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The New Westminster News Aug 21, 1913

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 i I.I
Newt Classified Ads.
Have proven tbelr worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
targe   or   small   wants   at   small
The Weather.
New  Westminster and Uin lower
mainland: l.ig*M tn moderate winds.
generally fair aad little change ia
May Decide to Let Huerta
& Co. Fight Matter
Washington. A.ug, 20.���Tba
present administration purposes deferring recognition until   a   constitutional   election
Hhall have been held, and
President Wilson stands firmly
agalnsl recognlilng the Huerta
regime under any circumstances. From these considera-
H'liB it iH not likely that Mr.
I.lnd's Informal parleys with
the Huerta official.-! will eon-
t nue long. Ke will remain in
Mox'co City Indefinitely, however, as the adviser lo the ad-
m n s.ration embassy which Is
without an ambassador.
One Hundred and Fifty Men Both Governments Bound to Given Office and Outlines
Are   Now   Held   For Convict Him on Some His   Policy   as   Gov-
Trial. Charge.
Rlctlng Now Over, and Come Men Re-Will Be  Deported    from    Canada
turn to Work���Dominion Government Watching Affairs.
Undesirable  Alien  If He Gains
Will Keep Hands Off.
That the    United States will "keep
hands oil" was considered mere than
Nanalmo, Aug. 2D.    That the colony ! ft
farm would probably lie used aB a tein-    -.
parary jail tor the bousing of prison-   ft
'���  ers taken at Nanalmo, and other Van-   ;;-.
-.lj couver  island   points  where  the  coal j ft
ft ft ** ft i strike Is in  progress, was the state-  $
 j ment given out by T. B. Shoebotham, .'..������.
personal   representative   of   Attorney  ft
Oeneral  Bowser here  today.
With 160 men nnw under arrest the.".
Nunain.ii jail  is  taxed over capacity, 1.11.
andl  some of tbis number    will    bel��
transferred to Victoria and others to IS
New WeBtmlnster; in event of tlieir I I.
being committed  for trtal. [*J
Mine  on   Fire.
A visit to No. 1  mine which is thel**'
g mine of the district    under    the
ft *
l'jlz-.r   e,|||    Recoonbed   and   Clash
Between Two Men E ���>ecte<j
Ihe personal property of lien A.
v\ad.*, missing since the State ol
California went down near Junet
and window dresser at the J .liiistc.i I
siioe house here, was to be searched!
last night in a last effort to .ocaie.
tb" man's relauv.
of the number aboard the xamaf-l
l-ythe time uf the a.-i-KUmt.
Ottawa, Aug. 20.���The Dominion government Is simply
waiting the trend of events a:
Sherbrooke, and no change has
taken place In the Thaw case
so far as the capital la concerned. The immigration inspector
reported the proceedings to
date to the department here
on Hcncyntcon.
.oa Angulc*. CMsf  Aug.   2(��.   Tka
i. John  Van der Ijujs    aud    Mrs:
es, in oid, r thai tiiey Clur-Vun der laaa were lo��t on    lhe
may be notified of the aecdent. ;stu* of California, wroeked off   the
whether or nnt m/'u.5*    l��    !,iar" |M��" " Atoka    Sunday,    ou    their
o, I,  ,���        ,      ���      ^ WM ����8d,  kotfeymoon  trip.    They  w.-re marri��i
Z1   I  * as  ,?�� , neV'i   '",'"   Ul'CJd<Mi   hW0 Al,B"8t 6-    Va�� ** ����������*��� *-�� *
uia.  it   .wis  i.n,,.  t|,,s  be done.  Kaca : minister of Phoenix  Arisl   |(. ��.a r.
hour ihey have waited for same mes-  years old '
Mtge  from  ..lr   Wade,  anad  thus far |    jlmPau, Alaska. Aug. HO    A launch
  ',*' ,*"' '"R,""�� <�������' In Win. from  arrived  tonight from r.amW��r   "tay
A,hallv   MV ,���    u ���  """fi r��m"ks��f th? m'MlOK man It whero tlte rtauasMp BmtHfaflS?
Albany,  N.Y.,  Aug.  2n.   Martin   H. Is understood that his tam ly live   In-alt wa*-  wrerkod    ^iwi.��    �����rli!��
Glynn ��as officially recognised as act   Springfield. .Mass., and It tb, ^MSWfftWft
bird    VT , ,V   TU\ bY  the;adUri'8i'-s oa? �����' '""'""I ">ey will be ! wankee, wn.. which was%?��" i,
board o     rustees of public buildings  sent word of the floundering of    the  riating wreckage on the bay    ThiB to
late tonight when new rooms ln the State of   California   and   made   ac- the eleventh body recovered
capital were designated aa "ihe execu-iqualnted  with existing circumstance*	
tlve  chamber"  for  his use.    The as- i
���ollcy   of   Intervention    Changed
On*; of Absolute Non-interference.
. Washington,    Aug. 20.--Intimations
���re contained in Provisional President
Huerta's reply to the American note.
presented by John I.ind.    that    Presl-
4��Bt Wilson is not backed up by con-
cress cr lhe American  people in bis
���tano ugalnijt ihe recognition of   the
Huerta government.
Referring to the    attacks    on    the
Washington   administration   by   mem-
bars ef congress, and  pointing to the
eCicial reeommendatloiiB of Anihassa- 'liialy in many quarters here   tonight,
#or    Henry    Laut-    Wilson     advising  and administration officials pointed to
JMCogiiiion,    Huerta   declares   he     Is  an   Important   precedent   for  such   ae-
������intitlid  lo  be  recognized.    He holds:ton  during the    lerm    ol  President
fthat the Democratic party's power la  Hayes, wben General Portlro O.az as i Mins on  Fire I
'temporary and argues that recognition ' Binned the reins   of   government   on
of his government is ap artisan que.,-1 May '2. lull, after defeating the forceilblg   pun..  .*'   ���*��� ,.   .listrlct    under    the ! """   "" "   ***"*-"*���  ���*���'���  ftjixu   u-isueu   a i��"iiii��� ami ii.m j< nnr, ;1 j,nriv <u mr WOW MUMRFi?; ���">
tlon in the United States. of    President    Ue    Erdo.      Germany  management   of   tbe   Western   Fuel  s)i'-'rbrooke. Aug. 20.- Harry  Kendall' staUmL'nt   outlining   bis   policy.     In  Of-town  lritnds on  the  fatal  trip up |        wmw*^* n-
He iiitimatea that he   reaches   his | recognised Dhu   on May    2 of    that; company    showed    that    eyorythlng Thaw's  fight against deportation   to paJj 7e statement sayB: the coast. .    Seattle. Aug 20   Tonight's dispute!-
e*noliision on private    adviceB    trom>ear,   Salvador   and    Guatemala    on ' was Idle.   There has been destruction the United States, after hla dramatic        ' do not intend to employ a torn-1    Miss Cassady, who was a graduate ! from Junean saying that the leadHir D
Washington. 'June 7, and Spain on June 10. ibere  done to the plant, and it was staled I escape  from  the  Matteawan  hospital 1 ���PorarX occupancy of the governorship nurse  here,  is also  thought to  have 184 fathom line did not touch the hul!;
Though  negotiations  between  John  being   no  other  governments,   except! by tbose In  charge that the mine  |Bi for the criminal Insane on Sundav last(for the purpose of partisan  warfare,  come trom Springfield, Mass., and to iof the state cf California  destroys tx<\
Und,      personal      representative    of  the    Hulled    States,    represented    at .on fire, but there being no men with-  will begin In this   Canadian    frontier!    ''Tm'''   ""      ���     ���-���'     ''���������������   ' ���     * ��� .   .    .      .. ' --
Prealdent     Wilson,    and    Provisional   Mexico  City  at  that   time     In  Presl- | In to discover Its location, preparations i town tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, i lhe
No Cearch Yet.
The Indians in the vicinity salvageil
.,,,,.,, "���" -.=... un   tci. a large amount of whiskey, freight and'
semblj parlor in a committee   room'    Altllough  u  was     ,.        ���      .      steamer fittingn.   They became drank
-were set aside for the acting govar- th,   Misf Anna    1    CassadVs   ll  on  *������"���  ""'iekey  but  were careful U>
i nor-s quarters,   They are situated on \ml" ,' w.  " ' rM,,;ri  i.uV   J  , ,    ?     tuni 0VPr ������ personal property
��� Ithe  third  floor,   while  the executive *?!J��..be^!*ri?.e.d-la'.t *&���}.   *or I    Soundings   **iih  a  :t4  fattom  line
i off ic-
       ..���.,,,      nuao     uie     MWUUT��     trilfPK    nf    the    -* A A***-.-**.        f    . at        j OUIUlUIUgJI      Wlin     ��     .��*      lalJlO't,        IHO
a to which Governor suteer S��ll ^fatlnn^^^'^L^L^^81*��� �� ��>����*- ******* the State or
clings are on ��he floor below.
Outlined   Policy.
As bis first aet after movir.
,or relations, this scare
.then, but will likely be TtottT*lg���*"*  *ent dU*�� "" fcet f"����
As was  reported  before,  the    pair i ' .	
into  were said to have been engaged to be: TOTAL DEAtt A Nn mircimc
the  new offices,  Mr. Qlynn  issued  a   married and had Joined a party of ou'-' MISSIWG
President Huerta are continuing on a dent Haves' message on Dee ember l.iare being made to flood the mTii'e.'"tf la to be produced then beforeiunJ no factional reprisals,
1'irdinl personal bast-a, neither side H ls77. lie announced that recognition This ls not being done yet and there ,Judge Olobensky, ot the superior) "' have no intention of removing
receding from its position, anil alter ,r,f lbe Dian government had been d��-1 (s a suspicion among rome that men'.court ov a writ of habeas corpus ob- departmental heads for mere political
nalivn mrasurcB already are under 1 Tred on account ot opposition tt may be rent down and the fans set. In I talned by his counsel this afternoon. 1 reasons. 1 purpose discharging by
consideration      here.        No      definite   blm in Northern Mexico, anii Minister '��� motion and the tire fought .......... ...
..,-   ,   e"-e"=-=  ut   iiai.isuii   wanare.  cuuiu  mnn  apringneiu,  Alass., and to * OI tne state cr California  destroys a' I
Under me,    as    acting    governor, I have   heen   a  life   long  acquaintance hope that thc divers who have rone
ere will be no political earthquakes , of Mr. Wade, 'north   will   be able to    explore    Ito
course  has  been   formulated,  but  tbe John  \V. Poster    was    liiRtruclcd    by I
policy   that   Is  at  present  under rrm    Secretary   Seward  to   state  tbat    the
eldtrailon    and    most    likely    to be ("Washington government wouldd wall
adopted  Is one  of absolute nnn-lnter-  'before   recognizing   ('.���ejinral   DISS   n��
ference. president of Mexico until it s'tall be
Fight It Out. assured thai his election Is approved
The   American    government     under  by  the  Mexican people and  that    his
sucii a policy would continue i" flenv administration      i3     posseased     of n,iv ,,   .,
sinus  to both  sides,  would  withdraw  stability to endure, and of disposition I pre(en;
Jingle   Pet   Mine  Starts.
Jingle Pot  mine haB now boen
It the writ is sustained he wlll be'sworn  obligations for the best "inter-
i free man.    But tor how long he wlll\esta of the public.
be   free   is   problematical.     Dominion
xpkire    tto
wreck      It will be possible, however.
Diving for Lists. to blow up the vessel and release aim.
Seattle,  Aug.  20.���Cnf.l  the divera ior :,u ��r t}*�� bodies.
who went north on the steamship City I    Th"   ^""fc   Steamship    companv.
of Seattle last night to explore    thei?wner "X the b,rt vfiERel- today added
sunken   hulk    of the    Pacific    Coast' ""rjinmes to the ltet of missins. All
men ,��� work and b, the end' ot the i c��.e, anncT.mced TonVghi O^HhSJ Zl Io betp 'S order outTch^'ta the^oUom11' t^\ J^V ^J*i^��wS
week the mine wlll he in full opera- ready to detain him. should he he. re- the state government uut�� the cou.rt II'Tw SLST??1***,2ft Alaska' tavesnn. emtoi*
tlon snd s.-.i-ai hundreil men will he ' U'lisert. and then take steps lo thrust; of  Impeachment  shall have  rendered  ���ffi^^-SK'^. *S��   ft  ���V^'J- Reld!^-
Americans from trouble -/ones, Insls
on proper protection to property and
live""., and In effect let the Mexicans
c'l'tinue their controversy on the
No  Intervention.
��� ,.-i..i  ... priw�� Rupert: James Ons-
em barked   at  Wnn-get;   Krai  work.    There is ,,o report of anv-'him bach across the border as an un i a verilct  "   "*^  ryndered ''Sund'ay^Th��&{| 'thrt^/* *%��%��!*&*** ��t PHnw Ru
thing in the wiv of a settlement with I d-slrable   alien,   either   at   the   New      "No act cf mine will compound the .^".t,    ?"..., na,meB  *n\ be  added Prince  Kupert.
anv  nf  the  Other  companies  for  the ' Hampshire line, where be entered the, present    contusion       Official    chaos'lei ��r mUrtn�� Va38en- \   This hrln'ra the Hst of known ml.a-
to  comply   with   the   rules   of     l,,er* | Pr"?""'       Ext,r.r,;on   Quiet ! Voi'b "staie"1"  "   "^  ^   '"   """ '''""" B"d a"rt V'U' ****** ��* '^ ^'!      "',1" ���* "-""" " ~ '',n'' "? '�� "'    """"" '*"** " """"'
nnl'.'. al comity and the obligation cf       ..   vi���-,.  ,���  vvl,',���S;nn   In'lhe  after- I Will Not Talk.
irent'es.' noon rrv,,a|e,i a quiet which has not      Facing   such   a  situation
It was not until May. l<.,s. i,,a-lv p   i,,...,, felt there for some time.   There   Whites  slayer   ordinaril
Dlas came Into possession | ore hardly an>  men io be seen there'
facto giivernuiiTH in M
I proceed as if no    impeachment
ar aft
i f the d
idmlnlstratlon    Is   determined C tv   thai
Vei-sh,   embarked   at
,'rii,..,,    i(���ns.,
or missing pa3��en-
It the purser's records are recover-'. "-'��� '^n those of ��gl�� women. tt,r, -
Iceedings  were    pending      Intil    ihe      . [u'V ! wrw'\ll wl" be easy to  or  whom  aro  unidentified  and  ttoir
ugs  wen     puioiug.     i nil     tl.e  establish  the exact number lost, butibodies  are betug brought to Seattle
Stafford cour   cf Impeachment renders its de-  unU1 lhiB *. aone lt ta imp0Ssible to lon the irorttaraHanTlStadRw^S
too loqua- c.slon I intend to do only such things 8av how m(W, more than those whose three leave, the nmnbo-- of ni���-
icto govern,,,���! in Ml tic * w *���) the exception of the sneclal con- :'', ��! ',*Z "','": S, -P?���^ uf',", m" ' H n,M ? ,",:'ClK"a.r5' forT1^ s"'���*\\ ,na:nes have been given went down passenger* 14; passenger^ bodies re"
reeogniHon   was  extended lubln who nre ,, irolli, u ib-ii strei        , . I"*   VT ^  .    r".. ^���Vn,\ rmm"s of the busm<18S oT �����"���������" ' with the ship as the purser has only I covered.  11:   crew  missing. 1:   total
ie-v;..wed     He has talked vaguely ofl
aga'nat Intervention or wnr. and fhe by thi   United Btates.   During the In   Nearly all the men In the place have matters not pertaining to his escape
rnly other alternative, friendly media- t rval peaco was obtained through the been  arrested,  there  being  30  from
Hon, bas apparently failed,    official"  legsl    convention,     ns   nt      present |there in jail.    Duly  the women  and
however, that '.he I'nlie.j i't ugh the embassy,   dm    attention  children   are   left   in   charge
States, through the mission of Mr being ca'led to th" necessity for pro-
I.ind. will have satisfied foreign gov 1 ctli u Ol American live.-i and prop*
.rumen's   generally   of its  desire     to   erty.
bring   about   peace,  and   thev   do   in.'' Settlement Likel".
conceive thai there wlll be anv pies- Advices tbat th.- Huerta govern-
sure to 1 ring about intervention. j ment ls seriously handicapped by Hi"
To pram arms to the constitution- lack of funds, there is little monev
alisis wi nid. In tbe opinion of many wllb which to pay troops no,! news ,��f
i fflc'als, i niy add to the dangers of constitutionalists' victories, strengthen
anarchy   In the   republic
bandit bodlea with weapons of de-la s'ttlen,. ���i of the revolution wl'l be
Btructlon of which they have hitherto bcc mpltshed by the constitutionalists
been deprived. within  a   short   period  of  time.
of the
constables and a few soldiers who
were spending the warm afternoon
bathing In tho water tank iit the co'll-
eries. Tbe only man at work In the
place la a Chinaman who is acting as
guardian of r.n mules which are <-t.i-
tloned lu ihe yard at the pit-head.
Mil'tiamen Get Leave.
in th" city of Nanalmo and at t'
Clash E*>-iected.
i  nat one word has come from him      A;1 immediate clash of authority be
regarding  Vs  flight  from  Matteawan   l"','en ""' rival governors may follow
or Of  :'.)���������  inception  of the  plot that , Mr* Glynn's action of today.    He an- j
led   io  Irs  delivery,   nor  of  the  five'. nounced   that  he   will  call  upon   thel
men who spirited him away. j executive industrial siaff which so far I
his memory to rely on and is uncer-|dead and missing, 155.
Chauffeur  Taken,
e five, one it
!���   jail   In   Sherbrooke.     Ile  gave   the
name   of   Michael  Thompson   and   Insist. ,1   that  he  was a  resident of To-
tito.   Uut both Sheriff Hornbeok and
lias remained loyal to ilovemor Sulzer
for any service which may be needed.
Whether the motormen and conductors of the B, ('. E. H. will reject or
equipping the belief. In official circles here   th-' !",,,"r >'nnK '"' 'be district there Is sb-IDIstrlct  Attorney Conger  of  Duchess I
solute oulet This was the first dayIcounty, New *ic,rk. who looked him
since their arrival that anv of the over today, snld he was none other
militiamen have been allowed to than "Gentleman Robert" Conger, late
leii'e during the day In the neigh- of New York city and reputed chauf-
borboo.) of Bxtenslon there was dls- feur of tne black automobile that J
covered today a larg" quantity of dy. whirled Thaw from Matteawan at CO I
"������.mlt..  and  o-'���i;inlt'"'i.    Thn evncl   ml'ps an hour.
,,,..,.,,.,,. a���,| ti,,, locitlrn of tli" find '��� Thomnson was idling In the suner- j
cannot he learned and In fnet the nn-; lor court room, waiting for tbe Thaw
merous discoveries of ammunition and cuse to come up when tl"1 i-n,nigra-
���runs Is being kept a secret and a num- tion officers arrested him. lie was
'���"r !���' rumored finds are fo obrcure quickly identified as one of the two
lh"i ihey may readily bo doubt id. men with Thaw when he was arrested,
motor 'BUS ue        NEWS FLASHK
Persons Are Prepared to Finance the
Scheme if Municipalities Will
Fatal  Cave-in.
Raton, N.M., Aug. 2D.   In
in the Old Union tunnel al
afternoon,  K.  I)   St am eli ill and  four
Mexicans were killed.   EfTortS are now
being mado to reach the dead men.
:'   cave-ill
4:30 this
���"I   fir
���mi i.ii t' ������'! the Extension   Ha denied  that he aided
"���'nd  prisoners would  be  r-roralrg tha  border  und
Thaw    In
Minister Mny Matt* Announcement tn
His A-'c'rett tc Citizens
.A rrnngmfntrars tor thr Jits JunclR-ow
i Hon. J.. P: ffnzvn. minister or asm -
A project has heen discussed
niTiong!'! a number of influential cili
; ens of Coiiuitlam to establish a motor
bus service bei ween Port Moody. New
Westminster and  Vancouver
The proposal Is to hnve It muni"i-
pallv owned and it is probable thai the
subject will be brought up in some
form nt next meeting ot the municipal
11 Is pointed out thai a motor umnl
bus between Vancouver and the goir
links on the Austin road. Coqultlam,
1 ravelling via Bovemment road, llurnaby. with passengers would be an as-
t-urvd success, whilst another service
between Port Moody and New Westminster via North road had every
prospect of becoming remunerative.
Thp frnnohise conld thus be conserved to the municipality.
Should the scheme not commend
Itself to th" councll or Ihe ratepav-
ers of Coqultlam the promoters of the
enternrlfe are prepared to organize
nnd fin&nen a private company, confident thnl thev will receive the hearty
sunnert of P�� rt Moody and New Westminster public bodies, as well as private clt,7.'"\ At nny rnte the de-
Flre for better communication between
Port Moody and New Westminster and
lntervenlnir points la such lhat the
matter will bc brought before public
notice  In  concrete form  shortly.
Big Calgary Will
Calgary, Aug. 21
l.iiieha'.n, probated today, shows lhe
estate to have a total value of $668,-
nr i. The will bequeaths to Klma
Martin l.lneham and Elisabeth Bar-
ban Llnehnm. daughters, $200,000
esch, while W, I). Llnehnm. a brother
<s Riven $75,000, Angus Mclntyr.
l.hvTinm nnd Donald Malcolm l.ino-
ham. brothers $10,000 each, while a
score v'f other relatives will receive
from $S000 to $3000 each.
irralgned this afternoon bul n wis
.""id Impossible to do so. and the
>nly i "es hrou"ht un loday were th"e
ron Ladvsmtth,   Tomorrow thn Ex-
The will of .lohn i',>,"ip",   ''*",'���"   "'���"   '���"���":'   ""   ���"'���"'   '"'
���.i,.v   u,���.vvs tho I remanded  hut   there  will  be  BUffiel-
eul numbers to acrry en the proceed-
-<���������."-.    on    r-'div.    The  preliminary
hearings   will   be   taken on Mondty
mornlne pih! the "onrt  will then  be  ,,,,,
busy  for  Iwo  or  lli-ie days.
Fverythlnp   cuiet.
This has'been the quietest day sine
(Continued on Page Pour.)
thnt be had met the fugitive hy
chince. Notwithstanding his orotes-
..,.....,P ft Innocence he was held in
$500 bail for a hearing on Friday. Un-
��� 1 ie to furnish the bond lie was re-
manded to .iuil.
Aiding and Abetting.
Technically he Is Charged with aid
New York, Aug. 20���Th" ��n!"
of a seat on the New York
slock exohange for $46,000 was
reported today. The price represents an advance of $50110
over the last previous transfer nrd is $9000 over the sea-
sen's low prices, which established a low record for more
than a decade. Since the improvement In business on the
stock exchange during the
Inst few weeks a numheer of
offers of scuts have been withdrawn.
�� ���* O <* ts* # ft ft :"-' ft ft * :"' ,:;'
Big   Earnings.
Calgarv,  Ane,  20.    The gr"ss eirn*
Ings of to. Calgary municipal rs'iwaj
for th" f'scl month was $7r..:tf.7 as
again*! ir.s.T's for ihe corresponding
month last year.
Convention   in   Wrct.
Calgary.   Aug.   I'd.    The   industrial
bureau has received advices from Ot-
lawn to tho effeel  thai th" 1014 eon-
veptlnn of the Life Underwriters' ns-
mciatli n of Canada will be held In
Buffalo  fer   lr��lnnH.
Vont'T"l.  Aug. 20,    Two fine rnocl-
.���e>"- c' i.,-rr"in. fi*rtm th" f:,.n*.ns h"rd
i.t "''li-i .'.'ii'h' park which the Dominion government h"s presented to
were  p'.erd   on   bonrd   111"  Inlshovon
M.ose Jaw,    Aug.    2li.    Krom    the
large  track  of country  to  lhe  south,
delails are beginning to come of the
nnd  abbilling p  lunatic  to cross | groat damnge done by the storins ex
Canadian border, an offence pun- perienced  there during the end    of
Irhshle    with a $500 fine.    If the mi-! last week.    Willow Bunch appears to
���iu-r'tli-.-   fnil  to  hold   him    ou    this I have  suffered   more   than   any   other
��� Ir-rge   I)isiri.-t Aitnrney Conger will district on this side of the boundary.
 'k    bis    extradition  on a warrant j but in Montana tbe damage was   far
greater,  and  but   few  of  the  farmers
.accept the minority report of the con- i
As  an  attempt   at dismissal   will   f..|-   clliatl011   bcarcl   |���   the   matter   of   a
low the refusal of any employee   to new agreement with the company, will
obey either claimant of the governor- probablv  be  known  sometime  todav.,*
ship   it   is   predicted   that   a   conflict  The ballots will all le In this morn-
winch oiTers  possibilities  of bringing Jug*,   when   counting   will   have   been)
the  situation   to  a  head   may   b"  p,v 'started.    Whether or not the men re-|
Clpitated at any time. h^  ,e,   rrp-r'.   it  Will  be  necessary
 * J to take another vcte lr tbe strike ru-
mors mat-rlallze, and before this is/
done It is expected that tlie company,
and   men   will   have   gotten   together
again  In order to find a  way out of|.j'ne  amf BkgBfta,   who comes   tn-rtr*
tho dispute. ! jodgy, fiH-rr bpcn in the- hands of tin-
*���< .trS or  u*md��?  sml   the   I'iD��renii!v<'
a>soclation and -AvcnyUitng fvin,;--, to a.
; larce attendanOB *t the runrtfon.
Kollowlinf    tbo    antHiiineements  <if
I Urn    Robert  Mogers on Tuesday, t^e
| mihlster or iimriu<. arnl fisherirss rtxxy
:ilso tell  cT new  work  to  be done*  fi>
lave thia river brouglit to its natural
i position in Uka marine world.
Civfo and guv ernment representa-
tfves from New WestroinsUT anil the
district bave liwn invited nnd uCboiw
; visb'.ng to h^ar Mr. Hazen are ati-
| -Ised to see Mr. Darling of tlie lYu-
I gresslve af.sociation beforsi noon 'v
"he luncheon is Ix-ing given at th��*
Damage Is Only  in  Small  Cection
Ciskatchev/an  and   Northern
Councillor Coldicutt. cf  Fjrnaby Municipality,  Speaks  in  Favor of
to|Kus.op|l hotel and will tak�� irom I to
Hon.   Justice     Morrison     Gets
Down for Next Court
Justice Morrison hold a chambers
sti.ng in the county court room yesterday when a number of formal'up-
plications und routine affairs wire
deposed of.
One cuse mentioned by j. D. Ken
netty dealt with ihe cons ruction of a
I1.I-..1 wV-h nailed from this port fori will and was set down for   argument
Dublin loday.
Mnv Visit Coart.
Montreal, Auk. '.'.o.- ().. his f'rrt visit to t1'" "'eslorn hotnl't.hero Cnnier""
of l,oe!''el. nnd his wife, arrived from
Scol'and toflflv. Th" visitors are go-
���ng tlir*-r
the not
"."���'eweil  by  the distinguished  Scots
n 'Xt court da\
Dead Twelve Years.
Thc will in question is that of
Prank Wade, who died 12 years ago
Ile left his property to his wife, an
Indian woman, Ier her use during her
llle, and directed thut It Bhould thi re
..���..��� .1,.. ,vrct nm' nt Winnipeg Utter be divided bei ween the families
t.d Hlphlani   reel."...,, wMi bo ���f two trlends, Hubert .1. McKarnoy
and Qoodwln Purcell, share and s'.iai"
alike, or Ihe survivor of them.
Wife Also  Dead.
Mrs.  Wade died ubout  u  yenr  ugo
Ills       "Vt
ciw'-'iiig t'oge- Thompson with con-
snlrlpg with n'hors to defeat the ends
of leetlcp iii liberating Thaw
The wnrrsnl is here hut will not be
-.-,��� rr.i ....in the Immigration law has
beef  tested.
Ar*-est Unnoticed.
Tllowiwon's arrest In th" court ron""
., ,|��v. if.^^ unnoticed by th" casual
���""'���mr!. i"ie prisoner dodued the
cameffl round while beine tak"'i to
">" Ph'eldl'ig his fnce with a handkerchief h" hre!:<> Into p run. greatly
|'o I',.. nli-.r-i of the need deout- who
'i".i him In fivirce. and stopned only
When ' "itanil. rs bi.'"., a hue and
pry, Then, atlll holding hip handkerchief over his far" he went quiet.
-,-   ..,   ;..'.   ,.,,,1   ,v:ls   lodged   |n   a   e,,u
ucl far from Thaw.
Vancouver, Aug. 20.���Sam Harris
residing at 7H" lohus'iii rond. was
struck 1 y nn Interurban car. Westminster bound, at 6:15 this evening, receiving Injuries which necessitated
hls removal to the general hospital
Harris had six of his ribs broken as
well as sustaining siveral cuts on ihe
'-.".. and body.   Thp car waa In charge
pf Motorman W. Boyd ami Conductor
W, P, Andrews. I, Is stilted thnt liar-
ris was walking along the (rack near
1 Victoria drive and ISth avenue when
i lie was  struck.
in some northern pans of that state
have any crops loft at all.
One storm came from across the
boundary and cleared everything before it   until  reaching  Willow  Hunch
and then the hail changed to rain. 1: 1 W"B B|Ven The News >"slerday in an
was th" worst ever    experienced    j��� ] interview  with  lhe couiu'lllor.
this part of Saskatchewan and there i      ,T1,\"'' is opposition to this bylaw
is but little left in  Us path, for   ,U(.; and   this  opposition,    n    he  main,   s
a      ,           ��� ���,.���.,i���. seeking to ferment additional trouble
damage was complete.  'within the municipality, by represent-
I ing statements which are untrue and
which can easily be explained.
Kdmonds,   Aug.   20.    According     ���.-,,,
Councillor Coldicutt. the muntalpalltj '��J5�����    lra*m<''H��'elv following its
of Hurnaby will be placed in a serious ��"fIVf��?    ��i E��2 Sf P��blic re��"rp-
posltlon and one from which it can-  ,e"tB, ^a *"' ^"^ ����� ��^P��-
not  extricate itself in a short time. I,.*.'"' 'I* lhose w?" *'�� ""*�� ��e tri|��
unless tl.e bvlaw to be placed before ,   "W" ",e "v'r w^' ''" ^'- J- ft T*T-
the people on Aug. 30 authorizing the  \7* "���' ' �����Iu-^r1.Sniy- AW"n��B *����-
-���_.*_ r. .v. ._��?.     * .._   i        '"il   "".^Wbifp.   Messrs.   Thomas:
nRtnwr    Vo-r*nr
Mwra.  Worsfold and Nelr-.n. or ttu-
���'uhlie  workw rfppartmint. V  f;   Mc
Ouarri... r. If Stuart Wade, li, ft Cnr_
MS,   W    ll.  GUIty.  C..  maktrttjiuL.
���nrvls  W I.. D.rtf���K. J. WTmnirT
-m. rhlef inrrwev-r nt mfceries. K IT
' ui��nt<wjiam. Dr. V. V. Smith ao** w
. T.  Reftf.
raising of the interest rate on tlte un- mffnM  ''"'   " "'S   *"���^
sold  bonds of 1912  from  4   \-Z to  5 ' ,, ,, ., '    ,rV ."       .-   -,J-
,.���. ,. *  i.���i     im.i.  i���,i���,..i������! '"���' ' ���     'fprlw"-     Knititi.
per cent  is carried     This intimation
A   Money   Eylaw. ,T0 GUARO EX-KING MAN't^l.
