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The New Westminster News Oct 31, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
iarge   or   small   wanta   at   amall
N*W Westrti/hsUr and lower t
ndVJ.ight to moderate ItSi*,
-\lY\uh with probablfe'-'flto
nlehPWSja- Saturday.
witn   prooauie- aoowers    j
'jJluSaturday. h
Richard Goodwin, Striking
Miner, Is Found Guilty
Was One of Four Arraigned on Wednesday When the Jury
Calumet, Mich.,
announced  as  the
copper mine Open
Oct. 30.    What    is
tlnal effort of thr
ators In thla district
(0 induce their striking employees to
return   10  work   will  be.  made  tomor
row through thc medium of the Cop-
iper Country Commercial club.
A statement from the mining com
I panics will be published by the dub in
the local press to the effect that Btrlk
era who apply for their old positions
will be   re-employed,   regardless   of
nationality,    provided    they   give    up
their   memberships   In   the   Western
  Federation   or   Miners   und   bnve   not
becn participants In any violence dur-
Hicbard (Jooilwln, a striking miner *���g it,,, strike,
of Cumberland, was found guilty In I The concession of an eight hour
tbo assize court last evening of bav- day. to be put In effect In January,
ing on the nenlng of July lit, 1813, already has been granted by the opera-
assaulted James ���McArgle, a special i tors. If the strikers remain loyal to
constable, on the atreets of Cumber- the Western Federation of M tiers t.ie
land during a disturbance. importation of men wUl continue and
Goodwin    was    arraigned    on   two  the  working tOtOM^ WOUgM    up
charges,    Rioting was one and assault ! non    '        ���--������"	
upon McArgle llle olher. The trial
lasted all day yesterday, the Jury returning their verdict about 6 o'clock
last evening. The Jury found Goodwin
guiliy on the charge of assault. Witli 1
reff rence to tlie oilier charge no mention was made when the foreman announced th" verdict. The prisoner
was remanded for sentence.
Goodwin was one of tho four miners
arraigned on the previous day for as-
���Rault and intimidation, and cn whose
���guilt or Innocence, the Jury disagreed.
A. I). Taylor, K.C., conducted the
CBBe for tli" erov n. while as In the
case of the previous day. J. K. Bird,
counsel for the l'nited Mine Workers
of America, und Arthur l-clghton. of
Nanalmo, defended tbo accused. The
case of tho crown briefly was tbat on
Ihe evening cf July 19 last. Goodwin
took part In a riot wblch occurred In
thc streets of Cumberland, and that
while James McArgle, a special con
stable, was In tbe act of arrest a man
named Reynolds, he was assaulted by
the accused
to prove i
is reported that at a meeting of
the Finnish strikers. 75 per cent, of
tbem voted to return lo work.
This is denied by strike leaders and
the report cannot be confirmed.
The HI Alloues strikers, charged
with contempt of court for alleged
violation of the Injunction against
picketing, did not appear before Circuit Judge O'Brien today, having been
notified not to report until tomorrow.
The 65 Mohawk strikers, held on
the same charges, will appear with
th.m. Opposing attorneys today
argued whether testimony should be
presented by affidavit or orally.
Tills question will not be settled
until tomorrow morning.
Reuben E. Truax Gets Majority of 124, Defeating
W. D. Cargill.
Evidence of    Unpopularity   of    Nava
Policy���Laurier Declines to
Make State-Tie it
olds, h
waa al-
���*.^i4mmrv.  �����    1 km k^->-*���
'���(/**�� ar ^-*
Decline te C-ive Opinion.
Ottawa. Oct. 31. -The department of
Justice has declined to give an opinion
oa a hypothetical case as to whether
Harry K. Thaw. If released In New
Hampshire, would be allowed to pass
unmolested by way uf Canada In th*
event of hla buying m through Octet
While no official J***��� ���*��� ****
Walkerton, om., Oct. 80.���Reuben E.
Truax. the Lib. ral candidate, was
elected in the South iiruce by-election
today by a majority of 124, defeating
Wellington D. Carglll. The Beat was
rendered vacant by the elevation of
Hon. James Donnelly to the senate
cud the campaign was fought almost
nltogether on the navul question. Mr.
Donnelly's majority at the last general
election was 103. No figures of the
total vote were obtainable tonight as
only tbe majorities at the different
polling subdivisions were brought into
Walkerton. lt is understood, however,
that the vote was even heavier than
in the general election.
Both candidates were residents of
tho riding. Mr. Truax has lived In
tbe district 57 yearB and his personal
popularity made hiiu a strong candidate. Desides supporting the Liberal
position on the navy. In practically
every Bpeech, he declared hls preference for the doctrine of reciprcclty
with the l'nited States.
Walkerton. Mr. Truax's bome town,
gave him a majority of 90. At the
last general election hla majority
there waa 56.
City  to  Appoint  Man  to   Look   After
Water Supply at Expense of Vancouver Power Company.
The las' word on Lbe Coqultlam dam
question was reached yesterday morn-
I big when  Mayor Gray  received word
! from Ottawa tliat Hen. Ur. Iloclie, minister cf the int.rior, bad signed    the
' triple agreement  between tho  Domln-
I iou government, the 11. C. E. It. and
the city in respect to the land reserve
surrounding   llie   lake   and   also   the
i regulations regarding the purification
of the water for public consumption.
Immediately following    the- passage
of the  plebiscile on  October  18, the
I city and power company officials affixed their signatures to the agreement
I which was then forwarded to the Dominion government authorities at Ottawa.
Now that a settlement has becn
reached, it is up to the city to appoint
a man acquainted with uanitary measures, to" look after the water supply
at Coquitlam dam. The Vancouver
Power company will pay to the city j
$1000 per annum as salary for this
official, but tbe agreement docs not
specify that be remain at the lake
throughout the year. Many applications have been recelvetf for the posl
G. N. R. Planning to Secure
Portion of Columbia
May  Build  Double Track to Vancouver��� Retaining Waif Would Not
Then Be Necessary
Mr. Justice Clement Wlll  Be  Unable
to Sit at Assizes Next
Plans are under way for the double-
tracking of the Great Northern railway from the North road to the Kraser
river bridge, according to information
obtained by The News yesterday.
While the plans are only in tentative
form at tbe present time, lt is under-
r tood that Instead of the railway company, the city and the provincial government authorities agreeing on any
permanent work aa to the retaining
wall for Columbia street near the
asylum hill, a greater scheme, whicb
wlll mean the widening of Columbia
street on the west side and the taking
away of a portion of the street on the
east Bide by the company, Ib under consideration. ...
At a meeting of the railway commissioners held In Vancouver on Monday, tbe city solicitor. Alderman Dodd
and City Engineer Blackman urged
tbe board to compel the O. N. It. to
build a retaining wall in place of tbe
wooden cribbing at a point opposite
the asylum hlU.  .
The decision of the board was that'
the engineers of all parties concerned
get together and formulate some plan,
bnt since then it is understood that
the railway oompany has considered
Trinidad. Colo., Oct. 30.���Apprehension of outbreaks between striking
miners and mine guards, accentuated
by an attack upon the strikers' colony
at Aguilar tliis morning, caused Adjutant General Chase, in command of
the Colorado National Guard, encamped here, to hold the entire command
in the military camp today.
Frequent trips of investigation were
made by troops and a squad of cavalry
was ordered from Walsenburg today
to Aguilar, where an outbreak appeared probable. Strikers in tbe
colony there demanded the protection
of tbe state troops after having been
deprived of many guns by the infantry company which yesterday and 4aat
night preserved order in the two
mine camps today.
The detachment of .artillery today
was got In readiness for instant removal to any part of the strike zone
and took a drfTI trip toward Ludlow,
the most active strikers camp in the
district. No arms were In evidence
there today, but none have been surrendered to the state troops from that
camp, though surrendered guns ana
ammunition from other sections of the
strike Bene are arrivlag by the wagon
load. Receipts sre being given to Individual owners of the contraband
weapons and, according to present
plans, they will be returned to them
when the strike has been settled.
A troop of cavalry today made a
trip toward Frederick to Intercept a
wagon load of arms which were reported travelling eastward of Trinidad.
The cavalry returned, however, with-
out having found trace of the wagon.
���el. has
Wt td atte
.���     i.
reach Ooodwfa. He lad it*** 9*****.%-
��d from getting to the accused by
thc crowd.
The assault occurred during nn al-
USX!**, demonstration over the arrival
c>r some strike-breakers In town. The
defence endeavored to sbow that
Goodwin waa not on tbe scene w'htlo
lhe trouble laated, _    .. .
I'ollce Officer C. ft- McTaggart was
the Orst witness tor the crown.    He
tcstlOed as to the rowdincss ln Cumberland  on   the  evening   of  July   19
last and staled tl       he had rescued
a man named Cave, a strikebreaker.
from a crowd of union workera.   The
trouble had originated when sonic nonunion men mixed It wtth some strikers    Cave waa dne cf those.
Made Threat.
Cross-oitaniined as to the Ctuse of
the  trouble. McTaRsart said that it
had been rumored that Cav* and    a
gong of non-union men had threatened
to come Into town nnd clean out the
union men.   The police were expecting
trouble.   He knew Cava was bringing
in  men  lo wirk  In  the mines while
the atrlke wati on.    ThiB might have
 .t-tttn*-*- i* '**** --.-^ ___..-,.,
have at}*** ta Ut* OslWfcl" ******
!Ss UrStb peOey ������� th****** *�� tt<
off ttjterost*. urges the government to
sevoT all personal connection between
itn* government and Lord Oowdrays
company, so that whatever happen*
the government may be free to direct
Britiah policy with an eye single t��
tafesuardtng British  Interests.
Election of Theae Two Foregone Conclusion in Offi-
ficial Circles.
,  .t*m*-r
i Con tinned on
Pare Flv*>
Msny Amerloane   Prepare   Te , Flee
From Mexico���Leave Household
Effects Behind
Miss   Livingstone   of   Provincial
oartment ef Agriculture Visits
New Westminster.
Slightly over one week ago   Miss
Victoria on an eight or nine months
tour of all parts cf this province In
the Interests of wntpen's Institutes. At
present ehe is in New Westminster
���district conducting ioctures aud demonstrations    ut     Haitelmere     and
^To^'representatlve ot Tha NewJ"
Mlaa Livingstone InBt night, at the
Hussell hotel, explained her work.
ThiB waa giving the women of   tho
institutes a aclentlllc knowledge   of
.2KS��** properties of different
food* and such matters. Charts and
demonstrations were ueed.
Tof thc recent provincial fair, held
,,,;<!. Mis. Vivtagatone ******* *<>?*
kinis to aay. especially of the
*   * -    Institute exhibits, the first
with   the
.lection at ttoirtral wtetortaao HaSsto
and Gfcieral. Aurolanlc Blanqeet *t^
most a foregone conclusion, according
to the official returns, the quesUon as
lo what Washington proposes tow H
keeping the foreign residents and �����
majority of Mexicans In a state of
painful suspense. On the surface at
lea3t. tbe administration Is giving
i little consideration to the auhject,
Bpomingly taking the ground that toe
Mexican people have declared In favor
of Huertu'a continuance In the presidency. . ,_ ...
Although It l�� charged openly In
many quarters that the maJorlM**for
lluerta and Blanquet, which tf* now
being reported from all <P��rtn���
where the election terms wtf* ob
served, were the result of offloW pressure, there Is no nneslblllty *J going
bnck to the roturne, as it seem* ee ab-
lished tlmt no other candidal! polled
uoarly enough vtrtet to jeopardise the
Huerta-Wanquot tleket
Americana Leavlna.
In view   of Wadjttngton's *revtott#
representations  a*  th-  subject   the
next move of the  American   ��<"'��"�����
went Is awaited Wire with, ao I Itfl*
mlBglving.     Many   An ��� rloaas   har*
packed their porta*!* IxiOMtapi PW
paratory to flight.-and are fading W<
necessity cf leavtog many dl tfceit
ffrc.tB behind    Thl*   en
hope of finding hi
Th" .nad'
od, and most of those who d
Ksen Interest.
Ottawa.   Oct.   30.���Keen   Interests
taken ln Uie capital tonight to    the
from Bouth Brae*.   Tlw re
ault wm ttm e*rirj**��JM cot
arwie im oMmmi ***** air
���IMC kee* ******* ** <MP* *���
It leak expected, hoWNT. ��h*t H
the Liberate woo It wo*M **���**���'*���
amall majority.
Some surprise ts expressed that Mr.
Tr-ua.:'* plummy over Mr. Carglll
icaehw! three figure*. Hon. W. T.
While, vho conducted the campaign
for tb. ..onswrvatlvea. Gerald white.
mer.il.tr ar ��crth Iteufrow. and And-
ri.v l��tv<!*..' were among those wno
heard ' tbt . result at the Chateau
laurier thf. evening. They were all
of the opln'm that their defeat was
due In u large measure to the strengtn
of thc person-lliy of Mr. Truax as ��
candidt ,e and his thorough canvass or
the constituency covering a period of
several months
The l-'b.r��lb cf the capital were
naturally Juullant over the result- Sir
Wilfrid l-au ier got the news of the
victory at hl�� r-_rldence over toe tele
phene. l'e declined to make any comment fot uublica ion more than to
sav he wm eatlslied with -^ <***��*
l.lbaralB, while admitting that they
had a more experienced candidate
than the r opponents, soy that the turn
over in the vote at the by-election Is
an Indication of a wMAiWM
sentiment on the part of the people
0,TObev % It is an evidence that the
government b naval policy Is not popu-
lar in 'ii** rural sections of toe province and that tbe Uberols who voted
es yx* the : wty at the general elec-
tot. Oh Mto I^W^ ,����� ^
hora Httento
Excitement In Trinidad increased today and the presence ot a trooper on
the street was tbe Incentive to strlk-
Mr. iust.ee Clement will he unable|2LJSr&-1fi��J^tShMlS*?W**��� " "*
to attend the preaent Beetles alter Saturday acoordlng to hi* own
meat ln toe ***lse Wart
during the hearing of one of ����� Vaa-
oouver talaas
Jam ^b* |t* -���-.__.
Oa th*t day ad ��*lto wtU
hit to**M�� dUBiigwiL.  -.. .---..
aft* tb*    ��� 'm^^t*"-
*    �����******- f
1 &~--tr
fvwa toe North road to too |
*      ��*   '     '5 V
.* ��?>^
**-****,'���     ,^
Inter-provincial Conference
Yesterday on Pollution
of Streams.
No Definite Step Until Report of Com-
mission on International Water- *
ways is Received
Ottawa, Oct. 30.���The creation of a
federal board with fall authority to
deal with tTte question of pure water,
as well bb ether questions affecting
the public health, was strongly advocated by the- delegates from the various-provinces at the inter-provincial
conference on the pollution of the navigable streams, wblch convened here
this morning iir response to a call from
Hon. J. D. Hazes, minister of marine
and fisheries.
The conference was called as the
result of evidence obtained last winter by the Bradbury commltte on the
pollution of streams. It was deemed
advisable to have (he views of the provinces on the question before anything
of a definite character should be done
and in response to an invitation sent
out by Mr. Hazen every province la
the Dominion was represented at a
gathering in the agricultural committee rooms at the house of commons
thiB morning.
Mr, Hazen who wa* elected chair- '
man, In addressing the gathering, said
the growing demand tor the prevdb
tion ot poUutioa aad the niiiasw/at
*f^A*aMt*mi****> --i*
.....   __. lait^	
atS a retTUt wfll be ai	
im* retrial five atrlke eaae* bat* yet
to be dealt wltb. Wa moot serious
la oa* in whloh a yaath of 17 named
Morris, is charged with attempted
murder. The chanree In the other
cases are assault. Intimidation and
No information his yet heen received by tb" officials of the lo-cal
court aa to where the balance of the
Vancouver atrlke cases will he he-rd
There Is a rumor current that thev
'v<|l be tried here and If this turns out
correct it wlll be necessary fo hold a
mcc'al asslre Fe��^Ion. There are
about ISO cases in all to try.
Cannot Remain Indifferent.
Rome, Oct. 30.���Commenting on
Mexican affairs, the Trtbuna says that
if the administration at Waahlngton
proceeds further In its Interference,
other countries, nvpeclally Japan, cannot remain Indifferent
Dlaci -slcn In Trades and Labor Council Over Hslp Impleyed on Hotel
[        .   , -       *ulldl��ifi
:*%*    .jp^^y
&��^SaS| _,   ���
the eempaay win *4*mtms*tly be compelled to take a Way a portion of Columbia street. #hteh will mean that the
oompany will have to make arrangements with tbe Dominion government
for a portion of the land now uaed by
the warden of tbe oeultentiary as
resilience and also Perm Row, a
of  house-**,  adjoining    the__J________u_ ... . . ..     . .   ,.      ,_, ._.
orison.    This proposed work would do _      .   .   ���__���___���__�� ___���_��� AAdraa*** In- f *!,���_. re*u" ��- tt* ,Jrpl,oM epldemla
rh ih/rxXaTra, the hill which  Frut* ���*��� Vaad*Hlp Alee Addreae** ���"- which
Saya "Comtiy la Water-
Logged With Bonds"���
Lack of Confideace
- ^���.s.^^.^^^..        :*t'l	
t*ra *t*w**maa*m*s th tb**** la flaafjag
wltk tb* aaestfM.
Twa Thaama**- Llvea Loot
Ur. Brodbanr, chairman od th*
liouse commltte* ��a tbe polIuUon of
stream*, outlined the evidence which
It bad token. Se waa led to take aotion on this matter br conditions of
affairs which had befallen Ottawa,
where more than MOO Ihree were lost
away with the curve on the hill which
bas been commented upon, as being
dani-emus to both street ear and alao
vehicular traffic.
Druggist Fined fer baling Without License���Claimed It Waa Not
^NY ��*i?S��]&^*��.���
Ottawa. OU-W ��.������Tb* Evening CM-
ten (Conservative) aaya:
"An absolute and unqualified denial
was giver today In the bUbest ��overn-
meat c'rcles to a report aeat broad-
SS to the 0PP0��K1<�� f����J"1",^
Statin* that Sir >*��elT��B��n I* here
naklnc forw government taaranto* ��t
Radian Worth*��� rallwar bond, to
or nn oth*r Canadtaa*||pw��J|2JJJ
Th*~*lwaW ��**����s m��Jled
,r Canadlaajwr����r^BTS|hTd'aot"bSen"~^***** *��
Mutative bus mad*.***_�� ��*K*: !.la.",LrT_��.,.l, .et|on m
London, Ont., Oct. SO.���After con-
Fultlng the dictionary, the encyclopedia aad the Liquor License act, to
find the meaning of liquor and to see
lf alcohol could be classed aa liquor,
Pollce Magistrate Judd gave Judgment
to Mw**. *mmm -->. ��*****h*
a   *******
vestment Bankers' Association
Of   a-*a%*-**T-*SM
Chicago, Oct W>.-*-Janwa J. HlU and
Prank A. Voaderltp, the speaker* tonight at the banquet that eloaed tbe
convention here of the Inve*tm*at
Banker*' Association of America, e*cb
sounded a note of warning to the business interests of th* country.
Mr. Hill whose subject waa *W*il-
road financing of tbe future," declared
that toe country wa* water-logged with
bond* "Caafldeuce cannot be restored," he aald. "until tb* aame boad ba*
won back something of Ua old staa
Mr. Vaaderilp aald that congreaa
waa la daager ot saddling oa th* cow-
try a miaous pcUey of flat
The senate, be Mid, wa
aad fearful ot doing anything
ta* wishes of th* houM.
Mt, VaadwHp spoke*t to* aeadUc
basking toglalatloB. "Th* fatal d*f*ct
ot the 01*M hill.- b* MM. "at that tt
tba eewatry oa aa twa* ot Hat
Tb* *t***a ******��*\**m
ing when two local
on the unfair llat *!
leged to b* the ef.
unloa labor on tb*
wire pl^J^fW!* B,n��_SL
llat te what I* aHwbltt tb* magtotrate
c, tho s^lsd*i^^ri*toenTwdIS\5i_*^.\ S8,"~_ ?��� ������<<*�� \ **A aoto*. Thar... ��� .���.���.
and Later council k.W la.tcvutng f��*ad^that h*^wdltojiin^cetu v^^^jiytswiai b^ toe'gimaaTaM
for the purpose of KconsldMtog the atootel toJss^ Nov to nQm.1. toe ����\ ^ Otoy ����� to te taued wWteat Ite-
actlon taken at th**Ust re��ulsr meelltodaat aommltted a^reach of tb*^act ��� ^ aamter *t teaka.     n ^^__
-_--.-_.-- .-^ ~��� Hl^Wa   m**m . mp*\nm^r.
aad ooata
Ther* ��*m a* tact* a. ||_��ati la
tb*   M**.*   Tf '
was a direct outcome of an Impure water supply.
The question was an International
and Inter-provincial one. aad whfle
the cooperation of the United StotM
was almost neceeaary. It was Canada"*
first duty fo care for the health of MT
own people. He would favor Canada,
or the federal government la cooperation with the provinces, taking immediate- action, regardless at the attf-
tude of the United States.
Jamea White, deputy bead of tba
conservation commission, dealt wltb
the question from a national point of
Vie*. Aay leftolatloa that I* fr*m*d
should te to mak* th* terd-sa tor tb*
munlctpaWttes directly eftoetod a*
light as possible. H* wort* favor to*
creation ot a nosamhrton to deal wltb
tb*question la separate ���*****. *.**r-
mlssloe wbleh would te ateolutoljn
tempered ht Ito opetatloa*
Dr. UChapaell*. of lf*��bij
seatlag tb* gov*t*m*at *f Qi
wm Mat heard ta��k V* *********
fereaM of tb* fa**r* ex*itls*d..tto
tb* qaMtlM mt van water br (
vtaaW teard ef 1
edvoMted tba
hoard of baattb .      . _
w\\\tn*t W^
of aat i
��Mset at |hi
iurt��d*rf aaloi
union wbo f*K
ion or intimated **i��twth��fL3?l55
Al  the last M**ton * lll.000.OM
hi.su��jN st***** ��J9f ,?!S!S|
Net then ��nd th* PW����>^ * ******
to it bate he�� liadjial. tt I* lo ����>���
mctiw^'lth'Sii******** tey�������
tv it 8* TionM has teen here the ��� ���
when th* drastic action
During en argument r
wards et two ---'���*
Im^dS-UNrwIU* i
***��**mxtWmZoi an
dment to
,���icb others de
auhstllute. w*r* |
m* Man
ThoTaiior" saving devices for I i,oi,Boho.d effects ***}*���[
HtobenI shown In th*te bad been   of press little hope of And
M^f ��� and tbe suggestions they offer ,e{t upon their return. Th.
^carried out.   Already plans tor a|.t(,r���e facilities alreadj
?he malSand and, Vancouver Island,
plate flight expect to bnve
homes In charge of IM��i<;aa
takers, as the only alternative.
. What the new Mexican epnKfMS wlll
de with r*t*r*nce to thMJtcttfte n*
on* undertakes to predict, nltapugh
-    * i "'       *���	
I        (ConUnu** oi Page ��*our.)
y Eurned to Death InHt
Bunkheua*.        ' ,    _    J*f*
Wlnlpee, Oct 80.���H*ma��*d ta bylhllc*
n wbii of flamM. JamM JWbMen aadijwea.
Ham Shaw, trainmen M ��������������
had �� narrow Mcape fiaa. tela! named to death to a bunkbous* at W��
dlte  Dat..  yeaterd** morning.    Thf
two nwahad luat laid dowa to site**..
on retiring fro*} duty aud were awafe
enod aWMst suftocated by smoke.-
The fir* lium*| so raplt-ly that ta
'ew mlnptcB thev w.r�� -'-rc-nd*-* *
" e flames and Ud to fight their
a window aad lump to the
th mun were badly burui
fa��e and arms and wer*
to Bt BonlfaM hospital for
.��       ���������'*"''
meaafng ��f
~ _J"'ir ait ���
it eOi'i
" '��4
md la ��*��: -Wtea
wrwtea. wbMtear aad
Wm 0M
A   vir**'   i.
V��" , .   -X.,.  ,! Mr
'****% wwj*-'*
���^^^a^L   **u***s*\- ���
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER   31,   1911.
Is charity on Ills part to sell us meat |
at the prlcH mentioned that wc can see
that meat ls going to bo dearer. It will i
I mean    hundreds of dollars a  year to,
lis, and we have jnst got to face it. Our
Inmates have good appetites and must
An independent mornlnj paper denoted fo the Infer -ttt of Nexc Weatmlnater and  be fed as before
ths Frater Valley.   Published evert/ mortilnj ercept Sunday ... llie JTational Prinllnj
and Publishing Companv, LlmiHd, at 63 lliKenzie Street. New H'eat-minnter, British
Oolambia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communloafionj should be addressed to The New Wsstmlnstsr Hews, and sot
The rise in tlie price of meat seems 1
also to be accompanied by an increase |
in tlie numlier of those requiring re-|
Humor and
9r ���DVMCA.J* It. SMITH
_ lief.    We havc on  file now  115 appli-
indii.du-il msmbers of tlie staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should bc made I cations which we cannot handle. There |
���fable to The national 1'rintlng and /������ulllahltiD Oompany, Limited. jarc more Btranded strangers  In  town i T>I_T\VI'-__N tlle woman who wants a
TSLKPUONBa���Business Office and Uanager, 999; Editorial Kooms (all deport-1 than ever.    We have had almosl twice i Inisliaiid    nud    the    woman    who
w many this season as  ive had  the| w���ntg t0 ���et -|d 0f oae aociety In many
),  991.
