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Nelson Weekly Miner Aug 18, 1899

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Weelky   Edition No. 469.
Nelson,  British Columbia, Friday, August 18,  1899.*
Terth Year.
She Calls the Chief Erejfug Witness a Jndftg
— '£■ Bertulus /Asserts BiB Positive
(Jonvic, ion of His Innocence.
I.   '
Rennes, Aug. 17. —With the usual
attendance ami without any noteworthy incident the eeoond trial by
conrt martial of Captain (Dreyfus the
famous prisoner of Devil's Island) was
resumed this morning in the Lycee.
Previous to the opening of proceedings
it beoame known that Maitre Labori,
leading connsel for Dreyfuf>, was
slightly worse today. The fever contin-
ties to increase but it is believed that
he will attend oonrt on Monday, however.
In spite of the difficulties encountered by the defense today's session of
tbe court has opened brighter prospects
for the prisoner. Maitre Demange,
oounsel for the defense, evidently came
primed with questions and anbjeoted
General Roget, who resumed bis depositions on the opening of tbe court,
dealing with the theft of Esterhazy's
letters from Mademoiselle Pays, to a
warm crusB examination, Unfortunately Demange is not yet in a position
to go thoroughly over the whole ground
with some of the witnesses bnt General Roget will probably be recalled
later on. General Roget was unable to
conoeal his annoyance and anger when
M. Demange scored. Then came a
witness, who proved to be a splendid
reinforoement for Dreyfus. It was
M. Bertnlua, the examining magistrate, who received Lieutenant Colonel
Henry's confession of forgery. M. Bertulus gavo his testimony which was a
veritable speech for the defence Coming from a man of the high legal rep-
utition of M. Bertulus this evidence
raised tbe hopes of Dreyfus immensely,
as it apparently made a deep lmpes-
sion on the members of the court. M.
Jaures, the Socialist leader wns among
those present in court and remarked on
the oouolusiou of the magistrate's testimony: "This is mo first time that
the truth and the whole truth has been
told before the judges."
Drefus displayed keenest interest in
the statements of M Bortulus and appeared complotely absorbed iu his
words, straining forward to catch
every syllable.
M. Bertulus related the notable
interview between himself nnd Col
Henry in 1898, shortly before he committed suicide. This naturally was a
painful reoital for Mmo. Henry, the
widow, who was much distressed aud
wept silently os the dramatic sjouo,
whbn Bertuius nnd Henry proceed to
seal up the seized papers, was depicted.
The magistrate reoeated the whole
tory with emphasis and it had a great
effeot on the audienoe.
After recapitulating his other avi-
denoe before the Court of Cassation
M. Bertulus energetically affirmed his
belief in the innocenoe of Dreyfus; be
deolared the bordereau was iu three
pieces, not in little bits. He also said
it did not reach the war office hy ordinary ohannels. M. Bertulus also said
his belief in the innocence of Dreyfus
was based on doonments in the secret
dossier whioh he had teen But what
above all perturbed the witness, was
the entire nbsenoe of a motive which
oould have tempted Drefyus to commit
suoh a orirae. "Without motive,"
emphatically deolared the experienced
magistrate, "there was no crime. "
The earnestness with wbiih M. Bertulus insisted upon the innooenoe of
the aooused oreated a profound impression upon his hearers.
"Yon have been told" he said,
"that Dreyfus is guilty. For myself I
believe and believe profoundly in his
innoceno.1. If I come hore to toll you
so, yon will understand that it is
beoanse my conscience tells me, in so
doing, am performing a duty, an absolute duty. The Court of Cassation
has deolared the bordereau to be the
work of Esterhazy. Now the Conrt of
Cassation is the supreme authority in
all matters of this kind." (Sensation).
When the prisoner was asked if he
desired to rut any questions to the witness he answered in tho negative.
Hue. Henry then nsoendod the platform and, standing beside M. Bertulus, sho said :
"On July 18, the day my husband
oalled on M. Bertnlus, the colonel, in
oourse of a conversation that evening,
told me he had a friendly and charming reception. He^desoribed how the
magistrate wished to meet biro and
held out bis arms. I said to my husband, 'Are you sure of this man? Are
you sure he is sincere? I am much
afraid tbat his kiss was the kiss of
There Wfl« It great sensation in court
at this sbatementfof Mme. Henry.
"I was not wrong," she continued
amid the breathless interest of tbe
oonrt. "This man is indeed the Jodas
I imagined." Referring to the papers
whioh mrived at tbe same time as the
bordereau, Mme. Henry said: "The
papers were not all torn in a thousand
pieces; I was able to note that personally. Letters often came entire. M.
Bertnlus has maintained tbat everything arrived in pieoes; that is false. "
The oonrt here resounded with exclamations of surprise and Mme.
Henry concluded with saying: "I
have nothing more to say."
M. Bertulus said he did not desire to
raply to Mme. . Henry, adding: "She
is only a woman. "
"I am not a woman," exclaimed
Mme. Henry furiously."! speak in tbe
name of my husband. "
"How shall I reply to inadame?"
asked M. Bertulus, "She is defending
the name of a dead man aud thut of
her child. "   (Renewed sensation).
Aftor gazing steadfastly at M. Bertulus, who was greatly moved Mme.
Henry descended from the platform
nnd took a seat beside General Zurlin-
den. M. Bertulus then left the oourt.
Col. Pi .'quart was then called. He
protested most formally against all
suspicion of having caused the disappearance of any dooument relating to
Documents he added, had disappeared but he was not conneoted with their
disappearance. He also repelled with
scorn the assertion that he endeavored
to put another officer in the place of
the real author of the bordereau. "It
Is true." the witness continued,
"that the name of Captain Dorval, being mentioned to me as a dangeious
man, I bad him watched and d.> you
know Gentlemen, by whom Dorval
was denounced? By bis own cousin,
Major Du Paty de Clara."
The oolonel next outlined his connection with Dreyfus at the military college and afterwards at the ministry of
war, where, owing to the anti-Semite
prejudices of the general staff, he first
appointed Dreyfus to a department
where probationers had no direct oog-
nizanoe of the secret documents. He
tben described tbe consternation in the
war offloe when treason was discovered
and the belief experienced when it
was thought the guilty person had been
discovered. It was then, the witness
discovered the similiarity between the
hand writing of Drefyus and that of
tbe bordereau and he bad recourse to
Du Paty de Clam who was supposed
to have grapbologioal knowledge.
Then the witness described what he
characterized as "tbe irregular steps"
taken by General Meroier to aooom-
plish the arrest of Dreyfus. Referring
to dictation test the witness earnestly nnd emphatically affirmed that
ho saw no signs of purturbation in the
hand writing of Dreyfus on that occasion, aud moreover shortly nfter-
wardB, Du Paty do Clam admitted he
had not found a fresh obarge against
Dreyfus. "Beyond the bordereau" added tbe witness, "there was nothing
against Dreyfus, absolutely nothing."
His impression during the investiga-
ion was tbat the aooused's acquittal was
probable in the evidenoe was insufficient. Witness believed he bad even told
the Minister of War that the oondem
nation of the aooused cculd not he secured unless the court martial had
shown the seoret doonments which it
had been argeed to submit to the
oonrt. The colonel next declared thnt
in 1894 he did not know the contents
of the seoret dossier. But he believed,
like all other officers that it contained
frightful proofs against prisoner, but
when be became acquainted with its
oontonts, he found that his "former
impressions were entirely wrong."
(Prolonged sensation.)
Piequart tbon reoallod the vehement
protests of innocence whioh the prisoner had not ceased to make during
all phases of tbe degradation. The
witness deolared he was quite ignorant of the confessions Dreyfus is alleged to have made to Captain Renault.
Continuing, Col. Pioquart defended
himself against tbe oharge that hi had
always directed his effort towards the
re habitation of Dreyfus. He said be
hnd only directed tbe investigations
made to that end when bo became
aware that the writings of Esterhazy
and the bordereau were identical and
tbat consequently tbe charges against
Dreyfus no longer existed.
During the oourse of his depositions,
Col. Pioquart asked to be confronted
with Major Du Paty de Clam and to
be permitted to deal with some peculiarities with Du Paty de Clam iu the
witness bcx.
Next the oolonel examined the bordereau and deolared Dreyfua oould not
havo disclosed part  of  it.   Regarding
Business, However, Has Been Restricted.
Slooan Oountry Ib Very
A Splendid Showing for a Few Months
of Development—Description of
a Mod-1 Camp.
(Continued en Fourth Puge.l
London, July 29.—(Speoial Correspondence)—The markets generally
have been good and in come cases substantial advanoes in prices bave taken
place. The good dividends in the English Rail market have caused them to
rise, Americans tbere too have bad a
good rise whioh is being engineered
from Wall street, aB tbe British publio begin to think tbat
some of them are high enough,
In the mining market generally tbe
favorites have beeu West Australian
whioh have had Bonie very substantial
rises viz:
Lake View Consols at   £25  3-8  aud
look as if they are going to £30, Ivan
hoes  are    also  mnoh   higher.   Great
Bouldeis have   scored   a  consiaerable
Associated are well on the way to
£12. Gold Horsehoej have improved.
West Australian Gold Fields have
improved to £30 on good buying, nnd
Hampton Plains have kept pretty Arm.
Lady Sheltons have beeu steady. Kal-
gurh and South Ealgurli bave improved, and Peak Hill are rouoh firmer on
the issue of a favorable director's report oontradioting all the reoent unfavorable rumors. Tbjse shares a-e
likely to take a sudden jump any day.
Brownhill Extended have reacted on
profit-taking, and True Blue and East
Murcbison United were slightly easier.
Renewed efforts are beiug made to
rig the various so-called oheap shares.
Paringas and Phoenix are nominally
better, and Chaffers bave bsen manipulated upwards ; but operators would
do well to leave those shares severely
The West Australian market Trnst
group has been muoh more in evidenoe
although Market Trust and J- irt
Stock Trust shares have remained
steady. Central und West Boulder
South bave improved, and Orya aro
The tone for British Columbian
mines b::s been firm, in sympathy
with other markets, but business has
been restrioted. Le Roi have improved on the view, as repeatedly expressed by us, that the falling off in the
output is merely temporary. British
American Corporation are also firmer.
Velvets have been strong on the favorable news from the mine and should
soore a fresh advance. Ymir have
hardened, and Athabasca are steady.
Cripple Creek shares have met with
some attention, Stratton's Independence and Lillie being ohiefly  favored :
Tbe crisis in tho Transvaal is practically at an end. The steady pressure
whioh has been nut upon (Join Paul
bas brought him to his senses, and he
is now giving way slowly but sorely,
a seven years retrospective and pros
peotrie franchise measure having been
adopted by tbe Volksraad. It is evident that a modus Vivendi for a settlement bas now been found, and President Kruger seems to be in that frame
of mind, in which, in case of need, he
will go a step further and adopt Sir
Alfred Milner's proposals in their entirety. Other favorable points were
the announcement that arrangements
had been made to cancel the dynamite
monopoly and tho easier money market. The tension having thus beeu
sensibly relieved, tbe market for South
Afrioan shares has taken the bit into
its month and gone sharply ahead, au
inportant reoovery being led, as usual
by Rand mines. These shares have
now improved;to £4144, Consolidated
Goldu'elds 7 anrt;% East Rands toj 7
3-16. Other miuing and finance shares
have advanced in  proportion.
