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The New Westminster News Aug 30, 1913

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 ' ��
Newe Claeelfled Ada.
Have proven their worth by tbe
remits   tbey   produce.     They   All
large   or   small   wants   at   email
The Weather.
N'ew Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds.
generally fair and warm.
Rear-end Collision on C.P.R.
Near Port Coquitlam in
Calicos*  ot   C lowly    Moving     Freight
Ctru;l< by Vancouver Passenger
Train���Tracks Tern Uo.
AU Gathering in This City
After Work in Canneries
���Leave Soon.
His Arguments Delayed    Mail    Train
and Now He Must Cross Cwordn
with  Postal Officials.
People to Decide ".'hether or Not to j
Chief  of   Dominion   Police
cf  Parties Going to Chilliwack
and Agasslz.
Two men milling nnd both tracks
torn uy Wll tbl result of u roar end
oolltilon last trlght noar Port
C��K|ultliini, when a passenger train
crashed into the oaboon of a moving
freight  train.
Conductor 1 C. McKay of tbe freight
train, aud �� brakeman,   name    un
known, an- reported an missing, they
having been known to hav���� been in
the caboole Wbn the passenger train.
travelllnf westward. Brained into tbo
freight during it heavy fog.
The   polloe  are  Investigating   along
with   railroad   uffloltilH     and     hefore
morning   it   Is   possible   that   the   two
milling men may have l��e��.n found.
Fog  Heavy.
The ll cldint happened about f.(i'l
yards earl of the l'ltt river bridge, It
eppearH that the freight train, due at
Coqultlam nt lo o'clock, was proceed*
lng cauttputly    in    the    roc    wben,
without   warning,  the passenger train
going towarfli Vancouver, era-shed into
the caboose
At   the  time  -when   the   report   waa
pent to The News by a co"-- spot de:
Stationed   at   Coqnltla-m,  tu*    .w��o�� �����������,
and alio a portion of the looomotlve. j
No   LT.-tu.  was on    fire,    caused    by!
greats and  oils having  been   thrown
into thi' ashes from the locomotive
The engine and tender left the rails,
follow ini; the Impact and Is lyiim in a
dangerous position overhandlng a ditch
on the north side of the tracks, with
a  poBRlhilllv of  it  toppling over.
Aid wan furnished from r*ort Coquitlam, by a large King of workmen employed on the T*ltt river bridge, nnd
these were set 10 work repairing the
trarkH In order that traffic might not
be delayed
Track Stilt Blocked.
A later report     at 3 am���from th-e
Cbloo, Cat, Auk. 2D, When l.on
Uoiid, sttorney, und oclouel In thu
'second Infmilry, National liuard
in Charge! uiurt, d action loday to teat lho
legal,ty of extra charge by rallwayi
wben cash Iuu-h ure paid un truniH,
nc scaraely expected to cross swords
with Duels Bam'i postal uff-ciais. it
now* teems probable, however, that be
will be charged   wltb   delaying   tbi
l'nited Statea mail.
Bond swore out u warrant charging
Conductor N. W, Ballinger, of tin-
Boutbern Pacific wltb coiUctlng   ten
ci ntb c��tra from lum for his Taie.
When Italllngor puied through here
*.(iu> in charge Ol a mail Iran, two
officers tried unsuccessfully to arrc.-tt
on. The tram was delayed 'It, minutes while the officers   were   being
Ibowp (hat lhey  Here exceeding their
authority.    Now    tlie    postal   o Iciuls
thnaten to take action aim ir-t  liond,
the two officers who attempted tbe ar-
.\'ews yps-! rest and tbe Just'ce of the peace bu-
O'Connell, who la a Oral fore  whom   the   yarrant   was  sworn.
enjoys j for causing the government ma;l need-
1"H�� delay.
It Is expected Conductor llaliinger
will be arrested tomorrow.
At Mcetinj? Last Night New
Features for  Iii��  Fall
Show Told of.
Raise 4J4
Per Cent. Bonds to
5  Per Cent.
Ipecial  Attractiono Now Signed  up-
Cockeye Run to C: Larger Than
Will pleated with tha admirable behavior of the 4400 Indian men, women
and children  who came to the f-'r��ser
ior the Balmon fiihing season this
year, Chlet Dominion Constable Tool.
O'Connell, uf Nanaimo, who for years
Ins kept .:n official eye on the Indian
population  of  liritish  Columbia,
gathered    hia    obargei  in this
wlo nct   he will conduct  them, or the
majority ol them, to tbe hopfleldi ol
ChllllWICk and KpiSSil, before sending them hack to their homes on the
different reservation!, throughout the
in conversation with Th
t'lday   Mr      ^^^^^^^^^
friend  of  the  Indian and   who
the latter*! confidence to a marked de-
free, expressed his gro.it satisfaction
at  the   munner ln   which   thc  former
owners of the noli behaved during their
annual sojourn along the l-'raser.
Are to Be Complimented.
"Certainly they  are  to be complimented " eald the   chief   constable,
I "particularly when it  ih remembered
thai there were this teaion a greater
tlnn.ber than ijstiul of that despicable
Olala .-lei make a business of supply-
ling   liquor  to  Indians      However,  we
dealt   with   them   summarily  and   be-
i tween :iO and 40 of these nov; are serving terms ln Jail." ���
From All Parts.
Mr.  O'Connell  estimates  that  'here ,
were  along  thf   Kraser   tbls   summer
engaged  tn  different  branches of the!
salmon canning  Industry  4400 Indian
nun. women and children. Tbey came
from   na   far no  the  coast  as  Prince
Rupert, from th�� Weft coast of Vancouver Is'und and from the east et-nst
from   Cowli-Jhan.    Saanlch,    Nanalmo
and t'hemaiuus,    from    the    Interior.
iKamlcOpi,   Lillooet,   N'loola    Ash-croft,
from    acrosB    the
Already more applications for space
for district exhibits than in any previous year; many entries for the horse
khow as compared to last year when
entries did not commence to come In
until about a week before the show;
several good exhibits promised for the
art department; arrangements
music proceeding; veterinary surgeon
|appointed; splendid program for special attractions.
Then wire some of the encouraging
! reports   received   at   the   meeting   of
ithe executive of the H. A. & I. society
in the beard of trade rooms last even-
I In;".
A dlscursion was a!ho held on the
I advisability of making an offer to se-
Icure the Minto cup games for exlilhi-
tlon week, but this matter was not fi
jnully settled.
The meeting wns well attended.
I president C, A. Welsh was In the
, chair, the others present being Alder
Kd mends, Aug. 29.���Saturday la the
lay when u. electorate of burnaby
will decide v'.ieilier to suppott the bylaw conn rti���g the 4'^ per cent,
bonds into fives or Whether to leave
will enough alone.
Today found a new situation, a new
' complexion  In     the    bylaw     elect on.
! reflected  very  favorably  toward    the
council  and   those  in  support cf the
' bylaw.
This was the   announcement   that
I ex-Reeve J    '.V.  Weart and Councilor
Macpherson hid burled    the    halche'
I against the byiaw on the understand-
i lng that the bylaw calling for the tx-
���jtnjr pendlture of |5UO,000 on    ream facing
Goes on Holiday While the
World Digests Contents
oi His Address.
American Newspaper Men
Question Him on Many
I three of the main highways would be
j dropped for the present tint 1 the people had a chance to vote on a pltbis-
! cite.
Negotiations   With   Mexico   Continue
and  End of Trouble Almost in
Washington, Aug. 20.��� Prs dint
Wilson l.ft \vashington late today Cot
the summer ca;. tal at Ccrcish, N.H.,
still hopeful of a favorable culmina
tlon of the negotiation! uiid-r.akeii by
this country to bring about peace in
Although no aiffrmative action on
either Bide had becn reported up to
the time of the president's departure
encouraging dispatcher were received
from      Nelson      O'Shaughiiessy,      in
He's a Suffragist, Cut Not a Suffragette���Zee, Universal Peace and
Compliments U. S. A.
Thus it would seem that practically |J����g(J -j,���^" All,;r7^n'"eVnb78Vv    a"[
all of the prominent men ln the
municipality had been lined up In
favor of the bylaw whicb is to be
voted upon tomorrow.
Fight Still on.
However, this does not mean that
the fight which has been waged
against the administration now- In
newer has been dropped. It in simply
a lull In the storm, both sides taking
thc view that the passage of the in-
Mexlco City, bearing on the general
situation. These reached the president a few hours before train time
and led hlm to determine upon a short
rest over l.abor Day.
Nothing In the advices from Mexico
City gave thu administration off ciali
cause for particular anxiety and it
was the general conviction that a lull
in the diplomatic exchanges would bt?
beneficial to all concerned.
Let It Sink in.
New Vork, Aug. 29. Viscount Haldane, the Oral lord high chancellor cf
til-eat HriUun to leave bis country
s.uce Cardinal Wool-gey went i >
France 400 yeara ago, arrived here today on the aieamsnip l.usitama tor a
flying visit of five days In thia country and Canada.
The lord high chancellor, whose
pes,tion in Kngland corresponds tj
that of chief Justice of the supreme
court of the United Siates, la bere aa
a guest of the American Bar association, before which he wlll deliver aa
address at its annual meeting at
Montreal next Monday night. Ton'glit
he wag entertained at a dinner given
in behalf of tbe association bv ('. A.
Severance, of St. Paul. His Itinerary
includes visits to West I'oint and
Was Ready.
Previously warned that be mlgbt es-
Tools Used  by Davis and
Clark in Breaking Jail
men   Kellington   and   Jardine.   Mayor jtere9t conversion bylaw ls in the best  "��� LrtltTtaifta" ^Vao^lV'o'n'hlTti^vafTn^w
SKdJSFSS %&Sf2SSSi Bto !lntere8,8 ��l B,Ur"fy and T.1 SS ^ ' ����� PresidLen,,Ui'envcs,,,-1t is known, I YorTthTcbane^ S^\��"
rialr fiheriM Armltrone AV Vert" i B8ge '.'. ab,u>'ul^r e89e" 'al �� pr* that good may come from the position 'ed a delegation of th��n whS boSrted
. Pnwfer F H V'unnTngham I J H? ,u Resent J^sncia position taken fc ^ pre9ldent ln hiB meMage the Lusitania at quaranUne and sub-
titche and I    Williams L$ ?,m*et!"��  ����eld In the Moreton ���       Wednesd       afler  it ha8 haa t,me .mltted to another Jutmiew when he
Ultchle and I.. Williams. lha��� thlg evenl���Bi  wUh  Harry  8��'or- ���t0  slnk  ,n .,    Excltement  -subsiding Ireached the botel where he Is making
der in tbe chair, the trend of the oyer the exchange c( proposals and ;his headquarters In this city,
speeches was In favor of the bvlaw, repUe8 would u was Eaidt Uad t0 ljOTi Haldane freely discussed many
which Is all the more remamaaie further ���egotlatious between the questions ot the day. declared that he
consider ng the opposition waged 0���lciai8 0, Mexlco cit>. and John wa8 ,��� ��������,. 0, woman Bu-jr^e, 9TO,
against it at the meeting of Wednes- Un(J the ^,,0^-, representative of'phesled that a millenium of peace
,day evening In the   Burnaby   public thlB government. iwag fmr off# ^d the relaUonaTbe-
that   the   attraction*   would   be   even hall. I    Mr.   Und. it  was asserted  tonight, tween    Germany   and    Bngland were
better  than  last  year,   which   proved!    Polling  will   begin  tomorrow   morn- nad been in8truc,ed from Washington never more -cordial, praised tbe intel-
prospects    of   a large  iQ colUlnue to act at hl8 0wn discre- lectual  growth of the  United 8*Ute��
correspondent of The News stationed  Bpotrum and even
at  COOnlthnn, stated  that  traffic wna  American border
stlM  tied  np and would  be  for some rrtl t0 Come and Go.
little  time.     Many  Westminster  par        ..v���,   the   Immigration     men    don't
���angers were on board the passenger  i,...,,���r ,hp Indiana." said the e*lef In
train and were being held up east of
the  wrciV until a passage  is cleared
for them
3*vit   When   Serving   Former   Term
Told of Whereabctitt and Finds
Saw.,  in Cell.
_ Williams.
On the recommendation of Mayor
flray It was decided In the future to
meet in the cltv council chambers and
the next meeting will be held at 4
o'clock   nevt   Krlday   afternoon.
Sheriff  Armstrong reported for the
��� neclal attrertlon* committee. He suid
ions   *f
^^^^^^       year,      	
h n drawing csrd. |
Further time was given th�� commit-1
tne to arrrnee for staging the attrac-'
i(...... r��d the committee was also au-
thorlrcd to Improve the dressing's
rooms in tve *?nind stand for the convenience of the performers.
Musical  Ride.
.    P. 11   f'nnnlneham. chairman of the
best    seller'' l^orse show committee, had a very en-
iied ' ''onraglng report to make.    He stated
that there were manv entries already
ing with the    . ^  w 	
vote before 7 o'clock In the evening , y0n"a8 ~{o" whether he  should await,and predicted that home rule tor li*-
wben tbe stations will be closeil.        developments at Vera Cruz, or return land would Boon be an accomplished
to Mexico City. Up to a late hour no fact. With a merry twinkle In his
dispatches had been received at tiie blue eyea the lord high chancellor
state department from Mr. I.ind. 'joked and quipped    with   bis   inter-
Lind's Move. (viewers between serious remarks and
j Mr. I.ind will probably make the conceded that the American custom of
next move in the negotiations, which j interviewing    distinguished     visitors
Big Meeting Held.
The meeting at Moreton baU this
evening was attended by a goodly
bodv of ratepayers who were amicus
to delve still further into the financial
standing of the council
is   furnish
The (���   p, It. train running between
N'ew  Westminster and Coqultlam  wai
wafting at the
ready U> hrlng
for this city
junction   at
in all  people
.Iiiiii-jiii. Alatka. Aug. L'H .lohn A.
Chfkney, 34 yt'ars old of I>ch Moines,
Wash., waa accidentally killed while
hunting in"nr Trend-well today     He had
killed ;i porcupine and was prodding
the caroass with the Itock of hia cun
when thc gun was discharged, tlie
bullet penetrating the young mnn'l
heart He had been working ut thc
Treadweil mine a year.
'i at
Arsenic Did It.
I-ondon. Aug. .'tu. - In n despatch
dealing with the effect of the Chinese
rebellion on .Japanese IntereatH. the
Pally Telegraph's Tnklo correspond
ent makes the revelation thai the
reason President Yuan Shi Kai nniH:i
ad the in rthern troops on tlle Yang
Tse  river and  prepared for  wur,  was
nbuwer to h question. "They are nl-
U'ned tr i;n and enme, to -infl'TM on
bulb stdef of th" International line "
OwHles hehaving themietrei rxecp.
tli Ulty   well,   the   Indiana    all    have
mrde -ttoney thlH leason and yesterday
w'tvi ihnnt SHOO In the city, they were
���-nit-inc tome of their newly-found
fund"  fly.
"The* We New Westrelnster." BXl��
their official guard Ian.   "Thev arc ai-
W-iys "ell trenred here and the police
Show  them  the  ntmoi't  con*jlder��tlrm.
Ther  c��������  I'eltor treatment  here than,the alleg
In   manv other places."
In a i' v or so they w 111 all Se gone
-('������ In, this time to the hop Oelds.
where they will make some more
���* ��� '.����� t i tide over the coming winter I' Is estimated that in the hop
nicking, which will last till about the
flrM werii In October, there will be
s-me 1100 Indians In the fields about
Agsssli and 1600 more in Chllllwadk
district With the bops all safely gathered, they will scatter to their different reservations to return to the Fn-
rer again next year in time for the
sockeye run
Councillor  Macpherson, the    leader
nf the oDpos'tion. as he was termed
A  theme  for a real    '
[Among  detective   stories
!i>y the inquiry into the duspcrale at-,
tempt of H. T. Cburk and his alleged .,"       ...      ,
Uonfederatc. Davit, to escape from lhe'tihi��J"L?*fC*3ftc
'provincial  jail   laM   Monday   morning. IM.\?ro ,t**."1* ,   *&,   , ,n    n ., ������,
'     ,, j      i ..      .1 i   I tit* 'ta'ed that ��ime of the beet ml-
It now de clops. aOer thorough In- Lgli in the province would be at the
ves ligation, that the saws which    b-1^     ���d ^ enlrieB had been
...rated the   iwo man   from  thrtr^cellsUroabBa from Alberta,
wen    smuggled    Into   the Jail by   a      Mr. Cunningham added that a mu?l-
, prisoner who wa�� later sentenced, and, r;il  ri(1,. w0,l]d be ���   p!irt  of ,hr. pro-na8t  Wednesdav
Its now Mrvlng a life imprisonment ni!prarn at the horee show and it i? ex-Un0W   supported   the   bvlaw   and
the penitentiary. jpected 'hat this innovation will be a I -proposition rf  Messrs   ~
According lo   rel^bie   Information gnocwwfnl one. I He was   gt"l ����*���%*���
dlseovired   by   The   Mewl  It   appears      nr. .Tnkeman was appointed nfriria!; ravi���j, (1f ti10 raaln
Davit,  who  ix awaiting trial  for !veterinary' surgeon Tor the exhibition. ��� ,,���,���   ,ne    (Jna^pjal
d murder   of    Police   Con- Childrens' Day. paaaed. Wt He hadI received the awur.
alnb c  An* hi i.tld.  iu   Vancouver, some,     ,, _ .    , . A.       , .,,   ,���^ .   ,.���      .������n     .k���.
months   ago.   bad   served   a   pr.-v.cus       ��f��yor rirav. cVilrninn, of th-.child- ,ance   of   the    counc,      that
sonte.ire of six motfha In the provln-   rr" F   llHV   "'""nlttre.   stated   that  he would  be done with th��
���, i  , i, i, _    ...        * ������    nJUmn. ,-   was prenarmg a splendid proerani for at the present time and
r^.i    ai    uvl'r comm"-Children's day. something that would would support tho proposition.
Vawa  c*__r,-ieIi he different from  other years and at |    H.   Seymour was  the only  speaker
,,    ,       , ' .,   '   i ���     once a  good drawing card. ito oDnose the bvlaw.
During   his   incarceration   he   made      Thp m,lvor Is arranirinT a nt-ml-r of'        PP
ihi'iicqualntaiice or lie prisoner, I iter ;pnmp|),ilivp   gport   ���v,������   ������,,   s|���,po
���ontenced for   ife. who mfonmd him   th.���   hB  hnft  n]rea(lv   t,,,,,.,   nV.T.r}   a
or  the  whereabouts of Uie   two  hick  Illimlier of valuable'special prlxei for
s.tws which had beeu smuggled   int
P. B. Brown was the first speaker ^ presldent   emphatically   asserted jwas "delightfully progressive."
and gave his support
His   reason   was   that
to the    bvlaw
bonds   bearing
^^^     War Obsolete.1
"It would be a very sanguine   pcr-
in his message had  not  been closed.
��� ��t there were manv emn*es aire���, ,   ,    ..    ������ th.  The fact that the Mexico City officials j      .. ._, 	
r. hand cont^ry to last year when *-��% oer cent, were unsaleable on the (n their second note cf rep,y had ���. \ .. he ^M when Mked hu oplnitB
hev did not r-enl i�� until a few days London market at the preeent tlrne ^ d {rom the demar.d for an ea- of tbe Innnence ot the peace.-palace
hey did noi     **-e.m �� |     *   wherfl other municipalities were ���<,Jangc of accredited ambassadors,   lt ;at The Hague, "who can see the dawn
selling 5 per cent, bonds, he saw no wag polnted out left an opening for 0f international peace. It is useless
reason why Burnaby should not do'future movements. The view was ex- to look toward the permanent cesaa-
the same. _       _     , _  pressed that the Gamboa reply to the tlon of war in  the near future.    We
second American note might actuate Can only do our best and trust to the
Mr. Lind to address a third note to events of time. The coning of vhe
the officials of the Huerta govern- millenium of peace must be an evolu-
ment. Acting at his own discretion, tlon like everything else, hut some
It was suggested the American repre- day we must come to thn realisation
senta'.ive might forward a message to 0f tbe fact thai we cun settle our dif-
Boulton   Bros,
the    proposed
highway, nt least
..r-ii-i-ii-cv    had
pa vine work
therefore, be
"Pour or five years ago." raid Mr
O'Connell yesterday to The News, "thc
then mayor of New Westminster coin-
the Institution in ttcsae mysterious
wav, h-t as Davis' term was on tlie
point of terminating, he made no at
tempi at that time to saw his way oul
because Iie was poisoned by urs.inlc j plained about thn slovenly appearance
bv touthern agents In the month if,of the Indiana' camp In the cily. 1
May. (Continued rm  I'age Four!
different events.
Art Exhibit.
S. J. Ritchie renorced ns chair"in"
:of the arts committee ami stated that
he bad heen promised several good ev
hiblts. including some water colors
by celebrated artists. Better lighting
arrangements will be made for the art
department this yenr.
"The prospects are that the district exhibits will be more extensive
than ever and more applications bave
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   alreadv   Bern   made   for   space   than
Iden, probably underneath the floor oriPV,'r    ^^^^^^
lln some nook not likely to bc search-!    Th's wi'.s (lm s(at(tnent of Manatfer
Ot his cell.
Etill There.
With the location of the saws still
in his mind, Davis was freod. later to
be picked up by tl* ��� Vancouver police
on a charge of murder. Ily a peculiar
ci incidence, Davis was plnc��d in the
same cell   where  the saws wore hid-
New  York, Aug. 'M.    Despatches tol
Dun's Review  from  branch  offices or:
ll. (1. Dun .*>.   Co. frum principal cities
iu   the   Dominion   indicate   u   renewal
of confidence   and   general
tions of un   active   fall
Montreal reports that retail trade
Is showing some Improvement and
wholesale movement of the commodities is slightly more active. There is
a fair demand for groceries and
leather Is very firm, btlt It ls still too
early to receive much sorting up bust-
nees ln dry goods. The wholesale
millinery opening scheduled for next
week Is expected to stimulate activity
In that lino.
Winnipeg  Ctaples Cood.
Winnipeg reports that    the    retail!
trade    is    in    large volume    and that
wholesale  distribution   Is  sood.   Agricultural Implement and machinery are
expecta-   *���  good demand and  tbere Is an  im
and    winter proving tendency iu most staple lines.
Whi le.mlers   al    Kdniont n   nport
trade  Is  well  sustained   volume. Harvesting is under way and   the quality
of the grain it very good.
Weitern Cities.
Moots Jaw reports that the weather
conditions havc bet n favorable and
that there is au active demand for
staple goods wholesale. Harvesting
will bo general within a week and o
larger yield Is practically assured.
Trade conditions at Regina are rant-
Sitting  and  a number of enterprises
ed by the authorities.
During   the   past   few   weeks   Davis
nrol iblv nonBded the discovery of the i
saws to his partner, Clark, anil wilt- j
Ing   their   chance,   worked   the   steel
blades to such advantage as to be ab'e L^-��� ��� Kp,owna A ��� ot
to crawl out of the,,- cells early Mon- 1^ (WfMs ^ ���,������ exprc8?t,d
'*���'���  """>">���' [their Intention of exhibiting.
th" stati ment of   	
MacKenzie. wlin gave tlie fi'lowlnc
districts ps among thn���� which hud
already entered: Chllllwack, Miplr
Ridge. Bumuttlttm, l.intlev. S"''non
Arm. Kmiloop*-. Revelstoke. Richmond,   Como'*    Psntioton.   Armstrong
Mexico City from Vera Crux before
determining upon going to the Mexi
can capital in person for a renewal of
direct negotiations.
Messane Praised.
Hundreds o* 'e'teri and telegrar-*"-
reached the White House from all
parts of the countrv. expressing an-
prcvni of Pres'dent Wilson's mena-c
on Mexico. These "-ere not made
Dubllc. but the president is known to
have h��>n highlv gratified at the
symnothetic reception lis course had
Guard Recovering.
Ouard B, P, Day. wbo was th" most
seriously injured In the scuffle with
tiie two desperate men. is mcOver'hfl
his strength at the Royal Colnmh'nn
hospital, although it will be so-oral
days before he will be able to leave
that Institution.
Ounrd Hlbben. who was injured cn
the shins and head, wll probably re
port fer duty next week.   _
ThmVa ��'.��w��^**2>; biiii7loJ^"ln tii��"city;>nd buiit.ess
lines at Quebec, but no great Increase
In activity- is looked for until after
the first of the month.
Toronto Rather Quiet.
Wholesale trade Is rather quiet at
Toronto, although some of the larger
In n tall linns, especially clothing,
shoes and dry goods being quite active.
Coast Stationary.
General   conditions   at   Vance-*'.-'
and    New Westminster   show   I'ttl
homes report a greater volume of l change, the movement of the mor
business than ever before. Many vltl- johatldlse bn'ng Btiil In fair volume
tors are now [n the city and It It ex- wllh demand for staples being s'lnm
���pee'ed that   they    wlll^ place   large lated  by extensive  railroad construc-
to-ho crop con- tlon
ordert before leaving
dit'ens nre MBBH
Hamilton report! thnt trade this
week wat rather quiet, hut that the
proipects are looked upon aa favorable.
In the warL west and northwest
favorable  weather for harvesting    Is
tiroes earning! of all Canadian railroads renortlng to date for the firBt
weeks of August show a loss of 1.2
per cent, as compared with the earn
Ings cf the tame roads for tho cor
responding period a year ago.
Commercial falltirrt in the Domln
���atlifactory. crop remits ' -generally Jon this week numbered 28, agalnBt 38
stimulate confidence, and business Is last week and 27 the same week last
beoomtng more active. .year.
Vr. MacK-anvIe stated that It was
also expected 'hat there wou'd h" ('"
exhibit from the Indians near Kamloops.
Portland. Ore., Aug. 29.���Appeal wa?
taken by the Southern Pacific company In the federal court here today
from the decision of Judge Wolverton
rendered July 1. whereby 2.300 000
acres of land In the Oregon nnd California grant were declared forfeited
to the govornment. The case now
goes to tho l'nited 8tates circuit court
of appeals st San Franclrco and from
th're. however It may be decided. It
will be taken to the United States
supremo court.
Wheat Still Lover.
Wlnnlneg, Aug. 29.���Wheat prices
wcre again on the decline today. Winnipeg and Minneapolis on good prospects and favorable weather were decidedly weak, while Chicago wat
comparatively steady nn Arm corn
markets. Liverpool cables and European markets were all lower, oatt on
the local market (airly steady, while
flax wn weak.
| His String of Hortu Made Him $135
Cut Two Hold-up Men Took the
Kankakee, 111.. Aug. 29.���Rev. O. W.
Bonnell, a Christian minister from
ColsU n, Cnl., owner of a string of
race herpes, one of which Coppa the
Oro, won the 2:26 trot at Champnlgn
yesterday, wns held up and robbed of
flSR. as he was alighting from the
northbound fart mat! train on the Illinois Central tonight.
