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The New Westminster News Mar 3, 1913

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-third of the
lumber output
1 Columbia
,  or   350,000,000,
New    \VesthTl��_sii��_"an<��.   X%
Mainland:  Light tomoderate winds. '
mostly cloudy; rain tonight or Sunday.    Higher temperature.
V   *
Press Naval Bill
Through al?Larly
Date As Possible
Ottawa,   March  2.���The  opinion  isimlttee  stage  for some  time  yet.    ir
expressed In parliamentary circles tfi* both ���"������ conVf?uo ISfiSrffSMuS
t i.    ,       .1     * .     ,     ...   'an<l t'ie opposition are likely to lock
night  that  the  developments   ln  the; h_,rnf. ,,arl). ln lho weck anll thcre in
house during  tho present  week  will       ���     - -  -
indicate definitely the extent to which
the fight over the naval bill Is likely
to be continued.
On the eve of the adjournment on
��� Friday evening, when hy agreement
the first clause of the bill was adopted,
Blr Wilfrid Laurier asked what day-
would be set apart for coni "
of the   Macdonald   election.
Borden said that this week he would ; uuu-uei _. .	
prefer to go on with the naval bill but   division bells tn order to guard against
that some time later on tho Macdon I being   caught   in  tho   minority   on   a
aid election  would be dlBcussed on a ! snap division.
date to be fixed,later.   BlwWilfrid said '     �����"   ���"I'-nnnrehenslon   existed   at
that this was rather indefinite but did
not press the matter further.
Thc action of the prime minister is
taken to Indicate the determination
of the government to let all other buBi
horns eariy  m ��._._   	
talk of a session of tbe houBe  from
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon un
til   Saturday  at  midnight.
Eight  Hour  Day.
The Liberals. It Is understood, in an
ticipatlon of a continuous session, di
^^^^^     vided up their available fighting force
what day '��� in  groups of 20  who will tako eight
sideration | hour shifts  lu  tbe house.    The  Con
Premier : sc-rvutivea will have to keep a larger
he would 'number of members within call of the
Forty   Regulars   Fire   on
Four Officers and Skirmish Ensued.
None of Americans Killed or Wounded
���General Diaz Gets  Enthusiastic
Reception In Mexico City.
El Paso, Texas, .March 2.���In a running light on the border near Douglas,
Arizona,  early  loday,  between  tiexl-
Evcry   Woman   Is   Expected   to   Give
One  Dollar���Raise One Thousand
by March 15.
The campaign  to he conducted by I
the members of the Women's Counc!
for funds to be used ln the establish-
Ing   of   a   Young   Women's  Christian
Association   in   thc  city
Some misapprehension
the hour of adjournment Friday night
as to the effect of the clause passed
and it was erroneously stated in most
of the dispatches Bent out from Ot-
\va that the clause adopted was the
f authorizing the immediate --xxpen
^^^^^^^^ will be Inaugurated this morning. On Saturday afternoon a meeting of the coun
ell was hold in the Queens Avenue
M' tliodlsi church and the lad'ea were I
assigned to cover various portions of!
the city.
The ladies are    very    enthusiastic
over the campaign and feel confident
Make Unprecedented General Levy on Property to
Cover First Cost.
Empenr   William   Is    Credited    with
Significant   Remark Comparing
1913  with   1813.
Balkan States Name
Conditions for the
Conclusion of Peace
Rome, March 2���According to offi-1 with the bringing about of a cessation
clal Information received today the,of the hostilities and placed the Otto-
Balkan states wil, insist upon the to,-,��*��-��-g^J^ftSS
lowing conditions for thc- conclusion it0 conclude peace as advantageousts
of peace, even through the mediation as possible for Turkish interests
of the powers: Unless as so often bas been the ease.
First���The contracting parties to i Turkey again changes her mind before-
pledgo themselves to the Immediate j Ihe negotiations are bnught lhoot. it
and simultaneous cessation of hoctili-! is thc opinion in official quartiirs that
ties after the signing of the treaty of j peace will begin soon with every indi-
! cation of a cessation of the war in
can BOldlers and troops cf the ninth | that   It  will   meet   with   the  W.ccfss
United States cavalry, tour
were killed. None of the Americans
were killed or wounded, according to
advices received here late today.
Four American army officers walking on the American line three mile?
from Douglas are reported to have
heen  fired on  by  forty  regular Mexi-
Berlin, March 2.���Emperor William
is credited In connection with the
proposed increase in the peace foot
lug of the German army, with the remark: "ISIS was a year of sacrifice
Let 1913 also be so for every one for
the time is 3carceh' less critical than
The  first  cost  of    Germany's    in
ness stand for the present and  press I one nm mm ,. ;>,.. ���._- .	
  early   diture of $3r.,000000 for the purpose Of  can soldiers patrolling the border out
' ii-ieiee .  |of Agna   PriaU,   opposite   Douglas
the naval measure through at an
On Saturday morning the leading
Liberals frum tho various provinces
met in Sir Wilfrid Laurler's office to
discuss Cue situation and lt is under
stood that a unanimous conclusion
was reached to keep the hill In coin-
trooperB of    the       The
lt appears, however, that  the  only | 3ixteeI1 Cf ihe negro
clause  passed   was  the    one    setting | nlmh ru,i��� ,i to tha piac9 of Uu, liri
forlh the title of the hill and tha   the , am,  -,  6pirite(J skirmish  enBued
various  claUBes  giving the  details of
the proposed legislation all remain to
l.e dealt with.
which  it  warrants.    Already  a  num
brr oT  women  have  announced  their
Intensions of    contrbuting    for   this
laudahle  purpose  and  little  difficulty
is  expected    In   raising    the desired
sum, which will he the means of pro-.
riding a flrst    class    residence    for i seuit-ofTicial
young  women of the city.    A report j to be cover...  .,   	
on the campaign wlll be made every I eral levy or. .property.    German sub
week hv the collectors. | jects throughout the empire are to b-c
���      _._   ~ .called unon to contribute a large sum
Second���-Ccnteniporanenurly Turkey
iinuEt surrender to the allies Adrianople, Scutari and Janina.
Third���The Bulgar-Turkish frontier
shall extend from Bodpsto to Mldia,
the exact line to be established by a
military commission, composed ot Bulgarians and Turks.
Fourth���The peninsula of Gallipoll
to be cedtd to the allies.
All the Aegean islands occu-
whlch the allies are engaged.
Fresh Revolution ^^H
Constantinople, March 2.���Thc government appears apprehensive of a
fresh revolution since the discovery
of a conspiracy on Tuesday last when
several prominent officers and dvM-
ians, Including a former military bdv-
ernor, were placed under arrest The
Ycung Turk leaders are nervooe and
the garrison has been increased by
The  guards  at  the
'ladles  OtThe  Women's Conn- i calledlopon
���-  ���    - . |    Fifth��� 	
creased   armaments,   according to    a|pk.rt at present by  the Greeks to be   two   regiments.
semi-official   announcement   today,   is i ceded to the aliice. i Porte also have been strengthened and
to be covered by unpreced .nted gen- j    aixth���FrisonerH  of  war  end  host; other  measures have  been  taken to
ages to be exchanged with the brief-1 enable the immediate suppression of
ect d*lay.
Mr. E. W. Davidson of Vancouver Killed at Brig-
Government   Will   Appropriate   $200,-
003 to Commence Sub-structurs
���Railway and General Traffic
No Official Report,
Washington, March 2. -No official ,
report concerning tlie running tight
early today on: the border near '
Douglas, Arizona, between Mexican I
soldiers and troopers from lhe Ninth I
United States cavalry in which four 1
Mexicans were killed, had been received up to a late hour tonight at'
Ither the state or war departments.
Diaz Gets Reception.
Mexico City, March 2.��� General
Felix Diaz was accorded a great ovation this afternoon at the bull ring,
the first performance of the mata
d"rs s'i' r s since the bombardment of
the capital.
Ten thousand spectators stood and
Cheered lustily when General Diaz en-
'ered a hex in the arena attended
onlv by his secretary, his chief < I
Staff and a few friends, and the hern
i of the revolution was forced to mc
I lime and   aia'n   to  acknowledge
ell rei|iieat Ihat every woman who
w'shrg to subscribe to the fund have
llv'r $1 contributions ready when the
collector calls, as they do not wish
to make a second canvass. The
initial basis of the fund Is $1000
which it is aimed to collect by-
March IB.
any attempted coup.   ^^^^^^^^^^
Turkey  to pay  the allies!    Many officers have heen dismissed
In proportion    to   their   possessions, j f300,0b0',000 war Indemnity, deducting i from the army for meddling in politics.
The reigning houses, according to un   f,.0m it, however, that portion of the  Thirteen  officers delegated    by    th��?
ofticial   reports,  are io  he asked    to I Qttsinao  debt  lorne  by  the Turkish ] army at Tchatalja to make i
  ���������"'��� I tions to the government, we
7f>   feet
Kbiirne. March 2.- Hurled
ln the air Irom coming in
with a moving 11. C. E. R. passenger
car running trom Steveston to Vancouver about 1 o'clock thla afternoon,
Mr. W, K. Davidson, manager of the
Ki.yal Transfer Company, of Georgia
street, Vancouver, met instantaneous
death at the llrlgbouse crossing.
Mr.  Davidson  wsa driving a    large) ter
tourlug  automobile at Uie time    and
Assurance that a start will be made
thin year on the long contemplated
combined railway and general traffic
bridge over the Pitt river has beeu
givi n at Victoria. SubBqucnt to an in
terview with  Mr.    William    McNeill, | MnuTf-awa"To toe popular heroes
Coquitlam   Taking   Steps
Representation on Westminster
Harbor Commission.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ represento-
European provinces. ] tions to the government, were arrested
Eighth���-A special representative of. today  on  their arrival at  Constant!-
tbe sultan to be permitted iu Balkan'lople.
territory for religious purposes, having j    The severe weather continuea and
under hiB jurisdiction    all    mosques,; the ccuntry is covered Jwlth snow.
pious funds and church properties.       J Bulgarians Hostile. ,
Ninth���AU treaties, conventions and j    Constantinople,   March    2.���Frenctr
agreements  existing   be'tveen  the  al-  and   Italian   steamers   passing  Char-
IIcb and Turkey before the commence-: keui have been fired upon by the Bul-
ment of the war to be re-established,   garians.    One Italian vessel waa bad-
Turkey   Submissive. ly damaged, and as a consequence was
    , _ j    London, March 2.���The Turkish gov.! beached    It  is  reported  that  British
sacrifice  as  is  the   French  extention j ernment haa definitely abandoned its; vessels   aleo  have  attracted   the fire
In a secret service In the army of two j prohibitive stipulations in connection j of  the   Rulgiriane,
to three years.   Other taxation Ib con- ��� j
���emplated in order to cover the re.gu ' ~   ' i "   	
sacrifice their freedom from taxation
but persons possessing less than
$7000 or J12.500. according to the de.
cision of the parliament when it deals
with the subjects are to be exempt
from the levy.
An estimate of $250,000,000 as the
cost of the change published today is
generally  accepted as reliable.
The proposal uf a general levy Is
regarded as making the German army
Increase  quite a-s  much    a    national
Assure I [���-i annual charges brought about by
' (be increase of the forces.
Emperor William is reported as
favoring both the general levy and
the taxation of the princes.
Port*"Coqultlam Is nervous over thejpoLICE HAVE BUSY
��� KraEer river harbor* NIGHT IN  LOS ANGELES
chairman of the board of directors ot   , t  tl..   _. - -_ Machacn,ldo
the   llurrard.   Westminster.   Boundary   been de��P����ne^,....,,���   ,'_,,������,
Diaz granted the   request   of   the appointment ot the.	
matadors to kill  the  hull,    and    pre- i commissioners.    At a receut meeting l
^^^ .._ . ���lot   the   municipal   council,   Councillor i    t.og Angeles,	
organ was appointed head ot | a���el  early   today  between  Patrolman
March 2���A revolver
arena   when   the   animals   had.J'J- s
 ..patched. Maehaquldo a noted ?"> R
awdor.   was   slU'bly   Injured   when [�� look after
&J, had tt S ""^.V admdroliy department! nachman and a robber who was at-
f n��vt,a \m uKSTthe MA of the ini tempting to hold up a Spring street
d   when  to luoK BUer 1 'cafe  was the climax to a record night
into'the "third bull.     \C'Z^ %�� ���.t��� conllcllVor  who   If', for holdues.   More than a dozen shots ,
Railway   Seeking   Water   Power���Extensive Plans���Supply Light to
Port Mann.
Hallway   ft   Navigation   company,   ��'". jjt mi. blaue ,���.��� ,,���. vll���u ���      . water  councillor   ��uu   ���* , ror nomui's.   ����>"-c v..-..        i �� ������ioi,iiuhlne a mam-
S.turday. Hon. Thomas Taylor   mints- "' '        (,n  ,,r���!lil,1.���I   Hucrta, ilenera lLj����� SSL/o feanals for the muni-, were   evchanged  al  close  range,  tut      wlth a view of ��tohU^ ^J^.1
���f   public   works,   made   the  **>   ���,���, 0,.ne���,  Mondragon and Genert ,������  minister    I a   toteBrMn , rohber   escv,(.d   ��PP�����^      ^motli power; ��e��m��� .^ lr0m the
   ������              to  Mr   JO. Taylor.  M.P. at Ottawa ;,,armed. altho-igh nachman la positive j   a(Uan Northern la seeking trom tn   (
t?*2��m**W   uponj tl.a..Se,itlen,a,Lthe!inian h._wo��nded Uje^an.^ ^ Jprov nela    ^��m��nt  topo^n^ (
Public Temper Ts Rising���
Wild Scenes in Hyde
Park. v
nouncment that the ��ove���,n��n,J1_w",J | iiUmiuet'stond "on the balcony of the
London. March 2.���The P��bBc_^_
per is rising against the su"raw�����-
1   -areneH    ~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^m
Hyde  Park when
ed and
the  prii
the palace
heavy interurban car comtl uu uruugiu   ,���    -
B-stnudsuli. Mr.  McNeill promised  Hon. Thomas
Mr    Davidson   was   picked   up,   bul Taylor th.it the 11. W.  B.  ��   N. Com
skull   wub   fractured     and     death pany   would   commence   construction
must have been Instantaneous,    Tbe Ion u railway between stave nnd Pitt
aino was completely demolished. river, connecting Ihe Stave  Falls nnd ,'WC
accident happened Is the plant of the Western Power Oom-l'J demonstrative,
clear    view    of    the ��� pany with the riillwav lines at lhe new
distance |bridge SSross the  I'm,    early    this
Spring.    The length  Of the     proposed
Just how  tin
a myster)  for
trseliB   Is  obtaliuible
from the crossing
and the supposition
n carriages, paraded through
olpal  streets.    Thousands of
rs lined the streets surround-
but   were not rmrkrd
although   "vivas"
partlclpeted in most of thejobberies.   Manu and other points along the rail-  enhip of   General
1 WThe largeBt project of the company ; "*Several  free  rights    occurred
la  to construct   two dam��  across  th* j masses of turf torn fromtla.
ve  association
egram to Mr.
approximately *e miles
neotlon will be made with lines run
nlllg to Vancouver which wlll be Ihe
Ultimate Western terminal of the line
The llurrard, Westminster, Hound
ury X- Navigation Company is nt pres
ini negotiating with the federal bov
ernment for amendmentH to Its char
from the crossing *uu v...- ...,.,
is ihat the nnr en sad pegleoted to look I lln�� is approximately i" noon.
for any  appronchlng cars. The railway will be completed about
The accident   took   plnru within    a   the nmi' time ub the bridge and con
few Minis of the Minoru race course i "    " '""   "--������  ������"
lloth vehicles were travelling at n
moderate rule of speed, the conductor
Of the B, C, I'V It. cur staling following the crush that although no passengers were nicked up nt Brlghouse
Station, he had slowed down consider
ably The body was placed on a eir
later In  the af'ernoon  and  taken    to
An Inqui si win probably be held on
Monday afternoon,
Riderless   Horne.
A   feature of the parnde    was
ndeiiesi borne ol General Bernardo
Ileyea, wnllilng behind n cirrlnge,    'r
which was a painting of the general
draped   With  crepe.*   Hired  h<"id".   -ill
fth ng   the   route   evldenc d   the   love-
und admiration ot the people of the
llal   for  the  dead  chieftain.
solemn   respect   for   an-
revolt was shown
Mrs. Flora Drum
PREADS SMALLPOXI where  the   Nicoluui   river  rails ; ware  _,Urle
  ,  into the Cotjuahalla just east of Hopel  ���rrd a st
,    March  ��.���Infected j����      c,,abiith a hydro-electric plant   *,,.. the eu
Satisfactory receipts for February Despite Short Month���2152 Money
Orders Issued.
One   of    Gang   of   Three    Who    Put
Through  Frsudulent Trsnsfers of
Real Estate In Toils.
Calgary, March 2. Gustsv llerg
Charged wllh having uttered fraudulent   paper  In   Kdnumtnn  frnm   which
he realised fiiion, was arrested in the
Alexandria hotel Haturday night. On
his person was found something In
exCtBI of 18000, lie submitted to ar
rest quietly, but on reaching the
- .--..  ,.._, ninety     the
he ran
Edmonds, March 2. Por moving a
Sidewalk without first receiving per-
mission Iroin the hoard of works department Messrs 0, II Love and 1-'.
i llriiiiilrltl'  were fined If, and costs In
ihe police court here on Saturday, The
off*.nr,   w.ih ii conlrovenllon of section
48 of the Traffic bylaw,
iio Blng n clearing oontreotor, was
found    guilty    of    conii'iivenllng Iwi,
Clauses of the ltlnsllug bylaw on Hat
iirdny  and  fined   l" Mi  ami
each offence    He
The   unmt
other victim of thi,  .. ��� .
when the draped picture of General j
Grngoria passed,
in trout er fie
carriage beading a
- in   employe*
of i eaco.    Among
��� ������'������> some b
ms "Honor
Albany.    NY.,     March
mail matter from the PTO*Wa Oj Q���
bee Is believed by the police authorl  ,
ties of St.   l.awreiice county, to have
transmitted smallpox    to   two rural
free delivery curriers of that count..
investigations that have been made
by   the   state   department   of   health
-how     that     there   Is  a  considerable
amount of latent smallpox In Quebec
to which  little attention  Is  paid. The
I state   department   has   requested   gov
iirnment   tO  takes.eps  that WIU  pre
vent  the  further transmission of tni
disease from Canada.
river falls | rere  au^ed  at  the speakers.    It m-
trong body of police to ******
ffragettes and escort tkeaB
plaoe of safety.
similar scenes marked a meutlnx at'
Wimbledoa   common,     fn   both  canes
women were knocked down and badly
Today   Inauguration   by   the  sulTra
uttiu'e women m i1
elegatlon of fac
released  four doves
the transparencies
'ir'ng 8"-.'ii Inscription
and glory to ihe restorers
"imtrv is gaved."
lost, Feb-
���f peace," and "Our e
R.ioul aid  Bmlllano Escaped. ��� in __^^^^^^^
Hgvana, March 3.   it was reported  iVhruary. fni on these orders was
 ,"   "'���"    ""'    meii.lii's   ot  Un :?i.,i,,is, ������,!  |M,  |ll(���lth  |j89,62
Madero    funi'lv    who    nre    now    H '���^^���^
''ii'imii, will Join Raoul and BmU'ani
Mndi ro lit Sun Anlntllo. The eSCapi
"croiB the border ef Itiioul ntn
K'nll aim tth.i v ere said lo hu'c he'
ire confirmed In two telegrnin
The New Westminster postofflce returns for  February are now to hand , _________________
mil show a gratifying Increase ill the   . Aonpcoe   mav   APPLY  TO
sararaffi sarras laborers^d^t^sp-ctoR.
February last year 1807 money orders haf. ""���";"'11 ""��� '""v of bringing to
were Issued,    L*st  month the total getn, *  -v
8168,   The commission earned in l,:,rpr9" ,vt,')"1   l"	
_.._,     ��� i lion ot the clauses lu the city contr.ii'li*
which make It binding upon OOntrac
with a capacty of 80,000 hurse r.
lour iiiiles east of Hope on the C.N.R,
It Is proposed also to drive a tunnel two miles long through the divide
of the Sumallow river level, diverting
the hitter stream from the Skagit to        #
the Nlcolum.    At this point the water ! KPttos  of  their period  of Eeir-deutai.
will be conserved In an Immense res-   waa attended by demonstrations !��__��-
ervoir with a capacity ef 10,'OUO acre   piclous for their socoess   ~      "-
feet. of   people   in   the   street
" ',0 '""    ifestly hostile spirit and a number
Tho erow'd's
in   the   streets   showvef   ax
The position of one dam will be ten   mRn
miles from Hope while tho other will
1 '    ' "'   beveled   suffragettes   was
Hope while the other will   sf  wreaked   barrel" organs   and _ dl��-
Tlie   company   expects   to   direct   u."   hevete.i   su.irug.uie,   w-   the   reeult
,     ,i..���, ia miles further to the east,   tonight
be abOU   IS ���������� n\l   (1, ,.^,-uhI by      The police ill several inst.imtea tv.a
fett lino Nicolum   rlv-   w go to the rescue of several wmr-or.
Sunial-   who   had   fallen   into  the    handa    xA
gangs   who   threatened   to   strip   _ixl'
duck   them  In  the nearest  fouutadn*-
litriii'U'rs and  city  lab-1
the true Interprets-i
street  made a dash  for liberty,
killed ...
ll   cnslu  for | received bv Krueslo Mmliro
was charged In the \
He ran
I'lUll   ui,.-,,,..	
first Instance with blasting before he
had  taken out the required permit
and lu the second with blasting wllh
out lakltig the necessary precaution
such ns erecting flags to warn passers
by and appointing guards.
Frue.ome Find st Beglna.
Regina, Snsk., March 8. While ex
nmlnlng �� ('''����� box car on a side
trnrk In the Regina this morning n
switchman stumbled over the body of
a dead mnn. The body hure no marks
nf violence, hul there Is nothing W In
bed his toe ami W]. ""^'is said io \���X"m*\\  on".he ^esd   man   which
""""^"oViblwk when b. stub*	
��� ���"-'- recapture i,!!,.,,,,,  tha  cause  of  death
WM'"""l!? g"wnSd0l Ibree m
01    number    Of    real    estate
menus    of    frnudiilen
Issues    of    forged
checks   to   dummy   purohassrs   the
gang l�� suld l<> bnve
Substantial deals In lldmonton
be one
swindled  a
brokers,   By
transfers nud   the
lien  win*
llnaniM'il   some
Thirty  Stesmers  Icebound
^^ ^^ frozen fanl
In the Quit of Riga today
would suggest his Identity.
A secin 1 tO n hold up on the evening
of Kill 8, ii'ok place on Saturday night
mul yesterday when tho local police I
picked up two men alleged to have
been oonneoted with the attack on J.
MoW'iit  rs who had to he taken to the |
hospital ns il result.    These men lire l
Patrick Berry and Martin Antone.
Detective Burrows made the first
"iiplure on Saturday when h" arrested
Berry, while Detective [furrows and
Chief llrndshiiw located Antone yester
day nfli rnoon. MoWiiters cliitniH a
small rum nf iiiiuii')   wuh stolen from
blm during the scrap,
The aci'iisi I Will bnve tx hearing he-
fore Magistrate Edmonds in poiic
lourt ibis morning,
Compared with January
I'l'.iiy i f this year shows n slight de
crease bul this is sccounted for by the
greater number of days lu January
iv, r February Mux rents oollooled
lasl month amounted to $886,85, as
ngiiiiist 8181.88 in February, 1818,
Stump sabs $;'. 1 sf> lu contrast with
88080,78 In Fol ru.iry, 1U12.
cubic .^^^
Ihe Coquahalla and the
ers, through the tunnel to the
low.     The  water will  he diverted  ut
the point  where the second dam and
Storage reservoir nre situated,
The charter of the Canadian North-
i ri gives them liberty to n tall electric
power on  any  part  of Ihelr  railway.
ploy focal resident labor In ��" brunch line of the company '-a,,,
transient labor Kamloops   to   Vernon is now being
_.   fin-bull will receive and tilel!lMtrt2,d' ,1'�� PSWM "','"���' fu_?pU.'d
applications tor wort noting the length '"r,","^1 ft R,nflraU?B 'i*Uon ."'l l,lc,kB
of residence In the ellv of applicant,,. |,   "����� ��PPUoaUon for the water rights
.heir las. position and other totoraa- '��� ��ul"����a. S.1SW JK"' lMU�� 0| th"
(lon iiirittsh Columbia Oaiette,   Tbe sur
'  The contractors on their part will I v*,>ln�� '','r tbl' a"u ""I1 tunnels OU
Intimate lo Mr. Turnbull their labor *,M*4? ':"'" muc l' Tu:r th" airoc'
requirements, if possible * duy before ""-D. "' ���Hn���� !'  N. J��-'"M.n.
Ihey actually ---��� "--1     '"
I'l.'ISH   Of
tors to em
preference ti
need   the   nun  and   lln
.    , ,,.,;,-,- ,���  work for which they require
Mount Vesuvius Agsln. ,
Naples,  March :���'     The rumbling l>   |'"',.,,.*,,   way   |t   Is  hoped  to  adjust
"������"               ly and ebvlnle nny
Mount VesUVlUS has t'l'i'li porSlStlQl
fur some time.    It hns caused consld-
ershle alarm by fear that uu eruption
might be pending. New cracks nnd
fissures are In he seen and n grent
iiianii ot lava hns rolled down. It Is
dark In Contrast Willi the white led of
F.trthqunle In  Ecquador.
Guayaquil,   Botiusdor,   March   2-
II giil   earth,n like   sUookS   were     fell
here on  Snturiliiv and ngnlu today.
imitlers satlsfiu  	
I'ompinint that the stipulation in olty
contracts is not being carried out
This arrangement win not, ot course
deprive, in any way, the right of men
to apply directly to Ihe contractors
for work, but Ih merely Intended to
facilitate the employment of Unotn
ployed laborers with the
lines of the Croat Northern |
and Northern Pacific through the United Stales mountains nrn uow ��� '--
Office  of  Land Company   Ruined    hy
Dynamite or Gun  Pov/der���le>
vestlgatlon  Pending.
Rlgn, liussln, March 2.   Over thirty
stenmers were fnunil to br
" of Riga today. Ice brenli
Ing lugs bnve heen soul lo the scene
lo  endeavor  to  extricate  them   from
their dangerous position.
2233 Homestead Entries.
Saskatoon, Husk., March 8, Uurlng
1012 there were registered nl the Sss
kntonn Dominion land office 8188
homestead entries, or aboul 1000 less
Ihan the highest number previously
Trades snd  Labor Coun-ll
sent Impotr.int Dels.
