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The New Westminster News Oct 23, 1913

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Newe Classified Adr.
Have proven their worth by the
reaulta   they   produce.     They   All
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The Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
partly fair, cloudy wltb occasional
���HHSPH?^  ms
TWO BODIES TO   jfcfl know WHAT
 Are   Still   Detained   In   Vancouver���
Labor Men Join Hands With      n0 official Report at Ottawa
Progressive Associa-
Prominent  Visitor  Addresses  Trades
and Lsbor Couneil���James M.
Lynch Coming.
Lalior men of the city Joined hands
���with the New Westminster I'rogrex-
slve association last evening and from
now on the two bodies will be working
together for the common good.
Industrial Commissioner Purling, lu
si lucid address, explained the objects
of tlie Progressive association, points
in liis speeob, which consumed thc
greater party of ."0 mlnulet,. being of
Die greatest interest to the labor men
who heretofore had shown an antagonistic spirit towards thc objects of the
organization, probably through a lack
of knowledge us to the alms and nutrition* of the members of the Progressive associatloii.
Mr hurling tlrst explained how the
omui.:t..ilIon was launched In the city,
liow the younger und perhaps more
energetic element felt that the time
Irn* come when a body, r.part from
tbo board of trade or any similar an-
soclntleu. should take up matters In
���heir special sphere.    How  instead of ��� partment would probably do
advertising    New   Westminster    as    a I ���	
land riowlim with milk and honey    to Hearing Closes Tuesday.
Ihe lahorlnit man. efforts    had    been!    Washington.    Oct.    22��� Plans
Ottawa, Oct. 22���W. D. Scott, commissioner of immigration, has had no
official report as yet about tbe 46
Hindus brought to British Columbia
on the Japanese liner Panama Maru,
and who are detained by the immigration officers at tbe coaat, while ten
other Hindus are said to bave been
admitted aB bona fide Immigrants. Mr.
Scott said that the immigration act
would be literally and strictly on-
forced. If these 46 Hindus have come
by direct route from the placo where
they were domiciled and the country
of which they were citizens, and bave
come on a continuous Journey, having
$200 cash iu their own right, and being physically fit, tliey must be admitted.
Hut if they cannot fulfill all these
conditions they must go back. H. H.
Stevens, M. P. for Vancouver, had
wired to Ottawa urging that the immigration act be enforced without
fail. Ile declared that the arrival of
this party was Just part of a deliberately organized attempt to evade
the regulations and would cause a
large Influx of Hindus if it succeeded.
As for the case of Harry Thaw,
whose COUnaal had inquired of the
minister of the Interior as to the
possibility of a favorable decision at
Concord, it was said the e-ise would
not be decided till It came up. It was
said It was very probable that Thaw
would come to thc Canadian boundary,
lf he did so and came to an immigra
Two Largest Presbyterian
Congregations   Hold
St. Andrew's Do Not Take Vote While
Ct. Stephen's Members Endorse
the Idea.
Twenty-three Former Officials Indicted Through
Charges  of   Fraud  and  Conspiracy���
Embezzlement, Larceny and Burglary���others Implicated.
The union of the two largest Pres-1    St.  Louis, Oct. 22.���The indictment
Constable Is Shot and Kills
Assailant in Battle in
Affair Took  Place  in Plowed  Field-
Prevented Worse Crime by
Jealous Lover.
William     Smedley     Faces     Serious
Charge���Arrested in Act of Ransacking House.
Lewlstown,  Mont.. Oct.  22.���As the
byterian  congregations    in    the city, j today of 28 former officials of East! result of a  pistol  duel  In the  dark
ll.......      nt      G, XnA*n,���'*      .,-..(      XT, QU-h.   i  C,       t    -,..f_        til nm     nUn.nn*     ..---.. !���_.    _.������ ... '
those of St. Andrew's and St. Steph
en's, along which lines a proposal was
made some time ago, has been indefinitely postponed.
At  last night's meeting of the two
congregations,   St.   Andrew's   decided
field,    Constable    A.
St. Louis, 111., on charges growing ont over a plowed
of an  investigation  of alleged  muni- ,-,,���_,������   ���,  r___.��_~    �����-..      ��. .       j
clpal irregularities, was characterized Cneney' of  Dcnton'   Mont"  snot  and
by State Attorney Webb as the fore- tilled Stanley B. Scofield. aged 25. a
runner of other indictments. young homesteader from Tropico, Cal*
Those indicted today Include Ch-as. and  was  himself  shot  and  probably
that no vote on the matter be taken IS, Lambert, mayor in 191112; N. F. I fatally wounded by Scofield. The
and that the subject be laid on the; Oerold, former city treasurer, and J. tragedy prevented a worse one as
table. At St. Stephen's the congre- J. Faulkner, former city comptroller; j scofield was waiting, the authorities
gatlon discussed the question and. L. J. Griggsby, present chief of de- Bay> t0 ���.-,���, m, former sweetheart,
on the motion for union being put, It tectives; Dr. L. Short, former head Miss Hazel Wright, of Denton, and
was curried. However, the action of commissioner; Daniel G. Wuersch, for-1 jamea Johnston a farmer after which
St. Andrew's has closed the question.|mer superintendent of ntreets; J. Ed-|he planum w mjj himself
at least for the present and nothing! minston former assistant street su- scoHM showed no ill-feeling over
further will be done. ! perintendent; J. loung, former deputy ^  reiec_ion   by   Miss   Wright   until
Kor  some   weeks  the  question   has  buldmg commissioner, and former a-;la_t   ,^   when ��� th   John.
been     before    the   members  of   both Mermen   Tieje,   Gavin,   Hahn,   Leckel.  -ton firm   twn m.les north of Denton
churches,   thc  original  suggestion   qflMalfoeO.    Priwer,    Speesbach. Bunts, f g* ^jj*? "Sir. "ST? .-���.^'
thc union coming from thc older body,: Roche Rouge, Degen,    Sheor,    Brown
St. Andrew's.    After meetings of the;and Husch'Ln#llll.
sessions  and   boards  of  managers  of j $200,000  in   Debt.
both churches. It was finally decided i    Among the allegations supported by
to  submit  the   matter  to  the   people evidence Introduced  before the grand
and  accordingly    the    meetings  last toTJ we.r,e the following:
night were called That East St. Louis was more than
At St. Andrew's. i ���*-"''������)'>������  in  debt.    That    d|ring    tbe
Mrs. Johnston being bis aunt. Mr.
Johnston opened tbe door, Scofield
asked him to step out. as he did so
Scofield Jumped between him and tbe
door and covering him with a revolver,
ordered him to get out his automobile.
Scofield told Johnston to get in, drive
Pointing rifles at police officers and
taking pot shots at Burnaby constables appears to be a favorite pastime with a certain class of individuals in tbis neighborhood, according to the estimation of Constable
Pope, of Port Hammond, who arrived
in the city yesterday morning having
in tow a prisoner named William
Smedley, -barged with no less a crime
than that of breaking into sundry
houses near Rtiskin and also with
threatening to annihilate Constable
It all happened last Sunday, when
following several complaints that residences were being broken into in the
vicinity of Ruskin, P. C. Pope came
across Smedley while in the act of
ransacking a house which it is alleged
he entered by a window.
After receiving orders to vacate
Smedley. it is alleged picked up a
rifle and pointing it at the breast of
Pope, asked the why and wherefore of
the command. Pope pulled his gun, at
the same time flashing bis badge pinned to his vest There was no one
killed as Smedley, seeing the approach of two men, threw down the
When taken before John Laity, J.P.,
the clothes which Smedley was wearing  at   the  time  were  Identified    as
��� -. ':j/  '
Protestant Episcopal Convention Refer Matter to
Tens of Werk of Church  in  British
Columbia���Work   Among -
Nee- York, Oct. 22.���The general
convention of tbe Protestant Episcopal ciYarch postponed for three yeara
action en the question of giving tbo
negroes of the sonth a bishop to represent them directly in the house of
Majority and minority reports from
the committee on racial eplscopals of
the house of deputies approving and
opposing the proposal, came before
the convention. Neither report waa
adopted; The entire problem was referred, by viva voce vote, to a Joint
commission of deputies and btshope
which will report to the next general
conference fn 1916. The committee
will consist of five bishops, five Presbyters and five laymen. At a Joint
.session of the two houses this morn-
-wucu   ioiu  ,uui��iuu   \*,  6*_"_   lit,   urivvi, ���_���   _T ~. r^���~ *r ���-r    * ���**"  7~    ���     _    ..        ii-,_ ��� _,- *    _. __.        ..    _____  ."*"
to Denton, get Miss Wright   and drive (having been stolen Jtrom    M    Indian |WR <** ZlmZl^,*}^'^ !.?,ol.5___1_��
warrants i back ln a hurry.   He thoroughly cow-
shacfc while other crimes are aaid to | American negroes. Indians and lnbab-
He I Hants of west Africa was discussed.
made,  which  were beginning  to bear j securing the aid of experts to frame
fruit. In the matter of Interesting In-1 proposed amendments to the proposed
There was a motion and two amend J Lambert      administration ^ -._ __ .������.------..    "- .-"-r----;  "v.  be connected with the accused.  , ��� _ -.	
.ments moved and seconded at the were ^ssuetl for large sumtfof money ed the farmer by saying he intended romm.ttM. for fH.i and brouaht Business was suspended for a few rotation inspection point the esse would !BatherlngVstAWr^ to welcome a fraternal delega-
differ from the previous one. but still nret was in effect that the meeting nad contracts with the'** ln viola- intended to inflict the same penalty �� -** ptovwctai law yestemay. i^ from ^ ^^ o{ Englaa(, ln
Mr. Scou would not say what the de Uld not consider it expedient or prac-1tl0��� of lay*             ,   ....I.    .  ���,       on���'.?,mmV>^   .       ..-*.,      W-. ... lCa^?dS.      _.
^^^^^^^^^                  Ileal to unite with St   Stephen's and t    Many of those    indicted*!including      When Johnston lound Mlsa Wright   _    _~     -^      riltAint 1    TYte Canadian deputation consisted
that  all  neaotiatlons he discontinued .'-ambert. Ceroid. Itodenberler. Faulk- aad told her what had occurred, theil      U    11      I Alfltlrll \oi lhr*�� elergymen and one layman.
A..amendmentto thtoTttaTuE"��u�� ������ ^J***^* Short    and fWuersch.   *t determined to risk her own life^,. f # fl.    VAlUllLU W**^1*   ^'t **P���<*��;V*
���^���^���"^                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                                                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 'Bishop of New Westminster; RL Re��.
be approved, was moved' an* Meonded | "e" eh"'����?" Vl}\,i^p^.J2,,,^l���",er ~*���* _^k  ^"i?**, ��' ot*e���
and  again  amended  to read   that no"raud the clty of *25-000-    ���** addition exposed to the mans    Jealous    fury.
 .vote be taken and that the matter be'a*���M ""J"  Rodenberg    are.charged jofcrnrton. with Conatable Cheney and
._..,.. . i.rtmini.trntion    currency     bill     weer laid on the table.   This amendment to ^th   *mher.rlement  and  Griggsby   ia ju,tlce Wehb Medrow. took th-te t��
^# n^^PhSil that the Van- |m.���l loday b" jtaSSS: banking and Ithe amendment carried b,2S.t, ma- l^ar^^wUh^rglary and larceny.    | voltc��� aBd  ,nlered   ^   m,    Bome
The   $100,000  larceny  charge,  it   is
stay. a^*^**^amr r-  , -���********************.
men   with   prosperts  of  that   number \day. and then consideration of amend
thnhlid when the plans for the eree    mints will begin.
tlen of �� central plant In tile city were ���"
iljonaummated.    Other Industries    had        ********  a-rm ri_   main
t*ao started together with a score of .CLOTHtS ��^,f'; J^awo
pthers   which   were  being   negotiated \ -____
-witn and prospects were bright for the      .        _       ,       _�� .   ��.     ..��.__.  ---������-
Sanding Of several of this  number.       L ''���� Angeles. Oct. 21     When Tbt*.
S Industrial Survey. Hunfleet. a carpenter who came here
The   Industrial   commissioner   then  E^T"!.   "T   J?',n'n ' T.    " \ia
,0,1, bed upon the industria, survey o,   ^     ^����-���� ^ ^
the clt>  having   been    made-    which | rol)b(.(,   ,���  ,���,,  n|ght    of    everylh|nK
! distance from the Johnston home the 1
I ofticera got out to    walk    over   the j
courer MllUng company were here to Vurrene, committee     ����rt��UP'����J^&%'S_^���Mte��_.V^5!S fa********,   refers   to   irregularities
Were  now employing   U to  u|wU   *iU be closed, formally on Tues. j��d ��^^��/����y*��*; the^Jtmt department, and health, de-, ^ 0eld t0 the houBe. ���. .^
the stand thus taken made unanimous F*"*    ( laufl Jf* e: for*er c^,air-      Aa Constable  Cheney advanced, he|Sir     ThOBUS      ShaUghneSSy
was opposed by several members.        ! 1ma" if.,ll"_T.i_Bv^SS.1^5Si^S  made out the figure of a man 50 feet
ume. warmly. With this putter T^ Lhl, "fJfiJl E? J hi 7^Jnl*\ ������***���-* The answer was a shot from
led It is likely that the appoint- MJl Somi.of ��b��e Wto were iScofield' and ������ meD "danced toil  of a  minister  will be  ImmodH ���J__._i.   ,.T^?;.J*5   -ff?   *?!? !<iri -*eh other    Beofleld fired seven
their    night
���bowed to the    continent    that    SVwi,,., .
Weatmlnater,   although   perhaps   bp.,'W i-^essed except
bind in the metier ol'population. ...;     tttmMl o0llld  not RO t0 work
third on i.e Ua it, Western Canada. U ���,,, poUco had pro^lIe(, hlm W|tnh
where Induatrtea were oraoeraed, to- trouaara and a few other garments
gather with the number of men em-.[end his wife and children remained
f1">'''1 iin bed until later.
The   wheat   outlet   for   the   prairie j .	
provinces was also being looked .ifter
and according to latest reports, the
I i,. nr river v.as coming Into Its own
n- ur as being thc fresh w&tet port
< I  the liritish Columbian const.
Agriculture was also touched upon
by tin  speaker, the stupendous figures
explaining  the importation   of food
���stuffs Into Canada, and liritish Cc-
lUmbla In particular, being eye-openers
lo many of the delegates present at
tlle meeting.
Co-operative markets, bringing tbo
producer and tha consumer nearer to-
get'.ur was the method of overcoming
this difficulty and this met with a
read}  response  from  the meeting.
Mr. Darling asked that a member of
the council be appointed to represent
the labor men on the executive of the
Progressive association, President D,
S. Cameron being the appointee,
The ludustrlal con-.nilaalrner waa
tendered a hearty v< ie of thanks for
Ills ::ddres...
Prominent Vieitor.
Ane'her interesting speaker at tho
meeting was Joseph Proebstle, secretary of the International Union of
Hn wt ry Workmen of America, with
headquarters In Cincinnati, who has
been touring Western Cumula. and la
now on his way to attend the annual
<:onv< ntlon  of  the  American  Pedera-
Residence of Governor General Now in Hands of
Coat of  Arms Carved for Front of
House Is Largest in the World-
Color Scheme.
Iloth   sides  discussed  the  question.1
at times  warmly
��einv s��t.end^!!Jlfler  W"'   ��e  mnmy rendered.  |T* ���etataSTwK' thirl I ***** *��*;��*�����    8S^*it^*****
atel, attended to   were nQ       )enU g ��e ho8pltaI sboto. while Cheney fired three    Sco-
��t bt. Btepnen a. other ettv nrfipiat�� are also albimi  field's last shot struck Cheney in the,_    .m   _     .���-   ^^ ..      _��� ..
cbuieh.' Rev.mM."^orto���8MeTvlShethe to "���"�� been conntc.eS in'The3"^(left breasL    As he fe.l he called out. |Oo��bl. Taking B^ween Ca.g^y and
Discusses Wheat Situ
minister,   occupied   the   chair,   J.   H. I /������������ fmmmi.imm. _������_,_��
Vit:\i\\Zl*:^MJLZ2"t*a?*\ * P">���o?irMa.��.ne^L,2C2'-%beev,.
reviewed the .tens which had been!'^'8 to -convict Mrs. Jennie May
teken to brine the matter thus far.! Laton of the murder of her husband.
The session ef St. Stephen's had been !Rear, Admiral Joseph G_ Eaton, was
In receipt of a letter from the ses- i Practically concluded today when the
s'on anri managers of St. Andrews, by government rested its case. As some
the majorltv or whom it was consider-, witnesses desired by the defence will
ed that the time was ripe for union not **v rcad>' in tllp mo"""-? court ad-
of the two congregations.   Other meet- Journed until tomorrow afternoon.
Ings had followed and finally a Joint i	
meeting of the office bearers of both! -   ,   nu__*u��ia_i
congregations,  when  it  had  becn  de- j    ���������_,_  ','.   ������.".,   \v   n   P���.
elded  to submit the question to theL*^^^^"^^
Speakers discussed the question for I*5""0" ,Davi8��� ?aX^ cou'?t>';    ,"d':
both sides, after which It was moved probably fatally Injured   and 21 other
���iiersons hurt when an Indiana Union
Fort William���WHI Net Enter
Australian Trade.
Dr. W. D. Reeve, Bishop Coadjutor of
Toronto; Very Rev. Cannon Plummer
ot Toronto, and Chancellor L. H. Davidson ot Montreal.
They were received first by the
house of deputies, which stood as tha
visitors were introduced by a committee. After a short address of welcome by Dr. Mann, Bishop Reeve of
Toronto adressed the deputiea and
spoke briefly of the problem of the
Canadian churches In taking care of
tbe flood of Immigrants which ia pouring Into Canada. Forty per cent of
them, be said, stay east of the Great
Lakes and settle in tbe towns and
Later tbe Canadian deputation accompanied the deputies to the cathedral for the Joint seaalon which waa
held  to consfder the  work    ttt    tha
c*   m���.. (church   among  the   Indians,   negroes
sir   inomaaiand    the    wmtt A/rfcani    After ^
���ind seconded that In the opinion ofj
St. Stephen's the union of St. Andrew's
and St. Stephen's was both desirable
md practicable. This waa carried,
though not. unanimously.
Cruise to Mediterranean.
Washington. Oct.  'i'i.���Unusual    Interest Is manifest in official circles In
plans for the departure from Hampton
Itoads  Saturday  of  two divisions of
Traction car overturned in rounding
a sharp curve six miles west of here
tonight. Motorman T. C. Stanley told
officials lhat the brakes failed to
Held aa Hostesses.
Eagle Pass, Tex., Oct 22.���In a message to the' Associated Pres.. Oeneral
Jose Carranza, today reports that tor
tile Atlantic fleet for a cruise to the lelguera are being held as hostesses by
Mediterranean. This is to be a cour- rebels In Torreon. C. O. Plsher, an
tesy cruise, but It is being pointed out  American cattleman, it Is reported, is
I am shot," and fired for the third
time. This bullet struck Scofield tn
the face, going into tbe brain and
killing him instantly. The men fell
almost at the same instant seven feet I ���
apart. Winnipeg.    Oct	
"          Shaughnessy, wbo   reached   the   city I"J�����, "'"""' ,?'"*:""������ ,i\"Y 'SL'
this morning from tbe south, spent the SS^U'SSS 1, rh^rt.?^ n.-S"
Refused to Publiah Critlclem. day  with   Vice-President    Bury    and  ,,reTta rL 2,M m��tn ^v.w w~?
Mohonk.  R   Y..  Oct.   22.-Members;othrcromcial(loftheCanadlanp,clflc  ^Ce- * ft^brouift  w  the coTvm
of the Indian    society,    missionar.es, jrallwav.    He  returns  east  tomorrow |J?���^^b��2M,�� ^'g���
evening. ...       diocese of northwestern Csnada and
Questioned on the wheat situation,  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sir Thomas said:   "On our whole aystem we have carried 20,000 more cars
tribal attorneys aud others who spent
the day here discussing conditions
among the live civilized tribes cf Oklahoma,  were  stirred  tonight  by news 	
that the department of the Interior j,^. year than "up to the corresponding
had refused to publish a severe critic- tlme lagt year We have added m
lam of conditions In Oklahoma recent- locomotives and 6000 freight cars to
tlon  of Labor to be held  lu  Seattle Ill����o(
-early next month. !w��rit
Mr. Proebstle stated that arrangements were ubout completed for the
formation of a local union of brewery
workers In this city taking In the, employees of the Westminster Brewery
During his travels tn Canada hn had
found that real estate speculation and
the employment of \alatlc labor to
toe Ihe gravest dangers of this section
of the continent.
Mr. Proebstle did not mince matters
-when talking of tbe yellow labor question, slating that the time had come
���when tbe white and yellow races had
��mmiii! to the parting ot the waya and
that a great struggle was now being
waged for aupretnacy aa to who ahould
govern In Western Canada.
A communication (rom tbe Socialist
Democratic party received short thrift
from thc members present, (cr no
���sooner wa* the letter read, asking aid
nletiK political llnea, than n motion to
consign It to the archives of the secretary's office, there to accumulate
������sundry layers of dust, waa moved and
carried with no comment whatever.
Harry Olbb. ot the Typos, announced
that Prealdent Jamea M. Lynch, c(
the International Typographical union,
would visit New Weatmlnater aome
time In November wben tbe printers
would be prepared to aplll a bottle or
���o of Ink.
A smoker, In order to Intereat thn
labor men of the elty ln the coming
-    ��� -.-.-Jl        tnm
Ottawa, Oct. 22.���The alterations at
Hldetiu Hall were completed today and
the residence of the Duke and Duchess
of Connaught has paaaed Into the
hands of the furnishers and will be
ready for the arrival ot their royal
highnesses on Oct. 26.
Nn less than 42 rooms have been
added. A feature of the redecoratlon
wns the carving of a huge coat
ot arms on the front of the houso.
over the porch. It ls the biggest of
its kind in Canada and probably In the
world. It Is 14 feet high and 61 feet
long and took 60 men three weeka to
carve. The short time taken on the
work consttiutea a record.
