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The New Westminster News Jun 17, 1913

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 News Classified Ada.
Have  proven their worth by the
results    they    produce.     They    fill
large   or    small   wants   at   small
Lower  mainland���Light  to  moderate  winds,  generally    fair,    witb
met'..nary   to   higher   temperatiire-
Six Cases Disposed of First
Day���Grand Jury Brings
in Two No Bills.
Bolargo,    Native    of    Manila,    Found
Guilty  of  Shooting  with  Intent
to Do Murder.
Port   Coquitlam   Prepared   to   8pend
$23,579 on  New Water  System
In Near Future.
Port Coquitlam,    June 18.���Messrs.
Moon    ft    Sllverton,    of    Vancouver i
were today awarded the contract fui |
installing   a  system  of  trunk   wati).
mains    In    this    city.    Their    tendei
figure was $28,679,
The Moon & Sllverton firm ar<
ready to start work at once and wlll
employ culy local labor in carrying
out their contract. They promise tc
Six cafes out of a total criminal'have the system Installed in six
list of SO were disposed of yesterday ; weeks after they bave been given Itc
In the assize court. Two no bills were structions to go ahead Tha pipe
found by th rand Jury, two men were which ihey wlll supply, in the opinion
found guilty and an Indian not guilty, I of Engineer Kilmer, Ib ef tbs best
on tho ground of Insanity, and one quality on the market, It Is niwufac
case traversed. Sentences were re- . tured by Stewart & Lord, Ol Uinn
served on  two guilty men. iiigham.
The cases disposed of were those ofl It. Is not likely that the contractor?
l'eter Holargo, found guilty of firing; wlll be given instructions to go ahead
a rifle at Norton Carter, logger, Slave ��� on the system fer some time yet, us
rivei- with Intent to murder him on j bonds sufficient lo cover the cosi
Jan 4 last. Helargo Ib a halfbreed I have not thus far been sold. It Is ex-
Spaniard and a native of Manila. j peeled, however, that some doflnlU
George Sloi.emun was found guilty  ���M����  *m  shortly     b.    mad.
Vhoma " V 1 iff�� Indian from W who ( have offered to loan tb,
Coqultlam reserve, waa found not ol.y $80,000 al .per ent.. generally
guilty of rape on the ground of In- considered a pood bargain by thos
sanity and ordered to he confined In who are acquainted with the dlfficul*
the common jail td await the court's  ties cities and municipalities have ti
contend   with  at  lhe present   tune   m
No Bills.
No bills were found in the case
of Jack Cherry, charged with assaulting and robbing an old man, Jule Kar-
l"e, In New Westminster, on March
2] lait. and in tho eaae of Lung Hal
Bumaby Laborer Sees Starvation Ahead if Work
Fails Much Longer.
Electric   Atmosphere   at   Meeting    of
Municipal Council���Charges and
Replies Fly Thickly.
Nanalmo   Call!   up   The   Newa  Over
the New Cable Laid  in Gulf
raising money for improvements.
The only ober feature of the special meeting of the coiinc'l today was
the appointment of thc Iloyal Filiate
eial corporation, ol Vancouver. asTh<
eily'B  financial  agents.    The  appoint
&��-Md  *th taBtt^hU. ei ����l��- -ranged In ^.^e
a CbtaaWb, stabbing In a box car o��raoth_������ formal^ oip..  h��
in Burnaby.
In the case of Cherry, Jule Karlee,
principal  witness, did not appear.
Dominie   Slclliano's   cas<.   was   tra-
a motion  legalising the action being
gene through ln publie session.
Ready to Pay.
The clerk was given instructions to
VOrSOd   until   the  next   assizes  owingi Inform the New Westminster council
to  non-appearance  of  witnesses. I thai '.he cost of connecting l'ort   Co
A true litll haB been found against  qu.ilam's   future   water   system   with I
Frank l.lndherg. charged with threat-jibe Westminster pipe line on the Pipe j
euing to kill. Line road, this city, would be paid asl
Rank  of  Montreal  Case. soon as the bill is presented. Though |
In the Bank of Montreal case. |��� ! part.cularsas to this city's arrange-j
whicb J. Macnamara and C. Dean are'ments with New Westminster w 11,
accused of being Implicted. A. S I ****** to a local supply of water j
Johnston, for prisoners, nsked Jus- ' have not been discussed by the coin-
tice Morrison for some expression ofl cil |n public, It Ib estimated that the
opinion aa to whether the case was tojosl of making the necessary connec
br! called, and when. !t��ons will amount to $1000.   WaatfMn j
A   II   MacNeill, K.C. for the crown, i *ter will take care of Ui�� work,    rhe,
replied   that  It  was hiB  intention  to iCoqultlam mains wlll tap the pipe line
present   an   Indictment  to   the  grand Ot  the  Pipe Line road jUBt north ct
Jury TueBday morning. I1'"1 C, P. ft. tracks.
lt  is expected the grand  jury  will
also have the cases against J. H. Boyce i
for criminal  libel, and  Budha  Singh,
for murder at Fraser Mills, under con- j
The assizes wero opened at 11 yesterday forenoon in the presence of c
court room crowded with witnesses,
Jurymen and the general public.
The following grand jurymen were
Immediately empanelled: K. A.
Oreame (foreman), Robert Grant,
Cnrl (irossman. K. (',. Harper. John
Gilchrist, Wm. Holmes, Wm. Clifford,
Alex, Godwin, It. S. Hansford, T. W.
Hardy M. T. (inlanders, Jas. F. Cordon, and I). 8, Galbraith.
Court Addresses Jury.
Justice Morrison, addressing the
Jury, Bald: "We have a very long list
Of eases to consider, some of them
of a very grave character Indeed. Today I will only ask you to consider
eight. Tbe first I shall call your attention to Is l'eter BelargO. This man
was going up the river In a canoe and
met the accused coming down stream
and apparently without any provocation whatever, without any reason,
commenced lo shoot at him, firing several shots from the canoe. You will
read tho evidence but the depositions
show no motive whatever. Yon will
bave no trouble at all In dealing with
that care.
"Dominic Siciliano, an Italian, is
charged    with    wounding.    The ease
In  Favor of Saturday  Half  Holiday-
Matter of Educating the Cuylng
Progress is being made toward securing a  recognized half holiday for!
the   retail   clerks of  the  eity   and  on
Friday   nlgbt  a meeting will he hold
n the Conservative club rooms to fur-!
thor effortB to this end.
It   is   not   the   employers   that   the.
clerks have to work against, for these'
ire in line With the Idea, but rather
It If the lack of Interest and concerted   effort   in   their own   ranks.    The |
beads   of   (he   different   retail   firms
nre prepared to give assistance in having   a   provincial   bill   passed   which
would   make  it  necessary   for  every
storekeeper to close at ll o'clock on
Saturday, and imposing a fine for Infraction of the law.
Business   men   feel   that,   after   the
That unless work of tome kind
shows itself Boon he and his family of
Beven children will be starving, was
lhe pointed announcement made by a
former municipal workman at tbe
Burnaby  council  last  night.
Tribulation* Are Many.
The trials and tribulations of th��
Burnaby councillors have apparently
reached no end, judging from thf. large
delegation which crowded the couneil
chamber. Kveryone present expected
trouble, the air was thick with It,
there was a smell of Guy Fawksiuess
in the municipal sanctum which to
many just wanted tinder and fllut to
let off the explosion. But the explosion never came. There were words
passed, many of them, in fact, they
talked paving and work for two hours
straight, councillors, contractors and
unemployed employees, but when the
smoke had finally cleared away, the
men were told just how conditions
stood, they were told to stick around
and nwalt developments when strong
efforts would be made to find every
(toservlng case a8BlBtancc; and the
men appeared satisfied.
The whole trouble lay In the alleged hiring of Italians and other
southern Kuropean workmen an the
Kingsway Job, the contract for which
is held by the Canadian Mineral Rubber company. In a clauBe in the contract with the municipality the company is required to furnish to the best
of their ability, work for ratepayers
and settlers In preference to outsiders, especially Italians. That was
where the shoe pinched. The men
claimed tbey had been refused work,
while Italians were kept on the Job:
that the wol* offered to some was of
tiicli a character tint no white man
wonld slick to the job.
A. Mr. Hooker, of Central Park,
was the first spokesman who answered Acting Keeve FauVel'B request for
delegations. Mr. Hooker, on behalf
of tbe assemblage, protested against
southern European labor on thc
Kingsway  paving  work.
Talk"  Starvation.
li. Camnm. River road, said he had
got tired applying for work on 'he
contract and that unless something
turns up iti the near future he and his
seven children would  starve.
Tom Cope was the third speaker,
slating that when he upplled for work
he had heen sent from one gang to
the other wllh the same reply "nothing doing today."
Acting Mayor FauVel, speaking to
the unemployed employees, stated
that he and other members of the
"ouncil had continually kept on the
heels of llle company about employing
settlers and had been met with the
������etort that they were not around when
Jobs  were  vacant      (Derisive  JeerB.I
Jiif:  to substantiate his argument,
the reeve called on Comptroller Griffith, who read a list of about 40 names
of men who nre settlers and who ars
now employed on the joh or who had i
been   fired.     Quite  a  few   of   the  list
were   marked   down   as  having  been
fired  or hid quit the Job.    Only one!
man  was shown  to have been wnrk- |
ing  It  days,  while  the  majority  had j
only heen set on 12 days.
Charges and Replies.
Two officials of the Canadian Min- I
"Hello! Is tbat The Westminster
N'ewn. This is tbe end of the cable
off Nanalmo. Just arrived at the Coal
('ity. Mayor Shaw, F. II. Sheperd,
M. P., and other prominent citizens
came out to meet us In launches."
This message came over the telephone wires Into The News office a
few minutes after 5 o'clock last evening, tbls being the first news in New
Westminster of the successful laying
of the new B. C. Telephone cable
across the Gulf of Georgia from Point
Grey to Nnanimo, which commenced
from the main land Bhore yesterday
The old hulk Princess Louise wae
used to carry the cable, assisted by
three tugs.
Throughout yesterday communication was established between the
boat and the mainland by means of
the cable, while the laying operations
were being carried out.
It is expected that the finishing
touches will be completed by Thursday, when communication will be
opened for business over the new
J. hn Schrara, traffic superintendent
of the telephone company for New
Weatmlnater, was one of the memberB
aof the party witnessing tbe Installation.
Burnaby Councillor Sprung
Startling   Statement
Last Night.
Inadequate  Water  Supply  in  Municipality  Haa Dangerous  Possibilities for Kiddles.
"One hundred children are attending the Broadview school and have
njihing else tn drink but water from
a swill hole, nothing better."
This slatemeut was made by Councillor  Mayne at  tbe  Burnaby council
last evening when  he was commenting on the water situation in the municipality, which, by reason of shortage of funds, they were unable to extend to districts where it was badly
needed.    Owing to the failure of the j
$200)000 waterworks bylaw to be. rati-1
fled by the electorate two weeks ago!
he   said   there   was   little  chance   of!
much  relief this year at  least unless
i petition signed  by one-sixth of the
ratepayers is handed in to the eoun-
���il atklng that another bylaw be submitted.
One   Hundred   and   Forty
Women Expected to Ar-
rive in City Today.
Directory    Drawn    Up    by    Billeting
Committee���Lecture in Queens
Avenue Church Tonight.
Beet Sugar   Stock   Mostly Juice���Entertaining Witness on Stand in
U. S. Lobby Probe.
Washiugton,    June    1G.���Henry T.
Oxnard,  known  as  the father of tbo
beet   sugar   Industry,   and   the   vice-
president of the American Beet Sugar.
[company,  was  the  principal  witness
I today before the senate lobby Investigating  committee.     Mr.   Oxnard   was
��� Ion  the  stand   for  several  hours  and
I proved  an  entertaining  witness.    He
One hundred and forty women dele   told   the   committee   how   New   York
gatea  from different  parts of British ��� bank-era, who helped  to organize the
Columbia will gather this morning ati^1 fuga,r ^S^hJS'"**1 on ,put-
�� ��� tine   In    iiiimtt    Iif. 'itm ihi ft   tut*****.**   in    a
Alderman   Would   Charge
Motor Owners for Their
Board  of Works  Committee   Report*
to Councll���Police for Park
Up Once More.
The city council held    its   regular
meeting  laat night in  the city  hall.
Before tbe ordinary    business was
ting ln  about  $15.''00.000  water in  a  taken up Mr. Jayiies, front street, ob-
g^TSMtoS" *t th �� SSSS ��� MW"" ��P"*i��r >OW he  and j =^eaVe 'tV addr^�� Ve^S
annual  convention   of   the   provincial  hls  brothers had  made about a  mil-'aBked them to fix up Front street at
^J*?"ilSSL"tJ?FS*S5**: B�� ��>'.the Bal,'.?f ,helr 8h"* "f "��e  once as it had been In a ��ry tad
rived  in  New-  WeS minster and were I the Underwood bill, with Its free sugar council were going to   pmwj    .ftb
comfng tWs'mo��� n eU "" ����m '"  T^T ""^ tT^ '" "iS ��Plni��n' i ^��^w��~*S��  ^.
coming this morning , ln ,he formation of a new sugar trust      The mayor said it was not the He*-
A sub-committee of   the   executive | whieh would not violate the anti-trust LaiPav&e^uui^thitw�� toM
dlscuaaed business matters a; a inept-1 lav. tavint, company  in..i was nam
lug last night, but almost all routine!    The committee men took  Mr. Ox-
will be gone through with touay.      |nard over most of the ground  that
other anti-free sugar witnesses have
covered.     He  told  them he received
$10,000 a year in hiB official capacity,
but   that   It   waB   not   for   legislative
Where to Find Them.
The following is a list of the viai
tors and their addresses during the
Jars. Kielly and Mra. Jessop,
Nanalmo, with Mrs. George Small.
Third avenue and  Seventh street.
Mrs. Cantell, Vancouver, and Mias
DavldBon, Victoria, with Mrs. Smith.
611 Blackford Bireet.
Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Leigh. Vic
torla, with Mrs. Merldith at Y. Yv.
C. A.
Mrs. Bryden and Mrs. Hall, Victoria
with Mrs. C. U. Major, 501 Queens
Mrs. Andrews Mrs. Nicholes, Vic
toria, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. White
or alternate. Chilliwack, with Mrs.
Carter Smith, 127 Queens avenue.
Mrs. Slough, Salmon Arm, wltb
Mrs. Cross, Y. W, C. A.
Mrs. Smith, Eburne, with Mrs. Lem*
lick. 41S Eighth street.
Mrs. W. J. Curtlss, Mrs. A. Jones,
Vancouver, with MrB. Robert Buck-
land, 611 Queens avenue.
Mrs. C. L. Street, Chilliwack, with
Mrs. C. C.  Fisher, 603 Third avenue.
Mrs. Bromely Jubb. Mrs. Gibson.
Victoria, with Mrs. B. L. Castlcmau,
717 Sevenib avenue.
ing thc Btreet up. It was the B. C.
Electric, who were making connections between Third avenue and Kirs
street, and between Park row and
First street. Aa soon aa they cum
pleted    theso,   he   understood,   they.
ate document and sent over the country postage free tinder the frank of
Senator Lodge.
work. The questioner, learned that h. .*SS ^Sj^lfig-    ������.,���. .���
had been fighting reductions In sugar  however   t*T^ey Intendedill til
duties for many years and heard with  ,5* H ' ii. ?1S y ln.t.end*d ,to P**
interest    that    he    knew something SfL t,��SL S�� ?* $t?n^fe 22*
about   'sugar at a glance,"  the cele-i^B�����bnelore ����� ? ^�� FTCf 8rCet Th/*
brated pamphlet that was made a sen-   ^JT *     ?".*  *?  ?B.dy 2�� *��    **
Front street In about ten days.
Mr. Jaynea expressed himself satisfied with the explanation.
Board of Works.
Alderman Dodd, on behalf of tha
board cf works, made the following
report and recommendations, whicb
I were adopted:
That the application of A. J. Jornes.
j to have Agnes street, near Tenth
i atreet, graded and rocked for a dis-
Itance ot 122 feet be not granted   at
  the present time.
That   the  request of It.  W.  Smith
Organization of Growera Help* Bu��i-|and others for the grading of River
drive be not granted at the preaent
nesa up Country���Telephone
Lines to  Be Extended.
That    the    request   cf Gardner H
Mercer to bave sidewalk renewed on
- -     | Agnes street be granted, and the aide-
��� _   , ] walk be re.laid to new grade.
J.  J.  Jones,  of  New  Westminster,     That wiu, reference to the sanitaiy
1 returned on Sunday evening from an , lnsptJ(;,or.s reporf ��� t0 craning oe*.
Mrs. (Kev.) Thompson, Nanalmo. (extended trip through the Okanagan \0r ditches In the most thickly popu
with Mrs. W. S. C. Crux, 1303 Seventh i valley, during which he made an iu- j lated ^jHon of Lulu iBland the nre��-
avenue. jspectlon of all the lines of the Okan-, ent lnaanltary condition of the diiehe*
Mrs.  (Rev.)  Corey, Kamloops, Mrs.jagan   Telephone   company,   of  which T| cauged b    dralnage froc 8,���ks w,
with    Mrs. C.  j.  he Is president.   He was accompanied [0verfl0Ws from wooden cess-pools be
ge street by Oorge H.  Doble, manager of the ,���_ mahtmrh-i Into th��m     The. etxm
McCubbin. ��� company in the Salmon Arm district.
public have become accustomed to
arises out of a row In an hotel among L-i,,,,, ,,��� Friday Instead of Saturday
a lot of railway man. An element of ,|���,y wml],\ rinrt early closing no
drink enters Into this ease. |hardship  whatever and   if  this  were
"Frank Llndherg is charged with
threatening to kill another man iit a
place called  Albion.
"The case of .lack l'berry la that of
assault With robbery,    lie Is Charged
with  assaulting and robbing an old
man, who wiib drunk und taking his
money from hlm and spending ll In
sporting  houses.
"ln the ease of manslaughter
against Yoshlkama. you will wonder
why it gees before you for consideration. This man wiib felling a tree; It
dropped across a nearby cottage and
killed a child. Tliere Is no suggestion that the man Intended to do it.
It appears to be a caso of sheer stupidity and Ignorance, a case of mla-
adventure. However, you wlll hnve
to consider it.
"Another case Is that of Lung Hal
Chow, a Chinaman. This eaae arose
out of circumstances occurring in a
railway car up the line. They were
apparently quite friendly. The evidence showed that one man was sew
done both clerk and employer would
given a  much needed  rest.
Evidently    International    Engaoemtnt
In That Field Depend". Entirely
on  U. S. Tariff  Bill.
eral Rubber company. .Mr. Kaiser and
Mr. Atnberg, were called into the discussion. They were prepared to answer any Charges made by the men
and for a time charges and replica
v.. ro flying.
G, Speckman tnld of how he had
been employed with ten other men unloading ears at Iloyal Oak. All wenl
well until a foreman came along and
offered a piece work price which was
accepted. The men were then told
they would each bnve to chip In !i0
cents pi r day t-i pay for a foreman.
They nil quit i xcept three and Italians
\ver�� pi" in ths Job.
Mr. Kaiser, speaking for the oompany, said that no foreman had authority to make a contract.   They had |
the enntraot from tlie municipality ami i
n order to complete It were after th
Application* for Pott of Civic Waterworks Superintendent Referred
to Council Committee.
Eleven applications for the position
of waterworks superintendent at a
salary of $125 a month, were opened
by the city council last night and re-
lerreil to the water committee for
report and recommendation to the
first   meeting  of  the  council.
The nanus of the applicants were
\\. E. Brown, city; John Shannon,
city; A. Dennis, city; John Ankers,
city, T. Warren, eity: C. H. Dobbs,
city; F. A. Anderson Barrs, ltuinaby:
il. Teranson., Hurnaby; K. I'. Boss,
Coquitlam; A. S. Btyer, l'ort Mann;
I.  Cormaek, t'raig.  Vancouver
Mr. Jones states that hiB company
j have decided  to  make extensi ms in
j their lines.    One extension  that  has
been definitely decided on is to l.um-
; hy, a distance of about 16 miles from
i Vernon.    They may also build an ex-
1 tension  to Itlch  valley, a distance of
! 40 mllis from Vernon.  -This will entail an expenditure of frveral thcus
and  dollars.
Mr. Jjnes says that the prospects
fur the fruit crop nre brighter than
��ver. The crops are promising, but
the main essential that has improved
conditions lies In the fact that the
growers have organized for the pur-
post of marketing their produce.    In
lhis connection Mr. Jones commented i contribute the sum of $50
on   the   assistance   rendered   by   the! mlttee    recommend    that
Mrs.  N.  Smith,  122 Sixth i government,  who had offered a loan hydrant and six inch pipe be laid at
for 20 years at 5 per cent, towards the
... ri ,. , . .... iexpense of arranging and organizing
W. D. Held, 609 Fifth U  central  selling  agency.
In a lumber rate war about to hum
merrily cn the I'nclflc coast? Are the
British Columbia lumbering Interests
going to slash prices and Invade the
territory usually covered by American Interests? Such questions put to
liig andhad a pair of scissors In his I any of the members of the ii. C. 1.unhand and that there was some horse barman's association huve been met
play  going on.    The result was that  with a denial, but the rumor will not
one of the men  was  unfortunately die and there ia probably mora In it
stabbed.    If you are satisfied that  It than  jllBt  Idle  talk.
was a pure accident your verdict will I     Ar the present time the eyes of the
be "no bill" hi"! it need go no further. | American lumber world are turned to
"1 givo you these cases that you i Wai hington where congress Is trying
may deal with them today and, if you to form a tariff bill which will meet
nee fit. to return a true bill against with favor among the Democrats and
some of them bo that we may proceed which will satisfy the promises made
without delay Take Belargo first and at the last presidential campaign
thc Others as you like. When Woodrow Wilson was sent to the
"In considering these cases It Is I White House, and at tbe same time
moat Important for you to remember [ protect to a certain extent, the In-
that you are not trying thn cases at dUstrlei on the American side of the
nil. you are only hearing one side, the i border.
side of the crown, and you are not One thing is certiiln. lumbar will
dealing wltli the defence. If you are not receive the protection it has re-
sntlsfied there is a prima facie case! celved nt tlle hands of the ltepubll-
naalnst sny man It is your duty to send canB. Tlio tariff wall against Cana-
i,i��� ><n fnr trial Utajt  importation,  which  averages  50
A petition from M. Delaney and
hist'meti'popsi'hieV' Thev 'had'sub-iet I others for a sidewalk on Wilder Btreet,
lhe grading and box drain work to ,��'���'�� referred to tbe board of works for
another   firm   and   were   treading  on   report.
A letter from the assistant munlcl-
feryon,  Vancouver,
Robson, 415 St. George
Mrs.   John   Irwin,   Mrs.
Vancouver,    with    Mrs.    D.    Mc.N'ee.
Second street and Fifth avenue.
Mis. Jones, Miss Stoughton, with
Mrs. Wilbur Smith. 6UD Queens
Mrs. Oillespie. Mrs. Welland. Victoria, with Mrs. Oeorge Specs, luy
Third avenue.
Mr3. I Kev. i Robson Mrs. A. E.
Mitchell, wi'b Mrs E. C. Traves,
Koyal and Sixth street.
Mrs. Medley, Mrs, Mawson, Nanaimo, with Mrs. J. S. Brysoi.. 22j Fourth
Mrs. Lordwick Jones, Vancouver,
Mrs. \V. Wnitc, Nanalmo, with Mrs.
Robert Lane, 32ts Fourth street.
Mrs.   Wibstc-r,   Mrs.   Mcl.orle,   Victoria,  with
Mrs.  Milsted. Mrs. Munroe. Abbots
ford, with Mrs
Mrs. Lamming,
ner, wllh Mrs. J.
Mrs. Scott, Mrs. McWliinnio,
mond, with Mrs. McAdam,
Seventh avenue.
Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Jarrett, South
Hill, Vancouver, wllh Mrs. T. Smith,
f06 Seventh avenue,
Mrs. Mirkler, Mra. Gaynor, Chilliwack, with Mrs. Roman, 209 Mowatt
Mrs. Tretlewey. Abbotsford. with
Mrs. W. II. Nesbitt, 627 Agnes street,
Mrs. D. B. Grant and mother, from
Ladner, with Mrs. T. J. Trapp, 407
Agnes street.
Mrs. tltev.) Marshall. Chilliwack.
With Mrs. J. W. MacDonald, DOS Ash
Mrs  Priestly, Mrs. Irvine, Nanaimo.
wih    Mrs,   W,   1.   Hudson, 518 Third'of the senate finance oommltt
avenue. today when a motion was iradi
Mrs.  Dickie.  Mrs.  I'rok, Mt.  I'leas   consider  uction  taken  earlier
���ml,    Vancouver,    w-ith    Mrs.  W.  II   day approving ihe tree listing of live
I-alra. 625  Hamilton street. [stock and wheat, subject to a counter
Mrs. Jemson,    Nanalmo.    and    one vailing duty.
jing discharged into tbem. The committee recommend that the cost ol
clearing be charged to the h. alili ifc
Tbat. after visiting the ground, the-
trades of Agnes street, as shown an
plan No. 754, are recommended fur
Water Committee.
The water committee reportod auJ
n commended:
That Mr. U A. Lewis, of the Brail te sawmills, attended in reference
to tlie fixing of an extra hydrant and
pipas at an estimated cost not to ex-
ce*.'(! i.M. In consideration of this
Installation by the city, the Brunette
Sawmills company will undertake to
The oosn-
an   extra
Mrs. Willoek. Lad-
Hicks, 211 Seventh
(Continued on Page Bight)
Old  Board  Re-elected  With  One  Exception.
A,  a special  mating  last  nigh,  of gj "j** ���� Preferred
pal clerk of South Vancouver, was read
ruggeeting that the depth of 19 feet
proposed fer the water main to Richmond was not sufficient, In view of
he future development of the river
d  to  the
him up for trial
(Continued on Paso Four.)
nporlatlon,  which  averages
(Continued on Paga Five.)