The labor problems of the city nnd
district will again come tn the fore on
Thursday morning wben Ihe lloynl
labor Commission of British Columbia pays n return visit to New Wsstmlnstsr, The coinmlssloi* according to
Itinerary Is scheduled to sll In the Olty
Hull here nt 10 o'clock on Hull morning nnd dlneuiiH Inbnr  problems with
nil Interested
A special committee of the Trades
nnd Labor council hns been hard nl
work during the past few weeks gathering data nnd Informal Ion with respect to local I'linillilumi. lo place before the commissioners
Today the
Federal Labor Union Formed on Saturday  Night.
Tho  forming   Of  a  New   Westminster Federal Labor Union w.ib aooom-
 unshed at a wen attended meet ing of
resident! unorganised   workmen   In   the   xiaWl
Temple ""  Hnturday  evening.
Mr  1)  B, Cameron, chairman of the
1,1: tu"!, March 8, A corporal of the
Plrnnl Ciii'nlH.while on Ills rounds at
night found one of the imldlers asleep
Inside Ills Bciitry-hov. The oorpl nil
reported ll'e mnn, who wua punished
with two dnys' Imprisonment,
l-iiil night Iho Hi'.iiin Soldier wns on
duly, and asked the corporal when he
passed! "Are you HUtlsfled nt whul
you did In me?" uud then shot hlin
The soldier, after clapping his
hands nnd dancing round the corpor-
nl's body, got three rOckels oul of his
Oalgary, March 8, The iio-
minion government has about
concluded negotiations win. the
Carrie, who own an extensive
and valuable reserve adjoining
ihe southwest boundary of t'ni-
1'iirv, when hv the Indians will
relinquish 180 gores,
Thn price Is mild to lie nbiuit
$100,000 which would menu
$10iill fur every brave on lhe
reservation  The city bus been
in-gotliitiin-, for Bourn of the
laud fur some time bul I.ub fulled to urlve nl any agreement
wllh the Indians
Ottnwn, Mnreh 2.   The program
lhe   111 uttl   annual   convention   ot   Iho
Canadian Beed Growers' Association to
lie hi Id ut  Ottawa On  March till, and
7th bus been Issued,
iho various factors which go to in-
I organisation committee of the Trades
and Labor Council and Mr J. Chock-
| ley who attended the gathering, ef-
Reg'nu, Saak.,   March   I, -Jiset
one of  thu busiest hours of the <
' nu   explosion   wrecked   tho   pressil
; ncciipleil   by   the   Canada  Nertbe
Und Company on Saturday
i few  minutes    after    6  o'clock.
building  was  a  frame  one, of
stories, end Is practically a
lt Is said Unit gun powder or <
mite hnd something to do with It.
The manager of the company. Wit-
Hum Lewis, was In the oftlcn at the
moment of the explosion and wan rw-
moved to the hospital.
The force of tho explosion
��� 'commission   will  sit  at JBonlrybox and  discharged  them  Into It
BtWItQO and tomorrow at Chllllw.ick.' tho ulr as * sign ot rejoicing.
flin nee the priiluctlon of this seed
will he devoti d to tbe receipt and dis
cuMulon of reports from officers who
have been engaged In currying out the
work of the n isoc'.iilliin In different
parts of Canada,
(In the second day the question of
production seeds of field  roots  end
vegetables In Canada Instead of hav.
Ing to Import these from Kuropenn
countries will be dealt with as will
iihio such matters as rates of seeding
In cereal grains, and Htatlstlcs showing Ihe extent to which tho average
farmer gives attention to tho cleaning and grading of the seed which hc
tor fiStiVely Used their Influence to bring great that It smashed tho contMst*
the unskilled laborers together. of an ofTIco In tho second storey and
The new union elected the follow- thn w thn occupants of the office th*
Ing officers' II P, Mooro, president! whole length of the room. An i_*-
\V KreilrlckBim, vice president; W, vostlgutlon I. ponding.
Ileiittle, secretary treasurer;     Mr.    A. 	
Coles, sergeant at arms, Troubi? in p?ru.
On Krlilny evening nt 8 o'clock Mr. fJuaVSqull, Kcqiiador, March 3. -
It. A. Stoney, general orMBtter Of I Oftlotala of thn eastern region rfrport
the American PedsraUon of Labor fori^. B>oqundorltn Indians rnmntiy at
this district, will address the mem
ben of the Federal Labor "nl"" ��"
subjects relating lo unionism.
Youth Gets Freedom.
Cnlgnry, March 8 Harold l.iiwnon
the 17 year old boy who was found
guilty of counselling the murder of
UrKkeninn Roy lllalr. Is to bo allowed
Ills liberty uu euHpended sentence, ne
I cording to the Judgment of Justice
1 Stuart, Satin day.
lacked a Peruvian settlement an llitc
Moreiin river. They kllfed throe
Offloors, several Boldlers anil two
women and raptured Iho snttlnnant.
tho other l'eruvliins uscapliR tatw
Another Aviator  Killed.
Vlereon,   France.   March   !     IJnl
Portoau waa killed    here    jnaliaehu
when an aeroplane In which ha warn
making a flight crashed to the mmsaat PAGE TWO
MONDAY,   MARCH   3,   1913,
��� <>���������������������������������������������
MARCH   3.
Ae (ndenf-idcnt nioniitio pnner denoted to tlie interests of IVfito ir est minuter and!    Upon this day in the year 1841, Sir
tee Frasrr Valley. .'-.Wished ci'eri; morning except Suiidnj/ bu the National Prlntt.it;  llcorge  Simpson,   tho  groat  Hudson's !
���nd PuMiaMnp Oompany, Limited, at 63 UoKenaie street. Sew Weettntneter, British Bay Company's governor, started from I
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAXlt, Managing Dlreotor.        'London on a journt-y rouud thc world.,
jill rommiinirntiana should be nrtarcssed to The New VCutminstor Newt, ond nol   He was a Scot, like so many other no-!
to hnliiifdii.il members of the staff. Chroiici. drafts and money orders should be made i table fur-traders.
-payable to The National Printing, and PubHtMnp Company, Limited. He   was  a   little   man,    but    loved1
TKLF.PUGSES���Business Office and .Marmprr, gin ,��� Editorial Kooms (all depart-j pomp and BhOW, and hud a remarkable j
ment.si. B8l. [capacity for business and for manag-|
SUBSCRIPTION RATBS���By carrier, J4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per , Ing the luic.onvenllonal nieii of the
���month   Hi/ mail, S3 per year, a:.c per month. . wilderness -both ltidiiins and traders.
ADVERTISING ratks on appltootton, |IIis memorable jcurney, which he ae
ro CORRESPONDENTS���No letters will be published In Thc Netoa ercepf ever | compile hod In nineteen months and
Che uriter'a signaturs, The cdifor reserves the right to refuse the publication ol aim ^ twenty-six days, was undertaken partly
'""" , with a view  to business,  partly   per-
liapR to satisfy his love of traveling,
Drake and Cook had gone "round the
world" by sea; but Sir George Simpson crossed three continents as well
as two oceans. Five years after the
completion of the tour, there appeared
two portly volumes, giving an account
of the adventurous knight's pilgrimage in the first person, though lt Is
supposed that "another hand" was
"concerned in giving it a literary
lie did net wish to see the western
country taken up by settlers, but in
his efforts to piiBh the fur-trade "thc
Kmperor of the Plains" opened the
way for colonizing the wilderness, and
the posts established for trade helped
to hold the country for the British.
Mayor Gray is to be congratulated upon his firm
stand in the matter of the employment of Westminster
men upon city work, and until the labor bureau becomes
an established fact, it is likely that the substitute therefor,
in the shape of the good offices of the building inspector, will ensure for every Westminster applicant for work
a fair and just consideration.
The unskilled labor question in this land of opportunities is a very complicated one. The new arrival from the
old lands, particularly from the British Isles, as a rule does
not stay long in the ranks of the wielders of the pick and
shovel. That is due to the fact that openings for easier
work and, frequently, better pay abound for those who
have the ability to seize upon them. But there are thousands of men from the British Isles scatttred throughout
the province and a considerable number in this city whose
vocation in life is to labor solely at unskilled callings.
They are in no way organized and consequently their
���voices are heard but at long spaced intervals. Italian
workmen, to whose lot there appears to have fallen the
spadework of the making of cities and railways and other
public works in this Canada of ours, are united in many
bonds, not the least of which is the tie of common speech
and blood.
All will recognize the fact that an Italian, a Greek, a|s*rapi
Jew or any other representative of the polyglot countries
who are contributing to the upbuilding of the newest of
nations on this continent, is deserving of equal consideration with those of British���which includes Canadian-
birth, granted first that the foreigner or Britisher is here
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
��� (By  O.  Terenoe.) ���
the secon d Jefferson   administration.
Madison  had  one   fair   inauguration
day, and one very cold and cloudy one.
Monroe's two terms began with cold
and snow.   The weather was fair and
cold  when  J.  Q.  AdamB   began   Wb
term.     Jackson's   first   inauguration
.was  meteorologically   auspicious,  lite
; second  very cold.      Jupiter   Pluvius
smiled on Van Huron, but frowned on
W. H. Harrison, and the latter caught
Itt cold from which he died   a   month
'after taking oath of office.    Polk's In-
' augural was a clear, cold day.
Snowstorms marked tho beginning
jof the Taylor and Pierce regimes. Buchanan had a fair day for his inaug-
jural. Cold weather marked both Lin-
j coin inaugurals. The first Grant ad-
| ministration began with rain, and the
| second with a howling blizzard.
I Clouds overcast the sky on HayeB' inaugural day, and snow greeted Garfield.
Very cold weather prevailed ln
Washington when ('elevelancH was Inaugurated the first time, and his sec-
ond Inaugural was accompanied by a
blizzard that cauBed thc death of five
people from exposure. Harrison's
regime began on a rainy day. McKlnley _ first Introduction to office was
marked by pleasant weather, hia second by rain.
HooBevelt's administration began
with a rainy day. Kverybody knows
what J. Pluvius, or Prof. Willis Moore,
or the mayor of Medicine Hat���fix the
responsibility to suit yourself���did to
President Taft four years ago.
Miss Warrender Served In South Africa���Uncpcakable  Horrors
Erave Officers.
London, March 2.- -Miss Eleanor
I Warrender, a sister cf Admiral Sir
! George Warrender, has just arrived in
London after spending three months In
S Greek military hospitals, nursing the
| wounded. This was not her first ex-
I perience of such service.
She was with Mrs. George Cornwallis-West in the South African hospital
ship Maine.    For her good work then
and at other timcB she iB a Lady   of
Grace of the Order of St. John.
"The Greeks," Miss Warrender Bays, [-*****eeeeee*w9w*
"are  underrated  In   England.      They j ���        OUR   POET'S   CORN6R.        ���
have  fought bravely  and  they   have   a***************
heen, for the most part, skillfully led. I
Not only poor men but aleo rich men | THE    HIVER.
gave  up  everything   to  serve   their
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Sir Jchn   Murray,    World's    Greatest
Oceanographer,  72  Today,
inada gave the world its greatest
oeeanographer  in   Sir  John   Murray,
who  was  born   in  C'objurg,   Ont.,   72
yi us ago today. March 3, 1841, The
dlBtjaguished  ocean    explorer,    who
knor.s all the denizens of the deep by
their first names, was tlie sou of an
accountant, and was educa ed In the
public  schools  of  London,  Ont.,  and j
at Victoria college In his native town, I
with a post graduate course at Bdln- i
burgh   university.
in the interests of science he has
visited all parts if the world, and hlf I
I contributions to geographical, oceano* j
'���'ileal   ni:d    biological    knowledge |
beon Invaluable.   Nobody knows
! better than  Sir John  the queer and
; curious creatures that have their hub!
.nt miles below'the Burface of tlie sea
Sir Johns firs, sc.entific voyage was
as  a   naturalist  on  hoard  ii  whalet
which  visited Spitsbergen    nnd    the
, , -Arctic  regions,     lie  was  one  (f  the
in tne country to stay, and not to make what he ean and naturalists on board h.m.s. challenger when ii made its famous circuit
| Of the world���a cruise that  yielded a
'greater wealth of scientific data than
any other of its kind In fore cr since.
; liis explorations of the physical and
biological conditions of Uie great
ocean basins added tremendously to
i the stock of knowledge on such subjects, and he was the editor of the
report on the expedition, which filled
[half a hundred massive volumes.
Scores of other expeditions have en
trouble is to he looked for. we do not doubt lisl''11 ,h" ���dentine services of sir
that with wise foresight and ordinary common sense the co^ition'^roTairth"18 haV�� won     '
difficulties may be safely bridged, thereby expediting the bodles '""' university
fusionof our cosmopolitan peoples into the type of the'e,iS''' ;
American newspapers will join today in tendering congratulations to
the venerable Boston Daily Advertiser on the centennial of its birth.
The first number of the Advertiser issued fromthe presBes���and very crude
presses they were -on March 3, 1813.
It was the first really successful
daily paper in Boston, previous attempts in that line having heen failures. Of lhe othi r daily publications j
in the Hub of the Universe, the levelling Traveler, now the Traveler and
Herald, is the oldest, having been
born in 1824. The venerable Tran-!
script wns first lBsued in 1830, the
l'ost in 1831, and tlio Journal in is::;',.
The   Herald   was   founded   in    1846,
ind the Globe in 1872, while the Record  was born In  1884.     Mr.  Hearst's I
American   was   commenced    in   1(101.'
We had a hospital orderly, a man
who cheerfully scrubbed floors; he
was a I'aris 'gentleman,' belonging to
a very wealthy Greek family. The hatred of the Turk Inspired them all with
a fierce desire to sweep hlin out of
One cannot wonder at it when one
knows from experience what hoi rev.'
the Turkish troops have committed." j
Miss Warrender shuddered. "Things
unspeakable!" she said below her
"Yes," ihe oontinued, "the Greek is j
i gentleman, a noble foe.   At Salonlca
the Greek soldiers actually  protected j
Turks against  Bulgarians,  who,   wild j
with fury, were ill treating llirm.
And tliey always accepted  tlie par-1
ole of the Turkish officers until they *
found that so many abused this privilege   and   acted   SB   spies.       Just   to;
show  you  what the  popular   feeling
about the Turks is. lei me tell you of1,
a  detachment  of Cretans  who  were
suit  from ! .pints to Athens with 80
Turkish prisoners.   They arrived with
They had scratched out the 0 from '
the 80 in their Instructions, and they
said  the 'eight' had  got   lost   on  the
I Laughs  the   darling   river,  hurrying,
dancing onward;
Sorrow sho knowB   of   maybe, the
bird's or the bee's;
Or  some butterfly  weary,   Its   wlngB
dropped  downward,
Caught In a swirling eddy, drowned
In her Beas.
Maybe the hedge-sparrow, maybe
Haiti lost here Borne sweet thing
its downy brood.
Never lamb or kid or   any   woman's
Hath   she  thought  of drowning   in
her  wildest   mood.
Prom her golden bed set with many a
No white face starts upward, piteous
to the skies:
None   lintli   sought    here    rest    from
sweet love grown cruel
Hiding a sad secret from the mocking eyes.
Hpt'ciricuilonn, agreements of eule -thwds,
Siifllnesa letters, tic; circular work ay*-
otuUut. A.11 werk -strictly c-unfldeuiiiil. IL
Harry, room 418 WeelmliMtcr Tfusl Blk.
t'tlouo  i��2.
L  O   O   IS.,  NO.   ��M���HKBT8 ON  flrat,
second   and   third   WedmiBiluyH   In  Mich I
mon tli In K. of P. Hull nl 8 p in   H. J.
Leamy, dic-lulur; J. H. Price, -secretary.
regular m-.eiuiK of Amity ioiUe No.
21. 1. O. O. P., Ib hi'Ul every M-juilar
nlgbt ul 8 o'clock In Odd Follow.!' Hull,
corner Carnarvon und KlKhtli tttre.cta.
Visiting     brvthern     oorUbi.lly    Invited.
ll. A. Merrlthew, N.G.; 3. Robertson,
V, i_l. *, W. aZ. Cnulhuin, P. U.. record-
inK secretary: lt. w. Banister, fin.no
clal sicritury.
l,   Lid i     1* urn
ere.    Parloi
il directors
��� <'I'hmiiita
Phono 983.
w. j-..
FALS3B��� Pioneer Funeral Director
F.inl-uliner, 611*619 Agnes street,
iltt Carnegie Library.
is the Christian Science Monitor,
which is now about five years old, and
far from being an illusion of the mor
lal mind, is quite a husky infant for
its age.
.,..     ...,...,. , way.     The  Greeks   themselves   would
' "������    ! ''   '      ' B0.8tO2.1al1I30U.^!!1A? I "ever have done this, but tbey all said
It served the Turks right!
"The spirit of the Greeks was splen- j
did.    1 assisted at one terrible opera-!
tion on an officer-  without an anaesthetic.    Afterwards I said 1 could not'
she  lies  to   Heaven    'mid    lur
mints and cresses;
Innocent   of  evil  as   a    lamb   or   al
The buii and  stars  love h.r and  thf j
wind  caresses, I-
Rutfllng her little waters bo soft and ' J
wild. I
ter-at-law, sollclUr, etc. Telephone
1070, Cable address "Johnston."
Code, "Western Union." Ofil^en, i. i,s
. Block, 663 Columbia street, New Wont-
Inliistcr,  11. C.
get out eleswhere to spend it.
The future no doubt has many troubles in store for
us, due solely to the unwise policy of filling up Canada
with those members of British or European races who
could be induced to migrate. Quality now appears to be
gaining more attention, as witness the memorial for more
stringent laws with regard to immigration which the C
gary board of trade is presenting to the government
But while
common sense the
i:i;i;. '<������. :itHy bridged, thereby expediting the
Today is Independence Day In Bulgarian, a country which has lately occupied much front page space. In
Japan today Is celebrated as the "festival of dollB" by all the little girls of
i Nippon.
Two  years  ago  yesterday  al
was shocked by the tnoBt terrii
tragic scandal In the history of
I much  addicted  to  crime   of  pa
le and
i land
help complimenting him on his pluck.
"But,' he said simply, i am an officer.' Another man, while unconscious, kept shouting to his men to
come on. A third, very badly wounded
sang when lie was brought into the
hospital to show that he did not card
Their one idea w:ib to get to the front
Where  she   slips   away   by   a    mousy
The child dips a rosy foot where she j
foams and sw iris;
Shows  her   a   darling   cheek  and   a *
dimpled shoulder,
Laugh! to see his face in lii r, si t in I
its curls.
si'il.tVKl.L CLOTH,
solicitor, etc; cerner
MOKensle streets, N.
ii c.  p o  Hox 112,
Bitrrlwor al-luw,
Columbia    and
w Westminster,
Telephone   ft*.
oflattor    ami
���r C,
i*l re
U'lary.     hi
P  it. Tell
610    Columbia
Kin ph.
Barristers and Solicitor*.   Rooms . and
K.    Qulohon    bloe'k.     New     Westminster
G   i:   Martin, w.   u. McQuarris   aflQ
Coor/te L. CiiHHudy.
Canadian to be.
great scientific
s of the world
hns invented and perfect
numerous  appliances for  bringing
The Princess Giulia Trigona dl Bant
Klla, lady in waiting to the queen, anil
related to families high in Italian official and social circles, was found
murdered in a room of an obscure
Roman hotel.
The woman, who had been Btabbed,
was In her night clothes, and on thi
floor beB.de ^er b< il  v. as the uncon-
Cernan Sny Arrested.
Portsmouth, England, March 2.���
j William Knlare, a German subject,
was arrested today al Portsmouth
lockyard, charged with spying upon
liritish naval works. He was for-
mallj charged with espionage and
remanded for a week. He had taken a
number of photographs.
;o the surface the strange fishes and  scions body of Lieut. Baron Vlnccn-si
[other creatures which dwell at the bol iPaterno, who had shot himself,    Th
Here the lamb drinks   d
fear or fretting:
There are no wolves, no danger
child or lamb;
Only the Angels Of God that are never
for getting
Keep tli" child for his  mother, the
lamb for his dun.
By   Katharine  Tynan,   m    the    New
Witlli BB,   London.
Without   WHITESIDE  .���*   EDMONDS��� Barristers
and  Solicitors.  w-uHiiulnster Trust   ink.
Columbia street, New  Westminster.  B.C
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
i'nion. p. u Drawer lot, 'Eelsplions
na    W, .1.  Whiteside,  11.   I..  Bdrtfcnds.
nl.   Tele
Alt I Uli ill
Itt.   Room
A N I)
lonely and athli tic learner la
no ;i i y himself a teli graph key
n typi writer, lie mail, rs it fairly
well by dint of dogged perseverance,
In,i neither rapidly nor ploasantly.
Jutt inch another lad. no keener of
brain, no swifter of touch, seats him-
rrlf a., a learner unild a class   of 20.
Borne of his neighbors are beginners
like himself, hut one or two of them
nre so proficient, are so accurate and
���(|uick. that  they are slated  for  work
;.: a railroad office next month.    The
newcomer feels certain thai  feats ac-
QOmpllShed by younger lads than be Is,
may   soon   he  achieved   by   himself
Simulation fires his blood
ship quickens his pulse.
He soon catches the knack of never
lifting pencil from paper, of memorising ii glance a dozen words of "copy."
Within six months this youth Is a
much speedier opi rator than his soil-
���tai-v friend, and he bas had an Incom-
parahl>  I etter time.
Beyond  the stimulus of such  team
piny, tlie whir and rhythm of   much
liiery  acts us n  powerful  spur      I 0
��� ies out   plainly  iii experience   of
hulldi r   .i in concrete    Twenty years
ni*" a ilu| ncri ii* wan used here and
O'er tm*  idatlons and culverts, To-
day as a bulldlug material i' i. over)
whli as important as steel
i ���������" nt} years ago concn te was
ii Ixi '1 '. ;ili ' pades and shovi is a bun
dn dwi it i i it a nine Today .t is
poured irom huge machlm �� at tin* rale
of a ton a minute! Foremen rn s in
tin* in-- hi * - declare that om h la
borer in ilu ,r employ moves aboul
i w lco as tint us did nis predecessor a
gem ration in*". ��in n tho work was
wholly manual,
Apart trom the Impi m un c all (or
food by a swift machine, apari from
He peed of it ot tput, Its van wheels
nail vanes gruni a weird muBlc v.hich
Is a dlsttncl 111: i ���. ��� kin. i- of p in
inn* ol e*. - rj factory and
mill where machinery lifts Its song
Tin! ii, one reason why operatlt i thi
""i .'i ovi r becomo I li adllj BWlfti r ol
ci"'' ment, more pn cine ol touch, aa
Chisels and saws give place to mu
rhlin -tools, ns electric moiorii super
Bode pedals, and n single huge tur
bine * nga bnt i lu n might) chorus
Winnipeg i'r. o i'i*.;'
may  be
use  Its
tn the lowi
pi or ability
Individual's welfan
un nt  who in ver e
. and district and
lo forward each
there  is  an  i le- ,
ase  lo decry and I
torn of the sea. from one to five mile!
beneath the Burface abysses when
Bunllghl never roaches, realms of cold
and darkness snd perpetual alliance,
Pishes from the greater depths uev
reach the Burface alive, the change
water pressure cauBoa their dentil
knock  .very   effort   towards  Improv- r,r
Ing conditions. I In
They will offer a dozen whining ex-j
cases if asked  to subscribe and  thus J     Congressman   Wm.   M.  ('alder,   who
help In the very necessary encourage-   represents a Hrooklyn district In the
ment required to promote general nd-  house at  Washington,  will celebrate
vnticcmeni and prosperity. bis 44th birthday today and will begin
Newsgatherlng in a small (own Is'his fifth term In congress tomorrow
one of the moat difficult problems con-1 Mr, (alder recently fathered a bill
fronting an editor. How lo avoid he- providing for an appropriation of $100.'
Ing commonplace In publishing trivial, ooo to be spent in invesiigatlng a pro-
affairs,  how  to clothe  sentences in Ject for changng the course of the
young nobleman recovered from tin
wound and waB Benteiiceil lo prison
on conviction of the murder of hll
Two months ago the sentence was
confirmed by the court of la: 1 re: on
Ii developed during the trial that the
beautiful princess, who resided at the
Qutrlnal, had long carried on an Intrigue with the dashing young officer,
who killed her because she tried to
break off the relation,
First Lady of France
Is Still a  Woman First
Iiu��iii> OF TRADE���NEW W'lisiMis-
sle, Hoard of Trade mMM In Ibe bonnl
room. City Hall, ns follows Tblril Friday of .-arii month; quarterly meeting
on iiie tiiirut Prbbiy of February, May,
August and November n.t n p tn. Annual [iiivtinKft mi tin1 tnii.I Friday nf
Kebrunry. S. H. Stuart Wilde, m'cr-*-
no one can take rea-
, how to courageously
��� ���
I ri mi' r in**,'. ��� ipers i *i* o n   ,ii*nti.
i   Hi ������ mal Ing **��� mi i meet," ami
mam aii ��� n i .',:��������� - , i knows thai
lie |a simply wasting Ills tlmi It Is
nil i     ��� ���      ��� 'ii   i
nnd "i       ��� !'ii li    '   ���    lint eoi i.i i'
such garb that
amiable offence
stand for certain political, moral and
social principles without losing the
confidence or support of a single reader or patron, how to lead opinions nf
a mixed, si nsi Ive community to a com
men nml. and how to make tlm paper
���i eh an ami crodltable mi ilium for
obtaining rights ami redress of grle-
'I'm   -"   llle   Hume   of    llie    earns    thai
give ihe editorial brain exerclBo. Ask
a man fnr mi Inti rv lew which would
I"* i f I'll*.,l;e Inten Bt, ami i ftoii will
Iii glvi I-. . . \ i- answi r or make
a t*i- >inli" ho never Intenda to fulfil,
mid tlie ini ti w ho in vi r give au Item
* I nev ic ii i*.*!*,i ii i* arc generally
liis!   lu eiiin   ,,
'  11    III'     I    ,|||:I: \    y
publication, and although they should
in. h ni ��� ti i tbelr ads promptly
ind I* Kill ni*. o- n shon an i brighten
*, ii ". the) : ��� ' in to think Ihat
i| ��� i ii d ivi i ,* ��� i ompos turn should
ivr ������  ii. *���* 11 pj as v.. ii
Ever)   i ������'.'��� ipapor    r uder
tli"  ml i' rl'. '*:i BUI -  anil   'in
alway i brings good results t
er nml seller.