The work haa been finished within
ten weeks of tbe contract time despite many delays. Much of the material used la Canadian product, but
some has been Imported (rom France
and England. Dominion marble wa*
used In the construction of the balustrade, stalra, etc.
Many Internal alteration* have been
finished and rooms enlarged, but the
principal change la noted In the exterior. The face ot the building la
gray, but It has been, treated with
acid to prevent tbe rain having a rapid affect.
The Blue Room,
The general color acheme (or tbe
bedroom* Is blue, the famous blue
room (or festivities having been remodelled. Forty men had to work
day and night for 16 day* to complete the painting of the ball room In
time. The porte chaise ln the porch-
way Is another rarity. In fact there
are only two In Canada, the otber one
being at the Chateau Laurier.
The original contract price waa
1125,000 but It wa* afterwards found
tbat extra* would ooat $76,000. The
work wa* commenced In the middle ot
July and waa originally to have been
completed by Dee.  I.   The govern
being held tn Piedras Negras by fed
erals on a charge of dealing In cattle
alleged to hare been confiscated by
here that Incidentally It will direct the
attention ot the world to two Important facts that American battleships
In actual service are prepared to bold
lhelr own against any navy afloat ex- j ���	
cept lhat of Great Uritaln and that be-1 Feur Drowned.
cause of geographical advantages, the | Sydney, N. 8.. Oct. 22.���The Bteamer
IT. 8. can send ita dreadnoughts 3000 j Wabana ran down a schooner in Syd-
miles trom home without tncon- r.ey harbor tonight. Four of the
venlence. !schooner's crew were drowned.
ly reported by Warren K. Moorehead
of the board of Indian commissioners.
Mr. Moorehead, who is bere attending
the Lake Mohonk conference, of tbe
Indians and other depedent people, received this Information (rom Washington today and with tt a telegram of
censure (rom the acting secretary of
the Interior.
Visiting   Lumberman   Saya   Business
I* Quiet In America a* Well ������
on Thla Coaat
Dawson, N.M., Oct 22.���Two hund-| the mine In the level* below ground.
".T -^JtaTVai' announced   fori ment then wanted it (Inlrted "by No-
W^eTar^WroTber'2.. Iv.mb.r and finally by October.
red and -thirty miner* were entombed
In shaft No. 2 of the Stag Canon vjlne
when an explosion occurred at tbe
property at 3 o'clock thla afternoon,
according to the unofficial estimate
ot the number ol men employed In the
Two of thl* number, (ound on an
upper level, were taken (rom the mine
tonight. Rescuer* are arriving (rom
all parte of the southern Colorado
fields. The day shift, working In
No. 2 Shaft, numbered M0 -person*.
Cause Unknown.
The cause of the explosion la said
aa yet to be unknown. Flre hu not
yet broken out, though smoke Is seen
Issuing (rom the second level of the
shaft, lt Is believed by tho roecners
that this smoke ls (rom tho explosion
and not (rom (Ire.
Immediately rmen t*m explosion all
shifts were called to the work ot rescue, and those miners who wor* employed ln other shafts wore pot lo
work drilling through the tons of 4V
brls which are said to have blocked
Calla were Issued at once for assistance trom Trinidad and other mining
camp* ln Colorado. The United Stgtfes
rescue car stationed at Trinidad la
snld to have boon summoned, bat It Is
not known yot that the government
rescuers have received word of tho
disaster Inasmuch as thsy might hank, r _____
left Trinidad tor other coalfields tni but Oregon,
this territory. tana-  \*\*st
���   - - ��� - l ^_ a-k*f______-_________________-
Kvery available person In Dawson
Is at the scene of the explosion -Biding In the attempt to roach the entombed minors. As yet It Is repoctsd
there Is nothing to Indicate whether
the US miners srs alive, and Um *os-
cuers wo working frantically.
Flvo Rescued,
Thro* Italian mtneiK were resetted
alive from tho debris at the opening
of tho Btsg Canon mine at ��:M tonight This makes fir* of tho IM -on-
tombed miners which have bow r**>
cued. The rescue party hi asnktbg
slow pragmas against ths tons *******
**mmmmmmmm****tm*mm^**mm**mam*mmmm*mm*m     *
Tho reported depression In the
lutpber trade ta not restricted to this
coast alone, but haa alao affected the
prairie provinces of Canada and the
United Statea. This waa the statement made tut night by lohn P.
Rogers of Minneapolis, n lumberman
visiting New Westminster on n bast-
nesa trip. ��^ '
Mr. Rogers said tho retail lumber
trade tn the west wu at present doll
and although the crop wm n tamper
one. lower prices than aval wsro*-being realised and becaqgo of poor
weather, harvesting wu hold back
and tha expected money turnover had
beea delayed. In some districts almost 40 per out ot tho eta* wm yot
tn tho floM. AU this delay wu responsible, ho thought to some extant
tor tho lack of briskness feg 1 mbsr
,   Tho   prooent   dnptoaolo-a
'* ** -rersugu
the rolling stock.   Thus, we now have
35,000 cara and 2800 locomotives.
There ls a tremendous amcunt ot
construction going on this year. At
mid-summer there were 1906 milea of
road under construction, apart fromj
the double-tracking. We hope to get
the track laid on 1200 miles of that
before the end of the year, which will
leave 700 miles���quite a big railroad
in itself���to finish up. Between 1500
and 1600 of the 190S milea are In the
Double Tracking.
Aa to double tracking. Sir Thomas
stated that thla would be completed
between Calgary and Fort William by
next fall. Ht^could not state when
the whole system would be completed
on double track.
Aaked lf the C. P. R., planned In-
creaaee to the Atlantic fleet. Sir
Thomaa aald: "No, we bate two ves*
sels under construction and we have
alwaya got plus under way tor ves*
sels, but we do not contemplate orders
(or additional boats next summer. Tko
Allan liners. Alaslan and Calgarlan.
will ho put Into coasmlsstoa this -fall.
Thoy nro high claee boat* ud wilt
take care ot a good tart of tho Atlantic service."
Sir Thomu negatived a rumor that
the Canadian Paclflc contemplated entering tho Aostrattu trade. Ha had
nothing to add to ourrent deepatchee
ta ratai* to tha company's retaUoao
with the AostroUan-BOvemmant.
told briefly of the great pioneer work
the church is doing there, similar in
many ways to the work which the
bishops in the northwestern part of
the United States are doing.   .
"In tbe last 16 months." said the
bishop, "we have bought and paid for
123 sites for new churches ln one diocese and bave actually opened 64. In
Vancouver 17 ont of every 100 persons
sre orientals, so that our problem la
Work Train Collides Head-
on With Freifht-Ma^
of Wreckage.
���evirel Also Mrlcee^r Injured���qpa-
uMSrsUadlagof brdsro by CryiT  .
of work Train. _;���'
North Bsy, oat, oat tt.���rive woi*
killed aad several iajared oa tha O.
P. a. now Weylaad station, want at
(Contlnasd aa Pat* Foal.)
pick -r"*W
tlon wartt ***** ha doao. #
"I taapastod tha Fraaer MBbj U
stomlM." MM ate Bourn,	
^���^ ���^ff*TL|BsLdaf ��� i-Mns
  this mh ot tk*. i-rtriaead
aald akaairus usaisra. tho ��. P.
iMBit had tat-thus la thai
 ��� Ihrga traala to}
I ___rr^^^^^^   -sw^t****^^ l ^^mw  im^^��.ji^^^p^   ^MB^-^a v
���W^B^BB'.BM. ** llaVos   *r^** WBaoaBBB   *w*a^*^.\^m
m wtth aa. aaataaaad freight, giitos
saaiau aad oars bb la a miss   af
wTsa_ss_r*- J-S-_F*^*^^^^
���ferns. SIMM fistghi trata: Braka-
^^t^^**,?^j a___iTrai-__i--_
ZL' ^_!_mB^i----_-----��^--._s__t *
gg^B_______IK^^HMHH PAGE TWO
As independent morntaff paper devoted to ths -infer ��������� of Nets Weatminater end
SU frater Valley. Published every morning except Sunday bu the National Printing
smd Publishing Company, Limited, at SS AfoKensie Street, New WeWminsler, J-rttieh
Oolumbi*. BOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications tkould bs addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
Se Indlrtdaal mem-Sere ol f���� ���faff. Cheaue*. draft*, and money orders should be mode
���payable to The National i-V-int-iS-i and Puhlishitia Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Bueineje Office and Manager, itt; Editorial Rooms (oil departments), yyl.
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month    Cv moil, J3 per year, 26o per most*.
^^ADVERTISING RATES on application.
No proposed bylaw was ever better named than the
one defeated last Saturday, for there surely has been a
tremendous amount of oratorical gas dischargd both before and since the vote was taken.
Altogether the situation is a peculiar one. The privately owned gas plant is generally conceeded to be,���well
to put it mildly���hardly one hundred per cent, efficient,
for which reason there are a great many in the city who
favor buying it in order that good service and more reasonable prices may prevail. The idea, while it resembles
somewhat the case of the girl who marries a man to reform him, has some features to commend it and some
In the first place, a discussion at this stage of the
game must of necessity take the form of an inquest on the
remains of the proposal to purchase, but then it is fashionable to talk over a hand of bridge after it has been
played and further there is the off-chance of the supposed
corpse being revived and presented once again.
The main trouble in the whole bargain seems to have
been the weakness of the city's position.   The owner of
the gas plant knew how much the council had at its dis-1
posal to get a new gas plant and he set a figure which was
considered by many too high for the value to be received.
The real property, etc., didn't seem to stack up to the sum
asked and "franchise" and "good will" are terms whose
jface value it is hard to determine.   Then too there were
not a few who thought they saw over-anxiety to get rid
of a white elephant in the owner's willingness to option
such valuable property for ten dollars. Others came to the
conclusion that coal gas propositions were out of date and
dear at any price.   Still another section of the ratepayers
reasoned in this way:   If the plant were bought it would
mean municipal ownership, which is to be preferred; but
if the city administration of the piped fuel business became for any reason unsatisfactory and another good
company wanted to come in here, could the new concern
in the interests of the public be kept out ?   If not, Westminster would be in a worse position than if she had built
a new plant of her own and the competitor were still doing business with the old one.  And again, quite a few citizens took the stand that competition was the life of trade,
even when the city is one of the competitors
University Professor Puts in Plea for
Fairer Treatment for the
Seattle, Oct. 22.���That the present-
Industry Travels Fast on Up Grade-
Shipments Now 100,0000
Per Year.
Calgary, Oct. 22.���The  phenomenal
day attitude of the average employer I Increase In the number of cattle being
towards her domestic employe is the
result   of   age-old     prejudices   ls   the
opinion of Dr. oJseph K. Hart, of the
try. The general increase In mixed
farming operations, and a proportionate number of shipping points having
been developed, lias made a larger
number of louding yards necesary. To
meet this demand the railway companies have been obliged to provide additional loading accommodation and
New Leading Places.
In the Alberta division alone the ('.
P. 11. have within the last two years
opened up fifty new loading yards in
addition to increasing the capacity of
many existing yards. Kach year as
new business offers itself provision
is made In appropriations fot the following year and as soon as possible
the accommodation called for Is installed. It l�� impossible to deal, rinht
away, with the demands of a new centre that haa  unexpectedly  come  into
University of Washington, as expressed   vesterday  afternoon  at  Plymouth
ries of'hPeu  so extraordinary,  >vi.
alsed in Alberta during the past few
years has been such that it has been
somewhat of a difficult  task  for the
railway companies to Keep pace with, i l"'lng as a sheep point;   but as soon
Though the increase in sheep has not'
church  ln the third of the  ser
the  number of the woolly animals now In the
lectures on "Housework" being given j province   B*|inw   that   this   branch     of
under the auspices of the Y. W. 0. A. i fanning is growing very much in  fa-
and the university. vor.     Perhaps   190.   was   the   poorest
r.     ,,    .   i ���i. ..,i,i, iv.��� _..-k_in.i    year in  t*he history of sheep raising.
Or. Hart dealt wiih the psyohologl- ^ nQt mw (han Uyim) were �����
cal basis of the problem of domestic  the range    At ,iu, preBent time there
service. are 250.000 sheep out grazing in Alber-
Beginning by showing how we are, 1 ta. These figures speak for them-
of necessity, influenced bv conditions i selves, and show a very material In-
that existed thousands of years ago j crease; especially when it is remem-
which have left their Imprint on us In I bered that the day or the open grnz-
unreasoning instincts, while the con- ling system is practically dead,
ditlons   themselves     have     long   ago I Area Is Widening.
passed awav. Dr. Hart applied this Information gleaned trom the C. P.
to the domestic problem. Our attitude, It. officials shows that up to and In-
he said, is a relic of the times not eluding 1912. from 100 stock shipping
onlv when there was mar.ter and slave, I stations sheep were being shipped
but when there were more distinct so-1 from only 2S: and prior to 1910 ship-
cial  classes  than  there are  now. ! ments were confined to seven stations.
"We never reason if we can pos- Since that time there has been a
siblv help it." he said. "We are gov- eradual widening of the sheep grow-
erned by our instincts. Of course. Ins area, but the open range over
some of these are valuable. Most of which sheep may graze is still conns have no real ideas on religion. We fined to a specific boundary. The new
simply maintain certain standards points from which sheep are now be-
wliic-h have come down to us, without!ing sent are in the farm districts, and
any thought. Vet it would be a sad: tbey are reared on land owned by the
thing if we were not governed some- \ farmers themselves over which Lira:*:-
wha; by these instincts. But they lng regulations do not apply.
must not rule us entirely. These sheep are  in   small  hunches
"None of us like to be'reniined of n innd are handled in an entirely differ
defect In ourselves, even when wo lent manner from the flocks ran-zim:
know the suggestion ls proffered in iin the open on restricted arear. This
the kindliest spirit. We are like the , "leans a gradual spread of the old sys-
maid, who. when her mistress said, < tern in vogue in the eastern provinces
'Mary, did you know that you go-and States, where every fanner main*
around the house with your mouth I tains such a flock as th�� ivtent of his
open?' replied, 'Yes, I opened it.' We,'""' permits of and also sounds the
resent any suo'.i suggestions. This isl death knell of the open range,
a case of instinct versus reason. Shipments Increase.
Progress Meets Opposition. The total  shipments
as Ihe requirements become known an
appropriation Is made by the railway
company for the following year and
the construction work proceeded with
as expeditiously aspoBsihle.
Lease Extremely Moderate.   For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
Unbelievable State cf Affairs In Quebec Province.
I Montreal, Oct. II.- No less than IM
; houses whose Inhabitants are infected
i with smallpox, have been found by Dr.
I J. A. Corsin, at Salute .Marie Satonlere,
! a small parish of Montcalm county.
Dr. Corsin Is Inspector for the provincial health board for the district of
| Montreal.
After making his report here on affairs In the town, he hurried back to
| lead the fight against the epidemic.
It is alleged that the local authorities have done nothing to check the
i epidemic. There has been no quarantine, It is said, and the sick who are
Btrong enough to go out. were about unhindered In the village,
Dr. Corsin goes back as hearer of
'nn official notice to the municipal authorities of the village, advising them
that unless they comply with the prescriptions of the hygiene law within 4N
hours, the provincial board of health
will assume at their expense the task
of eradicating the disease.*
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured tn B. C, vis.: the
tbe celebrated "VANCOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas aud Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewer Pipe from
4-ln. to -4-ln. In diameter. This ls also made In thle Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Waabed Qravel, Band.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonee 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W.
plunofort,-. Imrmuny and i-IukIiiH Pu-
pUs sucoessfuly propared for examination I" H A M. and lt. t.\ M. Kor terms
apply f><.'_ Third avenue,
Pianoforte; Ml Keary
3t. New  w.-st-
"Every step in a new direction meets increased in tin* last few years from
with opposition. Every new mode of'about 60.000 bead annually to 100,000.
dres is criticized. Then it is accept- '" addition to the 260,000 sheep now
ed and the nexl new mode is dispar- 'n ">" orovTnce, a Inrge consignment,
agingly compared to it. And so it goes fronl Montana, is expected this year,
on. of breeding stuck, and this Indntiably
Acting   King's  Printer.
Ottawa, Oct. 21.   The Evening nti-
sen says:  "Though tliere Is so far no
official announcement on the subject,
f sheep have | it  Is understood -hat  I.ouis COUSineBU
"In our complex city life it is not to  points to
be expected  that  we can still  main- ���
tain  lhe standards  which  held  good ^^^____
when  the family  wis  the chief  unit
or   even   the   village.     Of   cour.-.-.   In
the home life allowances are made for
peculiarities.    Kven  in  ;i small  town
you will  hear:   'He is queer,  bul  wo
all know hlm.'
"This is not true in a city, We admit people just so Tar within nur circle of Intimates nnd no farther. We
do not know thern. TIk-v may Impose on ns. If this i.s true of the
friends of one's own kind, it Is still,
more  true of the girl   who comes   to
a continuance of the Indus-'general election.
or Hull, will this week be appointed
acting kina's printer at the government printing bureau, during the Illness of 0, II. I'armalee. king's printer.
Mr. Cousineau was Conservative candidate  in   Wright county  at   the  last
the late Professor Allan ktaebeth.
Principal of tt��- Glasgow College or
Music nml Professor Qro-ssland Hirst, of
ths Glasgow Athenaeum, i-kh to Intt-
mate that she will aeoept s few pupils
In slriKliiK and vole* production. Kk-
tenslve repertotte of bun class -onx*
Kor term*, call or write to 11Q8 Hamilton etreet.
Bank of Montreal
| CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...  $18,000,000 0O
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches  throughout Cauada    and
: Newfoundland,  and   In   London,   Eug-
' land, New York, Chicago and Spokan*
! U.S.A., arid  Mexico City.    A general
'banking business transacted.    Letter*
of Credit  Issued,  available  wltb  correspondents In all parts of tbe world.
Savings Dank Department���Deposit*
received  in  stuns of $1  aud upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per ceut. per
Iannum ipresent rate),
Total Assets over 1188.000.000.00.
0.  D.  BRYMNEIt,  Manager.
tt   J.   A.    BURNETT.   AUDITOR
Accountant. T��L R. IX, Hoom i
Hart I
TT i      ��� i    i  _ "   ��� , , -   '���'"'''���   ln   our  kitchen      Accepting   her
Hence many decided to vote against the purchase of \ into the family circles presents a new
the much discussed gas plant, which they did, with the *"*   ''       '
suit noted last Saturday.
in the opinion of a Spokane judge a man who marries
at the age of eighty-three is a fool. Wonder why he specified eighty-three?
"All things come round to him who will but wait."
No, Clarisse, nobody said anything about the harbor commission not having been named yet.
President Wilson says he is sick of the way Huerta is
behaving in Mexico. He's about the last one of the bunch
between the Rio Grande and the forty-ninth parallel to
admit it.
Learn the secret of this
delicious home made bread
"In a s'ory I read inst week there
was a tpald who refused to work for
an elderly couple because they themselves labored. She had not been accustomed to people of that kind und
she would not stand it. 'i he poor
white trash of the south are a resull of
that prejudice against people who did
th��-ir own work. The English nobility
is kept In pluce by tbe serving class.
For they, too, guided by those old-
time InBilncts relics of another time,
would huve their posts if their masters should unbend.
Has  No  Solution  to  Offer.
"I am not here to attempt to solve I
this problem. I simply want, lo make
a pU-a to you to remember that our
attitude towards the serving cirl Is
not a fixed principle, but a prejudice !
that we havo inherited from other
Whenever  friends  drop  in   I   serve
ti a and home-made bread.   As a rule
I don'l bother with cake.-; because my
friends prefer my bread. It's quite a
jok" wiih me and Hob the way they all
ask for the recipe. "How do you net
lUCh flavor any way," tliey will ask.
"What makes it so uniformly delicious?" I tell them as I tell you that
the secret's la the flour 1 use ROYAL
STANDARD.   Try it und see.
P. H. Smith. W, J   Orovw
Work   undertaken    In    city    and    out��ld��
Call and inspect our fall
ines and new fall styles and
polnta.   211-15    Weatmlnater   Trust    Bldg ; nlflCP   VOUT   Order   TMW
Phoo.   SC..     P.   O.   Boa   607. |JlcH.C   .uut    UlUCI    IIUW.
NTKKNATIoN.W,  STKAM   ANH Ol'KIt   j    I.adk'S'   atld   Mdl'S   TuMor.
iillriK    l-nKiiiecrs,    UOOal   tit,   1,,,-ett   lu
Labor  Tempt*  every  tirxi    and     ihird   '
Thui-"t.i'.* of tto- mouth.   II.  Mci,iiii_-lilln.
401   Columbia   St*
IN O   Hox
8aundara,    seorttary.
B. A P. O. of Klk* of the D. of C m��c
the firm and third Thuraday nt 8 p. m.
K. of P. Hall. F.ixtith etreet. A Well.
(Irny. Exalted Ruler; P. 11. Omltti. Sue
L. O. O. M., NO. ��64��� MI-.KTS ON
flrnt, ssoond, third and fourth wedaas
day In ouch month ut H p. ni.
tu thl Mooes Home. H. J. l^*iirny
dictator; I*. K. Jon._, Hecr-Mury
Headouortt-ri* of lode* to Bes Ho-tlM
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon itreett
A gasoline launch named the Highball has been reported lost off the Florida coast. You really couldn't
blame old Neptune for swallowing a craft with a label
like that.
Communication   by   Water   Cut   Off���
A German in South Africa wants a thousand pounds '":" Ma'' Wl" B,; by Do"
as an inducement to settle on Vancouver island.   Tell him ";,in
about the Fraser valley and he'd be willing to give that
much for the privilege of locating in this offshoot of Eden.    Ottawa, Oct. 22.  with the close 0f
ths navigation to Hudson bay, so rar
us outwardbound vessels are concerned, communication  wltb   the  huy  is
That poor man Sulzer sure has his troubles.   Not sat- *"IW '"l ,,IT
The next mall there wlll bs by dog
train overland via Norway House, Al
ready mall is accumulating al ths
engineer's office of tb'e aspartmi nl of
railways. The dog trains will start
from Bel kirk us soon n.i there is
sufficient snow   to   make    traveling
Vancouver.   New   Weatmlnster,   Nanalmo, Victoria.
