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The New Westminster News Sep 17, 1913

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i,Mr,r��i      i'i i-a   '
Newe Classified Ade.
Have proven their worth br the
resulta   they   produce.     They   All
targe   or   email   wanta   at   small
The Weather.
New  Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate wimK
generally fair with stationary tat
liiglie.  temperature.
Brought to New Westminster Last Night Handcuffed to
Pinkerton Detective and Guarded by Chief of Police
Bradshaw���Appears in Police Court This Morning���
L_ Fine Appearing Young .Man.
Agricultural  Society and  Farmers' Institute Expect Laige Attendance
at I.-.hlbitlon.
i Proposed    Postofflce   Wing    May   Be
Donald  GoOCh  Comes   FrORI        Still Enlarged and Changes May
.Montreal hy Auto���Last Af,ect ��* HaM
Alter a light whicb started with bin
kira.-.sl In Detroit, Michigan, on June 6,
IM'., Mail n Powell, alleged bank rob
���ber und said to be an accomplice -ol
Chanles Dean lu the looting of th.:
local branch of the Hank of Montreal
00 September 16, 1911. when $2.3,0.11'
���an*-, taken out of the vaults, waa
lodged In the city Jail last evening
and will appear for preliminary hear
ing before Magistrate Kdmonds In
police court this morning.
I'oweil, manacled to Delect �� ��� Jonas
��f the Pinkerton agency, stepped o(!
the c. P. It. train from Weatmlnster
Junction at 11 to o'clock l��ei evening,
lelng accompanied by Chief of Police
Bradshaw, who also made the trip lo
the Michigan city.
Six feel one Inch tall, the much
wanted msn presented a -striking a;i
pcaranre and like Marna-marn and
Dean bore the Impression of a well to
tin tradesman or one who Is nigh In
Dressed In a well fitting hlack suit
with a light grey felt hat, the f-w
���spectators al the depot were surprisnd
to catch the glint of steel that fast
ened Jones and Powell together.
At the -police station, he gave hl��
nationality as EngHeh-Amerlran. 33
years of age, and a e-kf-k hy trade.
Immediately folkrwtng the booking
of his description and the charge
against him In the police blotter.
Powell wnn placed tn a private cell
specially fitted for his use and a c^n
stable placed on guard outside th"
door In order that no mishap may occur between now and the time ilia'
lu-   in a.ither  committed Tor trial    or
1 berated.
Chief Ilradshaw and Detective Jonei
arrived in Detroit on the Tuesday
evening of last week and took cliarg
of their mnn the lollowing morning
leaving that city at 1 o'clock far Wind
B_r, Out.
Uneventful Trip.
During  the  trip    across    the    eon
tineat nothing untoward happened, although the oKioen were just about
fagged out by oonttauooi r.d.'ng In
the esrs having bad but a few hours
rest In Detroit before the return
journey tvas commenced.
Although found in possession of
aeveral thousands of dollar- aftir
wards recognized as having been
au len  irom  the  Hank  of  Montreal,
and wltli a charge of having stolen
money In IiIh |.os. i-ss'oti hanging ovei
hli*. head, the Investigations if the
Pinkerton agency, led to nu application beln^ brought before the Amerl
ean courts for extradition on a charg
of being directly concerned In loot
lng the bank here, snd said to have
been hi company with Charles Dean
and James Macnamara.
Prom one enr' to iho other, rl
leasing th�� di.-relim. Powell took the
case to the highest court In th��
United Stati?*. whlrh eventually ruled
against him and his extradition f.il
i lowed
Thla rnorniiiK'i hearing againat the
;man will probably he of short dura
!tion. unless he waives all the prel'm
l"-ir'e*�� am] takes n chonce of prepa"
lne n defence in the higher enrts.
Should Powell fleatre an adtoiinimo-t
s len.irst of this nature will nr. ti'b'>
b' granted by Magistrate Esmonds
which would iiienn h's appearance 'r
eorrrt again before another eight day.
hava> expired.
Central Park. Sept. 17.    The annu.il
exhibition or the Central  Park Agri-1
'cultural lOCiety and Fanner.-!' Inst.lute '
.will  be  opened    tills    afternoon,    a!-   Cives
though  the  formal opening ceremony I
[will not take pluce until o'.'ii) o'clock
thia evening when Colonel J. D. Tay :
lor, M.P., will ofOolate.
ThlB year's show Is expected to b
jthe banner on.- In the  history of the
association, the efforts of the coin
i init'ees during the past few months
' having met with success In the way-
it entries and  Lite a tendance ta   ex
pected to be larger than ever.
The fair w ill be In Id en the Rpec'iQU
grounds ct the Agricultural society
I adjoining the II. C. E. It. station,   and
these have been fixed up a-id extend
1 d by the Central Park commissioners,
I SO thai a pleasing effect Is noticed bj
all  passengers on  the cars  and also
from Kingsway, thc ma n highway bill ween  Vancouver and  New  Webtin.n
Gardens Feature.
The carder: comptttlon Is expect'd
:'o bn one of tho features of the   ex-
IhJbtt.'on,   many  entries  having    been
made both from South Vancouver and
; Burnaby residents. The exhlb'tion
I w'H close on Saturday when the Jo'nt
municipalities   will  engage   in   a   fine
program   of   athletic   sports,   presided
��� v r by Keeve McOregor. of Burnaby.
a:.d Reeve Kerr, of South Vancouver.
Lap Yesterday.
Pointers  cn   Cood  Reads���
eminent  Hiahways  Excellent-
Come Roads Teo Wld*.
yeaterday morning a start was made Infernal Machine Sent to Colonel Otis���Second Atleiapt
in  connection   with   Ihe  work  on  tbe -.. _ _ ,"
new wmg tor the Dominion building.      Upon liis Luc in Recent Years���At Other Over 2i
Messrs. Sloan and  Harrison, the successful tenderers, placing a gang of       Men Were Killed and McNamaras Involved���Police
men at work tearing do*n the fence In
front of the vacant Bpace between the ->'.iisno.-t   Viiivlennc
postoffice and the city hall. I        ^USpeCl  .UeXlCanS.
Dominion   Resident   Archltest  Hen-1 	
derson. stationed at Victoria, has re- | ���^���������-���___.
commended to the Ottawa authorities! *'cs Angeles, Sep". 10.���For the of matches and black powder. I bad
that the new wing should be extended second time w.Ui.i three years a ; the boy remove the thing and sstea
an additional  15 feet, making a total   bomb  today   jeopardized   the   life    cf ;the police department to send i
( omp'.etlng   a '6500   mile   trip  from
Montreal to the coast, Donald Gooeh,
I driving an Austin six passenger car,, . ....    ....   ......    y . .
i arrived In Ihe city late last night, hav-, of 43 feet east of the present building i Oeneral harr:BOu tiray Utis. owner of  to my house."
ng completed the last lap of the dls-   which   would  bring  it
Hardware  Men  Utterly  Oiioss  Wednesday Halt Holidays���All Trades
to bc Interviewed.
Company Increases Price of GRf AT REDUCTION
Tickets on Some City
| The Retail Uusilifss Men's nssocl:
itita met last evening at the Conserve
I tlve commit lev rooms to dscuss a
toommuntcalhiii from the Clerks' Projective assotiatiiji in regard to a
i decision on th-c ijuestlon ol a weekly
ibalt kola-day
I    About "SO business- men  **t*ttt*.**s*a-
lent   und   thtro   were   Indications    itf
pretty   et-rtmg   feeling,   the   hardware
���.ance from Hope yesterday.
Mr. Gooch, who has spent lhe past
���en years In Canada and the United
States a Londoner by birth, arrived
from lilrmir-Vnm, England, sr Montreal on June !'. and since then has
been making his way across the continent for the company he represents.
Seen by The News last night, Mr.
Gooch expressed himself well pleased
with the roads over which he travelled.
especially paying a fine compliment
to the government built roads ln western Alberta and In the mountainous
regions of British Columbia, on which
he states motorlBts need have no fear
of being stalled in the Bummer time
at least.
Other Trips.
ThiB If not the first long distance
trip he has made during his stay on
this continent, having been mentioned
in the Callfornlan papers of June.
1908. for an exceedingly rouirh nnd
difficult thouaand mile trip through
Southern California In that year.
During his trip from coast to coast
the intrepid driver has run across all
sorts and conditions of highways nnd
gave bent to his disgust, on certain
sections, especially a long stretch ln
western Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan where h* declares the practice of making roads by stntute, the
farmers heinr ennroeUed ��o look after
���"���ert-Mn s"ctfons of highway, was a
detrimepf to tbe good roads cause.
et-ttwem Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. however, there is a clear
stretch of IDti miles where one can
howl along nt grat p-geed
Oily  Two Breaks.
In only two  sections was he compelled  to -thin his c-jr by  mil. once
bctosb the Great Lakes and the other
���stretch.    oT    ahout    82    miles    from
fnence's bridge to Hope where the old
Cariboo wail *a�� furneHy used.  .
*Ban* Old Trail. <       '
Mr  Qontih IpfLtn-Med that a general
with the city hall
If such a scheme
wllb favor by the Ottawa department
this would mean a new arrangement
ln the city hall aB City Clerk Duncan
would be without light in his office
and also the one used by Mayor Gray
would be darkened.
Trouble at Dublin Likely to
Spread Over English
in close touch I 'be  Ixis Angeles Tunes,  wh.ch    was Oeadly Power.
! destroyed by dynamite October 1,! Captain H. B. r'elts. a* powder ex-
is looked upon! 1910. That lie was nol blown to pert in the police department, took Use
pieces was probably due to thc watch machine to a sparsely :aba__i.��V-0
ful eye of lis Japanese servant, who section of the city, near the l.oti *_*__-
tecelved from the postman an Inf.rnal geles river, and there pritd open tax*
machine, mailed in this city, and b.x. He found matches fixed to Use
called hls employer's attention to It. ; inside of the box in such a iray that
The first infernal machine directed'when opened ln the usual way ttMfj.
at the life of General Otis was found ; would have rubbed agaiust pieces s*
al his residence a few hours after his sand paper aud ignited. There wsse
newspaper plant had been destroyed * also black powder, a small section et
through the efforts of tbe McNamara fuse, two fulminating caps and twa
coaspiratorB. * Bllcks of 85 per cent, dynamite, wkct
The attempt on his life today was tore a great hole in the ground.   He-
attributed by  the general to agencies ;declared that Its force waj _u_f
friendly  to   those  whose    conspiracy , to kill 25 men.
eventuated  In  the destruction of his
newspaper plant and the killing of 20
I of his men three years age.    But the
jpclice and postal authorities believed
something   might  be  developed   from
| the theory that the Mexican question
! had an impelling part tn it.
I. W. Ws May Be Involved
The wrappings were given i
post office inspectors, who
General Otis had "a suraiae"
concerning the bomb.
Same Old Gang.
"That surmise," he aaid. "ia that. ��*
. over   *****
was sent to me   by   the   devils   -ahn
General  Otis  ls  heavily   interested i want to blow up the Times aad vein lands ln  the Mexican territory of: and  who are furious    because    ttos)
Lower    California,    where two years have tailed so long to do ao.
Thousand* Stop Work    at   Liverpool
and  Birmingham��� Without th*
Union's Sanction.
'may be the same old gaag or tmf,
menu of the same old gang, with the-
aame old animosity."
Chief of Police Sebastian larHm-it
to the theory that tbe hombs hatt
been sent by gome person viotastJ-y
opposed to General Otis' nei
policy with regard to the Huerta
ministration in Mexico.
Chief Sebastian said the aet
have been committed by pereras *t*t-
gruntled because Mexican real* m
of Los Angeles celebrated toAy tho
103rd  anniversary   of  Mexican _ kate-
is   Ruling   Effective  Tomorrow���In
terurban  Fare Not Effected by
C. Electric  Cuts  Rates  Almost    in
Half���liton   Schedule   Effective
October  1.
and grocery retailers in particular op jdeslre evis
���posinsr the  closing down   on
(dav Kflemoons.
It   was   maintained   that   the  cle-ka
In these branches   of    business    have
'sp. clal   facilities   as   p-gards   holidays
for eeriain -periods in the year.
Finally committees of the respective
trades were formed with a view tn
-���sce-i'i'n th" opinions of each pnrt'ci
lar line, and these oommltlees vTl
mnke n report in Octrb< r as to the
gen*i rn' view taken by the different
branches of business.
efl in the
Hope distTict to
ago Industrial Workers of the World I
joined the "direct action" element of
Mexicans in an effort to establsh   a
Socialistic commonwealth.
Another Outbreak.
A few weeks ago there was another
outbreak, caused, according to rep-rt
,      , .by the employment of Chinese In the
I-oudon.    Sept.    16--The    country places of Mexican laborers by ranch-
again Is threatened with a great rail-  tTa iu  i_oWer California, but General
way strike and Liverpool is the storm ,otl8 a8aerted at the time  that none
centre.    Refusal of the Liverpool rail-'Were employed by him.
way men to handle freight from Dub-1 Small Package
Ilu transports where a Btrike has been ;    Th��� bomb  reached "The  Bivouac,'     	
| in progress for several days, led 3500  General Otis' home, at 11 o'clock th's !pendence.
men to stop work there today follow-! morning,   lt was contained In a small I Large Interests.
|ed by a walk-out of 4000 at Birming- package about flve |nches long, three j    General Otis, who is a close fri-o*
���oam- .inches wide and two inches deep.   It of Foraicr President Porflrlo Dtaa   rt
That a complete tie-up of all the'wag wr8pped ln brown paper and bore Mexico, owns large acreage i�� ��*h��r
railroads ��n northwest*��� England is iQeneral otia address in what waa be- southern republic. He is .ary-ety _t*-
immlnent. was made evident by the jleved t0 be a disguised handwriting, ^ereated in the California and -iMnSv
warning Issued by the Cunard Steam . Utt|e Jap Suspicious. 'Ranch and    Cattle   companv.   whie:.
ship company today to all home-going |    witb  other maill   tt wag tfvan bv 'owns much land in  Lower OdtCMte
an to the Japanese servant, and Sonora.
jwho removed the wrapping paper b->-' Heports from V'lrnp, Arfz.. t-��fr.-..
fore taking it to General Otis, who were to the effect that a bind ��f SJ
Was writing in an upper room of his insurrectos v.-no arrived veste-d-iy* irt
residence. He told the general that Colonia. on the east b.tnk rf "turn
he thought there was something sus Colorado river. 50 m'les soufi rt
plclous about the package. 'Yuma, had declared their "tonVtm t-t
"I pooh-prohed the b >y's belief at "clean up" all the Ciliforni* *rr**1
first." said Gemrtil Otis, 'but examln-|Mexico Ranch and Cattle cimpany'-t
ed the box carr fully. I could see parts  holdings.
As foreshadowed la��t year when
consolidation of tramway franchiser
wa_ discussed with the city counc.1
the F). C. Klectric Hallway compniiy
iiniioiini'.�� an adjustment <f charges
f .1* olty travel, c-oiumeurlng tomorrow
morning. Breaking of the subject y<s
terday. Oeneral Manager Sperling
made the To,lowing explanation and
"As Is well known, tl��e.re has been
a steady Increase in tli* cost of laboi
nnd supplies for some yenrs pas*.
Everything the company buys -labor,
electrical equipment, rails, rolling
8tOCk and material of every kind has
grown in value until a proper relation
no longer e-|sts between the cost of
n street car ride and the prirc paid
fur It.
Always the Same.
"To the people ut large the cost of
practically every necesssry commodity has nlso advanced, eHOepting
���only the stnet car ride, which has
remained lhe same. On the othei
hand, tlle wages of all clasBes of lab ir
skilled and unskilled, have Increased
step hy step with the cost of living
No such compensating advantage has
come to the company, consequently,
the margin between operating cist
and revenue earned has gradually de-
creaaed until the profit earned by the
company on lis Investment Is no
longer adequate to induce the inves
tor to put fresh capital���so necessary
for the development of the territory
served by thc cotnpany--lnto the concern. Apsrt. however, from the view
point of obtaining additional capital,
.', swa-ejiijig reduction lighting rates
will go into effort In all districts tipped by the H. C Klectric throughout
the lower mainland, according to an
announcement matte by Gem ral Man -j
agir Sperling, at  the head  offices of
'the iiriti.U Columbia Klectric Railway j
Co.,  Ltd- yesterday,  the  rutes  In  all
districts served by tiie company being
reduced to those now  charged  in  the j
city of Vancouver.
This change, which will take effec
on October 1, will result in a con
alderable saving to the resident.!    In
jthe oulside districts.
I The above reduction lu lighting
rates represa��nts a decrease of from
approximately 27 per ec-nt. to r,n per
cent., according to the quantity of
current used.
Thc  company  has  also  decided   t
reduce Its charge for the meter rents!
outside the presenl limits of Vancou
vir   from   20 cents to  IB ecu's    per
Tie ant"'iinc"ment fide hv General
Manager Sperling win nfTcri t'lrna-
gnds of householders  nr It covers the
[municipalities qf -south V*'nt"in-r
Point Grey, Burnaby. Richmond D it-,
isurr.'v.   Langley,   Matimtl,   Sum--,
ChUrwuck, Coqultlair., Port Mnody
'and other points on the mainland.
A table showlne the old sn*    new
'rates  ftosr  for districts  affected  by
the reduction is n��-""t'ded:
Old Rate.
Wednea jhare  the  Oarlboo   trail   reopened   for American  passengers that they leave  ,hp nogtrr
trafnc, which would  be nosslble with!their baggage in the boat trains. "
jfar less expense than that being made i *j0t sanctioned
���on The road crosslns the Hope moun-1     Tlle onIv hope of averting the pres
.tains,  and   which   Is  said   to be only|���llt  ���.oubie  is  UlP fa(,, ���lat  the men
I available   for   traffic   three     or    four Vopp.?ii work without the sanction of
months   in   the   year,   whereaa   manv
j-natches of th" '"'ariboo tra*1! ere sti]
ln   -^ood  condition  and  would be pos
sftde for travel  seven   months ln  the
year at lepst.
T?��ads  Too   Wide.
Con"'iie along th��   Parifi'- highway.
the   transcontinental   .raveller   fnnnd
ConSItlnna   below   whit   he   expected.
"���a-nlalnlna that   III   his  e\-periences of
j their  head   olTic-nls.   although  a  com
11 mlttee of the strikers appointed todav
First RO K.W. hours
Nnxt RO K.W. hours.
Noxt :ion K.W. hotrs
Next .100 K.W. hours
Next fion K.W. hours
On    ronsnmntlon
2000 hours  ...
Meter ren'al
the company has not earned a reason
able profit on its operation during the  jjext 300 K.W. hours
past 18 months- -certainly no such re-  Np-.( rm k.W. hours,
turn aB would Induce local people   to
Invest their savings    In   the    enterprise."
Large Investment.
The general manager also stated
that the company's prosent Investment In the province of Brlt'sh Columbia aniounls to approximately $�����&,-
noo.000, consisting enttrelv of cash
received from Its stockholders, which
ll at present 1 amlng about 4Mi Per
cent  per  annum.    If the  necessary
. ac
.... ��c
New Rate.
If  the
further capital  required for the adequate development   of   the   territory
served bv the company Is to be raised
on reasonable terms, It ts abiolutely
��ssenllal that the company's   railway
revenue sho"ld be lncrnss"d.
Waited In Vain.
"Although tho necessity for abolishing commutation rotes has been    apparent for some time." continued Mr.
Sperling, "we hnve h��ve   repeated'v
postponed action, hoping for an    ad
justment    In    economical   condltlonp
(Continued on Page Bight.)
A rebate wlll be given for nromnt
payment. There Is a rebate of 20 per
cent, for the prompt psyment of lighting rates. The charge for meter rentn'
Is net.
Nanalmo, 8ept. IC���The nnnnil exhibition of the Nanaimo Agricultural
onl Horticultural society open.'d today although the formal opening will
not take placo until tomorrow afternoon when F. It. Shepard, MP., will
officiate and declare the show open.
The large Increase In the number
of exhibits and the crowds thnt attended the ahow today gave Indications that this year's exhibition would
eclipse anything yet hold ln tb" city.
Seven Follower* ef Jack Sirrocco Fire
on Hudson Custer Gang���Feur
New York. Sept. IC <liiumeu, rival
gangs, mixed np in the primary election carri-ed nut today, started a re
newal of an old feud when they commenced firing at each other while
si sled In 11 1 automobiles in upper
Broadway at a point where a theitre
was  pouring out the night  crowds.
After firing at three mtrn and being
shot in return, seven memhers of one
of the gangs turned and Tied when n
patrol force appeared In right. They
were pursued In a taxi, four of tham,
Including the driver of the auto, be
Ing nr rest Pi), while the other three
escaped No attempt was made to
canture the three In the other car
The four men placed under aires!
have been recognized as memberp of
the J-ck Slrroccoggang. while those
they fired nt wcre members of tbe
Hudson Busters.
In  his
���'"toring be hnd found the grent m's-
t-ik" of r"i>ilbi'!lders was In tvilto the
rrmfls w-ifler fhin neeess'ry, thus il-
V'-n-'n*- fbe heavy traffic to m* mtnv
"lit" whet-e If the road w-"- -mw all
'������"ic would be concentrated to one
n*' ���
\l- i*,onr**i stayed i-i "h" cltv ln-sf
"���"i'i" leaving for t-'ancouver this
���pr"'n~ "larre he will ftav -sctci-M
������>)"��� 1oeltim�� I'ftrr the interests of
the firm he represents.
l.os Angeles. Si pr. 16��� Forest fires
in the mounts iM north of Los Angeles
were reported tonight as dying out,
wiUt little dangior of serious results. A
iar.se force of ntesi, however, was kept
on duly to pnaeiit tlie flames from
Discovery of Long Loat Crown Grant
Givea Matter New Light���Canon
d'Easum   Speaks.
One of the largest gatherings of
parishioners In the recent history of
Holy Trinity cathedral took place In
St. (leorge's hall last evening to hear
un account of the present atandlng of
tho vnx��d cathedral question and lta
allied property.
Intereatlng History.
Canon d'Easum was ln the chair and
with him on the platform were Dr.
Walker and J. J, Jones, the wardens.
C. J. Loat acted ns secretary. After
prayers, the rector proceeded to give
an account or the foundatlona ot tho
(Continued on Pag* Kour.)
TiInMad. Colo.. Sept. 10���A genera!
strike of the eoal mlner9 of District
lfi. was declared Ir.te this afternoon
Tor September 23. A resolution of the
KMOOtlve committer of the United
Mine Workers or America, endorsing
the rtrike. was adopted by n imanl-
m< uu vote nt the convention of the
district  nt 5:30  tonight.
I expressed its wilTngness to mtet tile
! company's officials.
In Dublin.
! At Dublin the deadlock still con-
Itinucs. large crowds wer- on th"
streets trnigh', although only oue riot
took place when the windows of n
street enr wore smashed by the mrb
Ten thousand men are on strik" iu
Dubl'n, while todav th" danger wns
iieretsed when the Hus Drivers' union
adopted a resolution calling out the
employees of the transport combine,
which includes nil drivers of mot-r |
buses and tube railways, unless the
drivers discharged for wearing union
buttons were reinstated and the union
ffll TO DEATH       THAW NOW CHffltHr
Boy   Assisting   at   Balloon   Ascension
Wound   Rope  Around  Waist���
Warned too Late.
Wins  His  Greatest  Legal
Victory���Await Governor's Decision..
Mayor.   Aldermen    and    R.   A.   A\
Society Officials Guests of
the B. C. E. R.
���if >:. -if
���::��� * o- *
ft ft
New York, Sept. 17.���Discovery or a counterfeit ng den,
Wblch itaii3 Sa'hm.d , pr.est
conf. ssed slayer *of Anna
Aumuller, a douustlc, admitted
today as having been fitted up
for the manufacture of spurious coin, led the detectives to
express the opinion that
Schmidt Is sane .tnd that It was
his master criminal mind that
led him to feign Luunlty when
taken into custody.
Another startling announcement wub that made by Inspector Farrul, who claims that Dr.
A. K. Muret, the dentist, who
was placed under arrest ln connection with the murder, ls not
only a friend of Schmidt, but
bis brother, and .the two have
workrd out the tnany crimes
"The truth la bound to come
out." said Inspector Parrut tonight, "and I am firmly convinced that the��a two wero kin
oa well aa frlenda.