Ponnell was bringing hla string of
race hones to the Kankakee Interstate
fair and as he was standing on the
olatform waiting for the train to stop.
he wai rushed by two young men and
relieved of hli puree containing the
money ind several notes. The young
men remained on the train which proceeded towards Chicago.
Rallmad officiate were wired to be
on the lookout for them
Depositors    of    Farmers'    Bank    Still
Want  Settlement���Expect  100
Cents on Dollar.
Dttav-a Auc. 89.���W. C. Mickle.
K.C. of Re'.levllle. one of the counsel
'or the depositors of the Farmers'
bank, was in Ottawa today endeavoring to get a line otl the details of thc
nrooosed assistance by the government.
Hon. Mr. Wliite has not yet returned
and the others whom he sought an
out of town. There is to be a meeting of the executive of the depositors'
ilto-clatlon shortly and it Is desired to
���--������" some information to lay before
On the day of the prorogation of par-
���"ntnent the prima minister promised
that a measure of assistance would be
'orthoo-iing next session to those who
had suffered by the collapse of the
bf��k hut ho entered Into no detail*.
The denosltnrs say that the justice
of their claims has been conceded and
that thev should receive 100 centa on
the do'lnr. It would take about tl,-
000 noo to meet the depositors' claims
In full.
ferences in a better way than by quarreling with eaCh other."
i    Lord Haldane chuckled    when    tho
quejt'on    of    woman    suffrage    was
brru .lit up.
"Yes. I am a sufTrapat," be aaiif,
"but 1 do not approve of tbe militant
suffragettes. Von are fortune to have
no militant sufTragot'es in this country and I sincerely hope the militant
idea will not gain a foothold here.
The   methods   of  thc   Kngiish   sufffa-
 gettes have delayed equal suffrage for
years.   At present there Is no chance
 ' cf woman suffrage becoming a govern-
MAROtj'S  MUST MAKE GOOD ment measure as the cabinet Is Iwpe-
BEFORE HE MARRIES NURSE  ,eBg,v dlrloed on the gubiect and so
���        .   iare both  parties.    If   a   government
Snn  Frjpetsco.  Aug    'S.-Marnuls l0 ^ e,eeted on that ,        ,���,.���
Tear   P.   Puffo. late of Honnlnlci. nr-j. ^    h.   ho0f,,ps3,y divided    on
-���'-eil  todav   in   the  hope  of  finding   ,..���_ _.her f-,-^ ���-, *
fame and  fortune as stepping stones'i-     -  *rts*vr -�����*"- ,
to   his   greatest     ambition���marriage : G.rn-.a-i Relations Better:
with Mic^ Bessie I.. Tappan. a trained' The fact that the lord chancellor,
ncrce. Thc marquis faces the neces- when he was secretary of state for
sitv of "making good." for (he young j war, visited the German emperor at
woman, who lives In New York. In-1 tho height of the ill-reeling between
sists that he prove his abflity to earn j Germany and Bngland over the arms-
enough to support her before she will jment question was made the basts for
name the day. j (Continued oa Page Five l
Two Opinions on Mexico
El Paso. Tex., Aug. 29���Seventv-flve
American men. women and children
from Madera and oth'r Chihuahua
town arrived here '.oday on a special
refugee Mexican Northwestern train.
The '"-odd* wa<> caused bv tbe killing
if Edmund Haves at Madera a few
davs ago. the culmination of b'tter
feel-n? against Americans. Thirty-
nine Chinese were alio brought to
tbe border.
The American refugees without
funds wlll be oared for bv United
States Consul Thomas Edwards, of
Juarea. Arrangements to care for the
Chinese nt the United State* Immigration station ln El Pato are being
made. The American negro who was
���hot and killed by federal! at Madam
a few daya ago wna Jehu Heavy
London. Aug. 29.���In an edltcrial
concerning tiie situation between the
United States and Mexico, the Spectator says:
"In dealing with Mexico President
Wilson wishes to secure the effects of
compulsion while announcing that he
never will applv compulsion. This
new method of diplomacy obvlonslv Is
not a h-oneful one. and whether President Wilson wlll he able to emerge
from the present crislp with oredlt or
safety it Is imporslble tn say what
may be called hla gentle hhltlnaav hi��
manoeuvred him into a oopltlon from
which It '�� not easy either to advance
or retreat."
The S"turdav pevW save: "The
i-eeldeit's tone or ���~'!ri sunerlorltv
will rnly oetrapo Merlcan pride and
stimulate President ''uer'-'-i and his
r'-aln tn ���i'i" a bo'd -t-nd P* ch-im-
plons of Mexican d'r"','v against Am-
eplcer- (iipo'rnee it ' "ine- about the
hort'Iitles which Mr Wrtlon nrofesses
he Is moot anr'ous to n-n'fl."
Continuing t>e editorial says: "A
�����,.r.,*i,.r i.icii*ent ��nd the tht^e t*. dene
���Rnf/ir" the ���-"lertoanp know *t *>i������
���adit he ����� raid, nomehody wlll tread
on the Stars and Strlnes sti* all
A ���merle, will be remembering tte
Ma'no again."
The Economist revlewtn.g the ***���**.
can situation, foreree* fhe nnsilhflltv
of Oerei-M Huerta holding the Vtt��t
dency Indefinitely, because. It nn he
Is prohibited at provisional week-Tent
from being a candidate tar Um mm**
and en election cannot take place era
ttltutlonally until peace hi
Paria Aa-. SO.���The tttltude nf tbe
���"���"rem."'!! guvernmert oo the aituatlon
botweeu the tfnited States and Mexico.
Vive tbe Nht'n is Inspired hy the tra-
���'���''(������-i.'il friendship towards Uie United
Itafen and a keen desire tbat all
-Xmerlcsn questions he arranged la
agreement with the Washington government.
"French representatives to tho Unft-
-d States and Mexico " the Matin continues, "have been inrtrueted to aid
ta mi:"h as possible In bringing abont
tn understanding between the two
countries. Tbe foreign office ta cob-
���-'need the United Plates ban ao other
aim than to establish pee** In Mettco.
for which country the United State*
Flncro'v wlrhes prosperity and '******.
Offfoirl circles praire the honesty,
mndercflon and calmness e*M-b*ted In
the -flltnde *'J*retldent Wilson end
the American people."
Kw Vork. Aug. *��.���Snecetattaa
'al'rd 'o m-InUIn today the brisk p*��
aet ve-��tnTdav although
(tal--. ���*���****) well held- In the i
or definite msrsm Tram Mwlon,
w'��h ao strlktag develoymenta Ibi
other ouarter. Inoeatlve
trsdtar wna Inching.   IH _
->f a triple holiday taaded gtOI far-
npeafBB tat tfce market ���
[tur ���a<s* two
SATURDAY,   AUGlJBT   30,   1��13.
unkindly, but unerringly. They are
full of the fire of Intelligence und energy. It Is easy to Imagine them
bluing wltli almost fanatical enthusiasm, when their owner hulls one of
his thundering ipeechei at the tup-
An tmdt*te*Ki*nt aauaa-a-mp m**r dmuitmt fo the Inter -st* ot New Westminster and | porters ol tlle Herman monarchy in
rimer Valley. PmM-faM ttvtrv Morning exctfit bunday by the An tlonal 1'rlnUng, the Reichstag, llut in private conver-
r***bU*St*e Compa**. lAntMtmt, mt II Mt-Hemie Street, New Westminster. Brltlth i nation ut least tliey are uo strangers
ROBB BVTIIERI.ASl). Managing Direetnr. ' to  tlle  kindlier  twilllale of htltnor .'Uld
ilU <*��aim��-a*i<i��*N<MM SkS*M ** addrttttad to Tht New U'rafmfaatrr NtlDS, mid not , sarcasm.
S*m *xdlvt*XMXt member, ol tka tlttff.    Chtimmet, drafts, and money orders thimld be mode j Bebel  ai  An  Orator
la The Saturn*. Hn*il*g **d I'ublithing Company, Limited. In   addition   lo   Ills   published   writ-
TfLKI'HONISS���BmstsassOlfios attd Manager, M9; hditorlal Roomt (all depatt-i ini;.,   which  ate  numerous,   Bebel   BD.-
ual. ttl. Joyed   the   highest   reputation   as   nn
ei'BHCIUI'TlOX RATItB���Rs oarrler. M jer year, Sl i'or three months, *0e. per ' orator.       After    taking       l.iebneelit's
:h.    Ru mail, $3 pair y-aur, ffcc -per munth.
dnVK.tTISINO  RATIOS am apsiac-MtUm.
Interesting   Facts and   Figures Gathered From Investigation in Minnesota   District.
B. C. fIBD fOR
Dominion     Commissioner     Irt     Paris
Looks Over This  Province
fo.'  Himself.
Victoria,   Aug.     it.    linn.     I'hlllipi)
Thc direct appeal of the retail clerks and meat cut-
Mlnneapolls,  Minn..    Aug.    -'.'.    Although   women's   work   on   the   farm, Hoy.   Canadian   commissioner general
l.ubeck     and   has heen eased by running water and! to France, Is In Victoria, after making
represented   by washing niachini s an investigation U complete tour of tile Dominion from
troduced hy one of the aldermen and has been passed on
Co tlie provincial government. Thia was done after the
views of the businessmen had been heard, at which time
thc clerks did not feel in a position to discuss the question as freely as they would like. Now, however, they are
more certain of their ground and have come forward with
a written memorial, in which they make out a strong case.
With the endorsation of the trades and Labor council,
place nt. the bead of the Oerman so
iciallsts,   he   surces-ifiilly   opposed   so
Olalllt   congresses     at
Dresden   tha   undone
by Bernstein, which looked to praoti. I recently conducted by T.  P. Warber I east to west.   After leaving Edmonton
cal co-operation nt  given  points with   in   a   section   of   southern   Minnesota  be cume to the Coast district by way I
the  old   liberal   parties.    Of   that   he brought to light the facts that, In this! of Fort George and tbe Cariboo road,
WOUld  have  none. section,  In  29 per cent,  of the homes I and  after having a look around here,
Por   fifty   yean  his  denunciation! the women kept tli" front yard trim-1 he proposes to go into tbe Okanagan
have been  umparlna.    His magnetic med:  in '.i'i per cent, nf the faminesIcountry anil inspect the development
e , i -.      ,     ,i ������   *       ,i ,iri f       voice and mastery ef Irony have time'the   women   helped   with   the   milking   there.    The objeel  of liis visit   al lie
ters OI tne City to tfie council tor the establishment ol a ���n,i again Impreieid the reichstag at and the barayard chores, and iii 16 per himself puts it. is to b >me better
reasonable dosing hour and a half-holiday for one dav government  crises     He actively op- oent they assisted In the (Md work acquainted with ihe newer oondltlona
hii- u.jli    li it \*    posed    Blimarckl   an'l-IOClallll    laws, 'nt rush seasons.    In practically all the'of the country   so as to advise iieiiiile
week hnngs up an old point at issue from a new angle. a���d   was often   fined  and    arretted home* In UieoommSnlty ^ women m France
Alreadv this year, as in other years, the matter has wl,pn thPV wera ,n forc��-   -^notta-ar worked from Bve o'clock in the morn-i   Naturally, Mr. noy believes in get
i ...   :,-, il,���       .,������:] .in   ���l ��� . ���     *u     f e      a     i .       move   which   he  hotly   contested   was   lng until nine or later al night. ting   first-hand   Information    n   order
lHt'n up in llie council cnamoei in the toim 01 a Dyiaw in- ,i���. annexation of Aliaoe and Loraine     iii  the area above  referred to  it to be in a petition to advise French
which be called "lllsmarek'�� fatal was discovered that, In spite of the | Investors, raippctlng the virions prov-
crime." Home years ago when the tact that co-operative enterprises had Incni of the Dominion. In speaking
aged Von llulnw was stricken with i generally succeeded, many of the on th" subject with special reference
apoplexy tinder the tongue lashing Be- farmers even those who belonged tn to British Columbii '���There exists
hei was giving hlm in the reichstag. \successful associations doubted the abroad *ui erroneous Impression tbnt
the leader of the socialist! stood with capacity Of their class to co-operate, the fanning area of Brltlth Columbia
folded arms and sneering smile ng, Although farm Journals were keol In III limited I a in now In a position to
the premier slid limply out of liis E84 per cent of the homes, only 17 per dispel that llliislin. after traversing
chair. At seventy-two his hold on his i cent, ol the farmers nad them, and a t magnlflcenl ares nf fertile lands nnd
people was undiminished.. majority of the farmers were preju-1hundreds   of   smiling   Ranches    The
Was a Saxon diced  against  scientific    methods    of northern Inferior of llriilsli Columbia
. Bebel was a Saxon, which may farming. Only two schools wer,. well ll a v��r|t<ihlo empire, and It must have
they ask that a bylaw be passed to (.'lose all places of bllSl- have had something to do with hit enough equipped to get flrst class state n great future Away up there you
new Ht slatpri hnnn; and dllHmr nnc-lvilf dflV nf Pich WPpU life-long and implacable hatred of aid. the teachers' salaries varied from lone room for ���> vail popul ttlon, nnd
nth.-, .il bLdieU nOUTSana aunng Ont-Iiail aaj OI eacn WtCh. everythlng pruggtan imperial chau- $80 to S50 a month. The formers gen, In a few v.-ars thai section of t'i" prov-
���By this means the Shops kept by foreigners 111 the poorer cellor after chancellor has felt Ibu erally believed thai the hich schools bire will I 'uink be one of thi mosl
���districts of thp citv would also he easily handled and everv fnrc0 of ***** "nbroken  protests and <n tho nearby towns tended to lower Importani
41l.SU (CIS, Ui Uie City WOUIU aiSO OeeaSllJ   nailUltll dim t\Cl>   ,K.v(r.tallillg   oppqgttlon    to   Oernmn   the moral  standard of the children. Heavy French  Investments.
.store from the Smallest to the largest WOUld be on an even military policy. During all those | That membership In, and attendance "French peonle have Invested large
basin nf wnrkinc hiiiiru whilp thn nviMpr nf thp hfllf.Vinli. yean -from 1871, when he first enter- at church had fallen off. that social sums In Canada during recent yeara
DaSIS OI WOrKing nOUl S, While tlie maUCl OI tne nail-n011-;>(1 U)p relchgtag^he llved t0 8M> his distinctions have grown up between "nd Brltlih Colttntbln hns been oue nf
tlay WOUIU  be Settled Once and for all. 'doe'rines   spread    through    Oermany  the country folk and tho town people.'the mo.*! favorable fleldl. There bave.
Some of the merchants have claimed that the closing until th(,>' i"'p the basis of the larg- and  that   the girls are  leaving t'i" 11 was Inevitable, been a few proposl-
oonit ui ine IIU.rcnanib_ria\t L1U1IUU1 in ll Uie ClOSing ���oUtical partv  ln thp lia,j01l. His farms In larger number than the boyi,  tlona that did ni i come up io expect!
of the stores for a half day in this city would send a great ideas have he��� made to prevail, and
���ileal of business out of town and, in a measure, what theylmore tlia" anyone else, he is respon-
���    _     c     a.i     *. ��_   a. j-i.ii        1        i   j.i ���    ,i      sibl"  for the unbroken  front Oerman
say is perfectly true, but, on the other hand, there is the aopiaiiam offers to the advances mad..
certainty that the half-holiday movement is growing and:i��' thp other '�����������*������[ partial.
it will not be long till all cities will take it as a matter of imbued wiVthe Idea that ""any Tea*
course, when the argument of lost trade will lose its force, accomplishments were to be scored,
At present it seems to he a question of which community what'ttey wantedtwasW"reXiona!of
will take the lead and there does not appear to exist any principles, which on the one hand,
reason why New Westminster should not set the pace Jg? who'^eid^eir?��� "'��.
j than  Bebel, and  on   the other,  would
ensure  less  active   hoatllltv   from   the
.,-,,.. , .... .     government.     MUd   eomprom'?.'   was
nali-noliaay come down to a humanitarian basis and it,what they asked tor, a compromise
would appear that the acceptance or rejection of thej�����-���;-fn *a^**T-itoxZ
clerks proposals would establish whether or not the rela- tavrabio to !Pciaiiets. Bebei was un-
tionship between employer and employee is merely a mat- >if,1,linc Because of ins grip on the
ter of dollars and cents, or one of mutual trust and con
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vli.: tbe
tbe celebrated "VANt'OI't Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Stan-lard
Spt'Cjflcatlons of Americas  and Canadian  Knglnenrs'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Hewer l'lpe from
4-ln. to 2-t-lu. in diameter. This Is also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Baud,
Lime, I'laster, etc.
See us hefore ordering elsewhere
Phones IG and IB.
902 Columbia Street W.
pl.inoforu-, harmony and singing pu.
i.os si*,-,* taful) prepared for examine.
Hon In R A M an IB C M Pol ti rms
upply 603 Third in- nue.
in this regard.
In the last analysis the universal closing hour and the
socialist narty, the movement toward
compromises was checked. T1-" revisionists in the party took back
An American paper remarks that the silhouette gown ichildren's photo only clue
covers a multitude of shins.  That's the trouble: it doesn't.
Auk.   28.-
:le red
A medical authority rises to state that kissing is not leav?a r!," "" ,       , ,,   ,
-i ,        -nr **   �����    ..������,-        .. ,   ,    ,.      i ���     ���        .,      irv found in the grip of Edward Ileal-   Btrike  t)
���dangerous.   Well, just let his wife catch him kissing the icy, the man who died at the saored the c, id
parlor maid.
In German Southwest Africa, says a news dispatch,
the diamond production this year is unusually large.
Didn't even know they played ball down there.
Official figures from "Washington put the number of
mules in the United States at 4,386,000. That's a fairly
hinall percentage for a population of ninety million or so.
some importance in
A Philadelphia woman has invented  a bread  that ���' !������' ������������������������   '��� ' ������i|!
sn't need to be kneaded, and is said to be easily digestible.   It certainly can't be any worse than the reinforced
concrete delicacie
joints these days.
returning stampeders and thai the old
Folded   In   the I timers  and  experienced   men,  cominc
red diction-Iout  for supplies,  pronounce  the ne��
K.,   while  the   men   new  to
atne tell unfavorable Btorlea
Heart hoFDital foilowiiiR the fracture I    "Missouri     Jack''   Ig   well   known;
nf h'�� skull frnm a fall at the N'orthern t among all  Alaskans.    He han lived in
1'aeifi''   deoot   a   couple  of  days   ago,  the country for fifteen years, and han'
were found tiie pictures of f"ur prat- broken  trails and l.^n  in all the big
ty   little  glr's.  sisters,  from   their re-Uampa i" that time    *
semlilanee tn a-ie another. Seems Like Old Times.
Presumably th= daughters of Heal- The letter follows:
ey pomewhere these l'ttle lasses are "Vie outfitted in Cordova, bought
waltlnp eagerlv for a letter from thei0'"" horses and Fiippiir3 and shipped
father who will never return to them. '�� McCarthy over the t'opper Itiver
Oiadya, Irene, Thelma and Agnes are 1* Northwestern. Arrived in McCar-
the names written across the pictures 1 th>' lhe morning of the second and
and these are the only clue to the, went into camp, and it seemed like
family :.nd home of the dead man. In *,,lrt times nc-iin to see t'.e northern
the pictures all the little ones are well I b��y8 collected for the big Btampede,
are nmong many other interesting con- tlona, hnt tha Investors seem to be
elusions that Mr. Warl.cr arrived at In "���'-'' satisfied n-'d look for 1111 Inoreas
his study of this particular farming 'nc flew of canltal to western Canado
community. (-'r'"*ii capital is available for mori
 ������ ��� ���' --s nropnvltlons ;- hrinds   as well
I an (fining and Industrial cntemrlses."
Wh<'�� in f'amda this time, Mr. Roy
p making an attempt to hive >'.- 11 ���>- i
"linion   irovernment   Interest   Itself  In I
��� ho establlrhment of n permanent <���>������ !
hlhii  at   I'aris. where the commission- I
r��r-gen��ral has hl�� headouarters    Hn
la of the opinion thai such an exhibit |
__������.���_ J would be of the greatest rios.= iliio value
to Panada as a whole, inasmuch as ||
Misscuri   Jack"   Says   Not   to   Go   to   would   be   a   practical   demonstration
of   ��hi"   the  country  can  do.  and   so
pl=n y ''ttie of thm Is known in manv places.
,lf the ethlbit was arranged for, it
won!,I. nf course, represent ench nf
"10 n-nvlpcci to the fuiles! extent
Kvhciis ,.1 timber, fruit and mineral
Seattle, Aug. 29, A letter received >��� ������' 1 1 ������ taken from liritish Columbia.
here from .1 1. Hosfeld, better known Wh"" wheat nnrt other products would
as "Missouri Jack," and J. A. Calwcll, '"' t?k('" from lh'' Prairies, and so on.
if ihis city, written from ChlttlBtone,
on the 'rail to the new Shushama diggings, August x, says they met many
1 -s
l'i ���
-i .   Kean   si .   Ni ��
It  OK
.   J.
-> i ���<���
un r.n
Tel   It
i;a   it n 1
Shu6hanna   Withou*
of Supplit3.
P. If. Smilh. w  J  Orovu
Work   undortakin    id   city    and   outsld.
[mints.   811-11   Westminster   Truat   Bldl
Phona   364.     P.  O.   Box   607.
B. * P. I) Of Klka of the 1) of ('. mer
ttie first and thlr-1 TtiurH.!ny al k P m.
K. of P. Hall, Eighth streel a wwi
Oray. Bxaltsd Ruler i P, II. Hmlth. ������
t.. O. O. M.. NO. 184.���MEETS ()**
first, Beoond, third and fourth Wsdnes
day In eneh mnnih at H p, in.
In the MOOSS Home. II. J. t.eiimj
dictator; I\ E. Jonen, secr.-tar)
Headquarters of lodaj.*. tn s.**> Houaa
eorm-r of Fourth and Carnarvon Itrletl
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)  ... .$1��.OOO.000.00
Itruuches throughout Canada uud
Newfoundland, and In London Hug
laud. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
banklug business transacted. Letter!
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents lu all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department - Deposit!
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at it per cent, par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,(100.nnn 00.
ti    I).   IIKYMNKK.   Manager.
1. O. O.  F.  AMITT  LOI1C1B  NO.   17���Th
reiciilar   meaning   of   Amity   tod-*-**1   Nc
tl,  I.  0.  O.   F���  la  held  every   Monds;  |
night st It o'clock In Odd  Fellows' Hsl   ,
comer   Carnarvon   and   Et-Kluh   stre*��ta
VlsttlnK    hreth-nm      oordlnllv     Invited   ,
-.    .    v-..,,�����,,.���.,.   Sti.    tt   \V. Sanprst.r. I
V. O.;  W. C. Oomham.  P. n    r .*���������   I
lng SSoretary ��� J.  W.  MacDonald.  flnan-I
clal nascre-ury.
Recommendation    of    Coroner's   Jury
That Investigated Little Lad's
doesn't_need to be kneaded, andis said to be easily diges-;^ 0'f i? 'V!'    ; '  "'''      '   '
concrete delicacies yon get in some of the ready-cooked |wBeyond "'" '' '' '       '
been   found.     Evidently   Healey   was
An Englishnnan visitina in Minneapolis savs that the-1-'0^ <��������� wnrk in Davenpoft ami was
folks there are the politest in the world.   That's all right.|Z^ ftltl*���?* $ft\Zl��
ine the discovery of friends or relatives before making burial arrangements.
���md the fun wo lind packing our green
horses and petting ready on our    first
relay for the \ii:ina river and the Che-
chakoes, all trying to pet there firs;
"We  found  the Nlzlns     river    very ;
vhleh the baggage was secured, and   1
ticket ror Davenport found in a pocket  nexl lno''"inB '�� l��w water.   The ex-
no other marks of Identification have n?I?.em:e(*'   joiners give  good  reports
Stockholm,  Aug,  28.���The  Swedish
��� while the Inexperienced    give   some
i very    unfavorable  reports.
Supplier $1 a Pound.
"We came lr contact with the fame
thing all the way up the Nizina. Wherever /." met a bunch of returning
stampeders we purchased a few n��e
essarles which we overlooked at Cor-
dava at the rn'e of tl a pound, whieh,
under the conditions was reasonable
We also met a bunch of returning
stampeders who had eold foot     After
,   .   . a good strong talk they reoutfltted and
ui r Tu-,        , '"" ""''",!'s '""   "Bain ru. i up the trail to the Chll
... U      l*       , ��� -v* i     r", ""^'��R'����-   �����  A.  I-���   Kk-u.   tiMone. perhaps thirtv miles or more
���cnolv optic was one result of a tennis trame.   The usual *ren' '" irnl'"1 '����� '"��� united states where ukv ^n'-i ~rt eo!rt feet -im-
government against ihe customs Inter-  are rrturnlte tn ��he States saying 'no
pretation which declares that Swedsh  more   ���,*    ,     forme.'
wood   pulp  Is  entitled  to  tree   entrj      "Our  trip  up  the Chlttlstone    was
into the  United    States   only    when   til-l  with   p   nty nf pvettement     We
shipped  in  Swedish  bottoms, had  a  little  trouble with  lilgh  water
The  newspn* ers  h"ro comment  on  "ni' ' "'��� '*'     " horses roiir-d 200 fee'
the eiiBtotiis decUlon as nol  being In  down   ( mcrnuln, which meant pack-
harmony with Swi , n's   trlendllnesi  i,iu :r" P' "'   - ('v,rc ov.-r the moun-
Pa   ii.* ��� xpi a tl in  '''lin*   "ur horse, fortunately, was only
bruised,   and   we  now   have  hlm   on
���   ^��� bunch  grai     m Qlaoler  bench, over
Hi" Chlttlstone
Names  Old   Prospectors.
"Al thc pr*  ant time tner.- Is a num
ber   of   old -     ' rs   In   camp   her.*   on
Toronto, Aug. 29.���Adding a rider
that young men should not be per-
mtlted to play on lho supervised playgrounds, the coroner's jury which inquired |nto the d.'ath of Eddie Grant, I
decided that the distressing fatality
was an accident Tha little boy was
p'ruck at tho O'Neill playground at
Sumach street.
Coroner T   C Currie expressed the
opinion thai the playgrounds were set '
high, and hadloVampThere until the '',','''' !or ''���������|dr"i only and that the!
older  hoys  were nol   supposed  to use ,
thi in  at  all.    If. however, it  was the 1
city's Intention lo allow the latter the
tiFe of the playgrounds, then adequate
protection   should    '
VV. K. KAI.KS���Pioneer Funoral DlreCU
and Bh*abalm-sr, 6-12-S I S Anii'-f. Hire-*
opposl... Carn-nali Library.
8.    BOW Kt.I,    (BDCCB88OH   TO   CKN
t*r   *   H.inna,   Ltd  I ���F^ineril   ^Irectn.
and embfllmera.    T'Rrlnna  ior, Caaiun.i.l
street.    S"w   Wfliatnilnster     I'hone   *.'
for he may have something to unload on the people of
transplanted Sweden, hut, if he wants to hear a little rude
language, let him just hint in a whisper that St. Paul is a
better town than Minneapolis.