Y. M, ('. A., with one exception all last
year's officers were re-elected, the
only man to retire being B. H. Sands.
recording secretary, whose business in
White Hock makes it Impossible to at-
tond the meetings here. The board
< ieid its appreciation of Mr. Sand's
.,.,.; services and elected In hla stead
\v. B, MeLeod, Tho other officers
are: President, T, J. Trapp; vice-
president, J. W. MacDonald; treasurer.  R   F.  Walker.
Consideration wiib given to the appointment of a hoys' work secretary,
but definite action wna deferred until another meeting next Monday eve-
ning. It was Redded to allow boys
association privileges during the summer for one dollar.
At tho Instigation of a number of
the dormitory men, the question of
| opening a dining room for members
l wau brought up, but further purtlcu
���\ letter from J. C. Henderson, 465
Kelly street, apklng for the permanent grade of the  sidewalk on    the
lOUthoas! corner of Richmond and
Hosptt.il streets, na It was proposed
In build a Baptist church there, was
alto rcfi rrcd to the board of works.
Murt Pay Up.
Calgary,    Juno    16.--Tlie  supreme
court en banc today dismissed  within! cistB the appeal of Martin James
Armstrong againat the verdict of a
jury, who at the trial for breach ot
promise of marriage, awarded Mrs.
Henry Lewis, nee I^oulso Collard. $20,-
other,  With  Mra. Richards, 327 Third
Mrs. McFarlane. Cranbrook, Mrs.
iRev.) Cameron. Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, with Mrs. W. T. Reid, 01
Royal avenue.
the Brunette shingle mill, near the CL
11'. It. Hack, subject to satisfactory ar
' liingcuients being made with tha cam-
The  hydrant   was   for   iire   protc-o-
1 lion.
That Mr. Johu Kilmer, engineer   to
' Port  Coquitlam, attended, with ref *��,
i ence to conti.c icn, for watt'r st}-*}!^,
', at Cuiuitlam Junction, when he    re
quested, that a four Inch bye-pass..be ���
: supplied to their main for use iii clamor fire, In consideration for whicb tl.v
'city of Coquitlam will pay the ctty of
New Westminster the sum of $10 pex
month, in add,ton   to   the   nitninsimi-
I charge of 125  per  inonth. undor the
! following conditions, viz.:    That    Urn
bye pass connection may be turned off
  ! by  one  month's notice, aud    that    a
...    , , ,,.     ���.. .   glass  box   la  to  be  placed over  U��e
Washington, tm le.-The   much tIle four ,    p ^
mooted   agricul era    schedule   of   the f       , "JJ    *��� -
I udeiwood   tariff   bill   was   suddenly ,    Tlmt ^    ;lllllUcutton of A   E   ,u^.
upset again by the majority m-mbers  way  ��or  ^ ma|n    m    '^��2
' *' Street   be   grunted,  au  it   �����-'�����  mitrm
four different houssholders.    kftliwwl-
"'���!ed cost -$17U.    Charge to 181:1 bylaw
That  the application -at Carl Johnson for water supply   en    ManuKau
sin et, west of Fourteenth street, bs
Tariff Juggling   at   Washington   Gcc
Merrily on���Cattle, Sheep, Hogs
and Wheat Free,
to re-
The  proposal  now  Is to  strike out
tlie provision for a countervailing duty
and leave cattle, sheep and hogs ant!
wheat on the free llut unrestricted.
Members of the committee said tonight   that   this   probably   would     he
Young   Women   Crowned.
Spokane,  June   16.���Young  women
from the nearby cities and towns were
.-   ,     crowned as princesses tonight at the
lars will  be necessary before action  coronation ball of the pow-wow, oa the
car bt taken. ' festival w?ek of Spokane Is known.
Other delegateii will  be the gueBts done by tbe majority.    No reason for
of Mrs. Bernard, 1118 Hamilton B'reet;   the change was announced.
Mrs. Marshall Sinclair. Royal avenue; ]    For weeks the equalisation of    the
Mrs. Carlyle, 1034 Fifth avenue;  Mrs. agricultural  raw  products and  llnlsh-
Fairweather,   Gou   Eleventh   Btreet; led products which were differentiated I
Mr.i. G.bson, Seventh    avenu-;    Mrs. Iin the Underwood    bill    has   been a
llyslop, 511 Thirteenth slreet; Mrs. T.  problem  for the Democratic  senators
R.  Pearson, Royal avenue;  Mrs. Gor-  in whieh Pres dent Wilson has taken
don, 682 Sixth street; Mrs. White, 124 Ian active Intereat.
Six h avenue, Mrs. Drew. Sixth street. 1    The liouse put  meats and flour on
Reports of committees and of work'the free list, leaving live stock and
dene in the various departments will i grains dutiable at 10 per cent, ad
take up most ct the morning,    In the!valorem and  10 cents 11    bushel    re-
afternoon the president's address will jspeotlvely, The Benate finance sub-
be given by Mrs. ('. Bpofford, ef Vie-1 committee soon nfter reeeivins the
torla, and lhe reports of officers will'schedule aereed to equalize th" rntej
he ai'h'ilt"d, wh le In the evening and eventually voted to mnke lhe raw
Rev. Dr. Pldgeon, Vancouver, will lee-  mnterlala  and  the  finished    products
ture on "A Canadian's Impressions ol all dutiable.
the Old  Land" in the Queens Avenue
Methodist church.
Escapes a Lot.
Moose Jaw, June 16.���B. C. Worm-
worth, former agent at Lorebaun for
the Central Grain company, Winnipeg, wsb tonight found not guilty by
the Jury ln the supreme court on 31
charges of theft.
granted, subject  to  the  tlnauci  torn
mlttee making satisfactory    arnui-se-
metlta.   Eatlma'.ud cost $22::.   Charse
to lilo bylaw.
That the applications of Thoma-M
Smith for water supply on Ottawa
Btreet, and Bhai Utshern Singh (or
water supply on Uoyno strvel. Lulu
island, bo not granted ut preaent.
That a hydrant be placed at the
corner ot Rousseau street and Uru-
nette street. F.stiuiali d cost Jl#i.
Charge tu 1913 bylaw.
That the request of the Weutmiti-
ster wire and nail factory, re aoouunt
for Sail, requesting that this amount
be Btruab off the books, be nut
Thus far the report was adopted.
Oiscusslon Arises.
Another recommendation by lite
coinmittoa raised a discussion and
dissension. It waa, tbat tx charge bw
made to tho owners of automobiles h>
private garages, whero meters are not
Installed,  at the following rate:    %*
Watting   No  Time. <Pcl' >'ear fl"" one automobile and   $��.
Regina, June 16.���Henri Bourassa, i-er y����r for tw�� automobiles- Vm
Nationalist leader, gave two ad- u>ur-= than two automobiles, spneial
dresses In Regina today. He Epokei arrangements to be made wltb tka
before the Canadian club at luncheon ^ water committee,
and described the almB of tho Na- '��� Alderman Kellington said althoojA
tlonaUsts to a large and attentive mass he owned an auto he did net eoMM-sr
meeting in tho city hall ln the even- the matter personally. He seat hiring, i (Continued on Page Eight I PA&E  TWO
TUE8DAY, JUNE 17, 1913.
^. jC^SpTff3 "CfSreBl      /���Lr<v j province.    This road  will  soon  have
^2*-|  1 (r $sae%s*^'ilil��---^~Ap��     jfj      - 1 ^    .. . two western  termini:   one at Sarnia,
fll    11 S>  S&P^SeV       ii-T��E* 4rl  B^flT-Rl iin   additic   to   that  now   in   use
^i\\X*\l*\y    XJNEj^-^iiU" ^���'>S~   -^'V^W^I Windsor;   the diverging  point to be
<r *****-.. ���..,.���-*...*������* , London.     Prescott,   one  of   the   sta-
��� -**-*****-*~~s^r*e^e*~**���-���-��~--���-v^~~���    .- ���v%.w^A~wvs~wuv^w�� , t|ong of ,]u, r;ran(i Trunk, is connect-
Aa independent morn-inff papsr devoted to the Interula of A'cic Westminster and , ed   with   Ottawa,   the   ruture   capital,
eh* **rnter i'olleii.   Published every morning except Sunday bij the .Vaflonal PriaM-itf j by a railroad 54  miles in length.
tsmsi Publishing Company, Limited, at (.3 Ui-Kemie Street, Sew Vt'-rstinfaster, British I     From   Cobcurg     to      Peterborough,
43*lmt*Ha. ROitn SUTBERLAUD, Managing Direotor.        j bridging   Rice   lake   in   the   interval,
AU etimmunitations should be addressed to The Xew Westminster S'ncs. and not \rmisi  a   railroad   2S   miles   in   length
S'cics. and nol j runs
rders should be made
���en tinln'Mi�����<!.' tricitihcrs of the stuff.    Cheques, drafts, and tjion
*p**-tt**e to The Sational Printing and Publishing Oompany, Limited.
t*S*tUIPnONB8-~Business Office and Manager, DM: Editorial Rooms (all rfepurt-
���HIHt-Q,   S'Jl
8UB8CRIPT10K RATES���By carrier, ��4 per year, $1 for Ihree months, 40c per
ith.    Ity mail, l',l per year, 25c per month,
snvtii.'i icisi, rates tm application.
Lake  Ontario  and  the  Georgian  bay
are connected by a railroad 05 milea
long, ot which  the  termini  are Toronto  and   Colllngwood.     Tho    third
most  Important  railroad   is  the  Buffalo ft Lake Huron, which runs from
! Fort Erie to Code-rich, 114 miles. The
| London     Port Stanley railroad is 24
I miles long; the Champlaln & St. Lawrence, 43 miles; the Oalt & Guelph, 4
miles;  Ihe Montreal & New York, 38
C.   E.   R.   May   Also   Erect   New
Car   Barns���Addltli,ial   Rolling
Stock Promised.
"There must be some limit to this industrial site pro-
position," was a heartfelt ami pertinent remark voiced by PAPER B0^���P*S.I��R.Y,
���counsel for an appellant before the Coquitlam court of
revision on Saturday last.
The obvious inference is that if there is no limit
locally to so-called industrial sites, there will be a limit to
farming possibilities and the present day tendency in favor of city existence as against rural life will leave its undesirable stamp on neglected agricultural areas in this
pre-eminently agricultural Fuaser valley.
Irrespective of the merits or otherwise of the ap-;oaf,;illfo^;lsbuUer :u,d packase EO0<l3
peals against assessments in Coquitlam, the interests of    The field tor the maufacture of pa-
that and other rich portions of the lower mainland are gJt��DaM     ''" ""' ":" l,:"1  ''   '
too closely bound to the destinies of New Westminster to
permit neglect of what is of vital importance there.
This city is and always will be an agricultural centre.
Providence has supplied opportunities for almost unlimited development along both lines and has left it to the people of the citv and the Fraser valley to make the best poe- [aDd <*""������������*<'<��� f��r "��nie o
.,, �� .', ... ���  ,,     ,   o ,1 ory  to make a  siirl  wu
iMbie use of those opportunities; so that for one to be assisted at the expense of the other would produce a state
.of affairs almost as lamentable as the total neglect of both.
Every man who works for the upbuilding of the lower
mainland wishes to see it sending out products to the mar
kets of the world and there is not a single person who has
Calgary, June 16.���It Is estimated
ihat there are now required to supply the local demand of the milling
companies, candy manufacturers, milliners, grocers, druggists, and other"
of Calgary upwards of three million
boxes |>i r year. This is exclusive of
the Immense number brought in as
original packages, containing shoos,
hats,   caps,   clothing,   candles,   break-
Ihe industrial bureau fulsome time, and it is now to be occupied by Charles M. Spencer, who
comes from Syracuse, N. Y.. and will
' rd* avi r to Inld for Calgary the business in paper boxes which has hitherto gone to eastern firms.
Mr, Silencer has rented pri misi -
f the machln
bin the n< xl
Six weeks, and expects
market   with  his  goods
be on tht
August  1
North   VanQOUVer,     June   16.���"We
I will endeavor to improve matters considerably by July, and 1 may add that
,before the receipt of your letter Instructions had already been given to
forward several more cars to North
Vancouver for use on celebration oo-
; caslons."
The foregoing is a paragraph contained In a letter from Mr. Clover of
the B. C. Klectric Railway company to
Councillor Loutet.
Witli the approach ot North Vancoti-
ver's biggest day of the year, nnd the
ordinary growth or th,. pity the announcement contained in the letter Of
��� Mr. Clover is very opportune at this
time. For some time pasl the company have been replacing old worm
out switches and curves with new ma-
treial and generally the H. C. Electric
have been one of the busiest corporations in tho city in the way of making improvements,    ii  is understood
besides that the company is contemplating the erection of st'cl construction car barns on their property on
Third and Fourth slreets, but this is
Etill in the preliminary stages, and
nothing oflicial bas been given out.
From  the   import  of  the   letter   I;
appears that Mr. Perry, the locai man-
igir. is continually  "on tho job;" so1
far sb North Vancouver Interests are!
concerned, and  it  appears  that only I
���  nbreoee  In  ihe  old  country  was l
responsible   for   lhe   absence   of   the
new  rolling stock  in  the city  today. \
Contract    Awarded    for    Supply
Wood Stave Pipes���Plans In
Hands of Government.
Meet Next
Canadian Association VV
. , 1,1 ��� ,      Ottawa,  June  lii.���With  a view  to
the best interests ot the country at heart but who would assisting in ihe great project having
desire to have those products, agricultural and industrial:,,1"'tl"''Vri,1; *.'���' '��� :-' ��� and '"" ,wea!ern
,.,        .   i ���        ,, r    -i .   i    ' . ��  *     ,   ,i      ,        *,       ��  ,,    .   'Part  of  Ontario   n I; t, strand,   plans
alike, taking the same high stand at the heads of their:
respective classes.
Consequent on the energetic opening of a new country on modern ideas, the factory is easily liable to receive
more attention that the farm. Such a course of action
is bound to produce abnormal conditions not nearly
so much to be sought as results from side-by-side build-Landiu   , ��� drie fore.i reserves *:, ��� ������,.
ing along both lines. 1 supply or timber, fence posts, etc., for
'   While it is true that the growth of manufactures ^CreStinf ��X* S'of get
means more mouths to feed from the products of the soil,; ting under timber the sand lands that
it is equally true that a shortage of those products through
neglect to till the land will make life a mere existence for
the city wage-earers.
of Ontario ri fi re strated,
will be laid before the fifteenth annual convention of the Canadian Forestry Association on July 2 to July 9.
in Winnipi ������.
Besides the Dominion government
nearly all the nine provinces will be
represented. Seme of ihe prcblems
i- lat ng   to  reforestratlon  of  central
will  never  produce  any  other  profitable thing save trees.
Statistics  will be   prosentoel  Bhowlng that Canada is cutting 100 board
... ,,-,,., ... feet   per  acre  yearly   or eight   billion
We want the industries because our natural position board feet altogether, also that fir
entitles us to them, but we need the farms. ,"'" destroying 950 board feet per
' nere, valued al from fifty to two hun-
                                                       idred   million  dollars.    The  total   for
When the Democrats at Washington get through withej" ""' '��� estimated as containing
��T      1      ct        it.      -ne 11   -i        -ii   1      1 i-i 181x   hundred   million   heard   feet     of   -,���. ������,.
Uncle  Sams tariff wall  it  Will  look  more  like  a  grave merchantable  timber  worth  ten  bll-l-m"8.
cairn than a concrete structure. num dollars.
I    The  Uon.  Martin  Burrell,  minister
of agriculture, will represent the Do-
Kipling did not reckon on the necessity of an anti-!"1-"'1"1 government at teh   conveu
alien law in California when he opined that East was
East and West was West and never the twain would meet.
> Hon.
Winnipeg seems to be all tickled up its prairie spine
because it has succeeded at last in starting a market.
^Westminster's had a live market going strong more than
twenty years.
The peerless one, W. Jennings Bryan, has heard favorably on his peace plan from eight nations. The list does
not include Ireland, in spite of W. J.'s well known patronage of home rule for that particular locality.
The following lines are kept standing in type by the
leading newspapers in Canada and arc used at regular
intervals during the months of June and July each year:
**���rop conditions on the prairie never were better and a
Jbumper harvest is assured."
Dominion AMia-iiie Offi'inl Says He
Was Offered Bribe
Montreal. June 16. John ll. Roberts, speaking In Dominion Square
North Church stated that two years
ago he was offered J1O.O00 a year for
en years if lie would give up his
.vcrk for the Dominion alliance. Then
he was offered $100,000 ;f he would
have the country and finally he was
offered $5000 a yenr as a free girt,
while still retaining his position.
In view of these raets, aaid Mr.
Roberts, a man in his position would
i" rather foolish to sell himself ror
$20 e
Ho aided that the leader or the 11
(I'.ior business in this province had
declared that tor every dollar secured by the temperance people ror righting iheir faith, the liquor men would
secure   $1000.
British Officer Released by the- Kaiser
Wrote and  Conversed  Only
in   German   Language.
London, June 16. During hia captivity In German fortresses for two
years and nine months, Lieut, Brandon, one of the three British officers
released by the kaiser, wrote and con-
vi rsed only in the German language.
This hae had the singular effect of
interfering with his pronounciatlon of
Kngiish and when interviewed at his
home in London he has confessed
that he was occaelonaly at a loss to
express himself ia a satisfactory man-
ni .*
"I have not had much time to enjoy
my freedom," said Mr. Hrandon. "I
enme through Austria and made a detour lound Germany In order to avoid
accompanied to tbe border by
olflrials. as would otherwise have heen
in ci ssary.
Recounting his experiences in the
two fortreses In which he was imprisoned,  Mr.  Hrandon  said  the eon
'���-"nuence of Capt. Lux's escape from
Glatz was the introduction of very
much stricter rules, which made the
latter part of his imprisonment a time
of  what  wus  really  solitary  confine-
: ment.
Victoria, June 16.���-With the letting
of a contract to the Canadian Pipe
company, Limited, for the supply of
wood stave pipe at a cost of approximately $20,000, the early completion of
jthe waterworks system which the
Sooke Harbor Water Company, Limited, will Instal at Sooke Harbor, Is assured. The plans of the system are
now In the hands or the government,
and as soon as Ihey are approved the
work will be rushed, nnd wlll, it is expected, he completed within two or
three months.
The new system, which will supply
Ihe residents or Sooke Harbor with an
adequate supply or pure water, will
later, when the city's main pipe-line
from Sooke lake is completed, lie connected with the larger system. In tiie
meantime, the Bupply "iii be drawn
from some small streams emptying
Into the Sooke river, from the west
side at a point about three miles trom
Soeke Harbor.
Last year the Sooke Harbor Water
Company, Limited, applied lo the city
for permission to Inaugurate the svs-
tem. The citv has the (irsl right' to
all E-ources of supply within a radius
nf twenty mill s of Victoria, and this
application cn the part of the Sooke
11 irbor Wati r Company, Limited, was
ie Cl ssary. Tlie city granted the
asked-for permission on the understanding that whin ihe main pipe line
from Sooke hike is completed and in
rieration. the company will make con- '
nectton therewith and take water ai a
stipulated price per thousand gal-
lens, the coet of the system for the
Si oke ilarl or section to be met by
the comnany. When the system Is
ompleted, the Sooke Harbor Water
ompany, Limited, will have expended
$60,000 on the plant, whieh will serve
a rapidly-growing section and one
which In future will be an Important
Bummer resort.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get aa goo-ft. or better, manufactured ln B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Ilrand, guaranteed to paBS Standard
Specifications of Americai.  and Canadian Engineers' ABBOciatlon.
We would uIbo call attention to our Vitrified Sewer I'ipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. This is also made In thiB Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article,
We also carry u stock if Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Se-e us before ordering elsr where.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shinslcs ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Whal  to  Do  With  Old   Mon'real
fice Proves Puzzle
Sherbrooke, June  16.���The file ofj
St. James  church,   Montreal,  is  at ill
in doubt.    Conference  will  be asked!
to name a commission, with the full
power entrusted  to a commission  a
year ago, to represent the conference, i
With  complete  power to act   with  the
boards of the church  as  to  the  best
policy to pursue.    Mr. W. II. Goodwin j
reported on Saturday tor tho, comuiiB ',
sion.    The plan most favored now is!
to move the church intact to the western hair of the lot and rent the eastern half for a term of forty or eighty I
years, the rental giving funds for ag-
; g����essive work.
Mr. C.ocrge Vipond. Montreal, spoke I
strongly  against  the  conference  glv- i
I ing anv body  power to sell a church
nropertv,    It was a disgrace, he said. |
to mention the selling of a church In i
Montreal   er   anv   other   place.     "Are j
i wo al turned real rsiate agents In e-et I
bits of commission?" he asked     "Ood
help  us if  we  are.    There has been ���
too much if this kind of thing.''
Mr   A,  <i   Dawson said the official j
hoards were nol unanimous as to what
i was beat to be done,    it might be pos-'
side   that   the  $100,000  required    to
'���eve the bulid'ng world net be Brent
���but that Instead the church would be
i hit where it is and ihe land on either1
side leased.    He asked  that   the commission bo reappointed with full pow-
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines,     Small   Musical  Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
The matter will be deall with In ths
report of ihe church property committee.
Wednesday  Set as  Day  to  Open  New
Line���Sir  Richard  to  Drive
Last Spike.
A sad shock jolted Boston recently when the town of Iw- c- T- u- president in court
ibeans and learning���principally beans���awoke to the fact) Abused
that China supplies a big part of the raw vegetable, which,
vwhen baked, makes everybody think of the old curved
ustreet metropolis in Mass.
In    Kingston   of   Stealing   a
Kingston, Ont, June 16.���An inter-
estlng case came before the court  at
; Pembroke   today,   when   Mrs.   James
Humphries,  president   of  the  W.  C.
T, IT., :i Coi'den, was accused of the
| theft   of  a   flask   of   whiskey   from   a
rwn named  Hoy, who wis under its
I Influence    She noticed Hoy drop the
[ liquor   ns   he   parsed   her   house   and
ectired  It   -is evidence  against  Hoy
r , i     ,  ,     , i i- ii-       *, ,i i     , , ���    ���  i ii ' tor having liiiuor iu a local option mu
of that bubbling republic than the rebels.  Evidently being mcipaiity   n���y was fined for being
in society, even international society, doesn't make a coun- '���''"'���i   '��� '<" ""ft chaJ"se aroinst the
. ' .,        ���,   , woman was dismissed, although Bhi
try any more than it does a man. waa reprimanded by the court
Now that several of the great powers have decided to I
recognize Mexico���speak to her as they pass by, as it were
���it turns out that the Huerta government controls less
Seems like Col. Roosevelt's faith in American judges
needed reassuring, for the New York Sun, discussing the
���ex-president's recent libel sua, remarks: "it is not the
least triumph of a celebrated case that Mr. Roosevelt's
faith in the bench must have been strengthened." The
���bench may now go on benching without fear of the mar.
,who put the "li" in liar.
PELL  15
l.v arm:
It would be interesting to know what it cost to make
the police arrangements that prevented the anarchists
from seizing the opportunity to hang crepe on three
European thrones when King George of England, Czar
Nicholas of Russia and Emperor Wilhelm of Germany
were together in llerlin a few days ago for the marriage
of the Kaiser's daughter.
. June 16 Mlrtaklng the
eer which led to the baei ment for
Lhe one which led upstairs, Mrs. Ilob-
erl Hughes, of 113 Ford street, fell a
i^istaacecf 15 feci with her 2-year-old
de.wn a flight of steps a distance of
bnhy in her arms, nnd, though eacap.
ng Ber! us injury herself, was unabli
to Bave the babe, and its condition It
Mrs. Hughes, who Is aboul 4u vein
Victoria, II. ('., June 16.���The run- |
ning BChedule under which trains will
bo operated on the Saanlch line of the
ll.  l.  Kiectric,  Railway  commencing
Ion   Thursday   next,   has     been     an-
iioiincid.    While the service arranged is only a tentative one.    in    the
sense   that   many   improvements   are'
contemplated liy the management be- I
tore it will be broughl up to the standard whieh Uny hope to establish, it
will at ence provide transportation fa-
cllitles  which   -.:!!  materially aid  Ini
lhe d. velopmi ul     f ih ���  whole of the ,
Saanich peninsula and   prove of greal
convi *  . ni ���* * i i*. Bldi nts in tho vari-
1 iie*  district     -i r.i d.
On  Wcdn   il;.;.   next the inaugura-
I'-lo i of tn. i !,,. i,, traffic will bi- olli-
lially cclclratcd, on which occasion
1 I "'>-'" i><- ������ cr of prominent citizens
Will   I'"  Hie     l:. Bti   < f  the  local   mani-
t-or. A. T i ward, Sir Richard McBrlde has pry kindly consented in
attend and Irive the last spilo*. On
th tollowli g day the regular train
i -ne wiii he commenced.
Trains w ll run every three hours
fri m He* I'* mils street terminal to
Deep Hay. Tl,,. twenty-four system,
:'s is the case in thc operation of ('.
r, li. trains will I.e observed.
Toronto.   June   16.���The   last   of   a |
s rics      of      windows      tracing    the i-
course  of  the  church's  history  from ' |
Ji rusalem to Toronto, has been plac- i
ed In St. James' cathedral.   The new |
window   which   has  bopn   Inserted  in ,
Hi*,  memerv or the late A.  II, Camp- j
bell,   of   f'arbrook,   Toronto,   for   44 j
y ara a delegate to the svnod of the  "
diocese,   Is   eif   peculiar   richness   and   1
beauty,  carries  a  portrait   of  llishop |
Strachan  mni  the scene or  Ihe  first]
synod or the diocese ot Toronto, pre-
sided over by  the bishop.
