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The New Westminster News Sep 4, 1913

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 Nsw* Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.    Tbey   fill
large   or   small' wants   at   small
Tha Weather.
New Weatmlnater and the l-ower
Mainland:   Kastcrly  and    poothcrly
winds Increasing In force,  on    the
gulf, unsettled with rain.
Inquiry Will Bc Deepest in
History of Railroad Accidents.
 'Think  Its Passing  Injurious to Trade
JallS    ShOUld    Be    Hospitals        and  Unfair to Tradesmen-Big
Twenty Are Dead and/Five Dying Is
Latest Count���Third Disaster in
Few Years.
Now Haven, Conn., Sept
for Cure of Crime, Not
Speeches  Eefore American  Ear Association  Example  of  Change  In
Scientific  study
Mee'ing Tonight.
Merchants of New Wcslininut r
meet tonight to discuss, and in the
case of most, to object lo the half
holiday which il now seems likely will
hi come compulsory,
while some, apparently net und r
standing the proposed    bylaw,    think
thut ita passing means two half holl
days  a   week,   many   are  net  against
.......     I ven one half davs respite fir   their
With      Montreal. Sept .1.    Scientific study  B(()re   worl.,ri,   .������,  tllUlk  tha(  urtil
21 ilaiad .md  Hvc dying as the result  of crime, wiih rational procesdure in the custom is universal through    the
criminal   trials   was   the   subject   tor lower  mainland  It  Is a hardship    to
diSCUSSlon   before   the   American     In- ���<���*"''���'  ������> <'1,,B"  wllil" Bt��res In  nearby
StltuU of criminal    law  and    crlnii,.- ^Vsnld'by members of the It. tal
ology iii n- todaj in connection with HnnincsB   Hen's   association   that   a
Address  Before  American
Bar Association Highly
Wa: to Ee Deported for Entering Canada by Stealth���Now His Sanity
Drought up.
White House Officiate ��� B*
lievc Huerta Will Not
Be Candidate.
Great Futus* for United States
of America-
-All Trouble  Is Not
Yet Settled.
if tbs wreck near New Haven yesier
day morning of the liar i lai bur express, the New York, New Haven and
i mi tur J railroad laces tunlgbl a
public Inquiry Into tbe cause of the
disaster by the Interstate commerce
Commission, It will begin 1'ilday and
��IU be lhe most searching ever con-
dueled L.v Ihe commission into any
railroad catastrophe.
Probe Deep.
Thla was announced tonight by ll,
\V. B-OlMp, chief Inspectur of lbe
Commission, who arrived today. Coin
iiilsmiuia i* Mcl'hord will preside. Mr.
lleliiaii'. who will conduct llle examine
lion ot witnesses, said the Inquiry
wi'Uld get down to fundamentals and
determine v.hat causes III Ihe genera:
operstloti nutl management of Ihe
road were responsible for the series
<if total wrecks alTllctliig the New
I La ven for the last two or thra'-e y-ears.
culminating In yesterday's, Ihe musl
disastrous of all.
Until 111*' interstate commerce commission's  witnesses lell    their    story
Coatlcook,  Que.,  Sept.  3.   -l.ate  to-
��  | night 'I haw's counsel  issued  the  fol
lowing statement:
Predicts  Unity  of   Nations  snd   Sees,    "There teems to ho a disposition at j Also  Said   Funds   Havi  Crippled  tht
1 tlie present time to invoke all the [
clauses of the Immigration act against
I Thaw. It was understood In the beginning that he would be deported, lf
i deported at all, oa account of entering
Canada by stealth. But now it is un-
f'hiludelphla. Sept, 3.���The address Iderstood that the matter Of hi* mental: Washington, Sept. 3.���Admlnistra
b fore the American liar association ;condition will ht- inquired Into. If this:tion officials revealed tonight that
at Montreal of Viscount Haldane, lord 1 should be done it would yery likely the optimism they have felt in the
high chancellor of Kngland, was an take away from him the right of ap-last few days over the Mexican sltua-
official announcement to the world of;peal to the minister or justice, which, ]tlon has heen based largtly upon
the declared policy of ihe British ' It has been considered up to the pres-; what they have construed as an in-
government, according to a StatementIent time, he has had.    In this eascldirect      assurance      of      Victoriano
Government Ministers Visit
City and Building Will
Be Reconstructed.
ilu.' meeting of the American Bsr ai-
Mr. Justice O. N. Cartir. of tho
supreme court of Illinois, pris ded,
aud tbe address be delivered logeiher
wuh onu hy Mr. lieirilield Storey, of
Massachusetts, sets lorth clearly thi*
aims aad iiielhtxis ol the institute,      \
Among  Hie  points  brought  out  by ,
tbe speakl rs avert the absurdities at i
tending legal pn.c��*.n s and language,]
the fact that a gnat deal of crime
Should b"  tupped    .ii    the    bud    and I
could be prevented   by   an   efficient
police fince hacked up by healthy pu'j
lie opinion; also the necessity o(
I treating pr.aimers from the corrective
rather iturn the punitive ataiidpo.nl.
f. umi expression.
Panels System Good.
1    Alluding to the  treatment  of    law |
tight will be put
ini-r of Ihe shops
The  meeting  to
up Bga'nst the pass*
regulation bylaw,
night is to be held
In the Conservative, committee rooms I-Vm*""S��-r
_��    *        ki       a 1 UrK     Il Ullj
al h u OiOCK^
Union  Pacific  Railway  Compelled  to
Divest of Stock���Crowd in Waiting Line Curs.
br-aha'Ts.   Judge   Cartel   said:    "Quite I
N��-��r York. 8*pL 3- -Stockholders ol
changes In the care and treatment ita* V'nitio Pacific railroad have sub-
of prisoners after tliey are convicted laerltwd. arnur-iliuv Ui the underwrit-
'and sentenced to some institution for era'
tmnitduneirt By the Institution of th"
juvenile courl atld tho parole syst-tn
much, however, haa been done In the
Vera (ru/.. Sept. 3    The number of |l*J* ��"*"���
American   refugees  arriving   ut   Vara      """ ��'" ��"''  "Bt  L0"?^'*^
city   many  criminals   pander  to    the
���rices ami    weaknesses    of men    and
wi man and whose resorts are rotor'.
oosl?   mi*, in mined In dellam." of law '
BBld Mi   Storey.
"Why not punish the landlords who
re-ip     an     income    from     vice,    umi
(lie explaiiallou given out hy official* , , ,  ,   .
of the companv  will be (he only ver-   M important as changes in trial, are
a'oo of the cause of the wreck avail
** .    .' .i ..   .       .. ,,,.tn��� f m> -era' numiune-e-mcnt today, for about Su
���par ct-ni of tbe gtt^S57,000 Southern
i'acific stock beld by the l'nlon I'acilic    Tlie time limit for subscribing
In lhe stock expired yesterday The
Stock represented ttie balance of the
Vntrn Pacific's holdings following the
���exchange with Che Pennsylvania and
Southern l-nriflc i,tock for Baltimore
at Ohio Under ths decree of the su
pr- m** conn in the ilarriman merger
ense. rnion ritcific was compelled to
dliet-t Itself cf the stock and It was
.     . , , , . . _ .offered to I'nion Pacific stockholders,
through them drive the wn tehee ***** ^j  tmliscrlhen.   will  receive  certifi
,��tv engaged In    criminal    oper it.ons
and    home ?    With    a
proper public prosecutor and an etfri-
,<nj  police force thiB    would    nol    b-
ditt'cult. and  manv    tt    tragedy    and
mined life woillil be prevented   What
need Is a public opinion more In
tnleretrt cf vice, more alive lo Its ho��-
I'fTec's on  tlie young and w, ak
whieh shall Insist  on -a   vigorous    iti
Crus is Increasing -slowly imi MeedVy
nml   tto-   troubles  and   perplenitia's of
ths American consul. W, W. Canada,
nre   Increasing  proportionalely      VI'
teen arrived tonight from points south
and  others  from  the capitol,  sddliii:
considerably to the ranks already her,
from the north and west    Bitter pro
lests still are heard from many, who
asfert that thuy will not leave Mexico out oT bousi
imlenK they ure given first elaea pas
tonight by l-rancis Itawle, of this c.ty
Mr. Itawle was chairman of tiie
commltte* that received the lord
Chancellor until bis arrival at New
Kngland last week. II
was while returning from Montreal to
New Vork from where Viscount Haldane sailed Tuesday night for Kng
land, that tlle distinguished British
jurist authorised Mr. Itawle to make
the announcement.
Unity of Nations.
The address,    ln a large   measure,
concerned   Itself   wltb  tbe  unity    of
nations,  particularly   those of  Anglo-
Saion  blood;   their  working together i
for tbe good  of the  world, its peace j
and  betterment.
According to Mr. Hnvle's statement,
tbe  lord chancellor said:
"il is official and Is Intended to be
so. It is the declared policy of the
British government announced
through my address to the world, lt
will be published In London before I
get home and it will be published Immediately in Krench, Herman, Itussian
'and Chinese."
Officially   Approved.
Sir Kdward Grey, tne British    for-
, eign  minister.  Mr.   Rawle  Mid,  went
;over the address l;ne for line, stamp-
. ing  its  i very   word  with  his  official
According lo Mr. I'.awle. the lord
chancellor attributed to the foreign
ininlstir's ability and qualities the
solution if the Balkan troubles; declaring that his sincerity had per
MUtded   foreign   diplomats   thv.t   Eng
the end would come suddenly and he
would be deported at once."
Huerta'B intention not to be a candidate for the presidency of Mexico ln
the October elections.
Much stress was laid ar the White
House and other official quarters on
the assertions of Kederieo Gambia
Mexican minister of foreign affairs, in
Court  Room  Moved to South Side���
Provincial Jail Also to Be
A change In the plans which doe-a
away with the proposed addition to
the land registry building and the reconstruction of the present court hous*"
is the object of the provincial following a visit to tke city yesterday by
Acting Premier W. J. Bowser, and
Hon. Thomaa Taylor, minister of public works.
Tendera were called for a few weeks
ago for an addition to tbe land registry office and many local and out of
town firms figured on the contract
but nothing was done iu the matter ot
letting the contract and local officials
his last note to John  I.ind,  pointing
out the ineligibility of Huerta under were in tbe dark aa to tbe ultima:-
the Mexican constitution to become a object of the government, until thi?
candidate to succeed himself. While visit ot the attorney geaeral and mm-
the administration here dees not re-,biter of public works yesterday.
  I gard   Huerta   as   the   constitutionally! ��b*!jS* ""^TIL
chosen provisional president of Mex- \    According to Thomas <K M.L.A.
EVCS     Were     GoUged     Out ���lco  and  therefore  does  not  considor  wh0 accompanied the pasty, It is now
* him   *\txt*f
Girls Murdered in Dark,
Old Men Burned.
Ltttera   Written   by   Greek   Soldiers
Now Made Public���Tell of Unbelievable Cruelties.
him necessarily bound by restricrion
the intention to reconstruct the court
���uimitiedv house and place the ecurt room on the
i  favorahle south B,de of tho building, thn doing
'away with the iwaaUea dolay*during
trials caused by moving electric can.
This new plan would allow the of-
r.ets Harvest'no Plant
Medicine   Hal.  Alta.  Sept.  3  -The
Gilbert    Hunt    company,    of    Walls
Walla. Wash��� will locate a lntge plant   rlile
here  fur   iiie   manufacture   of thresh
thc |
A member nf the underwriting sy-i- [ "Fifty years hence you wlll t- me i
dlcate Raid that bo far as could lie leading nation In a material ra-iiRe |
Jndgiil. at least Ml per cent had been | and I Bee no reason to doubt thai
lng  machines,   roller  feed   nvlla    and  furuuuient t'f the  law
'suhsorihed for and that the remalnd"!
'would be distributed to th" underwtit-
nnd  Kiiotiorl  of  ers  before  th"  middle of S< Member
In   this   connection,   ibey
! see iu the Gamboa note
answer to the    chief    point    in    the
American proposal��� tlfat Huerta shall
Oel,obheraeC,entd���ale " *" (^h<�� \tkm\a'ot"th. ^VincW gSte ��d "tL
October elections. ����������� .a -a.a. ��_.��� ����� a,. ~.n..^ ,n ,k���
u      _     .    0     i . lsmall debts court to ne moved tn tho
May Evaoe Provision. TOUrt UoUBe bBndlnJ? j^ u,,,, allow
By some diplomatuts and among !the whole nf lne ^^ .^,1^, buUdlnK
constitutionalists here, the view la U be ���tf< b, ^ ,,,��� mi.r , c.
held, however, that the constitutional iGwynn> diRtrlct registrar ot land titles.
provision against Huerta's candidacy \ ,, )s understood, unofficially, that
easily would be evaded by his reslgm- the proposed alterations, althougb cost-
tion in favor of another prov'.aional ,,nf, thousands of dollars, will be of a
Sofia, Sept. ?,. -Accounts of numer- president, some time before ihe e ec temporary nature and will answer the
oua atrocities committed by Greek sol- tion. .purposes of the court bouse and land
diers during the fighting ln Bulgaria |n Good Faith. 'registry orflce ontll the city and dis-
In the month of July are beginning tol    Administration officials who realise  trict has a population large enough to
show, these being made publlc by the;that  such  a contingency  is possible,  warrant the erection of a new court
publishing of extracts from Greek sol- 'believe nevertheless    Senor    Gamboa .house on a new site.
| diers and officers  In  letters  to their |was   acting    in    good    faith    in   bit i Held Conference.
friends when captured by the enemy. | declaration that    the    cand.dacy    cl      At a conference at the court hoose.
Some of the extracts read as follows: i Huma    had ,,ot  bten raised as   an  Sheriff Armstrong, Government Ageut
Used Eayone:. iusue in  Mexico before    the    United  S. A. Metcber, J. C. Gwynn and Road
A letter from a sergeant says:   We, sta;e3 br&ugiu it !llt0 the discussion. Superintendent Edward McBride were
burned   !:!������   v-.nages   of   Bauttnl   andj,h���, ���v,..rvhnriv  ,hc,r^ aic���  ha,( f,-,Bn   present with the cabinet ministers.
May Give Site.
Following thla a visit was made tn
the government farm on Lulu island
where the  cfty desires a  portion of
however,    much    significance   Is   at/'and for tbe erection of a fire station.
tached to the pronouncement in con- According to Mr. Gifford.    the Jo����r
can    of various    official    and   semi-1 member,   this   reqeeet   will   -robably
farm machinery, according to a statement made tonight by Gilbert Hunt.
ha-ad of the linn.
a prossontOT who d'i*s his duty."
Tlv prpsent  penal   system  w-as.
iCimTrmiert on  I'r;*' Five"
Criminal Assizes to
Open Here on Sept* 16
when   the  nndrrva riling   syndicate   expire i'.
Th" outcome cf Die offerings tins
been awaited In Wall street with un-
ii'iial inter''? owing to Ihe tone It
���wns cvpcled to give fi the speculative market
Hundreds of persons sioml in line
! for several hours at the office nt 'vMch
���sui scrlptloni were received and it was
nrndlctefl that virtually the whole of-
'; ferine would hi- r,hsofbed.
will b.' llie leading nation In on
tellectual sense.*'
Gouged Out  Eyes.
third   letter  dated   .Vesto   river.
vmi   July   12.   says:   "Her,   at   V���^���^'^^
'-1 captured   a   girl   and   five
We shut them up in the police I <��� (i;1-vs a����- that Hu(-rtil now would  Me'-i!,iv'
l'rinee    Albert,    Sask.,    Sept.    3-*���
Threshing lias not started here   yet.
Heavy   greui   oats   probably     lodged.   ais0  burned   some  villages."
but beyond   delay    iu    harvesting uo j    \ goldler named George, writing to
damage has been done. |his brother at home on July 12. says:
"We have enraged the Bulgarians by
Serres.    ...   -,,, .,   ,-    , ,,   , , ,   ,  .       .
station.    While  they  were  still  alive!be compelled to be a candidate,    be
v.e gouged out their eyes." :��use he had BUCCessMlly defied   the
Great Cruelty. I l:"'ted  States in  the    Lind    ntgot.a
Another dat-��d Rhodopuh, July, says: ! 'ions.
"From Serres to lhe fr-intier we burn-1 Attitude the Same,
ed  every  Bulgarian  village." The high officials or' the adm pistra-
One dated .lu'v 18, sa*"s- "Rverv- tion stated racst eni'.ihatically lhal
body has fled rrom these Bulgarian ' while they felt quite satisfied now of
village Those who remain arp eatan j Huerta's elimination from the pnsi-
iin  by   the   Manlicher.   and   we  have | dential  race,  his  stibsei
Acting Premier Made This
Announcement   Yesterday.
Two Murder and Bank Robbery Cases
to  Be   Heard���Three  Charged
With Arson.
I     It was reported that the reason for
Ihe early assize court was 1 ause of
: th" probability that several of the Na-
; nalmn rtrikers, arrested two weeks
* ���!!.���������. would he brought here lo he tried
hut this was discredited by one of the
' rnurt offlolalS who explained that the I
'miners under arrest at .Nanalmo and |
.other points on Vancouver island
were all electing    for   speedy trial,
which would thun obviate the n ss-
pity  of the trovernment  asking for a
change In venne.
Announcement was made yesterda\
morning by Acting Premier   w    i
!��� w.r Who was In tlie city, that the
criminal iissl-ze court would open In
tli*' cltv on the morning of Sept. IB,
This is the curliest date set for the
fall aHSlr.es known In many years and
ths announcement ereated no llttu
stirpriss among the courl officials who
were little expecting lhat the courl
would open before October nt the
earliest ,   ,   .. .
Such a move was probably decided
upon to h-ve the criminal cases follow the present civil aitslze court, now
in session, which makes It appear
very much as If Hon. Justice Morrison', who sat rt the spring assir.es
and who now has charge of the civil
ensea being heard, would be appointed to try the criminal caaes.
' Two Murder Trials.
Two  murder trials  wlll  be heard,
one against  Moses Paul, the Clinton
Tx President Taft    Before    American
Bar Association Pleads fer More
Con-.prehensive Ctandards.
Oata and Barley Cut.
Edmonton, Sept. ;.. -Since the
heavy iam of Saturday night there
has been very little moisture In the
Edmonton district, aim harvesting
operations are swinging aljug merrily,
lints and barley [.radically all cut.
Very little threeblng has yet talt-.'ii
placo. Keports received tonight that
crops In Grand Prairie and Peace
Kiver districts are much heavier than
last year.
C.-tnndlan  Authorities to Do All  Possible to Have Dean's Alleged Accomplice   on   Hand.
Finish This We;k.
Moose Jaw. Sept. 8.���Recent rains
j d-laved cutting and threshing, but
I since the rain the weather has been
i most favorable for drying out the
i sheaves.    So special liana has    been
liar association hers mode a strong done other than ihe delay.    Ninety
plea   for   broader  und   more  compte   per  cent.  Ol  the   wheat  aud   BO   par
henalve  standards  for admission  to|oeut of the oats has been cut. With
line weather for the balance of the
week cutting will .be practically completed by Saliirduy-anight.   All upoi'.s
apart   from    social    an:!    community I predict s; lendid yields.
aspects of the profession. ****{��� ,
"In most slates ths question cf ad I , Are T.hr"h'nJ'      ,    ���.,,������
i    Sas! ii'.oon, Sept.   I.���Recent   rains
have not retarded threshing us wheat
i utter cutting must stay in atcok    n
Montreal,    BepL    2. -Bi-Presld nt
Taft in hia address to the American
to j
the br.r.    He  denounced  the  practice
of  law  solely  ns means of livelihood I
With the announcement mnda yesterday thut the fall assizes will com-
meniv on Sept. 15. II Is expected that
renewed effort will h�� made hv lh"
f'ennitian authorities to have Martin
Povcll. al'egcd nccompt'c" of Charles
TV-h-i In the robbery of the Bank of
Montreal In this cltv on Sept. lii, 1911.
iii,Ilni   on n  charge of murdering ai>���m fit -iccps ih�� continent from De-
rnnche'r named White, while a China- urolt. wh��re he has been fichtlng ta
nan named Jay Kam will also be tried the Inst d'tch against extradition
on n charge nf murdering another orients', at Mission las* *��-*T    Kam waa
c-vptiircd on Vancouver Island, where
he  wns  working under an  assumed
name, aa a tailor.
Thc ens" against Charles Dean fnr
nlleeed robbery of the flank of Montreal on lb" morning of 8ent. IB. 1911.
wlll n'FO come up for hnarlng. Martin
Towell mny nlso be tried.
Arson Chsrges.
l.oonl Interest wlll also cent��� In
the arson chnrges against Walters.
Nnss and Hmlth, who are alleged to
be Implicated In the burning of a sec-
0��d  hnnd  store cn  Tenth  street.
Other cases to be tried ere Rex vs.
Plc.lllnno,  Per vs. Undbiirc. Rex vs.
Provost and Ilex vs. Cunllffe.
Summcnsea Prepared.
As s"pit as the announcement was
vide bv Attorney Oeneral Bowser.
Sheriff Armstrong nnd flovernment
Agent Fletcher got busy with the Jury
Itst-s, the summonses being prepared
yesterday and will be sent out probably today.
It wis g'ven ont severi'l weeks itco
t*-:\ p -nii'i \.*i loophole to escape
belli" brought In Ne"' \V"stmlnster
hrd vcrn "cimlcd. tn th"! If the man
Is to be tried at the sam�� t'm�� ns Chits.
nop., "o time will be lost to have him
hrnirht here Powell was arrested In
Detroit last pummer. folttiwlnr hl�� "t-
temnt to pass off i*ome of 'he WW*
said I" have been stolen from the local
bad- he-".
Si,--,- nie (r'ri .->f '*imes Macnamara.
the Detroit S'lthnrlt'es hnvo been
comr'"'ntn<r the* several witnesses
cnniicti't \a-tth lh" nollcc force Caere
Coaiqioa-Ofl CCU^'dorah'a. tlfac flt N'piV
\\t(,<alt,,l|,c|p].    c|a-!.v,    ni.ltlniinn    C^linSt
Maenin"tra. ind that trouble might be
expected when thev are needed
again-?' Powell. It Is understood, however 'h->�� this difficulty haa been
smooth"'! out by the Canadian authorities ml that the three men of the
Detroit force wlll be on hand readv
to giro topt'monv nenlnst Dean and
Powell, should the latter be brought
mission tO the har Is given to the '
supreme court." said the former president. "It ought to be possible, there-, ,.,,., ���,
tore, to secure a proper standard for ����?��'����* 1*uSt.1? ot Ume t0���,^ n��"i
the making of new lawyers. "'d, h��rd'">- \bo ��arm weather and
"What I want to dwell especially |9 : drying winds of the past few dny-
the Influence of �� proper stand of ad-1 **W long before thla accomplished
mission for the bar on another office '^e desired results uud anv surplii-
of lawyers than ihat of advising and ��� molatpre has been absorbed. Thresh
representing Clients. Wet get^our ]*�������� *** the ,dii��''��* h��8 iust,*ot ,,lfeJ>
judges iron, the bar and we add to !8��r,Pd an,d wl(\n 'he "��* *���' *-*���*>-
ihe education of our Judgea through l*-*'***" oulflts wt" b�� PulUns oul'
the  ear.    The  tone and  ability  and |                           "    . .     .  .
the learning  of the  bar n-acessarlly I    w ,L*r-? ?r?m*BS���.,.���
Moose Jaw. Sept. 13- During
tiffcct  thc learning and standards of
tlie bench."