I town Is kept amused aud Interested.
SUBSCRIPTION KATES���Bv oarrler, 14 per year, *,\ for three months, 40c perl same time last year, though c
mssnth.   By mail, 13 per year, lie per month. | are harder to make thnn ever.'* _
ADVERTmina RATES on application. |    similar strain is felt In the Women. I     . ���_ ~ ,     ,    ,,,
,  ��� i Oirls' and Children's Sheltering home! ���A man ",frt'rR 'r"m * l'aUe ln ,hls:
!'it 1 ." St   Britain slreet I "e   Is   seldom   sweeter   when   be   la
FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 81. 1913. j     o^e people  we' take  iu."  said   the | frosted.
|-���[���"- '     "have  ravenous nppe-
oiiniomiiio  in  DAu.xT/i ,u,'s  fr"m   K>��n*tog  the    streets    In
CHRISTMAS IS COMING. poorly-clad  condition  with  the result
that we have got to satisfy them and
How manv times yincevou've been decorating this ter-1 timid them up to normal again, it
restrial pill have you heard a man say, "Good gracious! 2^^^^��^^"?^
Christmas here alreadv?" appetite shows no sign or dwindling.
;lt ls nn extra charge on charitable Institutions, and  1  can see a hard  wln-
Jack Alderman, Object of Search, Ran
Away from   London  to
Ier ahead  for all  relief institutions."
Police of Montreal  Make War on the
"Coke" Fiends���Arrests Made
Every Night.
Montreal. Oct. 30.���In an endeavor
to gather in as many users of cocaine
or morphine as possihl,, officers In
Lieutenant Savard's 'red-light squad
are making arrests almost nightly and
searching many others who previously
hive  been  convicted  on  a  charge  of
Every year it's the same story. Christmas comes too
soon for a whole lot of people. If it eame six months later
it still would be six months too soon.
If you're going to a dance you see to it that you have
a boiled shirt ready for service; if you intend taking in a
show at the theatre you get tickets; if you've got a
note to meet at the bank you line up your financial resources accordingly and yet, year in and year out, you put |
off preparing for what should be the happiest and jolliest
time in all the twelve months with the result that you spoil
the whole celebration by a rush and scurry at the end.
What you do isn't done right and half you intended to
do isn't done at all.
That's Christmas as it comes to a great many; but it's
not Christmas as it should be or as it could be if a little
forethought were brought to bear on the subject.
With two months to go, everybody has a chance to
make the twenty-fifth of December this year an exception, ,
,       ,. ���'..    , . ,-.   .' ,   ,-,,    ���  _. having  these  drugs  in   Meir  posses-
to its bustle-spoiled predecessors.   Giving at Christmas-Uion.
tide helps to make it all the more enjovable and it's in pre- . "a�� *-*���>* ***.- *��� "��,w awaiting
r     V     7i i . ii i-i.i ,   trial on charges of having had or sold
paring to give the good work can be done during the next ��� cocaine c.r morphine, and  as  many
turn montha more have skipped their ball,   and an
IViU  muiiuis. J arrest   believed   important   was  made
The Christmas message is "Peace on earth, good will hast night by Detectives Dagenais,
towards men," and by saving the unseemly rush at the end ^jb^j,"? poulton, 22, living at _si
we will be able the more to appreciate it. ugauchetiere, was   arrested shortly
before fi o'clock on St. Catherine etreet
near Clarke. The detectives took him
down to the central police station,
and charged him with having cocaine
_., 111       , 1 in his possession.    Thirty-seven pack
lhe  Only  Other  land  ages of "coke" were found on him.
Package in Woodpile.
When first caught sight of Pendleton was standing near a pile of wood
on St. Urbaln street. He leaned down,
reached under the pile and seized a
package he had apaprently cached
there. This subsequently proved to
be a white vest, from which he Is said
to have taken t he small white pow
He sighted the three detectives and
moved away, but wis folio,,ed and
arrested. As they started to search
him, they saw him chewing something and took lt to be tobacco.   But
A lot of us In our secret rouIs nre
rather glad wheu  we Umi WO nreu't ' trt.al |111(j K(,rt vvl!
netting what Is coming to us.
The fellow wbo loses his temper
Isn't differing a great deal from the
high tempered man who ls exhibiting
Montreal, Oct. 80,���"Jack" Alderman, erstwhile son of wealthy parents
in London, who ran away to Canada
last May, and who has now ootno Into j
a large fortune, is thought lo he work-'
lng on B lake steamer between Mon-
lam. An agent sent
by bis relatives viBited the Lachine
Canal Office yesterday  in quell  Of the!
boy, who Is only 16, and who has not
notified h,s parents of hls whereabouts
since his departure,
The lad was well known among the I
workmen   In  the  sheds  of  the  upper
port, but none of them wer.* sure this
morning  what  steamer  young  Alder-1
man is working on.   A notice was pro-
��� imlnantly posted in the office of the.
It Isn't half ns much fun to do ns  canal this morning, with two pictures!
you please when you don't have any  of the hoy.
one about you wbo cares whether you i   ".lack" Alderman was not al all reii..
do or uot. jcent ahout telling who he was when be
_ I arrived in the city.    The son of well-
It Is about ns hopeless lo try to en- l',Ml�� I'"���."' >"' *** ***�� ���"J* aw*J[
1 ,. i   / _     .to school since he    was    a child, and
courage sumo persons as It ls to try to ,._,���,��� M ���u, termInlltlon of ,,,���   ���������,. |
iliscouragc some others. school  course last  May  he was    told
��� I that he was to be prepared for Cam
To discourage n knocker give him a   bridge, .lack balked and  ran away to
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust
606 Columbia Street C.
S. Keith, Manager
A girl exclaims "How romantic!"
When sbe bears of an engagement; a
man, "Uow tedious!''
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In It C, viz.: tbe
tho celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Hpeelllcutlons of American  and  Canadian  lOnglneera'  Association.
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to -4-ln In diameter This Is also made lu tbls Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
I.lme, PlaBter, etc.
Brio ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 snd 16.
802 Columbia Street W.
meat  lilock and tell  blm  to go to
und keep it up.
The biggest mistake that the majority of iiianklud make Is being born
Some people worry so cheerfully thai
It really seems a pity to iry to break
tbem of the hahlt.
Getting It Out of the Syilem.
I never liked ttie Kind ol riming
'J'h.it culled "ii treakiBtuiess in chiming,
Nnr can 1 warm up lo thc style ot
The -.tu!., though 1 nave teet, a pile of
The sort of versa lhat strung lhe metei
As though the nutlior feared that It would
peter out,
Though possibly It mat.es the diction nIry
r'or one Who dues nol own a dictionary.
A Minneapolis Norwegian says that everybody in i
Norway has relatives in America
that can claim such a distinction is the Promised one.
The much talked of conference of provincial premiers
is over and the results obtained justify the holding of another such gathering about the year of grace 3999.
Full ninny a thought a man con scarcely
.pell, sre or
Sense turns out by methods of this sort
Though one who has a heroine,  has hid
__ nr, ��''l>',,,       ,,   . k , ,,   cate the youth, and he left yesterday
To  nnd   Iter   lids   method   helps  con.ld-   , ,_ ,,, , ,
He had enough money to pay steerage passage across the ocean, and In
Montreal ho al once applied for a
oosltlon aa deck hand on a grain boat
lie has been working on the Bteamera
which ply between Montreal n:id the
lakes all summer, hut he stopped com
Ing here about a month ago, and Is
believed to be working on the Cleve-
'���:������ i or ( hlcago llnea now.
The hoy's mother has been anxious
'or his safety Blnce his disappearance,
ind his sent repeated messages to|
Montreal In an endeavor to locate her
sou. The onlv missive she received
which would lend any due was a
picture with the trade mark of a
Montreal photographer, Krom Inquiries made by Utter it was discovered
that young Alderman was working on
the lake boats,
The recent death of iis father has
thrown the management of the family
fortunes on the 16-year-old hoy, who
will uot come Into active charge, however, until he is* of ape. An agent w*as
sent to Montreal In an endeavor to lo-
MI��. C. ('. l-'IKHl-.ll. Tl-ACliKli OF
pianoforte, harmony and singing. Pupils eucceaafuly prepared for examine
Hon In K. A. M. and H. C, M. for terms
apply 803 Third avenue.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$1*5 0800000
RESERVE    J16,000,C00.O��
Branches throughout Canudu
Newfoundland, ami m  London,
With regard to the Mexican problem, Mr. Woodrow
Wilson has told the European powers to shut up and let
hin\ think.  That's not exactlv the wav he put it, but that's ,he j1?'1 s�� ��.��? ln,h's -**0*'-'" **���** h
, V , " . i i 1 could  not speak plainly and the offi-
What he means. Tears grew auspicious.
  I    It turned out to be nacka-gos of oo-
I caine. of the kind retailed by peddlers
One does not have this nay to chart oi
diagram 'er,
Or  use the  rules of  rhetoric or yet ot
Or say, "This sort nf thing I shun; null
is It and void and contrary io ihe con-
fm- Cleveland,
Miss ki.i.a  c.  HAUi'V, TEACHER OV   land, New York, Chicago and Spokane-
I'lanofoit,';  'JU K��ury St.,  New  \V,M-   ....
minster. i U.S.A.,  and   Mexico  City,     A   general
_ _ banking business transacted.   Letter*
of  Credit  Issued,  available  with  cor
respondents In all paria of the world.
Savings Hank Department ���Deposit*
received In sums of tl and upward
and Interest allotted at _ per cent, par
annum Ipreneul rate).
Total ABBets over IISB.'KHI.OUO.OO.
0,  D.  HHYMSRIt.  Msuager.
the late Professor Allan Macbeth,
Principal of ito' Qlaagow College of
Music and Professor 0rossiand Hirst, of
ttie Glaaaow Athenaeum, lugs to inn
mate thai she will ocoepl .'. r,-w puplli
In singing und vol,*.- production. K\.
tensive repertoire "f htgh cla��> nonss,
Kor terms, onl) or write lo U"*- Hamilton street
H.   J.   A    nilRNETT.   AUDITOR
Accountant. Tel   H.  121   Room .'
I for  twenty-five  cent*.    i.packaKo,
an  imm< n-. <���    profit,   'S lhe  stuff   is
usually adulterated. ���
When searched nn a carefully at
the police station no n oro cocaine was
found upon him. He )*n.\* his occuna-
tlon as a watchman, though he usually
is employed as a cabman.
After booking the  prisoner the  detectives returned to the alleged i ���
They searched the woodpile, but if anv
more packages Imd beon,there ea:'
observer to believe, then he's entitled to a whole lot of ^J^MSaS?. haev b'";
Pendleton appeared lu court todaj
pleaded net Rullty and was remanded
j One man. under arrest on "coke"
charges four times within the lasi
! couple of years, who was walking
jalons; St Catherine street, and was
about to enter a v. "1! known cafe, was
stopped and searched but nothing vine
If the fashion set in the present session of the assizes
keeps up, the old stereotyped question put by the court officer to the twelve good men and true will have to be altered to "Gentlemen, have you disagreed upon a verdict?"
If Bonar Law is half as worried about the home rule
question as his published pictures would lead the casual
One who pflUftCl need not Ihink Iip fa a
For the bus; house and that thpre la a cell
and a dale
Fur him at Lhe afyhim.   Not on your photograph.
For in it irl nip I.v is a ��nt�� o' graph*
i��  descrlpth.n.    Hi*  mny   run  on  at)   ������-
reno.   Oh.
Yp:*, nnd nay It In o pcaehprino.
it |  *X\i*tn   he  can  start,  to  rtad   it   backward.
ti't lie
Win   hnd   tt
Just   aa   smooth   as   'lauaf
If all reports from the prairies are true, the best present vou can give your wife this Christmas will be a roast
of beef. Word from the Canadian plains is to the effect
that the tariff reduction in the United States has resulted
in the American buyers rounding up all the loose animals
on the ranges on the upper side of the forty-ninth parallel.
I Bigelow, the preacher-politician of Ohio, says stained
glass windows and pipe organs are not neoessary in the
scheme of Christianity;ior himself, he prefers the curbstone service. A silk-hatted pillar of the church would
look cute squatting on a curbstone listening to a discourse
from his ten-thousand-dollar-a-year minister on Patience
as a Virtue in the Midst of Poverty.
that  the   various  small
the   charities   had   beei
stores  where
found on his p irBOB
tlons tho searching
man or woman, ".ho
against him, or I i r, a
tion  on  this  charge.
Officers of the
searched two or three
fer "cok"" but In i
any discovered.
The law sane-
' any peraon.
as registered
-evious convlc-
squad also
torious houses
:i*   i-'iKe    war
Knelt by His E;d and There He Was
attitude   of
Fred  l_erou_
his room at
l.eruox,. wl
���I and
Oi * i.  pi     -, |     m
pra        *,   , .    the   bei
* "*     **��� i *  fi und  di:. I
121 Selgni lira street, this
Seattle. Oct  30.���Thai  new  members of the hoard of regents of the
stale university, who are named by
Governor Ernes! Lister ',.h"n vacancies occur, will be actuated by a Btrlct i
lj non-pajtlsan and non-political policy, was assured last night when Gov j
ernor Lister for the first time gince
assuming office, announced his attitude toward the Institution and nnmed
us his first appointee to the board
Oeorge H. Walknr, a leading attorney
Of this city.
lloih    the   chief     executive's      pro
nouncement   of   hls   policy and hls
nomination of Attorney Walker, were
erected with hearty commendation in
downtown    und     university    circles
: Walker himself declared his intention
Whai anv one may say he doesn't core a ''"  P,lrsm' ,h'> I)0��<'.v outlined  by  the
ent or governor and to do all In his power t.i
Pnv clute attention lo the literary mentor. ! trsiit   lh   maintaining   tho   Institution
IK- ������es ahead where cauiluus would tlie   On  a purely educational  lias's.
nay -shun. "I consider It a distinguished honor
/���! any word win set him tn his motion,   to have been named by the governor
'  nh. io make his ending neat, proper      *-,,- thi,. |njp0-tant fl||lcn " Mr   Walker
'     : :'���':,..!? ""' *Kh :' Pt"' "ut *   BaW' ������' "^n* n^her sought it nor
   ted  It    I have accepted it for the
reason  that  I desire to do tny share.
"nm time to time, of the work of this
[character In Seattle   .'.ork thnt car
with it no pecuniary reward,
1 expi > t my anointment to
,-*." ���;,*.,. any marked changes In the edu
P. H. Smith. W   J, Crov.n
Work   undertak'.n    In    city    nnd    outnld.
points.   111-11   Weatmlnster   Truiil   Hide
Phon.'  IM.     P,  O.   Box   607.
i.iltiK   engineers,   I ��� .---. 1   M3.   meets   Ini
l_ii���,r  Temple  every   tlrst     nnd    third i
Thuredny .,( the inonth   H   McLaughlin,
presldenl    w   C.  Saunders,    secretary,
P. 0   Bos B!��
Call and inspect our 'fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   SU
does not
The sense or  yet  ttie  nnn^en-^t
mailer.    He
_.!:!' -s  on  tiie  lanxua^e  an  ;.-s:iult  and
1) * P n of rak* of llie n. of c. mee
the flret and third Thursday ftt ft. p. in
K. of P, Hull, Etuhth street A w.n
Orny, Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith, See
U O. O It, NO. RM ��� MSB rs ON
first, second, third nnd fourth WSdnSS
day In ...ch month ot I p, m.
in the Moosa Horn", ll. 1. Leamy
dictator; .'. a. j,)ne��, lecretary
Headquarters of lodge In See II-r.iM*
comer of Fourth and Carnarvon streete
The Way It Cies.
I.eiieve in had nnl*V"
ii  It  happen-*) tu the olhei
much like foollsbnesi
-s then."
lad the Excitement.
:: to elope.'
hy t"
iid Iheir parents mlghl
"t home
rational features of tii" Institution i
'���"' irl sect rd with i, *..���::,*.- Lister's
ii* llcy of i ulldlng it up along nor
p lltlcal lines."
Rovi -ior Llsti -.' i mn. uncomenl of
i Is policy yesterdaj .*,;,- consldi n ri
: v some as :i reph to numerous re
qui sts ror the resignations of the
ir'*-*nt hoard and the appoint! t in
wedding If ,,,,,., of a majorlty of I)f,t���,.,, ,,���
*     *
0      Henry   Lewis,  a
it 47n Wolfe street
orders, were providing less for the dol
lar than ever, led us to make arrange*
, ments with one Wk departmental
i house, vhich now handles all Our or-
iders In relief work, an.l thus wo hope
Ito get teh maximum for everv dollar
V.��� v'"'  i:Pp'"'*
CosVpf Living Increasets Eut the Poor     "The hlph cost of meat means to us
that   we  have  to  get  out  and   collect
M*n���Has as Big a Capacity more relief money, and for more peo
ple than formerly, hut we hope that it
giving  their I premises, was
man on V
i the home i..-���
���!*.*  knell  down
re   p 'irltii.   for
In ��� is attitude hi
.*....  fo ind support
Is purely an emergency, and that this heart  failure,  Acting ( iron
  period of stress will not be a lasting will nol  dispose of the    ise
om   as far as labor demand is   con- has hnd an  Interview v th
Montreal. Oct. 80.���Though the m fl   cerned. the relatives, who arc nc   In
die class feels the price of nn*a- ih ���'���       "Our system,!'he added "Ib to ellm- "
coming almost prohibitive, the sttua    tieti . i much as po Bible the evidence mNE GiRLS ,V,N,^_!.SJ ' Tfi1!.   ,-,
i*ii;ht   and had
to say his prav
the nlghL   Whli"
died and the bod;.
ed hv the bed.
When  Ihe  body  was discovered  the
police lii the Btatlon at 102 Seigneun
street, were notified, ad Constable
IIrooks went over to the house, lie
had the body removed 11 the morgue.
Although   the  man   pn mbly  died  of
itil he
me of
,i clt
Changed Them
"She slugs ah
the popular sung*
of tin- day."
tlon is felt ever mor" keenly In lhe ' ' rellel   and  for thla reason  we al-
many   charitable   Institutions   around  |��* ^,^rlt0 'lo ll
tho city.    Heads of these. Institution
M* 'Ureal,  (let.  r'.ii     Di' -tlir f'
cases where poor jiuIk- ,      ,   ,
s belne shown, do we talte over ,"'** Jud6e ' ho'"'"' " r,'m'
���were prompt in response when quer   this work    it is from Lhese poor peo- i"venile court bench yest ri
r ....... ' ' l.lll.nt      licit      ,(,.     , i,i, ii.nn,.        J
ied yesterday  regarding  the  cosi
meat, and how lt affected them.    Neil
only Is the question of raising more
funds mad" the more imperatIv.-. bul   . .
the number or applicants for nil.: '  '      -""'��� f",h
correspondingly larger. Higher Prir.cs Ahead,
The  manager  of    the    Organized     A call at the Hebrew Shelter and
Charities stated that the Indication of Orphans'  home  broughl   to  llghl   iho
ol  I -vo have learned that" they "are I    ������* delinquency
not getting the same amounl of meat ��nd boys was Increasing
fnr the dollar thai  thev used to get     .   8 W""M have '" '"' ,:
.,  and   we are meeting their  Increased ?lne V:V '"���'"l J?:
luvonlle    ourl  today, ch.
cept  one,  with offences
"II   *    gotll ig     orse,i' I
:,    "i don'l know wh;
n higher coBt of  meat  was  evident,  puroe  Increasing difficulty  In  feeding girls     ������ cot   * * I       My
nol i'i tbelr own food bill, for all of 'V  poor  A member* of the house com- thai  so many cl    Irani
their relief work is outside, hut in ths  mil  Informed tbe press repre ento   to come befi re mc on bui
amount of money they had to spend  tivn thai a big addition I i the runlnng     Bonn  ol tl    girl    vol?
upon'indigent families. ""' of the Institution existed owing to being Inmatee of ] "es
Dollar nf Less Value. th�� e(ge  n the price of beef. others       t'i   being   hahl
Complaints have  become  so  gen-     "We  are  now   paying   13   cents   a streel    Home were of fill!
pound tor beef," nald he. "wli, v.. foi have fallen victims to )���
merly we.only paid n. Now, wben It tomobiles All were und
" ':''-'" l"1" accounl that *.*,,. Berve The girl�� ���Acre r.-iuawl
lafl mealj her. every dny. yon can er examination, f'lerk
realize what a tax tl...* extra two rents marked that nine d.-llnq
Is on the exchequer. We have been one day v,.ui probably a t
told  so often  by  the  butcher than  It  court.
ion*.;   g.rla
: I that some. I
ie about it,1
lordship in
-ed, all ex
:alnst mor-
Msti���� a Difference.
"Tils w.le Is u-fe-t ,n a visit."
"Ik In- uiixl- us to lui're'har pact. V"
"1 should * iy lie wu*."        '".
ijiose bu was gpttlnj Ma
-| (lidn'l
own men is
.Montreal. Oct,
[young man living
.'a cocaine fiend, provided one of iho
most en 'ting times on record at tb*
general   hospital   yesterday.
At his home Lewis Injected a dm '
of cocaine Into his arm. and after
while became vlolenL going lempor
arlly out of his head, lie threw ihings
ahout lhe house until the police had
tn he summoned. A patrol was sent
I'luit is what I |tor and the mnn, who is of Hinall stature, was forced Into it by two pollce
merit. LcwIb fouchi desperately to
(t away, but without avail.
At the hospital Lewis renewed his
belligerent tactics with a great ileal of
���Igor, lie threw the twi policemen
���iround like boys and kicked . >ie of
hem inihe abdomen. He was finally
-mt to hed In the outdoor apartmabt
vhere he threw one of the ri< tors
half way across the room. After ������eat-
���iient. Lewis camo to bin sensei and
"ailed for more cocaine. He dec, red
he had taken a dose of cocaine, ������ ich
'he doctors at the hospital say In nn
times as much ns Is ordinarily gl en
to one man.
l*wls has been at the hospital ft!
tor- and yesterday was nol the fli f
time bo has created
I. O. O. F. AMITY LOIX1J8 NO 17���Th
r.ir-llir meeting of Amlly Indite Ni
87, I. O. O. F��� 1* held every Moulin'
night et s o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hal
corni-r Carnurvon ��n.l Blahth street.
Visiting brotnern cordially Invlt"^
II. A. Merrlthew, NO ; II \V. Bangster
V. O.i w. c. Costliarn, P. o. reoor.
lng secretary I J. W. MacDonald, flmiii
clal seeretarx,
Commencing Oct. 21;.   Changi
time table, as follows.
vi*. 1 a in--for Toronto, Kamloops Lo
I'.'ii,  p.m.���For Bt.   I'aul.
6: 26  p in     For Agassi/.
X.10 p.m.    For Imperial Limited. Mon
(teal, elc
For rales, reservations    and
particulars apply to
��thi r
E. (iOL'I.KT. Agent
New Westminster
II. W. BRODISI, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
If. P.. PALES���Pioneer Funeral IMr.'.tc
nr.,1 Deilwlmer, *t_-��n Agnes ��vtee
cpposl... CaniSglB Library.
ter  He   Ilaii'ia
tint)   riiiluilm.
strsst,   N-w
(_roccB88on  to ckn
Ltd.)���l-"ui..Til director
r��.    I'arlniH lor, Cotumhti
Wesimlnmcr.   Phone mi ISYNOPSIS  OF  COAL   MINING
.iter Hoard of Trade meets In ihehe'ir.
room, City Hall, ns follow*: Third Frl
day of each ipoiith: quarterly msettni
on Ihs third Frldfty of February, Ma?
Augied and Novomher et H p.m. An
mini mi't'ilng--. on the third Friday o
February. <-. H. Htniirt Wede. eepre
������Nut   when
' BlllgS thl'lll."
eral," said ho, "regarding the spending power of the dollar that we not
only find that we have to give out a
-dollar and a quarter where before a
-dollar was enough, but have Just In-
���tltuted another system of Btipplvl-ir
families with meat.    Tho    complaint
.1 bin lord
our .'.'iiiiii'.
cart Is r:k1
��� mid hav.
ch-am '-*."
i-irged with
f lll-r.-put"
.*;. . of Ih"
class who
u  with  au-
I for furth-
awson     rent girls  In
ord for tin* 11
"Have you
"No. but 1
"I am lord.
���'Why noi
r.dcJ Like It.
eel my 1 iw molorbont'/'
��� * iieuro it."
I'd! an: ne for It."
IMlie M' (li'iin wni'J"
80 V/hafl the L',i?
"The ""ii*    >w.'S |ic n ti ing."