This Ib the. third  memorial  window
Placed   in   position   during   the     past
three  years.    The  historical   scenes. |
when completed, v in fill all the win   "
dews  er   ihe  church.    Those  already |
inserted consist  of the Day of pente-
cost, the Conversion of st, Paul, the
Mission or St. Augustine to England
the Reformation, ihe bringing of the
Oc.spel 'o Canada,  and  the  Conscora
! tion cf the rirst bishop, Bishop inglls
f N'ov-i Hciiin, ihn lasl of ih,. Berles
being the founding of the diocese of
In the new window Bishop Strachan
jhrids thc nlan of his cathsdral church
iand   In   the   iwo   side   lights  are  p|c.
Mures  ol  his   two   chlcr     works,     St.
James Cathedral and Trlnliy College.
H. & P. O. nf l-:iks of the l��. ��t C, mee
the first nnd ti.mi Thursday at * n  m.
K.   nf   P.   Hull.   Eighth   street.   A   Wcllr
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P. II. smith, nee
rlsIf-rH, Solicitors, etc. 41 home Street,
New Westminster. O. E. Corbould, K.
C.    J. R. Grant.    A. E. MeColl.
1,-r-iit-law, Bolicitor, etc. Tehiphon*
1070. Cable addre-ss "Johnston."
e:ode, "WestPi-n Union," Offices. Ellis
Hlnek. C52 Coluihbls street. New Westminster, B. a
. O. O. M., NO. 864.���MEETS ON
flrsl, second, third nnd fourth Wednos*
day in each 'month nt s p. m.,
In thn Moose Home 11 .1 I.'ainy.
dictator;     1*'.     I*;.    Jones,     Becretary
Headquarters  nf   lodge
Corner of Fourth aii'l I'.
S,���   House,
irvon streets.
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity indite Nc
���27. I. c.-, o -..-., \K beld every Monda:
nlcht nt s o'clock In Odd EeJlows' H��l
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streeti
visiting breihom cordially Invited
R. A. M-��rrlthew, N. G.; J. Robertsoi
V. Q.; W, ('. Cotltlmrn. P. <��., recotc
Ink secretary, 11. W. Sangster, fluai
cla] secretary,
t,-r ft Hanna, Ltd i- I'linenil director
and emhnlmors.    Parlors ior, Columbl
Street.      New    Westminster.      I'hime    OH
Klcfp ���  Barristers and Solicitors,  We-st-
mlnster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New WeBtmlnster, B. C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. a
Drawer 200. Telephone, 69. W. J.
Whiteside, IC C.; H. L. Edmonds, D.
STII.WELL CLUTE.  Borrlnter-at-law.
solicitor,   etr-p.;   corner    Oolnmbls    ane
McKenzie    str-nets,    New    Westmins
B. c.  P. o. Boi 112.    Telephone
1    P,   HAMPTON    BOLE
Solicitor    and    Notary,
hlock.   2K   l^nne   street,
ster,  B. C.
Office..,     Hai-i
New   WeMmln-
McQUARRIB,    MARTIN    &    I
Barristers  and   Solicitors,    fit
Westminster  Trust   Block     (i
tin.  W.  a,  McQuitrrlti   nnd  c
' 'ilKsacly.
to   <il*
rite  L
W    E.   EA LBS���Pioneer   Funeral   Hire.',
and   Bmbalmer,  c,12-ni"  Agues strei
opposite Carnegie Library.
TO   CLOSE   Pfi-.y.S   AT   NIGHT.
���t    ;i
a I'd   Is  the  wife
, of Keele street
of Constable
'The Oranfl Trunk Railway
completed to I'ortland. Ml . aud lor
mully opened sixty years ago ' ���'!.>.
Jime'17, lRRK. That part of the road
ia Maine was originally called Oil
Atlantic & St. Lawrence railroad, but
in 18S2 it waB leased to the Grand
Tnmh for !��!)9 years. Tho lii and
Trunk line was commenced in 1852,
and. when completed according to the
��*>riginal plan, extended from Portland,
.ttxaBs Canada to Sarnia. |
Many     members  of  the  Canadian
' *������* vi rnmeni  took pari  in  its  promo
''   11     l'i r n  iong time tho road was
���"���ral. e al  11 loee. and  the  Bngll ill
nvei lor.- ���.���aim i no return. In l'n*
firei Iwenl years of the Qrand Trunk'i
. * (ii ti nee $160,000,000 was Bpi nt, (lve
lixths of this Bum being English
mom j. .nid less thun a third of the
Investmenl  yield any dividends.
An article dealing with Canadian
railroads, written In 1867, contains
the following Interesting statistics:
"The in >t laiii-i important railroad
aft, r th" Qrand Trunk Is the Qreal
Western, which connects the Niagara
river wil . the wei torn frontier ol r>.
tutu, d onl tho lights in the dining
room and with her bnhy was preparing in retire The dnor leading to
the hue. ment is located next to the
door leading upstairs, and 111 the dark
ness Mrs. Hughes opened the wrong
��� lloor,
Ou-cn cf 1 ake B-at��.
Porl   Arthur,   June
'rom  Hip  varus  ' f til
Arthur, the Nprnnlc �� 11 boob be avail
ilile to assist the Qrand Trunk route
hy way of the iir,'.at Lakes nnd will be
the largest and lineal steamer on the
lakes.    Sbr* will  become lhe flagship
of  tho lake and  rail   route  between
east and  v. est.    The principal dlmen
"Ions  of   the    hull    are  as   l\ Hows
' * ���    h ovi r all, "���*���:, feel,  length between     pi rpendlculars,     :*;>ij    r,*, t;
bn n!;li      moul led,    ',:.' r, ol
1 ildi d, : i r el D In hi s,
Many Flowers 8t< len and Council Wlll J
Take   Preven'atlve   Measures.
Victoria, June IS.���To bar the public   fr-vi   the   city   parks   after   10:30
o'clock  in  the evening is  the purpose
���" |"f an amendnv nt to the parks by-iaw ;
whieh   Alderman   Dilworth,  chairman1
of ihe parks c. Tiimltee, will submit hi
the  next   meeting  of  the  city  conn
'I ho reason for tills move on the part \
of the alderman la tbe numerous theftr j
of valuable flowers and plants which'
bave 1 f l-.t i occurred al Beacon lllll!
park Tv 0 nighl 1 sgo over sixty flnel
'���    Launched   il nt, ���,.*, , . -, ,, ��� ,,��� fl, 01lt ��� ..,������.,!
Western Pry ��������� ngo were torn up by the r-otr
* md I iki ��� away and numerous ether
l" ;l cf a ilmllar nature hav,. been j
reporti d 'i hese robberies took place
i-fitiii* time during the night, when it
has in 1 been found possible to give
tho pn per pollen protection to the
pa rl ���
Aldi rmnn Dilworth believes that to
close Hi" narks to visitors after tho
ui * ti ri hour would be a wise mov,.,
and would nui have the effect of llm
Itins iho enjoyment of the citv's open
Sale. I,,*,.,Ik, Business Letters, etc.; rli
culur work specialist. All work strict!:
oonfldentlal. H. Harry, room -tin Wosi
minster 'I rusl Blk.    Phone 702.
II,   J.
* Accou
t.    Tel.   it.
Arm ro-i
12R.   ltooin   2
di I'll:
Ottawa, June 16.���So far water Iris
been round In but. two or the artesian
wells being drilled hy tho city. The
wells In which water haa been struck
!n talr quantities are lhe ones being
Mink on Mutchmoor Etreet. and An-
;lore& square.
On   Catbcart   square  they  are  still
goliiR down In dry earth, having reached  a depth  or over 220 reel.    At the j
end   er   the   week   water  was   riiH"ov-
ered and the pumps were set to work, j
"We pumped it out In about half a
I minute,"   said     William     Storrie,   the
waterworks engineer, thin morning.
Bacteriological tests show that tho
water in the two wells   now   being
pumped is improving,   The sulphurous condition of the water makes iti
i anything bul   palatable just  yet.
Wh'n ihe water waa being pumped
from   tho   Mutchmoor   wel',   a   (lame
.could  be    produced   by    holding    a
lighted match to 11.   This, however, is
not natural gas, as many supposed, JOB     PRINTING
Mr.  Race would  make no comment
\>n  his tetls of   private   wills   or  the "' nl1   kl"'lB-
condition of ih" water now coming Prices right,   Satisfaction guarsntqod
i frr-ui tho tips. j
P. H. Smith. W. J. drove)
Work   und, rink-ii    in    city   and   outsld.
i-iint-*-.   211-12  Westminster  Trust  Hi.if
Ph.me   .IHI.     P.   O.   Box   607.
ster Board of Tni,!" moots In the hour
room. Cltv Hull, ns follows: Third I'r
day of eiu-li month i quarterly meetln,
on Ua- third Funny "t February, Ma:
Auffusl noi November st )> n.m. Ai.
en.I .ie*,iln,:s ..n 1 I.e thlifl Friday 1
Fobruary.  C.   II.   Biuavt   Wade,   seen
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
59 McKenzie  St.
COAI. MINING rights of thi- Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan mul Alberta,
H10 Yukon Territory, tho Northwest ."fer-
rltorles and In a portion ot the Pro-eincs
"f Hrltlsh Columbia, may b�� leased ior ���
t"rm of twenty-ono years nt mi internal
rental of |i an acre. Not mom than 266S
acres win be leased 10 one applleaat,
Application for a Innsa must be mad��
ihr llm upline-ant In person to the Ammt
or Hiih-Agent of the district In which ths
riKlits upplled for are sltunted.
In surveyed territory the land must be
,1-srrlherl liy sections, or letpil suh-dlvl-
11 .iii.'i of sections, and In unsurvevert territory the tract applied for sliall bs
staked eul by the applicant himself.
Each application must bo accompanied
hy n fee of H. which will he refunded If
Hi" rights applied for aro not avullablo,
but not otherwise. A royalty sliull be
initil on the merchantable output of lb"
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
Tie' person o|ienttlna the mine shall
r11111l.1i, ti,,. An-i-nt with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of m<ir-
enantnnle  ooal   mined  mni  pnv  tho roy-
dly   Ul ,11    If   the   conl   nilnlnn    rights
.ire mn l,.'ln�� operated such returns should
he rurnlshed  al   least  once a yenr
I'he lean.* wlll Include thn otal inlnlna
'llfhl.i only, hul Uie leasee will be p��r-
lo purchase whatever lu.illnhle
anii"'.- rights niay he "oiinld-rcil ncucs-
"irv for t|���. working uf the mine at the
iHte  01   (In  no  luire.
For fsii Information application should
is*  Hindi   ti, u-,. sccetni./ ���f tho  Depart.-
 1   th'   Inlerlnr. Ottawa, or to any
Ag-nl  or l..iti-Ag.*nl of  Dominion   Limils.
W.  W. COUV,
p'.'V  Minister of the Interior..
Unai thorlisd publlftntlnn of thla
..-.���.... ... ,rlll nut In, imi.i for.
���"   mined
1 ���*���������  "- '--:���        *.*,.-        *.
TUESDAY, JUNE  17,  1913.
Beginning Tuesday We Inaugurate a Tremendous Stock-Unloading Sale.   We Start AH Forces
Forward In Order To  Convert  Into Cash Our $200,000 Surplus Stock
Last year we couldn't get goods enough���our trade was advancing by leaps and
bounds. Order after order had to be passed up an account of our inability to get
goods to fill. Anticipating a continuance of this marvellous business, we placed large
orders in Europe and Canada in order to cope with any demand. What conditions
are today needs no telling by us save that we are top-heavy with a tremendous overload that must be sacrificed to bring our stock back to meet present conditions.
Each will carry a message of wonderful savings to you. Our entire stock of Furniture at Sacrifice Prices. Our
entire stock of Carpets and Draperies at Sacrifice Prices. Our entire stock of Beds and Bedding at Sacrifice
Prices. Our entire stock of Stoves and Ranges al Sacrifice Prices. Our entire stock of Dry Goods at Sacrifice
Prices. Our entire stock of Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Garments at Sacrifice Prices. Our entire stock of Men's
Wear at Sacrifice Prices. We make our statements good. Prepare for Bargains in reliable merchandise, lower than any in your experience. Everything marked in plain figures, strictly on a cash basis, which means
marvellous savings for you.   Watch for our big ad. in tomorrow's papers.
674-678 Columbia Street
We Furnish Your Home Complete
B. C. Has the Talk of Protecting Half
thc Standing Timber In the
Entiro Dominion.
From lhe forestry branch of the
lands department at Victoria comon
the following statistics of standing
timber in the province am! a timely
appeal for lis protection and preservation:
B. C'S Mlflhty Forests.
British Columbia possesses one of
Ihe few (treat timber areas of the
world. While tho countries of Ihe far
east have lost nil the timber they over
had. while Kuropean nations are resorting to the most intensive meth-
, ils possible to secure continuity ol
Stand an a certainty of yield and
are planting trees by hand over great
ureas to ensure crops in the future;
while eastern Canada and the New
England states are clamoring for lumber and viewing with alarm the rap-
Idly diminishing supplies in their
country, British Columbia has a
vast area of over 65 million acres ot
tlmberland, which Bhould produce, ac-
cirding to estimates of experts, at
least one hundred board feet per acre
per annum, er tx total of six and one
half billion feet. This would return
to the government over six and one-
half million dollars every year. The
province Is tlie possessor of a lierlt
Bge of over 800 billion feet of timber,
which Is quite half of all lhat stand
ing in the Dominion al the present
(Mile At the present rale of cutting,
the loggers of the province are taking annually only one-fifth of the
amount which is added by the natural
processes of growth.
Much Depends On It.
If one looks over the Industries In
the province, the shipping and all the
allied and dependent trades, ono Will
see that at least three out of every
five men In the country are looking to
the forest to supply their livelihood.
There are very few Industries which
are rot to a greater or less extent
under obligation for their existence
to the forest resource Outside altogether of tho loggers, mlllmen, transport men. builders, and all those who
sue wood in a secondary way. the
vast majority of the great farming
population are dependent upon the
forest-Clad hills fnr tbe water which
brings fertility and wealth to the
wonderful natural soils from which
spring the crops which have become
renowned the world over.
Must Be Maintained.
It Is plainly evident, therefore, that
to maintain the prosperity of llie
province It. Is necessary to maintain
the forest resources. This resource
Is subject to one of the greatest dangers In the world, the danger which
lu-ings havoc Into towns, cities and
settled communities, which mounts
Into the hundreds of millions every
vear And the forest has no protection such as havo thc buildings In the
great cities.
The gospel of an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure
applies so thoroughly to the forest
lhat every effort Is being made, and
should be made in the future, should
look to the early extinguishing of a
tire before it attains a size which ren-
ili rs it impossible to put out.
Causes  cf   Fire.
Tlie causes of lhe vast proportion of
forest fires today are in the carelessness of people who have fires and do
not properly extinguish them. According to the report of ihe chief forester
for past year, -over 70 per cent of the
blazes which originated In other ways
than from lightning were from sheer
carelessness on the part of campers.
brut h burners, land clearers. etc.
There were a great number of conflagrations traceable, It is true, t�� rail-
ways whose lines were not cleared of
brush, and sparks from passing engines set blazes in the debris by the
right f way with disastrous results
to llie surrounding timber.
'lhere are numerous methods devised by Ihe provincial forest branch authorities to prevent and extinguish
forest tires. There wero employed last
summer over 160 forest rangers whose
sole duty was to safeguard the standing timber and collect and organize
tire fighting parlies in case of an outbreak. The money expended on the
work of these men ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Hul greaier Ihan the work of the
rangers, and vastly more lmpoi��mt
than the expenditure for their actlv-
ilies Is the expenditure by every citizen of the province of car over all the
sources of danger which enter into
his every day life. A single cigarelte
hutt thrown carelessly by the roadside
will occasion a lire which will wipe
oul more in value in limber than
would Luy llie province cigarettes for
tiie next fifty years; a little carelessness with brush burning may occasion a lire which will burn up more
than llie cleared land of the whole
valley will produce In the life of him
who neglected his blaze; a hole
punched In a donkey stack, or neglect in the use of fire pans might consume the money which would he devoted to logging machinery or that
timber district for the next generation; an uncared for camp lire -and
this Ib the greatest source of danger
of all may burn away m the ground
and finally blaze up in a mighty conflagration which will sweep away
more wealth than would be produced
by all the mines which the careless
camper or prospector might uncover
in all hla gold seeking days.
If the average citizen will give his
mural support to all the activities of
the government in its efforts to put
out fins; will work band in hand with
the district forest officers and respond
quickly when the cal loonies for as-
Isstance to a lire, he wlll build far
more broadly and securely than he imagines Ihe basis of prosperity for himself, for Uie people in his community
nnd   for   the   coming   generation.
Values His Skull High
Saskatoon, June 16.���One of the
largest personal Injury damage suits
ever filed In Saskatchewan Is being
hc'ird before Justice Drown In thn
supreme court. The case Ib thai of
Asnbee vs. the O. N. JI. for Injuries
sustained on March 4, 1912, when a
coach fell from the C. N. R. bridge,
over the Saskatchewan river. The
plaintiff is asking ordinary damage of
$65,000 and special damnges of $4000.
Tenders Will Be Called for Soon���Two
and   Half   Years  for
North   Vancouver.    June    18.���The
newly appointed board of directors of
:he llurrard Inlet Tunnel and  Hridge
company  met, the president,  Hon.  P.
: Li. Carter-Cotton, In the chair. K. A.
Cleve land,   of   Cleveland   &   Cameron.
I engineers, was present and went into
the  engineering  features  very  thoroughly with the members of the board.
Mr. Cleveland stated that he believexl
that lhe contract drawings  wcre not
' only completed, but that  if they are
not already in Ottawa, they ought to
arrive there within a day or two.    lt
was   not   necessary   to   submit  these
drawings for approval at Ottawa, but
It had been considered wise to do so
l if only as a matter of courtesy to the
i departments of the railway board.
These drawings would provide every
requirement for an Immediate call for
tenders.     Consulted   with     reference
i to the explicit meaning of clause four
I of the  agreement  between   the  com-
'oany   and   the   consulting   engineers,
Mr. Cleveland  stated  that  he h-id no
authority to speak for Sir John Wolfc-
Barry and partners In the matter, but
if the board ��o desired he would communicate with them for instructions
This clause stipulates that in addition
to a fee of tlve per cent, tlle company
rhall  pav  the cost of resident engineer and  Inspectors during   the con-
j struction of the bridge.
At a rough estimate, reckoning the
Iperlod "f construction at two and one-
hilf years. Mr. Cameron was of the
I opinion that the Item under discussion
i would Involve an expenditure of ap-
| proximately $30,000. Mr. Cleveland
I will communicate with the consulting
: engineers for specific figures In this
i particular.
Mr. Cleveland submitted a plan of
'he new approaches on tbo south side
���f the Inlet shewing a right of way as
'nr ac Ihe tracks of the (Ireat Northern Hallway compan'*. a distance of
���wn end one-half miles. On resolution Mr. Cleveland wss requested to
vrlte Sir John Wolfe-Barry and oart-
">rs f'-r a copy of speeifictiotia showing estimates of cost of completed
structure Including approaches.
dition, wld the sticky mass forming a
solid maBS about his body. Half way
to the h-.use he fell and finished the
journey on his hands and knees. When
he reached tho door he was turned
away by the people he had awakened. They thought he was a prowler
and slammed the door against his
plea for help.
Crawling to tho next house, Lowes Man Accused cf Stealing Money Says
knocked and lay ou the doorstep to ;
wait. Wheu the door opened I .owes
bad lapsed into unconsciousness. Au
ambulance rushed him to the Hotel
Dleu, where bo regained conscious-
ness and told his story. Believing
he  would  not recover he asked  that
Hs Has Discovered Nett of
Black Foxes.
his wife be kept in ignorance of the
accident until morning. Three hours
later  he died.
Toronto, June 16.���Detective Guthrie has brought to the city a prisoner
charged with obtaining $1,600 under
false pretenses, and who not only
claims he is innocent, but tbat he has
R. N. W.  M. P. MAKE captured a nest of black foxes, which
ANOTHER CLEVER CAPTURE   are  worth   three  or  four  times    the
  amount which is involved ou account
Saskatoon. June 16.���As the result of his arrest. His name is Peter K.
of gocd work by the locnl H.N.W.M.P. Mackenzie; he was arrested in Sud-
John Walker, wanted In Saskatoon bury and he says he caught the black
to answer the charge of obtaining foxes ln the vicinity of Teeswater.
large sums of money by false pre- The complainant is Oeorge Mon-
tences, has been arrested In Port Wll- tleth, the fur dealer. Mr. Monteith
Ham, Out., for which city one of Sask claims that he gave Mackenzie $1,600
Moon's mounted policemen will bring some months ago with which to buy
him hack here. ! furs in the north country.    Becoming
S!nce he left Saskatoon about six ; suspicious at the non-return of his
months ago. the local R.N.W.M.P. , agent, he made some inquiries, and
have been searching for him. and fin-: learned that Mackenzie was staying
allv learned be had located in Port at Sudbury. A warrant was prompt-
WUltam. I>" issued.
Walker was arested by Sergeant The prisoner tells a rather plausi-
Thomas in Saskatoon some time ago ble and Interesting story. He sayB he
as the result, of information laid bv ' was successful in buying furs from
l-*cal people who claimed lo have Kly. I trapers north of Sudbury, but when
en him substantial sums of money he was returning With the cache he1
on his having made false represents- encountered -such a terrific snow storm
lions to them that  he was compelled  to  lay  down
He apneared before Justice of thej his burden. He carefuly stowed thel
Peace Alex Smilh. bnt to permit fnr-'furs "��� a 8af<' hiding place and pro-,
ther evidence beinc gathered the case'''ceded out or the woods. He says
was enlarged for two days and Walk-;'"1 ������� back to look for the furs and*
er was given his freedom on his 4wn \8��\ "ft and tells a harrowing tale:
in this time he dlsap- ��' having wandered for four days with
>sterday his where-1 nothing to subsist upon but frozen:
bread  In  spare  portions.
Regaining civilization in an exhaust-
|ed  condition  he hired  three  men  at
DONT'S FOR BATHERS. i M   each   per  day   lo   go  and   search
  i for  the  cache,   giving   them   the  de-j
The   following   list   of   suggestions | serlptlon of the location.    He has not '
wiH nrovo of interest to hnthers and  heard from the three men siuce.
should be read carefully by New West- ;    But the most remarkable feature of
minster citizens who take their rami-'his  story  is  that  he  claims  to  have
lies to the seaside for the summer:        come  across  a   neat  of  black   foxes
���    ..   ....        .   .,,���   ���������_ ,!i���,������. 'during his rambllngs. and he says be
Don't   bathe   shortly   after dining,   hB,  )h(im   ,���   captivlty      ���0  tlid   nc.
! tore he was noticed he had chopped a
*. hole of considerable size in the wall
with the aid of an instrument which,
he had found in the yard, and he refused to refrain, althougb asked to do
so by those in authority. Midgely was
j immediately  put In the dungean cell,
; but this did not put an end to his acts
of destruction.   With  the heel of his
boot he knocked down several of the
i bricks surrounding the ventilator and
Ihe was  then  in  a position  to  pull a
considerable portion of the wall away.
Jailer   Wilson   found   it   necessary  to
take  the prisoner's boots  away  from
him,  and  he at  the  present   time  is
locked up in his stocking feet. i
One Friday night Midc^ly coaxed
one of the other prisoners over to
the door of his cell, and then threw
all over him the coirents of his cell
pail. Tbe olher prisoner became so
wraihy that he went and filled a pail
with water ard taking it to Midgely's
cell, soaked his fejolw prisoner with
the contents
Midgely claims that he continues
to make trouble bo that he will be
G. L. Haggan, of Revelstoke, Obtained
Many Honors at Toronto University���Is   Good   Athlete
peared. nnd until
abouts  were  in doubt.
Toronto. June 16.���When Rev. S. E.
Grigg. pastor of the Parkdale Baptist
church, resigned to become superintendent of Social Service for the Baptist church ln Canada, he took his
people completely by surprise. Under
bis ministry of four years the congregation has prospered greatly, now-
worshipping in a fine new $60,000
building, atid tliey are extremely unwilling lo let their pastor go. The
board of deacons will meet on Wednesday   to  consider  the  matter.
The Baptist church has not been
doing Social Service work on any
extensive Bcale heretofore, but It '.,is
been decided to go thoroughly Into
the work. Rev. Mr. (Irigg will occupy
a position In the Baptist church Social Service work analagous to tho
positions of Dr. Shearer and Dr.
Moore In the Presbyterian and Methodist  churches respectively.
Windsor, June 18, While going his
rmiwls as night watchman at the Do-
j mitiirn Roofing company's plant. Dan-
;-el Lowes, thirty-Jve years o'd. fell
���Into a vat of boiling t:ir and died three
hours later at the Hotel Dieu.
| He struggled fiercely to regain the
������ilt'" of the vat. He succeeded once
I In drawing himself half way over the
jrlm. but then weakening he fell back
|lnto the coldron. Again he tried, nnd
jthlB time climbed over the edge.
The nearest house wbb a quarter of
���a mile awny. He started from the
plant, staggering In his weakened con-
watt at least two hours.
Don't sit in a boat or sand about
undressed after being In the water.
Don't swim fur lifter a hard day's
work, or over-exertion after other
forniB of exercise.
Don't bathe in unfrequented or secluded spots.
Don't bnthe alone If subject to giddiness or falntnese.
Don't dive into water without  lirst
ascertaining the depth.
Don't tike fright If vou fall into the
water w-ilh your clothes on;  remem-
tell Detective Guthrie how many
black foxes were in the nest, but he
declares that if his scouts do not find
the hidden furs his black foxes will
net him several times the amoun;
which was advanced to him by Mr.