BnstnesB in Indian mines has quieted down somewhat, and ohnnges bave
been few, Balaghat have further improved, but Ooreguin have reacted.
New Zealand mines are still in a lifeless condition, and what changes have
taken place are for tbe worse. Waihi
have dropped, and Waitekauri are
Though the oowardly sbocting ot
the ooonsel nf Capt. Dreyfus attracts
widespread attentions in tho Dominion as in all parts of the civilized
world there is an additional reason
why Canadians should feel a paticular
interest in the dreadful affair. Madame Labori.tbe wife of the victim, is
a Canadian. She is a daughter of
Capt. O'Key of K< ntville, Nova Scotia, and her sifter is married to Dr.
Wocdworth of Kentville.
This information wbs given to the
Globe last night by a Nova Scotia
gentleman, who io acquainted with the
Capt. O'Key is quite well to do and
the family has travelled a good deal
in Eorope; consequently it is altho-
gethar likely that' it was in Paris tnat
Madame Labori, then Miss O'Key,met
the diatingnished roan now her husband. -Viotoria Globe.
LaBt March Dr. Doolittle of Toronto
dropped into Nelson on his way home
from California where be had been inspecting some of bis mining properties. He was to be here ouly a few
days but before he could escape he was
induced to ?)ioib up Toad Mountain
through six feet of snow and dig down
to look at a claim that wns generally
accredited as a wildcat, Bnt he made
up his mind that tbere was something in it nnd took a bond on tbe property on behalf of himself and Toronto
capitalists. That his judgment was
good bas beeu amply demnnstrnteed
since, for today the Venn? is one of
tbe most likely looking prospects in
the Nelson camp. Thu payments on
tho bond were made promptly and
yesterday the Doctor paid over the
last $5000 so now his syndicate has tbe
Venus group—in which there are soven
claims—for better or for  worse.
Aooompauied by the Doctor a Miner
representatire rode up to tho Venus
yesterday to Bee if all the good things
said about the properly were true.
The Venus is, in bee line, a mile
and a half from Nelson and three
quarters from the Athabasca wagon
road, Tho ride up the mountain gives
one of tbe prettiest views of Nelson
that can lie secured anywhere and in
fact opens a grand rniiornrun of Oity,
water and mountain. Iu a little over
au hour the model camp was reached.
There a dinner that would do justice
to any holel in Nelson was spread before tbe scribo who can speak feelingly
ou this subject as be wai as hungry aa
newspaper men generally are. If a
man's first thought is his stomach Dr.
Doolittle bas given his men reason to
think that the first thought bas been
admirably attended to.
When tho property wrs first examined
on the first of April tbere were two
parallel'ledges running on ihe surface,
north east and south west. Those were
supposed to be the main ledges.
Tbere was also what was supposed to
be a stringer uncovered about 20 foet
from tbe side line of tbe Venus. This
bad been traced on tbe Juno, the
adjoining property, for several hundred feet but no work was done ou it
as it ran at rigbt angles to
what was supposed to be tbe main
ledge of that property. ThiB stringer was followed down the hill, as
it ran at rigbt angles to the strike of
tbe hill, in order to examine the outcrop where it orossed the two supposed
main ledges. With six feet of snow
and in very heavy tiinbar the vein
could only be found by making oross
cuts on tho line of its course. These
cross outs were made at intervals ofj a
hundred feet and the vein,a few inches
wide under the grass roots, waa looated
in every instance lying in a mass of
more or less decomposed rock. At the
seventh crosscut, however, the vein
was found less decomposeajand measured over forty inches lu^width just under the grass roots and this was the
rioh strike which was reoorded in Tbe
Miner at the time. Assays from two
to twenty odd dollars had been obtained from the previous cross|outs, and sev
eral carefully taken average assays here
showed the valuo to be rather better
than $40 per ton while a pioked sample
ran 1152.80.
The whole showing was so satisfactory that Dr. Doolittle had no hesitation in making the first payment on
the bond. Active development work
was then commenced, a commodious
cabin built and a tunnel run In on thu
vein at tbo point where, the strike was
made. This tunnel was run for 85
feet in good|pay ore, averaging from $20
to $40, tbe average width of tbe quartz
being about 18 inches. At 85 feet tbe
ore shute waB run through, although
the walls of the vein remained per-
feot, with gouge aud vein matter
whioh assayed several dollars. It was
decided to discontinue work ou tbis
tannel as No. 2 tunnel lower down the
hill, was mnking depth more rapidly.
No. 2 was commeuced when No. 1 wna
in 25 feet and out tbe vein lower
down, giving a stope of about 125 feet.
At 90 feet the ore, which from the
grass rent in, had been tbe same as in
No. 1, except that it averaged two feet
iu width, ran out, tbe wall remaining perfect thut_ being filled with nor
phyry. After going abnut 20 feet
through this matter,stringers of quartz
appeared on both walls and at 110 feet
a strong vein waB on the hanging
wall. At the present length, 180 feet,
the ore averages about 16 inohea in
width with   seam of ore  feeding in
from thotfoot wall side,the whole vein
averaging about 3,'.2 feet. Tbe dip of
tbe hill is about 30 degrees down to
tbis point but below No. 2 it is leas
steep and ia covered with considerable
wash, through wbiob a tunnel is now
being driven to catch the ledge at a
perpendicular depth of 300 feet below
No. 2. An abundance of float is being
enoountered in the wash. One large
boulder being broken up aud assayed
gave $44.40. This third tunnel will
out tbe property at a depth of between
700and 800 feetouthe vein and will be
the main working tunnel for the upper
ground. With the vein loeatedfurther
down the hill, a depth in tunneling
can be obtained of over one thousand
feet while by running a oross cut tunnel from the wood Blide on the Cosmopolitan, one of the group, a depth of
nearly 2000 feet is possible. Thj
surface showings are continuous from
tbe point where tbe vein crosses the
boundary line of the claim to fho low-
eat present workings, a dislin:e of
about a thousand feet uud wherever
the vein haB been <.nt pay ore has beeu
obtained. The average for tho entire
work is between $20 and $30. A mill
teBt of 13 tons was made and gave
a gold brick of 14'2 ounces.
It will be easily seen that the Venus
gives promise of developing into oue of
the richest mines of the district aud
aa tbe ore is] entirely free milling it
oan bo treated at a very low oost. The
orejblocked out between the first and
seoond tnnnels in the first 80 feet alone
represents tbe value of $20,000. The
ore is very heavily loaded with brown
iron, whioh, in tbis oauip, always carries gold, aud in the surface ore shute,
deaoribed above, is tbo best sample of
free milling ore tbat any mine iu the
diatriot has prodnced.
Tbe second ore shute,into which No.
2 tunnel is now drifting, shows considerable quantities of galena and
zinc, being practically identical with
that of the Athabasca on tbe other side
of the hill, the Venus vein being considered to be the Athabasca vein. It
lies in the syenite, closely paralleling
the granite, a huge dyke of syenite
cutting across the country here, near
whose hanging wall is found tho vein
of the California, Exchequer, Athabasca and Venus.
The Venus oamp ia admirably situated in heavy timber with a spring
of pure water ont of the granite being
just above the cabin door. The camp
was laid ont by Dr. Doolittle who
brought his medioal knowledge tc bear
in laying out a thoroughly sanitary
camp. A complete little waterworka
system is operated from tbe spring,
the water running through pipes to the
waah bouse, kitoheu and meat house.
In the latter it breaks over successive falls, and being ice cold, keeps the
temperature at a degree sufficiently
low to ensure tbe safe keepiug of fresh
raeatB and provisions. No refuse is
allowed to acoumulate on the grounds
and all garbage iB regularly cremated.
While the dootor has no ill feeling towards the members of his profession
in Nelson be will see tbat they get no
typhoid patients from his oamp. Other
raining men who are about tc iay out
camps might gain a great deal of valuable information by visiting tbe Venus. The Miuer man can swear to the
exoellent condition of the fresh meat.
Tbe camp consists of u bunk honse
with accommodation for 28 men, ment
house, commodious dining room and
kitchen 24x24, office uud cook's and
superintendent's quarters, powder
house, and blacksmith shop.
Twenty two men were on the pay
roll last month doing development
work nnd bnilding. Eleven men are
now on development and this number
will be increased in a few days as soon
as No. 8 tunnel is opened up. A
stamp mill is among the probabilities
for next year. At present a survey is
beiug made of the olaims.
Fjmpathisers   a   Frosty   Crowd.
Report of Tuesday's Game
at Viotorh.
Great   Destruction    of    Timber nnd
Property in  New  York State.
Watertown, N.Y., Aug. 17.—A large
portion of northern New York including tbe counties of Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis are boiug swept by
fierce forest fires that havo already destroyed thousands of dollars of valuable timber land, and which threatened to do moie serious damage uuless
quenched by a' heavy rain. Reports
received from different locatities in
this and other counties this afternoon
show th t the situation is vory serious.
In the southern part of tbis country
iu tbe vicinity of Sn.ithville, thousands of acres of timber land have
been burned ont. A dispatch from
Antwerp says that Copley's big woods
are on fire and dwelling houses on the
outskirts of tho village are in danger of
destruction. Many families have
moved out fearing the flames will
reaoh their houses. From; Philadelphia to Clayton and from Black River
to Lowville the fires are raging. Thousands of farmers are fighting tbe
Nanaimo, B. C.,;Aug. 17.—(Special)
—Nelson has beaten Nanaimo by 5
games to 4. The game contrasted
with previous matches in tbat there
was a certain element of roughness
which was anything but pleasant.
Tbe orowd of spectators apparently
resented Nelson's suooess for when
anyone of our men happened to distinguish himself crips_of "Kill him. "
and the like were heard.
Blaokwood was knooked out owing
to rough play and several others of
the Nelsou team were more or less
damaged. Nelson wnn the second, third,
fourth, eighth and ninth games. At
fnll time the scores were equal so it
was deoided to piny an extra seven
minutes during which timeNelson won
the deciding game amid studiously
preserved silence of the onlookers
There wire several squabbles during
the gamss between the rival players.
Tonight the Yaoht Club entertained
tho visitors. A orowd of guests bare
be ;u invited by the club to a moonlight excursion. We expect to bave a
good time. The men should be in good
oondition to meet New Westminster
on Saturday. T ley are improving in
team play.
