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The New Westminster News Sep 15, 1913

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News Classified Ads.   s
Have proven their worth J   .ha
results   tbey   produce.    T_*.*���    fill
large   or   small   wants     ��" imall
Tk* Weather.
Sew Westminster and tbe lower
1 ii_aiu!.H<_: Light to moderate winds.
pt-BtrraJt*, (air and warm during the
VOLUME 8, Nl       ,��R  160.
, B.C., MOND
John Lind Awaits Instrut- MlXICAN RLDlLS
tions in Vain���Mexican
Congress Meets.
Fighting   Continue,  and   Three   Hun- :Forei0ner. Fall In Hands    cf    Armed
dred Rebels Killed, According
to Reports.
Bands���No Effort Made at Release
���Other Fleeing Country.
Mexico City, Sept. 14.���With Knv.y
I.ind still awaiting instruction*, at
Vera Cni>��� the Mexican authorities
appear to regard the diplomatic ex-
Changes as a closed Incident. Interest
In the possible resumption of th.
negotiations is overshadowed by the
approaching opening of congresB, and
the delivery of Provisional President
Huerta's tntesage. Congress will con
vene tomorrow.
Much Importance Ig attached to the
message, which is expected to review
recent developments In the return be
tween Mexico and the United States
und to reveal more Intimately the st>
1 it nili' of the administration ln tbe
fact if what Mexicans regard as th��
���coercive measures of the United
Two Strong Wings.
That there will be two well cirg-"i-
ized wlngS on the floor of the chamber of deputies, whose chief object*
will be to oppose the Influence Of the
-Catholic party, is common report in
political circles.
It Is also rumored that the repre.
tentative* of the Catholic party,
which failed to nominate a presidential candidate, wlll throw their
simper' to General Huerta in sn endeavor to combat his elimination a%
a political factor.
Colrnel David de ia Fuent". provisional minister of communlcat'ona.
presented his resignation to the pr*>B'-
dent today. It It understood that it
will l>e accepted.
300 Rebels Killed.
KI Paso, Texas, Sept. 14 .���Three
hundred rebels of Krancisco Villa's
-eetnmand were killed on Friday inthe federal forces of General, Marcelo
��'nraves and Antonio Rojas at Bus-
tillos. ('hlhuahoe. according to off ic al
federal tnesssges received todty at
Juarez from General Mercedo. -nf
chihuahua. t\*tv**** *t**Plm~Wrrt. made
prisoners by the fMeMT*. Among
them was Colonel Porflrlo Talamante-.
Villa's chief of staff. One hundred
rebels who bnd bi>en wounded In thc
recent San Andres battle nnd wer-*
being cared for at the Hustlllos ranch
were captured by the federals.
General Jose lues Salaxar with 400
federal troops left Jiturei todav on s
special train to Intercept Villa and
the remnants of his force who are
inarching t _wards the border.
Mexico City, Sept. 14.���One hundred
Americans, including a numb.r of
women und children, refugees irom
TorreOB, are reported to have fallen
into the bunds of rebels while proceeding overland lo Saltlllo. The an
thurltleB at Saltlllo decline to ta';e
the responsibility of sending a fore-
tj their rescue, fearing they say, that
tht rebels might commit atrocity ;
upon the refugees, which possib'y
otherwise would be avoided.
The report comes from an official
source at Saltillo, but has tut been
U. S. to Blame.
Senor Gamboa, thr foreign minister,
has had no advices further than this
communication to the embassy.    II ���
expressed regret, but added that il
was no more than what might he ex
pected as the result of the "neutrality
policy" of the l'nited Slates utile i
had hampered the administration In
proceeding with a Btrong band against
rebels and bandits.
Fate Unknown.
General Trucy Aubert, a federal
commander, with 1000 men, who is
proceeding from the north to the re
lief of Torreon, parsed Saltillo yesterday. He Is, however, making slow
progress. Meantime the fate ol the
refugees remains In doubt.
Came by Wagon.
The Americans are headed hy
Deputy Consul J. ('. Allen, cf Monterey, who went to Torreon to notify
American residents there of President
Wilson's warning. They left Torreon
on September I, travelling by the
most available conveyances across
the plains in the direction of Saltll'o,
there bavlng been no railroad com
uiunlcallon for many weeks. Tlw
were passed on the way by J. it.
Everett, of Palestine, Texns. near Par-
ras, about half way to SaltiH-*. or ap
proximately 80 miles from Torreon.
Everett rijbched Saltlllo September 1,
and reported that the caravan vas
making poor headway -owing to the
poor roads and poor ciutipment.
Chief Bradshaw and Pinkerton Man Due in City With
Alleged Bank  Robber Will  Be Placed
in  Ciecially  Fitted  Cell  In
City  Jail.
Martin   Powell,    the    alleged ITBnk     -^^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^_____
i robber, who haB been fighting extradi-! .ie<:tioll..of ,^he v^^ States courts had
Into     Canada  since   .lune,  1912,
f OR LlTtLE harry k.
Asks Sheriff io Take Him to
Methodist Meeting But
Official -Grins.
Says Wife Might Make Him Go Every
Week���Besides Thaw Isn't
Colebrook, N.H.. Sept. 14 -  The pro-
Moving Picture Films of Westminster
and Fraser Valley to Bs Chown
Here  First.
Police Round up Loafers and I Several Thousand Needed ia
The last of the moving picture films
which have been ordered by the provincial government was completed on I
Saturday and within the next two
monthB It is expected that New Westminster theatregoers will be enabled
to Bee for themselves, local, Vancouver and provincial views, which will
later be exhibited throughout the British empire.
New   Westminster  and   the   Fraser
Ship them to Fight Los
Angeles Blaze.
Regius   District���Crop
Tbere Fine.
Flames   in  Woods   Near   Can   D.t**t>, Shipping Parts cn Great Lakes Doing
Checked or  Under Control���
1000 Acres Burned.
linn ^^^^^^^^^
should  arrive  In  the  city
charge  of Chief of  Police
and a Pinkerton detectlv
Les   Angele3,   Stpt.   14.���rour hun
mills were visited several weeks ago!dred   nien   were   mustered   tcday     to
not actually come to Harry K. Thaw ' whenexcellent  pictures are    said    to; flel"  Ires   which   threatened, the  Le-
tonight.    Though  his counsel  obtain-1 have been taken.   During the past few Junga  forests.    Winds  tonight drove
today    in | P(j a B-rlt of habeas corpus from Judge j weeks, the operator has been engaged
Urudshaw i Aidrich lit Concord, the writ was not | in  taking lumbering scenes    ln    the
p,erved on Sheriff Drew today and the | camps cf the Canadian Western T.um-
The party left Detroit where Powell jThnw lawyers said tonight that prob
has teen held for many months, last | ably it wcnld not bc served until to-
Wednesday    evening    anil    therefore | morrow afternoon.
should make this city either this morning or afternoon.
Immediately upon his arrival
Powell will bc placed in the private
eell at the police station which has
been fitted up for him, while lt Is probable that a constable will mount guard
on the much wanted man until he ls
either committed for trial or released from custody.
Powell, In case he arrives here today, should be brought up In pollce
court tomorrow morning, although It
is probable tbat one adjournment at
least will bc asked and granted.
In case he Ib committed for trial.
it is more than probable thst he wlll
be tried at the asBize court which will
ooen for the fall session this morning, providing, of course, that the man
elects for a jury trial, for lf he should
happen to elect for speedy trlcl, his
honor Judge Howay would have charge
of the case.
Last of Three.
Powell's arrival Is the last of the
three arrested for alleged complicity
In the looting of the Bank of Montreal
here on Sept. 15, 1911. James Macnamara being tinder sentence for nine
years, while Charles Dean, nn alleged
pal of Powell's, Ib scheduled to come
up for trial at the present assizes.
Thaw spent a odiet Sunday, hls fifth
away from Matteawan. He did not
ever po out for a walk. He expressed
a desire to attend the Methodist
church, but the sheriff said that he.
the sheriff, had not been going to
church much of late and feared If he
went today it might establish a precedent under which his wife would compel him to attend regularly hereafter.
Net a Circus.
He made this explanation with a
smile and eald later that his real reason for not taking Thaw out was that
Colebrook had been upset enough already orer the fugitive and he thought
It best not to parade him on the Sabbath.
Couldn't Digest It.
As It wss, tbe corridors of the Mon-
adnock house, where Thaw is held,
were crowded with country folk during the day. They had driven or motored in from their homes in tbe hone
of getting a good look at Thaw. But
only those who w��re willing to pay for
a meal snd see Thaw at tbe table had
their curiosity satisfied.
Another Squabble.
Tho statement of Moses H. Grossman nf the Thaw counsel, thru the federal wn't was obtained only as an
emergency measure to checkmate New-
York state, developed into an open
controversy between the factions today.   Jerome last night characterized
ber company near Comox, the company placing an automobile at the disposal of Mr. Stentnich, while Timber
Inspector McKay was also prominent
In his assistance to the moving picture concern.
Refore the films are sent east they
will be shown In Vancouver, Victoria
and  New  Westminster.
Utmost to Prepare for Great
Kegioa. Sept. 14.���Harvest is in fnll
swing wherever a crew can be gotten
together bat several thousand men are
still required in Saskatchewan, according to department officials. The large
quantity of wheat so far threshed is
running No. 1 Northern and weighing
61 pounds to ;he bushel. Samples of
Marquis Wheat weighs as high as 64
pounda te tka bushel. While the yield
last year the grade is
millers are delighted with
the flames due north. This, averted
any danger to the Arroyo S-tce, wh.oh
Is the water supply of Pasadena and
The fire started yesterday in
Haynes canyon. During the night the
flames   nearly   skirted    Sister    Elsie j Is fighter
mountain, about 2D miles north of I_a_ ; higher _ .
Angeles.   From there they threatened jthe aarapha received.    Fanners   are
to prccetd northeast into the Lejun
canyon. Tbe only settlement endangered was Hoyt's ranch, whtre pleasure
camps are located.
The fire fighierB were commanded
by R. H. Charlton, supervisor of the
Angeles National Foresters. An ap
peal was sent early today to Los
Angeles. The police here rounded np
70 unemployed men and sent them
on motor trucks to join the fores;
rangers and ranchmen already on the
a eld.
folding grain for a higher price in Saskatchewan.
Rev. J. 6.
Henderson Will Tour Pro-
Effort to Have Law
Carried Out.
For the Jlrst six or nine months after entering into his duties as secretary of social service and evangelism
of the Prepbyterlan church in British
Columbia, Rev. J. 8. Hsnderson Intends to make special efforts toward
more rigid law enforcement ln this
province, and to this end says he will
be aided by the recent amendments to
the Criminal Code.
Especially to clamp out the social    _ 	
II c- ..t least the official recoenlUotiU-i4e;"j'0'nirol tonight
.'tit     swiisnV.     nt     Use      Uanit-arenn's 1 __   ._____.   _  _  __
Bringing Refugees.
S:m  Dieeo. Cul. Sept   14      \ r->dii->
gram   received  here  tod-iv  from  Cap-
tain  niatner. of the auxiliary cru'8>rj
Huffalo. now otl her wsy up Ihe cast |
rfoiii Mexican ports, savs that the yea
se]  will  arrive nt    San    Ii|<g      n\'
Tuesday and thut she Is brinsrinx 11" j
refugees, most of them fro���i GuavTpas
and Kuipiilnie.    The Bufford will l"!iv
(aiiayintis for the north tomorrow. Sh",
too,   will   bring   refugees.   Ivit     their J
number is not given in tonight's m-"��-
Dominion Railway Board to
Inquire  into   Increased
Lumber Charges.
New Grain Rate to Be Looked Into a;
Weil as that on Oriental Furniture Sent from Ccast.
^^^^ of it,  will much of Mr. Henderson's
the mSvTaraTrwch'of'faUh"Mdh��l"���� ���*��� ���Pe"t   "V^at.1 ,d? ?,bJe"���_?'
day he procured a number of nfflda-  *nd ���**">*��� "V"?,��*����f��* to" *����*��
iviU.ffom new.p_.per men setting oat * ?.r��J5ref*ntat *e of *"��� ***** **\
what Orosr-manTEd said.   It wa" nn-t^Tv^ th,e SGUl"��,or���?a nlunlciJ,��1
derstood   that  he  obtained   these   f* or,.(; vlc "*"   "�����" ms��� <*?***���    f,       .
use in a possible move to sustain hfs L. J c" .       . me'        n!:0"tlnu*d'
contention that Crossmsn and his as- ""'" �� ls ? "<c,cl,f"? ev"��� *��* ,m>
sorbites had trifled with the federal contention Is that If it s necessary Us
���h-an.,   .���.   ti_i,io   r���. I not an evil, and if an evil not neces-
Flames Cheeked.
San Diego, Sept. 14.���Reports received tonight from the localities
where forest fires bave been raging
for four or five days, generally indl
cated that the flames have either
been checked or are under control. At
Romona the fire swept over 100 seres
but tbe growth was small and the
damage was mostly to the wa'er shed
The fire in the Pamo valley, east
of Escondido, was a stubborn one and
threatened to sweep into Valley
Center, where there telegraph and
telephone lines are. Citizens of
Escondido. reinforced by help from
this city, fought thla -Are and hsve ft
lt burned over
      ng for Rush.
Kort William, Sept 14 ���Efforts a-a
bsing matta to get as much grain inspected aa possible before the rush
from tbe weat starts in earnest Snd
bo-st* aire loaded at the elevators as
quickly as possible. Saturday 140-
bnahrts af wheat. 156.000 biurets
of oats.. 99.090 bushels of barley and
45,000 buEtaels of flax were shipped
tr hnttt for Montreal. In the harbor
tke Stntkeona and Calgarian are now
flooding grata. Most of the wheat
shipped maa aew crop.
Fort William, Sept. 14���Grain shipments:   f.-uniltontan.    for    Montreal.
witli 28.600 barbels of wheat and 55,-
000 boskets cf barley .
an area of 1000 acres.
Legislation   Prescribed   by   President
Wilton May Go on Books in
Few Days.
Washington,   Sept.   14.- With   tho
tariff bill being completed and the currency bill under wny In the house, the
coming week In congress promises
marked progress toword�� the Inscribing on the statute books of the legislation prescribed by President Wilson.
The ISnSte and house eonforeeB, settling  points  In the tariff bill  in ills-;
agreement  between  the two houses.
have made much progress.
The bouse this week will take up
the currency bill In detail. The section
providing that national hanks shall
Kiibserlbc l!il per cent of their capital
Uld five per cent of their deposits to
the proposed federal reserve bankB.
nnd the provision making reserve bank
notes government obligations will be
the principal points of attack.
The Repute bunking commission wlll
reserve hearing of bankers, financial
experts and merchants Tuesday, when
the first  1? witnesses wlll appear.
The house lobby oommlttee after to-
t:i..rrow will suspend hearings temporarily and prepare a report. Former
Representative Ralph D. Cole, of Ohio,
and C. ED. Minefield, of Maine, are expected to testify before the Inquiry
lr concluded.
Wise Old Owl Predicts Nippy Weather
in the Northwest of United
Washington, Sept. 14. Early fret-in
In the extreme northwest are predicted by the weather bureau for Monday.
Tbe weekly forecast tonight says:
Tuesday unsettled, rainy weather
will prevail nil over the central nud
"ert'ii "ii   n(.rtlnns west  of thc  Missis
s'mii river,   There also win be local
ih-ee-o  early  In  the week  over the
Rocky mountain region and tho north-
west, but bv Wednesday and Thurs-
da>', r^nonllv fnlr weather should
pr-*'* iii ovr- nil district.
Frosty will occur Monday morning
ov��r th" Ink" rcttlon and the extreme
north'""st. On Tueadav over the west
erncr. llv over the middle plntenii and
t��<�� Poei<y mountain region and bv
Wedif'-diiv "r Thursday morning probably over thp northern and western
upner Ispo region.
Temperature will be rlslnr over the
northwert nnd west after the middle
of the week, accompanied bv falling
nrespnr* nnd by the end of tho week.
the wetither over there sections again
wlll he unsettled and somewhat cooler.
���*> �� # �� # >:. ���>*��������# ��= ��"�� # <* ft* ft *��� *-��. �� 41 ��= # ����� #"���# ft ��-. ft
Durham, Sept. 14.���Edward Csrsoni leader of the Ulster I'nion-
���'��������� Ists. in a speech here last n'ght, declsred tliat Ulster never would
ft abandon Ihe principle for which she hsd fought, of being governed
ft by sn imperlsl parliament, with an executive responsible to the par-
aft (lament.
'*/ This declaration was made to the recent proposal of Earl Lore-
���':* burn, former lord high chancellor, tbat there sbould be a conference
ft between the great political parties wllh a .view to a settlement of the
ft Irish eiMstlon by consent.   Sir Edward suld that the very proposal
ft showed that thinking men were beginning to realise the gravity of
ft the situation.   Uut, he added, between theso he represented snd tho
ft Nations! Irish psrty there wns a gulf no conference could bridge.
With Mr. Redmond It wss not a question ot good government,
ft but of separate nstlon'illtv, with Ulster It was government by the
ft Imperial parliament.   These two views were   Irreconclllable,   there
ft was not the slightest use of pretending to hold conference.
ft "I would be fslse to my principle," ssld the Ulster leader, "If I
ft gave the slightest encouragement to the Idea that any loyal msn   of
ft Ulster wss prepared to gtve up even In the slightest degree, the pro-
-\'f tectlon ot the Imperial parliament and executive which now govern
ft   us.
ft ' ���*- ��� -
ft ft ft ft ft ft ft * ft ft �� tt >* ft ft !��ft ft �� ft ft �� ft ft ft % ft ft ft ft tt
Ottawa. Sept. 14 ���An exceptionally
important sicing of the railway board
will be held In Ottawa on Thnrsd iy
when a number of cams of more than
gen-eral interest will be heard. 1'rob
ably the mist important is the case
arising out of the action of the beard
In suspending lhe new tarliTs proposed by the railway companies on
grain and grain products in less than
carload lots. These new rates which
were to have come into effect cn September 1, according to the railways
were objected to by tbe Dor.iielon
Mdlers' association whieh maintain
id tbnt they Involved an increase In
charges from five to six cents per
hundred weigh! on all sh'pntentB of
1.si thsn carload l��ts between points
east of the head if the (ireat l.nke".
In view of the protest of the miller
the hoard suspended the new ta-tfT*
and on Tuesday the rallwav com
panics will be nsked to Jti"t f- th��
proposed increase. Other c^ses (f
considerable Importance which wll'
be heard bv the board on Tuesday Include the following:
New B. C. Rate.
The Canadian I'uclflc r-iilw-y wl
be required to show cause why Ihe
supplement of the new tariff It'crou".
Ing the rnte on lumber, shltirtles, etc..
from British Columbia const end In
terlor mills to polntB on Ub Soo
division Bhould uot  b" d'sullend.
It wlll bc requested also to olviw
cause why the tariff i-rtcrenilng the
rates on Rattan furniture, from Vancouver and Victoria, B.C., to points In
Manitoba should not hn disallowed.
The railway compunle*. through th"
Canadian Freight association. w"l b-
required lo present to the beard t**t
bases of Joint class nnd commodltv
tariffs not alreadv puhtislnd and filed
in accordance with the undertaking
given the late commissioner for the
railway companies by Messrs Mnnn
Innes and Hnves on Aw'l 10. 11112.
Consideration will also be riven ti
the matter of requiring rallwav rem-
esnles subject to the hoard's hirisdle-
t'on to entil" locomrtlves with air
hose on thc front end.
courts and perhaps were liable for
In Wrong.
"That is absurd," aaid Grossman.
"I shall ro tefore Judge Aldrlch myself
on Tuesday. He understood thoroughly our motives and we are prepared
to meet any allegation that we did
not act in pood faith. Any suggestion
from Mr. Jerome that I agreed not to
Ket this writ, must have been under a
More  Travelling.
The habeas corpus hearing is set
for 11 o'clock Tuesday morning at
Littleton. The Thaw lawyers wlll ask
for a continuance, thus leaving th"
writ hanging over the heads of their
opponents and proceeding w'H b>
tran��ferred to Concord, the capital,
for the hearing before the governor.
A   Wishbonr'.
K. V. Nute. United States marshal.
for this district, will serve notice of
the writ on Sheriff drew and from the
moment the notloe Is served. Thaw
will be In the joint custody of the
I'n'ted States end the authorities of
Coos county. New Hampshire. The
marshal has been directed to use such
force as Ib necessary to protect Thaw
from violence and Indignity, if such be
This will he a new experience for
the slayer of Stanford White, nnd he
is pleased with the prospect. Having
federal interference In bis case, gratified thut peculiar love for show atld
publlolty he has shown so often, Bn
side there is a Comfort in the thought
that any infringement of the writ by
anyone whomsoever would mean serious conseouences inasmuch sa n writ
cnrrles with It sn fniunotlon which
b:i>'b In effect "hands off."
First Pulp Mill.
Fort William. Sept. 14���The first
pulpmlll to be located In weatern Oi-
tnrio will be In operation before the
end of the year, said J. Ma'lileu
M.P.P. for Fort Frances. The mil)
will manufacture print paper only nn.l
will have a capacity of 100 tons a lay
For some time pulp mills have beea
In operation at International Falls Immediately across the Rainy river. :.ut
none hav* been established ou the Canadian side before.
tWot *.b*m*ra Xxi* or Weslth of Congre-
That Weighs  Heaviest
Saya Rev. fr. Pidgeon.
Service to Continue.
Toronto, 8ept, 14.���Reliable Information has been received by the Canadian Manufacturers' association that
the cartage service wlll be continued.
The railways announcd a couple of
months sgo the discontinuation of the
cartage tariff. The present charges
are 2 1-2 per hundred pounds and 15
cents for "smalls." This may be It
creased half a cent and fire cents respectively.
"Kvery disorderly house In this city
that has civic sanction  is directly in
opposition to the Criminal Code."
Stricter Rules.
In this connection MP. Henderson
read an amendment to the act which
snid: "Anyone who. as, landlord, lessor, tenant, occupier, dcent or otherwise, hns charge or control of any
premises er anv part thereof to be let..
or used for the purposes of a disorder- "aa anything to do with the success
ly house shnll be liable iinin summary |of a fair,
fn him aprmon at Sf. Andrew's Pre*-
byt-arian church last night. Ho*,- Dr.
I'idfxma told how It was not the size
ot the church membership, or thi*
wealth of tbe church treasury wbich
showed tbe success of a congregation.
but it avsui tbe things which conld not
be pwt on the annual report which
made a. church worth while.
Just as the germ cf life in a Bf ed, he
said, cnutd n-nt be weighed, fo R wns
with Om? congregatici and Its work.
Thn rend that has been done here in
New Westminster, and mere so the
this year's exhibition should Is-rapd  worked  out by  those  who  had
Improved, Fences,    Entrances,    Roadways, Etc.. Add to Appearances
of Queens Park.
If the appearance cf    the    grounds
fiction to a fine of $200 and costs, j be a sirsnd success, for Queens park | *mjx ihis city for other fields could not
is being put in liue condition for this Ito meastured. could never be known,
year's event. But sa ia the seed, the germ of life?
Tbe grass is looking fresh and the | that ceased other seeds to spring Into
flower beds give evidence of the care jlffe waa more Important than that part
which Is being taken to make every-! of it wfifcb oould be handled, so lt wair,
thing look at Its best. [ with tht* -nongregation of St. Andrew's-*
There has been some change nnnnr; churcb. It waa not material results
the  buildings.    The  poultrv  building (and ariu'evewents which    would    be
nr to Imprisonment not exceeding two
mon!h��; or to both fine and imprisonment."
If enforced, the regulation relating
0 gambling rill also make some
���h-ne"-! here, for according to the
amendment, anyone is guilty of an offence who "imports, makes, buys, sells,
rento, leases, hires or keeps, exhibits,
employs or knowingly allows to be
kept, exhibited or employed ln any
part of any premises under his control
any device or apparatus for the purpose of recording tiny bet, wager or
selling any pool, or any gambling,
wagering or betting machine or device."
This. Mr. Henderson says, make* Illegal the mutuel machines, and cigar
store devices.
Provincial Tour.
With a view tb >n of having these
laws enforced Kev Mr. Henderson will
make a tour of ' he whole province,
���yieuking and working among officials
5n have the practices which are really
pillegal stopped. He will occupy his
first pulpit ln this work, next Sunday
a; First Presbyterian church, Victoria.
Getr. Armory Contract.
Ottawa, -flept. 14 ���The Carter-Hall
Aldlnger company of Winnipeg, wits
awarded the contract for tbo new Winnipeg armory todav for $520,000.
There were eight tenders, and the successful bidders were the lowest.
tt ft ft tt tt ft ft * ft ft ft ft # ft ft
New Vork.' Sept. 14.���Tho
ft pollce of New. York solved the
ft river my story to their satlsfac-
ft tlon today wHU the Identities-
ft   tlon   of   the I victim   as Anna
ft   Aumullor, a di
ft   arrest ot Rev.|
assistant recti of St. Joseph's
Homsn Cathode church of tbis
city, on the fiarge of bavlng
slain har.
mestlc, and   the
Hans   Schmidt.