Tin di lUtm reader sizes up n town
ii, 'in* limine, of iii,. reading mailer
mul lln   ml.;, in ,t  > spaper,    To that
I M' III   I'M IV   r'.l:. eli   l.as  a   illltv   In  pel'.
form,   He may, by friendly convorso
snd :ni'i.i* i -rn io ii dltor, if nol
by subscription or ndvertlsi mt nt, help
lo n ���' ��� Hn paper a credll and nner
glslng force in building up Mm town
' live newspaper musl represent
iin   hough! ami progress of the times
 st   le. ii  true   reflection  of the loll
stltuency It  represents,    It  haa l n
trul) sold Hul' certain newspapers
have built up cIHcb, In Hns nee, pub
I'eitv, hue' i d ii ruth, Is < ne of thu
gi'eateii, if inn iii" greatest, eltnnnnl i
Advertisers nay loss slxty-flrs!   mtlostom
' ly Hi.in any other   born in Cologne, Ilu
In sii   *ol
Hi" luiy-
���Guif Stream.
The seheine wns originated by Car
rol L. Hiker, a Hrooklyn engineer, who
ulb'ges by building a 21111-11011' jetty
from the Newfoundland const acrosa
llie Grand Hunks io deep water, thf
climate of Newfoundland, Labrador.
Nova Scotia  and  New   Kngland  would
be rendered warm and equable,
Even cold and barren Labrador
would 1 hus become a garden of the
g"ds. similar lo linlv and Southern
California, aim the climate of tin* nn
tire northeastern const of North America would In* Improved,
(ine of England's greatest merchants
Tlie III   lion   Sr ErneBl Cnssoll. o.C 11.
G.C.M Cl    1, C V (I ,  PC.,  will  piihb Ills
today,      He   wan
son of :i <;��� rin."
banker,    I!" was om* of the plot r*
among EngllBh mi rchnnl 1 i" rerng
ni/" ill" in -vi '��� of advertising, and
wealth ami honor 1 have in an hla ra
'I'lu rn io*"  1 ' lj   1 In  tlm wi 1' :
thanks lo I'm mml"* nt 1 "1 rn ���> rtrnnl
Alexander Graham Hell who ��;n iv*
In     Edinburgh,     i"* itlari_| I;
yearn ae" todav, I vi v. Ira ""* ll
venti r ' f ���'"* li im.inm" ���.ii'.niv souglii
capital In li*l"l, lllS "in 'am* nrl ",
pos lllllo  "' ulrlvam*",   "ml   "   Is  1 "   '���
"'.I'd Hini former IJnltnil Stale ��� 1 ���> >
im* 1 !��������� * ' " I** 1 ffi'i-' d a sirth Inter
est in tb" 1 o*ni any for $in inn
Medicine Hat H.11 Spoii-d   Most  Inauguration   D.iy'l.
'i hei tr "i"" " ihni Mi dl line Hal
supplies the  North   Am rl mntl
nmo v ith .������11 11 * �� ni. i* wi nther, mill
��� FIRST   THINGS. *\
Birth of Minnesota.
Tho  first separate   government   for
Minnesota was established by act of
tlie United   states   Congress   passed
I sixty-four years   ago   today,  when  It
waa made a territory, Willi SI   Paul as
tb" capital, 'ilu. Minnesota country
was formally taken over by France In
In   1760 it  was aim.'veil lo 41m  Brit'
Ish dominions, and Blx years later lo
milium   Carver,   an     Englishman,    0X
piored a considerable pan or it   a rt. 1*
the   American
Minnesota wer,
ill    Hie    I"
Louisiana, Illinois,
sin anil Iowa
'1 li" ti prlti r:il   govi rnmeni   formed
h *     *' 11. i'u 1.11 " 11 i
lhe Ml: 11 u.i 'iml White K.irih rivers.
1 i nre p.111 of ill" pros
' il I lie nf Ni r'li and i-'.-iiiili Dakota
M lineup hi h id im beginning oa tin
flour city in l��22, win n the first mill
in Mlnm rein �� si recti d on the sin
of Un* pn aenl 1 ty,
a log chapi 1  eim! 1.v Father rial
tier in i*-'i and di iiie,.1, ii io si   Paul
'in* i.. >���" g or ih,. capital cltv
Si vi 'i yean   Ini  r Harriot
Hi-  fir. 1   1 "In.,,1
wn i" in in 1*  diary
1.11 a   mi"     :,    is*.
I " Hint I 'I I
111 '      'liis  Im,mini
Duluth w.n '. i...,). ,1 i��� nr.ii. 1,ni oi
'copies th" 1 ii,   ,,| ��� trading posl   en
ml.li. I" .I b)   'n in* dn  1 mi, |���  KITS
lb" furl Bettlomi ill  In Minnesota.
in attracting tb" mt' ntlon of tho mul   " "'"'��� ���"' lnl"* ihni Albortnn munlol
li   , h
III"   pl'.o  11
,.1 Ih n '"cait
i * ,:   . 1 .   1 * ;
11. ��� . * ���   '   ���  .* 1   ni in *:,
I. *   . '.iiirclt mi 1  "vi op,
( f course it is a mistake lo coin
no 111 e *i  iiiv.h; a; 1 1* in a  low 11 of lean
ihan fifteen hundred papulation, it
require a thai many people foi a field
or le.i.*". because, of lhal number there
will always 'e a certain disgruntled
class   who   send   anny   lln 11   printing
in ii 1 *��� *'. 10 bsciib" for nu oo oil"
papm Min : than tin 1 111 prlnti d nl
ho,10    No matti 1* Low loyal tin papor
I          V lit
id" follow
1   '1 *.*
, ff tin   i
III ml"      No olio r mmnm  lii I  li>*mi  11
successfully devised to Induce poopli
to nssomblo and ln\esl
'i'tn* in m Bpapor rcaohea ihe mpMipi
im.sl  1 iri    "'  1  I
lln trull, tni
1     ���   1 ���'..
I      ���'     : :i| 1 I '   ' ���"
11 (I I I ' I  .
.1.1 1 llie 1    mini m me
ii ��� ili-are, antl a gi ncrons support ������-. \
en,   Smi'" in* .1 spapera sro In ndvnnci
oT llm tow 11 ami am only making tlm"
mini iiii." ns catch up umi oatch on
Slmllkam  Btar
*i im ni,nu ii national Wi Ish Borvloc
wns In Id ui Si Haul's rutin dral, h h
ruiiry &  Hie preticln r belnii thc Rov,
Cn 1 \l oiiiini, vicar o|  l.aiiipi'lnr
1 pallty has much t" am wi r 1 ������ "1 the
wa) ol 1 poling thp Inaugur li a fi 1
1 Ivltloa of American pn * irli nts
l'i vi tvl.i ,iy llopi '   ll l'n   Hal*' will
!..* .-I  1    '. mi 1. h n lor i' morn a  ���   ������
��� r. '1 H11 from Bl m!i:.,* a I lo ��� ini .', ��� 1
io Waphlngtnn  to put   a dnmpi r   1 n
Hu* Inlr *im in *��� to nff ce of I'r	
',. 1 i* V,   . n    ,.   i'     ,..,   |oii  11 ,.   , ,
������I* ��� an 10 * n 1 th * '*'" rlt 'iho* ' 1 iu i]
imp." Here la whal th" Medlclm
'lil  "Jinx" hsa done lo forumr  prBBl
I'nris, March 2.���Although a beauty
of repu'e and socially amb'tloiis, the
predominant note In the life of Madame Raymond Polncare is domesticity. In fact, the wife of the new
French president has a profound Interest in lur home life, and lln* new
woman movement attracts her only
in ihe sense that "1 here's music in tho
sigbiiiR if the reed, thai there's music
In the rustling of lhe rill, there's music In all things If people Imd ears."
Since she laid aside her widow's
weeds,  for she  was a widow   111  well
as a divori    lu^-  second  husband
was an aged and wealthy bourgeois
named Bazou Madame Polncare'a
chief concern In her home has been
inr accomplished husband, A hard-
working lawyer and parliamentarian,
he lines good dinners and likes good
friends at bis table
Madame Polncare seen Hint ho haa
tbem all    The floral decornllon or the
revolution   pane    of dinner table In the Polncare houaphold
��� icesslvely Included would make a good study In Inrtlcul-
1 or  Indiana,  Upper in,,..    Tbey  Beam  to  i���.  or  Infinite
Michigan, Wlscon j variety, and their nriisto- arrangi un nt
musl in, 11 constant labor of love for
Madame Polnoare,
'I'lm flora enn e from two sources,
namely, ihe garden attached 'o their
private house in Hm R.uu 1 "I.nml Mar-
* 'hand and lhe garden of the Chateau
i.e Clots, their country sent m Bam-
nlgny, in iii" ii."inri nt of Hm Mrnis"
Flowers   Evrrywhrnj.
Madmn"  Polncare spams    lo    put
"*>'.' ii   ' ., rv where      When   her   (111:1
hand nml in reolf sii 1 ri on tb" balcony
io ac;.now |i d 'i   tlm in lings nf nolgh
n, Blahop   bors, after hla return from tha nation
'""'���"'''";   Kl. Pi"1   al nssenii.lv iii Versailles, whicb oleoi
1   ,:   ' leWl"  * d him president, f 1, v snemed na ir
limy  wore 111 Hi" in'ilsl of 11 rose gar
ire'a favorite
,  the Hiiipres 1'
i Josephine   Iho   dl-liciilely    liiited   Mul- ,
tiinisoii rose.
i'lven wiun her lady frlonda oalled
tu  offer  their  oongratulationa upon
ho li netloii or Imr husband, Ihey filled
b'.i'   salon   with   flowers.     Her   given
name is Henrietta, bul  her huBband
1   His her familiarly "lllotte," jusi hh
Elo'.*utlonl'l to (, V Flnirhlng Touches ' Napoleon III. used to call hla empress
lo s.iimpeopie. 1 "Hi nie"  Instead of  Kugenio.    When,
i.e'iiii'i,  M'in 1   ;���     i'o  the   native however M, Polnoare wishes lp omnhn-1
blnndlahmcnts rf the English salcBman   i/"  lllH  appreciation   of  his  wire's
mil snlcBWoman, there la nev   tu tu , ' ,:l' laste, be refnra to ber us "Our
���nli' d Hi" tori a attraction or a "'nan , Lady or tlm Flowers."
h,  Clewett
house   and
,    . 1 ii,.,     ��� "i "    ,11    no-    111   iini    ,1
in" H,is town Is growing!  ron  ,������, Maoamp Polncn
"    '     ,".."' elBhtoon chlm   flowor ,��� ,,,���, ,���,,,,v,���, by
111. i-11   11.1  ' " I
Flnirhlng Touches
Madame Point-arc's fourth great pas-
1 Blon Ih for iiiubIc and books. Here
again her tastes are in common with
those of her husband. For. curiously
enough, tin- new president can play
the flute, elarioneie and violin, while
Madame Polncare has mote than an
amateur's Bkin wiih the piano.
Ami the clean. Imaginative books
of Jules Verne, which so fascinated
imr husband In his youth, nre those
which please Madame Polncare most
today,      She   holda   weekly    reeeplloua
'; every Thursday, nnd these she will
continue In ihe Elysee.
Her niotherln-liiw, still hale with
the Bireiigih or healthy Loralne, frequently helps her to receive,    li   wua
10 Madame Polncare that   ti ver- I
contidciii mother said, the morning of I
election, "If Raymond Is not elected
today Ii wlll be tlie lirst defeat of his
whole life."
Madame Polncare'a lite as a ohato-
lain., differs Utile rrom thai, or couniry
house nr,, in France,   in ber beautiful
Chateau on lhe hanks or the Mouse
nbe gives bouse parties und shooting
purl les which nre usually made up 0''
her husband's friends rrom tbo university, ihe academy, the bar. ihe senate,
Hi * chamber   of   di putles,   ami   the
si 1 lely oT limn of loiters. She in-
tel'i'SlH bi'iiu H in imr country neighbors, especially such as am not blesi-
ed wiiii much or ibis world's wealth
The only public work in whloh she
takes a lending 1 art Is thai I f Hi"
bringing up or iho poor children of
Hie nation.    Here she co-operates with
Mlllll        I.llci"    l.i'llx     I'lllll"    Huvoll
daughter ol  lhe late president, and,
Iiii"   Mud.mi" Giiyoii, she  will  be    an
Him die or tie children of Franoa,
Neiiin r Madame Polncare nor
Madame Qayou has any children, so
thai tiny give their maternal iiiBtinciH
entirely to tlm et' uirpn or ihe nation,
Loves the Theatre.
Miidmno Polncare loves tho theatre,
nnd this taste will nol be restricted
during ber stay iii tbe Blysoe,   Hi-ohI- I
dem nml Madame Falllorna   went   io
lb,"lire only on rare occasions, when
iliitv calieil Ihem, Iml Monsieur ami
Madame Polncare wlll be frequent
niHroi'i of Iho pliivliouses, ns was llle
lata King Edward. 1
A few ovi nlngs ago   Monsieur   mid
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 61(1 Columbia St., now at
607  t rout St.    Phone  It 1U31.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  aud  Choice   Fruit   Lands   a
COAL MINIMll rltlbts of Hie   m n
in Manitoba. Hiukalahuwiin and Alberta,
ibe Yukon Territory, tha Northwest T��r-
rllorli'K unit In n iHirtliiii of in, Hrnvlniw
of llrlilnli Columbia, limy be I..,mul for a
lerin of i��i uiy one yeara al an nuniiul
rental or |l   an acre,   Nol     n,,,,,  2[,8q
aoraa will be leased to one applicant
ADpllsatlon for 11 lense imw l���. uiado
by tin* ali|,lleiiiil In |nmon lo lln- \v, ���|
tu Nul.-AiMil of the illxtrlel In which Ihe
Hunts upplled fur ara BitMiti'd.
In surveyed  arrillury  Ibe I.,ml  mill
dem-ilbed   by   BOOtlgns,   or   1ik.i1
Blons "f seetlons, und In  uiuniiv
ritory   thi   Intel   applied    for
mailed mil   bv   Ibe up|illeaill   blm
I'l.n ll   UDplll .1JI.1II   mu'.l    be   mi
by a Ms nr |r. whloh win be ri
llie  iltriii -   ..ni'li,,I  fur ure  mu
hm  not  otherwise,    ,1   royally
piod  ou   ibe   iliereliiinlalil.*  ,
lilllie lit   the  111"- of five een
Ths parson op, ratiuK th
funilsli Hie AkiiiI with I
 niiiliiK  for iiie full min
ell'llltulilo    OOlll    lllllietl    nil.I
ally   lliereoii,   Ir   llie  enal   1
are mu beiuK operated nueii
i.e furnished nl least 0 *
The tense wlll Include ibe ownii'iidiiiiiu
rights only,  but  ibe  leasee  wll   o. ���"
milled 10 purchase whatever avail, hi..
aurfaos Hutiis may be considered nuees.
sury for lln* wiirliitiK of ib,. ,n|M,. ���,  ,|���
rule  of   Jill   all  lU'le.
For full Inrormation application should
be  made   to  llie  Hoi-rein, ,���  ,,r  ih,.   Is.porl.
ineiii of lhe Interior, Ottawa, or to my
Aki lit   111   Hull Agent   id   H.11111111..11   Uhom
W   W, cony.
Doputy Minister ur tin* inrerlnr.,
N. II    i'u mil /.. .1 nui.11 ��� ,,r od��
inlverilHeniinl  wlll mil  be nui.1 fnr.
" ���        l~���  ���  ���'���;
lb dlvt-
eyeil   Ier-
fundi il If
Hbull 1,0
if Ibe
�� I" 1  Ion
mine Hbull
-oui retiuSiS
ill* uf mor-
,ay  tha  iny-
'nlliK     HllblH
. 1111 nn AtTriMlil
""He  veil'. "    H. Ol i*.I  Seltrldgp  li
mi- ii. termlned thai the si iff ai lib
' "��� ** "i rtl ���     ��� :    I '������   . hall study
*     I Ml 'I    '    '". ."���!. '
Mr. ���' . ,,, *    ���  ,.  ,.
*     * ' '    I'm      ,b|i "I  1 ��� ;,,
11 !      *     ll        1       ;'>.,. ���    |o.       M
' lb lie   M'i Itll .   m in 1 11   nnd   e|..
eiltlonll I.  who  look   P'.H   In  nn  ("iler
1 ilnmi ni arrangi d by lhe Duehess of
"���"'" of the 1 1,itni Mai,*. .��� irihornugh on in hair of the   Chll
Extreme cold marked Washington's dren'a Dlnnrr rumi
flrsl Introduction to office, and ram     MIbb Maudr has alrendy bo,
dampened  the ardor of the   partlcl- Ini   varloua Bngllsh   loelety
punts in the aecond Inaugural of lhe Imw to pro Hnlr voices to tht
"father of his country."   John Adatna foot,    She is u dainty
waa gre 1 bj  fair weather, and so who hn�� travel,
was Jeff, min   in   1801,  bul   In   I81:. odd   hotbi dt ot
a snowstorm marked the beginning of ship,
Miidmne Polncare wei 1 to the Marl
Lover, Domestic  Pets. in*   ion*" lhe imw  play "Kelnlreiines"
Madame Polnnars has u .->i   Fntncla hy  Maurice  Donnnv, n  follow aon do
r  \ **u-  MUo bo" if In iH'i nml li'nli 111 If".nn of Ihe president's.    Men of let-
sr ���  1 n    nf domestic  pna    Tins icrs, members of lhe academy, sunn-
'     Imi'i ,1 by li ��� ' ������ ' , il.    ii,   ��� ��� tors nnd  1    ni      n -.-1.��� ,i 1,, imr imx
"   ".   Is as       i* Inferior broihern." between lhe aels lo pay il iir roapeota
Their u'l'i'i:"'   seems to oxtftnd nol      Al tho hi* in* vvtll ocnupy Iho
only to riovir. and Bn'mnls,  bul  In suite of llm  ICinproBa ioBophlno,  the
I'VorvtliliiR Ihni la humble or weak  A sami  In which Mnrle Louisa livid for
big Siamese cm  called    Grlsllrln wus a   brief  imrlod     It   was    rrom    theiie
Madame Polncaro'g purticiiinr pet, lie- very rooms ihni Loulsevory.yii hrdlrr
n tench-,
beet  er
little   worn 1*1
I  In Tlhol  mul oilor
' li atlflc  talesman
eenlly. wben a number ol Ihelr vlsl-
1.11  lieciimi' 11 throng,,  (IrlsGrls  wan
locked In iim bathroom l*'��i somnone
mlghl trample on It, Bul Madainu
polncare nonsolpd hor pel by saying
"Never mind   Orls-Qrll, noon ynu idinll
* m * to tlm chum, with us, nnd ou
shall 1 ui ortolans." I
viry rooms Mini lOugonlo do Montljo
weni to Noire 1 imim to im married
to Napoleon the Third,   In the Dliysflo
ovi l*  llle  social   side nf  which   MllilllllK'
Hiiiiicaii' win proslde tor   the   next
seven years. Ibe Mnripils de Hi'inpa-
dour guve .11,nn or the inont lirllllnlil
en erlulniiieiilii  ever  neeii   In   I* ranee.
For Rent
7-rnotned Iiiiuhii, fully modern
wllh furnace mul kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. I .emu, it
re,lulled, $25.00 per month.
8-rooin house, one block from
cur, )1B.OO per month.
fi-riniin   house,
bni'einenl, $20.00
iiu.ilirn.   with
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldicutt   Blk.      Esat  Burnaby. MONDAY,   MARCH    3,   1913
Fk-H   Marshal
Lord Mclhni'ii '
William   Bagshaw   town   clerk,
Keighley,   Yorkshire,   has   been
pointed town clerk of Lincoln.
or   the   Bhropstre   Yeomanry
Eighty valuable ponies were tmffo-, Bervi d under him In the South African
cated by a fire at A*shlnKtoii Colliery, |-war at u dinner at Shrewsbury,
In  which the total damage was   ��3
her," pleaded a barman sentenced to]
two montlm' hard labor at Marylebone
for -stealing  marked money    He was!
employed at a puhllc li*_ute with the
atvWlate    name    ot   "Adam    and
T. M. 1'ar.iphllon, who has been
chlVf of the Hertford Uorousli Fin.
Brigade lor thirty yearB, has resigned, lie haa been a member of the
brigade for forty-two ytura, his father;
aP- the guest of the surviving members '. ami grandfather were members before
Of    the    Bhropstre    Yeomanry    who  Mm, and he ban two SOU in the brig-
...    ,  ,..__._......._.- ,. .._,__..  ade.
Great   lii'itain'H   imports   of
rabbits from Australia last year wen
490370 crates, as compart d with 647,
747 in lllll.
Colonel John Kenedy, of Sandbach,
president of the Crewe Division Con-
frozen stitutlonal Association, is to be presented wiih his portrait in recognition
ef his services durinj; the. paBt ttLrly
I '	
��� ^���
Lcok In Your Piece Box For Odd
Sash Ribbons.
Chicken and Veal  Pie.
Buy chicken giblets, i lie necks, e-ir. \
hearts  nml   livers.     Hy  aililins
to these lnilf.il [mend of veal cutlet I
there is flluliull for un excellent chick i
gulations   of   Montreal   was   one   requiring  barbers  to  sterilize their ln-
��� struweuta at least twice a day.
Another recommendation   Is    that
prntid  purer be  prohibited  for use
i as wrapping paper for foodstuffs. Tu*.
commute debted  the guestUm  whether doctors'should be paid for s tid
ing birth certificates to the city hall  and t!..' wind   wo  'I  always blow
and a negative decision was reached
because the records are for the gen-
.1 gcod cf the public.
to  trap  the offender,
fixing    up  the    unare.
Tho twenty-first anniversary of the
death, at the age of 28, of the Duke
of Clarence, elder hrother of King
Oeorge V. was observed.
After being deaf for twenty years
a man named Newstead, living at
Donington, Lincolnshire, awoke to Hnd
that his hearing was completely restored.
While oiling a drilling machine at
the Old I'ark WorkB of the. Patent
Shaft and Axle Tree Company at Wed-
uc-sbury, Thomas Urowuell received a
filial electric Bhock from an uncovered
Ur. Hensley Mention, thu new Dean
of Durham, exprewses his conviction
that the cathedral typo of service
should not always be imitated iu parish churches, and that the true ideal
la congregational worship.
lhe  funeral   of   Thomas   Thomas,
aged Sll, who was horn ln the   Mumbles  Lighthouse and  who died   there
from  old uge,  took  placo in  the  vil-1    An Oxford correspondent states that
lage cemetery. owing to the tide not serving until tl
. p. m.. It will be Impossible to arrange
Notice was given on behalf of Mr. lnr tho University boats race on March
llalfour. to move, on the order for the 116, and It will probably take pluce on
third reading of the Home Mule Bill, l!u, Wednesday following.
that  the bill be read that   day three
months. At   Whitechapel   County   Count   a
man at the back of the court yawned,
The ch-rgy of Willesden Parish Judge Cluer: "Will that man yawn
( hurch bav,- purchased a million pen- quietly? Suitors are entitled to have
c.ils, which tbey Intend lo Bell at a ,|K.ir can,.B ir-vA properly, and If the
profit of  H2000 In aid of parochial or-   , :,��� |a tired he bad better go into the
While a train of empty coaches was
being shunted on the G. N. it. at Cor-' tarda,
by, near Grantham, several left thi
rails and collided with a bigiul bo:-:,
which was wrecked. The signal man,
Thomas Taylor, was thrown out of the I ��" I'"'* ���"��� ������'�� ��*���>������*** ���"����� �� Sl""'<-''
box, but tueaped with bruises. The] pan with a pint Df cold water, a slice
down   line   was    blocked    for    some I of onion, a  small carrot and a  level
' teUB|ioonfnl   of   salt.     Simmer   until
: there   is  only   half  a   cup  of   liquid.
ed tho decision of the Congregational j Strain this und set aside.   Cut the veal
Consistory  forbidding the  use of the | lnt��� 8ln.,*| ,.���������,,, IUMj <.������!; B|ow|, ���ntj|
Chinese   Embroideries   and   Rare   Old .
Lsce   Paper   Pictures   Pressed   Into | King  and Queen  to   Dine at   German
Service   For   New
Scarls   Made   of   I
How the  Coyote  Mastered the  Wind
cf the   Rockies.
The coyote onco upon a time made
hjmsi If a dwelling  ...lace out cf tall
banchgrass.    It wae in the late fall
apart.    This  made  the  coyote  very
angry, so cue day he devised a snare.
I in  which  to  trap  the offender.    As
i he    wa3    fixing    up  the    snare,    he
and   Madeira
His  Holiness the  Pope han approv-
The woman who litis a Roman Rash
hidden ewiiy may now cijiigiii>>iliite
herself. On Ibe oilier hand. Ihe woman who hadn't one is apt to be put to
some trouble and nut a little expense iu
supplying this need.
Embassy Tomorrow.
London, March 2. The fact that the
king and queen have accepted an in-
vttation from the German embassy at
London to dine there on Tuesday next
March 4, is regarded ln Kngland with
great significance inasmuch as it is
felt that if relations were at all strained between these two great rival pow-
thought to himself,  "I  will rix him."
The   next   morning  he   set  out  to
see If he had caught the wind.
Upon asrivlng he beheld a man
with big ears and of great stature,
"well," he said, "so you are the person who has been tearing my wigwam up, eh?" With that he pulled hla
ears right and lef;, kicked him on
tbe nose and slapped him until he had
him begging for mercy.
The coyote then made him promise
Cinematograph In churches, even fori
religious purposes. This decree is of!
great importance for certain coun-1
tries where the cinematograph hat i
been ln use lu churches to teach the I
In tho course of a lecture at the St. |
well dime and a light brown, 1'ut into
a baking dish wllb the -giblets cut up
anil scatter u little salt fat pork, cut
lo shreds, through the ment. Thicken
the I'hlekeu liquor slight ly with Hour
moistened with water to a paste. I'ov
Foundation,~r"."a7Peddle,' the \ *'* ''���������' *>���'��������� '������>���* l'le lmstl'- ll"fr l"lste
In spite of the fact that these Itomun the rulers of Great Britain in such ai
striped ribbons ure oue of tbe fads of event might easily result ln an em
tbe present moment the supply in the  barrassing situation arising.
era, Buch an invitation would not have
been accepted, since the presence of ,hat he would ucver blow Bueh cokl
stormy winds again. But the coyote
doubted  his  word  and  again he had
him begging.   When the coyote would
ganlza tlons,
A cat which had been taken in a bag
five mills ou u dark night, and given
a good home at a farmhouse has returned io Its old haunts at Tiverton
after an absence Of four mouths.