A New York parson last Sunday apologized to his
flock for having a black eye. intimating that the melan
excuse is a swing door, or a flying splinter intercepted
while in the act of chopping kindling, but perhaps the
Gotham pulpit decorator is a new hand at the game.
ster Bn&rd of Trade meeta In th*. haiar.
ronan. City Hall, aa fotlowa: Third Pri
dav of ..-irh month; qunrterlv me*alln(
on thf third Friday of February, May
Aoioist and November at s p.si. An
nual n.".*tlnna nn the third Friday <���
February. 0. 11. Btuart Wade, aeare
tai v
Hal.-. r>.-.-d��. Business Ix-tlem. etc. I clr
CUlar work speclallet. All work atrletl)
nontldentlal. II. Harry, room 418 Weal
minster Trust Rlk.    Phone 7ti2.
<;.    J.  H. (Irani.    A.  K   MoCoU.
toward the Pananu
at San Francisco
Says tile New York Post: Ferdln-
and August llebel Ihe "Red Napoleon" he ban been railed the leader
of the I'lertuan socialists was, nut
withstanding   the   views   which   mad.
ed a fine villa in Zurich on the lake
shore, where he ipenl a great pan of
the year, He also had a small apartment suitable for an artlzan in Berlin,
and there he wan access,lii,- to overy
���    ���*
1, i
be given to the
little ones in order to provent u recurrence of the tragedy
Ho thoughl that aa the play-1
grounds were all in congested districts '
the children should have the use of I CORBOULD, ORANT * MoCOU* BAR
the grounds to themselves nil dav and I rlsters, Knlklio���. etc 4'i I.nrne Ktree'
that it was wrong to close them at six �����*-Westminster. O. B CortwuW, v
o'clock, as many hours passed after
that time, before the children went to
bed, whieh therefore occasioned thetn
to Play In the streets.
Frank   Foster,   supervisor    of     the j
playgrounds  where  Eddie    Oram   ro- I
celved   the  fatal   blow,   slated    that '
with  retard  to the better proi. ctlon
of the children, a wire netting could ;
be placed behind the Lattery and ropes I
extended from the screen to first and
tMrd bas<s, a scheme which had been
suggested al  a supervisors' meeting
but   which  h.���|  been   pul   aside  until I
next, year, owing to the lateness of the I
"'n,'."'a    .. ,    ., J.   8TII.WBLL  CLOTH,   IterrtfUnr-llt-l-ia
ii net i.ireii thai nil one was to aollnli/ir. etc; corner Columbia nn
blame, as lhe boy bad darted out Into McKenzie iatr.-��ta. New W.-etnikia"*
Hie playing area. D.C   P. O   Box'lii    Telephone   Tli
t' ^j t-law. eollrltnr. etc. Telephnn'
j * . r-jihle nddreaa "JohiiRt.in'
Code. "Weatern Union." Offle-ua. RIP
Work. 5r,2 Columbia atreet. New Win'
mlnaiter, B. C.
el*. ��� Barristers and Hollrltora, Wss)
minster Truat Hlk.. Columbia "tree.
N��:-w Westminster, n. C. e'alile addree
"Whlteelde." Weatern Union. P. C
Drawer 210. Telephone S��. W. .'
Whltoslde. K. C.| II. L. Bdmonda. I
Royal Bank
Incorporated   1869.
Capital   Paid Up    $11,060,004
Restrve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Hanking
UuHiness Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C..  Branch.
i t********-a-*-*******mtsi
Hound trip tickets nt single fare
and one-third will be on salo August
; 2D to September 1. (iood to return
until September 3.
E. OOULET, Agent.
I New Weauniniter
II. W. WIODIE, O. P. A.. Vancouver
Re Lots I nnd 13 of I.ot :. and t��ts I. 2,
a   4.  24.  96,  IS, of Ixit 4.  siiUdlvlaliuia
or Lot  6.  Suburban  m.*.*k  4.  in  the
i'ltv of New Westminster.
Whcr. (is proof of th.- loss of Certlfloate
of Title Number 997IF, Issm-.l lo th.' name
of  Lachlan  McQuarrie haa been  filed  in
this offloe,
Notir" Is hereby Ktv.*n that  I shall, at
ii xplratlon of one month from the .late
of th.. first publication hereof. In a daily
newspaper published la the I'ltv of New
Westminster. Issu.- a dupllo.it.��� of the said
Certlflonte.   unless   In   the  meantime  valid
'.t.|. ctlon bo mad" to me in writing.
Dlstrlcl Registrar nf Titles.
Land   Registry   riffle.-.   Naw  \v,-��i.--���-.
(��� -    lie.   nil.   Amnist.   1H1II. 11913)
him  the  idol  of the  ��orkliig dalles  (** lir of whatever rank or e
tyX Germany, a wealthy mnn. As thn
-uncrowned head of the Pi-rrtnnn social democracy, whicb la the strong-
���pet  politlcull)   in   Europe,   -anting   4,-
���2f.ft.OT* vnt.s. or enough to give it fir apartment:
His Personal Ap-tearance
The man  liiniHelf was thus described   hy   a   writer   who   visit.-d   hlm   a
couple   of   years   ago   in   this  modest
At first sight, there is nothing re-
markable about Herr Bebel'i appearance, lie Is thin and somewhat below the medium height, and Is dressed as neatly as any prosperoui mechanic Is on Sunday. Ills moustache
and pointed beard are silvery white
In  color,  and   carefully   trimmed,  giv-
and away the largest party repreHimt
atinn In the reichstag, the power he
�����<xerciKe��l for years In Urrmanv can
hardly be exaggerated. It wnn ac-
knowlc-dgedly B'Hiiiiid only to the Kai-
Bebel was born in Colo-gnn on Pel)-
marv 22. 1340, and  while a rich man
at the time of hia death, he 'began ing him a determined expression
Wte as a carpenter and joiner in l.iep- about the mouth, Although seventy
��l(f. Hhia was a friend and confident years old. he is remarkably lithe and
tat Karl Marr. and Frederics Engel. active about liis movements, and ap-
In 1HS7 he was elected to the north Pears to be In the lies! of health, lie
{tor-man parliament and four years has a strong prominent nose and a
later to the new tlertnan reichstag high forehead, but al first it It dlffi-
In 1S72 he waa accused, wltb h's cull to believe Hiat this is the man
TVl'-end Mehknecht, of an attempt of whose will Is law to more than thro
tilttli treason, and was condemned to million workmen, and who is the all
tsro years' imprisonment and to nine hut absolute boss of one of the great-
���months for inault to the Oerman em- est political parties in Oermany,
fHTtiT. llhe was reelected, however, It Is slrange to think that this man
to tie Itelchstag and maintained hla who ls so decidedly unobstruslve in
-place there. appearance, ia tha most powerful en-
At an etirlv datn Reb-el'e nclltlcil emy of the mighty kniser, whose mar-
���dntiea left him ro time to attend ��o tial person is the utmost expression
Ills aViwIncsH bo he aold out In 1RR3, of energy and strength. Herr Bezel's
and since that time many wealthy eyes are deep set and marveloualy
fronds who havo died have loft him 'bright and piercing. They s.-.-m to
���large Bums in their -wills.   He   <wn in**d  you  through  nnd   through,   not
Win n p.*..pie used to t ilk
about "the power ol the press"
thoy refi rrad to the tremi nd-
ous power ponened by news
papers In Inflecting public
opinion, That power Htiii exlita
and exerts Its influence, good
or had, as thn case may be, de-
ponding upon the principles
and policies of each part cular
Hut newspapers wield another great Influence upon the
public mind. It in the far-
reaching effect, of advertising.
.lust read carefully through ttie
advertising columns of Tbe
News today with thise thought
in mind, and then contemplate
how intimately this ad vert is-
il ���* newi affects the da'lv lives
of readers, and you will havo
at least some Idea of the a''
i.itislng power of the presi.
The news columns tell people what lhey need t*> know
about the events nf the day.
The advertising column! furnish facts thai are Invaluable to
the conduct of their dally lives
informal ion of which ever--
thoughtful reader takes advantage.
account of
elude  o    B
Carl   Hawkins
Hope,   C    C
l.lnek Whann   I
train from   Val
of Tanana, ���* 111
are hound  for
a   large  outfit
"Mr, Seagrav
nanza   mine,
just  come   in   i
tiiat  there  are
trains  behind   I
clearing up am
will start acrofl
row.   It   will   ta
Thai will put u
the White and
the new dlggtngi
and  snow     They  In
ing, Capt.   Armstrong
h*,-r*    f.v.-r.     iniyl,. f.embroke-    A"��*    Z9.-Coni!dor!ng
niter.   Dr.   Williams   """   "'''",'>' '"'w r'-a'd'-nees have been
eroeled  here during  tho past year.  It
is   now   almost   Impossible   to   rent  a
house or any kind.
Mr. Crulckihank, managing director
of the steel Equipment company, s-ivs
that a. least thirty five families will
move here from Ottawa when their
new plant In ready to commence operations, and they are faced with the
problem of securing houses for them.
.las. K. Mtmroo Is behind a ninve-
"innt for the formation of the Pembroke Realty company, which will be
i the headwaters of made un for the most part of local
niy forty miles from moneyed men.
The   capitalization   will   be   $100,000
ir Sm'th. with a pack
���/., and .lake Nefated,
1 pack train, the last
ie now diggings with
i supplies,
manager of the Boll a pack train, his
is minute. He sayB
i number of heavy
.���in. The weather Is
moro than likely wo
Social glae>r tomor-
*  two  days   to  cross
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Har
t.l.-ek. 2H I/erne etrea.t. New Weatmlr
eter. B. C
t-a.rrlstwis and Soilcftora. Hull to 111
"Weatmlnater Trust Itiock. fl. K. Mat
tin. W. O. McQuarrie and George 1
Ca sandy
Advertise in the Daily News
yards dlltapt Btandl the renowned
Chlttlptonn glacier. The wind whistling through the monuments of lee
on the gla.ler has '-hilled the marrow
in the bones ef mnnv a. cheehako In
'he last two days, and nt thin moment
JJ -t-Mrome of them ean he seen beaded for
���v *:��� *9 Hr W * tt tt tt * # ft tt tt * * |tlu* land of sunshine In tho south."
Country Is Inaccessible. and It is proposed to erect ns soon
"II is a useless trip without HUpnlles as possible between twenty and thirtv
er money to luy ihem at the rate of dwelling houses at a moderate cost
from i'i to JB :: pound, which will help to accommodate] some
"I will cay further that. It. Is one of tho neople who are desirous of lo-
of the most, inacesible countries In cntlng here, and If the experiment
all Alaska to get into, and only strong,|nrOvei successful, more will be built
experienced men can deliver the later on.
gooda.    At our present camp and  1501	
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
COAI. MININO rlahte of ths liomlntoe
��� I. Manitoba, SHflkittchewnn and Alberta,
(he V.lion Territory, the NOrthweM Territories nnd tn a tsirtlon of ths I'r ovi uot
of ItrillHti Columhla, may he loaaed for s
term of twenty-one years at on annual
rental of II an acre. Not mon. than WM
i acrea wlll Im�� leased to nn* nppllcaaeat.
Application for a leaae muat lm madai
I hy the applicant In peraon to it" Airenl
i >r Nut>-.litem nf Ihe district tn which Um
| i-1arhta applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the land muat bf
Irsgrlbed by aectlona, or legal auh-dlrl-
slona of aactlons, and In utiaorveyed tar-
iltory the tract applied for ahall bl
staked out by the applicant hlmaelf.
Bach appllntfl ,-i must he aecomp-anle-**
l.y a ft* nf 19 Milch wlll be refunded If
.he rlatita applied for are not avall-iMaa,
hut net olherwlae. A royalty ahall be
nald on tha merchantable output of tbe
mine nt tho rate of five centa per ton.
rhe |>r,ninn operating the mine aball
r.irnlah the Agent with aararn returns
necoimtlna for the full quantity of mer-
ehnntirble coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the conl milling right*
are not being operated such n-turne ahouM
lie   runilsl.nl  at   least  once  a   yenr
The leaae wlll Include the caal mining
rlyhta only, but the leasee wlll be permitted to purchase whatever available
e.ieTaee rights mny he considered nttr**-
miry for the working of Iho mine at Um
rate of 110 an acre.
For full In' .rmaUon atgillcatlon ahauM
he made to Ilia Beeretar/ of the He-pan
litem  of the   interior, Ottnwa, or to
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Is.
W   w   CORT
neputy Minister of lhe Interior,.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication at thli
ad.*-rtl��ement wtll not be paid for.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co.,
Agents SATURDAY,  AUGU6T  30,  1913.
stairway of ice
iip mt. Mckinley
Climbing   Archdeacon Tells    of    Hie
Stru;ait  Up Slippery Ascent af
Three  Miles
Suatlle, Aug. 'it.- A staircase ol
lc. Hire..- miles lon)! alone muilc pus
b.ble lm* ijulllplete coiu|Ue.4t of .vil.
McKlnley, duclares ArcliUeucoti Hud-
sun oiacK, tiie aiushii churchman,
who -*,iii   iiarr)   Karstens of  run-
banKs, on June /, led tu Hn crest the
only expedition thut ever biice.edej
iu tetllUfc fOOt on tlle tliit) north
p.-ak it North America's iiiniie.ii
iiiountu.n the highest above snu**
line  In   the   world.
The archdeacon, whose mountain
climbing achievement won blm world
wide i,un,. came to Seattle practical
ly on a direct return Iroin llie climb,
as he imd been travelling continuous
ly since iiie descent, finishing church
work   lu   the norlh   In  order  to bUIT)
on to tne triennial Eplsoopal conven
tion to be inld lu New York October
l Accompanying blm, Is Walter liar
p.-r. a native born Alaskan, whoa,*
mother was un Indian woman, one ot
tbe four members of tbe Stuck-Ksr
H'enH expedition. In reviewing the
climb, the archdeacon detailed many
of the experiences of the undertaking that Bhow that il was one repleti
with tlir.lis from start to finish
"When  \*..'!l up in  the mountain,"
he said, "we were continually beset
with new and entirely unexpected
problems. None, however, appeared
su formidable au tbe conditions that
made necessary the cutting of stain-
thrOUgb the deep slope of tumbled
Hbout ).lacier Ice thut lorined the only oonnecting link between the bead
ol Mu drow tslacier and another lying
at TiKtii angles tar above. Tills second
d.h* barged upon Muldrow Irom a 4000 j
fool fun-,   uiia: is commonly known
an Northeast indue connects tbe two, i
and Ii was up this that we bad lo go. |
Required Three Weeks
"Belmoru  iirown. of the  Herchell-:
I'arker expedition, had described the
ridge as b p and smooth,    We were I
therefore amazed to find It a preclpi
tons Jauged slope of broken  Ice, until |
we recalled tbut, Just a year previous- I
ly. the mountain hud  been rocked by
a  violent earthquake.    The  upheavel.
therefore, was the etreet of the quake
on   the  glacier.    There   was  no   wny
to   proceed,   and   finally   we   adopted
the  only   solution,   that    of    cutting !
Steps   al   the   way   up.     The   task   re- I
ipilred  three weeks.
"Once upon the higher glacier, our
serious   difficulties   of   transportation {
ended,   for   it   led   Into  tlrand   Hasin
wblcb   lies   between   the   two   peaks ,
We made our final camp 1K.iji.i0 feet���
the   highest   camp   ever   made   in   all ;
the   history   of   mountain   climbing   I i
have  ever   read    tin   June  C,   and   the
lollowing   day   realized   our   ambition   j
"That last day's climb was a luein
(ruble   experience   for   inc.     We   rose '���
t arly  und  got Started  at four o'clock ���
In the morning.    Luckily. It was one
of  the   two  bright  cleur  days  of the i
month     Caryrlng only   instruments, ]
a hIo-It. r tent und tx Hinall supply  ot j
food, wo niadii good progress, topping
the   last   rlmi  at   1.30   o'clock   In   tbe i
Sfternoon.    Because   he   is  a   native '
we   accorded   Harper   the   first   place
In  the  line, and  thus  It  wan  thut  a
real Alaskan was the lirst man evei
to  put  foot   oll   the  top of   the  great
elaborate Records
"1   had   felt   the   strain   more   than j
the others, all of whom were young, r. !
and   the  reaction  Blruek   nie  severely.
1   leel   a   victim   to   altitude  uud   lost
consciousness for an Instant   I soon
recovered,   however,   and   ull   tunnel'.
lately s.-t to taking observations, Mv I
aneroid,  one of  tbe  besl   English   in- i
BtrumentS,   failed,   as   1   expected,     lt
Showed   a   record   of   23,5(111   feet    at j
bast 8000 feet too high.   I then set |
up my mercurial barometer and mad"
careful records, which. I believe, will j
��� stablish the true height of the peak,
varying  not   inure  thnn  several   feet.
Karstens,  Robert Tatum and   Harper
made photographs and took observe-,
tiens  from  all   Hides  of Ihe peak,   so
that we obtained definite and easily- I
obtained records.
"We were hardly In condition for
ceremonials, lor our bodies, robbed
bv the alillude of strong circulation,
were at tlle mercy of bitter cold. The
asphyxiating effects of the Imir atmosphere were especially severe In mv
ciihc However, we felt that the oc
easton Bhould ba marked In soma way
nnd We proceeded to rals" nil American flag ��t the peak, using a sl dge-
rnll about six  feet  long for the pole
Strangely enough, a flag wus aboul
the only thing we had forgotten. On
the way. however, young Tatum hnd
taiblPUl d one from led, white and
blue handkerchiefs and a needle case,
and 1 must say It was a very creditable  piece of work.
"Aft'T the flag-re'slng. we took
down the pole, and lashing a shorter
piece to It with rawhide, construe'ed
a rough cross. I recall one of the
newspaper accounts said we stood before tbla nnd Bald 'Te Ileum' with
bared heads. I fear we did not re-
movo our fur caps, though, for by
that time we had become so numbed
that I did not dare even to take ofr
'"The return was comparatively
easv and at 5 o'clock lh. wrnl^
of June 20, we arrived at Fort Gibbon on tho Yukon river."
Mary Loves Him, Has Him Arrested
snd Discards Him.
Hamilton, Aug. 29-Matouce Schwes
the youthful Pole who was brought
back from Windsor by Detective Goodman and who appeared later to face a
serious Charge preferred against him
'v m" rv illcka. got his liberty today.
On Wednesday the man sad he was
willing to marry thc complainant, and
Z "���",Z) nt this the case was adjourned. Ry this morning Mary changed her
mind She explained to the court thnt
lhe prisoner had enticed ber away,
oromlslng to marry her. but bo many
stories had been circulated among her
friends that he hsd ��o Intentions of
keening hls promise, ahe deemed it
advisable to have him arreated After
thinking lt over Mary decided that she
had not met her afflnltv yet. Tbe
ease was dismissed.
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674-676 Columbia Street
��� '"fen ***.<.*. f-o-atx
SATURDAY,   AUGUST   30,   IttS.
Fresk Water and Salt
Sunken Steamer Replaced by Another  Alberni   Oeiner   Will   Go   Free���Dead
Veisel of Pacific Coast Steamship Company.
Man's Timber���Exhibition Given
of Playground Work.
Vicloria, Auk. W.���Completing her j Vancouver, Aug. 89.���Mr. Justice
lani excursion cruise of southeastern Morriaon yesterday dismissed the
Alaskan waters of Uie year, too steam- . ,,    .
Sip Spotone, of the 1'aciric Coast hubcas colT��is application In the case
Steamship company's fleet, reached of O. Larson, bin agreed to an ar-
Seattle Wednesday from tho North, rangement that the number of days
Turning rinbt around, the Spokane re-    ���    man |n fa ,der.
sutnes lhe service in which the State
of California was a substitute for thc ed a sufficient punishment. I.arsen
excursion season. It waa originally , was fishing with a seine net in waters
Intended to send the State or Callfor-1 where seine nels are prohibited. lie
uia hack to San Krancisco for the tt.a8 c(>nvicted ut Alberni, proceedings
southern run of the line at the com- havlnK bBen ,ak(,��� on hellalf of ,he
ptetlon of the excursion season. This 'department of marine and fisheries bv
would have put the steamer Queen out Robe,.t |t MaJtland. Hfl was sent-
of i-emce.   The Queen and Btate of c imprisonment
California alternated in the Southern
California as the extra vessels of the
fleet Officials of the company are of
the opinion that the Queen will be sufficient to handle the southern business, with the weekly sailings of the
President and tlovernor, and there will
not be increase enough to warrant another boat In that service for another
year at U art. The addition to the rieet
of the new steamer CongresB wlll enable the Fhifting of steamers on Ihe
vartpits rentes. The Spokane left last
nigh! on thn regular run to Alaska,
Next Year Thirty-one Senators Are to
Be Elected and Party Is Already
at Work.
The King Edward has for some days
been fit Steveston. petting in readiness
to tackle the big iob on the new channel al the mouth of the river. At
present she is coaling up at Steveston
and the first of the week will move
out lo start pumping sand.
The tur: Moonlight of Vancouver lay
at lhp city market wharf yesterday
afternoon with three empty lumber
scows in tow.
The     tug    Annacis   was
wharf yesterday evening.
��l   Pike's
The Samson returned fron down
river late yesterday after doin:*-; some
survey wirk. She will remain at tht
D.P.W. wharf until M.-mfajy.
The Wheelhouee of the Hero his
been built and painted. Other repairs
are now being made to the city tug.
Vessel Movements.
I .or Anireles, Aug. 29, Arrived:
Avalon. Wlljapa Harbor; Claremont,
Willana Harbor. Sailed: Louise, Ump-
qua river:   Multnomah, Portland,
Montreal, Aug. 29. Arrived: Tyro-
lla, Trieste and Naples; Corsican.
J. K. bird started habeas corpus proceedings on his behalf. Yesterday
afternoon Mr. Justice Morrison In
chambers objected to Mr. Bird Insisting ou arguing on points which liis
lcrdshlp declared had no hearing on
the case. On hii part .Mr. Bird held
that he had not had a fair show to
present his case.
Solvation Army  Buildinn.
Brigadier Potter, linancial secretary
of tho Salvation Army for the Dominion of Canada, who has been on a
tour of inspection through the country, has arrived lure. He lias given
J. W. Spencer, the contractor, Instructions to clear the lot on Lansdowne
avenue preparatory to erecting the
new industrial building, which will bc
started almost Immediately,
Curious Case.
Antonio Johnson was drowned up
the coast some time ago. His body
was afterwards found and burled by
two policemen, The policemen have
-since died. Johnson left no estate,
except an interest in a timber lease.
ln order that this could b" transferred
without the liability cf the transfer
being later objected to Knox Walkem
made application yeBterday to have
Johnson legally declared dead. Mr.
Justice Morrison agreed to this cn
condition tha: Mr. Walkem file documentary proof of his statements.
Month C.*-*o--**!ed Off.
J. Stanton, convicted of running a
blind pig at Tete Jaune Cache, and
sentenced to six months' Imprison-!
ment, bad bis sentence reduced by
one month in siipreY-.ie court Cham-1
hers yes'erday. On Stanton's behalf
D. H.  McTaggart apniird to have the
Washington. Aug. 2!��. The Republican congressional committee has organized and outlined its general plans
for the coming campaign. Kepresen
tative Krank P. Woods or lowa. wli i
is regarded as a Republican Progressive, was elected chairman, lie announced that tlie committee's work
from now on would not be In the line
of direct aid to Individual candidates,
but in furnishing information to the
voters of the country.
Attention will he given at once to
the pending contests in the third
.Maine, 2oth New Vork, first West Virginia, and third Maryland congressional districts The commltte Is preparing too, for the first time In its history to take part ln a s�� natorial Bleo
tion -In Maryland -where a successo;
is about to be elected to Senator Jackson. Next year there will he ,11 l'nited States senators elected in the various stales. The committee purposes
to avoid any conflict between its plans
and the work of the national Republicans, which, it is generally accepted
here, probably will meet in Washing,
ton within BO clays after the signing
of the tariff bill.
Social and Personal
The wedding of .Miss Sophy Ililo-
deau, third daughter or Mr and Mra.
P. O. Hilodeau, of this city, and George
B. Milne, of Vancouver, will take place
on Thursday next. Sept. 4, in St.
Peter's cathedral at 9:.'!0 a.m.
Mrs. H. ('. Major entertained at the
luncheon hour on Tuesday In honor of
Miss Nora Mitchell, or San Francisco.
Mrs. C. C. Hrimacomhe and ramlly
have returned rrom Bummerlng at
Boundary Hay and have gone to their
new home at Haney.
Miss Itand was the hostess ut a very
enjoyable dance on  Wednesday evening In honor of her guest Miss John
ston. of Nelson.
Mrs. Corbould Is spending a few
days in Vancouver as the guest of
Mrs. Herbert Swlnford.
Mrs. T. A. Chlsholm and Miss Chin-
holm, who have been visiting Mrs. Corbould for thc last two months, left
for their home in Toronto on Monday.
Miss Corbould and Mlsa Josephine
Martin spent a few days at Boundary
Bay this week.
First Officers Elected fer Fraser Valley Medical Cociety.
With tlie object of becoming b��tt9r
acquainted and promoting a beneficial
Interchange of ideas the medical nnn
of New Westminster citv and d'strlct
have organized  as the   Kraser Valley
Medical society.
The following are the officers elected for the first year: President, Dr
De Wolfe Smith, New Westminster;
Vice-president,     Dr.     King.      I.adner;
l. McQuarrie,   New
Dr D K.
Carswell, New Westminster; executive committee, Drs. Drew. Walker
and Rothwell, New Westminster.
London. Aug. 26.   Money was abun-1 trea8Urer  pr   \
dant and the discount rates were easy  Westminslrr/   Bec���.._,.
today,    the Improvement in the Mexican   situation   caused   an   advance   In
Mexican   securities   oll   tlle   stock   exchange.
(Irand Trunk shippers were strong
on the favorable earnings statement;
consols gained under investment buying, and the copper stocks were higher
in sympathy with the strength of the
I Suisun, Cal., Aug 29���Two men
were  killed   today  when   a   pipe  they
I were carrying came in contact with a
high power wire carrying fin.OO" volts
of electricity. One of the men is believed   to  he    Charles     Worley.   who
.came here six months ago with his
wife and child. The other is unknown. The bodies of the two men
were found lying in mud and water by
the roadside and the pipe was leaning against   the  wire.
First Body cf Its Kind Meets Ir
Ch mpalgn 111., Aug. 29.- Miss Olive
Saxton, for 10 years pecretiry to
Thoni-s A. Clark, dean of the University r.f Ilii-iois, committed suicide In
her room today.    The  first coroner's
Petition  They  Ask   tha'.  lincc   Kt
Has Deen   Declared   Insane   He
De Returned to Asylum.
