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The New Westminster News Sep 9, 1913

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Ntwa Classified Ads.
Have proven tbelr worth by the
reiulU   they    produce.     Thty   fill
large   or   amall   wanta   at   amall
��� Mt
The Weather.
Dims Westminster and the laower
Mainland:    Warm    with    moderate |
I winds; generally fair and a��t��U��njamry
I or luch��-r temperature.
Scriou3   Demonstration   in Burnaby Council (Jives Tern-
Tokio Following Killing       porary Loan Bylaw Two
Uncle  Camuel's  Leaders Try to  Best
the Cun to It���Vork on Tariff
Merchants and Clerks May;
Still Arrange Matter Satisfactorily.
Ccuncll   ("number  Packed    to    Doors
When Measure Is Lost by Lsrce
oi Japanese.
a =;:���
>.;< 8
tt * # ���������>
U. S. Citizens Refuse Third
Class Passage Offered by
Own Country.
Westminster   Handicapped
by Freight Rates Between
Here and Vancouver.
The shops  Refutation bylaw,  the
o I in of wblcb was to give all clerks ln
New Westminster a half holiday on
line day eurh week (lied a natural
death In the council last evening. After being discussed by every aider-
man and the mayor snd after three
representatives of the business men
representatives of the clerks, of the
Trades and Labor council and Ihe l_o-
ral Council of Women nnd a represen
tatlve nf modem democracy, had addressed Ihe council, the clauses refer
ring to th" half holiday closing were
voted struck out and then the bylaw
withdrawn on a vote of the council.
Kvery alderman wel m his seat and
the council chamber was crowded
Both sides Interested In the question
were we|| represented and both sides
were irlien every opportunity to air
their  views.
Many and interesting were the arguments advanced and the debates bn
twin the sldcrmen as the battle pro
reeded grew spirited
Defeat Bylaw.
.la*"!'* ('iinnlnpEhatn. who spoke for
the business men, crested snme ex
eltement and some amusement when
he wound uu his spc*��-e*h with the open
defy thst |f the bylaw were passed
lhey Would break the law and he stat
cd that lie gave the council notice in
sdvance itiM he for one would refuse
tn elOM and that he would defy the
city council.
Tate Apparent.
The fale of the bylaw waa evident
from tht commencement of lhe dlai-
ciiKflon. for it wan apparent from th"
remark* uf the aldermen thst although
they were in favor of a half holldar
for the rlerks. the bylaw as It stood
was not ln the best Interests of tlie
Mayor**  Posltle*.
Mayor Orny outlined his position
anil staled ihat he was glad that 'lie
merchants had tnken an interest In
tht natter and had come lo the council meeting it was the firm time many
if :lia-ni hail been In the council chnni-
In r. am! he pointed out that nt a recent meeting in connection wiih th"
coming provincial exhibition of ir. c;ii
sens present, but two or them were
M��y Settle Vet.
Although 'li" bylaw wan deflated It
Is still possible that an arrangement
��i;i be reached bet ween the business
Men's association and the retail clerks'
association whereby each clerk will be
given a half holiday on one day ench
week. 11 mis iminted out that this ar-
r*Ugement would nnt necessitate the
closing of the stores nml wonld a! the
enme lime meet the object of the
clerks which was lo shorten the working hours.
Some Interesting Riul Conclusive nr
puments wre put up by representatives of both Interested parties.
F?vor Holiday.
Monthly R:nt cf Improved Wster Lett
Equal to Former Charre for
Whole Yesr.
f>ue of the advantages gained for
the city by tha harbor schema was
trought to the attention of tbe large
number of citizens present at the
meiling of lhe council lati evening,
when Alderman White brought In ��
report from the harbor committee re
commending that two leases Of water
lots be granted for terms not extending over one year and at u rental |Kr
Japan  Says  No   Mcbol. :.n*-\   But   Will
Deal with Msttcr with Firm
Tokio, Sept. 8. The anti-Chinese
ib tne nstrations continued today in
the form of window smashing und
.ram car wrecking.
Premier Yuiuuinoto Informed the
political di'puiatii i. * which called on
mm nun the government would   not
in* b line, but Intended U) deal with
the Chinese problem With a firm hand,
it is reported that Choco Koike,
counsellor to Hte Imperial embassy at
London, will injected Mor'air'n Abe
an director of tlie Japanese f. reign
China A-ioloeir-s.
Piking   Sept. 8.���The Chinese
Calls for   Use  of  ��33.030 from   Roysl
Dank cf Canada���C. N. R. Must
Pay Taxes.
press nt
in iiie i,
p  towards extinguishing    (he
financial  stringency    existing
iiii'ci|:allty was taken by the
council    when    a temporary
loan bylaw calling tor a loan of li.',
000 from tbe Uoyal Hank of Canad i
and ulso the Hurnaby debenture further hypot.ilcation bylaw, 11*13, were
given lir.M aud sec-nd readings.
Although Iteeve McGregor *as un-
committal as lo the nature of tlie new
move, be, later In the evening, Informed The News that the means
taken that evening would relieve the
present stringency when the financial
aituatlon could be taken up by the
committee and  possibly new   arrangi
Washington. Sept. 8 ���The
senate will vote finally on lhe
Democratic tariff bill tomorrow
afternoon   at 4 o'clock.   This
agroeim nt wa�� reached tonight
at 11:45 o'clock, when it became apparent that It would
be impossible to carry lhe plan
to pass the measure ba fore
Huerta Gives fhe Best There Is
Many Take Adva.ita^e of
and   Industrua   Commissoner   Darling   ****���
vises Centralirln? cf Cmall
tt tt ft
Vera Cruz. Sep!. 8.���When the
steamer Tamanlipas sails tomorrow
lor New Orltans there will be aboard
a few Americans, part of whose passage has bten paid by the Mexican
government. 11 other Americans wish-
    ing to leave   the   country,    whether
...    ..    , ���,,_,,      ���     wn,    ,h. 'destitute or not, apply    to    the   local
,   !?^tt^.^n!*^2��iatarMtb��iUtgl   they   are   promised    first
hope  of  passing    he     1,1 *     ood-S m- transportation to any  American
mona   tariff   bill   D6"Cf6   another  aun-,      . .       . .*       . ;_.   .
V       *l      ���������.,   *,. ,,.���,.  ,.,**-x  *,     f,  Port t0 which they may wish to go.
the measure throughout today. u,mo-,, _. Jl__��_ ,,. ��� ,���, ���j���j ,   ,���i��M *%\-
cratic leaders had  done Iheir utmost **l*** Hu"u h��d in.ended to fulfill the
offer made    to the    Americans    last
week,   but   Instructions   to   the   Vera
month as great as previously obtained l^���- ,;���-'��� \-,n^ ��� ���& SSu^SJSl iSto^S l��<�� taK
pe- yea ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Thin report and the notice given b>
Alderman Jardine that nt Ihe next
meeting of the council he would Intro
duce a hylBW for the purchase of the
plant of the New WeBtmlnster Ca'
company were the most ImDortsni
Items 1' business at the meeting, spar.
f-orr lhe discussion on the Hliops
Regulation hyhiw.
'In the recom mendation of the hsr
"b-or commitlee It  was decided to rent
cilat'i 11 in Japan In connection with Icier*.
th" killing of several Japaneae in the
lighting at Nanking, and, des'ring to
mike reparation, has Instructed the
Chinese charge d'affaires at Tokio lo
exrress regrets to the Japanese for-
���Min ofTice. The Chlneae foreign office
bate already has expressed regrets to
the Japanese legation.
The   general   In   charge   at   Nanking
has nent a maasage of sympathy   to
An echo from the last bylaw election when lhe debenture bylaw was
voted down, was heard last evening
when a communication from the
Broadview Ratepayers' association
was read, endorsing the bylaw and
pledging its undivided support towards its passage.
A flicker of a smile shone on the
countenances   when   the    letter    was
to suppress general apeeches and
force progress, and before the night
session was well under way. voting
on final important amendments had
The first hint of the final hint over
free wool, came late this afternoon
when Senator l.a Follette introduced
a   general   substitute  for  the  general
Oral officials followed a request Li
.Mexico City by a group of Americana
yesterday who were dlBiatlsfied wfth
the accommodations Consul Canada
was able to supply.
Refuse Charity.
I    After a favorable answer bad erne
An important meeting of the board
of control of the board of trade
waa held yeaterday afternoon, tbe
chief object being to secure better
freight rates than there now existiuK
between tbis city and Voncoaver.
Tke matter haa been up for discns-
slon before aad It was left In the
fiends of tbe transportation committee
which banded In Its report yesterday.
Industrial Commissioner W. Ia. Darling, who daring the past few weefca
has be-en securing data to be presented tu tiie board, explained tbe aituatlon In a concise form. It appears
from Mr. Darling's letter that the mer-
���af both cities on the lower
mainland bave irery reason to com
plain at the exeeaalve freight rates.
Net a Switching Charge.
Tbe prevent blanket rate, he pointed
eat of 71-2eeateoaearload and IS 1-2
cents oss Lt tots, waa not a switching
to the Vancouver Milling tt drain Co.'the Japanese consul gtneral and has  read.     Il   waB   ordered   filed,   without
the east  60  feet  of water lot ?.��. ttie  offered to compensate the fam'lles of   reference
rental to ba 145,80 per month.                 the  victims.    The    newlv    appointed
Also thai  the west r, feet of water Chinese   mlnis'er  at   Tokio  has  b��en
lol 80 and all or water lot in. nnd Ota ordered lo Nanking to conduct a full
east 18 feet of water lot II be rented , Inquiry,
iv     the     inonth   to  the   P.   C.   Grain |	
  _       _ Icharge ha aay sense of the word, bat a
I signed the petition refused" to accept to"fl f*rt*t rate covering practically
all commodities and no classiflcatlou
[enters  tn*�� the question.
Mer can I    The  industrial commissioner show-
il that, from   bla   observation*, tbe
!<". V. R. by reason of the long han! via.
Everyone who spoke
In fr.vor of a hulf holiday fur thi
clerks, the contention being, however
that It should be a provincial enact
ment and not confined to New West
The matter first came up In tin
form of a petition signed hy Rl business men of New Westminster onc'os
lng a petition passed at a recent meet
lng of tho New Westminster Buaineai
Men's association UBklng that lhe by-
lnw lie not passed.
After the petition had been read n
motion was put that the names be
First   Round.
11 was here that Alderman Dodd and
Alderman I.ynch first locked horns
with the rest  of the council
Allien .an I.ynch moved an amendment, seconded by Alderman Dodd.
that the petition take the usiini course
of all petitions and that only one or
two of the first names be read. The
amendment was lost and the names
wero read.
Hears Arguments.
Alderman Kellington then moved
that the repreaentatlves bn heard on
the questions. Alderman Dodd asked
thnt renresei'tntlves of the other or-
ganlzstions be also heard nnd Alderman Kellington included this In his
motion, which was carried. Ench
speaker was limited to five minutes.
0. A. Welsh wns the flrsl of the
hitslnepB men to address tho council.
Mr. Welsh stated that It was clauses
four and flvo. referring lo the half
holiday to which the business men
objected, lie maintained that the by-
lnw In Hint respect was not in the Interests of the merchants nor In the
Intererts of the city.
"It Is simply absurd." he ssld. "to
pass s bvlsw of this kind when Vancouver Is open and lu<s np such Inw.
We a-e agreeable io giving the clerkp
a hsl' holiday. Wo nre willing to eo-
onernte nnd endeavor to secure a provincial half holiday. There Is the
trsde from boats coming up the river
we wnuld lose If we were closed on
one hs" dsy as they would go to Vancouver."
Mr. Welrh dealt with the generous
manner In which the majority of New
Westminster business men dealt with
their clerks, giving them all statutory
(Continued on Page Four.)
Orowers1 arfdallon for the sum of
JT'l per month
Th" P. (' drain Growers' n��toc'a.
Hun will also I* permitted ta use the
vaoant space between the old cp n '
warehouse and lhe Columbia Col'
Btorage plant, provided the association
maintains a public wharf ther"on. to
be  kept In full operation for T4 hours
'each   day
Use of Wharves.
The association Is to huve the prlv
ielege of charging the usual wharfage!
rates. The use of the vacant propertv, ,
how ever,   and   the  berthing  space   ia j
1 frort thereof Is to lie svaRalale at all i
times lo nnv departmenl  of the Olty,
twiihi'ut payment of anv charge
Anv   Improvements c-ccted  thereon '
:"���" nl  th" risk of the tenant and  no
c-ip-am-ntiun whatsoever win be paid
to  cither tenant when   the  city  taki-s
iver the proporty, which it can do at I
any time the property Is required for
the harbor Improvements
Added Income.
Alderman  White, chairman  ot th"
harbor committee, said that the citv
was now enabled to gel an much rental
mi ntlila* as they could obtain yearly
previously, ami added that In his ooin-
���oii t>!" in w Industry to be c-snblv-h'i!
by   the   Vancouver   Milling    *���   riraln
oompany would prov
to the c'ty and that It wonld become
a   verv   large   addition   to   the   industrial depart menl of Nev: Westminster
Pav   Contractors.
on tlie recommendation of the har-
boi- committee alao an account frr
811091.08 was passed In favor of Bailey,
Mlsener * Waugb. a
ciiy Engineer Blaokman (Liked fAr
Instructions as to which a portion of
however, was  the cemetery he shouhl net aside for
tlie burial of Orientals and pautKrs.
li" also recommended that if passible a man should he appointed to ilig
graves and take care of the cemetery
* and pointed oul thai a number of the
; survey posts hnd been removed bv
persona using the northern side or the
cemetery as a fool path.
The parka committee will bring in a
report on this matter.
|     Th-      Weatmlnsler      Woodworking
enrnpnrv nsked the council to hnve s
j street   light   plnceil  on   the  corner  of
Duncan  and  Beacb  streets.  Queens-
I borough,    The matter was referred to
Canadian Immigration Officials Rather Amused at
Idea of Big Plot
Say    They    Had    Investinated    Years
Aco and Found No Grounds for
Possible trcuble made Its oppea--
ance when a letter was read fro��� J.
C. Gwynn. registrar of titles at New
, Westminster, to the effect that a cer-
'ta'n real estate firm was sell'ng half
lots to settlers without depositing the
\ r��.-subdiviBion plan. The communication wbb u fa-or by Mr. Owrnn call-
Ing th" attention of the council to
the matter and Ills work was sp"ken
of in an appreciative manner bv Councillor Macnheraon, This move of Belling half lo'B. t'as up to tlie pre����nt
time been guarded a?a pat bv the Dur-
caby munlclpalltv which passed . bvlaw last year calling for a lot to b"
Of a miri'mui" sr ���* before the subdivision can be allowed to be placard
!in the market.
C N. B. Protest.
The action of tne provincial government in exempting all lands from
taxation owned by the Canadian Northern rallwav for railway purposes
until the year 1924 was brought into
prominence bv the reading of a letter from Mackenzie, Munn & Co., pro
testing the payment of taxes on certain lands which they claimed were
for railway purr.osr-B Of the C. N. It.
Tlie munlclnal si licitor advised the
council that llurnaby should net comply with the robust lo exempt the'i
land from taxes as the plans at the
land registry olT'ce fa'! to show sa!d
lands to b<> owned bv the C N. R. fori
railway purposes. The solicitor was
instructed lo take steps fer the collec |
(Continued on Page Kight.l
wool tariff in the sectlous of the Un- ,r��m "'�� <*P'tal. some of these who |
derwood-SImmons bill. .signed the pet "-
An    inheritance     tax    amendment Mrtatonce on   the grounds   that   as |
offered by Senator Norrls was pending Americana they did not feel Ike ac
at the time and debate alternated for <-eP*-<*S  charity   from
several hours government, ���**������
The ba Follette wool plan came ������Li^Sfto'SSS S^Le^Sfl^"***"*- ,��Mtlon' wa�� not *��,n*
department to Consul Canada are notjvery  .^^ tor loca, ,re!Rht traffic.
a surprise to the Democratic side. His, .   .        . ,
substitute proposed a general cut on', re8��r1'?, at *ne commhue as altering
the wool tariff materially the previous    instructions
and  moat of  the  transportation  pro-
Wool Flying.
When Senator I-a Follette concluded. Senator Stone, In charge ot the
wool sections of the bill, urged Democrats to refrain from debate. He sa'd
the subject had been thoroughly
covered before; then Senator l.a Follette had refrained from offering his
amendment when the wool Issue wa��
being discussed, and then the tariff
bill's passage should not be delayed
by the reopening of the wool fight.
vided will continue to be second class
or steerage.
Want the Best.
The American consul has b��en the
centre of protests on the part of In
dignant refugees who seem determined to leave the country at the expense of the United Stales and first
class at that
has been providing sick men with better accommodatiens, but no one else.
Must Be Broke.
but in view of tbe early start on tbe
C. M. K. work throughout tbe city and
a direct route of the G.N.R. and the
B. C. E. R. the time for action lo tbe
way of eecartng a better rate had'
more than arrived.
Should Centratlre.
H'tntber suggestion  made    by    Mr
Darling  waa that  Id.  shipments ot
. mixed   manufactured   goods   conld   be
I centre Used  and  made  up  fn  carload
,..,..,,, i Iota ami so transported at a very no-
Lnder this discretionary  power, he,m|na| tiKtm.
The fstuatiou on the lower mainland
Is said to be much the same as exists
between Fert William and Port Arthur
If an applicant for free passage a*|,nif a|��� between  Winnipeg and St.
Ottawa. Sep!. 8. Immigration nnd
other officials here are Inclined to he
amused at the dispatch sent out from
Washington last night that the t'nlt*
nl States authorities believed that
'here exists a giant organization of
valuable one [opium sellers, Chinese smugglers and
white slavers lu Canada and the D. S,
apt! thnt Chinese are being smi'sgleil
Into the I'nitnl Slates Irom Canada by
nu underground passage.
Alleged revelations In Chicago hare
Started th" United States lmmigra"on
bureau upon an investigation am' th��
op,nlon is expressed that th. head-
(.'.imtors of the smuggling organisation
exists in British Columbia and Hont
Kong with branches in nil tile big
c'tiis of Canada and the United Slates
am'  Mexico.
Tho question of Chinese being
pmuggled Inlo the United Slates from
Canada was raised rrni'.e years ago. Investigated by the Dominion authorities ami found to lie without foundation, and otfloleta are not prone I. pn; ��� ,,,, owin t0 thp fPar of new u,���ns
"inch faithita the-alleged rovelat.ons j ^r|cna securities were unlet dur-
mnd,-  In ( hlcago. ,,_.., th,. torenoon. uter pr|0ea dropped
a fraction on light offerings. Trad-
ng was light Ihroushcut the Bession
and the market closed inactive.
Member of B. C. E. R. Crew
Injured in Wreck Much
Other Patients Doing Wel!���Investigation Opens at  Abbctsford This
Morning at 10 o'Clock.
jmits having in his possession sufflci-
lent money he receiveB no aid. Among
jthe applicants lt is not uncommon to
|find those known to be well to do and
In a few cases wealthy. The difficulties cf obtalniug lirst class transportation have checked tho rush out of
the republic greatly. The number of
Amtrlcans here is still
there are enly 30 on  the
Boniface. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A s*p*-r*Sai committee, with power to
act, consisting of Martin Monk. Bd.
Goo let and W. I.. Darling will take tin*
matter sp with the trgn.sportat.oir
Seme Delay.
Tbe same committee will also tain*
large,    but''up thi* noerrion cf th-? d��!ay in orn-
TamaulipaslnectiBRthe B. C. E. ft. ���Queensbor-us''
whose  passage has  been  paid  by the  branch   with   thc  Canadian   Narftero
United  States. irattway's  Loin  island   branch.     This.
John   I.ind.  President   Wilson's  rep- as explained by the members, i.** cans-
resentative. is nct inclined to think
that General Huerta's persistence in
:his plan to finance American refugees
will be resented at Washington, Lacking ins ructions from the American
cpltai. lie and .Mrs. I.ind continue
their sightseeing tours.
j I-omicn. Sept. 8.- -Money was in bet-
I ter demand today; discount nites be-
j inn  easier on   the  continued   foreign
purchase.   Germany bought $3,000,000
i :'id India the remainder of the $4,000,- .
000 South African gold offered in the |mJ_i.u.? _ou...._��,t.._'a".glr,.!lnd
j "pen market.    The flock market was
unlet, as tho dealers were principally
engaged   in   arranging     the     mining
|  nrrv-over    Consols lost a quarter of
th ��� light committee to not
The same firm nlso asked that the
minimum light scale of $in per month
Charged It, be reduced to half that
amount, lt pointed out thnl its average cona-iimpllon of llghl did not exceed f! EO por month The firm also
Stated It considered ll hnd paid In a
sufficient amount to cover the obligation of Installation. This mailer
was referred to the finance and light
Pollce Justified.
The cltv BcltcltorB notified lhe councll that In their opinion Chief of Police nrnrishnw had reasonable and probable cause for believing that Jack J.
Wada was guilty of looking on while
others were gambling. Thla was In
Connection wl'h the notice received by
the ooimei] at thc lift meeting that
lack f. Wada propoped to sue the cltv
(���or damages for nlleted falBe arrest.
Tlie ren-^rt of the solicitors waB filed.
A petition from a number of residents of Tenth avenue, between First
and Second streets, for a sidewalk
was referred to the board of works.
l#ondon, Sept. 8.���Sir flcree Reed.
Melt nciaa,.,if,siopcr for 'iistralln. was
en'ert.ilned hy the British nress yeB-
terday, -irlnr to reluming to Melbourne on official business. The good
wishes nf the British journalists was
oxprcc-ed hy Robert Donnlil. as president of th" institute of journalists,
���vbo reforred to Sir Oeorge as the man
who had done more to make Australia
known to the British people than any
living man, and who had been thn real,
spokesman of the Commonwealth.
Frocfed'n-i Following Refusal of Jail
Wardin    to    Recocniis    Ordor
Or.ni} Cut Nsw Points.
Kiig-con, N. Y., Sept. 8.���Only two
iiuistiuns were presented In the
habeas corpus proceedings resulting
in tho refusal of Warden Hayes, of
the Hlackwell's Island prison, to r cog
nlso the pardon granted by Governor
Sulzer to Joseph K. Robin, when the
matter was argued before Supreme
Court Justice llasbrouck today.
The queatlons were, flrst, whether
the assembly had a right to act as an
Impeaching body during an extraordinary session called for another
purpose, and second, whether the Alius cf articles of Impeachment by
thn assembly acts as a check upon
the governor's authority to exercise
executive functions. After listening
to arguments Justice llasbrouck re
nerved decision and requested thst
briefs be presented In two davs.
The entire matter reats solely on
the authority of Oovernor Sulr.or's
pardon. A decision on this queation
Is desired bv both sides from the
supreme court, the appellate division
nnd the court of appeals before the
Sulzer Impeachment trial begins September 18, the legality of the pardon
depending, according to statements
of counsel, upon the determination of
the legality of the impeachment.
Pi-sslr-lrtic Reports.
New York. Sept. 8.���Representative
iocks lost ground rlowiy loday. In-
terostw nv diverted from the standard
��h"re9 to ipeclaltles and to the grain
ami cotton markets, Recessions among
-nch stocks ss Onion i'acific. Reading
New Vork Central. Mehlson, St. Riul
and Steel, which Ml off a point or so.
i-o-o due morq lo neglect than to Bellini   prcs'-iirc.
The widTt movements were among
lhe ppec'iltleB. particularly the petroleum and rallwuy ennlpment  shares
���everal of wb'eh ndvanced one to five
points. Trading was dull and there
was no appearance nf weakness on th��
iledinc I.ate In the dry the market
stiffened, recovering part of the loppes.
There vis no let-up IU the pessimistic reports from tho corn and cotton
bells nnd the evc!t-=d advance In cotton options tended to d'scourage buying of stocks. Th" bonds moved
rnther Irregu'arl''. tut showed a good
1'ndertone. Total sales, par value
New High Re-ord.
Trrcntn. Sept. 8,���Stocks wer�� moderately active on the local board todav snd the general tone ws steady.
Csnndt Cement continues the centre
of �� biiylnr movement snd advanced
locally to 35 1-4, a new high record.
Wheat Down.
Winnipeg, Sept. 8.���Trading on Uie
local market waa quiet snd prices
easier. Liverpool cables and wltb favorable weather conditions and heavy
receipta the tendency waa for lower
values. American markets were steady
In sympathy with strong corn markets. Winnipeg opened 1-4 to 1-3
low :r and closed M to (-8 down.
Satisfactory progress wus noud in
every case of tho*_e injured In the B.
C. hi. K. Height wreck which took
place ntar Abbotsford on Sunday.
-Brakesman Joe l.cckie, who sustained
a fractured skull rallied yesterday
morning in the Sumas hospital, where
the Injured were taken, and recognized his wife who went lo the hospital yesterday. Although by no
  not altogether conscious. 1-eckie, according to
the doctors, stands a good chance of
The inquest upon the body of
Motorman J. I'lews will be held at
Abbotsford. commencing at IO o'clock
this morning, with Coronor Stewart
of  Mission In charge.
Official  Statement.
The official statement Issued by the
B. C.  E.  R. officials yesterday  morn-1
ing from the office of Interurban Manager .Mian Purvis is as follows:
Locomotive D'i with caboose In
charge of Conductor Nicolet and
Motorman Inglls left Chilliwack 10:10
for New WeBtmliiBter. Arrived at
Huntingdon 10.5U and lefl there 11:3F.
colliding with milk train No. .Wo In
charge of Conductor Fraser and
Motorman Rlewg. which left Abbotsford at 11:41. Motorman Plews of
train No. 500 badly Injured and succumbed nt 20:80 Sunday. Brademan
K. McMillan of train No. 500 leg
broken. Brakeman O. McMillan cuts
and bruised. Conductor Praser of
train No. 500 Internal injuries and
Brakeman Pement and Rae of extra
972 slight injuries. Brakeman l.eckie
skull fractured.
A report from the Ballon hospital
at Sumas this morning states all men
resting easily nnd progressing satis
fsctorlly under circumstances.
From present Indications tho accident wns caused bv crew of extra
west 972 overlooking train No. 500
which ts a time table train.
Tranrport to Aid.
I    San  Krancisco. Sept. 8.���Bound for
; peris cn  the west    coast    of Mexico
j whore American refugees have ga'hor-
.(!, tiie army  transport  Uut'ord sai��l
late loday. flying the Red Cross fag.
! Merchant vessel have been unable tj
bring north all those desirous to
i leave, and the state department at
j Washington   Is  advised  that   between
SOO and 1000 are awaiting passage.
