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The New Westminster News Jun 13, 1913

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Classified Ads.
proven  their  worlh
jS .ie
produce.      TJj?    till
or   small   wants    �����*���?
-^ s
i     ,s   _
' The Weather.
New   '"Westminster    and    Uwr
Mainland:' l.ight io moderate w'n-ds;
generally  tuir  with    stationary    or
higher temperature.
��� f 	
Woman Living Near Scene
of Car Robbery Heard
Thugs Depart.
Work Oracle to Send 1,500,
000 Anti-Tariff Pamphlets Free.
Chilliwack Council Doesn't Want Any
More Settlera, No Matter How
Wealthy  They   Are.
Police Still at Work on Case, But no j Witness on Stand at the
Definite Cluea  Have  Yet Been
A clue whicb the police of thc lower mainland ure following up in connection    with    the    hold-up  of  tho
Probe Has Delvers After Facta
Gasping   for  Breath,
Washington,    June    12.���How    the
government   printing  office   and     the
post office di partment helped in the
Fhnrne carTt McHae road "station"ou fight against free Biigar and the con-
WedneBday evening was discovered gressional frank sent tons of anti-free
las nUM In the shape of evident.-., sugar literature circulating through-
fron. res dents living near McRae road , onl the (and, was brought out today
who state that two men drove off in by the Benate lobby investigation.
an automobile towards Vancouver Truman C. MM, Washington rep-
"mediately the interurban car had ��� resentallve of the United Btates sugar
Btarted for New Westminster. One industry, was on the stand the entire
man and his daughter, residing with-: day and testified that more than
g llin yards of where the car was 1.500,000 Copies Ol arguments in be-
stooped Witnessed the whole affair, half ol beet sugar had been turned
They took special Interest in Uie fact out by the government printing office,
that the car bad stopped at the sta- made public documents by order of
tion because they were expecting congress and had ridden on the franks
friends from Vancouver. Thifl man, of senators and represt ntatlves to the
tog-Other  with a woman  In a nearby  ends of the country, postage free.
house,   both   declare   they   heard   an      "Sugar  at   a  glance."   prepared  by I	
automobile being clanked a few min-   him,  he said,  had attained a  circuit!-!
utes   aftei   lhe  ear   had   disappeared,  lion of 32u, I eoploB under the frank  IIIT)?    TCII    VfACQ
whi!.- the woman stateB she saw two  of   Senator   l-odge       'lienor!   of   thi    |J|f\|J    | \X\    | Lrtlt J
men in the auto at the time. finance committee."  franked  by    the I
Had Ample Time. Siine   senator,   had   beaten   lhe   tlrst , AIIT    AC    ft 1TC
During the time  whieh  elapsed  be   named  pamphlet   bj   80,000 copies. Ill   1    III     llAll
Wholesale  Franking. ��� "UI    Ul     UHlL
The franks of 8. nator Smoot, form- |
er Senators Curtis and  Hick and  the:
late  Representative    Malby,    former
Representative Pickett and Represen-
tative  Martin  had  swelled   the    total
to  more  than  a  million  and  a half.
The city council of Chllllwack have
given forth the flat that they want no
publicity, no new settlers. In answer
U. S. Senate'10 Otway Wilkie, Becretary of the
1 Fraser Valley Development league,
and the Chilliwack board of trade,
who waited upon the municipal council with the requeBt that they cooperate with the other municipalities
and boards of trade of the valley ln
bringing beforo moneyed settlers the
great natural agricultural advantages
of the district, the civic paternal relatives would have none of It. ThlB publicity would be of no benefit to the
municipality of Chilliwack, opined the
reeve and Councillor Bailey.
"You do not mean to say that you
consider a new settler with $10,000 or
|16,000 of no benefit to the valley,"
gasped  Mr.  Wilkie.
"That's just what we say. We would
not get a cent more In taxes if the
place had double the population. The
land only is taxed In this municipality,'' quoth his worship the reeve.
Other observations to the effect
that no increase In population or in
wealth would better the municipality
floored the deputation.
Four Killed and Thirty Injured   in   Rear-End
Second   Section   of   Westbound    Express Runs Into  First Division
with Fatal Results.
$75,000 PER MO.
Fraser Mills Brings Total of Men Em- J J
ployed up to 1700-New innovs-    j Oregon City Applies That'School Board Receives ISO
tions in Plant.
Maxim to Treatment of
Seventeen   hundred   men  employed, I      M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
with a payroll of $75,000 per month; j 	
a pretty fair figure for anv small sized
city, but this wlll be the case at the|Towfl  Invites Them All to Come and
Applications for Jobs
on Staff.
fore tr* crew of thc train could Rive
the alarm In New Westminster, these
two men Mould have had ample time
to drive into the thickly populated
dis'rids of Eburne and Vancouver.
However, the police are working hard
���in the case, with lhe expectation   of
Stamford, Conn., June 12. -Four
persons 'are dead antl many injured,
some Berioualy, as the result of a
rear-end collision on the main line
of the New York, New Haven ��������* Hartford railroad, opposite tne passenger
depot thiB afternoon, when the second
section of th.- Springfield Express,
westbound, crashed into the first section, which waB just leaving the station. ,
The engine of the second section
ploughed half way throw;!! the Pullman car, the last coach on the first
section. In this car there were 21
passengers, and practically all of them
were injured.
According to an official statement
given out by the railroad, the indications are that the engineer of,the second  section ran  by  signals.
The first section of the train which
was made up at BoBton, reached here
on time, but was halted momentarily
to change the power from steam to
electricity. While awaiting, orders to
proceed the second section came
along and  crashed  into it.
big plant of the Canadian Western
Lumber company within the next two
weeks, when the new additions to the
plant, that of the cedar mill and sash
and door factory get Btarted.
And all this within two milc'B of the
city limits of New Westminster, con-
plcklng up more clues before tbe day  ^^
Is out.
Yesterday Genera! Manager Sperl-
ing. of the 1). C, E3, It., offered a reward of Woll for Information that
would lead lo the capture and con
viction of the banditis, at the same
lime giving out it description of the
two nun. One of them Is 5 feet S lu
height,   weighing   about   170   pounds.
printing  Of  some of  tins   matter
had teen paid by thc bc-ei emgar jibo
pie, lhe witness aaid, but the free
pestage had saved them about $:'S,lino,
Mr. Palmer declared :hat "sugar al
a second glace." which, he intimated,
hnd been inspired by 1b<* federal
r-iiignr IO lining company and wblcb
was an argument in beloa.11 of fn t
���augur, also had   been  printed
Burnaby   Need* Some   New  Ones for
Schools���Attendance   Almost
Doubles in Year.
Judge Howay Draws the Line of Satisfaction  in  Interesting Judgment
Delivery  Yesterday.
He wore a slouch hat at the time and public document and cirrnlaied under
a dirly suit of grey clothes. He is rt- t1lp franKiri* privileges IU- BIB no!
poned lo be a Swede. The oilier Bttv nor djj t|,,. committee ass, whose
man  Is Iwo inches shorter in height, \ttraalt was bo used.
weighing about 145 pounds, and nlso
wore n -slouch hat and a dirly grey
su<t. This oue Is described as an
According to Conductor Hall, who
was one of the crew held up, the robbers, while perhaps being green nt
the work, had evidently plarm-od out
Ihe whole scheme by the way they
went about things antl even had he
been armed, he would have had little
chance Of making any kind of resist
Mr. Palmer Bald that On* 1>oei men
had spent about J160.Mio in rhetr
campaign against bst sugar slncu
1902. He said tlw beet producers in
the association were assessed about
five rents per ton The lust irssesB
ment was made In April, bringing In
about $18,000, and the previous one'
In   February,  abont  $17.con.
When They Needed It.
"When did vou make these assessments ?" u.-.ked Senator Heed.
"When we needed the m.iiii.t "
Much ot the dav was n|it*:it liy the
committee In trying to titid out all the
details of how "sugar at a glance"
came to be printed as a put lie document, Although Mr. Palmer was grill
ed  for  ihree    hours    on    practically
Maps of Uritisb Columbia at present
in use iu the Liurnaby public schools
are ten years old. according to a
Statement made by the secretary of
the school board at a meeting of that
body  last  evening.
The ma.tej- was brought up for dis- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ciiBsion by Ihe reading of an offer His honor Judge Howay yesterday
from the text branch of the education delivered judgment tor the plaintiff
department at Victoria. olTeriug up to 1 with costs in Lhe case of 1*.. Cana
date maps al  three dollars each. jdian    Manufacturing   and    Importing
Trustee PaUerson thought that tlie company. Vancouver, against J. O.
board suould purchase one for eachjMelas, Seventh Sitwo-t. Ntar Westmin-
school,  but  the  other  trustees,  while ster.
favoring the purchasing of the new j The action uus peculiar inasmuch
maps, thought it could be well left aB the defence to a claim, of $Hi* 60 for
over until ihe beginning of the uew the sale of a childreiir, encyclopaedia
Bchool term. ;waa  that  the books did not come up
New Schools. to defendant's expectations.
School Architect Dowman submitted | His honor's judgm-isM was as fol-
plans for the manual training schools  lows:
to he tret-tod at Vancouver Heights i There is no dispute about the facts
and East ssul West Hurnaby. After (n thia case. I'he defendant ordered
some consideration it was decided to from plaintiff's agent a set of "The
call for tenders for the school to be uoot 0f Knowledge." ji child encyclo-
built at Vancouver Heights to be in ,)aedia, some 24 volumes, for I89.&Q,
the hands of the architect by 6 p.m.. j The books were represented by the
June 12. agent to contain  iufej-mation  ou   all
The government pay 60 per cent, or subjects of art, science, hlstorv, etc.
the cost of construction of them [Th-are ls no doubt oiC tbe evidence be-
schools and  76  per cent,  of the cosi   fore me that me jtgen; said that they
Talk Themselves Blue Provided
They Behave.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_        Oregon City, Ore., June 12.���Oregon
nected by a tram line and seam road. I city officials believe it is beBt for all
Yesterday morning the western and ! concerned   to   let  agitators  of  the  I.
eastern  people  were informed  of thejVV.   W.  stripe  speak  to  their hearts'
fact that the Big Hiver Lumber com- i content, bo long as their language is
pany'B  mill  at   Prince  Albert,  Sask.,' temperate and their general  conduct
had been destroyed at a Iobs estimated : compiles with the law's requirements,
at $550,000.   The wire also Btated that!    At a conference this afternoon    be-
the mill was tbe largest on the con-!tween Mayor   Lynne   Jonea,   Deputy
tinent. Place the Prince Albert plant  District Attorney SUpp, County Judge I
against the one at Fraser  Mills  and i R.  B.  Beatle, Sheriff Haas and other!
it  would   look   like  a  Shetland   pony  officials. It  was determined  tu  invite I
stacked up against an elephant.   Just  all  1.  W.  W.  and  Socialist  speakers I
about.    The Canadian Western Lum-1 to visit Oregon City and io give thetn
ber company is the largest in Canada,  full opporiunity to speak so long am;
the largest on the American continent  they   violate none  of  the  ordinances
and the largest in the world.    Prince;of the city.
Albert papers please copy. I    Developments in    the    mill    Btrike
Record  Smashing. . here  today  were  few.    All  the mills
Records are being BmaBhed so of-' are running full time and wiih nearly
ten at Fraser Mills that they have fun crews. There were no disorder.-
lost track of them.    Another went by : today.
tbe   board   yesterday   morning   when,	
the first fir veneering plant In Canada
Was placed in operation. In the east
[are several spruce veneering con-;
cerns, but the Circle F stepped In on
Ithe fir business and from now on the
j lumber concerns on the American side
i of the border will havo opposition.
After paying a duty'of "5 per cent
j these American lumbermen will find
j themselves competing with a company
backed by millions of dollars and no
longer will the Canadian west be used
as a dumping ground for American fir
veneer. The plant which started yesterday cost $65,000 to build.
Its operation Ib one of the sights at
Millside. Huge logs are placed in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the claws of a ���mammoth machine Iter and supreme courts have no juris*
which peels off the thin strips In long diction in citizenship appeals, accord
rolls and later cust them In Bizes to ' ing to the ruling of Superior Judge A
suit the orders. From the cutter they W. Frater today, when he refused tc
are Bent tp dry kilns and. after 36 j sign the statement of facts for an
minutes, they are ready for finishing, appeal to the state supreme coun
1000 Doors per Day. I from his decision several monihs a^o,
Next week the company will start denying citizenship to Meyer Ciorlick.
work on another record, that of turn-j who was the central tigure in the
Ing out 1000 Bash and doors each day. | tailors' strike called here last winter
The machinery is being tuned up for.by the Industrial Workers cf the
the event, the electricians are spile- . World.
Ing the last wires, so that by next Judge Frater held that an appeal in
week another department will be in citizenship matters could be taken
operation. Each department means only to the federal courts and agreed
more hands and more hands mean with United States DiBtrict Altornei
more money spent in New Westmins- charlea F. Riddell that the conferring
,er*     , '. I of  citizenship   is  a   matter  of  grace
At the present time 60 per cent 0*Iand i ot of rigMs
the sash  and  doors  used  in  Canada,    wh'en   (;or|,ck"aPpealed   to   Jud?fc
are manufactured In the United states Frat(,r for oltlMngh,p last winU,r, h(,
and  this has  been  done  despite  the u,sutwci tha. ,     ,   d     jned   hfi ,   w
duly of L'n per c��nt  on such articles w   s() h(?        ,d '   fc ^
entering the dominion. ���   hc w,    ��� ,   u  ,      ,      ,
"it we cant manufacture sash and ���, ,���kuk ,.. j , , ,,    .," \x.	
doors nt a cost to compete with the
V. S. firms and tbey paying a duty,
then it's time for use to shut up shop,
Duke    of    Connaught    School
Slowly���Principal's  Apology
White  Elephant.
American  Judge  Holds that    Citizen
ship Papers Issue Only at Court's
Seattle, Ju-jie 12.���The state, super
nothing else, when he left  ihe stand,  0f equipment.    The secretary pointed .would satisfy the- defendant.    The de
Aviator  Drew  Volplanes  to  His  End
Enveloped in a Sheet of Fire���
A Joy  Ride.
Lima, O.,  June
a  pupil  of Orvill
12.   -Andrew   Drew,
committeemen Bald they were about
I as much in lhe dark an tbey were
! when the pamphlet was firBt mentioned.
Tlie committee finally dropped the
question with the exprtseed tle'ter-
| initiation to pursue it further and Investigate books and tetcres Of -every
son to get lhe information they
seek.   Senator Lodge will be heard In  totalled
! was the remark passed by the company's representative    "But we don't
intend to cut dowu our payroll yet a
while." he added.
A News representative    was    next
taken   over
Wright,  volplaned iexplnnation if ho desires to appear,
to death here Ibis afternoon in a War.- j     Mr.   Palmer   became   inidigiuint   be
lng   biplane     Drew   was   killed   as  n I fare  he left  the    stand    at    Sraiutoi
out, howtTer. -that (he money would Ifendant states: "I understood that the
not be forthcoming from the govoru- jjw pari, when 1 signed that contract
ment for 12 months, but some arrange, i __i |,ave signed many of them be-
ment  will  be mnde for the financing. I fore���that  if the buoltB  were not  up
Attendance Jumps. Ito my expectations tu- representations
Secretary Itarham reported that dur-1j     was    never    expected    to    accept
ing ibe past year the attendance at -them."
the  12  school* had  increased  by  535 1    No representations are contained In i��"�������������   ������������������-  ���- ;"-.Y     _,.w."   to its principles showed that he was un
pupils.    Tbe    altendai.ee    last    April  the contract, ea any statement thai  P"^    'he    Jobion  the^ machines    o  ft[ , .       hi
69 aud    had     now    reached'if    ihe    hnnlra ���.'***** not ��n    tn    the I white men.   Thev do the work oeeier,
of which he declared he was ignor
uut. lie said he had not paid his
dues for several months prior to thl
time. The I. W, W. called a strike o.
tailors because Gorl.ck was discharged
by his employer for insubordination.
After the tailors' lost the strike Oor
lick  applied  for citizenship  and  said
���MU   ��.��.   the  new   shingle  factory, >e  bad   severed  his  connection   wl
where the latest and mo-st modern ma-"he  I.  W.   W���  but  Judge   1- rater  de
Chinery can be seen in operation. Just clared that Ins admission that he had
to  be     a  little  different  from  some
other mills, the Circle    F    company
joined  the organization  merely to obtain employment without ascertaining
result of a desire to take "just a little
joy ride" -his laBt words to his partner in a machine which he had not
thoroughly tested.
He dropped 200 feet, his burning
machine dropping like a torch hurled
from the sky. He was dead when his
partner and several workmen at the]
state hospital pulled his body from
under the wreckage.
Drew and IiIb mechanicians set up
the machine thiB afternoon Drew
was anxlouB to try It out and aaketl
J. C. Brabnzon, who has made several
flights  wllh  him,  to go along.
"Let's take jusl one little Joy ride,"
he laughed, "aud then I'll go to dinner
with you."
Brabazon demurred on the ground
that It was getting too tlark to fly and
that there were no places suitable for
a landing.
The machine which tlie aviator used
waB one in which Calvin  P,  Rodgers
made  the  last   lap  of  hiB  tioast-to-
coast flight two years ago.
On Fire in the Air.
When Drew had been in the air
but a Bhort time, the men In the aviation grounds saw a tongue of flame
dart from the machine. Drew evidently hoping to land in a field a half
mile away, shut off his engine and
started to volplane In an effort to
save himself. The biplane suddenly
Bhot downward, careening bb it fell.
Ab Brabazon and the other spectators ran across the fleldB to the wreck
there was an explosion and the machine was torn apart.
Drew's skull was fractured and both
Reed's efforts to lind out everything
done by the beet sugar men in W1...I1
Ington. He said he supposed the;,
(allied wltb senators and eonsress
"I don't think business men are
barred from the city of Washington,"
he added.   "There is nothing dttrsput
utile in talking to st-nattTA and cm .
gressmen, liiey don't live In glass ;ii
bouses, I have been free to lell tbem
what 1 thought nnd to try to convert
them and pn vent the ruin which I
believe Will result lo Hie hi el Indus
!ry frcm  the bill In enngrctss."
Morrow   Tries   to   Shield   Von
Klein   and   Becomes   Material
Wltnesc  Under Bail.
Hon.  Robert Rogers  Requested to  I
spect Work of Harbor and River
ll Is probable that Hon. Robert
Rog-.rs, minister of public works, will
v.at New Wesiminster when he ar
rives cn the coasl and Hint he will
make an Inspection of the work be
lng Oarrled on at  the sand hend.i and
nrma and both hips were broken, Word I also personally look over the barboi
of his death was Bent to relatives >Q 1 plana nnd  tiie properly affected.
St.  Louis. Ves'erdiv   the   Progressive   BSSOCla-
~   ~~~, tlon and  the  hoard of  trade  sent    n
Was Wel   Known.  mminloatlon  to  the  minister,  ask
Chicago,   June   12     Drew   Was Weil K        fc      m      ,^ fa    |nf,h,(lc(,    ,    h,B
known In aviation circles In the n Id- . jt|"
die wesl.    He was  In  charge of last  '"""''ry*
years' meet nt Cicero  field  and   was j
president of tho Aviators' association
A let'er also was sen:
tary  of  the   ABaocluled
to the lecre-
Real   Kstate
of America, organized to promote safe Exchanges
ond   sane   flying.     Before   taking     - '**'* *
aeroplanes   he  wns  n  balloonist.
^^^^^^ Minneapolis,    asking
lhat this city be Included in the
Hat of cities to be visited by the excursion which will follow the convention In Winnipeg In the fall, It Ib
expected Hint    ahout    1600    business
Asylum Inmates Run.
n^^l^KlSStSS^h* will make ,he trip to the coast
am Wl .t 1 Tvcnlng and guards and It is desirable that they spend at
are out looking for the fugitives.        -least one day in New Westminster.
Portland, Ore., June 12.- For nearly
au hour today Mrs Rena B Morrow
battled with Deputy District Attorney
Maguire in municipal court In an effort to evade telling what sbe knew
about the marital relations of Kdmond K. c. Vim Klein, on preliminary
hearing on a charge of polygamy.
It was of no avail, however, for at
the end of the hearing Vou Klein was
bound over under $500(1 bonds, added
to the 16000 already Imposed on tbe
charge of stealing MIbb F.thel New-
comb's diamonds, nnd Mrs. Morrow
herself was required to give surety
of S2A0O that fhe would appear aa a
material   witness.
After an ineffectual plea to have the
bond remitted. Mrs. Morrow, under
escort of Putrolmau Sherwood, went
to the hank where fhe is said to have
(6000 deposited and procured the
 A. _.	
Convention Opens In Vanccuver This
The convention of the Graduate
Nurses' association will open In Vancouver (his morning Bt 10 o'clock In
(he  board   of  trade   rooms.    Quite  11
number of nurses from this city will
go over for the meeting. MIsb Wright,
of New WostmlnBter, president of the
association, wlll occupy the chair, and
Miss Scott, superintendent of the
Royal Columbian hospital, will read 0
Both morning ami evening Bosalona
will be held and a Cinderella ball will
be given this evening.    The Vanoouver nurses will entertain the visiting I*"1
delegates. '*
reached!if -u,e bookg -wt.t.p not up U) Ihp
'buyer's txpecialkms lie incurred no
[liability. There is none to thai if*
! feet. The law Aunt not read into a
I contract such an enormity, as thai
.clause would be. Business musl
* cease, contracts however solemn, be
come but waste paper If such n clause
is implied. A minute'B coiiBideralion
shows ita utter absurdity.
1 have had an opportunity to ex
limine one volume of this w^ork. It Is
not suggested lhat the volume Ib not
a fair sample. Afier going through
i: carefully I lliink the defendant's
refusal Is capricious. He should have
been satisfied.
When anything is agreed by one
parly lo be done to the satisfaction
of the olher. the latter can only ask
fjr a reasonable fulfilment of�� tlu
obligation -Is  only   entitled   to   what
ought reasonably to satisfy him.
This Ib the rule of common law and
common sense.
, so The News was told
j Just a couple of other little items
which have recently been installed ut
the mills are a 1500 K.W. steam tur-
[ bine necessary to drive the new plant
land a new -steel water tower for the
automatic sprinkler system being
stretched throughout. \
Steel Laying Delayed.
Steel laying on the C. N. R. has now
been completed as far ns Anderson
creek, where a delay of three weeks
wlll occur until a bridge Is completed
over the creek. The bridge Is an 11
spun viaduct lOOD feet long. Construction  work cjnitmnced one week ngo.
Hi # ft lit tif if �� it �� tt tt tt tt O *
New York, June 12.  -After a
long and gloomy period of fall- ii
lng  prices.   Vail  s net   todny tt
experienced the novel   sensa- tt
tlon of having a genuine bull tt
market,    Kor the time being nt
least,  pessimism   gave  way   10 :"
enthusiasm,      Unfavorable fac- tt
tors,  which    weighed    heavily
over a market a f, w days ngo,
wh le not forgotten, seemed to
have    been    temporarily-    lost tt
s'ght of and from the. tllme the ii
market  opened  until   ihe   day ii
waa done, the forward    move- tt
men! went   on   uninterrupted, i|(
Canadian  Pacific  bounded    up ii
seven points, Union Pacific, 6: ���"
8. P., 4Vi;    Reading,    4,    and ��
moat of the active stoeka three
or more.
tt ��= tt a tt tt ^ -����
In order to be sure that Uie new
Duke of Connaught high school will
be ready for occupation by Sept- S.
the school board last night carried m
resolution to write the contractors, informing them that If the trostew
thought satisfactory progress waa mat
being made on the building, cpon
seven days' notice the work would be
taken over aud completed by tfi*
Such action followed the statetmsft
by Architect Andrew Mercer that during the last month work bad not tmvu
progressing as  it  might  bave  been.
and that the cause of this was tbe -delay of the contractors In ordering materials.    The  architect,  however, asserted that, in  spite of this momentary  setback,  he  felt  sure  th*t tfce
work would be concluded by tbe osn
mencement of the tall term.
Principal'c Apology.
j    A copy of the apology required by
I the board of high school Principal ���o-
Millan to his assistant, V. R. Anderson, was received.   The letter waa noT
addressed to the trustees but wxsin-
1 tended merely to serve as an ansr-
ance that the stipulated letter to Mr-
Anderson  had   been  written, and  to
close the whole matter up In a formal
way  the   principal   will   be  asked to
write informing the board that be bad
I complied  with  their request.
Also some comment was made ast
,to whether or not the letter to *Mr.
��� Anderson    was    sufficient.    Immerfi
ately it was read Chairman Trapp in-
iuuired  "Does that  cover it?   It -only
j refers to part of the trouble I tMnfc.**
It was explained by Dr. Green Uwt
! Mr.  Anderson  was satisfied witb the-
' letter.    Since the communication ns
, not  addressed  directly  to  the bxxsnt.
lis members were at a loss ta l~
; w hat to do with if.
"What's it here  fort" one
"An an exhibit, I gnesa." st-gROtc-d
Dr. Green.
Bound to Resign.
Later In the evening a leiter was
read from Mr. Anderson, saying* tbat
he could not reconsider his resignation. This the board accepted and ton
motion of Dr. Green a letter will br
j sent to the retiring assistant assuring
him that hiB excellent services bave
beer recoenized.
"We're losing one of the be3t men
we ever had," said Chairman Tranr��
as Mr Anderson's resignation was
One hundred and sixty applications
were received for the ten positions
���t-'tn;. and because of pressure of
' ������ business these were left over
until tonight when a special meeting
to consider them wil! be held.
.\niong other business transacted
was the formal taking over or tlie recently completed school on Sewortb
1 venue; the hearing of a report liy
the board's engineer. Mr. McKensm.
on ventilation of the local schools: tlie
'rrangements of details in the maintenance of buildings and the p-ussitiE
oc accounts.
It was said at last night's meetingt
that the -Queensboro school bad sink
six inches in the soft soil upon wbicfi
it is situated. Tiie information iAM
not seem to alarm tlie trustees to any
extent and nothing was done to rectify i^H
Alleged   Another   Witness   Will   Tell
How Vancouver Policeman Was
Done to  Death.