Making thc affair one of business
and pleasure, the oific-trs cf the H. A.
at 1. society together with Mayor
Gray and several of the aldermen,
j were the guests of Interurban Manager Allan Purvis on a trip through
the Praser valley as far as Chllllwack
The trip was made by special car
aud was a source of Interest to the
pnrty, the crops of the valley being
now In process of harvesting. Steps
were made on the way and also on the
return trip at different points where
assurances were given that the Praser
valley would be well represented at
the coming provincial fair In this city.
Among those who made tbe trip were
Prea'dent C. A. Welah, Nels Nelaon.
D. K. MncKensle, of the R. A. & I.
society; Mayor Gray, Aldrrmen Kellington, Jardine, Ilryson and Henley.
Moat of the officials were accompanied
by their wives.
The start was made from thla city
nt 11 o'clcck, the return trln starting
from Chilliwack about S o'clock.
Woodstock,   Conn.,  Sept.   16.���Nine
year old  Ueorge Dernier,    who    was I
holding a guy rope to a balloon while
It was being inflated, preparatory tc
an ascension at the local fair this afternoon, was suddenly carried 500 feet I
in  the  air  and  then  dropped   to  In-1
slant  death     in    front of  the  grand
Stand,  where 5000 people    were    as-1
'��� I    ln order to rectire a better hold on'
Ithe guy rope during the Inflation of
j the balloon,  the boy wound the rope, for Harry K. Thaw was succeaaf-at su
I about his waist several times.   When'having ,he celebrated  case t__kr tte
the balloonist. Harold Bates, of New-'   .���_,  ��� ,    ���     , ,    , ,      ��.F *!~
buryport. Mass.. started his ascenslou. j ITL U",'.niZ". ". decU,on_�� ����
the boy did not have time to unwind 'fZZTtZ *.* LIT ^JL^Zt'l*'
the rope and was carried swiftly up- he defendant shall be ���-���xtmtfil^TtB*
ward. Bates was not aware of the i'" the V���*���- ���tory wots te
boy's predicament until the ropo had
Jerome  Failed to  Enter
Newspapermen���Thaw I aaffm
In Court.
Littleton.   N.H.   Sept.   16.
- .1
>* 0 ii <i�� # ft # n # ��> ft -a, jj fl, 0
London, Sept 16.���William J. Burna
haa now fixed hla eagle eye oa the
whole world. He haa atarted the William J. Burna International Detective
agency In London, and haa furnished
oflfcea and consulting chambers tn
Regent atreet
"We anticipate doing an awful big
business here," aaid Norman T. Bailey
who la ln charge of the Bdfhs agency.
unwound Itself and the boy was dashed to death.
$50,006 REWARD
London     Laborer    Who     Discovered
Stolen  Necklace Will Receive
Large Sum.
laondon. Sept. 16.���A wo-ltman this
morning found on a sidewalk, practically the entire pearl necklace, valued
at $650,000, which was stolen on July
16, while In transit by mall from Paris
to lxindon. On Sept. 2 five men, three
Kngli.hmen and two Austrlana. were
arrested when trying to dispose of
some of the pearls In London. They
are believed by the police to belong
to n notorious international gang of
A reward of 160,000 which waa offered for the return ef the Jewels p��o-
bablv will go to the workman. Tha
necklace, aald to be the moat vain-
able ln the world, waa In traualt be.
tween two d-aiara when stolen. Rumor
Indicated that It wm destined for Mra
W. K. Vanderbllt..
court for the slayer of Stanford Wtsia-e
since his escape from tha Hattaeva-e
Thaw  was openly    cheer**   MMr
upon his arrival at the railway taaaat.
; tnd   later  when   leaving    tlw
j hcuse after his victory waa I
! 'o thc echo.
In the court room Thaw
I eye of his old  enemy, Jerome.
1 he saw the latter was not going ��������
' advance the evidence of a nrw****s*x**r
man, which had been put in Id writing, and was supposed to tore
Tbaw In taking out his writ mt 1
corpus did so- to gain time. Ie ��<*��
chleflv irpcn his failure to do t-rfh tfut
the fictions of lawyers for tbe 1
wcre allowed to pass.
After seeing that thla written 1
ment wan not to be produced.
"sst ,-mi'SPd  glances toward  _
"everal tln'ea   and    finally
openly iu the court.
LI'tletcn, N.H., Bept. Ig.���Tfc��
-"ed'ngs c-noled an hour aad ��� 1
""hew's    chief    extradition    lae
Moi"-* Grossman and L, J.
cf New York, did not apart
were rc��nrved for the laat 1
net needed, aa events
MerH|i Shurtleff,   om   of
New Hampshire connect. __
a��oeeed'nga, setting forth iimt *a v_
of the Impending bearing aataaa ****���
governor, the petitioner did ta-sXt-*-*,***-
urn* hla constitutional Ti-htYtm%*s*Z
aired continuance. Tin���11 m a
(Conttnwa* �� ****** pg**^   ~"*V
ii ��>��3t   TWO
A* ttuto-tenient morning paper devoted to (he in-ter'stn of New Westminster and
*a* Fra.tr Vttttay. .'utijisaed every morn-i-ap except Bundnii by the Afotionol PrlttHafl
mme PaSkthin* Company, limited, at SI McKmttie Street. Sew Westminster, liritish
eutemtna. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Directnr.
All onnaiiiuai<cii<ii)n�� ahould be addressed tn The Neie tf-Mtminster Nows, mid mil
��-. *********. mefibtis ot the staff. Che"uct, druftt, and money orders should be- modo
ma.**;* to lhe \ati.iB<il /-"i-ltit-liifl and _'ut>l(sh(ne Oompany, Limited.
rKlmtriWNES���Businsss Office and Manager, ��89,* i.diforial Soom.i (all depart-
twill,  SSI
HCKnt-RII'TtON RATBB���By carrier, 14 per vear, |i for three months, 40c per
mnatmli.    Ily matt. $3 per year. 25c per mont>.
AUVtStTISlNO RATBB on application.
Vi'riling to a Vlctorlu  paper,  Ii.  B. j remedy would thus r.eom to he, lt at
Gosnoll, who Is generally credited with |al'  In 'he hands of the federnl au
being fairly olosely in touch with the
' o-xcrcir-os. or Is Bupposed to exorcise,
We have been told at different times bv acknowledged  '"' ?ower ,f disallowance, is not as
��1_ -.- _.*!_     a       _.!_ 1 aa ���,"���-,������ '''    "lp    COllStitlll iottlllll V    of    ilil    nct    Of
.minorities  that  tne grade of a nation s civilization is the province, which enn alwaya he de.
jrauged by the value set upon human life, the extent of the ���" '" " '" ""
inviolability of personal property and the measure of
*pect accorded women.
thorities.   The l'nited States laws do
., .   , , i not permit of Chinese ami Japanese
ideas   of   the  provincial   government becoming   American   citizens.     Here.
which nre Intended  for    publication, again, we are confronted with national
has  the  following  to  say   relative to j and   Imperial  considerations  of  great
alien land ownership In B. C: moment   It la quite obvious, there-
"Tbe  province    could   pass  a  law ; fore, apart from all ethical considers-
preventing  any  but   liritish   subjects'tie-as.  that  tbe  whole  case  Is  beset
lowntng land.    Tha' is, 1 think, India-' wlt'i  difficulties of the most peculiar
pntable,    The   Dominion   government   nature.    It Is contended  as n justifi-
; "culd  veto  such  a  measure  also, butI cation   'or  'he  California  law,  ubout  Olstok
jit is quite safe to say that in case ofl which   there  has   been   so   much   ills-
I passing such a law there would be no j cusslon,  that  the  Japanese  govern -
! intoi forettce,     The   general   principle  menl   denies  domestic   righta  to  for
|upon  which  the   governor-ln-councll signers. In this, however, the Japanese
So Says Minister After    His    Return
From Inspection Trip on the
is logical lie ezerclaea no discrimination as among forelgnara. Consonunnl
ly, h's oosltlon is unassailable, as oun
'���"..I.I i.e if ��e excluded all foreigner!
from exerclsini; certain rights.
II set ms to ni". upon, perhaps, Immature consideration, thai nur efforti
in the direction of protective legisla*
.       public  policy  and  general    interest
"0- There oould be no objection to legisla
jtien    whloh   applied universally and I Hon nf the kind desired, should bs baa-
...      ,    . . , , wituoul discrimination to the Bublects ed unon reciprocal righta,   Thsi Is I i
War brings out the coarser fibres of a mans nature nf ;,*i foreign nations.   Any attempt aay, we should only
.,.-./] .__aT-ra,.,.r-',,���*-,.,-i.���,1-. 11.��� .....        ,    c        ,1        i i ���  i  i'"���   Interfere   with    such     legislation property holding,  franchise.    Ilcens
and demon^irates truly the amount of control under which would be oieariy
provincial rights
'Tiie trouble,
a gross violation of; etc.. to the Bublects of those nations
which extend similar property rights,
however,   with   such! franchise,  privileges,   etc.   to   llrlM��h
crimination nnd placet
ntie��tion on an ethical
rlghl with his savings, and finally t
I establish bis family on a farm, ua tit
.result   of  yiars  of   labor.     With   til
spri ad of education In late years, the uaV(, been completed within th
he is held. This has been illustrated in the Balkan conflict
in terrible fashion and, in consequence of the continual!? '!w, tY\'u " wo,lla <,vr,1��"il".v **��� '���>"'���'"������������    "���'���<��� <��������������� ���������"' >����� ���>���" ���'
.,,.,, . .,. ���    ,       ,    - rrat  ,,s,'lr uy 'he Chinese  and .lapa-
talK or the menacing position of the German war cloudh*SB b<-,pnmlni*: British subjects under
��ith regard to Great Britain's destiny, a probable estimate |""' Pn""riJn P!,!,|Ml!",tl"n liW- T""
of what might be expected in the conduct of the German
auMier in case of was is interesting.
Granting that Gcrmanys' standards with regard tol
r-pspect for property rights and treatment of women are j
'.high, .as they undoubtedly are, it might be anticipated in I
the event of an outbreak of hostilities between that country and another power that the rules of modern warfare iTw0 Co"1',|ete Plans for operations at
would be strictly observed by the Germans in so far as!    Short Notice Prepared for Amer
those rules apply to property and women.  Even in the excitement of a campaign the strict laws of the fatherland
would intervene to prevent the German private from violating the regulations mentioned, but. on the other hand, I publication of tbe military plans ot a
what is to be expected from the soldiers of a countrv govcrnm"nt  ,1,,ri,,K  u   w:,r  comoa
v _*���       *   i   ���       tj i��� i        .. i , *L 1 Diiguty close to treason   the  I'nitod
Where fancied  insults  are  diSCUSSed    With    SWOrds    and States Is not at war with Mexico, and
pifitols? \*- ls -no' betraying a dark secret, eilh-
A-fetsT, tln-i-c r.n.    *,��� -_���-..... ���  -    i_       i_     i   ���      i ��  cr in Washluginp or in Mexico, when
lew davs ago in berhn a court chamberlain slapped.it is said that uucie sam-s war coi-
the face of a college professor.   Yesterday a duel resulted! l��gc lias work(,(l  out  ''A'�� complete
and the chamberlain is dead.   This, of course, is againstf'^Vo^tseVstr^^d.tU via
cite laws ot Germany, but in that country the "code of Vera Cruz ol'-p-' thn reduction of that
honor" is placed above the law and it is the custom to mete WT ^nffi_W!l*h3
out only nominal punishment to duellists, not with the ideai"^ railroad irom Juan
lean Armies,
Washington,  Sept.  16.���While    th
U. S. Objc=tivc
might   hav
��f checking, or stamping out duelling, but simply as a weak
protest against a practice with which the government is from several considerations  ,...���i.i.
Jltraul to interfere. the misfortunes which attended    tiie
, Such things demonstrate the impossibility of regulat-1 ^X Is^t^mTt^mo'
mg war and bringing it within such bounds as to make it i Grande to years ago, winch is prob
institution worthy of being countenanced by Christian Iffl^JKk* JJSJBSX'E
peoples, lt all the nations were equally highly Civilized, vanced materially In the seventy
an apneal to arms might, under some circumstances, be 'v.'ara Blnce d'*aae ravaged American
permissible as a last resort, but even then there is alwaysnXtcTU,atatSa' assume that
available aorainst such a course the argument of the valuer'6"1 Cm' raih"r lban a Paci{1�� i'cr**
of human life and the question, still unanswered, of how S tc"!^ Daniel!
ranch propertv compensation or satisfaction of national <'r'-ldition cities<��> th" western ocean
pride pavs his relatives, his friends and his country for the *^dUta\ll^troP",flthei?���i,S
���death '.if one of ltS citizens in time of war. pending the present agitation ov.r thi
  i rights of the Japanese to own land in
California,    But to say that tbo war
Thaws mnv come and Thaws may go, but the crop SftuSSTSJS m?&T��
report.-; gO on forever. : Cruz does noi  Imply that the    Bams
  ' college has not worked out and is not
: now working out other lines of inva-
Jp.e hobbv nf the hte Kincr of Greece was collecting ,ion-
door handles.   Case of his nobs hobnobbing with knobs.       ^J^i'T^L ro���te
peasant lus turned from the land In
lame numbers, and the question of
depopulation was already becoming an
alarming one.
Modern Methods.
The central government In Belgrade
intends to Introduce the best methods
of agriculture, and do everything thai
, is possible to raise the condition cf
the Macedonian peasant to thai of a
modern, up-to-date pr,-prietor. It will
further unib'ruike the colonization rf
the newly-conquered territory w t'i
model farmers, who will Introduce the
mw- methods and encourage thetr
nelghbi rs to employ t!>cn A* the
same time, any disaffection w'll b��
checked by the IngresB of numbers of
farmers of Serb nationality,
Tiie .--', rli.- bave shown th-ncsa-Ives
mosl successful In adaption of mod-
. rn methods nf warfare. If they show
renal nb'Hty in Adopting new n'.fthrd'
if agriculture there will nrobib'v b.*
s cn-ai future lor the fertile pb'n-*--*. cf
Macedonia, Although the upper fu'-
fnce of tbe protind ia no douht ex-
hanated for th�� nrlm'tlve svsten rf
guessed these I cultivation used in that part of the
C0ttnfn' leaves tbe Inwer B��r��'a if-
���--nci-'-d with L-'-r.i! railways nnd a port
the Macedon'ang sliorld find a larg'
market for their r-roduce.
Victoria, Sept.    lii.- Hon.    Thcnuui
Taylor,  minister of  public  works,  returned to the cily yesterday from lie*-
und othtr interior polnta,   The
Objeel of the ministers trip was to
inspect tlie various publlc works nn
dertaklnga now in progrosa In    that
si ctlon of the  province
In the l.r-t Instance ba visited Vancouver. New Weatmlnster, llurnaby,
Coqultlam ami other placea on    the
ooast, making B survey of the num
eroua provincial bulldlnga thai ur:'
being constructed, and than be pro-
oeded to Revelstoke and other points
further inland in pursuance of his
Bpeaklng generally on the subject of
xieiid rights ol lh(, ���,���.*; i|,���, Ml. xaylor stated lust
niithl thai in every Instance the un-
dertakings wer.- being carried out In
n satisfactory manner, and that he
had every reason to believe that when
complet. .1 the province would be In
possession of a series ef buildings, fn
general utility and also special pu--
poses, as in the case of hospitals and
farm Inslltulions. and prisons, which
would be a credit to any province In
the entire Dominion.
Several  of  the  works  referred    to
Five and ten acre blocks in the choice.st fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vtx.: tbe
the celebrated "VANt'()l'\ Kit" Brand, Kuaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas aud  Canadian Mutineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer i'lpe from
4-ln. to 2-1In. In diameter. ThlB is ulso made lu this I'rovlnce aud we
consider superior to any Imported article.
Wn also carry a stock of Crushed Itock, Washed Oravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
lev. weeks, and Others are still
process of construction, but tho remarks cf the inini-iier applv equally
to nil of them. Taken in the aggregate they represent the expenditure i
of an enormous sum ot money, but. a'
the  minister  snvs.   thev   are  no  i-iore
than adequate for the r-��qitlreroertsof
the  Bituation;   and   so  far  as  school
buildings are concfrn-d, of which  ho
inspected a dT^'nt number during   h'��
visit,   they   ��re  at   the   nresent   tiv-c j
scarcelv capable nf nrorM'ng -"ll    th-*
accommodations tha* w'H he .]--mir.d-'
ed of them  within the ne-u year.
Teaoher. Terms moderato; ti.'. Blackie
si.. Phone una. 12 i
planoforte, harmony and staging. Pu
plls successfuly prepared for examlna
tlon In It. A M ta nrt It. C. M. Kor lermi
upt'lv 61)1 Third avenue.
pianoforte.; .11 Keary
New  Wi
Danelna and Callatlienlcs. will visii New
'A'aaiinia-ah-r once n week. Ctaasss for
inlulis. Wrlia- or .-ipph- fur particulars
nt Qower House, Hornby street, Vancouver C'lTl
I It.   J.   A.
int. Tel   It.
tt.   Ilc.m    '
The  War  In  the  Bslkans���Bulgaria's
Folly and Obstinacy Result
P. If. SmitJ-.. W. .1  droves
Work   und-'rtnk-Mi    In    a-lty    and    outlaid,
points.   211-12   Weetmlneter   Trust   Hlds
Phone   3��4.     P.  O.   Bol   GO*'.
Prairie  Dealers Look for Fitter Busi-
ncs 0*Aing to  Harvesting cf
Big Crops.
' become
A Spokane paper published a yarn of a man who left|bii88? now
borne to look for work .4 vears ago and hasn't heen seen
*.nce.   Perhaps he found it and committed suicide.
New 1 ork actresses a'-e (joiner to start a club with a
WUiard room and a bar. Whfit'? the matter, aren't the
w-nne supper lobsters as plentiful as thev used to he?
necessary expedient, it is
that  I.rig.  Gen.   Tasker  II.
in command of the -southern department at Fort Sam Houston,
'Texas,  would  command  the   nvadlng
'expedition, althougb some think thai
I 'len.   Leonard   Wood,   chief   of   staff
would  take  the  field   himself  as  immediate head of all land movement,
ilon.   Miss' command    is    prinrlpallv
jcavalrv. with Bome artillery    and    a
very   disproportionate   Infan'rv   fore.
Recent corrections of maps nf Greenland have revealed the fact that there were 150.000 square miles in
that country not accounted for on previous charts. Funny
nobody missed it before this.
I It would, therefore be necessary to re
| in force it with infantry.
Calgary, Sept.  lfi.���That thc horse
trade in Calgary will revive within a
: few months in the opinion of many live
stock buyers. In general with everything else lack of money has reduced
the number of purchases but with the
crop now out of danger and within a
few weeks of marketing farmers are
i expected to in invest more money in
!lhis profitable branch of the live slock
] Industry,
"I look for better prices in th" near
i'"ture," said Edward Wade of Wade,
j Wilson & Gavin Jack, live stock com
mission  apents at  the  Alberta Btock
.yards   Baturday  morning.   "The  price
''��� Iof horses has heen very poor all fiiiii-
"   mer. but when The crop money Kets In |.���tea aB      .rn,Z
circulation  things  should   Improve.    1
know farmers have been eafrer to Ret
lsondon, Sept. 16���Bulgaria emerges
I from the war bitterly disappointed entirely as the result of the folly of her
j statesmen.     When   the   Balkan   allies
signed  the  peace treaty  with  Turkey
ion   May   30th,   tho  differences   which
i existed  between  Servia  and  Bulgaria
regarding the territory occupied  was.
according   to   a   secret   treaty,   t'i   In
artlbrated on by the czar.    Instead ofj
seeking  a  peaceful  solution,  Bulgaria I-
���ieclded   to   establish   her   claims   hy I l
force of arms, and made war on Ser- I
via and Greece,    The was on June .10.
Within a month  Bulgaria  was beaten
io her knees and surrounded by foes,
I Roumanla having put an army Into the
j Held, and on July 31, when an armis-
j tice was signed,  Buliiar'a  was at  the
mercy of her enemies.    She had been
i compelled  to  surrender 3,000  square
! miles  of  Bulitarlan   terrltpry   to   itou-
mania, and  she ]oFt twice that   territory which she had won from Turkey
'i Macedonia and western Thrare. She
Ins*   I'i-^o  the  Aegean  coast  exca-nt   a
(ew  miles  wesi of the city of Deda-
Katch, whlctrwas the nr.le outlet to her
lefl ' a thai rea    The war has lasted
903 flays, Montenegro bavlng declared
hoslttlltles it, October 8 of laat year.
The cosi has been enormous.    Accord-
inj*!  to  tii��  latest   figures  It  may  be
n * P. O, of Kike of the D. of C, mee-
the flret und third Thureday at fl p. m.
K of P Hell. KlKlitli etreet. A Weill
Cray. Ex nit rat nuler; P. II. 3mlth. Bee
Bank of Montreal
KSTA1II.1SHEI. 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....116,000,000.00
RESERVE    116,000.000.00
Blanches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and In London. Eng
land, .New York, Chicago and Spokane
��� I'S A., and Mexico City. A genera)
banking business transacted. Letter*
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world.
Suvlugs Bank Department���Deposit*
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at t per cent. p*>
annum (preeent rate).
Total Assets over $186,000.0011.00.
G. D.  BItYMNKIt.  Manager.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
! place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
|401   Columbia   St.
IL. O. O M. NO R54.���MKKTH ON
i flrnt. Becond. third and fourth wwln**-
day In rnch month at 8 p. m.
in th* Moose Homo. H. J. Leamy
dirtnior; k. EL Jones, Moretary
Headquarter* of lodir* in H**m \loui****
i     corner of Fourth and Carnarvon atr*��*>u
O. O   F. A MITT LODOB NO. 17���Tb��
mrular m+etlni nf Amity iodic* Nc
tl, I. 0. O, F��� la held ivery Monda*
nlKht at * o'clock In Odd KhIIowb' Hail
earner Carnarvon and RHvhth ��tr*^tf
Vleldns hr.'thfm cordlallv Invttrr
R. A. Merrft^ew, M.Q. j 11. w Sangator,
v. O.; tv c. Ooatbam, P 0 n"*.��"
Inn aeoretary' 3. W. MacDonald. fln.an-
fint etaifntary
.'1   ISOs   I.   ���',
huIhIii lalons
K   I.   in   ilt-.
.!," nain��
rin-t in
w. k. fai.ks--Ptonswr Punsral Dtraacto
and P;-"l*alin.'r. tr)2 S18 Amit.n *tr*a>
orrtaml.- Cnm.sl. Library.
8.   nnwui.t,   (Rt'-^CEKSon   to   ry,-.
t*?r * Hnnnll. Ltd )���Fiin"r-al fttr����^��o>
land a-mt"\'.rria,r^ Parlom 4t)T. raaliimial
str-JM^t,    ,N>w   1^>pi��mtnst^r.    rtion*"   HI
It.* I-OtS 8 ii nil  13 of I^,t *.'. .,.
.1   -t. il.  'li. :��, Ot Ixil   t
nf Lol  ��.  Suburban  m..<
City nt Sev,- WeatmJnstei
whereas r>r.i<,f of ilia* low-a .,r
nf Tills Number 5H73K, lnmi.*l In
of  Lachlan  MrQuurne  tuna  I"-.
th'a  ���rflr...
Notice Is hereby icIv,*ti ihni  I shall,
the expiration of "11" month from Hi" .1	
nf iho firm publication hereof, In .1 .tniiy
n'usraiMT published In the i'U> of N-*w
Weatmlnster, Issue a duplloate of ihn n.iirt
nertlfloete, imia-.-a-a in the meantime vniiai
objeotlon be made to me In writing.
J. ('.  UWYVN
tUntrin Rafletnir of Titli-m
t.nnrt  Registry Office,  Now  Westminster,   111'.   Ilth   AllKliel.   191S. (1913)
i .p..
A Long Island man has been fined for spanking his
wife with :i heavy shoe. The reports don't say whether
tbe court objected to the principle of wife-spanking or to
thc weight of the particular mud scow used.
Tom Mann, the English labor leader, says Samuel
Gompers, the American trades union boss, is nothing more
or less than the head of a labor trust, which shows that
Tom and Samuel are not seeing exactly eye to eye.
There was a little man and he had a little pun and
his name was Harrv Thaw.   He shot a Mr. White in th"
Ie of the night Cor it m
now all the newsoapers, oven those
JRinkbam aids, publish his face on their front pages.
Tin- Sudsclavlachta Rudschau ol VI
enna gave recently an Interesting sc
1 count of tin* reforms planned by Snr
via m her newly acquired HTritory.