"This bylaw Is nothing else than a | on H.IS W-EDOING DAY
money bylaw and if defeated cannot
I according to law, be resubmitted to
Sgmir'ngfn.  tlernurv.   \nr    ,���
the people until a  year has elapsed. Extensive    polfc,.    pn^utions    hnv
One can readily see what a predloa- b*cn fak-mi bT th.��   Simnarinpvti   ��
California  Railway    Commission
thori;e3 Sale of Fifteen  One
Dollar Chares.
Illell!    the
i.-initK-et!    anj-
municipality would be ln|therltle�� oo account  o?"tlR'"w^.S;
-h.u���.l -bs be turned down, as it will  >.cr,  of ex.Kf���K  Mamf<,, ()(. J^JJ
Pooillnr  Cr"os.
drmig'hT'b- do'lnp mnchT^'m'.rc""t'e"he;,'t Vm[ DojiJ". Harrison,    Both Mc-
���*���***,   In   the   Ottawa   .V-'Irlct.     Nenr, IV1 !"'���'  lmd     l,rl'''11  PredMSMBd her,
umi forest fires Rr,. causing much un. Ml:, ,u'n<'y belnR tllfi ����' t0 *ile-   ���J*"*
easiness,  the  fires  nt  present    onlv Ic'-"..9  Iu'lr3  now  claim  the  properly
mouldering     but should heavy winds
spring up at nnv tlm..
he extreme!" dan"cro���n owln-> lo the I Karncy'n   heirs  contend   that   the  In-1 which' It standsto a'loc'atku.
Trade Church for Hotel.
Port Coqultlam,    Aug.  20.���A    Droits the representatives of tho man win,'posnl  Is on  foot  here to remove the
ihe fi,-,. *.,,*,id  -sbi-vlvod the o'her legate,., whllBt Mc-1Presbyterian church from the site on
wh|cll It stands to a location on the
absence nf fire flehtlng facilities In terpMtatlOO of the wlll must b% share conur of Wilson aud Shnughnesav
the    country    districts,    Farmers  nt  and share alike, In the circumstances  streets,  and    the    aonBremtinn    will
that both predeceased Mra. Wade.        me��t on   Mo.ulav  evening  ,��� discuss
.1.  IJ.  Kennedy  repn uepts  Puree'"
I Chelsea, Tenaga. fascades. Wakefield
|gnd other places have taken the precaution   to  nlow   the   ground   In   thej heirs and W, tl, McQuarrie Is acting
ft vicinity ot their buildings
i for McKarney'i heirs.
the pr".W't A local hotel proprietor
has offered to take the church sit.
for the ether site mentioned.
San Krancisco. Aug. 20. The smallest Issue cf stock for which any California corporation ever sought authorization from the railroad commission
is one which *hu commission passed
upon today and which conslatB of 16
shares of the par value of $1 each.
The application was filed with the
commission by thu Klnnell Warehouse
company of Tehama county and It set
forth that the company desired to Issue the stock to obtain $16 to pay to
the Becretary of stale for filing the
company's articles of incorporation.
The application states that $1K was
refuse  to  take  over  the  bonds,  and 17tZ���� '"'��. ',"      -""-'V1 ��"r       �������
work for the    ettlers. wh'ch Is pro-1 v���,"^.��� Bre ,..''?fl8d ,1,,<h'r **V"*f K��r
inlsid for thl: fall, wctt'
Indefinite period,
"Many people," cnni'T'cd th-. coun- ^
cillor. " imagine thnt lr thev vote thin,      ^
bylaw down th"v will kill the nrooosod   .,. ....
paving of addltlonnl roads.   This Is er-  .���  :":
rnnreus. ns tho $500,000 bonds for this';;!
n""lng work are 5 per cent bonds and I  :
wlll be taken up bv the London c.o,n-|^
pnnv, providing the 191! 4 1-2 nnr
cents are raised an additional    half
per cent.
Purnaby Firs*.
"'iii'-vby Is the first munlclnallt.v
in ilritish Columbia to havo Buch an
offer made ns that to Reeve McOregor. and before long the other muni-
Tears I"eld b" the pope,, that ai n't'ir-V
   bo  '*aa<Ie ������� the ex Purtn ;-��.���=*.
'II. Hi it i**i th ���*������ ���**-
���rt e $
rlpalitlcs will he Jumping over th"m   ,
loaned  to the  corporation  so  that  it I selves If thev ever get a chance like :*';
could pay for obtaining its articles of we have had'to tide over the financial *
Incorporation and thnt this loan Is to stringency. I>'|i
he repaid from the proceeds of the     "Pass this bylaw nnd there will bei*
sale of stock. work tor a large majority of the set- ��
The    commission    authorized    the  tiers ln Burnabv.   In mv opinion then'*
company to issue the Btock. ' (Continued on Page night >
i:       S'sfcn'oon-    Aur.    20.-CKv C-
%   jyicterforonlrt  Burftnen  ft a-
'���:   thenty for the atatcmnnt ffiaf
���     a rniK<rrt   or   EOId abont Tialf
"   mr inch squat*; bus bmn Ibuad *
V   on the mirtli banh of tbo river *
2   "Rar ,ne f����"Pf"K Btatlon hen'. *
_    Onn snmpTe    only   was   found 9
*..    and when tested  at   tbe   c��v ��
*=   I"bnnttory Wve eTerT tm**x(mem ���*
���..-   of 6cfttB   tRe   genuine   aOclr. **
RampfBB   of   mica   have   afao *
Seen found and a claim is tv *
be stake* out. 9
* ft itsi-jas-jjjjjj-jjj PAGE   TWO
An tnAependemt monMa# fatter den.tail to Ik* iuterUtS ol Kew Westminster and
ta* Frater Valley. I'liblutlxmti evert/ morning except Kii.iU.e, fry the Sntiontil Printing
mid i*u.ii*Si-iV CorniptiM*. tA**U*d. *t ��!1 McKentle Street, Keic Westminster, liritish
t;,Uuml>... ROBB  HVTIHtRl.ASI).  Managing  Director.
All t-nmmunlt-atitm* should ee addressed lo The Mew Westminster Xcws. nnd not
ta t.idieidi.iil membert ot t*. *****. Cheques, drafts, and **t\r*t**l orders should be made
payable to  The National 1-r-utJiug and Publishing Compani/, Limited.
TEl.KI'IIONHR���H*.***n**U*1*ot* and Manager, �����)*); Editorial Roams lall rfeport-
msnlt). S��l.
SUHIiCKII'TlOU RATK8���Bt carrier. (4 s��r l/ear, (1 f.ir three months, IDc per
M->.l'i      B* mail, %'X per u-nt, tbo per month.
1/il'MiIlsiM*; It A run **. application.
And next comes Hon. J. D. Hazen, minister of marine
ant] fisheries.
Spurred on by their success with Hon. Robert Rogers,
minister of public works, who put on a pair of New Westminster harbor glasses and looked at things in the right
light, the local authorities have all the assurance they
need to brace the head of the department of marine for
such little items as a respectable light and lightship at the
sandheads and suitable other aids to navigation up this
ing hard coal, beiiiK credited with
88f,484,000,000 tons In reserve and
607,628,000,000 tona of bituminous.
or the American continent's reserve
Canada has 2,168,000,000 tons of anthracite, or 1,234,769,000,000 tons of
all Ihree classes. The United States
haa 19,684,000,000 Ions or anthracite,
or 3,838,667.000,000 altogether, Newfoundland, with no anthracite, has 600
million tons nf bituminous, and Central America five millions tons altogether.
Noxious    Weeds    Regulation    Causes
Trouble in Ontario���How Should
Grass Be Classed?
Separate   Cchool   Trustees   Want     to
Collect From Those Who  Have
Jumped to Public Rolls
Ottawa,  Auk.  20.
taken   Immediately
by  tho
will      In
Hold   Sessions   on   Mainland    to
Hear ""vidence of Lumbering
Toronto, A tilt- 20.- Tb'' legislation
i pased by tlie Ontario legislature empowering the elK lo compel owners,
of property t��� cut down ihe mwIoub H"30' trustees ui collect from former
weeds growing on vacant land Is prov-'separate aehool supporters who have
lng Inadequate to prevent this dlsfig- 'jumped to the publlo school rolls, tax-
urcmenl of some of the leading resl- debenture   debts   contracted
dentlal  streets  in  the  city, ami  the ,
probability  Is that  the provisions ��r while these citlsens   supported    the
Hn* legislation will be enlarged under Catholic schools.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ud.
VI*.* i rla. Auk. 20.- Hon. W. It. ltnss,
mtnlsti r of lands, has brought the
question of timber royalties to a head
by announcing that il is his Intention
to ku Into tho matter personally and
a Bpeclal clause of the act which gives
the cily the right to include growths
not mentioned in the legislation.
Mr. William Fitzgerald. Of the property department, wbo has charge Of
tlie weed-cutting branch, has experienced difficulty in cleaning up sume
of the streets because the owners of
propert'es refuse to regard long grass
nn an obnoxious weed. The growth of
'en*' crass makes Ihe streets unslght-
the government charges upon limber
This Interesting announcement was
commission-wise, with a  view to nr
fresh water channel, which is to be ready for the deep sea|riving at a suitable basis tor levying
traffic of the world within three months.
With his colleague pledged to do everything in his
power to make this port what it should be in the shortest ^^^.J^K.^
possible time, Hon. Mr. Hazen has a chance to show that he itinerary of the commission of the
appreciates the responsibilities of his position���and no minister of lands.   The itinerary is
' ' , , , .,,..,��� , ���   i i ,     , ��� as   follows:     Vancouver  on   Septoni-
doubt he will.   Hut, in case he might overlook some minor uer,. K. ,���,,s Septen ,.,,. Reve,.
details, it will not come amiss for those who meet him to- stoke, September 10; Nelson, septem-
i ���   ,    l- ,, l,,,:, ��� ,��� j;���,,,j,,�� xUr, ber l*.', and Cranbrook, September l,.
day to pour mto his ear the proper solution to dissolve the    .,,���, Hon w ,.  1((1SS' h.ls taken
departmental wax which is generally believed to haunt upon himself the task ounquiring in-
.i _ l i : ���f *_j__���i mlyilo+oTO i" the various phases of the question,
the organs of hearing of federal ministeis. .vuj ��� w11) beyweIcoma neWB t0 ,lu,
  lumber    Interests    of tho    province.
TtV i trnrni tVnnir nush it alonir the Harbor r311"' "tlle :'""' :i'" tUe suggestion
IlbagOOU inin^, pu.-u H aiuii",     in\. liaiuvi. was  madfl  tba|  a  commlgslon   ,,,,���,]
  ! he appointed   but at that time ll was
A good story can't be told too often and repetition toM" ;��o ^dertX &"����
certain to make an impression. hliti3df   and  consequently  the  Infor-
  mallon  will  he greeted   with all  the
mor.. pleasure because ii  is a matter
ly, and the property commissioner "ill I names uf a
be appi ab d to to have the law amend- . who formerl;
nl by tbo city council so that he may are i btalned
Include Ioiik grass as an objectionable to go ahead
A motion by Trustee O'Nell at, laat
.night's meeting of the board, provided
that the secretary Becure tho names
and addresses and tlie atneunl of the
assessment ot sll former separate
school suppiiieis who jumped to tin
| public rool a this year, ins motion
en, di ,1 here, but une by Trustee A, A
I Kn eland  provided    that     *���*��� I" u    Hi
it m, u u   i -.' t��� i ,, i,r. ; .���',   more pleasure oecs
Harry Thaw may be crazy, but it s a sate bet he isn t ,.,* ,,,������������.��� knowiedg,
hall as mad as his former keepers.
It took two hundred operations to save his life to kill
a man from Baltimore.   Read it slowly and figure it out.
-died of poisoning.
the province Is held in higher OBteem
by the lumbermen than the Hon. W. ,
I'..   IMS.
History :t A*;*'.- i:n
The*  hi.t.ry  rf  the  agltatlcj   for r. I
basis for timber royalties In ibis pro-
  ,'l  *    gi ea back a mi little way. Winn
Here's where the  foolish jokemaker lost  a  good **** amendi t to the forest act was
, ... . .... .'. -i .. i  under  consideration   during   la-i   bcs-
chance: Nine cows in a Wisconsin town ate dynamite ana BiCn laid i. t re the hous certain pro-
pcBal3 for readjustment of lhat portion cf tho price at which crown timber Ib sild. known as royalty,    After
If many more of those cabinet workers visit us from the submission of the draft proposal
Ottawa, there'll be hands enough here to start another in- [�� .'";: ^m**���*������?. ~l
dustry on F rase r's muddy hanks. Lvince conferred with the minister of
  lands on tlle BUbject, and as a result
of that conference the amendment affecting the royalty was worked om
In further detail and a tentative
agreement was reached which appeared to offer a satisfactory solution of
the problem, Alter further consideration, however, a c invlctlon was reach-
ed that su imporl ini  and i  mplex a
neapolis ate ten thousand gallons of ice cream, about $20,- Bubjeci u�� the Bale pri,**. ,.r crown
���      * .... timber  rendered  even   fuller  Invest!
Cation necessary; and accordingly the
minister declared thai t,  would bs
: growth.
Mixed   Owrership.
The win!-' of Mr Fitzgerald Is also
nn.Una to the dlscnvi ry Unit sume citizens Hiink lhey own vacanl bind that
belongs lo some on,* . Ise. and they are
now thanking the property department for helping the mto make the
discovery. Two property owners on
lli.'.li Park boulevard were notified to
cul duwn the weeds on lots adjoining
. irh other, and In reply to tbe prop
erty rteoartmenl both citizens claimed
ownership of one piece of land. A
.*, ���������--< h was mado of the assessment
ri lis at the city hall, and the owner
who did n~��t own the lot that was void
of 11 growth uf weeds was notified that
ii was his lot to which the scythe had
to he applied.
Nexl  day  this gentleman  appeared
���t the citv hall with bis wife and the.
'ent   to  the  niece of  propertv  which i
he alleged belonged to him,   Mr. ;���' t ���
erald was not inclined to argue with j
I ,b Itnquent ratepayi ra
supported tho Bchoi i ���
tho city  be  Instructed
and collect them al Hn*
en    they
rah*  tbey   were    paying    when
! jumped from the separate board
What  Law  Cays
"The law says we have the rljtht
to colled from Hum* ratepayera who
jumped to the other rolls because of
the lower rale, and l Intend to ask
everyone who votes for my motion to
se . this matter through to the end
and make ihese peep]., pay up," Bald
Tustee O'Neill,
Trustee l-'reeland remarked that In
Blmply asking for the names, Trust".'
O'Neill was nol going far enough, lie
said ib" Becurlng of names should l,
f lowed by some action and that  all
tlllise   who   ever   Sll|.;r >rt e,|   ill"   selleul-
should be held .* iuall> responsible
wiih the others tor debenture debts
contracti d ��hlla in the Beparate
board's rolls.
Mr. McNeill advised thai the Bum
if money owed by delinquents be ascertained and  '.in* city  be  Instructed
thi cltisen, but merelj Invited him to to go ahead and colled the money
eo with b''n to the asa -ment depart- from the ratepayers. If the city doi s
"'rnt to -search the rolls Tb" Invlta- not do bo, the nexl Btep would be to
tlon was accept."!, and to the Burprlse Bue the coropratlon for the amount
of the citizen he dls ������������'��� ��� d thai the and he was confident it could bc collet he though! he owi rl belonged to lected. He didn't think anv more
���mother citizen, and 11 il the lol he than those who .lumped this y. :it
thoueht was owned l>-                    -iti- ' conl I  be  held responsible
B. 4 P. O, of KlkH of 11,.' 0. of C, nieo
the first and third Thursday at H p. m.
K. nf P, Hull, KlKhili street. A Well
Cray, Exalted Itulor; P. It. I-imllh. See
I.. O. O. M.. NO. 854.���MBET8 Of*
flrst, second, third mul fourth Wednoa
duy lu eneh month at �� p. m,
in llie Moose Home. II. J. Leamy
dictator; P. K. Jones. Becretary
Headquarters of loilm- In s.*.- House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streeti
I. O. O. F. amity LODOB NO 17���Th
regular meeting of Amlly lodge rJ.
27, I. O. O. V.. le held .'very Honda,
nlRht at s o'clock In odd Fellows' 11*1
corner Carnarvon and Bl-ghth street*
Vlslllng iir.llleni cordially Invlli-f
R. A. Merrlthew. Nil; 11. W. Sangster,
V. O.;  W,  C.  COHthatn.   IV Q.,   r .r.
Ing Becretary: J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary.
S.   BOWBI.L    (8UCCE880R   TO   OBN
ter ft Himnii. tjtd.) ��� Fiim-iil director
and embalmers. I'arlors 40f, Coiumbl
Htri'.-i,    New   WeHtiniiiHter.    Phone   ���i.i
w. e. FALBS���Pioneer Funeral Dlreoto
and   K'-.'"ilii,<T,    S12-I11S   Agnes   Hlree*
oppoBl.o ,'arnegle Library.
H,   J.   A.    WtrtNTTT.   AtJDITOH      AN'I
Accountant    Tel.  tt.  128.  Room I,  lb,.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches   throughout  Canada    and
Newfoundland, and  lu  London,  England. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and   Mexico City.    A  genera)
bunking biiHluess transacted.    Letters
of Credit Issued,  available with cor-
respondents lu all parta of the world.
Savings Hank Department*���Deposits
i received  in  Bums  of  $1   and   upward
] .tnd Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
i annum i present rate).
Total Assets over 1188,000.000.00,
O. D. BRYMNBR,  Manager.
Royal Bank
Incorporated l^in.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,008
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,   B.C..  Branch.
-"'i belongs to him     Me will not have
weeds cut ou hip own lot, although
hn   contributed    fiftv    <���������      to   have
t'i,* weeds cut on bn  neighbor's lot.
The larger the number of cabinet, members to hear
the tale of New Westminster's harbor needs, the greater
thc chance of petting v.hal we want.
During one of those recent hot days the people of Mi)
polis ate ten thousand gallons of ice cream, al
000 worth, and then they talk about the hard times.
to  Cancel  die  of  Rcin-i  Sub-
d'vision  Property on Grounds of
For Three Years
Chairman  Qenest  sai.l   that  those
who  left  within  the last  three  years
nt least could be   held   responsible
Two  years ago  agitation   bad   been
Btarted to recover the money.
Trustee Preeland was confident the
law applied for all time.
The motion was then declared car*
'i'd. Trustee Lanigan said the mat
ter sbould first be considered by the
f nance committee, but the others declared that enough delay bad already
be.-n caused by referring the matter
to cominltti e i.
The agitation which rosulted In lust
night's motion was start, d bv Trus
I... in* Freeland, who has worked unceasingly   to   bring   formi r    is * it,
school ratepayi rs In line i Ini . Is
ele, 'H*n i" the bi ai l
p. if. Smith. W, .1  Qrovss
Work   undertaken    in   city   nnd   mitsld.
points,  ill-is   Westminster  Trust   Hldg
I'hone  3fi-t.     P.   O.   Hox   607.
Sale, Deeds, Business I^'tttrs. etc.; circular WTU specialist Ail work strictly
confidential. H Burry, room IH Went
minster Trus, Hlk.    PnonS 702.
There doesn't need to be anv law on the statute books f:vel! ,ft,r i,"1"ir-v',:'" acti��n' lna/ ls
���    , , ���' .       , ,        .    legislative action, being postponed un-
of this country to prevent a woman wearing legs, but it
hardly seems good taste for her to dress so that the man
in the street can't forget she has 'em.
I.I   results   of   the   proposed   inquiry
were available.
One Plan  Cnoiled
Some weeks ago it was thoughl the
lumbermen  of the  province and  the
minister  would  get  ton,ther  in   Victoria  and  discuss  the question  fully
a   representative delegation   waa  arranged for from the coast and mountain  associations  of  lumbermen,  but
Camp circumstances   Intervened   to   render
ih"  meeting  Impossible,  nnd  at   the
lasl  moment  the  delegation  did  nol
  ma'erlalize,     llm   now,   happily,   the
The English stiff ragettes recently tacked up a placard problem is about to i- faced in a
i ���     ,  ,.     .   -- -.��� t,      , , ;    v    i    r i       ,   /��� manner that mus' meet wuh the cum-
to the effect that if Mrs. Pankhurst died, Lloyd George mendation of the interested parties,
would be a murderer. Not being judge and jury, the ordi-    '" addition to the hearings arrang-
ix . x.   i 1.    *L       ���.' '���     't.   , u     r..i     '''I for, which, by the way will be (,f
nary man can t say that much, but it s a cinch the little ��� pu-
If the Hindus try to run shiploads of their country-
���men into this province of British Columbia there'll probably be a celebration that will make the Nanaimo strike
riots look like a silent prayer session at a summer
Welshman would bc immensely relieved.
lie character, the membi rs of
��� li.* lumber Industry will be Invited
to submit their v.ews to the commission in  writing sbuiild it  be ImposBl-
It does sound a little stiff to hear thai a man has been ble or difficult rnr them to be present
sent to jail because he has beer, caught walking on a rail- ;',;,;- ,'"��� ZZT^^tZ
wav track, seeing that the people support the railways and im. i  an ��� illy comp 1..1 and care-
pav for the tracks a half a dozen times over, bul tben a [""> eCon8lQ"p^ ""V"*' M,p wl"
'     '      ,     ,    , .     .-i i e ��� , be taken, which will be that ot mak
fellows better 111 tbe jug than lorming the principal Set  lng the announcement   regarding the
piece in a parade to the cemetery.
R, .��� ���: '. Aug 2 i. Thi re* haa been
B'.ttlng in Regina during the past few-
weeks a commissi,ui for the hearing
of evidence iii a case of unusual Interest, particularly to real estate men
Ii is an action to cancel the Bale oi
sub-division properties on tbe grcund I
of misrepresentation.
The case is set du-.m fur hearing
before the court of King's llench in
l.i ml n, England, and the evidence
now being taken iu Regina is presumably to be used w lien tlle ease runes
111> in England The plaintiff Is a
man named V'eale, and the defendants
are an Investment oompany which did
considerable business in Regina real
estate In England, Hi" co-defendants
being Mi s ,*. Hern and Neville, who
are well known In Regina.
While the exact Btyle of tli" a, tlon
c, uld not be learned, as the papers
are all on tile In London, lt is understood that the action lias refer..nee
to certain lots ln tie* sub-division of
Belgravla, which is situated about |
five miles BOiith-wosI of Reglin posl
, ffice.    Tbe plall tiff claim'   ll  i I s rd.
thai  the f.i its n gardl R this pn perty
ster BnnM of Tltuta mMtl In the h-n-nrY
room. City Hall, on follows: Third I'V!
dny of each uiojith; QimrtMiy me��tln|
on tba third Friday of February. May
AUffUlt and November Bt B p.m. An
nual m***tlnK.*t on th*�� third Krlday o
February, C. H. Btuart Wade, wore
rt stern. Solid tore, hc. <o Lome Streel
New westmlheter. <l, 10. Oofbould, K
C.    J.  R. Grant    A. IZ- MeColl.
UT-at-liiw, nolle! tor, etc. Telethon
1 r>7o. fat de address "Johnston.'
Code, "Wogtem Union." Offloea, Kill
Block. 553 Columbia strpot. Now W��r
minuter,  B. 0.
to   8
hut   Off  Their
to C
rllect Cash
A ill'
20.   The
.i  cash
lion tens
Kurope. .
oi- anla
ad |u: uie nl  In be i ffecti il In the r ij
al'.y and : II   ��� Ing uj i a that the m ���*���
. *.-.*i:*. ami 11 i   en .  to thi   fores! aet,
imi. dying ilu  changes   will be made
Anthracite     Total  al thi  forthcoming bcbhioii ol the leg-
22.542       B,106,52>     lature. Bo  thai  nejtl   year the lum-
.".i 146 784,190  baring Indua ry will be in possession
407.6117       1,279,586  nf  exact   knowledge    regarding    the
11,542 57,839  govcrnmcnl trlbul a i * be levied upon
170,410  It.
on hand has been augmented tc quito
an extent during the paal two daya
as u resull of City Collector Robert
sin's assertion thai ho had ordered
wati ���* s Tvlces lo aboul one hundred
nnd fifty houses discontinued b causi
nf non-payment of r itea
"li hriiiuilit Im a In' i f them," said
Mr   Robertson today,   "Some of them
made   haste   to   tho  city   hall,   while
. ih. is dl.l nol wall for that, bul rush
re mlsrepiesenti l  to him, nnd  ,..| to the telephone and told us thai
wants to cancel his p  I'.oment of sib.   v..*r*  coming  rlghl  down nnd  naked
Mr   Vaughni    n boIIi tor trom  l.ou-  ihat the water be not turned ofl  IMI
I  in  Hi.*  cltv   r irosenttng   the   they arrived     Others asked for a  111
d* lend in' .**. "i il.* onsi and M U .1
:: pi : ;��� ��� *i,* toi ti:.* plaintiff, The
. i Id. ice la 1 elng taken bi fori C .1
Dell, registrar of the upreme courl
here, and a con ilderal le number of
witnesses have been heard, among
whom was Mayor Mai In The lat-
ter gave evidence as to what was, in
li b i pinion, the presenl value of thc
propi rty and the futun prospects for
ecological Congress H:ars Interesting
Report  From  Special  Committee
An   oatixiiate   nf   thr   riml   TWJerTOB
���rif the world is given in tne summary
of thf mammoth three-voj'orne report
���pre**-!! ifil at the geoIogiaU' eongresa
at Toronto hy Secretary R. W. Brock
-and the lijiecia!    comni ttee appointed
to ��tudy  the resources of the worlds
"coal   supply.    'I his  eommiltit-    *r:rm
���prised   Me -r     (i   C.   S.  IJndsey,    of
Toronto;   V   1>   Adams, of  Montreal;
B. W.  Brook. ��� i ot awa; D. Jl  P'.nvl-
Ian, Charli��  Kerg.*',  of Nova  Scotia;
James   MdOvoy,  .'   I'.ritiao   ColimiTjIa,
aad J. H.  I'( rl'-r.    r Montrpal.
Thia   Continent   Leads
The report ahows tint Aimirlca has
the most coal of nui ot t*ie t ve con
ttnents   Of the dulieD'nig, vlslhlu Biip-
aly of hard aiitlirar.ie, te-.w-ver. Aula
IMS far the laniesl niiiiply     '���'nll'.nv'iriK
|S a tahlf  showing  a!   a  i-lam*"  just
*ttm the world at large v'.iod - for coal j
la the second decad-e uf ;v* tw.ii'i.i i
rmtaTT     These figures   i.ilii'l.* i -i ������ Iv
ftn- the th"'f   elnsses  <"f c....l.   I .:-ure.
(gr each or which nrv giv. >.  i
resort, the  three  ehuv* s   con**"
"taHndU-, bitiiniinoi... ���ind  vol. i.
tno**. hrown coals and lirnilea.     II.
rJ^Jg represent   lhi- r���jroif.t-J  tril   m.i
Total         196,846       7,397,553
The greaier part of the known coal
reserves of the world is found in the
northern hemisphere, Mr. Dowilng
says In the Introduction, tho fact be
ing due to ihe greater amount of land
in the northern zones, and the com
parative absence of the carboniferous
formation in the world's crust in the
nor.lorn hemisphere, The greal coal
t.'isins of western Europe and eastern
North America contain the larger pro
portion of the worlds known coal, A
large part ol the coal Included In the
estimate ii will pe Impossible to m ne
because of its death or Inaccessibility
and considerable loss In milling will
have in h * deducti d bi fore arrlt n ���
i.t the ;. ; i tal available ti r lhe
world's consutnpl on
<~cal  Production
.    Th-   r"p( rt   also   gives   Int. r* stln ;
figures concerning the coal    production com nog the period since 1865 to
U910.    <'r*ii  mining flgurea  were not ,
available, however, for Australia, New
Zealand,  China, Japan,  South   Africa  i
or Canada,   uuiil   1896.    The   United i
states   is   tho   greatest   coal   mining ���
oountry.   producing   over   l4S,81f/,000
tons ln 1910, out of a  world's total of  -.;
1,143,380,000   ions.    Canada,   In   1910,
produced 13,010, I ions.
(Ireat    Britain   produced   264,5 10
tons, anil Germany, the nexi product r,
mined 221,980,000,   The nexi greatesl   *
coal  producing    country     is    France
wllh only 38,570.000 tons In 1910.
Hhinii has the bulk of the remain- N
Suppose you could run hack
over .very purchase of every
kind you have made in lhe
pnst twelve month. Suppose
you could classify them and
analyze them Jusl aa the purchasing departments of big
businesB coi cerns do,
I n> you nol think lhat you
wouid check up many a pur
chase made unwisely, many an
Hem that    cost  too  much,  and
here and there sum,, article
bought thai wasn'l al all whal
you thought vmi were Iniylriii ?
Family expenditures and
personal i xpi nd un b of course
aren't mad ��� ��Ith anything like
tie* accur icy or system that
would mark the purchases Of
a well organized business. Bul
lhis very fad ought lo Impress
upon .very family, every Individual, the necessity of closer
attention to their annual ex-
pi ndltiircs.
In this matter tho newspaper
Is one's best friend. The advertising columns polnl lie*
waj to economy and sutlsfac
Whi re    ignorance    is    nol
lllis*.-*,   il   Is   heller   to   bo   wine
Merritt   Censl.ihle   Cet-,     Indi-in
"'ent  After   Lasl   A-irit
Merritt,   Aug   20    Lasl   Aprll
vincial  Constable  King,  waB Btabhed
in   the  wrlsl   while  arresting  an   Indian   named  George   Bent.    The   pro-
vlnclal ��������� nstable al  the time i ickled
two men  who  were  hoih drunk,  one
being   Bent,  and  the other man
got away, was Alee Spike, an Indian
Bent was subsequently tried a' tbe as-
Hi/en. convicted, and sentenced to six
months' Imprisonment,
Up in Saturday last, despite several attempts at capture, Spike has
evaded arresl under the warrant that
was Issued for him, In the early
hours nf lasl Sunday, the provlnc'al
constable, ��Ith two assistants, i ro-
ce. ded to a shack on the Sliuliis Indian reserve and In the king's name
d.inand'd admittance, which was refused. A forcible entrance was tben
made niul King arrested the prisoner,
Alec spike v.as at tlie provincial court
houBe on Tuesday last, charged with
drunkenness and fined $20 and costs
or three months al  Kamloops
lie time to make paymi nl becausi ol
money ftrlngencv "
Waterworks Km neer said todav
thai lie had n couple of men oul to
close mi services. He did nol know
whether any had boon turned i i; oi
It was pointed oul thai Hi" Bhul In
.ff of the water H. rviii's mlghl lead
to serious unsanitary conditions because withoul water for sewer pipes
etc., houses would undoubtedly he
come unsanitary,
* If the water was shut off for manv
days we would certainlv have to pla
card  the hous, 9 as unsanitary  and
make occupants move out," tia'd llr
Loiner, Mil II "But il is unli' civ
anyone would allow his home tn be
witlu nl water this weather merely to
av"id  paving rates."