. O. O. K. AM1TT LODOB NO   17���Thi
regular   meeting   of   Amity   lodtfe   No  .
17, I. O.  O.   F.,  ll beld every Moncta; I
nlirtit at I o'clock In Odd Fellow-*.' Hal!  i
corner   Cnrnnrvon   and   IChrhth   atreetf  (
VlflltlnB    lirr-them     cordially    Invited   i
R. a. Merrlthew, N o.; It  \v  BanflSt*r,
V. () :  W   C.  Coatham.   P.  O.   rw-orr
lng MOreta ry * J. W. UaoDooald, financial eecretary.
When travelling for huslness or pl"a-
Btire, you may aa well have comfort.
[and travel hy our line. You will find
ill to your advantage o cunrult us for
tat.*.; and reservations
E. GOULET, Agent.
Nsw Weatmlnster
W. BIIODIB, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
W, BL FAI.K8���Pioneer Funeral filrecto
and Erihnliner. Slt-tlS Agu-e etroet
opposl:,., Carnegie Library.
ter A Manna. Md.)���Funeral director!
and ernt-iilrneni. Parlor*. 40& Columbii
���treet.    New   Weatmlnater.    Phono   Bil
isfied with having got him into the trouble that resulte.
in his being flipped off the gubernatorial chair, his wife
now insists on helping him in the election campaign into
which he has jumped.
The city of Victoria asked the attorney general for
With tlie loss of the steamer carry
. . , . . ,      .  ,       , I*'"-' ""'��� wifeless apparatus which was
an opinion on the pan-mutuel machines on the island racej��> be placed ai Nelson to conned up
course and when it was given the council sent it hack to'wlth L"I'"H "" "'" '""'''"r "r riyili"1
the A. G. with a request to think it over again.   The result
of the second thinkfest hasn't yet been announced
tion. the department will have to de
The premiers of the different provinces are to meet
next week in the cast to talk over matters of national and
provicial importance, but it's a safe bet there'll he no reference to the money stringency and the finger the banks
have in that pie. No, premiers don't talk about those
things; if they did, they wouldn't be premiers long.
pond upnn tin
cation wltli tl
dog trains for cominiinl-
ir workmen at tha hay.
\ I'torln, Oct 21- In connection
���with tha proposal to an Into the stibjeel
nf tlu inadequate street railway ser-
vlce, upon which the eity council has
applied tu the minister of railways
tor an examination Into the service.
Mr damhle, chief engineer or railways, has applied for the following Information, wlilch will be supplied
throui h the Bpeclal committee:
1   The sections of the cily   now
thickly populutdd whicli uro Inadequately served,
3 Lines now operated by lln- company ��hero the servieo is Inadequate
at certain hours of the duy.
;t. Definitely on whal dates and al
whnt hours tha oars uro overcrowded.
Tho council lias also agreed to appoint Its special committee to acl with
the Heal Kstate exchange In drawing
up a Btatement on tho (aces, In conjunction with the publlc bodies In illicit)'.
North Y.iiv I ina, Wash,, Oct, 21
The recent typhoid epidemic at Grand-
view. In wblch 'i'i people contracted
the disease, nnd some wer,. seriously
111, is being analyzed by Health oni-
cer lir. Tetreau to locate if possible
tha original source of the Infection,
in- Tetreau wlll Bubmlt hla findings,
together with the resull of a sanitary
survey of the town of Orandview, lo
the council in a written report
The Investigation has proceeded far
enough to show definitely, according
to hr Ti treau, thnt the disease mn:
spread  by  moans of milk   from  tbe
I dairy which supplies mosl of the milk
for the town That sourco wuh suspected early, nnd the milk supply wub
shul off Augusl  23   until    measure!
: could be taken for safeguarding the
Krom whal sources the Infection en
tored the dairy, however, tbe doctor
I hns not been able to determine ei
actly. |
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchea Throughout ths Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches    Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards reccaved and  Interest at the hlgbeat current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parte of the
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Osneral Manager.
New   W-.tminater   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Msnsgsr.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We arc agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
II. (I. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W.  IO.  DUI'I.KOW,  fl.  A.  P.  D.
527 (iranvlllu Street, Vancouver. 1 hone Private Kxchange Hi::t
���ter Board of Trade mw-ta tn tho twitr-
routn, City Hall, aa follows: Third Krlday of each month; quartorly ioe,-tln|
on ttm third Fiidmy of February, Muy
AiiKust arid November at 8 u.tii. Annual msetinaS on tna ttilrd Friday ot
February. O, II. Htuart Wado. ���rcr��
���Sale, Oo-t-dti, llualne-Mi letter-, etc. ; eir-
culur work np<-clallat. All work Htrlctly
eiinfliii-iitliil. II. Karry, room 418 Weil
mln��t��r Trust Blk.    I'hone im.
til-Hern. Solicitor*, etc. 40 I,orni- Streel
New Wi-Minilimter. IJ 10 Corbould, K
C.    J. K. ilmnt.    A. K   MeColl.
trwii-law. nollcltor, uto. Tole-iihom
IIiTj. Cable aiMn-M "Jonnaton'
Code. "Woetnrn Union." Offloea, Mild
Block. r,S2 Columbia atreet. New Weat
mlnater, B. C.
alda ��� linrrlatera and Hollcllora, Weat
mlnater Truat Blk., Columbia atreet
Nre Wi-aliiilnalnr, II. C. Cable addrt-a.
"Whlteal*," wtwtern Union. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone 60. W. J
Whlloeldi-.  K. C.,  IL L.  Bdmonda,   V
! COAL MININU rbrlita of the Dominion
In MiiiiIioi.ii. Haakatdiewan and Alberta.
thn Yi-kon Territory, tbe NorthweSt T��r��
rltorlia and In a portion ot the PronioSS
or Britiah Columbia, may be leaaed for S>
ti-rin of twenty-one ynu. al an annual
ti-niai of II au acre. Not mora than ISS0
ucn-a wlll It* 1,-tim-tl to ona applicant
Application for a leaae muat Iw ms**
l>y the applicant In peraon to the A��*nS
or Suk-AKcnl of lhe dletrlot In whlc* th*
rliiliin applied for are altuatcd.
In Hiirveyod territory tbe land mual ha
1 di-acrlLit-d by a-notlona, or l*-aal aub-dlvt-
elona of aectlona, and In unaurveyed te^
ritory tbe tract applied for ahall ha
maki'd out by tho applicant htmaalf.
Kach application mual be aoooi
liy a te* of tb Wlilch will be refunded
ilm  rlKtita appllnd  for are not avallaa
but   not   otloTwlae.     A   royalty  shall
paid on  the   merchantable output of t
i mini ul the rain of five centa par toa.
Th-   prraon   operatlna   the   mln*  Sis
fun-dull   the   Agent   with   awarn   return*
ui i-iiufiiltiii for the full quantity of I
chan table  coal   mined  and  pay  tha
ally   there,.ii.   If  th* ooal  mining     '
are not tx-lne operated aueh return*
he  furnlalied  at   leeat one* a year.
The lent* will Include th* ooal mtnJnSI
rtahta ofily.   but  the leaae*  wlll  be Jar-
mltted   to   purchaa*   whatever   available
i aurfi-n- rlahta mar b* connldered necea-
Hary for the workln* of th* mln* it US
] rule of IIO an acre.
For full Information application ahoul*
! bn made to the Secretary of th* tMpetU
ment of th* Interior. Ottawa, or to aajr
Ant-til or Sub-Agent of Dominion I-anda-
Deputy Mlnlater of the Interior.
N. B���Unauthorised publication of thle
advertlaement will nol be paid for.
J. BTII.WKIX CMJTB. Iliirrlet-r nt-laa
aollrlinr, etc.; oorner Columbia am
McKenile atreela, New Weatintnatai
II. C.   I'. O. Bos III.    Telephono   111
Solicitor and Notary. Offloea Mar
block, 'i.n Lorn* afreet. Now Woatmln
aler, B. C.
Hitrrlatera nnd Solicitor*. 006 to 111
WcittmliiHter Truat Block. O. K. Mar
lln, V.'. O. MoQuarrle and floor** I,
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�� V
Transfer Co*
Offles Phene 116.     ������rn Phene MT
���eoble Streel.
tisggags Dell vent Prosoptly to    >
any part ot ths etty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Boa 84 Dally Nsws Bid*.
of all kinds.
Prloss right.   Satisfaction guarantss*
������ MeKsnsIs 11 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1913.
Church   Hae  Overdraft  of  $250,000���
Cath Needed to Pay Men in
Mission Feildt.
Toronto, Oct. 22.���Tho Toronto pres-
the finding on the marriage law case
arising out of the Ne Temere, It must
go to London (or final -adjudication.
Uphold Dominion.
It would appear from a perulsal of
the Judgments that the chief Justice
and Mr. Justice Davles uphold absolutely the Dominion side of the case,
laying down the principle that outside the territorial limits -of the Incorporating province a provincial company has no status an a corporation,
aa a company, or as an individual.
Justices Anglin, Brodcur, Ulington
snd Duff, on the other hand, hold with
tbs provinces, though ln some of their
Judgments  the elements of qualifies-
bytery has accepted the allottment of; "on of the provincial powers are Introduced.
$250,000  for  the coming year.    Rev.
John   Somervllle,   treasurer    of     Ihe
Presbyterian church, pointed out that
up to October 13 the church had spent
on home and foreign missions $546,248,
while the amount received was only
(387,298, leaving a debt of 1818.960.
Tlie flnani-o board had been obliged
to make an overdraft for $250,000.
"There are thousands of dollars lying
idle with treasurers of the churches
which ought to be sent in to me Rt
Once," he declared, "so that our men In
the mission fields wlll not have to
���wait for their salaries. At present I
cannot draw a cheque on one of tin-
banks, and have only about $5,00(1 in
the other to meet an overdaft of $100,-
000." He ascribed the present lack
of money to the fact that he had not
ibe same reserve as last year and the
linancial stringency.
The alllotinent for the Toronto pros-
Mr. Justice Duff, for Instance .while
conceding the right of a company to
operate outside of the corporating
province, holds that such ultra provincial powers apply only In a subsidiary sense, and lhat the main business
must be limited to the province Issuing the letters patent.
Judges lirodeur and Anglin decide
that a provincial company may go anywhere and set up business by virtue
of thc fact that it is a legalized concern, with a legal entity. It muBt.
however, conform to the lnws of the
province to which it goes, tbat Is, In
respect of licensing and taxation. In
the Toronto peddlers case |t. was held
that the right of regulation muBt not
he exercised to tho degree of prevention.
The Judgment Is most Important to
all companies federally or provlnclally
incorporated, while It Interprets a
constitutional  point that In a leading
bytery has been increased from fl.86,-'' nrovlslun of the British North Amer-
4)00 to $388,000, and  Dr.  Mcdilllvray pen act
and   Dr.   A.   Uobcrtson   spoke   of   the
difficulty of raising   the   Increased
iir A K. firant explained that the
amount was not a tax, but a distribution according to their duty of ex
tending salvation to others.
"Vou could spend $200,00 right hero
In home missions In Toronto," be declared, "without touching the problem
There are a great many Presbyterians
who do very little In this work, many
rich men have lost their vision of the
church. In a financial situation like
this we ought to Btudy ourselves."
Bones of Contention In Supreme Court
Eetween Dominion and the
lt would not appear that any settlement or compromise Is likely by reason of the fact that neither the Dominion nor the provinces is likely to
yield an iota or the powers tbey claim,
and which are always guarded zealously.
It muy, therefore, be assumed that
the case will be Inscribed before the
privy council. Tho Judgment mean
while nITirmB the status of provincial
eomnanles and t.helr right to operate
In other provinces without a federal
charter. Until reversed this is the
It removes a doubt ns to the legal
Standing of many large industrial concerns, and at the same time would
seem lo pave the way for a material
increase In the number of provincial
incorporations and revenue resulting
the James street entrance of the municipal building. This was unnoctlced
by the deteoUves. When searched at
police headquarters a diamond and
pearl pendant was found on the prisoner. As the police had heard of no
missing jewelery yesterday Ihey were
at a loss to account for It until Rin-
derson confessed. A watch was also
found ou the prisoner, but Mr. King
stated last night tbat it was not stolen from his apartments.
As Itlnderson was being tkaen from
the detective office to Court Btreet
station, he told Constable Young about
bavlng thrownthe ring away at the
entrance to the city hall. It was
found by a woman Jnst as the search
bad been started and handed over to
Detective Mitchell.
Money Orders Transmitted Across Atlantic Between United Kingdom
and Csnada.
adventures this summer.   Somehow, I
never do have any adventures and con
Alaska believe it.   Every time I mention it they give me another of those
They Kill Mosquitoes���Such Waa Ex
perience In Recent Alasks
"This summer another''member of
the survey and myself saw a mountain
sheep-asleep on a mountain side. We
tinunuB and assiduous search has fail-  you're-a-liar    looks    and change   tlm
ed to reveal to me those thrilling in- subject.   I have endured this for two
cldents and hardships of which 1 have
read so much.   But I acquired a great
reputation this summer.   I met a number of people who think I am the great-
est liar out of Jail, and those missing | were down-wind and crawled" within
mosquitoes are the cause of it all. | (fteen feet of It. My companion took
"The fact ls. the volcanic aBh which j a couple of snapshots of it, and as he
was spilled all over the country when j wanted a picture showing a different
Mount Katraal went on its last ram-1 position, I hit the animal In the ribs
page formed sulphuric acid as soon as i with a chunk of granite,
the rainwater hit it. The mosquitoes, "Now I have endured those 'you're a
London   Oct   B8.���Improvements nf!    ,..- ,.       ,._, , ! during a windstorm or rainstorm, seek  Har'   expressions   long   enough     and
London uct ... improvements of- ..Every mosqu|to wlthm a radiug of _helter ,n the mo_g and beneath the | ev-ery time they pull lt on me I pro-
great public importance have Deenl600 mM(,B of the Katmai volcano has . leaves of trees. The sulphuric acid did I duce this picture. I wish I could do
made in the transatlantic cable busl-'j-one t0 the pIace where all g00l* ���,������. not only destroy the insects them-1 the same thing with the mosquitoes,
ness within the last two years���lm- : ,���ir,toea should take nn ��n eternal re.t * BelveB- but poisoned the pools and , but, unfortunately, one can't take a
orovements  which   must  result  in  a*; .���-*0**'** ****��� **�� an eternai riam-* sloughs upon which they breed. As the picture that will show a non-presence
pr-.v-in-tits   -AliKl. r.MU   ,n  a,dence__that ,���  ,0^ place other than ! y0Ung mosquitoes were hatched  they j of mosquitoes.    It would be too easy
general spedlng-up of business routine !on tn|��� eart), ���
The following article, which appeared recently In the Milwaukee, Mis.,
Sentinel, Is of Interest to New Westminster In that the parties celebrating
tholr golden wedding, are coming to
take up their home with their daughter, Mrs. W. T. Held, who with her
husband was present at the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Rev. and
Mrs. T. A. Walker. Here is the article
under an Appleton date line.
The Hev. and Mrs. ThomaB A. Walker or this city, the former One of the
oldest members of the Methodist Kpln-
oopa) conference of Wisconsin and
who has held as many charges In this
state as perhaps any minister, on Mon-
lay celebrated the 50th anniversary
of tlieir wedding.
It was at Nekltni, Winnebago county
that Mr. and Mrs. Walker were married bv Hev. Thomas Hughes, on Oct.
1., 180... Rev Mr. Walker was born
In Manchester In 1S35, while his wife.
Miss  Dorothy  Morgan,  was born  two
and a considerable saving In office ex
This positive statement  was  made |ant*' *���**���������
j by  Dr. G. C.  Martin, of the  United
absorbed  the poison from the pools to fake It and I might acquire the rep
utation of a faker.
Once Obscured Sun. |    "The trail of the scientific Investiga-
'I ������,. first marked chatiBi- cami. into  _-" ,    ,    ��� , "Prior to the unpleasant disturbance j tor, like that of the transgressor, Is
tir.t murk, it , nan*,   .���������   m.ojStateg   geological   survey,   who     has | that took place In Katmai mountain I beset   witb   difficuVties   anS     skepti-
spent nine years in scientific research ' two  years  ago  mosquitoes  were    solclsm."
in  Alaska, and  who probably knows thick that at times they obscured the 	
force at the beginning of 1912, when,
aB the result of a modification of the
old agreements between the Western
more  about  the  Alaskan  coal  fields
i'nion, the Anglo-American, and    the!?"1? Alaskan volcanoes than any other
t.i     .,,..__,.. _, ,      living white man.    He has written a
Direct United States cable companies (number of books and articles on both
vears  later in  Wales.    Hoth came to.,. ���  .       , ... ,    ���.
this country when about 16 years of "'* ***** ���Bd '^"P���' OfltaSs be-
aga. The three children present at '"!"!'��** ���� Saturday. The de-
the reunion on Monday are: n. ���.! '^Press dispatches offered new fa-
Walker of Rhin.-lander. 8. T. Walker i'J11'1'" for, ** ^"T1' ��'IT*
of  Madison  and   Mrs.  W.  T.  Held of j "f��o�� ^smjght not suffer from a delay
N'ew  Westminster.  D.C, with    whom
Mr. and  Mrs. Walker expect to make
and certain propositions by the post-  subjects.   Incidentally���strange thing
mastergeneral, new services known as I tor a scientist���he has a sense of hu-
day cable letters, weekend cable let-|mor_,  I?r-  Mart'n sPe"1 the summer
, .    ���   .  , ,       , _ .       in Alaska acquiring scientific knowl-
ters  and  deferred    press    dispatches  edKe am) ��� reputatlon.
were introduced    The first of these of-      "Beyond upsetting a canoe and get-
h     ���en ,cons'der,ablv   rf��ced   ��*"  ttog nearly drowned In a river where
the   delivery   next   morning   In   New
Vork and Montreal of letters despatched from London and Liverpool, written In plain language, and having a
minimum length of twenty words. The
second provided for the delivery In
New Vork or Montreal on the next
Tuesday morning of letters having a
minimum of thirty words, all written
in   plain  language, and  handed  in at
where men have been driven insane by
their bites.
"I have not met a single mosquito in
the Cook Inlet country for two years.
They have been wiped out comptele-
ly, and I couldn't truthfuly say that I
have any regrets over the misfortune
the water wasn't more than four feet j that has befallen them. But I cannot
deep," he continued, "I didn't have any j make prospectors in other parts    of
sun.   I have heard prospectors say the
only  manner  In   which  the  number! Explosion Kills Two.
could be Increased would be to reduce!    Midland, Ont., Oct.  21.���Two lives
their size.   There are cases on record \ were lost and several persons injured
when the boinler in a sawmill near
here blew up this morning. The dead
are John Sogea, fireman, and George
Fraser. a boy. The injured are Peter
Habner. may die; John Brunelle, and
John Leach, all young men. The explosion pretty well wrecked the mill.
It is owned by Longley Chew, and Is
located at Dollartown, a suburb.
of 19 hours.
The first step It appears was made
heir future home.    There    are    ten
They took up their residence in the
town of KOUSSOt, Manitwoc county, in
1857. It was there that Mr. Walker
became affiliated . wllh the Methodist
church and was licensed a local
preacher and spent some time on Gibson and Maple Grove circuit as a cir-
-iilt   rider.    He  was  ordained  a dea-
possible by a methodical examination
of the cable traffic between Kngland
and North America. It was found
that thc difference of five hours between the time of the two hemispheres
created uneven periods of traffic pressure upon the cables. It was seen that
by encouraging the development of cable correspondence during the period
when  the traffic pressure was at its
con In 1868 and taken Into the \Vlscon-l,��w.e8!   the  cables   could   be  given   a
sin conference as a full member.        lhlBher *fflc"'nc>- and *������* 1>****** "��������*���*���
ud  over  the  holiday  at  Glad  Tidings
cottage on Victoria avenue, whilst Mr. j
and Mrs   H.  P. King, accompanied fiy |
Miss   BUla   Moore,  arrived   fr.ini   Mission  Citv   on  Thursday  last  to spend
��� week at Rocklands,
White Hock. Oct. 21 -Alderman J
and Mrs. Henley entertained a house
party In their sea front residence,
consisting of the Misses lloss, Mcln-
type.  Davidson  and  Hall,  as  well  as
  i several gentlemen.    This Is the third
] vear that Mrs. Henley has opened her
Ottawa   Oct.  2-     What stands  out ""���� cottage for Thanksgiving re-
Hon by a nialorlts  of th a court O'thi��� Looming from New West-
principle tbat a prov nc lal       "torpor-      ,��� ������,,  ���,������ ���   -,   Swk     from
ated oompanj  is not Umi^ to ths, ���, WRl       v���rk   Kngland
-'" '" "l"'-"'' 1"','s ",' ,!l" *" '"���      Mrs   .1   11   Watson and her children
rial   bonndartes   Of   thS   tawporattog Saturdav  and   remain*
province,   but   han  the  right   ti)  go   lo
Other  provllldes bo carry on  Its  busl-
The powr of the province to license
and regulate Rich Incorporations from
outside as located within tn territory,
I, upheld SO ling ** such.""-'Uliitlon orj" A
Ho-SUSIng l�� nm prev.-nUce in it.-char !,_..  w|)h   ^ ch|Mrrn   who hftd ���
'"'.',',      ,   ,          ,    ,,       u   ,.   ,  ,...     i   'miosis Miss   Margery Dl-iisum,  Miss
The  lodgment,   though   tentative   lu                                    *��� �� Turnbull.