That may   ie, l>l| yon ' ti't provi
-Flre li
yeil Op
" wooden 1 tij
���   Is  Rllld
tlve wirlq.
e- /> Katoi, rhe
jfft'd from ,*m.
/l'i 1 mates v. ,e
an uproar.
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxalive?
ufler the important advantage that they do nut disturb
tlie rest of the .system or
affect the child.
25c a box nt your
Nelleael Drat ..A Chemlesl Co.
ei Cased* Ux-Xtttd.    lr
publio  yrmwoowAPMj*^
��nle, Deeds, MiiKim-an Letters, elc; eir
cular wnlk c| ti.llMt.    All work strlcllj
cnnfldenlint     It   llnrrv. km.in 4 11_ Wee.
minster Trust nik.   Phone 708.
rlilters, Solicit..re. etc. 40 lflrne Btreel
:vw Westminster. <1, K Corbould, K
C.    J. R. Urimt.    A.  tt.  MeColl.
tewit-li.w. eollcttor, etc. Telephon'
KiTj. ('able fiddr.-ee "Johnston.'
Code. "Weetern Union." Office*. Kill
Hlock. r,f,2 Columbia street. New West
minster, B. C.
tilde ��� ItuM'.it, re and Sollcllors, Weet
Minster Truet Blk., Columhla eir,el
N,'"w WeelmliiHter, B. C, Cable eddrew
���WhlUeldt'." Western Union. P. O
] 'rawer H'm Telopl.one ����. W. )
Whiteslile. K C.j It. I.. Kilinotide, I
J. STILWRLI. CLUTIO. Hnrrliiter nt Ih��
'���' ilfltor, et* ; oorner Columbia tn
M.-Kensle ' reets, Now WeRtmkieter
B, C.   P. O   Box 111.    Telephone   711
COAL MININO rlglite of the Dominie*
In Mmill.ibH. Hnakxtchewnn and Alberts^
the Yi_kr,n Territory, tin. Northwest>'
rltorlss and In a portion of the
if riiillnli Colunilila, mny be lese-fl
term of twenty-one jreere et en seats-i
rental of tl Sfl sore. Not more than fM-w
SOTSa will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for n lenm- ....nl be msi>
hy the uppllcant In pereot. t�� the Ageafti
or Hub-Agenl of the dlstrlot tn which lh*
rlitl.te upplled for sre ettuuted.
In *ut**r*a t*t-ri*m*Tt ����"-. Innd m-iet ha
����!r��Sin*pei��lone. or P'gtt| ��ul, Ulvl.
etone of eectlona, and In uiiaurveyed ter.
iltoi-y the tract applied for ehall be
���taked out by the applicant hlmeelf.
Lacli apt llentlon must he acco.npanle#
by a fee of If, which will be refunded IT
.he righta applied for are not mailable.
Put not i.tberwlae A royalty shall h*
paid on the merchantable output of tlir
mine at the rat" of five cents per ton.
The peteon operating the mine ehal��
fun-Jah the Agent with ewern repumsi
iiccountlng for the full quantlly of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the ooal mlidng rlaht��
are not la-Ins operated mieh returna alioul*
lie  fiirnlah.'d at  leaat once a  year.
The leaae wlll Include the cenl mlnlne
righta only, but the leaf*-., wlll lie per-
mltted to purchase whatever availably
surfaoa righta may be conaldered neer*-
aBry for the working of tlle mine at th*
rnte of $10 an ser*.
For full Information application ahoul*
be mado to the Bi-cretar/ of the Depart-
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to iny
Agent or flub-Acent of Dominion Landa
ta w. w. oonr,
_,   -,   D'puty Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this,
advertisement will not be paid for.
J.  P.   HAMI*
F.llottor    i
bl.aST 2H
StniTlB. C
id Notary. Offlcee Her
,.rne   street. New Weatmlr
hrrlat". and Boilcitora. <0D to IP
.reaimln er Trust Hlock. Q. K). Mar
Mn. W. I. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
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The Daily News
Transfer Co*
Dffks  Phone  116.      Barn  Phone  lir
���egble Slrssl.
Kaggage Delivered Promptly to
sny part of the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 84 Dally News Bldo.
of all kinds.
Prices right   Satisfaction guaranteed
SI McKensle SL
i FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   31,   191!.
Offi*.i.il  From  Darkest Africa Arrives
to See Wbat Trade Can Be
Victoria, Oct 80. Arter attending
several sessions of tli" hoard of railway commissioners, which in meeting
in Vancouver, 11. k. Beasley, general
superintendent o ftbe K. & N. Hallway, returned last evening and reported tlmt several questions In which the
island mail waa Interested were mills-
ractorlly adjusted,
Perhaps the most Important of these
from  tlm standpoint of thn settlers,
who have taken up land In ths district
a nib nf McBride Junction, along ihe
Perhaps no bet- "'"' "���' ������������' railroad's east coast exten-| J
slon, la tbai witb reference to th.- car-
jrylng nf Crelgh I over tliut part of thc
new railway wblcb la In shape for tern-
ermlsslon was hc-
cured by the k. _. N'. company to hun-
iiie settlers' effects  In  carload lots
ever  the nine  miles of steel, which
llllH JllHI been completed 111 Little
Quallcum   river.     Ah   tbla   section   la
rapidly filling up witb families wbo
me clearing ami Int.'tui making the
land productive, and as theae people
an-   constantly   In   i d   of   large
auiiiiiiita nl Supplies, liiia W'lll ptova a
I '"in.
Favors Sex Instruction
Washington, Oct 31. flex ln:;truc-
tlon ill Schools us a mi nace of wiping out ir,,i)(iu annual recruits to the
white slave army, and producing a
nobler and mure perfect race, was advocated Unlay by Dr. I*. 1*. Claxton,
United 9iuk-h commissioner of education.
Montreal, Oct. 30
ier evidence of tlu abounding actlv
ily  of  British   trade  can   be  Offered
tiiati ihe presence lure ��r Captain T.
ii m. n.m.-ii, un officer of tlie Nigerian |^J^**^***���j>*
government in went Africa, who hoi
come I" Canada to im imw far the
Canadian  workshops can  help them
unt in their efforts t�� develop i'u- vast
Unknown arena nf darkest Africa, In
Which tiie cannibal Htlll calx hla human hrntber, nnd tlie work nl civilisation tins y.-t io muke itk grandest conquests,
Tiie captain came up yelll play from
New   Ynrk   In  visit certain   Important
Industrial concerns here to take due
A Futile
;; To Keep a Boy and a Girl ;
From Wedlock
CpUOt Ivan Ivunuvlcb. n Russian DO.
blelliiili.  hml  Ibe misfortune to marry
An understanding waa also reached Is wife wbo for year*, led blm a dance,
aotTioid*reporTto his govarnmenrail����� '������ ���**��� orosslng by the Courtenay then ruu away with an otlicer in tbe
tn how
ma-.  In
Nigeria's    preaent    i 1-
lerc. iiiiialn'H Industrial
.if   the  Canadian   Colliery   com-
rlulit of way.    Tlmt tiie cross
workshops being already HUed to over- ''"-' sll""l(1 h" consolidated was the
now int-     The   Nigerian   governmenl basis ot the agreement	
has invt completed 1,000 miles of railway through portions of it* territory  .;|LVER savf.d from fire
and another 660 miles are now to In
takes   in   band.     All  sorts  of  railway j
material,    bridges,   locomotives and
cars,  motor   trolleys  ami     automobile
vans fur the conveyance "f produce]"'*;
......   ,  i.  i. ,-.._..   t, ii*.. 'i "
are wonted ami it Is <'apt. Bonell'a
business t'i si a what Canada can offer
To talk  wltll Capt,  llonell Is to (ret i.
a fir;' hand glimpse Into the wlbls of "''
n British colony In Africa, wblcb Is lu \
lhe making     No greater romance can
lie imagined that Nigeria affords, ami
OS one listens to tlie captain, one lu
fancy sees a handful of liritish anil
Canadian officials, Hritish ami Canadian military nun. ami Hritish and
Canadian doctors and missionaries anil
Ilrlllsli nn.l Canadian governors bending their energies towards construct
lug a form of semi-self government
bringing order out of chaos, establish
Int peace and serenity In place of
plunder, rapine, murder ami cannibalism over an area which in extent ll
equal t�� Oermany, Denmark, Italy.
Switzerland and Belgium combined,
in earlier days. Sir Percy Glrouanl,
n distinguished Anglo-Canadian officer, was governor of Northern Nigeria,
but Kir Percy passe.i on to other fields
of activity, and with north and south
Nigeria now amalgamated, sir Frederick Lugard, another able administrator of world wide repute, governs
the whole aria with the uld of a council In wiilch sit not only British and
Canadian officials, but a strong element of educated natives, taking their
first steps in the work of self -government.
Seattle, Oct. 80.    A  sudden    blew),
aused by ������, leaking pas tube, destroy-
i'ie uninsured household furniture
of John Mansfield, 201 Taylor street,
.it   ':��� 'in   o'clock   yeaterday   morning,
resulted  lu  painful   burns about   the
ul face fur ('apt. Fred Oaylor,
of No, 4 Truck company, ami. twenty
minutes after it hail been extinguished, brougbl mingled satisfaction and
pain    to    Mansfield when be    poured
thirty-four Btnoking hot dollars out of
: a h I ��� -! ri Into tie palm of bis hand.
The stein, apparently the Mansfield
'family bank, stood on a mantelpiece
where   tii'*   flames   bad   been   hottest
I Mansfield, an employee of the Bmlth
i cannery, hurried to bis bome by automobile in being notified of the blare
[Finding liis wife was safe, he rushed
���nto  the apartment  he  bail occupied.
���anil. taking the stein down from ltn
place on the mantel, poured the money
Into  his  hand   wltb   the  Intention  of
[counting it Exactly one-ftttleth of a
���"���Kind later hc laid the coin on tbe
floor end  counted  it  wiib  Ills boot.
Captain (Javier's burns i"imp about
throdgh Hi" frenzied efforts of a
lodger to remove a trunk from the
house. The trunk became wedged in
front of the door of the apartment
where the blaze was confined, stfeo-
'ually preventing Caylrr from escaping from the room which be had
entered but a second before The difficulty was solv.d by breaking down
the door, but not before the fireman
had  Sustained  painful  burns
How Did Billy Get by.
Toronto, <>'t 10.- Hilly was passed
without a murmur at lhe port of que
ber He was a bad boy ln Macedonia
ao the family shipped hlm to Canada
where his big brother, who Is studying
bere. undertook to remodel him But
the attempt ba* proven  a  failure.
Hilly Blood In the Juvenile courl
grinning oltnlasaly and referred all
questions to h'.s brother. The family
in Macedonia are laborers, ami since
the war are In very hard circumstance".     They   placed   Hilly   in   the
Small Farmera On Fairfield lslsnd
Chllllwark, Oct. BO. MeSween road.
'���'airfield Island. Is fast settling Into
a thriving community of small farm
i. Mcrs. The large farniB have been
Subdivided Into smaller ones of five.
ten and twenty acres, and small fruit
growing, poultry keeping, mixed ami
dalrv fanning in carried on according
lo the fnncy of the farmer and the ex-
'em nf his holding.   The majority of
iitiny.  leaving  him  alone  wllh a sun,
Burls, ii year old.
i    Naturally  the count  was linlilltercd
ngiiliist worn.'li.   The very sight of onu
'of the opiioslte sei threw blm Into u
state bordering ou  Insanity.    He nt
; lust became Ro affected ou encountering a woman that bis physician recommended tbut be go where lie would nut
meet tbem.
I So Count Ivan sold out bis estate
near Kt. Petersburg nml went Into SI-
; iierin, where lie bought u large tract of
' laud. In the center of  whieh  he built
himself a bouse.    He encircled Ills land
with n high wall. In which there was
but one opening, at which be stationed
. ii guiird  with Instructions not to permit any woman or female child to OD-
I ter lbe Inciosure.    Ills Servants were
. ii il men, nml If any article was needed
i that it man Could not muke It was ob-
' talned from without
Besides  keeping away  from  women
| himself, the count decided to keep Ills
. Bon awny from tbem     When Boris lie-
I gan to talk Ills father gave orders that
i be should not In* told tbnt there were
'������ sinli persons iis women In the world.
! The boy was tn grow up thinking tbat
I the only human beings were men.  l'er-
| haps there was a trace of Insanity In
! this, but  be that as It  muy. s<i great
was the cure taken to beep all sexual
knowledge away   from   Burls that he
was    hl'tecn    y-mra    old    before   such
knowledge enme to blm.
lhe reveiatiiti reached him in this I
Way     A   lady   of   Moscow. Catherine
lliirehlkofl,   had   the  same ex-jterieuee |
���wub her bttaband thut Count  Ivano-
vi.h   bad   wltb   hla   wife.   Bnrchlkoff
having dewrted her for her maid. The i
sight of a man did nnt have the same
effect upon  ber tbat the algbt of a 1
woman    Invariably     bud    on    Count
Ivnnovtrh. but sbe determined to bring
up   ber  baby   daughter.   Nathalie,  tn
Ignorance  of  the   male  aex.   keeping
her au If possible till Bhe should have
|>i.smd  tbe nge nt  wblcb young girla
usually marry.
Now. SI me BarehlkolT knew as well
Ss did Count Ivanorlcb tbnt It would
tw Irapowlble to tiling np a girl oarer
\ to ***> a uian utile** to ��� wilderness.
Fu sbe begnn to make Inquiries as to
where she should (lud nn uninhabited
Working  Hoys' home, but h.
to work   an.l made up In th- way of ] the farmers are Northwest prairie men,
clothes by purloining those of the boy* I Who have come with money, energy  region in which to live,    very nal
who did work    Ha was remanded to and brains, determined to make, the  orally, she arrived at tbe samecooclu
lhe Rhelter, with a  recommendation
for bis deportation.
Hnt how  under the "un he ever got
besl  Of conditions an they find them   plana as Count Ivnnovlili
in the const province,    in nearly everv
CSS* tbey or* making good.    Well till-
past Quebec I don't km w  We bavenlled farms, good buildings and well keol
ii'h-ir-.-'e for our own mental deficients j lawns and yards Indicate thl* Kver
wlthout ImporttSgHhem." Commented thing about the premise*   pc
the commissioner. comfort and happlne-re.   Two
Montreal.   Ort.   SOAn   Interesting
question arose In the suit of K. Blouln
vs. George I'lmlenuvert and his wife,
which came before Mr Justice Char-
bonneatl. it was the old ense of a per
aon having a Judgment against a mar
rled man only to find out that he was
working for his wife at no fixed salary.
T".ic wife was brought intci the case as
vers salute and the plaintiff made a
motion asking the Judge to determine
the worth of the husband's employee's
services and to ordr a certain per-
centage to be paid into the court nn-
111 the Judgment and costs were satisfied
The wife profes-ed liability to es-
llinn-e the value nf r ��� husband's ser-
vie -*, so Mr. Justlc" Charbonneau fix-
��'' ae fi rule at $1.,r.no an.l ordered the
w.fe t- deposit 'MP quarter Of the bus-
ban'' -i w'ges at stated Intervals as
long n�� be remained In her employment until tiie claim was satisfied.
point to
Of tbe
.cwest dwellings built Ihls year are
'hose of Marcus Roman and a Mr,
Vogel. The former has been a rodent Of Fairfield fnr snme time anil
from a small start has collected
���mooch Of tills world's goods to build i aWl,j frum tuvi\
ot himself a substantial and comfort       W|��rbi la a very large country
Sllwrla was
but thinly settled, and It was the
li.-nrrttt region tu St Petersburg tilted
for the pannes, was not far from a
railroad terminal and therefore available fur receiving supplies. Thus It
liiipi'cinsl that Count Ivanovleh took
a son and Mine. Rurcblkoff a .laugh
ter to the mime neighborhood In Siberia, tbe one to keep bla boy away
from women, the otber to keep her girl
.hi', bom*    The other man la n new- _, m .^
S5^%^t&^ -" wonTprov,ded therc..b,e T
MeSween  and  Hope  River road.    He one man end one woman  within  Its
has built a fine residence, pleasantly limits, even though they be at points
-.ituated. and commanding a fine view
if the mountains nnd Btream.
South Fraser Valley Fanciers to Hold
Becond  Annual at Chilliwack
November 18, 11 and SO.
The World's
Confidence in
any article intended to relieve
the Bufferings of humanity is
not lightly won. There must
be continued proof of value.
But for threo generations, ana
throughout the world, enduring and growing famo and
favor   have   been   accorded
hecause they have proved to
he the best corrective and
preventive of disordered con-
ilitions of stomach, liver, kid-
neya and bowels. The first
dose givesquick ieM*;f permanent improvement follows
their systematic use.   A tnal
S imm%m\m\&
To Increase
**aU*��**f*At**ra. ^Tf'SVTi
farthest apart. Boris ivnuovicb and
Nathalie llurchlkoff were tbe only
youth and maiden In tbe region In
wblcb tbey dwelt and tbey were not
very far apart. Ergo. If the above
reasoning la correct It follows tbat
dwiplte tbe watchfulness of tbelr re-
siwUve patent* tbey would sooner ur
later form a union.
Boris grew up a manly young fellow and before be waa thirteen yeara
old began to chafe at being confined
within an Inciosure. Wbeu be asked
permlsalMi to go outside tbe walla his
fatber said to blm:
"Are yoo not permitted to roam over
a vast territory. Bave you not rivers
In which to fisht Bave you uot forest*
In which to hunt? B*content my boy.
Within uur domain yoo are safe: wltb
ont it yoo will be subject to a great
"Wbat dangerr
"Without onr wall* to ao animal
mmetblng Ilk* ��� man. It to made tu
the Image of a man. bat baa tbe eye'
of a serpent.   It charms men as tbe
rhllllwai-k. Oct. M.���The prise lluls
for the South Fraser Valley Poultry
aiSOotatlOn have passed frcm the
hands of the printers to those of the
executive of the association and ere
tbla many of them must have reached
the homes nf the leading poultry fanciers  of  the  lower  mainland.    ThlB
fair, which will be held In Chllllwack anah* charms blrda. If you once meet
���m November IH. 19 and 20, ia the ice ow of theae creature* you are liable
nnd annual exhibition of this association, and lodging from t>e llut of ape-
"ial donors ln and about town, the
ihow will he a hummer, lt is safe to
sny thnt at leant a thousand entries
of all breeds and classes of poultry
ind pet Hlock will be made. BlMs
from every part of the lower mainland will be seen nl this show; bids
groomed ond In the beet of feather
wlll be brought In from far and rear
���o compete for the trophies and p izes
Tho sbow Is  t.i be made at  once
in oblect leason to poultry bn ders
through   the conimrlaon  of tb    different entries.  n> 1  a society    v*nt
The use of Chllllv ick's new dr II hall
has been request.'   for Ute holding Of
the show and If obtained the service*
���>f thn band wlll be requisitioned and
the evening made mm of * promenade
md band concert. Tlie medley accord
"d by the cackling of lbs hens and
the crowing of the roosters, and the
rasping of the second trombone should
bring out Chllllwack 1    fairest    and
best, dressed In their latest millinery.
It  ls Chllllwacks'  tlrst real  poultry
show, but It will be worth patronlt-
Ing. ....  .  ^jax,*,
tu be devoured."
Kar from being Impressed with sucb
��� warning. Boris, wbo waa rood or
bunting,  thought contlnuoualy  about
tbla creator* fashioned something like
a man. yet able to charm men to destroy them.   Gradually a desire
upon blm te as* one of thee* ci
If he felt ��� spell coming oaas
would ��hoot tbe vmmJS*^" *����� *9*
long before b*jp**W��ng to brib* tb*
gnnrd at U��*tte to let blm oot   But
the fMtffwa* Incofroptlbl*.  Bo wb**.
Berts waa In bl* sixteenth year M
rude away on* morning with an a*
and hla gen and-, reaching th* wall. e*t
down ��� tr** th*�� leaned towgrd It mr*
when th* trs* Ml ag��lMt the top
the  ****. cUmlto*Up ud dw|
down ea tb* gftm* ******* '
keeping hi* g*��
protect M�� to *-*** ** ****��� bunt
hour* fSS tbe manlike creature
ther bal Wd him about hat
ouly ****$ *t-\*s**t.   H*.
feWaf S tr** oo th* ootsM*
lng discovered bis absence beyond thB |
Hurls made ninny such trips before
be found the manlike creature, Coming one day to a high fence, be eli nib- I
ed It und pursued bis way through a |
forest Presently, coining to a lake
Whose surface was frozen, he naw
wbnt lie was convinced was the creature bs was desirous to meet skating
on the Ice.
l-'runi what bis father had told blm
be bad got an Idea tliat there wus
something hideous about the animal
uud that it Influenced men not by Its
beauty, but by magic. What be saw
was so beautiful that Instead of bringing bis gun Into position lo protect
himself It dropped out of bis bands
forgotten.    The creature wore a gown
trimmed wltb fur. tbe garment fluttering In tbs wind as sbe skimmed gracefully hither and thither. A dainty cap,
made chiefly of fur, wns on her bead.
and ber bands were Incased iu fur.
BOTH forgot entirely Ills father's caution. Ills chief desire was to go and
see If be could catch tbe thing. Un-
f'lrlunnte'iy he bud no skates witb hlin.
He ran to the margin of the lake and I
called. The vampire turned, slopped
and stood gazing nt blm with eyea as
full of wonder as his own.
"Cun you tall;':" be called to her.
"Ves.   Cun you?"
"Of course I can. or 1 couldn't have
asked you the question."
"I wonder If you're not a man?"
"Of course I um.    Wby do you wonder if I nm."
"Because I've henrd our servants
talk ubout what tliey cnll men, but
I've never seen one before."
"And I've never seen anything like
you liefore.    What ure you?"
"Why, I'm a girl."
"Are you tbs creature that charms
men as snakes ehurui  birds and tben
1 eats tbem?"
I     "I don't eat men.    I never saw one
Kacb  bad  by this  time approached
j the otber.    Tbe girl  put her baud on
! Boris'  sleeve  and  touched  bis cheek
with ber linger.
"Have you got n name?" sbe asked,
i     "Ves; I'.orls."
"My name Is Nathalie."
ISoiis took tbe cap olT her head and
SSW the colls of balr.    tie ran his hand !
! over them.
"How smooth and soft." be said.
Suddenly ber skates slipped from un- -
; der ber.  and  sbe  fell Into  his arms.
Bbe  smiled   at   him.  showiug   wblte
teeth between  ber  lips.    No oue ever
j told blm about a kiss.   He bad never
beard of such a tiling     No oue ever
told a newborn babe tbat, feeling hun- j
I gry. lt would fln.i sustenance at Its i
; mother's breast.    Itoris kissed tbe lips *
j before blm from the same cause���ln-
I stlnct    Ilu started.
"What Is It?" &be asked.
1    "The apell."
|    "What apell?   Isn't It nice?"
"Nice'.   Too nice.    Are you going to
charm and eat me?"
Tbe girl  laughed and showed tbe
same white teeth between the red lips
and a couplo of dimples besides.    He
j kiss.il ber again.    Then be began to
think very bard.
"What are you thinking about?" ask-
i ed Nathalie.
-Welt t was tbtaktag tkat tt wbat
my father aald la true, tbat yoo are
charming ine to destroy me, yoo can
go right <>n doing It ami I'm going
right on doing It. too. till I'm lost"
And be kissed her again.
Mme. Bnrchikotr. bavlng a mind to
Join ber daughter, wbo, she was aware,
hnd gone to tbe lake to skate, at tbls
moment stepped from tbe edge uf a
rond and stood trnusUsed at seeing her
daughter beld In tbe arma of a youtb.
whose ilpe were pressed upon tbe
glrl'a. 1'be good woman caught at a
tree to prevent her falling In a swoon,
aud as soon ns sbe could gather ber
faculties abe hurried down on to tbe
"Wbat are yon doing here?" abe de
manded of Boris.
"Going to tbe devil ss fast as possible.    But I can't be ruined by you
Vou may be one of the same kind, but
I can resist you without trouble."
"Oo eway from here."
"1 won't"
"Nathalie, come to the bnose Immediately"
���I won't If thla Is tbe awful man
I've beard about 1 don't think he's so
awful at all." And sbe clung to Boris.
"Come to the bouse, both of yon."
said tbe mother, more persuasively,
and they obeyed.
Au hour later Mme. Bnrchlkoff was
driven In a slei,-h to the gnte of Count
Iviiiiovl.h nnd demanded admittance
Being refuwil.ebe eeutlu word to tbe
count tbat tier -min wns at ber hoo-ae
making love  to her daughter.    The I
count, having  steadied  himself  with I
a goblet nt vodka, went out to aee hls
vlaltor nnd. after a brief conversation
between the two. rode bnck with her
to ber bome.* There they found the
young couple Bitting before an open
Art locked In iwch other s arma,
"Tou are rulnedl" crl*' the cennt to
hla aon.
"I love to b* ruined," w s th*,r��Ply
"Ton bare brought down uprtlj yourself,"  ssld   Mine.   Barchikoff #���  ber
daughter, "a terrible tn^uM*."!