Viotoria Colonist: The Nelson lacrosse team met the James Boy twelve
at Caledonia Park yesterday afternoon,
and at the same time met defeat, the
score against them reading 4 to 8. It
wns not the highest class lacrosse at
any stage, but it served to enthuse the
assembled spectators tboronghly and to
demonstrate that tbe Nelson team
hnvo in them tbe material from whioh
an A 1 aggregation oan be bnilt np
with time and praotice. Individually
tbe visitors from tbe shore of Kootenay Lake are as expert stick-handlers
ns close checkers, as well versed in
the tricks of the game, and as fleet-
footed as tbe meu of anyjother team in
the Province. Their tonble is an uncertainty of themselves and of their positions, added to insufficient team praotice.
Of tbe visitors, Rev. A. W. Haylor,
of the home field, Delvin, Perrier,
Thompson, Grant, Jeffs, and Lynoh,
were the [.bright particular stars, tbe
last named being a boat in himself at
cover point, quite oapable of oaring
for any ball tbat came into his ^terri-
tory hut erring continually in the direction of grand stand performances. It
is quite possible that tbis arose through
his nnfamiliarity with bis team mates
and an insatiable appetite for work
and victory—that when tbe team shall
have been taugbc to .work together, he
will have no disposition to play the
game alone and be quite content to be
a perfect part in the perfect   machine.
Hayer, whom tbe small boy; quiokly
learned to irreverently bail as "Far-
son, '' Grant, Devlin and Perrier.play-
ed their positions thoroughly, while
lacking some of the lightning, brilliancy, and surenesB on the ball that
made Lynch conspicuous; and the team
gave numerous illustrations of running
passes and gronnd passes whioh might
be classed as the specialties of their
concerted play.
Both teams in tbeir original arrangement wen overbalanced with the advantage to the defence section, a fact
whioh Nelson openly admitted towards
the close of the day, when in the forlorn hope of saving the battle, change
about was made, and a majority of tbe
stars sent into the home field, leaving
the road to the green and white flags
virtually open, yet making tbe attaoks
so hot ahd persistent that Viotoria had
a thoroughly sufficient oontraot in de-
feuding their own gronnd.
The favor of the grandstand was
evenly divided. A good play by a
Nelson man was ns sure of being rewarded with unstinted applause as a
clever run, dodge, or oatoh by a Vio-
torian. It is even probable that a plebiscite of the spectators would have
shown the majoritv anxious for a visitor- victnry. Perhaps it was beoause
they had come so far out of pure love
of sport; perhaps it was beoanse of
their being missionaires for a broadening of the field of sport in British Columbia and tbe oloaer union of Kootenay and the Coast; perhaps for thejrea-
sou tbat tbey are all good fellows'aud
cannot help mnking friends. In any
event Victorians will not be satisfied
until the Bays have tbe pleasure of
crossing sticks with them again, if
possible as rivals for the championship
iu the last year of tbe century.
Until tben—as Premier Semlin said
in placing tho ball for yesterday's engagement—"good luck go with tbe
boys"—their stare from goal to inside
home, their mascot and their megaphone, yeajind verily their battleory
which (.nce'hoard is not soon to be forgotten :
"Anizepore, anizepore, vipore,   bum—
Bum   get a   rattrap  bigger  than   a
Bum get a rattrap bigger than a oattrap;
Canapus; Canapus
Rab, Hah, Bah."
NelsonWeekly Miner
pay it all, even for the transportation
of the exnerts. And all the while hundreds go starving for fruit.
Published Daily except Monday.
N'klson Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
D. J   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Very few readers of Tbe Miner have
ever beard of Victonaville, or have the
;slightest notion where it is. And
readers nf The Miner will rank among
thu most intelligent in the Dominion.
They do not know where Victoriaville
is, and they will scan in vain any
map of Canada in search nf it. It iB a
little country village in the county of
Arthahasca, Quebec. Just helore prorogation Parliament voted it $8,000
Revertijg to tbe suggestion made by i for a public   building.    Arthubuscu   is
J el son Mln :r Printing & PubllshlngCo
The Victoria Globe, that a oonvention
be oalled for the purpose of pulling the
Opposition together nnd putting  it into aervioeable shape, it may be well to
observe tbat tbere is   no  occasion  for
burry.    It was at first proposed to hold
the convention  at   New   Westminster,
aud during the progress  of  the   cam-
piign.    Tbe latter, ut any rate, is now
out of tbe question, ns nomination hns
been fixed for the r.'nci aud polling   for
the 24th.    It would   be   impossible   to
oall a convention to assemble within a
week    And  it  wonld be  impolitic if
it W9re possible, for it wonld be a case
of much haste and'little speed.    There
can be no convention held in  time   to
influence the New   Westminster  election.    If the Opposition cannot  defeat
Mr. Henderson   without   auoh  aid  as
that, we had better accept his election
with suoh resignation as we cun  command and put our house   in  order   fur
the next event.    To do tbis to the best
advantage it will  pay to proceed with
deliberation.   Mr.    Henderson's  election, if it  has   to   ba  conceded,   will
afford the Government only suoh comfort or safety aa is to be obtained iu   a
respite; no one supposes  that   it  will
confirm it in possession.    It can go  on
until the House meets,   and the House
need not meet for half n year yet.
That will give ample opportunity for
deliberate action, and it will be wis
dom to take advantage of it. The gen
eral impression at the Coast, where
these things are better understood,
would seem to be that Mr. Turner
would prefer not to bo encumbered
with the responaibility of leaderalnu,
but to be left free to devote that attention to hiB private affairs which to.i
long neglect has rendered neceasary,
And in any case it is thought that be
is entirely out of the running in the
raoe for the Premiership. This, if we
are to assume it as tbe actually existing
situation, makes reorganization necessary. With the Opposition without a
leader, and with the changes involved
in the deposition of Mr Martin, there
is abundant excuse for a convention to
consider tbe situation and to prepaid
for faoing it.
The appointment of a leader is the
exolusive prerogative of the members
of the Legislature who compose the
Opposition ; bnt no donbt they would
be governed largely by tbe sentiment
of a convention, and the latter at any
rate would be oharged with tbe duty
of prescribing a line of Opposition pol-
ioy. There is work for the representative assembly suggested by The Globe,
and if undertaken deliberately and
earnestly it cannot hut result in great
publio advnnatge.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's native county,
and Victoriaville is iu tho neighborhood of bis home. Tbat is the explanation of the vote, such ns it is. In
comparison with Nelson it is too insignificant for mention. It is of no
importance uow, and.never will be of
importune. Yet it gets $8,000 for a
public building, while places of real
oouseqoeiice go hoplessly begging.
There is virtue of having it Premier as
A popular lawyer of the coutsitu-
ency, Mr. Roid. will oppose the new
Attorney General in Westmiuster.
It is said (hat Mr. Joseph Martin will
take a band in tbe game aud piny his
best for Mr. Reid. It is not necessary
to pnt the most implicit faith in this
statement, although possibly it is true,
When Mr. Martin is thoroughly moved
he is not careful to bo governed by
rules which ordinary mortals feel
bouu 1 to respect, nnd be hns certainly
been moved by recent events. Whether
be can bo of service to the Opposition
candidate is another question, If all
those who are disposed to regard tho
Govenment .vith distrust will vote as
tbey feel in any case, there is a good
chance that tbeir ranka will be reinforced by 8tray ones hero and there
whom Mr. Martin will be able to influence. The danger is that his appear,
nnce on Mr. Reid's platform may drive
away more than he oan draw.
The Toronto Monetary Times keeps
an ey j on British Columbia. The other
day it was our plums ;now it ia apples.
It bad been discussing the outlook
of the apple trade generally, in the
oourse of whioh we gathei the interesting information tbat tins year Canada will export something over 800,000
barrels of apples, the largest quantity
in the history of the trade. Leaving
Ontario and Nova Scotia, tbe principal
shipping Previnces, it turns to British Columbia, and obaerves with satisfaction tbat tbe Fruit Grower's Association have made arrangements to
employ an expert packer and shipper
from California during the season.
There will be a series of meetings, at
which the expert will attend, to give
instructions ns to the most improved
methods of grading and (packing tbe
different varieties of fruit. It is hoped
tbat all this will result in plaoing the
shipping industry on a sound basis.
It is added that "tbe O. P. R. people
have promised to give free transportation to the expert and to furnish a first-
class refrigerator car servioe."
That is very kind of tbe O. P. R.
people, or very businesslike, according as you chooae to view it. But a
great number of people who are
not of the O. P. R, and who are not
truit abippera, the great army of consumers, In a word, would muob prefer if the O. P. R. would make the ex
pert pay his footing like the rest of ns,
and the shippers pay for the accommodation provided them. If they
would do this they might posBibly
afford to cut freight rates on fruit, and
so bring down tbe prices as to put
that heathfel and even necessary food
prodnot within the reaoh of all cf us.
That would appear to be the sensible,
aa it would oertainly be the honeBt,
polioy. But it is a polioy uot affeoted
by railway corporations. They will do
everything to promote the shipping
trade, beoanse it makes business for
themselves; and what they expend in
this way they take out of the consumers, together with a profit over and
above that will guarantee a comfortable dividend.   The poor   oonaumers
Action Taken Against tho Newly   Appointed Hospital House Surgeon.
"Tho College of Physoiaus and Surgeons have instructed Messrs. Elliott
& l.ennio to institute proceedings
against Dr. Rose the newly appointed
surgeon of the Kootenay Lako General
hospital. Dr. Rose baa reaigned bis
position as bouse surgeon bnt will remain at the hospital until he has quailed under the Provincial statutes."
The above notice was sent to The
Miner by the officers of tbe Kootenay
Lake General Hospital. Doctors,
when coming to British Columbia from
other Provinces or countries, mnst puss
an examination before the College of
Physicians and Surgeons before practicing. However.it is customary when
the new arrrlvnl is a reputable prac*
tioner and comes well intiodned to allow him a little leeway nnd not to
stiok to the very letter of the law.
Tne examination of course, mnst be
passed, but no undue hasto is exercised
in briuging it on. Before Dr Rose
left Montreal for hero Dr Roddick, M.
P., probably the most prominent doc
tor in Canada, wrote the College (if
Pbysini.iUB and Surgeons at Victoria,
stating thnt Dr. Rose was coining to
take his position in the hospital, that
he was a very capable man and ihat
he hoped nothing would be done to
hinder him from starting on his duties
at once. Since arriving in Nelson Dr,
Roae bns been communicating with
the oollege aud expected to hear from
them concerning his examination any
day. Word reached him through a
channel that was not expected to be
heard from. There is a nigger in tho
fence somewhere.
The hospital directors meet today to
decide what is to be done. Dr. Rose
has meanwhile resigned bnt he will
praotically continue his preseut duties
as it will be nn easy thing to appoint
him head nurse, or even caretaker,
and let him go ahead. It is likely
that a petition, signed by all tbe doctors in the Oity, will bo forwarded to
the college, praying that Dr. Rose lie
allowed to continue in his duties until be passes his examination. He is
willing^to take it aa soon as called
made  from the broad leafed Connecticut plant.
