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The New Westminster News Mar 8, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Wcet-
minster offer Industries? Trackage
and waterfront sites, railways and
ocean  transportation.
Weather Today.
New Westminster-
New  WeB-mingtcr flml (jfr.-.  U...r
Mainland: L^^*V^ff*^f**K,
generally ^iXlxtttf' and mild. *f *s\
a 2 .
ra ip ^
ner I
Burnaby     Ratepayers    in
Ward 1 Say Council Ignores Alta Vista.
Many    Improvements    Asked    for���
Bridge on Portland Street���Extend  Lighting  Facilities.
Alta Vlfta, March 7���Dissatisfaction at the attention the Alta Vista
district was receiving from the municipal authorities   was  expressed  at
a meeting of the Ward One Ratepayers' association In Cowherd's hall
here last evening. Charges were made
hy several of the members that the
district was not setting as many improvements as it should and that
more attention was being paid to newer localities.
Many improvements required by the
district were mentioned by the ratepayers and as a result of the discussions a delegation of two from the as
social ion will meet the board of works
ut their next regular meeting to put
the most urgent matters before tbem.
The secretary was Instructed to call
to the attention of the council the
necessity of grading Bumble street
east of Hoyal Oak and also the demand for a better water service on
portions   of   tbat   thoroughfare
A request thai the municipality erect
a bridge across l'ortland street in order to provide a means of communication with two sections of Alta Vista
wlll be made by the delegation which
will visit ths board of works. The
council will also be aBked to construct
a protection rail on the bridge over
the ravine on south Rumble street.
Telephone Facilities.
Tbe lack ot telephone facilities in
the neighborhood was mentioned during the evening und the secretary was
instructed  to  request  the  B. ('. Tele- j
phone oompany to permanently locate
a telephone pay station in a centralized portion of this part of the ward
'lhe mutter of having the II. C K. It.
extend tin light facilities for houses
was discussed and the secretary authorized to usk the li. C B. H tO send
n  tnim out  to tuke applications from
The lt. C. EL It. franchise, the vital
tuple of iti,. day in Burnaby, uatur
ally came up for discussion for a time
It was first brought up through a
communication from the ratepayers ln
another portion of the  Ward, asking
the association to endorse two resolutions dealing with the matter
The first resolution called upon the
council to appeal the decision of Mr
Justice Murphy.    The association has
already put themselves on record in
favor of the appeal ami further action
was thought unnecessary.
The second resolution the meeting
was asked to endorse wns to the effect that Mayor Baxter of Vanconv. r
lie asked to cooperate with the other
municipalities   In   formulating some
general plan of transportation with
uniform rates und service to cover
the whole peninsula lbat would lie
acceptable to ull districts. The resolution wan considered premature und
tabled  for  that   reason
Favor Appeal.
The  Ward  One  Ratepayers'  u-isoc
billon. II was stated, did not favor an
appeal  Tor lhe sake of  reopening  the
case but merely to safeguard the pub
lie Intsrtsts pending tbe completion
of the liegi I lal ions between the council and the II. C   HS, It.
The time Is limited In which the
municipality can apply for an appeal
case and should tin- negotiations nl
present lielng conducted fall to be
conipb led In rote Ihe end of the time
limit It would be Impossible lo Institute appeal proceedings
Therefore It   wiih thOUghl  belter by
tin- ratepayers to appeal now ami if
the franchise mailer was Settled anil*
ciihly  It   could  bo wllbdrawn  later.
Complaints   were   mads  that   the
Canadian Mineral Rubber company
wns employing other than local men
on the Kingsway paving Job but no
definite allegations wen- made.
Bchool Board Have Arranged Three
The members of the school board
are In for a real busy tlmn next week,
no less I bun three meetings being
scheduled between March 11 and
March 15. On Thursday next the
regular monthly meeting will he held
while special meetings huve been ar
ranged for Monday and Friday.
On Ftidfty ths board will personally
Interview the applicants for the position of municipal Inspector or school
The trustees have Just appointed
\V. Boyd assistant Janitor of the Cell
trill school, In the Jiinltoriihlp of the
Lord LlBttr, while .1. W. Smith has
been given Mr Boyd's position al the
Central school.
Dosrd   c!   Works   Satisfy   DsputaUon
Protesting  Agalnot  Proposed {After   129  Hours   Continual
pa,ing-B. c e. r. Matters. Sitting,   Members   Will
The board of works met yesterday
in conference with Mr. G. it. G. Conway, chief engineer of tbe B. C. Elec
trie Hallway company, iu regard tc
matters affecting ihe city and company.
Mr. Conway assured Ibe beard tbat
the paving cf Front s reet leadlnt
into their depot, the spur Into their
property on Twelfth si reel, Sixth
avenue, and the track from Leopold
Place would bo undertaken as eoor.
\a possible.
A deputation from the petit'.oncrr
agalnsl the paving of the asylum hill
was also received by the board and
after discussion a satisfactory ar
rangement was arrived at vvhercbj
resting stations for teams at different j
points on the hill will be provided.
Take a Rest.
Famous  Pcetess   Passes  Away   After
Lingering   Illness���Daughter cf        Lumbermen's
Indian  Chief.
Conservatives   Show   Good   Organizi
tlon When Division  Is Taken���
Hansard Staff Weary.
Ottawa, March 7.���At 12 o'clock on
Saturday night the bouse will ad
journ after being 129 houra in sen
slon. The members are showing sign,
of weariness, but neither side will
give way.
The   Hansard  staff  bas  long  slnci
siven  way  under Ihe day and night
strain and there has been ro attempt
during   the   past   couple   of   days   to
j report   speeches  fully.     However,     b
I careful  estimate has it  that already
j two million words have been covered
I by the  Liberal orators.
There was one bright spot only, a .
half hour's resp.te being given, while
the house argued a point of order
and finally settled it only after the \
speaker had taken the chair, and the ���
division bell had brought the mem-*
hers to their places.
No Snap  Division.
And thai same division bell proved
a  revelation  to  the  Liberals  of    the i
tnthusiastn and readiness of tbe gov-
I ernmi nt's  forces.
When  the division    bell    rang out
Mr. ii. M. I'apst, Portland, Ore., was H"9��� "*��� n0* Vcorc ?' Conserve-
appointed gasworks engineer at ai""'9 ln ll". chamber, and but few in
special meeting of the city council. ^.dence in the corridor,,. Within
yesterdav.     He   has   been   Instructed i �������  minutes  Ihey   bad     poured     into
to  prepare  plans and  specifications!""' lu;"se ""t;1 thel* WM ��<��roely *
and 10 call for tenders for the taStal-   J""*     B'^tJ ��"     ,hc     K��venimeii'
latlon of the proposed new plant        benches,   had the   point   of   order
The gas committee, with the mayor! actually come to a vote the govern-
and Olty solicitor were appointed to I ���*���"������* would have bad double its
arrange' a contract between tbe olty normal majority. Where the member.-,
and Mr I'apst and report to a regu ! ;a","' from Is a mystery to the Lib
lar  meeting of the council. ��������>��'   and  ll   '���  Bafo  tu  sil>'   tll!l<     "'
The gas plant Is estimated to cost! ""'>'  bad  any  idea cf  spring a snap
Vancouver, March 7.���Miss B. Pauline Johnson passed away this morning at the Bute street hospital In this
city at 11:30 o'clock. Her death was
not unexpected, as f.^r the last fortnight she had beeu slowly sinking.
She had, however, rallied several times
during the last year from similar attacks, and it was not uptil last Tuesday that it was recognizee! she could
hardly live through the week. Her
last moments were peaceful and she
was fully conscious. Her sister, Miss
Eva Johnson, was her constant companion for the last few days, though
Hold Successful Con
Initiation Ceremonies Held In K. of P.
Hall,   Followed  by  Banquet  in
Russell  Hotel.
Follow Suit of New Westminster and j	
Give   Preference   to   Local ; Three Hundred T<H1B Of Dj-
Thirty  kittens  travelled  the  rough
and   weary   road   that   leads   to   the
! Hoo-Iloo   gardens   last   night   at   the
! K. of P. hall, on the occasion of tho
Edmonds, March G���Following the
example set by New Westminster a
labor bureau has been established in
the comptroller's office in the municipal hall here. As in the Hoyal City
local residents and ratepayers will be
given preference over outsiders on
contract work and it is planned not
to allow any foreigners to attach their
names to the application forms.
The  main  reason   why
namite Explode���Fifty
Men Killed.
Harbor of Baltimore Scene of Terribfe
Catas'.rophe���$500,000  Damage
to Ships and Property.
Plans  to
pared   and   Tenders
it   Installation of
Baltimore,    Md.,    March 7.���Three-
the  bureau  hundred tons of dynamite being load-
has been established is on account of j ed in the British tramp steamer Alum
the   persistent   demands   made   upon   Chine  in  the lower harbor, off FVsrt
the councilmen  from  ratepayers  and ; Carroll, exploded ahout 10:50 o'clock
she was retting when tho end finally  first concatenation of that order held j local residents.    The councillors have  this morning, instantly killing from 40
came. ! in    New     Westminster.      Altogether I been  put  to  much  trouble  lately en- j to   50   men,   wounding  and   mainline;
The funeral services will be held tabout one hundred and forty members deavoring to find employment for ! three score more, some of whom may
on Monday afternoon in Christ's; of the order wire present, from Se-1 there people and have resorted to the i die. and destroying about |58C,00(i
church at 2:3b o'clock. jattle, Vancouver and New Westmins-! means of the bureau, believing it most j worth of property.
Daughter  of  Chief. ter  aud   the  concatenation   was   pro-1 convenient   for   themselves  and   men!    The Alum Chine and a loading scow
E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)  nounced one of the beBt yet held in! seeking  employment. 'alongside were annihilated; the Atlan-
wap the youngest child of a family of j the west. 1    Those desiring to put their names j tic,  which went to the rescue of the
four born to the late G. H. M. John-'. The presiding officer of the eve-j on the "Burnaby Municipal Employ-, imperilbd seamen, was Eet on fire and
son (Onwanonsyshon), head chief of ning was Mr. L. R. Fifeer, presi-j mint Register," as lt is called, will be i later sank; the United Statea collier
the Six Nation Indians, and his Wife,  dent of the L. II. Flfer Lumber Com-.obliged to fill out an application stat- j Janson, just completed and ready fer
Emily S. Ilowell8, a lady of pure Eng-1 pany,  Seattle, and the  concatenation
lish   parentage,  her  birthplace  being  was  arranged   by  Mr.  J.  0.   Robson.
Bristol, England., but tbe land of her
adoption, Canada
Municipal Gas Plant.
vici.snark, presided! and managing
director cf the Tlmberland Lumber
Company,  New Westminster.
At the close cf the Initiation ceremonies the members were gucBts of
Mr. Robson at a banquet at the Hotel
Russell, wbere a sumptuous repast
was served. Owing to the lateness
of the hour and the fact that the
guests from Seattle were comf/ lied
to leave to catch their train, the addresses    in    response to the various
ing whether they had been previously trial, was raked to her deck and her
employed by the municipality, if so, | plates riddled, and buildings in Balti-
why laid off, give their age, state ; more and cities and towns many mikR
whether they are married or single, \ away were rocked by the force ot the
also occupation, previous employment,  terrific explosion
etc- The   cause  of  the   disaster  is   un-
In future when the municipal engi-; known tonight, and federal authori-
neer or municipal contractors require I ties have instituted a thorough in-
any men they will notify the comptrol-1 vestigation. Excited survivors told
Ier, who will immediately dispatch the ' conflicting stories, some insisting that
men whose names are at the head \ a negro stevedore caused the oxplos-
of the list to whatever job they are | ion by jamming a pike into a case of
required   for.     In   case   a   man   gives
up a job obtained through the bureau
Jury Fails to Solve Mystery Surround
ing Death of Jap Found in Sawdust  Bin at Barnet.
toasts   were   necessarily   short,   good  and desires re-employment, his name
fellowship   and   the   friendly   feeliry;  will be put at the bottom of the roll.
between tbe people of the two coun-      The Canadian Mineral Rubber Com-
; tries   beirg   the   principal   theme   of j Pany,   contractors   for   the* Kingsway I
powder. This is denied by eyewitnesses who declare that smoke was
seen pouring from the Alum Chine's
hold several minutes before the explosion  occurred.
At  a  late hour tonight   the bodies
about $'-'1.11,0(10.
Mr. I'apst was conducted over tlie I
city by Alderman Jardine to give html
a general comprehension of the situation and the city's requirements.
division  there  will  bo  no bucIi event
ifter today's revelation.
It was a tribute to the organization
i of ( hlef Whip John Btanfleld and his
abb'  lieutenants,    Unknown    lo    the
Liberals, many members of the relay.-.
Ion  the  government  Bide have  been
CREDITORS WILL TENDER | sleeping In their offices In the parlia-
FOR COMPLETION OF JETTY, ment buildings, and at the- llrst tlnkl"
of the division bell they are ready for
ai ��� ���'     -���������      uuieiuii     i" ii    \.t**x,*     ui ���      ��� vu
Itors cf the  tVnclnti-  Von-1 any wmtrsency thai may arise..
Strnctlon  company  have resolved    to! Nations Bankrupt.
'e-ib r fir the completion of the j In the course of Uls speech during
Steveston jeliy and the proposal will I the afternoon Iir. Michael ClaS
be submitted by Resident Engineer j quoted from an article in tin- London
Worsfold to the Dominion department|Spectator with the object of showing
"Deceased met bis death at the
North Pacific mill. Barnt t by some
unknown cause."
Such was the verdict returned by
the Jury investigating the circuui-
stances surrounding the death of v.
Okaahl  at   Barnet  Wednesday.
Testimony was adduced to the effect that the body of the Japanese was
found in a sawdust bin at the North
i Pacific mill, lt was thought by the
witnesses that Okasbi bad been accidentally caught in the chains of the
taawdust conveyor -iii. ot this they
(were not certain.    Coroner A. 1.. Me
ttle addresses. i pavement, have agreed to employ lo-' 0f 20 dead had been brought to the
A well rendered song by Mr. James I cal men as far as possible and when- morgues in this city and 60 injured
Graham was followed by the toast to j ever in need of men will inform the j were In the hospitals. The estimates
the Kinp. and "Cod Save the King." | bureau. Of course the special work of the dead include 30 stevedores or
A Bong by Mr. Murphy, wbo |3 appear- On the big contract will be done by the Joseph Foard Company, employed
Ing at the Royal theatre, followed, and I experienced men whether local or (n transferring dynamite from a barge
received  a hearty encore. otherwise
Mr. Hobson then called upon Mr. ' The wage scale for laborers on the
J. A. Cunningham to propose the toast work being done by the municipality
to "Our American Cousins." Mr. Cun-. varies from V2.SO to $3 a day. Thc
nlngham raid that it  was always a I Canadian   Mineral   Rubber Company
pay the straight $3,
pleasure   to   welcome   cur   American
cousins,     lt  was just   such  good  fellowship as we have had tonight that
j has  made  it possible  for us to celebrate one hundred years of pence between  the two countries,    that   has
in r  A   1    Mc 1 evvtod   a   monument   to   Queen   Vic-,
(Quarrle  presided     Mr.   D.  O. letter-\\"** In Washlngt-f-m nud a **-m<**wer1
'to Washington in En-gland, and it was!
of  works. Ottawa.
Bhould the offer of the
irceptod  they expect  to
creditors be
recover   lhe
10 per cent, of lbs monthly payments
withheld from the Sinclair Construction Company aa security for fulfilment of their contract and also re-
compromise their losses by the ns
slgnment of the company.
Tho Sinclair Construction company
worked the contract under tbe name
if lhe Fraser Valley Tile and Cement
Benin.', Mutch 7. Roy Lilts, sis
year old Hon of ('. P, Litis, n barber,
was fnlnllv Injured today when he-
was struck at thn foot of n hill in
���Wll avi-nue and EsbI MiiiIIsoii Street
hv nn tiulomoblli' belonging to Oliver
Mellllvra.  a  prominent  attorney.
Thn automobile was occupied liy
Mrs, Mt-tlllvrn and A. .1. I'imIouh-hIIc
lind was driven by Hatnuel Haskell,
Ull Mi-Ollvrs chauffeur. The child
died a tow hours nfler being taken
tO th" hospital. Ilnsknll wuh nrriiiled
lint was released on his personal
rneogulinnen ponding a tjoronor'l In
London, March 7 The British par
llameiit was prorogued today for one
of the shortest recesses In Its history
as It Is to reassemble on Monday.
March 10, for another of those busy
sessions for which tbe Liberal government has become famous.
Tho Klng'B speech from the throne
was probably the briefest on record on
such an oooaslon, merely expressing
regret that the- members of the two
houses would hnve only a nominal
period of release from their labors.
Los Ange-les. Cal. March 7 After
IhaVIng been out  for nearly  "4  hours.
lit appeared <>uriy tonight thai the Jury
Ilu Ibe second trial of Clarence S
Darrow for Jury bribery, was hopelessly  deadlocked.
Home, however, expressed the belief Hint a verdict would be reuched
bSOAUSS (if Ihe almost unprecedented
length of tlint- consumed by lhe dellb
���rations of the Jury without once reporting to the court Unit tbey were unable to loach a verdict.
Late tonight) however, II was reported, ou what was said to be lilltlu.ll
Ilu Information, that the Jury stood
eight  to  four for conviction.
Station Agent on Trial.
Saskatoon* Snsk., March 7.���T>. N.
(Inay, formerly station and freight
ii'iH for the Canadian Northern rail
vav nt Dellsln, wns this morning committed bv Justice of POMS Smith to
ilniid Irlsl nt the ne*t court of ns
sizes, to be held In this city, on the
charge of theft of the company'!"
riinilH. iinioi'iil.liig lu all tO nboiit $11117
Thn uoeuHod wnn arrested n lit h
more Hum ii week ago nnd since tha'
time hus been hold lit the local
mounted pollen barraoka.
Suffrage  In  Iowa.
rii'B     Moines.     In.,   March   7.    The
Kintii iientiti! of iho lown legislature
pnriied the woman's suffrage iinicml
iiii-iiI todn.v by a vote of 31 to 15. Having piisiii'd both houses, woman's suffrage will now hn submitted to Unpeople.
Serves Twelve Months.
Mooso Jaw, March 7. For the theft
of $97 from a brother I'oluiuler nt
Viceroy, on Nov. 'ib, I'M Yurkln was
today Hotitciieod at the district court
by  Judge Ouslcy  tn 12  months'  Im
Unit Germany was anything but in
vincible und declaring Unit lhe but
torn had dropped out of the triple
alliance. The situation III England
at the present time, he said, is that
the nations have bankrupt Ihem
selves to keep from cutting each
others' throats. The ar'icb' thol
stated a new condition bud been
created lu Europe by the sudden rise
to a position of great power of thi
Balkan stales. Tbls necessitated the
addition of many men to th" German army.   The result was that Gar
many Is now going to slop hldd'ng In
the greal naval auction iixmiH
"is ihls a time 'or Canada to atari
hldd'ng In Ihem ?" nski d llr  Clark.
"ii Ib ulinoHt criminal tolly project
Ing 185,000,000 of the farmers nnd
laboring men of this country Into
European aruuiiiieiiis at a time llkl
Mr. Clark next quoted an article In
the lust Issue of ths Boonomlsi
criticizing the superdraadnougtat Oan
���ida  wus. he ib'claii'd.  being dragged
Into the matter in order to hoop "i
the profits of tho Hrittsii armor plate
lleferting to it. ii. Bennett's state
meiil thnt Canada was not u tuition
Dr, Clark said; "The trouble Is thai
there are men at  presi'lil  with nKpli"
Hons narrow enough in try umi   sto*
thu fusion Sir Wilfrid Lanrler bad
ibillca'cd Ills life lo tbe task of nimil
gainallng. Hut a Outage Ol b ider *
In  tbe eomiiioiiH meant  other Id.'i't"
"The government," hs said   Istsr
nu, "Is going back Ci nn Irresponsible
tiiechiitilKiu; downing Hired running
one of the public services if Can-
The speaker alluded to the harilv
Norsemen who had ruled the scuu In
Ihe  pa hi.
Canadian*  Are  Fit.
"There mny in- hardy Norsemen Iii
England, In France  tlertniiny and the
United stntes,   yes,   in Japan,"   lie
auld. "Only In Cniiiid.i we cannot
have them. Cnnuibi must sturve le
her Icebergs bsoSUSS ber government
bus not pluck and courage. Why, the
Idea Is not  liilelli-clunllv respectable
Drop It   Think when there Is time
I enve It, Let ns he Cnntidliitm. Cuitn
t'n"i nre in to do anything thnt any
whlto man cun do"
llr   ('lurk quotsd the Ottawa Ken
'ng Journal ns statins thai n pollov
.f   omiirlbutlon   would   nol hmg br
itlfe for Ibe empire, "If II wlll no'
ha wife It Is nol Hiife now. It W wis*
to embark upon i nollov which wlll
(Continued on  Page Four,)
son of Edmonds was foreman ol the
I Jury.
The Inquest was held in S. Howell's
I undertaking   parlors   yesterday   after.
noon.   The remains of Okashl will be
! shipped   to   Vancouver   today    where
the funeral win be hi id.
P.   R.   May   Lay   Heavy   Rails   to
Westminster Junction���Official
Visits City.
Mr. Q. E, Graham, superintendent,
Pacific  coast   division,  C.P.R.,  had  a
ineitlng   with   Aldsrman   White   and
Mr. John  a.  i.ee. president  ol tin-
board  of  trade,   yi'Hlerday   In  Connection   with   the  harbor  scheme
The mutter of rebiilbiHting th.. track
between New Westminster and Westminster Junction was taken up nud It
is confidently sxpeoted thai work and
the   relaying  of   the   line   with   Inavy
���tsel r.iiis wlll be undertaken in the
very   near   future
$7,300,000  FIRE
Yokohama, March 7. The
fire which begun yesterday
caused ilaninge to the extent of
17,600,000 In the business iiutir-
ter of lhe city, The Exchniige,
ll number of silk factories uud
w ui'i'houHoii nnd "Ml other structures  were destroyed
with  pleasure lu- mroposed the toast.\
Mr.   L.   It.   Filer   In   replying  saidl
that the visit would impress each of ]
those   present   that   the   line   dividing
the United Stabs and Canada was an
imaginary line only, und expressed Hte
gratitude    of    the     visitors   for   the J
warmth and friendliness of the reoep-j
tlon  they  had  been  given.    The  two
great   English spanking  nation*���tne
(two  greatest  nations  in   the  world
suld the speaker, unltid could control
lhe destinies of ths world.    He con-
gratulated the people of New Westminster  on  their  beautiful  city  and
| Mr.   Robson  ou  tbe  success  of  tho
In proposing the toast Of the "Lumber and shingle Manufacturers." Mr.
Robson   slated   that   ��5   per  cent   of
, liritish Columbia's payroll was dependent upon the lumber Industry.
A well rendered solo by Mr. W. M.
McClpy, was followed by the toiiHt
"The Supply Houses." Ill responding
Mr. John R lluticiin said the supply
men  appreciated the business of Ihe
lumbermen, whloh funned so per
cent of ihe total business of the supply men. lie spoke of Ihe good fellowship existing among the members
and suld he knew of no better way of
bringing (lie silted Industries together
than under the auspices of the Hoo-
The Seattle contingent were compelled to leave to catch their train
:il HiIh Juioiiire aud were given a
royal  Send-Off,
Another noslltnl solo by Mr  Mc-
(Toy followed uud llie toaiit to "Transportation nil.'fists" was proposed.
Mr      Ed     doubt     spoke     of     the
importance of transportation In rotation to the lumbering industry und
mild the riillwiiyK were doing nil In
tlnir power lo assist In the rapid
imirkcllng of the flnlHhed product of
the   iiiIIIh.
Another  song  hv   Mr.   Murphy.  "I
I Wiuil  a Clrl Jusl  Like Tbe Olrl That
Mnrrled   Denr Old   Dad,"   re-dived   a
double encore.
Tb" toast to "The I'ress." responded
to by Mr j \v Cunningham of Tht
Columbian,  and   "Mr.   Itubson,"   pro.
wm % mm
Rumors cf  Discord  Between General
Diaz and  President  Huerta���
Rebels Still Active.
to the Alum Chine for Panama; eight
members of lhe crew of tbo Alum
Chine; six men on the collier Janon
ami the captain and several members
of the crew of tbe tug Atlantic. Many
bodies, it is believed, never will he-
recovered from the icy waters. Of
the injured a score are frightfully
maimed. At least 15 are expected Ur
Seamen  in scores  of  email  craft
and Captain Vandyke of the Atlantic.
laaw smoke coming tram tke dynamite.
\ laden Alum Cola* a law -laat��� h*~
' ton- the explosion aad the launch J��-
i-om.   vbUb   was   aluagaide  the  shl��.
. i rescued  many  members ot the crew
and rushed them to safety.   The wit-
1 ncBscs  say  that  when the explosion
, "ame   the  steamer Jumped   from   th��-
water as If a torpedo hid struck her
from below und then fell to friignieiit*;
In which were mingled the torn bodies
,' ;;f the dead.