The first step which will tie necessary in the alteration ��t Uk- Bystem .>r
land tenure in old .s.twh and Mace-
- ui       r . 1        ���   . 1 , , . . doi-la. The land haa hitherto belonged
middle of the night (or it may have been the neck, and for f��o most part to the "Beg��," de-
all the newsoapers, even those that refuse Lvdiarceu<iant".0.,.tl18 <)rlglnal Tnrkl8h con
"���^querors of  the country,   who dill no!
j farm  thn land  thomsMvPs,  but  lot It.
��� j ��ut  to peasant farmers and  lived  In
,T ,   . .   , , .        ,.,.,,, , .       the cl!y themgelveB, seeing very little
Here s n matrimonial tangle which will keen those in- rif their tenants excepting when pay
vn1""d too 'nisv to fight till thev get it straightened out: !day camer,MTd-,.
*   -nr* J   n " ���    1 1 ��� 1       ����� 1 0,a Feudal System.
A Winstean. Oonn., man re-married ms second wife when    in many parts or Macedonia   ih��
tie divorced his first, who re-appeared and charcred bin- f���da,!.ya8teni i8stl" in ��'ftanoe. The
��.       u    , 'ir a '    .��    ,,     ...     ,  ,. K ��      Beg" lets out. parcels of land to the
amy after he married his second wife the first time. peasant, and gives him the seed corn
 , ;and   implements   for  cultivating    the
_,,���,. . . , ,      .  ,      ,       land,     He  then   takes  one-fourth    to
lne Onicago organization of women formed with the one-fifth of the produce as his pay.
obiect of nersuading th* rest to dress more like human EeBVor r!!nt a,"',for ,""',(, He '���"'���
.    . j 1        i-i j     -n . ,      .ther demands certain services    from
hemes and less like vaudeville stars went, out of business the peasant, who is also reaponBibiij
the other day.when the ..resident appeared with no'*iin<r f"" *'"' payment of the tares to the
*o v~r,inr.>: jar- shapely calf from the open air but a slit in h '
her skirt.
i good marcs "or breeding purposes hut 1
; limited fupds prevented buying earlier
! in  tbe year.    My experience all over
I the   province,   but   especially   in   the
Glelchen   districts,   have   shown  that
j after   harvest  the   demand   for  good
1 mere<i  anil  fillicH  nf   the  heavy   types
<s   very strnne.    The  applies  also  to
farmers  in  Saskatchewan   anil   Manitoba.     As  the   mares   are   hoiicht   up
j their   places   have   to   be   flileal   with
������  1 ..,.1..'..;,    ,,..! i,rP;.���-  ���., naturally the
vuin /-.1    1     *,    , prices "Il nrr.-'inrt -ivlll Improve.   Farm-
Will  Colonize  Newly  Acquired  Terri- (.rs  .- -    ,, |.-,,  ..,   for  ������  Btoolt  more
and more every year, but are only able
to w n��� nn with l'*.--re-ia;;ig ilenr'nd
[anticipate that within a very short
time tliere will l*ernore horses ra'ried
in the province than ever in the days
of the "pen r.-'nge."
Turkish War.
Il"nd Coal
Turkey    inn.i.r-. ego i"". 000
Bulgaria      80,000 60,000 ...���>.
Servia        RO.000 32,000.000
Greece       10,000 14,000,000
Montenegro  ....     s.noo 800,000
1 Only another month  to get    au
HrMFtri  ny TRAtlB-NKW  WEHTMIN   i
sier Board "f Trod, mwis in thohear'1 'tourist tickets at reduced  rate.
rtmyni. City Hull, ss follows:   Thlnl Krt   !
iT#y  nf a-arf.   reenth;   nuarterty  -me��*ln*l
on t'.ie tlilr'l  l-'rl'lnv ot February,  Mny
Aiiffil*-*--!.   no-i   Nnv#mt>er  ��t   8   p.m.     An
fiinl   m'-a'llnap  on   Hie   ihtr-i   Frltlny   o
Fabruary.   C   H.   Rtua't   Wad��.   nrcrr
til v
servation, tourist and dining cars on
all through trains. For reservations
and rateB apply to
tory and  Do Away  With  Feudalism in Macedonia.
28,000     6186,800,000
ths Allies.
Dead Coat
Bulgaria        60,000    ��36,000,000
Servia        .0.000       40,nnn,onn
Greece      30,000        10,000,	
Killa.. r>e"flH. n.islneiwi I-ftta-ria. etc.*. olr-
c.il.-.r wa>rk speclsjlst All work nirlctlj
oonndsntjai It nnrrv. r.H.m 41 a Went
minster Trust Blk.    Phone 7H2
B. GOUI.BT, Agnnt.
New  WemmtiistAr
ll. W. BRODIB, O. P. A..  Vancouver.
130,000 ��60,000,000
The gran,I total represents 368,000 IcoHBOUU)
solrt'ers killed and n financial loss of
��252,800,000, Thin tak.-s Into no a'--
"cunt the thousands "f wounded and
sick. It. Is believed thai half a million mere lives have I i\ lost by cholera and privation. The peaceful population of Immense tracts or the country over many places completely dis-
appenred. Turkey, as already stated,
ig atlll In possession of Adrianople. it
Is not believed, however, that the pow ! WMITKHir>B.
erH  will  havo  very jireat  difficulty  in I    *'*>*
rlsta-rs floll.*.lors. elc. 40 l/irna HtreC
New \\>stminster. O B, I'nrhollld. V
(.'.   J   It. onint.    A. 15   MeColl.
ADAM    tiMITJI     JOHNSTON.    HAIlllIfi
t-  _.   t- III W.      Bolloltor        etc. Tele|,hn|l
1 ��� i-nhie Dddraas "Johnston
Cods, "Western t'nleii " Offices. RIP
Hlnek. (II fViluifihia street. New Wm*
minster,  B. C
with Charie" i 'P****���*****��� <* Dulgarta and Greece !    JJBKK
a,    v  "    - >.  f,n ttl" Af8enn "<���'*<*��� |B a thorny sub-1	
7 - . ,    "Ra '*. I Jeet, cn which Kurope la not yet In ac-   ,   ., ., ���,_
In some cases the "Beg" kept pos-
"'*'<-*.mi of the (rronhii and employed
laborers to cultivate It at a wage. He
paid them for the most part In kind
Judges at the interstate fair across the border have.V'1' ,,hP "r"'lu,'t9 of th" lan.rt'  "J?
--i    -a ,1     1 _ 1.  -.  J ���-_ i.l__.'l t-..   l_ -ii ""'>   freiint-ntly wero    without,    suffi-
���dcculod that a youngster entered in the baby snow will not dent food tor the supply of life. The
receive a black mark for cry-in.*? unless its hollering is tha ?eas4a��t nAUu��]?, ,,,rned nla at,fin'|on
,.     . .   , i_.i- rnt.   a. 1       11  ''��    the    possibilities    of    emigrating,
result of peevishness and not plain scare,   lhat sounds all sometimes going beyopd the ��eas, at
renht. but who's to tell the difference between peevishness "<������"<����� contriving to remove to one of [character, ami h��H started   aiV'thelanc
j _r  ���   1 a. - u 1 ��� 19     T* ���;,.t,f Ur, ieetla  ������,������������   ,,,f" ""'ghborlng cnuntrleH,  where   he  trouble,    lie would  have  i0 take the 1 lln
and fright in a year-old kid?   It might be teeth anyway |womd be able to purchase a field out-'conaeqaencea of his actions. val
Montreal,   Sept.    18.���Arthur
mo te,  who  "lis  licensed of b'l'i'tr    a
'an'i -ar t ff wns acquitted yest rdv
by Judge Bailn in the c*iurt of spoola!
SOI B "i's.
Accr-iin-r to t1'" evidence pre-iuo-'d
Dalmotte had a dispute
AIlx   in   .1   i'ot.el   near   S
��� .nei.    Tl"'v h-ai| oitne to blow-i andjJ.orJj
Dalmotte   had   left   the   plare   to   rn
hr.,n,.  v hi 11  lie  wns  followed  hy  Al'x,
who threat ned  him.      As    Ds'mott"
was npprnsililng hls    own   home, he
waa caugi't by the back  if  'he neck
by Alls ami struck In the face.     In
trying   to   defend   himself   he   eir-'-'
Air: by the ear, end aa Alix tried to  sntlon both*east, and south for the help
wrench  himself  the   free  the  rnr  r    'rendered  In  tho seeond  war.    Hut  oil
mained In Dalmottl's hand.    The ee.  this point Austria will havo something
etiaed went al onco to the nearest po- Ito Bay.
lice  stati'm  and  told   what,  had  hip ;  ���
Itlrrlst'Ts snd  Solicitors.  Wenit
eomlnL'    tr.    terrnu    ,alfn    T���e'_e.    ...i.e.   i      "UnSter    Trust    Klk.     Columbia    Btl-eaa'
coming to terms witb Turke. when jM-V w**tmin��ter. b. G. ''nbie ��ddre��
once they have sgroed regarding the "ivhiiein.v.." we,tem Union, p. C
settlement of the soctnd war   The re-I    Ornyst   too.    Telsfinons   s��.   w.   3
Whlte.lrln.   K.  O.;   H.   I,.   Wdmnndn.    T
rope ih not y*
Thn Serbo- Hulgarian differences are not no acute. The question
of the Aeacan islands has also to bn
settled. When the map haB heen completely remodeled thorn wlll still remain great financial adjustments, tn-
Clrdentally, Montenegro has heen
promised by Servia territorial cotnpen
J. BTTLW8L1, CI.ttTB. B��rrlnter-at.|.��
���ollclto)*. etc ; mn.tr Oolnmhln an-
Mc.Kenr.ls streeta New Westmkist-v
H. C.   T. O   Boi  112.    Telephone   til
Poll'rftor iCfiA Notary. Offices Har
hhK-k. tn lAim. strret. Nsw Weatmlr
���ter, n. C
AHv's story, which the Itidge .aid
be did not believe, waa a little d'ff'r
int. Oe i.retend. d that o*.*i..-t ���. ���.-. .
caught him hy the head and "tnns I-
-at' rt" h*'s li-iit eir uni'l he -*'i" k '
In detach il from the side of IiIb h'��nd.
Walla, Walla, Wash.. Scot. Id.    Sur
faring from an overdose of hv-rfa-i-tn
Thomas Ryan, aged 60, was brou-ht
to a local hospital frnm Starhuck ti
lie had then f|,.d and Alix had placed  day.   and   Ih   In   a   serious   condition
Ryan's home Is near Clyde,
To  counteract   the  effects   nf    the
drug men kept Ityan walking all nighf
the bleeding member In his pocketand
gone to a doctor to get the wound
Judge llnzln sali that undoubtedly until train time and paced h'tn tin nnd
Alix was alone to blame for wlist. had down the aisles of the car while being
happened,   Ha wan a man of violent brought   here,   occasionally   slapping
d  beating  blm   to  keep  hlm   alive,
went Into a delirium on hla nrri-
Kyan haB been despondent.
Banisters nnd Holtceers. MB to sit
Westminster Trust Block. O. R Mar
t'n. W, O, Mc-Qunrrte and Oenrse t
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 42��
JOHN UR!r>. Proprietor.
Agents     I'almer     nros.'   Onsoline
Engines,  Merino  Engines  and  Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth Bt.
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster. B.C
COAT. MININO rtsht. of the Domlnkv
11   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   ���,���!   Albert*.
the Yukon Terrltery, the Northwe* TeS
tn,,, \*Prt ',n *. r����'"n nf it,., provlnos
Of  British Columbls, may lie leauaed for ���
rl'n7ii��.'l.*l,,ly""n"    T*'*T*    ***     ""      ��">U*I
rantnl of II an acre. Not mora, ihan fill
acre, wm be leased to one applloMt!
Application for * leaae must Im ntaxt*
by the applicant In peraen to the A iree I
ar Hub-AKent of the <n��Tlct In which Ms
rlstits applied for are situated i*"*
_ In eunrejred territory the land must bt
HW��nt nimaeir.
>.. _"��__."'���."���-.�����_���. V*"* *t aaannipaBlai
���r �� ,'ee of IB w'hlch wll be refunded If
he righta applied for ,��� not i^S-ftls*.
but not otherwl��e; A royalty ahiilbS
onld on the merchantable output of lbe
mine at the rata of five centa per too.
ft,��'i_hl^!!__w___!5?'t___!. th' ""ne shall
furnish   the   A��ent   wtth   swern   returns
nntn-l. n* ,0^ ,h? H" quantity ot-otsY.
eli��nuil.le coal mined and imy the f*t-
f!^��_J,Cfm:   "  **��� ��*"���'  mining   rtSto
?��    InLnZlmA1 V ."'??  m,eh   T-***���r*5SS
^_ur^1"h'<' at lesat once a yeAiT^
nJol e5f." Hi1 !5C,U.'"' ,h" ***��� ���"���"��������
nioi", "rT' bol_ 0l* 'aasee will tw par-
untied to ptirehane whatever available
_ l.v'".: r fhU   "il   ���*���  ��">"l1ered   iTfi!*:
h��,''2.ei?'L'n.'i.onin<,0,_ application shouM
TII".0' the Interior, Ottawa, or te
Agent er Sub-Agent of Dominion U
Deputy Minister ^ the SSSi.
edverU-jewient will not i,�� paid for
p���?" S0"-?? Da|ly N��w�� ���wo-
of oll klii.ie.
Prices right.   Bstlnfnctlnn guaranteed.
St M.Ksn.le at.
I ' -
What Is the worst city In the United ;tha the evicted women flocked Into
States? Probably there Is no worm the district Immediately surrounding
city.    It   Is   likely   that  cities  are  all Ithe  old   city   hall.
Tragedy  That   Lay   Behind  Work    cl
Actress In   Death of Her Crippled Husband.
lation liven Chicago, wben reproach- ll'iuor i-old. There was to be no mil
ed with Its WlokedOaSS, would lake nie. He cava, tbem home hints eon-
Consolation lO ""��� belief that it was canting dr*SI, In other words, vice
not so bad as Philadelphia The ef-1 was to tie made as hiiruh ami unlovely
fort of Mayor Itlaiikenbiirx uud Dlrso-   M possible.
tor of Public Safety Porter, to make HU I'ollcy hml the remit of calling
Phlladelphltt clean city should be of 'be attention ofthe whole city to the
Interest   to   moral   reformers   every- .tenderloin   dl-lrlcl   and   it'i   thousands
where.    The story Is not yel  finished I of  d
Kor the time  being there  Is a  moral
quarantine on   In   Philadelphia      How
long it  win biHt  Ih ii Quosttca   How
Ioiik the united efforts of all the . I
thorities U) suppress evil will endure
remains fir  the  future to answer.  Ii.
tiie meantime some spectacular rea-.iit-
have  bi en  obtained.
Dri ing Out the Gamblers.
Director of Public Safety Porter
took office with enthusiasm, and n desire to rid the city of gambling dens
and other immoral resorts. .After a
good deal of trouble with the police
he secured a llat of them Tlnn b"
appoint'il B vice squad, but appears to
have msde the tiitntukc Of putting 8
grafter al the head of it.   At any ra'
tho  vie- squad   w-jih soon ....
and the officer in charge dismissed, **
whole let more police were dismissed
loo, iinl'l Director Porter felt that Ills
chief ailv|*.cra at least were men t"
l ������ depended upon. Then be opened
flre on the Ramblers, He raitlet] den
lifter den. and gave out orders that
every (rambler In the city was to leave
hli doers unlocked day ami night, In
< nil r ihai the police might Inspect the
premises sl all hours Because be
was In earnest and because the police
were   forced   to   do   what   he   wanted,
though grudlngly perhaps, in many
cases, h" rucceeded in suppressing the
more open forms of a-iunbllnt Hundreds of gamblers left the town, anil
havt not r'-turneal. Probably there
are many left, but they work under
cover, and in the knowledge that If
Porter ever hears of them they will
be chaf-il out of town
Tenderloin   Segregation.
Th-n   he   went  after  the  tenderloin
rnyorlt     He closed  200 of them,  hut
��� Ince be did not convert the Inmate
nUens.   The newspapers beghn
��n orit'etze     Pulpits thundered,   and!
preaontly   Porter  found   himself  th*
centre   of  a  terrific  storm      Then   lie
aakad that a vice commission bo formed  lo study  the whole question   This
commission made a careful Investigation aid reported in effect lhal Director Porter's BC-hene it'.'t nil wrong
nei tint ibe wn'* to suppress vice was
". suppress it. Porter cheerfully undertook the commission and began to
-b'H" up Ho* tenderloin resorts. Policemen wen- stationed '������'��� the door
- r each suspected hi use. No one wasi
aermltted to enter, So the migration
from rhiladelphla began, Tiie point-
��� i' ladles left for ether cities. Koine
.. _..,   . ���' them appealed to ibe mayor to sup-
abandoned inly tbem witb fund* to go away. Oth-
*-.-.; yt:i\ti,i back into oilier parts of
'be riiv. ;::ni attempt to disguise the-.n-
���nlv��s in a mantle of respectability.
in tho meantime tiie pollce patrolled
���lie tenderloin. The lid wan on. I" n
week tin- segregated area bail been
wiped out.
Will   I'   Endure?
The mavrr has appealed to all th ���
e ���'"���lm "f I'hllailt'nhi.i to Ba&lst the
"i.ilce.     lie  ban  told   'in in   tbat   ll   li
their dntv io report the presence of
irv undesirable characters In their
vleln't". As a rule the citizens ar"
>���-! reporting to any i-rcnt extent.
Thev ere looking on curiously to pee
what  the end ef It all  If noiiiK to be.
v.---"- Rlarfkerburg and Director Porter have proved that the police kn��'v
the i at-bl'na and other resorts of th"
dtv. end th-it when driven to it they
e'ii o'.-.e them uo. Thev can keep
I movi" c the Immoral residents from
one place to nnolhe- ng soon as they
,...,. ferreted out Tbey can terrify a
oe iou nui convert me uinimei. ereat number who v.lll leave the city.
remained in the city, and when Tbey can drive vice underground. But
n< t pent to Jail simply moved to new i'u con as the steady pressure Is re-
Bddretses, and were a little more dlB- llaied, what will happen Will the un
Porter   . oon   found   that   that   desirables   creep   buck*    This
creel ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vice still nrevalled.    So he determined
t" try a policy of segregation, though
this is not what he called it. He ordered tbe police to raid every place
not In the tenderloin, and not to raid
f-e tenderloin resorts.   The result waslplr
... creep back? Tbls ls the
nuestkin thnt time will have tn answer
ft will also pcpver tlie question: Are
lhe t>< or.le of Philadelphia In favor of
Indi finitely maintaining the moral
onarantlne?    Toronto  Mail  and    Em-
'!'(ri.nto,   Sept.   IS.- With   tlle   papa I
ing cf Charles (J. Craig, ine of C Hindu's moat noted actors, end.,  a  remarkable romance of 21 years ot d-
votluu uud loyally, uf toil ami trouble,,
I of   the   br. adv, Inner  Crippled   for   ilfe I
1 and tb-  woman taking up the burden
|and  bearing it   cheerfully,  though  ll *
[separated tbem for many months at ai
It me.
Crippled by a  Fall.
Mr. (rai(r died at Trinity boaplal,I
-T,7 Ruahotme road, the otber evening i
I'or   !'���   yean  he   had   beep   IncipSC-
t.ited by  reason of au accidental  fall
while playing "Shore Acres"  In  De-
ir It.    I'aralvslH pet in and he lopt lhe 1
Use of hia lower llmhu.
It was then thut Mrs. Craig showd '
the   metal   she   was   mad"   of.       She
toi v. up the stage c:."i r. become   the
breadwinner of the family, and In   a
few yearn was on" ef Dav 1! B^arc i's
best-known character comediennes,
Siie worked steadfastly on the s'.ace
t'tid ki pt lur crippled husband as
comfortably as was possible under^he
circumstances during tin theatrical >
season, while in the summer m-'nth-
they hejidaved toee'her ��t the'r
nrettv little home, "Olencralg," noas
.Grafton. Out.
Tracedy  Behnd  Laueh*.
!    Thcugh her husband wis Ivinsd'Bd
:ln Topnrit" Mrs   Crsie took lur usual I
role in   'The   Sirs of the  Father"   I" i
Buffalo the same night.   The n'-ws of I
hia death was kept from her purpose-
. ly -nti' I'-" pr rfir-'ance was over.
She had been in Toron'o th ��� Su-'dav
previous to see him and realized theja
tbat he was fall nz fast and could
nc noasibly live much linger.
"When I went in tb" s'hk" lis:
nlnht to play the comtdv cha-acter
cf the old negro maeii-iv. I hail a s-rt
1 f premonition that it had hao"- nod - -
. ��� "in* t.f onore?s!oti " she sn'd. "But
Idld not know until the p'.ay was
1 ver."
At the end of the performance th"
���an*ee*- vent to the netr^<-a and
Placing his hand on her shoulder tnld
her thrt she was the br-veot litle
woman In the world. Thtn he brt,k��
the news.
Aremarkable thing is that some of
her friend': a=strt 'bat her perform
e-ce "a? tho best rhe ever gav��, and
the big audier.ee never g'ie��sd tbat
there a.-ns a -"-ac'lv behind 'h" nvrr1-'
laughter of the old negro mammy.
Master Combination of Vault and Get
Away   With   Diamonds and
Seattle,     Bept    16.    Kxpert     safe
crackers  disdaining tools or nttrogly
cerln and  working so scientifically bj
to lead local detectives to believe tlie
culprits  are   as   experienced   and    aa
dailng as nnv   with  whom  they  have
ib all   in   years,   solved   the   cumbina-
I on   of   the   big   steel   fireproof   vault
iu the ofiices of the Northern    l.lfe
Insurance company Sunday nlgbt, and
obtained diamonds and    jewelry    approximating in value $1741,   'i'he rob
bery was discovered Monday morning,
when the office w*as opened, and   tbe
flror sir v.n wltli papers and memorandum books taken from three desk.
The outer door of tbe vault bore 11
murks of any tool.    It wiib 1 icki d a: d
opened   as   usual   by   Secretary   Mat- ;
t'lew p. Johnson,   One look at   the
floor if th"  vaull  convinced Johns :i
that   the  thlevek  had   found  11   m an?
Of opening  t'i"  vault door by Bk'lltul
methods     and    technical    knowledge
made .anions by a certain Individual!
known in stage lore as ".11188 Jimmy
The company loss was negl'glble���
In fact only $6.01, because of the Will
a Klabllshed rule of Manager D. II
Morgan against the keeping In the
vault   of   either   money   or   securitlea
owned by the company. Instead, thev
are deposited in the Metropolitan
bink  iii burglar proof ami fireproof
Tiie loss therefore fell on two rrp
rescfitatlvej "f the Northern iit* nnd
consists chiefly of diamonds, watcher
and old coins.    The llat of these lOBJ-l
es  fo'lows
('. I,. Slelnkraus. district manager: j
One eold watch, value SIM); one gold
wedding ring (Initials Q. 8. to K. T.);
"Ighte-n $2.Bil gold pieces; one Cuban
quarter; twenty-four nickel 5-cent
pieces. 1RS3 mint, word "cents" omitted; one nickel 3-��ent pleco, one sliver
Sc-nnt piece; one gold nugget, value
tX.75; total value of lost articles,
about $280.
O. la. Jacob!, dlatrlct manager superintendent: One diamond sunburst,
value $1.0: one diamond ring, value
$200; one diamond Mason'c ring, value $225; one opal ring, value $35; one
bracelet, garnet setting, value $30;
one gold watch, value $90; on-> diamond stud, value $200: one lsdev
gold watch, monogram "8. K. J.," value $50; total vnlue $9-0.
Prom a small metal box outs'de tho
vault thn burglars took company coin
to the amount of $R.01.
A s'ock certificate In the Northern
I ilfe Insurance company, owned by
Manager II. II. Morgan and taken from
hla private treasure box In the vault,
���tin* value nr.nn per share, actual value
$7W per share, numbered 163 sndcov
erlng five shares In tho compnnv, was
stolen. The certificate, hewevr, '���
not transferable excent on the bock"
of the Insurance co-mnany, so that
Morgan wMI lose nothing.
' Relltop Deaka Jimmied,
"investigation this morn'ng d��v��1
eped the faot that four rolltop desk"
'o the offlc-" had been "llmmled." th"
burglars using a strong steel screw
driver lying on a deslt. From Man
tiger Morgan's desk the burglars to k
nv-nil small leather cnered memorandum books. These were fiund on
the fleur of the office, lain:; Mir
can to believe that the cracksmen had
made every poss.ble search for a book
or paper containing the figures ofthe
combination lock on the vault dot r.