Vancouver.  June   12.���It   is  understood that when the preliminary hearing   of   Clarke.   Davis   and   Seymour, j
who ure held on charges of vagrancy |
here, and  who may  be charged  with I
the  murder  of  Constable  Archibald,;
lakes    place    today,    Seymour    and i
Hamilton his companion, will appear
lo testify for the crown.   With the ex- j
ceptlon of Hamilton all appeared this!
morning   to  Answer  charges  of  vagrancy and were remanded until tomorrow  when  the charge of murder will
be retail  and  the preliminary hearing
proceeded   with.
The  striking  thing  nbout   It   all  Isl
that  In order to prove himself not  a
murderer Seymour iB confessing that'
he  is a highwayman and  his conies-1
slon involves bla own defence of alibi. I
Briefly, he says he went into the east!
end cabin Wltb Hamilton, Whose reputation  ie  good,  and   when   the   latter
went away on a northern cruise Sey-1
mour  look  In  his friends Clarke and !
Davis.    Seymour is underalood to ad-
mlt  (hat  they all  were  in  the  rob- j
bery business.
On the night of (ho Archibald mur-
der they separated, says Seymour, and ]
he chose soulh Main Btreet as the
SOSne of his nlght'B work. He held up
one man and perhaps two thnt night
and did workmanlike Jobs on both occasions. Seymour goes on to sny. according to the Btory he wlll tell to
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Pujet   Sound   Salmon   Packers   Make
Preparation!  for   Handling
Heavy   Run.
Seattle. June 12,���expecting the
sockeye salmon pack to aggregate one
million cases this year, Paget Sound
packers are making active preparations to improve their plan's and ge-
them ill readiness to handle lish ca.'
gjes. The sockeyes make (heir big
quadrennial appearance in July. The
last heavy sockeye run was four years
ago (1909), the record season since
ine history cf Balmon packing on
Puget sound.
The increase expected this season
over the pack last year, which was
an "off" aeason, Is expected lo be
ahout 850,000 cases. Tbe run ia ex-1
peeled to start early next month. The
b.ggest catch In Puget sound will
probably be from July 20 to 25. The
humpback run wlll be unusually
large this ye>ar, and canneries are
making preparations for tills catch,
in addition to the sockeye pack.
Puget   scund   canneries   will   nol
make a business of packing chums
this year, as the bottom has fallen
out of the market, and prices are ��o
low that packers say it Is a kisa to
pack them. Only the chums tha.
come ln With tlle other lish will be
packrd this season. Tbo retail market on chums at the present time Is
two pounds for 15 cents.
little has been heard from Alaska
regarding Ihe tarly fishing In lhe
north.    One report to local offices of
the Northwestern Fisheries company,
at Orca, says that a good run of reds
had started. This plant began opera
tlona May 8.
A reduction In the packs of pinks
and medium reds Is expected In
Alaska this year, and thin will tend
to offset the larger Puget sound
Thirty Bidrooms Required for
Made to Include Those Oocapfad
by Proprietor and Family.
A special meeting of the city anon
cil    was    held    yesterday sStexmjtms,
when a number of bylaws were ona-
sidere-d and dlsrusted.
The gas site and Nanaimo strw* bylaws were finally passed and -ordered
to be published. The milk regolatkin.
cemetery regulation and liquor lioensv
bylaws were passed a third time and
will come up for reconsideraUan ni
Monday's regular meeting.
They Change It.
The lltiv.or bylaw evoked a dfscoB-
slon em Ihe clause at present sab
ludlce in the county court and ended
In the changing cf the wording ol tb-e
offending ciuuse which imposed a responsibility on hotel keeper* for Use-
debts Incurred by tbe parties Tannine:
their dining rooma or cafes to ��x��i
nectton with the hotel for -goods asp-
plied or materials furnished for saciv
cafe or dining room.
The amended clause reads that Ibe
roFponBlblllty shall only rest provided
that the persons supplying the said
goods or materials shall furnish a
semi-monthly statement of tbe -uup-aid
accounts with the dining room ��i1 tfa-
premises for which the Meets** 1* issued  to the license holder.
City Solicitor McQaarrio said aVr��
had altered the clause about llie Wt
bedroomB required by tho
set. Originally It made tba
rooms necessary over and 1
used by the hotel keeper.
(Continued oa Paga Tt*m.*
i fk&f   TWO
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1913.
An **Smtpt**4**t moridnp iitiper devoted to the inter-sts Ot Nets Westminster and
th* Frtxter VttUty. Published every morning erccpt Sunday by the National I'rmting
amit ftsblxthtiig Company, Limited, at fi-J llcliemie Street, Neie Westminster, British
Cattk-r.li.i ROItll SI'THEKLANl), Managing IHrector.
Atl contiottntentions should be addressed to The New Westminster Sews, nnd not
e* -aittxvitiuol members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and inovei, orders should be mode
St*y*Slr to  Ike National I'rintina and  Publishing Company, Limited.
Tr*I.EI'HOSES���Business Office, and Manager, 99!); Editorial Rooms (all depnrt-
���trntMUI. 991.
ttOBBOtUPTlOU RATES���By carrier, ll per year, JI for three months, 40c -per
Ily mail. $3 per year, 25c per month.
AOVKaTIHIS'a  RATES on application.
i about half the price he does for la-
| bor, w-iih the cost of cultivation, etc.,
correspondingly high.
Labor has little competition In Ilrit-
. ish Columbia. At present the province
is ln the threes of a development
which demands thrice the number of
workers that can he procured. True,
'the cost of living is high and wages
must be raised to remedy the difficulty, but  it  is no!  fair to place  the
��� price of labor above the reach of the
Industrial operators, who are the very!
foundation of    provincial    prosperity.
The alternative is to bring down the
! cost of living, and that can only be at-
talned by getting men and women who*
are not afraid to work to take up the
land, and produce the foodstuffs now
'being imported from Australia, New
Zealand and the United States.
Tho adjustment will take some
years to accomplish, but it must Inevitably come, for as it is the farmer
and the grower, as well as other operators of industrial undertakings who
aro bearing tho brunt of the labor
famine.   So aoon as the tide of imini-
respect to the agricultural conditions hereabouts and the watjon is turned toward the develop.
;,,,     i i i  ���     i    .        ���        ,i ment and expansion ol British ( oluni-
methods to be employed in bettering them. bias first agricultural tracts, jusl so
Today the market and produce committee of the board >���� win the tun benefit of the co-
- ,       ,     f        ,, .,,    ,   , *      , iu i ���   l    i   operative movement in the Okanagan
-of trade, together with delegates who have been appointed: accrue to the complete financial bene-
by all the boards of trade and farmers' organizations nt of tho grower.���Penticton Her-
throughout the valley, are meeting to arrange final matters and we trust that good fortune may march with their
efforts towards removing the undoubted hindrances from
which both farmers and people who use farm produce are
today suffering.
It is now over twelve months since the Westminster
board of trade took up the all-important matter of keeping B. C. money in B. C. by encouraging development of
agriculture in the valley, and devising means to bring the
producer and consumer into closer economic relations.
Through the co-operation of the valley representatives I redskin raiders. ��� The* name of the
fort was afterward changed to Fronte-
luic, in honor of the governor of Que-
The good wishes of the people of New Westminster
and the Fraser valley go with the delegation which will set
forth tomorrow to interview the provincial executive with
A Triumph In
TEA Quality
Pure, Wholosome and
Delicious, with a fullness of flavour not
found in ordinary TEAS.
Black, Mixed and Green.
Niagara  Takes   B.  C.   Paper to  Antl
podec���Dredging   Expert Visits
Coast���People's   Truat
Kingston was founded 240 years ago
today, whon Fort Cataraqul was established on the site of the present
; thriving Ontario city. The fort was
| built by Ki-ontenae to prevent the fre- :
quent incursions of the Irotiuols. who
descended the St. Lawrence from Lake
Ontario. The soldiers stationed at tho
! mouth of the river succeeded largely
|ln discouraging the activities of the
developments have now reached that stage when a delegation is going to Victoria to ask the government to do
for this section of the country what it has already done
for the Okanagan, that is, to appoint
���enlighten the farmers concerning co-operative methods,
Critith    Board    of    Agriculture    Has
Sotr.e Sugegstions of Use  During Present Month.
Eggs for preservation sljniild be
treated as soon as possible after tiny
are laid, but not until they hav* been
cooitd. lf it recognized that an egg
twenty-four hours old Is superior to
and has greater ford value than one
a --Sieek old. Consequently, if when
placed ln the preserving medium the
egg has depreciated to this extent, the
linal result cannot be as satisfactory
as under'the former conditions.   It is.lbeen shipped fron
...      Seventy-two   years   ngo   today   the
an OrganiZgr WhO Will  first BeSBion of parliament under the
| Union   Act   of   1840   was   opened   in
,,, . , .,. .      'Kingston  by  the governor,  Lord  Sv-
We sincerely trust that the government will see its dennam, who had chosen that .ity as
way clear to accede to this request, for the point at issue!1 ,s c^:,a1,-.   Kingston remained the
*���_ ,, ,       tt     i   ,i i ti      ��� f administrative anil  legislative seat of
is of the very gravest. Had there been no Pacific ocean government until 1.844, when Montreal
within easy reach of us, no prairie wheat, simply just the | became the capital tor a tew years.
river and valley, there would he a legitimate reason for
this city's existence. It is and always will be the market centre for the valley produce. The first and soundest
reason for a city's being is that it is a market centre and
*the natural outcome of the development of the land around
it. There can then be no times of depression so long as
seedtime and harvest come in their appointed sequence
Now although nature and geographical position havei'een >'cars n*K�� toaay-
given New Westminster many other strings to her bow!   Hugh w. Biaokadar, editor of
than that of a marketing centre for the produce of the|A��*,*Uan Recorder,  died hair.a
district surrounding her, those particular strings must
not be neglected.   What helps the valley helps its and we
' have shown throughout half a century that the needs of
the valley have always received our first attention
Yukon Territory came under Oomin-!
lon control fif Wen years ago today.'
The disirict of ,i ukon had been ere-
ated the year before, and placed under the jurisdiction of the Ilegina
government, but the gold rush soon
made necessary a further change.
therefore, desirable that preservation
Bhould bo as near to the point of pro-
din*; loll   (O*   pOFSible.
Eggs should not be treated in a
warm place, and where lime water c.r
water-glass if used thi preparation
sht uld be quite cob! before the eggs
are placed In the solution.
Eggs Trom hens ted chiefly upon
grain and with full llbi rty are likely
to keep better than those laid by fowls
in confined runs.
The general experience has been
that infertile eggs keep in good condition longer than those which contain a living germ. Probably this Is
less apparent when tugs are preserved at a low temperature.
When eggs are preserved In water-
Vancouver, June ;;.���Largest of any
steamships that ever left li. C, ports
billing oil fuel, the Canadian-Australian Iner Niagara, Captain (iibbs, sailed yesterday with a large list of pas-
gears for the Antipodes. During the
two weeks the 13,000 ton steamship
has been lying here, shn has had all
lur furnaces converted to the c.onsiini
pt ion of liquid fuel. The whole t.f the
work '���ihd carried out by the It. C.
Marine Hallway Company, who Bent
over from Qsqulmall a stalf of expert
workmen to accomplish the change.
An oil-tanker from San Francisco last
wrek pumped sufficient oil fuel Into
the liner's tanks to carry her to Sydney.
People   and   Paper
There wt re a number of distinguished personages   among  the    outgoing'
passengers.    Sir   Walter    Buchanan, j
K. C,  I!., of New Zealand, is heartily j
In  favor of  the co-operation  of Can* |
.tli.  New  Zealand  and  Australia    in
policing tli? Pacific,    Thc visitor, although a large land owner, is a sup j
p. rier of the land (ax.   He saya that]
wi man suffrage has worked well  in
New Zealand, and has come to stay
the benefits cf the system b*. ing quite
evidi nt.
While tlie liner is in port, a big
Shipment of British Columbia paper,
shipped from llie Powell Liver mills,
and consigned to Sydney, was load
ed Into her holds This is the first
consignment of paper thai has ever
tbe liritish Colum-
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get bb good, nr better, manufactured In B. C��� viz.: the
tho celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. In diameter. TIiIb is also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16, 902 Columbia Street W.
Joseph Adolphe Chapleau,
prime   minister   of   Quebec,
wbo was
died   Iif-
tury ago today.    He was the first of
the  four  Hlackndars  who  have  controlled    the   old    Halifax    newspaper
present time.
from l.sn-S until the
Today is the birthday of  Harrison
s,     i        iii ,.i ,    .- /��� , i       Watson,   long   Canadian     commercial
It should be encouraging to the representatives of the |agent ������ London, isgi- Launceiot An-
tlrews, famous American chemist, at
London, Ont., 1S56, and Bert and
Harry Carvil, twins, prominent on the
stage, at St.  Mary's. N. S., 1S80.
��� city and of the valley who are gathering today to know
that their efforts have already met with considerable success. The longest drawn out preparations must reach
some climax such as that of tomorrow, and meanwhile reports from the valley state that farmers are already an-
preciative of the truth that thev must get out and do
something themselves if thev wish to remove the stigma
of backwardness that has for too long rested upon the
agricultural conditions and marketing conditions in this,
���one of the fairest and most productive areas in the whole
'Admiral Malian and the Spanish-
Vmirican war drove it home to the
thought -of the world as never before
that wa power is Indispensable to
any maritime nation that would hoid
��i�� ova In war. Hut the railway i.i
Asia. America and Africa is boding
.-i-nale.tr on to ask whether it ma> nol
. -eventually neutralise sea power.
ft -speaker in Canadian  parliament
- when tbla was discussing that coun-
try's   naval   policy,  pointed   oul   that
the  Canadian   Pacific    complements
tw s>t*  power of England, thai   the
craMl  Trunk   Pacific  forms a  second
'irttr it defence and that the tv i may
\et render the liritish sea power su-
Tbe Siberian railroad in 1904, wh in
<Rutsla'.j (TV-hit ai sea wan first neu-
toaltMd and then annihilated, saved
���HnsM-a from losing her Asiatic domains i >.;t of Lake Baikal,
Tin- Bagdad railway Illustrates
4tai:i how ownership id' ll bj German i.t.t: (control over Interior lines
m cotn-mtrnlcaUon would enable 11 to
��� iwnatera-ol England's control i f tin
aea rentes to it.d'a and Persia. Tioops
���fn-��� ksi part of continental Kurope
v-ftil-.L t. thrown into any pari of As
iatie Turkey and  pushed  ihenci     tu
Ir,i1ia  Without   c   in.n.-.    il l   111 *    ,*;,!.-,
of English nav le i al anj  i olnl
[England, therofi ra, Is talking ab * il
���a raVn-ivtl from Egypt through Paloi
fim- to Bagdad and thi nee along the
���Dothern coasl of p rsia. because it
e-miltl control iin first line and cover
��� he aecond with Its fleet. As lii ���
��n thi.( system tunnels under the
:Strain ���.���' Dover and the Straits cf
tdhrultaj  nre also discussed,
'Tfet- t n jie-to Cairo road in Africa
���and the easl and west lines between
���ftrlti.*.:! colonies on 'he Atlantic and
*-�� tbt* It dian ocean are relied on to
leaaco Ih n< 'tl of Engllah navies to
ttsetttai them The Russian roads In
tniK'i Atia -vlll tree Russia from need
for a na\> on the Pacific,
Thr> Pri noh and English railways
in Chins ihreaten it with dlslnlefera-
vit-n. E i.*: ean control ol Asia w ill
be aohh -r! through railways, These
twein llkel) lo become the trump card
in  the ftfture conquest  o!  lhe Orient.
Btxfk'jne Spokesman-Review,
turned loose to shift for himself in
thc- fall, because to retain him over
winier looked very unprofitable. The
natural it suit of tli" system was that
City employment wns sought by newcomers for the sake of its comparative permanence. The farm was shunned as onlv a place of last resort.
The scarcity of beln owing to thii
I nd to the higher scile of wages obtainable in the titits. has led the
f irn i rs Into a vear-round engagement system. They are correcting
the one loading cause of farm labor
scarcity, antl slowlv are b"lnc compelled to meet th**1 other one of wages.
Three farmers out of four now engage their help by Ihe year, nnd In
many counties they co-operate to ob
tain and krep men. The experiment
of the K.lgln board ot trade and Publicity association recently. In hritiK-
Ing oul thirty young Irishmen was
an exaijiple nf this, though it did not
turn oul nearly as well as v.as expeel
ed. The pBBsage nf the Irishmen >*:k
paid, i "I Iftsti id of engaging tor
aboul $200 a year, lhe young men demanded $300 i r $400 as thej had
boen ' [fercd aboul $600 in urban em
ployment in route.
When lln rn is Buch n call for farm
lab' r. Bnd the provlnr'nl departmi nl
and other public agencie cannot obtain enough to go an und, the moBt
effective way ef Bolvino the p ��� blnm
is tbat adopted by the Elgin mi n Bul
the farmt rs musl nl Iho same lime
learn to pav mon* for their labor,
even if Ihey have it. charge more i r
Oiilr   products,
Toronto    Mall    and
With ih" approach of the fruit
Ing and harvesting season, the
culturists and horticulturists of Ihe
Okanagan are again confronted with
the problem of labor, and the necessity for effecting and expeditious nud
efficacious meant ol surmounting the
difficulty la patent,
Kvery year the same trouble i�� cm
perlonced and oven year heavy losses
are entailed, for the reason tbat th.*
perishable products of tin* orchards
Cannol be moved to markei as rapidly
as their condition of ripeness war
ranis, This scarcity of workers net-
1 : ill; Ii is an Important I "arms- upen
t'i * ���' ��� ��� nf ���' ages paid, and In intiny
lm ' inci r in Inflation of the remuneration to i mployces is necessary beforo
Calgary  City   Foreman  Charged   With
Misusing  City's  Apparatus.
Calgary. .lune 12. Pete Breen, the
city foreman, accused of using city
t'lims, city workmen nnd gravel from
lhe city stores to build a cement walk
around his own house, probably will
be absolved of the charge by the commissioners. Commissioner A. G.
Craves is in receipt of a letter from
City Solicitor C .1. I'ord. stating that
In his opinion, tho charges are not
well founded.
Mr. Ford was delegated by the commissioners to conduct an Investigation
himself Into the accusations which
were made hy Jcreph Crutcher ,a former  city  employee.
In defending himself lireen averred
that he had not employed any of the
city teams during working hours, In
building the cement walks: anil also,
that if any of Ihe men he employed
on lhe work were employed by the
city at the same time, he did not
know it. As to the charge of using
gravel taken from the exxcavatlons
(if trenches in City work were dumped
at Ills place by city wagons making
the last trip of fie day, antl that the
gravel would have otherwise been
dumped   elsewhere.
The city solictor's letter stating
that he does nol think the charges
are correct has only Just been receiv
ed by Mr, Graves, bul it is probable
that the commissioner will follow tie-
recommendation and absolve Breen of
Chcerjc A-'ii* In D'irancc���Mnv'r Customs  Entrlss��� Nurses -"ridua'f
Thai !���'* rnle is one t' lhe mosl Im
poi tanl pi r h ol . ni*--   In II. C. Is    *
den ��� d h*   Ihe facl ll il the cistom;
ci lb ei1**" i i     Un   i:. n'h of May to
;   I   I .Tv;-.'. I I
The  (Mill. Ilov ���������  h d-.- i ���  v ih   ;
b * 'in: rei reii "!"���! at the Grind lodge
In Nanalmo by Mi s-r Pd Dudle'
.l't"*H McNIehnlas ued .1 W. Oulnney
The Ilebecca hd.:e has sent Mr�� 1,-ia
ctser. Mrs. Dulhie, Mrs. Williams
and Mrs. Letcher,
,l i;. Barsky, the man who left town
suddenly last fall after raising a choline from five dollars to three bun
dred and five, thereby leaving the
secretary of the Minors' union three
.hundred   shirt, was  sent   nn  for  trial
on T uirsday by Magistrate Whim-
ster, l'e was captured in Edmonton
pm..,. three vreks ngo ami h'lf for
the Pernio police.
a large number of invited assembled ni ih" Kcrnle hosnltal Thursday
nil lu ns the guests of the s'nff of
nui - -.��� im wero hcldlng ih"!r annual
"Al   i li me,"  v haw tho young lad'** i
who hav.' b", n in training for lb-
post ��� i ir recelvi d tholr reward of
111- If  :-" d     Dl -I  i ffort.
The following -*er" ihe recipients
of dlpl mas and medals n.*< graduate
nurses Miss Marjorie I.idle. Miss
Sibyl Bherrard, Miss Elslo Oldakor
and Miss (Catherine Snow
glass or lime-water the containing
vessel should be store in a cool place
j at a temperature not less than 33 de-
; crees Fahrenheit, nor more than lii
degrees. A cool, sweet cellar is excel-
lent for this purpose. Exposure to a
higher temperature, even for a few
hours, will cause deterioration ln spite
I of the preservative.
Preserved eggs should be carefully
tested by light before thr- yare sold.
Kor this purpose a well constructed
candling Inmp is to be preferred: but
a niece of black cardboard, eight
inches rciuare. with an oval hole In
the centre rather smaller than an ordinary egg, can be used. Kach egga is
placed against the hole, and held he-
twi^n a strong liglj and the eye, bo
that the condition of th" contents can i
he observed. All dark eggs or those*
showing spots or black shadows should
bn rejected.
The best months for preserving are i
April.   May   and   .tune,     il   hns   been
found   in   many   cases   lhat   summer
ergs  do  not   keep  nearly   so  well   aS
those laid before the hot days.
��� 'reserved eggs should be sold under thnt name, and nnt as "ne-.v lalds."
"breakfast." or "fresh et-cs." Board
if Agriculture Leaflet, Kngland.
Up   in   Northern   Ontario   Silver   Felt
Cobalt  Ib  Anxious to  Follow
Haileybury's Lead.
Cobalt, June 12. This morning the
) early cars for Halleybury will be
crowded with Cobalt marketers, They
will be nt Halleybury market In time
in meet tb" habitant farmer!., who
have ripen beforo dawn to catch the
li-i' honl and they will have robbed
tin i! ;'i yl urlans of half the mar-
It i Irnrnrd thai the town council
1 i: , fui. -i-*i it- re at 'he fool of Ar-
gentile sue. I for the market. This wai
never n conspicuously happy selection
. .. i: ii" ti the cars ran tin re, bul now
It Ins losl any advantage 11 may hav.
had befi re,
And even if it not to he openi tl till
some time ni xl month', tbere are
iinite a number of farmers who would
ii .* tl* Coball market d:rt*'*il\ II la
established. But there musl be pro
vlded son*" well chosen place nad it.
must be well advertised Last year
the Cobalt market was a farce, Some
fanners braved the weather in the
i.|i. n al the i ml of the car line on
Argentlte ntrcct and Bome housewives j
did venture down ilirre.
Bul by far the greater number took
the e*jx In Halleybury where there
was a wide, well planned market hall
and a good selection tf produce. II
would be a thousand p't.les If the prij- i
i.t were ie miss fire again this year.
W1vn#the mar It 11 hill Is flnlrhed It
will meet the need but the Btimmi r
wlll have worn to its close before it
will give tho accommodation necessary,
hia mills to the Antipodes,
Doctors  Reinstated
M a meeting of lhe medical coun-
i* 1    held    yesterday,    Doctors C.  W,
Whl laker.   !!.   ll.   i**  r.i  nnd  S.   Blum
berger. who -.ver,* struck off the roll
of nractlclng ohvs'c.lans, following an
Investigation held by a committee cf
the council  three  months    ago    Into
[their association with II. M," Snepper,
an unqualified  man,    who    conducts
' the B, C, hospital in South Vancouver,   ar-   reinstated   and   Ihey  are   allowed to recommence    their    professional duties.
Dredge Arrow Lakrfs
Mr.   J.   P.   Fordo,   district   engineer
! for the Dominion government, of Revelstoke, has arrived here lo examine
I the   various  dredges  In   use  on  this !
coast.   Thp governmeni has passed a !
vote cf $100,000 to buy a new dredge ;
for uue  In   the  nnner country.    It   is
proposed  to do considerable dredsili': '
in  the   Arrow   Lakes  and  to  deepen
the  channel   between   the'two  so  as;
io p.-rmit of large vessels-passing be-:
tween  the  unner  and  lower lakes all !
j the year  through.
People's   Trust  Case
An  application   that  the  I'quldator
f the People's Trusl Cnmpany should j
bs  joined   as   a  defendant   with  tin- '���
erfTiany  In  the action  of foreclosure |
instituted  by  David C.  Ksson  attains! {
Franklin   C.   Cook,   presideni   of   the I
companv. was granted by  Mr. Justice '
Murphv   In   supremo   ce-irt  chambers
yesterday, but his lordship consented
lo enlaree the application till Monday
at the lltpi'dTor's rcn-n-i.
Like   Their   Dip
Tbe success of the hi'hhig beaches
nt   Ki's'lnnn   nnd   English   liav     this
year  Is  indicated   bv  the  number of
men and  women  who have taken advantage of lhp  farilitiei offered    bv
the   park   commls doners.    Some   4*>'Vi
used the hath houses during the six-
'""n  davs between   May  21 and  June
77, according to a report made tn the
commissioners  last   evening.    ThiB  Is
an  averagp  of .100 a day.    Those  at
English  Uny  durliiT  the  period  numbered   2S70,   and   those   at   Klts'lano
''*���'<    Total   recelnts  exceeded  $tino.
Although only opened May 7 the pavilion  ai  Stanley    park    has    already
(earned a revenue of $2315.
Playgrounds   Needed
At a meeting rf the playgrounds as-
soclatlon yesterday afternoon, ii  was
decided   to  appeal   to  the  public   for
$500  to  provide  equipment    f"r    the
j nlavgrounds of  Alexander t rphanage
. "id Hi" children's Aid home. Both
these  Institutions  are  supported   by
I nulilif si-bscription. bur the funds are
insufficient to piiuip the playgrounds
In the same niannpr as those belong
* lng In lhp school  board.
To Be Tried Tedav
Ttie three men held for the murder
r p. I.,,,, constable Archibald will be
brought up for trial Friday morning,
'according to Chief of Police Muthern.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
B. t P. O. of Blk" of the D. of C , mee
iiiii firm and mini Thursday at J d. m.