Government    Forester    Coming���Reports from  Shushanna Good-
Vancouver News.
Vancouver, Sept. 14.���J. D. Craig of
Ottawa, who was In charge of the Canadian survey party at work on the
boundary line between Yukon river
and the base line at Mount St. Ellas,
Is here on his way east. He confirmed previous statements In regard to
thn richness of the gold strike at
Te Report en Timber Pests.
J. M.Swatn. of Ottawa, assistant et-
mologlBt for forest Insects for tbe Dominion government, returned yesterday from Vancouver Island and will
spend the next few dsys In Stanley
park. He has been ln the province
sbout two months making sn Investigation Into the ravages of insects on
forest growth. He stated that at
Campbell river and several other
points on the Island hs found that
considerable damage had bean done to
trees, but that the harm wu wall scattered.   The bark beetle was causing
(Continued oa rage Four.)
has been moved behind the arena
where it will serve as a stable. The
dairy building has been moved to the
east Bide of the industrial building
and will be used for the poultry exhibit this year, after an additions! 61
feet lias been added to it. For the
dairy exhibit It is proposed to use the*
manual training school. ;i
The arena Is being painted green I
and white and will have a vtry attrac |
tlve appearance for the horse show*..
On the side of the park fac'ng Flrat
street a cement fence bas be*n Uuiil.
snd pickets set up.   This Is one thlnir/
that   has   made  tlie   park   look   much 1
better.    Another much ne-ed.'d rcp-Ur
Is that to the gate posts, which have
cement pillars with round tcps.   From ' Effects af
the centre gate, at Third avenue,   a 1,
graded    macadamized    entrants   hns ,
been made. J
All the approaches to thc park bv j
First street, Third avenue and Fourth \
avenue have been laid with Bltulithic >i
pavement which is a great improve- ,-
ment to the dirt roads of former
weieht-d tip tor good at that latter day.
Tke aeeple must work incessantly,
not for greater membership, and greater fends alone, but for the good that
these conld bring. So could St. And-
rewVf be the cause of spreading the
things that really counted far and wide
wli-rirerer its members went.
Alts-arfs Dinner snd May Continue Tour.
Moose Jsw, Sept. lt.Two poflce ser-
geants from Breckon, South Wales,
both named Williams, passed through
here from the south Saturday. They
are going to Field, B.C. to bring back
a mnn wanted In Breckon for embezzlement from a bank.
ORkaa*. Cal, Sept. 14, The cend.-,
tloa of Uia secretary of the,,Interior.
���tanklla K. I_ane, was so much ****���
proved l-c-tay that the cabinet official
accepted a diaaer tonight at the hoaae
or Asaiotaat Secretary of the! Interior
Adolph mtar. la this city.  ,
It was aauounced that should tba
secreCsty'a condition continue to ias-
prwvw aa tt kaa during tbe paat iwo
or Uu (is days, he wlll resume hia tn*
tempted journey eastwsrd, within a.
week ar tea daya.
ft ft ft ft tt
ft ft ft ft ft ft * �� ** ������� e c ft ft ft �� ft ft * ft * ft ft
  ��� #
The Honorable Justice Morrisoa aria, ****** the criminal sss'r-a f>
court todsy at 11 a.m. Chief inter ss* in tho sessions centre oa ths tti
trials of Charles Dean and Martin niwsli, psusldsd the grand Jury
lind true bills, who are allegt-d bjr tka erowa ta hava participated |��
the great bank robbery, when tha Bant af Montreal waa despoiled or.
nesrly $400,000 on September 15. BD.
A. H. Macneil. K.C, Vancouvar, wO* ispreeant the crown, and
Sir Charlea Hibbert Tupper, aaaiatad Mr -Mm* EL Mhaaton, will prob-
hbly be the defending counter tor Data aad ffaaML
The following are the grand }man aaaaaaaad ta court:   J. r.
Hsrrlson. Chllllwsck: Charles HiH-Ttmt, AMataMrd; William 8. Hill
TouL Abbotsford; Charles K. Hop* I_aaal_y; Epfawar Huff. Ladoart   #
R. D. Hendry. New Weatmlnster; Mm  U. ���Maaawrth.   Naw Wattn ���
m'n��ter: Joseph Jaggers, New WuiMaMaMr OavM   Hughes, WNfc*. 0
Maw  Westmlaatdr: ���*��
Rock; Ernest Hogg, Agassis;
Arthur Hulton-Harrop, AbbotatorE;
Baet Delta.
ft ft ft ft ft ft ft 0 ft o ft ��*�����-���������������������������� ��� ����� 0 �� ��� ��� # THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
nn maVp-ndral monHnp poper devoted lo the inter (sts of Seiv Westminster and
th* Frater Valley Publltheti every morning except Bunday bu the national I'mitum
antt l-iMishing Company, Limited, st 63 McKemie Street, Sew Westminster, British
0pJum,���o ROBB BOTIIF.Ri.ASU. Uanagtng Director.
���II ,-���mmunieattons ��tiouM be addressed lo Ths Sea West minster Sues, mul nm
to Individual l m rnisrt of (���� staff. OhSQltst, drafts, and money orders should bc mode
movable to The Sational Fr-intinj and Publishing Oompany,  /.united.
TBLBPBONB8���Butinet* Office and Manager, 9��9; i'dituriai Rooms tall depart-
lunti), 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier, U per year, Jl for three months, *0c per
mon!*.   Bl) mail, I'i per year, 26c per montta.
ADVERTISIS'Q RATES on application.
In line with all the other progressive exhibitions on
the continent, the management of the R. A. & I. society
has made preparations for a baby show this year that will
eclipse all former efforts and the little folk with the big
appetites, large lung development and seldom teeth are
to have an innings like never before.
All over the continent there is a movement for better
babies and of late it has been trained down to scientific
lines, with the result that the parents have had opportunities of getting pointers on bringing up that heretofore
have been denied them.
Authorities say that the trouble in thc past has been
that parents were too much taken up with the moral and
mental development of their children to give enough
thought to their physical well being and, while they by no
means advocate a realaxation in the training along the
first named lines, they claim the health end should be improved upon. This is the main object of the baby shows
and from all accounts the ones being held this year in all
.sections of the country are proving unqualified successes.
At the inter-state fair in Spokane, one of the biggest ones
of the west, they have li>QQ baby show entries and medical speciailists are being engaged to do the judging. The
city and state papers across the line have taken up the
baby show for all they are worth and it promises to be
something unique.
Everybody agrees that when all's said and clone, the
youngsters should get every chance, for they're going to
be the brain and brawn of things in the next generation, so
that the more energy and thought that can be put behind
the infant exhibit at the provincial fair here, the better.
the people of the Balkan peninsula.
We (the l'nited states.t Cunada and
Great Itrita nl have lived for nearly a
hundred yi irs not only in peace but
[also, I thin.,, In process of coming to a
deepening nid yet more complete understanding of each other and to the
possession of common ends and ideals
i which are i titural to the Anglo-Saxon
group, .im)   o that group alone
1 am concerned when I come across
things thai were written ahout America by liritish novelists only fifty years
ago, : nd I doubt net that there are
I many things In American literature of
days gone pnst that many her * would
wish to have been without. llut now
that Bori of writing is over and we
:ire realizing more and more the significance nf our joint traditions and
of the common interests which lire
deputy Minister of Agriculture Hopeful  Plan  Will  Ee  Working
Well Next Year.
Spol:an-    Free    Employment    Agency
Does  Good  Work���Same as  in
Force Here.
Victoria, Sept. it. Mr. W. E. Scott,I Spokane, Sept H. Work was se-
uiputy minister of agriculture, r.e- L d for 8B] m ..���,, m women
turned to the citv yesterday after a
visit to the mainland, during which he during August by the city fr i-
made a tour of Inspection of the Kast ployment bureau at a cost to the ilty
Kootenay district and attended ihe per job of 25 cents, according to tig-
meeting held at Nels..,, at which the ' |1|VB -,���,-. yesterday by City Labor
project of combining the truit growers   . _     ,
of  Nelson,  (irand   Porks    and    u1elA8entJ'  '*  r(,p-   ** the oheapnsl
Boundary country in a body to work job sold by a private agency usually
co-operately in Belling their product)calls for a fee of $1. l.abor Agent
was discussed.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Calgary Starts to Train Children Spe
cially for Life Labor They
"The need for co-operation in tliat
portion of the country," said Mr. Scott,
"is very apparent, if growers are to
realize the best possible results from
their labors. At present every one is
working on individual lines, niul is at
the mercy of every fluctuation of the
markets. But," he continued, "the
sell now is sown, and the movement
toward combined marketing started. A
strong committee has been appointed
to explain the question fully In each
district, with a view to establishing
-i me cut ral body which shall control
the i*'*lli!ig of next  ye.ir's crop.    The
France has more than four million women workers
and about as many male poets.
The old miser in Minneapolis who beat his wife
because she bought salt for use on the family table was too
fresh. IH e
Having managed to get rid of Harry Thaw the no-
minion critics now are giving consideration to a suitable
date for Thanksgiving.
There are no dead ones running the cemetery in St.
Paul. In that town they advertise their burying grounds
on the car cards.
The Northwestern Hotelkeepers' association of the
U. S. has decided to abolish the finger bowl, in spite
of the protests of the fat man who uses his front finger
as a pusher.
The announcement that there arc- to be women police
appointed in Calgary has caused the old married members
of the force to turn pale and the younger one:, to affect
creased trousers, daily shaves and shoe shines.
Once again it has been decided in court that the decisions of the Canadian railway board cannot be tampered
Avith. As an asset to the Dominion that railway board
is worth its weight in platinum, radium or anything else
that's rated as super-expensive.
After having deliberated on the mystery of the death
'i f a man whose headless corpse was found beside the railway tracks, a Montreal jury has decided that he came
to his end by having his upper story separated from his
ground floor. It took some deep thinking to arrive at
that verdict.
The most effective method yet brought to light for
killing those sea serpent yarns is that adopted by a Montreal professor, who labelled a marine reptile supposed to
haev been seen by a liner's officer with such a title that
not one man in seventeen hundred could get his tongue
more than half way around it.
Following are some of the Import- |
nnt utterance., of tho lord high chancellor ln liis famous Montreal Bpeech:
The notion that the Individual in the
highest form of reality, and that, the
relationship of Individuals is one o(
mere contract, turns out to be quite
There is in every truly organized
community a common will which Is
willed by those who compose tha. community, and who, in sn Willing, nre
more than Isolated men ami women.
There are signs that the best peoplfi
in the best tuitions ur*- ceasing to
wish to live in s world of mere claims
and to proclaim on every occasion
"Our country, right nr wrong "
We nn- hound to search after fr����h
priiielpli s If we desire to And (Inn
foundations for a progressive practical
life     It Is the absence of a clear -en
caption    of    principle that oooaslcms
some nt   least  of the obscurities nnd
perplexities Hint beset us In tbs giving of counsel nnd ln following It.
it Is a splendid example to ths world
that Canada snd the United states
should have nearly 4,on Omllss of
frontier practically unfortified. As an
ex-war minister, who knows what a
saving in unproductive expenditure
this means, I fervently hope that It
mny never be otherwise.
Canada and tlreat llritain on the
ine hand and the United states on the
other, wltb their common language,
their common Interests, and their
common ends, form something resembling tt single society. if there he
inch a society, it may develop within itself n foundation for International
faith Of 11 kind that Is new In tin- his
tory Ol the world.
There Is growing up n disposition to
believe that it is good, not only for all
men. bui for all nations to consider
tlieir neighbors' point of view as well
������'��� lhelr own ... The barbarism
���'in . i,in*" looked to conquest, and
the waring of successful war as the
iiiiiln objeel of statesmanship s-etns
ns though it were passing away.
There oro few observers who have
not been impressed with the wonder-
to) unity nml concentration of purposes an entire nation may display
above all In u period of crisis. . . .
We have preti It In Japan, and we
have seeu It still more recently among
Calgary, Sept. 14.���Consderable Interesl Is being taken by the citizen'; ol
Calgarj   in the pr. vocational course of
study which will be inaugurated at the
��� new Victoria school early next year.
| Tlie scheme roughly outlined proposes
to take .i modified course of the regular subjects of the school programme,
leaving the remainder of the day to be
employed In Industrial, commercial or
domestic training, with a view to the
: pupils' future careers.
Co-operation Needed,
lt is claimed that this can only be
arrived ;it by the hearty co-operation
of the parents, as well as tlie pupils,
and tvhilo In working order the system would turn out young men anil
1 women well fitted to "titer the high
j school or on the technical, commercial
' or academic sine. The Calgary school
j boarrl has taken this up and has appointed Robert Massey, B. A. to study
'this question of pre-vocational work
iin schools and hope to start tbls early
I next year. Mr. Massey Is a native of
'Belfast. Ireland, and has made cduca-
| tional work a life study. He was connected with primary, high schr;:>l and
university teaching in the old country,
also in technical work. He came direct to Calgary about three years ago
and h?s been connected with the
echoc! board here ever since. He w*as
principal of the Central sch.iol during
last year, which is the largest public
schorl In the city. Mr. Massey is extremely enthusiastic on pre-vocational
work and gave up the regular class
teaching In order to devote his full
time towards organizing tho system
for the school board.
Askr? for Information.
11" lias already Issued forms to all
pupils in grades six and seven, asking
for information as to the life plans of
each,     When   answers  have  been   received anri classified it will be known
exactly what the next step is to be,
I'eplies should all be in this week and
Mr.  Massey hopes to have possession
of   an   office  In   the   Victoria   school
within two weeks,  where he will Fefi
parents and discuss the matter fully.
Discussing  the   matter    Mr.    Massey
snid: "In the old days'education was
directed towards professional life entirely and at the present time we have
the same preparation, although there
| arc so many other activities of equal
Importance.      Professional,    commercial. Industrial, agricultural and   domestic covers the grounds of activity
of Iif" all over the world.    We fill use
l almost the same preparation for th"
'. professions, imt In order to cope with
j changed  conditions  have    added    on
j such  subjects as  were deemed neces-
��� sary from time to time for those who
I would "tigage in other life work. This
j has gene on until the curriculum has
j become overloaded.    The aim  in the
old  days was culture first, then util-
I ity.    Later educationalists alined    to
I bring Utility to the front at  the same
time preserving the culture subjects.
We maintain that as much culture and
j perhaps more can be gained in learning  woodwork or the art of printing
than can be obtained from committing
I tn memory the names of King Henry
the Eighth's wives.
Pre-vocational  Work.
"In  Qroat   Britain  and   tba  United
States  a  departure  has  been   made.
Account bos been taken of the probable future life work of th" pupil and
his school work regulated accordingly
lit  Is claimed that bovs who take utility  work  half the  Mine  and  ordinary
|academic subjects during the remainder of the day show as much and In
some cases mor" progress In academic
subiects   than   those   who   spend   all
their time at the ona thing.
"Give the young people tralningfor
choice and as thoy Bee whsl vocation
they like Lert they nutomatlcally
choose a vocation '"���**��� aff-r Iff". Thev
are lltrral'v watching unconsciously
for their own vocation and as th"y
Will l** mnnv branches of Industry In
eneration will ultimately find wh��re
'hev I "ft fit In. Thus n. bov who
rank"-! high in academic subjects
i would he pasFed up to high '-ehool or
"ollere. while n boy with little taste
for academic work w-ould have an
opportunity to studv numerous other
vocations, one of which he would ultimately ohow prorress nt nnd cboOBG
for his life work," he concluded.
Kllenrliurg. Wash . Sent, 1 .. fif tlu.
three   women   among   the      .S   hirers
���"timmnned tn serve si the September
lury term of the superior court two
have refused to serve nnd the third.
Mrs W I) Carle- may decide n't to
serve ruder tlie law a womnti can hi*
exesed from porvlng rn a fury If i-hr.
��o d"i'lrcs. The two women who ''"
elded i'--*! to s"r*" -���**" Mrs. F. A. Miller nnd Mrs. .1   K. Wilson.
The cuse nf the state Ft gainst Tom
Heller, charged with tlrst degree assault, which was to hi've been heard
this afternoon, wns settled nut of court
wen Heller pleaded guilty and wns
lontnnced to nine months in the penl-
tentlary    Beller wns n hostler at the
Si'iith   f]e   Blum   round   limine  of  the
Milwaukee railroad anil was alleged to
have attempted to assault the acting
fi reman and another workman.
l'lerce figures lhat the cltv is securing results below the normal cost.
or the jobs furnished men, lr.S averaged in duration fourteen hours each
nnd there were sixty-nine different
applicants registering during the
month. Forty-five of the applicants
were married, with 6S dependants; 4!>
were Americans, eight Germans, flv -
Swedes and two Irish. Twoive Janitors
applied, 11 engineers, eight teamsters,
three watchmen, three carpenters,
three office men, three porters niul the
rest following various occupations The
average  wage  was  'il. can I:; an  hour. *
Miss i.iiith Colby, in charge of t'i"
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C. viz.: the
(he celebrated "VANCOUN Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer I'lpe from
���l in to M-in, in diameter. This is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also curry a slock of Crushed itock, Washed Gravel, Band,
I.line, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
[operations^ of the central  body  which departmenl. reports that Hie
has been formed by ^different local  .,,, ,���..���,,._,'_ furnlBhed 'WBre ,,,,���..���,.
tiled among the 96 applicants who registered, of whom 27 were married, "-
wi re widows atlil 36 were single. Fif.
associations of    the    Okanagan    are
achieving   results   in   every   way   as
greal  as was expected.    There  is a
good crop there, and for this thorough-,,,  ���,���,,,, ,        ,    .
li   Bstlsfactory   prices  are  being  ob- '^..'i P
talned. the central agopcy getting from    "����� to nationality. 69  were  Amerl
trans, nlnn Germans, seven English
| four Swedish and the rest scattering
"nl a get:
_________________     I *'"x        _________________
er the deduction of about 10 per cent,
ti r expenses, haves a handsome profit
for th" ranchi r
Referring to rumors of wastage In
the peacb crop, Mr Scott remarked
that too much emphasis altogether has
been laid on the Buccess or otherwise
of this crop, and tii" proportionate
acreage of which is diminishing every
.-foar. Prices for plums, eliarries. vegetables and apples have been excellent,
"Two tilings impressed me esp dally rn this tour, namely, that the time
iuis come when co-operation has bo-
come a necessity if the farmer la to
prosper, and that every rancher must
make up his mind whatever crop be
Is growing to begin mixed farming and
the keeping of tome kind of stuck,
from poultry upwards."
A Garden District.
Speaking of bis visit to Rossiand,
Mr. Seott said that the beamy of its
gardens and Bowers astonished him.
The land lies at an elevation Of ."...-iOO
feel .above rea level, and yet there
was no sign of winter injury to the
fruit trees, and the display of flowers.
"f every kind, would have don" credit
t,'   Victoria   gardens
Mr. Scott also visited the demon-
stratlon orchards in the district around
Trail, and found tli"se pictures of what
such farms should be when managed
by the most m"d"ni methods, and the
soil replenished with plant food by
clover crops which grow there with
utmost luxuriance. Tie especially
mentioned the ranch of Mr J, I) Anderson,   who  has  180  acres
Miss  ^ P.
SI      I" li
I _l.ll
Twrnti  of th" women registered for
day work, 32 tor housework, lii were
cooks.  It chambermaids,    14    seam- I
ptrrsses. ��i\ nurses, three waitresses,!
three office workers end one hotel |
manager. As to duration of employ- j
ment. 125 wore furulrhed permanent !
plan*:- and 107 received day work.
pianoforte, harmony and singing Pu-
PUh bi BBfuly prepared for examination In li A M nnd R C. M. Fot ti rms
apply (Pi.t Thlnl avenue.
la ino
'*   II Aituv. TEACHER ' IF
.  E4S  Kear)   Bt .  New  Wi sl
I, mclna a:id Calli thi ales, win visit New
Westminster one n week. Classes fnr
adults Writs or imply for particulars
.i (_ower House, Hornliv ntn*<*l, Van-
.���on-.,*-  '-1 '��� ���
Bank of Montreal
PIANOFORTE  CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....116,000.000.00
RESERVE    116,000.000.00
Dniuches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and ln London, Bug
land, New York, Chicago uud Spokane
U.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
bunking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents 111 all parts of th"  world
Savings Hank Department Deposits
received lu sums of tl and upward
nnd interest allowed at 3 per ceut per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000.0(111 00.
O. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
Inexperienced Man on Job Nea- Biaine
Lets Them in for Succession
of Mishaps.
II.   J    A
*     Hlock.
int   T,i   ll. Hi, Room 2
r H KmitJ-. V' .��� Qrovai
Wnrk   undertaken    In    city   anil   ou'nlrta
point*    "'11-12   Waafttrnlnnti"*-   Truat   Hldg
Phons  m.    P.  O.   Box  607.
treen. and on which the pruning and
shaping of the tr"'-s has almost reached pi rf"ctlon. Tlie growth of clovers, nls'ke, timothy and other fodder
Blaine, Wash.. Sept 14 After a
series of blunders, the oil well operators are working might ami niiiln to
right material conditions at the Enterprise Oil wells. The prospectors placed en duty as night operator lust week,
a driller who ls as yet unacquainted
.* Ith tha i'.��'i-�� and woes of the unknown
depths, and while watching the drill
���i at matlcatly pound at the stupendous
depth of twelve or thirteen hundred
feet, the drill point became unscrewed
from th" drill Imr An experienced
in   fruit   operator  would   have  recognized     the
R. A P O <.f Klk*" nf tie- I), of C, m��:
th- first nnd third Thnrnnay at 8 p. m.
K    "f   P    Hall,   Eighth   street.   A   Weill
Oray, Exalted Rulsi    P, H. .Irnlth. One
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
0     M .    NO     164 ��� MI-.KTN ON
i.-i-ond. third and fourttv Wednee-
in    .-im-Ii     n,on th    ai    H    p.   to.
.    Mo.,-*���*��     Home.     It   J      laumjf
F,      K      Jones,     secnitnry
situation from the action of the drill.
but this man did not, and instead of
hoisting the drill, be allowed it to
pound, and  hammer and jam  until  II
l.    o.
In    i
dlel.i    ^���^^^^i-���^^---���^-���������
11. ;..ll,eirt.-r-a    Of    Iti'l.e   In    N��-e    Horn
ca.ni.-r <tf Fourth un.l Carnarvon streets
crops was extraordinary, and should Ibad driven the loosened drill poin'
render this an ideal country for nrossways tn the hole. When the drill
ft.'i-k. bar
Mr.   Scott  l��ft again   last  liig'.-   for   v.a*-.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
N'orth   Vancouver   where  he   wlll  at-j was informed, and be lowered a grnl
was Anally  raised,  the  situation
revealed.   The managing operator
tend  the fair, which begins there today.
hook to catch the point and raise 11
to the surface,    lf the point had been
' '.,-.   the eatch  we,uld have been sc- '
comnlislieil after perhaps a few hours'
angling. On some occasions n losi drill
point had been recovered within a few
"lieiitrs    Bul fishing for an anchored
drill  point wllh a grab hook, brought
onlv fishermen'!  luck, and the drillers *
decided   to   blow   the   bottom   of   the:
hole with glycerine to loonen tli" point. !
Another Accident.
They accordingly prepared  the glycerin"   package  .and   loaded   It  with   a
fifteen-pound weight to sink It   one
nf  Hi., employees  suggested    n   fiftv
""und weight, but was overruled, nnd
the fifteen pounder carried.    The glv-
^^^^^^H cerlne was dropped, aud nfter enough
time had elapsed for it to sink to tiie
Spokane. Sept.   il    Robbed of his bottom the workers dropped the dls
game warden's star on a l'nlon park charge,    it   discharged  and   without
car last night and then made an un- provoking delay; in fact, too soon, for
willing  and   helpless   w.:ness  of  the  ""'/������������""<'l��" }"]\reached n depth of
porhaps only ,'t" feet.   And the mon
holdup  of  B   pedestrian   hy   the   man   Mri...  .,_.,  ���,,,,   lh���  ,!������,.���������,.,.,,.,���  ������,-
who  Btole  his  emblem  of authority, distorted pipo was at a point far above
1 n O I-' AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
r-rgulnr meeting of Amir.- I*iitg*- Nc
fi. I. O 11 I'.. In h��-M .-v.rv BonAa:
night nt �� o'olock In Odd Fallows' Hul
corner Carnarvon nnd ElHchlb streeti
Vlstllrif! hr. lhi.rn Oonltallv Ina-lt���'
n   ,\   M.'rnh.w. N r, , it   w  gangster.
V    ll      W    i-    I'o-a'linm.   I'    'I     ' ��r
In,: neorelnrv    .1   w   MacDonald, tlnan-
rlal   H.-.T.-l.u-t'
A-   i-:   I*'
nnd    H
i.Ks-  Planner Funeral Dlrecto
������halmer,   MJ-S1H   Agnes  auroa-'
Carnegie Library.