Prominent    Mill    Owner   of    Alber'.a
Meets Father, Mr. VV. Wallace,
Afier 34 Years Separation.
a ciitiiice tneotlni between father
and  Hon  nfter a 111  years'  Hiipiirnllon j posed by Mr. J. A. CiintiliiKhnm, closed
u noteworthy ooourronos, umi hucIi
happened on Coluinblii Street, New
Westminster, Ini month,
Mr. John C. Wallace, Lnnder. Man..
n prominent   threshing   mill owner
met his  fiilh'-r, Mr.  William  Wallace
of Alberiu street, Bapperb n, on Co
luiiibiii stroet, and rooogulisd blm im
mediately, althouRli ths oldor gsntl*
man  wuh hoiiiov.1i.iI   nivHtllleil by the
"iiiiihu Dad" of ihe younger man un
III  he  revealed  hll  Identity,
Mr, Wallace, Jr., bud not liilliiiuti-d
IiIh Will hefoiehuiid und took Ills
parent eomiieieiy unaware. A happy
reunion followed nnd nfter n holiday
with bis father and mother. Mr, Wai
lui'c returned home  bint  weik,
Producers Share.
BOltOn, Muhh. March 7. Thai the
producer should receive nl. least (16
cents out of every dollar paid by the
I'oiiHiiiuer. was (he alulemetil tuuile by
(Iconic M Twiliiicll, of Auburn, Me.,
president of the Mulue State (Ii'iiukc
at the annual meetliiK of tlio New
l'.tiKliiud contcrence on rural progress
ihe program and the company diH
pcrscd     afl.r    kIiikIiii".     "Auld     I .nnr.
syne," nil expressing their appreciation Of the entertainment provided
by the host uf Ihe evenlni-..
Montreal, March 7. Dr.
rrledniaiiii, the Herman tuberculosis expert, now In New
York, will visit Montreal and
glVS n rllnlc nl the ltoynl Kit-
ward TuberculoHlii Institute on
Monday, the loth Init  He win
also visit Ottawa unit Toronto
durliiK the two following iI.i.vk.
illvlni; uiblreHHi'H uud clinics ut
00th plncer. There Is every
disposition to afford blm ample
opportunity to demonstrate his
claims, the prejudice manifested iii-.iiiiiiit him In New Yurk
bav I iik no reflection here.
Mexico  City,   March  7.��� Willi   wire |
uimun'eiuion   interrupted     betwee
ital and  tin-    r. lu I    Ir.festod
,-entres of Coahuila and Sonora, Ull
only information   concerning   oondi
tions there emanate from government I Athens, March 7. The Greek mili-
louroes, These make It appear to I t!lrv authorities declare that they hav<-
nlRht that a sltuutlon haH developed ; 7x450 Turkish prie��ners, Includinp
which  will  tax  the  utmost  resources   Hie   troops   who   surr��-iidenif   at   Ja-
cf the new administration, [nlna, ln their hands. ****** MM others
Federal troops In Increasing num lore surrounded at variuas places.
hers are beliiK pushed ln;o the dls ' An adltlonal reason for demanding
trlct about Moniiova In Coahuila, the Ug Indemnity from Turkey the Greek
Centre of tho Carrunzalsls activities -govcrnnu-nl points out. Is that mafci
while other forces are moving Into I 'etiance of tlio prisoners already Ii:ik
Sonora. where former Coventor May- | ovolred ths expenditure of ll.OiKMKW.
torena'S efforts are said to be directed !  .	
toward Inciting tho Indians   to   re |
bellton.   Eighteen hundred additional boy scout troubles.
troops left here tonight for San Luis, 	
where they will co-operate wllh the Movement Car.rtot Prctg'r In South
force of (lenerul  Trucy  Aubert,  who | and   Wart, af Intgrnef
Dublin. March 7.    There are uiimis
likable Indications that the boy scout
movement cannot prosper In Ireland.
Whatever chances It may have In tho
north, any hop., of popularising It hi
the south or went might as well br?
war department are to ba employed abandoned; bt��lde% there aro all Otret
In Crushing the governor and his fol    elements of trouble la endeavoring ����
iowsri. ��� j run tbs movement aide, by side witts
it Ih reported, but without confirms-   the boys' brigade.
'Ion, that  I'tiHciial OrOSOO hns placed      The brigade Is emu posed of y 11 nnr.
himself nt the dlnpoHlUon or the gov- ' iters Imbued with a spirit et nation
hood, while Die scouta are ���uapeetMl
of Imperialistic leaning*, and when
the rival lx-4!en meet on mii-chiniv
duy or ciituplnix out en petitions. Uk-
officers ln tho- ret-pe-cOre batUUhMM
have to use every kft et dlptcnuwy
they possess to
check  tho
11 expected to reach  Monclovn before
Hope Unit the government would be
able tO effect a peace ii-treement
wllh Curraimi appears to have been
abandoned  nud   nil   resources of  the
ernment lo combat the Maytorelia
nbilH In Solium, und Unit 1100
troops now on their wuy lo Chlhun-
hun.   where  they   will   be  placed    In
Oroioo'i command or subject to his
There ure riimbllngH cf new disorders lu Ihe state of Morelns. COSlO
Robelo,   a   persistent   enemy   of    tbe
(ovsrnmsnl in thi south, is reported
to hnve assembled a band of Still men
from the remnnnls of lhe forcci of
the old lenders who were disposed to
cast Ihelr lot with the Huerta ad
ti Inlet rut Ion.
The nltllude of Kiiilllnno Zapata to
Ward the new government Ih sllll In
loubl. A note of encouragement
came to the cnpllul today from the 1
state of Mexno. where the Hiirrender '
if 7MI rebels Of the band of l''raiielsco
I'acheco, who had kept Maibro'ii army
busy, wns arrested In thu town of
Humors cf diHcord between Qsnsral
Dial und President lluertu lire said
to hnve grown out of the Biiectloii of
the (lute for the presidential election.
Assurances ure given from olTlclal
lOUrOSS thai there Ih no biiHln for the
May Bs Another Victim.
Mexico City. March 7. Itufnel
Cepedii, the former governor of San
Luis I'oIohI, who refused to recognize
the Huerta government and was
credited with Joining Ihe revolt head
e.l by Veniistlano Cnrrutizu, has been
nrroHicii In the city of San Luis
I-ohIohI. He wlll be brought hero for
trial on a charge) ot rebellion,
the rival "armies.'
mi bdtie aad keep lis
P. lugM-rent propenait.'ea cf
May Visit England.
Toronto, March 7. Dr. Albert Ham.
leader of the Notional Chorus of Toronto, has received a cablegram froas
Lord Strnthcona, Intimating; that he
would furnish $IOO�� towards tlw aa-
Dsnssi of the National Chorus trip to
Kngland this summer. The city mu
ell   has  also  granted  IZWt  for  this
Loudon, March 7. Th�� earpenterw
of London wlll ask for aa Increase ��r
wages on May 10. They have been or-
ganlllng for the post year and aa a
result they are In a position to demand what they believe to Iw their
tights. At present there la no hart
iml fiiHt schedule of wanes and nets
ire paid according to their ability
from 20 tu .tn centa
Committed ter Trial.
Moose Jaw. Hank., March 7.-
a Just lee of the peaee bei
noon, W. Con-toft, Ibrmarly _
of the Cnnniftan l.amber Tarda, ���jbt
nt Swift Current- waa eoaiiaitted lair
trial on a chars* et rtaallaa laasber
conl.  fuel and   aaah   aawaatlaz    hx*
$2500. ����ua��    au PACK   TWO
SATURDAV,   MARCH   8,   1013.
An in ie.vendev t moriiiiii? paper dt'i'oleii to the Interests o| Sew Westminster and
the Franer Valley. Pubtithttt every morning exoept Sunday by the. National Printing
end _'ii!>lishin0 Company, Z.iiiiilcd, ��l 11*1 .1/r.ieimr Street, Se.e H'cstintiiifcr, British
Columbia. KOIIB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director,
.411 eommutiicalloits should be aildrt.-med to The Sew U'rs.'miiisi'T .V<cs, null imf
to bulir,,iii.ji members of the staff. Cheque*, drattt ont nioiicii ovdert should he mini'
���payable to The National I'riiUinij antl Publishing Company,   Limited.
TKl.KflloNKS���Uuriincss Office and Manager. BOS; tiiitoruil Roams (nil depart-
ments|, uM.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBS���By Barrier, SI per year, $1 for three months, in* pn
-SMSth.  Hit  mail,  %Z per Ifear, 2lu- per  month.
ADVBBTlbluG  BATtSS on applloatfon.
iu VUBKlttU'ONUISrlTa���No lettert will !,���   published i" ''he Newt exeept over
��� mer .i mumiture. Hit. nl,ior reeervee the rujin to re/uso (�����' pub/ioation ../ any
''Nowadays they don't loach thc real meaning of the
love of country and that it mean.-'- sac i'i Fices. 1 wish there
were but one of lny poems that could set fire to thc hearts
of men and thrill them with the glory of their nationhood."
The lips that sp ike these words an- silenced forever
but thc words themselves, together with that noble bouquet of purely Canadian poetry that is her true memorial,
will for ever enshrine Pauline Johnson in the hearts of
her countrymen and countrywomen.
Only last month eastern Canad i mourned the loss of
one of the clearest cf the nation's singers; today with
the promise of the sprins? on every ''.md, the r;>ast laments for the talented lady who has weaved a garland of
old world mystery, of native charm, of infinite tenderness
about the natural features of the lower mainland.
Like Archibald Lampman, Pauline Johnson posses! ed
the real gift of song. She cultivated and cherished it as
one who loved it because she knew its value; She was a
genuine nature lover; for her the outside world and the
lore of her father's, people were an oik:;1, book whose contents she loved to translate for her paleface friends.
Through the windows of her soul wc look upon Dead Man's
Rock, or Point Grey, not as lumps of stone or a long ridge
of fire-blackened trees, 'out as places known to a half forgotten people to whom they stood as nation;1! mem trials
or had memories of scene.-; of romance.
But Pauline Johnson has rendered a greater service
to us even than that of revealing the bueaty in the common
tilings of the world cf nature. She was a patriot through
and through, and though her strains cannot compare with
the trumpet calls that thrill through the pages of the
greatest poet of her mother's race or any other race, the
thought she expresses is the same.
Like many another child of nature, Pauline Johnson
was not overburdened with this world's goods, but the law
of compensation ran true for her as for every man or woman. She rejoiced that her message to those who may
read both now and in the days to come found a permanent
place in the literature of her country.
Her ashes may for a moment linger in the breeze off
her favorite Siwash Rock which she has taught us to look
upon as the emblem of true fatherhood, but until a new
race and another tongue is known in British Columbia,
there will be no lack of rosemary for. the memory of a
singer whose tunes shall swell with the years.
his Venetian scenes are still highly
prftnl by their owners. His first pn
litieul contributions wire to The Dial,
edited by Ralph Waldo ISmerson, and
iu ISTii ii volume of vertc from his pi*;*
Issued from the ;f ens. He was also
tlie author of Beveroi notable transla-
'tlons from N'irjjil ami Horace.
At'ici- residing a number of years in
Paris  he.returned   to   America   ami
spent his la; t years in  t'.i.* scholarly
atmosphere   of   Cambridge,    Mass.,
iv.h-.rc be died in 1S92.
Cranch was cue of the mosl i mini nt. among the very few literary men
born ir. 1813. Indeed, thla year offen
na centenaries uf reaily gnat una <���!
i tti ;���:���. sir Arthur Helps and Byl
reeter Judd will be remembered nexl
fuly, but both were dletlnctly miner
wrlti rs.
Woollen Miii Centennial
Oi '* ��� i the i ii i.. i*i* wi oil 'ii mill i t'
:������*'.   ll   .'   , [  the   '1':*   ,    ���'     tl *i   :.    1
IVi   Hi n  1.1 mpany,  ws i  fi in led t
hundn ii >i ar.*i a.,n t d iy.    The i   t
i r.n al  Bndu ti"* ind isl ry In bu	
'���I i'iatlcn, although  ll  i.i now e:
i luslvi 1> a cotton cone t t.
: hi   .mi.i i.' ..���'  '. i  ���'.:. :. i  i1     "*;   li :���;
ta bi .im.m;    three    e ������' tn les   ;���   *
. In a     Bin   *i     wi ii*     !*.:.   in���;���". 1     a
Jai;. Bti nn, in  Virginia     I i  18 '���    I
,*   .       . *     (ll       bn iclil   to  Ni i.
..���     ������ ii. and a di cade lal ������ ;i ...
mill was s *: up at lieu It y, Mass., ' ;...
.Mr.   K.r ley's  11 oi le,   '������ ho  wi .*.*  tin
thai  i" ;  upon  making eli ''i    ii
��� iti t a i orld."
';: *   lacti v.   v.,   li* a  i! l ��� ��� *     v ���
ii    *    * bl -'*. ii till  0: ������'.*.;'   r
-iii    i * nlury,    ur t    tbe    (lral
.   idii     I*. liine ' :*' rati'! in Ami rlca
���>.,.. ;    ll   In   it; i..    '1 h ro a;'"  bow
:. .** :.;, ;and  raauuf;   tun .*..    of
������  .!. Ois ia  ti;..  i'a.*ed  Statei
aad ( au   I . employing a capita]    of
. * io,t) 0,   .i   i   im ducing
.    ...; ii il at aboul $425,000,100 an-
Millions to Hc-ior Oeechcr.
: ��� ia..   Ward   Bi echi r,   gre itea    ol
u. ��� : ican pulpil oral ira, paaaed away
ia  Hn ol'.lyn twi nty-sl -.  j oars ago ta
...     Tho   :;'!'.i���'��� i' ������!- ued   elergyihan
....   ..  i a  ii   June,   IS 13, ami Un* can-
��� uarj   ��ill i " e. '.braii d by millions
of  Beecher'a admirers.    The obaorv-
. ance ��iii naturally    i mtre   in    Ply-
tin uth  i hurch,    Brooklyn,    long    ihi
of thi        a   clt ; ������'.: ministry.
i.    sin :* * . . ;: " ������     i  i ileranl    of
... ���    ! ���   ��� i and ; * ������ n i live In spirit
"..! his i *  '���  rf trli uda included   tn
r i   I   .  .   : n ... a -* i bi .*. :��� ��� in 11 ai
Jie !��� -i >��� i;    men of his o-.\ a  belief
ROMANCE OF 6010     !
of Monties'
Dc-nald Fraccr Returns to   Gowganda
to Relocate C iposlt Ho Found
Nino  Years A-jo.
Id Up)  ...
Striving fer sume definite object
may become a disease. Must or us
wear out Imdy and soul I" gain Borne
i "ii tn H"i- something finished. In
these days tin- tendency of ihe busi-
ness man Is to bring Iiii private for-
lu ii certain point. When that
Is attained, he sets up n new
aim and toils harder than ever.
The   student   of   llie   grinding   sort
iiium ui ins degree, u ben ha wins
it. h ��� wants another and another, Ami
sn It Is lu almost every activity of
life.     Thn   practice   is   ciunnii'iiil tbll
in moderation, li stimulates and energizes one's attention, and ll develops tha habit of concentration. Yet
it may ba overdone, Mt torlng would
IobI half ils charm if the driver
thought only of hi.i destination, if lie
neglected looking al Iho countryside,
II ii" missed the thr 11 I f the open
Some of ub Journeyed through life
like the man who travels by a niulil
train. Our only Inturasl is to get
tbere to obtain a <l dderlng, sonllo
condition physically which may be
dignified by the shine if dollars.   It
might  do  us  nn  harm   tn  look mil  uf
tha window occasionally, to sec some'
thing of tlm beauty cf life, before wo
are   called   Upon   to   leave   It,     If   in
oould get iiie destination oul i.r mind
once in a while in order in appreciate
j he   i ass inr.   show   we   would   be   all
ihe batter for It.
The Joy of iivinn in nol a futurity,
either It In present Joy nr ll dOBfl i nl
���mist. Sn mail) people pn in..'I* li
���1'iijtiy themselves nexl year Inslaad
��� i today, 'i in-y m'.' i* ii" I Tt" ���
-oannot, even wben lhe> bave tho in
ollnatlon, iinbii is in., strong. Po��
slbly nothing   more   pltlal I"   oxlsli
��� Ihan  the retired  I Har r    hi. G tlio rt
tired   hiislni sa   man.     Nothing  tu  il i
i i   heir - ompla'iit,   Thej  mi an noth-
Ing in do in tin ir narrow, r istt cl d
Bvi i y man should have some svn
��atli ii. soma hi bby, Whothi r it be
���port, i r mt or n i g on, in' should
no vi i noglt cl II for some day it mav
mean life nml haplnass to him II
takm jeni i filched from Ibe dill}
critiil One mi) love bis work, In
deed ��� ' b" i cct a iful oi e mac love
It, bul  Hi'* e*. ai ib" work ba ..a
(,. . *. i, im i" i ��� i"n* i, & i very wak
Ing hour, lhal i lomenl v" are miser
able .'.mi-, i irnlng ambition Into a
taskmaster ami baring our backs fnr
lhe  whip.    Toronto  News.
Ibis, anil lb" nsnll. may be accepted
lur Camilla as well
In all, some seven nr eight thousand
ordinary letti rs were collected, These
litters wire written almost always by
educated men. ami wire en all possible topics. There was Hi" ordinary
business letti r, there was the love let-
'ter. tli" in me letter, the despairing
letter, the philanthropic letter, the ar
Untie letter. These subjects, om
Would think, would allow a greal variation nf vocabulary, nml give rise to
the un' of many different  words..
Yet, win ii llie total number ef dif
fereiit  words used  111 these thousands
uf letters were compiled, the number
was found to be jusl one over the two
thousand mark. That is, these thousands nf people writing nu scons of
subjects, with a quarter of h million
words tn choose fi'nin, rejected 848,000
nf these words, and expressed all the
various emotions ami desires of different pi rsniiiilllies and temperaments
in Iml two thousand and one words.
Indeed, 200 words Is the vooabulary
of au educated man as things are today Th" British Lancashire laborer
frequently lives a long life without
having a greati r variety Ihan four
hundn d words.
I Mure than "ne cieat British writer
of  the   pun   has   advised   111"   reading
of iiie dictionary as a method of improving one's written ami spoken
vocabulary, Mr il P Oadaby, whose
entertaining writings have amused
I'rce Press readers during lha past
year,, said ont o that he had n ad tho
entire dictionary mors than ones, Sir
Wilfrid Limn' ri*. favorite pastime in
the House is di'tii'tiaty reading
'in hove a  million   beautiful   ami
 iiniir tni.' at one's  disposal, and
i.i continue t" use a few Bhop wor i
i.i,. ��� in hi., i ��� elusion i.'.' Hi" others,
i. "ins a poor busltu ��� ��� I lictionur)
reading mlghl be a "lily recommended
as a pur: nil wltli a beneficial elfii'l
In  cm 'a  nf  llie   tm dem   writing   iinil
convt rsatlon    i Ittawa Free Press.
One i.f I.a Salle's comrades and
i lieutenants was Father Louis Hennepin, a Flemish friar nt' th" Franciscan order, who. years earlier, when
Benl lu tlie pert nf Calais to beg Inr
alius, hail been fascinated by the sea-
iii n's  tales.
"(ifti n." he said, "I hid myself behind tavern doors while the pailnr'i
I were telling of their voyages" At
��� igth tn his great delight, be was i
sent as a missionary lo Canada. Ih
made many Journeys, of W'hlch It"
wrote lively but not always truthful
accounts. In fact, he was "convicted
of telling mure than travelers tales."
for after I.a Salle's death, he claimed
to have descended the Mississippi before his I'amuiis leader.
lie was rial by La Salle, with two
I'reni'limen, tn explore the Upper Mis
Blssippl, and to Irade with Ibe lu
iliatis. Many limes on their way
down tii" Illinois he and his comrades wire in great peril from the
savages, and one ef the men said:
"M.   I.a  Salle  had    as  good    In   have
murdered us."
One day Ihey were pursued by In
dians in wooden canoes, and owed
their escape to the lightness of their
own birch-bark canoes, on the following day March Mb. 1680 they
reached the point where the watera
ef the Illinois enter the Mielsslppl.
Edmonton, March   7     Donald   Fra-
-. ,*. 11,.* of t'.ie   i nglnei ring   depart-
on .:  : i tv. Grand   rrunk  Pacific at
���:*.!',;." is i a liis way back from
;��� ,;��� i,'iu a to Gowganda am! tha gold
*..-  In that oountry    And hte le iv
!i ���   Rdmontcn ami il irtli s back i.- all
the . utcome of meeting a man whom
.. thai i *���'.!':*.. nine yeai   ago
, i*e at i'v  ri ads "i r ��� like a t tory
.;:. .��� urn!  fiction  than   every-
I   .  ;iie. l i.t li. R, Grant, t r thia city,
v .i   for   lhe   ail!'.!* '..i*   '...   i ;    ta
;i Hi .*.ing atory:
Pdr. Grant am! a party   of pfi
tors wi re camped on the I I iki  of thi
,]      ... a!    ;*i*.. r   i   10   i . i i*'    thi
3Ui i r of 1904, Ti: *y h *i tlnii hi,'
tie ir :��� upper aad v. ;������.��� sitting .'r nn .
the c imp fire when rrom n���������':������ d( v. i
tho river they beard singln ; and oi .
��� . 100 : it Ling Into t.. h around t
I. id ia the rlvi r, with ;��� bi litai    p .
Had    Rich   tuartz.
Tli" oarty hailed the royagi ur an !
lie   pulled   Into  Bhore.   1 ho   tqan   in
the canoe waa Donald Fraaer and he
had  In his poi bi ���*��� It a   ; ome   i (   th ���
ri. hi Bt gold quarti on  thai I i  mi n
of the party, all old experienced pros-
pi ctors, had i ������!��� bi en. Bi I through
a ng montha In :h wilds ana prlva-
i (ona and hardship I ri ���. t wai ti ra
. orarily i. t an t. The i ri I n irds he
gi-eeted the pany wltb were: "Well,
will we gn down tn Shea's tonight?"
1'T'asi r was from Ti ronto and very
wi it e mm eti i! in ii' ;' city. 1). it.
Grant and ano'thi r of lhe party r.Ttuli'
the trip back lo civilization, taking
with iliein lie- crazed man and hi-
wonderfully rich samp!.-;, bul though
l'e y qui stlcm d him clon ly, Frai; r't
:���* .1 ��us iomplti ly :��� bl :*" and hi
c uld tt 11 in thing ..    i. :*   a''.   .
:���:' the rich t :������   whi h h    i irrl   i.
it is a far cry Ire.,* t',ip wllda nf thi
Montreal river in Ni v. Onl irio and thi
City of Edmonton, and nine y ai
i ipng time, but four days ago, In thi
rotunda of the Roy il Gi t rge h itt I
Fraser, Just newly returned from a
lung survey trip fur the G. T. P., mel
Irani face to fare, and as an out-
ci me of the mi t ting Fraaer left Mon-
lay afternoon tor the east, confidenl
that lie will, through liis partial recovery of memory, be able to locati
what may be a very rich mine.
Revised Old Memories.
Wben Mr. (Irant spoke to blm last
Saturday. Fraser did mt recognize
him, but after relating the occasion of
In ir meeting, remembrance suddenly
lawned upon the surveyor.
The two had a long conversation,
; md wllh thp Information with which
Mr. Grant was able to supply him as
: a their meeting point on the Mont-
1 real river, nine years ago, and a slow-
I ly ri turning memory of events recalled to him by this meeting. Mr. Fraser
believes that he may be able to find |
:l:e spot from which be brougbl such
���ich quarts samples.
Altbougb up to the time of meeting
Mr. Grant in (he Royal George  botel
be other day? Mr. Kraser bail only
Hie haziest memory of bis irlp In the
wilds ut New Ontario, be believes thai
il'l.r  talking  with  seine  other   mem-
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and .n London, F.ng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokaui
U.S.A., and Mexico lily. A general
banking buslnoss transacted. Letter!
if Credit Issued, available with cor
i-espi,nib ins In all parts of tbe world
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
celved  In  sums of .*!  and upward
uu' interest allowed at il per cent, per
innuni (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
(',.  1). BRYMNER, Manager
Securities, Ltd.
artistic  comic   singers,   who   finish
Royal theatre tonight
r^'       ^^3fllW^
m     *-w
���?7 ���    &.%
"'J; -r.\
-���          *   b%,',i
Jf^*��7 '
���   M
���    iS^-W; ��A
! 1
ll ill v.
I hone
IflcatlonS, agrii'in-'iiiH nt Hul" il.-.*ilH,
ia  li tt.-rs. atai clreular work spu-
All wmli strictly confidential    ll.
room lis Weatmlnater Trust  Hlk.
i ley
M..  Mi. 864���MEETS ON first,
.ni.l   third   Wi.In. .-.lavs   In   ...rll
in K, of l*   Hall nt 8 p in    II. J.
dictator; J. II. Price, bi ci. dry.
��� i ii P". AMITY LODGE N'l 17 -TJi��
i. v.ie.n* meeting of Amity lodge Nt>.
;*,. I. ii. ii f, Ik Ii. m . very Monday
nlKlit nl 8 o'clock in 'I.Id Fi>lluw��' Hall,
c- 'in r Carnarvon and ISIghlli qlreels.
VisltlilK l.r.ilu in cordially Invited.
It. A. Merrlthew, N.C; J. Robertson,
V. ii.; \v. C. Coatham, P. n , recording s. .aviary ; 11. W, Sangster, financial secrotary.
Personal and
Docial Notes
n celve
A.   E.
ilcllii ; ii. -���    tl
this season.
will  not
A. W. MeLeod   haa   n tui
visit to Southi rn Californ
i tars of the party who are still in the
Qowganda country, he may be able to
find the mine which was lost  to him
I in Ihe past.
Aside   from    the    romantic    points
this  amazing  happening   present,  o
case of lost memory recalled which
might form an Interesting study for a
student of physchology.