K. of P. Hall, KlKluh fln-t. A Weill
Oray, Exalted Ruler; !'. M. -Smith, H*<-
corbould, riRANT a Mo-coll, rar-
rl��ter��. Solicitors, etc..  -Id Lorne Snvet,
New weetmlAeter.   o. E. Corbould, K.
!     C.    J. R. Grant.    A. B. MeColl.
tor-at-luw, BolIeKor, i'te. Tolepnon|
1170. Cabin nd.ir.-un ".l.ilinotun."
code. "Weetern Onion, Offices, Bins
nitiok. S02 Columbia street, Now W��Mt-
mlnHtrr.  D. C.
I,. O. O. M.. NO. Slil��� MKBTS ON |
llrnt. second, third anil fonrtli Wi-dnr-tt- i
duy in each nionih at s p. m.
In tlir- Miiiisc- Home, II .1. Leamy,
dictator; r 1*'. Joiv-k. secretary
Headquurters of loibti' tn Kit House,
corner of Fourth nnii Carnarvon streets
an ���
ok,  it   c . .luno  12.   In
���t  vi   Urn    nfiiTiifon.    R.I
'   I    I eeks    rt*i*"i' i*d    nilld
Ir Stone waa In tho ,-iot nf 1
  Hi" grower fn.i gol hh> fruit m- other
The provincial  department  nf < ;���!   producte to market.
��-vni*tatk)!i  reports it marked  Improvi       "n,,, western urnwcr is in a handl-
MBtia Che wages ottered by farmers j capped  position  in  comparison  ttith
for help,    especially  is this  tho tbo Ible fellov   hortlculturlsl    in    eastern Dor.'t Alarm Them.
tcsn~ in ibfi term of engsgment.    A.|Oanttda    While the prlcea offered in     Shoep aro extremely nervous, anil
few years ub<> not half of Ihe Ontario  the marki ts for mm and wesl  fruits wl   n 11 In*.- fattened fnr raarki' they
termer* applying fur help would en-j are praatlcallj  the same, wesl uf Iho mn l bc kepi qulel nnd frt  from ��� id
v��j'f a fuiri for longer than tt season. J great biken, tho western grower ii  in den  alarm  which  wiii cause ��� ;clti
lie ran engaged In thc spring, and direct competition with ono who pays  ment.
I 'r-itil ri
* I- < t ri,-., |
Pli . ,. . i,i
getting a cup of water, when tho dec-
'en.i. entered his arm and the cup
*���*���: :���   * ill broadcast,
In Mr ' eeks' home the soft o-iiii'lit
lire, bul was easily extinguished The
home of James MacKle Wis consider
abl> ii*.n,.*i"i d also, the lightning en-
1 ring hy the roof Bnd running around
lhi wall hrenkli ���* ' ir glass In several \
!���*��� I ires  cil    I nr ilng    I mall   holes
nbh ���' iva'8 alru done to
, lano.
Swam Okanagan River Once Too Oft-
rt���Stricken With a Cramp.
Penticton, June 12 Suddenly
stricken with cramp, while he was
atti mptlng to swim Okanagan rlvor,
Jusl leiiw the I akeshoro Drive bridge
rnseph \:iiii*o, an etghteen-year-old
high Bchool buy. on Wednesday aftor-
niiiin Bank to a watery grave before
the ims nf his borriflted companions,
The body wnn found Friday morning
1". Misirs. Soup and Flnrh. nonr the
place whir" the fatality occurred.
Tho unfortunate lad was bathing
wllh Guy Johnson and .lack ('bland
hiFl nfter school was dismissed, and
he started to swim across the river.
lie was a fairly strong swimmer, and
had lmde the crossing Beveral times
previously during the season. In the
plugglrh current. Just beyond his
depth, he suddenly threw un hln hands
nnd palled for help, IPh companions
who were bathing Inside some logs
atti muted to clumber over them to hit*
rescue, hut before they eimiii reach
him he had sunk for the third lime.
The Best Corrective
and preventive of the numerous
ailments caused liy defective
or irregular action cf tho organs of digestion���ie found
in tho safo, speedy, certain
and time-tested homo remedy
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO 17���Tb
regular meeting of Amity lodgo Nr
27. I. <���> O. P., Is lii-ld every Monde
nlt'lit at s o'clook In Odd Fellows' l'l��'.
corner Carnarvon nnd Kt-qhtb Ittpoti
Vlsltlne br'-thnn cordially Invlw
R. A. Merrlthew, N. O.; J. Robertsoi
V. 11.; w. c Coatham. P. n. re-corf
Ing secretary; IL \v. Sangster, flnar
clal Hi'criitury.
Hirfe ��� Barristers and Solicitors, \vest-
minttter Trust ink., Columbia street,
New Westminster, H. C. Cable tiddr.'is
(.'Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone so. W. J.
Whiteside, K. c.; rl. L, Edmonds, D.
J. STILWBLTj CLUTE.  Barrlster-at-law.
Hotloltor.   etc.;   corner    Columbia    Shtt
McKenzie    Rtroetti,
B. C.   P.  O.  Hoi  I
New     W.
2.    Telepl
t minster,
.   P    HAMPTON-
Solicitor    nnd     1
bioi-k, :s Lome
stor, H. C,
Offices Hurt
Ni u  WestmlD-
i,    BOWBLI.
ter *  Hanna
nnd i inbiitri,
street,    New
l.id i- I'liini
<       I'll riots   II
TO   CBb
al illr. .1,11
.'. Cot|inilil
Phone   US
Barristers nnd Fnllcltors. On*, to CIS
Westmlnstor Trust Block. O HI Mnr.
(In. iv (i. McQuarrie and OeorgvL
i lassady,
islte t'nni
Pl.in. ,v   Ptniertil
r.   lil2 Cl*-    Arfn.i
Kit l.llnni-v
Sole, Deeds, Business [.utters, etc; rli
eulnr work s[n i-i.iIIhi. All work Btrlctb
etnilldentlnl, II linn v. room -tl" Wesl
oii'iHt.r Trusl Hlk.    Phone 702,
AccountaAt, Tel, R l^H. Room 2
MHrt  blntk.
p. II. l-'mlth. W. ,T. Oro vol
Work   utidertnli u    in   cliy   nnd   oiitsbl
noims.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   libit
Ph ,m-  5H-I.    p. o.  Hox  r,n7.
Mt'-i Board ol Trade meets In theboari
rinrtn, t'lty Knll, as follows- Third Pri
ilny of iinii rnnnl.li quarterly nn-iilni
"i iii- third I'rlday of Fnbruary, Mn;
\ .i. . t mni MovHtnber al it p.m. Ar
nn,i meeitnmt on t;,<- third e'rlday u
[-'brit.iry. 0, 11. Btuart Wade, seen
COAL minino riKhts of the Dominion
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Ailnmo,
thn Yukon Territory, the Nortliwesl Tor-
ruorles nnd tn ii portion of the Province
"f British Columbia, may bo leased for a
term of twonty-one yearn at nn annual
rental of tl nn mere. Not mom thnn 25tl#
.icres will bo leus.-<l to one applloant
Apiillcntlnn for a li-tinn must be mnde
by tho applloant In person to thn AK'-nt
or Bub-Agent nf the district In wblcb the
rights applied for nre situated,
in surveyed torrliory the land must be
icsortbed by sentlone, or legal snb-iiivl-
Blpns of SOOtlonS, ttnd In uiisuiveyed Inr-
rltqry tho Ir.-ict applied for shnll bo
stoked out by ihe applloant hlmsnlf.
Bach application must be aceotnpanlod
hy n fee of |5 which win be rofundod if
the rlnlits applied f��r are not available,
nui nm otherwise, A royalty Hhnii bo
paid on the merchantable output or tho
mine at tho rate or rive cents por ton
The. person  o|Kjratln��   th.*   mine   ahall
fun.  ih    mii   AdMit   With   sworn   returns
'���COOlintllis  (or llie  full  uminllly  of mer-
nl  mined  nnd   pny   the  roy-
If   lite  eon I   mining    rlgius
opt-ratetl sucn returns should
nst   once a vear.
IClllds  Ihe
Chan Libl
sltv   111, I
life not !,. |f] , ..j,,
ll'* I'llllllsll; ,1 -ll
1 ill*    les IC    Will
P.O. Box 3-1 Dally  Ne
lit Bid:
1 Slll'fuUI
sn ry f.
oold tver;
sell Jj cents.
of all  kinds.
I'-ieeu Tinhi.  Satisfaction Ruarnutoeu
63 M(.Keniic iit.
 il mining
niy,  mn   the  i���nsee  will  be  ner-
o   purchase   whatover   nvallabli
iixirs ui.iy  he oonsldered  neces-
II ������  wo.-king  of  the ii.me ut   the
*-'i" ol  |lu nn sore,
i'*e  rnll Inforrontlon epplloatlon shudtl
*���- made in w.   Seoretnr/ of the DODert.
n nl ..; ih i im.-��� i.ir. Ottawa, or in m.v
\gent or . ob-Ai-, nt of  Dominion.   Linn!*,
..   ,    '!''���"���>   Mlnlsier of tho Interior.,
i "in irlr.'.l publication of ll.ls
iu.wiUsJiu-.ii; will nol be paid for.
1 FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1913.
Toronto.  June  12.���Whilst    rumors
of wars abound, whilst stocks fluctuate
men iH spreading In the  west;  they   llshrceot   of   small   holdings,   iwhli'J
are  soaked  In  the  writings of  Karl  avoid  tho   labor   difficulty,   give    a
and suffragette, grow omnipotent, it  Man: and whilst economists and Other   stimulus   to   the   mueh^ded   nilxod .^ .^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
the aowV a greater d.ti.lty ot ����.^"Ai^^* ��lft
Crown parsnips at 1-t cents a pound.
I and many other lines equally low.
True, (in* seeds bought i'i the United
. States were not much lower In price
in i we cen buy them at home, but
v e boui ht from the grower and got
fn-:h   goods,  pure  and  true  to  type,
jrinu of high germination. I estimate
that by co-operative purchase of all
our Buppltes, the members of tha Ot-
, tawa branch can save In original cott
nfed mmwm
**te-x*rv��^t��^*J*L*T:*ma-mr*mwx-jri~t~ze\  m ISMS tmSSSt *��� Wn-fflill
is d.fficult to discover whal are tbo
fundaiiK ntal questions Which occupy
the minds of men.
Yet It may be taken as fairly cer-
Rural Prosperity In Europe
i    If local  premises are accepted, obviously  the  cooperative  principle    is
| worth studying.    What evidence have
'we for accepting them?   We have the I
evidence ot ihe Increased rural proa |
Several thousand dollars more on the
average each year.
experts  have    long    ago    convinced
themselves  and   their   disciples   thai
Ihe doctrines cf thai teacher are quite
outworn���especially as regards agri-
tain that there are three problems culture���yet It will be found that
which the average man. Irrespective western farmers are steadily irubib
of class or education, either in Great ing them.
llritain   or   America,  can   always   be j    They' believe that agriculture Is a
made to diBcuss with a certain amoun  capitalized industry; and no doubt In
of Interest. They are; The unrest the west this ii to some extent true perity In almost all the countries of
among the laboring classes;, the cost at present. So long as a large farm Kurope; a notable instance Is that
of   living;   the  decline   In   the   rural  Is nothing more or less than a mov-  of Ireland, under tho influence of Si:*
population,   ^nd most men find that  able   grain   factory,   It   will   tontlnuo   Horace  Plunkett.    Hore we are deal | 	
all these problems are of il disagreo-  to be true. But how long will this last   lug-with an   English-speaking  people,
uble nature  and demand solution.       iand  what will  be the ultimate effect  and one which Btarted frcm the hum   To Learn All They Can About Euro-
The  Advance of  Socialism ]on   the   land?    The   latest  statistics,   blest   and   most   uiiproiniBlng   begin j
The  requirements  of   the  laboring  published  In   the   Economist,  suggest  ulngs.
classes Increase yearly, and the peo- that the total grain production of Can
pie show nn uncomfortable efficiency \ ada, shows an actual tendency to de-
in combining to enforce those require- crease.
moots;   in  ooher  words,  Socialism  is The Lesson from Europe
making greal  headway,    -fhe cost  of |     However,   we  are   wimdertug  from
the   main   point.     The   questions   we
ought to ask ourselves are
Particularly    Advisable   on   a    Dairy'
Farm���Simple Account of All
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
RftMrvo Fund -
Total Assets -
'    $8,000,000
pean   Farming   Methods���Ten-
ante and Independents.
living Increases almost dally. Meanwhile the rurul population steadily declines, not only in proportion to the
urban but Iin many places at least)
in actuRl aggregate numbers.
Th" last two statements are amply
supported   by   statistics   which   have
recently been brought Into consider- i lesson which we can learn from lht
able prominence. The first Ib perhaps old world with regard to the applies
a matter of opinion. Now all these I tion of this remedy? Finally, have
facts   have   been   apparent   for   some | we  any  means  at  hand of  acquiring
Florence,    Italy,    June    12.--Close
time   In   the   old   world   (at  least  in
(Ireat   Britain).     The   question   thut
concerns us  Is:     Are  the conditions
the sau-.e In  the new world?
The Cost cf Living
The answer seems to be thnt the
problem of the cost of living is more
urgent litre than it is on lhe other
side. The man of fixed Balary. living in nny city, Is beginning to realize that unless "something is done"
very soon, liis Balary, which once was
very adequate to bis needs, will shortly become the merest living wage.
Hence tbe appointment of committees
to inquire into the subject, hence also a feeling of general discontent,
which Rhows itself in frequent discus
sion. Even the men who are making
more and more money every year and
have generally been able to disregard
a steady rise In food supplies are
gradually beginning to appreciate 'he
fact that their labor Ib to a large ex-J
tent being discounted and made longer by this phenomenon.
Rural Depopulation
Rural depopulation ifl perhaps more
a matter for specialists,or those particularly Interested In the land. llut.
here, too. the figure* Vir Ontario are
so remarkable that they cannot fail
io Impress th-emselves on all those
who believe that a prosperous rural
population  is  the  Bine qua  non  of a
The   Local  Application
The question is:    Can the method*
of European countries be prof.tably
transferred to America, or is the d f
ference of conditions an  Insuperable
barr.er? This is a question ou which j study of the practical workings of the
Is there opinions differ, though as to the main i rural credits system In Kurope is beany one remedy or class of remedies answer, the balance of authority sug jing carrlt d out with great energy by
wnleh will be applicable to all such setts that they can be transferred I the American commission now travel-
ev.ls, suficitntly applicable a; least On maUers of detail, there Is more j ing through the various countries.
to bring about a considerable uJtiga- dispute, particularly with rtgard to i At Florence they heard addresses on
tion   of  them?     If   so,   is   there   u     credit���a subject whicb in Canada Is (the old "Metayer".system, still in use mji i v  n>   __ _ _
still to ba worked out.    It Is certain  In Tuscany, by which a farmer hoW the individual animals can cull o.
that   no   ono   should   attempt   to   an   land  on  condition  that he  gives half | unDrontable   ones,   aud replace
swer the question off-hand;  consider
able   investigation   is   requlpedj,   t*,;|
Burely the factB are sufficient to war
Kvery farmer should keep an accurate account of all transactions con- i
nected with bis business.   This record
need not be ut all complex, and need i
not go into any great detail, but rec- I
ord Bhould be comprehensive enough
to show where all profit is made and i
to what losses are due.
The object of this record Ib to find
out what enterprises are the least and i |
what are the mor.t profitable under his i J
conditions; to find out by comparison IC
and analysis why some are uot and
why others are profitable, and to ascertain If tbe unprofitable ones can be
made profltaMe, and how; to find out
the cost of production, the income and
the net return for each unitl of the
enterprise under given conditions;  to
disejver leaks, such as too high cost,
too low Incomes, etc., by comparison, I fgg Columbia St
and the reason therefor.
Such a record can be easily kept on
a dairy farm. Hers a man can keep
an exact record of each animal In the
herd, and by knowing the efficiency
For Those Going Abroad
the Travellers' Cheques, Issued by the Dominion Bank, ar��
toth t convenience and a necessity. Their undoubted value and
self-ldenttlylng features, make them the Ideal cheques for travelling.
Good all over the world���cashed every where at their face value
���sad ara redeemable oaly by the crleloal owner, If lost or stolen.
Westminster Trust Bldg..
this  remedy  and  adapting  It to  the
different conditions of tbe American rant it to the amplest degree
continent? There Ib considerable rea- , The Farmers Commission
ton for saying that the answer to How Is tbis investigation to be car-
till these questions is ln tbe affirms- rled out? The Toronto News haa al
tlve. ready called attention to the fact (hat
Absence of Organisation an American commission has sailed
The reasons of Ihe increased cost from New York to inquire into these
of living, as pointed out by Mr. \V. very points. The delegates will pay
C. James, In a recent speech to the special attention to voluntary co-op
Canadian Club of Toronto, are evi- erative effort and to agricultural cre-
dently   many.    They   include  lack  of d:t,  v.Biting al  the  progressive  coun
out t
.     ,,     ,       , ,.        unprofitable   ones,   aud replace the:
the product to the landlord and Uvea | ^ bpUer producerB, thug increasing I
the  efficiency  of  the  herd.    This   Is !
done on many dairy farmB at the pres- j
ent time.    A record of the amount of
milk   prcducod   and   feed   consumed, ,
on the other half.
The landlord provides the tennant
with land���probably about 35-00 acres
���and with what he considers sufficient   feed,   slock  and   fertilizer.    In
,' ,      'and the profit resulting Irom each ani-
case the tenant meets with  mister- Zjjj ji Jl-T
tune the landlord advances the money ! u��e vDiy Bcok ,ncl Journa|.
without interi st.       .....         ,1    A herd selected on Its performance
A   farmer   was   selee ed   at   hazard L h                 ea,n,      capaclty
and  bis  farm  inspected  and  his clr- , t   oln(.rwiso would havt.
cumatancee learned.   He had about 871    T b    k    are  nece88ary  for  tMg
acres Of land,  growing vines, wheat; klnd of accountlng.   One is to be used
potatoes and  a  certain    amoun      of; ���     b    k  ln*wbich ltems may be
truck of various kinds.    He had one
thic book.
. ..      .   ���   I    The other bock is in the form ot a ;
.'!,i journal, and the Items may be placed
M  ;iI!..:i..r farm,  wl,. re the farmer |{nU,hlB'boc.k when ��� ��� m0H, con,en- \
If much business Ib carried on
contented, H's farming, however, was
not of the kind to cause
tion.    We shall probably be Justified,   Sending  delegates.
by   way  of  summary,  in  saying  that I       Caecial   Oreaniiation   Needed
the root of the trouble lies ln an ab- |    If it is found that cooperative me-
Belief of organization.    At present the   thods can be aplied to Ontario it wll! I waa t,|R own proprietor, the difference j
only part of the machinery for cquall- probably also be found that they! was amazing. This man has about (,'nt. , , , ,. ��� .,. , .,, ,,..���,, ,,,,,. .,
ing the supply to the demand which should be controlled by an organiza-'J25 acre,., almost entirely devoted to �� ���������" b* ����0TJt���** ,��X SLjJfo?
s adequately organised la that part | tlon society such as exists in Ireland truck gardening. The whole farm wasj w��pk.' but,'f ??/.��? ��Thl U.N InnLer
enrolled by merchants, retail dial- It shculd be Independent of the board i cultivated bv hand and irrigated con- I Purchase Is made it can be leu I....I-..
ei-s, commission agents, middlemen, of agriculture (though it may need atltinually with the aid of an electric
Obviously, it is not the chief object first to be subsidized) and Bhould motor. The owner and his sixteen
of these people to bring about a de- ' give Us a tent lon wholly to the orfani; "hildren were fine specimens of hu-
crt uae  in  prices. | zation and management of the co-op-��� inanity and apparently excellently fed
The   Middleman erativs societies and to the education ,and highly intelligent.
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic   15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,59.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson. Agent CM. 4. St. Paul Ry.. 622 Columbia St,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Wpot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle-.
J. H. Todd's Music House
Consequently, it ls the hublt of and encouragement of farmers willing
those that are injured to find their to embark on such enterprises. It
consolation In flinging hard words at will slow work, extensive propaganda
healthy nation, as well as on those, the middleman. But unless these and much energy wlll b_-required and
who see iand it Is not very difficult) words are nceoinpnnie-d by action, tlie the board already has as much on
the clear connection between rural grumbling is merely futile. But not i:n hands as it can manage,
depopulation and tile increased cost! only is It futile; it alao gives the ap- Therefore, young and enterprising
of living. pearance of rather unfair spltefulness.   men  are   required,   with  an  aptttud
for Bervlce and for management, who J
will undertake nuch a work.
The question of socialism, which in   It   is   no   good   casting   all   the   blauiu
deal Britain takes first place, is pro-i on thn  middleman,    ne  has  nis  uv-1
bably here the least burning.    Yet in ling to make, just as much as anyone j
Toronto Itseif,  may  be found a com-j else,   and   as   lung  ub   he   I*  left   an i
paratively   large   body   of   active   So- - open field  for making It in this way, I
cialists. led by men who are extreme- j we  cannot   complain   if   he  takes  -.idly  well  educated  along certain  lines,   vantage of it. It is onr business either
end obviously  sincere. las   producers   or  consumers   land   at!
Grain Production (their  risk  ol   being  platitudinous    it
The Influence of these and Bimilar | must be Insisted that every man la a
consumer) it ia our business to so
organise ourselves that we can take
from the middleman all :hat part ol
his profits which c,\use:i an llleglta-
mate waste In the transference ot
I foci supplies from the farm to the
Hard   Life   in   Country.
What are the causes of rural depopulation'' The lure of the went,
the attraction of city life, the bad
pay and honaing conditions and lonely life of iiie farm labon r. The farm
proprletoi himself, for the reasons
wo mentioned above, car, make little
profit i'ii hia laud, unless he owns one
f he large factory farms of tbe(west,
in which case he uses comparatively
little labor in proportion to his acreage, ami so doe3 not contribute to
dense population. The immigrants
from Kurope arc not picked men, born
and bred lo farm labor, and they are
not conlraoted for by particular farmers. Hence they either make straight
for the glitter and prospects of the
cities er drift in that dlre-tion after
brief experience cf the hard life In
the rural  districts.
Co-Operative   Farming
And surely It Is theso very conditions which bring about the unrest
of tho masses ill tho cities. The people are increasing too rapidly, i.nd
many of thetn are not of the right
"law They see nothing around them
but Industrial tyranny, and being de
bled the rt'tugc vl healthy country life
they turn very willingly to the propaganda of the Socialists.
Whal thin Is the proposed remedy?
li is ilu1 organisation on a co-opera-
live basis, by means of voluntary Be-
lui-philanthi'oplc    associations,    This
has th
together, and of teaching them reliance on themselves and on their neigh
burs,   of   leaching   Uiem   In   fuel   the
principles of n coherent rural civilisation,
Buy  Cheap:   Sell  Dear
Cooperative  stoles  both   for distri*
button and consumption should enable
mm supplies
Need   of   Organisation    Felt   Codly���
Growers  Must  Be  Helped and
Shown Cett Ways.
Spokane, June 12.- At least $30,000,-
000 stand invested in the orchard in-
  i dustry   of   the   Spokane   district,     as
I cloBely estimated  by  OrriB    Dorman,
This Method Built Up Ottawa District ( president  of  the    Spokane    District
Krult Growers,
Branch of Ontario Association���
Making Money  Fast.
Toronto. .lune 12.���Following ie an
extract from a paper read by YV. J.
Kerr, of Woodruff, Out., before the Ontario Vegetable Growers' asaociatlon
at itB last annual convention:
corn, the
fields of the farm
be devoted entir-ly to cattle, one to
hogs, and one for each other source of
iucome or expenditure.
Another Method Suggested.
Another method Is to list the items
111-nnTU   tfTA AAA AAA!'n chronological order,    having    one
WWKIn   jSil) llUU tlUU  l"������*���'��� tor pvtr>  month aml  r     r!!t
VrUlllll   J^JV.UVV.UUU  a���  tranKactionB  taking place in  that
month on this page.
Each method haa Its advantages and
accounts relating to any one Item nre j
easily balauced and the exact stand- i
Ing of each learned In a short time.
While th�� etandlng of the entire farm
bUBineBS Ib not so easily obtained. In
the latter the total business is easily
Obtained, but the separate accounts require more work.
In either case no itemized account is
made in the journal, but only the actual  cash  transactions.    A memoran- I
dum book, used as a daybook, can be .
,    , . ,   i referred   to  if  detailed  accounts  are
Spokane county alone had in apple  needad      The   memorandum   has   an,
or-h-.rdB, on January 1, 1912, neArly acoount of all transactions, but makes
Two  methods  may  he used  in  re-1
cording the  business in  the Journal.
One is to allow one page for each'
Uem' " �� amount S^onTlflren"   Singer  Sewing  Machines.    8m.ll  Musica. Good, ot all Kinds.  PHONE
Another page may        -             ��� ���
419 Columbia   Street, New  Westminster.
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 927,     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
34.010 acres." said Mr. Dorman. "That, no(  a.,,.,,:,,,   ,,i
was 18 months ago and I am uow ad- j jouruai ean be
a  balauce,  while  the
i journal can be balanced easily when-
used by the state horticultural oom- Iyer wanted
ir.issioner that recent plantings  have j    gom(.   farm(,rs  have  tbc  iJea  !hat
'brought this up to more than  40,000  only mar0Jiant8 and  bankers need to
;acro- ' . , ,    ,    I keep books, because they are receiv-1
"A great part of thin acreage is ir- j,      anu pavlug uut m0My to jndivld   '
rigated tends in the^bptikane yaUey.Jf |uaU ver>.  day     Th(1 fanner is doing
The Biib]t-ct of co-operation Is en*-bve estimate an average purchase price 1 practloally the eume thing in
gaging the attention of persons, cor-! of  all  this  orchard  land  at  $260  an i tQ  the   different   fields,    crops,
items, and can profit by keeping a
'. record just as sure as can the merchant with his customers.
And all  points In the Pacific
To Round Trip
 $ 72.50
Minneapolis   ....
.......     60.00
New Vork  .......
St. Paul, Minn.  .
Sioux  City,   la.   .
Toronto,   Ont.   . . .