Vera Cruz. Sept. 8.���An American,
[A. J. Sickles, on arriving here wit'i
ills family, asked the consul for
i transportation to the United States.
1 Consul Canada offered first ciaas pas-
1 sage to New Orleans tor the waaicn.
' but only third class for the rnett
Mexico Pays Fare.
Mr. Sickles refused to accept this
and sent a telegram to Oeneral Huerta
I accepting the offer of his goveniuitnt
(Senor Gamboa. minister of foro'gr;
affairs. Immediately instructed tliec.l
lector if customs tc issue first clnas
passage to Mr. Sickles and Uia Ka&Vj
to their home town ,
The Tumaulipas will take a larg? '
number of refugees to New Orleans.
Many of those are farmers front fhe
Oaxaca district, who leavu behind
Ihelr small properties, now dos.-rted.
They were offered full protection bv
the Mexican authorities If they would
remain, but they thought it best
obey their government's instructions.
ing a Ions to Westminster naercheutS
in even* of Hwt ferry h-tv'cp between
i.mlm-r and Woodward's handing r,o-
ing into effect at an early date.
In this connection it was explained
that Oke ballast for Lhe C. N R Rne
was ("'in*!? purchased frcm the Ft.C.K R.
rruvi-tf pft and that unless the c��n-
rrern'on was made In tho immediate
future a start could not he made until
party neort cpring. owing to the wet
��� esfx-Ki otal n.'t the ground boggy.
A ���rom-nmniration was received fronv
K. W. T-vters, of the C. P. R.. Vancouver, tri toe effect that by the next
change in the timetable to be made ir>
Octoher. the connection at Westminster Junction with Port Moody, would
be aftened to the benefit of this city
amf Ptn-t Moody.
W. G. McQuarrie occupied the chair,
those present being J. 0. Robson. M.
Monlt. /. K. Duncan. W. F. Butcher.
j E*L '.millet, W. I.. Darling.
Crltish    Statesman    Telia    Winnipeg
Canadian Club -Old Country
Admirer, Uc.
IaC"don, Sept 8,���The governors of
the Western university aro considering the advisability of approaching
the mllltla department wJth a view to
acquiring Wolseley barra-cta -al a
home for the university.
The barracks are excellently
situated for suoh, being within a few
mlnutea walk of the alte of the new
Roman Catholic seminaries and boya
���cbool to b�� ereeted by Blahop Fal-
Will Celebrate.
Regina. Sept. 8.���It is expected over
150 local business men will go to Weyburn to assist in the celebration of Its
corporation as the sixth city of Saskatchewan.
Automatic Phonrs.
Regina. Sept. 8.���lt is planned tbnt
automatic telephones will be in use In'
Regina for the llrst time on November 1.
ft O
ft O #
* * 9
Coaticook. Que.. Sept. ��.���
William Travers Jerome wma
acquitted tonight on the charge-
of having gambled on Thursday laat on the s'atlon prone-fly of the Grand Trunk rail
way, while waiting on the Immigration authorities tn oassr
on the eaae of Harry K. naw.
In discharging htm the eourt
apologised for the hnmlltatfOB
he had been subjected.
Wficiipec. Sept. 8.���"tr yon' af-M
proud to be Members of the British
esspftv. aa I believe you are, wa fa lht*
mother country are no less preud to
to)ecust mo sa such," was tilt tt**e**rm-
tion ot Rt. Hon. Samuel, Btitlah paat-
master Reswral, apeaking to 180-Q *���*���-
hers of tbe Canadian club at lunclieun.
la Vaariteta hall todav.
PoIaffB* ont that the Kngiish Ub-
ersf fBrty had discarded "Little Bng-
huidrism** and that Cobden hid never
detumlniid the policy of tbat party,
he emphasised the fact tbat tka a*"*
when Hte ���dominions or colonies used
to be regarded with Indifferent* In
tbe eM ewset-ry. had passed absolutely.
Tbe peeple ot (treat Rrlttln were
eardfafFy In aympathy with tke rlfor-
mma am*? active democracies la tk# se*
eocofrfew and ha was coavOfced tbit
wheat feelaad got home rule, ty* Mtgftt
tee Oss people of that owater. ew
prrat af the empire, as svafRMRette
tt> fhe great dominions and renderinc
ea aserw sei slue as any other port-ton
of fhe Putted Kingdom to the **r*Jt******
ant watorw ef the dominions over
tbe seea. Wbtle he did not aWre
laaiRiu la aay degree wtth tbe
eaeawet at their awn Cdaadhu ���-
tut**, AsyvvsM believe Mak ba eald.
wbaa ksbM that at home Ito Orwrt
B-efWie GMBia was macb la tha ���*���*-
era! Of   	
Tiprfleets J.
���rt-1.���In tha
o. a. H< rAGt rwa
I opened al each end. and tbe drawing
befall.   The ends were closed and the
.rolling and tumbling process was re-
puiled several times before all of the
|S98 disk! were drawn.
This  is the  llrst   time the    United
aa i.tteye-maiixt nx.Tmlna paper ********** to par tmt.r :ttt of Has) Wc��tnif**i��Icr and ; Sttitoa  Steel   corporation   bas   had     a
tk* 1 ������!������������ Voito*    r����M��*-a* every mor*l*�� atsctapi ea*4a:i hu ih* rn'otimmi Printing ! drawing of tills kind.    The method Is
���fid l'u*ilit*i*s i ��"ae**a����,  I.united, *t <t Mctitant   Streot, ?.''��������   Wttstiaiiisier. BHtilh
vniitini.i.i ROBB an ritKKi. ax ii. Uanocrlng Director.
All .���.'���nisu..unti.int -should ba t**a\t*t***tS4 to Tha New HY-ati-Minster .Ven-,, omt vnl
to i-i.tieuiwtl ************ .f I** staff. Chex-ant. tirmftt, txn.1 museii nrtters sltnunl be ir.mle
fxxun   n   M   ' *'   S'alitmal  I'rtntiaa  and l*t.*lx**,uxg  Ompaii;i,,  1.,isd.it
TMLMPUOBsttT��� iiatin*** office and st***a*tsr, sin, BsMsritl Rooms loll nVunrt-
SSSnlt),  KOI
tit HKCKIITIDN RATKB���Hy earrXtr. 14 par ymir, II (or (Area months, 40c per
���oMl     lit mull, ti per yaar, Ite par annua.
AliVnetllltSitl ICATha on *ppl*catltm.
in common use iu Trance and Russia,
one of the objects of rede om ing the : smokers'
bonds In tbla way was to stimulate
Interest In them.   The ilrawlng after
this  fashion   will  take  place  twice  a
Delight as Produoed  In the   Dor
Okana-rjan���ISO Acies Under
One of thc most peculiar features of international
is back mmth; ;h
Ancllter    Recruit  in   Montreal    Civic
Life to Doctrine of D.rsct Control   Government
Montreal, Sept. 8.���The latest r-
oruit to the believers In Uie abolition
of tin City ouuncil aud govt rnmeni
by controllers alone la Cou rill r (1 id
frey, Ha announced t.id.iy that he
held with tbe mayor iu thia opln
iou and the announcement caused a
K I 'wia, II. ('.. Sep! ' Pour mil
lion leaves tit tho I \ ���������������< possible ��� ���**
' time * 11 whal wo have here mder
'��� Mie." " bs iiie t-i mark of \ VV, How-
dent of tho British North
Tobacco ci tnpan;, limited
in ta ply to a query i n an occasion nf
i visit today to Kelowna's tobacco
plantations. "Thete ire all Sumatra
ind are grown for tho wrappers of tii i
; : ������.     Allowing three  wrappers  to
��� ���  li  leaf we wlll this year lia\ ��� I 111
Hi h nl fur twelve million i   tors
Practically very fes  pel pie know of
the flourishing tobac * i Industr] th il
being o irrled on In the Orch ird city.
To ih" average person the OkanaRav
valh v     is     only  am thor   te *m
frti'i    nm   those   hei
with thc district know thnl while s
Traditions  of  Dritich   Pluch  ar.d
Bravery Maintained Officers
in Afrlsa
the development of this part of Br 11   I
diplomacy ia to be found in the attitude adopted by Uie
wliite nations towards tlie pirate people of the Pacific, the
Japanese, and the tolerance with which the great powers
view the claims of the mikado's government.
That Japan has adopted a policy towards China which
is scheduled to culminate only with the annexation of large
sections of the most valuable parts of the celestial republic
is a foregone conclusion. This has been demonstrated by
hei action in Korea and Manchuria and the iron hand with|8<m8atlon '", ��lvl�� *-*r,ih*; ""ir**, al;
, .  i_   -, i      a .i Ti ��� - juioat  equti 13d   tlte   publication   Imt1,. , ,. ,
which she rules ber new possessions there. It is again ap- i,-riday of the Bobem  cent,:,, ai-    ;-,, l0,.r m .,,.,,.
parent in ber attitude towards the troubled empire following the recent rebellion. .Japanese subjects were killed
in ihe recent outbreak in the land governed by Yuan Shi
Kai and their friends in Tokio are raising a hulabaloo that
can be heard from Tsushima to the north pole and back.
England had subjects killed in the trouble, so had Germany and other nations, but these powers, while they recognize the need for action, are taking that action in a
sane manner and through the regular channels.
English papers to hand contain ex*
teuoive accounts of die disaster whloh !
overtcoX the Scuiallland camel corps
which, tu a fight with au ovsrwh lining horde of dervishes, wai almost
wiped out. Tbe commandfr, H C,
tiitfiid. ,wa.i killed, Captain Gerard
Bummers badiy wounded, nnd h me
fifty Of the inula and file wm k I -d
and wounded
The   Mullah
\ft'*r a period oi ominous Inactlv- i
*,t*. tin- Dervlihes of Bomallland, led]
b> tiie Mullah, have dealt a smashing blow to tbe Urlt.sh force in that
protectorate a detaohment ot tbe re-
.,,,,.,;, t',f'i cenlly i rmed camel corps being cut
up with a Iobb variously eatlinat d at
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
cf the (InoBt fruit I *- world is p,n from BU to BO killed and Injured It
duced her,-, the growing of tnbneeo I app.nra that a B .*��� .. t.,.*l,:.,* ,.: , i
le. tiuiil to plav an Importani " trl
dermen that the number of wards b
I reduced lr.ni thirty t.i fifteen. Tin
hope of tiie aldermen who favor this
jnove is ihat the beard of control and i|(',~
the   Citizens'   coiiitnittie   will   accept
i it aa a compromise to tlie proposal
that the counoil shall either be entirely ali: lished or that fifteen members  be  ilectid   by  five   largo  el. c
; torul districts.
u bile, In me new aldermanlc plan
half of the members of the oouno'l I grown
will be abolished tbe ward system Is harpo i
re  th's
under cultivation, Inclu lint; ::i
uniler -"ver  tor the Sumatra   wrap
nrr.   Thla season lhe vleld of t'i" la'
i ��� ��������� |i n-t i *.*  nounds p *
With Japan it is different Popular demonstration, S^^J6^^.^'?^;
engineered secretly no doubt by government emmissaries, number and i>,- represented by one
call for an ultimatum to China. Everybody knows what ttldTehrHow8 m^" if notToving as
an ultimatum to China means. Poor China, in a state of satisfactory as was hoped, as' u
chaos, could not meet foreign demand, if she wanted to. fe- "���� ^Z^'tt���
and when she can t and the other nation means business, of the city council, and he BtateB tan
as the Japanese evidently do, then China loses something. ��?sees"�� r(;asc" whv he ahjuld alt-r
T        *   , ,     , , ,*>.      ' ,    ��� .,,   , .e_._a.__   Ihia opinion in nny way.
New  that   ('oilroller  Godfrey
the c inn I corpi    a ball   o, rrying oui
n ci i nnla iani e dutl ,i b itwei n    Ber-
h I-., :-i,i odwi In, waa surprla id   by
��� - an overwbelmnlngly superior b dy if
re; tribesmen,   numbering   between   1000
at"! 20 io, arntod with rifles and w ii
ovi rpowi rod bj Bheer wi igh  of num
bers.    Nol only   vas the British force
"*r.-. The Iti", acrea of planl ��� grt wn i'i |< utnun bi red   bul   thi Ir i ff ctlvi dobs
lh     "ien  wlll run al a ' ���������   estimate  wag   diminished   by   tho   unfortunate
et inn  ncii-ids t" t'"':*. ���""  1.1 ** ��� civil-,: Jamming  ol   tholr   maxim  gun.    Tha
at a low oomputstloi   165  pounda commander, R. C. Ccrfleld, was k II d
nf choice Cohan ant) rvmstock Soan- while Ueut Summers, of the lid an
'���-!,  leaf,    'chin  i-  pra fl   illv  double contingent, was wounded.   The g!o m
(ha nron    that    hs     hitherto    t - - ti  caused  by  the disaster lias been ro-
and it is satltfactorv lhal thla  lleved by as gallant n pleoe of work
���-ntlty of-:�� p.- *'''" ��� Is being  aa  ia to  be found  In  tho annn'a  of
when you can net bb good, or better, manufactured In 1). ('.. viz.:    the
lln- celebrated "VAN! OV\ I'll!"  Brand, guaranteed to    pass Standard
Bpeclfloatlona of American ami Canadian Kuginuers' Aaaoclation.
We would ulao tail attenUon to our Vltrlfled Hewer I'lpe from
4 In. to M-ln, In diameter. This is ulso made In this Province and we
consider superior to any linporlcil article,
Wh alao carry  a stuck  of Crushed  Itock,   Washed Gravel,  Hand,
I.line. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwbere.
Phones 15 snd 16.
902 Columbia 8trs��t W.
TPHCher. Terms moderate; CB Blackto
,^t ,  Phone v-it,. 12006,
hnrvpft.erl in ��xcpII'
ni c ndil on Bngltah Colonial hiatory.    rpnn hear- j
.a        .     .i . .      ... i. i'  : t    .1...     .liana    .,������      I .        B*        V nalu   f      tin.'
.Tapan has worked this game before with her unfortu
nate neighbor end the powers have stood by while the ef- jounces that, afur muoh thought, he ti
, i,1    . n    i    V-e xi     a.  -i       -ll  i    ' ���    a x*    ~ a      has arrived a-  tne cone!iis:oii that tli*   o
fort Was being pulled Olf, SO that it Will be interesting tO  mayor's Idi i of the future adminletra   e
V,'lie-i it is st'itde lhal the monthlv
nayroll e.f the tobaceo company runs
from $8,0f i to S]  pome little Idea
nf tlte mngnltudt of thi Induatr-j mav
he eanced. more rsDeclalli when it Ifl
���''-���'������ -���.���������tiii that this '�� ' nlv as yel an
"infant" Industry In Keli wna
Although it Is onlv In reci nl  ye��*
that tobacco has been  grown  In  ''"     t re " bc bravcl;  Bel i
district commTclallv. thp c : "i    ��� i   ���,.. j,-, situated some
im. ef the disss er. O. )���'  Archi r, thi
administrator -1  Si mal land,  Immi d I
ately di elded  thai  an attempi  must j
be  made  t.i   all  11 Bta  to  r* Bcue  the
irvlvi rs i r the di (��� ati d and crippled '
r imol  c irp i.    Hc  was able to raise !
onlj J' men and a few rriend Ina and
���x tii    this    ti tally    disproportionate
ou   li om Burao, '.
5 milea trom
B trbi r.i
Hund-^rl to One Chance
Mr,  Archer  was  accompanied    by
i.i* titenant  Summi rs,  ol   the  Indian
nn-let-ipo inhalilled Ihe valley were reallj
he j tbe  pioneers.    Clcpe upon  a  quarter
f a century ncn an enterprising Win
ens'n planter whi!" naasinjz throueh
note just how far thev will permit the impertinence of,"'''''��� is a *-- ������ ������ "*1"' h" :ils" thinks diecoverea the possibilities .' the dis   army, who was badly wounded,  one
Tl . ' ,     , *. .     ...    .     . -.a       ,       it' i    i. one governing body would be the wis- Mel fer iii" prnductli n "f the leaf of can Imagine what a weak and d a ���.-
OKIO 10 travel in tniS instance WrcnOUt calling a nail. C8l f0rm tiit, cituens could  poeslbly My Lady Nicotine anil aa a rpsu't of late handful ho and hia twenty men
____���_____ select. hla experiments tlie industry hsd Its and a few
T .,       , . .   , !    Controller Godfrey would have five tnceotlon.     From   the    then    coario
��� Dr. Sun I at Sen, the eretwhlle Chinese patriot, IS uaV- controllers elected :n t ad of tour b irrede produced '������������ flomng, under thi
ing a hard time these days on the trail of the lonesome | <��B ci,-v at l;"'K��   He v""kl n" have =",(4-""-" <>' a. \    ���
MRS.    i'i*     I ISHKH.    TEACHER   OP
pianoforte,  harmony  and simon*     i'u
plUi   -1..*������-���: i:,   prepared  for ��*Miinln.i-
n.ui tu n   ��   m   nui it. C. M. i-'or terms
apply i'iii". Third avi im*-
rl ������>..:. -:t ���-. Jl! Keary Sl. Kew Wnst-
mlniO r.
.-. e -untnnt Ti i it. UB Room '-'. Hart
P. II. Smltl* W. J. iSriva*
AUDrrpna and accoontantb
Werk iinipTtuk-n In ellv alel 0UtStd<
iKiintB. 211-1! Wsstmlnstsr Trust Bids
Phone 3��4.    P. t),  Bo*  dot.
Whooping cough now is declared by doctors to lie r.
germ disca.se. That's funny; always thought it was mostly
a childrens' complaint.
the mayor preside over the d 1 bsra-
I tions cf the controllers, but favi rs t'te
five controllers  electing    their   own
chairman.   This Bystem would enr.b'e
'the major of the city to d v    ��� all
j his t:rne to the duties of ii b off c
Controllers Pcu'sr
Mayer Lavallee has b en gathering
in (treat deal of Information as to the
most   popular  form   of civic  government,   lie has found tbat government
which connoisseurs frei
amencs! tii" fini sl 1
Am erica.
adm't rinks
grown   iti
Now that mo.st of the preliminary exhibition canters
of the province are over, get readv for the big event in the by controllers is cm n hearty accep-
r  ���   ,. .       .    ,i ���     ���,     .        e i tonce.    Two hundred and fifty town3
fair line, commeneang m this city in a few weeks. and oit'es in the united states are
  i now actually  managing  thi ir
The negroes of the United States are estimated to be]
worth seven hundred millions of dollars, which is some ad ,
     ��� an      j a r-u- la .,      ��� -.a   I men and elected control!
vance since the days when Lliza used to cross the ice witn    ��whGn theBe things
the bldod hounds at her heels.
Cictcnci-ins Planned ty E:cnda*-y  Mir,
isn   ard  Expicratiin
I under  tbe commission  form  of  gtv.
ernment,    Only  a  couple of  months
I ago .fr-rsev  Citv  abolished   i's aide-.
��� rs.
are  c< n-ider- 	
ed."  said   tbe   mavi r,   "I  do  not  see ,..,,.      ,  .      ...  ... ,,
why   Montreal   should   not   take   the      Grand Forks, Seupl   -     A   E. Watts
  pinup, nnd il c'de to he Bcverned bv  of Wattshurg, president 'if the Bound-
Kaiser William has taken a Shinele off the German one  body only.    It  has  boen  amply  ary Mining and Exploration company.
roof with a vengeance by climbing to the ton of the wateripr,n"rtv'(n0 {��' ^'vl^lXZi^ tS limi""' and A CarnP>
wagon and barring even the national thirst eliminator, tween our city council and the board p,reTD' * T '':!""'>' *V**\
beer     Donner nndt hlifyen  vnt i-? of control, so why should there be anv e"  t"ro"��tl  h"r" y��terday on  their
ulli.    iJUliiit.1   until Olll/tn, VOL IBS further hesitation about  the matter? way to Mlday, where thoy go to exam-
  I nm s.*r. that with a board of con- lne the property of th" company. Mr.
Why is it that the average husband takes his wife's Irl.mdm^i mm^re'.wii'-'vi! Watta Bald thal " v:,! ,:" lDtentlon
work behind the broom as a matter of course antl pushes: mere satisfactorily. ,)f the companj to ai once install more.
the lawn mower himself with the air of one doing fte,.!" I8."8'.;1 rtha; !'f've Z^fiTl^'T ,n,:"";n"(>i a"" ,get *;v"ry;
,   . , , .,     ,   ��� t iii   ; tor>  con! rr Hers should  ho eleetfd the   thine in shape tor the mining of coal.
grass plot a particular favor���that is when he does push city would surfer s-.-cr. i>- from net*   -w,. are ,.������',,,.���, nr ���,��� ��� .,.,.,,, ,���
it? having a  city  council  to  ke=p watch U position to give the people of Nol
icn  business.    I   cannot believe, how-  80n  anrj   the   Bounardy  cheaper  enal
  ever. Ihat the citv. which ha�� to el c'   -,,,,]
You never hear anything Ihese davs about one Henry I,h'
Lane Wilson, sometime United  States  ambassador
fliendlles" must have fell
and looked as ':,<���>��� marched forth on
their hundnd to one chance fr; in the
sparce mud huts   of    which    Burao
chiefly consisti,    Prom    this   lonely
place Mr. Archer, with less than two
crli !."t  teams, set forth on his grave
adventure to relieve the ntirvlvors of
the camel corps, aad to retreat with
his   burden   of   the   wounded   ov ir  7".
mlleB cf Inhospitable country, it must
'-nve seemed a  forlorn  hope  Indeed,
but Mr. Archer and hla gallant  band
never quailed, and. arttr p> rlls which I
can   only   be   guessed,   succeeded   in j
bringing the wounded, numbering 22. j
���"f Iv to Burao, and subsequently to
Sheikh, which Is situated some thirtv j
;m.les from the coast.   In one portlou
��� lar.  Fortune  vas  kind   to  Mr.  Archer,
and his mi n.   It appears that the o* r j
'visit! s ra-, Bhorl of ammunition, ami .
it   U  doubtless   line  tr,   this  fact   t'-at
the rescue party escaped  tl, i tragic
fate of 'he camel ci ros
Cheers from  Commons
in  announcing the  reverse  in the
bouse   of   commons,   Mr.   lacuis   liar-1
of Kaslo, vice-  court, eecretary of the Colonies, stit-
non   troops,   from   Aden   bad t
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Psld-Up) ....118,000.000.00
HE8ERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada uud
: Newfoundland, and   lu   London    tug
land. New York, Chicago and SpolUM
! U.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A  neneral
banking business transacted. 1.otters
Iof  Credll  Instead,  available   will,  cor
respondents lu all porta of the ��orld.
Savings Hank Deportment���Deposits
. received   ln  sums  of  $1   and   upward
: and intereat allowed at 3 per ceuL per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $l86.000.nnn.on.
O.  D.  HKYMNKK.   Manager.
ii. A p. o of i:ik�� of tho I) of (
i      Call and inspect our fall
\i9l\%%^%^^^ W lines and new fall styles and
i. 3n,ith. Her   | pjace  yQUr   0r(Jer   n()Wg
Hrny.  Czalted  Ruler
L. o. O. M.. NO. 884.���MBBTS n>
flrnt. Beoond third an<1 fourth Wodn��
flay In >-;i<*h month at H p. m
in the Moom Homo. H. J. b-mnv
dictator; P. 8k JoooSi locrotary
Headquarters of loda<- tn Bee FtouM
oorner of Pourui and c.��rn.ir%<ni Btreeti :4-Q \     CZoltlfttOlfll     ��_)t
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
ke    Our mine Is only ten miles
controllers at large, would make from the (iree,,wood smelter, in milea,there la no cnuBi
the ml8take of electing a majority cf  from  the  Grand  Porks  -smelter, and |
. ,   l" jontrrllers  unworthy    rf    the    trust  onlya  little over a hundred miles rrom
Mexico   Hi.s namesake in the bier tvees scat at Wasninff- placed '" them-  " mug| ba remem-1Nelson   Thus u win be seen n,.- oj-
, xx. jn   aa i tt t a vi , ; len d  that  tlie  pre'i<i keeps thr- very
ton seems to nave flattened Henry Lane out like a human, closest watch on ail bcs'nsi transact
pancake. I"-',,v '-1'1 ',nar'inf control."
Neither   Controller   Ainey   or   Con-
"" "  " troller  I.achanelle  have   vet   reached
George Bernard Shaw has taken im motor Cycling. If Uhe opinion nf Controller Oodfrey. and
George ever gets those weeping willow whiskers of his m,^T,bVhaUoieiswnclIBpforebthVe
tangled with the intestines of the p_t-put machine he'll elections In April next, however, thei
have a few more impressions to hand out to the public at!
so much per impress
ed  that  ..
b'on sent to Berber's, and a ���jmnbo.-i
I id been despatched from Muscat.
"I am Bure," t:rt*l>"l tbe colonial b ere
tary, '" that t1"' house win w'eh me
to recognize the cr-at gallantry of
all concerned especially n( Mr. Archer who. with onlv twenty men a1
hls disposal, wenl to the biiccou' ff
those oi difficulMes." fcheers.) Hsri
pily the latent dispatch from Mr Archer !���> re��S8urlne: In liis ,p-'ter-"f
fae, style hs briefly reports "the s:t.
nation generally Is well in hand, and
for alarm."
I. O. O F AMIYV l.uiXiH NO. 17���Th
ra-iailnr meetlns of Amity led** N(
B7, I. O. 1) P* If n<-M aavery Mondi\:
nlcht at �� o'i:i���:k In odd follows' Hal!
caimer Carnarvon and Bt-Shth Btrestl
VtHtllnf liretha-m rorillnhv InvllaV
Tl. A. MTiuhiw. NU; II tv BantsUr,
V (1. , W C, On-'hum. P. CI r-<v.r.
Intt Ha-creoirv * j. tv. MaoDonald, fttmn-
rlnt  Ri-eri'inra-
w   K   KAI.KS���Ptonear t-Mna-rnl Dlrsou
and    R���i'iilm-^r,    Wt-ll��    Aicnm   -str-rn-'
oppaiol..- Carna-lrta! Library.
