traditions or customs Dispatches from Pit-
rinarii/.liiirg report considerable military tictivity there. The commanding officers have held a meeting and issued their circulars notifying the vol-
unteurs to hold themselves in readiness for notive service."
IN   A    WILD     WESTERN     WAY.
"Prof.'"   Lewie    and   a   Oonple    of
Henobmen Clean Out a Saloon
A sensational affray occurred at the
baseball grounds at 3:80 o'olook in
Rossland, Wednesday morning. At
the hour mentioned Professor Frank
Lewis, who wrestled here with the
"Terrible Turk", it is alleged, accompanied by Kelly, Lewis and a
third man, whose name is nnknown to
the police, entered a temporary saloon
owned hy Mr. Stephen Garnham. Peter
Emmersm and William Lake were in
charge of the place as barkeepers. It
is alleged that Professor Lewis drew a
revolver and fired three shots in order
to - intimidate tbuse in possession.
During the melee tbat followed some
oue took $8 from Luke's pocket.
These were the receipts of tbe bar.
Tbo demeanor of the invaders waa to
threatening tbat tbe two barkeepers
left the premises. When tbey returned
about $70' worth ot liquor and cigars
had disappeared and the invaders
were gone. The only liqnor left consisted of a bottle of lime juioe and
throe-quarters of a keg of beer.
The cause of the trouble it said to be
ill-feoling ou the part of Professor
Lewis because Mr. Garnham secured a
license 10 run the caloon temporarily at
the baseball grounds. Professor Lewis
bas had charge of the grounds for baseball purposes, and therefore did not
think that Garnham bad tbe rigbt to
sell liquor there. Mr. Garnham secured a license, and this shut Lewis
out, when he applied for a like privilege. This so angered Lewis tbat it
is alleged he hired the three men who
accompanied him, and went to the
baseball grounds for the purpose 1 f
cleaning out Garnham's saloon. It
is olaimed that tbe attacking party
wero considerably under the infiuenoe
of liquor. Professor and two of the
men who participated in the affray
have been arrested. The third man is
still nt large, but the police are search-
ing for him.
A   Miner   in   the   Greenwood *Oamp
Killed by  Falling 2000 Feet.
Greenwood, Aug. 10.—An Italian
named Dominico Mantello, a laborer,
while being conveyed to the surface,
in the Mjther Lode mine this morning
tumbled ont oftjthe bucket and fell to
the bottom of the shaft, a distance of
200 "feet. Hit was instantly killed.
The'body wus badly mangled, and tbe
head Iknocked from the trunk. The
accident was caused by a wrong signal. The ?otoner was notified, and at«
ter'examining into tne matter, decided that an inquest was 1111 necessary.
No oue is to blame.
Nelson Weekly Miner
I    ljlipne.i l.aily except Monday.
N  teo.N Miner I'rintino & I'uhi.ihhinq Co
D. J   BEAT' N. Kdiloi-and Manager.
SOBBcnirrioN Rates
Unity pur mcnthhy cantor t 1 00
per half year    6 00
per yorr  1000
prryuTrby mall    600
per yesr foreUm  10 00
Nelson Wekkiy Miner.
w cekly. re  naif year $ 125
OtT vear    2 00
per year, fon-t-7n    2 50
^ubecripclonl i  i nr!. I lj in advance.
i i-lson Mln m Printings: PublishingCo
If Hia Honor is haif aa solioitious
for the public welfare ss he professed
to be when he thought it necessary to
force Mr. Turner out, ho will insist
on nn early issue of the writ for the
election in Now Westminster. The
present, situation is oue of uncertainty,
and the effect it nan produced oan
only be descrihed as that of extreme
disquiet. A period should be put to
it aa speedily as possible. Should Mi.
Henderson succeed in seonring his reelection tbere will be improvement in
the situation, as it would mean that
the life of tbe Government was insured until the next meeting of the Legis
1 iture. From the business point of
view tbat would be a point gained.
Tbe people would thnn be free to clear
their minds of tbe apprehension that
is now disturbing them and to turn
their attention to the consideration of
their own affairs. At present they are
too much consumed with anxiety as
to what may happen next. A Ministerial crisis affords excellent entertainment for the politicians, but the general business of the oountry Buffera by
It ia moat desirable, therefore, that
the New Westminster eleotion should
be hurried. If Mr. Semlin is to con
tinne in oflioe until the Legislature
meets in regular session, the people
cannot know it too soon. If Mr. Hen
derson fails to cany his seat, it would
mean the resignation of the Govern
ment Tbat at loast is the presumption, and it Mr. Semlin sbould prove
inoapable of so great a virtue as resig
nation be should be dismissed. In
either case there would necessarily be
a general eleotion, for it is not likely
that any person would acoept the responsibility of forming a new Government withont the assurance of a dissolution.
Mnoh, therefore, is depending on the
New Westminster eleotion, and until
it is determined the public mind will
remain unsettled, to t'.ie great injury
of business generally. Mr. Henderson's suooess would afford the country
the lelief of a truoe ; his defeat wonln
bring Matters to a head, and while for
tbe moment aggravating tbe evil, wonld
in the end clear tbe air and bring about
a more settled condition of things.
That would seem to be tbe situation.
Mr. Semlin is probably content to have
the uncertainty indefinitely prolonged,
aa in fie meantime he iB in possession
and oan partake of such enjoyment as
the posiitcn affords. But it is not so
gratifying to the country generally,
and as far as may be consistent with a
reasonable exercise of bis constitutional
authority it is to be hoped His Honor
will hasten the issue and permit the
country to beoome restfal once more.
It has bad enough of excitement, the
more especially as it has been mixed
with apprehension that in the absorbing pursuit of their soheming and intriguing Ministers bave neglected those
publio duties tbey are paid to discharge.
The   Government  at   Ottnwa   have
established  a  Bureau of  Forestry   in
oonneotion with the Department of the
Interior, and  appointed   as Chief Inspector   Mr.   E. Stewart  of  Colling-
wood, at a salary of $2,500 a year. The
Montreal Star does not  object   to  the
Bureau or to the salary, bat likens tbo
appointment   to that of a hoise   dealer
as a mining inspector, ot to the award
of a breakwater conlraot  to a printer.
In   this   lostanoe   Tho   Star  is   very
mnoh astray, as Mr. Stewart is expei-
ienoed in woodcraft.    He   is  a  Land
Surveyor,    and in the practice of  hie
profession has been engaged foe  mau.y
years in surveying  the  wild lands  of
tbe Dominion and of  Ontiuio.    There
has soaroely been   a season   these  last
fifteen or twenty years that be has not
had  a  contract   whiob   sent him info
tbe woods.    Few men have hnd wider
experience,   or  possess greater practical knowledge of forestry.    If the Bureau is   rigbt   and   the   salary  right,
those who know Mr. Stewait will testify that the man is right.
thought is that even tbe Attorney-
Generalship is a cheap price for political prostitution. He has the satisfaction of knowing that the Government
organ in his own constituency told
the public a week ago that he was not
fit for the place. He also knows that
the Premier had uot the siighest intention of offering him the office until
he fouud that no one else wonld take
Via The Monetary Times, Toronto,
we learn that the British ColumhiB
Fruit Growers' Association are sending a carload of first-class plums to tbe
North *est. A carload or less of first-
class native plums, carefully packed
as these will be. would bo welcome in
Nelsou, if offered at a price witbin
the reach of the average family. This
is supposed to be a fruit Province, yet
in this not distant, corner of it we are
made to pay greater than prairie prices
for the limited quantity supplied -as.
Whether it is the Association, or the
railways, we do not know, but it costs
more to eat British Columbia fruit
at home tban it does abroad.
Prisoners Burrow Forty   Feet   Underground to Seek Freedom
Anaconda, Mont, Aug II—The convicts
confined in the Montana state )oni-
toiitiiuy in un attempt to escape have
cois.ructed a tuuuel from the bnilding
-10 feet long The wcrfc was accidentally discovered Sunday morning and
steps are being taken to prevent a repetition of the attempt. Early Sunday
u guard on night duty noticed a
strange depression in the earth of the
yard near the south wall His first
thought was tho earth hud settled iu
an old well. He notified Warden Con-
ley, who knew no well had ever neen
there.and hurriedly investigated. Digging into the depression the tunnel
was discovered aud Iraced back to a
corner under the partition separating
two tells.
These colls were occupied by Joseph
Sullivan, sentenced to nine ytars
Thomas Stngg, sentenced to HO years
for robbery; Wi Ilium Howard, sentenced for burglary, aud George F.