City Collector Robertson said lhnre
..���ho would be few cases where th" water
Btrvice would be discontinued more
than  a  couple of hours.
"As soon as il v.i.s lurned off thev
would come rlghl down and settle up"
he said.
"The ap;'.i'1'iince of the man with
Hi" liig kev In fronl of iheir houses
i *. "'i t'"it is le.ee-s'irv to ("ui-*" them
to si " Hi,, error of their ways."'
Mr Robertsci said i'**.i none < f 'he
people who had neglected to pay their
waler rates had given as a reason
the condition of the water.
"Sonie have spoken of whftl they
called the injust'ee of paving fn- poor
water, when having their bills receipt, d bill i's fur as I know I**,""
of Hiobc wlin haven't paid have liven
that as an excuse."
8l(ff ��� Barristers urn! Solicitor-*,, WeMl
���minster Trust Hlk., Columbia stre��t
N.w Westminster, fi. C Cable addres*
"Whlteelde," Western' Union. P. 0
Drawer noo. Telephone t'.9 w. }
Whiteside, K. C.; H. U Edmonds, 1
J. STIl.U'KI.I. CLUTE, B,-irrU.ter-at-pi��
solicitor, etc.; comer Columbia an-
McKenzie streets, New v:.��r ruWislei
B.  C,    P.   O.   Ilt.x   UU,     Telephone   711
roAi. minino rtifhta of th- Doratnlot
In M.11,11',1.,1. Saskatchewan uie! Alherts,
the Yukon Territory, tiie Northwest Territories and In a portion or the I'n.vlnc*
of British Columbia, may t>��- leased for *
term nf twenty-one years at an ami.ial
rental or ll an acre. Not moi*' ihan llitt
acrea will Im. leased to ons applicant.
Application for a lease must be miult
l.y the applicant In person to the AK*'nt
or Hub-Agent of the district In which thf
rlglits applied for are situated.
In Hurveyed territory the land must be
described hy sections, or l.-Kal sub-divisions of sections, and In unsur. eye.1 territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must lie aocompaillfld
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded If
(he rights applied for are nol available,
but not otherwise. A royally shall oc
paid on the merchantable output of tht
mine at the rute of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with swsrn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay Ihe royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
be   furnished  at  leest  once a   year.
The lease wlll include thc otal mtnlnr
rights only, but tho leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever avallsblf
surface rights may be considered neeee
sary for the working of the mine at th*
rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application 'houU
I.e made to thn Secretary of the Department of the Interior,  Ottawa,  or to any
Agent  or   Sub-Agent  of  Dominion   1-anda
W.  W   (-OUT.
Deputy Minister of the fnterlor
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not he paid for
J. P. HAMPTON 11(11.B, HAItrUHTF.e.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Har
block, 29 1-rf.rne street. New Wostmln
ster, i). C.
MeQUAItltll.      MARTIN      A     OASHAPf
Barristers und Bollcftors, 606 to Bt'
Westmlnstel Trusl Hlock. (I. E Mar
tin, \V. O. M.-Quarrl* and (Ieorge I
B.C.Coast Service
P.O. Box 34 Daily  News  Bldg
(if  all   kinds.
Prices right    Satisfaction guarantied
59   Mi.Kenile St.
Transfer Co.
Office   Phone   IBS.      Barn   Phone   1J:
Begble Street.
MagFRKA Dellvere* Promptly to
any pert uf the city.
leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 tx in..
i 2 p. tn. and 11 :46.
[.eaves  Vancouver for Seattle IS a* nt
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanaimo 10 a.m.
1,1.1 ii .311 p in
Is'uves Vancouver fur Prince Rupert
nn.l Northern Points 10 p m Wednes
days   and   Saturdays   nt   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
leaves  Chllllwnck    7    a.   ni    Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
leaves  Westminster  8  e.   m.   Monday.
Wednesday and  Krlday.
KD. OOtll.KT,  Agent.  New  Westminster.
II. W. UUOfJIB. a. P. A.. Venonuvsr
light and Heavy Hauling
Telephones:   Office 51   Residence 42��
JOHN  RKII). I'rnnrietiir.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    fliiwilinc
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth   Rt.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., a"
New Imported Pall Suitings now on
I display.    See  them.    Perfect   fit  and
[workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
���$1S.01) up.    Till  Kront Htreet.
We now have four trains dally and
wlll givo you the cheapest rale going
not only to Eastern points,    but   to
Kootenay and olher points.    Wo are
also  agents   for  all   steamship   lines.
For reservation and other particular*
I apply to
i E. GOULET, Agent.
New Westminster
i II. W. DRODIE, Q. P. A., Vancouver.
I *
mtatW** TMsta
lnt;r;stlna   Controversy    Gives   Sidelights on Cost of Construction in
Great Britain.
London,  Aug.
large amount of
In  Cunada,  mon
wesl, I anailians
20,- In view of the
building lu progress
��� particularly In the
are likely to feel an
intereal in a controversy which is
now raging In this country and which
will rage still more furiously on the
coat of building a coltag. for tlie ug-
rlcultural laborer. Whal can you do
It for? C��n you build one on paying
lines lines which will give you a fair
return nn your money? And what ia
u fair n tm n mi your money? Thero
Ib another problem which is noi very
easy  tu  decide.
Tbe ordlnarj  person who builds a
cottage un  his  laud  m the country
does so with llle primary object of
keeping  ihe  laborer un  the  soil,     lie
kiinws perfectly well thai nowadays
the .ni.nary worker tightly demands
a much higher standard tean has bee,,
oustomary in the nasi when the pig
was trequentlj better boused and the
dog had frequently a betier time. He
demands altogether a more decent
accommodation or   be   migrates   tn
towns where be is certain at least
��,f finding a place where he can bring
up bis family In comfort. Al the
same lime he cannot afford to pay
very much, for hls wages do not permit it, and  the employer  knows this
Cmall  Wage
A man who only earns from twelve
to fourteen shillings n week Is nol  In
a  position  tu  pay  very  much in  rent
and Indeid hls cottage is usually  ad
tied to the amount of his weekly earn
Ings,    Suppoii   be rents lt?    Obvious
ly, half a crown is a very good prici
for   a   weekly   rental,   or   ��6   lOB.   t
year.     Now,   what.   Is  the   cost   of   t;
cottage?     Usually   they   are   built   In
pairs,  as   it   la  cheaper,  and  It   used
to  be  the  case  that  a  builder  could
manage   to   construct   at   a   cost      .1
ii'i',0 the pair, providing Ibe landlord
was  willing  to accept  a very  low  re
turn for his outlay, the more so when
it  Is   recollected     that   he   wlll     have
to pay rates und taxes.   Tbls will not
leave  him   much   out  of   the   JlI',1   he
wlll receive In rent for the two���pos
sibly   two  and  a half per cent, or at
the best  ihree.    A  man  needs to  be
a   philanthropist   to   Invest   money   at
this rale of Interest     ln the last year
ir Iwo the prices of material and la
I, r  have  all   gone  np,  and   the  price
of cottages ihat once cost  ��260 now
entail an outlay of ut least ��800. The
return   is   therefore,   less  than   ever.
and as there are few landlords who an
so ��. II i ff that tbey need imt bothei
ab mt interest al all. ihe maji rity an
frankly   admitting   lhelr   Inability   ti
Conferences are being held on tbe
subject by individual landlords, by
lhe government and by politicians,
and it Is now frankly admitted that
If any pulley is to be carried out on
a wholesale scale, It must entail government linancial assistance, which
there   is   reason   to   believe   will   be
Put to the Vest
Only  this  week  (here  was a  meet-.
lng of landlords Interested In the sub]
Joel   to   discuss   whether   it   was   not
possible io build a collage for ��160,
and one of the number ottered  the
free use i,f a piece ,,f land not far
frnm London for the erection by any
builder  of any  collate  at   tbis  figure
which should  pass the requirements
Ot the  looal  bylaws,  promising event
ually io buy il If il  fulfilled Ihese conditions.   Th. re yuu have the d ff cul
ty.    The  local  bylaws are as a  rule
exceedingly strict, and practically pr:.
hlbii, save tor bungalows erected on
costly  fireproof  lines and up-to-date
foundations, the use of wood In any
f. nn   fur  ihe  external   walls,    it   is
true tbat hers and there these regu I
latlons have been modified, but even J
In   the   country    one   can   understand
the objection In a town���they remain
in  a   very  uncomprisliig  form.    Kven
at   a  cost  nf   ��160  there  Is  no great
return   on   one's   money,  but   then   ll
is clear that the bousing In the coun
try   for   people   who   earn   starvation
wages must be a matter for the state
and nut for private enterprise. It mav
be  suid  that  the  wages of  the  agricultural   laborer   are   so   low   that   he
ought   io  be   paid   more.    Everyone
agrees,   but   even   suppose  they   rals
ed  his wages  from  fourteen  shilling-
to a  pound,  which is whin ii BUgges
led. how  can  il  be supposed  tba'  he
will be ready to pay mure than half- ���
a-crown in rent, and rightly  so when
one  recollects tbe    dictum  that    no
man  ought   to  pay  more    than    one-
tenth  if  liis salary  or  earnings  lu
bouse accommodation.
. I Material   Dearer
Moreover ibe pair of outages which
ns already  Indicated  cost  ��300 now
will probably cost   ��360 In two years'
time,  since  all  material  is  becoming
dearer and dearer, and more partieu- i
larly wood, and thrre ls no Indication
of any  saving  unless  the  maximum!
iof standardization In construction be
observed.     This   will   hardly   tend   to
1. -amity the landscape, but it will not
affect   the   cumfort  of   those   who   inhabit   the  bouses.     No  one  suggests
that we should be able to have whit
cne may call the free and easv meth- ,
rds  which  are  popular  in   Canada ns I
regards house construction, but there
is  really  uo  reason  why there should
cot be mucb greater freedom in build
ing   dwellings  which   may   no,   be  up
to the  highest   requirements of very
particular   public   bodies,   but    which
will,  at   any   rale, satisfy  all   the  r. a
s, ��� at,;.,   requirements  uf  tbose   win.
Travelled All the Way from Germany
Alone and  Is  Still   in  Her
Student Days.
Lady  Reporter Aims to Bisec*. Continent on   Cicycie���Roasts
Quebec Roads.
The only lady delegate to the Geological  congress, says    the    Toronto
star, Ib from Germany, Frauleln Anna
Maria EllBabeth Itathgen. Quite young
she Is htlll In ber student days al the
University uf Bonn am lthein, in Germany    she   is  already   a   traveler   uf
wide experience,    she  is paying lur
first  visit tn this continent    Before
reaching  Toronto she  made  a   trip
through Nova Scotia and New liruns
wick,  and  she is now  ubout  to Btarl
, fur the Rockies. She has visited practically   every   Kuropean   country,   and
speaks tbe language of musl   of them
fluently.    Kngllsli she speaks with re-I
inarkable ease and accuracy.    She lias
also visited Suuth Africa.    So  it will
readily be seen wha, au intrepid trav-
eler   she   Is.     For  she   caine   to   this  B|
country   unaccompanied   by   friends  -
"though 1 lind it easy to make friends
on a trip," Bhe told the reporter. And
small wonder, for ehe is as unaffected   "J .
ub she Ib capable. ever
"I   was  rather  surprised."   she  said   ,    '.
to the  Star, In  the course nf a chat, L'
"tu meet so many people In this "oiin-
try who seemed to think it odd that a
girl  should  come  all  the  way    from
Germany by herself to attend a congress.   I thought that In these davs���
and  particularly on this continent-
there    would  be  considered   nothing,
remarkable In that.   1 lett Germany In
| last June, and am not returning there
till next April."
deterring to her work at Honn university, Frauleln Hathgen said tbat
she was a pupil of the noted geologist
l'rof. Steinmann, and was engaged in
museum work.
j    "This   Is   my   first  congress,"    she
added, "and 1 am naturally delighted
i with everything.    Hut 1 fear   that    1
I Lave too much neglected the scientific j
1 for the social side of lt.   So much haB \
'��� been  done  for  us  in  Toronto that  11
jseein to have been literally swimming I
.In   amusement during  the  past  week
What are my Impressions of Toronto?
Well, generally, that it is everything
that Is .1,arming.    But 1 never forget
that,   when one  visits  a  place  for  so
short s time, one can only obtain a
v. ry superficial idea of the place It
l��elt���on  an  occasion  such    as    this..
|wh<n   one   is  a  guest   and   is   treated I
[with so m���"h consideration, one sees. I
; perhaps, only the best side.    1 should
I add that 1 am very fond of mountaineering,  and  have  done  work   in  the
mountains of Qreeoe and Switzerland
an.l France, aa well as in those of my
own  land."
Montreal. Aug. 20. Seeking her
Support by selling magazine subscriptions and writing an account of her
adventures for a newspaper, Mrs. Bve-
��� lyn IJ. Itoberts, an Kngiish journalist,
s on tur way Irom Amherst, N. S..
to the I'acific coast, traveling all the
way by blcycli.
Mrs. Itoberts bus arrived In Montreal full of condemnation fur the
mails  of the  pruvln le.
"Some days I had to push my bl-
I cycle eight ur t"li miles between Clue-
brc and Montreal," she said. "On fair
reads 1 con mak( l .tween fifty and
sixty miles a day. and when I reach
Ontario and the west I expect to go
mu h  fi's-t... "
Mrs.   Holier'.!,   Is   nol   tryin-     for    a
speed  record In crossing the Domtn-
'---   es her trip is for the purpose of
lng the country first baud. An ac-
ntipt of her adventures is published
0   several   newspapers   |���   the   lower
 'tiees:   and  she  has  promised   to
a   leek   when   her   travels   are
Sn fa,  she has met with little
... way nf oveltine adventure, and
been ln��i  only once.
"In one place In  N, w Brunswick,"
said Mrs   Holer,". "I heard reports of
a heir which had boen prowling In the
neighborhood:   but  as  I   pack  a  gun.
'   wis   nol   In   th"   least   frightened.
N'..ciilers to sav. bruin did not put In
ap aopenrance."
Mr��. Itoberts is traveling light. 12
nounds being the total weight of her
luggage. She sleena at farm houses
I alone her wav, and savs the country
I people in Quebec have been most hos-
[nltBOle. Mr? Huberts Is conferring to-
ulav with officials of the Automobile
I dob of Canada, who will suoplv her
with sucgestlons for the rest of her
I Have
The Store of
Which Opens Saturday Morning
AUGUST 23 at 10 a.m.
The Words Greatest Pri;e Cutter.
years old, young Hrosseau left home
to meet hia father at the edge of tin
village.   That was the last Been of th'
I boy  In  Sisaonville,
About a week ago a young man de    .���.._
sorted from a band of gipsies in  the'belt
Canadian  wilds and took
the  monks of  Oka,    who
peleld  by  eb ctric current.    The mo- TOO MANV FOSSES AND
tormen knew this, and would not take ,*OT ENOUGH LABORERS
any   chances.     Bluntly   they   refused,         ~~Z.~~ ......
, ...       ,,.i.,, ���             , Hull. Que, Aug. 'tti.   lt ia likely that
and this raised the ire of the superin- at ,h(.   *,t m��Une of llu. HuI{ ���ity
tendent.    figuratively "lightening his i council  Aldermen Chenier and  Ham-
Superintendent Doughty mount- elii, wtH demand that an investigation
Lord Doune Attains His Majority and
There   Arc   Rejoicings Among
The   Scots
Edinburgh, Aug. 20
age   lasl   week,     of   Francis     	
Stuart. Lord Doune. eldest sun of the
efufte with
^^^^^^ e    Isolated
monastery  is  forty  miles  from   Montreal.    He could remember nothing of .
his   history   previous   to   becoming   a ���
member of the band, except  that he
,had   been   called   Fred   and   that  his
former   home   wj.8   in   northern   New*
The presence of the wanderer was
' reported by the monks to the Montreal
police and an aunt of tbe young man ,
recognised his picture in a newspaper.
The parents were notified and went to
Montreal, where they positively identified Hrosseau by a birthmark.   He is
i being detained by the police as a wit-
-ness against some of tlie gipsies, who
I are under arrest charged with kidnap
The coming of \ ping
Douglas \
^         enn win u-ou����u v..��� .-	
the north Bide of*'H' made- Into tbe complaint of uumer
I ��bb residenCa of the city that the city's
engineer's      department    ia    wasting
money in unnecessary expenditure in
ed  D  street car on
the subway, and seized the controlling
leve.    The crew jumped for the su- , muue. ���, .���_.,	
perintendent   had   tire  in    his    eye.  connection   with  local  improvements
Throwing on lull speed ahead, the su-1    1'he   *u*   �����  t!��at  on   several   jobs
; perintentletit shot the street car into '
the subway.    People on the south ride
, ...h.*.rk   ,n   a   pulley
,������ construction i!:
Traveler Who Has Visited Many Parts
of the  World  ln.pr. ssed  by
B. C. Views.
picture, was an attractive plea, ,
On the lasi day ol the trip old
���cl was shining a- if he meaot to out-
Bblne hi' self, and with Vancouver Ish
Bnd mi ib right hand and the mainland on the left we sailed quickly
home We passed Powell river, which
aboul eighteen months ago v.as In
lis virgin solitude, but la now the busy
center of paper manufacturing for
western Canada, end has already a
growlnp town of snme 1.  Inhabitants We passed several logging stations and flsh canneries, bul agricul.
ture b . far as the eye can reach is
hero unknown."
one mm to ship
45,000 BOXES
Kelov/na  Apole  Yield   Will   Be   Heavy
��� Lar;-"   Ch'oments   cf  Other
Fruits   as   Well
tt6e   iu,    ���	
Stuart. Lord Doune. eldest aon of the I ,     .
leventeenth earl of Moray, wub a hap IGIRL OF  FIVE YEARS  LOST               �����
 .���.    ���v�� thnl FIVEDAYSINTHEWOOOSi11*'
I where there are only two or three
laborers emnloyed that there ****** as
many foremen as laborers. Durins
the past two keeks |1,700 has bee��
paid for streets and improvements ami
an accounting of how this money in
I being spent is now asked for by tho
ln   re��ly  City    Engineer    Ijiforest
ever  anti   states thnt in the instances cited tho
stopped   the   car   when  dry   pavement' work ia being done for the city by con-
was reached   again     Without a word ; t-actors   as  schedule  prices  and  that
he dismounted,  walked  back through', they   tain   bire   as   many   foremen   a��
ithe subway, mounted another car and \they want to as long as tbe work is
made   the   dangerous   trip   a     second \ up   to   the  contract.    The  city   eniri-
1 time, while tbe motermen and conduc- j neerrs department in only responslbto
|tore stood  around    In    open-mouthed I'or the quality ot tlie work, not tor
couldn't see the car coming for slush.
The water was thrown clear to the top
of the subway and it rushed in at the
��� frunt ilcors of the car, only to Hnd
Ian  exit  at  the  rear  end  as  the  ear
mounted the Incline on the south side.
Doughty   was  still  at  the  lever  and
pening of unusual Interest, says the
"Scotsman." lor over sixty years'
there was no dirtct heir to the Moray
learldom. From 1MK to 1909 there
wi re six earls of Moray, none of
whom had a sun. and it is nearly a
century since a Lord Doune came of
age. I'he Moray family haa always
luen Intimately associated with Kdin-
I tho expense.
-According t i a
I \v. Wool soy,
Many distinguished    travelers   and
writers bin.* taken  in  Hie  trip along
ibe  British  Columbia  coast, and    in
lhelr talks and accounts uf the magnificent sea voyage lhey never fail tu
laud the scenic In amies ut the landlocked    waters   through    which
steamers   proceed,   i'   A. Bruce
has travel d    extensively    over
globe,  wiiies.  in  ihe   Victoria  Time
telling of what he thinks of the north
ern   trip as  follows:
"An    exceedingly      delightful
though  a  lung panorama of exquisite
loveliness  was  lhe description of tl.e
lo Stewart, Alaska.   True, the Pacific
Bteamer I'rlnce (Ieorge  given by one
nf llie passengers, and it was well deserved.    1  have  sailed  up  and  down
Loch Lomond more than once, and up
and down the t'uledorian canal, sailed
along tile Lake nf Lucerne repeatedly,   way
and   sailed   down   the   Hhine   and   up I City
again: anil even visited Rothesay Bay.'Chlni
Hm    none    of    ihese transcend  the I Interred the
beauty  of  the  inside  passage  trom men w'
Victoria to Pitnce Hupert, and thence
to Stewart A I ask a.   True, the I'acilic.
coast has not got the agricultural dls
play along ita shores that, you see in
the   Highlands, of   Scotland,   nor   the
vlneclad bills of llermany, nor yet. the
"--. ..������ above lhe other
Ores   Who   Went   After
c8  Did  So  in  Fear and
Lewiston. Idaho,    Aim.    20    Three
well  dressed Chinamen believed  In  he
represetnlng   San   Francisco  Chinese
Interests   in   America,  laic  last   week
ventured Into Pierce City, the almost
forbidden terlrtory to celestials. The
men   registered   at   hotels  along   the
way.     When    they   arrived   in   Pierce
lhey   proceeded   at   once   to   tin
burying ground, in which an
he remains of many China-
ho ,11. d during lhe pioneer mln
lng days of that Bcclion of Idaho.
From    their    maneuvers "������'*��
pressed purpose war "��� '
bodies of t
death  at
I'entlcton. Aug   20,
mh'. ment   made   by
manager nf ihe fruit ,
na. the output of fruit frum that plac
this   war   will   exceed   former   years
tor  ih..  reason   thai    ihe    increased
yield  frnm   the   younger   irees  would
mere than offset  the decrease of the
yield in ether respect,,    Aboul  forty-
five  thousand boxes of nples  will  be
thlpped from ihe fruit union, and in
nl 1 r  n in this there ure three other
largo concerns shipping fruit.   About
two   tie usand   cases  of  peaches,   four
or five ilu usand eases of prunes, six
thousand  cases  nf  pear:-,  twenty-five
thousand or more cases of tomatoes,
and  numerous  i ther iruck  aud  frull
will he shipped from ibe union.   The
est mates   from   the   other   concerns
are   va;,;,    as   yel   uud.  owing   tu   lhe
sp., d with which the frull has ripened,   fie   over-plus   is   go'in;   through
the canneries  very  rapidly,
Eevcn   Carloads
S    '���:,  carotids  cf  fruit  were shipped by the local fruit company during
ihe lasl  'hi  davs. consisting of apri-
ots, apples and  peaches,    it  i,  understood   '.bal   ihe   company   hero   is
having a bigger rush cf business thnn
anywhere np  the like.    Apricots will
be about over by the end of the week
Cobalt, Ont., Aug. 20.���By nothing
short of a miracle, little Grace Cooper, I
a five-year-old childd. who was lost)
since I o'clock on Friday afternoon on'
Burnt Island, which lies in Lake Te-1
miskamlng, midway between Ontario
i and Quebec, and about three miles
frum Halleybury, where her mother
I lives, was fr.und alive and well at 3:30
���^^^.^^^^^^tutxuu **^***m _^_^���  ippear-
oi, ber natural brother. James Stuart, gjjee Tha chilll waB found bv c, r
the son ot James \.. by a daughter Burton and John McLennan of Hail-
of Lord Krsklne. He waB a man ot eybury, on the east-shore ot the island
great ability, who played an impor- Ubout two miles from lhe c*,mp from
tam  part In events of his time.    For . which   ihe   bad   strayed.     Her   head
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Wes-twiti"ter.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small  Musical Good* <A s\\ Kinds. PHONE 6**h
"���The present Earldom of lion)  was ^v^.^^^erd^r'afternoon   five
h ,i.w,d by Queen Mary in 1662, up-|and   two. hours .after herjisai
VB   ir. H   RI<OKtar>
Hae. avi  Tt***
enlng hanged
.i-e   >...���^^^ lbe
e Chinamen who met their
!i"  hands    of    the    white
miners, who. on one evi
live Orientals to a historc tree
Nine Graves Opened.
From   Hie  graves    the    remains  uf
hslials were t tken. and. were
loaded   Into  crude  bore
dhitely  shipped  over
Wells Fareo expr-**""
they lr,
and  lmme
the   old   pioneer I
line, over whicb j
a.'eled'in making lh"lr rush to.
and bay
on every
the native
ttate. The|
snowy peaks piled one ���,,���..   	
of   Switzerland,   but   It   has   a   beaulv
majestically all lis own.   Kinerald Isl- .
amis set in a sunlit ocean, soaring hills'"In
snow enpned many of them, rising five
and Blx thousand feet up. vast forests
where   font  of  man  has  rarely  trod,
and beach and  rocky strand
side combined to make the
one  In he remembered.
Left   Heat   Behind. ...
"We left Vancouver at midnight and   and then sent
after  the  heat   or  Sunday   when   th'  '""-lil  in  thel
thermometer  in   the   afternoon   stood
at Capilano at Sk degrees in the shade.
and  ventilation was bad. ns a  friend ,
put It. the prospect of the cool coast  route,     'i'ney     u..i........
was very attractive. .while there,   Thev had nothing to say
"After passing    through    delightful;to the people of Fierce, but performed
surroundings on Tuesday amid the fun-1
���ee'k   the'r   fortunes
^��leWC,[,Wkonto8an Francisco
s *'" "P   o China, where proper
8rrahnegtn Francisco Chtaamen
, i   ick I "0 to l'lerce ovoi
''..���,    Thev    displayed
period of from one to three years,
at Keliw- . he   governed   Scotland,   and   thut   so
successfully   aa to   earn   for  himself
the  title  of  tbe  Good   Regent.    His
marriage t.uk place in the k'ri; of St
diles in 1561, the Queen herself, glv
Ing ih" wedding feasl al  Holyrood.
Adjoined   Holyrood
The  bouse  in   which   the   first   Karl
of  Moray   resided   adjoined   Holyrood
Palace on the north side.    In St. t; les
hls   body   was   laid   to   rest   after   Ins.
assassination  at   Linlithgow  In  l"."o j
The   funeral  oration   was  pronounced '
by  Ji hn   Knox   in   the  presence  of a
ci ngregatlon of mourners, and the La
t n Inscription which may yet be read ���
on   the   ancient   brass   plate   on   the
front of the  restored  tomb  was composed  by  Qeorge  Buchanan.    Regent
Mi ray  left  no sun. anil was succeeded by his eldest daughter, who married James Stuart, eldest son of Lord
Doune, sc created in 1581.   This marriage  combined  the es'ates Of Doune
: with those of Moray, and has given all
the subsequent earls a descent In the
male  line   tram  tbe   Regent   Albany,
limine castle, whicb was the seem
i.f festivities in connection with Lord
' notice's coming of age, came to the
Moray  family through  ibis marriage,
Tbe old castle stands on a peninsula
formed by the Teith and the Ard.irh.
at one end of the village cf Doune,
in   Perthshire,    It   has   been   said   to
date from  the Ilth century but  was
probably   either  founded   or  enlaged
by  Murdoch Stewart, second Duke of
lAlbinv. and governor of Scotland,
At his execution in 142a it passed
  Ito   the   crown,  and   was   afterward.,
.arly and late  to keep! .,  ,���. !���,��������� [V  tr) |lg wi(,
fruit  rush. i Margin.-  	
 -. iC(j (0 npr tilr(i husband, Henry Stewart, 1.(1,1 M. 1'iven, a descendant of
the Ucg":-t .Mbaiiv, a:-d 2-:.q\h ot tho
fir t Lord D.ame (who v.lt'mately received a grant of Doune cnstlel whose
sen's marriage brought thia old historic house to the Moray family.
Through the care of-Qeorge, fourteen
th Karl of Moray, who .-ns greatly In
i was resting on" one log and her fee-
on  anot'.ier.  and  caught  In  this  position she hsd evidently been unable to
, free herself.
I     A  gasoline launch  arrived  most op-j
portunely lust as the child and her res- j
cuers returned to the main party and
I sp,.  was  rushed  lack  to  Halleybury
.fur medical attention  with all expedi-
I tion.    (.race looks none the worse for j
I her   terrible   experience   and   Dr.   Ar- ,
I nold says that all she requires is care- j
I ful nursing.
i     How   the   child   reached   the  other:
side of the island and was found alive .
Is   a   mystery.     The   bush   In     many
; places   is  almost   Impenetrable   to  a I
: strong man and want of food and the!
wet  and  cold  weather    miglii    have
caused the death of many u seasoned
i bush man lost for such a period.
Pir, Cedar  anci  Spruce
Prijnm.  Wb    T *11  *f*.
Hassam Paving Co.. of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Ca-acrite (Patented)
be about over uy me .....
I n-'il cab apples will take Iheir place.
The highest output for one day here
u 800 boiies, while Summerland
not yet  reached   500.
helpers   are  employed
c nipany,  about
p ���('Iters, while
^^^^       has
by   tho  local
IS  of    these    b.'ing
__imu*.l.^.mmm     the others are employed in cbeckliig the fruit and weighing
it ut ii comes in, box malting, etc.
The stafr In the packing house arc
kept workln
[up with the
Paris, Aug.   ::ii.--An   extraordinary
narrative of a  monk's  marriage and'
subsequent return to bis monastery,
I was related before the Sixth Tribunal,
hero when Mine. Tremblay be la
lloussaye, his widow, sued the Benedictines of Sclesmes In connection
With a check for $1,250.
The woman admitted eloping to Nl w
I York In 1897 with lloussaye. then    a
j nineteen-year-old student at the monastery.   In 1900 the couple returned lo
Kurope, the husband proceeding to nt-
| tempt  to regain  by legal process his
, fortune of  (1,600,00   which    he    had
made over to the order on taking his
vows as a youth.    Half way through
when you can get as gone, or better, manufactured tn B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANi'olM Hll" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americai and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe fron
4 in. to 24-in. In diameter. ThlB la also made iu ibis Province and we
couBider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed Rock. Washed  ('.ravel. Sand.
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering clot where.
Phones 15 and 16. K2 Columbia Street V��.
Prep" re
at her
the sing'1'
Stn����UVa let, lmme
, Rupert Wed-1 ��",tel>''
Glenwood Borings,
llllll.llp,.,   ...
shine, we reached Prince
nesday morning, where we
tho town.
"The beautiful Portland canal riveted our attention, hut It Is no work
of man. it Is really a Canadian Loch
LomOnd lvarly one hundred and twee
ty-flve miles long. The scenery la
grand In the extreme, majestic mountains;   one  of   them   lielng  7.0110   feet
high, and manv of then, capped with ,     	
snow, even nnw amid the bent of .Tulv, I Glenwood
with many a rushing    torrent    down] put  over  a
their Bides and vaBt stretches of pine |
wood a.
"On Frldav morning early Ihe I'rlnce
Oeoreo brought ua safely Into Trinco
Rupert again, and though the dav was
very hot the boast breeze wns bracing
to a degree. Seeing the former scenery backward, making it look like nn-
���,e hostilities which <;*;-';'���;��� ,���������.
"' tered white miners.	
-waro.-,;llie H,lKatiou he was persuaded to
j'"v��� bv\<a,nes IV. to hi. wife, Queen ��&$�� ��������� suit and actuall, re-en-
| ��!, Tudor, Mb- -gttlt Pass- 11      , the inomisterv ^
uni'night'.' according   to  the    wtdow.
young lloussaye arrived
;-,n Rue Vavln here ^^
r&WUhlfbeU   The monks re;!
  jpeiled by ol��umBtonces to ��<����,���.