The IIngllt h I ���"���nal e "i nl lln; hi
nil :��� quarti i' of b tnllllnn wordi,
Home nf these are Bclentlflo terms,
i inn.' nre (geographical namea, bul n
ia,|. prop irtlon of tho dictionary
worda nre beautiful, clear cut (tngllsh
Worda, each Of which   has   a dlsllnil
meaning "f its own of n ihade whloh
mankind is often culled upon in ex
Y.t. i'i the majority of wrltara and
np.|.|.rM of lOnglllh, this greal Wl Lit tl
of i. i.'r re malm  literally a  aealed
I A   recent    e\|ierlnielil    In   the
I'    *    !   Allien,   niade    In    eonnecllon
wiili ilia Unlroralty of Chicago, provei
��� ��������������������������������������������������������������
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
��� (By O. Terence.) ���
Centenary ot Christopher Cr.inr.h.
Christopher I'. Cranoli graduated
name Hint is nil but forgotten, yi t the
���nan who bore it wns eminonl In the
��� liver: e ih.mains of theology, lil'Tii
lure ami ii rt The celitottar) ol tha
birth ui the preacher, pedagogue, poet
and palntt I' falls lialay. lull It will pusi
wlili little observance.
Cranch was burn at Alexandria, Va���
March s, 1813, nnd wnn the ion of Wll
Ham i'r.en li. an i mint ul Jurist,  wh
in turn was the > t the Hon. Rich
ard Cranch, who omlgratod to A merlon
t ri in Dovoushlre, linglond, In 1748,
and settled nl Qulney, Musi'., fer hall
i ia ntui'j  William Cranoli wns chief
li: lie,    i I   Ibe  federal   I'lllll'l   Of llle   His
triei of Columbia.
c iirii tophi r r crunch graduated
from the Harvard Divinity Bohool, und
for soma years  wns   a  iireiieher   and
teach, r Gradually he withdrew from
tho clt rh id offloo, and In 18411 deter
miiied to devote himself lo landscape
paint uu:     lie   studied    In    Italy   and
i.'riince. and exhibited nl the Parle
Salon   with   much   SUOCOSS,    Homo  ol
* FIRST   THINGS. ���*
\* ****************
Fire-   Fighting   Apoaratue.
'I'llI-   first   seeeessfiil   sii im-fire  ni-
���jine was exhibited al  Baltimore fif
tv eight   yi iit'R  ago   today,    March   8,
iv.:,.   tlie   invention  of   A.   II.   Latta
I Within five years a number of inventors had constructed rire-flfchMnn an
paratus of this kind, and lhe old hand
engine, which was Invented by Cresl
bus in iiaii ii. c. became extinct
cimitiiiiiiti  wus  the  first  city    ti
Imake Bteam engines the basis if Its
fire department,   The pioneer engine
; was very large nnd' powerful, wi Igh
Ing ovor twelve 'ens. and required
I-, ur Btrong horses to haul it. t vei
with the asslstanoe or ihe steam lha1
.il's   oppl i il   In   Ihi     whei Is   to   n: it.:*,;
in Its propulsion,
Within  Hit".*  \. ars  successful  i n
,ei i   well 'iiii-, only   f vn  Ions   won
bu 111.    In  1858  la ston hi Id n com pi
"en    for   fll'0   ' ID   1" s.   iii    v.b ell   foul
.It.' ta nl   tv: ���      wni Ion 'I      K.r
i unities till l)Ol  ''I'm ��� IlllO gl iiernl us.
n IHurope until hall s rentui y o *i
Lllhotigh Rngllsh Invenb 11 had beoi
ni rklng i a such apparntus since I>: '������
in lie* latter vi ar John Brallhwaiti
hulli a si *"u I re ongino, and al
hough it did nol I'ti.ve practical it
opcratli n.   it served   n i   a starting
a ;ut   f'.r mln r  Invi nliirii.
London, March 7 Lord Alfred
Douglas was summoned at a police
courl here by his father-in-law. Colonel Constance, on the ground that
ae had sent libelous statements and
;i Btcartle,
'I he   affair   arose  OUI   of   B   dispute
ever the marriage sottlemenl or Lord
Alfred's   wife.     On   n   liiislenrd     Lord
Alfn I wrote to his fa'her-ln-law saving ihat he was a "despicable sooun-
dn 1."   and   mliliiig:
"As ynu won't open my letters, I
am obliged 1" write on ;i postcard
I hope thai ynu will ink" actloi
against me, when I will Justify thi:
up tn the hill."
I.i rd   Alfred   al'"   " ��� i   '     ' '
rn "   Iwo   d bgrnms   In  similar
terms,    Tho  d ft nd un
'i.e. m n! ' nt tl lhal  Lord Alfrod wa
ii     ihs  ti i tin i- i r a   certain  book
'   li   *..|-.   '"   i  t hi I.
Ct lont I   Con iliipco   has   ft r   I ean
. . ���     ��� ���   i btttln ;ioi -���������.���eiiii ol
In   Inn >. ir . M si .i of i.i rd   Vlfn tl
n i   :. 'ci riling lo D nels *   �� hen h<
fn b d  tn do     *   . nl   of  rt von to,    I
iri iii nu ii* * ti is1 in ii ������' d life :it"'
|i i live li iu . i ha ���" oil I' Of Ills "'If'-
with whom, l.i id Alfred says, ho has
alwava been on lerms of the decpeal
iffi elieil   lllnl   tlcVI tlOtl,
The mu ���'.ci*:!'.. g..."i. .1 u summons
, at il allowed bail nt |050.
Mrs. li. .1. ,I.,m s. 905 ileiil"'. atri i t,
will receive on the firM    Fridaj    of
very month during the BeaBou.
.   .   .
Mis. M. M. Kngiish has returned
from Steveston where she haa been
lie guest of -her daughter. Mrs. A. 10.
Darling, for a couple of weeks,
��� .   ���
Miss Crulksbank, of Clayburn,    Is
visiting in town, the guest of .Miss
Drew,  Sixth street.
��    ���    ���
Colonel and -Mrs. Swinford. of Van-
jouver, spent the week end with Mrs.
i.   E.  Corbould, Third street.
��� i    ���
Mrs. Albert Chappell and her little
daughter, Vivian, have relumed to
their Inane in Chilliwack after visit-
ng it few days with Mrs. Chappell's
���.arenU. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaake,
Third  Btri Bt.
��    *    .
Miss Edith Curtis entertained at a
I luncheon on Thursday when the table
I waa prettily decorated with daffodils
and violets. Covers in re laid fnr
ten, those Invited being Miss Drew,
Miss Warwick, Miss Rand, Miss Nan
Phillips, Miss Eleanor Brown, Mis.v
Gertrude Iirown, Miss Carrie Meredith. Miss Nor Armstrong and Miss
Laura Watson.
��� ���   ���
The many friends of Mr, II. I'.
Davidson,  manager of the Canadian
Bank Of Commerce, will be sorry to
hear that ills Injuries received in a
motor accident, while In Vancouver
on Sunday  are more serious Ihan at
tlrst anticipated, and win necessitate
his   being   In   St.   Paul's  hospital   for
some little time.
.     ���    .
Mrs. Harry Tidy was the hostess at
an informal gathering at her residence
last Wednesday afternoon. The bulbs spent the afternoon In sewing.
Among those present were Mrs. .1 It
Duncan, Mrs. S. .!. Ritchie, Mrs. Murray, A1rs. \V. Plows, Mrs. .1, Foster,
Mrs. J, Iv Eiiglis, Mrs. Iv J, C, Shaw,
Mrs. Clark, Seattle; Mrs. I). A. Shiles,
Mrs. Curry, Miss E. Hall, .Mini Alma
��� ���    ���
The ladies in chnrgi   of the Kiriue'is
. ii i a v. ni in- given in s* Pal riiiv's
hall March :.'.., ihi ami *_7, for the bane-
Ill of Uie itnyni Columbian hospital,
wish  in nnnoiim'e  to the ladles uf
���n v. Westminster thai contributions
lo tho sale table range from 6c to $1
vl 11 lie forwarded   lo   .Mis.i   I*'. Arm-
iirong, BO Si.viii streot, nol later than
���i.ilurdiiy, March 22, The lady who
lias up nil now roinaltu d unsolicited
will kindly take ibis Intimation and
lend something as ll is Impossible tu
reaoh every person personally,
TRINITY Rev, Canon O, C. i Easum,
M.A., rector; Itev. George A. Ray, M.
; ... assistant curate, s a.m., Holy;
Communion; 1! a.m.. Matins. Holy
Communion ami sermon; 2:30 p.m. j
Sunday ichool; " p.m., evensong and
sermon. Dally service and address at
.". p.m. (luring Lent on Monday, Tuesday:., Wednesdays und Thursdays and
at 7:30 Fridays,
cltiir.   etc.;
Mi'K.-ii7.l"    Htr.-i
ll. C.   P. O.  11..
BarrlSt rat law,
ier     Columbia     and
i.   n.w*   w- mini lister,
112.    Telepbona   7H>.
solicitor nn.l notary, 810 Columbia
street.    Over ('. r. it. Telegraph.
Barristers nnd SoUcltors. Renins 7 and
8. c.uichiin niock. New WBBtmlasti r.
O. K. Martin, W. tj. MoQuarrle and
neorg" I.. Caaaady.
ST. MARY'S CHURCH (Church ot
England), Sapperton Itev. Frank
Plaskett, M.A.. vicar. Holy communion |
o a.m.; Matins and sermon 11 a.m.!
Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday
school 2:r,0 p. m.
CHURCH   Pastor, W. W. Abbott, B.D.
The pastor  will  preach al  both ser-'
vices.    Meruing subject, "Wise  Coun-,
sel";   evening     subject,     "The    New |
Creation." Special prayer services on
Monday nnd Wednesday evenings.      |
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue   and
Seventh slreot.   -Services 11 a.m. and I
7  p.m.    Evening  subject.  "Th"  S'ars ,
In Their Courses."    Bible class   and
Sunday school 2:30 p.m.   Guild meets
2 p.m. Monday.    M. Oordon  Melvln,
11.A., minister.
i ��� Rev. .1.  S.  Henderson,  pastor.    Ser-1
.vices  11  a.m.  and  7:.'10  p.m   Siibbnth
scbool and llible olass at  2:80 p.m.
OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH, corner Queens avenue and Seventh street
Public worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
with sermons by the pastor, Itev. A.
S Lewis, Morning subject, "Divine
Hfilp  in   Difficulty";   evening   subject,
"is the Gospel a Failure Todav f"
Sunday school al 2:30 p.m. The
Baraca class fnr young men meets In
the church auditorium at 2:80. All
young men not conneoted with oilier
classes lire heartily Invlli d. "This
class Is different."    Come and see.
il   Kolicltol-ti.
EDMONDS Barristers
Westminster Trust ink.
Columbia utre.-t, Hew Wulmlnstar, DC
i-iiiii.- mMn-m "Whiteside," Western
t'litun.    IV o.  Drawer 100     -HalephoBS
tt.  w. j. wutaMda, ii.  I., iviniiiiiiia.
I    J     A      HCRNBTT
Accountant   Tel.
Hart  block.
It   12S.     I'.oom  22
luiAiui  OF TRADB    Ni.vv  WBSTMIN-
mer linitrii nf Trade meets in the bAutta
riHiin. lily Hull, as tolloWl Third'Friday of piirh mouth: quarterly u.< hhk
on ihi- third I-'rldiiy ul I'Vl-riiary, May,
August und November ill I I' in Annual mii'tltiga i.n th.* tlin.t I'r).lay nf
r'nliruary. B. II. Sloart Wads. BSOTS-
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
rnrmerly at 010 Columbia Bt, now at
G07  Front Bt.    I'bonii It 1031.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
final  Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and   Choice   Fruit   Lands   a
SCIENCE Service Is hold In tbelr
hall, 730 Fifth street. Sunday. 11 a In.
riiiiiilny  school  at    tbe    close    of the
morning service   Wednesday evening
meeting  st   R   o'clock.
i i  ni.i't for Cod by all nienus
By  i*:-. ' 'I i I' mini,  llir ',h  I
my uud
i'lir.ugh  winrv  nlghls
plon nnd cry
'.i.n. til      without
hi |n lelH    I.
days,  b;
Pill,   ii ;  a   h.il'ried   bird   wllh
My soul relumed
li. nt   faiths eilgr
sage burned
Wll liin  nml  nol   without
Look  deep,    within
rind thy  goal
lui'ver r.hrlnoil    Hod wllhln thy
E.   D.  In  the
Cab/ C.rtirc Ofnni New
lunity ti Boobies.
London, March 7. Tho freak parly
crane lias reached London. New Yorlt
itieir never devised anything stronger
thnn ihe "H-i y party," hi hi in the residence or Edward Stt r r. nl Bays
VI '.      h" '   nli'ht.
a ii" re nf artistic and literary
friends of  ih ��� hoi I  assi mbled  In a
..i.ni lal'illid "lln nurci ry, which war
tilled with toys, rocking horses, dolls.
Teddy giiiri*, popguns, rattles ami
'tier playthings On lhe walls were
placed childish pictures ami printed
nursi r, rh) mi a
All tin* men anil iniiii n, some of
them middle iic'd, were drossed nr
babies, ami won. children's s.lluwrs
somo even al shorl socks Trie men
were iilllriil Iii boys' sailor Hulls, short
Jerseys und "klllokotS," and the worn
on very short  frocks and  pinafores.
The amusements were rarled   Some
of the "lillliles" Inollell nt picture books
IS Ihey i .at on ninnis by the rire, while
ntlii r pratlted tu each other of dolls
Or   golly   Wngglt'H.
"One Infant"   m I   mire   than   no
lyiiarn old busily ongagod herself with
Dally Ohronlolo, |a feeding imiiie,
from frill less Jour
a siidilen ines
Hod   Is   dis
Ottawa,   March   7.    An     order     In
OOUnoll   has   been   passed   giving   bar-
bormaatera In all public harbors lu
Canada authority to supervise and
dm ei the moving, docking and unloading of any vessels containing in-
tlamable or dangerous goods,
A penalty of one hundred dollars
Is provided  for disobeying lhe orders
i r the harbormaster In ibis eonnecllon.
Thorn *
The only Baking Powder made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Makes delicious home-baked foods
of maximum quality at minimum
cost   Makes home baking
pleasant and profitable
rOAl, MINM-NO rlfihtfl uf tin- Dntulnl'io
hi Man I lut iu, BaAtt&tQhowaa an ��� 1 AI Im i hi,
tbfl   Vnkfin  Territory,   tin-  NorthWQIt   Trr-
nt.nt-f    utul   111   ll   LNirlluu   of   111'-    l*t'tvlin-��i
nr uriiifb Columbia, may !�������� itiiw^n fnr a
ift hi nf iwi-ui v 'in-' yfiiirH nt tin i.niniiU
nniiil   of   $1   nn  MT*.   Nal   ni'in   thiiti   'M>*\0
umi win iw Inniwl to ont ivpplloanu
Ai'[i!l''.ill..ii    for   il   IMJH   mult    Im'   itt.i'Itt
by [fig uiipiiciini tn pocMn to ttia a��i ni
or Hub-AiP-nt of tha Utotrlct In whlf'.i th*��
mkMi  iii-jih. (I  fnr urn  nil uut.   i
In furvoyftfl orrltiny the Innd mufit l��
drsorlb��f1 i-y Motlona, or lntfal nuIkIm-
���tona ol aaotlonai ud In unaurvavad tor-
ritory tha <r.u-\ ni>t>io ��i foi Hiiaii ������
���tnkra out by the applloonl lunmntf.
ranob appnaoitoTi maai bn amompanl<*dJ
by ii foa of ;���'> wiiirii wlll ba rafunord if
tfi��   i!��;!.'"   dppltod   for   uti'   nol   nvulb tali*.
hut  not  otharwlaa    a  royalty  RhaJI   bn
t'uiii on the merobantAbla autpul or ihe
rrilna nt tha nu* <��f five oonta par ton.
Tha poraon o|m r.iiinr. tba inlna niinii
furiiifii bho Ajoni with aworn raCurni
luioounllni for tba full qunntlt* of mer-
ehuntable oonJ ihIimkI and I'M- tha royalty   tin n on.   If   thf   mr.J   mKlltlf    Clfibta
nra nol balni operated auoh rvturna inoalfl
be fm iiiHin-n ii t laut onoe a year
Tin' I him' wlll Include the oen| mil imh
rltthrta tnily. but the lonaaa will be ict-
mUted to purohoac wliataver avalli bla
mirfaoa rinhtH nmy ba oonaldared netiia*
xury for tnfl Workliiv of lln mine nt tbf
rute "i   tl" nn ricriv
For full Information applloatlon ��iin<iiu
*n* made in the Bacrataj/ t,r bha Deptirtu
men I ��if fha interior, ottnwui or to i.ny
\K''nt or Hub-AKcnt of Dominion Uitou.
W   \v   CQRf,
Deputy Urn later or the lnlanttr.��
n. Bi ���una-uthprPrad publioailpn of tile
ndvaruaarattnl will nol be paid tm.
For Rent
7-rooniPil bOUSS, fully inoiletii
wllb fiiniiien nml kllebett riiiinn,
lliioleinn und blinds. I."into If
ri'inlteil, $25.00 per month.
R-rootn limiB*", one block from
cur, $16.00 psr month.
fi-ronm   hniisn,   modiirn,
IniHeiii'int, $20.$0
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phons 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     E*��t Burnsby. ���m
SATURDAY,  MARCH  8,  1913.
CAR OF 1913 NO! Ch'ES
ith   motorists
Tht  peculiar feature of the route lie.
the passage of Russian aeroplanes at;
night An Austrian aeroplane which
ijninc rriMMFNCFTt '" ''"' l>rillK<'s. which can be. used on- had t i descend in Russia two days
lt.UA.U5   l~VmmC.nheC.lJ ,.   tor autci*ncblleB.    They consist  ef  ago was confiscated and the
i.vu  wooden  troughs placed fifty-six arrested.
Inchi a apart, and as Ihey are not con-
Spring Inserts, which insure against
gripping and slipping,, are used quite
 , .; i ar.
Changed  gear situ have  suffered
Alihi:u;,:i there |a a greater differ' but little alteration in Heir material The announcement by Mayor Oray nected with cross boards, the middle turn  their  r-ENCits
ence in   automobiles  generally   this aspects,    tour forward speeds, how- that paving work on many of the city of the bridge is open for Its entire into  ploughshares
year than there ever was before, it ever,  instead if three, are used  to streets will   commence   wfthln   Un length and horse-drawn vehicles can-                         . 	
is nol ot the kind that the averagi   s gr r extent than tbey were, nml next t'.w days has been hailed with not pass over. Edmonton, March 7.���Mtlo M. Ob-
person  has as yet come  to  know  or  C t Ir advantages lire no longer confin- approval b.  the niuii;,  mil' :sl ; of tin." _   Kixeh   trout,'.!   ha.,   protecting   sld ������ linger, a reporter on the staff cf the
Edmonton  Bulletin, and his   brother
rnz?j��-.z3*r^2ix*^._'__3z_r_"T'*rTTiir*r;*v*nt*xi',**T,aun imijn; 7r?'
Pennsylvania Tires
to reallte.   In oilier word... It  Is not "'  to  high-priced  or even  moderate city and district,    Paved streets nol boards, so Hun tho cars cannot lean
so much a difference in lines or ap- priced,  cars;   several   manufacturers only enhance He   value of the    pre the track and slide off into the ra
pi.iuaiii.    this year'B cars    will    ap- whot t products list al less than $1300 perty adjoining, but adds to tho coir* vine."
pear much the same as their prede- hava announced four-epoed gt ir Bets fori ot both pedestrian and vchioulai
cessors   as It Is u deeper-rooted dif- for the first time thi.4 year, thus pro- traffic.
ference lhal reveals i'.srir in greater bably making the forerunner of their     Another   important   announcement
officii ncy, grei ter stamina, and great mi re g' di ra! adoption tor low-priced was made In lhe press this past wet
er wearing qualities.   The difference cars. that of the cojnmenoetnenl  of worl
between gocdnesB and mediocrity lies The Importance of the metallurglsl on the Kingsway paving Bchome   ii
now, more than ever, in detail rather In the treatment ol gttxi Bteels is an- Burnaby, whloh   is   expected   to b
than in general. other factor which likely will be res completed within four months  ,.,:.
The use of a better grade of mater- llzed Borne years bene,   when    the     While the Vanoouvei road will t
lala, primarily, Is responsible for   the gears In 1913 car.: nre    still    doing be passable during    thai    time    th
Improvement.    The design aad  con- duty and the gears of yesteryear have Burnaby   municipal   authorities   t
ntrui tii :,  cl   present-day cars  would passed away. improving both   the    Hastings   sn
seem  t..  Indicate  thai   the  factor-of- There are lusl two things whoreln Rivet roods bo (hat two duet rou t
safety bugaboo, which has necessitat- even  a casual  glance  wlll  serve  lo Into Vancouver will be available.
ni comparatively massive   construe- convey the marked superiority cNthe     The bastings road was only com
tlon, to the detriment of car etflclen- 1813 car,   The tlrst cf these Is the pleted late last fall and as yet ba
ey, has been silenced for all    time, noteworthy reduction of rattles and been little used by automobile traffli
True economy, apparent In the use of squeaks, which have emanated from     Taking Eighth street due west ih*
comparatively     expensive   vanadium brake parts, fenders ami springs, and motorist is not compelled lo use hii
and other alloy steels, rapidly is com- the  other  1.   the,  completeness   with map a. Hie   rotito   takes blm    in a
Iiik to the tore, and that  it has had which  the newer enp   of    cars    ls|straight   hue through   a  portion
u beneficial effect in simultaneously ��� 'nipped
reducing      v i igbt
Vienna, March 7    Th
wblcb Is at*;:iin epidemic on both   v-
if the Austrian   frontier, is   respon- supply of provisions, also an assort-
Bible for several extraordinary   inci manl of agricultural Implements  and
dents. / Beed, which will be terlghted In with s
The mayor of a sm-ill town near team and a pack horse, the trek of 860
l'i. ck, in  Russian   Poland,   declares miles over the open trails beginning
that he was  kidnapped  by an  Ann- at Athabasca, 96 miles north of here.
Irian air- scout Bevi ral days ago.   Ac-      The  lands to be opened   to home-
cording to hlfl Btory, he   heard   tne Btetffll.igare IH miles north of Dunve-
sound of a;i aeroplane late at nlgbt, can, the  nearest  post   office   bi Ing
and when it descended in a field near Sbaftsburg.     Vern 11. Obllnger  Is a
the town he went to capture the oo- graduate of the North Dakota agricul
���liii'iiits, armed    only  with    the  in- tural college.   While a student there
ilgnla of bis office. he participated  In  livestock   Judging
He  anises  thai   the   two   airmen competitions at expositions ln Chicago
i.i  iiirnui tbe tables by binding him hand and St. Paul.
The former can  be  attr'-lthe Edmonds district, .hence through  and foot and lashing him to (lie body 	
and    increasing  b ted'onlj to better construction, and    he  beautiful   Burnaby   Lake  dlstricl   )f the aeroplane.   They entered their
Vern ii. Obllnger, formerly editor of
the Knti rprlse at Entwistle, Alta,, who
came to western Canada from Fargo, I
X. II.. a year nso, will take up home-
AIRSHIP .Stead lands in township 53, in North
ern Alberta, to be opened  to settle-
iy fevi r," im ni this spring.
They  have arranged   tor   a year's
Mileage, non-skid, ability.  Nothing but the best
material enters into their construction.
Sec the Vacuum Cup.
larcely can bo dented.
The  Filled Tire.
Peril dlcally,   almost  oontlniv-usly.
Lal erly, vanadium has been alloy, of steadily growing demand
ed with iron for cylinder construction, thereby directly increasing en.
gine efficiency by reducing the r^tlo
of weight to tower. It is much the
same with copper and alluminum alloys; *-������! strides have been made
ln metallurgy during the comparatively slu i' Bpacc ot time embraced In
the I'm ; t i-elvemonth; and though it
may causa some a pan'; of regret
thai progress of the kind is more or
latter Is bul the natural outcome and ever a good ror. 1 Into Hastings  Beats, warned their prisoner not   to
li.wr.. i'" Btrugglo and resumed their flight i.onnon,   i'.iarcr.   (.���uenerai   liram-
Thi   River road with the ercepUoi      The   terrified    mayor   wae   finally  well  Booth,  bead   of  the   Salvation
Eramwell fer  Ncbcl   Pri-c.
London,   March   7.���General   Ii
Engine Co.