8.    BOWHIiL    (BUCCBRBOR   TO   fv.f
t.r * Hanna,  Ltd > ��� irunsrsl dlreetAi
nnd  ^mtinlmer-a      farlnrs  401  Ooinml't
mlreel.    Na-w   Wa-a��Tmln��il��r     Phone   Bit
Lots * and n o( l-iit '���. and Lots 1, 3,
:*.    4.  -I.  ....   It,  et  Let   1.   h.e .1
ef  I.nt it.   Suburban   Itle.u   i,   in  the
City '*f New Weslralnater
IVhercas proof of the less of CerUfloate
[of Title Number tc-T'tl*'. Issued tn m.* name
\nf Laeblan McQuarrie lias been  t,:.-.i  in
tbla orriCB,
I Nettrr in hereby given that I ���hall, at
��� th- exptrstion <>f one montli frnm the date
or lh- flml |.iii,iie.aii..n li-*ri-"f. In /> dally
nnwspaper published In Hi- City m N-w
1 U'.*-.l,nlnMter.  Isiaue a duplicate of the H.'iid
i'.-iiflenic. unlf-KM In  the meantime valid
[objection bs mnde tn me In writing.
.. ('   fnWNN,
District Reglatrar .,f tii1<-��.
Lnml Registry  Office,  New  Wesbnlns-
',   II''..   t Kt M   August   191.1. (1HI3)
BO/<nri  OK  THA DPI���NEW   W_STM11>
ater Beard nt Trttl* m*--ta In tho bear   !
rowri. ''Ity Hall. a�� follnwai     Third Fr
day nf wieh in?nth; quartoelv msotlni |
nn the third frhtay of February, Mni   j
Ausuat  and   Nov��mb*r  Bl   D  pm.     Ar
nual   mo^tlnga  nn   the  third  Trldnv   u
FVbruury.   O.   H.   Btuart   Wade,   eoerr
entlemen  may
their opinion.
bo  induced  to  nlt.-r
A gentleman in the eastern states has changed his
name from Chernobalsky to Cherno, because when he call-
���?] his friends un on the telephone he never could make
them understand whether he was paying thou compliments or swearing at them.
According to the latest advices, there's to be nn exodus
of Mormons from Mexico to Alberta. Wonder i' ,he customs authorities of Canada will charge the incoming followers of Bligham Youup: favored nation rates on their
extra better halves, or quarters, or eighths, as the case
may be.
Paris   Merchant   Got   a   From
He Saw Hi-s Extremities
Paris,  Sepi.  8.���A    curloua    <xp"r-l
lence haa befalli n a proipi r ma Par
merchant, lie dined with h iu ��� Irl end   I
at Hussy B night or two n^n and when !
he reached the railway action imi nl
ini! to rturn home, he found that the
lasl   Metro  tram  had  gone  and  tha.
it was considerably past m dnlght
The n Kht nud the dinner ami tho
subsenuent refreshments made him
somewhal confused and he thought
that If he  could   not   ilav.1  by  trai
tensive territory we can Berve, where
the freight rate will hr- very low. We
estimate when we eel running we can I
save the Btnelter i'i a ton nn cole ,
With this s'avlnir to the smelters il
will be possible for then, to reduce
their charges for the trentpmnt of low
emde ores. Bnd in this way murh ore
that ennnot t-<-,-. he treated "nv.iri lie
made I" !,:"" !��� ������������*!���-��� ���������*���������* -- in"--iv- "
���I-      '������-,'��� ���     ,:    ��� <     ,**..     \'.-       1     '1,.,-iel
domonstr-lnd twn "*!*i*' of ooal, e-*eh
��re��� n��� I-, -i- Oit '-, thlcVneSB ThlB
Is r:-.*- ��i-,o ��� ��������� ������������������; ,r,-<    Th" tunnel
,'- In -I "i <���������<'. T': ��� '���;*'. 2 tunnnl is in
���-.vi! '. ��� t end '��� - 500 fei t follows the
eoal   ''     The    es���  "--er:"'!"'  froTi
I two tn "'ne feel In ihi'*''���e:o* This In
��� vo.lualile oca! fer ptenm end frn'*"-.
|hold   purnopes,   In   round   flgurea  th"
I company holds 4.000 artres of "oal land
The workings e-* within ^nn feet nf
the line of the Kettle Valley railway
M tires- ao ae'-er*'! me-, ;,re ilfiitir tint
side work maVln-.r p-eparjtinn fer in
Ft'iltlp- th" mieh'perv. There pre
some finti Bbareholdeftt In the enmninv
nml of the Ik't'1 of tlireet'-rH two rn-
���I'de tit  Grand  r--!*i     Th��v ire Dr
Form   Ad  Club
Montreal, Sept. b. An Advertising
Mi n a olub Is the nowesl organ ta-
, ,, to be formed In Montr'al and success seems to li-* well assured b) th*-
large number of Influential buslnesB
men In the advertising line who bave
all ed  themi Ives  with  it.
The need of Buch an orgtn'zatlon
has been api an nt fur yearB; but up
tid now no real effcrl has been mad?
to provide tiie odver Islng and and
I, is mss tm n i f the city with a club
that wield be devoted Bolely to ih ill
interests one thai wuuld provldi
them wllb 1' i�� rmsnent and comf ir
able place for the Int rcbanga of Idoaf
and soclaiablllty. Tho Bduoitlcnsl
wt rk of the club wlll b an in er
Hint feature, nnd every efforl will b ���
mnde n secure the serv'ceB 'f the
be il lectori rs on advi rtl'lng, ��� tl '*:'*"
cv, Bilesmanshlp, inerchand!sln3 and
business  systems.
Only snother inonth to get    summer
jtotitiHt ticketa at reduced ralej.    Ob-
snte. DeSto, Buirinms U-sttsrs, etc: eir   serration, tourist and dining cars on
culur work specialist.    All wnrk mrtcllj
oonr.dentlHl    ll. Bnrry. room 418 West    all   through  tralnH.    Kor  reservations
mlnnler Tnim Pita     Phnpi> 7"2 '
 _____���������������_������  a|l(j rall,g apply to
R. OOUI.ET, Agent
Nsw Wdntiolnater
III. W. linoniE. O. P. A.. Vanemiver
Haters, Solicitors, eta -ta Ixirne Mtreoi
��,-eay Westminster, O B. Oortould, F
ft.    J.  It. (irainl.    A.  fc   MoColl.
t' _, lima-, eolloltor. nc. Ti-i'-nhon
1 ���' rshle nddraauB ".tehnatoo.'
r.,.ie. "Western Union" Offloea, KIP
Block, ".**i2 r-niuinbla street. Nsw wee1
minuter.  R  C.
he could cross the c:ty by a biat <n   KIngPton ami ". I ���:!:>.-, proprietor of
���he Winnipeg hotel.
soon BUfflclently soothed to fill upon
his bock end  ito  to Hlrep.
At    daylight    the    t:u re'ant     wa'
aroused by a policeman, who ordered
'".:,,I   tO   gOl    UP   Bttd    gO   home,      Bul
when he raised his f e' from the wi-
���it he found that thev were both Jet
black. The sire.'im of cooling wat ���*'
was clear and br'^ht and a�� he could
neither wash nor rub awav the un
"onu'I ci lor he became thoroughly
f";c't ie'l. The rol'ccman suggnst-
ed that he was turning in'o a negro.
the   rlvir,   and   thus   reach   the   Rue
Jeanne d'Arc.    No boat being in aixht
  he  sat  down   to   wait  for  on".    Ills
If the BHtisb lords mean all thev .say about Lloyd1 head ami rert roit hot, ao he removo-i
n ,  .�� .,       ,.,,i     -itt  l  v   t* ^..i���m ���-a.-aaaar-/ac   V,'n  in   l',la  bat,  hoots  and   nocks,  a::il danftl-
Geora-e and if the little Welsh fire cater exnoses his in- ,._ hls ,ega nv(,r a |j:r;p���t whtr��
most thoughts in his utterances concerninc the neers. the cooling stream toil upon his r et. was
interchange of comnliments going on in the olfi country
has anv of our dinkv election scraps lookimr like a teaspoonful of sherbet in a kettle of boiling water.
CONDS WEI.F- REDEEMED                        The refii'ts of Hie drawing am Ptlll
)N  A  NOVEL MANMEfl   n pnercl     Out  of thnl '"'iss of pORSl-
, ,                              hlllt.les the holders of '.".12 bonds nay-
New   Vork.   r-'opt.   H- A   tri-"it   h'-i-    -M -    *"���' 11 per ceet, n-emu-
head ind ISRK-rr ei-lliilold disks made snd 6 pet '���-i Intereet to November 1
their llrst nnnesmnce r-eently an the ; re--.- -i-  ������'���' )\<o 'i��ck.
BewBWryfefttottioriinnaartaloows-     Thi re nrlglnallv   200,000   of
lion undertaken by the United BUtee Vhese im-dn i p to this year there
Steel eorporstlon. The tntstees of th.' l,nd been ptuchMed 13.173 nf these
sinking fund ��er.i there also, but HjbonriF. leaving Ihe number still Out-
���was upon tbe rolling hog��bemd and ntaiidlnv mm
cold-ladep disks that attention een- On eachI dlsi was printed a nnmher
ten-d. It was a drawing contrat. and enrr.vpendln.-t to that nf on J Of the
the huge barn-1 oontslnwl thn pm-si ��� Im.tstsndlng bonds 1RD.827 altogether,
WHties of nerunlarv gain to as many iThe hngsbend   wns closed,  and.  after
hnMnra nf clll'edcmi sncurllies as were ttelng tnmblnd end over end fnr a enn-1 had  found  so comforting, and It  wa 11 fenrn took their cars out without per-
poiuBr.-gLB      - r.        .-msmriraa    dp.^. utrlnrahla  nerhid,  was laid   down  nnd  discovered  that  It.  wns    the    surface ."l"-'^,   and   lhey   had   to     bo    pro
fores-aid l rnlWI 3asr- a��d forth.    Then  It  was,drain from some dye worltB. Itected.
nidi. -- Harrtsl.-rM and BolloltorSi V7sol
minster Tmirt ink.. Cotuntbla stree
Nev,- Wetatmlnster, B C Cabl-a iiddr-f
"Whltealde," Wi-'ta rn Union, P <"
Drawer 2eo. Telephone on w.
Whiteside, K. (.:.; it. I,. IC.lmnnde, f
J. ktii.wbm. CLOTH, Ba.rrliter-at-la.
Mollflltor. etc ; corner Columbia an
McKenrle    etre��te.    New    westmlnstel
b c,  p. o. Bni nf.   Telephone  tti
Knllclior and Notary. Offlrae Ilea
hl-mtk. 2B trfirne etrea-t. New Weetmli
etair. B. C,
McQtIAnnia    MARTIN    A   CeSSAI't
Barrletere   end   SnlieHore.    605   to   Sl
Westminster Trust Block,   o. f.   Mai
tin,   W.   O.   Mi-Qunrn.-    and   fh-aim-   I
<'OAI. MININO rlshte of th��- Dominie*
'.i.uil'ni.a,   SitekHtchewaji und  Albert^
Territory, the Nnrtliwaist T��.
ui nili
Tlinnimhly  frightened  and  feeling fe
".'e--t   White for taking T. .1.  StOW-
r,.,. ..,,,..,,,.-a]ir, a������m uH K;lraf;e nt the
'e'-eh,    ,l"hn   I ennnv,   tvho   e-vna   lh"
���er-.-e.  irii(i  vr   stewart    arranged
���a-*-,, hi-r, tr, r'''o "*h's machine lo re-
.,-,u there Fer 'hls. Mr, Stewart allowed h'r, th" i'."" of th" eer. While.
"��h" v-e-'-ed fnr Mr, iicnnot came up
in I-,, o,tv ..,*t,,r,\ ,v to nurchase some
��� r",  .*.,.,       -.'"h II..   lyrro   he   he--rl   of   ���'
1,1. ,1,-, v..,,,!,| |���P| him nil wlnler at
f).,i,..Ho, j|f, drove the enr there, anil
bile in a hotel waB placed under ar-
much   the   worne   for   hia   n'ght  out,
he went to a hospital and asked to be
treated for a new skin dise
When Imposlnit the fine his wortihlp
said thnt evervone brought before him
had attacked bla feet When he d
c.rlhed how ho had flrsl dtscivered
iho Bympioms thc hoanltal authorities
sent Bimr-one  to  examine the Jet   he
wh'ch  nn the eame chnrRn would x-ol a Hlml-
Inr d"��>>. He administered a lecture
to Wblte, In which he snirl the owner
of Ihe enr would he responsible for an
accident that mlrtt resn't, when ehatif-
a   POISON    J
Will kill every fly in your
house or store. Allyouhaveto
*)o is togct theflics to the Pads.
��� Direction! in each packet
show how to do this.
"Zff B.C. Coasl Service
l.i'uvf.n Vnrinoiiv#tr fur Vlctorlu lu a ni
2 p. m. nnd 11 -4f>.
LM-VM Vnncouver for R^Bttlw 1ft n.  p.
iiii'I   II   p.  rn
l^mxv***, Vnricotivor Cor Niumlmn Ifl n.m
nnrl 6 :3() p.m.
Iif��vpH VAncouvrr for 1'rtnr.t Rupar
nnd Northern PfthiU 10 p m. Wndno*
days  and   Hitturdaya  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
iMivmi Chllllwsek 7 a. id. Tunndii*.
Thursdiiy and .-Saturday.
lapavre WcstiiiinsH-r B a. m. Monday
i Wedm sdsy and  Friday.
, UD. (JOtU.KT, Agent, New Wmiintnaiio
II. W. BltODIB, a. P. A. Vanoouvar.
rltorlea nnd In a portion of the I'rovino*
af lot iinii i',��iiiu,hfii, may he leuaed for s
term of twi-nty-onai years al on smmaJ
niiiul of ll an a��r��. Not mow than INI
icn-s will l��. ivaard to ona applicant.
Appllcntlnn for >i la-ase must n�� mad*
l.y He- applloant In person lo the Agvnt
or Bub-Agent of lhe dlatrlct In whloh Um
'lulus applied fnr ara situatisl
In Huivey.ar] territory tha land must bt
desorlbed hy aa-ctlons, or Isgal luh-dlvi-
nlons of ���criinna, and In iinaiirvi-ywl t��r-
ritory tho tract applied for shall U
siuki-d out hy the asyljaint hlmanlf.
Iliieli H|i|ilfcnti;-i mils! Ik- aitcnnipeoM
hy a fwi of |6 wnlch will hn refunds* It
(In- rlRhta appltad for ara not uvalUMa,
hut nnt otherwlaa. A royalty ahall bs
en Id on the tuerchantahla output of the
mine r.t iha rate of five w-nta par too.
The fiertpm oparattne Ilia mine shall
runilsh tho Asant with awarn retains
ncoountlng fnr the full quantity of ta**.
ehantahla eoal mined and pay tha �������
ally thereon. If the eoal mining righto
are not balng njieratcd aueh raturnaataouM
l�� furnlahad  at  lanat onco a  ye-ar.
The lense will Include tha caul mining
riKlus only, hut the leaser wlll be par-
'iiitt.it to purchnan whnlevar available
iiirrnrr rlKht-a mav be eoiislilerasl naeae-
s��ry for the working of tho mine at tbe
rate of 110 a- aero.
I'or full Inr rruiMlon appllcatlun ahauM
be mods to ths Baeratar/ nf the IMrart*
menl  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub .leant of Dutnlnlon I-anda
u   ,.   **&*���**. *""lstar of tha Interior-
N. K.���Unauthoslnd publication of this
nrtvariiaamant Mil not ba mid foR
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldo.
of all kinds.
Prices rlghl     latlsfactlon guaranteed.
-59 McKenile 8L
cies covered i,y ihe present Inquiry enter Into tbi total expenditure of the
working clauses. Ik Uiub shown to huve
Iiii ii very niarl.i'i! in so Hhcrt u period
an 1905-1B1SI, and if the bomparlson In
extended  bach  lo  the  year of lowest
priest   namely, 1818, ihe increase ol
1 food iirlci'H up lo the year 1918 wuuld
appear to have been about 88 per cent.
j The level now reached In. however, no
higher than in tl arly eighties nml
I much   below   that   ef   the   seventies,
! when price* were exceptliinnly high. |
and Interesting report in the form of in analysing the changes in rents
a blue-book.   The value of ihe report throughout   the   country,   tbe ropotjl
Ib enhanced bedtime since lhe In,,ird states lhal In three towns with mure
carried out a similar Inquiry In l.iiifv, Ihan 880,000 Inhabitants, Ibere h;is
lhey nre able to make a comparative'! been un Increase, and. cn Uie whOlf,
Biiuiy i.r eonaiderabie Interest the largest Increase in renin ban taken
Taking lho wholo country, the rents placo in bowui wllh frum 100,00 mn
of working-class bouses bave in tho I6M0 Opopulatlon.   Aa in the univer-
sevun yearB period shown a Kllght full   ral SI ten I t" which the tewns Included
(111  per cent     Rut  ll   IB only   when   l'i tile comparison partoek in Iti" bur
Food Prices Hsve Increased Twenty-
five Per Cent. In Seventeen
London, Kepi. 8.    HaHcil on u recent
board of trade inquiry into working-
claHK rent*, Ihe retail price* of Staple
urtlc.li* lo food and clothing, und lh"
nil ih nf wage* iibtiitnliig In Die building, engineering umi priming trades,
the board ha* puhllHhi'il an elaborate
I .mnli ii   (where these dwelling*  IbOW
n 4 per cent, decrease) i* Included in
the calculation thai a falling llgure 1*
arrived al, und. even In the case of tbe
mertopi lis. the decrease in rent bai
meen  much  more (hun  wiped out  by
the Increase in the geni ral cost of iiv-
Ini.'.    II'''ill  figures of coal and  food
iii'ii of Inoreassd food prices, tbe report demonstrates thai In every oaie
there Iihb been an Increase In prices
varying OVOT an extreme range of from
7 per cent In the case of Portsmouth
��� ��� "a n ��� rent In the nose of Stockport, The len town* in Scotland sbow
Increases of from  11  to 16 |er cent
since 1808 bave gone up over the whole and in the case of Ireland, tix towns
OOtUltry 13 per cent, anil. Inking renl
and  retail price* combined, there has !
been  a  rue of  10,8  per cent.  In  the
eighty-eight town* selected,
The following figure* show broadly
the peril iiluge of Increase which  hu*
taken place: Potatoes, 48J; bacon.
:t2 1; conl. 88.6; cheese, 18.8; broad.
lOD; flour. 15 1; egg*. 18.6; llrltiBh
pork. 12 fi; butter, IIS; British beer,
'.i.r.;   milk. 8,4;   Hrltlsh  mutton, C 1.
Imported heel roue In the period by
!i 5 par cent, and Imported million by
11 per rent.    Sugar, however, showed
an Inconsiderable decrease (0.2 per
cent. > and tea a decrease or 8.8 per
cent. The rise In the coBt of livlnc
did nn end wllh the above, says the
general r"aert.
The practical conclusion from the
data available I* thst during 1806-1!
lhere hn* been s rise In the cost of
clothing, probably not much less In
proportion than that of food und cou]
nnd. rent combined, the rise taking
the form eilher of Increased price ti��r
the same article or a lower quality for
tin*   ssme  price
In a survey of the whole matter, th"
report nie�� on to say: The rise In
the cost of living, so far a*  Ihe aril
show an Ircretuc of from 'J to Vi per
i'i"incc"* In renl sppoar on the whole
to show ii steady lncren.se. In sixty-
��� ������ ��� of Uie eighty-flight lown* tbere Ip
rhown an upward movotnent of less
than R per (-"ill., but In towns that ar'*
rapidly developing, like Coventry and
l.nton, lhere is considerable advance
Maci infield, curiously, SHOWS un in-
crcsse In this resnect of lf> per cent.
ub compered with Id per cent for Chatham snd Dillingham Ther" are bul
ti .v nliicn* where rent has decreased.
���!'" (*TOP nf in per cent, in P'.rtnn-or
Trent being by fsr tbe most import
An '.������'��� renting addition to the scope
nf the renorl ii�� contained in a sum-
mary of ih" Btntisi'cii Information le
l'ie possession ot the board ot trade
"hearing on the course or prices In
foreign countries and the l!rltl*h dc-
r.iiiira. oversets." Thes" statlstic-
Ihe report point* out. are not quite
rampersblp among tharoselvei or wltb
tbose ������' the l'nited Kingdom, owing
to the diversity of d*tn on which they
si-e bnscd. hut they "undoubtedly show
'hal the upwnrd movement In prlceB
Is ot a world-wire character"
Combination  Work  to  Make   Remark-
able   Operation   a
bv nerscnul Investigations or reliable
cable reports, know JuBt how thinge
Stood, and were convinced lhat there ,
was not caiiBe tor alarm. They knew
from week to week and trom day to
day lh" conditions nt the Canadian
"Ito you think that thc old country:
Investor will be more careful about
hla Investments in Canada lu the fu-
"Probably we shall be a little more
'mi in '���"- Investments and   scrutinise conditions more carefully," Mr
Skinner replied.
"One  thing  thut   makes for  limited !
Ni w Vork. Sept 8 Charles P
Walters baa returned to hi* home, 61
nienslde avenue, Summit, N J , the
beneficiary ol an operation In surgery
which Ib raid to be without exact par
He had loci in an accident the skin,
tissue ami muscles of lii* right forearm New "kin and Manic were fur-
pIshed for the torn nrm from hi* own
nbilomi i*. and tbe arm now haa u firm
nnd healthy envelope, under which
new muscle msy grow. The abdomen
ha* also healed und Ib in fine eondl
lion, w'th every prospect of becoming
us  Kooil  an ever.
T -da Arm on Abdomen.
llr.   YVI'lium   H.   Lawrence,  .Ir .   stir-
geoii in charge at Overlook hospital,
Summit, performed tbe operation. In
order tn do It he made an aperture in
the abdominal wail and Inclosed the
forearm  within  it. binding  it  firmly
so thai tissue bb well an skin might
become attached to tbe wounded arm.
Bv the t'me adhesion wa* assured th*
ndges   of   Ihe   abdominal   wound   bad
partially knitted together again.
Mow Ca'e Differs from Others.
The process of making a pocket of I experimenting Btage
skin In u human body tor thc purpose! ���	
or grnftlii" from one partto another If
nnt  new   In  surgery.    In   the   cape of
Walter* the necessity of transplanting
tissue na well ns akin presented Itself.
Therein hi'* the danger, especially an
Ihe abdomen seemed to be the only
available source of aulllcieiit new sup-
Prom the time that the forearm was
lashed within the abdominal pock��t it
remalneed perforce Immovable Walter* hml to Ile with hla nrm thus Incused f"r more than n fortnight Kven
Involuntartrv twitching by hlm for
thnt period would have Imperilled
Ihe auecrsn of the operation, lie had
i > ft'cl h's will to resial the Instlne-
ll'c ImpulB" to relieve tho arm by
shifting its position.
borrowing In the old country la the
wonderful business activity." con tin- |
markahly good. British merchants are
. ipandtng as rapidly as they can. and
nuch British capital in being used for
'ti a expansion. Business wsa never so j
seen before. Every man who wants
n Job can  get  one     Any  unemployed '
. are unemployable "
Mr. Skinner believed, however, that
I capital In large nuns would still pour*
Into    Canada   for   legitimate    Invest
������(in" thing struck mc as somewhat
humorous," roll' Mr. Skinner. "The
farmers wore worrying about cropl
conditions just n* they do sometimes
In western Canada, Though they hnve
beon farming year in and year out In
direct Hue for n thousand years, yet
I tbey have an idea that If there la too!
.much or too little rein this particular
season lhe country will go tn the
dogs. Thnt i�� the way It wa* once In
'������."tirii Canada, und ia now, to a certain extent    Hut there I* nn cause to.
, worry In lh" old land, umi year in an.l
vear ("it  there I* no cause to worry
!ln western Canada.   We ure past the
Miss  Ryan  Says  She's  From  Sennit
and Is Out to See the
Now   Vork,   Hep:.   8.    "Ijiura,     tbl
girl hobo." visited suffrage headquarters iiKUlIn, ult.lid l:i a blue linen
dress, loaned inr by Mia* UlUabntb
(iur'.ey l-'lyun, with whom lbe has
has l.i in staying elnco bar arrival In
New   Vork. August 8
The oonoesslon of skirt* wan all she
would make to city life, however She
refused tn smother ber bn.lns under u
hai und strode down rifth avenue
hiiilcB. I-i Hpite of fie (lire*
lier %i-s.it m snff.ace headquarters
was to say goodby, for she expects
soon '" (I'm trousers again nnd con-
tlnue lier Journey around the world.
"I guess New York is lh" grottiest
c'ty In tlle world, all right." she said,
"lut I'd Jut! like to Kee the others to
he cur""
Would Stow Away.
"Will you gn ns a stowaway?" lbs
env'"ui suffragists asked.
"No. unnt null's* I have to." nie
laughi 'I "!'!l net :* Job as cabin hoy.
or cook on I e nf (he boatr, I inlahl
have to teil lhat I was a woman, bu'
I wouldn't care. After I'm on dry
land I can lake care of myself
"I'm tired or work'ng aid I'm golnr
tn gee (lie world before 1 die I've been
1 slave sine l was it yoars old. I put
myself through school working In a
"Veil Nnv Vorkers think you're too
s"iart. I bet I cn uld f"ol you all. Nol
i one suspected ni" ail the wny acroisl
the coii'.ilnent. I had In learn to wash I
my race like a mnn. A woman la tool
particular, you know. A man .'UBt j
sti::iah"a Hi" water nn and glvcB It a
1 lick with his coui sleeve.
Can't  S-tckc a  P'oe.
"I   cir-v   a   pipe.   too.   but   I   can't
smoke,   I tried it, Lut It was no use. I
opnldn'l slnnd It.
"I was smarter about potting on
jthe traliiB than my partner was���the
voung boy who sturud out with me
vi n know. Ho lost his nerve. I
" "-ught him alone to thaw me the
the ropee. llut 1 knew more than he
[did by the second dnv.
"Let t"e tell yeu lhat I'm proud ot
being a hobo. Thev're the moat useful citizens 111 Amerlue trd-ay. There's
i difference between n hobo and ��
bum, A bum belongs In the citv nnd
he sits around all days im park bench-
" The hobo Ib n hard working man
Me harvests your rrona for you. He
harvests ynur imp* thnt gives you
> ee- lie goes on to California and
harvest* your grape* and oranges. In
tha wln��er he build* your railroads.
T'"> onlv difference between him and
other working men la that he !b too
���-le-cr lo be satisfied to sit quietly
down In a s'"dy ll'tle village lor the
r. ���.��� nf h's life, lie ha* tn see thel
w. -���<'     That's   '��� hv   I'm  a   hobo.
"1 hnd onlv ��:''i when I hft my Job
'������ Bcsttie on July 8     1 oouldn't ride
'be   reds   in   wman's   clothes   nml   I
��� uldn'l   mouch -that     ia.     beg���1
ouldn'l  mouch. so the only thing lo
do wss tn masquerade a* a boy
"And trousers, believe me." said
Wlai I'.van. "are much core modest
��� han these here slit aklrts I see in New
Our Store Will Be Closed Tuesday
and Wednesday, Sept. 9th and 10th
We intend to thoroughly overhaul the stock and get together all broken lines of goods, also goods we wish to discontinue carrying in stock.