Whether this hunt was succi ssful
���*���'d tbe criminals, by finding the mini
ber, were able to op* n the vault look
"��� whether tin- expert touch cf a
"Jimmy Valentine" wan possessed by
ine of Ihe cracksmen is thi' big question.
Certain peculiar habits ;f tiie
cracksmen revealed by an examination of the vault lead tbe police '*>
believe the work was done by crooks
who have operated here within th 1
1 p'ist year and have not been apprehended.
Vcurans ol American Civil War Hold
Reunion  on the   Thorea of
Spirit  Lake.
S;iitil l.nke, Idaho, Sept. IG. After
n separation of forty-eight years, during fifteen years of which neither
knew whether ihe other wan alive,
Peter UlKilebeck of Spirit Lake nml
his   brother, William     Ithtidt berk    i.\
Darby, .Mont., ate   exchanging   mice
doto8 or tlie half century whloh has I
elapsed since they suid "goodbye" al
.lhe  railroad  station  In   Missouri   Val-|
; ley. Idaho, Just utter lhe dose of the'
1 civil  war.
I    Tin.   brothers were  born  iu  Lincoln
county, Ohio, William  being now s.i
lye.tr. old,  wlille  Peter owns "2 suni-
jmcra.    When the war broke out, W.I-
Hum enlisted In the Thirteenth  lowa,
���and  Peter lu the Seventy-sixth Ohio.
They had been apart then since 1X5?
but met egan at Shlloh, as well us at
Vlckaburg and (loldsboro, N. C.
After  the  war  William    went    to
Utah, und from that tune until 1900,
when he moved to Darby, he was   a
miner and prospector, visiting almost
every western camp of note.     Peter
aleo drifted west, as a miner lu New
Mexico and Colorado, und finally located In Spokane  In  1877,  where he
1 lived until lie took u honu stead ou the
'shores of Spirit lake  In  1888, being
the first white settler in this vicinity.
The Reunion.
In  1898  William   received  a  letter
from his brother, posted at Kathd'um
which he answered;  falling to get 11
reply, he lost track of Peter, until hls
arrival at Knthdrum Thursday morning.   Oolng to the Mountain View hotel at that place, he remarked to Mrs.
.1. II. Bhannr.  wife of the proprietor.
that he was looking for Peter Rhode-
beck, who lived In that vicinity fifteen
years ago.   "That la   mv   husbind'n
uncle,  nnd he lives at Snirlt  I-nke,"
slid  Mtr. Phaner;   "you look em ugh
like him to be his brother,"   Bvnltna.
tlons followed, and William, with Mr.
and Mrs. Shanrr, came to Sp'rlt 1 .akin Mr. Shaner's automobile, later   In
jthe day locating Peter at the   Idaho
Pair  Caueht  and   Accused of  Cutting I
Moscow. Idaho. Sept. 16.���With
what is alleged to be a third load of
stolen grain. William Hall, aged 23.
and Charles Harris, aged 4fi, were
trailed by Chief of Police Grant Rob
bins into the <-dge of town, where they
were placed under arrest last night !)���*
Deputy Sheriff Jim Sterling at lb-
Moscow feed yards, where it is sa'd
they had been selling griiin below tin
market price.
s. w Sordorf und Qua Anderson
Whitman county 1 Wash.) farmers, r-
ported that some cf the'r grain had
b"n stolen. Chief of Police Rebb'n*
located a part of the grain with An
derson's brand on the sacks at t'i
M< scow feed yards, where b" secured
a description cf the parties, their team
of mules and wagon. He followed on
horseback Into the country,
In the meantime the sheriffs nffo ���
has been notified, with the result th-af
the men were taken Into cuatodv
Since tlie grain came from Washing
t ui. County Ait- ru v NIsb��t tortiv
charged Kail nnd Ha"^ with hevln?
brought sti len propertv l"fo Idi'io
They will be at ralgned in th" prr bate
Hall cl ilmed Iowa as his honie and
Harris New Vork hut the officials
learned the men live in the vlcln'tv
if Pullman. Wash., where thev have
relatives and nre said to have bough'
t'"> lenin cf mules, The wagon wa*
purchased in Moscow. It is b-'i >���"'"
the erftin was taken from the f eld cf
; William l-argent. a few milea west of
j town.
During the day the men worked
and at night would ko to the countrv
and take wheat cr oats In sacks from
Ithe fields where it wus left after b.'-
lng threshed.
Harry K. Brooke Charged With Oriv
ing an Automobile While Drunk
Down in Ceattle.
"Just half an hour for a stroll down Main Street,
Winnipeg, enjoying our PLAYER'S NAVY CUT
"Seems like home to
see them on sale every-  -,
jpask 1        where."
Everywhere the
wide world over,
are popular favorites.   Try a packet
today, and you will appreciate to the
full, the mild, rich coolness of these
delightful smokes.
'England's Richest and Coolest Smoke"
Seattle, Sept. 16.���Harry K. llrcoka,
wealthy lumberman ot Vancouver, it.
C��� did not appear In police court yes-
t iduy ulHriioon to c.i'iu.n Ills p��cu
Har chauffeurship of Saturday 11 R.t
when he backed bla big StuU rond.a.ei
down the Spring atreet hill beiw..ti.
Second and Third avenues and cm
pletely wrecked the ilate glass fr_n
of The (lift Shop, 217 Sprln? street--
a etunt which resulted ln hla arrest
by Patrolman J. A. MacUrath on a
charge of driving an automobile whlli
In an Intoxicated condition.
Brooks failed to put In un appear
ance for the simple reason that he
departed for Vancouver, B. C, Bundiv
night, lenvlnir a cort of power of attorney with Frank W, Sullivan, pest
dent and treas .c of the Sulllv"-
Construction company, to "stinnre*
things with the police depart in nt antl
Pollce Judge John R. Oordon. BulM
van conferred with Cltv Attorney W
K. Van Huff In sn effort to dispose
ot the charge against the lumberman
In the absence of tb" defendant.
Sullivan asserted that he was empowered by Brooks to pav In full all
damage wrought by Brooks' automobile.   As liquidator representing   the
lumberman, Sullivan today culled on
Mrs. M. S. Kemp, one of the proprietors of The liilt Shop, bul she lias uo.
yet had time to take an inventor.- of
u-cr logs. Excluding the destruction of
be plate class front of her shop. Mis.
Kemp believes that bur Ions will total $50U. Iu a showcase which Brooks'
���.������ir destroyed .vir-s. Kemp saya abe
had on display a score of valuable
pieces of handworked lace, all 11
which were ruined by being cut i->
pieces bv glass.
Police "Up in th. Air."
Brooks' hasty d pDrture t r Vancouver when he ��i" I'hertv en h'-e
nessonnl recosilTance. l-aves thc police department "up In the air."
When Brooke wns r'W'wd S������tur
due nl��ht. his nutr nobl'e wns held at
police hraduuarters. Surdnv morning,
Brojks appeared at hend-iiif-tors "nd
aaV"d that hla machine be r"leas"d.
The desk sergeant tn charge pointed
rn* thst Brook* "'���� el'irgel w't'i
driving an automobile while In an In-
to'io'ed condition.
"Will you be in court tomorrow af-
tomoin?" asked t^e desk sorgean'.
"I must be In Vancouvr on that
date," responded Brooks. "P. W. Sullivan, a friend of mine and a personal
friend of Cltv Attorney Van Ruff wlll
pay whatever damagea the police department desires to demand. Whatever fine Is asseaaed Mr. Sullivan la
authorized to pay."
There being no Instructions to the
contrary. Brooks was allowed to take!
possession of his automobile. He left
for Vancouver Sunday night.     i-Ylic ���
Judge John B. Gordon ia In a quan- j
"I can't try Brooke on a charge ot1
driving an automobile while in an tn-'
toxlcated condition," aald Judge Oordon today, "unless he Is present In
court In person. It Is a serious charge
and one which I always deal with
without sympathy. Brooks should
have been compelled to deposit the
bsll ordinarily demanded In such
cases. Then, If he wanted to f rf l��
t*>a* ball, It would bave been his privilege."
Cannot Be Extradited.
As Brooks' representative. Still van
said he was anxious to deposit any
���um d sanded bv Judge Ccrton and
then allow that sum to be fo fe'ted.
Judge Oordon aald he would not issue
a bench warrant for Brooks' arrest
because the man cannot be extradited
from Canada for the offense charged.
When Brooks waa relieved of bla
valuables and locked In a cell at the
elty jail Baturday night. Stephen
Wentworth, "special inveatlgator" of
an evening newspaper, who was hovering about the scene of th�� aec-'dent.
appealed to Police Captain William H.
Searing, a* a representative of   Um
n. AtpJper mentioned above, and said
be would guarantee Brcoks' appear
ance in police court.
On this representation Capta'n Sear
ing ordered Brooks' release on his
personal recognizance, notwiihatand
lng tha fact that Brooks was charged
with having driven an automobile
when in an Intoxicated condition. In
most cases, lt haa been thn rule t' a'
persona so charged shall deposit bail
in the sum of $100.
Wentworth revealed the identity of
the mllliauair*> when the later was
brought to police headquarters. In an
endeavor to suppress the story ofthe
adventure of a party of f.mr who had
dined not wisely but too veil, Went
worth dragged newsnapa-vicn at police headquarters nald'* and cirf'd'd
to them that the rr's'uer w-a non��
other thsn Harry K. Broeka, "million
aire lumberman of Vancouver. B. C.
Montreal. Sept. 16.���Oa La-_*m,
ex-prize fighter, pickpocket. ��*��.
pleaded not guilty ln recorder** osert
yesterday to a charge cf havisac cocaine In his possession, and was mac
up to the court of klug'u l> ach. IJeut.
Savard and Constable Colangeto, win
arreated Lambert, after a chaw and a.
sharp tussle, found thirty package. ��r
cocaine in his possession, t.tf_��fcer
wlth a t'n box of the drug, -an emeu
of morphine, aod a aet cf nerdl-j*.
enough to put a regiment fate*, ttty
Lambert came cut cf t*t- rrntr-**.
tlary about �� yea- ago. *ft'r rtwn**
four years for picking the poekr* cf
Ray?"ond Chartra-od, an ol* tm** w*ia.
you know, who la going to marry cur caught the ex-flghter with a *an<* '-%,
aociety editor." ,hl* '���wtcet ard hung around M. ******t-
Brooks at first refused to g've h's until the police came. f-asaaVit 1km
name, but, at Wentworth'. Insls'enc 1, been suepeetad and watched -tmtm *-��
finally nrcduced hla card. ' came ont.   When he aaw Saru* **��*��
Patrolman MacOrath. who srreet-d Colangelo at tha corner of
Brooke,    saya Mlaa Ella T. tVwnc  erine and Amherst streeta.
Brooks' fiancee ud socletv editor ot took to hla ha.1* with hi* va*     	
the newspaper which Weatworth ret- UMgal cargo. Lieut. 8avard a*** kar*
resents. Jumped from the machine t�� twoek tn overtake hi* nai at **\* **?*���
mediately attw it craahed through tM a*t at Logan *tre��t, *��* wa* harefrng a
glass front of The Olft shop aad dfa iwttffi fleM with th* eiHgWar -sfs-m,
dpiMNd ia th. wowd. sx/tac t*oun
Fresk Water and Salt!"" ,0WN
York   before   the   blockade  of   Puerto
Plata had been declared ami having Land
no munitions of war aboard, and rely-
lng upon tiie presence   of   the Das
Moines, she entered ""' i""'1 -without]
I fear of molestation,
Transaction     in     Vancouver-
Denies Report ot Militiamen Com.
plaini'i"  at  Nanaimo.
Women's Soclctie
Provide Tea and  Dining Rooms
at Exhibition.
Australian  Liner   Left    Honolulu
l lours Behind Schedule
\ ict.iria, Kept 18.- Telegraphic ad-
���leea received from Honolulu state
frnxx the Canadian-Australian lin"r
***tm*mma, Captain llolls, left that port
^.r Victoria last Wednesday, one dav
tn -lind her schedule. So far the wire-
la*** station* on the west coast have
rieon unable to set In communication
-.\ lh the ship, andt he time of her ar-
riu' here has not been learned. Ow-
ins to hte fact lhat the weather on*-
���Hkic at the present time Is very heavy
it is nnt expected that the Mararaa
���wilt pick up any of the time she has
lrml, and 8htpplng men do not look for
Siwr nntll Wedneaday morning.
The Mar.uiia is bringing u full list
M passengers north to Victoria and
Vancouver, anil lias her holds crammed
"nil of butter, frozen meats, oils, lur.i
tur and general merchandise. She
has abend lf.0 ions to put off al thin
Emnican  Along  Same  Day.
According to her schedule the R. M.
;5. Bmpress of Japan, Captain ll":i-
CRift, la due to arrive h"re from the
Orient the ���same day as the ..liirunvi. ll
��; j'.'st -w-psfble, however, that she may
rv ach William Head on Tuesday <'V>ii-
ir>,y- in time to receive her pratique.
Tiie white liner has a large list of
..-.raanwe passengers, many of whom
���Min dlsemlark Bt Ihis port, Her car-
���t-o i�� liiehl. although she hus a groat
tfoai oi ailk.
Next Tuesday   -it   noon  the Osa!'a:
Shoeen  Kalshn   iiner  Chicago   Maru,
��.'Apt-\in Goto, wlll sill from here for
as Orient laden to her capacity with '
tp nrral  merchandise.    The  Harrison
Riwt  Huntsman    in   expected    along j
-,it the  end  of  the  week  and  tli"'
The tug Schuswap left this morning
at il o'clock for Campbell rivi r tor 11
months' work for the Brunette mllla
cam p  there.
There have heen some changes
aboard the well known crafl which
n'snlinl in William Wilson taking a
half ownership  in  her.
The Schuswap carries six men;
Captain Ocutts, Chief Engineer Wilson, William .lohnson. second engi
neer. J. Hamilton, first male, and
Hilly Creighton and a cook.
World's Markets
Montreal Power Clcscd wiih Big Gan.
���C. P. R. Was Up 3'4
steamship Di n (f Crombie, of the Hoyal Alail fleet, is due to berth at mo
/mter ilock? on Mondoy, Both tlte
V-'mntsman anil Hi" Den of Cronihle
are coming from Kurcpe. ihe fort! er
rr-Jkiug the run via the siniit of M i-
srellan. nnd tii" latter omniac, through
rhe. Suez canal, making calls at Oii-
���ei.'a1 porta.
Passengers Toss  Life  Preservers.  Ex
peclinn Ships to Be Abandoned.
t-isjl      Krancisco,     Sept.     16.���The'
f/nited Staies transport Logan, which
arrived from  Manila,  reports encoun-
tnrint* a hurricane September 2. three *
���days befort arriving at Honolulu, The
.-awra. according to the officers of the
vffiwl, struck  the    ship    wllh    Bitch I
torn* that  its officers and meml b !
���af the crew  were    lashed    to    their
The -greateat excitement prevailed i
anaong the passengers, all of whom
���were ��� In their stat" rooms and the *
������uScris wiih life preservers on. expect !
<veg orders al nny minute to take to ;
.the small boats.
Thc storm lasted seven hours. Sens :
-adTwiog lhat time swept ov r the vessel '
ccatlnually.   In the midst of the storm
tho wireless was dismantled, swalng* I
were ripped  ofl  as though    they h:'d
beta pater covers.   The mi-zen truck
���was snapped    rear its ba-e.   Several
V.u-Ri.  ventilators     were     rped     fn in
Thrir ���Rockets and whirled against the
iislit railing, which was carried away
by the impact
Th-e steamer Nile of the Pacific Mail
Ito. bound from the orient, encoun-
T-er-pd the name storm, bul was Just on
thc ede-e of it and no damage was sus
Montreal, Sept lii.-Dealings in
stocks here today were again char
actiilzed by active trading and au-
vanclng prices und the market gave
no indication of developing a reactionary tendency. C, P. R, and Montreal
Power were tha leading features cl
the day, both slocks closing with big
g..ins from .Monday's close, 3% points
In the case of thc C. P, lt. and -:i In
the ciisi- of Power.
Apart  from  the  two  storks  named
.the features elsewhere on the upward
side were l.aurcntile, which ruse 4
pt ints to itt. ami Shawlnlgan, which
rcse lVj to 139J4, the f rmer clOBin-?
int ilm best ami the later at a recession of only a small fraction.
Fractional gains were scored by
Iron. Textile. Cement, Richelieu, Detroit and Ottawa Power.
In the bunk shares Uoyal was lir' m
inent, selling at 218 c.r about 2 points
higher than last i-alc on the market
Consols   Also   Advanced   on    London
Market���Americans   Quiet   and
London, Sept. 16.���Money and discount rates were dearer todav. The
stock market was irregular. Further
weakness developed in home rails as
a result, of the growing labor unrest.
Consols advanced a Quarter of a
nolnt on purchases for the sinking
fund but eased off later under reallz-
Viincouvir. Sepi. Iti. One of Vancouvers liig mum.-ml institutions, the
agept who handled tin transaction
will not disclose tin purchaser's
Identity, has bought ni" southwest
ciirm r property of Main und Pender
for a consideration tliat ligures out at
$3000 per irtini fool on Main street.
Tlu- property is described as lots t
and L' In block 15 of I). I.. 1H6. It extends along Pender Btreel for l'2'i f-et
���^lid has a frontage rn Main of 56 teet
It was formerly known as the OlasgOW
.hotel. H. McKlnnon ��i- CO., real estate
ttents,  put   Ihn.ugh     the    deal.    The
property was owned by Roberl Alex-
und* r. Tha purchasers will erect a
fine ten storey modern store and
Office building within B very sliori
time on the property. The consider:-.-
;tlon wus Jliis.niiii.
Has Heard no Comolaints.
Major I Inline, acting senior officer
of the '"iliiia in Vancouver, Btates
that tlie rapcrl of dissatisfaction
among tlie mllltla on duly in tii" ooal
strike district Is Incorrect and exaggerated. Major Unions Btated that
he imd beard no complaints, The ral ���
of pay, cue dollar per diem, was lixoil
In the mllltla act, us the men wer,.- in-
formed when they volunteered lo stay
on duty.
Ex-tuicrintcndcnt to ?-ic*ik.
At the Progress club luncheon to b?
held on Wednesday, lha speaker i I
the occasion will be Qeorge Graham
former superintendent of the Canadian
Pae lie railway. His topic will be
"Porl Coiiuitlam. Its Individual Ad
vantages and Their Relation to Vanoouver." The luncheon Is billed to
start at 12:16 p.m. sharp.
Archbishop Cascv Hurt.
P.eceiving injuries to irs arm. Archbishop Casey was confined in St.
Paul's hospital, but this mcniiiig was
reported as better. In facl it is uu te
possible that he will be able to leave
the Institution about the end of the
Australia*-  Exhibit.
Tlie school    trustees    will    hold    a
i 'ing in   the Aberdeen   scliool    on
Friday evening to dlBcuss the matter
of sending sclmol exhibits to Sydney,
N.s.w.. exhibition In accordance with
a polite requesl received by the board
from the exhibition board of
South Wales
B. C. E. R. Earnings.
The amounl paid to Hip cily by the
II. C. Klectric on account of the gross
pftesenger earnings over the Vancou
ver cltv lines for the month cf AugUB!
wai ITi.'-!' ns. This payment shows a
decrease of $1809.15 b��!o\v the payment for the corresponding month last
yopr when the city received * chequ"
i f $9038.23 as the percentage payment
for the month.
of the  Local Council
yesterday afternoon,
arrangements were
rooml at  the exhibl-! ron
AI  a  meeting
of  Women  held
lhe   following
made  for team
Tuesday��� sixth
and lhe Ladles' Aid of Uu
Wednesday   -     Queens      Avenue
Methodists und  Ladies' A'u nnd ladit
oatlonal club.
Thursday���Ladies' Aid of St. And
raw's and St. Stephen's.
Friday ���Daughters of England,
Ladles' Aid of St. Pauls church and
the Haptist Ladles'  Aid.
Saturday���Pythian sisters ami lie
which had been lost for years, and
which had heen Hupposeil to have been
lost  in the great   flre.
Replying  to a  question  as  to  why
the parish did nut uceopt arbitration
aud so avoid Ihe possible dragging of
the matter Into the courts.  Mr. Jones
  I snld  thai  arbitration  had  never  been
I offered by any one having tha neces-
of City Combine to ] sary authority to settle, and Unit anyway the bishop of the diocese flatly
refused   to  allow    the   properly   to   be
handed buck to the pariah*, since ha
claimed It wan held In trust for Hie
diocese and  not   for the parish
Qeorge IS.  Martin,  the parish  solicitor,   spoke   briefly,   laying   emphasis
on the strength of  the ease of the
parish and after various question had
been  answered,  a  motion  of concur-
In Ihe actions and proposals of
the  rector nml   wardens,  proposed   by
\venue   Me'hodists   .1.  W   Creighton, nnd  seconded  by   II
Maccabees ! J.   A    Burnett,     was     passed     iiiiniil
' inously.
 _ _������	
land P
A special meeting of the '
was  held  yesterday  eventi
residence of  Mrs.     Lore",
street.    It   is    anticipated
v. e t r
g   at     the
327    Fifth
ihu    ar
rangements will li" mad" f"r s rv'm*.
hoi meals al th�� exhibition, but
definite particulars wlll nol be knrwi
until further discussion takes p'nc ���
at the regular business meeting t" 1>
held on Monday, when ii is exp c! d
thai final arrangements will b" com
At the Windsor I. W nnd Mrs.
Manson. Pitt Itlver: Mrs. Watson. Pitt
Hiver;   (!.  Campbell,   Nanalmo.
At the Hussell    Edward Sail". Van
couver; Wm Harvey, Vancouver* Dr
s. C. Patten, Chllllwack; li. s w llson,
Councillor Murphy of Surrey, is oul
ngaln and about after a severe operation. Ills ninny friends are glad to
seo him making such rapid restoration
to health
The marriage took    place   at    the
home   of   iio-   bride's parents, 110:1
* Hamilton Btreet, Tuesday, Sopl  18, by
Rev. Arthur 8   Lewis, B.D., of Eunice
( i'-i'l.'������:'. youngest daughter "f Mr and
! .Mrs. W. A. Prill", ami Roberl Oarven
Rae, both of New  Westminster,  B.C
Out of thc High Kent District
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shot, laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies' Dress Boots, every size $1.9.">
Gents' Press Boots, every size   1.95
Leekie Boots, Slater (F. W.) Boots, K Boots; $80,000
stock to select from.   The finest variety of low and
liiph cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
As-ize Court    Spectators    Left While
Unsavory  Case  Was  Dtin-j  H_..rd
��� Will  Finish Tcday.
William Moles, a i atnsti r, fr. m
South Sumas, was charged with rapi
yesterday in the assise court. Tha
trial was not finished yesterday as at
5 o'clock p.m. there was still one wit-
Kotchikan   Alaska,
lauti h Rough Ridi r,
'd (' ip ��� Muson lis*
a is stance lo the Ci
survey party whose
s pt, 16 - Ths
n relief boal sent
s iiii'd iv ii give
nadlan bound ir ���
camp was *A p ii
luie, has returned v. ith
i of tho two surveyors
ness to b" examined ior tin
and  the Bpeeches cf counsi
di f mee,
' Ul   by a land!
out   ih" bodli
who were lost
The relief party wbb unable to 1>
cate where the camp of the survi yor
had been, as the    slid"    came    from
1 for the W feet up the mottnta'n side and In
I'opoer  shnr��'s  had   a   food   tone  in
sympathy   with    favorable American
, rep-arts, Ulo Tiutos bc'-"7 weak ow-'n"
tn  lb"  strike  fears.    Mexican  securl-
i ties closed cosy.
American   securities   ooened   cuie;
and   slightly  lower,    silent   covering
advancM  rnnBt of the list  a  fra"tlon
during the forenoon and later the mnr-
j U-et vit -ritnnor'etl and improved under
C. P. It
San Francisco Men Acquitted of Serious Charge Following Reccnt
crown and defence, aud the summing
up of Justice Clements would run Into
such a late hour thai ii would l>" in-
New expedient to proceed. Th" coun will
therefore resume the trial today at li
Brutal Circumctances.
The alleged crime is stated !o have
been under exceptionally hrutul circumstances. Prisoner denied gu li and
was defended by M. A. Macdonald. ol
ltuss'Ii. itiiss. ll -c Macdcnald, Vancouver.