Deputy Came Warden  Lets Thug Put
It  All  Over Him���Offender
l.tiWl-,1,1, (fltl-TCBSflOR '''" CM*
ter 8t Itnnnn. Ltd 1���Kuri.r-,1 iHt-netor
nnl embAlntern I'nrlnrn 10' Columb!'
etrat-t.   New  JVeatminster.   Phone  9��t
ma-r Board of Trade meets In the bear'
rortn. i'ltv lh,:l iim follows! Third Pr'.
atriy "f eneh month; nunrlerty tin"��ln��
nn lii" third Friday "f Fetininrv. M:ai
A'tatuia-i nnd November nt 1 p.m. Ar
nual mf��tlngn on fh* tht-d Krlrtny o
Fehmnry.   I'.   It.   Htun't   Wade,   neer*
Snt.-. Deeds, Business Letters, sto-! sir
culiar wnrk mwel.tllnt. All wnrk Strict]]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ennr.da��nHnl. II Hurry, roenn 41R Wa-nt
Deputy   Cama   Warden   Adams   finally   tbe ""cure drill  point niul  the bottom I     mlniinr Trim nik     Plmne 7H2
f the drill pli
Ite  Lots 1 nnd 13 of Ixil 2. nml leils  1. 5,
.    4, I., ... 21.. of '.."������   I. -ul'.llvlntona
of   I-nl   r,.   Siilnirhiin   Block   i,   In  the
I'ltv of New WpHtnilnnter.
Whereas proof of the los-a of Cort I float*
of Title Number 99T8F, Issued In the name
..f  Laehlan  UoQuS-Tts has been  fllwl  In
iiiih orrtc,..
Nntlra.   In  Il.-ri-tiy   given   that   I   -atii*ll.   ut
fhe expiration "f one month from the dntn
of the first publication hereof, In n. dully
newspaper published hi the Cltv nf New
Wi ntmlnster  In-aun a dupiiaats <>f the n-od
Cv��rtIftoate.    nlvss in the meantime valid
objection be mnde to nie In writing.
lllntrlrt Registrar Of Tltl-n.
t i.-.t  Registry Offloe, N.w* Weetmlns-
ter    in".   I'th  August.   1913. lltlS)
IOnly another month to get summer
tourist tickets at reduced rntns. Observation, tourist and dining cars on
all through trains. For reservations
and rates apply to
K. OOULET, Agent
New Westminster
if. w. nnoniE, a. r a., Vancouver.
^���������Baedoui to
The  work  now con- |
gasping11*'8 "f  removing all  Ihe casing;   this!
hiadquartrrs;  wli ...    ���....,....��� ^^
,, r ,., .1V ,,,. ,,,;]  captain  William  is ;' dl coursglng task,    rhe drillers
*,., .. r... ,. i,., Rvenlng ox- lower an automatic pipe lifter and
ph *. The perpetrator of the double PiU "i1 ���'������'r1," '" t**\ <���' the heavy
Indlpnitle ������ iii lstci apprehended, un- c->slrg at each draw, In they can raise
der thi ' i mee < liquor, by officer."1" damaged ends, tholr task there
i,re Markwood at Rprajue avenuo and "'""' w|" *"' compartlvely easy on
Division "trrel I'* i ave the name ot Sunday nighl thoy had raised about
Oonrgo  H'vd'Ti.  ...   years old,  with |three lengths, or 200 feet of the oas-
Whrn  til" ease has been  repair-
��� ,i ...,,\ reinstalled, thoy enn then lower their glycerine with n rufflclontly
heavy weight to beer it t'i tlie bottom,
���md resume their fishing stuirt.
Union purk as his place of residence,
W.ir   i-,.;-rd   to   Drink.
Adams encountered Hayden on the
dimu   town   Btreets   and   accepted   bin
Invitation  to have s    drink.    Later,
vi  i��� *.  says,  Hayden   Invited  hint  to ^^^^^
pari * pat" m n f-iil gime of cirdslHOW providencf looked
���i  tli"  rn!-u   purk   residence     They AFTER ANOTHER DRUNK
started 'or t'i" n'.v*" en ,-t Union park ��� ���
ci-r. The i n," w trijnn's suspicions Hamilton. Kept. 14. ��� While a Orand
were aroused nn th�� esr and on second Trunk emigrant trnln was tesrluci
thought he declined Lbe Invitation and|through the darkness imtt night at n
"tnrt< rl to leave I'"" ear. Hayden fol- | sppod "f about forty miles nn hour
lowed and tore off 'he officer's stnr,, lohn McGlllivray. 30 years of ng", ol
which he drenped Inside his trousers I Antlgnnlshe, N'. H.. a passenger, step-
Continuing his re r rat lve Adams told ned of the train nt. the Junction cut,
lhe enn'm-c "'it H.v.den then drew a j ���> short dlstaiiee outside of the cltv.
run nnd stooped A mstt. dash'ng the T."<iwn iilong by the suction Of the
'���'���' ncsinwhllp, ac! nccuslng tho mnn 'rain, he rolled over nnd over, narrow-
of hiving rhantM ,,:m a few nights I'y "scaping death under the wh-mMs,
�����rrvl"tia. out of fl." In n e-inl git"'". , The train, which was hound for Win
While this llttlo by piny w.ib being I nlprr, nnd hnd nol Stopped h"re, tin
afcid Ad'"it penile g hrmk for lib- j hnrtllv hneked Into the Ktuart Street
erly.     At   tho   police   Stnt'on   he   y-ild : "lation with the Inlured ruin on bonrd
riHor-a Rollnltnrs, etc. 40 Lome Rtreel
New Weatmlnster. O D. Corbould, K
C.    i   It. iltnnt.    A.  K   HeColl,
f -,  I  law      nollellor      nto,        Tel"l'l'"n
I ���'        i-;.i,io      addrasa      "Johnsti
COAL MININO rlKjitn of Ire- nmnlnloa
..   ,     ...a-   . -_ ia.a.. ������     ram,.,..   p>iii ,     ' '"*"��� Minim" rignni or uia Pnmlnloa
^',""V     m   '.iLi._    il.- \vm.i >"  Miiijli'iha.  HM��k��tcli.'wnn and  AllM-rta,
Book. SS2 I'olumhla atreet. Na-w Wm :(|1,  y,JJ(|m .>,,������         ������. N���r,*,w������ Tmr"
minster, It c I .i...*... ���a .. - ���..��� -- -���-    -___-r���
nl'T  Itnrrlntere find Hnlloltore, Weal
mlicter Trust Rlk., Ooliimlita stree'
N'av Westminster, n C. Cable addrnj
"Wliltenl-*," Weatern Union. P. C
llrnwer 2H(l. Tadnphnne 09. W. .'
Whltoslde, K. L'.; II. L. Bdmonda. I
I. STILWEJLL CLUTK. B*\rrlaler-at-ln��
solicitor, nie.: comnr Columbia an
McKensle atreota. New Wimmlnate
II. 0.   P  O   Boa-lit.    Telephone   7H
Hayden was too big ''ir him to tackle.
Arretted on  Par-ripfion.
A     p-'r  I     wagon    full    nf    e"Wr8
'-���'��� .1   i*.   I, ..<.!,,   Ht |��n   nnd     Officer
Markwood idcked bin.' up iiti deecrln-
leg and Officer Walt
a   police  ambulance,  with  Aid.  Dr.
tlnpkitu 011 the front s"nt. wns de-
���apatched tO the Station, where It was
'on- i thnt Mefillllvrnv had surtnliied
Inliiry mo-n rerlciin thnn n neiilp
Rollollor itt.d Nomry. Offloea lj#.r
tdork. as ixirne alre��t. New Weatmlr
aler. II. C
MoQtiAitttiB.   Martin   a  OABf-uny
Rnrrlatrrs  nnd  Rolloltors,   ��06  to  IK
W.Minitiator 't'niat Hlock.    fl.  Fl.   Mar
tin,   W,   (I.   McQunrrle    und   Oeorge   I
At   Ihe stntion  he dropped   lh" j laceration.    After he had been Ireated
n's t'<nr dfwn his ti-oiiser  at  the city hospital he wns locked uo j Telephones: Office 5$. Residence 429
Lawson picked I al  the central  station, charged  with | JOHN URIO. Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Urns.'   Onsnllne
It up ns It rallied on   Jl" cettienl floor. I being drunk.
"Iayden Is charged -jvith larceny on      MoOtlllvray was oii bis wav to Wln-
tind a rompan- Itilpeg to work ns a hnrvest blind   nntl
��� citv jnll last in p.fi here absolutely destitute, when
admitted   the hn had  recovered somewhat from the._    , ,.    ,       _    . .    .   ,
In l'nlon park, shock  of  his   Tall   last   night   he  iIIh- [ KnK4i...H.  Marine   Engines  and   Auto-
^^^^^^^^     ie address.        covered that he had also been robbed     mobile Repairs.
Deputy   Damn   Wnrlen   Adams   ro- of all the money he had.    lln has nn j        Office and Works: Tenth St.
shirs at the Mitiilio- * *i hotel, Second  iden how much he had or who took hln'p.o. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C.
avenue and Qront itre|t, 1 "roll." I
,a wsrronl  inn brnths
len visited hlra in tit
| nlgbt   nnd   lhe   form
iprisoner lived with hu4
bul declined to give
Itori-SS ami In a portion of ttie ITovtnos
r lirltlali Columbia, mnv l>r Limed for ���
term  of twenty-one yeara at  nn   annual
rental of fl an sera. Not men' tli.in tlti
arma will tie li*4ia-nd td one applicant
Appllcntton for a len*. mimt Ihi mode
'.v tbe applicant In pnrann lo th- Agent
nr Hub-Agent ot the dletrlct In wh-tch Um
righta applied for are ettiiateel.
In aurvi-yed territory thn lnml must be
I'serltud by w-ctlpna, or leflul siiti-dlvl-
��loiin of aectlona. and In unauneyed Ier
rlidry the tract appllnl for ahall bs
aiiiked out by the applloant hlmaelf.
Rach applfcatlso muat lie iireompanMI
hy a fee of It, wnleji will he refiind-fcl If
ihe rlalita applied for are not iivallibla,
tint not othorwlae. A royalty ahull be
nald nn the merchantable output nf Ute
mine nt tha rnte of five oonta per ton.
The person opai-ratlng the mine ahall
furnish tbe Agent wllh invent rnluaie
nncountlng for Uie full quantity of nier-
I'hiiatHhlii eoal mined and pnv the royalty thereon, lf the coui mining rights
nre not being opentted such returns ahouM
tie  furnished at  leant once a yrtxr.
The lease wlll Include the caul mloJM
righta only, but Uie hinaee wlll be HF *%
mltted to tnirctiHae whatever avallablf
nurface righta may be eonatdernd norma-
miry for the working of the mine at the
rule of lit an acre.
I'or full Information application should
he made to the Ha-e-retar/ of the IHp-ar'.
ment of ths Interior, Ottawa, or to ear
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion l*vn*a.
Deputy Minister of the interior.
N. ll ���Unauthorised tniblloatlnn of this
ailvriiimment Will not he paid for.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newe Bldg.
of all kinds.
Vrlces right    Hatlaf set Ion guaranteed.
6t MoKensIs SL MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1913.
Wife    cf   Accused    Nanaimo    Rioter  Somebody Handed Him Year Book and   Demand from W. C. T. U. That They
Ejected From Scene by Pollce-
Kickc and Scratches.
Result Was Bequest of
Nanaimo,    Sept.    14.���An    exciting      Seattle,  Sept.  14- A   year  book  of
scene   w::s  witnessed   In  the  city   po- * *',e   Children's   Orthopedic     hospital,]
lice court  this  morninK,  when   Mrs. I l"!,"";u !" Theodore 8. Benson by   a
ii,.-...   . i.      ...     ,.     , I friend about four yearB ano, resulted I
llMid,  wife of  Dr.  Hynd, accused  of  )n a bequest to the hospital of Ills en-
oreatlng n disturbance when the mill-1Ure estate,  which   was formally    ac-1
tls was escorting prisoners to the gaol cepted at a meeting of tbe hospital'
on Friday, began to use abusive Ian- I���16," *��Mterday morning.   The es-
. tate has an  appraised  value of  ?1H,-
guage in the court room toward Chief   1U 41    0, (lllll a1700 ,��� oil(,h unrl ,lle ,
i rovinc.il Constable Stephenson. The balance consists of a bome at inter-1
woman was ordered to leave the court hay, personal property and stocks and
room, but she refused to do so and bonds. Mr. Hetison died nearly two
continued ber abusive and uncompll-' v.ars ago, but the probating of   the
mentnry language. wm, gppralglng of the estate and other
The woman was then seized by two legal steps delayed the actual turning
special constables and escorted from 0ver of the property until yesterday.
the room, all  the while kicking    and Nam(!d eed for H|. Wife.
scratching at the constables, while her .\ir. Benson was for years a loco-
screams could b�� heard for some dis- motive engineer, running on theOreat
tai.ee. from the court house. Northern lilies.    Ile wbb prominent In
nie   session   of   court,   whieh   was MasCnla circles  and  remarked  to    0
presided over by Magistrate Blmpfon, friend one day that he intended to
wns a short one.                                        | leave hls money to a Masonic society.
John Vlneck, charged with picketing The friend suggeeted the Orthopedic
in the vicinity Of Number Due Bhuft on hospital as a more needy  institution I
August  18,  was  remanded  for  eight with the result that Mr. Benson pre-'
day*,  and  .lames   Wallace and    John rented the hospital wllh $1000 to name
Qulgley were charged   with   parttcl- -    hrd    for hls wire, Mrs. Caroline
patlng In rioting on August I?, and 14. (ireinlief lienson. who had recently
both being remanded for eight duys on died. At the Bame time lie made his
the application of Chief Constable will, making the hospital tbe sole ben-
Stephenson, who proseouted, owing u efldary. This Is the first bequest of
the absence from the city of Crown au nitlre estate to the hospital
Attorney Shoebotham. To  Ertabllsh  Two  eeds.
Messrs. Chris Pottinson, district or-:     Varliiis plans for using the money
ganlstcr of the U. M. W. of A., Hector  derived   from   the  estate  in   such    a'
liulletle und I).  Hind appeared before ' manner as  wlll  perpetuate the  mem-
ihe court churned with vagrancy, In lory of the testator were discussed by
that on Kriilay when several prisoners the trustees of the Institution yester-
were being escorted from the railway day. A plan Is on foot to establish
atlon to the Nanalmo uaoi they did two beds in the hospital, to be sup-
norteil t'V the Income from the estate.
shout  and   In other  ways  create  ills
turbanca, thus making themselves a]One wlll be
nuisance to the authorities. |"*!icr for his
for  Mr.  Henson and the
wife.    It is believed that
Attorney Leighton asked for ball for .the property can be sold for sufflolent
the accused, but was refused, and 1
magistrate ordered them remanded for
eight days
Woman Tells of Last Word in Stingy
Husbands���Beaten for Buying Bread.
money to brliiK In an Income of 1500
I ner year, which amount Is necessary
* to support the beds.
|    In tiie personal effects of Mr. Hen-
i son were two watches, wblch he ear-
rlrd fir yeara as an engineer. These
| will be properly Inscribed and  placed
; one over  each   bed      A   resolution  of
appreciation ot the work done by Hubert   J.   Kluher.  administrator  of    the j
eBtate, and  Hastings & Stedman, thel
law firm which handled the case, was
passed by the board of trustees. While
(the court allowed  the attorneys  $400 :
��� fees from  the estate, and the admln-
'. Istrator 1490.  the money wub refuBMl
and will no tu the hospital
Ct Suppressed Worries Boise
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 14. Mayor Arthur Hodges of tbis city la asked to
plaee tin- official ban on the X-ray
skirts With the filmy effect. The demand comes from the W. C. T. U. of
Ad.- county.
The members of this organization
voice tlieir Indignation at the new
I'aris creation In resolutions which
condemn the transparent gown, and
demand that the chief executive of
Boise order that In the future women
who  appeal  OO   thS  streets  In   X-ray
skirts  be  Informed  that  tbey  must
dn ks before appearing in  public.   .
Patrolman  Worried.
The action or the memherB of the
W, c T. 0. puts a puzzling problem up
to Mayor Hodges. Members of the
polici. department, of which the mayor
Is the official head, ar" kept awake
nlnlitB by the fear that the mayor may
order the skirts barred The pcs-sl-
billty of approaching one of the fiir
sex and arousing her Indignation by
politely and nervously telling her to
-���o home and complete her street attire doi a not appeal to the pollce.
The tV. C, T. 1'. not only places a
1 in on the skirts, which In the resolutions are scored as unwomanly, but
!nsist that there be a rleld inspection
of till moving picture films that are
"<-ed In this cltv. properly censoring
thirn and banishing those that are not
considered proper.
State   Pr--lrf*-.t   S-cs  Comfort.
Mrs. *da Wallace I'nrr.h, president
Of the Oreeo.n W. C. T. I'., was pres-
ortl wh"ti the resolutions were adopted
: nd when sh" was nsked whal she
tVu'i'ht of the present day dress,
"The present drv styles admit of
���core  comfort  and   beauty   thin   any
"'lir-rs whicb W" hnve hnd.     Of "ourse.
*hei*Q t)r,> exceptions and extremes, but
i '>o not t'��ke th"m seriously; they
w'H right themselves. There are bo
...~.,y other pa-oblems of so mtieh more
��� ��� ���<orfarice that I do not believe in
������������������lng much time on the preaent
'-"����� "~ire. We need education all
along these lines, hut the soelal evil
and the temperance issues are much
more Important."
Minneapolis, Sept.  14.    That  life ls
nol  all roses or the young  wife of a ;
rich but elderly  husband  was  proven
again today.
Mrs  Killa Hallenburg. 30, told a few
of tke disappointments that fell to her j
lot   ster she  married  Carl   A    Hall'Mi
burg, 75, In a divorce complaint filed
In district court.
The  llnl'.enburgs  were married    In |
May,   llie",      Mrs    Hallenburg   alleges
thai her husband is worth more than
a quarter "f s million She told In
her complaint  how   the  money  wan     Des Mi
Invested in real estate and gilt edged   j"rle Pogi
Washington  Town's   Chief   Executive
Saya He Has Suffered From
Lapse of Merr.ory.
Three-year-old  lows   Lassie
(ut for One Tooth Late in
Is  O.   K.
lines, Sept.  14
i, aged 8, daugli
Like Heroine of Novel.
She nili: ii working girl and pictured Uf" us the wife of a rich husband
In the bright colors of a I.lira .lean
Llbbe)  novel.    Now she charges that:
Her   husband   took   her   to   live   ill
the Bllsnore riots. Eighteenth street
and Chicago avenue, whicb h" owned.
und   compelled   her   to   Hike   care
tt;..  Mar-
f llr und
Mrs. c. V, Page, of Shel
perfect   baby.     Miirjorle'..   score   was
08.8 mu uf :i possible l"" at the baby
health centist iit tin- Stale fair Her
nearest competitor was Homer 'low-
ill, nged :i, son of Dr. and Mrs E B
Howell ol Ottumwa, wbn scored 97.8
Last year.Dorothy Klusmeyer of
Des Moines won first prize with s
of: score of 87.6 per cent.
The baby health contl sis. i
One night he kept her awake pinch- 'this wns the third, were the Idea of
Ir.t her because she hnd not collected 'ii" Iowa Mothers' Clubs. Observing
the rep' rrotii one of the tenants. the time and attention devoted at the
Wh"ii fh" asked for a maid to help State fair to hogs, rattle, sheep,hi rs-
her with the work he refused and told Us   nnd   chickens,   they   aBked:   "Why
her that she was not worth her keep.
Ile refused her nickels for carfare,
postage   Stamps   and   money   for   soap
mul n dally paper
not give the babies a chance?"      Mrs.
Mnry Watts of Audubon, gnve voice to
It   th" Idea was taken up.
This year there were three classes
He protested  because she spent too ���City, town and rural.    Kach of thesi
In   the
much  money   for  salt  to
He best her when Bhe paid five rents   from 84 to 8f
for a  lonf  of  fresh  bread   when  she
could have bought two loaves of stale
bread for the same price
Two years ugo when their child was
born lier husband refused to let lyr
dress it In white clothes because It
I   ok too much Soap lind water lo keep
them clean
was   subdivided   into  girls  and   boys
of from  Is  to  -4  months of age and
Here Is Murjorle's record: Age, 2
years, 11 months. IS days; height, 39
Inches; weight, 3ii pounds; ctreumter-
���,.,.��� ,.' h'-id. uo '.r> inches; circumference of chest. 21.6 Inches: circumference of abdomen. 81.6 Inches; color of
eyes, brown: hair, brown; psychology
' cul test, perfect.
Mrs Hallenburg said her husband's
temper wns bad and alleged sixteen
different occasions In her complaint
where he struck, heat or pinched her
Mrs. Hallenburg declared she stood
everything  until  her  husband    began
to hnve premonitions that she would
outlive hlm.   She asserted that he told
h"r he had two revolvers In Fargo be
was gniue ������ bring back, and when hi
felt   old   nge  overcoming   hlm
kill ber and commit suicide.
Hallenburg left on a business trip
aud Mra. Hallenburg said she gave un
her dream of wealth, took her child
and moved to n flat at Ninth street,
nnd Klghth avenue Bouth September
2. The suit for divorce ls In the
hands of Ludvlg Arctander.
Mr, llallenburg'H side of the story
has not yet been told.
llillyard. Wash, Sept. 14.���ln the
hills In the vicinity -of I'ortland. Ore.,
land Herdllck. socialist mayor of
HlUyard, who disappeared from the
railroad town about the first of June.
is sojourning In an effort to regain Ills
lost strength before returning to liis
suburban bailiwick. The first news
from hlm since his mysterious drop
ls Iowa's from sight came yesterday in a letter
to Mrs. Herdllck, in which he stated
li.. hod suffered a lapse of memory,
the nphasla obliterating for three
tm uths Oil cognizance of his personality i-i '-'lives ami social and political
*l received a letter from Mr. Herd-
lick stating tliat hc was in Portland
and has not been himself Blnce he left
llillyard early In June," said Mrs.
Hot- last night
Had Lapse of Memory.
"He has hml a lapse of memory and
onlv remembers things of the last 24 i
hours     I do uot know whether or not
he will return to llillyard "
"In   his   letter   to   Mrs.   Herdllck,
which she brought to my office toduy.
Miner Herdllck stated that    he wub
going   buck   to  the   mountains    near!
Portland  to rcBt up," said  Judge  W
K.  Richardson,  who    is  representing1
Mrs. Herdllck, last night "He has not
hem   iu   tlle  city   of   Portland,  but   111
the hills nearby.     As  soon  ns he  regains his health und streng.h be plans *
to come back to HlUyard "
The prospective return to llillyard '
ef Mayor Herdllck, whose office   was
declared  vacant by  the city couneil
last week, gave rise to n question last:
niirht us to the legality of such nn ac- j
tlon   and   Its    effect   In   permanently j
ousting the absent mayor.
Debts Mavor'r Validity.
C. C. Upton, city attorney of H'lt   |
Better values than any store in Canada
On Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., we open our store for the regular
routine of business. The sale of the past three weeks has been very-
gratifying to us, inasmuch it has thoroughly convinced us that this city
is capable of supporting a large department store run on metropolitan lines.
We intend to give you a store that, for Courtesy, Service and Efficiency,
will be second to none in Canada. Our freedom to buy in any market of
the world, and to buy practically for cash will enable us to give you as
good, and, we hope, a little better, value than any store in this wide
!The store will expand as time goes on. New departments will be added
to cater specially to the needs of New Westminster and the surrounding
country. We realize that the taking over of this business is quite a large
undertaking, but we have faith in the future of the city- -faith in the
people to support honest effort and straightforward merchandizing. As
the city grows--and we feel positive it will grow-we expect our business
to grow with it.
CASH ��� This will be a cash store. Goods will be sold on a cash
basis only. This one factor will enable us to sell you goods
cheaper than at stores where unlimited credit is given. We wiii
purchase for cash and sell for cash.
I QUALITY��� Quality will be the the first consideration when buying goods.
We will only place in stock merchandise cf reliable and dependable quality-goods we can take a pride and pleasure in selling,
and knowing they will give our customers every satisfaction. We
fully realize that the pleasure and satisfaction of quality will remain
long after price is forgotten. We shall aim to make the people of
this city proud of its store, its service and its merchandise.
Trusting to have a continuation of the liberal patronage extended to us
during the past three weeks.
