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The New Westminster News Jan 10, 1913

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How Westminster Has Forged Ahead Under Enlightened
Administration���People Realizing Their Opportunities
Have Raised Status of City Immeasurably���Part That
Progressive Association Has Played.
The year 1912 was ln many ways
a remarkable one for New Westminster, In this year the progressive policy Initiated previously began to bear
fruit, Important new projects were
brought Into, being, the people of New
Westminster finally decided to throw
themselves enthusiastically Into the
vanguard of western progress and the
city stepped from the chrysalis of a
country ten. u Into the role of an aspiring metropolis of the Pacific west.
In the early part of the year tbe
���������"��. with *he aoproval of nearly every
citizen. These great plans, worthy a*
lJs>) are ot tbe Canadian Pacific coast
and of the whole Dominion or Canada,
iiave already done more to make the
city known throughout the world than
any previous thing In Its history
Wide recognition nf the Importance
of the proposals hao been received and
ti -dav Westminster Is known as the
oue Pacific coast city with a harbor
i ���bene comprehensive enough to take
care of the trade that everyone believes will follow the opening of the
Progressive Association was born to I Panama canal. The work of puttln
be finally organized in June. While j this scheme into active operation Is
this association eaimot lay claim to i necessarily slow, but real progress,
have yet exercised great influenc; In'-vr.rtfcelessi, has been made, The
over the destinies of the city, never- \ nta?e has now been reached when a
Useless In the last six months It has harbor commission bill I'esb eforo par-
emphatlcally made Itself felt and haa' lament and tbe city itself Is in a posi-
done Its share as representing organiz-; tin to begin tbe expenditure of tbe
ed progressive citizenship ln carrying; f 60.000 that It has ra/ d, on thc
the city forward on its march to pros i harbor commleslon bill lies before par
Westminster Figures Make
Good Showing on Initial
Opening cf Clearing House Here Shifts
Balance Over In Favor of West,
Breaking the Tie.
week    ending
perlty and fame.
Tale of Development
A short recapitulation of tbe major
events of the year 1912 will prove
more convincing than any vague rhapsody of the great strides made ln the
last tv.clvc months. To begin with,
a very great deal of street work waa
accomplished in that period. Ten and
one-half miles of streets were macadlz-
����d, two miles were paved and contracts for paving five more let, while
storm and sanitary sewers were laid
to the extent of twenty miles. The
Sapperton sewer scheme was also
brought   past   the  engineering  stagf
Clearings   for   the
January 9���$776 825.03,
Yesterday morning the New Westminster Clearing House, the twenty-
first ln Canada, announced its first
weekly clearlugs uud thus was marked another milestone ln the progress
of the flourishing Royal City.
Previous to the establishment of
the local Clearing House twenty
other* existed ln Canada, ten of wblch
are ln the East and ten ln the West.
Therefore by .the establishment of
the twenty-first New Westminster signally won for the West the honor of
having the most clearing houses,
which in Itself Is a demonstration of
tho fact that the West is becoming
the greatest business section In the
Dominion. Compared with the clearings it cities of about tbe same population as this city Westminster makes
a very favorable showing.
The total for Brantford, a city wltb
population of 2.1.000. for last week
Fact that Mayoralty Went by Acclama
tlon Took Edge Off Contest���Six
New Men on 1913 Council.
work on the city waterfront which
will create nearly a mile ot unbroken
deepwater qn��v.
At the Sandheads last April the Dominion  Clovernment  let the contract i was JGS5.399. while New Wp-*���'-���<��er
for thp first ��900 yards of jetty which  with a population approaching 1R.000
are  now almost completed.     During I had clearings to the amount of 1776.-
the last month It was found possible ��� 82">.0S for the week ending yesterday,
to   move  the  Dominion   Government      The local C'loarlng House was   the
dredge  onto   a  new    nnd    etraip'iter only one established in 1912.   In 191n I
channel which will bring Now West- ] clearing houses were formed In Bran- <
minster a mile nearer the Bea. den,  IssthbrMs-e and  Saskatoon, and |
Railways   Make History. '*��� ,!m ln Moo3e Jaw' Brantford   and
Tho year was marked by imoortant; Fort William,
railway developments.    The B.C.E.R. j    Toronto, Jan. 9.���The following are i
I op-n-��d three new  canines;   one   to��� the bank clearings for tbe flTat week
.^rte^er." wePrcaMed'foVergbt mile*| Mllls'de   bringing    a  Poputotta.of, M this year compared with last year:
with fifteen more to follow.   oCment I aobut  3000  people    into    Immediate      clt Jttn  9_ 19,3    Jan. lt m2
sidewalks  were laid on    all    streets  touch  with the city;  one   on   Sixth
paved,   and   wooden  sidewalks  wer, ! ftr��t ��*>�� one Into the new n.anufac-
.u,t stnwn In manvn arts of the cltv       I luring centre of Queens borough. The
*J^*5^?&? New~ West- J *ewW *�����  f��~h**Uti sliding.
���tor harbor achanie was divulged and1 iContlnned on  P&ze  Three).
.'���) �������� ��
Montreal ..
Toronto ...
Winnipeg .
Ottawa ...
Calarary ..
Hamilton ..
I'lalifax   ..
i St. John ...
', Edmonton  .
j London	
  j Regina ..   .
illrsnilon ...
Are Thinking of Establishing Works 'Lethbrdge
at Port Albernl���Compete With
Todd Inlet Cement Co.
Hot Contest Promised for
Civic Honors in Burnaby. |    _he B   c   Transport Co> ,__   of
Edmonds,   Jan.   9.���No   less   than *MI eltv. are planning the establish-
ty-one candidates have announced I meut of a large cement manufacturing
plant at Port Albernl. Fairly satisfactory material for the manufacture
of the product has been located on the
Albernl canal and If the samples m et
the necessary testa the construction
of the'plant will bo commenced witn
as little delay as possible. Should It
be finally decided to establish the
works they will Ho doubt become the
rivals Of the Todd Inlet Cement Coin-
i pany which ia In operation at the present time.
tnemaelves lur election for otiice lu
burnaby, the ,'llmination contest being
held on Saturday, January 18.
At the present time but two wards.
Edmonds and Vancouver Heights,
have act forward just one man with
little prospect of opposition.
Ward three, Hast Buruaby, is perhaps exciting the most attention apart
from the reeveshlp and everything
points to a close decision wben toe
votes are counted.
Brantfcrd ....
Moore Jaw ...
Fort William ..
N. Westminster
.$60 879.2",3
. 52,072.414
. 37.228,2t"6
. 14.120.329
. 5,953,!!8��
��� tssua.
Vancouver, Jan, 0.���Vancouver tonight, concluded one of tbe quietest
Municipal elections lt has experienced
fur a long time. The olecttou of
Alderman T. 3. Baxter as mayor by
acclamation on January 2, nomination
day, resulted in all spice and vim being extracted from the contest.
'i lie feature of the polling last night
lies ln tbe fact tbat six new faces will
be seen on the 1913 council, while thc
-balance of the aldermen elected
(eleven) served during 1912. The
greatest surprise was created by the
defeat of Alderman King, a member
of the council for the past few years
In ward four. Ih his place Mr. Thomas
Evans was returned, who will thin
year occupy a position on the council
for the first time. The other new men
who were elected were not opposed
by any ex-aldermen.
Alderman En right lost out In his
race for a position on the license
commission board by three votes. VV.
It. Owen was returned at the bead of
tbe poll for park commissioners.
The roster of the 1913 Vancouver
council 13 now aa follows:
T. 8. Baxter.
Ward   One���Walter   Hepburn   and
James Ramsay.
Ward Two���Alexander Cleland and
S. J. Crowe (acclamation).
Ward Three���S.   H.   Ramage   and
Thomas KIrkpatrlck.
|    Ward    Four���ThomaB   Evans   and
��� Captain Oeorge Mc3padden.
Ward Five���A. P. Black and C. E.
{ Mahon.
Ward Six���E. B. McMaster and W.
S. Cameron.
Ward Seven���F. E. Woodside and
Malcolm McBeath.
Ward Eight���Frank Trimble and F.
P. Rogers.
License Commissioners.
Dr. F P. Patterson 3840
H. 3. Pyke ..... .��....��,. .......2954
Alderman Er-riSht- ' ..' 2851
Pyke and Dr. P��*iteraon elected..
Pirk Commissioners.
Ow��n  3749
John Hannigan, Alias Hart-
man, Faces Immoral Conduct Charge.
Alleged that Hs Brought Woman from
States on Promise of Marrlane
and Kept Hsr Prisoner.
Lcthbridge, Alta., Jan, 9.���John
Hannigan, -.'.las Hart-nan, of St. Paul
Minn., was arrested here today
charged with Immoral conduct. As a
result of the arrest, Mrs. Lena Card-
well, of Tawner, N. D��� Is freed of
what she claims has been, for her a
month of virtual Imprisonment at the
man's hands.
The arrest came to Hannigan like a
thunderclap and he was so taken off
his feet that he practically admHter'
enough damaging evidence to make
the case for the prosecution, whlcli
will be under the Immigration act, an
easy one.
The case ot Lena, Cardwell Is    a
M. K. Cowan, K.C., Representing Alberta and Saskatchewan Before Dominion Railway Commission, Declares
His Exhibits Show That Cost of Operation Was Lower
and Earnings as Great in West as in East on C. P. R.
Ottawa, Jan. 9.���Urging lt had been I most as dense per mile of Uae la both
admitted by the C.P.It. that 'density I parts of the country," asked Mr. Coot traffic, earnings and coct of opera- j wan.
tlon were Important rate making fac-     "The general situation la the sarao."
tors, and claiming that he had already I answered Mr. Mclunea.
shown by exhibits he had put in, that
whereas, the cost ot operation was
lower, density of traffic and earnings
were as great in the west as ln the
east, Mr. M. K. Cowan, K.C., counsel
for Saskatchewan and Alberta, at this
afternoon session ot the western rate
Inquiry   before   the   railway  commie-  wa,y."
Mr. Cowan then examined the witness in regard to bis general evidence.
He had urged diversity of traffic ins
the east aa a reason for lower rat :s.
"It makes a big, difference la caao
cf crop failure," said Mr. Mclnnea,
and  elimination   movement  all  ono
slon, concluded his examination of
Mr. W. R. Mclnnes, chief traffic manager of the C.P.R.
Mr. Cowan, during tbe afternoon
session continued his attack on. the
C. P. It. statement of comparisons be-
i tween its rates and those of railroads
most pitiable one.   During'the   early  ����*�����*����� ,!^ ���"?���/_!?.!.
fall she met Hannigan at her home
at Towner, N. IX, about ten miles
south ot Mlnot, N. D.y He ingratiateo
himself and for a th*tte they lived to-
Igether there. Arriving at I^thbriii--'
they took up their residence at 1208
Second avenue. Then It began to
dawn upon Mrs. Cardwell tbat Ham-.V
gan had other designs and never intended to marry her.. He I opt be-, sh.
Bays, a virtual prisoner, took all her
that tbe towns la the United States
had been taken as distributing points,
out of wblch not a carload of the commodity referred to moved and these
compared with such Canadian centres
as Winnipeg.
Mr. Cowan will tomorrow commnce
his examination of Mr. D. B. Ilatma
of the Canadian Northern.
At the opening of the afternoon
sesBion Mr. Cowan turned his attention to rates on cattle shipments  In
with her North Dakota friend*. How-1���*"1 u"u '" thl"   brl's "   ot ���<
ever, about Christmas she managed to
Yet the empty car movement, as I
have bhown, is more evenly divided in
the west," said Mr. Cowan.
The Influences of water competition,
and rates in contlgnons territory were
also rate making factors, said Mr. Mclnnes.
Mr. Cowan then quoted from the evi-
deuce of Mr. Mcltmes and others in
previous rate cases to the effect that
density of traffic and cost ot operation were determining factors in tbe
making of rates, Mr. Cowan's exhibits.
already put in, having been designed
to prove tbat cost of operation was
less and traffic denser in the west.
To show that earnings were largo
in the west Mr. Cowan gave the- figures of tha amount earned by a train-
lead of 40 care going trom Regina to
get a letter past him to- her relatives
in Towner, in which she explained
her poBltton, and advauceo.the opinion
that "Ennigan bad broui-bt her to Can
ada tor immoral purposes.
Uses Strategy.
J. D. Cornell, attorney, at Towner,
was put In possession of the facts and
,���. , . Fort William, $4320 in all.
urged that in thla series B of rate, At tQe conclusion of the hearing
comparisons, the C. P. It. had com- Cnalrman Drayton took np the matter
pared the commodity rates to the big . of the c p R farthCTance rate from.
packing houses on C.P.R. lines with ; ^^^ ww,t ���< Winnipeg to points be-
the  local  rates  to  butchers  on  the, lvV(JfcU Wmmpeg and    Port    Arthur.
other side cf the line
compared the mod favorable Canadian rates with the least favorable
American rates. Mr. Cowan then
BUbmltted a list of comparisona he-
, .... ,,..���;,,���,.,. Itwen cattle rates from stations in
immediately wrote Chief Davis appris Sa8katchewan an<1 Alberta to Wranl.
ing him ot the circumstances and en- p R   and 8tatloa8 iD North
2 114.2S'
3 641.727
212.379,922 $166,007,016
In Central Park strong opposition Is j The great amount of development
feeing waged against Councillor Miyne,; and construction work going on
a member of the Socialist party bav-; througboat both the province and the
Ing appeared on the scene besides Mr. entire Dominion bas resulted ln the
John Hurray. | consumption ot cement tar exceeding
Tho following list of names was j the production of the Canadian plants
obtalmid yesterday and, coming from j and, as a result, large quantities are
a semi-official source, will give the. imported from the Orient and thc
electorate a chance to soe Who's Who. United States.   On account of the lo
in the approaching battle
For Reeve���Councillor D. C. McGregor, D. C. Patterson and B. O. Walker.
Tot Councillors���Ward one, William
Bevan and E. B. Stride; ward two,
Alee Macpherson; ward three. Ueorge
H. I^af. Thomas D, Coldleutt and
Councillor W."H. Madlll; ward four.
Councillor P. W. Feu Vel and Mark
"UirnW: ward five, Councillor Angus
Macdonald; ward six, Councillor T <V".
Mayne. John Murray and K. E. Winch
Candidates for two vacancies on the
aehool board���Donald Ross, Frank
Roaseli, F. Temple Cliff. Thomas
Wlefces. W. 8. Rose and W. J*. Holdom.'
ccssant demands of contractors tor cement it was necessary for the Dominion government to reduce the duty on
the I'll ported material last year ln order that it might be more easily secured at a moderate price.
There Is undoubtedly great ooportu-
nttles for cement plants In this province as the raw material exists'fn almost undeveloped quantities in various
parts of the country.
The H. C. Transport Company is negotiating . wltli tlie Canadian Pacific
Railway company for wharfage facilities at Coal Creek which'ls In the proximity of the- srite on- which It Is proposed to locate the lpant.
ect to Commence
Paving of Kingsway
Early in the Spring
Edmonds, Jan. ��.���Although no de
talis will bo given out'hy the Burnaby
councillors who have returned from
Victoria, ttll expteM themselves well
pleased with the progress made to
wards the paving of Kingsway.
It Is understood that the minister of
public works, Hon. T��omab Taylor,
bas approved of a certain- kind of paving material and the contract will be
let at ftie ��puncil meeting next Monday mornln* tv-bjeet, of course, to the
Incoming council.
The municipal engineer has everything ready for the work to be started
as soon as the aprlng weather break.^
and a portion of the road at least Is
expected to be ready for tralfic late
in tho tall of 1��1��.
The road between Edmonds and
Central Perk wll) be paved thirty feet
Wl��J<s tvlth cement curbing, while the
short, stretch between Edmonds and
the boundary of Now Westminster at
Tenth avenue will be paved forty-live
feet, thus making allowance for a
double track of the B. C. E. R. line.
As the street is a wide one little difficulty is expected In arranging for an
underground electric light and telephone conduit and also for the . Installation of a dual aewer system.'
Just whether the electric light
standards will be Installed this year
remains to be.aeon and, owing to the
large cost ot the scheme, this together
with the laying of cement sidewalks
the entire length may be left over until 1914.
The electric light standards will be
placed one quarter ot a mile apart nn
either side ot the street so that every
eighth ot a mile will bo well lighted
by the latest system ot arc lights.
Foreign   Ambassadors   Feel   That   It
Will Be Impossible to Get Adrlanople From Turkey.
Constantinople, Jan. 9.���The Porte,
according to official announcement,
has sent a circular to the Turkish ambassadors abroad, Intimating that unless the allies accept Turkey's proposals by the end ot he week, the Ottoman delegates will be invited to return to Constantinople immediately.
The circular adds:
"Whatever happens, the Porte Is determined to maintain its attitude with
regard to Adrianople and the Aegean
Islands, in view of the fact that sacrifices made ln other directions nave
reached the extreme limit."
The foreign ambassadors conferred
for two hours at the American embassy
today and agreed upon the form of
representations to be addressed to tbe
Porte concerning the cession of Adrianople. The task has been entrusted
to the Austrian ambassador, Const dc
Pallavient, as dean of the -diplomat le
Tbe general opinion here, however,
la thet any attempt, by . Europe to
coerce Turkey into ceding Adrlanople
even it supported by a naval demonstration, Is doomed to failure, because
public opinion would not tolerate any
uovernmnt Including thla point
'-TTV .     '���   *'
North Burnaby Using Graders Id Re
move Snow from Roads.
Edmonds, Jan. 9.���A new scheme for
clearing away the snow on the roads
has been tried with success by the
Burnaby engineering department tbls
week. This Is the use of road graders,
used to level the roads, aud these
hitched to a team have been of
material assistance |n clearing the
snow from many ot the principal
streets, especially in North Burnaby,
thus leaving them more passable for
vehicular traffic and also preserving
the macadam crust.
These road graders have been used
with success during the past summer,
while the adjoining municipalities
have found them to be Impracticable
Engineer Macpherson feels- well
pleased with the experiment and 1��
planning to have all three graders out
early following the next fall of snow,
should there by any this winter.
be given to Mrs. Cardwell t-*'bt*y
ticket home for he'self and- her llttl-
seven /-ear old son.    detective Kron
���_s_,   seven  year uiu  ssun.     p.-c.bsm,is  ,.....-
.2686 (ina- waa detailed on  the.esse and last
ntjrbe   ��snl  to  th���  house   where     tils'
Figures   Complied   at   Ottawa   Show
Trade Amounted to $1,005,700,000
���New High Water Mark.
Ottawa, Jan. 9.���Oue b U'cn, five
million, seven hundred thousand dol
lars of trade in one year. The tre
-nendous industrial and commercial
growth cf Canada was never more
strikingly portrayed, than by figures
lust complied by the department of
trade and commerce, which show that
for the y?ar ending November 30, the
Dominion's trade amounted to $1,005,
This Is the high- water mark since
Confederation and. equals. If It does
not surpass, the total trade oT any ten
consecutive years in the country's hie
tory before the early nineties. It Is an
increase' of $199,700,000 over the cor
responding period last year, the
figures for 1911 being $817,000,000.
M. R. H. ths Duchess of C-onnau-jht
Wbo 1�� now tn tlie' Royal Vlct'riai
bci's-llal In Mcntreal suffering from
��� ������������ ��',���'��������,����������� ��������� ��
Montreal, itttx �����The follow-
bulletln waa Issued this eventing at 6:46, signed by K. H.
Worthlngton and Drs. A B.
Marrow and W. W. Cblpman:
"The condition of Her Royal
Highness the Duchess of Connaught, has retnalned unchanged throughout the day. She
has slept at Intervals and her
strength haa Men maintained."
nla-Iis   want   to  ins  hfwn   where     tils'
woman was a prisoner. The detfrct'rr-
assumed the role of collectors Goini
to the ho>i���� v" '"(mired for a man
named Smith, ard beln-t told hv Hannigan that b" ri'*! not know the person, he gained time by asklrg for a
drink of water. While Hannigan was
sent on this errant, the officer whl*
pered to Mrs. Cardwell "-at the chief
of police would be pleased to see her
Nothing more waa done until todav
wben Mrs. Cardwell saw Chief Davis
ind told hlro tbe whole story.
Hannigan Is a good looking man.
-ib-iut 35 years old. and says he waa a
brakeman on the Northern Pacific, of
"tt Pari, before coming to ipf-hrM"
st *h�� bearing this morning the ma3-
'3trate reserved decision.
Montreal Child Attacked In Basement
of School by Furnace Man���Rescued by Teachers.
Montreal, Jan. ��.���Sejxed by tbe
hair and forcibly thrust Into a blazing
furnace in the cellar ot the Academy
ot Notre Dame du on Conceit, 714
Eaat Craig street, wna the terrifying
experience ot Kittle Marcovitch. a 12
year old girl, who now Ilea at the point
ot death.
The girl, who attended school at the
place, wont into theihesoment when
the was attacked by the fumacefman,
Cyril E. Chartrand. Aa the child
screamed loudly, the man thrust her
Into tbe red hot furnace to stifle her
Teachers and scholars hurried from
the floor above on hearing tho screams
whereupon tbe man made his escape,
leaving to the roecuera the task of
pulling the tittle girl trom tbe red hot
coats. Chartrand was arrested later
��nd was brought Into court this morn-
Ing when he pleaded not guilty.
Burnaby  School   Board  Hold*  Final
Meeting���Will Seek Re-election
on Council.
West Burnaby, Jan�� 9,���The last
meeting of the Burnaby school board
tor 1912-13, was fer,Mir��d this evening
by the letting of the Gilley school contract to Mr. John Anderson for t7MH>
and the resignation of Chairman T.
W. Mayne.
Mr. Mayue hae beW tbe dual position of chairman of the aehool board
and also- councillor l��r Ward Six .during the past year, and. will now devote
his time for the netttem Hays in working tor re-election ��m the council.
Speeches were made by the different
members of the board, praising the
work ot the late oJurirman during the
past 12 months to which Mr. Mayne
suitably replied.
Tbe tender of Mr. Anderson for the
Gllley echool contract waa found to be
considerably lower than six other bide,
three of which'were.V
over that
t + twww+Oww*>e>e>*>*��>'ot tbe successful bidder,
load was anywhere from $7.20 to "$24
higher than that of the Q.N.I'.
Discuss Cement Rates.
Mr. Cowan then turned him attention to comparisons of cement rates
made by the C.P.R. ln Its series P. and
disparaged the Importance of Thief
River Falls, Minn., which bad been
given by the C. P. R. as a chief distributing point. "I am informed that
Tbicf River Falls consists of a saloon,
blacksmith shop and corner grocery.
Is tbat a fit point to compare wltb
Winnipeg?" asked Mr. Cowan.
Mr. Mclnnes contended that Thief
River 'Falls was recognized as a distributing point. He admitted, however,
that there was no movement of some
commodities, pig iron, for instance, out
of Thief River Falls, but stated that
these commodities had been taken
to Batiefy the details of Mr. Cowan's
own argument against the railroads.
Thief River Falls was geographically
akin to Winnipeg. After a further discussion in regard o the merits of Fargo, N.D., as a basis of comparison
with Saskatchewan, Mr. Cowan turned his attention to shipments of salt
The original C.P.R. series B. exhibit
bad shown salt shipped ln carload lota
from Regina, when there was no such
movement, said Mr. Cowan.
After a tew further comparisons Mr.
Cowan finished with "series B" and
remarking that the C. P. R. had been
scarcely fair In its comparisons, turned to the C.P.R. "series C," which had
shown the difference In rates between
eastern and western United Spates
as a justification for the difference
In eastern and western Canadian
ones. "Do yon think the comparison
Is fair?" asked Mr. Cowan.
Similar Conditions.
"There are many similar conditions:
eastern water competition In both
countries, for Instance," said Mr. Mclnnes.
"Was It fair to compare rates on
the Northern Pacific which hod only
9C0.0O0 tone of traffic per mile ot
road h* compared with 4,833,000 tons
���>n the Pennsylvania, or six times less
than that strongest eastern road, wlt"-
i-ates on the C.P.R. In eastern anil
western Cai��Lda. where traffic waa al
io ether words, whlcni lt had been proved at the previous hearing was higher than the
sum of the local rates, in and out of
Mr. Drayton stated that this should
not be the case and the C.P.R. stated,
as announced by the W. A. P. this
morning, that It would reduce the furtherance rate dowu^o the sym of the
two loeils.
scmn nm
in the stnoois
.Ixtccn Cases Have Been
Discovered Since Classes
Re-opened. \
It was disclosed ti a report tranr.
Dr. E. H. McKwen, the school medical officer, to a report to the aehool
board last night, that a serious epidemic of scarlet fever had broken out
amongst tbe rchcol children of Sapperton during theTJbristmaa holidays.
Sixteen cases In all. It was stated,
had been put Ip quarantine, and the
children ot tbe Richard McBrlde
school had all been examined with
the result that eleven more children
were suspected of the dlseaae and two
had been sent home.' ��� -
Despite the fact that tbe situation
bad been looked upon aa very crlUeai
a few days ago the medical officer
believed that a further spread could
be controlled It care wai exercised.
Dr. McQuarrie, tbe civic medical
health officer bad been called Into-
conference and ha and Dr. Mcfiwem
were striving their utmost to hold thn
epidemic ln check. The Richard McBrlde school; it was understood by
tbe report was to have been rumlgat-
ed last nUht-^j
One of tbe children sent home from
Sapperton resided on Brunette street
and the other, on the Blue Mountain
road, Sapperton. In concluding ble
report Dr. McEwcn stated: "By keeping the school open and under supervision we can keep-better tab en tbe
cases and really make the aehool oae
'Continue!! op pare RHrbt.s
Leaf and Coldicutt
Chief Speakers at
Rally in East Burnaby
Bart Burnaby, Jan. 9.-���Another ex
ponent of the"New Westminster har
bpr Echcme, appeared on tbe public
platform this evening ln the person of
exCounclllor T. D. Coldleutt who Ie
again In tbe political field running for
councillor tn Ward Three.
Mr. Coldleutt In his remarks this
evening before a crowded houae, said
he waa heartily In sympathy with New
Westminster In this project iu what
benefitted tbe city al#o benefitted Bast
The meeting waa bold In Foresters'
hall and few empty seats were noticed
when Mr. W. 8.' Rose rapped for order
and called upon Mr. George H. Lent
who, together with Councillor Madlll,
ts opposing Mr. Coldleutt tor councillor, to deliver bis oration.
same ground covered by bla aoeoch of
Friday nlgbt and also brought out sev-
ral additional features. Among these
was the question ot proper (Ire fight-
ng span-tea for the more settled dls-
ricta. ~
He was In fsvor ot sll the bylaws
-ttsslng, especially tbe one for more
schools snd thought some provision
should be made for pisygrounds sad]
psrks where tne youth ot Burnaby
t-outd play sll kinds ot games.