-odes" of  life ''^^(,r;;^rp^r;,;'sc;;n,.hhin rvand antl- lump SU m of a����  ftycerU
-,, aSthorttl, i. With a view to ostab- -< /hi ve bee,, faithfully restored ����5�����,g��d%m the monastery at
!i*������';''n*I BW,0 "an "mer-1?, nn,,, ����� the public and is well ��������"?���,,,, marriage should bete-
minion affairs bj means oi a visiting. ,       n   \\ ",,,    This Mme. Housiaye claims
.-ming   end   Instruct J��*��l   ,  0x-!    Th-  SOI  cf  Lord Doune. who mar- \t*t*M* wi,���
HW'w -co    I,  ''tin. n-ad   I��Lm the Regent Moray's daughter, be- she comp^ ^
' "'' '"'tug   g a      ,i   to the Mien-  came In "er right lhe secon.  ea la d  *����� t
l.i      ,r     ���      i on  "'rs  0  tthe  Ontario  is ,������ "Bonnie Karl Ot Moray,   ol thl |] ���   ���,,,���,, ,��
,.���,, 0 the ;' ""*'. (.uin��� assistance ,,,,���,, | ike his predecessor, he
ll:;;;:'^;!' hmu;1"!^ Schoolboy 1^" murdered- and his remains
"" Vanada."   a   little   volume   dealing
BOILERS   Riveted Steel ff��ipe��
BURN OIL     -
P.   O.   BOX   44?
Principal rf  Eng'lsh  S-heol
Pupils' Text Book.
London, Aug.    20.    The    enlighten-
nii'iii   of   the   younger   generation   Of
I eehool children as to the real condi-
! tloiiB  and   modes  of  life  existing   '-
[Colo.. Ane. 20 ��� I
Sprtngs rnBorl  society has)
,,������            pew   one     The   daylight
tango dances hnve been surpassed In
Martllng f"=hlon. fur Invitations to
"tango In the swimming pool Saturday night" are out and the cnlmiv Is
agog. "Wear the one-piece bathing
Biiit." Those giving the partv will
snv only that 11 Is to he a stunning af-
of (aiiaua. a ,...���
with nroblems of Industry, tariff, nut
tiral resources, business opportunity
pte, for distribution In the old land
The Intention also is to make its use
jln the schools universal.
I Mr. Fitzgerald stales that the plan
lis f.avored nt home, and that several
but    the    monks
back the more lm-
Hence the present
���,,, iporiam l';:;i""1v;,-���k(,iv to drag on. In
remama ty; ir^h'ty. Z many_montb��.
i   From Those WU Advertise
Watertown, Conn., Aug.
i���e*   20   -Tbere Is a  good i advertise.
atr\n,dd'oPS��-inUmdent Hough-1
il  of    lie   Regina  Btreet  railway,   li
ty ���  with  the flooding of th
s��n!eemly.   There was five tee.
They want your trade.  That's the itm.ii why they
They will treat yon courteously and supply
,red at nome. ..,.,. -  --"j" I rX*\\*& 'here 'today that    Frederick Ia^'/J^iie'subwey, and the mo
of the large transportation oompojiles "^neo  ner�� r^     wftg kidnaped of water  n the   m     . carg
.,,   Kbarine   in   the  financing  ��/  ''''     ^nsie's 17 years ago. has been re-I tormen   refused  to   ���� know]i|
Scheme    ills real objectlriOwM *��������� JfB parents, Mr  and Mrs.   hrough because. .�� (o nm .
to obtain the sanction of some rebpon BroMeaU,  of  Slsvonvllle.  N.   V    , 1,^ through water of any con
in i your needs at reasonable prices. ^^^^^
When dealing with those who use our advertising
- -     �� ���- ******
ohn   Brosseau,  oi   *nisn,n>iu.-.  ...   *��������������� through water oi any ���-
% hottB irst ��CT��ff a*1**- *�� -" pr��-
columns don't forget to say that
News.  It helps us
�����s��w their ads ini*
i WMl*. f��4M
Fresk Water and Salt10 nm AGAINST  i����� MINISTER
p. -t     IJ p and    Down    River    and
Ttrjits  rilmon Arc Cicarce���
Many Humpbacks.
Selling Nets.
About 1500 fathoms ol 6 3-4 inch
mesh net in various lengths will he
sold hy public auction at llle Dominion
fisheries wharf, Sapperton, on Saturday, the 2l'.rd at 1:30 o'clock in. the
E.   C.   Federation   cf   Labor   Holding
Meeting in Vancouver Tonight���
Medicine Fatal.
The Helen
ci;y market
M. Scanlon was
wharf   yesterday
at the
J. B. Hunter Sees Through Hon. Rob'..
Rogers' Glasses in Viewing New
Westminster's Harbor.
The first  upright of the    two    eity i
I harbor derricks was raised yesterday
and others are lielng placed and    the
machinery installed.
| The Flspa will leave the departmi ni
of public works wharf Ihis afternoon
'at  2 o'clock with    the    minister   of
marine  and  fisheries,  anil a party ofj
Following the historic trip down
river of Hon. Robert lingers, minister
ol public works, Dominion Deputy
minister J. H. Hunter, very Informally
came tn New Westminster, talked with
The B. <'. canners' report yesterday
lleUingham gut about. 7W.P80 Balmon,
������' *,.( r cent, of which were hump
���fcaacartea is getting all  the  sock-
te-m required, Ihu the proportion of incal authorities aboard
hucupharks is steadily increasing.
The catches on tbe upper and main
rlvira fell "If yesterday, and in eon-
- ;i nc" a number of canneries did
not operate to more than one lialf
t'ipv.r ty. I'.oais operating out of
(fin >e pass and the north arm wer t
-n *-.- successful, same boats bringing
: hi svekeyes. Hnropba/ks wore
a tti   niuueroiifi.
Delegation   Tells   Hoo.   J.   D.     H3::n
���titat White  Men  Arz  Preferred
to Japs.
Vancouver, Auk. -'0. A mass meeting will he held on Thursday evi aim;
in the Arena rink to protest against
tho uso  'if  lhe  militia  In  connection
with the coal miners' strike on Van- [Dominion officials, Col, J. D, Taylor
couver island, The mooting will bn and others, and made a trip of In-
held under Uie auspices of the British spwUlon   of   tha city's harbor work
,   , .yesterday.
Columbia Federation of Labor,   ard     EvPr  Blnce  ���   waa  *-n-   proposed
Vice-president Kavanagll will preside. Mr. Hunter lias followed .very detail
Frank   P&rrlngton,   orgaftlzer  of  the of the work.   This, however, was from
United    Mine    Workers,    and    other far off Ottawa and to acquaint hlm-
spcukers  will  address    the    meeting,   aelf   wltb   Ihings   as     they     are,     lie
The  Federation  of  Labor  has  mure hoarded a'aunoh and In company with
Capt. Morrieby's Rapid Rise, than   12,000   affiliated   members   and Engineer Doncastor of the department
Dame Fortune has heen exception- nearly every trade union in the pro- of publlc works offices here, Inspect-
lally kind In the paBl tew years to Capt, .vince is represented.    Victor It. Mldg-  ed various details ot the scheme from
Morrisiv, now master of the fine liner ley. secretary-treasurer of tha Feder- the mouth of the Brunette to Annacis
Niagara and commodore of the Union ntlon, says that tlie Federal ion is con- island,
RteamBltlp company, Of N'ew Zealand.   Blderlng a    llggestion to call a general j Coec  Need cf W-itci-way.
iHe has bad several promotions In that [etrllje as a protest agalnBt the methods Thn resull is tbat Mr Hunter is
time ami has risen more i|iii.-kly Ihan used hy the government to break tbe convinced ef the need of n ureal wide
any other  mariner operating on tbe Btrike on Vancouver Island. enen waterwpv here, and seeing what
I'acific ocean.    Two years ago he was Remedy  Kills. tho citv Is doing in anticinatlon of the
commander of the old steamship Mo-      Drinkiiv  a  bottle    of    home-made government's action he is  convinced
ana, which is one of the smallest ocean  rheumatism  remedy.  .lames    Wright  more thnn ever of the use of the Fra-
golng ships of the Union fleet.   Today Btratton, a tailor, 2202  Main Btreet, ser can be put to
;he la master of the flnesl liner of the was poisoned last night and died be- Fine Plant,
company, the Niagara. tore  medical  aid  could   arrive.    Il   Is      In  rr-mlin: from  \'on"otiv��r to  New
  believed ilmi he took th" medicine tnlWe tmlnater bv auto Mr.  Hunter,  in
Bin   Firms   Mereinn. ini*-;.ii.e.    According to  Mrs. Stratton, |company with Mr, H no.ist"*'   snepi an I
London. Aug.  20.���A  big shipbulld-  who was absent at lhe time, her hus- hour snd n half al the creosote plant I
ing  merger  was rumored  In  Belfast band  had been drinking heavily re-;cvi  the  North   Arm, where niles are
yesterday   between   Harland & Wolff cently.   He had gone to bed after sup-1elven  special  treatment.    The  nl.rr.
'and Clark  &   Co.    Harland --v.-   Wolf
._-.    .-. .     '��� .'* *      I : !,..'*  *. *      '
headed lhe list of shipbuilding lirms
'as the largest builders in (Iron Hii-
itain  last   year,  having  ten  ships    to
their credit, aggregating 118,209 tons.
I while VVorkm-sn, (lark ,-.��� Co.  mpied
seventh place  in lasl  yi ars list  with
ten ship.-, aggregating GG.Hf:!! Ions.
' ment.
I per last night and while she was away I Mr   Htm ter thought  was one nf the
he drank the mixture which was kept I finest, if no:  the f st, he had ever
for    rhoumatlsm.    Dr,    Wilson,    l7r>! *-������-��� n n"d eompared favorahlv with the
Broadway, was sent for hut could do  pi" ��� sl Transnona. near Wnnlneg.
Rvyu tntmtatlTea o: saim-cra cannery,
men waitol on Hon. J. IX lla:;cn, inin-
i.ia���-'* (if marine and fisheries, at the
H��;tel Vancouver on Tuesday, present
���ed tin ir views on the industry and
assured the minister at th..'.- willingness to employ sx Bteodily Increasing
proportion rif white fishcrmeii. Anion;
the delegation were Dr. I). Bill Irving, i
IMeasi-s. W. II. Barker, H. J.  Ker and '
W. I). Iturdis, secretary of the Fraser 	
Hi ter Canners' association.    Inspector
of   Fisheries  Cunningham,    of    New  Ninety  Separate Cases  Filed  Against
Westminster, also  was prerent.
Averting that the interests of the !
conn-ars and fishermen are Identical,
rhe deputation referred to the invest-,
cnent of  JK.limi.otm  and   the    employ I
racnt of 9000  men dur ing  the season i
ut of sulfieient Importance U) warrau
���erktpa consideration of tbe d
Of tlte industry,    lu view cf the mag*
niti:(Ic  of  the  enterprise  the  depuli
lion itirlvanocd  the opinion   that    cm
tinuiQ  amendment   of  the  regulations
stLOUId   not   be   made,   that
"ncrs and r.ontractors Near
nothing when he arrived.    Detective
Lown investigated the matter for the
police and took the bottle to the stallion.
Conservative Outing.
A Consi r"*ilive picnic, to he held tomorrow at Courtney, Vancouver Island.
will be addressed by Hon. Dr Young,
M. Manson. m.l.a.. and H. Clements.
M P., [or Comox- Atlin.    Mr. Clements
The visit was purely unofficial.
The marriage of Miss Juanlta Millard, eldest daughter of Alderman Millard,   l'cri   Coqultlam,    and    Wesley
mLm* i rvr i rr jejjo
The New Coatings
Have Arrived
There is something uncommonly attractive and
appealing about this very fine display of new Winter
All are new and exclusive patterns and for substantial construction are not surpassed. COME
Rusih  Clearance of Dress
Goods, 58c Yard
We have planned for a quick clearance of our better grade fabrics;
.very style and color included, such as tweeds, navy, hlack anil brown
serges, saxe blue. Ian and hrown Whipcords and poplins, cream serges,
silk and wool crepe and poplins, plain and fancy voiles in blnck. tan
and gray; also one piece of wool ratine; regular values to $-.un yard.
See w Indow today     Al. lier yard 58C
will  leave here  no-.-r  Tuesday  :*. at- Houtlcy, contractor,    wis    celebrated
tend a Blmllar affair in the northern very quietly in Mew  Westminster on
pari of his riding to be held ai Ter- Tuesday afternoon.    The  young  peo-
race, B.C., on Rent  1.   Terrace Is "iid- pi,   were heartily    congratulated    In*
way between Prince Hupert and New their many friends In both   titles
Hazelton   and   special   trains   will   he _	
run thai day to accommodate Hi" hun- McDONALD���McBTT-H.
., ���_      ...I       nwuntn^      tn     f,1*>n     nut
A pretty wedding took place yester
day  morning  whin  Mis.  Bertha    Mc
Clearance of All Our Stock of
Women's  Suits at Half Price
Hefore our in w fall suits, are plac..: on display we make one
final clearance. Every suit in Block Included; none are re
BorVed These are Jusl the correel style ami weigh! for fail
and winter wear; included are navy, brown, gray; also cream
serges; also all tlio olher popular talons, well mad,, and
lined with silk s.rgo or satin linings. Your Bize is here. Come
today.    All at Actual  Half Price.
Bathing Suits  at Half
Thia la the last opportunity to
secure your Lathing Suit at
Half Price; made of fine quality
lustre; of navy, hlack, red and
hrown; with contrasting materials; one ami two-piece styles;
all  Bizes.    Actual   Half  Price.
Bellingham, Aug
muds vestigatlons made
owing in*
by Slale Lab ir
Commissioner B, W. Olson and Mra
Theresa McMabon, representing tin*
Industrial welfare commission of tin*
state, Information was tiled in the
propose 1 superior conn here today in 90 sepnr-
changes should hi* puMimlgaied sever tAe cast s against salmon cun er>
al niontiis in advance, ro the probable owners, for violation of
effect could be eatimati-d.
Suggestion was made that presenl
investments he protected by restraining the number ut lireuKcji for new
<*nnm rles, and limiting lhe fishing
ik-ensei according to recommends-
CkmsCmade. three years ago by th,*
rat is.g aorjimiltPf.
Employment of Japanese was   ox-
gkbiintd as due lo iaatiiiny tt. lhe canners to secure a sufficie-jvi.
comwieal   white  tat-n.  th
*P**\*\?i     saliefactory     ami     persistent
lishi rrer.u.
The minister was toW lhe eaiiii��rs
���desire the settlement, ot white Usher
mm tin thf coast, and for thia reason
hml Vt>luo.li'er('(l to guarantiee la .m
pifiy U increasing iirv>]-*iirti(m of white
men. e-Enttmencfns with 39 per cent, of
Che total number, and making the in-
crcasc cradled.
labor law, by employing children un
d.T 14 yuars cf ace without permits
tr, m the juvenile court.
The    I'acilic     American     Fisheries
company, the largest cannery  on the .
coast,   has   63   cases   against   It,   t ie
Bellingham   Cannery  company   throS,
the Alaska  Packofs' association two
Chin Wang, a Chinese labor contrac
ior. one. tlie West t'oasl Packing com
unmber of P��ny of Blaine 14, the Blaine Packli
Japanese  company   two,  and   the   Alnsv   rill   a
Dunn company ol Blali i  i - cn -.���?.
Wholesale Chnr;es.
Every cannery in the country .������;
r"iv iho Carlisle Packing company
nnd the l.umiui Bay companv la rep
resenled In the wholesale filing of
charges. The fine on conviction ma prtE
he $lii or a maximum of foOO, whli h ton
makes il possible fi r the total in r.n*'..
io reach $45,000.
Ireds who are expected io hm out.
Hon W. I!. lloss, minister of lands.,
will accompany Mr. Clements on the
northern trip. ami in all probability
, ������ Hi i h Williamson, aecretary of
tho Rritlsh Columbia Conservative association.
Pipo   Fiaurc-o
Further figures regarding tho Vancouvi r   and   Polnl   Grey   partnership
pipe - lh�� result  or  the  most careful
preparation on tha par: of the engi
neerlng departmi r.i were submitted iri'i to Victoria and pout
by city Engineer Fellowes to the olvi. ver island
water commiite this afternoon and
constitute a direct retuttal nf the
Ptatetnen't of Alderman Cleland as to
the lower cc.'t of the route mapped
out by H. M. Hurwell.
lteth became the liride of Leo Mc
I) nald, a member of the lire fighting
brigade at  No. 2 station.
The ceremony was held al the homi
of the bridegroom's Bister, Mrs lo
cross. Hamilton street, with Rev. .1
S   Henderson  officiating.
Following   the   wedding   breakfast
the happy couple left on a honeytn ion
Vat*.,   ii
The House Furnishing Sale Offers Many
Opportunities You Will Welcome
iConlin'ied from
ige One
Vancouver Island Coal.
A  scow  nf   Vancouver  island  coal
Iras come Into this    port    for    Qilley
S'.r-iv.    TTte    : lupin, ni     w;'.s    broughl
from the mines at Union and    l.ady
^i.-iith. Some one along the waterfront I
has remarked  that  the lirm who re !
i*  .'.��d sii.Ii    iv rarity     would    likely
keep the fact  secret, also must of ill
,-   i��� .1 he. stolen  for gouv<mn*5.
Takn ^-ientis'ls NorlVi.
Captain  John   Mcl.eod.  the  veteran
risers   navigator  t>r  the  C.   i'.   R.
'..*;. is tn he entrusted wiih the task
pllrtinK    the    steamer    Princess
I'a.-.a  Irom   Victoria up tlle   Brit-
��� o nr.'.toa coast to Juneau, Alaska
���*   ih the members of th�� International
rioting of las;  week in thi
and  fie  principal  intere."   has   I een
shifted     to   I.adysmith.     Forty-throe
oners   were   there   arraigned   be-
Maglstrate Stewart,    and    faced
���.���Hi charges of disorder and assault.
IRemand for eight days was granted in
each  case  without   bail   and  all  tbe
men were brought hack to the jail at
Nanaimo. Twenty-eight  had heen under   arrest   leforu   today     and     were
taken  down  In  a  Bpeclal  train  con
The city council and Chli E Engl . ������ t
Conway, i r the ll. C K R c mpany,
with the solicitors of both p.m. hi |
a long conference yesterday on the
Milij."'t of the Lake Ci quitlam dun
agrei menl The wl ol������ BUbject was
thoroughly discus.".! and wuh the ex
ceptlcn of one clans, par; ee ultimate
ly found themselves in accord The
clause on which there is a dirTerence
has I).cn siilimii'ed to the legal rep
res ntative. of the citj and the o *m
pany for arrangement,
Horrockses'    80.Inch    sheeting;
"Mra   In av y   grad ���;    unfilh d
'..*!'���  regular BOc     Sale  price,
i'* r yard             39c
Hcrrockses' Bheetings, al the
lowesl prices we hav .���.������- often .1. ~i Inches wide, linen
finis!"*.; so an.| ;, , Inches
wldi . plain and twilled; values
that i"i| a* 60c and 65c regu
' ir. Sale pri.e, per yard 48'*
Heavy English Bheetjng; T.:
Inehi b w Idi : plain finish : ei-
' ��� ��� ���   nal  I art .*...     .' price,
cotton    i heeting;
good   weight     and
Factory   cost,  pi r
7-4   width*,
soft  tinl
Blanket Values Well
Worth Investigating
Six pairs only; O-lh. white
blanketsi all wool; Canadian
made; soft fleeced finish; 88
by 88 Inches; values regular t'i.
Gale  price, per pair. .. $5.85
Heavy dark gray union blanket;
full sizes; 60x811 inches; weight
'   '."timls;   values   P'Eiilar  $11 75
Sale  pri...    $2.93
Blankets of finest Canadian yarn
while with blue or pink borders;
weight 7 pounds; si/o t.-lxv!
Inches; guaranteed pure wo il;
valui s i*. gular JT 00 Sale
i"1"" $5.03
Rush Price on  Pillow**
Size lUxM;    feather mixture pillow*;  with a good quality fancy
licking covering; iiBualy sold at
$2.50  a  pair.    Sale  price,
1>:��'*'     $1.05
Size 18x26; feather pillow;
wllh -snod quality feather mix-
lure; plain and fane y art ttck-
liiK covering; regular $'.!.2ri pair.
Bale  price,  each T8C
Beautiful feather down pillows;
heavy plain ticking covering;
size of pillow 20x26 inches; regular     $4.50     pair      Sale   price,
each    $1.83
Pi rl Coqultlam, Aug. 21. iomi
idea of the number of people flnan
ca.lv Inti rested in this city mnv be
gathered iroin the (act thai duriir;
the pasl two weeks City Assessor G
Ri y  I., igh  lias  ma led  no  l.-.i^    ihan
Government   Employment   Bureau     a
T*5i;kat-"JOn to Civ3 Hnrvcst Hands
lucted bj Bpeclal constables and the 2598 letters containing over 3000   ta-*
ry.   The other !���> were arrested notices for separate  parcels of Imd
analmo  and   Extension  bo  that In  Port Coqultlam    A  ,- t d m iny . I
there are now ovi r ISO In lall lien* tlie   notices   were  sent   to   residents
r. Taylor, ih.* vice-presidenl of tli" 'nut th.. bulk won. io property owners
Iccal   union  wns  also  brought   up  at living (inside the city,   Thc major.I .���
I.ailvsmiili   loday.    He  was  arreated I wenl   to    Vancouver,    hundreds    to
;at. Victoria I.. Saturday lasl and ar- Eastern Canada and all pan- , f   the
ralgned there, bul as this wnp Irretr- i*n;; ,i states, and scores to the old
ular he was brouehi up to Ladj mith country and other parts of the ,.  rid
today,   ii" �� ib (I'l'.'i'd.d by r. Hlg- ..-  ' . __	
Sins of Victoria, and In his ca?" after TO FLOAT OLD I' \��|
an nv-'i.en' . u Bome technicalities a f-*^   (,-*,���/  DRIDT."".
Saskatoon, Aug. 20. Word has been remand wai given until Tuesdnj nevL
received l :��� M. -I McGrath, who Ib In Taylor was taken back to the Jail
chairgi  ol the government emplpymenl  al Victoria
; ;j ral  congress -cm  board.    Cap-Ibnreau in Saskatoon, that the govern I?-"' Leaders Left.
.     V,: !.,>*,! has lu-en master of thalmenl  have decided lo extend to An 'Hie other r- en arm  ;n"d   were ..*-
*.-i*   m*     Princess    Mny    for    many   gust 31 the period during which men fended by A   l.clghtor   w.i'o is under-
can travel to posltionB on farms In the taking  thc defence  of all     union
                             jwest al  thc reduced rate of a cent a men.    Amont
���trcights on lumber.
I'li.id, Rolph II Co.. Cuctr Fateo From
B. C. PerU.
Hind, Rolph K Co., ��.f Saji Fr&ucls-
<*u, qantt lhe following trortfhl on lum-
bei from British CortrmWa ports;
Tofeydne*)   i:.s*.  Mel'mwrne or Ade-  -.
kiitrte.r,:.    i i. .. i ,ue, t'.i..'.; Callao, 48s;  sent forward a resolution urging thi
irirect Nitrate porta, 4:>s; Valparaiso governmeni to keep thi  rate In forci
���to t)tri>--. v,. i,   Booth African ports,Iuntil  the  last of  the  month, and
78b nfl;  liinii port of II. K., Kin Od;   would   now   appeal
ilnrli ,t(.r (luicr-.   fia. ! gained their point
mile from the prairie towns and cltieB have   nol   been   arreted,  nre  Frank
The nr i  order of the government Parrlngton. ihe organizer nl the l mi-
was to the .fleet thai this cheap rail ed  Mlm   Wi   kers, who haa been pro
n ad  - ite wi uld on .   be in d rce in* ' 'otins th ' the si
tween points In the prairie provinces dlstrlc
trom   Vugust   1  until August   16, The
local  board  of  trade  considered
mailer nl i ne ol thi Ir mei ting
as  if  they
Poll C q-jltbm,   . ; ;   20,    ". ho span
o   ;  " o'd C. P, I*. :. Idge which wa
rec :.'!.* : ur  ipse 1 b;   the provlnc al
-;;.h rii "������    f.r    tl.      publl t    I rid .
aero ia i ie Pli I rlv< r ��� .��� . expei ������ d to
li ��� fn ati d  i nighl     ."m    the    pi tc
where  ii  has  i" ni  Ii .*  *.. ars. i i tli"
location ( ; the goi i i iment  Btrueture
near Pltl  rl\ i r ferrj     Arrangemcnta
for ih ��� removal were made tcday i nd
pri vlding a i atlsfacli  y tide was   Becured the change was to be    mad..
Four   pi moons   are   now   undi r   one
nothing "i1-"1 and the proposal is to float it up
river and l"a\.   I| standing thi ro    on
More Trouble at Cumberland        ; piles until    proper    foundations    aro
Ther"  has  been   furllier  trouble  al  'lected.
Cumberland and this morning. Instead     Excellent  progress   Is now    bolng
thp Princess  Patricia making her mado with the $2,000,000 nrw c. P, it
lu the
Fi i '.*r. w ho is Hi" pr. sldent
of the i ������il union, and Pett'grew, one
������; 'he heal organisers, it is thoughl
��� ',-. i'v authorltlca have
.. ���*..:��� ��� ���   there  men.
Ne-a Ktfiscnt grain rr-iehtir I    A continual Btream of men anxious     i -o r.h�� mainland she went up the
Hn��� Wm Iw    ��O40e; Portland or to secure farm positions are calling al �������' 'o '"""'  Hav. wi 1, a comnsny
I-ntct Seiiml   Us SdOtft r���t the  Second  avenue  i;r.v,-nnieiii   em- ->f the Seaforth Hlehlanders.   A strike
Tt^iewt Fi>i ttfBmers'; ployment agency, and during the Brst -"�������    hrokwi oul   in  the construction
ume charter  one'seven dsys the agency wna kepi open '" P�� "P 'ber.. and the men came out  Pronosa
���"Strath" ^-:
coast to Australia   (Octo-
*rin. Pacific
t>c-i   .
TAxtlls." SB Wheat,  Portland
or Polfet Sound to II. K. or font.      '
"Marlbor - ���������' li 11" S?s 9d, lumber
to linVt'd Kn"''..:.. ipiinn at *l>i. 6d,
����� heat'to 'tl.   K
Vferk Endin-*. "ucliiy. A'j-i-t 24
Vlf<Htr>iinnier.        H.i>i*id  Heads.
|)l!r.   T'ihc IliKh. Low,
HU^tAW. Tim<-   Het. T1'n��. Upt
18    ��;4B   2;1�� '.   fi;�� ior,   ti ?,��   7 t
Wnr,l4;r>ri ' T5.tvB i**) v n'i   :������;
'    6:32 1'!f,    1:10 6.7
19-.21 11.5 12:41 3.9
7 H l��.r>    1  V, 6.1
19:4f, 12.1 18:14 4.8
X:14 1D.3    2:18 B.6
SB-.W 12.0 13:4S r, i
9-.in in.l   2:r.7 R.1
10:87 UK 1*1:22 7 0
\D.12    V).'.)    ?,:'i'< 4,7
���ir. 16:?!> I 211:4g 11K 14 7,7
***. %**.**   6:50 I  11:40    9.9    4:21
Wm. I-*** ' "* '���*'���' " >���   ''��� :i,;
I**-* 2: r.n
~ ��t?5 15:21>
���**    fiZQ    2:30 '
2-��{ll5 Jf.:4H
4M    9'M    4:JH
?    ZlM 16:00 I
.t'*Mi***,:.n    5:10 '���
"���^.-.-JS l��;K' '
-A*   6:05
certificates had been Issued to no
fewer than  r,IM  mi n
Many of these, according to Mr.
McOrath, have come from  I'rlnce Al-
I bert and Kdmonton. latelv having I ei n
I unalil" to obtain work there
During tho next '.w weeks thehar-
-.   I   oxcnrslnnj   Wlll   arrive.   Mr    Mc   ;
rireth cplalns thsl the men for Sae
j'������*.(���!,    will   iv'   be   distributed
from \Vi!i":-"*:* I*, fm tsr***>t bs la��t
-.*.-. but **-:" I " i "ii! In Moose .law
Ri r in I ; nd Sni katenn whers the em-
nloymenl   agencies have been  ertsb
' lished and pent  to thi ir destination
I Jrom these three cities
While some 20.000 men are wanted
In Baxkatrhewan to harvest this yosr's
crop Mr. McC.riith thinks the province
��� win be fortunate if 16,000 men come
">:.-,   the dlsi-*'i    (Her Ri of them ar
-'-..ii  this afternoon on tho stoamer     lienvr,
Charmer,   They meant to bnd at Na-|merge tin
Join    Two
Ann.  il*'.    A    proposal    to
irmy   (f tho    Philippines
nalmo bill were nol ellowed to fn so ond the American Veterans of Foreign
nd lire!  to co on  to Vancouver   Pas
. ngers on the nteamor also reported dav Into u
Hint   lh"   men   who   wore  working  In
Vo  8 piin" wenl (nt yesterday and
���ii -" 'ii'!*- ii" white nu n working
In Uu  mlii"s up there.
I nh'- Mln'��t��-  ot ������"-.������.
Otl ���   Aug, "'i     ii' n   V  K. Cr-'V
��� **s. minister of labor sails on the
I'.nipresn of Brit tin for England tomorrow, and will not be h*nni�� again
until about Oct, t. Mr. Crothers Is
making (he trip primarily for the pm
rvice oi*.:'ini *ui ins waH Injected to
deliberation i ol ihe Joint
ci nventh n in session lure. Tho quea-
i oi w:*s ci ns der *d Informally at a
caucus ' r officers of tha army of the
Phil | ��� io ; li Be1 med Hkelj thai the
pri pi ni ���.. * uld bc t il*.'"i uu formal! .*
again when officers will bo choBen,
The headquarters of Brigadier Oeneral In ns h Hale, organizer of the
army of the Philippines, and Brigadier
.land) Smith, if California, were centers i f In'ern i for tha several dole-
of studying Industrlaiconditlons Ka'e" '" attendance from all pans ofl"
H""l trom ac lve buslnesa In ill
ir | an of 1908, after one of 111" m Bl
remarkable business careers In the an
��� als ' t the Dominion, Is dead at his
home in Marysvllle. Some time lie-
fore he cil.*l,rated his 94th birthday
. n \.r.'i;si 1 last, Mr, Olbson had I. en
critcally 111, suffering irom a general
br akdown. Two sons, three daugh-
lers, 19 grand-children, and several
greal  grand-children survive
Horn in the last year of the rei *.
( f George III., it was little pas: the
middle ot the c< ntury when Mr. (lib
s ii mad" a fortune a t a lumber opi r
ator on the shuns of the Bay i i Fun
dv. Win n ih" timber along the Bay
shore had bei n pret'y wi ll cul i i
' burn d av.a *, about the end i f the
United States civil war. he moved
100 miles up iiv St. John river. There
opposite Frederlcton, where the Nash
waak joins the main Btream, AW san-
d r Gibson buill flrsl n liitnbi r mil I
then a church, then ih" lown of
Marysvllle, He becam ��� the "King of
the Nashwaak." His lumber nnera-
tens exceeded tins- of any single
"i" rator In lhal par; of the world.
eithi r before or since. When li" ac
quired timber l in,is remote from ���;',*.