,   *��  fli  tr  *���.'*  *�� I*
Hi ����� H, it #
���;*��� <i ����� ��
Ottawa, Sept. 8.���Since h's
return from the west Hon.
l'i b-rt lingers, minister of public works, has been giving hla
nlt-ntlon lo the consideration
of the many plans for the Improvement of the harbors of
the Dominion now tn progress
or being considered, lt Is estimated thai within the next few
years the government will find
It necessary to spend $100,000,-
000. Theso works Include drv
docks at Victoria, Vancouver
and Esquimau.
I year juat closed 28,219.854 bushels of
' grain were shipped from the Moose
Jaw district against 28,561 flno for the
year ending September 1. 1912. The
shipments for the year just closed
were: from Vanguard 1.891.410: Pou
lean, 1.829,500; 8w'f: Current. 1.273,-
*i300: Morse. U23.300: M lestone.
O 1,116.240. To date since Sunday 19,-
it 000 bushels of new wheat have pass-
->|ed through here.
ft ������ NO QUORUM OF V.'SCT
West Burnaby, 8ept. 3��� Little business was done at the meeting of the
Burnaby school board meeting last
evening, tho Inclement weather and
other unforseen difficulties preventing
i"�� a quorum assembling.
���** Another meeting la called for 8at-
�� urday afternoon when the financial
�� aspect of the aehool dlatrlct will be
burning their villages, and when we
find one or two we kill Uiem like sparrows."
Words Useless.
Another Creek soldier writes to his
brother: "The Creek army is burning
wherever It finds a Bulgarian village
and it massacres all those which lt
overtakes, things are happening
which it is impossible to express."
Hidden  Meaning.
A corporal writing to his brother
says: "Not even a cat has escaped
where we have gone. We have burned every Bulgarian villaee through
which we have passed. This is all I
can tell you." '���
Outrivaled Bulgar*.
I'nder dat" of July 13. Thomas Za-
"antlctis writes from Rhodopes. to a
friend to say that a mutual friend. Aristlde, should enlist. "Villages nnd
men are being burned, but we are also
setting fires nnd we are doing worse
than the Bulgarians," he snld.
A letter from Mlco says: "They gave
me 16 prisoners to tuke to divisional
headquarters and 1 turned In only two.
The others were loBt in the darkness, msssacred bv myself."
Other letters with mcssp.ges emially
abhorrent were opened and read.
wouid not alter the a'.titiide ef the
United States, namely that ricogni
tion could not be extended to him
Their action would be based on the
precedent of President Hayes in 1877
who refused to recognize Porflri:
D.az for a lcng time afcr be vas
elee'ed on the ground that lhe United
States had a right to observe whether
the government set up was approved
by tbe Mexican people and could guar
antee stability and international obligations.
Hard Up.
Unofficial reports incidentally continue to reach Washington thst the
Huerta government can nat last much
longer, on account of its (liuncial
Alterations te i*U.
Alterations to the provincial jail,
which brought forth such caustic remarks from the grand jury at the recent spring assites, will also be carried out, th" Institution being visited
yesterday afternoon by the party.
Mr. Bowser and Mr. Taylor motored
over from Vancouver, calling on tho
way at the Burnaby prison farm,
where buildings are now ln course of
erection. Mr. Taylor left last evcnlnR
for Revelstoke.
Vancouver Withdraws   Objection
Union Hers, and Will Bring Over
Band to Help Celebrate.
�������*#-** �� # �� =!:<��# 3 * �� �� under discussion.
Iaocal musicians won a victory during the past few days when following
a spirited protest msde bv members
of the local Trades and Labor councll
the Terminal City officials ot the
musical world agreed to withdraw
their protest against this city obtaining a charter tor a muslclaus' local.
Thua ends thn fight which bas been
waged during the past few weeks
which threatened to be taken to the
floor of the annual convention ot the
American Federation of I .abor which
meets tn Seattle In 'November.
President Boyer, of the Vancouver
musicians local, in agreeing to the demands of the Weatmlnster players,
promised to bring over tbe largest
band aeen In theae.parts for yeara,
when the charter for tbe Westminster
Vocal arrives.
Pour   Hundred   Employers   Will   Net
Employ  Union Men���Reserves
Called Oc;.
Dublin. Sept. 3.���Thirty thourand
people today attended the funeral of
the workman, Nolan, whose death was
due to Injuries received ln riots at
tbe tram strike.
At a meeting today 430 prominent
employers signed an agreement binding themselves net tp employ any
members of the Transport Workers'
union. This means practically a general lockout. The day passed quietly,
but in tbe fear of possible developments, a large force of reserve con-
Two Men Who Gave Whisky to Indians
at Agassi: Brought to Jail by       *\
Dominion Constable". ' 2
Dominion Constable O'Connell enme '
to  New  Westminster    yesterday    in
charge of two men who were taken to
the  provincial    jail    for    supplyinK
liqucr to  Indians.
The prisoners came up for trial at
Agassis. One, Joe Hayes, a white
man and an old offender, was sentenced to one year hard tabor without
the option of a fine. The other, Paul
Herron. was fined J50 and defaulting
paymeal, gets three months bard labor.
The Dominion constable reporter
that outside ot these two instances no
trouble hae been experienced wltb the
parties or Indians under tls charge
Hop picking is hs fun awing and th��
crop ts likely to be a good one.
Mocse Jaw, Sept 3.���Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy. president of the C.P.R.,
will arrive bere Saturday over tbe
Soo line from Minneapolis He will
be met at North Portal, Saak., Ky G.
T. Bury, general meaager of western
lines, and J. O. Taylor, superintendent
of the Saskatchewan division.    -Prom
stabulary was dispatched from nearby I here he will go weat oa bla annual
stations to Dublin. | tour of Inspection.
il tt il tt *":��� ���:.= (i tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt* tt tt tt * * o tt * tt tt o * tt �� s
Ottawa. Sept. 3,���A number of mllltla orders of mora than orttn- $
an- Importance effecting Western Canada wero Issued today frrm ;';������.
m'lltla headquarters.   It It annoureed that tbo formation   ol an   In- ^
fan try brigade to be designated  he   33rd   infantry   brigade   with tt
headquarters at Vancouver and to constat of tlw  Sixth,   Tted   and ���**
104th regiments ls authorised. j*-
The organisation ot an eight oompany loglmert *�� Infantry to *
be designated the Eleventh regiment Irish FaaWora of n���ffr with tt
headquarters at Vancouver la provided for. tk
The organisation ot an eight company Highland lattaaai of la- <*
fantrv with headquarter* at Victoria la alao ptuiHod. 9
Tbe formation of a now rifle Maoetetfaa at Enaatsad. B. C ��
Winnipeg and Revelstoke la aleo Sutherland.              .   .     :-    .    " '�����������
tt tt * tt C tt tt tt tt �� * # �� �� tt�� tt * tt * *�� �� tt O 9 0 ft ft ft ft %
������     . '.!      *-.
���'���       ��n..'-'i
- "���"  .-.-... ,
mii-Mnm���MI BWWWMSIIIWW'Willit "- ���i���-
An \tSt**S*ma***\ mor*t%*0 ***** tsvoSsti to tlte Imtarist* of Sr.10 West minster and
th* Prater Vail**. ********* avary moral** tSSSSS* Uttarlay *>xi tke Untiimnl 1'rinttng
mad rttblfMna Comma**/, LmatAtad, at (I McK-m-sm HlrenH. Hew Westminster, liritish
rfmiumbmx ROBB BVTUHKLANU. Managing Dlreetnr.
All ,,.nimu*i<.,ttont sfcgg** ** addressed, to Tha Heir Wealminster Sews, and not
to isrtii.tii'tl n:emS.-r. af ttm* at***. Chat****, ttratlt, aad tnosei.. ortters should be mode
paunlili  In Tke  >-'Xtmtat Pitat***) attS) l*m*lishtng Com**mu. Limited.
TKLFI'ltOMI* -Basis*** Olios aad Monomer, ��9��; B-iUnrial Rooms loll depart-
mxnts), *.l.
HIHtifltlPftOS KATKB���By oorHer. 14 **��r yaar, %l tor thre* months, 40c pn* j4w agreed upon
month     '*''* ���"���"'. tt ��** tt**r, tie par month.
a li) IKI ISIStl  IIATIIH ** application..
and tlieir friends; to purchase, lease
and acquire real property, and pro
vide a club-house and other conveniences, and generally to afford to
members and their friends all lhe usual privileges and conveniences, and
accommodations of  the  club.
lb.) To  provide  a  club-house  with
ether   conveniences   for   tlle   use     of
members of the oompany, and to furnish and maintain tlie same, and to
permit the sine to ba used hy all members of the Victoria Automobile asso
ciaticn and their friends, either gratuitously  or  on  such   terms  aa  shall
(r 1 Tn establish a garage or repair
shop,  ef   b->th   and   to   purchase  and
.Ideal   In   automobile   accessor et
BUppll  s.
id.)-To hold a license for the
��� ef HiitjiT lo persons  using  the
only; ���' ''
Dominion Government Official Leaves
For Trip to For; Ccorsa
Provincial   Lands     Departmen"
Throw This Tract Open for
Icro   C?ptemLer   12
Less than a month from now this old town will be II DC  A  MFNAff
welcoming visitors to the biggest and best agricult
and industrial exhibition in the Canadian west and a little
polishing and cleaning up in preparation for that event
might not come amiss. 	
If there's anything a stranger likes to see, it's a clean
city and, since this place has some record along that line, Forty Years of Defence by volunteers
it might help cinch that reputation if a little extra furbishing were done.
The board of works itself could set the pace by amputating and removing the crops  of over-ripe  hay  with
Has Been  Pi-ctecLcn of the
Ref ire s v.*
'..irt** ���*. ���. which
which some of the principal thoroughfares are garnishedI*����%��*%*a '*��� \m^d.��*
and the citizens who posasess front yards and likewise back the intelligent* corps r. ���-.���.-:;. ieiiv-
yards probably would follow suit _        _ JJ- �� T^^xix%*XX^-
Every newcomer who lands in tnis hamlet on the ing and weiiniustrated lecture on the
banks of the Fraser is hit right in tho eye with the beautyI^S^^f^ver "fiwt Z
disappearance   of   the   British   troops
in 1ST0, when the first voluntary corps
of the spot and here's a chance to land a whole lot of similar blows when our guests commence to arrive for the big
Well swabbed streets, trimmed boulevards and carefully kept lawns and yards go a long way towards making
a good impression.
As thc Irishman said when he dropped a spark in the
powder keg, "It's time to be moving."
The press dispatches tell of a New York girl who
laughed so heartily at a joke that her jaw flew out of
joint..  Luckily they don't tell us the joke.
A New York inventor recently was held up by a footpad and assessed for Vtf> honest-to-goodness dollars. The
���question naturally arises, where did the inventor get the
Now it's Australia's turn to hang up'the "No Hindus
Wanted" sign. In course of time those gentry from the
bazaars of India's alleged coral strand may understand
that they had better stop at home.
Considering all the thought given to the subject and
the wealth of material to choose from, some women make
an awful mess of selecting a husband, which same might
be said of some men, if it wouldn't be considered rude.
Judging from the wav some of the motor cars of I his
town slant down the grades on Third and Fourth streets.
there isn't any speed limit to prevent a man breaking his
own neck or somebody else's in the rush to get to the bottom of the hill.
It comes as a shock to learn that, of ten thousand
townships in France with more than one thousand inhabitants each, about six thousand are without public lighting.
It has been generally supnosed that thc French as a nation
sire usually all lit up at night
was   formed   In   Australia.     In   19t��>,
prior to the federation of the states,
the  number of  volunteer  troops  was
301 officers and 6,-lc-l men.   This number increased very little, and in  1911
the voluntary system  was practically
ended, and the    present   compulsory
system came into force.    The lecturer
dwelt at length with the necessity of
defence   in  a   country   like   Australia,
where   the   coast   line   is   over   12,'MIO
miles.     He   laid   particular  stress  on i
the    praiseworthy  vork  done hy  the,
Plsher government in malting provi-i
sion for communication  by numerous!
wirclcs  stations,  In  the  event  of  the
calles being severed.    He also spoke.
In terms of high  praise of the work
done by the various states In linking
up the raliways���a most essential feature in the def-;iee -���' ��� <��������� c"nc.*.;y. The |
lecturer eald thai bis -'inside" knc^'--,
��� dee uf the state of affairs made nil.
laugh   tn   scorn   those   who  stated   we;
have nothing to fear from lhe eastern
nations.    The progress made by China
In matters    military and educational
was most marked.    It was found that
the Chinese, when trained, worn the
bcrt soldiers In the world.
Japanese Danger.
"'he   lecturer   asserted   that   people
who said Japan was harmless en account  of her  impecunioslty,  did  not
know the full facts of the case. Japan
was In a bad financial state, but. nevertheless millions of money were be-;
ing  borrowed   and   used   for   military
���natters,     The  borrowed   money   was
being used for the construction of railways In China and Korea, and six mil-
Hones had been set aside for the stind-
���irdizat'on of railway gauges.   All this,1
Major Mitchell contended, was a mo
Chase, Sept. ".. 0. II. .Matheson. as
s slam engineer ol llle Dominion pub
lie wurss staff for the district of
Yale-Car.boo, left un Monday for Tete
Jaune Cache, lie is merely the ad
valice guard, and will be followed lat-
i r by his chief. Hi n. F. W, Aylmer.
district engine! r. Mr Matheson lias
gone on in charge ol the impedimenta
consisting mainly of .the party'B canoe.
The canoe, which is an Indlapenslble
part of an engineer's equipment on
tlle upper waters of the Kraser, was
Shipped about a week ago on a flat
car to go In by way of Edmonton. Mr.
Mathewson will be at the Cache at
its arrival to see that the craft gets
a proper reception from the northern
savages. After Mr. Aylmer joins it.
the expedition will make a canoe journey of over 600 miles. They will follow down the Fraser as far as the
metropolis ofthe district. Fort (ieorge.
Al that point they will leave the Kraser and breast the current for a hundred miles or more up its tributary,
the Nechacco. Returning down that
river they will make a side trip up
one of ils tributaries, the Stuart, exploring Stewart lake and appraising
the possibilities of navigation along
that route.
Mr. Matheson spent Seine weeks in
the Fort Oeorge district last tall, re
maining as late as November .',. He
will probably remain in the district
this fall for some t me after the re-
turn of Mr, Aylmer. He believes it
is a country with a grea: future. He
speaks in especial praise of the Ne-
Chacco valley where he svs thev raise
larger vegetables than he had ever
seen  anywhere cine.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
,".|-pl:ca'.i;n to Dismiss A11 - r in Bank-.
in  3-nkera' Trust Case  bent to
Another  Hearing.
Victoria, Sept. 3. Nothing definite
was done In the matter of the application being made by some creditors and
shareholders in the defunct Hankers
Trurt Co.. Ltd.. for an order dismissing J. K. Alien from the post of liquidator and appointing the sheriff of thc
county by Mr. Justice Morrlcon, who
presided over supreme courl chambers.
Oscar C. Ilass. who appeared for the
petitioners, argued thai Mr. Allen'*-*
apointment was irregular, inasmuch as
the shareholders had n"t heen notified He also contended tliat the winding ud proceedings in connectlpp with
the Hankers Trust Co., Ltd., were not
In accord with tho   provision of    th
in the right direction, for the building i Dominion  Winding  Up aet.    He took
un of a gigantic eastern army. A further evidence of an Fastern invasion
was the presence rf a very large number of Japanese officers in the islands
around Australia. The lecturer dealt
strength with the possibilities of an
Invasion, nnd. according to his state-
ments and proofs, our defence officials fear an invasion more so than
the people of Australia think.
In a middle western state town the other dav a man
was found unconscious on the river bank with $17000 in
his pocket. To say tho lea.st of it. thut chap was very inconsiderate and should be orosecuted as a meance to public honesty in these hard times.
A Lexington, Kentuckv, man bet his physician he
would live three months after the medical man had told
him the end would come inside of three weeks. He lived
long enough to collect the bet and a few days later the doc
trot it hack in medical fees. You can't beat the man with
the little, narrow grip under his arm.
British   Columbian,   Back   From   Eur
ope, Say* Financial  Strinnency
is  All   Imagination
Victoria, Sept. ?,.- -"nwre is ne real
financial depress tin. at is all in the
Imagination of thr people. Invest ir.i
have persuaded themselves thai there
is a decline in i>ro.ip<rity, and they
are hoarding their money instead if
trading. This ia my candid opinion
formed after association with men tf
targe interests in Canada, United
���States, Oreat Hritain and Oermany,
I have been travelling through America and Europe for four months,
and have mixed with all classes. All
that 1 have seen, as well as all that
I have heard, has led ine to the conviction that the so-called tightness of
money Ib artificial, and that, us soon
as the people los�� their fear of something which does nol exist, and which
they cannot describe, the same condition of commercial .-itirl industrial ac
tlvlty, and of general prosperity will
be again experienced."
���These are the sentiments of F.
l,aiulsbirg. one nr Victoria's pioneer
business men, who has jnst returned
after an absence of four months during which period he, in company with
lfra. laandsberg, has spent some time
In San Francisco, some works in New ated
York, upwards of a month in llerlin, into
and sojourns of lesser duration In
other centres of America nnd Kurope.
What He Saw
With regard lo the financial situation, Mr. I.Hiidhlw*i*g -salt] that be had
two  experiences, one  in  firm    Tnrk
and the other in llerlin, whieh forced
| him to the firm conviction that the
lalk of depress.mi was a bogey, bem
In the Imagination of tin* publlo, Inspiring a tlmlilnesa tbal resulted In
ithe people   banking    lhelr    surplus
funds, thus causing a real shortness
in the clrulatlos
In New Vork. Mr. Landsbsrg bad a
chat with a prominent officer of the
New Vork Central railway, who expressed the view outlined and backed
it up with the statement that more
money had been placed in the government savings banks In the bust few
months than for years In fore In llerlin tho Victorian sin nt a morning in
the Bourse when he saw c. p. it,
stocks mount from $21 s to $220.60,
witnessed marked activity in the so-
curitties of local industries, and saw
call money offered at 1'4 per cent.
As all German banks are forced to
pay 2 per cent, on their current accounts, he thought that this was a
conclusive indication that there was
no lack of mone>.
In a few words, Mr. Landsberg, as
a result of his observations, believes
that the public lias brought the pro-
sent condition on itsi-lf. It was start-
itd. he thinks. With the widespread
prediction that the llalkan trouble
would cause a depression. Had tills
not heen allowed to worry anyone
outside of the war zone lie does not
think that anything would have been
heard of the stringency.
Incorporation Tjicured for One at Victoria
Victoria, Sept. '���',.   The Victoria Motor Company cluh has been Incorpor-
with a capital of |60,000 divided
fifty shares.
The  principal   objects  of  the  company arc:
fa.) To establish, maintain and con-
duet a club for  motor    owners    and Itlon
their friends,  and  for the aeeommo- ldsnoy
ibitinn nt jmimiwrs of the company iby acclamation.
Canadian Association to Meet at Halifax���Gorden  Nominated  for
Halifax, Sept. 3.���Arrangements are
now completed for the annual conven
tlon of the Canadian Manufacturers'
association, which is to be held tins
year in this city. It is ten years sine������
the convention waa last held in the
Maritime provinces, and the Nova
Scotia branch of the association baboon  putting forth   greal   1 fforts  to
provide a fitting welcome.
A special train has been charter d
and win leave Montreal on Sept. It
over the c. p. u. a visit will bo
paid to S'. Andrews by the sea, Wolf
,villa- and Qrand Pre on the way to
Hal fax, arriving here on the 1'ilh Imt
Thc business sessions of the convention wll lbe held on the lSlh, 17th and
The social featuri s will include
reception on the evening of the 16th
tendered Jclntly by the Nova Scotia
government and the city council of
Hal fas and the Nova Scotia branch
rf the Canadian Manufacturers' asso-
cition. On the afternoon of the ISt'i
the delegates wlll be taken for a trip
round the harbor. Bedford llasin and
through the Eastern Passage. The
proceedings will be closed by a dinner
rn Ihe evening of the IXth at the Hall-
fax hold, the speakers at which will
Include It. L. Borden, prime minster
of Canada, and I',. II. Murray, premier
of Nova Scotia.
The entertainment for the lades
Will Include a r"ceptlon by the Local Council nf Women, a motor drlv"
n und Bedford Basin, followed bv a
band concert in the public gardens
and a theatre party on the evening
Of the  banquet.
j Among the Items of business scheduled an' amendments to th" bvlaw
Bubmltted by the executive counc']
and wblch will radlcallv change the
composition of that bodv. The membership of the council wlll he reduced by about one-half, and as a resull
i there will probably be a keener competition fer seats In thc council than
has been seen In years.
c   B   i',ord"n.  president  of the  Dominion Textile company, limited, who
ils  now   vice-president  of the  associa-
has been nominated for the pr"s
and   will   probably   be   elected
the position thnt the company Is ro|
ven'. that the directors, not. 'he shareholders, had brought about, th�� liquidation, and that if these directors paid
whit thev owed cn shares the liabilities would bo covered
Justice   Morrison   held     thai    the
chlet Justice   har,     the      right     to
r! spense  with  the  notice  required   by
the act was stated by II. A   Maclean.
K   c. who acted  for Mr   Allen   Even
If  tlie  application   were   granted   Mr.
Bass   could   not.   have   any   particular
pa-ty appointed in the present liquid-
I it' r's Btead, because of thi- necessity
for notice on which he laid sucn emphasis,   He declared that the company
was absolutely and hopelessly    bank-
j nipt and that the application was   an
1 attempt   by  (took,  Hearn  and  O't'nn
i nor to regain control���the same threi>
��� former officers of the company  who
were under indictment  criminally.
II. Despard Twlgg, who represents
two large creditors, wh"n his lord
ship pointed out that argument must
take some time nnd his time was Hm-
I lted, suggested that the application be
refererd to the chief justice. Other
; counsel agreed tn this, ami the matter
lit Is expected, will come up again a'
110:30 a. m. on Monday. September 8.
The department of lands of the pro
vincial government has Issued a pain
phi ct di scribing the lands in the Km
ma I valley, which are to be thrown
open for pre-emption ou Beptombtr|
tl, A sketch map has also been is
sued 10 accnnipans the piiniphl t. Thl
Kltlmat valloy, running north and
south from the he.nl of Kltlmat Arm,
one of the picturesque navigable fiords
which indent the northern coast, has I
since 1888 been included iu a reserve,
lt has been cut into forty acre blocks.
nud from Sept. 1-. 1818, these are being thrown open for preemption at
the office of iiie government agenl at
Prince Kupert. The valley, drained
by the Kltlmat rher and its tributaries, is connected by a lew. narrow divide with the Lakelse valley, which
reaches to the Skeiina and contains
considerable   good   agricultural   iand, 1
much of it fairly well covered  wnn
timber, mostly hemlock. CBdar, spine
and  balsam.     As  Is  well  known,   tie
valley  was at  one time conBidi i- d .1
a possible outlet for tin* Grand Trui *.
Pacific railway   before  l'rinee  Rupi rl
was   finally    decided   upi n,   and    the
charter held by  the  pacific  N  ithern
and    Omineca    railway    n r    a  line
through   the   valley,   for   which   preliminary surveys wer" made   �� is sc
quired   by   that   company.    No  �� irk
wns (lone, however, other than a Utile
grading in the  Lakelse valley.
Development   Anticipated
In anticipation of expected develop
ment  at  the   time,  the  railroad   at:'1.
other officials wen- active; waterfroni
tracts were purchased in 1893, Cana- I
dian  Northern   railway  officials    and
others  being  among  ill"  purchasers,
Louis  Coste,   the   will   known   babe '
engineer, want   10 make a report on
harbor posslb'lities;  l.i i'i Innd nald !
tie n   in  command  of  the    C inad an
military service, mad" an examination
ef the dffendsive posslbllll es, and Hr
Montlzambert, superlntondenl 0! quar
antif.es,  s lected  a  sight   fir  a  quit'
antlne station In Clio ba;.  in tbl   event
of  a  terminal   port    being    croal   I
Whether harbor  works,  defeni r
I quarantines will tu any '.'",* be r   1
(quired,  none  toil  Ity,    Kialmai   '...-.!