Lastly o imes the "wrapper" or out-
sile covering made from a fine soft and
pliable leaf grown in Sumatra. This
leaf is very costly but ns only one leaf
is used for each cigai the quantity required is less.
Tne first process after unpacking (he
leaf frcm the bale is "casing " This
consists of moistening the leaves by im-
ersing them in water so as to separate
them and roll them out " wrappers" are more delicately hnudled ihan
"fillers" being hand sprinkl d with
After the "casing" the leaves are
taken upstairs to one of the rooms in
the factory and there undergo what is
known as "stripping" i. e. removing
the stein from the leaves. Ibis ia a
serious operation from the manufacturer's point of view aa the stem is
equal to oue third of the weight of
the tobacco. Duty and freight is paio
on the leaf, stein and all, no rebate being allowed for the useless portions
After the stem hns beeu removed tbe
leaves are laid out separately on canvass trays aud sent to the drying room.
Now commences tbe manipulation.
Tbe workman seats himself at au official looking desk and is supplied with
a number of "filler" leaves These
he rolls together, covers with a€"binder" leaf and places each embryo cigar
iu a wooden mould. Thoy are tben put
iu a press, taken oat and banded to
another workman who completes the
process by potting ou the wrapper."
fastening it on with tiagiciuth, an
Odorless and tasteless gum. The finest
quality of cigars however, are not subjected to the press but are made entirely
by hand. A smart workman oan turn
out about 1400 hand made cigars a week
(of 48 hours) and about 20 per cent
mine of pressed cigars.
The newly made cigars are then taken into the paokiug room where they
uro carefully "shaded" i. e. assorted
according to colur, packed into cedar
boxes, fastened and labelled with
those seductive blue labels which nre
so well known in Kootenay.
| Tbe boxes are all nut into the bonded warehouse and taken out under ofH
cinl inspection when required for sale.
Mr. Sims is a believer iu green
c igars : after foul months he considers
that tobacco loses its aroma. He declines to give any oredit to tho taste of
tbe club oonnoiseur JuJ England who
likes a matured Havana some three or
four years old, ns dry as tinder. It is
really a question of tiiBte for the Brit,
isber would as soon smoke n roll of
cabbage aa a green cigar until he has
acquired the taste for the same.
Mr. Sims considers that, if the
finest leaf is used, a Canadian domestic cigar is just as good as one of
Hnvnua manufacture. The duty on
imported cigars in Canada averages $40
per 1000. In order to sell at a profit
cigars cannot be purchased in Havana
at a' higher price thau $20 per 1000
whereas good cigars thero cost double
tbat amount. The consequence ia thai
tbe imported cigars sold in Canada are
made of inferior tobaccojand bave but
thoir name to recommend them.
The local article is made of the
finest quality of tobacco and when it
is stated that tbe average sale from
the Nelson factory is 15,000 a week,
tho popularity of their brand goes
without   saying.
Havana cigars like Egyptian cigarettes are mis-uoiuers. There is no
tobacco grown in Havana fit for cigar
mannacture nor is there any toboooo in
Egypt. Havana is the factory for
mnking oignrB out of the tobacco imported there from Cuba, in tbe same
way as Alexandria and Cairo are tb
factories for making cigarettes out of
tobacco imported from Turkey and
Asia Minor.
some tuirets, also of terra cotta, will
crown the top. Over the arched
main entrance a cow's bead will stand
out prominently aud in some pretty
sjroll work there will he "Burns,
18fl!l." Very elaborate pannnls will
also be of terra cotta and where that
material is not used the fiont will be
of pressed brick. Mr. Burns' friends
should wait upon him this m -ruing
and insist thnt he carries out tbe work
as planned even if it doeo cost a good
deal mre than an ordinary frout
would. As long nB somebody else pays
for it there is uot a man m town who
is not very anxious that Nelson ahonld
bave the most artistic building in the
Province. H. Brook, president, and
Josiph H. Spear, manafser.nf the Washington Brick, Lime and Manufacturing Company of Spokane, which will
supply tne terra coita and pressed brick
arrived in the City last evening with
the designs for the decorative work
and will settle the matter with Mr.
Burns today.
This company is ulsn supplying the
terra cotta designs and pressed brick
for the Bank of Montreal huilding
The Miner was shown photographs
of somo of the designs thnt will be
nsed nn the exterior ol the bank block
aud hey nre very artistic. All the
material will reach the City by Men
day next and work on the building
will be re umed next week.
The Fnrcial   Seige of the Anti-Semite
League's Office ill Paris Continued
Paris, Aug. 10.—M. Joseph Lacier,
anti-Semite und anti-Revisionist member of the Chamber of Depulies for
Gei's, and M Massard, manager of La
Patne, held a consultation today with
Premier WnldeckRjusseau's [secretary
on behalf of M. Guerin, the president
of the anti-Semite league, who with
other sympathizers has been barricaded, since Saturday, iu the office of
the league, regarding the terms uuder
which the latter would surrender.
Tho secretay said it waa essential tbat
tbe lnw should be upheld but that the
Government was as anxious as the
mediatoMo effect a bloodleaa arrest.
Further conferences on the aubjeot
hnve its announced come to nothing.
Weekly   Sale   of   the Fragrant  Weeds
Manufactured   in   This Oity
is Over 15,000.
"Will yon have a cigar?"
This queation wus addressed by Mr.
Sims, tbe courteons manager of the
Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company to a Miner reporter who happened j
to be loafing down Baker street ou
tbe off chance of an item of news.
Now no well regulated newspaper men
refuses any gift (be haa no time to
look at its "mouth") and the offer
waa of oourBe accepted and supplemented with a desire to see how a cigar
was mode.
Mr. Sims   responded   with   alacrity
and  conductod   the   man   of    letters  'rne Building Material Will Be Finally
through a narrow   tunnel down to tho Deoided Upon Today,
cellar.    Here   were bales   of     tobacco ' '
leaves,freshly arrived from Ouba.await-      jjr.   P. Burna   arrived   in the  City
"ThteZlhT'KifroTtobacco used   «* «""*-■«« "ft™ *— **
for making cigars. Tho principal com- what kind of a front his Baker street
pouent part of a cigar is the "filler" | block will have. Tbo Miuor was
which is praotically   the   whole  cigar j shown the plans last night and if they
qV.l.S'S'S'nlgi"".-.   ft'^WS h™rled   ?*"»*»'?*   »   ^
filler"   and therefore it is  necessary | handsomest   ill   Western   Canada Jaod
tbat the tobacco   oomposing  the  same j there will be   nothing   in   the   north-
Anytbing Bnt   the Truth is  Used   as
an   Argument.
The editor of The Tribune, lies awake
at night endeavoring to invent, some
story of the manner in which The
Miner ia juggling with the truth in
speaking of the effect of the eight
hoor law on the business of the country. In spite of the fact that lmsimss
is at a standstill in every place adjacent to Nelson the Tribune comes out
every morning cheernlly lying about
tbe flourishing oondition of tilings
generally. But yesterday it was worse
than ever as this delightful bit of prevarication was indulged in :
.Tauies Lawrence returned last night from a
business Irip to Ymir, He says that business is
improving mult bat there are no idle men around
the Loun. More prospecting nnd assessment
work is being done Llitin in any previous year,
and the raerohants are doing a good outfitting
Mr. Lawrence was seen by a Miner
reporter yesterday nnd when his attention wns drawn to tho paragraph,
denied emphatically that he had
oven seen a representative of The Tribune, "And anyway" he said, 'I
coold lint have talked such rot as I
found the business ut Ymir paralysed.
Two merchants have closed their
stores mil there is absolutely nothing
going on.'"
Commercial travelers In Nelson yesterday corrobor ted M. Lawrernce's
statements. One drummer did not go
ns far as opening bis samples as be saw
at a 'glance, thnt the eight hour law
haf, ruined tho business of tho town so
thoroughly that it wns no use trying
I to sell a bill of goods. Similar reports
are coming in daily from all the Slocan towns :tne merchants are not buying goods and business houses nre closing. But The Tribune will kpep on
whooping it np for the eight hour lnw
and showing how business is flourish-
It is credited everywhere that Lieut.
Dan Godfrey's British Guards Band as
musicians are par exoellencn. Our
New York critics are as one on tbis
point. Equally famous are they then
as soldiers. Warriors are they who at
one timo or another have laid aside
their musical instruments to battle for
their Queen and country. ForemoBt
amongst them may be mentioned,
Brady, the trombone player. He wears
on his breast fonr decorations for deeds
of valor and distinguished bravery.
He followed Lord Roberts to Oabul;
wna present at the battle of Tel el Ke-
ber ; fongbt in tbe Afghan campaign,
and has the Humane Society's medal
for saving life at sea.
Sergeant Ketskemity haa the Egyptian Stars and Clasps, also the distinguished Service Order medal, whioh is
considered equal to tbe Victoria Cross,
for conspicuous bravery on the field of
battle. A glauce at the members of
tbe band shows nearly every man with
some deooration dangling at his breast
which bespeaks for hiro a place
amongst men.
As fine a looking lot of soldier-musicians as one seldom is given to look
npon aro the members of Lieutenant
Godfrey's world-renowned band.
Their playing is only equalled by
their bravery.
The Bugle Band of the Nelson Rifles
have reoeived their bugles and the
nmforms will he ordered shortly. S.
Foster, formerly bngln major of the
Governor-General's Foot Gunids. Ottawa, has been appointed bugle major
of the local corps. The lads hnve already had some drilling in marching
and bugle practices will hereafter be
held three times a week in the hall
formerly used by the Odd Fellows.
A meeting of the members of theHband
wus held laBt evening. Capt. Hodgins
waa eleoted President and Clarenoe
Goepel Sec-Treas. The members of
tbo band are: Buglers—Clarence D.
Goepel,      Jaok   Bnunerman,   Charles
• , Wilmot   Stead,   Homer   Mc-
L«nu ; drummers—Earnest Manhart,-
1st, Bert Johnson, 2nd, Fred Whittet,
:ird. As the Nelson Rifles have no
mouoy tj equip the bugle band the
boys themselves have undertaken tho
tusk of raising the necessary funds.
Tbo citizens have contributed very
generously but there is still room for n
lew more dollars.
Especially the knowledge where to buy SHOES
that are reliable—that you can depend upon
for good service—is worth one hundred times
the theory of BARGAINS.
Put your money into Reliable Goods, and you will
lose no sleep over it.
Disston's Saws.
We Will Never
Confine ourselves to one Brand or Blend of Tea simply, beoanse
we know from actual experience that there is hardly two persons who like tbe same Brand or Blend ot Tea.