"ble Btroams, he built sawmills In
llie woods, and also i:i|n miles of rail-
wav t n tii ih" Na V'-a.ik to the Gulf*
of Si. Lawrence. Thirty years ago
he buill om. of i'" largest ci Hon
mllla in Canada ei Marysvllle. Sever
ei years ago in* sold his railroad aad
it   i ��� now  pari Of tho Intercolonial.
You  will  make no mistake in sending
ud your orders, aa you v/ill get the
Best Goods
... AT THE ...
Lowest Possible Prices
Our Tens al 35c per lb, II Ihs. for
J1.00; 40c per ll'.. 3 lbs. (1,10, and
50c per Hi.. II lbs, for SI.in, are tho
linen! value on the market Wo guarantee thom to give satisfaction,
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tho  Province of  British Columbii.
Savings Department at all Branches DepoBlts of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. C. PENNOCK, Genernl Manager.
Nsw   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
** .| f.cionel Bam Cays No.
r,.i i   Ottawa,     \m.     20,   Colonel    Sum
7(| HugheB,   minister of  mllltla,   denied n,,. ��� i.,.', owners arises
���1.7   today   a   rumor   Ilmi   Col 1   Wl oils H,
SI   now   professor   at   the   royal   military attention to the ooal minors or^nni/.n-
4.2 iroiieiie. Kingston, is to be made com-;.ions la because or the receiti troubh
���i:: mandani to succeed Colonel Crowo, in Nanalmo and Nova Scotia.
In  the old countrv, and will give speck'! ell. i'-Mm to th" conditions under
which ��� I mines are operated there,
He will '-.ok for information regarding
miners'   unions   and   t.he  attitude   followed  by  Ihem   when  a  dlsnut"  with
The  reason
minister |n noinc to give Bpeclal
ih   L'nited Statoa
Pioneer   Maritime   Province   Lumberman  Dien at  Ace of 94
Frederlcton, N. li.. Aug. 20, Alexander OlbBOn, si'., one of Canada's
greatest captains of industry, who re-
Our Coffees also at Hfic. 10c and 4',c
per lh. are extra good values, and give
perfect satisfaction to all users.
Order a pound of onr Ten and Cor
fee, we would like an opportunity to
prove to you that  they are good,
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr  Block. Columbia  Stieet.',
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550 THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 1913.
PAviC  Fill.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
r.l.ir.n   Cuppers   Needs   Must
Their Loins or They Will
the Trophy.
Unless the Mann Clippers show a deride,I improvement in th r work ..ur-
ing   llie   next   two   weeks,   local   fan*
have about come tu tin. conclusion that
ihe amateur lacrosse championship of
ih.. world, hei.i in Vancouver during
III" past Iw.i seasons, will board the
C, !' li. train lur the City uf Winnipeg following the scries nr games lu
i.e played in Vanoouver wltblu a short
time, wllh Iiie eiii, ai slake
Because ihe C. N. it. Learn which
. * ie   west   last   year  met   with   BUCh
strong opposition hy the v. a, r  team
uf ihai season, is nu criterion of the
cup slaying un the coast anothi r year.
'1'ne i'   n. it. Improved themselves
wonderfully l.y malting 'he trip last
fall, tliey saw lhe real western Btyle|
i !   play  and  despite all  Ihls
Soccer Leaouo  Meeting.
I    Delegates tu the City Soccer league
.ari'  expected  K, gather  in  lhe  Moose
lodge rooma ihis evening at x o'ciuek
fur the purpose of organizing for the
coming season,   Some important de-
veliipinenls are on hand In [ooal toot-
ball end it Is linperliativc lo get these
cleared (.IT the map before tbe season
really opens, President Herb Kyall
wlll he lu the chair.
Baseball Results.
Ctnndini of the Clubs.
VV,    I.    Pot
Vancouver  74   58     .r.Hii
Portland    87   ">4     ,563
Port Coqultlam Team to Dl.band and   Wett End, and AM.Etara t0 c,a8h for
Four Cornered  Seriee Imorobable
City Intermediate Championship
at  Queens  Park.
; Seattle
; Tacoma
they failed iu lake the measure .if the
Young Conservatives, who have now
won the championship uf the Winnipeg
Strangely enough, ihe siar uf the
Manitoba organization lias heen a
young fellow named Hearne, who hails
from Revelstoke lie has heen displaying a dashing game a: first bome
and nis work has boen the feature uf
Hi., eui.iesis.svhi'li have Improved in
terest In Canada's national pastime iii
the   prairie   city
During their stay un the coast the
Conservatives will must likely he seen
in action at Queen's park against the
bunch under Manager Alex Turnbull.
The showing made hv tin* -senior ama
t.urii during tlie past few weeks indicate 'Sal if the Maun cup is saved
frum lis trip tu ll:.* easl this season, il
will he resting in the fraser ''Uy bo-
tore another year has gone by.
Yesterday's Games.
ai Vancouver:                n li i-..
Seattle     r, 9 4
Vancouver   li 12 1
Batteries: mn and Cadman;
Schmutz und Konnick.
Ai  Victoria:                    n. 11. ]���:.
coaching i Portland   :���
Victoria    . .5..,.
.. 8     :i      1
Batteries:  Stai
King,  Nar-
vesep and Shi a.
At  Spokane,
It.    H.   IO.
.. .;     f,     :t
.. 1     11     'j
Batteries: Kauffman anil Crisp;
Corrj  and  Hannah.
Ctandln-*. of the Clubs.
>.'. w  York  . .
Chicago  ....
Pittsburg ...
Brooklyn   ...
Cincinnati ..
St. Louis . . .
Yesterday's Games.
At N'ew York: It.
Pitifiliurg     4
New   York        1
Ilallerles:   M iQulllan   and
Campbell   and
Winner   Met
Eddie  Moy
ts   Ritcbie  1
Vancouver, Aug. 20
ol Si attle, and Eddli
towji, l'a. will battle
pelves  for  th.-  prlvlle
Hay Campbell,
Muy. uf Allan
between them-
ege uf meeting
Willie Ultchle. the world's champion
in the Brlghouse arena. Labor day af
ternoon, Moy and Campbell have been
matched to go ten rounds on Hi" af
ternoon of Saturday, Aug 2:1 and tbe
winhiT win i.e automatically matched
1,1 m.. 1 Ritchie en Labor day
Mov was fir--l signed for th" match
wtth Ritchie, hul so mair. ef tli" local
fans favored Campbell, whose recent
1.". rpund battle with Preddie Welsh
.���rented a profound local Impression,
thai Manager Chel Mclntyre finally
decided to civ.- 'he Seattle hover
chadce s.. the elimination boul was
staged for Saturday of Hi's week and
popular prices will prevail.
Articles   Signed.
Tha last arrangement was completed when Ritchie, tbrougb his manager,
Harrv Foley. Blgned articles to meet
ih.- winner Labor day If Ritchie
eoiiies through  the Labor dav battle
iilll  h ildlng   his  title,  h"   will   m	
Freddy Welsh In 'lie same are-i*. . n
Raturday, Sent. 2". for tbe world's
lightwciaht   tiile
Wc'nht  in at 135 Pound".
Mov rind Campbell will weigh In "���'
135 pounds at ringside for their ellml
notion hunt 11..Mi were iii tralnln ���
when metched. Moy using the ouarters
al the Imperial rink, Pngllsh Hav.
fitted uu for Wel h w'-'le Cnmobel!
bis -nov d l��to V'el"h's old evmnasium
et ,1,1, '-������ritfor.l hlil*' P'teh'" I" also
i-i l-alnlb". ntirtlue h's hard ,vork thli
week, ai"''i.o\iii" in his - w* pavilion
:������ iieri 1'nlstead's nnii" ��� hotel, near
ihe arena every Piter- ion.
M     B
7     fi
!���     2
Marquard, Crandall and Mel.can, Wilson.
ai Brooklyn: it.   n.   BJ.
SI, Louis   0     7     7
3rooklyn    8   16     1
Batteries: Sallee, Treckle and Hllde-
I brand:   Ylngllng  and   Miller,
At Boston: R.   II.   K.
I Cincinnati     4      !i     0
! lieslon           1      fi      0
liatleries   Packard and Kllng; Dick-
' son. Moves and Rarlden.
At  Philadelphia: R.   11.   E
1 Chicago        1     11       '
: Phlladelnhla         :'-     8     :
Hail.,les    Lavender    and    Archer
It:, nn.m   an.l   Killifer.
The proposition of having the rour
teama In the 11. C. league play off a
sei lea of sudden death games in
order to decide the championship of
the organization, received a., serious
SI thack yesterday when Manager Kits-
gerald, of Port Coqultlam, stated thut
hls team would disband after Saturday and that as far as he was cuii-
cerned he fell In tbe right to not only
claim ihe championship of the league
hut also thai   of the lower mainland.
Fitz :s willing 10 meet the Westminster Moose . Itber this week or on
bunds afternoon at Praser Mills, but
M 11. ���: : Oraham win neither accept
in r eject tiie proposition,
'If the Moose still persist In claim
iiiK tlie championship why don't they
look ip iheir record with outside
team this season and compare this
wiih Coqultlam In order to make a
decision," staled the Port Coqultlam
manager to The News.
"Graham has still a chance to hook
up once more against my team with
Ruyle or anyone else in the box and
Iin willing 10 bet my little pile that
we tuke the game."
Whether  Ihe  West   Ends,  lhe    new
champions of  the City  Intermediate
league, can hold Iheir own against the
combined forces, or rather a selected
team from llurnaby and Sapperton
will be known after lhis evening, fir
Ihen Ihe lirst of lhe post aeries mime..
are tu be carried out at Queens park
Yesterday the executive of both the
Burnaby mul Bapperton teams subjected their playing lists to llie dim
million lest, wiih the result that thev
feci the combination is   worthy   of
Showing lh1*  besl   lacrosse ol  tlle sea
son, and well capable of taking   tbe 1
West Binds into camp.
Feeney, Btorme and .Murray, the
in ni scoring aggregation of the West
Binds, will lind themselves wil guard
ed. while the All-Stars attack looks
pretty strong 011 paper.
Tonight's game will commence at
0:16 o'clock ai Queens park with lhe
fi llowing players representing the
AH-Stars: YV. Coutts, R, Chambers
W, Follla, It. Coniaon, Parsons, Salt
H. Bclater, Sayers. .1. Chambers
Feedham,  Mitchell ami W.  Dawe.
At the Theatres
Bill f Ell DOWN
Maldsri   Was   Left   All   Alone  at    the
Local Trans and Lost to
Dr.  Duff.
I'h.la.i  ip
ci.*., land
Waehlnqt 11
Boat, a  ....
Detroit    ..
Si    I.ouis
.New    York
StarHing of the Clubs.
W. 1,.
Sbcotlng like a   house   afire,   Dr.
Dul!. of Vancouver, wen high average
al lbe 1 raps of the New Westminster
club last evening. Believing that the
local honors were safe, the best of
the local shooters were over at the
Vancouver (Inn club shoot, leaving
Bill Maiden all alone to defend the I
local honors, which Bill failed to do,
loali.g out by one bird to the Vancouver expert, bm finishing in second
I place. Following are the scores for
ihe evening:
Shot at. Broke
Dr. Duff        25 22
IHU   .Maiden    25 21
McRae   25 19
Snowden    25 18
Sharpe   25 16
Rose   2r, l"
McCormack    26 16
Dr   Duff   25 20
McRae  25 17
Su   wden    25 17
Sharpe    25 ir,
Rose    25 17
Maiden  25 17
Yesterday's Games.
Al   D��*rolt: 11     H     E
Ph larielphla   6     9     0
' lie .'t           2    in       1
Batterl s      Brown.      Bender    and
Schnne;  Dause and McKee
Ai  Chicago:
1 'hir teo	
r.*ii".ri'-*   Anderson. Hall and Nui
���""  her:  Bcott and Kuhn
'.'   St.   Louis:
������  v   Y   rk   	
Si     I.ouis    	
".*.!!.Tic-*    Caldwell   and
: Vl'lann ami Agnew,
Sec "i came: R.    H.
I v v   York     n     n
I ;"i   Louis     "      1
Batteries'   Fisher.  McConsell    1
Gossett;  Wtelman and McAllister.
Newark fi, Toronto 2.
I'.alli'-ere '.'..   Montreal   I.
Providence 3. Buffalo 7.
Jersey Ctty 1, Rochester 2.
Reverend   Father  Was Surprised
Thief Escaped.
Lemburgi Sask., Aug. 20,���Yesterday
at about 2 o'clock in lhe afternoon Father Gabriel of this town returned to
his   home   near   the   Roman   Catholii
church,  ���.v'nich  lies  about  thrc.
ters of a  mile from the C,  P.  K. de- 1
pot, and on approaching within a few
yards of tbe building saw to his surprise a strange man coming out from ,
t'.e cellar window loaded with goods.
The reverend gentleman was carrying
home some  window*  glass,  and  some
varnish, and tn his surprise, and with
both  hands   full,  he  (lid   not   unburden himself and  close  with  the man
at once, and the man got out of the
window, ilroiiped his Ill-gotten goods,
and nvxle off into the bluffs with Father   Gabriel   in   chase.     Dr.   Knoke,
who was passing at *he time, saw the
chase,   and   drove   Into   town   and   Inform, d   the   police,   who   with  others
turned out and went to the scene, some 1
in  motor  carB, but  the thief  was too
iliuck for them, and evidently got away
under the cover of the bluffs that sur-'
round the place, and the search party
had  to  return,  leaving  hlm  at large.
The man appeared tu be about twenty-
five years of age, and judging from tbe
manner lie entered the house, and by
the way be deposited the stolen property whilst lie went back for more, he
was  no novice  In  the art  of housebreaking.
The production of the dramatic
spectacle, "Bverywoman," which will
be presented next week at the Empress theatre, Vancouver, is tlle original aud only production of the
Bingular play made hy Henry W. Savage and is off. red here under his
management after two weeks in Los
Angeles, three weeks in San Francisco and one week in Portland. The
quar-1organization is this week playing in
' Seattle.
The Empress theatre was secured
for the Vancouver engagement as it
contains sufficient stage roum to successfully manipulate all lhe big effects, as there ls an entire train load
of scenery and electrical devices.
The music of "Bverywoman"   was
composed by Qeorge Whitefleld Chadwick, an American writer whose
works have had foreign recognition,
It Is symphonic in character, though
there arc 2fi numbers ranging from
grave to gay. A symphony orchestra
| is carried by _��he organization to ren-
|der this score.
In addition  to the regular matinee
Saturday   there   will   be   a   midweek
matinee  on  Thursday,  and  on  Tues
day there will be a matinee which is
designed especially for the benclit of
teachers,   students,   club   women   and
(thers  of  slender purses   who   would
otherwise be unable to pay the tariff
necessary   for   so  huge  a  uroduction
At  the  Tuesday  matinee  half  pric
for all the stats will be charged.
J.  J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head Office:   New Westminster,  B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bide.
It      I'      K
11      11
1 I
2 8
New Westminster men were riglii
in fronl in tbe tournament held by
lhe Vancouver Gun club yesterday afternoon. ClarenCO McLean, the heat
shot in the Royal City, tied for high
honors wiih a Vancouver man, nnd
then courteously refrained from shoot ���
lng off the time, Jimmy i'rice, sec-
rei iry ..f the local club, warn a handsome trophy, and Dr. MacSween was
.also among the prlSB winners. II was
the opinion of the locals that If lhey
hml had   Hill   Maiden  with   them they|Cliu
Chose Death to Drugs.
BUtte, Mont.. Aug. 20.    In the death
of Fred W. Martin in a local hospital
ii slory  was unfolded  which  lias  re
tuited In the arrest of Prank Clam-
net! on a charge of murder     Accord
ing to Martin's slory to the authorities
he was kepi s prisoner In Clnmpetl's
cabin for ninny hours and threatened
���villi  death  by  Clampett  who  brandished a knife over hlm. unless be par-
look of a drug to which Martin says
pi-tt  was addicted.    Mnrtln says
would have captured high average for
lhi. meet.
* *
����� .'��� # # <���
Ile National, out to de West
One tellygralT dey sen'
"Newsy come Li  Morrenll,
For beat dat Irishmen."
When  Newsy    com    upon    de
De Frenchman heart so beeg
Play lak de devil an' dey sure
De Chaiiipeins oh de league.
Ile run reun' de hole defence
Hces head dey crack lak cannon
He never slop, lie j��s' go eon
An' put de bull pass Brennan.
he yielded after he had been shot.
Secured Statement.
Ottawa, Aug. 20. .lohn E. Mac. acting assistant district attorney of New-
York state, was In town todav for two
hours In consultation with the Immigration officials, regarding Ihe Thaw
case. Mr. Mac secured from the department a 'talement of Its IntentlOlJ
to deport the fugitive.
tendon Market.
London, Aug. 20.���The stock mar-
i-ef was nulct but steadier today.
Healers advanced prices on Ihe belief 'hnt the Mevlcnn and Ilnlkan
"Ituitlnns hnd Improved. Mexican se-
-urltlec nnd enpner shires had a good
'-.ne, Mn'eonl and oil shares being
netlvn nnd consols finishing a fraction higher.
den he get    de    ball from
Peepul yell oneore
wave   der hand    de great
To more again some score.
S'x   Thousand   Men   Leave   Wlnnlnen
Per Day to Harvest the Great
Grain Crop.
Winnipeg. Aug. 2t). With the har
vest in progress, and an iucreSsinglv
Insistent demand tor help from the
farmers all over the country, approximately six thousand men will leave
the city within tlle next 24 hours to
garner the great crop, which passes
all records, both In volume and ex-
(������ Hence, according to the advicea
which the railway officials have re-
Tbe immigration shed on Maple
street which is the principle centre
of the clearing passing of the farm
laborers through Ihe city, presents a
busy scene, and the officials have
everything In readiness for the record
crowd which will swarm all ever the
headquarters this afternoon.
Eight Trainloads.
In all no less than eight trainloads
of farm laborers will reach the citv
this afternoon, in addition to the
large volume of the unemployed
tradesmen of the city who nre real!-.-,
ing that the pshysological moment
has arrived fnr them to secure positions before the rush from Eastern
"Minnie   Haha"   Is  White
St   Thomas.   Aug.   20.���Little  Hazel
Kord, the eight-year-old girl  who was
taken from the den of snakes at Aylmer.  by  the  authorities and  brought
to the St.  Thomas children's sli"H"r.
has been committed by County Magistrate   Hunt   to   the   care   of   the  Children's  Aid   society  at  London,  as  it
has been ascertained that the mother,
who resided  in  Ll ndon, end who con-
sented  to   the  child   being  exhibited,
has proven unworthy of guardianship.
The father. .lames Ford, and a colored   man.   Charles  Cox.   exhibited   the
child,   blackened   with  cork,  us  "Minnie   Haha."     Under  Ibe  act thev  are
liable to  fines of $1on each   and  one ;
mnuih   Imprisonment.     Public   sentl-
ment  is very strong against the accused.    The child   was  discovered   to
be white by the black coloring wearing   off   In  spots.    There    are    four
other children in the Ford family, all
younger  than  Hazel,  and  it  Is likely
they will all be placed In charge of
the Children's Aid society.
Trinidad. Colo., Aug. 20-Hopes that
a strike in the scuthern coal fields
may he averted have been raised tonight by reports from Denver that
steps have been taken by stale offi
cials in an effort' to end the controversy now being waged between rep
resentatlves of the United Mine
Workers cf America and lhe coal
operators of district No. IS. Slate
Labor Commissioner Edwin V. Ilrade
envoy of Oovernor Ammorfs, declared
this evening that "progress is being
made and thc situation looks much
That ia the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of  Electrical Work
De National de team, by gar.
Mak  Irishman feel sore
To sec de Newsy take di hall
An' mak one beeg, beeg score.
���Larry, In Montreal Herald.
it * * *9 ���.'.' *
ft   TS   ##*���*  tt   *   *   *
Large Will Filed,
-onto.Aug. 80.���The will of the
'-ie pnyld Smith, of Todmorden, wns
filed fnr nrohste today. The estate
me-Mints i�� M64.B17, and the wMow
ami son divide tho property equally.
Young Wife Suicides.
Moose .law. Knslc. Aug. 20.���Mrs.
Hirhi"i Itehheln. pi-red 19. wife of
John lfehbeln. of the W<il|)ii"'( district, hai committed nulelde. Her
husband found her hanging ln the
barn when he returned from work.
She has been mnrried for 17 months
and her parents roBldc In Regina.
Montreal.   Aug.   20.-While  waiting
on a customer nt his store, 241 t'ralg
street.   E.  .1.  l'apas  was  asked  by  a
(ranger who came ln followed by two
tough-looking    customers,    for    fifty
The request was more ln the nature
nf a threat than a loan, and as tho
man asking for II was unknown to hlm
lbe proprietor ordered him out. of the
nlace. The fellow refused to go quietly and wllh thc nF��tstauoe ef his two
-Irrks the msn nnd his tongh-looklng
'r'ends were huslled toward thc door.
They proceeded to put up a fight and
Mr. l'apas was the target, for the fists
of one man, who punched .him In the
face, while another whipped out a
knife and sank the blade In the proprietor's arm.
Three times thc blade found a lodging place in the left arm. while Mr.
1'iinas exerted himself to hold his assailant. Ills cler' ��� closed th'- door on
thc olher two men. who were held
until the arrival of Constables I.ehre-
tln nml Senlln. from the Chnholllez
rtreel. station, who placed the, men under nrreHt.
This morning they gave their names
as Ivan lestiilll nnd Uaoul de Oast-
nay. Thoy pleaded not guilty to a
charge of attempted murder, nnd wcre
remanded until September 9th.
Jap  Players at Nanatan  Don't  Know
What Chps Arc���Purely a Game
Of  Skill.
The charge of keeping a common
gaming house preferred against Mrs.
Mllla. a Japanese woman storekeeper,
was prosecuted to a conclusion yes-
t 't'day before Magistrate Kdmonds III
the police court The court reserved
his decision until today.
i .1. P, Campion Hole, for the defence,
! argued that lhe game. "Nanatan," was
I not shown by the evidence adduced to
| be anything hut a game of skill. The
1 sum of Tii cents lost by one player and
| founded on by Mr. Martin for the pro-
I sedition as evidence ot gambling was
', for the purchase of ice creain or light
',    (1.  K.  Martin having  also adressed
' the   court   nnd   both   counsel   quoting
authorities,  decision   was  reserved.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tahles, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
8 OLA I l\*w
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Ediscn   Photoplay
Edison Drama
Maurice    Corletto    and    Clara
Kimball   Young   in
Vitagraph taken in Japan.
MR.    HUGHIE    IN    THE    DOG
A Vitagraph Comedy.
A Picture of Intense Heart
Songs by Lawrence Children.
Week Beginning  Monday,  August 25.
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W. Savage's Tremendous
Dramatic Spectncle,
150 People. Symphony Orchestra.
Nights and Saturday matinee 5dc to
$2.00. Thursday matinee 50c to $1.50.
Tuesday matinee 25c, 50c, 76c and
$1.00. Mall orders flllc-1 now. This
is the original New York company.
Don't trifle with your eyeaiffbt Delay*,
t'lu'.ip fflauet 'mil unskillful treatment ot
;h" eye* are eure forerunners of tlu1 time
wht-n serious trouble will occur,
,..��� :iiv r.'julv iu render you ('xp^rt ai-l
in examining th.- ������>���������*. in furnlehJn;
Kinases or sjieotaeles,  in  fitting  thetn  t >
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
JUST IN���Heavy consignment of Scotch Linoleum,
direct from the factory.
ALSO���Car of Den and Library Furniture, Extension Tables and Diners. Up-to-date designs in
the latest furnishings. See these.
SPECIAL���For this week we furnish a bedroom
complete, consisting of good strong Iron1 Bed,
Spring Mattress, Pair Pillows, Pillow Slips, pair
Sheets, pair Blankets, Comforter, Dresser and
Bedroom Chair, complete for $27.50.
Five Piece Parlor Suite $29.50
Extension Tables      9.*0
Brass Beds   13-15
Five foot Oak Curtain Poles to clear, each ...     .10
White Reeded Cottage Rods, two for 23
Tapestry Curtains and Room-size Rugs at heavy reductions, to clear.
Get our prices in Window Shades, it will pay you.
The Big Furniture Store.
Sixth Street New Westminster.
���������^���[������  ��� i ������������������������a���������
White Rock
The Playground of B.C."
���.,���      _    BE    RE-
calved for The News at tbe foHow-
, g places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
I's Columbia street; A Spnce,
yueenBborough, Lulu Island.
setter pups. Telephone R 672 evenings, T. D. Curtis. (l'Jli:*.)
English Property There Now Turning
Out 25,000 Ounces Per
modem house close to -yueens park.
A snap for some one. Enquire 511
Maple  street. (1917)
���Sur will lhey be tl
Suspicion of Organi:ed Band of Criminals on  Boundary  Line in
the   Cast.
Visiting  Rabbi  Backs Spokane
in Attack on Use of Play in
School Studies
Clssslfled���One cent per word per
tint; 4c per word per week; 15c per
mouth; 6,000 wordB, to be UBed as re-
c.,i.red within oue year from date of
(,.,.tract. $25.00.
naby, 68x130, Will sacrifice for Immediate sale. Apply C. II. Patterson, owner, Edmonds. (1912)
.I line
close in. Owner, apply box 1916
News office, 11915)
.ure in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
ft 111 sill your household Roods and
.Heels by auction. Will guarantee
ia realize value or no commission
charged. II. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction liouse, King's hotel block,
i clumbia street. (1922)
Cobalt, Aug.  20. -For Ibe past  two \    Windsor, om., Aug
months the Coball   Lake  production gang of sneak-thleves
.has been placed  on  a 25,1100 ounce a ; alll]   women   working
I week  basis  and   lhe   months of   !���
and .Inly each show an output ol
000 ounces of silver.
Alterations and additions to lbe
I mill early in .lune allowed iin* company  lo  go  oii   ilils  basis  of  produc
Uon and It is expected lbat lhe 100,000
(unce monthly output can be continued.
Of ihls amounl  ��0,000 ounces cobles
i monthly from the concentrates of the
mill,   while   lhe   other   20,000   ounces
is   from   high   grade     sorted     under
*llu,   mUlons   .0   participate,   tho   New , ^"^bly, ��>����� ��
York 1'ost says: ���..������,,. Lnstrlal nature have become almost
lEuropean nations
'San   Krancisco  exposition
tn the ap-
FOR SALE���$1.01, DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Prldo Malleable
Ranges; every oho guaranteed. Mar-1 ground.
ket square. (1820)       since .lune the mill has been aver
'aging 17u ions daily. As tho classifications are adjusted and perfected it
Is expected that this capacity can be
stepped up to eventually 200 ions daily
20.���Is then
tlon companies around the border.'
One Toronto man has been foully
murdered, presumably by an organized gang ot thieves, and another young
Toronto man was fleeced of his money and jewels lasl week in the Cltj
of Buffalo.
Harold Rich, son of Harry Rich, the
old-time comedian and singer, ot
Crawford Btreet, Toronto, was robbed
of a wallet containing $20, a diamond
I stick-pin and a valuable diamond ring
while in lbe wash-room of
Spokane, Aug. 20,���The Rev. Dr. I..
,��     Jacobs,   rabbi   of  Congregation   lt-ny
transports-1 Joseph of Chicago, editor of the Jewish Record and a gradual,' of Vienna
university. Vienna, Austria, arrived
In Spokane yesterday morning and
will lecture Sunday afternoon al -I
o'clock iii Ti mple Kniunu El on "The
Merchant Of Venice" and "All the
World is Nol Vet Ready for Civilization."
one of tiie first  things  noticed by
Dr. Jacobs upon hla arrival was the
attempt  of   local  Jewish   societies  t>
have eliminated from  the curriculum
Buffalo  of public school., Shakespeare's "Mer-
nice."    The  itev. Jacobs
lonB  have  viral  affair, mov-
San   |.'ranriseo *uyu��lu.	
parent chagrin of Its directors, Should I remliurg.  in   uiapmn, ...-,	
do more than call attention io the fact tlonB or the work of local and national
have been overdone, shops and ateliers draw studious visitors from all over western Europe,
ArtB-and-oraftB exhibit
tiially become an aiiuii
lng from city to cltj
From   such   local  and   popular  expositions, founded  upon a sober, '.illness like  desire    for    instruction     III
Industry ami art, and a hop.* to further their development, the promoters
of  American expositions might  learn
much      We have not,  11   Is   true,   lar
rl.d the particular branches of craft��'
that such  fairs	
Since   1901   we   have   had   the   Pan-
'American,  the St.  I.ouis.  the  .lames-
town, the Alaska-Yukon, the Lewis and
Clark   exiHisltioiis,   and   now   we   are
planning 11 sixth.   The recent international decision thai It was Inadvisable
to attempi exhibits more than onei  '-
three  yenrs  would  fall  heavy  on
I United Stales alone.    Bul  the
attitude of European countri*
point another lesson,
all our expositions be
The   New
There seems lo hav
sires work by day. llox 1914 News
ortice. (1914)
hotel, a few respectable citizens
who apprepciate a comfortable and
up- to-date room. Rates $1.50 and
upwards weekly. Also three roomed suites furnished, gas, electric
light, hot and cold water. Only H
per month.
exception to the statements mud.' bj
 i   llligll'
Why lusisl that
^^^^^^^^^^ ,e  been   a   feeling, _^^^^^^^
that ii Is impossible for a national or  Germans   With u..	
���     llher lour    ly     Hul even tie* coarser, more nun'
neu i.i.* ,...,,,,	
maiishlp thai  lend tliems. Ives besl   tl
I public  exhibition  an   far  as   have   thi
-"-*-   develop   Sin',',
local exhibition to attract  e
��� 111
men or lady boarders.   Private family.    Hox 1924.
narvon street.
Aidan's Presbyterian church, corner Seventh avenue and Fourteenth
street. Apply to Oeorge Halliday,
1410 Tenth avenue. (1S96)
where. No collection, uo chargo.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 3116 Hastings street west. Vancouver,   D.C. (1825)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month aud upwards,
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
Apply cvenlngB at
212    Queens
Blx; married woman. Apply stau.fi
wages and references to box 1896
News office. (18J',,
s >
with the forty stamps. The recovery
is a satisfactory one from the additional twenty stamps installed last
spring at the mill whereby the ca-
UAit-1 pacity was increased and the produc-
illllS) 1 tion graded at a higher rate.
I     A  crosscut   will   be  started  shortly I
from the 226-fOOt level on No. 6 shaft
for another McKlnley vein which cuts;
I into    Cobalt     Lake    property    at  the
southern end of the lake. Several Mc-
jKinley  Darragh  swamp    veins    have
i been   worked   with   success     on     the
! neiuhhoriiiR     property     and   tbe   new
I vein  for  wblch  ihe  working  will  be
headed Is a similar one to those al-
re.'.dv worked.
Speaking of the drainage of Cobalt
'lake, Manager M. B. It. Cordon states
I that he hopes to have the matter before Mining Commissioner T. E. Cod-
son. K. ('.. at his first sitting in September. The plans and specifications
will flrst be presented lo the provincial board of health and afterwards
placed hefore the mining commissioner nnd a date for the hearing asked.