' is a spacious  inlet, two m'.les and a
I half   wide,   with   steep to   e'd"3     and1
tide-lands which  dry  for ever s  talc '
j at* the head of the arm     There M K\
wide  flat,  part   of  whicb  Is  covi ri d
by   high   tides,   stretching  across   the
motlth  l f the   valley.
The main   Kltlmat  valley    is  from
four lo five miles wide in th" reserve
and   tlle   greater   proportion   i*onsi*-i ������
of land available for agriculture when
ithe  timber   is   removed.    The   soil   In
the valley is alluvial. Generally it is
a light sandy loam. On the alder bob
tonis a great dial of black loan la
In evidence. Farther back from the
river the soil is usually of a peaty
nature. The subsoil is gravel, both
at thi' river and ou the benches and
: rldg"s. The escarpments on the bank
of tlie river and sloughs show the aur
face to be from eighteen Incohs to
four Teet deep, overlying a stratum of
coarse gravel.
Like Chilliwack
The valley has a southerly aspect,
Bloplng down tn tidewater with a fall
(f approximately tin feet to the mile.
It is practically all nn.. valley from
'' e Kltlmat arm to the Bkeena river,
for the divide is both low and narrow.
If it were cleared and under cultivation it would not be unlike that of
tlie Chilliwack   valley.
manufactured In I). C, via.:
Vli rifled  Sewer  Pipe  from
mnde tu this Province and we
when you can get as good or better, manufactured In II. v.. vu,: ihe
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  Americas   and  Canadian   Engineers;
\\e would also call attention to
���4-ln. to iit-ln. iii diameter.   Tins is alsi
consider superior to liny Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed  Itock,  Washed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us beTore ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. ��02 Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY    g^   tf   fl|ontreal
MRS     1*     i*     I I -MBit.    Tl
,., ,..,.- ,-���      harm uu   .1*1*1
11,.1. In u   A   M   and It  C
���pp|y 1.*; Third  ivenus
sltiRlriK      Pu
f,,r  ��� vinim.i
M   For onu-
MISS   Bid.
:    ll   ll
1-.   K..11
luntnnt   Tel   R
;. ���    R 11
I tart
P. II  smith t\*  .1  DrovM
Work   untJortakin    in    city   a-*.'!   ouuldi
poinoa   211-lu   Westminster  Truat   Bids
Phona  ����4.    P.  "   Box  507.
-K    '���
if ���"..
lit1 0 ol Kik.'i ol the h
th* first nnd third Thursday
K. nf P. Mall. K'Khlh mi*,.
lir.iy. Exalted Ruler. P II
L,    O.    O     M-.    NO     114     MEETS n.'*-
flr��t. aecond. ihlr.l and fourth Wednea
dav lu --ach in.mth in *a p 111
In the MOOM Hem". It .1 Lueiv
dictator; P. B Jones, -r. ;.,n
Ilendquartera of le.t-s-'' In Bm IIoum
earner of Pourth unit Carnarvon ntr<*a-t��
CAPITAL (Paild-Up)   $16,000,000.00
IIESERVE    116,000.000.00
Urancbei throughout Canada uud
New foundlHtid. and in London Kng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
I' 8 A , and Mexico City. A general
banklnK business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cur
respondents In all parts of the world.
Barlngl Hank Department -Deposits
received In sums of tl and upward
and Intereat allowed at 3 per cent par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000.000.00.
CL D   UUYMNER,  Manager.
Royal Bank
Cap Ul
Ini --irjjnrated
Paid Up   	
I. o o r. AMITY LOME NO IT���Tb
regulaf tr.ea-tina of Amity lodge Nc
li. I. O   O,  P., !�� h��M ,vrry  Mondaj
nlKht   nt   1   n'oloa-V   In   Odd   PallOWS'   Hal!
fumT   Carnarvon   an-t   Klifhth   atf-fii
''Iv'-I---      I--  -I-.-T- CO-MlaUV      IrivltM-l
n A. M��rr1thew NO . II w .-*,:..���-���������
V. O.; tv c Cooihsm, p. o t-.--
Ini; secret*!-*    J   W, MacDonald, fltuui
dial  i-e-cra-tery.
W E. PALES��� Pioneer Puueral rMr.-eli
end W��b��!mer. ��2-��lS Asm* atn->
oppo��li�� Carnefle Llbnu-jr
s. BotvEr.i, isirrcEsson to cbn
ter A Hnnrm. Ltd. 1 ��� Funeral -Slrea-stor
and emhnlmer* Perlnna lit. Colum''
Street.    Naw   Weef-mtnateT     Phone  on*
A  li
d Banking
Business Transacted.
New   Weatminater.  B.C.. Branch.
Big  Works  Urd-rtaken  by  Council  of
Victoria,   Sept,   :;.    Now     thai     the
contracl   with   the   Saanich   has   I n ,
signed, the Warren Construction com-]
pany, winch has tie. bulk of the contract for th" 23 mdes nf road to be
paved, is already making arrange, j
menta for assembling material and
B start, with operations will not lone
l."  delayed.
I'li"   lutein ion   is   to   make   a   cun-  CORBOULD
meneemenl   while  tb,.    weather    re-     ���"������"'
IlbAltP OI" THAllt*��� NKW -WKl-tTMtN
ster Board of Trade meeta tn tlietioar-
rtjttan. City Hall, ae followa; Third FC
titty ot ench month; nuar*a-rl> mef-flni
on the third Friday of FVhruary. Mia
Aiupi.it and Novemtier nl ft p m. Ar
nual meetings on the third T'rl.tnv "
frVbruai'y. li. H. Stuart Wade, eecrf
Kale. Deeds, Business Lettera, ��*tr.. eir
culnr work speota}lJlt. All work Btlictl)
oonndentlaj. H Barry, room 41 s w,.��t
minster Trust ntk.    Phone 702
Onlj   another  month  to  ��������
tickets  at  reduced
���ates.   Ob-
S' rial!
>n.  tourist  and  dining curs on
all  thr
iiinh  trains.     I'or   r
s Tvations
and rat
es apply to
New W
II.  W.
HRODIE. O.  P. A..
Mayer O"!---- Alderman Ejected, 8ut
It  Doe-**".  Wc-''.
I'll' ('ue, Sept 2. The ship of
e"it.' In Ilu". meaning tho city couneil. is passing through troubled wat-
At the i.-.-i meeting nf th" council
several exciting em safes at -arms,
brightened by biting personalities,
ended bv the mayor culling upon the
caretaker ef the cltv hall to remove
'Aid. Ohenier from the council cham-
a I her. The alderman had taken exceptions to som" statements mado, and
frequently interrupted to air hls own
views. Aid. Cheater, however, re
other member" of th" council dissented from tt"i" to time, and th"
mayor had great '!:r".rul'v to keep a
quorum of members In their peats.
Twice durinir th" meeting, proceedings
were theratened with heine brought to
a sudden termination, with the busl
ness lncomplete.fi.
The meeting was n epe'iol nue, called tn decide whether the Hull council
would he a pirty to the i'l'Tprovlnelal
Oatineatl  I'oint. road Bcheme.
] Finley   Haa   Worked   Steadily   for   41
Yc.-irr, for Ottawa Citv.
(if; wa, Seat ?, Kor th" first time
In 4] yeara John Finley, of 2-1 Nepenn
street, who has been lone-fer t" lh"
cltv's employ than any other man, Is
laid up with ll'iiesa. ind It Is doubtful
If he wlll he able to resume hla work
as ward foreman.
Men have rome and gone In the city
engineers' olllce, hut Mr. Finley has j
remained, last wok being the first day I
jhe ever missed from his duties. He
���worked under rei fewer than six "llv
engineers Messrs. Perry. Ilowden,
Surtees. Qault, Ker and Currie,
Mr. Finley la 7*1 years of age. and Is
the oldest of a famllv of 11, of whom;
10 are still living, H's work for the
city covers some 12,600 working days. I
work j
done I
nrt  of I
mains good and to see that the
is planned so thai It may be
with a due regard to lh" comfi
v. hlcular and   pedestrian   (raff e
Considerable interesl centn    In the ]
road  to be  undi rtaken flrsl     While
opinion has strongl) favored the main
Baanlch  road,  the companv  ind ea'ci ���
thai this will be ;, matter for tb" de-
e su ii of Hie  reeve and municipal ell  I
Kim er    The  probable  results of  ro
grading,   where   it   is   necessary,   will
have  an   effect   upon  the   road   which !
Is first   to  be  undertaken, as  the  material  will  havo to be given  time to
s I tie before  surfacing.
Willi the Autoniob le association lo-
citing a country home al the head of
the peninsula, the improvement of Ihe.
trunk road northward out of the city
is of much importance.
f'.I'.ANT  A   MoCOLL,   PAP
P<-Hnna. etc     It) I/irne Ktree'
Westminster.    0   10  Corbould, V
J.  IL rtnant.    A.  0. MeColl.
V apt-law, solicitor, etc.. Telaphon
1* . Cable nd-ireaa "Johnston
Code. "Weatern Onion." Offloea, El"
Block. 6(1 Columbia street. New Wss)
mlneter.  P. C.
alife ��� Barristers ond Sollcltora, Weat
minster Truat Blk.. Columbia atraal
New Westmlnati-r. II. C. Cnhle Mdi1ri>��
"WhtteelfV." Western Union. V. C
Drawer itit). Telephone 09. W,
Whllnalde, K. O.. II. L. Bdmonda, I
lb* Lois x- .nei KI of lyit 2. and I-ots 1, 2,
.1    I     'I.  tt,  '���*.  nt  l-nt   I.  niilsllvlalom
��� ,r   I���,t   >-..   Suburban   Week   I.  In  the
City "f New W.-alinlnater
Wherein proof of tha loss of Cortlfleata
<>f -rii!" Number BA7SF, Ish i in th" name
of  Lachian  MoQuarrla  bus becn  filed In
this  '.mee
Notice ts hereby given tho' I shall, at
the vxplmtlon of on" month from the date
of ite* rirai publication le-rasif.   n n dully
fo'-wsf-ip. r   tmlillslii'd   lai   tie*   I'ltv   ef   New
Weatmlnatar, Ihsik* a duplloata nf th" aald
Certirinate,  unleaa in ttie meantime valid
objection t*" mada lo ne  in writlnjf.
J   C   OWTNN,
luatriei Raflatrar   .r Titles.
Land   1t"ir'��lrv   orflc,-.   Now   W,.��lmlt|s-
"-   it''    I Mb  August   I'U I IIII)
New York, Sept, ,1. The Rutland
Railroad company Is defendant In a
suit fnr $r,oti(i filed In the supreme
eourt yesterday hy MIsb Carol Brady
Mnsnn for damagv caused hy her be-
lug forcibly removed from a sleeping
In her complaint, filed by Hamil-
t'n. Gregory and Freeman, of 100
llroadway. It Is charged that Miss Mason bought a ticket from Montreal to
New Vork on August 21, paying $].B0
extra fnr her berth. At nine o'clock
at night she went to her berth, she
nays, and Inter a negro porter and
two train hands wakened her, ordered her to dress, ai while ahe was only partly clot!,, u, removed her by
force to a car In which there was no
sleeping accommodation.
As n rennlt uhn arrived In Now Vork
In a state of collapse, had to be assist
ed from Ihe train nnd placed under
the care of physicians.
J. f-nri.WKLL CLUTE. Derrlater-at-lni
Bolicitor, etc.; corner Columhla an
MoKensia   stn-eta,    New    wastmlnste
B.   C.    P    O    floi   115.     TebThone    71'
SolloilOr and Notary. Offices Har
block, 'it l,orne atreet. New WeBtnilr
ster, P. C.
riurrlstaars and Solleflora, r.or, to ai
Westminster Trust Block O. v.. Mat
Mn.   V.'.   Ci.   McQuarrie   and   Oeorge   I
Advertise in the Daily News
Call and inspect our fnll
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
4Q1   Columbia   St.
COAL MININU righta of thn   lionilnloa
io Manitoba. Saskatchewan snd Alberta,
'be YiAum Territory, the Nonliwoatl Tar-
rltorlaa and lo a portion of Die Proylnos
���if British Columbia, may ho loaeM for ���
term of twenty-one yeara at an annual
rental of |i mi acra. Not mora than ZIM
acres will be leasa-d to one apelloint.
Application   Tor a  h'oae  muat   t.i  mad*
; tiy the applicant In Ofitaon to the Af"*nt
ir Bub-Agont of the dlatrlct In which Uw
���-llttita applied for ara 11111111011
I In aiirveyaad territory the land must be
(liaerlhfd   by   aectlona,  or  legal   aub-dlrl-
I talons of aa-rttona. and In unflurveyed tar-
iltory   the   tract   applied    for    ahall    ba
j stalled out by the amiltr-ant himself.
Koch  appllnall 1  must  he aca-nmpanM
I liy a foe of If, v.Hrh will lm refunM) If
die rlghia applied for are not iivullabK
but not otherwise. A royalty ahall bs
paid on the mrrchantahl" output of lh*
mine at the rute of five centa por ton.
The i.orerm operattns the mine ahall
furnish the A��ent wllh swarn return*
accounting for the full quantity nf merchantable eoal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated aueh retiirna ahouM
tie  fumlahod  at   leaet once a  year.
The lenm win include the c��al mining
ilk-Ins only. Iml the leaaeo wlll be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface righta nn) he coneldered neceaaary for the working of the mlno at lhl
rate  of  110  an acre.
Por full im miiitlon application eh*ul��
be made to tie Sacrrtarf of tl.> IMpart
menl  of the  Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent at Iiomlnlon LaanOa
% w' OOHT.
.,   ���   I>*puty Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���UhauthMM publication of this
aria * rtlaament will not be paid for.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co.,
Agents vn
On   Friday   Dominion  and   Provincial cruised, but without statutory author
ity, notably  In Montreal, win re then-
Statutes Are Replaced by More
Draatlc   Regulations.
is a large population of Southern Kill*
opi aim, with the result that actual
bushels of lethal  weapons have been
secured, but hereafter it wlll ba quite
lawful for a peace officer to atop any
person whuin he lias reason to believe ami does believe lias upon his
pi rson any weapon, device or contrivance contrary to the provision of sec
ton  118.
It has been a practice of many people thoughtlessly lo make a k ft lo
boy relative* or friends of an a.r gun
or   air   rifle.     This   lips   really   been
Tomorrow there will go Into effect
two statutes dealing with the carrying and sale of offensive Weapons,
one federal and the other provincial,
uud botli designed lo curb Ilia i vil
that has arisen through the Immigration ol lines which are excellent In
every way except that they are ud
dieted lo llie ton free carrying of con-
coaled  weapons ami to ths use   of
those win never lhey get Into a quarrel.
Th amended sections lis and im
of the criminal code are drastic u
compared with the sections us tbey
urn Iii force today, and will be for a
few days longer. At present the prohibition Is confined to pistols and air " No firearm cun lie sold to a mil
Kiiim. ii is an ottanoa punishable by and no pistol or air gun can bs i
a  flue  of  from   to  to  |��5, or  bv  lm- or mM ,0  tbem,  undi r a pcusll)
jln har fear Bhe succeeded in dresi ng
'and escaping unnoticed. When the
went to the New York hospital,
Whence, a It it a fortnight, Bhe was
trum-fcrred t'i the Bellevue, and lat r
llv in- Metropolitan. Hnaliy she wai
allowed to leave there for the lta]
lan-Hungarlan houi" at 'i'i 1'iarl air <t,
where bin- remained f'.r four in nt':;,
without regaining her former strength.
She was so weakened lhat it wai
hurd for lier to g< t work and Impossible for her lo keep ll.
Two week* she had gone to live
rt 416 Third street, where sin- bad llcorne acquainted With Matilda ll-.erk,
the girl of eighteen year* who was ar
rested   with  her,   Tbey  talked over
ber plight niul between tbem deed il
lhat Dr. Taj lor should be brougbl
to account, First they Irlid the d
trlct attorney'! oltice. , They ���*��� -..-
laughed at there. Thou It was decided thai ho ought to b" killed, Helena
Turoxer  owned  u  -small   pistol,   bul
against the law, altbiugb there has *��������������� ����'" '��"���*���������������* �� he��vl�� om
..   ,  :  , ...  ,,    f'Jr  the  work,  niiii  so  lho  went ovi r
ii"ver been any attempt to enforce It
Hereafter tho prohibition will be
strictly  enforced,  and  iio  one   who
values liis money will run tin- risk
of nn.ng such a girt to a boy under
sixteen. If the lad is over sixteen
he will have to get a permit to carry
such a weapon before lie can receive
ll r,
Vl n
Provincial   Legislation
Under the provincial act any persoj
who exposes for sale, offer* for sale,
Or sella any bowle knife, dirk, dagg ir,
stiletto, metal knuckles, skull cracker
r slung-shot, or who sills a revolver,
prlsonwent for one month, to bave on
one's person outside of dwelling, Bliop
i r warehouse either of these weapons,
and aiione  who gives or sills to any
minor  under  lii   a  pistol,   alrgun   or
ammunition is liable to a fin* of not
in' re   than   $50.     The  teller   Ih   liable
to a fine not exceeding (26 for falling ihhIoI  or  toy   oir-gun  10  anyone  tlio
to keep a record of llle sale of pistol, lias   not   produced   anil   left   with   th*
and air guns, but tliere Is nothing to vendor a  permit in  writing from th
prevent ion soiling or anyone buying superintendent or provincial pciice, r
all the weapons he desires chief constable or chief of police. U
Bul after Friday next it behooves guilty ol un offence The penalty pro-
dealers and would-be purchasers alike Vlded is a fine Ol Hum $-;��� lo $200   01
to bo acquainted with the law    it will 'to Imprisonment  for not  more than
then  I"  llligal  to have in one's pos-   six  months,  with or without  harj  la
to Jersey Cily and bought a 8fc-Ca1 ���
bn- revolver Then the iwo took up
thetr itand near the doctor's l.om ���
and  wuit'd
That the shot be beard had been
aliiH'd at hlm came as a complete
surprise io Dr. Taylor last even lig
when newspaper nun brought hint
the story. He said that he had i o
Idea who tlie woman was and had
never received any Intimation thai
she ws bitter agaliiHt him. He OOUld
not recall having operated In b'r case
although he did remember that In-
had sent the maid of one of his patients to Roosevelt hospital, nn I a
name s'uiilar to that of Helena Tur ���
sir appears in hls December records
Whether he or Ills assls'imt had performed the operation he said he i! d
not  recall.
leMlon any pistol, sheath knife, bowl,
knife, dagg. r. Htllleto, metal knuckles.
ikull-cracker, or any other offensive
weapon, or any air gull, or any dsvlce
or contrivance for muffling the sound
bor. or to both.
The same penally is prcldi d III the
case of the dealtr who sills a revol
ver. plst'.'l or ulr gun without keep-
a   record   of   tlie  date,   name   < f
ol the explosion of any weapon    The  maker,  serial  number and  name,  td
dress and occupation of the purc'ias
i r, or who sells or exposes or offers
for sale any revolver or pistol whicb
does not bear a serial number and
the name of the maker. If a copy
i f this record is not forwarded to the
superintendent of provincial police by
the dealer wliiiln seven duys after
Ihe end of each quarter, March, June.
September  and   December,  tliere ls a
penally is increased to a line not ex-
���seeding Jluu. or three months in jail.
or both.
The teller, donor or lender must beware. Under tha same penally it will
be unlawful to sell or, without lawful excuse, to give or lend any aueh
offensive weapon, device or contrivance to anyone not being the holder
of a  permit   from  the proper author
ity  to carry   a   weapon.    The   vendor liability of a penalty of uot over $r,0.
must keep u record of the sale of any      Any  pence offlc< r uiav  search any i
of  the**  weapon*,  with  the  name  Of person whom he has reason to Irlleve '
the   maker,    the   serial   number,   the Is carrying concealed weapons Illegal-
d-SMrtpUon,   the   name,   address,   and ly   If any of the weapons enumerated
occupation  of  the  purchaser,  and  he are found  upon a person  who is not
must  send  a  duplicate of this record a  native of I'anada  the facts  are to
In   the  person   signing   the   permit   to be   reported   to   the   nttortieyg'nertil.
carry,   lha-   production  of   which   will and   he   may   communicate   with   the
be tin- authority lo the vendor to sell
In  lhat  person.
A pa-rmit to carry weapons may b'
issued at tha- discretion ol the off c al
by any chief or provincial or inuiilc;
pal police, or hy Bttpeudlary, dlatrlct
or police magistrates.
Rinht  of  Search
The  rUlit   of  search  bv   police officers for concealed  weapon*  is great
ttilnlsti r  of the Interior with  a  view
to having  the person depor'ed.
lt will I,,- unlawful frr anyone f*
"��" cr have In his possession "'" 'I
lenoer or nny contrivance for d'ad'n-
lng or muffling the sound caused bv
the explcalon of a firearm T'"> nen-
"llv for this ofrence Is a fine of f**tn
tin to |100, or in default m imprisonment  with hard labor tor a term  not
ly   widened.     It   has already  been   ex-  exceeding  six months
enlal  correction, and  Mos.*s engaged
iu the scheme.   The five cents a day
which  Max allowed hlm was affluence
Mi ��"s. and  was a  factor In ia.,iug
the pain of hls fathers chastisement*
M, sis made a fatal mistake yestel
:ii   in  entering, for the second  tunc,
 Spi rllng and Lee'S office near Victor
ia  square,  and  the  financial opera
Has  Sma'l   Boy�� Begging for  Him  to   lh ns of lhe pair ware exposed.    The
final  thn thing  from  Ins  father when
Keen   Mother and Six Younger
M:    Zimmerman heard  of th" esca-
pades of Moses und Max. may have
a las'.inu effect that former I nea fail
'���d to leave. l-'<r Moses has pn mlsed
not to | lav with the "bad. big hov"
With his mother any more| an(j t0 forego the five cent
income which was his allowance since
BChCO) closed In June This morning
Mux Ih searching for a real job and be
too, has foresworn his evil ways of
getting  the  family's Income.
Moiitn ul, Sepi
and six Bmall brothers ami sisters depending on IiIh earnings. Max l.eveu-
berg, 14 years old, Inn! too hunl a
snuggle v.llll existence In tlle llllil
three months, and was forced t.i
evolve a scheme for getting larger
siilns  lo  s'.isiiun  the. family.
The plan worked out was to Intimidate a small hoy, and II Is thought
several others Into begging for him
in downtown offices, for which services he paid the boys five cents a
day. Mux gullied from one to three
dollar* a day by Ins scheme, and the
mother and younger children were
able to ii-..- In comparative comfort.