A good specimen of a mammoth's
tooth was found during excavations
for lhe new Greal Northern Hallway
line frcm Cuffley to Hertford. It is
to bo deposited In the Hertford Museum.
| street and sleep.'
The police raided the Union-build
ings, Newcastle, arrested ten men,
and took possession of ��600 In cash,
ic in y orders and cheques, and a
large number of football coupons. The
men were charged with keeping a
gaming house, and remanded.
librarian of the Typographical Library, declared that he did not look
on Caxton's printing as good. It was
not until the sixteenth century, he
said, that English printing reached the
level of that of the best Continental
An Inquest was held on Thomas
Garvy, twenty-three years, of age, who
had i-pent nearly the whole of his life
In 'he Sheffield Workhouse hospital
and wbo died as the result of eating a
piece of orange which entered the
windpipe and caused a complete obstruction. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."
If you  have It, and  bake lu a steady
oven for an hour and a half,
colorings most wanted Is limited, and      The accepting of an  Invitation   on ' Ki't tired he rested.   All this time tho
the made up  Kuinuu sashes of today   **** I'"1 "f the king and queen to dine Mod was making all kinds of primls-
--������'��������� .      ... , ���    es, so at last the coyote let him  go
with the understanding thai he would
k.U him on hla next offence.
So to this day  the winds on the
weBt Bide  of  the  Rochies are  warm
In a claim for damage by rats in a
South-end  villa, It was stated at  thi
county   ��urt that they came In multi
tudes, took the food off the kitchen
table,  and   carriid    it   into   the  fire
Cumberland       Derwent       FisheryIplace of the next room, carried away
.Board   at   Cockermouth    decided   to i the  dog's  biscuits,  and   moved  threi
spend  ��750 this year on the Improve-  Pounds of pears from the dining-room
j nu: nt of the salmon and trout fishing. ��� table into tbe backroom.
over  .Ci-Mi to be devoted   to  making1    ., ,,,.,,, ,    .
An elderly lady died suddenly  In aithe r|Tor ga(e against poachers' oner-     kr��oH    Williamson    aged    twenty-
London express. Just after the train ati'()n8 .va(|  t^o^, for flBh hatchery      '"'"' wa8 fouml ln an empty house  in
had arrived at Bath     A letter in her:      ' "'      ! Kilburn, where all the gas meters had
handbag bore the name of Mrs, Coutta "A woman showed me how it could been torn down and the money-boxes
of Oledstanea-road, West Kensington..Ibe done, and I, like a fool, listened to I emptied, lt waa Btated at the in
 i quest that he was carrying a tool used
Boiled Cracker Pudding.
One ipiai't of milk, oue piut of pounded crackers, three eggs, onefunrth
cupful of molasses, one cupful of seeded rnisliw, one leiispoonful of suit, one
tea-spoonful uf I'lnnamon, one-fourth I
teu-qiooiiful of nutmeg, one-fourth tea- I
spoonful of i*lo\es. one tablespoouful
of nielled butter. Add cracker crumbs
to milk. Beat eggs until light, add
salt and apices in-1 combine with the
crackers nnd milk mixture. Add mo
lusies, raisins und melted butter and
stir until thoroughly blended, Tie the
mixture carefully in it heavy floured
pudding hag. Place on a rink In a
kettle of holing water, cover uud boll
two and oiie-ipinrter hours. Serve with
hot pudding sauce.
suffer by eompai'lsoii wltb those of i1"" ,0T^n embassy Is very unusual.
generation ago.    Ill, especially iu ^ i^^^'^I^Tl^e^e
Bnlsb  thai the difference Is noticed. olearl, demonBtrat���B  thLlt  &ere can
Instead of the baud kuotied fringe, tbe I be  n0 Krave  emergency  in   Kngland,
purchaser   must   be   content   with   a  and no fear of dispute between  those  and are known as the Chinook winds.
stitched on  fringe of chenille or silk \ two powers. '    ���Caleb Castor ln the "Bed Mines."
unless she Is willing to pay $4 or more !
Spinach In Eggs.
Boil the spinaili In a very little wa
ter (save tbe wnteri ami drain tbe spin
, aeh dry.   Chop very Hue and mis with
i a  tablespoouful   of   cream.    Salt  mul
��� pepper   to   taste.    Have   three   eggs
' boiled  bard; cut them  in two length-
! wL<e; take out the yolks; All tlie Whites
' with the spinach.    .Muke a sauce Wltb
. one  tublespnuuflll  of   butter  and one
i tablespoouful    uf    flour;    stir    until
| smooth, then add half a cupful of ibe
spinach water uud boil fur five miu-
Utes,  stirring  all   the   time,    l'ut the
whites uf eggs on rounds of buttered
loast, pom the same around and sprinkle the yolks ul eggs tput through a
manager of the Great  Southern   and   sieve) over tlie top.
Western Railway of Inland, and will I 	
take up his new position early in February.
for opining meters, and that, having
lost Ins H'lise of smell, he would not
notice a gas escape. "Accidental
death," was the verdict.
The board of the Great   Northern |
Railway   Company   have   appointed
Charles   Hastings   Dent  to  the   poil-r
tion of gem nil manager, in place ot I '
| Oliver Bury, who has accepted a seat
q�� j m the 1 card of directors. Mr. Dent has
ibeen fir the past ten years general
Do you believe in New Westminster
A whole city is influenced hy the vices or virtue
its prominent men.
It is likewise influenced by the loyalty or disloyalty
of its citizens.
Do you believe in building up a city here of which we
may all be proud?
If you do you will patronize your own stores and industries.
Every dollar you spend away from home has its effect \ 5, ^a Iiamnerea to��the top ot a wail I �����"��
OTl the resources Of your OWn people. titty feel high.    The hounds followed,\ ��.* '""'t very carefully and Wben thor
Tf vntl ninut ennnrl vnnr niimev in -lnntViov tmvn   ern inr-l  ���""' *������>������"������* dropped Into an enclosure,   "Uglily melted umi l.rowu (put burned.
ii you musi spena youi money in anoinei town, go and,, lu. lv> breaking the tali   The tox l remove from the atove stir in the pen
earn it where you spend it, and don't take from the pocket |wa8 wiled shortly afterwards. i mu, ���. Ui��**. pour ou a marble slab
of your fellow citizens  that  which  ought to  circulate!   * ci��im��nt .,, n,..  p...  ���.,���,���. 1 ��'"i "����� ��rj quwuy with n roller
Peanut Brittle.
Shell the peanuts nnd remove the
, There was an extraordinary conclu-, suins. then roll the nuts with a roller
Slon to a run of the Duke of Devon ,m ��� marble slap until thev nre us tine
j shire's foxhounds. Meeting at Rat- 1 ���_. numible, Measure lhe nuts and for
ton, the seat uf lhe Lord and Udj'WU- \       '     h ���   ,     laU     M , ���f .
ilngdon,   a  fox   wns    soon    found,    lt l    ,  .   . ,,  ,   .,,     _,���--,,   i���   ���
made for the ruins ot Pevensey Caa- ��lBted s"*"'     fnt ,,l,e  R,K1,r. l�� *
 pun wlihiiot n drop of water, let
Do You Want To Build?
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can buil-4 you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
amongst our own people.
A   claimant   lo   the    Page   estatcB,
| which are said to be worth  ��20,0110,-1
. , , . ,1 000,   was  before   the    London    Bank-
Loyalty to ourselves, and consequent loyalty to OUT ruptlng court for examination In tb,
city is a most vital factor in our fit v's growth. j person of Mra. c. h. Tappenden. or
He fair���hc honest.   This applies to both seller ami i^.S!l,T^ii^___4___^f_JR_!?l
until   thin
as  a   water;  tbeu  cut  lu
You will find the following establishments both
capable and fair in their dealings. Patronize them and
give the Royal City a chance.
IV McAulay, Uth St. and Columbia
T. ,1. Trapp ft Co., BH1 Columbia.
Bank�� and Trust Companies
Dominion  Trust Co., 602 Columbia.
Hank of Vancouver, 771 Columbia,
llank of Montreal, BU Columbia.
Dominion Bank, Columbia.
Union Bank, uu Columbia,
WesimliiHU'r  Trust,   Limited,    Columbia,
Bxoslslor Barbor shop, aft Blghth
Boots and 8hoes
Popular Shoe Store, 041 V'ront.
W   K- Sinclair, 711 Columbia,
Old Country Boot Store, fifii Columbia.
Prassr Cafe, Begble and Front
Coal   and   Wood
Ollley HroR., DOS Columbia.
Sloann d Harrison, HM) Columbia.
li. Ryall, 701 Columbia.
V. T, Hill, 8SS Columbia,
n. a! Curtis, io'3 Columbia
Dyers  and  Cleaner*
Now Method Cleaners, 028 Clark-
Dry Goods and tsdles' Wear
l.nos .limited, ill Columbia.
a. ,t. nirich, nn Columbia,
Weher, 0,1  Sixth  Street.
W. Day, 88 Sixth Street.
PuMIti Supply Htui'o. 88 KlKhth Bt
Ayiing & Swain, 447 Columbia,
House Furnishings
Dnnny &  BOIB, AUIIi Street.
i.nns Limited, ii74 Columbia,
tt. N. Kdiiuimion ft Co., Sixlh Ave
und  12th Struct.
Investors     InveBtincnl   Co..    Cttrtll
iiniish Canadian Boourltlaa, Ltd.,
i.iii; Columbia,
while Bhilai �� Co,, 312 waitmln
Blor Trull  Block.
f  3. Hart & Co., 703 Columbia.
Warner, Bang! & Co,, Kast Burna
' Motherwell & llnrllim, Wait Trull
lllook. ,
Clark, Kraser Iteiilty COii old Columbia.
T. H. Mui.'ormlck. B.C.H.U. ��!<!�����
M, J, KnlKht fi Co., r.r> Sixth Btreet
Trapp  &  Co., 61S Columbia.
Iron and Machine Shops
Heaps  KiiKliH'orliiK Co., Kront St.
Vulcan Iron Works, Kront Ht.
Bmoll'BUOklln   Lumber   Co.,   Colum
Canadian Western Lumber Co., Ltd..
Kraser Mllla, 11. C.
Westminster     Woodworking     Co,,
ltciich street, Lulu Island,
Men's  Clothing
A. S.  MIIIh fi Co., MT Columbia.
Rlohardion a Humphrlai, 7im Col
Raid A McDonald, uoi Columbia,
M. .1. Phillips, 871 Columbia,
,i. io. in-own, ins Columbia.
The Poople'i Friend, 708 Columbia
Musical Instruments
,1.  II. Todd, 4111 Columbia
Columbia Piano Houi
Merchant Tailors
Kuui   Dulwloh,    Her   liabilities
cmimiitiii ut  i;i5r,:i, and Bhe attributed tier Insolvency to the failure of le
nal   proceedings   itniilimt   the   trustee
of Henry  Page,  whose next-of-kin  kIh j
and her Hlstcr claimed to be.
l.lRht   hundred   and   forty-five   Sal- I
vation   Army   batulH  gathered  al  Con   i
gress  Hall, Clapton,  for their annual j
musical festival, and played to ahuui |
'umi people,   lu a message to the as
scinbly Oeneral  Hriuiiwell Booth Bald
| lhe mUllO of the Salvation Aariny wan
| now heard In almost  vary part of the I
world,   it was a holy tocsin, a grand
alarm, a mighty trumpet   not of jini**-,
ment of doom, but of warning and of
Peanut Cookies.
Kent tn a iieiiui tour tuble^puonfulu
I or Potter nml  iinif a cupful uf Hiur-ir,
mlil  nvo well   lM-iilen egfte, tour tul>lv-
spoon/Uls of milk, oue i upful or (lour,
one teiispoonful of luiuiuu' powder, one :
leiispoonful of essence of lemon or vil-
nl I t;i nnd oue cupful of finely chopped
peiinuls.     Ilrop  from  tbe |Hi|nt  of  n I
teaspoon on to buttered paper, leavliu; :
a good margin around each to prevent
riiiiuliiK tup'lher    Stick a spill pen nut j
ou  tup uf en. b cookie end bake iu n
niedliiiii oven.
j Between Two of Oldest Jewish Families in Europe TakeB Place
London, March ;; A wedding which
united one of the wealthiest and one
:cf the oldest Jewish families In Kurope, attracted a great crowd to the
,Central Synagogue on Tuesday.
\ The Hon. James llotliHchlld, aon of
llaron   Maurice   de   Rothschilds,   and
'heir to a large part of the family's
tremendous fortune, married Mill
Dorothy  Pinto,  the only daughter    Of
I Eugenie Pinto, a cily flnanrli r of mo
,,     ..  .       | eratai'  wealth,   whose ancestry  dates
'���' '���<",lm   for |,.u.*u io ii,,, 1,,-ir i mul cultured
Israelites of Spain and Portugal
When the very pretty bride, who li
.1    r   Unlvln, 46 Lome tllreft. ,jS|  ftrr|vl,l  In   ��n   automobile  al  thf
[synagogue, the crowd broke through
Ithe  pohce cordon.    Women and men
Heaps Ku-KliieeiiiiK Co   ' '" '   '  '
Peanut Soup.
One pint ol slielleil and lilntnlied pen
mils. IWU lulile.-poonfuls of uiilou. Iwi
Ublespuullfllla uf celery, one pint
while stuck, four tubii'spouuliils uf butler, one |*lllt of inllU, suit led pepper
uud paprika. Chop llie peiinuls lu a
meat i-hupper; cook the chopped nuts,
the ull lull and tbe celery In the Willie
Stock for twenty minutes. Melt the
butler, mid lhe Hour, llie milk and ths
seasoning! n��ik for Uie minutes
1'oUlblne the mixtures, strulu uud
additional for the luxury ot a band tied
fringe repealing lhe various colors ot
the stripes.
The girl who knows how to tie fringe
may easily tinisli the ends nt home.   A
tiny hem caught with invisible stitches
| vvill answer tor a foundation to which
; tbe frluge  may  be tied,  or  the  susli
euds may be rounded and closely but
| touholed. The frluge may then be fed
1 to ths buttonholing Instead of to holes
I punched In the hem Where the Ro
i num -��ash ls of pule colors with numb
I white nothliiu Is pietller us uu uices
sory to ii y-uiiuc irlrl's evenliiic IfuWIl
Ttlv euds ojuy uo roumli-d nnd iloish..,!
��� With a crystal rnm.-* or une of l>end>
repeat I uk the predomlnunc lone of thr
sash. There Is a great fad. too. Iliif
season fur deeoratlug hoses with" all
kinds uf fabrics.
Old  Chinese embroideries  end  rare
old lace paper pictures have  likewise
beeu  pressed  hitu service tu  ilecorsli'
the   latest   plme   Isues   of   moment
while   one   brldglte  kee|>s   her   many
packs of playing cards nnd the scores
fur her afternoon nnd evening  bridge
parties lu a deep cardboard tsit. cov
ol 1 ered with a  beautiful copy of a  nire
old Morliiud print. Which has Ihe faces
painted   lu   water colors ou   n  creuin
sntlu  background,  while the eidtbes
and the rustic background are skillful
ly   carried   out   III   the   tlni'st   enlureil
silks nud embroideries Sideboard
scarfs are unusually attrni'tlve mi*
winter, lu the scarf Illustrated Kits
shin lace ami Madeira emlimldery have
heen coinhtned with good ellert.    And
II Is possible thai the plcci- 1ml ma>
contain scraps nf luces and embrnld
| cries Unit will make up Into a scarf of
lhe same order.
Chung,  701   Kront   Street.
Kront SI reel' rushed   towards
Vulcan Trim  Works,   Kront  Strent.
I'm' fie ciiocijinie Co., Fron! Street,
,1. Henley, Mineral Waters, Princess
11. Ilatt Cook, 687 Kront street.
Painting and Decorating
Royal City Decorating Co., 34 neg
hie Strict,
.1. T. Burnett, News Illock, McKcn
Sll S reel.
Roal  Estate
llrillsh    Cnnndlun    Securities, Ltd
606 Columbia,
Investors Investment Co., Ourili
Warner, Bangs n Oo��� icimt Burnab)
( lurk Kraser Realty Co,, ��IH Colum
While. Shiles & Co., 818 West. Trim:
Motherwell ft Darling, Went. Trus'
k. j. iinri. & Co., Columbia.
T.  II. McCormick, 111".KH. Hid*.
Stationery and Fancy Goods
Tho Kslr, 646 Columbia.
Second Hand Stors
.1, tl. Smith, fltl MclunlH Street.
Tobaccos snd Cigars
Kind's Hotel Pool Hoom, Columbia
J. L, Duncan, 60!) Columbia,
he automobile, up
setting the photographeri who knelt
In llie front rank, and falling over
Ihem. The smiling bride could nol
nllghl until the police straitened oul
thn  langled   mass.
Among the bride's priceless gifts
were two diamond Hums, ninny Ion-
ropes of peurln, pearl nnd diamond
corsage iprayi, and an emerald and
diamond necklaca from Baron und
Baroness Edmund de Rothiohlld,
Vienna, March  8,    According to re
portl  rccelvi d here from  Wursuw  11
boyootl ngalnsl  Ihe Jews on political
riii'ids In spreading rapidly through
out l.ussinn Poland,   01 thi   18.8000
""tiiii'iTclul lii'iiseH and ItoroB In War-
���mw, il7nn aro In tbl haiidu of .lews
In tbl olothlng trade, for Inslutue, lhe
li ws have 1046 bUllnill placeB, while
the Chrlillans have 888,
It Ui a retnnrkalilu clrciiinstiince
that In the financial institutions of
of Ruillan Poland the Jews nre In a
decided mlnorlly. Of 661 hunks only
140 are Jewish. In the country ills
trlcls (he boycott Is forcing the Jews
to leave Ihelr homes, llie village nil
Ihorllles In several Instances expelling them
Bsl-cd Caramel Custard.
.ili'lt one hull  willful uf sugar In n
clean frying pun. add one half cupful
,,r   wilier giniiuiiiii   and  ciHik   until
thick     Heal four eggs until light, udd
three lilhles|suilifnls ol sugar, one salt (
sp iiiiiful or suit, one pint nf rich mill. |
noil  llle iiiruuiel      Butler IIII earthen |
linking ttl-.li. s|trlnkle Willi gruiltllaleii ,,,,,,
s,,B���r.  ��� in .he flisloril, -lUhd the   "-I     Th. covers should be shaken In
��� pan uf hot wuler and bske   thi sir and dispose!,
tllsll   III
until linn.
Shrimp Salsd.
Creuin two Inblespoi'lllills uf liuttel
stul tour iHldfUI'OuUlUls uf flour to-
geihet, add yoiks of three rg��* und
two iiipluls of lllllk aud cook until
lln. ki-uisl. Add suit, pepper und a
plllcll of cayenne pepper, one-b uf ten
���puulltUl uf iiiuslard und one i-uu ol
���luliups broken lu small pieces.
Pesnut Csrsmels.
Put Into n snuiepiiii uver Ihe Are oui
cuplnl ot molasses, uue ctiplul ot sugut
ami a ipuirter ol ii labiespoonrul of
butler Cook until Uie sirup crisps
when iltoppeil Into water; then sllr lu
tpili'kly one cupful of chnpped peiinut��
mul pour into initlcied Hns. When
ui'iin.t oul murk lulu miiiares.
Beds Should Be Well Aired.
I'.very   morning  the  ls-d   should  hs
sli-lppiil  as soon us the  lute oei'iipiiut
rises     Holster and matins* should be
lieiilim und laid upon chairs to air and
���.I  Hi
dinners Hubbard and Polrson, who
BhooburyncHB. were burled In St. Andrews' Churchyard nnd full military
hatters, after u service at the garrison church. Many officers followed
Polish peasants aro rofualng lo rent I the coffins to the graveside, and all
their houses to Jews I places of business were clused.
such ii mnn
ner tbnt the sir limy freely vlsll Ihem
I'he   mattress  should   be   turned   and
imd ou end u> allow free circulation
of lhe Binrnlng btNIW Three hours
nt least should elapse Is-fore the bed
Is remade, lt hike* fully that length
of time to dissipate Ihe odor snd
wsruith liiibils'd during the night
Ts Use Leftovers.
A good way of presenting roast beet
S second time Is tn Introduce It under
the unme of "scullupcil beef.'' Melt
about two ounces ������mil of fresh buttci
and Parmesan cheese chop tine hnlr
S pound of cold roust beef und heat It
In the cheese nnd butter. Season with
���alt and pepper I'uttr Ihe mistime Into
scallop shells or little tins, sprinkle
ev��r with breadcrumbs and grated Par
iiin-un cheiwe llrowu In the oven'snd
��� erra ven hot.
Csnnot Be Used In Montreal to Wrap
up Foodstuffs.
Montreal, March 2. Among tho
cIbubiis now adopted by the Health
Committee which had under consideration the mvlslou uf the sanitary re-
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Sfcvcston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
B��g 'PHONE 890
Ivllll-AllUlU   rOR PRICES ON :-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitahle
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
I ���*<��*'      .-'*'*
MONDAY,   MARCH    St,   1913
May lUiliKCin. who will be seen at the ;
t��pcra 1,ouvo  in  "A  Night Out"  next I
t-"rkiay   evening   ls  one  of  the   most ,
charming    actrcEEcs    of  the  preeent
day.    ^.ic  has   developed   a  type   of;
��� churacil i- new to the stage 'The conventional old lady  of the  farce with
traditional mannerisms of her prede-1
cc*��s-iii'8  is absent  from   the  work  ot;
>.ay I'liheon since she offers a dintinc-
tSttta -t^pc ot the good natured, geuer-
��ss woman of today.
Combining  the   rare  ability   to  express naturally pathos and humor, and
her manner of expression eways us to;
laughter.      While     there   is   a  wide
���scope for the introduction of "horBe
g-rtajr-" it ta carefully avoided, and the'
movement of the action kept well with-j
in legitimate bounds.
The play is well constructed and ���
above all very funny. MiBS Robeon'8 ,
characterization of "Granmum" Ib ex-
-optionally clever, and ehe had the
���widest range for emotional work
from which Bhe may change to the lu-
���rticrons and yet bo quietly and bo
thoroughly at her ease that it does not
jar, but is convincing to the last de-
There is ln the background a certain
��m-ount of philosophy which occaji-
���onally glimmers in the lines, particularly the reference to the hereditary
A Very Interesting Scene In "A Nigh t Out" In which May Robson Characterizes the Good Matured Grandmum at the Opera  Heuse on  Friday  Night.
Influence-not   as   an   argument,   but | V, Hobart.   The original and haunting
tit an opinion of a broad minded old  music ot Jean  Briquet composed  for
lady,  generous  enough   to  alter  that   the French book is all in the Weber
opinion should she be convinced to the  version,
The theme of "A Night Out" in
brief, is based upon the absorbing |
love of an elderly woman for her
grandsons, and the results of their influence over her. She is curious to,
know what the attraction is in the the Royal theatre this afternoon will
city that draw the young men from a ' bo composed mostly of comedy. If ad-
comfortable home at night to visit the  vance reports art true, then this will
be one  of  the   best all  round  show*?
The  new   program  which  opens  at
curiosity is
not satisfied until  seen this year in the popular Columbia
after stealing away from the house
and visiting a well known restaurant
In New York. Everything is apparently proper until a visit from the
police changes her opinion and urges
her immediate departure. The arrival
home In the small hours, finding the
Harlan, the rotand camedian of the
Scotch operetta.
"Where fhall we Bend the remains?" asked the secretary.
"The remains?" exploded Harlan.
"What's coming off?"
"Nothing," replied the secretary
without the ghost of a smile. "I
must, know your address, so we'll
know where to ship the remains."
"Oh, that's it," replied Harlan, somewhat   relieved.      "I    live    In    Long
Branch, but you needn't worry about j
it;  nothing's going to happen to me." ,
"You never can tell," declared  the i
other dolefully.    "If  anything  should
finance a lawn and garden competition, and the council will be asked to
appropriate 810,000 to be offered as
cash prizes, the capital' prize being
$1000 for the best lawn showing of the
season. The amount will be deflected
from the park fund.
street  theatre
The Markee Brothers are a pair of j happen, whom Fhall we notify?'
versatile young men who come from a |    "Why, you  might notify   my
family ot musicians and vocalists.   In but she'll  be  on  to   visit   me
ill there nre seven brothers and they  week."
are   all    appearing  on  the  different,    "Well, anybody else?"
wife. I
next ! Lacrosse   Mogul   States  Big
vaudeville    circuits    throughout   thc
'Another Big Show.
Markee Bros.
"The Minstrel and the
Agnes Lea
Character Comedienne.
Rosa and Burke
"A Whirlwind of Nonsense.
Feature Photoplays.
Matinee, 10c. and 20c.
Night, 10c. and 25c.
house fasti ned the climbing up the country. There two hoys have a
ivy -the crushed aid llsapldated ap- whole lot of comedy in their act be-
pearance of Granmum, all form a mnpt sides some excellent cello a..d trom-
laughably Incident, one of the many hone playing. Tliey call their little
in this funny play. s.Uit "The  Minstrel and  the  Man."
Rosa &���   Burke are billed  as "the
lady with the freak voice nnd the man
Harlan pondi red D moment nnd
then, "I tell you what to do," he said.
"If It should happen, Just sent the remains to postofflce box 444, Long
Ilranch, N. J. The poet matter Is a
friend of mine."
Four    Is
Whole Thing in Eastern
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best In tht Market.
85c. per s^ck 100 lbs.
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster.
Annual Meeting
of the
There are different  kinds of eggs. I
Now  we know the eggs we Bell    are
guaranteed new laid, and why ?   Be-
sense we get them from our own hens |
every day for the store.
Fresh Salmon for everyone today.
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phone 98. 447 Columbia 8treet.
ew   Westminster
Will  He  Held  In lhe
Tuesday, Mareh 4
at 8 p.m.
All Conservatives of the city are invited to attend.
President. Becretary.
Joe Webber, producing manager of
'the German-French musical farce,
"Alma. Where do Vou Live?" which
he will pntent ln Kngiish on the eve-
This act is one '
ou   the  circuit
with the funny feet."
of the  funniest  turns	
at the present time.   They have been  p]-*nJ> *re Completed for_a 40,000 Milt
causing a great deal  of comment all
along  the  line.
Agnes I.ea is a talented young lady
who finds that, character parts arc a
niinr of  March  11,  is  Ilu   sole owner  g-.eaj ptudy and consequently devotes
of Weber, theatre and the West End i,pr jr, minutes to old maid parts exclusively.    At her first entrance the
theatre, hcth in New York city. He
uses the West End as a combination
[house, and his own theatre for his own
product iens.
