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The New Westminster News Nov 4, 1913

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 News Classified Ada.
Havo proven their worth by  the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
large   or    small   wants   at   amall
Weather  Today
N'-iMv '^stuilnster and the I_owcr
J Mi.t&ikniP Light to niodeqite winds,
ff\ unsettled and mild
I nipd��(
'- * Ul
���Ttiiu..*..: ..rn*Z*r
ANXIOUSLY WAI1   |w per an. Of
  j Westminster Creates Record on Lower
End Of Bitter Campaign for | Mainland-Balance Due City
Control of New York
New   Charge    Against    McCall���Nine
Thousand  Wsrrants Issued���
Allege Illegal Registration.
Coming in Fast.
A total of KI per cent, of the total
taxes for this year havo been paid
into the city treasury according to
City Treasurer J   .1   Mackay.    This Is
I looked upon as a record among the
municipalities on the lower mainland,
a report from Point Grey of a few
'lays  ago   indicating   tbe   payment   of
; lull 75 per cent, of tbe taxes.
Of the. reinulning 11* per cent.. City
i Treasurer    .\U>ekny   expects   that     a,
! large proportion of Ibis amount will
arrive within the next inonth. He
mentioned lhat taxes had been received from all partB of the continent
and as far as the old country. Owners
of New Westminster real estate are
to found in practically every state of
the union and Alaska.
X    ' ��*ta_E *VI^ENTt
Railroad   Magnate   Threatens  Woman
and Man with Murder If Funds
Arc Not Sent.
K. Gould Succeeds Father.
Houston, Tex., Nov. 8,���Kingdon
floiild. of New York, was elected to
succeed hls father (li-orge J. Gould,
en the board of directors of the International   and   (Jreat   Northern   rail-
| way at the annual meeting here today. All the other directors were reelected and they In turn re-elected
President   Thomas  J.   Freeman,   New
'. Orleans, president, and all other officers of the road.
New York, Nov. li.���Wllh Fusion
and Tammany predicting a landslide
tomorrow' for their respective candidates, the municipal campaign, described by old time politicians as the
liveliest of a generation, came to a
elose tonight with speech making lu
all parts of the city.
"We will win by over 150,000," declared Charles F. Murphy of Tammany
Hall who in the last three weeks has
been moved to break his sphynx-like silence more often than In any previous lampalgn. Fusion estimates of
victory ranged from 76,000 to 128,000.
.lohn 1'urroy Mitchell Is the Fusion
Candidate tor mayor, while Kdward
Iv MoCall is the Tammany standard I
l.i in*.'
Information reaching pollce headquarters that "strong arm" men. gunmen, guerrillas and thugs were to be
employed lo intimidate voters tomor
row, resulted In the promises tonight
thnt  700  picked    policemen    familiar
Ith   Ihe   underworld   characters   wlll
signed   to  all   parts  of   ail   bor-!
ought     At midnight tonight every po-j
lice captain "*ss shifted from his regular precinct to another for 24  hours. |
Polio* Commissioner Waldo   gave
these orders actlne on a communication from Mayor Kline, who had been
visited a few hours previously by John
I'urroy Mitchell. Waldo said he had
been Informed of the threatened Invasion of election districts by gongs
ters by both Mayor Kline and Former
Governor Sul'er
Nine Thousand Warrants.
In addition lo the pollce measures
for protection for voteri. wsrrants
�����*���<���   l��sued   for   the   arrest   of   9000
persons  who,, will  be  arrested. wben I 	
thev appear at the polls These charge
literal registration. 8t- H��<.l. Minn.. Nov. 3  -Edward 1��
A new charge was brought against |(lrosvenor. concluding the first por
Mo-Tall by the Fusion managers. It Itlon of his final argument frr the gjv
m��b that the nemocrallc mayoralty'ernment In the suit lo dissolve the in
nomine* drew his cheek for J2K.000 to teiiuitlou.il Harvester company this
Cornelius N. lilies, treasurer of UMUftarnaon declared to Judges of Ihe
Republican nsilonal commltte In 1900 ��� n,,lf,,, sutea dilllrl(,, coim lha,
n,   a   campaign   contribution   to   help\H,K, [he "harvester trust" Is dlslnteg
Ogden, Utah. Nov. 3.���-Myron A.
Smith, railroad and mining man, wan
arretted  tli ih    afternoon    by    federal
officers on complaint of I,, a. Mcfiee,
of Salt Lake City, fost office inapec- !
tor, und held to appear before Com-1
mis-ioner S. T. Corn at Ogden on
Thursday to answer to lhe charge of j
blackmailing .Mrs. Kalpb !���_ Bristol .
through a letter sent on Aprll t, and i
attempting to blackmail David C.
Bcolea by a letter sent on October 1. j
in   the   letter   to   Eccles,   made     a
port of the complaint against Smith.
is tiie following:    "I   will   tell   you!
whal  I have made up my mind to do
to you if you do not  pay the money
Street Cars Still Idle in In-'
dianapolis   Owing   to
'Sight of  Blcod and   Her  Last Words I Secrecy Still Maintained, However, In
Preyed on Him���Implicates
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 3.���The police
late today gave out details of the confession of Meade Barr. charged Joint-
Washington���Policy of Moral
 Ily with  Mrs. Ellis M. Lake,
VIOLATED CONTRACT wld0H   with  lhe murder
Washington, Nov. 3.���A well defined report was current in official quarters tonight to the efefct that thi
United States had communicated anew
l young j to the Huerta government its views
of   MIsb j concerning the necessity of Huerta's
Council  Hears   Scheme  to
Encourage Industries to
Establish in City.
Charges   of   Partisan   Polities���Police
Fail to Provide Protection.
Astounding Statement Made
in Suit to Dissolve Huge
lln s Few Years Two Families Would
Own Monopoly on Farm Implements In U. 8.
Indianapolis, Nov. 3���The third day'
to ine Friday, the third or the month, jof the strike of employees of the in-j
I   am   going   to   murder  you   just   as I dianapolis    Traction     and     Terminal j
sure as your name Ib Dave Eccles,    1 |. ompany   ended   tonight   with
am not going to give you a ghost of
 ^^^^^ no attempt to move the cars which have
stood idle in the barns since late on
Friday  night.
 ^^^^^      Charges that partisan  politics caus-
MrB.   Bristol   ufler   their   letter   was jed the police to fail to give the trac- ..... .
sent and asked Eccles for $1000.   Thej tlon company sufifcient protection to l Barr's sister when Barr was here,
home of Leroy Eccles was dynamited ! run its cars were made by candidates! der parole from Indiana last summer,
Saturday   night  by   Ihe   blackmailers, j for    office    at    tomorrow's   election, j Mrs. Lake Is about 25 years old
a show, I am going to sboot you like
a dog���- you will never live to enjoy
the old man's money."
Blackmailers    secured      J500    from
Florence Brown here last July.
The   formal   charge    against    Mrs.
Lake,   with   whom   Barr   claims ac-
I yuaiiitance,   was   made   on   Saturday,
but did njt become known until today.
Barr   was   charged   with  the  crime
j Beveral   days  ago,  before  his  arrival
��� here from the Jeffersonville, Ind., reformatory, where he first confessed.
The charge against Mrs. l_ake was
filed by Chief of Detectives Tanner.
Officials would not reveal why Barr
connected her with the killing, pending Investigation of his story by the
grand Jury. Mrs. I_ake and her husband, who recently died of malaria
fever, lived  in the same hpuse  with
Ball was fixed at 150*00.
while an effort of Sheriff PortteuB, a j    Details of Barr's confession, begin
  I Democrat,    to    swear  in  200  citizen ining within an hour before the mur-
Chlld Wins Own Caae deputies, resulted In the charge being der   on the   morning of July 28. fol-
Regina,   Nov.   3   -John     St'alnchuk, l"?^   'hat   he  had   summoned   men  lows:
aged nine years, sued Frit?. Leib. aged \,hlen>'  tov ,keep, ,auctlve��� ReP��bllcans . The Confession.
froni working at the polls. ;    in that hour narr Baid he took sev-
Claim Frsnchise Annulled. i eral drinks of whisky.   About 8:30 he
The  strike situation    was    further jentered   the   real estate office  where
54. for 148 wages due for three months
work on a farm. In the city court today. He tried the caBe himself. He
won. received an order for his money
complicated late this afternoon when
a suit for the annulment and forfei-
the  girl  was  at  work alone.    Barr's
said,  accounted
pancies iu his story
retirement from the provisional presi
White House officials would neither
confirm nor deny the report and Secretary Bryan was equally reticent.
The administration is endeavoring to
work out its plans In the quiet realm
of diplomacy, and. it is understood
will continue to clothe in secrecy any
negotiations it may undertake to compose the situation.
It was evident after a canvass of
administration officials that published stories predicting armed Intervention were not Justified at this time.
Persons close to the White House declared that President Wilson and Secretary Bryan Btiil were hopeful thetr
policy  of  moral  suasion  would   sue
L. Darling Points Out Advantages
���Health  Report for Month of
To secure industries for New Westminster is the object of a plan proposed to tbe city council last night
by W. L. Darling, industrial commissioner, and referred to a special committee of that body to consider.
Briefly the proposal Is for the city
to purchase
,-, .._..__._._-_ a tract of land, available
ceed and added that any assumption j to water and rail transportation, and
that plans for Intervention were being j t0 lease it for industrial purposes for
a term of years and at a rental per
annum  which  would  provide sinking
laid,  were  unwarranted
There ls a disposition to handle the
present diplomatic efforts by confin
ing the discussion to Informal parleys
at Vera Cruz and Mexico City.
fund, interest on bonds, interest on
improvements necessary to supply
water or other public utilities, and
to recoup the city for the loss of taxen
by reason of the removal of such property from the assessment roll. If desired the rental could be placed on a
eliding scale Increasing periodically
and the leases could carry with them
thanked  the   magistrate and  ***|SJ ��^/S^Sl^^.M^:|^^^)IS^e. in ms story-     .    ***********     *****   a���,Pn��   mcreasm
Toronto. Nov. 3.���R. M. White, man.;
ager of the Royal Securities company       __ .......
here, Just returned from England, |an option of purchase atany time du��
says: "Absolute pessimism prevails hng the life of the lease, the purchase
in   London   regarding     the   general | pr|ce  increasing  annually  on  a  pre-
her son's success
Borden Ooes South.
er for the company was filed In the
maid he attacked near a window and I world. Referring to Canada especially,     The letter which contained the plan
The suit  was filed hy! ??'��� * J I tv���Writlna machine near- the recovery, bankers say, will be slow stated  three distinct advantagee the
Pearson, acting as a L.     H0"ever ^e�� waanelther win- and. In their opinion, the real money  acquirement ot the sites would be to
circuit court.
Attorney  A. C. ���.._��� _.. ��� 	
New York. Nov. 3.-Hon R. L. Bor- ^ ^"urlflurf to'owrate 2�� ����* ����r ">acWne ln the Toom'   Wbu l.trlnguey has yet to come
den and   Mrs   Borden who have been !?���.',_. y, "? R"****". *-��  operate  cars ��__.._.��� mi., nrr.-_.-r,
visiting friends In this city since lastifor -**e  ,-Mt three ^^ ha8 vlolate,i
Saturday,   leave   tomorrow     for    the^*aa\*a)*****m*\mx********************m\*.i********m**\mx*******x**W!���; 8he exclaimed
defeat the candidacy of William Jen
i .,���:��� ��� Ilryan for presldenl and also the
Kl ��   Vork   state  Democratic  llcket.
"The records ot-the Hughes Inveatl
���K.itii ti wlir show about that cheek."
was Mci'all's reply to thli attack. He
referred to the Insurance Investigation of l'nited States Supreme Court
.Insure Hughes before he became governor of New York.
Council Discusses Finances
and Will Meet Bank Officials Today.
Will Not Back Out of Agreement With
Richmond���North Road Car
"Money makes the wheels go
round," as the saying goes, and this
applies to llurnaby at the preeent
time. IjisI night's session of the
council was practically taken up with
financial questions ranging from
School board aud additional loans to
paying for an agreement between the
municipality and Richmond in connec-
tion with the tights to the bed ot the
north arm of lite Fraaer river.
Such a session could hardly pans by
without a sharp difference of opinion
and this was forthcoming early In
tbe session when Becretary Durham.
of Ihe school board, reported that
Councillor Macpherson at a recent
meeting, had blamed the aehool board
Tor not getting the $40,000 to which
they were entitled.
The councillor reiterated  his  previous   comment.   Trustee   Patterson
stated that although   hls
had given   no   publicity,
keeping track cf events,
Councillor   Macpherson
that lie would like to see the matter
������cleared up.
Trustee Patterson: "We have not
Councillor Macpherson:   "Very well
then,"   That ended that natter.
Rlv*r Improvement*.
Robert Abernethy, of Port Moody,
chairman of th*; north arm harbor
commission, appeared before tb* eouncll and nsked linancial aupport (or the
purpose of preparing plans for the
river' Improvement*. He mentioned
thst the government would not put up
the money  for th* work until the
they were
(Confined oa Page Four.)
{rated, two families within a few yeara
I will own  a  monopoly of every Itnple
! mini  made   in  this country   for    lhi
: American farmer.
'������ The special assistant to Attorney
(���eneral  McReynolds specified    Cyrus
[McCormick und James Deering, of
Chicago, ns the heads of these families and characteriied them as "willing to use their great power to fix
prices, and Intimidate local dealers as
means of crushing competition."
With dotted maps of the agricultural
stales of this country as exhibits with
I which to drive home his argument to
the court. Mr. Orosvenor showed the
location of 40,000 local agents or dealers In 9000 villages, towns and cities,
who, he declared, were but a portion
of the vast selling machinery dominated absolutely by the International
Harvester company.
Forced to Accept.
Through the medium of the general
Bales committee of the corporation,
said Mr, Orosvenor, acting through a
district manager, tha local dealer wus
forced to accept tbe dictates of the
trust, or be crushed. Also the federal
leader said, the local dealer was used
to keep the corporation Informed of
competition at whatever pclnt It might
arise, so Immediate ateps could be
taken to smother sueh competition
"We have shown," argued Mr. Orosvenor, "by evidence which cannot be
disputed that Cyrus McCormick.
James Deerlug and Harold V. McCormick, acting as members ot this genernl Bales committee, have approved
directly the monopolistic methods of
thn corporation's manager* or employees, and In doing ao we have
established beyond uy doubt the
character of these people. And that
character I* aueh aa to make It necessary for the courts to restrain them
In the future to prevent the destruction of competition nnd the entrenchment of monopoly by unfair methods."
Tbe federal prosecutor, touching
upon the brief filed by the defendants,
Would Brssk Law*.
"The answer of those defendants
consists solely of the naming of an
Intent lo expand thetr foreign business. Or ln other words, they demand
to bo permitted to break the laws of
this country so tbat their business
may expand. That, 1 Insist, Is the sum
snd substance of their answer. And,
as the court well know*, that ia no
Mr. Orosvenor In this connection
quoted precedent* In the Union Pacific case, the trans-Mlssourl freight
case, the Northern Securities ease, tbo
batn (ub ease, the cotton case and the
Anthracite eaae, a* ��ubst*ntlatlng hi*
Mr. Orosvenor completed the flrst
portion of his argument and yielded to
Judge McHugh, of oounsol for tho defence, shortly before the termination
of the afternoon session of court
Judge McHugh had Just begun hi*
argument when court adjourned for
the day. ahtt
Westminster.    The    enhancers,- time) hp��t��n Mini Brown with his I    "English   money  has been  pouring I ment of adjacent properties by reason
 ,D**r.h*d ��et_.^JlL nnlmon  he aald'into   Canada   at   the same rate under 1 of industrial development, was one of
..    -Its  franchise contract  with the otty. Ptotol. to a kneeling position, he said  ����        fte con<jWon(l ��� under good these.   Even the fact that they were
Booth.    The Canadian premier exoecu^^^^^
to remain  ln  the southland  ont" the       After J |r whi<,h nun)erouI1 ml.lttnd my  nfe has been  filled with  so,flow ot money will be stoppea. au***m*nt.   The Increase lu bust-
end of the month.-resting up and then  ^ r,otl, ,ere rep0rted. Thomas Carl-(much trouble." ness activity and traffic    were    the
return  to Ottawa to prepare for thelton  . chluffeur ����� ghot and fBtaUv|    He cut  her throat.    Sight of    the flTiMVC other reaaons.
wounded  while watching  a crowd   of blood on his arms and her last words, i I 1W     I IIU    -V I ANIIV Depend on Industries,
sympathisers making an attack on the i he said, preyed on him until he want- Ilil*    lum     'ma ____��������� -a    --------------------
I-oulslana ear barns, where the strike ed to confess the killing.   He said he
^^^^^^^^^^^ washed   his  hands,   caught   a   street
car and rode to a point where an accomplice paid him $100. The identity
ot thla accomplice has not been vert-
session which will bei
middle of January.
in towards the
breakers are housed. ^^^^^^^^^^
Officials Attacked.
President Todd of the traction company, fluo-vintendent J. J. Mahoney,
and Martin Hyland. saperlatendent of
pollce, were bruised by missiles near
Ibe  terminal  station  and  later  Todd
fled:   _
The police caught a ahoemaker who
leinembered that Barr came Into hls
In explaining the communication Mr.
Darling stated that New Westminster
must dept .d largely for its growth
upon Its Industries. It was the largest
manufacturing city In the province, excepting Vancouver; per capita lt wo*
the greatest In the western province*.
The plan he proposed was better than
bonusing.    The heavy initial draught
- .       ���       | j .       -���.-    ,-,_,..._..-,--.-��-.    -__-- ���    -���.___ . __ ���* .. mm ,   [UUnUBlUB. 1 UB    UU*��J     IIIUIMI    ,_r_._*��J__
and  Mahoney were    attacked    while i shop   shortly  after  the  hour  of  the  Foreign  Corporations   JMUStlon the resources of a young concern
n.'iRBint*-   fho   al_l_   hn,,a_    mm*    tn- I   ��.- I *  ���- �����J. _-.��-_-     ~..��      ,X.l*  I *  ** ***** r 1-TTStT    _..  .. _        .           ._.
passing the state house and forced to j murder. Barr had pointed out this
Choose Eve of Election and Ooenlno! take refuge In a street car to escape 'abop as one of the stops in hia flight.
��� " " 'a shower of bricks and  stones  until l-rhey also found a negro woman, otj
Ihe mounted police cleared the state whose house he stopped.    He helped,
house lawn. | |,er carry a can  of water and then
tried to wash something off bis coat, j
of Opera Season in Philadelphia
to Walk Out
Philadelphia.    Nov.    ...���A    general
Pay Fee in Massachusetts.
Ban- said he tried to remove    blood J
for a site generally meant years of
struggle and retarded progress. He
could have lately secured several concerns bad there be��n sites available
on the right terms. The Grinnell
Glove company had been lost to tbe
city because of this and had gone to
make Ihe strike especially effective.
I-eaders of tiie local union which re
cenlly demanded that the drivers be
paid ii.:,!) a day instead of 20 per
cent, of the gross receipts of their
cars, ordered the men out at nightfall after the demand had been re
Chauffeurs In the garage* of the big
hotels were the llrst to leave their
machines, orders having been given
to picket the opera house and campaign headquarters of the various.
political parties.
The striking chauffeur* at a mass
meeting tonight announced that 600
members of the union bad joined the
New ���39.000 Chureh.
Edmonton, Nov. 3.���Rev. J. E. Duc-
108. pastor of the Ersklne Presbyter-
Ian church announced yeaterday morning that tbe building commission had
decided to erect a new church at a
cost of about (30,000.
Expedition to Ludlow to -Secure Gun*
snd Ammunition���Mln* Deputise
Trinidad, Colo., No*. I.���Final preparations were made tonight by Adjutant Oeneral Chase for another expedition to Ludlow tomorrow for the
purpose of selling the arm* aad ammunition of tbe strikers of th* Ludlow tent colony. At a coafweace at
that place this morning with John R.
Lawson, Oeneral Chen* pointedly advised tbe union leader to �������� the utmost diligence In securing the wea-
pous which he knew had baaa la the
possession of th* miner* recently.
Twenty-*lx weapon*. Including twenty
rifles, were turned over to Oeneral
Chaseat Lawson today.
A-large number Of mine dneutle*
sre being enlisted ta tb* patlW* .tt
Vas learned today. Mara mtthtst* art
now at work than at say ttw alaee
th* strike wu called, ooeordlag to
statements ot tb* operator*.
In view of the riot at Wohtenburg,
ln which one mu wa* *********** ****t
wm issued thl* morning to disarm
every one found wtth Unarms la their
possesion. Twt* hundnd
wen coafl*cateC
Toronto   Nov  S���Tho will o?T* B 'stains.   Verification of these snd other  Mark* Epoch In Stats Tanation���Prob- Port Coqultlam on the strength of re-
I details  of the confession  were    the __.____���__ _ _- markable concessions by tha Coqult-
-______-_���______ ._..-_.    i      lam solved After Years of En-       tam Terminal company.
, j    Mayor Oray said the city had site*
""   r' 'at Sapperton and other districts that
he thought could be granted to con-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    cerns on the terms mentioned.   Alder-
Washington. Nov. 3.���After years of man Kellington stated the plan In the
vain endeavor by state authorities to j main seemed feasible. Alderman Dodd
tax  foreign  corpotatlons  doing  bust-1 thought it Important enough for a spe-
sw**^-******���**^ U.:
tonight.    The  strikers count cn    the  ����������� ��' ��3'<*�� ^JLVc    5'S ���** Barr might have been Miss
fact that Ihe grand opera season open-1:*:   u   "Ogera, or renticion. ��.., anon
cd tonight and that it Is election eve
B.  Rogers, of Penticton, B.C..  ,
his daughter, Mrs. Walker of Toronto, j Brown's slayer.
Nine or ten property owners in Chinatown and that neighborhood will
be given notices to at once clean their premise* as a result of an Inspection
ot that section by Sanitary Inspector S. J. Pearce and Dr. A. U McQuarrie,
medical health officer, yesterday, lf these places are not cleaned up immediately the owner* will appear ln police court. Thl* is in accordance
with the bylaw.
What the authorities found ln the Chinese quarter was that while th*
Chinaman Is in most cases willing to keep a healthy place he has no con-
ceptli i cf hew It ls to be done. Sunlight and fresh air he shuns. Small
gloor. y windows, and closed doors prevail.
At 10 r'clock Dr. McQuarrie and Inspector Pearce atarted on th*l��
week'* campaign for a healthier-New Westminster. Their object Is to have
refuse and decaying matter removed before tbe winter's rain rot* It, spreads
It over the ground, wben a* seepage, it lies ln the worm sun of spring, the
mopt prolific breeding place for fever and disease of all kind*.
Up-stalr* and Down.
Starting at Sing Kee'* on Mclnnes street A* authorllle* Inspected *v*ry
room, upstairs and down, In th* ramshackle' row. They found *lnee on*
year ago, a great Improvement In conditions, but atlll ther* aro *om* place*
nothing -short ot filthy. About aome sinks aad toilet* the floor* w*r* ratting
through. Wooden garbage and slop pall* w*r* n**d hy many aad th**e tha
official* couuemnod. The tank of proper drabs* la th* district makes the
disposal ot sewage a problem, aad below th* street level under th* haw**
water gather*.
Hindu Quarter*.
In th* sftsrnoon on Inspection ot the Hindu quarter* at Small ft Backlhi'k
mill* yielded Mttl* cauae tor tault-tlndlng. The lnevHabl* -roaaa ���^���-
pall waa In evidence. Tht* had to be replaced wtth a Ua container.
ness within their borders,
setts has solved the problem. The supreme court sustained today as constitutional the Massachusetts foreign
corporation tax law of 1909, Chief
Justice White and Justices Vandevan-
ter and IPtney dissenting.
The decision wu regarded by many
wbo beard Justice Day deliver It. as
marking an epoch ln state taxation.
Tho Mass.pcUusetts law -provides
that every foreign corporation shall
pay annually an excise tu ot one-
fiftieth of one per eent of it* author
ised atoek. Justices Day, Holmes, McKenna, Lurton, Hugh** and Lamar
interpreted thl* to mean almost th*
same u the federal oorporatlon tas
law, which avoided previous errors by
careful phraseology. He held that this
meant a tax on the privilege of doing
business within ths stati aad not a
tax on the oorporatlon outside tha
Although ao dlasentlag opinion wu
delivered, th* report wu ear-rent daring th* day that to* disoutlng members at to* court held th* eau to be
virtually identic*! with to* Wwtora
Unloa ��nd Pultoma ***** treat Kaa-
Some people believe that what a man doesn't know wont but hlm. Sum
people keep unsanitary premises, dt*eu* raulta/wprud* toto* Baa who
keep* his plan* cleaa, aad may-bop he di**. TW* ***** djdat know hi*
neighbor had u ancleaa yard; but he died ]a*t ti* Beta*, tt Is ���**)��� poulbitity
Of thla the health ofrtctala ar* striving to *tt_rt|��to.
Or. MoQuorrle uy* that a largo perceatag* at 4a**** at Chtau* la Now
Westminster is tram Uibweulo*!*.   PwptaTitoaUSar wtth tk* ttrtot  "
Una* at th* Chtaamaa wonder tt I* aot t*rg*r.       , 'I   '.'���*���,.-r.
Inspector Pure* stated ysatordoy that tha Ohiau* are \\***m\f trytag
to k*ep their house* healthy, but th*y Mat ba edaeat**. WtouM Ural
down centurt** ot dwelUac la *nv*ntn*t*d, aattfhtod hovel*.  tlM* or* bat
children wbea tt eoaw to a kaowtodg* ot ky0taa*.*.-."'       .:. W
Many Chhutmen *plt oa th* floor.  Tbl* aa? am
[the high dtoth ret* frea    ������**~ Trf
taia villi
A lavatory ta a Jepueu hoau nab ******* m***. ** to* hulth *t*
fleer* ywUHap   If thl* to aot *���*��� at *aw tjh* *wuta anel tts*saa*r la to*
polio* aaartfM to la laataaow Ilk* toto thatta*** bylaw taaaaML   ' :
���wife *
a gnat.