Ottawa, Aug. 29. -It was leaned
'this afternoon that tha < fficlals of the
istate of New York hav,* forwarded to
|the minister of Justice a formal petition asking that Harry Thaw b;** turn*
led over to the officers or that state
in order that he may b" returned
dir.*ct to .Matteawan asylum. The
petition was sworn to in Montreal
on August iii by Franklin Kenmdy,
deputy attorney general, on behalf oi
Attorney Oeneral Carmody. Th.* paction sets I'erth at considerable length
For the Week
Ending August 31.
Westminster.       Sand Heads.
Date.   Time.
High.         Low.
High. low. Time. Hgt. Time. Hgt.
25   14:40    7:57
13:40 10.2    5:12   3.7
22:3!, 17:35 1
21:36 11.7 16:35 10.1
26   16:10    9:00 1
15:08 10.9    6:14    3.0
23:25 19:30
22:25 11.5 18:30 10.7
27   10:55 10:25
15:56 11.8    7:20    2.3
23:54 11.3 20:12 10.7
28     0:55 11:35
16:26 12.0    8:22    1,6
17*25 22:25
21:24 10.0
29     2:25 12:30
1:27 11.3    9:16    1.0
17:55 23:25
16:53 12.4 22:14    9.1
30     3:45 13:30
2:45 11.5 10:04    0.8
17:19 12.8 22:37    7.9
31     4:50    0:25 j
3:52 11.8 10:49   1.0
18:45 14:05 !
17:46 12.9 23:38   6.6
conviction     quashed     on     technical
grounds,  but    Mr. Justice    Morrison I'aTV composed or  women  thai  ever the arguments used by Mr, Kennedy
would not co that far. served in this country returned a ver-lwhen he saw tho minister of justice
Playrround Wcrk. M*"0'  "'at  death  had  hern  caused  by  and  the officials of  the  Immigration
An   exhibition   of  playground   work   asphyxiation. ! department  earlier   in   the   week.     II
and several athletic events will take ��� M'\,s S53tton, ma'U' c*xr,'u*- Prepare ��� urges thai as Thaw ha^-cu declared
place tomorrow afternoon on tl.e '��" f"r b"1"df.ath before turning on i to be a lunatic ami h usiescipcd from
Fairvlew school grounds. These events  Y10 Ba8'    ?" Cr;"'kS  ,n���the ",""   a New V'"'k sla"' In-sUutlon it is thr
will be the final ones of the play- ''!��;'��; '''��rs were earefullv s.,,l.,l duty of the Canadian authorities un-
ground   Held   meet.     The   events     of   ��','. ^  ���"'! ,      fu ''',"'' I'", ' *ier  "''"'  '"""nteratlOD   >"w  ���" ��<���*  thal
the afternoon will commence at 2:30  J?*   PZ    *J,T UDt" Bhe had he is return9d '" **"' sK"" in whlch
o'clock with an exhibition of l>iny iZX^ ^Z,l n\ , , ,-, , Ia 1<5Cated the ")���""" fr���� whlch hl
ground werk. The contests and group  p R.        ^       ", '^    / ". " ' h'ir';s!made his escape
The new Fall fashions are aboslutely charming; whether one he slim, tall or short there
are styles that will become each. New materials and styles galore give many distinctive touches to the outer garments for fall.
Fashions for Fall
Suits from the best class tailors; suits In all llie newest
in.Hi-rials and dozens of Stylos. To convey an Idea of thel"
Bir.art style Is Impossible, but they may be seen under ideal
conditions in our big department today. Some or the prices
<""<' $25.00 $30.00. S35.00 and up
Still a Need for White       Excellent  Corset  Values,
Wash Skirts~$1.88 $1*48
Wc have many of these stylish Wash Shirts on hand.
They are ahown lu while Bedford cords, pique, repps,
itc; all the latest style touches; regular values $2 50
to $3.60.    Ti day, to cil ar, each    $1.88
A tew months of unusual selling shows many odd
lines and broken numbers that we are desirous of
making  a Quick  clean   up of this  lection.    This   lot
Includes I). & a. and Royal Worcester models; values
that sold as high an $2 75; goi��| selection of styles,
though   not   In   all   sizes,     Today,   p,-   pair. $1,48
Waists for Present Needs Holiday Neckwear, 68c
$2.35 ~ "
A clearance of discontinued lines aud numbers that
we have marked for quick selling; shown are the
new crepe faille waists, with low turn-back collar;
fancy embroidered waists, laee trimmed; pongee
silks In tailored effectB; double collar and cuffs; In
all. a showing that will prove interesting. b.��th styles
and values; regular to J6.00. Today's llargain.$2.35
At this popular price are somn of the daintiest pieces
from our stock, such as collars lu Hulgarian styles.
pretty lace and lawn stock collars, bows, etc ; values
ranging Iroin $1.25.    Today at  68C
Gloves in Chamois and Kid
88c Pair
games will then be put on as well as
some folk dancing. The finals of the
track events will be commenced at 4
o'clock     nnd   twn  hours    later    tlKre
will be a lacrosse match between   the I
Fairvlew Juveniles, winners    In
playground lacrosse Ipaguo,    and    sn
all-star team  plaited  frrm  the    other
teams in the league.
rhomss, her attorney hero, providing for the dlspoml of her property
^nnd complaining thil life had been
pinnulsfactory and that ' * was ending It because of that only.
mint was made tods
"There has hern  no scandal  In
the   life." she wrote.
Mis Saxlon was about 40 year
university and to most or its graduates as O. S.   During her years of service six. bad dictated all the little formal notes by which the students were
summoned belore the dean for dls*"!-
pllne,  These  were  all  signed   by  'ier
4 initial a ojily and  to  have  received  a
Z9.--Announco- nota rr,,m o. 8. indicated  in  college
bv the war de |slang that the person  was to he
The petition concludes by g vin * :*.
long llsl if American citizens who
have bctn srnt oul of the Domln'on
Iwlthin the lasl year or two because
'they win* found to bo if unround
im nl. ih.n. C. .1. Doherty, mlnlstet
f i of justice, is not in the capital, but
' n i., understood tliat ho is in posses
'sion or a copy or lhe petition.
The department will, for the pns
rnt at any rale, leave >li<' officials at
Sherbrooke to look after tho Thaw
U hlte kid and natural chamois GlOVOB, Krefonsse
and Dent's makes; two spring clasps at wrist, all
Final Clearance of
Summer Hose, 29c
lli.se for women that sold ss high as 60c: In shadrn
of sky, pink   hollo, saxe, tan and hlack;  In Dne lisle      All the iuw shades of taffeta ribbons; in widths 4 to
and silk lisle makes;  sizes 8V6 to  10. 5  inches;   excellent  quality  and   finish.
Monday Being a Public Holiday, this Store Will Remain Closed
Ribbons, 13c
Trappcr3 Discovered Them, Eut Stef-
anrcon  Alone  Realized  thc   Importance   of   Find.
After Canadian Pears.
Ottawa,   Aug,   '29.���The  trad.*,    and
partment of amounts ulloted  to    theljected to college discipline " '  icemmerce department was cabled to-
various slate militia organizations un- iMsa Snxton was about 40 years of d-y by J. E. ftay. trade commissioner
der two appropriations of S3.000.000 nue and was popularly punposed to at Glasgow, who reports a shortage of
nach, one ror promotion or r*fle prac-  own considerable nropertv here j pears all over Kngland and Scotland
t!ce. and arms, equipments and camp She had one sister, Mrs. (ieorge and suggests quotations cn Canadian
purposes, the other for supplies   and  Thompson, of Chicago. pears.
ammunition,    iii" money was appor- \ i	
ticned according t'i enlisted strength, | ' "
New- York heading the llsl  with  14,*
900  men.
Edmonton, Aug. 29, Bndorsatlon ot
the story ot <;. I.. Deecharabeault,
claiming that along with Jos. and Wm.
Hudson, iie was the first to discover
the bland Kskimos of the north, was
obtained today from J. k. Cornwall,
president of the Northern Transportation company, who has jusl returned
from a trip through the Arctic otrcle,
extending over three months, In com
p-inv with Emerson Hough, Chicago;
B.   K     Miller.   Milwaukee,   and   A    B
l.upi rti. of a moving picture companj
and G. B. Frater, or Kd mon ton     The
trip was made in the Interests of (he
���Jevelnpment of trade in the north and
th" bringing out ot a record of t':>e lifn
of the north land as It is lived hy Ihe
Inhahitantsa   The party traveller! over
6f��e-0  miles during  the trip and look
over 7000 feet of moving picture films
Illustrating  the methods or  transportation  and  trade  und  general   n-orlli
cm life.
Mr. Cornwall believes that the story
Of Dejiehanihetiult that he and bis com-
panioni dis*tsivered the blonde Kskimo
irontin'ied from mine nti'*1
took the opportunity tu point out to
ihlm that the ground was in better
Bhape when tin \ hit than before they
'came. I didn't like the w.iv he referred to them. They're tine prop!'*, tr you
know how to treat ihem. and 1 re-
sented the charges made against
Uiem, so tor s couple of so wns I
!didn't allow them to stop In New
Westminster, btu took them straight
through, it meant a loss or several
thousand dollars' worth ol business to
Westminster merchants and I think
everybody's glad lo hue them com
Ing back again.
"When I told Indian Agent Byrne
lhat they would be here this summer
j he said he had made no provision for
about two years ago and before Stef-[them 'That doesn't matter,' I In-
nnseon tn be probably correct, but that j rrirmed him, 'just let them have th"
to StGfftneron belongs the credit of
having recognized the importance and
There lo no lore In town equipped letter thai
d of meats r nllness ie the first motto In ti
th the No. 1 qi .it
lho hind-
IJecf, Mutton, Pork, Veal and Fresh Dressed Poultry
If you Inv.-n't tried our t'orned Beet and Sausages you are mi 9
ing soiin thing
B. C.   Market Co.,  Ltd.
G77 Columbia .St. Phone 1315.
LlVIi KilaJaJ     Vancouver
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W, Savage's Tremendous
Dramatic Spectacle
lie.   i'roplc. Symphony Orchestra.
Nights and Saturday matinee BOc to
Ji'.ori. Thursday matinee BOc to $1.50.
Tuesday matinee 26c, 60c, 7Bo and
$1.00. Mail orders filled now. This
is the original New York company.
Cloumbian College
Commercial    Department
i opens .Sept. Dth.
A. E. EtherinRton,
Commercial Master.
Miss A. Ivoree,
: Teacher in Stenography and
Por further Information apply to
That i.s the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of Electrical  Work
liiterPFt attaching to the presence of
blonde Kikimo in thi; Arctic.
Now Y"rk. .Mi". '2D. \n Hnn"iiT''>-
mont bv Mayor 0��ypr>r today lhat he
wlll not convent to b**p ovn ellmlna-
tk>n from iho mayoralty situation hy
Sirrentinir s rcportod nomination to he
mfnftrr**(* hlm tiv the l'rogrcHFivp'j lor
c-h'r' Juftlco. ef the state court oT ap-
���pend*?. "������'�� followed hy efforts on the
part of the fusion leaders to k<��p their
aBH��d'd��ti b from accepting places on
thp Indepi micr.t ticket of Mayor Gay-
Theodore Poosevelt conferred with
Uie ftwlon arivlsnrs todav and it was |
learned InniuM thnt he urged the fu-
���lr>T nndldntes to make an out and
��hb.*. fiKht agalnnl Tammany and not to
��reint. If thev were offered, plaera on
Uld Gaynor llcket.
ground  nnd  thev'll attend to thr
for themsel'/ b.' "
Mr. O'Connell knows mnpt of hie
charges hy name and niovs among
them :im a friend, He hears tbe stories
of their troubles and helps to patch
up all kinds ot differences, nnd he
talks to Ihem In their dialects with the
ease of one ol themselves.
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY RATES���All outside room* ��4,on; Court rooms. $.1.00:
dally rate 75c. and $1.00.
Newly   furnished.     Hot  and  cold   running  water  nnd   telephone
In all rooms.
Is Drawing Near.
We have a choice line of vlnc.*;ar
this year, especially for ploklinK.
Janes' Apple Cldar vinegar in half
gallon glass bottles, per bottle ....50c
One gallon glass bottle, per bcttle 86a
While   Wine   Vinegar   In   half  gallon
g'ass bottles, per bottls   BOc
Pickling Spice,    per    packet    10c,    .'I
t*ir 25c
Whole   Cloves,    Cinnamon,    Allaplce,
Mace,  etc.
Choice   Easti rn   Townships  Ilutter   :;
lbs. for $1.81
Fancy Creamery Butter 2 ihs. for 7f,c
l.i cal  Dairy  Butter,  ner ||j Ht)*
Cooking Ilutter, pir Ih 25c
Clothes  l'lns   R  drii-i-n   for  lie
Old Dutch Oloaniar      ' far Kc.
Liquid Ammonia, per bottia  lRc
Choice Table l'eaches  8 lbs. 2Rc
Malaga tlrapes. per Ib 1Rc
Hot. House Tomatoes, per lh 20"
Olinnagan Celery (very due) 2 Ihs. 25c
If you want the best  try
Dean's Grocery
Phons 386.
Columbia Street.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Burr Block.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar aod
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rat* paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts snd Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parte of tha
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, Goners!  Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. 8ATURDAY,   AUGUST   30,   1913.
pa<m *r*m
News* Sport Page That Everybody Readstau* m .
In  Bes*. Came of  Season  Herd  Wins
From All-Stars by Score of
;��� to 5.
With both teams displaying the
classiest ball yet seen on a local diamond,  thS  Moose eapiurcd  the  post'
> eason series lasi evening from the
Stars at Queen's l'urk, ILilinkc's lioiue
run   drive  BOOflng   hluiheir and   Welti
gartner In ths rirst or the seventh.
breaking Lbe tie.   The final score was
-   r
Cotnrni nclnj; wllh the first hall put
ever thc plate both aggregations were
on edge throughout, the stun feeling
confident or creeping up to within
i trlklng distance of tiie league champions while the latter, with three wins
io tiieir credit used considerable head
'inili to rupture tlle fourth and deciding game.
In fielding honors the Stars were
away In front, several pretty plays, Including two doubles, getting the crowd
on Its feel at Intervals, Ths Moose
evened up this, however, hy their hit-
ting display, althougb five errors were
placed against them
it .i.i   c nip and tuck battle through'
out     Mallen and Welngartner started
the BCOrlng  !n  the second, whl!" Wy
ord  v.as brought In  tor the Stars.      |
Three  In  a   Row.
Iii the Ii -i oi the third the Stan
gOl  to Hern  for three clean  lills In a
mw, Wyanl and silver crossing the
pan In Gentry's single. Howe struck
Mallen, 'irst up In the Wurth, singled
and Wlnblad struck out Past double
piny, Oentry to Chaput, retired Marmonl and Mallen, J
The Btart wont further In the lead,
in their part of the Inning, when utter
McCabe was oul. A Sinclair was
walked, Chaput did likewise. Wyard'sj
lingl" scored Sin-lair, while Chupnt
also tallied on Ijulinke'a error. Wynrd
imt stealing home, Krnle Sinclair also
out.    .Score 6*2,
Fifth Inning.
In the ririh. Horn singled, was rot,
fielder's choloe, Williams snfe Double
play, McCabo to Silver to K. Sinclair,
r  'lind  the Mile.
'I wo em ty. nn" n muff hy Howe ln
rlghl field and 'he other tiy Decker at
third, allowed  .1   Hay and  Huhnke to
core,     l.arkin   doubled   and   another
muff hv Hove allowed  Wlndblad to
,t safe, i nrkin's score tleing up the
., ore, ,r. B
Poor couching at 'bird allowed Mc-
i  :���' " to gel  OUl  in  lhe last  of tlle sixth
,   ar  i wllsnl   opportunity   was
* Bl ntrd Ui the Stirs to go ahead.
Ovrr in Oevoi-th.
Tbo battle was over in  the seventh
..... Welngartner singled and was
I - ucht heme by Huhnke's mighty hit
��� - th" cluh house
iioth jiorne end McCab#, the hox ar-'.
I    Is, wer" Been sl their best, tlle for- i
r  Irlnc Inclined  to  walk  the hats- !
n frequently, although he kept his
���ere it     H     K
bo   7   n     r.
* ��� rs             ',       7       'i '
"if'-r''' Horn and Huhnke: M *
1   iho 'md Oentry;  umpires. Sayce and
Itandlttg at a  later date I  beg to Ini-
press thoroughly and distinctly upou
you  lhe absolute necessity of playing
only bona fide amstours, because ir
you   play  any   other  Ihan   bona   fids
I amateurs and should win the cup, we
{ would   he   compelled   to   withhold   it
from you or retake It should you get
What Amateur It.
Whal we consider a bona fid" amateur  Is a  man   who  lias  never  competed  tor uny  money  prize or  mnne-
. tarv  consideration  or tor any  wage;
j who has never been engaged 111. assist,
jed in or taught  nny athletic exercises
las a means or pecuniary gain, as per
i regulation   IS  of  the  rules  governing
tha competition   tor the    Mann    cup.
! Neither will any player he allowed to
compete who lias once been profef-
IslonalltC-d and reinstated. We take
���the cn'iniil firmly and strongly
'"once  i   professional,  always  a
ilonal." ^^^_____
Avoid  Tr-uble.
I I cm Impressing this upon you so
that we msv distinctly understand one
another, i nd thereby avoid any future
trouble  I would like to know In plenty
'or time whether you can or cannot
SjTree on  referees,  so that   in   case  it
Is necessary for the board to appoint
referees, ws will have plenty of time
; to select capable men. and can assure
vou thai your team wlll receive every
protection and a square deal.
I enclose herein com* r,r the rules
'.'ov,'ruing   the   competition     tor     the
. Mann cup.
j P  .1. LALLY, Chairman.
Monday's    Events    Include Speeches.
Councillors' Ball Game and
Grand Dance at Night.
Hovers Going Right After All-Stars at
Capperton Park This
Tbe second benefit aoccer game between the Hovers and the city all-
stain will lake place at Sapperton
pars at :i o'clock this afternoon, with
prospects of some classy foutwi.rk before the final whistle blows. So tar in
the series, the Hovers are trailing In
the roar by one goal, but Manager
Grant was chock rnll of optimism last
evening and expects his bunch to pull
aWay before llle play ends this afternoon.
Jimmy Craig will'again handle the
whistle, his work of last Saturday being satisfactory to both teams.
Ilere la the lineup of the Rovers:
Samphor, goal; Miller and McMillan,
hacks; McNaughton. Melklejohn and
.laidlne. halves; Hayes, CarindofT.
Shawcross, Mcl.eod and Caydzien, tor-
Gives Sanction.
Secretary A. B. Vert, ol the local
branch ot the It. C. A. A. I!., has sanctioned the athletic meet ot the Trades
and Labor council at Queen's park on
Monday. Where any athlete afriliated
with the amateur body will be allowed
to compete without danger to his
standing with lhat body.
Sam  Langford and Jack Johnson    to
Meet In Paris December 20���
End of Long Chase.
N. H. A. and Patricks A-re? on Terms
���Coast  Will   Have to  Pay  for
���Eastern  Men.
Toronto, Aug. 88.- \n arrangement
has been practically completed between ihe Patrick*, representing the
hockey association on the coast, and
the  X   H   A   in the east    In view of
the lack of facilities tor development
or hockey players eii the coast the
agreement gives thn western dubs
tbe right to annually drati one player
fr'nn each of the N. H, A. clubs at
a ftxeil price or from Jlonn to $ir,un.
'I'he two Toronto clubs favor this
Idea and Quebec Is sure to fall lu
line. Ottawa Is now In touch with Ils
directors and also favors ll. There
will I." no raiding one one league by
the other and Hie two will work in
Th" playei   weal of the territory of
Hie (Ireat Lakes will belong lo the
coast league and those east to the
X H, A. Th's wlll take the place of
any commission.
Many   Prizes   Offered   Tn'13   Afterr-ocr.
a*. Lulu Island Ground:���Freeman
Cm to e= Contested for.
Chairman Of Mann Cup Trustee.- Lay-j
Down Law Against Professionals
to   Cna'lengers.
The following letter was recently received  by the secretary  of the Arm-
Iron fi  lacrosse team, challengers for
the Mann cup, who. If they stand the
lesi  of amateurism,  will  clash  with
Hi" V A. c at Vancouver In the near
future Joe Lally, chairman of the
Mann cup trustees, lays the law down
1 1 d agalnsl professionalism and ths
communication   is   worth reading ir
only to gel n view of the policy of the
trustees in regard to the cup games.
ii  11 Armstrong. Esq.. Secretary Armstrong  Lacrosse club.  Armstrong.
Henr Sir   I am  in rece'nt or your
li ttl :* rf :'��� 1 Mn Inst , an<: also ln re-
retpt e' 1 telegram forwarded me by
M      i;     . .���
I wrote ' 11 on lhe Uth advising you
to rend a by registered mail a formal di'..len-'.'. r'.ing full particulars
hs to the iiaii'iilonshlp won by your
team, whin 1 will Immediately wire
tho Vancouver amateurs asking them
ror convenient dates.
Must Be Amateurs.
So that there mny be no mlsundrr-
in order to wind up the semen In ,i
bl i..*   1 f gll r*.   uud  ,".:   th"  same time
give ih" boyB some practice for the
game b.uis which they will pursue on
Monday, the New Westminster Oun
club Wlll hold Iti list shoot of tiie
Season ihis arternoon over the trap
Ion the Lulu Island grounds, near fhe
Queensboro school.    Many prizes have
b "ii donated by the merchants or this
city and mere are expecled by the
time the shooters line up at the traps,
which will be at 1 o'clock sharp.
There will be tlve events or 16 b rd-
eich. nnd these will be for the ordin
a ry prizes, which are headed by 11
l-'Millful cold locket, donated bv
Clarence McLean, a fine pair of geld
cuff links from Judge W. Norman
Hole,   and   oilier   articles   from     the
various merchants of the city.
After the regular program shoot.
'which is open to all. there wlll be a
fill-bird event, shot In sections of 25,
f"r the Thomas freeman cup. emblematic c.f the championship of the
citv. This is open to any rcHldcnt of
the city. For the final event of the
day the management lias reserved the
C. A. Welsh challenge cup, to oonslsl
of a 16-blrd contest, open to club
members onlv. The old rules of no
bang, no bird, and a broken b'rd. no
bird. Will be strictly enforced. Visitors
aro cordially welcomed and should
take the Kwen avenue car to thc
Queensboro school.
Lo*.��cr  Mainland Championship if at!
Stake���Circle F v. Coqultlam���
Winner v. North Vancouver.
Arrangements were completed last
���ovening for staging the lower mainland chaniplomhlp pBtncs at. Fraser
Mills o., Sunday afternoon. Owing to
Nrw Wertmlnstcr not lielng able to
field ,1 team aga'nst North Vancouver
thla nftornoon nl Queen's park, tho
tame goes |,y default to the Ambitious
<lty. which i"nm thus emerges In the
rinals with little trouble and wlll meet
the winner rf tlm Circle F-Coqult'am
gnme Immediately following the first
Thus the runs wlll hnve the opportunity of witnessing the best baseball
si "ti ln��these parts this season, as thc
teams Involved In the struggle have
Klrengthened up consldnrahly nnd will
bn on edge fnr the double-header.
Full Nine Innings.
The Circle F-Coqultlam battle will
���commence at "i o'clock sharp, going the
full nine Innings so that the fans wlll
liavf. to leave nn the 1:30 B.C.K.H.
KpeclAI cars, or else on tho CP.lt. train
which wlll got them to the grounds
Just In time to see the opening Inning.
Manager August Cay of the Mill
trim, was n. busy man last evening
getting In communication with a covey
of umpires and although negotiations
were not eloped last evening, officials
nf Northwestern calibre will be on
deck to take charge nf both games.
Manager tones, of North Vancouver.
"���ns rmrVd Inst evening and signified
his Intent'nn nf coming over with his
'esn Sunday afternoon In time to start
th" second rfme at 4 o'clock.
Jones would have liked to have met
\'"w Weatmlnster n Queen's park this
ifternnoh but civic prldo failed to raise
-nv respoiiFe among tho ball players of
"il" city so that the game goes by de*
Special transportation ts being ar-
-nn-e<i with the B. C. B. ll. and the
C. P. I!., so that there will be seats
enough and to span* In order to handle
the expected large crowd.
The llne-uo of the Circle F nine
will bn as follows: Huhnke, c; Wlnd-
blnrt, 1h; J. (lev. 2b; Tnteman. 3b;
Rolloway, ss.; Wllllnms. I.f.; A. Gay,
c.f.; H. Nuba, r.f.; l.arkin, Horn and
Nellson, pitchers; Marmont, spare.
l.arkin will start the game.
Hoston. Aug. Ut���SUB Langford,
negro heavyweight, Is to meet Jack
.lohnson, heavyweight champion of
the world. In a hout for the titla In
I'aris December 20. Arrang'-m'-nts for
the match were completed by cable
today, according to Joe Woodman,
manager of  Langford
Th" hout Is to be of 20 rounds and
will be staged In the Cirque de I'aris,
under the direction cf Theo. Vlnnc.
Langford is guaranteed a lump sum
and a percentage of the receipts for
his appearance, Woodman says.
The Hoston heavyweight was defeated by Johnson B8V( n years ago
and has been seeking another bout
with the champion since. Johnson's
reported need of money and the tact
of the proposed bouts with white men
in I'aris and London having fallen
through, are the reasons given for the
match being made.
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L.    Pet.
Vancouver    Sl    05    .j'j',i
Portland   "1   53   .on;
Seattle    7:i    65    .52S
Victoria    65    73    .471
Tacoma    61    7*    .438
Bpokane  r,s   77   .42!i
Yesterday's Games.
At Vancouver: EL   11.   B
Portland      ;i    11      1
Vancouver    4   12     1
Batterlea: Mays and Williams;
Schmutz. Cadreau and Konnick.
At Victoria: it.   H.   E.
Spokane      4      7      U
Victoria     0     7      2
Hatterles: I'eters and Hannah;
Kantlehner and Shea.
At   Tacoma: it.    il.    E
Seattle     6    1"     4
Tacoma    12    18      I
Batterlea: Hell. Fullerton and Cadman; Kraft and Harris.
Etand.n-j of the Clubs.
W.    I..    Pet.
New   York     82    38    .683
Philadelphia 69   45   .605
Chicago 66    55    .546
Pittsburg    63    55     .534
Brooklyn    62   64     .148
l'i Kton    50    66 .4.31
"1 i Innatl    49    76 .392
.*; .  Loirs   4.")    77 .369
Yesterday's Games.
At Philadelphia: P.,   ii.   1:
Now York     2     7     0
gbiladelphla   3    5     1
Batteries: Tesreau and McLean,
U lis    : Camn'.'.z und Kill fer.
At Pittsburg: n.   n.   ;���:.
ChiMW     6     9     :.'
Plttstmrg   1     4    0
Batteries: Cheney and Archer; McQuillan,   llendrix  and  Gibson,  S'mon.
At  Cincinnati: H.    II.    E.
SI.   I.ouis      3     5     1
Cincinnati      2     7      1
llatteries: Sallee nnt! Wingo;
Packard, Suggs and Kllng.