H. effect   till  the court of last   resort ,      ,                >           t . h g
t-hull have pronounced upon the case., f",
ls a mosl Important conaUtutlonaj In- 'Mr .,.���, Mr_ It���P8 .,���,, Mr alul Mr���
terpretation, broadly affecting boto N ��� N���lh.on Hn(| oth,.r!1 from N(>w
the federal and provincial authorities, wMtm|Mtiir were also down, whilst
their revenues from companv >n.-<>r | _.,__..,,���_. (>r ,h(l famlh. of *, u 1Jal.
poratlon, and touching the legal Status ^.^ Vancouver, tbe Misses Ansty nnd
���r t . rv concern which, after Incomer* fri,,m!s Vancouver. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cody
nt! n by one province hss extended its aa Nlr SU)dart, Vancouver, were
operations to others without recourse | h(ir| f(,_ u f|.w {].lVB
to S federal charter. A   Vashon. accompanied by Mr. and
Upholds Companies. Mn)  A   s   Vashon and Mr. and Mrs.
Th- right to do this being confirm- Koherl|i<--,. together withr Master Hud-
���ed, there Is consequently much lsss oilion McCarthy, all from Vancouver.
a .1 -turlilng dint-actor in the Judf- motorea down on Sunday and stayed
ments than would be the case If the vw, th_ h(.���da>,
finding wero in favor of the Dominion. Sc,v(.r]ll KO()d bapB, t,otb as regards
As ll stands, the legal status of such ,,,_,,��� am, U(ih were mailo by ,he vlB.
concerns Ib upheld
The Hon- J  (
Aside from serving as a circuit rider
he Itev. Mr. Walker has served as
pastor in lfi Methodist churches in
Wisconsin. Mr. Walker was superannuated In 1��98. In 1902 they removed
to Anoteton and this city has since
been their home.
he given a means of rapid intercom
municatlon which was hitherto impos-!
sible owing to a prohibitive cost. The
fact that the Western Union Telegraph company had a cable and inland
system In America which comprised
1,400.000 miles of wire and 25,000 telegraph offices ultimately facilitated the
extension ot many ot these facilities
to more distant places
At first this extension wss restrict-
Quintette  of   Unclaimed     Bodies
terred There Since September
ed. the company preferring to bring to!
perfection  the new  services between 1
1/ondon and Liverpool and New Yorkjl
and Montreal, and such points beyond |
aB  were Berved by  mail.    Tbis. bow-
I ever, had not been long in operation j
I when further concessions were made.
|n.] The Becond change, dating from Sep-1
tember In last year, modified the con-'
ditlons  whereby   deferred   service  ca-j
blegraniB might be subject to 24 hours'
delay,    Instead of this definite delay, I
only such delay was premised as might '
result through  the cables being occu- i
pied with traffic upon which full rates jl
had heen paid.   The Tates for deferred I
telegrams to points  beyond  Montreal j
and  New Vork city were correspondingly reduced.    The week-end  letters I
hitherto  delivered  on  Tuesday    were)
and Im-
Montreal. Oct. 22.���Although a
large number of bodies are burled during the year in this city without being
identified, It Is not through any fault
of the  Montreal  morgue    authorities.
���ver:, effort  Is made to Identify bod- j ^^T^lcpeffi8&_.
les of unknown men or women, even   porvcd  facilities were offered for the
ufter tbey aro buried. :    cheap transmission of night letters. No
Since  September  1,  five  bodies  of | extra charge  for postage was requlr-
tnen whose names wcre not discovered
!ed   for  letters  delivered  by  mail   be-
vond  New York or Montreal,
have been buried after being held as i ���  A!though  these  improved    facllties
long ns  possible to give relatives    a j have not been In vogue one year, yet
chance to claim them.   On Soptember j -he  Western  Union  telegraph system
II, the body of a man about 25 years j has   found   it   possible  to   make   still;
old was found floating In the Machine , further concessions.    By   their  latest
,    , ,     .        , llllni  sportsmen.
Doherty. nilnlnter of.     Mr   |md   Mra   ���������_,  ,,uryi  of the
Justice. Is still absent and the author!-
ties of the department  will not com
scafront   road,    entertained     several
1 guests from New WeBtmlnster. Includ
ment upon the judgments, at leant not, ,n(_ (-har|pg Bryson and Miss    Nellie
until they have beeu perused.
Tha- an appeal to the privy council
will be taken, however, may be pre
dieted as a natural development, as-
peclally In view of the far-reaching effect of the Judgments upon Cie Dominion and the provinces, and the fact
lbat In Its conclusion the court Is by
no means unanimous.
Thc issue of provincial rights snd
pov .rs as applied to company Incorporation and regulation has never
been interpreted before, although for
yean It has lee na cause of passive
conflict between the powers exercising
the divided Jurisdiction. It wss to settle this matter that the reference was
declcoil upon, but tho outcome Is not
of a character satisfactory to the federal government which conceived the
Idea of It but had considerable difficulty in securing the consent of tre
provinces to this method of determining the Issue,
tn the natural order of things, like
Dr. Torrance, of Ottawa, veterinary
director general, Dr. Tolmie. chief Dominion government veterlnsry Inspector for B.C. and Dr. Knight, provincial
veterinary inspector, were down on a
business trip a few days ago. They
were met at the local government office by Dr. Kenneth Cheater, the resident government veterinary Inspector,
and nfter visiting the gusranteed barns
here they proceeded on to Ladner.
Mr. and Mrs. Butterfleld, formerly
nf New Westminster, but now residents of White Rock, left this morning for sn extended trip through California. They Intend lo return to White
Rock early next spring.
canal. There were no papers In the
clothes and tbe body was burled In
about a week.
Two days before this a man whose
name was supposed to be B. Gunn
died as a result of a tramway accident.
Nothing, however, was learned of his
relatives. I
On September 23, the mangled body
of a man was found on the G. T. P.
tracks, near Chatham street. He had
apparently been walking on the tracks
and had been run over.
September 26 the body of a man
was found floating in the Lachine canal at Cote St. Paul. This slso wss
burled without the name being ascertained.
On October 9. a negro had his hesd
nearly severed In the C. P. R. yards at
Outremont. He was supposed to have
been employed on the C. N. R. tunnel.
arrangement It Is possible to send
week-end cable letters between the
United Kingdom, Australia. New Zealand and Tasmania, and tho Argentine
Republic, whllBt deferred cable letters
may also be sent to Cuba. By an exclusive arrangement with the British
post office the western cable system
Is now able to exchange cable money
orders between the United Kingdom
and Canada, Newfoundland, and the
United States. Amounts not exceeding ��40 are being accepted for this
service at any postsl telegraph office
and amounts exceeding this sum sre
being handled under certain reason-
altte conditions at the Western Union
offices. Money is slso sccepted at
the Western Union offices for transfer
by cstile to Cubs, Buenos Ayres, Gauy-
aonP Lima, and Valparaiso.
Tv ?se  lm orovements    have    been
Are you on* of thos* to whom
���very meal U gnother lourc* o��
autterlng ?
-wtll help your dliordered itomich to
digest any reasonable meals, end will
aoon restore It to ��uch perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at^your
Druggist a. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Ck). of Canada,
Limited. <**
Victims Didn't Knew It Until Officer
Called With Newa ef Theft
of Jswsls.
but neither his name nor his relatives  ma' �� vlthin two years without the
hsve boen discovered.   Added to this laying down of pew cables, and mere
list were five newly-born babies
To enable persons who happen along
looking for missing relatives, a description Is alwaya kept on file, bo'h
by the morgue authorities and In th.-
coroner's department Besides this, a
niece of clothing Is always cut off and
put away with any offsets. These are
kept for at least a year.
Toronto, Oct. 82.���Until advised by
Sergeant of Detectives Mackie that a
quantity of valuable Jewelry belonging
to his wife had been atolen from their
apartments, nslther A. J. King. Waldorf apartments, King street west, nor
his wife had missed tvaluablos worth
Victoria, Oct. 22.���While the contractors ln charge ot the grading of
the Victoria-Patricia Bay section ot
the Canadian Northern Paclflc Railway have been unable to make tbe
progress expected at the start, because
of some unlooked tor difficulties with
regard to the right-of-way. It Is reported that negottatlona are in a fair way
to a settlement, and thst the company
wtll be in complete possession ot aH
the property required within a week.
The work, however, haa not been altogether held up. Gangs have been
busily engaged In clearing the route,
and they have got ahead splendidly
Tlie articles were stolen from a being materially aided by tbe corn-
Jewel case ln Mrs. King's bedroom, paratlvely fine weather that has been
early laat evening, by Edward Rldner- enjoyed. According to an uwontattve
son 78 Waverley road, a driver em- announcement made yesterday, *��e
ployed by Mlchle * Co., King street contractors will not be retrained
������t horn entering on any of the surveyed
Ute last night as Detectives Book- flght-ofwsy more than a tm days.:Bev-
ett snd Mitchell were walking along eral disputes between property lipid-
Queen street west, they notloed Rln- ers and the company wltb regard to
derson. who admits the theft, enter Ihe valuation of what la required by
several pawnshops. He disposed ot the lstter have been referred to arbl-
two diamond rings at one of them for tratlon and, sa stated, a satisfactory
134. The deteetlvae followed and plac- agreement Is looked for almost Imme-
od Itlnderson under srrest Just oppo- dlately. Then the contractorsi will be
site tho city hall.' In his short walk!In a position to Install lhelr plant and
lhe prisoner managed to throw an- (to proceed without Interruption to tbe
other diamond ring on the grass near 1 completion of tbelr task.
ly through a scientific study of the
conditions prevailing In the transmission cf correspondence between Europe snd the American continent.
They promise to perform to a marked
degree some such stimulating effect
upon commerce as was provided all
over th* world In the Isst century by
the development of rsltwsys. Whatever developments of a similar character may take place In the future, to
the Western Union Telegraph cable
system undoubtedly liee the credit of
having led the. way.
Spokane. Oct it.���Mrs. MarT Stall-
man ottered to assist her husband
while he was carving up a pig, but he
became abusive and after flourishing a
butcher knife to her face told her to
"Oet out ot there." acoordlng to testimony given to the divorce action
brought by Adolph E. Stallman againat
hla wife, Mary J. Stallman, hsard In
the court ot Judge William Huneke
In his testimony Mr. Stallman. who
seeks to obtain a divorce and property.
Including the home on Wster avenue,
declared that hla' wife had a vteleat
temper and that he waa afraid to H*e
with her. _
Mra Stallman in turn testlled that
her husband had a violent temper, lhe
cited the pl( ease In point
Mrs. Anna Lee. a neighbor, teat-flat
tbat Mr. Stallman had a bad tamper.
She confessed, however, that ah* doea
not speak to him. as aha said he k��
ed one ot her chickens several yess^a
Judge Huneke took-tlte case-stader
The Royal Mercantile Co.
Will be Open for Business at
Davies' Old Stand on Sixth
Street Today, Thursday, Oct. 23rd.
We aim to conduct a genuine Bargain Store.   Our stock will consist of
Smallwear, Dishes, Glassware, Kitchenware, House Furnishings, etc.
As our store is too small to carry Furniture we are putting the price away
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We have on sale now Brass and Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Dresseus,
Buffets, Chiffoniers, Library Tables, small Tables, Couches, Sepgrass Chairs
and Rockers, etc., and they are aU marked at prices that should clear them out
in a few days.
Bring 3 Coupons and 25 Cento
* -   i * ,**
To this office and receive a handsome Pennant in three
colors.   Size 15 x by 36 inches.
' Bringthmof thewcouponsandtiwaty-flvi 4^ft The ttmra oftte
and wcelve one of the beautiful Westminster Pwawta. In ewe you are not
nent Addieae afi tml\ orders tp I****, N^ Wl^tal^, B.Q iBnd^
*   *,:'     ���'_.*���.���' '     '   '���*,. .'���, *, ������'���'���,���.: f:i1^f:-i::..'"i-i'~-'ii.;-  ���: ���������������' .'.       '.* ._������'.-:_.'  ,;.*���: __
6c extra -for spiling.
*em-ft-**f^*mitt***-.***r^   ���*���->����� r     PAGE FOUR
Fresk MVater and Salt
The tug Firefly was yesterday
raised from the river bed where she
foundered a week ago Saturday at the
Sandheads and after being towed up
river a mile was beached on a sand
bar. At Ihis morning's low tide the
vessel wlll be piuiip-ed out and the
cause of the accident ascertained.
One of her owners with the salvage
company, will examine
The only damage apparent yesterday
was a broken stack and a stay that
bad been carried away. The decks
were awash and not until low tide today can a proper examination be
Financial Journal Gives Prominence to
the Work of Improving  Frater
The world Of finance and Industry
Is coining lo Know that within two
years, before the Panama canal trade
opens. New Westminster will have a
harbor capable of handling the largest
vessels afloat.
That this facl is being given great
prominence In Cunada is shown by
the article following, which appeared
in a recent issue of Canadian Finance.
a Winnipeg publication. Tlle article Is
headed "New Westminster Harbor"
and says:
"The Dominion government has undertaken the Important work of deepening and straightening the channel
of the Fraser and confining the
waters at tha mouth of the river. The
construction of a jetty for this purpose
is now under wuy, the effect of which
will be to concentrate the flow of
water   into  one  channel,   whicli   will   from    Briti:
ultimately give a depth of 25 feet atjthjs port for shipment to the Orient,
low tide and 41 feet it! high tide, Theithe little packet Fingal arrived Mon-
building of another jetty on the south jtfay with 400 boxes of salt herring and
side of the river, the engagem
Land    Promoter    Alleged    to     Have
Changed Natural Course of River
���Now  in Court.
l.os Angeles, Oct.  'i'i.��� Uberties alleged to have been taken with    geo-
Medical  Health Officer
ing to Citizens���Danner in Old
Winter Clothing.
feet, of progress has been made tonight by the rescuers at mine No. _
of the Stag Canon Fuel company nt
Dawson, N.M., In their fight against
tbe debris which has choked the mine
entrance. A few mangled bodies have
been recovered and it Is believed that
I blockades exist for hundreds of feet
further into the mine. Little hope is
Issues Warn- entertained here for the rescue of tbo
.entombed men alive.
Believing that   a stitch   in   time
obviates the necessity of constant re-
grapliy by Dr. John Grant Lyman, the course to the tailor's    establishment
the iiulfloday. I Panama land promoter, were told to-1 llr. McQuarrie, medical health officer.
day to the jury  in the federal court
which is hearing bis trial on charges | New Westminster peoppl
of having made fraudulent use of the
Edward  A.  Itegan,  special  prosecu-
exhlbited two nui
an isthmian harbor.
Model  Mine.
New York, Oet. 12.���While no direct
word  was  received  by  Phelps  Dodge
nud company regarding Ihe explosion
in  their coal  mine at   Dawson,  N.M.,
it was stated by officers lhat the mine
lis so neurly perfect In ils construction
that it was not conceivable that there
would  be any great loss of life.
has issued a warning lo the scores ofl    "The mine Is one of the model ones
0 suffer-1��"   "lt>   country,"   declared   Cleveland
ed when the outbreak of scarlet fever
Itook place last  winter.    Tills is what
ithe M. II. O. has to say:
PHONE  NO 204.
641 Front Street.    Out of the High Rent Diatrict.
$30,000 Slock to Select from.
I'rice Co., from  1186 (Iran
Now selling Bhoe stock of the  M.  B.
ville street.    Open evenings till 9 o'clock.
KIP   BOOTS   FOR   $1.50.
'���When taking winter clothing froni|(.       .      .      .    ,
tor, exhibited two maps   of    Montljo |where they have been laid away diir-i" '
The largest and most costly launch l have 11Beu; wbUe promoting
ever built in Kootenay waters bas!sa|t,s ror t|le defunct Panama
just been completed by Hale & Stepp. j Saiea company,
of Nelson, B.C., for the Dominion gov- j    0ne cnange' jn Lyman's maps from
ernment.   It is for use on the Arrow |(|10si_ used  by  the  government  was
lakes. Is 35 feet long, and Is equipped  snid (0 ghow a r|vcr running where it
with a 60 h.p. engine whicb easily de-
velops a speed of 20 miles an hour.
B. C.
li. Dodge, vice-president of the company. "It was as safe as engineering
could make it. None of the tunnels
are more than 50 feet deep -that wan
the  depth  of the one  where  th#  ex-
....      ,    ,        ,.      ���  ,     ���      ,       .plosion occurred, I believe���and they
bay   an isthmian harbor.    One was a lng    t,K>    summer,    people    "�� whose lJro ������ go fu��� of ex|u a|H|        ���!��������
jcertllled copy ot a map used b> the houses there were scarlet fever cases, ; Bhafts 0qu|pp(,j wUh eioctrk. fang
j United States war department. The should be warned that all garments \ lnat wp havt> regarded It n sprat-tic-
! other was one Lyman was alleged to i should    be   well    aired before    being aijv impossible for the deadly coal gas
worn. A good day in the sun will kill ;to "accumulate. Unless men were
the germs of scarlet fever, but unless ikilled In the explosion Itself. II is be-
precautions are taken, a danger of last [lieved that there has not been a heavy
winter's trouble Is quite possible." death toll.
"The mine has been operated for 15
years   without   an  explosion   until   today and has a good system of rescue
work,   through   a  corps    of    workers
trained for emergencies of this kind."
James  Douglas,   president    of    th-e
company, was at Douglas, Ariz., today
according to  Mr.  Dodge.    His  where-
labouta was known  to the  mine ofri-
Itevenue Cut- ciali and Mr. Dodge and they said he
notified   today: would probably be ill  Dawson  tomorrow.
land i
never was designed by nature to run
- through the Augua Dulce tract,
where sales were said to havo beeu
made Illegally by tbe defendant.
T. II. Smith, a salesman I'or a printing establishment,    testllled    concerning the printing for Lyman of various
all of whicli
Floats as a Derelict In Path of Navigation���Who Is  Rssponsible  is
Now Question.
Washington, Oct.
0[  ter   headquarters   was
third dredge to clean the channel at
the mouth of the river, and the provision of the necessary appropriations
were among the promises made recently to New Westminster by the
lion, itobert Rogers."
Seattle, Oct. 22���Forerunners of the
big annual movement of salt herring, circulars and pampbleta
���,.��� t ..... ��=��^
nt of a  the packet Coquitlam arrived with fiOO: had   been  little  prospecting   tol   void ;pation      The  warnjng  camB  from   C.
boxes   and   the  Clansman    with   360 in the isthmian republic, the Panama U   ,|nr(, Qf New Vork   wh(, ur���,.(j (m. I
boxes yesterday. government  had  obtained  sold  worm !m_(���al(,    a(,tion     ionk|nR   ,0   nc.  ,|...
During the winter thousands of tons! more than  Slnn.Hud  in  golden  ima-ges  gtrqetion  of the derelict,
of this product will  be shipped  from : in various parts of the country.    The;    Assistant Secretary  Newton replied;
Seattle  to Japan  and  China.    It  will  circular  stated   that   the  Images   had  tlla, th(> Volturno was abandoned at a
come from British Columbia and Alas- been "fastened by prehistoric people _,-,,,.,, considerably Eastward   or    the
ka salteries.   Those of British Colum-' from   virgin   gold."   Intimating   that l]trnJts of the revenue cutter service.
bia have been  operating  only a  few j there    still    might    be    much of that |    -rhe   service."   Mr.  Newton   added,
weeks.    In Alaska, the run of herring precious metal there. | "does   not   undertake   the  destruction
of    derelicts    eastward   of   lhe   line
drawn from S.ible island.    It does not '
appear that any obligation rests upon ]
tills service to destroy a foreign dere- I
Buy Your Farm Direct From
Company's generous offer to bona fide settlers re selling farms at
prices ranging from $11 do to $30 110 per acre, unimproved or ready-
made: making a loan of $2000.110 for farm improvements and a loan
of $1000.00 worth of stork to approved settlers, all on 20 year colonization payment plan ut ti per cent Interest.
Detailed Information, literature, settlers transportation rates, etc.
furnished by 1). K. Iirown. Hope & Macaulay. Limited. Canadian i'acific   Railway    Company's  Official Laud Selling Agents.
D. I Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial,  Insurance and  Real Fetate Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General Railway and Steamship Agents.
[has been backward and it will be per-
Steamer Formerly Operated in Alaska'haps  a   month  yet   before  any  great
Waters to Fly British Flag. quantity comes from there.
Seattle, Oct. 22.���The little steamer:    Considerable barreled salt herring is
Bustler,   formerly   operated   between ; being shipped south now from Alaska.
Juneau and Sitka   and    Juneau    and  imt  this is for consumption    in    the
Skagway. by the    Juneau    Steamship ; Statea.
company, is to become a tug and    be; ~
operated under the British flag out of
Vancouver, B.C, The vessel, which
was purchased recently by J. 11. Mitchell, of tlie firm of Mitchell <t Lonsc-th,
lias been sold to Alfred Mclsaac, of
Vancouver. The Hustler is 6ii feet
long, 14.7 fool beam, and has a depth
of 5.7 feet. She was built in this citv
in 1893.
lict in mid-ocean.'
Hardware Cargo.
The  freighter Selkirk,  of  Victoria. 1
docked at Pike & Co's wharf yester-;
day  with a cargo    of hardware    and
groceries    for    local    firms.    Several
heavy ships' cables and anchors were
among the shipment.
Vancouver Alderman Would  Like
Make Company Sit Up and
Take  Notice.
Repeats   Story  at   Retrial   of  Charles
Dean About the Auto and Five
Vancouver,  Oct.   2'i.���Discussion   cf
C. Electric matters occupied the attention of the city council  for some
considerable time last night, the principal   question   being   the  overcrowding of street cars, and although Alderman  McBeath suggested that it was
about time "we lauded them a wallop
on  the  snout and  make  them   Bit  up
50 sacks of iind take notice," the only definite ac-
passengers, tlon in  this regard   was to ask  th��
Seattle. Oct. 22.���With yold bullion
from Atlin and Tanana. 6000 cases of
canned salmon from the Alaska Pacific
Fisheries' cannery at Chomley. nearly
240.000 pounds of fresh halibut from
Petersburg and Ketchikan
Alaska vegetables and Vi".
the steamship Humboldt, of tiie lliim-(.j!v  solicitor to  report  on  the  city's
bold!    Steamship    company,    reached .        , ,,     , . , ..