Had not I,ttie Moses Zimmerman,
whom In* forced to do liis begging for
hlm. got caught yesterday and eon*
i ssed Uia complicity, the Levenbergsl
mlghl have continued in affluence un-1
til   lhe   vague   day   "when   lather   re-       New    York.   Sept.   :,. -Hound   oll   a
turns." s.i often promised to ihe chll- round of professional calls. Dr. How
rtren aril   l'.   Taylor,  a   Roosevelt   hosp tal
The   fall,er   lefl   tlie  cltv   suddenly Hing on,   lift   his  bunn-   at   'i'i   Wesi
last   March,   ami   Ih   known   to   be   in K.ftieth   Btreet.   late   yi'slenlay   af er-
New  York     It   Ib alleged thai  he. ns noon, ami had walked as lar us S'xth
well as his son. had engaged In some avenue, when a >oiuig woman sprang
business     transaction*    not     strlclly  fr   behind an elevated railroad  pli-
above   reproach   and   was  forced    to Ier.   rushed   at   him.   Bcreamlng,   aud
leave Canada fin d  in his direction.    Hearing the
Max's  Stru-ggle shot   and   not  dreaming   that   it   was
The  storv   of   Max's   struggles    to aimed at himself, the Burgeon though
k.-en np the family finances after Ills he bad strayed Into one of New York's
���father  left,  is  Interesting.    Tho boy gun fights.    Without wait ng to look
seems to have taken to evil ways on- aboul bun. he Jumped nimbly for th ���
ly after honest efforts failed to bring elevated  stairs,  and  mounted  out  cf
ln enough   money.    Max used  to b> harm'a way.
employ* d In a paper box factory, and
Woman, Who Say�� She Had Deen Injured, Makes Attempt on
Doctor's Life
Waif Picked Up on City Streets Re-
etcrcd Through Medium cf
Montreal, Sept J.���A mother with- |
out credentials, obscure, hardly intel'.i-'
glble, hut with one piece of corrobor- '
ative evident' i towards ber claim, appeared In the city Saturday and c\*i' ���
, ed up one of Montreal's mysteries.
The questions as to who ls the
mother of the little Infant girl of 'wo
years, found on July 4th, was settled
on Saturday night Thc case concerned a woman and was handled by
women from the moment the child
was picked up It was a woman, too,
who completed the act of restoration.
It was a small family photograph
which decidid whether the Claim of a
tearful and incoherent mother should
he upheld, Her child, she said, for
which she had languished foi fix
weeks, was the one which was picked
un In the streets The mother, Mrs
Nirolai Andre, a Roumanian charwoman, arrived ill the city yesterday
from Toronlo and tier story, for Wh *ii
there was no scrap of proof but the
photograph, was compelling In its sor-
*i..' pathoi
Child Wa' Stolen.
���She wns compeleld to l��>nve Victoria,
her child. In Toronto, while she slaved.
One day. but she does not remember
the date except that It was Thursday,
she bad a premonition, and calling at
the bouse was prostrated on learning
the child had been handed over to her
"worth!'ss   father"   The     poo-     il'iv-
en. destitute mother collapsed under
the shock and was ill in bed for flv
weeks until a letter arrived from I'aris
written by lier husband and stating lie!
bad taken "Holly" Victoria wus nick
named to Montreal atld left her on
the Btreets.
It   needed  only  thla  letter to  bring
Mrs. Andre to Montreal as soon as -she]
was able to earn the fare money. Her
story, told to the police  matron, was:
heartbreaking, bul    where    was   tlie
proof'.'   The matron would   not Btand 1
Iii tin- way, only she wanted one good*
pie i-  ot  evidence   to   show   the  swift
reedy  Justice of Solomon. There was
a photograph.   The mother said li wai
a good likeness of herself and (amllv
Thut was BUfflclent and Mine. Albert
went Straight to the mother of tho
child's adoption.
Victoria has been one of the little
treasures in the home of Mrs. Me-
Brine, Hi" Forfar street. Polnl 31
Charles. Tor lhe past month, and It ls
now quite a keen loss to the rosier
mother to give up the little girl at
such un Interesting and lender age,
Mrs An.ire returned on Baturday nighl
to her home In Toronto. 170 Sum!
Familiar  With  Domestic   Rows,  Now
He Has One of His Own.
New   York. Sept, 'i.    Frcm thl   bwt
possible point ot vantage In the am-1
phlthealre   of   life.   Henry   P    Lewis.!
clerk  of  the court  of domestic  rela- i
tions. has wltie ssed the rehearsals ofj
n thouiand domestic upheaval* but It i
was not  until yesterday that he was
called  Hi essay the part of the prin-j
clpal  himself.    His  wife,  Jennie    A. j
Lewis, is suing him for absolute ill- I
voice.    Heretofore he has been    "an
,.,���.,���,,,��� ,,, ���  , .....        Peirlng down from a point of suf."    innocent   bystander.'  'as  it   were,  in
the most he could make was four or ty. be ��aw Patrolmen Kell-rman and | countless divorce cases In their inceptive dollars a week When tbe slack Pastorini selic first the woman with tlon, but now he knows the sensation
season came he was one of those the a plBtc.1 In ber hand, and anothc r who 0f henrlng hls name gravely spoken
firm did not keep, but the money sup- appeared to be* her companion. He with an official ring,
ulv must not stop and Max turned'saw them escorted off In the direct on "Whew! Pretty tough getting bnck
bis hand to the business of selling of tho East Klfty-first street station to the grind of regular work after a
,.���,,, ���nd crates to wholesale houses, and he himself went about his biisl-..glorious vacation.' exclaimed Mr
boxes and cratesI Hwnoiesaie noueae. i        ,    yesterday morning ub he took
.-.��W ?��?   \ Ml'"ILE, ft h. JJld Bouoht Gun  Cieclslly his nlace on the bench with a tan on
la,xear0wtl,out first liming them ?or *    At H.e sl'aUon the woman who bad Ihls face like a polished russet shoe.
���   tow  cen?    Am  th    groeeS"and fired the revolver said she  was  He-      With the characteristic lethargy ol
a  row  cents  irom   wjawn  �����>����� TllPll,,,.   .���  Austrian  bv   litt'i  �� returned vacationist be tackled    a
tradesmen In the neighborhood.        .Una Tt^J. W^K^n^y  Birw ,
Thla did prove more lucrative, and and ad r"cflc ���e'v""t. D> ��   Z b ��� k' him.    While perusing through the
as he Is nn agile youngster, Max was She , ot oily ad mlte d lh��t she bad
���ev��r caught.   But In June one of the   IredJ*��w!��,on' "J* ^0'.'hJn?t for  ����� procers server of Sheriff    n*r>
babies  fell  sick.    The  mother,  who , ce aay. that "he had tof     It      r . burger's staff, In a formidable position
can onlv speak Russian did not like the   express  purpose   of  killing  Dr. U.*    hl_
to ask for charity, and Max consider- Taylor.   She gave as her reason that I
ed  it was "up to IHm."    Ho proved she had nexer regained her Btrength
equal to the occasion, and approach- after an operation for append cltls thnt
lng one Of Ills school chums, proposed he had  performed nt Roosevelt lum
the boning scheme ] pitat   last   December.     Brth   wr.iie.,
the begging ^n���^     Bt|ek��� |*w, ,ookrd up chargmi w>uh attempt-
Moses  Zimmerman,  who Is only �� ed assault.    Here Is  the  police  ver-
vears old, asked hls father first, and slon of Helena Turoier s.BtoryI
��ui tnld   under   neln   of   a severe'    She had been sent to Or. Taylor by
rhre.hlng, not td play with the big Mrs. C. Courtlandt Hay, of 814 West
bov     Moses  wbb between two fires. Eighty-seventh street. In whose homo
A beating from his father was to be she was employed, and he had sent
avoided only by Incurring one from her to ths, hospital for an operat'en.
5S    The course ot least resistance After abe had been   h-re twenty djy.
��m to ****** a ch����e�� on ****** V* Dr' T'J,,or w,,n6d t0 re-��perale' but
"Denr pardon, ts thlB Mr. Henry P
Lewis?" asked the process server.
"It is." answered tbe clerk.
Then, with the customary final r'!-s
thst accompany the service, Mr. I.e"
delivered a summons und complaint
for absolute divorce to the bewildered
clerk. Though calloused by his famll
larlty with such matters, Mr. l.ewls
lost his nonchalance Immediately and
paled. The old, old story hsd a new
meaning to him.
Mrs. Lewis accuses her husband of
having bad relations with other
A Sale Without
Precedent and
Without Hope of
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Limited at a figure that enables us to sell you merchandise at pxices away below manufacturer's cost.
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tf *au*. -f-c-uvt
Fresh Water and Salt
hush rtsHERMEN
Party with Outfits Leaves Todsy    lo
���Fearch cf Cohoes���Others Msy
Now that thc sockeye run is over
1* wiser river fishermen are In man/
cases n search of other fishing
grounds, aud a party is leaving this
morning for Tobie inlet, some 200
miles up the coast.
Tho party will bc towed northward
In the ti. P. A. ol tbe SL Mungo cannery, anil tbls same vessel will likely
bring down the fish taken to this
port where they will bc placed in cold
storage. It is said that cohoes, the
���salmon the local men expect to catch,
are running well up the coast.
Acoordlng to reports other fishing
einiirns will also srnd men to Tcbla
Victoria, Sept 3.���Although the
newest of the C. P, H. ocean-gains
steamships, the Empress if Asia,
Capt. Robinson, whieh berltted here
early on Sunday morning, fa led t>
accomplish the desire of her officers
and crew, that of shattering the
record for the trans^'acillc voyage,
which is held by her famous sister
ship, she succeeded in regaining for
the steamship company the laurels fot"
I the largest silk cargo ever handled.
iThe huge strong room on the wilt'
liner was crammed to its capacity
with silk, and the shipment wai
valued at $3,000,000. This Immerse
I consignment of rich material, which
'will be converted in'o valuable gowns
and other wearing apparel, is now en
route across the continent to New
Joker in Law.
Aberdeen. Sept 8.���A joker in the
recently enacted fish law has heen
found which allows anyone to catch
salmon for his own and his family'!'
consumption, with the exception that
dynamiting is not allowed. The joker
was discovered through an attempt
made by Deputy (!ame Warden Esses
ti convict fl man ho had found fishing
In tho Chehalls river with a net
Vn Visit to Plantation When Mexicans  Why Come Are Coming Direct���Police-
Cartjo for Australia Sold, But no rtvp
Chartered Yet���Herakl-M Clears
This Week.
The last stick of timber is now b>
ing stowed away in the bold of the
Norwegian steamer Herakles. which
for several weeks has been lying r.t
the Krastr Mills wharf, and unless the
unforseen happens the big vessel will
leave tbis port Friday or Saturday.
Allog.ther, some 2,500,000 feel of
lumber have been put aboard, and tbe
cargo will bc completed at Chemalnus,
Vancouver island. Tben Captain
Ilerg will shape ha course for Buenos
While at "New Westminster a number of sailors have been Bigned for
the outward passage.
Although the despatches say tlie
captain of the liritish bark Holt 11 ill
is contemplating loading lumber here,
following the loss of bis charter at
Vancouver, the mill officials have had
no word of such a move, but tliere is
a cargo of lumber already sold and
now being turned out for delivery in
Australia. Wbether the Holt Hill will
���Ret this charter is unknown, and the
companv here says as yet it has nol
���gone after any vessel.
Newport News. Vn . Sen" 3.���Three
netty offlcera and live firemen 'rom
the battleship Nebraska narrowly es-
caned drowning in Hampton Roads
today when ��������� waterspout swamped a
launch in which thev were heading
for rhore at Old Point The boat
went down near th" battleship and the
men managed to keep afloat until assistance came.
Killed Man In Charge���\'.'ork cf
Vera Crus, Sept. 8.���President Wilson's representative. John I.ind, and
Rear Admiral Fletcher, relumed here
tonight from the Vista ilermosa plantation, where they*went yesterday on
tha invitation of a Minnesota friend
The trip afforded no more thrills than
the knowledge of a raid on a properly
a few miles from the plantation on
the samo night they spent there, ln
which bandits killed the man in
charge, appropriating 2000 pesos, and
the sight of the body of an executed
rebel on the porch of a building alongside the railway.
Tlio expedition waa of interest,
hoWever. to both, especially to Mr.
Lind. who wan anxious to obtain in-
fornint'on concerning labor conditions.
The Vista Hermosa plantation is one
of these properties on which contract
labor is employed. Mr. I.ind had read
extensively of peonage in ?>Iexico. and
his visit gave him an opportunity to
investigate the system as adopted by
his friend, li.  M. Emery.
man   Regarded  for Clever
Claims  Right to  Put  LabcrOrganizers
Out of Mines In Virginia���Strike
Inquiry cn.
American  Mining Man  in  Korea    Released by "Un vritten  Law" for
Murder of "mployce.
' Seoul, Korea. Sept. 3,���Suspension
of the sentence of 18 months penal
servitude pronounced on August 11 ot:
Mr. Mason, American manager cf tht
geld mines at Un San in northern
Keren, on a charge of manslaughter
was ordered today aa a result of the
prisoner's appeal.
At. the trial Mr. Mason pleaded the
"unwritten law" In defending himself
when the charge of killing a Chinese
employee who in the absence cf his
wife, had conuuiitted a criminal assault on their 12 year old daughter.
.When Mason returned bom .ind
learned of tlie occurrence he Wiled
the Chinaman.
| The suspension ef the sentence is
i regarded here aa equivalent to an acquittal.
Japanerc Vessel Suspected of Landing
AI -.ns, Allowed to Proceed From
Tort  Simpson.
New Westminster is destined to be
the port of tm* Japanese boat Kasu
���Maru. which was held hy thc authorities at i ort Simpson pending an Investigation.' 'fhe fishery cruiser Wil-
'liam Jolllffoe arrived on the scene
oarlj this week hut was unable to discover my circumstances sufficiently
BUBplcioi s to allow the Bkipper to hold
the boat.     *
Imn igration Commissioner Reid, of
Vancouver, accompanied the captain
a.d tli, government boal but was un-
ahle to find sufficient evidence of the
alleged landing of several passengers
'rom Japan wuh at first were reported
to have heen dropped on shore.
I New York. Sept. 3.���Counsel for tho
Frawley Investigating committee said
tonight that Herberl 11. Lehman,
i treasurer of the Sulzer primary cun
Ipalgn fund, has signified his willingness to tell the committee all ha
knew about contributions. The committee intended to continue its In-
quiry today into charges that improper uses had been made of this fund.
but postponed its meeting until to
Washington, Sept. 3, Emphatic defence of tli" riiiht of West Virginia
coal nnernfr.rs to keep labor organizers off their property by the use of
force, featured the testimony today
Iby SI. T. Davis, president of the Paint
Creek Consolidated Coal compnny, be-
fore the senate special committee Investigating reci:-.: trcubles in the coal
' fields.
i Mr. Davis declared that the attempts
{of Uni1ed Mine Workers' agents to
��� come into the district and unionize the
j mines boused lhe strike whieh led to
Ithe senatorial investigaton and he pictured scenes of contentment and prosperity among tv miners before the
advent of the outsiders.
Open Shcpc.
; This witness and his son. Ira Davis.
general manager of the Consolidated
;company, told the committee of harmonious conditions now existing on
Cabin creek, the miners having returned to work on Aug. 1, after r.n agreement to operate the mines as open
shops, with an increase of 11 per cent
in wages.
Both witnesses defended the guard
system as resulting In better order.
Profit in Rer.tr.
Tlie younger Davis said that his
{company aimed to make a reasonable
nrofit on each department. Including
jthe renting of bouses to miners, but
[declared In response to a question by
I Senator Kenyon th-it no profit was
learned from medical treatment of the
miners and their families.
; W. S. Woods, ffeppral manager of
jthe Standard-Splint Coal company, on
Coal creek, testified briefly In defen"e
of the operators' c-ursi* in th"! district and Attorney Knight for the nn-
'erators that they had the right to evict
striking miners from 'lie comotiny's
houses without going into the courts,
and  defended thst advice.
The hearing will be resumed tomorrow  morning.
Vancouver, Sept. :',.  -Vancouver im-
I migration officials are not particularly fearful of an  influx of Hindus.    It
seems that nearly a year ago a  Victoria   steamship   agent   sold   a   dozen
j return trip tickets to Calcutta.   Recent
"direct"  arrivals  from  India  are  thel
j last  ot  that dozen   return  tic'iets.
Man's  Body  Found.
The body of Louis Hell was found
in   2  o'clock  yesterday  afternoon  at
the foot of Pacific street    Harry nix-
|on, Clark drive,  discovered tli" dead
1 man  lying  face downwards    nn    the
!grass  of a  vacant   lot  sbout   I"   tael
from  the  wagon   whieh  he had   been
j driving.    Dixon  tit   first  thought  that
the man was asleep, but after further
investigation, finding that he wis dead,
lie summoned Dr. Atkinson, who found
tliat  Internal injuries were 'Ue  ttause
of death.    Hell, who lived at 2020 l>-
dar street, was a teamster In the em-
: ploy of A. Smith.    The body 1 as n -
moved to Armstrong * Hotson's parlors.   An inquest will be held.
Policeman  Rewarded.
!  reward    for    capturing    Tom
who  entered    s.    Maddison's
on the night of Aug it. the police   commissioners   have   decided   to
give an advance of three months' seniority to P. C. Oalllvan,   chief of Police  Mulhern, at   the meeting of the
hoard yesterdaj afti rnoou, pointed out
how   the  constable,   who  is   nnly   L':i
years of age. and who is practically a
recruit   in   the   fore*',   was   nol   only
brave In facing the man. who bad a
revolver, but  Bhowed great Ingenuity
in the way he captured tit" criminal.
The mayor agreed with    chief    Mulhern and  made some complimentary
remarks ubout the work done by Gal-
llvan In capturing Grant. According to
the report of the chief of oolici   630
case3  were  handled   In   pollce  courl
during   August.     Of   these   I""   were
convicted, 20 committed for trial and
10" cases  were  either  dismiss id  or
withdrawn.    The  fines  Imposed  during the month  amounted  to ?*IT:> 90,
which Is a slight decrease over  last
month' sreturns.
Social and Personal
\V. E. Ditchl.urn.    connected    with j
the   Dominion   government   In   Indian |
affairs,  was a  visitor in  the city  yes
terday. staying ut the Russell hotel.
,1. R. Duncan, manager of the Vulcan Iron Works-., returned yesterday
from a vacation sprint at Sol-Due, a
Washington state summer resort.
Mrs. Duncan and daughter, who have
bei n spending the summer months at
the sea shore, havo also returned to
the City,
Mrs. McAdamS, of the hospital
auxiliary, has had many complaints
made her because invitations fer Friday evening's hall have not been received. Tbose In charge wanl it understood all are cordially invited und
will be welcomed by the president and
ladies of the auxiliary and conveners
of the ball committee, Tickets only
are necessary to insure admittance
and ean be had in stores down town,
and at all the hanks or from any
member of the auxiliary or at tbe
door. The hall ls being transformed
by   the decorating    committee    under
the convenershlp of Mrs. Ccrbould.
Mrs. Bison and Mrs. J. I!. Grant have
charge of the refreshments.
Washington, Sept. 3.- The ���*.��� nste
committee on naval off airs after an
hour's conference with the secretary
nnd another hour's debate behind
closed doors today declined t 1 deed **
whether the secretary bail been just'-
lied in amending the regulations concerning examinations for commissions
in the marine cores so as tn ellm'nate
the test for "aptitude and probably
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1319R (1977)i       MEDICAL  CASES ATTENDED.
Wife cf Medicine  Hat Carrster Fined
fer Abusing Child���Eody Covered
With   Bruise:..
Medicine Hat, Sept. 3.���Mrs Jessie
Beatty, wife of a well known barrister, was fined $115 and costs today by
Magistrate Kealv. on tx* charge of ill-
treating her chlW. The cuse came tn
light through the cliilil. -jged five. Retting on a train in an effort to ran
He told the conductor that his parents abused him and was brought hack
from   Hedcbffe,   where   the   conductor
! put him  off.    Officer Orr    said    the
hoy's body was a mass of bruises end
tho mother admitted beating the child
for falsifying.    She also put his hand
in hot water and badly s-alded it be-
'*.*H.*e  he  would  not  wash  his  hands.
Magistrate  Kealy  expressed  regret  at
being forced to pass sentence on  the
i wife of a member of his own profession     The lad is a bright youngster
and gave evidence, telling a clear Btory
jof the alleged abuse of his parents.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Propram Tcaay.
Edison   Photoplay
-B/   FIRE   AND   WATER."
cr The Loat Art of Minding
One's r>usine6S.
A present day satire in two
Songs by the Lawrence Children
At the Praser river bridge the fol-
li wing vessels were registered as
passing through the draw yesterday:
Beaver, up; Helen M. Bc&nlon, down;
Si natoi Jansen  down and np.
The Samson was down river yesterdaj erecting a staging near Steveston,
Seattle, \ Sept. li. With valuable
Shipments of gold bullion and furs aud
iTil passengers, the I'mifie Coast
-Steamship company's liner Senator,
'('apt. Joht| Seoby. sailed from Nome
-;>t 11 a.in. Sunday, bound for Seattle.
'A large number of mining m< n and
prospectors are aboard the vessel.
some of whom will embark in th!:*. port
tor the new gold diggings un lhe Bhus-
h an nu.        (f
The Senator has SU passengers from
thc Yukon fiver district and 107 from
Nome. Among Chose aboard the ves
���eel ere Oofrernor '. V. A. Strong, of
Alaska and Mrs. Strong, who have
tipcn making a -tour i>f thc territory.
They vlsltafij Fairbanks anil after a
trip down the Yukon, stopped at St.
Michael ana Nome.
The Senajor will make two more
voyaRcs to the far north thiB year, Hailing from tills port on Sept. 10 and Oct.
1 Ottawa, Sept. 3,���Work has now
started on Ihe shops and round house;-;
tn he built liy the Canadian Northern
railway at Rideau junction. The completion cf the Toronto-Ottawa line Is
being held up by some apparently bottomless sink-holes at one point on the
right of way.
I Thousands of cubic >.'irds of sand.
gravel, old stumps and nearly everything else have been dumped int i
theae holes only to sink out of sight
but it is announced that the line will
be in operation hy October 1",.
'LIED to cave man
! San Francisco, Sept. :',. Lolls N'or-
ria admitted today that tthe has given
false testimony about ber c latlona
With P. Drew Camlnettl. Recalled to
the Btand to explain her lirst efforM
to shield Camlnettl and Maury 1.
Iliggs, immediately after her arrest
at Keno, Bhe owned frankly that sh"
had not told the truth and to that ber
credltablllty as a witness for the gov
ernment was shaken, but her explana
tlon wis Ihat.she bad lied to save tin
man she loved and then trusted.
Ottawa. Sept. S.���"Kindly inform
the convict. Alexander Bannerman.
that his excellency, the administrator
of the government does no* see fit to
exercise the perogatlve of clemency in
his ease."
The above message sicned by Sheriff Richardson at the Ottawa court
house today and conveyee by the governor of the jail to the prisoner.
Bannerman. who Is a prominent
Ottawa citizen, was sentenced tn three
months' imprisonment on Aug lit on
a charge of assault upon a young Indv
at the Grand Union hotel, He wis
taken 111 phorilv after his Incorcera-
tlon and ills release was sought for by
hls friends.
To thc Altar,
i Leavenworth, Kan., Sept. :t.
Twenty-one Kansas convicts wer'
baptized at the state prison yesterday afternoon, 11 hy sprinkling and
10 by immersion in the big tank in
tiie prlsi n laundry. This makes an
even 100 souls saved in the prison,
according to Warden Botkln.
We  have just  what   you   require  to
rid ycur house of these pests.
Wilson's Fly I'ads ..." packages 2;,c
Flihan. .Ic p"r roll, or ti for 27, ���
Tanglefoot, 2 packages containing 4
sheets for  5c
San Juan Cleans r 1 tins '_'""
Reckttt's Blue  6 far 25c
Liquid Amonla, per bottle  15c
Liquid Blue, per bottle  16a
Choice Eastern Butter.... :t Ihs. $1,00
Eastern Fresh Kggs  :i doz. ji.o.i
Preserving Peaches are due in this
week. Send us your order, we will
supply you with the lert stock at tiie
lowest price.
We aim  to pleas0.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block. Colvmb'a  Streel
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldtr.
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Kort William. Sept. 2 Forty Business iinjn and city officials, headed hv
Mayor Qeorge Oraham, and A. A. Wilson, president of the board of trade,
will lea&e at ", o'clock In two special
sleepers for a trip to Tete .laurie to
which point the Qrand Trunk has completed laying steel. The party will
spend tomorrow in Winnipeg, Thursday in Saskatoon and Friday in Kdmonton..