In nmataa ap to* coadhtoa of Chlaatowa, Dr. MoQaarrl* aald: -tt 1
ml ****J totter than it wu* -mr *���*> . tbw* to MU *��oat tw i    '
sas, wh��r*ta a Kaaaaartaa oa torelga
a tow yura ago. Jostles Day direct**.
mack st Ma argaiawt to tola Mbit.
H* aaM that to* Kaaaw eaau fatal*-
ed tue* opoa eaaltal atoak rsprubat-
tag propwty bath to aad oat mt to*
���toto, to* tow tou laipMtag a " "
ea tawntato wiati.
H* potatod oat ttHaiiaw* *t to*
Wwtora Oatoa ud to* Poltaan out-
-.a-.���   maxttm****   a*>***t*m***m*x***m***\A*x    *__���___,_______ *_ib___;   tha*****.
uh wwm wmitii wini^M two
iu dmlUd today, to* baataau of
o*a iwami nt aatM  aad   to*
otow Baaafltotorbto   oaly   toeldut-
ally nu >a aitai. wllb latouui*  gwg
cial commltte to investigate and Aldermen Kellington, Jardine ud JDoJd
were named.
Mr. Darling stated he would bring
his plsn before the Trades and Labor
eouacii and the board of ini*. V
Hulth Report, *
Among the commtmtoatlons wer*
several application* tor water service.
Dr. McQuarrie, M.H.O., reported tor
October, ��� cues of diphtheria, with 2
death* ud 4 hoau* quarantined; S
scarlet fever cases, ud 25 complaint*
of unsanitary premises.
The Moratory for th* lieutenant
governor ta council wrote **ytng tba
Debenture* Interest Conventoa bylaw
bad received the official elgnafire.
Fir* Chief Wataon reported uvea
tire* ia October.
Tb* solicitor for Jansen tk* Otoa
wbo wu fluoed ot same IM* at ]
provincial   fair,   wrote to I
aome of tb* (IM taku ia
givu Joaua.   Tato wiBT"
W.' r. Fhrrell oft*iato_fcjl proaatty
oo to* watorftoat douUto aorto ana
to the ettyjutlMdfDrThto after wa*
i   i     nyyi 	
mm im
"������������< ���:";*'-i'.'',-'''*.i'-i--siC.-i.'
A'.t <''.**:.   ���
kk totontoto mast*
' to ae totaretatai
���war   ^^ *^W
,_._.__ _. #|-.
Ptovtw Im "i _)_____��L ' *
^m*^-��    ^^ ^���^^^^'^^' . m*^^*\*^^Bt}mr***r
* -Ta^|_^^H-_______n' *
Kalgkt, auyar of
areaMwtaf ��..
*** ^^ ��� ^"^^'^^'^^ *i*t*r*^****'
itattooa-nr ciik bovvrer.* tk*'<5bto*u bar* u* baautly toptog.to __
I thetr ptoeMtotoa. bat tWy are wo*f*Hy Igauut *t k*w tote to to
.   lBK^^B*a\\wtk
-�������***' PAGE TWO
aa* rrattr vauey.   ru~""'"" "       ,  UcKrn... Btreet, New Westminster, B.it(��/l
***** Puhlithina Comvanii. Limited, st 6_ Mcr.en.ie oire-T., i.cw.
��____   m <-<"".""���>'��� R0BB gcTUBRLAKn, Dtanagin. Director,
toatumoi*. ��____-aa*__l tr Tlie .Vein Wsstmlnstsr News, and not
���lyabl. <o THe Notional WnUW **d P����lsMu Oompow, MmOsd.
T��_._.r��07.��S-Bu.m��.. Office and Ifoaogsr, ��9B; Krtitorial Boom, lall dcport-
"gPBSCK/JT/O.V RATSB-Rv Barrier, 14 per year. ��1 for tkrs* month., 40o per
ath     tin mail, 13 per MSB. 2b" Per mc.nl*.
_l_��V_iBT;S/.VO RATHS on ���ppliccinon.
French Jockey Club Needs President
With Blue Blood and Plenty
of Coin.
Doctor McQuarrie has started a clean-up campaign
and, judging from the line of action which the doctor has
laid'out,' he means business. This city isn't half so dirty
as a good many others, but there's room for improvement
and the health officer intends to make that room a good
bit smaller before he gets through.
Back yards that have high board fences so that the
ordinary passer-by can't see inside are to be closely investigated because, while they may not offend the casual
eye, they may still be furnishing some first class breeding
spots for stray microbes and the microbe season is wide
open. ..._..
Now is the time, says the doctor, to get rid of all this
sort of stuff. It doesn't belong in back yards anyway;
its proper place is the civic dump and that's where it is
proposed to put it. Rain falilng on refuse gives just the
right conditions for germs to raise families and, since this
town isn't aiming to be a clearing house for germs, the
watchword is "clean up."
An easterner told his wife she wasn't worth her keep.
Now the courts have just allowed her $80,000 alimony.
There's something pathetic in the look the man gives
his wife these days when she drags him up against a plate
glass window on the main street and shows him a $45 hat
which she is sure would "just suit" her.
Paris, Nov. 3.���Thc death of tlu
Puke of Kczensac, bead of tlio great
Montesquieu family, renders vacant
the important office of president of
the French Jockey club, ono of Iho
world's most exclusive clubs.
Founded in 1833 on the same lines
as the Kngiish Jockey club, by the
celebrated Lord Henry Seymour, lt
numbered among Hs fourteen foundation members the Puke of Orleans, the
Duke of Nemours, Prince of the Mob-
kowa, and Count Demldoft". High social position and large fortunes have
always been indispensable conditions
of membership; one black ball in six
suffices to exclude. The etiquette of
the club is of the strictest, and along
period of mourning wil lelapse before
the election of the new president takes
place. The post ls not a neasy one
tc fill.
First, tliere are the social qualifications, which are many; secondly, the
successful candidate must devote
much of his time to his duties. Both
tho late Puke de Fenzesac and his
predecessor, the Duke de Doudeau-
ville. were admirable in these respects. The president is usually taken from among the four vice-presidents, but of these as present two are
considered too elderly and neither of
the other two seems to have enough
weight for the post. The Jockey club
'us a predilection for members of
French noble families and outside roy-
alties, admits comparatively few foreigners. There are at present a thousnnd members; but it is only on rare
occasions that anything like that tium-j
her fissembles. The club is a solemn |
an ddlgnlfled institution, lt never
eivei entertainments and women are
rarely, if ever, admitted.
Humor and
*r ttVNCAj*. I*t. SMITH
i*101NQ back to nature
" ln tbe suinmer nine,
Cutting out the cltv
With ltn wut.t nnd crime.
Boeing In the garden,
Chopping corda ot wood
Or iust simply lonllng���
tiny, it's mighty suod!
Rising in the morning
At th*; peep of day.
Tramping through the meadow
Or the new mown hay.
Sometimes M rolling streamward
Where the Utiles bite
And returning homeward
With an appetite.
Talking with the neighbors,
Honest, iquareami plain.
On important eublects.
Such qs cutting grain.
Hitching up the pony
To llie oue tionte ."hay
For a drive to nowhere
At the close of duy.
Going bark to nature
Kor a Week of reel.
Eating country victuals
Wllh the old time zest.
Laboring or loafing.
Bidding trouhle Hy,
Gaining nireugtb and vigor
As llie days go by.
Pocketbook Roll* and ��� Delicious
Sweet Cake From Holland.
Pocketboolt rolls are dainty to use as
n dinner bread. They may be placed
lu tbe individual napklu or one laid oil
each bread and batter plate. The following recipe for these rolls may be
depended upon:
Sift six cupfuls of flour, three table
spoonfuls of sugar,  two teaspoonfuls
of salt and stir Into it three well beat
! en eggs, one-ball' cupful of liinl or but-
1 Ier, one-half cake of yeast dissolved ln
I tepid   water,   enough   sweet   milk   to
I make dough and set to rise.    After it
I lias risen, roll out one-half Inch thick.
' cut With a largo biscuit cutter, butter
' each   one   nnd   fold   lt   over,    glace
these rolls apart In a greased pan. let
| rise  again  and   bake   In  a   moderate
! oven.     Serve   while   hot,   says   Table
; Talk.
Swedish  Roll*.
These rolls  arc  usually  made with
yeast, but baking powder gives equally
good results, and its use Is s great convenience  In   hot   weather,   when  one
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust  Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
A Glorious Future.
"Did you know Unit the Uennings
nre going soulh lo live':"
���'No.    And Whnt Will Ibey do there?"
"Mr. Heniiing will buy a tract of
land, start an orange grove, raise early
vegetables and perhaps engage In tbe
poultry business."
"You don't tell tne!"
"Yes. He has decided up.m the number of trees lie will start with, what
vegetables will lie the most profitable
and bas written to commission tne
alHiut handling his products."
"But where will he get capital for
all this:"
"Hc hasn't worked ont lhat detail
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In B. C��� rla.! the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of America* and Canadian Engineers' Aaaoclation.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. Tbla Is also made ln thla Province aud we
conalder auperlor to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Waahed Gravel. Sand,
Ume, Ploater, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY   jg^J.   rf   jj^^j
"That's as true, as true as the fact that this river's
running down to the sea," said an old salt on the waterfront the other day and when his listener laughed he noticed that the tide was coming up stream.
The Mexican pot seems to have boiled over in Southern California and if President Wilson doesn't do something soon he's likely to have a small sized assortment of
internal trouble on his hands.
The quickest cure of a deaf mute yet recorded was
pulled off the other day in Seattle when a youth, who was
begging on account of his alleged inability to hear or
speak, was caught by the police and immediately commenced a lecture on why he should not be arrested.
Col. Duff-Stuart came over from Vancouver the other
' evening to inspect the local companies of the 104th, after
which he announced that it was his belief the regiment
would be one of the crack corps of the Dominion.   That's
no news! we all were well aware of it before.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 3.���Montana has
a railroad that shows probably the
smallest net earnings of any in the
United States. According to the official statement of President W. A. McCutcheon, of the Cilmore ��; Pittsburg
railroad, that company's net earnings
fnr the month of August last were just
$71.66. The road is earning nothing
on the capital Invested and the New
York and Pittsburg backers of the enterprise must take care of the fixed
interest charges for the present.
President McCutcheon makes these
statements in reply to a petition sign
ed by practically every Inhabitant of
tho country the railroad serves In
whicli he is asked to give a daily train
service between Salmon City, Idaho,
and ArmsU'kd, Mont., about 200 miles.
The company is now furnishing its
train service three tlmeB a week. The
people of Salmon, the western terminus of the road, are anxious fnr a
daily mail Bervlce. President McCutch
con shows that the total receipts of
the railroad for August were tll.SiJl.S3
including the revenues from the government for carrying mall. The expenses were $10,139.87 and tlie month's
proportion of the road's taxes. $1,760,
leaving !*"> n��t total of operating In-
i come of $71.66,
"The children say ao many bright
"I suppose you did also when .oil
were a youngster.''
"Oh. many of them."
"How we do change, don't we?"
A Klondiker arrived from the north a few days ago
after 15 years spent up there. He's saving enough money
to come out for good and retire to a farm. What has become of the old time Klondiker who ambled south with
a full poke and bought everything in sight from a lead
pencil to a street car and then went back broke?
Whlteflsh. Mont., Nov. 3. W, K
Walls manager of the Somers Lumber
comnanv. i no of the largest in the
northwest was almost instantly killed
at Whlteflsh. when No. 4 eastbound
past-oiigi r train on the (Ireat Northern struck bis automobile at a blind
crossing just west of the depot. Willard Burns, the treasurer of ttie same
company, was with Mr. Wells In lhe
car  and Is probably fatally injured.
The train was running about 4n
"���lies an hour, and was several  hours
"Young CloseUst is engaged to Miss
BroWti. lhey say."
"But I heard liiin sny be doesn't ex-
| pect to marry for some yeurs yet."
"No And when he does in;.rr.v he
wlll probably pick up a woman with
I money."
"Then why ia be engaged to Miss
; Iirown v
"lie auys slip islres such a swell Iilile
, Sunday tllghl Bllp|ier."
The Y. M. c A. of Columbian college was favored with an address last
week by the Kev. Or. Sanford. the
Speaking on the subject of "Prlnii
pies to Be Observed to Reach True
SiK-'cess," the doctor's message touched a sympathetic chord In the hearts
of his listeners. "If an ideal is to
mean anything," he said, "there mult
be strength of purpose and the cultivation of the lighting quality." Milton's
words on "power to scorn delights and
live laborious days" are peculiarly applicable to Btudents in the east whose
opiKiTtunltleB of paying their way
through college are not so greet ns
in the west. But even bo, success In
any sphere must have tremendous purpose behind It, and with that quality
power will come through the years.
A second qualification is that of "absolute Integrity." To attain success
there must be nothing tricky, nothing
dishonorable, nothing small, und no
side-stepping. "A good name Is rather
to be chosen than great riches." To
cultivate downright integrity will win
the confidence of men where the man
of means alone is often discounted
Another Important principle Is
"���power to profit by life's criticisms."
The secret of Horace lluBhnell's success lay in the possession of thai very
��� quality The words of the humblest
negTo were received by hlm with re-
ap-octful attention. Booker T. Washington learned the art of sweeping for
A cranky woman, the discipline greatly contributing to hla power as a man.
Tho principal's last word was a
warning to "avoid entanglements,
and live a pure, straight life," (if Wellington It was said "Whatever actl ���>
leaped to light, he never shall be
Such are some essential principles,
���which, if lived up to, will result in tlie
truest success.
C. M. C Masquerade.
One of (he most interesting events
of the college year took place on Friday evening, the night of Halloween,
In the form of a masquerade. A num-
lior ol friends from Queen's nvenue
Methodist church were present, nnd
���add.-d to the evening's enjoyment.
*'You aro invited to accompany us on
A trip through Happyland."   Such was
the heading Ol the program and among
ithe multifarious attractions to be not
'ed or experi'-nced  was a (lipsy   wish
Ing well, swat the fly, the mysterious
lady,  the  rogues' gallery,     lights out
iand  hang the  narrative     Mysterious
as the program read, the mystery was
'deepened   when   on"    endeavor.'.I     U
penetrate the disguise of many ol lhe
r   iQuerodi rs    Krom his satanlc maj-
'  ty  to  tbe sweet  girl  garduaU  all
were present, and  the iask of judg
ling the font.-slants mus; hir.. been en
cedlngly difficult.   This delicate duty
WAS performed witli satisfaction ii\
' members of the faculty during th-_
: promenades, which were six In nuiu-
Iber, and accompanied by appropriate
i strains* from t.iie orchestra. The prizes
; for the most representative characters
were awarded to Miss Huth Hetherln*
I ton, dressed as a golden-brown butterfly,   and   to   Ouy    Patrick,   who
with placard on his back entitled "Pa-
ther'a midnight walk," strode up and
down nursing an obstreperous In-
| fant. Por the funniest characters
iMIss Grace Clayton, who acted the
ipart of Sis Hopkins to perfection, and
j Alvin Knight aa a Jocund clown
.were the BiiccesBful competitors. In
addition a number of masqueraders re-
|celved honorable mention.
Mr. Wells drove out of tlie yards Of
the lumber plant and started tn oro��
the track. On both sides of thn road
were ties which completely hid the ao-
nroachlng train. Just as the car reach-
ihe Hack It was struck squarely and
smashed to pieces. Mr Wells was
thrown upon the front of the engine
���mil   wns  taken   off  unconscious   after
I',.,   Ii-'.Im    rt.-t ,.*'.., I    'l.i.   .'..,.,..
the train reached the station
Mr.   Hums was hurled  S"
r   to   Ihe   sld
,1   feet
if   the
through the air to lhe side of the
track, Iloth men were hurried to the
hospital, where Mr. Wells died without regaining consciousness Mr Burns
I is In a precarious condition B"d his
recoverv   is  considered   Impossible,
Mr. Wells is survived by a wife and
: two sons
Mrs   Wells,   who lives In   Knlisoell
I was  notified   by  phone and   ���*�����(  hurried hire by auto,  reaching  the  hos
nital only n  few moments before her
husband died.
Hamilton, Nov. 3. -Wilson I). Han
nlster, elder of tlie Latter Pay Saints,
Ikib been awarded $l���'.uO damages by
B Jury here for the alienation of liis
wife's affections by J. T. Thompson.
another elder of the sume denomination.
The Bannister-Thompson caBo   wbb
brought to a close In the high court.
Counsel aildTesBCd tlle jury, and Mr
Justice Mlddleton charged slrongly
for ihe plaintiff III giving tlle case I"
tli" Jury.   After deliberating for nearly
five hours the jury returned a verdict
in favor of the plaintiff and awarded
blm $1,600.
j Mr. -Justice Mlddleton reserved iudg-
I ment on the question of law which
[wan raised by C, W. Bell, counsel fur
ithe defendanl. llie Jury found for the
I plaintiff on the question of alienation
|nnd Btated that Thompson had enticed
1 n.iulnstcr's wife away and harbored
Nov Finds it a Pleasure to En|cj Kills
Tie rt is a case which seemed as bnd
snd ss hopeless as your, can poaaihly be.
Thisistheeiprriencrot Mr. II. J. Brown,
jS4 Ilatburat St., Toronto, in his own
"Gentlemen���1 have much plea Mire in
mentioning to you the benefits received
from your Na-Dru-Co I)yi,]>ep6ia Tablets
sml ran cheerfully recommend them. I
simply had confirmed dyspepsia with nil
Its wretched symptoms, mul tried nboul
ill the advertised cures wiih no success.
You have in Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablet! the best curative agent I could
find. It is now su.ii a pleasure to enjoy
meals witli tluir consequent nourishment Hint 1 want to mention this for Hie
benefit of otherB."
The (act tbat a lot of prescriptions Of
wi-called ' 'cures" have tailed lo help you
in no si(;o thai you have got to go on
suffering.    Try  Nu-Dru-Co   Dyspepsia
'. Tablets and see how quickly ihls sterling
| remedy will give you relief anil start your
stomach working properly.   If it doesn't
, help you, you get your money back.   MC
j a bos at your druggist's,   Compounded
| by the National Drug snd Chemical Co.
��� of Canada, Limited, Moutrcal. 141
Those Girls,
"I like peach creuin the best.   Don't
I you. Belle."
j     "The best':"
;     "Yes."
;   "1 can't sny lhal I do."
"Vou dou't in.-hii In s.iy that you pre-
I fer common \ ii.llla':"
"No I li ig my hopes lo Mine.
: Cn tili.-iii'.-, Illj In .* . re: 111."
Alters tha Build.
It Is lha 1 * is-i-il. ' r Ufa���
Mn.      * 11 imi .-.in of that���
If ynu sre iventti v you ore plump;
If poor   you i�� only fat.
Cushions eouii 1 fashions "���   but
lieiius ;u,   ulwiiyM deeiiqnJ St) ������ u  for
(lood lung imTiiii seem* In lie one of
Ibe requl lies nf tl successful |'nllt|l'lan.
Some men run iniiUe ii".i'<- noise
keeping sllll lliuu lbe uproar ..i nctirus
of others.
People w Iio .-ire the limit ure usually
���out of riMi'h or r.n son.
It W hard lo keep nn goisl terms
wltb Hie weather "ven though II doesn't
turn Hie colli shoulder.
if you'd like io see everybody sit up
nnd look Interested sinri u minor Hint
lhe eos| i.f living bus ceased minting
sml Is reaching lor Ihe parachute.
It Is hard work to work Intnl. nml
lbe majority nf ns would rnther let
father In-law do it,
(letting Into lhp swim hns n lot to
do wllb comfort during tlie benleil
In spite of nil llie dictates of fu��!l*
Ion one can see by lakltlB �� striill down
snv street Hml ful persons haven't
gone out of sty le ll bil.    <
Doubtful methods don't look so Imd
when  you   nr,    lh,��  -side   Hint   Wild
end hnve your i��)u Used on Hie spuliii
wishes to spend as little lime as |s>s
sible in the kitchen, one cupful of
milk, oue tablespoonfnl of butter, one
tablespoouful of sugar, half a teaspoonful of salt, three cupfuls of Hour und
>lx teaspoonfuls of balling powder.
81ft the dry   Ingredients  and   roll  OUt
until one-quarter inch thick Spread
with butter ond sprinkle witb two tn-
blespoonfuls of sugar mixed with one-
third teaspoonful of cinnamon, one-
third cupful of riilslns finely chopped
ami two tntilespoonfuls of chopped citron. Hull up like Jelly roll and ent In
three-quarter Inch pieces. Place In a
buttered pan close together and ImUe
In a hot oven thirty minutes. Brush
over with egg whites, slightly beaten
nn.l diluted with half a teaspoonful of
water. Iteturn to the oren lo glaze tbe
Holland Brioche Cakes.
One cupful of scalded milli. one third
cupful of sugar, one third of a yeast
.like, one and .iiie half cupfuls of Hour.
two eggs, one third cupful of melted
l.utter, one-quarter teaspoonful of salt.
grated rlml of half a lemon, Juice of
half a lemon anil oue and one half enp
fills of fl '     Add  the sugar td tha
oealdsd uiiiw. Wben lukewarm udd the
yeast, broken to pieces, and ilu- Hour
Bent cover and let stand until it \"il>-
bles Add tin- eggs a;oll bonten nnd remaining Ingredients, '-.,*,, r and up iin
let rise. Toss on a floured Imard. pat
and roll Iii a long rectangular | poe
one-quarter of an Inch thick Spread
With softened butter and fold from
sides toward center lo make three ��� iy
en. Cut off pieces three-quarters ��f
an Inch wide. Cover and lei rise Tnke
each piece separately lu tbe luinds and
twist from ends In opposite directions.
.oil nnd bring ends together nl ti p ul
<:ike Let rise In pans, bake twenty
minutes In n moderate oven. Cool nnd
l.rnsh over with confectioners' sugar,
moistened with boiling water and (la
vored with vnnlllu.
MIIH    a   0.    FISHER,   T BACH BR   OF
plain.lurti*. harmony nn.l HliiKlith' l'u-
pUs MiieceHsriily prepared o.r nutmlna-
Hon in it a m. umi it p. M. l'ur terms
apply 6n:i Third avenue,
pianoforte; MS lieary BU, Naw Westminster,
MAltlJAHHT    A.    OttOVBS,    I'L'I'II,    Of
tba lata Protesaor Allan Macbeth.
Principal of tbe Glasgow Con-ega of
Mush*, un.) Professor (-rosflland Illr.t. uf
111.'    QlfUSfOW    Ath.-Jul. um.    tH'tCH    to   Ititl-
mats thnt she wlll aobepl s (<-w pupils
In   almetiiK   and   voice   production.     K\
tensive   ri-|"-rtolre   of  high   .hum   Hon**
Mir l.Ttiis. .all or write, to ll(l�� llumll-
lon Klr.*��*t.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) . ..  $16.0W.O0O0O
RESERVE   116,000,000.0ft
Brunches   throughout  Canada    and
' Newfoundland,  and   In   London,   England, New York, Chicago aud Spokane '
: Ij.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A  genera)
banking business transacted.    Letter*
of Credit Issued,  available with  correspondents lu all parts of tbe world.
j    Savings Bank Department���Deposit*
; received   In  sums  of  tl   and   upward
and Interest allowed at i per cent per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186.OWi.nOO.00.
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
EL   J.   A.   BURNCTT.   AUDITOR     ANI.
Accountant, Tab R. Uf. Room I, Hart '
P. H. Hmlth W. J  Omvi-f
Work  underink-n    In   cily   an-1   outsld.
��ho"' mi1*1 V cflS**V�� Tn"t B"" P'ace y��ur order now.
Call and inspect our fall
ines and new tall styles and
ntlnit Engineers, t.ocnl (48, meats In
Labor Temple every IlrHt nn.l third
Thursday of ths month. II   MffLOUBhlln,
pre-ni.t.'iit ���  \v. c. riiiiiinii i-     secretary,
p. o Box .',:��.
a A P. O. of Elks of th* D. at C . m-a
thc flrat and third ThuradaV at S i> m
K. of P. Hall, Eighth atrial A Will
Ormr. Exalted Rater; P. II. Smith. Sar
I, O. O. M.. NO. tt*.���MEETS O!*
'flrat, aecond. third and fourth Wednes
day In eaoh month al 8 p, m.
In the Mooee Home. H. J Leamy
dictator; F. E. Jonea. ���aorotary
Il.ttdquarti-rB of lodait In s..- Houat
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon Btr.-i-u
1 O O. F. AMITT l_ODO>. NO 17���Tli
rcipilar roeatlna ot Aniiiy I,. l��e Ni
277 I. O. O. F��� la held i very Monde;
nlahl at I o'clock In add fellows' Hal
corner Carnarvon and Ehditb ulrceti
Vlnltlnl br.'lhern cordially Invltei'
Tt. A. Mi'rrlili.'w. su ; ll \v Songster
v. O.; W. c. Coatham, P. n . n-mn
Inn aeeri'lnrv * J. W. MacDonald, flmui
clal Becretary.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Commendni Oct. 26.   chanse   or
time table, ub followH.
S:00 a.m.���for Toronto, Kniuloop.j  l.o-
1 iiiii p.m.-   Tor St.  Paul,
ij.'iti p.m.- Kor  A-tnKnl*.'..
S*. lo p.m.-For Imperial Limited, M"n
Deal, etc.
I'or rttt"H. reservations   and     dlier
particulars apply to
B. OOULET, Ageut.
New Weatmlnsler
II. W. URODIE. O. P. A., Vancouver.
Father's Room.
Father's room! Is there a.icb a plnce
lu your bonne. Should u man have n
room of bis own?
Think over Ibe men you know. Aren't
must of them treated its visitors In
tbelr own bouses? If the average mun
nets an itisy cbnlr. u small table fur
his BOoUlnB tilings and his books nnd
a good reading lump be Is doing pretty
well. Tbe Idea of bis limine ll roum
of bis own would astonish bis wile
He is supposed to lie company, and
very well behaved company at tbut.
says the Delineator.
A mun kIhjiihi bnve a cbnnce to es
press bis Untidiness, If be bus uny. It
Is (rood for liiin It gels It out of bin
system, ami It Is very inmh belter lbat
It should be worked ..ff in Ids owu
room thnn in tbe rest of the liouse (If
course In n small household of two
people tliere Is room enough for bulb
IiiinIiiiiiiI and wife In spread out. but
tliere nre more than two people In
most families, nml the happy, uorinal
family lives all over Ibe house.