Stevens, sentenced for manslaughter
Howard and Stevens escaped November 1897. were re-i.pured and sentenced
by the Deer Lodge county court to
six years additional for jail breaking.
These cells are on the ground floor.
There is concete to ihe depth of fonr or
five feet under each, but under tl e p- r-
titiou where they dug. it ia quite superficial. These meu had dug down
perpendicularly about five feet aud
then started horizontally for the south
wall. Their instrument for digging
was an old file Under the ponitent-
inrv is a duct, which was built at the
time tho building was erected for
steam pipes The prisoners hnd located
this duct and into it thoy had deposited the earth they dug up, currying the
same in their tin buckets
Despondent Over Lnck of Employment
Thomas Goffat Takes His Life.
Word lias been received that Thomas
Goffat committed suicide at Ferien last
Sandny morning by shooting himself
in tbe right temple. Deceased cume
from Orillia. Ont , where for twenty
years he wns postirnsier, being nu appointee of Alexander McKeuzie's Government. He lost his position there
and some monlhs ago came west, and
settled at Pernio. There he bought
furs for n small eastern house and was
at one time supposed to bo making a
fair livinj. However, there was
nothing in it «nd he wrote to friends
in Nelson to see if thero was anything
here he could do. He was expected
to arrive in Nelson any dny. It is probable, however, that he did not have
the money lo pay his faro and became
so despondent that he took his own
life. Deoeased was very wall known
throughout the county of Simcoe, Ontario.
Jjr.n-lon,  Aug.
blue bn.iks were
respectively tho case, col liter
the British argument I afore
bunal at Washington.
9 — Thr.'o VenP'/nelitii
issued   today   giving
case am
the tri
Honorable men will not envy Mr.
Hendercou, of whom The Coloniit
says: "Concerning Mr. Henderson's
acoeptanoe of the position, one of tho
first thoughts that suggest themselvia
is that those who may support him in
the by-election will probably be asked
to forget the oheers for Turner which
went up from his committee rocm,
when he and Mr. MoBrid9 nat side by
tide on the same platform the night
of the last general  6leotion.   The next
Manila, Aug. 9.—General MacAr-
thnr's force consisting of 4.000 men,
advanced five miles beyond San Fernando today and encountered nnd de
feu-ted a Filipino force of 0,000. The
enemy letreatea, leaving many dead
and wounded. The Americans lost in
killed and wonnd >d 22 men.
It is said that General MncArtlmr
had learned of a plot lo mur.ier the
garrison and buia tbe city and nipped
it in the bud.
Canton, Ohio , Aug. 9.—The dead
bodies of Edward Eckinger, his wife
and thoir three year old daughter,
were found hy neighbors lying on a
bed in the Eckinger dwelling three
miles from here today. Mis. Eckinger seemingly had shot her husband
and daughter^with a sbot gan and I lien
committed soicide. Thev had qua.vol-
ed frequently and had ajjtoed to a separation tbat was to have been be^tm
Something   Very Funny Has Struck a
Chicago Laborer,
Chicago Ang. 8.—An iiitc-ost'Hg
clinic will be htld at tho county lies,
pital today when the most up-to-date
fruitB of scientific research will ho
brought to bear bv the physicians ut
the institution in an endeavor to discover whether Julius   Muttiis, No. 51 ;i
West Eighteenth street, pored
deeply over the pages oT some
book or whether it is because of something whirl) be swallowed that he is
unable to cease laughing. Mattas
is a lahoriir. Last evening ne surprised
members of bis family by bursting
forth in pears of laughter, his mirth
appeared to be unceasing and after an
unremiltitig spell of half an hour Mrs.
Mattas became alarmed and sent for
her neighbors. Still MattuB laughed,
The situation begau to look grave in
the eyes of his anxious friends: hut-
still Muttas laughed The police v.nie
oalled aud Me.ttas, still laughing li ist-
erously, was nssisted into the wagon.
At the hospital a stern faced physician
looked gravely at the patient and said
he thought it must be a case oi poi lining, but still Mattas laughed
At an early nour this morning Mattas was unconscious, hut still laughing anil tho; 3 who attended him were
too I employ a competent   man   to put   the
joke |gronud in order for Saturday.
The president undertook to see to
the lunch and also to borrow a tent for
tbe same.
Messrs. Heatbcote and Jowett were
elected on tbe committee.
Ymir Cricket Club had written nsl-
ing for a match to be arranged wi h
the Nelson club next month. It waB
decided that in view of the match ou
Saturday there should he another prnc-
tice game today, a.be Miner was pat -
ticularly rrqnested to point ont the
necessity for all members attending at
the practice game this afternoon at
8:10. The team for Saturday will be
chosen iu ihe evening and it is important, that everyoue who desires to play
for the City should   attend   practices.
The game today will commenoe at
3 ::;o and the Bank combination will
again challenge tbe rest of the club.
Chicago, Aug. 9.—Postmaste
Charles C Gordon who is chairman of
the committee having in oharge the
exercises in connection with the laying of the corner stone of the new
Federal building said last night: "1
am loath to believe that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier has refused to attend the laying of tho corner stone, and I shall not
believe it I n'.il our committee, up-
pomted for the express purpuse of inviting him has reported that be will
not attend. Thnt committee has not
yet been made up, but D. K. Cameron has been made chairman of it The
iuvitatious will not be ready for some
time and it will probably he two or
three weeks before the committee can
go to 'Janada and submit the invitation. As for Mr. Fitzpatnok, Mr
Cobb's assistant, he lnu not been delegated or authorized to extend an invitation to Sir Wilfrid or to oilier
members of the Canadian Cabinet. Of
the reported grounds taken by the
Canadian officiuls that ovyiug to Ihe
boundary dispute thoir viBit might
not be wholly enjoyable, Mr. Gordon
was unwilling to talk. "I am not
working for a bonndiry, hut for a corner stone laying," he said; "We arc
particularly anxious to have the Premier and other Canadian officials attend-
and I have no doubt that wheu properly invited by nu.authorized committee they will accept. I am confident
the Governor-General and Premier will
he Chicago's guests on October 9th."
Ottawa, Aug. 9.—A ooniderahle delegation of members of Parliament
waited on Sir Wilfrid Laurier tonight
and asked an increased indemnity for
the session, on th.i ground of tbo in-
oieased length to which it hnd been
protracted, thv.s keeping them from
attending to their individual businesses, by which they bad Buffered
pecuninry loss. Si- Wilfrid Laurier,
after listening to the representations
of the members, flatly refused to no-
cede to their re.jnest.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 9 —The French
Minister of Foreign Affairs, M Deli-
casse, had an audience with the Dowager Empress toduy. The Cznr has
conferred the order of St. Ann on J".
Delcasse's secretory. The French ministerial party returned to Paris this
afternoon. Count Mnrnvieff, the Hussion Miuister of Foreigu Affairs, bade
them   farewell.
The Canadian Premier  IJisolaims   the
Fitzparick Interview.
Ottawa, Aug. 9 —Mr. Davy, in the
House of Commons today, once more
brought the Fitzpatrick interview to
the attention of the Premier.
In reply Sir Wilfrid Laurier sniri
thero wns an interview m a Washington newspaper which attributed tobini
words of a certain character but he
did not propose lo notico ihat. The
interview was not pnblishod by him,
and Mr. Fitzpatrick pot words iu his
mouth for which he was not responsible, If he wished to say anything lo
he published he would say it himself
in his own way nnd not throosh another. So fur he had received no invitation from thu Chicago autlnrites to
Iho demonstration bnt he learned Ihat
ono was coming and wheu it did
come he would certainly In-nt it with
Ihe courtesy thnt. was due if. not because of the position he held bnt "he-
■ •imse of the relations between UB and
air uei ghbors."
Paris, Aug J 9 — M, Mallet-Prevost,
'In tecretary of tl e Anglo-Venezuela
boundary arbitration commission, ni
today's silling of that body proceeded
with his presentation of the Venezuelan case nnd introduced evidence with
the object of proving that the Spaniards ejected the Dutch from the
Cuyutti liver in Ihe right of-jurisdiction. M. Mallet-Pievost will continue
tlin argument tomorrow when pivf.
John R. To ley vvill discuss the ques
tion from the date of tho British occupation in 1814
Four  Firemen   Lose  Their  Lives  at
Omabn, Nebraska.