Holds    Up
9: Of.
1 :,20 |
]4f��0 l
2;?.0 I
K,;20 I
3:30 |
15:30 i
4:30 |
lr.-nr. |
5:35 |
16:05 I
B:30 I
16:55 I
7:30 I
17:50 I
rndinri  Te
4:56 12.0
IV. 15 13.1
5:59 12.2
18:45 13.1
7:01 12.2
19:15 13.0
X:08 12.1
19:46 12.8
9:15 11.9
20:16 12.5
10:35 11.7
20:47 12.0
12:08 11.7
11:20 Hi
itemher  7.
11:33    1.6
1 44
II  11
1.6:��D it-It
Drowning    Party
He'll  Help.
San    Francisco,    Sept.    3.   -Caeorge
Heiss and three friends, two of them j
young women, wen* overturned while j
sailing  in   |(eja8*  Ri������;)|  j,mt  0ff (M[.
fornla City, and all were in desperate
Htralis when a fishing boat  luffed up.
Tiie   lnne   occupants   took   his   pipe
out of his mouth and announced that
he  weul,|  rescue all  four  for $51)    a
'lhe two men wire clinging to our3
and I. trelv managi d to keep them-
solvoH and the young women arioat
They were not in the mood or position to dicker, bo the) c.OBed with
.the fisherman
Once landed In Tlburon. Belss fell
strong enough to bleak the news to
the rescuer that his party did not
have the $200. The fisherman bhowed
peevishness, so tlie four gave u,,
everything of value they had, even to
H pair of gold rimmed eyeglasses.
! The fisherman promised to return
thc articles mi receipt of the |200. He
neglected, however, to give his name
and address. None of tlie rescued
asked for it. i
Toronto Market Irregular.
Toronto, Sept. P> - The Toronto stock
market was adversely effect'd by tin;
Before I weaker turn In the stocks In the foreign markets, and Ihe local list. In
eonsequunee presented rather an irregular appearance today.
Takes Ne*," Office.
Ottawa, Sept. 3.- Hen. Arthur
Meighen. solicitor general, tcday entered upon bis work in the depart
ment DnriiiK tbe absence if lion
Mr. Douherty he i; temporarily occu
pying bis office, but will te* ans'gn-sd
permanent quarters In the easl block.
Columbian College
The Musical Department last yesi
under the leadership of Mis* Clara
M. Smith. A. T. Coll. M.
and    M sh    Mabel    C. Winters. A. T
Cell. M.,
achieved success v ry   'ratifying    to
the pupih and  lo  the college.    Aff II
ated with the   Toronto   College   cf
Classes Rc-opcn Sept. Oth.
at every
6        FEATURE  PHOTOPLAYS        6	
It is direct hut courteous.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
nutl pm
News* Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Fred Lynch Selected
As Lacrosse Referee
| paat  few   months  travelling  with   Ar-
jthur I'dkey, now desires to be known
his plain Mr. ilrusEu.
Will Be Official in Naw Westminster
V.   A.   C.   Minto   Cup   Series���
in Vancouver   tbls
Kd. Hughes, in tlm Seattle Times,
calls Leach Cross an over-touted dub
lf be cannot make a better showing
than  be did  asalniit Frank  ilarireau
Choice Popular.
To be ���sleeted a�� lbe    referoe    for
A Two Fisted Man.
Besides having charge nf laorcsie,
Fn d   Lynch   has  shown   conaidcrabla
prowess with the baseball Indicator,
Ills work at  Praser Mllla last Sunday
when he bad charge of the champion-      The   Moose   and   All Stara   will   p.-t
both  Mann cup and Minto cup games B|,|p gam,, between tbe Circle F nnd
ia  a  BlKtial   honor  Tor  any   man  and   |'0rl Coiiuitlam  teutiiK  being aat:afac
tory  to tbe teama and  llie  1600 fana
llin selection as the official for the
New Westmlnster-Va A   C. Mlntn cup
aeries removes   a   difficulty   which
might have caused consldi ruble bek
grsetni nt b -
in aeltctliiK
t  wiih  nat.fi-
The Kast  llurnaby    lOOCer    players
win hold a smoker In Foresters' hall,
Suci'tid Itreet and Thirteenth avenue.
on Krlday evening.   A good program i
bus been prepared and New West-1
minster players and fans have receiv- I
id un Invitation to attend.
Frank Moran Turns Trick In Seventh
Arrest a Woman Spectator
at Fight.
Representatives of American Bankers'
Association  Criticize   Proposed
Measure���No New Hearing.
New   Vork,  Sept.
Frank  Moran,
Washington. Sept. ?,.���The administration currency bill was under fire at
both houses today. While representatives of the American Hankers' association continued their criticism of
the bill before the senate currency
committee. Republican members of
tlie  houae  made  an   ineffectual effcrt
congratulations are duy to Kred J.
Lynch, of tbla city, wlo bad' been
named aa the official In all the con-
teats for lacrosse cups on tbe coast
(his fall.
Fred ll   will  liked   by the  V.  A. C.
aggregation,  having  handled  several jerlng and the amicable
of the Kami's In  Vancouver lust sum   tween  the    two    clubs
together again on Friday evening at
Queen's park, tlie manager of the latter aggregation being atlll ol the
Opinion that bis team ean clip one
our Hill Oraham. Fred Lynch will
probably officiate.
Pittsburg heavyweight, Knocked out,to have new hearing opened up there.
Al Palzer of Iowa, tonight In the The administration forces on the
seventh round of their scheduled 10-1 house committee defeated the plan
round bout. Whin the men stepped, for new hear|nK b>. a vote 10 ,0 ���
into the ring Moran looked trained W;AM of thp  KppubMcanR Bupp���rto(i    a
'resolution   offered   by   Representative
Burke,  of  I'ennaylvanla,    Republican,
the hour, while 1 alzer was a bit
flabby and did nol look to bc in the
bepi of condition.
In the sixth Moran with two rights
to tb" jaw in succession knocked Halzer down for the count of nine.    Pal
mer,  including  the  Mann  cup games.  Alderman   I.ynch  bas
while be v.as flrst choice in several faction on all sides
ray   of   Grcenchirts   Wanta    Baok
Pay, and   Filea  Action  in  the
Supreme Court.
Baseball Results.
Firming  the  story publish-'*   In |
local   papers   several   weeks   ago
��� several o( the Vancouver lacrosse
: ' rs were lacking In their salaries,
V incouvsr paper yesterday came out
Ith the announcement that Con Jones]
la being sued b) Krnlc Murray fnr
! v k pay and that If the suit Ib juc
resaful, Joi Oorman, Fred Ion, Harry
I'lcki ring, Sibby Nichols and Billy
Wesl win also take legal steps to re
cover  what  they claim Is due  Ihem
An action on behalf of Murray was
: in the supreme court in Vancon-
���. .*  yesterday  by the law    firm    ol
it. i DBeck and  McTaggarl
Nl '; Carter and Boas Johnson ap.
i   <������ to be the onlv players who came
nut  ahead of the deal this summer.
'* ���������������:   u d a hard and fast contract
".i Jones  drawn up by Billy Mores -
of Victoria, while carter, taking
Up ol a Westminster man. also
il for it signed contract before lie
Id don a  green  shirt.
i .:.
Standing*}  of the  Clubs.
Vancouver Sii
I'ortland   Ti
Seattle  1*
Victoria    66
|Tacoma    64
Spokane    61
which asked that the secretary of the
treasury, the comptroller of the currency and the representative of the
zer was only on his feet a couple of �����r,[c*n J'a,1'-P"' association be
^seconds when the bell ended the round.
| Palzer  was   very  groggy.
Moran rushed matters ln tbe seventh
and after feinting with his left, drove _____
his right to the point nf the jaw, and I    _, _        ���    ,. , ,.,     ,
Palzer reele-.-atid fell flat on his face Ottawa, Sept 3.- t Is possible that
and was counted out. Tbe time of ;t,���! a recent scientific dlscrfVery. which Is
last round was 20 seconds. Falser had ;^s���y.pf,k ''*���''"<} t0 P���11* at f,":""} _��
to  he  helped   to  his  feet   t>v  hi. ���������.   V.i-   -Conservation    leali-t. will be t ,k
onds and  Moran  assisted
I come
by his sec-
him  to his
ArreBt Miae O'Connor.
Whil" the fight fans were crowain, .
In front of the club house doors before j13 ,,!",.'
Eces Are Slumping ,hp bout began, a young woman. Mar-
.. . , ge_, Snokani took an ' EBre' O Connor, said to tie the llancee
other game from Victoria today by a I0' '*��* Brit'""' ���***>,-"''������*���*����� �����" ar'
score ���i 7-6. The game was full of reBted ''��. a -*%** "f imversonatlng a
action and waa easily the besl of the   ��������*    ���� ^onnor. whose home is
lerles to date.   Every one of the rum   " < h,PaK"' *as ?**'��?. u>. 8"f ,lhP
fight, she said, and had disguised herself in order to get a seat at the ringside.
Miss O'Connor's arrest waa made
when several men in the crowd noticed wisps of hair blowing from under a cap she wore.
r, d   In   the   game  were  registered
after  two   were   down,  and   bunched
hits by both ten!,in were responsibll
fer thi' tallies. M-Corry out-pitched
Narveson, and aside from the eighth
frame had  the  vlcltors at  his mercy
Score It     H     K.
Victoria       5      7
Spokane    .7    11
Batteries: Narveson and Shea; Mc
Corry  and   Hannah.
Other games postponed; rain.
Standinn of the Clubs.
New York   H4
Philadelphia  T4
Selected  as  referee  tot b<
and Mann cup genii
Chicago . .
Pittsburg .
Bl sion . . -
Hrooklyn .
.Minto Icindnnatl
St.  l_3uis  .
Soccer  on   '..tur-.ay.
Bast   Burnaby and  tip*  Moose  will
malt    theli  debut  in local soccer   nt
Sapperton   park   on   Saturday    after-
.i  commencing    at    ", I
The line-up of the Kast llur I
nab; team will be as follows H.1
Raj Haul,  11   S   V.rav. .1   H. h.-nn
. ,i   Hart,   a   Matthews,   B.
".   Rosi ';.'. arne,  T.   Stirling
Jot   Lally   Ordera  V.   A.   C.   Team   to j
Play Three Mann Cup Challengera.
Joe   Lall)     evidently     slipped     one
over the    V   tx. C. team    whi n    he
nrden i the Main cupholders to    d
fend  ihe '-up against  three challenging teams,    vis.,    Armstrong, it   C i
Voung   Conservatives,   of   Wlhn'peg,
and link Huy. Victoria.    Tins i.i pilln ; ;
it on good and pleritP SnU'H U a nar ���:
guess that one of the three challenging  teams   will   be   able   to   get  away
���wllh the aerlea.
New Westminster would much pr"
f. r Armstrong taking tbe two games
m thli would allow the bunch under I
Al ���*. Turnbull to win the champion-!
ahip of the Hnclllc Coast league m xt
summer and make the trip to the.up*
pi r country next fall.
iBy tbe PofUr.l
Charlie Querrie, writing In the Toronto News, is still harping on the
heavy slope Of the Queen's Hark oval
when commenting on the proposed vls-
; of the Irish Canad an lacrosse team.
Querrie is In the same class as one of
Hie Cnrnwall players who. when they
i sii, d the park last f.ill with the
-.pining editor of The News, express
ad surprise at the ground, having been
led to believe that the goal tender at
the west end could not be seen at the
other end owing to an alleged height
cf laud In the centre.
Beforo the Quebec iiockoy club begin to dicker mr Goldie Prodgers,
thej should remember tho coup pulled
off by the Patricks list winter when
they unbind half their team. Prodgers, Oatman and -Lick McDonald. Such
i stunt can be arranged again by the
all   pi
-���I'urinitilH are being mnde w'th
ilfferent railroads nnd boat tinea
lng Into Vancouver fur speaial
lo the Ritchie-Welsh battle from
!nt. i-i Western Canada and
SV's lilngtnn, Oregon, Montana and
Idaho Thev ar" ais" arranging to
take care *���' the lurg" crowds thai -raLII
flrx ������ to th" contest fri "i ��i' p ilnta
The dom* of th- an no - 'i be opi n
ed on thi ay nl the ooni t at 10 a m.
a prellt Inarj will be I it on at 12:30
Wi I ���] tnd ' Itchls n- ��� to weigh In al
12 c'cicck noon al ���' ������ arena At 1:16
Uni w'M en1' r t'i' ring und at 1:80
the battle �� II ���*���*' irt, The wetghl is to
be l"r, pctihdl al 1" o'click noon. "I
In id i ul to h ive the weight set at the
American limit Of 133 pounds ringside"
sa'd Wi ish. "but Ritchie positively
dec'.lnod to make less than 186 al Vi
noon "
.!���<"!��� !I"ul' .iml O. Cordon, wearing
the New Westminster Y. M. C A. colors, will have a chance to show their
��� ed against the best in the Dominion at Vancouver cn Saturday when
they enter in the half mile, lloult by
bla form tbls season, appenra to have
thl best chance of the two and his
performances at Victoria and Vancou
ver during the past few weeks have en-
h* need his reputation Of being the
hi I l half toiler ever turned out by th.*4
I'ovnl City, IL c. McDonald, also
wearing Y M, C A. colors, should
fi-nre In some of the heavyweight
A former Sapperton boy. Tuhhv
Coutts, Is nu king a name for himself
In Albert:' .'lore be Ib Starring wllh
ih" High Liver lacrosse team at nut-
lids home.    Coutts played for a time
*i the upoer country but later migrated t'i Calgary where he aoon gained
i piece i n the team which Is giving
the Chlnooks n hard race for the Al-
in rta championship.
. 669
en advantage of by some of the Ottawa
milk men and milk companies.
The "Conservation" leaflet tells    of
_ | how  it has been  known that light  te
to    the    conservation  of
milk.    Lately, however,    it has  been
discovered that the v!ol��t rays are the
moBt detrimental, while the red rays
are boneflcia.     Sterilized and unster-
ilized   milk   in   plain     glass    bot'les.
���urns equaly quickly when exposed to
The claim that the use of red glass
or red paper wrappings Is of advantage in conserving milk, could very
easily be investigated by Canadian
dairy companies, experimental farms
and agricultural colleges, ln future it
may be found desirable to deliver milk
in colored bottles, which are now
'generally used for buttermilk. Investigation along these lines would be
neither difficult nor expensive to carry-
on and mieht prove of advantage.
  I    Ab the red glass bottles are as cheap
��� to manufacture aB the present white
Inquest into Death of John Young, Los |-nfs    ,,   ig   ,11[Pjy   that   ,hey   may   be
adopted quite generally in Ottawa, as
On Inside Westminster Property"
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
... At Reasonable Rates and Terms ...
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer'Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers. ~~
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Angeles Prizefighter Brings
Yetterday'6 Games.
At   Nev   York  - IL    H.    E.
Boston      '     ���'     '
New York     1      1      "
Hatterles.       Tyler    and     Ilaridan:
Mathewson and Meyers.
At Pittsburg: It.
Cincinnati      3
Pittsburg  1
Hatterles:      Brown     and
Adama and Simon,
At   fit.   laouis: It
Chicago   "*
St.   Louis      2
llatteries:     Watson and Dresnahan: :
Treckell and Wingo.
At  Hrooklyn: V..    H.    E-
Ph ladelpbta   *\     P     *
Brooklyn "    *���    ���*
Batteries:    CaranlU. Brennan    and
���-tillif-r: Pbefler and Kisher.
.S.'CHid game: H     H.    E-
Philadelphia  !    B     ������
Brooklyn   5    7     2
Batteries:       Chalmers,      Alexander;
nnd   Burns,  Killifer;     Huelbach    and
Iaos Angeles, Sept. ?,.��� The defence
set out to show late today that Jnhn
I Bull! YounK died from the effects of
a surgical operation and not from a
blow received in the ring with Jesse
Willard. This surprise was sprung at
th" preliminary hearing of Willard and
II others in Justice Summerfleld'F
court at Venion
Earl Itogcr8, attorney for the defence, began a gruelling examination
of Dr It. 11 Griffith, who last week
testified that Young died as a result
of a blow on the point of the jaw. The!
lawyer asked the doctor what experi
the present bcttks are broken. And
not a day parses in the larger milk
companies but that several dozen bottles have to be replaced.
Minneapolis. Sept. 3���Three-quarters of a million dollars left Minneapolis yesterday for the harvest terri-
torv of the northwest.
This immense sum was in actual
cash. gold, silver and paper currency.
It was not ruarded hy special policemen, but will be handled like any other cash shipment. Iron screen wagons culled at the various banks and
j took the money to an express office
, where   it   was   placed  in  iron   bound
ence he hc.d had in  removing a por-   bo-eg
f the skull    to    	
tlon of lhe skull tn remove partial
pressure. Dr. Griffith Buid he had as-
slated at several such operations and
had used the knife in several such
Itogers then declared the defence
would show that Young died as a result of injury to the brain by the knife.
llr. Griffith performed most of the
operation, although assisted by two
The hearing was postponed until
tomorrow morning.
Standing of the Clubs.
Boston  62
Detroit    D6
St, Louis  48
New  York    43
. 500
Yesterday's Games.
At  Philadelphia: IL    H.    E.
Washington   3     8     3
Philadelphia   4    8    3
Batteries:    Groom,   Johnson   and
Henry;  Hrown,
At   Boston:
New York  . ..
Bender and Schang.
R.    II.    E.
 11   16     0
 4      7      4
N'uah Brussol Ever heard of thnt
name before? Very few have, but it
happens to lie the real name of Tommy
Hums Mr. Burns, after all the publicity, shall we aay notoriety of the
paterson cup for ours
says ran Mcdonald
New Westminster Is going to win
tli ��� Peterson cup this winter, la the
belief of linn McDonald, the star forward ul the Royall for the paat two
seasons, who landed In tbo city yes
Arrangements havo beon entered Into between the magnates of tbe N.
II. A. and the Patricks, whereby all
of last season's plnycrs In both
leagues will remain the property ol
the clubs und should the Ancient City
.Dining on a brief visit from outfit go through with tbelr deter-
K iml',nps. wbere be haa been sojourn- nilmition to secure the services of the
Ing during the summer mouths. Mac "Clnnaman Hear Cat," na Prodgers
expressed himself in the beat of was known on tho coast laat winter,
sl une, having played lacrosse for it will mean snother war between the
Kamloops in the Interior league dur- oast and weat, with the chances of
lng lhe summer. the Patricks coming out on top.
Word    was    also    received    from j Tv;o Men Lacking.
Sei .'fa,.' Itoolion yesterday to the effect I Mnllcn, Johnson, Tobln, McDonald
that he was now on his way to the'and Itochon have been secured for the
���coasl whore Ue would again bo aeon Iti.vnls already, while Hugh Lehman
on the Uoyal line-up this winter, nnd Eddie Oatman will doubtless be
Oeorge, wbo was the sensation of the beading this way before November
Westminster team last winter, shnr- weather Is with us.
lng the honors with Eddie Oatman.! This will leave two new players to
has bten playing ball with the West- he secured in order to have two spare
i' n Canada league this summer and men on the team thlB winter.
will therefore be In the pink of con-1 A rumor exists that the Sutherland
dition whan the ice begins to form aLbrotherB, Nell and Jimmy, who figured
the Queoni park arena. lon the Strnthcona, Alberta, aggrcga-
etlll Dubious. {tlon a few years ago when they went
The hockey fans mny well express,east in qtieit of the Stanley cup, will
doubts on the authenticity of the rn-.bn seen  hero. --Both are said to be
Batteries:     Caldwell  and  Sweeney;
Anderson and Thomas.
International   Leagite.
Jersey  City   1,   Providence  7.
Toronto   1,   Rochester  2.
Montreal   1.   Buffalo  4.
Nev. ark fl, Baltimore 2.
H'-ston, Sept. 3,���That President J.
'*. McAleer, of tbo world's champion
iloston American league baseball club.
believes Manager Carrigan capable of
unking the team again pennant winters, was demonstrated today when
he contracted with Carrigan to con-
'lnne aa mannger during the season of
'914. The terms of the contract arc
not announced, but lt la understood
'hat Carrigan received a substantial
Increase ln salary.
Cnrrlgan waa appointed manager of
'he team a few montha ago following
the release of Jake Stnhl, who piloted
'he club to a world's championship
last year.
Attend    to    Farm    and    Forget
Wrestling Bouts.
Minneapolis, Sept. 3.���Frank fioteh.
Champion wrestler, who Is visltine
friends In this city, made the positive
statement tonight that he hnd quit
the wrestling game forever. Me will
devote his entire time in the future to
liis farming interests, he said.
Ootch has just returned from an inspection of a lOOU-acre ranch thst he
has purchased near t'rookston, Minn.
Port Coqultlam, Sept. B.���Residents
Iof the cltv were shocked to hear th's
j morning that W. II. Writsht. a well-
known furniture man. had attempted
Isuicide by shooting himself through
the head with a reviver, nt the rear
|of Gray's jewelry Btore on Shaugh-
i nessv Btreel
The f'oc'ing wns done with a 32
calibre revolve- and now the unfortunate ���" ������) Uet In the city hospital In
a slnl-'ir cot""tlon and may not survive until morning.
Tariff Bill Survives.
Waah'mrtin, Sept 3.- One of the
rocks which threatened the peaceful
passage of the rndorwood-Slinmnns
tariff bill dissolved Into thin air late
todav when the senate majority swung
sol'dly Inio line behind Its leaders to
defeat an amendment dealgned to
regulate trusts.
Lobby Probe Ends.
Washington. Sept. 3.���A temporary
end of the senate's long lobby Investigation came today when J. P. Bird
general manager of the National Association of Manufacturers, was ex
cueed from thc stand. The committee
adjourned shortly before noon todav
nnd Chairman Overman announced
there would be no further hearings
for some time.
The Winchester rifles of express
messengers on various trains were
all that stood between the money
and any chance train robbers.
The money will be distributed to
country hanks throughout the northwest, and through them the farmers
will get the cash to pay harvesters,
threshers and to buy supplies.
At th? Security National bank it
was stated tbat dai'y shipments. ..of
currency amounted tn about JS'LOOO.
while cn Tuesday this figure jumped
to between $100,000 and J150.000,
The Northwestern National bank
shipped $350,000 and the First National bank J250.0O0 to $300,000 after
the Labor day holiday.
The daily average shipments will
drop back to about 75 per cenL of
these figures, where it will stand for
moreh tna a month. The $2,000,009
available for Minnesota from the government funds will be used for these
IK) \OU7
Don't trifle with your eyesight. Delay*,
cheap glasses and unskillful treatment of
the eyes are sur*> forerunners of the Ume
when serious trouble will occur.
*.e are ready to render you expert aid
fn examining the eyes. In fumUUing
g-J.isses or spectacles, In fitting them to
your eyes.
701 Columbia Street   (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
<Continued from page one)
the opinion of Mr.  Storey, quite    inadequate.
Large Output Too.
"Our prisons are manufactures of
criminals, and it Is time we changed
our whole method oi dealltag with
convicts." said the speaker.
"All convicted persona should be
turned over to a commission charged
with full responsibility fnr their carp
and custody under an indeterminate
sentence, with authority to release
thom at such time and on such terms
as would guarantee lhelr future harm-
lessnesa to society."
Mr. Storey added: "In ether words
we would treat criminals rather as
atck men. than aa bad men, and our
placea of confinement as hospitals
rather than aa prisons."
port from Quebec that Ooldle I'roil-
gera has signed up with his old team,
Quebec, for the season.
speed nrtlatH of tbo highest class and
figured with Tommy Dunderdale with
thc Strnthconas.