Omaha,    Council
Kansas City, St.
Joseph    60.00
Proportionately reduced tares
to Many Other Points In tho
Knid. ltetiirn may be made
through California at slightly
higher rates, -
Going Limit 15 Days.
Final Return Limit, Oet. 31, 1913
Liberal    stopover    privileges
and choice of diverse routes of-
Two AU-Steel Trains
To the East Dally
"The Olympian"
E       "The Columbian"
Milwaukee Trains,
Milwaukee Service
Milwaukee Employees
All the Way Across tho
For additional Information regarding   fares,   routes,   sleeping
car reservations, etc, cnll on or
H.   H.  8TEVEN80N,
City Passenger and Freight
poratlons and nations. The vegetable j acre, and tbat is conservative, for
growers throughout America are form- * much ef it was sold for $51)0 and $600,
ing many co-operative associations. I it means that the orchard owners paid
I.arg- corporations and companies I $10,000,060 for land alone. Calculating
are co-operating with each other to j thnt'hey have invested as much more
leBsen the cost of production and teach ] in improvements, another conservative
each other the best and moBt profit- i estimate, wo have the great sum of
able mt ihodn. ! $20,000,000 invested lu apple orchards
Nations are co-operating with each I In Spokane county,
other for their mutual protection and ; Great Acreage in Trees.
welfare.     Yet  we  know   but  a  small',    "But Spokane county Ib only a frac-
part of the benefits to be derived from ; tion in area of the Spokane district "Sj(..irnft    ontarl0   has  ju* t   completed
such   banding   together. I defined  by  the   North   Pacific    BYUlt ftn offl;itt,  ���,���,  ;vhl,rel)V Bhe gmasbed
The mark.t gardeners of the Ot- .Distributors. The district includesLjt previous Canadian records for sen-
tnwa district a few years ago were Spokane, Stevera, Pend Oreille, Adams lor two-year-olds. Freshening at two
struggling along in a kind of a way. land Lincoln, and a large part OfWMt- j vpars nfm. monthg she commenced
A few were making a little money, i man county In Washington, and bho-
Nearly all were more or less simple- 'shone, Bonner and Kootenai counties,
I part of l.ntah county north of
Wonderful    Cow   Owned    by    W
Cherry of Garnet, Ontario.
Toronto,   June  12.���The    Holstein-
Frieeian heifer    Netherland    Faforet,
11,7660,  owned  by  W.  11.  Cherry, of
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners. We' aerve
meals at all hours. Private dining rooms for afternoon teas. We have our ov, n gardens. Fresh vegetables and eggs.
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highway.
R. M. BURNS, Proprietor.
ions   of  each  other.     None  of  them , and tha'
were enjoying life or making lhe rue-   the American ridge in Idaho,
cess they might. "We  have  included   in   these  esti-
Flnally a branch of the Ontario mates only the apple acreage. Other
Vegetable Growers' association was < fruits in the district, such as peaches,
formed, but the spirit ot co-operation I pears, prunes and plums, not to speak
did not seem to get hold of the mem ! at all of r,mall rrults, will easily swell
hers for the llrst four yeara, and in the total to $30,900,000, iind I am inthe meantime the branch came ver ollned to a belief that $40,000,000 would
pearly dying In the winter of 1311 Ibe nearer the real mark."
effect of bringing tin  fanner i  0ur association bought a car   of berry Three Factors in Su:ceas.
The success of this huge Investment
is dependent on three factors: production by thi growers of a first-class
product; the packing of lhat product
in a manner to make it marketable,
land a  marketing    organization    that
boxes, baskets, and other supplies,
and It also bought In Denmark a few-
seeds, ns a trial.
This venture proved BUOOeBBful and
resulted in a saving of about two hundred dollars for our members alow
them to buy In the cheapest and Bell
In the dearest markets, and by ship- paying, and the quality was much su
ping direct  to the consumer through perlor  to anything  we had ever had
i their own  agencies  to  avoid  tho  ex- before.
ice-BBlve profits of tiie middleman and Thir. Did  It.
Ito eliminate the riBks  of a glutted This  co-operative    purchasing    of
market;     Cooperative   dairies,     with supplies built up our branch.    It ere-
Icowbestlng associations, und pig rals- '���*���'������ '* <�����������������* ��' mutual confidence that
The Beed  purchased  direct  from  thu | will get for the growerB the maximum
grower In Denmark cost us only about | results at the minimum cost
half what we had been In the habit of
lng centres attached, enable them to
control the marketing of suoh essentials as butter, cheese and bacon und
to considerably lo Increase the output, which we gather, is at present
very necessary. Co-operative credit
associations provide cheap credll for
useful purposes nnd Inculcate principles of character judging and mutual
trust. The effects of this hnve hi en
particularly seen in Ireland und lu
olher Kuropean combines where tlle
RalffQlsen SohUlM lletlbBch and 1.U2-
znlol svBtiins are at present flourishing.
Asociation and Companionship
haB been of untold benefit to us. Our
branch has taken on new life. Our
members have increased, our finance*-
has Increased, nnd we will have n
nice little BUrplus at the end of the
year. 1 consider the purchase of pun-
plies, co-operatively, hy our association has been llle chief factor in working this wonderful change.
To give you an idea of Ihe saving
we have mnde In the coBt of seeds, 1
will quote from this seasons' prices as
offered by two of the largest growers
of Beetlit In the world. One quotes
Nantes carrot seed at 30 cents it
ponnd, lettuce at from 25 to 30 cents
.    ,      , a pound, and a few other llenB equal-
At the same time transportation fa- ly  low     Another one of the largest
cllltlea  can  he obtained and  control- RroW(TR |��� ������, world aol(1 ,,��� |Mt V(,ar
led.   machinery   for   cultivation   and Snowball  cauliflower  at  62  centB  un
drainage supplied, and hy association oun(.p, chautnoy  carrot    at    $1.10 a
and conipiinlonship, by the erection of pound. Danish winter cabbage at 75
libraries and village liallB, home life cpntg a  pound,  Olory  of  Knkhulzen .
may be considerably brightened. This cabbage at 75 cents a pound, lettuce Ithls proposition  the  bureau  wlll  be
ln ItBOlf, wlll attract more labor, and at 40 to 50 cents, a pound. Moss curled! pleased to place them ln com In com
at  thc  ettme  time enable  thc ostab- parsley nt 34 cents a pound? tlollow Imunlcatlon with the Inquirer.
It is time for plain  speaking and
no evasion or concealment of the
truth. This great Industry with $30,-
000,000 or $40,000,000 at stake, has
been in Jeopardy and Is In peril yet. lt
is scattered, unorganized aud discouraged. Organization it must have-to
help the growers produce fine fruit,
Ihe onh- kind that can be marketed at
a prcflt: to standardize the pack, and
to find the beFt markets against the
increasing competition of the world.
Spokane Must I end Hand.
Spokane can not afford to let this
Industry languish or decay. Some
part of the value of every piece of
property here has grown rut of the
growth of the orchard industry around
the cltv. And that industry can not
flourish If neglected In the future at
It hai been neglected in the past.
her teat fourteen days later.
She   was   milked   four   times   daily,
and fed a ration consisting of Lucerne
hay. roots, and n meal ration  In  the j
proportion   of   2-2-1   of   bran,   rolled j
oatB, and oil meal -all she would lick
up  greedily.    On  the  third   week  of
her test she produced  436 pounds of
milk and $1.66 pounds butter; in four- j
���een days she  produced  S63.5 poundB
of milk'and 42.70 pounds butter; and*
in thirty days she added 4-W pounds
of butter to the beBt previous Cana- ,
dian   record     by     producing     1,864.3
oounds of milk and S!i.6.r>  pounds ofj
This heifer will be u strong candi- 1
date   for   the   senior     three '���'
championships next year, as
very   little   preparation   for
this time.   Her dam's full BlBter. Netherland Deauty l'rosch. was the sweepstakes three-year-old   of   the Guelph
winter fair last December.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all ne.e6r.-iry fittings to expedite the ruch jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phont  473,   Queensborough.
HiHjBuy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
E*.nd Them Here
Calgary, June 12.���The industrial
bun au Is In receipt of a request of
a party In the Southern States who
wishes ii location for the machinery
of a one hundred barrel flour mill,
and if any of the surrounding towns
present  a  satisfactory  opening    for
Kerome-ei   Fruit  Growers  Decide
Build  Central  Buildinn
Keremeoo, B, C... .lune 12.   The directors  of   the   Fruit  llrowers'   asso- I
eiat'on got together recently to d's i
cuss ways and means Of handling this
Btitmner'B crop.
It was recommended lhat the arc
c'a"nn build or nn! a building, In
which all fr-.tlt cmild be packed collectively: that is to Bav. the nssoela
tlon would have an eveerii deed pack
er and grntler In chii"-"" .while the
growers would br'r? n'l their nrodnce
to this central building, wbere it
would be carefully' examined und
shipped  In   their name.
Without doubt this will be worked
with great success by the majority of
growers, yet at the Bame time should
not bo binding on those who have
inlnoaJaO Bhrdl rdlu taol hrdlrdlurdr
gone to considerable expense in hnv-
paeklng houBes of their own built.
Nevertheless, this Ib a first real step
at a successful way of handling the
fruit crop.
Low Rale Excursion Tlcke s Naw
on Sale to the Eist and to Eure;.e
S.S. "Prince Ilupert.''       S.S. "Prince Ocorge."
(Ucave Vancouver at 12 midnight.)
Mondays for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masaett.
Tuesdays  for Victoria. Seattle.
Thursdays for Prince Kupert, Granby  Bay,    Skidegale.    Lecfcupoei.
Jodway, lkcaa, etc.
SnUirsday8 tor Victoria, Seattle,
Close connections at Prince Rupert with Graud Trunk Pacific Irabtt
for Tyee, Terrace, Hazelton.
H, C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.   DUPEROW,  G.  A.  Y. tt
I hone Private Exchange 8134 rAOe t-Zim
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1913.
common  law  when they conflict.
The Court- I don't think the other
side will argue seriously against that.;
When the municipality has made the!
dill, of lhe cafe directly tlle debt ofj
tlle owner of the license they do not |
use lhe word guarantee in the bylaw.,
it says Bhall be responsible, 1 lake it I
lhat the plaintiff BlandB on lhe bylaw,
Hs  Very   Little   Over   Pacific  that you are  liable  under the bylaw   Labor Troubles in  Ireland Cause  Nct : h. J. Mackin's Opinion After Visiting
lor  this debt.
Coast in  Prices���MarketvPfos-
pects This   Mcrning.
Shortage Here���No Serious
Results  Anticipated.
Distress Not Allowed
Mr.  Cassady said  lhe only  penally
attached   to  a  breach   of  the  bylaw,;
apart   from  forfeiture  of  the  license,
was a pecuniary penalty, a fine. They
could   not  levy  a  distress  under  the
<^imiiiK from  Ihe vicinity   pi \ Maple ' bylaw.    The bylaw could not enlarge I men   have  beH.n  parading   the streets
Hta -brings in word Unit alfeady the  or   extend   the   powers   derived   frpm  protesting     in     no     uncertain     way
first of the season's stiawberriua have statute.    It.   was  strictly   subordinate|against  home rule, they    have    bee.nl
the Plains���Expects Quiet Conditions   in   Business.
An early arrival at the cij^P1
Willi-   thousands   of   Belfast     Irish-
"The farmers in the middle west
are just wheat crazy. That is my im-
I presBiOn after touring some 600 miles
tham "pirked" aiidBhipprd  during  the  to" the   general  laws,     i   submit  thatlnlglect'ng  their business and  British   in an auto through Saskatchewan and
Xnre part of the present  VrfSSa*.    The  lhe   only   possible   manner   in   which   Columbia fishermen  are beginning to   visiting all the principal cities In the
sdiijoTTvenls   were  small,   consisting  of  my learned  friend  can  succeed  is  to  lind tli s out when, in planning for the   three    prairie    provinces."    This  re-
cmly  half  �� down  crales, but. if the  point where this section of the bylaw   tjtg  summer's  catch   of  salmon   they
��"avi>rattle Weather  of   lhe    past     few   is   a   necessary   part   or  incidental   to   fl,,,)   (lieinsehea   without   enough   gill
clays continues  the   size  of  the  yield   the carrying out of tlle Liquor law. neta   U)   go   round,     Almosl   all     lhe
will   inrr-oaso   daily   and   Uiero   is   a,     The   Court-Have   you   considered   ];l,ta ���.,, (] a]ong ,-u. (.���.lsl ftre ,m,chine
���-hancf of some locally crown  straw-   the question where a man, hy taking   mwje   |n   t>itln-r   Ireland   or  Scotland
i*.rr'u*ti txing on  sale at  llle  markel  a license from ihe municipality agrees  an(j, owing to labor troubles, there is
mark was dropped to a News representative by H. J. Mnckin, sales manager of the Canadian Western Lumber
company, yeaterday.
".lusl   why   big   money   cannot   be j
made in mixed farming is a mystery to '
U.-r.-e   i   y   thai   re-cent   rains   have   under   which   that   license   Is   Issued ? I -^ to"��5?^tt"thV big till'. ���m. "whYch^reiWlatel   th? nrice"ot ^
te^g ^nrdrn  tni.k and  flowers on   What contractual relationship may ��.       The    8lMatlon     ,g   ,10,     so  Mrlous,   ���?1e  and     beep  on  the   boot      Lam
gpu-n-jtiiiy. ami everything .points to 1st there. however, as has been reported.   Mara. yaar they had a bumber crop the best
m* ahpndant offering of sued produce     Mr. Cassa ^-The oontmebiaI n-��-  ,���,r8 ,, th(. ,, c. Paoke��, association Cvested yet i,��� X   dMm^e
thla wnniif. tionslup is between my client and the gay ���,.���, wh���e m pregent nc|B   nr(,  gu(,h Mg ^^ ^ ^ wm|m beUeve I
���fiiLs  norning.    Other  gar^c-meits  audit, carry nut the terms of the bylaw 80lrie alfflculty in securing nets with
(Little Cha.ge.
llut lit'.ie change Irom last week in
City and  it  does not  apply lo outside
Mr. Wilson, for plaintiff, quoted the
scarce,  still  in  many  cases  it   Is  b"-
cause  the  orders  were  not  sent    in
���rvniTul run ol prices is antic pat-      '   .' .    ,  ...         r-~-       , '          ,,__  ear y enough, and  before the    season n..���.!.,������� c,.-.,
SSTS   fact,   a  poullryman.   Who "^  ^"Caw     Pound   1         on i <'�������* >'  IB thought  that nets will  be       .,���    .        BU0'"eS   Q""V,.  , .  ,
, In.-t night arrived wtth eeveral: ';wBt'in ,"'% *'"?, mtv ?nr ,he Tfe 0" "���"",- or at most the shortage will "Business,ta the west will be qule
ten of duck* and chickens, quoted ": ;���"�� , ' ��s " ^"; * ��J�� �� (' not seriously Interfere with the catch. I hls >Mr* , " *����� got to be. The west
cool  the same prices as last   week,   d.ebtB "p0n   ' 1P   "   '  l]  '?..,"..  -        ' ' ���  !,a3 bl'��� ''"rfowlng money  for build-
lie contended  the bylaw  clause
i referred   to  was mil   repugnant  to or   ,,,-, ,.,r ,r    rsssnilfi
Ze^z-ii^T"- ^i^iiiT^!^: ^"S.srslluPllHG S FAMOUS
the *K��.3ii-ral run ol pri
������alm-os-!  the same pr..
the tml.T appreciable decrease being a
three -cent drop in the price of hens,
of  the   municipality.    He  argued  nt
length that the bylaw did not exceed
Living Here and There. |,hp powera of ,-.,<, citv.
An easterner, at present in New The court said the other side enn-
VVmtiriiruiHT,    yet?! onlay    inntle, Bome tended that this proposal purposed to
> cmnparlaons "between market prices rnn ke John Smith pay Henry .(ones'
nf fo ,b tuffs here and those paid  In  debt, and unless counsel could show a
��� Torontb and -was surprised at the com- clause in the act somewhere which
parativt'ly slight difference between made one man pay another's debts
the cof! ol living in lhe two places. Jthe section would not apply. The sec-
������WTiiti 1 came here a week ago," tlon might apply to the llcenseholder
lie ss.id. **1 was prepared to pay about ��� ,- falling to fulfil the conditions of
ball ;v.-much again Tor my meals at a the license and involve the caneeila-
reataoranl as 1 would in Toronto, but  tlon of lhe license.
simply owing to the fact that the big
crop kept down prices.
Obtained  Many of  His  Plots From  A.
M.   Jacobs,   Whoce   Diary   May
Soon  Appear.
ings, railways and all olher things nt
cessary   for  a   growing  country,   but
there will he a halt this year until the
demand exceeds the supply, when the
foreign   investor   will   begin   to   pour'
his money once more Into Canada."
Although  he expects business to be'
quiet, Mr. Macklin Is optimistic In regard to selling the present output of
the Fraser Mills and no reduction iB i
contemplated in the working hours ofj
the  employees.    The  new   sash   and'
door  factory  and Bhlngle    mill    will
more than offset this, lie believes.
I find tha Hure is practically no dif
Terence in this regard. Friends of
min<\ Who have boon In liritish Col-
.imlii-.t f.-r ten or twelve ycarp wrote.
assuring me that I would find living
���ao much higher here, but these,* like
iriany other liritish Columbians, forget that fhe prices tin y paid In Ontario a dozen years ago art; not the
prices that nre being paid now. The
cecM of foodstuffs has mounted hack
��>ast, ami the days ol cheap beefsteak
on   gone, 1 nm nrraitl, forever.
"TnV.e for Instance meats. They
*elj ettt, two or three cents higher
'rterv. but in many cast s vegetables are
For  Public Senefit.
London, June II
-The action being
Mr Wilson held that the bylaw wns j brought against tlle Nizam oi Hyder-
for the benefit of the publlc in deal,. abaa by A. M. Jacob, mav bring to
lng with the hotelkeeper s teBBee.       I -lght |lterary reminiscences of intense
The   Court���You   can   complain   'o!jnter(,S|
the license coniinissioners and get hi"
license cancelled for not living up to
lhe terms of the license, but that does
not constitute contractual relations
between the licensee and a ihird party.
Mr. Wilson quoted the case of a man
Injured in case of fire in a cafe where
there were no fire escapes anil the
licensee was held responsible.
The   Court���You   sav   the   city   has
Jacob Is widely  known in America !
as the hero of Marion Crawford's "Mr.!
Isuas"  and  as   the  original of  "l.tir-
gan   Sahib"   In     Kudyard     Kipling's
I"Kim."   As theso dispatches told ex- j
olusively, Jacob, afier being enmesh- I
ed in    British-Indian red tape for 25
(years, has succeeeded In bringing suit
| against the  present   N'izam of  Hyde-1
rabad,   claiming   that   the    optent.o
; Mrs.  Kellar Tells of  How  She  Killed
Her   Husband  and   Daughter
Whilo They  Slept.
imt in many casts vegetables arc | .    , ��� ,    ,   , , I.  raoau,   claiming   tnai   ine    opienwu
ohvaner    Why   just todav a lo-  ?J?           ,.     "        s    '       ,       ,       ,*     ,���cs him $1,000,000, part of tlie price
, ���� ape r.     -in-, juoi iuuaj a        I the   conditions   imposes   (his   liability I   , ,,���  .,,���,������,   ������:,..,,.*,,.  ���������    ,...
���starts** ,.>vaifi..    ....j.j..,-- ....... j ���- .������   , ,no   rdiuli'inna  Itnposei.
��-Al rr,-��r quoted me 6B ��ents'a bag ������ defendariti and that he by taking a
for oV. potatoes and bad. east they ���oense ���,���,, ,,e bpU, nB 00nBentlng to
.-willing a JI a bag wholesale. Oar- th,B rnn,iin���n ,��� ������. Fairvlew case
��en ir.ick. such as rhubarb, onions. m,p f|re caae) t)K, b , lmr���,,,, a
rabttn-gp, beets, etc., are every  hit  as
���*-henp. Poultry we ("in get cheaper in
Toronto and eggs are about live cent!
Ailnprri less, but, summing everything
op, it appears- to me lhat the coft of
Cexn\ \a not more than 5 P'*r. cent
hiRher here than In Toronto. And
���Chen consider the fish you have here.
Why." he laughingly concluded, "I'de
���-t?me half way across the continent for
ii taste of your delicious fresh-'calighl
liability to do a certain thin", lh"v
(id nnl do that thing nnd a tort arose,
a tori like that under tv Employees'
of the almost priceless gem, the Imperial  diamond,  which  Jacob Bold  lo
Nizam's futlie.-.
Little  is  known   of  Kipling's  early
.life in India even when he worked In
die government offices at Iielhi. Pabon
iand Simla.    Jacob,  who is now r;nni-
Harrtsonvtlle, Mo., June 12,
Arthur Kellar confessed late
thai it was she who killed her husband, a railway laborer, and their
daughter, Margaret, seven years old,
late Tuesday. Kellar and the girl
were slain with an axe as they lay in
their  bed.
The   confession,  which   wiib  signed
Liability ad and the Child Workshop '��� ^2alI^\ntZ'a ^L^lZVln^Ir   h> Mrs- K,'!lar' "rm'R"! "'. * ��nWk l"T'
probably knows more than any t ther
mination   the   coroner's   Inquest   that
Mr,  Wilson held  the principle ap-  J,,""
plii d tn the present case. ''v   .
man of Kipling's  ultimate life in  In- j ha3 bc(,n   in  HO,:Rion  Uvo llava  ,���  .lM
attempt to place the responsibility for
Mrs.  Kellar  was  taken
...     ... , ���t,T before bas lt been known that
"he ( onrt   -You cla   ti th-.t a breach ',.,,. . ,   ,    ,    p ,, ,
,  ,,      ,   , ,.,. , ,  , .   kin hug owed a grea   dea  of the ear v
of  the  bylaw  condition   g ves ,a   r git        ' , . ,      .,      ,   , K     ���    . ,  , ���
,     ,,    ��� ,    ,,     ,, .   , , ,,    ?      success which attended his first tabs
,-t-n's   Workshop   and    Fmnlovees   I.i- i who"p liral" '���on,blnr'1  *������*-  knowledge , Mr,   Kt,,Ur s;il[1 in ,lf,r conteBSlon. She
abrntv act and In "he iamewavn' a   !""!';'��"" f���", h'�� ancts.ors with that LeClared Ehe bad fri.q������n���v been  ,r.
the  murder,
to jail.
God knows I would not have killed ;
em hud I known what I was doing."
who win m
he had acuired in mystic India,
breach  ol  the  leKlplatton   aa  to  fire
eFcapes Rives a rticlvt of action to tho
party  injured by the breech. ; ,,.,.. .,   .  ,.-���,  ..
After   sonic   furtln-r   argument   his
reBponslble  for ln*r actions Blnce she
without   saying  that   Kip--1 received a blow on tta^a headAvfo years
1 ling's prose stylo  might  have carried
honor said he would lake time to consider his decision and churl adjourned
his   early   tales,   would   have   bad   the
vogue they enjoyed  bul  for the in-
Finr l-ivjal Point in Cafe Case Argued
in Court Yesterday
Thi�� c i.-e ������'. McComber -K.- Co. vs.
Withy ."inn, on which hinges the validity i . the city's liquor bylaw, as re-
tgaritt the rights of third partioB to
holt! an hotelkeeper responsible for
tta tieltr? <d the lessee of his dining
renin.,   was   argued   yesterday   before
-lutij'.i* Howay in the county coun.
'i'he plaintiffs seek to make the pro-
���pr e! rs of the Fraser hotel, Withy-
���m;.:i S Jordan. Viable for $319, B debl
co .-.ii: :- il by Solberg Bros for sup
frtleH Vuiniibt'd to them as lessees of
tin   i't -.I'.-er cafe.
Mr. assade for defendants, contended taut the bylaw was perfectly
vain; .ts between the license com-
fatsakmers and the botelkeepi ra in
rejei--,'' i.i ih-- cancellation of the li-
eeaec ai a penally for the violation
��� or i provisions bul it did nol give a
���thin*. ; .i.'v   any right to bring un ac
'���Hi..  Vl art     Vou are challi uglng the
legal  capacity  ol  this particular Bee
Uon. md the remainder of the bylaw?
A  Legal  Debl.
'Hie plaintiffs case based upon
Committed���Two Dismissed
���Detective  Faints.
'I be  slur  wi in ss  fm   the  prosecu
ui ptlon   thai   Iho  citj   bylaw 'on was n private detective who had
��-avt-.- a I cal debl upon every owner been employed In the same crew  .
�����T an  h- til lor soppltee furnished  In Tspley, Wright    and    Ritchie    as    a
crjnr.i   tlon   * ''"   the   cafe   or    dining switchman.
rvcirr    .-���*   connection   with   the  hotel On   the  ground   thnl   thn  evldi   i
and     I   undersl  nd   vou  to  say  ihat presented   in   courl   had  been   o(    a
rhe dtj   hus  no authority  to pass a mosl   conflicting   namr .   the   miigii
hyltev.   which   ca Ib   that   duly   upon tin i��� committed Taplcj   for trial.
botel  men.    Vou say  it only aiijnles The  trial of Taplej   look a sensa
���o f..-r as it enabli           llcens    *
A Gruesome Story.
In   her   confession   Mrs.   Kellar   re-
lates thin  when she went to bed on
geniouB ideas and plots given to him   Monday nighl  she was feeling badly!*'
by Jacob, an(j  |.n-  flown  with  her clothes  on.
Kipling used to ao to Jacobs shop  ,,,���,,. ..,,��� awoke mA% lri,pf,||,,(| by a
in Delhi and later to    his   homo    in   forc��� ahe ,,ould not reatBt| Fhe Bay8i
| Simla and absorb the stories of East ahe Becured the axe and returning to
Indian life and character which Jacob !lh(, roon, where her husband and Mar
(old him. ganl   were  asleep  in  the  same  bed,
In one evening Jacob save Kipling Utruck  them   both,  blow   upon   blow,
(he   entire   plot   of "Kirn,"   perhaps only after the deed did she realizeH
.  Kipling's  crowning  work.    That   plot    what she had done, she declared
Kipling in his inimitable Btyle, wor After she realized what had  bap-
One  Alle-jed  Car Looter from Coquit-  ed up into tin* greatest    book    which   poned, Mrs. Kellar says she set fire to
ever Englishman wrote on Indian life   some paper on a chair near Kellar's
Many of the stories in "Plain Tales  bed that she might Bee hotter.    Later
from  lhe 11111b,"  in "Lif/s Handicap" ' she went to the kitchen,  lighted  tbe
and "The  Hay's  Work," nearly all of ; lantern and returned with water with
'these depleting society in Simla, were,   which she bathed Margaret's wounds.