Auto Supplies Day ard Night
4S Eighth Street
_,f a  ::li'it  Btretch  in  South Vancou- broughl  to earth  near the   town   of Army, has been proposed as a enndi-
ver is sad lo be In excellent shapi liar, sixty miles away, and before be date for the Nobel Pea'-.   Prim   this
and step3 have been taken to reque-3! could  give the alarm his ai rial kid- >ear on the ground that the Salvation
the cellular, spongy or gelatinous tire tbe aid ol the South Vancouver coun nappers vanished. Army is a great  International  peace
filling  compound   which   is  expected < 11 in having thi  short stretch placed Frontier guards continually report factor.
to replace lhe air in pneumatic tires In good  shapi
makes   Its  appearance,   floats   tor a A gang if men are engaged on t
:     t   in  the  public  eye and   t
fades away  into the future.    But
must not necessarily be assumed t
less osboure and is not. directly con- such will always be thc ease and that on ti;"-work.
vertibb  inti  capital through the med- success  in  this direction  never  will I    Taken all In all Ihe motorist wlll
lum of exhibition, II nevertheless ro- be obtained.    The    repeated    reeui have nothing to complain of In   tie
presents  ibe sound  foundaUon  upon  rec i< n cf the idea shows the exist- matter ol roads this coming summer
which reputaUons are built, and. Incl-  Quits wlthtn the bounds of possibility and mechanicians are being kepi bus:
dently, i'. Illuminates the dividing line  thflt the  demand may some  day  b" overhauling last year's cars while the
between  the Rood  cars of yesterday  filled. many dealers in the city report good
nnd t1"' better cars of today.                      Already there are several such com- sulci  thla  Bprlng,
Design, too, has made strides that  pounds on the markel which are giving a measure of success and in tluni
1     tl .v   ......^   < t   nn i,   .i.i    i '.���jagcij   i.-il   tin
hen  WestminsterCoqultlam road   In   thi    T\______ _ _..._.��,--,     A���      H/S ��� J,11 ^
* n       .. the I,- *��� Mills, a rock Uanserous to Meddle
that crusher and si-ir. roller being used ***
rith Russian Politics
nre   not   to   be   disputed.    There   Is  il
marked tendency toward the greater
rigidity and simplicity attained by the
method ol casting cylinders tn a single block; the Integral castiuK of Intake and exhaust kiis passages is only one of the plainly visible evidences
of successful attempts at better construction. More attention has been
paid to the generally recognized necessity fur segregating the magneto
nud the carburetor In order to reduce
the hazard of fire. and. as a rule, 1k-
niiion apparatus has been more care-
f illy I .cited  where il Is less exposed
to the Insidious action of dirt and
iii the construction of engine components, the careful attention which
tins   1 ii   Riven   the   lightening   and
thetr manufacturer or compounders
would ri.'iii to have eliminated many
pf the difficulties which at first were
oxperit need with everything that was
supposed to take the place cf air and
banish  lire  troubles forever.
Englishmen anil   others who* have its members persons   of all   degrees
lived long in Russia are wont   to do- and conditions.    Its work ls secret and
clary that the Eensaticnal accounts of effectual.
I autocratic  rule thut  find   their way When he arrived   at his   mother's
TRUCKS LESS TROUBLE                     Into  the  columns  of  newspapers   in liouse he went straight through with-
THAN  HORS'-*'  VEHiC ES   England and elsewhere from time to . out speaking to anyone, and leaving
             "                : time   are   grossly   exaggerated.   The by tho back door, sprang into a car-
The i Id expression "get a horse" is :'act eeems to  be that   the   Russian rlage    that    was    waiting.   He   war,
fast losing   ground   and    even   the  government encourages buslners and driven away at a furious rate.   At the
lubllc    Is    acknowledging    lbat    the!Professional men from other countries corner of the street two prison ward
Winter   Economy  Test.
An illustration of the economy and
the reliability of the m idem motor
cycle, even under adverse conditions
was found at the recent National Mi-
til* Cycle show in Chicago, when H,
Vf, iv'nn, of West Union. Iowa, made
his appearance, having ridden the 285
miles tbat separate the big town from
the little  one.
Not only did King's machine carry
���ii i. r ia the more reliable proposition
.   f lhe  two.    One of  the  first argu-
to work In Russia. ers attempted  to board   the   convey-
Provided that they do not   meddle ance, but without success,
with or  discuss  politics  in  any  way; He was driven to a distant railway
they ure free to pursue their avoca- station where someone, whom he had
tlons    unmolested.    It   naturally   fol- never even before, addressed him by
lows that  they devote themselves to name and handed him a ticket for a
making their own affairs prosper, and little country place,   lie had ten min-
tii many cares know very little of the utes  to  wait  for the train,  ten  min
balancing of reciprocating parts has Mm through the winter weather and
played an Important part. Pistons j over the winter roads In good time,
nntl oonneotlng rods now are consiil- but it made a record of economy at
erably   lighter  than  Ibey  were. 'be  same   lime.
In the majority Of factories, crank-       He  n.de   the  UB  miles  on   twelve
tnents heard in the days cf set opin
Ions as to motor vehicle limitations
when a merchant was approached ot
the motor truck proposition was that
of reliability, "We can't take the ris!;
pf having the thing break down. Wi
have lo get our goods tbere on tinii
ar.d that's all." These are tbe very
men who now are adopting motor
trucks in the largest numbers and
v ho are most enthusiastic in talking
at out them.
A  great  deal  cf  interest,  la  being.- ,,     . , ... ,, ,
shown  by  local merchants in  the  1'    silln P��M *U�� u,"m nothing.    Their  the  case  during all  the incidents   of
S   motor trucks   (or which the West-   acquaintances do net speak of tbe sub-   his extraordinary adventure.
mln-A'er i<iiri>Ke.'*'nrnarvcn and BixtuU*-?!? Uley oUe" ha^_u at heart. Nearlng   the   Frontier.
hidden workings of the empire. Very
few  pi ople nre really cosmopolitan.
English, French, German or Italian,
when working outside their own country, restrict their Interests for the most
part to their own community and their
personal matters.    The strangled Hus-
utes that seemed like ten hours.
At his journey's end another
Btranger spoke to him and Vasslll ac-
companled him to bis farm house,
where he stayed ten days. At no
time was there any conversation about
his  own  circumstances  and  this  was
Goodyear Tyres,
Tyres and Tubes,
Agents for
otcr Trucks
Automobiles Repaired,
'liiarts of gasoline, his lo'nl epense
for gasoline and oil being 90 cents,
Thus tlio ride cost him three-tenths
of n  c 1.1   i er  mile.
ShatfS and even flywheels are can
fully balanced, both statically and In
the running balance machine which
has come Into extensive use only
within tbe past year, and which bus
been of recognised value In detecUng
nml direct tig He correction of faults
thai result In vibration,
Notable advances have been made
nl,ui lu the d'sign of valve mechanism, which now is quieter than ever
before. Cam shapes remain practically unchanged, thpugh the lnoreas
Ing  use  of spirally  CUl   gears nnd  Si
lent   Chains  In  camshaft  driving  me-  '*
ohantsm has permitted a nearer up- j   Don't forget to remove all partioles
proacb to silence and rendered valve  of eniery before replacing plugs
action more positive.
The passing of many city ordlnanc
Don't screw the terminal binding
nuts up with pliers as the band
should be sufficient.
Don't fall to wash the plugs occir-
| lonally   with   gasoline,   using   a   stiff
brush, and scour the electrodes light-
villi fine emery cloth.
Don't   forget  to  enrrv   extra   plugslg00d  rend outside
and whenever one Is used besure and | m||0   route   leadin
streets,  has tbe  agency.
The  Automobiles  in  Egypt.
The use of automobiles is be toming
quite extensive In Egypt within a
reet et date, especially al  Alexandria
and Cairo. The latent figures sh.iw
SS many SS 663 cars registered at
Cairo alone. Even though all of these
fire not in circulation, it is estimated
tbat at least 4U0 are In regular use,
nnd these are running almost entirely within the ciiy.   Outside cf town
'here sre but few roads, scch ns tlie
Pyramids,   lleliopolis   lind   Rodel-r'ar-
ag routes,    At .Alexandria there are
runted Hi" automobiles.    Tho only
the city
to   the
at heart.
I    There are many Russluna, however. I     At   Uie   end  of   ten   days   a  horse
; wbo are toreid by stern circumstances  dealer called at the farm.   He was on \
; to live out of their native   land   and   biB way to a certain talr and wanted ,
i tbey are not silent.    A former editor' an   assistant.    Vasslll   wtfs   provided
or a well-known  paper ln St. Peters-  with suitable clothes for the part and
burg, is now l|i ing in a quiet village  his appearance was altered as much
many hundreds of miles   Sway   from  as    possible.    He    accompanied     the
the   metropolis  of  the   Muscovite em-   horse dealer to tlie fair and to otber
pire    We will Call   him   Vasslll   his  towns and villages    All this while he
nal  name  Is  Inst  forgotten  for bis   was steadily nearlng the frontier.
safety's   sake     Vasslll   is    a   Liberal       He nearly lost his nerve when. In a
in tho best si nse of the word tavern  one nlgbt. he beard his   own
Locked  Him   Up. name called out.  It was someone read-
He wishes for an uiimu.'.zled press, ing aloud from a newspaper the ac-
falr trial for accused persons, proper! Count of his escape. He managed io
inspection of prisons and other mat-1 make no sign and the Incident passed
ters that should be synonymous with'off.
a    Christian     government.    He     did !     The hi rse dealer passed Vassill on
everything   In   Ills   power    to    brine   to  some  pedlars  and   With   them   he
Vulcanized Accessories.
Carnarvon and Sixth Sts.
Telephone 354.
es prohibiting smoke bus necessitated replace those used.                               gan  snfano.
the perfection "f lubricating systems,      Don'l  throw your old plugs or your 	
nud With the perfection automatically extra ones  ill  llle  tool  hox  or locker                               Limited
has coma greater efficiency;  oil bills with it lot of old Junk; keep them in a (    iipj, you  |,now  anything about  ma
have been  cul   virtually     in    hah*
i.i the s
resort  of   about this stale of things, but th
The trough Bvslem, originally developed for us" In Knight type engines
Is coming Into vogue for poppet valve
engines, ami auxiliary throttle-controlled systems have been adopted by
���everal prominent manufacturers,
What  has  snld  In  regard    to    the
lightening  and  balancing  ol  engln
wooden imx, first bavlng griased the chinery
threads to prevent rust and then sc-: "only enough to ask fool questions
cutely wrap each one In cloth. Por- 0f my neighbor when his automobile
cebilns  sro  easily  cracked   nnd  elec    tit .ilia."
trodei easily bent by numb handling, i 	
Don't  let   a  hunch  of  loose   heavy i
wires  drag and  pull on  your    plug; I The Automobile Bridge.
support  Ihem or encase lu  fibre tiilr I     Between the towns of  lloswell nud
t tig.
���carts applies with equal force tj the     Don't abuse your plugs.
 '    steel I     Don'l  treat them like n  nut;   treat
unpalatable food, clean quarters and
dally exercise, rtijcy a life that Is luxurious compared to that led by the unhappy denlrons of Russian lulls. A
starvation diet, dirt, squalor and contagion, are often the lot of the latter
Vasslll, however, bad   wealthy   and
Vaughan, In the state of New Mexico, |powerful relatives who manages   to
there Is an automobile loll rond with   procure him n chance of release     Hi:'
hrtnxea of unlnne design," says Dr, | mother was 111 at the time.   On a cer
tramped fur days through a forest,
rtsiitig In huts known to them by
night,  and  enduring  Aueh  hardship
frnm   cold   and   hunger.    The   pedlars
left blm a but alono.   Two days pass-
English convicts with wholesome, If led, und the small supply of food was
presslon of Irs opinions was not endurable to the powers that I 8 ami the
day came when he found himrelf lu a
Russian prison
Charles (1. l'i rclvsl, In his Interestln '   tain day he was granted permission to   reach him.    II  was seven weeks from
OlUtcK.     Tlie   use     Of     pressed
p-irls   for   core   Clutches,   which   typo  them  like a  watch.
���till appears to be the favorite, has     Don't fall to exatnln
materially listened the ensemble with-land breaks,
OUt redur'ii"   itretiglh Don'1  forgot tO use kerosene on the . he gives bis Impressions or two year.
The lluhietiltig of course him rilftte-  threuds  If  thu plug  slicks. travels  lu   North   America.
ed th" teed, in v lo "spin" and in Ihls      Don't   blame   the   plugs   for   every-       "The  rend   runs   through   stretches  political prisoners, and this bodv was
way has operated to reduce the wear thing that happens. of nlmost  impassable  sand,  and  In
umi tear on   transmission   slsments.|   Don'l buy cheap, unreliable plugs.   (spite of tha fee of five cents a mile,
arly exhausted, when in the midst
of a heavy snowstorm at midnight  a
guide came to conduct blm over the
Owing to the snow and the wind the
sentries  were  In  the boxes and   the
fugitives managed to elude them.
The last assistant gave Vasslll sufficient money to take hlin to * place
ut  wblch    lie    knew  supplies    would
Have you never heard
about the "YALE"
Gasoline Engines.'
Let us send you a
circular describing
Made   in   New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineeilng   Co.,   Ltd.. New Westminster.
dully ror dirt buii'i  of automobile  travel, entitled vlsil her, accompanied by prison of-
I "The Trail of the Dull-Dog," In which  flclals, who were lo bring lit in  hack
There is a soclelv III Russia that devotes   ItseK  to  aiding  Hie  escape  ol
his I
at VusbIII's disposition.   Hs organi;'
Hon Ih widespread, including amongst
llie duy he left the prison before Iv
could find an opportunity of letting
Ills wife know thnt he was safe. The
Strain of anxiety caused the poor hilly |
u serious Illness, but she recovered
and Ht a biter date she was able lo
Join her husband In a distant  laud.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
Our Bcwser Self-Filling Gosoline Station is now at your disposal to suppiy you with filtered Gatoline
at market prices, lt is the only convenient gasoline station jn the city. Just drive your auto alongside
and you can be supplied without waste and with no trouble at lowest market price.
Use VALVOL'JNE Motor Oils and Greases for your auto.    Made specially for the automobile.   We are Sole Ageots in the city for popular Ini licit ts
N. B.--Don't tail to ��ee our Mr. Phillips, who is demonstrating the wonderful U. S. Sanitary CUner.   He will call on> u. Wc are SOLE AGENTS for lhe famous PEASE ECONOMY FURNACE
Plumbing and Heating MERRITHEW   &   RAMSAY Plumbing and Heating
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Street Phone 586
New Westminster, B. C. PAGE -POO*
SATURDAY,   MARCH   8,   1911
\wm meaning
roi ii
Wer. :.-.'s  Auxiliary  cf   Roy*-!   Cclum
h'.x.-i Hospital Wrnt Everyone to
Know Tuis   F.xplaii.--i(.n.
"The opposition  Beems  to be bav-111   will  be  remembered, opened
Ing  a nightmare,"   put  In   Mr.  L.ui-  Empire   festival  in    IH10    and    th
i . iti r. ialp spi ���:>*   Bxhihltli n last yi tr.hn
"'..,!.  l   will  admll   thai   wo    are been Invited by the 0 hon I  E     bit!
*   thin   ...   i   v.,"  i* ; rti i   .'       u     : ���  .1,   undi r  the    ;���   *, *
.  ��� , . ;   .".   hear    mucb : Kn< , .'.in. rt  and lha B * . *
in. lii. to appi ar al Ihi  tihoni  :
'*:il and Inti i rial onal  II I  bit a
******>***********   May.
COQUITLAM NOTES. ���*      "��'   Imperial   (in
Is v.. I Ibe fir.,! In i'i Ital  ..
��-d in New Westminster. Tho Bite was
<.u  the corner of Agnes and Fourth
mI.-l -. ,-..    [1   waa a  i
preU ntlous bulldlni
for the nie
that  i ally ilato.
��� taj
While     . Inti n : t    Itat
impot i.i ii of thi
in *.*. ecu I ul the dii trtel rau
of t      .       i in the       * .;
end ro section has lo pi t II
enei* up to the p       tit.
��� r.       . li .: . I   ���������       Tin   ..... i :...;��� t li is now bei n
.  '   * '...*, *.*. assured l   i    ���
il.-. i:' the citj  a1   Mr. E. V n,  ranchi r,  will
.   Its representation on the new
i   I'.-,'---   i ������ *
-:e:11   will   consist   of    two     tb    *
ni    9 .-iid  Hi. .   .'.ni  *  i *  two  con.
���, :  rn .1*. ���;,   of Br lie.    Till
erla.will'tn      i *    he Grand
H:i!!a des  Fetes.    Tho  chclr  will  be I
*   ......   i [I  .    .
in   lihont
���| he  I ill   strong i  ( I
i :n r Is four thousand,
i! n-ins  thi li
As ihe.- city grew the  *           *   wan I council,
seld   and   ihe  present   Bit.    t cured r. 1     ���    '              Iio dl putei  witii   ,,,���.���_.,, M,     ���                  __.    _,
���im i   ;he  pn.-s.ni    bu.ldii Mr. Donald Maclean I       letlnctlon i     Montr"   ���w Potsesass a Handsomt
grown  loo old and too bi   .., ,      oldesl n ttlcr In Coqultlam             o-mains i-or its natures,
fast growing needs a hat            t   * ind who wat  reeve   . Lhe old       i *       "  ���'���'!W ,:t"*   ln inattera   artistic   in
hiiibi ne. Is now under i pallty for flvo oi   Ix years, etati            ���  ntr*ai has been inaugurated by ths
The ladies of thc  ���.'* ���            '    II ocntcmplutes   returning   (.o civic hat    ''pening of the Art Gallery just built
,-vry if 'he Royal c���!     ' uess, but hit  candidature wll!      i   id   ','1,;1'i  Arl Association ol  Ihat city,
provide  the  linen   ft r   the   hi  pltal, upon whal  mnj   transpire within i
which is a great undcrtakit       It    his next   few  days,  with   whicb   Delphic
work Hoy should ban' the Byui] ulij utterance Ills friends who have teen
and cooperation if Bvcrj lady iu our jprci-i.i.ii* him to "c me I ick" have ti
The- ladies therefore
IU,    uded by generous contributions tvoiu
p.re trying
great demand when
city.   ^^^^^^
I cioI with Oil^^^^^^^^^^
tho new  banding  v.ill  be completed
and   ar��.   then i.i ��� '������
in St. Patrick's hall cn -March 25, .
and  :'.'.
 i rmes   or chui        * :-. d 'rives
its name  from   Ihe old   word    i
meaning  "church  ale,"   *
ring .o thai portion ol   '
rinta,     ..... a   as   a    lithe   to
church  i.   lu thc middle * ��� i lha
tiual r sir was bold in Uie .-.       ; It
ab' i.   i i*<- i lllage church.
hi   ��� torchai i.. weal from on
other with thi ������
I.ir ai       lost   its  di.": itly   ���   i
icter  and assumed tl
i,  ikitiR.
'i he vi id was lati r u
a ' gift" ami was applied i    the pe.
file of Spain, France and ltc.lv I *
��� coimnt.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Coqultlam Candldatoa.
Mr I    ''. .'.. ti tm ui is i i tha field as
*   d.ito for Uie reeve't hip of the
inunii Ipalltj     of    t'i quitlam,
Mr   M u m ml  ttii      i  his decision
i       i called by the Wi  i Co
.....   itlon   on
I ,   ;  ���    i. irquitlam
��� ill   ra! h
a   con
*     ...  i     '. ��� : *   .        *���    larmonl
ind .   *   Peter il rtb  ��ho has already
,i *        I 1 ���   lidature.
Mr. II. B, I3_iker pr i idi .1 In Ih ��� ab
i (    Ir.  I'   V.'   Collin, pn slden'
f the i ..    i.
Mr. Marmont In i     eneral re' lew ( *
munlcip il affairs said he had de 'i rn d
d tlnlti   ���* tin rn    that    lu
.. :. I I.i ci ii,. a ca ididato until thi
���.' i: ��� of tbi I tt.er pati nl v.hi*, h bad
now  been   Intimated.    Ills   p lie;    It
An enthusiastic   audience   greeted
Miss May Uobson last evening at the
opera  house   when   a   talented   com- \
pany presented "A XiRlit Out."
Imperii!       -^s Qranmum," chief plotter of the!
hundred eventful evening of the play-title, Mis^
May Uobson was even more el'ferves-
cently nnd Infectiously tunny than on
the occasion ol her   last appearance
here In "Little Mis:, Kix-It." and art-
id with that consistent appOaranoe
of spontaneity that only a finished
artiste could i [feet.
There was In both gesture and Intonation of voice ii quaint drollery
that was Irresistible, and which suc
ii ;. I |.ub.ie-iiiuuli'd i ilmn?.    .Not on       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ly will il uu'iiii a big step in advance |ceeded in rocking the house with
by those who have .-tr.vin so liai I
md with so much success, to tuuk -
Montreal an art centre, but it will
make a substantial addition to tlie Ht
tractions of the eity tor residents and
,; liters  niike.
Up till nnw M nlr.'.i.l lis.  had no
:.  lie   picture  galli ry.    'i lie   i ily   h
,   . u! arly  rich  in  artistic trea-sui
b I  ii. * i ol then] ate eithei  in pn
vi ' * collections or In the semi-private
eli u of the Art Association.
The   Art   Association   has  hither'.-.
paroxysm  of  daughter sucii  as    the
staid Britisher seldom Indulges In,
Thc play does not stand InUmati
analj da aa a greal wi rk i:' ai. In i'.i*
orthodox urn.-;.*; there are e aj ira
tlons and fr. ai.i-ih lnc( nsistenclt a
which in a more staid production
would be unpardonable. Hut In h.'a
Inlmiti i ; ��� ��� r; cf "���:���* *. num," thi
ll! ' : '.. ��� 'ti d ai 1 bl [h-splril l eld
lady  who, at ll-.-.   clot.. of a life    cf
to Increase Uie profits of the Btock
iser; the health of anli.'iala branch
aims to protect our herds and flocks
from disease; the dairy and cold ator-
branch doea much to help the
dairymen and fruit growera, ivhlle tho
tobacco division endeavors to find oul
md teach whloh are the best kinds
of tobacco mul tbe best ways cf treat
ing the crop In Canada.
While all of ua, mtbonsolously perhaps, reap benefits from this work,
much of It, nn ire especially that ot Investigational nature, is useful only
to those who learn for themselves thi
lessons from investigations thai are
can-led on. By tho use of n p irli
and bulletins the several branchi ��������� i-i
the ib pan nn m give eut the results of
their work so that all who with t I do
so may profit by it.
The publications are Benl oul  to all
persons who apply  for tin in or to be
put on the mailing list,   in each case
surplus copies are printed lo meet th
popular demand so as not to deprive
any  who desire to reci ive tlicin.
During the life of the d< partment
these surpluses have been accumulating until there are available for distribution a greater or Hss liumbi r of
11 pies of a large number Of useful publications. A list of these including
the latest bulletins his I ecu compiled [
and printed in pamphlet form copies
of which are available to those who
apply for them to the publication
branch of tha department of agriculture at Ottawa.
Order Your Spring
=   A
festivity,    bazaar   nr
OTtertalnmenl   regard_ to roads,  it he were elected,
which gave, pleasure to Ib    j.,  .....
istill, later it was need to designate
sacred   festival,   which   expresses   lr-
��euig and dance the jov  ot German I'll
lagers at the completion cf a church
t difica
\\i uld be bo t .:* as possible to maintain
the existing roads and opi n up new
ones to i*. .i.i. ni s. nl* rs and "��� Ith a
i ii w  to Inducing oth rs to Bettle.
For the first year ol tbe m w municipal existence he considered ii judicious to go cautiously.
The Btate of the money market rendered it Inexpedient al present to bor-
r. w money on bonds.    Where neces-
sarj tin.*, might b rrow moderately,
hould he be successful in his can-
existed exclusively fur its members Put an cclcrlcasness, suddenly real-
It bas hod a certain social prestige Izea that her own life-long desire for
that has always been carefully warn- happiness la but a wholesome era- Ing
;.;.��� I, notwithstanding that it- rulei tor the expression of her perennial
and its lees have placed but little re- youthfulneas, the eventa tall Ini i
stri tion on the qualifications foi place quite easily and naturally as
to liibershlp.   From time to time llie part of the chapter of funny sayings
The House of Hol.k'i'lin have sent Mr.
Twiss all the way i'vum Toronto to take
your measure. He will be here all day
Thursday and Friday. Come in and see this
large range of Spring Suitings.
Keid Ik llcDona
The Store of Satisfaction
��..^F.^����wra...��r.^T^,-^, ��� i  I.., in -����� mil
Session Coses
Thic      ri'/lflinn !H',i"1"' be assured them there would;    lhe bequest thus focused the <..i<_��� = -
I.S.J       LTl/i'llIt! '"' i:" sKii.uial discrimination In thi i tion of public privileges into a crUis
3 idministration of aftalrB or expend!-1 in  the   history   ol  the association���a
question oi extending its ii-.luii..*--
*y *_n nu iii ��� eneral public free ac
cess to i;�� galleries haa been discussed^ but it ni- always been felt that
thia w..iiM destroy the essential char-
;i tei of I!..- institution, ior which ita
heading members have worked hard
and made many sacritlces.
A year or two p.go Ihere came tlie
beque 1 oi the famous Learmont collection of pictures by m.H.li.'r;i and ancient masters���a collection of aim is!
priceless value. One condition attached to the bequest was that the
galleries in which the pictures were
displayed should be open free to the
public for two days in every week
(Continued from page one)
110! bniK be sa.o."
lion, itixb'lphi- Lemleux followed
Or. Clark ut li o'clock. The flrst poi
tiim of bis speech was marked by :
couple of lively passages at arm
with Hon. Sam lliiclu s Mr Letuleu
���uas saying that ibe contribution pn
pi'xhI wen- based on a jingoistic pro
vram which was brins put forward
about tin- empire.
in South Africa, he Bald, the jlngot
were playiiiR the game lln Mine wa)
as il. is being played in Canada Ml
Ejemleua waa dflltaithig on ihe fai
that the- Canadian officers and met
weuild not tuke in the banlc of thi
empire if the contribution was coi
lined to ompty ships. Oonserratlvi
menibers inUirniptcd him tei rem01'
that, there wa�� nothiiii; to proven
Canadians Joining the navy. Anion
tliem  was lion. Ssin I3vtt!tn*e.
If the minister of mllltla wss pn
vented from KoiiiK to South Afr*c;*
it was by a Hrltlsh nllicr. said Ml
l<eiuieiiK. "If he bsd l'i.1.d wishes i
wan tba RiMid wishes t.f the prim.
minister of ttie day nnd bis col
Tailed   in   Its   Duty.