W. E. FA1.EH���Pioneer Furn-rnl Direct.
and EmliKlmer. SK Sl* Ami. a airer
oppual... Carneale Library.
I ter A Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral director
; and emnalmera. Parlora 406 Oolumbti
I    street.   New  Westminster.    I'hone   til
ater Board of Trade meeta ln the hoar,
room. City Hall, aa follows: Third Frl
day of each month; quarterly meetlni
on the third Friday of February, May
August and November a I 8 p.m. An
nual me-atln-KB on tha third Friday o
February. C. It. Btuart Wade, nacre
Hale, Deeda, Bualneaa Letters, elc ; or
culur werk epeclallat. All work etrlctl)
confidential. H. Barry, room 418 Weal
mlnater Truat Blk.   Phone 702.
Call the Prince "Batty."
London. Nov. ,'f. ���-" -Vhoard Hblp tliey
call lie "Hatty." Prince (Ieorge of
Battenberg Is snid to have told an
embarrassed matron nt a function
who confenBerl she did not know how
to address hlm.
Shoe Suggestion.
There are some things tbnt are bnt
Hides and yet are most valuable Just
when tbey are ueeded. There Is n lit
tie bit of lamb's wool nbout four
inchea by flre Inches iu size, covered
with a pretty piece of lent ber nnd
folded over nud fastened with a snap.
It looks like a neat pocketboolt or rani
case, bnt He real use Is to polish up
the shoes lust a minute or two hefore
alighting from a dusty train or motor
tar ride. These handy little objects
inly take up a very amall space In the
band bag.
. Te Sharpen Scissors.
���'nt tbem rapidly on tbo neck nf n
small glass bottle or on n ground gins*
stopper. It trues tbe edges und makes
Ibem cut like new. Another wny Is t.i
place the scissors upon nn ordlnnn
knife ns If In the nct of cutting Iti
drawing tha steel along Ibe blades In
this manner several times you will
sharpen your Bclssore.
New Packet Line Inaugurated.
Ottawa, Nov. li. The llrst ateamer
of the Iloyal Mall Packet fleet Inaugurating the new fortnightly sendee between Canada and tho British West
Indies will sail from Halifax tn
November 23.
rioters. Rolldtnrs. etc. 40 1/irne Htreet
Now Weatmlnater. O. H. Corbould, K
C.    J. R. Grant    A. tt. MeColl.
tew-it-law. eollcltor. etc. Telephon
lOTli. Cable address ".Tnhnstnn.
Code. "Western Union." Office*, mill
Block. 11(2 Columbia street. New West
mlnater, B. C.
aide ��� Barrieter* sod Boilcitora, Weal
minster Truet Blk., Columhla etreet
Mew WeBtmlnster, B. C. Cable addrea.
"Whiteside," Western Unlbn. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone SS W. .'
Whltealde, K. Ci H. L Edmonds, I
COAL MINING righta or the I.,,mlnlo��
In Mniilinl.ii. Hoakatchuwan and Alberto.
Ihe Yukon Territory, tba Northwest T��r-
rltorlea and In a portion nt the Province
Iof Hrltlah Columhla, may he leaaed for ���
lerm of twenty-one yeara at an annual
rental nf tl an acre. Not more than me
i acrea wlll lie leaaed to ona applicant.
Application  for a leaae muat  he  made
| by the applicant In person lo Uie Aa-tStt
or Hub-A(ent of the district In whloh the
rlKlua api'insl for sre altunleil.
In surveyed territory the land must h*
described by aectlona, nr leant auli-dlva-
aloua of aectlona and In unaurveyed ter-
rtlory the tract applied for shall be
���takril out by the applicant himself.
Each application must lie aooomsantsj
hy ii fee of 16 Wlilch wlll lm refunded It
die titihis applied for are nnt availably
1 but  mil  otherwise.    A  royalty shall   be
', mid on  the  inorohantalil. output nf tbe
I mine at the rate of five centa per toa
The   peraon   operaUna   Uie   mine   ahall
! funiliih the Agent srlUi awern return*
accounting for Uia bill quantity of mar-
[ iluintuble cool mined and pay the ror-
alty thereon. If the coal mining righta
are not Ulna operated such returns -MieiiM
lie furnished at least once a year.
Tbe leaae wlll Include tbe oeal mlataa
right, only, but S? iSaS iSSl *S oaf
mltted to purchase whatever available
surface rialita may be considered aeOae-
���ary for the working of Ul* mine al tSs
rate of |I0 an acre.
For full Information application
be made to the Secretary of the f
ment of the Interior. Ottawa, or
Agent or Buh-A��ent of Dominion I
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B���Unauthorised publication of thla
advertisement will oot b* paid for.
J. STlLWELI, CLITTB. Barrister at-la��
solicitor, etc.: corner Columbia an.
McKensle streeta. New Westmloatei
B. C.   P. O. Box 111.    Telephone   711
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Har
block, 28 Lorne street. New Wesimlr
ater, B. C.
Barrister* and Solicitors, tot to (I'
Westminster Truat Block. O. E. Mai
tin, W. G. McQuarrie and Oeorac I
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Office Phone its.     Bern Phene itt
���egbie Street. 't
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any part of the elty.
light and Heavy Hauling
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of sll kinds.
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N MeKengle St TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1913.
. T-���-��r_~ ��� **��� tt0. ************
...  .     ...  .
Tins Is a Fish Yarn.
New York,  Nov.  8.���"We will now
proceed to an--.li; for ihe l.i':..   said
an ulloru'-y In a Brooklyn coun. v.11��� ii
lt   was  discovert d   nun   b..   llie   iiii mi:
of i'ibIi, i labor   and Plshtlna   were
members of the jury.
A Story Showing the Pow- $
er of Beauty Without
Conscience Por
By   F.   A.   MITCHEL
upon   bis   duties   hc   took   bis  youn,
bride with hlin.
Tbere wuh nn disappointment in the
i reception of tin- young countess at the
', capital, from the moment ahe up-
| poured ut courl kIh- created n sense-
i tiou.   The czar showed his admiration
upon receiving her, mid the men ofthe
imperial family vied witli each oilier
for ber favor. The lirst painter In Sl.
Petersburg begged to puiut ber. Iler
husband, far from fearing that be
W'.uld be ignored from Inning u peasant wife, begun to dread the attention
ut men who were loading her with
every attention, it was not long before a certain grand duke fell  under
the Influence of tbe countess' beauty,
and one evening when Bhe wnx preparing to go to n bull ut Ihe Winter
palace ber husband saw ber putting on
Alleges Neighbors Hammered Him Ec   Police    Geek    Angry    Neighbor    Who
cauae He Wouldn't Lend
His Team.
Fired Trcugh Window at Crying
Nev.   York,  Nov.
-Upon   Instruo-
..    a necklace of pearls so valuable tbot  the Btory told the city pollce yew.
Calgary, Nov. ".    That a home on
farm near Scollard, 80 miles northeusl   tions from police headquarters, Capt.
or Btettler, had been visited on Satur- ''"j1'"*'; ln rllil;14" "r ,h". Harlem de-
tective bureau, began an Investigation
day morning by three men, Kay Tol- lnU) lh(, report of John Helmut!.,
man. Kranli liy.-r and Tom flrace, v,ho,hl.a(1 ,lf t!]H f|rm {)f John lli-lmuth,
had beaten blm sn badly that be had English steel Importers, of 30 Church
in come to Calgary for treatment, was
Alexis Alexuiulrovlcb, a lull, slender ,
youth of fifteen, while hunting toda up
to a peasant's collage on bis father'*
���estate lu Hussia to nsk for a drink of
���waler A little girl, not more than
seven years of age. Blood In thu (loor
lOOlll&g up ut blm  wllb the mild blue
eye ludigeuous tu northern climates
11.m  hair, too. was of n linht line, but '
ber cheeks  were il pair of roses.    As
Sbe looked ut tbe young man her fucu i
broke   Into   a   smile,   revealing   white
teeth, while ii dimple appeared In each
clunk. AUtxIs furg'ut about the.drink
���of water, so enraptured was ho In thu
beauty of thu child.
"Lit 1st" he exclaimed,
Tbe girl continued to look at hlin
and.   notwithstanding   her  few   fears,
perceived that she was admired.
"Do yon know,'' be asked, "why 1
cull jou l.aisV'
"l win tell jou.   More than 400years
befure nur Saviour cume upon eurtb
tm Athenian general captured u picturesque village on tbe island uf Sicily.
Among his prisoners waa a llttlo gin
about your age. so bcwltchlngly beautiful that be carried lu-r back witb blm
to Athens, where u grent nrtlst painted
her as a iiympli nt n fountain, und ull
the great incn of the time wero eurap-
tuivil with ber."
"I>i.I they give her pretty presents?"
nsked Ihe child
Aliisl I'lidernenlh nil this beauty
lurks the viper-the desire to Use the
(harms to ulitiilu "pretty presents"
Oue day tbe child might not only secure tin- present*, but ruin those who
guv.- Illelll lu her
This wiib the lirst meeting between ;
" Alexis Alexittulriivlcli. the son of Count
Aleundrorlcb,  a  iiusshin opbletnao, I
who dwelt, ns bis ancestors bntl dwelt
before hlm, on tils estate, n kind mus-
Ier t�� bis serfs nnd n humble subject .
Of the cxnr.    The Iwiy received ti cup
Of  w liter  frnm  llie child,  uud  iib she
bis father's whole estate would not
have purchased it.
Tbe trouble bud begun. The countess
admitted thut tbe grand duke wbo wus
so attentive to her lind given It to her,
und since ber husband could not give
her such presents Bbe wuuld get tbem
where sbe could.
Alexis did not go with bis wife thnt
night to tbe bull, nud when she came
home be wns not lhere.    Nor wus be
day by Noah Yumpolsky, a farmer
Tolman, he raid, had knocked liis
wife to the ground twice when she re
moiiBlraied with blm for beating her
husband. The motive assigned by
Yampolsky for the outrage ls his failure to  move 8  threshing  gang  bunk
streeti that somo one tried to*
shoot and kill his baby In their home
nn tlie second floor of the apartment!
house at No. ",'i Northern avenue. Cap-j
tain llerllhy wan also Instructed to In- j
restlgate why t'.ie St. Nicholas avenue pollce station had not made a re-,
purl of the incident.
'I'he ilelmouth  baby, 7 months old.
house from it Oould'S far mto another]had been 111 and under the care of a!
farm four miles distant. ^physician, who had Instructed that he!
Tin- nelbhgors, It appears, take t,,, permitted to sleep In a crib under1
turns In lending lhelr I'-amn to move the dining room window. The child '
th"   I.'ink   house  from   farm   to   farm,   was cross and irritable at night, cry-!
ever seen  ngaln  ut  the capital.     Ills   Early "ii Saturday Tolman bad ask'-d   lne; much of the time.    Several times
wife Continued to live tliere siiuipln
OUSly, but whence sbe derived her Income no one knew. The (jrund Inil.e
Ivuu was daroted to her and wished
to ina iry ber, but cunlij not do so us
long us she hud a husband living.
Une day papers cuiue from America
stating Unit a uuiii had Jumped from
tin; deck of u stt-aiuer In New- Vork
bay. His baggage oll being examined
bud revealed the fact Hint he wns a
liusslan mimed Alexis Alexamlrovlcb.
Bod this news enme n year earlier
the tjru'id Duke Ivan would have mar-
Mrs, Helmut!) was annoyed by the
calls from neighbors' windows to
"Shut up that brat!" and "Choke it!"
At I! o'clock In the morning she was
a wakened by a shot, and, running in
to tbe dining room, she found that a
* bullet had pierced the window over the
/���rib and had passed about a foot over
the crying child. It was flattened
against the radiator.    Investigation of
yampolsky to move it and tbe latter
iui,l Ue would do SO If he posslbl)
cntild. He was busy with hb'. threshing till after 8 o'clock that night and
iiiiluraly did not want tc haul ll in
the dark. He went to bed thinking no
more of the matter.
According to fampolaky'a Btory at
4 o'clock In th" morning, Tolman,
Dyer and Grace   came   to   his farm
house. Tolp an stood at the door and the yard ibpwed that numerous arti-
asked him why he had not moved the cleB. like old shoes, had been thrown
bunk house.   Before lie had an oppor-lat the house.
timlly to reply In- was seized by the : Mr. Helmuth went to the St. Nicho-
arin and thrown to th" ground. Tol las avenue station that day. he said,
man then gripped liis throat and beat am! reported the matter, but he Bald
rled the widow, l.'ufortiinutcl.v when i,|m about the head and face while'no detective nr policeman had been
It reacbed St. I'oturabucg sbe bad bad]Dyer and Orace kicked him in the nl.ar the piacp. Captain iierlihy al3o
an Illness thai spoiled lier beauty. So rlhs. Ilia wife, hearing hiB cries, says heard that one of hls own detectives
tier lover  scttl."!  iiHU.iiiH) rubles  upon   . ampolsky, came running out and re-  knew  of the  incident,  but had  made
ber, tbiM purchasing an amicable eep- monatratad, In reply Tolman pushed no report.
oration between biiu nnd her bar away with such force that she [ell I    Captain  Herlihy questioned  several
Hut  tbe countess had  uot been Idle to   tht'   KrouDd'     Tni8   be   did   again   neighbors,   and   they   said   they   had
i��� ti,.. ........ - ,i .i.���,..i, ��� ,.������i.i. in,,,  when she arose. heard   the  baby   crying  but  had   not.
lo the matter of drawing wealth into     -.arnr���,lskv WM attended yeaterday beard the shot.   They also had heard
ber net. Her gems alone were a for- (y n_ M(,Ka(,h(,rn anA whne his the calls from other windows to make
tune. She had been successful In the -..'mines an- plentiful It is not thought the child "shut up."
way she lind planned. She was very n,.,, they will prove eeriouB. The city Mrs. Helmuth said that a few days
rich, tint she bad DO standing nmoug police informed Yampolsky that they after the shot was fired she found a
ber own sex. Sbe left liussbi nnd could not take up his complaint as It. d.zen or more pins stuck in the bed-
bought ii villa on one of the llullan was beyond their Jurisdiction. He was ding of the child'B carriage in the hall
lakes    a   chateau   In   nn   aristocratic  advised to report thc alleged assault nu  the house    She said ehe and her
quarter of I'aris nnd several minor es- \~- '*���*' ���**<-***- police at Btettler, family soon would move.   	
tiilill-.lim.iits   elsewhere.     llut.   while, -
she lived In grandeur, she bad not risen  TOO MUCH CREDIT MAKE8 Choked to Death.
socially   above  tbe   |iensnnt   she   was "DEAD BEAT" CUSTOMERS;    Lindsay, Nov.    3 ���John    O'Connor,
bom.    Rhe mnde several entree! Into   laced  4D. unmarried, choked to death
tbe social life Of placea whin-she wus Spokane, Nov. 3.���J. C. McKachran. at the Btiuper table in the King Ed-
not known but b��r Story TollOWvd her former president of the Spokane He-ward hotel here last evening. O'Con-
B1..1 aim ark* .ir,���,,���.ri '   tell (Irocers' association, is opposed to nor was seated at the table with  Martin
mm sin ��iisuron|iin ^ M|_| a_Uon fj. (hp HBmciaUon in ;carrell and others, and while he was
The Countess Imd no conscience, but ..Btablishing three ratings for custom- eating meat a piece lodged in his
she had n dread. There were active er�� -good, good but slow, and "dead i throat. Those at lhe table, seeing his|
us well ns passive crimes tu ber debit beats"���and asserts that the mer-; Btniggles, came to his assistance and
and she feared tbut boiiic oue of them chants themselves are responsible for curried him to an upBtairs room. Dr.
would tiitr duwn the structure she bud a great many persons being rated in Jtlanchard was Biimmoned hut before
built Up nnd leave her st the mercy of <he last class. The "dead beat" usual eh arrived the man had expired. The
the law.    She bnd no remorse for tbe ��' ******* '">m ��*��� "**"��<* but *low   inodv   w��9  removed   to  his   home   In
Tlie Beginning of the End
For you to participate in the greatest furniture event
ever held in New Westminster. The immense Stock
of Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, etc., of
W. E. FALES' Furniture Store, opp. Carnegie Library
is selling so rapidly, that, to obtain the best bargains
at the lowest of prices, we must warn the public to
handed  it  up to  hlm  be  imtlcil   thu    ���"'   ���������-���    *"**��� """ "" ���*������������"������** ������, tam  L'   v '"     po-.,in_   to   \ir    McKachran. .Emllv townshlo
Ik tlf.il Shape of the nrm snd band | 1������ ��';"<* '�����_** ������� �����*  **��&. Rattan haa Induced nearly ''   U*MM*
that  eitended   It.     And us tender  us    ""'     "'"' '"" *   "'"         '
were her ye��r�� out of ber eyes came n
lOOh to i hn nn blm lie laughed Hint
one ko young should show such a ills
Imsitinn snd rode nwny, leaving tbe
���clillil Rasing after blm.
Alexis, tibu wus studying jil. the
time to enter the university, found
when be returned to bis hunks thnt the
face nnd figure of tbe child kept thrusting ibemaelve* between bis eyes and
the page befbra bin As soon ns bis
school hours were ended be went ugnlu
t.i ib.- peasant's cottage, put-king �������
CUSS tills lime tlmt lie wished to Isir
mw* from her fnlhi-r u gun witli wblcb
t.i shout, birds-���.Tbe unin was Intent
ou the mutter of (he gun, but Ills wife
ed     She Uud been born without such  a��� th(> ,,,���.,,,,-��� aml grocers to limit  RAISE FUNDS TO FIGHT i
Sensibilities.    Sbe lived without either rre(m  t0 ���,,-> days, ftud this Is a step. BLIGHT AT WENATCHEE
consdeace or remorse,  but the cloud   \n  the  right  direction,  but  I  believe' 	
thnt hung over her sluwly deepened that no credit Bhould be extended be j Wenatchee, Wash . Nov. 3.���An cf- j
At tlrst It wus no nigger than a man's yond Ihe period of salary payments," , fort will be made here to raise $1,000 j
band She bad relied Implicitly for said Mr. McKachran "I think we arc iby public subscription In order to car-.
Immunity from punishment upon tbat doing an injustice to our customers.; ry on the work of horticultural in-
puissant  beautj   will,   which  she  felt   Instead of befriending them   except in   Spectio���     ��������� = ������- ---   -   *���*   ���**���
'   :  certain individual cases, when we ex-  prevalent
sure she could bring any mini to do ber
BliKht   ls   said   to  be  lessj
In this valley than ln any1
tend them too much credit.
fruit  growing  district     of the  north-
bidding. Then ���nnic tbe Iobb of her ".^vnen we extend credit to a person wc.t. but it has started at the upper
weapon, nnd for tiie first time ln her beyonfl tiin limit of th" lr abllltv to oav end of the valley, three mileB above
life ��be (fit defenseless. w*e  put   them   In  the 'Rood   but slow'  Cashmere, and   nothing is now being
iiiiediir llie cloud wblcb bad now be-   clssn. and from there it Is but �� step,done to check it.
come iib bluck ns midnight sent forth   Into the ranks of thnse who will not ,    Attorney General Tanner has issued
aboil     Bbe wiib In her mirdeii In Her   P'O' ** ��" >'"lf'BS absolutely compelled  an   opinion   which   prevents     count) i
ui .      ,  .     V      Wra��" ����� "'r  T** . , , ,    ���,,. r(.m)1 ^rocerv! commissioners from paying out monev
villi, pn lie lake     A nu,., wh��e milr  g^J*78TrJotoui*  tot the   last   18.levied   for  this  purpose.    Deputy  Inn-its aa unite ns snow and whow*. rn.-*  "JJJJ" a|)() ���)V eXT>-rle*ico has Uurht  ppeclor DarllnBton  was compelled  to)
<ni me matter or tne gun. mil Ills wire    "ns furrowed met her fnce tu facw a��  j^, th'a, lh_, fo.raiiP,| -dead beat' Is not 'release his assistants at a most critl-
t.     noticed tlmt Alexis lind mil come for   sbe turned n clump of trees. M dangerous aB  the 'good  but  slow'leal time.    He states that 140.000 dam-J
I     n gun. but to fenut tils eyes on ber lit '     "Wbo nre you?" nsked the countess   customer. :'CP bas heen done in one small local-
��    tie daughter.    Afier Alalia bud gone i "And    what   ui-e   you   dolug   lu    my      "Statistics of thc different credit re-  Hv the last  year and that ten times
.    she suld io her husband 'grounds." ' porting agencies show that not more ��� thst  injury  will  be_ done  next  sum-
��� _ . ., i     ' # ****** I     i.v _. . . n.an ?n ner cent   of the general pub- mer unless   nunediate Bteps are taken
"I foresee great things fnr our Katln        "l lune come to wsn. you.    A. th \���% "%T .ft* --^USSTniTSitm    or,dh".!o    blieht.      One    orchard
*.u.li   beauty   must elevate   ber.ao  a | who l mu. I cun prove my Ideutlty by   ,,;p "p,��� ,���,����� g0 percent. Is mode up which   sold   for  12.500  per  acre  two
of thc 'good but slow' fellows, and only j years ago Is not worth $1,000 per acre
higher runs Hum ours.   Hid Jou notice , n single word "
llie admiration iu llie eyas of the young       "Speuk it," sbe Said,
count'.'" "Uils!"
"No," Sbe shuddered, but msde oo reply
"It wns plain to me.   He will come   nut presently ahe aald:
here nt llmeR to gnse ��t her, und If her I     ���>! Uiuught .V0u weti�� dead."
Iieauty holds wlieu she comes lo woiu-      ��|   preferred  you  should  think  me
anbeiid lie will marry her. and. Instead j dend uud arranged the evidence of my
of -pending her days lu Ihls but. she   demise.    Hut lhere Is nu Ume io lose
a small pnrt can bc regarded strictly [now. so great have been the ravages
as no good" K blight In one year.
will live up on ihu bill nnd if u coun
Many were tbe excuses Alcsis mnde
to Ma hls Uils, as lie cubed ber .Now
It ��jQa llshlng liukle now hls horse
needed a sboe-jfb. the iwiBiiiit w��s a
aiuiili-TMit whuteier It was bc wanted
Ins e-.'�� wier lufl the child vMilla lta
���was ut her father's place, nn.l l-nls
kuew tbut ��l|e hod ipade ber'llrst ca(v
live. When cMatmaa csino n*);
brought with It n J-tttlfrvtag from M**--
is sbe gave Hie kiss.(la *i��k��il r.ir.|li��
after he went nwny her young b-fcws
liiilt. and. her mother asking her If she
���wus dlssiill-fled with her gift, she
(touted und replied: -' \ t 3f M{\ 1/
"Yen. There Is no' g#m % $.'% M*
Alexia went to tbe bhlMlf: jni.
shongh be left bis fsther. b-%.,tuoflwr
-ami bis home behind blm. he rould not
ieiivu bis ijils. Those Innocent eyea.
(but delicately rounded face, thoae el-
<jui*lfoly ��rved llpa tbat seemed formed only to be kissed, were preaent In
tils memory and In bla thoughts during his absence, nnd earb year wben
hn returned she Imd grown a year old-
**r. and Instead of losing ber childish
-beauty lhere wns added tn It that of
n budding womanhood.
And now tbe countess had learned
the aacret that bar aon waa Infatuated
wltb a peaaaut'a daughter. Realising
f" that aucb a passion Conld uot lie eradicated by argument, aba aald nothing to
blm. but arranged wltb ber husband to
send Aleils awny as soon aa he wns
graduated from tha university. The
count want to St. I'etersburg and obtained a government poaltlou for hla
I'or thnt love I bore you wbeu yuu
were a child nml I hut n youth I bave
come tu snve you. Oo from here at
once. The Italian police nre coming
tbls in-lii lu arrest you ou the re<|iilsl
Hon of the czar of Hussia This I
know; how I know It does not matter."
Hindus Determined To
Come To B.C. At Any Cost
Victoria   Nov   3.���The Hlndua de-lthe Panama Maru when Bhe arrived
talned here Tor deportation aa unde- Torni the Orient bn October 17, and
"*'"*    i"*��� i��>  �� *��� . _. _ _.o fth-.e there were thirty-nine who
Ue turned and left Hieiwrdeo.   Tbe .alrable Immigrants for one reason oriwere PtRm,ned by a special board of
countess mm ggc red to the house, and
wliliin lutir an hour, dlsguisad ns an
old num. she wns pulled lu a boat
a<T"SB tlle luke. where aheblr-ed t* post
*iirilag�� and wus drawn over Ibe Iwr
'der liilo Switzerland.
Count Alexuiiilrmlcli returned to Hns
sin. (ulenillng lu devote hlnmelf tu his
oldTiitber umi mother, whom be bad
inndv U> suffer for his III fated mar
rlnge. He found tbem Isith dend. baring Biiccniubed to. the ruin of tbe son
tbey loved so well. The count sold bis
estate* and. reluming to America uu
der an assumed name, mnde a home
for btmaelf In the far west, wbere be
endeavored to forget his past In tb*
work uf raising grain. %Amld tbe Ull
corn nnd the waving whent he gradually became again n man witb a future.
another, ure making a determined *^f-1 lnqu'.: y under tbe immigration act
fort to remain In the country, wtth the!with counsel present representing
assistance of their friends here and in; both sides. The result was that for
Vancouver. 'one good reason or another set forth
Mr. Justice Gregory came down to In the act they wcre refused entry to
chambers Saturday to hear an a'ppll-; tho Dominion.
ration In regard to the matter, this i Krom this decision the mean appeal-
being but a formal preliminary In the; ed to the minister of the Interior, who
legal procedure. C. F. Davie appeared , ls the last authority In aueh matters,
before him and applied for an order and while hla ruling has not been rental for tbe Issue of a writ for the pro- j reived, owing to the time It necessar-
duction in court of tbe body of Narain Ily takes for the transmission ot tbe
tilngh, who Is one of the men detained
and who wlll be deported If tbe steps
taken do not turn out In their favor.
Argument on tha motion waa aet for
tomorrow morning, but thla doea
not Imply that It will go-on then. Mr.