These will be placed on the sales floors and tables and marked down to
prices that will be practically
Please bear in mind that this will be a sale of reliable goods. The
merchandise specially offered will be from our regular stock. The only
reason for pricing them so low is that we wish to discontinue carrying
them and want to put in some new lines of our own.
The balance of the stock will be offered at prices away below manufacturers cost. The store will re-open for business on Thursday morning, September Ilth, at 9 a. m.
The Last Three Days of Lees Limited $140,000 Stock
Supply your wants before Saturday night. The sale will positively
close on Sept. 13th, after which goods Avill be marked to sell at their
regular prices.
McAllisters Limited
Successors to Lees Limited
Columbia Street
New Westminster
Stream  cf  Americanism   From  Western States at Once Menace
n wholesome t'-ar of doing It again.
Only Way for Children
"For youns children especially, corporal punishment ia the only way to
keep a schoolroum la ordtr.   Children
Returned Calgary Men Reeds Flnsn
cist Signs to Mesn Better
Times Soon.
Calgary, Sept. 8.���Bringing a
rage of optimistic nature concerning
the financial world In the old country.
T. J. 8. Skinner of Calgary, returned
from a brief visit to England Sunday
"Confidence secmn to have been restored," lie aald. "The fears of financial calamity seems to have been quite
dissipated and everything is going
"Is thero any prelndlce againat Canadian Investments?" Mr. Skinner wss
"I do not think so. One thing that
struck me very forcibly, particularly
on this visit, was the very intimate
Information that old country financiers
have of Canada. It Is really surprising. They soem to know Canadian affairs better than we do ourselves.
There was poms questioning about
conditions early In the summer, but
within a very short time the old
country financiers, by careful Inquiry.
Lewiston, Idaho, Sept. 8.���S. K. Ue
miss, a well to do farmer iTs.d*n,*,
mar Culdosnc, is plaintiff in an aotion
for divorce against Margarel Bein.st
at <1 defendant In an aotion for annul
ment of marriage, brought hy Cora .
IU mins,  hll present  wife.
in November, 1903, Mr. Bemlis m��r
ilui defendant in the first actum The
complaint allegta that she deserted
him. I
SublOQUenl to this Mr. Hi'inisi ciiine i
West nml willed I" Nei I'err.e conn ���
ty.   upon Information that Margaret
h, miss   una dead,   he   married  again, i
iti ccntly Mr. Bemlss reoelved u let
lor   from   his   firmer   wile's   brother j
stating   that  Margaret   Bemlss    was
no! dead.    Inqulr   revealed lhat  thin |
wan true.
Mrs. Cora Bemlss seeks the annulment of the marriage vows pending
the granting of a decree of divorce
to Mr. Bemlss. The rompln'nt filed
In the latter action says since Mr.
snd Mrs. Bemlss have been appraised of the existence of Margaret Bemlss that they have not been living
together. A large family has been
born to the second wife.
Mr. Bemlss has a large firm in the
vicinity of Culdesac and Is will known
mes-[throughout this part of the state.
Slims Motor Cycle and Stops st Pole
Seattle, 8ept. 8.���B. W, Viorhees,
an architect living at 3055 West Fif-
tv-elghth street, driving an auto, collided with an auto rldett by If, \Y.
Larseii, of 3917 Woodland Park uv��n-
ue. nt Tenth avenue and Pine street
abwt 6 o'clock Saturday evening.
Mrs. Voorhces. who was with her
husband, was badly shaken up and
Buff-red slight Injuries.
The auto, which Mr. Voorhees was
unable to stop, finally ran Into a telegraph pole.
I arson put the blame for the accident on Voorhces, who, he said wai
driving his car on the wrong side of
the street.
The accident Immediately drew a
larse crowd on the report lhat an auto had gone over a large embankment.
Winnipeg,  Sept.  s    "A  very  large
percentage of the American Immigration in western Canada Is not of a
Christian tone of character.   It is Just
ns heathen as the Japanese nnd just |
���.'." hard to evangelize,    I don't deny i
that whin you have go! a good Annr-
ii an   Christian   you  have  as  gond  a
Christian as cm I.e found anywhere:
l"t   having  sahl   that.  I  declare  thnt
this Btream of Americanism that   W i
coming from the western Btet^s is a
distinct menace to our Canadian civ.
I ligation, ;\ menace pollticaly, and emphatically so religiously."
The  nhovp   wns   hut  one   of  many
Striking statements delivered last week '
at  the  Angl'c-in  provincial  synod  of
Rupert's i.ni'l h>- Hev. Principal Mov!
of Saskatoon,   The principal spnke In
support of a motion standing In h's'
i'v.* iinnm," to lhe effect that the synod '
tloplore'd the evidences of Increaslnp j
' foraienltatlon of Canada, and felt lhat
Inn effort  Bhould  he made at once tei
Idlseniirage this Infill.', In orrier that i
the Canadian lanmage, laws, charac-.
lef "id religions life he not Imperilled, i
Principal  I.Wil  mado un eloquent |
���anech. in which he pointed out what I
h- considered alarming f��ct9 and figures rhowlng that the west wns rantd- '
Pedagcgical   Expert   Believes   in
Clficacy of Birch in Bringing
Up Children
been given to the secretary treasurer
of the municipality, and 'ii hours' notice must be given where the patient
I.s to be removed from one municipa'-1
ity to another, special provision being
are not reasoning things. They are made as to the manner In which the *
i little   savases.   creatures   of   impulse | transfer shall be made.   Every patient ,
! who  quickly   learn,  as   a   cat   learns,   must hc Isolated in a separate room in j 	
I not to touch  lhe cream,  after a tew  accordance with section 9 of the by-
the  whippings.    As one psychologist puts; laws, and a placard has to be posted  5'.ere Proprietors Organizing Against
it, 'The roots of righteousness are in ! In a conspicuous position on the front
'the epidermis." fof the home indicating tha nature c'|
"I know a doctor." said the second   tho disease. J
teacher,  "who  says  corporal  punish- j Special Precaution!,
ment is physiologically necessary. Hc |    Where the disease breaks out    in
| says naughtiness is caused by an ex- , the home of a milkman or dealer in
New Writ. Sept. 8.��� T)r. O. Stanley I c<*.sS 0f llood in the brain. A good'milk, the milkman must not eoatlawe
Hull cculd have done nothing to so sound slap on some other part of the jthe salo of milk until the mimieipa!
, n.ta-ar him hi ih.- scliix.1 ma'ams of hody draws the blood to that part, council and board of health has ap-
tndear him to tht. acloU nidams o I ��� re(_.orinj? ��� norn)al circulal|on ;pointed a person to superintend his
New *erk, as la proclaim his belief |and an amlablo frame of mind." |ccw shed and dairy, and such person
ai the return ol the rod. |    "Anybody  who ever  taught  school |must see that those who attend to the
"��ie sounds sensible enough to bel^o^.g tt,at )ou cannot teach without cows and the milk have no access to
a schoolteacher himself," sighed ine!a r0(j ������ Bi>id the third teacher. "This ithe infected house and those who re-
grateful teacher to another. Tlu'ii,]aw against corporal punishment was side In the home are to have nothing
they rushed down the stairs to the paaBed by a lot of superintendents to do with either the" milk or the res-
���j,rl who lives in Ihe apartment below B11(j theorists who hadn't taught for i Bt>ls made use of, until such time as
and  read the good news to her. [ forty   years."
' The  rod supplies the best punish-1
ment  for lhe unruly child,"  ""'���'   ""
Li;hl-Fin<;"red  One*  Amonij
the Ladies.
sa tl  Dr.
Hull, "but the tiacher must fl ig whan
In the flood ot r.ghteous Indignation
and should net wait until her r.n.ter
bus  cooled."
Favors  "Judicial   Gravity"
"I don't agree thnt corporal punishment  shoeld h�� administered In anger  though."  said  one  tiacher.    "It
should be done with .iud'clal g avltv
y  helng  torelimlMd.    He  advocated j,, ��� -f , , t   ,e( c������jrp��� ttatnk they
sue''  a  restriction  of ImmlSTatlon  i>�� I*___._:" _,___! ..      .	
would bring this foreign Influx ilmvn
to such proportions thnt it would be
mare readily assimilated Into the body
of the netion.
Opportunity as Much aa Peril.
He did not, however, convince the
synod of the need for such alarm, for
Dean   HoMnnon   of   Wlnlpeg,   warden
Infantile   Paralysis  Place  on  List of
Notifiable  Diseases���Treat
Like Cholera.
of Pt. .lohn'e pn'.leirp. anil Canons
Matheson nnd Mnrrav carried I'ip
meeting with them In pointing ou'
that the Influx renresentcd a feat
opportunity ae much as a peril. *'""
that It was contrary to all BrltlBh
notions of freedom to elope the doors
of those seeking a better chance.
They urged that the church recon-
nlied Its dutv to help tbe foreigner In
social and other directions and sternly discournge nil tendencv to eTti'oU
him In the Interests of tho political
The amended rT"luttpn ndopte'1 by
the synod rend- "That In view pf the
lprep Influx of foreign nationalities f
which the attention of the house had
hppn drawn. It Is the duty of all true
Christians to do what thev can to get
into kindly nnd sympathetic, tovnh
wtth these people, and to proffer
them such elevating Influences thst
thev may t>�� disposed to accept, and
���are the victims of auger.    A repudiation  for crankiness can  hinder    a
I teacher mere than anything else bv
prejueing tho children ajalnst her In
"The irule aga'nst corporal punish- Montreal, Sept. 5.���That Infantile
ment in the schools Is the cause of I paralysis nas passed into the stage
all the -juvenile i\ I'niuencv. Thej where special precautions are necea-
school used to be the children's court sary to protect the publtc against ln-
Thc fear of the law was 'nstilled in o j foot ton is borne out by the fact that
bovish heads along with spelling, ahe board of health for the province of
Nowadays he la supreme  In  school. Quebec has now Included It In the list
He enn 'snss' his 'eaeher with imnun-
Ity. He can steal and swear, and all
the teacher can do 'a 'o loo'; grieved
nnd Inflict soma*, gent'e punishment
that Is no piin'sliment.
" 'Youse can't do nothln" t~r me,'
the bov save, and the teachers know
It. The East 81de parents are very
hostile to the schools anywav. am'.
nr- alwovs waitlnr w'th a shyrter
lawyer  to  'get  something    cn    the
"The probation eys'em In t'te chll-
droti's cert is hased on the same
false theory. Children don't wart ti
be let off. When thev have done
wrong thev are ashamed and punishment satisfies their tense of luetic.
They haw only contempt for the
judge who saya. 'Be good, little boy,
further to discourage in the sternest,and I'll let you off.'
possible way any attempt to exploit I   "Such treatment ie an invitation to
the ignorance of such foreigners tor do it again, while ��� good spanking
of notifiable diseases, such as smallpox, cholera, diphtheria and scarlet
fever, and any infringement of the
stringent regulations that apply to all
three outbreaks applies to infantlhle
parlysls, and renders ttm transg. esscr
liable to the same penalties.
Do Pelletler stated that the enactment was now in full force, the period of grace prescribed having now
elapsed. It could not be too widely
known, said Dr. Pelletler that from
now onward Infantile parlysls la to be
treated at a notifiable disease, and
within the next tew daya the department would issue a special bulletin to
every medical health officer In the
province, calling attention td thla enactment.
Under thete by-lawa. therefore,
which now govern Infantile parlysls,
the sufferer shall not be removed ftpm
one't home to another In the tame mu
a certificate of disinfection has been
given by the council concerned. Moreover, where such cases exist no person Inhabiting the home must take
work home either for the nurposes of
trade or for private families, and no
person other than a clergyman or a
physician must enter the home so long
ns It has not been disinfected.
In the same way the by-law restricting the use of school nre again to children who reside in home where infectious cases are. applies with equal
force to infantile paralysis, and tha
necessarv notives to the persons In
charge of the schools hsve to be riven
by the municipal council, and where
necssary, thc school may bc entirely
A duty is east upon the local council to see that every home or root?
where a -patient suffering from infantile parlysls has been located la proo-
��rly disinfected, if necessary, at the
cost of the council
a. cr
any unworthy purpose.'
* would Inspire the juvenile mind with ntcipailty, until six hours' notlt* hae
Melbourne, Sept. 8. ���An Instance of
the facility with which immigrants
In Western Austral a cm a��eure land
for farming purposes is furn'ehed In
the case of four brothers (Meters.
Poster) who have taken np ��� large
area ot wheat growing laud ia the
These settlers arrived from iaondon
on June M. hwt. Next day thev stated their requirement** to tha lands da
partment and were advised to ap��lv
tor certain area*. Tbey did eo. aad
though tha application ******* had *n
ba aeqt to a distant brant* of x*t*>
department, tha application waa approved and the newcomer* ware **
tba way to their selection an Mf t^ftkt
tour day* attor applying In tka
Shoplifting is a crime, according ta
Kngiish atuhority. which ta confined
almost exclusively to women.
You may search the records of offences against the tow for the past
ten years and p-ohably you will not
find more th_.n half a dozen convic-'
tions recorded against men for shoplifting, in thc strict sense of the term;
though meu are often used as accomplices, at hangers-on to whom the
stolen property can be passed lest it
should be found on the suspected
in tbe criminal vernacular the ahop-
llfter ia known as a "halat" She is
one of the most tHMtoalt offenders
with whom trader* have to deal. For
year* she has piled ber nefarious calling and hitherto the evil haa beea
dealt witb piecemeal. It haa been a
guerilla campaign.
But now things are to be altered.
Organised war baa been declared
against tho "boiat" Shopkeepers,
collectively, bar* hems Mfefea** af ao
much money that combined action bad
become absolutely necessary.
Kvery Kngiish shopkeeper hat received a printed card ot laatrnctions.
drawn np by tbe Drapers' chamber of
commerce, instructing blm what to
do wben he finds one of thete light-
fingered ladies walking oil with goods
tor wblch the baa net paid.
Tbe draper to warned that when a
perron scented of shoplifting naa been
acquitted an action la generally
broftnbt against tbe trader tor ma-It-
clous prosecution, He. to advised,
therefore, before giving n parton In
charge to satisfy htnmeir that ahe has
soma article In her possession anil,
that the haa actually taft the premises
without having paid tor It
VtH tt*. Shopkeeper la told to satisfy himself that the propertj haa not to-
oanght te any. part ot
iksjantn li not
���way   with
on. or
to aak*
tbe clotting; thnt
something al* ba* _
Ig aome to ���weather
ntry.   At
������.m ���**<**. t-oun
Fresh Water and Salt
i four and five he strna'k oul altogether. I
He favored lhe proposal that the matter  lie  taken  up  with  the  provincial j
government and that provincial legis-
lation  should govern the weekly  half
Alderman    White    seconded    the
! amendment   and   was  of  the  opinion
that  tin' clerks ami merchants oould
Bottle   the   matter  among   themselves.
Alderman Henley   also   Favored the
i provincial  Idi't nnd   war.  n'so  of  the
���Pilot Says Men  Left cn"ine Room of
furacso Too Coon and Could
Not Anv er Bells.
of some of the most notoriiis criminals
In the connlry, the police say, and in-
ttruotlont written In Chinese characters     The  police are of  the  opinion  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
that the murderer of Sins escaped byunme opinion of Alderman White that
tho "underground." I-flu. mutter might be settled between
.SmtHo.   Sepi
engtnet r and bla
tbe engine room
Curacao when the
inch  di op  anil   ��<
s. That the ihia r
assistants deserted
of the steamship
waler was only one
i  could  not  furnish
A man who made the restaurant his
heallipmrters nnd who Is known to
have in en acquainted With Slug and
his white wife, had been missing since
the nigi;i of th" murder. The police
found many letters addressed to tills
man from twelve different while girls.
Thlr City in List.
The following are among the cities
listed In thn "bl.ick hook" as stations
on the "underground:" Oakland, Ban
Vruniilsco and Rakervfleld, Cal-.; Port-
Innd. Ore.. Seattle Wash, anil New
Westminster   and   Vancouver,   1!    c,;
Sampler  Chow   rising  Crado���Oriental Question to Come Before
Coord cf Trade.
s��ti am when called upon by the c-ap-
taJo of the vestal after Bhe bad struck
(tear III.-eta Island, Alaska, Jane Si,
was the testimony offered tuJav hy
<:. I,. McGregor, pilot of lhe Curacao,
tiefnre Marine Inspictors Bioa 11.
Whitney and Robert A. Turner.
MeQregor declared   that the
Ann Arbor and Detroit. Mich.; Alliens.
O.; Boston and Cambridge, Mass:
lUutte. Mon*.; Columbia, Miss.; Valparaiso, lnd . nnd Knsenada. Mexico.
Wiih the assistance of nn interpreter further Investigation disclosed rec-
cords in the "black hook" of consignments of opium  smuggled   Into  this
���issd ;,,n"n,rv*   Thlt evidence was called to
did not sink  until  shortly afternoon. KJL n"'T ,"""'' .'\" ,r<t'
although It struck the rock .��rl>    in l*h" were mc,lned '" '"''"
th< morning,    He tettleBd that they
Immediately rushed her to the Swihs
cannery dock, where they asked   the
-superintendent for the best place   ji
beach her..   The superintendent paiinl
.-d nut ihe mouth of a small crock, to
avanl which they  hencled.
McGregor said  that they    lefl    the
dock  -shortly    uft<*>r    tt    o'clock    and
steamed for the beach.   At ti o'clock
he went down  Into the engine mom,
he naid, nnd  found  it entirely (Wit:
������d of its crew.    The  water, he said,
wns trickling in and was nnly an inch
or two deep,    lie declared it wa.a rn
tjrely safe for the men to work then;.
The  witness   I 'stiflid  that  Captain
William Thompson,    master   of    thc
vessel   called oll the chief engineer to
furnish  some steam, and received    a
rvply   lhal   there   wasn't  any.  except
what was  in  the boilers.    When  tho
vessel was run on  the beach, il  was
found to be steep like other AtosVin
whore's nn the Inland passage, and nhe
slid off into deep water.
Captain  A.  1..  Olson, another  pilot
.if tin   CUracao,  wa< called o�� a  wit
���ness   following    McGregor.     CTftant" s
have been preferred againrt Caftain
Thompson, charging  him  witt-i neTll-
��� Kencc at the time of the wrert   The
Curacao was a total loss.
il officers,
^^^^^^^^^^^^ I that the
IOpium  trafPc  and   Bmuggllng Oriental
[immigrants across the border were
'the main pursuits of the tong. carrying with them the necessity of helping
.fugitive members to escape.
Half Holiday Bylaw
Lest in City Council
(Continued from pa'je onei
all as holidays
holidays with pay as w
in the slimmer time.
M. J. Phillips also spoke for tho
business men and suggested a provincial law dealing with the Bituation.
.hm es Cunningham was tbe rinxl
speaker and be delivered an Interesting speech thai somewhat amused tiie
"We do not come here as beggars,"
said  during  li'." course  nf his ail-
droBR.   "We come lure :>s Independent
men and it you pa.-s this double barreled bylav  yen will ruin til" city.   We
���spend money   *.
bring people li
ness and  then
the stores "
Mr    Cunnlnghi
various argument  	
ed Inlaw and wound up with the state
ment  that   if  the council   passed  the
the two associations.
Alderman  Ilryson  gave  some  fi'lh
prly advice In the youtiK c'.erks when
he told them tn do es hs did "Qrow
vour own clerks. Get married s��<1
llun ynu will never have any trouhle
With   vnur  clerks.     Do   as   1   did   anil
give tin m n share in tbe business."
��� Alderman  Pi-i'snu   repeated  his  sr.
rumen Is thai Wednesday wns n"t the
ieffia.ni dnv. as Iip polntpil nnt all thp (
ti-ides   people   worked   on   Wednesday'
When  'hey   wanted  B   keg  of  nails
h's storp wsa rinsed nnd when lu> wns
I open   Snturdiv   afternoon   there   was
no one tn sell  to.
Thcrp was mom d'snnssln pud then
! Ma-or Crsv outlined h's position,        I
11- si-'trii thai  In liis opinion the
icterka   ivi'i'e  deserving  of   mnre   con-j
ioldernl!"" thill thev received In snnm
cases.   He Instanced a large rmre In
i\'""i"'i",iT   'lint   closed   on   Saturdav1
jnflerM"cn while others wore open and'
that stcro did n pood business. Ile also!
; cave  other  Instances   In  Seattle  and
| Barton, cltlpp,
iu con*ne"tlon with thp taxes alsn.
.,!...,.t .,-ii'--i, snme "���" the merchants
had remarked, hp said that It was thp
people  end  nnl   the  merchants  who
' wpre ho'lng Hip brunt of the fixes,
lie added thnt he waB nol  In favor
i "f  tho  half holiday  ns  contained  In
���iie  present  bylaw nnd  recommended
th"t. If any of the clauses worn struck
������et tn knock out Hip whole bylaw and ���
give the stores up tha bill    a    fair
"Irincc. es manv ot these stores must
lteop open until later In th" evening.!
Their Own   Fault.
Mayor Gray Bald that manv rf tha
: 1'IU'lneSS    t'lrn    Of    NpW     Wi'St'll iiistor
were responsible for New WeBtrotnoter
e'ti/eni dealing in Vancouver today,
He Said tint It waa the first time thati
many nf them had been in the cltv
council oils mber during a councll
|meeting ind h�� ''"r'���ed the fact -*hit ;
bylaw, he fnr one would break it.
���na.ni nm iNntiu anvr I    "If you cut down the volume of busl-
HADLOCK  INDIAN BUYS U,  wa   wiU   h:l..-���  ,���  oul   down   8xp.
OLD  SMUGGLtNS CRATT1engeB .������, tf, ,,��� |M(t ���  wi��� ,���. ,���.,.,,s.
,,   .   ���. .     ���    ,    ���    .,_. Isarv to reduce  the number    of    em-
Port   Townsend,   Sept.   s.    Ti irang ] Pi0yePS ������
Palsy," a Hadlnck Indian, old in yarn ! Clerks' Side
though youthful  in  name, was tnrtiy '    Mr   T(.n   repre88ntlng'   the    retail
awarded the launch llyak, whit*  nt LjBrltg,  then   addressed   the   council.
���old by sealed offer* last week. |    *,,��� remarked about  the number of
Patsy   promised   to   pay  bis   I7nele  n,al Bgtate ,���,,���, doctora an(j  lawyers
Sam  $!ll   for  the   historic BmiiRxlm s j ,ln the petition from the business men,,..... ���in,.r,i  InP ...
craft.    Ills offer    has been approved   anrt  .,���,,,.,,   if  they  were  affected   by
by Collector of Customs V. C Harper mj* bylaw.
and he took possession of his ship yvrs-! Long Hours.
terday. Vie also stated in answer to an en-
.    ...   [nnlrv from Mavor Gray that clerks In
STEAWE1 ROMAN BRINGS (-grocery stores worked from 7: in am
���    ��� ...    thev  took  ���*!! little Interest  In t'i" af 1
���roads.  What for? To fa)rs    , ,nt6    , tn ,,,(lr own dt
ra v. ilch, means bust-                        Th(, vote
you want to close up     v!,,.,i|v tht amendment to strike mil
tlie twn eiii'3ps was put t*o a vote and
ham   then   advanced a fhttvl of ,,.,nils , , necesBarv.
ir.'t ihe propos-1 Aldermen R'rysnh. Ki lllngton. Wh'te
Henley and Jardine yoted in favor of
the amendment and Aldermen Dodd
iand  Lynch voted against.
The orlc'nal motion thnt the holMay
.be   puule  Wi*ilriea'f,'ivs  nnly   was   then
voted  nn  with   Vi'"**mi"   Ivneh   ind
Dodd in favor and thn others against
Alderman   Dodd   who  fathered   the
! bylav tben 'ml 'he honor of also burying  it  '��������� h" "��� -������ed  that  the by'nw
in* withdrawn sod h's supnortp-" Ald-
e-'-" n   Lynch  se"nridod    'be    mntlnn
hich  war carried  and  i*e  Inddenl
me being at lpast.
Vancouver. Sept. S. fir I'tulei-hill.
medical health officer, had an unusually satisfactory report to make today
on the m-.'k situation   Of 180 Bamplet
taken In  August none were below  Ihei
legal   standard,  while  the amount   ofl
visible sediment Is decreasing month
by month.
Ho Didn't Look.
Attei-'ptlng to cross heb.liiR a street
car without  looking out  for approaching vehicles wns the cause of S. Tus-
ohlya, a Japanese, being Injured  by
an automobile driven by Hartley Mar- ���
Bhall,   late  Saturday   night.     He   was;
taken ta thr hospital, whore examine- i
lion showed that lie was but sightly
Little Girl Hurt.
Lillian Campbell, a llttlo -uirl, was
knocked down yesterday afternoon by
an automobile driven by Dr. Clark, 130
Cordova street. The doctor Immediately stopped, picked tho girl up and
carried hehrh thoh hor bome "i 17J7
Powell street, where it was found In r
injuries   were   slit-lit
Blind Pig  H.iided.
Dptectlves Rice!, Crewe and Lowry
Sunday afternoon raided a blind pig
at Mi7 I'l'tiilcr street and arrested the
proprietor. I Qlaaca, who. it is as
sorted had his Bupply of whisky bidden i
beneath a pile of wed. A number of
ftnllane were in the hi use al tli" time
of tho raid.
The Oriental Question.
Ti'p Oriental question Ifl to come before the Vancouver board oi trade on
Tuesday evening on a proposal submitted by the Duncan b lard, which
suggrsts thai no person oth"r than
thorp of white ri��������� s bo allowed to
iiconlre title in lands In Hri'i-.-h Col
umbla. Another subject n be taken
un will be the pn poral nf the Domln
Ion trr'-ernrnpnl *n e��tah"Rh a Dominion building in the city of London.
Social and Personal!
II. A. Thorpe, i I Now York, ll at
the Husse.l.
Miss Lyons, of Vancouver. Is a
guest al the itusscil hotel.
j, m. Wilson Ih registered at the
J. W. Home, of Toronto, Is at the
Mr, and   Mrs.  King, of North  lletid,
are registered at the itussill hotel.
.Mr and Mrs. Savage, of London.
Kng., are staying nt Ihe Russell.
Messrs, M. Mllllngton and N. ll.
Lewis, Vancouver, are ai iiie Windsor.