Jt  is  said  inspired  by  Jacob.    Later. .Then she picked up the axe and broke
Porl Coqultlam,    June    l?.-���Arthur after  success   hail   come  to  Kipling,  a piece off her own  bed    that    she
James Tapley,    accused    of   Bteallng  he quarrelled  wllh    Jacob    and    th*r;might  make  il  appear  that  she  had
two coats from a cat- In the C. P. It. i two parted one night in Simla, uevei   been attacked.   She tben went to the
freight yards on Mav 24, was sent up  to meet again. neighbors and  told  the story of the
for  trial at   New   Weatmlnster  today!    These facts will, it Is declared, bt | mysterious man who had fled ns she
by    Police    Magistrate    Smith.    Two  proven beyond doubt by the publics   awakened, after he had struck at her
other men. Milton Wrlghl and Elmer tlon of the diary  which    Jacob    lias  with  an  axe.
Ritchie,   alleged   to   have   been   con-   kepi   faithfully  for 40 years.    In    i' j
nected  with  the  robbery,  were    dis-  be has Inscribed minutely the event
missed. In which he has taken pari, liis corti
Tapley was originally urn sled    on versatlons with  the highly Importani
the    charge    of    having a    C.  I',  fl   iiersons he has nut and    with whon
nch   unlawfully  In  lot   possession    In  haa had dealings,
bul   this charge was dismissed    this     This unique diary will be pub',   h
morning.    Hofore  the  accused  could  soon,   li rnard Quantch offered Jacol
leavi    Ihn  courl    however,   a   Becond  $30,000 for Ho* diary a tew years ago
charge,  thai    or    Blonling    the    ti��    Jacob, Hon  wealthy, refused to par
' its,  wuh  laid  and  cn  this he  wai  with Ihe book.
Bt nl up for trial. 	
Was Nol Given
Ghost Cf Show
Wcit  Vi.-ginij's Cover.-or  Stands    on
lis Dignity���Washington Toffs
Tran-p HillB for t~.viden;e.
fni��f.iiit,> is in lal.i* th    license
rrt.-jit Vim if In- violati    the i md
. 'jp-o-n   -Vx-h it  Is .su' il.
Mr. Castydy H Is a general and
���ndterslood proposition ol law thai a
���corporation possesses no fuller power
than .--. expressly given or Implied Iti
the statute conferring such power on
a-, ft
nt \:. The corporation can ext 'dec
>m i. set which is not gives hylti
���n^ar" r coupled with whal 9 reason.
ably fiii'nar;, to the carrying Out or
wurW-v;; of those powers. Il is con
rmttl to these lim'ts. This bylaw con-
flirts with the coinmi n law,
Th��- court It msy I e that the ef
Vitc-t o! this bvlaw oi*. make you
pri-i -.irilj    li-il le   : ���   ���<   I  i.iruii'or   for
Churl -.: 11, Vi. Va., June 1-   (lover*
.,,'     ,,   , :   Wi  i   v irginia,    di -
i *,   .   , .1  lii ������   bu inn. i to lhe sotiui ���
mile b rik     ointiiil i ��� the records ol
he tridla bt-fon    In   m,11 tary commit
' ' :* '' "":i sl ' "" time when the pri   morrow, thai when he rt turni tl to the Utt3 which look cl'.arge oi  the strike
'I'onlln'ieii trom pate onei
'���*   dutncllve  collapsed   In  a    falni   shantj he v.as greeted by Clarke and   rctj Bn fi.sli'ic **  e ae during the
while on  the  wltn ss stand.    He  it    Davis who told him of how the blue    n-, i-m,. this spring.
r m red   iii  ii   mlnul .   however,   and  coui had found them hiding In some
*��� ive (hi* resl of his evidence frcm a
chnlr provided  ror him,
Tapley  was removed to N'ew Wesl
in uster this sfternoon.   An t��3ort will
li ��� made by his friends in this city le
md  reasonable  Interpretation   :.,., hlm oul on ball afier the depositions in the preliminary hearing are
ide oul
Wanted to  Bs a  Murdrrer,  But Could
Met   MaKc   It  Go.
ii,  a  It tii.   i     ne  e immlttee,  lhe
bushes and when attempting to search       .,,.,��� ,. n,  u   , imdings of theI
then, for weapons,    Clarke    jumped ,  ,._ nad
iround suddenly and shot the officer b       ;,���,.,,���.,,. the ���,, ,, ,,ad been re-
wlthoul warning. ,      d   v A ,    ���   ,   d lu u���       tll.
St viuoiir also nhi how he wen    to . ,
the car barns and related a converse eco,,as "V" '" m\*ns ind ,!"n.!H
tlon with a conductor In the presence D���"e c vj    c��ur'8'. '" .'";"<l!   '"'.,"
of  a  third   parly     Th..  police   have ;"lH "��� '" - ��� '"''.>���*���<������ �����}.** "
found   a   conductor   who  remembers    Mejudicialiu tne pi.bl.c peace.
ilrcilmftances Blmllar to those given      , u*' lhe Grcund.
, .. i^yniour ' ;* '    ; ���'���    mini is   little cabms. |
'The utmost vigilance was exercised ������' *���' '    :"*'-    :"    Llie     n""'iH    ttllU
at Ihe court this morning, a poll nan ' Virginia moun-|
helng iu chnrge of each mnn, and dur
���i ....  iin. in*. 81 .'.    si nate   sab
m ���..-..' i    ilont.,    .lum*  12,    Countj   lng the hearing the court room crowdB  o.-ininittot   soughl    todtij    Ihe    truth
Vtti    .i   l.'i Iron liaa i rde ed the
s'ht- ��� ��� l: ol thi In  fdine *A;    . ,..    irom  lhe  Mlnucila county  jail  and nlaln clothes men
���an ir you were ri    .       II      iii-stflr.      rf t ., ,   n i;.;*,,,,,,,,. i,i,,, wna n\] ���_���,.,] t0      li  is expected  thai the preliminary
Mr. >  iss'tdj    Tt- miiHi  defendant ti   ,av,    c i.feBsed      i   ihe   murder   ol hearln     *��� rrrtm   .ill occupy the
snarnntoT the enrp i  Hon  inual hav.*  ���**,,.��� ,,,,    Oovrmor    Tli ui       Prancls "re dav    I, K. Kennpdy, crown ornBe
ezpn    < ���': nower     nplled  ;* nev wlll    ,      ���   ���   : ,   ; i,,     Tin    lory  alh    tl autor, Indicated  this In courl  today,
net  On    The corporation  musl   in i     , have been told by Ulauion has been
o-ipri -- authority to  make  one  nan f, lln,|  t0 \,    entirely  uugubstantlated No Rc-.ine vofrs.
b>   f icti. Hi Ii na,  Mont., Juno  12    'I'h
Dtamon has been beld for Iwo passed by Iho lasl legislature permit-
weeks pending action I���:������ tlie state or ting electors lo Becure certificates or
count} authorities, and no charge was registration from the county clerk and
II | ,, ��� i.i iml. Tho Chouteau on lhe presentation of these to vote
, ii . officials disclaimed any di In anj precinct In the country was de.
Birn to proBcciile tho man. as tbey nre clared unconstitutional by Attornej
satisfied lhal Oeneral Meagher moi General Kellj In an opinion todni lo
his deatli io, drown i f.                       iCouiity Attorney  Young, of Band .
liabl-t for the di bti i another, li
t-m i- :., make conditions tor the li-
��-or,i*i*. cwidltiouB i i.i li as closing nl
��� certain hour, etc, I suggest thai
��ix- ooubcII <:.n make tbls clause a
�����-.,������,.!���;'��� ���>!��� ui .raniing the license and
a. V,r> ach n! which Invnli s tin- for
nAtnra i.' the license II doi i uol ooi)
>*. t   ,      power on a third party, Bj
'jjws   intihl   give   way    lo   Btatutt    i :*
were plentifully Bprlnkled with police   "'    '    '"   *'1'**    ��� !l ' *  '"ts disrup.ed
...      i        ;  i ii -,* than a year,
ia.il in ii and
. * * th luir ��� 'i,rn,*n sboul bun,
���  i ���    laril   i and ii i lib-   awi d    bs
I ....*,. |     ii.,,,.      cf     IIU      Ki Ua
ors,      lu   . ��� i���        mini       op. rutors, |
Bti iii graplii ... ai,,i in*. ��� taper men at
|aw  tl. * do i . ��� i  Hn ir llttlt   homes,   The
buBlui   .1 ki   "companj   stores", gave
"|| to 111 .ii, i.i lists m' tin*    "logh j
lirlt i .* hit h ki :*,, i ., n as one nf i
thi rii cauBi.-. and the dual be i
i . i.nm i i, bound  ( i or from thc. |
pits thai gash the B de   - i  the moun- |
i I i. ��� . i    I   , n m ioni d In j
lhi   : :.ld.
Friday Bargains
At Smith's   .
If price reductions and special offers are any inducement for an early rush business, the store should be
crowded with buyers this morning, for the specials we
have ready are extra good and prices remarkably low
���come at 8.30 if you can, it's worth your while.
Extra:--- Wash   Goods
Special 9c  Yard; See
Window Display
F.EGULAR  VALUES,  15c to 30c A  YARD.
This Immense showing consiBls of Prints, fling-
hains,  Cotton   Suitings,   Musllna,   Are  Savons,
Shirtings, Flannelettes, Crash Toweling*, check
Glass Cloths.    Kor today only, yard     9c
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*���*TT"1I1III rata   ��� ���*.:-.
Great   Values in
Staples*  Read Over
This List
60-Inch bleached all linen Damask; small dice pat-
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per  yard     43c
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Inclutlt il arc a numbi r oi  .vhite dim l    i itisiiiiBi  "���
Inches wide;  ueul  patterns;  run:,.  :..*.* and i!6c.
'I, day,  in r  yard    J.-2C
18 i-'t'h unbleached Turkish Holler Toweling; colored Etrlpi  .    Today, per yard 13g
42-lni li I'lllow Cast a;  well mi de;   . Ith <|i i p in m,
in-,.-..-, . irong cotb i ;. 11ii li valm   i'i r pair , -28c ii
FRIDAY, JUNE  13,  1913.
PAoe *���***
jFor^Sport Readers
i George Bury. Major Vaux conducted
I the examinations, The finals this year
| will be held in Winnipeg, und it Is ex-
j peeled that his honor Lleutcnant-
j Governor Cameron will attend the
Baseball Results.
In one of the worst manuged boxing '     A 45 minute delav and Harney (iosi
bouts  staged  on  the  lower  mainland   unloaded the automobile story, which
for boiiio  little  time,  Freddie  Welsh   did not take wall, following the farce
lhe    KngllBh    lightweight    champion,   between Cove and Moy
gained a 18 round decision over  Itay |     Another item to the crowd was that
Campbell, of Han Franclsoo, In the
BrigbOUie arena last evening, rrom
the lirst drop of the hut until the llnul
gong sounded a few minutes afier 11
o'clock, the spectators were Irealed
like a pack of sheep being led to the
slaughter,       t
Freddie Welsh may be the champion of Kngland, but he lost a good
many friends last evening, while ut
the same time Hay Campbell was up-
plauded on ull Hides for his ability to
last out the scheduled 18 rounds.
il was given out a few minutes belore In o'clock lhal the automobile
i airyiug Welsh from Vancouver had
broken down and lhat another had
bei n sent out to bring In the champion.
Ho this aB It may. the public who
paid out their shekels demand better
iieum,cm ihan was aecorded them
lasl  evening,
The  Trouble   Starts.
Tho trouble Blurted in the prelim-
nary and, alter an half hour's delay
Announcer Harney (Jobs stepped tor-
...ml with the Information thai Percy
Cove, the Vancouver featherweight,
I ,ol refused to go the ten rounds with
LJOie Mov, Welsh's Bparrlng partner,
,ii the ground that Moy was aboul BO
pounds overweight.    Cove finally de-
di .1 (o battle six rounds ��Itb the
i*.   -ii irgi r and was a prim   favorite
,11,1; to the great difference In
*.. , Ight, Referee Hi wltt's d< (Is on to
Moj was green u with Jeers and
. roans.
the bout would be at catch
This sudden change from the original
agreement to get down to a specillul
weight added more fuel to the Are !
and Ihe Frisco boy was greeted enthusiastically when the mill Btarted at
10:10 o'clock, one hour and 10 minutes after scheduled timii.
The  Fight.
Ab for the light itself, Welsh had It j
over Campbell in (lie Infighting where
he d.d  the  mosl' damage.    Campbell
was groggy in tho lll'th, but came hick
Strong, although outpointed in  nearly j
every   round.    The  Frisco boy   relied
on  his right  to ii great extent,  i. il
Welsh  Khowed  himself  to  be a  past
niaBiir in covering up on Campbell's
swings,   wiih the  result  that   few  t f |
them hit tlie mark.
Tbe only two exciting rounds wen
the fourteenth and Ofteenthl when
Wil ih apparently irlid for a km tit
ou;. His opponent. Btood on awful i
hamiiii ring, bul lobbed Up fresh from !
his corner n od) to Btand all thi
punishment  handed out.
A lining climax to iii" evening's en
iiitainmint,   at   least   from   a     New
Westminster standpoint, was the fall '
ure or the  ii. C.  E, it. to hold  Ita
lost   Vancouver-New  Westminster cur
a   Eburne so as to allow thus,, on '
the last car from  Brlghouse to make
connections,    The  resull    was    thai
many either stayed the nigh; In Von- I
couver or waited two hours tor a B.
C. E. K. freight to bring them In to
ibis city.
Standing of trie Clubs.
W.    I..
Seattle    35   21
Vancouver   22    21
Portland    28    27
Victoria    28    30
Tacoma    25    34
Spokane   ...-. 22    35
Publlc    Now     Running    an    Alaskan
Railway and No Tickets Are
Pet 1
Seward, Alaska, June 12.- The com-
At the Theatres
The show at the Koyal theatre last
night proved to be a real entertaining
one from start to finish. Tlie taude-
ville acts were all good and Ihe mo-
t.on pictures excellent, especially the
one entltkd "Harney oldlield's Race
for a Life," which has tlie Keystone
brand stamped on it.
Manager (lillls Is bringing In (he
Charles E. Hoyal stock company, who
���57S| mlttee of' business men operating "thel W {ur a" Indefinite engagement at
.509 |
yesterday's (James.
At Vancouver: It.
I'ortland   2
Vancouver      3
Hatteries:     iJustley    and    Murray;
Ingersoll and  Konnick.
Alaska Northern railroad for the
community because the railroad company objected to the payment of $117,-
000 mileage tax on the ground that
congreBs had relieved the railroad
p I from payment of the tax until 1916,
"' | received a message from Attorney
(ieneral   Mclteynolds  today  authorlz-
(ng them to continue the operation of
next .Monday's mal ine e. This company played in Nanaimo recently for
ten straight weeks and tlieir business
was aa big the closing week as when
they opened. They pit sen! such popular playB as "The Wolf," "The fortune  bunt ers,"  "Paid  iii  Full, Hie
Girl of the Golden West," "Ready
Money,"    "Madame X."    "Under, the
the  road.    Mr.   Mclteynolds'  mcBBage 'Black Hag," "Uie Olaen," etc.
At Spokane;
Hatteries:      liolce,
Crliidoll;   Kraft and
II.    ED,
......  1      f,     0
   7    18      1
McGinnity  and
At Victoria: It.
Seattle              4
Victoria      5
Halt ries: Di II. Me kle aud Cadman
Hardin,  Narveson and  Ilrotten.
Standing of tne Clubs.
Philadelphia 30
New Vork   2d
Brooklyn       23
Chicago    28
I'itlshurg 24
Hoston  19
St. Louis         21
Cincinnati    18
Yesterday's Games.
At Pittsburg: it
New Vork     t
Pittsburg  ��� ��� t
Batteries: Tesreau, Crandall and
Meyers; Camnitz, Robinson and Gibson, Kelly.
said the committee's action would not
prejudice the government against the
railroad company In the Biiit to collect
the mileage tax, nor subject the company to a penalty of (1000 a day provided for the operation of Ihe railroad
without liquidation of the tux. Mr.
McReynoldS made clear that the company Itself must not operate the road
or the fine would be Imposed, but he
The company consists of 14 players.
Edythe Elliott Is the leading lady and
Charles E. Hoyal is the leading man.
Other members are Donald Gray, AI-
vm Balrd, E.1{. ilcwland, C. A. Stanley, Will.am Fletcher, .Mary Fletcher,
Lottie Humburg, Margaret Marion,
Will Bandon, George Turner and little
Baby Eiiott, who is considered one ot
the    cleverest    child    artists    on the
.'Ol 1
6    13
5    11
said the government did not object to I legitimate stage today
the business men operating the road i    Tlie opening play will be "The Girl
for the benefit of the people along the ,* of the Golden West" and it will   be
line, ! presented on  Monday    and    Tuesday
The   business   men's   committee   is ���, niy, tliere being a change cf program
making no charge for service, hut is ' thrice weekly.
accepting donations to pay the cost ofj  ! ,	
Balmorals and the B. C,
will moke uu attempt ui
thc lie game of last
week on the Queens park diamond this i veuing, wIth pros
pscts of another thrilling bat le
I..ifi re the issue i.- (Tedded.
Managers   .Mallen   and   Howe
in-... iii-eii strengthening the
iveak, places on the teams, ho
there should be few mlsplays
.ihicii have been the feature ai
en;, league gauo'-s so far this
season. The battle will atari
..(   .' o clock sharp
IU r.  is iiie   line-up   of   the
Balmorals:    Chaput,    MoCabe,
I I i . k. T, Peck, E. Sim Inn*.
I landfi ci. Walsh, Sayce, Smith
and .Mallen.
All Hot Air.
Seattle. June 12.���All the construe-
t've  advertising   tlie  AkiBkan   hoards
of trade and   other    friends   of   the
ner.h  who are working for the tcrri-
irry's development and population can
obtain during lhe next  year probably
will   not  offset   the  damaging  effect
the oountry    will    seller    trom    the'and  employees.    He  had  changed  it
nation-wide publication of sensational |to 30 bedrooms altogether, which was
misrepresentations of recent volcan
Change Made In
License Rules
(Continued from page one)
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchaie   and   Bale   of   Real   Estate
Corner Edmonds Road and Twelfth Street. Consisting of a seven roomed house, modern in every
way, including a greenhouse. Heated with hot water. Three roomed gardener's cottage. Chicken
house, Lawn, nicely graded and set in shrubs. All
in splendid shape. Would make a good family hotel
site. ���
J. J. JONES. Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
;     not*
alhlitos are given neither tei
ooffee, and must satisfy their
wiih grape juice or water,
"No man is stronger than his
stomach" is a statement iii which
Coach Courtney firmly believes, and
he Ib giving a lot of attention to the
' tummlea" of his athletes.
At Cincinnati:
Boston      7
Cincinnati        :i
Hatterles:   Rudolph    and     Whaling
Kariden; Suggs and Clark.
activities on the Alaska peninsula. As
a matter of facl, the "volcano activities" amounted to absolutely nothing
and should hate had no more j lac
I In the news than would have been
I given the annual melting of thl
i northern snows.
-se  Wander   Into   Suburbs
Session.    .
bill  (fraluiins   flock   of   Moose   mi
to Burnaby In the sunset hourj
terday and lathered the mum
Illy  ball jugglers Into the told a'
luotatlon oi l- runs to 3.
Hill alb g* b;   in  fact  he admits that
crop of good  Bports In  the    a 1-
.- municipality is something mar
Tho    .Moose    were    treated
illy, even lo being allowed to'trlm
���   i   111 sis and  lhe "come again"  bid
bi on   passed   to   the   herd
I'm- (he local park, Borne and Oen-
composed the battery, while Kelly
ai UuBhell for llurnaby.
Easy for West  Ends.
I lie Wesl End lacrosse team walked
I i. k  and   forth   through   the   llurnaby
rt gallon al Queen's l'ark yesterday
���   enlng whin they ticke'd off la lal-
ivhlle   the   suburbanites   were
hunching tho clock for three,    Th re
waa  a  good  crowd  on  deck  and  the
I     ���   ��:is clean,  though,  as  the  score
idlcati s.  rather  lopsided.
(By  "Gravy.")
Courtney  Trains    Cornell    Crews    on
Bryan's  Favorite  3ev  rage.
'linn i. iw   lhe   llarvnni    and     Yale
crews will clash  In their a:.nual four
milt i... o on the Thames.
11   Mo  following day ue big   Inter-
.* a o rowing regatta will be held
in   Hudson at Poughkeepsle,
. . oth r athletic contest, not even
dan   uon  race,    Imposes    such    a
inn in tne   participants   na   these
in   four mile rowing regattas, To
an nol in the very pink of eondl-
ii  they  would  be  deadly.   .It  Is  up
the   coaches,   trainers and physl-
a charge of the young gladla-
'ors (o see that  each man enters tho
I H i mictly ill. mentally and physic-
i   ���
1 onu sis of this character are often
. and lost at the   training   table,
.   ;i,:lo s   if   the     various     crews
i  si mewhal In the regimen they
pose on  lhe athletes lu  Iheir care.
��� experts, for Instance, include
beer iu  lhe dietary,  while others as-
i| thai the product that made Milwaukee and Munich ranioua is value-
li b i or worse.
Coach Courtney, of Cornell, whose
long string of   'varsity    victories   at
II inrhkeepsle entitles hlin to be call-
.'I Hie greatest of nil rowing coaches.
1 igs to Ihe aiill-bocr school of
For   the   mall
beverage,  grapt
liiinks dial  the
' i .* grape
I. .���.*ois.*   ih
��� (nothing to drink    thai    possesses
i i i*    Hav i  than iiiiuii pura.
A  Courtney  menu  Ih little different
rr in  that  provided  the members of
well regulated family, with norni-
i und simple laites.   Fruit, n cereal.
.t, .-.'oak or chops,  rolls and coffee
Si i-ved   to   Ihe   Cornell   oarstu.-n
ror Iheir morning meal, The luncheon
d dinner menus Include steak, roast
li . I',   potatoes,  eggs,   corn,  succotash
nntl Iinii for dissert.    Stewed prunes
*(��� *  most  favored  by  Courtney, nnd
Ihey appear froiiuenily on the train-
tablo,     it-oil  tea    is isometlmes
* rved .".I luncheon, hut ttt dinner the
Middle Western Team  Visits Victoria
���Pacific   Nor'west   Lineup
Victoria,   June   12.��� Kighi   ol    America's   foremost   golfers   visited   Victoria Wednesday, comprising tbe team
of   Middle   Western   champions   who I
have  come  to   the  northwest   for   a
Berli s i f tournaments.   They came tol
Victoria   to   look   around   more   than '
anything   il'o    having   beard   glowing
reports cf  the  beauties of  the city,
and they returned to Seattle yesterday   afternoon   to   start   their   series
wllh thi Xor hwestcrners.    They  will
be   tack   to   play   here   probably   next ,
Included in the Middle Western ,
party are: Charles (Chirki Kvans.
jr., and Warren K. Wood, of Chicago: i
Harry c, Legg, ot Minneapolis; I�� Bhl
Sawyer and Carl It. Devol, of Chicago; Howard Ii. I.ee, of Detroit; I'ras I
er Hill, of Chicago, and Phillip Stan-1
ton. cf Grand Rapids, Mich.
The Invaders, the majority of whom
are well known natlonallv on thi
links, wlll play at Seattle at the (loir
and Country club in an open lourney
on Thursday afternoon and on Friday
and Baturday they will meei the Pa-
clflo ('oast aggregation in a team
championship match.
Chick Kvans wai given a practical
demonstration cf the ability if Victoria golfers in a fourteen-hole match
In which Captain Chambers and A. V.
Macau, if victoria, defeated Mr. Evan
and .Mr. H. Davis, a Portland man.
i ne up. it was One golf from start
to finish and the local pair wire bo-
inn hard pressed when the game was
called off. Tho first half of ihe
flrsl half of th-' course mine hclosi
WSS covered by Mr. Mat an and Cap |
tain  Chambers  In  32,
(i h iv friendly games were played '
but  (he  participants   were  out   more *
lo  tfist   the   course   than   lo   beat   one I
another and no tab was kept on die
The fcllov ing will be the line-up of |
lhe Pacific Northwest loam which
will plav the Middle Westerners: 11.
Chandler Kvans. Medford. Ore.: Harry Davis and Roderick Mucl uy. Port
land. Ore.; Jnck Neville, Claremont,
Cal.; A. V. .Macau and W, Chambers,
Victoria. B. C; Dixie l'leager and C.
p.  Spooner,  Seattle.    Kerry  will be
(ho BUbBtlttlte of lhe teem.
Several of the Washington antl Ore
pon plsvers are in Victoria with the
Kvans party.
At  Chicago: R.    H.    E.
Hrooklyn     1      ti     2
Chicago       -  fi    13     ll
llatteries: Rucker and Miller, Elsh-
er;  Humphries and Archer.
At  St. l-outs:
Philadelphia ..
...  8
St. I.ouis  	
...   5
Hatterles:   A!
and   Klllifer.
Steele, Burke and  Wlngo, Robt
Standing  cf the
W.    I.
Philadelphia   . .
. XS    11
,86    lf
Washington  ...
. 27    23
.28    25
. L'.'t    26
.21    33
St. Louis 	
21    .16
N'ew   York   .. .
. 12    .Hi
Yesti r
lay's  Ga
At New   York
...  1
New   York
Batteries:      I
ake     antl     Rondeau:
Schultz  and  Gossett.
At  Boston:
St   I.ouis  	
...   2
Hoston     ���	
...   "
Batteries: Ha
imgartnc r ami .
Bedient   and   ('.
Al I'hiladelph
...   1
. . .  fi
Batteries:    I
*g,      HI
and O'Neill:  PI
ink and
Al   Washington:
... -4
Washington ...