Justice Gregory la engaged In the assise court and wlll be ao occupied for
at least the next two weeks, and aa
sny society. An aliboriU ���to*��
waa procured for bar. ao*-wben bar
buaband aet out for tha capital to enter
boy.   But alaa. tt cama too late!  Tba (  HlnPe th|g wtg wrltten bor hnabaad.
day the appointment arrived Alexia In ----- -���-    -x--*-
formed bis parenta tbat ba bad mnr
ried tbe blacksmith's daughter.
There waa nothing tot it Iw* to accept tba situattoo. Alwia aaagre* bla
father and mother tbat Us wtfa'a beau-
tv would gain bar an tntranc^lnto
for ba wua still tmrely past middle age.  the liberty of the man againat whom
'the grand Jury have presented Indictments Is at A take, this has precedence
over other mattera, and it la not regarded aa likely that hla lordahlp can
aoare any time to hear wbat will possibly be a lengthy argument mad* by
C. F. Davla on behalf of tbe Hlndua
and by E. E. Wootten dn behalf ot tbe
government ���   & ,
> There ta no other Judge nvnlteVa In
the olty at the moment Mr will there
be for some day,|. Assises up country
and in the two other large cUtea are
occupying three members of tba. supreme court brtt-SB and tba chief Jua-
tice has a largjuamount ot business
befwrb blt% jftTEfceonver. HetjuTJIr.
Justice Gi*ior/��e to hear urgent
mattera of cbambera bualneaa before
he sits in tka aaalse court each Jsay,
ao that the ftta of tb* aHnal hewing
ot the arguraVnia (ur and againat tha
Issue of a writ of babaaa corpus in
An old woman. f<ala unw Uvea aa. a
hill looking down Into one or lhe aaa-
coiist cities or Soulh America. She Is
a veritable bug She bas no servants
to do bar bidding, far all ber visible
fortune was sequestrated by the governments of Ibe countries In wblcb It
Iny. nnd her Jewels -she loat yearn ago
nt Monte C'nrb��. She has returned to
the condttluna nnder wblcb she waa
burn, except that ber marvelous beauty
hus gives Pla*>* to hideous ugliness.
having received tbe newa of bla wtfa'a
death, hae married again.
Killed 400 Snakea. '
;   Paris, New. 3.���A peasant plowing at
Moullns uncovered two vlpera'
and in a light for hla life kille
of the reptiles.
n matter of doubt,
riftyalx Hindua tn aU cama
papers In the matter from here to Ottawa and back again, tbere ia little
doubt felt by the immigration officials
bere tbat he wlll follow the precedent
aet In prevloua caaea and uobold the
findings of the board. It ia ln expectation Of such a result tbat the friends
ot the Hlndua are taking the preaent
The Osawka Shoan Kalsha for tha
purpoae ot extending lta passenger
bualneaa, la now making a print of
carrying Hlndua trom India to Hongkong and from there by the Hnera
whieh ply across tha Pacific. It la
claimed ob behalf ofthe Hindus fho
ara now coming In that this Is a pee*
saga direct from tba country of origin,
by wblch meana tbey expect to avoid
tba prohibition which kept tbem out
whan there waa no each aarvlce. Thia
Nlnnon Yueen Kataha baa a freight
service between Indian porta and tfeo
Jansnesa ports, but tbla Una la not
-making any e*ort to build up a Hladu
The OaaJ�� Shosan Kalaba ia W��
tectlng Itself by charging all Hfirtna
brought bam n double tara, ao tbnt tl
It haa to rttnrn aay of tham to tha
port of embarkation It will hot Mw
any mOoay ��* tfce<��eal Tbaro aw anM
to ba mNMr^Mbadnot HMm����
Ing the tesflt af the present an��aa��-
This store will positively close its doors to business as;
soon as all the stock is disposed of, and though we are
very sorry to see such a fine, high-grade line of Furniture ruthlessly slaughtered, circumstances compel
us to sacrifice at cost and less, as time is the essential
factor. This opportunity to buy Furniture and House
Furnishings will never come again, so don't fail to
take advantage while you can.
Come early this week and buy your Furniture,Carpets,
Rugs etc., at a fraction of what you have formerly paid.
I Everything at About Half-Price Now  I
Under Management of Iver Smith Sales Co. o( New York.
Jogging Laziness    ^"T^
into Activity ^r
The merchant whose business lags in the summer /
has himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to /
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation '"*���
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, wc surely will not ���. ""5
What a jolt it must have been to tbe fur trade, wben
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to.believe that fur Mies need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, hat turned the
month of January into the biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimula- *
ti ve power, combined with a disregard of "ieMoa**
have opened up automobile selling two month* .;r
earlier than was onee thought possible. Advertising
hat started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
t*M* .>
���V '
* '���<!
.Advertising rises sutarior. to. seasons and imuapn^   ;y ,
eten.   The right Und el AdtertHteft strikes a   W-
responsive corf in hmnua naUre���and human
nature is the same ia Aagnst as in Decenber.
th-t that!
ba.ant��f.* ,J
loUhra a
altawaS ta
,,ff<V:.    ' Si',*?.
*m 'iiXi,''-), :%���������
' . iit**tai*t.-. ���r   PAGE FOUR
Fresh ^>Vater and Salt
wenl forth and ita life was mercilessly extinguished.
in Hit' case of ocean vessels arriving here from the Orient tlie order for
strong rat-guards is lieln enforced
' the boats are to he berthed fully
feet away from the docks.
Work   Now   In   Progress   at   Lillooet
River  Will   Put  5000  Acres of
Land to   Use.
The work of reclaiming 6000 acres
of fine turn, land along the shores of
the Lillooet river by means of clearing
the  channel   Is   rapidly   progressing,
and before long Ihe entire river flow
���should be confined to the liver bed
and not thrown over the flats as heretofore.
The part that will he benefitted is
just behind Maple Ridge municipality
and Pitt Meadows. The stream them
is intersected bv rock    and    gravel
. |
Indications Are that There Will    Be
no Overplus of Candidates ln
Port Coquitlam.
Port Coquitlam, Nov. ".���Indications
here are that despite the recent agitation  over  tlie  station  question  and
strata which directs the freshet water ! the tulit o{ the city into two tactions,
sell liim the contents of a gunny sack j
tor one dollar.    Witness-accepted the
offer,  the    hobo    having    previously
made lhe remark that  the sack con-!
talned jewelry and clothing of a value
greater   than   $1.     The  accused   had j
then taken  the goods home and dis- j
tributed them among the members or
the family with whom he resided.
I'nder    cross-examination    the    OO-
cused  staled  that  he  had  not  seen'
the trunk which was broken into lying
at Sllverdale station.
At the conclusion of the trial bis
honor stated that lie had hoard the
story told by the accused many times.
bul lie had never beiore been impressed by it. On tills occasion, however,
it raised just a little doubt. The openness of the accused's actions and his
frankness In the hox distinguished the
story from hundreds of others his
honor had heard. "I will have to let
you go." said the court in conclusion,
"but next time yen buy a bundle such
as this you had better pay a better
price for It and get a receipt for your
.1, 11. Grant conducted the prosecution, while N. Lister, of A. S. Johnston's office, appeared for the accused.
Additional Locals
Welcome New Rector.
Anglicans    of    Centrnl    l'ark    will
gather in the agricultural hull on Wed-'
iii'sday evening  to  welcome  the  new
rector  of  St. John's  church.  Hev.   II.
Clarke, w-lio comes from  Sumas.  Ex-1
tra sealing accommodation hud to be
found in the church on Sunday evening when  itev. Clarke pn ached    his
Brat sermon.
Hold First Drill.
Members of tiie Hurnaby troop of
B. C. Horse will hold tlieir ilrst drill
lu the Central l'ark agricultural hall
this evening. Lieutenant Schofleld
will be present lo tuke uny names of
those wishing to enroll.
STOTT���Thn funeral i.f the late
William Stott takes place this afternoon at 2::'.0 o'clock from Knox
church,    Sapperton.    to    the    Kraser
cemetery, Civic officials and authorities who knew the deceased during his
IS year term as waterworks superintendent will attend 111" service.
'I Want To Borrow
$1,000  for three
MclilUlll -The funeral
Ihu late (I. Mcllugh was
day afiernoon at ..lurchh
illK  chapel.
servico of
held yester-
's undertok-
From  Both  Sides.
A  peculiar situation cropped  up In
the llurnaby council last evening when
mention  was made that  g Vancouver
law lirm had issued a writ restraining ated. The pall-bearers w
McDONALD The funeral took
place Sunday al 9:80 of the late Beatrice McDonald, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. It. C. McDonald, from tlte family
residence, 11!) AgneB street, to Sl.
Peter's church, where requiem high
inaBs was celebrated *.> Itev. Father
Heck, assisted hy ll v. Fathers Mallard and Bessette, Al the oft'ei-iory u
beautiful solo was rendered by Mrs.
J. H. Diamond. The funeral then proceeded to the Roman Catholic cemetery, where Riev. Father Heck otTlcl
re W   Keary.
over the low bank and across flats that
because of being almost continually
covered with water aro of little use
to farmers.
By the scheme now in progress the
���water -will find its outlet iu the river
hed, tbe recurrence of former freshets
will be in cried and agriculturists
���will be helped greatly.
For Pitt River Work.
there will be no overplus of candidates for municipal offices at the end
of the year. So far everybody suggested as possibilities atld probabilities is
sitting on the fence apparently awaiting developments. It is not improb
able that the entire present council
may stand for re-election. Mayor
Mars and three aldermen who were
approached this morning stated without exception that they had no:
definitely decided whether they would
The lug Swan went up river yester-j i^ in the nel(i agaill or not but agreed
clay having in taw an outfit to dredge   that  there  was a  chance  that    they
tbe Pitt river.   The tug Plunger also ! woul(j
brought up the dredge Hobson. ,��� anBwer t0 a rumor current ,��� ���le
  city that be intended to refrain from
entering   the   'mayoralty     campaign
OUARANTINE REGULATIONS next January In favor of Alderman E.
KEEP VESSELS WAITING j S. Morgan, Mayor James Mars stated
  that his course of action depended on
Sunrise to sunset will hereafter be!some  developments whicli he expects
the  issuanc-v  uf  u  title  deed   for  tax  J. Shadwell, A.  I.eamy.  K.  Dickinson
sale property,  while the municipality  J. McNamura. M. Fletcher.
was threatened with another suit call-J	
ing for the deed to be issued to the!
present owner,    lt is alleged that the  SIGN
taxes In arrears    which    caused    the j
property  to be sold,  were afterwards
] rights on thT north arm which Rlt-h-
I mond lias control of at the present
time,   was  brought  up  for   linal   rati
Councillor Macplierson opposed the
j measure, slating thut II  wa.  discussed j
'some   months   ago,   at   a   time  when . .
'money   was   plentiful,     lie   was   thn   yi'llTS lit IIIIH' [HT (Till lllttT-
! under the  Impression  that  Burnaby
would  receive  more benefits thnn  lie .,    ,    ,.
believed they would ] est, payable half yearly, on a
Councillor Coldicutt mentioned that I
Richmond had been policing lbe river'
for the past '.l'i years at an annual
cust of several hundred dollars, wlilch
led Councillor Macpherson to remark
that Hurnuby. If It passed the agree
ment,  would   have  lo  stand   part  of
tlllB  COSt.
Hacking oul of promises already
mude  did   not   appeal   to   Reeve   Mr-
Oregor, who ended the argument by
slating: "Anything we agree lo carry
out lu good faith must he attended to,
as long as I am on the councll. lt
Is  not   good   policy   to   repudiate   un
agreement even though money might
be scarce. It was no business method
and as far as he was concerned, Uur
naby would never buck out or promisee mude."
Councillor Pau-Vel jollied forces
with Councillor Macpherson In asking
for further time, bin the majority
good lot close in, in the City
of New Westminster, worth
three thousand dollars. Apply Box 2327, this office.
paid following tlie expiration of the
time limit. Solicitor W. (1. McQuarrie
will handle both cases.
Burnaby Citizen on Trial���Alleged
Have   Shot   at   Police
Dallas, Tex.. Nov. II.    Possibility of
a  strike of  railway  telegraphers  on
the lines of the Texas k I'acific railway   was   averted   today     when     an
| agreement was signed here hy repre-
Sunshine Sale. Isentatlves of tlie road and the opera-
A sale of work and tea will he held I tors. Concessions covering every tie
in St. George's hall on Wednesday , mand of the telegraphers were grant*
afternoon next, from 3 to 6, by the led. This was the first recognition of
Sunshine cluh In aid of the Royal; tlm union given by the road.
Columbian hospital. Credit and en-: Thn agreement fixes tlle minimum
COUragement is due 'his little band of  monthly   Balary  on  the  main   lines at
hours  de- during th
he  says,
strictly  adhered  to  as  tbe
lining   the time during which steam
ships arriving from foreign ports will
be passed at tlie William  Head quarantine station.
The regulations, which are practically the same the yvhole world over,
are to he enforced to the letter. Some
long overnight waits are expected as
a result of the enforcement of the
regulations, especially during the winter months, when sunset is early and
sunrise late.
Lloyd's register of quarterly shipbuilding returns have just been published and as usual tliey afford an
opportunity for a very interesting
comparison of the present state of
the shipbuilding Industry in the
United Kingdom with the conditions
prevailing during the lasl twelve
The tonnage at present under
construction is 1,987,26. tons and
shows a decrease of 16.0UU tons compared with the June figures which
were themselves some 60,000 tons
lower than those reported in March.
next few days. At any rate.
Alderman   Morgan   will   not
oppose him if   he   should   enter   the
mayoralty race.
"1 don't know what I will do; all
kinds of things may happen before
the end of the year," declared Alderman Millard when -questioned as tn
hia intentions. "There is a possibility
that 1 may retire," he continued, "but ���
on that point I have not decided. At
any rate it will be a thankless job
next year," he added.
Alderman C.aler expressed    himself
along   similar   lines,   though   he  did'
not mention anything    about    retire- ,
Alderman Welcher adopted a similar
attitude when approached. "It is too
early yet to say," he said.
City Clerk John Smith and J. R.
McKenzie, a prominent business man,
were suggested as probable candidates for civic honors, but when interviewed today staled that there was
not the slightest possibility of them
entering the field.
Alderman John !���' Langan Is at
present away in the east and will not
be back'until January, bul it is anticipated he will be in the field again.
r the Week E
nding Sunday, Nov. 2.
Sand Heads.
High.             Low.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
4:15 11:20
3:10 11.1    9:06    5.2
15:10 12.7 21:59    3.1
5:20    0:45
4: IS 12.0    9:58    6.2
10:45 11:45
15:47 12.8 22:37    1.8
6:20    1:55
5:19 12.H 10:49    7.2
17:20 12:20
16:19 12.9 23:17    0.7
7:20   2:40 \
6:19 13.4 11:41    8.2
17:50 13:00 !
16:50 12.8 23:59    0.1
8:20   3:25 !
7:18 13.8 12:36    9.1
18:20 18:45
17:22 12.5
���eli.    4:10 '���
Z*niH 13,a.-4:43.   OJ
18:66 14:45
17:54 120 13:88   :���.'���
10:15   4:05 1
9:13 13.9    1:28    0.2
19:25 16:46
18:27 11.4 14:47 10.2
Not Discovered  Until 90 Feet
Eeen  Burned���B. C. E. R.
Traffic Delayed.
Jacob Reichart. a Oerman resident
of Burnaby, was arraigned hefore His
Honor Judge Howay in tlie county
court, yesterday on the serious charge
of having shot at a Burnaby policeman with thc object of evading arrest.
The crime is alleged to have been
committed on Oct. 11 on the hanks
of the Brunette river, near Cariboo
road. The constable whom the accused is alleged to have shot at isi
David Wright, who was sent out to
arrest a man. later discovered to bc
Reichart, for shooting on private property.
The shot, according to the prosecution, was fired from behind a clump
of bushes on the banks of the Brunette where the accused attempted
to hide when he saw Constable Wright
The trial opened shortly after the
court assembled following the noon
recess yesterday and the entire afternoon was taken up in hearing the
testimony of Constable Wright and
other witnesses for the crown. J. 11.
Cram appeared for the crown, while
A. J. Cameron of MacDougall, Long,
Mclntyre and Cameron, of Vancouver
and Port Coquitlam represented the
��� prisoner. Reichart is at present out
on ball.
Tin*  first   witness   was  Constable
Wright,    He testified that on Sunday.
Oct. 11 he was instructed to proceed
Ito the junction of the Cariboo  road
land the Brunette river to Investigate
| complaints   received   at   headquarters
I with  reference to Bome person  shoot-
ling on a private gentleman's grounds.
He  was  walking  along  the  hanks  of
the Brunette river whin he siw Relc-
|bart aheid with a shotgun in his hand
Reichart appeared alarmed at sight of
the   conHable   nnd   dodged   in'o   the
hushes   Inside   the   stream.     Witness
then heard a noise as though the accused wi<s wading ut) stream.
Turned Ashen Pale.
ti,. v.is Btsndtng behind the brush
endeavoring  to  get   Retail art's  exact
Irrn'inn  when n shot rang out from
behind  the lushes and  he heard  tbe
crackling    ss    the    charge    passed
through th" bush ahout four feet from
oer month witii various increaaeB
on the numerous branch lines, Eleven
hours Is to be the maximum working
dny. The settlement affects practical y 1500 men.
workers who have given so much of
their time all summer to supplying the
wards cf the hospital with flowers
each week. The club, which is under
the direction of Mrs. C. B. McAllister,
intended  to hold  Its  sab*  under her! - ��� ������-       -   -
management, but owing to her Budden Rallwav Remove* Evidence,
summons east, the little girls have: Moose Jaw. Nov. 3. Toronto Ex-
had to attend to much of tlie ar- press No. 4 fouled the swltc'.i in the
rangement themselves and 11 Is hoped railway yards at 5 o'clock this mom-
the public will do all in their power '"��-' ��'hil" going at 20 miles an hour
issist  them entering  tbe  city,    fine  killed.  Kevin
|Injured,     the     latter  doing   well   and
Fancy and Evening Dressea
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Residence Y. W. C, A.       Phone 1324.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,  Theory.
Kor TermB and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263>
Wage Claims Granted.
In  the  county  court   yesterday  His
Honor Judge   Iloway  allowed   a  num-
at  20
the city.    One
the   latter doing
recovering.   Inqui st sits m ��
tonight The coroner stated certain
evidence he required had been re.
moved  by  the  rallwav  liefore
her    of    wage    claims    against    tne   al)-��� t0 ,-,., t0 ���,��� Knmu\
National       Lumber    company.      Tlie I  .	
claims aggregated in value about S-tuiH
pnd were presented mainly by Chinese
and   Hindu     workmen     fur    services
rendered to llle company .luring  May
and June of this year.    A  number of i
further   claims   are   outstanding   and
liis honor ordered the immediate Bale
of the propery  to meet  the amounts
due.    The  money   from   th"  sale  will
be paid into court   J   H   Grant, of
this city, appeared mi lu halt of tlie
I Continued from rare onei
Routine Business.
When the In, ird uf directors of the
Y. M. C. A met last nigh; nothing but
routine business was transacted. To
arrange for the membership campaign
a special meeting win lie oalled nexl
Victoria,  Nov.  3.    Thai  1*11
Steamers arriving here  from
Seat ile
An early morning fire destroyed B0
teet of-trestle work on the North Arm
hridge at Kburne early yesterday
morning and compelled the B.C.E.R,
lo transfer its Lulu island passengers
to and from Si, v.-stun until late last
evening when a large gang of .vork
men had made sufficient repairs to
pern,it transportation to be re-established.
The   flames   wore    discovered    at
will shortly have to li" fumigated
the edict that haB gone fort] SB
result of the discovery of bubonic
plague on Puget Sound. Stringent
precautions are to be taken by the
health authorities a! this port In order to prevent the plague from be ag
introdiisi'.l to Victoria through the me,
4.4". yesterdaj morning bul nol until
serious damage had been done to the
structure A call was si ni In to thi
Polnl Qrey nr.- brigade, wbli h was
-i.".i!iiy answered bul considerable
damage had been done to the woodwork.
Superintendent Ed Sterling was on
dium of rodents that are Invariably to hand early, taking wltb him s special
he located In tli" holds of ships With crew trom New Westminster while a
the fumigation order in force the Ca Jjmltar gum: answered the can from
tiadian Bteomslttp companies to lie af- Vancouver Th" origin nf the blaze
foeted will be the Canadian Pacific haB yet to he discovered
and  the Grand   Trim.   I'acific.  which]
linen operate n fic-t of fine coastal
steamers between Puget Bound port
and Victoria.
Skippers of the    palatial passenger |
craft  that  ply  the   inland   waters  ofj
British Columbia indignantly disclaim
any  knowledge  of  rats  aboard   Iheir-
ships, and all aro adverse to fumigation.
Captain Hlckey. the genial master of
he wa*! standing. Wright then
railed out "Reichart, 1 wanl vou."
and t'.p accused ashen oile and an-
nanntlv verv much eviteti. aoneared
from bf ii-.il th" brush. Wrleht an-
nroachfd him, gu" drawn and said:
"Yon phot s' in"." to which thr- an-
cii��erl replied: "I shot at ducks i
"���A"!'..*'; then swore !!��*'! ho accom-
nanii >l thi prlaoner tn Edmund**. ��������� :
h i l him "* rchi d TJtoro cartridges
"*' -'��� '������vmd in his shotgun, oil" ills
C'l ���' * i Pi !!'*" Parkinson h stifled
as i ' th" si arc ling of Reichart and
��� ... pvatninatlon of the mvund ��������� h- r.
ilu- occurrence hanpened l"'"r Oth*r
witni es who had nol octuallv snen
t'.e affair ���- stifled t�� the hearing of
sh '- and thp general location of thi
. ''������ ��� The pise ������' ni lulled with
the ti stlmony ol the crown practically
��� 'i   uhnt 't,.,i     \. ihli . * ming* * si
���' ih" courl Hi.* di ������ ���;<���" *.*. ill in-
starti d
Number of Pitlents Decrease.
There wa:- a decrease of three in
.the total number of patients under
treatment al the Besot-dela an
Westminster asylums durtni
month if October, The total number
](jt palients under treatment a' the beginning of October was 915, while on
the 31st the total vas 812. Other
facts of the monthl) report issued by
Hr. C. B. Doherty, medical superintendent are: Number of patients admitted during October, 29; transferred
from New Westminster It Essondale
IS; transferred to New Westminster,
1: discharged without probation, 9;
on probation, IB; expirv of probation,
19; died. 10; total number of patients
at New Westminster, 524; st Essondale. 47H; total female palients, 'Jt;:):
total male. Till.
1 and Personal
Mr and Mrs. Anderson were
and hostess ai an enjoyable
lowc'en dance at their home at
naby  Lake on  Friday  last.
Mrs. A. I: Vert Agm street will
nol receive until the 111 ', 1 ui day in
Mrs.  Tuckweil,  'Il   Fourth
Will   be   at   Inline   on   the   first
V, t dnesdays ot tbli month.
Bldm y Buchanan, ol .v rfol t,
iitid connected with thi Chli igo,
waukei t. st. i'aul rail ���w.. Is in
city '.n business,
plans were made which ,ir" estimated
to cost J20.000,   Point Qrey und Rich-
mond had agreed to   land their share
Iteeve   McQregor   stated   that   the
matter was an Important on" and
whllo Burnab) wished to do her shari
Of the work, ll would have to be acted
upon wisely, it was referred to the
board of works for report.
in connection with Uie present financial situation, Iteeve McGregot reported that the London office of the
1 New' Boyal hank had communicated with
tbe him. suggesting that the time being
Inopportune for making an Issue on
tin- market, the council ought to move
carefully, One offer of 85 for ilu
llurnaby treasury certificates bearing
6 per cent, interest had been made
to tlie bank, but this, however, had
not been accepted. The local brunch
of the bank had refused to loun an}
more money on the hypotbloated debentures, but a special meeting of tin
council would be beld In Van.* uvci
on Tuesday morning where they
would interview tlie Vancouver manager of the bank.
North Road Tram Line.
While in   ihe Terminal   ciiy   the
reive  and   council   will   interview   the
B.  c.   e.   it.  officials  in  connection
with the mil" of track culled for in
ih" franchise bylaw, running frum the
Sapperton terminus along the North
road. The proposed bridge over th"
Cm al Northern railway -rucks lyis a
Inuring on  the case und  one the as
Burance of ihe n. C, E. it is obtained
that work will be Btarted at a certain
date, the bridge question will again
lu* taken up with the railway commission. As regards the bridge Uur
nab) I slogan will in- "Oo after It"
Another breeze sprung up when
ih.- proposed :igr*"iiii ni between Burnaby and  Richmond as in foreshore
lu st
Bur- i
��� reet,
the Princess Victoria, admits that
Mingle  rodent  was   permitted  to  exist
for a time on his craft, but the orders
Frank  Marriono  Buys    Stolen
from Hobo, Then Gives Them
... AT ...
Dean's Grocery
ThiB week we ai" demonstrating
Malluns Besl Ti a and Brown Berries
Coffee, if you have not tried ihia
delicious Tea nud Coffee come in our
Btore and have a sample cup.
Buy Malkin's
Tea and Coffee
This Week
We are giving awny dainty cbiua
ware with every purchase.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 388.
Purr Block Columbia Street.
Prank Marriono, accused of break-
lug into a trunk belonging tn Mrs. E.
L, McQulre, of Mission, ai the Silvi-r-
dale station of tin* C, I'. It. and stealing therefrom women's apparel and
jewelry valued in ?7.'., was dismissed
by   His   Honor  Judge   Iloway    In   the
county courl yesterday.
'Ilu* lln'ft took place last June. Suu-
plclon of iin* crime rested upon Mar
rh.i,i, because considerable of the
stolen goids wire found distributed
amongst ih" members nt nn Italian
famllj in Sllverdale wllh whom he
' d. ��� i. two members of the family,
the fatbi i* ami a iiiiie girl maintain
lng thai tbey imd ri cetved Un* gi "i
from th.   accused,
Taking lbe witness Ftand mi h ������
own behalf Marriono claimed thai he
had bought Hn* gooda from a hobo fur
'fl wliiie returning along the c. i-. u
I tracks from Mission tn his bome a'
i This hoi") hud asked III" OCCUSOd
llf there was any possibility i,r gel
Iting a in" meal ln the neighborhood
las he had not had anything In "at
for two days and then whim Marriono
gave a discouraging reply offered to
Ohje.t.onu to Bite,
Nov. ::.   The Con idlan As
; Boclati d   Press  barns Unit -.,  p. t   li n
signed liy every Canadian agenl gener
nl and also th" leading haulers and
1 linancial houses doing Canadian business here v.lll In a few days cable
Premier linrden urging him to reject
Goods ih" Westminster Bite for the Dominion
office. Th.. petition win express no
opinion regard ng Earl Grey's Aid
wyoh scheme, but will <xprcs-i the
emphatic conviction that the West,
minster proposition is eti'.'riiy nnsull
.1 Osborne, ot Sapperton, has just
retuiii"il Hum a trip id Now Y.ulc
Chicago, PI   '   Mu blgun, ami Toronto
:,'   John's Church of England
Well Earned Rest.