The Boston-Brooklyn game postponed;   rain.
Half-Breed Must Speak Out in Meeting
Today and Tell Court Where He
Got Whisky.
George Sweet is hir. name. Claims
he is a half breed and BCOffed at the
'. suggestion of the police that his home
is on an Indian reservation. Taken
lat a glance he,looks to have a tritie
i more than half Indian blood In Ills
' pips but his word goes in thc mean-
I time, 10 half-breed lie Is.
George loves the firewater. Su much
so that yesterday he felt called upon
��� to  load   up  considerably   with   liquor
both   Inside   and   out.
Knler I', c 11. Milne. Second scene
Of the second act. enter Hill Guttridge
aad the city's buzz-wagon. Sweet, together with a Bellingham Indian and
his squaw. Mr. and Mrs. T. Jones, to
be correct, were picked up. the former
;charged with supplying, while the latter will he asked to give reasons for
getting intoxicated. This they do this
morning betore the magistrate.
Standing of the  Clubs.
W.    L.     Pet
Philadelphia  81   39    .1'.,",
Cleveland   73    49    .699
Washington  67   52     .6��H
Chicago   65    59      .524
iloston     59    59      .590
Octroi!    53    71      .423
St. Louis    48    79    .378
Sew V"rk   40    77      ,341
At  St.  Louis: R.    H.    E.
Cleveland      3      6      0
St. Louis    0     6     5
Hatterles: Falkvnberg and Carlsch;
Ilaiimgartner nnd  McAllister.
Other American league games postponed:  rain.
Standing of the Clubs.
VV.    L.    Pet.
Newark    83    46    .644
Rochester 75   56    .573
Baltimore    67    62    .519
Buffalo   $6    63    .512
Montreal    62    63    .496
Toronto   61    69    .469
Providence    66   74    .426
Jersey City  46   82    .359
Baltimore 6-8, Toronto 7-2.
Newark 2-5, Huffalo 0-8.
Providence 1, Rochester 2.
Jersey City 3, Montreal 7.
Washington, Aug. 29.���President
Wll'on has approved the appointment
-if James F. Stutcsman of Indiana. J.
P. Pwyer, of Pennsylvania, and Os-
-���ar Fnrnbach, of California, as members of the Panama-Pacific exposition
commission to Central America and
the West Indies. Mr. Stutesman ls
the commissioner-general. The commission will make the trip south on
board the cruiser Des Moines, leaving
Hampton Roads tn about three weeks
with members of a similar commission
to South American countries.
Prase Humorist* Meet
Peoria, 111.. Aug. 29.���The tenth annual convention of the American
Press humorists came to a close here
today. The following offlcera were
elected: PreslO-nt, George Fitch,
Peoria; vice-president, Douglas Hal-
loch, Chicago; secretary and treasurer, Ted Robinson, Cleveland. Cleveland geU the 1914 convention.
'Continued frnm rage One.I
a question  as  to hl3 opinion  of the
present relations    between   Germany
:���: il Englaati,
"Our relations are oomlantlv grow-
Ing better." he said, "especially since
the adjustment of the Balkan sltua-
ticn. In f?ct there has been a much
better feeling displayed between the
Iwo great grouns of European powers
as a result of the Balkan situation in
, which they have worked togetiier."
j Heme  Rul:  Cominn.
Speaking of heme rule for Ireland,
he said:
"Home rule was never nearer adop- I
tlon than It is today and I believe it i
Will soon be an accomplished fact. Ofj
course,     the     religious    question     in
Ulster is difficult, but you can't keep
the  hands ot the clcck from advanc-
I lng."
Wouldn't Talk Mexico.
The chancellor refused to discuss
the Me*", an situntirn except to say I
that he was "conlident that the l'nited
States would meet the question in the
broad way with which It has treated
other great problems."
He said be had  not tiade a close
1 study    of    the    constitution    of    th" :
! l'nited  States,  the opinions of  Chief
Justice    Marshall    and   of   American
court procedure, hut had been greatly ]
;enllghtep'd  on   these    quest''ns    bv j
Justice Wendell Holmes, a fellow pas ]
scnter i''iri"g b's voyage.
"I th ik 'Inv'lsli law." lie sad. "has
fewer technicalities than the Amerl-
I can law, Yo*i have mere opnort'tnl-
Itles for apped than we do In E"C-
litid. Wc ere very sparltiT in this
particular, This Is especially true ot
criminal procedure.
Admires Americans.
L "1 have greatly admlrfd," he said,
j"the Intellectual vigor of the American people and the vigor of your
���literature. Your growth in these respects Is without parallel."
Lord Haldane was sccompanled by
his sister. Miss Elizabeth Haldane.
and Sir Kenneth Muir-Mackenzle,
clerk of the crown.
The party was met st the pier bv
a reception committee of the American Bar association, which Included
Frances Rawle, of Phllsdelphla, chairman; Jacob M. Dickinson, former secretary of war; Judge Alton B. Parker.
Frances Lynde Stetson and C. A.
Severance. They escorted the chancellor on a sightseeing tour of the
Portland, Aug. 29.���A felony complaint was Issued here this afternoon
against A. A. Brodeck, commissioner
of publlc safety ot Everett, hls wife
being the complainant
iMrs. Brodeck names Mrs. Freda
Fredlund, formerly of Denver, and her
complaint Is based on Investigations
which she has conducted here for sev.
eral daya paat.
F. Fredlund, husband of the woman
named, hat filed suit at Everett
against Brodeck. demandlni .16,000
damages for alleged allenatlou ot hla
wife's affections.
Final arrangements were made last
evening for the siagmg of the great
Labcr Day celebration at Queens para
on Monday, which promises to be the
largest of Its kind ever attempted and
earned out under the auspices of
union men In British Columbia.
AftHr weeks of work the officials in
charge of the affair express themselves satisfied with the outlook and
all that ls needed now Is the gor.d
graces of the weather man to head
off any rain clouds which might show
themselves on Monday morning.
"It can rain on Sunday. It can pour
on Tuesday, but we will be disappointed if it happens to rain on Monday,"
was the remark of Chairman Harry
Gibb to The News last evening.
Commencing at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon of Monday, a ball game between New WeBtmlnster and North
Vancouver teams will be staged cn
the park diamond after which will
start the speechrnaking of the day.
With Harry Gibb in the chair.
Mayor A. W. Gray will make an address of welcome to the Visiting members of trades unions of fancouver
and Victoria, while D. S. Cameron
will perforin the honors on he-halt or
the New Westminster Trades and
Labor council, of which he Is president. These addresses will be followed by remarks by Christian Sle-
vertz, of Victoria; It. I'. Pettiplece.
Vancouver: It. A. Stoney, New Westminster; Alderman W. Dodd. New
Westminster, and J. W. Wilkinson,
Councillors' Ball Came.
Immediately fallowing the    speech-
making,  which   will  all  be  brief  and
to the point, a full program of sports
will be carried out cn the oval at tbe
park.    This includes a bage-bal! game
between  the    municipal    council    of
Hurnaby ar.d the city council of New
Westminster,  the  winners    capturing
the  handsome    medals    which    have
been manufactured for R. A. Stoney.
Prizes for All.
The  sports will continue until late
in the afternoon, prizes being offered
,for every event, after    which    everybody  will adjourn  to the agricultural
building where a grand ball will    be
Yesterday arrangements were made
bv the union men with the executive
rf th" Royal Columbian hosnital
auxiliary tn have the decorating done
jointly bo that the hall will be in
��� shape for both the Labor Day ball
and also tlie dance to be held there
on Friday evening in aid of the hospital.
Tomorrow evening a committee
from the local Trades and Labor
council will visit Vancouver and interview the officials of the musie'ans
union there with a view to patching
up the differences so that a band will
be In attendance throughout the day's
-The walls are built of solid reinforced concrete two feet
-Thn lining of the vault Is composed of three layers of
half inch armor plate bolted together.
The main door weighs over  five tons,   is eight  Inchea
thick and is locked by 12 crosBbolts of 1% inch steel.
-The Inner door weighs two tons and ls over three Inchea
thick. iS*3*Sm'm��.*
The grill  protecting the approach to the door is made
of 1% steel bars Imbedded in the floor and celling.
The vault Is protected by the American Bank Protection
Company's   electrical devices,    by    which    no one   can
touch tbe vault, ontslde of office hours, without setting
off  the  alarm.        [ .... ...
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. __
Enquire about our special stoekes, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Grain Elevator Ready.
Pert Arthur, Aug. 29.���The Dominion government grain elevator at Port
Arthur is r,e*jr!ag completion and fr?T
present Indications will le able to
handle grain by Sept. 20. The structural work is nearly completed and
most of tiie machinery Is on the site
and is now being put in place. One
force of men is at work installinc the
high potential power line to the plant,
while another is laying tracks which
will plve the C.P.R. access to the elevator. The C. N. R. already has its
tracks laid to thc elevator and arrangements will be made later to give
the G.  T. P. a similar connection.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Procram Today.
Lubln Presente
"Good for
in Two Reels
Songs by Lawrence Children.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia,
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three   English   Billiardij
Tables, seven Pool  Tables,|
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
Const '���������   ^^~
R. H. CORBETT, Manager:
Bitulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
ths Centra.
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bitulithic is commended highly by owner* of automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It bas been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred ln the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds In Action-5501
Whie Ro*
"The Playground of &C*
WHITE, SHiLIS & Co.. Official Ate-,, ��AUC  wTH
SATURDAY,  AUGUST   30,   1813.
Classified Advertising
ceived lor The News at the following places: 1'. T. Hill's drug store.
6:> Columbia street; A. Sprice,
yueensborougb. Lulu Island.
Claeslfled���One cent per word per
day; tc per w'ord Per "eek; 15c per
mrinth; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
���Mired within one year from date ol
run-tract. $26.00.
housework. 31!3 Eighth street. (1954)
turc in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
.fleets by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's botel block,
Columbia street. (1��22)
front furnished rooms; private
family.   51 Columbia street.    (19701
ished  bedroom,    suitable only    for
two ladles. Apply 330 Eighth street.
front room, 74 First street.     11947)
bedrooms, 420 St. George street.
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.        (1897)
finished, and large cleared lul. Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, George Wame,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
South  Porcupine,  Aug.  29- By
FOR SALE���11.00 down. $1.00 PER fortunate disclosure that barrels
Eastern Police Make Grand Discovery
apd   Bootleggers   Suffer
For It.
Judge   Elected   by   Women  of  Golden! Everybody's   Broke    in   the   Country
Gate Makes Good With Those
Who Chose Him.
Where Merry Widow Waltxes
Grow   Wild.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar-
ket square. (18261
tion House, Kings hotel block, Columbia street.
spring mattress und genuine Rest-
more mattress for $23, worth $42.
upholstered In best velour, sacrifice j
for $5, worth $10.
sion table, extends to 8 feet; will
sell for $14. value $32.50. (1962)
nd pitch contained within
them ten-gallon kegs of whiskey, the
provincial police of this disirict claim
that they have put a stop to a .(treat
deal of the liquor traffic. The find
came ahout In a peculiar manner on
Monday of this week, and tlie constables' suspicion was aroused only
when too much cement and tar were
shipped Into the town.
As the result of the raid made, three
cases will be heard before Magistrate
Thomas Torrance on  Saturday  afternoon of this week.    A  barber by  the i
name of Qagnon  is out on  $500 hail
llerlin. Aug. 29. The kingdom of
Bohemia is bankrupt.
But this time is has not to do with
the   traditional     Bohemia     of     song
Joseph iludan Losse of the South I'or.
San  Francisco, Cal., Aug. 29.    Sev
eral   months  ago   the   women   of  Snn j
Francisco  Initiated   and  carried   to  a
successful conclusion    a    recall cam-
palgn agalnBt   Police    Judge    Charles |
Weller.    In hls place they elected Wl-   dance, music, art and lit
li y  F. Crist   a young  lawer. because,
as the women expressed it. "they liked
hir. lace."
Judge Crist hns heen on the bench
three months and lias succeeded In
shattering many of the "sacred" traditions of police court justice, and incidentally mude good with the people
who put him In office. I very
"1 have been    blamed,"   remarked I m jnpuon.
I Judge I'rlst. "for refusing to sign warrants In court.     I  have been  charged
with clogging the calendars, but I have
New York
Financier Believes U.
s Oue to Cross Border
Lir*-?  Quantities.
ter by foreign purchasers.    The same-
can he said of corn, wheat and other
cereal crops which are exported. Alto-
gether.   the  aggregate  Of   money   that
will   come   to   this  side  from   Europe,
will lie very large
"In the states, no trouble peed hi-
Calgary,   Aug.   29. -Thai     there     Is   anticipated  as regards money  for the
good reason to expect all early return  moving  of  the  crops  for  the  govern
i   at ii ,i,i  .���   i���   ,i, ,'ment    has   ulreiidv   expressed   Its   In-
 _l" "or"ml ll";il,clHl "ondltlong In ��<",.,.���.,������ ���, H���()phlI1(. ,���',. ���,������������.,,, ;,II(I
rature, whloh [United States and Canada, tbat with-WMtern   banks   with  ail  the   money
has neither boundaries nor geograpli- ' In u few months at most there will be  needed  for  this  purpose
leal location   a condition or "itate" plenty of money available for carrying I Plenty of Money.
and not a state. on legitimate business with a fair pm ,   "As is no doubt wall  understood.
It is the real kingdom or Bohemia I Portion for new Investment, but that, the currency of the United States can
thai lias gone "stone broke," the land! there will be need of curbing Inflated lie automatically increased h> the act
of gypsies and "Merry Widow" waltzes   real  estate  speculation,  and  that   mu-Iof the treasury department and If nee
which has furnished the backgroundInlolpalltles will have to put a limit onlessary 1500,000,000 could   be   turned
and   setting  for  many  operettas,   the | unnecessary   bororwlngs,  Is  the  View |loose by  the treasury In case a tetn
mention of which sets one's feet
refused only on the
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
TAKK NOTICE, pursuant to section IS
of the "Companies Act." that tha above
named company Intends, one inonth after
the da*' hereof. t�� apply to the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companies to change lm
name   to   "Standard   Discount   Company,
Llm"ed' C. E. CAMPBELL.
Dated nt New Westminster,  B.C., this
thirtieth day of July. 1913. (187m
Bohemia is one of tlie most cultured
and  industrlaly one of the wealthiest
of  the  score  or   more  kingdoms  nnd
ground Of common   states which make up the Atistro-llun-
.upine hotel Is out on $160 bail, whileI wice! Twant to know the merits of garian empire.    Franz Joseph, the 82-
E. Juneau is awaiting a bondsman to | ������, (.aiu, ������,�����,.,, fljj|ng ball." 'year-old empt ror of Austria, is king of
he allowed his freedom until thc trial j     ,,   v...s ,������,   ,hls  ,,raetlce of Betting  Bohemia,    It   lias  Its own  parliament.
'takes place. L |ow |mn   especially In the cases of i    As a result of turbulent  politic:. In
Suspicious of Barrels. | Ili(,n  charged  with    offenses    against   th" last few weeks, there Is only about
On Monday l'rovlncial   Constables\g\r\. that cost Judge Crlst's predeces-1**00 ln the klngdora's#treasury    Two
ilt.  T.   Smith  and   Kd  Jordan   became 1J0] , ^.. ,ol|   * I elements,   the   Czechs   and   the   tler-
| -suspicious of a barrel of tar. weighing j"   ;.,   have'also   been   reproached   for  mans, both seeking to control  parlia-
|nearly 300 pounds, being unclaimed atInot seeing lawyers In private beforeImen! and the policy of the country,
the  station.    They  managed   to  Bhttt drying the case In which they are In-  have  been  waging  a   warfare  of  ob-
the heavy barrel, and  heard a jolting j tt>"r<'(-l*fil "  continued   Judge  Crist      "I I Btructlon.    The Czechs are    antl-Aue
refUBe to be prejudiced In advance. Ititrl��'> ������"������ foe Germans loyal to
mav not he the Inte'tlon of attorneys :'rla- 	
to do so, hut I want to hear both sides I     rhe diet or parliament has a ( zech Udtam
of a case In court, not one side before- \ majority.   All measures nnd appropri-
hand In private atlons emanating from the   Oerman
"The  police   courts  are  the  courts I members of parliament or population
of the people. The public's whole Idea  WBre     unceremoniously     killed.     The
of justice grows out of their treatment Germans began a campaign of legislate these courts. five obstruction.    It has continued for
"Women are helping in these courts ' mor" than a >'ear-    " ''locked the leg
of the linancial situation of the preS-iporary boarding of money hrought
ent and the outlook for the future as!about a scarcity of the circulating
expressed by Charles S. Mnhkenzle, : medium. When the treasury dentin -
eiiiliieii*    linancial     attorney   of   New ; ln< nt announced  Its Willingness to do
trade for revenui
FOR EXl'HANOH���V-room thoroughly
modern house in choice location. Will
trado equity fer Burnaby or South Vancouver lots and assume.
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, labor Temple building.
Phone 403 R. (1876)
keeping rooms, H6 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
housekeeping rooms, 3V Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (1836)
News office. (1965)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Van-
couver,   B.C. (1825)
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act."
NOTICE le herehy given thnt James
Prank Blatr, restaurant-keeper, carrying
on l.'islness as the "White Lunch," at
;,1S Columbia .Street, and as the "Centrnl Cafe," at Too Columbia Street, both
In tlie Cil of New Westminster, Province or British Columbia, hns. by Deed
rintrd tie- Twenty first .lu-y���ni���August,
\. I*.. 1913, asslgn'-'l all his r.-al and
personal estat *. credits and effects, wblch
i iay be seiz..! or sold under execution to
Walter S. Hose, of tin* City of New West-
mlnsti r. In the Province of British Colum-
1 ia. Accountant, for th-* purpose of satls-
fvlng rateably and proportionately, and
without preference or priority all his creditors.
AM' NOTICE is nlso hereby given that
���' nvetin of the creditors of tlw said
.lm,..- Prank Blair will be held at tho Assignee's ofllce, Room BOS, Westminster
Trust Building. New Westminster, B '*.
��� ���a 'Sdav, the Becond dav of September,
V D IMS. at thr'*'- o'clock In the aftor-
n .* -l
AND NOT I IT: is n ao hereby given that
pli p.-rs -ns having claims ngalnsl the said
limes Frank lilnir are required to for-
- ��� ' irtl.iu.irs of the sane*, duly verb
'led arid accompanied by sworn affidavit,
io (he sa f Walter B. Itose New Weatmln-
-."������ B. ' . "ii "r l-'-f'.r.- the Thlrtlpth day
Amrust. Ifl.t. n'ter whieh dat* the as
sets "f th- said  .tames  Prank   Ulair wilt
i���, flidfrivint d bv i' .  snld  ����*l n ������*������
��� he   creditors   nf   whole   clalma   he   shall
ther. hnv notice.
D4TBD at Now Westminster. "��� P.. 'his
Twcnty-ITOn day n' ,��iimist;  -V i>   1*13
i    ISS i "-*���* ii	
POR BALE���A SNAP���Owner will sacrifice at a price loss than cost. 7-room
nt-w and thoroughly modern house,
beamed ceilings and panelled walls,
etc. Large lot, Eighlh ave and Twelfth
stroet. If vou want a goaid house. Investigate this.
WANTED���Prairie farm to exchange fo*
7-room thoroughly modern new house
Well   located.      What   offers?
nuise Inside. They immediately opened the barrel and In digging out the
tar located the ten-gallon keg of whiskey inside. A 500-pound barrel of cement, which thai! been allowed to set
solid, was next investigated, and another ten callous of booze fell into the
hands of the police.
This was the start of an Investigation which led to the arrest nf the
three mm. on whose premises it Is alleged other evidences wore found
which led the officers to suspect that
they were the ones carrying on this
novel method of transportation. The
up to $60,000 to barrels addressed to the non-residents
of the town also aided the police in ef- I
feeding the detecting of the liquor.
Had to Use a Pick.
The method is indeed a novel one.
Before the barrel of cement was opened it was necessary to* use a pick to'
break away the hardening concrete
from around the inner keg. Evidently
the keg had been packed while the j
cement was wet. and It was Incased
In a manner which gave the police
great difficulty in locating It.
In  the rear of the premises of one [
of   tie  arrested    men.    small    empty
kegs bearing more or less tar on the '
exterior, wcre found, which led to the '
All of the judges wlll tell youi
Iglatlve wheels  completely.     Nd  hud
��� producing property
todav _	
that.    I do not mean the women  who; *���'' could bo formed or passed. Taxes
attempt to dictate.    I mean the settle- \M���>0' be levied or collected,
ment  workers  and   probation  officers,    The treasury is exhausted.   Salaries
who are protecting girls and  women |for scho<>1 teachers,  police and  thou-
who not  many  years ago were help
Vork, who Is In Calgary I" connection
with Investments of financial institutions he represents.
"When I lidt New York." snld Mr.
Mackenzie, "there was plenty of
money in the banks lt was possible
to get all the money required, Bt a low
rate of interest on call loans, but the
banks Insisted on collateral, which
shows that a change In conditions has
already set In.
"The Idea the bank had at the time
the tightening of mon
Aus- I was to avoid a gr"at money stringency
panic  by  fortifying themselves    In
against any  runs or unusual
demands for cash that might  be made
by reason of the uustllled world conditions. This warning of the banks took
place early  ln  the year or the latter
part of last year and it arose primarily  from   the  situation    In    the  llal-
Securities Depressed.
"The elfect this had on Ihe American  stock  exchange and  hanking eir
tills. It was at once repudiated by the
banks na lielng unnecessary, showing
conclusively the strong position In
which the batiks were and aro In
fact, during the pnst two months, tbe
bank reserves have Increased
American Money in Canada.
"So far as Canadian conditions are
concerned, the United Slates have not
as yet Invested as extensively as
should be hte case In Canadian securities,   but   at   that   we   have   over
commenced, j $600,000,000 of  American  money Invested In Canada, and this Is contln
, ually   being  added  to.    Canada   Is  In
nsed of money from the outside world.
The   l'nited   Stales   will   continue   to
send   in   more  and  more  money  each
year for Investment in Canada,    Kngland  will continue to Invest money ill
Canada, bul not to as great an extent
as heretofore, as Bngland is waiting
[ for returns  on  the  many  millions of
pounds already invested in this cuiin-
: try.
"ln other words, Kngland from now-
cles was two fold: first. It depressed jon will scan more closely all offerings
to a large extant the market value of Iof Canadian securities and will not bfl
of Ctty and Burnaby
less in the machinery of the law
These women find homes; they ward
off merciless lawyers; they bring back
wayward girls. I do not believe this
is a passing phase. It' Indicates an
aroused conscience in both women
and men.
"I believe that a new Idea of Justice
ii dawning, a new social conscience
that must necessarily make for a new
kind of judge the kind of judge that
stoops down and listens not to the attorneys at the side door, but to the
people out In   front.
lands of members of
chino are unpaid The
and grocer have kept
hut   now   their   rosoun
the state ma-
baker, butcher
them "going."
es   and   credit
also are exhausted. The Btate hospitals for Insane and prisons are without money. Without legislative authority loans cannot be Issued. King
Fram Joseph's pleadings at the many
conferences with him, for the two pur-
ties to "get together," has been in
With bankruptcy at the door, no
money to keep the public wheels of
the kingdom moving, an attempt is to
led Into Investment In unsound propo
Btttons, as has been sometimes th'
case In the nast. llut with Improve
ment In the financial conditions In tha
United   S'ntes   and   Europe   which
all listed American securities by reason of the unusual dally offerings of
foreign held securities. Secondly. It
required    the   exportation    from    the
United states of many millions In i united Btates and Europe wnicn .*
gold, which was sent ln payment for' anticipated, monev for all reajonabi
the securities thus sold hy foreign- uses In Canada will, In my opinion. It-
era, quite free However, speculation ll
"It seems now ag If the clouds Ofltownsltes snd real estate generallj
war. so far as continental Kurope is ' should be decried, as well ns exoei
concerned, have for the time being at   slve borrowings by municipalities
'The Canadian towns and cities hav*
least   rolled   away   and   Kuropean   In
vestors are again appearing    in    the
American  market.
"Another and  very  Important fent-
Whenever I see a new face among ;be made *" brln�� ��>*����� >����� dissolving !ure lo<,k'"K ""' **���*""'<*>; resumption of
"ii neer i Me a new race among,    ���..,...,���.. .. ,...,.__   normal financial conditions, la the ax.
i the attorneys In court, I feel new hope
���for the old order Is changing."
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Under and by virtu- of an order of Mr.
Justice Murphy to me directed and delivered against the goods and chattels of the
Pacific Car Fender Company at the suit
of Robert Henry Poffile. I have seized
and wlll sell at my ofrice, Court House,
New Westminster, on Thursday, the fourth
day of September, 1S13, at ten o'clock in
the forenoon the following:
Sob- right, title and int-rest in a street
ear fender patented  in  Canada  and  num
bered   131.Kir,,   also   sole   right,   till
interest in a street ear   fender patented
Canada and numbered 14it. 1 s7 and patent I
applied  for  in   l'nited  States   under serial '.
number 707.SS3.
Pour models, lot of blue prints and a lot
of tools, etc.
Terms of sale :    Cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONG. Sheriff.
N.-w Westminster.
August 1'lith. 1913.
(ltl.-,l 1
Spokane. Aug. 28.��� His face bronzed 1 	
by a 100-mile hike through a rugged ' Walts for Him With Loaded Gun, But
section of Clallam County, Judge B. H. Sheriff   Arrives  First
Sullivan, the presiding judge in thei Davenport Waah., Aug. ii.���On the
supe-:or court, has returned to the'charge of threatening to kill Howard
courthouse, where he informed hls|Kullmore was bound over to the su-
fnends that he has enjoyed his Btren- perlor court and placed under bond
uotis vacation and expects to walk five j for j500 (0 k        ,he , b    j   y
miles a day  to  retain    his    youthful Im   -
parliament and ordering new elections
or over-ride the constitution and inaugurate a morm of absolute government. In the meantime those In public office or service must continue to
"stand off" the butcher, baker and gro-
Judge Sullivan,  who is 83 years of
age, spent several days at the Bolduc
tnd ' springs In Clallam county.    With    a
friend. Walter Christian, he    decided
that Ihe vacation would not be complete without a glimpse at salt water,
which  was approximately fifty mil'?
away.    Equipped  with  lunch  baskets
j the pair made the trip last week over
a rugged country in considerably less
I than three days.    The return trip was
I made on schedule time from La Push,
an Indian village on the coast.
"I do not care for a hone or a
I railroad train when I wish to travel
I and have plenty of time," said the
I judge on his return to the court-
j house yesterday, where he will return
Ito work next week. "I believe that if
a man expects to remain young that
he should take a good long -valk
', every day.
"That I may not be;.in to age I have
SEALED TENDER8 addressed to the
underalgned and endorsed "Tender for
Addition to Publlo Hulldlng. Victoria,
li. C," will le- received at this office until
4 :iui p.m., on Wednesday, September, 'I.