A. ll. Macneil, K ('.. crown prosecu
tor, at the oui_et arpli-d for an order
from ile- ootirl thin the trial l." h"!rt
In camera an the Circumstances nr
peculiarly painful.
t Tbe court' "-iltl R*: ilid'n-"! know f'-a'
he had a ri-sh' to turn out llie public,
but ns a matter of public d* cency ���**���
would ask ail spectators to leave the
oourt room
No On.  Stayed.
It Is pleasing to recording t''at nct
mi" Bpectafor staved  In th" cmrt    tn
thc widest pari  is 500 feel  wdi
L'n   to   'in)   f"i t   deep.
|i Is b i'.'vi'.i tii" Indies i-r the men
are covered al thi-i deptb with rock
trees and gravel,
The   men    killed    have   I n    d -
termined to be C. D, Koberta and
Harry Bod . vho have been "ii sui" ������
work f'-r the Canadian government for
a iminh'T t f .���"���ars.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from   75c  to  $1.50���Now from 15c  to  45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
3 Tins for 2Sc
Don't foruct to order a supply
your fall house cl"iiinns
Liquid Ammonia,  per bottle	
Washing Soda      2 Ibi
-Tne a. Guimont,   bridgeman.   net
vrith a pever" skull wound yesterday
OD the New Westminster bridge.
ci-M'THh was working on the provln
.. ovcrtimi nt's    strengthening    opera-
r.l ur.- on thn -Fouth side of the bridge
�� .en be was struck on the head hy a
t*ffiag piece of Iron. He was taken
* ��� lhe city and had his wound stltnb-
���o anil dressed.    He is ilolnK'all rlKht.
tho lead
Far  Week   Ending   Sunday.   !?--pt.  21.
lliph   I.om*.
6:06    1 21
IR r.n 13 -in
fi all    2  15
18:08 14:00
7 :ts   ���_���
TO'.li, 11
rl.'it)    ?,
19:4(1 14
9:10    4
If Ifl
10 15
���I 0
16 Ot!
Sand Head
HiKh. Low
Time. Ht, Time. Ht.
5:0.1 10.f, 11:12   ii
17:4S 111 23:69    R '
6:60 in.it H:4I    6.0
ison U.7
r,**ifi n.l 0:84
IS:23 11 G 12  17
7:22 11.2 0:63
1K:-19 11 6 l'.:r,l
8  10 11.2 1:26
66 | lS:fi6 11 fi 13:26
r,o       9 02 11.0 2:0-
26 j  19:14 11.6 14 04
30     16:01  10.9 2
19:36 11.6 14
Ran Francisco. Sept. lfi.- -In just an
hour and thirty minutes the jury in
the cate of Maury I. DipRS and ('has.
11. Harris of Sacramento, charged with
conspiracy to suborn perlury in the
ea, ea of Dlggs and V. Drew Carni-
nettl, recently convicted under the
Mann White S'ave act. returned a
The closing was I verdict of acquittal today. Neither
defendant attempted to conceal hla
elation when tbe judgment was read
and   each   was   tho   recipient of  con-!
j eratulaiions   from   friends   and   rela-j
lives,   who  had   (lathered   to hear  thej
! jurors' decision.   For the first time In '
! nearly six  weeks there was evidence
of genuine happiness at the table that)
: Hie  defence  has  used   in    the    three!
| trial*.
������ None of the hirers would discuss the
������erdlnt. br their reasons for voting
Side Resumed���: Iliccs and Harris not guilty. Hefore
returning in c-^urt with their verdict
the-, (pledged' e<i"h other not to talk.
"I cannot understand tli" verdict."
laid Matt I. Sullivan, senior nrosecii'
It for tho government "Th" evidence BgalnPt 'he twn men wis over-
whe'tning. We Confidently expected B
verdict of gtilltv."
There wps nn effecting scene he-
I'vicu llarrs n"d h's wife when the
verdict wis reid. Tbo strsln of tb"
fin! ti--'d in 'heir pmoHnns, Harris
thanked everybody for the treitment
emharass witnesses   on  the nie"    of | Washing Powder, ;ier package ,..26c
llrootns. We have a nice line of
brooms at 50c and 6'ic which we
would like to show you. Come in and
see th-em.
Green Tomatoes   10 lbs. 2T.e
Pickling Onions  fi lbs. 2fic
Pickling Spice  ?, packagi s 26;
We aim to please, and S'licit n
trial order. South Westminster deliveries Mondays and Thursdays.
niaintiiinlnn the privilege of the   pub-
Hclty of trials.
Th"re are olh"r twq of tlie?" tiii'1-
land thev will b�� tuken consecutively
l in order to get to the other   criminal
i rials.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central l'ark.
WEEKDAYS- 6 and 5 45 am.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly servico until
11 p.m. with Into cur at midnight
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 730 8 and
8,10 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with iatn car ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
ItECal.'I.AIl  SKHVICE���545  und
fi 45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,   with   late  car  at   11.30.
a.m. nud 4.30 pn.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.   wltb  lata  car  ut
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  ls  u.iole  at    Eb-
hour until 11  p.m.
uad other points on l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 am, 1.10 and
CIS  p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
rrnnttntted from page onnl
Dean's Grocery
Burr  Block.
Phone  386.
Columbia  Street
on   Long
Did   Not   Respond
matter,    showing    a   mastery of  the
facts and a grasp of detail almost extraordinary.    He traced 'he history of j ���=
the   property   frnm   the   day   in   1810
when It waa. crantod hy the crown for
a "parsonnPR," to the present day. explained   fully   how   bv   virtue   of   an
agreement,  the   parish   built  the  see
house as a rpcf.ory, to be occupied bv I
fHp  I 'shon  ' s   roetor.  so  Inn?  aa  tbo ,
Ichurch cont'nttcd to be the seal, of thej
'ii.p   f.- i.,  rtbrr tvrvrris, h'" "''ihn-j
'" '      '    -'   "I"���   siiiitoe'a Excellent Courses in House
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  Ne..   Westminster.
Slnper   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musics'  Goods of all   Kinds.   PHONE  694.
Columbian College
New  York, Sepi. 111. -Operations on
the   lonu'   side   were   resumed   in   the
sleek   market   today   and   they   were
rti"t with indifferent success.   The po-1
h It son  of  the   market     having    been
strengthened by the realizing yesterday   following     last    week's   advance,
the bulls Bought to brinp nbout a continuation  of  the  movement   forward, h^-nfoed   h's  dnr'nz   thr.   trial,   and,
While    considerable    progress    was  '"<���"'"-��� to Bulllvan, said:
made. In  individual cases, the market!     "Mr-  ���'"*   "f"1   vr"
fa the  nrosp. !
as a whole lacked spontaneity. I cuterf but I want  tn say th"  I will
Reading apparently was selected by nevpr '"rc"" ,hn f!>lr rn"n""'r ln which
common rnns��n' as the leader as the vo" '^'^6 me.    I en���id h-ve had nnl
attempt to hid up the list.   As In the1" ' ''"���     "ln�� had gone the"
���ithe;*  waj.
��� ' rector and by permission
Of ''"'* n-r'* '���
- -~����   re.nn..%
*'" ������<���.���     ���    ������;,  the hls'Ory of the:
ii ������   ���' ���   ��� i   - -h   thp  S.  P.    0.,    in
wIk"'   n-itfp   t',r,   i'��lo  -tan'i-*    which
?!,.;-���*,��� ,.���,     des-nltf   tbo   wlillncii"1-^ I
nr i'-o n**-''b  '�� !?*-��� "v cise onen. had
so far  corce t"  no detprminatlotj.
���0'r-ng Evldee^e.
A   yirp-f   t,-nr.   ���f  nvidence   in   pun-
port  '' the clnirns  of the  narbh   '��� -irl
recentlv come tr> llyht.. In the dlsenv l
erv of the ��� -=-.i-.ti crown prant of ihoj
which   the   ice  hoiiRe  stands.
hold Sticncc.
Miss Florence V. Qlbbard,
a graduate of the Lillian
Treble School of Household Science.
Toronto, t iachi r. Misi Olbbard has
also taken post-graduate Btudles ai
Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N'.v.
The young ladies of New Westminster and surrounding districts are invited   to Join  the clasB'S.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on iiie Job.
Enquire about our special storkr i. they a e money savers.
Iaocal Sales Department, Phone 890.
���tmtatr Didn't Bother With Blockading
Orders of Puerta Plata Blockading   Fljet���No   Trcublc.
days of the week the street was
filed with bull tips on stock.    Copper |
���--hares iiii were in favor by reason of  "LET UJ
the further decrease in Kuropean supplies, as shown In the fortnightly report, and the advancing price of tlie
metal,    Reading under the spur of -on-
slant   bli'dinK,  mounted     more    than*'
three   points   to   168   1-.?.   tlle   highest
fimirn of th" vear.   AmslgatnPtrd alsol'-
made a new hl|-h record for the vear'"
Viiprto I'laia. Dominica, Tuesday
.~��Vl. 9.- The United States
Ite* Moines, ordered to
.���.���������at.*-** !���> Warhlhgton. to proted
American lat'rests, arrived today at
Pan-to Plata, where two Dominican
_:*. r,i nats were lilockadlng the port.
The steamer Seminole of the Clyde
Oa*., was stopped yesterday, hoarded
h. un offii er from ono of the gun-
turjr- iand told she coTIftl not enter the
VtirSan The captain of tliij Semlnolo
rs ^iieil th:ii he would enter anyway
-_u-ni take the boarding officer alani* If
be did not leave the ship. The officer
���hsntedty returned to tlie gunboat and
ae Seminole entered the port. The
.,srikadtng boats steamed away,
Wasn't Loaded.
Tht*. Seminule bad cleared from N'ew
risitu; two points to SO 1-2.   Cana-
Idtan   Pacific advanced    five    points.
Various others of the standard shares
made  pains  of a  polri  or  more,  but
fluctuations  were  variable,  the  level
cruiser of  prices   being   up  and  down   fro*
Dominican I hour tn hour.   Toward the close s.-li-
h'*.'   r,-,.   >:-,.     herasme     i'ri*at'*r     and
trains were vl"'iisllv eliminated except
'" '*���   ' * ;*' whl' '* the r'se was exceptionally large.   There were few points
of 'vi*'1*"', ��� r'*->nspl"n-->'i(i smnng them
���vere Ni v ll * --n. which foil to a new
low record of 89 1-4.
The  rising tmrlencv of  11
M'nneap"lis. Sent. 16.���"Plppse
burglar, . Int ",s alone. You're liable
to ������'���  pipclirr] if you rlont."
""h's   s!"ii   ha-  been   placed   In   the
d   *v ! f Art" 'I nnd crfnnsnv'S stor"
"'���'���   Pi;-t)i   strr'i    fnllowlnE  a   "pcond
'Irt-i'-nt   **-,   tnler   i\\r.   atl-ice.      Thieyns
nreoei .flto rr-sr rlnnr, bul wer,. unab'e
to cil oust an 'mn barr"d door just
lnsl.de th" "ne they f"--"-d.
Tit.- stern was rohhed ceently of
"'-tip and tobacco and JIO in small
\��'ia,-t'.,^r.    Unnl
���A*iii',*it   rrtnrlrpt   iti
active  end   pri'-ns   il
lower hl'-sriii'i'i cabl
'i     T:"'d'nr tm ihe
options   was   fairly
tbe oneninK on
and h"avy re
market operated agalnsl  continuation  cpipis;   d.*ter tlm markel held stesdv
of  the  active  bull  movemPtil   of  last  in   symp.ithy   with   Americans   which
week.    Money rates,  wlilch  wcre ad-j were etfady following opening due to
vanced   all  around    yesterday,    held Btreifgrcorn prices,
strong today. Wlnnlpe-p opened  1-*1   to 'i-K  lower
Most lending bonds were inclined to | and closed 1-8 to 8-8 lower for October
sell off, but there were points of and December and 1-8 higher for Mny.
Ptrergtb amotiB; the less active Issues.; Mlnneapplls otiened 1-�� to 1-4 low-
Total  Bales, par valuo, $1,537,000.       j er and closed 18 t0 3-8 lower.
No  Appointment   	
PROVINCIAL E>H BITION.N'ew Westminster, B.C.
September 30, October 1, 2, 3, 4; 1913
To O. E. MacKsnrle,
Manager-Secretary   Roys    Agricultural and  Industrial  Society.
I wi_h to enter my bab*/ in the Better Babies' Contest at the Pro.
v'n-i-il  F'hibltlon,  New Westrr Inster,   September  30,   October  4,   Inclusive, 19 IS.
Caby's fJ I nam:
Age in mcnlhs  . .
. Boy or Girl
Mothers name
Clt/  Province
Low Colonist Fares
On Sale Daily, September 25 to October 10 from all;
points in the East and Southeast to all points? in the'
Pacific Northwest.
Have Your Friends Come West
The Only Road Operating All-Stcel Trains Between
Chicago and the Pacific Northwest.
Two Through Trains Daily.
Completely olectrlo llglitcil. with new, comfortable tourist cara, that
havo longor, higher and wider berths, Coachss. Bxoellent dining
'ira.  In  Which  meals are nerved   on   tho  popular   pay-onlv-for-what-
you-order plan
Tickets prepaid  by  mall  cr   telegraph   without   any   extra  ex-
pense, and IT not used money will bo refunded.
Further Inrormation about thn low fares from ti-.c Katit, train or
service, call on or address
H. H. 8TEVESTON, City Passenger Aoent.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railwry.
622  Columbia  8t. New Weetmlneter. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1913.
M��l ******
News* Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Baseball Results.
-Standing  ot  tne  Clubs
  ^^^^^^               W.
(Bj i> P 8.) lthe satlsfacUon of turning over a real Vancouver  80
Fifteen  and  twenty  yours ugo New   estate dial;  tiuihiliiK your toes at the   Portland    Jl
Wsstmlnstsr    out    unite   a   figure   iu   flre, or driving a cue ciunpareil tn tin-   Seattle    *'
rughy fisitiinll on the British Colum- Joy of bragging your opponent ln tight Victoria 78
bin coast,   in iiiobe days Victoria, re  embrace and planting him deep in the Tacoma  iO
Inforced   by   tba  naval   men  from  thn   grassy lurt. of Of tearing fur tbe line   Spokane   65
squadron stationed at Esquimau; Na-1 with the ball In your arms while your Yesterday's Games,
iiiiliiio.   represented   hy   ths   Hornets;   pursuers   throw   themselves   al    your At   Vancouver:                    It
Vancouver and Westminster engaged J lags or     most Improperly   ai  your Vanoouver  *
In an Inter-clty series which was ill- .neck, fur ll Is the man who goes low Spokane                                      :
on\e  "f  a  hard   toughl   snd   exciting i who   hrlngs  down   his
character    I'd ere muy i��. mor,. clubs'    sixt
B 2 'j
At the Theatres
The Charles I-;. Iloyal Btock company
Is growing more popular every day1
during tlieir stay in New Westminster
anil many hope thai they will be here'
for moons to come, Tonight will be
tha last   performance of "In  the  Ills-!
hop's Carriage," and undoubtedly the
house wlll be just aB crowded for the
with our system of federal and state
Inter-relations. '
No  Menace,
"Holding control of this proceeding
under SOfpeoslOn menaces neither the j
righls   of   the   parties   concerned   nor!
of   the  Btate   authorities.     Such   con-j
slderntlons make It justifiable that the *
bearing  under  the  writ    before    thel
l'nited   .States court  he suHpended  to]
the   end   that   the   executive   of   the j
Mate shall have a free hand ln respect
to   the   extradition   Investigation.
nml Vancouver bul th
leave to doubt a bather ti
play ;s higher or whether the games!attend
���re ns vigorously or valiantly contest- attend the next.
i*.l ns ibey iw-ri   iii the days wben the I thai   nil   will  assemble
pioneers were building the larger citiesI tire.    Fifteen men make  _,	
thiii sre grouped on tht coasl at the itltutlon of s rugby team, but al least
present time 20 mm nre needed i" run li without
A Reiurrection. any undue Ht rn in on the committee, A
Until lasl season Westminster bad  new secretary bus to be found in plaoe
gone without representation   In   tl f Harry Tttrnev. who has found work
rugby world for many year--    Au ef-    '������where, but the vacancy will be fill-
rorl wss made to bring her back into I'd In s couple of days
line and  a   team  was  put   Into action  ' Sctne   Prospects.
fixtures     Smith, n rarely u��. d full back, hns
a nrob- returned to Columbian    college   mid
II.    II.    E
j , final performance aa It has been the
-    ... _,  . ,_-,.,      two preceding uighls.    "Tbe I.ion and
^^^^^^        man. llatteries;     Schmutz and  Konnick;
^mmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmm^*m*lttttt^lll**flll^.*mr--') <"" so  players  have  turned   Mct'oy and  Hannah.
playing ths gama today  In  Viotorla m> at  the practices so far bul  the     At Seattle:
id titners'takejworkout bus been robbed of most of Seat.I" 	
standard of llts value by Ihs fact that aboul eight  I'nrtlsml ....
practice and another eluht       llatteries:
This week II Is hoped  and Murray,
lt  each   prac       At victoria
up tha con- Tacoma ....
Victoria   ....
. IJ    It
Ixil and Wally;
II.   E
liatleries:     Chirk
tii bner and Sln-a
and   Kill.
,v ,u
the   Mouse"   will   be  the  offering  for
the Inst three days of this week, start-
Ing with Thursday matinee    Miss Dl-
' ', Holt  is cast  for a  wonderful  part  in
I "The I.lon and the Mouse" and it wlll
(me everyone a good chance to aee
Just how clever this little lady ls. Moving pictures are run for an hour before the performance In order that
the house  will  he well seated at  the
; rise of the curtain.
Wiih difficulty  the seasot
ner,.  fin*.he,|  r ul ;   ll   btCa
lem io assemble a learn for each gam
hut   Hie   boys   Stayed   with   ll   and   al
though nearly all the matches result
among thoro who have promised tt
���isslst If. speed] Jack Hoult; l'.. I"
Porter,   a   Inisky  youngster   who  has
!._'_L?-'_ff.,_'_  !'  on,r   ���*ulted   In   the   played the f'anudlHn'gmuea'uris'BhaS
determination to make a better snowing  next  year    Another seaaon  hun
Int.'  uu  fine
for the brand of rugby
Wilcox. ������ three-quarter
come round and the opportunity is be.  of experience  from   Devon
fore all followers of rugby to rally
round end retrieve the old reputation
nf th" citv for rugb) strength
Lots   of   Material.
Tliere   Is   pli nt}   of  material  In  ihe
town  and a better snd  earlier stari
than !:..'.!  season  Is being  made but
the   practices  from] now  nn   must   b-a
more faithfully attended if success Is
' i i ���   i- M**-.i d    Whal the committee
���.:\i,- to .e. anmlng along is the young
' hul In lh ii of thai lhey will be
* li d if some of the veterans at the
name  gel   out   to give  the  ucatul old
mall-tried and well-eesooned Savage
McDonald,    the    weight-nutter    and
��*r."'|i r who is turning his attention
io rugby; Biggs, tha rotund and am-
nbiblou* While Hock barnacle; Stev-
< " ' q i ���* i."!.! nn on wild Irish
n ha Di nker, the Tacoma hig'i
.,',.' ,*���,.-��� Andrew; Hart; founders I.'.; Duncanson; Kord Breen;
R.'ddock; Rankin: Scott and Davis, a
"���ill seasoned Welsh player. There
t" others it Is hoped to be able to
prefuade to dun n uniform.
Ii  is mora than likely that a trial
Standing of the Clubs.
New Vork       ill
Philadelphia   *1
Chicago    78
Pittsburg   73
Hrooklyn     BS
Boston   58
t'lnclnnatl    60
St. laouls   ...48
45     ,669!    Minnesoolis, Sept   16    The Mlnne-!
.ip'iiii, "sinless" skirt has come,
Today   samples   of   the   skirt   were
pul en exhibition in Minenapolls and!
St.   Paul,    Simultaneously  came  thel
4361announcement by telegraph that the
4t_   ikirt hml been copyrighted in Wash-
���gn.',' lni."'i.L
������*^m%\m\ Th" skirt was designed  h>   Charles
Played   in   Rain. H,   Heinemnn  of  New   Vork.     It  was
Cincinnati,   Bepl    16.   Philadelphia suggested by club women of St. Paul
and Cincinnati broke even In �� double  who  recently  made    public    protest
header today, the locals winning tbe against the slit skirt.
first game 4-3. and lh' visitors cap- The new garment Is two yirils
luring the seoond, which went six (around, very plain and is stitched in
Innings, 4-0. Tin* second game was!�� complete eir--!" around the bottom
beviin   In   a   drizzling   rain   and   was * so that  the unruly silk  stocking can
called at the end  of the sixth on account  of darkness.
Score:                                      It. H Iv
Philadelphia                           . .  3 7 1
peep out only  below  the  hem.
4      5      1
handling  code s chance to circulate I game  wlll  be played  next  Saturday
n.*',\  blood r'iiin.1 their bones,   What'slwith a Vancouver aggregation.
Wh te      H-icl.      Athletic      Association
Elects   Officer-)���Will   Promote
Sports  of   All   SorU.
The Wl Ite Rock athletic association
tl ��� name of s new organisation
which inis come Into existence during
the pasi few days and promises to
make quite .. stir In athletic circles be-
fore many mi nihs have passed
During the summer months, thc
popular ri-MT! at BahllShmoo bay baa
been frequented Uy,�� large number
of   young   men   of  the   cit>.   with   the
resull thm tiie talk of organising an
aaaoclation which would bring thetn
together during the winter months,
uus followed by the actual organising
of an aasoolatlon.
With a stronc lis! of officers the
club  plans  to  enter  upon   the   winter
anson  with   ice hockey,  skat ini;  par
ties lind basketball, not forgetting several  dances  to  be announced.
Tonight  Will  Tell.
Whether the club will gain a fran -
chlae    In    ti..'
lenaue will I ^^^^^^^^^^^^
when several members of the organ I
7iit|ot. will make the plea to the exist-
lng clubs, growing proof by a Btrong
list of players, that they are capable
of mnklne a stir In dhaalng "be puck
���M   C.   A.  Highlanders,  Rowing    cluh,
. McOill and the Welsh.
Tin* increase in the number of
legms will give ths local team a better chance to make a showing, and
the material on hand nt the present
time should prove capable Of defeat*
itiK or at least breaking I VI n with
most aggregations.
Hatteries*      Seuton
Johnson   and   Kline
Second Kami*
Batteries:  Mays
ertson and f'larke
Urooklyti-St.     I-i.uis    doubleheader  ,
postponed; rain.
Chicago-New   York  gam
Stock Co'y
2 TO 5        6 TO 9:30.
"Lion and the Mouse"
Improved Ranch
For Sale
containing 102 acres, 90 acre8 under cultivation, six
acres orchard (apples, prunes, pears and peaches) all
bearing, balance alfalfa and timothy. House cost
$3000. New barn with basement, stables for six
horses and 14 cows. Water piped for domestic and
agricultural purposes.  For further particulars apply
J. J. JONES,  Managing Director.
Columbia Street,  New Westminster, B.C.
It-    H.    E
   4      7      n
   0      K      0
mil   Hums*;   Rob-
fourth Inning:  rain.
City  to   Be  Well   Represented   in  the
Iroquois Cup Competition���Want
Cate   Receipts   Divided.
A decision to enter two anil perhaps
llin*.' teama In the  Iroquois cup competition In connection with the Mainland  Association Football association,  of good twirling, Shawkey and Steen
was reached ai a meeting of the city  weakened.
It.    H.    K
Standing of the Clubs.
YV.    I,.
Philadelphia   fm    4S
Cleveland 71   80
Washington  79   65
Iloston    71    64     ..._5
Chicago  7.   70   ,6oi j
Detroit  60   78   ,4:m i
SL  I-ouis   5i!    yd     ,30f i
New York    49    86     .1102 '.
Stuffy Mclnnes at Bat.
Philadelphia, Sept. 16.���In    a    .ons
drawn oet   gam-e    Philadelphia    won
from Cleveland In ten Innings, 8 to 7. '
.Mclnnes, who lead both teams at \ist,
with    a triple,    a    double    and -two
Singles  in   five  tunes  up,  scored    tha
tvlnnlng tally on his two-bagger   and
Walsh's  single.     After  three inning
Davenport. Wash.. S.pt. 16. -Judge
Joseph Sessions yesterday made a record ln disposing of an insanity case,
Committing the patient in less than a
minute. John Brooks, a Kansas City
negro, had been arrested because of
his peculiar actions. Taken before
judge for examination, the negro
immediately broke out with ".ledge. I
called (q I seen a lion this morning' and took
after It with my razor."