Omnhn, Neb., Aug 9.—Four firemen
lost their lives iu a blaze tonight on
an upper floor of the Meohanioal Company building at 110th street and Har-
eney street. The tiro itself was in-
significant, tho facilities resulting
from contact with n live wire. The
dead firemen are: Joseph Adumu,
lieutenant; Otto Geisoke, George Benson, pii-omuii; CharleB Hopper, relief
driver, Fireman George Warner and
Albert Livingston, of ihe ohemicnl
company also suffered severely from
shook. When the tire had been
brought under control ihe firemen set
to work to lower tho big extension
truck upon which tbey had beeu
working Suddenly there wns a splut
tering and succession of flushes, such
as occur when u connection is made
with a live wire carryiug a high voltage of electrical current. The men
who were working at the crunk lowering tho ladder writhed in ugouy fo:
a moment nnd then fell to the pavement, apparently lifeless. In lowering
ihe ladder it had come in contact with
a live electrio light wire carrying
a current of 2000 volts The injured
men were at oine carried to an adjoining building and doctors used
every known means to revive them.
Hrvnprr revived in n few minutes and
saying he wns all right started to walk
nway Hi had only gene about 60
feet when he dropped dead. Geisekr
showed signs of reviving but when
only piiitially rallied, sank back lino
"xpired. The other two never showed
any signs of nnimaton and were
doubtless rt'.ad whin picked np.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Especially the knowledge where to buy 5 HOES
that are reliable—that you can depend upon
for good service—is worth one hundred times
the theory of BARGAINS.
Put your money into Reliable Goods, and you will
lose no sleep over it.
LiLLIE RPO^-^f0^gf0Aberdeen_Block.
Plaster Paris.
Because we   haven't
lately about
been   saying   anything
Indianapolis, Ind , Aug. 9.—Governor Mount, on tbe request of Sheriff
Dunn of Miami comity, had ordered
a company of light infantry and ten
n:e nheis of Buttery A, with a Gatling
gun, to Peru, immediately, to prevent
a mob lynching the alleged abductor,
Jones, who, it is charged, recently
inveigled Nellie Berger from home.
Sheriff Dunn Bays he has information
that a mob of .100 men will attempt to
tuke the prisoner tonight.
London, Aug. 9.—A parliamentary
paper has been issued dealing with
the Atbara (Soudan) bridge contract
awarded to Philadelphia firm. The
contents are already knowu but Ool.
Brown, engineer of railway, adds an
indorsement in regard to the thorough
manner in which the construction of
tie biirige was carried out by the
Philadelphia concern.
That our  stock is  not as  complete
It   is ;   and   the  reason   we have been
so very  quiet  about it   is  because we are doing
an immense business in this line.    We handle only
the best brands.
ABERDEEN BLOCK,    -   -   -    NELSON, B. C.
Newpoit, R. I., Ang. 9.—In the seo
oud run of the New York Yacht Club
tiday over a course of 45 miles, the
Columbia outclassed all the other
yaohts and gave Defender the worst
beating she bas ever received. According ro the official figures, Colnmbia
finished 22 mi n., and 25 sees , ahead of
Rossland Miner: The ^as frnnnrjse
by-law carried vesterduy without a dissenting vote on the part of the rate
payors. The fact that the vote was a
small one cuiinot fairly b« taken ns a
sign of indilfereuoe on the part of tbe
citizens. It is properly to be considered rather as an indication that the
ratepayers know there was not opposition to it, and feeling no anxiety in
regard to it did not give t o matter the
consideration and attention they
would have done hard any hostility
'■o it neon displayed
In all 102 ballots were cast,of which
two wero spoiled, the depositors hav
ing writiuu their approval of the by
law across the fare ot the slips in.-tend
of marking ilieui in the legal manner.
The 100 counted ballots were all in favor 1 the hy law, an i wero distribnt
ed according to wards as follows
Ward 1, 89; Ward, II, 31 ; Ward III
Dr.   Doolittlo was   the   only   representor/e of the  company   present   at
ihe   counting of the votes, and he expressed the satisfaction whioh his sjn
(Ucutc would fuel when  they   received
ibe news   of   this   unanimous  entires
A meeting   of   the   Nelson   Crioket  stou of approval.
Clnb was held  last   night   at  Messrs.
Elliot and Lcnnie's ollicc.    There was
a fair attendance of  members,
The qiifstiou of boundaries for fn-
tui-e mutches wns discussed at length
but finally hnnded over to the committee to decide on.
Tho Secretary nunouueed that he hud
received a message from Rosslaud
cricket club asking whether they
could come hero on Saturday, nnd
ho   had   trepliedin    the    affirmative, j
It was decided fbst tbe selection I London, Aug. H.—The dispatch*
of the team to pla j against Rosslaud from Rome to the morning papers do
b« left to the committee. Owing to not confirm the alarmist statement of
the oiroas the recreation ground is iu the Alleemeine Zetung regarding the
so.newhat a disturbed state. healtli of the Pope.    On the contrary,
The secretary said that the Oity they assert tbat Mis Holiness is busy
authorities h nil r^m sed lo have it preparing an encyoliuieal on tbe
pn in didcr but that owing to tbe P6aoe conference, which will urge the
ruin it -was not possible to do any- necessity of the Holy Soe reining tern-
thing that afternoon. poranly in order tnat it may   promote
It was resolved   that   the   secretory the work for peaoe and arbitration.
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and Windows.
Kootenay Electric Supply ml Constrnction Co.
Complete Electric Equipments for lilectric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,   town,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
$i'!3 will purchase 2 Choice Lot* on Robsotl
St., nour Stanley St., wii.h phaolc thereon,
$iV)'r will purchase Choice Itesidence Corner
hi Mill :-t., 100 ft. frontage, 120 ft. deep.
8375 will mirohane 2 Lota on Carbonado St.
5,000 Hhai es Utica (pooled). He
10,000    "      Fairmont   "    ^c
—   Blackcock Mining Company 2Cc
Mining and Real   Estate   Broker
Tnrner-Boeckli Block, Neison.
Directly Oppusile   Reports   As   to the
Henlili of His Holiness.
Vienna, Aug. 9—The Alleemiene
Zeituug says that the Pope is ill, iu
consequence cf the great hi at and has
had several fainting fits. Dr. Lapponi,
his physiman, was hastily eummone I.
Nelson Cleaningand Dyeing
8. D. PIEKKE Prop. <
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.f*"j
Uritr or Clarke lintel. REUON
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stand ; all the Wear you
want. Come and see the
assortment 1 am showing
in Suitings for this and
the sum met season. The
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B.  C.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Canadians Were Prominent Tut  I i i Not
Lanl Any of the 1 ig
Montreal, Ang. 9.— Tim world's
cycle ohampionship meet of the Intir-
national Cyclists' Union, under the
anspioes of the Canadian Wheelmen's
Association, opened today on the
Queen's Park truck. Tlij weather was
beautiful, fair an I not too w arm and
there was bnt u Blight wind, cot heavy
enough to interfere with tho riders.
Ten thousand people saw the races
filling every seat ou the grand stand
and bleachers and overflow ing on to
tho rails along the track. There was
only one world's championship event
ou two day's card, the one mile, and
it fell to Tom Summersgill, of Deeds
A. C., England, who won it iu a
bruising finish from Eur! Peaiiody of
Chioago aud John Cnldon, the Scotch
champion. Of the other men from
aoross the water, Cherry of England,
was frozen out in the first trial heat,
finishing seooud to a local rider name.I
Boisvert. The same fate befell Geirjje
of Sooth Africa, in the second heat.
Goodwin, the Australian ohampion,
perished in the second semi-fiuul, be
ing benten out by Peabody. Fuilland.
ior, the Frenchman, nl.sn being left in
the same heat. Tne three meu in the
final made a loafing race of it, no one
desiring to cut out the pace. Peabody
was in Iho front, with bnminirsgill
in second place and Caldon trailing.
They kept this position until the hack
stretch of the last ronud when Caldon
movod up and Iho three men came in
to the stretch practicalIv Abreast,
Then it was that Cnmmersglll let himself lo no. He got a lead of half a
length and succeeded iu holding it
from Peabody, who had about the same
the best ot Caldon, who did uot Huh
nearly as strongly as he did in the pt>
The most imoortant professional
event was the half mile. 0 McCarthy,
of the Ten Eyck string, Nat Hnller,
Carman, (the Canadian rider,) McCarthy, of Toronto, Major Taylor, uud
Angus McLeod, of Toronto, were the
six men who got into the final. Theie
was n hair splitting finish between
McCarthy of St. Louis, and Major Tav-
loi. The Intiir got into a pocket in
rounding into the stretch; although he
made » great huslle he was hraion
ont by McCarthy. It was only a runner
of inches. The decisiou was so closo
that wheu the lecisijii was announced
part of the crowd on the stand buck
of the wire refused to accept it claiming that Taylor won. The time was
In the two mile tandem, professional, new world'H competition mark
of .1:4? 11 5 was made by the Butlers,
the previous record being 4.1 ill) made
by MoDufTee and 'L'yrell in Boston.