Little Marjorie hed trouble witb one
front tooth. It having failed to arrive
on time: for that she wiib marked
down. It Is the only thing about her
Hint the JndgeB could find fault with,
'���Marjorie is a 'bottle linbv.' snid yard, said lust night: "Altliniu'li the
llr. Page. "She was put on the botlle position was declared vacant by the
two weeks alter her birth, and sn -������ council last week. 1 doubt tlie validity
malned until we felt she cou'.d safely of such an action, und 1 think that
trusted with beefsteak nnd similar , should Mr. Herdllck return und want
would eusllv digested food. We do not feed the "'-"tlen. which I think Is very im-
Muriorle pie nor cake, but she bus ice probable, h" cinilil bave It."
cream and otice In a while n little I "When the council declared the po-
candy. Fresh air has hail much to do Isltlon vacant." snid Charles W. Clllen-
with  her general  rugged  In altli      In
the summer rhe hns always slept out
or doors: in the winter ��he 'loops In
a well ventilated room. I lake her
with tne when I go calling on my patients, nnd she has ridden over 3000
mlleB with me Iii my automobile since
last March Kvery afternoon at 2
] o'clock she takes a nap of two or three
Yours respectfully,
Store Hours for Business���
Daily 8..30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.;
Saturday wc close at 9:30
McAllisters Limited
Psrli, Sept. 14.���A young Parlslon
ee'ross imd to answer thla week before the I'aris courts for having Insulted her theatre manager and
rnratched bl" fnce. Her name Is Jeane
Fruv, and alio waa appearing at the
Montmartre mimic hall I.n Clgalc. One
evening, as sho failed to answer the
stage e��l| In time the stage mannaer
flnpd her 40 cents, whereupon sh'
rushed to the theatre miniger's office.
Tbe ta"<ns"er raised the line to 11.75.
Mad with anger, the actress Insulted
the mnnneer and scratched his face
with her finger nails. She-was sentenced to s'v days' Imprisonment and
fined 140. Mile. Fmy explained that
she became angy et being lined the
f> 7R beeniisp her salary wss only
IIU.20 a month. She added that the
manager addressed her by on Insulting
epithet. ,  ,
The stage manager, on being questioned, replied that behind the scenes
the language In common use wss not
always noted for Ita propriety. The
court reduced the sentence to a line of
f 10 and 18 eents damages.
Kelbigg. Idaho. 8ept. 14.���The Bunker lllll & Sullivan Mining company
bought the 130,000 Issue of the Kellogg sewer bonds last night, thereby
placing lho company on record as to
���he probable life pf the Hunker Hill
R- 8tlUlvau worklnga and the future of
Kellogg, the purchase belnr made after the city had failed to Ben the bonds
to any bond buyer In the country with-
"nt discounting them $1,00 Oor moTe.
The Bunker Hill & Sullivan takes the
bends at par and will pay the accrued
Interest from July 1 at 6 per cent., the
Interest the bonds will benr. The action relieves the worry which has
been facing the council nnd Parrott
brothers, the contractors on the aewer
Time ond again the story Is started
thta the Bunker Hill ft Sullivan is
working out Its ore, despite the fact
that tliere Is more In sight at present
than there hae been In tho last 26
pie, former city attorney of llillyard.
"It was authoriied to elect a mavor
nro facto, who could hold office until
the real mayor came back to claim the
nosltlon. if Mr. Herdllck came back
he certainly could have It. 1 do not
think, however, that he would want
Methodists Open Sacred Edifice at
Victoria, Sept. 14. -The new Methodist chinch en Admrial's rond. Es-
qulmalt, was dedicated Thursday afternoon In the prenence'of several hundred people. The door were formally
opened by Mr. Horace J. Knott. Trior
to this, '.lowever, thc pastor, Kev.
Thos. Keyworth, conducted a brief religious service on the steps ot the
building, Hev. Thos. Wilkinson, of
Strawberry Vale, chairman ofthe district, lending In prayer.
At the rervice inside the building
whloh followed, a number of the local
ministers took part. Rev. A. J. Wood
offe-ed prayer and the 1?sboiis were
read by Hev. Tiros. Robeoh and Rov,
Thos. Qreen. The hymns sung Included "t/ord of the Worlds Above," and
���;o Those Whose Own Vast Temple
Rev. Dr. Slpprell. of Mount Pleasant
church, Vancouver, formerly principal
of Columbian college, New Westminster, preached tbe dedicatory sermon.
It is not known whether any of the | come forth a scandal. The young
letters were successful In bringing woman consulted her lawyers and the
cash returns, but many of those to postal authorities were set to work. A
whom the letters were traced refused i decoy letter resulted in the arrest of
Cleveland Lady Is Arreated���Promises
to Result In Revelations of
Startling Kind.
Cleveland, Sept. 14.���What promises
be a revelation In blackmailing
methods ls promised hy District Attorney Alburn when tbe case of Mrs.
Margaret ('arter, n society woman of
Klyrla, (>., cornea to trial.
He calls the scheme the "wicked-
eat and largest blackmailing plot ever
heard Of" Mrs. Carter Is the wife of
a retired tobacco manufacturer, and
was locked up tn default ot $10,000
ball after waiving examination. When
she xrvxs brought Into court she. col-
itipsed and was unconsolous for several minutes.'
Not only ls she charged' with seeking by threatening letters to obtain
$3000 trom Miss I.tlllan Huntington,
heiress, but Auburn says other epistles were sent to prominent wealth}
persons ln Klyrla, Cleveland and towns
of northern Ohio.
These letters, It tt charged, revealed
Intimacy with the private attain ot
the persona threatened.
to discuss them.
Miss Huntington ls not yet 20 and
beautiful. She has inherited a large
fortune (rom her grandfather, John
Huntington, one of the old-time
* Standard Oll magnates and founderof
Cleveland's $1,000,000 Art museum,
nnd a second fortune came to her
' through the will of her uncle, William
Marsh Rice, who was killed in New
York bv his valet and Albert T. Pat-
r'ek. a New York lawyer. Her father.
W. R, Huntington, Is a capitalist of
Elyrls, and was formerly commodore
ot the Cleveland Yacht club.
When only ld and a schoolgirl at
the fashionable Rrlarcllff school near
New York sho was taken by her
mother on a trip to Ashevllle, N. C.
and there met Dwlght Dawley, son of
���* wenlthv furniture manufacturer of
Wheeling. W. Va.
Thev eloped and were married, but
with the consent of the young people's
parents, the young couple went sep-
arated then, and a divorce wag secured
after a y����r. '
.Recently there have been rumors
that Miss Huntington waa to -marry a
prominent young Cleveland clubman.
It was on these rumors tbat the blackmailing Utter came, signed "Mlsa
Roae."  ������       '
"The writer, stated that tha Clara-
land clubman had promised to marry
her and tbat unleta Mlsa Huntington
sent tha writer (MM   thor*.  would
Mrs. Carter.
Sbe was shown the letters to Miss
Huntington by the authorities and she
admitted that "the writing looked
something like her writing."
"I believe," she added, "that the per-
The fire originated ln the alieif.
which was filled with hay: and pile.,
of lumber at the back of A. Gallagher**
cabinet shop at 957 St. James slreet.
soon caught. Senecal, who belongs
to the Seigneurs street police station,
turned in an alarm at 2:13. A second
call a few minutes later brought out
thc entire central and western divisions of the fire department. Those in
son who wrote the letters Imitated my .charge wcre Deputy Chief St
handwriting to get me into trouble.
Policeman   Renders  Yeoman  Service
When Tenement Hsuse Catches
Montreal. Sept. 14.���By bursting lu
doors and battling against strangling
smoke, Constable Senecal rescued Mrs.
Michael Nolan's baby early thla morning whan the tenement at 408-4W
Richmond atreet, waa threatened by
tire. Tha abed at the back waa ablate
and the houae teat filling with amoke
when tha ooaatabla forced an eatronoa.
roused the ttmtak and. leaving thetn
to effect their ��*��t, rushed out ante
with the Infant in hts	
ami   District   Chiefs   Manu,
Brlere and ..ussier.
The flames gutted the shop, besides
destroying the machinery and furnishings at the Canadian Sheet Metal
Works at 955 8t. James. The fire was
got under control within half an hour,
but was not entirely extinguished until nearly 10 o'clock. Kor some time
lt was feared the blase would leap
across Richmond street to the lumber
yard of R. MacFarlane & Co.. but this
was prevented by the prompt application of Beveral streams to the east
"iide cf thp burning butldlne. The office of the Canadian Sheet Metal com-
nnn v. which le in a corner of the
bui'd'nK on tho ground Inor. was
oofed from the flames. All the books
wil records of the company, stored
thr re. were untouched.
The damage ia estimated at $15,069.
It la thought tho tire waa cauaed br
someone throwing a burning cigar or
cigarette hutt on the hay. The ten-
ante, who ruahed out ot their homeo
On Richmond street, are r. Folar. 4M;
Alphonae Ooujouln, 401; Wlttrtd Powe.
gardon powea and Rohm Wallace.
���r.- PA01  *OUB
Fresh ^Water and Salt
Government Cruiser Flaps. Bn*lt Here,
Creates Impression at
Port Albrrnl. Sept 14.���The stem
Dominion flsheriea protection cmiser
Klips v,ji.- in l.ort ou Monday and
Ttnsday. The Kin-pa, designed by B.
It. Shock and built by the N-ew W��l-
m'lnster Marine Railway comp����y. was
he could pass with safetv at any stage  her n, Seattle from Manila.   The sail-   Hate with the amateur horticulturists
of the tide. ling of the President for Sun Francisco under the name of tbe Vanoouver Hor
"As  to  the  conduct of  the  master i and southern California ports was de-1 tlrultural association, failed.   The B.C.
and   the  officers  at   the  time  of and : layrd an hour by  the Illness of    her | Florists'  association,  the  old  otgonl
after  the disaster, all of  the  pa. sen-i master.    She cleat ��1  from  pier D at
gers and also the unlicensed members ill a. m.
of the crew who have testllled before The vessel had a passenger list or
this board are undivided In their over 400 and big shipments of canned
statements that in the��* opinion all ;salmon, canned^ milk, (train and mis-
was done that in human power could
Icellaneous freight.
No Blsme Attached to Any on Board
for the L��6s of th; Ctatc of
Seattle,     Sept.     14.���The    disaster
���which befell the steamship State    of
California August 17 in Gambler bay,
Alaska,   wherein   more    than     thirty
_ lives were lost, was pronounced yes-
glvten her trial run cn June 13 ��-* this terday as marking n new record    in
your,   'ihe new ct-att, wkttku fj*|the history of marine navigation by
U. Whitney   and   Robert     a.
federal marine inspectors,
who comprised tiie board of Inquiry
which investigated the frightful ac
In a Btatement prepared for thc department of commerce, covering in de
tail the exact events that ltd up to
ihe striking of the uncharted rock and
the almost Immediate sinking of   tho
lines, ii graceful sheer to her in**** and ,
is one of the  handsomest vesoehi of P""'*
British Columbia waters, iTurner.
her type In
is 8- feet long with a 14V4 foot beam
nnd a draft cf _>2 feeL It ia claimed
lhat her powerful 6-cycle 9�� h_p.
Standard engines will de��clop a very
hij?h speed tfhen they get properly
tuned up. The decks and chart house
ace of teak, the same wood also brins.
used by finishing. She makes a prettv |
/ntlon, will call a meeting of all Interested about two weeks from this
date. The idea of the new association,
ns explained by Mr. Sch an matin, is for
the members to work together for the
general good of the association and to
Interest tbe public in ita work.
Sunday Services at Capitol Hill.
The  viciir of  B.   Nicolas.     Rev.     D.
I Davles-Moore, is arranging, with the
Seattle, Sept. 11 Award of the con-1nsslftiince of lay readers, to open Sun-
tract to repair the big Norwegian day services in tbe rapidly growing
steamship Fageliind. with the GermanIdistrict of Capitol Hill. Ke will con-
bark Thieibek on the Columbia river,|duct the first evensong today at 2-.M
was made to the Seattle Construction p.m. At the close of the service he
company today after the keenest sort] will arrange for the Organisation of a
of compi'ti'lon in which varlm's enn-'Sunday school,
corns of  Portland,  Seattle  and    Vic-l Four Killed at Cannery,
torla, P. C, were involved. j    Charles     Wilson     and     his     wife,!
The local shipbuilding company bid Watohy (loss and George Paul, all In-1
approximately  $17,000    with     a    time ' dians,   were   murdered   In   il   drunken
guarantee of complete repairs under brawl   at   Klmsault   cannery   on   the;
the   specifications   In   twelve   days. Inight of Sept. 10, according to infor-1
I'ortland  bidders  were the  Wtlamotte I Ipatlon   brought  by  the  purser of the)
Iron & stei'i company, which asked]steamer Chelohsln. Paul, mortally
$10,000 to finish the job in twenty-one Wftinded, was taken to Rella Coola by
days, snd the Alblna fcnglne fi Ma- his wife and died there. A partv of,
chine \V"rks, which bid ?14 r,51 with special constablis with the Indian,
no time limit. The Pagelund is rated llgent later found Wilson, h fisherman,]
to be worth i?.'n) per dav to lier own- IvitiK In the bottom of bis boat, shot i
ers. so the question of time and faclli- through tha heart while his wife wns 1
ties for drydocklng nml oulok rennlr also dead In the stern. A few- yards!
were cblef elements In the problem, away wits found ane'.'ier drlillne boat I
the solving of which brought forth a|containing the dead body of Watchy
picture with her white painted bull,
dark tipper workB and shining grasses.
Chief Inspector of Fisheries fur ths
Province F. II. Cunningham ia abLord
the Kispa on official business.
The tug Alberni, owned by Captain
James ("roll. Alberni, formerly itf New
Wis minster, made its first trip yesterday towing a boom if logs from
Roger creek to the Canadian Pac'Dc/
Lumber company's mill.
IVi.-rires at Loss to Account for Pecu
liar Conditions at This Season
of Year.
Victoria. Sept. 14. -Seafaring mm
art} at a loss to account for the ptt-u-
liar weather conditions whicb have
been'prevailing on this Coast for Hte
pat! few weeks. Continuous southeast gales, with thunderstorms, hail
Kinialls ami lightning have bei-n reported by the masters of all vessels
which have come into port recently.
The weather is completely different
from that which has generally vl-sijefl
this part of the country at this -sea-Mir,
cf the year.
Capt.    Sliadfortli,    master   of    the
steamer Cray, of the Canadian North |deeper  draft
���Pacific. Fisheries, Ltd., which Wa�� xo- I that  ever bad entered this pine
vessel, the inspectors declared that
the absence of censure of any kind
directed at the officers cr crew of ih_
vessel was most remarkable. In no
other marine disaster in northwest
history, they asserted, was there such
a unanimous expression of praise towards the men in charge Of the ill-
fated steamship.
"IVc have heard no word of censure from any source," the inspectors
declared officially. "This fact, in view
rf other Investigations of marine disasters,  appears  marvelous."
The history of the wreck, as carefully ascertained and set down for
filing In the archive-, of tho department at Washington by the Sca'tle
board, brought cut several nev f tit-urns, chief anions which was the ex
cillent boat drill inainta'nrd on board
the steamship. The findings pf the
h aril follows:
Fcllew'nn Usual Track.
'It is claimed by the master, and
substantiated by the second officer, It.
D. McGilvray. acting pilot, who wis
on the bridge with tlu> mister, by
other members of the crew who wera
in a position to judge, tliat the vessel was following the usual track near
mid-channel. The same course, as
nearly as practicable, had been passed
over by this .same vessel seme s xtten
times before, and the same track or
course was followed by other vessels
passing in and out of the same port
at call.
"It is well to note that at the timra
of mriking the tide  was at extreme
jlow,  or nearly  so;   and  furthermore.
I that   t!:e   Slate   nr  California   was  of
than   any   oilier   vessel
be done towards saving life and ministering to their wants af:er reaching
"After collecting all data available
and of merit bearing upon this case
and giving the same due consideration, we are of the opinion that Captain Cann. master of the State ol
California, en August 17. 1818, exercised nil caution and judgment that
could reasonably be expected In pissing in and out of Gambler bay. We,
therefore, find no grounds for bringing charges against him."
Thc Tallest Seaman.
There  Is  cne officer  on   board  tho
palatial C. P. R. liner Empress or Asia,
Captain ROblnson, who is the centre
of admiration In every port  the great
ship  enters.    Ile is  Captain  S;"*-':tir,
third  officer,  and  ihe reason   for the
attentien which be receives on    the
part  of the  passengers and  also th ���
slght-secrs who board the liner is the
fact that he is handsome man.    Ile is
Known  the world over as  the ..illest
ollVer in the merchant service, stand-  p, _.,���,., ,.s competition among the firms ''.ess.    Suspicion bos been directed
Ing   six   feet   four   inches   in   helpht., w]_n ,..(] two Indians, who had previously quar-
Added to this, Ije Is _a_ magnificenUy      Temporary repairs to the Fagelund relied  with  Wilson,    Information has I
wi',1 be made al  Portland on the Co- heen given oul to tbe nrovlholal poi'--,.!
lumbia rb er by workmen employed by | thnl then' wer" two other Indian bouts
Ihe Seattle Construction *  Dry Dock pulled un on the beach, nnd that their*
compiny, after  which  the  steamshio owners  had  been drinking  the  nlgbt
will be tewed  to the local shipyards  I" fore.
and placed In dry dock, where the con- I **- ���
tract will be completed. ,   ,     ., , !
Judge Murdered.
Astoria, Sept   14,    Frank K. Taylor,!
termer dr-mit judge, was shot and In-1
stantly killed today In (). C, Hansel, al
nprovima.ely;-^;;;:^^^-"'*    immediately of-1
proportioned man, and from iii headgear a bright light shines. Neither
a bowling storm, nor a blinding blizzard can erase this smile from the
countenance of this officer. He has
been wrecked and dismast" ' m uptimes --'tiring his enree- on sailing
ships, but the smile he had when it
hov is still with him.
25% OFF
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
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Ve53Sl Movuments.
San "ranclsco. Sept. 14.���Arrived:
Steamers rem. Balboa; Washtenaw,
Vancouver; Atlas. Tacoma; I'resdnt.
S'attle; Nile (British). Hong Kong;
KI TobK (British), Ncbltos, Peru;
United States transport U)gan,
Mantle; scheoncrR Annie l.arsen, Bristol hay; Simla (British), Vancouver;
Vega, Bering sea; bark Star of Peru,
Bristol bay: McLaurln. Naknek; shin
Star ef Italy. Bristol bay. Sailed:
Steamer.. Daisy .'r.cnir:'., Wlllarai Al-
catraz, Greenwood; Buckman. Beatt'e
$100,000  IN  PORTLAND
Portland,   Sept.   14.   -A
$100 000 in  waees  is  being  disbursed
bv the Alaska-Portland Packers' association among the 200 fishermen, ran-',*\i_L CHINESE c
nery smplsyes and trapmen, representing sbout every nationality, wltb the __
Chinese predominating, who have lu��t
Arrived from Nushagak river,  Bristol
bay. on the salmon ship Berlin.   None
of  'heir  wa-res  was   paid   them   until
they returned fro.'-i the For North.
The Berlin moored at    the    Alblna
dock, where her 43,500 cases ( f salmon
lng Hansel was arrested.
be p^r-t;
Pectan (Brlt'sh).  Vntofagaata; Crown* will be discharged.   The Levi n. Bur-
of Christ.ie (British), London.
Three  Schooners   Down   With   Nearly
Half Million Fish.
I ond catch of the
gess arrived last night, but will lie in
the -='r*-irn until the berth occupied by
tiie Berlin h'is been vacated.
Or tiie 49,000 cases of salmon aboard
the I * .*: M Burgess, SOOli cases belorir
*n ii Snn t-'rancisco company and will
be forwarded there on a coastwise yes
sei. They were to have con* out of
���>"> Vush'ii'ii-*. on the ship Standard,
I ut Bbe could not take care ot the ex-
��� -������. lot. On her arrival In Alaska last
spring tlie Standard went ashore and
Sustained some damage.
The 92,000 cases of salmon reaShlng
Por' . ���*,!  on   the   Berlin  and   I.'inn
���mrnccl to port after a trip to the I the time of the accident, the draft
Queen Charlotte islands via the west j was IS feet 6 inches,
coast, says that the weather in totally ; "Immediately after striking, t'.ie
���different from anything hc haa etrer master, realizing that the vessel un-
fieen nn this coast at this se��Eon ot doubt -.iiv had received a fatal blow
the y-ser. He saw morn lightning d*ur- and kstowlng that the chance of beach-
ins one week of tho trip than in tneijng her in such a position that she
whole seven yours he has been nail would not be entirely submersed In a
satinp; in British Columbia water*, fshnrt space of tune was extremely
Some F*.d Night*. Umall, gave the signal    to    mini    tb*
The Cray was phsent from port ten boats,  which signal was responded to
days, end  Copt.  Shadforth saya that p*muiiiTly
the weather was badt throughout  the!   "Owing to tho heavy   list to   port,
trip,   in Hecate strait aom* tory ��������� from which the vessel never recover
inghts  were put  In     The glass    ��wL   0������  boal, Xo   ���   ,��� (.ha!_-f. rf ���,
low.    the se.ut least    winds    literally ,������,,., <���l,Uvn, ���,.. ������, on,    bo.��� ���,_,
wh- tied iibou     he ship.   The.ea was,*K,,.(.,,���rll,(,  jn    ,      , the wreck    n,   ��
Sni nf      ,      f"���a C?Hk' ,The,1RhV I*"" foundered; as all the ether i,  ,t-
ning flashed and the thunder roared,  ���. _ ,        . , r   . ,,
"'were more or less damaged by falling
and floating wreckage.
"Beyond doubt, the majority of persons who lost their lives were Injurtd
in the maelstrom cf wreckage coming
Iv awash ltr' "'" enlace.
"We   believe   that,   the svsli in   of
Bringing the
feason ir the fourth year In si:-"ces-
sion, the Fanny Dutard, captain M L.
Matheson. has reached Anaeortes after a trip tn northern waters which
lasted just five months. The Dutard,
with a crew of 36 men. left Seattle
April 10 and arrived in Behrlng Sea on
May 7. She brought back u catch of
193.000  flsh,  weighing approximately
420 to.nO, the record catch being made
hv lulling Nelson, who took 16,966
Thn vessel, which encountered the
nest severe weather on her trip north,
report- the loss of Albert Nystedt, a
moii'bei f her crew, who committed
suicide four days after the vesrel left
l'i ge-t Sound, by jumping overboard.
TJi-QjCod fishing schooner Maid of Or-
Ileaas.eCaptaln George M. J. Jacohson. ,.   ,
alro reached Anaeortes with a catch nf | whpn '"' �� "mrp <h:ln a b0'3
'105.000 end fiBh. Kdward liyan broke
his reenrd of seven years for a day's
catch..'Jiriucing 5R9 (ish tn the Orleans.
The" s-fhrbner Aiice of the Hobinson
Fishing rnmp.inv, returned last week
with a'entch of 186.000, while 'he .Inhn
' , of tbe Puget Sotind fleet, is expected every dav from the north.
! i   addition   to   these   four   vessels
from  Puget Sound, four vessels visit
Coignry   Official   Warns  Celestials  of
ImmiTaticn Lew.
Calgary,   Sepi    14    J    Craig,   tho
Immigration   agent   here,   hoe nsk d
that the desirability ol a'l Chinamen
in  the eity resist, r u: al  the Immigration offices   und'r   tii" regulatl n
Issued  by  W. D. Scntt. cent-'lier   of
Chinese Immigration, nnd recommend
ed  by  Lu    Ping    Tien,    th-e    act'.m
Chinese consul nt Ottawa,  be  poinl  'i I
out.    Printed notices in Bngl'sb    nnn |
Chinese hove been postid la consplcu
ees places iii ihe city, drawing otter
tion to this regulation.
Any ChtnamaA, who has Ins' hn
rrlginal certificate, en pressnt'ng lii:
self at tlie Immigration < Ifice snd
proving his identity and giving a la'e
photograph of himself, may nhtn'n an
other certificate. The dupi.C-'e of ali
certlfleates along  with  s   pj togroph
Chilliwack Fair
On account of thc annual fair of the Chilliwack
Agricultural society which will be held in Chilliwack,
Sept. 15-17, round trip tickets at the rate of single
fare and a third will be offered from all points on
thc Fraser Valley line to Chilliwack.
The special tickets made be secured from Monday, Sept. 15 until Wednesday, Sept. 17. They are
good for return trip until and on Tuesday, Sept. 18.
r>r 'ued at $4 a case, or a  total nf  I '��� lhe owner, Is sen! to O lawa, whir
��� ���������;���...m.i     a big portion of the nnck  I!   ';  Hied.    Anv  Cblnatnau   sti mpl
will  he shinned  hv rail tn N'cv  Verk   ing  to  use another  man's  certifies ������
onr] from there some of ft will an tn
Rnfone. It has been nne ef t'i*"* hep'
snasf-taag in everv resppct. it is declired.
ever Irrirawn in the Pristnl lvv enuntrv
Ciotatn Bolton of the Berlin, th"
n-'oncrr "kin-oer nf the F*i'mr*i gron'ids
nn f... Pacific e. irt. sa'd the fined
-.'���entiic- ho e-*er experienced pr*��valled
thrraighoul th" Beason no north. !>-d
tie  fri���n   In   the   N'us'-i'ti-tik   In   1885,
Hvs  himself open   to    penu lie
will  bo deported a:   ��� lice.