Parnians   Holiday   Making
Paris,   Sept.   S.    The   Paris'aus   an
holiday   making,   and   Paris   it-e'l   is
given over l.i the tourist and to those
who musi   i ds toll  for the coming
seasi n.    Iluvers It* im Cunada uiul Am
erica aro busy nt the dressmaking
houses; silk merchants, milliners and
all tlie venders of French luxuries
are   pushing  their  goods   fi r all  they
are worth, to that already there is
a hint of winter In the city.   On the
other hand, the Chambte des Deputes
is silent bul for the steady sw s'l of
broomB and feather brushes whloh
are sweeping away the year's cob
webs, anil the deputies themielves
are busy recruiting alter a tough s up
Unique   Situation   in   Thaw  Trial���Al
thcu'jh   Not  Custcmary  Fcreign
Counsel  Will  Appear.
Government  Repcrt  for  Preeent  Year
Shows Great  Decrease  In
100,000 POUNDS OF HALIBUT juntn Bla p.m. and very often worked
  [on Friday night preparing for Satur-1
day as well as working late on Satur- |
dnv evening.
Mr. Tell said that hy closing all the|
Btores at  6 o'clock    the    merchants G
would he protected as manv stores In |
wemtd  pans of the city kept nppn until 7 and j
banks ;X o'clock  ln  Ihe evenini
The lOn.Ofi pounds of tialiloit
brought in by lho Roman was rtis-
cliiii-ged at the Columbia Cold Storag'.'
������company's plant  yesterday.
Althnueh gossip along the walinr
front  had   it  that   the  Ramin
likelv  no  tn  the  now  halibut    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���off lhe  Alaskan coast, she d'd nnt do!     1>. R. Cameron addressed
ao, on this trip at least, snil oHie'ru's iell. representing tiie Trades
t>f  the  company   say  that the vessel jcouncil
will nol make this trip.
the coun-
and l.abor
A 14r��M dork house in h"ing built
"on the big cilv dredge anrt all ma-
���chtnerv - -��11 thus bo protected frnm
the weather.
Kew flahernien arc working on the
Kraser Ihis week, most waiting tor the
second run of sockeyes to commence.
The Samson left early yestvr-ftay
���morning Tor the Sandhearts to eom-
plete ihe erection of a staging ttwre.
A small gang Of men wer-* yexle---
���rlav employed by the d��partraemt rt
pnbllc works planking thc dick tif one
���if the mows.
^^^^^^^     No Cace.
j     Hp   at   oncp   Btated   thn
chants  bad   failed   to   pr
against the bylaw,   lb
ineihnii of calculation
>t   a
esked by what
the merchants
T.   P.   Official   Says   There   Is   no
Municipality   in   Dominion   Unable
to   Pay   Itr.  Debts.
Ottawa, Sept. 8. There was been
i bis- failing off In murdi r cases In
Canada thus far during tbe presenl
yi ar.
Since April 1, the beginning of the
I fiscal  year,  there  were  only   17  con-
vlctlons for capital ocasesa-recorded at
the  Justice  department,    as    against
I nearly K iasl year.
Thus, with practic.nlly half of the
Mar gone and only 17 convictions recorded, it Is quitd possible that there
will not he more than ;i.'i convictions
lat moat frr the 12 months, notwithstanding the big increase In foreign
and othi r population.
',: mtn al, Si pi 8 If lhe Judges ol
the c mrt of kings' bench prove willing, tin* lu Bring of tl:** Thaw appeal *
ngi ;r " ��� i. ,':��������� '**r itlon I ;l may iu' ve
to be unique iti atlll onothi r manm r.
When form il appllcatli n v.as mode
tor the writ of habeas corpus directed
i i t'i Immigration officers lasl Friday
x K. I aflamme, of Thaw's counsel,
had a lengthy private conversation
With .Indues Oorvals and Cross, and
I made a Bpeclal request thai if the casi
cam�� i "fi re the courts William Travera Jerome should hi allow."! to sjn-.ii:
Extend Crurteiy.
Although American lawyers have no
i rliilit to speak In n Canadian court
Mr. Laflamma considered thai under
the circumstances, this courtesy mlghl
lie extended to Mr. Terome. As the
makers of the nppeal show a desire
to depart from the usual custom, it li
practically within the Jurisdiction nf
���he court to permll Uiis if it eees fit
In which c-isp still another new depar
ture will be evolved in t!i" already
unique Thaw case.
Good  or  Evil.
tt l'i worthy of not** in tip's connee-
"nn that some 25 ypars ago,    .1     N
Oreenshlelds, K.C.  of Thcw's counsel
was engaged In a famous forgerv case
'���l Nev,* Vork.   At th :' time, although
ho  wis  Hi" chief ���   nn��p|  for Ihe di
feme,-he  was  permitted  to take  no
"irt   In   tb-   cour;   proceeding!      Ry
way of returning good  for evil.  Mi
I:-r..n.-i��ieiiiB hq.s arldnil iiis request to
j that of Mr, l.aflamme. thst Mr .lerome
j he nprmit'eii persnnallv to hsnd'e tli"
istntp  of  N'ew   York's  interests  befure
the court
For  Week   Endma   Sunday
8 14 tl    s?.n '  13:46 12 n
2t:lin 19:R0 '  'Jl :59 10.8
9 16:00   6:36     15:02 12.n
���:*-  I *    23:0B ioi
-in   nor, in :������-,  n;.4;i 12.7
faeirt.   14
1H =,(1 mr,
Montreal, Sept. s.  ���"] do not think
there  are  many  people  at  hump  who
consider Cartp.da has over-borrowed,"
said A. W. Smithers. of the G.T.P. upon
1 his return hpre today from tbe wesl
"There Is not, so far as I  know, any
mndlclpality In Canada unable to pay
���its  indebtedness.    Canada,  like  Bome
other countries, may have been spoiled  in  the past by getting Its  monev
money   too   cheaply;   and   while   you
1 will get all thp monev jou require for
(any   good   project,   Lhe   fact   remains
I that you will have to pay  1 higher rate
In the British market.    Now that the
. w'ar ia over and an Improved state of
! menl pass a law enforcing a half holl- i things   exists   In   Europe,   It   will   bo
day.    What   would   they   say   if  you  found that the past year's prices In fl-
.tisked them to do this?    They would nanclal matters will be succeeded by
tell you to go home and do It yourself better limes than ever
jas the council has full authority. "It can now be announced with cer-
Flght Good  Fight. talnty that the Grand  Trunk   Pacific
I    ""TI the bylaw is defeated now it does ! will bo completed next year and there
not settle  the question, however,  for: will  be  no let  up on  building opera-
had reached the conclusion that a half
holiday  would ruin trade,
Mr. Cameron Instanced other ������inn-
trips where a weekly half holiday
was piifoTCi-d. and whprp It was not 1
provincial law, hut where It was left
optional with the merchants as to
what day they would close.
"It has 1>< 011 suggested," said Mr.
Cameron, "that lhe provincial govern
16 r.n 2:1
1:65 11
IT  "'��� ���"
'���*-"t IL*
1 2d    11
is 10 12:
r.   IS     !
is.:iu 13:
���ft. \*i
0 ��� r,4 9.7
16:21 12.7
2:21 97
16:47 12T>
:i:22 9.9 10-.OS
17:09 12.1 '��n.ir>
4:14 10.2 Hi 7,9
17 29 120 23 riB
:i 1
:> ���<
we will  fieht on until victory crowns
orrr 1 fforts,"  concluded  Mr.  Cameron.
Fcrgot  Text.
Hi".    W.   S.   A.   Crux   was   lhe   next
speaker.    He  said  that   although  he
did not reproaent any particular organization he was there in ;he Interests of modem democracy.   He commenced to outline his theory, when he
was  Interrupted  by   Mayor  Gray  by
the remark that; "\Ve can hear vour
leormon any Sunday evening, Mr. crux.
You musl discuss the bylaw
Mr.  t ruv   pii I .red  the stat" of af-1
Tairs il the workers wer" tn adopt the   LAID
attitude  of   the  gentleman   who  lvd 1
slated his  Intentions of defying tha
l&W if the bylaw   Wl re passed.
Good  Idea.
It was at the conclusion of this ad-
Irera thst C. A. Welsh suggested that
tions while there Is a mile of stPel In
be laid between the eastern and western terminals. 7.
Road to Vancouver.
"As in the west. Prince Ruperl
will, of course, continue to be nur
main pes' but we will opi rate the
l'pe down to Vancouver, although it
will not. be li'iilt by the company,
Friendly imprests are looking after
the road and after Its construction.
We will lenso and operate it ;n a
much  needed branch."
THINK    InlfflaMlaiAl^ merchants nnd clerks get together
VIII 111   Vll!l1tl#lrlLi)/'��nd arrange the matter between them
Plot  Unearthed   That   Reaches   Tror
Thlr, Coast to Eaat and Bade
to Hangkong.
Chicago, Kep 8. -The dtoovrwry Of
an "underground railway" for jointing
.maj Chinese criminals and fngitiviK-
fnnn Justice and to aid in lhe <-n-
traace of Orl^Qtala Into thl*** eoinitry
was repoi:''C yesterday by detectives
at work '*:. thi murder of Chorine
Sing, a j���'��� ���     .���  merchant.
Tlie ai',''i 1 * nspirscy extends from
Britlfh <5ch:  I   ��� to Hongkong sin! has
t,ranches in mal v cities of fcbis country, an-4 at least one In Mesko Thc
niiecovery was regarded by tha- pol'ca-
Tin rens^tlonal.
Beoreti of the "underground"  were
diecovered in a raid oa rooms nt the
rear  of  a  chop  soar  reataar.vn<   nu
North ('lark street, near Wast Illinois
���Htrivt.  'The principal kaal waa wha:
the police call the "black boak" of (ke
Kanr from which the aliened ssTii���i
in aid of fugitives waa learned.
tist  of   Agent*.
Arranged in alphabetical ordur -wero
���On*, namee of tl?e agents ol the ancaal-
xatlon in' thrf'various eitlea. t*m*t**mmm
selves. lip Bald thnt a hair holiday
onuiii be arranged without requiring
to close  un  the stores.
>lr. V.'cisil had remarked that, th"
matter could be settled without the
ntcrfcrenep   of   the   local   cnimcil   nf
women *r otb.er bodies, which remark
���'Hi n��nllnd to by Mrs. W. Patchell
jj nf the jocil cnnn"ll nf women, rienv-
'ng that they had In any way Interfered.
Alderman Dodd the- moved that tho
"ouneil po into e-an"p!fi*-p nnd take lip
thp bvlaw and the petition,
Aldermin Kel'lngtnn reported for
��� ',,. committer, whicb wan appointed -*
'he Vo'1 moetlng, He ��n!d ihat the
eneir-*ttpe h'��d nut Ihe bua'n��B8 men
-m* ,iit-. ,.--rri tv,o motter, After ni'il'-
in��� ���n.a,��� f ypianftionfl bp moeed ths*
'"h i-n-ar'- in rnt**rortori tn Ihn half
le 1 . nv l>e Btrnok  from the hy'tw.
MH   - 1 r)ne*tl        i\''t.fn*t.^\        -ami
br*""bt  1"  'i  mlnorltv rppnrt.
'Itpth roonrts were laid on lhp table
To- tlie "me h'-liir*;.
When the >'n* was taken up. Ald-
- "iiiii lim'd moved that thp words
"Bid Rnturrtays" ba struck nut together
���v'th a" of clpii��e five, thus making
fth-n holiday nn We'lnesriav afternoons.
Aldeimeii Lynch seconded Ihe motion.
,   Go to Government.
.KtOaiiaan Jardine moved thnt clause
Glengarry Man Corrniti Guicide in
Ne- Way.
Minneapolis, Sept 8, in sight of a
score of persons, I'aul Cook, a firmer
from Clongarry. Sask., coolv walked
toward an approaching frelghl train
in tlm St. Paul union station yards
today, laid his In ad on the rail and
wa:tcd for death. H came Instantly,
and before any of the horrilbd witnesses could Interfere bo waa de-
capitated, Cook was Identified by r
bank book showing a balance of J45
in a bunk' at Glefigarry and leitor.s
from his parents in Pottersville, Pa,
He had written thini complaining of
ind'gestlon and other ailment*, and I'
is presumed that h�� waa driven t
s'lf destruction by Illness
Por land Maine, Sept, S - Speak r
John A. Pi ti rs. Republican, of Hills-
wcrth, was chosen 10 fill ths vacancy
in Mm thlnl cougreaslonal dlstr'ct to*
dav by a plural tv of ua-: over Mayor
William I'a'tU'igall, Demoorat, if
Watcrvillo, with Kdward M. Lawrence,
Progressive, of Lattboo, a Poor third In
the thlitl
The returns In this special election
from irl but a smiill Island plantation
gave: Ptters. IJ.IOOi Pat tan gall, H.-
553;  I.a'*Tphce, 64S7,
The vote for president In November
was- Wilson. Democrat, Uf/.n: Rcose-
velt,   Progressivo,   13,2.16;     Taft.    He-
publ.can, "lo'.b
Headleo**:. Armliss. Legle3s Dody Is a
New York. Sept. 8. 11".id arms
and legs missing, the body of a woman found near Cllffslde, N.J., half
burled In the sands of the Hudson,
proved an enigma b: detectives. Noun
of the missing members, severed from
the trunk as if by a practiced hand.
have been found.
The theory nas advanced lhal tli"
Imdy had been d sieeted In New York
and ine trunk along cast Into the river.
A she't and pillow case, wrapped
round tho trunk, furn'shed th" slen-
ib-r clewi on which tin authorities
were working.
Boys who stumbled on the bodv
notified John Flannery, proprietor of
a nenrb'.' hotel, and Flaherty told th"
police that hiH curiosity had been
aroused a few nights ago bv the puf
fing of a motor boat which stopped
near the spot, remained there B (""
minutes and then recrossed tho llud-
8( si.
Tnjrinn  the  Fercrtr,.
Ib'rl * vv;*'i . ja   ���������   :���     11   r    '.ipr'in.
chief    ��� re"    rani" r  for  tit's  rtlst ''ct.
whose    1 '���"   ���    ���    are at South Kort
i',i',-���:���. i making tn-ir nf lnrnectlon
���'  ��� i*.   IP      n      nrii r  I*.*-   Jurlsdlc-
::' ii  and   p iid  -������      Bit   t"  Bark Il!e
during lhp i r<   p 'rt i:f the ��eek, on
irs w������".* tn the l;:i"l*tl"l'" Forks and
ller-eflv cunt ��� v la Kietlib ��� i Ireek
trail. Mr Mar"'' " pi ������ iia> In I *������ ������
a id *���*. hlin here n tub a trln tn the sum-
mit of Ml Murray 8 BOO feet., with a
view ������) reporting nn the advisability
1'. establishing n lookoul Btatlon al
that  point wh'ch  commandB a   view
,'f the snrrnu-idlnp country anvwhore
from thirty to ciytv miles and mora
In various d pet*, e *. Mr. Marvin waa
accompanied fr' m 'utosppl hv P. Bhnr.
kev  the head ran-i - of the Quesnpl dl-
; vision.
Forenoes   Fcod   ""i-n  C!e��u   Relative
HarrlshiTg  Pn     Srp'.   R ���Will am
, Held'"- an   d'nl   her"   aff-r   n   ftat   'f
5(1   ri-"'i    dr-i;.-   which   t'me   h"   "I"
cjilv t-o ..���������.]| .1....... 0' toast  Ii-i'" ���
nana,   ,.-'is   r.le,-f.   | ,   'it   -��� ^ rs   nf  HT",   111'
j fast was due ��., gr'.efrat the death of
a c'ose relative.
Ami. ir-.-i'l-r Arrive*.
t-i.,.,..-.  '.',,,,1  ii     The ""w'v annn'-ii-
a.,|      ��,�����.. -',.���.���    ���..,] ......flra    )n    A"'*'"'*'
rrr.,l, .v.i. c, ,.,.,, Penfleld. nr-i-ed
here today    Ke BuccoedB nichard C.
Sin Francisco, Cati., 8ept, u.
San Francisco labor counoil r. fuses
i" was learned tonight, to 'urn iver
to the Btate building Trades Councll
Stilu raised for tho defence of Olaf
Tveltmoe, vice-president of the liuild
ing Trad' s Council, and Eugene \
Clancy, business apent of the S'nic
tural Iron Werk' rs. who nre ued r
conviction by the United states district court al Indianapolis of com
plicity In a nation-wide dynamiting
The  delegates  of  the   un'ons     eon
trlbutlng stated that    m   accounting
had been rendered of large humis pri
vlously turned Into the stati  bulldlr, ;
Trades Council.
Vancouver, Sept S,    A strong pro
test against the proposed tncreai    1 c
royalties on stumpage, which was Bug
gester by the pmvlnoip] government
several months ago. was made at B
melting held here this morning, at
which Hon. W. R. Robs, minister of
forests and lands, mil. several pro::.'.
nent lumber manufacturers,
Tbe committee, wblch chose aa Its
Jrpokenraen, I!. II Alexander and T.
F. Patorson, argued against the in
ernase of cantata between now ami
I'.t.'.n. claiming that the time was in
ipportune to make s change as most of
the lumber mills were working short
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purcha.ser.s of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
Ali Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
K. li. BUCKUN, N. lll-.AIUK-H.Kl'.. W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Pres. and 0��bI. Mit.        Vlce-Presldsut. Bte. and Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phon���� No. 7 nnd 877.
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Lnnu Distance Calls Now Received for:
\ ICTORIA and all other Island Offices
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE  ��94
Six Hundred and Ten Cars Loaded at
Winnipeg, s-ir.iit. s   Six hundred and
ton e.'irs ol" Dew H' UHOn'H srnln wei'i;
Inspected In Winnipeg thin rooming
as follows: Canadian Northern, -60
ears; Canadian, Pacific, 820 o:irs;
liriind Trunk Pacific, 80 cars.
rn to da'H the Canadian Pacific has
leaded 1160 cam of (train on ltn western llncB, and tbe opinion linn ben
expressed that the movement thU
fall will be a record.   There worn "It
curs loaded   Saturday   atone,   while
4tif),0(io bushels of wheat wore
keted, and 103,000 bushels of
Wa h ngl in, Si pi I Ne�� i thai
Di mln can gunboats were Bhi llin *,
the rebtl cltj ol Puerto Plata, endangering American Mw-h and prop
ert.v, cauaed hurry orders to go from
here todaj to the cruiser lies Molnei
whieh hod been preparing to s.i I
from Ouantanamo, Cuba, fnr Bants
Domingo Blnce reports of tho lateBl
| revolution there were received wv r,i'
days ago.    The cruiser was coaling
I today and  was expected to Ball  toda)
for Pm ri') Plata.
m ir-
Holdi Pollr* Court In Bed.
WllBon Creek. Sept, 8. Police court
waH held t"flnv with Justice Nicholls
In bed. wh'"e he ���'! penned s fine of
$15 n"'i co'tn' " n tir'-it Northern pee.
tlon bos, l.eutherl'e"k, for assnultlng
n"ri bnitin-j Jnhn Allen According to
thp evidence Allen was stooped bv bis
assailant and after :< nhort argument
was ft-uek anil kniekeil down. Th��
aeciiccd pleaded guilty.
""astern Cold V'ave.
Tero'Ti, Rapt, S. A fa'rly pro-
ppiinoed erbl "*uve fro'n tlm rort'i-
vest Is centred tonight over Lake
Hnperlo-, while pressure Is lowst
iver Alberta.    Pain  has fillrn loOBlly
tuda* in Eastern   Quebeo   ami   the
maritime provinces, while elsewhere
the weather haa been fair and for the
most part moderately warm.
The Boys Are Marchlnn.
IteRltin, Sept. H. Armed with a letter from Mavor Martin Iwo young
men left. Itegina IIiIh afternno'i on a
120(1 fnlln walk to Chicago. The expect to make 2n mile, a day and ar-
ri vu thero November 27.
Early  Crawford   Freestone   Peaches
$1.00 Crlte
These are e.liolce. firm peaches, Jusl
right  for preserving.
Fruit Jars nf all klndn In pint, quart
and half gallon alios.
Economy Tops, per ilonen   2oe
Extra B, '/.. Jar TopB, per dozen  ..2,1c
Dean's Grocery
Phone 388.
Burr Block. Columbia Street.
Chas. I Royal
Stock Co'y
Presents the Comedy Drama
In  Four Acts
Under the
Black Flag
10c, 20c, 30c.
Telephone your order for
Matinee  on   Wedneaday
u '*���;.'�� TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER ��, U13.
PAtil wtym
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :���=   CRICKET   ���.-.   BASEBALL   :-:   BOXING
9 'if- -ft -i
The    Athletic    Lodge Is    Planning
Large Evening and All  Friends
Are  Bidden.
Camp 1'i-rry, !), Sept, H.
The 1'. S. team won tin- Palms
match trophy loday: Booms:
lulled Btates, !"M; Argentine,
Hint. Canada, 1876; Sweden,
1484; Peru. i4t;r,.
When It comes to Staging aport
-events the  liatu  have to  he doffed  In
favor oi ih<- Moose lodge of tbla city
uiul tha' BtetSOIlS arc due to come nil
on   luiii'sdii)   I'veiiiiiK    ol    thin  week
un. ii .ne handsome rooms ot tin- local
otder will be thrown upon to tbs
members, biiHiiball teama und sport
i ai ii k ui general,
i in- iiiiuii- is to take the form of a
winding up ot the baseball ssason of
1913, tin- Moose team,   twice   oham-
pli uu el  the  lower  mainland,   feeling
th,H such a celebration Ih in order.
Some Time.
During the past few da>�� the
officials of the lodge have heen working hard, planning a pmi.rnni which
util include many tines oi aport, including wrestling antl boxing. Musical
stunts Interspersed with presi otatlona
to tlte baseball players ami aim, to
the club of tho olty league cup and
tho medals secured hy ita tnembera in
iin- reoent punt series games against
the pick of the Balmorals and it C,
K, R   will he on the program,
lull Oraham, who i�� a second
John McOraw when baseball la mentioned and who haa shown considerable  prowess  In   lOS  hockey,  will     bn
present with an) untoward thoughta
nl the piiHt baseball seaaon thrown to
the discard. A special Invitation has
been extended to tbe members *,i the
Balmoral und B  C   K. it  teams, Fort
Coqultlam  and  Krum-r Mills.
Tbe time la Thursday evening; tbe
place Is the Moose lodge, corner ol
Fourth and Carnarvon streets; tbe
re,,    well it ��ill be up to the guests
ih. mst Ives.
it il * ft ���"��� "f ���::��� t* ���:;��� ��������� ft ft *��� t\\
Baseball Results.
Happeninr-i  In  Different Parts of the
World  Relating to Borino, Foot.
bell, Baseball and Horses.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   I..
New   York    XT    (8
Philadelphia  77   4x
Chicago  7r,   57
Pittsburg  71   80
llOKtllll    60    71
Brooklyn  55   7:1
Cincinnati  66   80
St.   Louis    48    'Jl
Yesterday's Games.
At Boston:                      it. 11. IC.
Philadelphia 18 in 0
Boston  u :s a
Batteries: Beaton and Killifer;
Quinn, James and Whaling.
Seoond game:                   ll. II. E.
Philadelphia fi 12 0
Boston   2    6    '���'.
flatteries: Alexander and Dooln,
Tyler and Whaling,
At Cincinnati: it,
Pittsburg       15
Cincinnati      2
Seeotid game: It.
Pittsburg   i
Cincinnati   2
Hatterles       Iloidrix
BuggS and Kllng.
At New York:
I'ortland. Die., Sep,. 8    Ad Wolgast,
former lightweight, today announced
hia formal retirement from the m.g.
"1   luive  juat    completed   the    pur
chase of  u  ranch   near  Medford,"  be
di eland, "and shuii settle there- permanently after a brief I rip to niy old
home at Cadillac, Mich,   i positively
win noi light again."
Wolgast  at til but ed bin recent    de-
featH to the effects Of an operation for
��� lilti   appendicitis.
.668 I 	
Has  He Got   It?
San Francisco, Sept. H.    Interest to
morrow   in   the  20  round  return   bout
between      Hob     McAllister,     of     the
4:i5 Olympic club, and Sailor Petroskey, a
rough and tumble middleweight, boils
down to one question: Has McAllit
ter got Ihe punch 1
���Equals World's Record.
Syracuse, N v.,  Sept.  8.   Directum
I, capably driven by Hyan, equalled
the world's record al the opining of
the (irand Circuit races at the stats
fair grounds, both, when be stepped
the lourth heat of tbe Glynn stake,
2:05 pace In 2.1)2^ tieing the murk
of Eve W, This time was also equalled
by the Reason's record for the fastest
heat made by u pacer, held by Hraden
Direct and  Earl .Junior.
(Bs  the Potter.)
New*  York
Batterl et
At   Chicago
St.   Units   	
i Chicago	
liatleries       Perrltl
' Vaughn and  Archer.
Must Be Some Twlrler,
ind     Kllley; I     Milwaukee,   Wis.,    Sept.   8.    Pitcher
I.'lloinniedeiu, a   right   bander   who
E.   had made a great showing with  Win-
jlnlpeg city club, reported to Manager
1   Clark   today  fer    a    trial     with    the
Brewers,      L'Hommedelu     won     u
Maniuaril    and    Meyers,   straight games for the Winnipeg cluh.
.  1
ltagon    nud     McCarthy,
I!     II     E
3     s     n
. .     5      7      0
and     Wingo:
Gener il aatlsfat   on Is expressed on
the i "���"I  sl  the action or the local I
br inch of tho B   A   A, A   r , taken
last  i���':��� *���"��� evening when it passed a I
vote of cen ura on Milton Oppenhelm-
ei   ol   the  Vancouver  Athletic club
Nn man, In the estimation of local
I.n : >i c fans, i*.ui dabble In profes
��� ���; mal and amateur lacrosse at the
n:*,. lime, or in any spurt ua a matter -of facl \ tew weeks ago when
the " A C Matin cup team decided
: - ��� the lhe lump to the profeaslonal
rani Mi l ippi nhelmer Informed The
\. " t mi ihe team would huve no
i uni m with tho Vancouver Athletic Cluh whatever, that the officers
would have to row* their own race uud
thai the name of the team would be
the Vancouver Athletics. Sueh a
: tateraenl Ib ni t home out by facts
when it la noticed that Mr Oppen-
h- nor, who by the .way _-�� the seere-
t'i*. of the provincial amateur board,
comes over here as an emissary of the
V A C tind arranges Minto cup games
with the Sainton Bellies and at the
same ttmen utters to throw In a couple
ol ..":;it. ir championships The eaae
: ti ..*���-".- thai tin- Vancouver mun de-
sit'l to ,-i','- nood weight on the Vancouver Bide when he arranged the fl-i 	
nai     il end with the ll  A. ft 1  society
and  fell  capable of arranging the In   Tha. AM victories Not Won Inside the
nio- :-iiii  Intermediate championships
/nvtl-niCAN   LEAGUE.