The men were paced by triplet, the
Pullers coming out, ut the head of the
stretch and winning prettily from
Cauley and Bowler, while Taylor
and Casey wero a wheel haok of them.
The half mile amateur was won piet
tily by Lester Wilson, of Put burg
who beat out Drury of Montreal hand
ily. Cherry the English chuinpiiu,
ran into the fence and full 111 the seini-
tlual. The remaining race of the d;iy,
the mile novice, went fo Bert Oeuin-
sou, of Toronto, easily the best in the
Summary: Oue mile novice, filial
—Deiinison won; Moore, second;
Brown, third.  Time, 2 31.
One mile amateur championship ol
the world, final—Snmmersgill, Eug-
lund, won; Peuhodv, American, tec-
nud; Guidon. Scollaud, tiiini. Time.
5 -18 i b.
Half nub professional, dual-C. R.
McCurthv, St. Loii^,won; Major Taylor, second; Nat Butler, third. Timo,
I.00 1-5.
Half mile amateur, flunl—Wilson,
non ; Drury, secoud; Gootlson, third.
Time, 1.08.
Two mile profession tandem, final—
Bntler brothers wou; McCarthy and
Bowler, secoud; Taylor and Casey,
third.    Time, 8.47 8-6.
G.W.Riddell Winnipeg, beat Brown,
ot Ihe Chicago University in the
eighth heat of the mile championship
race.   Time, a. 33 2-5.
ing ont tbat a "pass" was made out
Who then benefits by the foOO which
the editor estimates as the cost of
transportation? Not tbe 0. P. R. tor,
according to The Tribune's reporter
the 0. P. K. gave the men a puss.
I has endeavored to obtain
some light on tbe meaning of this
enigma. All tbnt could be elicited
was that the men's fare was paid tor
in hard cash before before they started
from Sudbury and that The Tiibnue
editor's brain, after the effect of a. twj
column sermon, iu perhaps a little
clouded. I would suggest that a
walk along the O. P. R traok in. the
direction of Robson might help to
drive a-vay the cobwebs from that
master intellect. But if it were not
for these ridiculous inconsistences
who on earth would take the trouble
to read The Trbune?
The following which I clip fiom the
VancouverWorld shows that the lame of
tbeTribuue and tis head push bns reach -
ed theCoast: "The Nelson Tribune does
not attach importance to the rereut
meeting of the Boards of Trade of the
interior, which was held last week
at Rossland. But, nufortunntely for
The Tribune, it views everything from
either a political or a personal standpoint, so that little or nn importance
is attached to its utterances by ihose
who know th t journal and its conductors. Whatever The Tribune may
say to the coiitinry, ihnre can be no
doubt, whatever that considerable importance will be attached to the utterances nnd deliberations of the body it
so seveiely conlumns "
J Nelson, August 9th.
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. ». — Five
hundred business men of Cleveland
held nu aitti-bocyott meeting today
in the Chamber of Commerce rooms.
A fund of 110,000 was started to find
the criminals who were dvnamiug
curs uud creating disoider in the citv.
Millions of do lars of wealth wero represented in the men urisent. Vigorous speeches denouncing the boycott,
strike, disturbance, and disorder were
London, Aug. 9.—Mr. Crane said
this evening tbat although he bad diligently searo ed for Mrs Perot he bad
been unable to I nd her. Therefore, he
suspected that she had left London.
Mr. Rose Innes, counsel for Mrs Perot,
on the other hand mid that although
he had not seen his olie.it for four
days he had no donbt she would appear
ut Bow Street  polii e court tomorrow.
raigned later in the day and pleaded
gnilty to fishing in English waters
and evading arrest. The commander
of the Leda says the chase lasted five
hours under a search light and that he
discharged 30 blank rifles before resorting to bullets. The prisoner wns
fined fli) on the first charge nnd £~> on I
the second charge.
Manufacturers of
Galvanized     The Dominion Wire Rops Co'y. Led Montreal,- is.    cofiierv
Wire Ropes   t_     STOCK CARRIED IN 71033LAND, B. C, BY J. D SWORD AGENT. VVIf i K >pe
London, Aug. 10—All the papers express regret at the lamentable accident,
which, however, was wholly die to au
infraction of the law by tho Frencli
fishing vessel. All hope the French
Government will not make Ihe matter
au international affair.
The Wall Paper House of the West,
Paris, Aug. 9.—The Evenment today
says it understands that Major March-
and has been offeied the post of governor of the French Settlement on the
Somali coast aud minister extrnordi
nary to King Menelik of Abyssynia.
London, Aut>. 9.—William A. Brady
is exnerienoing considerable difficulty
in finding a hail suitable for tbe proposed Jeffries-Mitchell boxing exhibition. Tbe sporting clnb bas been
closed, bnt he is still endeavoring to
succeed. Mitchell, who has been training at Brighton, has I ad several inter
vjev/s with Brady aud Jewries. He
says he is anxious to meet the American in his best fin m if Brady oan secure n place.
Nelson matters will he prominently
to tbe fore nt the Coust this week.
When Mr. Justice Walkem takes his
seat iu the Supreme Oonrt bench today
he will probably lie.ir an application
by Mr. S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, for an
injunction restraining the City from
pulling down the Traves building. Mr.
Gallihei, City Solioitor of Nelson, will
ar;;r.e in favor of the Fire Limits
By-law. Mr. Galliher will next go to
Viotoria lo attempt to settle the dispute with the Nelson Land & Improvement Company for the land expropriated and damaged by the Corporation of
Nelsou in the construction of tbe City
reservoir aud flume. Th City Solicitor is prepared to compromise with the
Victoria Company. Should the offer
lie rejected the Oompany will be forced
io arbitrati >n. Later in the week
(litv Clerk Strachan will visit the
Coust. The Nelson O.ty Council has
found sufficient work for him to keep
him busy during the whole time He
is snpposed to be taking a holiduy.
On Suturday the Nelson lacrosse boys
will meet the Vancouver team.—Vanoouver News-Advertiser.
T. Powell appeared before Mngis-
tarte Crease yesterday on a charge of
assaulting H. Smith. The charge wus
J. G. Devlin, otherwise known ns
the "Gnnner from Galway," was yes-
teiday fined flO or the alternative,
30 days for being drunk and disorderly
at Robson.
The machinery for tbo sampler is
now almost in place and tbe company's
engineer in nliiuge iliink.s ihey will he
iible lo Ire.t ores iu tho course of the
next seven days.
Menford (Out) Mirror: dipt. D, O.
McMorris, of Nelsou, B. C . lute ol
the Mii"'or sliiff. has kiunly torwatded
us au illnstriile i copy of 'he elcon
Daily Miner,winch is certainly a work
of art and a credit to the publisher
The number is handsomely illustrated
witn photogniv.ttes of some of tl.e
priuclual and private buddillgs of the
Kootenay district, together with half
tone cuts of the principal business
men. Amoiifist Ihe latter is a picture
of Mr. A. Yoik. late of St. Viucenl.
Main's circus left the Ciiy u legacy
in the shape of a number of employees
who stayed in Nelson in the hope of
finding better jobs Yesteidnv Chi f
of Police Jurvis ordered 14 of these
men to leave the town, The ooutrac-
tor on the Molly Qi sou trail had
offeied to give them work so they were
told   to go to him.
A man who had been imbibing too
freely of the flowing howl fell headlong into the trench dug for Ihe gns
mains at the corner of Joseph I lie and
Silica street yesterday. His feet just
reached the trip and his head was bur
ied in the mud. When a couple of passers hy polled him out he wus a.nite
Everyone in Rossland wants gas
The by-law was voted on this week
and there was not a vote registered
against, the granting of thu franchise
to the same company that iB putting'iu
the Nelson plant. There were 102
votes for the by law and two spoiled
ballots. When the gas by-law was
sobmitted here there were 381 vote
polled, 300 for, and 31 against.