1 and Personal
cwart,   Lytton,
at  the
Portland Ore., Sept U 3't
Chiles" v.-r'inrs frnni the l!rit'sh
steamer Harlow,    pscaped    from    the
craft h��t night wh-'l ��� two othi r  m-
bc-s of the crew wire captured et the
point    of   revolvers    le     th"    ha'bor
' tiie biitiks in the Behrlng Sea this nollce.
and the heavy hall squalls fell tre-
���qttently, Coming south the Cray had
the worst weather, aa she had tr> bit-cU
the seuthe.T'ters. The wave* broke
over her and her decks wer continual- ���
The reason for tlle vast anniunt ot
lightning which has been flxshm-g
acnis' jthe skies cannot be explained.
Oil) time must'rs do not recall vvlien
the Hvitish Columbia waters were visited with such brilliant ele��tric?.l illr,
plays ns of late Tho thunderstorm-*-.
have been roaring incessantly. Th'-
lengthy period of southeastern is
���Bomethtifcj practically unknown at tbis
season of the year.
vear frnm San Francisco, and all of
thpse nre expected to reach their
home pnrt early next week. Tlie entire fleet pased through I'nimak pass
en May 9 on (heir way north.
in   the
One or mere wlliti
escane, ns'nc  a  sr
W    I
II. Spencer, of North Bend, Is registered at the Windsor.
W. QarbutL Cloverdale, is staying
at  the  Premier hotel.
I. E MlUlgan of Vancouver, Is a
guest at the Windsor (total.
Miss I McEwen bus heen spending
'he week end with lier mother, at 704
Fourth  street
Al tii" Russi 11 it II. Clement. Tort ���:'       V-\   II    Letshmsn, Toronto:   It.
��� FRASER   niVETt.
For  Week   End'
ng   Sundav.   f-it.
Sand 11 rail',.
High.             I��w.     1
High. Low.
Time. lit. Tim-?.
16    1 Ofl   1 2]
6:08  10.S 11:12
18:60 13 10
17 :4X  ll.H 27::,t
18    6 r.n    !  15
.r,:riO tO.ft 11:44
1H:(I5 14:00
]S:flS 11.7
17     7 "in    2:50
B:.'!6 11.1    0:54
19:25 ll 30
18:28 11.6 12 if
7. '
IS    8:20   3:20
7:22 11.2   O "n*\
19:40 14:36
18:89  116 12 :al
19    9:10    4  15
K-10 112   l:8t
19:5r. 14:66
18:66 11.6 1��:W
20   10:00    4:50
9:02  11.0    2:M
19:14 11.6 14 14
21   11: W    r>:30
III ni   10.9    2��4
19:36 11.6 14:47
ib"iit drlls .-.--i conducted on board th" I
[State of Cnlip ruin wss eood. as each j
ma-Til.er nf Che crew In lii-t sworn j
testimony appeared m know i" w'>!ch ,
boal '" belonged and where the boat
to wTi'ldh he was assigned was
located;  also the method of r, ttinu1
the Sinn" ovi rlin.ird
"It is not surprising that so few
l-t f tbo er.*-., were sh'e 'n reach the'r
rrespectire boat stations, ns som" or
l-th-em were in b"d. Boine at breakfast
i""i tie i- malnder Attending to their
Bally duties,
Dlvrr   Irvestieifd.
"Henr-,   Flntfll. nn experlenced    "���'''
well    1-���-������-- ������   d'ver,    was   d "n-itc'-^d
Trom     S lOttle     to     tb"     see""  of t'>"
wreck,  i-'Ki at  the  place designated
b'- Copto'ln Cann, as nearly   ns   pos-
K'b'e.   OS    tile   nlnCS    ".here   til"    vessel
st**-u"k, loe&ted i"-ged pinnacles of
reeks. With " d'-n'h of wati r of 16
t��Bt, or 1". feet l'i Inches ss Captain
f'nrti meaoun d 11 which l""ntlon i-i In
eles" i *-n> nviy tn the 12V> fn'hom
miir'* (72 1'"'i ns ('."i'li oh the chart.
"We i'i" of ih" opinion thst Cap'sln
C'ltm. from ���erevlonn passages through
fhis cttt��nn��*l and from markings on
Ore iiiiin. had reason to bollove tlmt
Senttl". Sept. 14.���Stricken with an
nctite attack of appendicitis. Capt. It.
.7. Paulson, master of the Pacific '
Coast Steamship company's liner
President, yesterday refused to remain
ashore and went to rea with his vessel, as a passenger, in charge of two j
trained nurses.
Captain Paulson became ill at 7
o'clock the evening before, but recovered sufficiently to be at the p%r yes-
terday morning. Shortly hefore sailing time he suffered another ottack
nnd wii--* forced to turn the command
nf th" I'-es'rlent over tn First Officer
Henry   W   Pavers.
Cap'.   Paulson's home    Is    In    Snn
Francisco, nnd a*-; he insisted  nn sail
lng on his vers"! he *.vns placed In cure
of two stewardesses who nre    trained
Lambert hfeUon. '''"i officer nr the
freighter Eureka, of tli" Pacific Coast
Steamship enmpany wenl to sea as
the first officer of the President
Capt, Havens w.*>s nhlof "'fleer of
tli" (irrnt Northern Steamship company's liner Mlnne'Oti B veral yenrs
, ago, when Capt E. It Roberts, her
master, died st sea, He took command   nf  tti"   hlg   vessel   and   brought
launch to tike the m"n sshi r
iliirber Patrolman Webster snd Rn
g:t!"er  Car!   Krelln   " "r :----;ii"  'be
steamer in the b-irhor h"nt. when th v
saw the small launcli In thi ������'��� d"-"
of the steamer. A hot piirsu I followed, and the smiiRrlers launch wat
ca.ptored after it had been beached
Its navigator escaped
men a'ded  f! bson,   Vict,.rla:   M.   il   Carllne,   Vic-
-il' 18 fort  i-i.. it. Hardy, Vancouver, P. Seder-
hern, Seattle; .!. Ritchie, Montreal;
'��� A Anderson, Calgary: A Smith,
(Continued from naae onei
.*.. lol of damage among white ,mi".
bul the timber growth In British Columbia  wss  fafrly   healthy.    He   will
enoi'ire ::it-. t'i t<    ��� f d **.*i" tlm-
,, r I., a*,.,���-,... p-.-i; ,..,,| this will be
l-icerj** ������' '-"I In his "''..*in! report to
tbe govt riici nt.
Ch'' Ou' -' Hospital.
Chief ol r"':ce Mulhern wns jest.r-
day removed f'j les i:'---ie from tho
gen-T'l Ik'si'iii' vcji ��� -���;���'>��� afternoon
; e '.'.���"? siit'ni' eti In ' ' il and the dor
i' ro fiv w:i? in tii" Lest condition
: Ince liis recent attack.
Florlsti  Prerf-*.ilire.
Th" effort of  Wm   Scbaumann lo
i-*or:---nl:'e t1'" seeds ond nurserymen,
feir'-.ts, landscape and private gard-
eo"ri on n bread bssls nnd then affi-
3 Tins for 2Se
Don'l   forget   to  order  a  supply   fir
your fall house cleaning.
Liquid  Ammonia,  per bottle 15c
Washing Soda       - lbs, 6c
Washing Powder, per package ,..2fic
Brooms. We have a iir* lne of
brooms at 60c and BOc which we
wi uld like to show you.   Como In and
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's l'ark, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 191.3.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Lorgi st
-a^nrnft.i   sn
ttuly aKrlculturol exhibition In the w.-st.
In the besl arena west of Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High Class Special Features and Attractions.
Better Babie*' Ccnteit. Thres Bande In Atteodsnce.
Special rates on all railroads and steamship lines.   Entries clone
Sept.   20,   Ifl-
C.   A.   WELSH,   President D.   E.   MACKENIE,
Manager and Secretary.
see  tht III.
Oreen Tomatoes ....
Pickling Onions 	
Plokllng Spice 	
We ni'li to pteaae,
trial order,    Smith  Westmlnati r
liveries Mondavi and Thursdays,
 10 lbs. _r,c
 fi liis. 2Sc
:; pockogi s 2ne
ond    solicit    n
Dean's Grocery
Burr   Block.
Phone 386.
Columbia  Street.
Out of thc Hii,'h Rent District.
25c. Hottlc of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laee.s at 10c. the polish will
lie tf iven to you.
Ladies' Dress Boots, every size $1.95
Gents' Dress Hoots, every size   1,95
Lockie Boots, .Slater (F. W.I Boots, K Boots; $30,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear In the city.
"In the Bishop's Carriage"
Starting Todsy
Matinee, 10c., 20c.      Night, 10c, 20c, 30c
All Seats
Box Office
Open at
10 a.m.
'Phone or Call NiMSMMBflH______B
PAttl PTV��
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Rovers     Trim     Burqultlam���Bankers
fprlng a Lively Line-up Against
OBd rolled    himself   from    hls    seat.   FIRST ANNUAL GAMES
| I Hereby   haniis   the   tale.     A   splinter j BETWEEN  MUNICIPALITIES
entered Ins leg and   Dan   claims   it j 	
|ooal hlm $2500 In pain and worry. Mc '    Next Saturday afternoon at Central
uarey Bhould    worry   at a case   like  Park, llurnaby and  South  Vancouver
Tl< vert hud an easy time with llur-
"ll"-!'1"."1 "",SllUir,la> afternoon at sap-
the Chicago White Sox. IS now wish-
ing he hud never sunk his bean i�� a
bucket of suds. Manager Callahan
promised Ping a boniiB of $600 If he
would leave the liquor alone during
the season.    He  liuited  until  late  In
lisevere competition, while on the death
Iof Sir .lohn Alrd in 1911 the control of
; the firm naturally underwent a change.
; Apparently the present baronet Is not
'desirous of continuing the business.
I Recently, it will be remembered, it
! was concerned in one of ths most fa-
I mous law cases of nil times���the case
j of Messrs. Alrd versus the Tanjong
j I'agar Dock Hoard, or really the
Straits settlement government. The
'trial was easily the most expensive
of itB kind, and though the verdict was
i eminently satisfactory to the contract-
^^^^^^^^^^^^_^ *m******i^**i^m.*m ping   llrm   there   is   reason   to   believe
municipal   councils   and  officials  wltj   Many Surprises at Weekly Games in j that   they   were  not   exactly   pleased
i.-i.,   "���  "- " '   '"' '""* I with thc settlement.    This Is not the
only legal dispute which has bothered
perton  park, running away wltb    the  the  season   when  after  tbe  Sox  had
bc"';. bei,��"~ to?"*}, '""I' I'"" """' ">Ht " ,0U8h ������' **�� ������' * cafe
nr s','1 Hli't n T11,,!1vl8l!or" **��*��� ['"Pilar to Callahan, tiooil night little
preaent wltn the speed, but lucked In  bonus.
combination, especially  lhelr di fence i 	
who Been,.,! unable to break up the1 About the only person to feel tore
attack! of the Rover forward line and   at   the   Sappertm,   game  on   Saturday
Btiil further unable to feed tholr own was Alax.   iieaton.   The   city   team
Iin ��� or attack. .   veteran   tried   to  come  back   In    the
���-������ ; hold   the  drat  annual  Inter-uiunlcipal
Ping Bodle, the clever outfielder of j sports,   this   afTair   having   been   pro-j
yoked by Reeve O. C.  McOregor,    of]
llurnaby,  and   Iteeve  Kerr,  rf   South
Vanoouver, during the past week.
A full program    of athletic   events i
including football  games and a booe-
ball game between  tha two councils, i
wlll lie run off, while It Is also moot
ed that the opening of Kingsway    In
the Hurnaby district wlll bc observed   f/LrH
during the celebrations
Old Country���Visiting Teams
Mostly Victorious.
the firm of recent years, for in 1909 It
lodged a claim In respect of the Avon-
mouth dock which they had construct-
SurprlBes    were    iu    order   at thejed.    This  claim  the dock    company
wet-Illy games ln  the  English soccer i'ought on the ground that aB a clause
leagues     especially    in    the    senior ����� 'he contract provided for thc engl-
dlvislou. Where no less than Beven of |"fer acting as arbitrator in the event
^^^^^^" of   dispute the action should be stay
ed.    Messrs. Airds won their appllca-
.,��� _.____._*,
a total of ten games went to the visi-
���   _.._  _.   a meeting   called   at ll. Ryali's I^thar surprise and
MeLeod was especially effective for custodian  Htuff during  half time and   office.    .Sufficient  players have    been ' --
Team to Meet.
The City soccer ti am will organize
for the season on Wednesday evening
at    a  meeilng    called
Aston Villa, who are generally    In!'1'"1 before the court of appeal, In the
vincible on  their own  grounds,  were j *���?���>*������   Ol   lord*?,   so   this   case   which
forced to take the count a,;alnst    the i   ,oul(1   hav''  started   four  years  ago
Rovers      of    Blackburn.      Newcastle 0.i!,,���!lo���r!'._rome "**.'   " Is quite pos-
by Everton    was
tho Itovers. scoring several goals, al- laid a new bowler bark of the net
though he was pulled up In the second 'Jn- stiff kick by a Sapperton bov ard
naif v. lien lie crashed into u lluriiult-  bang  went the  lid     Outside  of that
playir,    nearly    dislocating   his  everything   was  all  right.
nose _________________________________________^_
Samphor, for the Hovers, had an
easy time and was not called upon to
gave mora than bolt a d.ion shot'
when close in.   The lone g ni .-,��� red,
b> the Burqultlam eleven should bavaP 	
been   handled   by   the   custodian,   the I
ball Clipping away from les bands and  City and International
was rolling Into the net wben stepped
by a spectator.   Jimmy Craig awarded
the tally.
The Fricndlies.
In the friendly fixtures, the Burnabv
t.-:i*:i eatne through with a surprise
ovi r the li C i" It., winning out two
gi als to nil. With a strong llne-tlQ
the Electrics were thoughl to have
liiiil more than an even chance to g t
away with both points, bul sb the
game progressed it was more than
evident  that   the    suburbanite!    have
ccnolderably strengthened their lineup for tins seaaon and will bear
watqblng when the regular sohedulo
i pens.
At Queans pari, the BtitikcrB h:id an
eaay time with tbe Uooae, several of
the latter regulara being unable to ap
pear, which weakened their chance.*,
if winning.
The first  half ��.�� even, but In  tlie
second   the   financial   students   ran
away   from  their opponents and    sent
through three t,iiH"s. making the final
si re '��� to i in favor ef the Bankers,
'i'li.. i i:mers In thlB contest set aside
.ill miiiers thai the 10U team is
weaker than that which won the
i ague ohataplonahlp last season, tba
forward line, which ��ns supposed to Bnac
be weak, working In somo pretty
c< mblnatlon displays.
Next Saturday afternoon the league
tihi du'.e will start on Its grind.
      leagues    /
Now the Talk of Local  Basketball   Enthusiasts.
The promotion of a five or six
team basketball league In the city
with New Weatmlnater represented by
a strong quintette In the I'acific Coast
league. |g tlie aim of the local cn
thuslasts of the winter sport
will soon be stagod on the courts.
Instead of tield a team under Y. M.
C, ... colors,  tin. officers of the locil
association announce n change in the
plans, which will moan that three
teams will enter from the Y. M. C. A.
In lbe City league, but none of theae
will run under the name   Of the ass: ���
This is going to apply in all sports
from now on, a_> for example, the decision of the Y. M. ('. A. lee hockey
team whieh was in second place In
tin' league last winter, to drop out and
allow tho players to affix their signatures   io   contracts   with   any     other
team in tiie organization,   Ti
OCOOrdlng   to   Q,   I.   Sovereign
Blgtiid up during tbe paBt week to
warrant the city making a good showing in the organization. Eight o'clock
Is the time set fer the gathering.
IJascball Results.
should   have  started
will shortly come on.
United defeat    by Everton    was    an- ,B,b,e ,that ,h'9 experience of the law's
lead many of I^ati"ns .has  had  somethlngn  to do
the tana to gather that the totfeemen . decision of Sir John Aird to
are out after    championship    honors if"!',1,"   of   busln*8s.     He   Is  a   very
right from tbe start. ',.,    ?,,man   and   douhtles   realizes
Nino of the twenty teams in U>�� Sf JJ. , Lhe rifik8 whlch a contracts st division hail from Lancashire, !Dr���flTs nre nl"" "i" 8re!" a" ever the
which demonstrates the hold that soc- , f���.. nr .M�� '",ge "S they were
eer ban obtained in the cotton couniv   ' ��r th��tJ l*���**0*
Standing ot tne Clubs.
Of these nine, six of the teaniH registered victories, and four out of this
number were away from home.
The r.aiilts cf Saturday's games follow:
First  Division.
Breaking Up.
Several of the responsible men of
the firm have already left, .Mr. Powell
having retired two months ago, various of the contracts for the firm fin- j
iBhing last June. Between now and
nert March  ail outstanding contracts '
Seattle Hands Real Surprise.
Seattle, Sept. 14.���Seattle won both
games of a double  header from  Spo-
today, taking the first 2 to 1 aud
^^^^^^^^^^       SeHltle outplayed I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Spokane   In  the   field   and  at   bat   In |    Tottenham Hotspur 1
both games.    The locals won the first jl,
which I **'"���" '"day. takin
' the second ,1 to 2
Aston Villa 1. Blackburn Rovers 3. isave one will be completed and this
Burnley ", Sheffield Wednesday 0. i latter will be finished In September,
Liverpool  1, Sunderland ... j 1914. after which the Aird firm will
Manchester United 0, Holton Wan- cease to exist in any form whatso-
d^rers 1. ever.    The  famous  offices  In  Queen
Hlddlesboro 0, nradford City 1. Anne's Cate will be given up, as will
Newcastle United ", Everton 1. lalfo the fine old house which the firm
Oldham Athletic ���". Chelsea 2. jhave In their yard on the south side
Preston North Knd 0, West    Brom-iof  the  Thames  between   Hungerford
wlch Albion 2 iand Westminster bridges, though it is
Bheffield United 1. Manchester City Possible that for the purpose of dealing  with   the   eFtate,   which   is   very
Derby Count'.
game in the fourth Inning cn a base j
on balls and three hits after Spokane
hail scored one run on two hits and
a wild pitch. In tlie si cond game wiih
the score tied in the ninth Nile walk'
ed, went to second on James' safe hi'
and scored when Olpe, batting for j
Martini, hit a long single.
Flrat game: R.    H.    E I
Spokane     1      4     2 I
Batteries:   Co'
Mclvor and  Wai
Second game:
Second Division.
Barnnley 2, Blackpool l.
Bradford 4. Uristol city o.
Uury  1, Lincoln City 0.
F'llliam 1. iiuddersfi Id Town 0.
Clossop 0, Clapton Orient 2.
hull City 1, NoCs Kcrest n.
I etcester Fosse 2, Grimsby Town 0.1
S'ockport County 2, Leeds City 1.
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1, Wool-!
I large, rooms wilt be taken in St.
James  street.    The disappearance of
Ithls firm makes a landmark in the
world's contracting history. It may
give some idea of the hugeness of Its
j business when it is mentioned that for
! nany years Its outgoings were ��10,000
;a day.
For Rent
Arundel Mansion
This high class apartment block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator and all other accommodations in connection with first class apartments.
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia 8treet, New Westminster, B.C.
eieskie and Hannah;
2    10      li i wick Arsenal 2.
ld8�� ' Spokane   ..
give the Institution uii open breathing.     ?"..    ','
in the ll���,..of ----    - ������������     MBtlerle*
Vancouver   Riflerren   Failed   to   Show
Ob���Local Tcsms Compete at
i";.- to th" non-appearance if the
Vancouver lead], a lett, r nrr.imd; Baturday morning stating their Inability
i    u.;il,.* the tup. the members of the.!
I ;*ii  civilian  ltifie  association    engaged in a friendly   match   on   thu'
Brownavllla ranges, tlie  ^aggregation
under M. .1  Knight meeting defeat at |
tlie hands of a tt nm led by ll. Llndnhl.
The scores registered were only
mediocre, thct of DS made by M. J.
Knight   and   George   Burr   be.iig   the
bi ��t ol the afternoon.
The local marksmen were a little
disappointed at the action of Vancouver in culling off ths
H l.:ili|.*   th.-it   llie ^^^^^^^^^^
rled out on Saturday   nexi.   Beptem
h'*r 'Jn.
The Bcore:. of the afternoon were
Knight's team���
M. .1   Knight ,'!2
li. is Chamberlln . .28
.1. II. Vidal 31
\V   fHiver    ill
F. .1   Simpson  31
11. Vi. Harrison ... .27
T   Tedd    2?,
Total  points, 688.
i.itiiiatii'H team���
Oeorge Burr  32
H.    WllSMI      nn
II Llndnhl    Pt
T. I'   Shllth   32
E W. .I'whurst  33
i' A.  Hest   32
T Todd   ���
Total points, r.o.t.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ port. Itist'-ad of
the door being yS.sed to only V. M.
C. A. teaniH and members.
Tlie question of the I'aejtie Coait
llasketliaii league will come up for
action in the near future. Bellingham,
Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminister being mentioned us members.
Wltb thin quartette playing f ;r chanv
pionohlp honors, there appears no rea-
win why the sport should not take It1,
place among the many winter attractions and sbi.-qld be well supported
by the clti-^ns in general.
Amstcur    Hockey    League    V/ill    Get i
Doe/n to Business on V'ednes
day  Evening.
match, but it is
event  will   be cur-
a -i
__ 1
Wednesday evening Iti the Moose
rooms ia the date set for the annual
meeting cf the Westminster Amateur
Ire Hockey li ague, when it In expec ���
ed thnt the decks wiii tie cleared tor
action and important biisinrsi transacted to warrant everything workl'".
smoothly by the time tlie Ice has begun to congeal nt the big arena at
Queens park. .
President Fred I.ynch will he in tha
chtiir and i.i expected to make several
announcements and recommendation-*
ns to this season's -schedule, as profiting from the resell of last year, when
thc league was organIzrd..
Although the meeting will be an
open one. onlv two delegates from the
teims comprising the league wlll bo
allowed a vote when It conies to the
clpctlcn of officers.
Presenl Indications point to the
Hcnviri", Moose, Sappert-in and Fro ser
Mills being the teams hi th" league
thli winter, although some d"tibt ox-
Ists nn to whether the Circle F will
S!l be in a position to He'd a septott',
"���*   owing to the night shift hiving s'hiI
It.    H.    K
  2    r,    3
 3      8      fi
Peters    and    Hannah;
: Reardon and Wally.
Bees  Drop Two.
'    Tacoma.    Sept.    14. - Tacoma    tcok
itwo games  of a double  header    this
afternoon, the first hy a score ef 4 t
0, and the second 9 to 2.    McOinnity's
pitching permitted the Hengals to capture the first, while the second found
the  Hengals hitting Hrown almost at
will. He retired in the fourth and was
supplanted by Slayton.
I    First game: R.    H.   F..
i Tacoma 4     9     2
Vicjorla    0     6      1
Batteries:     Mcliinnlty  and  Harris;
Narveson and Shea.
Second game: Jl.    11.    E
Tacoma  9    11      2
| Victoria   2     8     S
! Batteries: Cirot and Harris, Kelly:
! Hrown, Slayton and Brutten.
Last Cain; at Portland.
I'rrtland. Sept. 14. ���Vouot liver and
Portland divided honors here today
and the Northwestern league season
was ended so far as I'ortland ia concerned, this being the final appear
ance of the teams here. Vancouver
took the first game 5 tQ 2. The sec
end. a live inning affair, went to
Portland 7 tc 1. Two close decisions
by I'mpire Toman brought a storm if
pro est a from the I'ortlanders.
First game: It.    H.   H
Vancouver 5   li    2
Portland    2     7     0
Batteries:       Clark    nnd    Grlndcll*
Mays and Murray.
Second game: R.    FT.    E
Vancouver 1     2     1
Portland    7     8      2
Batteries:  Hars'adt   and   Grlnde]];
Callahan und  Williams.
Saturday's  Resulta.
Vancouver 7.  Portland 4.
Seattle 4. Spokane 0.
Victoria 2, Tacoma 1.
Standing of the Clubs.
N'ew York   90
Philadelphia SO
Chicago 78
Pittsburg 72
IHy the Potter.)
j[0  down for the winter.   Hud the lumber i Hrooklyn   .     ^^^K 58
"'  Bituation continued satisfactory,    the j Hoston  ...............hi
! mill people would have been In shape  Cincinnati   .'..'.....'.'..'. .H9   82
ito find  employment for several cast-1 at. Louis ............. AS    "
ern players    who   wcre   nnxlmis   tn Sunday's Games,
'come   to   the   coast.     However,   with |    At Chicago: R.   H     E
Dr. rt. H. Scott reinstated and allow-   New York 0   14     (I
l.-ng distance shooting on the rifle ��,d  to piny  In  amateur hockey nua'n  jchlcago  7   11      1
ranges lud nothing on tho Stuff pulled   the  chances  are  that  Circle   F  Will      Hatteries.*" Marquard and Meyers;
< !r by the Itovers on Saturday after   once more bo represented and    seen'cheney and Archer
noon.    Three of the goals    obtained  fighting  for  the  McRae  trophy, p-e j    At Cincinnati' R
wire of this   character   and   should  sented to  the league last  winter by
have  been  saved  by  the Burqultlam  the president of the Canadian West-
custodian, ern Lumber company.