Chicago, Nov, '���', John M. Roach,
president of Ihe Chicago Railways
company, resigned today anad Henry
A. Hlalr wus elected to succeed him.
In hla resignation Mr. Roach stated
that aft"i "fnrty wars of arduous ser
vice in street railway work I wish tr
devote ihe remaining years ur life b
th" enjoyment cf a leisure which I
never have had since my b&yhood
days." Mr. Roach entered Hm stre"*
i.n business In Chicago in IW2 as
ootid ictor on a horse car.
May Raiao Salary.
'l'i i im to.   Nov.   3.���Blr  Ja'-cs   Wli'
ney stated today that in all probability a resolution will be brought Into
ih.- legislature :it th- coming session
Central l'ark, yesterday noon the nun
riage of MIsb Mabel Armstrong, only
daughter i f Mr, and .Mm. J. K. Arm-
stiong. Eighteenth avenue. Edmonds,
and David McWaters, of N'-w West-
mlnster, was celebrated. Miss Florence Warnock, nf Sapperton, atld
Lewis Sangster supported the brldi
and gnu.in. It''.. Mi* Bell, an old
friend of lhe family, performed the
marriage ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
McWalcrs left dining th" afternOOl
for a wedding tour Of lhe I'acilic "nas'
and upon ihelr return  will reside al
1160 Dublin stnet.
At 834 Tentb street, nn the isi ins'.
K. A. Nicholson und Clara F'title w.n
nulled In marriage, it. v. n- Durn
performed lh" ""lemony. On lhelr n*
turn rrom their hi ne; it" ��� 'i Mr. and
Mrs NIchOlSOn w'H '���'* id" in Nl IV
Wi a!minster.
B-amnton, nnt
poll t" hear from
Ito Increase tho salary of the lieutenant I vatlve, 1ms a majority
1 gn. iiiui'    nf    OntOtiO.      While    the .provincial    bye-electlo
amount Is not yet fixed It Is under-
Stood it will be raised from $10.(100 to
���20,000, a resolution win also be
broughl in changing tho mime of the
office from ihat of "lieutenant gov't ri.ui'"  tu  tiiat of  "governor."
v- Elected,
Soi, '���'.��� Willi one
l. it. Kill'- Conser
of li?;. in lhe
provincial bye-election in Peel, defeating A. II. Mllhr. Liberal, '''his
seat wns vacated by Sam Charters,
Conservative, who was aopointed
registrar of the county, Mr. Charters'
majority at the lust eneral election
wu:; 700.
To the  Thrifty
We wish to reduce our slock
for Btock taking purposes and
are offering tlie whole al a reduction of from 10 to 20 per cent
For Seven Days
for cat.h
and  see  ua
���flooda dr;
Ihn city.
We Invite ynu to crime
is.    We  will  nave you
Ivered to any part of
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
641 Front Street.    Out of the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Open   Evenings   Till   9   o'clock.
C. P. R. Ready-Made Farms
More than 9,000,000 acres good Canadian I'acilic Railway Com
pany land In ItritiBh Columbia, "Sunny Alberta," Saskatchewan snd
Manitoba awaiting magic touch of tillers' are to blossom as the rose
All C. P. It. land for Bale on new twenty year, colonization paj
ment plan; $i!00U will, If desired, be loaned settlers for (arm lm
Kor descriptive literature and  Settlers'  transportation  ra'*
on or write the Canadian  Pacific Hallway Compuny'a Official |
SellillK Audits
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial,  Insurance and  Real   Estate Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General Railway and Steamship Agents.
That   for Cold  Weather  there It
Nothing Quite so Good at Cur
Special Hot-Water Bottle
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Oo to your grocer now. lluy a
Buck of ROYAL STANDARD, Try one
baking with it. if results don't stump
ROYAL STANDARD ub the cue best
bread maker your money buck without a word. All grocers Bell IIOYAI,
STANDARD on thiB understanding. (If
course we tniahantkk batting result.-. I Don'l we hake actual bread
wllh every sample of wheat w�� receive ? Nn wonder ROYAL STANDARD In uniform. Hpeml u few mlnuteB NOW to reap hours unit hours of
pleasure every bake day.    Do !
Vancouver, New Westminster,  Nanalmo, Victoria, *m *.. ������*.- .
_ . pace nvs
Devotees   of   Winter   Spcrt   Wlll   Get
Their Inning���Pro. Hockey Question Settled.
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock the
IiIk yat"* ut tlie Queen's l'ark arena
will awing open lo allow the Skaters
to enjoy tbomselras for thc flret time
1hin M-iii-oii on the Sbaat which la now
in eottraa Ot preparation.
The date of opening waa derided upon yosti rday at a meeting of the
Arena   company   and   everything   ar-
ranged from the band to ushers so that j ate_��ta_ed to Tlie News that the ice
there will be no hitch to the proceed- waa lielng formed rapidly and Would
Ings unleaa the mechanical plant be in splendid Bhape for Thursday eve
Mows  up.   which  Is  practlcaly  Impoa-1 nlir-.
Bible. Now that a definite date has  been
The name prices as prevailed last aet for the opening ceremony, the
winter will be in force again, thus amateur hockey league will be In a
giving local ell liens the benefit I position to formulate B Schedule to
again."'   those of  Vancouver and   Vic-'be ratified by the Arena company.
torla, where ihe rate Is higher.
In addition to tho skating, the pro
fesslonal hockey question was about
settled and following a meeting to he
bald between the local executive and
Frank Patrick of Vancouver sometime
today the fans of this city wlll be In a
position to know "who's who" in Weatmlnster hockey.
I'll.' big tea making machines were
Hurled up late Saturday evening and
following a test of the brine running
through the mil's of pipes, the water
was poured on the floor yesterday
morning which immediately began to
Lata laat evening Manager Bi. Hav-
Chinese Opium  Bubblers Leave Their
Bail Money���A Vag Who Get a
Bad  Scare.
The frills In life are the thing:, that
coat the money.    A loat of bread only
| takes a  nlckle of your  mamma,  hut
| If you want pale de fois gras, or any
other ki.-id of highlalutin grass, tben
| you've  got  to  pay  for It and   pungle
up stilt und strong.
_________ I    (icing farther. It costs you more to
! get  a   pheasant   wben   pheasants  are
played  In  the Dominion. jOiit of season than a duck In seaaon,
Lalonde, although spoken of as hav-'That's about the way it stacked up
lng gone into businei.it in Montreal, i with Jang Chung and six other prom-
will be out here In time to break lntoi_lng sons of tin. land where the pro
the  first   game  against   Westminster, jduction   of pigtail,    used    to bc  the
  "Newsy"  ranks  on  a par  with   I'ltre j national  industry.    Jang runs, or    at I
as far as wicked shooting l�� concern-1 least ran, what is vulgarly known as |
A glance at lhe forward line of the ed, his showing made during the rirst  a   "bop   joint"   down   In   the   '"hinese i
Vanoouver hockey septette as passed ; wlnt?5, ��f,('��aft   h.��cke>'   being  ot  a|guarier.     Saturday   the   pollce   called!
out   on   paper   during   the   past   few |
Frank    Patrick's    Aggregation    Look
Like  Copping   Paterson   Cup���
Individual vs. Combination
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ quarter.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sensational   character. on   Jang   and   nabbed   hirn,   '.cgether
_____________ _^_ . Taylor made his debut  last   winter\ w|th half a dozen of his ,,als.    Mr. J.
weeks leads many to the ImpreBBion ana ,norc than made good, In fact his Chung was classed a., a keeper and
.. . .���  .._._.-,. ...... u_..��� .u_ *,n tuBS|,,s with trill,. Johnson were the; put up Mi) [oe roi,j bones for bis free-
real feature of the Vancouver-WeBt-|doln ,h(. rest of the throng cashing
minster games. Ilonan and Neighbors ;in twenty teans ea"h fer thi honor
have both been seen on the Coaat, al-jan(] privilege of having beeu caught
hough playing with an eastern team * mok| iu,���     Ye8terday   morning
he later eapecbUly making.a. mark    ,     bttneb  failed  to  appear  in   court
hm   ih    "Ini     JrrW!,h.  Pn11/'!"^ "ie bail    money    was   estreated
ns,   the    Joe  Ha       of  the   RC.H.A.,'  ....       ,,     ,    *   , ,,j  ,��� _-_.���-
While  having  nothing   spectacular,   is i lb*\ U,;,"K    he  l-n"���*2  ll ^?".
always  capable  of  playing  a  heady **JSS7 d_W , '
game and is a dangerous man during of bubbling hop over a lamp.
the rushes from net to net. Henry Is went.
The  only  doubtful   position   on   the i    llellr-v Bulk* is a r';ai- s\ire ���0**S-*
^^^������"      1���*���*���" He thought it over when Magis-
Edmonds   cast   up the circum-
the case  before his
lhat Frank I'atrick will have the fin
est attack of any team In the I'acific
Coast organization and well in keeping with the nickname which clung
to them last winter, "The Millionaires."
For two seasons Prank Patrick's
one ambition has been to capture the
Pacific Coast championship with the
Paterson cup attached, and for thc
past two seasons the Vancouver mo-
[gul has had the mortification of wit
nessing his high priced stars go down Terminals this season'Is a goal tend-iva8-
It   lllllll
Methodists Lose Out In Opening Game
of Y. M. C. A. Bowling League���
Schedule  Out.
The   V    M.  C   A      Mouse]
league got away to it slur| ^ast evening
whin  the Teachers defeated  (Jueens
Yuma, and  spouted  flame
dered up to Use oontrol.
if the precedents of tradition built
up by five previous transdesert races
still hold good. Davis and his LOCOmo
bile will be lirsi Intto Phoenis around
noon   tomorrow,  bui   unless  lu'    im
proves hli  time coii'iidcralily  the  two
Bltnplexea,    barring   accidents,    win
i beat him ' n elapsed time,
Davis' elapsed time was unofficially j
given tonighl as 10 hours. BT mlnutt ..
Bowling  and  10 sect uds tor tbe M8 miles from i
l.os Angeles. R)ce's Simplex, however,
covered tbe distance In 10:40 i.'.. while
^^__^^^^__^^^^__^^^^__^^^^___01dlicld'_ time was ope minute and I
Avanuo Methodists two games out.of Mconds better than  Hum'.
three although  lewlim on total pins      SK carg c-��,cMi:t\ i���u, the oontrol
Havaratock    he    educationalists. |bgtore g O.eloej, t0IllKht    ���,���,.,. 0���u:.,*
17 starters In tbe race were strung
out between Santa Ana. :',.. miles from
!.os Angolan, and lhe California state
Simplex No. _ was wracked near
Santa Ana nnd Dinar Toft, tbe driver
15jy Irepcrled tonight In a hospital seriously Injured. Seviral olher cars suffer-
413 cd minor inlBhapB One or two turned over without hurting drivers or
mechanicians, and were righted and
continued tbe race.
Over the Desert.
KI Paso, Tex.. Nov. "..Twenty unto
racers will start tomorrow morning in
tbe tlrst annual K.l l'aso-l'hoenix race
over 517 miles of desert roads, The
first car will leave KI Paso at 6:40
a.m.. and the others win follow at Intervals Of tan minutes each. The
cars are expected to reach Phoenix
Wednesday afternoon and the average
speed tor the COUrta, It Is believed,
will be well above 30 miles an hour
The cars will check in al six stations
to defeat on both occasions, the first
ito Jimmy Gardner's Koyals and the
I last season lo Brother Lester's Vie-
| torla septette.
Combination   appears   to   have   got
thc   better  of  individual  efforts   both
i Patrick       ^^^^^^^^^^^
give the scheme another chance
or.   Allan Parr is residing in Vancouver and  will  probably turn out If offered a contract but rumor has it that
another   man   will   get   the   position
Parr,   on   past   performances,   is   the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   weakest goalkeeper in the league and
l)though It looks as if Krank  for consistency Ib not to bc compared
Ib  more  than   determined   to with   the   work  of  Hugh   Lehman   or
Lindsay, the Victroia guardian.    ThlB
T J. Trapp, President, President T. J. Trapp <�� Co., Ltd.; A. Ji.
Holmes, D.lJ S., First Vice-president. Vice-president Okanagan Telephone Co.; W. J. Mathers, Second Vice-president, Manager ���Braek-
man-Ker Milling Co, Ltd. L. A. Lewis, Man. Mr. Brunette Saw Mills
Co., Ltd.; It. Eden Walker, M.D., I.ir. Okanagan Telephone Ca; T.
H. Smith, Retired Merchant; T. S. Annandale, Retired Merchant; H.
Ityall, Druggist;  J. J. Jones, Pres. Elk Creek Waterworka Co., Ltd.
The above members of ou r Board of Director* are ail MMMM
business men of wide experience, wbo bave lived bere for many yeara
and wbo are thoroughly conversant with values ind conditions. Wbea
you appoint this company to act as your Execator yon secure fair
your affairs the experience, knowledge and careful management ef
these directors at no greater charge than would be allowed to an la-
dividual executor.    Full particulars on application.
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
ltonan.  Neighbors  was   more   than   proved   last   winter.
Lalonde,  Taylor,
and   Harris  are  a   formidable  bunch
capable of showing   the  (ana  on   the
coast  the class of hockey  which has
raised   itself above anything else  dls;fener:
stances of the ca3e before his eyes
and then admitted that he waa it. He j
further admitted to having done   four |
months in Victoria for having been a
devotee  of  the  gentle   art  of  living i
without producing.
"Well," eaid the court. "I'll just give
you two    months    with    hard    labor !
(business of Henry's    iaw    drooping'
took high tOU
1 and iiii-.h IndlvidUl
- 38.
Maxwell   .   .
.   1.17
A. N   Olher
��� 405
Dr. Jones ..
- 285
(By the  Potter.I
However, the bunch wearing thc ma- j about two feet) and I'll suspend    the
roon jerseys look  to be a formidable: sentence for cne hour to give yeu    a
ggrcgatlon and it will need a good de- j chance to get so far away from thi?
city  it'll  .it.'  eight dollars to reach
yeu by telegraph."
That's hardly  what the court said,
hut ��ha- wub the meaning conveyed.
to Btop them scoring goals.
* ������:���
9 ��
* *
Pros, and Qaal.
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Some Interesting games are sure to
lie played during the winter months
ns every organization represented
t ��� slinun a keen Interest in the new
league, which will bring ibe members
together more and also improve lbe
Winter game In lbe city. The following schedule una arranged last w.-ek:
Nov. r.    S:\th    Avenue   church    vs.
Weeunlnstai Trust,
Nov. 10    Quqena Av nue church vs.  Biling (|u. route
Sixth   Avenue church.
Nev il Teachers vs Westminster
Nov. 17 Slxih Avenue church vs.
Nov. It Westminster Trust vs.
tjiiiiena  Avenue church.
Nov. 24 Teachers vs. Queens
An nue church.
Nov.  26    Slxih  Avenue church    vs.
Westminster Trust.
Due.  1    Sixth    Avenue   church   vs.
Westminster Trust.
Dec. 8���Queens Avenue church vs.
Sixth Avenue church.
Dec. H-Teachers vs Westminster
Her. 10 Skth Avenue church vs.
This Federal llasebnll league Is mak
ing the National commission squirm In
their shoes Hefore we know It thc
Feds will be taken Into the fold
which will mean more players to be
drafted and more money for the I
The local rugby players will be out
for practice this afternoon at Queen's
park preparing for Saturday's game.
There was crepe hanging in the halls
of Vale on Saturday evening after
Old Bli'S defeat at the hands of Colgate.
'.,..'���    Il.-nry is still wanting.
if      Two girla, Ellen Nelson and Mabel j
'!������. | Velours,  were  nabbed  the  other day
.-. i in a down town block under eircum-
jt I stances considered suspicious.   When
'. I lhey  came up in court the case wa_-
�� I adjourned  and   Ellen  and  her  friend
a, j with the velveteen name were allow ed
.^vlout on their own recognizance on the
__  understanding that they should appear
again yesterday.   They failed to recog
_sterd*iv   and   bench   warrants   have
been issued for tbeir arrest.
!    The magistrate   would have  dearly I
j loved  to have sent  Charles  Livianna
     _ 11 to  the  jug on  the  charge  of having
Nov.  1st.  1913      i supplied whisky to Indians.
Mr    Hock   BL   Magnate: ,    ������]  am  satislled you-re guilty."  said
Dear Sir���I return herewith cntraetithe court,   "but, unfortunately, 1 have
uiiBigneoV    lf  you  think  I  can  af:'..*     to be guided by    the    evidence    and
'" play hockey for a paltry J80j, you I there is not enough of that to warrant
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Monday-Burnett   vb. Walters.
Tuesday- Marshall  vs.  Pike.
Wednesday���Hurnett vs. Walters (five game serleBi; McGill vs. Sloan.
Thursday���Open night.
Friday���Westminster   at
���������-. ���::; a ii ft ii. ii "t *x *t Ht tt i
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust BMg.
Walters' Team Drops Three to Burnett
House League���Canners
Get Busy.
Auto 3peed Fiends    Hitting    Terrific
Pace In Road Race���Barney Old-
field Spectacular.
Wallers' quintette of bowlers took
a sudden fall last evening In the
House league, losing three straight to
Burnett's aggregation. The perfortn-
I'nce of either team was only mediocre, Burnett's 211 being the only outstanding It a twe. Here arc the -scores:
l      2      :i    Ttl.
Knight    ..lf.il 181 167��� R07
'McCoy 108 151 15*��� 471
Smith    144 12i 129- '.197
Garrelt    154 157 199- 500
Burnett    211 187 151- 559
836 800 798 2434
Jawn Kvers. the leader of the Chicago Cubs Has taken to golf. What
with Willie Ultchle, Bill Taft and
Kvers all taking up the brassies, what
Is tba world coming to?
the   one   sure |
got another think coming. 1 have a
good job in the repair department of
the Thunder and Lightning Umbrella
works and am not dependent on my I limit."
hockey playing. Hoping to hear from
vou soon, I remain
L. 7.   WING
me in convicting you, but remember,
if you ever come ud before mc again
on this   charge    I'll    give    you    the
Mr.   Hock   B
Dec.  24.  1913.
Found Dead  in Bed.
Moose  Jaw,  Nov.   3.���Wm.  Henderson, a retired farmer, resident in the
city for 13  years, was found dead  in
his  bed  this  morning.    The cause of
Sam   l.ichtcnhein^^^^^^^^^^^
I rouble   maker     in     eastern   hockey.
Kvery   time   the   Montreal     ni��Kmi����M    Dear Slr-I sec you have s'  ncd an-jdpath  wag heart failure
gets a chance heattempts to kick the|oth(,_ ,_.,_, up ,n my ^    Ag , fo(?]   death  ��a��g��ea"
the need of exercise I will r>'co.nbider
He was 70
traces of work  previously agreed  to.
There  sure  wlll   bc one  big  howl
he ever lays hold of Skene Ronan
Yuma.   Ariz..   Nov.   3.-
driving  Locomobile    No.
Olln   Davis.
Held ..
4,   checkediRharpo
llrat this afternoon lu the night control of the 574.4 mile l.os Angeles to
rhoituU race. Iiavls checked at 4:35
o'cloob. Cadillac No. 1, ('harles
Houles driving, arrived second ot
4:30.t��, with Barney Oldflnld third, 29
second later. J. O, Rico, '
No. 23, was fourth In
The four leaders raced for ten miles
on the high mesa bordering tbe International boundary. In plain eight of
hundreds of people waiting at thc
Colorado river. Ktiveloped In dust and
smoke, Davis, Suulcs and Oldlleld tore
along seemingly but a few yards apart.
Davis was In reality far out tn front,
but Oldlleld and Houles fought It neck
and neck Into the checking station.
Oldfleld'R car hail been on lire four
times during the 368 mite dash   '-
. .130
- 393
��� 399
- 442
- 509
Fred Lynch Is waiting patiently for
a deputy sheriff from Vancouver to
nail hlm for that one thousand slum-
Icons, handed to hlin last spring In
connection with lacrosse.
Thc people of EaBt Burnaby arc
talking of erecting an arch and handing over the keys of thc suburb to the
soccer team. The stock was boosted
on a par with C, P. H. paper following the victory over the Bankers.
Might be Just as well for the different cities on the coast to play off for
the Boccer championship before David
Lelth makes arrangements for an
All-8tar B. C. team (???) to travel
to thc l'anama exhibition at 'Frleco.
Now ihat Dave has got back it Is keeping him awake nights trying to keep
the old Vancouver and District
league from butting Into this territory.
Thc police had to be called In to
protect thc referee al an Kngiish foot
ball  game.    This Is certainly  regret-
my refusal to sign up for $800 so rush
I contract  by return mall.
Jan. 1. 1914
Mr.   Hock   E.   Magnate:
Dear Sir���Am enclosing signed contract and will give you thc best I got
this winter even though you only offer
nie $400. Wishing >oti many happy
returns at the gate, I am
Shut Out University of California 33
Polnta to Nil���Four Inchea ef
726    728    686    2140
American Can Company.
Capt.  Dundy 1
.    _.     ,     Jones 103
In Simplex oustafson 107
control   at | young  143
Cade .
Capt. Inmond���
K.  Mansfield   ..
H.  Mansfield   ..
- 42U
622 632 670 1824
. 86
3     Ttl.
97��� 285
157��� 409
88��� 308
177- 447
170��� 480
Berkeley. Cal., Nov. 3��� The New
Zealand All-Blacks defeated the University of California second rugby
team here today 33 to 0 on a Held
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ four inchea deep with mud. The play
table, likewise shocking, and In very|WM never In the All-Blacks territory
bad form. A little more ami those !Bm| |Uperior work of the visitors' tor.
who follow the gentle art of rugby |Warj, EaTe them an eaay victory In
will be as unruly as tbe myrmidons gp|(,, 0f a stubborn defend',
of tho smiling Mrs. Pankhurst. In The ^ WM g0 he���vy lhM kicklng
fact, It might not be a bod Idea, to set \ v|rttta||y mipoaalble and tbe New
the militant rugbylsts and the m in- zeaiandetra did not convert any of
tant suffragettes at on* �������w-'*" their eleven tries,
the former sttond to riots In the street __   Hm    ^
and thc latter to the riots on the grid-18Un'for^jaiMfornla
iron.   *.'_____________________________������-        'officiated today.
In the West End. Comer 7th Ave. and 20th St Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
will referee   the
game    Saturday,
591    649   689    1929
i MONTRKAI., Nov. 3���Current report
haa It that there are going to be great
ahaklngs up In laorosse circles before
next summer comes round, It is even
aald that the days of professionalism
nre doomed and that the Montrnals,
flhamrocks, Nationals, Cornwall and
ot'iiwn will lorm a purely and thor-
cughiy aniiiiinr leag||e. It la not proposed that present professionals shall
bo reinstated, but that entirely new
teama will be organised. It la evident
that If thn game Is lo have any atanl
lng at all, things cannot go on as they
bnve been going. In the west the
rowdyism, coupled with the demands
of the players haa estranged the most
Influential patrons of tbe aport. And
In thn eaat bickerings and actions of
big-headed playera hava bad pretty
v.eii the aame result. Lacrosse haa
plainly fallen upon evil times. Thorough reformation Is the only way in
which It can be saved, and It looks
as If that reformation can only come
by a return to amateurism by rejuvenation.
The managers of the city hockey
clubs aro liable to spring something
now that the machinery is in motion
at Queen's Park.
R. L. (Bert) Sti'onsch. resident on-
glneer for the Dominion government
tt Coiiuitlam dam, and a former Scot-
<ah rugby International, Is back In Ottawa playing for tbe Combines in the
Big Four. Two years ago Stronach
waa regarded as the best alt round
wing man tn the Big four. He played
tor Ottawa againat tbe Argoa last Saturday.
Prcnaratlons are praotlcally completed for the holding of the tlrst annual dance of tho Sapperton-Whlte
Rock hockey team wblch wlll take
olace tomorrow evening In St. Patrick's hall. Tbe Arena company made
t popular move when they refused to
clash In the dates.
Special Vitagraph Feature
The Next Generation
In two parts,   featuring   Harry
Morey and Edith Story.
The pupil outmasters his master. The boy of today is the
man of tomorrow. The succeeding generations must keep
apace with the march of progress and advancement.
Edison Photoplay.
A atory of gypsy life, produced tn Kent, England.
 *��   '-
Drama. '
The Crescent Beach basketball team
defeated the quintette trom the Britannia blgh school. Vancouver laat evening at the Y. M. C. A.. The final
scoro waa 44-22.
Glanta Win at Marlin.
Marlin, Tax., Nov. J.���The world
touring New York Nationals and tbe
Chicago Americana found today'a
game In Marlin a "festive home coming event," alnce playera ot both
teama have trained here tn tbe paat
Tbe Giants won, 11 to 1. by heavy hitting, Tesreau holding Chicago to (onr
hlta.   Tbe soo re:
R.   H.   E.
New York  11   19    t
Glanta  1    4    1
Batteries: Tesreau and Meyers;
Benz, Faber and Daley.
Pleka Up Yeungattr.
Chloago, Nov. 3.���Ambo Blight, a
Chlcagoan, who caught for Des Moines
last summer, wilt Join the world tour
Ing Wblte Box In a *bort time, having
been signed tor tbe trip today by
Owner Comtakey. He expects to atari
for the west Wednesday.
tt Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Stewart.
TUESDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���IX midnight for Prince Rupert. Graaby Bay.
SATURDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS���12 midnight. Oct 31st,  Nov.   14-2*.  lar  Qaaen Cttariotfce
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS���12 midnight. Nov. 3-19 for Maaaat, via Priac* Rupert.