He understood thst s sun of money
bsd been voted for tbs porehase of
parks, bnt dlaulaimed amy knowledge
ot where the money is now located.
In Use matter of electric light
charges in Bumsby. Mr. Leaf thought
tt won! dbe possible to operate the
same kind of system ss tbst in West.
minster althoVJtb Burnaby .sight ae-
Mr. Mat went over practically the cure better treatment from the aa
iCo-tlnaed as Peg* row.)
- -,    ���.���-,tfrt*Ot*r-m
���V, . 'I   ���'
:r �����*ttS*E TWO
FRIDAY,  JANUARY  10,  1913.
I and    high    bonors    in    metaphysics,! life he abstained from flesh meat, and
| ethics and political economy, I ��tas noted for many other austerities.
When he had finished there wasn't j He always wore a hair shirt under hl8
much lionor left for the remainder of  religious habit.   He died Jan. 10, 1209,
the  graduating  classs.    As  a  young I expiring on a bed of ashes in his hair-
man he was head inaBter of the Chat-1cloth garment.    Many miracles were
An sasfMwaWotit moriitsiff pnprr denoted lo the interests ot New Westminster and  ham Grammar  School  and  professor ; reported to have been performed at
Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing | of English and French literature, and | his tomb,  and  he  waB canonized   by
l^hHehine Company, Limited, at 63 McKerule JStreel, New Westminster, British | later  of economics  and  international
law, at King's College, Nova Scotia.
lie waa only twenty when his first
volume   cf   verse,   "Oricn   and   other
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU commntniontions ehould be addressed to Thc New Westminster News, and nol
sis casstssssrXnat members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money ordcis should be made
to The National i'rintino and /���uMisftln.o Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���liuaincss Oflicc and Manager, 999; editorial Rooms {all depart-
MTJBKCRIPTTON RATES���Bp carrier, $4 per year, |1 for three months, 40c per
BSsV. Ru mail, SS per year, 2ac per  month.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
TO CfORk,E8Poxr>ENtB'���No letters will be puhllshed in The News errept oinr
ssr's siynatiii-e. Thc editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
-    ���    ~<~,l<-
FRIDAY   MORNING,   JANUARY   10,  1913.
The leading spirit among the objectors to the way in
winch the present mayor and council have handled the affairs of New. Westminster: has at the same time expressed
tbe opinjon tha,t the head of the civic administration
���should corftiiiue' the work that he and his colleagues have
aet on foot. 'This; in itself, is rather a startling statement
from one who has so much fault to find concerning the
way in which civic affairs have been handled, but we are
with him in the belief that the best results will accrue to
the city by the re-election as far as possible of the men who
bave directed her destiny during the past eventful year.
Mayor Lee will not stand for re-election, despite all
reports to the contrary. Alderman White will again
come before the electorate and it is earnestly to be hoped
that Alderman Curtis will see his way clear to act again as
chairman of the water committee
The affairs of his department have been excellently
handled, with reason and with common sense, while the
loss of Alderman Curtis' valuable services in other
branches, of civic work will be greatly regretted by the
people at large should he continue in his determination
to retire.
What Westminster needs most urgently is a continu
ity of the policy which has already set her feet upon the
path to greatness, and we have only to point to the record
of the past year to be assured that the citizens will endorse
the present council's policy of advancement and economic
expenditure of money. For, notwithstanding the carping
blather of people who have taken no trouble to acquaint
themselves with true conditions and are admittedly "on
the outside," every dollar has been laid out to the best
We are to be congratulated upon having had a council
who have worked together harmoniously alone: the lines
of sane and steady progress. Apparently the idea of some
is that to ensure good government the members of that
government must fight and quarrel among themselves or
at once the cry arises that there is a ring or a clique at the
bead of affairs. Assertions such as these are made
through ignorance of the grossest type and it would be
.surprising if anyone can be found to give credence
We are not advocating any individual interest but
to re-elect those of the present council who seek office,
and one or two, as the case may be, other gentlemen who
wiD work harmoniously with their associates and thus as-
_nre steady advancement similar to that of last year.
Pope HonorlouB III.
Today is the first of the Moslem
month Sapliar, the second month of
poems," found a publisher. He was;the year 1331. Postage stamps were
a strong advocate of Canadian Nation- first used 73 years ago today, when
allsm. | Sir Rowland Hill's penny post system
  I wae .established In England.   Todny is
Howard Chandler   Christy,    whose j also the birthday of the Young Men'B I
name  appears  In  the  southeast cor-  Christian  Assoclatloh,   the   first   Boner of about a third of all thp lllns-iciety having been founded in Ilostou'
trations in American magazines, will j 'il  years ago.    This was an offshoot
be forty years old today, having been j of the parent body ln England,
born In Morgan Countv. Ohio, Jan. 10
tlons of honor on Dec. 3, by exchanging harmless shots in a vacant lot,
promised the court today to go back
to Europe if their sentencos were
commuted. j
The maximum penalty for fighting I
duels in this state is ten years ln I
Then    men    quarrelled    over    the'
proper  way to  conduct   the   Balkan
war.    To show that they were   quite '
reconciled they embraced in the court I
room and fervently kissed.
1S73. Unlike some of his competitors,
Mr. Christy has a real knack fordraw-
ing pictures, and his people can be
recognized as human at the very first
glance. It 1b to his credit also that
lie changes modola occasionally, and
Icesn't use the same one for a small
blond or a tall and stately brunette.
Mr. Christy belongs to the Duncan
Falls. Ohio, school of art, having been
educated in that town. He landed in
Mew York Borne twenty years ago,
and made good with a rush. When
thc Spanish war broke out he went
to Cuba with the "Rough Riders," and
iaw nnd Illustrated the fighting before Santiago. Like Henry Hutt and
many other Illustrators, Mr. Christy's
name has occupied a prominent place
'n the headlines by reason of domestic infelicities.
�� 4)
* OUR    POET'S   CORNER.        ���>
��� ���
As the Old Year sinks down in times
Stand rer.dy to launch with the New,
Antl waste no regrets, no emotion.
As the masts and the spars pass from
Wee-i not if some treasures go under,
And sink in the rotten ships hold.
That blithe bonny barque sailing yonder
May brint; you more wealth than the
For  the world   is   forever Improving.
ALL THE PAST is not worth ONE
And whatever deserves our true loving,
's stronger than death or decay.
iH Love, was it wasted devotion?
Old Friends, were they weak or untrue?
Well, let them sink there In mid-
'-'1 enily sail on to the New.
Throw overheard toll misdirected,
Threw overboard Ill-advised hone.
With alms which, your soul has detected,
Have self In their centre and scope.
Throw overboard useless regretting
For deeds you cannot undo.
*-nd learn the great art of forgetting
I'd th''"KS which embitter th" new.
S'li-c who will of dead years departed.
I   F"ir"nd   them.  8*hI   Ird   them   nd'en.
And the song that I sing, happy-heart-
��, fd.
Ts the sen;; of t'-*1 glorious new
��� ������������������>���������>��>��������><>��-
��� ���
��� ��
Mayor Graham of London was reelected by acclamation,
Berlin Is to have a new Federal
building to coet $20U,000.
Peter James Putnam, an east Elgin
pioneer, died, aged S3.
Wm. Brunt. Toronto. die.l In an
automobile from poisoning.
Forty-three miles of good roads have
been  built in York county.
Mrs. W, J. Wadaworth, St. John's
Road, Toronto, died while shopping.
Captain Henry W. Bennett, former
editor of the Preacott Messenger, la
The new Masonic Temple for Toronto will cost between $2a0,00() and
Mrs.   (Capt.)  W. J.  Willpughby, of
Wlnds-ir, d!ed after five days' illness
of pneumonia.
Dr. Peter MacLarcn, formerly of
Patelev. d'ed, following an operation
for appendicitis.
Willim Banks, sr., was appointed
dramatic censor by the Toronto Police Commissioners.
W. P. Near, of Tor into, was appoint
ed city englneej of St. Catherines at
a salary' of $1800 per year.
Chee Fong, the Toronto Chinaman
charged with sltxern robberies, was
remanded. Ke asked for a trial by
Frederick J. Vandecar. of Toronto,
manager of the Ktissel Hardware Co..
dropped dead at bis home.
E.igene Gunn, a well-known notary
of Sparta, died after six months' lli-
ness of cancer of the stomach, aged
Sanford Maracle, the Indian whose
arrest caused tbe recent riots at
Brantford, was fined $30 in the police
Election Cards
For Alderman
Right In the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third csoh,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Ladles and gentlemen, as lt will be
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) ....$16,000,000.03
impossible for me to meet you all personally before tho forthcoming municipal election I take this means of announcing my candidature   for   Alder- {
man and of soliciting your vote and ! Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng-
influence on my behalf. I havs had :land' New Y��rh. Chicago and Spokano
several years' experience as City I USA., and Mexico City. A general
Councillor and if elected 1 will do my , banking business transacted. Letters
beat to assist In carrying on a for-1of Credit issued, available
ward policy for the advancement of I respondents, in all parts of the world
our City, at the same time having duo I
!],Sr��/~t��"i.,!TvCm���-^f.nMn*BHK!"'��lved  in suuib of $1 and  upward
,hatVoufsetrVe   ectfu r    ' eXPended-  <"�������� ��*�����* ���*��& <"" ��� * "���*"' ��e'
* .up..... ���.. .��.,j , niiniim     I ii fi   unfit    t'lliol
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00   SYNOPSIS   OP  COAL   MINING   RE-
|                       OULATIONS.
Branches  throughout  Canada    and I 	
The Annual meeting of the Electors
of the City of New Westminster will
ba held in the Opera House on Monday night next, Uie 13th Hint., at 8
The  retiring  Mayor and Aldermen
will address you. giving an outline of
the work done during tho past year.
After  they  have  spoken,  opportunity
will be given to all Alilermanlc and :
Mayoralty Candidates to addreBs the
Electors. :
Thi3   Is  your  meeting,  your  Civic
Duty calls for your prr.-e.nce.
annum (present rate)
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion
in Miinltobu, Haskatctiownn und Altitrtii,
the Vuktm Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province
of British Columbia, muy be l�� .im.ii for a
of Credit  issued,  available  with  cor-1 term of twenty-one yeurs nt nn   annual
' rental of $1 un acre. Not more thun 2680
acres will be leased to one iippllcinl.
Application   for u  leiiBC  must   be  made
Deposits ; by  tlie applicant  ln  person  to  the  Agent
"   or Hub-Agent of the district In which tlio
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bs)
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
Hitins of sections, and In unsurveyed territory the truct applied for sliull be
stalled out by the applicant himself.
hJuch application must be accompanied
by a fee of 15 which will be refunded if
tlie rights upplled for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty siiall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per tun.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal ruined and pav tlie royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
be furnished  at  least once u  year.
Thn lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever, available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ot the mine at the
rat- of 110 an acre.
Por full  Information application should
j he  made to the Secretary of the  Depart-
ment  of  the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
| Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  l���nds.
W.  W. OORT.
I Deputy Minister of th�� Interior..
N. R���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
sssssssssjssss- .    . _     	
A  branch  of the  National   Railway j
association, whose object is to lessen
the cost of living for railway men, ha:'-'
been organized at Sarnia.
W. J. Appleford, a South Dorc!iPster',  ���- ������ ���
farmer, living near Lyons, is In a crl-1
tical condition as the result of a ser- j I1I7'T'17D DUCDI 17 C
ions accident when, a heavy lead of J t\ I r.K I r.r.|j|_rs^
corn  stockl  felt, over on  him. -   *"""���     *"**       * ************
The  big   door  leading  to   the   cold j
��� Ella Wheeler Wilcox. I storage plant of  the  William   Davtesl
"   on I
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
llnclcum and blinds. Lease If
required, $25.00 per month.
8-rocm house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
".-room house, modern, wltb
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldleutt Blk.     Eaet Burnaby.
slly believe that we are acting- in the interests of the *���������>������������ * * I oa*icT"rToKitn �����Wn ""V's Tcuna i"
e people of Westminster when -we sni that there is' J * * ��� 1 *^ *'u> th�� '������"������"���>��������� Ilcsan was
jdm the citizens can do better for that interest than"  scrap book for today,  ���(""���ested.    	
T'rthday  of   Ethan   Allen,   First   American Heretic.
Thomas Paine Is usually considered
lt would be a crime to inflict upon menol honest ^\^t?^^Z^*^^
deavor. as the present aldermen have shown themselves' to the christian religion, but this is
tolie, the.presence of some of those reactionaries who are Ww^ w&S!* ae'Zmon
making the so-called criticisms today, for to date nothing;of the pioneer "infidel- of the New
has developed in the civic campaign that can be given the j ^t^^^^ti j
yc\rs ago today. Jan. 10, 1737.
Not  as the    leader of  the    Green
Mountain toys, but as the author of
"Theology, or the Oracles of Reason,"
j will Allen be praised hy the agneetlc
I and unbelievers of today.   Thla work.
In connection with thc effort being
mailr to clear tbe Orillin Y. M. C. A.
building of debt. In reply to Mayor
���erost. Lord Stratheona Btates that
he will give the last $5000 when all
the rest Is subscribed.
Solicits  your vote and
name of honest criticism.
j 'lens. If the advance In 1513 is at all
comparable to thnt ff 1H12. Hip problems of aerial navigation will he m
Of all tbe forms of stocktaking, na-
' . innis*,. itommerrial or financial,    that
JtaUwj place during  the  first  week of I Calgary Herald
���jot* new    year,    1912    presents    no j 	
i-Kuch    of    human    activity    which   . A4 . 4 .  . . . .sss . . .
��� ackaeved    greater    advances    during   ���*��������*****������������������"'��������>
t-Jut year,  than  the science of avia-   * *
. r.ka-. i*- FIRST   THINGS. ���
ly solved hy the beginning of 1914.��� ] written  by  Allen  years before  Paine
' published "The Age of neason." was
the first formal attack on the religion
of Christ ever printed on an American
press. In some respects Allen's work
was more heretical than Palne's, bnt
It lacked the literary qualities which
Dr. Wm. Spankle, Inspector of pub-
Uo schools in "''rontenac county for j
the past twenty-six and a half years,
was waited upon Ly the county tench
ers and presented with an appreciative
address and a beautiful gold watch.
Mayor Hocking ;ind Thoma3 Davies
were nominated for maycr of Toronto
for 1913; for controllers, George
Sweeney. R. Yeomans. Church McCarthy, Foster. O'Neill. F. S. Spence.
Ward. HeOulre, Woods. J, Simpson
and Noble.    Four to be elected.
"The young men of today, with moderate salaries, arc spending five times
the amount their fathers spent, and
the young women are encouragln?
them to do so," 8*ated Mr. Justice
"uthcrland in hia aildress to the grad-
for Alderman
He stands for
Sound Progress
based upon
Economic Principle*
tt4 nr LAD,ES
\i 7spLAIN
%p ��� ��� a cr SUITg
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia 8t      Phone RI71
Jhc ioJIowlng estimates of the mile- j
���  makes  Palne's  book   the   claBsir   of! "a""1* C*����W Ot Windsor Collegiate In
-ore ���T  TlYing  in   each   of  the   seven ! * ���������������������������������������������
.years la from Popular Mochanics: i The first pianoforte advertisement
140*. KlOO miles: 1309. 28,000 miles; I ever printed In an American paper.
IMS, 600.000 miles; 1911, 2,300,000 i so far as known, appeared In a Now
nsitir-s;  1912, 12,000,000 miles. ; york   Journal   124   years   ago   today,
The same periodical estimates that ; Jan. 10, 1789.   It read as follows:
i��> 1908 there were five airmen;     lu I     "John Jacob Astor, ai No. SI Qneen
I9B9. fifty; in 1910, 500; in 1911, 1500;   street,   next  door   hut   one    to    tbe
ami in 1912, 5,800. The proportion of. Friend's meeting House, has for sale p^ v;as ,n8pMtet1 of the crime or
tjroA racidtsiiB to the number nf air- an assortment of pianofortes of the tolerance, and, hy Robespierre's or-
"Viwti has Steadily declined. In 190S it newest construction, made by the best ,,,.,.��� wa, r,,���, tn p.-isnn In a narrow
-���^.���'n, r'; ill TO*!*, !��? " ln 'L'; makc,rB in l-ondon, which he will sell L.., ,n thp Bha(lim. of the guillotine.
''���" '"'   '  '"   ''���   '" 1!''1' '  '" :���''���  :"'"  on  reasonable terms.    He glvps cash  he penned the hook that wns to give
him lastint; fame and equally as last-
freethoupht. and  enabled  It to main-1 Stltute.
tain fnr ov \ n century a place among
the "best Bellers."
Paine was born in F.ngland. nnd his
"Age of Reason" waB written In
'"ranee, where he had teen elected to
the chamber of depiith s at the outbreak of the revolution. Voting
against   the   execution    of   the    king.
The winter term of Columbians college Commenced on Motnlay, teachers
and ntn'ients asain assembling to re
snme duties.
Among tno?e wbo s,-enl thefffTrffst j
mas  holidays  outs do   the     province!
en Tit*:. 1   In M.    It Is Interesting to   for all kinds of Furs, nnd has for sale
���muter itint the pereentage <>r deaths (a quantity of Canada   Heaver,  and
��s Ttvolbtil!  games  Is higher than    In   Reaver   Coating,   RaOCOOD   Skins   nnd
avia'itui. Raccoon    Hlanket3,    Muskrat    Skins,
Kl Is iitvt'ihlp that the prbpqrtlon of etc., etc."
���fatalities decreases us thr number of:     The John Jacob Astor who thus at!
aiiatsirs Increases,     In    th"    United | vertlsed his wares was the rounder of [rtoosevolt, he has been described as an ��� ,.       ., .,    ,.       .        ,., ,    . .
3-aiIrs there   ure  300  plots,   and   the   tho  Ahtor dynasty, and   the ancestor  athelft "" ''ton.,,   .mil
gsTi-r*ir1 it-Hi r* lir ".ths hns ben 1 to 7; I of Vincent Astor, the world's richest j     p.ethnn Alien, dn��pitc his open h"f ���!
im IPrnnoe the   number    ofipllota    is   bachelor.      The  otter  to  dispose    of I Ullty to revealed religion, suffered lit-!
3sMM>. nntl   the  proportion  Is  1   to  41, | "Piano Fortes" on "renBonahle terms." I t]p   censure  on   that   ground.       "The |
<ss��rn-anv his 1 r.00 nilols. nnd a death ; smacks  of modern  business  methods   Oracles of Iteason" was bitterly eriti-
nlr ol  1  to  20.    Tlio mlio of death   of "five dollars down and five dollars   ctsed hy the cltrgiy at tlie time of its
in". Infnmy.
Pnlne began "Tho Age of Peason" j
with   the  Statement!     "I    believe    In
"no fled nnd no more," antl yet hun- !
iritis of historians, Including Colonel]
were M'sa ,M. Win its, who visited
her s ster ;it Calgary! Mr. Dolmv:-
who went home to SiurlB, Manitoba;
Tprl Miss E, Vince, v ho also went to
Calgary. M'is C. Bn 1th spent a f(.w
days In Sc.vtle. nnd Miss ftfe'iatr
vVfeit frieitls nt 1 �� 'her. M1"! Mar
an Tv-ino nnd M'^n lirsamonrT Wheeler   h.i'e   referned   frohl   fthllllwack
[lectors of New Westminster
Aid. A. W. Gray
The People's Candidate forMayoF
has arranged the following
Friday. Jan.  10.���West  End,  Mandevllte Blk., 12th 8t. and Ml. Awe.
Saturday, Jan. 11.���Queensborough, Strand Hotel, Ewen Ave.
Tuesday, Jan. 14.���*>ap?erton, Johnston's Hsll, Columbia St.
All Meetings to Commence at 8 p. m.
Come and hear the city's affairs discussed by the retiring council
nnd others seeking election.   Ladles especially invited.
(iray stands for Progress. Klect a Progressive Council and Watch
Westminster Grow,
AH Candidates Invited to be present and will be given opportunltv
to  speak. MK>W   I '      '
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
Begble Street.
Baggage Dellveisel Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Phone R524 S1S Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavatrough Cleaning,
Sewar Connecting,
Ceaspools, Septic Tanks. Etc.
who do aet receive   The News before
I a.m. should
aad ssaka complaint. Only In this way
���af as efficient   delivery   be   mala-
ss.K nvrr  the     wcrld   is    consltlernhly ,a week
"snarrj- ln aviation than In motor rae
publication, but the storm soon "tub-
ftiith nnd Artliur Wlcol from Salmon
Among the new s|i"1��nt�� -ire: 'Ha--
e'il RtAnble, r;iad>'s Smttmcrs. Emily
Webster, Miss Mitchelf, Mlsi llum-
nhries, \l\'n Martin, of Burqultlam;
1��<i'�� r'tv.lo, p.nbson;  pertri'dis r,io-
���ae '    The   "Piano   Fortes"   of   the   latter  i'ded, and Allen's authorship Of unci.   '"", ?.      ""'rt���a. rt.iVZ VMr^n-
tpart of the eighteenth century  were work ts all but forgotten, and he fs re-  .' v' """">: Orace ria-efln.VJetorls,
snt   QWmbrgus instruments, a little smaller membered principally for his sueeeBF-  , ' ",   """',  . *'""'"'"' ''rn'
Beglnnini- with (lie ilctitii nf i.le
���MBkMlgo, in Septeqiber, 1''"S. nrdjthan a house, anil were probably of
���<.nm_i-- down to November -'!!. 1812 'the type of pianos which were dis-
eitrrv have been 224 fatal ac'denti posed of at auction in New York re-
sjssth Skero) lanes,  and  hi   21  of  tiiern , cently for 37 cents each.
B ssSjsbiii'i 11   as well ai Ihe pilot  was; -	
fcitlri".    Tvs  pinke-i   "47   tntalltles  In
ar. Tittle mo-r thai   f n r ycrirs, n very iet>*s>*s>s>*��>s>o,��>s>��>4>��
0ttt\trn% nut-ber.   Indeetl,   but   "   w��  ��� ���
��� stmild asoe'-ia'n  tVe nui: hi r ''*''��� ���     ^   THC    HUMaN    PRO*:r:?'ON.   ��
'Hanoi ttavs> hue" ��� ���""��  we wni'irl <i- -->,*    * (Sy   O.   Tcrrencc.) ���
'"Isssjb rto sv" ���  I it 'he i-'Mtl ir""""    * ���
���%'rr\   r*-e    nnelflPi     ���    t . ir    til    S''l""!l-"<       ><><>������*��'->��   >s>s>Os>s>s>s>
"IT "S*Hgrrnld rlimiin'e from tho fatiP
prlnolpiiii.  '���   ���         ��� ,   , ,. r
rui attacks on the fortress of Tien,,,  f-sngley:  snd. TsawreneiJ Noting from
deroga and Crown Point.   The legend] J"rcn ( nn'10'''''
that   ho  demanded   the   British
-tkr�� 1��>ose that need not have oe.enrre'l   Famous Canadian Poet and Author Is
���������*tt ���whle'li  v;e  niotin   ncc'iients  result-j Fifty-three Today.
tax *nre��m npoilloss risk, the nropnrllon I    Charles G. D. Roberts, one of Can-
snf e>ratb:i to siiccess'iil  flights would I ada's   most   eminent   men   of   letters,
tbe fcenisl to be  small. I was horn  fifty-three years ago today
i'"  Orcxvt nroFress bns nlso been madelat Douglas, on the St. John river, near
"ilr We n**��- of dirigibles.    So far    the ; Frederlcton, New Brunswick,    HIb fa-Uirpcndent state.
' si9|s_<ent nf risk Iris nol been elinilnat- ther was the Hev. i). flondridge Hob-1 	
4's*B. "but 1* Ttas been very greatly    ro-|erts,  canon   of  Christ  church   Cathe-1    In the church calendar today Is the
This method of locomotion has jdral.   The future poet'nnd author was j festal of St.   William,   ArchhlBhop of
<jmt upon  a bniis thnt may    hn; educated  at  New   Brunswick   Culver-1 Bourges.    Tills snlnt was one of the
commander to surrender "In the name of
Ood and the Continental Congress." is
believed by modern historians to be
mythical, certiin1. the mention of
th* iltj'.y in sn ������ sun ictlon was net
in accord with Allen's opinions.
Shortly after his exploits at the
head nf h? Orcetl Mountain boys, Allen was taken a prisoner and sent to
England, and later was confined In
Halifax. HIb capture by the British
resulted from an attempt to capture
the city of Montreal with an army oi
100 men. Aa a delegate In congreen
Allen wbb Instrumental in securing
the recognition of Vermont. aB an In-
Mrs. Wir/^-k Committed.
T>eK'na.  Kink., .Tn"   �� ��� 't f-�� >���-<
j 'jius'oti  of the    preliminary    hearing |
i'iIs pf'ernoen, before Superintendent
S^srnes rf the B.N.W.MIP., Mrn. War-
'cv- was nommltled to stand trial on
"le   cJ'arTP   pf   pee:' T'f'iv   'ii   Hie   "���    "
i '-������  or  l-er  husband   the   late   Italnh
Warwick, whoip mB*"**'Wri h-dv 	
found in a Btnble on his farm on the
evening  of  November  18.
Your Vote and Influence
Respectfully Solicited
!  gig si slid Ss reasonably safe under nil jslty, and won medals for Latin, Greek, j earliest advocates of the practice of
"4 hiss J* thr  most  cnfavorahie    condi- Latin essay and classical scholarship  vegetarianism.      Throughout   a  long
Forclpnero Quarrelled Over Balkan
War and Exchanged 6hots.
New York. Jan. n.���The United
StateB will lose tomorrow the only
two real duelists arrested In this part
of the country for nearly ono hundred
years, Pletro Dutto and Charles Van-
cent who aatrsfled the old word no-
Present Chairman of Board of Works
For Alderman for 1913.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
MinerallWaters,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
rsleprions R 111. Office:  Princess at
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. O. BEATON, Proprietor.
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
US C'arkaon Street Phene 4M.
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The most cem fort able rooms In the
city. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator In eaeh. Bar and first class
cafe run In eennectlen.
Cor. Front and Begble Gt.   : hone 188
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
���K  Lome Street,  Nsw Westminster.
il  ' FRIDAY,  J/1NUARY  10,  1913.
Ml"    a*M��
page TmriW"
Every Article of Ladies9 Ready -
to- Wear Reduced in Price During the January Clearance Sale
AU Our Entice Stock of Ladies' and Misses' Wool
and Silk Street Dresses.