An expert in marble who las worked for yeais iu the California iiuarries
whioh ship a great deal of marble to
New York nnd otbor Eastern centres,
states that the stone in the West Kootenay Brick and Liine company's quarry
is away ahead of any marble on the
continent. Several specimens have been
polished end sent to England where it
is expeoied cnpitul will be seemed to
open the quni'i'ies ou a large scale. A
man in now engaged iu gectiug out
some of the mnrble for tomb stones.
Home of those who ory out so loud
against getting anything from the outside world now have little exouse for
living as they can nave the home]mnde
nrtiole   placed  over   their  graves.
Mr. DeForest, a Canadian artist,
opens au exhibition today in the Odd
Fellow's Hall. Yesterday The Minei's
representative was invited to a private view of Mi. De Forest's works.
It is a pity thut his pictures are not
shown off tc better advantage for some
of tbe.n are of undoubted merit,
Some of sunset and waler effects are
singularly beautiful especially one of
Vancouver. Two sketches of Bonuing-
ton FallB, paiticulnily oue with tie
early morning haze resting on the hills.
Seveuil views of Koolenay Loke are
amongst the most pleasing of the col lao-
tiou. Mr. De Foiest has also several
Nova Sootiau landscapes whioh wi'l
inteiest many. The pictures are all
worth lookiug at and those who take
any interest m art should not fail to
visit the exhibition.
Editor of The Miner:
Sir—In The Tribune of August 8th
there is a delightful contradiction
which will amuse even those whose
views coincide with those expressed
by the editor of that erratic organ.
Under the hoading "Concentrates" it
Is stated thut tbe men imported from
Sudbury "by the Nelson District Mine
Owners Associu'iou came in on transportation furnished by the Canadian
Pacific.   The pass was made out, ltd."
On   the  editorial   page  it is stRted
that "Their transportation   from Sn..-
bury  to  the miui  cost  iu the neigh
borhood of $500.''
The word transportation is equivalent here to a free nass iu faot.
Tbe Tribune is particular  in point-
Rio de Jauerio Aug. 9.—In spile of
denials ou the Bubject, it is said Pris-
irient Rnca.of the Argentine Republic,
who ia now hero ns the guest of Brazil, is desirous of negotiating an alliance between Argenta Brjzil und
OniH, against the United States. The
pi'3si.leni8 of these three Republics will
meet ut Beuenos Ayies noxt mouth.
Kodaks & Cameras,
Hydraulic Pipe
Waterworks or Mining Plants.
Paris, Aug 9—The Minister of the
Interior hn^ issued a note saying the
story that Prince Von Minister Leden-
bnrg tho German Ambassador, has
visited General, the Marquis de Gull
fet, the Minister of War. and insisted
upon a gnarautee against indiseret disclosures orejuuicinl to Germany at the
Drevias court martial, is absolutely
Valnnraiso, Chili, Aug. 9.—A tidal
wave'bnrst into the bay yesterday
evening teaiing down the embankment and Bweeping oT a number of
ears, locomotives nnd tons of merchandise. The loss is estimated at several millions.
Latest Reports Indicate That It Is Not
let at Its Height.
St. Thomas, West Indies, An„. 9.—
Advices from St. Kitts say that on
Monday after oon a very tevere huiri-
cane, with a velocity of 12 miles, destroyed about £00 small louses in the
towns and di 1 considerable damage to
the estates. No fatalities were reported. Antigua also suffered severely
in damage to estates aud buildings iu
the towns. There w ere a few fatalities. Reports from St. Croix show
nearly every estate bas been wreoked,
tbe large buildings in the town have
been unroofed, and stock has baen
killed. Eleven deaths have occurred
among the laborers. Some damage has
been done to tbe wharves here.
Thomson Stationery Co.
Ltd., NELSON, B. C.
The largest and  best equipped Rlvetted
Steel  pipe- making plant   on  the Const.
Estimates Furnished.
Large or Small Quantities.
No Delay in Delivery.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
oilier ami WorkK
FOOT OF II IS i 111   ATE.
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of linglish Church. Table
Board, $4 oo. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
A full line of
Harris Homemade Tweeds
From Talbot Harris, Scotland.
Fancy Fall Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock.
....  .  ■
House Cleaning Time
We ran neaiht yon in the annual
overhauling by Painting, Paper-
Hanging, Kalfominiog nnd Interior Decorating Estimate,
cheerfully given.
,1'lKl'lllliHC  St.
Opp Clarke Hotel
Windermore Mine*.  CorreripondencsSol'cIUd
__ IRON w
0 1 mid IE m s Casi   1 .* of Every Dcari'lp
lion.   Itrpulr*   ami    Jobbing
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Puerto Plata, Aug. 9 —II a. m.—A
Iianioitne has swept the north coast
sinoe last night and increased in violence. Shipping in the port is in peril
bat up to this bonr no vessel has heen
damaged. The destruction on laud
will be considerable.
Kingston, Jainaioa, Aug. !).—Tho
barometers are alarmingly low and
Turks Island reports a hurricane blowing with rapidly fulling barometer at
8:80 p. in  citiising great anxiety.
Washington, Aug !). -The signal
operator at San Jaiin de Porto Rico,
cabl»s that a seveio cyclone has swept
over the city. 'Several pt'P-o.is have
biau killed aud much properly damaged.
;S4^arohTt _0Tl=£I_-
:\ii; ovkk 1 non-on s i:„ok stock
A limited amount of private fundn lo loan
on mot 1 -Mje upon improved clly property. Ap-
uly to Klliuit & Lonnie, solicitors, Nelson.
i i;ik j.*sion!i,  CABDS,
»VI • Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc., Sandon
B. ('. (434)
171 U GRBflN, B. A., U. K.. PROVINCIAL
I1 ■ L ml Surveyor. Surveys of mineral
cV'msliuidH, ete. Agent for obLaining Crown
Q.tait*. Office Turaer-Boeckil block, Nelsou,
B. C. C07»
I* p of Dental work done. Oftte-* : Broken
Hill Block. C01 ner Baker and Ward Streets
Merry Chase of a British Torpedo
Boat After a Poacher.
London, Ang. 9.—The British tor
perlo boaf, Leda, foonrt a Fr.mch boat
fishiDR within the three mile limit
this morning. The fisherman attempted to escape and did not stop when a
blank shot was tired. The Leda theu
fired a shot directly at the fishing
boat and killed the helmsman. Capt.
Delatne, of the Btoile de Mer, waa ar-
Wufibinstnn, Aok. 9.—Further details of the West iudiau cyclone began
to reach the Navy and War , Depart-
meuts Jate this afternoon. A mens-
a?,e froth Signal Officer Qlasnford at
San Jnnn de Porfo Rico, saya: ''(Cyclone jost passing over islands pros-
trutcd telegaph and telephone 'ioes,
several killed. My (inartors were
wienked aud signal barracks partly
demolished. Many other bnildfngs
wore likewise mjnred. Hundreds of
native houses were destroyed. Centre
and south probably fared worse. "
S. savioch'b [EnglishI  CHonoir—Oornor
Ward and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holv Communion 8 a. fii.; and on the 1st. and 3rd SundAys
fn tbe month after Mattins; Mnttin> at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 8,80 p.m.: Evensong7.80. Daily:
Mattins at 0.80 a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Di>ys; Holy Communion 10 a. in. Fridays:
Evensong 7.30 p. in., followed by choir prac
tice. H. S. Akehurst. Rector. Prod Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, Wardens.
pkkshytkkian Chough—Services at n a.m
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2..') p.m
Prayer mectiir; Thursday evening vt 8 n,Ui.|
Christian Endeavor Society nieolH every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Methodist Oiimcn—Corner silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at lta.m. and 7.31
f». m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; 1'iayer iiieut-
Qgon Friday evening at 8 o'clock- Kpworlh
League O, K„ Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Roll mi, Pastor.
Catholic Chukch -Mass at Nelson, first
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 ".in.; Benedic
Hon at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father "er'and
BAPTIST OuURCH — Seri Ices morning ritd
evening at U a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet
lug vVednefiday evening at 8 p.m. I bo B. V
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Bcraogeri
cordially welcomed. Rev. C. W, Rose. Pastor
Salvation Ahmy—Scrvic u every eveninp
at 8 o'clock in barrn.ckson V.ctoria streu
Adiuuut. Edgecombe In charge.
As it Once Was.
When the human foot was
first introduced to shoes it was
exactly as nature had made it,
It has been revolutionized
from what it was to the foot of
to-day by sixteen centuries of
distorting tightness and freakish styles.