Mondaya and Thursdays steamers make elose cot
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trainsJMrTi
Rupert   -________________________________________���
ton and Smithers; mixed service from
(Mile SOO.)
Tickets to all polnta east and to Europe.
at Prince
New Haset-
to Roae Lake
H. O. SMITH, C. P. * T. A.
M7 Granville Street, Vanoouver.
a. r. ttt.
I h
l_.tU.lf., A.R.C?M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Slnr
Int, Volea Prodnetlon, Theory (I*
claaa or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Muaical rom aad History.
Pupils praparad lor tha examina
Uona of tba Aanoeiatad Bowi of the
Royal A��>demy ��f Music nad Royal
College ot Mualo. Also Protsaalona)
Diplomas. Teecber or Performer.
Por tsrma, nta.. apply 11 Dufferin
Itraat.  Phone 411R. (ml)
Our Interior Finish la manufactantf froas
ed for Flat Omln. '\M	
We ara alao spscisllitng In Plr Dear* with Vaw
wblch ara batter In construction, moro baantjfnl ���__���
pensive than tba old jaaliA rained paaa! tmat*.
Oat onr prteea before t****** **** ******
Customs Colleetlene Increase.
Ottawa, Nov. 3.���Customs collections tor October amounted to I9.M1.-
636. as compared wltb $10,114*47 In
October, 1911, a decreoao of $971,911.
For tba flrat seven montha of the
llscal yaar tha collections have total'
^^^^^^^^^^^_. .led 1M.0TI.4M tt IncraMo ot IMF
Better keep that ladiaa' hockey team 727 aa ooainared with tbe aam* - -
iIn mind, Manager Bd. Savage. [In 1911.
The Ladles' Skating club baa nr
ranged with tba Arena company for
one morning eaoh week at the rink.
Whnt wKh tho harbor taftora-
amta. tbe further
tho fteha-Hea and
l_Ali__________' T_fc_________ff___���_��� fta-mtM-s-lfc -
m}^t*-**-fn*r***\**';   ���w^R^*^ ^^9 .'���^���^RR-^ip* ���
avalrir��ftrtutar ta ooariM ��
.- "       hor mra.
��� Wa^gJnaHa   Tmi^   ___________J
 rfN O T
&.. '-'���'" Ltvoiywo*.^-*,
Sunday adiadnW-Tratna lama it***��'"*f<
���:M and 9 ���.��-. aad every It aUaatee   thai
ANv ���:!�� service every U ��ttM*ao ��M* *at ���*
���atn 4 n.*.;'f*o�� * Jium'*-��P=*5
gtven. After t:U mo. a ft m  ._.
Saturday. awvteaRdrly jMrstq
daya, but aftar ��� ut, S��f Ntaajft?
������tW- page mat
. .'*!
OciT-od for Tne News Rt the Vollov.-
tag places: V. T. Hill's di-t-S elore,
tm -Columbia street; A. 8price,
���Qoe-ensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
&.-I___rdcii, Highland Park; Hra. V.
l_��\wi_>, Alta Vista.
bell ,��. -m i'i..
Hox   i iti    Ni �� i
Sh* **.***���**"' *> *****   *
*h RATES. *
my* ****���***���**���***,
Claaelfle'd���one cent   per word   perl
akai,   4c per  word per week;  16c per \
snenth;  5,000 worda. to be used aa re-
ajat-tM. within one year frum   date oi
BtracL  126.00.
cn ran rli; a going concern near
city. Must have *30l) to (600, Apply   Hox  2846  N'ews office.       fS.'A'o)
ern bouse, Blxth Btreel car line,
close In. Apply Hox -".16 Ni ara
office, (2346)
uaed shorl time; bargain. 65 Duf.
ferin Btreet, (2848)
_iuto In Brat class running order
extra tires, etc, 'irade as first payment on small house, modern. Hox
2848 News office, (2348)
New U. 8, Regulations Relating to Mil
linery   Make Ticket Agents
Put Gueries.
Thn   Lions   and   Crocodiles   Are   In  a
Class by Themselves.
Man eating lions have always been
] fairly common iu East Africa. The
' most noted but far from exceptional
case was that of the two man eaters
; wblcb for a time stopped tlie building
I of the Uganda railroad by their rav-
j ages  am.uni  the  workmen  until   they
' were Anally shot by live engineer iu
Charge, Mr. (afterward Coloneli Patterson. Another lion, after killing several men around a station on the rnil-
position; used to lumber office. Ap
ply BOS 2381 News office. I'ii'ii)
general Bervant I'.i-ssm: Cox. Co-
qnttbun, H.e. (8364)
aad dollars for three years at H per
.���cent., interesl payable UaJf yearly,
on a good lot close-in iu the ctty Of
New Westminster, worth three
thousand dollars. Apply Hox 2I12T
thia offioe. (.2327)
tore in large, or small quantities for
*pot cash. Will gire full -ralue or
will sell your household r/-'��ds ami
effects by auction. WiH guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. 11. J. Russell, Wealmiiister
Auction House. Kings hotel block.
Columbia Btreet. "    12334)
tenders under the new United States
'regulations only stopped to reason for
FOR SALE ��� HOUSE PARTLY a few seconds they would realize that
finished, and large cleared lot. Ed- j the men behind the counters were try-
monils. (.'liar deed. Cheap fer eas'.i. ing to do them a favor and prevent a
Applv owner, ueorge Warne, Eigb-1little embarrassment on reaching a por
teenth avenue, Edmonds. (2324) jover which the Stars and Stripes fly.
! Ordered to Inform Ladies.
FOR   SALE ��� SAW   TABLE   AND'    The heirls of the different   steam-
saws foot power mortlstng machine,��Mp companies, operating boata   he-
grindstone.   Hox 2222 News office.    |twon British Columbia p:ins anil the
(2222' 'States have is'iutl circular:' lo all their
 __|agents  requiring them  to  inform  fe
Victoria,    Nov.   3.-- "What    kind   of
leathers do you wear in your ha'.s?"
This apparently rude and imperii-j roafl| carried ofT and uto the superin-
nent queation will in tuture be asked tendent of lhe division. The latter
by the ticket ngaents of Victoria of! b.ld C0U1C down ln llls pHvata Cliri
ail members of the fair si is who intend ,
ti. cross lhe border into the Culled 1 wl,lch was n,n on " sldl""' ��ud lle sat
States. No doubt the reply of the t'P at u wimlow that nlgbt to watch
haughty maidens and matrons will he, I fur the lion. But he fell asleep, and
"Well, that's none of your business"! thc llon .Htubed ou the platform. en-
Hut If tbe young women who are of-1 terfid tho car by ,Uc doo_ nn(J ,,���_.,_���
off hls would be slayer through tbo
ln the summer of 1909 a couple of
man eating lions took to Infesting the
Masai villages on the plain around the
headwaters of tbe Guaso Nylro, west
of Keniu, and by their ravages forced
the Masai to abandon the district, and
tlie native travel routes across lt were
also temporarily closed. A few weeks
Inter 1 was hunting tn the district.
...  ,.,,,,-3 or t new| We kept the thorn boma around our
regulations. The treasury decision of -**-*P cWKn* at ���������'*��������������� wl,h " lire lnlr��'
o. ��� il i* 23, 1918, orders that no plum-j-'hB and liskarls on guard, and wcre
:>r,r other than that of domestic fowl    "   ''""   '
miles out, les than 30 minutts' rid?
on  D. G, Electric from New West-
minster; soil excellent,   bottom    or
upland as desired;    tram   frontage,
$150 an  acre and  remainder    just :l1111 ostrich plumes will be permitted
A Deserted Land and Its Mysterious
Crude Stone Statues
Huge uud grotesque stone lm:i;;es
sland and lie over tbe fertile surface
of a deserted islnud far south in thu
Pacific. It is a place lhat Poe might
have sung into existence or Kider Haggard  created   for   tbe scene  ot   some
fantastic romance,    Even Ita name���
Faster Islunil ��� seems more literary
Ihan geographical. Easter island,
2,000 miles from South America and
1,400 miles east of Pitcnirn Island, bus
on all the furly tlve square tulles uf ils
area less than -OO people, llut it bus
other Inhabitants, great masses of
rock, 000 lu number, each carved Into
the semblance of a human figure, the
origin of wlilch ls a mystery. These
statues weigh on au average from ten
to  twelve  tons   each,  some  of   tbem
1 reaching a  weight of forty tones.    A
��� few of tbem stuuil on strong platforms
400 feet long, and inauy similar plat-
| forms stand untenanted.
At the quarry, which Is n crater (for
lister Island Is of volcanic origin), a
number of these Images lie half formed as tbe vanished sculptors left them.
i There is another crater where the
crowns of the figures were made from
rock of a different sort. Here. loo. ure
found unfinished specimens.���Churchman.
to enter the United States on ladies'
hats, other plumage will be confiscated.
Some real and startling changes are
expected   in  lhe  trimmings of  ladies'
headgear.    The    absence of aigrettes
and other beautiful  plumage will  be
greatly  missed.    It  will seem  exceedingly  peculiar to see on    the    street
bulb's, who intending to leave for the
United  States, have caused  to be af-
... .fixed to their hats, in the required ab-
(-...o)  genS8 0[ hotter plumes, rooster's tails
i and common fowls' Feathers.
Will There Be Smugghna?
Thc l'nited States will now have f1
enlarge its force ot inspector In order
to prevent a new form of smuggling.
ers   or Property,   are Invited for the T,,_ ,._,���,,,, S1..|t,_ h__ m,(���. ,������,..._,���,
purchase of Lots 3, 4 and 17, Block 6,  w!tt  the  opium  Bmuggler    for some
Westminster ; years, and  the Chinese and Jaoone"
bach of frontage Iris flOO and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for'
balance.   This is a sacrifice;  estate
to  b','    cleaned    up  at. once.     Sole <
agents, Curtis & Ilorgan, New West-'
minster.    Phone 4(j6.    No trades.
(2331) :
FOB SALE�����l.on DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Barges; every one guaranteed. Market square.
Tenders, Bealed and marked "Tend-
not molested.
Near Machnkosbonia a white traveler was taken out of his tent liy a man
cater one nlgbt a good  many  years
ago    A grow-some feature of the incident was tliat on Its llrst attempi the
i lion was driven ulT after having seized
j and wounded its victim.   Tbe wounds
\ of tbe latter were dressed, and he was/
; again put to bed. but soon after he had
I been  left alone the  lion ngaln  forced
! his way Into the tent und  this  time
I carried the mnn off and nte him.
Every year  in  East Africa   natives .
| are carried off  from  tbeir villages or
; from  hunting  camps  by   man  eating
lions.   Occasionally one bears of man
eating leopards, whieh usually confine
: themselves   to   women   nud   children.
and there are man eating hyenas, but
the true mnn eaters of Africa are lions
housekeeping and bedroarus. 420 St.
George street. 123.7)
furnished housekeeping rooms, ��7
Agues Btreet.    Telephone K3IS 1__
rooms in private family, dose In.'
Apply to SO Fourth atreet.      (231X1 |
iahed housekeeping rooms, private
family, $3.00 per month. 319 Warren
avenue. (2312)
apartments to rent, right on ear line,
{-.team heated, hot and cold water,
Kas ranges, electric light, separate
fcalh to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is very reasonable including gas and
lights. Also single rooms, both
-furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
floor. Mandville apartmenta, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth atreet.
beepivig rooms. $10    and    $15    per
montli at 224 Seventh streeL 1(2333)
night, a hrown hunting don, with
chain. Cinder return to 1009 St.
Andrews street for reward.      (2316)
Suburban  Hlock 4,  New
City, and will bc received by the have tried io gain admission to that | and crocodiles.���Theodore Roosevelt In
unders!giud not later than 6 p.m.,;countrv without passing the proper
Saturday, November Sth, 1918. These regulations Now the "plumage smug-
lots are splendidly situated on theigler" will have his day. One ran Im-
hill above Richmond street at Sapper- agihe small craft laden with .Bathers
ton. of  th"   birds  of  paradise,   and   other
The directors are desirous of reallz- magnificent winged creatures, stealing tliis property in order to provide ing along the coast line trying to make
funds towards equipping the new hos- a sife landing and get rid of the con-
pital. trahand goods.
Scribuer's Magazine.
Hoyal Columbian Hospital, New West-1
minster, B.C, i'i'i-Wi
Probably Will Die as a
Spokane, Nov. 8.���His abdomen
pierced by the bullet from a .25 caliber rifle which he was inspecting at
the Denny ranch, at the foothills of
Mount Carleton, It. Jarvis, aged IB,
1918 Fifth avenue, was hurried to the
Sacred Heart hospital last night. Physicians fear he can survive hut a few
youth  did   not  know  the  rifl
Westminster    Trust'was loaded.    The bullet tore a jagged   en was n"t  without logic.     Napoleon
Applloatlon for a license to take and
use water will be made under the
"Water Act" of liritish Columbia, as
1.    The  name  of  the applicant    is
Hritish Columbia Transport Company, I hours.
Limited.    2.    The  address of  the ap- ]    The
plicajit    is   ,'
block, New Westminster. B.C.    3. Thej hole  through  the    abdomen,    cut; :*-:
name ot the   stream  Is an   unnamed \ through the muscles of tbe hack. The
stream now known as float creek. The  intestines were pierced In four places
stream  has  its source in  Section 32, ]    An automobile carried the youth to
Tp. 5. R. 4 W. 7th Meridian, flows In |the hospital.    Dr. A. A. Matthews, as-
a westerly direction, and empties Into Bisted   by   other  surgeons,  gave   first
Pitt lake   about    twenty-four    chains aid, later performing an operation.
southerly from the north boundary of j
jsnid Section 32.    4.    The water is to
|be diverted from the stream on    the
norlh    side,    about    1000    feet     up
'stream    from    ^mouth,^.   Jl',' ,     ,���.,,       ,,       :;      ���,���    ,,^
And Lamb, Who Thought Him a Fine
Fellow,  Fanned the  Flame.
It was on Aug. 8, IS15. that "C,en
eral" Bonaparte, as bis English cup-
tors insisted upon calling hiui, was
transferred from the Belleropbon to
the ship Northumberland, to begin the
journey to St. Helena. There was
much protest in England against the
transportation of the distinguished
prisoner, but tbe government remained
Offlelul England could sec nothing
but danger in keeping such a dynamic
force as Napoleon within Ils limits,
and, harsh as the actions of the government seemed, tlie position thus tak-
where.    No  collection,  no charge.
American Vancouver Mercantile Ar
-ency, 330 Hastings stree.t weat. Vancouver, B.C. (2332)
txnn sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Itrcivin. 17
I_e,7,bu; -street, New Wnalaelliator.
12331! i
Pittsburg, Nov. 3.    Little Mary I
-purpose     for       wniCB      tne      water lbennetta, .���-���,, B  of ,..    ,, ^     ,
will   be  used   is   mdus rial   purposes. emn.faced jurors and others listening
C. The land ou  which the water Isito  to  a   mu-,|(,r  ,_;..,   in   orlmlnaI   ,.������_,
ibe used Is described as follows:   Mm- < ].,������!,   when  judge ,,    M   swearinpen ���
eral claims Lets 2.21. i,i'i. 2,23 and  questioned  hre to see if she  was c
27_4. Croup 1. New Westminster Dis- pahle of taking an oath,
trict.   7. The quantity of water applied     "Do you know what It is to tell a
for is as follows:    Tour cubic feet per He?" ashed the court.
eecond.   8.   ThlB notice was posted on |    "Oh,  ys. sir." answered  the  child
tlie ground on CEo 27lh day   nf Gcto-l-wUlt a smile and i twist of her little
ber, 1913,    9.    A  copy of tliis notice body.
iand  an  application  pursuant  thereto     "But   you  sny  yon   never  went   to
'and to the requirements of ihr- "Water church nobody ever told you and you
Act" will ba Bled ln the office of the don't know who Ood is. How do you
"Water Recorder at New Westminster, know what a lie is?   Dill anybody tell]
I Objections may be filed with the said
"Water Recorder, or with the Comptroller "f Water Rights,   Parliament
"Buildings, Vlcterla, B.C.
I(_:','i4) E. J. Fader, Manager.
had been placed on his honor at Elba.
I but honor dkl oot weigh wllh hlm
! when ambition was concerned.
Charles  Laml. spoke for those who
favored  Napoleons detention  ill  Eng-
' land when he wrote to Son they I  "Aft-
| er nil,  Bonaparte is a  tine fellow, as
my barber says, and 1 should not mind
! standing   bareheaded  at   his   table  lo
do service to  hiui  In bis full.    Tliey
should bnre given him Hampton court
ef Kensington, witli a tether extending
forty   mlli-s   round    London."      Lamb
; whimsically   suggested  that  If  Napoleon remained In England the people
might some day eject tbe Brunswick
In his favor, and the government took
the suggestion seriously.
Now  tbnt  Napoleon  is safely  de*��l
such a fear seems absurd, bnt  Napo-
: Icon  was then  alive,  and.   In   view  ,,<
\ that fact, no government was safe in
saying.  "I   should   worry!"���Cleveland
Plain Healer.
It's a Mistake, Says a Scientist, to Say
They Emit Sounds.
German scientists are greatly Interested In a discussion regarding new
phenomena revealed by tbe aurora
borealis. according to recent Norwegian and German observers. People
living iu tbe northern part of Norway
maintained that they often bear sounds
accompanying the northern lights.
These sounds arc described by some
as similar to tbe crackling of Haines.
Accordingly Herman und Norwegian
scientists started ont to Investigate
the phenomena, and one of them, olav
Aabukken. bus spent u long time at
tlle llulhle observatory in Kinmarkeu
Aabakken thinks that It Is very unlikely tliat any -sound Is to be heard
from the northern lights. Be maintains that the human senses nre uut
to   be  relied  on.  especially   regarding
the phenomena of sight.
Auliukken says that Iho Idea of
smmd connected with the northern
lights may result fivm the fact tbnt
these lights look like flumes, und us
people are accustomed to associate the
crackling sound wltb flames the rather Uncritical observer of the bla/.llig
movements of Hie aurora borealis Is
apt to think that he really hearn the
sound of those Humes.��� New York
Hit Good Eye.
A man who bad lost lbe sight or
both eyes trained bis hearing Until be
could tell by the sound of his footstep*
on tbe sidewalks as he made bis way
about town* whether he was In lhe
middle of the walk or nt "lie side,
whether he wus walking past a brick
ur n frame bouse or a fence or open
ground. Ile knew In what part "f tlie
town be w*as not only by Ills memory
or sense of general direction, but by
the difference iu the "tunes" uf hi"
footsteps, nnd be walked nbout freely,
seldom running Intu anything nr anybody. Some one in hi^ presence once
called In queation ids total blindness.
"Which eye do you Ihluk 1 can see
with?" he asked the skeptic.
"The left one. of course." was Hie
reply. "1 can see thnl lhe right one is
bil nil."
In reply the blind man merely
opened bis penknife and tapped the
left eye with the little blade.
It was a glass eye.
Mr i.e limn, who is secretary of the
I Legislative League for the Protection
uf  Human  Life, sa>s Ihe increase is
due in pan lo a lax enforcement of
lhe laws.
"With the 234 deaths last year," be
'said, "in  the  live boroughs,  I  believe
 |no  convictions  were  secured.    There
.have   been   thirty-seven   arrests     this
Provincinal  Telephone  Line  Goes  Up  year and nine persons hare been held
by tbe coroners to awall the action of
Against Difficulties Along j]l(. >.,..,,���- jnry. The main cause or the
..      r.      . accidents  II  reckless  driving  und   ex-
tne i-oast. oaSBive speeding.   So tew arrests are
  made that  It seems as though there
,were no attempt to enforce the law
Victoria, Nov. 2.���Tlie work of lay generally,
ing the telephone cable between i "Tli" mail automobiles killed four
Thurluw Island and Heriot hav is of- Persons last year. This year they
t'crlng more BerlOUB difficulties than' bnve already killed six. If Ilu y keep
was ut tirsl anticipated. This cable H UP at the same rate the Increusu
ls  an   Important  link   In   lhe  general j*''" b'* '"" I"'1' '"���'"'��� r"r th'' >'''ar-
scheme of telephonic communication
throughout   the  province,  which    lias  WOMAN  KILLED IN
been  Inaugurated   by  the  minister  eri STREET CAR  RUSH
lands for the protection of crown tlm-; 	
her from forest fires. The cable, w hich i Montreal. Nov. 8. Mrs. Tilomeno
contains a single pair of wires, Is bea-i Laurella, 117 years of age. who was
vlly armored to protect Ihe conductors knocked dowu yesterduy morning
from damage by water. Three see- while attempting to hoard a St. Denis
lions are to be laid, the first across street car. and received a fractured
Okiholo channel, tho second aOTOBI skull, died at the Rojal Victoria bos-
Nodales channel, and the third across  pR-jJ   lata   yesterday   afternoon   wlth-
ICarde_o bay,   The amount of cable In lout regaining consclouanesa    An inthe  entire  distance  Is  approximately quest will be held
three miles. I    The   accident   took   place   at    Mile
j Boundings have already been taken j End, and from whal the police learn
along the  proposed  route, and  it  has  (he  unfortunate  woman    w is  carried
.been found that tlie waler is consider- off !>��� r feet by the crowd of work-
ably deeper Hum  was at first  suppos-  men who attempted to get on Ihe cur
led.   At Oklsbolo channel, although the  at the saiu" time.
'distance from shor" lo shore is ].-ss ,\n eyewitness stated lhal she was
than a quarter of a mil", the depth knocked against the eir In the rush
of water exceeds 1,000 teet to board It made by the otowd,
Use Government Launch. The men were laken to task by her
It w is al firsl intended to charter son, who stayed long enough to see
the cal le ship Restorer, that Is kent his mother taken to the hospital,
by tli" telegraph companies In North- where she remained all dav unlden-
ern I'acific waters, but it was ofund titled, th" son calling to see her n few
thai il would be almost Impossible to minutes before she succumbed to her
operate fuc'i a vi ssrl In the confined Injuries. lie had spent the day trying
chnni-i.'s. and, in addition, the eost of t0 locate the man whom he thought
engaging the ship would amount to nt  responsible for the affair.
ileust $2uo a da>.   Under ihese clroum-; 	
stances, the forest branch, acting under the direction of the chief forester.   WHEAT ADVERTISED  IN
��� is equipping one p tthe   government united states church
Iaunachea  with  a  donkey  engine,  hv 	
means of which,  With  the addition of New York Minister Writes to Calgary
improvised cable drams and Winches, for Samples of  Prairie
|the cable will he paid out. Product.
Winn Ihe cable Is laid  it  will give Calgary. Nov. 11.    The Industrial hti-
ilireci   telephone  communication     be- reau receives many peculiar requests,
tween   Thnrlow   island   and   Victoria, hul perhaps lhe most unli-ii" Is one re-
snd ii is antieitiated thai il will prove celved  today  from  Rev.  Christian   K.
la  most   valuable  adjunct  to  Ihe  flre- meaner,  pastor  of  the  (irace   Metbo-
iflgbting equipment of tbe department, dist  Episcopal  church of  New   Vork
  cily, one of Ihe largest churches in the
PLEADS  HUNGER  AS eastern metropolis.
tXCUSE  FOR STEALING "We have the largest Sundav ni-!it
  audience on  Manhattan    Island     We
Winnipeg,   Nov.   8.-  "I   was   out   ef hold   many   unique  services  lo    draw
work,   had   tramped   the  streets   in   a people and   tu   teach   lessons.     I     am
vain  endeavor to secure It. and  w.is eager to have what I will call a'wheat
hungry.    There   was  nothing  left  for service.1   I want to give everyone two
I me. bul  to meal." or   Ihree   bends  of   wheal   when   they
The foregoing was lhe extraordinary come and draw  from It lessens  1 won-
plea   put   forward   at   the  city   police "dered If your organisation would not
leouri   Ihls   morning   by   Kerdynand be willing to send  us    by    expreefc
Boczynskl wben asked by Magistrate enough bundles of wbaat ��o that we
Macdonald. who found htm guilty of could give everyone Of twelve hundreil
Stealing from Eaton's, and also   a mu    people two or three heads    We would
���sical Instrument from a lliggins ave-lbe glad tn distribute with ll advertls-
nue store. Sir lliieh John afu-r read- ] 11.K showing that Calgary Is ihe centre
in*, ib" report on the man's character,'of tbe greatest wheat milling dlatrlct,
nrovlded by the noilce department, put and consequently that tbe neighboring
little credence In Rocaynskl's storyIoountry Is fine for settling, which
and renl hlm to jail for six months Otjwould   make  some  slight  r"turn  hiiiI
jharil labor. call the attention of our people to your
Sam  Korpas.  who    stol"    two    silk '  cltv."
blouses Irom the same establishment,!     Andrew   Miller.   Industrial   eomtuls
Intended guiltv, H,. put forward a plea j sinner, says that   If a  few  heads  of
of the same kind and was treated in   -.heat would bo the means of advert!*-
the same manner. '"ir   Calgary   before   several   hundreil
Joe Lavallee, who is remanded on a   New  Yorkers.   Rev.   Mr   "elsner  will
charge bt robbery, of which. Inciden-icertainly obtain them    "He shall not
I tally, he affirms, he knows nothing, {nnly have all the wheat he want", bet
asked If while awaiting the conclusion jplentV of good  literature as well,  all
|of his trial he conld be transferred to  of -which will go forward to him thlR
ithe provincial jail. wt��-k"
"Whv?" queried Sir Hugh .lohn. ���
"Well   your   worship,"   replied    La    OLD OFFICER OF   ELGIN
vallee. "I am half starved upstairs
(meaning the police cells). Tea and
bread all the Ume Is not nourishing
enough "
"It   won't  hurt   you  for two  days,"
replied his honor.
Ue  Lot  5, of  lilocks  WS and  Ull, nf
l-ot 'i'i, tircuip 1, Map 132, iu the
Disirict of New  WeHtiiiinM'-r.
Whereas proof of the losi of Certificate of Title Number 2l3.'!__, waned In
(he name of  Harry Cline.   hs*   Ium-s)
Kad in Ihis office.