A Record for Swain.
Spokane, Sept. 8.���When Charlie
Swain, the Victoria outfielder, hit a
home run In the game against Spokane today, he set the home run record
for tho Northwestern league at 30, and
tied the home run record of tho Coaat
league, made by Ping Bodle two years
ago. The Northwestern record until
Swnln broke It was held by Art Hues,
formerly of Seattle, wtth a mark of
27. Swain haa four more weeks of
play In which to set a still higher
mark. His hit today was the longest
made on the local grounds this year.
Three Men Testify.
Winnipeg. Sept. 3. ��� The ease
against Fred Ings, the Nanton, Alta..
rancher, was continued In police court
this afternoon and three witnesses
were disposed of. They were Dr.
Ings, Calgary, brother of the accused:
William Cunnlngton, who looked after
the ehlpplng of the horses, and Sam
Rice, a stableman In the employ ot
From Those Who Advertise
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Aged Spinster.
Tacoma,    Sept.    8.*���Mrs,    Oeorge
neck, aged 60, won the 100 yard dash
from a field of 11 women at a picnic,  ���...     ���   -���	
given today hy Fox Island residents, [stream of clear, cold water beneath
More than 150 witnessed the race.       his back yard.
New Waterworks.
Kansas City. Mo., Sept. 3.���Dlsap-
pointed after live years of effort to
persuade the water department of
Kansas City. Kan., to extend the
water mains to hla neighborhood
Harry Snedeker resorted to tho
"witch  stick" and  found a rushing
Rooms and Bowling Alleys." '
Cor. Church and Columb.
six   Standard   Continue
Regulation  Alleys.    Fi
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
i i
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric    ,. \ '
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Adion-550
tr i ���. *
.��� i
The Playground of B.C**
WHITE, SHOES & Co* Official Agcn-.s
I ..'...' >AUE   ���!��
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I 4SS1K1ED    ADS    WILL   BE   RE-
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mg places   ' ������������-������      ���
V. T. Hill's drug store,
��� ��� Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
yueenshorough, Lulu Island.	
, RATES. ���
Claeelflsd���One cent per word per
,is\ 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
q aired within one year from data of
nm tract, 126.00.
tour room suite or cottage; state
terms and location (immediate possession); address room 50 Russell
hotel. *19a6-)
dersigned on betaulf of the receiver
appointed hy the trustee of the debenture   holders   of   the   Western
Paper Mills.  Limited,  hereby    give
notice that tenders will be received
up to and including the 15th day of
October, 1913, for the purchase   of:
the said company's premises, plant
and  undertaking,   consisting  of    a
fully equipped paper mill In running
order, operating an 84    inch    four |
cylinder machine,  situated  nn    the
line of the ('.rent Northern Hallway.:
near Vancouver, n.C. ' The mill has
been in  operation  fourteen months I
making board, sheatlslnn and wrap ,
ping papers.    The highest or    any |
tender    not    necessarily    accepted.
For  further  particulars  and  conditions of sale apply    to    James  P.
Garvin, care British American Trust
Co., Ltd., 198 Hastings street west,
Vancouver, B.C. (-001)
Try to Spoil Season In Yakima Valley,
But Are Not Likely to
North Yakima. Waals. Sept. 3.���
Members of the Industrial Workers ot
the World, whose presence in the Yak
itna  valley  was  imt   suspected
Racing Man with Reputation for Slru-
pulous Honesty Dies Suddenly of
Heart Failure.
Peculiar Little Tangle Aired in Court  Judge In Federal Capital Ripo Through j Poultry Raising Daron From Thi. Dls.
Seventy Suite in Six trlct Tells of His t-oenenceo���
Hourc. Much   Capital   Coming
���Jacques  Gets the Trunk
Montreal, Sept. 3. -"John Henry" Is |
dead. Known to thousands of racing
men and horsemen throughout Canada and the United States, Henry
Ryan achieved a reputation for scru-
Montreal, Sept. 8.���It
to steal something that
1st. iii this particular
prosecution   produced
they begun meeting the trains bearing
bop pickers to this city, are making
tormSWtlfeVoK *"���<���  ^dealing which   op.nl..,,.,>   .1,.;   learn;
upon by the Yakima Valley llopgrow-j
is Impossible
does not exit,mail.'.'   the
trunktull of
ers' association.
About 22,000 bales of hops will be
picke.1 In the Mi.xee. Cowlrhe. Alitan-
1,11111 and i'arker Bottom districts in
the next three weeks ami 4.00 Upick-
ers will be needed. The lirst pickers
arrived Friday of last week and were
Bnt to the McNetf brothers' yards,
In the Moxee without uny appearance
of trouble.
���ang In Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Free fare. Apply Central Employment Agency, 14 Powell
street, Vancouver. (1994)
ture in large or Bmall quantities for
spot. cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods aud
tllects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, Klng'B hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
ern house, No. 208 Agnes street.
Cheap rent and lease if desired.
Enquire 14 Begbie street.       (-003)
____^__________________ When the second crowd of pickers,
FOR     SALE -  HOUSE      PARTLY   numbering about BOO, arrived from Se-
linished, and large cleared lot,   Ed
monds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, Oeorge Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���-11.00 DOWN, 1100 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (19S3)
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1982)
five minutes walk from post office.
Phone 461 R. (1998)
rooms furnished, $30 per month;
and a 10 roomed liouse $25 .per
month. Also a general store with
post office, fixtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. G. Marshall, South Westminster.  11999)
ished bedroom,    suitable only    for
two ladies. Apply 330 Eighth street.
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, labor Temple building.
Phone  403 R. (198*1)
WILL gtve deed tn good lot und cosh for
0 ur 7 room modem hous.'.
PEA1KIB FARMS wanted to exchange for
good revenue producing property.
keeping roems, J16 and |18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (19861
News office. (1965)
buckskin buggy mare, white face,
three white legs. Owner is requested to prove property, pay charges
and take away. Chief of police,
Maillardville. (1980)
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Board uf
1 icense Commissioners for tlie City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the 10th day ol December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
!'iat the application can be heard, for
��� transfer of the license to sell liquor
l.y retail Issued In respect of the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
.reet. New Westminster, B.C., from
'he holder. Michael Gowan. to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th daj Of August, A.D.
(1979) k       License Holder.
Notice is berebj given lhal an application will be made to the Board
of License Commissioners for the ('ity
of New Westminster at tbelr sitting.
to be held on lbe 10th day nf December. 1913, or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license t
sen liquor by retail Issued In respect
of the Merchants Hotel. ���;��� the City
of New Westminster, B.C., from the
holders. Paul Root ami .1. A Malm, tw
th" said J.  A   Malm.
Dated this 2oth day ef August, A.D.
WH  HAVK   110.000.00   for
good    i.grea--
\ HOME BARGAIN���5-room modern
liimgulow, wet! located, half Mock from
cur.   i 100 eaash. balance $25 a month.
attle a crowd of roughly dressed men
me them at the station anil blocked
their progress a hlock from there,
where a speaker began urging them
to join in a movement for a higher
scale than a dollar a hox.
Pollce Disperse  Mob.
Tbe fifteen members of tlie North
Yakima police department were turned   out  hurriedly   anil     Mayor   A.   J.
ISplawn,  acting  chief  of   pollce.   took
command .if the efforts to disperse the
1 inou.   He tooK the place of the speaker and told the crowd t mve notata
er and  told  the crowd  to  move on.
With   the  aid  ef  the  police  he  succeeded  in breaking up the gathering,
but   not   until   possibility   of   trouhle
eained  so great proportions  that  the
fire department was notified to be ln
readiness to turn out with Its hose.
The members of the Hop Growers'
association declare that, an attempt to
force a price for picking above a cent
a pound cannot succeed, as nearly a
thousand of the pickers will be recruited from North Yakima and from
the Indians on the Yakima reservation.
No headquarters of the I. W. W. Ir
known here and the men who formed
the crowd that stopped the pickers
last night scattered afterward. Nevertheless the owners of the hop yards
wil Iscan the men they hire to pick
their hops closely to avoid the possibility of agitators stopping their harvest before the fast ripening blossoms
have been put in the kllnns.
was well deserved and became a
handicapper of rare ability. In this
he furnished Information which enabled many men In Montreal to make
considerable money while he himself
failed to accumulate any considerable
Mr. Ryan was found dead In the
wharf office of the Grand Trunk Railway company. During the summer
he had acted aa guardian Of the offices. When some members of the
staff entered soon after seven o'clock
they saw Mr. Ryan sitting in a chair.
I First thinking he was asleep they tried
goods,  claiming   that   they   had   been
stolen, but as tbey do uot exist in the
d     Judge,    lhey
cannot  have  been  stolen.
Rather  puiuliu.g,  quite  so,  yet  true
The Instance Is this:    The custom1,
department  al   periodical    times    for
' various causes confiscates goods that
pass   through   th. ir  care.     These  ure
ordered  to  be    destroyed.    In    some
: cases such goods have not been taken
i to the furnace room to go up In smoke
j yet some of the things have gone up
ill smoke in a more comfortable manner.     Recently   inspectors   discovered
that cigars, cigarette", wines, perfumery and even chewing gum had been
removed from the customs, ostensibly
to  be destroyed,  but  that  lr   reality
they   were   taken   by   employees     of
the department
Then  followed  an  investigation by
preventive officers and In turn the arrest of Louis A. Jacques, l'eter Be-
dard and Joseph A. Chlcolne. The
two latter appearing first in the poi
ice court tud .v pleaded not guilty to
the charges and trial wu-1 fixed for
Thursday, while in the case oi Jacques the investigation commenced.
Had Trunkful of Gcods
Daniel O'Orady, preventive officer,
arrived in charge of a trunkful of
goods, which he said had been taken
from Jacques' house, and which it was
alleged were stolen from the exnm-
of past performances was a large one Ing warehouse. The goods were then
and he was always In a position to delivered to the care of the high con-
handicap any starter at short notice,  stable.
His selections and prognostications, J. A. Mann. K. ('.. appeared for the
were very successful nnd in this way ' Dominion government. He Informed
he gave opportunities for many people the court that it was more than twen-
to win comfortable wagers. ty years since there had been a gen-
Mr. Ryan was a total abstainer and  eral   inspection   of  the   port  of  Mon
ti) arouse him, and finding tliat their
efforts were of no avail and thinking
that he had fainted, they summoned
an ambulance from Notre Dame hospital. The ambulance surgeon found
that life was extinct. Mr. Ryan had
been seen walking about half an hon,
previous to the discovery and then
was apparently In good health. Heart
disease was the cause of death. Two
years ago a brother died under similar
Mr. Ryan had heen a follower of
horses tor many yeurs and was a really clever student of form.   His llbrarv
Ottawa, Sept. 3. Judge MacTavlsh
heard "U cases In six hours in the ,11-
vision court yesterday, making an :
average nf a esc to each tlve minutes.
From 1" o'clock yesterday morning,
when the court opened, to a quarter
past live last night, when It was adjourned, with but B short interval for
lunch, the Judge had to concentrate
hls   mind   upon   UttlO    disputes    hut
In tlle division court  casi ���  Involv
lng  sums  under 1200  are  beard,  bul
these cases are often more complicated than Important ones, an.l it Is the
judge who feels the strain most.
The lawyers who pleaded the suits.
of course, hail to work hard too, but
they had frequent rests when othar
cases than their own were being tried
The Judge had to be deeply Interested
In every ease, as any Indication of a
Hugging interest would cause dissatisfaction among the litigants.
Towards 6/ o'clock last night Judge
MacTaxIsh began to get Impatient It
was evident that he had heard enough
for one day. and the clumsy witness or
tardy counsel who delayed hlm came
lu for the lash of his tongue. Hut everybody looked upon that as quite excusable under the circumstances.
"No.  It  Isn't  exactly  a    record.    1
think" he  said, as he retired  to  the]
judge's chamber. "Hu*. it must be pretty near It.    It's a mighty hard day's
Thirty-seven cases are yet to be
beard. Twenty-seven of these were!
tried this morning, but the remaining
ten Involve amounts greater than $100
and they are to be heard Friday.
Ului.lt   Bti
shadow, se\*
I.  Sept.   3.    In   i.pitc Of  f u
ii.gency in Gi rmauy, v.'a. re
condit.ons   are   good,   and
v.ur troubles still cast    a
nil hundreds ol thousand
FOUR well located lots In Burnuby to exchange for prairie farm.
LIST your property with us. We have
clients who will buy reasonable priced
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
B. C. Coast Service
Lea*'e�� Vancouver for Victoria II a. m.
p. m. and 11 :4fi.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle lt a. m
���wl 11 p. m.
Leavei Vancouver for Nanaimo 16 a.m
and 6 :30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
.and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednet
days   and   Saturday*  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
leaves  Chllllwack   7   a.  m.   Tuesday I
Thursday and Baturday.
I..'.'iv,-n Westminster 8 ��. rn. Monday
Wedneaday and Friday.
KD. CJOULET. Agent. N.w Westminster.
II. W. BltODIB, O. P. A . Vancouver.
South African Member Gives Views
of Cape
Victoria, Sept. 3.���Hon. William
Itoss, of Capetown, South Africa, waa
a passenger on board the Empress of
Asia,  leaving for the east yesterday.
A Scot, by birth, Hon. Mr. Itoss has
been a resident of South Africa for
thirty years and was a member of the
legislative council of Cape Colony for
over twenty years, also occupying
various positions on the executive at
intervals during that time. He is now
one of the members of the provincial
council of Cape Colony, being the
chairman of the nominated members
of that body.
Hon. Mr. Itoss declined to discuss
the question of Asiatic Immigration
into South Africa beyond saying that
the mind of the people of South Africa was made up that there should be.
no more such immigration. Asked as
to the Hindus, Mr. Itoss begged to be
excused from talking In view tf the
critical stage of the relations between
tlle imperial and South African gov
ernments on that question,
"We are determined that Hindu iin-
migration shall stop," he said, "bul
we may not have yet discovered the
right way to do It. However, we shall
do so, and there will he no mistake
about our final decision when it is
of a religious temperament. Ile was
fifty-six years of age and unmarried.
He resided at TS Jeanne Mance street.
Nov.* Imported Call Suitings now on
display See then,. Perfect lit and
workmanship guaranteed, l'rlces from
$18.00 up,    Tol  Front Street.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie Kt
ense Holds
TAKK NOTICE, runnmnt t" w-ctlon H
of tha* "ConvpsJiles Act." tlm, thp ubove
imrna'd oompany intends, one month .ifo-r
,.,a. <tu*' hereof, te apply to th- Registrar
.���r Joint-Stock Companies to chnniw ns
iitim-a  to   "Standard   Discount Company,
UmUvA- O. B. CAMI'HKI.l..
i��nt"ri iit New VMtmlnttcr, B.C., t.iin
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  189.      Barn Phone  1*?
Begble Mrsst.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
��� irt I. tti day of July, 1818
I.'nder and bv virtue of an order of Mr
Justice Murphj  to m�� directed and dellv-
...   n;:ii-.vl   ','���   e. Is anil Chattels "f the
"iclflc ''nr Fender Company nt the suit
!'.,,i,.n Henrj Pogun, I have seised
.  ,. in  .i ii al  oe  office, Courl   House,
��� *. ��� ���     tmlnater, on Thursday, tl." fourth
��� iv of ;-' l-tember. ISIS, at ten o'clock In
a1,,, f.,.. i      n. th'   follow '"I-' *
j>���i- rl    i, t'tb nnd Interest In n Btreet
, I. f. ��� ���' I I-i Cut. "' '  i' "I num-
��� red   181 IO.'.,  :i*-",  ti"  rig' ���    tit!"  and
��� ������-,.. i ������   ,   ���     ��� * i     r nd'* n nted In
.* nnds and niu nd 111,187 nnd patent
, -.i-,ii...i fo. In l'n : il St.,'en und. r si rid!
i un-ib, r 707.083
.*'o,ir mod. In, lot ol blue in*.,.t.i nnd a lot
, t i.ui*.. ,���',*
Term!'  nf   snle *     P tut'
T  .1   ARMSTRONO  Hli -'fr.
Ri elver.
JCew Westm! i	
/.*:�� ISI Ilth, 1013.
(1061) 1
Telephones: Office S3, Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Oasollne
Engines,   Marine   Engines  aud   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
A bite of this ami a taste of that, all day
lon*;, dj'dj Ihe ij-pelite at. i weaken! the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Ta'.let
slier each meal���andcutoLt Ihe "piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best Men is for sufferers Irom
indigestion and dyspepsia. SOc. s Bo��
st your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. et
Canada, Limited.
Britain's  Airship  Dsfsncs   Will
Millions of  Pounds.
Britannia must not only be mistress
of the sea, but monorch of tlie air a*
well ii we are to maintain our national
supremacy. Such is the view taken
by military experts, ami at the present time they have much cause ior
misgiving; ior while other powers
have perfected and developed tlieir
aerial fleets lo an extraordinary ox-
tent, particularly during 1 'J 1 *2. (ireat
Britain  sucms to have stood still.
Last year, for instance, tl.e grant ;
(or expenditure on military aircraft
lor Oreat Britain was only ��382,000
ss compared with ��1,280,000 granted
by the Krench Government, in aildi- ,
lion to which the publio suba nbe.l
��130,000. Again, upwards ot JlMO.UOO
was granted by Oermany in l'.'l- for
the development ol her aerial Reet,
th ��� publio subscribing no less than
��300,000. The consequence lias been
'.hat both the.-e countries, as well aa
Russia���details of whose expenditure
are not available -have been able lo
develop their aerial fleets t" an astonishing extent while we ar,: lagging
Fot instance, at the present time
Britain ha.-, nnly. forty-five airships,
ami there are not fifty experienced
military pilots available. On tbe Oth-
er hand, Franc- ha- sbout 360 aeroplanes and tm airships; while O'T-
many ha.- 'ibD aeroplanes available
and twelve airships, the Russian Hying machine fleet being ot a similar
strength  to that ol Germany.
Furthermore, the aerial fleets of
France and Germany are wonderfully
organ,/.i'ii and equipped; and while,
on the one hand, liritish army aeroplanes ura- not yet sufficiently provided with field trans;.-,rt and auxiliaries,
in* aerial fleets ol France ami Germany are complete with motor-vehicles
and repair wagons, and in both countries 81 ,al railway wagons have been
built  ! ir   the tra,..-port ol  aeroplanes
in ca i n I.
ll i-   niy lair to t.i I  however, that
the i i gram l-r 1913 aimed at l.y the
Koj nl  I* lying Corps ,- a must ambitious oue, and It i- highly probable
I that a vote "I ��1,000,000 for aeronautics  will   be  made this year,    It  is
Intended to form .. fleet "I armed und
unarmed flying machines, mx. lor the
i navy aod 300 Ii r the army, lo build
monster aeroplanes, etui, capable "i
; carrying thirty or f rty men, and ol
; remaining in ihe air lor at least tl.ir-
i ty-sn   consecutive   hours,   while   lho
construction "i large rigid ami  non-
! ni_id airships ,.- to be pushed forward
i us rain,Ily as possible.
It i-. however, hoped that ��1,000,000
1 will  lm devoted  by  the country  esch I
* year for Uie nexl three years for the 1
I establishment ol a British aerial fleet, i
I which will enable us io maintain "ur j
I supremacy    in   the   sir.     And   ther.; I
i leems to be every pass,h,I,ty that tins
plan will be followed out.���Trt-BiU.
treal. Tlle officers of the Dominion
government, be suid. had decided to
hold a thorough Investigation Into ull
the inland revenue departments connected with the port of Montreal.
Complaints, he declared, bad been
sent to Ottawa declaring that goods
which had heen ordered confiscated
hail been taken to the homes uf employees.
L, A. Rivet, K. ('.. appeared for
Jacques.   Bedard  and  Chicoitie.
K. S. White, collector of customs,
aud Inspector Hunter and Detective
l.awson, acting under instruction of
the minister of customs, full iwed the
Detective Lawson Identified tbe
goods produced as having been found
in the home of the accused.
No  r- stence  in  Law
At the conclusion of the testimony
Judge Lanclot said there were peculiar features about this case. The accusation was theft, but the goods that
he waa charged he had stolen were
supposed to have been destroyed as
soon as they had left the bonded ware
house. Therefore they did not reallv
exist, lf they did not exist they could
not be stolen. As an example, if a
householder threw out a pair of shoes
and a rag picker picked then, up and
carried them home, that nie picker
could not Im.' arrested for theft, as t'i"
owner had abandoned possession, In
this eaae be woi,i.l discharge the sc
cused and order tho high constable
to return to him the trunk which con
talned the goods
As lhe court delivered this order
the trunk, which belongs t<> Jacques,
was he,in; han,lei] uver to the custom
Moving Picture Theatre Will Open to
Find Out Just  What's
Montreal,   Sept.   3.��� The  annnuiice
il, liars i f Oerman oapital ur.- finding
their way Into British Columbia �����*
tl.e result of the minion of Union c.
v. Mackensen, who for two and a half
years bat mado  bis home  In  the tar /
The baron came over to Canada on
a pleasure trip thr. ������ years ago, fOUl .1
the west congenial and has made it
profitable, ai.hough an ojfloer In
the Prussian ll.issn.'-i iof which the
German crown prince is no* c in-
mandant) without business training,
th, I..iron took up poultry farming
near New Westminster on a farm be
purchased, and be succeeded at both
ends of the Bcale, profiting alik. by
bis Industry and his real estate holdings, having refused an offer of twice
the amount he gave for tbem two an i
a half years ago.
West   is   Profitable
Been at the Kit?- Canton, ihe h,r .,
stated that the (lorn.an Investment)
In tbe west had proved ex.leedtngl ���
lucrative, ...any of the owners nailing' regular dividends of tw, nty per.
cent. i*-r r annum fr. :,, the:, coal mln
ing and oilier properties. Alter h.e
personal experience be has no hesitation of guaranteeing a safe ten pi ,-
cent, upon German capital coming Into the country and this proves an effective draw
Five   months   apt-tit   upon   the  continent   of   Kurope   has   enable   Daron
Uaokensen to size up tbe European
situation, a�� well as Influence heavy
sums of capital from Russia, Oermany
and Belgium He saws the war. now
virtually over, would bave assumed
much larger dimensions were it not
that Russia found herself in a helpless position both with l.er army an.l
I navy having never yet recovered from
the effectb of the blow administered
by Japan.
Russia Can't Oo Much
Meeting many Russian office', doting 1.1b recent tour through thai country, he sayB that Russia will not b"
in a position to do much on any gre.,1
scale until 1918, and so the world hss
been saved a spectacle of at, enooun
ment Is made that the Orpheum tbea-'ter  beBide   which   the  recent   Balkan
tre will open ita doors on Sunday tori troubles   were   comparatively   ins ki.
moving picture entertainments,    The flcant    Ab It Is.  the financial  iron
III' tl
At once it was given to Jar-
Bllll filled with the goods which
no legal existence.
Regina Sohort Trurteei Are Able to
Raise Loan.
Regina, Sep' . To meet current
expenses In connection with the Regina public Bcbools arrangements have
heen completed wtth the Bank of Mon
treal for a loun of $100,000 The loan
will be adequate for all tho purposes of
the l' ard, under current account, until
the vleld  of $'>"   which the I ixes
will provide, Is available In January
I'. I' Wlnslow, northwestern superintendent of the bank, spenl lhe
day in the city I* nklng over Hi ��� (In
i*i' p i of thn i our'1 and ll is upon his
recommendat! n thai tho advance will
be made.
.for  the  sale  of  $400,00 '  nf  BChnol
d, i entures let- on thd hands of t!i"
board no   arrangements   huve   I ,
made R. !> Mc.Murrav who Is al
present i��� the e.-.v.t in the hope that
hn wlll I e iiiiie ii place the debentures
hi'*-- not as yet been able to semi in a
satisfactory report.