While we carry in J mums—Young Hyson, Spider Leg and
Gunpowder. In Blacks—Indian-Pekoe, Souchong, Congou and
Assam. In China—Mooing, Kaisow, Panyonga, Congou, Dm -
jeeliug also Oolongs, Blue Ribbon, Monsoon, Imperial; Ping
Buey, etc., and wbile we know these Teas are of the finest
Pickings und Choicest variety yet we dou't foroe you to bay a
pound of any particular kind just because your grandmother
used to use it. We simply find out what kind of Tea you bare
been accustomed to drinking, then we use our goad judgment,
and recommend tbe Tea we know will give satisfaction, Bee
our window.
&  CO.
NEL8QN.  B. O.
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
Kootenay Electric Supply ami Construction Go.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc     Electric  Fixtures, Lamp s Bells. Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON. B. C.
$400 will purchase 2 Choice Lots on Robson
St., near bUinley St., with ehaok thereon.
$.i5<> will purchase Choice Residence Corner
on Mill tt., 100 ft. frontage, 120 it. deep.
$375 will purchase 2 LoUon Carbonaae St.
5,000 shni ca Utica (pooled) IJc
10,100    "      Fairmont   "       .. «c
    Blackcock Mining Company 20c
Mining  and   Ken I   Estate   Broker
Tin ui'i -liueckh Block, Nelson.
should he of the right sort.
The Nelson Factory uses a leaf from
the riistriot of Santa Clam in Oubn ami
known as tba Vega No. 2. Tbe
seoond kind of totacco nsed is the
"binder," which is for co-ering over
the "filler"  leutcis.     "Binders"  are
there will be
■western St'ites to compare wi'h If.
The plans call for a front of terra cotta
and the artistie designs are beautiful
iu the extreme. Over the eutrano s
unil windows there will bo very elaborate decorative   work.   Very   hunt..
The Famous Actress and Beauty
Makes Another Venture.
London, Aug. Hi.—It is announced
that Lily Laugtry, the actress, was
married, July 27, at the Island of
Jersey, to Hugo Gerald de Bathe, 28
years of age, the eldest sou of Sir
Henry Percival de Bathe, Bart, tbe
retired general and Crimean vetorun.
Tho ceremony was private. The „wed-
ding occurred the day Mrs. Langtry's
horse Merman won the Goodwood oup.
The wedding will not intsrfere
in r>'iy way with Langtry's
fort] ■ ning season at the lfaymnr-
ket. A t an interview today she said:
"Mr lTobman is arrangiug with me
for an American tour. I loug to go
for I love the people of tbat country
Of course my husband will accompany me"
Choice residential lots and good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred  lots  in Addition A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
for sale.
! i -ii l   ess property a specialty.
All Contractors figuring on buildings tha
will require
Cun now get figures from
R. H. WILLIAMS, Nelson, Agent for
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries thu largest Bto-.k ot I'l.i t* Glass
In the Province.
Fire,'  Life, Accident and  Sickness
Real Estate and Loans.
'IoLet.—Several Houses of
Different Sizes.
For Sale.—RealEstate in all parts
i of the  City.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
•Advertisements insorlod under this head at
the rat-, ot ono cent a word por insertion. No
advertisement taken for leas than 25 cents.
FOR URNT -Comfortable rooms for single-
Kent lemon only.   Apply to The Miner office.
WANTED -By a competent lndy Stenographer and trpkt, pu-.ii.um in office. Under
stands book-keeping, experienced. AddreBB F.
Noble, Kamluops. f
. FURNISHED   HOUSK-To   let one   block
trom (Jpara House.   J. K, Amiable. NELSON WEEKLY MINER, FRIDAY,  AUGUST 18,  1899
No Detail to Hand as Yet.—Oity Council
Desire to Know Exactly Where
the Flaw is.
Tbe recent litigation between the
City Council and E. 0. Travps in reference to 11 frame bnilding wbiob tbe
latter has ereeted, and which adjoint)
the Broken Hill Block, will be fresh
in the memory of the readers of The
Miner, it may be as veil to reoall the
faot that Traves obtained an interim
injunction trom Judge Forin restraining tbeoivic autlioiities from pulling
down the bnilding as they had threatened to do. Traves appl ed for un extension of that injunction but the learned
looal judge found thut he had not tbe
power to make such an ordor. A supreme oonrt judge ulnue can oortinue
an interim injunction and therefore
the application had to be made iu
Vancouer. Yesterday Mr. Traves received a »elegram from Mr S S. Taylor
announcing that an order bad been
made continuing the injunction until
the heuriuu of the appeal (i.e. Traves,
appeal against bis conviction by Magistrate Crease for offending against the
File Bylaw) aud also that the
judge bad expressed an opinion that
the Fire By-law was defective.
This is serious news for the City,
tt was not many months ago that the
City paid Messrs. Topper Peter and
Potts some three nr fonr hundred dollars for revising the City bylaws. A
little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
tut a lot of law is 1
At a-i\ rate if the first by-law that is
attacked is found defective it would
look as it tbe City had paid dearly
for nothing.
At present it is difficult to say ex
aotly now the matter stands as no word
ha», as yet. leen received from Mr
Oalliber (who appeared for tbe City.)
The Mavor has requested Mr. Oalliber to telegraph fully how fur, and in
what manner, the firo by-law is defective.
Al foon as that information lsieo iv-
ed.the City Council will bold a spioiul
meeting and deoide what steps should
be taken in order to remedy tho defeat,
As mutters uow stand tbere is unlimited opportunity for any other patriotic (?) business reau to add considerably to the fire risks nf the City ; nnd
farther, to bleed fhe City exchequer
for beuvy law newts in tbe attempt to
ophold actions which ure repugnant to
the good sense and jodguienc of evory-
one who has the welfare (if Nelson al
St. Johns, Nfld.. Av,g.;i6.-Tbe Governor of Newfoundland, Sir Hugh Mc
Ciilnm, will erubnik tomorrow on the
British third class cruiser damns,
Commodore GifforJ, for a cruise along
the Frenoh Treaty Coast during which
he will visit [all the Frenoh ;fishii)g
stations and familiarize himself with
the conditions und« which they carry
on the industry. The trip is being
made with a view to enable him to
advise the Bjitis'i Secretary of State
for the Colonies, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, in the settlement of the fisheries
Chief Oflioisls   Arrestod   For  Making
False Reports.
Montreal, Aug. Hi—Late this afternoon warrants were sworn out by Mr.
Courtney, Deputy Minister of Finance,
against W. A. Weir, President, Frid
8mith,a director, and Ferdinand Lein-
ieux, acoountant, of the suspended
Banque Ville Mario The charge
against them is making false returns of
the bank's affairs to the   Government.
Hon. 0. H. Mackintosh his severed
his connection with the British
America Corporation, except in an advisory oapaoity. Mr. Mackintosh has
purchased the residence of George E.
Pfunder on Le Roi aveuu«, botween
Lincoln nnd St. Paul streets Ross-
l.ind, and has established his office
there. Here he will conduct the
affairs of the Mackintosh syndicate.
He has removed all his books and
offloe effeots from the building of tho
British America Corporation.
covery and tbe best assay, he could get
from it gave $2.20 to  the ton.
M. W. Greer, a rai'iiug expert of Ottawa has discovered a lake in an extinct crater near White Horse Rapids.
The water in the lake is bitter aud
quite warm.
Rich dirt is reported to have been
found in the vicinity of Selkirk, the
exact location being placed at 25 miles
up the Felly River. Quite a stampede
has taken place to the new diggings
which are said folio very rich.
Montreal, Que., Aug. 16.—Tbe Belmont Cricket Clnb of Philadeohia
easily disposed of tne Montreal Clnb
tod.y. Montreal was retired iu their
second innings for 40 runs, which
with 47 made yesterday left ' the
Pbiladelpbians, who scoretTSi in their
first innings yesterday but 12 runs
to get to win. Three wickets fell before they were obtainfd however.
Continning, the Belmont men; put together 62, the bowling of Hill and
Pbilpott being very effeotive. For
Montreal Gilbert was the only donblo
figure man with 12. Henchman made
the best stand for the Belmonts
with 14.
James Reid Will Oppose   the New At-
Vancouver, Aug. 16 —It has been deoided by the caucus committee that
Jas. Reid, lawyer, of New Westminster, is to oppose Alexander Hender
son. in his fight for bo -etention of bis
seat which he is to contest since being appointed to the portfolio of Attorney-General. It is considered in
New Westminster that Reid has a
stronger following than Munu. A very
hot campaign is being looked for.
Joseph Martin will speak iu Reld'i
Trials For the Defender ot tbe Trophy
Mny Be at Newport,
Newport, R. J., Arg. 10.—0. Oliver
Jseliu of Columbia, and W. B.] Butler
Duncan of Defender are in favor of
holding the Atnreicn cup trials here,
and if tbey can impress then ideas
upon the Cup Committee of the New
Ynrk Yacht Clnb, the official race for
tho selection of a cup doi'euder will be
held off this Jport and not off Snudy
Hook as aniKHune I in the official programme.
He Will Ultimately Adopt   Sir Alfred
Milner's Proposals.
Pretoria, Aug. 10.—The Volksraad
has resolved to eliminate from the
i irnndwet (constitution of tbe South
African Repnblic)the religious qualification for nomination to judiciary.
The Exeoutive have issued a proclamation appointing Ang. 20 nnd Aug. 27,
as days for niitioii.il humiliation and
prayer. Rigorous press censorship oi
dispatches coining aud going continues
London, Aug. 17.—The Pretoria correspondent of The Times says: The
ultimate adoption of Sir Alfred Milner's propos.ils ib considered certain.
Victoria, Aug. 10.—News was reoeived by the Str. Dirigo this morning of another big stampede from Dawson, reports of a discovery of rio i
gold bearing quartz witbju a few miles
of the town, having oause great excitement The disoovery is said to have
been made on Rook Oreek, which enters the Klondike on its right limit,
about 85-miles from Dawson. Four locations were recorded for quartz claims
in that vioinity on July 28, and the
news soon spread that immensely rich
rook bad been found. A wild rush to
the soene ensued and the country by
this time, must be stakad for miles
around The original* looators brought
samples of the quartz into Dawson,
from which they claimed to have got
assays showing $1,700. $3-600 and $!!,-
000 in gold to the ton. A well known
mining man who oame down on the
Dirigo and who did not wish his uame
to be used, stated that he secured
•ample* of the rook from the   new dis-
«>d Haulage
Galvanized    The Dominion Wire Rope Co'y. Ltd Montreal, Que.   rpifjerv
Tbe Wall Paper Honse of the West.
Kodaks & Cameras,
Thomson Stationery Co.
Ltd., NELSON, B. C.
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $4 00. Room and
Board,- $5.00 and $5.50.
More rumored burglaries and this
time a lawyer's house. But no serious
loss occurred and it is doubtful
whether there was nny unlawful
"Creaking in."