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section 18
<��r ihe "Companies Act." Umt the iil��,,v.>
named company intends, one moiuli after
the dale hereof, in apply to the Registrar
of John-stock Companies tn change its
mini.'   to   "Standard    Discount   Compan*/,
Dated nt  N.w Westminster,  B.C.,  this
thirtieth .lav  of July.   1H13. (ISTO)
keeping rooms; every convenience;
}1S up monthly. Knights ot Pythias
block, Agnes street.
on.* hall block from Central school',
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.        tlK9")
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, sec
retary. Labor Temple building.
Phone  H280. (1S76)
change for eight full sized lots
DL. 25, Hurnaby.
Plans���Machine      Guns,
Fire,"   Searchlights and
All the Trimmings.
Berlin. Aug.
..law   has   now
Red Deer, iii   exchange   for   seven
roomed thoroughly   modern   bouse,
well located, this city.
'  keeping    rooms.  *1      and    $ 18 pe
month at 224 Seventh street (1821)
WANTED Six or seven room mode/n
house for re,ii, have client who will
housekeeping      rooms,      li'i     Agnes
street.     Phone  638 L. I1S3GI
CLOTHING BUSINESS, stock and fixtures for - xchange. Price $6000.
clear bill of sale, for deed to prairie
farm, acreage or lots. Must be good
value. This is well located in big
city.    Rent only  $lon a  month,
South  Westminster School.
A    BARGAIN       Five    room    mod
house, close to car in good locality,
and   large   lot.     $2200;   $100   cash,
balance $26 a month.
SEALED TENIU'.KS. subscribed "Tender
for South Wostmlnster School," will he
received op to noon of Monday, the Isi
day ot Beptember, 1913, hv ihe Honourable
ihe Minister .if Public Works, r.u* the orec-
t .ui ..ml completion uf a two-room school
..ie! conveniences, etc.
Plans, specifications, contracl and forms
"f tender may be seen on mil after the
IiIh .lav ,.f August, 1913, ,il Hi" offi,*..
.,f Mr A .; Marshall, Secretary, School
Board, Smith Westminster; Mr *-, A
Fletcher, Oovernment .��������.;-'ni. N-w Wwl-
minster; er th,- Department of Publlc
,Vork��� Victoria, 1! C
Intending   tenderers   can,   by   applying
to   lie*   underalsned,   obtain   one   copy   of .
plans  and   specifications   fer  tho   snn,  of ]
ten dollars i'l��i. which will be refunded
* .*��� :i i  ..f plans In  Rood order.
Each proposal must P.- accompanied by
an .**. - pi.-.i bank cheque er certificate <.f
deposit on a chartered hank ef Canada,
1 .,-,...;,1.1,. in ih.. Honourable ihe
Mh ������',' r of Public Works, for a sum equal
In 11 per .���������ni .,r lender, whieh shall he
��� Ii��� 1 if ih.- party tenderHis decline I"
-..���.- Into contract when called uikmi i.i
.,.. *,,   ..r I' he fall    '., complete the work
��� * - ted for    The cheques nr certificates
..1 ..--1 ----tt of unsuccessful tenderers will
I*- returned to them upon He' execution .if
ih-* i     iracl
Tendera win not I... considered unless
ina.i.. ..ut eii 't,,. forms supplied, signed
with I*-'- actual signature of tn.- tenderer,
and ��� m loiwd  in  envelopes furnished.
'i'i ��� lowest or any tender not necessarily  BC ��� 1 '.*.'.
J.  E.  illtll'I'lTH,
Puhllc Works Engineer,
Department nf Pul,lie Works. Victoria,
i ���    ���  Uth,  1913. <issr,>
I'..   !...'.. ��� and 13 of 1...I 2, and Lots 1. 2,
i     i. :..   lu;. of Lot i, subdivisions
ol   i   *   *     Bul urban   Block   t.   In   the
Cltv oi N-'*..* Westminster.
"" erens pi  nf *.' 'I..- loss of Certificate
of Title N in, ���  *   9973F, Issue'! in He* nam"
��� '    LaChlon    M   ���:ail*le    llllS    been    file.l    111
t*i ���. . fflce
Nol ."��� Is hep'l ���* go '���" 'hat I shall, al
'���'.. expiration nf n" month from the .late
nf the  flrsl   ptil.li. iti.m  hereof.   In  u   dally
��� wspnper published in ih" city of New
WpitmlnRter, issue a duplicate of ih.* said
Certificate. unlesi, in the meantime vull.l
objection b<* made to me in writing,
.1. C. OWYNN,
District   Registrar of Titles,
l.n>id  Realstry  Office,   New  Westminster, Tt'*. liih August, mu. (1818)
.. eRS * "J.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE, Sappi rl* n. close
io  Columbia  street.    Encumbrance
$690, due $ln a month.    Owner will
take $600 for   equity,    If   you    are
locking for   a    bargain    investigate
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
It., t.eis 602, 603, H'H, nor., r.iji;. 622, 628,1
624,  686.  620,  627,  ti'2s.  02'..,  630,  631,
of   l���,l    27V   Group   1.   .Map   HI,   ill    Hi"
District   of   New   Westminster,    Port
Hammond   Junction.
Wl.et",,,-.   prOOf   of   III"   loss   of   eel I i Ileal,.
of tirl" Number umi'. P. Issued In Hi"
name of Kdwln O, Silmiitm.ls lias heen
tiled   iu   ihis  office,
Noll,*.'   is   herein*   Riven   lhat   1   sliall,   at
Hi.*   expiration    of   one   niulilll    from   ,tie
I ilut.���   of   the   first   publication   tier..of,   in
.lally  newspaper  published  In   Hi.*  ''i'v
i   N.-w   Westminster,   Ibsuc   a   duplicate
.f the gald Certificate, unless in th" meiiii-
tlin..  valid  objection  be  made  to  me  hi
.1  C, OWYNN,
District   U.gisii.ir of Titles,
l.iui'1  Registry  Office,  New  Westminster,  lie.  '.'ieI August,  1613, (lllll
The German army
_ , ,��� _     n   published   and   a
ilr couple of columns In the officials newspaper, Uu* Relschsanzelger, have sufficed t" make the effect of tlie measure appear much clearer Ihan all the
speeches In lbe Reichstag.    Tie- chancellor  has   received   the   brilliants  of
the Order of the Hlack Eagle in compensation  for bis efforts  in  this connection, and the minister of war, Gem
eral van tleerigen. has received a less
anxious post as army corps inspector.!
While a younger officer, General  vou
Ealkeiihayn. lias been appointed In his
place to cary on'  the huge  Increase
aad overhauling thai  the new law* entails.
As a result i'f the bill the army is
'"   to he increased in force hy more than
20 per cent., and  is  io he considerably reorganized ini" Un* bargain, The
number nf men  in the ranks Is to ho
increased from ",44.211 to 661,478. mil.
with the minimum addition of 110,000
non-commlsploned officers. 30,000 officers, and   is."mi so-called    one-year
men."   Ibe   total   peace  Btrength   is  to
reach lhe Heure of 814,000.
The Ci rman army will not consist
or- Infantry, 669 battalions; cavalry,
660 squadrons; artillery, ill!'', batteries,
each of rix guns; foot artillery, fifty-
five battalions; pioneers, forty-four,
troops of communication (post, railway,   en*.,   thirty-one;     commissariat,
Machine  Gun  Companies.
As regard!-, alterations lo existing arrangements, perhaps the most importani   is  the  increase  in  the number of
i Milliner, in New York the oilier day,
are thankful tliat their sou escaped
wl":   Ills  life.
The  Rich Case
Harold   Rich   was   on   hls   way   to
I Cleveland,  taking  the  train  Iroin  Toronto   to   Buffalo,     He   inleded   going
the rest of the way by boal.    On the
I journey a stranger shared bis seat In
the  train.    Hue  was  trom   Portland,
Ore., he said.     He asked for a  lot of
Information about the arrival of the
train, etc.    Mr.  Rich  told  him.  After
that the conversation took on a wide;
turn,   und   the   two   exchanged   confidences.    Mr.  Hich was going  to stay
in   Huffalo  for  a   few   hours,  am!   intended   taking   in   the   matinee  after
dinner.    The   stranger   decided   to   do
the  same  thing.     On   arrival   nl   the
depot, both  cheeked  lhelr  valises  in
the station, the numbers on the check,
: foil,wing consecutively.    At  the hotel
I they both entered the wash-room. Mr.
Rich took off hls coat  in  which was
his wallet containing the money, and
also  put  his  collar  and   tie  on   the
same nail.   The tie held the stick-pin.
I The   finger   ring  was  also   placed   in
jthe   coat.     When   Mr.   Hich   finished
l washing he looked around to find the
stranger was gone.    A search revealed  the fact that his valuables had  disappeared also.
Mr. Rich reported his less In the
Huffalo police and then returned to |
Toronto. At the depot m Buffalo Mr.
Rich sought his valise, and found that
the stranger had arrived and lake,,
it awav.
Since the association uf a blonde
lady in ti... Martin murder ease Mr.
Rich recalls lhe fact of llie presence
lef a lady of peroxide hue hovering
���around the Huffalo depoi (ur an instant.
Rabbi B. II. Roseiiguard of Temple
Kenesetb Israel, who criticised the
play but is not in favor of barring it
from the schools.
Owes Fame to Author
" 'The Merchant of Venice' is spoken of as a greal literary masterpiece,"
said Rabbi Jacobs, "but had lt been
penned by any other ihan Shakespeare it would have been looked upon
as a rank failure. To portray a character or type of life one must be thoroughly familiar with it. and Shakespeare's 'Merchant uf Venice* stands
a monument either to IiIh ignorance
or to his vtndlctlveneSB. The picture
of  a   Jew   clamoring   for   blood   is   a
manifest  fallacy, fur the 	
teachings  of Jews  make  them  abhi.i
"Rabbi Roseiiguard favors allowtng
this drama to remain In ibe schools
and advocates that teachers Impress
upon the students the facl lhat
Shakespeare was given expression to
the frenzied state of mind nf Catholic Italy, and that bis portrayal is
not true to Jewish character or life.
Why should the character and honor
of a race be trusted to a teacher whi
might, like lhe man who wrote that
play, be prejudiced or narrow minded?
Not a True Type
ists ur interested Inquirers. Slnci
Centennial there has mu even been a
slate exposition thai has aroused
marked attention. Some municipalities��� Boston, Chicago and other eit
ies have planned industrial exhibitions
upon a small scale, as an evidence
chiefly of city patriotism. Hut nn on
t.-rprise uf this kind ban ever reached
any magnitude, while a national exposition has as yet been all hut unheard of. The genuine artistic and Industrial impulse has been wanting
'Phe public bases its judgment of an
exposition loo lagely upon Its size,
Its pomposity, its cosmopolitan air,
and the gay waving of fori Ign llagf
above il. to have taken kindly to tin
other Idea.
The   local   ur     special
tractive hen'  of American  manufacture would furnish a basis ior similar
expositions, which mlghl prove useful
in stimulating craftsmanship    Indus
trial  education, and  a  detailed    eco
nomlc development, which have .-. n
��� I-������������.I sueh undertakings a natural in
���tltutlon     abroad,  are     making  head
here      When   they   produce   a   public
eager   in   follow   Hie   latest   ideas   111
every   fiel   duf   labor,   and   exhibitors
anxious  io show  their novelties, ,*v
positions mi (he Herman plan wlll find
iheir place,    om- present  slate lairs
are remotely comparable   to    ihem.
They are intended by a class seriously
Intent upon ihe lessons to be derived
from a comparattcve range of farm
products, machinery and appurten
-'       "">.iie   and
,,,,  _ exposition' anoos,  ibey   depend   upon   publ
religion and should not come, of course, as a mere not governmental support, an.l their
substitute forced by the imposslllty exhibitions are local iii character, such
of securing exhibits from abroad. It expositions as the Europeans *bave
ought to answer a dl finite demand could well lake th" place of ha't our
When tbe various sections and states ���struggling International exhibitions,
become competitively interested in exchanging for tb
one another's products their arts and bazaars a healthle
crafis, iheir styles of architecture*interior and exterior, their schools of
furniture and metal design, the lines
along which painting and sculpture
am   developing    it   will   follow   as   an
educational   and   commercial    need.
As exchanges of Ideas lhey will nut
require huge and showy palaces of
stucco and plaster; simple, substantial
halls, designed  with  an  eye  to light
ai endeavor     The
of   'be   Charge   of
with   world's   fair0
exp.'ii"    and   'vast
"Where  is the
I rue     . j i".
good  uf Instilling in   ing   and   Interior
Federal Capital Corrplains of Scarcity
cf Visitors���The Quiet Sum-
me,   Time.
llie   mind   of  coming   gereatious  this  better   harmonize
fallacy and contempt toranoble race?
It is contrary to the great American
spirit  of broadmlndedness.
"If the 'Merchant nf Venice' portrayed  the  real  character  of  Jewish   pen
pie, and    had    an  historical  value.    1
would   never  objeel   to   It.   but   it   has 1
neither,    if ii bud jusl  portrayed    a
type   ot   life  it   would   nut   have   been
su bad. bul why try tu make uut that
sueh  a  type  is  characteristic of th.*
iJewish  race?    If  not   out  of  fairness
tu   the   Jewish   people,   then   fur   Iho
memory   aud   greatness    nf    Shakes
pear. .  ihis  pla>   should  no longer be
aught   in   the   public   schools.
Tli" character nf Shylock never
was applicable In the Jews, and, by
virtue of their teachings, never can be.
It would he better tn have students
employing their lime in studying literature  more  worth  while'"
attractiveness,  win
with   the   exhibits.
flitter nf  foreign
Interest  in Tit on
wn'lld   relieve   us*
t  silly   Infatuation
as   also  ,.f  their
^^^^^^^tt Host   nf   all.
led frnm pluce to place, thev would
reflect a sounder regard fnr Hi" *-,,;,*(
,.hl.e's ur Industrial exhibition ''in
versa] expositions wuuld still have
iheir uses. Hi:' held iii greater inter
���.-���ils. they would constitute less of a
tax upon n flagging interest, and would
he   viewed   Inure   sanely
Ottawa,  Aug.  2".    "'i'he  season   has
been an unusually dull one so far as
i tourist parties are concerned," said
: Hie p.lerk at one nf tii,. city's leading
lintels,  this   morning,  ill   answer  to a
I query.
"1   don't  think   I   can   remember  a
I season   In   years  when   business    lias
I been   so  slack  during    the    summer
i months," he ocntlnued. "We used to
have   quite   a   number   of   American
I tourists traveling by auto, but tho
number has dropped off ihls Beason;
] the trouble over the reciprocity   of licenses  between  New   York  stat"  and
Ontario bas probably had quite a  bit
, to do with it. Kxcept for a few commercial men there is absolutely nothing   lining."
The deserted rotunda and the  .... |    	
.urn;, un-  ,.,i  the  register,  not  only died of diphtheria
| today, I in  fur snme time past,    were      Benjamin  Jewell
me'" testimony to this statement. father of the
Th.. vacation migration  by a greal   both Scientist
part  of the city's  ponulatton  strikes  that  ihey
English   Christian    Scientist   Chargsd
With Manslaughter Dy Coroner's
Chelsea aod Neighbors Have Things
to Say About it
Chelsea. Aug. 20.- a protest against
against the graining of a license for
the erection of a dynamite Btorage
plant mar Chelsea has been sent by
the residents of thai section to the
provincial  treasurer.
When the residents ol Chelsea.
Klngsmere, and other villages In the
township of Hull, up ihe Ottawa riv
er, heard thai tie* explosive company
bad been given permission bv the
council uf the municipality to i reel
ibe plani tiny Immediately arose in
iheir combined wrath and sei up a
howl. The agitation started, has, as-
Burned great llmonslons, ami now,
through Iheir liny, rs, Messrs. Wright
Gamble and Smart, uf Hull, a letter
uf pri.test has b.-eu sent In th" provincial treasurer, 'lbe letter has been
signed by nearly all . f the residents
uf I'li. Isea and Klngsmere.
The protesting leiter claims Hint
the location cf such a plain will ser-
lously effect the value uf property
and be a continual source of menace
to   111"   safety   Of   til'*   res Ident:!  Of   Choi
s.-a. old  and  new. and  also ot  Kings
���mere.    A petition Is being circulated
Washington  State  Lawyer,  Disccurag
ed. Will Make New dart in
Spokane, Aug   20    l il ci in i ��� .1 bc
cause of the attitude of pei pie I  *.��� ard
him   since  his  arresl   !a?i   �� nte
Canada on a charge of abet.I
napping, and  determlm ,i to  -���*��� k    u
new  field.  Ileal, i,   M   Crow, utl    * ���
United  Stati     . ommlsi I mi ���    I  ri el
ly captain ol compan)   ll   and custodian  of the Btate armory,    a  Bon    i I
Judge il   l'i,*   . ��� the  -*��� i I     ;ton
Bupn mi   ��� * irt,  has  lefl   Spi kane  foi
good     rdlng  to  Ni .1  i'   Rardslej
i li   .'.'s (rb nd tin l com ���
charge ol ins affali
The  il- .*   Ion  lo  le ive   was  -*,       i |
at   su.1.1. : .     In il          and   ll ���   di ���
Pin nn*.*   . ne niadi u da    iu  i nint?
fur St- ml.      Mi. Hardsley denied yes-
London, Aug. 20.    A verdict of man         auul,i
slaughter was rendered by a coroner's (li.M1 Bxpl0'g,1^g company" of
jury today agalnsl a ( hr stian Sclent-  ,,,,,, , , ,
 "ur-old    daughter U..,.  i-;.,,,.,,,,,,,,  a,
few   ist.   whose    seven-y
am   i.s   in.-   ,,,,,....      	
machine gun companies by ninety-four, i v'lVitnrs as verv peculiar. "Why lust
Kvery infantry battalion is to be given ,,lU morning [called up no hss than
a machine gun company as a comple- e'oven of mv acquaintances and of
ment. and numerous other machine that number ten wen mu nf ihe cltv;
gun companies are tn bo distributed  prartteallv all were professional men,
'" * too."    This  was  ih.- Btatement  of a
among the cavalry. The bicycle Is to
h" introduced officially for the llrst
time. The Prussian war office lias decided aeainst the folding machine
used by the French army. Fourteen
delist companies are to he formed.
,Rix entirely new regiments are to be
i i rganizi'd.
As regards smaller details. Beveral
novelties are worth mentioning. Each
| pioneer battalion is now to bo equipped wiib a special searchlight team,
The searchlight has already heen pul
'to si, many uses during msnocuver*
notably for lighting the hrldg
ers at iheir work, an.l ils
now thought to he proved.
Wllh this novelty the pioneers are
nlso to use one of the very oldest nf
the warriors' equipments viz.. "Creek
fire." lt wlll he flung Into the enemy's trenches In order to s'lmlbe- and
kind of highly In-
pVC-e'lt     i"
value   it
Used to Be Smelting Centre, Now
in Mill Business
Ketchikan. Alaska, Aug. 20. The
lown of lladley, located a few miles
north of this place and which was at
one time u hustling smelter lown, Is
fast coming Into prominence again,
but this time as a mill port.
Fobs Brothers, representing In part
San Krancisco capital, have taken
over the property and have installed
machinery of the latest type for turning out nil kinds of finished lumber, j being
The present output ls being warehoused until a supply sufficient for a
whole shlp"s cargo Is Becured, when
a steamer will be Bent direct to lladley from San Francisco to load. Extensions havo bee;, made and almost
all the old wharf built over for the
accommodation of large steamers.
The building up of the ulmost do-
sorted  town,  together  with  ..,._	
Its wuter and light plant, has meant Fleming, ut tli
the expenditure of considerable mon- pany.  yesterday
ley.     The   flume   from   the   hlg     dam  against tiie railroad compnny
above the city haa been repaired and .ages   In  the  amount   of  $61
water  turned   Into  the   big  tank  once !    The boy chargl
used   by   the   smelter   people.     Pipes]car roof stealing
are   now   being   laid   from   the   tanks,beal   him   over   __.
Iio the mill, where a power house iB wiih   a   revolver,  using   unnecessary I
Commodate a  Helton I force.     It   is   charged   that   his   scalp1
relieving bank n anager nl
the cltv and who Is well
Al) over ih' ' .tv 'he situation Is
ibe sain. in 1!" civil service. a.i'ni���.i|
Hie c'tv hall, offices, Btores. nn matter wh.er vmi may go. Neeessarl''
ihe abppneo nf members of th" staff
means less efficient wnrk by tb.- entire fi "������ nartl, ilarlv in the sioaller
concerns, 'nr the work of llie absent
ones mi:-i I... subdivided among thus*.
who have enjoyed t*.���-!r holidays al
ready ur who are anticipating Ihem
"Ottawa's dead In ihe summer time,  seemed
no getttns around it." was thel mump'
of   Hnrnsey,   the
hild,  and his wife are
Evidence was given
caleld   a  Christian  Science
���iciiler and nu'  a  doctor and  that   the
������ther expressed  his belief in th" efficacy nf the Christian Science treat-
lir    Bell,   who   * aid   that   lhe   child
had died of diphtheria, was asked hy
counsel for ihe parents:   "Is ii within
vour    professional    experience    thai
diphtheria may he presenl wlthoul its
; being detected during life?"    He replied:   "Suiiieiimes  it   shows  a  slight
lehnracter, and  does  nut   present  no
���ice*.hie synpiums.    Ill all 'he modern
.������elhuds nf illagni sis lhat  1 used It  i-*
likely lo he found mil."
"So there  mav  be diphtheria  pros-
cm  without being detected?"
"it Is improbable, hut possible,"
In-    It'll   sai.l   that   when   he  called
the  child   was  dead,  and   the  parents
to think  that it bad had  the
and   the   resident
tc suspend any action  uuiil  llin
posed   sliall   have  a   chin     lo
their side nf  the  mailer.
About   lln*'.'  w.eks  ago  Hi.*  ('annul Montreal,
  ;l trom A.
Mi ffiit mar Klngsmere, al a price of
$6000, the land In ho used f ir a site
in;- iin. erection ot a st rage plant for
dynamite and other explosives,
ih,.  treasurer  tenia... thai Mr. Crnt      I   ivin.t
the... . ^^^^
sweepine  assertion  of
mlBtlc turn of mind.
one   of   pessl*
Police Grab Alleged Gamb-
lerc in Bui.
Spokane, Aug. 20. In a carefully
planned raid on the Clarendon bar, uu
Howard street, between Hivirsld" and
Main avenues, City Detectives Chester
Kdwards and Victor Bonway last night
an*, sled five men alleged to have 1 n
caught In the act of gambling. Including Henry Ke, nan, the alleged conductor n'f the game Benway and Kdwards
occupied a dark mum in an Bdjotntng
apartment and say they watched thn
game for half an hour, during which
flno changed hands. Then lhey made
their presence known, hu' no efforl to
��� -.capo was made. They called for
the patrol wagon and a big crowd
gathered before the men were
|lo ihe stat,on and  hooked.
Keenan is held without ball Tlie
others arrested were Charles I). Phil-
lips, a farmer, aged 40 yearB, who
was released on a <2U bond; J. Sullivan, a gardener, aged 22, released on a
md:   .1.   M.  Hanley. a carpenter
stifle hlm.     A  new  kimu ...   ������..,..,.���   ...
flammable "fire-tube" Is to be nsnl I" I     New York, Aug 20    Mrs.   Leslie Car
somewhat   similar   circumstances,   It ter, ln private life Mrs. Caroline L  D,
claimed  that  It can  make tho rayne, today brought notion ln the bu.
trenches wholly uninhabitable for the ,���.,,���. ,.,.,,,-t agalnsl John cort, a the-
apace of many minutes. atricnl producer ol Seattle, for   $9,-
  242.87 which Bhe alleees Is due lu- h<
BOY   IS  AVARICIOUS la   resull  of  V".  Cort's failure to live
-������ [up tt) lhe terms uf a contract oovorinir
.Wants $51,250  For  Being   Kicked  Offfllve years, beginning    September
Seattle,   Aug.   20,    Harry   C.   Coble.
who  says    he  was    brutally    beaten
repairing Iwhen thrown off a car roor by one
has  meant   Fleming, of the Southern I'acific rniii*]"""""   ���".    _���-���
commenced action lyearB mentioned a thirty-week engage-
for dam* I'nenl season at $1,(Hiii per week, to-
i-p I gether  with  HO   per
The failur was committed  for trial
on the coroner's warrant i
in   charging   the  jury  the  coroner
said that the whole question of Christian   Science   must   he  approached   In
unbiased  manner, end    thai    the\***�� bono. ... .... ........... - . ���r
.-^j I aged 10, released un a Jlir. bund, and
must   dismiss  nil   preconceived
i"month agn une child j wns k"l,t ln J,lil*    K lan W'IB
^^^L*m        with conducting a aame and the uth
en* with gambling.
hive  years,  In ginning    Senlember    1,
Mrs. Carter's attorneys are Moos.
Prince ti Nathan. The complaint Bets
lorlh that Mr. Cort agreed to give, or
obtain   for  her,  for  each  of  the  five
notions about it from their minds
facts were lhat _ ^^^^^^^
was  taken  ill  and  was not  111  very
hui'-   and then the other was attacked
l*v the disease.    The parents got some
Christian Science treatment by telp-
IphonlnK for the practitioner   to   do
something. Just as the child wns dy-
lm- they sent for a doctor, but that
wiik liecaire they could not cot a Chris-
"ia" Science practioner, The lurorc
had i.�� consider whether tho child wnr '
po 111 thai nnv reasonable pi rson would !
Vivo en'teii   iu  a  doctor, nnd  If th' "
S.   o.hlson,
laborer, aged
cent    of
Hickcy, -Son of Ontario Pioneer,
Pa6Rer Away.
Ottawa, Ane 20, Tames Hlckey, aU
tils life a well known citizen of Ottawa and Vicinity, Is dead al the age ol
. venty One, Mr Hlckey lived ai IB
Chamberlain avenue and Hank street,
t'.oio'lii thil  and Huh
"ccoleruied   by   wnnt
death bad hi
., [which Is part of the old Hlckey prop
r n
oil leal   aid
alleged to have then it was
being  built  to
water wheel which will operate a dyn-!was cut,  skull  fractured,  that  he lay
and   nower  at  unconscious for u long time and  that
  ease of manslaughter.
nn th. IprotlU.     He   Is   also   aiiegco   ,o   "''V j ;,.,���','   'nr(m(,r i���1(|   expressed   the  opi,,-
ie that be was on the ; vl(U, for ���,,,. a carriage The coroner naai-   ��
a ride, and  Fleming    *     d rr(1I), ,������ n,eatre win never Mrs. i   ��  ���'���'   ^ >��W  " ��� M   ,���.���     ���
the   head   and   neck Carter mtgh,  be playing, and obtain      ���'      was  ��wen em
using   unnecessary If()r h���r ,lniwl.ig rooms and compart-  ���'��nth��"�����Bmmrt ���, first to cause
ments   in   trains   when   traveling   l'e- i ����� ^^~
by the season's
aui'i, furnishing light and power
the mill as well as In the residences.
The Bhipment of whole eargoos of
lumber direct lo the states is a new
vulture which will undoubtedly prove
a great success, as Alaska woods an
tween   ell ies  covered
������ - - ---  -    ., _ trips,
bis mental strength is now diminish- During the season of 1911-12, accorded, ling to Mrs. farter's affidavits, Mr.
The assault took place near Red-1 Corl provided her only with an ending, cal, August 26, 1810, The plain, gagomenl covering twenty-flve weeks
tiff   slates   tba,   he   would   have   left |during  Ihe     period     mentioned,    nnd
anyone to call a doctor, and there was
evidence thnl lf they had done so on
the fourth or fifth dny the child was
In a state In which the average death
rate was 80 per cent.
The jury, after an absence of twenty
minutes, returned With an agreed ver
demand nn  account
lent   finish.n
���JffiSWF Sn pebbly  M permitted ��-^K^~to--^kjR'^ HSSr^WK
, | do so. ���  '
twelve,     the     thlrtet
,-,.   ,   tiled   by   his   fath
John Hlckey, In the year 1KH2.
The   late   John   Hlckey,   father    of
James Hlckey, had live sons, of which
James   Is   the   lasl.     The   hoys   we,".. | paper
John,  William,  Thomas  and   Andrew
and James, the twins.
The late James Hlckey always took
a keen Interest In the public affairs
and commerce of Ottawa. For manv
years he has conducted a large market gardening business near the city,
He was a director of the exhibition
there, a Fenian raid veteran, and in
uth i these and olher activities he took a
| great Inlercst.
iiine was hecuilBe ..:  'le* effoi *
C.  Dom vai    atti no*;,    i ,  pr, ��� n .*    o
warrant for Crow's an i -i on a ch irgi
i f  grand  larcenj   * *   uci    un   ��� ���   the
dlsappearam ��� ol   ,-alua lefl   n hia
posseSBli i   a*   I *..i. I   Bl iti ,  .   mmis
Mr.   Crow's   resignation   ��a     I I. .1
in   the   federal   courl   yesterday
Judge  Finnk  ll    Uudkiii  Ilium ,1 it.
appointed  as  hls  successor   ' hn   I,
Dirks,  an   attorney   who   has  off ��� ��� i
In the Hunk, rj   bulldlnn
Net   Fleeino   from  Arrest
"Mr. Crow thoughl ho  lid do hi i
ter  in California:'  said  Mr   l; irdslej
"lie    has    guile    OVer    llle    will le    Cai ���
with ine and he seemed to think thnl
since his arrest last wluti r it  was too
much nf an uphill pull lu do anything
in Spokane,    He bus not gone on ac
counl of Mr. Donovan's efforl to s
cure hls arrest.    Thai case oi me* up
tomorrow before Juslice of the Peaci
Witt, but I don't  iliiuk  any  warrant
will be Issued.    Mr. Crow's wife has
gone wltb him, but bis two children
are going to remain with their gran.I
parents at Olympla for a time."
crown      Rumors  tbut   Mr   crow  lefl  debts
hustled aggregating a considerable sum were
met by Mr. Bardsley with tbo Btate-
incut that  there are many bills, such
us grocery, light, telephone and other
Hems,   but   thai   llnre   are   sufficient
bbsoIb to cover all Indebtedness and
that all debts will be paid.
Plans Not Revealed
Mr Bnrdslev admitted thai Mr.
Crow's library and law office furniture are in possession of C. K Mal-
lette, agenl for the Jamieson building,
where Ile had hla Office, bill added,
"I will have possession of them in a
Bhort time."
li   was said  yesterday  by  various
Iperscns thai Mr. Crow had expressed
liis determination, as long   as   twi
I week, ago, to leave Spokane,   H was
variously reported that ho was goln
to Seattle where he wan said lo have
j a position ready, and to San Francis
,co   to  enter   the   newspaper  business,
a line he is said to have formerly followed.   His attorney declined to Btate
whal   Mr. Crow  would  engage  In.  but
said he did not think It  was the news-
charged ,
the   lite
business.    Ile said  h
know his present destination, but
would be in touch  with him later
Toronto Market Unchanned.
Toronto, Aug. 19. -With the exception of Brazilians, Winnipeg Klectric
and Canada bread, there was little to
take note of in the Toronto stock exchange today following the udvatici-
Of the last week. 1
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122, 128, 129,
112,143, 111 and 115.