"The trouble was." Kiiiil the ruin
later, "thai the ���goTormnenl of tbe da..
failed in its duty. It failed to oxer
mise ils authority."
"In   what  respect V  askiil  Sir Wll
I'cid Lanrler.
"Because they ixrmittod the com
���tnandcr-in chie-f ((loiionil llirtliuil ti
t'ne-iri'si' liis autboi ii> and did not run
affairs -themselves," Baid Colonel
Hughl s
"l\'c bad a military advisor and in
"toi '1 his advice," retorted Sir Wilfrid
"We now have lhe opinion of ;���
. Ti ry cabiiuit minislur us to whal be
ISonld do under such nliMmlmw
Inst Imagine the tnuible the Urilish
admiralty is KiiinK to have with bin
AJul bis coUeagui's," aaid Mr. L/smlOlU
"if the lata governmenl was v.iai
enough le depart innn its eonstltu
1 niiai functions no one wlll !����� abb
to say the same Ihini; of any govt Th
mint with which J am connnicd. I un;
���lu- hiss v.hile I am bon." remarket
e . I   *,. I   lloKhi ��
la uoi going to ba bt 111.1 b
tho nialstei of public works," sail
riio 1 .ii nii-i postmaster general.
I   ...i-ai.   in  militury  nflalrs."  Inter
,.. ��� .1  'be minister ��t mllltla,   "So
long as I am minister iu> Officer, 111'11
1 1 .uiaiLan. is *(>!"*! io arrogati
lo bll II  the  functions of the got
ITllllli 1.1
"The   honorable   gentli man   is   1
j'.'vmI sound Liberal ('nu nii* " and '
rtoiw    oul     know     11,"     replied     Mr.
1^" ni'ii-
"lb' would nol he draj-'om tl by a
Hi t ii h officer."
Mr Graham aald thai ba 1' sin d to
Hear   an)    protest   ut-.'iinsl   tbe   BOtlOl
of Uii 1.1 itmi-t't In den) Ing lo thi
..iipi ..i nu Information In r igard    I
hs proposed npandltnra and yet ox-
pectod lo pass    a    lump    sum.    Tbl
��� ' i,*.ni*> argument, Mr, Qraham
jMid waa ib-' greateel humbug thai
���eli in*i* could evolve or mony could
Britain was nol now. ot to his
mind, never had been, nor would be,
m danger ol being overthrown by any
iwiwi r There was (111 organisation
bohlnd thla agitation, an organlaatloi
would ' "mini 1:1 t'i" 1 ertaln bi c
Hoii-i 1 r lhe press Thorn was n
���tring of Inicrostlng dlolatlons lo the
|. 1 le to wb-.it ought lo In tin
(... |i ��� u ibey could i'i"* Hi" 1.1
H llii-y have ^^^^^^
1 ,.- war scare Ibey bav.' slim .I 11]
rn   Induce-  Ciermany   and   England   ti
ture of civic money. He would be fori crisis that wns accentuated by the
the whole of Coqultlam IrrespecUve fact that tlinrc was no room iii the
if any particular section. (Applause.) ! old   building  in   which  to  ban*,'  the
Mr, W. Whiting as a candidate for; collection,
councillor referrejl to the adjustment     The net result was a quidkening of
of assets  and   liabilities  as  between | interest  that   ultimately   determined
the new eity of 1'ort Coquitlam and
the  district   municipality.
As one of the Incorporation commit
tee he bad devoted his attention tc
the division  of  the  machinery  and
real estate. No definite figures were
vet obtainable as there were a number of items. Including the water record to bo adjusted and tbe matter
of the school sites had lo be discussed
with the education department al
Ho thanked those who had support
cd him at the last election and trusted
they would support, him at the coming
contest Ho would give all a S'liiare
deal  without   distinction  Of locality.
Mr.   I'-.wi-ii   Martin     addressed     the
j meeting on the general aspect of municipal affairs, dwelling specially upon
educational and road matters,
The chairman also spoke in refer
ence to education matters and urged
those present who were not member!
of the Ilalepayers' association to join
without  further delay.
Time Coming When Hair, Teeth and
Toes Will Be Useless.
Chicago, March 7. -Prof, Frederick
Starr, of the department of Anthro
pology of the University of Chicago,
1 id Ills class yesterday that, soim
time In the future, hair, teeth and lit-
lo toes would be misiitiK from the
in mln rs of Ihe human  race.
"Pre-dlgested foods, hats and shoes
tava rendered hair, teeth and tbe III
le toe useless." he said, "The tlm<
will come when the man. woman 01
���hlld  possessing  these,  will  bo a cur
"The natural num needs hnlr as
1 defence and protection agalnsl the
itruggles if primitive Ufa. We with
nir ha's and our civilization do nol
need it Persons wi b a scant sup
.ly of hair seem to die oul among
primitive pSoples, but In civilization
tbey Increase.
"11   In ;h   nml   hair   ami    Hi 1   llttli
��� is are to be preserved, then 11 will
be necessary for the olvlllzed Inhabl
ants i r this world to gel back to
nature as soon as 1. isslblc,
Coolly Experience of One F!r-n Which
Gave  Awav  Little  Silk  Puos.
New Vinii, March 7, A good Idea
of ihe tremendous cosl ol adverlls
'nn and establishing a now brand ol
���1 bacco, cigar or cigarette on tbe mar
tei is given by the f llbwlng faots
i me of the iargesi lobacoo com pan
les hat recently put on the market
1 mw Utile cigar, and In the ad ver
Usementi for ihls brand, special men
tlon la always mad" of the "Hub
silk nil! In each  package."    This con
corn is endeavoring lo secure a 1.
trade through this souvenir.
A Short lime ago 1111 order was plac
cd with a New jersey manufacturing
concern by this tobaooo company for
nil the niKii It could produco for the
next three months. The oompany Is
now turnltiK oul 8000 yards or cloth
every duy, from which these rugs sn
made,  and  ench   yard  Is  cul   up  Into
1111 rugs, making 220,000 runs pro
dined dally.
This means lhal  In  thn a montlu
time  over  16,000,000   rutin  Will  havi
, the council oi the association to sell
tbe old Art Gallery���which, being in
tin. ct-utre of the shopping district, 1
had L-re'iitly enhanced in value ������ and
to erect u new building commensurate
in size and dignity with tlie city of |
Montreal. It was fuillnr decided
liuit this new Art Gallery should be
o[K'ii to the public free for two day."
in every week. Thus, when, on December 9, the building was opened by
11. K. H. tlie l)ukn ..I Connaught, a
new and valuable centre for the elevation of tlie public tn-te will be placed freely nt tbe disposal ol the citi
sens, winle Ht the same time an opportunity will be Riven them of seeing
many ol the treasures 111 private collections, foi the most comprehensive
loan exhibition ev.-r held 10 Canadj
is b.-ing arranged for tbe occasion.
'Ibe building is on Sherbrooke
Btreet, In thc centre <���! the most
fashional residential district, and
quite ci-.s - to the magnificent Rita.
Carlton Hotel, now nearly completed
it is of marble toreughcuf, much of
the interior tiitinrs i."ii.,' of marble
quarried and sculptured In Italy. Thi
bug" columns surmounting the st-epj
at the entrance ara solid mcnolithi
which the architects claim are tin
largest on the Ameriian continent,
The design, inside   and   out,   la   on
siiiipl- classic lines
blending Into an impresslvo and dii;
11 iti<-. 1 whole. Inside a pleasant reliul
to the white marble ia afforded l>j
balustradiog of dull br..11/. ami capi
tali and bases for the columns of Ihi
.nine malal.
md unexpected antics Indulged In by
lhe old lady aud her satellites.
In presenting "Alma. Whero I.
You Live V" nt the i pera house n
Tuesday evening Manager Joseph M
Wi hi i- wants it understood that the
English version of Paul Herve't
French play is entirely different from
the Gi rman one, v hich received bi
much harsh criticism when It wai
played at Adolph Phlllpp'a theatre on
S6U1  Street,  New   York City.
George v. Hobart's "Alma." the om
which 'Mr. Weber o.ffers, was in 11 received   by   the   New   York  critics   win
lid nol hesitate to say that h ��� had
'ii ne his work very cleverly and tha
the farce had Inst nothing In ellminat-
ng everything that was suggestive.
In offering "Alma" to local play-
?oi rs, tbla manager promises a   first
���lass production and a competent
"1st the latter belne headed bv Miss
Grace Drew, and with each of the
roles consigned to a clever actor and
singer.    Seats arc now on sab-.
Revived Order Of Priests.
The Order of  Bridgattine  Fathers,
which has a remarkable history, 'luting back in thc early fourteenth cn-'
tury, ia to bo revived in Loudon, an.l '
a suburban site, a church capable of
holding two thousand worshippers is
to be erected, together with a novitiate,  a mission  house and a Bchool
for eiiht hundred children, adjoining
tlm  ci nrch.   The  sclmm"    also    embraces the establishment of four small
chapels ti   out'ying part- of the par- ,
ish and tw.   infant schools,   Thn esti
mated cost is 1300,000.
Founded by St. Bridget, of Sweden,
a great mystic, in the loufteenith eon-
tory, tbe community, nnd especially
the English section of it. has had an
eventful bi-.tory.
The standard set up for the novice
in this order is particularly acv re
"They mu.-t lie absolutely single of
heart," says Hie official statement,
"eager and ready to embrace every
possible kind of discomfort and Inconvenience, di'voi'l of any seeking after
those little things Uhat, while the)
make life a little eas'or, spoil thi
completeness of the sacrifice. The)
must l>" absolutely deed to nil or-n
turn comforts, ready to labor by da)
.!.   ���       irr*T-:-:t.*-.-..   ���;��� ___.
Ccming Monday 0
t AND     C     |
3-   HER"��>     I
Hawaiian Serenaders
if you arc thinking of furilshlug your bouse this spring, we
wlll consider it a pleasure to show you our lines of Furniture, Linoleums, Floor Oils and Rugs, and you will be convinced that our
pi ir. s cannot  be beaten  in  town.
Wo have just received another shipment of hardware for the
Bpring i -.nil* Including Washing Machlm s. Wringers, Folding Tub
and Wringer BtandB, White and Ore) Gnamelware, Stains, Varnishes,
Brushi s, i tc.
We are also beadquartt rs for the celebrated SUNSET 8EYVINQ
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th S'.reet
/-V'rx'MT.   1
r** VV;
JJiALx-*   BKl*r
-'���'���' ^'V';^'ViJ-i'^JnMfflifll
Program for Friday
Pathe two Reel Feature
The last performance of
Why buy your Easter Goods a year before you
require them when you can purchase from your
home factory a month or a week before Easter and
be guaranteed delivery? We have a full line of exclusive novelties, Rabbits, Eggs of all sizes and designs in dainty boxes. Phone us and our salesman
wiil be pleased to wait on you and show you samples
Sole Manufacturers of the Now Famous
"Marb's Milk Chocolate"
Pacific Chocolate Co., Ltd.
harmoniously and by night, or both, wanting Uttl
��� ���  ������       -   Pi caring nothing at to whatnot
surroundings are pleasant ur tin
��     ���"-*���--���
'i'v, r.-x'.'
He Lackfd the Agility.
i Louis t'yr. the famous slrmib
in .u loured tha (all fair.-, around On
l.t." back in the Nineties, hla appear
nn '���- in llruci- County ar .u-i;.l prob
i.b.v greater Interest ihan anywheri
else, (in "in* occasion when hs ��a-
performing nl tba Kincardint l-'.iii
two Tivcrl'Mi Scots ivatchod hi. ex
b iiiliiui with the canny reserve chill
ui I. ri-tic 'if tl ii- r.u .*. Alter the bl
feat that of lifting sixteen i r itvi t.
U'i'ii husky countrymen crowded uu i
I latfurm and weighing the m i ihb. i
hood ol two tons ur .���-... tha largi i
lhe two Scotsmen ob��en. i to in
companion,   "Yon'i   a  strung  in n
Sandy. '    'I be  othct 008,   who  wn    n
the ��iaened, ilrn'.l up variety ol trnnn
planted Highlander, weighing about
uno hundred and twenty pounda
no Idi .1 his head, "Yin's strong ��
richt," he said, "hul he ned-r hud
the agility Unit 1 haf."- Ba turd-
Following    Agricultural     Publications
Are Free and Are of Great Value
Mure than $2,600,000 is expended
annually by the Dominion department
if agriculture in carrying on work in
the Interest ol the farming oommunl-
y. ThiB large amount of money i��
llvlded among several   branches   to
irry on tbe spi clal dutli s with
A'hlch tin y an   It i rui ti 'I
'i he . >". rlmtntal farms set li to
solve pr.hii i,'i> iu all ph im i 11 agrl
oulturt Including araln growing, live
stock husbandry, horticulture, agrl
eulturo, 11" ,  tho peed branch works
In    i lieelr.lie    llle    II! e    111    Lilly    |',llllll
seodi the live Btock branch endeavon
Vienna, Mardi ?, Travi Icrs from
Roumanla desorlbe tha extraordinary
precautions which the authorities arc
taking in proteel the greal Danube
railway bridge between PesteBtl and
Chernavoda. ThlSi th" lasl and larn
cut of the Danube brldm ��. is with Itt
approaches nearly tin nines longi and
the eastern part, where tho river le
crossed, has twmty epaua, Lhe linn-',
i it of which in 200 yards
A largo force of Itoumanlaii p I .*.
In told off tn ne thai no  atti mpi   I-
,,..,., r..,,.   .,,., |.,,   ,,,���.- u  ,   .-���-        made to datnago the I��� ��� ������ i..��� bj   pit
s ethlng to back up been supplied, and although th tsi Bongors In the trains crnsi  li   . vo
^^^m ..   __._.,>..     i ���      ., i   i���   .,vt>rj   ,
111 .1   lb.
the    will
ii   being
is unknown, H
that it  will I
can be roadlly
no  Irll'lliiK  nun.un!.
mm- th�� armaments,   This nulla- ���,,���,���
��hlch   was folng  on   weok   by   HARRISS'   IMPERIAL CHOIR
Mi-<k   Miis thf Kr��*ali'Hl cilnie In   the
Ci On  the himds nl those be
ll '   '   '        t   ri'Sl   tllP  tll'IMl  Ot  llie  thous
anil'   nl   \icllms   If  llicri;  shoubl   be
ua I
Hi  ���'. ahai    monl on to say thai it
t>.   head riiviTTiniciit   could
nt-.* ti.e r,i i.,,in people m ii'ine there
���aiijulil be im linn  in,- ibla nightmare/forty or mon
i.iiiiiinii, March 7. A greal British
choir is in visit Belgium, Thla Inti r
eiiiltiK iinuiiuncciiH ill is made loduy
in connection wllh tbe Imporlal t itulr.
This mammoth organisation, ( a-
cd by Charles  liatTlss, rapresontlng
policemen are itatlotu d In
riagc, v.hi't;e iii ty ii Is to pci
probltltlon agalnsl opening
]iIiiwh Is hlrlclly enforced,
feared lhal Borne Hulgarian might
drop a bomb on the bridge, even ul the
risk  uf destroying   himself      Several
tiirpi'ibibiinis art ntlnuully on duty
tn  in.vein  any aUompI    from   being
made to damage the pillars,
This bridge would, of course, play a
i very Important role In case of hostlll-
HARRV   TIDY.   Maraiir
Tuesday Evening Next
Joe Weber Presents 'he World's
B?(t Muoical Comedy
Where Do You
By Pan
1 Nerve;   'CI'is'.c by .1
,   American  Version
f.i'ii. v. Hobart,
AND  A  r_nt.AT  CAST.
Prloesi i "".' i* floor $1.60;
I  il iy $1.B0 to BOO,
Beats un Sale Saturday. Mail
orders now.
London  chnl'is,  which, [ties between Itouinanla and Bulgaria,
Saturday Specials
At The "fit-Rite" Clothing Parlors
Regular $20.00 Suits.
Regular $22.50 Suits.
Regular $25.00 Suits.
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Saturday Special $16.00
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Saturday Special $28.00
150 NeKliKee Shirts in all sizes and in all thc popular shades (new Roods), made
by one of the best shirtmakers in Canada. , djfo&fa.. *j*fato��i.��
Regular 50c Silk Ties.   Saturday Special 25c
These Ties are manufactured in New York, and are Pure Silk, and considered extra value at the regular price.   ONLY 30 DOZEN LEFT.
ichardson & Humphries
SATURDAY,   MARCH   8,   1913.
Ait Fcss' Team Will Be Seen In Royal
Cily  on  March  27���Two Garr.cs
N = x;   V/eck.
* thai the Pacific Coast Hockey
league Beason bus conn, to on end b)
.In defoal of the Royals laat evening
i ins . i ihls province will Htlli
have the chance to witness nine
; uueB, four in Victoria, four in Van-
..::.- i and one In New Westminster,
ime in this oiiy wll! be i'i ��i * ������
i ,. v .'.. : ti and I.-i.-i;. i ;i all-star
iiaras on March tl,
���rh-   ini e poslpom tl garni 9 i I tht
i.;. j .ii   ti .ii in t l. * 11 lyert,    rd t
i . di . on reached between Pi anl
|>al si *; !������ d ��� I ardni r last . rt n
Ing, ,i . ' beii *   wade t" an    all-
. ��� ��� ... I t een o pli lt( d team
I'm ni   th     ii lyals   and    ���> ant   ��������� i * n
i; ..; ii*. ... will i. * i la. d la
i ne;   :. * i    nexl    'I.     laj    i v. ning
��� *   ,* i i   i ��� Bhi"I d
Vii oria oi     ���'       t- Ilov Ing    ITid
This v ill  i ���   | players In    It tu
i*    ��� i'  appn acl       . ivith ei
em ti ama who an ei pected l i lea t
t. r the coasl  about   March  17.
'I In*  Bertes  bi twi en   Vlctoi in    and
lf.:i bee fox lhe world s chainptoni
v..ii be n the Capital Cttj  lei
on March 24, 2' nml 29
.i i" Ross will be oul here m the
same time with an all-star aggregation, three games being arranged be
tween a picked Vancouver nnd West-
minster team on Tuesday, March 25,
nt Vancouver, Thursday, March 87, In
New Westminster, and Saturday,
March 29, again in Vancouver. In
evenl   Of  either  Victoria    or    IJiiebcc
winning the llrst two games a change
will be made, the Quebec team being
brought to Vancouver, while the
eastern all-stars wlll switch over to
Victoria agalnsl  the Capitals,
A 'a ire was received by Frank Patrick I'm in Art Ross yesterday stating that eight players wonld be Boll it-
<d from the r. Mowing list to make the
���western trip; Benldlct, Ottawa; Art
Ross, Wanderers; Odlo and Bpragne
Cleghorn, Wanderers; lack Dartagh,
o t.umi; r.rnie Russell. Wanderers;
Skene Rohan, Ottawa; Neighbor, Torontos; Howard MeNainara. Tecumsehs,   and  .lack   Lavlolette,   the   speed
artist of the Canadiens.
Just what the line-up of the western
nil-stars will be Is yet undecided, but
It leas' three Westminster players
will be liielmli il. vl/.. Kdilie Oatman,
llttph Lehman and Ernie Johnson.
Basketball  This Eveninp.
The it. C, ii. s. ".\" basketball team
wlll meet the aggregation from St.
Andrews, i.r Vanoouver, in the v. m
I' A. conn tins evening. Thin is Ibe
Inst game of the season f.;r the local
Iioj'h anil Ihey promise a victory for
Wes minster, 'iho following in the
line-up; Guards, Vert and Cunningham; centre, Castlllon; forwards,
Myers, Trapp, Annaniiale and Mc-
Kercher. The contest will start at
7:45 with Oppenheimer and ('.. Curtis
handling the whistles.
Junior   Alliance.
Another notch  up th" ladder    to-
wards ihe championship or the Junior
Alliance league   is  expeoted   to   be
lal.en bv lhe soccer team from the It.
<\ II. S. Ihls afternoon on Moody park
when Ihey moot the Sons of England
from Vancouver. The game will start
al 2: If, o'clock.
Sapperton vs. city, Sapperton
Park,   8:30  p.m,
It.   ('.   II.   S.   vb.  B.   O.   K.,
Moody   Park.   11:-If)   p.m.
Victoria     vs.      Vancouver,
Brockton     Point,     Vancouver,
2:16 p.m,
It. ('. II. S. "A" vs. St. And-
n v. *:. Vancouver nt V.M.C.A.,
"������I.',  p.m.
* * ***
Soccer at Coqultlam.
The Boccer team of the 72nd Highlanders, Vancouver, will play the Co-j
* ..il in eleven in a league match onl
tin- latter's grounds this afternoon. Ai
keenly contested game is anticipated.
'iii" representatives of tii" Highlanders  ni"   accompanied   l ."   their  'pipe'
band  an.l   the stirriiiR i (rains of Hi
most Inspiring music in tie. world nn
expected to precipitate the visitors on
to victory ns wi 11 as enliven the spec-
';*'  rs  i I' the new  city.
Elect Officers and Plan for Busy Sea-
con���Will  Approach Council  Re
Use   of   Moody   Square.
Optimism reigned supreme at the
annual meeting of the Westminster
Cricket Club held In the Mecca tea
rooms Thursday evening.
The prospects for the coming cummer were never brighter and with
ih" record of last year to look upon,
the local knights of lhe willow are
preparing to make an early start so as
ito be in shape when league matches
Mr. It. .1. Hickman occupied the
chair, nml the attendance was iu
every way satisfactory.
Following the discussion on the
ground question, it was decided that
a committee aprooch the city council
and ��� ask what reservation could be
made for a pitch during the summer
The  following officers were elected
for the  coining year;   President,  Mr.
0.     n.     Brymner;     vice-presidents
Messrs.  it.  J.  itickman,  L  M.  Richardson anil (anon d'Hasum;  Captain,
I Mr.   1..   Avory     White;      vice-captain,
j Itev.   K.   It.   Bartlett;   bon.   treasurer.
Rev. (1. A. Kay; hon. secretary. _���*. A.
' Hose.
��� ANNALS. ���
1SK7���.Take Kilraln defeated Joe Len-
non  in  11  rounds at  Hoston.
18(13 Hob Kitzslmmons knocked out
Jim Hall in fourth round at New
1909���RUdiS Unholz defeated Hugh
Mehegan, Australian lightweight, in two rounds at Melbourne.
1911���Bombardier Wells won decision
over Porky I-iynn In 20 rounds
nt London.
IMS Freddie Welsh defeated Young
O'Brien. Manitoba lightweight
champion, in Blx rounds at Winnipeg.
Prospects fer This Season���Mid-week
Games May Be Played���Annual
Meeting  Soon.
Willi the sunshine of the part
f. .. iia,:*, no little lacrosse gossip haa
been heard in Ibe city and It is probable that before another week has
passt d that the annual meeting of
li.. club w.ll b ��� held, Now that Con
Jones, the Vancouver manager, has
returned from hls*tour, the lacrosse
bug Ib working overtime in lhe Term
li:;il City mul among the fans of nr.
ciiy there is a decided movement
ll    is    pri.iia!,!"    that     when    lln
schedule Is drawn  v.? (hero will be
[ewer heme games seen on the scbed
ul.   card owing to the small crowds
nf last summer.   One move has been
suggested to the   News,   this being
lhal   several  gomes  be   played    on
Wednesda; afternoons on the Queens
lark oval.   A movement is progres:
ing among th" merchants    to   clc
their stores  and   places  of   business
i mi* aftern< t a each week, and if ibis
bears fruit It is altogether likely ihat ^
mid-week gamts will be played lure.
* *
"> *
Tiie next I* *.. days will see the
flntajj of the Ave pin knockout tournament v hll;. ' iie',ng pulled ofl' on tie
Club alleys.
'1 h ��� eli ��� ll i "..' of 'he series was
lhal between lav and Oreenway yes-
terday Bfternoon, the firmer n< ill ;
.an with i" .1 pins '���! Bpan .
oilier games yesterday were:
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
.J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
PHCNE 237.
iiilu r than these directly under ihe
control and jurisdiction of tin- association, while soldiers iyui policemen, who, under sensible conditions,
w-.aiId  provide  many of the  best ath-
letes in the country, v., re barred
from competing at the association's
own meetings
Some of the mure sober-minded
imongst the governing bi dy "t the association have ut last discovered that
suoh restrictions have seriously affected athletic development mid ambition
among tin- young men of the country
with the reMilt ihat an effort Is now
being made to alter the constitution
nf the association.
P.umored  That $10,000  Hold-cut  Will
Report cn March 20.���Rube Says
Nothing to It.
Walters  ..   ..::".
McGill    IG
s. .**,iii rt ui"i
Latham   ..   . .M
J. ChamberllnSS
I    20
���11    JI'
42    185
4a -i-Ji
The following games have yet 10
ii roUedi D11 vs. Randall, Boulton
vs.  L"vy and McAdam vs.  McGill.
Ejwling Record Smashed.
Toledo. O., March 7. -Another
American bowling congress record was
established this afternoon when Louis
Huebiier ef Chicago, rolling on his
Individual, scored 2S7 in bis first game.
This surpasses the former record of
2S0 held by 1. Velstlck of Kansas
Cily, made at the tournament in Chicago in  1312.
New   York,   March   7.-  Packey   Mc-1
Farland   outpointed   .lack   Brltton   In,
Ul  rounds of fairly  rapid  and  clever
fighting  at   Madison  Square Garden
tonight    While  McFarland   bad   the
better   of   the   argument   as   a   whole,
llrittnn   made   the  better  showing  in.
the final round.