_.!---, h ���--i���li.    i    ,      i���i,,    ,- power to entorce the hi w against the
pier i at �� o clock   last    night    Irom ,
Southeastern Alaska ports. company.
There was   approximately    $250,000 Favor  Kingsway.
gold bullion, which  was consigned to      Kingsway is the name most favored
San  Francisco. .     ,.     ,, ,   .        ...        ,  .
_,,.,_,        .,   ,    ,      ,        ��� ;bv  the Vancouver    Anlomoblle    .-lub
Southeastern Alaska has be��n favor. I
ed by the finest fall weather the for ���*���'*** Port*��� <>' that highway in
Northland iias had in many years and Vancouver which is now called West-
the catch of halibut will break all j minster rond. It is pointed out that
records, according to officers of the '
Humboldt, who saw a score of schooners arrive at Petersburg and KetcTTF
kan from the fishing banks.
Most of yesterday at the retrial oi
Charles Dean was occupied with hearing evidence of George it. Greenwood,
isimilar in the main lu that given by
I him before both at the trials of Dean
land Macnamara.
j In response to crown counsel wit
| ness told his story of seeing an auto-
i mobile with five men in it on the
highway between this city and Van
couver the morning the Hank of Mont
real was robbed and gave the evidence
following this at former trials', how-
he 'old no one of what he saw at the
lime and how finally, upon the advice
of hi*, wife, he gave a statement
Chief of Police Bradshaw
Adam S. Johnston, for the defence,
subjected   Greenwood   to   a   minute
cross-examination upon evidence form-l
erly    given.      His    lordship    ordered
Greenwood to produce a note book in I
which entries relative to the case had !
been s> t, down, and most of which had |
been transcribed Into a smaller book, i
Tlie case is continued this morning j
at 10:30 o'clock.
(Continued from page ono)
and debris which is blocking the mine.
The five men rescued were separated froi, t^ie main body of miners at
the Ume ,f the explosion and could
toll not!. I g ot It. No less than five
mines an connected In the workings
and it i. thought 'hat If any of the
miners ee aped death In the explosion
tliey should be able, to get to safety.
Entertain Little Hepe.
,  N.M.,    Oct.    22.���About
10C I
We Can Save You Money
Mahogany Chiffonier; regular $.32.50.  Special      $26.30
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Solid Oak Library Table; regular $14.00.   Special  11.50
Brass Beds, Satin Finish; regular $30.00.   Special  26.00
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnan on Sts.
Including the shipment of halibut
brought by the Humboldt, receipts of
the fish at this port during the past
two days has reached a total of 094,-
000 pounds and the price has de-
clhu d to the lowest level in niatiy
The Humboldt brought the crew of
the Chomley cannery of thc Alaska
i'aeific  Fisheries.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Oct. 26.
Sand 11
High, Low.
Time. Ht.
Time. lit.
20  11:00   5:20
10:02 12.0
2:05    1.9
19:36 10:00
18:36 11.4
14:58 10.4
21   12 06    5:55
11:03 12.0
2:51    2.0
20 OS 17:10
19:06 11.0
16:12 10.6
22  13:06   6:50
12:03 12.0
3:45    2.3
21 Hi, IS:50
20:06 10.4
17:51  10.2
'1.1   14:00    ":50
13:011 12.1
4:48    2.7
23:18 20:20
22:18    9.6
19:13    9.3
'il   14.40    8:45
13:42 12.2
6:00    3.2
20:06    8.0
25    1:36   9:55
0:33    9.6
7:10    3.8
15:15 22:30
14.15 12.4
20:46    6.4
26     3:06 10:4*
2:06 10.2
8:10    4.4
15:45 23:50
14:46 12.0
21:23    4.7
nearly every municipality and city
through which the road ran, with the *
exception of Vancouver, had changed !
the name of Westminster road to
Kingsway and that even in Vancouver
the residents along that thoroughfare
have consented to the name of Kings-
Defend   E.  C.  E.   R.
A defense of the II. C. Klectric railway   company's   action   in   increasing
the street, ear fares  in  this cily  was
made   Inst   night     by     its    executive
agent,  p.  It. Clover, hefore the members of the board of trade, w-ho met
in   special   BOSSlon   to   consider   what
attitude towards the Increase the business  men of the city  should  assume.
The company's desire to delve a little;
deeper Into the pockets of the general
pul,lie   Mr.  Glover  sough'   to  justify
by a maze of statistics purporting to i
show that the company's profits were;
In   no   way   commensurate   with   the j
capital Invested, that there had been a j
radical Increase in the cost of equipment, malnti nance and operation with i
no fideijuate Increase in receipts, and }
that the people of this city were get-;
ting as cheap service as any other on j
the Pacific const.
"Billy"   Optimistic.
Doth Hilly James, the man who dis-j
covered   the   Shushanna   district   and
Judge ('. I). Macaulay. through  whom
a   lawsuit   between   James   and   two
Mawson  men  who grubstaked  James,
Say if Established at Winnipeg Would
Cott   Saskatchewan   Farmers
Regina, Oct. 22. Hon. George
Langley, minister of municipal affairs
in a characteristic Interview today.
declared his conviction that th" es
tabllshmeni of a sample grain market
In Winnipeg would result In great h.-s
to   the   farmers   of   Saskatchewan
This statement from the mlnlstei
makes It certain that lhe report of
the royal commission, whieh is uotix
being prepared by the secretary, A. l-\
Mantle, wlll be unanimous againsi a
sample market, all the other members
of the commission having previously
expressed their opinion on this important subject.
Mr. Langley said that lie was supported in his contention by an overwhelming majority of the Intelligent
farmers and grain growers of Ihe pro-
We Serve
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Bweet  Potatoes, .  Ibs ' 25c.
Spanish   Onions.   4   lbs    25c.
Talih- Raisins, per pkt 25c.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Eurr Block Columbia Street.
| was settled recently, are optimistic i vince and Hint the loss to the farmers
regarding the Shushanna gold strike. I from the establishmeni of a sample
Mr. James who left for Seattle yester-1 market in Winnipeg would amount to
I day, after his arrival  from  the north , millions of dollars.
! was surprised on arriving in this city
| that disappointed stampeders had been
[circulating poor reports about  shus-
i hanna   district.     Mr.   James   thought
that  this  was  unfair  and  said   there
were many other good claims in the
Hi. .866, district  besides Ills.
....30:1 Finally  Grabbed   Him.
James  t'omnierford,  said  to  be  nn
escaped  convict   from   Oakland,  ('nl.,
was taken Into custody bere last evening   by   Detectives     McDonald     and
Thom [ison.    The   prisoner   broke   jail
in  Oakland  ahout a  month  ngo  and
���i:i'.- that time Sheriff Barnet of Alameda  county, has  been  hot    on    his
trail,    lie wur traced to this oily by
the .herirr, who wired to tlie local de-
I)IW' riirnt.     Thn   two   detectives   had
Arnrove  Bridge  Plans. ,
Anprovn! wns given hy the board of     Objections to lhe application may bo
works  yesterdny  to   the plans of  the
southern npproaH. to lhe Second Narrows   bridge   nnd   Ho*   plana   will   be
placed before the railway commission-
���-s at   their pl'tlng in   Vancouver on
Mcaday, Oct. 27.
difficulty   in   picking  cut   their
Notice of Aonllcatlon for the Annroval
of Works.
Take notice that John William Wise
and Kdmond Thompson will apply to
the Comptroller of Water Rights for
the approval of the plans of the works
to be constructed for tiie utilization of |
the waler from Allen or Osprey creek
which the applicant Is, by Water Per
mit No. 163, aulhorl/.ed to take, store
and use for Industrial purposes.
The plans and particulars required
hy subsection il) of seeilon 70 of the
"Water  Act"  as  amend* d  have   been
Idled witli the Comptroller of   Water
j ItlghlB at Victoria and wllh ihe Waler
Recorder at .New Westminsti r.
Iiled   with   the  Comptroller  of   Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria.
.Dated    at    New   Westminster.  B.C.,
this 30th day of September. 1913.
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bargains be among the first to arrive in
the morning.
Wall Paper up to 75c. value.    Roll of 16 yards now 10c.
Goods   Packed   and Snipped   Free   to   Out-of-Town Customers
W. E. Fales, Opp. Carnegie Library. The IverSmith Sales Co. of New York io charge
�� i THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1913.
M . -pace five
of ihe worst crimes It Is my duty to
New Zealand Rugby Team Send Their
Total to 232 Point* by Defeating
tints Clara.
San Krancisco, Oct. Ti. Dy defeating Sauta Clara university 4_ to 0, the
All Hlack ruggers of New Zealand
raised (heir total of points Hcored to
882, without a point having been
scored against them.
Today, as in previous games, they
completely outclassed their opponents
In all depart mania of the game.
Killings by the referee prevented
the Alllilackii from scoring three additional libs
Question    of    Whether    Royals    Will
Have Team in League to Be
Threshed Out.
The hockey situation will likely bei
cleared som-awhat HiIb afternoon when
the directors of the Arena company ;
hold a meeting III order to bear the
latest proposition rrom Prank Patrick
with regard to this city holding a!
franchise In i!-,,- I'acific. CoaBt league
As already mentioned In The News. I
n hitch has occurred which for a time
threptened    to    result   In   a  general
breaking up ol tho league with West-
minster oul  of It      Following a  meet-
ing   between   Kd    Savage   and   Frank I
1'atrlrk In  Vancouver yesterday, how-1
ever,   II   Is   bellered   that   something!
taiiKihle  will  result  from   Ihe  gather-j
lng this afternoon In time to Join the
other delegates  Of  the  league  at  thel
annual meeting which Is to be held In
the Motel Vancouver at g o'clock tills
nr c. IS. Doherty of this olty win oc!
rupv the chair at the annual  meeting
of the league, being elected to the position of president lasi win-tor,   a vie-'
torla delegate will  probably  gain  the
honor for this season.
Should  Wesiminster settle Its diffi
culty   In   regards   to   terms   with   tha
Patricks, which  were thought  to have1
been nil settled hefore the  Vancouver,
nml Victoria magnates went east, the
schedule  for the coming  season  will
be drawn up     Follow lng their return i
from   the  east   whero    they     settled!
everything  in  regards  to  a  commls-!
sion wltb tlie N, H. A. magnates, the.
Patricks  are  said   to  have  switched j
around    'lhelr    original     proposition]
which   was  not  acceptable    to    New
Westminster,  hence   the   present  dlf-;      ��
flculty. ^^^
In all probability a trial of the new-
offside rule, which will allow a forward pass within xerlaln-tkounils, wlll
be carried out between representative teams ef the coast sometime In
November, It Is proposed to have
several games played before the
Christmas holidays, starting again the
second week In January.
liritish Columbia team, wlll play their
lirst game against San Francisco this
afternoon, Stacked up against the
pick of the province this Terminal
City bunch would be made to look as
small us the opposing teams of the
All-Blacks rugby fifteen.
Two lady members of the Vancouver
Ciolf and Country club have been
selected with IS others from other
club_ in the province to meet a combined Seattle and Tacoma team at
Victoria next Friday afternoon.
The Vancouver Crusaders, one of
the crack teams of Vancouver, and
Winners of the Miller cup last season,
will meet the Went minuter rugby club
on Queens park next Saturday afternoon. Savage and Biggs are expected
to b" in shape to turn out once more
tor the green shirts.
The single men's billiard team of
the American Can company, of l-.a.-t
Burnaby, got away wiih the bacon on
Tuesday evening, defeating the benedicts tour games out ot dye, Andrews
who played with the Royal Inter-clty
(ivo last winter, was the only member cf the married bunch to win a
A great gathering took place last
evening, the occasion being a masque
dance given by the Circle F hockey
Club. The members of tie organisation were more than pleased with the
turnout and feel grateful to the ub-
listanCO recorded them by New WeBtmlnster   citizens.
Crusaders of Vancouver Will Be Over
Saturday���Royals   In   Fine
'; try in this court. Vou might have
! been guilty of murder in putting this
meat Into the mouths of prospective
customers." His honor had previously stated that he was salaried of
Grant's guilt. The beast which he
���offered had passed through several
J hands before it reached him, and waa
'always sold for a low price. Grant
had it dressed after he had killed It
with a cluh, and Bold it for bologna
meat In Hamilton market. Inspector
Shain stated that the meat was putrid
from disease. Grant was remanded
for one week for sentence During
his hearing his honor aBked him who
was Frank Hue-sell. Prisoner was surprised and admitted that he had as-
Bumed this name when he was accused of having asaulted the sheriff some
time ago.
This evening the Bankers' soccer
Club will hold a dance In Ht, George's
hall, this being the first annual event
of the organization.
George Kennedy of the Canadiens
hockey tean Is arranging for a tour
of the Maritime provinces this winter. Such a trip was engineered with
success In 1911. From all reports thc
KaBlern league wlll give the N. 11. A.
septette a close run.
Wllh a visit of the Vancouver Crusaders at Queen's park on Saturday
afternoon, followers of the English
game In this city and district wlll he
able to see the 1912 champions In
action for the first time this season.
Although they arc only in third
place in the Miller cup series, the
Crusaders are leading by a good majority In the Tlsdell cup competition
as to the number of points and the
Hoyals wlll be put on their mettle If
they hope to make any showing with
tho visitors.
Lust Monday the McGill college
fifteen sprang a surprise on the Crusaders by nosing out a .1-0 defeat but
'his Is more than accounted for when
It is known that Bullen, their star
full back and a member of the ft. C.
rep. team, was Incapacitated through
injuries early in the game which left
'hem wllh only 14 men the greater
T.irl of the conteBt.
A final practice of the Koyals will
take nlace this afternoon when It
wlll he known whether Savage and
Biggs, two stalwarts of the forward
nark, wlll he In shape to resume their
nloces on the team after an absence
through  injuries.
With a represuntative side Weatmlnster Bhould be able to give the
visitors a great battle and with greater confidence following Monday's
same against the Oarsmen, a victory
���or the Hoyals Is beginning to show
up In the offing.
This afternoon's practice will commence at 4:30.
He Nearly  Kicked the Lockup Down
When Arrested���Joe Shows
Class as a Painter.
Gincs that was pretty good scoring
In the Initial game of the House
league series. Bill Sloan with 22-5
was there with the pin smashing,
while be also had the satisfaction of
seeing hiB quintette slip one over Bert
Pike's aggregation   Corn Ish was there
with an average of 196.
and    Bankers   Play   on    Local
Grounds   Saturday���Rovers   to
North Vancouver.
(By the Potter. I
Jock llruce, playing with tbe Kam-
loops soccer eleven, managed to even
the score against the Vancouver C. P.
It. team at Kumloops on Monday afternoon. A crowd of over 400 witnessed
the contest, the largest that has yet
attended a soccer game in the upper
country city.
The City Soccer league Is now reduced to seven teams. Uie resignation
of the Mocse teum being accepted at
the meeting nf the league held Tuesday evening. All of lhe Moose players
are eligible to sign up with any of
the existing clubs.
Owing to a dearth ot billiard players
of the right calibre the manager of
Ihe Koyals has been forced to withdraw from tbe Vancouver and District
league which starts operations on
November 4. The resignation or the
local club waa acoepted with regret by
the Vancouver teama yeaterday.
IT the A. A. U. of C. ever pass that
motion to allow proa and amateura to
mix, It will come down to using the
honorable "Mr." and plain "John
Hmlth" in order to distinguish slmon
puree from the monled artists. A
Urge majority of Weatmlnater sport
fana care not for the "Mr." or the
plain title ao long as they get athletics
dished out of a classy style Instead ot
the corner lot variety.   .
Cage, a Toronto "Varalty football
���tar, la allowed to play for his col
lege team this winter, although the
amateur union wlll not iaaue him a
card. Gage played In a semi-pro baseball league tbis past aummer ot a
little better calibre than that engineered by the officials of the union.
Chelsea took a booat In the flrst
division Bullish football laat Saturday
when they defeated Liverpool three
goals to nil. The Umdon olub la ona
ot the beat drawing clubs of tha
league, although until now the dlrec-
ton have been at ****�� ***** ***** *��
pick up flrat ***** ***���**��� Money
simply pours Into tka cotters of tbe
A Vanoouver ooccar aggregation,
whtt* has bean heralded aa an all-star
I Three New Westminster teams have
entered in the Iroquois cup competition with Vancouver and North Van-
| couver teams all three teams being
| engaged in -lhe second round on Sat-
I urday.
ThlB in the first time In two years
!thut a Westminster team has been
i entered In the competition and the
jflrst ilme In history that three teams
I from this city, all members of the
City league, have been accepted to
compete for the trophy.
At Saoeerton Park the Bankers will
clash with the Y. M. C. A. of Vancouver, s second division aggregation of
the Vancouver and District league.
Both points should be gained by the
financial students In thla contest as
they hsve shown an excellent class of
football so far this season, beating
everything they have stacked against.
Moody Park will see the City and
Wallace Hangers of North Vancouver
fighting for honors with chances favorable to the locals emerging Into
the -third round.
The City gave the Bankers a scare
two weeks ago; losing out In the last
minute of plsy. and with a representative eleven, should have little difficulty In getilnc away with the game
from thn Ambitious City aggregation.
The Hovers, the third team entered
from this city, did not break very
good In the draw In the matter of
location, although the North Vancouver Caledonians even playing on their
own ground ahould hardly ba a match
for the fast bunch under Manager
All tbe games are scheduled to be
played st 2:30 Baturday afternoon.
League Wlll Open an Friday Evening
with Two lntar��atlng Qamea���
All Leak Strang.
Baaketball, tha faat indoor game
wblch enjoyed a revival last winter In
Naw Westminster, ahould get away to
a good start on Friday evening when
four teama will battle tor honors in
tha Y. M .C. A. gymnasium.
Columbian college and the Tigers
will start tbe ball rolling with both
quintettes bearing an even chance, ao
closely matched are the four aggrega-
tlons comprising tha league.
Tke Adanacs, laat year'a High
aehool team, and the Crescent Beach
Ave will mix matters ln the second
j contest.
The flrst gama will atari at ��� o'clock
Reb  Russell There with the Goods���
Amroaching the  Coast on
Their Tour.
Ottumwa. Wis., Oct. 22.���The White
-.ox pounded Jeff Tesreau for ten hits
loday and won from the Giants 7 to 3.
Reb Kussell. who pitched for the
American league team, was in fine
condition and the seven hits made off
ilm  were scattered.
The hi I ting of Rath and the spec-
lacular lidding cf Schaefer and Doyle
rare the features of the contest. The
R. H. E.
Chicago 010 032 lOx���7 lo   2
New  Vork   000 100 002���3    7   0
Batteries:    Russell and Daley; Tesreau and Wingo.
Burnett's Team Defeats Marshall's in
the House League Series���
Coming Events.
Burnett's quintette in the house
league spang a surprise on the bunch
under the leadership of Buck Marshall
au tbe Club alleys last evening, winning the series two games out of
With the exception of the first
game, Marshall's aggregation were
never in the running, Burnett himself
pulling hla men out of the hole with
624, or an average of 208. The same
player also starred in individual
honors, taking high score tor the wefek
with 245.
Tonight ��� team will Journey to Vancouver where they meet a team on
the Flanagan alleys.
Friday night another house league
series will be staged, this time between Walters and McGill s out nts.
The score or laat night waa as follows:
1       2       S   Ttl.
Knight 123   200   159   482
McKay  96   147    189   432
Smith   151   KI    187, 479
Qarrett 165   181   132   478
Burnett 191'   188   245   624
726 877 892 2495
12 3 Ttl.
Huff ;157 127 158 442
Johnson 115 IM 122 Sll
Coghlan  157 170 138 465
Dallev 223 1S4 141 Wt
Marshall 173 166 164 413
825   711   71* IMS
"What's In a name ?"
If the answer Ib "Nothing," then the
City didn't    entertain    an    angel    unawares on Tuesday night.
Hls name was Gabriel and he    was
surrounded and  captured  by  one    of
Chief  llradshaw'a  stalwarts on  Tuesday evening while    engaged    in   thc
laudable   occupation   of   seeing   how
much squirrel whisky a man can hold
withcul  climbing a tree.    He  put up !
an awful holler when he was gathered I
in  and  nearly  did  the city a service I
by kicking down    the    old    rat   trap
which, by courtesy in these parts,    is
known as a lockup.
Yesterday morning he wasn't feeling
half so vigorous and when tbe police
magistrate gently enquired if he had |
been    drunk,    he    meekly    answered j
As it v.as Gabriel's first offence he j
was allowed to go with the admonition '
not to get himself listed with the j
fallen  angels  again.
No Sir,  Not Joe.
If there's one thing aboul Joe Dillon !
that commends itself to the casual ob- |
server more  than  anything else,  It's |
his thoroughness.
Joe is no mere time server, a wage J
slave  waiting  with  bated   breath  fori
the toot of the whistle that announces
his diurnal emancipation    from    toll.
No sir. not Joe.
A couple of days ago he waB hired i
to paint some    cars    in    the    Great
Northern   yards.    He    was   supplied
with a can cf red paint and a brush
and he went to the cars full tilt. When
be finished tbe cars, he saw lots   ot
ihings   tliat   needed   touching   up,   so
he adjourned  to a place where they
serve  you  nice  refreshing  beverages
over  a   piece   of   polished   mahogany
and took on some Inspiration.   Then
he started cut to paint the town.   He
was doing It  in real Vermillion when
the law  intervened and Joe's artistic
expedition was at a sudden end.
Yesterday morning he came through
with the threadbare excuse that he
was going to catch a car when jugged
and, as it was his lirst excursion into
the police court dock, he was allowed
ito meander.
One lonesome member of the Combination Order of Picklers and PIa3t-
ierers absented himself and left Ave
seeds pinned to his visiting card.
Portland, Oct. 22.���Miss Eva Zflmer
did not know P. D. Chamberlain had
lcat both legs when she married him.