...   5
a mi
Schalk; Groom
ind Henry	
International  Leaque.
Providence 4, Newark lt.
Baltimore 2, Jersey City 7.
Montreal 8, Toronto 7.
Buffalo 2, Rochester 2.
Stabbing for Fun.
Tangier, Morocco. June 12.���A state
of panic prevails at Tetuan, according to late advices from that city, and
the resident general has forbiddei
any one except the guards on tin
streets at night. Moors dressed as
wi iin-ii have been stabbing and killing persons in the slreets, and terroi
prevails. The consulates have been
iiipplied  with extra guards.
Big  Liner  Sails.
Hamburg, June 12.- Hound for New
York on    her    maiden   voyage,    the
giant liner Imperator with 2870    passengers and more to    go   aboard    Bl
Southampton   and   Cherbourg,   sailed
from  Hamlurg at 4 o'clock   Wednes
day afternoon.    The Imperator began
her Initial voyage from an anchor,*!.;*
ln  (he open  roadstead, aa she is too
large to lie at the regular pier where
,iher vessels of the  Hanibiiri'-Ameri
can line ber:h.
Two F/lilllon for Phones.
Edmonton, June 12.���Twenty-four
hundred miies of telephone wire will
be strung by the department of telephones on ru'al lines this season In
addition to a large amount of long
listance line construction and new ex-
''l-r.'-'e work in the growing towns and
cities of the province. Over $2,000,-
)00 will be expended by the govern-
nic nt
In -strict accordance with the Municipal
Mr. Bryson Objects.
Alderman Bryson said he was opposed to changing the bylaw in anyway. If they changed the bylaw they
were doing away with it and consequently doing away with the right of
petition. If the people got up a strong
petition against a license the licensing
Commissioners could not grant the license.
In vain was it explained to the alderman that by the new act petitions
were done away with antl had no effect either way, that, like the flowers I
In May, they had nothing to do with
the case.
Mr. Bryson Biuck to his point.
The alteration was approved, Alderman  Bryson alone objecting.
The bylaw was then read a third
The Fraser cemetery bylaw discussion revealed the reason for the fees
charged as being to provide a surplus
revenue to be devoted to the care of
the grounds and the reimbursement
of the council for embellishing them.
Other regulations dealt with sanitary matters chiefly.
It was finally read a third time.
The milk regulation bylaw, with
some 6S clauses, minutely dealing with
all matters requisite to ensure a
healthy supply of milk, also was read
1 third time.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all  parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
'Way Above Average.
Moore Jaw, June 12. -Copious rains
fell throughout this district this afternoon and tonlrht and the farmers
ire elated. They say that tomorrow
���he crops will grow as though tliey
.vrre in some huge hotbed. Crops in
this disirict are now looking particu-
arly healthy and are far above the
ivi-i-ure condition for this time of the
Rose   Carnival   Monarch   Is   Portland
Business Man.
Portland. Ore., June 12.���The horse
reigned supreme ill today's festivities
In connection with the lose festival
lt was the day of tho horse and
vehicle parade and the showing mad
both as *,n numbers and style of the
entries, fully warranted the expectations of the spectators, interspersed
throughout the parade were marching
.bibs from various California cities
and frcm northwestern points.
The festival ball took place tonight,
its nrinclpal Incident b.'ing the unmasking of Rex Oregonus, who de-
veloned as usual to be one of Portland's  foremost  business  men.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs in Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser -  ,_. $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish; H
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror.   This sultf
ts an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section iB attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
beverage Courtney
Mr. Bryan's favorite
juice.    Not  that he
unfcrmeiiti tl juice of
of any ureal value, but
vo-nhfiil palate demands
1908   T* mmv Burns and BUI Squlri
played their second engagemeni
OB this dale In Paris. Tin
Canadian    and    the    AuslraPi;.
iirsi met in San Francisco the
previous year, and Squires
lasted ' nlv pari Of one round
Bill managed lo stay eight
rounds in Paris before be took
ill" soporific punch. Soon afterward the champion and Squires
sailed for Australia, where thev
met again, and this time it
ii ok 18 rounds for Tommy to
lum the trick.
1885���John It, Sullivan defeated duck
Burke In live rounds in Chicago.
1!)1" -Freddie Welsh nnd drover
Paves fought 10 round draw al
MagiFtrate  Sends  Alleged   Bribers tc
Higher  Court.
Victoria, June 12.���H.    P.    Wlnsby
was  today  committed   for  trial  on  B
charge of attempting to bribe Councillor P. O. Quick, of Saanich. to vote in
! favor   of   changing   paving   specifications so as to call for tenders for ns-
i phallic concrete pavements: and F. D
Rand, cashier .of the Canadian Mineral
Rubber company, was committed on
���i charge of aiding and abetting Wlnsby  to commit  the  alleged  attempt to
Councillor Quick  told  thnt  the ac-
iis. il had called on hlm at his home
���mil   hid   made   S   proposition   to   hie
and  that   he  had   returned   later  and
had handed Quick s note
Brave, But Foolish.
Medicine Hat. June 12.���In a vain
but brave attempt to stop an automo-
ille which was headed for a steep cut
tank at Kagle Bute yesterday after-
loon, in which were riding Mrs. Jas.
���lazznrd, of thla city, and her Infantipresbyter|ans      had    undertaken    to
laughter. George Mayhem a ranch- ���' a   undertaking   and   that a
er well wnown  all over Alberta, met k, y fa    s,a,.,ed     T,K,
his death.    At the time be jumped o   ! m'   ��   ,d  ^^
the car he must have know*,,    ha. all , ,     c      fl
chances were against Ins stopping It. I
Will Split the Church.
Toronto, June 1-. -The opponents
of church union In Ihe Presbyterian
church held a meeting in St. And*
:vw's church last night, and organ-
?ed for an aggressive campaign. It
was   stated   that   three   very   wealthy
the  Presby
-.till he stayed at   the wheel
instantly   killed   when    the
turned turtle
and  was
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mads  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
U. M. W. of A. Chanqes.
I.cthb klge. Alia, June 12, Then
nr-* ne d vel* nmerts ahead with re
gard i" tlie United Mine Workers Ol
America. These are nothing less thai
the appointment of ex President
Stubbs to the position nf coniniis
sloner for  the   Western   Canada   Coa
Operators' association, end Vlce-Presl
dent Jonea, who wlll likely resign thi
tor*$6000 .vice-presidency, to the assistant com
Whicb he said would be paid by Hand I
ir   the    Mineral    Rubber   company.
Quick in  return, gave him an undertaking to vole ill accordance with this.
Immediately upon the signing of the
two documents, Constable Little who
was In an adjoining room, entered and
placed Wlnsby under arrest.
Winnipeg,    .lune    12.    The   Calgary
loam this afternoon  carried  off  the
coveted honors In the Canadian Pa-
cltlc Hallway's flrsl aid competition,
held iii lha Koyal Alexandra hotel.
The   Alberlnns,   l.y   their   excellent
work,  ran   up  u total  BCOro    of    21)0
marks, or a 7f> per cent, average, as
(igniiist nso, the figures ohalkad up by
lhelr nearest rivals, the team from
Sutherland. It. C. The Vancouver entry was third with 264 points, and
Winnipeg lasl  with 281.
I    The winning loam wiib tonight  pre
Bented With the.shield by Q, K. Stoek-
Itlnle,   on   behalf     of     Vice-President
All Veterans Will Go.
Seattle,    June     12.-  All  of  the   1��(
Gettysburg  veterans  in   Washington
who anplied for places on the state's
special train will be nble to make the
trip to the battlefield celebration tbe
last of this  month,  us  a  result  of a
gift of 15000 made loday by Horaielm
C.  Henry, a Gettysburg veteran well j
known in the northwest ns a railroad Tbe  First.
builder mul philanthropist of Seattle.     Washington,    June   12.���Nathaniel
When the last legislature appropriated Greene, a negro, who criminally
Jin.oiin io send the Gettysburg voter- sau)ted a whit
ens easl.  il  was thought  the amount ! of   the   capital
Dividino Them  Up.
Washington,    June    12,   Seoretar
I ane, of the Interior department, set
lied today a lone disputed question in
relation tb public lands by holding
that persons who take*assignments ol
reclamation homesteads upon   whloh
II mil proof haa been made need noi
Bhow themselves to be qualified home
steaders. Tlie eecretary held, how-
ever, that aueh assignees could taki
antl hold only one farm upon it. the
fundamental purpose of the lnw being
to divide Irrigated lands among a-
ny  families as  they  will  support
was ample to provide for all who might
apply, but when the list was mado up
It was found thai 40 veterans would
have to remain at homo unless private
Cltifens donated $5000 to nugment Ihe
Five Years for Banker.
Cbeur D'Alona, Idaho, June 12.���In
t'>e federal  courl   hero Judge  V.   s.
Dietrich    si iitenced    v. c.  Norbeck.
convicted of h*** '��������� * '���>'������ -v'-itcd
funds of the Wallace National bank,
to Berve ti-.e years lo the federal
penitentiary at MoNell's island, giv-
ing him tho minimum smtmce.
woman  wlihln  sight
on   Christinas   nighl.
has cone lo his death on the scaffold,
the llrst mun lo pav (he death penalty
for such a crime in the District of
Columbia, Ho had confessed, and
President Wilson had refused clemency.
Emerson Buys Heavily.
Portland, Ore., June 12. J. s. Emerson, millionaire lumberman, of Vancouver, B.C., closed il deal today for
the purchase of 8,000,000 feet of oak
logs which he will bring from Otarlu,
Japan, und convert Into finished lumber al his Portland plant. The logs
will  coat  $400,000.
4    PHOTO  PLAYS    4
It's a Keystone Comedy.
and   positively   the   funniest
one ever seen.
Chas. E. Royal
Stock Co.
Presenting   the
LATEST     AND     DEST     IN
PRICES:  10c. and 20c.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the g latest favor wherever laid.
Zsts^- iHn
Jw            ii EmHj
'   . '���'.*������   1������
v '������!���<'������,��� ���'fr^^^zdifc^
Bltulithic on Second Street, Nem Westminster with Boulevard Dovnr
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For theso reasons
Bitulithic is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It haa been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred ln tho United States.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.
n***rjxd*t*atr*trwi. .
114-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
FRIDAY, JUNE 13,  1913.
Classified Advertising
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
���lav; 4c per word per week; 15o per
ninth; 6,000 words, to be UBed as required within one year from date of
funtracL 125.00.
wbere sitting room and piano occasionally available. State lowest
terms. Box 151a News office. (1519)
Must be plain cook. Apply 48 Hoyal
avenue. (1516)
rooms with board. Apply 715 Fifth
avenue. (1513)
girl wants position by the day In
family, hotel and office. Apply J.
Finchida. P. O. Hox 437. (1497)
beds and pillows. Address Hox
1136 News office. (1SS3)
keeping rooms. All conveniences.
732 Agnes street. (1525)
housekeeping rooms, 1020 Third
avenue. (1524)
. rn house. Third avenue, near
Ninth street. Apply ��0S Third
avenue. (1523)
house on Agnes street. Enquire 129
Agnes atreet. (1498)
keeping rooms. Apply 828 Royal
avenue. (1505)
funlshed housekeeping rooms, llrst
floor, at 224 Seventh slreet.    (1503)
Apply 703 Agnea street.
ed rooms for young married couples.
Apply 70.1 Agnes street. (1489)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.   Telephone L638.
delivery, either all 600, or a  single-
cord.    How many for you 1    Very
reasonable.    Hox 14!)9  News  office.
household goods; kitchen cabinet,
lounge, iron bod, dishes, etc., camp
cook's outfit of eight hole gas stove,
two gas plates, gasoline tanks and
burners, knives uud forks, dishes,
etc.; also one strength testing
machine. All in good order and on
Bale at Vldnl's warehouso, Market
square. Friday, June 13. Herbert
P. Vidal & Co., Md. (1504)
'Made in Victoria" Show" to Be Strong
Feature���Agriculturists and
Stockmen Co-operating.
Prince Rupert to Organise Dattery of   If Underwood BUI Becomes Law Brit-   Curfew Bell  Operated from Fire Sta
Artillery���Guns   of   Heavy
Victoria, Juno 12.���One of the most Prince Rupert, June 12.���A move-
carefully arranged and most generous ment Is under way to have formed In
prize lists ever Issued by the B. C. Ag-' Prince Rupert an artillery corps. To
rlcultural association is uow available Btart with, the establishment would
at that organization's offices. Chan- consist of ono battery, with eight
eery Chambers, Bastion street, to all | horses for ench of the two gunB. Cor-
who apply. ; reBopndence has already taken place,
The competitions announced in this and there Is reason to believe that the
booklet* If they are entered as hu-gcly  powers that be are decidedly  favor
tuge, modern, newly decorated, near
Fourth street and Sixth avenue;
bargain nt $2500. Small payment
down aud balance as rent. Apply
eveulngs about 7 o'clock, 331 Pine
street. (14951
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Cannda'e Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
as expected, will ensure the 1911,3 exhibition being one of the most successful ever held onthls part of tho
Island-^ For months competent committees havo been engaged In oullin-
able to the organizing of such a battery.
It haB just been learned that Col.
Roy, D. O. C, when here laat week,
said it had his hearty approval. Kur-
ing tho classes for the fair's different i ther than this, Col. Hughes, minister
departments, and George Sangster,: of militia, regards the proposition with
the secretary, believes that the result j favor, nnd it Is a foregone conclusion
is a list that will compel the atten
tion and the interest of stockmen, ag
HculturiBtB, dairymen and all    those
engaged in mixed farming In British
While the exact figures are not
available, it is understood that some
thousands of dollars have heen added
to the amount which waB distributed
that in tho projected corps will be
found a good sprinkling of men who
have seen active service.
The guns would be furnished by the
department, and represent the latest
in modern armament, lf it becomes
finally Bettltd that there Is to be a
battery, and the general outlook
strongly   indicates  this,   it   would   be
p. R. & M. AGENCY, LIMITED, 520
Columbia street, New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mero trifle. No membership fee required nnd commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (1365)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mcrcantilo Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
wants work, by the day. Box 1491
News  office. (1491)
| In prizes last year,   ln taking this Btep Inecereary to have provision made for
the  officials  are  of  the  opinion   that jthe accommodation of artillery In the
! they  have  done  something  that  will  plans of the armory  which  is  to be
jinake the show more popular with tho j erected near tho acropolis.   For a city
; general public and also be a financial. the size and age of Prince Rupert the
i benefit.    Of  course,  they  look  for  a1 creation  of  n  sm:irt  und   up-to-date
substantia! Increase in the entry fees, | battery   Is   something  notable   In   it-
'anrf  besides,  they  expect    an    even  sei.'.
I greater daily attendance than in 1912 |    The guns would have carrying pow-
| by  virtue  of  the  fair'B  Improvement   er of at least ten miles, and the drills
1 from the standpoint of the agriculturist und ilu Btockman,
i    if tlie board of trade Is -successful j bring Into being in this city
Iin its efiorts to provide a Made-in-Vic-   of trained  and effective artillerymen.
, toria   feature,   Secretary   Sangster   Is i
i confident that thn show will reach the
highest  point  yet   attained   in   merit.
, Both he and Dr. Tolmie, president of
'the  Agricultural  association, are as-
: sisting tn every way in their power in
' interesting the  local  Industrial  firms
', In tho move.    They believe that the
I effort   will   be   generously   supported,
' and It is their oninion that, if sufficient
' space is spoken for by the different
] Victoria manufacturers, there will he
| no difficulty in securing the building
needed to accommodate the display.
and costuraer, 411
Phone 1.793.
Eighth    street.
or vacant lots for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on beach
front.   Winch. White Rock.    (1323)
English corner and QutcnB court, a
gold  bracelet.    Finder please leave
at   this  office  and   receive   reward.
Seventh avenue. Irish terrier. Anyone harboring after thia notice will
be prosecuted. (1511)
Furnished   three  room   suite,
bath.    Hot and cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Between Charles A.  Welsh,  Plaintiff;
and Isaac Rea,  Defendant:
In Chambers before His Honor, Judge
Howay,  Friday,  the   16th   day     of
May,  A.D.  1913,
Upon hearing Mr. John Sloan Pot-
tor, of Counsel for the IMaintifT, and
upon hearing read the affidavit of
Howard Welsh tiled herein, and upon
bearing what  was alleged,
lt is ordered that service of the
Wr ��� of Summons iu this action be
substituted by serving the said Defendant Isaac Rea In the following
manner, that is to say: By sending a
true copy of the Writ of Summons,
i gether with a true copy of this
order la the I>. tendant's last known
address, Lytton Hotel, New Westminster, B.C., under prepaid double registered post, and also by inserting in
tho "Daily News." a newspaper published and circulating In the City of
New Westminster, B.C., for a period
of tlve (51 days, notice of the said
Writ of Summons,
And it is further ordered that the
time limited for entering an appearand* to said Writ of Summons bo
eight |��) days after the laat Insertion
of this advertisement
And it Ib further ordered that tho
costs of and Incidental to this application be costs In the cause.
(1520) County Judge.
I, C.eoffrey K. Burnett, C.E., B. C.
Land Surveyor, give notice that I
have taken into partnership Mr. D. J.
Mcflugan, CE., li. C. Land Surveyor,
and we shall carry on business ut niy
old address on McKenzie street. New
Westminster, under the name of "Bur-
nett &  McCtigan."
All accounts due to me are to be
paid into the hands of Burnett &
Mctiugan within one month from
dale, wbo will also deal with all
valid claims against my late business.
11. C. Land Surveyor.
New Westminster, B.C., June 12, 1913.
besides  being    beneficial    especially
from the physical point of view, would
Hold   Up   Man   Surrenders   at   Police
Station���Subsequently  Denies
Hln Story.
Notice is  hereby    given    that    thc
meeting of tlm Licensing Board which
was   to  be  heI-4 on   Wednesday,  the
Ilth inst., has been postponed to Wed.
nesday, the ISth inst., at S p.m.
Acting City Clerk.
City Hall, June 10, 1913. 115141
Victoria, June 12.���Declaring that
he was one of the two highwaymen
who at midnight on Friday night last
held up and robbed Frederick Wilkes,
a chauffeur, at the point of a revolver
ua! giving the name of Oeorge Thomp-
on tbe Mount Tolmie road, an individ-
Bon entered the police station at 2
o'clock yesterday morning and gave
himself up to Jailer Abbott.
He was without a cent and looked
as if ho had not. had a square meal
teuded grand lodge sessions In the hiB- '|for two or U��ree -*->a-vs- Tht* tact ,hat
tory of OddCellowBhlp In British Co- no.cnrrled a fully loaded revolver gave
lumbla opened In this city yesterday color >�� *���'���*��� 8,or>'- aml ,he -���*������<'������
morning and will continue until Thurs- ] promptly booked him for Investiga-
day  evening,  when   tho  grand  lodge tlon.
will be brought to a close with a grand I    Immediately  Wilkes   was  sent  for.
supepr and dance for Odd Fellows and i lnit h(, ytri;,.(,  lhat he wag u,,al)1(> ,���
identify Thompson as one of his ns-
Ballants. Another chauffeur, Liddell
by name, who accompanied Wilkes to
the police Station, declared his ability
Biggest Gathering of I. O. O. F. in B.
C. Continue!  In  Nanalmo���Officers Elected.
Nanaimo, June 12��� The largest nt-
Fine Home for Exchange���For few
days only. Owner will take lot
worth $lf.on for $1670 of equity In a
(lne new five roomed fully modern
house, situate on a large lot.
Seven!h avenue, near Sixth street.
Balance of payments small and
very easy.
For Sale���Five roomed new house
with bath and toilet; large lot and
close to Twelfth street. $100 cash,
balance $2fi a month.
Wanted���We will give a $1350 agreement for sale (Al) and balance
cash for a good building lot in city.
Must be cheap and u good buy.
Ovvni rs only.
For Rent���No. 428 Thirteenth street.
city, six roomed fully modern
house. Fine gulden and fruit trees.
Lease to   careful   tennant,   cheap
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Truat  BuiiIding.
Kcbokalu. only,
I    The grand Itehakah assembly open-
led at !l a. m. with 43 deb gates in attendance representing 2:1 subordinate
lodges,  there  being  HI   visitors  pres-
jent, including Fast Presidents Elizabeth 'Kvans. of Revelstoke, and Mrs.
M. E Keith, of New Westminster.
It..solutions were passed expressing
sympathy with Sisters Squires and
Burgoyne of Vancouver, in
ness, and th
.secretary  to  forward   a   teleg
Sister  Barker, of Cranbrook,  intorm-
'ing her of her election to the position of president and expressing regrets at her Inability to he present
owing to the serious illness of ber
husband. The finance committee presented its report showing a cash balance at  the end  of  1912 of $1,112.63,
to identify Thompson as  a man  who
entered  Wilkes' car on  Friday evening   shortly   before   midnight   at   the
motor  ear  stand,   hut   Liddell  states
that but one got into ihe car.   Wilkes,
their 111-1'" "*'** stor>' t0 the police of the rob
't clared  there   were   two  men
slim and the other short
und thick set
Yesterday Thompson denied that he
had participated in any hold up, but
he Btated that he h'ld come Ilere with
about $200 and spent it. On Monday
he was without fund-3 antl had nothing
to ent. He invented the story in order to secure lodgings at the pollce
icoiiver,  in  tnelr  ill- ' " ,','���'    ,
iembly instructed thePery; !������,"',',
ward   a   telegram   t0 ��� one   all and Rl
the reports of other committees Bhow-'    '  "'"
Ish  Columbia   Will   Benefit
by  Lower  Duty.
Kaslo, B. C.i June 12.��� Owners of
I milling, property In this tectum dls-
1 play considerable interest in regard to
���the outcome of the tarlfT legislation in
', the United tSates, sb embodied in the
1 Underwood bill, which has yet to go
through   the  scnuto  before  becoming
Since Canada has as yet no zinc
(melting facilities of any kind a material reduction In the duty levied on
zinc ores going across the line to be
smelted Will prove of groat value to
scores of southern British Columbia
mines,-particularly in this district,
where zinc Is so often found associated with the lead and Bl|ver, or, aa
it sometimes happens, entirely by Itself.
For some years  past shipments of
crude zinc, zinc concentrates or leud-
1 silver-zinc ores have  been  made    to
I American smelters, but as a general
rule   the  duty  hitherto   Imposed   has
proved a severe handicap upon the B,
C, producing properties, lt being only
the high grade mines that could mar-
:ket  their zinc under such conditions
I at a profit.
Tlio    Underwood  bill, however, re-
j duces the tariff on zinc ores to ten per
; cent, ad valorem.    Of local  zinc authorities no one is better qualified to
.give an opinion than John  L.  Hetal-
' lack, who, In addition to being at the
head of a mining company lhat always
i has  been  a  heavy   zinc  producer,   is
Canadian agent, fer Beriiondheimer &
Co. of Now York, a smelting concern
j that handles a large amount of zinc
I ore?.
Opinion of an Authority.
"It is early yet to make any prediction regarding the effect of the Underwood tariff on the production of zinc
here,"  said  Mr.   Retallack,    "as    the
measure has not only to be passed by
I the senate, but it is quite probable that
'the l'nited States treasury department
.will make a ruling as to whether tlie
I ten per cent, ud valorem duty is to
apply on the gross or the net value of
tho ore.
If  it   Ib  the  former conditions  will
not  be  improved  to  any  extent over
1 what they are at the present time, as
I far as the BritlFh Columbia producer
1 is concerned.   If the duty applies upon
the net value of the ore it will prove
; of  great  assistance.     At    any    rate,
* whatever benefit does arise will  not
i be felt for some time to come, as once
i the senate gets through with the bill
It will  take  some  lime  get n ruling
'from the treasury department."
Shuld the altered conditions prove
j favorable to shippers on this side
j of the line the result would be that a
I considerable tonnage of zinc ores
! would soon be going forward. Tlie
'zinc in the ores proves a handicap
here in the early days as lead stnel-
: tors imposed a penalty upon it.
With the later introduction of mlll-
iing  machinery  capable of  separating
ihe zinc from the lead, iho former became a by-product awaiting but a sat-
Usfactery market to become of great
lvalue.   There are Immense quantities
i of low grade mixetl zinc and lead ores
in  the  district that   under favorable
; conditions    as    to marketing    would
. prove of immense  value,
Big Strike in the Ajax.
The big Ftrike made In the Ajax at
Ferguson,   early   last   wtner,   is   still
1 showing up well, according to James
Anderson, who represents the Alexan-
I der interests in the manag'-ment of
the property. "There Is about fifteen
feet of ore In the face of mir drift,"
he sahl. "and of lhis about a foot and
a half is clean shipping ore. the rest
of ii milling.    We expect to maintain
la steady production antl smelter shipments during the balance of the year."
The Ajax Is one of the hlg Silver Cup
1 group, the largest producer In the
Trout lake district.
tiona  Mentis  Homo for All
Under   Sixteen
Victoria, Juno 12.- Hereafter, when
promptly every evening at 11 o'clock
the fire bell sounds thn warning In
nine strokes. It will he no signal Tor
an outbreak of fire, but Instead It
will be n warning to hH Ihe Juvenile
population under Ihe age of sixteen
years to seek tlle parental roof unless (tit the moment tbe child happens'to bo under the proper enre or
guardianship of an adult.
The cily council at Monday night's
meeting determined that the bylaw-
paused In December last should be
Immediately brought into force and
Offset,. t'P 'o date the bylaw has
nnt been enforced because of the fact
that no sufficient signal could be secured.
Tlle bylaw speaks of a curfew bell,
and naively that an officer, to be
known as the curfew officer, sliall
cause a suitable steam whistle to be
inslalltd by the council to be Bounded as a warning continuously for 11
neriod of at least twenty Seconds
"and the same Bhall be called the
curfew  bell"
The Intention was to purchase 11
whistle to be Installed at the city's
electric light station, bul this was not
done. Then the whistle at the brewery was stiggostt d, tiui it was felt that
It would hardly be appropriate to
have the work of saving the Juvenile
morals of the city each night by a
blast from the third emporium.
Finally, the fire bell has been selected, the council being stirred to
Immediate action by a communication
from the W C. T. U. calling attention to the facl that while the bylaw-
is operative no steps have hi en taken
to carry  it into effect.