_____—_____,„- . " Slater Shoes
are made to fit
feet as they are to-day, comfort first,
but good appearance never forgotten.
Twelve shapes, six widths, all
sizes leathers and colors.
Goodyear welted, name and price
stamped on the soles,
$3.50, $4-50 and $5.50.
l.ll.I.ll: BROS., Aberdeen Block.
Mine Pumps
Improved Sinking; Pump
This pump is of comparatively li^ht weight,
oflrty to handle and gives unqualified satisfaction. It lias no projecting valve gear or parts
liable to breakage fn handling, ilis fitted w.ih
convenient suspending hooka and is easily re*
packed. Mining siiperinlondunts and others
are invited to send for our catalogue and figures before purchasing.
X. CO.,
Three Grades: Mild, Medium Strong and Full Strength
Five Skes: ^4$, ^'s, 1\8's, Jj9's and1 fa's.
uirLruxriAn/innnnrLAJ^tuvirLruinriixAnruuij NELSON WEEKLY MINER, FRIDAY, AUGUST n, 1899
Ainswortb camp is lookinK up in fact
the prospeots theie are brighter than
tbey have been for some time There
is a large deruauri for men for development work on the contract Bjstem
and no miner need be idle there. He
wont get $ii.uO a day nnless tbe contractor chooses to pay bim at that
rate, for $#1 "» day has always been tbe
standard rate in tbo Ainsworth oamp.
The Highland is a valuable low grade
property ou which a  considerable sum
of money has been spent     The   own-. , a
era have uot   done   mujh work  on   it |
Messrs.   F.   Peters,   L.   Laing-Stocks
and W. A. Macdonald, Q. 0.
Tbe following gentlemen were elect-
el dirctors: Me»sr». U S Drummond,
Kmil Uarcke. T. .1. Duncan, F. W.
Peters, .1. Laiug Stocks and W. A.
Macdouald, CJ   0.
The necessary agreements with the
British Electric Traction Oompany
were executed. All arrangements for
completing the system ot the com
pany's line in Nelson were concluded
and the meeting ad;'ourued.
The directrrs then held their firBt
meeting and elected the following officers :
President—F. W. Peterp.
Vice President—Capt. T. J. Duncan.
Secretary—T. C. Duncan.
It was decided to move the offices of
the cnmpany to the Macdouald block
where commodious rooms, adjoining
those occupied by Mr. Halifax Hall,
the company engineer, have   been fur-
lately and apparently have been en-
deavoring.to sell it." It its understood
that Darties have now closed au op-
liou on this mine which if taken up.
will be a matter of great importance
i.i Ainswortb.
Mr. Maxwell Stevennson is hard at
work with the groat tunnel which will
practically undermine the hill on
■whioli the townsite is built.
This tunnel is eight feet by eight
feet on tbe clear making it practically
11 feet sqnare when tbe timber is tip.
The tunnel is now over 130 leet long
and work ou it is being energetically
pnshed ahead.
The Highlander concentrator is
working steadily and is treating ou
an average HO tons of ore a day. Tbe ore
is oomiug from the Little Phil mine
and is conveyed to the concentrator
by means of au aerial tram. Mr.
.Stevenson bas four first class mill men
under him who thoroughly understand
their work. Work is being kept up on
the Woodbury Oreek properties some of
whioh will turn ont to be good mines.
Messrs. Oampbell aud Trainer, of
Rosalia. Wasbington, directors of tbe
Alexandra-Delley mine, have returned
to Nelson after a trip to tbe mine
where they were accompanied by the
resident manager, Mr. Seelye. They
were agreeably surprised at the very
rich showing of tbe property and the
excellent manner in which it is btiug
developed. They bave returned home
well satisfied that they have a very
tioh property.
New York, Aug. 10.—Bar silver,
G00*(j ; Mexloan dollar, 48; silver certificates, 80,'3 to 61.
Oopper, firm; brokers', $18..75. ; ex
change, J18.5. Lead, firm; brokers,
|4.86i exchange, (4.600 to 1+8 2>2.
Tin, unsettled and easy; Straits,
$31.8i'3'3, nominal; nlates steady ;
Spelter, Bteady ; domestic, 15.75.
The miners employe! on tbe Snow-
hoe, in the Greentfood camp, have
gone on a Btnke. They demand %i «
day. The claim for wages iB based on
tbe fact that tbe workings iu the
Suowshoe are wet. The demand was
infused. The property is under bond
to A. J. McMillan and others of Rossland.
* *   *
The Hall Mines smelter operations
for the four weeks ending August 4th
were as folllows: 32 days' 20 hours'
smelting, 5083 tons of ore were smelted, containing (approximately) 81
tons copper ; 55,800 ounces silver.
# *   *
Loudon, Aug. 1.—Oopper, closed.
Spot, £?« 12. (id; fotore, 77. 2 6d.
Market firm, sale Spot, 75200 ons.
A contract for electric eqiupment
was entered into with the Canadian
Electric Oompany, of Peterborough,
Two of the finest cavs that Canada
can produce are to be furnished.
Eacn cur is to be fitted with double
trucks aud fo-.ir motors. Motor generators aud all the overh'ad equipment
are inclnded in the con ract and the
whole of the order if to be shipped
thirty days from date.
The directors state that the Power
Oompany at Bonniugton are now
clearing the right;of way and putting
up the poles for the conducting wirep.
Tbe power house will be built at the
Eastern boundary of the City limits.
Tne directors confidently expect that
tho cars will be running early in October.
Washington, Aug. 10—A cablegram
received at the War Office from Gen-
oral Otis nt Manila says: McArthur's
movement yesterday was very successful. It served to clear the country at
the rear, left and right of Insurgents,
and advanced north of Oalulet six
miles from San Fernando, whence he
is now reconnoitering. His casualties
number five killed, 2!) wounded. Officers wounded are Major Braden, Captain Abernechy, 3lith volunteers;
Lient. Williams, 51at Iowa. MoAr-
thur reports insurgents loss as 100
killed and some 3G0 wounded. Tbey
were rapidly driven northward and
last evening apparently abandoned
Poracline, where they blow up tho
Dowder works.
Mr. Clements Obtains His License For
the Odd Fellow's Building.
The Board of LioeuseJOommissioners
for tbe Oity, consisting of Mayor Norlands, Dr. Torin and Aid. McKillon,
met yesterday at the City offices to
consider tbe adjourned application of
Mr. Clements for a license to retail
strong drink in tbe Odd Fellow's
Mr. R. S. Lennie appeared for the
A petition against granting the license was considered. A number of
the petitioners were not householders
and therefor were not considered as
eligible to sign. Some of the honse
holders who signed it were non-residents. As against this a much larger
petition in favor of granting the li
cense was presented. This petition
contained more than the two thirds ma
jority ot householders in the locality
which tbe statute enjoins.
Aid. MoKillop was opposed to granting the license on the gronnd tbat
there were more than a sufficiency of
licensed houses in the town already.
Mr. L-Minie addressed the Board on
behalf ot the applicant and then Dr.
Forin moved that the license be granted. This motion was supported by
Mayor Neelands. Aid. McKillop dissenting. Tbe license was therefore
granted as from today.
Mr. Clements is entirely satisfied
with the resnlt of his application. It
is now almost six months since be applied for the license and he believes that
patience will overcome even a dissent-
ig commissioner.
The new saloon is to be culled the
Exchequer. It will be open to-do
business in tbe retail drink line today
bnt tbe premises are to be glorified to
tbe tnne of some 12500 before the
grand formal opening will take plice
whioh will be in abont a fortnight.
Mr. Clements intends to run "the
finest honse in town," embellished
with t.ie best of liquors and a lunoh
counter. He bas plenty of competition to meet with but no doubt he will
aobieve success.
What    a   Citizen    of  Nelson Would
Like to Enow.
A correspondent sends the following
statement of what he would like to
know :
1. What benefit the working miners
of Kootenay have derived from Mr.
Wilkos Union?
2. How much of the miners' subscription mouey was takon by absconding secretaries of the Miners'   Union?
3. How many mines iu the Slocan
pay dividends? How much harm is
done ta the district for the public by
tbe Silvertonian and ita colleague
tbe Nelson Tribune?
4. Whether these two papers aro
>. Whether the president of the Silverton TJnion will practice whnt be
preachea and divide his Noonday profits with the miners who worked for
6. Whether Tlio Tribune gets puid for
diatribes against employees of labor or
is only trying to catch la'ioring votes
for its would-be-membor editor?