To""-ito.  June  16 -Henry     Midge-
ley, who Ib at tho present time con-
I'er. e'.-tbes float and assist von to lined al Ibe countv jail, where he
float. Make for the shore, swimming | awaits trial on a charge of obstruct -
wlth the tide or Stream. ling the    police,    continues    to    give
Don't swim too far out in the sea'Jailer Wilson an exceedingly busy
or lake unattended by a boat or an ex-'and troublesome time as a result of
pert swimmer. ihls evident deBlre to destroy and dls-
Don't take fright If seized with a j figure the Jail property. On Friday
Cramp; keep cool, turn on the back, Midgely was allowed out in the Jail
and endeavor to rub tho place affect-' yard for exercise, but Instead of Hiked. If the leg Ib drawn up with pain, j Ing exorcise ln the usual manner, he
swim slowly with the arms only. All' commenced to break down the brick
swImmerB should practice this. jwall which surrounds the place.   Be-
The Sells-Kioto circus, which comes
here on June 18, has for years maintained the reputation of having one
of the best and most comprehensive
display of horse flesh appearing with
any traveling organization, and this
year, for the benefit of their patrons,
they will make a special display of
these wonderful animals in a large
tent adjoining the aninal menagerie,
so that their patrons and lovers of
good horses generally may feast their
eyes on the. various breeds and Individual champions which go to make
up  this  wonderful  collection.
In It will be found specimens of the
Percheron. representatives of the
thoroughbred, standard bred, Suffolk
Punch, coach horses, hackneys, hunters and general purpose horseB. lt
will form an interesting study for
those who are either closely connected with the business of horse raising or farming, besides those who
love the horse for himself and deBire
to see him at his best.
The doors of the circus proper will
be open one hour before each performance In order that the menagerie
and horse fair may be looked over be-
for the patrons take their seats.
" vdstoke, Juno 16.-0. d, Hag.T3tu
., ivi v lstoke, has eao-ncd the dUtlnc-
tii n cf being the KtroifcH Scholar fur
the province of Britiah Columbia f-ur
the year 1913.
The successful candidate who will
now be In receipt of the congntala-
tions of his competitors as well as.
his friends, has juBt completed bis.
twenty-second year, and ia a atadenc
of Toronto University, having grada-
ated this present year with boners
In English literature and political
In addition to being a scholar, Mr.
Hagen is Bomething of an athlotH.
harboring a distinct Banchanl for thev
more ardCUS forms of exerciso:*
Appended to his record at thc University o'  Toronto, and a glance at
it will reveal the fact that this yca.-*SL-
Rhodes Scholar for the provinc-a bas
been lavish in the extent ot hia stud
ies as well as notably successful in.
the  mas.ery  of  them:
First : ear. May 1911���Ftr-at class Iri
general efficiency; grade A. in latin.
Englis'j, (Ireek and Roman History;
grad" B, In French, Mathematics 1_��_
and  Mechanics and Physics. ���
Second Year���Second class honors
In the department of English and His
tory; First cUsb honors in Kmjftvjir;.
Second class honors in Medlwr-ral! H5*
tory; Third class honors in Orw-K
aud Latin; Grale 13. in Krench; Crada-
C.  ln  Psychology.
Third Year -Second elirss honors ia
'he department of Kngiish and History; Klrst class honors in Latin; Second class honors in Modern fSogfittz.
Modern History and History Opt-too;
Third Class honors lu Greek. p"-Hff��t
in history and philosophy.
The successful candidate was bom
In New Zealand and only came tu
Ilrillsh Columbia eleven yeara aso.
The board of examiners for the Pr-o-
vinclal Rhodes Scholarship were ti��
Hon. H. E. Young. minlBter of educu
tion; Dr. Robinson, provincial super ���
Intendent of education, and tlle principal or McGill College of Britiah Columbia at  Vlctorlu and  Vancouver.
f"anaimo  Cltiien  Superannuated.
Nanalmo, June 18.���After fourteeot
years' faithful service for the provincial minis department, Thomas Mor-
ein, of this city wus on June first
superannuated on half pny, Mr. Mor-
em new retiring to private lire after
forty-four years of service in and
Bbdut the coal mines.
in commemoration of the etant Nr.
Morgan was last evening prcsentoi by
his fellow mine inspectors witfc a
comfortable arm chair and a eaae ct
pipes, the presentation being made by
Chief of Mine Inspectors Thomas Graham nt the government rescue station, No. 1 shaft, this city. s-fkty*. -r-tnsn
TUE8DAY, JUNE  17, 1913.
Women's Auxiliary  of  Royal  Colum   by ,mi(tarv. experts, and at the preaent time they  have much  cause for
bun  Hospital  Ends  Most Sat*
factory Year.
m-^mmtt.    WILL RISE BY MERIT
Britain's Airship  Defence   Will  Cos* 1
Millions ol   Pounds.
Britannia must not only be mistress . PRIVATES    IN    MILITIA   TO    BE
of tlie sea. but iimnnrch of the air as ;     POTENTIAL FIELD MARSHALS,
well if we nre In maintain onr national i
uch  is the view taken
Col.   Fiset,   Deputy   Minister   oi   De-']
A balanco of $1050 In the bank and
���satisfactory reports from every com- ,or  expenditure  ,	
rotttce featured lhe annual meeting or fof  Gn,at   Bntain   wa3  l)nly   ��;,-ju,noo
rhn women's auxiliary of the    " '
misgiving; lor while other powers
have perfected and developed their
aerial lieets to an extraordinary extent, particularly during 1012, Great
Britain seems to have stood still.
Last year, for instance, the grant
on  military   aircraft
the    Royal  M  COInpareii  with   ��1,280,000 granted
t^nmbian hospital   yesterday,  after-  ,)y  t,)e  Fr(,|lcll  Government,  in ad til-
noon in the V. W. C. A. building
Miss Wright, the retiring prealdent,
���was in the chair, and in a brief:, address commended the efTorts of the
members in meeting with such suc-
��!3s during the past year.
New Officers.
tion to which the public subscribed
��1.10,000. Again, upwards of ��640,000
was granted liy Germany in 1912 for
the development of her aerial fleet,
th' public subscribing no less than
��300,000. The consequence has been
lhat both these countries, as well ns
Thr election of officers resulted as  Russia���details  ��I  whose  expenditure
follows: President, Mrs. C. Dalmer
JWcAllister; lirst vice-president, Mrs.
A G, fiduy; second vice-president,
���Miss Wright; third vice-president,
���Mrs. uiVvalker; treasurer, Mrs. T, B.
<ir��n, jberetary, Miss S. K. Arm-
>ln,tn; rtrclected).
Sijuullng eonimlttees were sppbint-
<<1 as follows:    Purchasing committee,
are not available -have been able to
develop their neiinl Meets to ar astonishing extent while we are lagging
For instance, at the present time
llritain haa only forty-live airships,
and there are not fifty experienced
military pilots available. On the oth-
lihntl.   France  has  about 360 aero-
Mrs. CL K. (Corbould. Mrs. J. II. Grant,  ,,;anes  nn<j {**���  airships;  while  Ger-
Mrs. OoOOD Henderson.
Sewing committee, Mrs. 11. Walker.
Mrs. J. E. Insley, Mrs. It. Sutherland,
Entertainment committee, Mrs.
Wonicr Adams, Mrs. Haines, Mrs.
"V mingling.
Auditiag rommittee, Mrs. C. A.
Wrtsh, Mrs. A. Lamb, Mrs. A. H. Gor-
The Tisitiifg committee for Hie
���month ef July will be Mrs. II. Sutherland aid MIbs Armstrong, and for
AugnsL Mrs. C. B. McAllister and
Mrs. O. K. Corbould.
many    hus   *2'M   aeroplanes   available
and twelve airships, the Russian Hying machine Beet being of a similar
strength to that ol Germany.
Furthermore, the aerial fleets ol
France and Germany are wonderfully
organized ami equipped; and while,
on the one hand, British army aeroplanes are not yet sufficiently provided with held transport und auxiliaries,
in ��� aerial Beets of France and Uer-
iniiiiy are complete with motor-vehicles
ami repair wagons, and in both countries special railway wagons have been
fence, Announces Thet Like Napoleon's Men Canadian Soldiers Will
Carry a Metaphorical Baton In
Their Haversacks���Fiset Himself a
Gallant Soldier,
Col. M. J. E. Fiset, who is Deputy
Minister ol thc Militia Deportment,
is one of the best known officers in
the Dominion. His Department is nt-
trading much attention in Canada
just now in connection with thu announcement that n reorganization mil
tak.1 place antl that in future promotion in the militia will hi inadc on
merit only, and a man entering the
ranks as a private may hope, if he
pass the necessary examinations, to
ri..; to the highest office in the gift of
the Department,
This reorganization of tlie militia
will, without doubt, c-eate a spirit of
enthusiasm among tlie men which has
not hitherto existed, and a better elas-e
will he tempted to enter as privates
where the promotion is based alto-
get'tier on merit.
Col, Marie Joseph Kugctie Fiset saw
service during the South African war,
and was present at moat of the important battles ami sieges. He was
three times mentioned in despatches;
wns mnde brevet lieutenant-colonel ol
the army  medical service; was given
In Greater
Councillor and Mrs. T. I). Coldicutt,
of Burnaby, returned yesterday morning from the Portland rose carnival.
Both speak highly of the tre-atment
accorded British Columbians by the
Portland  people.
A freak chicken was recently
hatched at the residence of Carl J.
ll.'llman, Riverway and Burns road,
Burnaby. It has four legs and shows
every sign of living. Tho rest of the
hatch was quite normal.
Tt-nders we're opened for the linen   built for the transport ol aeroplanes
fur  thi   new  hospital.    This was lett
in tbo hands of a special oommlttee,
uhu   will  make-  their report   at
neU meeting, which will be held
the third Monday In September.
Secretary's Report.
The secretary's report is as
io  case of need.
lt is only talr to add, however, that
the program lor 1913 aimed at by the
Royal Flying Corps is a must ui.ibi-
tious one, an.l it is highly probable
that a vote of ��1,000.OIK) for aeronan-
tics will be made lias year. It is
intended to form a licet ol armed and
The women's auxiliary ol the Hoyal   unarmed  Hying machines, 51.0 ior th
Columbia^) hospital reel moat eucour-   navy and 300 lor tho arm,*; to buil.1
aged in their work by tlie generous
reaoonsn which we have always received from the general public, when
wc have made our several appeals.
Now the new* hospital is soon lo be
opened we feel we have a great re-
���aponsihiiay in furnishing lhe linen for
���it. Wc ure, therefore, always delight-
at*** to -welcome new members and we
tiir-pe the lime is not far dialant when
������.���very woman In our cily will become
either a working or an honorary member cf our sjcioly for "unity i:>
On September 26 wc gave a charity
ball in SL Patrick's hall which was
both a social as -well as a financial
success. Prom lhis our returns were
Tbe ladles of onr society assisted
as usual wiih th��' tea room during
the exhibition. On October 21 Madame
l-abadio gave an entertainment under
qtir ao-spices. We then netted as our
snare M6.25. We deemed II a great
privilege tei he able to give pleasure
to our sick friends iu the hospital by
Kiv ing each a Christmas present.
The-se donations wero solicited from
the  public,    lf  they  could  have  segn
monster aeroplanes, each capable "i
carrying thirty or forty men, Bnd ul
remaining in the air for at least thirty-six consecutive hours; while the
construction oi large rtl-111 and non-
rigid airships is to Be pushed forward
as rapidly as possible.
It ia, however, hoped that ��1.000.000
will be devoted by the country each
year for the next three years for the
establishment of a British nerinl fleet,
which will enable us to maintain our   the  Queen's  medal  with  (our cln-=ps
supremacy   in   the   nir.    Ami  thero also awarded D.S.O., and vas decorat-
seems to be every possibility that this ed in person by His Excellency l.fird
plan will be followed out.���Tit-Bits,    i Minto, on Paardeberg Hay in Ottawa.
  11903.    Hc went over to London  with
the coronation  contingent  m   l'ln*2 a.<
principal  medical officer and on thai
Socialistic agitation Is being pushed In Burnaby these daya, some 150
persons attending a meeting at Central Park Sunday afternoon where different speakers, members of the Social Democratic parly of Canada, ad-
dressed the assembly. The meeting
was called primarily for the purpose
of discussing existing conditions in
Hurnaby. Another meeting will be
held at Central  l'ark next Sunday.
A new schedule of fares on the Central Park and Burnaby branches of
lhe B. Q. E. R., which materially reduces the rates for settlers, has now
taken efrect. This was promised by
the company in event or the passage
or the B. ('. E. R, rranc'iise bylaw,
which look place two months ago.
Steel rails rrom Port Mann ror use
���n the lulu Island section of the Canadian Northern were taken through
ihe city yesterday on B. ('. E, it. cars.
Ten cars were routed yesterday with
nrtort to follow. The rails were
brought to Port Munn ou the steamer
Strathtay, It is expected that track
laying will commence ou the island
towards the latter part ot this week.
Owing Ij lhe ract that the banks of
the City close their doors at noon on
Saturdays, not to reopen until Monday morning, many or the merchants
were flooded with cheques of lhe Canadian Western Lumber company
which paid iff their men on Saturday,
The payroll now amounts to STu.Oiio
and unless something ran be done to
relieve the stringency of ready monev
on paydays, the merchants claim they
will lose considerable trade from the
mill workmen. The matter probably
i will eo before the New Westminster
hoard   of   trade.
,1.   MS FT.
Unique Arabic M3.
The trustees pf the British Museum   . .
have just acquired a manuscript uf occasion was again mentioned in Loru
the religion of the Karmathians, Is- Roberts despatches.
mailis. and other esoteric and unor- ! Col. Fiset wns Lorn at Rimouski.
thodox sects of Mahometanism, by Quebec, in 1874, and received hb medi-
the famous theologian Muhammad ibn �����>' ,l>'-"rw '"���"I" Uval university. He
Muhammad aKGhazzali. This is ap. took a special course n London and
parently a unique Arabic mrfiruscript. Pans and became qualified for treat-
as no other copy is on record. In it ment of the ear. nose and throat. He
thc author systematically sets forth practiced for a time in KimousRi,
the doctrines ol tbfl various sects am'Sere lie served as assistant coroner,
refutes thnn. The work is ol great Becoming interested in military work,
significance, as it supplies a very at an early age he joinedIthe volun-
tho briKlu   rmd  happy  faces ut-'ffl-a! early account of these secU, snme* uf teer force ami when trouble arose :u
which are very important. Ghazzali South Alnca went out and distinguish-
was born in A.D. 1060, and spent hie ed himself,
early year- in Tus, Khorasan, II ���
studied under the great Inian al-Iln-
riiiiialiu nt Nisbapur. In A.D. 1091
he became a professor at the Nizamiys
College, in Bagdad, where he Worked
(Continued trom pace onei
sicV   nnd   suffering   Ihey   would
���Chi",   had imbed been rewarded.
O* March 25. i6 and L'7 Mrs. Seiver
���arranged Ur a Kirmess under our aus-
���picea in  St.  Pa'rick's hall.    The    ar-
nutgemenla �� I rn well carried out and
-he   v.bole  effect  was  a  very  pretty
��� sight.    Ow  share  of    tlie    proceeds
were f.104.10.
On June 7  we had Lag day;    this
���was Ihe leas: expense and the easiest: o loxy, reason and mysti Lm.   lie dud
money we earned with the mosl satis- ! ���>>   xUB   in   A.D.   IHI.    Ills  influence
���factory results of $56��.T0. "P"�� *he '��ter developments nl Islam
���ruirlng ihe year now closed we have | ! *   '   *     * **'-!    ���      .-���.;���.-i:. a tan.   .
' -held   ten   regular   meetings  and     six
In December, 101)0, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Militia and De
fence ami has proved hinisell a most
competent official. He v.as appointed
a member e,f the Board of Vi*-itor*^ it
for four years. He then resigned ui the Royal Millitary College in \>m
ordor to continue liis own studies aiul|He is a ilirecttr of the Alliance Fran
effect a satisfactory concordat of orth
caise, Ottawa, and a member ol leading  clubs  of   the  capital.
exect/trve meetings. The following
'list is ihe linen provided by the
-uuxiliary for the hospital this year,
���ending June- IB, 19Ki:
Eighty-Tour sheets, 109 gowns. 48
towels, lu t:ible covers, IS pairs stock-
inK'. I! doctor's eapB, 20 anaesthetic
op.s, 2 .-canvas stretchers. 28 binders,
52 bandages, 120 pillow cases, 2
���trnpa, eG dish towels, 30 roller towels,
',% hoi tmtar bag covers, 24 baby nighl
-drcssee, 2,'i baby coals, 12 baby shirts,
IBJ diapers, 20 ahrouds, 18 pneumonia
faeltets, 39 tray cloths, 20 screen
covers, 43 t.-lofbea bags for private
patl nis.
author,   says:  "lf   there  could   lie
other prophet alter Mahomet it woul i
certainly be Al-Ghazzali."
Finds Papyrus Roll.
The discovery in Egypt ol a num
ber oi lar,-i! rolls of papyri was recently mad' by Robert de liustaf-
jaell. lhe rolls were (inearthed whil.
digging near the Temple ol thc  Pt"
I, lllll':
Capital "Laughing Jackass."
Australians are considerably agitated, according to The Loudon Daily
.Chronicle's correspondent In Melbourne, by the report thnt "Canberra, '
jthe name recently selected for the new
ideal capital city of the common-
wealth, really means "laughing jack-
i a is "
Archibald  Mestnn, a noted Queens-
i land authority  on  aboriginal names,
makes   the   amusing   assertion   alter
n Upper Egypt, and are* said having studied the derivation "I the
Kansas Went too Far.
Washington, .lune lii. Decani
provision In the law arbitrarily lixing
^���jSilit) damages for each violation, tho
.supreme court today annulled as uu-
cuusiuiitlonal the Kansas statute of
IlKii,. whloh fixed the maximum ratea
few Ore transportation of oil by rail.
'Ttie otoJ-ecUonable clause was held to
prevent rtfltroads from testing us t
vrhi ther the rates wcre conflscator;
Killed in Hiflh Wind.
' Montri'Jl.   -lune   16.    Harold   L
--��y, 21 years old, waa crushed - ���
tau-ly   r I'.ig'it   when  a  wooden   . :.. ���-.
���^50 teel  hn-  and 2fi fi ,*t high, was
.Mnwu i>m�� its foundations durlni
-fierce   w irul  and    hall    i ton i     Thi
storm 1 .eie.ei half an hour and .*���
of lhe  moijt severe In recent   j *. t.��
bnt   the   darfJiso   done   to   poles
aarlrcs wsn'jjomparatlvely small.
Wants MoCoombs Badly.
Washington,    .lune    ir,.    President!
"Wilson i-n rtill holding open the aha   \
haw'ieior*r.h!p   lo   Prance   rnr   William
���V. McCt   mh��. chairman of the Demo
*mh*M BaUoual committee.   Within th^J
tart t'i-v days  President   Wilson  ins,
���cb'b'k'-U   Mr.   MoCoombB,  inquiring   IfJ
���.���Jltr hi-   Bojuorn In Prance, b    haif]
��hii.n?.i��i   hiB   rnind   aboul   taking   thi
to be "f tlie Uraeco-Kgyptian period
Tliere are seventeen of them, all
about twelve inches wide. The Urges: will probably be found to be about
fifty feet lnii_', and, if this estimate
is correct, it will be the record length
for a roll of papyries.
Such portions as have been read
show tluii the mauuscripts deal witi.
historical event.-. Little can ba san.
i their content*) until all have been
translated, but when this is done tin
manu- ripts may prove lo be ol real
,:n liaeological v aluc in adding, at
lirst band, t. thc present kiiowloilge
oi l*^'M*i and, possibly, S; ria,
in rolls are | robabiy tiie fioesi
���. ��� luun I. Mr. <1* llustatjaell think:
Hint le- i- justified In expecting start
ling i ..*! it: ill * irom til * lii.il.il
��� ' . ' ���
C.ipons $2.10 t'-o Moulhlul.
\ i .-ity dun -.. lne loyal table ie
"Capons de Hondans a ia Edward
I'll. i he ii..-., is a method ol pre
, min.: ci pons in vi nted by the preseni
chief clie.'s predecessor in ofllce, M
Mcar.ger, who was pensioned on thi
a cession ol King George, it is lumen
among I-'...-, ipi an roj alties, by mosl ol
whom it has been tasted when visiting
the English court, it costs ?*2.10 u
The laughing .Inckass ot Australia
is really n large bird, which is highly
upprecia'ed by farmers because it
kills snakes. The name is given it
because oi its raucous c-y, which 't
emits usually at sun-up unel sun-down
The cry so resembles the laughter nl h
human being in uncontrolled glee thai
it is almost impossibh for tbose win,
hear it, even constantly, t ��� retain then
"All  Cle.ir  Gainl"
The earliest recorded royal marriatt<
at St.  James',  says Archdeacon  Sin
cltttr  in   "The   Chapels   Roysl,"    wa
that   of   S\ lit i Mill   Slid   Man     in   11,77.
The briil" wa- very reluctant, It r sli<
hail s,.| hei hear! nn a handsome
young Scots lord, and -he wept fm
two .lays when he destiny was an
i. un *, I I'harl >s II, who ��as pres
enl ai the wedding, "covered the un
willnurm -- nl tl"' bride with -priglit-
ly remark." Wben William endowed
his bride with all In- worl Ily goods
he put a handful ol gold and silvei
coins on the book, whereupon Chatle-
toltl his niece to L'nther it up and pill
it all in lier pocket, for it was all
clear  gain.
Paurisi embax;
re<-ri-, ��� .1.
No  reply  h.-e  bl -u
Caiadia-,s Lose Af:3;--i
l.e-idcn.   June    16.   The   Cauadin
bowling   te;i:n   had   Iheir  second     r
ver e- ir, :i i a -b againut   Surrey    to-
���lav. '7     itoetta   team   who were   11
uhci >: do ' t: ai lmll time, JUSt mailUg;
run to *in I I live points. The scores
wire:    Surrey, 118. Canadians. ILL
The    First    Pneumitic   Tire.
Sixty-seven years ago a Scotchman
invented the first pneumatic tire.
He w i I!. \V. Tin.ni] son. IL* patented liia invention in 1848, It was
nol a practical success, but it marked |
lhe beginning ol one "f the grea teal
ii I. tries in ih,: country and made
the automobile a success. It was
mail" ol  leather and  bolted upon a
A        1    11    1M1I.
ante Eliot was once n-ked what
was the chiel lesson she 1 ml learned
io life's experience, and her prompt
answer was, "Tolerance" It ini.'iit
have heen expected frum a woman
who mice said that she regarded llle
a- n game "I cards in which she watch
ed each, move with the deepest interest
and turned a-* lur as possible to hei
own advantage,
Counsels  Haste.
"Be as Bpeedy as you can and save
lhe time of the country and the expenses of the jury and witnessed"
With some instructions as to the
mode of returning their verdict the
lury retired and after a 6hort deliberation returned with a true bill
against Peter Belargi.
Bclargo   Indicted.
Belargo, a native of Manila, was ae-
cused oi ririnK a rifle shot with intent
to kill Norton Carter, a logger, on
Stave  river, on  Jan.  4,  1813.
Accused was undefended and crown
counsel asked jury to be more care-
rul in dealing with tiie case because
or that circumstance.
Carter, in liis evidence, stated that
on the day ho was going down river
in a canoe aud ahout 100 teet from
where he had started met Ilelargo
coming np Btream in a "dug out." Bel-
argo, without warning or the slightest
provocation, suddenly reached towards the bow or his boat, produced
a ririe, took aim at witness and fired.
Witness threw himself flat In his
"-nice. He then heard two other shots
fired. He got up and made off with
hia canoe down stream towards the
river bank. When he was ahout 200
feet away Belargo again aimed and
fired at him. He threw himself flat
again and heard an itber shot fired.
'Ie landed about a mile down the river
mil siihrequi ntlv reported the matter
to the police. A few months previously prisoner had attempted to assault
him with a stick, but witness took the
] stick away from him and warned him
I not to try that again. Prisoner was
in elderly man and he could have
'hrown him into iho river had lie
���"anted to do po (leorce Miller and
Max Isle, eye witnesses, corroborated
fully and spoke as to having seen tiie
bullets strike the water and hit the
i canoe.
Prisoner arked no questibns Irom
h*. wltii 'res and roe-)* sn Incoherent
talM",-* In hi-niron ^n-i'lish is to Carter -lealin-; timber and making "big
trorl le." Pripnnfcr had a crown grant.
if the land tor 17 years past. He
bad known Carter 13 vears.
No  Denial.
.lUFtlen Morrison. In charging
lury, mid Hi* re was no denial of
'acls Ae fnr ae he could gather from
ori: naer lie had a grievance agalnsl
Cartrr for taking his liniher Instead
if remonstrating with Carter, he apparently, did pothlng but on this par
'iroi-ir d-'v. without any provocation,
he commltti (1  the deed.
The foreman ci nsulted each jury-
���"an Individual^ I returned a  ver
diet or guilty, with a recommendation
by one lurymsn to mercy,
Mr. MacNeill Bl .ted that medical
opinion had hern lalten nnd that the
prisoner had hern pronounced sane.
His lordship in reserving sentence
said this thing must he stopped of
taki!!**-' a cun and ihnrtlng -I i inae
on account of a grievance. Thla would
d.i a ureal deal towards disabusing
people or that notion.
The Jury tn the coco were W H
damnum (foremani, Robert !,. Clould
James 0, Cray. John N, Cnod, Hugh
Qregg, Alex. B. Cray, Charles \l.
Green. Adam Gllchrllt, Hi chard Graham, Oeorge P. Quoddl, John Griffiths
Win. A. Gallir.ird.
A Whirlwind Clearance of
Navy Serge Suits
for $23*75
REGULAR VALUES $37.50 TO $47.50.
These suits are of the very best quality imported
navy serges; cut in this season's latest cut-away
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high waist line, wide seams and trimmed with buttons ; perfect fit guaranteed. See Window Today.