It win he remembered that
tini mti i*.i  to purehase an
���Rioono   lu"  oaneel'ed    I'*'
nfter  disposing  of  $100,000
New York management has been for
some weeks In discussion with Mr.
Drlscoll, the local manager cf the
theatre, and after weighing the proa
aud cons of the matter very carefully
the New York end haB decided to
open   the theatre as  stated.
The attitude of the New York management on the matter Is that if it is I
permlssable for picture theatres in
Montreal to give entertainments on I
Sunday there Is nothing to prevent
the Orpheum doing likewise, It is
:stated that the aim uf th'. management la to test the law. As matters
stand at present tlie law Ib, they hold,
little  else  hut  a  larce.
Seen this morning. Mr. DrlBC, li sr.ni
he did not car.- to make any state,
ment beyond tl.e facl thai the theatre
would he open on Sunday for moving pictures.
"I will nol deuy," he added, "that
personally I do not altogether approve of the n.v. movement."
The Hev t; W Mingle, secretary
of the I., nis Day Alliance, says thut
clauses No. 7 and No u of tin* Dominion act forbids the giving of anv en
terlalnm. 1,1. on Sundays at which u
fee Ib charged directly or Indirectly
for admission, ot the employing of per
koiib to give such entertainments, and
tbat the Dominion act has been lu
force in thi, province Blnce Septem-
b. r laBt.
"We had .*, cuse against the Forum,"
eald Mr. Mingle, "in which the same
principle was involved and that wus
decided hy Judge Leet, The minimum of $r,n was Imposed, the maximum being $600
"This case wus taken befsre the
court of king's ie m h. and hus le en
taken under advisement nml Judgment
w.ll probata!) I. t< t".*' r. d when th"
oourl sits in September. Following
lhat r.s- u imiiliT of casos agalnsl
moving picture shows were taken bj
chief Campeau, bul Acting Recorder
S mule di [errud )udgme ,'. nntl the
final Judgment wnn given In tio* ki r.u
b inch."
tiles  to  tlle   European countries  have
been very grent. especially in Austria, of the non-combatants, and
many from there were compelled temporarily to close down their businesses, Now, however, he says, the out
look is much better till round, an.l
business Is getting round to norma)
Husky Coward Says His Frail Wife
Tried to Kill Him.
Ottawa. Sept. 8. "She tried to murder me on Krlday night, and 1 run
Thus pleaded Wilfrid Ilolleau. when
charged In the police court this morn
Ing   with  having' raised  u disturbance
ill his wife's home at  I'iu Parent  :;'.,*
nm- Saturday night
Tin* statement was ludicrous, although the scene was pathetic Mrs.
Ilolleau, who hud lodged the complaint,
was In the witness hox ;,, the time
giving evidence against her husband,
a burly, heavy-pawed man over sii
feet in height, she was a frail, delicate looking little wo man. and In :,
n.liiilnk' voice told how be bad burs'
Into her hoi,..-,  which she hud  locked
agalnsl him, smashing Beveral doors,
creating a general disturbance and
culling her vile names
The prisoner's protest that '"��� had
fled rearing that sh" wouid kill him
would have caused mirth hud ll nol
been for the sml figure of the woman.
Magistrate O'Keefe senl Boileau to
jail for thirty days without the option
of a fine
est. ml
I il
i ���!    the
a Toledo
Issue  of
of    tho
1     ll-ach  Haven.  N
, fishing  boat   wIub -
knee-deep wllh all
,turi'B    mosl   i.f the
.1. Bept, ::
cockpli was
sorts of set
:i useless fot
The Btattttory meeting cf the Hoard
of License Commissioners will be held
at the municipal hall on Wednesday,
September 10, at 10 o'clock In the
(2002)      Clerk to the CommtBslonerfl.
the r
Unique Arsbie M3.
trusla'cs of the British Museum
just acquired a manuscript .,(
jliglOn nl the  Karmathian-   Is-
I,   and  other  esoteric  and   ill.or-
 I 1
Rn U>m 8-VJ. 603, 604, nil, r.OIS, fl'.'., 623.
fi'.t. f,2r.   nir,. sj7, .iM. S39, sun, 031,
nt   Ix.t   Sfg,   <irc,U|,   1.   Mun   114.   Ill   the
l.iHirict   of   New   Westminster,   Port
itjliniii'iii'l   .lunctl'in.
Whereas proof of tie* loss nt certificate
of  tirle  Number  lsf.-t'i   i",  Iskuc-i  In  tlm
nunc  nf   Edwin   0   Blmtnonds  hus  Ihs-i.
rilid  In   .hls  office
Notion Ih hereby ir!v��� that 1 shall, at
the I'Milrutlnn of one month from the
date of the first publication hereof, In
a dally newspaper in.Mislead in the city
of New We'ttinlnso-r. Issue ,i duplicate
of tbe said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection be in.id" to inn In
l>i��trii-t Registrar of Titles
Imnill Rf��l��lry  Offloe,   New   Wotinlnn
Ur. B.C.,  2nd AuguM.  1913. (IMS)
thodox i-ects ol Mabometanisra, by
Um famous theologian Muhammad ii.n
Muhammad al-Obsssali. This is apparently a unique Arabic manuscript.
as no other copy is on record. In it
the author systematically  sets  ionti
the doctrines of tbe various sects and
refutes them. The work .* ol 4��reat
significance,   as  it   supplies  a  very
early account uf these sects., some ul
wiiicli are very Important, OhazStoli
was horn in A.D. W60, and .-pent his
early years in Tus, Khurasan. Hi
studied under the great linan al-lla-
raiualin at Nisiiapur. In A.D. 10UI
he became a professor at the N.win.iy..
Colia"_>* in Bagdad, where he wurked
lor tour year.-. He then resigned in
order to continue his own studies and
affect a satisfactory concordat Ol orthodoxy, reason and uiyBticitin. He dud
In 'lu�� in AD. 1111. Hi�� inlluei.ee
upon tl.e later developments Of I slain
ban been enormous, feuyuti, a famous
tnthor, says-. "If there could be an-
ulhet proj>aet after Mahomet it would
eerU.i.ly he Al-litu-uaU."
Toronto. Kept. .1. A man named
Harrv Held was taken to St Michael's
hospital last night In tho police ambulance after ho had a narrow rseanp
from serious injury ,m the Esplanade.
He had partaken freely of intoxicating liquors, and after hiB friends
had left him for the night, wandered
to fhe Bisplanade and crept under a
freight car, where he soon fell asleep.
The car was -tine of a train to
���shunted during the evening. Alumi
midnight tho train wan pulled from
the Hiding and trainmen were Hiir-
prlfed to (lnd a mat, lying on the track
nfter it bad been pulled from the
switch. Beyond a few mils on one
hand, and n bti.lly torn coat and troll-
'ers, the n'nn had escaped Berlous In-
'iiry, A constable wuh notified and
"et I,'", to si. Michael's hospital In
the police ambulance,
Ab soon ub the trainmen arous. d tha
man from his drunken slumber and
carried him to the sidewalk nt the
corner of Jarvis street hls firBt request
wati for a cigarette.    He was given a
cigarette, and  when  the ambulance
arrived to take hlm away he refused
to part with it until lho ambulance
driver forced him to throw 11 away.
in a
i Hi d
��� edible purpos H    John Swanson. '2: stood
this afti moon sorting out the value'
less   ones   and   throwing   them   overboard   with   n   gaff.     Meanwhile   his
mates kept pouring about him all the
fish that their nets drew lu.
It chanced that one of those was
a sling-ray, known from Florida to
Maine, but seldom found esc, pt In
lukewarm waters. It made Kb way
to the bottom ol the boat and stung
(or rattier out) Swanson In tho heel.
There Ib a belief of tbe fishermen
beroabouts that the wound of a s ing
ray  Is ub poisonous iih the  strika- of
a rattlesnake, although there Is nothing In solenee to back np that belief,
ip. ISwanson  grabbed a flsh-CUttlng knif<-
helnini slashed al hls heel until be had
out the flesh nwny to the bone, Capt,
Kdwurd Johnson, o.'...-r of the bout,
offered   to  take  Bwanson  ashore  lm
mediately, Bul this would have mnde
necessary a run of fifteen miles
through tha chann, is.   swanson said
he wouldn't Walt lhat long and plunged directly overboard.
He had to swim a mile nnd "  hn'f
to shore through a rough ncn
���tot there, and wiib lound tottering
along the bench. He was taken to the
office nf Dr. Herbert Willis, who
found be was suffering mure from
tho selfinflici.il cut. than from the
Hling of  the  fish.
llut the doctor upplled powerful nB
trlngents and germicides und Swan-
son will soon recover.
Would   Come   High
Victoria, Sepi .; Thui to
the permaneni pressure pipe
the Sooke lake water *.*.' ik,
from its presi iit ii rmlnus
Oorge road to s polnl near
bridge, sa that u permaneni e-.m-e
tlon could he made with the s) tern
of the  fCsqulmall  wster works com
1*    v.   WOUld   cost   $21     bui   thst,
i <��� the connection wus marie, the
oompany  would  ba  In u  position  lo
provide il Ity with lo.onoono daily.
wan the report made hy Wster Commissioner Kubi to the olty councll,
The wster commissioner had been
asked to report upon tho feasibility
of extending tho\plpo line from  its
present   terminus,   nenr   lliurlei   road,
to Parson's bridge, the approximate
cost, of this work, whether there le
sufficient money on hand to defrnv
the cost, and the number of water per
day that would be available In the
citv if the aaid extentlon were mode
nnd connection secured with Hie bvx-
l"m of the Esquimau Water Works
Long   Fought  Claims to Church   Are
Geneva, Sept. :i. -A curiou* conflict
dating back to fie reformation, and
continued since, has just heen settled
bv the Swiss authorities ;t relates to
the claims put forward by the ('mho
lies nnd Protestants to tha ancient
church of Blschofsxell In canton
TIiIb church ub nnw lllernllv been
divided Into two pnrtB. The west hair,
"Includli,'.' the walls," will In future
be Catholic, and the enst half I'Mie-1
nnt, while lh" nllnr Ib neutral ground,
hnt the choir in catholic. The rell/r-
but lie ]Ious ceremonies during the yenr musl
he .'nually divided between the two
"parties" and notloe must b�� given
to tin. other party for ench "coro-
The church  WM Originally built by
the subscriptions of the Inhabitants,
and Blnce the reformation both religions have claimed it, and would nol
yield their rights In It. ��**m ������ ������ -
Trio of Eaatern Youngsters Try Horss ! Timothy Keil Is Dead���No children of
Stealing, But Auto  Beat. His Own and Cuts Oft Adopted
Them   to   It Daughter.
(ittawa, Kept. n.-In a realistic gl ; ,\,**.���, York, s.-pi g. -Tlwitliy Kiel;'
tuinpt to emulate the daring adven- who was once a stoker on lUamSblps
tures .,r "Deadeye Dick." or some ,fl ""' s"""' A""'rl<:'i�� "*ade. Is dtnd
other   hero   of  yellow   fiction,   three I {
Vict:ria   Man   Says  There  Are   Hard
Days Ahead cf Chcchaccos
at Shushanna
Aylnia r    twelve year -old   youths   were
hor��e thieves pro tem on Friday after-
no, ii. 'lhey corralled u hi r.ae belonging to C, Koutellff,'. Mountain Btreet.
and drove six ii.Ilea iu a heavy duwn-
pour i f n.l,, before they were over.
l tken  hy  <'hi, f it  Colli.,.* l'.rri.r.
'i he equine they made the near get
away -with  wua stabled in  Holt 8 hotel
barn, Mien street, bavlng been left
there for a short time by Mr. Rout-
���cllffe. The leader of the bandll band
twelve summers old, reoonnoltered,
ami win n lhe coast waa clear the
Ihree youths climbed into the buggy
atld   drove   off   unnoticed,
It   was   bi i   lime   hefore   the    ali
sence of the outfit waa discovered.
Thl ii Chief I'errler Bet out in pursuit
in an auto, lie traced the boya along
for nix* miles and then thev were taken in tow* at Mulligan's farm, whet ���
they hud made n Btop. Th" hnrse hal
been driven hard and was fagged out.
After .1 couple of hours in the town
lockup ard n severe lecture ct- the
��� .���!) oi Hi. ir ways Hi.- passing "f th.
days of outlaws and the futility , f
trying to beat an automobile, Ihey
were let out. making the customary
promises  in   mend  the  fnor ef their
is home, i!4(> Waverly place, In
nwlch village, leaving an i-Btati
estimated at 12,500,000, All of ii goes
to Mb widow.
A niece, H.-Bsie Oraham, who lived
in th" household many yearn and took
the Klely name, although never legal
ly adopted, was cut off In the wlll bo-
CBUSe  she  married   Thomas  Dalton, a
clerk, against Tim Kiely's wishes.
Klely came to America from his
birthplace in County Cork, Ireland,
weliii he whs 14. lie went to Bea as
nn apprentice nnd rose from a stoker*!
Job to nn engineer's before he came
ashore for good, in istj he was chler
engineer for the Butterick company,
wearing overalls, his hands full of cot-
toe waste.
Six years later he Invented a return
.team tm;,, whereby condensed Btnnm
::i heath t apparatus Is returned to tin
boiler.    Tbe trip is now in use every
where its profits made Tim Klely
rich, He couldn't draw or cipher, hut
In knew how in control steam. He and
Frederick T. Mueller, another plain
man. founded In 1880 the steam f Itt -
lng manufacturing firm <,f Klely and
Mueller, now al 34 West Thirteenth
Up ���
"i   was   engineer  al     the    Western
Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane
when  I  first  met Klely," Mueller Bald
sterday.   "He was on the road Beii-
ways    The piirenis ���f the trio sgreed   '"       own s*',a,n ,r;ii>    He suggest-
to nnv the owner Of th- outfit for any   ' ' '' ,t wa become partners    Inside of
- >!������ tiBca, bio' is a recompense for the w. nu'
ovpendlture and probably took it out
nn the Bold, bad boys, fired with tin* ���
mistaken ambition, by giving thi
go d   old fashioned   threshing.
tn  a
Eastern   Hotel    Men    Say   Traffic
Heavy.  But the  Tips.  Etc..  Are
Leit Frequent.
M mati Sept. 8    The money slrln-
t i ii  ii affected the t mrlat traffic t" mi  great extent thlB summer,
according )���< the records of the hotels
i   :  '*. ise lake steamship companies
.:..' i i ..I: to the sumemr tripper for
a large pari of their trade    Early in
the summer there was not the usual
rush, hut of late the boats and hostel
r es have b< en full
"We nre booked up well now," aald
��� .   hotel manager In diacusleng the
question.     "There  are   lots  of   people
travel ng,  despite  all  that  hns  been
I regarding ihe retrenchments that
bave '  id I ��� he mad" in order to tide
ovrthe dull days.    Up to a wi'ek nvto
n business together
Sew York."
Klely put some of his profits Into
real estate and made nior,a money. In
lhe 'v,p he erected a hiilldiiig on Thlr-
month street and rented It to the Hut-
lerick company Thus his farmer employers became his tenants, He sold
to James A Hearn part of (be property which Is now Hearn's department
"lore He also Invested largely In
Rockaway and Babylon, 1, I. A street
In Arverne In named fnr him.
Ile wan twice married and had no
children rieap|P Graham, hie first
wife's niece, who took the Klely name
������:,'i "-'irr'cd over his protest, was at
'he Klely home in (ireenwleh village
when th" wlll that didn't mention her
name was read
' ked as though the season was go
,��� <���, he comparatively (juleter that,
���   lhi   ;>ast. hut although we have not
, i . 'ii turn anyone awny. and do not
-     tn. wo are as bus) ;���.* wo have
i ��� ��� ii in other y, ars "
Leadirg  Druggist     Saya    Government
Ghoofd Appoint Inspector to Cope
With  the  Evil.
Toronto, Srpt :: That the Illegitimate use of cocaine la on tlie Increase
It' Canada, and that (he preBent legislation Is inefficient to prevent unscrupulous druggists from making a
profit at i'v- expense "f human life,
was the thenfe nf the address made hy
'.v I! Oraham, registrar of the Ontario
��� .fe ,.f Pharmacy, hefore the re
,,,1. ���, I1'-irnwcentl���-'��� association.
** hich hns Just closed ! S sersion bore,
tin*,' two thousnnd minces of cocaine
Victoria,  Sept.  '.:.    Napier  Denison,
of ii,,. meteorological office has ra.
turned from a tour of inspection of
j the far northern stations,   At Daw-
SOO, Mr. Denison met "An3y" Taylor,
one of the discovers ot Bbusshaima.
He wub then returning with supplies
to  UflSble hia  party  to develop their '.
claim-    Large sums of incuey are already being offered for the neighboring   claims,   but   tlie   general  opinion :
of old miners is lbat ur too great a
number Iron, tbe outside arc mushing
in and (hat Ihe seaaon is already olos- :
Ing, which means great autfering and
possibly starvation to the In.xpir.enc*
The aummer in the Yuk:.n has been
unusually  fine and dry, and the past j
winter, extending through Alaska, waa
abnormally mild.
No Trace of Cook
Mr.   DcniBOn   travelled    some    dls- \
tance with Archdeacon Stuck, who re* *
c.'iitly succeeded in climb ng Mt. Mo-1
Klnley,  and  obtained   at  the  summit j
the   tni"   height   by   both   tile   boiling I
pi Ini   Observation   and   the  mercurial
bui.in, ter.    Heedless to say. uo trace
of  Dr.  Cook's previous a/sent  were
At Atlin Mr. Denison succeeded In
setting up one of IiIb very delicate
I pendulums for recording the slow
movements ���-! tht carte's "rock ma *
tie." These daily records will be of
great value when studied inconjunc
tion wllh the similar work being carried on at Victoria, and Atlin forms
the firat link In a chain of seismic
stations which Mr. Denison hopes to
arrange  from   Alaska   to  the  equator.
While at Atlin Mr. Denison had the
pleasure of attending the inaugural
meeting of a local Overseas club, commencing with un enrollment of over
fifty enthusiastic menibera. Upon the
date i,l the parent cl.'b'B birthday, an
excursion of members was to be held
on the beautiful A;'1n lake, almoBi
a counterpart of po'-'ons of Switzerland.
White   Pas-,   Popular
The trip over the While Pass rail
way is ever becoming a more popular
tourist route, particularly where om-
desc-rids almost 3000 teet In fifteen
miles alnn" a mere ledge on the sld
of a precipice
Mr. Denison met several of the sur-1
vlvors of the Sd.  City  of California.
Who had a narrow escape from drown |
Ing     The force of Hie vortex was so
great   that   their   clothing   was   torn
and in some cases their pockets wer,-
turned  inside out  and  rolls of piper
money   lest      Owing   to   the  calastro- '
pbe.   the  Canadian   ships  arc-   becon,-
Ing ev. n more popular than they have
Prinee Rupert, though quiet at pre
sent, is well planned and steadily be-
coming a beaut ful city.    Kxcavatinns
have commenced for the Grand Trunk
Pacific hotel, which, when completed j
will  bs equal to ihe Chateau  Laurier
In many reaper's.    Mr. Denison hopes
In  a  year's time,  when  blasting  in a:
certain nna is completed, to instal an- |
"ther link  In the chain already men-
Th"   St    Lawrence   rout*   has   been were sold   In Ontario during the  past
own  to be 4���st aS~hlg a favorite U ,, ,r. nnd that Is far more than Ib nee
: ��� :. the pasl decade, ami even mors | .mary   '"r  SurgfCSl  UB" and  i.rescrip-
i    pie are patronising lhe big boats tlons.    Somebody hns has suffered at i
i  at slip quietly through the Thousand your  hand,  physically,  mentally  and j
��� . . ,-,ii I the others that Bhool the in Till'.' "
rap  Is of lhe great stream.   The inrge       \i-   Graham rtnted thnt the cocaine
,      of such people nre from the Vi'vs had not been put on the statute
,* i cities of the United states, and h,���,ks any 'on soon.   But st present
the broad vistas of waters, the lit there is   no official government   In-
How Greaser Miners Have Been Get-
tinj  Their  Wares���Canadian's
Experiencei  in  Mexico
t ..   trcen Jewels nf islands scattered
mi  the  gloaming river,  to then.  * nr"
ers Thousands of people annual-
i. [al " the trip that starts SI Detroit
ai i ' ikes In Huffalo. Niagara Pal's.
Ti r nto, lake Ontario, tbe 8t Lawrence, Montreal, Quebec, Boston and
York Swinging around In this
big circlo, they see le.'itiy Interesting
n, l beautiful places and really cover
i ,"..,' deal of ground
Net  Spend rt.
One clerk I" a l<---ai hotel, win, is
��� ������ a ..  famous for his ���> mtn nl
-��� rvattcn   nnd    dertuot' ;i.    n'v" ns
i   wev, r thst the ' t,,"-' bc] hsi had
���  effi''*' on th'   tourist traffic
'  "       Ull'     mil"! er   ' I   people   COUI".'
hn    tys   "bul thev arc not the same
.      I, r' -ill '��� '��� .*���''. as those who usually    make    Montreal   s   stopping
, I I. e "
Ws all know," he explains, either-
stlns his theory, "that It la usually
m 'her nnd lhe girls who plBi. the vt,
ration Thej discuss tlie seashore nnd
the mountains, Kurope or Yoselmto,
���i.i father pays the bills. Thla year.
however, If my Idea Is right, fnth".
hns hnd n little more to any abou. It
Orders hsve been mighty hnrd to get
Ihe lank Is very friendly, but buslnei I
i .' cold proposition, everybody wenti
i ��� he paid r'glil nwny In cash, nml no
onn wants to pay In that highly esteemed medium, nnd so dad, having
. l-'i'iied nn Inkllr* nf the plana anyn
quietly, "I'm cfrnld we'll have to postpone the Mediterranean until next
j"., r, family
practical kind Is needed, nnd besides
1 believe In Felng nur nwn country
lir.. Hor,- ahmit thnt ThouBBtid Isl-
nnd 'rip nnd down to Qubec. Mother
you bnven't been there since rur honeymoon Lefa gee If It looks the
sn '"
"For, ynu see," continued the e'erk.
eeotnr. Mr Oraham, na Inspector nf
lilts ( r the colleges, snld that there
* .fl   much   mnro cncnlne  being    sold
necessary    for I a
Montreal,   Sept.   it.- John   Fletcher.
superintendent of construction or the
Canadian   I'acific   telegraph   hire,   la
in   receipt  of  a  letter  from  his  son,
K.   Fletcher,    a  mining    engineer,
Ihan   was absolutely
medical purposes, land  who ia engaged at  the  present
"The enforcement ofjhe Inw 1�� not j time aa superintendent as one of the
American Smelters and Securities
company's mines, In the .>v.ihern part
of the stale of Chlchuahua.
While Mr. Fletcher haa kept bis
father here pretty well posted on con.
dltionB in Mexico, since tlle trouble
started, tlle former stated today that
he did not want to make public any
of the message he received from the
son. not knowing what way It might
affect liis standing there, and he sa:d
that he preferred to wait until he had
n the right hands,   whnt Is every
hoih's business is nobody's business."]
The p-'llce and the crown prosecutors
have no exactly defined powers.
Mr Drsham himself hnd taken drug- |
Irtlrts to court occasionally,   and    In
jnany esses hnd gone tn them person-
Sll)   nnd charged them with the evil.