There   was  a   good   deal   of  betting
with  McFarland the favorite at 7 to,
New i'ork, March 7. According to
1 ���. .*. receivi il tonighl I 'om Marlin,
Texas, tiie New York Giants' training
camp, Lube Marquard, the star left
hand pitcher of the team, who won
l'J straight games last summer, wlll
arrive in Marlin on March 20, Manager McGraw has received assurances
through a third party that Marquard
will report to the Giants at the 1 nil ol
his theatrical engagement, which will
close in Los Angeles at the end of
next week
Marquard has been quoted repeal
edly as declaring be was through with
baseball, although he had only played
1.ne year under a three year contract,
ile Insisted that tlie only way in which
McGraw could tempt him to return
would be to give him {10,000 a year.
Another  Story   Here
San Francisco, V'' .1 7 -Kobe Mar-
quard, the former star pitcher of the
New York (Hants, now on the vaudeville stage, is In San Francisco playing an engagement at a local theatre.
When told of the report that he was
expectl d to join the -uiants at their
training camp iu Marlin, he said it
was  Without   foundation.
weight championship of Kngland by
knocking out Ian Hague in six rounds.
Next he put away Fred Storbeck, thc
South African giant, and has since
maintained Iris position at the head of
ttie British heavies.
Bombardti r is now in his 26th year
and is six f. 1 I three inches tall. IL'
enlisted in the liritish army in his
youth a.id served some lime in India
.'.lure be first lagan boxing.
Aftir Winning the heavyweight
champion: hip of the army he bought
his discharge and returned to Kng-
lanil. While Wills was knocked out
by Al Palzer in the third round in
New York last year, the defeat In no
way diminished bis popularity. Mont
of those present considered that Poller had won on a fluke and certainly
the Iowa farmer seemed a bungling
novice " .mpan.'il with Wells, up te
the time h" put over that blow thai
Btretched Bombardier out for the
count. -.
In defeat the Englishman made
such a showing as to give Luther McCarthy a chili every time Wells' name
is mentioned  in his presence.
Bombardic r has lilli d ont a lot in
the  last  two  years  and  now  weighs
about 198 pounds, and not an ounce of
turplus fat.   When he commenced
boxing In- weighed only 180 pounds.
Also, Wells has taken tu himself a
wife sine his defeat by Palzer and
she may be 1111 encouragement and Inspiration to success. Wells Is cool,
clever, scientific and speedy, especially speedy. He used to be a crack
man on (he cinder path and his
brother Sidney, is now a famous runner iu England.
Listings of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five arid ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. Q. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phonss, OfTico 15 end 11,
ires. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Cap.  -.is Ddeat'-d  Rryalu Ore  Goal to
Nil   i-.ast   Ever ng  and  Capture
Paterson Trophy.
Victoria captured the Paterson cup
which carries i\iih it the hookey
championship i.r the Pacific coast last
evening   wben   ihey   defeated   New
Ibe  Arena  by
1 non
This  marks  lb''  end  of   Ibe   bi
ln ihe Coasl league, although
games will be played nexl week, one
In Vancouver and Ihe other In Vic
Inrln, of teams picked from New
Westminster  and   Vancouver   ii'ialiist
���the new champions,
'llie game wns ragged from slnrl to
Unlet), caused lo 11 great extent by
poor ice nud the officials, who, by the
way, were Heen ut Ihelr worst, the
lend holding of (ho crowd denoting
lhe fuel ihni their work wan altogether punk nnd unpopular.
Tin   1 1 ly  goal  ( f    the    Kami'    was
n"i r.'ii ie. Gengoj   I'."   former   Porl
Arthur boy, who scooped In a pus.-i
from  Ti miny   Dunderdale,  while off
his hal,iei'i r ur minutes nnd 46 second i after tin   game bad  started.
JUBl Why the ice WHS sofl, pools
if waiir being noticed on Ibe pinvlni;
space when th" gams opened, was nut
given nn' bv 'l"' authorities, bul ne
cording t" lhe i lay��� it wnn the
heaviest over played on during the
two vein's nf hockey on the coast,
<���.. ry i laj' r being worn net at the
< xplrdllon of lhe Contest, while during Its progress 11  wm difficult for
llie   usual   stars  lo  show   Ihelr  speed
That  Hie defeat  was u sore blow lo
llie Iloyal Cily fans was evident rrom
Hie lack "f enthusiasm given to Les-
im- Patrick's aggregation when ihey
retired v.lib   iho   championship   in
Klielr pockels, for a victory  for    tho
llooai was fully expeoted nnd would
hnve    meant    a    tiRhl   face  between
Vancouver anj the Senators.
With the exception of Lehman and
Lindsay, the rival cuslodiaus, no
player displayed bis usual playing
ubiil'y. mul Ibis, together wllb tin
Joke  work of  the officials,  made  Ilu
game listless from a spectator's view
polnl, wllh the exception of a few
minutes In lhe last period. WIUl onl.
two minutes to play the Royals plaj
ed six forwards, leaving Lehman li
oharga of his own half .mul by lib
actions the llerlin star looked pecvlHl
because he too was not allowed to
go on   the  attacking  line.
Numerous bruise* were   sustained
by mail) of Hie players mill Stoppage!
were frequent,
Nine players In all were benched
for penalties ranging from tripping ti
���I little lis tie encounter between I'ou
lln umi Gardner,
The goal summary and lineup nre
ns  follows:
Westminster. Victoria.
Lehman  (1��al   Lindsay
Hochon       Point I'roilKers
i. iiie.ioii  cover L. Patrick
Tobln     Hover     Oengl
Oatman  tllgbt wi��r  Rowe
it. McDomiid ,1 Centre ,, .Dunderdale
Gardner    I ofl Wing ���  Poulin
Referee   Bl c.riffis.
judge oi play   dul Kendall.
Timekeepers BVed Lynch, Frank
Cimi umpires Eddie McCarthy and
VV, Hooper.
Ooal summary ���
First   period   Genge  ivic), 4.4r,.
Seoond  period    None.
Third  period    None.
First period   Oatman (West)i Poulin ivie.i, Gardner (WesL),
Beoond   period   Johnson    (West.),
Polllln  (VIC), Tobln  (West.).
Third period ROWS (Vic), Tobln
(West I, It. McDonald  (West.).
Caelic Association Shows Signs cf
Wavering in Its Allegiance.
Hul lin. March 7. After years of
earnest endeavor In trying lo live up
'O'whal many Irishmen believed to be
Impossible ideals, the Gaelic Athletic
Association is nt last showing signs of
wavering In ils allegiance.
Irish-American athletes���many of
whom were first discovered by the
(Jiiellc Association will remember the
spirit of exolUBlveneSB that compelled
Ibem in their early days to refrain
from competing at athletic gatherings.
��� ���
��� (Dy "Gravy.") ���
��� ��
Anniversary  of   Bombardier's
First   Important   Victory
Bombardier Wells, the KngliBh
heavyweight champion, wbo has been
! very much In the limelight of late,
| won hie firbt important victory two
years ago today when he got the de-
. si n over Porky Flynn after a 20-
ri und bout in I-ondon.
Not that Porky was overmuch of
a fighter, but he was distinctly better
ihan the gunners and privates and
corporals and sergeants that Wells
had been fighting, with the exception
if Gunner Molr, who had defeated
Wells a few months before the latter's
defeat of Klynn.
About a month and a half after
beating Porky the "Hutnbardeer" won
the   Lonsdale    belt    and   the   heavy-
Con Jones of Vancouver is back from
.the Kast,
With his old spring song.
Vancouver sport writers are having a
With his old spring song.
Their  hopes   mount  as  high   as  the
blue of the sky,
Con's team will be out for do or to
And Ihe future's as sweet as a blueberry pie,
With bis old spring song.
nut summer will come, with its trials |
and tears���
And the old sad song.
Some Green  Shirts will  sink  far too i
many cold beers-
With that old sad song.
| With the end of the season we know
that the mug
j Will reet just as snug as a bug In a ,
Where the Hoyals have placed it and
Con  will be bug���
With that old sad song.
���Bill   Maiden,  Canada.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
N. BEARDSt-EH,        W. T. H. BUCKLIN,
Fres. and Genl. Mgr. Vice-President Bee. a.-\d Tress.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Moose   Jaw   First,   Followed   by   Edmonton.
Winnipeg.   March   7.���The   Moose i
Jaw team   winners of tbe Saskatchewan championship, will have the first
try to annex the Allan cup from  the
This was decided today and the lo-
loals selected Tuesday and Thursday
| for tbe fray. The Edmonton Ksklmos
will be next in Hue. They will be called on to play the winners of the first
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable In all parts of the world.   Savinge bank department at
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
S*:::7 |KJfr      We have on display an advance shipment of New Spring
jT[    ^     Models in
l\\ "Society Brand Clothes
Spring Styles
The New Spring Styles are wonderfully clever.   The new colors
are in Greys, Browns, Tans, and Plum shades; Grey predominating.
Price*; $18.00, $20.00,  $22.00, $25.00
See Them
�����   , ". ���*��."     li ���     I    ���**    -:._���;     *>    "   .   l!  i*   A     -   i'i1-!.'^!-'*.    '..���   *    ''K   *
Wfor the YoungerMm I&tgfiQ, ���
SATURDAY,   MARCH   8,   1913.
* W4tfr�� ��� ^-p* MB .Tna-Jt.2\-x xx**~5*xiZLrj*
Classified Advertising |
'.    i ii���iiiii i  ill in :*sr.*tiaaar!asrK*mi*xv~r^j*.-j^.-jei
-   ������***.**.*,.>********
k ��\M*.S, ���
Classified���OnO cent per word per
e*i; 4c per won) per week; 16o per
n .nui; 5,000 words, to be used as re
a .red will In one year trom date ol
i  trtract, $25.00.
nirili nr Carriage Notices ton.
I'.-niii Nntlce 50o or with Funeral No-
i. !����� ji.oo. Card of Thanks 50c per
In oh.
, Mr or six liorses,
[or Ihn e drays C
Box ^.Jl N6wa i im
wltb yard room
���ntr.tiiv located.
for r
1 and
tn bl
i linen
l '.c.
317  1
room, modern conveniences, suitable for two gentlemen or two
ladles.   220 Seventh Btreet.     (812)
fumlsbed rooms.   Apply 405 Agnes
Will    Pay    Passage
Norwegians   Gathering
Eary  Ruthenian  Marriage
From    Britain���
Winnipeg,   March 7,   Hon.  George
Lawrence, Manitoba Minister of Agriculture, lefl last week tor the British
Isles,     iii. ��ill confer with the Dom
Inlon authorities at Ottawa regardlngl
Immigration matters with a flew  to
opening   immigration   offices  ol    th
Hudson  Bay  Hallway   terminals
Hudson Hay.
P. 0.
restaurant. Apply at once
Llox  192, Cily.
mgs; will call tor orders, Mrs.
Warburton, Alta S'lsta, B.C.     (818)
met maki rs. Wes minster Woodworking Co., Lulu Island.        (811)
wanted; daj or contract. Itefei
. nces,   Box 806 News.
ed rooms;  furnace heated; use of Lawrence Is much Inter   ���
" l,;"lm",:: '," ^I"'"'   j;1.'"s,    t ed lo tL  scheme  tor  bringing  oul
Apply    ...    rwelfth   ��<���_';"��� ;rim��� l,,.lp rron, litva.  ,in.an,, ami is
'    hopeful thai it will solve the problem
,,    K|,NT   ,,T.-- ,    ...     ,,,,    ml of farm labor that   is  su  frequently
Winnipeg, will ro towards replaolng
the amount, required H> pay tbe tare
trom Greal Britain, and the n-sents or
the Provincial Government will select.
tbe men lo '. e si nl to Manitoba.
That there are 20,000 Norwegians In
Alberta, one-fifth ot the total Norwegian population In Canada, in the est!-
iM.it. of Ludvlg Saxc, a Norwegian
lawyer, Journalist, and lecturer, who
is touring Canada Investigating conditions of Norwi glan si ttlers.
The N M-. . gian population In Can-
ado Is i elng rapidly recruited from
tli,. two and n half million population
in tbe old land and the million and a
*. it In the United Si ites.
While Norwegian Immigration   Ins
boen chiefly to the United States in
the last  40 yi ars, Mr   Ludvlg Btates
on  that i1 Is now ti tiding more and more
in Canada, whicb Is the i�� si country
he Market-Scaled Like A Fish
ki eplng rooms; hot and cold water, i
Apply room 9, Knights ot Pythias
hall, corner lOigliiii street and Ag
nes street, (7GHI
during tho  harvest
���small rooms over tho News office.
Suitable for oluh or liplit manutac
tni'tni; purposes. Will lease for two
or throe year term, sitiRly or en blue.
Apply to Manager the News.
for Norwi glana in tho world.
The Norwegians In Alberta are
chiefly Bottled near Camrose, win re
tho towns of Viking, Bawlf, and New
Norway are almosl llterallj New Nor
Marri.iges Among Ruthenians.
rhere have been numerous applies- Thai marriages among young notions already by farmers for belp ol thenlana much under age are common
this kind, and agents of the Provln- |n Ruthenlan settlement lying oast
clal Department of Agriculture in of Edmonton, Alberta, is tho state'
Great Britain aro preparing tor
shipments the   first   week   in   April.
acute, especially
perlenced girl. Address Hox
-News office.
just oft Broadway; trade l'or team.
Address llox 63, Haney. (Tits)
i nt board If possible, Box 801,
News office.
housework and to Bleep at homo,
SOS Seventh avenue, olty, (768)
There are also numerous personal in
nuirit's being received from England,
Inland  and  Scotland.
Will    Pay   the    Fare.
The faro from the old  country wlll
In- paid oul of Provincial Qovernmont
fumls. and the amount suit In by the
farmer to the Minister of Agriculture,
V.' ANTED ��� BY
dressmaker work
vol! News office,
y tho day.   Box
barrels,   New Westminster (las Co,
A number or unemployed resident
laborers have registered their names
v. ith tho Building Inspector.
Anyone requiring laborers ior work
i f any description can have their
v.nits supplied al short notice hy applying to the Building Inspector's Of-
t'.ee, City Hall.   Telephone 862. ("HM
Tendera will  be  received by    th
undersigned,    marked   "Tenders    foi
Supplies," up to 1- o'olock noon, Wed IHO
nesday, March 19th, 1913, for Bupply
iUK this Hospital from April 1st, 1913
to March 31st, 1914, with the roiio*.*,
Bread  (white  and  browni.
Mi ats.
Milk (per gallon) and cfoam
pint}, in Boaled bottles. Sampl
be submitted.
Wood,  slabs  (per eonlt.
Coal   ilump anil   washed  nntl.
ment of i>. N. Pontch, an Austrian
p.l lonar) working am ing t'i i P.uth
i nians.
Sixteen Ib regarded p.s tii" usual
marrying age among theEe people,
but marrlt **��� a tr qt ��� ml; take place
of girls under this .. ������* it is nol un
common tor a girl t i marrj a mat
i she has never Been t it:l he comes :
nsk lier father pi ru I n tf thi
young man has money, ver) fe�� qu i
tions are asked,
In some cases thi so t an n
satisfactory, but thi s are often i
wise,  for  girls   are   sometimes   too
young  to understand  what   th
il.iin-nni! after a brief spi il    .  mat
ri. il   life  go  bacli  i.i   tin Ir   p in * 11
Such marrlagi .* are us mil!   without a
license, l aims being published in the
church    If the i_irl  is under  16, thi
priei il  usually a; ;. the consent of th
A brink business was done In prae-
tically every lino of farm produce,
meats, etc., on the market yesterday
with the exception or potatoes, for
which there is no demand, The al
tendance was good and the storks well
up to the average, and the result was
".io or the best markets of the sea-
On account ot a scarcity apples stiffened slightly. Through excessive
supplies eggs Bhowed a further decline of five rent., retail   and   two
rents     wholesale.       Veal     hard I
slightly, wlille unions per saek ml
vanreii to $1.25 at}d $1.60 per saek.
acoordlng to quality. Potatoes per
ton showed a marked reduction in
price and a further shrinkage in this
line may be expected at a later date
on  account  of heavy  arrivals.
The f.inai i*a nre nm. ii conc< rned
ovgr the present mate of llie potato
market as Indications are al the present time that thoy will hive considerable difficulty In disposing of their
last year's crop,
The markel Is overstocked nol only
in Westminster but In Vancouver, Victoria and all ovi r the provlnc >, and
���ommlBslon merchants have Buspend-
��� a Importations.
No relief for lhe farmers appears to
be In sii_'lii The local markel authorities have advise.I s.me of the farmers not to sack thi Ir Bpuds and bi ml
them to the marl et, aa it would' be
���* tor tht i*i i" iU' bo,
Mr.  P. J.  Welmer of your seetion,  ease germs and throws thorn ofr leav-
a BUtferer from Eczema, writes;
"I  sealed like a  lish    had  two doc
tors but got worse all the time
ing the skin smooth ami healthy.
If  you nre   suffering rrom Eczema,
.   . .                    ,, Pasorlaslsi  Dandruff,   I'mipK.-i. itch,
using only  three hollies  Ol   P.   D.   D.           ,         J,   fc,    [U            J   l];. '
1 ean tnithiitU.   s..y l am cured, ft&  wonderful  speclftn.    and about
I,?' P.rescr|Ptlon Is"""'1 D. P. P. Soap which helps In the cure..
wash, scientifically   compounded   in
the D. P. li. Laboratories or Toronto.      For sale by Frederic T. Hill, drug*
This cooling wash destroys the dls- ;isL
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.     Small   Mu6ical  Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694..
Hassam Paving Co., cf B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented^
, NO. 1
Will bi
ol  April
on    BALE   GOOD   COW
inili.i r.  ��I thou l  blemish,
niilkitiK ahout   th"  middle
r<,r further particulars apply W, E,
Kales.  City. (SUM
thraclte   (lump  and  nut,   in   carload
lots), at per ton.
Detailed  lists  ot drugs,  groceries,
meats ami lish  may he obtained    at
the  Hospital.    The    lowest    or    any
tender  not   necessarily accepted,
B, S. W1THEP.8,
Iloyal Columbian Hospital,
New   Westminster,   B.C, (808)
lot, ready
POUR room iloi'SK.
nicely finished inside;
on 50x160 root cleared
for   gardening;    water,
 I J.
Tendon.    In    duplicate,   endor
"Hospital for the Insane," for tli" sup
ply of clothing, dry goods, tallor'B lit
lings,   hoots etui  Bhoes,  shoemakers'
fiitliiRH, meat, rish. milk, vegetables [
gpeceries,   leed.   dniKS,   etc.,   ror   tbe'
use  or  tho  said   institution,  ami   thi
furnishings   of funerals, from tbe 11
day of April next to the :11st ol .Man', ,
1314.   will   h  eceredeivshrdl hrdlhrd
1914, will be received by the Hon. thi
Provincial  Secretary   until  noon   oi
Saturday, the ISth proximo.
Lists or the articles required can
hi. seen al the Hospital, at which
place Bamples ran also be Inspected j
All supplies to be delivered at the
Hospital  without extra charge.
Two Bufticienl sureties for the due
fulfillment or each contract wlll he
Tenders  wlll  not be considered unless   made  out  on   the   lonnH,   which
can be obtained from the Bursar of
the Hospital or the undersigned.
Deputy l'rovlncial Secretary.!
Provincial Secretary's office. :?7ih
February,  101:1. (768)
Sait      for      Libel     Against      "Denial
Machine"  of  Prussian  Ministry
Is Successful.
���Vpp'.i ���������. per bos
00 t
i n.26
Vegetables, w
1���   Back  	
. .$1 00
..    its; iii ������ m.- *  ...
... 75c
- per sack
. . . liOr
1    ��� it.*, s.  per s:;ci.   .
... i .ie
P  ���   I.'. B, p *v ton  ...
to $12
. ini. *.:.. pi r sack  ...
.   JI
jr. t
i $1.60
Sleets, i er bunch ....
inions, per lb	
... ,5c
irr it i. |.i r bunch ..
Cal il age, per lb	
. ..   te.
' irnH i, eaoh 	
.... a.
Eers and F
''": b, wholi Bale per i
HZ   .
to 30c
Eggs,  retail,  per dos
. .  30c
flutter, retail, pi r lh
to 45c
Imperial Limited leaves at 7:">'i p.m
Toronto Express haves at 7:5r> a.m
rit. Paul Express leaves at....2 p.m.
Instead of sending money for your
friend's passage from the old Coun- I
try you will lind it to your advantage
I to purchase tickets from
New Westmlnslei
)r  H.  VV.  Ilrodlo. O.P.A .  Vancouver
B.C.Coast Service
i.tjiA-is Vancouver for Victoria 10 ��. m.��
2 i>. m. and n  \:>.
Leavea Vancouver fur Seattle 10 a. ro.
and 11 p. tn.
Leavea Voftoouver for Nanalmo s p. m��
i.-;ivet Vancouver fur Prince Rupert
und Northern l'olnts i-o p. ro. Wednoo-
Leavea Vancouver  ovary Wedneaday nt
lu  [..  hi
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster s__ji. m. '.M.'inlny,
w. .ti.- ~.tiy .....I Friday,
Leaven Chllllwack   7   a.  m.   Tuesday,
Tlmisih.y umi Huturdny.
Mli. OOULET,  Agent,  New  Wv-stmlnster,
it. W   BnoDin, 11. P, A . Vancouver.
llerlin. March 7. Llgbl
on the workings or the
tni "dental machine," tli
eau, In a libel
oinl   oracle,   tb
was ihrov. a
press bur-
ca '* agalnsl the offi-
Xorih  German  (la/-
electric, light; macadamised street
���wltli Bidewalk.    Prloe  $3160,    cault
$700. balance to suit. Apply Owner.
("iivir��.i Matyear. Twelfth avenue
East Burnaby. i807��
liquor set, ��a.-i beater, and odd china I
at Benzles' Auction .Mart, 638 Clark- I
son street. I 7851 j
The statutory meeting or lhe Hoar.!
of License Commissioners wlll be held
at the municipal Hall on Wednesday,
the 12th day of March insi.. al 101
o'clock in tin- forenoon,
Clerk  to the  I '..11,mis-.,'!.������ r.
IEdmonds,   B.C.,   March  4th.   1813.
llOUSe.     water
month,   r. J.
cess street, t'
and  toilet,    f 10  per
O'Connor, 'in Printer five o'clock.  17711
in Sapperton; newly papered; water
and toilet; lot 50x160; cloarod I'rice
$12110, eauy terms, llox 771 News
bites pn very easy terms commanding the finest view obtainable, Eaoh
lot 60x120, in convenient location
Prlw 11060 each. $150 cash, balance
over  -"u  years.     !���'.     A.    Ilose,  202
Westminster Trust Building, (7H!m
thoroughly modern; situated on Hi"
ii gh side of HiKittii avenue; splendid view; ,i7.e ot lot 50x130, to lane,
Pi co (3800; good terms, National
Finance Co.,  nm   Oolumbla street.
telephone  615. l7H*ll
stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ilnni;os fl tin down, $1 00 per week,
Canada Range Co., Market square.
style;   on   Second   street;   rurntiee;
fireplace;   large   basement    nnd    a
Engineering   Department.
Vehicular  Trxiffic���Kingsway.
Ov.iiiK   lo     paving    operations    thi
above highway will bs closed tt
through traffic rmtil further notice,
Intercity vehicles win please lake
Douglas Road or Kiver Road
Municipal Engineer,
Engineer's Office, Municipal Hull,
Edmonds, B.C., March 4th, 1913,
Nol ice is hereby piven Unit tin
Court ol RevUlon ol tbe ABseBsmenl
Roll of this Municipality will be held
in the Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1818, ut 1"
j o'clock in the forenoon.
Notice of uny complaints must be
glven to tlie assessor In writing at
least ten i Id) days previous to tin*
sittinj; ol the Court.
ti. II. 8TEFFENS, Assessor
Dated at Edmonds, this Mili day   or
February, vjfi. (7'iii
Board of  Health Dept.
Phone 1277.
4'3 Westminster Trust Building.
Estimates given on application,
large lot; nil
You can hav
on very easy
mice (lo,, 521
Cleared and In lawn.
. this one lor Jiliini);
terms,   National Fin-
Columbla Street, Tei.
where No collection, no charge,
American Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street, west,
Vanoouver, H 0, (7061
Four   roomed    unfurnished   suite
villi b.ith, hut and cold water; heii'eil
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenue. Phone 760.
Piano   Reduced   $10   Bach
day until Sold. Today
instruments  at half
Bargains in  sheet
Window Display.
Frank Major Music and
I Ma no House.
I    01 Sixth St.       <gfe
Householders are respectfully notl-
| fieii thai on and ufler the Uth or March
tall parties requiring tbe services ol
the scavenging department are asked
io keep their garbage separate rrom
: ashen.   Collectors win colled the sum
or ten cents  per can  from any  party I
mixing garbage with ashes alter the
above metitioneil dale
j   Garbage and tins must ko together!
in the same r ptaole,   The Heallh
|Department hukki-hih thai the householders prov iiie tepartte oans one to
hold ashes and the oilier garbage. Nu
garbage mixed with ashes will be removed until paid  for
(sou) cbier suniiary inspector
ette,  tried  in  llerlin  yesterday.
Doctor von Wilkie, editor of a i ill
tiiiii news agency, published a statement on the international situation
In November, which waa regarded by
th" foreign office ni likely to disturb
public opinion, The North German
Gasette printed an unususlly sharp
denial, rebuking lhe agency for pub
lisbliiR news inspired by "impure inn-
im..." alludlna obvious!*) lo hio-K exchange  . pi rations.