"I'm ready to eudureJt." ispwd tb*
gtrl. "for another ofAoae whM-yej,
-���""   Crest heavens!   Is my
"Tee. and I tfresum* h* will lesvr
t mlt
this all
sni* and
nd thst
of Count
The demand for the beautiful New Westminster Pennants last week far exceeded
expectations, and all were
delighted with them.
A large shipment has been received, including a few McGill University pennants,
and all comers can be supplied for the
next few days.   GET YOURS EARLY.
hls wife for a j
poa* t mn
have br mgh|
too irl 1
The pri
.   "1   KU|��- ,
son. you |
through s
le did out
the end at
nor lib an<
*"*P ��� *W I
Tries to Owe Criminal*
Oet 31--*%> B. B.
i, IB., opesMSd on two i
idrsn, agahwt whoa i
and   25c.
To this Office and Receive a Handsome
Pennant in Three Colors-Size 15 by 36
P '____���____.*
ennant Coupon
f;"-'    '  -���'"'' "  *     J '"*���<���'    ' "*1:"1    '"" >.   lDllllW^w4|wH!jjl . l)!ii;i:i|lfi/j^-pi|l|l;
Bring three of these coupons snd twenty-five cents to The Hews office
recdve one of the beeuttful WsstoriuaUji
abscriber bring 40 cent* *&r one jgigfegf
dt Address ell mail orders to The Kee
, exlm tot miffing.
���.,  .������if}   ^fimti'^:,
iiiPi iiiriifjilii
!>>���,. &��**''������*���,
;'"a^Ss *;'-"��� **v-;>'eS'jite'-r.i ****ty
"- ���    '   t��fc1*.'��Pi
Sk    '.  ;#.
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER   31,   1913.
Fresli Water and Salt
by  New   Dlaphone���Interest  In
Submarine Bill.
^Contractors  Arrange  to   Move   Equipment to Mouth of River on
A start on the dredging at thp mouth     Deep sea mariners a8 well as nias-
cr tbe Pitt river to mak.' it navigable Iters of coastwise  vessels  who have
for ships  of ocean  draft  Is  expected|,0 ,)r1      |lu.lr sh|      ,     tho gtral,  of
to start  next  week.    The lng suction1, ,    ���        , .,        ���,  ..
i..���.. a..  _-.���.-   t*���  ..-.,��� flattery to
Annua!   Migration   Commencea���Antl
lochus Carries Full Load of
*l^xt*l^m^,*aa)a*********************l^k%wsami^m*xxm       Seattle,   Oct.   30.���With   mails     for
Would Like to See Straits Made Safer|th(? 0r,en,   a 15|oooton cargo and 110
Chinese passengers, the big Blue I'lin-
nei liner Antilochus steamed from Se-
Dredglng company, the contractors for
the work, is scheduled to arrive at
the mouth of the Pitt on Sunday. Teu-
.luan du Fuoa from Cape
linoo   rocks   are   anxious   to   see   the! BPUCS
marine and   fisheries department  in- hold
attle nt ii o'clock yesterday morning
for London and Liverpool via the Orient. Hefore passing oul to sea thc
Antilochus stoped at Victoria, 6, ('.,
for 200 moro Oriental passengers,
which packed to capacity the little
left by freight  in  lhe vessel's
The  large  passenger list  Indicates
stall another fog alarm on  that sec*
���der,   pontoons   and   other   equipment',"" of this coast in order that their I jjj" beglniUfi g 0f the annual migration
will arrive at tho same time. ;"'*k ������  ba **** '<���>�� ,n1r<lu��us;1
��� '    It  is  suggested  a  suitable  location
for a new diaphone would be at Sher-
lngliain point, some 17 miles westward
of Cape Hace.
Among" shipping  men  of  the  local
It is the Intention to dredge a channel .ion feet wide and IB feet deep at
low water frnm a point In the Kraser
river below the Pitt to a point in the
Pilt   already   of   sufficient   depth   to
float most of the largest vessels afloat! i w*ter fr""t ?",(1 oi*er, P',r,,s lllon�� ^6
Nearly -2000,000 yards of silt and sand i'.'^L'""^..^."1';u���,ifii.!,_.!ifL*'0.U!Sn
will  be  removed  from  the river dur- '"        "
ing the operations.
For the time being operations will
be concentrated on the mouth of the
Pitt river in from nf the Coqultlam
Shipbuilding and Marine Hallway
yards. Till, is fnr the purpose nf creating a sufficient depth of water in
front of the vards to enable the launching of the big steam auxiliary schooner now under construction on the
stocks. The schooner will be completed  in about  seven  weeks' time.   ,
Hull of New Samson Is Now Completed at Port Coquitlam.
Oovernment inspector I), w. Cross,
who is supervising the construction ol
the new .Samson for the I). I'. W. yea-
terday reported that starting on .'.Ion-
day docking will be laid on the vessel!
The hull is now completed and elgnt
men are daily at work 00 it.
The C.P.R. steamer Princess Patricia, from Nanaimo to Vancouver ran
ashore during the dense fog yesterday
mnrning and remained aground nn the
flats on the north side of the Narrows
for two hours. A tug was dispatched
to her assistance and the Princess Bal-
trice also started out to render any
help possible but just as the Beatrice
was abreast of llurnaby Shoal at ten
minutes to twelve the Patricia came
shooting into the harbor and docked.
It is understood there is little damage. Tho fog which prevailed in the
morning was the first of the autumn
season. Despite the adverse conditions the Princess Charlotte from Seattle and the Princess Alice from Victoria came in on time.
Iij th�� submarine bell assigned to the
lightship at the mouth of the Fraser.
Some have even undertaken a scientific study to find out all there is to be
learned about the new bell and its
adaptability to all kinds of weather.
A dipper of the John A. I.ee, found
to be faulty has been fitted with new
lips and was brought down to the new|]Umber  for
dredge at the foot of Eleventh Btreet |Manila, flou
for the holiday season In the celestial
empire. This is somewhat earlier thnn
in years past, to allow, it i.i said, ample time for preparation for the New-
Year's celebrations. With the adoption of the modern calendar by the
new regime In China, tlie New Year's
holiday has been moved along
Febuary  to January  1,
The Antilochus took 150.000 cases
of canned salmon, one Of the largest
shipments of this product ever sent
from Ihe north Pacific: 6,000 boxes of
Wenatchee and Yakima apples for Manila, nnd 5.00 boxes of apples for
Hongkong, 50 tons of potatoes for Manila. 17 automobiles for different Oriental ports, 1,600 cases of hox shooks,
the Orient, fell hats for
r for the Orient, condensed milk for London and miscellaneous | with
The Samson docked at the D.P.W.
wharf late yesterday after a trip lo
the vicinity of Chilliwack, which too!;
since Monday to compute. The river
was cleared of many snags some ol
|which  required  blasting to dis'odge.
Salvador Railway and Steamahip Company Probably Will Reopen
merch-'.nriisc, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
To Inart 40,000 rases of canned sal-1
mon and other freight the liner lxion
of tbe B2ine fleet will return to Seat-i
tie from Hritish Columbia ports about
November ll'. About*November 23 the
Blue Funnel liner Titan is due. Owing to her grounding al Jeda, the Titan
left Liverpool several days late on her
present voyage, but reports of her
progress indicate that she will make
up this time and arrive on schedule.
To attend to Blue Funnel business
and the more urgent case of the
freighter Despatch, A. F. Haynes, general freight and passenger agent of
Dodwell & Co.. agents for the Blue
Funnel and the local Border Line
Transportation company, arrived here
China's Man-Made Marvel In Nearlng
I.n<l of Long  History.
China seems to bo wasting away ln
many directions, particularly financial^. Let us hope it Is a rase of
darkness before duwn. Kven her
Great Wall, one of the wonders of the
ancient world, la gradually wasting
away. The process of decay, reports
Mr. Monroe Woolley, who has observed It, la nevertheless very slow, a
testimonial to the thorough methods
of the builders and the lasting qualities of the material. The wall was
built 240 B.C., during the reign of
tlle Tain dynasty. Probably there
Isn't a similar work of this magnitude, as old as tho wall, ln existence
China's    Great    Wall,    says    Mr.
Woolley,  Is capable  of  rousing  big
emotions, from wben one stands on n
mountain summit and sees tbe wall
crawling here tnd there at Irregular !
angles like a huge serpent over moun- !
tain ranges and penetrating Into dli- |
ay valleys as far as tbe eye can reach,
the magnificent   work   seems wholly
beyond the power of human hands.
The wall seems to huve no end. It
mlgbt girdle the earth. The fear the
builders had for their enemies must
have been Intense to bring about all
the toll that ts wrapped up in this
crumbling barrier, which has stood
through centuries while nations have
come into being and passed away.
. The engineers, who superintended
,ronl | the hordes who worked on the wall,
muat have been remarkable men. In
those dayB they cared little for
straight lines; surveying Instruments
were evolved many hundreds of years
later. There were no hungry steam
shovels to cat away mountain sides;
no hydraulic dredges to fill deep depressions; no colossal machines for
automatically mixing mortar; no
giant traveling cranes for lifting massive boulders into place. The supposition is that all the work was done
the naked   hands,   with  plain
tivo's desire, Stnor Moheno asserted
in tho event of congress finding a
majority of tlle voles were cast fen
I Inn tn nnd Blanquet, thn votes cast
for lluerta would be declared void by
re.lson of his Ineligibility under the
constitution   to   succeed   himself,  and
Blanquet would assume the vice-presidency uud the acting presidency, pend-
iir*-* the calling .if new elections.
Mexican attorneys take Issue with
llle foreign minister on tills point, de-
during ii Cenerai Blanquet is adjudged elected to the presidency, it will
be for tlle unexpired six year term,
which was begun by Porflrlo Diaz In
Deoember, l'Jlo.
aon lut it be known today that lie
waa walling for tilings to take definite shape in Mexico us a result of the
Still  Waiting
Washington, Oct. 30.���President Wll.
lhe day  sit for the counting ot tho
No   positive   Information   as  to   the
.     -____���_____^___________________________, gi vil uni.'.it'a luture rouiir was ,].'.,.!
election last Sunday and that the I Hi��� ged .��� ,h(, white House. The presl-
ted States government would net act]don! Informed those who discussed the
until Informed tn detail or what took |situation  with  him  thai   be  had   not
decided wbether tha next steps would
bo known hy words or aotion.   He i-i
at  wort; ou a plan by which be hopes
to solve the troubles Of Moxlco.    Ono>
place nt lhe polls.
Recently the president in a note to
the  Mexican   foreign office,  transmit
ted by Charge O'Shaugbnessy, declared  the election  of October  26  would
not  lm considered constitutional  by
the United States.    How long the I'nit
led states will wall for the returns
Is not known, it is bellevod that several days, perhaps weeks, will elapse
before the lluerta government, handicapped by difficulties of communication, will be able officially to record
tlie  resull,  though  November  10  was
of tho features of it Is a formal slut,'-
menl of the alms and purposes of tbe
United states, its stand against the
Influence ot material interests la Latin-American affairs, Its devotion I i
the cause of constitutional government on this hemisphere and lis belief thai a fair ami free election wltb
safeguard! and guarantees must be
h< id in order to establish a Kgai authority In tbo southern republic.
brute strength, and such crude devices as the men of that nge could
The Great Wall extends from the
roast along the northern boundary
of what wis ancient Cathay to the
westernmost province. Since the acquisition of Mongolia, the stone barrier stands as a _rira relic i.i tlio centre of the empire. There ar�� several
arms or branches to tha wall. One
of these runs easi and west just north
of Pekln. while the main arm to the
coast extendi) sotti" dls'ane still further north from the capital. It extends for hundreds of miles into regions where nil sorts of conditions
are to be mei. It wends it*-, serpentine way across barren deserts, moun-
. Victoria, Oct. 30.���Seeking to .nter-
est the importers and    exporters    of:
British Columbia In the establishment
of a new steamship line between B. C.
and Mexico, William Kllis, representative of    Salvador railway and  steamship interests, after looking over the'
ground and   interviewing the  leading
snipping men of the port, left Victoria
yesterday very sanguine as to the out-i
come ofthe proposed venture.    In the,
event  of   the   plans  of   the   Mexican
materializing  there  will   be |
: yesterday.    The  Despatch  was  badly j tains,  and   lowlands���now
damaged in a collision with the Canadian government tug Point Hope off
: Shoal Point, near Victoria, B. ('., but
| was   able  lo  continue  on   to  Seattle.
She was placed in drydock yesterday
at the Seattle Construction & Drydock
crmpanv's plant and  is  expected    to
oome off agai ntonig'it.
Ituslness is so pressing at this time
that   the   laying   up   of   tlie   Despatch
would have caused much loss to her
! owners.     The  Border  line  impressed
the   freighter  Lenna   Into  Bervlce    to
handle excess freight aceunmlat
the Powell river paper mils. The
! l.eona arrived here vestprday with 750
barrels cf lime and 000 tons of pa-
I placed ln operation between B. C. and I
Among the visitors to Vancouver' Salina Cruz a fast line of small steam- to
yesterday was Capt. nrav. master of ers, fitted with ample freight, and pas-; tt
the British ship Holt Hill, which Is senger accommodation to give a trl-Ifl
loading lumber at Tacoma. Capt. Brny monthly service between tho two #
came to Vancouver in 1S10 to takv;P',rt-*- -";
command  of the  Holt  Hill  following    ' Splendid  Field Open. ','���.'���
the death of Capt.  Bolderston. |    The proposed llne of BteamPrs would ,--::���
Two years ago the Holt IIIII return-: handle exclusively merchandise Bhlp- #
ed and loaded at Westminster. Capt. Ped from the Atlantic side by way of -j.
���Bray stated that the cargo he is takingithe Tehuantepec railroad and thc Mex-'*:;:
et Tacoma Is for Havre. France and . i��>n corporation is convinced that #
an Un'vd Kingdom port. It includes there Is a good field open for luera- :-
���some heavy timbers 24 by 24 and SO, live trade. With the proposed steam- .*���
feet long. ' ishlp service becoming an estaablished  ...
  fact it Is probable that either theMex-!..
lean or Canadian government will be!-.
SOME TUGEOAT MEN  SEE .approached   to   subsidize     the     ven-U
  In the past several steamship com
The towing business in this port panics have tackled the Mexican trade ��.
and up and down river haa greatly-with more or less sucess. and it was ���
improved during the-last ten -days and--not tm'il Hie revolution in the trou* -Vj--
is still improving, say several tugboat bled republic disorganized the traffic .'
men. According to them jobs are com- to such an extent that the Canad-Mex-
ing the way of most concerns in the iean-1'acific company decided to aban-. '
towing  business and  their only hope  don the route.
is  that  the  streak  of good   luck   will      sire.' that time the Harrison Direct   *
last. line inaugurated calls at Salina Cruz   *
One of tlie main causes of this, they but, owing to the damaged state of all  *
said. Is several mills having bought up freight   passing   through   the   revolu- ���
booms up the coast, which are being tlonary belt, and the steamship corn-
towed down to the river here t,:my being responsible for Its safe de-
  livery, the Harrison people arrived at
the conclusion  thai  the business did
inot warrant the extra call,
At  the present  time the onlv com-
pany  operating  a   direct   service  he-
.twotai Salina Cruz am! thla pnrt is the
\v R Grace company, with the steam-
;er Colusa.
The, Litest concern to s".-k a share
At this morning's citj market it is probable that:
L'gga will s,ell a.s lii:r'i as 60
cents a dozen for the I.* 'Vl retail.
Butter will be very Han at
former quotations of 40 cents
per lb. and on a fc.'od demand
should rise In price a fe ,-.-
Good potatoes will sell for
frcm _9 to 00 cents a bag retail.
Small vegetables and fruit
will be scarce, and of f-_!r
Fowl -.vill he plentiful .".. quf,*-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nnd then
making a break for river.' crossing Its
path. One of these Is a twin, or double river, for many miles, and It Is
said that It lias changed its course
nine times In two thousand live hundred years.
China is notorious for her luck of
roadways.    Even 'o this dav the remote regions ran be reached only on
camels or by boa'3 towed up stream,
for hundreds or thousands of miles,
by men running piling the banks.   Il
Is claimed  by  some  that  the  fop of
1 a, I the wall was used as a thoroughfare
especially  during    the   construction.
! At places on the southern side of the
j wall, graded inclines are built to th"
j summit. These might have t-ecn used
j for driving  beants of burden  to  the
i top of the wall for trips up and dovn
I the length of the structure, while the
1 work v.as under way.
I      The wall li nol high.   In places an
| athlete might clear  it with a vaulting pole were Is not frr lis unusual
thickness.    At   regular  intervals  are
formidable  stone    towers.     Here  ne
doubt the commanders of the defend
lng legions took their stations wher
Invaders came from the north.
tatlous of former weeks.
Game and lish will be offerc
in quantity.
Meats will undergo littl
change in price.
'.    .".    .".    .",   .v,   ....   .".   ....   ....    .-,,   ....   ,u.   Ji.
.    -.     -..-    ..���   -..-   -..-   *.r  "...  -,.   -,.-  ���������   te  -,.-
"My wife can make n tart answer."
"My  wife can do better than  Unit
She can make n pie speak for Itself"
Baltimore Auierlcnu.
She was a suffragette of note.
I had a talk with her,
And wh.n she asked me fer ray vote
1 said, "No, thank you. sir."
���Onrlnr.*-!! Enquire".
For the Week  Ending Sunday. Nev. 2
Westminster. Band Ilea
Time. High, Low-
High. Low.      Time. lit. Time.  Ilt.
4.15 11:20 !    8:16 11.1    0:06
16:15 Ki 1(1 12.7 21:59
2R    :. 80    *   15      ���; 18 l'.'n    BIBS
10 4:. 11 ir.    18 47 12,8 22:87
29 6 I'U    1:55      ���'. I.' 12 8 10:49,
17:20 12:20    18:19 12.9 23:17
30 7 20   2:40     6:19 18.4 11 41
17 50 13:00     16:50 l-.K Zi:h.
31 K.V.0    i.'it, \   1:x% _a.S 12:M
���*      1��.'_0 13:45 ' 17:22 12 5
1       9.15    4:10 I    S:t6 13.9    4.43
IS.55 14:45 I 1754 12.0 13.38
2     10V5    4:55 \    913 13.9
19:25 15:45 l, IR'27 11.4
"J jbf tlnVtriide is firmly convinced thai a
,j t  i  i,t steamers thai  it proposi i  to
l.o establish  will  prove to be a  paying
" -  proposition.
0.7,!     '
Neighborly Amenities,
"No, we never stay a' home Eut
day.   It'-", too disagreeable."
"Ves. Cur next denr neighbor t*o**i
away and leave.*, his dog locked ut
In the bouse and ih'* [.nor bruto I.ark:
and whines all day."
"It  gets, on your nerves, eh?"
"No, it isn't that. liut the neigh
bors expect US to Interfere."
"Veil, why don't jou? Tell voir
neighbor frankly about bis l.ov.iini
How can 1 wben -ae*** lost trot
(Continued from page one)
the statement r* cenll; made by Senoi
Moheno, minister < f foreign affairs
Is  regarded  as  reflei 'lng the execu
1 -. 28
14:47  103
inew     phonograph     "J ���   '"jr.	
^^^^^^^_______________________ Uaushtu- l�� learnlnsj^^e -
6UNB0AT3  ARE   READY \  __Z__4___.
,.   \      "Oh. Vlenry." ��hn snl.1   when   sh.
Victoria. Oct. 30���H.  M. B. Shear-1 hart  ltlro.,.n 0ff ber wraps and  flung
herself  Into a .hair,  "I'm  so uiortl
Dean's Grocery
This week We are demonstrating
Malkina Hist Tea, and Brown Barries
Coffee. If you have not tried this
delicious Ti a and Coffee come in, our
Btore and have a sample cup.
Buy Maikin's
Tea and Coffee
This Week
We are giving away dainty china-
���ware with every purchase.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block Columbia Street.
__________________________ M- B
oo iwater. Captain Walter, and H.  M.  S
0'sLAlKeTtnc.   f'antaln   Brook, r.   are   now
raiililly completing overhaul al Baqul*
umlt. In  readiness to make an early
*s ;departure next month! o the west  coaal
Iof South  America,    llcth  vessels are
taking on  stores and coaling,  with  a
view to making their departure about) ber.
November 7, and after that date the
familiar  lines  of  these    ^^^^^^
wftl be absent from Esqulmajt for sev
eral months. Both the Shearwater and
the AJgerlne will cruise to the west
icoaft this fall, the former going as far
south   us   Valparaiso,   and   the   latter
'probably breaking lier voyage at l'anama.    Last  fall  t'.ie Algerine was (11s-
natched   on   tlie   long  cruise  to  the
South Pea islands, but as this trip is
i only made  every  two years, she  will
nev.* fellow in the wake of the Shear-
I water. Commander Brooker expects
Ito be back at Esquimau some time ini
'February, after making the passage
inn the Panama waterway from this
side of the I'acific. Commander Walter, will he
What's the matter, dear?'
"I  met Mrs. Biggies at tli    recep
tion this afternoon ami she -��� eni'i
B<   iiiee that 1 stood there bei  re tli.
crowd for half an hour -nd ta ted '
When   we   were   leavlt
liaufT. ur  drove   up  In  an  ol.
Bloops-of-war I cylinder car and after she had
her  seat  In   ll  she  called  oul
before everybody that she woi.
pect me to call on  ber soon."
To   he   Th
liouse joife
What Surprised  Him.
Dr. Thirdly was a mild, gent
prosy clergyman.   But at one e*.
service he grew a bil sarcastic.
"I see a great many of you
lng,"   Bald   the   good   doetor  n
"I  do  not wonder at  ihls,  for
| work ls hard, and many of you
come a long way.  Therefore, I a
surprised to see many of you
i lng soundly, but  what does su
m'i a little Is to see bo many sl'
much longer, as the.who liad ������,,,, a _omfortable sh
jvcrSel will take hi all the Isolated
jlxirts dotted along the west coast. Sh"
i will probably bo hack In port by May.
I The Algerine has just completed an
|g*jctenalv-a overhaul in the drydock at.
I'scii'inalt, and Is now in the best of
jshui" for a long cruise. Before the
end of Hi" month a new contingent of
Mucjaek-'ts will arrive fn port from
p-pvpinport. lo renlace tlje time-expired
men on board thc Shearwater.
both our morning and our afte*
Horrible Suspicion.
Iler Father (lo young man
had asked for hll daughter)���'1
a very serious proposition. Cai
support a family''
lier Suitor ��� Oreat .Srott!
haven't lost your job, have you?
i ave
j at
^e w (i to r' im our stock
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are off.r;ug the. wh,,l" at a re-
duct on c.f Horn lOYo so j*,*-.- ,-. nt
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face mm
 _i -
,..'#*- *
99 1
V.-n'uv?i Nan.imo   Contest   Will   De
the Rugby Feature for Saturday
���New Weetmlnster Idle.
On account Of the rap gain.- for llie
McK.-ciini'* cup betwaeo Vanoouver
ami Nanalmo ou Saturday afternoon
at tbe t oal city, ail th.- lenlor games
Scheduled In th.- Vancouver union
hav.-. ben postponed. Thla will mean
I. lay-oil' for tl:e local team which was
to huve met the Welshmen.
Much   Interest   l��  h.dug  evinced  an
to the outcome of tin- Nanalmo battle
ua thl*. ia the Ural time iu aeveral
years Unit llie Hornets have .nl.'red
a team against Vanoouver and Victoria.
Tin- nfi< i n of the Terminal Olty win
bu in tin> nature of an experiment,
several youngsters having been in
eluded in tin- lineup In order to give
them a proper teat when the time
���rumen for the Victoria and All -Black
g ames.
Keen Gnme Expected.
owing    to    Mu-    relatively    equal
Ktrength of lhe teams a keen game ia
expected when the l'ort Coquitlam
football team clashes with the Vancouver 11. C. B. II" In lhe Vancouver
Dlttrict league hint division serlea at
Vancouvi r on Saturday afeniooti.
Thla   ia  tli"  tin.i   tliiie  the  Handlers
nnd ii. C. BS, it's ������������ill meet ihis season.
Port Coqultlam i�� beading lhe league
ao Ur w'th the 11   C, K   iV* lii^l with
another Terminal city dub for nc-
ond place. Last year Uie ICIectrioe
l'ort Coqultlam to (Irm place.
pro. hookey commission ia responsible ,
for lhe    removal    of  Newsy  Lalonde, .
ot iin* Canadiens; i-iank Neighbor, of!
the Torontos, ami  Art Throop, of the
Tecumsehs.    Next wln'er one    player
will  he  taken   from    the   Wanderers
Quebec snd   Ottawa.   The   N. ll. A.:
clubs have the power to absolutely 1
reserve three playera who win be im
mune from the draft, 'lhe Western I
league and the N. II. A. also have an I
arrangement whereby all playera weat I
of l'ort Arthur belong absolutely tol
the   P,  C,   II.  A.,  and   players  easl   of
that point to the N. ll. A.    Neither j
league  can  sign  amateurs  from    the j
Other's territory unless the player haa'
been passed   up   by the Idague    In
Whose province he resides.
(Ily the Totter.l
'Keep your eyea on the Knights ll
Columbus bull team noxt spring.