7. Whethor the mcrcliants.store-kei'p-
ers and hoi el keepers of Nelson and the
Slocan are beginning to understand
that, in consequence ot the eight-hours
law, thousands of dollars per diem are
lost to the district?
8. Whether tbey understand that the
employers are willing to spend these
thousands of dollars if the oiliceis of
the Miners' Union will allow tho men
to work at a fair wage
0, Wl.ether they know tbat hundreds of man have left the district lor
10-hour a day camps?
10. Wbother they improve Ihe policy
of editors who eiideav >r to keep relations strained?
Fall Meeting will   Be   H>]
12th of Sept
The fall meeting of the membe
the Canadian Mining Institute will
be held at Nelson on Tuesday eveuins,
12th September. Among tho.e who
will contribute papers are Howard
West, A. R. S. SI., fc'ow Denver; W.
Pellew Harvey, F. O. S., Vancouver;
S. S. Fowler, E. M., R. R. Hedley, Nelson, and Wm. Blakemore, M.
E., Fernie. A meeting will al«o be
held ut Rossland, when a number of
papers relating to the geology aud
mining practice of that district will be
presented. The Boundary disiriot will
Bubseqneotly be visited. The visitors
will be banqueted by the Grand Forks
Board of Trade. An elaborate programme for their entertainment lime
will be uii!tii';oil. Mining men from
all parts of tbe Dominion will be
nothing whatever to do with the
award. A building is badly needed
here and the citizens aro pleased tbat
thiB matter is to tie taken up immediately.
The following Ymirites wlo fok
the recent oxnminalioii for teachers
certificates bave pu'sefl: Annie McLennan obtained a third A certificate
with the following marks 1011 : .7. W.
Laird obtained a second 11 with the
following marks 1459, while Isabella
Reith obtained a like certificate with
1431 marks. It is understood that Miss
Annie McLennan will have the school
for the coming year. This lady iB
well thought of here and will no doubt
mike an efficient teacher.
A Liberal Association is to be T nn
ized here at an early date. Private advice speaks nf un election at au early
date for the Dominion.
< I.in i: ii n t> or iiimniiMM.
There was a practice game yesterday
ou tne recreation grounds The Rankers did not mns'er in sufficient numbers to form an eleven so sides "were
rl.osen. The game w as remarkable for
the poor dfsnlay of batting and tbe
excellent bowling of Forbes Tin field-
lug was on the whole better.
The following ure the scores:
.TnwuU. c Matthewsb Drown  23
Sitli", li Hrown    0
F KIlioLi, 1 b w, b Wetmore  1
Fletcher, b Wetmore    I
Williamson, b Wetmoro 2
J. Elliott,<• & I) Brown (I
Sword, b Wetmoro 23
Forbes, b Wetmore 10
Hoolti, not out  ft
Christie, o Hull, b Wetmore  2
Bhaw, b Wetmore ('
Extras     7
Total  SO
OTHKH sun;.
Walker, b Forbes  . . '3
5y*os, st F. Klllott,bFo bes
Walker, b J Eillntt	
Brown, 1 b w.bForbo-.  i
Wetmore, b ForbaH    a
Courage, h Forbes 2
St. Harbe, b Follies I)
Thompson.not out  ■ 3
Bell, c J. Ellintt, b Forbos 0
liay. b Forbes   0
Matlhows. c K. Eliiott, b Forbes  1
Kxtras  3
Total  27
U I ST ICniiTi-N VY    lll-i   hld'.-W HKItK   1 II"
ca I kij:—d.n South m.uck i»k Golobk King
Mnl'NTAIN A n KAST H.oei-: of Toau
rpAKK NOTICE tbat I, F. C. Green ot Nel-
X wm. us u^ui'l for the fulls View Uold and
Silver Mining Company. Free Minei's Certificate No. 1111,846, intenu, sixty tliiys front lite
dale hereof. Mi apply to the Mining itecorder
fora Cei'iiiiiaie ol iinprtivt nun ts, for i he purpose of obtaining' a Crown drum of the ubovc
And further I iko notice tbat action, umler
section 87, must fie ooltliuoiiocd before the issuance ot'-ui li Cel'lilic iLc of limirovelle-llts.
'j:u F. C.GK-KN.
Hated lliis twelfth (lay of June, 1899,
Siti'atk in Tine NRL80N Mining Division OP
West Kootknay Distuict.—Wiikke Lo-
i'atkii:-On Toau Mountain noiciiily
from tiik Silvek Kinu Mink.
'PAKE NOTICE that I.E. C. Oreon of Nel-
L Bon, at agent for A. 11. Kelly, E. M. 0.
No,21,936: A. ii. Buchanan,F.M.C. No.ii 11.2113,
Bruoo Craddock, E. M. O. No 83,722a: It- s. i.en
rile, F. M.C. No, 21,976aand M. It. DrUcnl, F,
M. O. No. 21.789, intend, rtxty days from tho
dutelieie.il'. lo apply io tne Mining Recorder
for u Cen.ilicatc of Inipi'.iveinents, for ttio pur
pre • of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action, und r
section87. must tie ooiumpnced boforu ihe issuance of such Cer. itlcate of Improvements,
971 K. C. UREI'.N. 1". L. S.
Dated Ibis 4th day of July; 1899.
Mine Pumps
Improved Sinking Pump
This pump ipof compnmlirely light weiitht,
efwy to bundle and given unguulifted mttafac*
tion. it htis no projectiiifr valve vow np i-nr's
liable to brcfikntfu in lnunUiiiK. It is fitted wiih
cv YenteututtRponainghook* and is ca»l)y ie-
packed. Mining nupcrintend.'intn and others
are invited lo send for our catalogue and llg-
ures before purchasing.
LIM T£3.
^aauiitf* ^TOEONTC.
Cunllfre Ic Ablett. AgU.Rts-iland
MacKay & Walker, Agta . Vancouver.
Thos. Dinm &; Co., L'dL
iUoMTlv m
IHIt   1>D KHKK1   ■«■», MISKK-'  I'll ks. it tit  tVI>   MIIKKT MI'KKL.
nlNMiS' MIIOVKL*, Mini   Itlll-KM MANILLA   K«n.*,
nvMiuii: funk AND DAPS.
i iifM/on * =fr*"
Alexander Henderson, Q. 0., member of the LeRislntnre for the oity of
New Westminster was born in Oshawa,
Ont., in 1859, was educated in the
schools of that town and the Unher-
sity of Toronto, RraduntiiiR nn a B. A.
in 1884. Five years later he was ad-
milted at Osgoode Hull, and practiced
law iu his native town. Ju 18H! ho
took up his resilience at New Westminster. He was electod to the Lr«-
islature at the last general election as
a supporter of tho Government of the
Hon, J. H, Turner, but "flopped"
wheu the Lieutenant-Governor, unconstitutionally dismissed his Ministers and so precipitated the crisis that
uow exists. Mr. Henderson will have
to go back to his coustituency for re-
eleotiou. Although a turn-coat he may
get in because thero are some who
prize a Cabinet minister more than
honor.    Mr.   Henderson   is a Liberal.
1 s
' I -.
til 111..- ..,   ■    .
Mines. Li    il ii,   i   c ._,,,      .i,    .
cutoNo iui.uk Intend mxty daya Hum Ihu
dato heroof, to apply to (lie Alining Uecorder
forCJertiUoateBoClmpmveinonif), for the pur
jiose of obtaining Crown Urontaot the above
And furlhertnke  notice that aetion, tinder
Bootlon P7» must bo oommenoad befoie the is-
Kuanco of such Cortlflonto of Ijnprovomentfl.
1 Intel l hi- ill li tiny uC.luly, IWtil.
Situate in tiik Nelson Mining Division in
the  District  ok   West   Kootenay*—
Wiikkk Located:—Between Eagle and
Fouty-nink Cheek.
ARK NOTIOK thnt I. Archie Mainwaring-
Julili-iin, ;n-i iiiK itr- ajri'iil f"r the Dunenii
Jiincs. Limited, (forvitfn.l Free Minor's Cortifl-
eaioNo. U 11.101), intend, nixly days from iho
datQ hereof, lo apply tC 1 lie Mitdng ltecoider
for L'crtlUcntos of Improvcinonts, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Urnnta of iho above
And further tako notice that notion, under
i-eetion ;j7, must be commenced before the jh
Bttaneo of Buoh CortlAcatea of Improvements.