Doctor Wiike. an ex-offlcer, sen
his Beconda to the chief ii th pres
bureau al the fori Ign office, who,
however, declined to accept responsl
bility for the language i f the North
German Gazette, Dr, VVIlke then
sued Dr, Runge, tbo editor of 'he
North Qerman Gazette, for libel, in-
HuuKo. fcivinK evldonce, declared thai
the article complained or came from
the pen oi the late foreign secrelar)
Herr   Mill   Killerli II W'lleehi r.
The court dcciiii d agalnsl Dr, Run
ge on the ground ihat Hure was no
evldonce to support tho allegation
against Dr, Wllke'a agency, nud Unit
Dr, Ruiikc bad knowledge of the ar
11i'i" before Its publication,    On  Ihe
other hand, the courl recognized tha
In  vie.i   ul the illation  I itween  Ilu
| foreign office ii was difficult rot* in*
llunge ti employ ihe ed lorlal blut
pencil mi  Herr von Klderlen-Waech-
: ler's "copy."
Dr, [lunge was fined (12,60, nn'il the
i rlniit in huve ihe Judgment published
| in the Ninth Gorman Gazette was
granted to the plaintiff. The (fourl
further ordered the destruction or all
copies of the paper containing the ti*
I ii lal in Mill us the plates and forms,
luttiT, wholesalo, per Ib, ..
Fish,   Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb
White Spring Salmon, per lh
Flounders, per lb	
Sturgeon, pi r
Halibut, per II
Steelhead, i er li
Smells, per 111.  .
Retail  Meats.
Beef, best rili roasts  lr>o to 18c
lleef, loin 18c to 22c
Ueef. round steak  20c
Boiling beef  10c.
Veal   15C to ;i.'n
Pork    I2e.  to  Ll';.<
Mutton llle lo 20c
WhoicBalc Meats.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Tool Tallies ill the city. Fine
line uf Cigars and Tobacco. 8porting
events bulletined,
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor.
HAIR CUTTING     HKAKl) ( i"l"i!N(l
Specially Treatment el the scalp
by Vlbro-MasBage and Glover'o Famous  Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID  BOYLE, 35  Eighth C-.
Veal, larse	
I Vnnl, Btnall   	
Heel', front Quarter 	
Ueef, hind quarter 	
. Spring lamb 	
I Pork 	
I Hens, small, per dozen
illeiis, large, per dozen .
Chickens, (ier dozen  . ..
Broilers, per doz	
i liens, live, por lb	
Chickens, live,  per lh  . .
Duoks, per dozen  	
Ducks, live, per Ib	
 fc. to lOr
.14c. to lee
,9ViC. to 10c.
.   lie. to 12c.
Hie to 12.M|C
.13c to Hc.
,..$8 to $lu
. . ?1�� to U2
... 11 to (6
 $8 t.> 5.1
,2tic, tu 220,
..$12 to $ir.
. . . 2(lc tO 2:!c
In Connection  With   All
To and from EUROPE
Excellent facilities for the prompt delivery of
tickets to bring your relatives and friends to British
Our European Agents save you all trouble and
expense in securing accommodation, etc., etc.
II. 0, SMITH. C   P. A. T. A. W. K. DUPEItOW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
Five   roomer!  house
near car     JlSliii,
month,   No, 85,
Hcuse and Larfje
avenue. $1360;
in  centre  of  city.
(260 cash, $Li.'i    11
on   Eleventh
cash, v2a   n
-I _._���!
Re I .nl  4, of Illock 19, of pari of Sec
tlon ll,    Illock ;i North,    Ratine    7
West, District or New Westminster.
a oortlflcate or Indefeasible title to
abovo property win bs isaued lo Prank
N.  Trltes,  011  the  lilth  day  of  April.
Kit, unless in the meantime n valid
objection thereto bn made to mo    In
writing by a person ur persons claim
Ing an estate or Intsrest therein, or
In any pert '.hereof,
District Iti-clstrnr of Titles
Land Registry Offloe,
Nnw Westminster, B.C., February
LiHUi, 1!I13.
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession the follow
Ing Title Deeds relating to the said
property arii requested to deliver the
snmn to thn uiiiliM*Hl);nnd.
In! Deed dated the 18th day of
November, 1898, rrom Frank N. TJJtes
to Thomas Bennett or tlm above  de-
serlbixl  property.
Hi)    Hei.it dated the    12th    day   ol
November, 1804, from Thomas Bennett
tn Arnold Dennett    or thn   above    de
Rcrlhi��i1 property.
(0) Deed dated ihe lath day or
Ootober, limn, rrom Arnold Bennett to
Oeorge w. siiny nr the above de
sorlbmi property,
(754) District Registrar or Titles
No. ;
and    corner    lot,    Sapperton
OQO-thlrd cash.    Lot  65x120
Comfortable cottage.  Sapper��on,  near
car.    11600;  eauy terms. No,  Pr,
Two  good
No, 81,
Six   roomed
end.    Prlw
houses  on
Price  $4001
lot     132
.     West
lot   50x150,
No. 82,
built five  roomed    cottage
.Oil;   Rood  leruiH.    l.nsi   end.
We sell fire insurance,
.board companies.
Strong British
Curtis Block, New Westminster,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
Laborers   Prefer   Poor   Hcunc   Hospitality  to   Living   in  Comfortable
Dublin, March 7 Tragedy snd
coiui'iiv appear to flourish side by
side in some of lha rural districts In
the weal of Ireland, a ruthless landlord 1 n the one hand, snd a paternal
governmi nl on the other, aro the
combination that produce the picture
Th ��� oongested dlstrlots board, a
body called Into existence lo provide,
iimoiij!   other   thlliKS,   In Iter    IioiikIiih
accommodation, have spent considerable nuns ol money in erecting laborers' cottages throughout North
Galway, but na laborer cornea  along
with  nu   ambition   to   occupy   them
Even evicted tenants prefer the hns-
Plt4_.llty ol llle local  poor houses III Uie
responsibility or mantalnlng in proper
habitable oondltlon those ramshackle
evampies or congested board habitations.
Ilullt bul a few years, many or these
cottages are in a hopelessly derelict
stale an eloquent object lesson In
Jerry building.
Singapore, March 7. The mysterious disappearance or three slaters in
tbe nlgbt from the cabin which they
shared, and the discovery or a letter
and   a   bottle    which    had   contalncil
chloroform, were reported by the cap
tain or the Dutch steamer Van Noort
' on his arrival In re.
The sisters  were Germans  named
���lib drlcli, nnd Ihey had heen touring
In Java. They were last seen -suing
to their cabin at  10 o'clock at  night,
after having apenl the evening reading and Chatting on deck
iu the morning the nerving boy,
hearing no answer to bin knocks at t
I cabin iliHjr, told the steward, who entered nnd round the ladies missing. On
the table wuh a note addressed to tbe
captain. This he opened, The letter, written in German, wuh briefly to
the etfeol  that  all  their baggage 'wan
bequeath) d to the captain, and wat
signed simply, "Sinters Dluderlch."
On a desk III lhe cabin wait a bottle oontlnlng n few remaining drops or
Chloroform.    A   chair hlmd   near   tIn
portholo, ami ii in conjectured thai the
[slaters each took oholoroform and
then climbed through tho porthole
The cabin wuh lealed and a full in-
qulry win bo made.
Eat and Gst Thin
CONTRACTORS ^r prices on -...
Lumber Lath and Shingles
ll.niiliay , March 7. Hundreds of
letters are being received by Ibe news
papers   from   llle   natives,   apparent ly
being written with  the idea or em-
phUHl/.Ing Ihelr loyalty to the IIiHIhIi
Qovernment, suggesting various meth-
..ds   ol   punishing   tht-   would be   nun'
iicror nf Viceroy Lord Uni'dlnge, when
One contributor thinks that a "good
el'leel mlghl be produced" II' tlie re
miiliis or the bomb thrower were to
he distributed along lhe piihlle museums throughout  tha country
Another, a Paraee, would have him
rolled tor au hour each day In a ciihIi
hImilled with sharp pointed mili", and
salt rubbed Into the wounda,"   After
.this treatment ban  continued  for a
48  Lorne 6��r��et,  New Westminster, I year, be should he "brutally hanged."
This Is turning nn old phrsss for*
���about, liut modern iiinthmlH of reducing
fut   hav*   um.l.i   this   rvvlnlon   ponnlhlfi.
If you nrs nverfst ami nlm> averse, to
fhysh-sl i-i.'i 11..11 unil tiki-win.. fniiilCiif
hn tiil.ls nml still wnn! tn i.Miicii yuur
nil..UK II111I1 H.-vi-rul pounds, ilu this: Uo
to your i-liuKKl.it (ur wrltn tin. Mm nn. 1.1
i'u.   Fsrmi-ir   Dulldlnf..   Detroit,   Mlcii 1
nnd Rive him tor hpiiiI tlunti) 7& OSntB,
Fit (tils ni...t..,t nm..11111 of nii'iev Iho
driisalst will (nit yen In Dm wny nf nut- '
UfyliiK your ambllinn fnr a nli-n, Irlm, :
slim figure Do wlll hand ynu tx It'tn
en., nf *Mariimia Prescription TsMeta
(i-omiMiundi-ii in aopordspoa wllh tha fa- I
mous Miirmiiln PrtaQrlbtlon), one of
which ynu must tnlto after erich nn-nl
and nt be-ltlmi-i until you In-aln to Inso
ynnr fat at the rnto of 12 to in ounoes
a day. Tlint ts nil. Just cn on ruling
what ynu nice, leave nierrlelnif to lh��
iillili.ti.il,  bill   luke  yeur tltlli.   Inhlet  f.illli     I
fully  nnd   without   n   dmih!   Hint   flnbhy
fleah wlll nulckly li.lie unln Itnelf wIiikb, '
lenvlns   behlnil   It   your     nntunil     self,
neatly   .InilioJ   In   Arm   Scsh  and   trim
Do You Want To   Build?
We specialize in stool and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Re��., 755
(Royal   Mali   Steamers  8alllng Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "burentic" and "Mcganlic"
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
Ml feel long, 511 mot long.
Nnw In Ihn I linn In nmuiKii for the puidgOl of your friends from
Rngland,   Wn i.iimn prepaid tiitkeiH, umi our offloos in Bngland oom-
imilileiitii  with  iiHHHeiinniH, iirriuiKliiR   ull   ilntulln  nml   atlvnneliiK   nny
fundi dopoaltsd with ui.  w�� uinn Inform ynu when |iiiiineiii-eni arrive.
For Ballings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office, SID Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three   doora    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. (loulni, Agent Canadian Pacific R., and F. C.
Meyers, Agent Q. N. Ry.,  New Weatmlnater. SATURDAY,   MARCH   8,   1913.
Commonplace Heroism
of Everyday Woman
NEW YORK SUFfCRS     Modern Conditions and
I wish I hud
some of Andrew
In im s I would
dlnary woman.
i.i . ;��� manned a
... ���.. . r plungi il
n  drowning  pori
the distributing of
Caregle'B medals for
give one lo tho Or-
11 Is true thai uho
lifeboat In a stormy
into a river to Have
on.    it   ia true that
alio never stopped a runaway horse,
<,r dashed Into a burning building,
i.r gave any other spectacular i xhl-
bition 11 courage,
She bas only Btood at har pot I 30
cr 40 <.,��� 60 year*.,, fighting Bl tkut ..
and poverty and loneUnecs and disappointment bo.quietly, wltl) Buch a
Spai tan ft rl nude, that the world bas
iii vi f i ..li untie' il her a *'ii< .i :ii. HM;
an t j . in ho pn sent * i ;' Ihi Or
dinai*,* Wt i tan, thi battle t tan :
vi " . an, - i ii h)a bn at I covoi .1 wltli
mcdala algnlfylng valour, may well
land unci .��� red, for one bra .��� . than
in   la ;    ning li.*-.
Plainly -Dressed.
���i.i   thing high or heroic in
ber api * irani e,  aha Is Jusl  a  i  ...
i ivi man,   plainly   dn   i
.   ... i     i : ico and w irnoul hand
: , t wi m i i thai you mi
: h In .. '.in* a a day upon the Btn i:
*.. (tin ' ** li* r a ui i * nil glance
i-i *il l sal tin I" :��� as a heroine.
;.. lerlhel aa much i thi
: . : ��� i*. :'. 13 entitled to tho cro.j..
i ;   the   i.'. ' *i  i*i   Honor  :   * dlatln
��� . lied ��� ��� ��� ' on the batO fii id
: .:   .   ra a *. u ht n b! i  *.*.   *
fresh and a .;l  way and  light-
hearted ta nt irrli I,    Her hi ad
.'���    .        v, ith girls, was full i I
husband  waa to bi   a
i ' '*...   Chat   ... . alwaj a Land r a   t
tlerati   and loving, s'r.i Iding hi r
trom i c and w irrj.    LII
i        fairy talo,
i       by one the dreams r. II ai
���| he husband wa - a good man bul he
Ind I    renl   to her before long
i:.   coai id "i i" lice when Bhe pul on
a   fresh  ribbon,    Ife never paid  her
thi    llttli   . un] ii ita   I  r   .*. hlch   a
net .* * * i hungi * b. He 11 ���** t
....   I      ���  ,    . or caroas, and their
I til Into a ii    ;.*.  i
.    t     t.l at had no romance to brlgb
ti :, i    no ,��� j  i r love to lighten It.
Nice  S;rt of  Hubby.
Daj after daj aha aewed and cook
��� ii and ne -ml' d, t.> make a comfortable In me for Ibe man who did nol
even -_-.iie lur iiie pour pay of a few
word i i f apprt otaticn. Al hja wor
hi ��; en ti and querulous; at hlj
best lie waa Bllenl and would gobble
I . ti i il like a hungry ..animal and
subside Into bis paper, leaving her
to Bpand a dull and monotonoua evening nfter a  dull and monotonous day.
i he huaband was not one of tha
f ..uiine few who have the Rift of
making munev. lie worked hard, but
i p] i nm.ii; .ii i���:; nut smile en every
man, and tha wolf was never very
i.n  away from the door.
Wi men know the worst of poverty,
i: ... tin. wife who has the spending
ol   the  Insufficient    family    Income
buBband must present appearand i������;
11 in*. Bake, ��In ti be goes to business
certain llilti(;H are necessities for the
children; and uo the heaviest if all
Un- deprivations fall upon the woman
who slays at hum" aud starves u i
make one dollar do the work of five. ���
This  is   the  way   of  tbe  Ordlnarj
Woman;   and  what    a icriflci s    *'���'
makes, tastes she crucifies, what long I
Ings for pretty   things   and   dainty
things  she smothers,  not  even    hei j
Lawrence Portly Saya Lofty Building-
Are   Money   Losers���Land   Is
histers Coming West
Toronto, March 7.���"Let me tell yen
one thing before 1 go to talk to my
friends In Toronto," aald Lawson
I'lirdy, president of the Department
own family guess. They thiiiif that
it ia nn eccentricity thai makes her
choose the necg of a chicken and tin
hard end of the loaf and to Btay a<
home from, tiny little OUting, All. if
they only  knew!
Her Gethsemanc
Km- each i f her children si ie trod
tin* Qcthsemane of woman, only tc
go through that Blavt r. I ( mother,
hood which the woman endur is wbo
is loo poor in hire ci mpoti Dl ii ae
e'er yeara and yeara Bhe m >. r knew
v.hat  it was to have a single night's
of Taxes and Assessments of tlie City
of New York, as he prepared to leave
liis room in the King Edward Hotel
to address tbe weekly gathering of tin.
Canadian Club at the luncheon at Mi
"I ir ro reoently bad opportunity to
tali in those who have erected one
after another of the recent akycrap
ers ia New York, and not one of thi in
has made money'. Other arguments
; lay in I be i tfi ctlve, but perhaps thla
iinhrekin  sleep.    The small hours of
the  morning  found   her  walking  the  statement maj give pause to some o!
cclic, or nursing the ctotip. or cov-|these who wish to rush yeu into thc
i ring restless little sleepers, or pul
.* **���: ' i thlr   j littlt  lips,
Thi ;  t no re-'   i' i* in r day  *
braves, . "���������iii.    There was always - child I
' her ai ma  or (lingli *���    o  In r  (
i),:. n< r than not t he  *��� a I alck  * t *
.   snd   wi:       Bin *
'ii ath, but si     never failed        n 11:
lo ti    call of " -I ith    ! ������������!*'>
.������ ���������:.������...     ,1 ,   rjfy
. b   ly  i* tlli il hi '��� brave, ai d ye!
*. I.* ,    ne ct thi  chll Iran .camt   d
th i    i      * ���* diphlln r!a   hi  brai  d
���������: d tlmea    In    bendl
:      lhe 111 lie suffi .* r v Ithi ul    t
,    cf danger.    Vr.d when the lit-
i ..... 11 r t away under the  * id
had I ui! mi Jt was thi
*���  liersi if  i.... (hi ,'  and   taki
up lhe b trdt n of life t r the oth irs
Pre   lo  Creat   Heights.
��� :  me mt mi nl of tht  Ordln-
.,* *.    life,    i" wt   ' r,    ������* .in
"I* ii   i.   i ducati il 1" r chlldn n al   j ���
hei    II   and   i I ed* thi :n   oul   of 'hi i
:   ���        She  did   this  with  ih lii. ra
tli ii,    Bhe knew tlm;  In Bendl] *.- hei
I i*   hi   boy  and  talon11.1  bi y ofl
e, !!._;'��� she was opening up to them
paths in   which  she could   not   follow.
She km w thai tbe time would come
wben thej  would lo-ok upon her with
" Lyin   telei ance, or conti mpt, er ner
haps   God help her!    be ashamed of
in ���
Bul  she d;d  net   falter In her sell
i siicrifie. *   she  worked  a ittle harder,
she   denied   herself  u   little   more,   tr
give tin m the advantages sh" nevi i
hud. In iIiIb she wus only like millions of other Ordinary Women who
are toiling over cooking stoves, alav-
iii- al sewing machines, pinching and
act uomlzlng to educate and cultivate
heir children digging with their
own handa the chasm thai will separate tin m almost as much ns death.
Whl ref ire I sav the Ordinary w .-
man  is  lhe  real  heroine of  life.
v ho  learns  nil   lh"  bit to*
Bcrlmplng and paring and
Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer in the
Irish Bishops Denounce
English Sunday Papers
recti in of larg * office buildings which
ire to be the highest in tho British
El  ;. . * ."
ir. i'l'iiy had a i pi olal Bubji ct ou
lie waa to i   large, v-rh eh   ....
a  ���;. |      unicip I  .   *. ttion."   '1 his,"
iid, "is   otnethini   trom wl
.    dl be obliged to depart, becat    ���
i ���',.,': ,    i ��� Important e o
lich 1 thinl   ii   ...' ii . try to talk, I   .
the last quarter i    a   enl irj th in  h u
bi. u a   M*      '* nd ���.  ��� in all clt  :***. ���
lea, i   *   * the United States,
Irei I   Brll    ...    I  the  British   coto-
nii s,  in rel eve  I he  Indsutrlal  work-
i un  taxation,  i nd  to  place  tii
bur :i acquin .1 wi aU li, ao Hi it the
burden should not be borne entirely
by ihe wage t arm ..
How It Worked Out.
* 'i hll hat i ��� ti *.. i.. .1 out in different ways. In tho United States for
Im i inci ,n ha ... i .. appro icht d in
Borne States fr na the point of view
thai an inhi riti ni e la�� would mi et re
lulremcnts, while Wisconsin has met
tin issue fairly on an income tax.
Othi is have attempted ,u "" e< thi
needs of the hour by a tax on public
service corporation holdings.
���*it used to be acci pted as tha method hy which assessors should work
that land should be favored, and
buildings penalized, but a more efficient system is now being em ployed,
by which the land is being assessed
at a rate which is neari r its real value
is compared with that of the building.
As you know, this movement has
gone further In Australia, lu New Zealand, and in the western provinces of
Canada, than In the United States. In
tint.] Britain, (he firm which it has
takin has been a higher taxation of
land than has hitherto been Imposed.
More Intensive Use of Land.
"With ibis Increase of the tax on
land has heen an increase in (lie endeavor lo use land for the most intensive purposes Most European
countries have  recognized  that   il  is
Under   this   title   a   Correspondent
'* ';.!���; "Minister"  furnisher, a  some-
what intimale criticism  cf some    of
[ is a greal deal of urgency in some
quarters lo admit men lo the ministry who have the right spirit but not
the Instruction. There are, of course,
exceptional men  In ail servicen.    But
men sent into our great west
pens an all Important subject.    In!
:: enterprla a   and   callings   every-
*, i: i| ��� nde "'i the man.
The  very greatest tangible Interest
.', i I.;is Is good ministers and the '
me   inver   was   when   ll   was   more
Important, possibly more difficult, to
bave them.    We have a vast  Incoin-;
Ing population,  with only a nucleus
o.  those brought  up to the religion
Veil Canad t  haa fo ' the most part
bi lievi il In, and i 'en I ha   nui !��� us i.p.
li rgi lj cul loose tn m it t ��� arly moor-
:i. i   pat tlj   li    the  di nan 11 ol  the
i  nuous life and partly bj  the : tc1
that some of the con lotions of men's
childhood have all unconsciously  glv-
'..* i ,(���:.   iri*,*,;" the chai gi i
��� :���   ghl   by  m< .'. rn    In lull  .
lh ������   havi   : othlng  w hi ;*��� ������������ iih  to n ���
; lace r i m,
If ever there wa t a time thai t ��� ��� d-
���   if Ocff," and need   I  ti.' m
roughly furnished, 1 l mi
vhtn received con* be ���: .
jje ! the devout man who can repeat hitn-
'self every Sunday preaching in a
park or square often comes to the end
of his repertory very soon before a
stated congregation and such pastorates ure seldom enduring.
.Moreover,   in   these   days,   a   man
needs  to  know,  if he  is going to be I
f:rir to those whom il is his duty not
only   to   inspire,   but   to   teach.    Our!
correspondent's    humorous     remark
that a  man  had   better  take  ������  year
off his college course and get a good
aet i r teeth has a good deal of b
...���use  iii   ii,  iis  [ar as  regards  Un
teeth;   but of till the things he will,
If he be wise, rue through life, it will
be the lack of a more thorough train
lie can i ": thi tb lati r, but net
so easily the education, Tl. re an
no doubl Borne who pass through col
lege and through lack of earlier culture, fall 'li gt * the training it can
give, There are sume who go into
the hopper full of youthful fire and
come out with some little erudition
and a good deal of professionalism,
Still there never \va3 a time when
"Sometimes I Could Hardly Walk!"
2 Boxes of Gin Pills Cured Me
s'.ir.ken "that those things which can-'the pastor was more in need of being
��� ' ' may remai  ." ���   ,i   to ti ai h" and  was more called
Dearth   cf   Men.
���   mi     frcm
'   '   *        . .     ry  hand cf
ar ii    f men t    kini minis-
other reasons for thla
.in,,e spiritual l. ban the ob
v ��� us . te that miniati r * are     irvi d.
fhe ranks i [ the ministry  are large-
i ;:* *i from  aimi I * horn' a, ai d the
ing mi 'i who i nee ���*���      I have bi
hi Ir   call   plainly   are   *   nfused   bs
nal   thi y  he ir,  ai l    nol    knowing
,-hat  |o belli       I     ���    an all  i ntbus-
lasm for lhe taBk cf ti tchl tg oth< ra,
So  much  the more teed  in  every
country pulpil of men of strong faith
; ' know whal they believe and who
it . .*   i   mi t age   which   they  cannot
witlihi Id,    We gi t   troquent    intitna-
tli ns from far and near Ihat seine of I
tbe nun sent into the more scattered
fields,   where   religion   has   least   hold j
ire nol equal to the occasion and are
something of a sort  to  do as much
��� ii aa good, their preaching being
lelther  attractive  ner  edifying,  and'
heir "walh and conversation" failing
to compel respect, to say nothing of a
It will probably be surmised that
hose wbo bring in this report are
b-nmselves lacking In the sympathy
which they owe to tlie work and to
men In such adverse conditions. This
"h incut In the question is necessarily
leyond tbe reach of discussion.
Let it be granted to the utmost.
tnd 1' only the better shows the need
of virility and spiritual power on the
pari of the men who have in hand a
task that requires the highest leadership and heroism.
Thest   Not   Wanted.
Men   who  pass   through   college   in
he hope of "getting a church." or. as
^^^^^^^^^^^^ was moral
upon to be a "solver of doubts." ln
: !1 il.i- . ��� ! *'* ..;*.* *;';: .- Li solve
Lhe question of providing apostolic
Only a divine spirit In tbe church.
lifting its youth above themselves
and above the world, a spirit which
v.iii make -.-. warm and < tfi olive appeal lo s-oung men to'make the most
i E thi Ir lives can do lbat. -Montreal
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If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
he phrase in England la. "getting a
neceaseary to impose the most string living.", are not the builders that
.111 n.hs to regulate the height of he country requlries. Men sent out
buildings, and the area ot land to be hould not be starved, neither should
used for office buildings. ho support  from lieadnuarters relive
lloth the United Stales and Canada    heir people of what they ought to do
have been backward In Imposing such
regulations.    They have been loath to
,mposo regulations which would bam-
Der  the  individual,  but   perhaps  they
d In
is another thing that Ib nee.d-
thls  twentieth  century.    There
Dublin,   March   7.   The   campaign
against   ths  "vile  publication   which
(���nine to ub (nun across,the water"
the words ure those itseil by the I'lUh
<iiie llishop of Derry gathers In foi-ce
.���nui vehemence. 11 musl be admitted
thnt the enthusiasm which has led to
the boycott ot Dublin news stores
wblcb handle certain Kngllah publications is not  entirely due to a dislike
nf pi rnicioua literature.   The oppor
��� unity  of gelling  even    Willi    English
in wspapers is tar too tempting to be
resisted,   with   characteristic  humor
oi n the hooligans of Dublin have
Joined In this purity crusade which
lias for Its professed object the suppression of the sale In In land nf half
a dozen Sunday newspapers published
in   England   and   which   gel   huge  cr
���nidation chiefly by their detailed reports of filthy divorco and police
courl can s
11 is of Interest to not" thai the
Sunday newspaper pul,lished by W,
ii Hearst in Lund mi The Wt ekly
Budgi t is in 1 bh.'klii tni by these
��� rusadere It in one of the tew English Sunday newspapers that nre now
allowed to be sold openly In the
t in 11. nf Dublin.
lleBii'U in  Arrests.