This is one of the reasous given by
the young woman for readily consenting to appear as a witness against
the man. who is charged with bigamy.
In addition to the Portland wife he
admits he has a wife and child in
Portland, Me.
It appears Chamberlain told Miss
Zelmer he had one cork leg. but did
not say anything about the other.
When she learued that both legs were
cork the tlrst quarrel occurred.
Chamberlain was released today on
$250 cash bail. The money was the
same which Chamberlain had raised
Monday to get the release cf Ml83
Zelmer, who, had beeu held in tbat
amount as a material witness.
Wtll, talk about beauties, you ought
to see the Westminster pennanta ln
four -colors, roval purple, yellow, red
and white. All you have to do Is to
bring In three coupons trom Tke Newa
and 25 cents and you will receive a
handsome pennant, lt you aro not a
subscriber, take the paper for one
month and you will receiv* a pennant
for 25c. Don't delay, snve the ooupona,
the aupply la limited. Theae pennanta
usually aell for .6 centa to $1.00 eaek.
It you dealre one mailed encloae flv*
centa extra for mailing.
Students Declare Truce.
Vermillion, 8.D., Oct. 22.���At a maa*
meeting of 350 South Dakota university students here this evening a true*
waa declared In the preaent trouble
with th* faculty over tb* auapanalon
of Ave students last Monday.
Port Moody, Oct it.���The city
council, at a meeting field yesterday,
gave a thirty day option to Messrs.
Marwlck, Mitchell & Peak, of Vanoouver, to purchase treasury certificates
amounting to $20,000 drawing 6 per
cent Intereat at 95, leaa 2 per cent,
commission. The certificates are redeemable at par with cash at the end
of two yeara. Should the financial
deal be consummated, the money derived from same will be utilised for
the erection of a city hall and general
Improvement purpoaea.
Alderman Murray wtll represent
Port Moody at the sitting ot the Dominion railway commissioners to be
held In Vancouver neat Monday when
several mattera affecting this city will
come up tor consideration.
Golda-a, B.C.. Oct. 22.-Captain Alexander Blakeley waa drowned yeaterday In tka vicinity ot Twelve-Mile
Poet, on th* Columb!*. river, south ot
Golden. Only meagre reports ar* to
hand, but It la raportai that ka tall
out of kla oano* and waa taken with
[cramp*. Captain Blakeley told Mends
at Windermere laat week that he was
returning to. Golden to make hia teat
trip, meaning tbe laat tor tb* eeaao*.
llttle thinking that tt would b* tk*
laat for an tiki*.
Blakeley ran a freight and ana***
ger service oa tke Columbia river to
tween Oddest ud Lak* Wiadernxr*
operating tk* Bteamer* Selkirk **t
Invermere. H* leavea ��� wit* Md two
sons. M*eh aympathy la aaptisssa
throaghoat tk* valley tor th* family.
Mr. Blakelw waa very blghty tkought
of, asl wlU to sadly m-ssad by all.
n* ��� |
i Hkailton, Oct. 31-Judg* mom*,
today lmpt****d upoa Walt* OraaC
tk* batcher who offered dla****d awa
:��*j��_j__""~ "      "~
Matinee and Night
Farewell Play
Chas. �� Royal
10c. and 20c.
Phone 1068
And Resei. e Your Seats.
Our Business
Investments for clients on First Mortgage security.   Batatas
agcu, payments collected and forwarded or Invested.
Every branch of a Trust business carried on by competent
experienced men.
Deposits accepted and Interest at 4  per cent allowed  on  daily
We act as Executor and Trustee under Wills aad alwaya ready
to advise and assist you In drawing up your WIIL We prepare legal
documents of all kinds, search titles and attend to aU kinds of notarial
work. Act as agents for the sale of real estate. Insurance in all lta
branches.   Safety Deposit Boxes for rent   Apply
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treattircr.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets.
Reliable real estate agents in every town and village in the west;
I handle only first class money making properties and will gladly
furnish best of bank and commercial agency references. Can furnish names of over four hundred satisfied clients who hsve made
substantial profits from investments in properties I sell to them.
My agents also make good money. Write today for particulars and
secure the agency for your territory.
Robt. A. Grant* Financial Agent
1001-1002 McArthur Building Winnipeg , Man.
Riveted Steel Pipe*
���      BURN OII_    ���
P. O. BOX 442
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
709 Colombia St. Westminster Trust Bldr-
5,10,15 AND 25 CENT
On Friday morning, between the
<��� ...
hours of 9 and 12 o'clock, West's
5,10 and 15 Cent store will give
to each of the |rst fifty <mst^^
A 35c Copy of Popular
This week's ba^uij
jW-V'SK   ���**'������'*���':���'������
nffl ':������:-
;;��V  ,
"    ,7-   J.(     <*>,,'       i       a'
| Classified Advertising
eel-red for Tne News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia slreei; A. Sprlcc,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.	
��� RATES. ���
Claaalflad���One cent per word per
tt*y\ 4c per word per week; 16c per
���tenth; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, (26.00.
maker wants work l.y day. Apply
;i-_4 Seventh Btreel
al servant, must hc good plain
cook, no washing. Apply 731 Sixth
man, odd jobs, anything. Apply Box
2240 News office. l   ���
ers' supplies. Oriental Contracting
Company. 413 Westminster Trust
building. ismaO)
ture in large or small Quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street (211.41
of six roomed house, including elegant piano. House to rent. Apply
43 Begbie street. 12284)
ed modern bungalow on Linden
avenue, close to car, '2600. Will
sell at this price if sold this month.
Apply A.  McPhee,  Edmonds.    Tel.
Yukon River Skipper Passed Up Good
Diggings Without Knowing It.
L 1038.
ern bungalow on Linden avenue for
$3000.   Apply A. McKee. Edmonds.
and Sixth street, 66 feet on Sixth
and 132 on St. (ieorge. Must be sold
as owner wants to go south. Apply
Curtis & Dorgan. (2251)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Box 2222 News office.
Seattle, Oct. 22.���Captain Ii. D. New-
comb, dean of the Yukon river steamboat masters by virtue of fifteen years
Gets Two  Months for Abuse and
Treatment of His Young
resided In Spokane for many yeurs In
Union Purk, emphatically declared
that she did not marry Mr. Hecrest for
Ills money She testified that the romance was perfect and that nil wus
harmonious until the Oukesdalo people caused the trouble. She confessed
that she hud already secured two divorces and wuh asking for the third.
Bhe ia
to Force Bell Telephone People to Sell.
Tacoma, Oct. 22���Sensational chari;*
that Samuel  lllll, the well  known I
Castor, Alta., Oct. 22. Thomas
Burns, who has resided on a homestead   seven   miles  south  of  Halkirk,   	
of continuous service, despite the fact j was committed to Kort Saskatchewan j played the role of the "Informer'
that he is Btiil well on the sunny side j for two months in tho Castor police I nrsninat the so called telephone trust
of 40. never has found time lo Join in j court Ihe other day on tne charge of I In the northwest, after he had tried
a gold stampede, although he has car-j assault and abusing his children, who j to sell out his independent teleprvio-
ried tens of thousands of gold seekers j told a pileous story In the witness box | ,ntprps.s t0 the comblno and  that  lie
London, Oct. 21.���Several big American meat firms are Interested In a
hlg cuttle ranching scheme now being
organized by tho British South Africa
Company,  the  Evening  News  reports,  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tacoma   Man  Charged  With  Plotting! In connection  with  the developing of: One of her four husbands died.
'its   vast   territory   In   Rhodesia    450, 155 years of age.
000 square  miles,  equal  In  extent   to j Surprised st Friend.
New Vork, New England and Pennsyl-      ,���  |h(, lin,,..nllpi|H| agreement    the
van a.    Many millions of acres nre to | _c     ,H            ,,,���,     folir  ���,--.���_  tw0
be devoted to the scheme and Richard I ,,,������, ������������ ,��� ������, -*-*-,*.. Smlo build-
Walsh Of Texas, said to be one of thel, gm| (w() ..fin0 ������*,��� ln ���,��� T(,m.
most skilled ranch experts In ��l'*np|e r������rti B|,ould be placed In escrow.
United  Stall's,   hns    been    appointed ! M__  a,,rr,.Ht WM t��� secure the Income
H.d   roads  advocate    and  capital's! ,""""Y;,'rA    ���*�����   Walhh  ,8  now ,""  h'H | from the unlis and was to have them
K.o   roaus  ��a��iuii     uhu   oupimi si, | way t(J America to engage assistants,1
after a oonaultatlon wllh Sir Slarr
Jameson,   chairman   of   the   Bouth
African company, but will be here
imaln In December to complete his arrangements.
Armour and  other  Amerlrnn   firms
In rase she died before
they   were  to  revert   to
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, George Warne.
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2140)
the trunk highway of Alaska. I was examined as to his sanity, but ���o|p����  hi. companies into the hands  otlare ItaU^to  ^���"P>����   ***��
Rut just before he started up the grounds for his commitment to an a received to hold them as a menace ��*������ �����|L "V" ����* "J .'���!,.,���,.
river this month on his lust trip for asylum were found. In addition to he- over Ihe head of the Bell system, were I'' " ' '"? .,,���",!',,' ,!.... ���T".,Z.
the present season, Captain Newcomb | lng Riven the prison term he was fined Bll(���ltp(, by Attoriu,y ,,;. B, Pillsbury. ���f Kansas Colorado, Wyoming the
learned that for more than a decade I "ft lin|l costs. ^^��� ' ��� ���*._������
he had been traveling back and forth The ease was prosecuied b
almost within n stone's throw of the' narlment of neglected child
latest placer strike, and that if fate l lowing investigations on the bi
had so ordered he might have dlscov-Inspector   JnmesR   Lindsay,  of  Ed- ��� n|I(,gec|  trus,
Pillsbury  declared   he  wanted   his
Burns'  16-year-old  daughter told  or ��� statement to uppear In the record that
having heen starved and abused by her j will be submitted to tbe federal court
father.    She said her father had heen | ;���   Portland.     Fron   the  frequent   rein  the  insane  asylum     in     Hamilton
the de !'-'' I'ortland, at the hearing begun here ' Dakolns and Nebraska are said to tie
iron tei.! for the purpose of taking lestlmony In ! Interesting themselves. One company
���...'..i "..: .,. _  _._..-____.. " ji���..���  .i.��� : nlr-^Bfly   registered   has   a   capital   of
as her own.
Mr.   Sei'rest
"1 suppose that I Hhoulil grunt this
divorce," said .ludge Sullivan in dividing Ihe eaaa "I huve known Mr. Se-
crsst for aboul 80 years I am surprised to find him here. I kiiohs he
wns Just foolish. Old couples like this
are foolish  when Ihey get married,"
Mr Secri'Ht did not take Ihe stand.
The properly rights wlll he m-IUnd loday. Mr Secraat is said to own nearly
l.ooo acres of Palouse laud.
iatesrpiacers'tVlk1"e''and''tha't U fateIlowing Investigations on the ground byI the government's suit to dissolve Hm j.r/.ooo.-tion.
had so ordered he alight have dlBOOV- Inspector   James   11.   Lindsay   of  Ed-
ercd the new gold diggings just above '��� mon on,  one  of  the  department s  of-
Andrcnofsky any  time hy  poking ttio j flelaHi.
nose of his vessel ashore and taking a
wnlk of scarcely a mile. The now
camp is about 275 miles from the
mouth of the Yukon.
"It shows what a gamble mining is
and how little even the old timers
know about Alaska." said Captain
Newcomb.   "1 had been running by the
eight years ago. Coming wesl after his
release he hnd locuted on a home
stead in Alberta, where his Ill-treatment of his wife had driven t'ie latter
Am fa eir MmAti MRWTnti HIST 81 new camp for a dozen years and could I **�� ���'���" >'onol(a insane asylum eight
JSfet oKsttoan 80mSittSride have mighty ne?r tossed a biscuit to It ������ hs before. The girl said thai one
Tb. C   lectin:fin, New West j *om the deck tt a steamboat | ����t gently **ts*sr had come
minster-  soil excellent     bottom    or      "Regiments   of     prospectors     have   n'II1P* ttal<e'1 her up in the miilcile of
minster, sou excellent,    oouom   orlpasS(d ���._  gpnt (luri|1K thp ,ast Blx.|the  nicht   and  bebaved   so  strangely
upland as desired; tram frontage!
$150 an acre and remainder just!
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents. Curtis & Dorgnn, New Westminster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
teen  years  without
thinking���!! ^,_.���l?,J-_llJ?_*t���!,.e .w!
Sictynff"a"p.ck"to"to"toe ground
few   who  were  lucky   enough   to   get
into the camp before the winter set in
going to ear's to murder
hersilf and  tho other  children.    The
I cirl fled from the
ct.rrence Of Hill's name In the testimony taken here, It Is believed ric alleged trust plans to make the Hill
issue one of the Important features of
ils defense. It will set forth, fr >n, till
Indications, that, there Is no ba&ta for
lhe i barge that it qierales ill violation
of tlm Sherman act and thai the
charge had its origin solely in the
good  roads man's alleged  malice
Plllabury's attack on Hill mcluJ id
the   statement   that   Hill  cleared   $!,.
Judge  Gives   His  Opinion   When   He
Grants  Divorce From an
Old   Timer.
Why Do Women Suffer
When They Could Be Well?
It is in easy to be wtll snd strong anil
aide lo enj",v life, tbst it in surprising
how many women drag theinsclve-*
through the day suffering tortures from
Ume back due to kidney
trouhle. Mrs. Wilcox
found the way to cure
herself aud gladly writes
shout it so that others
may be Induced to
the same remedy.
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes streeL   Telephone 6_8 L.
house, furnished, right party. Apply
434 Sixth street. (2255)
seven rooms, Iwo blocks from post
office.   Apply Hox 2252 News office.
ke-eping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (_16.il
wbere. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver, n.C. (21621
report that it Ib exceedingly promising and may turn out rich. Their
stories are that it is a Nome proposition���pull up the grass and you've got
thc gold, Oespite the lateness of the!
season a barge load of supplies was
$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER!rushed in and launches were pressed
into service to carry prospectors tol
the find."
Captain Newcomb left late last night'
for his home In Portland, where he
spends his winters. During 'he past
season he was in command of the new
Steamboat Yukon, flagship of the
White Pass _> Yukon Railway's fleet
plying between Dawson and Fair-
FOR SALE _____________________
-week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (2160)
lien with Mrs. Stiiner,
"'Urr girl collapsed  in  the dock when
she had told her story.
The younger children also told of
privation and suffering tha: wns hmr'-
rending. These stories were confirm
ed by the neighbors.
r'"?,!"!,,!���'.""r< T-ie ! 9<>��-00t> ��n ">e sale of his gas company
a neighbor. The | ,n  S(.at(,e    ,|(> ^ ..m]_e(1  .{,,, nf
Spokane, Oct. 22    When a man mar-1
lies al the age of K.l years he Is "foolish."   So held .ludge E. II. Sullivan of [
per- the BUparlor court yesterday when he
granted   Maggie  .1.  Secrest   a  divorce |
trade   protection   specialists.   J. M.
Gawa,    general    manager,      P,    0.
drawer Ilu, New Westminster.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Oct. 22.���
Brandishing In each hand a large
butcher knife, Charlea Lallne, recently escaped from the insane asylum at
Orofino. threatened to kill Sheriff A.
P.  Bailey and  Deputy  Sheriff  Harry
Port Nelson Elevator.
Ottawa. Oct. 21. ���A call for tenders
ft:r the preparation of plans to he used
In connection with the proposed elevator at Port Nelson on Hudson Ray.
has been issued by the department of
trade and commerce to elevator engi-
neers in Canada. A schedule of re-
qu1remen.ia is attached to the call together with a plan showing the location at Port NcIboii The tenilers ar"
required to be in by or on Nov. 5.
The plans must '-all '',r an elevator
with   a  capacity  of  1,500,000  bushel!
jtrying lo squeeze out and "chea
--miis  Interested  with  him In hls com
pfbTathU* followed hours of as dry|fr0m  ",n  J"dp"'8  "W  friem1'  T1",n,1"i
jas dust  testimony in tbe afternoon. Sacrest, one of the oldest and wealth-
j Pillsbury was cross-examining Colonel last pioneers ol Oakesdale.
Beverly W. Coiner,    former    United Mr and Mrs  Secresl were married
! States district attorney, when he snd- ,n Spokam, A|iril _g ,aBt MrB. Becr(.Bt
denly switched to Hill's activity In the
telephone controversy In Seattle and
elsewhere, lie asked Coiner If lllll
hadn't made a speech in Tacoma
against the Bell companies and in favor of a municipal llne. Special Assistant Attorney-Oeneral Constantlne   .1
Smythe. who represents the department  of justice In  the suit, objected.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "render for First class Detention Building,
William Head. U.C.," will be received
at this office until 4: n0 p.m.. on Monday, November 17, 1913, for the construction of a First Class Detention
Building, William  Head, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of con., ���_______________________._.
tract can be seen and forms of tender begged for mercy.    He was in the act
obtained   at   the   office V Mr. Wm. P' bea'ing h,s wlef when the ��ffi��'rs
Henderson,    resident    architect,    Vic-1 arrived. ,..*.*.      ...
Dr, Max Dorland of the hospital says
LAline  will  recover.    As soon  as hiB
Ottawa.  Oct  21
��� torla, B.C,
. I.
and at this Department,
tendering are notified that
Leaves to Claim $2 000 000
Montreal, Oot. 21     Roland .lohnson,
-f Calgary,  sailed  on the  Allan  line.
Victorian today for Llvernool t i olaim
a  fortune estimated at $2,000,000 left
by an uncle In Austria.    Johnson, who
was employed as a milk wagon driver
Iti  Calgary,  refused    to    travel . lirst
' lass, purchasing a third class Berth
���lohnson says he intends to return  lo
dav of the late Benjamin Chilton, who I Canada as soon as be has settled   the
surrendered.   A bullet entered the left  served under Beven premiers as door-   legal  questions  In   London
hand and the other the left shoulder. I-geener of the privy council chamber
Throwing  down   the   knives,     Lallne|0f the house of commons.    This was;
t   beautiful   floral   cross    from    the
Baroness  Mardonald    of    Barnscllffe.!
and the Hon. Mary Macdonald.
The inscription on  the card accom-1
nanylng   the   cross   was:   "From   the
Haroness   Macdonald  and    the    lion, j
Mary   Macdonald   In   affectionate   re-1
  !______________________________--     J_______H    tol'"tl
Sawyer at his home. Fifth and Coeur 10f remembrance was noted among the
d'Alene slreets. this morning. He was, f]oral offerings at tho funeral yester-
shot   twice   by   the   sheriff   hefore   he
in   London,  and  start
gantlc ranch in tlie west.
testified yesti rday that she was happy I
Wllb   the   aged   bridegroom   until   he
took  her  to  Oakesdale   lo  "show   her
to his friends "   She declared thai he :
heralded  the m*M ahead that he was
"bringing   home   the   prettiest   woman
ln Spokane"   She declared   thai   as
soon as they arrived hls friends sio-"-r
Ingly   told   blm   thai   hls   bride     bad
"married   him   for hls  money"
Asks   Agreement   Ee   Kept.
Mrs. Secrest filed suit for divorce
against the pioneer, declaring thai her
spouse had recently refused to provide
for her She asked that an ante-nup-'
tlal agreement providing thai she r��*
celve approximately $4.'ini. In units "?
the Trustee company and $1,000 in
cash he kept.
Mrs. Secrest. formerly Mrs. Benscb, j
a well known Spokane woman, having
BlQ I.oim-uNR.
"During thelsst winter,'. was bothered
verv much with a Weak Back. I was
advised by * friend to try OIN PILLS
and I did. Tbe first box I found h-Hiwil
me very much und I found wben I bail
taken the second, 1 was completely
cured." Mks. ]'. WILCOX.
If GIN TILLS do not .lo all lhat we
snv they will let us know, and we will
cheerfully refund you yuur inotiev. Semi
for a free -ample and see for yourself
thst they will do vou g.Kid. Then buy
Ihe regular boxes at your dealers - ir*c.,
b for $2. Jo. 201
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited Toronto.
condition will permit he will be taken
FURNITURE, STORE STOCKS AND , tenders will not be considered unless i^,   the  county   jail   and   placed   In   I
farm   sales   conducted.      Furniture I made  on  the  printed   forms  supplied, !padrlr>rl cell.   He escaped from the asy-. membnince."
and signed with    their   actual    signa- |]urn Thursday.    County officers assert:    Tho late Mr. Chilton was an este
'tures,  stating  their occupations    andithat he has repeatedlv threatened  to  ed  friend   of  Sir .tohn
bought  for cash.    P.   I).  Drown,  17
Begbie street. New Westminster.
���PURSUANT to Section 50,  Sub-section
t. of the  Itriilsh Columbia  Railway Act, j
lyll.   notice   Is   hereby   fftven   that   there t
tias been deposited with the Registrar at1
New  West tni list, r. n plan    shewing  pro- ,
posed extension of Hiwk spin* from  Read!
No.  in to Canal street, Mileage 3.9 A. to
Mtleatre 4.9  A,  Lulu  Island  Branch,  and i
under the powers given to It  b-  statute
tbe  Canadian   Northern   Pacific   Railwa:
company  will  take, ami  if neoessary expropriate the lands requlrad for its tight*
(2180) Chief Engineer.
-Corporation  ot  tn*'  City  of   New   VVe��
minuter  has  deposited   will,   tl.-   Mlnlsl
of Publlo Works and In too ofrice ���f the
Registrar   of  Deeds   for  tha   District   of
N'-w Westminster, British Columbia, plnns
ami descriptions o( centre line of proposed Sapperton Bewer outfall crossing Rtu-
netti   River  In  said  district.
thnt the Corporation of the Cltv of New
Westminster will after ons month fnmi
th. first publication of 'hls notice apply
to the Oovernor Oeneral in Council for
approval uf sueh works.
DATED at New Westminster, H. C, tl
_T:h .1 iv of Beotember, UU
McQuarrie, martin * cassidy
Rollcltors fnr the Corporation of th*
City of New Westminster.