It is this ownership of hla own pro-
lining house, a comprehensive,plant
; for his work and many other resources
which make Mr, Weber the successful
producer. Already ono of the greatest  fi'u makers In  -\merlca, he took
I up product ions after    a    number of
' years of expi rience in "putting on" the
* ! many clever musical comedies known
as the Weber-Field group.
The I it'll  product Of ills genius for
management and production is
"Alma." After a full season in Qer-
min  nt  tii* German theatre In  New
audience think that this is gome dry
act but (-'he changes their idias before she is on the s,t:ige a minute.
Exclusive films from the Canadian
fiaumont Company wlll complete the
For every Henry W. Savage corn-
party there is a fund which may he
drawn on for the benefit of sick or disabled members cf the organization.
To facilitate the administration of
thnt fund it is necessary that the
manager of each company have on
York. Mr. Weber Becured the Ar.ieri- record the home address of oac.li
can r'niits to it and in the face of member of the company and that of natnrs
many obstacles, produced the brilliant the relative or friend who Is to be no-
farce with music ot his own theatre, titled in case of emergency A new
It was done In English and hung up an- secretary of the "Little Hoy Blue"
other Benson's run us a record to be coir puny was entrusted with the duty
Bought  all' r. of making such a lis^t.    With the air
Cruise   to   Overseas   Ouminion
New  Zealand's  Clyde  built  cruiser
is well calculated to impress the peo-
pl? of the overseas  Dominion which
ihe  Ib  to  visit  in  the
40.con mile cruise.
From stem to Etern everything is
Bplck and span, aud she is as finely
finished n i hip of war aB ever went
out of Plymouth Sound. Obviously she
is intruded to do a good deal of show
work, for there are two field guns
and ammunition carriages on her deck.
These will be used to give cun
drills on ceremonial occasions ashore, j
Hut the crew Is capable of even more i
entertaining work than that. It wai .
said at Devonpnrt before she left that I
by design or accident her crew contains material for a first class rugger I
and soccer teams, and for at nny rate!
one good cricket eleven. There Ib j
In Addition  a smart  gymnastic team.
The Ni w Zealand, according to calculations   worked  out   by   local   nnvi-.
should   be   In   llurrard   Inlet
some time in July
$10,000  for   Lawn   Contest.
Calgary, March 2.   In line with the
suggestion  of the  local  horticultural
It  was done in  English by George of an underlain r, he approached Otis , society   the   city   commissioners   will
l*.'V iJ/*'rt^*urt ctiLKrty*i��* _?3c-    Mr: .1
fM��  ,-,".;;      ' -_. l'rft.i-___.
Program for Monday and
Alfred   Lord   Tei'.i
Blograpb Special   in two parts.
A Btory of the stage Incorporating i Inssieal Greek dances.
Special  r.ongs  by  Mies Frances
Hamilton  All This  WeeV.
B3t J.-SCT^-i
�� NftRGARET    R��SK
ttt   LH1V    WITH   TSS    r.iHll    v.llt-
�����ii Eesi    BURHBr
THS-    MPlM   WIVII   TilS  IHH-f    (.(������
Cat   &******'
.-SKiarjTE -mxmetxxMatt JU-u.isauDmMr.'AiXT.T.'^iatca
Westminster Opera House
HARRY  TIDY.   Manager.
The Season's Feature Dramatic Attraction
L. S. SIRE Announces the
International Commedienne
LOWER FLOOR    -   $1.50
BALCONY - $1.50 nnd 50c.
Con Janes, the Vancouver lacrosse
magnate, a son or Captain Kidd as ii
were, a pirate who every now and
lien goes east and kidnaps the star
i'la*. iii of the eastern lacrosse
leagues, tempting them into liis trap
with the golden bait of the alluring
West, has arrived back in Vancouver
after a little tour * which he tool,
course of her through the Dominion thence to the
1'aiiaiua canal and home again to the
Terminal City.
Con arrived on Saturday and from
now on the people of British Columbia will be sitting up and taking
notice of  Who's Who In" lacrosse.
"Oh,  yes,  lacrosse   promises  to  be
on n better basis than ever   I his coning season." was statement given out
hy   .Mister   Jones   when   buttonholed
in  Vancouver Saturday  evening.
"I have nothing yet to give out as
i to  my    probable    line-up.    but    New
j Westminster  will   have   to  hustle    II
.  hey hope to retain the Mlnto cup an
other year."
During  his  stay   iu   the  Kast   (this
' time, he said, on a peacemaking mis
soni  Conrad    button lu led    Maoager
Fleming    of    the    Toronto    Lacrosse
club  (the guy  who    was    scared    to
bring his leam to Westminster   las:
fall), Genial Oeorge Kennedy, of thi
. Irish Canadiens, bol Solman, of the
Tecumsehs,   and   other   magnates   ol
the. Uig Four, and talked over lacrosse
and   tne   proposed   national   commls-
, slon.
While giving little fir publication,
Mr. .limes statoil that the old N. L. O.
I'.wis a dead issue this season and
that there will be nothing to it except
the  Big   Four.
While crossing the briny deep from
I Now York lo Colon it is understood
he got in touch by wireless with sev
eral of the Mexican revolutionists Informing ihem that if things g"t too
hot In i Id Mexico City there was still
a chance for them to break away
from the bull lighting game and make
:��� Btab in the Canadian national pasl-
Whether any of the Dons and
Mlguals have in en lipped off about
the  receptions  and   pink   lea  nffairs
[Which are pnHid oft from time to
time on tho Queen;*, park oval ie
mains to bo Been, but you never know
1 ihij man Jones,
* *
��          TODAY   IN  PUGILISTIC ���
* ANNALS. ���
<*> *
l*x-t   Jommy Warren stopped Johnny
Burns in live rounds al Denver
1908    Joe Jeanette nnd Sam Langford
fought   U   round  draw  at  Huston.
1908   Jimmy Clabby   defeated   Fred
Glllmoro In  10 rounds at Ham
mond, iml
1910   Johnny    Kllbane   knocked   oul
Kid Tyli r In  third round    al
< li vi laud,
l il l    Knockoul    Brown    bested    Ad
Wolga il lu Fi rounds al   Nov.
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
1890    Kid    Mci'ov   stopped    Tommy
Ryan In IS rounds al Maspetb
near New York.
1908   Jimmy   Ausion   knocked     out
Tom Murray In fourth round ai
Man Diego, Cal,
1900   Jimmy Card In ur defeated   Bill
McKlnnon    In     1-    rounds    at
mil- Tommy   Houc.i    and    Young
o'l.eary fought  10 round draw
nt Brooklyn,
1912    M   Thompson   defeated    Tim
i.imd in  19 rounds iii Sydney,
(Royal   Mall   Steamers   Sailing Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "Laurentic" and "Megantic"
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
5S2 feet long.
514 feet long.
Now is tlie time to arrange for the passages of your friends from
England. Wa issue prepaid tickets, and our offices In England communicate with passengers, arranging nil details and advancing any
funds deposited with us.   We also inform you when passengers arrive.
Tor Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office. 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three   doors    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet,  Agent Canadian Pacific R., and W. F.
Butcher, Agent G. N.  Ry., Nevn  Westminster.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. Q. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phon-ta. Offlcv 16 and It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Phone 173 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Pres and Uenl. Mgr. vn o president. Hec. and Tress.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
t. t-i. Mccormick
Phone 'J-?7.      Suit 19. B. C. E. It.  Depot, New Westminster B. C.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   F.trcet.  New,   Westminster.
Singer   Sowing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods  of  all   Ktndn.  PHONE  694.
"4      tffS
TO  die to:
"A Night Out"
A play with just enough pathos to save you from laughing yourself ti <ki^lli.--/V. Y. World.
;��� ��� * i\  " ��� ���",���  i*i in ii-'
:.*'���' ii i .       : nd      '������"���������|,h-
lanci        ���       '  *      * *, i    i   *
i *      had  I r !'������ ������ yi nr ���   n ff red
Y,   ��� 11 bin : uln :���" lii ' ri n ll nf :i nplna!
oi mMalnt, and lo end her suffering
she eanio to an agreemenl with her
husband, n laborer,  Hun  he should
hill lii r nml then ciuiiiiilt tUlolde
.-in they Bern ihelr it year old wm
to sleeti wiih n relative, and during
ilu* nlghl Uie husband strangled hU
wife In bad and Mien hanged himself
in an adjolulng room, The tragedy
"���i'i discovered by the wm on hla ro-
luni Ilium' In the muniiug,
87.ploce Dinner Set  $9.7*3
07 piece Dinner Bel  $10.50
ini place Dinner Set  ',.' $14.50
Wilton Hearth iium��, unly  $5.2r>
AxinlliHli'r Hearth lings, only $2.50
Tapestry Hearth llugs, J7xri4  $1.23
Comforters, regular price $3,75, now  $2.50
,(ii Wi nl s lb Blankets only  $023
^ .ui:!it in si" our lino of Hardware and Hlectrlo Inum.
im 11 bIiow ;mi nnr Linoleum und Floor OIIh.
Onr Furniture Bale in mm on und we have some great bargains   fur
those who come early,
Take a Twelfth Street Car nnd Get Off at Store. MONDAY,   MARCH   3,   1913
PAGE mv*
Quebec Makes New Record With Ten
Straight���Both Toronto and Tecumsehs   Defeated.
N. H. A. Standing.
Still  in   Running   for  National  Cup���
Thistles Tie for Championship
by  Defeating Celtics.
���Storme,  Sutherland and    Reid
Lists Among the Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors.
Head >
Dallas, Tex., March 2.���The
New York Giant recruits won
the necond exhibition game of
the season from the Dallas
Texas league team here today,
7-0. Thorpe at first baBc for
the New York team accepted 15
Chances cleanly.
C.  II.  Storme won the    all    round
championship  In  the  senior division
���of  the   Indoor  track  meet held  last I
month in the Y. M. C. A
11    Sutherland  came  through   with
first place in the Intermediate division
while S. Held Ib champion among the
���Junior*,    Following are the events:
All  round  champion, C,   II.  Storme
h'.l'l points; C. YVattara, 4G7 points.
Winners of thc different events:
U,   yard   dash���C.   K.  Wattam,   2   1-5
Running high Jump, C. II. Storme, 5
At., ?. in.
; Will Show O. H. A. and U. S. Teams
Just How Game Should Be
Played���4000 at Game.
Quebec    15
Canadiens   9
Ottawa   ������  9
Wanderers     9
Torontos      8
Teoumsehs    7
The runaway race which the Quebec
team haB made ln the N.II.A. thla season has knocked out all Interest In
the gameB during the past few weeks
* I Saturday niiht they established a new
record in eastern hockey when they
notched their tenth Btralght victof-y,
the Montreal Wanderers this lime being  the  victims.    Score  5-4.
The result was a kind of surprise as
the game was played ln Montreal but
after Art Kosb had been bumped
against the fence ln the third period,
the Ancient City puck chaserB had
things all their own way. Wednesday
night will Bee the finish of the 1913
I season with Quebec playing Ottawa in
|the cigar box rink so that 11 straight
: victories may be looked for.
!    The Ottawas defeated Torontos 3-2
Stellar goal tending on the part of
Coals   Borne,  the former custodian of    the
A. i defunct Hibernians, saved the Rovers
from a licking a; Ladner on Saturday
afternoon  iu a National    cup    game
against   VYestham   Island,     the    final
score being two all.
The  result was a distinct surprise
89'! 1��  the  followers  of  the   Rovers,  the
locals taking ten  men  along and being  without  the serviccu  of  three of
ihelr best players, MeLeod, Tomllnson
and Lyons.
This keepa New Westminster still
in  the  running  for the  National cup j
Calgary     Shermans     Says  They  Wlll
Disband���What Is an Amateur ?
17   ft.
Jump���C.  K.
J. L. Horn, 25
-C. II. Storme,
Standing   broad
tain, 9 ft. 2 in.
Shot put���R. C.
7  in.
Hop, step and jump
ft.  4   2-5  in.
220 yard potato race
1  min 4 2-5 Bee.
Pence Vault    J. L. Horn, 5 ft. G In.
25 yard swim-   E. Dunsford, 14 boc.
6) yard potato race���C. II. Storme,
ir, 4-8 mc
60   yard   swim   -C.   K.   Wattam.   45
Intermediate School Boys.
All round champion, I). Sutherland,
432 points;  V. Vert, 405 points.
Winners of different events: '
16 yard dash���D. Hobson, 2 3-5 sec.
Running high jump-  B. Sutherland,
r, ft.
Standing   broad   Jump- V.   .Vert,   9
ft   4 in.
Shot  put���0, C'urtiB, 38 ft. 5 in.
22��   yard   potato   race- I*'.   Vert,   1
inln.  S 4-5 sec.
3 stand  broad jumps���F.  Vert, 26 ft.
���4  In.
tin yard potato race���F, Vert, 16 1-5
Ail   round   champion, s. Raid, 620
point:;   W. Smith, '4211 points
Winners of the different events:
In   yard   dash    P.   Allen,   L.   I'oslil,
as the Islanders will have to play ofl  landed,
the game  ln   thia  city   later  in    the
I'arindufT made a good showing In/-;
the forward line scoring the only*
goal, while from all accounts he
scored a second legitimate goal, but
this was thrown out by the referee.
Mr. Proudfoot, on thc grounds that
he did not see It scored.
Thistles Beat Celtics.
In a Vancouver and District League
game  in   Vancouver  the  Thistles defeated  the  Celtics and   thus  brought
themselves    on    a    level    with    the
These teams will fight It out
of   the     Vancouver    playing
Calgary, March 2��� Pending the Investigation of the Alberta Amateur
Athletic L'nion of charges laid against
Lloyd Cook tbat he had played with
the Fernle team of llriilsh Columbia,
a semi-professional organization. Rev.
Robert Pearson, president of the Alberta Hockey Association, has ordered the postponement of the final game
which was to be played Monday night
between the Taber Cooks and the
Manager Turner, of lhe Sermans, Is
Incensed at the tactics of the other
teams In the league, and has announced  that his  team   will  be  dis-
Winnipeg,   March    1.- Playing   the
fasteiit hockey Been here this winter,
the all-star local hockey team who left hookey has not caught on in the Queen
today on :i month's tour of the East ! c'ily- Th(> Toronto teams in tli"
and  tlm  Stales, got away  to a good
although   only   before   a   handful   of
spectators bo that the rumors of new |Rovers,
management for the Ottawas next sea | on  one
son apepar to have some ground.        I fields.
At  Toronto  the  Canadiens  had   an i    iia(1 the Celtics won or even made
easy time defeating the Tecumsehs 3-1 a   draw   it   would   have   given the
belore a small crowd   With the ama- Rovers the league championship, but [
teurs playing at top form, professional ,a different tale may be told when the I
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of  Real  Estate.     I
Listings of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five and ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Westminster   meet
start when thc trimmed the Winni
pegs r. tu 4 at the Amphitheatre Saturday night.
ll Hure is any other hockey team
in Canada which can play faster
hockey than was displayed here on
Saturday night Ihey certainly will be
capable of taking the Allan cup from
The (upholders played sensational
hockey, but the all-stars, composed of
four Victorias and three Monarch
players managed to score the odd
goal, which Jus' about describes th ���
merits of the teams. Kour thousand
enthusiastic fans cheered the sensational play and the pace was hot
from start to finish.
ThiBtles   and
the play-off.
Bell, of the Thistles, was ruled off
for fighting and will probably receive
a suspension of two months, as this
Is his  second    offence    this    season.
���  i Should  this be the case  his absence
*h***************  *'**" considerably weaken the Thistles.
* ROWLING. ���
N, 11. A are now in the cellar positions with the Torontos a strong probability of being at the foot of the table
nfter Wednesday nighl.
Frank Prank Dill won the prize for
| the most H00 scores during the last
(week at the club alleys, having 19 to
���hiB string.
A meeting of those Interested in
the commercial league is scheduled
! for the evening of Wednesday, March
5 In the Club alleys at 8 o'clock. Knt-
|rlea will be received  until  that  time.
High score in ten pins last week was
* ��� *\
* (By "Gravy.") ���
* *\
***************** I
Remember "Wee Willie" Keeler ? Old
Diamond Hero Is 41 Today.
"Twenty  Years of  Baseball"  would j
make a* mighty interesting    Btory,    ifl
set down by "Wee Willie" Keeler, one
time hero of the diamond.    According
captured by Lane who piled up a total'u' "" reports, however, Keeler's time
[tunning high jump   L.
d'Easum, i
Held, S ft.
Standing broad Jump
60 yard potato race���S, Held, 16
Double-header Tomorrow Night, Y. M.
C.  A. vs.  Fraser   Mills���Moose
Tackle Sapperton.
of  226.    The  five  pin   prize  went  to'
(!.  Boulton  with  74.
No little interest is being shown
among the members of the liouse
league and a pretty race for honors is
scheduled tn take place during the
remainder of the season.
The following table represents the ���
play up to and including Friday of
iast week:
P,    W.    L.
Peterson   9     B
Wallace 12      7
broad JumpB-   S. Held,
Thc  coming  clash   between   the  Y. ,
j M.  C.   A.  and  the  Kraser   Mills,  and j
[also  the  contoBt  between   the  Moose,
and Sapperton which are scheduled at
,       ,  , , the arena    on  Tuesdav    evening
i'O yard  potato race   L. d Basum,     " "
3 std
1  in.
Hop, step and jump-   \V. Smith
ft 7 In.
Garrett   .
Smith   ..
Ingram   .
48   1-fi   see
Basket   throw
-fi   yard   swim
sing  the  greatest   kind  of  Inter-   Defeated
Richards,  3.
Reid, 17 4 5
Visiters  Get  Away  with   Lucl.y  Point
in Alliance  Game���Herb   Ryall
Handles Whistle.
Tlie  li
game which Cedar Cottage'
from the Royal City High
school 'ui the Moody park grounds
on Saturday afternoon will probabl)
wi rk :i hardship on lhe local boya in
their race for the Junior Alliance
Anion.: the supporters of fee High
school in vs a feeling . f optimism
reigned that the eleven would cap-
tme hoth points aga'ust the Cottagers, bul the fu.lur of the back
iinisv-i m make a clearance during
tbo last i ilnuto of play allowed the
vi:   tors   to  creep   lip  on  even   terms,
the final score ludng two nil
The game Itself wub one ol the fusion seen Ofl the Moody grounds this
in a. iii. Referee Herb Ryall throwing
nil technicalities to tha four winds
nnd kn.iitig the twenty-two players
on ilu hop nearly every minute of
the ninety. The locals should have
won  on   their  merits and  but  for    :i
temporary lull In the work of the defence would have added another
polnl in their total.
The only other game played was
in    Vancouver,   the   Saints   defeating
the Sons if England by three goals
to nil.
League Standing,
���St, Androws . ��� ���
tt, C   ll. 8	
'Cedar Collage .
B   O,  10	
S'-tli   Regt    ...
���Collage Hulled
W.    L
... 8
... 8
...  1 1
This is the first time thai the ama
lour teams have been able to stage
a game on good Ice and also at a
time when people ure m.i thinking
of tin. upper rial bo tlmt h bumper
house should greet the four teams
wheu ihey clash In a doubleheader.
It was only after much persuasion
ihat Iiie arena officials would consent
to llie move, of Btaging a game dur
ing lhe hours generally devoted to
skating, but yie league executive put
up a i,i od argument and ii now
:o the fans to be on deck so that the
financial side of the question will be
all io the good both to the league and
to the arena company.
Naturally tho llrst game between
ibe Y's and the Circle F aggregation
is exciting the greatest (uteres! for a
vx'lnry for tho Fraser Mlllo would
make the race all the more exciting.
The Vs have three scalps attached
lo Ihelr bells and are searching for
more, bul reports received from
Frenchtown indicate thai the honors
for downing the present lenders will
prdbably fall on the east slders. Roth
teams have strengthened up considerably, and the free and Independent electors who wrench themselves
away from a half or a quarter bean
v. Ill  nol  have  much  of  a  chance  to
sit in morose Biicnce.
The V'b are sharpening up their
hammers ready to drli
j Into llie championship
would pay Ihem to drop a game   and
figure In a tie, hut. the present
srs   refuse   to  let  tx    game     slip    to
- tin-in.    A game aulted away is a pearl
| without  price In the Y's camp.
Tbe  second contest,  between  Ban
peril n   and   the   Moose,   should   prov'
lusi as Interesting from a spectator's
The  herd figure  thnt   while liav'ir.:
mile chanoe for the McRae trophy
thev will dent a few holes In tin
i tber teams and feel fully conflaeni
���hnt the blue ntilrtB will be the firs'
to suffer.
The  firnt fu'"e Ht-irls r.l  8:30
Eddie McCnrlhy and nee or Ihe
handling the indicators.
Vancouver Rowing Club in
First Game,
Vancouver, March 2.���The Victoria
V. M C. A. hockey team, champions
Of Vancouver Island, defeated the
Vancouver Lowing club on Saturday
evening to the tune of one goal to nil
in the llrst game for the amateur
championship of British Columbia.
The eontest was a fast one thro*:li
cut and kept Lester Patrick and Fred
Taylor hustling  to keep  track of the
Should tho Victorias win their home
P I game   it   Is   probable   Ihat   they   will
challenge    for    the    Allan    cup,  as
enough money bas been subscribed to
furnish   transportation   for   the   team
! to Winnipeg and return.
Defeated Paul Simeon, German Cham
plon  on   Saturday   Night.
New   York.   March  2.    Zbys/.co,  the
Polish champion heavyweight wrestler
defeated   Paul  Bamson, the Qerman
champion    In    a    oatoh-as-catch-can
match at the New York A.C. last evening.   Zbys/.co forced SaiiiBon to quit
with a toe hold In 81 minutes, fiS see.
ends and after a 20 minute Intermission,  with  8   minutes  and   2  seconds
of the time limit  unexpired, the men
went   at   II   again.    The  Pole  wub  aggressive  nearly    all    the    time,   but
��� li    l.t rivet j neither wrestler gained u fall and lln*
Many think It I match went to the l'ollsh champion on
!*  "!
lelanders Beat Canucks.
San DlegO, Cal., Manh 2 In a hril
limit game of polo today, the all-
Hawaiian team defeated the Canadian
four 11 1-2 to 3 3-4. The match which
was for the California challenge
trophy, wiih the opening contest of the
eighth annual tournament of the Coronado country club.
ince he retired from baseball in
Hill has been pretty well occupied
signing checks and leases and con-
trues, and he has no time for literary
labors. Keeler was borne 41 years
ago today, and he began playing professional  ball at the age of 21.
Between   his  debut   with   Bingham-
ton In the .-.astern League    in    1892.
and his retirement at  the end of tbe
Pet. lend of the 1911 season with Toronto.
.888; Keeler waa a bright particular star of
.583 jibe   Baltimore   Orioles,   the   Brooklyn
.555 i Trolley   Dodgers  and  the   New  York
.3331 Ami ricans.    As    a    fu-lder    he    was
.333  superb, as a batter he bad few equals
.222  and no superiors.    Ile played through
I an  entire  season  without  once fane
jnlng. an accomplishment that is likely
1 to remain unique.
Af'er his first season with Bingham
ton "We Willie" was iried out by
Brooklyn and New York, but was re
turned to Blnghamton as not yet ripe
for the big show. Ned llanlon, leadei
of the immortal Baltimore Orioles,
had a bet ier opinion of Keeler's
ability, nnd copped him In 1894. The
Maryland olty was then In ihe Nation
nl League, and Keeler quickly demonstrated that be was one of the hardest
hitlers and crack outfielders of the
lie batted .367 during his first year
with the Orioles, fattened bis average
to .394 the following year, held his
own In 1896. and in 1S97 set a world's
record by finishing the season with a
hatting average of .432. After the
18;i.. season Baltimore was dronpoil
from the National League, and Willie
went to Brooklyn.
Uurlng Ihe four years with the h'"
BUh'irb his batting average ranged
from .342 to .376. Ten years ago he
Jollied the New York Americans, r"
malnlng with that aggregation until
the  end  or  1909.    His  prowess  with
the   bat   gradually   waned with   thi
passing of the vears. n"d in 1909 tin
best  he could do wai  .264.
In 1910 he wns signed as an emerg
enev hitter by the (Hants, hut at
pi ared In only seventeen games, t.
the tune- of n round .800. About the'
time "V'ee WUlle" read the handwriting or the wuh. "Back to the bushes
fi - > use" in 1911 he played with
Toror'o, nor irlns In 39 games for a
I ,11 ....   -'...,���, -o   of   .277.
Af'er thai Willie announced his in-
lection "f quitting baseball,   He had
��� 1  Ma  money  nnd  invested  it     In
Brooklvn real estate, nnd was reckoned the I-1.''lost mail In baseball
Keeler's ability with the bat was all
the more remarkable because of his
small and slight s'attire. In order tc
get results he had to use his brains
nml h" wai the Inventor of really
scientific stick work.
English  Clergyman   Describes  a
mon at  Balmoral.
1 have had the honor of preaching
before three of our sovereigns, said
a well-known clergyman recently, and
I csn assure you I have never found
acy duty more pleasant. Nervous?
Well, I must admit I hail a bad attack of nerves the first time���but never since.
I shall never forget the day on
which I received my first command
to preach at Balmoral. At first I
was inclined to think it must be a
practical joke, for I was not aware
that Queen Victoria even knew of
my existence. As, no doubt, you
know, this honor is for the most
part confined to the royal chaplains,
a select and august body from which
I was, in my own opinion at least,
as far removed as from the stars.
However, it seems that Her Majesty
had read a volume of my sermons,
anil was good enough to wish to hear
live preach. Ami thus the honor came
to me quite unsought and quite unexpectedly.
So, on the Saturday before the day
of my onleal I made the journey to
Ballater, feeling pretty much as a
man must feel on his way to the gallows, and from Ballater I drove
through the glorious Highland scenery to Crathie, where 1 found a warm
hospitality at the Manse. If I had
been one of the Queen's chaplains I
Bhould have gone straight to the Castle, and I was glad, a? an outsider,
to be spared this honor, which would
certain.y have oppressed a man so
.unused to Kings'  palace-?.
On the following  morning, with,  I
confess, "my heart in my  mouth," 1
presented myself at the Castle, where
a most genial ami courtly gentleman-
in-waiting  took  me  in tow  and conducted   me   to   the   vestry   adjoining
the "service-room."  Here I put on my
black  gown   and    nervously   giiuice<l
through my manuscript, with an eye
on   the    slow-moving    hand*    of   my I
watch.   It was distinctly a "bad quar- 1
ter of an hour"  that 1   spent in the I
vev-try,  tortured  with   nervous   fears,
and   I  was  thankful   when   the time
came to enter  the  chapel,   which, ol
course, I had never seen until then.