"That's enough," said    Judge    Sessions, and   he  proceeded  to  sign   the
papers   committing   the   man   to   the
asylum at Medical  Lake.    Urooks believes   his  relations   are   turning  into
f>41   dogs and says the Lord has given hin
'-,,-,   the option of being a cat or a dog and
i.-ir   he is undecided In choice.
Pres aad Q**l. Mgr.       Vice-President Bee. and Tree*.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
iConflnuod from nge One i
league last evening although a proviso thai the gate receipts be divided
between the competing teams, will be
(ought out by the Westminster dele-
present   city   hockey       twj n| . Hall,hrin(- of ������. Mainland   Plank and Bohang.
leclded  thla evening jMaoclat)on ,n vsucouver thla eVonlng, -     	
The   Rovers  and   the  Hankers   are
Cleveland  7    5    2
Philadelphia' 8    in      '_'
Batteries:  Steen,' James, Cullop and
O'Nolll;   Shawkey,    Pennuck,    Houck
his feet In an instant.
"I desire to interpose objections to
any delay," he said. "I move that this
hearing proceed forthwith and that
the w*rit be quashed. Kxamination of
the return will show that the questions raised in the application are
frivolous and raise no new questions
of law or fact. There Is no federal
Issue Involved and I feel forced to say
that the writ waa obtained under elr-
Ray Caldwell stopped. ' cum8ta!iees which approach very near
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ New Vorji,    Sept. 16.���Uetrolt    won   trlfllnir with  the court.    1 have here
the   two   learns   who   have   signified   its last game of the season here    to-   tllP affidavit of Lindsay Pennls, baBed
their Intention to compete, while the  day.   thereby   evening    the    season's   ������ loqacious state ments bv the counsel
i'ity   will   also be  represented   If  the  si rles with New York.   The score waa   for ths other side
rlontillv   rheslne   tbe   Mcltae  gatt   fWelpta  proposition   fluil.s   favor   4to 8,    J��linings'  team  stuppcd'Clld- J '"You   need   not'  uae   that   term   lone nun)   rniisuiK .iw.u   ((1, , 1]]lKh, ��� meeting. well, who had won live straight games, 'cuacious, Mr. Jerome," said the court
A   ('   McLaren and H. Wilson were   by   bunching  hits   In   the  second   anJ   severely.
I    "I    withdraw    the    remark,"    said
^^^^^^__^^^^__ _________________________________       ���    II.    E '
rose and one other to be appointed,   Detroit     4      6
III   represent   N'ew   Westminster   In   f^ew York   . '.',    10      1"
Now that the V. M. C. A. team haa  Bpp0|nted delegates to the local branch   eighth  innings
dropped out of the lewue practical ly ,.,}',���,. ���  (.   A   A   ,,   wm   w   Bh ����bin  "wings,
all  OZ  lust   season a   plavers   have  af-
fllletid with the new cluh and the fact
snt Qyartere.
the-Wifinnent heid-
that   fhe   Vs  came   near   beating  the   ,. ,
Heavers mil  of  flrrr<*flakit Is need  to '    "'
K'n-ngthcn the appllch'tlon "for a fran- j
ehiaq, 1
N',vi   Minimer j
anarters will ie locetd at White Rock
���whdre 11 pavilion will he erected and
fined pn Iii sueh shape ss to he n
source r>( envy to nny s'-illa- orgnnl-
zatton en tho coast. With ruch nnar-
tcrs the fembers nr 'b- asso^i-at'on
would  i'   a ba enabled  ' 1 ap"nd the
Hatterles: Ilnuss and Gibson; Cald
well and tlossett. Reynolds.
Cant' Beat This Boy.
Washington, Sept. 18.���Walter John
son und Joe Bcus engaged in a great
pitchers' battle here today, the former
balng the victor. Chicago took ti one
run bad ln the opening inning aud  il
Chester   Steitr^of   Winnipeg   Tribune | ^ '������,  ���ntu   two   were out "in " the
lhe  po-'-inr restart  and
Saw Lacrosse Boys Catch Greasy
Pig���Writes About it.
Chester Stein, sporting editor of the
weeV ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
also ' i-ajr vacation, further accent"
nted :iy ���'ib f-"*f t'- ( canoea and row
lion's v  'I bl old-   ned by tlle cluh        i*.^*******ta^^^^^
The officers   "f   the   organisation 1 Winnipeg Tribune, who has heen vis-
���������lected a' 11 irnetlng thla week areasMtlng   Ills   brother  Clarence  S^teln,  of
L''"r:;"   "".',  Pr9"��la,nt' Alderman A   sapperton, during the past few weeks,
K    Whit"*   Hon.   vl"e-presldent. .IT)'
Tavl.i*-  -ll'. r  J   MacKensle, M.P.I
I has   the   following     article
sevmth   that -Washington    hit    Benz
safely and tied tlie score.
It.    II.    E
Chicago    1      6      (i
Washington   2      6      ,1
liatleries.  Hen?, and Easterly; J.hn
son and Ainsniltli.
He Stole Home.
BiiBton,   Sept.   16.���Iloston  defeated
St.  I.ouis 5  to  4   today In  the    final
Pat ' game 0/ the seaBon between the two
teams.   The visitors made a hard fight
_��_��� ^��i^nVBJfl..t__ T' "T.,,rlflj ^""l" ! ,''e"n->''H 8V"! ln ��atChin_l_lh,\,!!r!RI!>;  for"'tlie 'i-m-Tou "acwimr of'" t!ii"Vlr
Special Feature
A two   reel  Edison  Drama.
Kalem Presents
Edison  Phctopla/,
��� - ���
Mondays (12 midnight) tor Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masset.
Tuesdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays il2 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet. Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Haielton, Morlcetown.
Through tickets to ail points East via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DDPEHOW,  O.  A.  P.  D.
I'hone Private Exchange 8134
dent, c K Whattam; vice-president
A Whittaker; secretary. E. F. Bast-
man; treasure-*- n ShlMrlck; manager. Clarence "floe"  Wells.
athletics. He Is noted In tho 'Peg city
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ an being the classiest bowler of the
The nnnuaf meeting of the West-1 fV*>although unless ho takes a turn
mlntker Amateur Hockey league )s for the better, following his eoast trip.
called for this evening In the Moose f!,J8.J_!wA,_.l?ay' "re ab��Ut ��Ver "CrG
looms. Carnarvon and Fourth streets,
commencing at 8 o'clock
pig at the Labor dny sports.   Stein ls  proxlmity''to'last'place.'but were"un-
out on the coast for his health, having  successful.    Williams  Btole home    ln
suffered a breakdown  due to endless ��� the eighth Inning,
plugging   on   the   sport   desk  of  the I r,    r*    g
Tribune, which Is one of the newsiest  gt. I.ouis    4      9      4
sheets on the prairies for all Jlnes of   Boston    fi      8      0
Batteries: Taylor nnd Agnew; Bedient and Thomas, Cady.
Is the atory: ^mmm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.���^mmmmmm
I Pat Feeney, Tom Rennle, Hughle
Ifilfford nnd Trainer Fraaer,   of    the
world champion New Westminster la-
Baltimore 7-8, Jersey 6-6.
Rochester 7, Toronto 4.
Providence 0, Newark 1.
Buffalo 3, Montreal 2.
President   Lynch   will   be  in
chair, while Secretary    Andrew   will ,      -   introduced    a    training  -LACK CAT QUARD8
^uelaTwlnTer^ r^^^^^^
leagu   insi winter, 1 tpr,>(] th0 greasy pig event nt tho local, 	
A lively debate Is expected as there  I#ab     nay Bpor��� ana Keoney ha,i the eopon.... D.null.. h.m ._ B,. After
are more than four teams anxious to  ���nnor of -Bt(.hlnK   thp   ..uppe-y one. |C02,"J^.���P"V MUrti��2 W^m
form  the league and this will neces-  ThPre wns ono olher entnl\. -n aniJ1.      ��WJ2��,2J """*e?.d ^ML,.
allaie ,  vote being taken as to what ,,on  ,���  thn onPa enumerated  and  It \nf���ft" i!���"0, "t&.^.ifr^?.?^!
aggregation should be kept out. was amusing to watch his efforts to 2?^1?���iTJ    ��elr      ! ^Vi ..���
  M, neM thp annealing object of prey.  "V"}9���h������� ��* '**"' 'oh" P' H��ga"'
���=ttim��how or other everv time the out-'wh,ther thoy nad been aummoned by
C,GHT L^Ai^lSlSlv ustiAM SwKK m*rSTteSS htmse f ��� telephone call   the found a large
DIVISION OF RUGBY UNION Utindwldhed between Olfford and Fra-  f"""1 TU    'i5.U1V. "K^ ^   b2Ek
 ��� I oor.   He had a fine chance of landing ��� Jumped, guarding her dead body She
Bight    teams    will    comprise   MlS Ue pwk��T.   Yes, he dld-not. "" ***** *>���-'*- �����- "��� -���"���   -
urnlor    division    of    the    Vancouver ____________
Rugby union, according to thc latest
announcement  of the secretary, who | Rugby. Secretary.
yost'irdav reoelved the application of;    It. Ti. Dart was appointed secretary
had been stuck In the throat with a
butcher knife by her husband. It waa
aeveral mlnutea before the cat oould
be driven off.
Hogan'a body waa found not long
after In hla own apartment. He had
cut hla throat with a rasor. The couple
recently became estranged, and when
tho Vancouver Welshmen to enter a of the local rugby football team at a
team In the seniors. The Welshmen meeting of the executive held yester-
dropped out of thn league two seasons:day   afternoon.    Harry   Turney,  who
about, bnt   with   added   numbers  to formerly held the position, was com- ! Hogan left hla landlady   thla   after
tholr ranks feel capable of making   a pelled to resign as his work In North  noon, he told her he was going to call
Knot!  showing  In  the coming  Miller 1 Vancouver presented him trom attend- on hls wife "to ask her a queation."
cun series. j Ing the meetings.   C. Biggs   waa   ap-1    On discovering his body later,   ehe
The league win    consist   of   New {pointed representative of the club at Immediately feared for hla wife  'and
Westminster, CruBudnrs. Firemen, Y. the meetings of the Vancouver union, .telephoned the police.
' Jerome.
Good Advice.
"I will say now." continued *he
court, "that unless you have a pretty
Strong cafe. 1 advise you to save the
I trouble of raising the Issue of bad
! faith."
Mr. Jerome sat down.
I George Morris, of Thaw's New-
Hampshire lawyers, addressed the
court. He had In brief that the writ
In Thaw's behalf had been obtained
because under the New Hampshire
status there was no recourse to the
courts In case the governor honored
the extradition warrant and the New
York lawyers wanted to remove the
fugitive Ins-tantlv.
Fair  Play.
"We vlll BKree," said Jerome rising,
"that we will use no undue haste in
removing Thaw should extradition be
granteil We are willing and anxious
to procSfd In a legal and eminently
fair  mamiei"
"Don you wish to pretis this question ot bgd faith?" inquired the court.
Let It Drop.
Mr. Jerome paused a moment, then
said that In view of the assurances
from the other side, he would let the
matter drop.
"Then," said Judge. Aldrlch. "the
only question to be decided ls whether
this hearing shall go on or be suspended."
Wltli this, he began reading his rescript.   In part It was as follows:
"Thla proceeding does not expressly
Involve the proposed extradition proceedings before the state executive,
yet It concerns It directly tn the sense
this hearing should go forward and
tf tt should be determined here that
the process under whloh the petitioner
ls held ls not a constltutlonaly due
process and that the restraint Is therefore Illegal, tt doubtless would be contended that the result should be accepted aa conclusive of the question
of the right of extradition under thr
existing state process.
Course Proper.
"The rights of the state of New
York are not of aueh urgency aa tr
Justify summary and precipitate action here In advance of the usual am*
proper course of interstate extradition proceedings, and the petitioner
having Invoked federal protection for
the purpose of saving hla federal
righta, ytelda to the Idea of a postponement of this hearing to the end
that extradition proceedings may go
forward before the state executive In
tbe ordinary and usual way. This lp
a perfectly proper course for counsel
to pursue.   It la ln perfect harmony
A. S. MILLS & CO. cordially invite
you to attend their "Fall Opening"
of "Men's Smart Apparel" on
Thursday, friday and Saturday,
September TB, 19 and 20, 1913.
Display-Friday evening from 7:30
till 9:30. Orchestra in attendance
H    i i-i
 1 , ,,,   ... j _..
The Story of the Pereecutlon of the Christian Martyrs from tha Crucifixion al ChriM te the Death ef Nero.
*^***********^******^***^**************   aa^^M
A Perfect Presentation ef the lesential Dramatic, ���IMIeal, Historical
Masterpiece.   An Amazln| tpectecle at Terrifying Vlvldaeee Faithful
���sraey.   Three Reel Production.' ^^^^^^^^
 fft-n***     1     *M*
lyai1 whh Ml HleteHeal **. 1>A0I   ���!*
celved for Ti>�� News at the follow-
ii,g place-a: F. T. Hill's drug store,
iii lieluiiiliia street; A. Bprlce,
^ueeusborough, Lulu Island.
* RATES. ���
Clsesifltd���One eent per word per
liny; 4o per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used a* re-
���Hired within one year trom date of
contract, IS5.00.
inree of family; country; 15 minutes from car. Apply box iiUSO The
Sews office. UOtSOi
school. Applications received up to
September 18th, Work to commence
September 22nd. It. H. Oray, Secretary School Board. (2072)
\ant. Apply Immediately to 4<I6
l'hlrd avenue. (2076)
rare of two children during the day.
Phone 1104 L. 1206111
help around moving picture theatre,
learn run machine and chance to b��
educated. Board, room and wages.
Scenic Amusement Co.. Ashcroft,
B.C. 1-070)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Royal
avenue. (2055)
makcr wants work by the day. Apply box 20-tD The News. (2049)
boys want an instructor in reading
and writing .he English language;
Ave hours per week. State salary
wanted. Apply box 198 New Westminster, BeC. (20481
ture in large or email quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell. Westminster
Auction House, Kings hotel block.
Columbia street. (1981i
Columbia street, with basement.;
gas and electric lighl. furnace. Between Sixtli and McKenzie streets.
Will lease.    Box 2058 News.    (2058)
Apply 420 St. George street.    (2046)
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver,   B.C. (1982)
with hot water; cost $10. Apply 252
Burnett street. (2061)
a bargain. Typewriter desk, flat top
desk, roll top desk, swivel aud office
chairs. Raru chance for party fitting
up office. Particulars (rum box 8068
News. 12058)
tlmately went out of business. Mr.
Maclean admitted he was aware of the
alterations, but he had not posted u
notice repudiating responsibility. The
court therefore found for plaintiffs, i
Duncan Stuart- for plaintiffs; Jones
Proscod & Adams for defendants.
The Woman Who's Determined to
Please Too Much.
Went From Butte to Spokane to Kill (Orientals Dislike Denominational Dis-
rock lu not certain lu his position regarding Contract games. He Is strongly opposed to continuing athletic relations with outside school-*--, but If It
Is found thut tbe board did not forbid
contracts last year b.- might vote to
modify  the rule
Enemey, Fired Five Shots, All
Mi��ee,j; Now He's in Jail.
mlleB out, less than 30 minutes' ride |
on B. C. Electric  from  New   West-
minster; soil excellent,    bottom    or.
upland as/desired;    tram   frontage1
$150 an ^cre and  remainder    just
back of frontage lots $luo and $125.1
Terms quarter cush, two years for |
balance.- This Is a sacrifice; eBtate]
to be    cleaned    up ut once.    Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New West-!
minster.    Phone 466.   No trades.
(2040) :
tlnctions���First Student for B.
C. University.
Seattle, Sept.  16.���Boasting that he       Victoria,   Sept.     IC.    Itev      Charles
cume all the wny from Butte, Mont., i Thomson, of llwangyen, llalen, China,
with a plan to commit murder, Martin]-who for over twent years has labored
~~ J. Kgun, 24 vears old, moving picture, there as a missionary under the China
HOPELESS TO CHOKE HER OFF  theatre manager of that elty. got off   Island  Mission, has arrived In   Vlcto-
nurcLco-9 iv -unwnu iihaii vi i  ������*"...-" " ,      : f]a, accompanied by his wife and son.
  a  train   In   Spokane  shortly   before  5  Thf) (ibJ(1<,;  (>r  ,.,���   ���,���,,   ,.���_,.   wu,  ,���
o'clock in the afternoon, purchased a  ���|_C))   -.,-.,,  Bm,   ;n   the   University   of
Chafing Dish 8et In Crash Toweling Is   r(,volv(,r  rrom u Trent  avenue  pawn ' British    ('011111111111,  of   which   he  had
Just the  Gift  Fer  Hostess  Who  ls;gh()., und wllhln ,eu n,jnult.H went to llWd, and  he  was much  disappoint-
F.n4 ef ******* '"'���*���?�� * th. office of the Pacific Mutual Film  * ���,|h���* ,7 lm'"!,!.  Thorn^n
Supper or Luneneen. 'company at 408 First avenue and tired   is stationed about  S00 miles south of
J, C. Clues.   All of the I Shanghai, and
Minister  Talk, of Sip  Rake off Made
by Montreal Immigrant Labor
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove'
wood    $2.5 0 per    rick.    Telephone
1005. (2U20) !
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, Oeorge Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-
ket  square. (138,.) ,
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
large, nicely furnished room or
two; separate beds; private family;
modern house; close In; excellent
board.   Phone 1379 R. (18471
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys with owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting case,
bearing raised monogram M. C. G.
Finder please riturn to this office.
Reward. (2066)
Dear Elsa���I hsve Just come back to five shots at J. C
New Vork from a week end spent with shots went wild.
Margaret W.. nnd I never leave her After emptying the gun, Egan calm-
cbarnilng  country  home   without  the ly walked out of the place.   As he was
���uncomfortable feeling tbat I have been putting   the   revolver   back   Into   his
extremely rude.  Margaret Is one of the pocket   firemen   from   No,   1   station,
few remaining specimens of politeness next door,  made  him  a  prisoner and
left to us in tills rude, busy age.   ln- called the police,
deed, sbe is so anxious to be nice and No Charge Made.
to bave  ber guests enjoy  themselves Egan was broughl  to the station by
that sbe defeats her own good object Detectives Oalvtn ami  Mason,    where
by being too solicitous of their well lie- )���.   was  booked,   bul   no  charge   was
itig   In otber words, she is one of those placed after his name,
������nressln-" people who make the aver- Kgan claims that   Cloes caused  Ills
aie Woman feel  like "saying ihings" "Wer.   Mrs,   Beckwlth,   to   leave     *.
at times.
Here is an example of what 1 mean:
"Won't you have one of these cakes.
Wear." she cried one afternoon at tea.
ber bright eyes falling on  my empty , he came voluntarily ot the statlan last
pint, night  and after being quartered  with
"Thank   vou   very   mnch.   btlt   I've 'Chief McAlplne and Captain Weir he
 �����i_h__i ������       * w��s booked as a witness and sent un
quite finished. detention cell in tbe city Jail.
-Oh. but y.���. must try one of these. Hlg ^ wM f(x(]() _, ,.,.,,
They're homemade.' Journalist His Father.
"I'm   sure   they   are   delicious,   but j.*;>,an Pia|ms t0 be a son of Colonel
really"- .lack   F.gan.   formerly   identified   with
"Just one, now; Just to please me." ithe editorial department of a local pa-
Bo I wus obliged to meeklv dispose per.   and   for  a   long   time   Its   correct the cuke, and as soon as I had come spondent from  RocBland. He says he
to   the   last   crumb   Margaret   began *���� ZVo"^ S'  w.Tls
again, running .1 dally  paper In Manila.
"Now I'm sure you will have another, ,n  h,9  _.���  ln  the clt>.    jan  Kgan
won't you?" said:
"No. thank yon. really, Margaret." "On the souare. did not. one of mv
"Oh. do: I hare aot nearly finished shots reach him?    I don't see how I
yet   Do keep me company.   Or  per- lenuld have missed him.  Vou can say
haps you did not like iny cake?"
lt wns splendid!" I managed to re-
Montreal. Sept, 16. "Pious f-.uda"
wus tbe epithet and Ht'Ktnn attached
by the Rev. Jolui Chlaolm In th-
Montreal presbytery to many of Hie
employment agencies that ply th?lr
there   Is   not   another  tra(k> ,��� ���,,. ,,���       ���    n,*H(1���n ,��� ������,
���orelgner within   twenty   miles of biB|Preabyt��rlan church representative a'
The country In which Mr. Thomson's
work lies is iiotne 200 miles to the
smith of Shanghai and although on the
coast 'n sn fur from all treaty ports
ns to be tvplnal of a Chinese Inland
district    The bind for some ten to fif
ihe docks, meeting Immigrant girls
when they arrive. So vital Is the
question he raised yesterday thai spe
clal  conference of  the  prcsbyterv  of
Montreal   will  be convened  to dlSCUSS
the Situation  nnd  go Into the mailer
teen nlles lr from the ses is devoted of establishing tbelr own agencies f.ir
to rice, imd from ii two crops 0 v.-ar employment   Mr. Chlsolm stated thai
ar- cut   ill   111"   smellier  and   autumn    lh'1 "P'OUI frauds" iu iiuestlen got  }",
after which a thrird rron of grain or i"'r bead from the Dominion govern-
vegetables ia taken off In the winter "">nt for each Immigrant.
months.   The people are mnsemientlv "Then," suld be, "th.y get another
'���>ih sll  * rf   bul  tli" hinterland of W  from  the shipping companv    and
mountains contains n sparse a"ii verv another fee from the people who v. \* ���
Dior  population.    Tho   rice  districts thu girl  employment,    The g'rl  els 1
:n*e  l.v  thnlr   nature   malarious,  ��nd pays a fee   There are these f mr lis.
husband in Butte. .  Ile expressed sor
row in his cell  lu the city    Jail last   Z ,���   ,..,���-*,���  on   an(i  (lV(>r  whk..,   ,������<.,   f(,,,B  whld,  n|.|Ull
niglr that he had not killed Cloes.
When Cloes heard from the firemen
that  the police were looking for him
houses   nre   built   nre   reanons'hle   for   per  bead   aboul   $10   for
1   typhoid   and   OCCtyslonalty   ty- | Tliere Is uo difficulty at all in jilaciu
tlle   ri'VelHI
each person.
FOR RBNT��� Bight room thoroughly mod-
ern house; kooiI location; filos-e In; $20
a month.
A HOME BARGAIN���Flvo roomed mod-
i-rn bungalow, new and up to date; close
to Sixth street; $lmi cash, balance J*_j
a month.   Will trade.
WB HAVK Uufiti for goa,d agreements
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Mr. Thomson, who is a native of
St. Andrew's, Scotland. Is In charge
��� ' Bil lb" churches of the mission in
"wangvnn Helen, which Is reckoned
'iw "iost important 1*' the six counties
if 'be prefecture of Talchow.
The district has a population of
-'���out snn.npn. nf whom ahout linn are
''lit-istinns. (ili'i'iii'-h In the schools
ind colleges mav be found manv pw>-
���ile who nr" familiar wl'h Christianity
and favorable tn it. although thev
"eke no profession of believing its
Mr Thomson states ihat the Chinese
christians dlslii'o the denominational
distinctions with which thev are
bronchi iti touch, without feeling ungrateful to the mission boards that
, oend ii'cm the costiel. and lie believes
for me that 1 am only sorry 1 did not I tbat this win result In a f��w yiwirg, in
kill him. I came all the way from!.,, ���rtiml federation of the Chinese
, , ., ��� . .,���_������._,. 1. . Butte for the purpose of getting him. I christians of nil denomln tions. The
ply, quite honestly, for Margaret Is s AJ ,,_���, , p,animl to secure a bottle ,-hipp_p ch-lrflans. he saya, send
fine cook.   "But. truly"��� 0f  vitriol  and  throw  It  In  hls  taoe. Ubout two-thirds of tha representation
Well, it was all off. Margaret smiled but when I passed a pawn shop I saw ,n ,hl, fpdoral convention and take a
a sad. wistful smile, which said aa|n gun tha; look��d good to me, so went heading part In the discussions. Con-
plain   ns   words,   "I'm  so  sorry   you i In and bought It. "ai'ently,  in  time. China  may  make
Wat   at  Typewriter. the first practical experiment in church
"He  was sitting  at  a    typewriterIunion.
when  I  fired  the  first   two shots and j  _______
then   he   climbed   behind   a   partition
Bnd   I  kept  on  firing through  *he nr- NO SCHOOL GAMES.
tltlon.    1 don't see how I ever missed 1
him.    I came out to trv and reload my  Sweeping Order Kills Sport in Seattle
B.C. Coast Service
didn't enre for It. for lf you had you
would have taken another one."