Price  $23.75
Attractive and Saving
Specials for Campers
Such a list or money-saving things needed
for the summer home or veranda to say nothing of the many needs In wearing apparel,
Bhould therefore crowd in the store today.
7 lb. heavy dark grey   weiol Blankets, l'er pair
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ujWhA   ^m    I = ���
Westminster Trust Bldg.
A   Chaucer   Portrait. Tif  Value of Silence,
ib lest known English picture l��      uy keeping still a loafer mny some
i liaucer, nuiutpd In the yeai   times acquire- u reputation as a deep
: thinker.
the Burnabj
All for the Beavers.
nighl  the Beavers landed on
young  men's
club team
fm-  r,l   mnn   while  the   V.   M.   Wirodgt
.Slithering   nix      The   batteries   wi fi   '
tte����e-rs,   Btandlsh   and   Cope;      V M
''':.���!,.m  and   Putter.        t
John  Was Willing.
Charleston, W. Va., Juno 16.   lohn
P      While,    president  of  the   l'nited
Mine Workers or America, voluntarily
Reported He Wlll Resign.
Ottawa,  June  in.    It   was  reported
here today that Chief Engineer Armstrong,  of  the  Hudson  Pay  railway,
ive bonds ol $1000 here loday for his had, or Ih about to resign. However,
tppearauoe on Nov ix, on an indict- it was said al tho railroad department
ment charging violation of the Slier- thai the resignation of Mr Arm-
man  anti-trust,  law. I strong had not been received.
Not Healthy There.
Council Bluffs, la , June 16 fudgi
Wheeler In the district court today
granted a change of venue to Mills
county in the ('ane of Francisco Cul-
dlce, lhe Italian charged with tho murder of Howard Jones, the young rail
road fireman, After tho arrest of
Culdlce, an unsuccessful attempt wan
made to lynch him and bin attorneys
contended tbal he could mt have an
impartial trial lure. His trial ls set
tor Monday, June S3,
Scoutmaster H. P. Day commanding.
1. Drill next Wednesday. lSth. at
7:3(1 p.m. prompt. Dress, full dress.
All scouls are expected to parade in
full dress and on time as the troop
will be inspected by lhe provincial
:;i ciliary. Rev. Hon. T. It. Heanagi
Important. This parade may decide
the position of the troop in ihe Lieutenant Governor's shield competition,
-. The troop will parade at the drill
hall on Friday. June 20 at 6 p in.
prompt to Visit tlie Seymour troop.
Vancouver, Dress, run dress, with
Btaves, Scouts must bring car rare
wllb them.
The following Bcouts have qualified
fer badges: 2nd clad* badge, H Ronald, Carpenters' badge; I). Taylor and
T, Corbett, Handyman's badge; II
McDonald, year's service star; .1
Ma terson, 0 Ni Rowden; P. Lender
McDonald, P Leader Morrow. (',. Row.
ley, ll. Gordon Iv Johns, K Li��la,
Corp. Iv Phillips, P Leader Curl.ell,
P I.eailer Meredith, It Davis. Coin
d'Earum, P, leader Plsher, ('( r;i AI-
li a,  !-. Taylor.
���1. The following scouts having
loincil. are pout) d lo the tr, op from
Ihls dale No. 82, li. .1. scolt, No. S3,
H.  K. Scott. No, 84, P. S. Poster.
Notified fer Information that  it  is
nxpectcd that the troop will lake part
In   the  Dominion  day  celebration   nt
i North Vancouver on July 1,
6     Scout   J,   Rumble   is   posind   as
bugler to  Patrol  No. 0.    By order,
Acting Adjutant
To  Uie  Old   Range.
Ottaw i. hu,,* 16,   There will be no
hooting  on  the  new    Ottawa    ri.'lei
range this yi nr.   The D.R.A. meet will
'���   ''"<���'   ul   ihe  old  rfand    on    the
Pockllffe  ranges,  where    marksmen
j Irom llie two aides or tho continent
have competed lor the pasl '.m years.
jit had been hoped thai ihe newer and
more commodious range   would   be
���reaily lor the shoo I thla fall, Thero Is
iired for it. us the number or marksmen who attend the annual Dominion
shoot lies increased year by year un-
lii itockiiri'e rango ir. too email for
Ihom, However, the contractors wlll
not be able tu finish  the  work  this
Low Kale Excursion Tickets Nnw
gggl   on Sale to ihn Lost and lo Eiirnpi.
S S.  "I'rlnce  Rupert.''       S.S. "Prince George."
(Leave Vancouver at 12 midnight.i
Mondays  Ior Prince Rupert.  Stewart, Massctt.
Tuesdays   tor   Victoria,   Seattle,
Thursdays  fur   Prince   Rupert, Granby   Bay,    Skidegate,    Lockeport,
Jedv.ay, Ikeoa, etc,
SatursdayB for Victoria, Seirttle.
(lose connections at Prince Ruperl with Grand Trunk Pacific trains
for  Tyco, Terrace,  Hazelton.
ll   < . SMITH, C P  fi T, A
027 Granville street, Vancout
\V.  E,  DUPBROW, 0,  A   p   D.
i hono Private Exchange ��i:i4
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
P    O.   BOX   442
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
year even working night and day,
Are showing Home very pretty designs in Hrass Hods, -1 ft and 4 ft. fi In.
r.M'i ptlonnl bargains at from  $29,150 to $53.76
White Ktuimel iron lleil.s In, $3,95 to $1850
Genuine Oak Dresser j,^ t0 $27-50
Other Dressers In Oolden Oak, Hoyal Oik and Mahogany finish,
Dining room Suite, ,, ,t|ng of Pedestal Table, extend tn S feel,
B hide aud.1 arm chair, and buffet wllh II. 11. plate mirror.   This BUltf
Is an exceptional bargain at f-IS.00 complete.
Our Dry floods section in attracting great attention.
Cor. Gth Avenue and 12th Street���tnke l^TstTcar
asamsvxi .---t-.j:** aaaaa ���****xn*x$mHtim��mm<m*m*>ni mi'temt-ss
TUESDAY, JUNE  17,  1913.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Readsj^klksS!!
LACROSSE   >:   CRICKET   ���.-.   BASEBALL   ;-=   BOXING
David Belasco has given playgoers
many a delightful thrill. It Ib simply
a matter of record that practically all
Business   Man   Asks  Live Question-
Poor Support Accorded Good
��� Sport.
Is lacrosse losing its hold In New
Westminster? Are the people supporting athletics as they ought to in
order lo keep rolkB In the city where
Ihey trade instead ot business being
diverted to other neighboring districts
aud cities? These questions wero
asked The News yesterday by a prominent business mnn whose heart and
soul lias been In New Westminster,
both tor sports, business and lis general welfare, I-ast Saturday the senior amateur lacrosse team played one
of the best gainer displayed in the
amateur league for the past three
years, but only a crowd ot 300 or 400
turned out und supported the youngs-
t, rs Those who did attend were well
pleased with the contest, so pleased
iu fact that they Intend to give the
amateurs their support when next they
appear at Queen's park on Saturday,
Juno 5.
Lacrosse  Nursery.
New Wesiminster, as thousands of
people on Ihls continent know, is the
home of the .Minto cup holders, whieh
carries with it the professional championship of the world, but from a look
al the crowds which are attending
the home games one would not believe tliey were anything else than two
bus'. teaniB playing for rivalry's cake.
Lacrosse on this continent is being placed 00 probation for this sea-
inn al least, li is being tested out.
i'lli,wing Ibe scraps of former years,
and if these squabbles are a thing of
the past there appears no reason why
the Bummer pastime of Canada should
uot flourish as in former times.
Boys Busy at It.
Here In this city the game among
the school boys ls on the Increase
One can see more lacrosse Btieks in
the hands of youngsters, some just
big enough to carry them, than In
t,ti years past. A school league has
! ��� mi organised and Is being carried
out with every success. Lacrosse.
once separated from the troubles of
the dark days of the past, will more
than hold Its own with the American
game, But the sport will never flourish in New Westminster unless its
citizens patronize the big clubB.
good head at the helm New Westmin- only to lose the crown to Jack John-
ster bus a bunch of players who can 80n- .      ,       _
link ������v i������,��� ���� tk. ....���                         Af,rr leaving the ring, Tommy Bet-
lick any team on the coast. tled m Cttlgaryt where he ,��� the own.
n..  .v.    .,_    n . u , er of a  flourishing clothing  business
By the time October comes along a[)(, coni(ldGral)le%cal estate. He
It might be a good idea for the Royal bul|t a b|g arena |n tne Alberta ine-
Clty to take another plunge ln the tropolls, and was well on the way to-
amateur soccer league. There Is no wards making that city a great box-
dearth of players ln*  centre'   when  the  death  of  Mc'
  Carty and the subsequent burning of       ^^^^^^^_^^^^^_^^_^^^^���i^^^���
The PhlladelDhla Nationals oot their hl�� arena I>ut an end t0 a" hls PlanB-   w0��   second    Place  ln   the   16-pound  Ose of  Becky,"  written  by
the I hlladelpbla Nationals got their probab|e that BurllB lB through  hammer throw. Locke.   As a result of the s
bumps yeBterday at the hands of the
Cubs.    It will only be a short time temlMUon'oV
before  either  New   York  or  Chicago
will take thc lead ln the National and
oppose  the  Athletics  in  the  world's
How about an Inter-city tennis
tournament between New WeBtmlnster and Vancouver?
Since 1SS6 the estimated cost of the
polo games between American and
English teams is placed at $1,400,000.
Bngland held the trophy ror ail years
ifter winning it In the first scries In
1888 In New York. The Americans
won i' back in 1909 and have suc-
lessfully defended tsamo on two occasions since. The clear profits at the
games last week amounted to $176,-
Oiio. It will probably be given to
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
Seattle   39
Vancouver    :17
Portland  2'.)
Vicorla  28
i acoma -8   2b
S;>ckanc 22    40
Yesterday's Guinea.
At. Victoria: B.    H.    E.
Vancouver    7     9     1
Victoria     0      7     2
Batteries: Ingersoll and Konnick;
Hardin and Shea.
At I'ortland: It.    H.   E.
I'ortland    3     5     2
Spokane     2      8     1
llatteries: Hynes, Garrett, Easter-
ley and Murray; Daly, Cadreau and
At Tacoma: H.    H.    E.
with  the boxing game, for the fatal
        the    McCarty-Pelkey
battle has put an end to fistic contests in the Dominion, and it hardly
likely that Tommy could be induced
j to leave Canada.
1 Tommy began fighting In 1900, and
his first nine bouta were won by the
knockout route, ills first detent was
at the hands or Mike Schreck, In 1901.
Arter a rest he returned to the ring
In 1903, and went through that year
���without a defeat, but In 1904 was bested by Philadelphia Jack O'Brien. In
1905 he fought two draws with Hugo
Kelly, and was deteated by Jack Twin
Sullivan. In 1906 he knocked out Jim
Flynn and held Philadelphia Jack to
a draw, besides winning the heavyweight title by hiB defeat or Marvin
Hart. Tommy successfully defended
the championship against Jack O'Brien, IBM Squires, Bill Lang, and a
number ofolhers. until he met Jack
JohnBon in Australia, Dec. 26, 190S.
Tommy admits that he had no overpowering desire to fight the big
smoke, and put the price so high that
he  thought no  promoter  would  meet
1 It. In his recent bout with Arthur
Pelkey, stagid shortly before the McCarty tragedy, Burns showed that he
still carries a good wallop, although
he lacke;d many of his old tricks of
the trade.
444 -w.j Tommy is probably tbe briefest in
4  stature of any man who ever held the
[heavyweight till', standing only five
feel seven inches. In the ring he
looked far from impressive, but he
was clever, had tremendous strength
in his arms, and great hitting power.
Tommy was a famous lacrosse player
before Ile became a boxer, and also
worked as a bell-hop In his youth.
As a "swell-dresser" he was almost
the equal of Kid McCoy, and he knew
a lot about clothes b:fore he went
into the business or selling them in
Calgary. Tommy continues to use
the name under which he won fame,
and has round It a decided business
luge, 20; Vancouver Athletic dub. 12 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
St. John's High school I I'ortland), 2; or his productions have spelled "suc-
Vancouver Olympic Athletic club and cess," so that the publlc ot any city
Corvallls Commercial clnb one each. |may look with expectancy and conn-
Billy Chandler, or the Vancouver dence on any offering that bears the
A.C, made a new record ln the five: Belasco name.
mile run, making the distance In 26! Once more Mr. Belasco comes with
minutes 2 1-5 Beconds, breaking his <��ne of his newest productions. At
own record of 2fLmlnutes 26 1-5 sec- j the opera house tonight he will pre-
ondit sent     beautiful,     popular,     talented
A.  McDIarmld, also of  Vancouver, j Frances  Starr In  a  new  play, "The
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ successful
run of this play ln the Belasco theatre
In New York, Mr. Belasco believes that
MIbs Starr ln her new drama has
created as great a sensation as that
David Wawefleld recently created In
hiB wonderful play "The Return of
Peter Grimm."
A Good Show.
Thc  Charles  E.   Koyal  stock  com-
Is Lumber War
About To Open ?
(C.'Mtlnuea trom page unei
per ce  ������ will be lowered.    Just how  P--"1? opened a week's engagement aT")'
much it will he lowered Is the ques-   the [to>al theatre last night to packed
tlon  which  Ib now  being debated.        houses und  well  might lt be packed
The shingle Industry Is one of theaa this clever troupe of talented ar-
most Important atfected and in this ! than are without a doubt thc best all-
New Westminster, by reason ot the round stock company that has ever
many large lumber mills at her doors graced the stage in this city. "The
Is watching the operations at Wash- Gin of the Golden West," was their
|nKton first ofrering and it will alBo be pre-
Al the present the duty on shingles ����nted at today's performances. "Paid
entering the United States is 50 cents  in *W' l�� the play selected tor Wed
nesday     and     Thursday.    The  same
prices prevail as  heretorore.
Tne Water Front
per thousand, which Ib high enough
to prevent B. C. products rrom suc-
ce'serully competing with the Americana. The Democratic slate, as proposed In the Underwood bill, provides
tor  rree  shingles.    The   U.   S.  Ilrms
have Just about given up all hope or 	
trying to retain this 50 cent duty antl Old-timers In the tishing industry
are now righting their case trying here state that the present run ot
to have at least 35 cents per thousand spring salmon is the poorest In 22
on shingles retained: in -fact they arc years, catches so rar this season hav-
trying to make the best rate possible, ing amounted to practically nothing.
35 Cents the Limit. In the St. Mungo cannery on Kront
Whether they can secure a 35 cent street there are piles ot empty cans
duty remains to be seen. Ii they can, waiting in vain to be rilled and yes-
then they wilLbe able tn stifle Cana- terday stood 19 feet above extreme
uian competition, but anything lower catch cf this company was less than
than that figure and British Colum- 1000 pounds. Monk & Co., report
Mans will see tiie shingle mills on spring salmon equally scarce and yes-
thtq -irif. of th" line working to ca- terday received only 500 or 600 pounds,
paclty to pour their products over the This, they  Bay, is  less  than  a week
As executor under Wills. /
Agents for the Sale of Real Estate.
Trustee for Investments of Funds.
Buys Agreements of Sale.
Loans and Mortgages.
Insurance in all its branches.
Pays 4 per cent daily balances.
For further particulars apply
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
international boundary.
ago, when at leaBt 700 pounds a day
was an average catch. One fisherman called the spring salmon season
a failure and others are not much
more optlmiBtic. Halibut and sturgeon are plentiful
1 The Fruhling and Samson returned
yesterday morning to continue work
at the delta.
Seattle     6
Tacoma   2
llatteries:    Dell and Cadman:
fuss, McGinnity and VV.  Harris.
9  2
S  4
Electrics   Will   Have   Another   try
Thoso   Moose.
The city baseball league will be otf
i ice more at Queen's Park this eve-
i'   when   the   Klectrlca   will   make
Standing of tne Clubs.
W.    L. Pet
Philadelphia 31    15 .673
New York   29    19 .604
Chicago   29    25 .537
Hrooklyn   25    23 .520
28 .461
 26 .458
St. lxiuls   22    31 .415
f0UI. Cincinnati    19    35 .351
another attempt to lower thc colors of Pittsburg 24
Moose. Hoston    22
i   far   this   Beason   It   has   been   a
n.-iwajr race for the herd and   	
ns have been  chalked up for them 	
��� ii the score board, hut a reverse has' Yesterday's flames.
f il   in   come   sometime  and   Corbett, At Pittsburg;                      It.    II.
the port riinger or the Electrics, be- Boston   6   12    1
lleves   thai   this   evening   Is   Just   as Pitisburg     5     9     0
g'   d  as any  other  time  to  turn  the Batteries      Rudolph and    itariden
Hick. Iler.drix,  Adams,  CanuuU  and
The Moose will have their regular man, Olbson.
I nc up out, including Hiihnke. Heme, At Cincinnati:                     K.    ii.    I*:
flay,  Windblad  and  McDonald  or the ���	
Eraser   Mills   intercity  aggregation. New York     4
Tonight's  game  will  si.irt   al   6:4,",. Cincinnati     2
" hich   ihould   give  lhe  teams  plenty lln teries:     Marquard  and
(  time  to  finish  seven  Innings    at Johnson, Suggs and Clark,
Possibility   of   a   Good   Bout at Brig.
house  for   Dominion   Day���Ed.
monds Affair Delayed.
10      2
'li      4
All blcago:
It.   H.   E
(By the Potter.)
In the death of Charles K. (Cheesy)
Robinson, lacrosse loses an old  player and follower and the Toronto club
of ns best supporters.   Robinson
ono of the founders of lacrosse ln   Brooklyn  .
' ic QuPOD City,    He quit the game in  SI. l/ouis  .
1879,  playing  hiB  last  in  the  contest      Hatterles
between Montreal and Toronto before  ;;urke.
Princess  Louise and  the  Marquis of
Philadelphia    3   10    2
Chicago   ��� 18    16     1
liatleries: Marshall, Chalmers,
Harlranft, Alexander and Klllifer,
Howley, Dooln; Cheney and Bresnahan,
At St.  I.ouis: |   B
20     2
 5     7     6
Rucker   and     Miller;
Harmon, Sallee and McLean.
Some well known crlt'c In Bngland
1   mes  through  with    the    suggestion  Philadelphia
that arter 1925 all left h indcl cricket Cleveland ..
'I blcago
Standing of the Clubs.
hatters rhonld be del-irred from the
u .* He bases his claim on the aa-
rertlon lhat legs ere becoming too
������ ilual '������ an asset to ths detriment of
'��� 11   r ,me.
A   n    .es
Tommy iilff
1 arty  In  Sat!
n has heen made to
that he p'.iy Eddie Mc-
iay'a game at  Queen's
Del roil   	
St.  Louis  . .
New York  .
. .40
. .36
. . 29
. .26
. .23
. .13
Joe Bayley and Krenchy Vaise, ct
Seattle, will probably he matched
this week to appear in the Brighonse
arena on Dominion Day. July 1. Tin re
Is some talk aboui getting Young
Cole- Jack O'Brien, of Philadelphia, oul
lure 10 meet Bayley, but this will
l'kely fall through cuing to limited
Vaise will lind plenty of support on
this side of the line from people who
have been following his record at
l.onnie Austin's light palace In Seattle
and the Canadian champion will have
to step some if he hopes to make a
good  b'.owing  against   the  American.
Ernie Barrleau, since his dismal
showing against Bayley on victoria
Day, is keeping much in the dark
when the bin fellows are mentioned,
but he will be matched In one of the
preliminaries to the Dominion Day
scrap along with his brother Frank.
Their opponents will likely be selected some time this week.
During Ihe past few days little has
been  heard  of the    Kdmonds    affair
where  Frank    Barrieau    and    Danny
O'Brien,  of  Seattle,  are  supposed  to j
go 15 rounds.   The two middleweight^
were  supposed   to   have  been  signed
up  and   everything  arranged  for the
scrap,  but  a hitch  has occurred and I
there   Ib  little  likelihood  of  the two
meetlhg   In   Burnaby   until    July    or !
August, If at all.
T. C. Irving's Congratulation Contained  an  Ominous  Mote.
When any Canadia.. is the recipient
nf honors Iro.. His Majesty the King,
the newly-decorated personage has to
put in about the hardest work ol li:s
li,C i!*' He SS^SSf accru*tome!|0to waters of the Fraser have risen slowly
weeks He must g.ow ��*^����� ��� but BteadU, 6iriCe last Friday and yes-
the title. W*��2JL,"5 tPrday stoom 19 feet above extreme 11
ally and with becoming ��>�����?���'"? ,ow water. Private dispatches from
?r"uHe must"U' dtaJMll Barnston islam! report farmer, there
like the svera: ��� youth of the present to
day making bis initial appearance in
a silk hat or full dress suit. But
that is not all. Sir Thomas, S
ham or Sir Robert���as t-J case may
be���-is literally submerged with congratulatory letters and telegrams. Noblesse oblige���all these messages of
felicitation must be answered, by the ! Between six and eight licenses a day-
slow and rather painful process of are now being issued at the tisherieB
hand-written communications. lt j department here. This is an Increased
would he Intra digttatem to call in number over days a tew weeks ago.
a 1 amanuensis and reply in a whole- .and as the time tor the big summer
sal " "pro forma method, or to in- run approaches, more licenses than
sert a card of thanks in the news- lever will be given out.
papers like a newly-elected alderman |    Tnp Uoman docked at the Colum
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques told, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager,
After having hovered for two weeks
about  the  17  and   18  Toot  mark  the
be   using   canoes   to   move   about I
their   Inundated   land.   However,   thej
water is still six,, and a hair reet be- |
���iir Wil- , 'ow "'e high water mark or 1894 and
I no   serious  results  are  expected,  al-
though  the high  tides of Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday may make a dif-
II.   E
u.   ,ch"ol trustee.
Congratulations are formal, stiff,
lamiliar, or droll, and come Irom sll
lUarters of the Dominion and even
beyond its borders, while ti,,t a lew
, itiauate trom people wluun lb ��� recipient has never known, lhe character of the messages frequently depends on the degree of int.inacy tha!
the sender has previously enjoyed
with the titled one. It re-calls the incident of Sir Oeorge Ross, leader of
the Liberal party in the Senate, who
was honored a lew years ago, A warm
personal friend oi the fo'rmer Premier
oi Ontario is T. C. Irving, manager
nl Bradstreet's, Toronto. On the oc-
-asion when "the list" was announced, Mr. Irving happened ta be in the
West. Everyone knows that Sir
Ueorge is sound ir. the Presbyterian
l��:t''i and doctrine. Accordingly Mr.
Irving, who possesses a keen -en-e nl
humor and is one ol the best raconteurs "f good stories, promptly
snatched the fallowing: "3ir Gi
Ross, Toronto - Hearty eongratu'.al
un the recognition bestowed upon
hy our Sovereign, but, remember
Good  Book says 'There  is no knight
bia Cold Storage wharf last night
with 100.000 pounds of halibut. The
cargo will be unloaded this morning.
Capt. Frederickson reports very unfavorable weather in the gulf during
the last week and says that most of
the time a cold, raw northeast wind
Late last night there wns a clearance or 21 feet 8 inches between the
surface or the water and the riooring
or the Fraser river bridge. Yesterday
the draw was opened Tor the Vulcan.
Senator Jensen. Fearful, Trader and
Kelowna Building.
Kelowna, June 16���Kelowna Is pro-
gressinc by leaps and bounds and already the building permits are ahead
of those for the whole of last year.
According to ofHclal rigures those
tor the city alone at the present lime
amount to over $250,000, to which
must be added $30,000 tor buildings ot
a residential nature outside the city
Pres and Oaal. Mgr.
Bee. aad Traaa.
Rr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 877.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
What They've Got Coming.
Ottawa,   June   16.���The  accountant
ot the house ol commons is squaring
the  accounts  or  members  or  parlia-
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Another Peace Link.
\Y*>.*?h!ngton.    June I 111.���Secretary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bryan  iinii  Norwegian  Minister  llryn ment   In  erspect  to sessional  indem
today e gin d the treaty, extending tor ^^^^���
. ho members or ths Senior Araat-
1   ion  wi re hollaring  tbelr heads
��� " al   Hid Turnbull last week on BC-
* im    f too strenuous practice. After
irday's victory tbe boys are willing
1 ��� 'urn out  Ihree hours a day, Just BO
���  bs  they  feel  able to give  tbe
* \ i'  a trimming on July B,
Yesterday's Games.
At  New  York: It
Detroit       !
New   York  	
Batteries: Zainlook
Stanage; Keating,
Swei uey.
 5   -   1
. ... a   4   4
Lake.  Hall and
Schultz     and
IS 94
innings):  H.
Al   Iloston  112
St.   I.OlliB    	
Ill Bten   	
liatleries      l.everen?.  and
Weed and Nunamaker.
H.   K.
��      2
6      0
The  Polnl  (Ire- lied Sox will meet 	
Ihn Mnn,. at Omen's Park next Mnn- ,,hil.,d,.i���bia'
.1 iv evening.    The visitors have a por        At   1 l.idiipni.i.
riinger   with   a   record  nnd   the  local  Cleveland.	
aggregation will be hard pressed to I Philadelphia
: ' i awny wltll a victory.
11.    II.    IC.
Batteries) FBlkenburg and Carlsch;
Plank and Schank.
Ith, ������  term  i I  five   years  the  sp-p-
  Icial  i bitrati.'.i  treaty  between  the
��� ,      ,���.    ��� ,       ,     ifnilii   S! .ter and Norway, which will
Hob     K tzsunmnns     and       Joe . *     .      .      '���    -,  .    ���   ,���   l,,n�� 11   This
ChoynskifOUgh, live rounds to a   = % tW.WSS;
the better Of the argument for
tlie lirst Ihree rounds, nnd in
the third sent Hob sprawling
with a right hook to the ear.