***t.<ie.e la hereby given that I shall,
-it tbe expiration of one uuintli from
Che dale of the llrst publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper pubtisiioS in the
���City of New Westminster, fc��tte a
iSupiteatn of the said Ortiftcate, un
-Seen iu the meantime valid ukjorljon
Pn* made to um lu writing.
I list iid HeKtotrar of THies.
'__aiiJ I"., gfatry Office,
New Weetmlnster, l!.C., October 9,
1812. <2K��)
' ""I know if myself," was the answer, I ��� , B��v'n�� ^l""'1 ferv,ice' . , ���
"Do   vou   know    what   h'jnpens   to      I,,"r"ri" lhe decisive battle at Ishtlh
girls   who  tell   lies?"  asked    Judge  !!" Ingenious method of signaling on
Swearlnaen. I the part nf the enemy was discovered
The child looked un big eyed. "No. I   by Hie Rervlans.   A cowherd was tak-
donM know what happens to them. Do   lng live cows out lo pasture on a hill
' ~ , i linlfwny between lhe Iwo camps     Ile
rh" courl did not make answer  Th"
child was not iworn.
Sh,- is the daughter of Mrs. Mary
i ."b.-nmli'i. at   whose    house  in   Bo-   !'"'" "''" w liifnrmlilliiit to tb* Bal
ch'lle Btreet, Rsplen, Francisco Bllvei    '-"���"    -      '" "'" l"'"lll"u nud strength
tro. n  hoarder, was shol through    the   "f the Kervlim l.iitliilhms
heart last July 4. by Oluseppe Y.-rg.-i _
���ii ih" Iwo campi
drove ili.'in nlmnt, nometitnes two to-
* -.-"liu'r   Ihen ..ne i'i il time, then ihree.
Ilio. who Is lew nu trial for murder,
Ke the. Southeast Quarter of Section
25. Township k, in the Disirict of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the lut* of Certificate of Title Nuinb. r CUCIf. is
-sued In the name of Jainr-v C. Fortong
and Charles tlummel baa be.-n filed la
.this office.
Notice la hereby given that i .'���.��:;
art the expiration of one month from
the dale of tho Brat publics thin hen
sit in a dally newapapcr poMMwu is
tho Ctty ot New Weataslstattr. lean-
a dapllcatc of the aald eertMeate. <**-
baa in the meantime valid oh>acUo��
ba made to cne In writing.
District Registrar of THUon.
land negletry Office.
New Westminster, UC.. Os**er 18.
.MM. ��������
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily
2:00  p.m Hiiily
11:46 p.m    Dallj
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m "ally
11:00 a.m Ually'
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
3:00  p.m Daily I
Nanalmo, Union Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m. ....Wednesday and Krlday I
Vancouver,  Union  Bay, Powell  River. |
11:45  r.m Kvery   Saturday i
For Prince  Hupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Kvery Saturday 1 Street, New Westminster
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena | ; ;..._ ...��� BBSS
River Pointe.
11:00 p.m    ... .Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.n . Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
it"; at points in ihe Gulf Islands,
l_r>. OOULKT.  Agent,  N. it   W.-iii.iiiimiki
it w  Hunnii.. rj. p  A
���for 15 years���
Tbe Standard Skin Remedy    i
Frederic. T. Hill. Druggist, Columbia j
Marvelous  Res.
II   li   were   pox-
nl t   uf   ivtiler  ii
; .- ii Itli lent   v elm-It)
I nmii- I ells     ivniild
',anr.e   of   Water,
ile  to   Imparl   to  a
in.-ii iu thickness
ihe most  powerful
I.e    Imi li.itely
Freaks of Nature.
Monument park, near Colorado
Springs, Colo., contains some queer
freaks of nature Among the most
singular Is a group of light grayish-
yellow sandstone pillars twenty or
more feet high Capped with a thin
layer of dark colored rock wlilch re
seiuble the tops of giant mushrooms
which bave shriveled lind partially
dried up. The dark colored cupping
being of a much harder llrotmtonei
rock than the pillars has to souie ev
lent proteeteil lhe latter from dlslnle
gmtinn. Especially st nightfall is the
travel"*-1 Impressed with the weird et
feet of theae gigantic anil grotesque
forms,  which  in the uncertain llghl
assume  the  attitudes nf  huge   hiinmii
i.r animal abgpea.���Argonuut,
St. Thomaa, Nov. a Nelson w.
Moore, on" of tbe most widely known
residents Of St Thomas, aod who. precluding liin retirement a yat ago. was
govrnor of Klgln countv lall for 31
vears. died at hi�� residence here lu
HIGHER THAM  EVER  ih" 70lh year of Ills age
Mr. Moore wast born In Tyronnell,
New Vork, Nov. 3.* Figures given I Ont,, and was tht�� eldest son of the
mil by Qeorge I.e llrun. clerk of the [lata Marshall T. Moore, of United Em-
coroner's court, show a great Increase pire Loyalist descent, who came In
in 1913 in tbe number of deaths In |Bt, Thomaa I 1888, ami conducted
Manhattan due to automobiles over the first tannery and leather mauufuc-
any previous year. In the nine months luring company In western Ontario,
ended September 80, there were 132 Mr. Moore was associated for a num-
ilenths in .Manhattan. Tiie same her of years with his father In lhat
ratio the number for the entire year lui'ilness until 1HS1. when he wan ap-
will he 178, Kis were caused hy mni] , Pointed governor of the Khiu county
wagons, sixteen by other automobile (all. during the Mowat regime,
trucks, seven by tailcabs, three by flre i The deceased was a life long mem-
trucks, and the rest by private cars, ber of the Anglican church, and lm
Plflj .-brlii of the victims were chll-. survived bv Ills widow, two sons, Wll-
dren under I'i The number of deaths linm. of San Kranclaro: Charlea, of
j in the borough of Manhattan caused Saginaw, Mich., and Ihree daughters.
Iby automobiles In thrae previous years ITwo brothers anil three sisters also
were: 1910,62:  1011,80; 1818,148.    'survive him.
New Imported Kail Suitings now on
display.    See  them.     Perfect,  fit  and
Vancouver        workmanship guaranteed. I'rices from   Cl)re
818.(1(1 up.    7H1   Kront Street
stopied in Heir lllglll v, hell they clime
Into  i ii i   �� uu  it     It   would offer
lhe pi in.* ii-i-int.��� .��� us flie steel armor i
nt |he io.' i modern battleship��� I,ou- ,
don Strand Magazine
Tnkinrj Their Turn.
������wiii -��� mon a pulli-i'jiian beside tbls
park bench'.''
"It i- newly painted "
"ll.* ..m'i keep people from testing
fresh pii I ni "
"No. bill he fin keep 'em In line."���
Kansas city Journal,
Cause of  HI* Anger.
"Why is he nu hitter at the girl he
was only recently engaged to?"
"Reinuse   when   she   nent   the  rine
hack she labeled the box -Glass-With
A Lilo 3av��r.
"NO,"   sahl   lhe  tuiili]   man.   "1  don't
want any (lying midlines iwlny.    I'm
nf rn 1.1 of tbem "
snld    Ihe    persuasive
(lying  machine  might
"Why.    sir."
salesman,    "a
save your life."
"Vou might lie out riding In one
when nn earth.puike takes place"-
Washington Star.
All Hit Fault.
"Keller hip up that split milk." snld
j the Hi-st eat.    "If the missus sees thin
mess you'll catch Ills."
"Not   me."   suld   the  second   feline
"The woman I live wltb blames every
; thing what  happens on her husband."
-Pittsburgh Post
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at nil Ilrnnclies Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New  Weatmlnster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Misery In Store.
"Kate snys she Intends to marry Mr.
Plunk" to reform I'lm."
"What I- hls vicei"
"lle'r a good deal of a mlser."-lJos
ton Transcript
. relephonei! Office 53, Residence 429.
.tnilN ItEID, Proprietor.
E��,G_^5l?..^SiiI.D Trepass on Game Preserves Alleqed.
blacksmithinq. Amherstburg,    Nov.   3.-  llr. W.   .1.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   OaBollne Campeau und Ezra Davey,   n   deputy
anginas, Marine  Engines and AUto- game warden, are beipg prosecuted tor
j    mobile Itepalrs. trespass  by Alex. Chanpus,    a   holel-
Office and Works: Tenth St.        keeper, of Sunnysldo, tor shooting and
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C, fishing in bis irlvale preserves.
Much Harder.
"It Is hard for one to bare tn lire In
'.he past," announced the melancholy
man who bail retired from luialneiiB.
"Yea. hut often It In harder tn live
down the past'- Ilulfalu Kipress
.lenteM must be content to tastl
/hair luoili    l.ntln Proverb.
Duke a Good Sport.
Home, Nov. '.',. The Duke of the
iAbruzzi, former suitor of Miss Kntherlue Klkins, cabled eongrntiilalliins as
soon ns he was Informed that she
had married "Hilly Hilt, of Washington.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy which has proved its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from defective or irregular action of the organs of
digestion, find themselves spared hours of suffering
and able to ward oft tho attacks of serious sicknessft.
nave* disappoint thoed who take them. They help tho
digestion, Bt-tnulato the liver, clear the kidneys and regulate tho bowels. By purifying the blood they increase
cheerfulness and create confidence. As actionn depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham's Tills
Enjoy Life
t.*\*tm*t ool�� by ThomM n_.__,m. St. Mcl.nl. Unoiihirr, l'.���_l.���d.
 Hold -w.rywherr in I ...i.d. .ml U, s. America.   In ho.... 21, ofntt. MH
*1   ��������" .
Government's  Policy    of    Controlling
Business   Is   Important
A special to tho London Dally
Chronicle Irom Shanghai says: Precisely what progress Japan is making
In the commercial world today Is a
mUCh-debated point. Ko far ub regards
her oonquest of trade in the far east.
there are many conflicting opinions.
Thos? who know anything of actual
conditions and the triumphant patli
alone which Japan haa not too Bcrupu-
luosly marches have been sounding the
ularm to Ilrltiah and Kuropean merchants and manufacturers for a long
time; but lhey are met for tho most
part by stern rebuffs by men who loll
complacently In their conservative
challrs  at home.
Wrttera In Europe have decided beyond cavil that properly conducted
governments Bhould not engage In
trade and government ownership. They
hold that properly conducted govern
ments bave no right to become manufacturers, or merchants, or transportation agents All precedent ls against
It. learned writers condemn It, and
accepted rubs of the government
���game forbid it. and lhat properly conducted governments do not do it. And,
Ihey add, Japan Is s properly conducted government They will not believe
for a moment that Japan's government
Ib a huge banker, u huge trader, a
lingo magnate.
Japan Must Spread.
It Is plainlv useless to expect Japan
to keep within her own borders Here
Ib a country whoae population Ib
rmighly fifty millions, Increasing at
the rate of 600,000 a year, with a
���country eeven eighths of which Is barren mi.uu';,in Inevitably the people
who tlve In this land inuRt have ex
panslon They must have industrial
and commercial expansion, or they
must die. In lhat struggle for expansion thev have pitted themselves
against the European, and they have
won; the whlti* man today, far leas
Ihan having any awe for thc Japanese.
Is tonten by them In the far easl at
any commercial game he chooses, and
he Is actually looked down upon by
them because the Oriental  never haB
?.ny  respect  for the  man  he  1��  beat
These wise, keen-eyed little people
have watched intently thi�� trend of the
world's progre.8. They have come to
earllxe- or they did Bome yearB ago.
but no one seemed to know It -that
the renl struggles for world power are
to be commercial, not military. One
flndB the following combination In the
Japanese, a combination found no
where eUe in the world today
(11 A working population. Intelligent capable, facile, orderly, ex-
tremelv Industrious, and having a low
standard of living.
(2.) A government astute as to
modern  conditions,  resolutely  forcing
Japanese   influence,   Japanese   manufacturing and Japanese commerce and
utterly unscrupulous an to the meana
It uses to thai end.
Why Japan Succeeds.
Against thlB government obviously
no individual, firm, corporation or
trust can competi no trader can compete wllh a governmental trader. And
that Ih the reason why Japan succeeds
In the world's cointner"c, no matter
where B'ne plants her flag.
Here Ih an Instance: Once Japan
Imported all the beer she consumed.
At't'T a time she learned lo make ber
own beer, but it was so that that th ise
who drank It Haid that Japan would
always  be the happy  hunting  ground
of the Oerman brewer Beveral breweries, however, started with Japaneae
capital, persevered and improved their
product, and entered Into competition
with each other with the Inevitable
result. The government Itself ron-
i celved. planned. Initiated and organised the brewery trUBt of Japan It directs the trust operations. And ll is
| thriving amazingly.
All Asia iB waking commercially
from a long Bleep, and today i�� the dav
of trade expansion. Hundreds of mil
llona of Japanese of people from the
sea of Japan to the Ural mountains
want things. Vou can feel that the
old things will not much longer endure New times are dawning when all
other fading fields In the world wlll
seem poor to this great Asia field
Are manufacturers of the west golfg
to allow Japan to have her hard fist.
doiied upon this great field?
tne Intellectual circles of the capital
f n-lK bis  name  to-lay  on  the  bps  nf
"���en  the  lowlleat peasant.    Wha".  all
ths   will   mean   six   years  from   now,
When another election lakes place, no!
ono can tell.    Although the president
ol  France  is  not elected  directly  by:
the people, the deputies, it seems eer-1
tain, will owe their future power to!
tbelr allegiance to the president.
Forty   Automobiles.
M.   Polncnre's   party   for  the   trip
through   the   Limousin   district,  Btart-,
lng  from   Limoges, consisted of forty1,
automobiles, ten of which were given .
over tf> the press. The others carried j gEal,|e Nov. 3.-"Ignorant, greedy,
local officials and polilcians or thejtreflcj,wougl cunning and with his
departments, All along the route ar- hea(, turn,.d ljy hlB sudden elevation
eangements had been made before- [o n. cru., am, wllhout K,.nB(, of
hand for the convenience of the I"'**, morai responsibility; ready to use the
narty. and thanks to M. Oudaille. who ; kni|.(, ]n tm. (]ark alKl from helljnd, the
had charge of all arratigi-nientB, every-,embodiment of all that Ib evil In Mex-
thing worked smoothly. The Pr-=Hi-, icans of the ]ow,.r cla:.K. General Vlc-
dent arrived ln each town on the ex-! torlano Huerta. provisional    president
I   myHelf  warned   Madero,  whose  full'WANT  ONLY  CANADIAN | any ..bslruct moral Ideal,
i :on idence I possessed, but Instead of LUMBER AT TORONTO1     "ir ironian had to fight for her po
I taking the advice of  his  friends  Ma-   isition." is snother of his conclusion-".
I dero thought to make a friend Of HUBT- Victoria, N',��v.  '���',.    In order to  head   "her status would   be  that   wihcli   is.
ta by giving him full command of the off'any   possibility  of  a  contract  for   Her stitns fc�� not among the Kaffirs,
army.    Thlr. led to Madero's downfall lumber required for the dock and har-j     Mirrrli tomes; Townshend, crKieL-.it!::
.and assassination. bod  Improvamenta  at  Toronto,  baln-rlsfr Alnircth's indictments, says:
"Madero  was  a  dreamer,    as    the awarded lo any but a Canadian firm, |
world  now  knows, but had he been tha Coast Lumber Manufacturers'
One  cf  3cuthem  Dictator's  Victims Iallowed to aerve ont hia term he would Iaodation  has telegraphed   Hon.  wn-
have done much for Mexico,    lie be-   Ham  It.   Itois.  at OUawa. askleg him
lieved   in   education   for   the   masses,
and that Ib the only hope of the repul
Says He Is Ignorant, Treacherous and Greedy.
la,   to take up the question of
,(,-iof this contract with  the
the letting
The state-dents made  by bfm areas tonnriing and almost enough totak<-
on's   breath away.    Woman  has been
f*ghtin�� ber wsy ahead    and not aitb
out  success   for a good  many  yearn
lie.    Had I'orflria Diaz held thai belief  of puhllc
he   would  have been   the  idea!   presi-.     The contract  tor the harbor WOTka \tot*\^'rkm* >rPn'Hrt **********- women
department   ,(,,r tg^^ ja mot among the Kaffirs,
howeved.    Woes Sir  Almroth   Wright
Madero   erred   on   the  side   of', at Toronto has already  ken  let. and   hay*
He   spared    Felix     Ulaz's   life'from  information  received   within  <hc   f,oin{,s-*/
chfeved     outside     their  own
I am not rabid in my desire-
when he had it In hiH hand and it must i last few day-,  by local  lumberman, It I ,fl.rt ��-0men sbould bave the vote. At
remain a black stain on  Diaz's name i was feared that orders for lumber !ur  ln',, ���ame time I think there should bo '
thnt he failed to exercise equal gener-' this work were about to be placed In i _., pn\uxlit*r of sexes."
osity when he had the opportunity.     jSeattle and Portland. Woman's Contribution.
act minute he was expected, and there  ^^irtua. d^aior of Mexico, is rid-1 ^ ^     ^^�� i;
were always    sufficient    accommeda-',      t0 ������ faM     Backed by ,he bay0. ���* tyVeVenUng; Huerta   rom float
ons for every one in kM  AtUJ, of hU MldIe���, ���e rules by fear   lnl'^nSTo��e him out of ��lS nisei
"By   failing  to  go   to   Mexico   City |     It was in order to block    such    an
and v, in or lose bis life, Diaz lost his ; award  that  the action   was  takeu  by-
chance to become president.    The re-ljhe  association,
cent elections were a farce and it Is
ing loans, force him out of the place
hi  holds."
Krezieres, who ls a Mexican by birth,
although his father was French, Is
the "frontier" of each department an ajone and cowes into submission   the
arch of leaves and  foliage had  l^"'-'';   statesmen of brains and education by
^IHclans cV.Lh",'^' Cs   of tie < whora he '�� ^r?,^6' b,Ul ,h>8 T" �� - ��'�� ""'"<   ���***- '     ��
5?���_?��?_L? tniTtfL^mJr���.T��J ; throw is ncar  lf hl8 aMaMlnal Pn doe* , man of education and a warm admirer
i   ,lnn-T,.t ,  V elite ihnresdenTial  not brln* blB rul" l0 an  ear"er and i of America and things American.   He
to those yet to receive the presidential , ,pnl en(].. * Washing-
party, in order that none of the au o .    Th)- ,��� th(. MtImate of the man and  Sh'   ,> wav ot St  Unds and will then
S;��^aSTm,S*^Lt��Z 4a5 *���   predi<,t!��n   ��f   hi8   'a,te   mBfie   b>1  eiurn   To Vex^o    which   L   h!f    to
tance apart, would get lost, the road , Th     , ore Krezieres. who formerly was' hi    ,|f      ... th    kj ���  ���    f M
signs were augmented and at each to-   * BPOret Borvlce dlv|8lon  chief under 5��� S
tereectlon men were stationed witi the  the  la(p   prfc.B|dent  Francisco   I.   Ma]	
rlcolor   to  direct  the   travelers.   l'ho-;,,orn ���,   Mexico,  and   who  Is   now   In
lero of Mexico, and who is now
lographers traveled hy other roads ���� t Seattle an exile from his native land
they could meet the procession at dlf ; and w|'th a p-;-,, upon hjs head, but
each one was trying to look his best abmu t0 r,.turn to Join the revolution-
It would have heen Impossible to carry . ary forces.
the trunks and valises In thc autos. j p'Te_.ie.e'i helieves a crisis Is near
so a special train was secured for the Muth of the Rio Grande, and that Gen.
purpose. Kach member of the party|VennWano Carranzafi leader of Ini
on arriving at a town went to the ho-. constitutionalist partv in the northern
Baby Was Unhurt
Milton, Ore., Nov. 3.���J. Thomas, a
rancher, living near Walla Walla,
while driving his wife and five children In their auto last night on the
macadamized road between Weston
and Athena, met witb an accident. A
tire blew up and the car left the road
tei to which he had been assigned, and states "is the man of the hour For I and turn(,d over tw0 or thr'"e tlm,ls-
there In his room he found his trunk thilj r;aB0I1, after an abB(.nce of eight ; pinning the occupants beneath All
or valise already unstrapped. The monUwftom Mexico, he is on his way J*��" Painfully bruised. One of the
next dav all he had to do was to lock ^u,h t0 offer his services to Carran- ��*-l<iren was a babe In arms, but it
hiB  trunk   t>nd  leave  It.    It   went   on :,.. , waB uninjured.
President of France Comes Off Pedestal and Actr Like a
Human Being.
I'aris,  Nov.  3. -The    president    "f
Prance Is no longer merely a figure
Ihead; be Is a whole-souled, big-heart
led man keenly olive to the needs Of
even district of h:_ country. This ;s
Ithe sum total of M. folncarc's Irlu
! through southwestern Trance, trhlch
[ has Just been comp'ited.
For n French president to abandon
litd high bal and his I'rlnce Alher' (oat
was   without   precel'Mit;   but   thai   a
ptMldant of France should go among
tic lowlleat of his people, shake ha ids
Iwi'h    the    peasants,    and    qudstion
I thl m about their afT.iirs. was i Cuing
Unlteard of   And whei Mine. Poiu'.iie.
tie first lady of France, took the i VI
111 ren of the peasants In her arms Mid
i l.lfsed   them   the accompanying deputies and other officials gasped.    I'resi-
I'.ntlal tradition  and  form were cast
Inside and M. l'oinrare returns to Par's
��  bigger  man   than  even   his   frier.ils
[believed him to be.    A president who
formerly   was   popular  chiefly   amo.ig
;ferent points.
Baggage Transport.
The greateat problem of all was how
; to carry baggage.    A Frenchman can-
I not   go   anywhere   without     baggage.
j especially  on  a  trip  like  this,  where
and     always     without
"President   Woodrow     Wilson    has
Mrs. I Ail* Paget, wife of the Itith.jp
ti' Stepney, aaya:
"Women are different from snen.
and lienc�� they have a necessary and
-lirferent contribution to make to tlM-
good or tfie whole. We hold that thin
: -',-mfribdtion should be direct and not
', indirect, a nutter of responsible oon-
1 vlctfon. and not of hidden and yet in-
i 'latent influence. Indirect enntnri haa>
heft rfisfrgarin* marks on her cbar-
'actcr. Indirect Influence commonly
' ���r.rit in tbe unworthy methods of intrigue."
Miss Until Rose, women's recreUry
r,f the WerWa Students' Chritaian
Ferferatfon, raya:
"It fa impossible not to reeogoire
that tho trend of things indicaten _k-
  creasing co operatjoD in public attaint
London. Nov 3���"Practically every between men aad women. It ia al*��
man feels that there is In woman- ! clear that web cooperation ia erpect-
patent or hidden away an element of !"i to jo-stir? itself by the raiainR of
unreason which, when you come upon; the s randard of the public life. Wont-
it, summarily puts an end to purely en, therefore, are on their trial. There
intellectual  interccurae." iare  four ideals which  every  woman
Thus, in startling, outspoken who proposea to devote either tbe
phrase. Sir Almroth Wright, the em!-, whole or port of her life to the public
nent phvsician, condemns woman fn eervice mrat aet before her: They
his book,  "The    Unexpurgated    Case , are fl I a jnst habit of mind:  (8) thw
Decides Against  Her on Question cf
Suffrage���Other Views on
Against Woman Suffrage
Speaking  of   woman's   disability   in
the matter of intellect, he says worn-
mistake. earned   The"everlasting    gratitude  of'LUCKY MAN FALLS
On account of the large number of   Mexico���in fact, of all Latin America! BETWEEN THE RAILS an'B mind:
newspaper men who accompanied the  ���by   refusing    lluerta    recognition."'   "Is ever influenced by Individual in-
na-iv some svstem of telegraph was Ba|d Kreizieres, who arrived at the [ Toronto, Nov. 3.���Knocked from the stances," "arriveB at conclusions on
necessary. For this purpoaea squad New Kichmond' last night from Van-; platform of a theatrical scenery car Incomplete evidence." "have a very
of  cyclists   followed   the  automobiles  couver  B. C. as ���'���*'* rFSU't of a freight train back-  imperfect sense of proportion,"    "ac-
and when a reporter had a dispatch to "if' he succei -is In preventing the ing into the siding. Arthur Howes was cepts the congenial as true and re-
FPiid to his newsnaDer he called a |triumph of Huerta he will make it un-' thrown unconscious between the Jects the uncongenial as false," "takes
c. lht. wh" carried it to the neareBt mlFtakablv known that the United ��� tracks In front of llie oncoming freight; the imaginary which is desired for
town and dlapatebed it. I States  will  not  tolerate   governments :car3-    Owing  to  the  Bpeed  at  which   reality,"
 . j founded   upon   murder   and   lay     the  the   freight  cars   were   backings,  the   which   is  out  of  Bight  as
foundation   for  a  reign   or  peace  in-:train eou'd not be stopped until they  ent."
snad of revolution In the weaker re-  traveled some distance and five pass-: Woman's  Mind.
publh   where the knife   and   the bullet, ed  above  the  man.     Fortunately the      Thus woman's mind, says Sir Aim-
have usurped the place of the ballot     lc&rs carried  h'eh  trucks  and  Howes   roth, builds up for itself In this way.
"I tlrmlv believe that Kngland and ' escaped iniury. I when biased by predilectionB and aver-
���he other powers will, at no distant      At the time of the accident two oth-i sions. a very unreal picture ot    thc
sense nf proportion:  (3) the idea of
truth  aad ��) the Ideal of patience."
"treats tbe undesired reality
I'lil'man.   Wash..   Nov.   %,- For   the
flrrl time In the historv of Pullman, a  	
woman will this fall take part In the that a constitutional government that; er men were working with Howes, world
race for municipal offices, Mrs M. P. Idate, recogni2e the Justice and wis- loading the car. The latter was con-1 Wo
Gannon  having todav  announced her dom of President Wilson's course and  Btructed   for  the  heavy   scenery  andscnal  and  domestic,  not  public,  and I
... . ... .       . . ... . ... ��� ______        _      _ I ....,,.,���..     ...     _-..V.     ,...., -Tl.. ..     ..       ..-,,:1���     _Ka     ...111     *.*���__.     an.l     r.cnnilil     In I
Woman's morality, says   he. Ib per.
cindidacy for "the office of city clerk, i will make lite and property Bafe and  ooened at each end.    The men were  while she will "rise and respond toll
be    held   start  Mexico on the path of enllght- i also thrown from the platform, but fell, the call of any strong human or tran-1
* ������       "       ��� ... *       ....    ...   , .._. �����   j^   **a I
The  primary  election   will    ue    neiu   Bian  nwiiw un  l.i-t  \ni,n vii  huiiiu-i���- ������ ��� ��������� ���- *..**..*,..���, _.��. ��c��� j
on Tuesday. The time for the filing of  enment will be the result of the joint  clear of the rails,  and  eacaned  with   scendtal   peraonal   affection,      ..     -
offices   action of the  United  States  and  the , slight  cuts   and   bruiBes.     When   the i "only a very exceptional woman who V
nations of Europe. ! train  was  stopned  the  last  car had : would, when out for her election be-1
His Fatal Mistake. '��� been reached,   lf the tender had struck . tween the claims of a narrow and do- (.