Sbe doesn't seem to realize tbat, bow-
ever nice a cake may be. there exists
to the vulgar mind such a thing as-
well, repletion ts the prettiest term I
can call lt. though very small  people  gun   and   then   the   firemen   grabbed
have expressed the same meaning by   me
announcing that they are "full now."    *    '"���'���'""   '���������'��� ��'�� ''���"'   "'  '���' ������"'���������,h;'"'
Then one day Margaret began talking of new spring frocks, an.l I was  abfiU(    ,    ,, f,   my  ,,rm*1(,-.*n.law
foolish enough to say tbat 1 was tbiuk-1 ;inr,  f0]]owed  ),-,���  here"
Ing of changing my dressmaker.                   ,\rtef   Cloes   was   booked   he   said:
"The very chance for you to try the :"It I" all bosh about mv having wrone-
llttle woman who made my green I ed bis sister I met her in Butte and
gowu. She's so smart and so cheap onlv saw her n few times. While she
She lives at-    There.   I've forgotten.   W!,s   in   Spokane  I   escorted  h
Seattle. Sept. 10.    F. II   Cooper, city
superintendent of schools,   Issued   a
about  mv sister, only he wrote to all 1 sweeping order to all blub school prln-
otir   fri'"ds  in   Butte and   bragged ! cipals  todav  directing them  to notify
faculty directors of athletics, coaches,
business managers and others thai the
school board had forbidden all inter-
city athletic -u-iiniis and thai the board
ru'e became effective Immediately.
If carried out the city superintendent's   orders   will   cancel   all   existing
Scotch   girls   in  service  in   Montrea1
he added, "and little expense is In-
urred. We can do Hint work and
huve our own deaconess paid out of
tlie fees of the shipping companies
and tin' government."
Run  Opposition.
Although the BUbject was ni t pir'
< f tbe regular nrogramme, the pastors
present said the matter was easy ol
"There is no cost Involved," said
one. "It Is purely a matter of stralghi
organization that nays for Itself fer
we. too will qualify for the government bonus."
A committee was accordingly chosen to make arrange!]" nts for a genera] meeting of tl��' Presbytery, this
latter Kiigeestioti being unanimously
carried.    The conference will tak" 1111
the whole question of the incoming
stranger. In    the    quiet    summer
months when church workers are of
ten on holldev, the Immigrant girls
are pouring in. and once pn��t the
quays are lost sight of Special consideration Is therefore to be given to
"follow up" work. The present laxitv
In the churlie work In thU regard l��
being felt also In Scotland, wber ��� 11
is now a matter of concern with man-,
pastors to learn that the daughters of
parishoners are being scattered over
the length and breadth of Canada In
service and hotels and restaurants up
country and ill city, without being re
ported   on   liy   Presbyterian   ministers
Notice la hereby given that an np
plication will he made to tlie Board
of License Commissioners for the City
ofiNew Westminster at tbelr s.ttmg.
to/be held 00 the 10th day of Dec.'in-
ln/r. 1013, or at any meeting prior
thereto tbat the application can be
beard, for a transfer of thi! license to
siell liquor by retail Issued In resp' "t
of the MerObantS Hotel, in the City
of New Wesiminster, B.C., frum the
holders. I'aul Root and J. A. Malm, t 1
the said J. A. Malm.
Hated this 2lilb dav of August   A D.
.1.  A.  MALM
(19TS) License  Hold  "
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  1(6.      Bern  Phont  117
Begble .trot
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Tiie 11. C. Department of Agriculture.
Live  stock  Branch,  will  sell  at
Public  Auction on
September 18th
at 1 p.m. at the
New Westminster
tin head of choice llrad" Dairy Cattle;
the majority of these are young cowe
and a large number will freshen this
fall These cattl" have been carefully
selected aud all are tuberculin tested.
W.  T.   McDONALD,
(2016] Live stock Commissioner.
lo   til"
Coquitlam Municipality.
Please take note that the offices "f thi
above   municipality   arc   -situated   "ii   tin
1'lit   River  Road,   MaillnrdvllU,
A.  IIAl.II'.t'HI'O.V,
i.'f'Tr, i Clerk
Ri   Lots SS and 29,  Block  I. Sub-dlvfslon
el Lot ;::'*-. Oroup 1. Port Haney, iu tbe
District of New Westminster.
Whereas, prool of thc loss of Certlfloate
of Titli  Number 9-38 I'. IsBucd In the mime
,,r  Alice  May   Dormnn  has  been   filed   In
this  nffli ���
Notl       a hen by  given thnl   I  ��� hall, al
tie- explt i':*:; nl one ni"iiili from the dan
,,t !',.   rirsi  ;   1)1 * itlon hereof,  ie u dally
new*) npa-i   : >-i!  in   thi   Citv   ot  N- *.'
���Westminster, i .*.-.;. duplicate "r the said
ci rtlfli nti.   in .*  -   In  tl"   ie- iinllnu   valid
i,|,j, ctlon  bi   n ade  to me In  \�� riling.
.1   C   OWTNN,
District  Registrar "f Titles
Land Regtstrv Office, New Westminster,
B.C     I   -I:   Benu mher    1813 i 8071 I
Tenders an Invited up ;���> and Including
Sepi 20th for '.!������ "', grocer) Imsmnss
consisting of stock, furniture, building ict
property situated In Bouth Westminster
an.l lately operated t,y Simon Svendsen,
0X612) N'-w Wemmlnatar.
Tea Rooms
Tenders nre Invited for the purchase of
Uie Mca-ca Tea Uoomf. Including skk-h and
futures. Tenders tb be addressed to
Walo-r Bi Rose. SOS Westminster Trust
Hulldlng, and to be received not later than
noon, Thursday, the eighteenth day of
September, 1913. Ths lowest or uny ten-
i" ������ i, : necessarily accepted. (.077)
Notice Is herehy given that an ap-
1 I "atlon will be made tu lhe Hoard of
l Icense Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the loth day of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
iliat the a,*;*I cation can be beard, for
; transfer of fe iketisc to sell liquor
liy retail Issued In respect of the
Oocidt-iital bote! preralBos, Columbia
i* reet. New Wett'lluster, B.C., from
the holder, Michael Cow: ���'. ,lf, Justus
Swanson and Adolf Our llonson.""
Dated thin :Cth day of August. A.D.
(1979) License Hold. r.
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria IS a. ra.
p, m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m
aad C :30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver tor Prince Ruperl 1
and Northern Points 1(1 V- m. Wednei !
days   and   Saturdays   at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
leaves Chllllwack   7   a.  m.   Tuesdmr
Thursday and Saturday.
leaves  Westminster   8   a.  ro.   Monday
Wednesday und Friday.
ED. UOUI.ET.  Agent, New Westminster
H.  W.  BUDDIE. (��.  P.  A.. Vanoouver.
What with the harbor improvements, tlm further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
ber own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Calgary, Sept. la. That, the landlord ls liable for work done to the
interior of preimses renradleSB of
whether he ordered It or not, provided
he does not post a written statement
to the effect that he will not be responsible, this statement to be posted
within three days after he landlord
learns that the work is to be carried
out, Ib a decision according to law
which was handed out by bis lordship
Mr Justice .Simmons Friday afternoon.
This deolsion-is of unusual interest to
landlords and tenants, also contractors and linns.
The law governing this question
states that erections, construction, repairs and alterations are work which
the landlord Is equally responsible for
with tbe tenant for which he can be
forced to pay under conditions as stated. This judgment means that Wen-
dall Maclean, proprietor of the Maclean block, Eighth avenue eaat, will
have to pay 12,685, being the amount
of the Judgment, to Hugh Lambert for
the Enterprise Electric company, and
l'eter Hohls and company. The brick
work contractor's claims will also
have to be allowed In view of the decision. Tbe action arose out of the
failure of the plaintiffs to secure payment for the work done on the Flltz
cafe when the cafe was taken by the
Western Catering company, which ul-
but I'll look it up in my address book   -,,',,'1'",
aDd let you know." '.ahn ...,
Now, as n matter of fact, I don't nd-
mire Margaret's in-een Kown ln the
least, and Hick said lt was a "shriek
of fusblon."
Trying to be tactful. I appreciatively
looked at Margaret nntl replied: "Don't
bother, dear. 1 think perhaps after all
I'll give Mme. Blank another chance."
"Yes. but you may as well have tbe
address, mayn't you? Ami I'm k'oin^'
to her this week, and If she says she
cannot take any more orders Just now
I'll mention tliat you nre a friend of
mine. Or���or maybe It would be better for you to come with uie."
Margaret Is always full of plans, nnn.
knowing that to raise her hopes to let
tbem full ngaln will hurt her feelings,
1 temporized by saying. "I'll think It
Anil so we went on every minute of
the time I spent with her, I feeling the
most ungracious creature on the earth.
for Margaret never cun see that she
has said enough, Yet she is u dear
and does mean so well.
Why don't ! go to Ferncllffe nett sum'
mer. Why don't 1 take her remedy
for sore throat? Why don't 1 take s
ticket for the current event talks? Why
don't I go to her dentist'!
And indeed I don't know why I don't
do many of these things, exeept that I
don't particularly want to.
Lick and I never i'��'ii forward to
onr visits to Margaret, simply because
we Hnd It so hard to get away We
plead that we have engagements In
town.    ���'Won't tbey hold over?"
Do you remember Sam Weber's re
ply to Ids father when that dear old
gentleman suggested tbat Ills letter to
Mary, the housemaid, was rather short?
"Not a bit of it." said Bum. "She'll
vish there vos more, nnd that's the
great ait o' letter writln'."
Somehow those words always come
Into my bead as I travel home from
1 wonder, Elsa, how ynu wlll like the
nnd to Davenport's. After that
-'t her wsy nnd 1 went mine.
v .'noned off lure on her way
the school board Friday night, no other action could be taken bv the city
superintendent, but tbere still remains
a remote chance that contracts entered Into In good faith last year, or
hi-ofre the board action this year, may
be recognized bv tin- board.
nTfcfiTtirs"TT   Shorrock  and   iticliani
Wtnsnr are regarded as the principal
while bis wife milks the row on the opponents  of   intercity   games,   while
left side.    In writing a letter he puts "���'"'���'"���  Eckstein Is held to be favor-
uearlv all the compliments on the out,   '''" '" '' -.Tying   ei present contracts
side.    His bead  must  be wrapped up\Z   'K,.ln?lry'      'T'V   V-}'
',',.       *   !'���""    I'u-iMtt      is   cairiicil       bv     the
warm, even in the summer, while his ttthleteg Bg ������������������ ���r j,,,.-,,,,,,, ���, ,-_���,_
feet may well cuough go naked iu win-   way,  whlln  Director (ieorge A. Speti-
His Methods of Life and His Contempt
For Womankind.
An   Afab  ou   entering  a   bouse  removes his shoes, but not his hut    11* f
mounts his horse upon the rlghl side,
Wblteflsh, M lit.. Sept. 16. John
Remain lies in lhe local hospital with
a bullet In bis neck, and his partner
Tom Patton. is in juil as the result of
contracts for games wltb schools nut- U drunken fray iu the Wblteflsh sal-
--���do  Si attle.  whether    the    schedule oon
calls for their playing Bt home or ln i    ektton, a one-armed man   bad been
soma other city, drinking   heavily.    He   had  just  en
'���'""������"������    the    meeting of',,._,,, ,.���. Ba,oon ,.,,,��� K. eonim-nod
sin   in*-:   promiscuously   and   without
Every article of merchandise which
Is liquid he weighs, but be measures
wheat, barley and a few other articles.
He reads and writes from right to left.
He eats scarcely anything for breakfast, uliout as much for dinner, but
after tlie work (lay Is done he Bits
down to a hot meal swimming In oil
or. better yet, boiled butter.
Bis sons eat with hlm. but the females of hls liouse wait till bis lord-
���fhip has done Ile rides n donkey
when traveling, his wife walking Iie-
blnd. He laughs at the Idea of walking In the street with bis wife or of
even vacating hls sent for a woman.
If he be an artisan he does work sitting, perhaps using hls feet to hold
what Ids blinds are engaged upon.
lie lirliiks cold water with a spoon,
but never bathes in it unless bis home
be on the seashore, ile ls rarely seaan
ilrniik. Is deficient ln affection for bis
kindred, has little curiosity nnd no ltn
Itn.'lon. no wNIi to improve his mind.-
Kverytlaj 1.1(0,
er is nnt classified.
As a matter of fuel,
Ilireetor Shor
any apparent roast n und turned h's
gun with the last loaded sbell i n his
partner and the bullet enn red llama1
li's jaw and lodged In hU neck,
Just bow badly he is injured is il f
flcult to determine. On being t*ues-
tb ii- 'I ii> iiie officer ai the hospital
Ram all I Bald In' vas from Nevada, but
bis answi r was somewhat Incoherent
and uncertain,
Patton is said to be a timekeeper
for nn "���tra gang in Java on the
(ireat Northern.
(nie.,- Ceorgc Taylor, ub" rigur^d
in a fatal pistol duel here two w '���'*..���*
ago. arrested I'atton.
New Imported  Kail Suitings now i u
display. See them, Perfect nt .net
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
JlS.ou up.   "ul Front Btreet.
London, Sept. 16.���Int crest ing details are given by the metropolitan
asylums board with regard io tue out
dollies und centerpiece 1 am making IcaBts (,r London who are now under
for a frleud who does a lot of Informal ; their jurisdiction. The beard stme
eutertalnlng���chafing dish parties and time ago arranged u method by which
the like. The set Is of blue and white lall night wanderers were to be afford
burred tea toweling. A. yard and flre- ed an opportunity ol obtaining bad and
eighths of eighteen inch wide toweling  breakfast at the casual wards.
makes  the  twelve dollies,   which  are'     "   ',��  ��,;itt'il   "'at   cases  have   b l
nine Inchea square.   A square of the   brought  to  notice of men  who dellb
a-_-.ii.... . -T .-. -...-._. .  erately     alternate     between   casu ii
toweling was too narrow to make a
goaid looking centerpiece, so I compromised on an oblong table runner.
Tbe edges of both dollies and centerpiece nre finished with heavily padded
buttonholing done with mercerised rot-
ton tbe abade of tbe blue bar In the
crash.   Across the center of each dolly
ly alternate between casu il
wards and prison, taking care to quel
ify for a sentence of at least thru"
months, which secures for them, .n
good behavior In prison, a gratuity of
10s on discharge. Having spent their
money on a shortlived holiday they
revert to Ihe casual wards aud rpea'
tlie cycle of conviction,  prison, grit
and at both ends of the runner renter- juity and debauch, lt Is declared that
piece will be placed the Initials of tbe i "he establishment of compulsory la-
owner In woes stitch, carried ont lu | bor colonies Is the only method Jeft _t i
twe shades of blue.   On a polished ms
bonny table the set ie stunning.
Time's np, ao ant wtederseben.
be tried In this country for dealing
with tho wnstrels. Such detention colonies however, seldom cure, but ure
valuable In keeping tramps and b"g
ears off the streets.
It is direct but courteous.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are matir;.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
rr- ,aj __-,
. ____.���m ******
English Capital Going in Very Rapid- .Interest  Keen   In  Republic's Affair
ly and Development Is
Pl'iltos,   Peru,   Sept     16     What   Is
considered us an Important step ln the
direction of developing the resources
and industries of the Peruvlan-Ama-
,'ui I -Klon Is llie campaign started by
ihe Commercial Bank of Bpantsh-
Ametica of London
Lasl  year it distributed    a    large
amount of cotton sseda In tha region
nil   i la   fur   the   cultivation   of   Ihls
plant ThlH year ii had oofTee brought
rrom Nicaragua, to be used for tha
.-.an e purpose.
luiiiiiiy tbe bank forwarded to
*..* ind ten trunks of mahogany from
ihe !. rm bm orient, to be exhibited
tbere and also oinht bulls of "Balsa's
down." Tb" balsa or oelbo tree
tocbroma ploatorla), Is about as large
us tba maple tree, and Its fruit has
:i    o itton    like   covering   employed    iu
ihe manufacture of mattresses.   The
��� i of this tree Is exceedingly light
and commonly known as tha raftwood
of tb" Upper Munition
Vegetable Ivory Is nowadays one of
tl r     ' i.f articles  of  export  from   the
Moi ' ina of Peru or  Peruvian orient
i'i"    palm   M'hylell phaS)   Which   yields
il Is generaly found In clusters under the shad.* of lofty trees Its extreme altitude lr 8,000 feet above sec
' ��� "!,s tIint only one of tbem || eX
plotted commercially This palm
ii'hyieii phiis macro-carpal la also
I.in ***n under the name of "polo-pon-
to." bas a very short trunk and some,
tunes not... at all, with Inrit" leaves re-
���ambling Immense feathers. The fruit
omits a strong perfume The fruit Is
iboul the size of a man's bead, and
is seeds are known as the vegetable
in-.,   nuts     As 'bis palm  crows wlh|
snd ��� i attempt 'ns ever been made
I | ��� Ultlvats It. Ilttls IS known positive!, about lis longevity Tbe general belief Is that the first fruit In borne
nl about the Ruth year, and that life
' I i'-e plant varies between fitly and
lne years
\ tree sometimes bears from six to
el-qhi large heads or drupes each drupe
containing from six to eight nuis or
seeds A single head sometimes
weighs as much ns twenty pounds and
llie    r.'*'s   MT"   "f   a    sl/e   in    a-erird a 11 ee
v Ith that of ihe drupe The greatest
obstacle with which this young Indus-
tn ba- had io contend was the lack
of adequate means for their prepare
tlon f.ir the mn-lcot. sine,, ivory nuts
in the pulp sre of little ralae, while
cleaned up they command a much better price.
Money   Plentiful   For Good
London, Bept. 16. The city is ioth-
urgl" beyond  belief     Scarcely anyone
of Importance who has an office within ths limits Of tbe one square mile Is
liking the trouble to come to town.
The only lull-resting topic Jus! at presenl is Mexico, ths latest newa of winch
is   being  eagerly   discussed  Just   nnw
The announcement that Senor Covar-
miiiiiH is most probably to ba ths next
prealdent has given satisfaction both
in diplomatic and financial circles Iii
tha former ba Is of course, exceeding'
ly will known personally, whilst
imong flnanclera he Is known by rep-
utatli n and  respected as a man ur
iionoi and Integrity
Bi ni :��� Covarrublas bas not yel ra
celved any communication elthei from
the United Btates or fr-un Mexico ap-
ropoa of tl.e presidency, bul wa have
reason P r stating that should such
in  offer ns  is  Suggested   ba   made  to
h m  li"  wlll accept  li     lie was. ol
'   Utre, for maay years minister to Sat.
Ismes, but ilnci the lluerta regime
he has been appointed to st Petersburg, though at the present moment
he Is In London. He would ba quite
the right man to occupy the position
of provisional prealdent, for be has tha
confidence of all parties, is a thorough
patriot who desires to see his country progress peacefully and steadily,
snd is iii many ways quite the best
nrm for tbe position, particularly from
an Investor's point of view
Tha new Issues which we have been
pri mlssd Mill hang flre. and consider-
lng tli" state of business are likely to
hang lire for a week or two longer.
Madmen tliere .-, re, || is true, but no
man surely mad enough to endeavor
lo bri'i- oul any Issue al the present
'''"���   which  il pet of the very highest
 I irreproachable character. Aeoord-
lir.-lv. as most what Is on the stocks
Is of a more or les ordinary character, it may he expected that tbelr publication  will  be deferred
Money Is fairly plentiful and fairly
cheap for good borrowers, but business Is absolutely non-existent, though
there are hopes for better things in
:b" near future.
Montreal Committee Recommends Department to Have Wide Control
m ouch Matters.
Port Townsend. Sept. Hi Attired in
mala clothing, the body of a woman
was discovered on the beach at ('ape
Ueorge, five miles from here. Bunday
morning  by   plcknlckers  and  efforts
Ol lb- pollce and sheriff's fo-ces
10 identify the remains have
proved unavailing The body was
thopghl to be that of a man until the
i   r ner I   ini|ii<-s'..  held   this   morning.
Thst the victim is a woman of n -
finemenl is evidenced by her features
and tbe texture of the apparel she
wore al the time of her death, llru'ses
mi the bead suggested to the pi I OS
that the victim might have met wltb
foul play, bm until an autopsy Is heid
the causa 'tf death, will not ba iloti
nltely known
.-'(������������ral camplpg parties frnm Sett-
tls and Tacoma have visited the ils-
tr.rt ahout Cape (Ieorge during the
past few weeks, and as It Is not un-
common for women campers to don
male attire while "roughing It." the
victim may have been a im mber of
one of  these  pnrties.
No jewelry was found on the tidy.
The bands indicate that the woman
wns not accustomed to work mom
than light household tasks. The bodv
apparently had been In the water only
a short time when It was cast np on
the beach The victim was _a middle-
aged  woman
Tli" sheriff's office ha." not;flcd the
police authorities of the principal
Sound c lies The bodv will be h'lil
several days pending developments.
It Is Said That Amrrlcan Investments
There  Are  Over  Billion
Spokane, Sept. Hi. -Attacked by
cramps two hours after eat.ng green
Wile. ,md drinking Ice water while
"ii the trnin In Albtrta. Nnllle Sulll-
van, aged 7. the daughter of Oeorge
F Sullivan, formerly of Boise, Idaho,
died yesterday at the Sacred Heart
Owing to the critical illness of the
gul when the family reached Spo-
kai '"Wednesday the father, who Is a
brother of J. K. Sullivan of Wlnaor,
on the Medical Lake & Cheney Interurban line, placed tho girl In the Sac-
' il Heart hospital. Several physl-
cans were called in consultation, but
wcre unable to relieve the suffering
ol the girl.
The parents recently resided at
Boise, but disposed of their property
and removed to Alberta. They were
on ihelr way back to Boise when the
girl became 111.
Two Score 8eek Post of Matron of
Spokane, Sept. 16.���From the number of applications on file the examination for police matron September 17
promises to hnve the largest field of
entries ever llsled by the city civil
service commission.
Forty women had entered their
names'for the examination In soil" of
���he -inno -neoTiient that they will likely he called on to pass a rigid examination ns to tholr physical fitness to
hold the place. Tbe time for filing
wlll close today at noon and other
entries nre expected In the meantime.
A number of the applications now
���rn file nre from women who aro over
4fl yenrs of tigs and under thn llm<ta-
tlnn ns to age will bo barred. The
c'vll service commission haa no option ns to tho nan limit, as the civil
service rules approved by the city
council fix the limit at 40.
It Is reported officially that Amer'-
eau Investments In Mexico aggregate
11.057.770,(1110. More Ihan 50,000 parsons in the l'nited States are shar -
holders in these enterprise*. As
against the American investments the
Kngiish have interests aggregating
|3J1,802,800, the French 1148,416,000
and other foreign countries ���|llX,5-_.
In many Industries, particularly
railroads, mines, smeltirs. timber, fac
torus, oil, rubber and Insurance, the
American capital employed ln Mexico
far excea-ds that of ihe .Mexicans.
Investments Wide-Spread.
No section of the (Jolted Slates has
n monopoly of the Investments In
Mexican undertakinigs. N'ew Y< rk
naturally has the largest share, but
Pittsburg has a considerable In erest.
���r-. ' ii.iv. S'. Louis. Kansas City, Bos
ton, Columbus, O . Cincinnati. Duluth.
Denver, San Antonio, San Francisco.
I/Oi Angeles, and many other citks.
The enterprises of Americans cover
thn whole of the republic south ofthe
Rio (irande. They are Noatti red over
Chihuahua, Sonora. Slnsloa. Durnng i,
Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas.
Zacateoas, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Qui rctaro, Jalisco, Mlchoacan. Ill
dalgo. Vera Crux, Guerrero, Oixaci,
l'uebla, Aguns I'alientos and the stat���>
i f Mexico, In railroads alone thc investments total J644,n00.000. In mines
and tuning accessories thev exc d
$268,000,000! In oll and rubber. $30..
000,000; In timber, $8,100,000; In factories of various sorts, $10,S00,000; In
generul stores, $4,880,000, and In ranches and rattle $11,.150,000.