Jock  llrui'c, of lho Rovers, who   Is  SAPPERTON HOCKEY FANS
��� xpeoled In the city again during the * ORGANIZE TONIGHT
nexl few weeks, has at last won   a! 	
gold medal for playing soccer. Jock Bapperton hockey fans nre taking
Iuib tried hnrd for eight years, but It time by the forelock and wlll organize
remained for Kamloops to beat Revel- for the season nt a meeting tn bi
nt-ike for tho championship of the held this evening in the C. A. Welsh
upper country ln order for him to get store at Bapperton.
ihe moulded dust, I A week ago It was rumored that
  the east enders would cash In their
After perusing the Vancouver checks ss far ns the Ice snort wis
sheets for the past few days one must ooncerned, but the wiser hends cf the
���mme to the impression that Willie nrginlsatton prevailed end as It
Ultchle could create quite a stir nrt looks now, Sapperton will bo rcprc-
tiv. i ible to Terminal City light pro- sented by one of the fastest septettes
moters If the American champ really on the Ice this coming searon
Mnn fit to open his yap. |          " -���*��*"   '  -������
Philadelphia   7
Cincinnati  6
Batteries:      Cnmnlts   and
Johnson, Suggs and Kllng.
At SL I.ouis: R.
nrookiyn   . *
St. Louis 7
natterles: Pfclffer, Ragon, Ylngllng
and Fischer; Nlehaus, Sallee and
Saturday's Scores.
chics-go 4, Hrooklyn 0.
Philadelphia 2. St. I.ouis 0.
New York 40, Pittsburg 8-8.
Cincinnati 5-0, Boston 4-1.
Southern League.
Bristol Hovers 1. West Ham l'nited
Queens    Park    Rangers 0, Merthvr
Tydvill  1.
Swindon Town 4,  Plymouth  Argyle
Cardiff City 1, Southampton 2.
Exeter City 0, Reading 1.
Millwall Athletic 0. Crystal Palace 0
Portsmouth 0. Coventry City t'i.
Southend L'nited 2. Norwich City 2.
Northampton 3, Gillingham 1.
Scottish  League.
Aberdeen 0, Falkirk 0.
Celtic 13. St. Mirren 2.
Dundee 2,  Alrdrleonians 0.
Dumbarton-Morton game  postponed.
Hearts 2. Rangers 1,
Hamilton 0, Hibernians 1.
Kilmarnock 0, Ayr l'nited 1.
Leicester 19, Bath 5.
Helford  29,  Moseley 3.
First   Division.
B. C. E. P. 2. South Hill 1.
V. A. C. 1. Cedar Cottage 0.
Rlvervlew l. cvitic 1,
Highlanders 2, Coqultlam 3.
Second   Division.
Cedar Cottage 3, S'xth  regiment 3.
Y. M   C. A. P. City United 1.
St. Andrew's 5, Vancouver Gas Co. 2
Kitsilano 2. Cedar Cottage 2.
Citv Soce��r Meeting.
Th- City Soccer Ipavuc will hold a
meeting in the office of H. Ryall tomorrow evening nt S o'clock, at which
all delegates are requested to be pres
ent. Registration forms will be hand
ed in to th" secretary and referpea
appointed for Saturday'.'! games. The
etlns will open at o'clock.
Some Splendid
Proa, asd Ooal. Mgr.
floe, aod Treat.
have been offered to the New
Westminster public on the be-
tween-scason's sales. Onr bargains are daily sale prices. We
are offering exceptional values
Laces, 2 yards for 5c. to 10c. per
Embroideries, 5c. to 10c. yard.
Large Assortment���New Goods.
Corset    covers,    laee    Insertion
and embroidered patterns at
Ladies'  black  cotton   hose,  per
pair, 10c.
Have You Visited Our
New Store?
"The   Ccming   Retail   Business
West's 5,10 and
25 Cent Stores
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 077.
Mondays 112 midnight) tor Prince Rupert, Stewart, MasseU
Tuesdays (.12 midnight) for Vlctorla^Seattle.
Thursdays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   witli   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Codarvale, Hazelton, Morieetown.
Through tickets to all points East via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW, O. A.  P.  D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. __
Enquire about our special stoekes, they ere money savers.
Local Sales Department,, Phone 890.
John Alrd Co., Great English Contract-
I��1J House Refutes to Take
More Work.
Stsndlng ef the Clubs.
___________________________________________________   Philadelphia ..a*
Now that the Y. M. C. A. and Burna- j C'evelsnd 71
 _, by hsve dropped out of the league, Washington 78
The schedule for the Vancourer and this will lesvo four clubs to era-fete j Boston   89
dlstrlot tugbv Resson will bo drawn up nnd will nlso provide additional play- Chicago  71
tills week and arrangements made  to ers to sign on   with   the   remaining |st. I.ouls 61
finrt tlte games late in the month. It cltlbs, thua making the amateur game Detroit 54
I'ttinlns for the local boys to get   In faster thhn ever In this city.
ih.ipi' with seversl hsrd practices be-     Howard Welsh, whose Interest   in
fore the season opons. Sapperton    athletics   holds   prem'or
*  . I place, has requested   The   News   tn
Here's the latest.    Tom  McCarey,  make an appeal to sll supporters rf
I.os Angeles flght promoter Is be- the   team   to be on deck at 8 o'clock
lng mud for 12500 Dan Hughey   be- this evening when
inine  of  those Vernon  bouts being elected    and    a   dismission
too ixiltlng.   During ono of the   on- strengthening lest years team   will
r ting moments Hughey raised a yell. ttilte place.
New York	
No games yesterday.
Saturday's Scores.
Chicago 6, Washington 4.
Cleveland 3. Philadelphia 1
New York 4, P t-o't 3.
Boston 3, St. Ijouls 2.
. r.srt
Rochester 3-2, Montreal 4-1.
London, Sept. 14.���The great firm of
John Alrd Co. wlll soon cease to exist. Already this great contracting
liouse has declined to enter Into further contract and It Is concentrating
now merely on finishing thc small
amount of work which it has on hand.
The history of Messrs. Alrd is wrapped up with the growth and development, not only ot the British empire.
but of almost all other countries In the
world during the last eighty years.
The firm has been In existence under
various titles, but kas always been
engaged ln works of thn greateat character. As John Aird & Co. It plsved
an enormous part in the construction
of railways for many years, both in
England and Italy and elsewhere, its
chief rivals at thla time being the firm
of Lucas.
After this phase of activity, the two
firms amalgamated under the title of
Lucas & Aird and together were re-
sponclble for the construction of dock
works and other harbor works all over
the empire, In Bouth America and
other places, being associated wltb
many of the leading engineers of the
last century. Their greatest suit
most wonderful work-undoubtedly was
tbe damming of tbe Ntle, which was
undertaken at a time when all the
members of tbe Lucas family had retired, and the last extension of wblch
has just been finished to the great
good fortune of tha Egyptian cotton
crop, the raised top being completed
Just In time for the rainfall.
Famous Name.
There la no name ao woll known tn
the world ot contracting aa that at
Alrd and there It .ho name ao well
known In the dominions. Latterly,
however, as bave people In other businesses, Messrs. Alrds have had to face'
Edison Theatre
A Proposal from the Spanish Don"
��� M&*
*   -W-.  ���'. -'-V
A Child of the Jungle   (In Two Reels)
Thla, the child's subsequent reccuc, torm the thrilling climax et Sellg'a latest acd greateat wild animal
masterploce. The story d'Mctt'the marvellous experiences of .Wamba���a Jungle woman���and her
white protege "Baby" UHl&.U the d?ngeroua, animal-Infested wllda of an African Jungle.
Without Question the  Meat Strattlng film of, Ita Kind Ever Predueed.
SEE "Baby" Lillian eaeap'the franiled lions by ��� headlong plunge Into tha HvOr; tha Tiny Tal awlm
the river; tha rescue or��B*k��"U||lsn by Wamba; the strupala on the cliff; th* mu hunt; tha m '
for life between ���*P*i**t***0a^***** and tha Llona. ,y~
;.'��� i
t ������
*.'.*:��� '��� Pklit BIX
.Classified Advertising
cetved for Tue News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
(28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
ijiieensborough, Lulu Island.
m RATES. ���
Clssellled���One cent per word per
lay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one yesr Irom date of
i, i.tract, 126.00.
vare of two children during the daj-.
i'hone 1104 L. (20��9)
wife to manage and take care of
21 double room, housekeeping suites
in New Westminster. State salary
and experience. Apply by letter to
The Trustee Co., Ltd., -IS Homer
Street, Vancouver, B.C. (-008,1
V, ANTED ��� IK)Y AIlOl'T 16 TO
help around moving picture theatre,
learn run machine and chance to be
tducated. Board, room and wages.
Scenic Amusement Co., Ashcroft.
U.C. (i-WO)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Royal
avenue. (8066)
maker wants work by th-e day. Apply box 2049 The News. (2049)
boys want an Instructor in reading
and writing the English language;
live hours per week. State salary
wanted. Apply box 198 New Westminster, B.C. (2048)
with hot water; cost $10. Apply 252
Burnett street. (2061)
a bargain. Typewriter desk, fliit lop
desk, roll top desk, swivel and office
chairs. Rare chance for party fitting
up office. Particulars from box 2058
Newa. 12058)
Big    Liner    LuslUnla   on    Her    Way
Across Atlantic With  Remains
of  New  York's  Mayor.
miles out, less than UU minutes' ride
on IS. (.'. Electric from New
minster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots $10u and $125.
Terms Quarter cash, two yeurs for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis lii Dorgan, New West
minster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (20261
FOR      SALE ��� HOUSE      PARTLY j
finished, and large cleared lot.   Ed-1
monds.     Clear    deed.    Cheap    for|
cash.   Apply Owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
Liverpool, Sept. 14.���The body of
the late mayor of New York, Mr. William J. Gaynor, is now aboard tbe
steamBhlp Lusltania at sea, bound for
New. York, lifter receiving honors here
seldom paid to any except England's
West-]most illustrious dead.
The Lusltania sailed last evening for
New York and Is due there next Friday. In deference to tbe feelings of
the passengers on the LuBltanla, which
was crowded, tbe body was taken
aboard early in the morning, after a
brief funeral service at the Liverpool
town hall.
Guarded by Picked Police.
All night the body of the lute mayor
lav in state, guarded by details of picked police. Officials received the coffin on board the Lusltania from a
White Star tender, which curried it
from tbe landing stage to the vessel
anchored in the btream, Representatives of the lord mayor nnd several
city councllmen were In attendance.
Acting under the Instructions of the
lord  mayor,  the port authorities
Police   Have  Casualties  snd   Natives
Are Killed In Recent Clashes
Big Tim Sullivan Cone-
Days  Unidentified   in  New
York Morgue.
rest The prisoner was Michael O'Connor, who Ih well known to the polite.
At the nation ii charge of shopbreaking with Intent  wus preferred against
Detectives lioiidiiitin and   Suyer und
uctlng  Detective Hurry Smith c.oiitin-
  ; ued their Investigations into the burg.
Ilarles this morning in the nope ol to
Body Lies for j White Wife of Murdered Chicago Ce-|oatlng the "fence" who was purchasing   the   stolen   tobacco      Today   tbey
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
grocery and variety Btore located in
an ideal country spot, close to
Fraser river. Will bear close investigation. Inquire C. Constan-
tineau, 524 Westminster Trust building. (20361
Calcutta,      Sept.    14     Tii
aroused by the demolition of a P��r- liivaja,
tion of the  Macbll  Ba-iiar Mosque at
Cawnpore  led  to a  serious riot  tliere
recently in which a number of rioters dead,
were   killed   and   injured,   while   thej     Ills
police also hail numerous casualties.
After a mass meeting of Moslems a
,procession with black tings marched
Uo tiie mosque, where the demonstrators began  to replace the  bricks of
the demolished portion or the building,     The   police   intervened,   bul
were  stoned  by  the  crowd  and   pursued to the police station.    Mr. Tyler.
tlie district magistrate, wltb a torce
Of  armed   police,  then  appeared,  and;
Mr. Tyler advanced alone with the objecting of persuading tho mob to dls- [
parse, The only response being a
shower of stones, tli" police fired n
volley of hank cartridges, and ai tli"
crowd still declined to disperse, tbls
was tillowed by a discharge of bull
cartridge and a charge. Thirteen rioters were killed and fifty wounded,
i while a policeman was shut and about
| forty other were injured. Numerous
arrests were made.
New York, Sept. 14.    "IIIk Tim''
New York politician, who
lestial Was Caught on Elsie
Slegel Trail.
a newsboy  to congressman, is
Chicago, Sept. 14 Detectives,
seeking new light to support tbelr
theory that Charlie Sing, wealth Chinese rest tun unt man, found backed to
I death In his bed, wus the victim of a
mangled body was   Identified [disappointed lover of his young white
yesterday   by   his  step-brutlier,   Lurry i wire.   Alice,   traced   the   girl's   career
..  ,,. ..     i. i    i i     ��� ..... .i.i.,....,, ! from   tlie  date  of  birth     twenty-four
Mulligan, after It had been for thirteen     (iirB ^        g ^ ^ Qm^ ^
duys In a local morgue. While thl Oriental's white wife lay
Hig Tim Sulllvun, who was 111, elud-   on  a  hospital  cot  fighting oft*  death,
id Ills nurses in tiie earlv morning of J her lister, "Miss Anna Davis, or .lollet.
Angus, U, and n ft.   ..ours ,at�� wus   *^^��!   *'  *M    '
struck and killed by a train at Pel- "Alice lert the farm when she WU
bum Parkway, Bulllvan was a mem-! Just ii girl and went to Kansas City
ber of the present congress, but never ! |��� income a mission worker," said iier
took Ills seat. I sister.     "She   was   working   in     the
Child of the  Bowery. Chinese section when Elsie Slegel was
"Big Tim" was one of the beat be-! murdered In New York She had soma
loved of the genial Tammany leaders, I queer theories about  the Slegel mnr
whose power came from popularity In I der, and  always thoughl  thai  some
the swarming tenement districts that  Kansas City  Chinamen  knew    inure
apprehended Wllliuott, who conducts
a tobacco and confectionery store on
Barton  street east.
Inspector Campbell staled thla
morning lbat the detectives round a
quantity of tobacco and cigarettes In
the store which tbey believe Is part of
the stolen goods.
When through old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish*?
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely atul
effective aid, without
..discomfort or distress.
��5C.   ti   box   at   your
Druggist's. 173
Haemal Draf .t*d Ckcnlcal
Co. al CaaaSii, I. tailed.
The outburst ivns due t0 a Moslem
conspiracy engineered from outside.
Meetings for the purpose of stirring
up religious fanaticism hnd been nr-
ranged in various parts of India and
tended every possible courtesy. The
body was placed in a mortuary chapel
aboard ship.
Rufus Oaynor. the mayor's son, accompanied by American Consul Horace Lee Washington, boarded the Lusltania at 5 o'clock and was received I
by Captain Charles and City Council-��� to carry out street Improvements
man Maxwell, to whom he expressed, to take down the washing place or
his deep gratitude for the high hon-Ithe mosque, and the demolltlnn was
ors which Liverpool had paid to his j carried out over u month nco with ills-
father, i turbanre.    Another site for its recon-
Untll the Lusltania went alongside I Btructlon and some additional land had
the landing staee at 1 o'clock in the; been offered by the authorities as com
bine voted many a Tammany candidate Into office. His stronghold was
the Bowery, There every winter he
distributed shoes and clothing to thousands or human derelicts,
He was a child of the Unwcry       lie
about it tli.in they ever told,
was born in a Leonard street tenement In lKtiil and ull his lite be resided In the down-town district oi
New York.
Althougb noted  Tor his many char-
ties    in    life.  Congressman  Sullivan
to sell casualty insurance. Salary'
and commission. References required. Apply at 1303 Eighth avenue
between 7 and 8 p.m. (2029)
acres of improved land in the Ladner district. Apply to Orr & Ebbage.
Limited, 508 Dunsmuir str* et, Vancouver, B.C. (2033)
ture in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods aud
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House. King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (19811
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
large, nicely furnished room 'or
two; -separate beds; private ramlly;
modern house; close iu; excellent
board.   Phone 1379 R. (1847)
afternoon, all Hags were at half-mast |
When the ship enters    New    York
harbor, the American    Hag    will    be
hoisted at hair-mast at the forepeak, ���
while the crew stands at attention.
Shipi  Passed Saluted.
Eight    uniformed     quarter-masters
will carry the body ashore,  where  it
Will be received by the civic authorities.
As the Lusltania swung downstream
the flags on all ships were dipped to
hair-mast and other liners saluted with
hoarse blasts ol their sirens.
It had been round necessary in order made no provision In Ills will to per
petuate them. His estate, estimated
at about $3,000,000, is divided among
his brothers and sisters and their
children. The will, it was learned to-
nlght, was drawn five years ago.
Claims against the estate, it wus said,
would amount to about $100,000.
Bowery Mourns Dead  Idol.
Columbia street, with basement.;
gas and electric light, furnace. Between Sixth and McKenzie streets.
Will lease.    Box 2058 News.    (2058)
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys with owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting case,
bearing raised monogram M, C. G.
Finder please return to this office.
Reward. (2066)
Political agitators took advantage of
the incident to stir up religious exaltation. In view of the unsettled StsU
or the Mahometan world, due to the
banishment of Turkey from Europe,
tbe occupation of Trpoli hv Italy nnd
aT'oreheni-'iotiK regarding Egypt, the
agitation is full of significance.
The bread line that forms nightly
front, of the Bowery Mission wns
broken last night, aud many derelicts
gave un the chance of getting coffee
and  rolls  to  visit  the  rooms or    the
"While she was following what
thought to be a clue In tlle Slegel n��f
i slu' met Sing.    He wbk young .wealthy
iand good-looking us Chinamen no. find
hefore I knew it she came to Chicago
I with Siiut and was married quietly iu
I Judge Cooper's chambers.
"That  was  ten   months  ago.    Sinn
| bought two chop sin y bouses In Chicago ami Invested in several Chinese
I restaurautB. He gave my sister everything she wanted, bul he kept all hi
j business secrets and his  personul af-
jralrs  rrom  her     Even  lr she lives,  I
'don't believe  she will be  able to ix-
| plain   why   or   how   Sing   was     murdered."
A meat cleaver and a knile round
under tlle bed where Slug's body was
found, and a servant girl's statement
that In the dim light or early morning
she saw Sing fighting ilesperutely with
a white man, are the clues upon which
detectives   are   working.     Sing's   wife
i came out or a condition of comii tons
Mexican    Prisoner   in   Seattle    Being
Operated on at Government
oughly modern house; good location; close in;  $20 a month.
flat, partially furnished; separate
entrance; pantry and bath room and
���woodshed; $12; on Thirteenth
street, just off Eighth avenue. Apply 1321 Eighth avenue, or phone
L646. (2066)
Apply 420 St. George street.    (20-16)
ter months, a nicely furnished two
storev bouse, nice grounds, etc., at
Crescent. Apply Hox 2028, The
Westminster News. (202S)
modern bungalow, new and up to
date; close to Sixth street; $100
cash, balance $25 a month. Will
ments of sale.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
keeping rooms. $16 and $1S per
month at 224 Seventh streot. (19X6i
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Board
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting,
to be held on the 10th day of December, 11)13, or at any meeting prior
thereto that  the  application can    be
Paris,   Sept    14,���Religious   fanaticism has caused a terrible tragedy at a
farm at  PonmleUX,  near  Avignon.
The  rarmer  Julien.  his  wire,  their
three   children.    Marius,    Rose    and
Julie, aged 25, 19 and 29, respectively,
und the grandmother, ot 80. live there.
The family was well off and the farm i
In a prosperous condition.
One day the eldest daughter, Julie.
declared   that  Bhe   was   possessed   by
satan.    Every day    she had    another
tale to tell about  tbe demon In whose
power sbe believed herself to be. The
other members of the family, with the
exception of the grandmother, seemed
to have been so worked upon by her
I statements that at last  they believed
Finally she lay on the floor and be-
|gan crying out, "Go away.  Satan, go
awayl" Suddenly her brother, sister
;and parents joined in the performance,
land all began to cry out for the "de-
,mon to go away. The grandmother
(tried to comfort them, but they bound
her to an armchair. Then they re-
! turned   to   thfl  daughter   with   chairs
and  sticks, shouted  to the demon  to
go away, and beat the poor girl's head
till it was an unrecognizable mass of
broken  bones, bruins and  blood.
Wbeu the girl was dead the brother
nnd sister called at the house of the;"1''   ?BP"t,lle.nt  ��f
local abbe to tell him  tliat  thev had i' harles   I     H.*'.,.,!
succeeded in driving sntnn away. The
priest Informed the police, who arrested the family.
Timothy D. Sullivan association ami i enough to scratch a few unintelligible
look upon the dead face of the man j words on a piece of paper, and then
who had befriended thousands. 'lapsed    Into    unconsciousness.      I! ir
Sullivan was the senior member of)condition ll  critical.
the  widely  known  vaudeville  firm of |	
Sullivan  -ft  Constdlne,    controllng    a
chain of theatres in the United States'
and Canada.
Minneapolis   Has   Five   Town   Clocks
All Wrong.
Minneapolis. Sept.  14     Speaking of
i town  clocks,   what   would  a   man   do
who wanted to catch a train and depended  on   Minneapolis  public    timepieces?
Suppose you lived somewhere south
and west of Eighth street and Thlnl
! avenue south, and had started from
home  for the  Union  depot  around    9
o'clock this morning.   You glanced up
at the Churchy of the Redeemer clock.
I Ah, only 9:10.   Lots or time. Then you
looked at tlie court house clock. Great
Seattle, Sept. 14.���Confined In jail
because he stole a camera from a passenger on the Steamship Northwestern. Beltram, a steward, may lose his
life as a result of injurl"S received
rrom his cellmate in the King county j Scott, it was
Jail,   who  suddenly   went   insane  and Ito   Fourth   street;   time,  one   minute
severely injured the government pris-1 You   stared   at   tlie   Milwaukee   depot
oner. Acting under an aggrement with
Judge Jeremiah Neterer, Marshal J. R.
Grabbed   in   Hamilton   Cigar   Factory
After Detectives Had sWIted
Week for Him.
The  II. C.  Department or Agriculture,
Live  stock  Branch,  will sell at
Public Auction on
September 18th
st 1 p.m. at the
New Westminster
til) head or choice Grade Dairy Cattle;
the majority ul these are young cows
and a large number win freshen thia
fall     These cuttle have been carefully
selected and all are tuberculin tested.
w. t. Mcdonald,
(201,1) Live Stock Commissioner.
Transfer Co,
I Office Phene ltd.      Barn  Phene  117
Begble etrest
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe elty.
Hamilton, Sept. 14 In the arrest of
Michael O'Connor and W. J. Wlllmott.
the police believe they have at last
made a start towards clearing up the I ���       ,
mystery  surrounding ��� tlie    burglaries j CITV OF NEW WESTMINSTER.
j Light and Heavy Hauling
H. Jacoby began preparations to havt>
an operation performed on the injured  num.
Deltram  was brought  into the  fed-
erai court yesterday to make his plea ���*
to tlie thf ft chargi  ami. after admitting   his   guilt,   Deltram   informed   the j
court that the kicks nnd blows he had
received  rrom  the  lunatic  before he
clock.    It said 8:10.    You whirled past
I the  poBtorrice.    That    clock    showed
9:21.    You  will never make it.    An-
j other minute and you Sight the Union
'depot.     Fine    It  is
��� train goes lit 9; IK.
Your taxi dashed | which hava been perpetrated during
the past two weeks at the Tucket cigar factory. It is nearly tw-o weeki
ago that the management of the oom
pany   reported   to  (be   pollce  that  the
factory hud  been entered during the
night and cigarettes to the    value of
only  9:16.      Your I $202 removed from the storeroom. Sev-
Ily a rusdi you can   eral nights later tiie factory was again
make It.    You dashed  for the gates,   entered  and  a  large quantity ot cut ,
The train  was  pulling out, on  time   tobacco was tak. it.    When this theft j
The  Western   Union  clock  registered   was reported to tbe station it was de- I
!i:1N   exactly.     That   clock   was   right    elded I" detail two constable for spe-*
The cour' house clock was five min-   clal duty at  the factory, and Constn- '
had  been removed from the cell had j utes slow  this  morning;   the  Church  bleB Gall  nnd  McNalr wore stationed
crippled him for lire, even i: he should ior   the   Redeemer   was   five   minutes  In  the building each night.    For over
recove'.'. fust; the postofrice clock ten minutes|a week  nothing    occurred  to arouse.
Judge Neterer questioned officials of: fast;   the Milwaukee depot  nine mip. , the suspicions of the officers, but last |
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display,    See them     Perfect Bl antl
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
$18,00 up.    7ul  Front Street.
Montreal, Sept. 14���Christopher He
I heard, for a transfer of the license to Hia.  17 years of age, a Bulgarian
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 836 Hastings street -west. Vancouver,   B.C. (1982)
Caretaker w-.tnt.-i r..r new High S'-h.,..!