Everything  Is ubout  settled  tor  Hi"
K. ("a lo enter u  i'_st aggregation  In
the city league, iiiii Qraham prom-
lees last.r company than ever, wlul ���
the Balmorals wlll also be tliere whej
want' d. 1' is planned to got Sumas
lllaine uud Bellingham mixed up In
an International league which will in
elude New Westminster und Vanc.i;
After  Being  Presented  With  a  Gold
Wstch,  Lefty  Russell  Was
fou have to hand It to Newsy Lalonde whin It comes to get.ing the
money. Newsy now demands that the
Patricks in addition to hls aalary,
must pay the rent of his flat, in Montreal during the winter season, before
h. will con i'i,t to play hockey on
tiie coast this winter. Lalonde has
probably earned more money than any
other lacrosse ami bockey player in
the business during bis career, and Is
said t" bave '.."> cuts of the lirst dollar he ever (arned,
A. ('
The Ontario branch of the A
was the llrsl  to tuk" up the question
nt Interchange   amateur   cards   win,
the Am.-rirun officials, Th" miner wa
taken up by Uu- n. C, A. A. U. or.
Tuesday last just a week later tha:'
the Ontario board.
Flfty-flve points to nil was the on ���
Bided S'*ore of Ihe All-lllaeks agalnsl
the University of Nevada on Wednes
dav afiernoon. The visitors will n..t
have  such   a   cinch   against,  the  Uni-
Iversity    Of California    on    Saturday.
' however.
Walters  Quartette   Made   Poor
ing  in   House  League  Series���
Sloan and Marshall Tonight
Arthur l'elkey vs. Ounboat Smith .
Imooted as the next possible bea.)
weight battle. One of the two In ce.
tain to slip down the ladder of fain
and Tommy Burns Is liable to lo.v
i let of oasv monev should bis pr.it.*;*,
Show-1loee out In the decision.
i ���
The I
Inv't' .1
to New
(ew Zealand Rugby union
South  Africa to send  a
Zealand In 1M4.
,i:,tag..iii... d  the  miners  toward  Cave.
Uuring  lbe disturbance  be had  heard
I cries  of  "arrest   the   scab."  and  'ltd
| that man  go,''  but   was  unable tu Inform  the c-.urt    wlio    made   the    re-
inarhB.     Ile  .miniated   the  crowd   as
being between lr.O to tOO men with a I
sprinkling of women.
[     James   McArgle.   lhe   li'-xt   witness, :
j swore that be hud seen a man named
I Reynolds assault Cave and  while en I
Ideavoring to arrest the firmer be was ,
i attacked   hy    (ioodwin,     tlle    accused I
striking him In tlio lace.    In the mix-
iup following he    lost    track    of   hi.i
prisoner, and Goodwin also escaped.
At the request of defending counsel!
I McArgle, who Is a big robust man j
land Goodwin, who is below norma! j
build, hut pevertheleaa of c'urdy
j stature, were arranged side by side in j
'order that the jury might, compare
j Iheir apparent relative athletic quali |
tics, at this point.
j Geoffrey ilanney, of the provincial
i police, who was called to the stand
'tore out thn testimony r.f the previotll
Witness, He was certain that Goodwin
wan the man who assaulted McArgle.
I "lie was hiring him right and left."
[he said.
Cause of Trouble.
H. fi. (.'nve. the attributed cause of
j the  trouble  by  some  witnesses,  next
look the witness box.   He was In Cum
bcrland  on the night  In  question  for
team Ithe purpose of paying some accounts
Bhortly alter arrival he was followed
|up Ihe street by a hooting and jeerinr
tho crowd    that    assembled    In    the!
streets of Cumberland that night.   The
definition of riot was a body of people
collected  together for a common purpose.
Many of the men who collected that
night had merely gathered around ln
'curiosity to see what was what. The
| trouble was over aud done with as
soon as the constables g:.t Cave out
of the way. In reference to the charg"
'ol assault Mr. Bird drew contrast b��
; tween the evidence presented hy the
crown and that presented by the do
fence,     A.   I).   Taylor,   K.C..   followed
i with his addresi for the prosecution,
in summing up Mr. Justice Clean nts, aside trom the case, regretted
���that the union in in sbould call men
Who had a perfect right to do whal
! they w. re doing "scabs." To be called sucii a name was an Invitation to
]a breach of the peace he said In
: reaching tbelr verdict the jury must
'find either Haiinoy and McArgle or
Goodwin guilty cf perjury.
The evidence of the other witnesses
might iu all probability have been
given in good faith. His lordship had
not found police officers addicted to
perjjir.v. Tliey might be found suspicious, but not In his experience had
he found tbe police deliberate per
The jury retired about 5 o'clock and
returned promptly at 0. After the
verdict iiad been announced his lordship ordered the accused remanded
for sentence.
liert      Pike's
smashers came
Straight   games
series otl Ihe Club alleys last
Walters'  quintette   hclng  the
aggregation of pin
through With three
In   the  liouse   league
Itonhnm, Tex., Oct. 30 The New
York llluiits defeated the Chicago
White Sox here todsy 4-0. "Lefty"
Russell of Bonham, who went to the
American from the Texas-Oklahoma
league, pitched for Chicago. Local admirers presented him with a gold
watch before the game.
Score: R    H.   K.
N    ,   Vork   4      <J      0
���Chicago       1      7      4
Batteries Tesreau and Meyers;
Russell and Schalk, Daly.
Vardon and Ray in Sesttle
S.��tt!.\ Wash.. Oct. 30. Harry Var-
den .ind Kdward Ray. the Kngiish
golfers, defeated Robert Johnstone of
Seattle, am! James M Barnes Of Ta
coma, One up in a four-handed thirty-six hole match on the links of the
Seattle Golf club today.
With the exception of the third game
when only one pin separated the twoj
teams, the losers were far In the rear,
only one man, Walters, Bcoring over |
the Min mark. Cornish, with 213, cap-1
ture.1 high Individual _wl also high j
Marshall and  Sloan  will battle this
! The Hankers are going to take no
chances In their game with Burnabv
on Saturday although several of their
j best men will be missing from the
line up.    Laat season the suburbanites
'made a draw on each occasion tbey
t the financial students.
Some fc Us talk liecause they have
something to say, aud others talk to
amuse tbe ne'gbbors.
If you want to know ]"st bow mean
a man Is don't -start bis relatives to
talking abont blm or consult the mnn
who bas swapped horses with blm.
Just auk His ueigbbor. who keeps chickens.
A woman can forgive another nlmost
snytblng eicept buying curtnlns thn|
don't harmonize wltb the wall paper.
On Inside Westminster  Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, 8-ccretary-TrcjT.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begble Streets.
The latest Is that Dubby Kerr, the
star Ottawa hockey player who was
signed by thc Patricks last winter for
the Victoria team, wlll likely come
back into the game this season with
tho Senators. Kerr came down wltll
h bad attack ot typhoid fever a year
ago Ibis past Slimmer and was In no
shaii' for the winter game when the
contracts were sent out. Ile will probably till the shoes of Tommy "Cy"
Dunderdale should the latter still bold
uut for more pay.
���veiling  on  tho    same
alleys .
scores were as follows
Sparpe lis
I S3
Held    Ill
115   -
Collier    135
ll. < k. r 100
110 -
Walters    145
201 ���
Total     COO
Chaput   IM
Sinclair IM
Gunn no
Cornish 1��7
Pike    181
5 111
Willie Ititchie has now taken to
pr lf In order to get Into shape for a
prize fight.
California universities settle their
differences as regards n football
referee by importing W. \V. Hill, of
Australia, who is regarded as the best
In lbe business.
7S9    S13    710    2321
Scouts from the Boundary league of
11. C. are lively lo capture several
promising amateur stars from tho
coast llii" "inter C.and Forks, fireen-
wood "1 Phoenix comprlim this or-
nilon. whicli will be looked upon
feeding ground ror the Patricks
u few yeara time.
Saturday, December 27. Is reported
as the dale set Tor the opening of tho
National Hockey .issoolatlon. Tho annual meeting Of the eastern organisation will lake place on Baturday, after
which the different managers will be
���ble to put through several trades.
Krank Patrick, the Vanrouvcr magnate, stated yesterday that Skene
Itonnn would play In Vancouver this
winter In .place of Carl Kendall.
Ottawa Is again talking of seven-
nnn hockey, but It is unlikely that
tho other managers will fall for the
Idea, although It was proved in Ottawa
and Toronto lasl season that the amateurs could draw bettor with the
seven-man gnm�� than the proB with
tho six-man style.
The Arena company ought lo go
ahead with the project of organizing
a ladles' hockey team In the city
which would play Vancouver and Vic
���torla In Intercity games. The other
two cities In the Pacific Coast league
havo already organised a ladles' sop-
' Here's hoping that Ed. Savage w]l|
soon get off hls chest Just who will
bo playing manager ot the Hoyals tnis
Happv \Vllllamson Is reported tn
havo reci Ived a good offer from one
of the upper country hockev teams.
There are Beveral men playing amateur hockey In this city who aro nt
for promotion In faster company.
Tbe flrst working out of the   new
Nebraska Vsrslty May Withdraw From
Conference If "Gentlemen's
Agreement"  le Made
Lincoln, Neb., Oet. 30. Nebraska
University will withdraw from the
Missouri Valley conference rather
than to play schools which Insist upon
drawing the color llne. That was the
subst&nce of a statement Issued by
Chancellor Avery this afternoon, as
a result on tho controversy between
Nebraska nnd Kansas universities, over the playing of Ross, Nebraska, negro guard. In the game between the
twn schools next Saturday.
Without entering Into the .discussion of the alleged "gentlemen's agreement" eliminating the negro from conference Karnes, the chancellor said:
"I will request the board of regents
at the next meeting to pass a rule that
the right of students at the university
of Nebraska lo participate In any athletic content. Intercollegiate or otherwise, shall nnt be abridged on account
of race or color an.l Nebraska will not
remain In any athletic association nr
conference where such right Is denied"
l.each Cross and Willie Ritchie have
called off their bout in the Madison
Square Gardens and are now looking
toward California for a battle. Tommy
crowd which was considerably aug
mented as his progress along th.
slreet continued. The trouble was
brought to a height when policeme.
Stepped in to arrest Reynolds, who at
tacked him.
That he had been formerly an em
nlovee of the Canadian collerles and
had imported strike-breakers into :he
mines was admitted by Cave under
croBS-examlnatlcin, Questioned as to
wbether the miners had raised any ob
jection to this he remarked that he
guessed "they did not like it." A nin ]
union man named Wallace and Mr
Stevenson, cf the provincial police, al
���so testified for the crown.
Mrs. ConnorB. whose husband Is In
jail awaiting trial on similar charges
as those on which Woodwin. waa ar
was the first wit-
!_ in Friscx) ness for the defence. Her home, Bhe
said, immediately adjoined Goodwin'?
shack. Sbe saw Goodwin come home
about 8 o'clock on the evening ol I
July 19, and stated that he remained
about hls shack cooking his supper
and doing chores until about 9'30. She
had particular reason to remember
that evening owing to the fact that
Goodwin, on coming home, had asked
her the time. Bhe told thc accused It
was 8 o'clock, lt was a warm evening
and she was sitting by her door.   Thf
The woman wbo can't furnish tL<
house and get tbe children'* wlntet
clothes by taking soap orders Is sudljl
lacking In enterprise.
E. H. BUCKUN.            N. BEARD8LEB,
Pree. aad Genl Mgr.      Vlce-Preeideert
w. r. H. BOCKUM.
]                                                 MANUFACTURERS OF
Fir, Cedar  and
Phones No. 7 end 877.
None of tbe politicians seem to want
to save tbo country by shoveling coal
or workiug lu the harvest fields.
Swatting flies Is no occupation fot
a tender hearted mortal.
Bargain counters will never appeal
to men until tbey offer beer at 3 centa
a glass or two for &
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Krenchy Vaise who slipped one over
On  Joe  IJayley.  of  Victoria,  and    in
cid. ntally captured the Canadian light jralgned  yesterday
-   weight    championship
���jl.,.; ; looking tor a match.
495 Football history iu tho Vancouver
:i'..:i ', and District league will probably be
328 I mado on Saturday when Coquitlam
r.Rhiand the Vancouver Electrics meet on
MC. ithe Cambie street  grounds,
Too can never trnst yonr beat friend i |
to tell the truth about you.   Be might
tell too much of it
doing fishing Is good exercise for the i
Bome men were born grandfather*,
and tbelr oaaaU eons have a tough
Mm phy  is likely  to meet one or the
scrappers In the near future.
William Demetral. the fireek wrestling champion of tbe world, who will
meet Doc Roller In Los Angeles thla
week, has Issued thc most unique defl
to the world ever made by an athlete
lie has dared any recognized sheriff
to hang hlm with the regulation executioner's noose, stating that his neck
is so strong that It cannot be Injured
by this crude method of collecting a
death penalty. To look at the massive
neck or thc Creek demon, one needs
little persuasion to believe that In
case anyone called his defi. Demetral
would come out the winner. Recognized to possoss the strongest shoulders and arms in the world, with the
possible exception of Sandow, William
Demetral. In his training, did not forget the developing and strengthening
of his neck. One big reason for this
Ib the fact that In his own country
the strangle hold waa not barred when
Demetral took up the mat game, and
many of his early victories In the
land of the Hellenes were gained
through hls ImpervionsneBS to the
strangle hold and the hammer lock.
Games for Saturday Morning���Stand-
In] of the Clubs���It. Louis
College Leading.
Two Interesting Contests Scheduled to
Take Place at Y. M. C. A.���Flret
Appearance of Hustlers.
Three games will be played on the
elty parks tomorrow morning In con-
nect'on with the School Soccer league
At Moodv park St. Louie college, who
have maintained a clean slate so far
this season, will clash with the Lord
Kelvin boys, while the John Robson
and Herbert Spencer Institutions
meet on the same grounds an hour
At Sapr-erton park the High school
team should have llttlo din nilty In
defeating tbe Richard Mcllildn bovi.
unless the latter show a remarkable
reversal of form.
The Btandlng of the teams . * as fol
w. i��� p%
St. Louis college   tl ' 6
High school  .'. i I 4
lohn Hobson   It l 4
Lord Kelvin  '  2 l 4
Herbert Spencer   0 it 0
Richard McBrlde  0 3 0
The second series of games of thc
. local basketball season will be oper
ated at the T. M. C. A. this evening
when four of the teama clash In what
tooke to be about the'beat card of
the mouth.
After being licked by tho Creaeents
thu Ad maoa are bent cn retrieving
their 1 "st laurels from tho Tigers.
who In turn defeated Columbian col
lege list week.
In me other contest tt
.ppcK' tbe Hustlers. $W��*,*1nK ,n��
flrst appearance ���&������*���**** Sangster
fami v on the floor this Beason.
n. H contests should be well In
ted nf with the pace exhibited last
Md v night which demonstrated that
New Weatmlnster la holding her own
with the ever Increasing popular winter aport.
door leading Into Goodwin's shack wss
open and she could see right Into the
Mra. Connors was very backward in
giving her evidence, particularly when
under cross-examination by Mr. Taylor. In an endeavor to show some
light on the attitude of his witness In
the box. Mr. Bird asked her if it was
true that she had been sick.
Witness replied yes.
"Aud your husband* Raw yonr baby
for the first time in Jail a few days
ago." continued Mr. Bird.
Mra. Connors: "Yes."
Crown counsel objected to the line
of questioning. ____���������.
Mr Justice Clement ruled that the
reference to Mrs. Coifnore' sickness
waa neceassry to explain the wit
ness' atltude on the stand, but declared the second question entirely
A Good Man.
Mrs Smith, a widowed woman, also
a neighbor of Goodwin s, swore that
she had seen the accused returning
home about 8 o'clock.    Accused had
also asked her the tlm.  of day.   She
also had been'sitting at  ier front door
and Goodwin had to pas, between Mrs.
Connors' and her homd to reach his
Uhack.   Goodwin had not returned te
(town until 9.JO.   Mrs. Smith gave her
evidence with an   air   of conviction.
Goodwin Is a good roan." she said,
and 1 aay what I think sf hlm "
Cross-examined by Mn: Taylor. Mrs.
Smith said that she rataembor.d   ���������������-
day particularly well betanse It was
pay-day.   She did not get any m< w"
herself, but she knew It wai pay ' iy
because tbere waa ao mask going   n
In  town.    Ooodwln  ofteif asked  i <���
time when he came home, though ��.'.���
ness admitted that he possessed a snt
of clock   of   hla   own.    Mra. Smith
caused a ripple of.laughter to pass
the court, when, while pacing
.   ..  n.l   U.I i ' ' '. '�����
641 Front Street.    Out of tko Hi��V Bast DuftndL
$30,000 Stock to Select rrom.
Now selling shoe stock ot the M. E. Price Co*, from 11K Gra��-
vllle etreet.    Open evenings till 9 o'clock.
Vitagraph Special Feature
Written by John Kimble. Miss
Clara Kimble Young takes the
lead in the film.
Edison Photoplay    iodd*t'
A Fantastic Faroe.
Sells Preeenta
John Bouaall of the U. S. Secret
Service ve. the South African
Diamond Smuggling Gang.
Blograph Play
TIN the River Rune No More.
The Chieftan's Son.
ti Hours to PtinceRupert
MONDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert. Stewart.
TUESDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle
THURSDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Hupert. Qranby Bsy.
SATURDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria anal Seattle.
FRIDAYS���12 midnight, Oct 31st.  Nov.  14-2K tor Qoeea  Chutotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS���12 midnight, Nov. 3-19 for Maaoe*. via Prince Raport.
Mondays and Thursdays steamers make eloae comtcrtkm Vt r
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains Car Terrace, New
ton and Smithers; mixed service from S_att__era to
(Mile 300.)
Tickets to all polnta east and to Europe.    Any rail aad
H. G. SMITH. C. P. * T. A.
827 Granville Street, Vancouver.
ILtosM Private
709 Columbia SL
the prlitoner drier she
she could go, waved ""
of Goodwin's
<irlm  never
Ile cf
Hans Wagner wlll be doing bust
ness at the name old stand next Boa*
eon With the Pirates. But Honus Is
not to play basketball���orders from
Barney Dreyfuas.
kea and Wj
that thev had
jefcrc tiie trouble  rta
not Been litm on tbe at
It was ofttt.
��� -���On Ov��-i Bel
Taking wsatat lon
Goodwin *\****��   to
i at ioin<
���ev >ing
' Lhe
The Royal Mercantile Ce.
""       "'      J{'" ii;   11 ���sti   ii ���   iiii      ii ii. iiii ���lil.iijlljjjl i 'Tijll.ui  '���	
now Open fpr Business
Open College Today.
Moobo JaVOct. sJ^The *�����*����������
,I��w college will beJprmally opened
tomorrow Wnoos. f ���*����������* G��!:
ernor nro*. will !>#�����?*�� ����UJJ
form the opening ^gyp��j**_.P.g
will be present ** 'Vl^lleShTa
rial* and member^* the ���f'����$M*��
assembly, many dfW ****** ���***
tlonnllfU of UM *��������
>etween IJ
Joly 1��.
reason f->r
the i
I final witneet tor
he bed witness
no eotnnioi
Old Stand
,-i.,."'"     '"       "> :';'   '   'J..     ' *  '"..   i;':'''
to conduct a fMHrftt Bttrai* Stefv.
Dishes, nisMWBr> TfltchninniB. H���a
txt*tw*i^^m-m******im*f   va^^vfr-Ma^   ���������ww^^w" vs w��-^   BMBBJV
���:*,       "������'.v..;.** ������������
' -*���**,*>,
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   31,   '.OU.
Classified Advertising
Ct-AS-PU'lKt*    AI!S    Wll-1-    B3    RE-
oeiived for Tn.: Htm* at the (OUOW-
tanf; places:   k. T. HM* drug store,
SOX    Columbia    sti-wt;    A.    Sprice.
IB_eeiwb��""ugb  Luta i��imtd-	
��� ��� �� ��� *
RATf-6. ���
c<. ���������eeee
am\7   ti* l*r  -xot-4 *" wwk;  15c per
MM Ul    h.S'KI *',��l>1- *�� **��� l"'Cr, BH re
-*-*tmt ****** oae y^*r from   date
anotrsci, t_6.00.
. cemjaaj wish.-s to meel financial
tat estate 'irm dealrlng to add
luanrance tb their business
contracl given to suitable
Awl*.   BM 2820 The News
���-   ;;
:   .���>
tare in law or small quantities for
��ror cash. Will give full value or
will h-eli your household go.).l_ ami
vlteca by auction. Will guarantee
to raaliaa value or no Commission
charged. JJ. J. itusaeil, Westminster
,-lurtiai   iio-.uv'.  Kings lioti 1   Block,
Columbia etreet 1216*)
Apply to
private   family,   close   In.
i.o Fourth street,     12318)
_x>tt BKNT nkw MODERN six
roomed lions.', basement ' and
furnan-, cits.' tn mr, al *iti; also
Jieittins stove for Bale.    Apply    61fi
Hamilton  street
Uhed houeekeoplng rooms, private
family.. ****M P<r montli, 310 warren
avenue. (23121
ftimiahed or unfurnished, at reason
able tr.rma.    113 Oakland street.
machine, i'i
Apply Bapperton hotel.
Taylor Asks for Plan of Location
���Council  Appoints  Police and
Pound   Keepers.
' I
modern house on enr line, excellent i
location.    Apply     llox    2296     Nous
office, 12290)
Thr;c Men Who Lefl Ka6lo In Scp'.e:n-
ber Come Eaek With Talcs
ot   District.
saw H, foot
iiivit mortising machine,
���ox 2222 News office.
Bnlrhed, ami large cleared lot, Bdmonda Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Appl} owner, George Wnrnc,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (21.0)
miles out, leas Uian 30 minutes' id ���
on It. ('. Electric from Now West
minster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$160 an acre and remainder inst
back of rrontage lots Jli'O and $126,
Terms quarter cash, iwo vear-. for om sl for d
That the Cloverdale detachment of i
the until Regiment Is well on the way !
to have a commodious drill linll and j
armory as a headquarters'tor its members Is borne oul In a I. iter read at j
the last meeting of the Surrey municipal council from Col, J. D, Taylor,'
M P., head of the regiment which baa
its    headquarters     In     New   W-st
Col. Taylor, who Is taking a keen In-1
terest In reorganising   Ufa   regiment,
wrote to the Surrey council asklni! for
a memo of the legal description of the
lot proposed to he . If ered by the municipality as a Bite for the drill hall at '
Cloverdale and also for a plan showing the size and location of the lo*.
Th" the departmenl of mllltla had :
already derided on  the building of a
drill  hall   for  the   Surrey   militia   has
been known for some time and this retails is taken as an Ind!-
From ll. c.  Hannlngton, Inspector
of legal offices, stating With regard lo
the petition for a special survey of the
Johnston road, thai he was lu receipt
of a petition from William Johnston
and nine others asking thai this work
be not done on the ground that they
have old maps showing correctly the
situation in question, bul that unless
the council wished to rescind their
resolution  the  petition  against    the
special sum y cannot be given effect
to, us action, if any. will be taken on
the Btrength of the council's reso'u*
tlon. Received and clerk to reply
that the council wish the survey gone
ahead with so that dispute might be
finely determined.
Krom    .lohn      Mason,  asking  If  he
would be permitted to do certain work ,  ,
on the roads near his properly at  l'ort   88n ' " ' "" ls tlirn\-*U*ll by tl
Kciis ami charge Bame up agalnsl fu
ture taxes. Reoetvod, clerk to reply
thnt the council could not conaenl to
this, bul that he could do the wcrk at
hiH own expense under the supervision
of ,He eiiglni ir.
From Davidson &. MoRao, asking for
e equalisation of the assessment of
certain   property   at   l'ort   Mann.   Reoelved,     Council   can   grant   no   relief
in   the  matter,  as  should   have
attended  to before the court of
to the ion, with a boo.i percentage of
' lead, some copper and some gold.  As-
Isays have nol yel been made frnm
any   of  the  ore  taken  from  the  new
^strike.   Iml   lis   appearance   indicates
' thai it is exceedingly rich.
i Tiicr.'arc (everal other properties In
the neighborhood with as good or better showing as Unit   possessed  by the
iiirv.  according  to Oscar TapanlUa.
;A1I or these will be favor..lily affect, d
by the proposed cleaning oul of the
upper Duncan river by the federal gov
lorn menl so thai  tbe stream may be
a disorder bom of unhygienic eondl-
lions. This fact is very obvious. If
you take a map of a city on which are
marked the cases of tiiberculoHls you
will see lhal tlle ravages of this discus.' aro always greatest lu those
areas which ure most congested and
Unsanitary. I believe it can almost bo
Iexcluded from our life by proper bottling conditions, end the observation of
certain simple i lies designed to pre-
rliul" the possibility of its spread."
I'r Zimmerman Is principally known
I for his pathological work.