During the sale will be sold at the following Clearance Sale prices:
Ladi-.'*' one-piece silk and wool dresses: regular 835.00. Clearance Sale..$26.25
Ladles' one-piece silk and wool dresses; regular $30.00. Clearance Sale..$22.50
Ladles' one-piece silk and wool dreSBes; regular $25.00. Clearance Sale ..$18.75
l-adies' and MiBses' one-piece wool dresses; regular $20.00, Clearance Sale $15.03
Ladies' and Misses' one-piece wool dresses; regular $10.50. Clearance Sale $12.50
Ladies' and Misses' one-piece wool dresses; regular $15.00. Clearance Sale $11.50
Ladies' and Misses' one-piece wool dresses; regular $12.50. Clearance Sale $9.50
Ladles' silk, cotton and wool waists ln tbe strictly tailored and fancy designs.
Ladies' Fancy Silk Waists; regular $7.00.     Clearance Sale Price  $4.95
1 .allies' Pancy Silk Waists; regular $5.50.     Clearance Sale Price  $4.25
Ladies' strictly tailored silk; regular $6.00.     Clearance Sale Price $4.25
Larticfi' Fine Wool Tailored BlotiBee;  regular $5.00.      Clearance Sale   $3.85
Ladles' Pine Wool Tailored Blouses; regular $3.50.      Clearance Sale  $2.65
Ladiee' Pine Wool Tailored Blouses; regular $3.00.     Clearance Sale   $2.65
Ladles' Pine Lace Evening Blouses; regular $5.00.      Clearance Sale $4.25
Ladles' Pine Lace Evening Blouses; regular f5.00.     Clearance Sale  $3.85
I-adles Pine Lace Evening Blouses; regular $4.50.    Clearance Sale $3,85
Ladles' Pine Lace Evening Blouses;  regular $3.50.      Clearance Sale   $2.65
Clearance Sale on Ladies' Underwear and Gowns.
Ladles' ankle length Onion Suits, regular $2.60; Clearance Sale $1.95
Ladies' ankle length wool Union Suits, regular $2.00; Clearance Sale  $1.60
Ladies' ankle length wool Union Suits, regular $1.75; Clearance Sale  $1.45
Ladles' ankle length Union Suits, regular $1.25; Clearance Sale 95c
Ladies' ankle length cotton Union Suits, regular 85c; Clearance Sale  60c
Ladies' ankle length cotton Union Suits, regular 75c; Clearance Sale  60s
Ladies' VeBts and Drawers, regular $1.50; Clearance Sale    $1.20
Ladles" Veets aad DrawerB, regular $1.00; Clearance Sale 80c
Ladles' Vests and Drawers, regular 85c; Clearance Sale 65c
Ladies' Vests and Drawers, regular 50c; Clearance Sale   40c
Children's Wool Union Suits, regular $1.15; Clearance Sale  90c
Childrens* Wool Union Suits, regular    S5c;  Clearance Sale    65=
Children's Vests and Drawers, regular 25c;  Clearance Sale    20c
Children's Vests and Drawers, regular 30c; Clearance Sato   25c
Children's Vests and "Drawers, regular 35c; Clearance Sale 25;
Children's Vests and Drawers, regular 40c; Clearance Sale 30c
Children's Vests and Drawers, regular 50c; Clearance Sale  35;
Ladles' White Flannelette Gowns, regular $2.50;  Clearance Sale   $1.90
ljidles' White Flannelette Gowns, regular $2.00;  Clearance Sate   $1.60
Ladies'White Flannelette Gowns, regular $1,.50; Clearance Sale   $1.30
Ladies' White Flannelette Gowns, regular $1.25;  Clearance Bale   95;
Children's Colored Flannelette Gowns, regular 65c; Clearance Sale  45c
Children's full length oath robeB ln figured light blue atifl Tod and pink; elder-
down, bound wfth satin and fastened with heavy cord, regular $2.75; Clearance
Sale $1.95
LaSles* long figured Flannelette KlmonaB; all sizes', regular $2.T>0. Clearance
Sale $1.95
A Fpeclal line or laflteg' Wool DrcFB Sklrte In fancy weaves and plain colors, red,
blue, brown and black; values uu to $8.00;  Clearance Sale   $4.95
Children's Wool Knft UnderfklrtB with knit waists attached In red and grey,
repnlar $1.75:   Clearance Sale    $1.25
T.nAh'K'   Rlaek  Hestlhsr  Blouse   Underskirts.       flrtirhed   with   wide- ami   narrow
Ii��V"i��: ��'��So!"ra".����l.?��.>* LTai" .'."0.h';"'.Pcfu,ar *2M: cllB��r'>"'��> Sale ,...$1.��S
rssfrniriT Tl 21*;'nearnnce 'Sain . ..'.'.'.'.'.'.".*.'.'.' '.".".'.*."..'.'".'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'' ; .'"ail,5
lkrular $1,50;  Clearanoe Sale ......$1.20
The last 10 days of this month must see our stock at its lowest ebb, prior to inventory. Certain odd Suits, manufacturers' dropped designs and styles we do not wish to continue all have a mark down so low that we know that
February 1st will not see them here.   If you are planning to furnish extra rooms this is your golden opportunity.
like    sample;    value    $9 50.
Clearance Sale Price     $6.95
30 Dressers
as per cut; bought to sell at
$12; Clearance Sale $7.75
Solid Oak Dressers
and Stand, one of Gibbard
make, Clearance Sale
Golden Fir Chiffoniers
Special Clearance Price  $9.65
25 Brass Beds
Came too late for Christmas; now they go at Clearance Sale Prices:
$65.00  Brass  Deds;   Clearance  Price    $48.50
$50.00 Brass Beds; Clearance Price  $39.00
$35.00 Brass Beds;  Clearance Price , $23.50>
$27.00 BraBS Bed; Clearance Price   $1640
50   White  Enamel   Beds,  similar   to
Illustration.    Clearance   Sale   .. $2.50
19 White Enamel Brass Trimmed
Beds; -similar to Illustration. Clearance Price J_________E-    $4.76
Very Special Offer
on Sewing
Machines During
Our famous "Goodrich B." $40 machine, warranted for 10 years. Special price $35.00, or $20 down and $15
balance In two months.
500  Kitchen  Chairs   as   illustration.         Clearance   Sale
Price s"Sc
50 $6.00 Kitchen Queens at      $4.50
75 Kitchen Tables at       $2-25
100 Bed Springs.     Clearance Price   $2.00
GO    Cotton    Top    and    Bottom    MattrefcBflB.      Clearance-
Price  $3.��S
100 pairs 12-4 White Blankets; extra heavy,   $2.75 value-
Clearance Price $1.95
200 pairs 70x99 full bleached Sheets;   $2.00 value.   Clear
ance Price $1.50
7�� extra aise Bed Comforters;   $4.60 and   $6.00   qualities.
C'aarancs* PvSao 'tsflisaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaa^^^^^^
freight yards within the cfty limits,
and is planning doubling the capacity
of Its shops.
The Canadian Northern Railway
was tn all men's mouths during the
year and gave two tangible proofs of
its plana for the lower fraaer. Tt acquired the Royal City mWa site lor
about $800,000 and more Important
still, let a contract for tke construction of a line from the western boundary of New Westminster down the
8outh Arm of the river to Steveston.
-   Industrial   Expansion.
Industrially the year was more Important. New industries starting operations were the Wcetern Paper
Milts, tbe Pacific Chocolate Company,
Uie ' huge modern British-Canadian
Lumber Mill, Crystal Dairy. Westminster Foundry and others.
Mo less Important and even more
eloquent ot prosperity are the additions planned for existing concerns.
The Schaake Machine Works were acquired hy the Heaps Engineering
Company and will be rebuilt in
Queensborough as one of the most Important machine shops on the mainland. Tha Wostmlnstor Woodworking Company also launobed out In the
same neighborhood with a plant twice
the abe of ita old one, and the Westminster Ironworks are preparing to
take a similar step. The Vulcan Ironworks Increased Its plant, and the
"9.C. Transport Company opened a
���ew i wharf, bunker and warehouse
business. If anything spells progress,
surely It Is events such aa these.
Building   Remarkable.
The building of last year was also
remarkable. The city's flrat big
block, the seven-story building of the
Westminster Trust Company, hat
been completed, opened for business
and let throughout, whllo Mr, T. J.
Trapp and the Russell Hotel company
bave also nearly completed fine big
modern buildings. Altogether the
building permits for the year totalled
$1,634,528, as against $1,124,587 In
1911. Closely allied with thebulldlng
was the opening of a now business
street,on Sixth and the extension of
business to Carnarvon and Carkson
Vital statistics also show wonderful gains with 814 births compared
with 580 Ih 1911;. ,.460 marriages
against $01 In 1*11. while deaths also
unfortunately Increased trom 858 to
Civic receipts exclusive ot local
Improvement taxes amounted to $660,-
444.3* compared with $426,999.05 In
the previous year,
Another important development was
the establishing of a bank clearing
house tor New .Westminster and the
opening of two hew banks In the city.
The now clearing house la tbe twenty-
firct In Canada and has the ipffcct of
turning the balance of olearlng
houses In favor of Hie west against
the east by a majority of one.
Progressive    Association's   Work.
To turn to the work tit the Pro-
::ri'sslve association during the past
six months of this remarkable year:
First and foremost ibe Association
has organized a membership of over
300 and done much to permeate the
city with a new s-pirrt towards
changes and developments. Tbe Importance of this cannot be animated
but Its effect is more far-reaching
really than anything sbe. The croc-
cess of Its recent fund campaign bears
witness to the effectiveness of the
change. That campaign was also useful In classifying the citizens of the
titty and testing civic palrlotlBm by
tho stern ordeal of the pocket book.
Active committees were at work
throughout the six months aad the
eageoutive met weekly. Many Important matters such as (he money bylaws of June 26. the entertainment of
conventions and visitors, the Dominion dredging office, information concerning the Fraser River, the Land
Registry office, Port Moody carllne
and others were taken up energetically. The claims of the city to be an
elevator site were consistently and
forcibly urged and the attention of
the Province ot Alberta and the Dominion Government was called to
thla Matter In no uncertain way.
Sound   Publicity.
The work of the association has also resulted In much desirable publicity having been gained for the city.
News of local development through-]
ont the valley has been sent ��� broad-1
oast and printed In many papers
where lt was unknown before.
Weighty financial journals such as the
Monetary Times 'and Canadian r'l-
nanoe are now giving attention to New
Westminster and the Fraser Valley,
while the papers of Vancouver have
as the result of the activities of thn |
association, come to report the news
of the district more thoroughly th.iu
ever before.
This work of reasonable publicity
has been much assisted by four sue-
cessfu luncheons given by the asocta-
tlon, especially that addressed by Deputy Minister Scott on land settlement. Dr. Rowe and Mr. J. D. Taylor,
M. P., Mayor Lee and Mr. A. O.
Powell, harbor engineer, have ��l��o
made excellent addresses at these
Perhaps It would not be out ot
place to give the names of the bffleers
and executive committeemen who
have labored ao faithfully throughout
these months, often without much
outside encouragement. The president was Dr. B. P. Smith, Hon. treasurer; Mr. L. M. Richardson, 'Hon.
Becretary; Mr. T. D. Shefrtff, while
Messrs. J. W. Cunningham, W. J.
Kerr, Rev. 3. S. Henderson, Wm. M.
McCloy, J. Dorgan, W. L, Darling, O.
Wllkle and W. A. OUley were the
chairmen of the different committees
with seats on the executive. Reward
tor their labors has at last been received by the wide support given by
all   public-spirited    clttiens    among
whom are most of the leading merchants and companies operating in thc
city, to the recent fund campaign.
There have beea, lt Ib true, a few
glaring omissions- from this list, but
happily very few avnd lt Is expected
thnt when another year comes around
these doubting ones will be found lined
up with the rest ot those who are willing to take tbelr share ln assisting in
the development of the city In wblch
they live and make their money.
Future Bright.
Finally it can be aaid that the prospects for the coming year are even
brighter than the acomplisbments of
the past and that when 1914 dawns,
New Westminster will almost certainly be taking its place as one of
the Important centres ot Canada, and
one of the greatest ports of the Pacific Coast ln the making.
Scotch Name, German Father. Indian
Mother,  Is  Canadian  Seeking
U. 8. Cltixenahlp.
Juneau, Jan. 9.���Did news was
broken to Mr. Alfred Gordon, a Canadian, employed In tbe Treadwell
mines, tn .allopathic doses at the
proecutlng attorney's office yesterday
and he let with a heart bowed down
with disappointment
Mr. Gordon came over from Tread-
well to complete his naturalization,
but waa Informed by Judge Folsom.
who Is In charge of cases relating to
acquisition of citizenship papers, that
unless there was a change In the policy of the United States or an amendment to the existing naturalization
laws, he was forever barred from cltl-
zeuchlp In the country of hii adoption.
Mr. Gordon, according to his story,
Is the son of a German, but his
mother was an Indian and he was
born In Canada. The statute ot the
United States which provides for the
naturalization of foreigners, limits
the eligibility to those of the white
race. Negroes are admitted to cltlxenship under an amendment to the constitution, American Indiana are admitted, under another statute, an Indian woman was naturalised by marriage under still another, but with
these exceptions, American citizenship Is reserved for the white race.
Mr.- Gordon told the prosecuting attorney yesterday morning that eight
yarn ago he had found a good gold
ledge near Qetchtkan, and lost it because he was not a citizen. He was
advised that when ho found another
to hang on to It, because while an
alien cannot get a patent, he con nevertheless keep a gold mine and take
the pro out
After Eighteen Months Trial Original
Estimates of Numbers Is
Greatly   Exceeded.
Melbourne, Australia, Jan. 9.���Although the compulsory service provisions of the Defence Act hare been ln
operation only a little over 18 months,
the success of the movement has already passed all expectations. The
number of youths and men In training throughout Australia's six states
is almost up to the limit of those 11a-
able, and ln each separate Instance
the high average is maintained.
In Queensland, all of the 2,124 18-
year-old lads due to join the citizen
ranks are already undergoing training; and in Western Australia only ,
one youth haa failed to respond to the
call. I
In New South Wales, with IU scattered population, the 63*1 youths ln '
training are only 96 short of the "pos-
sible;" while only 57 In Rmiri
tralla and 21 tn Tasmania have failed
to come np for enrollment Victoria
stands In the worst position with a
shortage of 209, only 518$ of the 6,-
S95 senior cadets of the 1894 quota
having reported themselves.
Even this Is not by any means unsatisfactory, when the difficulties of
enrollment and the amount of de'tll
to be attended to are considered. The
18-year-old brigade were only tri.ua-
rerred tn July last, and 16,645 of them
out of 17,029 liable In all parts ot the
Commonwealth have been accounted
for. *
A deficiency of 884 Is a mere nothing In view of the numbers Involved
Similarly with the senior cadets���
boys born trom 1895 to 1898 Inclusive
���Queensland shows a deficiency of
only 233; New South Wales, ot 974;
Victoria, of 568; South Australia, nt
204; Western Australia, of 57, and
Tasmania, of 83; the number of lada
training being at the present time
90,006, out of 92,070 who are liable. In
this rtate 28,387 out of 28,(00 Are with
the colors.
From every point of view the position Is satisfactory, and the organizing
officers should be justly proud ot
their work, in the face ot embarrassing , Initiatory -disadvantage.
New British Submarine.
London, Jan. 9.���The new British
submarine E4 arrived In Portsmouth
yesterday after extended speed trials
and gun practice. The boat Is manned with twelve-pounders and with
several qulck-fIrlng guns oa disappearing mountings. E4 attained a speed
of 16 knots an hour on the surface
while ton knots waa the maximum
wben the boat was submerged.
There are thousands of ways of advertising���some good,,
some bad, some indifferent.
You naturally want the best value possible for the money
you spend in advertising' in 1913.
You cannot do better than follow the example of thc men.
who are spending the largest amount of money for publicity.
They have made a scientific study of the business of advertising in all its phases and KNOW positively from results secured
what method brings in the best returns for the money.
The largest stores���and the greatest advertisers���always
have the daily newspaper first on the list, and their advertising
appropriations are spent almost entirely in buying newspaper
The reason is plain. The daily paper goes into the homr
every day. The prospective customer is reached quickly, and has
no chance to forget about your store. ,
People BUY the daily paper and READ it Circulars and
the multitude of free advertising literature distributed free do not
receive the same attention. They ure forgotten in a day and have
nothing following after to keep up the interest.
See our advertising man and have a talk with him about it.
Phone 999.
'��� *���"*��_
FRIDAY, JANUARY  10,. 1818.
Report on Health    of    Municipality���
Sur^estior.s for Improvement cf
Cloverdale Conditions.
not feel like placing same on the
grounds that there was too much other
work to be looked after and found
more necessary. There have been
several delegations sent to Victoria
asking for portions of Crown lands
but up to the present time, the government have nat seen fit to grant these
Would Have Done the Same.
Turning to the B. C. E. R. lighting
franchise  of  1HU4.  Mr.  Coldleutt told
his hearers that Burnaby in that time
wae far different than it is trdny and
many of them would have done the
same had they been on the council In
that year.    He -explained  that  when
the Western Canada Power Company
Monday,   January 6,   at 2 p.m.,    thu asked permission' to construct a tower
reeve and all members being present, line along tbe Johnston road. hlniFelf
Tbe nhiules of the previous meet-1 and the late Councillor John Humble
tog were read and confirmed. | stood out for the company to purchase
Communications were received    as an additional 33 feet of roadway along-
follows:    From John Duncan, saying side the present road and after a hard
he had moved from Surrey to Delta, fight, the company was forced to do
and that It would be inconvenient for .this, thus making lt one of the widest
him to act aa returning officer.    Kei streets In the municipality.
scelved. j    Mr. Coldleutt next turned hlr, atten-
From T. Q. Holt, attorney for Mac-1tion to Councillor Madill who is again
kennie, Mann 6 Co., Ltd., re crossing j running for election, first stating that
at the gravel pit at Port Kells, stating he was sorry  the councilor was not
he had taken tbe mattes- tip with their  present ae he did not like    to    talk
about a man behind his back.
"I  was  endorsed    for    councillor,"
continued  Mr.  Coldleutt,  "at a rate-
"i'he  Surrey municipal council met
at the municipal hall, Cloverdale, on
British   M.   P.   Criticizes   Absence   of
Tovvf-plannltig���City   Beautiful
,'���     Idea   Neglected.
Two Waterfront Lodging   Houses   Go
Up in Smoke���Many Dead and
engineering department and would
write further In duo course. Received.
From It G, Conway, chief engineer
ot the B. C. B .It., saying he had given
Instructions for one of their engineers
to go out und look into the matter nt
the culvert orrlhe east side of tbe
Coast Meridian road, and as soon aa
he cot his report he would have the
matter attended to.   Received.
l.ondbn, Jan. 8.���Arnold RoWntree,
M.I'��� wjho has just recently returned
fram Canada, says that one of thc
most interesting features he noted was
the tremendously rapid growth of
many ot thp new towns.
"WHen I was in Winnipeg ten years,
ago," "Ire said, "the population wae
t8,Q0,(U Jtoday it la nearly 200,000. Edmonton,) the capital of Alberta, had
only 20^0 or 3000 inhabitants six years
ago, anil now there arc 60,000. Saskatoon (had only 113 inhabitants in
1903, aid now it has nearly 20,000.
On tlje laying out of towns he believes  -.that   many    mistakes of the
payers' meeting held in thla hall some  a\a wotlil are being repeated in the
weeks ago and 1 am in the field to
stay. I think Councillor Madlll Is absolutely incompetent and he has
phown this during the past year. Ills
idea Is for a man to be elected for a
term of two cr three years and the
Frcm fowls Jack, saying he would \ first one he considers as serving an
ha iinab'u to accept his appointment : apprenticeship.
as depntvflreturnlng officer.   Received.      "While he has been serving this ap-
From 1* M. Carncioss tendering his prenticeshlp, Ward Three has been
resignation as municipal clerk, as c.r-1 getting it in the neck. I know this
cumstances rendered it necessary, and ,ward and every street in lt and during
extending his thanks for the unfs<llng the year 1912 there has been little
kindness and courtesy whieh had al-|work of consequence done while the
ways been shown to him by the coun- other districts have been getting the
Short-Sighted   Councils.
"While you generally find that the
roads are broad In many of the cities,"
he declares, "the council does not
look apead sufficiently, and the city
is not planned out from the first as it
should jie. However, thiB difficulty is
helng recognized and there is a much
keeneri sprit abroad to plan wisely
from the start.
"Again experience shows that these
towns have been wise to have kept
iere. land in their own hands. Greatly hands burned
San Francisco, Jan. 9.���Threo persona are Known to be dead, thirteen
are ln the emergency hospital silt-Bring from injuries from which several
rally uie, and ten others are reported
buried in the ruins of the San 1'edro
and Maritime lodging houses at East
and Howard streets, in the waterfront
district here, which were totally ae
etroyed by Are early today.
The boilies of three unidentified men
wore taken to the morgue, so badly
burned that identity may never be
The mo8t seriously injured are:
Battalion Chief James It. Lmtt, overcome by shock from gas explosion.
Mrs. Katharine Ooldltein leaped
from San Pedro house window, ankle
broken, possible internally Injured.
Fireman Wm. Shauglinessy, struck
by 500 pound electric Sign.
Frank Fisher, seriously burned In
attempt lo rescue Mrs. Goldstein.
P. Pansen, overcome by smoke.
C. llelroisen, badly burned hands
and face.
W, Holwlecs, head and body burned
Olaf Ellson, shock and asphyxiation
���Carl Schlobios, body burned.
Fireman J. J, McElroy, overcome b>
smoke and burns.
Fireman J. W. Malloy,    head   ant!
I Correspondence \
#����������������������������>��� ���mm �����������������>�����
The Westminster Dally News doeB
not hold itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
ell.    Received.
From H. Rose, secretary or the Sur-
rev Farrows' Institute, asWng for permission to use the municipal ball on
Tuesday, January 21. Received and
permission granted.
From Dr. F. D. Sinclair. M. H. O.,
aa follows: "As medical health officer
1 beg to submit the following report:
The municipality has been comparatively free from epidemic disease dur
Ing the past year, the moat serious
outbreak being one of diphtheria al
White Rock. Fonr cases In all were
reported with one death. The disease
apparently had been carried into the
mnnicirnlity by an infected person
trom Vancouver. The course of the
disease was probably unfavorably influenced by unhygenic conditions arising from the deposit of decomposing
animal matter deposited by the tde
trom the canneries al P,laine. This
matter has been taken up by the pro
Vincial and state authorities ard also
by the international Joint commission
at Ottawa, and we may expect to have
the matter remedied before another
season. Incidentally we would like to
suggest that the council give their at
tention to conditions at White Rock
before another season, especially ns to
the sanitary problem nnd the water
aupplv. Since within the iieM-hli >rhooil
of 1000 personH live at Whit" Rock
during the summer months rlg'tl R-ini-
tary regulations moat be maintained.
"There hare been no scarlet fever
or smallpox cases during the paal
year. One case only cf typhoid was
"In tbe months or February, March
and April an Infection of measles oc
curred which v H3 part of a general
epidemic throughout the coast coun
try. The disease was of a mild type
and no deaths occurred.
"We would like to suggest that the
sioi-ncil Rive ti>e\r aUetUlon to tlie
ditrh along the cast side of 'he ('. N.
It. tracks thiotigb Cloverflsje, Tbls
ditch is in an unhealthy condition. The
medical health officer has taken the
matter tip with tbe G. N. It. and eacli
time it has been cleaned out. The only
proper method or dealing with this ia
to have it closed in, since it contains
sewage matter and is a menace to the
"health of the community.
"The outlying districts of the municipality and the different mills and
camps have been visited at least twice
during the year by the medical heslt"1
oHicer and their sanitation and surroundings enuqirfid into and recomen-
stations made where necessary.
"We would suggest that better draining be undertaken in Cloverdale, since
surface water here must necessantv
be polluted with sewage and as such
is an ever present source of danger
to the public health."
The council then sat as a court of
revision on the voters' list, and ".ft*"
the necessary corrections had heen
made to the list for 1913 routine buul-
ness was resumed.
The "(And Sale Bylaw, 1913." nn-
11,e->'ir.7 the sale of lot 10, of th-
subdivision of the easterly 74 aeres of
the southwestern tpiarter of seet'rn 7
ires���si'sfti it, tus-iiii its first, second
nnd third readings, nnd "'ill In snh
mitled to the electorate for approval
at the coming elect!' n.
On motion It was decided ""i lake r
referendum al the nimiii*; eleetion c
the advisability or passing a pound
bylaw \h\* year.
Acenats to the a' ii'Utit   ���'
were pwrnan and ordered nald
ConnflH .then   adjourned   to
naa'n nt the nvonlolnnl    ''''I     '
sjtattitary mreting day. January
at 2 p.m.
cream of the money expended.
Increased  values of land have come
] far too largely to individuals rather
���'Councillor  McKee and  myself ae-1 tnan J tne cotnmunitv> and ma(Ie clvlc
cured an appropriation of $6000 two j, ^       ta '    t]   ���
years ago for rocking tho North road j .
and new Councillor Madill claims the
credit of spending it. In his election
promises one was that Second street
would be opened to the Burnaby Lake
tram line, but so far nothing ha3 heen
done or shows any signs cf being
"We hear all this talk of the wards
being abolithed when the council is
Bitting, but one has only to read the j
papers to see where some councillors
are crowing how they get the lion's
share and that was not East Burnaby
by a long Ehot.
Hard en Ward Three.
"Ward Five got its share last year
and a large part of Wart! Three'*;
share too.
"Why," exclaimed the ex-councillor,
"the condition of some of the roads
around here Is simply scandalous."
Turning to Mr. Leaf, the ex-councll-
lor stated that he hntl no quarrel with
his  opponent  other  than    he     (Mr.
Leaf)   had   pinched   his
last. year.
With   regard   to   Ihe   electric   ligh
charges   antl   also   the   transportation
One    cf    Pair    Sentenced    to    Eight
Months Is Cripple With Previous
Prison Record,
London,    Jan.    9.���Long sentence*!
were passed today on two of the militant  suffragettes,   many  of  whom   in
recent    months    have engaged In  a
camp i.l-n of d< function of the mails.
May. nniinghurft and Louise finy, twe
platform   of, of the flrrt to be nrres:t<d, were con-
[denmed   to   eight   months'   Imprisonment each.