"Here is tfie Answerfin
Webster's     I
New International j
| Tne M:r.n.��i Wecstcr
��� P.TrTy day lu foot bilk hmI renriinft. ��t   5
3 _-Oim:,oil tilt; *UCi t��_LT. ill UlOOftW ti, UK)P I
H and M'html jou lij.1 ly quoiUon tilt IDC&a* ���-'
B ine of Runic ttru word.   A ftiend uak.h: I
��� what makes morUrlmrd i n?"   Ifonwclc H
B   the lOCftUpnof Loch hul ri*m<xt thfl promm-   H
5 'i   lion of jatjutj-4 .     Ml    t U uttile cooit   ���
��� Tbla New Creation am��wcn nil ItindJof a
��� qnesUposlnLaofftuiff) tii tory��OtoRraphyj  ��
H Fiction, Foreign Worrit, Trades, Arts aud  9
E|   Sciences, with SKalautkoritt/t iW >^
f     400,000 Words. jKrJ^Ok
1   eooouiuot/3.:oiis.     JSK!p^\ -
s    Cost ��400,ooo.       iiyMW \
1     2700 Pmif* W/**^Rm*'
| Tlie only dirtlonary willi   ^^KsT^H'  i%
=  tin. new dicitxittdpatir*.���*- lir-   ~*-n A    3
h mt.riiwl ss -AttUoiw vt        V^- j \f-
�� CJt'iiiua."
knOa Ptrptr EMtac
On   tli In, Op]
I  India paper. WJ
j  f.i .tlon loowi
6 Wcbetortns
; -ul t-n cfiuvc
o ehfUfthel
S wulditof Reful
Regular IAUn
' i i tl 'one -ti
:    li ,| ltn.  tue
D   .��� het.
UlMtiaiMai, *$**
kleiUrt -hit)
and iiLt'm
";   of ,*���*.**���%
im\   Bap,.
|     co_
Iplaces of residence,   iti the case   of kill thorn ami especially Judge B. A.
'firms, the actual signature, the nature Reed, who committed him.
of the occupation, and place of resi-j	
deuce of each   member   of   the   firm
must be given.
Eacli   tender  must  be  accompanied ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by an accepted cheque on a chartered I    Portland,  Ore.,  on   nl. The    su-
bank, payable to the order of the pyome court 0{ Oregon today ordered
Honorable tlie .Minister cf Public I t)je WorkmSh's Compensation act plac-
Works, egual to ten per cent. (10 p.c.) ej on the ballot at the referendum
of the amount of the tender, wnlcfi election on Nov. i. rinding that the al-
"ill be forleited if the person under- leged frauds upon which the attack
iiiR decline"' to inter Into a contract [upon the petitions was based were in
when called upon to do so, or fall lo'sufficient to Invalidate the petitions.
complete the work contracted for. If In the complaint many of the signa-
the tender be not accepted the cheque tures were attacked because of their
will be returned. Illegibility  and   the  court  holds  that
The Department does not bind Itaelf the ri!-'-1' "f a Petitioner to order the
to accept the lowest or any tender.       referendum cannot be made to depend
'upon the ability of any person lo read
ihe signature,
nnd was preaent
be passed away.
A.  Macdonald
at ll Is bedside when
By order,
^^^^B Secretary.
t;', Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October  17,  1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if tliey insert il without
authority    from   the    Department
482-S. <22S;.|
Victoria Hotel Changes.
Victoria, Oct. 21.��� lames Callander
has purchased lhe Clarence hotel l.ii.v
ine.q from (Ieorge Kortin for a sum
reported to be approximately $26,000.
Mr. oKrtln has had the hotel for not
iiiurh over a year. The new purchaser has heen until the presenl the owner of the I'rarie hotel at Baanlchton,
fhich he has just sold to Mr. Jenkins,
a  Nanaimo hotel  man.    The Clarence
te] Is situated at the corner of Yates
and Douglas streets, and has some 7u
rooms. The corner store is leased to
the Hank of Vancouver and the hotel
. a trance is one door alone Douglas
New Imported  l-'all SuitinKH now on
display,    See them.    Perfect  fit  and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices fron
$1X.00 up,    Tni   Front Street.
Provincial Inspectors to Be Apiointed
<" 3n--)C.ent In ":icnce cf Co*/
l.ot 6, of Blocks  14S and  UB, ol
Lot 92, Group 1, Map IT..?, in the
District of New   Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate ol Title Number 21330, Issued In
the name of Hurry Cline,    haH    been
Dallv ' "'*'' '" '"*'** "���ri"'��l'���
Dallv      Notice In hereby nivn that I shall,
lat  the expiration of one month  from
| lhe dale of the llrst publication hereof,
lln a dally newspaper published In the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ City nf   New  Westminster,   issue   a
From   Vancouver for  Nanaimo.        duplicate  of the   said  Certificate,   un
.1:00   p.m Daily  |,,HS ln  the mvnnllirif  valid  objection
Nanaimo,  Union  Bay and Comox.     lbe made to tne in writing.
9:Ofl a.m Wednesday and Friday j  (;. (JWYNN
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Powell  River. | District Registrar*f Titles,
 Kvery Sa,,,r,lay | Land llegistry Office,
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:fif) a.m Dally j
li: 0f��   p tn	
11:45   p.m	
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Daily
11:00 a.m Daily
11:46 a.m.
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 p.m Kvery Baturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River  Points.
11 '.no  p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf leland Points.
7:00 in.   Tuesdays for Victoria,   ''all
Ihk at points in the (lulf Islands,
RD.   IIOULET.   Agent.   New   WenuM.*!!-,.
H.  W.  BTtODIB. fl.  P.  A..  Vnneouvir
Victoria, Oct 'i'i.   Announcement Is
mad,' by Hon. Price LII,aon, provln
<ial minister of agricultural of a new
policy which is expiated to have t
far-reaching Influence on the Improvement of the dairy Industry In
British Columbia.
H has long been recognised that tlu
value of permanent milk records Is an
actual asset io the farmer and a bene
fit lo the dairy Industry, and aftet
months of caroful investigation of the
procedure fi Mowed lu the principal
dairy countries of Ihe world, a plan
has been evolved l.y the department
that, it is believed, will prove ol
groat value
a competent Inspector, trained In
the science of cow testing, and a com
|plots oullli lor his opi rations will b<
allotted  to .very dlstrlcl  In the prov
 Ijnce, pasluriiiK al least 40(1 cows wllh
^^^^^^H in certain  limits, lhe cost of his
Re the Southeast  Quarter of  Section  ploymeni   being  horne,  pnrlly by  thi
2"., Township s, Iii the District   of cow letting associations of the dlstrlcl
Nev.  Weatmlnater, and partly  by the provincial govern
Whereas   proof   of  the  loss  of Cer-  menl.     Tbls   work   will   be  supervise!'
tilleale  of  Title   Number   13164P,  Is   by the dairy Inspector, and wlll    In
Weatmlnater, B.C.,
October fl,
Telephone,:   Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN  RK1D, Proprietor.
Agenta     Palmer     Iinm.'   Gnsollne
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and  Auto I
mobile Repaira.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.   Now Westminster, B.C. i
sued in Ihe name of .lames ('. Forking
and Charles Ruinmel has been filed In
this ofrice.
Noi ire l.s hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one inonlh from
the dale of the first publication here-
iof, In a dally newspaper published in
jthe City  of  New   Westminster,  Issue
ia duplicate of the snid certificate, unless in the meantime valid Objection
be made to mc in writing.
Disirict ReglHtrar of Titles.
j Lind Registry Office,
volvii the bonullng of the association
by a sum  amounl ini; to from $2S0 t(
$.".00   per   year
The Chilliwack    dalrv district    ban
been chosen as the first experimental
base for Ihis new work and two Inspectors have already been assigned
to Ihls field Al present there are
about r,:i farmers owning approximately 1200 milch OOws in this area and
Ithe tiixlii and morning milk r.f every
cow In the district wlll be weighed
|nnd tested al. least once every month.
*U ] tho records so obtained being tubas
New Westminster, B.C., Ootober 18i|fluently tabulated ho hh to ascertain
1913. (22011)   the annual yield of each cow.
Greater than Panama's Bridge of Water
The Panama Canal  is thc  logical   outcome  of  the  trend of
-modern commerce���it ii monumental evidence ol the preient-dar need for
���hortculnjl distance -fur letteninjl time and lor reduciof co,t of distribution
between maker snd consumer.
In point  of   distance,  the   Panama  will  bring   the   Pacific
nearer to the Atlantie hy 1,000 miles. Ia point nl time, the ,e, voysfc between
Halifax and Vanoouver will be shortened hy 24 diys. in point of cost, ths canal
will very m,teri,ll> lessen the eipense ol carryin| freight between the,* plsce,.
But tliere is ��� stron-Jer factor than even th, P,n,m, in (hnrtenin-f distance,,
lessening cost and tavinf time between manufacturer and u,er.
It is Advertising	
quickest ���
It is
It is
most   direct ���
And it is the cheapest ���
means of communication between the maker and user ol goods.1
For instance, Advertising enabled a manufacturer in Nova
Scotia to carry a demand for his product
from his factory to thc Pacific Coast
��� in a few days
��� at an insignificant cost
compared with slower and more laborious selling methods.
In one week, thousands learned of his product where it would
havc taken years for the news to get around without advertising.
To the Manufacturers ot Canada:
You will bc alert to take advantage of thc
Panama route for thc physical transportation of your goods. .Have you considered
how quickly, how far, and at what small
cost thc Advertising Trade Route will
carry demand for those goods?
11 yon ars doln| s local bml������ talk over your
advertising problems with the Adv,rtisia| Departmenl ol lhi, oewapaper.
II von are dnini e provincial or national husines,
it would he well for you to bave the countel and
insistence of a food advertising a-feney. A Hit ot
these will he lurniahed, without eott or obli-fation, by
the Secretsry ol Csnsdisn Press Aswaistion, Room
503, I.omsdsn Buildlaf, Toronto. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1913.
page Mtven
Feeling Is Bitter
Against Doukhobors
Grain] Forks. Oot. 22. -John Zcb-
roll, head of the Doukhobor community hero, was arrested on a warrant for
disregarding tho summons Issued up-
tier the noxious weeds act. This Is
thn Intarlahle way In which our laws
arc treated by thn Doukhobors. Should
a Citizen ol any other nationality act
Oa the Doukhobors have done, they
would now he living at the expense of
15. C
They live crowded together, their
sanitary applances are QOttsplCUOUS hy
their absence, and lhelr dead are hurled at night without the formality of a
burial permit, and the ground ploughed over to hide all traces of the
'Ihese people are of very little, If
any, benefit lo the community In which
they live. Their supplies are bought
hy the carload ln Montreal and the Individual members never being allowed any money they spend nothing. It
Is now up to the government to make
these people obey the laws of the land
In Whloh they live or make lt ho unpleasant for them that they will be
glad to ft" to some place whore they
wlll lie more appreciated.
Regular   Meetings of  Langley   Rulers
and School Bosrd Last
At the regular meeting of the Langley municipal council cummunicatlons
were received from:
James I Iron I. h asking that some
work he done on the roads through the
subdivision of the northwest quarter,
section 28, township 7, and payment
deferred to nexl year. Clerk to reply
that t-'ils could not he considered.
Hurnett   and   McQugan,   I).  C,   land
surveyors, asking power to adopt the
. line of the Telegraph trail, as shown
lln   the  plan   made hy  A.   II    Holland.
���.Clerk to reply that the council has no
Meslre   tn  alt'-r   the  line of  the  Tele-
ggraph  trail  from  it, present  location
Ib shown  by  plan  numbered  1411  by
Burveyor  A    II    Holland.
l'eter Manlaih. asking permission to
ly  water  pipes  along Deans    street,
Jurrayvillo        Permission       granted.
ork to 1"' done to the satisfaction of
Co council
Koyal Columbian hospital with state
ment of account for services rendered
James Walker and Mrs WaterSOD-
Clerk to return all Statements received, mating that sufficient evidence
has not beep given that these parties
are Indigent nnd unable to pay their
own ucc-ounta.
Kenneth Cameron, complaining that
his property was wrongly assessed us
unimproved. No appeal having heen
made to court of revision, the complain) could not be considered.
New Westminster board of trade,
asking for Information whieh would
asslrt the royal commission In pre-
���anting the conditions In lhelr true
irnect Referred to the reeve and
Murdoob Mrlver and ten others, ne-
tlonlng to have the portion of the Mclvor road which ia subject to overflow, raised. Councillor llodaly report.*.I that this road was close to the
gravel pit and recommended that this
work be done. Councillor Bmialy was
reminded that hls appropriations were
Carl Maier, offering to construct 14
chains of ditch on the Livingstone
road for the buiii of $20.   Accepted.
P, li. Primrose, Langley hall caretaker, suiting thai now tliat the alterations had bean made to the hall provision would require to be made for
Ihe extra  lighting  and  heating  made
io ssary.    clerk to reply thai    ihe
council understood that the Farmers'
and W..Mian's Institutes ware going to
ult.'iiil to this,
Wilson and  Wihealler re lieavls vs.
Langley.   Clerk, to attend to thla.
The reeve r-fiported having requested the FernrlilgH Lumber company tu
remove certain of tbelr outbulldlngB,
which were complained ot by residents ln Aldergrove, und that hla re-
i-ucst had heen complied with.
Plans submitted by the B, C. Telephone company showing new Unas of
poles which the company wished to
construct, were approved, providing
tliat all anchors be cased In.
The road superintendent reported
completion of contract No. _, ward 4,
by .tames Urydon.
The collector  reported  collections
fnr   September   amounting     io    $26,-
! 686.67.
The collector also reported having,
on demand of the purchasers at tax
j sale held on 24th July, 1912, Issued
deeds to part northwest quarter, sec-
| tlon 86, township 8, lot 2, north half
j northeast quarter, section 24, township X, and lot B. west half northeast
'.quarter section  l'i. township 11.
The dogs license amendment bylaw
| recelvejl first reading.
The  finance  committee   was  asked
ito   readjust  the  schedule  of  charges
for Langley hall  and  report on same
at next meeting.
Hills nnd accounts amounting to $7.-
744 57  were  passed   for  payment.
Tho council adjourned to meet at
Murrayville at 1:80 on Saturday, the
25th inst.
School Board.
A regular meeting of the Langley
hoard of school trustees was held on
Thursday afternoon. Chairman John
W   Perry presided over a full board.
Inspector MacKenzie waited on the
hoard, submitting for consideration advice and suggestions regarding matters brought to his attention while Inspecting Fie schools in this district,
which would not be d.-alt with in his
form".! report to he submitted later.
I I slit, heat and water were subierts
discussed at length lt the board's In-
'er'ion to have water systems In-
Btalled at all schools where a sufficient sup-sly of water can he procured.
Poor grading and poor equipment were
reported on by the inspector to be al-
mnst eeneral, but the general tone of
the schools was reported satisfactory,
teachers earnestly and conscientlous-
|v do'eg their dutv. The teaoners In
all schools In which the grading was
found to bo poor wprr- requested to
hold e-amlnatlon i for the purpose of
i ���,-a-i _. The general tidy appear-
."i-i pf iiu (..'."-.I mid grounds at
Belmont was the subject of some very
complimentary remarks from Mr. Mac-
KeiiKle, who congratulated the board,
stating that, for a rural school, Belmont and environs surpasaed anything
he had bo far seen in the province.
Tbe municipal hall grounds across the
street making a very striking contrast.
Several other matterB pertaining to
the schools In the district and to the
educational welfare or the children
were discussed and much valuable advice given by inspector MacKenzie,
who waB thanked and informed lhat
his suggestions and advice were greatly appreciated.
Communications were received
The medical health inspector, stating that owing to one of the Otter
school pupils having scarlet fever he
had ordered thn school closed on September 17th The Becretary reported
that the building had been fumigated
and the school opened again on the
Miss Annie Steele, filenwood. stating lhat as she had received several
new pupils she required extra desks.
Trustee Wark reported that a new
stoie was also required for this school
and the secretary was requested to
senda stove and sufflclent desks to
filenwood school.
Trustees' association, asking that
delegates be appointed to attend the
annual convention, to he held In Victoria. The whole board was appointed.
Trustee Towle reported having examined the school building at (lien
valley and found that a new roof and
new foundations were required, cost
of which he estimated at $10fl. It was
resolved to call for tenders for the
work of raising the building and putting on a new roof; tenders to be opened and contract awarded by Trustee
The secretary was Instructed to
write the publlc works department
asking that lavatories tbe installed in
the school building now being erected
at Aldergrove, the board guaranteeing
a sufficient supply of water, and also
at Fort Langley. The secretary was
requested to write C. E. Hope, giving
him the names of the schools which
had entered in the flower garden competition for which he had kindly offered prizes, and asking hia co-operation
in the matter of awarding the prizes.
Bills and aeocunts passed for payment. $1,376.15.
The next meeting of the board will
he held at Murrayville on Thursday,
the lfith day of November.
Mining  Attorney  Comes  South  With
Nuggets   From   New   Nelchlna Strike.
Seattle, Oct. 22.--Bringing $35,000 In I
1 gold bricks and  many bottles of gold
nuggets, William Martin, a prominent j
if tattle mining attorney, reached tha
city yesterday from the new strlk* at |
it'ie headwaters of Nelchlna river. Var
itln will return as soon as ne ;an ac-
���u.iire    a    couple    of    steam rluiwlni;
'planta, with which he will fully pros-
I pect the ground this winter.   The dls-
! covery  Is  distant only  fifteen  miles
from the upper end of the Matanuska
coal   field,  and   Martin  will   use  this
coal  for  fuel   until  he  Ib    prevented
from doing so by the government
"There ls a small amount of wood
about  five  miles  from  Albert  creek,
; where the Btrike was made," said Mar-1
tin this morning, "but thiB wood Willi
i not laet very long If a crowd of stam- j
: peders gets In there.   There Is no lew
��� under which the coal can be located,
i but I expect to mine enough of It to'
run my plants."
Martin refused to express an opin
Ion aB to the extent of the strike. He
| said that more than 200 men already
i have located, and that lt would be il-'
| most as bad as murder to start i slam- j
I pede Into that country at tbls time of
: tho year.
No Chance to Locate.
"The   chechaco or greenhorn going
Into Cook Inlet country at this time of
year," he said, "would be bitterly dls-1
appointed.    He  wouldn't  be  able    to
j make a legal location of a claim. Th��
ground  is covered with  snow and ir,
��� frozen solid to bedrock, which lies   at
a depth of twelve feet below the sur-
face in the upper reaches of the creek
j and  is deeper at  the lower end. Un-
I der the new mining law a legitimate
discovery of gold must be made. This
[would involve the sinking of a shaft
, to bedrock, which cannot be done during the'winter without a steam plant.
"Besides that, the strike was made
I at an altitude of from 3,300 to 3.400
feet above sea level,    lt is bound to
be very cold there this winter. The
country la flat, and like all Alaska
placer districts, the hills are well
rounded by erosion. Only the man
with a boiler and outfit will be able
to accomplish anything this winter,
and every greenhorn thut goes In there
is hound to return a knocker to the
Of the 200 men who had gone In at
the time Martin reached the field and
optioned a number of clalmB, 150 traveled over the military road from Valdez via Copper Center. Albert creek
Is 172 miles from faldez, seventy-two
miles fro mCopper Center and about
fifty miles from Chltlna, on the Copper
Itlver and Northwestern Railroad.
Discovered July 1, 1912.
Duncan   McCormick,   discoverer   of
ihe new field, In a report to Martin, i
says that the discovery was made on !
July 1, 1912, hut pay was not found till!
March 24. 1913. Oetchel and Olsen, two I
prospectors who were in the country ;
at the time, made choice locatlonB, and i
the three formed a par'nershlp.    Tha
creek was reached In  1913 by Kemp I
and Anderson, who also located on Albert creek.
During McCormlck's absence   from |
the  field,  fietrhell  and   Olsen   began
sluicing on  No.  2    below    Discovery
but later moved to Discovery claim.
Montreal, Oct. 22.���Arthur Hlnston-
bury and his bride. Yaada, daughter of
OBwenwenda of the Squamish tribe,
reached the next to last lap of their
long honeymoon. From a sheep ranch
three hundred mlleB from Vancouver,
to Leeds, England, is thc extent of the
Mr. Hinstonbury is taking hia Indian wife home to Bee his parents.
When Mr. HlnBtonbury first settled In
the district, about Beven years ago,
the Indians helped him greatly In caring for his sheep. A strong friendship grew up between him and Oswen-
wenda. one of the braves, but when
earlv in September Mr. Hunstonburv
decided that he was In love with
Yaada, the daughter, Oswenwenda demurred, as he Bald marriage between
the two races was wrong.
"So we ran away to Vancouver,"
| Mr. Hinstonbury said. "Oswenwenda
: took it pretty checrfuly after we got
i back, but they made us eo through
' the Indian ceremony as well,'
Sees  Demonstrations   of    Upper-cuts,
raster. Etc., and Awards
Toronto, Oct. 22.���Judge Winchester
waB given a short course in pugilism
or the noble art of self-defense yesterday In his court. The 1-udge also received some addition to hia vocabulary, providing that he was previously Ignorant of ring parlance.
The action was one In which Hugh
MacKenzie Cameron waa suing J. A.
Proulx, a real estate man, for $500
for Injuries sustained in an alleged
(',. If. De.'isoti, counsel for Cameron.
thinking that Proux's explanation
was not sufficiently plain, invited him
down ou the floor to go through the
action. Mr. Deacon assumed the role
of Cameron, and Proulx repeated his
actions of December 13, 1912, when
the assault was alleged to have taken
nlace. With the acting of the affair
both men threw In such terms as "up-
percut," "pass," "knockout," nntll the
court room resembled a pugilistic
ring. Mr. Deacon went np to the table at which Mir. Proulx waa seated
and waved a telegram in his face.