Pits was all but out, but recovered rapidly and ln the fourth
knocked Jee down four times
In the firth round Choynski was
knocked down twice, and was
all In when the police ordered
the bout Btopped.
Noah Brusso (Tommy Bums)
born at llonover, Ont.
niy.    A  number ot them  went away
without  riling the requisite affidavits
ns to attendance,    The house actually j
s'U 111 days.   Members are allowed 15
days absence, lul over and above that I
are docked J16 a day for the members !
who  did  nr'  attend  the  full session
There appears to be no reason justl ,,,������,"���"���
why   the  Westminster city  ball  team!    At  Washington,
ihould not make a better showing in.Chicago
Hie   ll   c.   league.    The   players   nnd
managers or the city league will hold
a   meeting   tills  evening  in   the  Club
howling nllcyii  lo discuss  Ihe  sltua-
It.    H.    E.
....  4      6
Washington   1    7
Hatterles:      Hussell    and    Schalk;
Engel, Groom and Henry.
Charlie   Querrie   picks     i'ecuniiehs
���vin lhe  Dig Four title this season.
n ii Fleming picks Toronto; Jim Key* l
nnaugh likes the ohancs or hiB Irish
Canadians, while the Frenchmen are|
bnnltlng on iheir own Nationals; t on
Jones still pi rslsta In hoping to see
lhe Minto cup again In Vancouver.
Sounds reasonable enough nil right,
bill ns regards New Westminster we
will bank our lew bones on the Min to
trophy staying right here along wltn
the world's championship.
Rumors have It that a Hlg Six pro.
soccer league will he formed j" van-
Internatlonal League. :
liochester. 2:  Baltimore, 10.
Toronto, 1;  Newark, 2.
lluffalo, IK; Jersey City, 2.
.Montreal, 10; Providence, ��.
(By "Gravy.")
Tommy Burns, 32 Today
Tommy   Hums,  the  former  heavy-
jwrii-in   champion   who   promoted   Iho
I recent McCarty-I'elky bout, will celebrate his thirty-second birthday today.
Tommy,  whose real  name is Noah
Ilrusso.   wns   born   in   Hanover,  Ont,,
iJune  17.   1881,  nnd  during  his eight
V. A. C. Five Miler Clips Few Seconds
Off His Old Msrk a*. Portland
Poriland. Ore., June 16.- Five conference records were broken today In
the annual championship track and
field meet of thi' Pacific Northwest
Association of the Amaleur Athletic,
union, whieh tlm Multnomah Amateur
Athletic club -���I nfter n 'trd fight
wllh  the Seal lie  Athletic club.
I'he final score wna:      Multnomah,
mer and dlBtrlct next fa"' ""',''.m j years in tlio ring, fought  his way up ' 1-i points;  Sealllo, 27;   University    of
WKb a to (be top of the heavyweight heap, Oregon, IS; Oregon Agricultural   col-
iiilnal   City   games   being
Hie new Hasting' P>** *''"'���������
Monday and Tuesday-Matinee and Night
Chas E. Royal Stock Co.
10c  AND 20c.
MATINEE 2:00 TO 4:30
NIGHT   7:20   AND  9:15
Wlh lhe Charies K. Royal Company at tho Iloyal theatre. .* _**:... matfrni
PfttiC   SI*
TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1913.
Classified Advertising
OSlved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
62S Columbia street; A. Sprico,
Queensborough, l.ulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Claseined���One cent per word por
lay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used sh re*
(Hired within one year trom date of
contract, $26.00.
express harness, $25. Apply Fashion
livery. (1561)
child. Apply to Mrs. Charles K.
Hoyal, Dominion hotel. 11657)
neer for night work. Apply to B. C.
Manufacturing company. (1550)
horses weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight years wllh harness
nnd wagon; also one team 3000,
seven and eight, wllh liarneBS and
wagon; also one extra wagon, 3V4
inch skein, will sell altogether or
separate, cheap for cash, or mlghl
consider trade. Apply 1406 Fifth
avenue. Now WeBtmlnster.      (1650)
Charge of Manslaughter In Connection
With Death of McCarty���Tommy
Burn*' Case Traversed
Calgary, June IC���The trial of Arthur Pelkey will open in Calgary on
Thursday next before Chief Justice
Harvey with a Jury. The cOiarge Is
lhat of manslaughter In connection
with the death of Luther McCarthy
In the boxing bout at the Burns-Manchester arena on Muy 24, Juines
Short, K. C, will prosecute, and A.
L.  Smilh will defend.
The similar charge againat Tommy
Burns will be held over till the fall
session of the criminal assizes.
This was arangod arier James Short
K. C. had mado application to the supreme court en banc ror leave to hold
AtiREEMENT   HOLDER   ON   ORCH-Itho   trlaI   now.    The application  waa
ard lot two blocks rrom Sixth street [granted.    His Lordship Chief Justice
car line wishes to dlBpose of inter- [Harvey  asked  ir   the   trials   or   both
season,  and   whoso    certificate     was
suspended I'or three months by Com-
inantlor Lindsay, wreck commissioner,
'has been successful lu his appeal  to
. | t-lici   British   courts,   and   Sir   Samuel
Anri Dii-kln***!.. B...U u��. iiiui.   HvanB, president of    Hie    Admiralty
And Rubinstein Repaid Her With court, ha3 restored the certificate.
a Torrent of Melody.      . 	
MOODS OF THE GREAT MASTER :EnglIsh  Exp,0^~F~nd,  a Siren,.
Body oi Waler  In  Nigeria.
The  Climax  to  an   Evening  With tha I     ''���   Amiiury   Talbot,   u   district  Com
Composer In Hia Home In St. Petersburg. When Hia Efforta at the Piano
missioner in   southern    Nigeria,    hn-i
mnde another remarkable   discovery.
Soil),- months HgO, when lie returned
Lett Him Aahen Faced and Exhausted ; to Kngland on a visit, he told Imw he
' found   the   l.nki
modern, Princess street, near
Fourth; small payment down and
balance bb rent. Apply evenings
about 7 o'clock, 331 Fine Btreet.
Iu her "Recollee'tlona of Rubinstein,''
published In  Hill-pet's  Magazine,  Lillian Nlchln throws some new lights on
j tbe character aud temperament of one
! of the famous composers of the last
j century.     Her   enrlleat   acquaintance
| with Rubinstein was when, as a child,
she resided with her parents In Dub-
i Iin.   She afterward traveled with hlm
| during an ICuitllsh toor that the com-
|��iHer made null met him again lu St
I'etersburu at a rehearsal, when the
housework and assist with children,
une Bleeping at home nights preferred.   66 Royal avenue. (1655)
rooms with board. Apply 715 Fifth
avenue. (1513)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 Nowb office. (1383)
..09 Hospital Btreet.
ed modern house, partly furnished;
$17 per month. Lease if required.
Apply owner, J. Roue, Colonial Pool
Room, or Box 797. (1552)
tage, modern. Apply 207 Clinton
Place, near Royal avenue and Second slreet. (1510
keeping rooms, suitable for couple.
619 Hamilton street. (1532)
est  therein.    $100
balance  on   $800   spread   over  long
tr-nu. Fine chance tor home Beeker.
Box 1533 News olTlce. (1533)
delivery, either all 500, or a Binglo
cord.    How  many  ror you ?    Very
reasonable.    Box 1499   News ofTico.
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1461)
  - -   ���  Preat master invited her to dinner tbat
will handle thlB,; Pelkey and Burns could not be taken   snme evening.   The author savs-
Mr %^!*t&SC08��tfiU?i h1.!111.1   "' B'"'"t ���***' "���"' of ^e afternoon
Mr. Short and Mr. Smith rep led that nnmrui ,���i . n..i.. k .# .   a   ��� ,    ,
It could not, as neither was prepared i ?" , "- ","' " V hefore 0 o clock
for teh case. Burns will therefore j'"" ", mJT?" "' '"st lB H"1"^"''"
not be tried till October. (Study   timid   nil   bin  intimate  SSROCla-
There  wlll  be a large number   ofj""""'  '""'hlng the  books and music
Witnesses  called  lu  the  Pelkey  case. ! ������"���t   belonged   tn   him.  sitting  before
j Among these will be Burns himself, I'he piano lie plnyed on. glancing over
Ed. Smith of Chicago, the referee or Ithe pages of niunuscrlpts thnt he hnd
the bout, and Billy McCarney, the Must tinlshed-ln short, nt home with
manager   tor   the   deceased   McCarty.   hlm      |   round
'There   will   probably   be  others   who'
were spectators, summoned to tell ot
.what they saw in the ring.
with Masonic emblem attached
Finder please return to 620 Columbia street.    Reward. (1543)
The doctors will, however, bring In
the Interesting features, and Dr. H.
H. Moshier. who performed the autopsy on McCarty, will take first place,
while the defence will also summon
witnesses of expert medical standing
to disprove the contention that Mccarty's neck was dislocated at the
bout on May 24. One of these will
come from Philadelphia, and but for
the raw that he has such a long Journey to make, thc trial would have
been held sooner. Great interest will
be taken in the trial, as the event
which led up to lt created quite a
Btir the whole world over.
bedrooms, hot water convenience.
Use of telephone. Moderate ttirraB.
Apply 433 Twelfth street.        (1536)
keeping rooms.    All    conveniences. ] For Sale���Five
732 Agnes street. (1625)
rooma,    1020   Third
ern    house
Ninth    sir
Third    avenue,    near
et.      Apply    808    Third
ftinished housekeeping rooms, lirst
tloor, at 224 Seventh slreet.    (1503)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone L638.
Notice is hereby given that Tom
Wing, or New Westminster, has purchased the eutire Interest in the Sang
Leo Lung Co. Any partieB having accounts agalnsl the aaid Sang Lee
Lung Co   will please call immediately I Five Yearg for BoaBti
June uVl-T^ nil-Ill    M0��8e   JHW'   Sa9k"   J,me   16-The
June 16, 1913. (1547) 'supreme court came  to an end  with
 ���  ,atc   Tn rt xcc,*^,      'i'he   sentoncing  or  the  notorious   Bill
1UU  LA It   IU CLASSIFY       : Anderson to rive  years in  prison on
���**���~-~n~~~-~- ~^^  a charge of stealing horses.    He had
Fine Home for Exchange���For few'boasted that he had rustled 180 horses
days only. Owner will take lot in the country south of here taking
worth $1500 i'or $1670 of equity in a  40 across into Montana in one bunch
flue new (lve room-ad fully modern It was due to his boasting to the chief 'heir silver holders, lemon,
house situate on a large lot.; of police at Medicine Hat that he being served.
Seventh avenue, near Sixth street, was caught after the mounted pol-
Balance of payments Bmall and Ice had searched for him for many-
very easy. years. The chier thought that he was
����~13 ^Z~CZZ2 lyinK' lnU waB willing to take a chance
with bath andfo^la^orZ M&eMt ' AnderS��n ���� "���k "'
close to Twelfth street.    $100 cash, : . __^
balance $25 a month. p���,r..m._   u.   w     7~~   .
^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^s.,^^^-. I        fonceman   Had   No  Authority.
Wanted���We will Dlve a $1350 agree-  .   H��'K|na'   Sask.,   June   16��� A   rather
ment for sale    (Al)    and    halanoe |n'lmorou8   debate   took   place   as   to,
cash for a good building lot in eity    wll,;llC(>    tlie    policemen  in  Wascana
Must be cheap    and    a   good   buy !pilrk.<1('riv<-d.his authority.   The com
Owners only.
For Rent���No. 42a Thirteenth street,
city, six roomed fully modern
house. Fine garden and fruit trees.
Lease to careful tennant. Cheap
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
gage, good city property. Will accept best terms offered, (live particulars Box 1540 News office.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
whence the policemen
park derived his authorit
missioners disclaimed all responsibility for his appointment, and the commit (ee knew nothing of it. Alderman
Krause assured them that he had been
duly sworn In and Alderman Peart
thought, the committee might look
rather foolish If the man arersted
some one In the park.
They were agreed that such a policeman was necessary, but wanted
to have his appointment straightened
out and so referred the whole question to the long-suffering commissioners.
I). R. S* lh AGENCY, LIMITED, 520
Columbia atreet. New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly! Collections mad" everywhere. il365)
Extra choice building lot on Third
avenue, 66x132. Will trade on fully
modern  residence.    No. 68.
where. No Collection, no charge.
American--viiiifouvi-r Ml rcanttle Ag
ency, 330 Hastings atreet west. Vancouver, B.C. U44U)
Unfurnished throe num suite, with
baih.   I ioi and cold water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. phona 750
  -  _ -**im
Few  people  are aware of the fact
lhat  a  swift  camel   can   pace   faster
than   ihe   ordinary   race   horse.     Tho
Sells-Floto Circus people did not even
know   that   themselves  until  one  of
i their men one day last winter hitch-
Substantial   eight  room  house, handy   ed "Asia" the baby camel born to the
to Sixth  street car Hue;   close    In.  Circus  two years ago. to an ordinary
Will irade on building lot. No. 72.      speeding  wagon.     It   was  a comparatively   easy   task   to   break   the   little
fellow  to  harness,  and as  the  circus
Saskatchewan farm, 160 acres, fenced,'wa3   wintering  at   Overland   l'ark   at
house;  good water,
cily prop-erty.    No.  '.
Will trade fur
was   jogged   around   the
Fifty acres at Matsqui;
ed; extra choice, alder
trade for city property,
partly slash-
bottom. Will
$3200. No. 4.
Ten  acrea  full
c:tj   property.
bearing    orchard
$66(111.    Will trade
No. 6.
We can trade two 40 acre
Hardy Bay at $30 an acre
growing Into big money.
plots    at
This is
No   1.
Between Charles A   Welsh   Plaintiff;
and   Isaac  Rea,  I   -fondant:
In Chambers before His Honor, Judge
Howay,  Friday,   the  lbih  day    of
May, A.H. 1913
Upon hearing Mr. John Sloan Potter, ot Counsel fsr the Plaintiff, and
upon hearing niul the affidavit of
Howard Welsh lil. d herein, and upon
hearing  what  was alleged,
It is onl red thai service of the
'"rii. ot Summons in this action lie
substituted by serving the said Deli ndant Isaac Res in the following
maimer, that is to say: By sending *,
nue copy of the Writ of Summons,
t gether with a true copy of this
order to ihe Defendant's last kaown
i. ldress, Lytton Hotel, New Westmin-
t.er, B.C., under prepaid di ublo regis
tered   post,   ami  nlso   by .inserting  In
the "Daily News." a newspaper pun
1 shed und  circulating  iu  the City of
Ner*. Westminster, B.C., for a period
i.t five (6) days, notice t>r tlie said
Writ or Summons.
And i: Is further ordered that the
t me limited for entering an ap-
I aranee to said Writ of Summons be
eight (S) days after the last, insertion
ii this advertisement
And  It   Is  further ordered  tin!  the
- osts of and Incidental to this application bo costs ill the cause.
(1520) County Judge.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Denver,   h
race track
It soon became evident that "Asia" |
was troubled with speed,   in a couple   ni
of  weeks   he   could   Bhuffle  along   he-
side the fast trotters when thev were
jogging a pretty rair clip and one dav
he   was  asked     to  go    through     the
;s'retch   at   speed.     It   is   claimed   hy
those who saw the performance that
;he  completed   the   distance   In   thirty-
Six seconds, which is a 2.24 clip, Just
exactly what the limit, of his speed
Is has not been ascertained, because
be is only a wo year old colt. Ho
will be Been, however, both in the
parade and at each performance of
tho Sells-Floto circus when he will
; appear and give an exhibition of his
Bpeed in the hippodrome.
The  Sells-Floto circus  is  hilled  to
visit   New   Wesiminster  on   June   IK.
i The  price of admission  still   remains
j 25   ceius      And   there   are   seats   this
year for 10,000 people.
.  ih"  Agent  of
mil Fisheries,
received   i.p   to
TENDERA addressed   to
tho Department of Marin
Victoria,,   li.   C,   will   i���*
noon nf the
FIFTH  DAY  OF JULY',  1913,
foi   the  uld  Rands   (lend   Lightship
\ deai rlptlon of the Lk-btsiiip nnd
i   particulars   required  can   bo
lal I from the Agenl of tho Marino
pin mu mu nt Victoria, ll. C.
Each   tendei   mual   bo   accompanied   by
:1" :" Pted cheque equal to len p,-r cent.
"i iho total amount i.r the tender. The
cheque accompanying the successful tender will I..- forfeited should thc said ten-
fl��r��r decline iu purchase tho Lightship nt
the lender prloe. Cheques nce'ompnnylng
unsuccessful lenders will be returned
The SUCi ��� -'iii tenderer musl take over
niul remove the Lightship as Boon as his
tender Ih accepted and the purchase price
The highest or any tender nnt necessar
Ily accepted.
Newspapers copying >Ms ndvnrtlaemenl
without authority from thi Department
will not he paid for sum-'
Deputy Minister of Marine imd Fisheries,
Department  of Marine and  fisheries,
������-IJ17S. Ottawa,   30th  Muy,   1911
Proved ot Great Valse to Ut"
There Is only one cuplanallon fei tlie
numbers of oBthusinstic ktt-rrs thnt we
rece-ivt pralt ing Na-Dru-Co Dysp, pe.i.i
Tablets, and that is that these tablets
certainly do enm any kind of stomach
Here is a typictil letter [rom Mlaa
l'Ji>.�� Amwwoiihy, Cani.o, N.S. :
"It Ls with pleasure I write to inform
yon that your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets havc proved ol great value to
nie. I triH remedy after remedy bul
without any LutinR g<x d Having heard
of your tabUlta curing such cases as
mine I decided to give Ihem a fair trial
Thev proved Mtisfactory ia my cose."
The muailtnble success of Nu Dni-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success nn
can only come to au honest remedy,
com-pounded according lo an exceptionally gooel fotmi-.ln, from pure ingredients, by cipert e-hemirts. If yon are
troubled with your stomach just ask
your Drugfjist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, oompoumled by tiie
National Drng anil Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
the Dominion at ,-wc. a box. m
then that he wna no
longer the sphinx mnn of the concert
platform, but n genial, -melons host
asking after the friends | hnd recently
left In Frankfort nntl making Inquiries
after those In Ireland and Bngland,
pspecliilly nfter all young artists, for
������Whom he had a henrt flowing over with
kindness and sympathy. Possibly his
own student diiys In Vienna, when
he hsd literally starved, had something
to do with this At the dinner table
I found out he was thoroughly n belli
"After dinner I had to co through
the ordeal of pbiytiiR fnr him, and.
���when I hnd finished, his mnnserrnnt
brought In a cnnl tnhle. and we sat
down to a gnme of vlndt. a difficult
sort of whist, much like present day
bridge. Uillilnstelli and I were partners and hwt shamefully���scarcely to
lie wondered nt, for I had Just learned
whist���but ue insisted on playing ngaln
ami again.
"Mntve. the servanL then brought In
ten tn the long Kusslnn glnsNe�� with
put cream.
and  one  of   the  ladies
present  knowing  I   was a  newcomer
and Ignorant of tho fact tbat It wus
an   unwritten   law  as   unalterable  as
that of tbe Mode's and  Persians that
bis gua-st* should not ask him to piny,
I whispered to me to  make blm go to
j tlie piano.    Cheerfully and lunoeently
I  went  up to  hlm  nnd,   running  my
��� rm through his. suld coaxlngly;
"'Do come and play something!*
"liis face changed in a moment  An
Ominous silence fell  on those presenL
Lven the culprit who had le-d me Into
the trap looked disturbed.    As for Un-
blnatellt  liiinseif,  lie gave me u scowl
Bnd tttlrly flung my band nwny.
'���'No,' lie suid shortly, "l never play,
. Don'l furget this.
"The sudden change ln his manner
Oniii-rv. (1 me. for the tears started to
ni> ens. mid I stood giiplng at hlm
As ,i iiiutlei or fact. 1 was thoroughly
dlsoutli --led nml taken aback. As
Bonn us I'.ilhttisteln saw thl* bl* face
cbungeil ngnln. nnd. laughing, lm held
out his hand to uie apologetically.
" 'Well, euine: give me u kiss and I
Will play for you!'
"I hud Just reached the age when
Dir kisses were Uot lightly given. Be
sides, I was cut to the heart's core,
and I turned my head away In denial.
" 'Whutr cried one of the women
present 'Could you refuse Antou
Or.gorlewllt ur
"'Yes.' cried Itublnsteln, 'and Just
fur thut I am going to i'lny tor ber
an.\ Imw. for she is tlie lirst that evei
"Itublnsteln was In one of his rarest
ils. atid those of us who were pres
eni will never forget the Ineffable
beauty uf tiie Chopin !���' major ballade
��s he starteel the opening theme, one ot
(tu- wonder pieces of thut compose!
Whom Ituiiltisiein hnd designated 'die
tfev o des I'lirieplano.' When Ile bad
Uiiiilicd the luilbide be passed, nliaoxi
without a pause, to the preludes, fom
ot which he played Then tie dashed
Into his fitMirlte mazurka and ended
wnn iiie heroic !*' sharp niluut polo
inn-,- Across the room I could see
Suliie liguiv** huddled, us It were. In fear
Slid i.n.ir    The III lets of lhat  mn
sn rang through the room It wus an
ll tin- i'.'ii-i, legion* were marching
sword" nu isi retched, banners dying,
basleliifiu tu ille like hemes for ruitli
Slid country, singing t! c*r love songs
fa.lauil.v, al I hough the funeral dirge
��ns iii follow
"When liuhlnstjPln had Mulshed his
fu. >��� wns iisheti white, his breath was
C'uiiltm In gasps, and he was laboring
MIKlei Ihe excitement i-nused by thai
nei,inly whieh, alas, a few years lute!
wn- in curry him off! Nunc ot n*
guessed It (hen. for, brawny of build
Impatient of sympathy, scorning nil
bodily weaknesses, he hid Ids suffer
lugs from those about hlm Mil too lute
He bnd iiliiiust tea,bed his sixtieth
year, for tifty years subjecting himself
mercilessly In the lierce und ilbsorhlng
leys nud sorrows of tbe arilsl. and the
li.inr uf reckoning wns not fur uway
Arter he hud puffed nt his cigarette rm
��� few minutes he stood up-the signal
that It was near 11 o'clock and time for
as to go."
e of the Dead in the
Oban oountry. He now tells how ii��
sml his wile explored the Sacred
Luke ol Life.
When Mr .Talbot returnefl to Nigeria he iottn.l that the news ol lhe
discovery of the Lake of the Dead
bad brought to light the lact that
another sheet ol water to which toys-
t rloui powers were ascribed exisie-d
in the neighborhood e,l Ikot-OIsi, the
chief town ol the lblblos, anil one
afternoon Mr. Talbot anil Mr. Kakin.
accompanied by Mr.��, Talbot and lier
sister, set out tn locate it.
Hi'.herto the knowledge ot the lake
had been kept s jealously guarded
secret Iroin   all  Europeans,  and   not
'even the natives, with llie exception
of the high priests, had been all.,wed
to approach   Lhe   suore-il    wuter.    th-
! dwelling   pluce   ol   the   greatest   deity
of the race.
Access to  the  lake  was  through   a
I sacred grove io cunningly contrived
that a stranger might  pass  within  a
I lew yards ol yet never Hml the holy
pool. Mr. Tulbot and Ills party.
Jjuided to the spot, found tbnt the
water was  full nl great lish. on thd
: welfare of which depended the Hie ot
! the Ihibio race.
The lish were so tame that they led
from  the hand ol the reigning high
! priest, the only native human  being
j nllowed to look on the water. Formerly many victims were annually
sacrificed her', though at the present
I duy human life is not permitted lo be
Countless legends had crown up
round the spot. It was said to hnve
been plac-! by it- lirst guardian, the
tliiincljr god, under the cure of a py-
'���     i and a leopard, which ceaselessly
! keep watch as ward and destroy any
ope rash enough to seek to penetrate
i its mysteries,    ll is especially snered
I as the dwelling place ',1 the most
powerful deity���the Great Mother I-u-
I Ma (the Face ol Love)���whose symbol is a holy rock facing the entrance
Near by the travel, rs found a seoond pool. tine.Wary to the lake itsell.
In the centre ol this is a palm tree,
near which, in tlie water, ar- stationed a man, a jjiri anil a boy who bear
the name of the goddess, as thev
were granted t" the parents in <iir-et
answer to prayer. Mr. Talbot will
send home a complete account ol the
discovery at an early date.
Smallest Book Deciphered.
The contents in very microscopic
handwriting of a tiny hook described
in the catalogue n( the Bodleian library a.s "the smallest manuscript in
the library," have at last been de-
The bunk lias been in the library for
more than two centuries and ti hall,
its pages measure three-quarters ������', an
inch in length and three-quarters ol
an inch in breadth; it is bound in
Mack leather with silver corners and | I
it is attached to a chain and kept in
i red leather box. The pages are
iivered with a very minute shorthand
An enthusiastic stenographic expert
iius identified it as a serfnon transcribed by a famous seventeenth century practitioner ol the art. Jeremiah
Rich, who hoast"il that he "could
write so small that his pen could
scarcely be seen to move."
These facts were more common in
those days than in our own. It appears that the same penman i resented
e'hnries II. with another specimen ui
ills skill, a copy of the same sermon,
written on line paper, b'lund in crun
son, "with silver clasps and corners, '
the book and its covers being "less
Ihan the nail ol his little linger." Ihe
whereabouts of this curosity are unknown. It is one ol those books that,
are not intended to be read, Lut il
may have been preserved.
, Poisbivi V
Good housekeepers commene-e
using Wilson's Fly Tads early In
the season. Do It now. You wiii
not k 11 many, but every one represents thousands that would infest
your home later on.
Bank of Montreal'
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)    $16,000,000,00
HE&ERVE    * 16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and,
Newfoundland, uud in London, England, Now Vork. Chicago and Spoknna
U.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters,
of Crodlt Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department -Deposits
received in sums ol $1 und upward
and Intereat allowed at 3 per cenl per-
innum (present rate).