Quickly the-vacant seats were fi'.lcil
by Court officials and (listiiutuisheil
guests, ammg whom I recognized Sii
Michael Hicks-Beach and the Earl n(
Fife. Half-a-dozen or sn young princes
and princesses followed, ami after n
1 slight pause a voice atlin unceil "The
! Queen." and  H.t Majesty  entered, n
small, dark-clad figure, walklv slowly, but with an impressive dignity,
supported by a stick. aiul escorted by
two Indian attendants. She took her
seat Immediately in front of ine. and
the service began. By this time J
had quite recovered my self-possession, reassured iy the .simplicity and
homeliness of my surroundings, and I
felt every whit as much at home as
among my own people.
Of the 'service itself there is little
to be said. It was very simple and
very reverent. The singing of the
two hymns, which were accompanied
hy Princess Beatrice on the harmonium, and in which the Queen joined
in a low, sweet voice, was hearty, and
Her Majesty, who remained seated
through it all, followed the service and
my serin,ui with the closest attention
���once, when I ventured on a rather
humorous remark, smiling up at me.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in all parts ot the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
under new management.  Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
Louis Crllrflc Shut Out R. C. H. S.
���Van'diver   Boyo  Win.
Semi' pri ity stlokhaodllng was none, ,i  .' the i hi cm Baturdaj mom
, .-      , i ,*.   school boya held n Bes
i���" i,���. -first game Bt, Louis collegi
triumphed over tlm R. 0. H, 8, bps-
i, Hi- in the tune of 4-n, while the ss.
���ii.ii*Muh school team was nosed oul
���ni ii win by ths Vanoouvsr H.S., the
rin.it soors being 2-1.
ThlH   Ih   thn   Tlrst   tlmn   the   teams
bave climbed, in fact the fiit.i year
thai many <>r th<> boys have wmoned ��
hpcki v r.tie.lt which r.e<*�� to show that
len hookey among the lohdolj Will
Shortly hold Its place on tho athletic
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Are you one of the many,
whose   livelihood   depends
upon the fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd.,  New Westminster.
Blsley   Changes.
tin l.tral    scoring   system.
i< nnw operative only in riflf
competitions shall be abolished
,* nt Blsley is the decision ol
of   the   National   Hill-
Firemen, OtlOSriarS nml Rowing
Win Their Game'.
The three lending teams In the
oouver Rugby union all   won
games on Saturday In the first round
of the Tlldtlll trophy
Crusaders defeated the Highlanders
* :��� points in 8| the Rowing club no-
. i'.-i. -i ' ��� tho Nn'lvc J'nnii 17 points
���   nil,   while  Ute   I'lroinin   H.iunil   u
ihni cut agnlnst Westminster on the
Queen's Park grounds by 24 to mi.
The game in thin olty wiih ii disappointment owing 'o the fuel that a
Very weak team was fielded,
The Firemen wem nl fun strength
playing IS mm to the Itoynl'B 19 nml
of these severs) hnd nut played In n
mime thlH eenBon. The locals kept
down the Benro to bIx iniliitB In nil In
tha flrsl hnlf,-playing Uphill, but In the
Beoond half wcrp overwhelmed by the
well trained pack from VWJOOUVM.
Saskatoon, sunk., March 2. -Mickey
Mclntyre will nol box here on the
ISth ub wna expected, He received a
good offer from Tommy Burns lo
ue. i Pal Brown al Calgary In *   IS
"' mill go on  the  171 ll.  which    be nc
no ��iu proceed from Calgary to
Medicine Hat where he wlll hdok un
with Maurice Thompson,   Mickey will
., ,    imeal  Untiling Nelson here Home time
mtest.   The |n
mal ih
t-he council
There bus U'en a general teeliiu
among compstitori tbat the award ol
nn extni point for placii g :i -h t with
In a ring, which was InviiiMe from
the iir n1? line, resuiie.l In many in
stances in oontests being iBrgely itt
���iiie I by luck, and now that ihe ��vi
i"m bus gone altogether lew marks
men ��ili regret its disappuiiranee.
The decision <-l t s council wu.-
n.ihlc known recent'.) In �� coinmutil
ration received Irom thc eecretary
l.t.-Col. Crosse, who iilsn reported thai
the regulations (or service rifle Bight*
would be --im lur Io tho-e in operati'ii
nt the In ,t Blsley meeting, For iiiuU-h
ritles the regulations will be at fot
1918, but it is pr bable that In 1914
there may bo modiAqatinns in the conditions ��s to bore niul iimiiiiiiiition.
It bus nlao been decided in Individual
competitions to introduco one man
liriini nt ii tine \vi;li n 'me allowance, but this will not Bpply tn
sliouhier-to-shu ll'lcr com petit ions.
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
To  Settle Championship.
Rq.ska '-ii.  Nils1-..,  March  2.    It  bus
in i ii doolded Hint the Prlnos Albert
Mintoa and Moose Jaw play off here
next Tuesday night for the hockey
ohamplonshlp or Baskatohewan.
Manitoba Hockey.
Selkirk, Mnn., March 2.    Ity defeat-
One of the most fnmoMi battles Ir
rlne history wns the firm houi between Kid McCoy nml Tommy Ryan
"hlch wns pulled off al Mnsneth, N.Y.
17 years ago last nlcht. It wan one
h'g surprise pnrty for the Suit City
man, Tommy himself says that he
trained hardly nt ��n for the enooun-
ter,  feeling confident  of his ability
to defeat the  Dossier.
McCoy, on the other hnntl. workeil
long nnd  bnrd to put  himself In  the
best of condition.   The Kid bad    a
grudge iiL-nlnal Tommy, and he paid
It ofT 111 full. He plaved with and tor-
lui nied hll vlel'm.    Rvnn had entered
the ring a three��to-on6 favorite, but
the odds soon ohangod In the olghth
Tommy wan knocked down for the
oount of nine, and gol up very groggy,
He wuh n plntlful spectacle from
that time on, with his face bloody, one,
>>iio dosed, nnd bin none swollen to! H'ribing Itt   Doiyou reallw
iwice it��� normal site,   In the nrtnenth   rare thing m nature it wns
nnd final Inning Tommy twlco took
the count nf nine before he was
Itretched stiff for Hip full count.    In
City Amateur LeaRue
Tuesday Evening, March 4, at Queen's Park Arena.
First Game at 8:30.
Happf-u Once  Every 2,500,000 Years.
A remarkable freak in moonpbasei
w.is noted in the month of t-'cbruiuy.
id  Hi
month winch bus gone inuj
in.,'nl  annals  hs "the month
'��� io*   ii.'    In that year
und M.iivh each had two lull
. !'. bruary none.   A .writer
lulln-a   astronomical   journal
following  language In de-
what a
lt haa
before Vinc-o  the   be-
Christlan m�� or prob-
creatioti of the world!
Ing   Ihe   Victorian   six   to   four  In    njthr.  following year  McCoy  nnd  Uyan
league hookey Eame hero   Saturday fought again, going Ave rounds to a
night Selkirk In tied wllh thn Wlnnl- draw.    Their hint battle waB In 1900,
negii for Hm Manitoba Intermediate when the Kid won the decision   in]
nl\ rounds.
not happened
tinning ol the
nbly  since  Hull will not occur again, according t>>
the computations of  the- astronomer
myal  ol  England,   fnr���how   long  do
vou  think?    Not  until  alter 2,500,000
.1., from 18861"
It Will Pay You
to bring your prescription to ub; doon
not matter what doctor writes lt we
-���ti    fill    and    you    may    be    aure
.'   ,;'.y..i��t   ev""H'*   wbnt   yonr  doctor
ardors at prloes bused on servlcas
rendered, Thirty years ln business,
Biggest and beBt drug store In city.
Curtis Drug Store
���nd  SEEDS,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Revised r.ml complete to date, sh-vw-
Ing pub Ic buildings, principal '-iduy-
trtea, railway trucks and nurnb-r of
lots,   l-.very Btreet plainly market.
Kvcry business man
Large  size,
needs one.
iixli  (eet;   also  rochet
Room 23 H-irt Bullcllnn.
/ m*mt MNl
MONDAY,   MARCH    31,    1913
Classified Advertising
Bank of Montreal
Would   Ce   Murderer  Turns   on
Who   Fanned   HI3  Jeolcsy.
Berlin,   March   2.- A     young
Btnl'ih named Karl Bhroeder haa been capital (PutdUp)
nt the Instigation of his
tor  Inciting   Paul    to
.***e^-ri *********
KeTES. ���
.-�������* ***,e**********
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; iJ5c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used aB re
imred witLln one year trom date oi
contract, $25.00.
ltirth or Marriage Notices 50c
I'oath Notice 50c or with Funeral Nonce $1.80. Card of Thanks 50c per
iiiK   rooms,  $15  per
Seventh street.
month,  ut   224
About a  Hundred  Measures Made
to Law���Five Fall to Ground���ses
lion   Closes.
��� Go to City on the Spree and Live Re
|    places   Maxim   Concerning   Parisian     Delights.
: First   Batch   Arrives   There   In    Good
Condition and "New Laid"���Came
16,000 Miles.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water. I
Apply  room 9,  Knights  of  Pythias j
hall, corner  Eighth  street and  Ag*
nes street. 176'.!)
Iioubc work tor small family. Ootid
home to right party. Apply Mrs. A.
K. Easton, 208 Ninth street.      (755)
Ished    room,    220
Apply Mra. Yates, 4 Third avenue
and Earl's road. South Vancouver.
houBe work for small family. Good
home to right party. Apply Mrs. A.
E. Easton, 208 Ninth Street.      (765)
work on farm; $50 per month; free
house. Must be good teamster.
Apply J. T. Brown, Oolebrook, B.C.,
or phone Ladner R 491. (750)
ern cottage in East llurnaby. Can
pay $150 spot cash. Balance $25 per
month, Will buy at once. Apply
P. O. Box 349. 17381
gage; private party preferred; will
pay 8 per cent Federal Investments. Ltd., 305-6 Westminster
Trust block. (719)
thoroughly modern; situated on thu
high side of Eleventh avenue; splen
did view; size of lot 50x130. to lane, j
Price $3800; good terms National
Finance Co., 521 Columbia street,
telephone 515. (764)
day or week, 654 Columbia street,
over Royal Bank of Canada.     1725)
Ing rooms, $15 per month, at 224
Seventh Btreet. (690)
keeping "rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room S, Knlghta of Pythias
hall, cornor Eis-bth street and
Agnes street. (603)
Victoria, 11. ('., March 2. - The 1913
sitting of the provincial parliament
was duly brought to a close on Saturday afternoon, .ihe prorogation taking
place at 4 o'clock and the usual formalities and little ceremony marking
the event.
j The House has been in bossion six
weeks. In this period 11 has crystallized Into law approximately one hundred measures, many possessing more
than common Importance, being regarded as certain to materially stimulate provincial expansion and pros-
As outstanding features may be!
mentioned the bill which embodies the !
revised "free lands for settlers'' policy.
Bmall rooms over the Newa officii.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News,
seller and buyer together.
wblte body, black bead, four months
old. Notify Mrs. O, Wolfenden, 5n'_'
Fifth avenue.   Phone 248. (740)
.    .!__.     _   .     . ' ���!���! .    .        -_���!
Three  Roomed  Suite with bat,  hot
or cold water, heated, $25 per month.
Phone 750.
1218 Fifth Avenue.
Bradley Apartments,
1213 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
Stove.    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
��� Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada  Range   CO.,  Market  square.
style; on Second street; furnace;
fireplace; largo basement and a
large lot; all cleared and In lawn.
You can have this one for $3600;
on very easy terms. National Finance Co., 5:11 Columbia street, Tel.
516. ("64>
pantry and bath; on a 50-foot lot;
overlookng city; on the high side
of si root; $2200 takes this one;
$200 cash and balance by the month
National Finance Co., 521 Columbia
streot, Tel, 515, (764)
J. S. B. Benzie, 638 Clarkson street,
Live Stock and General Auctioneer.
Houae Furniture. Real Estate, Marine,
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted anywhere. Consult me; tay experience at
your disposal. (677)
$100 on Montellua Piano, cheap. Box
746 News office. (746)
modern cottage, close In, only Sltioo,
with $400 cash, balance $26 per
mouth. Room 410 Westminster
block, Thomas Riitledgo Brokerage
Company. (742)
monthly turnover. Gray & C.ilchriBt,
675 Columbia street. (736)
Engineering   Department.
Tenders for  Sidewalk  Lumber.
Tendera nre Invited and will be received by the undersigned up to 12
noon on Saturday, March 8th, 1913,
Copy of specifications ami form of
tender may be had on application to
the Engineer's Office.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
and must be accompanioil by a mark
ed chaque for Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars ($250.00).
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds, B.C.,
February 27th, 1913. (747)
line forty acre farm, three miles
from transportation; rich deep Boil;
one-half of the land is cleared; only
por month.    Call
$50 cash
for   our
and :
Ltd. , 521
Notice is hereby given that the
/Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll of this Municipality will he held
in the Municipal Hall, pdmouds, B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to the assessor in writing at
least ten (IOi days previous to the
sitting of the Court.
O. H. STEFFKXS, Assessor
Dated at Edmonds, this 25th day    of
February, 1913. (731)
the bill for the creation of Mount Rob-1oBlensiblc
son  Park and Its companion measure '
for the extension of Strathcona
Also the  imortant amendments  of
the  liquor license,  motor traffic and j
game protection acts, the measure re-
duclng taxation, the enactment for an (
assurance of a healthful milk supply, j
the new water act, legislation govern-!
ing censorship of moving pictures, the j
enactment    under   which   parliament
hereafter obtains an  additional year ,
in its term of life, while the sessional
Indemnity is increased.
Others are tho creative acts in refer-1
ence to the auditor-general's   depart-j
ment and the provincial museum, the :
further extensions of provincial aid to-1
ward   colonization   railway   construe-1
tion, the measure for the regulation of |
crematoria  and  registration  of  vital !t]on
statistics, altogether with various other minor hills, necessity for and  advantage Of which will be readily recognized by opponents as well as supporters of the party now in control.
lt waa a curious circumstance that
the somewhat colorless ceremony incident, to the termination of the legislative session this year should mark the
thirteenth anniversary of an historic
function of similar character in British Columbia parliamentary history.
It waa on the first of March, 1900,
that the late Lieut.-Gov. Mclnnes was
the central figure at that dramatic prorogation when virtually the entire
House signified its strong disapproval
of his selection of Hon Joseph Martin
for the premiership by vacating the
chamber in a body, leaving his honor
to recite the formal speech termina-
tlve of the sessional proceedings to an I
empty chamber, but crowded gallery.
The afternoon saw no further busi- j
ness transacted than the submission of!
the new municipal act, prepared by the !
Royal Commission, which recently in-'
vestigated all the forms and conditions of local government.
it Ib Intended that this shall be wide-
|ly circulated during the parliamentary
recese, and suggestions of improve-1
ment are Invited so that the measure ���
when given the force of law during the
session of 1914 may represent perfection.
The chief law officer of the crown
Intimated  In the presentation of Hi-
bill that it   is the   Intention   of   the
Governmi nl to accept the suggestion I
of  Royal  Commissioners,   and   next |
year establish    a new  department de-  H   Is
voted   exclusively    to    municipal    af-1 who are
Five measures remained upon the
order paper at the session's elope and,
therefore, fall to the ground. These
include the bill respecting publlc irrigation corporation (lost at the committee stage by prorogation), Praser's
bill for amendment of the Yale-Carl-
boo Road Regulation Act, Place's bill
respecting the payment of wages and
W. .1. Manson's bill regarding street
lighting In  rural districts.
Berlin, March 2. Travelers in future will not only mi I'.iris and die
They will go lo Berlin lo live. The
citizens of Berlin are tired of the old
taunts that "one goes to Paris, but
one passes through Berlin," and thai
"few strangers stay longer in Berlin'
than tbelr business requires," so, with
* the aid of a special committee tbey are
going to try to run a festive season to
|attract travelers.
AU kinds of suggestions aro being
I put forward, but apparently the chief
.task ol  the committee will he to or
ganlze a kind of general program of
:the amusements of the   year, to provide ready means for obtaining Infor-
jmation about them, and to advertise
[the  attractions  of  the   day   or   the
month throughout all accessible towns
in Europe and the United States.
The proposal is broached  with the
lim of bringing more money
London, March 2. The Now Zealand Government Is now trying an Interesting   experlement    whieh,  lt   la
prices, the
Ss per 120.
"The eggs, when tried, were found
to be in splendid condition," said a
representative of MoFsrs. II. A. Lane
and Company of Tooley street, s. E.,
to lie . iv, but should not be nny the1'he firm to which the eggs were con-
worse for that reason. "If every vis- signed, "Although they have been
Itor to the cltv could he persuaded to sent some 16,000 miles they can still
Stay for onlv one dav more. II would 1 fairly be described as 'new laid, Judg-
mean an additional $5,ooo.oo0 spent Ing by an analysis, They compare
within the city walls," say the pro- very favorably with the eggs sent to
moiers of the scheme. this country   from   Russia and    Den-
This calculation is worked oul   on , mark,
the basis that the number of visitors      "Hardly an egg was broken in trim-
yearly   is   as   last year���roughly 1,-1 sit, and better prices will be obtained
000,000.   No doubt the financial result!for future consignments under normal
bi nt in prison
brother Paul
commit suicide.
Lasl April Paul told Knrl he wns
' going io shoot bis Bweatheart and
inn,self b oaUBe he bud grounds fnr
jealousy. Karl encouraged Paul and
i bellied him to buy a revolver and
ammunition, pawning hia be..: clothes
in get ibe money tor thetn.
Paul wenl off and shot himself and
the girl. Karl went homo and gracefully announced tho tragedy io his
holied, may lead tn the Binding of tnlther by saying, " I be! my head
large consignments of Antipodean ' both Paul and Hedwlg are boh dead i
eggs from that country to the British |,V now."
nuirki i. ' Tilth the victims, however, n cover
Somo six weeks ago ten quarter L,^ .,���,| paui was sentenced two and
C<ue0, each containing BOO new laid g (i^if yours' penal BSVltude for shoot
cgf*,, left New Zealand by llle steam���  ;1|R t|u, f,;,.]
ship llotoru  for London.      The eggs1,     Afier a  year In jail  Pail came to
were kept on board al a temperature  ,|,t,   conclusion   that   Karl     had     nol
Of 45 degrees Fahr.    They arrived In  ghown   proper  brotherly   feeling,  and j
tUis country on Tuesday and although ! \A\,\   an   Information  againsi   him  un-
tnpre  was a surplus of egga   on  the Ljer ;l ({(tie used paragraph of the pen-1
market,   with   a   consequent   fall   ln|fti 00(je making it a crime not to pre
of which one has a fore-
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada
Newfoundland, and in London,
land, New York. Chicago and Spi
U.S.A.,   and   Mexico   Cily.     A   gl
bunking business transacted,   Letters
of  Credit   Issued,  available   wllh  correspondents In all parta of lhe world.
Buvings Bunk Department   Deposits
received In sums of $1 and lipwaW
and Interest allowed at 8 per cent. ��er
annum (present rate).
Total AssotB over $18(
G. D. brymner. Manager.
(iii the
fall   In!
consignment found  ready
at the wholesale price  uf
vein, a eritll
The  court   shared   Paul's     view    of
Kail's want of feeling and sentotujyi ,
Highest authority (25 yeara ux-
perienoe) on the treatment of tin*
scalp for Iho prevention Of Dandruff
and stimulation or tho hair by YlliltO
MASSAGE. My assistants are experienced In every branch of the barber business.   85 eighth street.
him.   to
his   great  amazement,   lo  a
would he greater than Btated, as, with j
more   attractions,   many   a   business j
man   who,   coming   to   Berlin    today,
leaves his wife at home, would brine j
her to hear a Wagner cycle   at  thc j
opera, to aee a yacht racing wee;-, at
The suggestion of better organize-
and greater energy in attracting
Ithe foreigner to B' rlin. has met with i
ia ready response already, and   many
prominent men have already promised
their support.    Among them' are the j
i chief of police, the rninistt r of the In-
' terior, the president of the chamber of
commerce, the president of the Hiuisa-
| und, and the president of the   Reich
conditions of market rates. From our
point of view the experiment has been
entirely successful."
Eggs are also imported into Ilrllain
from the following, among other countries'
Country��� Miles,
France       200
Holland    240
Germany     600
Denmark      700
Austria       850
Italy Looo
Servia    1,000
Morocco   1,500
Russia    1,700
Canada   3.300
Beoause they act so  gently (no
purging or griping) yet so
B.C. Coast Service
Vanoouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
Vancouver   for   Prince   Ruport
10   p.
f are be;;t for the children as well as '
lhe  jr��wn-Ups,     25c.   a  box   at
your druggist's,
Nilkmal 0r��j> ind Chtmical Co. ot Cinstfi, I imilttf
Are   Now   Profit.-.ble  and   Appreciated
Institutions���Better Treatment
of  Waitresses  Needed.
Stove. Canada's l'ride Malleable
Hiiiiri's Ji.nn down, {ion pur week.
Canada Range  Co.,  Market square.
sell that
for vou.    Try  It,
where. No collection, no charge,
Atncrlcan-Vanci over Mercantile Agency, 836 lliis!ini!a street, west,
Vancouver, n C, (786)
Do  you  want  a   lovely   Pacific   Island
Home in the (iuir of Georgia, within   a   lew   i.iiimtea   reach    of  a  hlK
olty?   if you do, investigate these:
Yvc c.-.n clfer you 15 acres, all cleared
aud improved, with a 20-room all
furnished house, full to overflowing
during the lonx summer months;
larK.* full-bearing orchard; clam and
oyster beds handy; abundance of
crabs, smelts and salmon caught in
at $0000, one-half cash, and terms
fi-r balance, The owner Is a widow
lady who is retiritiK from buHlneas.
Possession April 1st. No. 3.
Hen; l�� another snap, also on a large
ll i will n **ir a lnrno city:
214 acres, 25 acres cleared, 80 acrea
alder bottom, balance heavily tlm-
hcred Hood house and outbuildings, one-half mile of waterfront-
une, on mi ill side of island; timber
on the place will pay for It. Owner
bus gone In extensively for sheep
and mixed farming, jeooo, terms to
���suit purchaser. Firm divides naturally and ovi nor would sell a portion if diHlred No. 2.
Vi'e can i ��� i r yon a Ior snap In Lulu
li land acreage in the city limits.   Call
and soo us.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 295.
Re Lot I, of Block 19, of part of Sec
tlon 2.    Illock 3  North,    Range    ',
West. District of New Westminster
A cerilllcate of Indefeasible title to*
above property will be issued to Frank
N.  Trill's, on  the  12th  day  of  April. |
1H13, unless in tho meantime a valid .
objection thereto be made io me    in |
writing by a person or persons claim- '
Ing an  estate or  Interest therein,  or
in uny part thereof
,1. C, GWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles
hand  Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  February
2*Uh, 1913.
The person or persons having in
| their custody or possession the follow
I inn Title Deeds relating to tbe said
I property are requested to deliver the
I same io the undersigned.
(a)    Deed    datm!    the 2Sth  day of
November, 1893, from Frank N. Trltes
) 10 Thomas Bennett of the above    described property.
lb)    Deed ilaleil the    12th    day    of
November, 1S04, from Thomas Benneti
to Arnold Dennett of ihe above described property.
(c) Deed dateii the 12th day of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett to
Ooorge W. Shay of the above described  property.
(7",4) District   Registrar of Titles
J.   W.   Lowther     Has   Blx     Hundred
Members to Look After���Precipe
tated   Franchise   Riots.
London, March 2. Tho facl thai
one of tin- !���- ii tea shop companies
of London la celebrating th<   twenty
f fth y ar of    - i tistence i alls the
wondorful Iran sf irmatlon which
taki n i lace ,ithln that peril d
Borne of the sue al customs i f
In truth the changes due to
growth of tin- tea s'lop habit have fal
li n little sborl of social revolution.
really difficult even for thorn
Id enough to remember how
'people managed to get on without
what now appears to be an absolute
Ii Is strange that, like many greal
discoveries, the laot that there wns
a widespread demand for light refresl
ments such as tea and coffee, rolls
and eggs iu the middle of the day was
made by accident. Smnll tables wen
dubiously placed in certain shops rs
tabllshed for th" aale of bread, bul
the demand soon became bo enormous
that tha sale of bread retired Into the
b lekgioutid and tlie business of Ugh;
refreshments became the really prom
Inent branch.
Demand  Still  Unlimited.
It would now seem its If lhe demand
for light refreshments In London was
practically unlimited. Nei onlv nn
there lea shops, started by rival com
panics, occupying almost ever) other
shop In the more crowded psrts of the
city und the West, End, bul nearly all
the  large  stores  nml  drapery  estab
S'.yle cf  Intonation  Adopted by Some
Severely Criticised.
London, March 2.    Four bishops today expressed  their view  In the up-
���r house of tbo convocation of Cun-
I'burv   by   the   present   style intonation  by the clergy  in  many churches
and  a resolution  was adopted  to the
effect that evidence of training in the
production of the natural    voice    in
public   reading   and   public   speaking !
should be regarded as a necessary pre
llmlnary   to  requirement  for admission to the dlaconate.
The Bishop.of Chichester condemn
ed the church, voice. "Many :i time,"
lo- said, "one came across a clergyman who spoke very nicely outside a
church, but din ctly he got on his
legs or on his knees in church be
lost his natural   voice and  spoke    In
has thla miserable church  voice,
in |    His   lordship   suggested   a  remedv
,ia,. tor he clerical throat which, he said
wm cultivated by bowing the head
when  reading.    "I   wish  every  young
the I clergyman  would have a pin with Its
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the construction ot a dredge hull 40
f   by 7V4 feet,
Further information and specifications may bo obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
Ml Westminster Trust. Block, New
Westminster,  II   C,
Tenders   wlll   be  delivered   to  the
��� undersigned, on    or    before fi p, m.
March  10,  1913.   The lowest   or any
ti nder, not necessarily accepted.
City  Clerk.
City Hall, March 1st 1513. (767)
i,��-iwi'n Vanoouver for Viotorla in a. m.,
.' p.  m. are)  1 I :*:..
Leaves Vancouver for Seattlo 10 a. m.
.ii.il 11 p.
nnil Northern  l'olnta
, days.
Leaven Vancouver   every Wednesday at
10 p. in
Chilliwack Service
LtfcVU   Wi-Htnilnnt'T   8   a.   ni
Li6*vee  Cbilltwaok   7   gl  m.
1 Thursday and Saturday.
BD.  QOULBT,   Agent.   New  W.
tt.   W.   BRODIlfl,  G.   1*.  A..  Van
Limited leaves at 7
Express leaves al  7
Express leaves at..
of  sending money
:B5 p.m.