Standing of the Clubs.
Phlladelpbls    1*5
Cleveland nf)
Washington  "1
Chicago   fi"
Hoston         66
I'e-ruit      -'~
Rl    l.oiils   ...    51
New   York      45
Yesterday's Games.
vt Washington: f
New* York   	
Washington     ...
Batteries:    Caldwell and
Engel, Oollla and Henry
Internal'! tal League.
Montreal 6-9, Toronto 3-1S
Huffalo 6-8, Rochester 10-0;
Baltimore 6, Newark 4.
Providence   in,  Jersey  City
1.    E
!)      0
4     n
Ennlish  Football.
London, Sepi 8. The following old
Oountry football games were played
off today:
First division���
Burnley 1, Blackburn Rovers 2.
Chelsea 1. West Bromwlch Albion 1.
Manchester l'nited :t, Sunderland 1
Tottenham Hotspurs 2, Sheffield
Uniti-d 1.
Lieht���einhts to Meet.
Chicago,  Sept,    8.���A    match    was
made    here   today    between    Steve
Ketchel, of Chicago, and Young Sh'.i-
grue. of New* York City, to fight in
Denver, Colo., September 1!) The
men will weigh In at 188 pounds at 3
o'clock The fight will be for ten
These T-o Will Fight.
Milwaukee    Wis..   Sept     B.- Eddii
IMcGoorty and  Frank Klaus wlll noe:
[I     a   len   round,   no-deeision.   boxing
bout before a local club on Beptemb r
IIL".    The  weight  agreed  upon  Is    16:1
: pounds at 3 o'clock.
without   ,ve���   talklne  tbe  affair over
with the officials or the local amateur J
Amateur lacrosse Is being treated
t i i ghtlt iu this section of the Dominion, The men who ure at the hack
of ll i- game ure giving no thought
whatever to lhe youngsters who must
take ti'" placet of the veterans If the
national summer game is to be fostered
A different view of the matter tuny
be cited In the case of Ice hockey. ;
Last winter at the local arena the
amateur games stirred up Interest
enough to place the winter sport on a
good basis for other years The fans,
while appreciating the vast difference
hot ween amateur and professional
plav in the wav of speed, like to Roe
local boys perform, To tbls end the,
Arena company are going to give
greater rcops tn amateur h-ncVey this
winter than i "it he'.ire Wi*_ a four
team leeeue there la no r ison why
several Westminster boy should not
be In t'* * lies' compan" within a few
years t Tie. A commercial league will
like:*- |1(, r irmeil a' ii, lints giving a
chance , > mercantile houses to play
frr chainplo'iBhlns,
"It all j ies to show" - la likely to
be s remark from the fans at lhe end
cf the coming season.
th" challenger Instead of a champion.
Pollok r"' Welsh at a low weight
end then allowed him ti build up tn
i i-i the hai ir Of the low weight ac-
143 noiint's before starting active w-ark.
tually made by Welsh. Pntiok Insisted
iiiio-i   the  hattle   helng  staged   al   133
pounds, and forced Ritchie, lightweight
Ilitehle oame here with Eddie C.ra-
ney In mind ur the third man In the
ring. Pollok absolutely refused lo accept Qraney, hut did not make hls
decision know,, until Ritchie wns In
Vancouver and the men prepared to
draw  up articles of agreement. Then
Oame Here Now With the things That   Pollok forced the Ritchie interests to
Might  Have Been. nunc   Ilm  Criffln  who,    with    Biddy
The   possibility   ot the Armstrong, Bishop  of Tacoma,  formed  tho  two
B.C, lacrosse team stacking up againat j Pollok stood ready to accept.
1he New  Westminster amateurs In an  '	
NIX!     NAY!    NEV.-XH!
New*  York. Sept. S    -Caliph 1!..    the
i young bul lazy hippopotamus who was
born   In  Central  park  two  yeara uco.
was lying partly submerged In bis tank
during  the  afternoon,  blinking oet-
Blonsll.-i   and gaping, Just to show the
crowd  he wns alive, when an English
.bull   pup   made  his  way  through   ihe
j Iron fence and plunged  into the tank
!     The spectators were expecting to see
  Indolenl   Caliph  get  into  action  with
:the Intruder and make short  work of
Vancouver,  Sept.  8.���Again  the old   him with  a bite.    Instead. Caliph ap-
that a match well made ia half   pean-d to view the dog as an aquatic
companion as he swam around and
around the tank and once craw-led over
then aaalvq hack of the hippopotamus
Then the latter became frisky and began to splash about after the dog.
A crowd collected and as Caliph became more agile In his endeavors to
the dog the water In  the tank
d.     Suddenly   there   was   no
spen.    All that could he ro-
 Pollok appears . Hoed  was the lumbering body of the
hive carried almost every  point, hippopotamus In the tank,   fleorge si-
plte 'he fuel ihat he wae handling   chert the keeper, tried to get the doe
nnt with a long pole, but Anally made
up his mind that the animal had been
drowned. He got the hlppopoatmus
out of the tank and then drained off
Ihe water. Then the dog was found
The carcass was taken out and the
(ink filled again, after which Caliph
to ask for a higher pound-1disported himself again, evidently
thinking the dog was still In the tank
The owner of the dog could not be
fount! The bull pup wore an exnd,-
five collar, and the keeper of the bird
house who knows something about
dogs as well as birds. Raid th- anlm.il
was a thoroughbred English bull php.
Ring   Shown   in   Welsh-Ritchie
won, comCB to the fore In the negotiations between Freddie Welsh anil
Willie Ritchie for their 20 round
world's championship battle at Hrighouse on the ufternoon of Sept. 20.
In    this    case    the  generalship  of   f^jj^
Harry Pollok. Welsh's manager, stands   overflow
- ,-t  strongly  throughout    the    entire  dog to b
history Of the match
exhibition game went a-shnmerlng on
Saturday whet, the Interior lioyB met
nn Inglorious tlefeat at the hands of
thn V A. C. It was proposed that the
visitors should meet the younger Salmon Bellies on Thursday evening at
Queen's l'ark. which would have given
local fans a linn on the challengers,
hut the 16 to 2 lemon handed out by
th.- cop holders took the seeds out of
thlr talk.
Tin- Wesl Ends nre keeping In con-
alttlin tin se daya In the hope that tho
Philadelphia, Sept. 8.���Bitten bv a
mad cat three weeks ago, John Millet
11 years old, of 33 east Silver street
died In Mio Episcopal hospital of hydrophobia, after having been In cm
vulsions for hours, Tho boy's d"nth
was Ihe second caused by the h'ti"
of a rabid animal, which bit three
members of the family.   The mother
over from either Vancouver er
thu preliminary hearing was held.
Criti-t Tells How to Slide.
death of both mother and son. Add
ed to the danger of hydronhob's '��
the extreme nervousness with which
Horseman Dead. .    ,
Tn-on'o,   8ept.   s   -Charles   phalrne has been affected
wife's     assistance     und
was    badly
scratched In attempting t
ii choke the
eat Into relinquishing Us
bold on  his
Penalties for Contractors.
Toronto, Sept. 8.- A letter has been
received by the property committee
of the board of education from the
Hulldlng Trades' league, which la an
organization of the whole of the building trades, charging different contractors engaged by the board of education, with violating the clause In the
board's contract referring to the payment of union wages. The league
urged the hoard to Impose some penalty more drastic than the mere taking
up of thc few centa that are short In
specific cases. The committee Instructed Mr. Wilkinson to write the
league to send a deputation to the next
meeting of the committee and lay their
charges personaly before it.
'���'I upon the man to surrender, giving
his mime Grabbing a saek partially
lllled with what ho had caught out
of the creek, the unclad man darted
Into the grass and disappeared like a
rabbit pursued by dogs.
This gave rise to the belief that the
man was un escaped convict wanted
in Florida It was known that Sheriff
Hlglienhiitham of Nassau County of
thai stale has been on the lookout for
escaped convicts. The BOlfliarB reasoned that if he was wanted the
marsh-green habitue was frightened by
the mention of the name Hlgenbotbsm
I anal fled.
As a matter of fact lhe man says
he ran because he knew that he was a
poacher and believed the place where
he was clamming belonged to the officer He ran rather than submit to arrest. But when be learned that
his queer actions was exciting the residents of tiie Island he accepted the
advice of friends and gave himself
up Nothing will be done with him
as fishing Is a pastime Indulged in by
most every one on the Island.
The man lives In a colored settlement known as Moore's row. near Fort
I Screven.
Was Dead  Eager to Commit Suicide,
But People Wouldn't Let
Fight Promoters and Others Held for
Second Degree Murder,
l.os AngeleB. Sept. 8.���JeBB Wlllard,
ns principal; Tom McCarey, as promoter, and ten others Interested In died on August Ifl
the fight In the Vernon arena, on Aug. | Whrn thp attlI(,k on -.*.. ,hrpp n���
22. were held late todsy to the superior Bong wh. made by the cM the ,.���.���_���
court or, rhargea of murder In tho wo badIy icratehed in trvlng to war*
second degree. 'of  fthe  anln,al    Fearll  for hlm  ���_,
.���.i. ������ tv,* ,,-v, ���,, the hope that tne   ���,,.,  ���$��� '^7 Xft  J*��^�� "&',�� ggffL^
��� I Queen's I'irk with m present eT,lfl vision was mad0 by j,,.,,^' ^^JLJS^S_*,J_�� ratchpd
line-up the cltv Champions should be Sunimfirfle,d at Vernon. before whom "i ihBe .'V��"S *���' ��hieh f-VLi^fPT
nble  to get  nwnv with nnythlng that  ,���., ...,i_ino... h��_Hn_- ��.. h.iri t��r ,he symptoms which preceded th,
Sun   P-'ttelRoo,   SepL   8.���Superior  widely known   and    popular   among ���    ThB cat ���"���d h,,on * PG' of tho (am-
'     '   * horsemen and race going public   In W 'or yeara.   A little more lh��n fve
general, died In St. Nicholas hospital "* �� ���� ���** '��"-1lv was sitting on
yeetordav on his 50th birthday from J" fr<>nt ,teP" of the '"""���e- when
,1'idge (Inihiim uned to bc president of
th�� Pacific Const llaseball league. He
'���nn-vn how the pamo Should be played.
Vntterday, In allowing Mrs. Doretta
Voell $1.10 of an Inheritance fund to
pav p doctor's hill Incurred for her
to*)i. Laurence, who broke hls arm
three times playing hall, tho Judge
eald: "The trouble with Lawrence Is
th-it he slides hands first for tho piste.
Y��iii wnnl lo Instruct him to slide feet
Tlrst end then there won't be any doctor bills."
the cat was aeen running madly along
the hallway. It rushed through the
doorway and sprang at little John,
fastening its teeth In Its leg.
Her motherly love was Mrs. Miller's
Anxie-t t- -retort her son
Killed at Fair.
I/ondon, Sept. 8.-���Wm. O'Dell. a well
known horseman, was killed by being downfall
kicked by a mare, Lady Unco, he was from the animal's attack, ahe sprang
driving In the three year old race at for the feline. Immediately the cat
the western fair grounds this after- .t-i-ned ""en her nml bit her In the
noon  arm.   Tbe boy'a father leaped to bis
Montreal. Sept. 8. -The lown of 111-
guad   was filled  with   wild excitement
yesterday  morning  by  the actions of
a man named William llamnielin, who
made to unsuccessful attempts to kil'
himself within ten   minutes, and  was
rescued   from  the  Ottawa river af'er
runinng a mile with his throat cut hv
razor blade,    llammelit, was at on-
f   the   hotels   In   Rigaud,   and   It   is
lalmed was acting strangely for over
an  hour before he  was ordered  from
the dining-room hy the proprietor.
Raising himself lo his full heigh' he
whipped out a razor from bis pc""Ket
and would have undoubtedly ended his
life had not one of the waiters seized
his arm. thus preventing the razor;
fdom entering deep enough to fatally
Injure the determined owner of the
Three men disarmed him. hut he
was not to be denied ano'her chance,
nnd breaking away from his captors
he dashed from tlle room to the street
wound. No one attempted to fo'low
him. as It was thought he was afraid |
of being arrested antl would go home.
After leaving the hotel he ran for dear
life, and soon left his startled fellow
boarders behind.
Meanwhile this mad dash sent every
one out of his way until he neared I
the wharf. There was a big crowd
waiting for the ferry, and before he
could be cheeked Ilanimelin bad gore
through them all but those who were
sitting down on the dock fishing. With
no let up he jumped over the heads
of those In hls path and Rank in the
water. Three of the fishermen followed him. and when he came to th"
surface they grabbed him hy the head
and shoulders, towing him ashore,
while hte dock was emptied of its human freight���scared and startled by
Ihe attempt to commit suicide.
llamnielin was takin to Montreal
where he was placed In the central
onlice staMon raving like a wild man
He was sent to an hospital, and later
returned to the police, where he nulls
at his hair end pees visions nf his father and mother being murdered.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Prooram Today.
Edison���Two Reels.
The Mystery of
West Sedgwick
A detective story In which
suspicion for the murder of a
Wall Street millionaire points
to his niece. The young detective is forced to call In a more
famous cne to help him BOlve
the riddle and lo justify his
faith in the girl. How the gnat
detective does this and the
romance of the young people
make this story, by Carolyn
Wells, one cf the real hits of
the film world.
A picture of Intense Heart
Featuring Miss Claire Mcn.wdl
Songs by the Lawrence Children
Just a Clam Picker and Wesrs Birthday Suit ac Matter of
Savannah. Sept. 8.���The "wild" man
of Tybee island, whose appeamnce on
the hanks of the Tybee creek back of
Kstill station a few days ago fricht-
ened a boatload of women out of their
wits, has --surrendered to Police Chief
Connors at Tybee,
And he wasn't a wild man at all
netther is he an esc^-ned convict. T**e
s'ory the man tells Is reascn-ihle
eiinio-h. He says he makes n living
catching  cl-.'-R     Thst   wis  what   he
f dot'**; o'i thc creek. He was Oper-
itlvr. |e i r'ger ��hal ordinarily Is Iso-
lat-d. i 'rt'-u'r-'v as regards women.
Por eone,r",re he wore onjy his
blrthd iv rttlt. -s he gets down In the
mod and mur-ihy slush. He was sur-
erlsed aeil Jn��t ns badly frbthtened as
the women In the boat when they
rowed up 'he creek. He wasn't et.
peetlng senh a visit nnd he wasn't
prepared for It. Lacking clothing but
being endowed with native resourcefulness the man dropped on all four��
and scampered away Into the marsh
He sayR he didn't mean to scare the
women! he hoped they wouldn't see
him. But when he found he couldn't
escape unnoticed he motioned the
women away, waving his arm so thev
would understand that tt was not hl��
visiting day. They misunderstood hls
excited speech and' thought he asked
for a ride across the creek.
Vot Very Prepossessing.
His Intelligence ie sbout on a par
with the average islander of his color
who makes a living crabbing. flRhine
and catching these small denizens of
the waters. His appearance under the
most favorable circumstances ts not
very prepossessing, so It Is not surprising that he threw a shock Into the
women In his clamming outfit of muddy water and tan.
The man felt guilty when he was approached, as he knew also he had nn
right to flsh where he waa without
permission of the owner. That's whv
he acted so suspiciously when aome
of the soldiers, In response to urgent
requests from the women ot the north
end, went Into the marshy Jungles to
Investigate the wild stories that were
in circulation.
A party of slldlers, headed by Sergt.
Hlgenbotham from Fort Stevens discovered the fisherman squatting on
the muddy bankes of the creek. Tn
the name of the law the sergeant call-
Until September 30
And   All   Points   in   the   Pacific
To Round Trip
Chicago    $ 72 50
Duluth        60.00
Minneapolis        60.00
Montreal       105.00
New   York       108.50
Philadelphia      103.50
Pittsburg       91.50
St.  Paul   Minn     60.00
Sioux City,  lowa        60.00
Toronto, Ont     92.00
Washington       107.50
Winnipeg         60.00
Omaha,    Council    Bluffs,	
Kansas City, St. Joseph,.    60.00
Proportionately reduced fares
to Many Other Points in the
Fast. Return may be made
through California at slightly
higher fares	
Going Limit 15 Daya.,
Final Return Limit, Oct. 31.1*13.
Liberal stopover privileges and
choice of diverse routes offered.
To the East Daily.
"The Olympian"
"The Columbian"
Milwaukee Trains, ��� Milwaukee
Service, Milwaukee Employees.
All the way across tha Continent
For additional information regarding fares, routes,-' sleeping
car reservations, etc., call on or
Freight and   Paaeenger  Agent.
Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul Railway.
622 Columbia 8k
On Inside Westminster Property
From $500 up
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONE8, Managing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
Five    Daya    Including
Meals  and   Berth.
Glacial,   laiand.   Mountain and  Forest
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug. Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
26th and Sept. 1. 21st and -8th.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooma,
separately or en suite, wltb or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra cost. All outside
Through tickets to all Eastern points via the popular Grand Trunk
II. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DDPEROW, G.  A. P.  D.
I'hone Private Exchange .134
DO  .OU?
Don't trffle with your eyesight. Delays,
ch*-ap tfUutett and unskillful treatment of
th** eyea are .sure forerunners of the time
when serious trouble will occur.
ire are ready to render you expert aid
In examining the eyes, in furnfshin*
ftaMOfl or spectacles, in fitting them to
your eyes.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Columbian College! the club
The Musical Department last year
under the leadership of Miss Clara
li. Smith. A. T. Coll. M.
Mabel    C. Winters, A. T.
and   Miss
Coll. M.,
achieved success very' gratifying to
the pupils and to the college. Affiliated with the Toronto College of
Classes Re-open Sept. 9th.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
! Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
Fast PaMsenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting In History ef Northwest
550-Throoglibreds n Adion-Kffj
 :  ���   * M
oeived fur The News at the following [duces: F. T. Hill's drug store,
bis Columbia street; A. Sprice,
ijueensborough, Lulu island.
�� RATES. ���
Claselfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; lie per
month; 6.000 words, to be uaed as re-
omred within one year trom data ot
eon tract, $26.00.
, i sell casualty Insurance. Salary
u:id commission. References required. Apply at IM;; Eighth avenue
between 'i and S p.m. (2020)
clopaedla Urltianniea, complete In
oak  case.   $15,  enst   $���!-���     Box   -''-i'
��� News. (202T)
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood %'i.o 0 per rick. Telephone
1005, (2086)
Other  Countries   Protest  Against  Attempt  to   Bar  Metallic
Walkerton,   Ont.,   Younfl   Man,   Who
Has Terrified Neighborhood,
Confesses to Crimes.
finished, und large cleared lot, Ed-
monda. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, (ieorge Warue,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
four room suite or cottage; state
terms and location (Immediate possession); address room 50 Russell
botel. (1996)
gang in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Free fare. Apply Central Employment Agency, 14 Powell
.street, Vancouver. (1994)
ture in large or small quantities for
spot caBh. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House. Klng'B hotel block,
Columbia atreet. (1981)
ter months, a nicely furnished two
storey house, nice grounds, etc., at
Crescent. Apply Hox 2028, The
Westminster News. (2028)
TO     RENT ��� TWO
housekeeping    rooms,
1020   Third
ern house, No. 208 Agnes street.
Cheap rent and lease If desired.
Enquire 14 Begbie street.       (2003)
rooms furnished, $30 per month;
and a 10 roomed bouse (25 per
inonth. Also a general store with
post office, Oxtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. O. Marshall, South Weatmlnster. (1999)
keeping rooms. $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
FOR BALE���11.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER]
week,   Canada's   Pride    Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1983).
dersigned on behalf of the receiver
appointed by the trustee of the debenture holders of the Western
Paper Mills. Limited, hereby give
notice that lenders will be received
up to and Including the 15th duy of Some of
October. 1913, for the purchase of
the said company's premises, plant
and undertaking, conaisting of a
fully equipped paper mill In running
order, operating an 84 Inch four
cylinder machine, situated on the
line of the Great Northern Railway,
near Vancouver, B.C. The mill has
been in operation fourteen months
making board, sheathing and wrapping papers. The highest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to James F.
Garvin, care British American Trust
Co., Ltd.. 198 Hastings Btreet west,
Vancouver, B.C. (2001)
era, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
morning, color black and brown.
Tag No. 303. Return to 230 Second
street and receive reward.      (2022)
Paris, Sept. 8.���Au antiquary in the
ministry of finance has found laws cf
1814 and 1892. never enforced, under
which Importations beurlng trade
marks must also bear the words "ltn-
porte des Etats-Unls d'AmerlQue" if
for example, the importation should
be from the (tilted Stales. A ministerial order has been issued declaring the laws in force as from January
1, 1914. The Inscription Bhowlng the
country of origin must be stamped
into the material lu the same way
aa the maker's other marks. Consequently In the case of agricultural ma
chinery, of which great quantities are
brought from the United Slates and
Canada, every part of the inach n*>
must have the phrase In French cast
Into it showing where it came from,
these machines have as
manv us three thousand pieces, Int.i
which of each, according to the mill's
terlal decree, the words must be e-ist
The obvious effect of the m'nlBfr
Ial order is to exclude absolutely all
metallic articles bearing marlti, b��-
cause within the six months allowed
It would bc impossible for the manu-
factttreres to remake their patterns
and molds. Even If years were allowed, it Is doubtful whether foreign
companies selling machinery In
France would find It profitable to re- j
make nil their patterns and molds and |
would not prefer to abandon the market |n France.
Protests have already heen lol?cd
with the foreign office, i' li nnd-r-
��toed by the German, British nnd
Swiss governments, aald the mit'er
has bepn brought to tbn Pttent'on of
the state department  at  Washington.
The whole i*mpnrt|ne Interesl in
Franc*? jg cToited over the eovr-rn-
"lent's decision, nnd the minister of
finance finds or, h's tah'e everv morning piles of protest?. It hns all grew
out of the desire of the French rn'o-
mohlle t're manufacturers to exclude
a German  make.
tlsh Canadian cannery wharf, scow
loaded witli engine, boiler and saw
mill machinery. Information wire
of ItB whereabouts will be rewarded. Vancouver Junk Co.. Dun-
levy and Railway Btreets, Vancouver. (2019)
A HOME) HAROA1N������ r. room modem
bungalow, close to sixth street; Jioo
cash, balance $-'!* a month.
Bxcluslve property and good contract to
riKhl   party.
Walkerton, Sept 8, Wesley Russell, 18 years of age, and a grandson
of CoiiBtable Russell, of Walkerton.
was arrested yeesterday by Provincial
lleteclIve Reburn charged with setting lire to the stables and bams of
the Hartley hotel on August 11, and
to the Queen's hotel nn August 18 and
19. Russell was lodged In the Walkerton Jail, and after an examination by
the detective, confessed to having
started the Hartley lire, but denied all
knowledge of Ihe tires at the Queen's
For the pnst month Walkerton has
been In a state of fear owing to the
numerous Incendiary fires throughout
th* town. Tiie most serious of these
was the Hartley lire. when, on Monday. August 11, the stables and barns
Of the iiotel were entirely destroyed.
On  .Monday, AugitBt IS. two attempts
.were made to set lire to the Queen's
hotel, and the following day. another|
attempt was made. All, however, were
discovered   before  the    flames    coultl
.gain any headway.
The local police were unable to find
I any clue to the perpetrator and fln-
nlly  the  people  of  the    town    asked
.Crown Attorney Dickinson to place a
man on ihe case. He notified the attorney-general, who detailed Detective
Reburn on the case, and the result was
ithe arrest of Russell today. The detee- !
itive is not satisfied that Russell wns |
the only pyromanlao, and Is still work- J
ing on the ease, and expects to make I
another arrest shortly.
Russell, who claims to have no mo- |
tlve for the crime, told the detective I
that he went up Into the loft of Hart-:
lev's stable and threw a lighted match
Into the hay. As soon ns the hay j
caught fire he ran away, lie will ap- I
pear before Magistrate Golden tomorrow.
The Best Corrective
and preventive of the numerous
ailments caused by defective
or irregular action of the organs of digestion���i3 found
in the safe, speedy, certain
and time-tested home remedy
Sold e��trywbtrt.   la box**, 25 c*nti.
English   Laborer,   His   Fairy   Fortune,
Wild Tales of Wealth and Pitiful
Ending to Story.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1SS2)
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
he held on the 10th day of December,
1918, or at any meeting prior thereto
that the application can be heard, for
a transfer of the license to sell liquor
by retail issued in respect of the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
s'reet. New Westminster, B.C., from
the holder, Michael Cowan, to Justus
���Swanson and Adolf Otto Haii6on.
Dated this 2(jth day of August, A.D.
3513. '
1197'.) License Holder.
Notice 13 hereby given that an application will be.made to the Hoard
cf Llcenae Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting,
to bo held on the loth day of December, 1918, or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor by retuil issued in respect
���of the Merchants Hotel, ln tho City
of New Westminster. B.C., fnun the
holders. Paul Root and J. A Malm, to
the said J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th dav of August, A.D.
J.  A.  MALM,
(197S) License Holders.
Y.'bat with the harbor improvements, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
eurely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
it .-����*   '
naby lo trade for
house.    Will
In   Bur-
Deer, Alta., to trade fur 7-room thoroughly modern hmise.
WB   HAVE   $10,000   fur   k*>
modern  lm
Bell. tJ'Xf ���
!HBAP���"7-room thorough
ie. close In. will lease i
���_sh, balance $30 a month.
and  close  t
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
SEALED       TENDERS,      superscribed
renders i����r Nelson Avenue, (Alta Vista),
concrete work," addressed to tin- undersigned, wlll bo, recj Ived up to the hour ol
7;80 p. in.. Thursday, Sept. Uth,
Plans -imt specification!) can be seen al
thc ofllce of the architect, 116 Crown
Build Inf. Pendei St. W., Vancouver, or al
ti..- School Bonrd Office, Kingsway West,
Ench tendei must bi accompanied by
a duly certified cheque foi ;i sum equal
tn 6 per cent. ol ih�� t'n..-r. which will be
forfeited if the party tendering declines to
en tei   Into th<   contract   ti   called  upon   to
���J'h' cheque h of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them on signing ol 1 an
The Board do not bind themselves to accept tin   lowest,, hi   uny  t��nd< 1
Box  20
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender Cor
Jetty and Dredging at the North Ann of
tin- Fraser River, U. <\" will be receiv
at this office until 4:00 1*. M., on Tues-
day, September 80th, 1918, for the construction of Jetty ant] Dredging at tin-
North Ann nf tint Praser River, li. C
Plans, specification and form of contract
can in- seen and forms of tender obtained
at this Departmenl nnd at the offices or
C. (* Worsfold, Esq., DlBtrlcl Engineer,
N.-w Westminster, B. C.: W. A Earle,
Esq., Histrict Engineer, Winnipeg, Man .