Total AssetB over 1188,000,000.40.
(i. D.  n-KYMNKK.  Manager.
Telephonet:  Office 53, Reeldence 429.
JOHN  KEID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      BroB.'    Gasoline
Bnglnes,  Marine   Engines  and   Automobile Ilepalrs.
Office and Works: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
I, Geoffrey K. Burnett, CIO., B, C,
Land Surveyor, give notice that 1
have taken Into partnership Mr, I). J.
-Vlcllugan, C.B., li. 0, l.and Surveyor,
and we shall carry on business at my
,dd address on McKeiuie slreet, New
Vieats-itiBtcr. under the name of "Burnett & McGugan."
Ml  accounts due  to me  are  to  be
paid into the hands ot   Burnett   &iou, stimulating Tonics.
McGugan    within    one    month    rrom :        DAVID BOYLE, 35 Elohth St
date,    who  will also    deal    with    all1
valid claims agalnsl my late buslneSB,
B. C. Land Surveyor.
N'ew Westminster, B.C., June 12, 1313
Specialty-Treatment  or  the   scalp
by   Vlbro-Mnsaage  and Glover's  Fain-
Moved !
From 46 Lorne St.
City of New Westminster:t0 401 Columbia St.'
BYLAW NO. 101,
liylaw to amend Bylaw No.  181 Is
Liu��rov**mi nl     By
From time
been a law in
wick, Kniilati'
mayor had tl
immemorial there hal
Applegate, County Wat
. -... the effect thai tli*
u tiest oi everything  in
tuwn. and, for Instance, should one
���uiy he had the best coat in the place
ne  must  add,  "except the   mayor."
One day a stranger came lo Appte-
jate and had dinner there at the inn.
\fter  paying  his  bill  he  said  t"  ibe
I landlord,  "I've had the best dinner
ni the coin,try."
The Landlord- Kxcept the mayor.
The Stranger���Kxcept noth.pg!
As a  result  the  tourist   **i*> called
ben,re tiie magistrate and lined Iiii) tur j
ui.- breaking o| lhe laws oi Ihe pluce.
When llie man hml  |)aid  hli line  tn-
bowed to tli" judec ami said. "I in in, j
ilggtnt tool ill town, except the in.iy   j
Doomed Cld City Hoos".
���Viinther quaint old London eilv
ii.u-�� is disappearing, lt i- Nu i-
Snii-biiry si|iinre. and evidently wai
built over IKK) years ago, when ;t
^iiuld be regarded as a West-end man
sion. An unmistakable old world air
lingers about the rooms with Its uneven floors, deep window silU. wnin..
cotted walls, Qreplace bobs and corner
A visit to tin- basement <>( this-tlinuse
is interesting to a liner oi antiquities,
by reason of lis arched vaults, lis
diminutive windows and .capacious
fireplaces, and the huge beams su;,
porting each low-pitched kitchen ceil
ing. The cellar doors have solid irmi!
holdfasts, and an irmi cistern "till
in use bears an embossed dale--ITsO " I
lu ii.
Tn,. Municipal Councll of tin- Corporallon et ne* City ot New Weatmlnster cn-
���iclB us  follows:
i. Section l u( the wild Bylaw No. 1*1
i>�� Iiik "Nanalmo .street Improvement Bylaw, 1812" Is hereby repealed und the following BubBtlluted therefor: ' 1. A street
nlghwuy or public thoroughfare is hereby
established and opened over tne lands aud
premises described us follows: Commencing tu B point on the Westerly limit of
I'enth stns-t nnd at a distune,, of three
and three tenths I J.3) feet from the
North Kiist ungle of Lot HI* 1(11 of Lot
Number Due (li. Suburban Block Eleven
(11) In the City of New Westminster, aald
dlstanoe of throe und three, tenths (3.3i
f,s>t to be measured on the course Bouth
Thirty-Nine degrees Twi nty-elght mlnutea
and fifteen Beconds Blast <H 39 degrees
:s mln, ir, nee. B.) , thence continuing on
the course South Thirty-nine denr,.,-*
Twenty-eight mlnutea and Fifteen seoonds
Kusi is sn degrees :�� min. ir, hit. B)
nml along the said Westerly limit ,.r
Tenth street, a distance of .sixty iooi
feel; tle'iie.- on ii eourso South Fifty degrees Thirty-three minutes West <s so
degrees S3 mln, VV i u distance of Five
iiimdi-ii .uni Ninety-four istui feet more
or less to tie- Westerly limit of Ra-subdl-
vlslon Eight (ti of Subdivisions One (li
Tw., (2) Tlir," (31 and Four M, or snld
Numlier One (li Suburban Block Eleven (in produced; thence on a course
North Thirty-nine degp-ep Twenty-eight '
minutes nml Fifteen Beconds Wesl in 39 j
degrees 2-) mln. ir, see W) n distance of
himiv ighi r.-et. thence on o course North
Fifty degrees Thirty-three minutes F,,1Bi ;
(N iid degrees 33 mln. Fl ;i dlstonci of
Five Hundred and Ninety.four 11,11, f, rt
more or hss tn the placo ef commencement "
���;   Peotlon  I of the e.ild Bylaw No.  181
is lu-roby amended by striking out nil thnt
portion thereof between the word "First"
lu   the   fourth   line   thereof  unci   Hi"   word
"Second" in the twentieth line thereof and *
Isubstituting the following therefor: "Commencing nt the North I'.mt ungle of Re- I
subdivision Flv- (5) of Subdivisions One
i(I)   Two   CJI   Three   (3)   nnd   Four   (-til
of Lot  o,,e   in   Suburban  Block  Eleven
(II) ; thence on a course South Fiftv de- !
gn-es Thirty-three minutes West (8 B0 degrees  :t:t   mln.   Wi   nlong  the   Northerly
boundaries   of   He-subAlvlslnns   Five   ir,i
Six   CO)   S. v.���  iTl  and  Fight   (S)  nf Subdivisions One ill Two  Cl Three  (3l  nnd
Four it i of sold Lot One (1)  Suburban
Hlock   Eleven   (11)   a  distance  of  Three!
Hundred and Seventy-two und Twenty-fou ���
OU"   hundredths   (371.24)   feet;   thene"   nn
n course North Thirty-nine degrif-s Twen- !
tv-Mgtit minutes and Flft.in seconds West,
(N 39 degrees 23 mln. IB >.t   W) a tils-
t-ine.- nf Two nn.l Beventy-three one hun-
rtredths   (3.73)   feet;   thence  on  a  oourse
North fifty degrees Thirty-three minutes
Bast (N f,o degrees "3 mln   F.i a dlstnnoi
of Thr."   Hundred  and   Seventv-two  und
twenty-four one hundredths i:t72-J4t feet; I
thence on i, course South Thlrty-nlns de- '
green  Twenty-eight   minutes  and   Fifteen
s.rimls  F-i,-i   is  :i9  degrees   2'   mln.   IB I
sen.  f.i   :i distance or '.v, und soventv-
three one  hundredths   (2.78)   feet   to  llie
place .,f Is,-Inning "
3    T'os   ltvlnw   may   |���.     ele.t     ������     |hn
"V'K'TMO BTREET fi"'.i iVF'.'r v-
'"""���V, 1913, AMENOINO BYLAW
ii.'NR   - ���-��)  pass:--*. in  ,,��� ��� ,������,,,,.
cP  ���"    V '��������� of Jem    ISIS
 i-.--T'i|'ttFi|        V N11       PIN \t t.Y
PASSED this Twelfth day of j.,,,     ,.,n
A. w   i;ri>Y
T   .1   THOMVS Mayor
Acting City Clerk
<18i:.' i
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
Ladles   and
To Port  Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for Port
Maun 8:60 a.m.
Leavea  Port  Mann   Tor  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster ror  Port
Manu and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coquitlam    tor    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster ror Port
Mann 5:88 p.m.
Leaves   l>()rt   Mann   for  New   Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for   Port
Munn and Port Coqultlam 4: HO p.m,
leaves    Port   Coquitlam    for    Port
Mann nnd New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to ohange without
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
^canadian pacific
Splendid arrangements made thla.
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points  east,  commencing  May 28.
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Kare for Hound Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays.
for rates and reservation apply    t
KD   OOULKT, Agtnt
New  Westminster
,)r  H.   W    Hrodle. O.P.A.  Vaneouror
B.C.tat Service
Notice ih hereby Riven that nl lhe
next HltlliiK of the Hoard of Llcenso
Commissioners for the city of    New
- v.
and it i
Lea;,�� Vane
nml  I) .'III  p.m.
Leaves   Vuncouvfr   for
Mini   Northern   Points    10
days and   Snturdays  at
����� Vancouver for Victoria lu a. in .
and  11 lib.
Vancouver for Seattle  10 a.  m.
for Nnnitlino  1(1 n in
l'rlnee Ilupert
e m Wednos-
11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
| BD. noi'LIST.  Agejit. New Westminster.
II. W. DRODtBI, U, P. A.. Vanoouver.
Leaves   Chllllwack
Westminster application wl'il be made I rhur"day ana ���������*���,.
for a transfer of the license to    sell j w^SayWaTdm*M!iirv '
liquor by retail in lhe Central  Hotel1 y'
premises situate on Lot One (1).
Hlock "li," Merchants' Square, City or
New Westminster, rrom .Toa. I. Freeman to Henry l-*'recinan.
Dated   at   New Westminster, B.C..
tills 6th day of May, A.D. 1913,
Holder of LIceiiRo.
(1331) Applicant for Transfer.
1   a.
Transfer Co.
| Jfflcs  Phons  185.      Barn  Phons  137
Begble Street
The Rifted man Is he who pees the
essential point and Iwives nil tbe rust
sslde ns surjiluK:ij,-.��.-Curlyle.
Restore Captain's Certificate
Montreal, June 16.���Another decision or the leical Wreck Commissioner's court haa been overturne-d by the
Admiralty CourtB of Bngland. Cap-
laln Hoy, formerly master of the Hon-
Kore Head, which groundeel near Flow
er  Island   in   Belle;   Isle   Straits   lust
Taking a Plebiscite.
The Vicar nl ht. Andrew'
Kensington, England, (Kev. (
laa Castledon), is taking the view
his congregation on the subject ol lhe
services held on Sunday mornings, it
having been stated that they are too
long and (allguing. IWurendum pa
pers   have   been   issued   to   the   com-
riiunicanti and members of the congregation
Bskksko Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Cats and Water.
Cats   hhte  water  because  tlieir  fur
hns nothing cily about it and conse-
uueutiy takes a long time to dry.
New  Spring and  Summer  Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
Rt and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Pront StreeL TUESDAY, JUNE  17, 1913.
Forerunner Arrives In Victoria to Look   Well   Known   Delta   Citizen   Busy   in
Things Over���Has Not Seen
Fraeer Valley.
Viotorla, June 10. -Kay Tramp, a
Danish agriculturist, who arrived In
Victoria from Denmark, and who Intends In pUrchaM u farm on Vancouver Island, males thai fanning conditions lu his native counlry as compared  to those ur British Columbia,
were very poor nl present, Mr. Tramp
has been In Mrltlsh Columbia before
on a visit nml ib therefore 111 a posl-
iiiiii to make a comparison.
He i taled  that owing to the dense
population niul the everygrowlng
taxes, people were practical)' obliged
In leave lhe country to seek a living
, || BW ilere.
"I iiiii not entirely Ignorant as lo
th.. conditions or this country," said
Mr, Tramp, "I was here on a visit
before and saw for myself what a
wonderful country Ibis Is for farm -
ing purposes,
**it  ii   surprising 11 nn- ihat there
aie en comparatively few' Danish people in this province," be went on, "but
ilu* Danes, unlike most other people,
very easily adapt themselves to new
conditions anil durroundlngs, Thoy
become Americanized In a very short
lime, and an- not at all clannish.
'lln;  explains to a  very  greal   extent
the lack or colonies or Bettleffients of
Danes It is my hope, althougb I am
afraid it in but a faint one, In lime
to gather friends and aoquadntancas
Into Buch a settlement on Vancouver
island P has been done belore; for
Instance, 1 am sure it would surprise
manv to hear lhal in Omsk, an ob-
Bcure city in central Siberia, tliere is
.*. -.. r*. large and important colony of
Danes In Slam tliere Is also a large
number of  Danish  people win, have
in many Instances become I rusted
govi mm -nt officials, I cannot see why
nn Increase Immigration or Danes to
this country should not be or a very
��� mutual benefit to both. The
I lanes are Industrious, Intelligent and
sober people; thoy are always enterprising and energettc and have always been known as most trustworthy* "
Mr. Tramp will slay In Victoria until he lias made definite arrangements
as to the purchase of land on Vancouver Island
Upper Country���Government
Exhibits for   Fairs
Nelson, June 16.���"Al Ilrundon the
exhibit of the natural resources tit
llrlllHh Columbia Ik to be made next
month by the provincial government
will exci-ll any display thai haa ever
been made In tlie prairies," declared
W, J. Ilrandrltli. the provincial exhl
billon Commissioner, who was lu Nelson.
This year the government exhibits
at the big prairie reals will embrace
ull  Ihe chief natural  resources of the
province,  announced   Mr.   Brandrlth.
Last year only some fruit and timber
was displayed .
Krilll will again be the feutiire of
Un* displays, bin lhe fisheries, mixed
farming, timber and mineral ri sources or tin. province will be well represented, Only ore from producing
mines will be accepted for exhibition,
Winnipeg lair, on July 8, will bo
lhe |i|'..I exhibition al which the gov-
ernment will make a display. Other
fairs at which exhibits ate to be made
are ihe big Dominion lair at Brandon
on July I.',, lhe lieglna show on July
26, Saskatoon on Ainmst l. Edmonton
on August 11. the Canadian national
exhibition al Toronto on August 2C,
and the Ottawa anil London, Out!
Mr. Brandrlth Is here ror the purpose of arranging for fruit and olher
proline- and specimens required for
the displays which are to he placed
befor the people of the prairies and
the east, tiie great natural resources
or British Columbia.
Three     Thousand      Descendants      of
Sh.-.rtz Farr.ily Gather in Berlin,
Berlin, Onl., June 16.--Tterlln on
.lune lu., ,n the occasion ot the first
innlversary or cltyhood, was the home
,!' tlle Shunt/ family, the largest and
! est known family of Waterloo coun-
ty, From far and near the deseend-
ants of Jacob Shatttz assembled at
Victoria partk today to hold a man-
ster reunion, ihe largest and most
unique vent ever hold in this county,
[{emote parts of Canada niul the
United Stales are represented by the
Shantz family. Bvery other person
' ne meets mi the Btreets today is a
Shantz, and is recalling the history
nf Illustrious forefathers, it Is estimated that, there are 10,000 descendants.
The event took the form of a largo
lul quiet ami simple reunion and pic-
nlc Mayor W. D, Eulcr extended the
gathering a hearty welcome, and
Peter Shantz of Preston, the presi-
dent of the reunion, responded on behalf of the family. Speeches and
singing comprised a happy afternoon's
program. There were several thousand
people present.
Settled   In   1R05.
Jacob Shantz was born In Switzerland, and came to America In 1710,
settling at I'ottstown. near Philadelphia. His grandson settled on a firm
ono mile from Merlin In 1805, which
has been the home of three generations.: They w re the early p1 moors
of Waterloo, and to their Ihr"! in tlll-
Ing the sol) Is due th" ttie' that the
county ranks foremost In ''ie province
in manufacturing and sericulture, in
religion the Shantz (*escandants are
cl   ���"-.-   Mi ��� -non'ies end  Methodists,
Nearlv Ihree tlvusand descendants
"f   lac h Shantz are here today.
live generations are present at the
'*��� union loil.'i- et the head of which
Is  Mrs. Samuel  Y. Shantz, aged 86.
1 ������ * i s,ic(, w'as received from Sir
Wiirrid Lanrler. expressing regret at
not  being able lo be present.
Tin' olileiii member or Ihe family
i"'lent is Isaac B, Shantz. who waa
burn a mile rou'th or llerlin In ISL'7.
anii is hale and hearty,
--�� ������	
Sault St. Marie, Out,, June 16.���
Pusses or police have surrounded tlu
i igl ive lumberjack, Joe Tovens, in
th- w .(ids between Wellsburg and
Eckerman, Mich. Bloodhouda are be
inn used and the posses are Increas*
lng  hourly.
Tli" whole district i�� In terror. The
fugitive comes Irom his hiding place
demands food, and disappears. It is
believed that he wlll resist, prohablv
adding to the fatalities. The Btory
oT the chase is elusive, covering miles
In a day, but slowly, surely, the pur-
uurers  are  closing   In.
The hounds were taken to Weller's-
Siding, where the outlaw was laBt
seen yesterday afternoon, Ten deputy
marshalls, who were taken up yesterday on the revenue cutter Vigilant
are patrolling tbe south shore. It Is
certain that he cannot now escape,
lor even women are seen along the
country roads by locomotive crewn
carrying revolvers and  nuns.
Expert Gathering Data and Investigating  Conditions at Capital���Pays
Tribute to the West.
Ottawa, June 16.- Mr. John Coates,
Tor  a  number  or  years   president  ot
the Ottawa (las Co., and a former ald-
lerman, Is here to Investigate gaB con-
| ditlons in Ottawa.    He Btates that he
Is now busy in gelling data and sta-
' Unties as to the cost of a new  gas
i plant adequate to the growing needs
ior the city and on  municipal ownership liaBlB.    He expect! to be in the
City lor a few days and plans to submit   bla   figures  to  the  city  council
I about  tho end or July.
Mr. Coates bus been specializing on
similar schemes and is enthusiastic
regarding municipal ownership or all
public Utllltli s.
"In lhe wist.' 'he said, "the idea Is
Steadily gaining lavor, and la proving more and more a succefis. You
will probably remember when I waB an
alderman I had municipal ownership
ns one ot the chief point! In my plat-
rorm although i w*as president or the
gas company at the time."
Mr. Coates declined to say whether
In- thought that Ibe present gas
charges are too high, explaining that
he had not time, bo tur, to make exhaustive enquiry into conditions as
they now are.
"I do, however, believe," he continued, "thai under a municipal owner-
ship scheme tliere is a tendency to
lower the cost or gas as well as other
I Utilities,     The   next   beBt   Bcheine   to
municipal ownership Is the commission torm of regulating the price oi
! such commodities, such being the system   in   vogue  in  many  parts  oi  the
Veteran Statesmar Who Went To ths
Dark Continent In Search ot Health
and Entered Politics���Was Prims
Minister of Cape Colony on Four
Occasions and Saw Two Wars
In  That  Country.
���South Africa, in tlie recent death ���,!
Sir Gordon Bprigg, mourns a statea-
man who had played a distinguished
part in tlie public life ol the country.
Sir Gordon was Premier of Cape Colony on no (ewer than four occasions.
Born in Ipswich in itau, the son uf a
Baptist minister, lie began life ill
.London us u journalist, and was a
Parliamentary re-porter and contributor to various newspapers. When
twenty-eight Ins health broke down,
und. like Cecil Rhode!, lie went to
South Africa in search of health. So
ill was hc when he lett England Uiul
In- had to In* carried on the ship,  li-
Coming a farmer, he soon became the
p. ..,..,,1* ���[ great herds of cuttle and
sl p,     The   settler   was   drawn   int..
politics, uiul eleven years alter his arrival lie wa- elected lo the Cape
IL ill! nf Assembly, lie quickly came
to tl:.* tinnt. nod a decade Inter wn-
ti,ad" I'd:,ner. During his first term
oi office the Basuto war occurred, uiul
Woodstock. Out.. June 16.���A twelve year old Kngiish youngster, who
was on his way from one of lhe homes
in the old country, to a resident or
Sweaburg, was put orr a O, T. It. train
at the local depot, but as there waa
no one there to meet him upon his ar
rival, he was nt a loss to know which
way to proceed.
The little fellow sat around the
station expecting that some one would
come shortly to take hlm to his new
home, but no one came. Finally, the
attention of the station authorities
was called to the youngster and as a
can! which the lad carried, stated
that he had been sent DIM by tiie Salvation Army, ihey thought it wise to
call up the captain of the local corps
Captain Wright responded to the
call and he 'ook the boy In charge
placing him with a local family for
the night. The following day he proceeded on his destination. The boy
mnde the trip from Kngland alone,
and chatted quite freely about what
hi' saw on his way over.
N��x�� Assembly at Woodstock
Toronto, June 16.���Knox church
Woodatook, wlll he the next meeting
plaeo of the General Assembly (if the
Presbyterian church. An Invitation
wis nlso received from SI. David's
e'liirrh, St. John, N. B��� bm the Hie-
Ian' men In the assembly decided
Ihey would prefer "to gang hanie to
Zorra." Rev. It. B. Cochrane prosent-
��� d 'he Invitation. "Oxford county has
iu the past given the church some of
her crnatpst men." be said, "Including Mackay of Formosa; James nob-
��� "son. ihe rirst western superintendent: end many others. Oxford county has given more ministers to the
church than any other place. 1 think
there are a good many et ynu who
would like to come home to Zorra in
June,  1914."
Cheap  Money  for  Farmers
ti"g1im.   Basil.,   June   16.-   "1    think
the most Important thing that will
' * ni" un irt the nevt (lesslon of the
provincial house will he the question
i r mtrlcultural credits," stateB Premier Scolt. The premier Intimated lbat
Iho BUbject of cheap money for the
farmer la one which has occupied a
I real denl of his time and attention
��� 'nee he has been away from the province, und that he will have some definite and comprehensive scheme for
relieving the situation when the legisla lure meets again.
Montreal. June 16.���Foul play ia
BUSpected, In connection with the
death or John Ollskl, whose body was
round horribly crushed In a Ireight
car at the Moreau street yards of the
Canadian  Northern railway.
While   Ihe   autopsy   showed   Oliski
had starved to death, the mystery of
ho\v be came to be In  the car Ib as
deep as ever.    The car was sealed at
Jonquierres on  Mny  -7, and the seal
j waa still unbroken when the car waa
opened   on   June   2,   when   the   body
was discovered.   The provincial delec-
I lives hnve  round  thnt Ollskl  was  In
' Toronto on May "8. so that he could
not hnve been at Jonqulerea when the
car waa sealed.   They are or the opinion that the car might have been unsealed, the body placid inside and the
openings reseated.
The detectives nre now working on
the Montreal end ot the case. Coroner McMahon will not set a date for
the Imiuest until the police have had
time to make a thorough Investigation
Armories for Regina.
Iteglnn. Sask., June 18.���The    way
i has now been made perfectly clear for
I the Dominion government to go ahead
. with Its plans for the erection of the
! Regina armory.   The finance commit-
Itee have recomtnendee!  to the council that blocks 260 and 261, which were
set aside fnr  the  purpose, be  placed
.In  trust  with   Major  Kmbury,  to  be
given  over to  the  government  when
Its plans are completed tor the building and tenders are called tor its construction.    Tlle   consideration   of  the
; plans and the arrangement of tho details of Ihe transfer were left to the
Hard  to  Get  Good   Labor.
Victoria.  B   ('., June 16.���Difficulty
Is being experienced  by  the city engineer in finding men  to go to work
lot Sooke lake.   In spite of the alleged
jhard times aud large numlier or unem-
ployed, the working men who come to
Mr, Uust for Jobs all say that they
i prefer not to go out of town and refuse to take positions on  the Sooke
ilake plant. Some do accept, but as a
rule do not stay more than two or
three days before coming back to
town. It Ib easy to get torelgnors,
who are nnt wanted, but city men rc-
Uuse to leave town.
Dangerous Youth.
Ottawa, June 16.-Threatening te
kill his roster parents and burn down
their house was the charge against a
16-year-old Barnardo Home boy named Davis, in the Hull police court.
Ile bas been living with a Wakefield
ramlly named Ferguson ror some time
and he was brought to Hull this morning by BailliT Taggert, of Wakefield.
Tlie lad pleaded not guilty and was
Want  Bourassa   in   Nelson
Nelson.   B,  C,  June   16.���Arrangements are being made by the Nelson
Liberal  association   with  a  view     tt
, bringing Henri llonrassa. the National
leader to Nelson, to make a spiec'
on  the naval  ail ua'ion.    K.  W.  Wid
' ilowaon,  secretary  of the association,
slated that    it wna not   yet    known
whether the association would be nbl
lo secure the services of Mr. Vtouras
sa to speak in  Nelson.
In  the   Eye   of   the   Beholder.
.liminie was playing \ itli the boj
.ext door. Nurse went to get linn
out he re: used to come. So he war
arru'.l, screaming, away. The laiuil}
mu neighbors commented:
sijster - lle'a a contrary little rogue
Father���He's a stubborn little rss
Neighbors���He's a  little sBvage.
Mother-How   strong-willed  Jiuimif
Prague's Codes Houses.
Prague has (orty coffe-c houses specially licensed to remain open till 4
in the morning. All others must close
at '.' und >r penalty of a fine ol $2110
lor the second eiffenee. the first re-
su.tmg on.y in a severe reprimand.
Just   Like   Her   Money.
"Sln> carries her age well."
"Yes.  Bhe carries ber age the same
way  ahe carries her money."
���'How is that?"
"Carefully concealed."
Driven From Home
Trail, II, C��� 1'ino IB, -Andrew and
W. Graham were, forced to vacate
their home on liiverside road, owing
to the unusually high water In the
Columbia river.
j meeting of the  works  and    property !
committee, Instructing the corporation
counsel   tu  prepare  a  bylaw  ror  the
widening or Notre Dame avenue rrom
I'ortage  to  the  lane   150  reet  north.