Miss Bijlinghurst, who is a cripple,
problem Mr. Coldleutt stated that tl If-   and unable to get about except en a
fetent deputations had waited upon
the B.C.EH. end were now waiting
for an answer. lie gave the company
credit for listening to suggestions and
felt hopeful of hearing of pleasins an-1
nouncements ln  the near future.
The two lodging houses were flimsy
two storev affairs, occupying an entire half block.
Thc third body, was taken from the
ruins at 10 o'clock, when lt was ��v
lieve.i certain that several more vie
tiius would be found by the firemen.
who bad made little progress in thi
'ask of digging through the, charred
Work Under Difficulties).
The work of the firemen In layin-
hose lines waa hampered by the cou-
'it'on of the street, which Is torn up
'or construction cf the Bolt t.ine RaM
read. By the' time the first stream
-**"'. i'..to tbe flames the Ttn-vrd stree'
sltle rf Ihe buildings was a mass of
ire. With but three narrow stairways
and on" cf these cits cotjiI :tely CU
..iT by the wall of flame, th.3 inmate.'
crowded to the ou'sid* windows and
screamed in terror to the firemen tr
stretch ladders.
Repeatedly the lire fithters placed
ladders nt-ainst tl'" window casings
enlv to have the charred framework
lollapne, shaking off tlie firemen from
Ihe'r slippery holds '���< t'n *  '^-nii
rf the more couraceous lorlTPra took r
'ean for life into the street. Fireman
"'iieghnessy was kneel,'"'' rrom his
1-idder bv a GOO pound sian. whieh
ernshe.1 him to the ground. Inflicting
severe Inji-rles.
Mrs. Coldsteln was amrng these rV
le-l-rrt    frp~     flip    ,>���].,,'-,.������ c\ r,      ,,���
->'p'ed nn tineonse'ious onlv a few fee'
awav   from   tho  flames   which    crept
Sir,���I find that a statement is being persistently circulated that 1 am
only in the field as a candidate for the
reeveshlp of Burnaby for the purpose
of splitting Mr. Walker's vote and sc
assist Mr. McGregor, this statement Is
absolutely false nnd has not the
slightest foundation in fact.
A public meeting will be held ln
the Burnaby municipal hall on the
evening cf Tuesday, the 14th Inst., ai
8 o'clock sharp. I extend a cordial in
vitatlon to Mr. D. C. McOregor and
particularly request the pleasure of
Mr. B. O. Walker, as 1 propose to show
that his claims upon the favorable
consideration of the electors as stated
bv him are entirely groundless and
An Invitation Is al3o extended to al'
candidates for counclllorBhip or school
No underground wbrk is being don:
for me.
Respectfully yours.
Edmonds, BC. Jan. 9. lOlS. (4C6i
No Suffering Yets!
The unnatural suffering of so many women at times
can be relieved by a little care and proper help.
Beecham's Pills give just the assistance needed. They
act gently but surely; they correct faults of the system
so certainly that you will find better conditions prevail
Amongst Women Who Take
this renowned andi effective remedy. Beecham's
Pills will help your digestion, regulate yourbowels,
stimulute your liver. Headaches, backaches, lassitude, and nervous depression-will trouble you less and
less after you take at times���whenever there is need���
1 should bsj sura
Former Chairman of Board of Educa
tion Admits PrinMno of Obscene
Terento, Jan. 9.���-L. S. I.cvce. former chairman of the hoard of education, i teed In the prk'oncr'8 dock nt
the criminal assizes this afternoon
and pleaded guilty to a charge of
printing and publishing obscene literature, tending to corrupt morals. The
charges arose from certain advertising literature respecting patent medl- i
cines In which I.evee was Interested.    '
Two  minutes  later  his  son,   I,.   E. |
I.evee, also pleaded guilty to a charge
of circulating and having In his pcts-
soEt'icn oteccne litcr'.vture.
The case was put over until next
Wednesday afternoon.
The maximum penalty is two years
Justice Midlcton fixed the bail of
L. E. I.evee at $1500. to be furnished
by himself and for 1.. S. I.evee, the
same amount, to be furnished by
TO  SPEND  $7,000,000.
Leaf ..nd Coldicott Chief
SpeaKers at Fally
,;.    in rast Burnaby;
���Xontiniwd from pare onei
"B.H. or Wef-iern Canada Power Co
He also thought thai thi if; ou**ht ti
bo more lighU'. plierd en ihe rtreel
nnd p' t en b ��� ��� ��� ������ t g, Un r r
elected he would wort in,ihe Inli leeti
of the worsting men, he Bald. "'Men.'
lie remarked, "have tome to my nftici
and have asked me why Burha*by wat,
paying lower wages than the adjoining
municipalities of New Westminster
anH Point Grey ?"
He waa against the hiring of Asia-
'tics. Hebrews or llallans on contract
work whore white men could bu obtained.
Mr. Coldleutt first opened fire, although at long range, on several mate
menu made by Mr. Lent.
"There never was a bylaw for the
ssnrchase of park alUm pot beforn the
people of iiurrtaby as the roinor.il did
tricycle, has been Imprisoned on several occasions In connection with the
suffragist campaign. Kvidence adduced Fhowed that letter boxes
throughout London had been damaged
together with tin Ir contents, by meant
Day labor has heen mentioned by IOf acids, sticky fluids of various kinds, |slowly toward her.
the speakers," said    Mr.    Coldleutt,Ivarnish and ink. Prank     Fisher,   feming   tn     tiVr
"and I want to tell you that, while 1 In some cases Inflammable mater-, chances on a leap from a window
was on the council the local men and | i*ls, BUcE us rags soaked In lamp oil' ""ranrnd n li|anl-et about him and
those who live in t:ie municipality ������ had been Inserted through the slits in. dash*"! down a li|a;.lnj r? w��-uv. He
get the first chance as far as I could j the boxes for the admission of ttatU 't't'triWe'I over Mr*., f"nldsto'n'n sense-
have It so. ! mall. I'ess form end rlisre^nnlln/T nersons'
"Whoever gets in for East Burn.'' I Many valuable, documents had beeh lancer, .wri nned h'�� hi-nVrt -��>-,.t tb'
will hav�� a hard race fo hoe, for all f riBtTofed tn fhfs way.    These included   ,vr"""n "n*l <"i-i-lert W>r to safetv.
the old  heads are  running  and  they   money orders, contracts, cheques and'     Battalion  Chief  r,itt   was  v ''��d
will Ve afti r what they ran get."        i batik notte. 'enseleRH by an exnlosien of gas a fen-
Other planks in Mr. Coldleutt's plat-; lt waa a matter of difficulty to cap-
form were as follows: Favored he ture the perpetrators of the outrages
Bufnaby Lake Improvement scheme; fin the act, as in most InstanccB the
the pasting of all the bylaws; straight i destructive fluids were passed Into
to wage for workmen; Sapperton the bo*s In Uncorked bottles contain
sewerage scheme; present ward sys- ed in ordinary envelopes,
His record showed that he had not
missed a single council meeting during his two years of office.
Mr. Macpherson, who Ib running for
councillor in Ward Two, was brief in
hiB remarks. He thought, the meeting should have opened with "Where
Ib My Wandering Hoy Tonight," referring to Councillor Madill. He Bald
he regretted the present representative of the district was not present but
he hud had a phone message from him
that evening, stating that two law
firms had told Mr. Madill that hiB
qualifications were Al, refuting the
statements made that ho was etlll a
I *, liter.
Mr. Macpherson threw bouquets at
.Mr. Hose, who was mentioned as. his j
opponent a few days ago, but who had
decided to stay in the race for school
trustee,    lie hoped to Bee  Mr.  IIobc j
The speaker mentioned tho fact that I
he waa termed by several members I
of the llurnaby Board of Trade as1
an obstructionist but he would still bei
that if he did not believe that thr |
business was for the good or all. Il<
waa against the abolition of the ward
Ex-Counclllor K. 11. Stride, running
in Ward One, made a few remark!
stating that after a rest of 12 monthf
he bad been pursuatkd to again enter
the li.lil
Mr, Stride deplored the work of the
present council In not visiting the
vurioiu districts nnd leaving It entirely In the bandl Of the engineer. He
fell It In his bones that ho would Bit
'n the ciiineil  chamber for 1913.
Tototlto, Jan. 9.���An equipment
amounting to n.000,000 has been ordered} Sir the Canadian Northern rail
way iof delivery ln 1913, according to
an a"fnqtmcemcnt by Mr. D. B, Hanna
vice-president of the company. The orders /.include 1850 box cars, 700 flat
cars,J34p ballast cars, 100 refrigerator
cars.-jllO stock cars, 76 passenger
coacbea and 130 locomotives. The
equl6rn��nt will all be built by Canadian Tims.  I
No Coal S'rlke.
Calgary, Jan. !>.- There will be flfj
Tike. In ihe conl tplnei of the Canadian Coal Consol'dntetl Company, tlK
differences between the employees; nn'i
'he management having heen settled
Besides operating mines the companv
also owns the electric plant which
lights Frank,
I ,Tj-.dr>'in*;ii's Convention.
Wit-Ire*!. Jan. a.���Mr, T. ,i. dhrlitle
!'* Calgary wns In Winnipeg yesterdav
'n confer nn tl*�� forlhcnmir"- conven-
���i i f i>e \i.rtweit Canadian l.sun-
drymen'8 Association. It was decided
bv the executive that this convention
lake plare in T'nlgnry May 19, 20, 21.
Visit from Lady Aberdeen.
Ottawa. Jan, 9. i.udy Aberdeen, the
founder of the Looal Council of
Women in Canada, Is expected to be
in Ottawa for the annual meeting of
the council on Monday afternoon
next, l.ady Aberdeen was nres'dent M
the Ottawa council during her residence here when her husband was
goTernor genera] of Canada.
iM6rnln<-8tar Still Chamnlon.
Pitt-Burg, Jan. 9.���Ola C.'Morning-
��tnr,IVifsPittsburg, werld'B champion at
18.1 JbaTTklfiifi billiards,    retained    hli-'
title jlonieiii by defeating Oeorge Sut
ton, ef .Chicago. BOO tlo 488. The game
wrncy tntrtytwo Innings.
._  ^ .
-. Mutual.
fie was Jrylng i ake an Impression sin 4i pretty iiiii'MMiiiiiri who bud a
little! lint- out in ilie ini'rk.
"I winh you weiv my gnviM'iii'KH," he
"So i(rVs,l." snld the girl.
WbU would yi.u slss-.--*
"I'd l^lte tliiisH I'lfiiri'tteK nwiiy from
ynu nntl gel vour hair ent. '
T'ln'ij.l|e luismil mi. -Louisville Coulter .liiftWiiil. , S��s��ss'
re!  ,       <!'���_
Wssh Osr.
'V.nen'V.tn hi-lil fnitii in l'�������,��
ein tl   lli'M '.   i>l.-.l HI I r ss  III  II,
i*n shs elul ntr Mnnilny wssh
y iomk s mlniltt,
-MIIWrtllkM Senilii'L
eh ihe W'-sliinn 1,1 ssu awsy ~
iti'i frst ,��r s/hins
elv pnuntsrnil forth snil plrltsij
garments ftniii ihp Vltts
ssHuiingtlsliJ i num.
S     if.
s*hs syfdn't srnlil ths Isiimliymsn,
'- Hlus eiiln'i Klvc him sIHi-k.
Because he hnp|ien<-il l��y  nilstnlis
To Vrinic ths wrniin ienf tuii'k
- \ iMikrrs Hinii'siivin.
��� .   Insult end  Iniurv.
"Sii*��v .Hi*1 iiiiwi ttistininu ivniusn I
ever tisi��t."
"I mfljer liked her myself"
���MllHtThlnk! Tlie lii-il lime she rlslt-
ed *��8 nltl��dldl,'l wl|-e her feet when sti*
cams In.'lint she did wI|h- thcin when
she want out"-S|inknne S|uikeKmiio-
*jr Cancele fleccntlon.
riburg, Jan, 9 The New
Year'siWceptlon at the winter pulac��
on .laowory 14 has been cancelled,
owing *ft Is tinderslo. il, to the Illness
ul' the, sjuareiia nnd thc Dowager Empress!'
feet awav.    Fireinnn    MeElroy,    whe
���yttnMsed the accident t"   '
trabbed  the limn bndv pf.   pr'tt in<"
���Ir-iggpd it to the   open nir.    MeElroy
was severely burned.
Passenger Train  Forced  to  Plow  Its
Way Through 18 Inches of
Wheeling, W. Ya., Jan. 9���The Dhlo
river reached a stage slightly under
44 feet tonight, and this city is in the
midst of its most disastrous flood with
the exception nf tho visitations of
,6.\9 ami 1907.    ���.
.The Baltimore ft Ohio railway
brnufht in tr.i)i;,h,t lui last) paa.sengcr
tralu r.viii thc nu;. The train plowed throurh IH mci:- 3 of water for a
auarti r pf a mile before ranching the
station. Ratlroada, trolley lines and
stcanihoiiia are ^iit of uominlsslon and
lie city  praclie illy la  Isolated  from
thc outside WOrMr
In tome seotloni of the city the n.i
tural gaa supply, is qtit off and much
differing caused,    A majority of tbe
roil and steel mills Invv been forced
to luepcnd by tlie high water and up-
vetSt cf 10,0U0 men are Idle.
Washington, Jan. 9.���Convinced that
the supply of coal  Is inadequate and
] that oil will be the fuel of the future.
' the  Russian  govi rnment  is  reported j
by  U.  S.  Consul  tieneral at  Moscow I
I to be makiiiit  elaborate preparations i
jto mnke ready  that  country  for the
I changing conditions
Millions of aires i f rich oil lands I
have been withdrawn iom private en-!
terprise, but regulatioia] are being
.drawn up which will encourage prl-
vati cspltal to Investleiit* and develop the propertlea iintlcr strict gov-
erneii'tit supervision.
Already there is a rapid Increase In
tho use of oil and naptha for fuel.
says the Consul General, and many
ItiiBslan mills and big manufacturing
establishments have remodelled their
plants bo as to abandon the use of
St. Petrsburg, Jan. ��.���The cabinet
has Issued an order prohibiting foreign balloonlsts and aviators from
crossing the wesern frontier for six
months. Anyone violating this order,
is announced, is liable to execution..
New York S'ate    A;, reven   ef
Marrla*g�� Ceremony.
New York, j*t|. il.-~A seventeen
word ceremony was a featuic of tin
niarrlago of Miss Maude II. Ingersoll
daughter of Colore) fttbtrt Ingersoll.
the a-jnostlc who'llied In l-HC, to Wai
l.i:e"M-'.'-:'.ii I'robMco. of C'n��'nnatl.
it the bride's home here recently. Th"
"ereniony wa? tn e' adopted by th'
Klhlcnl Culture Society ami tippiovo.
by the New York state laws.
Afier   an ndd.ess   by    Dr. John I
Elliott  a leader if the anrt'otv, or ,vie
responsibilities, of the marriage rela-
,;nn, the irroor, placed   a   plain   gpta
���Ing on the bride's Ilnser nnd they re
r-ii."d this ritual:
"With thl�� ring I l"tP�� wed, in love
ird  truth, fer llfo���till death Ul    d
The brltlo has heen net've In *���"'''
throplc nnd suffrage work for several
years. Mr. Prnbasce I" the Bon of
Wallace Probasco, of Olnolnnstl, and
a nephew of the lato John McLean,
supreme court .lustlcc.
W. F. of M. Convention.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 9.- The Western
Federation of Minors In session went
on record bb opposed to an Increase
ljj postal rates on pewBpapers and decided to appoint paid organisers.
San Francisco, Jan. 9.���With the exception of the loss of tho nosecranE
and the Cheslakee ln the north, the
storm caused no serious shipping disasters, although many smaller craft
are still barbound and there has been
much confusion of shipping schedules.
A wireless message received today
from-the Pacific Mall liner Manchuria
which Ib due here Trom Honolulu and
the Orient on Tuesday, sayB the vessel
met some rough weather after leaving Honolulu and would arrive one
day behind schedule.
Word was received here tonight
that the British steamer Clfford which
went ashore at the mouth of the
FriiFer river, em route to Eureka, had
heen floated al high tide. No damage
was   done.
Denny & Ross
Get, Our Prices.  It will
pay you.
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon
Sts., New Westminster.
retain to sir youthful leaks and to foal at
. lo road tho special directions wila ever
Sold ever���s-bere,   la bases, 21c.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
New Tram Regulations
On ami nfter Jan. 1, 1913 certain alterations will lie made In the rfgn-
1 itimis of tills Company covering the transportation of p;uun-ng-crs over Its
HI- .j ED.
-he Cnmtianv is doing n. Hint "mra and money" can do to provide an
adequate Irtim service willed will (rmirantee convenience and safel ��� for Ms
IHiHsriiKcrs nml this policy will vo continued In the line of tile provision ut
additional cars:
After New Yeeir's Day riding: on the steps, bumpers or fenders of cars
will be n violation ol the rovlnclal resTUtiitlons and BUOil action cannot be
permitted by t..e t'omimnv. As Spesai.v hs posslbls, with due re'-anl to nahiic
ConYSnicnaes the platforms of a    cars will be equipped wltn Bates or doors.
IS GIVEN. i.i,, i   |      ,1
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone S27.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
8ole agenta ter Westminster fer the famous K Boots.    Dspot for
LecKle's Boots and Ahren's 80I100I Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
Six roomed house oa Alberta Street, Sapperton, close to Columbia
Street.   Trice $2B'I0; $600 cash, balance $26 per month.
Six roomed bouse, new, on Eighth Avenue, close lo Sixth Street
c.-ir lint'. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tubs.
Price (3700; $800 caab, balance arranged.
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, cloBe to Twelfth Strcat car
l'ne. Large lot in fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
tiuaitcr cash, balance 6, 12 aail IB months.
Kive roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Prloi
$.iSi)(l; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street       Phene 669
) FRIDAY,  JANUARY  10,  1S13.
friends off on the train to Winnipeg
yetitcrday and got off the train aa lt
i moving out. Sbe fell under tht
cnrj, but wua qui.....y seized by a by
lander and escapeu with the loss u.
I one foot.
"Westminster Takes Lead Only to Loss
In Last Lap 3-2���McDonald and
Rows Hurt.
will be terminated by a fall ami may
not go over ten minutes. Final bouto
will be limited to 16 minutes.    '
Under the old rules preliminaries
and finals were allowed to go only six
minutes. Tbe new rules' put a premium
on endurance and will necessitate
changes in training.
Victoria, Jan. ��.���In one of the moot
sensiulonal hockey games ever played
ou the couat, which even out rivalled
the game ot December 2/ wheu Van
couvir lost out in extra time, the
champion Hoyals went down to theii
founh defeat of the season this evening before the locals, the final score \ 'iik. high aggregate
being 3-2. | games covntlng.
From the flrat face-off to the end ol
the extra fifteen minutes of play botli
teams played sensational hockey
which delighted the capacity house,
and win ii Dummy Ulrlch duplicated |
hlu feat of scoring the winning goal.j
Juki as he did In tbe previous game,
pandemonium broke loose.
The game, however, waa far from
being clean, and Itan McDonald, the
speedy forward for Now Westminster,
was carried off in the early part of
the Beeond period, followed a little
later by Bobby Itowe.
Westminster took the lead when
Ken Mallen acored In four minutes
from the mart, followed by another
by McDonald.
Before tlie gong went Itowe slipped
one past Lehman, making the score
2-1 for the Royals.
No scorea were made In the second
period, both Lehman and Lindsay stopping almost Impossible shuts.
Rowe placed the teams on an equal
"footing after four minutes of play in
the last period, and from thence to
the finish of thc sixty minutes,. Bensa
tlonal forward rushes, equally featured
by great defence tactics, kept the
crowd on edge.
Kochon waa pressed Into serrtcs
when McDonald was laid out, Ualtnan
moving up to the forward line.
Thc  two  teams  battled  for  fifteen
minutes extra time until the "Silfn.
Ulrich   saw   his  chance and   whipped
the puck past Lehman for the winning
The Teams. I *>
Westminster. Victoria.     | *
Lehman Lindsay
Oatman L. Patrick
Cover Point.
Johnson   Trodgera
R. McDonald Dnndordale
-    - Left Wis*.    .
J. Gardner Smaill
night Wins-.
Mallen ....   ...       Poulin
Tobin   Rowe
Rochon Ulrich
Referee���J. McDonald.
Judgo of Play���C. Kendall.
Goal Summary.
First period���Westminster   t,   Victoria 1.
Second period���No scorea.
Third period���Victoria 1.
Tlie House Bowling Lengue which
haa been organised at the V. M. C. A.
with seven tenms composing the i'Oata
it will no doubt add no little interest
to the game in this c'ty.
The tiama entered are aa follows-
Dormitory, School Teachers. Sixth
Wmue Methodist, Seniors, Dominion
Trust and Debating Club and the
Business Men. The first round ln the
scries will be rolled on Monday even-1 nj,"art for
for    the    three
Prince  of Wales Begins  Life  at
Oxford University.
Tlie Prineo of Wales is now busy
with tiis> rei.l work n an unrlfrtrrailu-
ute at Magdalen Colli'jjc, Oxford. His
royal tiigh-ie��3 hat', a hearty send-off
rec titly from a large crowd which had
assembled at Paildington, in London,
whitl.er In drove with Major the
Ho,i. W. Cadogiin. his equerry, and
Mr. H. P. HatiB'll. hla tutor, after
liiddin;/ good-bye to the King and
Qticcn, Princess Mary, and Prinee
John at Buckingham Palace. The
princ traveled in a special saloon,
nnd when he reached Oxford a tew
minute* 'after six in the evening a
hearty and unlooked-for welcome was
accorded by n dense crowd of undergraduates, townspeople, nnd elcment-
ary school children. In the motor
car which he will use during his term
nt Ihe university, the prince drove lo
Magdalen Collage, and was received
in the principal quadrangle by the
president, Dr. T. Herbert Warren,
with whom Tie warmly fhook hands,
nil.', wns conducted by him to the
suite of rooms which have been set
his use on  the north fide
Frank  Chance   Will  Take   Hla Team
On Spring Trip to the Bermudas.
New York, Jan. 9.���An entire hotel
at Hamilton, Bermuda, has been leas-
ed for the use of the New York
American league team for the Bpring
training season.
Business Manager Arthur Irwin of
the Highlanders, acting with Manager
Frank Chance's approval, closed by
cable today he option he had secured
on the hotel, which stands within less
than five minutes walk from the Hamilton cricket field wbero the team will
The club wilt send several cooks
from this city and a training table
will be established. It Is expected
that tbe party will include 50 men,
players, trainers, club officials, newspaper writers and others.
of the picturesque cloisters, not far
from the rooms which Addison occupied while he was in residence at the
college. It has been arranged that
thi subjects to which the Prince of
Wales shall devote his attention in
his rtudies nre history, geography,
political science, political economy,
Eiistli-h literature, French and German. In the ordinary course his
essays will be submitted to the president, und he will attend lectures in
the feme way as other undergraduate
members of the college. With regard
to sports, the prince will lie free to
mnke his c vn sebction. Riding will
undoubtedly be one of his recreations,
and spvernl hordes have already ar- i
rivrd for his use. He will become a i
member of the Union Society, and j
will also join the Vincents' Club,!
which was established some half H
century ago, and has numbered
amongst its members the lute Lord \
Randolph Churchill, the Earl of Rose-,
bery, and the Archbishop of York. It,
is understood that tlio significance of j
tlie selec'.'on of Major the Hon. W. j
C .doaan as equerry is to bo found in .
the fact that he is an officer of tlie,
10th H' srrs (Prince of Wales' Own)]
Regiment, to which his royal high-j
ness will he attached when he com
mences his military career.
Scenes Along the Route From Constantinople to Antioch.
The modern traveler tu visiting AntJ-
ocb of I'lsldla will be likely to start
rrom Constantinople. He will take tbe
steam teiVy ut tbe bustling Ualtits
limine, tbe most famous and tbe most
crowded bridge perhaps In the world.
Ue will lam) at Haldar Pasha after a
half hour's sail, where be will take a
very comfortable train on tbe Anatolian railway, wblcb Is built and equipped In 11 rst class tier man style.
!��� or lifty miles tbs road winds beside
tbe beautiful sen ot Marmora, affording charming glimpses of mountain
und ocean, of peaceful bay and bold
suit washed headlauds. At lamld ths
rood begins to rise and great granite
niouutulns, snow covered through much
of tbe year, come Into view.
Through stern, rocky, barren defiles
tba railroad winds Ita way, occasionally skirting a small village ot adobe
houses surrounded by vineyards and by
groves of olives and mulberries. The
silkworm Is a cblef source or tbe little
wealtb of tbls country, and tbe thousands of acres of mulberry trees for
pish aim wltb food.
We sre now indeed In tbe land of tbe
classics. Tbls Is tbe very route tbst
Cyrus the Younger followed wltb bis
great army, 400 years before Christ.
In the expedition of wblcb Xenophon
tells us.
At ihe town of CbsL where we arrive nt noon ou tbe second day, tbe
army of Cyrus mutinied snd baited for
Ave days,  demanding an  Increase of
pny.   Thus   we see  tbat  strikes  and
quarrels over wages are uot altogether
! tblugs of modern Invention.   Near here,
too. was fought a great battle a hun-
' dred years later, wben Seleucus L, tbe
| founder  of   Antioch   nnd  the  mighty
j ruler of all tbls region, defeated Antl
gonua. the one eyed general of Cuppa
! docla.-Cbristlan Herald.
Do-; Stealing   In  London.
Dog   stealing   is   a   profitable   nnd
growing  occupation   and   it   is   being
carried on in London, Rn**��� with increasing skill   ami   ingenuity.    There i
is a ready market at high prices lor
a good looking dug of any of the fash-1
lonable toy breeds.    It is quite easy
to get in the Uttiinal Green dog mar-1
ket a  bogus certificate ol sale which !
establishes  a  sufficiently   satisfactory I
..title of ownership to enable a sale to'j
be effected elsewhere.   And many very
honest  people   who   would   not   even I
cheat a custom house oi cer will buy j
valuable  dogs  without  inquiring  teio
closely as to how the ventlur became I
IN    PUGILISTIC    ANNALS.      �����
��� ���
ISO"���Tommy Burns defeated Joe
Grim In three rounds at I'hiludel
1909���Jack Brltton outpointed Kid
Ilroai] In eix rounds at Philadelphia.
1910���Sam Lnngford knocked out the - .