.1 s. MacLachlan, Esq., District Engineer,
Victoria. B. C ; J. L, Mich:.ml. Esq., Dlstrlcl Engineer, Pimt Ofllce Building, Montreal, p. Q.. J O, Blng, Esq.. District Bn-j
glneer, Confederation Life Building, Toronto, nnt., and on application to the Postmaster at Vancouver,  B   C
Persons tendering nre notified thnt tenders will nnt be considered unless made
on (&!������ printed forms supplied, nnd slgtl^d
with t li* lr actual signatures, stilting th'lr
occupations and places of residence. In
thc '"is** of tlrniH. the actual signature,
the nature of tbe occupation, and place
of residence of each member of th^ firm
must be given.
Each tender must bp accompanied hv
an accepted cheque on ;�� chartered bank,
payable tn  thf* oMer uf  tho   Honourable
the   Minister   nf   public    Works.   pQUftl   tO
flv*- ner e��*nl < ?i n <��� 1 0' th- amount of the
t"nder which will be forfeited tf the person tendering dpcllnn to enter Into a contract when called upon to do ho, or fnl'
to comnlet" the wort, contracted for. T'
the tender ho not accepted the cheque will
be  returned.
The   Departmn 1   does   not   bind   Itself
to accept *'���* lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department   of  PuM.r  Work*.
Ottawa.   August   IV   1818.
Newspapers   will   not   he   nald   for   thla
advnrtl*Am*vnt tf t^ny lns��rt 1? w'thmit authority from th*- Department���46974
r (1937)
Tendprs are Invite
Sept     20th    fn
ut. to and including
.   .   , .   . ..f  grocery   husuu ss
I} consisting of stock, furniture, building and
property   situated   In   South   Westminster
and   lati ly  operaie.t   by   Simon   8vendsen
(2012) New Westminster,
Telephone!:  Office 53.  Residence 429
JOHN REID. Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Rros.'   Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: TeMh St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C
STORAGE     'm*7Z
Naw Imported Fall Suiting!) now on
display.    See them.    Perfect flt and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
The statutory meeting (if the Hoard
of License Commissioners wlll I.*.' hell
at the munMpal hall on Wednesday,
September   10,   at   10   o'clock   In   the
(200_)      Clerk to tbe Commissioners
Section 348)
Notice In hereby Riven that on the
10th day of September. A.D. 1818, ap
plication will be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioner*, for the Municipality of I_nngley, for lhe grant of
a license for the Bale of liquor hy re-
tall, In aud upon the premises known
ns the "Langley Hotel," situate at
Fort Langley, In the Municipality of
Langley. in the Province of liritish
Columbia, upon the lands described
more particularly as follows:
A portion, containing by estimation
thirty one-hundredths (30190) of an
acre,  of lot  seventy-nine   179),  group
two (2). New Westminster District.
In the Province of DrltlHh Columbia
and a portion containing one hundred
and nineteen thousandths (119-1000)
of sn acre in the said lot seventy-nine
(79), group two (2), New Westminster
DlBtrlcl, Province aforesaid.
Dated this 7th day of June, A.I.
(1855) Applicant.
Ilolton. Eng., Sept. 8.��� One of the
most curious cases, from a medical
point of view of what appears to be
"megalomania"  has  been   revealed   by
Ithe discovery of William Tunstali.
the Bolton laborer, who was supposed
to  have  gone  to  Australia  to  claim
jan Inheritance of several hundreds
of thousands of pounds. He w-as found
yesterday   by   the   police   at   Todmor-
ten, on the borders of Yorkshire and
j Lancashire, wandering about, hls mind
a blank, and physically a wreck. A
kindly policeman tcok charge of him,
'and he Is now under the care of his
sister.    A pathetic feature of the case j
lis that Tunstali still adheres to the
belief  that   he  has  n  huge    sum    ofj
money coining to him.
Tho Fortune.
The following is the history of ibis j
; peculiar .a?e. A week nr so ago ii wai
announced   that   William   Tunstali.   a
laborer in the employ of the Holton '
Corporation,  had   received   news  from.
Australia that his father-in-law, a Mr. j
v.-c-'woli. had died and  left him the
��� bulk   of   his   fortune,   variously   estl- |
mated at ��200,000 to ��400,000.   This'
news was afterwards embellished  bv
romantic details as to how Tunstali
j-came   to   be   the son-in-lsw of   bo
wealthy a man; how he saved the lives'
of two ladles at  a bathing resort  In
the Isle of Man. and how he came tol
mnrrv the da lighter of one of ihe lad-
'.-   Mr*-*   Westwell.    The story  grew I
in the telling.   It was said thai he had'
lost his wife, had fallen on evil times. ]
and   had   come  down   to   the  humble
position of a laborer under the Holton
enrno-it'en.     It   was  stated   also  that
he sailed in the Omrah iast Friday for
Australia, to take up  his  new  career
:i- the rawner of a silk industry and a
pearl fishery. '
Then  came  a curious development]
Telegrams despatched from villages In '>
Lancashire  were  received  at  Bolton
stating that Tunstali had died on hoard
ihn   ('���������..-ah    and   had   been   hurled   at
sea    The ofliies of origin of these tei- ���
egrams gave rise to suspicion, ami  il
was then  found that  the whole story
was a myth from beginning tn end. A
search was instituted for Tunotall.
with tbe n suit that be Is now back In ;
Holton, sightless. Mb mind a blank and
h's mental (acuities deranged. His |
onlv luggage consist-d of a tin hox,
which be had deposited at Todmorte'i
station iu the name nf Turner. All
"t'TTiptR to nuestlon Tunstali have
failed to ..licit any connected narra-
tlme. A'l he can sav Is that he wishes
that had never heard of the money. He
and a friend, he said, had been to
I ondon, but he Is unable to gay why
they did net embark on the Omrah,
he having left everything to his friend.
Tunstali still adheres to the story
of his fortune, paying: "I wish I had
never heard of the monev," Ile stated
that he started with n friend to embark for Australia, and that they parted In London. Why his friend left
him h" could not explain. Ills sister,
Mrs. Whalley, adheres to the belief In
her brother's fortune, end thinks that
the excitement of coining Into the
the ���.,-ri..v and th" publicity It attracted has for the time unhinged
Tunstall'a mind. Loenl'v the afTalr Is
regarded as a gigantic hoax.
741 Front Street.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  18S.      Barn  Phon*  117
Begble Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Seventeen Miles of Movies
I'aris, Sept. x���Moving p.cture films
totalling something over seventeen
miles in length are each dav run iff
before tlle eyes of cinematograph audiences around the world, according
to statistics prepared by n Frenchman who has given much labor to h's
task, lie has gathered hls infirma-
tlon fron' practically every country
In the world, aud gives ln add 11 on
the Information thnt London In the
greatest film-consuming centre In Kurope, but is still a long way behind
the record established by New York.
Gives Its
A Square
The New Westminster News treats all advertisers alike
in the matter of rates. All pay the same rates for the
service rendered and no special discounts are given or
favors shown that all do not share in alike.
not give one man
a LOW RATE and
make his competitor pay a higher
one to even up.
That advertisers in The News appreciate thc square deal
is proven by the fact that 50 per cent, more advertising
has been carried in The News for the first nine months of
1913 than in the same period in 1912.
If you are not using The News for your publicity, call up
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will pay you. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1913.
page sever*
Little Brown Heathen Not Entitled to |agalnsl ihe riling flood of orientalism
is  danger  to  British   interests  ut
More Than He Grants Foreigners
In His Own Land.
Tho oriental menace in ihe Integrity
of tiie British empire is the subject of
im Interesting article In the Auguat
|lsua of the Literary  Digest,      whieh
quol is   ihe   opinions   of   Archibald
Hurd 'hi' editorial writer of Hie London Dall} Teh-eraph. :r.d a naval expert.
.ocordlng to Mr Herd the rivalry
between the -white and yellow peoples
li reaching dangerous proportions and
b- thinks that tha anti-Asiatic move-
mi ii will in a short time become the
ii* ��� ��� tMin*.the facl ir in Imperial pol-
V   -t't*.  nf  racial   war  already  i\-
I '     in  fie   Paclfl -    the  new  world  of
e    -      snd  commerce"    Mr.    Hurd
II lhal  thla wat  "mav spll:  the
If : ih   i mplre   In   two."    The  alarm
r *n   thla   point   by   lhe   Hrlti.h   In-
whltnnts of Australasia and western
r ������!���'<: i  l" acute, remarks th1- writer
presenl is thnt the British In the Pa-
clllc territories may I.e I..iced hy thai
neglect of  Imperial  government,    to]
turn [or help to the United States. -Mr
Hurd says:
"ii must be evident to all who study
the course of Dominion policy thut
matters have reaohed n critical con-1 *1om
ili'lon      In sotui' minds In  the Dnmln-
ii'iis iheri* is already developing the
Idea, Htill ll may be dim and shadowy,
that the mad to safely ilea rather ln
close co .operation wllh the L'nited
States than lu reliance upon the vague
ami undefined, if benevolent, Intentions of the Imperial government, worried by man..' little things* not forgetting thn   suffragettes,    While   these I    "On
Plight of F.ft/oi-jiit Thousand of London's Friendless Ones���None to
Call Intimates
white peoples are f*i"lnn the problem j men  who are  placed
which they regard as Hta] to their fu-| writes, "may I suggest
ture. tin* Imperial government appears
to tbem to be absorbed In a hundred  i berty to live
and one n   re or leu trifling problemsh nave lived alone in London, aud In
appertaining to the affairs ol lhe Brit- : all thut time i have not met one ao-
l.i ndo i. Sept. S. The fact lhat
lii.ri' ore 68.UU0 in London 1 vir..*;
vi and by the census re umi
bus come as u surprise to many. A
correspondent, who states tlmt sue is
one o. ihe vast army, urges that tome
social provision should bs made lot
Mich noiiUiiy lives, and complains b.t
ten/ 'i in.: limitations which are mi
to women who are trlendluu In the
Friendless Thousands
bi'hall  i,i   lne oilier nl,!,'.)!   w:i-
d   I   am,"   she
that the I Holy women ol London be granted mor*
For in arly ten years
Ish Isles and in the clash of policies in
Europe, t-i tbo exclusion of all thought
unon ihe major problems of the empire which to the dominions are ven
im ar and  verv real."
Japanese In  C. C.
"They have seen Jaoam ��������� nlgrants
-���I'ltii' In Quean Charlotte !Mnnd��  ;��������������� i
npidly   lake  possession   not  only    of
Ui  * *   Islands, hul  of the flsherles < n
>:��������� .-n   of   British  ''oIntnl.ia:   tin j
i ���   ��� ���' itnei sed the settlement of 40.-
01 0 Japanese, as nearly aim manv chl-
'���        tn Csiifnmln. where vim:'   .i;..-.
tire's b.-ve beroTte orifcrtalUed:  they
ha>" hi'iini of the rapid Increase of
r���������   t,.���,,,,,._,. population In the '���'���������> I   Great  Assuan  Reservoir  Now  Fmnty,
of Hawaii: lhey know thM ,,-," .Lin
in,, ire ������ warming over ihe Lovalty
Island in der ibe , yes o." the Common ���
v ��� ilth, and they believe thel 'hay covet the vast itno".cunlod terrltorlw: undi ������ fi" British flag ii   Vislrnb.'   v\'l-"r
,1. - fu- laoanese emigrant rattle* h��
Underbids the white ymo |n *he la'ior
I ���*���-'���..*������* his family follows him tn Ills
new plac,. of settlement bis customs
���'���a habits become predominant ami.
1 Hi "-rdstent pressure, he and hls
kin enlarge their boundaries, drlvini;
t hif   man before them.
" A' ' who live far removed from this
; lal pn Idi in can no' alTord to Ignore
it. iinl-'s we are content to witness the
growth of a movement which may dlR-
memb r the empire, The people in
other parts of ihe king's dominion*
enn hardl) realize the Intensity of the
anti-Japanese feeling which dominates
nil the people! of tlie white raci' who
live  on   the   slopes    ot     tin-     I'acific
But it Has Done Crest Ccr-
vice This Year
Zeltoun, Egypt,  spi
suan   reservoir Is now   n
but   It    has   dene   great
year.    Between pArli I.
X. -The As-
arly  empty.
service this
when   lt   be-
F-ccming Orientalized.
According i > the views of I'r  F  B
Vrnoman of Mri'ish Columbia, Quoted
lu "... article, fi'* Japanese havi* placed '������< thi lr i"'" cal program "the o ������
i ���:������'��� -i ������' 1 lr: t Is ti Columbia," where
I ��� . ' tv ��� ettled d 'wn in solid pi ri
lanxei ol 10,000 or more at a Ume and
���**.'��� ���*.-. and become undigested and lull ������*. tlble lamps In the political ven-
;���    |e "    To quote lurtlier:
"Our province Is become orientalized, and on1* HPour Importani ones
I i ��� . I.- whether It Is to remain a British province or become un oriental
colon) for we have three rare:< demanding M-ats in our drawnlng room.
its. bui she demands ihr rlghl of the
Japanese, the Chinese and the Fast
I idlan According to n repcr' cf the
;��� 'esment commissioner several
years an. n bav,. no later figures),
i early an eighth of the populi Uon o(
Vancouver was oriental, wllh that of
thn Now Westminster dlstrlcl larger
Out d" orietnals a-" practl ally all
i ale adults lf they had their families
v :-': them their numbers would have
been about five times as groat, and
tt* would represent permanent pnp-
i-.lifnn: and Ihis woulld have given
< ' r half lh" |i ipulatlon of Vancouver
:. * mal   while  kIvIiir  one oriental
i   -'��� ���   adull   to   every   three-and-a-half
whites of the male adult population of
thi   province."
Japan'r 0.'n Laws.
Hr,   Vroomau.   In   Ihe  speech     fr,*"n '
which Mr, Hurd quotes, staiei clearly
the Itasts on which ihe anti-Japanese
feeling In the Dominion rests, and Inform*  us  tliat:
"Japan will not allow a foreigner to
��� - i or even work a mine in Japan, Inn
Fhe unreasonably demands for the Jan- j
anese the  right to work In the mines
and  to own  and exploit the mines of :
Cii'i'da  and   Ihe   l'nited     States    one:
small syndicate of co-cges having now J
possession of a copper mine In British
Columbia  worth    nearly    :.    million I
pounds,    fhe allows no foreigner to!
wiemp '���> flsh'rle" mi  ' ipanese waters, byt she demands the right of the
Japnnt-se to lis'* American and Cana-
d mi wai'is:  and    is i\ consequence,
n". the  fisheries if British Columbia,
which are 30 n' r cent, of the fisheries'
of aCnada, which are th,. largest and j
must profitable In the world, are now i
Wholly In Japanese hands, yielding 10,-
FiOO  Japanese   laborers  from   ��100   In
EII00 a vear ap;,."". the mnst of whieh
is sen! lu cash lo Japan, and alienated |
irom the British emnlre forever.    It In'
B well known fact thst Japan wlll not
tobrate our workmen on her soli, except   those   skilled   laborers   we  have
h-cii  simple enough  to send over to
feaoh the Japanese how to mnke goods
cVnper than we can make them.
"Japan is gradually taxing, or legislating, or expropriating every wpst-
r "ii Interei t out of Japan. Koren and
"*ip"i,uria, and rs far as possible out
tif China, but she demands ential
rights and opportunities for the Japanese workman, mercant., financier, farrier. In the buHlneps opportunities and
potential wealth of the new world, and
r'ore Ihntaa safe-ieirds and pro'ec-
tlnna Which the Jen-anese thems"lvcs
vil) n"t gran* to th-^'r ewn peop'e nn
lhelr own soli���ennel right In the prlv-
ilrneri of nn Angt"-Ssvon democracy.
Wh'tcs Must Yield.
"If Jnpan ��'-nt*i something on tho
Aficr'cen cntlnent. Canada and the
Tailed Pf.lr-a mert rive It. If Canada nnd the United States wnnt sorne-
' ll tn sr In Jn-ein. Korea or Manchuria,
I' Is InlnlODl to the Interei"" of Jaonn
and thev can not have It. Whatover Is
or.-'udle'al to the Intccrsts or the
pride of Japan must bn yielded by
���CinndlnnR and Americans. Whatover
in prejudicial tn tho Interests of
Americans nnd Canadians mint be accepted because of the Imperious do-
���manda of Japanese pride nml national
Interest, nnd tho power of the Japanese warships."
An Imnerlal fleet enforcing strict
Immigration laws,, must be organized
I'or British protection as   a
Igan to help the river, und August 1,
the water contributed by thc reBer-
volr hus been equal to 40 per cent.
of lhe whole discharge of tho Nile
above Assuan during the same period
Put in round figures, during this
period, San tons of water arrived at
Assuan a-very second und 700 tons
went down the river every second,
thanks to the contribution of the reservoir. Tbeie are average figures
for the whole period, bul dnriiiK May.
when the Nile above Assuan v.as nt
i Its   lowest,   the   percental?''   add' d   by
the reserve lr was much higher,
I     The   meteorological   -service   if   :ri"
Egyptian survey department, which
concerns itself with the levels nnd
discharge of the Nile, has been quite
at sea this year in Its phophec m of
the flood. As late ns .Line .V it was
expected thai the flood wuuld be rath
er early than otherwise, yet it Is later
than It has been for fiftv yeara and
bus not yet arrived ut Ftoseirss, 42u
; miles ubove Khartoum on the Blue
Nile, this bolng the first point where
the height of thc river H taken daily
and  telegraphed  to Cairo.
Vater  Uf|d   ���.parln'-ly
Fortunately   the extra   water  whirl
the heightened dam allows to be Btor-
: ed this year has becn used VI ry sparingly   with   the   result   that   scarcely
any Inconvenience has been experienced   in   the   fields,     Th"   bul   repo-��
j of iiie cotton crop Issues hv the agricultural  department  on  .'ausu.it  1  Is
vary   favorable,     'i'he   nlants   almost
,-a'ervwhere   look   healthy   and   wol'.
���own.   the   cotton   is   very   liltle   in
evidence and the number of b'ossom-a
and   pods   developed   up   to   date   is
above the at Bragi
The quantity ef vator stored hv
the oe'nr.-rd reservoir this winter
was Iwo and a half times the quae
ttty stored in previous years. Last
yinr the river was exceptionally low
from January to June, and the flood
wa.-* late. The reservoir water was
used um Bpartngtv ur possible vp* 1'
was finished by July IB by which dat��
tb" flood water had arrived. Th's
yenr the river was cons'dernhl'' low
er ihan last year up to th
_,!���... ..!,.,, n r|S(, |n both tho
and   Whit"  N'lles  took   place.
ijuaiiiiaiii:,* whom I could talk to Intimately, oi* whom 1 could really call
'friend.' Only thOU who have to in
dure tiie terror of living alone know
in what narrow circles ono has lo
move, i.in n the limits of one's exist-
' nt are the tin- office ar the shop
and one's private rooma in a dismal
square. In smaller cities It Is po_sl*
bl mr women to go about alone and
find tho social happiness which ever)
nuture seeks. In London it is dangerous Ior women lu be alone. 1 dat'"
not go to the theatre, 1 dare not
dine out, 1 dure nm undertake an oc
Icaslonal trip to the seaside. The ex!
pi rn nee ia madd. ning, and the If.:
has become to mc like that cf a bird
| in a cage, seeking room to fly but d*.���-
nled it.   is there no way out of this
cage, whole bars arc unseen but viry
"Nut long ago. thl re was told In
the newspapers the ease of a man
who resolved to go about his duties
In London for live days without
speaking to anyone, He carried out
his resolve, hut at the end of the five
days he said he would never do the
same Ihlng again But what of the
women who are doinn much the same
thing for years? It is so easy to say
lhat one could join u club or go to a
church and become acquainted with
people. But in the first Instance club
officials look askance at anyoni*- who
goes up the steps and sayB, 'Please
may I join your club?' And in thc
second Instance churches are much'
the same nowadays. I went to a
church for a year, but met no on".
After that I left and have not b:-en
to one since. My sole enjoyment is
an omnibus rid" and a visit to Hyde
| Park on Sundays.
New Institution Wanted
"One has a natural reluctance to ga
to  'homes   for   women.'  and  say   that
one is a lonely  woman.    One prefers
to   remain   lonely,   protesting   at  tha
same   tune   against   a   social   system I
which   gives   no  opportunities for  In-
telllgi nt beings who have c.'me to the |
big city.    Is It nct possible that s"mi�� '
kind  of  club  or  establishment could
be  torsded  which  would ba a ilacM
for meeting fallow  creatures  w thout 1
seeming to be 'forward' or assuming. \
There is not such a pla"e in Ih- whole i
of  London   for   w omt n.   though  there i
may be one for men.   The Young Women's  Christian  association  does  not
appeal  to me. and  I  hesitate t*  tak"
advantage of anv Institution wh'ch la- j
hels   Ils   faith   In   gilt   letters on   th"
housetops    1 am not what people cal'
a 'fright,' nor am 1 a suffragist, and I j
nm nut eld.    I am 9implv an average
human   being   wltll   a   desire  to  live
fully nnd well, and a great grievance
that no experiences come to me that
come to girls who have brothers and
sisters.    What  would people think of
me if 1 walked  into the Savoy nlon"
and  started   to  eat   a  lonely  simper?
Of course  I  know  thnt    the   proper
thing to do  Is  to  take  no  notice of
���what  people say or think, but  be'ni
a woman, I do mind, and I never met
a woman who didn't.
Up to Me
It's up to me to close out the entire stock of Mrs. A,
J. Birtch before the 1st of the month, and I intend to
do it, as the premises must given over to the landlord
by that time. I am not going io let prices stand in
my way. I have prepared a special attraction in
prices for today, so come and get your share.
Toques, all  Btyles and  colors,
values tu "ac.
and   colors
ilefs,        best
regular  10c.
nnd   white
hosiery,    both
values to 50
Perrin's gloves, all colors
Children's    hats
values to J2.50.
and    caps;
Art Cushion  Tops;   values  to
Children's  Straw   Hats,  extra
special bargains; values to $2.50.
White and colored waists and
BIoubpb. all of the latest styles
and models; values to $5.00.
The above are just a few of the many bargain. Bargain tables galore. My how they crowd around the
bargain tables and snap up hundreds of bargains. It's the liveliest bargain scramble you've ever seen. Be one
of the first at the door this morning. * ���
Doors Open
9 a.m. Daily
Movement to    Perpetuate    Name    of
Naval Hero of Spanish Armada
there should exist no monument to
Drake in London at the present time.
The dependence of this great city upon the maintenance of sea power, the
debt which it owed to that long line
of sea captains who on all the water;
Another    Phase    of   Already    Knotty
Problem for Council to
Montreal, Sept. 8.���A section of the
Itt. Hon. Winston Churchill presid- of the world, ttroTglTaTgM6f��B0M�� I<*�� cou***-** ia callinS for ,he PrePal"
ed recently at the first inciting of had guarded our land and spread our ation ot a n��torlal contract based on
the national committee for tha erec- empire far and wide, should make it >e, Montreal and Southern counties
tion in London of a national memor- obvious ihat Londoners should ,.nd ;by-law has added one further compli-
lal to Sir I-'rancis Drake. An execu- in their public places monuments and fannn l�� ,th(' ,ma^ f Tep��lls' res��lu;
tlve committee was formed with pow-���memorials of great seamen. And of!{ions and legal opoinlons. When in that
or to issue a public appeal when a all the great seamen of the past there ���" " n
favorable opportunity occurs. was scarcely anyone who more fully 1
Colonel E. T. Clifford presented the embodied the characteristics of the!
report of the organl.'::ig committee British navy than Sir Krancis Drake, j
which  was appointed    in    November He was one of
ish power,
Crepeau telephoned and the notary
waited. The thirty days' limit passed
and there was no contract. The company could not sign a contract, because there was no contract to sign.
Apart from tne question whether the
bylaw was legal or illegal before it
was signed by Aid. Martin, the question of its legality now arises from
failure to prepare the contract.
EX-I. W. W.
last.    It staled  that  the organization l8h power.    He was one of those fig-1
'The  information   that   I  am    on'v  <-ommlttee Included representatives of ures  which,   if he  did  not belong  to j
middl" of .on'' of ��y*t 68,000  lonely   wnmpn   in   the   various  bodies   interested   In  the reality, mpuld belong to romance. Hei
Blue I this great city ban onlv added to m**  career of Drake and his influence up- was one  of  those  figures   which  sp-
r^Ftle-sness   and It seems to me tha'   on   naval  development, among    thfm Pealed and  which  would increasingly
If n  few  of  these, 58.000 conld  me"'   -t���MIip  the  Navy   League,  the London appeal to all patriotic sentiment here
their livrs would probably take a dlf-   Devonian   association,  and   th"   West and   in   the   colonies   and   dominions
fcrent 1'ne In the future.    At present Inldlan club.    A public statement was over the seas.
AGITATOR   most  cf  them   ate  simply  dying   for [prepared   Belting   forth   the   peculiar The memory of Sir  Francis Drake
friendship.    Somewhere    In    I_ond-i- | claims which  attach   to  the   memorv
���tnong the women I and others would
week's occupancy of the
mayoral chair. Alderman Mederic Martin signed the by-law, it was anticipated that his action would lead    to
the pioneers of  Brit-1 f0*** ��"B"tion. but there were still
I tortuous ways to be crossed.
The last clause of the by-law provides that it "shall be null and void
In case the company shall fail to sign
a contract, embodying the above conditions and obligations, within a delay
of thirty days after the adoption of
said by-law."
Waited for Instructions.
Before he  closed    his    memorable
will  ever  be cherished  by  the   Brit-
���OHr-n'n. fept   7.���When a rupcrinr
c-iirt judge denies an apnllcatlon for | find t'"> friendship for which we have
c'llrrnshlp paperB there Ib no app"nljbePn looking.    Hnt is there no means
ti the state Bupreme court, says the of bringing us together?"
Wash'nfrtori supreme court  In a decl-1 -
slon handed down denying the application of Mayer Ctorellck for a writ of
mandate to force the King county
superior court to certify a statement
of fact so tbnt he might appeal.