1913. for the construction ul an additional
storey on a portion of tho  Publlc liuild-
'"^afsTeelfiiiatlon.    form of  -\.nX. '"""s,a ,la>' rIKe!'Deot t0 t"n,i����"
tract con I- seen and forms of lender ob- \****a Practice, as I believe one can not
���mined at tin- office of Mi. Win I lender- I keep young unless thev indulge in
son. Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C., and ; plenty of this sort of exercise."
persons tendering are notified that ten-
1'Tm will  not  Ti-* considered  unless  made
on  the  printed   terms supplied,   and  signed
with "en  nctunl slgnaturea, staling their j
occupation*  and  places   *.i   residence.     In j '
th- ease .,t firms, ii,.. actual signatures       III glna, Aug. 29,    Quite  frequently
 -   ���'��������� occupation,   ind plsce*|of  late  flowers anil   vases  hav
stolen from graves |n Regina
made a habit, of walking
F. Gibson Monday. Kullmore had
, been employed by Frederick M. Cur-
; tiss. nn attorney of Spokane, who has
;a large farm nortliwtst of Davenport,
! lo do carpenter work, but Saturday
an altercation arcs? between thom
and ('urtiss discharged him.
Kullmore came to Davenport and in
some manner secured whisky and a
ri vi her,  and   with   these  went   back
Ito   Curtlss'   ranch.     Curtlss   was     in
Davenport and Kullmore announced to
ja man and wife that are employed at
'lie ranch    that    he    was    going    to
shool Curtlss as soon an he returned
and  to keen  his  word  he  tcok  a  position  on  the  front  porch   where  be
I could   watch    for   the   attorney's   approach     He    would    not    allow    the
i man and wife to leave the house.  I)v
mean*: of a  telephone thev  got   word
to   a   neighbor,   who   notified   (itrt'ss
I who wns on  his  wav home, ef    tho
mans'  intention,    '"urtiss  notified the
normal financial conditions. Is the ex
celtn crops already assured In the
States, take cotton for example. The
cotton crop wlll be one of the largest
in history,   lt is estimated at close to
14,000,000 bales. This means that the
cotton growers will get for their crop
In the neighborhood of 1760,000,000
and as about fifty per cent of the cot-
ton Is sold abroad, it means that over
1860.000.00 ln money will be returned
to the States during the fall and win-
alrendy. within a few years, equipped
themselves with improvements In tbo
shape of roads, sewers, light and other
Utilities to a degree that has never
been equalled or approached In the
l'nited States nnd to pay for these Improvement--*, have Issued bonds in
amounts thra-e or four times greater
than cities of corresponding populations across the border.
"A halt should be called on such excessive expenditures for these purposes until the settlement and cultivation of the surrounding districts warrant further development of the municipalities."
Tobacco     Condemned     by     Calgary's
Medical   Health  Officer���
Interesting  Facts
.1  . itch member ol i'i- firm
*   tbe   pul
,n.l   liM'i
1 ..se   of
es.    With
Tendi >s
Room ���''"���-.
Ti -ei-rs  are   Invited  fo'
th.- While Lunch, stock >
lens,  of premises for three %
to b>- dell ��� '-I'd   0 th- ossltri
Westminster Trust Building, "���   "r 1.
12 o'clock  icon on Tuesday, the Jnd
Innli'-I    1913.
Kor furih.-r particulars apply
<i9::n Aiwlgn
niesi   le   -.Iv
Ench* lend, i* mosl 1-    ipnnted bv an
liccepti .1 - I.* qui   en ,i . ',,, ,| bank, pnv-
,i.i. ,,, ���*., nrrti - -,t lhi II iie".i.il,'e tl ���
Minister "r Publlc Works, .-.iuai tn nn
ner cenl '1(p p.c.l of thi i.mounl of the
lender, whieh uiil I"* torMted If tli- t.-i-
��� ���    ti ��� .1- tne    I,   line  t ier  hit Oll-
��� ��� . ��� -.. ii. n called upon '" do s... or r oi in
eotnt.lete   ||,e    work   enl.t r:, ,*t e.|    for.       P   Ul"
lender be not accepted the cheque will be
Tbe Kepnrtmenl does  nol  bind itself to
aci ��� pt tie* lowest  "t  a: v  tender.
By Order,
It. i'   [>E8ROCKEnR.
if partmi nt "I Pobll- Work*,
Ottnwn,  ,'.*i*isi  ������:.  1913.
N- V*st,:il..-rs   Vil   li--'   1-    peel   f'-e  this  ,'I>1-
���y,..-ti--..,.. ru  it iie-   in'-,--  i'  w"' t authority from the Department.���4482��
i IDr.'.i i
tery   and   the   caretaker,   .1
hm Issued a warning tliat if lln
tice is not Blopped forthwith tli
ty parties will le- prosecuted.
On mnn- ihan one occasion, l
lng to Mr   Fenton, flo��- rs havi
removed rrom one grave und  placed
on anothei  and the same can also be
Haid about the vases.
(ue  lady came to the caretaker tlie
other day  and   was  rightly  Indignant
someone,   whether    thought-
not   know,  had
from five to ! sheriff's orflce nml Deputy SlK-rff
Hsrl Phillies [went to arre.-t lhe
when Phillips resched ihe Curtlsi
ranch be found Pullmor - a'leep and
had n hard time wakening him. He
put him under arrest and started f< r
the sherTs ear. ami as thev were
���almost n.re CurCss whistled and
Pnlln   ���**   bearing him   Irl. d hard  to
get     awa\     from     til"    d'-mif*-.    aBVIng
that li-- wanted to kill Curtlss le f .-o
be wi nt .. 'l|. h'te bul ll- >' n ' r"-
s'rnl"e.| -"id broughl tn p-'venport
and lodgi <! in the county lall
��� gun-:
Pull  Off  Dirin-i
Re Ijrtls Bn;,  fif.3, 6H4. fior., ion, K22. ejS,
��;<.  fit'.   e:e,  627,  628.   629.   830,   631.
of  Ixit   t?8,  Qroup 1,   Map   IM.   In  the
District   of   New . Westminster,   Port
Hammond   Junction.    .
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate
of  title   Number   12146   F.   ismied   In   Ihe
name   of   I-Vtwln   O.   Slmmonds   bus   been
filed   In   ttii.s  orrica'.
Not'ce is hereby given thnt I shall, at
the expiration nf one month from the
date of the first publication hereof, In
���a d.-iiiv newspaper published In the city
i * New Westminster, issue a duplicate
"f the snld Certificate, unless In th- nv-en-
line valid objection Ik' made lo nie In
1. r. OWYNN,
nistriet Registrar of Title*.
Lund  Registry office.  New  Westmin*-
i- r.   ItC.   2nd   August   1913. (18-10)
Unit for  Measuring  Water and
It Is.
ihe  Pacific  coast,  the  unit
On the Pacific coast, the unit for
measuring water in mining Is known
aB the miner's inch This varlee
greatly in different localities and is
now generally defined by legislative
enactment. The statute inch of Colorado, for example, Is defined as "an , Little
Inch square orifice, which shall be un- j
der a five-Inch pressure measured
from the top of th" orifice to the mr
fnce of the water, in a bo* set in the
hanks of the ditch. This orifice shall
In all cases be six Inches perpendicular Inside measurement, and all slides
dosing th" same shall move horizontally, while from the water In the
ditch the box shall have a deacon'
greater than one-eighth of an Inch tu
tho foot."
In liritish Columbia, under the Water  Clauses  Consolidation    act.  1897,
Section 143, a miner's Inch Is declared
to be n flow of water equal to 1.08 cubic feel  per   minute.
miner's inch Is equal tt
per Second, and 1 cubic
ond  Is  equal   lo  -j.71   ���
approximately. One cuin
ond  would  bp e'lual to
miner's inches.
| l'-s-lv  er  in t  she did
I taken the flowers from  Ihe
a departed friend.   Similar eases h
been repeatedly brought to hlH attention recently and complaints hsve sl-
so been made to the local undertak-
j '-rs   about   flowers   being   removed.
A case of where a vase had heen
removed from one plot and taken to
another wbb brought forcibly to th��
attention of the caretaker only recently. A lady had provided a beautiful vase to adorn a certain plot, and
upon visiting tiie cemetery the other
'iay. found ihat It  was gone.
Thieves in
Hamil:' n
boldest ri I
lon In bi ���*
flceH of lln
grave of 18 Mcnab
or person
Aug,     2*.     One     of     th"
heries reported In Ham'l
a time occurred at the of
Benson-Johnson com pin,
treet south. Some person
entered the place In broad
id ufter lifting a cash box
containing caib and check*. rrom one
of the desks, departed without brin-<
seen. The theft was discovered very
shortly afterwards and the police
were notified. Detective liloakley
wbb assigned to the case, but bo far
nothing has been learned of the cul-
i prlts.
i Just Imw the thieves managed to
Mnakn their getaway Is a mystery to
j bn solved, although It is thought that
;the theft wns rulled off by somebody
familiar with  thc affairs of the com-
Therefore,    a
HL'8 cubic feet
��� foot per sec-
iiiners'  IncheB,
toot per pec-
18 .-{Colorado'!
Park  Pond
Spokane. Aug. 20,���The treacherous
sit   bottom  of  the   big   sunken   pond
In the centre of Liberty park decelv
ed  four-year-old    Stephen    Whltford
and when he stepped Off a narrow
wooden bridge to chase frog" In the
tend he found himself rapidly sinking.
As he went down In Ibe mod, which
is hardly more solid than thick water, he managed to catch a plank of
the bridge where he clung and shouted for help, lie shouted fnr some
time before anvone heard hlm, for
the pnrk worker* shoo children nwny
from the hlg nond and no one waa
near. Ill* hold began to weaken aud
he waB Blowlv sliding deeper Into the
mud when one of the older girls nt
the park, Helen Oraham. caught hlm
and held him until a park emiilovee
came and helped ber pull hlm out.
���      .,     ,    , .,,,.,     pany.    E.  13,   Bossence,  secretary  of
Boy  Nearly  Loses  His Life  In   ������.  ,.,,���,llnv    ���.,���   lhe   on,y     pflrBon
about during tho afternoon, ni the
other emploveeg were awnv on their
vacation When Interviewed, Mr lies
sence said lhe theft must have laVon
I place   about    s   o'clock.     Aboul    that i
time one of ihe dr'vers snnenred t"
I gel a package which wns on thc Becond floor. The cash box WOS then
on the desk. Mr. Ilo-r-onee nc"om-
pained the man to give hlm nns!utiinc"
with the package, and when ho r< -
turned to the office th" hov wn* "o
ttced lo be absent. "It wa* o|te'(
work on the part of Homebody." lie
said Ihls morning, "as I was nway
for but a few moments
Calgary, Aug. 20. - It will no doubt;
be a matter of surprise to many users !
of tobacco to learn that the seductive
weed is as injurious as it really is and
that as a matter ol  fact,  the  usj cf
tobacco ia an important factor In predisposing many  thousands of  people
to disease.    Dr.  Stanley  Mahood. city j
health officer, lias prepared a buletln
dealing  with  the  subject.    The document reads:
"Of the widely  prevalent, preventable,   predisposing  cause  of    disease,
none Is to he more wldly deprecated
than  the  Injurious  use  of  tobacco.
Immense   Annual  Crop
"Tobacco Is the most widely used
narcotic lu the world The annual
crop Is estimated at 3,000,000 tons.
The government revenue on tobacco
each year Is very high. The Literary
Digest of recent date gives the number of cigarettes on which revenue
wuh collected as 10,766,417, and tbe
number of dgars at 11,864,329. Chewing tobacco lakes third place, and
there an- thousands of pound.! of
snuff consumed In our country each
"The uhc of tobacco apparently wn*
learned from the -Mmiigiios and W"��
Introduced Into Europe by the enrlv
voyagers, Bl though it is claimed It
v-ns) cultivated in China at an earlier
"While it is so universally used. I
do not think Its use Is era-died with
nny buiorit to the rac... while there
nre numerous serlOUS charges against
���it is claimed today that it is the
principal cause of arteriosclerosis, or
hardening of arteries and of amb'vo-
pin. That it produces functional disturbances of tlle heart alio hypertrophy, aud dilation, and It Is also a
heart depressant. Cases of convulsions nr- accredited to its use, theso
being cured by stopping Its use. It
retards mental and physical develop
men! In childhood and youth, and Is,
no doubt, highly Injurious lit all ages.
Excessive smoking predisposes to
pneu.iionia. lagrippe and pulmonary
tuberculosis, and fn'nl reHtilta nre
more apt to occur In thiiHe using hiicIi.
It Is a predisposing cause of apoplexy.
It Is stated that in many cases t.f nervous breakdown attributed I" ovi-.
work, the excessive use of clgimt'eS
mal  other forms of tobacco has becn
addicted to the use of alcoholics are
first users of tobacco. While considerable has been written on the effects
of tobacco on the habitual user, the
effects upon his progeny has not, ao
far as I am aware, been systematically studied; btlt Is It not reasonable to expect that, both physically
and mentally, they will be adversely
"I know that many able men use
tobacco, but I nlso know that among
what are known as the lower classes,
Its use is almosl universal, The fellows that we see working out tlieir
fines ure all users of the weed. A
great French writer attributes the defeat of his nation, in the war of 1870, '���
to the prevalence of cigarette sinok-
lng. It is estimated thai 7a per cent,
of all fires occurring in buildings are
caused by careless smokers.
"That tobacco of all kinds Is com-
lng to be recognized as an unmistakable evil is shown by the facl that '
legislatures ure passing laws to re- I
strict lta use. Corporations have decided lhat they cannot trust cigarette
smokers with responsible positions.
Religious organisations are Inquiring
Into the tobacco habits of those who
enter tlie  ministry.
"At tli" universities (f Nebraska
and Illinois lho use of tobacco In the
university grounds u prohibited,
"We   are   iu   need   of  Home   drastic ,
laws  In   regard  to  this   growing  and I
threatening evil which Is truly a m
aco to the health of our olty
predisposing  cause  of  much
Material   for   Vancouver   Island   Line
Now on Ground���East Coast
und the
of    our
Victoria,   Aug.   'i'i    An   extensive
programme Of bridge construction Is
about to be Inaugurated on the Esquimau li Nanalmo Hallway company's
line. A few days ago a large shipment of steel, to be used In this connection, was received from the Canadian Hrldgo company, and with it
came a special representative of the
company, under whose supervision the
Btrueture will be installed.
Mosl of the work In quesUon will
take place at different places along
the   route  of  the  new   east  coast  ex
tension  from  McBrlde   Junction    to
Courtenay. The llrst project to be
undertaken will be the bridging of
French creek, following which tlnn'
Is Little Quallcum to span, and afterwards a number of other streams.
It Is pointed out that lhe faot that
the steel necessary for bridging Is ou
the ground, and in shape to be assembled at McBrlde Junction, from which
polnl  II   will hi' distributed, Is a  mat-
ter of special slgnlflgance in Its hear
liiK on the Courtenay rond The grading to the latter terminal, as has been
staled, liis practically been complet
ed. What the huge gangs of men
now employed with It the laying ot
steel. With the bridges In place thev
will he able to curry lhelr operations
ahead without Interruption. oIllclalH
calculated that the line would be In
shape for use earlier, but Ihe fact that
all Canadian railway companies havi'
made It a practice to order tlieir steel
from  Canadian  manufacturers  during
iin  important factor.
Question of Rltjht
"The question has been raised iih
to whether nnv of our citizens or anv.
one else lias the moral light to puff
Its nauseous fumes Into the air of onr
streets when others musl Inhale 'ts
nnlson, and many ndvncnte nrohlbl-
Itlon of smoking In nil public places,
"Recently n committee   appointed
iby rnqucBt of the French government,
! reported   Hint   tobacco  should   he   re.
Fortunately, most, of the oa'h hsrt gardad ns dangerous al nil ages and
been deposited in the hank about 1 especially In youth. TobSOOn Irritate*
o'clock, but desnlte this fact, there the mucous meinlirniie ( the mouth
had accumulated In the meantime Innd thrnnt. rendering It babltunllv
checkR and cash amounting to about Iron Jested and destroy'tig thn purity of
i $700. I the voice.    Neuiiy nil those who am
be completed this year.
Hamilton, Aug. 20.���Pour young
men who would not give tlieir niim-ii
narrowly escaped losing tlnir lives
In the bay yeBterday morning, when
the cylinders In a gasoline engine In
a motor launch blew up. knocking a
large hole In the bottom of lbe boat. jtnp p���Ht thrtM, yearBi has keptth
Thc lads were out In the bay abotlt iter's plant busy almost night and dav.
a quarter of a mile from Browns j Thn delay that has been met with
wharf at 10.30 in the morning. When frorn this source Ih the onlv reason
they started out the engine was In I wliy the Courtenay extension will not
good working order, but when they
proceeded only a Bhort distance boiik-
trouble was experienced with the cylinders. One of the young fellows ab
tempted to fix the engine and iiiiihI
have In some way dropped giiKollne
on the spark plug, as he hnd hardly
started at hls work when the cylinder blew up, punching a Inrge hole
in the bottom of the launch. Thn
boat quickly filled with water. Tlie
young man Jumped out after thn ex-
plosion took place nntl clung to thc
sides of the sinking launch. On" of
Ihem managed to get Into the boal
ngnln and secured bl* coat sweater,
which he waved In the air. An employee nt lliisteln'H bonthoufle not'eed
the signal of distress mill set mil In
a small dlngliv. When be reached
the boat one of the young fi ll"ws
wns completely exhausted nnd wns
nbout to let go of thn bout. Th" lods
wero all lifted to safety In the dlnghv
and wero Inken lo llrnwti's wharf.
They returned afterwards In another
boat and rescued the launch. None
of them are any the worse for the
thrilling experience outside of all Of
tbem having bad colds.
Spokane, Aug. 29. "Why, hello,
Judge!" exclaimed Austin Erlckson, :i
tailor who wns recently cunvicled ot
being n lazy husband when he wus led
before Judge S, C, Hyde for sentence.
The pleasant greeting nf the con
vlcted spouse fnilnl to melt the, heart
of the Jiitiit, however, as n moment
later Austin was sentenced to six
months in Jail, with the stipulation
that he should work for thn county,
tlle proceeds Of bis labor to lie lurned
over to bis wife.
Austin's wife. Margaret, testified
that ber husband had failed to provide
for ber uud  bad threatened to desert
her. The husband, In turn, testlflod
that hls wife had social ambitions and
that she became abusive when he wnn
unable to support her Iii a becoming
A trustee wlll be aeleotOd to take
charge Of the earnings of tho prisoner. SATURDAY,   AUGUST   30,   1913.
Dominion House Site���How It M��y llipf the empire as a whole.   The area
te'cppled   by  such  a   building  as   Do-
Acquired and   Hew  It May
Be Used.
million house    would be greater than
'lie space OCCUplid  by  Sl.  Paul's.    A
si i net me of such size umi splendor,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���lbly with a tower which would
An article In the London Spectator I provide a view over tiie greater part
draws attention to the scheme Of unit-,nf London, would make u direct aping iu a single building in London a I pes] to thought und Imagination such
eon or half-market, baU-ezblbltlon of as tbe scattered agency buildings
the produce of ihe overseas dominions oould never produce, though bucIi an
Ol the empire, The originator of the.appeal must obviously be one of tbe
Idea is Lord Qrey, who proposes that!main obJectB of their existence.     Hut
the scheme Hhall be conducted on a ih-n appeal would be to more than tbe
basis which biiih tlm Imagination, The.Imagination, it would be to plain busi-
Spectator Hays: itoss   Instincts,    l/ird  (Jrey's  Idea  of
Lord   Qrey   has  mentally  set  apart Ixnninion liouse Is tliat It should con-
for Ins purpose a space between Aid- lain   an   organized   mart   and   exhlbl-
which nnd the Strand. In that bay lies lions of the produce of the countries
.1   i* nirai, crescent-shaped  piece   of overseas;   be would have BtaiiH and
ground  which  Is cut Into three parts showrooms  wllh  the  fruit,  the  corn,
by  two roadwiyt.    The horns of the the wine, the timber, cotton, tobacco.
i i   'ic nl  are occupied by  buildings or of HritlHh possessions the wide world
allocated lo them;   op  the west  lhere 01
,-,   lb*   Gaiety   theatre,   fronting   Into the   questions   which   merchants   and
the  Strand  like  the   blunt   hows of a manufacturers   are   asking   year  nfter
battleship; on the east there is to be year,   without  obtaining   the   full   re-
iha   building   for  the  Commonwealth, ports  they   used  to  deal,  the  udvan
whose presence Ih anticipated  by the Ing.s and drawbacks of Ihls and that
pioneer offices of the government of rate <f taxation. ?f customs, excise
Victoria.    The central  Space,  Isolated   and  transport.    To be able merely lo
by  ihe two roadways, is unoocupled walk the length of a passage und to
,i wilderness of tumbled brick nud opi n a door and to find thut Informs-
ms. bay   -willow-herb. tion  ready atld waiting,  would  be an
In City's Heart  -       _, advantage of which It would be illffi-
II   .s au urea of 124,000 square feet, cull, lo   reckon   the   value   In   millions
or  more  than  two  acres nnd  three- of pounds of trade.   Finally Dominion
quarters, und it stands in tbe very house would be the centre nnd club
centre and heart of London North- of every overseas Ilriton travelling
ward from It ruiiH the noble avenue of  in  London.    The ties would  be siren
Kingsway   to   Holborn   and    Oxford gtbened;   the Hnka would  be forged
Btreel and the British museum; south- of a eietal more finely tempered. Howard there Is a greal artery of traffic minion bouse would b�� nt once a sym-
*. nui,    posses   over   Waterloo   bridge   bOl, a centre and ii creative force.
to tbe railway, the south of Bngland	
and   sea;    westward   lies   the   Strand
loading through Trafalgar square lot
tbs   Mall  and  Whitehall,   eastward  Is
Fleel street, pointing to Ludgat* Hill
and  the City.    II  is  half-way   between
Si   Paul's cathredral and the National gallei ���. it lies In the centre of a
five sided figure with the Temple, the
law   courts, Somerset  house, Covont
garden   and   tbe   BOW   opera   house  iit
the  points;   it  links thi' theatres and
hotels  Of  the   west   with   the   newspaper world of Fleel street    it is equl-
��� * it,t from the five great railway sta-
tlons.  Ku-ton.    st.  pancras,    King's
i'r ss,   Liverpool   street   and   London
bridge;   two inllos to tlie west of It
ri . Bro In  Hyde park, two milea to
tin-   ..1st    is   the   docks      Within     a
,.:. no's throw is the river, and In that
peel il will stand well.    The soulh
dl   Of   our   great   river,   it   must   be
��� ��� 'I.  except   for  Its    barges    and
brow ss led craft is not a Hight which
can h" shown wllh pride lo a foreign-
f a Union from overseas;  but the
panorama of the north side, from St.
Pauls and    the   towers   of   Wren's
.        'bos to the houses of parliament,
Ith   it Its equal, or Indeed. Its riv-
,i   ,'i the world.
Centre   of   Panorama.
II  is within  the very centre of that
i moraine  thai   whatever  building  Is
. ted on the island side of Kings-
. i    will stand.
"���n     without   doubt.   Ib   an   oppnr-
i nnly which must not be misused. We
have   a   great   responsibility   and     a
duty tn ourselves and to future gener-   carried
tlons     which     we     cannot     neglect |cease
t,:.M  York   Women  Besiege  Hospital
Off-ring Home to Irish Girl
Who Sought Death
Horse Did His Best for Lady, But the
Mal* Person Turned Out to
Bo a Humbug.
New Vork. Aug. 29.���Elizabeth
Heath, tlie eighteen-year-old Irish girl ! not live by man alone
who tried to die by drinking b'chlorld^
Of mercury on Monday night after
slie had been wandering homeless for
two weeks, need never sleep all night
on a park  bench again.
Bellevue hospital, whero she Is
staying, was besieged yesterday by
well ilreHHi d  women  v.lit* drove up In
taxleabB ami automobiles and told the
hospital   offlclalH  that  they   would   be
glad  to adopt  Mins  Heath
.Many   liners   containing   offers   of
Toronto.   Aug.   20. - Bookmakers  do
^^^^^^^^ The fickle god
dess of alluring fortune, when she
spreads her net, makes no discrimination between man and woman. The
fair Bex and the sex which
far from fair alike walolw In its
meshes. Not all hi r votaries, however,
have the hardihood to carry their lit-
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122,128,129,
142,143,144 and 145.
WHEREAS the Municipal Council of the
Corporation  ot  tie-  District of  burnaby
lid wltli the assent of the electors on the
if November, 1012, linnlly pass
11!0A.  being a  by-law to entile corporation  to rials.-  by  way of
the mini of Two llun.ired and  Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($260,000.00) fur street
is  often i fourth da
Hy-law N
able   ihe   (
.  Burnaby   It.
i By-law 1(11 *
'.���nd by-law being known a*
id   Improvement   Debenture
[tie  pilgrimages  lo  her Bhrine  to  the 11.",,^"',"!'":
more prosaic courts of -Justlos,
The lady who hli d Lawrence Munro      ami WHEREAS Uu ''orporatlon by the
before  the  county   judge  ln   Toronto Bald By-law authorised th   '
was endowed   with   a  strong  sense of
.when lt takes the form of hard cash.
bomes'also poured In upon the young |Tb�� tart had attractions for her. and
The showrooms  would  answer j K|rl,  who  a" few   dayB  ago   had'    nf>
where to lay her bead, une of these
letters was froui -Mrs. Sarah K. Lode-
wik. of 102 East l-'ilty-Bi cond street.
Mrs. l.odi'wik said thai ehe bad no
children mid thai she would willing
ly make a home for .'.Hbs Heath. She
would also see that the girl was
taught a trade or sent to school If
she preferred.
The girl would not have had to
have the hospital penniless in any
ease, for Sergt. William and Policeman Tooniey of the Kast Twenty-si-
it nd Btreet station, who had carried
Miss Heath to the hospital after sh"
had Hwallovved the mercury tabletB,
ib eland yesterday that they would
take up a collect Inn for the girl. The
houBe staff at the hospital propose'!
doing  likewise.
Miss Ilea'h's case Is tio-.v In the
hands of Mary T. Wadley. hend of
the social service bureau of Bellevue
hospital Any one who is inten sled
in thp girl nmy see Miss Wadley, who
will   also   receive   any   contribution0
She was born in Snn Francisco and
taken to Ireland by her widowed mother to live with her grandparents
wh"ti she was only a vear an nine
months old. Her mother came buck
to San Francisco to earn money for
the girl's support.