Dixie Kid in thru* rowndo at Mem-, I-ws.ssed ol them.
phla, Toun. . |      4 here is no great dlffleu,ty in uispiss-
1910���Tommy   Mlfrphy niltpolnted   Joo j ,n�� "' �� �����>>������>  ���������*,  but  lliara aril art-
Bedell In 10 ronnds at Brooklyn.      I '' &��*? cunning '",t"e  .*�����"���"�������   ->
-���   them. Witchcraft and magic, profound
ki.osvlcdge of thc weaknesses of canine
1911���Sam I-angford defeated his old
rival, Joe Jeanette, la 12 rounds at
Overtime���Victoria 1.
League Standing.
W.   Is.
Games. Goals.
Kendall, Van    4
Mallen," Vest     4
��� ���
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
��� ��
��� ���������������������������������������������|ihe
George Memslc, Lightweight, Born 31
Yeara Ago Tomorrow.
George Memslc, who: a few yeara
ago was making a noise like a lightweight champion, but. wbo failed to
connect, was born In 'Btreator, 111., 21
years ago tomorrow. He began bis
pugilistic career early In the present
century, and gained'' many admirers
who thought he was the coming man
of his division. He waa tbe victor
over many second-raters, but when he
{was pitted against "the claas" he
j could not deliver tbe goods.
Battling  Nelson beat him  as long
i ago as 1903.   Four years ago Memslc
j fought  Freddie  Welsh,   the   English
! lightweight, at I** Angeles, ana was
outpointed In ten rounds.   Tbe following year Memslc made a fair showing
against Ad  Wolgaat, and   they  met
again on March 17, 1SU1, at Vernon,
when  Wolgast stopped  him   la the
ninth round.
nature and the subtle alcheniics jf
sj.eils, potions and philters are. among
the dog thief's equipment. A little dog
released Irom the lead runs slong by
IU mi.-tress' side, thinking only the
happy thoughts nl inrocencc. And
then there comes along a man of mt-
lesa mien but hypnotic power, nnd into
mind of the tenderly nurtured
Pom." spring sudden wild Ihouglits
of u gay wide world lull of tierce
joys that his hofne does not comprehend: He wanders sniffing at the
wizard's hypnotic heels round the corner. The next thing he knows is that
lie it inhabiting a dsrk pocket, and
his i.ld life is lost- to him forever.
The Curious Tiny Shops snd tha Narrow, Swarming Streets,
Tbe bazaars ot Cairo are very inter
estlug. Tbe streets ure exceedingly narrow, and tbe stores ot tbe merchants
ure often oo larger than a good sized
cupboard, without doors, but wltb
shelves on wblcb the goods are displayed. Tbe merchants mtuul down on
a little platform lu front- You see here
tbe workers ln gold uud silver, weavers.
of silk fabrics and slipper makers, doing their work ln tbe same way it wai
done hundreds of years ago. Tbe old
est tinzaur Is that of tbe scentmakera.
They have a whole street to them
selves, aud wben you get within a bun
dred yards or so tbe only guide you
need Is your nose.
These narrow streets sre crowded
with a ceaseless throng or natives:
women with veiled luces; men, women
and children ou donkeys; curious tint
carts druwn by doukeys, on wblch
squat women enshrouded In biack-
nothlng visible but one eye. and oe-ca
siotially along comes a great luinliertng
camel, quite en large us half a doaeu of
the native shops Cabfm-tf "drtv's past
wltb studied Indifference lo life and
limb, and r.itl'er tlniii get bun .rob
'-rowd .voui-Ns��lf into o outset) fir nativra.
at tbe risk or hsi'iimrmtr i*��rsts*f. im-noa
ur being covered with vermin.���Cbrta
Hun Heruid.
Scenee  In "Movies" st Opera  House
Are in Class by Themselves���
Animals at Short Range.
Advances notices seldom belittle
the quality of the fare to which they
would tempt the public, but it ia safe
to say that the Paul J. Ralney African
Hunt pictures now at the opera house
exceed all legitimate expectations. Not
since the memorable visit of the films
containing the scenes of the Indian
Durbar have such instructive and in
many waya wonderful picturea belen
ihown ln Weatmlnater.
To tell the story of the wild life of
British East Africa, a section of the
empire which haa been prominent in
the minda of people on thla continent
eveT since the Roosevelt tour, would
be Imposalble here, but one may gain
a very fair Idea of it during the de-1
Ilghtful couple of hours in which the
lecturer at the opera houae with rod)
manner deacrlbea his pictures.
You may see a hundred Mississippi f
dogs hunt lions and cheetahs, may be
Introducer! at the Bhortest range to
the rhinoceros, giraffe, wart hog, buck
of all descriptions, ostriches, elephants and the like, and most wonder:
ful of all may aee these animals drop
their enmity and sport around u
waterhole to which they have come to
drink from , a raditia of forty miles.
This last scene ia worthy of special
L-nention. Certainly nothing like it haa
ever been seen here before and to
realize, if only through thla picture,
���something of the life and habits of
inlmals only familiar to us in cages or
-i thlj printed pago is a revelation In
Uut. apart from the actual bunting
scenes, the life of the camp and the
'rail, the sight of the wide rolling
veldt dotted with thorn hushes, .the
inapannlng of oxen, the merry laiiij-h-
'ng blackB, all bring back the sftft-tff
ind omella of Africa. Africa, out of
���������hich something new is alwayB com'-
ing. These pictureB are the ne,"-**"**
of the new things she haa for 'ub*
something to tell young and old in
this far off post of empire, something I
of another land over which the (Same
flag flies.
For children there la a 8->ecl-,l
matinee on Saturday and, aa a lesson
;n zoology, ln geography, In biology
and a dozen other 'ologles. they will
learn more from these. Intereeting
ftlma than from a month's grind at
books on the same subjects. Tonight
ind tomorrow they will be here at the
opera house.
Four roomed flat In, the Marjorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $20.00 per month. Possession January tt .   . 	
Store on Begble street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet
Possession about January 1.   Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* Street,     New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable la all parts of the world. Savings bank department, at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Free, and GenL Mgr.
Sac aid Trees.
Fir, Cedar.and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
I <
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
Stanford University, Cal.. Jan. 9.���
ThH Stanford Btudent body haa heen
depleted by more than 200 by the
sto.-rp Jamage to the cltruB crop of
Southern C llfornta and many more
men froii' the orange belt are expect-
inR to leave college before the end
of the present semester.
Telet-rama have been received by
->iore than twenty atudents within the
last week, recalling them from college.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122. CL E. OILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Offlco 19 and 19s
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
��� ������������' ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� �������� I    one of the wont beatings ever ad-
��� |   ��� j ministered to Joe Walcott, the Bar-
��� OVER THE FOUL LINE.       ���MhidoB Demon, waa by Tommy Weet.
��� 4> West and Walcott first met at Boston
��� ��� ��� ��� ������������������������������������i9 year,, ������0 tomorrow, and the black
....,, ,��� . , .__ '., .. | boy pott-bed oft hit adversary In less
While Victoria waa   defeating    he than three rouutU.   That would have
Hoyals n oitra time at hockey, the a,ocouraged momt atnUn, but It only
House League fixture at the Front mado WeBt th(, mor, determme(-, Btld
���tree bowling eatabllshineht between ,���. tgfj|n _,���,���������! u,,, n(.gr0- Wal-
Lane's, Brlcga and Knight's outfit Lot* didn't tak. Tommy seriously, and
caused.no little excitement among the U^ not tra.��� noch for the encounter,
runs and It took an extra frame in the | while West was In the best of condl-
laat round to settle the argument,
Lane's, bunch winning out by a lone
pin, and also two games our of three.
'Twos some excltsMneftt and then
some and Intereat waa at fever pitch
as tlie,different pin artists moistened
their fliigers and trundled the.spheres
down the alley In the eilra notch.
The following scores Wit the tale:'
12      8   Ttl.
..123     85
..1(0     95
..197   104
. .127    1!��
..147   189
Brassett ...
Yeomans i.
Hayden .. ���
l���,ne ......
-la.��*-(n)an ...
"Wsl'soe ������������
Knight ....
��3. P.	
F. Knight ..
. .1*9
.. 99
652 2065
3   Ttl.
68B   681   652 1898
Chicago, Jan. 9.���Radical changes
lire shown in he new -rule, governing
wrestling championship. In the National Amateur Athletic union, Issued
today.    Preliminary boats tereafur
tlon, Much to hla surprise, Joe found
himself up against a real flghMe, and
at the end of the 19 round, wapi well
satisfied to have It called a draw'
But Tommy waan't satisfied. He
waa out for the demon's goat, and another match waa arranged for the old
Broadway Athletic Club In New York
This time Walcott trained vigorously,
but It was of no avail, west pounded
Walcott all over the ring, and, while
he couldn't knock him out, gave him
a beating that he long remembered.
West's last Important battle waa with
Jack Root, to 'Whom he lost the dec!'
Fion In a ilr-round affair pulled off In
Chicago 18 yeara ago today.
Speaking of Joe Walcott, he waa
always the pot aversion of John L.
Sullivan. . The Old Roman, used to
froth at,< the month everytlmo' the
"black demon", was mentioned In his
presence, and It w-ss ��� point of honor
with him to bssok every man who
fought Joe. Thla dislike of Joe, or,
rather, of hie color, waa shared by
many BosUnlsns, sad On several occasion Joe wm responsible for race
riots ln Soutg ^^^^^
Has a Brilliant Future.
The many sdmiiers in this country
ol the inimitable J. M. Barrie will t.>-
int��rested to know that he has s
niece engaged in theatrics! work. Sh.
is Madge Murray, pretty, talented and
only 18 years eld. In apito of her
extreme youth she has already mad
a reputation for herself aa sn net res-
ol ability snd London critics claim
fiat sbe has a remarkable future. Shi
will be a member of the cast presenting Cosmo Hamilton's play. Th1
blindness nf Virtue.
Mr. Barrio, with whom Mian Murray
is s -treat, favorite, was absolutely hit
posed to her going on the ftuce when
the ides wss first broached to hun
hut gradually the young woinun wm.
him over to her wsy of thinking. To-
ilay (to one is prouder of ber succ��-
thaiYi the shy and retiring Scotsman
who lins wml the hearts of lovoti ��l
the best in literature and tbe drama.
"Inland Far ths Jews."
"Ireland lor the Jews," in thc latest cry of a section ol the  Hcbrnvi
race.   U was discussed ai the recciit
Ii.ternational    Jewish ' Coatr*-*- ,a\t\
'   Very little has trsn'snlnwrfif thed-
.i'r.gs at that congress, but it is known*'
. ihat'much time wss spent ill consider,
J' ing ibe giving ol a territnr'sl ��.rgaiii-
nation to the lew*.   Canada,  l'mrli.
1 uikey and Portugal wets considered
M< suitable Jewish gathering ���irotintl-
���and then the advantage* of Ireland
were surveyed.  Delegate* enlarged on
Kiin's  rich  soil,   mild,  climate  snd'
dwind'.ing population. But over sll the
debate* there ws* felt that inherent
yen ruing .for   Palestine  and   the   re-
erection ot the.Temple of Jerusalem.
Her Property,
Now and again thing* happen on thf
football Held whleb go to add to the
surety of the nntJnn. (in one occasion,
for Instance, during a certain league
matrb In the north, the referee some
now iiuinnged to lone his whistle. There
-'is not snotber whistle In he found.,
snd It seemed tbat the game, would
nave to come to s sudden snd Inglwrt
'���us end. until the referee hit utmn sn
ingenious scheme. He produced a
inichkey from bta pocket and uisnucm
in tootle merrily enotigb on It nil sue),
di-uiy. a* be approached the hutch Hue
�� wnmun's shrill voice wiis" fiearu "i
claiming: .      j
-������'red. come sere st once. Where dirt
you get that IstchkeyT"
As he listened to the inilTnw which
went up from'tthe asaetiilited crowd
Ihat refpr*���� wa* Jhe inoati sheepisii
looking innn ��n thp en-uud, and ii* nr
thmiulit nf Miss ������������mills lecture miuning
���iherid liia heart isss-niue like'lend wiltl-
in nix noisrun.- I.nnilnii Atiii'VssrsV
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
���Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Programme for Wednesday and
Edison' ���   ,
Kalem        '     , l1"1'
A Railroad Drama    '   '"
Biograph .. .eft-i
Falls Under Train.
Riviere.   Msn..   Jan.
Dr. Jowftt'i Discovery.
Dr.  Sophia Jex-Blske,, whose ��� per
slstent  efforts tl nelly  brought, sbottl
the admission ol women to the practice of medicine in England, once remarked, "It ia absurd to keep th*
door longer shut against young women, teeing how many old women tin
inside I"   Her tin less eloquence was
once,the object of a witticism by Dr.
Jowett The msster of Baliol sat next
to her st dinner, and after the ladiei
retired he remarked, "I slwsys knew
Dm I the. lex meant lsw. but never until
MMJ this night that Jes mesnt Jswl"   .,
A Puxjtfing Tricl*.";
Take * Jiffs, nf writing p-trw-i stsfWI
'Inn.  i|i he-s square and   With,*   lend
ieie-||.   rue  nolu.1  or   which on* inseii
upiwi   iii   -rater,   draw   a, circle,   ���
'���inare. n tfhiuitle or ah', .erasr geo
neliieal   dgure     I'M  tba  P*|-sh>  rare
iully on a pun ot water, it'ttlng It flout
ind leaving the surface dryV Carefully
Imp water on tlie stirfsrs- nf the latum I]
uiivtl  tbe it-si's,  within  lite figure I*'
<lil��H.;  The moistened pencil line* will
Keep It 'from flowing nut-aide the Banre
So* place the point of a pin over annus
nnlnt In the tUwre near the eda*  The
,..., point ms*t peWrifte t^.wrWe
'lie wstw}., but--<mk..      "'-'���-
i-jf   Atuoctk.-^aV'
until tbe pin JHilota direct
���er ..f the figure   Use-If.'
���ut why tl dim thlW^^^^^^^M
'..'- His P^bliitiia.r '
I'liyslclBB .tp s*ss-naieiosMe> some
luiet. secluded ptsre when: yen <���*"���
sleep well and witere no ��*�� win pay
sny  attention  fn  ymt    Magnate  lln
ionbti-Kr-r. ttuiior. i ssyi' risw win
doing to church doT-Cniralgo News. ^
���  i  .     .       ''i
NeCMhee. -
e.mployee-1 erould Hae. j��ore sslery.
i em going to get sverned.   Rmptayet
-ttwrr. but m hsve to- redwee it  I'M
mint fs get married mfmtU CMstas
Htdssam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Jos Rivers vs. K. O. arewn.
Los Angeles, CaL, JJgn. J.���"Knook-
out" Brown, thn N��w ,York light
weight, and Jo# Rivers, ef Los Angeles, were mstohiid tod��y to fight M
rouods.at |he Vernon. Arena oa  the
3,500 tons. 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
B ���  for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east   of
Prince Rupert . > ��� ������
��� ' '
1  Connecting with S.S. "PRINCE ��� JOHN"   on   certain   dates   for
Stewart. Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island petal"
Saturdays,(12 Midnight) for ;
Victoria and Seattle
SS. "Prince Albert" for Prinee Rupert and way ports,
_J 3rd, 13th and 23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations snd to Europe.   Tour
choice Ot rail and ocean lines.
, tt. Ol 8MJTH, C  P. A T. A. W. E. DTJPBROW, G. A. P. D.
. Phone Seymour 7190.     VANCOUVER, B.C.     6S7 Granville Street.
HARRY TIDT, Manager.
111 give New Westminster something
����� to talk shout
L| '.        s ���.
Marvelous motion pictures and new
facts about one ot the greatest hunt-
lag trips of modern times.
;'a tw&homr PBRFORMANCE
94h, 10th and Uth
w^Thsrsdsy, frldy snd Saturday
Ihrleee 25 and 60 Cents.
^^_B reserved.
Furnishing Homes
Get Our Prices
It will pay your;;
ii'SesU an sale st Titty, ths Florist's,
ColambU street
ii,,,,,.,.. ? ....   .... ���-,
Coiner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets, N��w
n-Ws*;. 3 ;
SI.I ��SlsWssHI|l>llls*H^
iliimi IHHsSi
sasYssssmw .iwsssaiississiiii j mi iis 11 aa
PAce six
FRIDAY,  JANUARY   10,  U13.
Cissslfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required wltl in one year from date ot
contract,  $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
ivvath Notice 50c or with Funeral No-
noe $1.��0. Card ot Thanks 60c s**r
suitable for light housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh street. (449)
Say  Representative British  Unionists
���Ask Bonar Law to Accept
Their Proposal*.
"The reason for thin state of affairs Is found ln the natural increase
ot the population," said Mr. ('lurry.
"Unfortunately the proportion of insane and criminals Is keeping up well
ln tbe annual immigration into the
keeping rooms, suitable for bache
lors.   Apply S28 Iloyal Ave.       (453)
housework. Mrs.
umbla Btreet, East.
Gregg,   213   Col-
light housework. Apply between
10: SO and 12 a.m., at 330 Pine street.
new house, furnace heated.   Apply
418 Ash street.
nlshed room, furnace heated tn private family, where no other roomers
are kept. Board if desired. Box
441, News Office.
Blacksmith. Apply Heaps Engineering Co., Ltd. (408)
lot 50x150, price $1000.      Box    451.
Island. Price $400 per acre. Apply
Box 415 News office. (415)
Stove,   Canada's   Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down. $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
, (399)
sell that lot for you.   Try IL
A meeting ot the ratepayer* of Port
Moody will be held in Bennett's Hall.
Port Moody, on Friday, January 10, at
8 p.m., to decide the number of Aldermen to be elected at the flrat election
nfter incorporation; also to decide the
number of Aldermen to form a quorum
at council meetings; also the time,
manner, and place of llrst election.
G. S. Chun i an', Secretary.
New Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 92, Group 1, Map 1140.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate  of  Title   Number   28620F,   issued in the name of Lily Rita McNeill,
lias beon filed in this office.
Notice la hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here-
rf, in a daily newspaper published in
tbe City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate  of the said  certificate,  unless in the meantime valid objection
bo made to me in writing.
C.   S.   KEITH,
District  Registrar  of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster,  B.C.,  December *Zn��f,  ISIS.
unfurnished; modern conveniences.
at 1316-Cariboo Btreet. (425)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 1303
Seventh avenue. (437)
Btreet, below Royal avenue. Apply
201 Agnes street. (410)
rooms, bath, phone and fire place.
205 Carnarvon street. (386)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
Btreet. (397)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythla-
hall, corner Eighth street and Agne;
street. (M?'
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manutac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en blec.
��nnlv to Mn-ias-or the N"ws.
Municipality of Burmby
In the matter of tho Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter 71, 2 Geo. 5.
ruhllc Notion Is hereby given to the
Electors of the Municipality of Burnaby
thut I require the presence of the ��;tiil
Electors nt the Municipal Ball at Edmonds on tbe
13TH   DAY  OF  JANUARY,  1913,  AT
for the purpose of electing persons to represent them In the Municipal Council us
Reeve and Councillors I also fur tho purpose of electing Bchool Trustees.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall lie as lollows:
The Candidates shall be nominated in
writing. The writing shall be *ub-
scrllx-d by two voters of the Municipality
as Proposer and Beoonder and shall be delivered ti the Returning Officer nt any
time between the dale of thin notice ami
1 p.m. of tlie day of the nomination :  the
said writing may lie In ihe form number-1 to deal  Willi them.    One Sunday th
������il B In the Schedule of this Act. and slia"
London, Jan. ft.���Tariff reform, bo
far ao it lnvolveB the taxing of food, Ib
on the cvo of final disappearance as a
plank ln the Unionist policy. A representative meeting of Unionists waB
held ln the House of Commons yesterday to heal, if possible, the dissensions In the party created by the recent proposal to impose taxes on food
Imported into the British l*le* and to
restore the unity of the party.
A memorial was drafted and addressed to Mr. Andrew Bonar Law,
leader of the Opposition In the Ilounr
of Commons, advocating the policy of
abandoning the food taxes ut the next
general election and urging thnt if
the Unionists were returned to power,
they call a conference of the Colonies
to decide how Imperial preference
Should be established.
The memorial also sets forth that if
the plan adopted by the Colonies
should involve the taxing of food, no
action should be taken until the
country again has been consulted by-
referendum or by a general election.
Subject to these conditions the
memorial expresses unwavering loyalty to Mr. Bonar Law's leadership.
According to certain Unionists papers, Mr. Austen Chamber in and
other advocates of the food tax have
agreed to the memorial, which is expected to re celve almost universal
support. It appears to be the belief
that Mr. Bonar Law will consent to
retain the leadership of the party on
the Conditions thus imposed upon him
for the sake of restoring unity.
If thla policy is adopted, it means
that tariff reform no longer is a matter of practical politics, because it
could not be introduced in Parliament
until after two general elections.
"The Morning Post," which represents the extreme tariff reformers, expresses thc opinion that Mr. Bonar
Law and Lord Landsdowne would resign rather than accept the memorial,
and says:
"This is not merely a crisis but a
disaster. If Mr. Law and Lord Lans-
downe should resign, nobody on the
front beneii could, with honor or dignity, accept the position of leader, and
thc party would be timaohed to
"The Pont" further appeals to the
Unionists not to abandon the food
taxes, because that would throw Canada back upon the United States.
Haw te Rsduce Thi* Important Household Item.
The blgb cost of living necessitates.
a closer scrutiny of the riih bill Hum
ever before, mid the careful house
wife wbo use* gas for cooking mid
beating purposes us well as a lighting
medium Is on tbe lookout for new
devices Unit are botb practical and ecu-
-lomleal. There is a bust of new Invention* on tbe market, and from the
woman whose home Is equipped wltb
��� big gas range to the occupant of a
furnished room or a small section of
sn apartment house there are article*
to meet all needs.
Where a combination lighting and
bentlug device Is desired there are
several from which to choose, and all
nmy be attached to an ordinary gas
fixture. The newest 1* of tin nnd resembles an old fashioned candlestick
inverted, it Is easily adjusted and
may be used to both heirt snd light ths
room, or separately, in either capacity.
Another contrivance, somewhat similar, is of sheet Iron. Tben there nr*
the luminous radiators that look so
cheerful on a cool day. and u much
more pretentious piece of apparatus 1*
In tho form of n radiator similar to
that u-ied for steam or but water besting.
It Is In the realm of the rock that the
searcher for gas appliances ts most
likely to And wbnt she Is after. There
I* a little piece of tin and wire thnt
coats but a dime and slips over s gas
Jet nnd on top of which n cup of water
or any otber liquid may be quickly and
satisfactorily heated to the required
temperature. Then rome tbe special
saucepans, not altogether new, bnt so
fashioned thnt two or three may be
placed side by side over one Jet. nnd
several  vegetables  may  be cooked *t
Reconciliation   Between   Kaiser   and
Crown Prince Scale Fate of Latter'*   Party.
Berlin, Jan. 9.���The Christmas .festival, people wbo uro familiar with
what Is happening at Court, say, Ib
apt to bring about a reconciliation between the kaiser and hla oldest eon,
tho Crown Prince, greatly to tho Joy
of the kalserlu, whose health 1m rap-
Idly failing and who has worried considerably over the estrangement between her husband and her favorite
If the reconciliation does not take
peace, it will mean neither that the
Kaiser has come to look upon the dent
ocrattc Ideas of his heir In a different
light nor that tho Crown Prince has
become a convert to the autocratic
convictions of his father.
It will simply mean that tbe Crown
Prince lias discovered that he was
being used as a convenient tool In the
hands of the aristocratic leaders of
the dying Pan-Germanlstlc party, to
shed glory over the losing cause and
win followers for lt among those who
wanted to incur favor with the next
German ruler.
These men understood to play upon
the young prince's strong patriotic
feeling at the time when he was naturally very impressionable and when
he was suffering under the restrictions that his Imperial father Imposed
upon him.
Lately, lt seems, these lenders of
thc feudallstic and Pun-Germanisttc
parties have been abusing their power
and In their over-confidence hinted
that tbey were thc moving Bptrit in a
"Crown Prince's Party," In opposition
to the Kaicer.
This led to several long, earnest
talks between father and son durinr.
At the end of the tlrst six months
of bis pastorate Itev. Amos Johnson
bad learned the ways of bis flock fa
thoroughly that be knew exactly bow
Block "D," south half of District Lot
1352, containing 45 acres, more or
loss, Municipality of North Vancouver.
Taereaa, proof of loss of Certificate
ot Title No. 11594 C, covering the
above mentioned property, issued ijl
ibe name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, haa been filed in
this office, notice 13 hereby given that
I shall at the expiration ot one month
from datci ot first publication hereof
issue a duplicate of said Certificate
of Title, unless In the meantime valid
objection be nade tn me. in writing.
Hai"d at thd Land Registry Office,
this 13th dav of December A.D., 1912.
(Dili District Registrar.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter "Section in Saskatchewan
in  exohange for  Burnaby  property.
2. A Cine Three store) nioc.it in a
thriving Manitoba agricultural Bee
Uon, Portion if block leased for
J411 per month, Balance In use. This
is  a  going  concern  clearing    ten
thousand par annum, win exohange
for revenue producing Ii. C, Pro-
3. Two full bearing orchards In the
Okanakan valley, in each case owners will trail-' for coast property.
The properties are handy to the best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch in exohange for
Alberta acreage.
*j. A choice Chllllwack 50-acre ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on us if you want to
trade as we have a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Fire. Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile,  Burglar/,  Employer'*
Liability Insurance.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes.
Cigars and Smoking requisites,
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia   Ct.
state the names, residence and occupation
or description of each person proposed. In
such manner a* sufficiently to Identify
sucii candidate; and in the event of a
Poll being necessary such Poll will he
opened on
Burnaby Public HUI, *tdmdrf��. "
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr.  Topping'*  Store,  13th   Avenue,
East Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. J. Herd'* Office, 3701  Halting*
Street East.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Of  which   every   person   Is  herchy   required to lake notice and govern himself I
accordingly. __.-!
shall li�� his being- a male British subject
and having heen for the, three months
next preceding the day of his nomination
the registered owned Is tha I.and Registry
office, of land or real properly situate
within the municipality of the assessed
value, on the last Municlpil or Provincial
Assessnvnt Holl of five hundred dollars or
more over and above any registered
judgment or charge and bslne otherwise
duly qualified as a Municipal  Voter.