.'.". a in.
. .2 p.m.
for your
- ������'tj-i'lV','1 J
point upwards just under his chin, li
Is a simple, but safe cure, for clergymen who lower their heads When
reading the lessons.
Shot     Man    Through     Window���Discharged at Trial���May Again Be
London. March -    The Bpeakcr for
the house of commons, .1. W, l.owftier,,
beam   his   tremendous   responsibility
in a way io make on" marvel at the
man,     li   was  lie   who   -_'ii\e   the   fam
ons   ruling    which    cans d    the    fran
chise bill to be withdrawn   by    tin
Thereby he brought aboul another
outbreak of militancy  by  tho  angry
; suffragettes   who   hnd   hoped   to   Bee
amendments to the bill passed, which!
I would enfranchise a certain number
I of women.
In all likelihood a atlll more H'
conflict will  arise  next  month
j the sume burning Issue, when
Lowther will again have to ai
part of fate. His powers are
described in tho words of Frank
" the
need   observer
n   the  llrilish
not, an  experh
human drama
"The speaker of the housi
mons Is not only the guard!
honor and privileges, Ms si
on tremendous occasions of
of the
Of com
'I of Its
'ate;   Is
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
P^O. Box 777.    ' *8  Lome  Street,   New  Westminster.
I tint  only   its guliler and  controller  In
i matters of routine and procedure, the
; expert   who bus  to administer  the religiously preserved precedent of oen
tnrles,  bul   is  also  the   mini   who  bus
to rule, regulate . Boften and reprove
over six hundred members, most of
whom have decided Individualities of
tlnir own
Not all the standing orders thai
over   were   Ihonghl   of   would   enable
the speaker to guide the liritish house
of commons  unless be  were  possess
ml   of  strung   human   i|imlit!es.     Mr.
l/owlher Is a  fine Up-Standing  fi
of the  Englishman   erect,    athletic
with well-poised head, clear blue eyes
and trim  Iirown  beard.
I'.xterniilly, he wns always good lo
see. Never was there ll niiin whom
the daily knee breeches, buckled
shoes, black gown, anddeep-flowing
wig,  suited  better."
Ilshmonts have established reBtaurani
on   their   own   premises   which   seem
just  iis successful.
Hut the establishment of the tea led
lo an even more gotable change;
turned afternoon lea from a l.i.ur*.
to an necessity, In the pr<��-tea Bhoi
days en men never thpuehl nf tak
Ing afternoon tea. bnt with the tno
shop place close to his door Ihe e'tv
man wns easily lured Into lhe habit
of tea drinking  In  the  nfternr.on.
Then |i wan the presence of the
waitress tbat mnde tea shoos popular
wiiii women, who had felt themselves
quite oneiiual to facing the supercll
lous masculine waiter.
Now if anyone wishes to cona'der
this social evolution In n ser'ou
spirit it is hardly possible to doii'r
that Hi" t"i shon habit hns mad" fn��
happiness and on the whole for health
Certainly on Ihe h.tpp'ness side ver"'
little douhl  ran  bo Mt,
A Boon and a Blessing.
Hut while the tea shop Is undoubi
edly "a boon and a blessing," there
is a side to it which Ib In gre-it need
of ref inn. it will not be disputed
thai   the  foundation   of  commercial
Success hns been laid upon the discovery hat "no tips" and good refreshments are apnrecialed by ,;i
publlc, Bul do the unimaginative
thousands who visit th��se establish
ments susnecl  the enndlt'on In which
the neat and overworked waitresses
The girls must he of an exceptlona'
Character nnd live nt n good home
They must, be of good appearance imd
of robust health. They are expented
lo work Cheerfully for very Inn"
hours In heated rooms. For nil this
ure|Ihey are paid Mie wrelched wage of
$2.50 a  week.
Can onn wonder ai the Inducement
these girls have, to adopt a life of concealed Irregularity? Meantime tbe
two principal tea shop establishments
in txmdon are paying handsome div
dends at the rate of front 26
per cent.
llerlin,  March  2.    A  curious (level
opmint has occurred in tx murder cam���'���
which  has occupied   the  attention   of
the police H;r years, and was supposed '
to be disposed  of by the acquittal of I
the   only   person   at   whose   door   the
crime could be laid a year ago.
A small official named llehni disappeared from his home, a cottage in
the woods at Iiabendorf, some miles
from llerlin. His wife said that after
a quarrel he had It ft the house, telling her he was going away.
Investigation Bbowed thai there was
* \ery ro;i; on lo suppose that Hi bin
had been murdered His wife had u
lover, a Well-digger, named Kolbe.
,uid it was shown that on a night
when Hell ill w;;s Been by neighbors
working or reading In his sittingroom
with his hack to the lighted window
Kolbe wan also seen about, and a shot
was heard.
Shot   Through   Window.
Small shot was found In the room,
and there wan strong circumstantial
evidence lo show Hint Kolbe shot the
unsuspecting man from without
through the window.
The only thing wanted to complete
the claim of evidence was the body,
which could not bo fonnd. Kolbe and
the woman were arrested, and Kolbe
was put on trial for the murder of
Kolbe, and everyone supposed that the
last had been heard of tho matt' r.
The police, however, continued to
| look for Hehm, and a few dayB ago
i managed to extort a confession from
Bebm'B wife, who hnd led them to the
|body, which had been burled in a
sandpit, and Kolbe was rearrested.
Worthy   of   Credence.
The evidence against him Is damnatory, but there Is a legal difficulty in
the way. Ile has been acquitted of
the charge, und Is protected by the
"chose Jiidgee," unless It can be shown
th it he hns since made a confession Of
lhe crime "worthy of credence." Kolb
It seems, was silly enough, In his
triumph over his acquittal, to tell
tavern acquaintances that he did kin
Hehm, lu spite of Judge and Jury's
word to Ihe contrary. He now denies
having said anything Of the kind, except perhaps lu Joke.
Whether he has  to face   a second
trial for hlH life depends on Ihe view
the court takes of his alleged confessions,  whether  Ihey  were ever made,
to BO j and, If ho, whether they are "worthy
lot credence."
Tenders,    in    duplicate,    endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for the supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's fillings.   b'Kits   and   shoes,   shoemakers'
fittinc-i.   meat,   fish.   milk,   vegetables,
groceries,   feed,   drugs,   etc.,   for   the
use  of   the   said   institution,   and   the
furnishings   of funerals, from the 1st
day of April next to the 31bI of .Vlnrcli
1914,   will   b  eceredelvshrdl  bralhrdl
j 1-314. will be received by the Hon. the
j l'rovlncial   Secretary   until   noon   on
.Saturday, Ihe ir.th proximo.
Lists  of  tbe articles   required  can
| be  seen  at  the  Hospital,  at   which
! plac������> samples can  also be Inspected
All  stioplles to be delivered at the
I Hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
��� fulfillment of each contract will be
j required.
Tenders wlll not be considered un-
, less mad- out on the forms, which
jean be obtained from the Hursar of
Ithe Hosnltal or the undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
j Provincial Secretary's Office, 27th
February,   1913. (758)
St.  Paul
friend's passage from the old Country you will Had It to your advantage
to purchase tickets from
ED   QOCI.KT, Agent
New Westminster
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A. G. BEATON, Proprietor. MONDAY,   MARCH   3-   1913
I lie
111 uit   nird The  Cnnfitnias
uiuiT especialT"
There wns a movement nbore ibem       	
so pronounced tbat H Bttraried Frpflc- j    "You  can."  snld  the nneel  stoutly.
ins'  attention, even  in  tlmt  extreme |-'because n  promise means so much
mure to you Hum It does to most men."
A    look    of    strength    Hushed    Into
Freckles' fnee nt ber words.
"I nm rendv," In- mild.
Willi the llrst tnut'll bis eyes closed.
n   nihility   gronn   wus  wrenched   from
htm, and lie luy senseless.    The antfel
gave Dunenn one panic stricken look.
Then she set her lips and gathered ber
forces again,
"I   guess  thnt's  n  good  thing."  she
"Angel, ean ii man lie remembering j admiralty for the establishment of a
a promise when he ain't knowing'." I "^"g station. Tho government wlll
he linked.
"You  can
hour He looked up. mid ii pleased
smile lllckereil  Into bis drawn   face
"Why. If It Hint me little chicken!'
be cried hoarsely "He must be niiik
in(I bis very tlrst trip from the loft
.Now Imiii'iiii cun have his big water
Ing trough."
"II wns little ctiliken thnt mnde mc
lute." faltered the nngel,    "I  wns so
ntiitlotis to get  here curly   I   forgot to
bring bis breakfast from the cnrrliige    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lie must luive been  very  hungry,  for i 8n|<j     "Maybe  be won't   feel how  we
probably   take  over   the  property   on
March 1.
The site ls easily approached on
Ihe land Bide and Is hidden from view
from the sea by Hayllng Island and
Chichester harbor. It was officially
inspected   laBt ��� week.
A gronn of hofror burst from the dry
throats nf the men. and. rending the
agony ln their faces, nie stopped abort,
gin in ill up and understood
"South!" shouted Mc 1-ean. "Itun
south!" *
Tbe poor child was helpless. It was
patent tbat abe did not know which
way south waa Tbere wus another
slow shiver of tbe tree. Tbe rest of
tbe gang stood as if rooted, but freck
les sprung past tbe trunk aad weni
leaping In great bounds. Ue raugbt
up tbe angel and dashed through the
thicket for safety Tbe swaying trunk
wns luilf over wben. just for un "in
���ntnrit. a neurby tree stayed Ita fun
They saw Kreckles' foot ciitcb. and
���wllb the nngel be plunged headlong.
A cry broke from the men, nnd Mc
Lean covered his fnce. Instantly
Kreckles wns up. with the nngel In
tils iirms plunging on again. The out
er limbs were on them wbeu they
saw Kreckles nurl the nngel. face
���down. In tlie muck, aa far from blm as
he could senil Her. Springing after
In nn Ht tempi to cover ber body wltb
tils owu. tie whirled to see If they were '
still in danger, uud with mnsm-ii^u-id !
arms   braced   himself   for   the   sin-Ml
The   brunches  shut  thetn   from   siirhl   i
and lhe awful crash risked the earth
Mi*I i'iin nnd Dum-uu nm  with uses
mul snivs.     I'be rest of tlie gaim  fol
lowed, and ihey worked tike madmen
ll xeemed an age berore ihey caught ;
u   glimpse  ot   the  angel's  blue  dress   i
[and   lt   renewed   their  vigor.    Dunenn I
fell on  his knees  beside ber and tore |
when I passed the log be sinned nfter
me. Ile was so wabbly, nnd so slow
getting from tree In tree ami Ibrougb
tbe bushes. I just hnd lo wait ou bliu.
for 1 couldn't drive blm back "
A spasm of fierce pain shook
Freckles, nnd a look of uncertainty
crossed his fnce.
"All summer I've heen thanking God
for the fulling of tbe feather und all
tbe delights It's brought me." he unit
lered.   "but thin- looks llke"-
Ile raised questioning eyes to Me
"I can't belp being Irish, bnt I can
help being superstitious." he snld "1
mustn't be laying It to tbe Almighty,
nor to me bird, must I?"
"No. dear lod." suld Mcl.enn. stroking
Ibe brilliant hair. "The choice luy with
vou Yuu could bave stood n rooted
dull like all Ibe rest of us. lt ivi��
through your grent love nnd your high
courage that you made the saorlllee."
"Don't yon he so naming it. -sir!'
cried Kreckles. "It's (usi ihe reverse
If 1 could fie giving me body tbe hun
dred times over tn save hers from tbls.
ure hurting li I in Ob, boys, are you
being quick and gentle."
She stepped to tbe side of tbe cot
and bathed Freckles' fine Taking bis
band In hers, sbe gave the word to
stun. Sbe told tbe men to nsk every
nblebodled man ibey met to Join them
so tbnt they could change csrrieri
often and make good time.
The Bird Woman Insisted npon taking tbe angel Into the cnrrliige nnd following tbe cot. but the angel refused
In lenve Frecklea nnd Suggested that
the Rlrd Woman drive nbeiid. pack
thetn some clothing, snd he nt thr sta
ilun ready to accompany them tn Chicago All the way the augel walked
beside the cot, shading Freckles' fnce
and holding his band. At every pause
In change carriers she moistened bis
face nnd lips mid counted eaeb breath
with heartbreaking anilely.
She scarcely knew wben her father
jollied tbem, and, taking the brunch
trom her, -slipped nu arm nhout ber
waist und almost curried her alonn
To the city streets nnd thr swarm ot
curious, staring faces she paid no more
I'd be doing It nnd tuke Joy with every I attention than she mid to the trees of
pain " j the Umberlost.   When ihe train pun
He turned with n smile of adoring
tenderness to ttie angel she scarcely
seemed to benr or understand what
was coining, but she bravely tried to
answer Hint smile
"Is me forehead covered wltb dirtV"
he iKlied.
She shook her bend.
"You did once." ne gn��pcd.
Instantly she laid ber lips on his
forebead. tben on each cheek, nnd then
in a Ions kiss on bis litis.
"Kreckles."   said   McLean   brokenly.
title  muck   from  underneath   ber  with j "you will uever know bow 1  love y
Ills bands    in u few seconds he drag
|Red hit out. choking nnd stunned
Freckles   Iny  a   little  farther  under ;
��� he tree, u mc iimti pinning blm down
(iiiiunii   is-gnn   mining   beneath   blm. i
#nit Freckles stopped mm.
"You can't be moving me." he said.
"You must cul off the limb and llfl It.
I  know."
Two  men  ran  for the big saw.    A
dumber nl them laid bold or the limb !
and  bore up     In  a   little time It  was
oft. and Freckles lay free.
Ibe men bent over blm to lift blm,
lint be motioned Ibem away.
"Don't Is- toui-Iiiub me until I rest a i
tilt." he pleaded
Then   be  iwlsled   blR  heart   until   he
naw the angel, wbo wns digging muck
from  ber  eyes and   wiping  It off ber '
fnce on the skirt of ber dress.
������Try to Brt lip." ne ht-scist.
McLean bellied ute nocel to her feet.
"Do you think nny bones nnr tiro-
ken?" gnsped Freckles. "You aee If
j'ou can find nny. sir."
McLean assured Freckles that she
was not seriously Injured.
Freckles settled buck with n amlle
���of Ineffable tenderness on bis face.
"Thnuk the Lord!" be hoarsely
The angel broke from Mcl/rnn.
"Now. Freckles, you!" she cried.
���"It's your turn.    Please get up!"
A pitiful spasm swept Kreckles'face.
Th�� nnrei took ho'rt of tils band
-Frecklea, get tipr
It was half command, half entreaty.
"Easy, angel, easy. Let me rest a
bit first." implored Freckles.
Bbe knelt beside blm. lie reached
his arm about ber end drew ber up
closely. lie looked at McLean In an
agony of entreaty that bruugbt tbe
lioss to his knees on tbe other side.
"Ob, Freckles!" McLean cried. "Not
that! Burely we con do something)
We must!   Let me see!"
He tried to unfasten Freckles' neckband, but his Angers shook so clumsily
tbnt the nngel pushed them away nud
herself Inld freckles' chest bare.
Wltb just one bnsty glance she gatb-
Vou   won't   go   without   saying   good
by to me.'"
Thai word stung the angel to quick
comprehension She started us IT
rou-<iiii_ trom sleep
"tiuiKlbyV" sbe cried sharply. "Hood
by: What do you mean: Who's saying good by'; Where could Freckles go
when be Is hurt like this but to the
hospital'! You call up tbe men. We
must start right away."
its no use. augel," snin Freckles;
"I'm thinking Ivry bone In me breast
is smashed. You'll have to be letting
nie go!"
"I will not." said the nngel ttntly
"You nre nllve. Ynu nre breathing
and no matter how badly your bones
nre broken, wbnt are grent surgeons
for bul to fix yon up nnd make you
well again?"
"Ob. nngel!" moaned Freckles. "I
can't! You don't know how bud It ts
I'll die thr minute you are for trying
to lift me!"
"Of course you will. If yon make np
lour mind to do It," said the angel
",!e��llr vol- bnve to do it Kreckles.
oo matter now it nurta you, ror yoo
did tbla for me, and now 1 must save
you, so you mlgbt as well promise.
You will promise, Freckles?"
"Angel, darllq' angel." pleaded
Freckles, "you ain't understanding,
and I can't for the life of me be telling
you. but. ludade. It's best to be letting
me go."
He appealed to. McLenn.
"Dear boss, you know! Yon be telling her tbat. for me. living Is fur
worse pain than dying. Tell her you
know death Is the best tblug could
ever be happening to met"
Minister Tells  cf St'<>nge   Events  Ir
Connection  With   Burial  Services.
One afternoon I wns sitting in tin
������������-try ot the cemetery chape] whei
the ruperintendenl rushed In.
"Com ��� up to the South Wulk al
once, .-ir. T'other minister's faller
Into t' grave und hurted 'issell," h<
I Rung on my surplice and hurried
to Ih? grave.
My colleague was sti'l nt th? bottom of it ��� it wn" a new one, and 11
fis-t deep. He had n curious trick ol
closing his eyes when saying thi
prayers, and had swayed careleselj
into the cavity. He wns now mukinii
(rantic efforts to extricate him-ielf
but in vain, ns he had slightly injur
i ' his knee. The gravediggers eventually procured a ladded and lifted
him out, and I took the remainder ol
the service���he wa* too shaken tc
continue. Very fortunately the inci-
d    t did not get into the newspaper*.
I had u rathe- alarming expTienc"
in another Yorkshire cemetery. I was
Many Women  Were Heroes in  Struggle Against Napoleon���Augusta
Kruqer'a    Iron   Cross,
Berlin, March 2.���The year 1918
marks a notable passage In Ihe history of Prussia. A hundred years
ago Prussia rose against Napoleon,
who was already weakened by the retreat from Moscow, and with the help
of the AustriaiiB, and also a very
large body of Russians, they managed
to drive the French army over tbe
frontier, after defeating It In the tremendous two days' struggle at Leipzig.
Many are the centennial celebrations
that are arranged for this year, and
aB a conclusion, lt Is hoped that the
Czar will visit the battlefield of Leipzig at the end of the year in company with the Kaiser. The Russian
co-operation at Leipzig, It should be
explained, was particularly Btrong and
Every one shows the dealer a larger profit, but
none possess the flavour of
or give the same satisfaction to the tea drinker.
Black, Mixed and Green. Sealed lead packets only.
IHEI   cn light   Freckles'   hand   to
her breast, and. beuding oj\er
blm.    looked    deep    lulu    sis
stricken eyes
" Angel.   I   give  you   my   word   of
honor thai 1 wlll keep right on breathing'    That's  whin  you   nre  going  to
promise me." she said.    "Uo )0u say
Freckles  hesitated.
"Freckles,"   Imploringly  commanded
the nngel. "you do say it!"
"Yls," gnspeii Freckles.
Tbe nngel sprang to tier feet
"Then   that's   all   right."   she  said,
with  a   tinge of   ber old   time  brisk
��� ness.     "You   Just   keep   snwing   Hwuy
{ like n steam engine aud 1  will do ull I
tbe rest."
���    The eager men gathered about her
"It's going to be n lough pull
| get Freckles out." she said, "lull It's
i our only chance. You four there gel
on those wngon horses nnd ride lo
the sleeping lent, (let the stoutest
cot, a couple nf comforts and n pll
1 low. Hide back wllb tbem some way
to snve lime. If yon meet nny oilier
men of the gang send tbem on here
to help carry the cot We won't risk
Iho Jolt of driving wltb htm, 'Unrest of you cleur a pntb out to the
road. and. Mr. McLean, you take
Nellie nnd ride to town. Tell my
father how Freckles Is hurt uud that
he risked It to snve me. Tell blm
I'm going In tuke Freckles 10 Chicago
on   Ibe   noon   train   anil   I   wnn
j ed In and the gang placed Freckles
| aboard, Duncan mnde n pluce for the
��� angel beside tbe col
Wltb the best physician to be found.
! nnd   with  the   Hird   Woman  and   Mc
j Lean  in  attendance, tbe four  hours'
run to Chicago begun     Not for nn In-
, stnnl would (be nngel yield her place.
I or nllow nny one else lo do anything
; for him.    The  Bird  Woman nnd  Mc
1 I,enn   regarded   her   In   amazement.
j The only   time she spoke was to nsk
; McLean   ir   he   was   sure  the  special
I would be ready on the Pittsburg line
Ile replied that It  was made up nnd
At  fi o'clock   Freckles  lay  stretched
on tbe operating tnble of Lake  View
hospltnl.   while  three  of  the  greatest
surgeons  In   Chicago   bent   over   him
j Al tbelr command, Mcl.enn picked up
the   unwilling   nngel   and   carried   ber
j out to tbe nurses  io lie bathed,  have
j her brulseB  attended   to,  und  be put
| to heit
In a place where It Is difficult tn sur
prise   people,    tbey    were   astonished
; women   ns   tbey   removed   the  angel's
dainty    stained    nnd    torn    clothing,
peeled   off   bose   tniick   baked   to   Uer
limbs, soaked the dried loam from her
silken hnlr und washed the beautiful,
j scratched, brutseo. dirt covered body
The angel roll fast asleep long before
tbey bad finished, and lay deeply unconscious, while tbe light for Freckles'
I life was being waged.
j    Three days later she wna np early
and hovering near Freckles' door.
The surgeon was with him. The
nngel bud been told lbat tbe word
he brought tbat morning would lie
liiinl. so she curled up In n window
seat, dropped tbe curtains behind ber,
and. In dire anxiety, walled the opening of that closed door.
.lust ns It unclosed. McLenn came
hurrying down tbe ball and up to the
surgeon, but with one glance at bis
face be stepped bnck In disomy, and
the nngel. who bad risen, sank to tbe
teat agnln, too dated lo come forwnrd.
Tbe men faced eaeb otber. The
nngel, wltb parted lips and frightened
eyes, bent forwnrd In tense anxiety.
"1-1 thought he was doing nicely?"
faltered McLenn.
"He   tiore   tbe  operation   well,"   replied  tlie   surgeon,   "nnd   bis   wounds
are not  necessarily fatal.    1 told  you
tbat yesterday, but I did not tell yon
that   something   else   would   probably
kill him. nud ll wlll.   Ue need not die
from  the  accident,  but   he  wlll   not
live tbe day   out   because  he .so  evidently   prefers   death   to   life.     If   he
were full of hope nnd ambition to live,
my work would be ensy.   If nil of you
love  blm  as yon  prove you  do,  und
there Is unlimited meuns to give blm
anything   he   wants,   wby   Bhould   he
deslro death?"
"Is be dying?" demanded McLenn.
"Ile ls," suld the surgeon.    "He wlll
| not   live   tbls   day   out,   unless   some
I strong reaction sets ln at once,    lie is
so low  that, preferring death  to  life,
I nuiure   cannot   overcome   his   Inertia
| If he Is to live, be must be made to
desire life."
"Then he must die," snld McLenn.
"Does tbat mean that you know
wbnt be desires und cannot, or will
not, supply Hi"
."II menus." said McLenn desperately,
"Ihat I know what he wants, .but It is
us fur removed from my power to give
II to him us lt would be lo give blm n
slur Tbe thing for wblcb be will die
lie inn never have."
"Then you must prepare for tbe end
very shortly." suld tbe surgeon,  turning abruptly nway.
McLean cnugbt his nrm roughly.
"Look here!" be cried In desperation,
"You sny  Unit ns If I t'OIIld do sonie-
blm | ihliig ir I  would.    I It'll ynu tbe boy
If ! Is denr to mo past expression.    I would
walking along a country road, taking jai   least   22,000   Russian   troops   were
a   constitutional,   when    a    mourning! killed   in  the  fight.
coach dashed up to me, full gallop. Histories  of    the    war,    generally
"Are you a clergyman, sir?" shout-j known as "the war of liberation," are
ed the driv. r. "The minister hasn't also being issued on different degrees
come, and thousands and thousands of so-called "patriotic" lyricism and,
of people has been waiting in the naturally enough, one or two of these
cemetery lor the last two hours."       (deal with the part that women played
The deceased,  it   appeared,   waa a  in  the  war.    In  one of these.  Major!
well-known    sporting    publican.    The! Noel, one of the chief students of the
clergyman  who  had   promised  to of-  history  of  thiB  campaign,    gives    a!
ficlate    had    evidently    forgotten   all; sketch of the career of 17 daughters
about it, and had gon�� somewhere elsejof prUBSia who were especially prem
ier the afternoon.    But the awkward
inent  In  the  fight.
part, ai fur in 1 was concerned, began |     Incidentally,   the   book   shows  that
when I reached the chapel which was, in 8everal cases prussjan women were
surround! d by a mob of angry colliers
To my amazement there wa.> a yell
of execration when I appeared. It
suddenly dawned upon tne that 1
was being mistaken for tin- missing
clergyman. I tried to explain, but
it was no use.
" 'E ought to he chucked into t'
grave'" dry roared, am' there was
an ugly rush toward me
But   the  undertaker    '
the difficulty.    He had
and   succediil    in   convincing
Every Woman
1* Interested end thonld know
bwii the -wonderful
Marvel **%*��*
Auk jour -InKlit I
It.  It a* -r-vrmot supply
I tlio   MARVHU accept ao
1 elite,   but sen-} stump for Ulns-
. tratcd book���sealed. It gives fall"
\ psrUcnlAi-fl anil direction* ttiv-iloable
I U>ladl��.wiNOeoRseFPL.'yco..wtiHtoor,oo��
GeiMrml A.eota for C*****.
most   capable   as   soldiers,     able    -to
command and ready to obey, as well
as being able to withstand the hardships of campaigning.    Maria Werder.
a  woman of  Silesia,   was  allowed  to
serve as a hussar in the same regiment   as   her   husband,   who   was   a
wealthy landowner.
She   was   wounded   in   several   en-
���vns   equal  to'fiagements, and saw her husband shot
a tremendous (Jpa<i b>' hrr side at Leipzig.   Eleonora
_ ; Procltaska   engaged   under   the   name
! the moh that I was not the offending of  "Carl   Rpnz"   in   the   Light   Horse
party.    They  then    subsided   and   I   '���'"*** onl-v ls- a,ld several poets have
took the funerai without interference.' wrl"en   of   ner  courage   and   of   her
But    the   absmtminderl    c'.ergvmnn.death -iU3t before the  battle of Leip-
foui'.d   it   expedient   t'i lo��ik   out for P'S-   A monument stands to her mem-
another sphere of work soon after this. ior-v 'n 'he cemetery at l'otsdam.