Some day, when there is peace and i
good will throughout the land, there
will bc a tremendous development In
Mexico.    Its mineral wealth haB been
one of  Ils curses.    The country  has1
been called the treasure house of the
world.    It  has produced one-third cf
the silver now In use, From one sma'l
world.    In  the  first    ten    years    of]
the present century the gold and silver nrodiirtlon of the republic approximated  $600,000,000.    Almoat as  r c'l
as the deposits of gold are tbe beds of
copper, but richer than gold and s 1-1
ver and copper combined Is the agri-1
cultural wealth of tho nation, and this
agricultural wealth la practically undeveloped.
Mexican Mlnea.
Of mlnea Mexico had at the time of
the last report 31,988 on which tuxes
w-ro hein< paid. There ts hardly a]
mineral known that la not listed j
among the products.
I Among the American concerns the
'American Smelting ft Refining coin
ipanv snd Phelps, Dodge ft Co. atsnd
at thc head. To the Guggenhelms, who |
control the American Smtltlne * Re-
ifln'ns companv, credit Is given for Introducing modern smelting Into Mnx-
|ton. 'I'hnv heve elants In varlon��
parts of the republic. One at Mcnte-
I'ov Is sprend over 300 acres, has ten
:furnaces and a capacity of 460,000'
Itons a year. In addition the Qnggon-
l-mlnis onerato ten mines, f'vo ln the
Sierra Mojada district In Chihuahua,
four In the Santa Eulalia belt In the
I same state, and one at Aslentos. H'<w
|much the American Smelting ft Rs-
.flnlng eMnpany's Interes's renresont
is difficult to ascertain. The niiggen*
heims never give out Information, snd
tho estimates of outsiders, wh'ch
range fr��m 820.000,000 to $85,000,000
are merely guesses.
Montreal, Sept. Hi.���A bureau if
fire supervision, oonjp rising ut leas
flfiy tm n wiii.n" entire time and inertly  would  be ii, voted to  the inspi-c-
ie.,i of property, and who would bavs
authority to inter action against any
person violating the provaiions enacted to prevent fire, ia tha recommendation ol tb" subcommittee of tha
Jolui   fire   prevention   committee     r>:
cenlly organised by the in-ard of trad i
and affiliated bodies.
The   report   just   compiled   by     the j
subcommittee recommends tiiat   thli!
bureau of supervision should be under!
tin- dlrecl control of tin- fire depart-1
iinnt.    H also maintains Hint all mat-I
N.rs which have any relation whatever
to fire hazard and tha safeguatdlng ]
of life ami property, Including ths in ]
staiiatii.il ami maintenance of fire es- j
capes and the enforcsmi nt of regulations, should  be  under  tin- Jurisdiction of the fire department, as   tbat
lias better knowledge of conditions
than any other branch of the municipal si rvice.
Three Classes.
The report divides the fire hazard
Into   three   classes;   construction,   occupancy and incendiarism.
Taking the first feature, It is sug-
gc-ttfd tbat the building code being
compiled should be submitted to the
Joint flre prevention oommlttee befors
being adopted, in this connection the
prevention of the spread of fires by
the use of such appliances as no t'i!
window* frames, wired glass, etc., is I
referred to.
Ocupancy covers a large field of
hazards. The committee recommends
laws to penalize for careleaaness by
Inflicting fines and. In cases, providing for the loss of insurance policies
where negligence is proven. The laws
should lusisl upon cleanliness, atld re
moval of waste and rubbish from th"
premises every day. The placing cf
ashes in anything but metal receptacles should be prohibited.
"The     fire   commissioners'   court j
should he placed In a position to cooperate with the fire department.    It
should be given greater authority tha'i I
ilt at present  has to make full Investigation and  Impose penalties and ef- i
fectively administer the law." d clar,-? I
the report.
"A large number of fires are caused I
by  Incendiarism     Many  of these are i
set by persons possessing a mania for
jthe destruction of propertv. .while In
i other cases over-insurance is altngrth
,er responsible. In our opinion It would |
be wise  for Insurance companies    to j
enquire carefully Into the value of the
property   they   Insure,   more   part'eu- '
larly  In  regard   to  merchandise,  also j
that they co-operate with the fire r_o-
nartmeni in maintaining records of all j
fires and particulars concerning    the I
1    The subcommittee conclude by call-
lng atteniion to tbe fact lhat th" flre I
' waste   is   greater  In   Canada   than   ln j
any othrr part of the world.    The re- I
port   will   be  submitted   at   the   rent
meeting  of  the  joint   fire   prevention
Keller, Wash.. Sept. 16.���Clair Hun*,
and his allotting crew of twelve num
left here today for Octent basin, w-st
of Wild (loose ferry on the Columbia
river, and about 22 miles west of
llridgeport, where they will mak" the
final Indian allotments on this reser-
ration so far as lhe present roll cf
2_Uii Indians is concerned.
Mr.  Hunt stated    that    more    than
2200  allotments  had   been   complet��d
and  that  he  had only about  loo n !
make, and the crew of  Mr.  Redfleld I
operating at   West  Fork  and   Meteor. '
has  about   40.     Within   the   next  two
months the entire work will be com- j
There are. according to Mr.  Hunts .
estimate, about  SOO applications    f-r ;
allotments outside of the original roi! j
which have not yet be<n acted upon.
They come from outside Indians who
���ek  tribal   standing  cn   this   reserva- I
tion for the purpose of getting land, I
but their applications will have to be |
approved  by the secretary  of the In-1
terlor before allotments can be given
Mr. Hunt stated that owing to the
mountainous condition of this nart of
the reservation he found It hard to
survey and difficult to find awrtcul-
tural lands on which to allot all the
Indians who wished to remain along
or near the San Poll.
Toronto, Sept 16.���"If 1 was at thc
depot and if I ran one step. I hope
God almighty will strike me dead, and
my wife and baby, too. As for the
rest of them, I don't know anything
about them, as God Is my judge."
Wtth his right hand uplifted James
E. Guthrie, found guilty in the bounty
criminal court, with two others, William Cooper and Thomas McCoy, of
picking T. F. Harrison's pocket st th��
Union Btatlon on June 30. made a
dramatic appeal to Judge Morgan.
. Sergeant Guthrie noticed four m-n
"t work on a crowded tra'n Just befo-e
It pulled out, while he was going nn
���Soiidsvu. Th-e polieetnan mnde for
tho men, but two of them ran awsy
up the tracks, making good their �����*������
cape, while the o'hers dnrted acros"
the crowded platform. Cooner w>��
e-an-1-it st th�� foot of the sta'rs, but
P. M. Rn(d ent awav for the ���Hm". b--
'ng arretted later. At th" pol'ce c-ift
boring veM was granted nssh hall o'
8R00. which, he promptly i"mped.
Cooper, nimble to nut np ball, remained In .lall for trial.
A few days later Sergeant Ou'hrle
ssw the -two men Who hsd nm up the
track (MeCov anrt Gethrln* -nnMiln
street, Barrle, and effected their arrest.
OOOf-er     WSS     Ihen     ���,���n*'-nnn,l     In    \%
���-onths In th�� e����->ral -rls/v". nnd Mr
Cov snd Giithrie to 12 montha each.
Cooper and McCnv took their medl-
rii�� without a whlT-a-aer, but Outhrle
made an angry proteat.
Doesn't Pay
It doesn't pay the merchant who claims to be 'too small
to advertise"���and wants to stay that way.
It doesn't pay the merchant whose printed statements
misrepresent his goods or his prices.
It doesn't pay the merchant who believes there are "slack
seasons" when people cease to eat, drink
or wear out clothes.
It doesn't pay the merchant who has premonitions of "off
days"���or who constantly courts visions of
hard times.
It doesn't pay the merchant who advertises once���and then
It doesn't pay the merchant who expects advertising to
take the place of honesty.
It doesn't pay the vacillating or irresolute.
It doesn't pay the slave of precedent.
It doesn't pay the quitter���the crook���the faker���the
simulator. Advertising is publicity and
publicity, like sunshine, is'the deadly foe
of all that is bad or diseased���and is life
and health te all that is good.
Advertising plus dishonesty, or advertising plus poor
goods and unsound business methods, is
death���sure and quick. The more advertising the quicker the death.
But Advertising In
The New Westminster News
Plus honest merchandise and sound business methods
Always Pays
It works at all times and in all seasons.   Summer-
winter���spring or fall.
Blaze that fact on your memory, Mr. Merchant.
It works in the light or in the dark of the moon.
A change in the wind from south to southwest does
not affect it
It works when the mercury hovers around one hundred or when it shivers below zero.
It  Is   Absolute)   Inevitable,   and  as
Certain as the Rising Sun
I     Supply Co.
P. o. Box 2        Phonea 1 and 17
641 Columbia St
We have on sale a very
fine lot of Local Potatoes at $1 per sack.
They are   large   and smooth
and holl white and mealy.
Yellow Globe Onions,
fine for boiling, 5 lbs.
for 25c.
Carrots, fresh from the
ground, per lb. 2c.
Turnips, "Rutabagas,
per lb. 2c.
Cauliflower, Cabbage,
Celery, Tomatoes, etc.
received fresh every
"Our Best" Flour on
sale, 49 lb. sack $1.65.
Supply Co.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In thla
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Dog as Mascot.
Willie Walmsley, of Ihe Tourist
hotel, Port Moody, hns sold one of hit.
pedigreed St. Bernard pups to the
72nd Highlanders as a mascot.
is open from 9:00 a.m.
every week day except
Saturday, when the
hours are 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
4 per cent interest is
allowed on all deposits
from $1 upwards and
such interest is added
Every assistance is
given to depositors in
selecting safe investments whenever deposits are sufficiently large
to purchase securities.
There are other ways
in which we are of service to depositors.
Call in and talk the
matter over.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships  under  Administration, over $6,000,009.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
The Hoyal City Dancing Cluh will
hold a series of dances In St. Patrick's
hall, commencing Thursday, September 18th. (2081)
Change Quarters.
Gray and Gilchrist have removed
their offices lo the hulldlng occupied
by the Kord Motor oompany, at the
corner of Ixirne anil Carnarvon
Dean Case.
It. was Intimated yesterday In the
assize court that all witnesses In the
charge against Charles Dean for the
Bank of Montreal rohbery would bo
relieved from attendance In court until Monday.
The Ntiwara Kllya plateau In Ceylon
(02(10 feet above sea level I possesses
the finest tea estates In the world. The
"Salada" Tea Co. import their tea
from this district. The delightful
flavor and absolute purity of "Salada"
will please you.   Your grocer sells It.
Finds True Bill.
The grand Jury have returned a
verdict of true bill against Frank
Hanson, a penitentiary guard, for
rape. The trial will probably proceed
after the disposal of the Motes case.
A similar charge which has already   been (m the nm bctlVern Sr,att-
been traversed twice against a local
man will very likely follow.
G. Stokee und family leave toduy
with u car load of effects for the same
district to settle on their location.
M-tsars. Wintrip and Stokes will be
To vagrants faceU Uie music In
police court yesterday morning, ono
receiving [our months In Jail, such a
sentence being actuated by Ills pei-
slstency In proclaiming his Innooince.
while tlie other was remanded until
this morning.
Progressive Association  Learns    that
Ewen Avenue Project Meets
���with Success.
Social Tonight,
Tlie lirst social event of the season
will b�� held by the members of St.
Peter's social assembly III St. Patrick's
hall tonight.
Lsunch Burned.
While Just on the point of returning
to this cily from Pender harbor with
hls launch, John McUuarrle hud the
misfortune to sec the boat go up In
flames and be totally destroyed. The
launch had been In use at Pender har
bor during the summer where .Mr. Mc
yuarrie and other members of the
family and relatives had been spend
lng tin ir vacation
May Discuss It.
The llurnaby hoard of trade will
hold Its monthly meeting In the muni
cipul hall at Edmonds this evening.
President Coldicutt will be In the
chair. It is probable thnt a discussion
will take place ou the announcement
made by the 11. ('. E. lt. regarding n
reduction In the electric lighting rates
as the (itiestloii of municipal ownership of this utility has been und.r
debate for some little time.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages
Improved city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1889)
Monster Locomotive.
One of the largest and most power
ful freight locomotives that has ever'pamphlet
At the weekly meeting of    the New
Westminster Progressive    association
j yesterday It  was stated  in  regard  to I
IEwen avenue cunnccilug the westerly
boundary with No. in mini   in   iticn-j
in..nu   municipality,   that   assurance
bad been given for a right of way for,
all   the  road,   wltll   the   exception   of |
one small piece of property which will j
[be arranged for us soon as the pros- j
lent holder ot the agrflemenl of sale j
obtains Ills deed. This gives direr |
connection along No. 19 to No. B|
roads, thus giving through  access to
!Woodward's Landing and the Ixltn
It was decided  that the committee
be given more time In which to    uct.
'and that a communication be sent to
the board of trade advising It what
hns been done In the mutter
Booth for Fair.
It was decided that the association
would put up a booth in ihe Industrial
building on the fair grounds. The
secretary will urrunge for the provision of electric light, telephone, etc ,
���and a stenographer will be engaged,
He   will   also  be  provided   witli    nil
.kinds of printed Information so he
will be enabled to give any particulars required,
I The committee on cold storage reported progress and were given an ei
tension of time.
j    The  publicity   committee   now     ar  i
! ranging  for    the    publication    of
New Tax Offices.
The new muntcipal offices at Maillardville where the ratepayers of Coquitlam will have the pleasure of paying their taxes are undergoing some
alterations. It is JuBt as well to remind the ratepayers that the rebate
period expires on October 1. The
offices are at the police office, Pitt
River road, Maillardville.
Por all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Money Talks.
It is understood that several propositions In connection with Burna-
by's financial affaire fwill come up for
discussion at a special meeting of the
council to be held at 10 o'clock this
morning at Edmonds. The question
of supplying South Vancouver with
water from the llurnahy mains will
ulso come up for discussion.
��� Social Function.
Telephone -operators members of
the Wawataso cluh, und lhelr friends
will hold a social In the handsome
quarters of the company on Clarkson
street tomorrow evening. A line
musical program is being prepared,
and If past events of this club are
any criterion, the coming social affair
is assured of success.
of Information,   met   last
week nnd drew  up speclficat'ona an'l
Vancouver,  passed  through   Westmin--sent out for quotations.    Orders    will
ster on  the  Great  Northern  at  9::iu shortly be placed for Its printing.
last evening.   This Is one of the new I ���	
type   placed   on   the   Great   Northern j PREPARING  PLANS  FOR
road during the past few months and NEW COURT HOUSE.
created  no little interest  among  the - -   ���-
people who were on  the  pla'form  nt ,     Messrs,   Gardner  &   Mercer.  ar-"hi-
the station waiting for the passanger jtects,  yesterday  commenced  the  pre-
train to arrive from Seattle. ' llmlnary surveys necessary to the pre-
  partition   of   plans   for   the   extension
Graduates Organize. and   Improvements  of  the  provincial
A meeting of women graduates of government buildings. The new court
colleges and universities was held yes , rooms which will be constructed In
terday evening at the residence of the front of the present building will
Miss Trapp, 407 Agnes street, regard- be a godsend to the suffering Judges,
lng the university women's class In juries, clients, counsel and presn
the city. Resides organizing, plans It will be possible fy
for winter work were discussed, and the R '" I
tbe  following  officers  were  elected
removal from
R. tramway proximity on
Carnarvon street, to conduct law ''nses
President. Miss M. L. Hridgmun; flrat
vice-president, Dr. Ella Scarlett
Synge; second vice-president. Miss
Gertrude Evans; secretary. Miss E.
Trapp; treasurer, MIbs Jessie Drew.
These Were Listers.
Some of the Iambs of the flock were
without   ear-breaking,   heart-rending
Interruptions    from    the    thundering!
rumbles of passing cars every 15 minutes.
WADE���The death occurred
city yesterday at 8 o'clock a in  i
In the|
if Mr?.!
certainly led astray yesterday when a   Frances Wade, aged S4 years. Sh" was
flock of sheep, being driven down
Front street, followed some old renro-
bate of the drove, and made a dive
into a nearby saloon. Not wishing t"
be the goats the patrons within took
their feet from the rail antl. massing
for a formation buck in the doorway,
told the giddy young wooly ones they
couldn't come in, and departing, returned to afternoon tea. No sooner
had they left the door, when the grmi!
I again came back, but were rebuffed
in the same manner and sent awav
with that parched feeling.
the relict of the late Thomas  Wade
of   Stonehouse,   Devonshire,   I-.nclan
and   the   mother   of  C.   H    S    Wade, 1
publicity   commissioner     The   deceaBed lady was bom on May 13, l^-ii at!
Macclesfield. Cheshire.
McAllisters limited
We have now located our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department
in new antl spacious showrooms on the First Floor. These will be
arranged and fitted with every facility and comfort for our customers to choose their new Fall Suits and Coats.
Special displays of the very latest Fall Coats direct from the
fashion centres, will be shown during this week.
Coats for young and old in a very large and varied assortment
await your approval and selection.
And in accordance with the policy of this new business, values
and prices will demonstrate to you our ambition to offer you, consistent with the best quality of merchandise, values that cannot
be equalled.
During the alterations and re-arranging of Departments, many Special Bargains and Oddments gathered from different Departments wiifbe placed
on the Bargain Tables on the Main Floor to bc closed out at very exceptional prices. v
McAllisters Limited
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Grand Jury's Day Off.
The grand jury visited the mental
asylum at Coqultlam and the Colony
farm yesterday afiernoon. The members have heen relieved from duty
until Friday morning when they will
reassemble and complete their work
of preliminary deliberating upon
charges and Inspecting local Institu
On Friday   next   P. II. Brown    will
sell by public auction on the premises
the contents of Mr. Hardwlck's bouse
on Kdmonds road, at 2 o'clock. South \
Hend   Malleable  cooking    range,     "Ix '���
hole, ln first class shape;  bedsteads,
tables, chairs,    pictures,    china    and
earthenware, garden tools, lawn mower I
and  other  effects,    No  reserve.     Mr !
Hard wick is leaving the disirict    and
everything must be sold regardless if
price.    Terms cash. (2079)
Many entries are expected for th"
better babies' contest that will he held
in connection with the provincial ex
hlhition which opens on September 30
Arrangement:; are proceedings and
the committee of the Local Council of
Women expects that tliere will be in
the neighborhood cf 100 babies in Uncontest. A blank entry form will be
found in the advertising columns of
this issue.
day, Jena M   Herd, aned nine we ki,!
daughter of David Herd.
The funeral  wtll be held  from    the
Bowell    undertaking    parlors    at    .1
o'clock   tomorrow  afternoon,   Rev.   A.
Dunn officiating.
Fancy and Evening Dresses!
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
'If you read THE NEWS
I you get all the news.
Ilesldence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
Mus. Bac.
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 4,5x113 to lane.   Near City car line. Beautiful
746 Columbia St.      312-31.5 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Cinging,   Piano,   Theory.
Kor Terms and  Hours Apply at
tudio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone'
1319 R. (1977)
Five! Cent Fare On B.C.E.R.
  In Hastings Townsite
(Continued trom pane onei
Official   Opening.
Motorists     throughout     the     lower
|mainland are taking great Interest in
tin- apeclal preparation for the official
(Opening of Kingsway and should    the
plans of Prealdent Welsh and other
'officers of the It. A. n i. society ma-
fierlallze It is expected that tin- largest
[automobile  parade  ever arranged     In
British Columbia will be carried out,
i'he destination being tlie exhibition
i ground*-* in thia city.
.. for ..
Judge Howay Commissioner,
llin honor Judge Iloway left for
Chllllwack yesterday morning. 11 iH
honor, as royal commissioner, will
conduct the Investigation on the respective rights of tlie squatters and
the North Pacific Lumber company on
government lands in the vicinity of
ehilllwack. .1. Ii Grant, New Westminster, represents the government,
and Charles Wilson. K.C , Vancouver,
the squatters.
Speaking of Plums.
Yesterday a News man happened to
drop into Kber Strid-'s home, Seventeenth avenue and Twelfth Btreet, and I
(besides carrying away a comfortable
lload of fruit formlnst his bell buckle
the paper man had in his pocket tin
two finest specimens of plums In- ever
saw. The pair, of which one is a
perfect tvpe of tlie Ponds seedling
weigh half a pound, the seedling being the heavier of the two. Mr. Stride
has biiHhels of them In his orchard,
besides perfect tomatoes and cucumbers, to the raising of which he has
paid special attention this season.
which would render any change un
necessary. No such adjustment haa
come, and none is In sight. Therefore, to further delay setting the com
pany's affairs In line with condition:
as they now exist, antl are certain to
continue for some time would he not
only unfair to those who havi- furnished the money for our developments
but dangerous and unsound from 8
financial standpoint.
Same Other Places.
"Tho sii nation which confronts it
here in British Columbia lias been
experienced generally along the coast
and in a nnmber of cases elsewhere
has boen met by a return to the
Btralght five cent fan- Our company
however, does nol Intend to go lo thli
extreme unless a still further inereis
In operating costs compel ua. Wi
propose, therefore, continuing a 1 w
rate ticket for worklngmen, which
will be sold In strips of 10- "' '.-.hit
and f> green- at 4u cents pi r Btrlp, 'r
4 cents per ride. The white tickets
Wlll he good only up in 8 a ra. Th'
other half will he good at anv t'nv
up to midnight, when the owl rat""
will come into effect. Apart from
thrse tickets the fare will be 3 cent"
but for the convenience of the public
blocks of tlcke's wlll he sold, !i fnr
25 ennts. School children's rates will
remain  as  before.
"Suburban rates, together with
transfer privileges, will ocntlnua as
heretofore and Interurban rates er
unchanged. It hi'U been deeded I'm'
the new rates will applv to citv lines
In Hastings townsite. This means P
considerable benefit  to  realdi nts    i f
and Miss
I..H.A..M.,  A.It.CM.
LOCIETY of mucician::.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin. Sing
ing, Voice Production, Theory (ln
class or privately), Harmony. Counterpoint. Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examinations of the Associated Hoard of   tbe i
Koyal  Academy  of  Music  and  Royal i
Colli;-" of Music,   Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.        i
For terms, etc, apply 51 Dufferin
Street.    I'hone 411 (2067)
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Rids:.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  *A2
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at IM p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Shorthand, Typewriting by
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia  St.,  Phonea
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   8t.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   L8S3.
Phone E_3.
HOUCK.   Principal.
610 Columbia  St.
Preserving Peaches, per
crate 90c.
Local hothouse tomatoes, _ Hm
Tokay 0rapes, per lh  	
Fancy Prunes, :; lbs for 	
'iooil Creamery  Putter, '.', Una.
Our own Ranch Kkkk. dozen .
lied sprint; anil Steelhead Salmon
2  lh��. for   25e.
Sockeye  Salmon,  pur  Ih   . . 10c
Fresh Halibut, 2 Ihs 25c]
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, 2 Ihs 35c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department ut all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parta of tbe
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Hint section of tho city. In the pn-'
residents have pnlil SO centa for p*
ride. In future, they will pav f. cn'-
ct ral rli t for a Single ride, aid wlll
also ho (tititleil to use the working
i man's tlcketH, wlilch, when ueed within thp proper hours, wlll reduce the
cost  of a  ritle to 4 cents.
"The new rales will he effective nti
and after September IH, ami tlm
tickets at presenl In force will rot be
sold after the nth of this month."
Will Be Neinhbors.
The  family  of  It.   Wintrip,    pound-
master,  left  on   Monday to  take  possession of their new homestead, about
jtwo miles from Hlaine, secured at the
j recent   dispensation  of  >j0  acre  hold-
jlngs  well erjulpped for the conversion
Uf their land into producing soil.    VS.
Teacher* Are Marooned.
Watervllle, Wash.. Sept. 16.���While
Professor E. I.e Grande Cherry was
showing a party of lady teachers
through the new school htillilinK he
took them to the roof. Some one. re
| moved the ladder and the teachers
were held jrleonera for some time.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Ws write Flrt, Lift, Accident, Employers'  Liability, Automobile and
Marina Insurance.
am(saui-iDs. oi-ia, m.r., raisiotirr.      w. o matthiws, vioi-wunoiiaT.
C. A. BOQERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
R-awrva Fund .
Total Asaeta ���
Making A Banking Connection
Directors of corporations and business firms tn the process ol
formation, sre Invited to consult with tha Dominion Bank on all
linancial matters.
The policy of this Bank Is to extend fullest banking facilities
lo progressive firms and corporations.


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