COUNCILLOR shall be his behK a mal"
British subject and having beeu for the
three months next preceding th" day of
his nomination the registered owner. In
tbe Land Registry Office, of land or real
property situate within the Municipality
of the assessed value, on the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Hull, of two
hundred and fifty dollara or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge or being a homesteader, lessee
from i.e.- Crown, or pre-emptor. who has
resided within tho Municipality for the
space of one year or more Immediately
preceding the day of nomination and Is
assessed for five hundred dollars or more
on the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll over and above any n-uls-
tered Judgment or charge, or being a
homesteader, loswo from the Crown, or
pre-emptor who bus resided within the
Municipality for a portion ot one year
Immediately precssjln*? the nomination,
and during the remainder of aald year,
has been the owner of said land, or
which he formerly was a homesteader.
lessee from the Crown or pre-emptor. and
is assessed for five hundred dollars Ol
mow on the last Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll, over and above any reg-
Istenil Juilgnu nt or charge I and being
Otherwise duly  qualified   as a Munlolpnl
follow* Any person being a household!'!
In the Bohool District and bring a British
subject of the full sgn of twonty-oni
���ears,   and    otherwise    qualified     by    the
Public Schools Act. 19ij6. to vote at an
election of Bohool Tresis** lii tho said
School District shall be eligible to be
elected and to serve as a School Trustee
In sucn Municipal I'lMrlnL
Given under my h ind' at K.lmonds. tin
thirtieth  day cf  I>�� ember,   1DI2.
<V7?.) Returning Officer.
I collection wns deplorably slender.   The
i next week Mr. Johnson made a short
und telling speech at Ihe close of his
"1 don't tvnot any man to gib more
than ktim allure, bredren." ho aald. srenr-
s> tmonUns torrnnt tin? oonsrrpgiltfni
"but we must nil gib according as he
I.ii'vil has blessed an' favored us and
according to what we rightly linb.
"1 say rightly bnb, bredren." be went
on, after a short pause, "because we
don't want any tainted money In de
box. Squire Janes told me dat bed
missed some chickens dls week. Now,
If any oue ob my pore benighted bredren bas fallen by de wuy lu connections wld dose chickens, let blm stay
bis hand from de box wben It comes
.to blm.
���'Brudder Leroy. will yon pass de
box while I watch de signs an' see lt
flere's any one In de ci lgregatlon dat
needs me to wrastle In prayer
blm'/"���Youth's Companion.
a  medium expenditure of   gas.     The     .    ,     , ....
cookers-two. three, four or even Or* *W��* the &"�����"** ^ ��er is said
.,      .!._._. ,     j , . ! to have convinced the Prince of thi
tier-that may be placed over one Jet. | nr(,innaUblIity ,n hig Bympathlef
also help to keep the gas bill down, as i w]th ,_��� people ���,,. h|s an|unee with
the heat from one Jet siilflces to cook i the champions of the lost and anti-
whatever Is placed on the dlderent quated cause of feudalism and Pan-
abelves. ('ermanism.
 The Kalaer, aa well aa the Kaiaerln,
I Ib said to be worried at the   constant
| love affalra of Prince Adalbert, which
! are aald to be of an almoat Hapsburg-
lan kind.
He has now fallen head over heela
] in love with a popular and beautiful
j Herman actrefa,  Praulcln  Paula Krle-
' 'ien, and awcarB that he la going   to
1 narry  her,  no  matter what   obatruc-
1 'ions hla parents may decide to place
, in the way, and. aB an nttempt to In-
; luce the young lady to give her ad-
i nilrer  the  cold  shoulder  is  aald    to
mve  fulled,  the affair  looks    rather
leriovie at presi nt.
Aa  a  firi-t  punishment  the    Prinee
Wll most likely be tint on a Long tea
! ,-oyage.    But he declares that any at-
enipt  to  make  him   forget  his   lovo
-vi!I only make him more determined
to marry her.
Best Tea At Its Best
"SAL AD A" TEA is always the same, no matter
when or where you buy it.
is tha choicest tea���green, black or mixed���from the finest tea-
growing country in the world���Ceylon, with its exquisite flavor
and freshness protected by tha sealed lead packages. wt
 ��� IU !.'. ���   ��� .     .' ���"���
 ! L  *L I SIH ��� -HUH 1M. J
Election for School Trustees.
Public   Notice   Is  linrrliy  given   lo   tin
Kh'Ctors of  tlie  City of  New  Westlnstei
that   I  require   the  presence of  th*  salrl
"-lectors   at    th*1   Council   Chamber,    t'lty
'tall, Columbia strut, on tha nth day of
January, lii 13. at IU o'clock noon, for thi
purpose or electing persons to represent
them as Hchool Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows : The candidates slial
be nominated In writing, the writing shal.
be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder ant'
shall be delivered to the Returning Of
fleer at any lime between the date ol
the notice and the hour of two p.m. on tie
day of nomination: and In the event or n
poll being necessary, sti.'li poll will b
opened ou tho ItJtli day of January, 1913,
Ht. George's Hall, comer of Clarkson
and  Church   streets.
No   4  Klre  Hall.  Keary street.
No.   d   Klre   Hall.  Thirteenth   street.
("nine's   Store.   QiieetiHborough.
From 9:00 o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
or which every person Is hereby reinilr-
ed to tak.* nolle and govern himself accordingly.
"In every Municipal School District any
person belli.*; a householder ln the Hchool
District, and being a Hrltlsh subji ct of
the full age of twenly-one years and
ithenvlse qualified by the Public School
Act. 101*5. and amending Act. to vote nt
*n election of School Trustees In the
laid School District. Shall be eligible to
'is- elected or to serve as a Sc'iool Trustee ln such   Municipal  District."
fllven under my hand at the City of
N'ew Westminster, tb* Ith day of Janu-
iry,   1913.
J.   STIt.WEl.I.  CLUTB.
(420) .   Returning   Officer.
It Will Coma In Handy For a Number
of Purposes.
An old sheet makes nu excellent Iron
Ine cloth.
In the sickroom It may he folded In
two and placed iiniler ihe Inrsild, pro-
tecttni; ihe iindersheet and saying the
washing bill.
When the sheet Is much worn It
should lie cut up. nut) the best pieces
should lie laid unity in the inedicllie
chest that they nmy sen e for poiilUe-
IhK nnd liitiul.'i'-cs
Table napkins thai are consltleralilr
the worse for near will still tllllke capl
j tal ffblMH ami china towels.
Sheers liii'srlahl.s- srlis* wot In Ihe
ert-ti-r   Isssffsrs.    Mies-    on-    svors,    nt    tin. f
erines When they show sIimi* nf lueak-
ing down In this way they should lie
cut Up the middle, the two sides should
lie Joined tuuether. and a -rn-stl strong
unilersheet Is then ready for use and
Will wear R**rtlll for years. When past,
even this service tlie sheets may lie1
Utilized n�� dust covers.
Old sheeting rany also he sewed up j
Into  useful   lint's   for  Inclosing   Inn ks
while they sre In the vcanlmlie nr Into |
Cushion slips, which can lie tilled with
dowu or feather*.
thc ProvlnotsJ Government to .nquiru IntJ
the  condition a  Of nKrlculture  ln   lh<-   Pr��"
vim."*.   In   ltd  various  br&nohM  ;��inl   In  lit
Ita   I'latlmiH   to   lnilumrlnl   and   AConottllQ
: development, will hold lotftoRi t*t tiw toU
lowing piaoni nnd date* uaifond:���
Vane'iuvtr���Court-house,   January   9th, I
. 10th .ind Uth.
New   Wt'ptinln.'iter���City   Hall,   January
; nth ��tiil Uth.
Victoria���Court-boom.      January      17th !
I antl 18th.
All the HOHflloiiM to he comment;.**l at 10 |
i o'clock a.m. of caci. tlay. |
i      AuyhiMly   il'MlririK   to  kIvi-  evidence  he- j
fore the CommUutdn on any labjeol within
I the eoope of tins Inquiry i�� hen hy lnvlt-l
: rj   to   appear   at   nny   of   the   above   alt- '
'.itrr.'i of the CommtMlon.
it I.* tho purpose ti kIvo- Uie Inquiry
the wid-m ami fullest BCDpe pOHtbla, :
While 11 la Ihe InU-ntlon to tak*. up tiw
Invest!(atlon from the. point -if view of i
the prncUoal product*!-, in* ii" hortteultur- ���
i-it. as try man, or ���lock-hr. <d< r, �����-.���., it La .
aln�� the d*alr�� to iu-wrt*ln tho view* of j
, the   MMiutwn   the   wW4l2|m��nU|tf?   ����������-
I w!<sn will not br r strli'tirt to liny formal
Un* of Inqulty, luit s/tll lv afforded *r*ry
opportunity to nfcn up in* rahjsst mm-
tir from .in> p>'lnt or vli-w tb*r may uV-
C   11  C'lRMTEKaEl**,
Secretary. (401)
Tubllc Notloe Is lii-rchy srlvrn til tin)
doctors of lii" Municipality of th* City
of New Westminster, that 1 ri'iiuln- th*
prcsi-ni'o of the Haiti elector* at tn* t'ouu-
cll ('number, City Hall, Columbia atratt.
New Westminster, on the 13th iln/ of
January, 1913, nt 12 o'clock noon, lor Ihe
purpose of electing persons to represent
tin-in In the Municipal Council a.1 Mayor
and   Aldermen.
The mode of nomination nf camlUUteH
shall be ns follows; The Camlldiit,-s ttliall
be nominated In wrltlnir; tin- writing slittl)
lie subscribed by two voters of tb* Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the ll.-lm nlnn Of"
riecr at any time belwi-en tin- date of
tile notice and 2 :0I) p.m. of day of nomination, and In the event of a poll heln,;
tiiic.-ssary, such poll will lie npi-ncd on
the I i.i I, day of January,  1913 al:
St. 'leorge's Hall, corni-r of ('lark.ton
and  Church   streets.
No,  4   Klre  Wall.  Keary  street.
No.  S  Klre  Hall.  Thlrteonti street.
Crane's   Btorb,   QileenMboroinfli.
I'Yotn 9:00 o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
of which every person Is hereby requlr-
������d to tuku notice and govern hlinsulf accordingly.
 ������    The persons qualified to he no.
inlnated for and elected as the Mayor ss.
shall he wich iiersons as are mal* llrlthih
subjects of the full aire of twenty one
years, and are nol dls-quallffad under any
law and have Iseeii for the six months
pri-ci'ding the day of nomination1 the
reentered owni'r. In the Ixind IP-iclslry
Offlc-, of land or real pruimrty In the
City ��f the assuaged value ou tb, bamt
Munletpnl Roll of One Thousand Dollar*.
or more, over and above any raglatonra
Judgment or charge, and who are otherwise duly qualified oa municipal volets."
" ��������� Tin- perHons qualified to be nominated for and eleelcd as Aldermen ���*��'
shall he sucn persons as ure male Il.-ftlsh
subjects of the full aife ef twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
law, and to haw been for the six miiillm
next preceding th* day of nomination ths
registered owner. In the [jind Registry
O'Tlee of land or r*-al property In the
City of the HMM d value i.n tie' la.t
Municipal Asne��Hne'iU Holl, of l-'lv.- Hundred Dollar* or mOro, over and above nny
registered Judgment or charge, and who
are olherwUe qualified an municipal voters."
(liven under my hand at the Citv of
New Westminster, the 4th day of January.   1J13.
J.   HTII.Wl-t.I, Cl.tJTI-:.
H19> ill-turning Officer,
=?cute   of
The Stole Ss*h.
The stole *iihIi fgUtliil nl the front or
bnclt of the wulst line Mini h Utile In
one side Is eitremely fusblouabl*.
T-arvian  Troops  One   Lonj
cf  Atrscitie*  Say*  Austrian  Report.
Ma l,ots    4, 5, 7  Itetccpt    the    southwesterly 32 feet by 54'., feet of Haiti
lot 7) of portion of luts l, 2 and '
and a portion of 20 fi;ot hy 106 feet
marked "Ijtnc," of Ixit 5, Block 31,
Map 504, in the City of Sqw Woat-
Whereas, proof of the lo��s of OeTtlfl-
cato of Title Number 12R<5S K. issuiM
In thn name of Robert Leiiiiic. has
beon filed in this office.
.Votlco la hereby given that I shall,
at the* expiration of one. mouth front
the- date or tbe flrat pubrcntlon hereof.
In a dally .siewepapstr poblliihed In the
Clly of New Westminster. Usim a
duplicate of thn said Certlflentn, nu-
|e*�� In tbe meantime valid objection
be made to me in wrltlnir
C. 3. KKITH.
District Keglstrar of TttlM.
Land neclstry Oft'lee,
Nt**   Westminster,   D.C.,   Januarv
3. 1903. (4071
Jock'* Blunder.
To posset,* a buss Bddle had been the
dream of Jock*  life,  but never bud
funds permitted.
At last, being a "handy" man. be decided to niuke one. Ho he devoted all
bl* spare time for several week* to tbe
far from easy tusk.
Joy! lt nils doue. Jock called In bl*
wife to gbure ln tbe triumph.
"There, luss!" he aald proudly. "Isn't
It a reet good fiddle'/"
- Mrs. Jock agreed.   Then, to try Its
weight, sbe lifted it. nnd something lu-
��lde gave un ominous bump.
Husband and- wife stared lo horror
at one anotlier. What lm* happened';
Then a snd look cutne Into .lock* eye*
"l-ass," he said, lu tone* of calm de-
���palr. "Ah've left f gluepot luslde!"-
IjOIiiIuii Answers.
"h-nee   In    Shaving,
and  BhampOolng give
35   Eighth   St.     David   Boylo.   Prop.
a trial.    Four skilled workmen.    Our syn-
leni   or   treating   the  scalp   for    dandruff
and falling hair cannot be Improved upon.
Try ii.
Fan* fcfaasagtng a speciality.
Mm. filgtborii-lhi you mean to ��*y
jou smoke tbe nasty little things In
your own house'/
Mrs. LesHltu���-Only when we *re doing untntetit theatrical*. You can't
present a society dniniu. you know,
without tbem.-Chicago Tribune.
Her Faultless Family.
Mother- foil want another doll*1
("ruclotis! Wb.v. uiy dear child, you
already Itnre more than a doJien of ull
kluds, shapes nnd colors!
Little liessle-fltit I'd like a left
handed dolly, mummy, so I could correct bar.���Judge.
London. Dee. 31.--A terrible recital i
-if atrocities from Information gather- ,
ed   froirt   Austria-Hungarian   aulhorl-!
ties. Is given ln a Budapest despatch
to tbe  Dally Tek'Kraph revealing, ac-
j cording to these official reportB. a de-
liberate  policy  of  the  extermination
;of  the   Moslems adopted  by  the Ser-i
��� vlan  general Janovltch In  the march
: of his army through Albania to    tho i
sea coast.
Hetwee.n Knmanova and Us',-"to. MOO ,
were done to denth. Ne-i- n-'n-"--i
Soon, exclusively Arnaut*. were massacred tinder circumstances of the most
horrible cruelty. Villages were burn-
I ed und the fleeing inhabitants shot
! down. Helpless women were forced
| in watch their children being carved
! to pieceB with bayonets.
R-ecutlon* were the daily diversion
of the Servian    Boldlers.      Wherever
��� nersons were found In possession of
-rmq t'-nv "ere shnt or hanged. The
route  nf  the  troorm on   their  march
NOTICE   Uj   hen-bv   given   that   m-elln^s I
of tho Provincial Labout Commission]
will  be lu-ld  at   the  following  lilacs:������
Victoria -��� Tuesday and Wednesday,
January 14th and ltd*. h> 'he Maple
Committee-room of the Parliament llulld-
luirs.. at  10  n.m.
Vancouver ��� Prlday and Saturday. I
January 17th an 1 lSlh. C-iurt-house, 10 i
a.m. . i
New Westminster���Monday. January
20lh. Cltv  Hall,  10 a.m.
KiitnliKipis���Wednesday. January 2.'ud.
Court-houae.   10   a.m. |
Salmon   Arm -Thursday.  Januard 23rd. :
K- volstoka ��� Friday. January 24th i
Coi ������t-hous'-,  10 a.m.
other meetings will be announced later.
The Commission will hear avldenes on
ull matters affecting labour conditions In
the Province. All persons Interested are
Invited to be present.
If. O. PAB8QN,
F.   II.   McNAMARA,
(405 Secretary. Ja2
er Invited the fugitive* to return and I; p
surrender their arms.    Four hundred
of them did so, and were Immediately
Advertise in the Daily New��
TWEED,    IRISH    SERGE, etc..   Just
Arrived.    P*Meet  Fit and Workman-
thllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tatfor
701 Front Street
B.C. Coast Service
was lined with gallow* on which the cut down.   Iu many caaos tho Servian*
b'-dies  of  Albanian* were left hang-   kj|I(1(1 tnpir r,r|8aners.
The atrocities were not even confined to Albania. The deeds committed in Prlllp, Ko��ovo and Werschetra
exceeded anything the Albanian* suffered under Turklih rule.
At Verlsovltch the Servian command
Near Kratova deneralt Sephanovltch
placed hundred,! of prisoners In two
row* and ahot them down with machine gun*. Oeneral Zlkovltch ordered 950 Albanian* and Turk* killed .because they had oppoied hi* progress.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Trice* right.   Satisfaction fiuarauteed.
59 McKomlo St.
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
.lust off S-'Isth Street car line, wltb
hot water heat. $<;ir>o.oo; $1000.00
cash, balance to arrange.
Coldleutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Its Class.
"I hear Hint old sailor lo going to
���Ue for the shock be got riding III the
electric runabout, I wonder under
what liend *ll h 11 suit will come."
-I suppose it will be considered a
cose of u salt snd buttery."���Baltimore
Tb* sash ahown here I* of material
like the gown, and ��|i|illi|iies of velvet,
embroidered, mutch tha wide collar.
Sardine 8al*d.
Take some cold ctBikeil Hsh-hud
dock will do���free It frmn skin and
bone nnd (take It. 1'liuv 11 inyttr ��f
tbls In a dish nnd sprinkle It over with
minced gherkins' nml a few ihiiIbhI
enper*. Arrange 011 till* a layer of
���Heed German siiusnge nnd 11 mi hire
on the top of the pile sardines freed
from skin and bone nntl split In halves.
Cut some lettuce hearts Into ipnirters.
place around the dish with hard boiled eggs, also cut Into quarter*. Then
pour over tbe following snm-e: 'i'nko
the flesh of three sardines nnd rub to
n smooth paste wltb the yolk of two
hnrd liolled egg*, a pinch of cnyeutie.
Edmonton, Jan.  9. -Thtat the Jails
and guard room* of Alberta are seriously Overcrowded and that the question of additional accommodation for, ��� ���,nto of nutieg and two tnhle��poon- I
prisoners  Is   fast  becoming  acute  l��\, ,���        n   of  Qnv���'0\\   and   vinegar,'
the  Statement  made today  by  I;.  1.1
Clarry, deputy utloniey-general for the
Rent the snuct well before adding lt
Syrup of Linseed,
Licorice & Chlorodyne
is an absolutely reliable household
cough-and-cold remedy, prepared
by expert chemists. It quickly
relieves coughs, and if taken when
the first symptoms appear it breaks
up colds before they become serious
or troublesome.
It's a good thing to keep always
on hand in the Medicine Cabinet.
In 25c.   and   50c. bottles, at
your Druggist's.
n '1 co ��!i Cit.,-. it;
V^--,.;.��� ;:/Vrv
f>;n_r^  !;}
v"3Py   j I?
Certain Cure   ;
ron j    ���
Bronchial     J
JVuvt'M Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. ni.
antl 11 :4t).
tiMVM V*utiO*JUV(��r for fJeattle 10 a. m.
und 11 p. m.
l ,1'jiv.h \uncouver for Niumlmo 3 p. m.
LtaVfll Vancouver for Prince Huperi
and Northern Point* 10 p. m. *" incv
LtMlVM Vancouver every Vt\-lr. ..\ y at
10 p. ni
IbiUiwack Service
I,eiiviB Westminster 8 s. m, M-,nd*y,
Wi-dm-silny unci Krltlay.
I���.iviii  ciiiiiiwiii'k    I   il   to.   Tunsday,
Thursday und Saturday.
Bt).  UOIILET,  A����nt.  New Westminster.
11.  W.   HltoliIlO, O.  P. A., Vancouver.
D. McAnlay
fel. 761.
Cor. Uth and Columbia
tu tlie salad.
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola brunch,
14:00 for St. Paul and Koolenay
18:20 for Agaaalz Local.
19:55 for Imperial Limited, Montreal and Okanagan points.
Through first-clan Sleeper*, Tourist
and Dining Car.
For reservation and other particulars apply to
ED. GOULBT, a��mi
New Wemvi.i :er
Or H. W. Brodle, O.P.A, Vs\ <-��� 'or FRIDAY,  JANUARY   10,   1913.
���M "I ������ M**!-!"" r
Story of a Football Game
l|..|..|���|l,|,.1���|..|���1���l���l���|l.|���l���|l.|���l.l.l,ll j.,.,..
"I bare lent for ytiu.Jlnl,," snld Miss
Josephine Urlg*by to Holier! Merry-
weather, who stood before ber with a
patch on hi* left eye and his right
arm In a ding, "to nay that I bare
considered tbe matter of tying myself
for life with a man who Is sure to
break his neck wllhlo a few years
at moat snd leave me a widow carefully and"-
"I'niyerfullyT' put In Bob when aba
"Yen, prayerfully. 1 will admit that
I bare considered It tearfully."
"Rut not cheerfully. 1 suppose."
"You are Incorrigible. How absurd
for a girl to think of uniting herself
with a man wbo litis not a *lngle
serious Ides In bis head! And you
bave always been wbst you sre now.
Do you remember, wben we were
children, the day you were brought
In after climbing to tbe top of a tree
end bad fallen from branch to branch,
finally to tbe ground, breaking your
leg? I waa but ten years old. wben
such matters make a deep lmpre**lon
on one, and wa* Oiled with horror. I
���can *ee you now lying pule"���
Oh, that wa* had luck.    I stepped
a rotten branch."
'What business had you to be climb-
ng the tree anyway?"
"A boy'* liuslncB*���a bird'* nest"
"Then  tbe day  you  tried  to swim
m Deer's Island to the mainland."
Another piece of bad luck���I was
Ized wltb a cramp."
But you wouldn't bare had a cramp
dry land; and, getting one ln the
ter. you would hare heen drowned
it not been for a man panalng In
'.it.    Even a* It wa* tbey had to
rk over yon nn hour to ��ave your
I  wa* there, and  1 endured a
ghtftil agony."
The first thing I wns conscious of
n*  that   kiss  you   gave   me.      We
eren't engaged then, either."
"I didn't   know  what  1   was doing
But I know now. since I bave grown
older,  thnt  life with yon wonld  he n
succession of horrors.   Tbe greater my
love for you tbe mure I would have to
endure "
"Joe." aald Robert sinlly. "I'm *erl
oils for mire In *fn.v life.    I've got some
.�� not to pint's? yourself In dangerous
|m> ink. If you get hurt accldenUI-
ty i won't count against you. II I*
the Inking of iiiiueeessiiry risk* thut
I object to."
"I see. You don't wlsb to go through
life with u U1IIII who is likely to make
Himself a cripple or ynu n widow'/"
"ICsui'tly. If I should ninny one
wbo through no hunt or hi* own
should meet with an uerliletit to inn I in
lilm for life It would he my duty und
my pleasure to minister to blm.    But
In the Immediate vicinity of their Mon-
, treal  terminal  station on  Dorchester
street. The botel will be larger than
' the Windsor or the New Rltz Carlton
Hotel, which has Just been opened.
Warning Not to Forget God.
ih Win,  Jan.  ti.���Germans  scum  tt
be Impressed with the idea that 1818
will be a year of fate for thla country.     Thi*   Is   evidenced   throughout
tho   press  editorial*  and   reviews   in
which  there are    nun erous    articles
I will not marry n man wbo Insist* on j warning people not to foget God. lest
placing himself lu danger'* way."        I a great catastrophe Bhould recall thetn
"Uow   about  a   man   who  through   to their duty.   'I here la hardly an ap
tlmlstlc note Bounded In the reviews
of the new year.
Every Woman
, U liitfircntt d anil rlioald know
\ about tbs wowtorful
Marve| w^Spr.,
tome madness lost an eye or a leg?'
"For me to marry sucb a man Is un*
"If you loved blm very much,
wouldn't your
"No; I would not"
Tbls wns said so decisively thst It
look all tbe starch out of Mr. Merry-
weather, wbo, fearing ibe mlgbt alter
bar mind about giving blm another
chance, beat a precipitate retreat Fie
at once set about putting himself In ���
position In which he could not run nny
especial risk. It wa* the bunting seu-
���oo, and, tbougb be adored bl* gun
and bl* dogs, be made a vow not to
visit bin shooting lodge during bis
month of probation.   "I'd be sure to
,hwb.7hef;:,dhebrbow b. pro^ j�� you read THE NEWS
to Hbow his lore for ber ibe saM tt lyOU   get    all    the    TieWS.
wai very nice of him. but explained
to blm tbat It waa not tbe giving up
AAjronr drafBEtat ft*
it.  If ho enrmoi loppty
the  MARVJ.L, accept no
other, bat nond Rtarap for Ulna-  <
trilled book - t-enlM.  It ftiTC-n foil
pvtlcDlan nnd rtifritinn tnv-ltiable
(iruoml Atfauta for Canada.
Hon to the hum. of Three Hundred Thou-
Hiiin! Dollars ($300,000.00) In the whole
In accordance with tho "Municipal Act."
And the mild d>-t>enturen shull be Isitued to
���conn hi of ijl6 debanturei each of the denomination of One Hundred l'i hi mis
.St'-rlliu (��100) and one debenture of the
amount of ��45 8.4. H>\. b< inn the Sterling
equivalent of Three Hundred "
Uollarn     UIUJO.OOO.OO)    at    the     rate    of
MM 1-3 to the one pound Sterling; each
debenture bHuif aiuo expressed to be pay-
.tl'lc tn C-iniidijn Currency computed at
hi.eft rate, and muc.i debentun-H hIi.i.I have
ami"xed then to coupono c-cprei-m--d both
in SUfrUni and Currency for the lnt'Tost
thereon nt the rate of four und one-half
(4 1-1!) bar centum pfr annum payable
half yi arly on the 30th day of June and
the _int day of Deoetnbar In each year.
And such Stirling debenture! shall be delivered lo the purohaeen of thu said debentures, and both as to principal und In-
toreat nhall be payable at the Office of tbe
Iloyal Hank of Canada In I^ondon, Kng-
land, or In Toronto, Montn-.il or Vancouver. Canadn, or ln New York, at holder's
option. And the principal of the said de:
bentures shall be payable on the Thirty-
first dav of Deoember. a. I)., 1852.
2, There shall be raised and levied *m-
nually by a special rati* sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the said Municipality the sum of Three
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-seven
Hollars and Knur Cents (I31&7.04) for
the purposn of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of thn said debentures and
ihe sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred r 113,600.00) for the payment of the
Interest nt thn rate aforesaid, the said
speclul rate to he In addition tn all other
rates to be levied and collected tn the said
Municipality during thc currency of the
said debentures or any of them.