Alien, with other qunllfli HI ��� -. ippllcunta
mustLPoBsn-M III rluss 13.0 i j .-��� ���<���['.- i r-
itrieit.-. Salary $90.00 pel n tli. Applications rrne'l be s< I.I to thl ������'.'. p of lhe
Hoard of School Trust.. - not Inter than
Thursday,  1Mb Inst.
Becretarv to lie* Board of School Trustees
New Westminster, B. C * -10611
The   Hoard  of    School    Tl ll
Weatmlnster,   require tie-  service-  of
teacher for nl-tfht school to i.<    itnunceil
towards the end of n. >:t month Applications will be received up to Thursday, 18th
ROBERT 11   'itt\V,
Secretary to Board of Bchool Trusteed
(!0S3 i
T��-nd..r�� are Invited up to nnd Including
-RepL 30th for sule Of tl! 't.i *.* husiiians
,������insisting of stork, fun.itu-a, building ind
property situated In South Westminster
and   lately  operated  by  Simon   Bvendsen.
At Tiy
KKI.I.V-IlOtlil.AS  Q,   LTD.,
(1012) New Weatmlnster.
Notice Is hereby given that an ap-
-lication will be mnde lo the Board or
! Icense Commissioners ror the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held oll the 10th day of December,
iMn, or at any meeting prior thereto
lbat the application can be heard, for
a transfer of th" license to boII liquor
by retail issue I In respect of the
Occidental ho el premises, Columbia
etreet, New Westminster, B.C., from
Hie holder. Michael Oowsn, to Justus
t^wnnsoti nnd Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this ll-th day or August, A.D.
ri979. License Hoid.r.
sell liquor by retail issued in respect
or the Merchants Hotel, in tho City
Of New Westminster. B.C., from the
holders. Paul Root and J. A. Malm, to
the suid J. A. Malm,
Dated thiB 20th dav of August. A.D.
J.   A.  MALM.
(1978) License Holders.
B.C. Coast Service
I,a-iui-n Vancouver for Ylctorla Ham.
2 p. in and 11:4_.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle II a. m
and 11 p. m.
leaves Vancouver f.
asd 6 ;J0 p.m.
leaves Vancouver
and Nnrth'.rn Pnlnts
days   and   Saturdays
r Nsnatmo 10 a.m
for Prince Ruperi
IS p. rs. Wednns
at   11   p.m.
was   on   Ills   way   to   Montreal
Port Arthur, bound to Sofia, Bulgaria,
was robbed of $300 enroll'", by a fellow
passenger of the same nationality who
rode  the  full  distance   with   him.
Young Hella never missed his
monev till he parted from liis fri"nd
at Windsor station. When be discovered the $300 hail been removed
from his pocket the youngster gol In
touch wltli the detectivs office, and
in a short time Detective Labrege
and Beaucbemln were patrolling the
streets with the Bulgarian t n the
lookout for his companion,
Two hours later, while walking
along Cathedral Btreet, Hella lefl the
detectives     suddenly,     raced       nwny.
stopping   at     Bl   Cathedral     street
When the plain clothes men came up
to hlm he told   them the man he was i
looking for wenl In the house.
On entering number 81, a man who1
had JuBt gone In was placing Ills hat
on   the   stand,   nnd   young   Hella   In
formed the detectives that he was hln
fellow passenger on the train.   When,
taken    to    headquarters and    search.
$2RL' wiib found In his possession and'
a ticket  to Sofia,    Bulgaria,    where!
llelia   was  bound   for.     He   gave  hls
name as L. Vasill I'etrof, of Bulgaria
justice and both
United Stales attorney, and his assistant, J. J. Sullivan, corroborated Beltram's story
MarBhal Jacoby nlso reported that his
prison physician. Dr. It. France, had
declared an operation necessary to
save the prisoner's life.
Before   pas.int.   sentence   the   court
asked Beltram about his relatives, and
wno I learned that he Is a Mexican and bud
[rom  formerly been employed in tliat cotin-
try's customs   service.    The   departmenl of Justice officials declared that
Inasmuch as the steward had received
jiiis Injuries while a government prisoner, something should be done by the
i i.'**i rnment.
Judge Neterer then sentenced Beltram to ninety days' Imprisonment,
thirty days to be credited from tli"
time already i ;>"nt In jail Ho also
granted permission t" have the prisoner removed to Providence hospital
for nn operation. Beltram tli** govern-
mi nl I eielvi - ��� evi r hai I ei n accused
of n crime before.
i"es fr..-t and the
utes slow.
HELD   IN   Ja:
i'nion depot two mln* evening shortly before ;i o'clock they
were surprised to notice a trap door
I In the rear of tho store awing upward
land a man crawl from underneath.
At thai moment one of the workmen
In   the   building    happened   to  move
I about, nnd becoming frightened the
man   attempted   to  wr   through   the
I door ngaln and gain the street. The
constables were too quick for hlm,
however, and he was placed under ar-
i secure
mghl to
E. C
here in
port', r
which i
of the
ti. Bepl U, The newspapers
vi- ii .ii publishing detailed r"
���gardIng th" British squadron
. rn In* senl to represent this
on the occasion oi the opening
nd the exhlbl
Chilliwack Service
a.   in.    Tuesday
Leaves Chllllwaclt   7
Thursday and Baturday.
Leaves  Westminster  II  a.  m.   Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
BD, OOULET. Agent. New Wf-etmlnater.
H. W. HTtODIE, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the  fisheries  :,nd
La die*' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladiee and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Walla   Walla,   Wash..   Sept.   14.-   IT
Governor Lister approves, "The  Mavericks,"     the     penitentiary     baseball
team,   Will   play   a   game  outside   the
prison walls a week from Sunday for
the first time In the history of the In-
stitutlon as the organization has been
strictly n  "home    team."    Arrangements   were     made   yesterday for a
[game between the Walla Walla Hears
i and the Mavericks Sunday  Inside the
I prison   walls,  and   at  the  Bame  time
platiB were broached for the game out-
islde  the   walls,     Warden   Drum   said
he  was  unable  to   promise  anything.
"I am not afraid of liming any of the
boys   In   allowing   them   to   play     at
Sportsman  park, for I  know they are
all rlghl. but I do not feel like mak-
ling any dei'lealon In tha matter until I
(have taken it up with Coventor LIs-
iter,  because  It   would   lie  establishing
|a precedent which  the puhllc    might
dislike," he said
I    The  matter will  be  taken  up  with
i tho governor In a few days.
tlon al San Francisco, bul If Is ail sur
mlse,   A call at tin-   admiralty   this
i week elicited the Information that ali- i
soiiiieiy  nothing had  been arranged,
,;ib the period wbb too far ahead, l'n
doubtedly  the  liritish  nnw   v.lll    be
.represented, hut we are walling to see
the progress, both of lhe canal and ofl
, the exhibition. From what can lie!
gathered, the Canadians iu the west
who may care to see the same British
'fleet   visit the  north   Pacific  after or
before  the call  at San   Francisco  can '
easily   arrange  this  by   putting   forth i
! an  official  request, onl)   It  should  be
done in guild  time io thai   the adnilr-
;iiltv can malte the necessary arrangements   The opportunity may he worth
I Utilising as the fleet, is certain to lie a
largo one.
Tliere Ib hy the way some disposition to utilise the participation or Canada iii the San Francliro , yblbltlou as
a moans to galvanize the llrltiBh foreign office and the board of trade into
tnkliiK tbe same line of policy. At
present thero is no Indication Unit
Qrast llritain will reverse -vr decision
not to he represented, Some private
Individuals have publicly regretted the
abstention, but with the exception of
the Industrious and pushful Sir Tliomas Llplon not one manufacturer or
trader has come forward to urge that
the decision be revoked. This Is sufficiently significant.
Really   Man   Cannot   Get   Bail   So   He
Spokane, Sept   14     Unable I
'i $1,600 bond when he was hi*
���lie  county  Jail   yesterday  by
Qeorge Stone, who hurried hlm up thel
j coast bv automobile and on board a
j Hinall steamer to evade the California
officials. Jnmes  w   Rouse, tbe  local
realty   dealer   arrested   last    week   at I
San   Diego, on  a  grand  larceny  com
plaint, was obliged to spend tie* nighl
in  t'i" county jail.
Winn taken before Justice F. II
Witt yesterday Hous.. pleaded not
guilty to the charges in "i" wsrrant ;
"worn out by i) E Guernsey, Rouse
is charged with grand larceny In con
nee tlon with the s;il ��� of a second
mortgage note to Mr Guernsey.
On his arrival in tho cilv yesterday I
���io.   reallv  dealer   Relucted   tli"   firm I
.f /'-nt.  Powell  i-   V' dllidd  nn    atl'if- i
 ���  to represent him lu th" action
While  he wai unable to secure  ihei
reoulred bond In* said lo- expected to
make arrangements to secure releaso
at once.
H" declined io e've out a statement I
, I further 'h-m thai he considered   the'
_ | esse  a  technics]  one  and   believed   It
was for the civil courts and thai there
wns  not  Just  cause  for  criminal  ae
Pickpockets Rounded Un.
Pendleton. Ore., Sept, 14 Five al-
leged pickpockets were picked up last
nlKht by llie local police and Imported
detectlveB In the first haul oftlie drag-
eel, which Is to be In operation
throughout the remainder of the week.
The force of officers will he augmented tomorrow hy th" arrival of a car-
'"i'd ef members of the Portland pollce rorc.H, who an- coming primarily
to see the Bhow, but wbo will also an-
Blat tlm local officers,
Another Placer Strike,
Motrin,    Alaska.    Sept.    18.-  A rich
placer strike  was reported  rrom An-
draofskl. ISO miles above the mouth
or the Yukon river, and the steamer
���'������m ln   le't   ror  tlle  F"ene ot  Hie  nrw
diggings with a largo crowd or pros-
tiectors. The Btrike Is only ten miles
from the Yukon river.
A prospector from the Andraefskl
arrived at St. Michaels today with
>4iili() In gold dust taken front his
claim. Many miners are preparing to
rush  to the new gold field from hern.
Andraefskl is Situated on the right
liiinlt ot Clear river, two miles abovo
Its Junction wllb tho Yukon.
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Lon? Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
| made," said Wright at noon, "that the
attorneys on the other Hide will begin
iti    new    habeas    corpus    proceeding
nt\t\   rntin   t*i*r-*s*. _-r- *h:'h wl" ,i''lay ,h,! transmission of
POR CROP MORAf.F:   ���   "r lf'     **      "
lull   VllUI    JlUllMUL ������������''������ ������'" ���atlsfaotton or asking the su-
i pri in" court in reverse a former decl-
  "hm holding that Insane persons cannot   under  our  slniuti-n   be   deported.
Country    Would   Benefit   if    Farmero  Tha  rssull  of thai  has  been  that, the
i v. hole state has become an asylum for
|Insane   from   not  only   tl
Would  Hold Halt Their
Winnipeg, Bept  14,   Andrew  Kel
ly, retiring pri sldenl of the Drain ei
Change, estimated the year's yield of
Wheal as over 17,000,000 bushels at
the annual meeting In Ills address,
be said!
"We have Just aboul finished harm-ting the crop of wig, which i�� conceded   by  all  to  he a  record  one  so
nu- as quality ami Quantity is concerned    1 expect our wheal crop to
run  well over 17,000,  bushels. Oats,
aboul the snme an laat vear Barley I
SbOUl 81,000,000 bushels, and flax!
ub. ul 15,000,11.10 bushels.
"Baaed on present prices, the crop
Id  net the fanners $17,000,000, B
lerful showing considering only 121
cent, of our land Is under cultlva-
wealths adjoining, bill from the middle w.-st ami eastern states. They
can damp their Insane into Washington and the supreme court says we
'"iiiiiot deport them that's the situation as It exist*, today."
Report Concerninfl Wreck of State of
California Kcveals Serious Condition cf Waters
Net Remit of a Hurry-up Riot Call for
Police at Midnight in
tie. Sept. 11.
of   liUllll.,"!    i���l.,   ills
steamship Btate ol
Rush  to  Sibvell  Creek   Field   la on-
One   Nugget  Discovered   Is
Inch Across.
; * d
Banks Are  Ready.
".'������ have heard a good deal about
this In tin- lasi few months, but  from
��;,;.! Information i can get. I believe
Minneapolis, Bept
el-o!" stammered  an
over the telephone to
llsl night.   "This b
14     "11
central  station
the  town
i'l.ai the waters
Matt,   wueru   tne
i uiifornia     waa
nrucaed   last   month   and   luirty-two I
persons lost iheir lives, may Uu urutt-1
ling Willi rocks menacing vessels Unit
navigate  there  li*   indicated   by  a  re-1
port known to have beam received by i
i a-.ia.ii  ,1.   I*.  frail,  chief  in  Seattle
of the coast and  g- odttlO survey.
The report, whloh baa been awn byi
telegraph by Captain it. B. Derrlckson, j
commander of Uia i niti d Siaua cou ;
and  geodetic  steamship iledii'y.  say.a !
In effect that the uncharted rock that |
gashed the bottom out of the State oi '
i iililornia has been discovered twelve
I feet under low  water.    Fourteen bun-!
died teet west of this is a line, between  Jew   Island  and  tbe (Jumbier
Hay  caiiin ry  duck.
Later this afiernoon  Captain  I'ratt
received   authority   from   Washington
to Issi. ��� an advance notice to marln 1
ers regarding   Captain    Dorrlckson's I
  ........  , ,���    --,dlBcovenles in Gambler Bay.
ness offering, besides being able   toltiyes out bere right away?   Cotter a     CapUln    I'ratt.  when   asked   this
move the crop ���f IBU,   Jusl ho lonTfHot m mv bands and blood will be morning in  the  interests of navlga-
as   the   present   system   of   marketing  Bhe(j   ,,. na,    ��� ..��� ,,���,,., ,,.,-,���. (]ui(.k ������ ; tor:, whether anv such rocks bad been
the crop continues, just, so  long  will      ,..,,...,,���   .,.������������   ���,._.���.-..   ,���,,,.,,   for dliCOV<.red M .,  ,,,su*t  llf thl. hurried!
blockades and tie-ups occur, and    no *,,,��� r,..���.-V(.��� .���������  ri���,  gun, and auto-  surveys  alter  the   wreck,  refused   ttf
.rovemeni can be reasonably   ex- mobiles    As the blue coats sprinted make any direct statement,
'  "!'      : i; ':1        *i*i' "i   ���   ���   *     '���   for ,i���, auto patrol they were passed!    "Tliere is nothing we can say," snid
by half a dozen wild-eyed deputy Captain I'ratt. "except tliat our off:-
sheriffs, also bound for St, I.ouis park.! c< rs are examining the place. One of
lit the meantime the marshal shin-Ithe tenders belonging to the Gedney,
ed Up bis star, took a chew of J. T., called the Oosmos, In command of
ind departed for the scene ofa'battle : Captain Derrlckson, bad been sent to
Vou see, :t was artef midnight and I Gambler iiay. a preliminary report,
lbe marshal hesitated to awake Park which has een telegraphed, has been
citizens, some or tbem being Inclined |forwarded to Washington. All I know
to be peevish when haled from dreams
of peace
our lank, are wen able to take care ,ha, tRlkin(, ,��� V(. from 8t_ Lou��� park,
ol all the eglttmau commercial bus- sfty, kjll y��� Ienfl a whole tot ..f detec
ness offeniig, besides being able   to n���_,_ ..,,, i  _i���,    ,- _ ..
Teikwa, i), i'.. Sept. H.   Confirmation of the placer discovery reported |
ten days ago by "Kid" I'rice. Kd Pearson and George Keksiy,    ls    substan- j
tinted by Colin Munroe, irn McLean,I
It. N. ,M. Hoops and George Arley, who!
arrived here Krlday.
The firm Is located at Slbelia creek,
which i.s trlbi'Uir.v to the TlbtSB river,
and bedrock had not been reached before'tha party lefi. Panning being
done   by    Mr    Hoopi   showed   coarse!
gold in every Instance, one nugget being   nearly   an   Inch   across.     Not    ai
shovelful   |��  barren.
Hundreds of men are on the ground
and all pack horses have been reiiuial-
tloni'd, Aldermere and Teikwa are denuded of men, the field being abont a
hundnd miles southeast of here, with
a good trail through tlie Francois Lake
Lack of provisions and the necessity of recording claims is keeping the
tral] open, although the weather is
bitter. A small amount of gold was
brought in by "Kid" I'rice and Andy
Goodwill. The extent of the Held is
unknown,  but very large.
ketlng or iloir grain over a period of
nine or ten  months, Instead of Irving
to crowd  ll   lum a brief three or lour
mi ntiis' period,
Should Hold Grain.
tiur government should go a step
further ami Introduoe some system
whereby they could educate the farm-
en  '" provide storage for say 50 per
cenl of ih,. grain ihey produce; it
would be of Immense benefit to   the
* tern provinces, and especially to
the farmers.
It Mould enable them to hold a part
of their crop on the farm, and not rush
It on the market In the short space of
No Searchlight, Either.
"Cussod if I didn't ferglt my searchlight," said the (unstable as he climbed a barb wire fence and balanced the
���"ai of the law on a prong. "Git out-
ten my way!" be yelled a minute later
about   three   months,  thereby   causing |an be stepped on a sleeping dog. thf
railroad and elevator blockades, to say prized property or Jack Davis, flag-j
nothing ot depressing prices man.   "You wanter git put   in   tlie!
if thev  would distribute th" matr pound for lnterfsrtn'with an officer In
ketlng of their crop over a longer pe- [ ���*,-*,,. discharge of his duty?"
rlod, the average price received wou'd i     Tlie   scene of  tbe  conflict   was  the
be greater than under the present sys- home of Mrs. Anna Depew,   The star j
tern, especially as the  Hank  act has Iboarders, Leo Hrllilard and Leo Pet-
been amended to allow the rarmers to j ers,   were  supposed   to  be  the  "riot." |
borrow monev from the banks on ware-1 Just what  they were doing was not|
i,,.**... receipts In their own granaries,
and in this wav enable them to nay
the'r nreseing hills and   hold   their
grain fnr tbe hlghet
���i"inv  Halm  always ei
���. hi n  fr.  fanners hav
n u kel "
prices,  which  BO   threat!
rente   at   a   time
no  grain    to
plain, but as the marshal explained
to the police, "there was a lot of high
words and some durned dangerous
made "
ir the matter Is what, I S"o published.
The preliminary report ls sufficient
to guide the department in issuing instructions."
Officials of the Alaska-Pacific Steam
ship company, Alaska (.'cast company
and the Pacific Coast steamship ccm
pany are aware of the discoveries
made by Captain Derrlckson In Gam-
bier bay, which show that tho charts
of the locality are not only wors��
than useless, but absolutely dangerous to follow.
That the seriousness or tbe prsi-
tion is fully realized by the United
States department of lighthouses is
demonstrated by the tact that the formerly unknown rocks discovered after
the wreck ot the State of California
have been buoyed The buoys wer"
placed In position after a request had
been made by officials of one of the
local steamship companies. It Is expected that the authorities at Washington will issue an official report
of the results of the work done by
the coast and geodetic survey in du��
Washington    and    Oregon    in    Tangle
P.mllar to Notorious 8herbrooke
Seattle, Bept   14,���The famous rase
of  Harry 'I haw has an almost  perfect
parallel  in  the probate court or King I f.-rcements
county today lu the case Involving dis- j officers   moved
position of Lawrence .Inlland. 30 years  snd   with  rifle  In  hand  one of  thetn
i Id, who escaped from the Oregon In-  thundered on th" doo-.   It swung open
sans asylum on June 4 last, now  be-  at""' a woman gazed at the army.
! *���-������ Judge A. W  Prater. "Land o' Goshen!" she cried, "what
The only material difference    from do vou  want'"
the noted eastern action  is tbat Hoi-      "Where's the body?" demanded the
land, although of a well-to-do family I marshal.
In Oregon, is not so wealthy as Thaw,|    "What body?"
"Ain't nobody dead?"
Hiding behind a chicken o-oop. the
constable prepared to risk bis llle In
the gathering of clues, data or remains, ns subsequent events demanded.
Wet and No Bitters.
"This detecting business ain't what! Course.
It's cracked np to be." soliloquised the Captain Pratt is preparing a stat>*-
marshal "Darned ir I ain't standing! ment tor presentation to congress for
In the drippings of tbe horse trough, jasurriclent appropriation for a resur
ll'alnt got, a bit of quinine or bitters vey or Southeastern Alaska waters,
In lh' house, either, durn It." iand has askoi the aid or the steam-
in   the   meantime  the  patrol   autos  ship companies In doing this,
with   detectives  and     policemen     and ;     The   Pacific  Coast   Stea'nshl"  com*
���sheriffs with riot guns were rushing j pany, owner of the State of California,
to St. Louis park, A ghastly silence, nnd the Alaska Steamship company.
reigned In the home of the Depr-ws. A which have led in the movement tor
slow drip' drip! like blood echoed in jthe resurvey, have submitted data nt
th" silmt night. It was only the wind ithe request of Captain Pratt. As the
mill, but how did the constable know larg'st transportation concerns oper-
that without his trusty searchlight. ating in Southeastern Alaska waters.
Saved by Rcinfor.-ements. | they are vitally  Interested.
WitH ii clang and clatter tho rein- | 	
wept up to the scene. The
on   the   Depew   home
and that he Is not hooked In the Salem
institution aa criminally Insane. Be-
yond    that,  the    spiriting    away, the |
"Not that I know of.'
Investigation   showiil
that   Hie  two
High!  into Washington and  the deter-  boarders bad quarreled  with  Mr.  De
pef. and. he said, threatened him. A
revolver was found under a chair, but
that was all. Peace settled down on
St Louis park; tbe policemen went
back, and the constable changed his
mind efforts to resist deportation roi
low faithfully the lines of the proceedings In which Harry Thaw is the central rigure.
In the local case Edgar Wright, ilep- !
u'y prosecuting attorney, is "laying
the  role or  William Travers  Jerome,
modified to suit the occaalon    Judge ___,--,,.,,- rvr, .__ olllu<.
Crater Intimated from the bench that   SPEEDINC rvr.LIST RUNS
some  time  soon  he  shcid   sign    anj
order dlrect'ns Shcrlfr Kd  ''uilliee to
deliver Holland at on-e to the sheriff
of   Multtomah   county.     The   deputy j
prosecuting ettorney, h.owftver, Is not;
so sanguine thn' th'i wlll be carried
Seattle,   Sept.   14.���Miss     Elizabeth
Crane, dauehter of Charles E. Crane
Unknown   Persons   Remove   Consignment Held by Washington
State Police.
out  -vith'-"t an anral to the supreme  ��
court,  "hich   wll'  precipitate  another  nunu     '""
knocked  down and  painfully Injured
is she boarded a street car at First
Interesting leg!*' battle
Liwrenco   Holland   hsd   once   been
confined In the California insane asylum at Napa and later was taken under care by the Oregon authorities at
Salem He Is said to have delusion-"
lhat he Is a grent poet and writer and
tn become very violent when opposed
on June 4 last. Sheriff Cudhee received a wire rrom It. E. I.ee Stelner.
superintendent of the Insane asylum at
Salem saying:
"Lawrence Holland (giving age nnd
descriptionl was spirited away today
by his mother, who betrayed our confidence. He is now st the Eorsythe
rooming house, Oeoreetown. your
city, He ls a menace to society, but
we have no authority to seize him.
Advise you to commit him tn Stella-
c-xim nnd we wlll receive him from
Sherirf Cudbeo arrested Holland,
who wns found with his mother at
Georgetown, snd immediately Mrs.
Hollaed, through her ettorney, Bsm-
rnrd A. Hobh. be"��n habeas corpus
proceeding. On June �� last, at the
hearing. ,TudT�� Frater directed thst
Hollnnd bo rernmmltted to the county
-tall and held tlu-fc. provided an officer from Salem came within forty-
eight hours. The officer came but
In the Interval Robb had appealed
rrom Judge Frster to the supreme
Tries New Tactics.
Prosecutor Wright learned thst
Pobb hsd decided upon new tactics,
thst of havlnc his client tried before
n King county Jury, and had gone to
Olymnla tn dismiss the appeal U
was then thst Judge Frater Intimated
that as soon as notice Is received ths
the appeal has been dismissed he will
direct Sheriff Cadhee to take Holland
over to Oregon.
"I rather expect, If this order
Spokane, Sept. 14.���Unknown persons the other night entered the cold
storage plant of the Ilazelwood company and removed a carload or dressed chickens and turkeys, recently condemned by the city health officer. Dr.
J. B. Anderson, and held under the
citv's seal pending an appeal of the
case of J. P. Arnold to the superior
court. Arnold Is the manager ot the
or    307    West    Highland  drive,  was jschalllnger Produce company and last
 week was rined $50 and costs ror an
alleged attempt to placo some or the
poultry on the market.
The removal of the condemned poultry was learned yesterday by Dr. Anderson, who lost no time In getting
busy on the case. Dr. J. C. Exllne.
chief United States meat inspector,
was notified and he agreed to see ir
the shipment had left the state. A re-
nort was received yesterday evening
that the poultry had gone to San Fran-
J. P. Arnold visited the health offices yesterday evening to explain
that he had nothing to do with the
shipment of the poultry.