No   Officer   Appointed
No curfew officer lias yet been appointed, but doubtless the duties attached to ihe office will be executed
by the chief of police.
The curfew signal will be opt rated
from the switchboard at fire headquarters, but until fire chief Davis is
formally instructed by the city council to proceed, the nightly alarm wlll
not be Bounded.
The bylaw fixed the hours at which
children under the ag" or "apparent
age" of sixteen shall be off the street
at 8.30 p. tn., during tbe period be-
tween October 1 and March 31; and
ai it p. in. for the remainder of the
year. Children under proper control
or guardianship are exempted from
the operation of the bylaw.
A child remaining on the atreet maybe warned by any police officer to
go home, and if the warning Is noi
obeyed and the child la found loitering on nny public Bireet on the same
night it may be taken to lt:i home.
Any parent or guardian of any child
under the age of Blxteen who shall
permit such child to habitually break
tho provisions of the bylaw, after being watned In writing, Hhall upon conviction be liable to a penalty of one
dollar for the first offence; $2 for
a second and $5 for a third or any
subsequent  offence.
Made  In   Smart
Stylet, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
Yeu MIsM Ai W.ll Ct
..    I
Bank of Montreal
iCAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
iRESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Blanches   throughout  Canada    and
Newfoundland, and  in   London    Eng-
���lend, New York, Chicago antl Spokane
; (I.H.A.,  and  Mexico City.    A  general
banking business transacted.    Letters
i if Credit issued, available with cor-
; respondents in all parts Of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
. received   in  sums  of  $1   and   upward
; and inierest allowed at 3 per cent, por
j uinum  (present rate).
I    Total Assets over ��lK(>,n0O.0ll(l.00.
O.  D,   HRYMNKR.   Manager.
Construction  cf   Waterworks.
,*.A..~c      n 111      I.n      .n,...!,-...! ... <
Tenders will lie receiveu ki :o*
Municipal Clerk's office tip to 4 p.m.,
.June 30, for construction tif waterworks in District Lot 46, Coqultlam,
j Plans and specification:! may be seen
lat the Engineer's office. Port Coqult-
I lam. A deposit of 5 per cent, to ac-
Icompany tender.
The lowest or any tender not neces-
* surily accepted.
(1512) Municipal Engineer.
ling an equally satisfactory condition
\of affairs. Officers for the r"W term
were  elected  as  follows:     I'resident,
A. E, Parker, cranbrook: vice-president,   M.  J. Grant,  Victoria;   warden.
'Annie (1. Butterlleld, Vancouver; secretary, Frances A Walker, Victoria;
treasurer, Elizabeth E. GilchriBt, Victoria.
Th" grand encampment 1 O. O. P.
opened at 2 p. in., among the distinguished visitors In attendance being
It. H. Falrley. of Calgary, grand mns-
ter of Alberta, who paid fraternal
greetings to tin- grand encampment of
B. C. from the grand encampment of
At yesterday's session the grand en-
enmpmi ut endorsed (he Idea of holding
a jubilee celebration at Victoria
Apparently he was unawares that
oft-times accommodation, such as it
is, is given at the police station to individuals who are without funds and
that no story of crime Is necessary to
pencil '1 man to secure oiilrince to
the cells. However, even if his story-
is shown to be false he bus transgressed in that he was carrying a concealed  weapon.
The story of Friday night's hold up,
as told by WllkeB to the police Immediately following the occurrence, was
to the effect th.it two men hnd hind
his c.-ir at the stand antl instructed
him to drive tlnMn to Moun! Tolmie.
When on tin Mount. Tolmie rond.
Bome distance past the city limits, bis
passengers asked thaf the car be
npy1)   stoppi'd and thi v got out, one on eitli-
Fernle, B. C, June 12.- A fire which
destroyed the home of an Italian
resident of Fernle, near the C. P, It.
section house, called out the brigade
on Tuesday, The cause was the es-
plosiau of a lamp and lt w-is only by-
chance that a life was not sacrl-
When the greater part of the moveables had been taken from the house
by the ex dud foreigner, It was remembered that a baby was in the
building iislt op. The rescue was made,
but only In the nick of time. The
dwelling was a tot-il loss.
The Laborer's Task.
When a fellow gets up at 4 a. m. to
;:iilk cows and does the work Incident
to his business by supptr time his fingers are stiff and his mind ditto. Ile
doesn't feel like keeping a set of double entry books not very much. He
thinks he's getting a living and lets
1: go nl that. Dean H. E Cook, School
>f Agriculture, Canton. N. V.
He  Lfit  thirty-four    (34),    Southwest
quarter of District  Lot eight hundred and elity-seven  (867), Municipality of North  Vancouver, Map
Whereas    proof    of loss of Certificate of Titlo  No.  59942 IC.    covering
tho above mentioned  property,  issued
l'i the name of Sham Singh, lias been
filed  In this ofTice.    Notice  Is hereby
civen  that I  shall at  the  expiration
ft one month from date of first pub-
rcation  hereof, issue a duplicate of
said Certificate of Title, unless In the
meantime valid objection bo made to
mo In writing.
Dated at tbe Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May, A.D. 1913.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Six roomed houce, cleared lot 50x150,
for $1370. Terms. East Hurnuby.
No. 67.
Lot 66x113 slashed, one minute from
car at Edmonds, J6D0.    No. 67.
Will trade swell building lot on Third
avenue, 66x132 on an up-to-date
reeldonce. What have you to offer.
No. D8.
Six roomed house on Columbia streot.
Sapperton, lot 60x132, for $4200.
No. 24.
Can trade a seven roomed house, lot
,ri0xl30, on l'ralrie farm. I'rice
$2300.    No. 86.
Two houses rent $25 and $15 per
month respectively, Lot 33x122.
facing on two good streets. $4000.
Easy terms,   No. 116.
Swell suburban home, six roomed
well built houBe. Lot 6Sx242. Handy
to car.    $3000. No. 47.
it Sldl   Ol  the c:ir.
One if them pulled oul Q revolver
and pointing It al Wilkes, ordered him
10 "1111 11 out." He gave up $10 and
then he -vus searched, afti r which be
was told to drive back to the city. He
wasted no time i'i doing so, reporting
Immediately to the police.
ThomnBon, who stated that he
comes from Vancouver, where he waa
employed In a laundry. Is a well dressed individual, with little of the ap-
to   Date  cf  Canadian  pearance of a gun man.
June In commetBoratlori of the fiftieth
anniversary of The founding of (Wil
Fellowship  In  British  Columbia, ond
'nlso voted the sum of $300 towards
the expenses of the celebration. The
membership committee reportrd nn
Incense   In   membership   during   Ihe
'past year of 16 per cent.
District Registrar.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notsry  Publlc.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Uncertainty   an
Expedition to Arctic.
Victoria   June 12.    Vilhaljmar Stef-'
ansson returned to Victoria last even- I
;ing from Vancouver, where    be    addressed  the  Canadian   club  of  thai *
city.    Today h* spent   with the other!
scientists of the expedition at the na-
val yard, where tie coaling of the Kar-
iiuk is now going on. a member of the
expedition stated this morning thai
the definite sailing time of the Karluk was not absolutely decided on yet,
but, it would be either at the end of
this week or the beginning of next.
The only part of the equipment yet j
uncomplete Is a few Instruments which
nre on the way here from London.
Last evening the members of the expedition, oxrtpt Mr, Btefansson, were
entertained nt the homo of W. J. Sutton, where they met  members of the
.Natural History society.
lt is announced that  Mrs.  Murray,
[wife of the chief scientist of the expedition, will not accompany her hus-
! band to Nome, lis was formerly slated,
but  will  return   to  London,   Kngland
I Immediately on the sailing of the Kar
Ladies Have Tough Time Mushing in
Over Trail
New Hazelton, June 12.���On Sunday's train pulling out of New Hazelton wns Frank Jackson. Mrs. Jackson and M;s-t Carter. They had just
returned from their trip to the
Groundhog coal fields and were on
their way to Vancouver,
The Ihree of them wi nl Into thi-
coal fields last winter, going by the
Skeena river with a dog train. Mr
Jackson had s lot of work to do In
the Interests of his company and they
were unable to get star id on the return trip as soon ns they expected.
Coming down the ladies had lo mush
as it was Impossible to bring t'i" dot;<
down and there were no horses in
Il was 11 trip that would cause many
a roughneck to shiver, and the Indies
deserve grent credit for staying with
the trail. They are the first women
lo have made the trip or foot. One
or two others have boen in with
horses. Mr. Jackson wlll return to
this district before very long.
American ProfesBcr Gives Good Advice j
to Hiflh School Boys Entering
.Madison, Wis., June 12. -Over nine
ty pi r cent, of all the boys who fall
in grammar and high EChi ols are
smokers, according to Profesor M. V.
O'Shea, of the university of Wisconsin, and he further asserts that the
tobacco 1 vil is the mosl serious one
that  public schools have to contend
, with.
He does not believe that most boys
smoke because they like tobacco, but
because their school fellows smoke. It
;ls a social thing with the hoys and by
smoking the average boy thinks he is
[one of the "crowd," but an "outsider"
if he does not. smoke.
Unruly boys, says l'rof. O'Shea, are
j almost  always   addicted   to  the  clg-
iurette   habit,   and   he declares that
'smoking robs pupils of their docility.
| Records kept of the students who
were  not   addicted   to   the     smoking
: habit whin they entered the high
school, but who acquired It later, show
that not only did these pupils become
harder to manage bul the qquallty of
l their school work also declined  very
! greatly.
The statement of a number of high
school principals 10 the effect thai
from fitfy to eighty per cent, of high
I school boys nre now using cigarettes
i shows what a hold the smoking evil
1 has gained on Ihem.
"It Is nn Interesting fact," says Professor O'Shea "that the strongest sentiment agninBl smoking has arisen In
I communities in which tobacco raising
is the principal Industry.
"Tobacco men do not want boys In
their own communities to smoke,
while In a number of places in Wisconsin the records show thai lhis
Bmoking by young boys lessen their
mentality and makes more or less
dunces of them. Many organizations
have taken an active stand againBt
smoking hy their school children."
por nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
olTer the important aclvant
age that they do not disturb
the rest of the .system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
National Drun anil Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited.     I7S
Notice Ib hereby given that at the
next sitting of the Board of License
I Commissioners for the City of Now
! Westminster application will be made
I for a transfer of the license tb sell
liquor by retail la the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One (1).
pillock "(!," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from Jos. I. Freeman to Henry Froeman.
Dated    at    New Westminster, B.C..
this tit li day nf May, A.D. 11113.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applloant for Transfer.
Telephones: Office 53.  Reeldence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
To Port  Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per,Following Schedule:
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann S.nn a.m.
Leaves Port Mann for New WeBt-
minHter 9:00 a.m.
Leavea N'ew Westminster for Port
.Mann and Port Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leavea Port Coqultlam for Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Loaves Port Mann for New Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leuvea New Westminster for Port
Manu and Port Coqultlam l:2�� p.m.
Leaves Port Coqultlam for Port
Mann and New Westminster 0:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry Ac Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  154 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Splendid arrangements marie this
/ear for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points east,  commencing  May 28.
Week End tickets on sale to local
polntB at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays, Saturdays  and  Sundays.
For rates nnd reservation apply   to
New Westminster
Or H.  W.   Hrodle, O.P.A.  VancoureT
B.C. Coasl Service
Now  Spring and  Summer Suitings
now on display,    See them.    Perfoet
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front StreeL
Leavos Vancouver for Vlctorlu 1(1 a. in.,
I ;���.  in, mid  I I   tl,.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle io a. m.
snd 11 p. ni.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo li
a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Loaves Vanoouver for Prince Kiip.>rt
��� nnd Northern Pointe in n. m. Wednesdays and Saturdays nt  11 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leiivns Chllllwack 7 a, m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
1^'nveH Wesl minster S a. rn. Monday.
Wednesday nnd Friday.
Kt). GOULET, AR"nt, Nrw Westminster,
H. W. BltODtH, U. P. A.. Vancouver. FRIDAY, JUNE  13,  1913.
Prolongation     of   Strike   In   Nanaimo   Case    In    Supreme    Court,    Victoria
Causes Reflection on Why Trade
is Crippled and Men Suffer
Nanalmo, June U.���A lot of the
miners of Nunalmo are doing some
tall   thinking  these  days.
They arc wondering why they lefl I
work; why they gnve up good Jobs; j
why Ihey have lo skimp and Bave;
why lhe comforts they formerly enjoyed are now denied tbem; why
tiny ure unable to meet tbe puyments
on the homes tliey were buying; why
iheir children ure d<nUd the pjea-
���cirei ihat wort; formerly thelrB.
N; I all, bill the great majority of
ih* men who were working baton
May I. were content to fulfill the
.UT .mint lhi y hud with the Western
Kin'l Company which terminated In
September, .Whatever Improvement
l luy tli sired lu their working eondl
ii< ii.. and iu their wages, lt was gen
er illy expected, would bo brought up
then and BBttltd amicably as It has
been lu the pasi. While, no doubt,
et rtii'n advances were confidently ex
pected from the oompany, the miners
did nol anticipate; any Ichs of time,
suffering or anxiety b-r the outcome.
Such adjustments have h en amicablj
i; ..I.* In Nanalmo for the past several years now*.
True, there had existed in Nanaimo
for seine months a cot of men  whos ���
i iain object 1 od appeared to be to
uet i ne chits i f men against another,
io stir up strife, cause discontent and
make ti"* miner believe that ever}
man's hand Is against him. Little
attention was paid to this professional class of agitators, however. Pew
of do in worked In 'he mines; few
��� i tlu in had any Interest In common
with (In* men who won- earning their
llvlhood and maintaining iinii* stat d
:,.. I'd citizens looking forward
..   the   future   with     confidence     for
lhelr families and themselves.
Called S'-rike
in  May 1. Prank Farrlngton, a rni-
(..I Mon* Worker official In Seattle,!
,-in A ' liiiin, who did not live here,
win. i tuld not possibly have known
* conditions here as did th" men who
bad 0, work hero���tha men whose
actions on- >i urs past allowed that,
Ihey were content with their lot -
i ailed u strike.
Why.' Because the l'nited Mint
Workers, an organization which had
very tew members here at the time,
and who had already seriously crip-
[I d Uu* conl Irade of liritish Columbia, u tnanded recognition, at the
ami time   leaving    Ihe    Washington
lea  v,bere  ihey had  several mines *
[sui; d" alone.
near In mind the Washington mines
still operated and supplied the coal
.. lhe liritish Columbia markets. Nan-'
aimo and other places whore the men
have been thrown out Of work by the
U MW. Of A. used tn supply (his mar
kt I. Millers of the V. M. W. of A
re  now  helping  to supply  this mar-
��� i is not necessary to go Into the
details of ihe history leading up to
���hit so called strike ushered Iii May
1. ihey are still fresh In the minds
of tbe miners of Nanaimo and there
i- plenty of lime theBe daya to think
tii. in ov: r.
That's what the- miners of Nanaimo
aro tloing Hiobo days.
Brainy Work
They are thinking it all over. Mighty  Boon  they  are  going  to come to
.*  conclusion  on the matter,    a
greal   maty  of  them  have.    More of
lh. m   ure   likely  to.
ere are 'he miners of Nanalmo.
living in what for years lias been sj.o-
ken of as the best coal mining-town
in America out on strike against Iheir
own will, without a voice on the mat-
ter, forced to break an agreement
honorably made with the company
they were working for.   And why?
I.i ihe nice little game that has
I" . n played in Nanaimo for the past
few Keeks, Ihe play haB all been on
the one side in the hands of a bunch
.f U. M. W. of A. paid official who
i p. lily boasted thoy were going to
1 i Nanalmo on lhe hog. The men���
ih ��� miners themselves, the ones most
-��� tally affected���have had nothing to
The rutcome is certain, How sooh
i! will arrive depends en.ircly on the
men themselves.
Brings to Light Important Point
���May Not Apply on Island.
Victoria. June 11.���Whether or not
tbo provisions of the Lord's Day uct
aro applicable to Vancouver Inland Is
a Question which Is before the -supreme
court in consideration of a case iu
which Edmund Frostier is the defendant and Messrs, William Simpson
and Walter T. Ilawloy are Ihe plaintiffs. All partlts are from ClayoqUOt.
The plaln'ifi's are endeavoring to ob-
| tain an order forcing tlie defendant
to  deliver   certain   west   coast   lands
! which he Is alleged to have entered
Into a legal contract to Roll. The de-
fendani affirms that the agreement
into -which he entered was drawn on
Sunday, and therefore cannol stand.
Counsel ior the defendant, F. E. Elliott, of Courtney & Elliott, contended that, as the Instrument was prepared on tho Sabbath, it was illegal,
lie based this on ll e provisions of the
I Lord's Day act, which, lie declared,
applied as soundly to Vancouver Island as tli. y do to nny other section
of the province.    To maintain other-
, wise, in his opinion,  was an abt-urd-
. ity.
in further discussion he cited the
privy council's decision lu the case of
the attorney-general of Ontario vs.
the Hamilton Street liaiiwtiy com-
pany. Hire it was hold that tbe provincial Sunday laws were ulta viroR
and that, the criminal laws generally
i were   reserved   to   M)S   Dominion,   He
added, answering irs lordship, that it
,i is not liis claim that provincial laws
wire ultra vires, hut iie maintained
that, after confederation, they could
in 1 be lo id to ovi rrido fed. ral law.
His lordship brought the argument
to a il* so hy stating that, while he
was BatlcQ-gd that, the agreement at
Issue was entered into on a Sunday,
he was not as clear as to the effectiveness of the Lord's Day act on Vancouver Island, and would consider tile
Already  Working  Out  in  Actual  Fact
is   Statement   Made   in
"It in a great thing to fool that we
are In tho Bame work, under the same
flag, and the spirit and the results
are the same, even though the names
r'V  bo dfff< c lit "
"Keep Our Faith"���Judge  Sutherland
'it !s n very great pleasure lo bring
you  the greeting of  the  Presbyterian   laymen   or   Canada,"   Bald   Judge
"It Is nn easy task to fill our great
country with men, bnt It Is proving
oven more difficult io keep our faith
holy. We glory In the great resources of Canada In the material sense;
bill more Important by far are the
character and Institut'ons of the people, and a united church would better theae.
"There Is time for a union among
the I'rnstestant churches of Canada,
especially the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches, and
eventually of all evangelical churches
Id v. Ellu-y Held 'hen told of the
caso of Danville. Quebec, where a
strong Congregational church and n
w uk Prcsbv'crlan church formed nr
organic basis of union, united, and,
are presided over by a Presbyterian
minister with greal  suet: 'ss.
iiie   report  of   lhe    Chureh     Union
committee,   presented   by  the  chair-1
man,   Dr.  W.   II.  Warrlner, expressed
lhe  fervent  hope  that    the    t'nl'ed :
Church of Canada  might  speedily be-!
com    en accomplished fact.
A   Real  Union Church   in  Fact.
Dr. Warrlner rricrted that a union j
church was actually In court"- of con-'
Btructlon at Belleville, Quebec, whore:
all three b-dles of Ihe nriinarv mov!
era for nnton ;n Canada would b" j
united.  I Pear hear)
in-. Bllery    Read   was   applauded
when   be  further  contributed  to  the
"union   spirit"  cf  the  day   when   he
Btated that he had "been converted" i
to the union movement.
"It's In en it lon tr court-shin, but  It's
practically a betrothal now," said Dr
Warrlner, "may I live to see the day." ,
(Hear, hear,)
"Do   not   think   that  my   blindness :
has   made   me   a   strong   Bliportef  of
this movement " said Dr. O'Hara,    i
-���i..  sw mentallv. and  I can see that
this will be a great, -.'put thing.
"I may never be able tn attend nnv
more meetinga of the union, but my
heart   is always  wiii  the  movement :
for union, antl  I feel that our church
[may help greatly,
i can sny. 'Now let thy servant de-
par; In peace,' if 1 only live till union
1 iB a fact."
The  Union Idea in Toronto
The pastor of the Northern church.
Rev. Frank Day, then added another
testimony of the alreadv splendid cooperation between the three churches
In Toronto, in the fact that the now-
Northern church now building in
North Rostdale will be given no mm*
petion In that field by either the
methodists or the Presbyterians.
New Year Resolutions of a Practical Bride Elect.
from Tacoma was declared off.    The |
distance was 148 mlleB, the birda be- ;
.lng   liberated   at  fi:ll)  a.   m.   Sunday
morning.    No birds got home Sunday
iand only three put in an appearance
on Monday: Watson Bros., Newcastle;
Island, being llrst at 'J::)5 a. m.; T. j
.Wilkinson, Chase river, second at'
ilO:?,r>   a.   m.,   and   William   Illckerly,
South Wellington, at 4:31 p. m.
The day was very cloudy, the birds
thus being severely handicapped. The
next race will be from Chehalls, Waeh- |
ington, on Sunday next.
Three Ways In Which the Ceremony
May     Ba     Impressively     Performed
Without   Giving   Offense   to   One's
Relatives   or    Friendt���The   Impor- I
tance of Tagging Gifts.
l>ear Klsii���I wiib so astonished and
pleased lo hear about Dorothy's engagement. Verily, verily, a woman la
a bundle uf contradictions, aud ns one
of llle Characters lo n popular comic
ppera thft about the scj. "You never
Hnd two alike nuy one time; you never
t,M(l one alike twice." Now, here's
Dorothy, n bachelor girl (I won't say
old inn Id i, who positively gloried In
und II.united ber !ude|>endeuee In tbe
fnce of every eligible mule, actually
Inning the nerve lo go and annex oue
of the undesirables. She's a splendid
(tlrl. nnd she'll make the man she's
chosen  u  charming,  chummy sort of
Former   Mayor   May   Be   Disqualified
By Alberta Law Association
Calgary, June 12.���Application was
made in the spreme court en blanc |
yesterday morning by the Law Society of Alberta to have Alexander
Knox, barrUter, and former mayor of
WestaRkiwin. disqualified from practising at the bar of the province.
Charges of misdemeanors while
practising in Aberdeen, Scotland, are
made the foundation of the application, which was spoken to by Charles
F. Adams. It is further alleged that
Knox fled Scotland to escape a certain criminal proceedings against him.
Their lordships, after hearing the
speeches of counsel, ordered a commission   to   lake  certain  evidence  in
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty mlnutea run from New Westminster on Q. N. Ry. All trains
stop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf;
only live mlnutea from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.   For terms and rates apply
White Reck, B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Transfer Co.
Offlc* Phon* 185.      Barn Phon* 117
���*gbl* Btr**t.
Baggage Deliver** Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Toror. n, Juno U. A remarkable
d monatratlon of enthusiasm thai
thrilled the whole conference occurred in the Northern Congregational
church In the Congregational l'nlon
of Canada, when after the speeches
nf the delegates, Dr. McQIUIvray and
Judge Sutherland, brining greetings
from the Presbyterian Assembly, tbe
whole audience rose and sang. "Meat
Be the Tie ihat Hinds."
"Gcd speed the day when we shall
yet more closely be united!" said Dr
"It Isn't the time now when we can
afford to waste any of our energy, or
to have a dollar mlaspent or a mac
"1 um looking forward to the day
when 1 may be pastor of what was
once a Congregational church. I am
sure lhat when lhat union takes pla::
as   t'ike   ple.ee   it     will    you     n 1
make no aptlogy for lack of unmet
ical strength, for you make up for
It In faith and devotion and en thus
iasm, I bring you the greetings o.
your sister church from all my heart
Prize Out Growers.
J. C. Hill & Son-, the wesU-rn farmers, who won this year's continental
trophy for oats, are now famous a-
growera ol i rise oats, us they captured the $1,000 ,.(iz* for the bushel
at the Columbus, Chio, corn allow
last year. The family belong to tht
Ilarr colonists, snd leu years ago when
they [eft London Huy had absolutely
no knowledge if (arming. Since
starting In the west, however, they
have J41 v ��� 11 up most i.j their time and
efforts to growing oats.
Sinclair's Bull.
John Sinclair irom Nova Scotia has
up to tin- moment the reputation of
committing the best bull yet uttered
in the naval debate. "It the Government waul- to cnim this policy down
my throat it lias a hard and stony road
to travel," John said, and everybody
now .-ays he inu.it have a rough neck.
Municipal   Labor  Bureau.
An experiment slon;: the lines ni the
establishment ol a municipal   labor
bureau  lias  been  initiated  liy  Mayor
Grey at New Westminster.
hod   Boy   Funners   Will   Pass   98
Towns���Cach   Boy   Runs
One  Mile.
Chicago, June 12. Ninety-eight clt-
. nd towns will be traversed by the
i nnr.. rs In the schoolboy relay rare*
scheduled from Washington to Chicago to mark the formal opening of the
athletic carnival to be held in (Irani
park .lune 28 tn July 6, The route
...T mlleB.    Bach boy will ruh a
'   i'i,*   P. .1.  H.  Farrell, l'nited States
mt-dlcal  reserve corps, who Is Ohalr-
. in of tha committee In charge of the
i. lav   race,   has   communicated   wltli
physlclanB and mm ons all along tbo
t im, and promises the active aid of at
lean (very member of the medical re-
��� ���   ... corps, ,   .,,    ,.
Following ara the principal cities to
' .covered by tbo route:   Wachlngton,
D  ('.:  Frederick,   Md.;   Gettysburg,
l'n . chsmbersburg, Po.! McConnels-
ii   ,  l'i ;   Bedford  Springs,    ;��������� u"
,,- pa.; Qreensi-.urg.Pa.; w"cins-
Pa ; Pittsburgh. Pa; SewloMey,
I'a.;   Heaver  Falls,  Pa.!   YniitiKSlown.
ii; i.ii.rlin. 0.; Toledo, 0.1 KendfUl;
...  ind.;   South   Bend, Ind.,  Bast
ongo,  lnd.;   Whiting.  Ind..  Boutn
......  ,���..  thence  along  Michigan
,.������,. Ob tho stadium In Grant Pant,
1 'hlcago.