The mother died nbout two years
ago without having seen her doughtier for fourteen years, and the girl
came to New York. She found work
in a feather dveing and cleaning shoo
In I'neki "onck. N. J., but quit thp Job
on the advice of a doctor, who said
that the dyestuff was affecting her
Coming back to New York Miss
Heath tried to get a place in a cloak
^^^^^^^^^ ISSUe of del;. ..
tares io ti,,- amount of Two Hofidf-ed snd
_^IIIIIII1IIIIIIia���������1iJJJJJJ1IIIIIIIjIIIIIIIIaaaaaaaaBaaaaar-    Fifty   Thousund    iJollun    (1250.00     to
the sacredness of personal property be payable "ii ib- Thlrty-flrsl dny of December. 19.'.-'. and I" bear interest lit the
rate of four and one.half p.-r centum
' 4'-j per e.-iit i p.-r annum payable half-
,     AND WHBRBAS th- Municipal Council
of lho CorporaUon "f the !��stri<'t -if Hurn*
aby 'lid with th��* awenl of the electors on
the fourth day of November, 1912, finally
! piiJiK   liy-law   Nn.   ] j I A.   h'iriK   ;i   Hy-law _
to  enable   the   Corporation   to   ralue   hy Uirikin-; fumi for Uu payment ot_the prin
! way nf loan the Hum of Fifty Thouuukl f olpal  and   th-'   ~ 	
she knew what ahe was about when
kYih placed $100 on "Congressman
Jamfs." James was a horse with a
llvt |y sense of gallantry, and had no
Intention of betraying the lady's confidence, So he romped home a winner.
Hence all the trouble.
Munro's finances were not in a flourish ting condition. When the lady
went  to claim  her winnings he tried
temporizing, p.nd told her   to   come 	
again. Then discretion proved the bet- l AND WHEREAS the CorporaUon by the
ter part of his valor. He did not wait *;,''i By-law authorized the Issue of de-
fnr ii nocr,ni\ Intarvfpw FTa Aanarnnai. bentures to th" amount nf Fifty Thousand
ior ti Mfomi miemew.    in  decamped.   r,���,,.,���, (j50.ooO.OO)  to be payable on the
But lit- came hack again to tell Thirty-first day of December, 1921, and
historv. lie stated that he had.t'�� bear Intereet at the rate of Kour and
lost $12,000 in one year. But he Wa��|?!!^b*lf_?cIwCeniu-I?i HH-.1** ,;"m > **
an honest man and wouldn't steal a
dollar���not hf. He merely went away
raised  for  the
Dollars < $60.000,00) f->r the purpose of
providing and bniidins additional sidewalks within the limits of tbe Municipality tbe said Hy-law t^InK known an
"Burnaby Sidewalks Extension Hy-law
innurn  payable  half-yearly
AND WHBRBAS tbe Municipal Council
  J thr- Corporation ��� the f��i*trk't I Bur-
ICCOUnt of his health   He was wor- |naby did_with Uie assent of the electors
the   Twenty-Second   'lay   of   January,
1918,   finally   pass   Hy-law   No.   122,   In-lnR
s By-law to enable Uie Corporation to
raise by wav of loan the num of Two
Hundred and Fifty Thousand Holla rn
($250,000.00) for th*- purpose of constructing t*xt*-nHion of the general waterworks system throughout the Municipality, th*- said By-law twins known as
in   .nit,   ���f  ki*   11..-...,, ���, i . ���    u ("Burnabv    Wat'-r   Works   Hxt'-nsion    By-
Ill flpite t'i nib sn oncoming, however, i;iw J912,"
he  provtd  his  honesty,    this    model |    AND WHBRBAS the Corporation by the
Ud   Hv-law  authorised  the  Issue of debentures to tbe amount of Two Hundred
rylng over his clients' losses; in fact.
he could prove that he had worried
awny twenty-flve or thirty pounds of
his hnnef-'t fleah thai year Sleep,
"balm to hurt minds," forsook his hon-.
est pillow, so great was his solid- j
hide for his companions in misfortune.
Montreal  Celestials Petition  Police to
Close Up Fan Tan
Montreal, Auk. 29.���A movement i*
on foot by the leading Chlneae of Montreal to put a stop to the many Chi-
neie gambling houses now existing A
petition has becn drawn up to the chief
<tf police pointing out the evils exist
lng III connection with the gambit ���%
houses, and stating that the attempts
tn BUppretl the evil have been insufficient nnd FpaemodtCj and concludes
bv asking Chief r'ampeau to do his
utmost to wipe the evil out entirely
The petition ts being circulated widely, and wh^n all possible namea arc
secured will be sent to Talbot M.
Pa pin eau and Judge Leet, and then
lent on to chief rampeau
T' has been evident for some time
tha' the   leading   Chinese merchant!1
in Montreal, and. in fact, all those
who tr��ke an interest in the welfare of
the Chinese colony, are anxious that
the wholesale play lng of fan tan.
iomInnes and other games of chance
on   In   their     midst     should
bookmaker, and made good to the
anxious lady. He had placed $100 wfth
his lawyer, and, though the feminine
speculator made no profit ont of Congressman James' doughty stride, she
lost   nothing  of  her  original   lnveet-
trlct horticultural innpactor. after con
damning a number of carloads of potatoes shipped from California to this
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ market, has determined to invoke the
factory, but found she was not equal aid of the criminal court in punish-
to tbe machine wnrk. She trot a room ing those who are instrumental in
at r��0 West Twelfth street but had to attempting to force wormy potatoes
give H up about two
cjxuoe she had only a very little mon
ey left.
and Fifty Thouaand Dollars ($260.< ,00)
to be payable on  the Thirty-first day of
December, 1061, and to bear Interest at the
lute   of    Kour   anil   un��--!ialf    per   c-entirn
��� *'.. per cent.) per annum payable t&U*
AND WHSH8AA the Municipal Council
of thf Corporation of th*' District of
Hurnaby did with the assent of the electors on the Twenty-sjsjth day of February,
IB12, finally pft.���� By-law No. Ill being
        a   By-law   to   ������nahU   H   I"rjmrrftton   to
~ mine by wav of loan the f����nii of Fifteen
Seattle. Aug. 8ft��<* V. N. Rhodes  dis- Thousand Dollars (fl&,0d0.01|) for sctmni
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� purposes,  the  said   By-law  Demg  known
said    Bv-IaWl
School  Board  Ldtil  No.
(12.8.10 S7>    having   Wi
firm vcjir'M stnldng fund
a:,., whkukas It will bs aeoesaary
u ider said Hv-law No. IS1A to raise annually by speolal rate Uu num of Two
Thousand Four Hundnd and Ninety-seven
and 06-1 Ofl Dollars ($1,497.06) t��. form
s sinking fund for the payment of the
principal and thc sum of Two Thousand
Flvs Hundrod Dollars ($1,000,00) for in-
terast making together <i total amount an*
nuallv   of   Four   Thousand   Nine   Hundred
and Ninety-seven and 06*100 Dollars
($4,097.06) for the term of fourteen (14)
years for the repayment of th** saM loan
and interest thereon an hereinafter mentioned, th��- amount of Two Thousand Four
Hundred and Ninety-seven and 06-100
Dollar* (63,497.08) having dmii raised for
tbe first year'* Kinking fund.
and WHEREAB u will be neoessary
under said Hy-law No. l-'J to raise annually bv special rats ths ��um of Two
Thousand -Six Hundrod and Thlrf and
"" lOfl   Dollars   (92,680.87)     to    form    a
^^^^^^^^ sum of Twelve Thousand
Five Hundred Dollars ($18,600.00) for m-
terest making together a total amount annually of F-'Iftwn Thousand On" Hundred
and Thirtv and 67-100 Dollars ($16,-
13n.87> for the t*rm of thirty-eight (88)
years for th* repayment of the said loon
and inu-r^st thereon as hereinafter mentioned the amount of riv*- Thousand
Two Hundred and Shcty-one and 74-100
Dollars ($6,861.74) havlntr t��-'-n latsed I
for thf* first two years' sinking fund.
AND wid-.hka.s  it will  be necessary
under   mid   Hv-law   No,   138   to   raise   annual Iv  by   snerlal   rate  the  sum  fif  On"
Hundred and Kiftv-H(.v*-n and 66-100 Dol-  .,
lars ($167.86)  to form a sinking fund for U
thf oavmenl Of the principal nnd thf sum j nicinallty.
fif   Reven    Hundred     and     Fifty     Dollars
($760.0'     for Interest  mnkln* toc-thfr a , ..������������
tot-tl  amount   annua llv  r,t   N'inf   Hundred ii,.,'.,,f(���
nnd  Reven  and   S?--1^o  Dollars   ($f0T.86) '
for  the t^rni  of tWrty-elght   ' ^ I   years
for   th��   r^pavm^nt  of  th*��  said   loan   and
fitTf'tt   thereon   ns     h"rHni''t'jr     m����n-
M"""d. the amount ��f fhrf-  Rundced and
p*iftf"-n and 70-100 Dollars '$3ir..70> hav-
'"T   h"fn   raised   for  th"   first   two
sinking fund.
and \\ u ERE A 8 it will be necessary
Under aald Hy-law No. 1?S to raise annually by Bpeclal rate the sum of six
Hundred and Thirty-one and 4o-iou Dollars ($681.49) t<? form a sinking fund
for the payment nf th" principal and thp
siud of Thrp" Thousand Dollars <$.V
600.00) for Interest making together a
tot^tl amocnt annually of Three Thousand
��ix hundred and Thirty-one and 40-100
Hollars ($3,681-40) for thf trrm of thtrty-
rlghi (88) yoarsi for ih" repayment of the
eald loan and Interest inert-on a* herein-,
after mentioned, the amount of One Thou- ith����
sand T*'f. Hundnd and Sixty-two and
sn-lOO Dollars ($1.11840) having b*-"n
ralrtjd   for   the   first   two  years' ��� sinking
bentures authorised hy said By-law Nt>.
138 by special rate sutllcient therefor
apon all the rateable land within the HmitJi
-if the laid Municipality (including District iyit Om- Hundred and Beventy*tw0
(173)   Oroup  One   (1>   as   mentioned   in
wii'i Hy-law No. 12%> In addition to th"
annual sum* required by the euld Bvlaw No. 120 the Stun of BSVentSHttVe Dollars (9,u.00> to pay the additional Interest authorized by this By-law,'tfie SiMM
to Im- lu addition to all rates to be levied
and  created   in  the said   Municipality.
1. There shall be raised and levied an-
nually during the currency of the said debentures authorized by said By-law Na
129 by special rate sufficient therefor
unon all the rateable land within the Hunt*
of the said Municipality 'including Dt��-
tricf I*oi One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172> Group One (1) aa mentioned Irt
said By-law No. 129) fn addition to th��r
annual sums required by th#* nald Bv-law
No. 129 the sum of Three Hundred Dollar*
f$300.00) to pay the additional Interest
authorised by this By-law. the huitki to be-
in addition to all rates to be lovied and
ereated In the ho id Municipality.
7 There ahall be raised and levied annually during the currency of the said As*
bentures authorised by said By-law No.
142 t��y special rate sufficient therefor
unon all ttie rateable land within tbe limit*
of the nald Municipality in addltlln to the
annual sums required by the nald By-law
Mo. 142 the sum of One Thoumnd Five
Hundred Dollars ($1,600.00) to pay the
additional Interest authorized bv this Bylaw, the same t�� be In addition to all ratea
to be b-vled and created in the naid Municipality.
8. There shall Iw raised and levied annually during the currency of the aaid debentures   authorized   by   aald   By-law   No.
I4.{   by   speolal   rate   su trident   therefor
I upon all the rateable land within the limit.*
of the said Municipality In addition to the
annual sums required *��>' the said By-law
No. MS the sum of Five Hundred Dollars 16600.00) to pay the additional In-
terest authorized by this By-law. th*"
sane- to be In addition to all rates to be
levied and created In the said Municipality.
9 There shall tn- raised and levied annually flurlntf the currency of the said de-
benlures authorized by said By-law No.
144 bv special rate sufficient therefor
Upon all the rateable land within the nmtta
of the said Municipality (including District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172) Group One tl) as mentioned In eald
Bv-law No. 144 1 In addition to the annual sums reoulred by the said By-law
No. 141 the sum of Four Hundred and
Twenty Dollars ($480.00) to pay the additional interest authorized by this Bylaw, the same to be in addition to all rate*
bv]ed and created in the said Mu-
By-law.   1912."
AND WHKUKAS the Corporation by
the said By-law authorised the issue of
debentures to the amount of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($16,000,00) to be payable
On the First day fif March, 1 ftf*^, and to
hear Interest at th*1 rate nf Four and one-
half per centum (4Vi POT cent.) per annum  payable  half-yearly.
AND WHKRKAS Uu- Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby did with the assent of the electors on the Twenty-Sixth day of February.
1813, finally pass By-law No. l'jy being
a by-law to enable the Corporation to raise
by wav of loan th" sum of Sixty Thousand Dollara (|60.f")0.00) for School
Purposes, the said By-law being known
as "Burnabv School Board Limn No. 2
By-law.  191 J "
I death  or  -ior-,*   .he bn��rtt t�� b<- kins, commissioner of agriculture ��t ^^^fri^M,�����{&
rMor'd'' "f m��r���"* WDM"*    !"�� "��n   Olympla,  some time  ago  sent a  eir-1benturei to the amount M Sixty Thousand
"rat! tiered
weeka  "ft" he-  upon the consumers here.
A carload of potatoes shipped here
I from  Sacramento  to a  local  commis-
I"   th��  pnrks.  sion firm on August 18 was destroyed.
dav for food.   Inspector   Rhodes   declares   that  ihe
Then   she   '
���"'IIT1P   !*,   re ^	
[bith'-n* 'n lh* fountain" and sleep'n* found   ihe  potatoes    badly    infected
t-   i"-.*   b-nc'-es     On   Monday   nieht with potalo tuber moths, and that he
she found onlv a few pennies r-nrn'r- took  105  Infected  potatoes from  one
...�� i��� i...r ,.-*.-���-���   -,-nd  beMev  ,v,:" aack.
vin   roiiilnr   left   f'-��  l"'r  h"' Mr.  Rhodes,  backed  by  J.  H.  Per-
rbrough lhe London county council
��� h.ivi- already made one mistake
"Inch cannot be repaired; w.> have
thrown away tha raagntficanl flew
i.hich It V-.RH once possible to secure
tor London forever, In blocklni op
the own spare between lbe law court
��� md the Strand with a building which
is now tn process of erection at th"
1-at.lem point of Aldwich rresc. nt. We
must s"" that we do nol make a further mistake hy allow hir the wrong
kind i I a building to be erected on
the Bite mill vacant I'or that reason
we must firBt congratulate i.onl Qrey
and hla fellow director! of the Dentin on Site. Limited, on securing a
three yeara' option, which it la hoped,
Will enable them to eventually carry
their (.('heme to success.
' " Dominion Site, Limited, Is a syndicate which, with Lord Qrey as oba r-
man, haa heen formed fer the purpose
Indicated by Its title; the directors
are Lord Plymouth i never weary In
good works tir London), Sir Starr
Jameson, representing South Africa;
Sir John llennlker Haaton, Australia;
Oeorge McLaren Iirown. Canada; Oeo.
Ileathan-i, New Zealand, aud Harry
Ur.ltaiu, and the i ptlcu which has
been Becured Is tor three years, with
a rent of ��3000 a year.
Cad   Terminate  Option
Thia can I ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bide ai the end of the first or second
year should the prospects of complet'
ing the proposed scheme appear to he
Inadequate; but the London county
.nil, who are the owners of the
soil, havc expressed their willingness
In grant a ninety-nine years' leaae at
a rental graduated up to the fifth
."it when it will reach tho permanent sum of ��60,000 per annum. With
Ihls as a beginning, the next step will
bo the securing If possible, of the approval of tbe public of the Dominions
themselves,    lf  tliln  Is obtained,  the
f ttinrti when she was c���i���r to California shippers announc-*��?"?", ' ?6',>00i,f'"'h'0>o*"ray,aal".,ontJ
,,......    T,w.mni' l��.    ll...     .,.,_.... r..,-    -it ...         _��_,_      I'lTSt    (1.1V     Of     MarcU.     IVM,    .inn    I'      IH
No   Synlf-nlic   ���������Mhod.
II Is claimed lhal while many raid!
have been made upon the dens Ir
I'hlnPtown. there has been no sys
ternikUo attemet to stamp out the evil
Most of the raids in Chinatown havr
been undertaken on the strength of
Information supplied to the pollce ba
tnnpi who ore anxious to make trou
hie for rival tonis,
Th" petition, after earnestly re-
ouesllng the police to endeavor te
rtamn out gambling practices amoni"��t
thn -f'hlii"Fe, states lhat many estHl
llshmenU In Montreal are conducted
frr gambling purposes only, end that
these are responsible In a great msafer e for the Increase in gambling which
hro -yenvn to be a mania.
Ki the remit* of this evil In China-
't��� \v"\ the petition pnints out, thnu-
��� snils ef wlvea and children In China
'-.-.. e --nplntnlne to the Chinese Mutual
llenefl' FOolety that they are not being
<cippor.*-'d by their husbands and fathers.
Washington Ranchers Try it On Their
Winona. Wash.. Aug 2X ���The pro-
cm agitation  for more live  slock on
Ihe  farm   Is  bringing  to  the  front  a
terminated   by   either  great deal nf talk as to the value of
the   Australian   salt   bush,   or   "linty
roller." a common  weed  in  this  district,   as   forage   for   sheep      Several
local fnrmers are experimenting with
the plant.
One of the first of these to advocate
the salt bush for feed was Y. C  Man?
field, who owns a large wheat farm
southeast of town.    Mansfield recommended the weed  when almost  everv
one else ridiculed It.   He IobI none of
his enthusiasm, however, and now has
a large band of Bheep on  his place
feeding on It.    He says that he kept
,------------------------_ l.OOfl head fnr over, two weeks on five
governments might choose to secure ncre, of j,a|t busti
ibe lease or (he freehold of the pro-, Mr Mansfield believes that the weed
perty, nnd erect their own building noiveB the problem of Bummer feed
on it; or the building might be left for Bheep In this region. It has heen
to some Independent body of persons, the practice of sheepmen here for
i'.d the different governments might j years to pasture their flocks In stun-.
tec me tholr tenants during the ten-1 mer in  the mountains, but this, haa
ute of the lease.
been out of the question for a farmer
\ matters now stand the buildings with only a few head. The salt bush
in which arc boused agencies of the cornea on_ In June, when the native
g: a;   British  eommunltlea
overseas grass Is drying up, and rtnys green
uttered  I'nphar.arii through the |
.'.recta of  London  bo that, as lord
i.nn Jus'ly remarks, not one I.ondon-
er In n thousand could name offhand
tho   location  of a  alnglo  dominion's, .fc���_ .���������n..�����u��� tn. ���n������..���i
. . 1/   .ti   th.   aaaraincies  raised sheep successfully for several
topr's'iitfitivo.    If  all   the   agenclea �����.Hm.n��  with  ��h���  veert
nntll   late   In   the   fall,   enabling   the
farmer to Veep sheep on the farm the
year round nnd give them green feed
mie-h of the t'me.
Cherle-o Rrtilhl, a sheenmnn who has
Mpr's-ntat^.     BHP*-; yeare.  1.  experiment with  the  weed
*.��T S8!1-9?.Uda^,,*.1r. lnl n���.."* I on his ranch wet of Winon*.   He h"��
a band of bucks running In a field
��� I   hu -tilings,  this quite  unnecessary
dllflculty      of      'n1^0���*���""1"'10" 1 where the weed Is the exclusive feed.
would be removed.   This would be of|    ,{ n 8m|th Bnd MarUn Klnn((y tWo
i -ictical advantage to the agencies
ihemselvcB; but a tu more Important
point would be gained In addition.
Power ��nd Wealth
Wthln the bulldlngB of the differ-
��� nt governments brought together, It
w-Mild bo poBslble not only for Iaon-
rl nera and BngllBhmen. but for for
every British subject visiting England
to realhe In nn extent and In a de-
groe whtoh is now Impossible, the
power and wealth -and the Importance
Endicott farmers, have been running
sheep on the weed with considerable
success, and one of them haB out some
of It for hay. P'. M. Moore, a Winona
farmer, has found It a good forage for
sheep and proposes to sell all his hogs
and stock hls farm with sheep.
The weed Is a nuisance at present,
but If lt proves to have feeding vrlne
It may become a boon, for It grows
resdlly and keeps green In tho driest
s'opped by policeman Toomoy
inp that hereafter all potatoes ship- interest at the rate of Tour ami one-half
ped into thp state and found to be in- per centtira C4% per com.) per annum
fpcted  would be burned. payable hflif-vnnrl
"Thi.s  moth," Bays  Mr.  RhodPs. "Is
the most dangerous pest known, hav-
ASP WTIKREAS it will b* tvorfisanr
Ufider SOM By-law No. 142 to raise annually by ipecria] rate tba wm of Three
ThQUHaita On" Hundred and Flftv-��**v��-n
ami f-4-lflo Dollan (13.157.M> to form
a slnklnK fund fnr the payment of the
principal and the sum of Fifteen Thousnnd
Dollum ($16,000.00) for Interest making
tneither a total amount annually of
Eighteen Thousand One Hundred and
Ffftv-seven and 04-100 Pollarn (tlfc-
167.04) for the term of thirty-nine US)
years for the repayment of the said loan
and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the amount of Three Thousand
One Hundred and Flftv-seven and 04-100
Dollars ( $3.1 ST. 04) ha vine heen raised
for the first year's sinking fund.
AND WHEREAS it will be n'-ressary
under said By-law No. 143 to raise an-
nu&lty bv special rat�� the sum of One
Thousand and Fifty-two nnl 85-100 Ot*h
lars (il.0fiS.8S) to form a slnklne fund
'or the piyment of the principal find the
sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00)
fnr interest making together a total
nmntint annual)v of ?\x Thousand and
Fiftv.two and 86-100 Dollars Cltf.0S2.3i)
"t   the   term   of   thirty-nine    (.3.1)   years
l'i. There shall be raised and levied an-
nuaMv dlirtnJB tlie currency of the said de-
authorized by said By-law No.
[146 by special rate sufficient therefor
i upon all the rateable land within the limits
lot the said Municipality (including Dis-
Mr'ct Jxtt One Hundred and Seventy-two
j (172i Oroup One (1) us mentioned in B&I4
By-law No. I4TO in -addition to the anntial
SUnui required bv the witd By-law No.
[146 the sum of One Hundred and ForTv
i Dollara ($140.00) to pay the additional
interest authorized by this By-law, th��
same to be in addition to all rates to bo
levied and created In the said Munlclpalltv.
11. This By-law shall come Into effect
on Its receiving the consent of the Lleu-
tetuuit-Governor In Council.
12, This By-law may be cited for n't
purpoaea u "BFRN'aby DHBBNTtmB
DONE AND "PASSED In Open Council
day^jot.- U18.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elector*
the day of 1913.
PASSED the flay of 1913.
C. Bl C. Raevu
RECEIVED the assent of the Lieutenant-Governor ln Council the day
of                                                   1913.
         fnr   the   repavment   of ^	
WHBRKA9 the Municipal interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
of the Corporation of the I the amount of One Thousand and Flftv-
of      Burnaby     did     with     the'tv<^ and 35*100  Dollars   '$1.05:'.35)   hav-
TAKE NOTICE that th* above ls a trtM
copy of the prop��>sed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 30th day of August, 1913.
between 9 o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p.
DL,  at  the  polling places
Municipal  Hall. Edmonds.
West Burnaby School. West Burnaby.
Mr. Topping's Store. 13th Avenue. East
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.
Dundonald School  Fraaer Arm.
Barnet Hull. Barnet.
Mr.   Brftxee'a   Store.   North   Burnabv.
The  Social  Cluh  Building.   Capitol   HII!.
Burnabv Lake Store.  Burnaby Lake.
I^akemere School. Lakemere.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given th.-��t
the vote of the Electors of the District ot
Burnabv will be taken on the above m.-n-
Id loan' and Ulooed By-law at tha time and place above
'mentioned, and that A. G. Mooro has been
appointed   Returning  Officer  to   take   the
vote of such electors with the usual powers  In  thnt  behalf.
D. C. MCGREGOR. Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C, August 14th, 1913.*;
any attempt lo pot the stock into this   Road   Improvement
*    ,.    ~    j  a        ****** ���,   n��  nn* ����� state, but tho southern shippers soem
Cook'.  Deed  Suppo.ed to  Be  Due to  ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^^
Intanlty���Victim. Are Terribly
New Vork. Aug. 29.- Three women
anil  a  child   were  frightfully   burned
with boiling fat by a cook who atta^-i-*
ed  them ln  the home of Berthold A. i
I.Udwlg, at 1S2 Ward avenue. Staple- :
ton, yesterday afternoon.   The women
who were  Injured are -EtHl unable to!
give a  connected  account of  the  occurrence, hut it is believed that the
000k was insane from the Intense heat
of  the  kitchen   where   she  had   heen
working.    She disappeared before any
one could reach the house and has not i
bee***1   caught.
Neither Mr. l.udwlg, who Is n chem-
Ilt at 1S2 Kront street, Manhattan, nor
MrR.  Mary   Holook, a niece of    Mrs. !
Ludwig, went to the l.udwlg house intending  to  have  dinner there.    Miss
we will or not.    We have burned five
carloads cf wormy pota'oes this sum-      -  	
mer and  have  returned    eight    cars ^E'm" 5>ffi?taJS at SS
................................._. . Vlng	
for the oayment nf thr. nrir.c'nn! ant-l th"
�� .. i s'.im n* Four Thouaand Two Hundred D-il-
AND  WHEREAS  tho  Corporation  by|iRm   (14,500.00)   for Interest  making to-
the said  By-law  authoriied  the  issii'; "f  cth.r a  total  amount  annually nf  rive
debentures  to  the  am.mat  nf Three  Hun-   *Ti.r.',cqnd   nn*l    Rtghtv-ttiree   nnd    97-100
dred   Thnu.tinrt   Dollar.   (��3i*>0.000.00)_to   Dollars i *r..0S3.9T >  fnr the frm of thirtv- :
.tO) a-enrs fnr the repnvment of the i
back to the shipping point in the
smith. Onlv the criminal court, it
a-ooears. will put tlte brakes on these
follows, and th's we will use when
proof of knowledge of Infected stock
coming ln is shown."
cembf .  _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
rnte   of   Kour   and   one-half   .
(41-.  per cent.)   per annum payable half-
AND WHEREAB the Municipal
Council of the Corporation nf the
District of Bumaby did with the
assent of the .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
day of January, 1818, Anally pass Bylaw
No.  14.1 betnn a bv-law to enable tho Cor-
sold  loan  and  Interest  thereon  as hereln-
ntum   P't. r ment'nn'-d. the amount "f Kluht ffun-
,i-.i -..vi Bttmtv-three and H7-10I! Dollars
ItiSt.ST)    having   been   ralsod   for   the
first veer's sinkim; fund.