F. N. Martin, secretary of the Haz-
elwood company, called during the afternoon at the health olllce and said
that tho poultry had been removed
from the refrigerating plant at a late
hour Sunday night. The shipment was
loaded Into a car on the Northern Pacific tracks and Is presumed to have
'eft the city early Monday. Martin
ssld that formal demand was made on
him to turn over the poultry and that
en thn advice of hie attorneys be delivered It
"This Is simply a esse of breaking
filth with the health office, ln the he-
llef that we are powerless tn act. sfter
the poultry left this city," snld Dr.
���Vnderson. "Wn shall use every effort to locate the shipment and shall
gtve due warning as to Its character lf
wo find whero It has gone."
University streel at 7
o'clock last evening by a motorcyclist
who failed to stop to ascertain Ihe
extent of the young woman's injuries
Miss Crane was walking toward the
car with several other people who
were to board It, when the motorcyclist approached at a high rate ot
speed. Instead of stopping his machine berore passing the street car
ns required by ordinance, he whirled
through thc crowd without diminishing his speed. Several persons Jumped
out of the road, but Miss Crane did
not see him coming. The handlebars
of the machine ptrttck her and sent
her to the pavement with considerable
force. She was taken to her home and
wss found to be suffering from numer-
oue bruises about the limbs snd
A report was made to the police.
The number of the motorcvole and the
rider's description sre ln the hands of
the snthorltles, and he will be arrested today unless ho reports first to
Honor Men Fro-* Walla Walla Do a
Restf'e. 8��nt. 14.���Thirty convicts
from Walla Walls stste penitentiary,
mailer no restraint, eycent their word
-,f taiannr not to alterant to escape, arrived here by train lest night, spent
the nleht st a hotel gnd todsy boarded n stentier for Hoodsport on Hood
en-en', where thev will work out the
remainder of their terms In a qtisrry
��.mn getting out material for state
ro-''s.   *
The convicts attracted no esneclal
attention, being dressed ln ordinary
clothes snd loeklne much the same as
tho common run of men. Parole Of.
fleer T.udlow, who accompanied the
men fmm Walla Ws'la, acted only as
their adviser,
As the Last Word in Fish Stories This
Vivid Tale From Indiana Gets
the  Eg  Doughnut.
Marlon, Ind., Sept. 14.���Multitudes
feasted on intoxicated riBh hauled by
the bushel basketful here after 1916
barrels ot beer were turned into the
Mississippi river from an Indiana
brewery under the direction of the
United States revenue officer. The
Hiver Misslssinewa Is the Indian
equivalent ror "Bparkllng water."
lt became Indeed sparkling water
arter the beer was poured ln. A
stream of pure champagne couldn't
have caiiBed more or a jamboree. And
the people who looked down rrom the
bridges laughed and shrieked like a
crowd or roysterers In a grill room on
New  Year's eve.
Even Onlookers Dizzy.
Some said afterward they had experienced a feeling akin to dizziness
as they looked over the railings or the
bridges and were moved to mirth
while lightheaded by the antlcB of the
fish. Many thought they really had j
gone through a sort of sympathetic
I mental spree.
There came down the river thou-
|fands of fish disporting themselves in
ian extremely unrishllke way. leaping
< all manner or new fangled somer-
saults and flopping against each other
I in frenzied bunches. Carp, catfish,
suckers and occasionally a bass cut
crazy capers in the seeming glee as
they coursed the current.
An army of small boys assembled
on an Island Just below one or the
bridges where the rish with "wet
noses" were trying to get over a riffle. Equipped with ball bats, clubs,
boat oars and other weapons the boys
and men too. for that matter, waded
Into the shallow water and waylaid
their easy quarry. Many caught fish
In their hands and everyone who |
wished carried home a string or baB-
Flsh Finally Sober Up.
Thousands or pounds were taken
out or the river. Some men got away
with 100 pounds each. Operations
continued all day, but as arternoon
drew along the fish seemed to sober
up and regain their usual raculties or
Some rolks experimented by putting drunken flsh Into rresh water.
Soon atter this was done the victims
recovered trom their jags and seemed
iust like normal flsh.
Only part ol the flsh were In an
extreme state or intoxication. A rew
however, died rrom the errect or their
Innocent carousal, but many others
were killed hy boys.
Reritlar flsh were not clone In th��
limelight. Countless crawfish crawled
un o'i the piers nnd bridges, nnd it
would heve been posBible for them to
have be n pcooped UP by the barrel-
ful, Tt- re W.T- "1 ummiillv startled
expresr'on In the "rrawdab's" eyes.
Customs Man Vanishes.
Blaine. Wash.. Sept. 14���W. B.
Bond, chief of the V. S. customs ser
vice st Sumas, is being sought by the
snthorltles on charges ot wife desertion. Hurried searches were made ot
Bond's financial condition. Bond had
purchased a revolver and cartridges
when last seen. It is expected that
he went across the line. Besides his
wife, who wss a former Blaine resident. Bond leaves four children by s
former wife.
Sixty-Year-Old Man  Is Out on $2.5001
Walla Wi'la, Wash. Sept. 14 ���
William Klliott. aged fiO, a well known
and wealthy retired farmer of South
Pn louse street, Is out on $2,500 bond,
charged with attempted burglary In
the second degree, this charge having
been filed against him In the superior
court this morning, arter he had been
released from tho city jail, where he
wns bold last night on a charge of
Klliott was turned over to the police
lat" last night hy Gus Aiken and H.
C. Mryson, who live near the home of
Mrs. t M. Lorton. They ssy they had
seen Elliott peeping Into the windows
of the 1/orton home, the headlight from
a passing street car revesllng his flg-
nre. Aiken drew his revolver and or
derpd the msn to throw un his hands.
He ran and Aiken fired. The man fell
on a terrace and Aiken fell with him,
hostlnc him over the head with his
Klliott wss In hls stocking feet when
arretted snd told the offloers he feared the other m��n were holdups and
rnn. losing his shoes on the way. He
declared he was going through the
yard as a short eut. This morning the
shoes were found together In the alley back of Bryson's home. Oeorge
Olnn, a relative, aad Oeorge Struthers,
city commissioner, went on Elliott's
The arrest hss caused a sensation
here, owing to Elliott's prominent connections. He Is worth $100,000 to
$150,000. being the owner of several
thousand acres of farm land. His
frlenda say he Is undoubtedly temporarily mentally unbalanced.
The News
Gives Its
A Square
The New Westminster News treats all advertisers alike
in the matter of rates. All pay the same rates for the
service rendered and no special discounts are given or
favors shown that all do not share in alike.
not give one man
a LOW RATE and
make his competitor pay a higher
one to even up.
That pdvertisers in The News appreciate the square deal
is proven by the fact that 50 per cent, more advertising
has been carried in The News for the first nine months of
1913 than in the same period in 1912.
If you are not using The News for your publicity, call up
999 and our advertising man will talk it over with you. It
will pay you.
���-��"^**,---i. PASS H3QHT
Supply Co.
p, 0. Box 2        Phonee 1 and 97
641 Columbia St.
Tenches,  4   lbs '. ...���.He.
Plums, 4 lbB 25c.
Kancy Pears, 3 lbs 2Sc.
Apples, cooking, 7 lbs 25c.
Watermelons, the Inst of the
season, to clear, lb 3'jC
Tomatoes, fancy, 3 lbs 25c.
Dieen and lied Peppers, lb..  20c.
Crapes, 2 lbs   25c.
Ilutter, Cloverdale, fresh and
sweet, special 3 lbs $1.00
Annandale Creamery, 2 lbs.75c.
KreBh local eggs, dozen ... .45c.
Selected eggs, dozen   35c.
Tomatoes, 2 lb. tin, each ...14c.
Pineapple, Vk lb. tin, 2 for. .25c.
Vinegar, quart bottles, Eng-
��� lish Malt Vinegar  ���.. .We.
Fancy Mixed Cakes, reg. 2 lbs
for 35c, at 2 lbs ror 85c.
Supply Co.
.. f or ..
Greater Westminster
All notices pf meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cente per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, ae their inetructions are positive.
Maillardville Bend.
The Maillardville    brass    band    Ik
practicing hard and making excellent
progress.   A grand Instrumental concert will be announced shortly.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
�� per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1989)
We Should Shudder.
The  recent cold evenings hnve led
the patrons of the B, C, K. II. to look
askance at the open windows on tlie
city cars.
Besides "Wamba" nnd other excellent pictures to he shown at the Edison theatre today will be "A Proposal
from the Spanish Don,"   the   second
Who Wlll .Marry Mary" Btory.
Why not get your boxes nnd crates
at the B. C. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
OtherB are doing It.   Phone 304.
is open from 9:00 a.m.
every week day except
Saturday, when the
hours are 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
4 per cent interest is
allowed on all deposits
from $1 upwards and
such interest is added
Every assistance i.s
given to depositors in
selecting safe investments whenever deposits are sufficiently large
to purchase securities.
There are other-ways
in which we are of service to depositors.    '
Call in and talk the
matter over.
r "
.   i
_. "." -t
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Jumps His Ball.
John H. White, who was arrested in
this city by Detective ferry of ihe
Vancouver polic., a few weeks ago
on a chnrpe of stealing a motorcycle
has disappeared rrom Vancouver and
his ball has been estreated. Detective Burrows ot the local force assisted in the capture, first picking up the
machine on Columbia street.
May directory, an Increase ot 1250
names Is noted. J. W. Schrani, local
traffic chief, Is said to be responsible
for many of the changes In the book,
his observations In many cities whero
he has been employed, having been
placed beforo the officials of th company.
Rent Hall In Maillardville for New
The Coiiuitlam council has concluded a deal with Chief of Police
Pare, Maillardville, to rent a couple
of rooms from him as muulolpal
offices and council room. The rent la
$15 per month.
Other propositions were not seriously considered. Maillardville, In
the opinion of the majority of the
council, is the most accessible centre
of the municipality. A. Hailburton,
clerk of the municipality, will take
possession of his new offices nt once
and the   headquarters   of   Coqultlam
municipality Is, at any rate, established in the meantime.
In the long run it pays the retailer to give his customers the best
In tea, as in other articles. 'SALADA'
does not show as large a profit a'
other packet or bulk teas, but II
pleases the consumer and ultimately
ls more satlsractory to the dealer.
Find Best Road.
W. J. Manson, M.L.A. for Dewdney.
in company with It. Bonson, road
superintendent, visited the head of
Pitt lake on Saturday. The object was
to investigate the best route for a
road or roads there, in response to an
appeal by _0 settlers In the district.
Try the B. C. Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurrv.
Phone 304. (1993)
Russian Hurt,
A Russian employed by the B.C.E.R.
In the work going on at the new
rrelght yards In the west end of the
city, was taken to the Royal Columbian hospital Saturday arternoon, _uf-
rerlng rrom a broken leg, sustained
when a heavy rail slipped and fell. The
man's name Is still unknown to th,'
hospital authorities as he is unabie
to speak Kngiish. His condition i*?
not serious.
World's Markets
At tke Theatres
"In the Bishop's Carriage," the ureal
sensational play which Is being presented by the Hoyal Stock company
at the Royal theatre treats of a subject which Is extremely popular with
the mental scientists or today; that
or reforming criminals, by menial suggestion. The rirst act or this peculiar
play ahows a girl lliiiif, reared In
crime, escaping in a bllhop'g carrluKi'
from the police. At the bishop's destination she feigns Insanity und finds
her accomplice employed as a servant in Ihe household. She nlso ootnes
Into contact wllh a great criminal lawyer, who recognises her He fulls In
love with hen' and tries to reform her
The second' act slums her trying to
rob her benefactor Her mule companion Is arrested and nent to prison
I'tie third act shows the female crook
reformed.    She  is  now  earning  an
honest living and Is nbout to marry the
lawyer when a Jail break occurs and
her old pal turns up to lirlnii huck the
The last' act shows the police station and the man burglar's sacrifice
There Is a great vein or comedy run
ning through out the play and the
many sensational turns In tho plot
keep  the  audience   in   nil   element   or
suspence rrom beginning to end. This
nlay will run until Thursday end will
be 'followed by  the "Lion    anil    the
Discount   Rates  Steady   in   London-
Money Was Easy���Much C.P.R.
London, Sept. 13.���Money was easy
and discount rates were steady today.
The stock market ended the week
quietly and steady with Canadian ai'-
clfic and Cirnnd Trunk shares the features of large buying orders, due to
the crop outlook. Otherwise movements were narrow and uninteresting.
American securities moved irregularly during the short session. The list
opened lower but later Canadian Pacific advanced 2 1-4 points and many
shares were marked in sympathy. The
closing was steady with prices ranging from 2 1-4 higher to 1-4 lower than
yesterday's New York closing.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C, Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone -_G, whart phone 880.
Taking Census.
Chiel or Police Pare. Maillardville.
will commence taking the census of
Coqultlam municipality this week. The
chief's plan Is to call personally at
every liotife, mill and camp and take
the enumeration.
Better than buying agreements of
sale. Pay your taxes in the eity before the evening of the 15th inst. and
save 10 per cent.    City Treasurer.
New Site Question.
The question of the Columbia Cold
Storage company and a new site will
be discussed tills evening at a meeting between the committee rrom the
board of trade and the city council.
One Thousand Shares Dealt in Locally
���Closing wat High���Net Gain
Four and Quarter Points.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, the
Insurance    man.    All kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pav losses.
No Disturbances.
Six drunks and one vag form the
docket to be disposed or by Magistrate
Kdmonds in court this morning. Not a
single disturbance was reported by
the police for the week-end.
Novel Lighting.
Something novel in the way of electrical illumination jR promised Die patrons of the  exhibition  by  Alderman
Lyne'.. chairman or the light committee or the eity council.    While on a
visit  to Baltimore recently  the alder-
mnn studied the different systems In
vogue at celebrations of a kind similar
Ito the annual exhibition, nnd together
| with    City    Electrician    Howler,   has
planned  a   mode  or attack    on     Mr.
Darkness which will undoubtedly sur-'
prise  the  people  attending  the  "best
show in the west."
Magistrate  Happy.
Two drunks of the garden variety
had (tood reason to murmur congratulations to Magistrate Edmonds In police court Saturday morning. Following the "order In the court" tii*:&i by
Actiiij; Chief Bruce, bis worship looked unon the inebriates of the previous
evening. "I have been waiting Tor
this chance for some little time. A
welcome visiter to our ramlly this
morning allows me to keep my vow-
that whenever the stork did appear no
man would be sent to Jail by me that
morning, Vou can go." The cause or
'lie rejoicing was the arrival or a little
daughter at the magistrate's home.
Montreal, Sept. 14.���The sharp advance of C. P. R. ln London and New
York resulted In an active, broad nnd
strong market for securities here on
Saturday. Business for the two hour
session footed up about 6000 shares
the largest turn over for a week-end
In several months and. notwithstawl-
.ng the considerable advance, the market had already experienced, substantial gains were scored by most of the
active issues.
C. P. R. was the outstanding feature,
not only on account of the errect it
exerted on the balance or the list bul
for its activity and big gain. After
opening 2 3-4 higher at 230 It rose to
its highest of the morning 231 1-2 in
the final transactions, making a net
grtlli of 4 1-4 points, with tbe close
still higher at 231 3-4. Upwards of
1000 shares were dealt In locally. Other
features of the market were power,,
which rose 2 3-8. to 224: Laurentlde
which rose 4 to 171 1-2; Brazilian 3-4
to 94 1-2: Bridge 2 1-2, to 125. Profit
taking before the end or the session
brought a slight recession.
See Advt. on Page 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
At thi Fdison todav the feature film '
is one of Selig's best. "Wamba or the j
The story of Wamba is laid in that
picturesque and   dangerous  strip  of
���oast  country   ktmv.n   as  th"   British
East African jungles. Wamba Is th
simple, half-breed wife of a brutal '.
Portuguese who lives i:i a thatch- j
roofed hut on a clearing i'i '.lie lungle
By acting as professional guide and I
hunter Pete Is enabled to earn a scant |
living. He Is addicted t" the rum ill? j
atld as a consequence abuses Wamba i
One day Wamba's  child  falls sick
Pete  returns   to   the  but   In   a   surly
mood and starts to BhuSe Ills tlmerous
wife.    She pleads  with  liiin  to allow
her to take the sick child to Hr. Rice.,
the surgeon nt the British trailing post '
��ome miles distant.     Pete orders  'h r
to take the child out of hls sight Then
he nroceeds to empty the rum Jug. Fl-
willy he rails  into a drunken  stupor.
The child's condition has become rop-1
Idly  worse.    Finally  the  sympathetic i
mother love or Wamba overcomes ih"|
rear which she holds ror her husband
and she decides to desert him. Taking
her child, she steals out or the  but. I
past the sleeping Pete and makes h"-
way through the dense and untravclled I
lungle to the doctor's house.   Her n:ith '
is heset with many danger".    Sh" fi- |
nally  manages  to   reach   the  tn<,:n-el
nosf where she is received in tiie kltui-
'est nosslhlo manner hy Dr. Rice and i
his wife.   They are deenly incensed at
the   Btory   or   Pete's   latest   brutality
Mrs. Rice needs a nurse to look after I
Lillian, her little girl, and as tbe v.hlte
child  seems  to  take  to  Wambn   from
the first,  thev  arrange  to retiln  her
in the household.    In suite nf the doctor's beat Efforts to save the native
c.'r'il. Wamba's baby i'ies.
In the meantime Pete has awakened. Flnd'ng hls wife and child pone
he proceeds to tr.-"-k them through the
Jungle, and eventually arrives nt the
doctor'.* house where he atte-nnt--- to
dne Wamba awev with him. The doctor Intervenes, tints incurring Pete's
ev-iastliic hatrei'.
The second reel is more Interesting
and ends hv the posse following Pete I
to his shsc'i In the jungle, where they
f'nd him killed bv beasts and his mutilated bedv on the floor.
The whole ster-.- is n sneet-blndpr
from start to finish and is well worth
Now  Becomes   Inspector  of  Agencies
for Province.
After four years' service as government agent  In  the  New  Westminster
district and ten years connection with
the provincial government offices in
this city, S. A Fletcher has been promoted to the position or Inspector or
agencies In the province and will now
spend his time visiting the various
parts or British Columbia.
With the exception or a few years
spent in the north. Mr. Fletcher has
been a resident of New Westminster
since 1883 and lias therefore seen
many changes in the eity during ihat
For many years he was accountant
lor the law firm of Corbould, MeColl.
Wilson and Campbell: wns in tho employ of the city two years, and also
was connected with one of the local
papers before lie received the appointment  in  the  provincial  offices,
Mr. Fletcher also occupies the position ot registrar of voters and assessor of the court ot revision.
Just who his successor will be Is as
yet unknown and will probably not be
announced until the return of sir Richard McBrlde at present In England.
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x113 to lane.   Near City car line, Beautiful
'        at-J-ttllJl
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Arithmetic. Penmanship,
Shorthand, Typewriting by
A.   L.  BOTJCK,   Principal.
Phone 853. 610 Columbia 8t.
Residence V. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
WHY People Who
** ** *     Know Buy at
Wc have built up a reputation for the rijfht kind
of Furniture. That we must maintain. Our prices
are rijtht. "All the time." Many say we are the lowest in the city, quality considered. We want you to
make a comparison.. Here are some prices.. Call
and see the goods:
Set Diners, solid oak, Turned Leather seats. .$16.90
Extension tables, hardwood, golden oak finish. .9.75
Buffet, neat design, three large drawers and
double door cupboard  24.00
Ladies' Desks, greatest value ever offered, Golden Oak finish     6.95
China Cabinet, solid quarter cut oak, Golden
finish, adjustable shelves  23.50
Hall Furniture at Greatly Reduced Prices.
BEDROOM OUTFIT���Consisting of bed. soring
mattress, pair Blankets, pair Sheets, pair Pillows,
Bedspread. Dresser, 1 chair, 2 winddw shades, one
bedroom square, complete $28.50.
Brass lied, Spring and Restmore mattress .. .$23.50
The Big Furniture Store
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Mus. Bac.
Cloning,   Piano,  Theory.
Por Terms anil  Hour- Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (1977)
Riveted Steel Pipes
-     BURN OIL    ���
New Phone Book��.
Tradesmen and n-flilpiits are aitrri>-
sliiy surprised by the new style nr
telephone book which In being issued
by thi- 1). C Telephone company. In-
stead or such a weight; and bulkv
volume as the May issue, the September book Is like those in use In tin-
larger cities of the east and the states,
ami Ils advent Will be more than welcome by the patrons or the companv.
The new book is an inch anil a hair
longer and nearly an inch wider than
the old, and two columns or names art
on a page, as compareil with one on
the old style. This inaki s it ��� ,u :h
more convenient as the names are set
In bold type and wfth the double ir-
bor on a page, one Is able to find t,,.
numlier sought In less time. In connection with the new Issue It might
be mentioned that an Increase of 3310
subscribers has been made since Janu
ary 0_ '.ills ye;
: compared with the
New Vork. Sept. 5.���The demand for
stocks was unabated yesterday and
the week's upward movement was continued in a spirited manner. It was an
unusually broad and active market lor
a Saturday. The showing of strength
was more impressive than on the earlier days of the raid, ror the market
was no longer dependent for leader
ship on l'nlon l'a-"iflc. whoee buoyant
advance led to the general upturn.
While Union Pacific continues to forward It waa outstripped by other active shares. Speculation In Reading
was particularly lively and the iiil-
vance In that stock of four polnta made
It the chief feature for a time, Cana?
dlan Pacific in which foreign liiiviup
haB been large recently bounded UP
over five points. Many other Issues
inadi- up turns ranging from 1 to 2
Toronto, Sept. 14. - The Barcelona
movement seems to have imparted
considerable life to the local speculation and brokers ar" looking forward
for a good market developing in time.
The advance of ('. P. K. continues, thai
stock featuring in Wall street and following suit on the Canadian exchanges
it Bold about. 2.11, having risen $7 a
share in two days. Dominion Canners
!s receiving some attention and war
bought locally above 71. Packers, after touching 14*!. reacted a little. Kalis
wero firm in the vicinity of 143.
Winnipeg, Sept. 14.���The feature on
the local wheal market wiib heavy on
account of buying uf May Options.
Prices were steady on higher continental and Liverpool cables. American markets were stronger. The cash
demand was not so keen as during the
last  two  days  and  offerings  heavier.
; Millers  are   Inclined   to  hang off  for
!'ower figures and buy only for present
i requirements.
Oats and flax were sternly. Wlnnl-
peg wheat opened unchanged and closed  IR  down  for October and   1-8  up
| for December ami May .
Minneapolis   opened   unchanged   to
(1-4   higher   and   closed   witb   September 3-D  Up  an,|   December  and   May
11-8 to 3-8 lov_,r.
I.R.A.M..   A.U.C.M.
Lessons in Planofcrto, Violin, Singing, Voice Production. Theory (in
class or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared    for    tli"   Mamlna
tlons of the Associated  li' ard of    the
Koyal Academy of  Music and  rtiy.t! I
College cf Music.    Also    Professional j
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, et -..  apply  Cl  Dufferin J
Street.   I'licm- 411 II. (2007) '
r*.  O.  BOX   442
I P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Columbian College
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phonei
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St  Market,  Phone   1205.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposit! of Oue Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable io all parts of the
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Gsneral Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
NEW WESTMINSTER       Edmonds Market, Phone L888. 	
Excellent Courses in Household .Science.
Miss Florence V. Gibbard, B.H.S.C.,
a graduaie of the Lilliau Massey-
Treble School of Household Scienc;,
Toronto, teacher. Miss (libbird has
also taken post-graduate studies at
Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N.Y.
Thc youiiK ladies of N'ew Westminster und surrounding districts are invited t'i join Ihe classeB.
Preserving Peaches, per
crate 90c.
I>iral hothouse tomatoes, - lbs.     25c.
Tokay Grapes, per lb  15c.
Kancy Prunes, ;; lbs for  25c.
Good Creamery Hutter, 3 lbs...$1.00
Our own llanch Kkks, dozen ...45c.
Hod Spring antl Hteelbead Salmon
2 lbs.  for   25c.
Socknye  Salmon,  per  lb    10e.
Fresh Halibut, 2 lbs  25e.
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbs 35c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 08.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
J. H. Todd's Music House
41* Columbia Stratt, New Wsstmlnstsr.
Singer Sewing Machines.    Small Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONI 6*4.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1191.
Ws write Flro, Life, Accident, Employer*  Liability,  Automobile  and
Marina Insuranoat,
oie iomund a. otxtn, ��.*., eessiDtMT.       w. d imttmiws. vtot-misioiMi.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
C-|HI��I 0*1* lip
n-noer-a-a Fund ���
Total A.m-U -
Financial Headway
of the sure and permanent kind Is rarely made without Ihe assistance
of a Savings Bank Account. It stimulates saving, keeps the money
In absolute safety, Increases It with Interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage ef Ihs business opportunities which coins
ones way,


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