The extra width would bu twenty feet
but  an  extra  ten  feet  would  be  required at the comer to do away with'
the acute angle.    The resolution was
introduced by Controller McLean and
passed    after   little  discussion.    The
property   has   a   value,   according   to
high officials, of $5,000 a root.    l'ort- '
ago   rrontage,   and   $2,500   on     Notre I
Winnipeg, June 16.���"We find that
Arthur Richard Dale came to his
death  by coming in  contact with  an
;ulr hose being operated by Adam
Oook, in the boiler thop of the C. P,
R.  on  June  5  In  a  careless  manner
i nnd  with  no  intention    to do  bodily
| harm."
The above verdict was returned af-
; ter forty minutes' deliberation by the
I coroner's Jury at the inquest held to
enquire Into the cause of the death
Of  Arthur  Dale  of  tbls city.
The principal evidence, that of Cook
himself, waa to the effect that he was
dusting off his clothes with the air
pressure tube used to dust clothes
and plates and for similar things. He
I was standing very close to Dale, who
was leaning over one of the benches.
"The    air    must    have struck him
While   I   waa   brushing   myself,"   said
i Cook.     The   coroner   questioned   him
las to whether or not he did not have
the mouth of the hose close to Dale's
body, bul he denied thiB, Baying that
the Instrument must have been two or
.three  Inches   from   him.
Moose  Jaw,  Sask.,   June  16.���Kate
: Detta, formerly ol West Silkirk. and
Beausejour,    Man.,    has    been round
j guilty or bigamy In ttm supreme court
jand  chief Justice  Haultain  has  remanded  her  tor  sentence.    Evidence
went  t.i  show  that  she  waa  married
by Itev. Father Belanger or West Selkirk,   at   Beausejour,   on   October   12,
1904. lier name then being Katharine
Labelle, and the man she married was
William  Jordan.
After living with him tor thirteen
! months she left him, and during 1907
waB married in Slntaluta, Sask.. to
Richard Detta by Rev. James Hos-
��� kins. The jury was out.but eighteen
|minutes, and, with a verdict of guilty.'
recommended the prisoner to the
mercy of the court on account of certain extenuating circumstances in
connection wllh her first marriage,
when ahe was biA 17 years of age,
Tried to Defraud Toronto
Toronto, June 16.--The grand jury
have returned a true bill .againat
Rutherford Cummlngs, Solomon
Thompson, and Fred Richardson, the
contractors and time keeper on the
Intake pipe Job In 1911-1812, They are
charged with having "wilfully conspired, confederated and agreed together
by deceit and fraud lo defraud the
city of Toronto." Thla la a result of
the Invistlgatlons carried on before
Judge Winchester Into the Intake accounts.
To Restore
Good Health
The first thir.fr to do is to correct tho miner ailments caused
by defective cr irregular action
of thc organs of digestion and
elimination. After these organs havc becn put in good
working order by timely use of
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseleBB, non-slippery, practically duatless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bltulithic is commended highly by owners or automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
lu Canada, and over two hundred iu the United SlatcB.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Sir Gordon did bis best to bring it to
a successful conclusion. He worked
energetically in raising scratch volunteer regiments and he was to be seen
standing on the bridge oi coasting
vessels, addressing in magniloquent
terms the very mixed body of recruits.
During the Boer War Sir Gordon, as
Premier and Treasurer of Ch|��! Colony, had a difficult task.. This wa-1
followed by, perhaps, the most momentous campaiffti of his career. A
iniivetient was started at the close ol
the war f.>r the suspension of' the
Constitution of tlie Colony. It rapidly L-aineil powerful support, and became the all-absorbing political topic
of South Africa. Sir Gordon Sprigg
and .snme of his cellea^'ues vigorously
opposed the proposal, in the lace o'
much hostility, until eventually Mr.
Chamberlain, as Colonial Secretary,
guv his decision against the suspen
sion. Nevertheless, in the General
Election ol 1904, Sir Gordon was defeated by Or Smartt at Mast London
by s majority ot 954, and, the Progressives winning the election, Ur
.lames.m formed the new Ministry
Sir Gordon attributed Ins physical
and nervous strength chiefly to the
fact that lie was Suffolk-born.
(Tho L-zrgtit Sab ol Any MaOclns Is ths WmM>
better digestion results, and then
the food really nourishes and
strengthens the body. The first
dose gives relief und sounder sleep,
quieter nerves, ar.d improved action
of all tho bodily organs are caused
by an occasional use of Beee'ham's
Pill3. They (jive universal satisfaction and in safety, surenesa and
quickness of action  Beecham's Pills
Have No
Known Equal
Sold itrrywhtf.   In boxes. 25 cents.
The direction with every
box arc very valuabU.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Rjdium and Photography.
The alpha and beta rays ol radium,
the positive an I negative particles into which the atom breaks up, are now
studied by photography. The process
has lien developed in recent months
by C. T. It. Wilson, and was illustrated by Prof. W. H. Bragg, at the last
[���fleeting ol  the  British  Association.
The bit of radium is held in a short
gluss cvlinder six inches in diameter,
one end of which is closed with a glass
late, while a movable piston is lined
ti,-. the other. The chamber lieiiu
filled With moist air, the piston i.-
ilrawn outwaTd. when the sudden ex
pension cools the moisture, ami a lot
is formed that settles on Uie "inns'
that arc lett as trails of any Blplil
ami beta rays.
By illuminating the log ami phntn
graphing it, a picture showing thi
path of the ray- is obtained.
DUcovrries In Sphinx.
\ pnrrespondent writin-ft The We.��l
minster OsMte from Ctilro, it-ays:
v.ic.1 l. icn-1 i- belli? laki ti in re
cent cl wnvenus at the Sphinx. Prof
Keigr.ur has succeeded ill removing
the sand ol sixty centuries (nun Hit
interior ol the head and has gainei
mtranre through the neck to a tenipb
ihat runs the whole length nl the *i
uantic body, measuring 120 feet ii
length, lu this temple is u pyramid
which forma the tomb of Menes, tin
���ii t King of 10-yi t. and is supposed
to contain his mummified body. Slop
ing passages irom the temple lead u
other chambers as yet unexplored
and it is thought to a sublerrancai
Inspecting ths Table.
Before the big semi-official dinneri
which the King gives at Bueklnghan
Palace the table in the state dining
room is always inspected by the palac.
"upholsterers." whose duty it is U
see Uiat this splendid pi- I of furin
ture ia tit lo bear iU harden. 1h>
enormous weight ��f the royal plati
renders this precaution necessary. II
is said to hnve been instituted Bftei
a supper table had collapsed at ��
ruul given by George III.
Will Use Phonographs.
Are shorthand writing and note tak
ing doomed In courts of justice? Al
Australian judge has just declared, "i
believe the day is not distant when thi
phonograph will be regularly used t(
take down evidence."
Wlll Widen Notre Dame Avenue.
Winnipeg, June Iti.���With the object of providing for the great increase of traffic, pedestrian and vehicular, which the erection of large buildings ts expected to produce at the
corner of Portage avenue and Notre
Dtiuie, B resolution was passed at a
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
For the convenience of the rapidly growing list of patrons of The News want ad. columns we have opened a
downtown agency in Hill's Drug Store, 628 Columbia
street where classified ads. and locals will be received up
to 9:30 each evening for publication the following morning.
Everybody reads the classified ad. columns in The
News, and those who use them have proved their value as
business bringers. Let us add you to our list of satisfied
If you cannot get to the NEWS'
business office or downtown agency
send your ads. in by phone to 999.
City News In Brief
Remember the  Place-
33 Eighth Street,
and thc telephone No. 2
We opened a new Shipment of
Soaps today. Wo wish especially to call your attention to
Mother's Favorite Soap. KBpeci-
ally manufactured for mothers
and babies. Is very mild with
luxuriant lather. With every
box containing three cakes of
coap we will give away a Soap
Hahy valued at 160, Tho soap
reUilB for per box 35c.
Wo also would call yonr attention to the Egyptian Olycerine
Soap. Daintily violet perfumed
and absolutely transparent. Wo
will be pleased to give you a
'ree Bample. l'er box, 3 cakes,
Goodwin's SpooUl Toilet Soap.
Very select and hard milled,
3 cakec 2Se.
Wash Rag Castile Soap, each
cake wrapped in a neat wssh
rag. Extra fine Spanish Castile,
Ter cake 10c.
i.uxa Rosa, the soap par excellence. Expensive yet economical, l'erfumed and nicely
honed-, per hox 50c.
Strawberries, 3  boxes    50c.
I'lneaples, each   35c.
Cherries,  lb ���   .35c.
Tomatoes, hothouse, lb   35c.
Apricots, lb 25c.
HumB,  lb 15c.
PeachoB,  lb 25c.
Bananas, doz 30c.
Oranges, doz. 60c, 50o��� 45c, 35c.
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
U L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1C1GS
A shop meeting wlll be held'at noon , the  lirst
today  at  the  B.  C.  E.  11, car simps.' with Vic
Uni'   connecting
A safe deposit box In oui- vault
Is better than Insurance against
fire and burglary, because It
protects while Insurance only
partly Indemnifies.
Insurance can not make up
to you for the loss of some keepsake or article of sentimental
A box renting for $5 a year Is
22 inches long, 5 Inches wide
and 2 1-2 Inches high.
The vault is the strongest
the  Pacific  coast.
Call In and inspect it���it will
interest   you.
Dominion Trust
Company. Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
The speaker will be Hev. E. J. Chave,
Ice cream grotui, Eighth Slreet
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
pri,prietor. (1534)
Tenders have been called for the
purchase of the old Sandheads light,
ahlp now lyljiK l�� Victoria harbor.
Panama hats the latest smart
shapes, jiiBt received at WB. Agrel'a,
59 Sixth street. (1554)
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident Insurance. 521
Columbia stroet   Phone 515.     (1537)
The social at St. George's hall under tho auspices of the women's
auxiliary of Holy Trinity cathedral
wlll be held next Tuesday afternoon.
Oet It al the Hoyal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1263. (1463)
The Hassam company have about
completed the paving work at tha corner of Columbia and l/eopold place,
and vehicular traffic will likely bo resumed this week.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
anil effective. Price 36c and. 50o.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. (1442)
The kiddies will be out in full
force tomorrow morning to wltncsB
the unloading of the circus wagons
which will arrive in the city at an
early hour.
For everything electrical sue W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
Representatives of the New Westminster Business Men's association
wlll attend a meeting in Vancouver on
Thursday nighl to continue arran���- *���
ments for the big holiday on July 30.
Excursion to Spokane I'ow-wow. via
Great Northern, June 16, 17, 18. Return
limit June 23. Fare 116.90. I'hone
263. (1638)
Another special meeting of the
school board will be held tonight
when the remainder of the 186 applications for positions on the local
teaching staff will be dealt with.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (J434).
Sanitary Inspector Pearce Is expe ���:���
Ing the new milk testing apparatus
this week. Once it arrives he wlll
commence a series of tests of ths
products at the local and district
The seat sale Ib now open for Francis Starr who will appear at the opera
houBe in "The Case of Becky." Prices
50 centB to  $2, (1539)
The executive of the Progressive
association will meet thl3 aft-eniu-pn
�����. 5 o'clock to consider a numbei of
applications for the position of indue-
trial commissioner. The commiiUo
appointed at the last meeting wnl
make a report in thiB connection.
insure wiih Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
A special meet ing (if the city couneil will be held on Thursday at In
nm..   when   it   is  expected   the   water
committee will report and recommend
a waterworks superintendent ami
other matters, including bylaws, will
Ik- considered aud discussed.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
TermB easonable.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
The Bltulithic company completed
i:�� work at the corner of First Btreet
and Park row yesterday morning,
enough to allow the operation of the
belt line cars. During the past week
the passengers were compelled to
chang"' cars at the lower entrance to
Queens park.
Hulldlng material, cement, lime,
: hard  plaster,  gravel,    sand,    cruBhed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
; Apply  lhe  B.  C.  Transport Co.,  Lid.
Phono 826.    Wharf phone 880.    (1445)
Willi ihe setllug of the second line
(if polea on the soulh side of    Kings
This year's   V.   M.   C.   A.   summer
camp will be held on Oreas Island, ac-
(Continued from page one)
auto to a garage to bo cleaned, and It
cording to announcements J����t """if-  C08t h|m ,U)o. Very few people wash-
Plans are now under way for lhe ac- T
ed their own autos.    He did uot Bee
the Justice of the charge.
OOmmodatlon of the boyB, the lirst Installment of whom will tuke to camp
as booh as the schools close. The
whole camp wlll be uuder the supervision of Frank G, Moran and will be
open from June 25 to July 25.
Missionary papers and talks on mutters pertaining to missions were given
at the quarterly rally of the ChrlBtlan
Endeavor societies of the city last
nighl in the Sapperton Presbyterian
onuroh, Much Interest waa shown In
tlie work being done by the different
.churches and a large number of members were present. Several excellent
vocal numbers added pleasure to tho
At the city council meeting last
night a deputation from Sapperton,
headed by Quentln McGill, drew the
council's attention to the Inadequate
service to Sapperton on the B. C. E.
II. line on Saturday night, and Alderman Jardine chipped In with a alml
lar complaint regarding the city service via Sixth street. It was turned
over to the transportation committee,
which will take these matters up
wllh the company.
Judge Howay heard and dismissed
the appeal by Gulseppe Valoz/ie, convicted by the police magistrate at
Burnaby of stealing a quantity of
house lumber from J. R. Ix)ve, contractor Valozzlc had been sentenced
to six months' hard labor.   His honor,
Alderman Henley Bald hc paid for
the water for cleuulng his buggies
as well aa for each horBe.
Alderman Bryson pointed out that
Blmllar charges were made in Vancouver, it was the suggestion of the
water superintendent and although he
did not want to force it, he thought
the charge Just.
Alderman Dodd said It was not be
cause a man kept an auto It was pro
posed to make the charge. It was for
tho water used and other cities made
the charge.
Alderman Henley moved that the
���subject, bo referred to a meeting of
tho council to dlscusB. He had not
considered the point of auto owners
Bending tlieir machines to garages to
be washed.
The motion waB seconded by Alderman White and carried.
Police In Park.
The question of stationing a policeman regularly ln Queens park was
discussed on Ihe initiative of the
mayor. The chief of police said be
could not spare a man from hiB
present sniff for permanent duty
there; so it meant an extra expendl
Alderman Kellington considered
thai a man should be on duty there
from 11 o'olock up to lu or 11 o'clock
See Our Ad. on Page 3
Take a Callorlc Flreless
Cooker to camp with you and
your eating troubles are more
than halt solved.
We sell ull kinds of electric Fixtures and labor saving devices. Hot Points, El
ToBtos, etc.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
that clause three of the engineer's
report was of hasty construction and
meaning as to make lt Illegal and
therefore unwise for the council to
act upon.
Tho motion failed to find a seconder, but one by Councillor Coldicutt, seconded by Councillor MacDonald, to have the engineer's report with
special attention to clause three,
looked over by the municipal Bolicitor
and report, carried.
in giving   IiIb   decision,    commented iat���nis.l't- ��� .,, ,,  , ,
upon the mendacity of the prisoner! 0n the motion of Alderman Dodd it
and said if lie had come there and,wa8 fW'ved to request the police
made a clean breast of the whole commissioners to station a Bpeclal
mal ter he might  have been prepared  constable at Queens park, either one
of the present force, or an additional
A motion  was passed that the pro
Hon. Robert    Rogers    will be    tiv: | vincial board of health be asked    to
guest of the cily of New Westniins^r  reconsider  ils  stipulation   wuh   refer-
some time  during  the  coming sua, jence to the Fraser cemetery, that no
mer. Word to this effect wub recei red ! excavation shall approach within four
to consider
dlinunition of the sent-
yesterday by Mayor Gray in reply to
his telegram asking the minister to
viBlt here, lt waa reported that 11 in,
Mr. Rogers was in Edmonton last Friday on his way to the coast, but he
will stay on the prairies longer thai:
expected and will not be here for
about a month. While here the minister will inspect the proposed harbor
Improvements and the new Fraser
river ship channel.
feet of any existing grave, us the
ground had been staked out with an i
allowance of 2.2 feet, and that a dele*
gation be Bent to Victoria fur the pur*
pose of approaching the department
to accept the city's plans.
Alderman Bryson and the eliy engineer were appointed delegates.
Shops  Regulation,
The New Westminster News does
not hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
June 9th, 1913.
Editor The News���Sir,���In the issue
of June 7 of a \ ancouver dally was a
news Item dated frum Victoria which
refers to a charge of bribery In con
nection with a pavement specification.
(Through some carelessness in writing
or transmission this item contradicts
itself. The llrst part is correct, which
says certain members of u competing
company are so charged. The latter
part is incorrect, where lt is stated
that these men were trying to get
specifications for Bltulithic adopted.
They were, in fact, striving to gi
|Bitulithic  thrown out    by    the    time
Norton Carter is a visitor in the
city from  Raskin.
H. A. Parka, of Winnipeg, is regis
tered at tlm Russell.
A. J. Lawrence, of Montreal, waa
in the city yesterday.
J. Gordon, of Abbotsford, Is reg
latered at the Windsor.
Mrs. C. M. Holmes, of Lob Angeles,
ls a guest at the Huast 11.
William Holmes was a visitor in the
ctty  yesterday  from  I.adner.
Mrs. P. D. MacSween will Dot re
ce.tve today nor again until turtbei
Mrs. M. P. McLennan will not be
at home tomorrow nor again this
Mr. and Mrs. E. Duttlc and Mlsi
Smedley, of Chilliwack, are guests ul
the Hussell.
Ira Held has returned from Port
land, where lie spent the week at the
Rose Festival.
Mrs. E. J. Wise, Seventh avenue
has ub her gueat Mrs. 11. McKlnnou
of Revelstoke.
Mrs.  A.  E.  Eiherlngton,  301   Fifth
avenue,   will   not   receive  today     nor I
again thiB season.
J. I).  Lynch, of Tacoma, is visltin? I
his cousin, Alderman F. .1. Lynch. He
Is accompanied by his daughter Kathleen.
Homer C. Adams,  manager of    the '
Merchants bank In this city, is enter- !
talning Hugh Adams, manager of the
Hank ol Hamilton, Armstrong,
Mrs. Oeorge A. Ray has as her
guest  Miss  Agnes  Ray,    of Toronto
Miss   Ray   stunt   stveral   weeks   with
Alderman Dodd gave notice that
would  introduce   a   shops   regulation I ~*0���' BrKUmer,t that thev have
bylaw at the  next  meeting    of    toe I thing Just as good."
council. I    we   believe   that   our   friends   here
The milk regulations bylaw and thel   ,ho   ���8e  QranvilU   Btreet   south  and
liquor license bylaw were finally pass |(;eorg|a gtre(,ti Vancouver, realize that
it Ib not  necessary  to commit crime
od  and  ordered  to  be signed,  sealed
and registered
The Sapperton sewer bylaws A and
B were read a first time.
(Continued trom page one)
way by the It. C, IC. R��� il is expected   hpr Hiatcr. Mra. Simpson, in .Seattle
Paid   up  Capital   and   Surplus
Assets   ...
Trusts und.'
.... $6,217,988.96
Trusteeships for
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster', Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Helgium.
that traffic on the Twelfth street line
will be resumed as far as the Kdmonds terminus within the next two
The II. ('. Transport Company takes
Over i lie agency for the Kttgard
press, d brick for New Westminster.
This is the best brick on tbe market,
Samples can be seen at the company's
office, This company Is also handling
the Pender island common brick;
large shipments are now being made
in thf company's wharf here Call
and see US for prices. 11426) I
Two    motorists    paid    the    almost
established regulation fee of t'2o and
costs iii the police court yesterdaj for
disregarding the motor bylaw, which
Stipulates that auto drivers must Btop
their machines ten feel from cars
stationary or slowing down to take
up or drop passengers.
We make awnings. tentB and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake anil repollsh furniture, manu
racture cedar dress and waist boxeB,
window seats and do all klndB of
upholstery work In leather or tapeB-
try. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and Interior hangings. Estimates given.
.. , , I Lees Limited. (14811
NOW Laid Eggs 3 doz.  11.00
���fouking Butter   3 IbH.  $1.00 !     A   dejected  looking man   named  A
Pineapples, each  3r>c|Jones was  sentenced  In    the    police
(���rape Fruit  3 for 25c conn yesterday  to   a    month's    iin
Strattberrtes, j er dox  15c jprisonment for an attempt to commit
Banahaa, per dozeft  80c j suicide.    He pleaded guilty and when
asked as to whether he had any relatives, he wagged his head in a dis
| mal   negative.    The    magistrate    ob-
(Successor to Ayling &. Swain.)        served    that    his    mental    condition
447 Columbia St.                    Phone 98.   would lie Investigated during hla con-
City Clerk W. A. Duncan and Mrs.
Duncan, who attended the annual
synod of Presbyterian churches at
Toronto recently, will probably re
turn home towards the end of the
week. During his stay in the east Mr.
1 lulmcall has been visiting his old
bome (in the Niagara frontier. Dm
ing liis boyhood days Mr. Duncan an
swered the cal) of the Northern
American army during the civil wai
and served wllb one o( the New
i York n glmonts against the BOlltl
all ng wltb many others from tin
Canadian side of the Niagara frontli r
the heels of this firm Just as the council were treading on iheir heels In
the matter of employing home labor.
Mr. Kaiser told his bearers that anyone who expected to work for tne
c impany and smoke cigarettes behind
dump wagons as he had seen some
doing, were better away (rom the job.
Following a few wdfos from the majority ut tho council and having the
assurance from the company's repre- |'     ��� SB********
BentatiVeS  that  settlers  would  be s''1    BOUNDARY  BAY
to w irk Just as soon aB the opportunity     presented   Itself,   the  delegation
Half a Million for Roads.
The proposed spending of half a
million dollars on paving work on
three trunk roads ln Burnaby was the
occasion if another breeze, the author of the windstorm being Coun- i
cillor Macpherson.
It was brought up by the reading
of a motion by the Edmonds representative, who thought that the work
should lie deferred for the present I
owing to the financial stringency, that
the people who had voted on the by- i.
law without having any official infor-
malion as regards the paving, that the
Barnet, Douglas and Hiver roads, the
three trunk roads In question, were in
good condition for local requirements;
to put such a good article on the mar
ket. It Is true that though we are
quoting pavement exactly Ihe same as
Granville Btreet for about 25 cents a
yard less than Vancouver city is paying we are not allowed to lay lt In
lhat city aB lhe city authorities are
still unconvinced that Granville street
south Is good i nough.
Possibly time and engineering investigation will convince them, but In
tho meantinie we are building up a
reputation aB good as the roads in
Point Grey and New Westminster for
pavement scientifically and economic
I ally designed. When the Columbia
| Bitulithic, Limited has to use any
i means but an honest demonstration Of
jour pavement to secure business 1!
iwill be under anoiher management
Columbia Bltullthle, Ltd
| Vancouver.
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents..
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above rates are subject to change without notice)
Maple  Beach  Park,    being    a  subdivision   of   the  historic   old   Whalen
estate at  Point Roberts, Wash., Ib at
last on the'market ln 50x100 feet lots
fronting  broad  Btreets and  wllh   perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   has
! been the camp ground for scores    of
j local  people  for year".    The  lots arc
selling   fast,   many   Beople   procurln;
the locations  they had  occupied    a
tenants   for  years.     Prices  $330  an
upwards, easy terms.   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
701 Columbia Street
Phone 57
P. Burns & Co.,Lld.
$250 Reward    y
The marriage took place yesterdaj
morning at st. Andrew's manse oi
Miss Lima Maurlne Shalian to tier
aid Smith, Doth of the contracting
parties are from Wenatchee, Wash.
and returned to that place. Immediately after the ceremony.
A reward of $2.")0 will bc
paid to the person or persons
furnishing information leading to Uie arrest and conviction of the parties who "held
up" the passengers on an in-
terurban car of the Lulu Island line near McCrae station on the night of June 11,
British   Columbia   Electric
Ry. Co., Ltd.
R. II. Sperling, Gen. Mgr.
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will   not find  us  there.
always    glad    to    hear
from ytu and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever  yeu  are  hungry
we    will   endeavor    to
8atl3fy  you  and  your
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurcntic   15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long        Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. & St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Ooulet. C.  P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, 8eattle.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.   Market,  Phone 1205.
Edmonds   Market,  Phone  1.853.
BENSON The death occurred ol
i.adner yesterday of Miss II. T. Hen
son, daughter of lteevo llenson, of
I.adner. The funeral arrangements
are in the hands of Murcble & Sun and
will be announced later.
R-e-tldence T. W. C. A.       Phone 132-4.
Interurban Manager Allan Purvis,
of the U. C. ES, It., left yesterday morning for Victoria where he will attend the opening of the Saanich Interurban line from the Capital City.
Premier Sir Richard Mcllride will
drive the last Bplkc In the road and
board the llrst passenger car run on
You can rent that room through the medium of
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
IIIVINt; The funeral will take
place uii Wednesday afternoon of
Mrs. Kate Irving, a resident of Porl
Hammond, The services will be conducted at the family residence there
by Itev. (ieorge Klnley. Deceased was
well known in New WeBtmlnster
where she had a Dumber of relations.
KISONA,���The death occurred yeB- j
terday at Coqultlam of .lames Klsona, J
aged   about  If,  years.     Deceased   was'
formerly of Vancouver Island and has
been  In  the  district   Blnce  last  September.    The    funeral    arrangements j
are In the hands of S. Howell and will
be announced later.
Take advantage of the Ihis'neas Man's Train nnd make your
home at Crescent Ileach (Hlaekic Spit)   Tor the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June lil, returning in
the morning in time for biiBlncas.   Crescent   Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions  for summer homes, combining  the   best  of  bathing,   bint
ing at all stages of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let us show you thiB property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployere"   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marino lasurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 apd 5.45 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight.
SATURDAYS-"IR minute ser
vlco Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS--'6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 nnd every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in ,  with  late car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 n.m. and    hourly
until  10 p.m. with  late  car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 u.m.    and    every
Intro until 11 p.m.
Connection is  mado at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
nnd other pointe on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
C.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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