AND  WHEREAS  it  will  be  necessary
^^^^^.. .under said  By-law  No.   145  to  raise an-
tors  on   the  Twentieth   nually   by   special   rate  the  sum  of  Two
..-   ���-..... .......  .  ���fjyjjjfpeQ' nn(j Ninety-four and 65-100 IXil-
lars   ($294.66)   to   form   a   sinking   fund
She Was Lonesome and Left,
She's Glad to Be Back
Regina, Aug. 29,���The domestic
troubles of Maurice Lewis are. lt is
believed, at an end. the Immediate
cause being that Annie. Maurice's
wife,   has  returned,   and    the     little  ��an<t_ Dollars
pnmtlnn tn rals.- by way or loan the sum for the payment of the principal and the
of One Hundred Thousand Dollars llian.. ,lln, nf Qne Thousand Knur Hundred Dol-
na-i.-ini fnr the purpose of constructing I (ars i $1,400.00) for Interest making to-
further extensions of the general water, K,,ther a total amount annually of One
av,,rk�� svstem throughout the Municipal-[Thousand ahx Hundred ami Ninety-four
Uy, the said By-law belnn Known M'and 65-100 Dollars (11.694.65) for the
"Burnaby Wat* Works Extension By-. term of thirty-nine years for the repay,
law. 191S." 1 ment of the said loan anil interest thereon
AND WHEREAS the Corporation by the tt hereinafter mentioned, the amount of
said By-law authorized the Issue of d'ben- rwo Hundred and Ninety-four and 65-100
tures to the amount nf One Hundred Thou-| Dall-irs  11294.65)  havi-    heen raised for
tlOO.aon.iin)   to be payabl
story will end apparently, In the old- %*'n ^taftLWtlS^M Kour I
time manner, "They lived happy ever nn.l one-half per oentum 14', per c"nt.l I
afterwards" b��r  annum  payable  half-yearly.
Some days ago Maurice returned to'  A*^"'''���,1''VS,'',T NniM!''!'?' Th"10"
...,..-..s   .��   .���.~   �� ^. .., .        n .    ,of i^ Corporation of the Dlstriet of Bnrn-
.lennle I'lanlsh, a nurse;  Mrs.    Hugh  n'8 n��n"' a-id  round nothing but the ���hv did w'th the aaaent of the eieetn-s on
proverr al   note   containing   the   pro- th" Twentieth da>
v.rblal   infirn*iticn   that   Annie  had  ���"*'' Byrlaw_No.
left for p'Ttn unknown.    After Inquiries.   Mnnr.ee  learnt  that    parts    unknown   meant   Calgary,  and   be   hied
himself thithor.
Haulfelt. a laundress, and Mr. Lud-
wig's son, Irving, who Is 18 months
old. were tho only persons there beside the cook.
Her name Is Amelia Dllcher. Sho
Is 26 years old and has been em ploy-
>d  there  since  March.    Mr.    Ludwig
���>ys that she was always well behaved.   She was busy In tho kitchen dur-
ng the afternoon, and  the others  in
he house saw little of her.
About four o'clock in the nfternoon
Mrs. Holoch took the baby In her arms
and wenl Into the kitchen for a glass
of water. She said nothing to Amelia
i.nd was standing at the faucet with
her back turned when tho cook RoUed
t Kettle of bollitm grease from the
stove and poured most of lt over Mrs.
Holoch and the baby.
Mrs. Holoch screamed wltll pain
and fell to the floor with the oaby.
Mrs Haulfelt and the maid hur-iod in
from another part of tho house, nnd
���'B they entered the kitchen Uu cook
hurled over them what waa left pf the
oiling grease. They, too, fell to the
floor writhing In pain.
Without waiting to put op het hat
'he ct.ok rua'i.,| out of the house.
N'.'lnhbors who hnd henrd tho (Oraanil
of the Injured women cann running
lo Ihe Ludwig home. They caught
i itllmpso of Amelia Dllcher as she
hurried over tho hills In the direction
of the ferrv house at 8t. Qeorge.
The neighbors found the three women In hysterica and Immediately telephoned for an ambulance from the S.
It. Smith Infirmary at New Brighton.
Tha women and child were taken
there, and their condition la aerloua.
All of them were.burned about the
face, body and' nrms.
An alarm was ��� ent rut for the missing cook. All the ferries and trains
were watched, but up to a late hour
last night no word of her had been
>f January. 1913. finally
IU being a by-law to
ennMe tbe Corporation t
nf loan the sum nf Kl-jhtv-four Thousand
Dollars .aXa.aeo.nai for Sa'hool Durivis"s.
the setd Bv-law being known aa "Burnabv
School Board l.onn No. 1 Bv-law. 191S."
AMD.WHEREAS.the  Corporation   by
Yesterday he returned and his wife  the said By-law authoriied  the issue of
returned with hlm. confront that her (debentures to the amount of Eighty-four
Thousand   Hollars   1*54.000.00)   to  be  pay-
hnsband's  home   was   the  best   place
after all     She  denies most  emphnti
on the Thtrty-tlrst day of December,
and to bear Interest at  the rate of
callv   anv   slor'os   which   were   clrcu-'Kour and  one-half  per centum   14 It   per
cent.)   per  annum   payable  half-yearly.
lated 'o the effect that she h-d b"en
111 treat"d. and savs that she went
away simply because she was lonesome.
Tho reunited couple leave today
for Rlsleton. wbere the huahsnd'a
work demands that he be present.
Machinery on Road to Carry on
Tamrose, Aug. 29.���The directors
"f the Camrose Natural (las company
b-a-e been Informed that a complete
outfit of bIt carloads of drilling ma-
cVnery hns left Medicine Hat for ram-
rose. By tho time the International
Supolv comoanv Is ready to begin
operations the directors wlll have to
consider the suggestion which has
heen -passed on from the town council
thit tho site for the proposed well be
chosen nesrer the electric lighting
plant. If the gaa la struck on the old
tannery property, where lt has been
proposed thst the well be sunk, there
will bn considerable piping ta do before the gas can be used aa a substitute for coal at the plant. In other
towns where natural gas has been
���truck the llrst uae to which tt haa
been nut Is tn the operation of the
municipal light and power ayatem.
The same use would ho required ot
It ln Camroae, so naturally the town
council Is anxfoua to be able to do thla
aa conveniently aa possible.
AND WHEREAS the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the Dlstrlot of
Bumaby tilt* with ths assent of the electors on the Twentieth day of January,
1913. finally pass By-law No. 145 being
a by-law to ennble the Corporation to
raise by way of loan the sum of Twentv-
elght Thousand Dollara (121.000.00) for
School Purposes, the said By-law being
^ known na "Burnahy School Board Loan
No.  2 By-law,  1918."
AND WHEREAS the Corporation by
the said By-law authorised the Issue of
debentures to the amount of Twenty-eight
Thousand Dollars (128.000.001 to be
payable on the Thirty-first day of December. 1962. and to bear Interest at the
rnte of Four and one-half per centum
(4H per cent.) per annum payable half-
AND WHERE ��S the debenturea authorised by the said By-laws have not been
sold and owing to an advance In the rate
of Interest for money since the passing
nf the snld Bar-laws the ssld debentures
(hereby authorised cannot be sold sr disposed of except at a discount Involving
a substantial reduction In the amount reoulred to be provided for and It Is neoessary tn pass this By-law authorising
the da-benturcs to the said amounts to bear
Interest at the rate of Five per centum
(6 per oent.) per annum.
ANU'whereas It wlll be necessary1
under said Bv-law No. 120A to raise annually b- special rate the aum of Two
Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty and
17-100 Dollars (|:,��36.>7) to form a Sink
ing fund fer the payment of ths princl
pal and the sum or Twelve Thousand Flv<
Hundred   Dollars   (Ill.l6ft.00)      for  In
terest making together a total amount annually of Fifteen Thousand One Hundred
snd Thirty and 67-100 Dollars (115,-
110.17) for tha term of thirty-nine (H)
years for the repayment of the said loan
snd Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, th* amount of Two Thousand Mx
Hundnd and Thirty and 17-160 DoBara
the first year's sinking fund
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
whole rateable land in the Municipality
according to the last revised assesment
roll amounts to Twenty-two Million One
Hundred and Eighteen Thousand Three
Hundred and Seventy-flve Dollars ($22.-
118,575.00) for general punmses and Including District Iai) One Hundred and
Seventv-two (172) for school purposes to
raise'by wavfTwenty-twn Millions Six Hundred nnd
Twentv-nlne Thousand Two Hundred and
Five Dollars  (622.629.205.00).
Corporation of tho District of Burnaby
enacts as fotlows���
1. That the debentures authoriied by
said By-laws No. I20A. UIA, 122. 118.
120. 142, 14.1. 144 and 145 shall bear Interest nt the rata of five lier centum (5 per
cent) per annum computed fron) the Klrst
day of July. 1915. and such Interest shall
be payable half-yearly on the Thirtieth
day of June and the Thirty-first day of
Da'oember In each year during the cur-
ramcv thereof and the said debentures
shall have attacheal to them coupons for
the payment of the said Interest which
shall bear the signature of the Reeve and
Clerk snd such signature may be either
Written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually during the currency sf the said debentures authorised by said Bv-law No.
120A by special rate sufficient therefor
upon all the rateable land within the limits of the said Municipality In addition to
the annual sums required by the said Bylaw No. 120A the sum of One Thousand
Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars (31,-
250.001 to pay the additional Interest authoriied by this By-law the snme to be
In addition to all rates to he levied and
created In the said Municipality.
3. There shall be raised and levied annually durmr the currency of the said debentures authorised by said By-lnw No.
121A by special rate sufficient therefor
unon all the rateable land within the limits
of the said Municipality In addition to the
annual sums reoulred bv the said Bv-law
No. 121A the sum of Two Hundred and
Fifty Dollars (8256.0ft) to pay the additional Interest authorised by this Bylaw, the same tn be In addition to all rates
to be levied and created ln the said Municipality.
4. There shsll ne raised and levied annually during the currency of the said debentures authorised hv said By-law No.
182 by special rate sufficient therefor upon
all the rateable lands within the limits
of the said Municipality In addition to th*
annual sums required bv the said Bv-'aw
No. 182 the sum of_ One Thousand Two
Hundred and Flft�� Dollar* (31.260 0(M ��*f
par the additional Interest auth<>-l-,��d;.*v
thk Br-la-gr the same to be tn ft-ft'liMi
^^^^^ In i
pay the additional Interest autbn-li-d
thw By-law the same to be tn s<tsitMh ...
an ratea ta he levied and create*1 In the
aald Municipality. jS
I.   Then shall ne rslseaajm-S levied annually during tbe oumacqTO Iks saM de-
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 16 a. m,
2 p. m. and 11 -45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 16 a. ta.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 16 a.aa
aad 6 :30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. ra. Wednea
days  and   Saturdays at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Chllllwack   I   a. ts.   Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves Westminster  6  a.  m.  Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
ED. OOULKT. Agent, Naw Westminster.
H. W. BRODIB. a. P. A. Vanoouver
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display.    See them.    Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
��18.00 up.    701 Front Street.
P.O. Box S4 Dally Nawa. Bldg.
of all Undi.
Prlcea right.   Satlafaction guarante-ad.
H McKantla St.
Transfer Co*
Ottlca Phon* ISS.     Barn Ptta-na i*7
Baggaga DallveraS Pnmptir tm
any part ol th* ctty.
Light and Heavy Haalinf
b: Offloa SS, Wa-ald���oa 4ML.
' *|.N REID, Preprtator.
AgMta    P*l��ar    Bros.'  (****��**��
BnftaaM, Marina BattM ug
��t*Ua Eapairt. J* '
Off-la* ****$ Wa#Imi Tifltfc **.
P.O.SMt4M.  r f~    PA8K ROUT
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street
ard the telephone No. 2
Jelly Powder
Pul up in our -own label and
Ruaranteed the best on the market lt Is selling very well, but
to further Introduce, for two
days we will sell at th-e reduced
price of 4 for 25c.
Armour's Verlbeat Pork and
Beans, tasty, well baked beans,
snld everywhere 2 for 25c, for
two days we will sell 3 for 25c.
Raisins���Paradise brand, sold
iit 2 for 26c.; 16 oz. packages,
.No. 1 stock. 3 pkgs. 25c.
Just arrived, new stock, extra
i-irf-o, freestone, Early Craw-
fortls.    l'er crate $1.15.'
vVe advise early buying In this
Preserving Plums, 3 Iba. 25c.
Pears, 2 lbB 25c.
Peaches, 3 lbs 25c.
Plums,   2   lbs 25c.
-pples, 3 lbs 25c.
drapes,  per  Ib    15c.
Conteloupes,  each    12|/2.
Our vegetables are all grown
by WHITE men on our own
ranch. Every vegetable imaginable.
Public Supply Stores
is allowed on all deposits
of $1 and upwards and
interest is added each
three months.
You know
culties of saving
you try to keep
your pocket or trunk.
it in
Open an account here
today, or at least next
pay day, and have the
satisfaction of knowing
that you have started
right towards comfort
in old age.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH. Manager.
New Westminster
.606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and  Surplus
Trusteeships  under  Admlnia-
tratlon, ov-ar 16.009,000.
Trustee for Bondholdera over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
.. f or ..
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetinga, entertaln-
menta. aalea of work, ate. In this
column are charged for at tha rate
of 10 centa par Una. Pleaaa do not
ask membera of the staff to break thia
rule, aa their instructions are positive.
Miss L. Hoe will meet her pupils for
piano and theory this week.      11946)
A small pocketbook containing papers and checks wus picked up by the
police yesterday afternoon and now
awaits an owner.
Musical evening at the Moose home
Sunday evening for members and
friends. (1972)
On account of Monday next being a
holiday, the regular meeting of the
committee of the Victorian Order of
Nurses will be held on Monday, Sept.
8, in thc Y. M. ('. A. auditorium.
Sheriff's sale. 300 to 400 cords of
shingle bolts cut on district lot 370,
at sheriff's office. Tuesduy, September 2, 1913, at 10 a.m. (1973)
Socialist lecture Sunday night. Edison theatre, undor auspices of S. D. P.
Speaker W. J.  Currie, of  Vancouver.
The asylum authorities wish it to be
stated that in no case are patients
brought here to be placed In that institution, refused admittance, even for
a moment, no matter at what hour of
the night they arrive.
The musical goods stock of tbe
Frank Major company on sale at half
price. Columbia Piano House. 445
Columbia street. (1974)
The second derrick for use on the
harbor improvement work is being
erected on a scow near the Fraser
river bridge. When completed it will
be taken down stream where the piling
work Is being done at Eighth street.
Helntzman & Co. piano used three
months for sale at a big reduction;
small cash deposit, balance easy. Columbia Piano House, 445 Columbia
street. (1974)
If your corns hurt use George's
Corn Shields. Hill's drug Btore. (194SI
With an indifference that is sublime, the Indians returning from the
canneries have come to the C.N.R.
property on Front street and pitched
their tents in the shadow of the recently erected no trespassing sign.
Take the round trip on the Transfer
this afternoon, leaving B.-K. wharf at
2 o'clock. Fare $1. Also the trip on
Sunday afternoon leaving 13. C. Electric wharf at 2:30 o'clock.   Fare $1,
A verdict of suicide when despondent through ill-health was returned at
the inquest over I.ouis Lee. a Chinaman, who hanged himself at Fraser
Mills earlier in the week. The Inquest
was held at ihe Fales undertaking
Miss Cave-Urowne-Cave will resume
her classes for pianoforte, violin,
theory, harmony, counterpoint and
voice production on Tuesday, September 2. She will this term have as her
associate Mrs. Cave-Ftrowne-Cave, who
has recently arrived from England.
The "sockeye" excursion which ha?
been run from Vancouver to Westminster and from thence down river
to Steveston, will close this afternoon.
During tlie past two months an average of 50 peopK each day have
made the trip which has been under
the charge of U. O. Lamb, o! this
# �� ����� -# ���������/ a * * >::= * # il 9 ����� # 0
There will be no Issue of O
The News ou Monday morning fl
because of the public holiday. :":
Advertisers are asked to O
have all copy In at the News ���,'.'
office not later than this after- ���::������
noon. ���*'���*
# *
�� a * �� # * a *
Produce Sailing Steady���Fewer    New
Potatoea Brought in���Sell at 75c
Per Bag.
With no quotable change In prices
or quality of offerings the city market
yesterday was average In every way,
a fair attendance of city and country
folk  being  noted.
I Following the caution of the market
clerk there was no drug of new potatoes and all brought  in were sold at
X man named James Walworth
was taken Into custody by Chief of
Police Bradshaw yesterday noon on a
charge of frequenting an opium joint
The ingredients and instruments
necessary to enjoy the noxious weed .
were   taken   as   evidence.     Walworth 'around  i5 cents p.*.   lm;.
was released    on  $100    bail    und    isi    ��������������� .   .    ,
to 45 cents a dozen, while butter  wus  llrm and steady  at  40 cents
to appear    in  court
The proprietorship of tbe Liverpool
Arms lias been sold by Oeorge
Cameron to Talmage Campbell, of
Kamloops. Extensive alterations to
the building are expected to be made
In the near future In order to comply
with thc new provincial liquor act
which comes Into effect on January 1.
M. W. Mlnthorne and a man named
O'llielly were bruised somewhat yesterday afternoon when n safe which
they were attempting to move to the
second floor of the McLeed building
got away from them due to faulty
tackle. A second attempt wns made
at 5 o'clock last evening with the result that damage was done to the
building although the mon at work
escaped Injury.
Joseph   Fallon  Goes to  Jail for Sup
plying Young Indian With Forbidden  Fruit.
Six months hard labor without the
option of a fine was the sentence passed upon Joseph Fallon in police court
yesterday morning after a clear case
had been proven against him hy Detective Burrows.
The supplying of Indians with liquor
has been giving the police plenty of
work during the past few days. Detective Burrows became suspicious of
Fallon late Thursday evening and after watching the man purchase a
flask of firewater over a bar followed
him to another hotel where, after a
door had been battened in, he was discovered with a young Indian, the latter having the bottle to his lips. Every
conviction made by the police this season has met with similar jail sentences
without  the option  of  fines.
Eggs maintained the live   cent    ad
ter    Waaaa     i   ......   ..........    -.
a pound.    Apples were more plentiful,
but  quotations little  changed.    Olher
produce  sold as follows:
Apples   '���'��� 'hs. 150
Blackberries,  box    $150
Potatoes, per bag  75c to $1
Hi'i-tH. per bunch ������'
Onions, per lb 5c.
Carrots, per bunch  ���'"
Cabbage, per lb 4c.
Turnips, each 5c
Egos and Butter.
Eggs, -wholesale, dozen   40c
Eggs, retail, dozen  40c to 45c
Butter retail per II)   35c
Butter, wholesale, per lh 30r
Flsh, Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per Ih 15c
White Spring Salmon, per lb 10c
Flounders, per Ib 10c
Sturgeon, per Ib 15c
Halibut, per lb 10c
Smelts, per lb 10c
Herring     8 lbs. 25c
Sockeye,   each    15c.
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to ISr
Beef, loin   18c to 27c
Beef, round steaks  ���   23c. to 25c.
Boiling beef 14c.
Veal 15c.  lo 17c.
Pork  12c to 13c.
Mutton 12c to 20c
Hens, small, per do//  J6 to $7
Hens, large, per doz  ?8 to $10
Chickens, per dozen   $4 to $6
Broilers,  per doz     J3  to  $5
Hens,   live,  per  lb 23c.
Chickens, live, per lb 23c. to 24c
Ducks, per dozen   $12 to S1G
Ducks, live, per lb 20c to 23c
Ducklings, per lb 28c to 30c
See Advt. on Pake 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES* (^Official Apts
White Rock Hotel
Under now management; $2.00 pet-
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phone  1204.
Eighth  St  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market, Phone LB83.
Congressman Resigns.
Churleston. \V. Va.. Aug. 2H.���John
W. Davis, member of congress from
the first West Virginia district, today
sent his resignation to Governor Hatfield. The resignation is effective to
Church Notices
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue ana
Seventh street. Services 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.; Sunday school 12 a.m.
M. Gordon Melvin,  IJ..V,  minister.
Pack in your bathing suits nnd a
well filled hamper and spend a day at.
Maple Heach. Boundary Hay. Plenty |
of free picnic places ow the sand
beach or under the wonderful spreading mapleB. Lovely spring water
Take the Hiver road to ladner and
the Goudv road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
What with  the harbor Improvements, tho further
the  fisheries aud
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Five     Days
Meals  and
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
Sails Mondays (Midnight),
-5th und Sept. 1.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and  Forest
Hails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
21st and 2Sth.
Hoau remain at PRINCE RUPBRT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor ruoun
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., sn an -additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra coat All outside
Through tickets to all Eastern points
via Iho popular Grand Trunk
H   <:. SMITH, O. P  & T. A.
627 Granville Street. Vancouver.
W.  B. DUPJDROW, O. A.  P.  D
I'hone Private Exchange 813-t
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   8treet,  New   Weetmlneter.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE ***.
ftesidence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
Martlet l'ear.t  3 lbs.
Pluma  2 lb-t.
Pi aches   3 lbs.
Cant-loupe,  each   	
Watermelon,  each   	
Malaga Grapes, per Ib	
Oranges, Lemons. Danauas,
for 26c
fer 25c
for 2."ic
Prae aad Oml. lip.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
8-to. aad Traaa.
Fir9 Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
(Successor to Ayling
��47 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
alterations have started | CHURCH, Corner Carnarvon and
Ross' the Big Furniture
at Denny &
store. To make room for this work
they are making heavy reductions on
all lines. Get their prices. It will
pay you. (1950)
A verdict of accidental death was
brought in at. the Inquest upon the
tidily of a Japanese who died at the
Royal Columbian hospital early Wed-
acsday morning, following an aolertant
in a lumber camp at Mt. Lehman on
Tuesday. The Inquest' was held in
Murchie's undertaking parlors yesterday.
II. J. Russell has broken all records
in his New Westminster auction mart
on Columbia street (Kinxs hotel
hlock). This new firm are handling
all kinds of new and second-hand
furniture at bargain prices.        (1'JG?,)
Blackwood.   Hev.   Jas.   S.   Henderson I
minister.���Services  11  a.m.  and  7:30
p.m.:  Sabbath school and Bible class
2:30 p.m.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sabbath school 2:30 p.m. Even-
ling subject. "Christianity a')d Social
ism." M. Cordon Melvin, ISA., minis terr
Money   to  loan  on
improved   city     and
!i per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages,
farm propertv
Mcl.eod. (182S)
A. S. Lewis, B.D., pastor.    Public wor-!
ship  11 a.m. h'mI  7:30 p.m., with  ser-1
mons by the paster.   Morning BUbject, i
'Three Types of Men";  evening subject, "An Open Door."    Prlmarv Sunday Bchool 11 a.m.    All other departments 2:30   p.m.    Baraca   class   for
young men In the church auditorium
2:3u p.m     Welcome.
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 15, returning in
the morning in time for business. Crescent Beach affords ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining the best of bathing, boat
lng at all stages of the tide together with fine beach. Artesian v.ell
water to all residents.    Let us show you tbis property.
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
W�� write Fire, Life,
Established 1891.
Accident, Employera'
Marine   Ineuranca
Liability,   Automobile   and
"Crops  coming   along   fine,   fanners
nil busy, no men appearing to be out
of work and prospects of a good season
all round, was the roper' of Constable
Qeorge   Hutchinson,  nf   Mt    Lehman,
who was in the city yesterday. "No
sIkiih of hard times up our way." was
hls remark to The News as he boarded the 1:20 train.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, tho
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Anyone wishing local color for a
scenario or an oriental bazaar scene
should have been at the market, square
on Kront street, late yesterday afternoon. Color with a vengeance was
furnished by a gang of black, white
and yellow turbaned Hindus, who, after buying a horse, with a dlllpadated
"art thrown in, found that, like the
'bacon's purchase, it would stand
without hitching. So firm a stand did
it take that the utmost efforts of the
olly-halred foreigners were required to
move the outfit down the street, with
���' merry crowd of whites and Indians
following  behind.
Kor pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. apply
���n the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phono K2G, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Kred Davis will sell hy public auction the contents of a 12 room house
I at 83 Sixth street (absolutely without
j reserve), on Wednesday, September 3,
'at 2 p.m. sharp. Sale will Include
piano, Monarch range, oak dining
room suite, beds and bedding, wash- '
Ing machine, etc., etc. Goods on view '
morning of sale Further particulars
apply Westminster Auction Mart,
Kings hotel block, Columbia Btreet,
The Carpenters havc started extensive alterations. Our stock must be reduced
to make room.   All lines are included, and thc reductions are genuine.
Carpets Reduced to Rock-Bottom Prices
On Account of Western Canada Fair at
Vancouver���Sept. 1-6.
For the accommodation Of residents of the South Kraser Valley
who desire lo attend the 1918 fair of the Vancouver Exhibition Association at Hasting Park, round trip tickets from all points on the
Kraser Valley line to Vancouver are offered, good for return nny time
tl'iring the week, at single fare end a third.
The exhibition management hae arranged for a fair which will
be interesting to all. Exhibits of the Held and garden, displays of
manufactured goods, agricultural machinery, etc. Music will be provided hy several bands, horse racing will be carried on every alter-
noon and special attractions of an instructive and entertaining nature will be provided.
Axminster Squares:   reg. i'ii'il, for     S17SO
Wilton Squares;  reg. $23.HI), for   $2,050
Brussels Squares;   re),'. $24, to clear    ��17.50
'I apestry Squares from     SG.50
All the above are lu medium or large room size.
Japam se Matting Squares:
Kite 9x12  ��2.50
Size 9x10   ��2.2 ^
Size  9x9    S1.85
Genuine Bargains in All lines of Furniture
Below are a few samples picked at random from our immense up-to-date Stock.
While Knamel Iron
White  Enamel   Iron
one half regular price  	
Brass Beds, regular $18 for	
Urass Beds, regular $30, for	
IIiubs Beds, regular $60, for 	
Ilrass Beds, regular $30, for 	
Iircsser and Washstarul, empire Oak
Genuine  mahogany dresser,    large
priced at  	
Birch mahogany Dresser;
White Enamel Dresser, n
Beds, brass filling
Beds,    Brass    filling,
��15 00
��������� ��11.50
large Oval Mirror
��10 50
White Knamel Chirfonler to match   ��14.00
Couches; ti dandy couch, reg $18, for  ��11.5**
Couch, red or green Velour  ��5.50
Davenports;   oak  frame;   American  leather;
regular  $3.1, for    ��23.50
Oo-carts; collapsible, from  ��5.85
Quartered  Oak, 8-ft Bxtension  Tallies;   reg.
$29, for  ��19.00
Quartered  (lak 8-ft.   Extension  Tables;   reg.
M��. for  ��35.00
Set Diners; fumed Oak: leather seal. ��15.90
When  wc   advertise   leather  we  mean  genuine
not imitation.
Oor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588.
Riveter! Steel Pipes
P. O. BOX  **���>
Ti?i.rPMf��s��ir ***
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Box Kip, sizes 7,8,9,10 $1.2.5
Strong Box Kip, sizes 11,12, and 13  1.4.5
Strong Box Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  1.76
Ladies' hoots what you want for now and winter 1.95
GentaS' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Buy the laces, the Polish will be given you.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.;  Sat urdaya 11 p.m.


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