Mr. Proulx then rose and declaring
'hit Cameron had made a "pass" at
him "guarded" with his "left" and
smashing through struck Cameron on
the jaw. The lawyer, assuming Cameron's role, however, "ducked," evidently fearing too realistic an Imitation.
Cameron declared the affair was a
lavage assault, and Proulx claimed to
have struck in self-defense after the
"pars" at him. Judge Winchester
agreed with Proulx, who had a witness and dismissed the action. The
police court, magistrate had fined
Proulx $21 and costs for tho assault.
The trouble arose when Mr. Proulx
changed the system of bookkeeping
to the annoyance of Cameron. He also
put another man In Cameron's place
on the books.
According to the evidence, Cameron
had four smashed teeth and a broken
I jaw.
Wc Open   the Doors  to One of the Biggest-
T0W1\.  m
I    Tacoma, Oct. 22.���As a startling cll-
max to a series of crlmea, that have
Iterrorlied    the   Gardenvllle   farming
I district southeast ot Tacoma the laat
in wo weeks, five armed bandits early
I* this  morning  resorted  to torture to
I force H. Dodo, a Japaneae clerk, to
|'tell where be kept his money.   They
ikept up the torture Intermittently un-
; til convinced by Dodo's agonized pro-
|: testations that he had no money.
Feur of the bandits entered the store
Jof H. Kuramoto. where Dodo works.
|iThey beat Kuramoto over the head
I until he opened the store safe, from
I which they obtained $105 and some
i jewelry. Kuramoto and his clerks
islee-o over fhe store.   Dodo was awak-
  i ened by the noise, and  rushed down
^^ ^    store.    Seeing the bandits,
A*Mf^*.*M -\\\        A *|B    *%W A "___P-*^I tax WW        *ax ******** mm ________ ttm ���tried to climb through a window.
M    W m w ������   MM WJ ���     B WW AW   ��� ��� *S\*^%] ��� II the fifth robl-or standing ou'slde.
fl ��� M_ ��� nf| *T M m I fl ���-___.��� |,and  forced  him  back.    Tbe torturing
Clothing, Men s furnishing Goods dale \    '-���
���*�������� at ^AmgtT If    Ranchers  and  storekeepers  of tbe
���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^****a*ssa      il districts are   arming    themselves because of the continued series of thefts
land hoIdup3.
M. J. PHILLIPS' great $75,000 stock offered at prices that are "Cut to the Bone," making them compellingly
attractive to every purchaser for miles around. In taking the managent of this Sale, the West Coast Sates Co.
was given absolute freedom to name low prices. "Sell the goods, clean up the stock," are Mr. Phillips' orders,
hence nothing is reserved. No lines have strings on them. Make your memorandum for winter needs and
come early.   Buy what you need for a year to come.
Men's $6.00 Sweaters
50c. Finest Cashmere Sox
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$1.50 Mocha Gloves
Tooke's Famous Linen Collars, any size
Sergeant's $1.50 Work
Men's $2.00 Sweaters
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Arrow Collars
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65c. Pony Skin Gloves
75c.   Finest   Silk   four-in-
hand Ties
25c Ties cut to
Fire Damage $40,000.
Ot-wa. Oct. 21.���The rebuilding of
������ji* ���barns at the experimental farm
���������'��� )\ were burned last week, ls to
-vt about ��40,000. according to J. H.
Gr'��dale, director of the farm. The
work was started today.
i- 1
Seattle. Oct 21.���Gua Johnson, 42
years old.  ran  several  blocks  early
this    morning   with a long sailors*
knife sticking into hla riba.    He finally outran the knife, which dropped
into the atreet   He met a policeman
and waa taken to tbe city hospital,
where a flesh wound In hla back was
dressed.    At the hospital he told ot
an attempted hold-up Ib which two*
men, neither of whom was maaked or~
equipped with flrearma. stepped ******
at Sixth avenue nd Mala atreet Wham
lohnson started to ran. oae et the men
flipped the knife alter hlm. atrlkiag
hlm In the hack.   Johnson kept right
on running and hla assailants made ao
attempt to follow.  HH woaad Is not
latsatloB et going
la-atare to aak the
ther laws te protect a.
In40i-t-.ee. a drtaeadea
of far-
la all
era aeoasred i***m**r Man the la-
dmtrlal tasanaae eoMaamma t* eo-
iat�� *M|IUoaH statttfaal trtwallua
"    ' "**ef wartaasa. ***** east that
MAKV&L*x**UUO ***\j *  _.���. _.._,_..   ���       ��� Carrie's Famous $1*60 Bain
coats, values unexcelled,
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Men's Hats, sold always at
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.���Ment' Hats, see tin enormous v$xwt&*  >
mea s_raaa______l a. **aa **aA.
 __... ���_. Jl Ij-jjj^.
*a*\**B*a*t-a*a**\****\*^**a*   ^_B
\"i ���rr*W -****-rW* ,.:*Wt, ��� -
I   -*~Xm*m^a*.mmaXt       ���   fH^^^
���'HpK��    TIM
,N.t��w.n��h.0p.ain,Drie..0cteb.r 23rd, Thnnday at 9 wa __ _    ' _
Bring Your Frfcris ��4 JMfttaftf f
'X.m StrZaTZ xW.%
;   ** v      *'%->**:
. ' wf 'Xh'i i_,_
I, not here jet, but the NKW
SKA90N-S -KKIHTS are. We
b-EVB received oome very large
shipments ami are now ready to
taic care, of your orders.
Currants, re-cleaned, lb 10c
Currants, clean-Mi, 2 pkgs...25c.
Currants, Vo.stiw.-s. I pkgs..25c
Raisins. 1S-0B. pkg-, 2 for 25c
llalfcins, 16 oz. pkg., at 10c
Sultanas, Iteiitertaaeea, lb..20c
Figs, 2  lbs 25c
Orange   I'eel,   Ib	
1-rmon I'eel, lb.  	
Citron  I'eel. lb	
Dromedary Date-s, pkg.
Shelled Walnuts, lb. .
Shelled Almonds. Ib. ..
Apple Ckler,   bottle   . ���
All  notices  of  meetings,  entertainments, sales of work,    etc..    In    this
column are charged for at the rate I Sapperton hill Will be operated on
at 10 cents per line. Plesse do not I Saturday morning according to an -an*
ask members of the staff to break this
Building Trades Council.
With a view of forming a building
trades council in connection with the
Trades and Labor Council, a meeting
of laboring men connected with tha
building trade, wlll probably be called
within the next week at the Labor
Model Grocery
305 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd SL and 15th Ave.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid   Up Capital  and
Surplus ���*.* 2.800,000
Assets :..  4,97_,'-8_._5
T r o s tee&h i ps U nder
Administratkmover 6,000,000
Trostee      for     Itond-
holders over    25,000,000
C. S. KEITH. Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal. Charlottetown, London, Eng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606 Columbia Street
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
? tol.
Use Double Tracks.
Stroet cars on the double tracks of]youth  named  Simon
After escaping from the Point Grey
reformatory some three weeks ago    n
Vomkins,  whose
rale, as their instructions are positive.
For plumbing, beating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
say, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. (21481
Special Car Service.
Bpeclal car service was provided on
the Millside line last evening and this
morning In order to accommodate the
large number of city residents who attended the masque dance al Fraser
Mills last evening.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Case cf Diphtheria.
A case of diphtheria caused by
drinking water from a surface well,
is reported by Dr. G. B. De Watson.
Burnaby health officer, to have
broken out at Highland Park. The
well was ordered closed.
nniincement made by the company s
officials yesterday. During paving
operations the car service of the Sapperton, Hurnaby and Fraser Mills
lines has been delayed an average of
one mlnu'e on each run, owing to Ihe
cars having to back Up on tlie look at
Leopold Place.
Test Tax Exemption.
parents reside ut Hallnrd. Wash., ts
back once more serving hia sentence
for several burglaries committed in
Tompkins made his wny to Blaine
whore he just escaped Ihe clutches of
the Canadian authorities. A request
for tho youth to bo handed over, mude
to tbe American Immigration officials. I
was refused on account  of the  boys
At the meeting on Tuesday of the parents being American citizens.
Richmond municipal council it wns, ]s;ow Westminster was Interested In
decided to take the dispute with the;t|1(, case on account of evidence being
('. N. H. to the courts. Councillor S. cll|leetcd against Tomkins for uu al-
Shepherd lind, he snld, wllh Keeve iCRt.d burglury suid lo bnve been
Bridge. Interviewed the railway otd- committed in this city. Lasl week u
cials who had refused to pay the taxes representative of the provincial k'ov-
clalmlng that under the charter given :el.���ment appeared in police court and
by the provincial government, the\aj*��� evidence had been submitted
company was exempt.    It was perfect-1 Tonikins wus  mixed  Up  In    the
l.v   satisfactory   to  hnve   a    est   easel    b warrant    and    extradition
made of the dispute, the railway offi- ,T ��     ��� ' ,    ������,  rwld      to    bp
S Sf Yj2Wtf VttK! SK3 on the Washington state    a,
forward to Victoria full particulars of | came back 00 his o wn accord and is
the  resurvey  of  the  district  east  ofj now back in the I oint
McAllisters Limited
4-Big Special Sales-4
Four Big Specials to Interest Keen Shoppers Values Here Tliat Must Command
Your Attention
tlrev    iiistitu
Nc. 5 road.
For all building supplies and fuel
oll apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Delegate Named.
At a meeting of the West Coquitlam Conservative association held this
week Mr. Alderson and il. Finlay were
appointed delegates to the Conservative  convention at  Port Coquitlam.
The Horse Did It.
Early yesterday morning a West
minster bound tram car struck a
wagon at Main and Hastings streets.
Vancouver, neatly clipped off the two
rear wheels, and gave the driver ami
owner, J, McAulay, 756 Union street,
ruber a Bevere shaking up. The accident was caused by the horse becoming  frightened  and  bolting.
Social and Personal
Edward Stormont, roadmaster for
the B. C. E. R.. returned from a vacation trip yesterday which took hlm
as far east as Montreal and south as
far as California. Mr. Stormont
while in Montreal stayed with his
mother whom he had not seen for
two years. Leaving Montreal lie went
to New York, later travelling over
the Santa  Fe to San Francisco.
Succeeds   Lord   Alverstone   as   Lord
Chief Justice���Impressive Ceremony in London.
Members of the Eastern Star lodge
of this city held a social in the l_abor
Temple last evening in honor of several prominent officers of the grand
lodge who came over from Vancouver.
The  hall   was  prettily  decorated   and . .   ,
the program carried out broughl forth  ������"> *����� sworn  '�� us Weceaaor to
favorable comment from  all  present.
Thc  list of visiting members  was as
London, Oct. ti.- There was an Imposing scene in the Lord Chief Jus
tices' court yesterday when Sir RufUfl
Hitc Return Trail.
Donald   A.  Gooch,   the  young   Englishman  who one rainy night  several
weeks ago slopped  his automobile in
front of The News office to tell that j Sharpe
he had ;hen completed his trip across i following
Lord  Alverstone.
Friends and admirers of Sir  Hufus
attended   In   great   numbers   and   the,
court   was  crowded   to   Its  fullest  capacity   by   leading   members   of   the j
bench   and   bar.     Women   filled   the
Jury  box  and   hundreds    of    persons
were   turned   away   from   the   public *
gallery,  while    the    corridors outsjde
were impassable.
Sir  ilufus  was  an   imposing   rigor--.
SHARPE���Floral tributes at the fu-!in the Justice's full bottomed wig, with
neral  held Sunday of the late  Henry |scarlet  and   ermine   robes.     The   sole
pioneer of B. C, Included ornament vis ble wns the "S. 8. Collar,    a  peculiar  jewel   which  Justices
follows:   Mrs.   Perry,  grand   matron;
Mrs.  Douglas,  grand    treasurer    and
past grand matron; Mrs. Jones, grand
spcretarv;    Mrs.   Irwin,   grand   treasurer;   Mrs.  Richdale, grand organist; i
Mrs.Laird, grand matron:  Mrs. Reece,I
grand      conductoress;      Mrs.      Dean,!
grand marshal.
tbe American continent, has lefl on j Pillow, Mrs. Sharpe and family;
his return trip. Ho started from N'ew sickle. Mr and Mrs. Haac Johnson
Westminster on Tuesday, his only and family; crosses, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
companion being his collie dog, Nellie.   Gray (Blaine, Wash.l  Mr. and Mrs. R.
  J.  I.!ckman:   anchors,    Fraser    lodge
Three,, hedrnom suites, oak dining I No. 3, A. O. D. W��� Capt. and Mrs.
table nnd chairs, bed lounge, rattan) McKeen (Vancouver), Mr. and Mrs
chairs, centre tables, carpets, pictures, j.I. Trewartha: links, Amity lodge No.
kitchen cupboard and kitchen utensils will be sold at auction on Saturday. October 25, at 2 p.m.. at Moreton
hall, Edmonds road. No reserve.
Terms cash Full particulars at 17
tlegble street, P. B. Iirown, auctioneer.
Phone __4. (2280)
share with the lord mayor and one or
two other high personages and the
exact origin of which  is unknown.
and Miss
L.R.A.M., A.K.C.M
Xenons in rianoforte, Violin, Sing-
in g. Voice Production, Theory (in
��� lass or privately). Harmony, Counter-
point. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the
Boya! Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
.Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
Kor terms, etc.. apply 61 Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411 IL (2157)
Served   High  Tea.
After a regular meeting the Ladies
of the Maccabees were last night entertained at high tea in the I. O. O. F.
hail. Mrs. G. L. Albert and Mrs. A.
E. Easton being hostesses. Tlle rooms
were decorated with autumn leaves.
A contest in dressing a doll in true
Indian fashion was won by Miss
Fryer, and Mrs. E. It. Mile took second place. The prizes were a book of
Pauline Johnson's poems, and a book
of poems or the Yukon. Mrs. Archibald was given the consolation prize.
Match Company Meeting.
An extraordinary general meeting
of the shareholders of the Dominion
Mutch Company, Ltd., is being held
this afternoon at 2 o'clock to transact
business which includes the special
election of directors to Increase the
board to seven. The mee:ing is being
held in the registered office of the
Will Be Hanged Here.
New Westminster will be the scene
of a hanging on Monday, Dec. 29,
when Jeremiah Mulverhill will pay the
penalty for the murder of a contractor named Kelly, which took place in
the interior in ihe early part of the
year. Mulverhill at the last assizes
held at Clinton, was sentenced to be
hanged, and was broughl down to the
provincial Jail in this city in the
early  pari of the week.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm propertv
1 per cent. Alfred Vi. MeLeod,    (2169)
27. I.OOR; wreaths. Messrs. .1 R,
and W. J. Brennan. Mr. and Mrs N.
Matheson, Mr and Mrs. Geo. Blakely,
Mr. Geo. Currie. Mr. and Mrs. F. J
Brown (ColebrookI, customs house
staff, Mr. and Mrs. 8. F. Mark, E. W.
Nelson. A. Benedett, the Gray family
Crescents, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Tidv.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tidy. Mr. and Mrs
R. Herring. Mr. and Mrs. J Eagles.
Mrs. Lawrence and son.
Crown���Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Savage
(Westham   Island.
Heart, Native Sons of B, C, Post
Nc.  4.
Sprays.  Mrs.   Barnes,  Mr   and   Mrs.
ll   Schofleld,  Mr.  and    Mrs.    Claude
Wilsm   (Vancouver)    Mr.    and    Miss
Lydia Johnson   (Vancouver),  Mr.  and
Mrs.   I.   Wintemute,  Mr.  and   Mrs.   N.
Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stephenson I
(Mud   Bay),  Mr. and  Mrs. Wellington I
Miller  (Vancouver), Mr. and  Mrs.  VV
C. Coatham. Mr. and Mrs. W
Mr.  and   Mrs.  ,1.   Eugene   Brown,   Mr
and Mrs. J. A. Montgomery, Mis. Cum
A Big Sale of
Men's Sweater
Coats $2.75 Each
You can get a dandy Sweater Coat during this
' sale at $2.7". There Is every color and combination of colors, ard you can choose from
both high neck with close fitting collar, low
vest neck. etc. These are mostly sample
sweaters and a very special lot, bought at a
round price, and you can chooBe any one In
the assortment for S2.75.
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies'
New Fall Coats
at $13.75
Fifty smart new Fall Coats for ladies, to go on
sale at one special price. These coats embrace a very big variety for you to select
from. There are all kinds of new tweeds,
coatings and curl cloths, and in all the newest colorings, etc. Many are smartly trimmed
with velvet collars und Ihe new large buttons. These coats are all perfectly tailored
and there Is a range nf sizes. Many of these
coatB are worth from $20.00 to $25.00 each.
Your choice of any coat in this range for
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies' Tailored
Shirts, at $5.75
One hundred skirts In this purchase will bc
placed on sale in our l-adlea' Ready-to-Wear
tlepartmen Kvery one of these skirts Is
strictly man tailored, cut In the latest styles,
and you have tbe choice of black and navy
suiting serges, smart new tweeds and fine
coating serges, ln grays and browns. They
are made with high or ordinary waist lines,
and many of these skirts are worth from
$7.50 to $10.00 each. Every bIzo, to slight,
medium cr stout figures. During this special
sale you have your choice of any skirt for
A Big Special Sale
of AU-Wool
Blankets at. Pair
One liundred pairs of full double bed size, all
wool blankets; B4 Inches by H. Inches. The
thick cosy winter blanket, ample In size,
heavy and warm. This Is a very special
purchase Just io hand, and while these hund
red palra last you can purchase for $4 % a
pair blankets that would be good value in
the ordinary way at $7.00 a pair. Special for
this Bale, per pair at S4.95.
Married Last Saturday and Now Can't
Find Her���Foul Play Feared
at Sacramento.
McAllisters Limited
Sacramento, Cal,, Oct. 22.���Mildred
Lane, 17 years old, daughter of Mrs.
Nancy Lane, of this city, and a bride
of four days, is missing and her husband, Hoy Johnson, is in jail stoutly
maintaining he knows nothing of hip
���if' s whereabouts.
District Attorney Atkinson is Investigating and the police are scouring the city to find the girl. Foul
play is feared by the girl's mother,
.Johnson doped with ihe girl to Wood-
Burr  and   ���i""' hurt Saturday and they were mar-
mines,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Jos.
family.   Charles   E,   Stride.    Mr.   and I ''���"'     Johnson says his wife left Sun-
Mrs. Henderson (Vancouver), Mr. andlday night and  he  has not seen  her
What with the harbor Improvements, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailor ins; Branch
surely Westminster la coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Mrs. Jones (Vancouver.)
SHARPE -On Monday, at 1111 Lcith
treet. the death occurred of Mrs.
Hella Sharpe, aged KS years. The
funeral takes place this afternoon at
_ o'clock from the undertaking parlors of ll. Murchie & Son to thc Fraser
"i in' i. ry.
NEWBURY���The funeral took place
yeaterday  of James Stiles  Newbury
ih.* 11 months old snn of Mr. and Mrs
Tames Newbury, Highland Turk, from
Bowell's undertaking chapel to thi
Fraser cemetery, itev. m. Gordon
Melvin officiated.
s.nce. although  be received  two mes- I
sages from her    Monday    liy    a    ines-
senger.   Johnson is a typewriter galea-
man, 20 years old. and admitted    he ]
was divorced by his lirst wife In Oklahoma.
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart   -    -    -   ��� $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen     ....   35c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
�����*.> recognize and seize, the opportunities when they come to you?
*<i fit yourself to take advantage of
-.nany future opportunities-it, is the
��� ipportunity lo gain a practical knowledge.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Boston, Oct  'ii     A central commit
tee to control  the nii.-sionury  work  ol
the   Catholic   church  In  the  United
States, Is favored by a committee who
is  investigating    the    work,   Bishop
Qavln of Pittsburg, who discussed the
subject liefore the Catholic missionary
congress today, told the delegates the
missionary   situation   In   this   country i
had   been   studied   by   a   commltte   of
ihr.'.' appointed by the hoard of gover
nors of the church extension  society. I
While   their  report  has  not   yet   been i
submitted,   Bishop  flavin   as  one   of
the   members,  explained  some of the]
main points.
The   commltte   found,   according   to
the bishop that many of the mission-!
irganlzatlons   overlapped    each I
I other.
That   for Cold Weather  there Is
Nothing Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
K. 11. BUCKUN,
Pres aad Oaal. Mgr.
Vice President.
w. r. U. BUCKUN,
���ae. aad Traaa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, Naw Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    8mall  Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE I
In thc West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
I'hone 85R. Phone 85L.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
We nre also specializing In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which nro bettor in construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than  the old solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Mas. Bac.
Singing,   Piano.  Theory.
Fnr Terms and Hours Apply nt
'studio, 1011  Hamilton 8treet.    Phone
1319 R. (22<>3)
A.  1..
Phone 853.
holck. Principal
610 Columbia St.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Pbone 1324.
Nev York, Oct, 22.���In a speech ]
here last night, John Hennessy, per
-"���nal inventlgator for William Sulzer. '
is governor, declared it was true as
ihargad thai [Edward Mo-Call, Tam-
many candidate for mayor, acted a-*
Cbarli k Murphy's messenger in lhe
Tammany leader's ultimatum tc Oovernor Bulger before the conflict began
which ended in the Hulzer Impeachment,
Hennessy charged that McCall invited hlin to a conference at the
offices of the public service commission where McCall fold him to "carry
Sulzer the lust word for Murphy of
what would happen if Sulzer did not
withdraw from the senate every
nomination  he had   made."
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1W1.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marina Insurance.
Liability.   Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 5.46 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Mall hourly service until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight
���SATURDAYS���16 ralnuto ser
vice ts continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6. 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. wllh late car at mid-
For Vancouver via
REGULAR BERV1CB���6.46 and
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
tn.,  with  late  car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.80 p.m.
SUNDAYS���t a.m. and   hourly
until 10 pm. with lata ear at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS����� a.m.   and   every
buro until ll p.m.
Connection la made at   Bb-
hour until 11 P-m.
aad otber polnta on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS*���S.I6 a.m., 1.10 and
6.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 pm.        \


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