Kaolo, Oct. 30
difficulties  that   confront
rich mining clalma in tic
balance. Tliis is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at onee. Sole
agents, t'urtis & Dorgan, New West
minster.    Phone 400.   No trades.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 TEH
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, (2160)
trade protection specialists. ,1. M
Oawa, general manager, P. ()
draw or 11". New  Wesiminster.
originating inside buildings repaired
day or night, by Woodward, 613
Columbia street.   Tel. 706.     (2302i
apartments to rent, right on car line.
-steam li.-at.-.l. hot and cold water,
^ax raj-sea, electric light, separate
-.alii to every suite, rooins sre bright.
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is verj reasonable including gas and
lights. Also single rooms, both
���furnished and unfurni's'hed. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
Moor. Mandville apartments, corner
'     Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
Jkeepiac rooms. VO and $15 per
month at tht, Seventh slreet. C-llWl
over tho moll
invigorated- wil
tion  tor you.
?    A gcod tonic and
put thom In eondl- |
Don't  let   ihem  loaf
cation thnt construction work is to
commence in the near future.
T.he Surrey council has Buplled Col.
Taylor with th" desired information.
Council Pusiness.
Communications were received    as
From .1. H. lliirford. asking for Information as to what he would have
to do in connection with the clearing
of streets in order that he might get
plans of subdivision passed. Received
and replied to by clerk.
From Cecil 11. Barrett, barrister, on
behalf of his client. ,1   \v, Vaughan,
're the removal of snrvcv stakes along
the Sandell road, claimim: this should
I not  have  bren  done  without  having
t first obtained the consent of his client,
and asking that everything be restored as nearly as possible to its original
condition.    Received, and engineer to
.draft a reply to he sent lo the writer.
aa h" was familiar with th" circumstances of tho case.
From Rums & Walkem. Vancouver,
asking for information as to the front-
age that vas taken from certain lots
at White Rock by reason of the ar-
ranepment nnde between the munlci-
nillty ar.d the railway company for a
��� riirht of W8V fo- the latter at that
noint. Received and replied to by the
Krom C. A. Hankcv A Co. Vernon,
saying they understood the council
wcre going to widen and Imorove the
Newton road and askinc that care be
taken not to remove -or destroy the
survey stakes in front of property belonging io thern.    Received.
From F. Wlik'iison. collector, report-
In re a few days ago of Oscar Tapani)
la, Anid TapanlUa and Charlea Ro
scene fri m thai disirict. bringing with
thom a tew sample, of high grade sll
wl* ad ore, skins tanned a dark
bi iw... and mon* or loss scratched, the
lati : iii. cl being cauaed b) the al
most Impassable trail they had to follow   lu   going   Iroin   the   property     ou
whi.ii they had been doing aaseament
I,,.,,,,   work, the Hary group, to Healy') land-
,vvi   lng, ti"* latter poiui being located on
jthe upper liiinciiii  riv.-r, nearly  sixty
From Burnett * MoGugan enclosing miles north of Kaslo.
plans of subdivision of tha west half The threi  men lefl here In Septera
of the southeast Quarter Of section 12, her for the claims,  taking with  them
township   1,   for   aprovnl.     Received. ,!)l' necessary supplies    From Healy'a
Clerk to return same with Instructions landing it la a thrc and a half mils
thnt the requirements of the munlcl "'amp to the mop,'ity. bul  it pro*,'.I
pal    by-law    governing   subdivisions lhe toughest part uf the Journey for
must   I"'   complied   with   before   the the buys, who were ol,lilted to pack ill
plans could be approved by the coun- their supplies on their back, conteal
lng  every  foot   of  llie   way   wiih  stub*,
  rendered navigable for boat., carrying
ore.    Hitherto, In the upper Duncan I
Au Indication ot the section, on account of the exceedingly
owners   of  orlmttlve transportation facilities,    it |
i has been almost Impossible to accom-
upper Hun-   p||h|,  anv extensive milling, and own
irrlval ,.rH have been obliged to content themselves wltli doing their yearly assess
'nent work aad putting In demands for
i rails,  which  demands,  until   recently.
have  reoelved  bul    soanl    attention
trom tin* i" wera thai be,
Toronto  Committee  Recommends the
Establishment  of
i    Albert Berry was appointed a police
iqonstable for th" municipality, resld
in*? ai Crescent, n. C,
S.  Malcolmson  was appointed  audi-
j tor  for the current   year.
H. Harper, Hazelmi re, was appointed pound keeper for the municipality
and a motion was put through author-
I i/i'ir all poundkeepers tn acl not only
In their own wards t>"t throughout lh"
municipality, Tlie other nound keep
in are Goo. Troughten, Bouth  Weat-
! niinst-pr: A. DInsmore, Mud Ray, and
G.  H. Wales.  Ron  Kells,
Appropriations were made as follows:     $360   for   the   new   McLellnn
.rosd east of the Coast Meridian road.
$201 on 'he ('wiF* Meridian rond south
of the R  c   I". R ���  S3I ' for the Ser-
; nentine rond. ward 4: and $50 for the
Brown read, east nf the Coasl Mer
idian road, and lir.O on the Boundary
' ro��.t. wnrd 5.
Th"   Surrev   lienor   license   hv-law.
I'm. passed its first three readings.
night, a brown hunting dog. with
chain. Finder return to inr>!) St
Andrews street for reward.      (8310)
-when.    Ko oeBeottea, no charge
Aaivntaxo-VaiirxiiJt-ios' mercantile Ag
���ttney. S36 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (21621
too long, tor if cold weather strikes
before thev get back to laying, likely they will be poor layers all
winter, when eggs mean money, too.
Improve the appetite and digestion
by putting a little of Conkey's Laying Tonic in the mash once a day.
Watch lhe. improvement. Try thlr.
on Conkey's guarantee your fowls
will look lienor, act better, do better in every way. 2r,c, 5flc and $1
packages; pails $1.��0 and $3. H.alth
means profit. Lock out for Roup
Rettor have Conkey's Roup Remedy
on hand now, 2,.c, 50c and $1 sizes.
Vtse it at the lirst symptom. Rotter
still, put a Utile In the drinking
water occasionally as a preventive.
Monev back guarantee. Hrackman-
K>T Milling Co.. Ltd., 540 Front
street, and all grocers. (223:11
'arm sales conducted. Furniture
.���tKiiight for cash. I'. B. Brown, 17
,I_egbif streel. New Westminster.
Corporation   ���t  ihe  city  "'  New, ""-i1-
* pd   with   tl. ���   .\lliiiit-r
]  In  the el'ficc of  the
f.,r   lh"   Histrict    of
British Columbia, plans
ml-'st'*r  has  deposl
nf Publlc Works ai
Registrar   of   1 1
New Westmtnst'
lng collections for the month of Sep-
te-ii-er as $9,938.61. Which included
*l 57H "0 as receipts for tlie tax sale.
From T. W. Hardy asking for pavment of 1.1P0 yards of travel taken
from his pit in 1S12. Received and
ordered paid at the rate of 5 cents
per yard.
From   A.   ll.   MacNeill.  Vancouver,
i stating ihni  he was in receipt of ad-
\ vice from W, !>. Scott, ceneral superintendent   (',.  N,   li.   stating  with   re-
igard to culverts In   "loverdale that he
; was urging the general manager    to
hnrrv approval of this work so that it
"light be done without delay; also that
Mr.   Soil   had   ndvfsnd   him   that   he
would hurry authorization of the hull.!-
ilm? nf the crpsslnr* ever the  railway
jat the Serpentine road.    Received.
Eoth Are Popular Now at
Huntingdon. Oct. 30.- Owing to the
unusualy bad condition of thc school
yard, caused by grading work being
done at this time of the year, a greal
many of the Huntingdon Fchnol children, with the resourcefulness of
youth, have become most proficient in
the art of stilt walking. It Is practically tho only sport that can be indulged
in at present out of doors, and at
every noon and recess boys and girls
may he seen playing all sorts of games
on   BtiltS.,
While it has long been known that
small fruits and berries of a superior
variety  are  easily  grown  here.   It  la
not general knowledge that  the grow-
lng ef sugar beets will become one of
the  Important   Industries  of   this  sec-
Itlon     The beets which have heen test-
' "d by the irovernment authorities have
been found second in a percentage of
j suirar to none in the world an.l enuaied
only  bv  those  raised  in a small  see-
;Hon of Germany.   With the Installation of a beet sugar factory, following
; *he dvking of th" land here. Ihls would
[become one of the most important agricultural  districts of Canada.
born undergrowth and fallen trees
that are characteristic of the Selkirk
and Purcell ranges Kach of ihe three
made four trips between Healy'a and
the ciaims.  in order lo get   in  tin* ei
tremely plain food and blasting pow
der neccsary  to their   number In car-'
rving on onlj a fea weeks of mining,
devi lopmi nt.
Oscar TapanlUa, who with bis bi th
er, Mrs Ida TapanlUa, of this city, la
Interested in the claims, is well pleas
id with the result of tlieir work foils a I* lunterbalance to their hardships
tlie work accomplished on the prop
erty makes i: l""k exceedlgnly promts
Ing and   it   Is  likely  lhat   some asiist-
ance will be granted by the government towards putting In a good trail
���i'"' s"aFon.
The ii.uv group consists of throe
c'aims I,,rated ��� n the eaat side ol the
upper Duncan. Most of the work done
! In past seasons has consisted of strlo-
ning 'ii" ledge which is about twenty-
live f., : In width Wherever this has
he, n done ore has been found and
minora!  indications  have been dlSCO'
! "red to be strong throughout A shaft
has also  been  carried  .town   year  bv
; '"ir to a depth or eighty feet and
this reason an eighteen fool drill was
���'in from the bottom of the shaft along
the looiw'iii. which drift ran into a
strona looking shool of silver lend ore
-ver-'iiing about two "r Iwo and a half
feet in width. The finding of or- like
the esmplea shown at the dej.'h of
"������ore than elghtv feet clearlj Indicates
thai the propertj haa a great deal
mora than mere surface showings
rire found nn Hi" surface has i-.r.'i
assays as high as $60 ounces of silver-
Dr.   Zimrcrman's   Ideas   on   Tubercu
lesir,���-Pciieves  in   Educating
Toronlo,  Oct.  iio.   Development of
'lie open  air  forest school   syslem  III
Toronto to .are ror ten times tha num
Imt of children who now enjoy Its
benefits, was outlined at a meeting of
the lores: school committee of the
hoard "f education last night. The
present forest school in Victoria park
has proved  so successful and of such
benefit  to delicate children thai ihe
Montreal, Oct. 80    "it la very dlffl-joomntlt Dthuslaatioally  supported
cult Indeed to pronounce Judgment the Idea of enlarging lt and adding oth-
wiih regard to this treatment unless ,r institutions of a Blmllar character.
on., is familiar with the ...act methods ������������-,,. committee reoomemned tha et-
employed, and the precise nature of tabtlabment of four schools, each with
the culture which I am not," said a capacity of 250 to 800 ebildrend one
Ur   Ernest Zimmerman atacityhotel  should be established in ti ast end,
laat night, to a repn aentatlve of tha
pri la,  -peaking  with  reference to the
merits of the Friedmann cure for tu
i erculosls.   "I think there was more
eard   about   ll   over   here   Ihan   has
ever len  heard  of  it   in   Europe."
"Uo  you   think  a  cure  for  tuberculosis will  be discovered  soon'''
"Thai depends altogether on what
is meant by the term 'cure.' There Is
alread) a form of treatment In vogue
which is very good, and which may
be employed with success in the great
majority of ta.es 11 they are taken in
time. Tuberculosis is Mich an in
Millions dlsedse thai it generally gets
a firm hold before the suffer.' is aware
of its presence, nnd requires a greater
efforl   then   to   shake   it   off."
"Do you think au anti-toxin will ever
be dlacoveredt"
"Certainly,     in   praelltally   eveT
laboratory   In   Kurope.  and     tbe snme
may   be  sa^.1   of   America,   men
working on this problem, and there
Is no Insurmountable obstacle which
should prevent tha ultimate accomplishment of this end. The bacilli of
tuberculosis will ultimately yield to a
dlaCOVery 1 am, however, a great he-
t'ev, r in the spread of education regarding  the disease     Tuberculosis   is
probaly on tbe sit" of the presenl
school: another In the northeast part
of iii" elty, another in Hi" north, and
the  last   In   the  west.    The  total  ac-
somtnodation  wlll be 1,000, just ten
times the number cared for at tha
pr. sent forest srhooi. It is the Inten
lion Bt first to keep those school! open
only during the six months ol summer
and autumn.
Tn Supplement these Schools, open
air rooms will be provided in all new
SCbooU, where delicate children, although they may not be i'i Hi" open
fields, lis they would b" a' the forest
schools, will, al least, be in the open
air all dai     One of these rooms is now
lielng constructed on the rool of Heat
. rn  How school
To assist in the organization nf opep
air classes Chief Inspector Cowley was
asked    t"   r.'port   on   the   number   of
schools when- ii would be practicable
to hold part time   claai ���     In   largo
school! Where more than one teacher
Is teaching a particular grade, It Is
noselble for one of the teachers to
bave half the children OUl of doors
while the remainder are taught their
regular lessons indoors By this means
It Is possible to give young children
to whom sitting Indoors at ii desk all
day Is a hardship, the proper amount
of outdoor exercise.
tit- Lot 5. te Blocks  UK and  149, of
i hrt i.2. Group 1, Map  1757, In  the
JS>_stri--i of New Weatmlnster.
TTlii usia proof of tlio loss of Certlfi-
trate-. ol Title. Number 'il'i'.IK. issued in
tint oaaiei vt Harry Cliue,    has   been
f.*.!-<J in thiB office.
******** m herr-by Riven that I shall.
at lbe expir-Ukm of oue month from
rhe date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published In the
['ily ol New Westminster, issue u
-Jiipliralf of the said Certificate, un
teas in tin. meantime valid objection
ilt* made to me in wrilis,g.
JJ.C t.U'YN.V,
ntstrld  Uegiftrar ol   ���
__j,nd Registry oifo*
Ne*** Westminster, n.C. 0
"ictict He Household Voters' Lis'..
; ' ii    tli *���',.- ..',*,. '���
e Ivi d bei re the llrsl
.1       I       Vw. I,.!,".
',', -    .   -. '.���*:.���   if (bos< v. be
���ei diirm*; th.  das ��� the
...       , ��� ���        I  b*        in    ofl Ice  ai
: i  Hall   * i   ;\r-   30 V and 31st,
tbl   hon      of  7   p m.  and   8
���'- .-nil*   applications,
VT. ,\   DUNCAN, City Clerk.
*.* '���   Hfl.1l, Oct. ber 28, Vu*. (2301)
ind descriptions of centra Hn" of propos-
..(! Sapperton Bewer outfall crossing Brunette  River  In  said  district.
thnt th.1 Corporation of the Cltv nf
w.-stmlnsti-r will after one month from
the first publication "f this notice apply
to the Governor General in Council for
Approval 'if s'kIi woiki. ,   , , .     .
DATED al New Westminster, B. C. this Westminster.    I have been instructed
27th day of September, 1'n::. _,._....    hv  the  assiirnee    Mr   fl   11    Milne    to
McQUARRIE,  MARTIN A CASSIDY,   "���    "lp  assignee,   air.  ...   ii.   ranno,   io
Solicitors   fnr   the   Corporation   of   the j soil by    Public    Auction    (absolutely
City of   New  Wi stmlnsor.
ini-Hi i without reserve) on
of thc
:-,i i eet
Westminster Garage Co.,
and   Carnarvon   Street,
Activity in That Line Gives Chilliwack
Freedom From Results of Financial  Stringency.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10.00 a.m Pally
Chilliwack, Oct. .10.���There Is a
Steadily Increasing interest being tak
en in the dairying Industry of this
valley. This is clearly shown by the
marked Increase In the supplies received at the three principal dairy d"-
! pots of the district, namely: Chilli-
wack creamery, Eden Bank creamery
! and Ih" II. (' Cnndeiis" r, over those re-
corded a ye r ago. Krom Chilliwack
creamery t'    amount shipped daily to,
I Vancouver   '  id   Now   Westminster   is
I i , ,     , , .,        16.000  ncond"  rf Bweel   milk snd OOP I
sharp, the entire stock of automobiles. I;      , '' ' ""__..      ���__ ~J,�� ����� ,,���.riv
,, ,,._, ���. _       ,_   _      pri.n.l^ ot r��'i cream. This ������ noariy
machinery, fittings, olfice furniture I^qo ���f,and�� nore than tn* snme depot I
and effects of tho ���bova company. 1 uhlpp.,1 * -year a-ro. ���hath* otli.-r two
| The sale will comprise In D��rt- Two ,,__;,;,_ _������-, ��� ���,���,���,,.proportionate
30 horse power ISverett automobiles. | |ncre���,n. <pi' prlc* *P��td to the far or
one 40 horse power Jackson    -.....����
at 2.30 p.m.
entire stock of automobile
Two I
1:00   p.:
tht   .'.���.,!'tn ui-i Quarter ot Sectl ..
I on Ol lop n, iii the Histrict    ot
Ni *.���  Westminster. j
WU-.'-Af   yrntil  of  IV' loss of  Cer-j
���������  .,!  'l ul.-   Number  13164F,  ia I
ed i.i tin- nam." ot James C, Forlong
Mai Chart*-:!; Ehmund ba*" been tiled in
.tlm ofllce.
���So-**..' ��� is herehy ���pv.m tliat 1 shall.
���mtt th* expiration ol one month from
llw o*H.i id (he frr* publication here
tmt, in �� daily newspaper publisher! In
<iMt City of N'*' Westminster, issue
-a dapDetfie ofthe said certificate, un
Ittsti in the meantime vali4 objection
li" ms*St*. t�� esc 'm writing.
a J. C. GWYNN.
District tteKiatraT��f Till
I .ami R*r*ietry Office.
New Weetininatcr, B_C- Octt.be,-is,
1313. *-'"���'
-.00   p.m ���>yCo. assoMVe7nd air pomps   belting
11:*��5   p.m :,D*Uy and   shafting,    grinder,    drill    press.
From Vancouver for Seattle. lathe   Inner and outer tires, oil cans,
10:00 a.m ,!*-.!chain's, etc., etc.. also office furniture
11:00 a.m 1W"J Lf aafC. roll top deal. etc.. etc  Every
for Nanaimo.      I thins  will  be on  view until time bf
 Dally ;gaie     particulars ot same can be Mil
j rnnnn*       from the Westinlnst r Auction Houle.
.STalr.!!?W^��Sf^pf hotel bloc,,
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River.
11:46 am Kvery  Saturday)
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Every Saturday
.Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00  p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
r-.OO a a . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
mn al points in the CulT Islands.
K.L).  iJOUl-l-T.  Agent.  N.,w   Wesiimnstst
11   W   BUODIB, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
and  dnirifr: in   for  thli
c nts p.-r pi dhd Initte
proi!net   i
fat, and ai
.  45
iter seaion approaches there
pect that even this good prle
Winter Dairying.
This increase -over a year ago
it   more attention  Is being  p
:nter  da   vlng,  a   method   whl
New Imported Wll **M**�� ���w on
paffect  lit  nnd
Ml, Prices fr
Sec them.
workmanship gnaran
lis oo up.   701 Fron  atreet
I        IRON   ^ ORES.
: Telephones:  Office'', Hesldenc
.10IIN ItBlD,   'roprtctor.
;    Agents      Palmer     Droe."    Onsol
Rngines,  Marine  E glnes  and
mobile Repairs.
Office and Wer s: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    NOW Afsetmlniter, B
Is    a
��� hows
i.i   to
h   re-1
dy revenue the year round |
rk   of  caring   I'or   a   dairy,
s In the winter arc letter |
. and |
i   the
aaxirn   milk   than   she |
g. The I
y have
t  ms a Bl*
I if   the   '*
I*, rd.    Prli
i.ha\durlng the summer tnonl
ii  hns bee-i found  by prnotir.
Hence  th**. a  cow   freslic-nln ���
-"* iicntrTsr in, ii,,. .nu
dalrv men of Ww vu
"v��ry -dtason
pur: i,it  nf-tlti��
I'.pply of milk
ean     depend
willing to pay a
ng has a strong
���''   y Is an assurance
ii   trlngency,  which i
"r   irta of the nrov-1
It      re  very   lightly. ,
ow i   milk to the city |
ii r>   -n fat monthly
engi   d ln the work.
thli    ty, Instead of j
k   ei   uraglngly  ofl
oy   receive'
pwvhased. {
itteitlon to!
'h      n tte soil1
�� uoaliy   i    ,tten   all |
tV"  T :t''''J'    Hihows.
IT   .'}'  ""} '������  oreaanel
xlBte   -  cpaple
or go
t* the
Making a Flat World
set  out to reach India
he met with opposition and ridicule.
When  Columbus
by sailing westward.
He believed the <'iirih to be round,
"Wise mon held that it was fla. that Columbus waa mad
���and that lic'd fall off somewhere if ho departed from
established beliefs.
Uut Columbus' belief found him a continent and made
hrm blessed of memory.
The Business World is flat to some  men
Their profit-benriiiR shores of Opportunity stretch only so
far as their grandfathers trod. Custom.'superstition and
apathy have set them confines whieh they may not pass.
lor instance, they believe the b..-ln���� yenr tn n flat one-
not na nll-yeop round nt trade, witli hast joining >\est,
���-witliTSprinK merging into Autumn- but just two distinct
seasons, with sawed-off edges gaping into space.
Tliey confine their activities to a Spring trade and to a
Fall trade. To them there is no intervening continent
with stores of waiting wealth. Tlieir world i.s flat. They
have not explored the mid-year months of Summer trade.
Juno, July and August are never-never land.
Surely this conception of Summer as a "dull" season is
as fallacious as the delusion that the earth was flat.
J'eople have just as inurh money in tho hot weather and spend quite
us freely us in Spring and Pall. Granted that they are not buying
hi.-.tea and snow shovels in August, yet they nre buying staple articles.
FurtHermore, they have an rye on luxuries and comforts they are
eo mting upon purchasing iu thc Pall.
The modern  Columbus has discovered this
Surimcr t rude���tliis golden West lying between the known
con inents of old beliefs. Departing from established
hal) i, many hav made their energies and their Advertising  n all-year-r. und proposition.
Kecj ing up Ad ertising during the Summer months not
only inks your Spring and Fall, but produces rich harvests from the lummer months themselves.
A.lriee regard in-,'
advertising agi-n. y, or tin- Hi
liuildihg,  l"..ri,i.to.    Eii'iuir,
v.iuf S'lven mg problem* ia available through sny recognised Canadian
larv of tbe Canadian I'reu Aasoristion, Room DOS Lunudtn
uvolvca no obligation on your purt ��� ao write, if interested. FRIDAY,  OCTOBER 31,  1913.
Woman Sticks To Post
During Nome Storm
Mrs. Thomas Shaughnessy of Solomon  Telephone   Exchange     Sent     Relief
Calls   Till   Sea Carried Away the
Bull ding.
Seattle, Oct. 30    How the little town
���ot Solomon, thirty-two milea east of
Nome w.i'' 'li.-rally wiped from the
face ���( the .arth by tlie Ilehrlng Sea
btorni of Sunday, October b, an.l how
Mm. Thomas Bhaughnaasy, tha lone
operator In charge of the Solomon telephone exohanga, stuck by her post
handling call! for relief und messages
fraught with disaster that riimh.il up
and down the coast until the ��<����� literally hurled  Itialf from itn bad ami
burled her hum" and Office In a wall
of green water, out of which she and
four loyal frl.nds who stayed hy her
to the enil MCgptd im If hy a mlra.'le.
Is the stoiy brought to Seattle hy ���'.
Flodin, Solomon river gold dredge operator, who arrived from lho north on
the steamship  NorthwcaU.ru.
Hut that d.-ath did not ring down
the aurtaln on thS drama, the story of
the iiii.lit of horror through Which
Mrs. Bbaughneiiy and her four neigh
bors three women and one man
passed falls little short of l.afcadlo
beam's tragic tale Of the (lulf Coast
describing the Inundation of Laat island. Of dramatic intensity for III"
historian of the future, the narrative
lias "very other "lenient
Solomon was II exists no longer
n little village of Rome two score of
houses, mostly miners' cablni, huilt
��'ii a heni ii of beacb sand only a few
feet above high tide and protected
from tli" constant gnawing of the
Graves bv a 'nn breakwater of plies
and earth When lhe southeast gale
began blowing on Saturday. October
4. most of tin- 160 Inhabitant! of the
village hastened to seek safety at
Dixon, on th" oppoilte si.l" of the river
and on higher ground.
T-teolionea Busy.
The telephone wires were burdened
with newa of disaster and Mrs.
Bbnughneeev, whose husband is proprietor i.r the hotel ut Dixon, welched
the danger agalstt the possibility that
sh" oould I'" th" means of saving life
and propertv Should the storm OOU-
tinue, and decided to remain at her
The telephone exchange WSS in a
lUDStantial frame building adjoining
the general store nnd the Rolonvn
hotel kept hv William Hennie. all
buildings of similar character thnl hi 1
Weathered previous storms Hennie
and h's wife elected to renrun and
with them end Mrs. Shaughnessy, Mrs.
J. It Hops and a Mrs. Hanson cast
their lot.