I, Thi* Dy-law shall take effect on
and after the First day of February, A.D.
4. This By-taw may be cited for all
purposes as the "BURNABY ROAD IM-
1913 "
this Thirtieth day of Deccmh-er A.D.. 1912.
RSCEIVaisO the assent of the Electors
o.rsV s�� ,v>_
liSa-ID  *>lastl>.
Ililng In malls' ��������������� -serious Von rr go
Ing to tunrrr thut curate who lias re
centl.T mnia tu Hi-iit i-lmrrli "
"Wouldn't It Is* far ln-Her for in,
to marry n mini wliu Ih serious, uiiip
than once In ul* life'''
"I don't know." auld Itoli tbotigbi
fully,   "i'erhiip* It would"
"Uf* I* erl'iti-i. Tba great men ul
the world Uu ve always lieen sorlon* "
"How about Alirnhnm Uimdii? I
thought he waa a great Joker."
"Oh. well, I ���npp-iise lie was an ex
repttiin! Hut uiiuVni-iith III* Joker
wus a KerloiiH-u giviit purism-*" .
"And  ih*  Itev.   Krotlilngbam ha* ��
��erl ns-a great purpose."
I    'The wiring ol mmiIh"
"la he going to mire yours?"
I    "There ynu go mrnln-alway* tskln*
ft fllHMiut. never a profound, view ut
"Well. Joe. I dun"t see any purim**
In Ihi* iiinversntloii If you're going
to shake me snd marry the minister II
doesn't require n lltanjt of speerbe*
nnd response* to tell i��s*i"
"I haren't snld I Intend- tn-viharr��
Mr I'mililnghiim I sirup'*- wish you
lo iitnli-rstiiiid the reason why I feel It
���>est tu break my engagement with
you "
"Then It'* sll over Isetween l��r
There wa* a long tllence, *t the end
af which Mis* iliia*li.T *eM:
"If you like I will continue our engagement fur iin'oiber month wltb a
view to determining whether -fun lore
me well enough to limit* an effort to
��how some retraril fur my r-mllnira."
"In what way?"
"Von can st lesat avoid rerkle**ne*e
in matters ttiat cuneern your |ier*unal
���('ertnlnly.   I can do that." Joyfully.
"Well, lben, consider yourself ml pro-
6*bon for ��� month.   All I ask of you
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new end   second   hand
good* ef all kinds.  Toole especially.
���0 MsAMh'sMnet. ��� Mk-j** ltM
ut sports In wblcb there ws* more or
less risk, but In exercising sn ordinary care. Mr. Merryweatber was fond
of horseback riding, but declared that
It would be Juat hi* luck for bis horse
to slip ou u bamiiia peel or something
aud carry bis rider down under blm,
so he resolved not to ride for a month.
Being a member uf tbe Escalator Athletic club and both strong and quick,
be bud been scheduled fur right tackle
tu the annual football game between
tbe 1'xcelxlor and the Calumet team*.
He Imiiiedlutely wrote the captain ot
his team tbat he would not play the
game that year.
Ills note wuh received with consternation. Wallace, captain of tbe team,
on receiving it hanteued to see Mr.
Merryweatber and asked blm for bis
reason for withdrawing. Bob. wbo de-
Clured Hint he Hadn't tbe slightest objection to lying If be could, but be
couldn't. coii'i'Mseii tbe whole mutter.
Walluce laughed and asked hlin to
give ti I in pel-mission to go to Ml**
Urlgsby and try to get her coinsen't to
count out football from tbe conditions
attending bla probation. Boh said be
bad uo objection, asd Wallace went to
tbe Indy with the request*. ISbe granted It at once, agreeing thut If Bob
were lnjnnil during bla participation
In the gniue she would not consider it
a cause for bla dismissal. But this did
uot antlafy Bob, and Wallace wus
obliged to return tn Miss Crlgsby to
secure u promise that If ber flnm-a
were maimed In Ibe struggle die
would nevertheless uiitrry him. Joe
Intigbed at tbe comical Hltiiutlon and
asked Wulliice If Bob meant the condition aerloualjr,
������Certainly be does." was We reply.
"Ue muy never bare lieen seldom before, but be Is now. mid 1 am sstlNlted
that If you don't consent lie will out
play In tho game, uud without blm w ��j
are sure to be lienten."
"Very well." replied Joe. "Tell hliu
I'll risk It tbl* once."
The ii glee men t being made through
Wallace, who was a |>erfe<'tly credible
witness, there was no need for n written contract, and Bob begun practice
at ome.
The gnme took place on the last
Saturday lu November, nnd Captnlu
Wallace remising that hi* best ni��!i.
Hob Merryweutlier, would play better
In Ihe preneuce of tlie girl he loved,
begged ,loe tu attend tbe gnme. Tbe
request wa* siiperfliinis*. fnr she bad
no Ides uf nhwntlng herself. There
waa mure than the usual excitement
ou the Held, fur tb* match was tu rt>-
������Id* nu Important chiiiuplunshlp It
wus noticed ai once that Merry we* i tier, who mad* up In activity what he
lacked lu bulk, waa putting In better
Work thun be had ever done tiefure.
Twice In the early |isrt of tbe game he
Interfered with un opponent who wu*
iiImhiI in carry the bull over the goal.
Utter. Bull made I wo remurkalile run*,
lifting the Kxeelslur mure tu lie equal
Willi that of the club's mqinlietu* ��.t
last, when the hall was within a {*���*
yards of the winning goal for Ihe Kx-
i-elslurs and there was lull a initial*
left to <-orry Itover and get th* gniue.
Boh Merry weather made the effort of
his life and. breaking through all Interference, fell wltb It beyond ih* line,
must uf the Calumetst un' top uf hlin
II* wa* carrl*il hy his fellows tn
the grand stand, stanching lilood from
hi* nostril*, and when he reniuved the
"loth III* nose was N s|iectucle in IMS-
hold It was knocked tu smithereens.
.In* lirlgsby ksw It *nd threw up her
hiintl* In horror
"Ureal he��iv*n��r ��he exclaimed.
"And I here promised to marry him
notwithstanding tiny Injury Inclined
during th* ram* "
Bob M*rr.vwe��th*r mm eeeered with
llnry and hlood. nnd bin battered face
wore a artill* thst wa�� randflvely grew-
4ome. Miss '"rlt-shv left th* Held with-
nut relnxlnc th* grave *xpr***lon on
h*r own cuuntenane* Boh consulted
a number nf ��urgeons with s view to
re|i��lrsi. Oil* of them tried to ��������>�����
Ih* mined nose Into shape, bnt failed.
Another attempted to carve a v*w
no**, ont nf Rob's arm. Al! of the**
endeavors only made tne nose more
Rob offered lo release bla dance*,
hut sbe surprised blm and every on*
else by re.'nslng to accept a release.
Rh* said that she bad no hnalness to
reprove Rob for taking risks and then
take one herself. Tbey wert married
and time far have made ��� happy
Specifications, agreetnsnts of sale decdH,
biisltii-Hs letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly confidential. II.
Barry, room 418 Westminster Tru&t Blk.
I'Hone  706.
L, O. O. M.. NO. 854��� M15ETH OM first,
hicoml  aiiil  third  WedneKilays   In  each
. month In K. of I'. Mall at 8 pin. H. J.
Leiuny, dictator: J. H. Price, secretary.
at  an   V.lictlqn   for  the  purpose
    dav of      A.  II.. 1918.
RKCOV8IDBRICD and finally adopted
hy the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Healed with the Corporate Real
all on the  ....  day of   A.D.
191 J.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���The
rejruiar meeting cf Amity lodge N..
-7, 1. O. O. K, Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd FcIIowb' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting    bretherp     cordially    invited.
C.  B.  Bryson, N. O.i  R.  A. Merrlthew, , , ,,. ,
V.  (J.:   VV.  C.  Coatluuil.   P.  O.,   record- ' apnolnted   Returning  Officer  to  take  the
Ing  Hicretary;   It.   W.   Sangster,  flnan- I v'ot<- of such electors with the usual pow
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Munlcilnatity will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling placs:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall. Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave.. East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
DUndonald  School.  Fraser Arm.
Barn"t   Hall,   Barn��t.
Mr   Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Burnaby   I���ke  Store  Burnaby   I,ake.
Lakamsr* School. Lakemere.
Public Notlci ts hereby given that the
vote of the El< c'.ors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bv-law nt the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars (I84.00U.OO) at the rate of Four Dollars and Eighty-six and two-thirds Cunts
(J4.B6 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payable In Canadian Currency computed
at such rate, and such debentures shall
have unuxed thereto coupons expressed
Thousand both ln Sterling and currency for the Interest thereon at tho rute of Four and
One-half 14 1-2) per centum per annum,
payable half-yearly on the 30th day of i
June and the 31st day of December in
ach year. And such Sterling debentures
sliall lie delivered to the purchasers of
the said debentures. And both as to prln-
cloal and Interest shall be payable at the
office of the Royal Bank of Canada hi
Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Canada,
or In New York or In l^indon, England, at
the holder's option. And the principal of
the said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
2. There shall he rained and levied annually by a spiclal rat>* thsrsfor on all
rateable land within the limits of the said
Municipality the sum of Eight Hundred
and Elghty-thris> Dollars and Ninety-
seven Cents (1883*7 I for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, und the sum of
Three Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty dollars 113.780.00) for the payment of th* Interest at the rate aroresald.
the said special rate to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied nnd collected
In the said Municipality during the currency of the said debentures or any of
I. This Bylaw shall take effect on and
after the Unit day of February A.D.. 1013.
4.    This   Bylaw   may   be   cited   for   all
furposen  as  the  "Burnaby  School  Board
.linn No. 1  Bylaw, 1913."
Done and Passed In Open Council, this
3tth day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an election for the purpose on the	
day  of       A.D.,   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the   day of 	
A.D.  1912.
 , Reeve.
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January.
1813. between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7
o clock p.m., at the following places:
Hiininby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park,
Mr.   Topping's  Store,   13th    Ave.,   East
Hamilton Rood School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr  Jus. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
liiirnnby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Ijskettaere School. Lakemere.
i Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnubv will be taken on the above men-
tlom d By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, nnd that A. tl. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
powrs In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. a. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. tl, 1912.
clal secretary.
center * HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and einbalmern. Parlors 40"
Columbia street, New Westminster.
Phone 9i3.
rrs In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C. D<>c. 31. 1912. (374)
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will he taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock am. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall.  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton  Road  School,  Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School,   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet  Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Lake  Btorc, Burnaby  Lake.
I.akemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw nt the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. O. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to .take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART.   Reeve.
A.  G.  MOORE,  Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C.  Die. 31, 1912.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to ralae by way
<>r loan the aum of Twenty-eight Thou-
,'uml Dollara (I38.000..60) for Bchool
WHEREAS the Board of School Trua-
..'��������!��} of Burnaby In pursuance of the powers cranted to them by Bectlon 50 of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Board.
AND, WHKREA8. the aald estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars (925.000.00) according to
the statement following, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars ($3,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to tha sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars  (9^8,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
Bchool Rites and or Additions
to Existing Sites und Clearing
Sites ,,     925.000.00
Cost incidental to this By-
Law and discount on debentures 9 3,000.00
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jos. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store,  Burnaby Lake.
l*ukemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the Dlatrlct of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and thnt A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take Unvote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
__. A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds,  B. C., Dec. 31,  1912. (377)
BYLAW NO. 146.' *"'
A By-Law to authorize an agreement between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby and the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster for the buUd.
lug of u Main or Trunk Sewer:
Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. An agreement shall be entered Into
between tha Corporation of the District of
Bumaby with the Corporation of the CMy
of New Westminster for the building ot
a main or trunk sewer In the terms of tha
schedule hereto which agreement is hereby Incorporated with and made isart af
this By-law. v
t. The agreement ahall be signed u��-
der the Corporate 8ml of the Municipality after the final passing of this By-tow.
I. Thla By-law before final passsta*;
shall receive the assent of the electors
qualified to vote on money by-laws.
4. This By-law may be cited as "BUR-
ment By-law. 1913."
DONE AND PASSED In open council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. D..
RECEIVED the assent of the   elector*
this  .... day of .--.	
PASSED this day of	
W Ev FADES���Pioneer Funeral Director
mid Kmbalmer. 612-818 Agnes street.
opposite Carnegie Library.
l..r.v. Solicitor, Etc. li'.i'Z Columbia
filri-i t. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code. Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Kills Block.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District or Burnaby to ralae by way of
loan tne sum of Eighty-four Thousand
L>ollr\rs ($84,000.00) for School Pur-
WHEREAS, the Board of School Tru��-
SIILWELL CLDTE, BarriBtcr-:it-law, tees of Burn.iby in purauanci of the pow-
Kollciuir. etc.; corner Columbia and era granted lo them by Section 50 of the
MciCenxle streets, New Westminster, "Public Schools Act" have caused to be
li.  C.    P.  O.   Box   lltf.     Telephone   710.   prepared   and   laid  before    the    Municipal
j Council   a   drtalled   esttmute   of  the   lunu
Corporation of Burnaby
millet..r nnd notury. 810 Columbia
at ret t.    Over C.  P.  R. Telegraph.
AND, WHEREAS. It is necessary to
ralae the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
\-ested In the Council of Public Instruction under Section 6 (b) of the said "Public Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
bave been extended so as to include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172), Group One (1), New Westminster District.
AND. WHEREAS, by Section 14 of the
said "Public Schools Act" where any territory has been Included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
Section * (b) the provision of that Act
respecting Public Schools In Cities and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory for all school purposes, ahall be deemed to be united to
such Municipal School District, and all
property situate ln such territory shall be
liable to assessment for school purposes in
the same manner and to the same extent
as If the same were included In the limits
of the Incorporate City, Town or District Municipality, and In this By-law the
word "Municipality" shall be construed
and apply accordingly.
AND. WHEREAS, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Two Hundred and ninety-four Dollars
and sixty-five Cents ($294.65) principal
nnd th* sum of One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Dollars ($126.00) interest, making together as total amount annually of One Thousand Five Hundred and
Rooms  7  und i
_urred by the Board.
AND.  WHEREAS, the said estimate of
su��?n   special    or   extraordinary    expenses
amounts to thc su*m of Seventy-five Thou-
, smid,   Eight   Hundred   and   Fifty   Dollars
New    Westminster. I (j76tf350fouj   according   to   the   statement
G.   McQuarrie    und ��� following,   which   sum   together   with   the
sum oi' Eight Thousand One Hundr.d and
��� i.-irty  Dollars   ($8,150.00)   estimated costs
WHITES!-IDE  &   EDMONDS���Barrifters j incidental tu this By-law and discount on
Barristers and Solicitors.
8,   Gbichon   block.
G.   B*   Murtin.   W.
George L. Cass-idy.
and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street. New Westminster, B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
Union P. O. Drawer 200. Tlelephone
69.   W.  J.  Whiteside.  II.   L.  Edmonds.
Accountant. Tele. R 128. Room Trapp
ster Board of Trade meets In the board
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, May,
August and November ut 8 p.m.. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. New members may be proposed and eltcted at any monthly or
quarterly meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade,
s- en tary.
Corporation of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
C.N.R. Hotel tor Montreal.
Montreal, Jan. ��.���The Canadian
Northern Railroad have ordered plant
to be prepared for a new hotel for
accommodation for aeven hundred
rooms, tp be .erected on, McQIll Col-
lege^��.*r��nue, hjilftw Btt-Watherlne St,
A By-law to unable The Corporation   of
the District of Burnaby to rajae by way
of  loon   the   sum   of  ��300,000.00   for
Street Purposes'. >
WHKREAB lt Is necesaary and.expedient that the Council of the said Corporation be authorised to borrow the sum of
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (W00,-
(1(10.001 to provide for Improving: und ccin-
struci ln-t certain roads and streets within the limits of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it Is necssary to
ralso the moneys required to defray thi-
above expenditure upon the credit of the
Municipality. ... J_
AND, WHEREAS, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the aum
of Three Thousand One Hundred nnd
Fifty-seven Dollars and Four Cents (13,-
167.0.) principal and the sum of Thirteen
Thouaand Five Hundred Dollars (111,-
(00.00) Intereat, making toc.'ther a total
amount annually of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cents (UM57.04) for the term of
forty years for the repayment of the said
loan and Interest thereon as hereinafter
AND, WHEREAS, th* net value of the
whole rateable land in the Municipality
acoordtnn to th* last. revised aasrwtaent
roll amounts to Twenty Millions, Five
Hundred and Seventy-si* Thouaand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars (|i0,57C-
AND, WHEREAS, the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(tl.���1*1,110.00) exclusive of u>oal Improvement debt secured by special rates
or nssessmenla of which none of th* prln
clpal or Interest Is in arrears.
���ND. WHEREAa to provltle for th*
pavment of Interest and the creation of n
Sinking Fund for the paytpent of tha aald
principal sum of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollara ^800,000.00) It w"U be n-c '.l-urv
to levy a Bpecinl annual rate ��ufflalant to
rnlso the sum of Sixteen Thoueatia Sli
HunJred and Klfty-aev��n Dollars and
Four Cents (��16.657.04) th* ivmount tr,
he calculated annually on Mi* whole of
the rateable land   comprlaed   within   the
M$OW?"tHERBFOR��. tl�� Municipal
Council of the Corporation of th* Dta-
trlct of Burnaby enact* a* fallow*:
1. It *hall be lawful for the Hoove and
Clerk of the Couni'll for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or ral��e by way of
loan from any person o- liwtv nr bodies
isorporate who m.iy ba wlllliu to advance
the same upon tho credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a aum not
exceeding Three Hundred Thouaand Dollara (1300,000.00) and to oauae the same
to be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City of New W**tmlnater, British
Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation for th* purpose ent with the ob-
iect* above nt forth, and to l**ue any
nun*ty3f debmtuifeVdf tb* ehU Corpora-
debentures amounts to the sum of Eighty-
four Thousanil Dollars (184,00.00).
Vancouver   Heights,   new   mod-     ���
ern   eight-room   building 140.000.00
New   building and additions    to
existing buildings 2��,400.e(i
Clearing and Improving grounds
and fences     MbO.OO
Total l76.S5t.0t
Costs Incidental te this  By-law
and discount on debentures.. I >,15t.t0
.(84, tOO. tt
AND, WHBRHAS, lt I* necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray tbe
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested In the Counull of Public Instruction under Beetlon < (b) of the said "Public Bcnools Aet' the boundaries of the
Municipal School Dlatrlct of Bumaby
have been extended so as to Include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(178), Group One (I), New Westminster
AND WHEREAS, by Section 14 af the
said "Public Schools Act" where any territory haa been Included wltain a Municipal School District in accordance with
Section i (b) the provisions of that Act
respecting Public schools in Cities and
District Municipalities ahall apply thereto, and such territory, for all school purposes, sliall be deemed to be united to
such Mi.nlcJpal Sohool District, and all
propert .��� situate In such territory, shall
be liable to aaaedsinont for school purposes
In the i,aino manner and to the same extent as If til* san-o war* Included In th*
limits of the Incorporated City, Towu or
Distilct Munlcliiallty, and In this Bylaw
the word "AlUBlolpallty" ahall be construed an! auiily accordingly.
AND WHEREAS. It will be necessary
lo ralBe annually by special rate the aim
of Eight Hundred and sW��ht*-th""�� D"'"
lars and Ninety-seven Cents <llsl,H)
principal and the sum of Three Thousand
Seven Hundred and Eighty Dollars
(13,780.00) Intereet, making toitother a
total amount annually of Four Thousand
Six Hundred and Sixty-three Dollar* and
Ninety-seven Cents (I4,6��3.��7) for the
term of Forty (40) years for __rjj>_-
ment of the *ald loan and Intereat thereon aa hereinafter mentioned, ,/
AND WHEREAS, tb* net V"du*__ _{���
whole rateable land In the aaM afuntal-
polity (Including District Lot One Hundred and 8eventy-twe (178) aa before re-
cited) according to tbe las!. revM eg-
a-wnvnt   roll. anwunu  to  TweatyMH-
400 00i
AND WHEREAi, to provide for the
pavment ef th. Intereet and th* creation
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
snld prlnolpal aum of Eighty-four Thousand VollarT (M4.000.0t) " will be n*.
cwnry to Wtr a tpeclal annual-rate
sufficient to ral*e the sum of Four Thou-
sand Six Hundred and Sixty-three IJol-
l.irs and Nlnety-*even Cent* (|4,����3.��7)
the amount to b* calculated annually on
the wnole of the rateable land comprised
within the Municipality.               _
Tfc-eve anil Council of the anid Corporation
if n. .'.'1. in Open Council assembled
us foili w*:' nnniely :
1 II shull bo lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of th* Council, for the purpo��e
aforwald. to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodle*
ojrpomto. who nu be willing tn advance
Uie same upon th* oredlt of the debentures hereinafter'mentioned a *um not
exceeding BlgbW-four Thotwand Do""'*
($84,000.00) ami to oauae the Mm* to be
placed In the Rural Bank of Canada In
theClty of New We��tmln��t*r to th* credit
of the *��W C��r��oraUon for th.JWlw**
and with th* ohficta eheve **t forth^and
to Issue any numb*r of de^ntumof. the
said Corporation .to the *um.of
four Thouaand Dollar* _����'���?_���������<_,
th* wholo In a����r6��_��>�� -with th* "Mw
clpal Act." And the aald debratun* 4_{
NTlsauod to cow-tot of One WundirSl and
Seventy U70) debenture* each of the denomination of On. ��������������& I*���** Sterling ttlOO) and on* debenture to th.
amVuat  of  Sixty Pounda,  Tive BhUllng*
A  By-law  to enable The Corporation  of
the District of Burnaby tu raise by way
of Loan the aum of $100,000.00 for the
purpose   of   constructing    further    Extensions  of  tlie  Oeneral  Water  Works
System throughout tne Municipality:
WHEREAS It ia expedient that the
Oeneral System of Water Supply In the
Municipality  should be further   extended.
ANL) WHEREAS It will require the
sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollara
tll00.000.9o) in order to InBtal sucn extensions.
���A.ND WHEREAS it Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
Municipality.    ...    _
AND WHEREAS It will be necessary to : fifty-four Dollars and Sixty-five Cents
raise annually by special rate the .sum of] (|i, for the term of Forty (*I0>
One   Thousand  and   fifty-two   Dollars  and I yearm tor the repayment  of the said  loan
ts'.'^ii'trifssi &,��Z!,n\*v.���;[xiJXLih,z*jf't��**t ���*��������*����� - *���-*������������.'�������� ������>-!
Dollars   (14500.00)   Interi
making together a total amount annually of Five
1'huusand Five Hundred and Fifty-two
Dollars and Thirty-five Cents ($5561.Jul
for tlie term of forty years for tne repayment of the said luan mid Interest
tnereon aa hereinafter tnentlonod.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
whole rateable land in the Municipality
according to the lout revised assessment
roll amounu lo Twenty Millions, i Five
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand. Two
Hundred and 1-ive Dollars (J:o.GT6.-
30*700 ).
AND WHEREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality Is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
($1,012,160.00), exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by sptclal rates
or assessments of whtoh none of the principal or Interest Is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest and the creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of the said
principal sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($1*0,00*.00), it will be necessary te levy a special annual rate sufficient te raise the sum ot Five Thousand,
Five Hundred and Fifty-two Dollara and
Thirty-five Centa ($5(62.36) the amount
to be calculated annually on tlie whole of
the rateable land comprlaed within tbe
NO*' 1HKREKORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the Dlatrlct of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of tb. Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollara
($100,000.00) and to cause the same to
be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada at
th* City of New Westminster. British
Columbia, to the credit of the aald Corporation, for the purpose"and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the said Corporation to the aum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars l$100.00O.Q0> In the whole In accordance with the "Municipal Act" And
the aald debentures sliall be Issued to
consist of Two Hundred and five (206)
debentures, each of the denomination of
one hundred pounds Sterling (��100) and
one debenture of the amount of 147 lis.
lOd. being the Sterling equivalent of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)
ai tbe rate of |4.8�� 2-3 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at aueh rate, and such debentures ahall have annexed thereto oou-
pone expressed both In Sterling and Currency for the Intereat thereon at the rate
Of tour and one-half  (4  1-2)  per centum
rer annum payable half-yearly on the
0th day of June and the list day of December In each year. And audi Sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debentures, and both
aa to principal and Intereat shall be payable at the office of the Royal Bank of
Canada; In Isondon, England, or in Toronto, Montreal, or In Vanoouver, Canada,
or la New York, at holder'* option. Antl
the principal of the snld debenture* (hall
be payable on the Thirty-first day of December, A. D.. 1*32.
t. There ahall be raised and levied an-
nuallv by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within tbe limits
or the .aid Municipality the aum ot One
Thouaand and fifty-two Dollar* and thirty-five Cents ($10i'2.36) for the purpose
ot forming a sinking fund for the payment of the said debenture* and the sum
of Foui* Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars
($4600.00) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the aald apeclal
rate to be In addition to all otber rate* to
be levied and collected In the aald Municipality during the currency ot the aald
debentures or any of them.
3, Thi* by-law ahall take effect" on and
after the Flrat day of February,   A. D���
I.' Thi* by-law may bo cited for all
PurpoMS as the "BURNABY WA.BR
DONE AND PA88BD In SSen Courfi
eil the Thirtieth day of December, A, D-
RBCBIVET- th* aawat of the Elector* at an Eketloa for th* purpose cm the
.. day of * ��� ��� ��� A. D., 1*13.