F. G. A. Henderson, district registrar of the Land Titles office, Brandon, Man,, ij. witb Mrs. Henderson,
visiting Nelson on his way home from
a trip 10 California
Mr. Heneage Wynne Finch, a gentleman who has mining intorests in East
Kootenay .and who srent some months
in Nelson in the autumn of 1897, is
registered at the Phair.
Rev. 0. W. Hose, who witnessed the
lacrosse match at Vanoouver last Saturday, writes to a friend that the- la ■
crosse boys played a game creditable to
themselves and to tbe Oity.
R. G. Wynkoop, representing the
Might Directory (Jo., of Toronto, is in
the City writing up Nelson for their
publication knowu as the Dominion
of Canada and Newfoundland Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory.
A number of Nelson men *bo purchased tickets iu the house and lot
raffle of Mr. Brown, of Trail, "would
be glad to know if the raffle bas taken
place end the name of the winner. (Jan
anyone supply this iniormation?
The Kootenay Elect rio Supply and
Construction Company of Nelson, has
deoided to oncn a branch for the
Boundary country in Grand Forks,
owing to its central location W. P.
Dickson, one of the partners, will be in
Dr. and Mrs. Doolittle and their small
family leave Nelson on Saturday for
their home in Ton nto after bating
Bpent a very enjoyable summer in the
city. Nelson people began to look upon Dr. Doolittle as a citizen of tbis
rising city and it is booed thai his
largo interests here will ultimately induce him to take up his residence here
whero ho and Mrs.Doolittle have made
many friends.
A landslide of a remarkable character occurred Saurday night, says
the Fernic Free Press. The river ,.Elk
in passing round ihe sharp "elbow"
whicn adjoins Park Cottage bad unpermitted the east bank to a depth of
about 50 feet below the level of the
water, and about midnight on Saturday a portion of the bluff on wbioh
the cottage is built collapsed and foil
into this cavern, carrying away a per-
| tiou of the lawn aud coming perilously
near the cottage.    The quantity which
1 fell is at least two thousand tons and
the ohannel of the river is partially
blooked and narrowed to leas than half
its usual width.
Nelson Cleaningand Dyeing
8. D. PIERKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing- cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of Clarke Uotel. jielsos
Delivered to an any poi .t en
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
l'ards, NELSON aud LARDO.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Manufacturer of
ts &Sboess Overalls, SocKf
Custom   Work  a Specialty.
Repairing Neatly Done.
Bon Ton Restaurant.
Merchants'   Lunch,   12 to 2.
25   cents.
Dinner,   5 to 8.
Meals at All Hours.
meal tickets, s5.60 fors5.
open day and night.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist you in the annual
OTerhauling by Tainting, Paper-
Hanging, Kaluomining nnd Interior Decorating Estimate,
cheerfully given.
Josephine St. Of p. Clarke, lintel
We are prepared to furnish Pumpirjr Machinery o
various types for all Mining Duties. Our long ezperi
dice anil up-to date plant and method, enables us to
warrant our Pumps uuapproached for design, durability,
compactness anil general servicahle qualities.
Packed Duplex Pliingtr I'atltio with Pol Valves.
We 11 mil.I be pltaned lo rui-aUb. Catalagae >■< Eatlniate,.
TieNortner Mill, LI, Toronto.
Cmliflk 4, Ablett, AffU., Rowland.   MaoKay & Walken,
Agt*., Vancouver.
Aa well as pleasure.    The pos-
session of a stock of
(We 2)tu08
With n knowledge of how to
compound them enables us to produce a remedy for the prevalent
complaints. Pettlngell's Specific
has no superior as a Vanquisher of
the "Pains that summer brings."
It works a cu'e and helps nature to
build up the system.
PRICE   35  OT3.   PER   BOTTLE.
CANADA drug &
From now until the end of the season we ate selling
Josephine Stjiekt.
NELS0N      IRON *
* 'RON       WORKS
Iron ami Brass Culling, or Every Deaerlp
■inn.   Uepalra   nnd   Jobbing
Provincial Land Surveyor.
A limited uoiount of private funds to loan
on inoii.«.igeupon improved cily property. Apply to Elliott & Lcnnio. solicitors. Nelson.
Nelson Employment Agency
Carpenter,  Waitress, Sectionnien,   men   for
roadwork Cook-   Oirl wants hoUcework.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker St
I'KO.-'K.lSIOVH.    «'lltl>S.
.   Solicitor, Notary Public, Ktc, Sandou
B. C. (1311
171 0 GREEN, B. A., 0. E„ PROVINCIAL
" • Land Surveyor. Surveys of mineral
cliiims.lanils, alo, Agent for obtaining Crown
Grants. OftluoTurnur-Boeckh block, Nelsou.
B. 0. (M7I
171      E. MORRISON, II. I). S.. ALL KINDS
:.   of Denial work done.   (!fuc»»:    Broken
Hill Block. ('oincr Baker and Ward Struits
Hydraulic Pipe
Waterworks or Mining Plants.
The largest and  best equipped Rlvetted
Steel  pipe- making plant  on the Coast.
Estimates Furnished.
Large or Small Quantities.
No Delay in Delivery.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Office mid Work*
foot or iu<:atm \%r.
A full line of
Harris Homemade Tweeds
Prom Talbot Harris, Scotland,
Fancy Fall Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock,
As some are To=day.
Pinch your feet in wrong shaped shoei; make
you nervous, irritable ; spoil your temper ; lose
your concentration.
You can't expect to go the even tenor of your
way in a shoe that cripples.
"Slater Shoes''are made to fit feet—to cover
every tender joint comfortably—make you forget
you have a painy foot.
They fit the first time they're worn, and ever
after, because the stretch and shrink has been for
ever taken out of them while six days on the lasts.
Twelve shapes, all sizes, six widths, all colors,
styles aud leathers.
Goodyear welted, stamped on the soles with
name aud price, $3.50, $4.50 and fc.50.
LILLIB BROS., Aberdeen  Block.
Telephone Call. No. io.
Post Office Box, K and W.
rijTjurarijarmruTiTririm u i ru
S, Saviour's [English) OnuROH—Corner
Ward nnd silica 8ts. Sundays! Holy Communion 8 a, in.; and on the 1st aiuUrd Sundays
in Iho month after Mattins; Mnuin* ut 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,80 p.m.; Evensong 7.80. liaili:
MfttUusatO.SO a. m. Thursdays und Saint's
Daysi Holy Communion 10 a, in, Fridays:
Evensong 7.80 p. m., followed by choir practice. II. S. Akehnrsl, Hector. Fred Irvine,
Geo. JuhuxloiiP, Wardens.
Prbsbytkrian Church—Services at M a.m
and 7.:U) p.m. Sunday School at, %?J) p.m
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Uev. It. Frew,
Methodiht CnuitcH—Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at 11 a.m. and 7,80
ft. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer mooing on Friday evening at » o'clock* Kpworth
League 0, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Kev. John
Uobsoi), Pastor.
Catholic CHURCH—Mass at Kelson, first
and third Sunday at Band 10.00a.m.; [tenedlo
tion at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Kev. Father Ferland
Baptist Church — Servioes morning and
eveningrtllsum,and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. Ihn H. Y
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Htrangmi
cordially welcomed.   Rev, C. W, Hose, PantOV
Salvation Ahmy—Servie n  every uvenimr
at 8 o'clock   in   hurra.ckiton V.ctoria rtrue
AdlutADt JCdgecouibo In charge.
Three Grades; Mild, Medium Strong and Full Strength
Five Skes: ^'s, y5's, Jjs's, 1jg's andys's.
/ifvruuuuvuuuLrvinAriAAn/iivuvuvui/uvu\rvuvi/uvw NELSON WEEKLY MINER, FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1899
A A A A A AAA fcAAAAAAAAAAi * tt *■*■■*-■*■
▼ TTTTTTTTf TTT"f???TTtf "*
!        KOOTENAY 1
A correspondent, wlio bas been on
a tour tlirongb tbe Slooaa, reports a
general dullness in business tbere,
produced by the deadlock between tbe
miners aud mine owners. Kaslo
duesn't show much activity, wbile
Whitewater is dead, and Sandon joins
in the wail of distress. All the principal miues are closed down nnd tbe
expected summer ot activity in passing
away without, any indication of a
change. It is expected in many quarters that the present year will see no
obange in the piesent aspect of affairs.
Mtny blame the legislature for precipitating events when there wus no occasion. Though the regular miners are
shut down, many Brch as the Whitewater and Jackson mines are running
their second-class ore through the concentrators, wbile Mr. B. B. Hrown,
of the Whitewater Deep, is prosecuting work on the Klkborn, one of the
East Whitewater group with promising results ;the Bell is taking out ship
ping ore, tbe Peoria group in the Jack-
sou liasin has a force of meu sinking
on n promising sbowiug of galena and
oarbonates that the Dardanelles lead is
being cut to; tbe Dardanelles company is preparing for work as a contract for 1,500 corda of wood is nigh
completion.and will materially assist in
producing itsdividfnds. Ttbe Rambler-
Cariboo are prospecting tbe Antelope
of tbeir gnup for new ore to conquer,
and the Lucky Jim presently under
bond to an English syndicate is peg
ging away with development work un
der tbe eight hour day.
M. W. ft Robertson, tbe Provincial
minneralogiBt, is in the district to see
that representative ores are sent to
the forthcoming   exposition in   Paris.
The Payue is silent, but rumors are
abroad tbat it will renew its aotivily
ere long, as its shareholders no donbt
prefer to see their dividends, rather
than look upon tbe fight of the union
against the mine owners.
.Sainton is having its hills gradually
cleared of wood to clear the way for
tbe slide, which its inhabitants think
will envelope it some day, and the
Ruth is erecting a concentrator with a
capacity of 100 tons a day.
Rosebery looks bare,while New Den
ver and Silverton bave to regret the
close of the mines in tbeir neighbor
hood. Get-thoreEli, in the granito
area, is preparing to go ahead with
some work, while the Enterprise con
tinuns to send its concentrates down
to the lake.
Slocan Oity is apparently shaking off
its lethargy and reiterating its belief
In tbe dry oreB of Springer and Lemon
Mr. Woodbouse, M. E., who has
beeu reporting on the Bine Grouse
Monntain mines made the following
itatement to a Rossland Miner repor
ter yeBterday: "Things are generally
quiet all over this part of the Kojte-
nays. The Miners' Union Bigns posted
up at the country stores and wharfs
and depots warning miners to keep
away on aooount of the differences
between miners and mine owners tell
*   *   *
The Marion claim in tbe Slocau has
been bonded byaDr. D. W. King, rep
resenting a Toronto syndicate.
Hopeful—Same, G. McCormick.
2 Iugeisoll—Same.'J. Campbell.
Shelton—Porcupine ck., J.'Woods.
Ang. 16.—
Goper—Roaring ck, W. Steele.
Aug. 17.—
Mountain View—Boulder ck, E. Olson.
Morning Glory—Same, A. Crults.