The very strangest event I ever ex-j     Augusta  Kruger was   the  only  wo-
perienced, out of all the thousands of  rrai>.   however,   to   receive   the   Iron
funerals I hnve taken, was as follows;: Cross,  as a  reward   for valour.    For
It was a dingy little church, and the!hPr bravery and presence of mind a'
afternoon    was    growing    dark.    The Dannewltz   she   was   promoted  to  be
co!lin  wns in  front of me,  upon low; sergeant.    She was prominent in sev-
trestlee.   Suddenly, during a break in eral subsequent    ngagements.
the service, I heard, moat distinctly, |J______��� ��.^���.
coming from the direction of the cof
fin, sounds of prolonged scratchinu. I
then tap, tap, tap. like a finger-nail i
rapping upon wood. It gave me a
shock, I can tell you. The undertaker heard it, too, and stepped forwnrd. with his eyes bulging out ol
hi* head, and put his ear to the coffin.
Then he suddenly glanced down at
the floor, and came up to my prayer
desk, smiling behind his hand.
"It's only a rat or a mouse down
'.' - grating, sir," he whispered.
There was a grating, connected with
the heating apparatus, immediately
beneath the coffin, and it was from
this that the sounds were emanating.
Tb.-re was nothing alive in ths coffin.
after all. But, all the same, I cou'd
hardly finish the service for nervousness.
May I add here thnt there is no
cls.��s of the community more cheerful
arid jolly than undertakers, grave-
digg rs, and cemetery employes generally. It Is a part of their professional duly to look melancholy and
sympathetic, and by a very natural
reaction, when they are off duty, their
minds turn towards chcerfulikess.
Feasts -of   Victor   Hugo.
Victor Hugo's powers of digestion
were ol no ordinary caliber. In sumo
reminiscences contributed to the Paris
Temps M. Edouard Lock rap relate*
that the [oet when served with crayfish invariably ate then) whole, swallowing the clnws nnd shell with great
gusto. Oranges were dealt with in
tbe same way, the peel being eaten
with as much relish as the Iruit. \
dinner party at Hugo's was n tryimj
ordeal for p'eople of normal appetites.
"On ocrnsioiis." write- M. l.ockroy,
"we were fed lor three hours without
Intermission, And ufter forty minutes'
respite in thc drawing-room we were
matched bnck to partake of pastry
and sll lips."
Tlio'.ionrds ef Tons ot Dust.
According tu the estimates ol a Government expert, who has given much
attention to the study
ah'.e j'lei "inena of ^^^^^^^^^^
Storms in ih' arid regi"iis ol the we.-t,
every cubic mile ol the lower u;r during an ordinary "dry storm" contain*
.it lenst 'J^i tons of dii.-t, while in
severe storms <>f this kind as inucn
as 120,000 tons of du.-t and sand may
lip contained in a cubic mile of air.
Dust storms sometimes last lor twenty  or thirty hours.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:09, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
. For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundaya���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with  week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars te Steveston and otber points on Lulu Island ls made at Eburne.
For Chilliwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:05 p.m.
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.   Paper Hanging our
Specialty.   Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering    34 Begble street.     Phone 393.    Ed. Alkock.
SS. "Prince Rupert" I
3,500 tona, 7,000 Horse-power. I
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east of
Prince Rupert.
Connecting with S. S. "PRINCE JOHN" on certain dates for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points.
S.S. "PRINCE Al.BERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destimatloss and to Europe. Your
choice ot rail and ocean HueB.'J ' �����_i_^._^_^._^._^^._^���
H. G. SMITH, C- P. fc T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street
All Tel
1 elepKones
Lead to
!.f the rciimrk-
dust   and  .-ami
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
******** a, r t^^itf^
vfftl the clothlnK luKi'ther and Blip*
(ied her nrm under hla liend. l''l'BCltlei
.llfled eyes of iiuiiny to Iters.
"Vou see'/" be suld
-The ntiRel nodded dumbly.
Vrerkles turned to McLean.
"Thank   you   for   everythlnff,"
"Wbere are the boys?"
lo hold It If we are a little lule. .^���^^m���^m-^m-^���m
be can't limn hnve a speclul ready nt j do itujlbltyj���spent! nny sum. Yeu lime
ewwonta tbe station and another on tbo IMtts- ��� noticed and repeatedly commented on
bUI'B nt Kort Wnvne. ho wu enn bo \ uM. jounit clrl wllli nie. It Is Unit
sirnl'-lit through. You needn't mind child ibnt lie waulsl lie worships nee
loarluu us. The Bird Woman win be m mlomtlon, and knowing he cun never
here soon I hp unytliluR to  her.  lie prefers death
Wben   tbey   stood   ready   to   lift ': lo life     In Gods name, wbnt can I
Kreckles the nnKel bent over hlin lu   do about It?"
a passion of tenderness. (To Be Continued.)
"Denr old  Umlierlost (juard, we're |  ���
going to lift you now," sbe said.    "I   BRITISH  ADMIRALTY
Our  Imagination.
We worry a lot over troub.co  ...... i.
pever materialize. The ^renter part '.(I "
���ur woes lives in our imagination, On*
that w* waste our strength ai.d nerve j
���i>rce, leuvtiig a rather weak prop on |
wlvlch to lean in real adversity. Trou*
nie wo must meet���that it*, inevitable |
- but we dn not have to live It through'
twice, lhe lirst time In imagination.
A fear ol what the future contain-! is
D   clog  upon  our   heels   nnd   prevents
the achievement of many an Important deed.
T"-They nre "all" bere." said the boss, mipect you w111 falnt from tbe paln
Woman."                                      ...._, forgot I?    ,PI?   h���if   .m|la   touched  oast of  Portsmouth,  have,  according
-It's no use trying to do anything. A   whimsical   half   smile   toucneo                              ^ r        ^ by ^
aald Kreckles.   "Too jron't rotjret O* Freckles' oulverlng Up*.    *��� -���
Always   Room   For   One   More.
"That's the tenth can of lafdlnes
you have ordered," said the r llway
magnate, "Aren't ynu afraid you will
make yourself sick?"
"J'm not eating them," replied the
employe with inventive ; enius. "I
think I'm on the track ol a way to
get more people into a street car.'
An Accident at Sea.
"So you say you're an old time
sailor. Did you ever have any accidents while at sea'r"
"Once, mum, 1 dropped a bowl ol
1. '. soup ln an old lady's lap.'
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power.
MONDAY,   MARCH   3>   1913
���   -4
^member lhe Place
"UFisMhit     Phone 2
Pork and Beans, Clark's 2 lb.
cans, extra special ipiality;
regular   15c  straight;   todaj   2
for 25c
Knisens, 10 oi. packages, today
3 for 25c
i'aimed Peaches, Hunt's, sold
anywhere at 25c; today wo will
sell per tin  15c
New shipment of our Royal City
Tea just arrived from Ceylon.
Oon't forget to try a pound at
35c, 3 lbs. for  $1.e0
Peek Freans Shortcake. We
sold flvo tins of these blsculls
yesterday. Come In and sample
them. The price ls ridiculous;
per lb 35c
Wiltshire Bacon, per lb 40e
Sliced   45=
Ayrshire Bacon, sliced, lb. ..35c
Fresh Tongue, sliced, lb. ...60c
Pork Pies 20c and 35c
Sausage, Cambridge, lb 20o
Pork, per lb 25c
Headcheese, bowl  15c
Scotch Oatcakes 2 for 25c
Eighteen large, juicy, unfrozen
Oranges for 25c
Spitzenburg,   the     best     table
Apple grown 3 lbs. for 25c
Davles'  Eggs,  guaranteed,    per
dozen 50;
Ranch Eggs, per dozen ...,40c
California Fresh Eggs, 3 dozen
for  90c
! Public Supply JStores
... h. ADAMS        S. K. BRIQGS
Mrs. E. tloulct will not receive
| Monday, March 'i.
After putting ln a strenuous week
ture of Implements of warfare and
battleships, referring to the latter as
examples of wasted labor.
He favored arbitration in all interna-!
tlonal troubles and objected to war,
even as the last means of settling a
dispute between two countries.
The subject of Itev. Mr. Douglas' ad-
dross was "The Red Hone of War"
and he took MS text from the book of
Revelations. In opening he commented upon the Balkan war aud ..poke upon Its effects.
I     He     stated     that     nou-comlialants
mm f msi ci��
Vancouver Firm Will Carry Out Proposed   Improvements for the
Sum  of $700,000.
About Trustees
"To appoint any private person a sole trustee is always regarded
as an extremely dangerous thing���for the trust
estate. The court itself
acts on this rule inflexibly."
"The   position   of   a
trustee is one neither of
honor nor of profit.   It
involves   the   responsibilities of wealth without the enjoyment of it.
It drags you into other
people's    affairs.      It
endangers   the   provisions you hope to make
for your own family. It
may outlast your health,
strength and ability to
cope with it and it may
mean financial disaster
for   your   own   estate
after you are  in your
These are extracts
from the Canadian Law
Times for October, 1911.
They state clearly the
opinions of legal experts as to the unwisdom of entrusting your
estate after death to a
private trustee.
The Dominion Trust
Company, Limited, with
assets of $4,090,94-"), is
authorized by law to act
as executor and trustee.
Its faithful performance of a trust is guaranteed by the total assets of the Company.
A booklet will be sent
free on request. Write
for it today.
Dominion Trust Co.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
on Vancouver Island Mr. R. A. Stoney | would have to tak
paid  a visit  lo his home In the city
on Satuiday and yesterday.
W. Day. electrician, agent for Hot
Point irons; fixtures and wiring ol
all kinds. Phone 12U9, 28 Sixth street,
opposite Postoffice. U60)
Skating sessions at the Queens park
arena  every   afternoon  and  evening
I Competent instructors to  teach    the
beginners. i767'
The city council hold their regular
meeting tonight at 8 o'clock, when it
is expected several Interesting and
important matters will bo submitted
for discussion by the different committees.
With the exception of one section
of the building, in which no students
are detained, the Quarantine on the
Columbian college has been raised on
order of Dr. A. I.. McQuarrie. The
usual program of classes will be resumed today.
A. Hardinan, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Uakery
Telephone 231. (1��9)
The bodies of the five Hindus killed
lu the railway accident at Port Moody
on Friday morniug, were cremated
the same night in the new city. The
inquest will be held this evening by
Dr. McQuarrie, coroner for the district, in the provincial police office,
Port Moody.
Fraser Mills, Y. M. C. A., Moose.
Sapperton. Pick your choice of winners for Tuesday and be sure you at
tend the games. First game starts
at 8:30. Two hours fun for one price
of admission. (76'")
Rev. Ronald MeLeod of St. Andrew's
church, North Vancouver, delivered a
daelic sermon before a largo congregation lu the new Presbyterian church
at Edmonds yesterday afternoon. The
Bernion was very interesting and was
appreciated by those who were fortunate enough to bo present.
The sternwheeler leaver arrived
back in port on Saturday after making
a successful trip up river to Chilliwack. Since the Heaver was taken
off the run and overhauled at Victoria
freight has been piling up at the
different wharves along the river
bank, which will take several trips
to move.
A branch of the Union Hank of
Canada was opened for business on
Saturday. January 4, in the premises
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair
011 Columbia street. (7G1)
There will 'be no skating on Tuesday evening at the Arena. Two hocke.
games for one price of admission will
sides I'.jul in doing
:hat they would be interesting themselves in one man killing another.
Ho referred to the construction of
implements of warfare as a contribution towards the destruction of humanity. The same was true of battleships. The amount of labor expended
on the construction of the latter was
useless, as the ships would either be
thrown on the dump heap In a few
years time through becoming obselete
or would be destroyed in a fight
There was a fairly good attendance
at the meeting though It was apparent
that Rev. Mr. Douglas' addresse came
as a surprise to many. During tlie
course of the meeting Mr. Ira Snel-
grove of Vancouver contributed a
tenor solo of a most appreciable nature.
The students who are -still in the
hospital suffering from scarlet fever
are Miss Edith Jones, Miss Marjorle
Smith. Mr. Newitt and Mr. Ered Day.
With the exception of Miss Jones all
aro doing well.
Miss Marion Deane left on Saturday
for a two weeks' vacation.
Advices from Ottawa announce that
I the contract for the dredging of Pulse
I creek, Vancouver, has been awarded
I by thc- federal government to the Pa-
' ciflc Dredging Company, Limited, of
; Vancouver who were the lowest tend-
i erers of four concerns The formal
I award of the contract was made on
I Saturday Though the figure at which
i the contract was given has not been
disclosed, It Is understood to be
slightly above $700,000.
The work required to be done includes a channel 350 feet wide from
English Day to Main Btreet, to be a
uniform depth of 20 feet.
There are 3,300,000 cubic yards of
material to be removed according to
the estimates of the government engineer, who took bouiulings along the
creek. The work Ib required to be
completed within two years after the
contract  is  signed.
Udm   mil
I Correspondence *
FRASER    MILLS   NOTES.       ���
The Western Canada Lumber Com-
I pany shipped S50 cars ol lumber out
of their mills last month.
The sailing ship Dumfriesshire is
expected to have her cargo aboard
and ready for her voyage to South
Africa at tho end of th's month. She
will sail with 1,500,000 feet of lumber.
The schooner Oloha is expected soon
from Sydney, N.SAV. to tuke 1,000,000
Teet ot lumber for that port.
The Marmion arrived from Tod's
Inlet on Friday with a cargo of cement.
be staged that evening.
1707 I
Have juat been opened. For
style and quality    "The    Party
Hox" and "Chocolates ik-h Arte-
tocratcs" will aopeal to 'ho
most exacting candy lover. Free
samples for the ladles every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
|     The following  Is  the report   of   the
vital statistics department for Kebru*
' ary, 1918, as compared to the oorres-
\\ ponding  mouth  last  year:   February
1912, marriages, -tt; births, 42; deaths
137. February, 1913, Marriages, 20;
| births,   66;    deaths, 40.    ln January,
1913 there were marriages, 28;  births,
77; deaths, 43.
Hiport skate sharpening and rivet
inc. Osoar Swanson, 13 Hugbio street.
At a meeting of the Okanagan Telephone Company in this city on Friday evening it was shown in the reports that the company hnd expended
$345,724 iu the extensions of their
system in the district which thej
cover. Other reports showed the
progress made during the past month.-
of a most satisfactory  nature.
Hewing   Machines cleaned  and     ri^
paired.    See 0, N. Edmondson H. Co., I
corner   Sixth   avenue   and   Twelfth
street. (783)
Willi the compliments of Mr. 11.
P. Vidal, The News is in receipt of n I
copy of the Commercial Handbook ofl
Canada fur 1918, or Ueaton's Annual,
published by Heaton's Agency of Toronto. This is the ninth year thai
this  annual   bas   been   published   inn!
represents just about the last thing
i��o far as statistics and Information of
every town, province and government
throughout the Dominion is concemi d
|    Speaking on "An Adequate Gospel"
before his congregation In the Queens
! Avenue Methodist church last night
I Rev. \V. W, Abbott described the
transformation power of the scriptures and declared there was some
thing In them that appealed to men In
all stations of life, lie Illustrated his
sormon with a slory on the conversion of St. Paul.
A chance fnr tin. workingmnn.
Three roomed house near Bdmonds
S7S cash and $13 per month. Apply
Pattwaon �� Fisher, Edmonds.    (734)
Two car trains leaving this city
and Vancouver between tho hours of
6 and 9 every week day morning have
been placed on the Central Park line
Of the 11. ('. E. It. The multiple unit
system has been in force on tills section of the H. C. E. II. dining the evening rush for several weeks and this
new departure will no doubt be appreciated by the patrons of the company travelling to nnd from Vancouver  In  Ihe  early   morning  hours.
Two amateur hockey games at the
1 Arena Tuesday evening. General ad
i mission 25 cents. Reserved eeatB 25
| cents extra. First game starts at
i 8:30  o'clock. (767)
At a meeting of the Coquitlam Farmers' Institute held on Friday night in
the Burqultlam Agricultural hall the
audit of the books for 1912, by Messrs.
C. J Holme and R. J, C. Atkins showed a credit, of $41.50.
lu accordance with a previous resolution this sum will be divided equally
between the Burqultlam and Coqultlam Agricultural associations, subject
I however, to the payment of any sum
I that may be due to Mr, '.'. W, Lobb,
the  late  secretary.
Tho auditors could fiml no Item In
the bunks for salary or honorarium,
paid in Mr. Lobb. who is al present
in California, and they thought it proper to make this proviso,
Desultory discussions on weed destruction, fertilizers, fruit culture and
kindred subjects, took place and the
sepretary was finally Instructed to
write the agricultural department to
find out if it will le possible to get
government expert to visit Burqultlam thin spring and lecture on some
Bubject interesting  to the  members
of the Institute.
""A" subject will he suggested if the
department expresses a willingness to
supply a speaker.
Want Full Attendance.
The president, Mr. George Alderson,
impressed iinpn the meeting the great
expediency of a full attendance of
members at the lecture, provided the
department saw their way clear to
send a lecturer. Non-members would
iiIbo be welcome.
lie mentioned this, he Bald, because
he noticed 'nun newspaper reports
that similar lectures In other quarters  Were   111.I   att.-ntlel   as   llllIMerollsly
an they ought to be and tli" Institute
[should show its appreciation of the
government's efforts to fiirniih instruction and Information..
No Change in Name.
The suggestion of altering the name
of the Institute from Coqultlam to Hur-
qultlam, was made bul hi gbtlvod.
The president and Mr. Atkins pointed out thai the eastern portion ot Co-
n nit lu in was mil an Integral pari of
the municipality, altbougb Porl Coqultlam was imw dissevered from It
nnd that despite the facl thai East
Coqultlam, had agreed to Burqultlam
being ihe beadquarti im of the lnstl
Itute, it was still the same organization
land Ihe name could not be changed
without the sanction or the agricultural department   .
Although thai was BO there war no
reason why residents outside the municipality should nol become members
They would be readily admitted and
I There are now ?,2 member on the
Institute's lint and uihers hnve Intl-
mated an Intention to Join. The subscription Is only 50 cents nnd a determined effort Is to be made to extend the usefulness of the society this
year by lectures and demonstrations
A  bull s   Institute ls In  process of
organisation as an adjunct of both thc
Farmers' Institute nnd the Burqultlam
Agricultural society,
The New Westminster News does
not hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed ir^oorrosponienco.
To the Editor Daily News:
Dear Sir,- In reference to your rc-
i port of the Burqultlam  Agricultural
I society  will' you  kindly   publish  Uie.
enclosed  balance  sheet     which    was
audited by  Messrs.  F. W. Collins and
Q. W,  Runacres and which now  contains the full Btatement Of assets and
| liabilities added by myself and which
I per sonally vouch for as being correct  at  the  time    of    balancing   the
I have added the items so that the
omission which was made by myself,
not by the auditors, can be plainly
traced. 1 might add that 1 quite approve the decision of the directors as
to having a chartered accountant and
as far as the books are concerned I am
confident tbey will not blush at his
As to ihe strong "kick" mentioned, I
am getting quite accustomed to them
now, and nm waiting patiently for the
next.    Yours faithfully.
Late Sec. to the society.
Burqultlam, March  1, 1913.
W,  Whiting hire of hall $      2.00
H. B, Haker, hire of hall         2.00
Site        742.25
Hall      1,848.00
Fittings and  chairs   ....  ...     187.60
Piano         826.00
Balance in bank       366.36
A lady left ill purse
on one of our counters
within past few days; It
had a receipt for part
payment    on    suit    of
Prove   property   and
take purse.
White Sale
SPRING \4 -(j ty,*^x.
All   Spring   Patterns are  now  here.
Offers the first selections of early styles ln Ladles' Muslin
WaistB, Lace Waists, and fine Tailored WaistB, as well
as choice assortments of dainty Lingerie. New supplies
have been brought forward for this week's selling, and
there wlll be sizes and styles enough for all. if you
have not had the opporunlty to Inspect the line, we suggest that you do so this week; you will find the styles and
qualities fully up to the standard wc claim for them.
Ladies' 1-ong White Cotton Princess Slips, trimmed with lace and embroidery, finished with wide
embro.   flounce.    Prices    $1.50   to   $3.50
Indies' Fine White Cotton Combination Suits, consisting of corset covers and drawers, neatly trimmed with lace and embroidery.    Price $1.50 to $4.00
A   beautiful  range  of   Ladies'   Muslin   Nightgowns
within reach of every purse;  high neck and long
sleeves,   square   and   round   necks   with   butterfly
and short close  sleeves,  trimmed  with  embroidery,
lace and beading.   Prices  $1.00 to $3.50
A large assortment of Ladles' Fine White Cotton
Petticoats from 36 to 42 inches In length, finished
with narrow and knee flounces, trimmed with torchon, mechlln and Val. luce, alBO Swiss or flam-
burg embro     Prices $1.50 to $5.00
Ladles' Fine Cotton Drawers, trimmed with lace and
embroidery, unbrella and medium width; ull sizes.
Prices  35c,  50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25   $1.50 and   $2.03
We have the largest line of Corset Covers we have
ever shown, made of lawn, fine cotton and wide
embroidery, beautifully trimmed. Prices 25c to $2.25
Our New Spring Line of Children's Rompers and
Allover "Pinnies" have just arrived:
Rompers ....   65c to 90c
Pinnies 35c to 75c
We Continue the Low Prices
Linens and Household Supplies
All this week this is a very excellent time to stock up on Sheets, Pillow Cases, Towels and Table
Linens. Handling these lines in such large qutitles we are In a position to buy them at the very
lowest prices, and in this sale you share the profits with us.
11 -oan   	
\ Piano	
Due to secretary 	
i Balance  	
.. .  tl20i..0fi
7 94
...   1,94 2.71
Ladies' Ikiap
~To Clear at     |
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
In a very wide range of styles, representing the very
newest types of this year's designs;   qualities  at,
each    $1.00,  $1.25,  $1.50,   $2.00
to        $10.00
Two especial values arc here noted; about 250
Waists of extra quality, line lawn, high or low
necks, very prettily trimmed with either lace or
embroidery    On special sale, at, each $1.03
300 Waists made of fine India Linen, handsomely
trimmed with lace and embroidery styles, high or
low neck, long or short sleeves. On special sale, at
each $1.25
In   Pretty   Assorted   Designs.
tifi inches wide, regular 75c.    Salt' price        ..   ..55c
���SS Inches wide, regular $1.00.    Kale Price 75c
70   inches   wide   Pure    Linen,   satin    finish,   regular
$1.60.    SalePrice $1.20
90-inch  Heavy  Double   Damask,   equal   to   hand-
woven;   regular $3.60.    Sale   Price,  per  yard  $2.25
3G-lnch Cream Table Cloth, In two sizes only���the
famous Kern min Cloth; gives endlesB wear; size
��'lxS4 inches, regular $4.sn. Sale Price .. ..$3.50
With open-work border; size G4xfil; regular $3.56.
Sale Price     $2.53
50 dozen Doublo Damask Napkins, slightly imperfect in weaving;   worth from %\M to $9.00.    Sale
Price, per dozen        $2.25
5n dozen $1.25 Table Napkins.    Per dozen..   ..   95c
50 dozen pure linen $3.00 per dozen Hemmed  Napkins.    Per dozen        $2.00
II. C. Towels;  regular 10c to 15c; each  ....5c, 8'_.c
and     12/aO
Large size   Hemstitched   Hath  Towels;   regular 50c;
each    40c
20 dozen big size White Hath Towels;  regular 8O0;
each         20c
White Hath Towels;  each   171 ,.c
Special Large Size, each 15c
Massive Heavy  Dice Towels (natural);   regular M5c;
each 25c
Strong Wearing Towels;  reg. 25c.    Each   ..   .   17'/iC
Everyday Towels;  regular 20c.    Each 15c
Children's   Hand  Towels;   regular  12%C;   each   8'_,c
15 beauHful  White Hath Mats;  regular $4.00,  While
they last $2.00
Strong Reliable Cotton Sheets;  size 70x90, hemmed
ready for use, al   $1.50
Heavy Twilled Cotton Sheets;  regular $3,00, at $2.25
25 pairs Double Warp Cotton Sheets;  thick and vel-
.  vety, size 2% yards Wide and 8 yards long;  regular $3.511 Tor $2-50
��ee Them I
5 pieces only very tempting Plain and Twilled Cotton Sheeting; 90 Inches wide. Itest product-inn of
English  made goods fcl  the absurd  price   of,  pi r
yard ....   40c
Comment Ih needless!
Mill ends of fine English Long Cloths to be cloai-Al
at, per yard    .*.    6' ?c
Cheaper than butter cloth!
1-ast week brought to
us by fast express
quantities of new dresB
goods and silk, the very
newest that the market
674 678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
646  Columbia   Street
Phone  455 :jj
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
ncterva Fund
Total Attctt
$0,000, ceo
Financial Headway
of th-*. sure and permanent kind Is r;'rely made without the assistance
ol a Savings Hank Account. Il stimulates saving, keeps the money
In absol'ite safety, Increases It with Interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage ol the business opportunities which coin*
onea way.
"War Is antagonistic, to the spirit
of good fellowship aiming men," was
the slati'inciit made by Itev. It. .1
Douglas In a most surprising si-rmoii
delivered at the Sunday aftenionii
meellng held in the I'.dlson theatre
yesterdav under the auspices of tho
Y. M. C. A.
Rev. Mr Douglas would not countenance war  under  any  consideration
and ho strongly opposed tha manutuc-
Milan, March 2, The Mayor of
Naples is endeavoring to recover the
great golden keys of thai city, which
are at present lying In a pawnbroker's
shop. Some lime ago a baker named
Clrcolo obtained a verdict for ��260
damages, and the Court of Appeal de
elded against the municipality,
In defeaull of prompt payment the
men's bnlllff dropped Into the mayor's
office one morning during Ills Worship's absence, and seized the ancient
gold keys, some fine oil paintings and
marble busts of llnlinn sovereigns, lie
put the lot In pawn. The mayor In
now suing the bailiff.
i iiii m 1   -i    a���  ���1e
Home For Sale
No.   1���Here  Is  a  splendid home for Bale cheap,    in a good  locality near Queen'B Park and new school.
It  haB  seven  large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full  baHnment;   on  a large lot, G6xlll! feet.
This place is below value and   the  terms  aro  biicIi  that  almost
any-One can handle It.
PRICE,  $4-W0, $750 CASH, balance monthly.   If jou want to buy
a home let ub show you this place.
A-jents for  Paciflo Coast Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
11-room house, close to 3rd and Queen's Avenue.
Modern throughout.   Rent, $40.
Furnished  7-room  house,   modern,  just  off
Queen's Avenue, near the High School.  Rent $40.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
Established 189).
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine Insurance.
Automobile  and
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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