All day S'lindny the ocean crept higher and higher and over the break-
-water t-hnpdersd the waves But about
II o'clock Sunday night tl * Waters
seemed to subside sllehtly. and �� lt
-��� ���". slv hours more IIII high tide, ihe
nv.- person, marooned In the i'ttle
gronn of butldtngl breathed more free-
Iv and h< I'eved the storm had paBsed.
Mosl of the", nrermred to retl-e for
tb<- nlcht Mrs Shaughnessy herself
bid l.-'t 1" r -"wtlchboard iand was
ready   for   lied   when   nt   10   o'clock   a
huge green *"*:i swept over th" barrier
of earth ""d timber ard filled the
ree-n In whicb fhe stood four tent deep
vr''** water,
K'l'htlni' her wny In pilch darkness
through th* water *-**. the hotel, lho
brave   telephone operator   .olned   her
companions and the five, tiin woman
scantily clad, plunged through the rlB-
lng riood to a boat that had been hauled up alongside the building ready
for Just such an emergency. Taking
advantage or a momentary lull in th"
norm tliey pushed off nnd Hennie
rowel for the lights nt Dixon In the
Cutaways Seek Safety.
The water continued to rise rapidly
and with buildings swirling from their
foundation* all around them and
crashing InUi the flood, the castaways
rowed desperate.} for high ground
l'"or two hours th" struggle s".Tiled
hopeless. The little boa could make
bul Uttl" headway in tlie breaker!
thai swept the low ground, and al-
thou-h at tlmee it lemed that they
rould almota tou.il the shore at Dixon,
tli" . istaway* were carr) >d seaward
with   each  Succeeding   I ave.
At las*. Hemic thru!) his arm
through t'i ndow or a hair submerged barn as li drlited by an.) hanging
to it by might and main kept tlie
boat in 'ilmi' for two hours until at
2:30 o'clock  Mondaj    morning    Mi
shouts und ' e cries of the women
brought aid and they were rescued.
Dawn revealed tiie compl'-tt-ness of
the del true! ion. Solomon had lien
wined Oft tli" map.    Th" water driven
before tii" gale had risen fourteen
feel higher ihan the highest tide ever
known and had carried the hotel and
other building! far up on the tundra.
Bome of the imallef cablna wan
���trended two miles Inland The only
������" aumenta to mark the spot where
So)mon bad stod were tli" pllea that
had composed the breakwater.
Wreckage strewed the plain for
miles. Dalai and I ixei of goods from
tin wrecked store wer" scattered in
every direction. Kven Dixon had had
a "arr .v escape from destruction.
Bmall iilldings had been washed from
their i'u idations and the big warehouse "f the Solomon Itlver railroad
hn . 'i"en picked up and literally turned end "ver end, nn.l, strangest of all.
a thouiand feet of railroad track on
which stood four full sized flat cars,
bid ',,'" 'i picked up bodily bv the waves
and ptii ' up against the big two-Story
arehouse at right angles to **��� right
'���'. way.
Railroad Washed Away.
Mnr" than two miles of the railroad
was wash.-.! away, Mr.  Flodin says.
Mr. Flodin la hend of the ,'iodin
Cold .Mining tt- Dredging company,
and wns at bis camp, eight miles up
the Solomon river, when Ihe storm
broke II" arrived at Dixon the Tuesday morning following the abatement
of the flood and there beard the story
rf th" escape of the Hennie party
rrom Solomon and made a trip over
the del*.:ir covered tundra to where
the town once stood.
During the seaaon Mr. Flodln's company operated two tiig dredges in the
Solomon river nnd had a prosperous
season, although on account ot the
drougth that prevailed In northern
Alaska It sustain.d a loss of -0 per
cent, on the gravel handled nn.l wis
prevented from doing any hydraulic
Mr F'odin has been operating
dradgM for five years on the Solomon
river, and spendl his summers in the
Henri Rochsfert and Bersnger.
One iiu.is uu Interesting link wltb
tli" past In lhe fact tbat Henri Ho- he-
furl began his literary career ns a po��t
and   lu   iinii   character   presented  a
poem, together wllb u letter of Introduction, to no less a llt.-iury master
thnn Hpr linger, whose reply, carefully
preserved by (he .lialliiguislied journalist, ts interesting,
"Can It be true." Bernnger wrote,
"Unit you ure only sixteen'.' If 1 bud
written verses so well turned nt Hint
age I should Indeed bnve believed that
u great destiny was iu Store for tne.
Hut then yuu college gentlemen are
brought up, as It were, In forcing
bouses, whereas when I wus sixteen l
baldly knew bow to spell. Heuieinbvr,
then, nil lbe devices employed for the
development of your faculties und do
not bo too uplifted by vanity at tbe
praises of un old rimer, dazzled by your
And the letter concludes wllb a corn-
men.lation to (he young aspirant tu return to Ills studies uud not to challenge  serious  criticism   by   premature
publication.-Westntoster Oatette.
Story of a Dog Who Runs Away
From His Mistress.
An Enigma Game That Affords In.
struction and Amusement ��� Intelligence of a Japanese Monkey���Items
ef Interest to Children.
You'd think a dog that had a home
As nie tin Foxle's wouldn't roam.
Hut naughty Foxle'i full of play
And thinks it fun to run away.
If he la tied he'll break the string.
Ttie garden wllh his harks will ring.
Ilu Is so pleased thut he la free
lie haa to make a noine, you aee.
To See Threugh Paper.
i   A very remarkable experiment wblch
sny  one cun   repeat   wltb   very   little
, trouble tins been unearthed by a German.   Tuke a piece of paper uf ��ucb
' thickness that when It is laid upon a
' piece of printed mutter the characters
Just sbow through, but cannot be read.
: Placing It over a printed sheet Impart
to It a Circular motion to mid fro, and
to your surprise jou will Hnd Hint now
t yuu enn rend lbe print below the pa-
: per.  It ls rnther difficult to explain this
peculiar effect The explanation offered Is thnl the paper has thin places
In It. und liy rapidly moving lt over the
print every part of the printed mutter
Is exposed in turn underneath one or
the other of Hie thin places In the paper, and thus the entire print can be
rend However Hint may be, the experiment Is Interesting and very simple, requiring for its performance only
(he simplest menus Imaginable. ���New
Vurk I'ress.
Helping Her Mamma.
The Youngs had dropped In unci.
[ l.-.ll.v upon the Baileys Just ns dinner wns about to lie served. Mother,
wh,. was somen lint disturbed, called
Helen aside and explained that there
would uut be oyatera enough to go
round nnd ndded: "Now. you and 1
will Just have some of the broth. And
please du not make any fuss about It at
I.lttle Helen promised to be good and
sny nothing. Uut when tbe oysters
were served Helen discovered s small
one thut hud heen accidentally ladled
up wllb her broth She could not remember nny Instructions that covered
this contingency, so. ufter studying lbe
aituatlon awhile, she held the oyster
up as blgb as she could on ber spoon
and piped out:
"Mamma, mamma, shouldn't Mrs
Tonne have tbls oyster tooV" ��� New
York Globe.
The children all race afier hlm
Aii',.s  the lawn so neat and trim.
If lie can douse out through lhe gate
He'll not come noma till it la late.
Though others may be cross and Bcold
(lne friend he has. this rascal bgld
Mis mistress clasps him to her heart
And nobly takes tha sinner h purl.
She ktiul_y Welcomes him once more
With lldbils from the pantry's store.
He barks hia promise to be'good.
Ax a repentant scapegrace ahould.
I.oniKiiii.    Incident   In   the   Life   of
Vine, di- Mirumion.
This    romantic    Incident    in    the
early hlBtory  of  Mine, de Mlramlon
Ib related  by   M.  Aline Duroc in   Ills
Btudy of    Woman In  1'hllanthropy":
"Marie de  Hub.-lle, birn In  1629,
was married  at sixteen.    Before she
fras seventeen she was left a widow.
Her high position, her great estates,
her wealth, ber sweetness, ber lovely
face and manners brought ber many
suitors.    But she wub already dlsBat-
, Ished with  the life of a mere court
lady   and   had   Bet  her   heart  upon
religion and charity and against the
Idea of a second marriage.
' Hut one of her suitors, Hoger.
|Cont de Husfiy-IUbutin, handsome,
{ popular and rich, was bo far self-de-
celv.d by his vanlly tbat he believed
��� her coldness only assumed perhaps
i to please lier late husband's relatives.
i El was convinced lhat, given the ex-
| cuse of apparent force, Bbe would
frlllingly marry him, and be readily
1 persuaded tr* gay friends at court to
share his belief and loin blm in tbe
dashing adventure of carrying off a
"On her way to church tbe young
widow's carriage was surrounded by
masked horsemen, who,  putting the
counteBS' old mother-in-law out upon
the  road,   pave  their orders  to  tbe
driver and escorted the coach at full
speed Into tbe country.    At nightfall
it stopped  before a chateau,  wbere
200 more of the count's friends were
In  waiting  to  receiv.  the  abducted
lady wltb festive honors.    To their
amazement and discomfiture, ehe utterly refused to leave the carriage.
' Only upon   receiving   the solemn
I oath   of   one  among  tbe  gentlemen
I who belonged to a noble order that
j eUc should ">e restored the next day
ii    bono.- and *rfety to her friends.
' should sha still desire to go. would
; Bhe consent to descend.   Even  then,
i that tbere might be no question  of
her   repudiation   of   ber   abductor'B
; plot, she refused   to   touch rood be-
| nealh  hiB roo*.    She bad  fisted  for
! thirty-three hours before.    As all his
urgency  railed   berore   ber firmness
she was finally   eleased.
"Although    Mme.   de   Miramion's
behavior   was   reluctantly   admired,
tbe spirit ol the times was such tbat
the abductor not only went unpunished, but recel-ed general sympathy.
" 'Poor Hoger'.' one great lady re-
! marked.    'To luve wasted bo fine an
; efort,  and she did not even  appre-
: elate the compliment!   Is the woman's
beart, then, of cheese?' "
But '*>�� Know Hie Origin of Handy
Utile itc! "Baedeker."
Almost every traveler ,.i Europe
has often had occasion to appreciate
Baedeker, but few are those wbo
know the origin of theBe extremely
bandy little red books.
The Baedeker family have been devoted to looks and book-selling for
nearly 300 years, lt was the Bight of
Murray's handbooks that fired Karl
Baedeiir. SO years ago with the ambition of provldicc a similar series
for IiIb countrymen. He had been an
e- rgetlc travel..' himself through
western Europe, and he had already
publlBhe' and Improved Kiel"'.
Quids to the Khlne. The next volumes ln tbe series���Belgium and Holland, (Jermany, Austria and Switzerland���were Issued from Coblentz, and
It was not till later that tbe firm re-
moied   to   their   present   enormous
Labor Comnusafan Hands Oat Sc*tt>-
iig Rebuke to Victoria Stare
Victoria, Oet Sn.Kvid��-r��ce -gjien by
V>*. II. C'hriatianaon. manager of thr
Woolworth Ten-Cent Btore, oa -Government street as to tbe waxes paid, and
the accommodation provided for tb.*
girls empioyed at this store, whicb
was  heard   before  tbe tabor oosamisi-
sion, brought forth a scathing nhxtker
headquarters at Leipslc. But they left or tfle eondjtfans ftoni Csnu-ctasfearr
Karl Baedeker's remains behind, and
cany a grateful traveler vlalting Co-  �����'neii ic.
blent!  has  taken  his  bat off at  the      "At leant twe member* at Ode erai-
llttle grave. mission   bave   been   ncn Bain-ted   sit-i
When Karl Baedeker died ln 1859  conditions in these stares," said    Mr.
be  left  three  Bons  to  carry  on   the   McKelvie, "and I think we both agree
that yonr* Is file most diM-gta-fefnl corporation we have ever heard t��t. Th-w
Idea of paying such wages as yon d��
Is simply disgraceful fa a province-
like this. The Hudson's Bay ixrarpanr.
in Vancouver, Is paying twice as aaurts
as you do, and the managi
mitted that the wages were i
Mr. Chrlstianson admitted that thn
minimum wage was $4.50 per week Ior
inexperienced girls of fifteen -years at
age. He said that ft-wjo-ently asw
months elapsed before an advance wss
given. Some of the girls, bo saixt.
earned as high ag 16 a week, the highest rate paid by the company leitxt*.
tl, which was onfy given In a few
cases. He said he did not think that
any girl could fire on the wages paid.
but that it was all their inexperience
To Penalize Interdicts.
Thit the "nterdirts" who are Maefe-
listed in the saloons shonld he penal-
tc-ntous part In ber history. On May \zr,r\ for attempting to obtain Vq-aor-im
1 '. 15-.4, the Rue de la Kerronnerie a Rai00n. and should be hefd at least
was enlarged by order of Henri II., equally culpable wfth the owner and
and four times lourteen years later ,he bartender from whom the liquor
Henri IV. was assassinated there by;wag purchaged. was the proposal mar
Kavalllac���namely, on May 14, 1610. fonvard bv William M. Tyson and
Henri had lived lour times fourteen :Ge(!rge Caln of ,he T���teniatJo__-_l Hsr-
years, fourteen weeks and four times tendeM. -,nton at u,,. afteniooo ��_���_��-
fourteen days���I.e., ���fifly-si! years and ! sion
"There are today 118 tnterfictH*" fn
Victoria, and It Is impossible for the
bartenders to know tbem all fey sfgfrC
said Mr. C'afn, who to secretary at the
work, and the series of guides had almost crowded out tbe reBt of their
publishing business. Tbe youngest if
these three I 'others, Fritz Baedeker,
ls now bead of tbe firm, and bas
trained another generation wltb a
view to their Improving the efficiency
of the series.
Hls sons bave set themselves to
master most of the European tongues
and the polity of most of tbe chief
powers. Hans bas studied archaeology in Home and Alpine lore in
Switzerland, while Ernst haB Joined
him In ttudyln'. in London, Edinburgh and other leading capitals, and
both have qualified in other important
respects for helping to bring tbe
guides  to  perfection.
The Number Fourteen In !��� ran. e.
So far ��*_  France is concerned. It
ls tbe number lourteen that has play-1
ed a conspicuous and generally por-
five months.   Tben Henri' Bon, Louis
Kill., died May 14, 1643, (tbe same
day and month as hiB father).   And
1643 added together equals fourteen,
just as J5f>3 (the year of tbe birth ot'**'" ���'''���.) *'"��� J**".? .
Henri   -V.)   equals  fourteen.    Louis ?'��^"'��J-   ^^ *
. XIV. ascended the throne 1643, which lf an- lntp^i�� obtains liquor,
makes   tbe   end     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
actually   feeling  similarly the year of bis death (1715)
comfortably    to | equals.
_____________________________________________  ���       rute
,..>, ������*���*-���* ,Baie becomes known to the aathorftfes.
added  together equals fourteen ana thp prorletor of y^ ���!������, fe fjaetf-
and the. bartender uiualy loses hls :
An En.jms.
The players sbould be provided with
paper and pencil. Then tbe leader!
' Chooses a loug word, which be dues nut
1 tell the others.   Suppose, for example,
be  chouses  Ichthyosaurus,     lie  uum-
liers on bis own paper each letter of
; the word 1 is No. 1, c Is No. '-. b Is
1 No.  3.  und so ou through the word.
Then the leader nays to the players;
j "I am a wurd of thirteen letters My
; 2-3-0-1-11 Is something to sit on." and
| the players write the numbers dowu
and try lo think of u word of five let-
I tera tbat menus u wat.   Then rac lead-
How It Feels To Freese.
Freezing  to death  Is preceded  by
drowsiness,   which
painless, the   holy
warm    and    going     ^^^^^^^^^^
sleep.   Experiments bave been made ;
with   animals   to   show    just   how
freezing to  desth  proceedB.   ln one
of  these  experiments, In  which the
animal was placed In a temperature
of from 125 to 150 below zero, tbe | �������e.,5"    ?���.,*"      =
breathing  and   beart  beats  were  at    "'" ""   "****��� *
first quickened, the organic beat of   *l w,��ri"_' .   _ .,_-_...
| the body actually rising above nor- foolish dream of the younger life and,work for their successors in office to
' mal, which is 98.6 degrees Fahren-1 ���*> t0 be, disciplined Into a large vis-i perform. At a meeting of the hoar*
i belt.   ThlB Bbowed a sudden and in-J Ion, made more sure by adversity; to the question of renewing the HgVaar
be delayed for a. st ot a lifetime and I contract or entering Into a new **-*>
The Business ot Life.
Tbls  Is  tbe  task  appointed:    To,NEW LIGHTING CONTRACT
hold tbe vision of a final arrival at I NEEDED FOR CHILLIWACIC
i to   main- 	
tain undiminished a sense of person-j   Chilliwack. Oct SO.���The council at
al worthiness; to be defeated in each 1913  have  decided  to leave a little
hich  is 98.6 degrees Fahren-
____.____.ThlB Bbowed a sudden and In- 	
tense effort on the part ot the tunc-, - j^neve in the strength of the was shirked for the time being.   Thse
^^^^ tbe   body s tern-. f,������������ ^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^^^^
Try This Dessert.
j    Tnke two .boxes of rusplierrlea nnd
! pick them over, reserving the best to
1 serve whole, kh>-h the Woman's World ,    ._���_,_ _ * ., .   .___ ��� ���> <���    , �� ._
I Magazine.    Wbat   remain,  mash  and I ��r ***** "*�� ^ ** "* blmval torm
strain through n cheesecloth nnd place
tbl* Jtlice In ii granite pan to come to
the boiling point    After adding hslf a
pint of sugar, measure, and If it lacks
being n cupful add hot water to make
up the hick    Tut tbe cupful of Juice
| of 'your.'" And the playera try lo
| guess -what tbut word Is. The leader
! goes on to say, "My 8-7 Is the correia-
! tlve of 'as.'"   Aud tbe players Imme-
Possessing exquisite freshness and a
fullness of flavor not found in other teas
CEYLON TEA-"Pure and Clean to a Leaf"
BLACK, MIXED OR I Sealed P��cketo Only
NATURAL   GREEN > Beware of Imitation*       ��
diately put s aud ��� iu their proper | colle
places tn tbe larger word. The leadet
then describes 1- 13 as a plural personal pronoun aud says MJ-l." <�� tlw
same us 12-13. Then ke Iiiih gives
nieuulugs to words that coiuprl-* aU
the letter* in Ichthyosaurus, stat lie
���says. "My whole Ih �� pi-ehtHtwrlc -reptile." Tbe one wbo first duds out that
tbe wurd is ichthyosaurus hi tee win-
t'jns to preserve me ouu> �� wu��- ���bu-aan gp|r(l t0 surmount pain, out- lighting contract with the B. C. K. R-
permture. Then violent heart action , ��� gln and ie.ett malice and envy; company, entered into five years ago.
gave out suddenly and death came ^Ueve in the grad al but all con- expires on November 30 of this year.
wben tbe temperature of the; oooy ��� rjng pQwer of good will; to be sad- Either a renewm! of this agreement
dropped to 71 degrees Fahrenheit.       deI_ea> but not embittered; to be beat- win necessarily T_a��e to tm ******* ar
��� "  1 en   but not connusrad.   Tuat la the' an entirely new aaa entered *-**._**.
Wanted AnotWe Vlcttm. 1 ,urn business ret before ns. \ thirty-day notice ffflls ********> ���*
3ne day during the reign of terror
en r gent of Foum��ter Tiny tlle came
?o tb3 Luiembourg wtth a list of vie-1
tims. drawn up   by   the accusateur,
wblcb contained eighteen names.   He
ted  seventeen
v-    of these unfortunates, but could not find tbe eighteenth. A suspect waa passing by,
and tbe agent asked bis name. Tbe
prisoner declined te give it, and the
agent st once turn-Jed him over to tbe
gendarmes. Nest day tbe man was
guillotined. Another day an agent
summoned a prisoner of fifty, but tbe
man did not answer to his name, and
lad of seventeen who was playing
at, and selves the pr.se.   It is fcerte'r \ at 1����Jj^��*Sffi!' "* ^
for the leader w bare tbe weed all ar- i ciergerie ana pet to deatn.
ranged beforehand se ss
ued lusrrr.niiT cuowv
iruitiiliui* tuhles|H��iiifulH of cornstarch
I wet    ill    two   tublexpoonfuli   of   cold
I wuter, add one cupful of sugar and
| stir  until   It  looks  trnnHparent; tlien
| add one level tnblex|KKinful of butter
and tbe Juice of oue-hnlf lemon and
i fold   In   the  stiffly   benten  whites of
tour eggs: turn tbe mixture Into <-ur��
or   fancy   molds  and  set  in  a  ptaee
where It wlll become cold.   When ���wrv-
Ing place on n rold dish and fill the
renter of tbe crown and tbe base with
the fruit thnt has Ikh.ii reserved.  Pan*
sweet cream wltb thla dish.
 -.  ���_    MiauttNT W. 0 SATTMIWS. VWI-e��tSUJIHV.
lm IDMUNU n OSLSM, Se. WttSmiH**... *��� *
C, A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Banking Business In Foreign Lands
1<-..lines! Housss, Corporations. Grain, Stock and Provision
Dealer! wlll find the lacllltlei ol The Dominion Bank adequate lor
��il totelgn linancial dealings. ,
With a Brsnch In London, Enflsnd, snd correspondents tn all
parts cl ihe world, tranascttons are speedily eflected on most
lavorable terms. Foreign Exchange bought and sold. Drafts and
Letters ol Credit Issued. Advances msde on shipments, both
export and Import.   Collections promptly made and remitted lor.
The Bank of Vancouver
',           " ���   ""i.
Branchea Throughout tha Province ef Britiah Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
npwarda received and Intereat at tba highest currant rata paid or
credited halt yearly. 4
Drafta and Travellers' Cheque* told, payabl* In all part* of th*
CHAB. O. MNNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New Weetmlneter  Branch) A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Sleeves Do Net Match.
Tbe pegtop mantles started the
vogue, for tt was found thnt the full
ness uf the material necessary almut
I bo shoulders could produce the
sleeves and afterward be narrowed
down to make the tapering silhouette.
Numbers of tbe new dsnee frocks
sre given an Individualistic touch by
sleeves whicb do not match. A model
nf much distinction was seen developed In blush pink cbarnietme. with a
limp corsage of the same colored nious
���isllne de sole draped over lace.
The skirt was knotted on one side
and was draped ovc.- a* Ivory lace
dmninted petticoat, threaded with gold
m match tbe lac* of tb* corsage the
      to cause
delny.     Kor   younger  cMMrea  easier
words should 1st chosen.
Intelligence ef ispsnsa* Mssksy.
A man wending (im wuy <i|< u worm-
tain side In Japan sat dows t�� rest.
He was surprised by the apprssoh of
a young monkey, which. Iitiatntd .if
Kbwwiug feur. mme to him nad begun
ts pluck at Mh garments. The e-tftM-s-
slua of solicliiide <m the animal's fa.*
Indicated something onuHUal Th*
wayfarer anise and followed the monkey to tbe valley Iwlow. Su<hi ite
came upon the exciting scene of a tt*t-
tlefield. with hundred* of monkeys ea-
gngtnl In u fierce encounter with a dig
Mack bear The simians were neahitig
in and assaulting hruln on all ********
and every now and tbea the hear sa*.
.-ceded In laying "ne low. The man
'-oiinud some thirty monkeys lying
dead. Cpon returning wltli companion* bearing mins tlie trat report from
the rifle eauxed bruin and all the monkeys to tak* fright and disappear lut*
tbe foreat
Concerning custard, or "eostad." ai
it was formerly called. H wns s com
mon Joke at civic fensta In Kngji
Uie olilen Ume to \iltua *s*0k**���*Ot*��
.istard lu the ini(i.iip%.#M#Ftnbie. into
vhleh at Ri.uie jjMirorUie proceedings
ibe ehiwn *n*ttie.'li%y Jumped Hen
leiiMin "#������* (he term "custard (enp
lark'* of oue who -in toll ot a shertt ���
dinner" t....k "bla a I main leap Into a
custard" to "make my lady mayoress
and her sisters laugb all their hood!
wat tbelr shoulders."
Wanted H�� Jealousy.
Uttl* Lola had received a doll aod ���
kitten a-*onR bet Wrthday presents.
Wblcb do i
at yow dulir i
Lola went I
Hk* bMt, four ktttM
Md ber mother. ,
���nd whlnpered In ****\,
Ilk* Mil* btrt.BE!''
t,."-Cbtc��BQ MfEf
Raw Meat Catlng.
In Italy lhe devouring ot raw
meat In restaurants is now so common aa to be ��� to women, at any
rate,���a public annoyance. The waiter brings the slab of beefsteak and
exhibiu It to Uw eyes of tbe man
about to lunch, wbo watches tbe
I -ocess of cutting and of sprinkling
wtth a little oil and vinegar. Over
the dlsb la thea -poured a raw egg.
And It any traveler baa too good an
appetite be can gaencb It by tbe spectacle of the preparation and consumption of that tnnbi-.il.
A DUfeten-e Sa Opinion.
A man who bad alwaya lived tn tb*
same town had a vlalt from a former
resident and was thawing him around
tbe place. They vielted all tbe principal placea of Utaowt.      .