D. Long—Same, D. Long.
D. Long No. 1—Same D. Long.
Dominion—North fork Salmon River
W. Whiteside.
Shamrock— fearae, same.       £H
Aug. 11.—
Anna M—J. MoDonald to S. McDonald, 1-3.
Margaretta—Rod MoDonald   to MrB.
M. McDonald, 1-3."
Aug. 14.—
Delight, Atlantic, Woodstook and
Calgary—P. Meegan et al to Delight
Gold Mining Co, $841. % of same (if
any interest) by James MoOreata to
same $204.
Aug. 15.—
Cancellation of power of attorney
by A. Toney to J. Hoecs to sell Wal-
halla  mineral olaim.
Hamilton—J. Harbottle to J. Etcher.
Ang. 10.—
King of the West—H.   Selons to  M.
Aug. 17.-
Shiloh—Agreemnt for sale O. Pou-
lin to J. Harris, $1000 and 21,000
Veuus, Cosmopolitan, Saturn   Frao-
tion,   Orin,    Juoiter,    Astral,   Gam
bridge—R.   Heddle,   J.    Phillips,   J.
Stamford and Frank Fletcher  to L. L.
Merrifield and W. H  Pearson,   $0000.
(For Week Ending August 17th)
Monte Carlo—On Wild  Horse ck, by
T. Moriarty.
Survey—Porcupine ck., H Zibler.
Columbia—Pocrnpiue ck., by  same.
White    Bear—Sheep   ok.,     G.     O.
_Good Hope, Sheep  ck.    same.
Blaok Bear—Sheep ck.,   T.   Uufield.
Good Luok—Same, same.
Dewey—Best ok., J. MoEvoy.
Cordelia—Nine  Mile  ok.,    J.    A.
Ang. 12
Alia—Hall ok., J. Robbins.
St. Ola—Anderson ok., H. Atkin.
Aug. 14.—
Lark—Sandy ok., W. Swordfeger.
Oregon—Sandy ck., M. Nelson.
Gray   Eagle,   Clear   Water  ck.,   L
Gold Medal—Six Mile  ok., J. Bad-
Last Ohanoe—Kokanee ck., J.   Rad-
Bonrneniontu—Mill   ck., D Russell.
Smwex Maid—Mills ck., J. Woods. J
Oregon—Morning  Monntain, N. M.
Oity—Iron Monntain,   N. Hartman.
Last Ohanoe—Sheep ok., W.   Grute-
Aug.  15.—
Rose M.—North fork Salmon River,
Rn.se Martin.
Switoh Back—Bull   Dog  Mountain,
H. Merrian.
Champion—Same, T. May.
Last Ohanoe—Craig Monntain, Erie
—J. MoKay.
Early Dawn—Oopper  Creek,   Erie,
New Appointments From   tbe  Official
Gazette—Companies  Incorporated.
Victoria, Aug. 17— The official Gazette contains the following appointments : Wm. Otis Hughes, of Victoria, and Robert Henry Lee, of Kamloops, to be justices of the peace; Alfred O. Nelson, of Fort Steele, to_be
aBBessor and collector, for the Southern division of East Kooteuay, vice
E. M, Edwards, resigned. Lewis
Warner Palmer, of Fnrt Steele to be a
mining recorder for Fort Steele niin
ing division, vice S. N. Edwards, re
signed ; James Ferguson Armstrong of
Fort Steele, S. M., to bo registrar of
biiths, deaths and inaiiiugeH for t!ie
southern di/isionof East Kootenay,
vice E. M. Edwards, resigned ; Sydney
Williams of Quesuolle, J. P., to bo
registrar under the marriage act; Jas.
Sutherland, of Greenwood, to be a
member of the boarl of polico commissioners; O. J. MoArtbur. of Greenwood
to be a member of the board of police and license commissioners; Ethel-
bert Olaf Stewart Scholefield, of Viotoria, to be librarian of Legislative library John B. Lovell of Viotoiin to be
a member of the board of licensing
commissioners; James Addison and
Jeff Davis of Grand Forks to.be members of the boards of police and licensing commissioners; Thomas A. Bry-
don, aldermau and Robert Burns Mo-
Mioken, of Viotoria, J. P., to be
members of tho board of police commissioners for that city.
The following companies have been
The Rambler Consolidated 'Mines,
Ltd., non-personal liability, capital,
$12,500,00, headquarters ut Kaslo;
British Columbia Wholesale Liquor
Oo., Ltd., capital $30,000, headquarters at Rosslaud ; Tho Windermere (B.
O.) Copper Miues, Limited, capita),
$125,000, headquarters at Rossland;
The Greenwood Clarendon, capital,
$10,000, head quarters at Rossland.
The following school district have
bten creatod. A field school district
in blast Kooteuay, South Field Bchool
district in Cranberry district.
Archbishop Maobray of Rupert's
Land, and Primate of all Cauada. is
a gnest of Bishop Perrin. Ho is on a
short holiday visit and after a brief
stay at Banff made np his miud to
oome to the coast us hojiad never been
here befoie.
(Continued From Flrjt Paso.)
the   Madagascar  note,   be    (witurss)
disputed its value and said he did  not
believe it was a confidential note.
Col. Picquart then declared he bad
never seen Dreyfus oopy the smallest dooument in the war ollice. In
the opinion of the witness the department where the bordereau wts discovered ought to have been searched when
the discovery was made. This, I e
explained, was the department in
whioh Du. Paty de Clam worked and
that waa the department which was
working on the plan lof the concentration of the troops and the Madagascar
expedition.    He added :JJ
"It was in Major Do Paty deOlam's
department tbat the search should havo
been mnde, or rather in his private
room, where he worked quite alone. "
"Paty de Clam," continued the witness, "had been gnilty of grave im-
prudeuoe iu having, oontrary to the
regulations,had confidential documents
copied oy simple secretaries, noh-commissioner officers and eveu privates
whereas the custom wus that suoh
work was done solely by officers.
Later on the witness said bo wondered if it was not to avoid the risk of
punishment tbat Du Paty de Olam advanced the date of the reception of tbe
bordereau at the intolligeuco department so as to make it prior fo I lie date
of his, Paty de Clam's, arrest in the
third department. "    (Sensation.)
A few minutes luter tho court adjourned.
Reuncs, Aug. 19.—Of today's court
proceedings, Mrs. Emily Crawford
writes as follows: General Roget, the
widow of the late Col. Henry, and Ool.
Pioquart, were J on tho stand today.
Madame Henry, after M. Bertulus hud
deposed asked leave to speak. She
stood up in a tragic manner, raised her
left hand and said: "Jo Demaude
La Parole" (I ask to be heard). She
wanted to contradict what Bertulus
had said regarding tho friendship of
hor husband' and 2 Esterhazy. She
wonld be a handsome woman did not
tho vulgarity of tho driiikingjionso she
originally came from cling to her.
Subaltern officers revolve around her
but Meroier aud othor generais among
whom she sits seem embarrassed by
her presence.
What she said was  a  tirade loarned
by heart   and   scarcely   evidence.    It,
however, was not wide of some  points
that     Bcrtulns    brcught     ont.      She
wanted to show   tbat   Bertnlus   could
not possibly   have   wrung   an   avowal
from   Henry,   and   that he and Esterhazy formed an association of traitor's.
Her   story coiucided   with what General Roget said on tbe subject.    Ho far
from   Bertulus    appearing   to  suspect
Henry and   crashing   the latter   with
words of suspicion, she   said   her   late
husband    had  described   that   magistrate as   "Charming".    She Slid Bertulus even   embraced Henry   when tbe
latter was taking his leavo, a  circumstance which   struck   the   wife   when
she heard of   it   as   boding   no   good.
She   jumped   to   the^conclusion   tbat
falsehood lay behind the kiss   and that
Bertulus was a Judas     Tbis   idea   she
then developed.    Madame   Henry   was
very like the   late Madamoiselle Agar,
the acrtess. as she indulged in a   species of  dramatic   vengeance    Bertulus
felt that it would   never   do to  argue
with her for tears   were   standing   in
her eyes and tbe judges   wero   looking
sympathetic.    So ho said bo   preferred
saying  nothing to a ludy whose   griet
be respected and    whose  angry excitement be pardoned.   Gen, Roget  again
today showed  extraordinary   forei sic
ability.    I do not know what the military worth is of the  generals who  are
acting hero as witnesses, but I   do not
Wonder ut the old   judges of   Court  of
Cassation being jealous   of tbeir argu
mentative capacity, their sxill in turning a case inside out.iu puzzling innu-
do, in casuistry and in elegant  verbal
facility.  Meroier is wonderful in these
respects,   Billot is uot inferior to him
hut Roget is superior of both iu forensic skill,   acumen   and suggestiveness
Dreyfus wus   nudor Roget as   au   outsider at tho general  stuff and   seemed
tortured by his  arguments   aud points
he made, points   that   went   home  to
military judges   iutended     to  poison
tbeir minds. Finally  he   could  stand
it no longer and   starting np his   eyes
gleaming with anger cried : "You deal
only in  argumentations    I  havo  listened  to  you  for hours without hearing a single faot. "   There wore nevertheless somo facts today but they wore
r.dducod to destroy the  credit  of  Col.
Picquart who was  represented   at   the
head of tbe Intelligence Department ns
playing a   crooked ^part" and   keeping
back information; unfavoinblo to Drey
fus. Tho evidences of M. Bertulus was
ou tbo whole favorable to  Dreyfus  it
tho   judgment   of   civilian   listeners.
Unfortunately his   reputation is blown
npou.   Ho belonged when  at  Nice  to
tho South Railway   gang   nndj as   tbe
magistrate  sent   to   investigate  their
swindle played in to   their hands. Roget, alluded to this and  other doings ot
Bertulns and showed   he   did   not re
spect him.    Bertulus   is an   epicurean
und has rather shocked Rennes   people
by his rather gay ^relations with a former actress,    who  somehow   rolls  in
riches.    Still he seems   to  be a   fair
and  truthful   witness and  his deposition must effect the public.    Col.   Picquart will be heard tomorrow.
Labori's assailant is still undiscovered. At a convent; of Marists at Gas
son, near Rennes, tbe brothers vainly
searched for him. Thi« has won sympathy for tbe clerical narty as it. was
thought a brotherhood might shelter
him. An hypostheis, which seemed
nearer the truth, is that he is a soldier who was giveu u suit of clothing
and told where to exchange it for a on
iform which he ag;iin rloned as soon a
Labori was shot. I oan imagine a
Breton soli lor. brimful of haired to
the Jew and thnr traitor Droyfns,
taking his life >u hi> hands and goiug
ro   kill Latiori.
Tbe publication by The Figaro nf
lie Schneider telegram exposing nn
other alleged tnrgerj caused a grenl
sensation aud tonight the impress^'
IS that Schneider's disavowal ban
dealt a severe hlow to the prosecution,
killing the only point in General Mer
tiler's evidence which was dangerous to
Dreyfus: It is said that the matter
will be brought up in court tomorrow
hy Maite Demange who has a splendid
opportunity to drive a£nail in the colli"
of the prosecution.