Thla agitation hun already resulted
in iirnsti- and 11111 y Muse iiellons for
criminal eon piracy In be brought by
lini'iiiii  pr prletors   of   ths   banned
Cardinal l.ogue: "I have often before warned lhe people against the
moral ruin to which so many are exposed by vile publications which an*
not only offered, but forced upon
tbem by every device which Ingenuity
can niggest. I'nscriipulous agents for
a little Ill-gotten gain circulate these
publications In spite of ull remonstrance,
havo nverlooki d the fact Ihat the tin
tun ot others, and Ihat no individual
should be permitted to do those ihings
which Interfere with the rights to light
and health of his neighbors.
Restriction Injures City.
"The cily of Niw N ork bas suffered
by tills false idea. The limit lo tin
erection of buildings has reduced lhe
value of adjacent properties aa a remit Of this license.    We have   ruined
the appearance of the city, uud im
paired ths health of lis cltlsens, only
to reduce  the nunibi r of Its suitable
Whal   is  most   astonishing   Is   that
lies corrupting traffic goes on openly I Office buildings.
iiudi r the very eyes of the supposed ,     Also,  we   have   rendered    It   practi
guardians   Of   public    order    und    He-   (i,ll-v   ""imsslhlo  tO  get  uny  coinmei.
Bursts value from 11 great  number Ol
cency, without the least effort to bring I ioti wlll..|, ur��� surrounded   by thesi
buildings of great height  which  havi
s und employ every device jshut off their neighbors from light am.
all- which Ihey require.
"Qerman and English cltleB havi
enforced ordinances which It would
be well for Anierlcnii nnd Canadian
Cltlea to copy. The fact of the mal
ter is lhal so far us New York Ih con
darned. We have allowed ourselves lo
reach a condition which is without
1 apeak now or the Borough of Man
hiiltnn. We can still help oullyiug
boroughs, nml you hnve opportunity to
help 11 cily which Is growing logicnlly
and  Hensibly,  Inn   which   you   should
not permit to depend for growth on
artificial means."
the delinquents to account   They ti
of  ill tectlv
and disguise and rightly SO lo Ir.ip
even those who adulterate food; one
would think that similar ingenuity
would be well employed in detecting
the corrupters of public morals.
It Is not so in other countries, even
in those governed   by the  professed
enemies  of  (brlsllatiily     Thank
our people hnve lit hut taken the
(lod !
nowapapers. Two well le-dn brothers
In name l.iirkln, Wl re recenlly iirrcHl
1 it nml fined |E apleie for causing ob
���si met ion on Sunday aflornoon by distributing handbllli   In Dorsel   street
 iid..   an   offending   n*wsvondora
1 tore and ri fisittg to denim   In com
plume*   Willi   the  pollcetntin's  reqUOSt,
I lie   i.urklns  are   members   of   lln
Dublin   Vigilance   oommlttee   which,
���supported Iv pnietlenlly every bishop
in Ireland, is adopting In tho cause of
Clirlatlan purity those time-honored
methods of boycott nnd Ihtlmldatlon
ihii played such prominent part in
Ireland's struggle for self-government,
The handbills which caused the dls-
inriiiiiee here ihe Inscription;   "DonI
ihni with shops which sell bad Sunilny
papers or other evil literature." After
tin. arrests were made a great crowd
threw   mini    Into    lhe
store and his wlndowe were covered
wiih the purity plaoarda,   other ur-
rests  lire   likely   to   lie    made  In    the
near future.
Lawfully   Respectable.
'Tin- Interesting phase or Ihls nglln
tlon  In thul  In the eye of lhe law lhe
blacklisted   newspapers  m ntlrely
1'eHpeetiible.     Thoy also hnve llle hll'g
eit circulations of nny newspapers In
tin- world. Iwo of thetn exceeding tWO
nilllloiiH every Hlimliiy Yet they pub
lliih details In connection with iishiiiiII
nml oilier cases Hint would never rind
Ihelr way Into 11 dally newspaper In
the Hniicd States.
now  determined the Irish people
nre lo put a Stop to the circulation ot
Mich newspaper! cm be gauged from
the Statements made on Ihe suhjecl
liy the following fiimmis religious
ter Into Ihelr own   bunds;  uud
have embarked on a noble cause."
Of   Debating  Character.
Dr. Walsh, archbishop  of  Dublin;
"There nre  In  this city  iiersons cull
ing themselves Catholics who, by lulling part In Ihls slnrul traffic lu publi
e.iliiuiH ol a debusing, setlttellve, or
otherwise   lo  lhe  diabolical   work    ol
undermining both the morale nml the
rnitii or our Catholic people, Let it
he clearly understood that such un
worthy menjbera nr the church aa
long us they persevere In their  evil
courses nre unworthy to tin admitted
lo the sncrauietils."
in-   Heniy,   archbishop   or   Tuahi
"Those booksellers where Ihls unsavory literature Is exposed for sale musl
be cautioned and ir they perslei In
such noxious traffic Hie fiiit'iliii must
be warned agalnsl frequenting  their
shops tor any purpose."
Dr, Ki imelly, iircliblshop et Cnshel:
"In the cine or the deitroyeni of purity by the aalo of bmi literature Hie
nowsvondor's I Lord will mth al them on the Day or
Judgment with thn  fury or   a wild
beael  robbed of her Whelps, und lake
vengeance  on   Ihem   for  the  souls  or
I which   Ile  Is  being  robbed   by   their
! abominable irurric."
Dr, MoHugh, bishop or Dorryi "Irish
publications like tho Irish press arc
us a rule pure nml clean. The greul
source or danger in to lie found In the
Vile publications which   come   to   us
\ rrom across the wator. is it nol an
Intolerable itate or things to rimi a
tow persons for the suite or worldly
I gain iiiiiliTiiilnlni', nml corrupting Hie
tiiornllly nl n people?"
Emm the foregoing it enn be readily
Heen bow determined nnd BerlOUB, lire
lhe lending spirits of this eninpiilgn,
although Imlf lhe '/.esl of the fight,
from the public polnl or view, line In
the faol Hint all thlH chins of literature
is published in well-behaved England
Billiards and  Pool
Hlggest and best line of Pipes,
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Bsgbls Btrtat.
Haggage Dell ver id Promptly
sny psrt of the city.
Light aad Heavy Hauling
Frars for Victor  Emmanuel's  Secon.
Rome, Miireh 7. Prlncoaa Mafalda,
th.. seoond daughtt r or king Victor
Emmanuel, is suffering from bron-
chini pneumonia, it in feared thai
there is hardening of a portion or one
of Ills lungs and that It may develop
Into consumption.
The symptoms heretofore hnve not
been alarmlngi bul the child litis not
11 i.lrong constitution. Bhe hun suffered severely from rickets iilnce
Queen Elleha, like ail the royni tarn-
ly or Montenegro, hns n hereditary
tendenoy towards consumption. The
doctors hnve prescribed an Immediate change und careful treatment or
nil the royal ohlldren, und i.h�� queen
hns tulicn thetn lo 1'eslllpo, where
Pr. Mnrclilufvn, the Hope's physlcluii,
recently vlslled them und held n con-
sulfation with Dr. QUlriOa, tho court
The king frequently motors out nnd
visits lb. 111, us he ll iiimpelleil lo reside III Home while the chamber of
deputies Is In leillon, The qiilrllinl
nnd lhe villa ul Poilllpo urn connected
by n private fSTbphone line.
The queen b> ostensibly taking Hie
mud linths cure nl Agnuiio for neurl-
lls   of  the   nrm,   uud  ilelnlls    of  the
Prlnoen Malfnda'a illness am iup>
I pressed, bul the anxiety of the king
land queen abcnl I'nlr Children Iii an
open secret lit curt, Iho absence of
thn queen nnd royal children from
Rome during the arason being unprecedented.
D. McAulay
14,     cor. sixth and Columbia
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Imperials, Black Hens and
Stained Wineaap, at the rldlou-
ions price of, per box ���������������1-'0
Cooking  Apples,  good  Quality,
per box  .*.' ,
Oranges-18 nice   urge,   Juicy,
for  25c
unfrozen Oranges
Sardines   -Especially
three tins  for   	
Three packages    of
Kaisens, seeded,  for
16 ounce
Tork Pies, each    35c
Sausage Rolls, each  J>*-
Ayrshire Bacon, per lb 35=
Wiltshire llacon. per lb.  ...40c
Headcheese, each 15c
Sliced Tongue, per lb 60c
Soft Edam  Cheese, per lb. 35=
Llmberger, per lb 35c
Also Oregon Cream,   Roquefort
and Cainonbert.
Head  Lettuce,  3  for    25c
Celery, 2 for   25c
Radish,  per  bunch    5c
Green Onions, per bunch  .. .5c
Cauliflower, per head  20c
Cabbage, per  lb 3c
Artichokes,  each    15c
Tomatoes, per lb 15c
llavies' Eggs, per dozen ....40c
A.   11118-
In the  Port Albernl
Public Supply Stores
... 1,. ADAMS        S. K. BR1GGS
We Have
to purchase
of Sale
If you wish to
5 Discount an
Call at our
office for
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
His honor Judge Howay left for
Yale yesterday to hold a county court
Bitting there today.
Don'l wait too long. Piano $-110 today. See ml. on page six. Frank
Major, Music and Piano liouse. (822)
Regular business was transacted at
the meeting of St. Mary's Soci-StJ
yesterday. There was a good attend
ance of members.
Sunday at 4 p.m.,    In the    Edison
theatre,   a special   program   for  nun
will be given under V. M. C
Mr.  J.  R.  Edwards,  formerly  chief
of  police at Coquitlam,  has
an  appointment
\V. Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point irons; fixtures and wiring of
all kinds. Phono 1269, 28 Sixth Btreet.
opposite Postofflce. (760)
Mr. G. E. Graham, superintendent
ot the Pacific division of the C. P. R.,
and Mr. F. B. Trautman, press representative of the company, were visitors to the city yesterday.
We sell, rent and exchange sewing
machines.   All our machines warrant-
d.    C.  N.  Edmondson  &  Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
Curtis and Dorgan report that
about IB Westminster and Vancouvei
people have picked out their summer
amp lots at Boundary Bay (the old
Whalen propertyl, many securing Un
same locations they have camped on
for years.
Send yonr spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anv
thing else you wish to dlsposo of to
Benzie's Auction Mart, 6118 Clarkson
street.    Prompt returns. (786)
The regular meeting of the Local
Council of Women will be held on
Monday at 3 p.m. in St. Stephen's
.hurch. The. ladies who aro collect
ing for the Y. W. C. A. fund will
make their weekly report, and a large
attendance is desirable.
St. Stephen's Guild���Under the auspices of the above guild an illustrated
lecture on "Races and Religions" will
be given in St. SU phen's church on
Monday nighl, at 8 o'clock, by Mr.
mil -Mrs. A. E. Tliomas, of Sapperton.
Some and hear and sec. (824)
Millinery opening Thursday and
Friday at Miss Davey's millinery parlors, wbere all the prevailing stylos
shapes and colors may be seen.
Everybody welcome. 204 Agnes street
The next ut tract Ion at the opera
house is the production there next
rues-day evening of Joe Weber's bis
musical attraction "Alma, Where Do
You Live *."' Tin- seat sale tor this
illraclion goes on this morning al
the hox office tit Tidy, the florist's.
739 Columbia street.
of the Dominion public works department. Tho river is now clear of
snags from Point Grey to New Westminster, ono huge tree weighing
about 25 Ions breaking a large coupling chain in the operation.
Tho publicity commissioner has recently received a number of iimuiries
in relation to settlement and industrial prospects in tlie city and surrounding district. They embrace
communications from such widely
diversified regions as Germany and
Brazil, Britain and Sumatra and the
West Indies. Copies of the city calendar have been sent for and are being displayed In the offices of railwuj
officials and. prominent business men
throughout Canada, tho States and
Great Britain.
White Rock. March 6.���A scries of
illustrated lectures has been arranged
by the Ladles' Aid of White Rock,
tho proceeds of which will go towards
the church  building fund.
The first of the series will be held
in the dining room of the White Rock
hotel on Tuesday, March 18 and will
be given by Rev. Newton Powell of
Kitsilano, his subject being the West
Indies. "Here and There in Cuba,"
by the Rev. W, W, Colpitts, and a lecture on British Columbia by Mr. W.
P. Goard will be the next in order,
dates to be arranged.
A bazaar and sale of work to be
held in the summer was also more or
less arranged for at the last meeting
of the association.
Dr. Chester, resident government
veterinary inspector at White Rock,
Is rejoicing in the arrival of a son
_iud heir, Mother and child, who are
at present at Duncan's are reported as
doing well.
Work on the new mill for the Hunter Lumber Company commences next
week. This will be fitted with the
'atest and most up to date machinery
tnd the company expect (o have it
running in time for the Benson's building operations  in  White  Rock.
Invitations are out for a festive
gathering in the -White Rock hotel
on Thursday next, the occasion being
i birthday party ln honor of Miss
Edna Qreyell, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Greyell, proprietors of the hotel.
Visitors and guests are expected from
New Westminster, Vancouver and
The Crystal
lo notify their
iflor the 1st i
their milk wll
Dairy   Co.,  Ltd..  begs
customers that on and
f April   the   price   of
I  be  nine    ijuarts    for
The price of hind In Quiiiiniclian.
near Duncan, Vancouver Island, has
risen enormously within the last 12
months. The C. P. R. Company are
building a large hotel In the vicinity
md land which was being offered at
$25 per acre a little over a year ago
is now being held at $7no per acre.
Work will be started by a gang of
government employees during tin
.icxt few days ina'alllng 800 feet ol
.iiuiio ���_..'. "'""" fm llie south "Ida oi
Canoe Pass below the bridge al Lad
ner. This is being done to protect the
lyke. The work will eosi In the
neighborhood of $.r,t)u and is oxp-aol-
id     to    In-    completed     within    two
iionths' time,
Baraca Class Holds Annual Gathering
���Splendid   Program.
One of the most enjoyable events
of the season was the annual banquet
of the members of the Baraca class of
the Olivet Baptist church, held on
Thursday evening in the church hall.
There were about 75 present and a
happier gathering or a jollier time
could   not   well   be  imagined.
A most entertaining program composed of spi eches, vocal and instrumental music which left nothing to
be desired as far as excellence and
variety was concerned, was gone
through  during  the  evening.
Rev. A. S. Lewis, who was the chief
speaker, outlined the future of the
Baraca class, emphasizing the fact
tlr.il he hoped to see an average attendance of 75 at their regular meetings at a not far distant time. Ile
announced that special services for
men would be given lit frequent Intervals In the church during the year.
Mr. J VV. Williams, provincial secretary of the 11. C. Sunday School as-
social ion. also delivered a most inti resting address.
The oilier speakers were Messrs. A.
Sangster, M. v. Jenks, F. Bataon, H.
W, Sangster, Mr. J. Q. Whiten and
Mrs. E. A. Post ill.
The musical program consisted of
well rendered selections by the orchestra of Ihe class, two solos by Mr.
Buchanan, Instrumental duet by Mr.
Geo, Sangster und Mr. I). Johnston,
clarionet solo by Mr. Hudson. Mrs.
E. O.  Lennle accompanied  the latter.
The catering was taken care ot by
the ladies of the church, while the
glrla or the Fidelia class nctcd ua attendants.
Delivers Judgment.
Judge Howay has decided the case
of Sloan & Harrison, contractors, New
Westminster, against F. L. Kerr and
D. W. Bray, proprietors of the Fdison
theatre, for the plaintiffs, in the sum
of $291.60, with costs.
Plaintiffs sued for JIMS.50. being
charges for painting and pressed metal
work over and above the contract
price of $2000, for remodelling the
Fdison theatre.
Defendants denied liability and contended that the $2000 covered the
whole work.
Counsel for plaintiffs, Mr. Whiteside,  K.C.
Counsel for defendants, Mr. G. E.
Three Interpreters.
Greek and Russian interpreters, and
one Interpreting from Russian to a
Caucasian language, and vice versa.
employed at the trial on Thursday of two Greeks and two Russians
for highway robbery in tho vicinity
of the  Fraser  Mills.
The accused are Steve Jonas, Anaa-
tas Bonyas, George Nicholas and
Peter GaBt, laborers, and Ihey uncharged with way laying and robbing
BabU Kilit' and Ergon KarolT, twi
Russian laborers, of $140. on the
night of January 11, forcing them to
deliver up their money by menacing
them with a revolver.
Owing to the many interpretations
the trial proceeded slowly. It lasted
all day and another full day at leasi
will  be required.
At its termination cn Thursday
evening the proceedings were ad
journed until  Monday,  March 13.
Mr.   Ferris,   of   Vancouver,   is   de
fending prisoners and  the crown    is
represented  by  Mr.   W.   F.   Hansford.
Charge  Dismissed.
The charge of concealment of birth
alleged against   Mrs.  Buskins,  Burnaby, was dismissed yesterday by Judge
Howay in the county court.   Mr. J. P.
Hampton Bole defended the lady.
Unusual   Charge.
John  Joseph,    an     Armenian,   was
charged    yesterday     morning   before
Mr. J. Stllwell Clute, district magistrate, with "embracery."
After The News reporter had been
restored to animation he learned that
the accusation meant corrupting witnesses and that ihe charge was connected with the conduct of Joseph in
connection with the trial of the four
men for ihe alleged robbery of the
two Russians. Itabii Kely and Ergen
Karoff, pending before Judge Howay
in  Ihe county court.
The accused was remanded until.
Monday  morning. ,
��� BURNABY   NOTES. ���*
Edmonds, March 7.���The fl7.0<>0
damage suit of Mr. L. G. Robinson
against Hurnahy municipality his
been completed in the supreme court.
Vancouver. Judgment was reserved
by  the presiding judge,  however.
A grand concert will be held under
the   auspices   of   the   Young   Men   in ;
the Jubilee  Methodist church on  Fri-!
day evening, March 14 at 8 o'clock.
Tho degree team of Court Bast
Burnaby, A.O.F., gave an enjoyable
social   (lain e   lu   the   Forrester's   hall
laat evening.   The music was furnished by Peek's orchestra.
The scheme for the beantilication
of (he municipal hall grounds Is now
being curried oul. Men are engaged
in clearing and levelling the surface In
preparation lor the planting trees and
Spring Opening of Ladies'
New Suits and Costumes
Right in time for your Easter
Of individuality and distinctiveness
This season we are ready for our rapidly increasing
business with a greater range of styles and varieties-
selected with great care as to quality and finish. We
solicit your inspection and suggest an early selection.
Easter Sunday is on March 23rd, about three weeks
earlier than usual.
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
I'i nl
The Infallible Remedy for
Asthma, Bronchitis and Hay
It destroys the cnuso of the
disease and relleveH at onco tho
���noil obstinate caso. Solo
agents for British Columbia.
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
The Completion of the report of Mr
.-; .Maber to Un- Ottawa government
mi the claims of solders 111 the FrnBor
valley as to  land  patents Is expected
,i be announced in the very neat
future, according to Mr, B, W.
Beckett, crown timber agent, who ro
limed from the   capital    yesterday.
Mr. Beckett stated he was glad to got  Blngay;
bach to the Pacific alone away from
tin-  rigors  of  the   Kusiern  Canadian
instructions wen- received from
Ottawa  yesterday  morning by  Real
lent Kiigiiiei r Worsfold to give orders
for lhe removal of a log jinn which Is
Impeding traffic on the Fraser river
Hear Clillliwtiek and Is showing n
tendency to change the current of
the river, causing un erosion of ibe
banks A powder gang together with
a donkey engine will In- used ou the
work which will probably be Btarted
Immediately before the spring
freshets start ln.
The building permith Issued by  lhe
building inspector's department for
the pant   week amounted to $15,100,
The aggregate for the preceding week
totalled |70,B50, hut. this Included the
Item   of   $Gn,(lli0    for   the   Columbian
Printing   Company's   new     building.
YoBlorday  a  penult  was  grunted    to
Moses iiird for the construction of a
four roomed house nt a cost of Jlnnti,
mil to Sue Yung for alteration on
his premises un Carnarvon Btreet to
���ost $200,
Messrs. Qliley   Brothers   made   a
record yesterday In loading sis cars
at their hunkers with sand ami
gravel for llurnaby In half tin hour
liu- llrm is itt present delivering sand
ind   gravel   to   the   Canadian   Mineral
Rubber Company   for   their   paving
work    on    Kingsway.    Bumaby,    for
which tlie company has tin- contract.
The output win be increased to 11
oarB per day shortly This bitter
���inutility represents 160 yards or 8TB
Thn sung puller Hamsun hits rotiirn-
���ad to government Wharf after a surveying and siingpulllng trip down Ihn
North  Arm  of tlm  Krns
Itod and dun for March, published
by W. J. Taylor, Limited, Woodstock,
Ont., Is out wiih ii varied and entertaining list of contents whieh Include
Hie following: "After Caribou with
Hie  lihckals," by  It   .1   Craser;  "Old
Canada   a visit to tin- Oaspe Peninsula,"  iii   Madge  Macbeth;   "Up the
Uoad," by Paul A. \V. Wai-
Piscatorial    Pilgrimage   of
ur   Sportsmen,"   by   I..   W,
"An    Bastern    Black    fox
Ranch," another of the aerlea ".Small
Pur Bearers and How to Take Them,"
by (leorge .1 Thlessen; an Installment
of "A Canoe Trip in 1864," and oilier
nrllcles of outdoor life both east and
The liiuo iii attractively Illustrated
und should he remi by nil sportsmen
ami lovers of outdoor life.
Mahomet's   Carnet.
Vienna, March 7.- -An offer of $120,-!
(���On  has been refused  for a carpet In '
the   possession   ef   John   Kernowsky, i
a   Prague   antiquarian,   who   asserts
that  he can  prove  it   to  have  linen
used  by  the  prophet  Mohamet  when
0,1   prayer, i
Mr   Reginald  Hickman    aud    Miss
Klleti Johnson, both of Nanalmo, were
the   contracting   parties in a quiet
Wedding which Kev. Canon dT.nsuin
soleinnl/iil on Thursday . Mr. Hickman Is u hardware merchant In (he
Coal  City.
Forty year�� In use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women1! Ail
menta, Dr. Martcl's Female Pills, at
your drugglat,
tNOIIIl    Arm    HI    nm    i "mu        oiirieyn
'were madn from Macnilllan Island to
half   a   tnlli)   outside   the  lower   light
; by Mr. (.rosso    and  Mr, 0. Turner,
A full line of Drills, Chocolates, and Fancy Stationery.
Prescriptions and Recipes
our specialty.
���     A. J. TYSON.    b
Special for Saturday
Guaranteed  new    laid  e^gs,   three
lozcn for $1.00.
Oranges 20 for 25c.
Pish  for  Prnlay:   Salmon, Codfish,
Prcsh    Halibut,     Oollchana,    Pastern
Oysters, Crescent Oysters.
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Pie. mi 98. 447 Columbia Street.
It Will Pay You
to bring your prescription to ub; does
not matter what doctor wrltua ll wn
can fill and you may bn Hure
of getting exactly what your doctor
ordnrM nI prieoH bi.��ed on Bnrvlcos
rendered, Thirty yeara In businenB.
Hlggest aud best drug stum In city.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best In the Market.
85c. per snek 100 lbs.
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster.
P.cviscd and complete to date, show
ing public buildings, principal industries, railway tracks and number of
lota.   Evory street plainly marked.
Every buslneaa man needa one.
I.nrgo size, 0x3 feet; also pocket
Room  25  Hart  Buildlno.
Canada'sFire Loss
For January
During January $3,91.1,385 worth of property was destroyed by
lire In Canada, and 14 lives were lost at these fires. Iu December
the   loss   was  $1,769,BOB.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia Sf.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
640 Columbia  Street Phone 45_>
Home For Sale
No.  1    Here  Is a  Bplnndld homo for Bain cheap.    In a good locality near Queen's I'nrk and new aehool.
It  has  seven  largo comfortable rooms with every  modern convenience;   full  bnsomimt;  on a large lot, 66x132 feet.
ThlB place In below value and  tho   terms  are  such   that   almost
anyone can  handle It. .... .   ..
PRICE, ��4400t $750 CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let ub show you this place.
Agents for  Paclflo Coast  Steamship C*.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 18(1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
For Vancouver, via Central Park
- At 5:00 aud 5:45 a.m., and every
1.1 minutes until 9 p.m. From ��
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
8undaya���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
. For Vancouver via Burnaby���Al
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly Borvlco thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late cur at 11:30 pin.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
8unday���Flrat car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day Bervlco thereafter.
(Connection with cars tu Steveston and other points on l.ulu Island Is made at Kburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 0:80 a.m.,
1:110 p.m. nnd C: 10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:06 p.m.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit It, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.


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