Corporall in
did wn ���
fourth dav o
Bvlaw  No
s the Municipal Council of thi
ol   in..   Dlstrlcl   ..i   Burnab)
Usui ni "f Hi.' electors on thi
November, 1912, Anally pasi
IHO A,  ii.ii*.,:  .i   by-law  '"
able lie* i'eipi.nillon  to ruin.- Iiv  way  of
loan lhi   Mnn ot Tw * Hundred and Fifty
Thousand  I lobars it26 I, I i  for hir.-.-i
IHirpesiH, the Bald i,\-i..w being known us
"Burnuby Road linprovemenl Debenture
By-law 1912."
AND WHBRBAS the C irporatlon by the
uld Bvlaw authorised lh. Issue di debentures tu tn.' nnio'uK of Two Hundred and
..-BMiii y
Iho an-
f   Two
id    1'
-.   (��U8
ii lum i
ll.   1
i, Hral
day i
to 1
. reel
*    1.
. ..|
. i .,11
pel      1*
i il.
�� i   i
��� : '
i  pe
i   annum 1
(92,630.8?)   having  hem  ratBOd   for  th
Hrst   vein*!- NiiikiuK  fund.
AND  WHBREAS  li   will  be i
undei  -.aid By-law No   UIA to
mi.ill-,   hy   special   rate   the  mun
in.,in..md Pour Hundred and Ninety-seven
Ul I   i*e 100    I mIi.nn    i 12,467.06)    to   r.inn
i   ��� u i.i*i*-  fund   for   the  paymenl   of  the
principal   mid  the  mini   ..f   Two  YliuuH.-inil
Five ll.ii..> .I  Dollara  I J2.800.00)   tor Intereat making together a total amount an-
nuallv  of   t'oui   T isand   Nine   Hundred
.ind   Nln ty-sevi ii   .unt     08-100     Dollar!
i $4.9liT.eS) for thc term of fourteen (14)
benturea iniihorlzcd by mild By-law No.
128 lo special na.- miffloirni therefor
upon all Hi" nn. iihi" land wlihln the llm.is
..I the said Municipality (Including District i/ii One Hundred uud Seventy-two
1172) Group One Mi hh mention.-.! In
raid By-law No. 128) In addition ta the
annual HinnH required by the snld By-
luw No. r:s, ih.- sum of s.-v. uiv-llv.. !)ol-
IJars i��u.<i(i> to pay the additional Inner, st authorised by iIiIm tiv-hiw. the same
ti be In addition to ull rules to he levied I
and  created  Ih  the said  Municipality.
(i. Thel*.* shall be raised and levied an-
iiuuliy during the cun*'ney of the said debentures authorized by tiiild Hy-luw No, I
un by special rate sufficient therefor
upon ull the rateable lend within the limits!
r.r the suid Municipality i includiiii? Dis-
II*-* l.oi on.* Hundred nnd Seventy-two
(172) Group One ill us mentioned in
wild By-law Nn. I'J'.II In addition I.. lhe
annual sums required bv the said Bv-law
No. 129 Un- sum nf Thr.-.. Hundred Dollars
(881    o.   pay  thi   additional  Interest
authorised by thl* By-law, ihe sum., to l..-
Ill addition to ull rules l.i he levied und
IT,*,*,led    ]|      III.*    Wild    M lltll.'l|>U 111 V.
i     7     There shall bo raised und levied
nu illy durinn the curren
bentures authorised  by  said  By-law  N
142    by   Bpeclal   rate   sufficient   therefor
ui nil the rateable land within the limits
of the said Munich nitty In addition m the
annual sums required by th" suld By-law
No, II: the sum "I One Thousund Five
ll...ulr. .1   Dollars   111.600.00 i to  pay   the
laddltlonal Interest authorised bv this By
Washington  Court  Will  Be  Asked  to  Chnaces Good for Lively    Scrap    Be-
Citizenship  of   Mann
tween  Impeached Governor and
^tojv-urs for tile repayment of the said loan
Seattle, Aug. 20.���Seeking tlie dis-
entranchisement of Joe Albln and
.Juke Gronlcb, federal prisoners serving time in McNIel penitentiary for
violation ot the Mann act, ('. B, Brock
^^^^^^ way, assistant United Btates district
' ��?.? i���'.*1 $�� I attorney, yesterday riled papers and
Instituted proceedings In tha federal
disirict court. These cases arc said
to he thc first in tho country, and are
li s: e;isi.s to decide Ii! a court of law
whether convictions   under the   Mann
law. the same t in addition to all .utes aot. wllen Immoral character Is prov-
t in the sum Mu-' en   In lore  enfranchisement,  enn    be
actual repairs performed, in the case
of J. E. McVtanaiiioii and wife against
Theodore Toblason, appellant, the litigation growing out of a difference of
opinion in regard to the terms of a
contract covering the leasing of a hotel at Othello.
Nels Loses Rehearing.
In the case of thc state against II.
A Nels, who wuh charged in the lower
court with stealing a gold chain foin
a woman, thc supreme court denied a
petition for a rehearing, lt was alleged that the chain belonged to Nels'
wife, but the court refuses to reopen
I tho cane.
The supremo court denied rehearing
j ing the case of .1. M, .lorguson, appellant,   agalnsl   the   Apex   Gold   Mining
I company;Steve   Yenco   againat   o.Ihn
I Hallog and otherB, appellants, and the
city of  Seattle  against  Arthur  King.
,    . I appellant,
i'or juBt,    T-j,,, s���p,,mn   court   |ir,s   affirmed
' the Spokane superior court In the case
I,..   |. vied   ..hi
nlclpallty ^^^_
Thi re Bhall be raised nnd I
nually ddrlng tli
. en. :.<*
if lu*- und  Interest thereon us hereinafter  men
n the Mined, thc amounl of Two Thousand Four
nt ,ui Hundred    u I    Nlm tx seven   and   01   I 10
|ui * Dollars (82 197.06) having I n raised for
1 vn WHEREAS lhe Municipal Council       ANP  WHEREAS   it   will  be  nrcessary ������,. blithe fateable land within the limits
.V\*    I,    ,..*'..���   i*. ������''   ''��� Iio- ml      iald Bi   .it,   N..   182 to raise an      ...     \"A Municipality In addition to the
'������,   ..'.'���. of" '        I tyi    "���  ,���'!',���."'   Tw5   ,**      ���ims required bv the said By-Uiw | court
''"',,i     ,    .,'v    *iiii.'*i   1912   IU * '"*���   Hlx   Hundred   and   rhlrt-   and   .'.* ;    , .     ,tl.   ,,.,.,,.   Flvo   Hundred   Dol
|l!'   "j."    ''"v  '   .   ��� ,    i.. By-law ���:    liars  U2.S30.87)     to    form    nf      '.Vsoo 00)   to pay tho additional  In
<"~ i      i,      ������,-".. i ,".,'i   to   nils     h. sinking fund for the payme f the prln   . .      .,,.,,   h,   ,M,     By
lo   emibl      ���-���*. '   ������ * ��    ',,.   Tll.���,.,,., ,.,..,,   ,���.,   thi   sum   of  Twelve  Thousand '���" ���'   aul"
������ iv   ��� I   loan  th    sum o      it      in |hl||rs B ���, f|>|. |M
l,"l!,;r   ���   i    in,;- ...m ������* *i    ���   ��� ��������� ��� maum* ������������-������"> ��� ��� ������ ' ��� mounl :m,
I" *   ��� , ''.!-,,,���   he Muni.  ; * -   "'   fifteen Tl nu   md " *���  Hundred
���������'���*���   ���'',;, ' ���   .'    i, ���,',     known   ns  snd    Thirtv    and 87-100    Dollars  (815.
'���       '   '       '    ,      ��� | :     ,..:,..      By-law   180.87)   tor the term of thirtv ��� mln   (SS)
'Bun .   .!.*.... i.-    !������' '*     ,,,.   ,,���. ,.,.,,;,...���,���, of   -ii.I loan
1912." , . ,..,.,,���.     ��� '   lnl"i fi   thereon ns  hereinafter  men
ANOWHBTIKAS i'..r,,..r;*ii*.i. *���     ,    ,,.,.,,    ,,r     ,.-,.,���    Thousand
Id   Bv-lav    luthoi /.-.I }lw Issue of de   Tw���  Mnl; ,., .,   .,, ,   RKt,  ,,���,   74 ,������
,..,.-.,-.     lo ih.   imoi   ' "r l'lf'>,.!"":: ,',,..   ",*'.-,   (18,281.74)    hnvlna   I "   raised
i fo-e i* ������ ��� ������ >|   i*. ,    yenrs'  sinking fund.
AND WH...RE IH  li   will   he  i	
un.l ii I   H.  iuw   v*.    i - ���   to  ral
;      ���.   i...      *     lh'    ���   ii   of   ' Ini
||     ���     I        .      *..    ......      ,:.. inn Dol-
i-irs .*'*'-"i  t.. form u sinking rund for
.. . . ��� ���* i* ���   principal nnd the sum
,,' s. -.���������ii    Hundred    and     Fifty    Dollars
(IT:.""        f'.r   i.i-.T' ��t   lil'.kln'.-   I..U"'ll"r  a,
Mi)   mi.,um   nnnuallv  of  Nine   Hundred :;"rj;* '. i,\,'thorlied by    said  By-law
Rev.n und  85-100  Dollars   (8907.R5)    .,���,���.���   s��� ,i ,i   nio;   sufflrtenl    th'
cause for dis.nfraiichlscnieiit.
If Albln and Oronicb are found to
Albany. Aug. mi. -Oovernor WllUain
Sulzer'B t roubles seem  to be due to
'lhe fact that    being William Sulzer���
he had the temerity to fight Hobs Mur- ,
phy, of Tammany Hall.
Kor eighteen  yearB he was a Tam-
many  man  In  congress,  uud  a  lively
one, I'"or five years previously he had
been a Tammany man in the state leg-1
islature  and   a  docile  one.
eight montha he was a rebel
'Tammany is particularly vindictive. , ()f UM    n f.()M aH adnlinliilra,or foT
!.",! ll���h.!!":I,.een,!a<;!!!?.a..v.e.r���y "R55T' the estate of William Codd, deceased,
appellant, against Joshua Ii. Langley,
I The litigation  resulted ovor the cor-
^mmmmmmm     _ , I rectlon of the terms of some written
It.    Mayor Oaynor has never been un-  document]
ous Bituation.    It  lives  upon  patron
age and contracts, and patronage nnd
eonlraets had been taken away from
���..-----*------.    . ,        J rxm wd -Sn I be guilty of immoralities prior to the  friendly to Tammany, but no one has,wilh a p(ock dea] involving securities
", ' ,'" swchii   nitey��ufflcient���  tTeretai granting of  their  citizenship  papers   ever dared go to the city hal! to give    -   -    --
 """""'""and thev are disenfranchised by tbe Gaynor orders.
President Wilson not only refused to
executed     In     connection
_      g sectir
of the Home Telephone company
they  are  liable  to  deportation
us  undesirable aliens.     Orunlch    is
Austrian  born and  Albln  is  Ruaslan
same to bc In addition to nil rut"s to be born.
levied and crentevj in the said Municipality.      ,,   i,.f ida vit s  tiled  with lhe district
rhere sliall be raised and levied an- ,  ,       .       ,   ,    ..,      ,,  .
ill, during th. currency oe the said de- attorney, John Speed Smith, chief ex-
hentures authorised by s-ii.i Hv-inw  No, amlner of the  naturalization  depart-
run*   BUfBclent   merefor|ment| d(,c|ar,,3 that the ordprs a(lmit.
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Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. iso
I mil;.I I   (8.)'
"riih-i*. llrsl
���hull   I''
ooo.cm to bo payable on the
l:t\    ..I    1 .  e   in'..el .    1927,    ulel
��� -i  ,ii  Oi    rate of  Four un 1
cent.im   i I' ���   i. ;   ���   nt.)   per
nnmi'  pu' ible   half *. u
ANH \v,ii;i;i*;\s the Municipal C icll
lhe c..i|,.i*ui|.in i.i lhi I "��� nu ��� .*��� :i ir
Baby did wnn the assenl of the electors
oi    ���: ������   ... .* si cond   day   ol   I
IMS,  flan       i ' ���    13    lav   No    I::.  hi i.i;
n    11.     v    ' i   . nable   th.    ' "f.rpoi atl n
i . -.    i      ������ ,     .,'   loan   thi       ui   of  Two
Hund   d     nd   fifty     Tl...in-.111.1     Doll u
I $251     for   in-    pi i; f   con-
���    g ext' nslon  of  the  U* i*i       �� ill I
��� ii ��� - ������ throughout the Municipal-
i .1 f..* I... being known ts
"Burnab' Water Works Extension H..*-
I.ivv  1��1! "
A.M. WHEREAS the Corporation bj thi
��� .et 1.. I iw authortsi 1 the I - i ��� i de
l>i :.*��� i. - io i'i<* amounl of Two Ilundred
.n.l Fifty Thousand Doll irs ' IStO.000 0 D
to tie i i. ei. on n.* Thlrts -flrsl day "i
December, I9R1, und to l)��ur Interest at UU'
recognize Tammany,  but    appointed
John I'urroy Mitchell as collector of
the port, on the distinct understanding that If he were nominated by the
tuslonlsts lor mayor of New York he
should have the support of the national administration In an attack tip-
and   Mitchell  was    so
' I
��� .-  ih.
term   nf   tl l-tv
Wel.-nl     ther.-f.
iiiinn nil the n hli  Innd within Hi" Ilmi'
of ill" said Munlclnallty flncluding Dls
trlcl l."i On' Hundred uud Beventv-two
' 17'.') c;-"iiti One (l i ;.-. mentioned lu suld
Bv-law No 14*11 In addition tn He* annual Mimii required bv the nald Bv-law
No, Ml thi sum "' Pour Hundred and
Tw. nt.* Dollars i $420 no . to pny the additional   Int. rest   authorised   io*   tl       n
law  il"* si I'** In addition to all rates
i . i.. i.. led and creoti d in iie* said Mu-
iu     There shall !������* raised mid levied
nuaJly during the currtney of the sui I ne-1 tne uuiu ui eunauum-aciucu-. -...,.  i���c ^m^Bmm
-���'���'  w No.  i,lui proved themselves of good moral P��lnt of view, the m,,st Powerful po-
..   ...   ���....    ,,    1-...-.A MitiCHl    organlziuion    in    the    United
I ting  the  two   men   to  citizenship  in  on  Tammany
I Mahoning county, O., October 29, 1904  nominated.
was under the names Issiu Albln and
Juke (    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
are Joe Albln and Jake Gronich.    It
is charged hy the examiner that the
witnesses   fnr   the   two   men.   Albert
Warner   and   Hurry   Warner,     swore
falselj   thai   trom   1895 until date of
tlvely hostile to Tammany, from every
^mm,m^mm,^mmmmmmm^mm-^m^^m^^.. L'P at Albany Sulzer was reorganiz-
rnlch, while their rral names lng departments and eliminating Tammany men from the pay roll. He was
attacking contracts entered Into by
the state, in which Tammany men
were deeply interested. The national
and   state   administrations  were  ac-
uid d'.-I the oath of enfranchisement the men]
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chai icter.
charged  they  lived |
I" r
,'i'i'mu'ili" I.dy.ble half'
-.;, WHEREAS the Municipal Council
..i    ih     Corporation   ' _
l,       .,,.,   did wllh in- assent oj
i.n,.il.   l'i
IllHtrlct    of
f February.
^^^^^^^^^^       uo.. lit
I^^JTw.-iily-HlKin day .^^^^^^^^
.ss  By-law   No.   rjx  being
':    t ms    ...   . nable   the   (
���   h     ���  loan '!"��� *
.mand   Dollars  1116.000    t..r ���	
lhi    *- i *1    It*,   law    Ileitis   knew ii
io.   "Burnabv   School   Board   Loan   N.    I
��� M '   v, HKIIKA8   *  *    Corporallon
th"'  naid   By-law authorized  in.    '     *
ren to i
i   n
.    ,   tl
rporatlon   i"
r Ktfteen
- ���   nf
lor Un- payment of tbe principal and the
sum   ������(   Three   Thousand    Dollars   (��.i.-
000.00)     r.u*    ml'rent  milking    together a
i..t.il um.n ni uimii.iiiv of Three Thousand
su   Hundred  and  Thirty-one  nnd   10-100
nullum U?..n:u 4m for tin* term ������( thirty-
pis  ���  (88) years r..r the repaym m "f tie*
said loan nn.l lm* reet  thereon ;���*���* herein
after mentioned, ihe
sand   Two   H.m.|...i   Bnd   Blxty
BO.100   Dollara   ($1,262.80)   hnvlnx   I*
nl,. ,1   for   the   ftisl    two   yenrs'   uinkluK
AND   WHEREAB   it  will   be  necessary
under said   By-law  No   M-  t,�� raise annually   bj        clal   rati   the strm of Three
....    1 le,.ite.1   and   Plfty-sevi n
u      1)4-100   Dollars   (83,187.04)   to  form
inkliiK  rund   for   He*   payment   >.f   thi
. rr.ct I
Lieu-  0 '
II. This Bv-law shall com" Into
iin u*. r, eeiviim ile eons' al "f the
i. i.int ''.even.-jr In Council,
U.    'I'hls By-lnw may be riled for all
,���,-,.,��... ns "in "*s\nv    ii|.;ii';vTfiii:
|-.-'".-|'.l'.SI'      CONVERSION      11Y-1.AW.
._     .,., DONE  AND  PASSED In open Council
....-".'.?. "'"":  the day ������( 1013.
'""' *     RECEIVED the assent  nt the Electors
the .inv  of 1918.
PASSED the day ..(
set aside.
NO �� m FOR
,,.- 'K1VED  He    ���
��� ��� . ;..*,< riier   in   Co
Rei ve
,.., .,; ihe Lleuten-
,:i  the day
Progre3   Made   in   Investigations   But
Nothing Has Been Discovered to
Wipe Out Disease.
��� ,..������
.'"'.'. """ty-sixth diiy of February,
*' "JSs By-,l,��L.^i1,"l!0 ralXlMlnni _(H,1U,M)    having    in   raised
f Slxiy Thou
,. i
1913.   ilnully ^	
law to       i.i- the I'.iri
..   .....   ol   loan "i" sum ...  .,..-.,   . -
Dollars     ��� i      foi     Si hool
,.,see.   in.    said   li-  law   being   known
n  -��� Behool   i:...ii.i   1....HI   No.  2
law. 1012."
\i HERE IS the Corpor itlon by lh-
u!...ri7..*,t  lhe
ml ������:  SUI ���   ll.
I..- payable
M irel     1962,   iin I   i
r.iie of  Pour and o
,   e- nlum   I 41...   pel   . - ul  i    l�� i
yable half-yearly
tinned,   the   amount   "f   Three   Thousnnd
One Hundred and Fifty-seven and ��4-I(io
���, iid    ll'   I ' ������
I .'*������'*  '
nolle I.
r    *   *
li *'  '  I
for the flrsl v. ern sinking fund.
AND  WHEREAS  1:   will  be  necessary
indi i   said   H- -la*-*   No.   143   i .  ralsi    .*
nually   l.v   sp.' lul   rate   the   sum   >.;   ' 'ii'*
Thousand and  Fifty-two und  36-100  Dol
, lorn   (81.052.38)   lo  form n   '.hiking  fund
r de-   foi   th.   paymenl  * I ll in pai and  ���  ���
ousandlsumof Flvi   Thousand Dollars (86,00	
1(1 tv,   foi    Interesl    making   togeiher     ;.     total
,   hear  amount   annually  "t  si\   Thousand    and
no-half ! Fifty-two and  36-100  Dollars   (80.062.3i
annum   for   lhe   lerm   "f   thirty-nine   (391   years
, i..i   it.,  repayment  "i   ih.- said  loan and
Municipal 1 interest thereon nn hereinafter mentioned
..,,,      win-UK ah      i""      ���"";'"',',',���.���. i Hi" amount of One Thousand und Flfty-
'sl; in-    Con tfon     (I     J""  two and 36-100 Dollars <81.062.86)  huv-
Coimcll      o        ;,���,,.���,,,>       did  ^ Wltl^ 1(  *, :.;l��..:   ...e-.l   ("I*   lb.-   lirst   J*....r'��   sink-
';'1���u:,',*v,.'"i';,|.:i'.>nnuii' ,V;-h,';%,!::v,""\nd'Iwiii:iii*;as  ii will  be  , ssan
3f>     i* ,e i'^i I- '�������������� '" V',";; tie s,i,i'io..l-i   snld   ii.  lew   No 144   .**  raise an-
-'"���'���"��� '" V'indi'-d  "housand"   Dollar. |nuaHy  bv  sp.ecLa.  rate tho sun, of  Llr
>    [or   Streel    Purl
..'.I    Three    I
, f l     **'
Hv Ini
tioad Impn
1013 ���
SM'    Wilf.lll'.A
,   .     ,. d   By-law
del ��� I '���
,,..'.     I
I'.'    I!
being   kn. wn   as
.,���eiit     Debentui
I I.sll I
I   1 I'll  the
ihe   Corporation   hy
authorised  the  Iss*. f
... the amount of Throe  Hun-
sand   Dell..is   (8300.000.00)    ������'
able on the Thlrty-flrsl dn
.  1962, iiti-l in bear interei
rt   Four  and  one-hall   i�� i
-.j ,)it cent.) i*er annum I
,\NH       WHKUKAS       Ihe
e.neit    of    the    Cbrporalton    ,.r    ti
of     Burnaby     did     with     th
assent  of  the electors  on   tti
.i.r,  ..;  January, 1913, Anally puss Bylaw
No   143 being a by-law t
j.-.r.iinui te raise hj  way
,,t* on.. Ilundred Thousan
iiiiiVfi(ii   f.,r   tie.   ruireoss^^^^
ki. nsi ms  ni   the  K"n -nl   water
hi -1.-. tMrivuKhiH't   tt^
* .ui   Ry* law   he'   ;   known
Water   Works   Extension
TAKE NOTICE that tlie nhove Is a true
copy ..' the proposed  Bv-law upon which
���   ���      its of tl ������ Mi nti ��� alltv will be tnk"ii
..n Snturdnv   "���    atti day of August   1*51*1.
���en >.. m   until 7 o'clock p,
t   the  polling pi   ** s
Munli nal  I lall,  ���: Imonda.
Wi sl  Burnab'   Si lool, Wi sl  Ilirnnl
Mr   Topping's Store,  13th Avenue,
'Hon Road Fchool, Burqultlam-        ,      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Dundonald  School,  Fraser Arm William Church said th
'���'    e.',';.'!1.1^."'.,'"  North  Biimabv      Investigations carried out hy the Ger-
i-',','.'  cluh  Building. Capitol   Hill    cancer |n   in,!i.*i. our colonies and de-
i **'<���  >��� *���������   I'-nii.y i.uk-        pendencies  nnd    among    uncilivited
���-'""���'""'  School, Lakemere raceg| h:ill t,(���.n continued wiih prolit.
PITllI.li' NOTICE Is le -'hv  ei-r   thnl   l nl,estii.-:itions carried 1,111 hv the fer
���   *.   ,.' ihe Electors of the Dlstrlcl of   'noesiiganons (nruiu out tj  uie i,er-
  ,,. | mnn colonial office confirmed  Ihe re-
l.ondon.   Auk.  20.    Under  the
spices of lhe Duke of Bedford the annual  meeting of the Imperial  Cancer
Research fund has brought out some
East | valuable information H	
in presenting the annual report Sir |ke8"n'old-"ge'nUeman, Joseph (
^^^^^^     ys Tammany      ^^^^^^
Murphy is a sile-* blue-eyed, florid. I
calculating   follower   of    that    good
game, polf.    lie had assented to the
nomination of Sulzer tor governor in
1912  with no undue  enthusiasm.  But
Sulzer was shouting his independence
lot Tamninny, and the political cat was
Inking   Home  queer   jumps  that   year
Job Hedges, w-ho had been nominated
for governor by the Republicans, had
never denied himself the pleasure ot
speaking his mind ahout his own party
men and ma'ters.   He was nominated
Ibrcause a machine man was impossible.    Oscar S. Straus, well known tor
i his  philantropy.  had   been   placed  at
ithe head of the Progressive ticket. An
i independent label on a Tammany man
seemed an ideal combination to Mur-
: phy. The chairman needed help in the
up-state counties.
Sulzer had always been a Tammany
, man.   The popular judgment of Sulzer \
was  perhaps  best  expressed   by   that
^^^^^   Can-
statistical iii
of   till
in th
Burnabv will I.   -   .
'i ui .' l'.\* low- al ""��� time nn<! nine ub...-
i >��� ���  I    net th -t A   tx. Moore h-w beer
mnnlnted Returning Officer to tuk" th.
vote <>f sn.'i electors with the usual powers  in   thai   behalf.
I.     C     MC  illKIO't.    Iteeve.
\    C     MOORE,   Clerk
Edmonds, it. C, August 14tli. inn.
I 1S!>4 1
t.-e't�� thev h'.d arrived at. The German
report  stated:    "lt is certain that no
01 n  growth
is not also fc
non, when he was speaker of the na-
tlonal house was Sulzer was a longhaired and shouting member.
Sulzer was addicted to the desk-
snliiiterinc sort of oratory. One day he
threw back his mane nf yellowish hair
and begnn to bellow about some wring
then briiu* done to Ihe cause of humanity     Mr Cannon listened with at*
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent.   Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing.   Good locality, well lighted and airy.   Lease for term of years
will be given.   Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
of     thi
,.1'h     the
nable the r"r-
,,i* l.. in ih" sum
nl Dollars (1100.-
construct I
��..rks   s
ltv.    ih"
'Hun '
���d   I-'
i ii  being n  i
mi Ion   to  rnlse
s .r Klthtv-four Thousand
.,.'ilm ei. i inr Hehoiil Purposes,
-law being Uni'wii us "Bumaby
Np.  1  By-law,  1913."
te ef
law, ID1S."
\N1) WHEREAS the Corporation by the
-..id By-lnw null* irlz. 1 ih�� Issue ..f debentures tn .'., amounl ���' Ono Hundred Thou-
s in i D liars t��1 o. HOO 00 ��� to be payahie
. ��� the *i*hi.*'*..fi'.-' day of Dec imber, 1962,
and i" !'��� ���* l"i reel il the r*u.. of Kour
ond ..ne heir e. i centum 'l'i i"'i cenl I
i��r annum payable half-yearly.
WHBREAS ih" Municipal Councll
9m^mmm^^ ntlon of the histrict of Burn-
ibv did w'lh the ;i-s.iii ..f the electors on
,. . tv ��� i/i. ii. ii iv ,.( January, 1013, Anally
1 iss B) Iuw No 111 being n bj i iw to
enable the . '...;.."���-., i.,.. to rnlse by wny
i.i loan thr
Dollars il
the snld in
��� i...r,|    It, ,11. ^^	
,v-^ i���   WHEREAS  the  Corporation   by
in., said  By-law  authorised  th"  Issue
debentures to ilu- amount  "f Kiniit    "
Tl ousand  Dollars  H4.00&.00)   to bi
..i.'e on the Thlrty-flrsl dny of Dec
1965   nnd lo bear Interest at thc r
rout* un.l one-half per oentum (4'!_
.   iii   i.i r unnum  payable  half-yearly
AND WHEREAS ih" Municipal Coui
,t    tie-   Corporation   of   the   District   or
Burnaby did with the assent of the e|ce-
. .rs  on   ihe Twentieth  due  of January,
ISllt.   Ilnnllv  puss   lly-lnw
:i   bv-lnw   In   .'until"   th
111" hv wuv of loun  tht 	
.'.-hi  Thousand  Dollars   i us.win nm   for
School  Purposes,  the said  By-law
known  ns "Burnithv  Schc
No   ���  Bv-lnw,  11)13"
and  WHEREAS  Hi"  Corporation   by
Cie   suld    BV-lnW   authorised   the   Issue   of
���debentures i-. the amount of Tweniv-eigtu
Thousand    Dollars    iSii.ntii-i.fini    tn   bo
t uV'I'l"   .ei    Hi"   TMrlv-rirst    dav   Of    De-
.* mber, ll*.:1. and to hem* Interest ut tho
i .1" ..r i'i,-- :i ei one-half per centum
,ii.. mr ("111.1 pu annum payable half-
and u-'n*:i'.i."*4 ..... debentures nu-
thorlsed l.v the suld By-l'iws havo not been
s-'hl nnd ..win*- io un advance In thn rnt"
.������* Inter' st for money sine., the posslnq
nf i'** intu iiv-i.v.s ih" snld debentures
1 hereby authorised cnnn'M he sold or .lis.
i.e**"-' of except ni ii discount Involving
;. stibstnntlni redic'lon In (he amount re-
.iilii.. in he provided for nnd It is n��o-
rssfte.' i-. puss H'ls Bv-law authorising
in.i .i. hentur. s to i'.e s .hi amounts t.i t><*ur
l-'ei*....'. nt th.. rale ..f Klve per centum
. r, p. i* .".it.i per annum.
and WHEREAB n will he necessary
under snld By-law N'... 1-iiA io raise annually I. ��� special ill" lhe sum ..f Two
Thousand Six Hundred nud Thirty nnd
Rl in" Dollars i J:',i',:i'i.s7i to form a sinking fund fm- ih.. paymenl et tho principal nn.l III" sum of Twelve Thousand Klve
Hundred Dollars ($13,600,00) for Interest mnklnu tOKetber n tntnl amount :in-
nuallv nf Fifteen Thousand One Hundred
and Thl'ty und s7-inn Dollara (Jir,-
mu.s; i fm* in., term of thlrty-nlno (39)
yenrs for ih.. repayment of lhe sold hum
end Interest thereon u�� hereinafter mentioned, lhe amount of Two Thousnnd Six
iiiiiMi-.ii nnd Thirty nud 87-1 on ��� -   T
the j Hundred and Eighty-three nnd B7-T
Burnnb) Dollara ($SS3.97) to r..rm a sinking fund
for ih.- payment of tho principal uud in.-
"inn ..f hour Thousand Two Hundred Dollars (J4.200.00) r..r ini. i-.st making together e i u.ii amount annually of l-'iv.-
Thousand und Eighty-three und 97-100
Dollara H6.0S3.97) for ihe torm of thirty.
'iu- (39) >.;irs r��,r Hi,, repayment of the
said loan nnd Int.���rest thereon us herein-
aftei mentioned, the amount of Eight Hundred and Blghty-thi  und 97-100 Dollars
��� *���<���",'.���: i    Wiving    been    raised    for   lie
llrsl year's sinking  fund.
AND WHEREAS Ii will be necessary
und., said By-law No. 146 lo rnlse annually hv special iui.* ih.. sum <��f Tw..
Hundred and Ninety-four and Br>-1 oo Dollars ($294.66) t.i form a .sinking fund
for ihe |
Inrs   ($1.4(10.0.1,   f,,r   interest   making  i"-
-.i   ��� ,,-,   gether  n   total   amounl   annually  of One
ntunlelnitl-1 Thousand Hv llimdie.l and Ninety-four
und 65-100 Dollars ($1,694.66) rm* ilu*
i i-u ..f thirty-nine v.nrs for the repayment of ihe snld loan nil'' Interest thereon ,   ,       ,
in. hereinafter mentioned,  the amounl  ef I elevators    - ,,,,,.