West Kootknay DlSriilOT.—Wiikiik Lo-
catko:—On South Slope of Golden Kino
Mountain ami Kabt Slope ok Toad
rpAKK NOTICE that I. F. C. Green or Ncl-
X son, as agent for Lhu Falls View Gold nnd
Sliver .Mining Oompany,Free Mintu's Certificate Ho. B 11,816, Intend, alxty days from tho
date hereof, u> apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Iniprovt imonts, for ihe purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of iho above
And further lake police Unit action, under
section'.','. must bo oonimonocd before the issuance of such Oertlfloate of Improvements.
1170 F. 0. GRkKN.
Hated lliiH twelfth day of Juno. 1899.
Relief Withii) Reach
for Suffering Mei)„
fi EX
8   VA
NELSON LODGE), No. 23. A. F. &A.
M. mootH aeconA Wednesday in each
moni li.   Visiting broth run invited.
G. L. LBNNOX, Secretary.
I.  O.  O.   V.     KooLonay Lodge
No. 16, moots every Monday nigbt
at   their   '[all,   Kootenay Htmot
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
K C Arlhur, N. G.   John Veinstone, V. G.
Krcd J Squires, Secy
NKLSONLODGK.NO. in A.O.U.W., meet'*
every Thursday in tho I.O.O.F, hall. G O
WiliiimiH. M.W.: \vr SSmlJi, Rec.-Bpc.iJ. j.
Drteool], Financier F. J Hqulre* Rooeiver, and
P. M. W.
OPH kootknay, i.o.F., NO, 8188 meets
1st ai d d Wednesday in epon montlj in the
K of f All, F W Swune". C. D. 8, 0. R.J J It
Greou, C.It.: J. Farvlss, Sec-'.
NMIjSON L.O.L. No. 1B92 meets in tho Mac-
Ponald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting tiiemboffl cordially invited,
John Tove. W. M.; K. J, Bradley, R. S.
NELSON AERIE No. [C2, F. O. K., meets
j very second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month, Visiting members cordially invited.
J. U. Wray, Secretary.
, NELSON   LODGE  No. SB, K. of   P,
knieets in I.O.O.F. hall, McDonald block
js] very   Tuesdry  evening at 8 o'clock
™iU vis.Lipg knig'.'ts cordially invited
Ciiab Fkknch, C. O.
(82q) G BO. Rohs K. of R. and S.
NhLSON'S   QUEEN    NO.   241
\\\   SONS   OF    KNGJjAND,    meet-;
Sa p |,i   llrst and   third   Wedncuday  of
■v-C |   each month   at Fraternity hall,
JfJ   corner of  Maker   and  Kootenay
tally uvited.
streets.   Visiting brethern cord-
John WatsoK, Secretary*
SrruATB in TUB Nelson Mining. Division of
We*t Kuutknay Dibtbiot.—yvhehe Lo-
dATBDi—On Toad Mountain northly
kho.m thbSilver Kino Mink.
rpAKE NOTIOK thai 1. P. C. Green of Nel-
J_ son, as agent for A. H. Kelly. F. M, O,
No, 21,936fA- Jl. Buchanan, F.M.C, No.bU.808,
BruceCraddook, K. M. c. No 33,722a; R, s. lad
niu, E. lie. No. 21,076aacd M. R. Orison], E.
M. O. No. 81.739, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, lo apply CO the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of improvements, for the pur
post: of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
seotion 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of suoh OerUfloatoof Improvements,
1171 K. C. GREEN, V. L. S.
Dated this 4th day of July, lMlKf.
tiik District op SVBst Kootknay. —
Whsrb Looatbo;—On thb Bast Sjdb ov
rpAKB NOTICE that I, Archie Mainwaring-
JL Johnson, acting as agent for the Duncan
Mine.-. Limited, (foreign,) Free Miner's Certdi
pate No. B 11.400, Intend sixty days from the
date hereof, ro apply to the Mining Recorder
forCerJflcfttesofiuiprovooioniB, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants Of tho above
And furthortflko notice Ihat action, under
section??, must bo commenced   before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this (ith day of July, 18! 8,
We have been appointed to supply to the
suffering male sex of Western Canada the
remedies used unfailingly by the late Dr. La-
douceur, of Paris, France, one of the most eminent medical men of the age. These preparations arc the fruits of 35 years patient study
and research and are now prescribed by the lead
inn specialists in Europe. Wo guarantee a complete cure in all etse* umlerta' n with the use
nf these remedies. No hopeless ease-; accepted.
Wrile for fuller information, For home
treatment dr^cri' e your8) IDptoms aa nearly as
yon en aid enelwe uestAee for qu-stion
blanks AM corresuoudenoe is strictly confidential.
Pacific Kennedy Co.,
v. O  !'i')X ■£',:>., VANTOUVEU, B. C.
Thos. Dunn &[ Co.,.L'd.
it tit t\l> suill   I HON, HIVRIM' PHUK,        lit ft INI,  miiii .iiii
Minnttf inovsui, whikUohks maivilm kopm,
iiiMMirif tim; i.mi < ai'h.
Writ* for Quotations,
Ofible Address, "Dunn.1
V"-A.lSraOTT VER   B    o
Situate in the Nblson Mining Division ik
the   DiSTAlOT   ok   West   Kootknay.—
\\ 11EHK L(h:atki>:—Between Eaulk and
Eoktv-nine Cheek.
rpAKB NOTICE that I, Archie Mainwaring-
1 .li.iliii-uii, acting us agent for the Duncan
Mines,Limited, (foreign,) Free Miner's Certiti-
cato No. li II. 190, Intend] sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Alining Recorder
for Certificates of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tbo above
And further take notice that action, under
section 87j must be commenced before the is
suance df Buoh Certificates or Improvement'!.
Dated t!tissi:;ih day of July, 1899.
Situate in TUB Nelson Minino Division ok
tko:—About KOOR MILES West ok Ham.
Creek and on the South Bidh ok stkw-
art Greek ami about two mileh khom
tub Nelson tc FORT sJKEPI'ABD Railway.
rpAKE NOTICE that I, W. J. 11. Holmes of
X Kaslo, I). 0,, acting as agent for It, N. McLean, Ere;) Minor's Certillcate No. B18,4S7,
ii)tend, sixty days from the date horeof,
10 apply to the Mining Recorder for Certiu-
cai.es of Improvements for tho purpose of obtaining Crown Grams of tho above claims.
And further tako notice that action under
section 37, must be commenced before tho issuance of such Certillcatos of Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of July, 1899.
Wo, tho undersigned, boing applicants for the
incorporation of a company 10 be known as tho
Nelsou Electric Tramway Company. Limited,
hereby give notice thai the points between
which it is proposed to build a tramway, and
tho general route of such tramway is us follows:
Route 1. Starting on a point on Front Street
in tbe 1 ity of Nelson, at or near its intersection
with Hall Street in said Cit>; thence Southwesterly on Front Street, t ■ Ward Hiret:t in
-aid City; theucu Bom b on Warn .Street to Vo -
uon Street in said City; theucu East on Vcruon
street to Josephine Street iu said Utty; thun< 0
South un Josephine Strutt to Bakci Street 111
laid Ciu; ucing a distance of {<i.Sit eighty huu
ux'dlhsui a Hiue, more or loss.
Uouttt2 >'• parting from Route 1 on Baker
Hiont.at Rail vuySt cut in said City; thence
We 1 on Bakci street to tho W estern Boutidt^y
nt ' tic t it} Limltd of said Ult>*. ucing a Utsianen
ot t'..lo foui teeti hundredth ot a mile, uioie oi
Routed, Departing from Route 1 on Baker
Street at Jon phtnu strutiti thenco Bast on
riakur Street to '. uit ir Strcui in said City, being a uUtattoo of i0,22) twenty*two hundredths
of a mile, more or itis.s,
Route J. Startins from a point on Front
Street at or ne»r its intersection Willi Hall
Street; thence Easterly on Front Street to
Water Street in said City; thencn East on
v ator Street to tbe EaBtorn Boundary of the
City of Nelson: theuoeln the Hume Addition
(being subdivision of Lot 90, Group 1. We t
Kootenay Di-lricl|, East on iliathaiii Street In
said City to Him; Street iu said City; thence
North on Fine Street to Anderson Street in
said r ity: th'nee North (in nihdivision of Lot
53a, Croup 1, We«t Kootenay District); on Fine
.street to Uchnsen Street in said City; thence
East on Bohnsen Strjut to Maple Street in said
Cityj thoneo North ui Maplo to Cottonwood
Street in said City; thence Eastou Cottonwood
Street to Sixth Street iu said City; withultorna-
tive powers of deviation from tho above described route nt the point of crossing tho Eastern Boundary of the City Of Nelson, the dovi-
ation consisting of being from Water Street in
the City of Nelson; thence crossing Block 1 in
tho said Hume Addition) thence crossing Anderson Street to Oak Street in >-aid City in tho
uhdiviMoiiof Lot cHa, Croup 1, West Kootenay
Distrlot; thenco Northeast on Oak street to
Fine Street; thence joining the route above
outlined, the whole being a distance of (i ii-io>
uiie mite and two-tenths, more or less.
Rome S, Departing from Route 1 on Baker
Street at Stanley Street] thoneo South on Stan-
Icy Street to Mines Hood in said City; thenco
wost on Minos Road to Kootenay Street insaid
Citj; thenco South on Kootenay Street to
tloubton Street in said Citj; theucu East on
Houston StiCet to the Eastern Boundary of the
City i.imits of said City, being a distance of
tl 1 10) one mile und one tenth, more or less.
Route (i Departing (torn Bout5 on Stanley
trtroftt at Houston Street; thoneo South ou
Stanley Struct to tho southern Boundary of
the City J imils, being a distance of (0.21)
twenty-one hundredths of a mile, more or loss.
Route 7. Departing from Route 5 on Stanley
Street at Mill Street in said City; thoneo East
on Mill Street to the Eastern Boundary of tho
v.'ily of Nelson, being a distance of (0.4) four-
tenths of a mite, more or le.-s
Dated at Nelson. British Columbia, this
twenly-e^bth day of July, A. D., 1699.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 NELSON, B C.
Famous English Tobaccos
CAPSTAN (Navy Cut)
77777777777 777777*.
If You're Not Using
Sole Agents for Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
^^T" ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ '^5S^
Branch Markets in Roysland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordura by mall to an}' branch will have careful and prompt attention.
LAMBERT & BUTLER,  London. Eng.
To be had at all Tobacco Stores in Town.
Turner Beeton & Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Fresh   and   5alt   Meats.
Mail Orders receive  prompt
and careful attention.
Markets  at  Nelson  and  Ymir.


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