RBOTNMDBRED and flnallv adopted
by th* Counetl: etuned by the Reev* arid
Clerk and 8eal��t1 with the Corporate. Seal
all on the .... day ol  A. D���
A.VD. WHEREAS, the net value or ttl*
whole rateable land tn the said Municipality (including District Ls3t One Hundred and Seventy-two (LTD as before recited) according to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Eight Hundred nnd Forty-six Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($20,816,-
AND. WHEREAS, to provide for the
payment of the interest and the creation
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($28,000.00) lt will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollara and
sixty-five Centa ($1,564.16) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprlaed within the
Reeve and Council of the aald Corporation of Burnaby In Open Council aasem-
oled, as follows, namely:
1. It ahall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purpose
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a aum not
exceeding Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($''8,000.00) and to cause the same
to be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada In the City of New Westminster to
the credit ef the said Corporation for the
purpose and with the objects above set
forth and to issue any number of debenture, of the aald Corporation to th. aum
of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollara ($28.-
0*0.00) ln th. whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debenture, shall be Issued to consist of
Fifty-seven (67) debenturca each ot the
dt nomination of One Hundred pounds
sterling (1100) and one debenture of the
amouat of Fifty-three Pounda Eight Shill-
inga Six pence (��53-8-0) being the sterling equivalent of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($21,000.00) at the rate ef
Four Dollar, and Elghty-alx and Two-
Thirds Cents ($4.8$ 2-1) to the One
round starling, each debenture being also
expressed to be payable In Canadian currency computed at such rate, and such debenture, shall have annexed thereto coupon, expreaaed both In .terllng and currency for the Intereat thereon at the rate
of four and one-hnlf (4 1-1) par centum
per annum payable half-yearly on the
3*th day of June and ths 51st day of December ln each year. And such sterling
debenture, shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debenture*. And both
aa to principal and Interest ahall be payable at tbe office of the Royal Bank of
Canada ln Toronto, Montreal or Vanoouver, Canada, or ln New York or In London. England, at the holder'* option. And
the principal of th* aald debenturca .hall
be payable on the Thirty-fir*! day of December, A. D��� 1(51.
2. There ahall be raised and levied annually by a apeclal rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land wltbtn the limits
of the aald MufMdpallty th* sum ot Two
Hundred and idnrty-four Dollar* and .lily-fly* c��nt�� < 1214.45) for the purpose
of forming a Sinking Fund for the payment of the said debenture* and th. mm
of One Thousand two hundred and Sixty
Dollars (11210.00) tor tbe payment of the
Intereat at th. rate aforesaid, th* aald
special rate to be In addition to all oth.r
rate, to be levied and collected In the aald
Municipality during th. currency of the
wld debenture* or any of them. _
3. Thla By-Law ahall take effect on
and after the Flrat day of February. A.D.,
4. Thi* By-law may be cited for all
���nirposea aa the "BURNABY SCHOOL
OOVRD  LOAN  NO.   S   BY-LAW,   1(13."
thla Thirtieth day of December, A.D.,
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors
at an election for the purpose on the ..
day of J.   ...    A. D.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
br the Council, alined by the Reeve and
Clerk and Maled with the Corporate Seal
all on the ... day of	
A. D��� 1*11.
Take notloe 1h��t ��h_ **>*���*  ���* a true
oop? *f lh*,pr��t)t^ BHaw uoen which
*>*>���.*> V' "    '  '' -���'   '  '���'���
THIS AGREEMENT made in duplicate
the   ....  day of January, One   Thouaand
Nine Hundred and Thlrteen.
AND ���
WHEREAS tbe parties hereto have
agreed upon a Joint aewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities tor the area ahown' upon,
the plan hereto annexed. ���
AND, WHEREAS, the party of-the Second Part haa agreed to construct the aald
aewer from the Fraser River to Tenth
Avenue as shown upon the said plan and
to make the sewer of a slxe sufficient to
accommodate the sewerage requirement*
of the section ot Burnaby ahown on the
said plan.
AND. WHEREAS, the acreage of Burnaby that will be benefitted by the said
sewer amounts to Six Hundred and
eighty-three (683) acrea and th. acreage;
of the City of New Westmln.ter that wlit
be benefitted by the said sewer amount*
to five Hundred and Sixty-four (M4>
AND, WHEREAa the Party of the
Second Part has agreed to pay the cost
of the construction of the said sewer from
the Fraaer River to Tenth Avenue a��
shown upon the said plan which coat La
estimated at Three Hundred and Twenty-
six Thousand Dollara ($326,000.00) leae
Fifty-live Thousand Dollara ($55,000.00)
the value of Government labor.
AND,   WHEREAS,   the    Party    of   the
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of  the  Second  Part  Fifty-five per eent-
(65 p.c.)  of the cost of aald aewer  (the
share, however,, of the Party of the First
Part not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thouaand Dollara ($150.-
000.00)   in  thirty yearly   payments   that
will be sufficient  to pay tho Interest an.I
sinking fund on the share of the Party of
I the  Ffrat Part  ot tile coat ot aald ssaerrr
I oatculatasf  ufMsn   tlia  bams* ot   thirty  fJ#>
rsssrs, srssh  fntmrnt nt  Its-*,   <s��   par ��es)C
AND. WHEREAS, the Party of the
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part fifty-five per cent.
(55 p.c.) of the cost of maintenance of
said sewer.
that the Party of the Second Part covenants and agrees with the Party of the
First Part Its successors and assigns thnt
the Party of the Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the 1st day of January, 1(16, (unless
prevented by strikes or other cause*) a
aewer from a point on the Fraaer River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the location approximately as shown on the plan,
hereto annexed, such sewer . to be constructed of concrete pipe, of a diameter
of not less than fifty-four (64) Inches at
Tentn Avenue and Sixth Street
AND the Party of the Second Part will
construct lateral sewer, from the anid
main sew.r running rrom the main eewer
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown oi��
aald plan.
THK Party of the Flrat Part its mc-
cessors and assigns shall have tbe right
to connect Ita drainage and aewernge-
over the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three (683) acres aa shown on the aald,
filan with the aald sewer and to drain in-
o said sewer surface water and ordinary-
sewerage and to use the sold sewer both
aa a sanitary and storm aewer.
AND If It Is found that the aald i
will provide sufficient rail to take
erage from outside the boundaries of thex
said Six Hundred and Eighty-three ((Ml
acre* aa shown upon the said pleji that.
Party of the First Part may with the*
consent of the Engineer of the Party, of5
the Second Part extend Its sewerage!
works outside the said area. t.
Th. Party of the Second Part covenants with the Party of Flrat Part that'
the aald Main Sewer constructed by the-.
Party of the Second Part and Sewn���,
constructed by the Party of the Fl-st
Part to connect with the said Main Sewer
ahall be constructed under the Joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of
the Engineers of the Party of tbe First
Part and of the Party of th. Second
THE Party of the Flrat Part cov-it-
anta with the Party of the Second Part
Its successors and assigns that the Party
of the Flrat Part will pay to the Party
of the Second Part Ita successors andno-
slgns after completion of th. said aewer
from Fraser River to Tenth Avenue fifty-
five per cent. (56 p.c.) of the cost of the
said sewer (the Kid fifty-five per cent.
(55 p.c.), however, not to exceed the sunt
of One Hundred and Fifty Thouaand Dollar* ($160,000.00) and such payment to
be made In half-yearly payment, or the
Thirtieth days of June and December In
etch year aa will provide a sinking fund
for payment ot aald aum In thirty (II)
years with Interest at five (5) per cent,
AND the Party of the Flrat Part ew-
enanta with the Party of the Second Part
that tb. Party of the First Part will pay
to th. Party of the Second Part fifty-
live peneent. (61 p.c.) of th* coat et
maintenance of tn. said main aewer- smell
payments to be made yearly on tbe Thirtieth day of December In each year.
hereto have caused their Corporate Seals
tn be hereunto affixed.
i ln the presence ef:���
Take notloe tbat the above Is a true
oopy of th* prolHMed By-law upon which
the vol* of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, th* 18th day of January,
1(13, between ( o'clock a.m. until 7
o'clock P-m. at tho J��llln�� plaiw*:
Burnaby Public Hall. Edmonde.
Agricultural Hall, Central Pat*.
Mr. Topping's Store. 13th Ave., Eaat
Biirnaby^.^^^v _^^.   ,._
���    I
Take notice tbat the above I* a tree
copy of th* proposed By-law upon whieh.
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
���n Saturday, the 18th day of Jannnry.
1(13, between 9 o'clock a-m, until I
Vclock p.m., at the polling Pssveea t .
Burnaby   Public  Hall.   Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall- Central Park,       "���
Mr. Toppings'. Store. 13th AY*-. Mast
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Ann.
Barnet Hall, Barnet. \
Mr. Ja*. Herd's Office, North Burntby.
Burnaby Luke Store,  Buraabj-.' bake.
Lakemere Bchool, Lakemere,
Public Notice I. hereby given thnt tha
vote of the Electors ot th* District of rnn���
-.nby will be taken on tht-above mention--
-d Bv-law at the time, and placo ahos���,
mentioned, and that A. O. Moet������
haa been appointed-Returning Officer to
take the vote of such elector* with "
usual power* In that behalf.
- J ifcMtfl
BomeatU. a C, D-w-41. .Ml. i      (KIM
-    ::���'.,::���' [..,;
��fl  ;M ,n ,.f'':���;( ��n< rl"!
I   ,i��}��ntmJ#aW   w��H
��lf. ..
('.,'('; hi'      ' : THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
FRIDAY, JANUARY  10,  1913.
Some new special* to clear up
before stock taking. These are
worth while looking Into.
Soup, Canned, No.. 1 quality,
quaranteed satisfactory goods
at a special price; all flavors,
each  10c, per doz $1-10
Canned Fruit, Ducncss Brand,
quality goods, 3 lb. tins;
Peaches, Pears, Apricot*,
each  ���20c, per doz. $2.35
Canned Salmon, 1 lb tin*, each
 15c, or par doz. (1.70
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
Mend, regular 40c. per lb. today  35c., 3 lb*, for (1.00
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Celery, per bunch  10c.
Head lettuce, per head  10c.
The Rev. E. R. Bartlett of St. Baf'
nabas church Is ill with congestion ,of
the lungs.
Specialists   ln
Denny & Ross.
Members of 1912 Council Will Address
the Public���Candidate for Mayoralty Start* Tonl(jht.
3 lbs for
Public Supply Stores
V L.
ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
to Dear
You have worked,
planned, saved and denied yourself���all that
some dear one may be
free from want when
you are gone.
What have you done
to ensure that the
estate you have built
up will be efficiently
managed after you?
Let us tell you about
our facilities for handling estates.
.Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
George I.. l.arnder and P. W. Aber-
cromble, both o.' New Westminster,
passed the recent law examinations.
Trimmed Hat*, Special���Regular
$6.50 to $10, to clear for $2.95. Mrs.
Agret, 59 Sixth stret. (469)
A meeting of the local branch of tho
Victorian Order of Nurses will be
held ln the Y. M. C. A. on Saturday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
We will pay 5 cents each for good
I second hand Backs. Brackman-Ker
I Milling  Co. . (43>
Miss Alvlna Munn, daughter of Mr.
Angus Munn, Inspector of customs,
will leave tomorrow in company with
a party of friends on a year's tour
of Europe. The party will sail from
New York on the steamer Cedrlc.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (394)
Mr. R. A. Bradcn Is being congratu-
ated by his many friends on his success in passing the first intermediate
barrister's examination -which waB
held a short time ago. Mr. Braden
occupies a pott In the office of Mr.
J. P. H. Bole.
You evince a great intereet ln your
friend's welfare if you ask him the
question "Where do you eat ?" You
can prove your friendliness by advising him to eat at the Dunsmutr Cafe.
Eighth-street. (461)
"Home Rule for Ireland" will be the
subject ot argument when a select
team from the Y. M. C. A. Debating
club and three members of the Literary society of Columbian College will
meet ln verbal combat on Friday, Jan.
17. The Y.M.C.A. club will meet as
usual hereafter on Wednesday evening of each week.
Spangled nnd Embroidered Scarfs,
suitable for evenir.g dress, regular
value $7.50, for $4.95, Friday and Saturday.    Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth St. (458)
Information regarding Robt. Wright
who is understod to own a fruit torn'
and whose postal address is Uevi
Westminster, B.C., Is anxiously sought
by Mr. Reid of the Dominion Immigration department, Vancouver. The Ca
nadian high, commissioner in L*ondon,
Lord Slratlicona. haa cabled ttav tm
tnffrratfrm depaT-trrtefit ��!e*i reft-fene*/
| to Mr.  Wright's son.
A branch of the Union Baflk of Canada was opened for businesB on
Saturday, January 4, in tho premised
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair
611 Columbia street. (387)
The Sunday school class of. St
Mary's Anglican church held .its annual ChriBtmas tree social in the parish room of the church last evening.
Uev. Frank Plaskett was ln charge
of the gufiering and besides, tho
many children that attend the school
the parents turned out In good numbers.
Messrs. K.' H. Sands and F. J,
Williams have just heen appointed to
represent the Y. M. C. A. on the western committee of the Y. M* G. A.
"rational Council which will meet in
Winnipeg shortly.
Mr. Reid, the Dominion Immigration
Agent nt Vancouvc'r, is anxiously to
locate immediately Robert Wright,
said to own a fruit farm. Postal ad
liress New Westminster, B. C. Uird
Slrathcona lias cabled the immigration authorities in reference' to this
man's son. (450)
Workmen are now engaged In fitting
un the second elevator cage hi the
Westminster Trust building. It has
been found of late that the capacity
of the cage now working Is being
pushed to the limit and the leas.es
und visitors to the many offices will
welcome tho sight of the,second elevator'in operation.
A general meeting of the New Wes*
The next big event in the municipal
election campaign is scheduled for
Monday evening when the council
members will gather tn the opera
house to present their reports for the
year of 1912.
lt Is very likely that there will be
something doing in the line of fireworks as the civic fathers will prob
ably have Bomething to'aay about thc
multifarious crltlclsn ) from those "on
the outside," made ai thc meeting on
Wednesday evening.
? All aldermen standing for re-election
will have an opportunity to state their
platforms. All others contesting seat
on th". council board will also be given
the opportunity to state their views
on civic administration.
On account of thlB tr-netlne; tbe
council will meet on Monday morning
at 10 o'clock instead of in the evon-
To Speak Tdnlght.
Alderman A. W. Cray, the only candidate out for the mayoralty so far.
will address the electors of the west
end this evenlnr- In the M--"1evii<r
block, corner of Twelfth street and
Sixth avenue.
On Satvtrdav Mr. Crnv will speak in
the Strand h-itel In Quocnsborougtv,
and on Tuesday. January 14. hp ""-Ul
outline his platform In the Johnston
hall. Sapperton, All the meetings will
Start at s o'clock.
Th" rr-nvoraltv ctnd'iin*'' Is o"* on a
-���rogre��iive platform nnd a enntin"*t-
���lon of the ndmlnlstrn"oi r* '*���-> 191"!
council. Th" Hrt'es are specially Invited to attend his meetings.
BUSHNEI.L���Gladys May, the seven
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Bushnell, passed away after a
short Illness on Wednesday. The
funeral was held yesterday from the
family residence, 3f'9 Sherbrooke
street. Sapperton. interment being
made in the 1. O. O..F. cemetery.
WHITE.���Mrs. Sarah Jane White,
the mother of Alderman A. E. White
of this city and Rev. James White,
D.D., superintendent of Methodist missions for British    Columbia,    passed  	
away at Chllllwack yesterday morning candidates who
at  the advanced  age    of    81.    Mrs
(Continued from rase one)
of the safest places ln Sapperton besides controlling the epidemic better.
As the trouble darted during the
school holidays, the spread of the disease Is evidently due to some other
medium." The cause of the epidemic
waB not given. The other schools
were not affected, It was assured.
As the result of a communication
trom Messrs. Adkison and Dill, the
contractors for the Duke of Connaught
high school, calling attention to the
fact that the trees in Tlpperary Park
were causing a discoloration of the
stone work on tho new building, the
school trustees will tour through the
park tomorrow and decide which
trees must be cut down. The board authorized the destruction of some of the
trees recently but had not decided
which .it was necesrary to raze.
The lady members of the board were
warned by one of the male trustees to I
como carefully protected ln case thc
snow was still on the ground.
Mrs, Gllley declared that she wa*
not afraid of the snow and If need be
she would wear snowshotB which Ehe
had worn often previously during the
Mrs. Cross expressed the hope that
there would be uo vandalism allowed
In the thinning of the trees.
Since the resumption of studies for
1913, it was declared at last night's J
meeting, some 30 pupils had been unable to find accommodation in their
districts and, on account of the boundary rules formed hy tho board some!
time ago, the children were shut out [
all ronnd.   The board decided that the
rtlle could not apply under such con-1
ditlons and accommodation   will   be j
provided elsewhere.
ln''cases where children cannot get
along properly in the schools of their j
districts, the board will also author- j
ize a transfer if they think it will be of!
Because tho trustees believed that;
the Central school ground was a nasty
place and a good hiding    place    for
things,   the  city  council   will  he  requested to have it lighted.
As the Lord Utter and the other
new school are now neartng completion, some samples of seatt will be examined by the board in order to decide
which will be most suitable lo equal
the new buildings.
Last nights was the last regular
meeting of the 1&12 hoard. Mr. Jolli
Held, Mr. J. W. feel; antl Mr. I,.
Thornber conclude en January 20 the
two year term for whieh they were
elected in 1911. to make room for the
luad the poll or
January 16
Repair or Clean and Put in Order
Any Machine You Have
Special  Prices on All Office
Of the three retiring members,-Mr.
L. Thornber is the only one who has
announced hiB intention of entering
the Held for re-election,
Coiislderable regret ha.i been e-t-
pressed throusr.out the city that Mr.
Reid must leave the bonrd for a year
or two at least on account of unuvo'd
able circumstances,, as lie was ono of
llm murit enarjrstti'c of 'Is msniliurs. Ms- .
'     " firm
White was a native ot England  but i
had lived in this country fer a long
I time.
The late Mrs. White had many warm
' friends In Now Westminster, Victoria, ���
I Nanaimo and the lower Fraser valley,
| who will deeply regret to hear of her J
j death. The funeral will take place
on Saturday afternoon from Queen's
Avenue  Methodist  church.
rfrnrs" arisen Fly .,} n,j 'tfmo'i antf ti
lievc3 that any nan whom the people
hener with a trusteeship Should be
prepared to devot" a3 much t'me lu
Edmcnda, Jan. 9.���What is expected I the duties tf the office an possible.
to be the feature meeting of th:-1 Mr. Pec'; h another prdnnt worker
Burnaby municipal election campaign J and tU'.rlng his eight iucce*��-lva year*
will be held on Tuesday evening oi as school trustee ha* accomplished r
next week at the Burnaby public hall, j great deal. -.He has rot a-, yet decided
Edmonds. J whether he   will   Btand    for   honors
Mr  1). 0. Patterson, who Is one ofi again,
the three candidates for the recveship, I    One of the most   ra'cttakin?;   trus-
has hired the large    auditor!inn    for  tees on the hoard at the present time
that evening and has sent out Invtta
tions to every candidate running for
office so that the voters may gauge
the speaking   abll'.tlos   of   the lar^e
Mr. Patterson states he is not at all
pleased at the way the Edmond-s meet
ing was engineered on Wednesday
evening and tahes the stand that an
Paid in Full for Loss in
Sapperton Fire
To Messrs. White, Shiles & Co.
New Westminster, B.C.
Gentlemen���Allow me to express my gratitude to you for the full and
prompt settlement you have made on behalf of your fire insurance company on
account of the fire at my house on Sherbrooke street last month. This being the
second time I have been saved from serious loss through being insured by your
January 3rd, 1913.
' ' i     -       "   _ 'M',WWi|h_ ������
Yours Faithfully,
HIED -On January ninth at Sardln,
B.C., at the residence of her son, Uev.
Itev. J. H. White, D.D.. Sarah Jane,
widow of thp late Kev. Kilwani White,
aged 81 years. Funeral Saturday, Jan.
11 at 2:20 p.m. from Queen's Avenue
Methodist church, New Westminster. (400)
candidate should have been allowed
to blow off his steam Instead of restricting the gathering to jU3t one
All Indications    point    to    a lively
and who will constitute part cf tin
1913 board i3 Mr. T. J. Trapp; he
was honored by his colleague* at the
first meeting in 1813 by being selected chairman. In this position he has
demonstrated his keen business cipa
liifities and given satisfaction.
The other members who have still
i 'i year to serve before their of office
expire are Dr. T. B. Green. Mrs i
and Mrs. (Miley. All three take a
great deal ot Interest ln the administration ot school affairs.
Of almost Inestimable value to the
1*112 Trustees bas been the services
of Mr. I.. Avory White, th" ���
efficient secretary, and to him a great
ileal of credit must be given for the
utlfcceM of the administration.
Toronto, Jan. 9.���Two more municipalities in Ontallo have carried local
option by substantial majorities, lie-
turns received tcday at the local office
of the Dominion Alliance from the
townships of Bedford and North
Monaghau, show that last Monday the
termer voted H-6 for and 73 against.
Tho vote In the latto.- has not beon
The recounted vote iu North Mower,
���^o^^VMM~eXw��i^'K^U^n   wlllch earrted local option, I* 2��7 for
and 191 against
In the township of Eastnorv wr"-*"'
there was a repeal contest, the by-l*.w
was sustained hy a vote of 1*10 for
ami 140 against.
will bo held Tuesday uvening, Jan. 14
at 8 o'clock In Conservative consult-
iee rooms. Tho offices of the association nro In room 520 Westminster
Trust block, phone 868. (,433)
The annual election of officers of
Court Wb)stmlh��ter, No, 330, Canadian
Order of Foresters, for tho coming
year was held on Wednesday evening
with the following result: Bro. El, Kind
lay, chief ranger; llro. J. Hobs, vice-
chief ranger; Bro. Q, Milton, recording secretary; Bro. lt. 8. Boss, financial secretary; liro. A. t.. Lavery,
treasurer, Bro. ft, D. Innes, chaplain;
Bro, A. RamBay, senior woodward;
Bro. S. W. Etherington, junior woodward; Bro. J. Saunders, senior beadle,
Bro. H. Benson, Junior beadle; Bro.
W. C. Coatham .auditor; Bro. J. Lee
Thompson, pas chief ranger. After
tho election the new officers were installed.
Is the result of using our
Hot Water Bottles.
Two and five year guarantee with every bottle sold.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phone 43: L. O. 71; Rs*. 72.
New   Westminster,   b. C.
I  .-^VlV-
Granite oldgo, No. 16, K. of '1?. held
their Installation services last night.
Deputy Grand Chancellor A. McDonald, assisted by J. Forrester, grand
prelate, nnd P, 13. Maxwell, grand mas
ter at arms, Installed the following
officers for the ensuing term:
I). Craig, C.C.; J. MoClughan, V.C ;
J. Hone, prelate; J. Eadie, M. of W.;
A, McDonald, K. of B, and B,| !���'. II.
.Maxwell, M. of K.; J. Forrester, M.
of B.J J. J. Watson, M. at A.; V. Tup-
lln, .0.;   J.  Itlddell, O.Q.
T. Hemlirough was elected a trustee for the ensuing three year*.
Tho entertainment committee Is
busily engaged making arrangements
for a ball to be given in St. Patrick's
ha! on Wednesday, Jan. 2".
��� ��� ������
The mysterious disappearance of Thomas Wilson, who
has nut hoeu seen for the
past week, Is causing hla
friends in this city and East
Burnaby no itlle alarm.'Wilson was formerly employed on
tho government dredge Frith-
ling, but leaving this post be
acceptor! work with tho Cliff
Canning Company, East Burnaby, aa day watchman and
hIro drove the rig.
The last seen of Wilson was
In this city on Now Year's eve,
one of his pals had been with
him In Vancouver and left him
later In the evening, WllBon
saying that he would again
visit the Fruhllng, which was
thru ln port.
Bob Ferguson, who was with
Wilson that evening, saw nothing of his pal the next day aud
visiting the Fruhllng, found the
missing man's hat on the deck
hut no sign of Wilson.
Tlie Fruhllng sailed that day
for tlio Sandheads and It ma?
be possible that WllBon ts Btlll
aboard. This cannot be verified until the dredge arrives in
port Saturday morning and
many of his friends fear that
he met with a mishap which
plight have cost him bis life.
Stole Bullets from B. C. E. R. "nation i
and Used Them In Small Rifle.
Edmonds, Jan. 9.���A distinct warn
ing was given the younger element of
Burnaby in the police court yesterdav
morning when two small boys, aged 11
and 13 respectively, were charged wl'.'i (
breaking elecfrlc light h-->bs ���>* 'ho 1 !
C. E. It. station at Jubilee and   nls-^
charged with the theft of a ?.*> pound j
hex   of   B.   B.   shot from   the Bam"
A small rifle Is said to have been
used ln the breaking of the elnctrr
Tho court, after glviptr ('���<��� bo��i sir!
i ihelr raremis �� wiiriiiiiis. '<���>������ ������'! *'""
j yonr.-rstera over to keen Hie ni-ticr for
twelve month*, eoiripelllng the'r parent* to give bond* of Jr.no nnd for a
period of ��lr month* ���*"> Imy* are to
rojort pvo-v two weeks to rvpf of
Police Parkinson.
The costs, amonntlntt to **��� S1 ouch,
were assessed against the pareutB.
Your   Chilblains   will
bother you till you use
The results obtained by
using this remarkable
remedy are marvellous.
25c. the Bottle.
(Successor to F. j. MacKenzls.l
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 66.
Dominion Tru��t Building.
New We��tmln*ter, B.C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
feel ths need of Glasses today when
EVE6TRAIN is tha rule and not the
exception. I ' -
Workmen who -would have reliable
help for their ayes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701 Columbia Street Phone 67
C'-roni-tlo-i cf J.-na->��n9 Em-isTcr.
Tnkvn, Jm. 0.���"*��� !���. v-t""��r
*taffd i1 n* ^''c ���������t"1itin* *-f the psvv
ner'-r --in i-'-o plane at Kletto In the
autumn '"'  '��1*
I 'tJ.ii.ill.-.'.' . .'..��� 33	
of all kinds In great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbon*, our Carbon Paper
in all grades and for every use.
Stephen's and  Stafford's Inks and
Blank Hooks of every kind.
64S Columbia Street
Phone 45.">
��� ���_
investments  at  the   price*
66 foot lot in good location; Juut off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
1398���5 L0T8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some are cleared; street I*
graded; price $3900 on good terms
If you want
Reliability. Silence.
Economy, Satisfaction and
The "YALE" will meet
your requirements.
Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
The Schaake Machine Works
-These ar* ail  I ���'  lotwwtona ind  are   good
..-.ii 0.1 bounht for now.
1360���riFTH   STi- neir   Eighth
avttiie'  'iii'iti i.p liuie; ii Kood buy
st $1.(10*1, one-third cash.
1165���SEVENTH   AVENUE   near  4tri
street; two loin: upper side; 50x131
all cleared and (trailed; piioe $12T*i
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, employers' Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurancs.
Sir Ktlinund H. Oslor, M.P., President. W. D. Matthews, Vice-President.
O. A. Hof-ert, General Manager.
Hoad Office Toronto, Ont.
���_ ,,, , i   .
.$ 5,000,000
. 6,000,000
. 78,000,000
A branch of thla Bank has been established In New Westminster
at the corner of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite tbe Post office,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
G. H. MATHEW80N, Manager.


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