"Huerta's fatal mistake was   made ithe unconscious man he would have ', mestlc and  a wider public  morality,
when he disBolveii  the  Mexican  con-   been crushed to death. ��� Bubordinate   the   former   to   the   lat- ,
gresB.    Bv  doing so hc  alienated  all.    When Howes was dragged from be-'ttr." 1
the better element ln Mexico and now   tween the trucks. Dr. Ul-rrrdan waB Im- i    In a severe Indictment cf the  suf-
hlfl eud ls but a Bhort time awav. Car- \ mediately notified, and had the injur- 'frage movement. Sir    Almroth    says
notices of candidacy for city
has passed nnd Mrs. Cannon will conduct a "slicker" campaign againat
George N. Henry, for four years city
Clerk, and a candidate for re-election.
Mrs. Gannon has lived in Pullman 21
vears and fince the death of her husband, who was killed in a railroad accident several years ago. has been
almost the Bole support of her large
l family of children *
ran7a is a man of a far different type >d man rushed to the general hospit- j there Ib mental disorder evident in the I
a pelf-made man that Americans wiir al.   lt was found that he was suffer-' programs   of   the   militan   suffragist,
admire and one with moral standards ! ing  from  a  badly  bruised  back  and   and Immorality In her aims and meth-,
Mrs   Gannon has a large following. I of which Huerta has no conception.     , Bhock.    The accident is Bald to haveodr.
to:    "Huerta   wsb  a   traitor   to  Madero   resulted  from  the  engine  not  being'    "Woman
JTh"   clerkship   contest   bids   fair
arouse unusual Interest.
he sadds,  "feelB no  in
, even before Madero became preBldent. I flagged to stop In time.
I terest in and no responsibility toward
A Handsome
Size  15 ty 36 Inches
Pennant Coupon        -
S"*1'" .-���-���������-*.'
. I
-   . ��� **u
a subacriber brinf 40^ for one month'. ���Htetff '
ntnt Addr^i ��U mail orden to The Kem^^e#J
6c extra lor m^Bi��.
H ��� *\i\
-. '* 1
K* ���***
ft.' '*', ,
**..   1
m'    '"
���    ,        ? ' ���eiQMT.
We have juat wwatafld a ship
���n-nt  or  Csdhury's Chocolates.
Ynu know lien!. "I course.
Made or the purest materials
and ih'licati l> lizum-H Wrap
pi'il in tinfoil ta insure their
freshness and sp-v-claHy packed
for us. One iris! wlll leave
jon wiih a "mow**" taste that
ia bard to resist, in Dibit nurds.
tbi-y ari' deliriiMis !
Asserted sfcapea, box   10c
K-tft. Boa     25e
^j lh. Box 50c
lib. Box    90=
ntu  V.oo
lta  I.-25
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branc-h:
2nd St. and ISth Ave.
Local News
Inquest Wednesday.
Aa Inquest over the body of B, K.
Puller, who was killed mar Yarrow
station on the H. (.'. E. It. Fraaer val-
',*. line early Saturday morning, wlll
he beld on Wednesday in charge of
Coroner Telly. Deceased was '.". yeara
iid. unmarried am! hailed trom Willow River, Minn.
Oet  your skates sharpened at (!eo.
speck's, 626 Columbia street.     (2353)
C. A. Welsh
Westminster   Entry.
.1. n. Cruttenden, a', Princess
street, this city, is mentioned as having entered the egs laying competition which started in Victoria last
week under the direction of the provincial department of agriculture. Mr.
Cruttenden is showing a pen of Buff
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew s
church will hold their annual Scotch
supper and concert on Thursday, No
vember 6.    Don't n iss it. (231  .
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
H6-in. Silks,  Regular $1.25,
Sale Price 95c.
If you have an  Evening  Dress to
uet. take ad\,'image of ihis sale.    Wa
have a silk measuring 36 Inches wlda
in guild evening shades of rose, sky,
mauve, pi"!., cream, orange, apricot,
brown, cerise, emerald, cardinal, gray,
etc. This is a silk of bright finish
and spl.ndld wearing qualities; makes
soft, clinging gowns, ralue ut fl 'in.
Sale price,  pel   yard   .     .   .       .,,   98 =
The New Westminster
Department   Store
(ireat Values in Unbleached
Table Damask.
The  Right   Kind for  Restaurants and
5S and tiO-lnch;  values to 85c, Special
price      50e
70-luch   classy   designs;    regular   !lf>c,
Special  price     BOc
The ice. rink at Queens park will
open for the season on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. A full band has been
engaged.    Admission 40 cents.    (2355)
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
Iiie Perpetual Trustee.
raid   Up <'s|iital  and
Surplus t 2.R0O.0O.I
Arsiis    ��.978,9S8.96
T r ii 8 leesb-pe l'tider
Adiiiiiiistiatirtu over 6,000,000
TrnsH'C      for      lloiid-
holders over     2_,000,l>00
C   S. KEITH, Manager.
Otftcea Vancuaver, Victoria.
N��w Westrniiwter, Nanalmo.
���Calgary, Ke*tfaa, Winnipeg,
Montreal, O-UUlOttatown, London, I-'.ng ;  Antwerp, Belgium,
New Westminster
No Word Yet.
No word has as yet been received
by the local court officials as to the
date on which the special assize session will start, though some notifica-
lion is expected any day. There are
now nearly 70 prisoners arrested in
connection with the Vancouver island
strike troubles lying In the provincial
jail awaiting trial at the special assize.
For all building supplies and fuel
oll apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Call General Meeting.
A   general   meeting  of  the  Progressive  association   has  been   called  for
We sell groceries but also
sell you one of the factors that
go to make up a successful grocery business. Service is the
main spring of any business
house. Without it everything
Is confusion. We strive to sell
you the best delivery service,
telephone service and clerk service in  town.
Let us serve you this coming
You Are Expected at This
Great Opening Sale Today
More emphatically than ever we wish to invite you to our store during this two weeks' Opening Sale. We want
you to get acquainted with the McAllister Store, to know the McAllister way of doing business. We are offering
extraordinary values in every department. All goods arc marked in plain figures and we want everybody in
New Westminster to come and walk around our store during this big sale and see our prices. Our aim is to make
this business the Department Store for New Westminster and the surrounding country, offering you the best
merchandise in every department, at prices that cannot be beaten either in New Westminster or Vancouver.
Victorian Order cf Nurses held at the
Y. M. C. A. yesterday afternoon. The
advantage   of   the   social   afternoons
for the purpose of showing the    subscribing members just what the order
in   New  Wesiminster  was doing was
I Wednesday   evening  in   the  city  hall!commented upon at the meeting   and
when Industrial    Commissioner   Darl-ihe  suggestion  that  another be  held
ing will make his report on the work   in   January  was  taken   up  with    en-
[performed    during    the    past    few  thusiasm  Immediately,    lt  was    nlso j
i months, while a report on the financial 'decided  to hold  two or three of the j
I Bituation  will  be submitted  and  dis- Jsocial afternoons during the course of *
cussed.   The executive urge that every   each   year.     Final   arrangements   for
member of the association be present January's   event   have   not   been    ar-
on lhal evening.
Money to loan on flrat mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
'i per cent. Alfred W, MeLeod.   (23371
I ranged.     Mrs.   T.   J.   Armstrong   presided at yesterday's meeting.
Fred Davis will sell by public auc
tion at the Westminster Auction
House, Kings hotel block, on Tuesday.
November 4, at 2 p.m. sharp, the
household effects of Mr. F. W. Cameron, brought here for convenience of
sale.    The sale comprises nearly new
! chairs, beds, springs, mattresses, etc.
.etc.    Full  particulars  can  be  had  of
in. J. Russell at his Wesiminster Auc
Voters' List Increased.
Two hundred and thirty new names,
the largesi. number that has ever been
placed on the householders' voters' list
&^^tat^"^SSS."i&M��|��'-r a., ,ok  d-iuu, t:.M.'    -."
closed oll Friday lasl and will be made |
up in printed form ready  for the approaching   elections     In   addition   to,, bM (2:1291
this number some 300 new voters will  uon nuuso,        b	
be   placed   on   the   property   owners'
list, making an  increase of over 500.        "The Queen  of  Bonbon  Land."
Among  the  householders, the    labor*    Practices begin tonight    far    "The
men  claim   the largest   increase, hav-'Queen of Bonbon Land."   This is Baid
ing canvassed  the city    looking    forjto be  Mr.  Evans'  best  effort  In  mu-
possible support islcale extravaganza  and    nearly    100
_ . | people will participate.    Mr. Evans is
Library Well Patronized. I particularly anxious to invite those
A showing nothing short of remark-1 who have been in his former producible was made by the Carnegie public I tlons and their friends. Rehearsals
library here durlna October. There will start at 8 o'clock sharp and will
were'ill new applications for mem- be held In the Conservative club
Tiorshln received: the totHl number rooms. 630 Columbia street,
nf readers was 1-OT. about three times I 	
Reg. 75c. Cord Velvets for 59c. yd.
This material is now extensively used for suits. ehild'B coata. dreBses.
etc., and an opportunity awaits you to buy at sale prices early in
the season. We have both the fine nnd heavy cord, in colors of
Cream, black, ruby, navy and taupe; twenty seven Inches wide, regular  value  75c.    Sale  price,  per  yard    59C
Blankets, Sheets and Bed Spreads, all at Sale Prices.
10 pairs only,  white  Wool  Blankets;   size 60x80;   regular $4.25;   sale
Price  S3.75
25 pairs White Wool Blankets; sire 60x80; pink or blue border; regular $5.00;  sale price   S4.2S
50 pairs White Wool Blankets; size 64x84; pink or blue border; regu
lar $6.50;   sale price   S5.95
Flannelette Blankets at special prices, in white and grnv
10-4;  repuiar $1.50.    Sale price ���-S1.2S
11-4;   regular $1.75.    Sale  price $1*50
12-4;   regular $2.25.    Sale price $l!$5
Large stock of Cray Wool Blankets, suitable for hunters, loggers.
etc., at lowest prices.
100 dozen White Sheets, large double  bed  size;   the  kind  that   stand
hard  wear.    Itegular $2.0";  sale price, per pair Sl.SO
100 dozen hemmed and   hemstitched Pillow Cases; size 40x42; regular
40c.  pair.    Sale I'rice     35r.
60 dozen  Wliite  Grecian   Bedspreads;   large size;   regular $2 00    Sale
Price        $12*
25 dozen White (irecian  Bedspreads;    70x80;    regular   $2 IE      Sale
Price    ftl 55
10 dozen White Marseilles  Bedspreads, size  11-4;   regulur $3.60   Sale
P1^"         ��2 75
10 dozen  While  Marseilles  Bedspreads, size 12-4;  regular $4 on   gale
,,:ir"       $3.50
I more than one year and a half aao, |
and the total number of books loan-'
ed  was  1881,
Make a plan of attending lh�� cp^n-
lng of the ice skating rink at Qu��ens
park fer Thursday eveninq. Good ice.
good music and a good time.      (2355)
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Building in Port Coquitlam.
Building permits  issued  in  the city
Of  Port   Coqultlam  during  the  month
of  October     reached     the    aggregate
value of $17,247.    This  is the lar*_"st
Maplr Ridge Politics.
Councillor M, s   Lougheed has announced  hls Intention  ol becoming a total since spring, the usual monthly
cnndldate for the r reahip ol Maple ll��!'r,B being greatly enhanced by the
Ridge municipality In the elections of fi""'  that ""'    permit    for   the    new
Tannery nexl rear The oresanl reeve, James Park school, valued at $11,847,
l.t c. McFarlai   . has decided to rein*.. ������"���- 'aken out early in the mohth The
other  permits  issued included one  to
60S  Columbia   Street.
Otaen   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to a.
Ice ekatlnn -,' the Queens park
arena wil! open on Thursday evenina
at ft o'clock Full band in attenriin-e.
Admission 40 certs. (2355)
Plan  Soci.-.l  Afternoons.
Plans   r"i   iml ling   snother   social
afternoon I * the   ub i rlblng ipembers
Junction hotel for alterations and
additions needed to bring that
hOBtelrj up I" the requirements of the
amended liquor act, and another for
the new building for the B, C, Telephone company.
Skating boots and skates for ladles
the  order  were  discussed  among I and gentlemen at Geo. H. Speck's. 620
ther in;,"its at  the  meeting ol the Columbia Btreet (2352i
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint    -----    50c
Per Quart    -   -   -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -   -   -   -   35c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
147 Columbia St. Phone 88
���o recognise and seir.it the opportunl-
<.����� when they come to you?
vo nt yooraelf to take advantage of
niAisr future opportwMee���it  Is tbe
,.p .rtutiity to gala m ��ou**cal ���knowledge.
A. I.  HOUCK, Principal.
r- ion* 853. CIO Columbia St.j
Jf .vou are, and desire lo sr..- monej on yuur fuel bill this winter.
don I   buy  until  you have .seen  what v.c have iii offer,
Using a "Howard Overdraft Heater," burning wood or coal means
a sau.i; ti, you of 20 per cenl   of the cobI of your fuel bill.
We have also ,'t large range of 'lak. Airtight and  Fireplace Stoves
at prii ���-..  which  mean  money In  your pocket by  buying from us.
Ni w  Weatmlnater,
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1191.
Wa ****** Flre, Ufa, Accident, Employ*���'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marino Insuranea,
Great Bargains in Our Soft Furnishing Department.
We hsve  decided  to reduce this stock  by  half,  hence thete prices.
ElvOT) van! of our Piece Tapestry Is reduced Now Is the time
to recover Old furniture or mike a pair of curtains, etc , for a nominal  cost.
Tie e Tapestries, regular SU111:   sale price, per yard 7Bt
I'iece Tapestries, regular $1.25 to $1.76; sale price, per yard.. $1.00
Place Tapestries, regular $1.76 to |8.00! sale price, per yard..*__.4S
Piece Tapestries, regular (2.60 to 18,00; sale price, per yard..$1.78
l'i. r,   Tapestries;   regular $:..5i>;   sale  price,  per  yard $2.$0
Place Tapestries, regular $8.76 to $6.00; sale price, per yard. .$2.95
..0-inch Double Faced Velour, regular $8.60; -sale price 52. AS
r.f Inch Single Paced Velour. regular $2.50;  Bale pilce   $1.75
Casement Cloths, Bungalow Nets and Madras all reduced In price.
Regular 11.28 and $1.80 valuei. for. per yard Sl.OO
Regular  $1.00  values,  per  yard 78-t
li' gular 75c values, per yard   50C
Odd Lace Curtains at Nominal Prices.
Reg. Prices Range from 75c. to $5.00.   These Sample
Curtains will be Cleared Out at from 25c.
to $1.45 each.
Novelty  Muslin I'urtalns;  regular $-.25 a pair.    Sale prlc.. Sl.OO
Hlg   clearance  of   I.ace  CurtaliiH.   many   lines   have  only  oue  or
two  pairs of Its  kind,  hence these  big cuts  in  price;   somo slightly
Regular  12.75;   sale   price,  pair M��I
Itegular  li.'n,   sale  price,  pair $1.65
Regular $4.25;   sale  prlc,  pair $f f*t*f
ll.-.ular $4.on to $7.00; sale price per pair $2.45 to S3*45
In the Men*s Wear
Our men's furnishings department is
now complete with tha best values
to be had on the market. Kor our
opening sale we are offering some
splendid values at reduced prices aa
"I'KX AViLE" pure wool, heavy
ribbed, in Ml sizes. 24 lo 44; regular
$1.25 and $1..".0 values at, per garment
     '..   $1.00
"ST. GEORGE'' soft elastic ribbed,
pure wool; a splendid garment; regular $1.75; per garment $1.45
Sweater Coats.
Several styles and ail colors nnd
I combination of colors from our regular values up to $3.25.   All sizes.   $2.45
Also a splendid $5.00 coat in varied
styles and colors; all sizes, special at
. .' $3.95
50 dozen new ties iu fancy silk and
silk crochet;   good  value at 50c and
75c.    Your choice   40;
A fine cashmere of 35c cjuality; per
pair       25s
"I-lama" fine pure wool cashmere:
price 35c; 3 pairs for $1.00
Heavy wool ribbed In black heather
and gray   3 pairs for $1.00
Splendid values in heavy gra'y and
natural wool socks ranging In price
from, i er pair   20c to 50:
A gocd black Kid Glove; well worth
the n .:��� lar | rice of $1.25.   Special 75c
Cape K":d and Media Gloves; regular fl F i line for   $1.15
Slk l ued Cape Kid and Mocha
Gloves;   reg. $2.00 for, pair  ....$1.50
Waists, Underwear and Sweater Coats, all at Bargain Prices During this Sale.
In our Ladies' Iteady to-Wear lirparitnent will be found special
tabl'-s of bargains In ailk. net, flannel and  while -waists of aU  kind ������.
Sweater Coats In every size for Misses and Children all at special bargain prices.
Our Ladies' Underwear Department will be full of bargains lu
every kind of fall and winter garments fer ladies' and Children's wear.
These will be put on special tallies on the first floor at bargain
prices for your selection during thin opening  sale.
por pn
' gular 50c values.    Special al
For thc Boy.
Pull-over and f'oai. Sweaters in gray
inly, ivllh fancy trimmings; reg. 75c.
Special sale price   85;
Heavy Duck Coats.
I'or hard work In nil kinds of weather; r<c   $4.60 and $5.00 for .. $3.50
Onr oiled clothlni Is also greatly
reduced  In   price.
We nr - clearing out our "Success"
line of cellars; all sizes and shapes
at. special  prices    3 for 25s
I All New Wool
Coatings at
Sale Prices
as Tweeds, lllankflt Glotha, Chinchillas, etc., In reversible or plain shades,
and two-tone effects, all offered nt
Bpeclal prices from $1.75 per yard.
Varied colors, uu grays brown, mix-
tun ii, tans, cardinals and some smart
two-tone shades. Somn lengths nom-
prhie one coat length only. See these
1 arly,
Read About the Bargains in our Furniture Department During This Big Sale.
15 odd Hed Springs; different sizes, regular values up to $7 50. Some
of theae are slightly damaged     They will cleared out regardless of
original  prices at    S2.S0
One dozen slightly soiled Mattresses, ranging from our Cheapest makes
to our best qualities.    These will be sold at exactly 3.1 13 per cent.
discount off our regular prices.
Two  Wood   Ileds,  slightly   damaged.    These   used   to  sell   at   $10 DO
apiece.    Sale price  S2.75
While Knamel Beds; brass trimmings, complete with spring and cotton top mattresses; regular price $11.50.   Complete for S7.50
A number of odd White Knamel Ileds In different sizes and patterns.
Regular prices rrom $3.00 to $10.00. Sale price $1 75 to S6.SO
Special prices on Baby Carriages and Go-Carta; all kinds, shapes and
sizes.    On sale for   S2.50 -P
Very special prices on a'l Brass Beds In bright or satin finish.
Itegular'$35.00;   sale  price  522'52
Itegular  $45.00;   sale   price  S33.7S
Itegular $25.00;   sale  price  512��_��
Regular  $4..75;   sale  price   S38.50
Office Desks, Typewriter liesks. Klllng Cabinets, Roll Top Desks,
Ofrice Tables, etc-., during the two weeks opening sale Iobs 33 1-3 per
cent, ofr regular prices.
Chiffoniers  with  five  large  drawers,  brass  bandies  and  bevel  plate
mirror;   regular   $12.50,   for    JS'ZS
Without   mirror;   regular $10.95,  for    S8.50
Holden Oak Dresser and Stand, wltli  large bevel  plate mirror:   regiv
lar $1S.0I|. for    *t*.7R
Duchess Dressing Table with two deep drawers, In golden oak finish,
huge bevel plate mirror, regular $20 00 for Sl**-*0
Golden Oak Hull  Hack, with brass hangers, box seat;  regular $21100.
for    S24.75
Kitchen Queen Tables, with four drawer;, and flour bins; regular $5.50.
Special   price     S3.7B
Seven-foot Kitchen Cupboard with glass doors; reg, $18 ror $11,75
Kitchen cabinet in maple finish, complete with every requisite: reg-
price   $39.60,     Sale   price        S28.7S
A   number  of  odd   Kitchen   Chairs   tn  clean   out
at  75*. Sl.OO ��"d $1.25 ��Pi��s
silk Upholstered  1'arlor Chairs, In different  designs, some slightly
soiled, to be "bared al   each    S5.00. *7.50 ill|{| $10.00
Three-piece  Mahogany  I'arlor Soils,  upholstered   wllb   green   velvet;
regular   price   $00.00.   for     $32.50
Klve piece I'arlor Suite, mahogany finish, upholstered In gfreeii velvet;
regular   price   $38,00,   for    S21.50
Three-piece I'urlnr Suite, upholstered In grnen silk tapistry; regnlnr
price   $37.50,   ror     $22.50
Morris Chairs, with green velvet cushions; regular $11.25 ror..$ft.!*0
One   Mahogany   Morris  Chair;   green   velour  loose  cushions;   regular
$40.00, for   $21-00
Solid Oak, leather seated Bedroom Itockers, In un assortment of designs;  regular $fl.7f> for   $6.95
Special 0 rices on Dining Tables for this snle.
One  very handsome Square Table;  fancy  carved  legs,  extending  to
12 feet; regular price $40.00, for  tti99..*.t\
Karly Kngllsli Pedestal Dining Table; regular 136.50 for (MB.W
Fiarly English Pndcetal Dining Tohle. regular $27.50. for $22.75
Kxtra lame Golden  Oak Dining Table;   verv  nicely turned  pedestal:
regular $100. for     ��87.50
Buffet In oak. with copper finished trlmrrlngs, bevel plate m'rror. exceedingly  prelly  design,   regulsr  $86.n0'   f.-r    ��9T *���*>
Buffet In golden oak finish, wl'h 2 small drawers and 1 Inrg.i linen
dr'iwer   and   two   ciiphofrds,   bevel   plato   mirror,     regular     $20.00.
for   *,l* *n
A very handsome solid oak Sideboard, beautifully carved top front,
with curved drawers nnd gno:l level plate shaped mirror. Itegular
price  $75.00.    Sale  price $45.00
We can simply you with any size or finish In Sectional Hook Cases
during thin sale for 20 per cenl. off regulur  prices.
Steel  folding  Davenport Couches,  fully  upholstered;   regular  $2,1.50,
f"r $13.00
and Neckwear
Bar and Veil Pins; values np to 75c.
for,  each    25c.
Black. Dull nnd Bright Jet Strings of
Beads, regular 25c. string, to clear
out  selling  at    10c.
llat I'lnc, Nev. Westminster souvenir
flag top. pin In colored enamel, reg.
26?., now    2 for 25e.
Odd lines of Neckwear; white stock
collur with Jabots lu pique and lawn,
trimmed with valenclennes and torchon lace., also a few Robespierre
collars In tan, black and navy; silk
with while lace and net jabot effect.
A few children's odd lawn and lace
embroidery trimmed sailor collars;
tho Dickie front In blue trimmed
with white braid. The lot clearing
out at a splendid bargain: each 25c.
Ladies' White Linen Laundered Col-
lars; a splendid assortment to
choose from: all clean, neat stock;
odd lines and patterns with "in
broldered edges and corners, slaea
12 1-2 10 14 1-2; values to 35c . now
selling    2 for 25c.
Veiling In black, brown and saxe
shades; some with fancy border,
chenlle spots and cobweb meshes;
values to BOc. a yard, for  25c.
Fancy Department.
Tinted Centre Cushions and Scarf,
for  working;   values    to    $125   Sain
price      25C
Kinbroidered Centres In round and
���quaro worked in colors; fringe nnd
laee trimmed;  values $2 7.'. and  $3.75
each; snle price   $1.50
Dmbroldered Cushion Tops with back
111 good designs and good coloring;
a   nice  assort men I;   values  $2.00  and
$3.00 each; sale price   tl.OO
Bear Skin Caps;   regulur up to $3.75;
sain price  $1.00
Mohair finish Caps In red ami while
and blue aud while;  regular (!5c;  sale
price   25c
White   ToUQUes   with   tassel,   regular
50c each;  sale price   25c
Allover Nets In creain and white; values   ti5c,   76c   and   S5c   a   yard;   sale
price    35c
Laces nnd Insertions In white and
cream; regulur $1.60 and $1.25 values;  sale price     50c
Wide  ("ream  Insertion;    regular    to
$2.25 value; sale price $1-00
Laces and Insertions;   values   15c to
'_5i! a yard;  sain price 10-3
Lflces and Insertions; values 7'/!! to
12H* yard; sale price 5s
Saxony Wool Flannel at
Reduced Prices.
M-H-lnch; reg. 40c. Sale price, yd. 35c
25-Inch; reg, 45c. Sale price, yd, 40s
26-lnch; reg. 50. Sale price, yd. 45c
20-lnch; rag. 66c. Sale price, yd 60c
30-lnch;   reg.  86c.  Sale price,  yd.  75s
2*Vi-lnohl reg, 40c. Sale price, yd. 85;
35-Inch; reg. 45c. Sale price, yd. 40c
28-Inch;  reg. 50c. Sale price, yd. 45a
26-lnrh; this llne. comes in what Ib
termed a union. That Is to say. half
wool nnd half cotton, wlilch makes It
even  wear better;   regular 20c.  Snln
price, per yard     17'/2C
IB-Inch I reg. 25c. Bala price, yd. 22'/ic
2Hlrich; rag,'BOO, Snle price, yd. 45o
27 Inch; one holl only, dnrk gray Army Flannel. The ever-wunr kind; reg.
46c. yard.    Snle price, per yard. 35c


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