"Well," aald tha dormer resident
sarcastically, "the Ume waa when I
could nave bought thla whole blamed
town atte tor a couple af hundred dollars; but, believe me. I didn't think
It waa worth It."
"Indeed!" replied tha other man.
"It wouldn't bave been It you bad
bought 11."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Icotnpany.  which  will
Pickpockets and Letter Boxes. (tract on until December SE. a date-
When detectives are trying to find ;with!n two weeks of the expiring terwr
the meeting place of pickpocketa that,of olllce or the preaent mayor an*
are working in a neighborhood they i aldermen. The B. C. Electric In ana-
often ask the letter carriers to help'ious for a new contract, one oa the-
them. Tbe postman can tell tbem in' ten-year basts being preferable to*-
what mail boxes he finds tbe most them. The manager of the -oranpanj
empty pocketbooks. 'has submitted a conpte of ms**tm**Stm***%.
After a tnicf nas picked a man's but the members of tbe board air-
pocket be wants to get rid of tb.. loath to touch either and would rath-
empty purse as soon aa be can, and er eee the board of ISI* have It- nn-
what rould bc easier th<>n to drop the der consideration than ttat Uiey.
looted wall.-t In a mail box? Tben it sbcn'd b�� hampered with Be worry ot
won't be found on blm and nobody a crftfeal question on the eve of am
caa say he saw him throw It away, e'ectfon In the meantime the nts
After every big convention tbe leiter j en*. lights will be expected to dteper'
carriers find many etrpty pocketbooks,the gloom of the inky i
to the boxes.
Haiti's Legion of Honor.
tt is not generally known that tho
famous order of tbe Legion of Honor
was adopted at Haiti In 1849.  Wben
Lacombe. Oct. SE.-- Threshing is SF
most completed and the ******* turns
^B       About Birds.
A ehtckea or a partridge a dav aftet
It Is batched win nm about ai 1 pt<*
up seeds, separating them fro
gravel among which they Ile, wbl
the young af tbe tree birds remain
ten a month In the neat, receiving wtt
������ut discrimination wbat la jliven '
tbelr parenta.
A   CnrleW   two  ik*m*xt**xt**xtm**x*xtm**xt**xtmm
with, aiubla ts-ftrnWawak* aad *Mf
inont r^MdTmake bis way tn tb*
wam^**i**r*1l*f tbe burn owl whicb has
led the compurntjte old ag* ��t a
month, though tt
thing of tb* arilou-a,
pect of the bird of
*idl�� puttied ui -(
..light t�� put; rat  B
posses* tonio-
knd knowtat aa-
dom. seWM tdll
which Am -*
When ���"
PNservtng Leather Utfeototoiy-
To iBPtov* and at* tb* !����� f��
leather E��bol*tw ��dlHHEBttnEb.
lng. ��*��� *** ***��� *��� *�����* tl*****�� *5?
����� *t\tolled ��lt***d oll. APBlT �� b
s matt n* tbw poltab with a aUk
iW*t iTplotrot^bShioM. Do this
viMkly. '���       .
He Oat Pleat j.
*Tr��f 4��-Wb*w! BMtor��tt
t. v. loun I lood lor tbEEgbt l*4gr
d, amtUc e inert artW* tbUJ����%��gP'
Low* o >a*d��*r-Foodt I abonld toy
a ta8%�� " n***t ********* m
bit #i>^^^H^|   '
Soalouque became emperor under the, 4^*?^ itfto-^to altooat sr7-7y
name of Fauatln 1. be instituted an th   view of wheat aaa. barter is a
order In imitation of that which hadithe neia orwneat wm* ""*** "?_���
been established by Napoleon In 1802.
Statues,  ribbons and  Insignia war*
precisely   identical,   and   since   tbe
sovereign of Haiti distributed his honors to all and sundry  with  lavlsb
naad  the   French   Oovernment waa
considerably embarrassed. Tb* death
of Soulouque ended tbe dlflkulty.
Didn't Know Hla.
A drill sergeant wa* drilling tb*
recruit aquad tn the uae ot tb* rlEe.
Everything went smoothly nntll
blank cartridge* www tfftrributed.
Tb* racmiu war* instructed to load
tbelr piece* aad aland at tbt
"ready." and tben tb* lergeaat gart
the command: |M*_Mi_i|W*i_H
"Flre at will!" U,,,, gSwndw
t-ISil*^*^*W**pttUl*4-   H*\***y������ ******* -
>0^lebb,oneUr.WtUr.b.Mbed.    b^^^S
���-���������-��� combe'a record yWd ar
Not ��� GoatostloMlst. Ured and thirtrtwo
A man eomplaiaed to bit doctor to.|Th��yaat>y to ataaat
er than war anticipated.   Aa Waft am
fifty-five bust** ET w����t aad atatr
of barley to thamesma
the average quaKty
ever known before.
has done the.fr-_rt.ai_d It la to i
degree' due to the large W&W******* **
thli variety.*awa tbo* tba y-f��W.��g**
quality ara:ao ExtWhctarr- TV* *t***\~-**<*
experience wflE eaaaa the lai mi in to '
aaw more wheat wart yaar, ���^***-
tt the flrat variety ttat h*�� ft
be exactly aulted b�� tka 1
tude. the new *
ttm Jrarqnts, 1
expected, b-to t
pofntmoat   It
cenUy thr* ***rr Mtb* ma beat fat-
ward all-fbtly ^ad b*M o��t bis arm
I crlaontally, witvlnf tbera around if
">aiw nal
to bit left ikHMwbMt.
a imall eircl*, b_t fait.��. tbarp
"W*U," taor Eoctor. "wb}
tb* Eltktat d* yow waat to ttt .**������
a *oot*rtton aftr-.
"How alt* Is a aaa to pat Ma *****
eoali *hk EoHorf - -. .*��� ��� iV
wool* at.tlmttm
Uman re**Mble as
Ithera btaWull.
read of a Walking
> "presMtal *��*m
rd, Bask.. Ort. Jl.-r-
aged *m**n a*t
ht w*r* *at_ocat*d
ftt here.   The m
������ ohU,.
jMitly a��f
to the clty.fi
y iJ
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   31,  1(13.
Potato Flour, pkg 1Sc-
' ' Fine for cakes, puddings otc.
Whole. Wheat Meal. J*K   .--30c.
Health  I'.iod.
.toman Meal. pk��-  ��� -: 3Dc-
Health  Kuod
.K-il��ton's Health Hran, pkg.25c.
All    three   recojarouniicd    bj
Finest    ISnglwh    Marrowfat
PesH. 2 pkgs 2Sc-
H you object t.i canned -goods,.'
�����e -.voul-i *sn_3teat Ukihc:
IHil IMckles, large tin  25c,
Lib-bar's Mince m.at, Ib 20e.
Ctoned Crab, tin  25c.
(-anned Scallops, tin 35e.
Oaawtfl flams, *i tins 25e.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Saturday   Evenings
7 to 9.
Greater Westminsterff!0 ���      !
Tam O' Shanter.
���The Burnaby Burns club will  meet
thjK ovening in <ii�� Alta Vista school
to discuss "Tam 0' Shanter."
Ver plumbing, beating and sheet
nirlal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
say, Eighlh and Carnarvon streets.
��pne 586. (2148)
Hallowe'en Social,
;The Kast. Hurnaby Auxiliary of the.
Icnyul Victorian Order of Nurses will
hnl'd their Hallowe'en social In More-
ipti hall, Kdmonds this evening.
'f Masque Dance.
a A  Hallowe'en  masque    dance    was
ield in Johnston's hall, Bapperton last
Becoming Reality.
That proposed campaign of the Pro-1
gressive association Is fast becoming
a reality. Yesterday afiernoon the!
committee detailed to assign the i
names of men whose fees are in ar-!
rears to the member collectors met.
By nexl Tuesday lhe scheme will be j
ready lo launch.
Col.  Roy of Victoria,  District Officer
. .Commanding, Wlll Be at Armorlee
This   Evening.
Millinery special, Friday and Saturday. Handsomely trimmed plush and
velvet hats, really worth $10 to il*.
for $7.50.    Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth str��n
Judging Competition!.
'The Thistle social club will hold a
Hallowe'en dance In St. George's hall
this evening,   a judging competition
oft  the   pumpkin   lanterns   will   take
place aboul 10 o'clock.
Edmonds Club.
The annual meeting of the Kdmonds
club will he held in Ihe Kdmonds Development block on Thursday evening.
Nov.  8.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew*
church will hold their annual Scot-.ii
.supper and concert on Thursday. November G.    Don't n.iss it. I_
Money to loan on tlrst mortgngea.
improved citv and farm propertv
3 per cent. Alfred \V. Mcl.eod.    (2159)
Port Woody Mayoralty.
John H. McNeice of Port Moody, Ins
announced his candidature for the
mayoralty of his city at the elections
to be held In January. It. Thurston,
of Thurston & Flavelle is among those jof the 104th in th.
suggested as possibilities for the snme int   the   armories  ut
Col. Hoy of Victoria, tlie district officer commanding, will inspect A. and
11. companies of the 104th regiment
hero at 8 o'clock tonight; on Saturday
morning he will Inspect D, and E. companies at Chilliwack, C. company ut
Cloverdale In Ihe afternoon, and will)
return  to New  Westminster at   night.
Companies A. and 11. with the staff!
Ity are to muster
Sixth   street   and1
position.    Mr. McNeice states that he*Queen's    avenue    shortly    before    S;
hns been assured of the support of a o'clock.    The II. O. C. ls accompanied J'
large number of the ratepayers should Iby   Capt.   Kaulkes,   paymaster  of   the
he run.   P. D. Hoe, the present mayor, j district also  of   Victoria, and   by  the
intends  making  an  extended   visit   to gtaff,
tho old country next year and on that      Semi-weekly rt -il 1 has been held forji
account will be unable to stand for re- gome months nov and men are being,
election. I enlisted every  week, at the last  drill:
���  | eight recruits were signed on.   One nf
Municipal Employment Bureau.��� the most valuable addition! to the lo- \
People desiring help "f any descrln cal detachment is II. Jennlnga, who,
'ion can be supplied al short notice b'* !hns been attached to the staffs nf not-!
applying to the oltloe. City Hall. Clark- ed commanders of Imperial forces ln:
son street entrance. Phone 852. (2306)   several campaigns and  who is acting
las orderly room sergeant.
The bugle band here under Drum
Sergeant l.e-slle is Increasing in num-!
hers and efficiency and now ,12 buglers, drummers and flfers are In attendance at the band practices. The
regimental band at Chilliwack is also
Improving and will be inspected on
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
llie Perpetual Trustee.
.'���aid tfp Capital and
Surplus t 2.800.000
Anseta 4,973,!*83.��I3
Trusteeships Under
Administration over   6,090,000
Trustee for Bondholders over  25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver. Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
.Montreal, Charlottetown, Ixin-
don, Eng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606 Columbia  Street.
Proud of Dump.
Out of town people who have during
the last few weeks Inspected the city
dump at the lower end of the city say-
it is the best kept and most sanitary
in Hritish Columbia. Health Inspector Pearce is proud of it. and justly so.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 8.6, wharf phone 880.
Out on Strike.
The electric arc lamp at Carnarvon
and McKenzie streets has gone out on
strike. Several times this week it has
hid its light under a bushel but, last
nicht It went out and didn't come b��ck
all night. Consequently the street intersection was in darkness.
Port Moody Depot.
Por! Moody may also have Its station soon. Rumor says that there
is a movement on foot to petition the
���luncll to request the removal of the
depot frcm its present, location at the
extreme western end to the settled portion of tho town to Queen's street.
The latter point is considered more
centrally located by some and the objection the C. P. R. entertained to the
establishment of the station there before, viz.. that the grade at Queen's
street was toosteep. has now heen removed by the completion of the new
cut from Port Coqultlam. The tracks
and Queen's street are nnw practically
A home run with
"Saturday Special"
every  lime.
a box    of    Hi'.i
will   win   for  v >
Shingle Mill Burns.
Fire was discovered in tlio Royal
Oak shingle mill owned by Messrs.
G. E, Fleming and Yeomans. shortly-
after midnight yesterday, which destroyed thc entire plant. The plant
was valued at $1000 and it is stated
was not covered by Insurance. The
chief los-. is the destroying of about
40,000 shingles.
Water Rates.���Oonsumers of water
not using meters are reminded that in
order to save the rebate on the last
three monthj of the year, nayment
must be made on or before 5 p.m. Frl-
day (this week), 31st inst., at the City
Hall. (2816)
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
80 Per Cent of Threshing Dene.
Prince Albert. Oct. 30.���Reports re-!
ceived in the city during the nast few-
days Indicate that between "5 and 80 :
ner cent of the threshing In the dis- ,
trlct has been completed.    Occasional
spells of inclement weather have not j
interfered  with operations materially. ]
McAllisters Limited
Don't fail to visit the demonstration ofthe
Utility House Dresses in Our Store Windows
and Store on Friday and Saturday.
The lady will demonstrate in our show windows
during Friday and Saturday the complete reform of
the house dress now as a garment of Beauty, Utility,
and Comfort. We have a complete stock now to
supply your requirements in many pretty colors and
Priced from $1.75 to $3.00
W. W. Foster a Candidate.
Victoria,   Oct.   'in.- -In   response   to!
urgent  invitations from the Conserva-1
Uvea associc.ioni, of the district nnd
'be caru.st solicitation of many  per-1
icnal   friends.   W,   W.   Foster,   deputy
- -  .minister of public works, has agreed;
Proposed   Steel   Bridge. td the submission of his name as Con-;
Everything appears settled in con- [aenrstlve candidate Rt the coming coo-!
nection with the proposed steel bridge jvention   of   the   Islands  electoral   dls-||
crossing the North road operations ofltrict.    The step  Involves his  imrncdi-i
the (Ireat Northern railway company,
which matter came up before the Dominion railway commissioners at a
sitting in Vancouver last Monday. Aid.
Dodd and the engineers of Coquitlam,
Burnaby  and   New   Westminster    to-
nte retirement  from the executive office he now holds.
Auto Manufacturer Assigns.
Cleveland. O., OC. 30.���L, E. Ewlng,
automobile manufacturer, filed a vol-
gether   with   Mr.   Kerr,   engineer   foreman   petition   in  bankruptcy   in   the
the commission and a G. N. R. engi-j federal   court  late   today,   giving   lla-l
neer, visited the scene of the excava- Ibilities of $540,510 and assets of $400.
tion   operations   this   week   when   the l.V  large  portion  of the  liabilities are '���
whole scheme was thoroughly discuss-, the  result of  the   guaranty  of  bond;
ed at every angle.    Mr. Kerr made a ' furnished for the New York Mail com- |
minute  inspection  Of  the  alleged   en- ���pany   to   the   federal   government   for
croachraent on thc North road by thej to Insure the delivery of mails in New-
It will appeal to you as it lias to
thousands of women who will accept
no other. We have a good range of
very choice materials and patterns.
It is typically a Utility garment as It
is  practical for every kind of service
a house dress, negligee or apron.
Also  a   slip-on  over  other  garments.
It is shown in a wide variety of materials such as crepes, pllsaes, silks,
Challis, voiles, lawns and fancy flannelettes, In a good range or styles at
interesting  prices.
i.et us demonstrate the many features of this pattented garment. You
will   like  it.
Six Recruits.
Six recruits were sworn in for the
Burnaby troop of the B. C. Horse at
a meeting held in the Burnaby public
hall last evening when officers of the
regiment were present to explain the
objects and requirements to become a
member. About 40 were present Major Crehan ond Lieut. O. Schofield addressed the meeting.
The Ladies'    Aid    of St. Stephen's]
church intend holding their Christmas
sale of work on November 28 at    St.
Stephen's church. (2313)
railway company and will hand down
a report to his superiors before that
hrrin meets again in Vancouver this
���octal ana  Persona]
York City.
ai" demanding the "UTILITY" garments because of their simplicity of
adjustment, their cleverness of style
and the very attractive designs used.
Only two buttons required to put
the garment In readlnesa. No under
garments are visible as In the case of
the old kimono.
When one side is slightly soiled lt
can   be  reversed   with   the  clean  side
on top-
Aii  these desirable  features are lo
he had  at prices no higher Ihan you
are in tho habit of paying.
Become a wearer of the "UTILITY"
and you will become enthusiastic In
Us praises.    Sec our big display.
Central Park Improvements.
Work has commenced on the long
projected Improvamenta lo the entrance to Centra] l'ark in connection
with the B. C. E, II. Early this year
an agreement was reached between
the park commissioners and the rallwav company whereby the latter concern in return for a strip of land,
were lo erect a handsome gateway, a
terraced embankment and tiie liclit*
ing of the entrance. A gang of men
have been started Bt work which will
he carried  to completion  this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Kew. of Salmon Arm,
are staying at the Windso'.
Thomas l'eters, of Pitt Lake, has
taken up his residence at the Windsor.
Alderman J. A. Clarke of Port Moody
who has not been in the best of
health lately, has announced his retirement from the civic politics of
Port Moody at  the end of this year.
J. II. Draney of Dranejr __ All, has
bee.i for some time on business up
th" coast In the vicinity of I'rlnce Ilu-,
Slow Progress.
���r. S. Rogers, manager of the (ana- Washington, Oct. 80.���The proposed
dlan Western I.umber company, left government controlled central bank
yesterday for New York. Mrs. Rogers'plan prevented progress again today
accompanied  her husband. [in   the  senate  committee's considera
tion   of   the   administration   currency
Euqenic Marriages.
Kansas City.   Mo.. Oct.  30. ���A  plea j
for eugenic    marriages   by   Governor
Simeon   B.   Baldwin,   of  Connecticut,
and    an    address i  by.    Kev.    Newell tl
[.wight  Hillis, of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y��� on
the   new   social   obligalluis   for     tiie
church brought io. an end tonight the
fifteenth triennial council of the Con-
.regatloual  churches  in  the    l'nited
Slat' ib,
Deny Report of Engagement.
Louden,   Oct.   Su.-The   report   current on the continent and published In
America,    of    the  betrothal    of    tho
l'rinee of Wales and the Grand Ouch-
ess Tatiana, second daughter of    the
I Russian emperor, was today officially
| denied as a pure invention.
On Sale in Our New Ladies' Ready-to-
Wear Department on the First Floor
McAllisters Limited
���ami Mi
-     -| t�� VtaM-taste. Violin. Sing*
���t-xtu Voton \**nM*s*Bttt*m. Theory (in
��� Isnn nr privately). Harmony. Counter
Artiifi". Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for thn exainiua
tUrna of the. Abikh'i;.!.-�� il.aid df the
Royal Academy ot Mutic and Royal
��� <4lcge of Music. Also. ProfeasiojkJ
'. lipVimae, Teacher or  Performer.
For forms, etc., apply bl Oufferin
**str*act.    Photie 411 ll. <_157l
Kred Davis will sell by public, auction (absolutely without reserve, under instructions from li. B. Milne. Ill*"
assignee) three automobiles, machinery, office furniture, safe and effects
on the premises of the Weatmlnster
Oarage Co., corner of Sixth street nnd
Carnarvon strcit. New Westminster
on Friday, October 81, 1813, nt 2:30
p.m. sharp. Pull particulars of sale
can be obtained at the Westminster
Auction ll.iusi'. Kln-ss hotel hlock- Columbia street. New Westminster.
Kverything wlll he on
ot sale.
At the Russell hoiel among those
who registered yesterday were P. A.
Macfarlane, St Catharines: J. Graham. Toronto, and t). Mcintosh, Chilliwack.
A. N. Mackay of Chilliwack. was in j
,V*?w Westminster yesterday to meet '
his wife who arrived from the old i
A well attended meeting of the Wo- i
I man's   Ed DCS tional   rliili   was   held   at
the home of  Mrs.  T.  K   l'earson.  715 |
Royal     avemm    yesterday   afternoon,
|when ihe- hostess gave an Interesting
address  on   sightseeing abroad,  illus- \
tr.'itinc her points  with many    curios!
collected   during   her   five     visits     tn;
European  mumi-ics.    OIIit  sneakers '
were Mrs. I'.   R   Cordon of Edmonds, ���
and   Mrs   C.   Wataon  and   Miss  Drew.
Afternoon tea w* served, Mrs. J. Ilr,*-
��m and M--s .1   W. Rogers pouring tea
'���listed   hy   Mrs.   O.   B, Cordon.   Miss
Drew   und   Miss   Helena CrnVe.     Miss
Minerva   Smith   rendere'd   two   selections on Ihe piano.
bill. After an all day dlscussino of
the number of regional banks to be
created .o administer the proposed
new system, the committee adjourned
wll hout taking a vote on a single proposition.
Edmonton, Oct 30.���From messages
received from points In the Peace
river country, it can be safely said
Miat winter has aet In. At Peace
Riv.r Crossing this morning the mercury registered 15 degrees below zero.
Ther.' is four lii'-hes of snow and the
riv.r has a  thing coating of Ice.
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint   -   -   -   -   .   50c
Per Quart   .... $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen ~   -~~ .   -   35c
(Succeaaor to Ayling * Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Pancy fresh dressed local Spring Chickens      30c.
"ens   ' 25c.
Holl lng   Beef
Pot  Roasts -)5C
Rabbits,   each      25c'
Pure I.ard, :'h, 5s, 108, per lh     .....'., ........   15c!
Picnic Hams _ ] ]   . 13c!
Rest Sugar Cured  Hams and  Uacon    ......'.'...'.'...'..'.'.". 23c.
Phone 300.
632 Columbia Street
view   inornlnR
.. f or ..
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries  and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 11, Smith Block.
Mcdonald���The de
after a brier llin. ss yei-
trtce,  the daughter of
| ll. C. McDonald, no Agi  i
21   years.    The  dcceasei,
I friends here wiio  will in
The   funeral   takes   plac.
I morning at 9:30 Iroin tlu
dence, 119 Agnes street, t
COTTER   The funeral
I Mrs. T. A. Cotter, who d
I day  evening  Ht   the  resi'
|j sister,   Mrs.  fi.   J.   Morroi
streeL,  lakes  place from
Ibis morning at  '.) o'cloci
man  Catholic  conn lery.
Beck will officiate,
"o recognize and seize the opportmn
elcs when they come Io you?
in Intrrv'ew lonlglit with a j to  fit yourself to take advantage  ttt
the ca   Inet. said:  "I have   many  future opportunities���It>  ������   th*
* opportunity to -gain a practical knon i
Thomas   l.ip-
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O.  BOX 44? TELEPHONE   ��24
that If "ertaln financial de.
he am. ,ged. areat Britain
t;ictn��>   representedI  at  San
tke   tinanclal   difficulties
Plf.on ���tops Clock.
on flew aSninut the face of the
Town     Hull    clock    and   was
between   the  minute hand   and
The clock was stopped for un
til the I, rd was liberated.
Phone 8S3.
BOIJCIC, Principal.
��10 Columbia St.
8or ... people g0 ahout with their eyes
m'tti' "V**, unlit they aee something
the. n-.ight not Wi then abut thsm tight
.   .iter thoy have luoksd.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
our nMwior rinlsh Is manufactured from timber apecially aelect-
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing tn I'lr Doors with Veneered I'nnela
which nre better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
IM air]
it icnlr. ��!
to the |( ,;
ev.  Kiiih.-r'
National Prohibit n.
Indianapolis,  lnd., Oct. i.���A reao
jlnlion   endorsing  national rohlbil  ������
'and llie campaign ul Ihe N mal Anl!
iSaloon league  to mipprM the tna'iu
facture ami   aale  of  Into cants   wai
adopted by    the   nniiona: -lonvontloii
'of Mclliiiilisi  men here th nf tern non
amid great  applause.    Th resolut'on
IflelH forth    thai    "we    sti d    for th'
iKpeeill.nl   possible  mippr* lon  of nil
|lii|iinr traffic.''  and    Hiat "the   only
[proper  altitude  uf  civil overntnent
Shott Term Loans
Mas. Bac.
Singing,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and lloura Apply at.      | toward  anything   ho   tiari   nl   ss  the
Studio, 1011  Hamilton Street.    Phone ; liquor traffic  la that of a  lolute pro-
1319 R.
(2263)   hibition.'
ONE YI'_..R<).
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
*J*   , 'taWWied 1M1.
'�� *ecb  ,,, Employ ira*   Liability,  Atttamoblla  ut*
���*-*������** iMuranoa,
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule -���Trains leive New Westminster at 6, 7, 7:39, 8,
y:SO and :i a.m., imd every 20 minutes    thereafter    until    8:30    p.m.
After 8: i) service every 30 minutes with  last car leaving at midnight.
'i:15, ��
until 4
___   S''
. day schedule-Trains leave New Weatmlnster at l>, 5:45, 6,
i, li:4B, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., anil every 20 mlnutea
n.m.. Prom 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
\ftor 8:30 p.m. a 30 mlnuto service with last car at midnight.
.rday service-Karl y morning schedule the same as on week-
t after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service wlll be given until mid-
Tii rough trains for Chllllwack leave New Wostmlnster dally at
'���Hi m. and 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
ror i turn trip at 0:10 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 5:45 p,m.
Dall. Kxpreiis service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.ni  and 3:35 p.m.


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