Dated this sixth day of July, INK).
4i Positively the Best and
Most Comfortable I
Ever   Wore."
This is a common expression from our many customers
in referring to our
Male of the Very Best
Material, they combine, with
their own well -known wearing-
qualities, the elegance and
comfort of the most expensive
French corsets.
Price, $i.oo, $1.50, $2.00,
up to $5.00.
Wo, the undersigned, being applicant*for the
incorporation of u eoiupany lobe known aa the
NoIkod Kleetrie Tramway Company. Limited,
hereby give notice thai tho points between
I which it in proi osed lo build a tramway, and
the general route of nuch Lramwuy Is m follows:
Route 1. Starting ou a point on Front Street
in the City of Nelson, at or near itH intersection
with Hull Street in suid Cit>: thence Southwesterly on Front Street, t* Ward Street in
said City; thoneo South on Ward Street to Vei-
non Street in Bald City; thence Knst on Vernon
Street lo Jo-ephine Street in naid City; thence
South on.Josephine Street to Raker Street in
said City; being a distance of (0.80) eighty hundredths of a mile, more or less.
Route 1 Departing from Route I on Baker
Streetat Railway St'ret In said City; thence
We&ton Baker Street to the Western Boundary
of ihe City Limits of said City, being adlstance
of iu.1 tl fourteen hundredth* of a mile, more or
Route 3. Departing from Route 1 on Raker
Street at Jos-phinu Street; thence Kast on
Baker Street to Cedar Street in said City, be-
Idg a distance of tU.22) twenty-two hundredths
of a mile, more or less.
Route 4. Starting from a point on Front
Street at or nctir its interseetion with Hall
Street; thence Easlerly on Front Street to
Water Sireet in said City; thenco East on
Water Street to the Eastern Boundary of the
City of Nelson: thet.cein the Hume Addition
(beiug subdivision of Lot !)t>, Uroup 1, Wc-t
Kooteuay Di>trict), East on Chatham S.reetiu
Btild City to Rino Street in said City; thence
North on Fine Street to Anderson Street in
said n-iiy: th nee North (in -ulidivision of Lo.
68a, Group l, West Kootenay Dialrlotl; on jP'rie
S.rcet to it'dmsen Street in twid city; iheuo
i'.as on Behn^eit Str et to Maple aw eei in r>a d
iiy. tbuuee .N'lUi n Aluplu i*t UottOUWo<U
.--tioet in said C. j; theaiie nUBlon COltbltWuud
et eeltoMxih M.I0 t n -a d Cii j; With diema-
Famous English Tobaccos
CAPSTAN (Navy Cut)
;*:»T7777777rr77777777777777T77777X7777r77:rTT77:r 7777*7
Martin i'Be   s
ive iioweis of
deviaih ii
ii   the
OUtU l
t lhepo.nl
oi e
tl 11 11011
id r\
of Iho Ci'y
<ei tin
■ tl
'lion eo
,     Kill
K   l bcfi g
»    n
i ri
in-1 ii,j
h   Miiat
oi No
.-. ■   ; 1 .i>
it oak .-u.-
Hi .B.ilili  K.
\VK>T l'\KKII •■'!
XKLSON LODUK, No. 23. A. F. &}..
M. meetB second WedncHiluy in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox. Secretary.
First General MeetinRbf the Company
ir Held in Nelson.
Tbe first general meeting of the NelBon Electrio Tramway Company was
held at the Company's offices in Nelson
Mr. O. 8. Droramond presided and
tbere were also present Oapt. Dnnoan,
Railway Presents   a Lot and the Government Kindly Does the Rest.
Ymir Ang. 10. — (Special)—It is now
an assured fnot that Ymir is to have a
public school building. An appiopri-
ation was made during 1898 for this
purpose. The Nelson St, Fort Sheppard
Railroad Company promised to donate
a lot but through some dllly dallying
nothing was done. However the trustees now have the deed to a lot which
The Great Nortnern Railrond hus presented. The plans have arrived from
Viotoria and tenders are callod for
the erection of a building 28x114. The
tenders are to be sent to the trnstees
at Ymir and are to be in by the 21 st
day of Angust. The tenders urn all
soaled and are sent to Victoria where
tbe lands and works department make
the decision.   The trnstees here  have
■$$$%&'    *'  °' ^*  ^*     Kootenay Lodge
^EBBftnp   k'o. "1. meets every Monday ni^lit,
.^rP*^   ftL  tn(.j,   irrt])(  Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
K C Arthur, N. G.   John Vanstone, V. G.
Fred J Squirts,S*.y
NKI.SON    LODGK   No   •&, K. of   P.
Nmeets in I.O.O. F. hull,     IcDonald block
never?   Tue day  evoni ,;< nt 8 o'clock
JAll  v' "ting kn'^hts cordially invlled
ChasFhench, O. C.
(82(i) Geo. Hose K. ot It. and X.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Tbi'rsdiiy in tho I.O.O.F. hall. G 0
Williams. .I.I.W.: VV S Smith, Hoo.-Scc; J, ,1.
Driscoll. rTinancier; F. J Squire. Hcceivor, and
P. Mi W.
NhI,SON'13   QUEKN    NO.   241
SONS   OF    ENGLAND;   moots
llrst and    third   Wednesday   of
eaoh month at K. of l*. hall, Mac-
\A jjJ   Donald Block, cor.   Vernon  nnd
^■^7=-^   Josephine streets.   Visiting brethren cordially invited.
John Watson, Secretary.
OUHT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 813S mocw
1st and 8id Wednesday in each month In the
K of I* Hall. F w Bwanoll, O. D. a. tl. It.; J It
Green, O.K.: J. Furviss. Secy.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1092 moots in tho Mp.c-
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock* Visiting members cordially invited.
John Tovo, W. M.; V. J. Hradley, H. S.
NELSON AERIE No. '22, F. O. E., meets
every second and fourih Wednesdays of each
month. Viriitinii members cordially invlte-l.
J. H. Wray, Secretary.
I'm    -in >  i        ■ i-    . •
utillilii (l, Iho \\   oie ito n   -i   .   i  i<>     ut li --h
ne mil. aad i w ■ ie i -. " on >» . --
I (.utile 6. I'uparthiK 'nan Kouie 1 on ukoi
Citreet at Stanluj Ll'uol;. liei.cu Sontn on Stall
toy btreut to Mlms Uoud in Bald i.ity; thunwu
v^e^t ori All as Hoiid Cj Kootenay Strcut ins inl
t'iiy; tliente South on Kootenay Street io
Houston Street in said Citj; thenco East oh
HoUhtOh St.eel to iho Eastern Boundary of the
Lily i iniits of said City, being a disUi.co of
(11 10) one mile and one Unlh, more or JOBS.
KoutuSi Departlnx ttorn Houtfi on Stanley
Stre t at Houston St:cet; thoneo South on
Stanley Street to the -outflow boundary of
the City lJmilH, bolng a distance of iO21)
twenty ono hundredths of u mile, more or loss.
Route 7. Departing from Route 5 on Stanley
Street nt Mill Street, in said City; thenco East
on Mill Street tu toe Eastern I'outidury of the
sJlty of Nelson, being a distance of (u.4) four-
tenihsof a mile, more or \o-n
Dated at Nelson, Hrilish Columbia, this
twen'y-e'ghth day of July, A. D,, I8!)D.
F. W. FETfiKS.
Telephone Call, No. io.
Post Office Box, K and W.
Wholesale and Retail Meat. Merchants
■a    *—r     A a *. A. *
rftuch Mj> k»=ts in Ro«sland. Trail. Nelson. Kaslo
■    Th    - Porks, "view Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
LAMBERT & BUTLER,   London, Eng.
To be had at all Tobacco Stores in Town.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
46q NELSON, E C.
A First-Class Siili'smiin wnrjfeo fo represent ns in Nelsoi. 13.0. I'ud vieiniiv
i'or Hie sule of b, iilv Fru'u T.ees Oi'iia-
menial Tieep pad Shiu'os. Ove.' 80(1
ncres under CUlt'VP.tlot). We g.nw varieties of Btnek especially uoapced to
Briiisb Columbia, All stock guar. Dteed
flee lroin ble.aiaboE any kiT'i), nnd accompanied by.Government ce.'iflcnte
of inspection.    Write for terms to the
Turner Beeton & Co.
NfiLSON, B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Fresh   and   Salt  Meats.
Mail Orders receive  prompt
and careful attention.
Markets  at  Nelson   and  Ymir.


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