Two Hundred nnd Ninety-four and 66-100 berta tliis year in time to Handle tins
Dollnrs ijjtu-i'.i hnvl- been raised for 8ea8on's crop, hv the Alberta Farm-
the flrst year s sinking fund. , K1,,v.lU���. company, authorized un-
whAo��WK \a. sffii-ti-Z to the Farmers' Elevator hill, passed
according i" the last revised n����.*sni'in Ut the last session of the Alberta legw-
roll amounts t.. Twenty-two Minim One iatur�� The new companv is closely
"'""1""   !   Kls,,"-"';u.;!'"r;,,;i!1n,.'.s  ^"IS to the  omtad  Farmers  of  Al
pn> in nt uf the principal and the \
One Thousand Four Hundred Dol-|
Work Now Commenced and Buildingc
Will  Bc Ready for This Year's
Calgary,    Aug.    19.���Forty-six line
will in- constructed in Ai-
..  itrs ini Germany which tentlon  for a  time and  tben  turned
und Hit he natives of thelover hl9 K.ivpl to    a    substitute.    He
tropics, and  no new growth occurs In   m0Ved down to the floor of the house,
the tropics which ls not found In Qer- an(j  ,nok  ���  FPat  directly  under Mr.
uiany I Sulzer's eloquent lips-  under the drip-
Durlng the year there had been more plngB of Ih,. oratorv. so to speak. By
than the ubusI number of requests for Und bv Sulzer piused to p.int. Mr.
���nfoematlon as to the existence ot ean- Cannon removed his cigar for a soccer houses, or as to districts In which iond-
the  occurrence  of  cancer  was  above!     ������,-,���  ���,,,  jjni."  he  said.    "Fool  the
the average.    Investigations    showed people some more."
'hnt in each case which could be sat- I  .	
isfnetorily examined, the age and sex
ef onulafion appeared to be the IIII I |Ak| I |n[   UCI T\
w"!cVon0dmonas!her ta 'nca'or cU IMiLLIUNAIKC ilLiU
As in former years, various claims
of possessine n cure for cancer were
broiic.ht to the fund's notice Where
any Information which could be relied
on was available these claims were in-
veetlgated, and were, he regretted to
cnv. not horne out by the evidence obtained.
The breeding evoirlments to trv
and solve the nuestlnn of h��redlty In
cancer have  heen  continued
Special Excursions
When Hc Came to B. C. He Was Nct
Putting Slight cn Oeatiie
Five     Days
Meals   and
Sails Mondays (Midnlghtl, Aug.
4ih. Ilth, ISth. 25th and Sept. 1.
Glacial.   Island,   Mountain   and   Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th.   Uth,  21st  and   2Sth.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or eu suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
C. SMITH, C. P- & T. A.
f Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P.  D.
Phone Private Exchange 8131
ur, being
Corporation  to
nf Twenty-
nl  i',.,urd  Loan
Hundred nnd Sevent.
I is."lTri.iie i r,,r feller;,] purposes and Including Dlstrlcl Del une Hundred aid
Seventv-two i 172i for sehnol purposes I >
Twentv-twn Millions Slv Ilundred and
Twentv-nlne Thousand Two Hundred nn-1
Klve Dollars f$J2,6a9,S(f�� 00).
Corporation of the Disirict of Burnaby
i iiu.i:. as follows���
1. Thnt ihe debentures authorised by
snld UV-lnws Nn. I20A. I2IA, 122. 121.
189, 145, 14.*!. 144 and 14.", shall hear Interest at the inie of five per centum (r. per
i per annum computed from the l-'lrsi
dny of Julv, 1PK1. and such Interesl shall
be payable half-yearly on the Thirtieth
day "f June and the Thlrty-flrsl day ,,f
December In each vear during the cur-
rencv thereof nnd the snld debentures
shnll have attached to ihem coupons for
the payment of the snld interest which
shi.11 hen-* the stgnnture of the Reeve and
Clerk   unit   such   signature   mnv   be   either
written. Btnmpod, .printed or lithographed
:,   There shall he raised an.l levied an-
nually during tbe currency ef tho said debentures authorised l.y snld  Bv-law No.
KJOA hv special rnt.- sutPel. ni therefor
upon nil the rateable innd wlihln the Ihu
Ps nf th" said Munlclnalltv hi a.I.Mil���*.'. I I
ihe .'...ne.iii sums required by the sail Hv-
law Nu. 1?��.\ lh" sum of One Thousand
Twn Hundred nnd Plftv Dollars ttl.-
'.���cn eni to pnv lh" additional Interesl -���-
He,it....' bv this By-lnw    lh      ���
In addition  to nl'  ri"���������< t*> i
created In the sale  Municipality.
*1,       Tl'"r"   Shall   b"   Vll'l'd   IHI''   IcVp 'I   (. ���) -
rutnltv dur"i" the currency of the said debentures nuthi.rl7.i-d by snld Ilv-law- Nn.
121A hV speclul nil" su'Toient lie-.ror
noon all .'*.. "if ���n'.l" 'and wlI'M'i lhe Mm.ii��
nf the sni.l Munlclnalltv In addltlin to the
nnnui' sums remind hv the said IV-l.iw
Nn 121A the sum n' Two Hnnd.-".| and
ri"v Dollars iS'.T.n.en) to pny t'.e *>d-
al Interest authorised l.y mis riven,- ,1... same t�� be In addition to aM r"-s
t��� he levied and created In the suld Municipality,
4     Ti,,..... s'ei': o" raised nti'i levied nn-
lueiliv durinit ih- enreei
h' ���it.ues  authorised  I"
1 *?2 hv aneclsl rate
ah   Hi !��� 'hh*   1
of lhe said Muni '
tilled to the United
berta and the Grain Growers
company, of Manitoba, i
The work of building half of those
elevators is well under way and materials for the other half are on the
ground at the various locations. For
Ihe erection of these elevators 46 local
companies have been formed in various grain communities of Alberta. The
announcement of the status of the
worlt, which comes ns a surprise, was
made at the meet Ing of the provisional directors of the Farmers' Elevator company, held here todav. Active
In the deliberations of todnv'a session
w-as President W. ,1. Tregillus, of the
United Farmers of Alberta; Secretary
he Past Month I court h-- .-   ...
_^^_^^^_    , ,    . tier on affidavits, ihat the planum was
������..,, ^r^ordlng to thcln'ot^umy'of contempt for failing to
record maintained by the departmenl
DcmiriJn  Fip �� fcr
Buy the News-Read the News
SiftaJWSSiSlAfl the NewWestminsterNews
( f labor, industrial conditions showed
��� n Improvement in regard to the labor
disputes durum July. There wore 24
In existence as compared with "7
during the previous month. A silll
nr. ater Improvement Is seen when
the comparison is made between tho
present inonth und the corresponding
p.-riod lasl year when there were 16
strikes and lockouts existing in the
Dominion. During July, 1913, about
152 firms and 8000 employees wcre involved in strikes and lockouts as compared with .InO firms and 11.957 employees affected by trade disputes during the previous month,
There was a alight  increase in the
heed an interlocutor.-,
court, that leaving the
contempt, ihat fallur
Judgment  wa
levied and
Woodbrldge, of the snm" organlta ,
tlon; Vice-president E. ,T. Frcam. of loss of time to employees, about 188.-
Din Drain Growers, and mnnv other'000 working days beliiK loBt, as com*
nromlnent   members  of  the  farmers': pared with approximately 1S1,000 dur*
nnizi'tlon from nil partit of the province. More than 100 were In attendance,
ini; June.
_^_ said
,i,l   iii.iiw   No
...melent therefor -non
n.l"    '.-Mh'"    the    lle'ts
,���!,,. in addition J i the
Hull. Aug. 20. -Some thirtv Hull
propi riles will be sold by the city
to satisfy their demands In the matter of municipal taxes and assessments, which have not been paid for
Washington, Auk.   19.���Unexpected l
development*  In  regard   to  currency!
reform   legislation   In   the  senate  to-   th(1 pa3,  ,u.���  V(1,lrs
day promised serious complications for |    nt    ,,u>rk ,;������,      ,g ,mrd nt W()rk
Prealdent Wilsons pans for th" pas-I   lilk,       oul  ���8ta ,������  ���u,   d(,���ntl���t,���t,
n:;e of ,i currency hill at this session |     fl   , ,u b d 'fl    h   jove
order  or   Uie |
state was not:
io obey the final '���
contumacious conduct. I
but that  the right of appeal is some- |
thinR  not  to he taken away  lightly,!
,tic supreme cour' today denied the pe- I
'tition to have the appeal dismissed in
Ithe case of Harry A. Junes, appellant ]
against Clara 11. Jones,   The case had j
heen heard before Judge John E: Ilum-I
phrics.  of  the  King  county   superior |
court. '
Appeal Is Matter of Right.
The supreme court says. In part:
"Whereas, In this state an appeal Is
a matter of rluht, the party feeling
himself aggrieved by a judgment is
not deprived of the privilege of having
It reviewed by reason of the fact that
he may be in contempt for disobedience to such judgment."
In this case Jones, a Canadian millionaire. Started suit for divorce In the
King county superior court, alleiiiiiR
himself a resident of Washington.
His wife was grunted a decree on a
cross bill, was awarded certain property deeded her before, and was to get
certain Vancouver, 11. C, property.
Jones was given a certain time to deposit lhp deed ln court or to pay t'JUO,-
000 alimony, After Jones left, the
court said he wouldn't make lt optional,  but  wanted   tho  deed   turned
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with tbe greatest favor wherever laid.
of congress.    At  A conference or tne i T,        ,      , adver-I Hastens to  Canada.
Democratic members of the senate JW, ^ take place on September 24 Before the time expired Jones has-
currency committee, Chairman Owen. If " �� ^ " |<��� <;�� ��.-P-U i r 4 ,^^ )o ^^ ^^ ^ ^^
who has heen considered onei 0 the; ^^"^icc to reWt, their propertv tt? iU,'""n ��f *��� Was,,t!,f,0(n ���,ir''
'     �� " by paying their taxes In the Interval. ���"? ,lu; wa*  nol  a  ">Blll>>��t   thern'
taxes  have   all   heen   owing��� ���? ,?ud��* Hump'!j?Ji   ,when    JonM
.-.i.iij���.(     .,������.,.,,.     ..ptercd
:���.!   si"
*|ld   IP*
. 'fie    lloll.,"'!     ( $1   ":,a  0 0V     to
���.,���  , ,.1(V"on*'l   l'i'- 1   ���.���|i-..-'~ ���'   Inti 's Bv-lnw the snme to ' i ni.'ition to
nil   i-..��es   lo   I���   levied   und   created   111   the
said Municipality.
r..    Th.-" shall ne raise., imd levied nn-
nuiilly du.iiiK the currency of the said de-
orlKinc.l framers of tho
clear to his asso. lates lhat hn wns opposed to several features of thc bill,
including the plan for 12 regional reserve hunks, ami that he would recommend important changes In thc
The  results  of  the  senate  conference have heen to leave the currency
These  taxes  nave  an   bee,,  owing j^-.      j- ,���������,���,      ]������,,������.,���
for two years and   he amounts vary !       ^  h\\n f()r ullm()Ilv  ,���  ���u> Bum
from $11 up, the highest being 1271.42, ���{ gg0o,ooo with 110.000 attorney fees.
The list of negligent property owners [ np8plte ,,onos' departure, the court re-1
Includes   many   prominent  ratepayers , fniU,8 to dismiss his appeal ln tho dl-
of Hull.    AinotiK them arc:    The O.nt-1 vorco case.
Inoati  Macadamised  Hoad    company, |    ij^, supreme   court    reverses   the
Bltulithic on Second Street, New ��'       .tor with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Illtullthlc ls noiseless, nun-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Illtullthlc Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted; by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
I Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
,.���..  ...... ...... ���.*��� ���*������  ~* - ",:��|th. National Vinegar company, M. P. I Adams county superior court In al-* |     phon, 8eymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Itates and neary thirty others.
lln  awarding a smaller  sum  for tho I
��� ���j
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especially for our
trade after ,nuc".i -difficulty in
procuring it. Delightful for
Suudeas. Especially nice for
Fruit Salad and a dozen other
neat dishes. Hemembcr we are
sole agents for this product, per
tlu 30c.
Sliced reaches���These are
very .hard to procure and only a
limited pack, so be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
California Limes���Jucler than
lemons and far cheaper. For
drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
cannot be beaten, per dozen 20c.
lion Ton Raisins���A No.
best ou the market, 2
pkgs.   25c.
1. The
reaches,  per lb	
Pears,   2   lbs 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
Crapes,  per  lb 20c.
Oranges, doz 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,   dozen    I. .30c.
Canteloupes ...o. .'15c.
Watermelons    35c.  to 65c.
THE        '
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
is a motto every young
man should constantly
keep before him.
Money set aside makes
a man a better employee, a better man. It
gives to him that self-
confidence so necessary
to success.
An employer generally considers a savings
account as the highest
kind of recommendation.
If you have not yet
become a regular depositor, come here and open
an account. One dollar
is sufficient to start it.
You will be extended
every courtesy.
You will be a better
man everv dav for the
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
G06 Columbia St.
l'aid-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Admlnls-
tralion, over $6,000,000,
TniBtoo for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Greater vV estmmster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The city school trustees meet tonight in the board offices at 8 o'clock.
C. A. Welsh, president, and I). E.
MacKenzie. mannger and secretary of
thc R, A. & I. society, left yesterday
on a trip to Vancouver island iii lhe
interests of the annual provincial exhibition to be held here this fall.
St.  Al-
A building permit was issued yesterday to A. McConnel, Sixth avenue.
to erect a residence there at a cost
of $2500.
At the Burnaby board cf trado
meeting last night lt was decided to
change Ihe scene of the annual picnic
from Pitt  lake to Indian river.
Fire Chief Watson will attend the
annual convention of the Pacific Coast
Association of Fire Chiefs at Tacoma.
lie haves on Sunday morning nd expects to he absent a week.
II. J. Kussel, formerly with Denny &
Uoss, has severed his connections with
Tlie annual garden fete of
ban's church will bo held at the rcsl- i that firm and has gone Into business
dence of Mrs. 1.. ('. IHU, llurnaby lor himself at the Westminster Auc-
Lake, on Saturday, 23rd, 2','itl to dark.' tlon house, in the King's hlock, Col-
Tennla siiorts.   Refreshments. Admis-lumbia street.
slon free.   Everybody welcome. (1V19)
W. M. Chapman, accountant at l.ees
Limited for some time past, has resigned to take a position as head accountant in tlie Dominion fishery
offices hero, in place of Mr. Ethering-
tou,  who  is  to  bo   in  charge  of  the
Last night the new  moving picture
theatre  al   Maillardville   was  opened
by Messrs.  Murphy and O'Brien with
'a good  BbOW.    There  was  a crowded
i house and the exhibition was appreciated.
.  ,   , ,, , Word  was received  irom Secretary
commercial department at Columbian , ^^ rf  [^ ^^ Q. ^^  y(JBtJ.
college, when the fall term opens.
Lacrosse���Don't forget the date.
Saturday, August 2.1, Queens park, at
3 p.m.    Admission 25c. (1923)
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod, (1828)
Each mistaking the other's actions,
two autoists, one from Vancouver and
the other a local man, collided opposite the Westminster Trust building
yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock
The cars suffered lii tie damage, both
drivers feeling well pleased that
nothing serious resulted and each
blamed himself for the cause of the
day that Hon. George E. Foster, minister of finance, will he unable to
visit New Westminster before he returns to the east. Mr. Wade paid a
visit to Victoria on Tuesday in order
to interview Mr. Foster as regards
hls itinerary.
B. C. telephone employees to the
number of 414, of whom many were
from this city, enjoyed the annual
picnic arranged by the company on
Tuesday evening, thc destination being llowcn island. The steamer
Bowena was chartered for the occasion and when the island was reached
at 9 o'clock, dancing was indulged in
until midnight. An orchestra was
taken along on the trip. Thc Westminster party arrived hack early yesterday morning hy special li. C. K. It.
Burqultlam persons wishing to show
what the districi    oan    produce    will |
send anything they wish towards Van-
couver  district  exhibit  to  W.   Whit-      still another boat has been  found
ing not later than August 27.      (1903) [necessary to'   carry    thc    passengers
who will attend the picnic of the bar
George H. Leaf, of Eurnaby, Charged
With Wilful Neglect Elects for
Summary Trial.
Changing his  decision  to call  fur- ���
ther witnesses, counsel for (ieorge H. i
Loaf, of Kast llurnahy. who is charged
with  wilful neglect  while driving an [
auto on the evening of May 17 and do- ;
ing bodily harm to William Watts also
Of  Kast  Burnaby,   rcsled  his case  In.
thc  Kdmonds  court  yesterday  morning,   after  which   Magistrate    lleatty
committed accused to Btand trial  in ;
the county court.
Mr. Leaf elected for speedy trial '
before .lodge Iloway, the case being',
set for Sept. 27. Accused was allow- j
ed out on ball, furnishing personal se-
curlties of $1000 uiul two bonds of'
}500 each.
Watt was run down hy Mr. Leaf's I
auto, while alighting from a strei t car j
at the corner of Sixth street and j
Seventeenth avenue, and remained In ;
the Royal Columbian hospital for 13 |
weeks, while nine hones in his body
broken by the impart, were allowed i
to mend,    The man is 58 years old.
Civic Delegates Receive Only Promise1
of Consideration  Next Year from
Company Officials.
II. J. Russell, a man well known in
business circles here, haB opened a
down-to-date auction house In the
King's hlock, Columbia street. The
concern iB know,, as the Westminster
Auction houae. and although In operation but this week, everything points
to Its success. Furniture is the only
article handled, and owing to skilled
and experienced management this line
of goods can be handled to the utmost
advantage   of   either   buyer   or   seller. I
Lacrosse���Mann cup holders at
Queens park on Saturday. Support
the Amateur Lacrosse club. Adniis-
sion  25c. 11H2I! I
Nujur Singh, charged with forging
a cheque purporting to be signed by
one Kapoar Singh, and also with obtaining the sum of %\m from Phillip
K. Sangster by means of u worthless
Cheque, elected for Iriul hy jury yesterday before the Hon, Justice Morrison. Ilia trial wus remitted to the
next assizes. Hail wus allowed In a
personal bond of $2000 and two collateral securities or $1111111 each, to tli ���
satisfaction of tho registrar.
Lacrosse match at Queens pink S:it
urday, August 23. Vancouver vs.
Westminster, at 3 p.m. Adnilssl in
26c. (1923)
A charge of the thefl of $3(1 laid by
one Sikh against another In the police
court came up for hearing yeBterday,
Liihna Singh, who laid the charge, expressed a wish to withdraw tho accusation on restitution being made.
Huhiar Singh, the accused mini, de-
blared ho look possession of the
money for safekeeping as l.ulina was
drinking und ho feared ho would
lose ii. Tho magistrate was not altogether satisfied and will deal with the
cisc today.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,
i gravel, sand, rock and fuel oll. apply
io the n. 1'. Transport Co., Ltd. Offlc,'
.phone S2'i, wharf phone MSO.     (1829)
Tli.. trustees of tin* Burnaby school
board are opening two manual training  centres,   one   at   Kingsway   west
I (Weal Burnaby) nml the other ut Edmonds street  SCllOOl,    Ueorge SieviTS,
late (f Dawson school, S'ancouver, hn 1
been appointed Instructor, Tin* Kings-
way west centre will be open for Inspection on Friday, the 22nd Inst., be-
I tween lhe hours of In nud 12, and 2
and .',, when it is hoped ilu- residents
will look over the school, which bus
been thoroughly equipped in accord
anco with the government's require-
A  deputation   representing  Coquitlam, N'ew  Westminster and  l'ort Coquitlam met Mr. Sperling, manager of |
the B. C, E. R.  yesterday in Vancou
Make a Note of lt
Saturday, Aug. 23rd will be the opening-
day of the sale of the entire stock of
Lees Limited.
We bought this stock at a price which
enables us to sell you goods for less than
manufacturer's cost.
Watch and wait for startling price reductions in every department.
Watch Our Windows
McAllisters9 Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
tenders' union at Derby on Sunday.
The Transfer and thu Fort Langley
had been previously chartered and the
committee added another vessel to
the list yesterday.
The  extension  of  the  Fraser  Mills
line to Fort Coquitlam and the exlen
sion   of   the   Sapperton   line     up     the |
North road were discussed.
While the discussion was academically   Interesting   tlie   parties   did   not
make   much   tangible   progress.    The
money   stringency  bogey  was trolled (
out in all its fearaomeness    in    the
Fraser Mills case, and the high level j
bridge  across  the  Brunette  river did
duty   for   the   tightened   finances   ln I
Mayor Mars and City  Solicitor    P. jthe North road cate.
Mclntyre,   Hurt   Coiiuitlam.   left    fori    In the North road case it was repre-
Victorla yesterday.   They will consult sented to Mr. Sperling Unit the grade
with  Attorney General  Howser upon from the city to Brunette    was    less
exact  position of the    city  in  regard I than the asylum hill and that one of]
to its power to Impose tint  rates    of tho  conditions  upon  which  the  Hur-
taxatlon  upon   industries  locating  lnlnaby   franchise  question  was settled
The final organization of the News
boys Protective union will be hold in
the Labor temple on Saturday evening, when all members will be obligated and permanent officers elected
and inducted Into office.
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHIIES& Co., Official Apis
the city.
Thc residence on Craig streot, Sapperton, occupied by Henry Hoodly
was burned to the ground yesterday
morning, The furniture in the bouse
was totally consumed. Tin- building
belonged to .1. Henderson, contractor,
Kelly street, and was Insured for $800.
Although practically in Sapperton
Craig street is in Hurnaby about llin
feet over Hi., city boundary. Mr.
Deadly arid his famil) were absent
from home a! the time.
1   of   the   Sapperton
road as inr as the
TAXES  1913.
was the extensloi
line up the North
Austin road.
Mr. Sperling expressed his desire to
see both extensions accomplished hut
it was financially impossible just now.
However, he promised to look Into the
matter very carefully and if the company '.'- und the projects at oll feasible
hc would recommend that the necessary appropriation he made next year
Those present were Reeve Harth.
Councillors, R. .1. C. Atkins and E.
Mart'n.. Conultlam; Aldermen White
,iiiid Do.Id. New Westminster, nnd Al-
|derm-��n D E. Welcher and E. S Mor-
I'ort Coquitlam.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application." H. W. MORRIS;
i -
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the re
bate period will expire on August 'iii.
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned Immediately,
giving full description of their properly.
W.   II.  GRIFFIN,  Collector,
(1840) Edmonds,
Fishermen Drowned.
Macao, Aug. 20. One hundred and
fifty fishermen were drowned am'. '
many junks were wrecked by the j
typhoon which swept the Chinese i
coasl Tie*re also were many casual- I
tics on shore, the majority of them j
being  due  to  lions, s  collapsing.
art in  turning out  large  numbers of
copies  of  various  commercial,  legal
'nml   official   documents   quickly.
I     'llie success of Hie school since its
I inception     has     been     phenomenal
Seven hundred Btudents    bnve    been
I turned out  to situations during that I
'time, well equipped for commencing ai
I business career.
The school  is  in  close  touch  with ���
I legal and commercial houses desiring
I assistance and after a course in either
or  both  departments,  experience  no
difficulty in  securing  positions.    Tli"
evening classes start  oi)  Sept.  1
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
(Continued from page one)
About 1500 fathoms of ii'-** inch
mesh lish net In various lengths will
be s ,ld by public auction al the Dominion fisheries wharf Sapperton, on
Saturday, the 23rd inst.. at 1:30
o'clock p.m.
(Signed)       F. H. CUNNINGHAM,
(1920)     chief Inspector of Fisheries,
Fred Davis will  sell hv
tioll    (for   II.   .1.   Ulisselli,   111   hi
minster  auction   house,   King
bock.  Columbia streel,
evening.  August   23     at
(ioods  will   Include  beds
mattresses, oak book ens.
stands,  gas  ranges,
linoleum, etc.
Ilesldence Y. W. C. A.       Thone 1324.
Maternity, surgical and
iheoical cases attended.
IbB. 26c
The laat lap of the paved highway
between Kdmonds and Central l'ark
will likely be completed toward thc
end of this week. Yesterday morning
the paving company commenced
operations cn laying the cement for
a short distance near Hoyal Oak. and
when once tills set. the top layer will
I...   laid   and   truffle   allowed   through
d'reet    from    New Westminster    to
Vancouver.    Tlle portion between Edmonds und  Tenth  avenue will   tuki
Utile   longer   time   to   complete,
the  coniminy  will  have finished
will he no extravagance in spending
this money jusl to give work to our
own people. Any contracts lhat will bc
let will be made out in such form as
to mak" il iron-bound for contractors
lo employ  local  labor only.
"You 'im quote me strongly in favor of paving additional roads. 1 have
prepared data, together with lhe engineer, io : liow that macadamized
roads are too expensive to maintain
publlc auc-   in ,-lllt. Bection ,,f ii,,. Dominion.
Wesl-       "Take    Hie     Douglas  road,  for  in
hotel   stance.   This Is om* of tlie roads pro-
Saturday   p(iBed   io   pavo   with   a   surfacing   or
-���.'Hi   sharp [asphfiltiiiii material immediately over
springs nnd [ the existing macadam.
s and    hall First   Cost.
ouches, "The maintenance of this road is
(1921) | estimated to com I98S4 every year, or
*t*4.sr,4 tor ten years. Compared wiih
this the cost of surfacing the road
would in ten years time amount lo
1133,000, Including lhe sinking fund,
and interesl. The flrsl cost, maintenance, sinking fund and interest accounts for v* macadamised road Is
estimated to cost $197,000 In ten years
thus showing a saving in ten yeara or
"A guarantee of ten years will un
(loiibtodi*.  he secured from  the contractors   on    ibe    propoaed    paving
tm | scheme, 1 li ns showing (hal in the long
tlir> | run the cost would bo materially
Westminster    Business
Does  Gccd   Work.
The New Westminster modern business school, Columbia Street, opened
[ Monday    under    excellent    auspices.
Mosi  oi  ihe intending Btudents have
nm yet tired of holidays, camping and
summer pastimes, yet is day students
have enrolled themselves in llie stenography course, mul are busy qualifying for Hie firs' test of -l'i wards a
\ minute    on    ihe    typewriter.    Three
lesis have been arranged hy Hi" I'm'
.���il  Tycpwrlter company, Toronto, 40
words per minute, no words per min-
i.'e  nnd   so   words  per  minute     I'm*
I those proficient In tlie flrsl two (lasses
certificates   win  be  grunted;   in   thi
third   gold   medals   will   be  awarded
Three years practice after the sccur-
lii'; of ibe second certificate ere nl- I
lowed   to   competitors   I'or   the   third
Besides the above awards tlie local
r.'io*' ."iii-ni.e of  ill"  United    Typewriter company presents a gold medal
In lh**  ini't  pr ificlenl  student of Hie
ven*   in   llie   pchool,     Last   year   Hi"
dnv was Miss Edna Burden.
Tb.* school  is divided  Into two de
part ments.   stenographic    anil    commercial.    Thorough tuition In both Is
provided  by  Principal  I'.uhk and his
assistants, while 'he Institution is nd- I ];nf>c, nn,l ���������, i,.ii UT..]C.^ ,.���,!
.nimbly equipped with typewriters and 11,nes an(1 neW *dU Styles dntl
other aids to Instruction,
One excellent feiitire of the school
!s tb" splendid  lighting of the rooms
and the ventilation arrangements.
One very valuable machine is ih"
mnltii'rap'',   which   affords   ino-ins  of
valuable tuition  In a nrooess that Is
competing seriously with the printers'
Pack In yonr bathing suits nud a
well lllled hamper and spend a day at
! Maple Ileach. Doundary Bay. Plenty
', of free picnic places ou the sand
, | beach or under tbe wonderful Bpread
j ing maples. Lovely spring water.
(Take the Itlver rond to Ladner and
i the Goudy road BOUth.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Call and inspect our fall
nes and new fall i
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.45 am.
and every IS minutes until "
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���16   minute  ser
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, T.30 8 and
8.3U and every IB mlnutea until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
0.45 a.in. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,   with   Intu  car  at   11.30.
a.m. and  4 110 p.m,
SUNDAYS���8 a.in. and
until  lu  p.m.   with  lutu
cm' at
For Vancouver via
and every
hour until  11  p in.
SUNDAYS-  8 a ni.    and
huro until 11 p iu.
Connection   Ib   made   at
hour until 11 p.m.
aud other polntB on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���8.16 a.m., 1.10 aud
6.16 pin.
POINTS- 4.05  p.m.
Columbian College
Commercial    Department
opens Sept. 9th.
A. E. Etherington,
Commercial Master.
Miss A. Loree,
Teacher in Stenography and
Por further information apply  lo
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phonea
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phone  1204.
Eighth  St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
few  days  of  the  con-
rhuoi ..-������
e4cl,  40c to OOc^
 2 Mm. !!6c -
dozen' ���><>*��� *�� 45c
vkj. ruse
to Ayling
A Swain.)
Phone 98.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Tho   Siippcrtoii-Kdiiionds  street   car
aervlee was badly disorganised yester
dav nf. riioon.   Owing io the paving
operations   going   on near   Leopold (
place Beveral delays have   occurred I
lhere of laic, while yesterday one of
t'i" sl.'am rollers of the llitssiiiii coin
pany went out of business while lying
cro-H the irncki', tying up traffic for
n'.arlv  nn  hour.    A  Similar delay, although  ml  SO serious, took place atl
Kdmonds.   when   the  hiiiiic  Hlreet  car |
bb   was  held  tip  on  lhe  asylum  hill, '
wan delavcd  a  few    minutes    hy    a
steam  ro'lpr  owned  hy  tlle  Canadian
Mineral Rubber company.
for lhis talk of Cinch being
nexl year than this, the flmires
differently. The waterworks
Is more iiiun paying for Itself
while the  totul   revenue  will   lie KrtUlt-
er nexi >";ir than ever.
"I say again," concluded Alderman
Coldlcut, "pass this bylaw Iiv nil
menus. II Is a safe move bv th" coun.
cil nnii we have received lhe bout obtainable,"
������- Just Like Autos.
London,   Auk.   20  -The  novel   hIkIiI
of an airship lowing her disabled companion   wns   witnessed   at    Aldershot
this afternoon, The liritish army airship Rta and a naval airship were out
manoeuvertng when the machinery In
the latter vessel became disabled. The
Kin attached a hawser to Uie other
dirigible ami towed i,cr to the factory
for repairs.
Take advantage of the Huslneas Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent ileach (Itlacklc Spit)  for thn summer inonlhs.
Train leaves at 6:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after June 16, returning In
the  morning  in time  for  business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    Ideal
condltloiiB for summer homes, combining the best of  bathing,  boat
ins at all stages of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian well
wiiter to all residents.   Let iih show you this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer!*
Marine Insurance.
Liability,  Automobile  and
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.;  Saturdays 11  p.m.
School Hoots for kiddies, from  $1.25
School Hoots for Misses and Hoys   1.45
in the city.   See U8 before
The finest variety
We are out of the high rent district so ean pive
thc best value.


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