Upon learning thnt be had access to |
the wholesale records, ihey   usually!
confessed  and  promised to sell  the
dura i.i cocaine fiends no more,   This
,���,;..   Vr   pes,,.slon   worked   well   |n Uhal he preferred ,n wa,, until tl,
.ii.,.*       ,. i n���. . gol ol|( of (ho cim|ltry altogethc.,
"Whets' mud, monev was being! ���*��� J"**?, "^f TT^ K
:���,,..��� by thv government to confine since March, lost, he has had cons d; r
fhe sale'of linuor. Mr C.rahsm thought *VL* dlf leu Ity n communicating will,
a little might he apent In protecting his son In Mexico .many letters which
Hie nubile from the terrible drug habit, bad been written both by himself m-d
' Much ie being done to restrict the sale hls Bon never having been received.
or ilouors, hnt there la no efficient Any mall having been received from
lysteni to prevent fellow men from, hlm since that time bus been smug-
becomlng addicted to the more ruin- gb'd out nf the country by friends,
one cncnlne nr opium habit i Coming  to  Montreal
The onlv wav to cope with the evil Mr. Fletcher, after leaving Mexico,
wns the appointment ns Dominion In- will go to San Francisco, and la ex-
ipeotor a man above reproach. pected   In   Montreal  within   a   couple
of weeks. Mr. Fletcher went to Mexico over two years ago, and has re
mnined at his post throughout the dls
turbances; but recently, supplies htv-
3.���Charged w'.thjlng given out and it being Imposs hi"
0.  Bellew,  minion  to  replenish,  owing    to    Interrupted
Montreal,   Sept
  , .swindling,   Henry
A little economy of ihei broker, of 11 St. Sacrament street, of : communication, he hSB been obliged
$F,00, Jean P. Courbon, of Paris, to close down the mine, and at last
France, was found In Henry Birks, & accounts was leaving for Fal Pnso.
Sons' establishment, where he was ^exas, where he should have arrived
having diamond earrings tested, by'Beveral days ago. It Is thought that
Detectives Ongnon, Ituchamp and Pig-ihe may havo encountered delay ow
<on.    Tho  enrrlngs  wcre  valuod  at Ing  to  the  reported destruction    of
|525 and a diamond pin at $200.
When taken Into custody Courbon
������rntno'f prs been doing a little light'told the detectlveB that hc was ropre-
readlng himself In the highly colored gentlng the French government. He
descriptive nimphle'fl distributed b/ jB|ll(1 he wag n native of Braill and
our pet til tics trnfflc seeking publl- |,roiiKlit the diamonds with him when
���,.r..i,.��� -������-.���..,.-j,..,,, nnd he has come. ne cttme to Montreal three weeks ago.
to hls derision. There may bn an nr-1 rp^ r,d|c0 had been looking for tho
gumenl but It Is the St. Lawrence or L^nfl for several days, having becn
l  I Informed that he had disposed of a
"And It's nil a good thing, l00' J>e' rcPeatlng watch worth $800 for $400.
c-vr e such neon'e nm resllv better wtl(,n searched at pollce headquar-
B'.e.'ders thsn the usual run who have
i ".ved un for flvo years and nre on one
.���rand blow-out. Thn art of spending
in., not become a habit with Ihem ns
It hns wllh those who go to Europe."
Thua, If this be truo, for certain bus
ters he was found to be armed with
a loaded revolver, He refused to
make any statements nbout his movements while In Montreal.
He  was then chsrged with swindling Mr. Ilellew of $500 by false pre-
inesses'the monev "^""^"^''the ten.ns, andji^also pleaded not^gullty
.    blessing In disguise.
clerk observed   "U UkM �� P^1^!,lmjnary  ,nveatlg��tlon was fixed for
bnd pane to scare Mfto ��t of tak I ._ 4_
ing their rogular holiday, anyway.
Hn was held for trial and the pre-
bridges between Parral and El P-'so
In hla last letter home, Mr. Fletcher ene'oaed a si��nipli> of thc scr'pt
with which he has been paying his
men since the disturbances In Mexico
have occassloned a scarcity of "ef
fectlve" actual money thero. The
scrip Is in one, two nnd flvo peso
notes. In lieu of protected or watermarked paper, of which none was
available when these very simple
notes wcre printed. Mr. Fletcher has,
by way of added precaution, impressed each bill of "boleto" with hls
thumb-print, adopting a device familiar to him ln the Phllllplne Islands,
wheer the savings banks emplov It
to supplement Co .loposltcrs' signatures. The banks of several Mexican
ststos accept this scrip at Its face
value, thus making It a safe and convenient substitute for actual money.
Will Sell Your Property
Rent Your Vacant House
Rent Your Rooms
Bring you Boarders
Find Lost Articles
Get you a Position
Bring you Help
Those Who Have Tested
Their Power Know That
Brin& in your copy, send it by mail
or telephone
Downtown Office at Hill's (j^ug store,
jm - .*���*��� *, **��� \
v<'���*������,-���������'���' fail*, KK5HT
Remember the Place-
33 Eighth StreeL
and the telephone No. 2
Jelly Powder
Put up In our own label and
guaranteed the best on the market. It is aelling very well, but
to further introduce, for two
days we will sell at the reduced
price of 4 for 25c.
Armour's Veribest Pork and
Heans, tasty, well baked beans,
��old everywhere 2 for 25c, for
two days we wlll sell �� for 25c.
Raisins���Paradise brand, sold
nt 2 for 25c; 16 oi. packages,
No. 1 stock, 3 pkgs. 25c
Just arrived, new stock, extra
large, freestone, Early Craw-
fords.    Per crate $1.15.
We advise early buying ln this
Preserving Plums, 3 lbs. 25c.
...  25c.
... .25o.
;'.*:. He.
.. .12'/..
Greats WelterW-^
fears, 2 lbs	
l'eaches, 3 lbs.  ...
Plums,   ?   lbs
..ppleS, 3 lbs	
Grapes, per lb  ...
Conteloupes,  each
Our vegetables are alt grown
by WHITE men on our own
ranch. Every vegetable imaginable.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS      8. Ki BR1003
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc.. In this
{column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Candidates for certificates as engineers were txumlned yesterday in the
| provincial court house by Holler In-
Ispector Peck.
I Try the B. C. Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurry.
Phone 304. I WW I
The G. N. It. has made a commencement on the subway at the streel end
of Subway avenue near the depot
at White itock.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1981.)
An insane man was brought over
from Vancouver yesterday afternoon
and lodged in the mental hospital.
Three policemen were necessary to
control him.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to puy losses.
William Allard. who was injured in
the auto smash with a B. C. E. R. car
Tursda; afternoon, left the hospital
yesterday little the worse for the
Why not get your boxes and crates
at the B. C. Manufacturing Co., Ud.
Othrrs are doing it.    Phone 304.
Government Agent P. F Fletcher
has collected $500 in game licenses so
far this season, while applications for
same are being received everv day.
This is the firBt year that such a tax
has been levied.
J. J. Jackson, of Edmonds, with two
firsts in the Scotch collie elsss, and
P. T. McLaughlan, with a first in the
same class, were the New Westminster winners at the dog show held in
Vancouver this week.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock snd fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
i phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1988)
Figures Issued by School Board Show
Many Pupils In Schools of
fhe attendance of public In New
Westminster schools during the opening  dayB  of tbe  fall  term  Ib ub  fol-
Case  Goes  Apainst  Walsh   Sash  and
Door Company���Took Two Days
to Dispose of.
After being out 45 minutes, the jury
in the case of Kallgawa, a Japanese,
against the Walsh Baah and Door factory for damages while operating n
machine, returned a verdict Of $1700
to tbe Oriental, 'I'he case was
Bnlshed until 4 ;ui o'ol
lows, according to a report from tbo |afVernooi>, lasl ing two *l ile days,
office of Secretary dray. George Cassady and Wi O. UOQUM-
Public  Schools    ''     irle represented ths plaintiff, wnllc   I.
See Advt. on Pa
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
High school
ared for
Total  191b
The attendance at individual schools
and ,the average in rooms of each of
the schools follow:
Total    Ave.
High school    168
John Uobson  809
F��� W. Howay   368
Lord Kelvin and Lister...  490
Herbert Spencer   -01
Richard McBride     26S
Queensborough      04
E. Wilson, of Vancouver,
the defendants.
The case of Mrs. Insley against the
city of New Westminster for damages
sustained on a public street, will probably be proceeded with this morning.
The jurors not empannellod In the
Katigawa trial were released from
dutv once   more   yesterday   morning
j until 11 o'clock this morning.
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITE, SHOES t Co., Official Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; .$2.00 per
dav. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Prominent Men of Different Denominations Give Addresses���Seats
Over 200 People.
Eugene, Ore., Sept. 3.- President
Roi ,t Strathorn, of the Portland,
Eugene and Eastern railway, this afternoon drove n golden spike at Monroe, midway between Eugene nnd Cor- j
valils, on the newly constructed link*
iof that line nnd thereupon declared it
iiipen tn traffic, a regular schedule to
begin tomorrow. Over 1000 excursionists from Eugene, Corvallls an.l
otber neighboring towns attended the
spike driving, which Included addresses by mayors and heads of civic
Paris, Sept. S.���Pierre Vigorous, the
man who cut with a razor In 1910, a
picture   of   Michael Angelo    in   the
Louvre, wns caught last night In the
act Of trying to break into the Troca
dero museum. The police declare that
the man is not responsible for hls actions and that he is afflicted with a
mania for despoiling museums.
Hudosn Doctor Loses Life in Saranac
White Rock. Sept. 8.���The new White Lake. Sept 3. -in  the act
Rock church was formally opened last    f�����  a ,  nnrtt���.���   plk���,  ,���
Sunday, special preachers, choral and ��8"���B �� ��� D     V;ui iempst.
soloist music, and   flora    decoration^ W^anac bu ^ ^
marking the occasion.   l)r. Pidgeon, ot '' natwin~ ' k
Westminster Hall.  Vancouver:   Dr.  J*  ����a,h7rl, n,* lei     I e fi
H   White, superintendent of the B. C.b> ��hic" ���"   "   '
""   Colpitis, for-
Save and
999 wealthy self-made
men out of 1000 got
their start by regular
Nearly all men who
save do succeed.
Is this not sufficient
reason for you to start
a savings account today
when it requires only $1
to make the start?
... -
If you come here you
wiH be allowed 4 per
cent, interest added
quarterly and every possible courtesy will be
extended to you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships  under  Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
In ac ordance with a resolution of
the eity council, and at the request of
the Vancouver exhibition association,
Mayor Gray has proclaimed a half-
holiday for"today to allow citizens of
New Westminster to attend the exhibition in Vancouver.
The transcription of the evidence
submitted at the James Macnamara
trial has been completed by Court
Stenographer Harry l>angley. The
evidence consists of 210 folios or 21,-
000 words.' A copy will be sent to the
crown while another has been spoken
for by the defence.
Mayor Gray was among the speakers at the first meeting of the grand
lodge of Elks which met in Vancouver on Tuesday afternoon. Mayor
Gray responded to the toast of "Our
Visitors," proposed by Mayor Baxter,
of Vancouver. J. Stillwell Clute, of
this city, was among those elected to
be trustees of the grand lodge.
An important meeting of the executive of the It. A. A; 1. society will be
held on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock
in the city council chambers.   A num
Methodists; Kev. W. W
mer pastor, and Rev. Mr. Colwell, t
porary  Methodist   supply,    were    the
speakers for the day, Hev. Dr. Pldgeon
delivering an appropriate address  at
the evening service.    Miss Kura Lee-l
son,  of   Vancouver,    and    Mr.    Car- |
mlchael    of    Chilliwack    contributed
sacred solos.   The church, which has a
seating capacity of about    200,    was i
filled to overflowing.
On Monday evening a banquet was
held  in  the same connection;   covers'
were spread for over 100 and a most j
He Immediately sank and wa*' drowned. When
the physician went overboard the boat
which also contained W. Hoysradt, ot
Bronxvllle, tipped over.
Mr. Hoysradt v.as rescued by Harry
Baldwin, a guide. Dr. Vanrlempst was
a brother-in-law of Mr. Hoysradt. atld
v.-as a guest at the latter's camp on
Deer island.
The two gentlemen went fishing at
dusk and a few teet off the island they
hooked a big pike. The lish was played  for  thirty   minutes before he   was
brought to gaff, and it was quite d.rk
when the accident occurred
Secret Service Promotions.
Moose Jaw, Kept. 8.- H. P. Wiind-
erling, chief of the secret service of
the C. I'. It for Saskatchewan, leaves
Tuesday next to take charge of the
Pacific coast division and will be succeeded by C. II. Ball of Winnipeg
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet ((iranby Bay.)
and Return.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain and Forest
Kalis Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
21st and 28th.
Neither of the gentlemen in the heat
! apparently knew of the passing mo'or-
enjoyable evening was spent
P.   J.   Mackenzie,   M.P.P..   occupied
the ehatr and amongst other items he, -ok  gnd   we_. unprepared   for th
swell Which struck their own craft Just
the physician leaned over the rail
stated     that    the    new   White
school, on progressive lines, would be
..r-ct.,1  ..ex.  y���r. the site for which,U ^.^  .^     ..^ w_  ^   p.
is now being graded.
TOPPING���The funeral took place
yeBterday afternoon of Muriel Topping, the gaugbter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Topping, of Kast Bumaby. Interment took place at the City cemetery,
Ilev. G. Frank, of Kast Burnaby Methodist church, iTiciating.
lng wai
late al  nii-'ht and  this even-
taken to Hudson.
dence, 212 Klghth street, September
2. Thomas .lohnson. late of the
Brunette Saw Mills, and Sappi rton
post office. Funeral strictly private.
Positively no flowers. Notice of
funeral later. 1.2000)
Five     Dayc    Including
Meals  and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug.
25th and Sept.  1.
Uoats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day. affording an opportunity of seeing tbe new Grand Trunk Pacific city, isrtor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost. Staterooms eu suite without extra cost. All outside
Through tickets to all Eastern points via tbe popular Grand Trunk
II. Q. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
E>27  Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DlIPEItOW, 0,  A.   P   D.
I'hone Private Exchange M34
Johnson, which took place on Tuesday
New Westminster loses one of its old-
ber of Interesting reports will be re-lPFt citizens.   Deceased was one of the
Choosing a School
Modern Business School
.i a live business institution���everybody is busy as our enrollment Is
larger than ever before (at this time
( thc year)i ami we arc better pro-
pared to give you service not obtainable at any Other Institution. Investigate our method*, courses, nnd merits J rhurge
atld you will attend the
Fall   term  now  started.
A. L. BOUCK, Principal.
ceived from the different committees
and it is expected that the question
of having lacrosse during exhibition
week will be settled.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction the contents of a 12 room house
at 88 Sixth Btreet (absolutely without
reserve), on Wednesday. September 3,
at 2 p.m. sharp. Sale will Include
piano. Monarch range, oak (lining
room suite, beds and bedding, washing machine, etc., etc. Goods on view
morning of sale. Further particulars
apply Westminster Auction Mart,
Kings hotel block, Columbia street.
Yesterday morning was a quiet, one
in police court circles. One Hindu,
charged with being drunk and dis
orderly, was remanded until this
morning in order to allow the use of
an interpreter. Another Hindu, this
time disorderly, contributed Jl". while
a white man charged witb an ind'con:
offence, was remanded until next
Tuesday morning.
Although  no  ;   .al   move  was  ini.de
by the executive ol the Local Council
of Women at Its meeting yesterday,
important motions were drawn up for
presentation at the meet lng of the
council held next Monday. One will
be regarding the Shops Regulation
bylaw sponsored by the women, and
now before the city council. At the
coming meeting plans for ,1 tea
room ut the ll. A. tV I. exhibition will
bn discussed.
The 11. C. Electric company has
i kindly consented to place two cars In
service after 12:4a a.m. up to 2 p.m.
lon Kriilay night, when the, hospital
I auxiliary ball Is held, and these will
be run in accordance with the desire
of the committee in charge, which
! will arrange to Btart them between 1
Innd 2 a.m. ns occasion demands. One
| car will run via Leopold place to
i Sapperton an.l one car along Third
I street to Sixth street. Edmonds and
! down Twelfth street.
Pred Davis will sell by public auction at Russell's Westminster auction
Ihouse, Kings hotel block, Columbia
street, on Thursday. September 4, at
12 p.in. sharp, the contents of three
fully furnished houses I removed te
the above rooms for convenience of
sulci. Amongst other Items sale wlll
include ranges, heaters, dressers and
stands, oak buffetts, and sideboards,
ice boxes, dining tables and chair,
bedsteads and bedding, etc., etc. Ab
solutely no reserve. Sale at 2 p.m.
sharp. (I960)
Police Constable isles, of Victoria,
arrived In  the city  last evening    ln
of a    prisoner    named    Kred
(Cook,  who was    sentenced    to    two
years In the penitentiary for forging
Cheques,    Cook   formerly   worked   at
the ear barns of the B, C. E. It.   but
vacated Ills position and left for Victoria where he got Into trouble, after
| successfully working the cheque game
i for several months.
Market Bearish.
New York. Sepi. 3.    Sentiment  was
distinctly bearish in the stock market
todav and the downward movemetn of
the preceding session was carried further!   Thcr�� was little to counteract
the array  of unfavorable factors op-
.  ...    ,i,.,,!.,,. ���������]������,. ,  erotlng against the m:u*k"t yesterday
\,  J,..?, ... t!���.?���i.,v land the same forces were Influential
todRV, being reinforced by little news
of lilte character    Several  railroads,
Including Rr";k Island  end  St.   Paul,
'���cv -< d   shrinkages   in   net   earnings
for July.
old-timers of the city, having arrived;
here 23  years ago from  Toronto and]
accepting a position with the Brunette
sawmills, was placed In charge of the|
store and was also postmaster of Sapperton for many years.
Decerned had heen sick for several
months although his death came as :.
surprise to his many friends In the
cltv and  district.
Two brothers, Llent.-Col. w. A
fnhnson and .fumes Johnson, together
.v!th two sisters survive blm. The
"iiiier.il arrangements will he announced today
l>rlln. Sept. 8. Oil has been struck
at Hanover, according to a dispatch
from that cltv to the National Zel-
tung. lt was found at a depth of lfion
feet' by the hon rs for potash near
the '*v and l""11 barrels have been
produced since An.; 30, the oil bolng
of good quality. The secret was kept
��� ,. (ha discoverers for some davs. bul
since it has become publlc the unrounding hind has been rapidly ac
nulred by speculators who consider
the prospects good.
Old   Prospector Suicides.
Melrose, Mont., Sept. 3���Joseph La- *
his'ir. aged !;S. a pioneer prospector,
committed  suicide  ,:.  his cabin here
today  by  biting a dynamite  crip,  the
explosion  of which drove a  piece ofj
copper into his bruin  and  broke his i
jneck.    Kor several years l.nhister has |
Bearched f��r n^er'nim metals and the
fact  that  he recently allowed a mln-
I--  claim   valued  at   $60,000   to  slip
tbroueh h's hands is believed to have
unsi ttled his mind.
Pack In your bathing Bints and a
well lilled hamper and spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Bay. Plenty
of free picnic places on the sand
beach or under the wonderful spreading maples. Lovely spring water.
Tuke the Hiver road to i.adner and
the Goudv road south
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New  Westminster.
!   J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street,  New Westminster.
| Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Gooda o�� all Kinds. PHONE SB4.
***********   . p ill _���a^��������
Pres snd ��������!.
Vice-Pi ���aidant
W. f. H. BUCKUN,
Bee. and Tress.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G., Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented'
Monte Jnw, Sept, :i Prom Glaegow,
just acroci' the boundary in Montana,
eiitdl'ft word of 0 terrlfi..' hall [torm
laat week Poultry wiih killed ��t well
an a child three yeara old. Peonle
arriving from the south country todav
aay that the hall luy on the ground
five Inches deep and that one family
was obliged to cover their heads with
dishpuns, after their homestead ehantv
had been blown uwa
At tlie Theatres
ManageT fllllls Of the Iloyal theatre
clalma to have found a gem when be
bookod I.ill.an Shattuck for tbe bal-
mni* . I the weelt. etai-tin-.; with to-
day'a matinee. Mlsa Shattuck arrived
lam nit-lit and will be ��< "ti at every
performance tbe balance of the week,
Bhe opens on the Orpheum circuit a
week iron, next Monday, commencing
her 30 weeks' run in Calgary,
The baby contest closes tonight and |
extra heavy voting Ib anticipated aa ,
a 1.1.11,her of the babies' friends have |
heen holding back votes to make B
big Bhowlng at the finish.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phonet
1200,  1201, 1202.
Sapperton  Market,  Phone  1204.
Eighth  8t.  Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   L883.
Bnrtlct Pears  8 lbs. I r 260
PIuiiib   * ������>���    r"r -r"
Peaches   'i  lb.', for 35c
Canteloupe, each  10c
Watermelon, eaoh  ������'"'
Malaga drapes, per II. 15c
Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, etc.
(Succeitor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 08.
On Account of Western Canada Fair at
Vancouver���Sept. 1-6.
Por the accommodation .f residents uf the South Praser Valley
who dealre to attend the 1913 fair of tin Vancouver Exhibition Association at Hastings l'ark, round trip ticketa from all polnta on the
I*'raser Valley line to Vancouver are offered, good for return any time
during the week, at single [are and a third.
Tho exhibition management har arranced for a fair which will
be interesting to all Exhibits of thc tidd and garden, display! of
manuf.i..tured geeds, agricultural machinsry, etc. Mu��ic will be provided hy teverr.1 bands, horse racing will be carried on every afternoon ond tpcc.al attractions of an Instructive and entertaining nature will b- provided.
Glasgow    were    devastated    but    tiie
storm did no damage on this side
the boundary.
In accordance witli a resolution of
iiie City Council, and at the request
of the Vancouver Exhibition Assccla-
Crops around  ,|on   | hereby proclaim a half hoi d.iy
$25,000 PIPE  DREAM
Intiisfiill. Alta., Kept. :���,. When
Timothy .tones, a horse wrangler
lighted   Ills   pipe   this   ufternoon.   In
dropped the match in the manger of
the Twin livery barn and two hour0
lattir, when the flamea were under
control, the loss was estimate.I at $26,*
000, divided as follows: Crown Lumber Co., hulldlng and slock. $12,000;
Twin Livery Co., building, $8000; the
Methodist church an.l parsonage,
$4000;   Dr.   Driver,  office,   $1000.
Tries a Dime Novel Stunt.
Hartford, Conn., Sept. IL- A bit or
wild west near-tragedy was enacted In
the railroad yards here yesterday
when Isldor Ilroder. a railroad detective, (julng suddenly liiHIllie held up
five rullroi.il men in a switchman's
shanty. When all had lhelr hands uplifted liroder fired Of flvo bullets
onlf.twn found their marks, wounding
J. J. Dunlin and !���'. II West. Hroder
hacked out and officers later arrested
blm. Dunlin and West appeared lu
���court with their anna In slings.
for Thursday, the 4th inst., from 1
p.m. to allow officials and citizens an
opportunity of visiting tbe Vancouver
exhibition, nnd I respectfully request
the observance of the same,
A. W. filtAY, Mayor.
Mayor's Office, Sept. il. 1��1-^-     ' >'���''������'>
What with the harbor Improvements, lhe further
the fisheries an.l
Ladiett' Tailoring Branch
aurcly Westminster la coming lu
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
Take advantage of thc Business Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Beaoh (Illacklo Spit) fur the summer months,
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June lii, returning In
the  morning In time for business.   Crescent   Hciich    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining the best of bathing,  bunt
Ing at all stages of the tldn together with fine beach.   Artesian m.11
wuter to all residents.   1-et ue show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1W1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer* Liability.  Automobile and
Marine Insurance.
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Hox Kip, sizes 7,8,9,10 $1.25
Strong Box Kip, sizes 11, 12, and 13  1.45
Strong Box Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  1.75
Ladies' boots what you want for now and winter 1.95
Gent.s' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Buy the laces, the Polish will be given you.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.; Saturdays 11 p.m.


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