Lambs Need Variety.
il,.. successful feeding ol lmgbs depends largely on their being offered^
i al   variety  of  food  while  lu    ""
wile,     .My   love  to  her  and  all
wishes tor her happiness.
ibis matrimonial talk has recalled
winii souie one lold me recently ubout
the very systematic way In wblcb a
sister of hers was preparing fur hor
She has nn Indexed blank book for a
list or wedding guests. In which she
puis dowu nn dies and addresses of the
people sbe wauls lo invite to the ceremony. Schoolmates wfiose addresses
hive been forgotten she writes lo ber
college secretary to supply. In n sep-i
rate list ure Ibe names of people wbo
life to be merely Invited to Hie reception. This early h-t ls not ('unfilled to
the bride elect's fi tends, bnt this forehanded girl bus insisted upon her
tin int. keeping a like iicciiuut. for it
one must cut in number, she argues. ;
"It Is impolite to do all the cutting ou
tbe man's list. Retter to run chances
of making pence with your own old
friends thau of giving ufteuse tu
friends of the bridegroom."
I think that invitation decisions nre
always diilicult and dangerous at wedding times. It Is considered, rather
unjustly, that an Invitation to a wedding stands for continued friendship In
the new life, so tlie slighted are doubly
sensitive, don't you think so. Hlsa'/
The poor, overworked bride bas need
of nil the tact, policy and kindliness
She cun command not to make enemies.
This girl I am telling you about has
! hit un ii-'-"' ways of compromising on
j Wedding    1.,-,1'utlons    and    still    keep
First invite only the Immediate fsui
Hies of the bride and bridegroom nml
; send nimuiineemeilt cards to friends ]
| and iictpuiiiitauces. If the collection
Is u large one It mny tie necessary to
limit Invitations to the wedding to
brst cousins,
The second way Is to hnve n church
Wedding wltb relatives nml bridal par
ty only nt the reception.
1'hlrd wuy Is to bnve a private ceremony with one's dearest Iriends mul
us large n reception us the house will
hold.    This lust method the wise one
bas adopted
If there is to lie n reception only for
the relatives and brhbil party, reception i aids should not tie sent to dls
taut friends under the impression that
Ihey will not come. Tbey may. Besides, it Is bad taste and is sure to
be found out
I have become so absorlied In my
Subject that I am taking up the wed
ding proposition in all Its social side
Issues for Dorothy's enlightenment,
nnii very likely she knows the form
belter than I, but I shall recklessly
plunge tl bend.
A wedding reception Invitation de
niiintls an answer, tint as people are
t tireless and caterers come high It Is
safer to put IC S. V. P. ou Ihe i-unls
lu ordering the wedding breakfast allow for two-thirds of those Invited tin
less most nf the invitations hnve gone
out of town, when n one half limit muy
be safe.
i he only safe way to solve the wetl
ditiu |*i*. -mil situation Is n system ot
Ooulile ��� lit" i.inu >o im gift ean to uti-
10 Uieo* eil.ei! Dji-tl einil gilt singly
niul ii.-irt gift! sender mid address ot
so it* ,.i> a siieel "f paper before the
pexl luifkugv is opened.
Speukliill ef gifts reminds ine cf
(iuisin.s nnd the wonderful outdoor
tree pm up lur Hie great public's liene
Ht he;,. Iii Madison stjuore You naturally read about Mrs. Herce-holT's
beautiful Idea uud gift nf this gigantic
tree. sUty reet high, nnd the electric
light people's generosity In wiring Hie
tree, but unless you hnd seen the effeel
or the large green tree, iihlu/.e wltb
lights against n eold, starlit sky uud
Ihe snowdrifts forming II setting at the
linsc of the tree, no Iden of Ihe heiiut.i
of llm picture could be gained A choll
of men und boys sung the old, familiar
anil always Impressive Christmas cur
OK and In tbe evening an orchestra
played at Intervals to amuse the vast
crowds of people who thronged the big
Open space.
It Is tii he hoped thnt every ctty and
town will tuke up this beautiful holt-
iluy Idea of a municipal outdoor Christmas Iree.
I must before 1, stop talking tell yon
Pick's latest. Some one nsked hlm lo
detlne bis Idea of tart. "Well." he
drawled, if I should go tu heaven and
Should meet St. Peter 1 would not talk
about poultry." Lovely, wisn't It?
Evr roiirs, MABEL.
New York.
Scotland  in regard  to the matter.
The  application  is  supported  by  a i
number of affidavits, which are to the
effect that Knox is under fear of ar-.
rest   by   the   criminal   authorities  of
Scotlurid  in  connection  with  certain
embezzlements which he is stated to !
have  made  while a practising solici- j
tor in  Aberdeen in 1910, and that he
fh-d  from  the  country  to escape the
liritish courts  of Justice.
Knox was mayor of Wetaskiwin in
MIL' up till July 21, when he sudden- !
ly   left   the  city,  leaving  behind  him
his resignation as chief officer of the !
city.   According to ihe afitlivit of A. I
Stewart  Watt,  barrister,  of Wetaski-
win, Knox stated to him that he wanted lt given out that he was returning
to   Scotland   lo    face    the     charges i
against  him.    It  was  said,  however, ,
that   be  waa   then   at.  San   Francisco
on  bis  way  to Honolulu.
Knox returned to Wetaskiwin
quite unexpectedly in November of
the same year, and it is stated that
though he was asked by press and
public to explain his departure from
Wetaskiwin and his flight from Scotland, he failed to do so.
Every, Woman
; is Interested and thould know
1 about tho wonderful
Whirling Spray
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
Ask yonr dmCTtst L.   ,
tt.   If tl-9 enrtnut supply
the  MARVtL, accept no
other, bat eetiii Mump fur Ulafl-
tratPd book���tm*e\\.  It plves full
prtlcolars anH (iTm-tlnt-n Inr-.Iaable
Geueral AfNiu fur t iiiiwUn.
Pres and O-en)   Up       Vlce-Preildent
Bee. *yi Treae
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Charles B. Iloyal In one of his famous Swede oharac'.srt.
owner nnd mnnager of the Koyal Stock l'n. who open al tho
next Monday for an unlimited engagement, The prices will b
and the program will bc changed threa times  weekly.
Mr. Royal li
Royal theatre
i 10c. and 20c.
Nanalmo, June 12.���Owing to the
birds not reluming home on the dny
they were liberated last Sunday's
race of the Nanaimo Homing Society
When Summer
Stops the Swing
Most of J.S can remember the school lesson in the
law of accumulated motion���momentum.
If you exert a pound of pressure against a man in
a swing, you'll start him moving slowly "to and
fro." If you continue to exert a pound of pressure against him even* time the swing makes a
trip, you'll soon have him going so high that he
almost turns the whole circle. If you stop pushing, the momentum will die out and the swing
come to rest at "dead centre."
"Winning trade follows the same natural laws.
Advertisements are the force behind the swing of
public favor. Each new advertisement increases
the momentum. Finally, the accumulated force
of these numerous impulses swings indifference to
the buying point.
If you stop Advertising, you lose momentum.
The moral of which is:
Don't stop the business swing in Summer.
Keep adding the pounds of Advertising
Advice rrptrd'mg your advertising problems is available through any
recognized Canadian advertising agrocy, or the Secretary of thc Canadian Prras Association, Hoom 503 l.umsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry
involves no obligation on your purt�����o write, if interested. PAGE  EIGHT
FRIDAY, JUNE 13,  1913.
Remember  the Place -
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
We opened a new shipment of
Soups today. We wish especi-
allv to call your attention to
Mother's Favorite Soap. KBpecl-
allv manufactured for mothers
anil babies, ls very mild wiih
luxuriant lather. Wi* every
hox containing throe .'���cakes of
coap we will Hive a*ay a Soap
Baby valued at 15c. The soap
retails for per box 35c.
We also would call your attention to the Kgypt ian Glycerine
Soap. Daintily violet perfumed
and absolutely transparent. We
will be pleased to Rive you a
free sample. Ter box, 8 cakes,
Goodwin's Special Toilet Soap,
very select and hard milled,
3 cakes 25c.
Wash Has Castile Soap, each
cake wrapped in a neat wash
rag. Extra fine Spanish Castile.
l'er cake 10c.
i.uxa Ilosa. the soap par excellence.    Expensive    yet    economical.     Perfumed  and  nicely
boxed, P-^f box 50e.
Strawberries,  2  boxes    50c.
lineaples,  each   .  35c.
Cherries,   lb ..35c.
Tomatoes, hothouse, lb   35c.
Apricots, lb 25c.
Plums, ib 15c.
l'eaches.   lb ........25c.
Tlananas,  doz 30c.
Oranges, doz. 60c, 50c, 45c, 35c
I   '
Spend     your     money    where
value* demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. h
Therefore, do it now,
'while   both   body   and
mind are healthly
Assets   ...
Trusts und !
Trusteeships Ior
City News In Brief I^l^^J^l
J . The    Great     Northern    car    ferry
Local coal dealers report no scarcity -cleaning up and refurnishing various
Of black fuel at  present and say that j rooms    to  be    occupied     by     juror.'.
all demands oan be Immediately mot prisoners and witnesses, and prepar
with coal Imported from Scuttle and I ing the hundred and one things In-
ractima. Icidental  to  the  daily   attendance    of
I hundreds   of   persons   In   the   various
iparlnietits connected with tlie court.
Oet it at the Iloynl Pharmacy,    41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253. (14G:J>
Another shop meeting wiib held yesterday at noon at the Sehuakc
machine works. W. H. MorrlBon, of
the Vancouver Y. M, C, A.,' was the
Millinery   special   for   Friday     and
Saturday,  triininied  hats  $2.95.
Agret, 68 Sixth street. (152S)
O. Kearney Is in the city from
L,  Hichart  and  wife, of Coqult-
!Vjrs.  lam, are In the city.
We can furnish the
' experience, p r u d e n ce
and business judgment
your estate will need.
Discuss your plans
with us���we can help
you in many ways, because acting as executor and trustees IS   our
business and it is not a
business that can be
learned in a day or a
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital and Surplus
Open  Saturday  Evening ? to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, victoria
New WeBtmlnster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Iteninn, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Autwerp,  Belgium.
There will be no county court in
tlle city until Monday. Judge iloway
left yesterday for Hope, where he will
hold county court today. On July 4
he is scheduled  for Yale.
Auction sale at Vidal's -warehouse.
Market Square. Particulars in "For
Sale" column. (1522)
A boy named MyerB yesterday ln
the police court wus sentenced to one
year's detention in a reformatory, and
another youngster to a suspended
sentence, for thefts from the B. C.
E. It. cars.
The annual memorial services will
be. held on Sunday by New WeBtmliiBter Aerie No. 20, Fraternal Order of
Eagles. The services will take place
at 2:30 o'clock. During the past year
a number of members have passed
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. (1442)
Building permits were issued yes
terday to W, T. Askew. Eighth street,
for a seven roomed residence at
$2800, to D, D. Bourke, Fourteenth
street, and io Lee Hung Chang, Mclnnes Btreet, for Improvements to
their premises at $2uu each.
A Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1446)
The annual meeting of the Masonic
grand lodge of liritish Columbia will
be held next Thursday in this city,
lt is expecteti that there will be in
the neighborhood of 300 delegates in
attendance, Representatives will be
present from the grand lodges of Canada, the  l'nited States and England.
For everything electrical Bee W,
Day. House wiring aud conduit work
a specialty. 114431
Blackte Spit Will be infested with
Moose on Dominion Day, for the herds
from this city and Vancouver have
chosen that place lo spend the holiday. Twelve special cars will be
chartered from the Great Northern,
which leave as a special train at 9
o'clock in lhe morning.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Hoom 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
No material inert uses in the catches
of spring Balmon are being recorded,
and canners lay the blame at the door
of the weather man. Tbey say that
lt Ib because of the backward, cold
season that spring fish are scarce, and
they are earnestly hoping for bettei
weather before the big run com
Insure with Alfred \V. Mcl.eod. tbe
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
About 50 men of A and B companies, 104tli Canadian Fusileers, attended the regular drill held last night
In the drill hall, with Captains Smith
and Cunningham In charge. .Tuesday
ami Thursday nights of each week
have been set apart for regimental
drill and iiie men ure Showing a growing interest In the work.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
Terms easonahle.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the B, C. Transport Co.. Ltd.
Phone 826,   Wharf phone 880.   (1445)
Routine business was the order at
ih. meeting of the llenevolent society
in the board of trade room yesterday
afternoon, Mayor Gray wus in the
chair ami tli.- following latins were
present: Mesdames C. A. Welsh, A
J. lllll. McDougal, Hardy, Manchester,
Cameron,    Peeney   and   Mis.-,   Ann
Oreat Northern Hailroad will put on
business man's train serving Crescent,
Ocean l'ark nud White Hock, on .line*
15. Train lea'.es 5:30 p.m. returning
in the morning in time fur business.
iiu. addition of tlie two Indians
Muses Paul and Paul Splntlum,
charged with tlie murder uf Constable
Kindness, to the criminal eases to be
Iritd at tlle coming assize court briiiK^
tlie lisi up to thirty. Yesterday th..
exhibits in Hie Indians' case, including
a rifle, two Huddles and various camp
equipment, arrived ut the registrar's
office. On the civil roll there were up
In yesterday afternoon 11!
duwn for trial.
J. O. Anderson, of Mission, is regis
tered at  the HubbcII.
J. Salter, of Chllllwack, Is in the
city for a few days.
A. H. Lindo, of London, England,
Is registered  at  the  Hussell.
Mrs. E. H. McEwen, Sixth street,
will not receive again this season.
Thomas Campbell and Charles Ball
of Upper Suinas, are registered at tbe
Mrs. G. I. Sovereign will leave this
morning for Woodstock, Out., where
she will spend the summer.
Mrs. W. Gifford and Mrs. E. J. Koth-
well yoBterday motored to Crescent
where they  will spend the summer.
T. A. Muir returned yesterday
morning from Nanaimo where he was
attending the convention of the
grand ledge, I. O. O. F., or British
W. Sutherland, of this eity. will
leave ou Monday for Toronto. Ile
will represent Lord of the Isles camp
ai the meeting on June 23 of the
grand camp, Sons of Scotland.
Grows Richer from Fines of
Auto Drivers.
The police crusade against motorists infringing the motor bylaw,
penalizing the passing by autos of
Blattonary tram cars taking up or set-
ling down passengers, continues and
the merry $20 bills and custs swell
the municipal exchequer almost daily.
Yesterday three motorists fell victims to the vigilance of Constable
Milue and were fined $20 and costs
ln the police court. That hawkeyed
guardian of law and order has bten
stationed on point duty on Columbia
street opposite Eighth street between
the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. to regulate
traffic and possibly scare possible de-
faulting auto men.
The trial of a charge against Ed-
wird Webb of exceeding the speed
limit was adjourned until the 20th.
Mr. Webb affirms he waa asleep ai the
alleged time of the offence and inferred it was a case of mistaken
identity. The constable was positive
the number on the car was 2502 and
that is the number on Mr. Webb's
Tho Great Northern onr terry
broughl half a dozen box curs, mostly
empty, up the river yesterday afternoon from Vancouver island.
A start wns made yesterday morning on razing the old O, P. R. freight
depot on Front street, and at the rate
work is going at present the building
will be demolished within a week or
ten days. In future ull freight will
be stored in the new sheds, and the
ground occupied by the old building
will again become city property.
The speed trial of the government
inspection boat I-ispha will be held
tomorrow. The new boat wns built at
the Mercer marine ways and is said
to be the most modern of Its class ou
the   coast.
A boom of logs for harbor Improvement purposes was brought to the city
yeBterday by the tug Fearless.
The Scanlon passed up river yesterday ufternono, bound for Harrison
No change in the height of the water
in the Fraser was reported yesterday.
Over 1200 pounds of spring Balmon
were received yesterday by M. Mouik
and comjMiny from up the river and
Mackie '& Butterfleld report 800
pounds aB having been delivered at
their docks.
The King Edward dredge is making
satisfactory progress in the work at
Steveston. At present the dredge iB
busy opposite the Great West cannery.
The Fraser river harbor improvement pile driver has started protection work at Ladner under the sup. r-
intendelice of Jack Lovering.
The government snagboat Samson
returned to the Dominion wharf yesterday, after a survey at the mouth
of the river.
Stead Parsons *; lloss are making
rapid progress at the Brunette mills
with the third large acow for the
harbor development work, A pile
driver for the contractors. Melsner,
Wangh & Bailey, has just been completed.
BurnabyiteB Object to Foreign Labor
on Kingsway.
What is expected to prove an Interesting meeting will be held nexl
Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock, when
the ratepayers of Burnaby gather to
discuss and enter a protest against
outside Southern European labor being employed on tiie Kingsway paving
by tlie Canadian Mineral Rubber com
pany, contractors.
This matter has been discussed be
fore and a labor bureau was formed
at the municipal hall so lhat Burnaby
ratepayers would be given preferenci
on all chic work. Just where tlle
trouble lies has not so far bten satisfactorily explained and some opinions are looked for ut Monday's meeting.
Some days ago the Y. M. C. A. Becretary sent a reply postcard lo the
membership which evidently was misunderstood or possible mislaid. It
waa in the form of a question, trying
to get a suggestion for making the
local institution more interesting and
more worth while. A few of these
cards have been returned, hnt tliere
are a number yet to be heard from, i
Taking the Meeting to the Men.
A splendid type of extension work
is now being conducted by Ihe local
Y. M. C. A.. The plan is aptly called
"Taking the meeting to the men," and
simply means that at. the noon hour,
while the workers, seated on benches
without any attempt at arrangement,
eat their lunches and smoke their
pipes, they hear and take part in the
singing of some old familiar hymns
and the presentation of a theme In
part suggesting the necessity of
growth on the spiritual side of life,
hut always practical in its application
to individual needs.
Two such gatherings weekly nre
now being run in Westminster, une in
the IV C. E, 11. ear shops on Tuesdays
land the other in the Schaake machine shop, where the first meeting
was  heltl  on Thursday.
Hev. Walter N'. Turnbull, a young
missionary for several years in India, was present yesterday and promised to'give the men a short address
next Thursday. His subject will be
"The Other Fellow's  Experience.
Other shops say they would welcome these, addresses antl they could
have them if more helpers were available. Men who can sing or play the
cornet or organ are asked to phone
1000 and the general Becretary will be
glad Indeed.
TODAY at Popular Prices.   If you arc travelling
shortly, our styles and low prices will appeal to you
Steamer Trunks at .., $5.50. S7.00. $9.00, $12.00
Baggage Trunks nt    . $7.00. $8.50. $9.50. $12.50
Suit cases at $4.50. $6.00. $7.50. $9.00. $12.50
We offer a matting covered 24-inch Suit Case at a special today and Saturday.   Each    . $3.00
Thin Undervests at  25-i. 35C. 456
Balbrlggan Vesta and Drawers at     45-C, 55c. 65C
One especial offer for men -Knit-to-fit Combination Garments; just a nice Bummer weight," $1.00 values. Today and
Saturday    JSt
Working Men'B 65c Shirts; any site. Today and Saturday 50*
Extra Quality $1.00 Straw Hats.    Take your fit. Today and
Saturday at       75c
Fancy Lisle Socks, in a wide range of colors; real value 50c.
Today and Saturday, 4 pairs for      $1.00
Every Lady that Wants
A New Suit or Cloak
Can buy at just a bit over factory price here for wc
havc cut the price on our entire stock.
$45,00 Suits and Dresses marked down to... .$32.50
$40.00 Suits and Dresses marked down to... .$29.00
$30.00 Suits and Dresses marked down to.,. .$26.50
$25.00 Suits and Dresses marked down to... .$18.00
Wash Dresses at $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $5.00
Tents, Bedding Stoves and Utensils.
New Neckwear and Bandos just in.
We Furnish Your Home Complete
Take a
Cooker to
camp with
you and
���ating troubles
ire more
We Fell all kinds of electric Fixtures and labor saving devices. Hot Points, KI
Tostou, etc.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
orowth in Woi-k Marked���Welcome tc
Hurnuby, June 1-���-* A most enthusl
astic gathering welcomed Miss Mul
len, ni ihe Victorian order ef Nurses
to Nnrili Burnaby en Wednesday
even ng In the Presbyterian church
at Vancouver Heights, Burnaby, All
denominations wen-  represented.
The chair was taken by Councllloi
McDonald. A splendid program wat
presented end a report given by Mrs
!���'. L. Macpherson, secretarj for the
Victorian order. The gradual lu
crease In the work from its beginning
In January, 1918, from four patients
and an Income from fees of $1,25 in
Junuary to 22 patlenta and an Incomi
ol $1(12 in May. showed thai th
presence Of the Victorian order jus'i
bed itself ill a ��ay that was more
Coin ineing than  words.
Tbe office   bi an rs   of the   N'ortl
llurnahy auxiliary of the Victorian
order are: Mrs. McDonald, honoi irs
president: Mrs. Hugh Morrison, presl
dent; Mrs. McLean, secretary, .Mn
Walker, treasurer.
Tea was served a* the close ���-: lhi
Tiie marriage was BOlemnlzcd on
Wednesday aliernoon of MiBS li'.:'..
Robertson, youngest daughter of Mr
and Mrs. J. Robertson, of Maple
Itidge, and S. Q. Cook, of Mission
City, Uev. Ahx. Dunn officiated at
the ceremony, which took place at
1008 Dublin street. Mr. and Mrs.
Cook will reside at Albion.
Buy a Home on Easy Terms
4-room bungalow, facing south, good view of river and gulf.   Price $1700,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
3-room bungalow, 7 minutes walk from  carline,  good view.   Price $1500,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
If you have good vacant property, will arrange an exchange for part payment.  Come in and see us about this.
We have several rooming house propositions, also houses to rent in all parts
of the city.
List your property with us, we can act as agents for absent owners, collect
rents, etc.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
"Back  East"  Excursions.
Low   round  trip  fares    to    eastern
points    on  sale daily    to    September |
iinth. 15 days going lin.it. final return
limit  October 31.    Oood  on    Oriental j
Limited.     Liberal  stop-overs  allowed!
both going antl returning.    Phone 2G3 |
or   rail   at   Hridge   Station   for    rates, j
routes and particulars. 114211 !
P, Burns & Co.,Ltd.
Following    aro
Maple  Peach Park,    being    a sub- ]
division   of   the   historic   eld   Whaleit
estate at  Point Roberts. Wash.. Is at j
last on the market in 60x100 feel loti
fronting  hroad streets and  wtth  per-j
petual  beach    privileges.    This  hae
hone your order in early   *y)
ut not before 6 a.m. or   m*t
will  not find  us  there.
always    glad    to    bear
from yeu and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   ui   up   whenever yeu  are  hungry
wc    wlll   e ndcavor    to
satisfy  yeu and  your
Specially���Treatment of the scalp
'by  Vibro-MaBsage  and Clover's  Pntn
>ous Stimulating Tonics.
! DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.
New Laid Kggs, per dozen  35c
New Laid  Bigs,  per dozen    :',5c.    or
three dozen for $1.0')
Fresh  Putter    2 lbs.  for $1.15
Cooking Mutter 3 lbs. for $100
���   ���      I  Fresh Strawberries, per dox 2.r>c
Bananas, per dozen  3uc
(lied Spring Salmon  ....2 lbs for 350
Smoked Halibut 2 lha. for 35c
��� W. J. RUSE
_ (RuccesBcr to Ayllng & Swain.)
I-rom 46 Lorne St.447Colun,blaSt'        Phone98.
cases  set j Toronto   .
Toronto, .lune l
the bank clearings of the principal |been the camp ground for arores
cities of the Dominion for the week \wa\ people for year*, The lots arc
ending today, with comparisons with gelling fast, many people procuring
the corresponding week of last year: ] t|lp locations they had occupied    as
The II. C. Transport Company lakes
over     the     agency     for   tne   Kilgard
pressed brick for New Westminster.
This is the best brick on the market.
I Samples can be seen nt the company's
office. This company Is'also handling
the Pender island common brick;
large shipments are  now  being made
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
ub for prices,
make awnlngB, tents and sails.
���etiovaii carpets and draperies, remake umi r.'iniiish furniture, manufacture cedar dress and waist boxes.
window seats nnd do all kinds of
'upholstery   work    in  leather or tapes-
��� try. We are the largest makers of
I window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (Hull
and SEEDS,
Vancouver ..
Calgary ....
(Htawa ....
Kdmonton ..
Vlctorlu ....
Hamilton ...
Quebec ....
Regina  ...  .
St. .lohn ...
London .. ..
Moose .law .
Port William
Lethbridge  .
Ilrandon .. .
To I,lis
���I .'.'77,770
tenants   for  years.     Prices  $330   and
1     ���* '���������''   ; " .upwards, easy terms.   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
6,834,920 i
2 003 li I *
1,886 943
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton Market, Phone 1204.
; Eighth St. Market, Phone 1205.
, Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
Ladles  and
Gentlemen's I
Residence Y. W. C, A.       Phono 1324.
,$193,964,281 1188,036,361
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Pes. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
The    proximity     of    one    of    Ihe
lengthiest  usslzes coun  on record isl    ADAMS���Tha    funeral    of    Mllto:
much  In   evidence at the  provincial Adams, of Coquitlam, will be n ��� d at
I government   buildings just   now,    Mr,   11:30 o'clock today from Howell's un-
Calblck,  with a Btaff    of    assistants dertaklng parlors',   Rev. A. Dunn will
'from  the  provincial'Jail,    are    busy officiate.
Take advantage Of the Business   Man's Train    and    make    your
home at Crescent Ileach (Dliukle Spill  for the summer months.
Train leaves nt 6:30 p.m. daily, on and afier June 16, returning in
the morning In time for business.   CroBcent   Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions  lor summer homes, combining  the  best  of  bathing,   bent
ing at all stages of the tide together with line beach.    Artesian  well
water to all residents.    Let uu show you this'property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 18(1.
Wo write Flra, Life, Accident, E mployerV   Liability,  Automobile  and
Mar1 no Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Ccn-      ��������"��� ���'in<1 4 M p m
tral Parle.
WEEKDAYS���(I nnd 5.45 n.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late enr nt midnight.
SATUIIDAY8���16 minute sir
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS -8, 7, 7.30 8 and
R.:to and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
KKflULAIl SKHVICK 5.45 and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m., with  lato  car ut 11.30.
SUNDAYS���8 u.m.  and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS- 7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS- -8 a.m.    and    every
liuro until 11 p.m.
(,'onnoctlon  Ib  made  at    Kh-
hotir until 11 p.m.
and other polntB on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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