Corellck was denied citizenship papers because of his alleged affiliations
with the I   W. W.'s In Seattle
The pnnre'ce court says he had nn
radrSFS In the state courts and the
'"iicrnl courts hnve nlso held that
there can be no apneal In such csser
except nn writs of error to show
wfinF nrnccdnre
C.orellck. a taller, was discharged
frcm n. shop In Seattle by hl�� foreman after a nnnrrel. The Industrie'
Workera ca'led a strike nnd picketed
the rluin This was the beginning nf a
ctreet turmoil In Seattle last spring.
Later, when the strikers hnd been
beaten, Gorellck sought eltlrenshlp.
".aylnr he had withdrawn from membership In the I. W. W.
Thc decision was written by Judge
Parker and Is signed bv Judges Fuller-
ton, Mount, (loss and Ohadwtck. Ave of
the nine supreme court Judges.
of Drake In the growth of BrltlBh sea >ah navy. A great cruiser at the pre- ���_ Jule9 Crepeau> Becond as8istant
I supremacy, and thc pr-POjal that a sen time bore his name; and no one,C|, clerk ,��� have the notarlal con.
suitable memorial should be erec���1 could doubt that among the ships I tract prepared in accordance with this
was warmlv received In influenzal which from one period to another LIauIJe The |n8tructions were sent
quarters. The public appeal for the would maintain our sea supremacy |and the p.eparatlon of the contract
formation of the national committee there would always be found one as-iwag un(jer way When the notarv tak-
iwas Issiud on Aprll 7. lt was clrcu- soclated with him. But the case for|,ng note of the clauaei teiepho^a ,0
lated  to members of both houses cf the erection of a statue in the metr..p-jMr   crepeau and asked    whther    he
should  proceed   further.
Buffalo    Bill
Them    In
Never   Had
New York, Sept. 8.���The s"tiad of
youngster who started to walk hack
tn Chicago when Buffalo Hill's Wild
West show stranded recently at Denver, arc nnt members of the Boy
Hoy Heonts of Amerlcn. nnd never
have been, so snld a statement put
out today at the scouts national headquarters. ' *
The national ofllcers denied thla report because thev believed Its w'de
circulation would give a wrong Impression of the character ot the organization.
Before   the  Wild   West   show   disbanded  they say, Ita managers were
threatened  wllh  prosecution    unless
they  discontinued  representing their
barrier Juvenile actors as Boy Scouts.
Okanacan and  Spallumcheen Agricultural  Society  Picks Dates
Late in October.
Vernon, Sept. 8���The Okanagan and 1
Spallumcheon Agricultural society has
decided to hold the second annual
Okanagan Valley Apple show at Vernon on Wednesday and Thursday, October 22 and 23. Hon. Price Ellison,
W, Scott Allan and W. C. Hlcardo are
officers of the association.
Vernon last year held the Brst apple
show In the valley, with Sir Richard
McBrlde present to open the exhibit,
which showed hoy and why the Okanagan valley produced 70 per cont. of
the money value of fruit In tho province.
Twenty-two million, six hundred and
fifty-two thousand four hundied
petunia of apples, representing a
money vnluo of $526,800 were produced tn 1911. Vernon and district shipped 371 carloads.
Of tho other fruits, 4,682,144 pounds
were produced, representing 8120,062.
Barries, 1,666,000 pounds, valued at
1175260, with vegetables 178,100 tons
at 12,016.694, adding to the sum total
of $2871,806.
Provincial fruit has won the gold
medal at the Royal Horticultural ahow
In London, open tn the British empire.
Okanagan valley fruit won prises aggregating $4,423 at the Spokane Apple
show. lovely weather . prevailed,
through the month and crop prospects
never looked better.
parlian-nt. lor'i lieutenant. l"rd may- oils was surely strong enough to Jtisti-
nrs, mn-or;, nnl numerous other pub- f>' the Influential support which the
He men, Including man yofifceri on committee had already received, and
the flag list. Nearlv two hundred strong enough to make Its efforts cer-
answers were received, strongly sup- tain to be crowned with success. It
rortlng the movement and Indicating was hardly possible to attempt in a
willingness to join the committee a. meeting like that to appreciate the
vice-presidents  and   members. great part played  by      Sir    Francis
Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, the post- Drake, not only ln the history of the
master general, In his reply to the cr- British navy but in the history of the
culnr. described the course adapted country. But when they cons dared
bv the executive committee which or- that his name was asiociated with
ganlr.ed the memorial to Capt. Cook. ��uch glories asd national" events as
of which he was the chairman. He ! the circumnavigation of the globe, the
added: "The office of works have defeat of the Spanish Armada and the
given a site for the statute In the, introduction of the potato, he wa*
Mail a few yards on the St. James!aure they would feel that they had
Park side of the new admiralty arch not presumed unnecessarily upon the
on tho right hand aide approaching attention of a busy publlc In coming
thn arch, where there now stands an there to press forward the work of
Isolated block of stone. Sir Thomas erecting a memorial to his name.
Brock's statute, the full slsed modol Sir F. Treves seconded the motion,
of which Is now complete, la unques- which was unanimously adopted.
tlonably a very fine one���one of the |	
host   pieces  of  *ork  which   he  has EXCITEMENT FROM  FIRE
done,    i enclose  photographs of the! CAU8ED  WOMAN'S  DEATH
amall first model.    It occurs to me 1 ��� ������
that the Drake committee might poe-1 Lindsay. Ont. Sept. 8.���A sad fa-
sibly be disposed to consider the er- ttlity resulted from the burning to the
ectlon of a similar statute In a cor- ground of a large stable on Pair av-
respondlng position on the left aide enue lut week. Mr. and Mrs. Joaeph
of the road approaching the admiral- Pedlar, who lived across from the
ty arch. The two men are not un- burning stable, were awakened by resulted to have memorials contlglous flections from the fire. They quiekly
to one another, alnce. Cook'a great answered the calls for assistance, Mrs
triumphs In the more peaceful paths Pedlar calllnf from the window that
of seamanship are. little Inferior In her husband would be down Imnsed
their way to Drake's triumphs tn time lately. After the fire had,.bee* ���_-
of war. Should your committee be tlngulshed, Mr. Pedlar rushed to (he
disposed to proceed further on these houae, and was surprised to tee Mrs.
lines 1 should be most happy to as- Pedlar lying on the bedroom floor,
slst by approaching the office ot Oreat was his distress when oa try-
works as to a site, or by any other lng to arouse her he found she had
means In my power." i expired.   Medical advloe wai celled,
A Pioneer ef British Power"       when It was found that apoplexy, re-
"Waty for further Instructions," Mr.
Ai-Dni-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Quickly Put Disordered
Stomachs Right
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Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets swecttn
stomachs that ere soar���relieve
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swallowed���stop heartburn-���and give
the needed assistance to stomachs that
are weakened.
Containing in themselves the active
trinoiple needed for digesting every
ind of food. Ns-Drn-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets enable even the weakest
stomachs to get the good out of what b
eaten, preventing thc accumulation of
aadigested food aod gas. With a little
belp for a while, the digestive organs
recover their strength, do their work
properly, and your troubles sre over.
Don't go *>n suffering I Get a 50c. box
of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets from
your druggist todav. NaUonal Drug
snd Chemical Co. ol Canada, Limited,
Montreal. u7
Schedulo showing the Real Property Immediately benefited and the proportion
In which the Assessment ts made on per foot frontage.
niptmmp, fn** e pnamBer. m tse 1   _
Mr. Churchill, In moving the adop- suiting  from  excitement csuee4 *\*f\ awwji from meii mended.����m��m*���t must
tlon of the report, said that It was the elose proximity ef the fire,.,was
���really a very remarkable thing that the cause ot her death.
Nam* of Own-er
Sun   Life   Assurance  Co.  of
Hnnkey, o. Alers 	
Society    for    the    Propaga-
fatlon at the Gospel In
'. P	
Society fsr the Propaca-
-utlon of the Gospel in
P. P	
Socla'tv (or the Propaga-
gatlon of the Gospel In
P.  tt	
Fngan, Chas. J	
Annandale. T. S. et al	
Kauran, Chas. J	
Order ot Oblates M.I. In B.C.
Orda-r of Oblates M.I. In B.C.
St. Patrick's Hall Co	
Walker,   lelen N	
Phillips, M. J	
Hart.   F.   J	
MoDonaM, J. M	
Hulllvan, T. J.	
Order of Oblates M.I. la B.C.
. tcl/a-od    John   D. '	
Xmi*.   I.vdls       	
George, Minnie B. ;	
Sub-dlvlalon     Lot
in DO
65. M
30  Years
Paym nt
!.��� >
J   I
8. 1-!
N l-i
S. pt. IS
N. pt.
t ta l*
IT   '
6 ���..-.:
11 '
���I '
  IISMS       UIM4
Notice la hereby given that the Corrcmt 1 in "f the City of New TTlstsM-M'* 1 hv-
tends to pass a Local Inmrovement Ai-wwm-nJ   Bylaw  aaaeaalns  tbe  pre-pn-M- ���   '
the schedule above mentioned trie sums of money annually for thirty 1 "
peelte each lot, and a Court of Revision 'or  the  trial  ef complaints Bad np
naahwt the assessment so proposed so t�� made will he held on Monday, t""* ,    .
.day of September. 1818, enmmenctoe at IS o'clock W the forenoon, at the ���Cp-ne'l
Chamber, in tbe City Hall. New .-Westminster. British <~ '     *' -       -
'ivmwci,   i*aa,  vawaai.aaiaaa
,mber. "In tbe City Hall, Nrw.'.
 ..eat fram such Intended. na-wMinent must he -served unua tb
nletpal Council at leeat U��ht days prior to seek Ceert ��f lte-H-rtran
 Columbia, aad aaaja^t'i
served unw tbe Clerk oTVie
Dated this Sth day of Septi
A. DUNCAN. Clty,2_?>.
ttf*T�� FAflK KKJRT
This Space Has Been Secured by the
641 Columbia St.
We ask tho readers of The
News to follow our ads. from day
to day.
We keep a clean, up to date
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an account with our savings department, which
allows 4 per cent, interest on all accounts of $1
and over.
You will have every
courtesy extended that
is consistent with sound
business methods.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over J6.000.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Ssturday Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged fo* at ths rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thla
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The Local Council of Women will at
a coming meeting be addressed b*
Miss Powell, a speaker of note, upon'
the (luestinn of public  playgrounds.
Try the B. C Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurry.
Phone 304. 119931
Two loue drunks graced the cells
at 11 o'clock lust evening uud there
was Utile prospect of there being any
more arrests before the night was
Thistle Social cluh A general meet
lng of the club will be held in the
lodge room, l.ahor Temple, on Friday,
September l'i. at S p.m. (2081)
some duys previous, aB to hlm carrying a small loaded cannon.
The cadi had the option of fining
Cabriel $100 or three months In jail,
or both, but seeing that this was the
first case of Its kind under the new
act, he was a trifle lenient.
Money to loan on
Improved city    and
9 per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages,
farm property,
Mcl.eod. U9X1U
Report to Victorian  Order of  Nurses
Chows  Steady   Progress.
The meeting of the executive of the
Victorian Order of Nurses wus held
yesteriluy afternoon at the Y. Vi, C. A.
Thete was a good attendance and the
committee wus well satisfied with ths
report of the diBtrlct nurse for
This    report    was:      Patients,
fees, $18,(0;  new doctors, 2.
Arrangements for a teut at thi
lil tut um grounds are under way.
With Expert Faculty In Charge Local
Institution Opens Its Doors
This Mcminn.
Mrs. M. A. Klunierfelt and Mrs. .1
McC'lugan have left for a visit to
Lewiston. Idaho, where Mrs. Klunierfelt wlll visit her daughter, Mrs.
Frank Brooks.
A social will be held at St. Mary's
parish hall. Sapperton, tonight at 8
o'clock.   Cards and refreshments.
The lirst drill of the local boy scouts
for the season will be held in the
armories on Wednesday, September
17. All scouts are requested to be
present. This notice is given by Vi.
M. Chapman, assistant scoutmaster.
Better than buying agreements of
sale. Pay your taxes in the city before the evening of the 15th inst. and
save 10 per cent.    City Treasurer.
Falling from a street car a you is
Japanese  boy  was   removed  to    the
FARRAND���Tba funeral of Mrs. A.
Farrand. which took place yesterday,
was one of the largest ever held In
tlle district. .Mrs. Farrand was a
daughter of W. Wilson, of Central
Park, an employee of the B, C. K. lt.
Itev. (ieorge I'rlngle officiated, and
tlie pull bearers were Missrs. L, Iteid.
J. Griffiths, A. Thompson. IC. Burnett,
J. Mcllugh and W. Cook.
Among the floral contribute. n<
were those of Mr. nnd -Mrs. C, Farrand, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wltcombe, Mr.
and Mrs. Oray and family. Mr. and
Mrs. II. M, Gilley, Mr. and Mrs. Inn-
aid Ross, Mr. and Mrs. J. Feeney, Mrs.
Bailey and family, Mrs. Birchcll, Mrs.
and .Miss Forrest, Mrs. Innes, Mr. and
Mrs. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. L
Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. u. Greenwood
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Mr.
and Mrs. (.Ieorge C. Smith, Mr. and
Mra. Mcllugh. Mr. and Mrs. Church-
land, Mr. and Mrs. F. \V, Press. Mr.
and Mrs. J. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. McLane, Captain and Mrs.
Powls,   Mrs.   Booth   and   family,   Mrs
This morning opens the fall term of
Columbian college with prospects fail i
the season the best In the history ol |
the Institution. Uurlng the summer i
months, ever since Ills appointment us j
principal, Rev. A. M. Sandford has!
heen busy engaging a staff of teach' I
ers anil Instructors second to none In
the  district   and   general   satisfaction
is being expressed of hli efforts,
During    thi'    pint few    vtrst ks    the
buildings and the grounds have h, en
repaired    and    made    attractive    all I
ready for th��> students who began to
arrive lhe latter pari of last week.
Muring the next two weeks the
different societies will organize, the
athletic end of the school will he
worked up so that Columbian college
will be more than heard from this
winter, both locally and also in other
parts of tlle province.
See Advt. on Page 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
New Regulations    Governing    Ambulances Proves Confusing���Difficulties in Sight
(Continued from rage One.)
tlon of the taxes due.
Assist  Schools.
A,  .1.   Barbam,    secretary    of    tho
school board, appeared with a request
that the board he assisted In a financial way, stating that th�� teaching
staff was huck In salary.
Mr Durham suggested the <nm of
$15,000 which he claimed fell due at
the end of August, but felt appeased
when Iteeve Mcllregor agreed to
sign a cheque for $5000.
nglneer's report as to assist-
Royal Columbian hospital last evening j Bulman    and    family.    Mr.    Wilson's
suffering   from    minor   bruises.    lie
will  probably leave    the    institution
this morning.
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
Formal permission to have exclusive
uBe of the exhibition buildings in
Queens park, has been granted by the
city council to the R. A. & 1. society
for one month, from September 11.
The exhibition opens on September 3d
and continues until October 4.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826,  wharf phone 880.
A branch of the Canadian Manufacturers' association will likely be
formed in this city on Wednesday
evening, when a meeting will be
held. Selections for permanent officers will be made and will be ratified
at a gathering to be held on Thursday.
There is no tea on the market
which does not show the dealer from
one to five cents per pound more profit than "SALADA" does, btlt not a
single one can equal it in the tea cup.
You bay order "SAI.ADA" but be
sure that you get it. for it is Imitated
closely ln outward character.
Applications were received at the
meeting of the city council last evening from two clubs desiring the use
of the oval in -Queens park. They
were referred to the parks committee.
The first was from the New Westminster Field Hockey club and the other
from the New Westminster Football
league. The R. A. & I. society has
been grunted the exclusive use of the
park for one month from September
Fred Davis will sell by public auction at 91 Klghth street on Thursday,
September 11, at 2 p.m., the furniture
uid effects of an eight roomed house,
ihsolulely without reserve. Sale includes a very fine nearly new organ,
Monarch range, dressers and standi,
Bldeboard, beds and bedding, etc., etc.
Particulars of sale at Westminster
Auction House. Kings hotel block.
Columbia stieet. iL'n24i
The charter of the new musicians
local in the city, which has heen the
cause of much wrangling between
union men of this city and Vancouver,
has at lasi arrived and the members
will he Inducted at a near date. It it
planned to hold a celebration at the
labor temple at which Vancouver
musicians have agreed to attend in a
stnmg body, armed to the teeth with
Instruments of music ol all sizes and
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
(l'_8_ I
After dragging ull Sunday afternoon and evening and several hours
yesterday morning. the body of
Arthur iiiii. the Vancouver youth who
was drowned on Sunday, was recovered by the llurnahy police. No Inquest
has been deemed necessary. Coroner
McQuarrie. who was called to the
scene, deciding that it was a case of
accidental death from drowning. The
funeral will probably be held In Vancouver either today or Wednesday.
Why not get your boxes and crates
at the B, C. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Others are doing it.    Phone 304.
Alderman Lynch staled yesterday
that arrangements for the lighting for
the exhibition were proceeding apace.
He also said that tbe light committee
has ordered 25 new arc lights for the
"treats and that these wlll he placed
In positlou as soon aB possible
was decided to order the light a
week ago providing arrangements
were made with the finance committee
and the latter has authorized the Itght
committee to incur the expenditure.
workmen. Purvis brothers. Mrs
Payne. Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Schmidt.
Mrs. N. I.andell. Misses Ambrose. L.
C. Landell, Messrs. flay Preston. W.
P. Bond, Coulter. W. Luxton, W. Pres
ton. W. Thomas Mayne, the Sons of
England Benefit society.
ing the Broadview district with water
and sidewalks, was adopted and wnrk
will be started as soon ub the council
find the money necessary to complete
the job.
Councillor MacDonalil gnve a vrrb'il
report on the recent meeting of the
Union of B. C. municipalities, held In
Vancouver last week, explaining th'it
two items in which llurnaby wai Interested, that of lower telephono
charges In the province, nnd the prevention of sclline subdivisions hv
"metes and bounds." had again been
adopted and sent to the provincial
legislature for action.
But It Was Local Council of Women
Who Decided This.
The Local Council of Women held
a meeting yesterday at which the
weekly half holiday waa discussed and
Miss M. Dedrick, social service worker under the auspices of the W.C.T.U.,
gave an address.
The councll is holding a belter
babies contest during the fair and
Mrs. Dr. Scarlett-Synge has consented
to act as judge. The council agreed
to take tea rooms at fhe exhibition as
in previous years and now await the
reply of other societies whether or not
they will assist In that work.
Aid. Dodd was present at the meeting and gave a short talk on the weekly half holiday. He explained the hy-
law which was being broughl up. He
Btated that what was wanted was a
half holiday one day of the week and
there was no reason why such could
not be. Karly in the season the merchants held out for Wednesday or
Saturday afternoon, he snld. but on
account of the undecided condition of
affairs the bylaw could be for either
Some merchants claimed, the alderman said, that they would lose by the
half holiday. One stated that the
loss at the end of the year as the result of such n move would amount lo
$60,000 and that 3u or 4it more merchants in the city would be affected
the same. This meant that the money
taken In by such a merchant would
amount to about $2000 a day, which
did pot In any way correspond with
the bank figures, bul exceed lh"se
by nljout $600,000 which was absurd.
After much discussion of the bylaw
the members decided to take a vote
upon it. The result was 22 In favor
and  five against.
roomed house sixth street. Grand-
view, for residence In Westminster.
Apply hox 2032 News. (2032)
Toronto, Sept. S.-N'o time has been
. lost by the police department in putting into effect the regulation mad i
by the police commissioners by whicb
al alccident cases moved by the p< 1
ice ambulance must be taken to the
general hospital.
. Within a few few hours after tho
regulation was passed by the beard
an accident occurred in a down,own
district. A doctor was summoned and
he    made    Immediate    arrangement
| for the patient to be Installed In a
private ward in a hospital other than
the general hospital, 'lhe doctor w* u
to the hospitnl and waited for the ar
rival of the ambulance with the patient. But the ambulance d d not
cine. On making enquiries of the
driver of the police ambulance he
learned that the patient hnd been t:ik
Jen  to the  general  hospital  according
to  Instructions.
Now  there are difficulties  In  sight
,in regard to the operation of the new
regulation.    It  Is  pointed  out  thai   if
In cases of emergency which are mov- Pack la your bathing su!t9 and n
ed In the police ambulance, doe:* r. well filled hamper und Bpend a day at
cannot have their patients where they Maple Beaoh, Boundary Bay. Plenty
want them .and whore they can have of free picnic places ob the sand
them under close supervision, con fn- beach or under lho wonderful spread-
slon Is to follow. A possible result Ing maples. Lovely spring wuter.
may be a new movement; that In self Take the Itlver road to Ladner aud
protection   the   general     pract'oneers  the Goudy road south.
and $10.00 per Month.
���Size 45x113 to lane.   Near City car line, beautiful
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on thc Job.
Enquire sbout our special steckes, they srs money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
may   be   constrained
ambulances for such
New   Westminster   Trades.   S
seen���Gives   Deer   and
for Birds.
There vvill he some valuable additions to the Queen's park zoo by the
time the provincial exhibition (.pen.
on Sept. 80. At the meeting of the
city council last evening, Alderman
Jardine, as chairman of the parks
committee, recommended that a number of animals be exchanged wllh KI- i
lis S. Joseph, of Australia, al present j
in Vancouver, for a number of birds
from  Australia.
It was decided, on the recommenda-'
tlon-of the committee to exchange twoi
hears and three deer for the Following
blrda:  Four pairs of white Java spar
rows,  five  palm  of  zebra   finch,  one'
pair of hare eyed cockatoos, five pairs;
of green paroquets, five pairs of yellow paroquets and one roseate cocka*
After making the exchange tliere
will remain at the local zoo four bean
and five deer.
The   anlmnlB   exchanged    with    Mr
Joseph  will be taken  hy him to Aus
tralia, while an avary will  be estab-
It [lished in the park for the birds.
Montreal. Sept. 8,���A gang of burglars that broke into the home of John
Johnston, of 14.'l Wolseley avenue during the absence of the family yester- I
day afternoon, were forced to leave !
behind them most of the loot they
had  gathered  together for removal.
It  happened   that  Mr,  Johnston  ar- !
rived   hack   sooner   than   the   porch-
climbtng  experts expected,  and   they
were   forced   to   make   a   hurried   exit
Via the back door and the garden wall, i
The family had left their home to I
attend a flower show, which was given at the town hall, Montreal west, ;
Mr. Johnston remembered whilst at
tbe show that he had left behind some
Important letters which he Intended \
posting, and il was when he returned !
for these, that the gang was surprised. As he entered the front door a
clattering noise was heard at the
hack, and a door was heard to open
and shut, (living chase, Mr. Johnston caught sight of ll couple of men
as they disappeared over th'* wall.
Mr. Johnston returned to 'he house
where he found thai the rear door
had hr "M forced, and one of lit" "hit'-
ters had hen taken from the fronl
window On the back doorstep ;���
nurse belonging to Mrs Johnston Ti't\.
found, end a large quantity of Bllver
ware clothing, bric-a-brac. etc. w*ia
found bundled up In a tablecloth all
readv for removal.
Valuables which could easllv
have been pul Into the pocket er
missing, as well as n lev we ?i':' and
a Dladatone bag, The M ntreal Wesl
police were notified and detectives
from headquarters were quickly i n
the trail,
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton Etreet.    Phone
1319 R. (1977)
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324
Bartlet Pears  :i lbs. for LT,c
Plums   2 lbs. for 'JSc.
Peaches    2, lbs. for Z5o
Cantaloupe, each   loc
Watermelon, each    5'ic
Malaga drapes, per lb lf,c
Oranges, Lemons. Bananas, etc.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Cen
tral Park.
WKKKDAYS���6 and G.45 a.m.
snd every 15 minutes until 9
pm. Half hourly service until
11 pm. wltb late car ut midnight
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice ls continued until 11 pin.
SUNDAYS���6, 7. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. wltb late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REOLM.AIt SERVICE���5.45 and
6.46 a.m. and hourly until iu p.
tu.,  with  latn  car  at  11.30.
am. and
4 30
until   10   p m.
car st
For Vancouver via
WKKKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until II  p in.
SUNDAYS-8 am.    and   every
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  mado  at    Eb-
liour until 11  p.m.
aud other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS-9.16 a.m.,  1.10 and
C.'.fi p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.  BOX  442
(Successor to Ayling A
147 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
'��� ��������� ��� ���'.    Bash .   Sep'     8.-  "Slim"
Rchwchuk. Hi" ni'oecri murderer of I*'
/ulnt'-ll nt 1 Qal'dan wedding In"*'
last Wednesday nleht. wuh captured
hv the mounted police thin morning al
Sheho, a Email station about B0 mllei
west, of here. In the centra of B l'a ru"
Oallclan colony In which the fugitive
FOUght to hide. He was brought lo
v,i-4-i- ���! tonli'lit nnd Ip now lodged in
the Jail hrm pending the preliminary
henrlng which will take place tomorrow.
The Bank of Vancouver
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St.,
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phone  1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market.  Phone  L8B3.
Branches Throughout the
Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department ot all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received sud interest ut thu highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Genersl Msnsgsr.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Msnsgsr.
in Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Shorthand, Typewriting by
A. L. BOUCK, Principal.
Phene mat.
*��� The honor of being the flrat to be
convicted for violating the newly
amended act respecting the carrying
of firearms, fell on the shoulders of
Andrew Gabriel in police court yesterday, who was told to come through
with $I!5 and costs by Magistrate Kdmonds. Gabriel was arrested on Saturday evening by a constable who was
suspicious that the accused had not
���10 Columbia St. j complied with the warning Issued him  former minister of mllltla.
" i ���
��� ���
Many Noted Men Mixed Up in Famous
Lepal Case.
Ottawa, Sept. g���The hearing of the
evidence und argument before the ox
chequer court in the Headman's Island
case which wns 1lxe<l for today, was
postponed by agreement between the
partjes Concerned, A new date, prob
ahfy elirly In October, will be agree,]
upon. The aelion is taken by the department   with  tho object of breaking
a lease of the Island granted to K.
I.udgate, of Vancouver, and a number
of Important witnesses will be called,
Including     Sir     Frederick      llorden,
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1191.
Ws writ* Fire, Life, Accident, ir-pioytrif   Liability.
Marine Insurance.
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Box Kip, sizes 7,8,9,10 $1.25
Strong Box Kip, sizes 11, 12, and 18   1.45
Strong Box Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, .5  1.75
Ladies' boots what you want for now and winter 1.95
Gents' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Buy the laces, the Polish will be given you.


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